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01-01-02, 02:00
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05-18-02, 06:17
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05-18-02, 09:55
Not bad Not bad ... Looks like I'm the first one here :)

05-18-02, 15:39

Never never try it without condom, very dangerous especially with a sex worker !

BTW, do u hv those regular gals who freelances ? Perhaps we can exchange some info :)

05-18-02, 19:33
This is the first time using my handle in the new forum....just wondering about the present trend in the malaysian market
To HuB
You did ask about a double feature man....I did inquire but figured that having two girls at the same time while having to pay for two sessions was not a good idea....I still prefer a single girl that gives a good performance and then have another girl just to check her out....
I really like this forum because whether you are a veteran or not there are still a lot of good places for you to spend your hard earned cash....By the way I have been pulled of the China project simply because I just had to reassign someone to it and upper management practically agreed.
I have noticed that recently there are people looking for cheaper fucks.....urrr I did try those places in Brickfields and personally I prefer some quality for the mony that I pay.....
I would recommend AVA but it's closed the last time I went....just go with 3 friends and open a Chivas for RM280....then you get a room for free and pretty much as long as the bottle is alive(valid for 3 months)......Get girls for each one and try to drink the coka that they serve with the drink....Fuck the captain everytime he tries to pour the drinks and refuse the girls drinks other then coke....or water.....try as many girls as you like until you find one that is good......Full service is available for RM175 but haggle for RM100(you will get it)....It does not get cheaper then this for quality companionship and I managed to get a free fuck form a drunk girl working in the place...
Since my first posting I have not visited Eastin Hotel ever.......please give some info for someone that has contributed some to this great forum....yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-18-02, 19:39
I usually tip RM 30 for a okey girl and tip RM50 for a real faboulous girl.....here is a hint man that you will find useful. In Crystal Crown PJ....bring in some money for the massage.....You can haggle for a cash payment
RM30-RM40 for a HJ
RM50-80_ for a topless HJ
RM100-120 for full service...urrr that usually includes all of the above plus massage, BBBj and FJ...

05-19-02, 05:21

New environment, thats great man...

Hi skinless , just be careful man cause some of them come from the backlane of Chow Kit.

Monsterfacial have you visited Cititel before (the HC)? If you have , do you have any special recommendations?


05-19-02, 10:41
The one thing about the HC in Micvalley is that it is BIG and has some real nice facilities.....although I still preper Crystal Crown because the rooms in Crystal is much nicer....and the food and drinks are much nicer......As far as service is concerned I don't really care for the service over there because it just sucks.....It really depends what type of girls that you like.....Here is some advice
Local girls that give great service- try PJ de Inn(But everytime those girls give me a Assrimming or BBBJ....it starts to itch the next day)
Local girls that give okey service but really good massage- Crystal Crown.....I recommend Kelly
Foreign Girls that give good service- Try Star Inn(But next month please....operasi this month)
Foreign girls that give okey service but have nice rooms- Romeo Inn and Princess Inn.

So far my luck has been really good and haven't knocked heads with any enforcement officers directly YET
But be warned that this time the police are serious about closing these places.....remember my posting in April about overhearing some top brass talking about closing the chicken rice stalls......Looks like they started this mionth.......Our police are sooo slow it acting.....trust them to take one month to start an operasi....

05-19-02, 16:14

Glad to see Mr Monsterfacial is finally here and staying put. So expect to see good stuff from him :)

But many of our members not here yet. Could it be due to the fact that one needs to register b4 they can post ... hmmmm

05-19-02, 18:46
To Look4Freelancer and everyone else here.
I was surfing the net just now and came across some interesting sites.....ehem ehem......anyway it seems that there is this huge free site that emphasize girls with BIG....or shall I say HUGE breast.......Some of these girls had breast bigger then their heads......It really turned me on so I was wondering if anyone has encountered girls working either in HC's or papaya farms that have HUGE breast.....Just go to

and have a look around......man this site is soo huge and it has about 9 gigabits of info and pictures in it and it is all free for the time being...

05-20-02, 06:22
Are there any indians available near the airport hotels like alson klana and concorde?

05-20-02, 10:39
Well! some foreigners in Star Inn are terrible in service. My friend use to try a Vietnamese ... all she did was lying flat like a dead body awaiting for yr action, no respond, no communication... although she looks good.

05-20-02, 12:38
Hei! Anyone know where can i find the old-posting or archieve?

05-20-02, 15:55
To ChinJing
See the black line above that says "Established 1994 as the original Sex Travel"......use your cursor and click the left mouse button and scroll downwards a bit......see like magic You will see
Archives.....just click it and the old forum will appear....
I feel your friends pain because Vietnamese no matter how sexy they look are very lousy lays and the China girls and Thai girls are more receptive towards sex.......If you must try a Vietnamese please bring along a huge tube of KY please because they are usually as dry as the Sahara during sex.......But from experience last month I had a nice session with a Vietnamese in Star Inn....I forgot her name or her number and will post it as soon as my lousy memory serves me better.

05-20-02, 17:03
hello, people...i am finally in. this is is good site as it is more secure and not that easy for the men in black or the bastards in blue to track down. anyway, we continue to have fun, monster what is your latest escapade?

05-20-02, 17:20
guys, my latest escapade is at CCrown. Was really horny last monday so decided to try out a massage and sex girl. i asked the OKT to parade the girls available. they were soo ji, christine, joey, summer and one more, forgot her name. the okt said soo ji is goo di looks but normal service. then joey is good in massage but normal service. christine is good in service.....so i opted for service over massage. christine is ok in looks but good tits to make up for it. short and a little midgety. But she has nice hair and fair complexion. good massage, man. her fingers are dam strong. made me cry out in pain. really !!!! she knows where it hurts on a man, but i didnt mean private parts ok? like in your joints, she emphasizes on that. sometimes made me think that she really hates men, the way she does it. maybe she got cheated by a man last time.

then she bathed me and then we started. she licks everywhere including your ass hole. nice feeling, her tongue probes in to your asshole, nice....but the disappointing part is when she fucks, it is like you are fucking a mannequin, i really regretted taking her. maybe should have gone for soo ji, at least got to fuck a pretty girl. anyone tried her b4?

overall, it was a waste of money and dissappointing, anyone tried sooji before? maybe i will go to get her....


05-20-02, 18:41
Hi All.

Am new to the forum so if what I am about to ask has been covered previously, sorry and please bear with me. Will appreciate any help.

I like to get in touch with part-timers or free-lancers operating in KL and Ipoh areas. Means to contact them please. Recommendations most welcome.

Also, does anyone know of part-timers or free-lancers who are bi-sexual oriented and prepared to service a woman and a man at the same time.

Thanks in advance.


05-20-02, 19:06
Finally I managed to get back my nickname ! This new forum is definitely a plus !!.

Just to let you guys know that I just came back from Bangkok. That was my first trip after few years. I can tell you the girls there is definitely much better than those imported back here. Price is much cheaper, the choice are plenty and you get exactly what you paying for ! Yet to experience any Thai girl over here per what I've gone through there. Anyhow will start looking again for that trip experience here.

BTW just wonder.. what would be the most favourite girl/nationalities if we ever conduct a poll on this. My vote goes to the Thai - just wonder what others think.

05-20-02, 19:22
To HuB
Good to see that you finally are here.......I am at the moment having a big financial decision.....To sell off my two cars for a BMW or a Mercedes......or maybe an Integra Type R.....had a look around in Naza this pass 2 days and my missus likes the Mercedes C240 a lot.....I personally prefer to keep the 2 cars and carry on enjoying myself .....ehem.
So far I am not very active considering the raids going on in PJ this month....So I have stopped going to these places and started going out for dinner with the missus....
Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience in Crystal Crown man....I personally would recommend Ka Ling from Star Inn to you if you like your women to shower you with attention and she will guarantee that you will cum.....I had her last week and frankly I was having a rough week and was very stressed....Seeing that I was her regular she took real good care of me
She first started with a nice slow wash and even let me wash her body(She has a real nice slim body with big breast....D-cup at least and is 21 years old) and I like that a lot.....She then proceeds to give me a nice short massage(I requested for it) that is followed by a full body licking but no ass rimming....she then proceeds to give me a nice BBBJ that is not too hard and uses her tongue a lot....We then proceed to have it the usual missionary but when I switched to doggy I became soft (man I never have this problem with my missus) so she takes the condom off and proceeds to give me a BBBJ with a titfuck .....I came sooo hard that I even shot myself.....She likes to make sure that I cum first and then we sit down and talk for a while.....for a girl from China she speaks pretty decent english and I really appreciate that she tries her best to understand what I am trying to say unlike vietnamese girls that just giggle and act like they care but I really like Ka Ling and if you like a nice girl that is too happy to please please try her because she has a nice body with big breast......most guys look at her but seldom pick her because she looks good from afar but nearby she is not that pretty.
I personally prefer her service to the other girls in Star Inn and I'd say that she has a better attitude then even the Thai girls...

Has anyone heard news about AVA and the recent raids...Take it from me when I tell you that AVA is a nice place to go to but be aware that the captain sometimes slips the pills into the pitcher of coke and then charges you for it.

I am still waiting for guys to give me feedback about girls with big breast and where can I find them....HuB if you had tried Kelly let me know about her service because her massage is really good and on Wednesday last week I saw this malay girl that had HUGE breast G-cup at least man and was wondering about her name and wold like to try her this week...

05-20-02, 19:31
To Ron Jeremy
It depends on the girl man and not her nationality man....I have had really nice experiences froms girls from Thailand, China and even the locals....But as far as the girls to avoid I would have to say cambodian and vietnamese gorls are the worst service providers unless someone can recommend me a vietnamese that speaks english.....then I would like to try her.....
But my preference for the moment will have to be the local girls because almost all of them give BBBJ's and AssRimming
Thats why I like going to Crystal Crown and PJ de Inn is because the girls over there are local girls and if they cannot speak english then they definately can speak Bahasa.....As I said before being a banana I can't speak cantonese or mandarin even if my life depended on it...

05-20-02, 20:38
monster, ka ling is her name but do you know her number? would the OKT know who ka ling if i told him her name and not the number? how much does she cost? RM188? about the malay girl in CC, i think i know which one you were referring to, i caught a glimpse of her too. but her face wasnt that convincing, i saw another girl though, malay by the name of sofea, anyone tried her before? lemme know ok? thanks.


05-20-02, 20:42
To monsterfacial,
Thanks! I must need to check my eyesight cause didn't notice the tiny "Archives" word. I agree with yr point of value for money instead of cheap fxxk with loudsy service & environment. & uhh~ IMHO ~ freedom is more important than a BMW or Mercedes, i know how it is to be when u have to fetch yr woman here & there...
Btw, To all active HC regulars,
sometimes i wonder how come you all can visit those HC so often, don't u guys feel tire? Or you have any "formula" to "enhance" your "performance"? If yes! Please share the valueable info. Hehehe~

05-20-02, 20:50
To RonJeremy,
Any nationality will do (prefer locals or Chinese),try to avoid those who can't communicate. Used to be with a Thai gal can't understand English or Chinese at all, very bad! The worst part is the captain always say no problem in languages matter...

05-20-02, 21:55
hey guys, just wanna ask you all about freelancers. dont you think it is a bit too dangerous? what is the thrill of it all? pls lemme know, i would like to venture intot his field too if it is condusive. Thanks.


05-21-02, 06:46
To HuB
Just have a look at the girls from China and ask the captain if C97 is Ka Ling....you cannot miss her because she has big breast with a nice looking longkang.........But I wouldn't recommend going to Star Inn just yet because the place is being watched by the police and usually around this time the choices are few and the girls looked over worked.

To ChinJing
My formula is very simple, I will fuck a girl once a week and all other visits are just massage sessions with the occational HJ extra.....I try to keep to my budget to RM300 a week but usually end up spending RM1500 a month in these places. Use your credit card only for these places and make sure that the billing address is your work place or a PO Box.....I keep a different credit card for these places......believe me when I tell you to make sure the limit is around RM1500 to RM1800.
Also it helps to have a few friends that will pay for your visit provided you know who to recommend them.....I realised on several occasions when I took a friend or two to this places I end up with them picking up the tab because I usually drive and they will want me to stay in the massage area while they have a go at a girl that I recommend(Feel a bit like a pimp during these times but if I can get a massage for free....why the hell not)

05-21-02, 06:53
P.S. in the subject about freelancers.
I have a few contact numbers of HC girls that are local and will be willing to entertain for the night. But my advice to you as a fellow cheongster.....during the massage session be talkative and during the HJ or FJ or even after the session ask if she is willing to work after hours....sometimes these girls choose their after work clients so a name that they can associate to you would me a lot better then having their number being circulated....from experience the girls don't like having their number being passed around because they feel that it invades their privacee.....I am sure you wouldn't want the girls calling you up on your hand phone.....OH...if you do get a number use a payphone to hook up with them.......or else they won't pick up the phone.

05-21-02, 11:52
It sucks that someone else got into the forum and managed to register 'player' before me :(

Anyway, with reference to Monster on Ava. Was there a couple of weeks ago and the place really rocks if you can get a room but if you can't then you will have to wait in the common area on the ground floor, you can check out the girls when they move between the rooms.

Didn't manage to get the new rooms on the ground floor so was up on first floor (quite small room and dirty). I agree with Monster if you wanna have a choice of girls and you are not sure whether they will be friendly to you, this is the place because if you get a girl who is not sociable (playful) when she is with you, most likely she is a dead lay! Solution: Just ask the mamasan to change her and get a new one who is able to liven up the atmosphere, hehehe!

Once you have made your choice, then you can adjourn to rooms above the establishment (ironically, this is where the girl stays because they are not allowed to leave the establishment) for a short time (RM 148 to RM180 depending on nationality, they have V,T, I and C). Remember, you don't have to tip her again when you go back down to your KTV room.

In case you guys wanna book a room, call 03 56269981. If you want a good mamasan, ask for #2.

05-21-02, 11:58
To RonJeremy

Would agree with you on the Thais. They can be the friendliest and certainly they know how to take care of you (of course there are always some thorns amongst the roses but generally they are roses :) )

Are you expat here or in TH?

05-21-02, 15:28
To play3er
Hei! Where is this AVA you all talking about? How is it like?

05-21-02, 15:42
Hi brothers, glad that we are in the new foroum. Let us all be adults and share where to find girls for good fun and pleasure. Lets just ignore any one who goes out of this topic. Mark his user name and band him. I had been away for some time and just got back, have nothing to report at the moment. Like to have any info of any local chiness girls of the higher end market that provides good service with GFE. Thanks to all. Can e.mail me at surelen@hotmail.com.

05-21-02, 16:30
Monsterfacial & Hub,

It's funny u guys talk abt freelancer but left me out :) Hub, freelancer are exciting in the sense that they work alone and providing the services WITHOUT any bosses or agents. The nice part are they are regular gals so if ur talking abt best GFE, they are the ones to look out for. Some can even accompany u for outings etc. Monsterfacial, I'm interested in ur spa gals who can do freelance jobs .... Hubs, if u hv anything to share pls provide ur emails


I do hv some part timers. How abt urself ? Pls leave ur email for me to contact

05-21-02, 17:16
Hi guys i cannot get my nick registered because it's too long and i got this nick instead my nick used to be huntingforyoungchicks anything you people can share with me like detail of freelancers pls email me at stephen79@eboxmail.net. Would appreciate it i don't have any contact to exchange with but will try to get some i can't seem to find the old forum only can get into this one glad to see you all here but alot of people are missing in action i can see.pls pls pls i didn't get any action for some time liaw .Very bored with those hc experience can anyone here pls give some info best idf it's 24 hoiurs one hehehehe .anyone here knows of young girls that do anal pls send me some info. thnks for reading.

05-21-02, 17:39
My vote still goes to Thai girl, same as play3er. Comparing to other nationalities at their homeground (I travelled a lot) the Thai's are simply the best in GFE. I definitely agree with Monsterfacial to avoid Cambodian (not sure about Vietnamese) .. tried them back in BKK but it was a horrible experience - not to be racist, could be my fault not understanding the culture. Anyhow so far I managed without failure to "communicate" to most of the Thais (or the rest) - if that defined as asking her to do whatever your wish :) In fact, being me I would say we all should not have any problem "communicating" to the girls as it only involve few hand signal at most. Nothing seems complicated.

Well.. other than Star Inn is there any place to avoid ? Looks like the local enforcement are trying to beat us both fronts including the traffic summons..


05-21-02, 18:26
Look4Freelancer & any others concerned.

Yes I do have a couple of contacts (part timers in their teens) to share and exchange.

Please e-mail me at hapless@cari.net.my.

Thanks in advance for your help :).

05-22-02, 06:13
hi everyone ...

good to see all the regular here - hub, monster, etc ... let's continue the tradition ...

take care ..

05-22-02, 06:34

AVA is located in Sunway Mentari Business park (same row as NTS restaurant). It is located at the corner and if you go during late evening/night, there will be many double parked cars within the area.

KTV style with usual TV, mics and song books. However, if you prefer not to sing but have loud music then you can request for it as they have big speakers inserted into each room.

Remember to book a day in advance to be sure of a good room. Submit FR when you have visited.

05-22-02, 06:40
Has anyone visited the HC in Armada lately as there has been no FRs on it? Also, has Lisa De Inn finished renovation as mentioned by a post in the old forum?

