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01-01-02, 02:00
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05-27-02, 13:19
Nairobi is the place wher you meet the friendliest ladies in the world.
If youre a nice guy and treat them well you wil get whatever you dream of. And it is easy to find friends who are real GF.

Start the evening at Gypsies in Westlands for a bear and go across the road to a nice Disco with Muzungos and blacks called Pavements. Here is also good food to eat.

When you want to get real action it is the 2 Florida Discos in town that rules all night and here you can get problems. Find a lady fast or you might have to leave the place.
Very funny places. Watch you phone and money.

Great music anf stunning beuties for hire :-)


05-31-02, 17:45
I've been to Diani Beach in Kenya and it was like paradise, when you like nubian girls. You don't need no brothel, the girls are easy to get in all places.(at least when you are caucasian, a black colored friend of mine from Kenya had problems to get a willing girl)

There where ladies in the hotel area, at the casino, but the best choice you have at discos or bars (I don't remember names, but the taxi driver knows).

In the first night I took a girl with me who worked at a casino an went to a disco with her. I didn't have to talk around much before we started to kiss. Because it was late in the night, she didn't want to go to a hotel room with me, but at the next day I rented a hotelroom in a cheap hotel (20$) and we had sex.
She made clear, that she was no professional and that she does not make sex for money. Well, she made regular housewife sex only with condom. Afterwards she was glad when I gave her 25$.

I got more self confident and looked for other girls at the disco.
There where all kind of girls who where waiting for tourists to invite them for a drink.

In the second night I found a 23 old and 6 feet tall nubian beautiful lady. After a drink and the obligate talk I told her, that I wanted to have anal sex with her. She agreed and I was really surprised. She told me, that she expected money from me, but she also told that didn't want to bargain with me. A real lady. I had wonderful sex with her. I spend many nights with her in cheap hotels, always with condoms and I always gave her money between 20-40$ per night. Ok, it was not to much money, but I am not that rich eather, and I didn't want to ruin prices. (like Mexico or Dubai)

The tourist guides always told stories about how dangerous it is for white tourists alone by night, but the people where always very friendly and I didn't have any problems.

Better always use condoms, the aids risk in Kenya is very high
and some girls in the disco looked if they had aids carcinoms on their skin.

msa beach boy
06-16-02, 23:54
Hi, I have come back from England after nearly 8 years. I would like to get some contacts of some nice Arab (Balluchi) and Indian women. Can anyone help me out? Cheers

msa beach boy
07-31-02, 09:51
Hi me again. I have still got no reply from anyone. Is Mombasa so dry that there are no chicks who want to give? Guys help out a fellow man who is in need.

08-06-02, 23:18
"Better always use condoms, the aids risk in Kenya is very high
and some girls in the disco looked if they had aids carcinoms on their skin."

Sounds like it's running HIGH in Kenya! I like that shiney black booty too but man if they're walking around in the clubs with Karposi's Syndrome, I'll stick with AMPs.

12-13-02, 21:31

on sunday until tuesday the only places with some girls would be the bar at Heron cour hotel( was it called Buffalo bill?) and New Florida. the other days Florida 2000 rocks as well. Pavement is only worth going to on fri-sat. carnivore espcially on wednesdays.
Some people will say that the Floridas are dangerous, but although I have been there countless of times in a very drunk state I have never encountered any problems and I have never had anything stolen. On wedn-sat there will be a huge crowd of beauties there to choose from. Kenyans, Ugandans, Ethiopians and somalis ( and some girls from other nearby countries as well).

could someone recommend a cheap place to stay for a longer time. Every time I have been there I have stayed at Heron court hotel which is appr 300 us$ a month but you have to pay almost 10 us$ every time you bring a girls which add to the cost considerably. Are there any apartments available for less than 20000 K Sh( less than 250 $)?


01-30-03, 06:12
Hi everyone!
As far as I know the Buffalo Bill bar has been closed in order to extend the hotel part of the Heron Court. The rest of Nairobi does not change but I wanted to warn you so that you don't make plans with the Buffalo Bill and get disapointed at the last minute.

Member #3447
04-13-03, 04:06

I was in Mombasa last summer 2002. Stayed at the White Sands Hotel for two weeks. If you want to focus on European white women this hotel is ideal, but you have to actually work a little...they're tourists and not hookers (-: The White Sands Hotel is where the Monarch Airlines (Manchester, UK) sends its flight attendants for week-long vacations. So, every week, there is always a fresh group of flight attendants checking in.

Just like Nairobi, street crime is high in Mombasa. So, don't try walking along the roads, especially at night.

As far as hookers, just go to any disco in Mombasa...any disco! These places are full of hookers. They cater to the tourists and the merchant sailors (Mombasa is a port city).

Safari Traveller
05-10-03, 15:02
There is a nice bar down the road from White Sands: Cheers. At about midnight all the girls shift to Tembo, which burned down, but is halve reestablished.

An other nice place is Florida in down town.

Leo Collins
06-22-03, 15:08
Hi everyone. I am going to Nairobi this week. I am looking for high class escorts. Does anyone have any phone numbers?

Many thanks

07-10-03, 08:21



Upon arrival at the airport I had already arranged for transportation to the hotel. Getting a cab is not hard, as I know now, because most everyone in Kenya speaks English, and Swahili. To getting around is very easy. Once I arrived at my hotel, which was one of the more expensive hotels is Nairobi. You can find less expensive hotels to stay in, but I wanted all the comforts of home. The better chain of hotels, are the Serena Hotels, they are like the way Hilton Hotels are in America. Once at the hotel the first thing I did after I checked into my room, was to tell the person taking my luggage to the room, is how do I find the women I can bring back to my room. I gave him a $5US tip, and he told me, he will be back in 30 minutes, with all the information. I took a shower, and redressed after a nine-hour flight from Europe. Sure enough #0 minutes later he told me that he will introduce me to a person who will, take me to a place, in Nairobi, where I can choose. Now if you travel, you know that any hotel, with a bar, will have ladies who hang out at the bar waiting to be picked up for a price. The problem is, is that, you will pay a higher price, than if you just go out to another bar or Disco.
The exchange rate at the time was 71.80 shillings to a dollar, so I exchanged about $450US into Shillings. With a pocket full of Kenyan money I was ready to Dance. My driver came about 7:30p, which was perfect timing, since I had just finished dinner, about 30 minutes earlier. He took me to a place called Gypsies. Before we went there he took me through the area where the Kenyan SW walk the streets, and even as early as 8pm, there was an excellent selection of ladies for hire. The price for a couple of hours was $25US, or 1800shillings. I saw several ladies I liked, and they dress like sexy SW too. So it is “No Way” you can mistake them. My driver and I decide to check out the bar, and if I am NOT happy we will come back. Now my drive drove me around for $15 a night, all night if I wish. We got to Gypsies, and the bar had a good amount of ladies in the bar. Most were talking with someone, and the men in it, were getting drunk from all the beer and drinks sold. I paid for my driver’s beers and we were talking about America. I was adjusting to how things are done there, so by time I did, the women were rolling in. It took me about an hour to adjust. Soon I was right in the swing, and I spied young ladies around 22y/o and a very tight body and very pretty face, and I called her over. She came, told me she was NOT with anyone, but did come with a girlfriend. So, she could come over in a short while. While I was waiting, a guy who recognized me, from the hotel came over and spoke, and told me that the girl he was with had a friend who wanted to meet me. I dislike waiting for anything, so she sat down with me. After only about two more beer rounds and 30 minutes, we were talking about going back to the hotel for drinks. We “NEVER” discussed money, which is against all of my rules, but we headed back to the hotel. The young girl was MAD as HELL, and I found out that she told the guy who introduced the other girl to me, that he was an idiot. I told my driver to go back and give her my name, at the hotel, and to call me about midnight.

Well, back at the hotel, we got some beers from the bar, and headed to the room. While at the bar I saw some cuties for the picking, for a woman in the hand, is worth. Now, it was only 10pm then, and as I looked back Gypsies was becoming loaded with young women. I almost wish I had of waited. Up to the room we go, and within 10 minute she is taking off her clothes. We sat around and drank the beer naked, on the bed. Still, not talking money I decide to talk. I asked her if there was a price I would have to pay to see her naked. She said, “NO” !!!! ……. No Charge, I thought she was joking, but she said it again. I think instead she wanted to ask me to be her sponsor to America, The women want help to get a Visa to the USA. That in it will get you all the discounted or free pussy you want. COMING TO AMERICA, IS A REAL “DREAM” FOR THE PEOPLE YOU TALK TO, and any method available is worth it.
Well, as we talked, the girl turn out to me 32, with a grown kid, and had her own business, in Nairobi . WWWWWWOW did thing woman have a body. I did not even see stretch marks, on her. She had young looking face, and a ggggrrreat body, and braided fine braids. Very pretty dark skin, and pearl white teeth, with a shaved beaver, and “NO SMELL” !!!! We got down to business and she licked me all over, and even a BBJ, with intensity and skill. Afterwards, I fingered her to multiple orgasm, and then banged her doggy style, exactly right after she came. . That is the time you can wear a girl out. I waxed that AZZ GooD !!!! VERY GOOD !!!!

She let me do anything I wanted, even anal. This is why I think she was a pro, more than an AM. Once I got the seconded one off, we talked about America, till around midnight. I thought she’d be going home at 12:30am, but she didn’t. So since it seemed she was spending more time there than I thought, I double checked my luggage, checked the lock safe box, and secured everything. We dozed off. About 1:10am, the young girl finally calls, and asked to come over. She asked if the other girl was still there, and I told her yes. Then she asked if I wanted a threesome. I thought and then declined, because she should have called an hour ago, and she has a cell phone. HELL, everyone has one. She gave me her name and number, and to call her when I get a chance.

Well, we slept and screwed off and on all night, and a few times she just gave me a BBJ, and let me cum in her mouth. She did NOT swallow, which is no big thing to me. She left the hotel around 9:30am. Before she left I gave her $50US, which she said, I did not have to, but I know better. If I did not, she might be at the hotel looking for me, or calling a 100 times a day. The money is compensation for services rendered. She took it and off she went. I showed, and headed for lunch.


(((( WORD ))))

07-11-03, 01:25
Sup Word!

Great report on the Kenya scene I loved it!

Been watching your moves since the original board was changed.You have my praise man. Kenya is on my places to go list in the near future.Thailand is on my list for now I'll be there in November.

Again,good report, Hope to see more of your travel reports soon.Keep it up. Holla!


07-11-03, 08:51

I AM STILL BACK HERE AND THE HOTEL, and will be here for only one more day, better I head to the real outback Jungle/Plains. Now to skip all the time I just eat, and shopped for gifts to take home, and watched TV, I will get to the meat of the story. Around 7pm I eat dinner, and at about 8:30pm, my driver came to pick me up. He told me that we were going to another place, which I can not remember the name, but it was loaded with nice you girls in it, that you can pick from. We drink a few beers at the hotel bar and left around 9pm. If I did not mention, I ended up paying the driver $25, which was a ten dollar tip. He really went out of his way for me. We went to this place and it looked like a place, where young girls were. As we drove up I saw this girl walking to the door and asked my driver to let me out, here. He went to park, and I went to talk. Before he could walk to the line, I told him to get the car, because we were going back to the hotel with the young girl with us. She was 5’3”, 120lbs, 25y/o; long real hair below her shoulder, pretty brown skin; very, very shapely, and larger than average breast, but NOT real big. She was very, very pretty. It turned out she was Ethiopian, and had been in Nairobi for about 2 years. Now you have to see that I saw her mainly under shallow lighting …. Because once back at the hotel and under bright light , this girl was fine. She did not have the typical Africa booty, kinda flat, but still nice. I paid my driver again, and headed up to my hotel room stopping at the bar for more beer and bottled water, which is cheaper than getting it from the Wet Bar. As soon as I got to the room, I told her I want to check out her body, meaning to get a look with her clothes on. She thought I meant naked and began to strip. I was NOT about to Stop her. After 5 minutes she was in her underwear, and high heels.

NOW you are wondering what I said to get her to the hotel. Well I told her how beautiful I thought she was, and if she wanted to, we could leave here, and go someplace, nice and have a few drinks. She knew I was from the USA, because I looked like it. I talked quick, and said a lot of things and loaded on the compliments. All within 5 minutes she was saying “YES.” I was really shocked, but I was being even “BOLDED” than normal. BOLDER IS THE KEY WORD !!!! It is amazing how smooth one can get, when he knows he is going to seriously “FUCK” a Beautiful Woman. And I got seriously “Smooth.”

We are drinking beer, and watching a little TV, as she is sitting on my lap. I wasted no time getting right to those perky tits, and the more I sucked, the more passionate, she became. Soon I was fingering her and then as it got very good, I said let take the rest of our clothes off. Then I got down to some serious legs to the side, from behind, one leg in the air fingering her. I love it when a woman has multiple orgasms, and just lets you do everything you want. GOOD TIME !!!! After about 20 minutes of fingering, she gave me a very, very intense and passionate BBJ. I could tell she was doing this because she liked it. All that fingering was paying off. It always seems so strange to look into a woman’s eyes as she looks up at you while giving you a BJ. Once she was finished, she sat right on top of it, and rode me like she was on a mission. This night I took some Yohimbe, and I was ready for Freddie. By time we finished we both rolled over, and went to sleep. The one thing I really liked, is she slept right up under me!!!!After about two hour of sleep I woke up, and it again, this time doggy style. No foreplay this time!!!! I woke up with it HARD. Man, I waxed her ass good. And you know the second time around you last longer, so with the Yohimbe, I was like a Super King Dong. This girl was hitting “O’s” all over the place and I like it when they become loud. . She was just that !!!!

Well, we woke up around 9am, and I hit it again with her knees back by her ears. This girl is pretty enough to be a model like Iman and Sexy enough to Star in and girlie movie. She was very skilled and seems to enjoy good sex. If she was faking it, then she deserves an Oscar. Beside as long as I am paying to cum, I’m gonna cum …. REGARDLESS !!!! Well, she took a shower, and I gave her a toothbrush, and she used my oil, toothpaste and everything to dress. I asked her what should I pay her, and she said 4000shillings, which is about $50. Then I surprised her and gave her an additional 1000shillings, and she jumbed up into my arms, and hugged me big time. Then to my surprise, she pushed me over to the bed, told me to lay back and gave me another BBJ, but this time she told me, that it was okay to cum in her mouth. She said she normal reserves it for very special people. Not I forgot to say, at the beginning, she asked if I would not cum in her mouth, or if the condom breaks to take it out. I Agreed !!!! She put even more effort into it, and licked up everything. NO, she did not swallow and I did not care to ask. I am just not really into it. Before she left, she gave me her cell number, and told me to call her. She asked while I was in Nairobi, maybe we could go out, like on a real date. She said I wouldn’t like to pay for it if we do. I figure regardless, I will always in some way, have to spend money for it.

Once she left I showed, dressed, and went to get something to eat, and of course a few beers.

(((( WORD ))))


07-11-03, 08:58
HEY Meatman,

.......:> Glad you like the post. I try to great around, but this 9/11 thing is just too much to have to go through everytime, everywhere .... and it is NOT getting better. You won't believe how easy and often you can get laid, in Nairobi, as well as outside of the USA. And I am talking young girls from 18/19 - 25 - 35. And for very little money compared to the time you have them..

WELL, Thanks and I appreciate your comments.

((( WORD )))


07-11-03, 19:34

My sentiments exactly!....

For the airfare to Nairobi,How much was the flight?And overall how much did you bring(spending money) My trip to Thailand I plan to bring $2500USD(104500BHT) there for a 3 week trip.One chick I talking to want's me to stay at her place and E-Mail's me everday!..

