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01-01-07, 02:00
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12-29-07, 14:48
Airport - about 15 minutes drive from the centre. Airport taxi 15. Hassle free airport. Flights - arrive for check in 30 to 45 minutes before departure. Duty free is expensive!

Hotels - sometimes full. Expensive - Best Western (200+); Medium - Podgorica (100); Good - Bojatur (80 max). There are abouit 10 others.

City - you can walk around all day and night with no problems. The main bars are in central pedestian area.

Restaurants - Carina - good, moderate prices, fast service.
Chinese (I cannot remember its name) - good.
Poseidon - excellent
Cabellero - excellent

By the clock tower there is a local grill - excellent and good value.

The steak is great - tasty and tender - at all restaurants.

Fast food - hamburgers at 1 +. Good.

Beer - excellent (1 - 1.50 a bottle or a medium draft)
Wine - EXCELLENT Vranac red (in supermarkets - normal 2.15, Pro corde 4.50 reserve 14.00). In restaurants 2* price.

Romano V
04-06-08, 19:28
Montenegro will be always more and more expensive because it is a new place for the jet sex and people in search of vacations with a lot of money. Look the prices if you want to buy a house there it's like 250000 minimum, the same in Moldova is just 25000 and in the capital.

Try some ukrainian girls to the nearby town of Budva in a dive called the Black Mont.

Carlos Primeros
04-20-08, 21:53
I just came back from Podgorica -

Hotel: City-Hotel 55 /night - very recommendable, 4 Star, new
Taxi from airport - 14

NO SW - no action. This place is dead.


05-06-08, 08:21
Will probably be spending a week a month over the next 18 months in Podgorica. Does anyone know of short term apartments that can be rented or a reasonable hotel that I can use.

Any ideas would be gratefully received


07-24-08, 15:56
I just came back from Podgorica -

Hotel: City-Hotel 55 /night - very recommendable, 4 Star, new
Taxi from airport - 14

NO SW - no action. This place is dead.


No guys, the place is not dead, just find the right taxi driver who can take you to the right strip club, and no, it's not Playboy! I unfortunately forgot the name, but this place that I've been to (all I remember is that it's not in the center of Podgorica) had about 8 girls, out of which 4 were gorgeous, I negotiated 70 Euro for 2 hours, they had their own room + bathroom behind. Sex was great, she did everything i asked except anal, CIM was delivered very gracefully :)

By the way, all the 8 dancers were ready to fuc k for money, all PROs

Henri Dufresne
08-03-22, 06:48
Prices of escort are outrageously high on the internet.

I think that in Budva, an escort should cost 100 USD to 120 USD for an hour. And still maybe I paid too much.

On the other hand, on this escort website in Russian, the 1-hour session is charged 480 usd.


Let's remind you the current situation in Montenegro. Russian tourists are nowhere to be seen because their credit cards don't work because mastercard and visa have disabled cards issued in Russia. Some optimistic Russian people told me they were ready to go on holidays with cash money before this summer 2022. In reality, they didn't leave Russia this year. So, those girls have no crazy Russian oligarchs this year.

Secondly, The price of energy is higher this year. So, rich men who have a yacht must look after their expenses.

Ukrainian escorts who are also refugees should also arrive in Montenegro.

So, if you are on whatsapp, with such escort, ask for a huge rebate.

I think that an escort of Montenegro that you met in a nightclub can't ask 480 USD for a 1-hour incall. This is not a realistic and reasonable offer.