05-22-02, 07:05

A fine example of how NOT to write a FR is the FR from AnakinSkyfucker. It's really bad but an A for effort :)

I've already emailed to u. Mine is the yahoo account

05-22-02, 08:45

There are so many of these personal ads and match-making sort of webpages on the net these days, such as asiafriendfinder, cari.com etc.

Anybody know of or come across sex workers offering their services through this medium?

I am asking because I registered myself on one of these recently seeking no-string attached contacts and started getting offers of physical companionship from women in exchange for financial benefits.

Regards to all

05-22-02, 10:18
Hi again.

A quick follow up to my last post.

There are lots of ads in the yellow pages under entertainment for out call massages and escort in KL. Similar classified ads in The Star and The Sun. They will come to your hotel, apartment or residence.

Any reports from those who have used such services? Are they reliable? Pros (pun alert) and Cons?

Regards to all

05-22-02, 11:06
Hello, Great to be in the new site

First off, visited the Plaza hotel per earlier recommendation for freelancers. All I saw was a couple heavily made-up transvestites. Is there a good time of day to go?

Also the point regarding money and quality is well taken. My main reason for bringing up alternate locales is I just do not like HC's. If I want a high dollar experience I use an escort service of which there are many good ones in the KL area or go to Bukit Bintang (that can be a gamble)

A question; I have been reading the Indonesia area as I am going there sometime soon. Lots of talk of meeting women in malls there. Anything like that in KL? Anywhere during the day to meet women? My schedule is weird plus I am married so The Hard Rock Cafe thing would not work for me

05-22-02, 11:35
this happen some time back when i was still in m'sia. visited de palma in ampang beside ampang point, went there around 12 noon, and as it was my first time to hc, i went up using the lift after asking which floor the hc was in the lobby. when i got out of the lift, i turned left and was surprised to see the door closed, i proceeded and knocked on the door as i thoght the door was supposed to be close darn was i wrong, a gurl responded and told me the hc would not open till 1 or 2 p.m and asked me to come back later. anyway i got back later and the captain very nice guy recommended a malay gurl, i complied and then was ushered to a room, later a very pretty malay gurl came in, boy she was a looker and i was hard there and then, she was not a malay she was actually a kadazan or iban, anyway wat the hell, she told me i was her first customer that day, she showered and then massaged my back, later i turned over, and she played with my cock, assrimming was performed, licked my tits that sent electricfying pulse down to my cock, later put on lub and rub her tits against my cock and breast fucked me, man that was so fucking nice, kept on asking me whether pain or not i said no, later she masturbated me till i came in torrents, did not masturbate myself for days so that i could come more, she was very nice all around, smiled a lot and could speak rather good english as that was the only way i could communicate wif her....sorry i forgot her name, it has been a while u know
fj = not applicable as i did not fuck her
hj = 6/10 coz too slow and gentle
tit j = 8/10
gfe = 8/10

do not know whether she is still working there as i have not been home for almost one and a half years already, will be active as soon as i get back which will be early next year

i just emailed u the yahoo account it was me....hope u could help me out .....thanks

u shouldn't talk bout monsterfacial's missus, just keep it straight and talk only fr, even married men can visit hc, it's freedom u know......anyway nice job on ur work.......

take care guys keep it going
happy cheonging

05-22-02, 17:50
hmm, now we know who to ignore on this site. anakin sky fucker, i dunno what you are trying to prove by going into other people's business and using up so fucking much space in writing your shit. number one, most of them are not valid for us to read and learn coz it is about singapore. pls go to the singapore section and put all your shit there, then you talk a lot about the girls yuo missed fucking. come on, look at the present and future ok? basically, the more you write, the more irritating you get. furthermore, your english is a comedy and darn fucking irritating, pls get a life or start writing sense ok?


05-22-02, 17:55
What is the procedure at Mid Valley Health Club? I went there and they asked me to pay for the massage, took me to a room and sent a girl to do the massage. Can you select the girl you want if you want more than just a massage?

05-22-02, 18:47
Hi duckman,

Greetings. Yes you can select the girl first. Just tell that you want a package deal to the captain. My suggestion is relax at the lounge, have a drink or too and watch the girls that will work up an down the place. Take a good look than ask the captain to parade them for you.


05-23-02, 07:46
Is PJ De Inn still happening? Previously I know a lot of nice Malay gal there..err Julia or something.....?

05-23-02, 09:08
Been AVA once time...nice place...but I wonder how much tips should I give u know...

last time i visited....girl 30 is the min rite ?
how about the captain, mummy ?
total 3 captain I think....10 for each...
as for mummy...give her 20....she told me since i came with two other ppls (total 3).....then should give her more....she ask for 50...and that is my first time....so just do as she told....and give her 50....

well...finally...50 for mummy, 3 captain - 10 for each, 3 Girls - 30 for each..........is that ok ?

pls adivse.....any idea which girl is good there ? pls recommend : p

05-23-02, 09:33
Hi Guys,

Not new here and have been lurking here for awhile.

Here are some of my interesting exploits. For those who visit places like chu cheng kay, pudu plaza, tower... to some KL SPA this are known as "outside" gurls. I have some from Star Inn as well.

Name: Siew Sheet (FAH SING)
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 4in
Build: Long Hair, Slim, Small Breast and relatively fair
Looks: Quite cute and a pleasant personality
Work: BBBJ, FJ, Very Tight, Can play with her pussy but no fingering
Overall: 6/10

Name: Coco (Wong Chiew) from JB
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 2in
Build: Long Hair, Medium body, Big Breast
Looks: Quite cute and a pleasant personality
Work: BBBJ, FJ, Very Tight, AR, Can play with her pussy but no fingering
Overall: 8/10

Name: Kelly (BlackJack2) from JB
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 6in
Build: Long Hair, Slim and Small Breast, relatively fair
Looks: Quite cute, happy personality and smiles all the time. She is cuter if she does not smile
Work: BBBJ, FJ, AR, VERY VERY Tight, Can play with her pussy and fingering
Overall: 8/10

Name: Nicole (Fah Sing)
Age: 19
Height: 5ft 5in
Build: Long Hair, Slim and Small Breast, quite fair
Looks: Quite cute, quiet and soft spoken
Work: BBBJ, FJ, AR, Tight and can play with her pussy
Overall: 6/10

Name: Apple (***) from Ipoh
Age: 19
Height: 5ft 4in
Build: Long Hair, Medium Build, Big Breast, VERY fair
Looks: On the pretty side, pleasant personality and smiles
Work: BBBJ, FJ, Not very tight but can play with her pussy
Overall: 5/10

Name: Cammy (***) from JB
Age: 18
Height: 4ft 11in
Build: Short Hair, Very Small, Small Breast
Looks: So So, pleasant personality and little gurl
Work: BBBJ, FJ, Very Tight but can play with her pussy
Overall: 6/10

Name: C114 (Star Inn) China
Age: 18
Height: 5ft 4in
Build: Long Hair, Medium Build, Small Breast
Looks: Cute, little gurl, innocent look and shy
Work: BBBJ, FJ, Very Tight but can play with her pussy
Overall: 6/10

Name C87 (Star Inn) China
Age: 24
Height: 5ft 8in
Build: Long Hair, Slim, Small Breast, Model Body and height
Looks: Pretty, pleasant personality and engaging
Work: BBBJ, FJ, AR, Playful and wet, can play with her pussy and fingering
Overall: 7/10

Name: Jennice (Blackjack)
Age: 17
Height: 5ft 2in
Build: Small Size, Slim, Small Breast, Dark
Looks: Cute, Little Gurl, Innocent look, Friendly (Bad Breath)
Work: BBBj, AR, FJ, Very Tight, Can play with her pussy
OVerall: 7/10

Name: Yvonne (Sunshine)
Age: 20
Height: 5ft 2in
Build: Medium build, chubby, Big Breast, VERY FAIR
Looks: China Doll, Friendly
Work: BBBJ, AR, FJ, Reasonably Tight, Can play with her pussy
Overall: 6/10

05-23-02, 10:27
anakin, now we know what a piece of crap you are, for you info, hub is the hardware used for connecting PCs to a network. anyway, you won't understand what the fuck i am talking about. anyway, you may continue but no one will take notice of your shit. Have a nice day and hope one day, your light saber will run out of light. BYE.


05-23-02, 11:18
Season, where are all the places that you have mentioned?

05-23-02, 11:42
TO season
Would like to know where is blackjack and the fahsing you talking about is it in selayang very interested in jenice can u pls give some direction pls mail me stephen79@eboxmail.net

05-23-02, 15:28

I think you had spoil this forum with your long winded grandmother/grandfather stories. Keep it short man - just copy us good info but not your diaries !

Anybody knows whether it is safe now to go hunting again in Puchong area ? Had the operasi move out yet ? Appreciate any info on this.


05-23-02, 15:28
Greetings to all horned out men,

I have just been to the the Juliet Inn (or was it the Romeo Inn?) Quiet nice. Massage rooms sucks though. Anyway I was shown by the attendant the girls the have. They all paraded infront of me without smiling. (I usually judge my potential escapades by their smile & if they smile back at me) None of the Indons, Chinese or Vietnamese was worth the fuck. But then came the Thai parade. Saw this delactable T172-Jojo.

Picked her & paid RM158 including the hotel room. (Like I said, the massage room sucks) We proceeded to undress & took a shower together. She didn't seem to enjoy the closeness but lightened up when I started to massage her tits & pussy.

After drying up, she went ahead & serviced me; body licks, BBJ etc. I continued to massage her pussy which was getting quiet moist. She repeatedly dried my fingers & herself but massaged on. Then I heard a soft moan. I continued massage until I got bolder & finger-fucked her. Then she was on a roll; started grabbing me, french kisses.

We then proceeded to the missionary which she continued to howled. I asked if she liked it. She just nodded... like a rock music fan. I came, she came, we washed, we said goodbye.

To tell you the truth, the best time of my life. Let me give you a little feature about her; looks like 17 said 22, small tits but perfect for her frame-kinda petite.

Another I wanna mention which was also similiar actions but with a slightly bigger tits is at the Star Inn; name of Lola T191. try her out guys.

05-23-02, 16:40
Anakin is really a joke. First he'll make a comment then he'll contradict himself. Worst case is he's a hyprocrite !

And another thing is what's with michelle reis. If he like her so much why won't he just go and fuck her.

Guys, I think the best way is just to ignore this dork or get the ops to ban him

05-23-02, 16:52
To AnakinSkyfucker
Oh...My...God!!!! dude, did you just tell your whole life(sex) story while I was away......Hmmmmmm looks like you have a slight problem with your FR's man because I did not finish one of them....nope dude...you are gonna have to lighten up on the irrelevant details man but keep up the good work because it is not everyday that someone types their whole life(SEX,,,,SEX,,,,SEX) story and still goes on and on like the energiser bunny.....
Anyway I had just finished a session with Winnie but this time just the massage....She was cool about it and even gave me her BUSINESS CARD man.....anyway the reason is because 2 times before when I wanted a massage from her the captain said that she was busy when she was really free....huh...now I can phone in advance and book her....not that she is all booked up its just that she only gives HJ's and the captains don't really favour her....
And she gives one of the best massages complete with head and toe massage....
I am still waiting for some recommendations for a high class HC....Has anyone heard of Subaru and where the hell is it because I heard that people that go there spend up to RM500 each time....hmmm I wonder what are their specialities....besides I have not read any FR's about the place...but I heard that it is expensive but the girls are hand picked from the best....and are paid very high.

05-23-02, 17:13
To ReadOnly
Long time no see....I was wondering about some of the guys that were posting in the forum before I was an active cheongster....
I had just finished reading some of AnakinSkyFucker's FRs and I agree with HuB that they were a bit irritating because he kepps going on and on about everything....I was laughing almost the whole time...especially about meeting the friendliest captain.....My has he had a lot of captains....anyway he was cumming into the HC, Told the captain that he CUM before and then will Cum again....huh like everywhere he goes thare are gonna be white patches of sperm all over the floor, wall, ceiling ....man don't let the guy into the jacuzzi because he will Cum in it and the jacuzzi will probably look like shark fin soup....
Sorry but I just had to tell that little joke.
AnakinSkyFucker...dude you are a funny guy and thanks for sharing your adventures but try some proof reading before posting.....uuuur it called the edit function......and its usually a good idea to preview the message before you make some more people laugh.

05-23-02, 20:35
maybe anakin is dying for attention. hey anakin how old are you? you really remind m eof the real darth vader. maybe the reason why anakin became darth vader is becoz he had no attention. hope you dont turn out to be like him.

Monster, you think we should create something like a list of girls that are working in each hc and try to compile it into something like a MS Excel (spreadsheet) format. We can get the data from the members' feedback here. maybe for the first HC we can start off with CC. or anything. let's say we choose Armada HC, so everyone who has been there before will post who they have tried, then at the end of the day we will have a complete list of girls working in the HC. what say you, bro?

Lemme know ok? Thanks.


05-24-02, 03:33
Hi Guys....been reading the forum since January and learned alot about the local markets here. Damn I wish I get to know of this forum earlier. All brothers out there has given the limelight to all amatuers out there including me. Pay heavy respect to monsterfacial and hub. You guys are the big brother in this forum. Way to go....will post up my FR after my conquest this weekend.

05-24-02, 04:32
hi all, this is a great place, and it proves "Malaysia Boleh" man.. Apparently we are (one of) the most active site.. hehe.

I will like to recommend two nice gals:
Tropicana (Seanson's Club)... #15 (Chinese, around 28). She is very friendly, no rush, gave me a good massage and licking with her solid and warm tongue, tight pussy and 33b size, GFE. Highly recommended if you are looking for good service, with a average look. RM168.

Park In, Teng Teng (from China, 23). Pretty with big eyes and sexy lips, moderate breasts, tight, very friendly, petite, look like Malay, BBBJ, total GFE. RM178.

05-24-02, 07:27

Subaru is located behind KL Plaza. If you turn left, off Jalan Bukit Bintang (In between Planet Hollywood and Piccolo mondo, I think) and follow the road, turn left at the curve (if you turn right, will go into Lot parking) and Subaru Nite Club & HC is on your left. You won't miss it as the neon lights are really bright!

It's true that the place is high class as you can spend from RM500 onwards (depending how many girls you wanted and drinks + room charge) per person. This is because the GROs are all China girls and some of them are lookers (have to go earlier to pick the best, last time I went around midnight (place closes around 5AM), it was what's left kinda thing!).

As usual the mamasan will bring a group of girls for you to make a choice. After selecting, you are expected to book her for the night (about RM50, minimum 4 hours I think, can't quite remember cos it's been awhile). Then depending on your body chemistry, you can negotiate with her for the night (may be for free :) ) around RM250. Drinks' cost are comparable to other nite clubs.

However, haven't got the chance to try out the HC yet, may be you can try it out and letus know the FR :P . Went pass it on Tues nite and saw a couple of girls who would be rated as 7 to 8 (from face to body). I'll say, better looking than Star Inn quality.

05-24-02, 08:24
hey, Hub...wassup with u being so hard on Anarkin?
Who chose you to be our guardian? And who elected you to speak for the rest of us? You used "we" and "no one" whn u threated ignore to Anarkin. Please speak only for yourself,ok?

As much as I enjoyed your (Hub) posting, it's not stated anyway that you can decide on what the rest of us can or should read.

I really enjoyed Anarkin for all his quirky ways...LOL..keep it up, Anarkin...you r a riot!! LOL :)
and for the rest who can't stand him...well...maybe you can use the scroll button, ok?

my..it's so hot nowadays..this is the best time to cuddle up with a nice gal in cc :)

05-24-02, 09:10
Groin1 & Hungry,

Those are not names of places but names of the mobile operations which serve places like Deluxe, Green Elephant, Seasons Tower, Pudu Plaza and many other places in KL. Just state the name of the company and the gurls name with some profile and description and that is all needed. Pudu Plaza is on the 8th floor or something and seasons tower as well.

05-24-02, 11:01
hi ppl, Happy hunting !!!
I'm new to this forum. I have been reading and enjoying the fr
I have not seen much fr in other areas...
Need more ppl in....

keep the good work hub, monster..pla3yer

Can any one give me any fl out there...

05-24-02, 12:29
hmm, lloks like someone has spoken...well, i guess you are right, but sometimes it can quite irritating, if you know what i mean. i felt that the guy was just reading thru and summarising whatever he ead just to get attention, kinda like a school kid in the class dying for attention by doing some outlandish shit. Anyway, sorry if i offended anyone, let us continue to focus on the main reason why we are here.

I read a lot about quality inn, it is in medan mara if i am not mistaken. but how do i actually go there? and is it really worth it going all the way there?

Monster, yuo like getting serviced by matured-looking girls? if you do, try out plaza hotel in jln raja laut. many matured girls there. heard of it before?