Hope you enjoy the trip there man. I bet they love American Brothers Huh?(I'm black by the way)...In the future,give Thailand a try!...You WONT regret it!...:D


Carlos Primeros
07-12-03, 14:43

a good place to stay in mombasa is the severin lodge. this hotel belonged to a german *****-monger and is very girl-friendly. today the management ist british and german and they accept girls in when to bood a double room. the room-rate includes an excellent breakfast and a real candle-light dinner. they have two pools.

the best place to pick up girls is tembo discothec or [CodeWord117] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord117) as well as the bars in front of [CodeWord117] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord117). i picked up a girl from uganda - very very sweet. never forget condoms, 50 % of the girls are aids-positive and you do not want to joint this club.

07-16-03, 16:12

Thailand is great but countries like Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia are far greater. I have lived in Thailand for 3 years and discovered Africa only recently( 1.5 years ago) and when it comes to sex nothing beats africa. The chicks there seem to really enjoy sex. I have never met a girl who, similar to quite a few east asian girls, just lay down on her back wanting it to end.
You rarely have to pay more than 20 us$ for a night. of course many of them will try to ask for more but will settle for much less, 10$ is easy. Kenya and Uganda are slightly more expensive than Thailand for daily expenses such as hotels, food, taxis etc, while Ethiopia is cheaper.'
Another advantage of course is that you don't have to be the girls 200:th muzungu(farang) as there are not too many westerners around or black americans.
Give Thailand a miss and discover africa instead you won't regret it, I believe.

07-22-03, 18:25

I have not been to either countries yet but, I got such a hard-on for Thailand nothing would deter my plans for going there.As for Uganda,Eithiopia,and Mandagascar,there on my places to go list.

Being a African-American in forigen countries you treated different that I do understand but, as the ol saying goes.. "if you don't go, you'll never know"..

08-17-03, 17:08
DIANI BEACH - update

Coming back from Kenya I want to give some updated informations. After the several bomb-attacks in Kenya, there are not many tourists to find at the southern coast of Mombasa. The ***** Leopard Beach Hotel was nearly full, other hotels had only a few guests (under 10% of their capacity) or were just closed. In consequence, many people were hanging around without anything to do.

You can have a prostitute at the beach for 200 KsH (1 EURO is about 85 Kenyan Shilling) for 1 hour sex doing you everything. This is for girls, I personally don't like to give my best for.

I found a nice girl at daytime at a restaurant, 22 years, firm body with very well formed buttocks for 500 KsH for 1 hour. She was really great. And thinking about the price I was quite pleased. She by herself was very pleased too and wanted to meet me the next day. As I wasn't alone in Kenya, I had to reject.

How to find the girls? Just walk around the coastal road and visit a restaurant at any time, specially at night. You will have many girls around you when you take a walk of more than 10 min. Be friendly, and the girls will mostly do the best to please you. They want you as a client the next day too !!!

Have fun

09-01-03, 00:44
I paid for my trip around $3100 for about two week of travel. That is including all the flying time, and my stay in other countries. I also stayed at the luxury hotels, and that cost far more than the regular Kenyan hotels. Because I stayed at the Luxury hotels, I was introduced to the more quality ladies, and the top of the line African SW's. I had my driver do most of the work for me, and I told him exactly what I wanted, and showed him females I like and disliked in what I wanted. I also went to place he took me on my own, and did my own picking.

I got so much pussy, I turned down a lot, because Kenya is having tourist problems due to the terrorist bombings. I I was even approached while standing by the car at a club that a very nice looking young girl offered herself to me for all night SEX, for 250 shillings ( $3 US). She had to be all of 12y/o. She was very pretty, but screwing little kids is not my thing. I gave her $5, and had a driver drive her home. I can only imagine that this young girl will be back, and that she might have been put up to it by someone. Giving her money may have done more harm than good, but at least that day, she got her money, and got to be just a kids for a day/night.

As for Asia to Africa I can't speak on. I was interested in spending my money in Africa. They need my tourism dollars more. And the post was correct, African women LOVE SEX, especially a really good fuckin, and multiple orgasms. The real love all the orgasms. They just treated me like a KING after that, and even told a few friends. Even some of the women working at the hotel, I screwed. They just want to get screwed by an American. Can you get to that .... DAMN !!!! I always give them a little something, but they never asked for money, to screw. And they admitted it was because I was American. It also may be because they want a sponsor to come to America .... You Think ???? Smile !!!!

You will also find a lot of SW's from other countries working Nairobi, Kenya, for reasons I don't know. I had several women from other countries that are beautiful. I had some from Somolia, Euthopia, Uganda, Tananznia, City Massi, and some others I am not certain of. They hang at the bars where the richer tourism come to. I could have got African women for $5 US for 2-3 hours and all night for $12. I will have to be very careful, because they can't always be trusted. They can steall your money at the first chance. It is better to pay the extra, and get a quality girl. Make certain they leave their ID at the hotel desk and they will be far less wanted to rob or steal from you.

LASTLY, Lastly .... AVOID the HOTEL SW's if at all possible. If you bring a girl back from a Club or other place, take her to the bar or Hotel SW area, to show the hotel SW that you are willing, but not willing to pay their cost. Then you can deal a better price. These HOTEL SW always want $100 plus(US), and that a lot of times is NOT for all night. You will also need to know the you MUST have any girl you bring to the hotel leave her ID or ID information at the front desk. ..... AND IF YOU HAVE "ANY" PROBLEMS FROM THE SW, CALL THE FRONT DESK "IMMEDIATELY", and have SECURITY come to your room, to kick her ass out. They will be up, quick, fast, and in a hurry. They don't PLAY that Shyt. ANd she won't be allowed back into the hotel.

09-25-03, 20:41
What's up Guys?

I was in Nairobi last month and I though I would Share my Exploits with you Guys. There is a Brothel on Luthuli avenue called New Edens. The building is like three stories high and the 1st floor has old *****'s, second floor holds middle aged *****'s and there is a bar there too, and lastly third floor has the young Girls from Tanzania. Mostly, Tanzanians are light skinned, that's how I like them.

Got a girl here and did Fs for like $15. A word of advice Guys, strap it up, double it if you want to because you don't know who got what especially in Africa. Another Place I scorred was in westlands, Nairobi. There is an Hotel near the American university preparation institute. There were several cute Girls who would do anything for a mere $20.Tip them well and they will do Extra. On Moi avenue , there is a joint called Sabina Joy, you can score there too. It should be near ambassodor hotel.

That's all Guys, till then.

Me Crazy
10-04-03, 06:09
Hi all,

Hi etupac, you only go to such places if you want to end up with Aids man. The women there at Eden and all the other places are unhygience.

Anyway I have been to Kenya lots of times and here's some info:

1. Browse the newspapers esp. Daily Nation Classifieds n check the personals and u will find lottas of MP's.

2. Visit some of the places like Carni on Wednesday and Pavement on fridays and Saturdays and you will finds lottas hooker.

3. K-Street is good but dunno as have not tried the women there.

A word of advise - whatever you want whether it is BJ or FS please use a condom or two :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", and "cuz" instead of "because" in future reports. Thanks!

10-05-03, 15:09
From Word!

THESE are girls from the Serena Hotel in Nairobi Kenya. They are NOT worth the time and tried to rip us off, but this will give you an idea of the "BOOTY." They wanted $150 each girl .... FUCK THAT. I GOT THEM FOR $50 each. That is the going rate for quality, clean, safe women.


10-05-03, 15:10
Word #2

10-05-03, 15:10
Word #3

10-05-03, 15:40

Did you mean $50 US currency? That's astoundnigly expensive!

They're not bad but not particularly good looking. I thought previous posts have suggested Kenya is cheaper than that. Besides, there's really no such thing as 'clean' or 'safe' is there? Or anyway there's no reason to believe a girl is cleaner or safer just because she's overpriced.

10-06-03, 20:33
Word -

Enjoyed the pics. But U.S. $50 is definitely not the going rate in Kenya. Or anywhere else in Africa. Maybe for an allnighter, in which case, I agree - but for a top of the line lady for an all-nighter. If you were paying that, hope they serviced the hell out of you. They definitely won't forget you! In any event, sounds like you enjoyed it all; and thanks for the report!

- HoMaster

Frank Africa
10-06-03, 22:27
Dear ******* and Word:

I've been enjoying the Nairobi ladies on at least an annual basis since 1981 and can speak from experience.

Sorry, but HoMaster is correct. $50 dollars is NOT "the going rate for quality, clean, safe women," that's too much, even for an all-nighter with several pops. I wouldn't go over $25 or $30 tops. Try offering 200 Kenyan shillings (around $25 in the local currency, depending on the exchange rate) and most girls would jump at that.

And unfortunately there is virtually no difference in quality, cleaniness and safety between the girls at the nice hotels and the street girls; in fact many girls spend a few minutes each at numerous places during the evening, from the bar of a nice hotel like the Hilton to the street corners in lousy neighborhoods a few blocks away. Depends how desperate they are for money. If the girl has a few days' worth of funds to live on, she may spend the entire evening relaxing at the Serena Hotel or Hilton, nursing a drink in the bar and hoping to get lucky with some Western businessman or World Bank employee who's in town for three days and thinks $50-75 is a good deal (which it is when one compares only to U.S. prices). On the other hand, if the girl is desperate for cash to eat or pay her monthly rent, she may be standing on a dark street corner offering to bring you into a dark side alley, garage, lobby of a nearby office building or even behind a tree for 50 shillings (about $7) for a quick BJ.

Keep in mind that most African SW's will ask for the highest price that they think they can get but will not be offended when they receive a "no" as an answer, they'll quickly lower their price. Their attitude is - can't hurt to ask! Very different from most US and European ladies.

Some statistics to keep in mind when you hear ridiculous prices like $150 (which I'm glad to read was refused) or even $50. The per capita annual income for Kenya is somewhere around $700 - again, that's annual income. A civil servant might bring home a couple of hundred for a month. So $25 or $30 would be a good week for a SW.

And ALWAYS use a condom, no matter what!

10-06-03, 22:54
Monger Brothers,

I just posted the pictures for Word since he didn't know how too. I never been to Africa!

10-07-03, 10:44
.... "WORD" TO THE RESCUE !!!!

Don't ask Jimmy DR, he just did me a guick favor, because due to security in place on my new system, I could NOT upload till I could got them in line. NOW I can upload my own pix .... THANKS TO MY FRIEND .... JIMMY DR !!!!

....... As I have said in previous post, I know I could have gotten cheaper, but I did not have that kind of time to invest in Sexual matters. I used a driver to drive around, at night, and during the day I had business from morning till early evening. By nught time I had to put a hurry on things because I am with other people and the night sometimes brings events, I have to attent. If I came to Nairobi for strictly "SEX" I could invest in the knowledge I need to get a good price for quality. So I paid the cost to be the "BOSS", and $if I gave some African cuties $50 US buck for an all nighter, than I am damn glad to help a sista out.

....... I don't mean to drive up any prices, or spoil the working ladies, but I had very little info on Africa, especially Nairobi, Kenya. What little I found was too old or useless. I stayed at the fanciest Hotel in Nairobi, and the Minister of Kenyan Finance, even had drinks with our group after dinner. So security was very, very tight, with AK-47 carring guards at both entrance gates, and any woman who did not have proper ID, could not come into the hotel area. Most of the most expensive (as you say), ladies had the proper ID's. And they do have orders to shoot. These guys do not appear to be well train either.
ARE YOU GETTING MY PICTURE "NOW." So $50 really was cheap for the headaches, I avoided. The SECURITY DURING MY STAY at the SERENA HOTEL was tight, and a few bomb threats had been announced at a few American places including the US Embassy.

....... While on the MASSI Plains I had a few ladies for $5 for several hours. They were just locals working at the hotel. I think I would have gotten them for "FREE." I alway gave them an extra $5 just for fun. These people are "ME" and I am them, so being generous was the least I could do. And taking SEXUAL advantage of them was the worse .... and I realize that. STILL, I DID IT ANYWAY. I AM WEAK ABOUT THESE THINGS !!!!

....... NAIROBI has a very active RED Light District, and we could have picked up a few and gone to a hotel somewhere else, but I wanted to bring them to the hotel.
.... If you even go on any trip, don't have a friend with you who is an idiot .... I had one with me. He got us ripped off at the Hotel. He has more to learn than I have to teach, and I don't teach grow men.

....... NOW ....... if you came to Cincinnati/USA, for hunting you might do the same and overpay.

.... "WORD" ....

10-07-03, 13:13

Keep posting those pics you got from Kenya.

10-09-03, 18:23
Hi guys,

Can anyone let me know about the bars at Hilton, New Stanley Hotel , Intercontinental, Serena etc.

Can the girls be found at these bars as because of security I am scared to move out at night.

Whish should be the best hotel for some action?


Frank Africa
10-14-03, 17:05
Girls are available at virtually every hotel bar. I stay at the Hilton regularly because of the location and have always found lots of ladies in the bar at night.

One problem with the Hilton is that they charge you extra if you bring a girl up to your room for the night, and it's a pretty hefty charge. One solution is to negotiate with the girl to come to your room the following morning - I've had this happen a couple of times, it's nice to wake up and have a young cutie knocking on your door at 8 a.m. - that's why I always try to not schedule any early morning business meetings when I'm in Nairobi!

Another time I met a young lady in the Hilton bar and negotiated for her to come to my hotel room at 3 p.m. the next day (after my business appointments were finished). Had a nice 3-hour 2-pop session.

Also, a couple of years ago I had a mid-afternoon massage at the Hilton's health club by a decent-looking woman in her late 30s, and was able to get a HJ at the end with no problem.

Good luck, and be sure to post a report here!

10-14-03, 18:17
Thank you Frank Africa. Your comments shall help me. Please rank the girls fcrom 1 to 10 at the Hilton. Are there any european and indian girls there also?

It was nice to know that the healthclubs also give HJ.

Must try one.

Joe Zop
10-15-03, 01:33
I agree with Frank Africa -- I found ladies at pretty much every hotel I stopped into in Nairobi. I stayed at Hotel Boulevard, and there were always ladies around, a couple who made it their home base, and some others who rotated through. There was also a joiner fee there, btw.

10-19-03, 08:15
Thanks Joe Zop for your comments. If anyone could help me find out where I can find girls for a nooner treat.

Which are the best health clubs in nairobi for some action.

10-20-03, 15:24
I used to go to the Hilton Bar and girls were present in good numbers. Some years back (1 1/2?) however this dropped dramaticaly and I assumed the management got rid of them. They might have come back but I am not sure about that as I don't go there much those days.

You'll have trouble finding Europeans or Indian girls in Nairobi or anywhere.

Sneaky, Don't be afraid, if you don't find what you want in your hotel grab a good taxi and go over to Carnivore (Wednesday Night), or Pavement (Wed, Thursday, Friday & Sat) or (just opposite) to the Gypsies. That was for 9 to 12PM and after that you'll ave to go to one of the two Florida (New Florida being my favorite, and note that the street action nearby has gone down quite a bit, the cops are hyper-active those days).


10-21-03, 04:45

Thanks for your advice. I sure shall carry out what you have mentioned and shall report it here on the forum.

11-15-03, 00:02
Any info on Nairobi brothels and Buffalo Bills (new) ?


Does anyone know if there is going to be new or similar bar at Heron Court where unfortunatelly now closed Buffalo Bills bar used to be?

Is there any european brothels in Nairobi where girls are in big house or own rooms? Or is there massage parlor type brothels only? Prices, locations?

Thank you

P.S Trying to include pic of nice african girls.

12-15-03, 07:51
Action on Koinage street or famously called K-street. You can get plenty of university students who supplement there living through dating.

Res Tuck
12-30-03, 13:28

You mentioned:
While on the MASSI Plains I had a few ladies for

Please explain this experience, that also others can have the joy.

Res Tuck
12-31-03, 10:36

Just to mention: Tembo is open again and as nice as before. It burnt down a couple of month ago.

01-09-04, 11:49
Res Tuck,

I had the women at the Serena Hotel while on the Massi plains. Some (Most) of the girls would like to do a few side tricks, but to be certain, ask the Male attendant, and be certain to grease their palms, and you can get anything. IF THERE IS A GIRL WILLING, HE CAN FIND HER, AND SET UP THE DEAL. But to answer any questions, "No I did now screw a Massi Tribes woman, but I had a few who really eyed me. But that may just them being friendily.


Me Crazy
01-10-04, 16:43
I am from Kenya and although I have been transferred I still visit Kenya time to time.

Was there for the Christmas season although I am Indian but went to spend time with my parents who still are in Kenya. Just a few pointers for fellow mongers:

· Always wear condoms whether it is BJ or FS.
· Police is no real problem unless you are picking a SW from K-Street or maybe from Westlands. They sometimes patrol and you may have to cough up some money for them.
· Try not to carry too much money along when going mongering because after all you are in Africa mate!

Anyhow just a few places to frequent for some booty (Man the women are sexy):

· Koinange Street: Quite famous for SW’s although they are mainly university or college girls trying to make extra money. Price ranges anywhere from US$10/- to US$15/- for short time and a further US$ 3/- to 7/- for room. They take you either to Forest Lodge (Ok place with a bed and lights) or if you are willing to pay the extra buck to Hannahs’ Lodge in Parklands (Quite a nice hotel with toilet, tissues). Full night ranges from US$ 30 to US$ 40/-. Before agreeing remember to negotiate because all prices are negotiable and also remember you have to pay money afterwards otherwise they might come up with some reason to leave early and try to return.

· Westlands Road: Another SW point but most of the times the girls come and go because of frequent police patrols.

· Bavaria Hotel: It is run by a German guy who does keep a clean joint. Has quite a good selection of girls including the occasion Ethiopian. You get quite a lots of half African/Arab girls. Prices are negotiable and reasonable around US$ 15/- for ST and US$ 40/- for LT. Hotel has rooms although I have never tired them.

· Pavements Club & Cafe: Quite a lot of hookers frequent the café and you might find the occasional 9 amongst them. Prices range from US$40 – 70/- for LT. Advantage if you have a hotel is that they are quite decently dressed. Most of them are at the bar. You need to approach them!

· Carnivore: Most of the time it is a no-go zone for hookers but on Wednesday Night (Rock Night) you can find quite a huge number of hookers. But you need to judge very carefully because sometimes you may end up with a non-working girl.

· Private Massage Houses: Quite a number of private massage houses exist in Kenya (Esp. in Nairobi). Most of them advertise through the Daily Nation (Leading Newspaper). Although some of the adverts just provide hotel service most of them have houses. Have sampled quite a few and out of all the options these are the best in quality, service and of course in selection. Some of the ones I have been to include:
Cherry Located in Westlands and my favorite. They keep on changing women and man do they have a selection. You might find the occasional half-caste of Arab/African origin. Prices are US$ 20/- for one hour room and US$ 15 – 20/- for the girl.
Exotic: Located in Lavington and run by a woman who is quite efficient in such matters. They have quite a selection and prices are same. Sometimes you might come across a newbie.

Anita: (Last time I looked the name had changed) here is a place I just love to visit. Although selection is quite limited there is an Asian woman who is always around. Man does she do a great GFE. She is ready for almost anything and she does make some great sounds. By the way most women do not give massages but she gives an absolutely stunning one. Located in Peponi area.

Most of the times you just need to browse the classifieds column of Daily Nation and you will find quite a number of adverts in Personal/Massages column. But remember Prostitution is illegal so I would strongly suggest using the houses as they are quite secure and of course nicely located.

Anyway most of my experience is about Nairobi. Next visit am scheduled for Mombasa (last time I was there on work so could not sample although I have heard a few good things about the town).

Last word of Advise: Carry your own condoms mate.


Me Crazy.

01-13-04, 23:11
Me Crazy..

Excellent report buddy.

What happened to Chiromo? It used to be a nice pick up joint.

The rooms at the back aren't that comfy though. There wasn't even any running water the last time I tried them.

BTW where is Cherry located? Westlands, as you very well know, is a fairly large sized neighborhood.

Keep the board alive and hopefully mongering would be so much fun. After all even some Kenyan hot-shots and Cabinet ministers are into it. We aren't alone, and we'll never walk alone!


01-15-04, 16:10

Etupac, nice pic I need to visit koinage street.

WordUp, nice info did not know that is possible.

Me Crazy, great report really nice with cost details.

Thanks All,

I'll try to add my report when I return.

Me Crazy
01-17-04, 10:07
Hi Dj and All,

Cherry is located in Westlands. If you need the exact locations for Cherry or Anita you can PM me mate. Of course you need to give me some information about yourself.

As you know Prostitution in illegal and I do not want any of the houses to be closed / harmed in any way.

I will be coming to Kenya so ofcourse if they are closed there goes my mongering season in Kenya.

Cheers Mate,


01-18-04, 11:49
I'll be in Nairobi between the 11th and 17th March, so if anyone is interested in going out to pick girls, just send me Pm; It will be my pleasure to have a drink with a fellow Wsg member.

I'll post some reports with as many pics as I can if I don't get mugged first.

01-23-04, 16:03
Me Crazy,

I've PMd you, please check your mail box.


01-30-04, 09:53
One more thing I would like to ask:

If there is any difference. In Nairobi where are the most girlfriend type ladies (nightclubs / streets / massage places)?


Where are opposite type the cold professionals who are looking for as short time as possible (nightclubs / streets / massage places)?

Thank you

Me Crazy
02-03-04, 07:01

Was in Kenya from 29th until 1st February and as it was a business trip did not get much time to do mongering.

But went to Cherry usual haunt on Friday nite and took my regular nina who does some gfe. Ended up with a BJ and then FS.

BTW have collected new contacts with phone numbers. Incase you do need them during your mongering sessions in Kenya you can pm me but please do write something about yourself.

Will definately post about the action later as I just arrived back!

Cheers mates!

03-17-04, 10:46
Having just spent last week in Nairobi, here is my report over this town.
First of all, it is not as unsecure as some journalist may write in guidebooks. I have never felt threatened in any way and there are so many people cruising the city in the center that it really looks safe.
So, what about kenyan girls now. To be honest, most of them are not that great looking and the real stunners will often come from Ethiopia, Somalia or have some mixed blood.
First night on wednesday, i am heading to New Florida for its reggae night. There were not so many white people inside, maybe around 15 and they were around 70 ladies. It is quite difficult to look closely at which girl you prefer since some girls will come immediately to greet you and it is not so easy to get rid of them.
Nearly all of them will at least smile at you. There are so many different types of girls but only a few seem to have some class.

So i finally picked a young 22 y old girl, Abigael. Her rate was 2000 Kshillings and we are on our way to Hilton. Then security willl always check their Id and charge 20 Dollars on your room bill.
She looked like the american black porn actress Monique, but this one had some strong body smell and she was a little bit lazy to take a shower. Excellent BBBj, as many positions as I could handle but she would definitely not have anal sex. As it was my first evening and as I was getting horny in the plane, she got a huge cum shot on her face. Luckily my camera was not far away and the picture will be posted soon. She left the following morning at 9am without stealing anything.

End of Day 1 report

03-17-04, 11:17
day 2 report.

i have read some comments about a bar that has never been closed for years and that is patronized by some low key hookers.
that bar is the modern green on laterma road and it is in a real no man`s land area. maybe it is not very dangerous to wander there during the day as there are so many people cruising around, but it is difficult to feel comfortable walking in this shitty neighbourhood.
so what is to be found inside around 02pm? they were 2 white backpackers drinking their beers, around 25 girls ranging from 0 to 4. there was this half cast woman, half american half kenyan who came to offer her services but i had to refuse as she looked like a drug addict.
i then chose an average looking 20 years old, brought her back to my room. please note that no guest charges are added on your bill if you bring those girls during the day.
that one had once again poor hygiene, was a bad fuck and so lazy that i told her that she would not get paid if she does not improve her skills. bbbj, good kissing but she did not want to give me a ride. she finally left with the 500( 6 $) kshillings that i generously offered for her bad service.

at night, it was time to discover the florida 2000, much bigger than its sister property. there are so many sofas clustered around the dance floor, so that is very convenient if you want to have some fun with the girls. many of the best looking girls were drunk when i arrived and they can get pretty nasty if you ignore them. some of them became agressive but never threatening.
less girls are present in florida 2000 but don`t worry, there are plenty enough and it is much easier to look at all of them as it is easy to wander around.
after refusing 25 persistent sexual offers, i have picked one that looked so much like a *****. unfortunately, no pics of her naked but she looks gorgeous enough with her clothes. she was so drunk or she had smoked weed, because she was getting undressed in the taxi, insulted the reception staff at the hilton for asking her id, took her shirt off in the lift, was masturbating herself while she was peeing.
she was definitely a world class **** and one of the best bbbj ever. again the price was 2000 kshillings.
1 hour later, i had no choice but to put her away of my room as she was so noisy and she did not let me sleep telling mer her stupid stories.

03-17-04, 11:54
Nairobi Day 3 report

I went to check the trendiest club in town "Pavement". If you enjoy being surrounded by many white males busy watching only a few african girls, then this is the place to be. There is really a huge majority of white and indian people in this club. You feel like you are in London, not in Nairobi. There is a 400 Kshillings entrance fee, so i doubt that the hookers will agree to get only 2000Kshillings (25$) for LT.
I saw one real stunner but of course there were 4 guys around her, just like in London. The other girls obviously dress better with expensive clothes but they don`t really look prettier.
If you fancy fucking a girl wearing leather boots, then you can pick her up at Pavement but if bare foot is fine, then don`t pick your girls there as i don`t notice any difference in their look.
On my visit, all the african girls looked like Kenyans, so you don`t have the choice between Somali, Ugandans, Ethiopians that New Florida offers.

Back in Mad House (new Florida) and time to pick that cute 18 Tanzanian girl. She was very tall, danced and moved like Beyonce, but unfortunately her teeth seemed to be rotten.
Nevermind, let`s give her a try. Once again, she did not feel like taking a shower even is she danced all night long and I had to insist. I had the great idea of taking her pic while she sucked me (Thank you Belguel) and that was apparently not in her plan. She became very agressive as she wanted to take the film out of the camera. After long negotiations, we agreed on 1000 extra tip and no more pictures. That was fine as long as she did not break my camera but i swear that she would have broken it if i did not calm her down.

I forget to mention that this is how a typical conversation starts in that Florida disco : a girl come to shake your hands and introuduces herself, at the same time, someone else will come to touch your leg, someone else will dance in front of you sending u kisses while other girls look at you very closely. So it can be confusing and intimidating for the beginners.

Me Crazy
03-17-04, 12:16
Farang Steve,

Hi mate seems like you had a really nice time in Kenya.


Me Crazy.

Frank Africa
03-18-04, 20:42
Dear Farang Steve:

Enjoyed all of your reports.

Whenever I went to the New Florida (as you described in your Day 3 report), a girl would usually greet me with a "Nairobi handshake" where she grabs your crotch on the outside of your pants, instead of shaking your hand. Famous throughout Africa!

Modern Green - the first time I ever went there was the spring of 1981, some 23 years ago, and I've been back several times since, although not recently. Always saw lots of Somali hookers outside. And you're right - that neighborhood is ok during the day, but is like the wild, wild west at night.

Most black African girls would NOT be happy to be photographed by you in the pose that you described, you're lucky that nothing bad happened to you. If you were attacked/beaten up/hurt/ripped off, you would find that the cops would have little or no sympathy for you, so it's better to avoid that happening to you.

I get the impression that Belguel had always checked with the girls ahead of time before taking their photo - probably a good thing to do wherever you go.

A trick I often used at the Hilton was to hook up with a girl and then tell her to come by my room the next morning around 7-8 a.m. That way, I avoid the extra charge on my room bill, and I get to have some fun to start off the day.

03-18-04, 22:41
Hey Steve,

Thanks for your reports. Quite interesting. These girls seem to be very hot but, I am afraid, a bit agressive. But the choice seem to be very good. Somalian women are my type. Did you find some girls looking like Imane (wife of David Bowie)


03-19-04, 17:01
I have heard that so many street walkers use to walk on the Koinange Street but this has changed for the last weeks since some ministers were videotaped while they took some of the girls.

I checked the Jockey Pub inside the Hilton and it has always been dead. I saw once 2 nice girls but it is surely not worth the effort to check this place.

Then I have noticed that there were always some nice chicks available at the Thorn Tree Cafe in the Stanley Hotel, even during the afternoon. This place is very enjoyable and it has a terrace facing the street.

I called once the Jasmine massage parlor that has an add in the Daily Nation newspaper. On the phone, the lady said that many girls were available for 3000Kshillings escort service price. I asked if there was any girl who could have some anal sex but none of them could. So I asked for one who looked like an arab.
Leila came one hour later, she was indeed half kenyan half Yemenite. I gave her the 3000 and she then said that this was the price for the mamasan; her own 2000Kshillings was not included.
I saw the same girl a couple of days later in the New Florida.

Jamis Plumber
03-19-04, 18:14
Farang Steve,

3000Ksh. +2000Ksh. was a real rip-off!

I spent 2 weeks in Nairobi as part of a working visit to E.Africa and for sure the parlours are a place to avoid. With Ksh3000 you could have possibly got about 5SWs. Am sure you realised that quality-wise there is no difference.

While in E.Africa, I found acquitance with young hotel personel (males) very precious. Not only do they know good quality SWs who they can connect but can also negotiate beforehand a price you are willing to offer. Just say you want a good one willing to take $50. But this must be expressed in Ksh so it appears alot!

Taxi drivers are another link especially if you stick to one. The tips for a service well done: pay his taxi fare, OFFER to visit his home and a good evening with cheap beer and 'Muchomo'.

If you are lucky, you will even get non-pros, the Belguel type, delivered at your hotel room! E.Africans can be very generous if you develop some form of bond.

If you are staying for long, visit some of big company offices (Telecom, Airlines, Insurance etc) seeking service Info. Wink to the secretaries and a smile is greenlight. An invitation to your hotel for a glass of wine will yield you all you want.

One important aspect with this type is they want to be appreciated. Here you assume you have fallen in Love. Not only then will you be able to take photos (for 'sweet memories') but also will 'anal connoiter' (she will want to impress you she is good).

Investment in time and effort (c.f. Belguel 30 and get 3, you didnt tell us time frame) is equally important.

Before you leave, please explore the university environment(especially Nairobi Univ.) by taking a walk there or trying it out in any one canteen on campus.

Stay far away and clear of the cops. They are real bastards and very mean.

03-22-04, 14:08
This is Abigael from New Florida disco on my first day of Arrival

03-22-04, 14:12
The Same Abigael was working hard to get her deserved tip.

03-22-04, 14:38
Not easy to recognize her, but this is still Abigael who is sitting on me.

03-22-04, 14:42
Apparently, Abigael has got back her sight after that monumental cumshot.

03-22-04, 14:50
She is the lady that I picked up from Modern Green Bar. As previously mentionned, she was probably not the prettiest but I did not want to stay any longer in that bar to pick up someone cuter.

03-22-04, 14:55
This is Wambui from Florida 2000. She was insulting the receptionist at the Hilton because she was asking her Id.
She was already getting undressed in the taxi and took nearly all her clothes off in the lift.

A few minutes before pushing her away from my room, I took this picture.
Very nasty girl...

03-22-04, 14:57
This Leila told me she was half Kenyan, half from Yemen.
Don't know if this is true,but this is how she looks.
Looks sweet but can be wilder if asked..

03-22-04, 15:00
That is the lady who wanted to break my camera when i took a picture while she sucked me.
She looked a lot better inside the dark of the disco, but this pic does not do her any justice.
Half tanzanian, half white.

03-22-04, 15:03
Picked that one in Florida 2000 but she did not have any Id so i called her the following day and she went in my place during the afternoon.
Incredibly friendly and funny when sober, but she can drink 8 bottle of beers at night,what gives her a bad breathe.
According to her, she may be half kenyan, half israeli.

Frank Africa
03-22-04, 17:22
Dear Farang Steve:

Thanks for the nice collection of photos. Brought back some good memories.