05-24-02, 14:53
to hub
what happened to your handle....it looks smaller....i am not really into older women or older looking women....its just that sometimes hj's are a lot safer then sex......and its a lot more satisfying to cum in the hands of someone else.....i like someone that can either bbbj or give a hj for at least 15 to 20 minutes without complaining....
so far i have tried at least 10 different girls for full service.....and the following girls really stand out
i have tried ka ling (c97) of star inn
she is very energetic and will litterally [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) you man.....her bbbj is examplary because she can deepthroat for a good 5 minutes and suck kinda softly for about 10 minutes and allows cim( after you have tried her at least 2 times).....after i asked for it during my second visit...she let me give her a facial but didn't like it.....lol i saved her fake eyelash from going down the drain....she is very tight and allow fingering and loves a good muff diving...
the third time i had her.....around earlier this month.....she had her period in the shower.....rather then let me go try another girl she treated me to assrimming and a bbbj that just blew my mind....i wanted to cum in her mouth but she had just ate so i settled for a finish with a titfuck and just creamed her face and hair twice....yes twice because after the first time that i came she just continued to bbbj me to a second episode......phew....that was one of the fr's that got lost when i tried to upload it

ting ting of pj de inn
she is kinda big boned but can this girl give service....her tongue is sooo strong that she can litterally fuck you ass like it was a dick....i have only tried her once and decided not to try her again because i began itching in the asshole and my dick looked like a white mountain after being serviced by her... her bbbj is really different because she sucks like a 2 hp vacuum cleaner and licks the dickhead with her strong tongue......yup she does this at the same time but she will only suck for about 5 minutes and then wants to fuck.....her pussy is kinda loose but she more then makes up for it with her worried look while you fuck her......urrrr like your dick is 12 inches long....

i would like to talk about another girl but she has stopped working right after i tried her in romeo inn( juliet spa)....that why you guys get sooo mixed up...she was vietnamese and was really good.

i think the scene in crystal crown is a little too packed for my liking....that why i stay away from the girls ...because they look overworked or something....i even saw on wednesday that amy had something like 10 customers by 11pm. this girl whose name started with c had about the same customers....man are those girls resilient man...
any suggestions for armada......going there next week...this week tooo weak to even have a massage....prefer to watch tv at home with the missus..
to play3er
thanks for the info .....i will definately have my reunion with some buddies in subaru......man have a massage, then have some fun with a girl and top it off with drinking with another girl and maybe have somemore fun with the girl ....and all under one roof. i will post fr by the end of the month....just wondering is the place open on sundays......

05-24-02, 16:20
Im an avid reader, but contribute on occasions (in the previous forum under the name "Joe")
Regarding the queries on tipping, I never tip, (neither the girl, captain or anyone else in the HC) and I have not suffered any negative consequences. In the places I frequent, I usually have the "package" which cost RM140 for Malay/Indon/Thai/Viet & RM180 for Mainland Chinese & RM240 for the Ruskies. I enjoy my hour, get all I want & pay that amount and no more. Next time I go back I can choose the same girl or a different one from the 6 or so shown to me. (Ruskies are a bit scarce - usually only one of two to choose from). What could be simpler? Have I got something wrong?

05-24-02, 17:07
i for one is very glad that anakin or austin power will no longer be submitting his fr ( if u can call it that !! it's more like a diary of mentally disturbed person )

take out the champagne and fireworks. u shall not be missed :)

and another thing, we're definitely not envious of u. u shld consider urself very lucky that ur still alive after ur very unsafe and callous fucking sessions.

freedom of speech is fine as long as u dun hurt other ppl. i think that was ur mistake. i remembered even mr monsterfacial has been critizised once for doing that

05-24-02, 17:52
to look4freelancer

i don't have anything against singaporeans....but this skirmish in the past few days has made me realise that when singporeans speak their mind....huh they sure make their small point about freedom of speech....at least they know their constitution(i hope so anyway) because in malaysia unless you are studying to be a lawyer......you don'y know jack shit about the liberties granted to you by the state......like freedom to not be hassassed for payment or debt of any kind.....yup it is guaranteed by the constitution of malaysia but some how the traffic police has found a way around this liberty guaranteed by the forefathers that govern malaysia.....however there are subsections that decide that the liberty guaranteed above can be revoked if done intentionally and with intention to "cheat". guys please don't flame me please.....i have been reading a lot into the matter and realised that unless you have parked you vehicle with the intention to cheat the state then you will have to pay the additional fine proposed this month...
another thing that bugs me is that anakinskyfucker's fr's are really not that bad once you have read them a couple of times....
but deleting them is like working hard for a project and hten getting it rejected by your boss(supervisor....what ever) for small mistakes like ..........boring the hell out of our audience,and making sooo many grammer mistakes(typo's do not count) that the audience's attention is somehow diverted.....huh...come to think about it if anakinskyfucker's were in anyway similar to these traits then please understand that he was only expressing himself the best that he could and spent a good rm1000 along the way....
just something that i thought you should know and since prejeducial remarks are frowned upon my the webmaster i cannot really write how i feel......urrrrr...e-mail me if you guys wanna get together sometime

05-24-02, 20:55
Hi there! Glad to see the regulars here in the new forum (hub, monster, looking, RonJeremy,...) Have been quite inactive for quite some time now. Last time I went was to Sunway - Dora Dora. Really cheap place Rm128 for package and Rm143 for fs and massage.

But the facilities there was bad. No rooms, just cubicles with partitions which does not go all the way to the top. No attached bathrooms...ie before/after massage, you have to walk out of your cubicle to the public bathrooms.

Anyway, I wanted to ask about overnighters. Do anyone know about them. Where, how much, etc? Am free this weekend, so am thinking of getting a babe overnight.

05-24-02, 21:00
monster and look4 freelancer,

anyway, i gues since we are talking about freedom of speech, i guess i have the freedom to speak my mind. if anakin was a little more matured about his frs and not going on and on like a kid writing his first essay with the title "myself", most of us would have just ignored it like other frs but since he attarcted so much attention upon himself, ppl began to think that it sucked a while. at least, i did. so i decided to take it upon myself to report it to the administrator to see that something is done. but the administrator decided to delete it, so i guess he will always do what he thinks is right. too bad for anakin, just read other ppl's frs to get a feel of what to write.

and to whitee, no offense but one man's poison is another man;s honey. so go figure. thanks all. will be posting some frs from bkk soon as i am going there next tuesday. bye.


05-24-02, 23:38
Hello, Hub the Humourless

Hope whn u post will post BKK fr at its
proper location/thread,eh? Remember all the
disappearance of China posting in this thread.

I just felt that you got irritated tht someone (Anarkin)else can write interesting FRs too. :)

Have a nice trip to BKK, hope to see your FRs...at BKK's thread... ;)

05-25-02, 11:24
Seems like a few of us have 'lost the plot' over the past few days. Can we forget about the looney, and get back to basics.
Many of you mention girls who rim or allow CIM. Do any of you come across girls who swallow?

05-25-02, 13:48
I'll be in KL next month, staying at Swiss Inn in Chinatown. I want to know where to find FL around there.

05-25-02, 14:15
I agree that young Anakin's FR's (if we can call them that) were just too weird and maybe he's just enthusiastic. But I don't miss them and prefer the more moderate and factual reporting many of you provide. The thing about 'assessing' a girl is that she may behave differently with different guys and so if you say one is great, someone else may try and find the opposite, or his expectations may be different from yours. So just stick to describing the person in the usual format and just add some comments.

CIM - there have been a few mentioned although whether they actually swallow is a questionmark. Does it matter? I came across a number who would agree and then spit it out on a towel right away. Only Aida of Cititel seemed to swallow it as she didn't rush to the toilet or spit it out.


05-25-02, 14:25
Hello everybody...i feel like i'm joining an exclusive club here..anyway here's my contrib:

Check out Eva from CC...she gives an amazing BBBJ you wont believe and you can cum in her mouth as well. Just a tip: make sure you wash mr. willy well before the session otherwise she will insist on putting on a condom. Believe me, you won't regret doing it. Her massage is very good as well and she has a very friendly demeanor. Most guys miss her because she doesn't come out and parade in front of the TV room unlike the others...(esp Amy who marches in and out every 50 minutes..haha)

For those of u who feel CC is too crowded, well that's why the handphone was invented for, isn't it? Call n book and u will find the effort worth it. My favorite places are still CC, Genesis and SkyRiver (behind KLPlaza). I will certainly try out Subaru after reading the stuff posted here.

Keep up the good work guys!

pussy addict
05-25-02, 17:16
Originally posted by Willy
I'll be in KL next month, staying at Swiss Inn in Chinatown. I want to know where to find FL around there.

Opposite side of Swiss Inn, Furama Hotel spa, Amy, 24++ good looking chinese girl, she will give MJ with ice and warm water.

pussy addict
05-25-02, 17:41
any place in KL to get cheaper AV ? anyone seen AV-DVD ?

05-25-02, 21:01
info please

Can anyone tell me how much girls go for short time in US $?


05-25-02, 22:37
Hey guys, here are some links for you to go and check out some chicks in the time of the police raids in the Klang valley.

www.tokyoporn.com | www.uh-oh.com |

Loadso f good looking girls we wished we had in our HCs here in malaysia. Enjoy.


05-26-02, 04:34
Originally posted by pussy addict

Opposite side of Swiss Inn, Furama Hotel spa, Amy, 24++ good looking chinese girl, she will give MJ with ice and warm water.

Thank you. Good luck with your Pussy Addiction.

05-26-02, 05:50
thnks to seasons
can i pls know where i can find jenice the one u talking about if in seasons tower which floor and the rest too thnks .Haven't been contributing much cause i don't have a place to hunt will send in my knowledge when i get any new info haven't been out for some time liaw got no fresh place to go but most of all i think my budget is thighter now cause just quit from my job waiting for a new job any intro hehehehe .will be back once in a while pls to seasons direction and thnks to all who respond to me still new maybe my posting is not interesting so not much attention or maybe no contri yet but i'll be well known here one day for my contribution sorry for the blabbing seeya.

05-26-02, 07:21
I'm new here!

Been to Armada, Midah, Cititel & Holiday Villla Subang.

Here is my FR for Midah (one stop spa)

Great food & facilities. 10-15 girls.

Tried Celine. late 20's

Breast: 3/10 sagging, out of shape.
Body: 3/10
FJ: 5/10
BJ: 5/10...condom only.

Only great thing is she will make u lie face down and lick your asshole while massaging balls.
Costs: 173 package.
She will allow u to touch her pussy but not fingering but her puSsy smells terrible.

They have a few malay girls, a few young girls (22-23) a few "chi-pek" girls i.e. "stick on ceiling" girls. (Try Vivian or jes). Good thing is can chiew-keng here.

05-26-02, 07:32
Anyone have contact number for freelancer in KL or JB or Seremban. Please e-mail me. I'm trying to get my friend to give me a phone no of a chinese girl freelancer in KL. Will share once he gives it to me.

My e-mail: biglauda99999@hotmail.com

Read my FR Other area. FR on Seremban.

05-26-02, 18:38

Have fun in BKK ! Just wonder which 'entertainment outlet" you usually hit over there. Just in case you need help, here some of my previous vist xp.

1. stay nearby Nana Entertainment Plaza at Sukhumvit
2. take the girl for long nite from one of those go-go bars - cost less than B2000.
3. Or hit one from the Nana disco. Mostly freelancer, value for money.

Share your FR later.


05-26-02, 18:57

Dont ever go to midah hotel, really bad shape. one of the worst i have been to. youi can try mandarin court nearby midah hotel. it is definitely better than midah although the girls are a little more expensive. about RM190. or better still, since you are in KL already, go to wilayah hotel and try wendy. I PROMISE YOU WONT REGRET IT. Monster, you should try her out too.....i promise you that you wont regret it. really, i am willing to bet anything on it. go and try her out first and you will know what i mean. only RM149, you wont regret. and while you are there, ask to check out this girl called mun mun too, equally good looking and big breast, see which one you like but if you choose wendy, you wont regret. i promise. monster, believe me, she will blow your mind off.


05-26-02, 19:02

i dont think i will be seeing any action at all as i am going there to see my girlfriend. so just keeping my fingers cross.....


05-27-02, 04:01
Thank you Hub for the info.

Tried Jess in Midah. Late 20 or early 30+. Act very cool. Seldom smile.
Body: 6/10 firm and shapely.
Breast: 6/10...firm for a lady that age...no sagging.
BJ: 5/10
Price: RM173 package.

Started with usual washing. Then blowjob + condom. Licked my asshole. Gave solid 10 minutes blowjob until she said her mouth is sore. Really hard on as i "diet" 3 days already. Tried a few position man on top, women on top, doggie, legs on shoulder, side way etc. Ended with solid banging with me on top. Solid 40 minutes. After i came she smiled and said i'm too "keng" (powerful). If hungry for 3 days everyone also can!

After that Kapten said she is off duty as she is sore.

Nice girl but a bit too "cool" for me. Let u touch pussy and eager to satisfy.

05-27-02, 04:10
Anyone been to Holiday Villa subang lately?

Any new girls there?

Tried Sasha there b4. I think she is in Crystal Crown PJ now.

Malay girl.
Breast: 3/10...small and sagging
Body: 3/10
BJ: 7/10

Ugly girl but hell of a service. Manja & friendly type. Give BBBJ and lick u all over. Allow u to do anything u like and touch everwhere. Treat u like a lover better than wife and GF. But still hell of an ugly girl. I nearly cannot get hard when i see her but she can make u hard very fast (& shoot fast too).

My friend after tried her cannot forget it. want to go to her everytime. He got her phone number.

05-27-02, 04:24
Yo BigLauda,

If you're into FL, I'm your man :) I've already emailed u .. my email is the yahoo account. My email starts with 'h' and end with '7'.

So what's so special about this wendy. Do give some details :)

05-27-02, 04:41
Armada FR.

Nice place. A bit crowded at times.

Expensive. RM230 for all inclusive. No package deal here. Girls here look elegant.

Tried no:88, 168. No chiew keng here. There is a girl with the name Camry...big hooters.

88....23 y.o. Fair skin, thin and tall. Like those SYT u see while shopping. Speak mandarin and a bit of cantonese.

Breast: 5/10
Body 5/10
BJ: 5/10
FJ 5/10

Nothing special. If u have desire to F a young girl, she is it. Look like a teenager age 20.

Curry Mee
05-27-02, 05:19
please bring back anakin skyfucker's posts ...

i've never laughed so fucking hard in my life man ... if you guys think about it ... what kind of motherfucker writes shit like this?

if even half of what he writes is true ... just fucking imagine what a fucking sex psycho this guys is ... walking around kl and visiting the same places you do!

woo hoo!

i say freedom of speech (to a certain extent) ... i mean, since he's not really ragging on anyone or flaming you guys ...

read his frs as the comics section of the papers!

lighten up guys, and let's bring anakin skyfucker/austin powers back to the best board on this forum!


05-27-02, 06:12
Hi guys,
seems like we have a lot of new members to share details with hmnnn about FL i've been asking for those number for some time liaw but never seem to get any those from kl and also seremban hope that some one will be kind enough to share some of that info with me only young stuff thnks my email is stephen79@eboxmail.net will repay in future hehehehehe .by the way where is seasons couldn't get any info about the jenice he was talking about if you see this seasons pls mail me thnks.

05-27-02, 06:37
Hello, 9394, good for you! I like your analogy of reading Anarkin as the comics section of a newspaper! And that's wht it should be.

This is my last posting on this matter. I must say that I m concerned abt this not bcause I am Anarkin's no. 1 fan, but bcause I can't stand arrogance of a certain poster (let's call him "H"). And I would say the same thing if it happens to any other poster.

"H" is a puffed-up-self-appointed-keeper of-good-writing in this thread. He hates another poster just because he thought the other poster is "immature", "trying to draw attention to himself" or "boring". All these are just his perception. Still those reasons are not not enuf to hate someone! And absolutely forgetting that this thread is populated by many others who may not share his point of view.

Anyway, I have written on Friday to the administrator and this is what he has to say:

Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 21:32:45 -0400
From: "Jackson" <jackson@wsgforum.com>
WSG Postings
To: whitee@xxx.com
Reply To: Jackson@wsgforum.com

I appreciate your observations. I read akynskyfucker... whatever his
name was postings. It seemed to me that they were just ramblings about nothing, and they certainly contained very little real information
about where to find women for sex, which is the purpose of this website.

I didn´t read every posting in the section, but I did read several postings that were generally protesting this guy as taking up space in
the forum. When I get a complaint, I read the offending post, and then I look for other comments. If no one else has a complaint except the first guy to contact me, then I won´t delete the post. On other words, one complaint isn´t enought. Still, it´s possible that I was a little
quick to pull the trigger, so I´ll try to be more liberal in the future.



As I said nb4, see that button on the right side of your browser? It's called the scroll button, if you are bored with a posting, try using it!

05-27-02, 08:22
To Hungry and Others,

To those who have simply ask for FL info and doesn't receive any. I'll tell u why. It takes a lot of effort, time and sometimes money to get such info abt FL gals.

And if any Tom, Dick and Harry were just to simply ask for it and we gave it away then soon we'll end up with NOTHING. This is different from the SPA scene where we just share the review of each girls.

If you WORK for the info and wanna exchange with those ppl with FL numbers then that is fine

I hope I make it crystal clear this time :)

05-27-02, 10:35
To Look4freelancer,
No offencence I'm new here so i don't really know u people well enough it's allright if you don't wanna share it maybe cause i'mm a little out of luck but in future it'll also be the same for u even if you got things to share with i don't think people will be interested .i'm out of luck used to have fl nos but all outdated so u think being truthful is good or just exchange them with valid ones i'm just being polite and truthful ok thnks anyway cause now i know there is someone reading my posting even though i'm not really that active in contributing .

05-27-02, 10:37
ok guys sorry for everything. lets forgive and forget. sorry....