Half-Kenyan, half-Israeli - not bad, glad to see that you used the trick of having her come by during the day. Also, you make a good point in that one shouldn't let these girls drink too much! Several years ago I was with a fine young lady in Tanzania who drank lots of "konyagi" (locally-made vodka) in the hotel disco, then when she got up to the room, passed out completely, so nothing happened, then the next morning was abusive and wanted lots of cash for nothing.

Very impressed by Leila from Jasmine's, will try to look her up myself if I'm in Nairobi soon.

The young lady who you picked up at Modern Green is not that bad looking at all. Also looks like you enjoyed your time with her. :)

Finally, you were smart to get rid of Wambui. Girls like her are always more trouble than they are worth!

By the way, over the years I have been in a few situations where I had a rough Wambui-type in my hotel room and couldn't get rid of her. If all else fails, you can always call hotel security and they'll get rid of the girl for you. If you are the paying guest, hotel security will always take your side (unlike the cops out on the street), although you might have to give the security guy a "golden handshake" (500 or 1,000 Kenyan shillings in his palm) afterwards.

Jamis Plumber
03-22-04, 18:42
Hi Steve,

You deserve a medal :). In my opinion, Tania was a real catch though the boobs don't look great.

With the one sitting on you, there is no way you missed her G-spot or she, the associated orgasm:)

As you could have observed, a good number of girls are of mixed skin complexion / blood. It is even more pronounced at the coast, Malindi and Mombasa. Some of them are daughters of sailors,Indian and Arab traders, tourists i.e mongers like yourself:). Many of these probably don't even know their fathers and have inherited their mothers' occupation; trade in the flesh.

Arguably, sober and day is best for your pocket and quality selection (though narrower) but the selection range is wide only at night.

Jamis Plumber
03-22-04, 19:09
as an addition farang,

the attire on the israeli: your innovation or hers? it reminds me belguel's "[CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)" dressing:)

03-22-04, 22:13

You did well! Nice pictures and the cum shots are great. From Morocco to Kenya go Africa and we need more footage from the dark conitnent my fellow mongers!

Me Crazy
03-23-04, 15:40
Hats off to Farang Steve!

Cheers Mate.

03-23-04, 17:10
Jamis Plumber, you are right about Tania's attire. Belguel's pics did impress me so much that I have tried to do something similar, This is funny knowing that Belguel and I come from the same country. But I don't have his skills and I did not feel very comfortable taking pictures of girls who could become agressive.

What I noticed about the few girls that I met is that none of them had the intention to get a shower, so you would have more fun if you keep insisting on that issue as nobody enjoys having sex with a girl that spent the night dancing and drinking.

Another pleasant surprise is that all of them did ask me to use a condom before i mentionned it. I thought that some of them would ride on top of me without caring if i was wearing a condom or not, but this did not happen.

About trying to hook up with a normal girl in town, it is not that easy as while you get ready to talk to a girl, hustlers and touts get ready to come to talk to you. Then in the center of town, i haven't seen many girls who were wandering around, most of them were going somewhere and they were walking fast.
I thought that I could flirt a few girls in a shopping mall like it is often the case worldwide, so I went to Sarit Center in Westlands.
This was a bad idea as once again, no blacks girls were in this area, only some asians girls with their moms.
Apparently, many nice girls wander in the Village Market shopping mall, but you would have to spend more than 1000Kshillings to go there by taxi and that is nearly the amount of a LT with a prostitute, so why bother.

03-24-04, 17:16
Another pic of Tania's ass

03-24-04, 17:22
This is the pic that did anger so much the Tanzanian girl. Obviously, she had no reason to get mad since only her feet are recognizable.

03-24-04, 17:27
It was always my intention to take a picture of the beautiful zebra painting hanging on the wall.
It is just a coincidence that 2 people are having sex at that precise moment.

03-24-04, 17:36
Pictures speak better than words

03-24-04, 17:37
How nice to look at the camera when i take her picture.

03-24-04, 17:39
Please note that I was not drunk when i slept with her, i was just horny and of course, this one was free.
I hope that she will forgive me for posting her pic,,because she is a nice and respectable married woman.

03-24-04, 17:40
Even with her clothes on, she looks joyful,doesn't she?

03-24-04, 17:42
What a pity that she did not agreed to have some nude pictures taken because she looks photogenic.

03-24-04, 23:53
Farang Steve & your Country man Belguel - should move from Belgium to start a new career in porn movies in Hollywood, USA. I would buy your XXX DVDS for sure.

As an inspiration, I now plan to monger in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda this year. You can be sure I will post explicit and un-censored footage from African continent after my trip. Be on the look out for my report someday!

Jamis Plumber
03-25-04, 20:40
Steve, Steve, Steve.

My first born son, 18, is Steve. He wanted to explore the wonders at the port of Mombasa last autumn and accompanied me on my trip there. I got to his room early in the morning to find an eagle-spread big-boob Mama! I apologised; like father like son.
A report about the free African Mama is worth reading Steve.

04-17-04, 11:59
Excellent reports from Me Crazy and Farang Steve!

Abigail is an old favourite of mine, wholly recommended! Too bad I can't see the pics at the moment as I think I know Tania and Wambui as well... :-)

I read most of old reports in this section and I have some more information:

Buffalo Bill's STILL EXISTS. A Kenyan bought the interior(!) of the bar at Heron Court when it closed and re-built it next to his restaurant. It is now called "RK's" (the owner's initials) and is located on Lenana Road. Coming from the centre of Nairobi, pass Cedars restaurant on the right and Misono Japanese Restaurant on the left and after another 100 meters or so you'll see a large sign on the right side of Lenana Road. Turn right into the dirt road and right again.

It is not as busy as it used to be years ago but it still is a favourite watering hole for a select few whites and blacks and the closest thing to a 'local pub' I know in Kenya. Decent food and beer at good prices and a pool table. There is no way to tell if the place will full or empty on certain days. Friday's are usually good but sometimes the place is dead(ish). Always some girls present, quality varies. Some of them did make the move from Heron Court to the new location so if you're looking for an old favourite you may get lucky. Sometimes newbies can be found here.

There is no point in going to Modern Green. It really turned into a dive. If you want to check that type of joint and "lower end" women try the Fameland bar a few hundred meters from there, also in the River Road area. Forgot the name of the street, so ask your friendly taxi driver. Never, ever, walk in that area of town on your own at night.

Business on Koinange Street is back to normal. Personally I prefer to pick up girls in clubs: more relaxed, time for a chat, more choice and a chance to check the merchandise. Mad House (New Florida) absolutely rules. I consistently find great girls there, much more so than any other place. A funny thing about Nairobi is that some of the girls you expect to be SW's don't want any money after and I had some really pleasant surprises. Of course you also meet the occasional whiner that demands 2 or 3 times as much as is normal. Best ignored.

On the cops: I have been here for over 2,5 years and never had any problems with them. Sure, some of them are bullshitting and trying to squeeze some money out of you, but let them know that you know they're wrong, stay respectful and move on. If you are cornered and they insist on cash, remember that 1000 KES is really serious money to over 90% of Kenyans and goes a long way in most situations.

04-17-04, 22:01
Farang Steve!

What a nice smile she has, Tania. I am soon travelling to Kenya, and Nairobi. Do you have her number or any information where to find her? Tell me a little bit how she was in bed. *smile*

Anyway, been to Kenya and even stayed in East Africa for a long period of time, so if anyone want some info, just ask me.

Capt Kremmen
04-20-04, 23:34
Hello gentlemen,

Just to say that I'm going to Kenya for the first time in June or maybe July and would like to meet up for a drink in Nairobi with anyone who shares my appreciation of its women (or its other attractions!).

I'll be booking my flight in the next few days and am very flexible in when I can go so I might well choose a time when more WSG readers are around. Please contact me if you fancy meeting up.

T Poet
04-25-04, 11:47
I hope to pass through the mother land as well early July maybe we can meet up for the attractions no drinks for me. If any of you kind hearted mongers there in Kenya or anywhere in the Motherland have any more strong backside pics of the locals it would be appreciated. Happy trails until we meat again.


Great One
05-13-04, 12:34
After reading past reports of everyone paying $25-40 us for the night, I have one thing to say. You got to be out your fucking mind to pay that much in a country where most people there don't make $400 a year. For real though, what are the real prices? It seems in a country where most people make a little over a dollar a day that 2-5 dollars a night seems fair. And that price goes for most of Africa wich has most of the poorest countrys in the world.

Langsuan Man
05-15-04, 09:12
Just a quick update on my recent visit to Nairobi on Easter weekend of 2004. I wanted to go to Zanzibar and check out the action in Dar but all flights out of Nairobi were all booked so I was stuck there for the long weekend. Posters are correct that Buffalo Bills at the Heron Court has closed. Did not know of the "new" location as posted by Kipara but found an alternate in the open air restaurant across the street from the 680 hotel.

When it gets dark all the honeys go there on their way to the two Florida's (2000 and New Florida). Met a Nigerian honey there by the name of Connie who quoted me a reasonable price of 3,000 KSH for the whole night. (KSH 78 to the USD). Took her back to my hotel (Serena) and they took her ID and returned it the next morning without a blink (and no additional 1,600 KSH charge like one of the other posters mentioned).

Since Connie was sort of a "target of opportunity" I wasn't really prepared to party and although she was more than up to the job my little friend wouldn't cooperate. (Viagra after a big meal is not the way to go). BBBJ but I just couldn't perform and cum. She tried like a champ but that is life.

I take exception to GREAT ONE's rant:
< After reading past reports of everyone paying $25-40 us for the night, I have one thing to say. You got to be out your fucking mind to pay that much in a country where most people there don't make $400 a year>

You pay what the going rate is and that has nothing to do with what the average laborer is making IMHO. If you used that logic Thailand, Philippines, etc. are all overpriced. It is the fact that a low average wage is what allows us punters to have relatively cheap pussy in the first place. If these girls could make a decent wage they wouldn't be spreading their legs for us.

I was in Korea during the 70's and the average was $10 for a whole night but prices rose as the economy rose and now you can't find a Korean "Yobo" period. They are all imported "entertainers" and now want at least a $100 USD for a LT.

Just try finding a girl in ANY developed country and not only will you not get a LT but your ST will be more than YOU make in a week.

05-16-04, 01:37
I have only been to Nairobi once, but I did work in various African countries in the East, Central, South and West, so I have some idea of the going rates. I found Nairobi (like Lagos and Abidjan) much more expensive than the typical Africa cities, perhaps because it's one of the largest cities in Africa and attracts a larger number of expats than a lot of the others. In Accra, when I paid, which was not often, it was never more than $15, and in Kampala, never more than $10 Most of the time though, I did not pay at all, which was not the case in Nairobi where the whole scene was very commercial.

05-16-04, 06:18
I know good price in Mombasa and nairobi, for all nighter is Ksh 2000, and girls are happy.

You can to pay less, but You must bargain.

Today 1 US$ is 79 Ksh and 1 euro is 93.

So not very expansive, I think, and with this ammount You can choise the best

05-21-04, 16:59
I should have known, really:

Shortly after posting the info on the new location of Buffalo Bills there was a bit of a problem between the manager and owner leading to the regular customers boycotting the place out of solidarity. So: now Buffalo Bills/RK's IS dead. RIP.

But there are always other places. Not often mentioned but recently picking up again is "Bavaria". Lots and lots of girls. Not all of them are pretty but the place has a nice, laid back atmosphere. A good place to go for a drink if you're on your way from K1 to Mad House. :-)

Bavaria is located on Chiromo Road (Uhuru Highway) between Chiromo Lane and Museum Hill roundabout.

My two cents on the "expensive/cheap going rate" debate:

It's all relative! I get what I want for 1000 bob most of the time. If there are girls out there making much more, good for them, but I don't play that way. I also know that there are plenty of girls out in the slums that will do anything for 100 shillings. In Kenya most people are jobless and when they have work they seldom make more than 200 shillings a day. It's sad, but true. The entire economy revolves around those figures, including prostitution. Nairobi is not Bangkok: I'd say that the effect of expats/tourists on the average prices in the trade is overrated.

05-21-04, 21:12

In Kenya I don't ask any price: after all night in the morning I give 2.000 Ksh (16 US$ about) and girls are happy.

05-29-04, 04:46
I was in Ghana last year; it seems that everywhere I went, all people, men and women were interested who I was admiring. It was very competitive there. I was watching a woman at a bus station and soon, others were gathering around her advising her what to do. Is it similar in Kenya? Also, last year, I dated two different Kenyans and one Nigerian in the US. If I had to make a generallality, the Kenyan's were far more charming, cute accents, and higher standards. I wonder what the opinion of you who have been to both countries? I'm going to Kenya in July.

Great One
05-30-04, 02:42
I'm looking for information for a house or apartment rentals. I can't find nothing on the internet besides a few highly over priced propertys ($1600.00 us per month). So if anyone could help me out where to find local listings of these, I'd be greatfull.

06-01-04, 09:30
Was just in Nairobi and now regretting having left. Thanks for all the posts, they really helped me out a lot. I stayed at a hotel called Terminal Hotel or Terminal H Hotel. This is located close to the bus terminal across from a park and perpendicular to Koinage street. Cost was 1000 /night and bringing a girl back after 6pm was an extra 300.

Langsuan Man posted about an open air restaurant/bar across from the 680 hotel. I opted to give this a try on a Sunday night around 7pm. A few cute girls but a couple looked below 18. Gave it a miss and opted for a movie. Came back after the movie around 10pm and a number of girls were sitting with guys, and maybe 4 girls by themselves. I ordered a beer and sat down to watch. I caught the girls eyes, but none came up to me.

I was getting cold so paid for me beer 85KES, went to the washroom and headed out. On the way out, Susie stopped me to ask where I was from and where I was going? Spoke to her for 2 minutes and she asked if she could come with me (I said I was cold and was going to go to another bar closer to my hotel).

I said sure. She suggested a cab, saying it was too dangerous to walk, but I opted for thewalk.

We walked by Floriida on Koinage St and she suggested going there, but I just wanted a beer so said no. Passed my hotel, to go the bar but it was now closed, so we were gonna go back to Florida. Passed my hotel a 2nd time and I just asked her if she wanted to come to my room. She said sure and I asked how much. She quoted 3000KES, and I said I could only pay 1000KES and she said sure for the whole night.
Back at my room, we quickly got undressed and she provided a good BBBJCIM. As I was about to come I told/warned her, and she says "that's OK, I'm here to please you". She had a great attitude.

Upon first reading previous reports I was a little uncertain on the scene, but having participated just once, I'd be much more confident next time. Can't wait to get back.

Johan Waans
06-01-04, 16:51
Having visited Ethiopia earlier this year and having been to Ghana ,Togo and Ivory Coast, I find Nairobi very commercial, but maybe I am just a bit jaded and Kenya is just a bit too touristy for me. Met a girl in my hotel lobby in Nairobi and took her to my room, having just come from the airport, I felt jetlagged so I needed some distraction. I must admit she was a great fuck, could not come very quickly, because she was too wet for about 30 minutes. So I should not really be complaining here right now.

Right now, I am in Kisumu near the border with Uganda, could go to a disco tonight with a taxi driver, but am doubting whether to save my energy for Kampala, as I have read some very positive reports about it and it should be a lot more off the beaten track.
All in all, my personal conclusion is I find Accra and Lome much nicer cities, but am sure you can have a good time in Kenya too as i have not spend much time here and have been spoiled in these other African countries and South East Asia.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Mango Jango
06-02-04, 07:19
Picked up these two chicks at a nightclub... took 'em back to the hotel in a taxi that looked like an old 'Austin A40' or its illegitimate cousin the 'Indian Ambassador.'

Parked the taxi just outside the hotel and snuk in through the gardens to avoid confronting hotel security at 1.00am

Turns out this worked well coz the route was long and complicated and the girls couldn't figure out where they were going or how they could leave in a hurry .. as the taxi dirver had warned me the girls tried to rip me off but were frustrated that they couldn't get more out of me than what i had baragained for.

They did manage to drink a few beers from the mini-bar though and i was happy to let 'em do that as long as I could take a few pictures.

Sex was actually better with the not so pretty one. Tthe pretty one was as pretty as they coem but also as bitchy as they come when she found out that she couldn't get more from me. the other girls was happy to get laid, get paid and get going. Total cost for both birds was US$60 ($30 each) - taxi cost $10 each way - beer at the nighclub cost $10 for the three of us. $80 was worth the fun.

These nightclubs have tons of women - all easy to pick up - the arab/indian mixed women are lovely - some of them are from tanzania as these two claimed to be... just make sure you get played, not played out. :-)



Mango Jango
06-02-04, 07:19
The pretty one.

Mango Jango
06-02-04, 07:20
The four poster bed at the game and Safari Lodge Hotel.

Mango Jango
06-02-04, 07:21
Long shot of the pretty one (nice legs too) and a rear shot of the other one.

06-08-04, 14:07
HI Everyone!

My name is Daniel, 29 years old, from Europe! Been staying for long time in Africa, Kenya and Tanzania in particular. And the women there are the most beautyful and loving on the planet! They are caring, and you really get a real nice GFE.

Now I am travelling back to Kenya and Tanzania in the beginning of August, and asking if someone who read this can join me for some hot night spots. I know where to go and how to find the girls.....

Just send a pm or a message here, and if there are some other people who also have experince of east african girls. Let's start discuss.

Hope to hear from anyone soon!

06-11-04, 18:32
Damn! It seems that every place I mention here closes two weeks later!

Alas, but Bavaria is now closed, and is unlikely to ever open again. I guess this means we have to stick to the regular joints.


06-13-04, 02:02

You may want to consider Almaty, Kazakhstan. There, you will have a choice between lovely, blond Russian girls and the Mongols, lovely in their own right, and the only Asians I have ever seen with blue eyes. The city itself is really nice, with good restaurants, bars, and clubs. Sofia Bulgaria and Bucharest Romania are also excellent places for Russian chicks, but you don't get many Asians there.


Me Crazy
06-14-04, 08:01
hi tucker,

mate you are posting in the wrong thread. if you prefer cis, russian and asian (meaning chinese) cheap and best place to head is dubai mate. prices are afforable and service is mind blowing. you should have a peek at the dubai thread.

cheers and happy punting !

Licked It
06-24-04, 00:26
I am VERY interested in travel to Kenya. What / How long / Cost to get a VISA.

I know AIDS is a big problem there, but wow, the women..



06-25-04, 21:42

I will be in Kenya the 2nd week of August (maybe 7 August although it is still flexible). It would be great to meet up with you. I lived in Nairobi for a while a few years ago and had some great experiences. Please PM me asap so that we can arrange meeting up and take it fom there!

Take it easy,


Van Rensberg
06-27-04, 06:02
Hi all,

I'm making my first trip to Africa in September. Currently I've only been touring in South East Asia (Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam).

I am unsure which country to visit in Africa so I would welcome any suggestions. Obviously drinking and mongering are my prime activites during the night but I would like somewhere near a beach to laze around during the day.

I will be flying to Africa from Bangkok and am currently thinking of either Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania or Ethiopia.

Would welcome any suggestions.


Great One
06-28-04, 02:54
Van, I've been doing alot of research on Africa mainly on houseing and the econimics and the modern culture.

I've found that in Kenya that houses and apartment rent are high.
I can find way better places for the price in the US. Rental cars there also seem higher than in the US by a average of $10-15 dollars a day more. I don't understand how the average person there makes around $1000 per year and the average rent there for middle class apartment is around $800 per month.

I don't think you'll have that hard of a time finding a women at all anywhere. Just start a coversation with one. Offer to go on a date with them first before offering money for sex. Usally by taking them on date and/or buying them gifts will get you sex.

Becarefull of scammers!

M Zungo
07-01-04, 21:04
Let me correct a few things. I've lived in Africa 10 yrs and picked up something at least. Housing etc is not expensive in Africa, if you look for classy"whites only" of course youll be ripped off, if you find your own house in African areas, you'll get a decent house for 200-300 dollars a month. The same goes for most things in africa, white skin means treble price. I laugh when I hear what some guys give the chics here, not that it is expensive but the girl will be laughing all the way to the bar with her friends.

The place which is mentioned a lot here next to 680 hotel is called Simmers. Its an open air bar, restaurant etc, mixed crowd, lots of girls go there before they hit the Florida discos. but if you know your way around you'll pick up girls anywhere in Africa. It is hard to believe how easy it is in fact.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Great One
07-02-04, 14:27

See for yourself. Those are the best priced homes. I don't want to live in a dump.

M Zungo
07-02-04, 15:43
Nairobi is not as dangerous as people say but as people point out here there are lots and lots of conmen about, and you will be approached if you walk about in the city.

Classic stories like im a refugee or a teacher and I need to know a few things from you bla bla bla, just keep walking and say you dont have time, it happens all the time.

Walking about in Nairobi in daytime is no problem, avoid River Road area perhaps or at least watch out a lot more there.

In nighttime I very rarely walk, better spend 3 dollars on a taxi than risking trouble.

For those of you going to Mombasa as well do not miss Tembo disco, good hunting ground!


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



M Zungo
07-04-04, 16:01
I'm not talking about living in dumps, I wouldnt do that either.

What I'm saying is that the type of housing youre talking about, like a lot of other things if you dont know youre way around, is horribly overpriced.

It is mostly for people who dont pay themselves anyway, like UN or diplomats.

I've rented 2-3 bedroom houses, security fence, small garden, back up water tanks, hot water, fans, decent kitchen ,tv ,furniture etc, good locations, for 200-400 dollars.

And funniest of all, when i broke up with one girlfriend( african of course) and left her in one of the houses, she got the rent down to 100 dollars.

As a foreigner you will always be ripped of, though it is still cheap sometimes with our standards.

It does require some contacts and knowledge to find of course Im just saying that the others are a total rip off and I rather spend all that money on staying longer, plus of course living more local is where you really discover the african girls.

Great One
07-06-04, 22:46
M Zungo,

Did you see the web link I posted to houseing there? That was the best prices I found. That web site was giving to me by a women in kenya. I would be very happy if the prices you say are true. I've have talked to other women from there and have got mixed responses on the priceing. Some say the prices are like you quote and some say they are like on the web site but the are nagotiable on the sale price on houses.

Was the house you stayed in atatched or in complex? I would like one with privacy and big yard. Staying in local areas in lower class areas in a good rule to meet women almost every where. But if I buy house there I think I would like more higher class areas. thanks for you info.

Suga Dady 31
07-09-04, 07:23
Dear Friends,

No offense but the kenya forum seems like a real estate classified section of the newspaper now.

Guys, we are here to discuss the opporunities and potentials of pussies not about how much the rent and preperty rates are at the moment.

So please, lets be more informative and contribute. In my experience, I think the Florida is the best bet and if you are indian lovers, then you have to have private contacts and may be pavement is a good bet. A friend of mione who lives in nairobi just infomred me that a new indian mujra place has opened up. I am going there in august and lets see how it is.

Will keep you posted and if anyone has any interesting contacts, pls post them.

I would like to thank MeCrazy for giving out a few references on my last trip to Nairobi.



Quarter Movie
07-12-04, 19:45
Florida 2000 is the place to go to pick up chicks especially if you are a "ma-zun-gu." I was in Mombasa (North Coast) and stayed at the Sun & Sand Hotel. Great place to stay, all inclusive, and all the alcohol you can drink! Out the front gate of the hotel are a couple of bars and just a few minutes at the pool table and the girls are coming out of the woodwork! They all have small rooms within walking distance of the bar to "take care of business."


M Zungo
07-13-04, 06:14
There are so many places to find women in Nai that it would be easier to mention where you dont find them.

New Florida, madhouse, is very wild, and lots and lots of wild girls. Close to madhouse is a reggae club where i never went, even the kenyans say its very rough, cant remember the name but its up a small stair. Dont think ill go there, maybe the name is hollywood.

Try to avoid the really pushy girls at F2(madhouse), you tend to get nicer ones if you take one slighty less aggressive.

Florida 2000, or F1, has more girls but they tend to be less fun in my opinion, in F2 you can really pick up wild girls.

I was never impressed with pavement, it was more like europe, a few nice chics and lots of guys.

Ive tried york disco, never seen any other westerners there but i never had any problems, lots of students, easy to pick one for free there. It is close to florida 2000, maybe dont go there alone unless you have been in nai for a while.

Simmers is a nice and easy pick up point, even in the afternoon youll find one or two if in need.

07-17-04, 12:04
Want travel company to EAST AFRICA (AUGUST)

My name is Daniel, 29 years old, from Europe! Been staying for long time in Africa, Kenya and Tanzania in particular. And the women there are the most beautyful and loving on the planet! They are caring, and you really get a real nice GFE.

Now I am travelling back to Kenya and Tanzania the 11th of August, and asking if someone who read this can join me for some hot night spots. I know where to go and how to find the girls.....

Just send a pm or a message here, and if there are some other people who also have experince of east african girls. Let's start discuss.

Hope to hear from anyone soon!

Member #2392
07-29-04, 14:39
Here are three Pic´s from my travel to Kenya in 1993. I hope you enjoy.


Member #2392
07-29-04, 14:39

Member #2392
07-29-04, 14:41
And now the last Pic.

Swede Thing
07-29-04, 22:27

I went to Lamu 2003 and enjoyed it fully. I met two girls there, one woman in the full islamic dress that showed me some bare skin in an alley and wanted me to follow which I did. I talked to here a while but it did not feel great so I gave up.

Woman number two was more interesting. She whispered quietly to me when I was walking the seafront of Lamu town. I met her the next day at the beach and after a little kissing and hugging she followed me home and stayed with me over night. She was really nice and also very goodlooking with a perfect 18 year old body. I couldn't manage to get her inte the shower before we went to bed but the sex was nice, unhurried and playful. Cost? I bought her a soda and a dinner in the evening.

Lamu is not a place to go to if you want to meet woman but there are defenitely some nice woman there. I bought a beer to one of the locals and he wanted to set me up with a woman with somali look (tall and big tits) but unfortunately I was forced back to Nairobi.

08-03-04, 22:48
I've just got back from Nairobi after a unusualy hot July. A quick update:

Sadly RKs (Formerly Buffalo Bills) seems to be getting quiter on the totti front, but still a great place to meet up with expats.

Bavaria Hotel frequented by girls from Somalia, Ethiopia, African and a good few local Indians, has sadly closed down and I dont think its going to open again!

Otherwise the girls are back in numbers on Koinange Street after the so called clamp down by police and the Mad House is as active as ever.

I will be posting some pics of lovely bootys as soon as I resize them.


Member X
08-07-04, 22:15
Girl from Florida.

08-08-04, 06:54

That's one FINE looking lady.
Let's just hope her work was as good as her looks...

Desi Member
08-09-04, 05:14
Hello All,

I want to know if there is any special concern for an East Indian guy regarding mongering scene in Kenya ? I read a little about social tensions among natives and Indian Kenyans .

I love black beauties. Please elaborate your observations. This will help me in planning accordingly.

Thanks in advance.


Great One
08-10-04, 07:18
I would have to disagree. That lady looks 20-30lbs over wieght. Look at that stomach!

08-11-04, 12:39
Does any one know the "Norfolks" attitude to room guests?

08-13-04, 11:53
Can any one tell me if the Norfolk Hotel is 'guest' friendly?

08-13-04, 15:47

Yes, there are some social tensions between the different communities here but not in the trade! All over Nairobi you see Indians hang out with black girls and even black guys wit Indian girls. While it would be a real problem (if not impossible) for an Indian to marry a black girl you can easily hook up with a girl for a "short period" in all the usual places.

I've found that the girls treat all man equal. Maybe even more equal as soon as they realise you're a foreigner. :-)

Enjoy your trip!

08-14-04, 06:25
For the Norfolk, I would say No. Unless you find the real top of the market and nothing looks suspect, and you sneak in. But, if obvious, I don't know how they'll tell you but they'll probably try. But again, discretion might work.

08-14-04, 06:29
RK is well dead, I confirm. Action seems to have moved to the Salama Annex. I have not been there for years but that's what I was told. To go there, take the road in front of the late Heron Court, uphill away from town. At the end of this road (a T junction) you'll see a dirt track on the other side (Eagle Appartments are on the right-hand side) and if you continue for about 300 metres you'll find the Salama Annex on the right.

08-14-04, 06:35
Hey, here is a little story, or warning in case that happens to you. Have a girl at home, and all's going fine. In the morning however, you hear a faint call from the bathroom. And she's there, groaning that she fell and that she hurt her spinal cord. (you thought that seeing her level of education she'd use a different name, like she hurt her back, never mind.), and there's some blood (or whatever) mark on her ear.

Tell you what, it happened to a friend and provided some embarrassing time.

(Doesn't mean that if someone really falls you have to throw her out!!!)(But, you have been warned.)

Suga Dady 31
08-14-04, 13:03
Hello Friends,

Its good to see this forum active.

I am on my way to Nairobi from sunday till tuesday. Anyone interested in meeting and do some hunting together. Please let me know.



M Zungo
08-15-04, 17:24
One thing I have noticed with Nairobi girls is that uneducated and so they might be but some of these little "innocent" chics are seriously good at creating stories.

Dont get fooled by it, I thought after hundreds of these chics around the world I knew them but some of them should be working as agents instead of what theyre doing.Perhaps they are?

Ive never had any problems with theft etc from them but comparing them to chics from other places where Ive been, like Asia, Central America, other African countires, Nai chics are surely on a different level, both when it comes to good sex and being streetwise.

08-21-04, 00:25
As I promised, here is one I had earlier from Florida night club in Nairobi. Very polite and loving stayed with me until the afternoon after lunch & drinks at Simmers.

08-23-04, 19:34
Another one from same girl in Nairobi.


08-23-04, 19:36
And another one, enjoy.


09-05-04, 15:17
So, I have been to the Salama Annex to check out a bit. It was a Monday evening and there was not a huge amount of action or offers. I would put this on the Monday evening though, the place is clean and quite relax, most of the patrons looked like regular and it looks like it is the next place for what we are here looking for.

Swede Thing
09-11-04, 15:25
Nairobi Madhouse and Simmers.

Spend an evening at Madhouse and picked up a really nicelooking woman with perfect tits and huge round ass (sorry no digital photos). I enjoyed here repetedly over the night and when she left in the morning I bought her breakfast at the restaurant. The supply of really goodlooking woman at madhouse was very good. The biggest problem is to chose one as the first one who see you will work hard on you all the time. This one was maybe a 8 in looks and 8 in good sex.

Picked up a woman the next day I was in Nairobi at Simmers. Very nice and polite and not very pushy at all. Enjoyed good sex there also with overnight stay at my hotel.

I gave the girls 3000 KSH each and that seemed quite OK. At my hotel Terminal I had to pay an extra 300 KSH for making my room a double. The hotel is nice and have good location but unfortunately quite noicy as there seems to be a reggie club very close to the hotel. If you want to stay there you should ask for a room facing the street as those are quiter. Sometimes you had to sleep also.

After these woman I met an ex girlfriend which really wanted to be my girlfriend again so I had no more experiences to tell about.

09-11-04, 17:27

Johan Waans
09-11-04, 18:09
Just spend about two weeks in Kenya. I still find the place more commercial than its neighbours, but managed to have a great time anyway. In Nairobi, as mentioned in many previous post, the best place to go to every day is 'Mad House' and the other 'Florida' on weekends. They are both disco's and I had a few girls from both, including one nymphomaniac. She calls herself 'Abigail' and I did her six times, starting in the evening till the next day. This one told me she would like to act in a porn movie, being done by three guys in every hole. She promised me I could have her in every hole and that she could bring her lesbian girlfriend too if I came the next evening. I did go there, she tried to convince me to go with her again, she even showed me the baby oil she had brought (only for me?). But I declined, being too tired from the night before and finding here too hard core.