05-27-02, 11:05
Hi All.

I am wondering if any on the forum can point me in the right direction.

I am looking for girls who are bi or bi-inclined and prepared to service both men and women for a fee.

I am asking because I have a woman partner who is a closet bi but needing the services of such impersonal encounters. She is on the "giving" side ie she is in the male role of the encounter.

Ideally, the girl should be prepared to entertain both me and my partner - and that is why we are looking for a bi - at the same time. We are looking at a 3some if the chemistry is right.

Thanks in advance.

05-27-02, 11:56
Hey there Season,

looks like u got alot of good experience at the Spa Inn. Question is where is the Spa Inn and this Juliet Inn? I'm not familiar with those Spas but can u guys give me some direction to where to get some fucking good time. ...

Thanx alot guys and keep up the good reports !!!!

Anyone knows of any good Spas in Penang? Going there next month for a few weeks.... sure will be horny then....

Curry Mee
05-27-02, 12:20

Thanks for the support. I just feel that in every forum on the internet ... someone always like to assume the role of the "big brother" ... either because they've posted the most ... or been a member the longest ... well ... the only "big brothers" should be the moderators, I guess.

Anyway ... I hope some people just stop taking things so seriously, when clearly someone like young Skyfucker is just off his rocks ... guys, just relax, ok?

The whole purpose is meet people and share experiences ... which I must add, that Ani did in great detail. Just because people don't write in the same style as you do, doesn't mean that they're wrong. That's like saying because someone doesn't speak English, they shouldn't be allowed to speak at all.

I really hope that Mr Austin Powers continues posting, as it gives me a comic break from the more normal, though not boring, postings and FRs of the other guys.

May the Force be with you.

Curry Mee
05-27-02, 13:09

try the Agora hotel ... RM130 and up ... or Cathay ... New Savoy or Waldorf ... RM90 only! But some good shit there.

Cititel is also good for a massage ... but I've never seen a hot chick there ...

05-27-02, 15:45
to all,

if anakin wanna post his so called fr then let him do so but i for one will be scrolling over this report. i suppose it's freedom of speech. however if he step on other ppl's toes then he shld be yank off ( making unnecessary comment on ppl's wife is one of them )

to hungry,

there's such thing in the english language called full stop. pls punctuate your sentence properly as i do not understand one word what ur trying to say

05-27-02, 16:43
To HuB
Till I get my shit straight.....looks like I am getting a new car this month so thats it for my lavish lifestyle....will have to refrain from going to these places if I am gonna afford that new car......
Thanks for the info, I will definately try Wendy and Mun Mun from Wilayah hotel but only after this weekend when I get my pay and have that little get together with some friends in Subaru.....I really am not in the mood for fooling around because my missus just got slimmer the past few weeks that I wasn't looking and her sexual appetite has improved a lot and is more adventurous now.......And no she is only into a one on one.....and I am thinking of teaching her how to HJ .....I hope then I can get one everynight......woooo hoooo.
Another thing.....Quit talking about that Anakin kid because It is taking up a lot of forum space....By the way I was just wondering if you guys would honestly comment on my writting style. A lot of people have mentioned to me that using the"......." is very confusing. Sorry but I found that it was a good way to let people get a breather and even go get a beer before continuing reading my FR's.
Hope to get a real good one this weekend ...hehehehe

05-27-02, 18:05
Originally posted by RonJeremy

I think you had spoil this forum with your long winded grandmother/grandfather stories. Keep it short man - just copy us good info but not your diaries !

Anybody knows whether it is safe now to go hunting again in Puchong area ? Had the operasi move out yet ? Appreciate any info on this.


05-27-02, 22:39
Hello guys,

I'm planning to go to Crystal Crown sometime this week. As I'm rather tight with money this month, I wanna make my visit worth the money.

So if anyone can recommend the perfect girl for me... I would really appreciate that. Basically, I'm looking for someone who has a good balance of looks and GFE experience. Perhaps looks 60% and service 40%.

I hope the regulars of this forum would help out. Especially Monsterfacial and HuB. And if anyone wants to email me, please do so at nottynotty@mac.com. We can trade FRs and you would definitely be on my porn distributing list. haha.



05-27-02, 22:47

if you want looks 60% and service 40%, well, i dunno about it but if you had asked for looks 40% and service 60%, i'd should say PInky as she is really worth it. Maybe you may also try soo ji or carmen for 60% looks and 40 % service. POST YOUR FR AFTER THAT !!!!!


05-27-02, 23:13

Great... ok. I'll go try em'. What about the legendary Amy? From what I've observed (archived section), she get's mixed reviews. Some say she's VERY good. but some say she's lazy? I've seen her there before. She looks good. But I haven't seen the ones you recommended. Thanks.

Oh, for those who seeks a really good looking malay girl... go to Federal (Deluxe). Ask for Susan. She's gorgeous. The prettiest malay I've seen so far. And nice to talk to. However, can be very professional at times. But you guys have to try her. She gives excellend BJs. truly.

Hmm... I notice most of the people here visits mostly PJ HCs. Any reason why you guys don't go to Bukit Bintang area as often?


05-28-02, 04:30
Hi guys...checked out Armada on Monday nite. Not many people. Went there with a couple of friends. Myself settled for a massage only. #81. Did not care to get her name. Good massage and she claimed formerly from The Spa. I would not recommend her as she is cold as ice and do not like to talk. Anyway, my fav massuer is Judy. She is mid 30s and and aunty look. I liked her massage and her HJ is worth the money. Too bad she is not working that time. She comes in casually only.

My other friends went for full package, RM230 each. Camry, Candy and one more babe (forgot her name). Camry is a real looker and her service is great. Anyway, I have not try her (too expensive lar there for full service).

More FR this weekend. Checking out the Klang scene.

05-28-02, 17:32
Guys.. any info on any operasi in Pucong area ? My friends keep postphoning our trip there as a caution - myself cannot believe there's operasi everyweek - is it safe now ? Really need to try one of those star inn or crazy as hilite by the brothers here. BTW to make the trip worth would like to know who's the 'best' girl should we go for - any recomendation for four of us ? Promise to put FR.

Admiral's posted message on Armada remind me of one of the girl (either Camly or something like that) there - good look, good body, big breast. But it turned off to be 'bad' experience - her breast was FAKE !. The moment I touched it I lost all of my appettize - it felt like holding 'hard plastic container'. Man.. its really a turn-off.

Anyhow that's for info. So far that's the only place and girl I had caught so far with a fake breast. Hope those girls recomended later is of pure breed.


05-28-02, 18:07
I would have to agree with Hub....I would recommend Carmen anytime

05-28-02, 20:45
hi everyone. Hammer checking in here. I would like to thank Ching Ching for answering some of my questions earlier. I, myself will be coming to KL in July and August and will be using your most trusted advises. Thanks again to all, and of course will post the FRs.


05-28-02, 21:19
To Hub,

Where is this Wilayah Hotel exactly? From previous postings, I understand it to be near Wisma Sime Darby, but can't get the picture where it is exactly?

And could you specify more in Wendy and Mun Mun? What nationality are they and how much for how long?


05-29-02, 04:46

Went to Star Inn Last Fri and everthing seemed ok. Had a Thai girl #188. Best so far. Gave great BJ and AH licking. Loves to fuck and shows it in her face when I was doing her. Check out her face when she comes.It's to die for. Speak english and always ready to please.


Originally posted by RonJeremy

Guys.. any info on any operasi in Pucong area ? My friends keep postphoning our trip there as a caution - myself cannot believe there's operasi everyweek - is it safe now ? Really need to try one of those star inn or crazy as hilite by the brothers here. BTW to make the trip worth would like to know who's the 'best' girl should we go for - any recomendation for four of us ? Promise to put FR.

Admiral's posted message on Armada remind me of one of the girl (either Camly or something like that) there - good look, good body, big breast. But it turned off to be 'bad' experience - her breast was FAKE !. The moment I touched it I lost all of my appettize - it felt like holding 'hard plastic container'. Man.. its really a turn-off.

Anyhow that's for info. So far that's the only place and girl I had caught so far with a fake breast. Hope those girls recomended later is of pure breed.


05-29-02, 06:54
Dear All

Life can not get more wonderful than this, a forum that dedicate to share and for us to get better sex, value for money and the knowledge that will impress in front of our friends. anyway enough of being a boring old fuck....

Here is my first ever FR in this forum, last Friday went to the White Swan HC in Kajang, and only one word of advice "Shit"

The girls there are all pork chop you love to eat, you know those with layers of fat, first of all had massage by a Thai girl it was good as its losen all my muscle to get into some serious business, so ask the captain so show some girls asked for Chinese but was told only one available and not much of a looker, so was adviced on either Viet or Indo asked for a scan and the rest is history (please refer back to first sentence) was out of there like a shot.

So still being horny and looking for action can anyone out there tell me where to look for quality chinese that provide 1st class service.

my email is Simonyung88@hotmail.com

any suggestion is welcome.

05-29-02, 08:54
to likeit

Hotel Wilayah is situated behiand a row of shophouse after Wisma Sime Darbe. It's the first second turning on the left after WSD. Hope that helps and let us know if you come across any good one there.


Originally posted by likeit
To Hub,

Where is this Wilayah Hotel exactly? From previous postings, I understand it to be near Wisma Sime Darby, but can't get the picture where it is exactly?

And could you specify more in Wendy and Mun Mun? What nationality are they and how much for how long?


05-29-02, 11:59
Thanks for the directions but I actually found it today. Went to Wilayah and asked for Wendy (like Hub suggested) but she was busy. So asked the captain to show me the rest.

Somehow today, they didn't have any thai or indons...locals only. Anyway, he showed me about 5 girls who were not working at that time, not much to choose from...saw Mun Mun. She looks alright, with nice looking tits but what Hub said about not regreting taking Wendy was on my mind the whole time, so told the captain that I will wait for her.

Waited about 20 minutes, and then was shown to the room. Wendy came in shortly and my first impression was that she was not pretty, and even a little chubby! But she was extremely friendly and was always smiling.

Took the bath, very nice bath, where she washed me thoroughly which promised of better things to come. :) After the bath, I lied down and this woman... she practically licked and sucked you everywhere....from your face, body, balls, dick, feet... and excellent ar. Damn strong tongue!!! And she sort of tickles you with her nails... whew! Sex was great.... she gave the gf feeling and allowed french (but after she licked my feet, that was not what I wanted to do).

A funny things happened when we were doing it. A voice came through the loud speaker and told everyone that DBKL were downstairs towing cars. I nearly loss my hard on instantly when I first heard it cuz I thought the cops made a bust on the HC... :)

After sex, we sat around and had a cigerette together, hugging and talking. Really gfe.

Look 7/10
Body 5/10
GFE 9/10
licking, ar, bbbj 9/10
sex 8/10
overall 8.5/10

Good recommendation Hub!!!

05-29-02, 12:01
Just came back from a very unsatisfactory session at Cititel with a Malay girl named Rose. Rare that Malays are not satisfying. She was too biz-minded, practically timed every act and kept complaining that her commission was not good enough (maybe hinting for a tip). Sure way for her NOT to get a tip. I can be generous for good service but no way for someone who rushes me.

So stay away from Rose, guys, and stick to Aida who is patient and gives 110% service.


05-30-02, 04:25
Any good recommendation for these 2 joints?

1) Eastin Hotel
2) Lisa De Inn?

05-30-02, 09:14
groin 1

try Ice at Lisa De Inn........dammmmmmm good
- girl friend feel
- RM193 only

Anyone interest with japanese or korean babe??? ( Real japanese and korean....joke a side)

Check it out at P. Inn in bandar sri damansari..........new stock......kill you.

- RM250 only
- After 6pm ( gal just start to report herself to work )
- only for short period, 1-2 month ( Part time gal- according to captain )
- look for captain alex, he will arrange to u

05-30-02, 10:03
smallboy, elaborate in Ice. Like age, race, service, body, etc.....

Where is this P. Inn??

05-30-02, 11:08
i finally went to crystal crown today. but i'd say it was a rather disappointing visit. i suppose i should taken it more seriously when you guys say one should book a session before going there. i waiting for almost an hour before heading home. very disappointed right now coz i was really looking forward to posting an fr for all you horny peeples.

i went there around 2pm. unfortunately, only 2 girls were available. one of them was sooji. i think someone mentioned her before on this forum. she looks ok, but her short legs kinda turned me off.

right before i left, i saw amy. dear god! she's so puurrrttyy! but she was only available at 7.45pm. at that time, i may just as well make love with my girlfriend. i also asked for carmen (hub's recommendation), but apparently she didn't come to work today.

what a day, i've been working all night long last night and right now am in dire need of a good fuck.

can someone please describe me how carmen looks like? coz from the looks of it now, i have eyes only for amy. unless someone thinks she's all looks with no good service. does amy and carmen allow french kissing?

excuse me now, i think i'll wait for my girlfriend now.


05-30-02, 11:10
I remember even Ayu recommended Ice whn I
saw her (ayu) early this month..hehe..Ice is chinese, was frm another hc in KL.

05-30-02, 11:15
anyone tried PJ Hilton?

I tried to go there once but saw the receptionist is a elegantly dressed Malay lady at the hatch Clark HC...none of your friendly male captains..looks so formal & no hanky-panky. So yours truly used the handphone to call the HC (although I am already inside PJ Hilton!) and asked the lady if there's massage..she hesitated a while and said yes..anyway..feel uncomfy whether it is OUR type of HC!


05-30-02, 11:23
Can you help me verify the Jap and Korean chicks in Princess Inn?
Been a while since I had some other oriental delicacies.

05-30-02, 12:32
chic rice:

u have to check out yourself, because different people have different favour.......example:-

some like girl friend look type
some like girl fuck expert type
some like wild type and etc.

for me they look CUTE as korean / jap movie girl.

groin 1:
Ice/ chinese/ 20+/ friendly like ur gal ....even u can finger her, provided short message w/o cloth on..........

Overall: 9/10

05-30-02, 17:33
PJ Hilton should still be 'OK' for the sort of services you want. I went there a few months back and though the
'feel' is like no hanky-panky, you can still get girls who will do just about anything. Only thing is they don't have package offers.

I remember the older HC at PJH when there was a lot more action. It was where I started enjoying HC but then they changed the management so the new one was built further in.


05-30-02, 18:46
To nottynotty,
Since you have been there please book amy in advance...It is obvious that you like Amy so the juices start flowing from the minute you realise that you can get her on the day that you book her......trust me I 've tried her and she is very beautiful but other then that nothing to shout about.

05-31-02, 03:21
Directions to Princess Inn please.

05-31-02, 08:44
where is mandarin court?
Is it on JLn Maharajalela?
What floor is the spa?
Can "chiew keng" or not?
Any malay or foreigner?

05-31-02, 10:53
hi all.....
i might be in genting during my next malaysia trip.
does anyone has made experiences there with paid sex.??
where to find girls there and how much they will charge
for an overnighter.??

05-31-02, 15:40
I am looking for a Spa which can provide me with the best selection of malay pussies. Can anyone help me out?

I am also looking for the easiest place to pick up FL? Tried Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock. Shit place full of pro.

Anyone keen to follow me to Tg Balai or medan in Indonesia?

05-31-02, 19:02
This is just a small FR from just now....
Feeling very horny decided to visit Crystal Crown in PJ again....At first wanted to try Malay offering....got Sophia and she was very beautiful and had a very nice body(8/10 but her tits were only C-cup....for me not big enough)....gave cock and bull story about wanting a serious massage and asked the girl to call the captain....Insisted in wanting a girl with BIG breast but the other malay had left so had to settle for Kelly.......
Yup this is the second time trying her so had the usual 30 minute massage that was very good and as usual she drenched my butt with oil and asked for extra service.....
Acted like a newbie and asked what was the offerings....
RM50 for HJ
RM100 for topless HJ
RM120 for titfuck followed by nude HJ
and RM150 for everything including penetration and BJ.

At first opted for titfuck because of the size of her breast but realised that for RM30 extra could get a BBBJ.
So I was feeling extravagant and opted for a BBBJ, TITFUCK followed by HJ....See being the paranoid guy that I am at the moment for the price of about RM238 I was about to get the most expensive HJ in my life....
First she got naked and we both got into the shower......started with the usual dickie wash but with a very good HJ wash that almost made me cum.....dawm were her tits big....she then proceeded to give me a very HOT BBBJ with Hot Tea and Ice water.....Man she first used the hot stuff that just made me numb but when she used the Ice water......eeeeeerr is was like being licked by a walrus.....dawm nice feeling...We then proceeded to the titfuck which ended with me almost cumming on her tits....I wanted her to earn her tip so we proceeded to the usual HJ but this time she was not wearing anything and I grabbed those cassabas like they were sponges....she complained about me squeeziing too hard but I just kept on squeezing and man handling those tits like they were balloons...When I came she was screaming louder then me and complained that I squeezed her tits too hard... I realised that after that her tits sort of sank down instead of being perk.....man I must have squeezed her tits out of shape man.....consolation....I came soo much that she mentioned that my cum could impregnate at least 10 girls just by cumming on a toilet seat.
Guys, my whole chest was just dranched with cum and she was obliously horny by the site of that so she offered to lick the cum off my chest for free....man for a 30+ year old girl she sure was horny .........
I asked for her phone number but she declined...
Here is the score:
Massage (9/10...this time she even cracked my neck bones)
Body (7/10...she is very nice figured for a 30+ girl )
Breast (6/10....they were big for malaysian standards but not big enough for a real nice titfuck)
looks 8/10 ....she is attractive for a 30+ girl....trust me on this
overall I would give her a 7/10....she lost a bit of points because she wouldn't bargain for service without sex and insisted that a BBBJ was as good as sex...

05-31-02, 20:31

If you want some really good looking malay girls, try Federal Hotel. The HC is called Deluxe. Ask for Susan. She's very hot looking. VERY. And gives very good blowjob. Or, you can ask for Nora. She's excellent when it comes to servicing. There's another girls whom I have yet too try. I think her name is Sophia and apparently she's got a damn nice body.

I prefer Nora coz she took extra effort to me sure I had a good time. She even put on her clothes back on after shower and let me slowly taking off her clothes while doin her off. And she's got a er, sincere 'moan'. haha.

But if you really want fuck a stunner, go for Susan. Friendly and talkative. But can be too professional at times.


p/s: biglauda, can you tell us more about the FL scene at Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood? How does it work and how much? And how can you spot an FL? I wouldn't wanna get a slap from a girl because of my ignorance. haha. So far I've only been HCs. And don't the working girls there only flock around non-locals? Can a 22 year old malay like me get lucky? ;)

05-31-02, 20:32
hey malaysian...this is my 1st time in this beautiful country. i've been staying here for about 3 days but i dun even hav a chance to get laid coz afraid of ''know nothing about wat's the process go through in the health center as all u guy mentioned b4'' i came HOLLAND as u guy know the prostitution in my country is a legal profession, so when i visit those places , we straight into the job done but since i read the messages here is totally different from my i had in my country '' actually b4 get laid we've got to go for massage and strip naked? and are we straight into the room or hav to wait at lounge and hav to change our cloth to the clothes they provided?? izzit hav to go thru all these messy stuff???(except massage)i hope u guy can help me out coz it is bot 4 days i never cum!!!!pls let me know the detail if i go to a health center. LOOKING FORWARD FROM ALL OF UR HELP.THANX MALAYSIAN!!!

05-31-02, 20:39

are sophia and kelly package girls (the ones that parades for you to choose) or are they specifically massage girls? Hehe... before reading your FR, I never knew you were a BREAST man. I'm more of a ASS man. and that is kinda hard to find in this country. From my experience, I've only met malay girls with nice asses. even so, sometimes I find them too big to my liking. haha. I've yet to find a chinese girl with a great ass.. that's probably the main reason why i liked Amy so much.

And you were damn lucky to have her licked your cum. That must've been a real turn on. It that was me, I would've just payed her extra to have her clean my dick with her mouth. wow.. lucky man, u are. :) What was that again that you take to make your cum goes thick and white? lechitin or somethin..?

man, i must go to CC again on monday. *sigh.


05-31-02, 20:50
Hello Danny,

First of all, welcome to our fine country... where the pussies comes in excellent variety. hehe. Where are you staying? KL? Which hotel? Usually, every hotel spa has these sort of services. All you have to do is go there and asks for package girls. You can choose if you want either massage or sex. or even both.

If you want to be safe, get Bukit Bintang. My usual HC there is called Deluxe at Federal Hotel. Once you get into the hotel, the entrance is somewhere on your right. You have to walk down the stairs and youre in heaven! go before 12pm, where the are more variety of girls.

There are a few more good HC you can go to...

Crystal Crown Hotel, PJ.
Concorde Hotel, KL.
Cititel, PJ. (near mid valley shopping center)

If you wanna have cheaper girls, just walk down Jalan Bukit Bintang and you'll find plenty of pimps. They'll come to you. Girls at these sorta joints usually costs RM148, but the price might go higher because you're going thru these pimps. So my advice is to go thru the pimps once, and then go on your own the next time. The girls there are however, non locals. Usually Thais, Vietnamese and Indonesians. If you want locals, go to the HCs I've mentioned above.

Happy Fucking. And make sure you post an FR after that ;P


06-01-02, 02:37
How much are the rates at Federal?

pussy addict
06-01-02, 05:35
Originally posted by Insider
How much are the rates at Federal?

RM 210~RM 380 its depand of what kind of quality and service you are looking for.

some time expensive doesn't promise your requirement, its also depand on your luck too.

Few weeks ago I paid for RM 210 called " Amy " I can feel her " force " inside her pussy. I went back to her for following of three weeks. So wish the " force " always with you. Good Luck

06-01-02, 05:53
To Danny,
You can pretty much skip all the messy stuff by informing the captain that you are just there for a fuck....But what I usually do is get a shower and a 10 minute dip in the hot jacuzzi....and sometimes use the sauna and steambath....this works up an appetite so then I would eat a lot and try not to drink a lot....
But trust me a massage before the action is very good and relaxing....this is the time when the girl will try to seduce you and make you hard in her special way......
To Nottynotty
Sophia has a very nice body,Nice round butt, She even said so herself that her massage just sucks.
Kelly....eeerr I don't know what she is but she is the most attractive good massager that I have had so far....She is kinda old for a package girl and prefers the HC rooms because the hotel room's beds are too soft to really press the dickens out of your body...
About me being a breast man....yup I have decided to "paizuri" every big titted girl that I can find.....The feeling is a lot like a HJ except if you are on top its a lot like fucking without a condom....and a lot safer then sex with a condom....And the best thing is if the girls tits are big enough and soft enough(Gotta go back to Japan soon).....Its a lot like fucking a tight hole.....ohhhh and most of the time it usually ends with me giving the poor girl a nice facial...hehehe I can be a jerk sometimes..

06-01-02, 09:19
Hi Guys,
Still out there hunting.I'm alone this whole week and doesn't have any planning any new places you guys can intro. Quite tired of CC,FD,SEASONand etc any new place you guys found out pls msg me stephen79@eboxmail.net.Would lilke to intro those who want to have some mat salleh type try out those at the CC in klang just on the left hand side on the way to north port they have quite some variety Indian,Malay,Russian,Siam,Chinese and also others.All can chiew kang quite ok tried a few times there if i've not forgotten i think it cause 178 for pac and as for Russian it's 250 but no good facility there only steam and sauna.keep up the good work guys seeya.

06-01-02, 13:20
hi Guys,

Went to CC on wednesday. Went inside the jaccuzi pool and now i m suffering from the aftermath of it. About 10 mins in the pool my whole body started to itch and till todate i m still suffering. the itch is unbearable!!!

anyway, opted for a massage by a lady in her 30s known as Alice. She doesnt look her age. Pretty much younger of u were to ask me. Nonetheless, she walked into the room and look arrogant at first. During the massage however, we managed to break the ice and she was lovely and could converse very well. Her massage was intoxicating, sensual and very good! I took double sessions and thereafter finish off with body massage and a HJ. excellent service. Try her guys

06-01-02, 19:41
hi fellow malaysians, i'm currently on a trip to kl and i will depart shortly for malacca... i've been trying lots of HC in kl but i would love to know if there's any active pros den in malacca? Hope to hear from you generous malaysians soon :)

06-02-02, 03:49
Thank u, notty(x2).

Hardrock. Crap place. Go there during ladies night or weekdays (friday excluded). Hang around the bar. Smile to single ladies (very important...only a dumb guy will smile to ladies with "balak" with them...unless u know them).
Sometimes u will get lucky..when the lady u eyed approach u but most of the time u will have to approach them and say "Hi!".

Use your normal pick-up lines. If she is FL or looking for fun, she will tell u the price.

Bad thing about this place is...ladies there looking for mat salleh all the time and not responsive to locals (US$...see the point). It is also expensive, at least RM500-1000 for all nighter (by the time u leave it's 2am...your "brother" might have slept) not inclusive of the cover charge, drink (yours and hers), parking, hotel room (if she is amateur) etc. Most of the time u will go home empty-handed and will have to go to the spa for "release".

For better bet, go to Spa. U can go there a few times for the amount u spend a night at these place.

p/s: if u r lucky u get foreign girl, student, executive with "fresh", tight pussy....bear the "pain" and u will gain.

06-02-02, 08:04
hello everyone

just a quick fr for cc...all my favorite girls were not around and the captain recommended yoko..i expected an average looking bird but was plesantly surprised..she looks a bit like coco lee. she gives a very rough and painful massage but what u get at the end of it is worth it imho. no ass rimming but she give bbbj with hot water and practically [CodeWord124] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord124) you while u lie down. very very passionate and obviously loves to have sex.. not a put on act if u know what i mean. overall very enjoyable.

i heard that brach club is the place to pick up fls. is this true? anyone out there with any stories to share?

peace y'all

06-02-02, 08:59
hi Guys,
pussy addict

I am looking for young nice looking girls with sweet breast milk. I love playing with them. Any chics from KL HCs with this speciality ?

06-02-02, 14:33
To Bangsarman,

Yup, Beach Club seems to be the place for FLs nowadays. I have not tried myself but have read in earlier postings in this forum. Plus the last time I went there and stayed till they closed, I could see many girls who looked very much like working girls coming out with guys.

I see mostly malay women. And furthermore, outside Beach Club, there will be a row of taxi drivers waiting to offer you girls. Not sure whether they work for pimps or they are the pimps themselves. Just stand outside and they will approach you and ask you. Usually, they will offer you a ride to a hotel nearby where they keep the women...that's what one guy told me when he approached me. Don't know about the price though, cuz I didn't ask.

06-02-02, 14:53
To likeit,

Mind telling me generally what kind of girls are those FL at Beach Club? I visit KL quit often and would like to try some. Are they locals? foreigners? Any students (i like students)? Young or old? Looks?

Thanks a lot.

06-02-02, 15:44
Went to Ritzo Spa in Ritz Garden hotel. Actually I did not plan to go to the Spa but due to some reason since I'm there might as well try out the girls there. The Spa is on the 1st floor. Saw the young captain there and said wanted to view the package girls. The captain called out 2 girls ( one at a time ), first one was Pauline (supposed 21 yr old) and franckly the way she zoom in and out I can't even remember how she look like. Anyway she's quite serious no smile. The 2nd was Niko, quite tanned just came back from Singapore. She smiled so I took her. Actually both gals also not that young n pretty but that captain insisted that's all they hv at the moment. Seems like Ritz has poor choices. Anyway it's RM188 for massage n sex.

Later I found out she's 25 and been working in Singapore. She is very chatty but also quite open. She looks much better with her clothes on then off ! Anyway, she started with a full body rub of hers on mine. Followed by she sucking on my nipples. That got a reaction from me :) Then followed by BBBJ and balls sucking. She deep throated mine and I let her know I was gonna cum. At this point, I was gonna see her reaction whether she was gonna CIM or take it out but she took it out. Later I found she's very angry with customers that asked her to swallow cum so watchout !

After that she gave me a very forceful massage paying attention on my waist. She said she learn massage before and judging from her hand movement I do believe it. I was quite relaxed after that.

Look : 6 / 10 ( very tanned but look much better with clothes on. Ask her to let down her hair coz she's prettier then

Tits : 6 / 10 ( around 33 not that big but quite perky )

BBBJ : 7 / 10 ( quite deep but doesn't swallow cum )

Attitude : 7 / 10 ( very chatty BUT she goes on and on and on. If ur not into talkative gal pls dun choose her. But no rush, she stayed with me quite long )

P/S - All in all, still prefer FL experience. So if anyone sincere with FL contacts, pls contact me

06-02-02, 16:33
To MadJohn,
Let me know of a HC that will allow a girl that just gave birth to service clients and I will try my best to close that establishment.....Having sex with a girl is one thing but allowing a girl to work while she is still nursing is just barbaric....

06-03-02, 04:56
Directions to Princess Inn, Sri Damansara please.

06-03-02, 07:32
hi guys,
been reading this forum for the last 2 months. enjoyed it and many thanks for the generous contributions. do keep it up its a great forum. now i shall no longer be a bystander an read only. so my little contribution....

have any of u guys checked out Mint hotel. they have got great girls(none of the names come to mind at the moment) most r good looking, provide AR and BBBJ. the ones i had loved to perform. proce is if i recall rm 178. mainly locals. ask for kumar one of the captains to recommend. tell him what u want and he will get the girl for u.

cheers mates

06-03-02, 07:56
Originally posted by groin1
Directions to Princess Inn, Sri Damansara please.

Princess Inn

After LDP toll Kepong, go striaght till u reached a traffic light.
Go straight until bout 400m, there'll be a left turning.
Turn left and straight away you'll be able to see it.
It's just next to Alliance Bank.

Good luck ....

06-03-02, 08:12
Thanks. Can anyone verify smallboy's claims?

06-03-02, 10:03
"Let me know of a HC that will allow a girl that just gave birth to service clients and I will try my best to close that establishment.....Having sex with a girl is one thing but allowing a girl to work while she is still nursing is just barbaric...."

Relax Monsterfacial, she doesn't have to have just given birth to lactate. Some women can continue to nurse her child for a couple of years, if she so desires. Furthermore, she can train herself to lactate without having a child. I doubt you'd see much of this in KL, but there are plenty of European women who specialize in milking ... if it's your thing.

06-03-02, 11:49
any one around kl. hope u can help me to find which one is the best place or hotel for me and my gf to have fun without any trouble from religion enforcement.please note the hotel name,price. hope i can get info from all of you soon bye...

06-03-02, 13:06
Originally posted by c-more-butt

Princess Inn

After LDP toll Kepong, go striaght till u reached a traffic light.
Go straight until bout 400m, there'll be a left turning.
Turn left and straight away you'll be able to see it.
It's just next to Alliance Bank.

Good luck ....

What's the best time 2 go? Sombody posted that there are Japs there? Is it true?

06-03-02, 14:36
Hi monsterfacial,

i tried to book for winnie a couple of times and each time i was told that t was her off day! kinda of dissapointed as after reading ur FR on her i wanna try her massage since it is better than agnes from metro SPA. :(

06-03-02, 15:40
Hi Guys,

I and a friend plans to travel to Golok, Thailand sometime end June. He's a foreigner and does not wish to have his passport stamped. Has anyone of you tried this? Is it safe? do you need to tip the immigration officer?
Your help and comments appreciated. Thanks

06-03-02, 16:35
Money will buy you most things in Thailand, and I'm sure not having a stamp in you passport is available at a price. Be warned that if/when your friend wishes to come back out, the lack of an entry stamp may be a problem, but not one that doesn't have a price!

06-03-02, 16:46
monsterfacial, for a "man of the world" I am surprised at your ignorance on the subject of lactation, and your attitude to others who find lactating women a turn on - there are such people, and everyone to his/her own. I am not one of them, although I remember many years ago in Dehli, a "lady" would not let me suck her tits, and then she squeezed them to show me that she was lactating, and presumably was trying to tell me (she didn't speak English) that she needed all the milk for her baby. As Bollweevil states some women breast for considerable periods, and I actually know that my wife breastfed my daughter until she was 4 years old, and quite a number of our friends have continued the "best nourishment" for even longer.

Originally posted by monsterfacial
To MadJohn,
Let me know of a HC that will allow a girl that just gave birth to service clients and I will try my best to close that establishment.....Having sex with a girl is one thing but allowing a girl to work while she is still nursing is just barbaric....

06-03-02, 18:16
To nottieboy,

Sadly (like I said) I have not tried any FLs there nor have I been approached by them. But from what I see, most of them are locals, malays mainly, and there are actually some quite old looking ones too. Perhaps others in this forum could help out here...

Besides that here is a fr on Romeo Inn:

Second time there. Wanted an Indon, so asked the OKT and he brought out 5-6 Indons for me to choose. Not much of a choice as most of them were quite on the plump side. Chose this girl, can't remember her name but her number was I213. Looked quite pretty from far and under the dim lights but when she got to the room, she didn't look that pretty. But her body is quite good. Nice tits and ass.

However, she was extremely friendly. Said that she had only started working in Malaysia for 5 days, before that, she was doing the same kind of work in Indonesia. Anyway, she came in, got a hug and kiss. Chatted for a while and then went for the shower, which was SOP.

Then started with the service. Hmmmm... not bad. BBBJ was really something. Very enthusiastic and really took her time. No rush at all. GFE. Almost came there, so asked her to slow down. She is very open to anything...french, 69, fingering...but no anal or ar.

The best part was when she rode me. Boy, does this woman ride and ride...she rode me so hard that our bed (took a room) actually moved about 3 feet from the wall. I was estatic, to say the least. Then got on to doggie and finished off at missionary. Whew! Very tiring!!! :) One session is 45 minutes there, and that's how long my session lasted because as soon as we got out from the shower, the phone rang to tell her that 45 minutes was up. All in all, very satisfactory!

Looks - 6/10
Body - 8/10
Tits - 8/10
Service - 8/10
Overall - 8/10

Price - Package only - Thai, Indon RM158 (+ RM10 for hotel room)
China, Local RM168 (+ RM10 for hotel room)

Hey guys, any other comments or recommendations for Romeo Inn? I kind of like the place and would appreciate any recommendations! Cheers!

06-03-02, 19:00

Let me share with you on my recent visit to one of the Karaoke lounge in Damansara Utama. Went there with a friend who earlier made a booking thru phone call to the mamasan (he's one of the frequent repeat customer - better book for the best) for the girls - both of us opted for a malay gurls with big tits.