Spent another ten days in Mombassa and believe it or not this place reminded me a little of Pattaya in Thailand. Of course this is highly exaggerated (I spent about six months in Thailand). And for somebody who has never been to Africa, they may be in for a shock if they are used to things in 'the land of smiles'.

But the sea and the number of girls in the disco's and bars just gave me that feeling. But again it is only me...

I would advise every body to stay away from the resorts and get an appartment hotel. I think high season is starting soon, so things should only get better. Now the action:

There are many disco's just outside town which are really booming during the weekend : Tembo is probably the best. In town there is Cassablanca(which is more like a 24 hour bar) and Florida(with seaside view). During the week, you can go to bars like Cheers, Bora Bora, Pirates, Aloha or the disco(Casourinas) in Mtwapa,which is a village just outside Mombassa. Of course there are many other places to go, but these are the one's I went to myself and had a great time. Just have a drink there or have some 'mira', dance a little and the girls will be on you like flies. At night there are also beach walkers, who do their business on the beach, but I did not get involved with them.

Of course, you can get a 'normal' girl if you want, but they get very quickly attached. That is why I prefer to pay(gave 2000 shilling for long time,which is about 20 euro). Did I pay too much. I do not know ,but some girls I did 5 times, so who cares.

If you are lazy, the guards can also bring you girls. They did for me, she was nice, but I was just too tired.

Basically, as everywhere in Africa : anybody is available, but people are very relaxed in Mombassa and the sea makes it quite an enjoyable place.

Pedro Chilli
09-12-04, 09:41
Arrived in Nairobi yesteday. Thanks to other board members for their advice. Went to Florida disco. Unbelievable amount of good looking woman in there. They are all very shapely and built a bit bigger than their se asian counterparts. Chose one and took her back to terminal hotel which is about 20 bucks a night. She gave bbbj but insisted on condom for sex which is good to see. She told me all the tourists here want anal. With the aids statistics in Kenya I think they must be crazy. Anyway she was a good shag and was happy with 2000 shillings which is about $25. I told her I want to change girls every night at the Florida and she said no problem. We will see tonight. Was only planning to spend a couple of days in Nairobi but there was just so much talent available I might have to stay longer.

Nyc Expat
09-12-04, 19:58
Are there many caucasian men at these discos mentioned socializing with the women?


09-12-04, 22:26
More from the Madhouse in Nairobi.

Answer to NYC Expat's question, yes there are many caucasians with local girls. Enjoy.


09-12-04, 22:28
More, enjoy.


09-13-04, 09:34
Im visiting Nairobi at the end of the week 18th till 25th - any fellow members going to be there who want to meet for a drink and some mongering?

Keep up the good work and my report will follow when I return.

Pedro Chilli
09-13-04, 14:17
Took another girl from florida disco last night. She said she was Masai. She was about 5'11, beautiful face, slim with great tits. We agreed on 2000 ($25) for the night. Got back to the terminal and this chick literally sucked and shagged the ass off me. She could not get enough. At first I thought she was faking, but after a couple of hours (luckily I have some leftover veetabs from Cambo) she still wanted more and more. More poor todger looks like its been in a war this morning. Man if all the chicks here are like her I think I might be cutting down on the se asia holidays and exploring more of Africa in the future. If anyone is going to the madhouse (florida disco) in the near future her name is Leena. Believe me, you will not regret it. I am off to Mombasa tomorrow to try the infamous Tembo disco.

M Zungo
09-14-04, 04:23
Lot of action on the board, good to hear Pedro liked the madhouse. It is hard not too in fact!

Tembo is just as good if not better! Enjoy.

I rarely give them more than 1000 kshs but i think 2-3000 is fine if its a nice chic and shes not hustling and fighting for it.

They rarely do that in fact and if they do threaten with security, as they will throw the girls out and then you pay them a few bob instead.

If its cheaper with a bailout to the girl to avoid trouble I do that but as i said, treat the girl ok and you wont get that problem " give me 200 dollars " very often.

In the bed treat them as you like, african girls are not shy....that is never the problem.

Once I had a somali girl jump into my car through an open window, she refused to get out and since I already had a girl I liked I had to drive to the police station where they threw her out for 2 dollars.

Police in East Africa is not something to be scared off, if they threaten you its just about striking a deal, dont ever get scared of them since that will cost more. The last thing they want is a white man in their jail since we cant cope there, they only want money, and for 10-20 dollars youll get away from pretty "serious" offences such as total drunk driving or illegal vehicle.

Dont go into the tourist trap of 100 dollars for nothing like so many have done before!

A very good trick is to note their number which they usually have in silver on the chest.

This casablanca place in Mombasa is a rather dodgy place i think, watch your pockets there a bit, but no problem really.

Tembo however has way more of real model type of girls.

Casablanca has a few girls that looks to have taken a few thousand men.

Generally speaking very few kenyan or ehtiopian girls are troublesome, somalis however can be trickier.

Theyre tough girls but some are very attractive.

Florida in Mombasa is a rather more rough place than Florida in Nairobi, not dangerous but some girls are seriously hard core hookers. Not that I mind so much but I prefer the ones at Tembo if I go to Mombasa.

Mamba club can be nice on Fridays and Saturdays (mombasa).

November Ill be there again.

Pedro Chilli
09-15-04, 12:36
Just arrived in Mombasa. Last night went to casablanca as its only round the corner from the splendid hotel. M zungo you are right, there was some rough lookiing girls in there. Got talking to some kenyan guys but they started getting pretty drunk and eventually I had to tell one of them to get lost. I was pretty drunk by this stage and had had enough of this guys bullshit. Anyway he left without incident and i got talking to some other guys who were cool. I was the only white guy in the place so i had a constant stream of girls displaying themselves in front of me until eventually a cute little girl came and sat next to me and just smiled. So even though i had planned a quiet nite, I ended up taking her. She was pretty sweet, did all the usual and hung around all morning in the room for another few sessions and then only asked for 1000 ($15) I gave her 1300 cos she was nice. So i have been in Kenya for four days and have had four pretty good girls. None of that starfish thing that you can end up with in se asia sometimes. These girls are all definitely pro-active. I am starting to notice that even the girls in the street give the eye, I mean normal girls not working girls. More reports will follow.

Track Cabbage
09-15-04, 12:51

I am viviting Nairobi in October and need a girl friendly hotel of similar price and standard of Heron Court can anybody sugest a good alternative.

Any help appriciated

Pedro Chilli
09-17-04, 16:12
Had to spend an extra nite in Mombasa and so took another girl from casablanca. After she left I noticed my medical kit was gone. The little skank, watch the girls from there guys. So I had to replace malaria pills, vitamin v etc. Probably only cost me $20. Still annoying though. Its when you have that shower and you come out of the bathroom and they are in exactly the same position on the bed as before you just dont think to check anything. Last time I had a minor theft was a girl from zanzibar in Siem Riep. Another pretty average establishment.

Anyway arrived at tembo disco last nite, got a room there, about $16, basic but cleam and with an excellent large double bed. Went down to the bar to have a few beers. Decided to have a night off and save the disco for tonight (friday), but got talking to a cute little thing. She said she would come around in the morning to wake me up at 11am which sounded pretty good to me. And lo and behold, there she was right on time. Although she was only about 5'2", she had a great firm ass and big tits. I tell you boys, these girls over here are buxom. Had two great sessions with her doing a lot of the work and then I sent her on her way with 1000 ($12). She wanted to stay but I saw so many excellent looking woman going in to the disco last night that there is no way I am not going to try something different tonite. Hey Muz, your right man, these girls over here are real beauties.

09-18-04, 16:03
Hi everyone,

Just returned from a wonderful journey in East Africa. Stayed there for 2 years before and now i returned for visiting friends. I had a very nice stay, for almost 4 weeks. Picked up many girls, almost one everyday. Kenya is a wonderful country when it comes to sex! Girls are willing to do anything for almost nothing and you can get the really stunners.


The best place is the floridas, carnivore and simmers in town. Sitting at simmers in the afternoon with a beer and a newspaper while many girls comes thre for eating or drinking is heaven. You can easily start to comunicate, buy them some food or drinks and then it it up to you to decide how to go further. Met one girl there and she was totally fantastic! Around 19 years old, stunner, a 8/10 and really good attitude. Spend the whole afternoon together, and she went back with me to the hotel, massaged me, took a shower together and she did both CIM and BBBJ. Really nice.
Girls in Kenya can be both nice and really bad. So far i have just come across 2 bad girls, which turned to be wrecks!
So if you like black girls, in any age, go to Nairobi, and you will enjoy life! Anyone is available for any kind of sex.


Here life is more relaxed. Girls are very pretty, some of them has a mixture of arabic and african. Go to Tembo disco (lots of stunners and good action), Florida, Cascablanca, Mamba or just walk around on the beach and the girls will approach you.

Pleas if there are someone who has any questions or just want to discuss african girls, send me a pm!

More reports will come.

Me Crazy
09-20-04, 15:02
Great to see the Kenya board pick up at last. Will be in town soon and look forward to great mongering sessions!!

Cheers mates and keep up!

09-22-04, 22:58
Hello all,

Just got back from Narobi, photos to come soon but can inform you that a Bar like the old Buffalo Bills has opened at the top of the road from Heron Court passed Eagle apartments called Annie Oakley, it is in the compund of the Salama Hotel, it has the famous long bar and all the old faces have returned and is packed with girls!! and oh yes RK has closed!


Pedro Chilli
09-23-04, 08:33
Spent last weekend in Tembo, friday and saturday. It reminds me a bit of the reggae bar in samui or tiger tiger in Phuket.

Its big, lots of security, loads of girls, and pretty relaxed. My girl on Saturday night was similar to my masai girl in Nairobi. Again this girl just wanted more and more, blow jobs more sex more bj's. Some of these girls just love to shag over here.

So far I havn't had any broken condoms thank god. I think this is due to a combination of using ky plus these girls just pump out the juices when they start to get carried away.

One thing you have to get used to is that a lot of the girls have a bit of body odour, but its understandable once you have experienced the hot sweaty local transport and the fact that the girls are poor and dont have access to facilities like we do. I am used to it now and it does not put me off. I just make sure that they are going to take a shower before shagging.

Now I am in Diani beach which is about 30 km's south of Mombasa. A fairly epic journey to get here from Bamburi (tembo) but thats another story. Will report on this place later.

09-23-04, 12:15
I'll be going to Kenya for the first time next month. Where is the best hotel in central Nairobi in $20-$30 range that is guestfriendly?

Where is the best place to meet regular non-pro type girls? I'm more into "big mama" types.

09-23-04, 16:02
Kenya bound DEC. anyone interested in beer o' clock r/v note swaps?

M Zungo
09-24-04, 13:16
Best place to meet normal girls is almost everywhere in Nairobi, the city is full of bars, cafes, cinemas etc, fast food joints, malls etc youll find girls anywhere and in Kenya they do not expect you to wine and dine them forever before something happens.

If you talk about discos etc Carnivore on wednesdays is a good bet although like in any disco the pros or semipros whatever you want to call them will be there to "attack" you first.
You might not be able to spot the difference though between a pro and a non pro there, even after many years around Im not sure sometimes. Not that it matters much to me but if it really matters to you a good indication is that it would be very very rare for an african girl, non pro, to go out herself.

Nairobi has a lot of hotels in the range 20-30 dollars and theyre all pretty much guestfriendly,maybe a 3 dollar extra for brininging someone.

You will only have this "no guestfriendly" problem if you stay in expensive hotels (with lots of sweet white couples on african adventure, I guess it would cause frictions when the man realised he could have 18 year old models instead of what he brought ) or if you chose very musliminfluenced places (which is not common in Nairobi).

09-25-04, 19:23
Picture Sep 2004 of Florida Club (Red circular building nicknamed Madhouse ) in Nairobi.

Lovely 60s building built directly above a petrol station with only one exit.. but folks you would die a happy man!


Pedro Chilli
09-27-04, 08:28
Just got back from Diani beach. Nice long beach but not much of a scene. There is a place called Tandoori about halfway along beach road and there are always some girls hanging out there. A few nice ones but not in the league of madhouse. Took a couple, usual price, usual service, nothing memorable. There is also a disco there but I suspect its also fairly quiet. I did not go.

Also present in Diani are western woman mongers. You would see these gals, 40's - 50's, often not in the best shape, strolling along the beach hand in hand with young skinny dreadlocked kenyan beach boys. The kenyan girls told me these woman are very demanding and the poor beach boys have to provide service 4 or 5 times a day. Ouch!

Buddha, if you are listening, please dont make me come back as a kenyan beach boy.

Another thing the girls told me is that they dont like Italian or Israeli men, because, yep you guessed it, they all like to shag the girls in the ass. I reckon these guys are all in denial and should book their next holiday to boystown in Pattaya.

Going back to Nairobi tomorrow, I'm missing the quality of the madhouse.

09-29-04, 12:29
Hi guys.

Anyone know of any place where they have Indian chicks in Nairobi?


Pedro Chilli
10-04-04, 12:20
My last day in Nairobi before heading back to London. After this report will stroll down to simmers pub for a beer and grab one last girl for an afternoon shag before leaving for the airport tonite.

Just said an emotional goodbye to a girl I took from Madhouse 2 nights in a row. Another tall dark buxom proud beauty. I'm going to miss these girls. In three weeks I havnt had a bad shag, couple of average ones but mostly first class. When you compare this success rate to SE Asia, Kenya wins hands down.

Theres a lot of hype about this place being dangerous, dont believe it. I have had no trouble apart from people trying to ponce drinks off you and one minor theft from a hotel room.

Its only eight hours from Europe guys, you can fly out on Saturday morning and be in the Madhouse (Florida disco) by midnight and be surrounded by big sexy kenyan girls who will shag the arse off you.

I will be back.

10-05-04, 10:42

Have a driver or cabbie take you to the Gypsie Bar/Lounge. Go around 8pm get a seat indoors at a table near the bar and look around. Most girls get there around 9pm. You won't be alone long. Just call her over, buy her a drink. Don't waste time. We are all aware of what we are there for. Do a for check and if you like then off to the hotel. You want her for all night, and have her leave her ID at the Front Desk.

Also of course try the Carnivore Resrurant/Disco at night. I went on a Thursday I think and it was PACKed with young girls all willing to Pay-per-View. I got a Bi-Racial 22y/o from there. I got her only if my friend would take her friend. Her friend was no problem to sale, or to look at. We stayed at the Serena Hotel, and that really sold us. She was very impressed then. She was one of the rare African girls that did and liked anal. I think she was turning her friend out, to the business. They most be Super Pro's by now.

She kept trying to twach me that National Song people in Kenya sing. I know the verse means "No Problem." I am looking for a CD with that on it. The staff sang it a "LOT" at the Carnivore while serving us. What is the name of that "SONG "?

Ron Weasley
10-07-04, 19:26

I CANNOT strees this enough:


Plain and simple. You will probably get a host of other diseases also.

Keep in mind the black and colored girls ARE NOT like US girls. They most likely know nothing about safe sex, and are tought if they have AIDS to sleep with seven or more people and that will cure it.

If yuo don't want my advise fine, just take into consederation that you are in a country with an aids rate of 1 to 3(At least thats what it is in S.Africa).

If you want cheap go to Thailand or Mexico. But if you have sex with any black or colored gorl you will have HIV/AIDS!.

It's not a racial thing, it's just the way it is.

Pedro Chilli
10-08-04, 13:22
Hey Ron Weasley,

I've just got back from Kenya and every single girl without exception insisted on condoms. Most of them will not bbbj, you think they are stupid?

Your comments make you sound like a racist. Have you any experience of Kenya or are you just blowing off hot air? So you think there is no aids in SE Asia? Wake up dude.

10-08-04, 18:59
Ron Weasley!

Even if you have unprotected sex with an HIV+ girl the risk of catching the HIV-virus is very low indeed, most studies suggest a risk of less than 1%. Of course Don't challenge fate by going bareback...

True the HIV frequency in Africa is very high and everyone going there should think twice before going to bed with an african girl, as post sex worries about AIDS might be quite unpleasant otherwise.(If you are worried before sex then it is probably nothing compared to what you will feel like after. If that sounds like you I wouldn't recommend you to have sex with ladies of the night in Africa).

Personally I don't think I am going to catch HIV, as I always practice safe sex. No matter where I am, Africa, South America, Asia or Europe, but of course sex always carries a risk. It is up to everyone to decide whether they think it is worth the risk or not.

Joe Zop
10-09-04, 01:17
Hey WordUp -- is the song "Jambo"? I remember that getting sung a lot, though I missed hearing it at Carnivore. ("Hakuna matata" meaning "no problem" in Swahili.)

Here's a link: (and there are tons of others, since there are a lot of versions of the song) http://mwanasimba.online.fr/E_songs_jambo.htm. Shouldn't be too tough to track down a CD.

Member #2001
10-09-04, 03:14
Ron that is the craziest thing I have ever heard from anybody on the board.

I guess by your posts that there are no black girls in America. EIther that or you must be a hillbilly in the back woods somewhere. UNBELIVABLE!!!!!!

10-09-04, 16:12
In most countries in sub-sahara africa, it is a belief that if a man were to have HIV, he could be cured by having sex with a virgin. So many believe this that is the greatest reason why AIDs is strongest in Africa.

10-16-04, 22:35
Hi Guys,

New here, but I promised to do a little advertising for a girl from Kenya. Maybe some of you are interested in a bit more than just sex. You can normally meet her in Cheers, Bamburi Beach, 5-6 km north of Mombasa. Ask for Janice or Annita. She is 20 years old.



10-23-04, 18:20
I am thinking about going on a sexual safari in Mombasa next year and have a couple of questions:

1. Regarding the clubs, discos and bars in this city, are they open only at the weekends or will I find an active nightlife too on weekdays? I’ve seen some reports saying they open only on Fridays and Saturdays and I’m a bit concerned for the prospect of not finding good discos or bars to do my hunting the other days.

2. I would go in March-April, which is rainy season as far as I know. What’s the rainy season like in Mombasa? Are there just occasional rains and some periods of sunshine too or will I be all the time fucked up by the continuous rain?

I’d appreciate if someone could give me some feedback on this.

Thanks in advance,

M Zungo
10-24-04, 11:26
You will find women 7 days a week no problem although some of the places are much busier on weekends, but that sometimes is almost a hassle cause they let in so much people one can hardly reach the bar to get a drink.

Im not a weather man but if i remember rainy season is mostly april may, and it doesnt rain all day long the problem is roads etc that get quite bad.

If you intend to stay on the beach its not such an issue, but the cities are not at their best in rain season.

The hunting will as good as always in rain season. Perhaps even better girl to men ratio. (and that one is already amazing when you go out in Kenya).

Chris P
10-25-04, 23:15
May I ask some Kenyan experts, what is the body type of most girls one can get jiggy with in Kenya? From my African trips, I am really looking for the classic big, black girl - tall (6 foot plus is great) and thick; not fat, rather with a small waist, but big booties, thick, even muscular thighs and bodies, and tig ol' bitties. Kind of like what you often see on MTV.

In my recent trip to Ghana I was surprised to find that most of the girls are quite small and either relatively petite or just flat out fat; not really the big, tall, voluptuous, bootlicious African-American MTV shape I'd been looking for. I was surprised because I thought most of the African-Americans originally come from this area of West Africa? Is this also true of Kenya? If so, where would it be best to go and find the taller types, or are they sadly just a myth?



Pedro Chilli
10-28-04, 16:00
Hi Chris P

I also like tall skinny girls who bulge in the right places. I managed to find several of these at Simmers Pub and Florida disco. Check my recent posts. As to being the same as mtv models, well, after a few Tusker lagers they looked the same to me.

Seriously though I did not see too many 8 or 9's, but several 7 out of tens. What they may lack in refinement of looks or conversation, they more than make up for in performance. (IMHO).

10-29-04, 00:29
As Pedro says there are all types, all have fantastic Matakos -swahili word for arse. Possibly the best ones are the Ethiopian and Somali girls, tall slender soft long hair. A few months ago I met a Somali girl called Maya at the mad house, boy she was tasty, again tall, soft with a fantatic arse, she stripped for me followed BBBJ onto every position I could imagin.. she still wanted more, they just enjoy sex so much, its not just a job.

If anybody has been with Maya tell us about it, I wish I had a picture of her.


Pedro Chilli
10-29-04, 19:33
This new pm format is giving me a headache so I will just reply in the forum. I smoked Embassey which were 50p for 20. Cant remember if they had B & H.

I wont be back in Kenya until July 2005 unfortunately. God I'm missing those girls already. But I plan to re-visit Burma and Cambo in Jan and Feb 2005 so things are looking up. Anyone up for a 250 dirt bike mongering safari in Cambo in mid Jan?

Tradewinds, your experience brought back happy memories for me, although the girl had a different name.

Ho Dai
10-29-04, 19:59
In my recent trip to Ghana I was surprised to find that most of the girls are quite small and either relatively petite or just flat out fat; not really the big, tall, voluptuous, bootlicious African-American MTV shape I'd been looking for. I was surprised because I thought most of the African-Americans originally come from this area of West Africa? Cheers,


Ho Dai
10-29-04, 20:15
In my recent trip to Ghana I was surprised to find that most of the girls are quite small and either relatively petite or just flat out fat; not really the big, tall, voluptuous, bootlicious African-American MTV shape I'd been looking for. I was surprised because I thought most of the African-Americans originally come from this area of West Africa? Cheers,


Very true about the African-American MTV standard shape, and African-Americans are descended from those in West Africa. The differences are probably a product of 3 factors:

1) All New World descendents of slaves have caucasian blood in them...for obvious reasons. This may account for some of the height factor. 2) Nutrition and the amount of it in the US especially during the girls' formative years adds height and perhaps "exagerates" all those lovely curves. 3) Let's not forget the effects of all those hormones pumped into US livestock meat and dairy.

I've been to Kenya numerous times in the mid-1990s. All those curves are there no matter what tribe the girl was from. In Mombasa I saw women with Arab blood, Ethiopian girls whose profiles looked like they were taken right off an ancient Egyptian relief, lithe skinny Somali girls that looked like New York models, and big assed highland girls I suspect were from Nairobi. You are right, I don't remember them as being too tall or large boned. IMHO, the Ethiopian girls did it for me the most.

Just a thought.

10-31-04, 02:53
In lingerie and black stockings.

Ho Dai
10-31-04, 21:38
"In my recent trip to Ghana I was surprised to find that most of the girls are quite small and either relatively petite or just flat out fat; not really the big, tall, voluptuous, bootlicious African-American MTV shape I'd been looking for. I was surprised because I thought most of the African-Americans originally come from this area of West Africa? Is this also true of Kenya?"

I spent a couple months in Mombasa back in the mid 1990s. Although I was working non-stop, I managed to make it to the clubs a dozen times or so. With regard to the lack of height and "bootilicious"ness in the African women, I offer a few possiblilites why:

1) All New World people of African descent have caucasian blood in them for the obvious reasons. As north Europeans are the tallest people by average in the world (the Dutch are #1), perhaps this has something to do with the height of MTV girls.

2) African-Americans girls have access to an ample (though questionably nutritious) diet during the formative years. Lots of protein. Perhaps this has added to the exagerated body parts we so love.

3) Let's not forget the way US livestock and dairystock are shot up with hormones constantly, genetically bred for maximum protein output, and fast growth. I believe this has also added to the exagerated ample booty and size of US young women.

Just a thought IMHO.

What I remember from Mombasa's clubs were lithe (though not too tall) Somali women who looked like New York runway models with high cheek bones, soft bodies, and dry smooth skin, Ethiopian lighter skinned beauties with long tightly kinked hair whose profiles could have been right off an ancient Egyptian relief, mixed Arab-African girls with almond eyes and straight black hair, and what I presumed to be highland (Nairobi area) women whose most prominent feature was that ample straight out butt. Variety indeed. For my money, I recall the Ethiopian gals to be the most beautiful. They ALL had the smell of spices about them...in good ways and bad.



Jay Dub
11-03-04, 00:33
If you want to see some of those MTV Models, I suggest that you try Nigeria, you will see that and more. Besides, Ghana is no match to nigeria in size nor in population, being that it is the most populace all african countries, and the fact that there are villages in Nigeria that are larger than the whole country of Ghana.

I really don't know where you were in Ghana, but whenever I go, I see some absolutely beautiful women with practically flawaless bodies.

11-03-04, 21:05
To Ron Weasley, AND LIKE mINdED

It sounds like a Racial thing to me. I have NOT heard anyone use colored girls since the 60's, oe earlier. If that is the case this white girls would be colorless girls. If you ever call anyone Colored here in America, then expect and immediate ASS Whoopin, on a very large scale. It is just like using the
" N " word. TAKE NOTE ... SAYING, "PEOPLE OF COLOR" is acceptable.
That applys to most people of the "WORLD" !

As for as AIDs, if anyone looking to go anywhere on a SEXUAL ADVENTURE, does not have enough sense to use condoms, then they deserve what they get. USE condoms with NOX-9, inside & out of them, or a tube of KY NOX-9 LUBE,. There are a lack of safety concerns, with almost any group of SW's who are in the Third World countries. Proverty, and the chance to make some buck will "RULE the DAY". and SW's will took the chance, the risk, and make the dollar. That is the way it is all over the world. Even in the streets of the USA, and here in Cincinnati, Ohio, you can find poor, or drugged out women who will have sex without a condom, for a price. I have cautioned people on the board, several times, just about that.
SO IT IS "NOT" ONLY AFRICAN/BLACK WOMEN, and NEVER colored girls. OR did you mean "WOMEN of COLOR." If you did then say that. What you said did sound "RACIST .... as in, VERY !!!!"

I had a great time in Kenya, Senegal, and The Gambia, and each time I had every woman ask if I had a condom before any action started. Even the cheaper SW's, as well as the higher price. I use American condoms which seem to be "FAR MORE" superior than condoms of other countries. If you wish to do it bare bone, you can find that, but you assume that risk. Now you have to worry about passing it on.

AIDS IS GROWING VERY FAST IN AFRICA .... but among the SW's in Africa, especially in the Major or Bigger Cities, the Goverments are taking more control of the problem, and helping to reduce the spread. The greatest spread of AIDS comes from the smaller Villages, and small towns. Some of the women leave those places for the bigger cites and can bring them to the big city. That happens Worldwide too.

BACK TO THE POINT .... every person out there read the post, use GooD Quality Condoms, use NOX-9 lube, pay attention to cuts and abrasions on your hands, genitals/body, and avoid giving oral. I even avoided sucking breast that still seemed to be lactating, even just a little. If you are PAYING THE COST, then YOU CAN SET ALL OF THE RULES, or AT LEAST THE VAST MAJORITY.

Chris P
11-04-04, 04:13
Hi folks,

Thanks a lot for the replies, both here and privately. I will most probably be packing my spear and going booty-hunting in Kenya in the New Year; anyone living there or who's planning to go feel free to drop me a line and we'll see about hooking up. I could probably use a little experienced help, given what happened to me in Ghana!

There was one issue though - I saw a post by PedroChilli in which he says that Kenyan girls rarely give BBBJ. Is this true? If so, it's a major downer; of course I use rubber for FS, but a CBJ just ain't a BJ! Can any Kenya veterans confirm or deny these terrible rumours?

BTW, another one for residents or vets, I was wondering if you could possibly enlighten me as to whether Benson and Hedges Gold cigarettes (same brand as in England) are for sale in Nairobi, and for how much? PM me so as not to clutter the board if you like.

All help much appreciated, and it will be repaid when I reach the dark continent with photos of bubble-booties so big they won't fit on the screen! ;)


Chris P
11-16-04, 06:39
Cheers for the responses guys - I'm pretty sure I'm headed for Kenya in the New Year even if the booties aren't quite MTV-standard!

I was wondering - is there anyone on the board who's actually in Kenya at the moment and wouldn't mind answering a couple of questions I had? I don't want to clutter the board, so feel free to PM me or post and I'll PM you back. All help greatly appreciated!


Mean Mike
11-18-04, 16:54
There was one issue though - I saw a post by PedroChilli in which he says that Kenyan girls rarely give BBBJ. Is this true? If so, it's a major downer; of course I use rubber for FS, but a CBJ just ain't a BJ! Can any Kenya veterans confirm or deny these terrible rumours?Dude in Kenya AIDS is rampant. These girls are now starting to get educated on AIDS so that is most likely true for the majority of the girls in Nairobi anyways (that they dont), however I feel sure you can find some providers that still have no sense, but then again they are more likely to have AIDS....ten years ago it was different but a lot of people have died in Kenya and other African countries as we all know due to AIDS. So you cant really blame the girls for smartening up. But I do know from personal experience that Kenyan women treat men like kings and love to fuck a lot. So there is a bright side ;-). And of course if you actually spend the time to get to know an amatuer, which is not hard to do, you wont have to worry about that. Not trying to preach man, just some facts.

11-19-04, 19:04
guys listen,

african people are not a monolith. genitically speaking the african diaspora is the most diverse on the planet.

africans in the western hemisphere ie jamaicans,brazilians,african americans are the result of an exrtreme case of natural selection.

1st-we come from west africa not east.

2nd-only the strongest africans could survive the middle passage.

3rd-only the strongest amongst the people who made it through the passage could survive slavery.

4th-the genetic makeup has been combined with other races. blacks have genetically dominant traits . all weak traits from other races(although not in
all cases) would be dominated.

5th-the diet in the west(particularly that of african americans) consist of many proteins and rices. collard greens, baked turkey, macaroni, cornbread, lima beans, pinto beans, pork chops and yes, chicken. generally speaking.

6th-the fact that many of these meats are pumped with proteins only speeds up the process.

7th-the melanin factor may be too complex to explain here.

8th- music, dance, and atheletics is a large part of our cultures. this ,from an early age,enhances physical development.

dont really wanna give a bio lesson, just a logical explanation. and for what its worth, i also have a degree in hhstory as well as african american studies.

if your ever brave enough to go into a quality black club here in the states. youll find more mtv girls than you can handle.

Ron Weasley
11-20-04, 01:25

If have replied to your private mail. Have you ever been to ZA?

Coloreds and blacks are a diffrent race here. Belive me no racial issue is brought up here. But race plays a very big role in ZA

Chick Luver
11-21-04, 08:20
I have been to Kenya many times and loves to visit the places for Mongering. Not much information is available in the Forum about this beautiful land. I am trying to give you some information, on the basis of my experience, about the land which may be useful for many.

General info ------------ Money: Kenyan Shilling. 1$ = 79ksh. Capital: Nairobi Big towns: Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitale. Official language: English National language: Kiswahili Population: 35 millions Tourist Season: December - February, though in Mombasa it's always nice Legal Age of Consence for girls (LAC): 16 years Religion: 35% Protestant, 30% Roman Catholic, 30% Muslim, 5% Animist Head of State: President Mwai Kibaki

Kenya - a virgin land for sex tourists.

The prostitutes in Kenya, even profs like to be in boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with a client. This is less true for Nairobi, but still exists there. This gives you a nice time, since you don't feel that the girl is just doing her job being with you, but she is actually emotionally involved with you. IE, you aren't buying only sex, you are actually buying love, to some degree.

These are the reasons I like Kenyans. Ethiopian girls may be more beautiful (and therefore more challenging), but their pros. wouldn't like to be emotionally involved with you.

In Kenya you find girls mostly in bars, discos and clubs where they come looking for clients. Sometimes the girls may approach you otherwise you may call anyone you like.