To cut short when we reached there I was introduced to a Sabahan - petite, fair and cute (tits of 33 D cup - looks BIG with her samll frame) - while my friend get his favourite, tall and pretty Sarawakian. The girls stayed with us all nite long, that makes it fun. We were given a nice karaoke room with nice long sofas and attached bathroom. Didn't know later on that when you have two couples- one will end-up each at the bathroom and one on the sofa. I got the sofa and for the next couple hours I ended getting my dick blowed BBBJ, my ball licked, french and endless sucking and squeezing those big boobs all over. I end up finishing the whole session fully fully satisfied with GF experience. We continue later on with singing session on which neither the girls wear anything until the end.- I tell you guys my palms are almost like a bra to her. This is what I call fun ! - other than trying the HC scene.

The place is right at the corner of LDP at Jalan Damansara. I saw like 30 over stunners on my way out and most of the rooms were occupied. Mixed of local Chinese and Malays.

However it is quite expensive and my advise to you is, go there only if someone else paying for you. For our trips it cause us almost RM1,800 (luckily I'm on a treat).

I was told by the girls there's other place offering same high quality service as what I had experienced. Not sure if anyone come cross to anyone of those.


06-03-02, 19:40

Yup, there are other places that offer these 'high-class' services. In fact there's another one near there in Damansara Jaya. Also, other places that offer these services are purely nite clubs like Subaru (btw, Monster how was your trip to Subaru?), de Macau and Club de Vegas (this is the most expensive that I've heard in KL, can go up to RM20,000 one night!).

They do certainly have some lookers in 'that' karaoke in DU (withhelding the name, similar to Ron's reason) but have never been to the place (never eat and shit in your own backyard!).

However, would like to know the breakdown on the prices such as liquor pricing (how much consumption, did u guys order just beer or bottles instead, room charges (if any), girl tips, mamasan tips and water tips. You mentioned RM1800, was it per person or the whole outing?

Appreciate your further insights!

06-03-02, 20:19

At least u understand and respect what each individual desire are. I believe it it barbaric for the person who uses this term on people when their mind are too barbaric to determine what is natural and unnatural?

why these jokers are turn on by the size of hooters ? when its function are vuglar to them?

06-04-02, 07:49
Hey guy, i'm new here, is it true in princes inn got japan and korean girl ? what time they will be there ? any information ?

06-04-02, 08:15
hi to all guy ! any good place to have good sex ? any FL ? please let me know !!

TQ !!

06-04-02, 10:38
any guide to HJ?

from what i gather, Agnes still the best in review with regards to
HJ. just wondering, anywhere else?

star inn?
crystal crown?

06-04-02, 13:59
Hello to all brothers in here..

I have been following this forum for a long time and for the sake of all brotherhood, i would like to share my views and FR in here. Well to everybody...keep up the good work !

Well...Thanks Hub...i went and checked out Wilayah Hotel and asked for Wendy. i asked for FS (RM168)..Wow..im really out of this world as what you mentioned..juz blow my mindoff.

So as usual ushered by Captain ( Ah Meng) to a room...nice bed with mirrors all around . So she strip naked and strip me off also and gave me an oil body massage..umm really shyiok. After that washing ...she really washed me very throughly and im sure something good is on the way. So lied down and started out with licking me all over and sucking me all over...wow she does really suck n lick from top to bottom including AR...wow her sucking effect is really good when comes to BBBJ ......then put on the cap and ride me ..then exchange position to doggy where not too long after that i cum.

Then shower and we talk for a while. Wow this experience has been really great for me coz although i have been to many places....i would say this is the best i had so far ...so Thanks Hub for your recommendations....well brothers..if u plan to go there..pls treat her good ok.....Anyway i left and gave her RM20 tip....she kiss me on the cheek and ask me to return again....woo definitely will return for her....

06-04-02, 14:21
To blueapple and Sean29
E-mail me at: facial_fanatic@hotmail.com
I would recommend Winnie because her massage is one of the best I've had and her HJ is dawm nice.....but please stick to the normal HJ.....her body is nothing special...The reason why whenever you ask for Winnie the captain tells you that she is busy is because most of the captains don't like to recommend her and will try to presuade you to try another girl. If you are really interested you will have to contact me for her personal handphone number to find out if she is still working...She works from 11am to 11pm and sometimes leaves around 10pm if she has not got a customer the whole day.
Hey stuff like these goes on even in HC's(politics) and for RM138 the experience is really something if you like going back feeling very relaxed...

06-04-02, 14:30
To Booweevil that wrote
"Relax Monsterfacial, she doesn't have to have just given birth to lactate. Some women can continue to nurse her child for a couple of years, if she so desires. Furthermore, she can train herself to lactate without having a child. I doubt you'd see much of this in KL, but there are plenty of European women who specialize in milking ... if it's your thing.

eeeeeerrrrr......does this mean that the girl will have BIG breast.....My ignorance is so apparent so please give me a break...and If you do find a girl with BIG breast and lactates please post FR because this is the first time I'm hearing about it. Hmmmmm Slosh! Slosh! Slosh!

06-05-02, 05:02
after reading monsterfacial's post on kelly of cc, i decided to give her a try straightaway since i share the same preference for big gazongas!!...called up cc with my hp speed dial and requested for kelly and booked her before going...agree with monsterfacial..i also think she is very good looking for 30+ yo and her jugs are a sight to behold especially for us used to asian petite sized melons. requested for bbbj but she wanted to do it with condom since i am not circumcized..grrr...bummer! in the end, ended up with titfuck and came all over her huge chest...quite good overall...give her a try sometime if you are into big melons...monster u should open a new forum on big melons specially for us guys!! haha

on a separate note, i am having a lot of problems getting bbbj without condom baecause i am not circumsized...any others with the same problem? maybe i should finally go and get it cut! any advice?

cheers everybody

06-05-02, 07:01
Dear Hungry, My self living very near to the 7-11 also, but never heard of it b4, any way 7-11 up stair is actually a Tuition center, but by the way r u talking the Taman Muda at cheras? and beside this, i know there is an undergroung pub near ampang named "Forest" any one been there? I wish to try tooo...

06-05-02, 07:12

Kelly of CC. Is she a massage girl or is she a package girl?


06-05-02, 07:54
Originally posted by biglauda

Anyone keen to follow me to Tg Balai or medan in Indonesia? [/i]


Would like to try out at those places, when are planning your trip?. Email me : rs67my@yahoo.com

06-05-02, 09:57
HUB and Feichai,

Please give a full FR on Wndy and Mun Mun like age, boob, height, service, looks. I'm intersted in trying. Thanks alot.

holy v beast
06-05-02, 10:22
hi heroes.....

been with u guys for quite some time....a supporter from the darkness.......hehe......

hub and monster.......well done....

i personnally declare hub and monster as the boss for here.......
every where need a leader to keep survive......too many leader will make this place like a shit.......i fully support ur action against anakin.......

everyplace must have its rules to follow......

06-05-02, 10:25
Went 2 Cititel a couple of days ago, wanted to try Aida as reported from Insider, to see what she is like. Unfortunately, the captain, Eric I think, mentioned that she was off for quite a while. I asked when will she be back, he said that he can't tell when...

So he invited me downstairs from the reception, man that place was huge! There was a jacuzzi on the right, a restaurant ahead b4 I went down the stairs. Then, he showed me a couple of girls, Ling-ling(china) and Joe (malay). I almost opt 4 Joe, but when she came out, she was in a bad mood and sternly told Eric that she will never, ever service an indian. Go figure... she had a nice ass though. So I looked at Ling-ling, she smiled, and, like many previous reports, a good smile promises somewhat a decent service. OK... told the captain that I'll take her.

Went into the room, same lower floor, an waited 4 her. Eric told me that she speaks neither english or malay. So, he volunteer 2 tell her what I need, a package deal(RM180). Man, he's cool in my book. A few minutes later, she came in, smiles, and me, like a retard, smiles back and gave a quick wave. Fine, I guess I'll let our body language do the talking. We jumped into the shower and start the washing each other off. Here is the cool thing, she uses her body against mine during the wash. I had a hard on, she gave me a good 4-5 min. of blow job. Then we jumped onto the bed and she proceeds giving me a tongue-bath, B+ skills. Don the rubber, and she proceeds to be on top, A- skills. Another turn on is that she has a large birthmark on the left side of her stomach. After 4-5 positions later, she became rather tired and asked me whether I'll cum soon in mandarin. I asked what? then she made a gestures with her hands and said "Bang-Bang!".

I laughed so hard for a good minute... she was so embarassed and covered her face. About 5 mins. later, took my load on her chest, she tries to cover her neck from the bombardment, but I managed to sniped in a few dose on her hair. She wasn't too happy...sigh... I snickered and off we went to the shower and kissed goodbye by the door.

Body: 8/10, petite, nice firm breast
Shower scene: pornographic enough, 9/10
BBBJ: 8/10
Service: 7-8/10, depends on which position ur in.

A GFE experience in silent movie kind of way. She's a cool kat.

06-05-02, 11:45
Hey guys ,

its been awhile since my last spa session.... Feeling a little randy and wanting to bang a pretty russian... anyone out there seen one lately? any assistance will be of great help... thanks..

06-05-02, 12:11

I hope to see more of your FRs. haha... Bang bang!

happy bangin',

06-05-02, 15:18
Any good recommendations for Summit Hotel's Topaz Spa?? how much for the package??

06-05-02, 15:37
Dear Bangsarman,

Actually it shld be quite easy to get SPA girls to do BBBJ on u. In case ur unable, u can try Niko of Ritz Garden. Read my previous post.

BTW, is there anywhere in Bangsar where one can get paid sex?

06-05-02, 15:50
To Bangsarman,
I like many other guys out there are not circumsised....Here is a bit of advice...So far I have never had a BJ without a condom....Unless it just stinks so much that the girl almost faints....LOL no insult intended...Just make sure that little willie is clean before the massage. I usually take a shower before getting the massage man. Here is a tip:- As soon as the girl goes down on you try to act like she is a real good sucker and suprisingly she will be blowing you willy like it was a popsicle on a hot Sunday afternoon.
But it always works to chit chat with the girl while she is massaging you. Make her want to show you a good time and let her know what you like and dislike in advance. I for one am a very frank guy and won't just take a girl because I pity her... Sometimes if I don't like a girl, I tell her as soon as she gets onto the room and I don't waste her time or my time. Sometimes in HC's if you know that you will be getting a massage and some service after that let the captain know that you want a double session. I hate it when the girl starts to ask you to cum faster because time is running out.

06-05-02, 16:01
EEERRRR what I meant was I never had a BJ done with a condom even though I am not circumsised......sorry for bad english.

P.S. About last Saturday, We got to Subaru but found the place a bit too pricey for the groups taste...Why be treated like small potatoes when in other places you get treated like a big spender...We as a group agreed that RM300 per person(There were 5 of us) decided to detour to another place and I decided to take the guys to AVA....It was late..10PM and they were no rooms available. I was a bit pissed off and payed for two bottles of Chivas in advance and gave the mamasan RM500 to book 5 girls for the rest of the night...Immediatly somhow We managed to get a really nice room that was reserved for such guys like us...We were then given a choice of the young girls available....But none of the girls were up to my taste until the mamasan shows me this sweet young thing with a good attitude and really nice GFE.....Her number was 633 or 613 and her name was Fifi. The whole night she let me squeeze her breast and she just kept on rubbing my willie. As gentlemen we gave each girl RM50 each and gave the captain entertaining us RM20 each....For RM1500 we had a real good time till 5 A.M.

06-05-02, 16:02
Hi guys....

To TRL....this are my views pertaining to your questions

In my opinion, i would give such a rating and review abt Wendy of Wilayah Hotel .

Looks - 5/10 ..so so only but she is cute when she smiles.

Height - abt 5'4"

Age - i guess late 20's

Body - 6/10 ..she claimed that she have gained some weight. Nice firm breast

BBBJ - 9/10 ...nice sucking n vacuum effect.

Service - 9/10 excellent and friendly service. She likes to smile a lot.

conclusion : In my opinion again, i would say its worth my money i have paid for becoz i have tried many places also ......but somehow i cant get her out of my head...LOL

06-05-02, 16:18
bangsarman, I agree 100% with monsterfacial. I also am not circumcised, but I like to keep my foreskin rolled back, which sometimes gives the impression of being circumcised, and it also keeps it 'fresher'. I have had well in excess of 150 different girls give me BBBJs over the last 4 years all without a condom, except for girls who work in the good ole soapy massage establishments (nearest one I know of is Had Yai) Those girls usually always want to 'play it by the book', and definately no fucking without a condom. The key is to make sure the ole John Thomas is perfectly clean, (as well as the rest of your body) and better still shower with her, and most girls will make sure your dick is clean, although some seem a little shy until you get them on the bed.

06-05-02, 17:13
Hey Monster

Agree with you on the pricey part if one is going there on own expenses. Anyway on AVA, if you have good relationship with mamasan (did u get mamasan #2?), she will definitley get you a room and since you guys look like big spenders I'm sure you didn't have any problems in getting a room if you have time to wait (the place is always packed!) regardless of the mamasan :)

Fyi, I also had Fifi (613, she is quiet popular) the other time I was there, she is T right? but speaks good cantonese :) Anyway, overall AVA is not too bad if you guys want some action until the early hours of the night. Would recommend those who wants to try KTV effect with option for package in between.

Currently in US, will try to get some action when I get back next week, planning to go visit either AVA or regular haunt in Loke Yew!

06-05-02, 17:51
Originally posted by jay69
Any good recommendations for Summit Hotel's Topaz Spa?? how much for the package??

i have been there bout months ago... very quite, those so call 'hot babes' were loussssssssyyyyyyy... not recommended. But the gym equipment is quite new though...

Bon Scott
06-05-02, 17:53
Will be in KT for one night and looking for great MP preferably in at the hotel.

I've read a report about the Holiday Villa Hotel in Subang which has a health center called the Blue Apple. Not sure how old the report was but from it the place sounded great with beautiful young girls and great service. Any opinions on the Blue Apple?

Since I will only be in KT for 1 night and may never be back, I wanted to have it a memorable night.

Thanks in advance.

06-05-02, 18:06

The RM1800 mentioned was actually for two persons for the whole outing. I wasn't the one paying so I'm not sure what's the actual breakdown. However that nite we didn't open any new bottle as my friend took out the previous visit's remained. Also I believe we were paying for 17 hours charge for each girl (RM35/hr including tips) with the remaining goes to the room, foods, taxes etc. Sorry man.. can't help much on this.

Where's the other Karaoke outlet nearby DJ ? It is much cheaper than what mentioned above ? Also FYI the girl that I was with mentioned previously she was from another karaoke lounge just in-front LisaDe-Inn - probably worth to check for.

I for once prefer Karaoke lounge as we can spend longer time with the girls without rushing or anything. Further its another way out of too much HC. The con is the prohibitive price. One thing I noticed too from my frequently-visited-karaoke-longe is that he's able to go out dating with some of the girls that he met at that place (when they not working) and sometimes end-up getting freebies. That sounds like a good motivation though.

Share your exprience.


06-05-02, 18:15

Are you still there ? Can you help confirm if those Japs/Korean girls still available at that mentioned place in Sri Damansara ? I guess a lot of our brothers here been posting similar questions. This had been one few big news as seldom heard any Japs/Korean available at any HC.


06-05-02, 18:47
hi brothers!!!! Does anyone knows where to have hunt some pussies in Melaka?? Couldnt post in Other Area section coz it's half dead lar the section.. Hope to gain some useful tips from u guys :)

06-05-02, 18:47
To RonJeremy

Don't be conned by reports about Koreans or Japanese because why should any good looking girl from these two countries come to Malaysia when they can get almost 10 times the amount in their own country.
I know a fren tried a japanese girl but instead got a very cute looking "Japanese" that spoke fluent Mandarin....hehehe go figure

06-05-02, 18:56
hi brothers!!!! Does anyone knows where to hunt some pussies in Melaka?? Couldnt post in Other Area section coz it's half dead lar the section.. Hope to gain some useful tips from u guys :)

06-05-02, 18:58

You seem to be the freelancer king here. I have a couple of fl numbers and was hoping we could share with each other.

mail me at: braveheartinscotland@hotmail.com
if you are interested. Cheers!

06-06-02, 05:00
hi guys, i am in BKK as i am writing. the place is cool, first time here. the chicks are practically crawling everywhere. people here are so friendly nd nice that i think you can get a fuck by just asking.

anyway, my gf took me to a patpung nearby and i saw that the girls will be in the staircase behind a see thru glass dorr and you can go and get chicks there by just asking a guy guarding the door. all in all cool trip and nice place.

then i read a lot about you guys saying things like lactating and being circumcised etc. i think all these are just individual preferences. so what if one guy likes milk? so what if a girl doesn't give a bbbj to you coz you are not circumcised? these are all individual preferences........if one girl doesnt have milk, go and choose another one......suck on tits until you find them.....takkan you wanna ask the girl, "eh you got milk ah?" try them out, explore.....in this case, i think you have to follow your dick a lot.

anyway....about circumcised, it is true that you will be more hygienic but one girls doesnt give you bbj, try these few.....christine from cc, wendy from wilayah....so many many.....whats the big deal? again it boils down to try try try....

06-06-02, 05:24
To Bon Scott,
I haven't been to Blue Apple quite recently, due for the reason that they only have somewhat less than decent looking girls there. But, since my last visit was only a few weeks back, I could recommend only two girls. Janet & Evon.
Janet is somewhat a mixture of chinese and Indian, has a nice body but a little business minded, thought she gives one heckuva mean BBBJ, wet and slippery to your ass, no AR though :(
Evon is somewhat special to me, has a nice figure, large breast, petite size, voice ada sikit garau....eeeeeeeee!... macam jantan, tulin bang... Don't let that turn you off, as she loves to be licked all over, esp her tits and mound, automatically she'll roll around to enjoy it, whoooweee!
She's sporty and loves to be treated nicely, I mean real nice hehehe...
So these are the two whom I think is worth the trip, kinda, but, you could still hop in a cab and window shop around in PJ. Give out ur FR later on... enjoy your stay.

06-06-02, 06:25
Hi.. good day everyone.. i am new here.. but i found this place a very interesting place to both visit and read... and i get lots of u know.. tricks from there as well.. anyway..
anyone can provide me with some malay chicks?? i prefer teens.. like doing them for part time.. that can make me real hard on.. hehehe..

anyway.. thanks.. and hope to hear from u guys soon.. k..

06-06-02, 09:46
Dear Hub, if u still in BBK now, maybe u try to visit Patpong during night time, the girls at the pub there will give topless (just 2 stickers to cover the nipples) and u just need to pay the the beer.

:) enjoy ur trip

06-06-02, 12:06
To all concern and bbomberman,
Yup it's cheras tmn muda 7-11 if u need more detail mail me at stephen79@lycos.com will give phone numbers and detail can also bring them out .

06-07-02, 15:29
to all.....
i just read in a thailand section of wsg about a drug called
"uprima" it seems it's a alternative for viagra. does anyboby
knows about this drug or has made experiences with it.??
is it available in malaysia without an prescription.??
can i buy it in any farmacie.??
thank#s for your help......

06-07-02, 17:00

There's logic in what you are saying. I guess there goes the excitement.


06-07-02, 19:17
hello everyone

i'm been looking through this forum for a long time. but i noticed that nothing has been mentioned about the raids...

has it stopped yet? is it safe to go to places like princess inn and star inn? i once saw a group of policemen, plain clothes and non plain clothes gathering at star inn.

quite scared to cheong now........

anyone got any insider information on this? maybe we should start a new category and talk about the raids going on in malaysia...

what do you brothers think?

monster... you seem to be the senior here..... i can see your msgs everywhere... :)

Mars Blackmon
06-07-02, 19:23
thanks. for all tha info about k.l. n pay for some pussy in this forum...

alot of theese post , you guys only mention pay4pussy type intrest..
im goin to k.l in a couple months.. and i wanna know whats tha action like?
personally ive never had to pay for pussy in my life but still have managed to fullfill my sexual desires.. paying for dates of the runnaround till i fuck you shit...
i can manage a few diffrent girls in a weeks time and having them pick up some of all the bills supporting a so. california lifestyle..
im not a stud ..or pimp... but im kinda lucky..and got genorous women that are independent and employed.. jus not fast n cheep... (shucks!!)
im not hue heff.. but ive got a nothed-up stick.....and some better than desent girls here in l.a. ,,not braggin..
im tryin to find.. the non-paying alternative first...while in k.l.
niteclub action...bar,,,internet meeting.. etc..
what about jus pickin up ladies for dates at local mall... disco or sporting evernt..etc..(works for me in some other countries)
maybe coz the pussy is not guarenteed.??? but.. jus approaching women as foreiner non malaysian speakin..what are my chances.???

im 30y.o 6ft 195lbs a a athletically built above average looking black designer from so. cal...and ive been on many adventures that turned into sexual escapades.. hawaii, brasil, mexico all across the states... i dont travel unless i know im gettin laid first..

coming to south pacific as a black man from america , whats the reception shoud i expect to get..? i dont know any maylay etc..
is there any places that cute english speaking girls hang out..
"university students maybee?? " or anywhere or any thing about free pussy.... lemme know..??

as for pay pusssy.goes ..is k.l. like bkk.. barfine etc.. or jus spa.. i havent done my homework on k.l. ... im mus be dumb..but i thought women jus wanted to fuck guys from foreign countries..??
especially if thay looked as if thay had money... i jus wanna know..coz if im payin..i want to fuck two diffrent girls from diffrent bars..etc..you know.?? my slogan... always.. "if im gonna pay ,, im goin allthe way".

as for anikan skyfucker.. autin power.. hey.. your expirences are well depicted..and one could gather knowledge from them..
but your records aint shit.... especially when they dont come half as close to tha records of tha girls your paying to fuck...!!!
you tallied every exploit except tha dollar amount....? but your info is usefulll... ha ha ha.. keep knockin away...

as for any of u horney fuckers.. want a natural supplement for viagra..??

heres my prep for fucking bing...ull go days hard dicked..

1. 4 cups of coffe over 3 hours ..with 4 or more packs of sugar..and a coke..
2. tripple yor water intake over a 7 hour period..1 an a half gallons...
3. yohembe extract...over day before yor fuckin bingg..
4. bannana ..cashews.. peanuts. trailmix..
-----special ingrediant..-------
5. gingsing wine.......(caution only take small shots)
this shit is hard to get.. and will be 25-35 dollars a bottle..
but its a steal compared to what it will doo..
take 3 times a day for 3 days .. and hour to two prior to fuking..

any of theese takin in all or combination is gonna make u fuck like a champ...its does add to tha vilitality.....it works , i do it every sunday...

ill post more questions about k.l... seein that this is my first post on this board..i jus wanted to let peeps know where my heads at.. sorry so long..

06-07-02, 19:24
by the way...

been to princess inn once.. it's next to alliance bank.... facilities quite acceptable but nope...........
didn't see no jap nor koreans...........

must be someone bluffing i guess.......

haven't really had any koreans nor japs in malaysia before...

06-08-02, 06:06
Hello, all there !
any FL in KL ? i have never try the foreign girl , anybody know more about these ?


06-08-02, 07:59
i'll be in johor soon... anyone knows any karaoke place like AVA in JB. reasonable priced and girls that know how to have FUN!

pussy addict
06-08-02, 15:43
Don't worry brother, those " POLIS " need side income to survive.
These kind of "LUBANG " they know more than we do ! Just play safe , pay a little more visit a standard SPA or hotel.

06-08-02, 16:04
I went to KLIA today to send a friend off. Since I've noticed a few hotels nearby, I opt to try out their health spa facility. I walked right into Pan Pacific, since its right next door, and weave through god knows how many passages... finally when I was there, there was barely any people there. Uh-oh... not a good sign. True enough, when the person behind the desk approached me, he asked me what can he be of service of. Then I began questioning what he has to offer...oopps, this is a true establishment for patrons to maintain their health. Alamak, malu ler.

To the Forum group, is there such services in those spas (nearby KLIA, didn't check the rest though), or did I cut it too short in looking?

I left the establishment, frustrated with swollen balls. So I drove all the way to Subang's Holiday Villa, Blue Apple. Evon, the girl whom I used to patron, wasn't there... probably on the rag (period), my GF beats the shit out of me everytime I used that term :P .

The captain, Jim/Kim, suggested a chinese girl, promising me that she does 3 ways, great BBBJ, new to the establishment...bla, bla, bla..... so it got me excited to try out that new girl. Oh yeah, they don't provide hotel rooms for the spa users anymore unless you stay there.

As soon as she walks in, I swear to god, she looks like a Jap. Man, life couldn't be any better.. but, I spoke too soon. She's a JB girl, sigh, what the fug, I just had to carry it on.

Massage: 7/10, using alot of palm rubbing on ur body, kinda like waxing a car.
BJ w. condom: 6/10
The works: 7-8/10, she feels kinda tight though.

Overall, very friendly & talkative.

Here's the part that ran through my head almost immediately when everything was over, she doesn't do 3 ways, only decent BJ (w. condom even!), and she worked there for a good 2 years already. I wasn't angry w. the girl, Miko was her name, but I was pissed at the captain for lying to me...jezuz... that was not cool.

06-08-02, 19:04

Hi, I just wanna say....."Whats up man" how are you doing this beautiful Sunday morning.. I myself with full esteem have been pretty lucky with the local scene......But being the banana that I am ....hmmm I sure miss those frat parties with the girls offering USD 2 for jam licking heaven... anyway, I had a trully nice session with a freelancer in Beach Club by the name Sapphire.
She was about 5 feet 8 inces in height and had a body of about 38-22-32..........Yup she had real nice big Gozangas to match her small frame.......take it from me.....I was pretty high at the time and was persuaded to have an hour with Sapphire for RM300 in her own room in Concorde,,,,
She does anal with CIM but I felt dirty after trying this because she was soooooo casual about it. And plus I skull fucked her for a good 1 minute before she puked all over the carpet.
Man althooough she was casual about it I hate haviing a woman with running mascara asking for another fuck for an extra RM50.....Man if you do get this girl please treat her like the **** that she is because she sure likes it HARD

06-09-02, 17:56
Dear Hungry, please do e.mail me with her contact and where to find her. The 16 year old girl. e.mail me at surelen@hotmail.com

06-09-02, 17:59
to hungry,

i won't dream of emailing u. it's very clear ur too immature to understand what i've been trying to explain to all the people here abt fl girls. sometimes it has a lot to do with how one ask for things. biglauda already has one of my fl number and he has not even pass me anything !!!

anyway for your sake, i hope ur not doing anything with this 16 yr old gal. last i checked, having sex with **** girl constitute to [CodeWord125] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord125) her !!

06-09-02, 22:37
Dear all,

I've been looking all over for Russian pros. Do you know where I can find them and for how much usually?

I know that Deluxe Spa has a few, but there has been none but one FR. Anyone tried this imports in Deluxe?

Also, how about Furama Hotel? I've heard that they've got Vodka meat too. Has anyone been there lately?

Thanks for the info.

06-10-02, 02:04
Personally I would not want to try Russians and most foreigners. The Russians IMO have been fucking their way across Asia and who knows what kinds of diseases they may have picked up. Sure, everytime you pay for a gal, local or foreign, you run a risk. But seems to me the risk with Russians will be mich higher. I like fucking mat sallehs but I prefer to be cautious about this part.


06-10-02, 02:51
wow..hungry finally got responses..thru his
indecent proposal..haha! Look4freelancer, u r rite to ignore this whiney-immature dickhead (and he still can't place punctuation marks) :)

06-10-02, 06:55
To Look4freelancer,

How terrible! I gave u Johor Bahru FL number and yet u said i never exchange with u in the Board. How the hell i know u want to exchange only KL FL. i give one u return one, fair or not?

FR Lisa de Inn.

Sammy # 15.

Old lady (30+) with a "young" and hot body.

Went there. She look hot in her dress so i decided to take her. When she came to my room, alamak...her face a bit old. Already randy so bantailah!

Slim, long legs, fair and soft skin.

Breast: 6.5/10....for those who want to try lady with fake breast. U can see scar under her breast if u look properly. Feel like holding Adidas ball!
Body: 5.5/10 hot! hot! hot!
BBBJ: 6/10
FJ:5/10 take it lying down only.

Slow service. 5-8 minutes on BBBJ and she allow me to touch her pussy until she get wet. She will lick your whole body and AH...slowly like she enjoy it.

FJ-she like to be below. she spread her leg and off u go. I really let her have it until the slapping sound so loud the captain knock on the door to ask...spoil my mood.

Squeeze her breast slightly but she complained. Her bust job is really good...nice to see but not to hold.

TRy her for fake bust experience.

06-10-02, 07:16
hungry, the 16 year old contact pls. I have some for exchange if yours in genuine.

Any action in Wenworth Spa?


Curry Mee
06-10-02, 10:31
Just read this ... so I thought I'd let you guys know ... I didn't write it, but after reading it, I might think twice about Russian chicks!

4 million Russians are expected to have AIDS by 2007
threatening an epidemic for heterosexuals across Europe,
the Observer warned this week. Exponential annual infection
rates since 1999 mean most infected Russians show no
symptoms, the paper suggested, with sex workers threatening
to export the disease abroad.

"The first wave of people will start arriving in hospitals
in three years time, now there is no visible problem," said
Urban Weber a United Nations AIDs expert.

http://www.avert.org (AIDS Education and Research Trust)

06-10-02, 10:55
Hi guys

Just back from US and would love to see some action soon. RJ, agree that KTV experience is different but sometimes it can be quite boring if there is no chemistry with the girl, just professional. That's why I prefer to try it out with different girls when I'm there until you can feel the chemistry (of course you have to be early to do this else you won't have time with the girl that you finally chose!).

About the other place in DJ, it's just beside the parking lot next to the post office. However, there are 2 establishments there and not too sure about the first one so won't comment about it but the other place is also similar-type of place like CT and the place is called RS. They will start stripping once they are in there according to a FR from a friend of mine when he was there. Haven't been there myself as I prefer some other places which are cheaper.

Have you been to the one in Jln Loke Yew (will be going there next week) or Sunway? You should try these places out if you prefer some alternates to HC cos you might get lucky (like ur friend) and get freebie offers after their working hours or when they are not working.

06-10-02, 11:05
To those regulars of Relaxa and Deluxe HCs, can you please let me know whether there are any jacuzzi, sauna and steam facilites in those establishments as I like to get a relaxing soaking before going for the massage/specials. I would discourage those who intend to go to Blue Apple cos it doesn't have the facilities mentioned above and the girls are not too good looking as well.

Has anyone tried the Allson hotel near Jln Alor (opposite Park Inn)? This is the place that the pimps would bring you to first when you go there and they have Thais there and they look quite young. Didn't try it out cos didn't have anything to my liking but that was like 4 months ago. Anyone been there? If there is nothing to your liking then the pimp will bring you to Park Inn and then to Novotel (I think that's the name), all around the area. If any of you have tried Allson, pls. share your experience.

06-10-02, 11:18
RJ, another note, if you intend to have a better experience when you are in a KTV establishment, make sure you are real friendly to the mamasan (even though some of them are not too good to look at :P ).

Because once you are friendly to them you are usually assured that the popular and good looking girls will be brought to you and make sure that you tell the mamasan your tastes too!. My usual preference to the mamasan would be Malay, good body and playful (playful is the most important).

Local Chinese in particular have been a real turn-off for me cos they are not playful and always demand a big tip! No caressing allowed and very professional, just want to drink and sing songs and some can big a loud mouth too! A big no-no for me. If the place is busy and not many malay chicks, then I won't stay long at that establishment! Just have a drink with the mamasan and then leave to another place. Will only have them when I feel like drinking and singing :P

If your preference is malays, then there are many establishments around PJ and KL then cater to this and they are usually friendly (may give you the GFE), very playful and nicer looking then most of the local chinese.

Will let you know of my experience when I go back to the place in Loke Yew (haven't been there for 2 months). It is less expensive than those in DU and Dj but have nicer and bigger rooms compared to AVA. They only have locals though to avoid getting in trouble with the law, I suppose!

06-10-02, 13:02

I'm sure you've heard of Joanne of Deluxe? My advice-try her before you start off your married life.

She smiles, she laughs, she is fucking horny and will orgasm if you treat her nice!

Anither place you should try is Juliet Inn. Her number is T172-name is Lolo. try finger funcking her. She loves it!

At the Star Inn, try T191-don't know her name. Again, finger fucking is her way to full orgasm.

You guys have any good ladies to report, send them in. I'd love to hear what you have had.

06-10-02, 16:07

There was one karaoke place that I'd went through twice last two years. But can't recall that's place name. It's somewhere at Jalan Ampang passed through KLCC just before Mississipi Slim (I'm not familiar with KL roads/building).
Same deal as with the one I mentioned earlier EXCEPT only local Malay girls available (No Chinese or foreigners) and no bathroom attached. The room is however damn too small that by the time it's time for the girl to start sucking/or-whatever - you kind like having a 'group orgy' as you can hear/'see' the next couple doing the thing as they seated just beside you in the dark !

Sounds like you are the man for karaoke/papaya scene in this forum though. Keep sharing, man.

BTW I'm saving whatever my HC quota is for this month for a trip to Batam with a group of 'Batam-experienced' Singaporean. Plan staying there in next two weeks for two nites of full sex-experience. My second trip to this country after trying one time at Tanjung Balai. That one was OK - prefer those Thais at Nana better. Anyhow, any advise is welcome.

Biglauda.. should have ranked the fake breast as ZERO not 6.5. What's the point of good look but cannot enjoy. We can (with WorldCup spirit) to be makan bola, tidur bola, but definitely not 'hold faked Adidas ball'. Good info for us to avoid. LOL.


06-11-02, 00:26

Anybody has the following information?

Location: Shah Alam
Establishment: Hyatt, Concorde, PanPac ..
Any Recommendation for good massage by sweet young things. i.e. those below 25 y/o ? My main objective is to ease those pains from sports .. and more if I'm in the mood :-)

Normally, those giving good massage are more than 25 y/o .. too old for me ..

Thanks in advance

06-11-02, 05:20
RJ, was in Batam 2 months ago and it was certainly an experience compared to the local scene. If you are going with people who know the scene then you are assured of a good time. When are you planning to go, weekdays or weekends? (Weekdays are recommended to have better choices but if you are going weekends then have to go very early to be ahead of the other horny Singaporeans!).

Many places to get girls such as karaokes (below to average looking), discos (FL scene, some lookers), massage parlours (average to occasional lookers), food court-beer girls (some lookers and probably 'cleaner' cos they don't regularly do it unless with regulars who spend enough time at the food court and ordering their respective beers) and probably shopping centres (but didn't try it).

IMHO, most of them are average looking and some were lookers (have to be there early to get those cos some of them have mobiles and the regulars will call and book them before they arrive) but the prices are real cheap compared to the local scene and even Thailand (about RM100 for long time and RM50 for short time, may be higher for FL).

Just wanted to share my experience on Batam but apologize for doing it in this board.

06-11-02, 06:33
Hi there guys,

just manage to register. had some problems with registering

I have been going to green elephant with a friend who insist on going there as he was assured that it is the safest place in town.

The girls there are however getting from bad to worst.
All of them just too professional if you know what i mean.

The last time had a russian recommended to me coz the girls there were just too bad. They showed a picture of her which was good but when i finally saw her boy was it really different and she just did not know what service meant and laid there like a log.

BJ 5/10
body 6/10
FJ 5/10
breast 6/10

Are most russians like this or do any of you guys have any recommendation

06-11-02, 12:08

Last time i was in 7-11 I tried a thai it was great she is the chubby type pleasant.Gfe feel and very fair try it out guys those who has the details.I heard that there is going to be a big bust gal there for 3 days.Hope that they bring in more gals cause the last batch of 16 all ran off .Enjoy and let me know the details.Seeya.

06-11-02, 13:04

Can I hv more details about Joanne ie. age, service, etc

06-11-02, 15:22
lady's name: sapphire

location: beside armada hotel pj; go to 2nd floor of the asia jaya; adjoining armada hotel

contact: fitness solution health centre (03-7957-7818), a nice young captain named heng attended to me.

timing: tuesday, 11 june 2002, 9pm

time spent: 1 hour

price: rm150+rm90 (wa..mahal lo)

description: captain said she's a "hong pai" and looked like a "kwai mui". 5' 8'' 22 yr old teenage-looking model-like chinese. big eyes, sharp features (not typical ah lian), fair, long hair. and long-long legs..yum! ok boobs for a chinese. competition to amy of cc :)

action: 69, fingering, ass-riming, bbbj, fj

comments: came in aggressively, nearly tore off my cloths and proclaimed she want to [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) me, but when i became the aggressor she screamed of being raped..hehe..playful but not natural like ayu. ready to try things. started to eat her pussy, tasted sweet..she said it's the lubricant. she jumped up and washed it away when i said i wanna make her wet naturally. she challenged me to it…what follows was like a scene from a porno movie. she did not do her normal routine (no massage) as both of us fell upon each other, 69 and all sort of acrobatics..hehe..she was gushing like a waterfall…but like a typical woman…in the end quite snooty and said she did not come at all, and asked me to come again so she can teach me how to make her come..pah- pigi la!

recommended: yes

would i return: yes, but only to try her normal routine

note: have any of u guys kena blue balls b4? today, after weeks of dirty thoughts, has the most uncomfortable stuffy feeling down my scrotum…could hardly walk. even no appetite to eat until i let go inside sapphire. i was following the taoist principle of not letting go until necessary to conserve the male's yang energy…hehe :)

06-11-02, 16:07
Since I'm on my usual routine to buy some softwares in Imbi today (long live piracy!!), I had decided to go around BB road for some HC possibility.

I had passed Nova hotel and Allson, but I actually ended up in Park Inn (5th floor spa) which was right across Allson. This is the first time where I had to show the captain my ID... WTF... which kinda surprised me as he informed me that cops do go undercover as patrons. Sneaky bastards...

Then he proceeded to bring me up to a room, and introduced me to two Indons, which he recommended to me personally. A little skeptic at first, I asked if they had any malays, he mentioned that he will have to "import" from either Nova or Allson, since they are spirited neighbours and all. But I refuse to pay what he asked me for them, which I think, was RM198.

So I went along with one of the Indo, named Kiki, this is one thing that I never, ever liked about going around this area for HC action, almost everytime I do business with them.... it is still the same fake moans, lie on the bed like a rag-doll,, shitty shower scene (my preferance is always the shower part, sets the mood and everything :) ) and they never change their bed sheets in those places. I have had some experience b4 in these hotels, too crappy for FR... but I am still quite stubborn to find a great gal somewhere in there. Well, so much for RM148 experience.

I think I'll give a try at Federal next time, since there was a load of good reviews in that place. If any of the forum guys heading out to these places and prove me wrong.... man, you guys are lucky.

06-11-02, 16:33
Dear monsterfacial,

i would like to record my appreciation to you for ur FR on Winnie and the extra tips so generously given by you. TQ. Managed to find some time from my rather tight schedule to pay winnie a visit today. gave her a call at about 6 pm and fixed for an appoinment at about 8.30pm

went to CC and the captain (jason his name) enquired whtr i have booked any girls. u shud see the expression on his face when i mentioned that i have booked winnie.

Proceeded to take my shower and then the sauna and jacuzzi. thereafter was escorted to the massage room. waited for about 5 mins and in came winnie. she was rather surprised how i got her contact number. i told her that a friend gave it to me. she was very curious and kept on pestering me to disclose who the "good samaritan" was. of course, i cant possibly say "Monsterfacial"!!!! i told her that this friend of mine would reveal himself to her when the time comes. she conveyed her gratitude to u, monsterfacial.

she proceeded to massage me and was very talkative. i took two session and i mmust say that her massage was nothing short than excellent and when she massage my backside, that is the erotic part. she kinda of stimulate u by massaging the sensitive spot near the asshole!! wow...nearly cum then and there but managed to control. I have frequented HC many a times and i must say her technique is one of the best. from the back, leg massage and to the grand finale -HJ.

the thing that i like about her service is that even after i cum she continue to massage my penis and that gave me such a pleasure - which is beyond description. all in all...thanks

for those who is interested in her contact no, feel free to e mail me at sean2109@hotmail.com

06-11-02, 18:22
To Hungry,
Where exactly is this 7-11 in Taman Desa, I am from PJ and haven't the slightest idea about the nether regions outside of KL. Please enlighten me about this BIG BUST girl....hmmmm.

To Sean29
I am glad that you enjoyed yourself and I am sure that the captain must have thought that you had a thing for old women. I would have to agree that winnie is a very good masseur.....better then a blind man but blind man don't give HJ's ( I shudder to think if they did)...

So far I have not been active seeing how I have managed to loose a lot of money to betting this month. And it is only the first leg of World Cup...bummer.

To anyone with tips for a girl with really big breast please e-mail me at :


Personally I prefer a slim girl with big tits but chubbies are also in my book but no Fatso's please.

06-11-02, 18:41
To monsterfacial,
The place i mention is Tmn Muda and not Desa.Will send u more details just send me a mail k.The mail is because phone number is involve.

06-11-02, 19:06

We plan to be there during weekdays, same advise given, to avoid the Singaporeans rush. And yes, in the name of kiasu-cism we will be there by noon to get the extra mile on getting lookers. I have to trust on our sex-tour planner, for now.

Your description of the scene there is not far-off from what I went through previously at TgBalai. Hopefully this one is better. Any recommended girl or specific place to look at ? - my benchmark for now will be those found at CT :) Preferably those that meet M/facial ideal girl - slim girl with big tits. BTW the rupiah now at its peak and thus I was told we probably had to fork out slighly more than what you'd qouted.

Likewise, my apology to the rest of the brothers for discussing Batam in this board. Don't want to re-create the previous 'China' fiasco.


06-12-02, 01:34
Dear hungry, regarding the Taman Muda joint, can u email me the details, my email is bbomberman@hotmail.com

Thanks alots

06-12-02, 02:12
dear hungry.. can u also please email me the details on the taman muda place?? pretty interested.. email me to dummy1975@hotmail.com


06-12-02, 08:34
RJ, I guess our preference is similar :) There is this girl in the Loke Yew place (I think she works in some other KTVs as well) who has a lovely body, slim with big breast, looks are I suppose, 5.5 - 6/10 but has a pleasant personality. Certainly had a good view of it the previous time I was there and it didn't feel like a fake to me as it was soft and not like a ball.

Not sure whether she does any FL work, will try to ask her if I see her the next time I'm there :)

Will check with my friend to see if he still has one of the girl's contact from Batam because this girl has big breasts and he mentioned that he couldn't grab the full size of the breasts with his hands and he has big hands too! I have seen the girl and she looks quite nice and has a pleasant personality too!

06-12-02, 09:56
To monsterfacial.

Try Midah hotel spa. There's a girl there with hugeeee....bazooka.
She can suffocate u with one side. She is known as the "nai jay" (milk cart/car). She a bit short, plump but very cute. She has long hair. I have not tried her as i prefer tall slim ladies but i notice everyone who see her will definite take her if they are interested in "milk cart". According to the captain she is original not fake.

Can anyone recommend me a lady in Lisa De Inn or Mandarin court as i intend to go there?

To Free4lancer,

I have the thing u wanted! Got it just now. U know what u should do if u want it!

I have tried a few russian & China ladies. In terms of service they sucks. Looler but not fuckable. Avoid bare BJ as they have sucked things others have not. It's like f...king a log.

06-12-02, 10:03
To Rick,

My plan has been shelved for the time being. Will "advertise" again in the near future.

Any suggestion for Federal Hotel spa? I like tall, slim, long hair & big papaya ladies. I have not tried any indian. Suggetion please?

06-12-02, 11:56

Being reading about your exploitations.
Truly insightful.

Thinking of giving Kelly a visit since I need a good masage, would you by any chance know:
- when is her off day and what time she starts work?


06-12-02, 15:36
To Tweng72
I usually go there in the evening after 8pm and she is almost always available. A bit of advice.....She has big tits....she is not a good HJ person...her massage is really good if you like a woman practically half naked sitting on your butt while she massages you.

To bigLauda
A big thank you for the tip about the girl in Midah Hotel Spa...Man I just cannot wait to try her...I can imagine getting a nice long titfuck from her followed by a BBBJ and then full blown tit fying sex...yeah!Baby Yeah!......But exactly where is Midah Hotel and how do I go there from PJ.

06-12-02, 17:13

You definitely in-sync with me in rgds to girl type! Let me know once you have the contact number of the mentioned girl and I'll posted the email address for you to help drop in. Your Loke Yew place sounds interesting, maybe we should hit that place together after the trip.


06-12-02, 18:09
RJ and Play3er,

You guys are definitely the kings of ktv. Actually I also enjoy the local ktv scene. For me, it's better than hc... more time etc...

I am planning a ktv trip with my friends from overseas this Friday. Thinking of either Subaru, CT (DU), De Vegas or De Macau. We like Chinese gals, preferable wild. Which one would you recommend? We all want a really good time.

Have tried, DV, DM and Subaru (CT not yet) but no action in room so far. Maybe we were not wild enough. Any tips?

Hard decisions in life!!!

06-12-02, 19:08
To Whitee,
Your FR was pretty interesting. I was at the Spa myself around the same time and I requested for Sapphire from Heng as well. Looks like you beat me to it, buddy.

I just have a few questions to ask. Does she allow kissing and tongue action? It's such a waste if she doesn't.....No use being such a beautiful package if it's not the complete works.

Anyway, here's my FR for 2 venues.

1. Princess Inn

Girl #C87 - China doll.

Looks - 7/10
Body - 7/10 a bit on the flat side
BJ - covered. Excellent! 8/10 even with the rubber
FJ - rather enthusiastic.
Overall - A decent 8 out of 10. I'd try her again coz she's the sort to provide better service for repeat customers. But do tip her.....it helps.

My other recommendations - The Viets are lousy...Stick to the Chinese. C160, 157 and 159 are excellent. There's also a rather slutty looking C151.


Hey buddies,
M.Facial never mentioned if the redhead at The Beach CLub was Chinese or Malay or from godknowswhere. DO elaborate.

Being a rather ripe banana like M.Facial, I have problems conversing in Chinese as well but thank god for being able to speak a smattering of Mandarin. It helps with the Thais and Chinese.

That Ka Ling girl, C87 from Star Inn. I hope she's still there coz from what the captain (Benny/Ah Kit) showed me, the description's a bit off.

Lisa De Inn's stock of girls are stagnant. There were 2 Turkish girls there going for 230 a pop but service was so-so. Covered BJ and rather unenthusiastic FJ. I wouldn't recommend. The best so far is still Ice and Ivy. Amanda runs a close 3rd with her moaning. Ayu's ok still.

To the rest of the WSG punters,

Would appreciate if you guys could elaborate more on technique like CIM, facials, Ass Rimming since the captains tend to er....stretch the truth. I'm heading down to Armada tomorrow for Sapphire if Whitee gives me a positive reply on her service. Does she allow kissing and CIM? Important!

Happy hunting and keep the FR's coming

06-12-02, 20:35
To McWilly,

Could you please describe more about Ice, Ivy and Amanda. Looks, body, type and standard of services, etc. I sometimes go to Lisa de Inn but have not tried or seen any of these 3 girls.

06-12-02, 21:25
Nope..she doesn't allow kissing. CIM? Did not ask...don't think she'll do that.

The reason I took her is bcause the last time I went there, I saw her and thought she looks like
a mini version of the Thai-English porn star Tera Patrick (http://www.terapatrick.com)... ;)

I think the reason she's a hong pai is bcause she's young and doesn't look like a typical Ah Lian.

Since she's a Hong Pai, u need to call to reserve.

06-13-02, 04:32
Pity! I guess I'll bide my time then although I'll definitely try her one of these days. She's just too good to pass up based on looks. I've never seen a hotter looking babe around the PJ area.

Any other venues with equally hot looking babes? I'm really getting bored of the PJ scene and the only attractive ones in KL seem to be Deluxe @ Federal hotel and Concorde. And they are bloody pricey although the service is excellent.

Star Inn and Princess Inn seem to have developed the supermarket sex shop atmosphere. Armada and CC still maintain some standards of discretion and hygiene, at least.

Do drop me an interesting FR or 2 when you can.

To Likeit,
Ice is a young girl ( not more than 23 ) with excellent hot and cold BBBJ, kissing, and GFE. She's been recommended many, many times by the captain. And I've never been disappointed. For Ivy and Amanda, Ivy does the whole tongue bath routine whilst Amanda starts moaning the moment she starts licking you....just close your eyes and enjoy the sound effects and sensations. Ayu also provides GFE.

Check out Crystal from Lisa De Inn for massage and HJ. Her massage is one of the best I've had apart from the Thai bone-breaking techniques. She even stood on me and that's no mean feat considering she's a bit on the chunky side with MASSIVE BOOBS. If they ain't papayas, they're nangkas...man! Her HJ's good too. Lots of oil and powder. If you like great HJ's, try Kimmy from Lisa De Inn too. Fantastic rhythm AND she even massages your prostate while she's at it.In other words, she sticks her fingers up your arse while she jacks you off. Great combination.

For all you punters, please drop a few lines stating where else in PJ can one find good service. Freelancers are fine by me as I also have contacts. You book the room and I'll get you 3 girls for around 500+ (bring 2 friends-lah). It only adds up to about 60 bucks per girl for all 3 of you.

I'm currently on a health kick like M.Facial. Just the good oil massage followed by a HJ. Would love to have just a massage and a BBBJ or BJ with/without CIM/Facial. Full Service is just not that good nowadays. Do let me know.

ps: Princess Inn has the traditional bone cracking Thai massage for RM88. Any takers?


06-13-02, 05:08
To M/facial.

I'm sorry if i make u lose your way as i am not too good with giving direction.

From traffic light at Dewan Pustaka (Near Stadium Negara) turn left to go into Jalan Maharajalela. (If u go straight at the traffic light u will head towards Jalan Imbi-Wrong way!). Go all the way until u reach the Chinese Commerce Assembly Hall (if i'm not mistaken but it's definitely a hall) on your left . (Note: Look up on left side while travelling along Jalan Maharajalela- U will see the building). Immediately after the left turn u will see Affin Bank then turn another left. This will bring u to "heaven" which is located opposite the Tabung Pahlawan Building. This place is in the vacinity of the Public Bank building. Try to park along the street. Go to the hotel lobby and take the lift on your left. The other lift doesn't stop at the 5th Floor (SPA).

Try to go there at 2.45-3.15 when it's less crowded. Choose lady b4 taking a bath. If u mention the girl with Nangka, i'm sure the captain will not make a mistake. I suggest u ask for "chiew keng"
All ladies will be in after 4.00pm when the crowd comes in. Take your pick. They have massage, mass+package or package only. If massage u will get those normal room. If others u will get hotel room.
RM90-RM173-RM220. Note "Nai Jay" is a package girl.
Happy Hunting!

06-13-02, 05:08
To monsterfacial:

Thanks for the advice.
Btw, since I like your preference of girls, who gives massages, beside Kelly who else would you recommend. From any HC.


06-13-02, 05:14
To m/facial,

I really would love to know u so that we can go "cheong" together. I need a "master" or "guide".

If interested e-mail me - biglauda99999@hotmail.com

06-13-02, 11:00
Hi all,
Can anyone pls. give me some details on those pill that can make a gal horny? I need info like the exact location to buy, the product name, shop name, price, will it be any side effect, etc...

Any info u guys provide will be really appreciated...

06-13-02, 11:11
Hi all,

I am back after a long absence.Was in WSG under Michael, see previous posts for FL and FR for PJ area. Have been active in the mamak related forum. Will post FRs soon again