Remember, many girls don't rush to speak about money. In fact, from the moment you meet them and untill you part with her there will be no word from her about money. By this she just hopes that you will appreciate her and what she had done for you. It's upon you then to decide how much you give her. You may pay anything from 500 - 7000 ksh. It will depend on your status, the status of the girl and the status of the hotel your brought her. Let's say, if you stay in 3 star hotel, try not to pay her less then 1500ksh and more then 3000ksh. If you stay in a guest house, pay her around 750 - 1000ksh. All prices are per night. 500ksh - 6$, 750ks - 9$, 1500 - 12$, 3000 - 37$. Thereafter if you are pleased with the girl you may continue to stay with her. Try not to negotiate with her price in the way of: "I would like you to stay with me for 3 days and I'll give you 7000 for all". Try to be more dynamic. Also, give her money as present, not as payment. It will make her feel better and the emotional side will benefit from it.

1$ - 79ksh.


Casaurina Night Club in Mtwapa (15km from Mombasa) - It's a very nice place. There is a sattelite TV, Bar, Disco with nice music and restaraunt. No entrance fee. You may come there for general fun, for drinking and passing time and of course for your hunting. You may come there starting from 9pm. Around 11-12pm the place will be packed. There will be around 15 girls always available for you to choose from.

Malindi - a town 100km out of Mombasa is a great coastal town with bars and night clubs.

Ukunda-Diani - a small town with many 5,4 and 3 stars hotels along the beach. 30km out of Mombasa. Find the girls around the town, around the beaches, in hotels, bars and night clubs.

Nairobi - Florida2000 and many other places.

Isiolo - 300km from Nairobi. You may go there for an adventure. In Isiolo you can get Turkana/Samburu/Somali/Kikuyu(but you aren't coming for them ) not too much spoiled girls for 300-700ksh. It's much more "custom" over there.

You may also travel as far as Lodwar and Lokkichoggio to get more exotic background and sometimes exotic girls.

If you have a nice girl whom you would like to travel a little bit with you - go to Kalokol. It's 56km from Lodwar towards lake Turkana. From Kalokol go to a small Island (5km by foot or lift). There is a hotel for tourists and traditional turkana "houses" which you can rent for around 400ksh a day. The island is small, nice water is all around, alot of exotica, hot.. I would highly recommend it, though it depends on your taste.

I like a lot Kenyan lifestyle and their lively music. In Kenya you feel yourself free, you can start with the girls on the streets (especially outside of Nairobi) or in small cafes and make a nice conversation with them leading to..

For Kenyans sex is not a very big deal especially if you compare with Ethiopia or Tanzania. In Kenya many girls would like to make sex and accept money for it. Unless they are rich or catholic school students . So theoretically you don't have to look for pros. Just go to some hot place like Mombasa, go by the streets, decide on some nice lady, talk to her, give her some nice presents, buy her some clothes, show your interest, invite for few coca-colas and chicken-chips. If she has a local boyfriend she may even part from him towards you .

Let me also give you an example of how to start your hunting in Kenya. Buy your ticket to Kenya. Pay 50$ visa fee on arrival, good for 3 months. You may arrive either to Mombasa or Nairobi airoports. Don't waste your time in Nairobi, take a bus for 500ksh to Mombasa or you have an option for a train, be sure to select 1st or 2nd class. There is a train 3 times a week, whereby buses are going every hour including night bus. The journey by bus is tiresome and night bus departing 7pm will get there by 5am next day. Therefore, if you have a possability, try to get a flight to Mombasa.

Arriving to Mombasa, take a matatu to Mtwapa. Alight near Casourina. Go to Headquater's Lodge or any other guest house nearby. You will pay starting from 300ksh per night for the accomodation. Cheap accomodation of this class will include a small room with a fan, table and chair. Shower room and toilet is outside of your room. I think it's good to be in these conditions, as anyway, you are in Africa. The other benefit is that nobody will speak about you or your ladies you brought there. There will be no additional charge for the girl and you are free to come everytime with another lady - no questions asked. Around 9pm you may start your hunting by going to Casourina night club. By 9pm it's still gonna be empty, so enjoy drinking some beers and watching DSTV.

By 11pm it should be relatively packed. You will see around 15 girls, usually in good condition, beautiful african ebony. The common age is 17 - 25 years. Pick anyone of them, as all know to speak english. Either negotiate the price or just take her with you. Sometimes she may start to talk about money, sometimes she will not. In this case, you will give her in the morning as much as you like.

The next day you may walk around, change your guesthouse to another, up to your taste. While walking around Mtwapa, look upon decent looking girls. It's not only night there for your hunting, it's a day too. After you become comfortable, go and visit Malindi. You may also visit Ukunda/Diani beach. If you want to see more girls, go to night club as Tembo, Florida, The Pirates.

FAQ: 1) Can I get problems from the authorities by going with young girls? - 18 years is the recommended age to avoid problems.

2) Security problems in Kenya? Terrorism and crime? - There is small crime level in Mombasa. There is a little bit more crimes in Nairobi. I had stayed in Kenya for two years during 2000-2004 and I'm from Israel. Never felt or seen anything dangerous, not crimes, nor terrorists.

3) Should I speak swahili in order to enjoy in Kenya? - No. Virtually everybody speaks english. Sometimes you will girls who doesn't speak english because they never went to school or dropped in the earlier grades though.

4) Will Kenyan girls accept oral/anal sex? - Usually they will accept oral, but they will not be ready-happy for it, as it's against african culture. Most of the time they will refuse anal sex. But if you find relatively young girl and slowly build your influence over her you may teach her to take all the positions and then oral and even anal sex.

5) Again, what are the prices for accomodation? - Guest house: 150ksh - 1600ksh, 3 star hotel full-inclusive - 40$ - 80$.

Please forgive me in case you find any mistake in the above information. Wishing you all Happy Mongering.

Chick Luver

Pedro Chilli
11-21-04, 17:14
Chris P,

If you really want it you can get it. You may have to offer a little more money but if thats your thing I can guarantee you will find a willing girl.

Funny that Curry says " if you are brave enough to enter a black club in the US". Well I often was the only whitey in various situations in Kenya and other African countries. Never felt threatened, in fact I was mostly made to feel welcome. Shame its not the same in the US or London.

It would be nice to read some current reports about Kenya for a change.

Member #4379
11-22-04, 07:39
[QUOTE=Chris P]Hi folks,

I could probably use a little experienced help, given what happened to me in Ghana!

What happened in Ghana? I lived there for 2 years. Curious to know what happened.

Quarter Movie
11-22-04, 21:20
Hi everyone, I'll be in Nairobi & Mombasa for a month starting in mid-Feb. through mid-March. I am looking for some ladies during the day (10 A.M. to 3 P.M.) and inexpensive locations to take them for service. Feel free to PM me or post up here. I was in Kenya two years ago and I know all the usual places (Florida, Buffalo Bill's, Bavarian Bar, Florida 2000, etc.) but, I am looking for some daytime downtown encounters. I'll post up the results when I return. All the Best! QM

11-23-04, 16:46

If have replied to your private mail. Have you ever been to ZA?

Coloreds and blacks are a diffrent race here. Belive me no racial issue is brought up here. But race plays a very big role in ZA Please clarify the difference. Other than colored being used as a deragatory term(who the hell still says colored anyway?), The word is right there with negros. nigras, and of course the infamous N word. However, if you are sincere in your intention, please inform us of the difference if it can be of help regarding the women.

11-23-04, 23:06
Pedro Chilli,

I'm a regular visitor to Nairobi, was there in 1st two weeks November, just got back. I would say a good few girls will do BBBJ, most cases you dont have to ask. Its a shame they wont allow photos inside the Madhouse, there are such beauties in there.

Those of you that frequent the club, the restaurant has doubled in size and much more classy with loosely clad women in abundance!!


11-24-04, 08:07
Pedro,. No one is calling you whitey my good man. I am simply stating the facts. Its no secret that white men have long admired the forms of black women. Its just that many of them lust from behind the curtain so to speak. In the states I sometimes see White guys in black strip clubs and 3 out of a crowd of 5 look scared to death! Black people are less likely to harm you than most people who entertain stereotypes would imagine. On the otherhand. You would not catch Mr. Curry at redneck Jodies hunting for whitechicks. Thats just the rule rather we like it or not. Ironically enough though, I find that many white woman are curious about black men. last I heard we all look the same when the lights go off right!

Chris P,

If you really want it you can get it. You may have to offer a little more money but if thats your thing I can guarantee you will find a willing girl.

Funny that Curry says " if you are brave enough to enter a black club in the US". Well I often was the only whitey in various situations in Kenya and other African countries. Never felt threatened, in fact I was mostly made to feel welcome. Shame its not the same in the US or London.

It would be nice to read some current reports about Kenya for a change.

11-25-04, 08:38

I was there bit over half year ago. There was some problem with girls having too sexy outfits, they can wear what they want now?

Also has Buffalo Bill's moved to Salama hotel or somewhere there and changed name to Annie Oakley, maybe I have misunderstood something.

Pedro Chilli
11-25-04, 19:15

I found that some of those crazy girls from the Madhouse will give you what you want with no holds barred.

But I also found that quite a few Kenyan girls said that they wanted a condom to give bj's. Because the all round performance was usually so good, I never really cared if they didnt want to bbbj. Just saw the remake of Manchurian Candidate and the black cop woman looked just like a girl from the Madhouse.

I am leaving for Asia in a few weeks where I will no doubt have a few Vietnamese bbbj's which are the best I have had so far.

11-26-04, 10:31
what is THE BEST hotel in Nairobi that is girl friendly? And no the answer is NOT in previous posts!.

Chris P
11-27-04, 06:02
Firstly, if anyone is in Kenya, or about to go, could they do me a favour and check whether Benson and Hedges Gold cigarettes are for sale there, and how much they cost? PM me if you like.

Informative post, chickluver, thanks. Incidentally, do you, and other Kenya visitors, find that girls generally have good body tone, no flab and cellulite etc? I was wondering because obviously American girls like Ki Toy Johnson and Serena Williams, who have butts you can bounce a quarter off and koyourself, are very active, training and going to health clubs, but I imagine most girls in Kenya wouldn't have that opportunity. Or are they just naturally that way?

interracialafri - to cut a long story short, I got my ass robbed in Ghana, but didn't find out till the next day....I had to go to the British High Commission where the duty officer let me web-transfer money to their account, then gave me the equivalent in Ghana cedi, otherwise god knows what I'd have done! Check the Ghana forum, it was about 6 months ago.

BTW can I just check I'm on the right page here - Florida and Madhouse are the same place, right? Florida is the official name and Madhouse is the nickname, yes?

Further to what Wombat said, can anyone name any basic but decent, three-star-type hotels, maybe US$25-40, near to Florida/Madhouse and girl-friendly? Also, in Florida/Madhouse: I'm quite young and good-looking and received plenty of offers for free sex in Accra (unfortunately chose the wrong one!), is this a possibility in Florida, or are all the girls strictly pro's?

Lastly, is there any relaxed sports bar/grill type place where one can go during the day, to watch every sports event under the sun on Supersport? There was a place in Accra called Champs Sports Bar which was kinda like a Chilis restaurant/bar, had about 8 different TVs, and hooked up to a every sports event under the sun, from NBA to cricket to F1. They did decent grub as well, and a couple of hot waitresses to boot; I was in heaven!

About going into black clubs in the US, well I'm not in the US, but I wouldn't go into one in London either because I don't want no homies putting a cap in my white ass! Just today a rapper from So Solid Crew (a British black rap group) has been charged with murder for shooting a guy in a club; last year another guy from the same group was jailed for gun possession. There are a lot of shootings in London black areas like Brixton and Harlesden, and even the British Home Secretary has admitted that it's a black problem (anti-gun laws are very strict in Britain and the only shootings are by black people - a 14 year old black girl in Nottingham was shot dead last month because her dad dissed another black guy in a nightclub). In the US, with the 2nd amendment, gangs and black areas like South Central LA, it is far worse. I know in the movies we're all supposed to be the same, Remember the Titans, etc, etc, but this is reality.

Also there's the whole history thing - wherever there are blacks and whites living together, in US, UK or South Africa, blacks always have a chip on their shoulder. It altogether just makes it too awkward, not to mention dangerous, to go to black clubs. I'd much rather go to black Africa, where people see white guys as an exciting novelty - not to mention a source of cash and possible passport - than clubs where we're scowled at for being "the man".

Cheers all!

11-27-04, 16:46
Also has Buffalo Bill's moved to Salama hotel or somewhere there and changed name to Annie Oakley, maybe I have misunderstood something.You are most correct. Most of BB's customers and girls have moved to Annie Oakley's which is in the Salama Hotel compound. It's on the dirt road extension of Milimani Rd (the same road Heron Court Hotel is on). Drive up from Valley Rd, pass the Heron Court on the right side, drive straight up the dirt road at the end of Millimani. Salama complex is after approx. 100 meters on the right.

M Zungo
11-27-04, 17:28
I beleive all hotels are girlfriendly although at more expensive ones they charge extra and may demand an original id.

Cheaper places there is no problems whatsoever.

From my experience almost all girls do BBBJ.

Did both Floridas recently and Madhouse clearly had a better selection.

11-27-04, 17:58
Probably the best hotel wheer I know some guys (and some on this board) taking girls to their room is the Serena, but don't dream: if you arrive with a trash, or make noise, or attract attention toward yourselves. It ain't gonna work.

Pedro Chilli
11-27-04, 18:12
Mr Curry

I agree with you about white girls being interested in black men. Here in London you see a lot more white girls with black men, than white men with black girls. Anyone have any theories about this?

In case of a misunderstanding, when I used the term whitey I didnt use it in a derogatory sense. I spent a few years in South Africa and thats what we would call ourselves sometimes.

Back to Kenya, has anyone been in Malindi recently. I havnt been there for 10 years and wondered how the scene is.

Rock Dog
11-28-04, 03:28
In his recent post, Pedro Chilli said ...

"I agree with you about white girls being interested in black men. Here in London you see a lot more white girls with black men, than white men with black girls. Anyone have any theories about this?"

I have noticed the exact same thing here in Canada. A good friend of mine has said he's seen the same thing in Australia where he lives.

My theory is that there are several reasons why you see the white girl/black guy combo so much more often.

1. The physical attraction. Black men tend to have what I call a hyper-masculine physique. Lot's of muscle, wide shoulders, narrow hips and low bodyfat. Women everywhere find this very attractive.

2. The attention factor. Next time you see one of these couples, imagine the girl by herself. Is she anything special? Probably the only reason you even noticed her was because she was with a black man. Lot's of girls like the feeling of attention they get from this.

3. The big cock. I'm just basing this on what I've seen in the showers at the gym. We all know that some women are "size-queens" in much the same way as some men go for the woman with the biggest tits.

4. The novelty factor. Many girls will go out with a black man to see what it's like. They know they're never going to settle down with him and have kids. As soon as the novelty wears off, they're on to the next guy.

5. Media influence. NBA players, Rappers, and Gangstaz everywhere you look in music and movies. A lot of women have a preconceived perception of black men because of the way the media portrays them. Hip-hop culture is so popular, it almost seems like some women are taking a black boyfriend as a fashion statement.

Please don't anyone take this post the wrong way. Personally, I prefer to go with black women myself so I'm not prejudiced in the least little bit. I'm only trying to offer an explanation for something that many of us have noticed.


11-29-04, 02:16
Hey as a white guy, I`ve had so many hot black chicks do things to me that I doubt many white woman would do ! So let everybody mix .

11-29-04, 12:34
To pedro,

I was in Malindi 2 years ago. in malindi there are many bar discos and casino.

There are 2 big discos: Club 28 and Sturdust.

It's easy find many girls from Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania. Slim fat tall short, all you want!

It's very easy and cheap.

She can stay with u all night.

I'm looking forward go there another time.

I hope to help you.

Write your report when you come back.


11-29-04, 15:02
Succinctly put Rock Dog!

I live in Britain and travel a lot and I deduce th same, namely more white women with black fellows. Mind you when in Africa or another black country this seems to change to the oposite.

Vive le difference!

By the way.. I have logged into WSG for many years, it seems to go on from strenght to strenght, the addition of punters photographs has taken it to greater heights. I would like to thank Jackson and his team very much for all their hard work, I just hope those 'do gooders' politically correct lot dont close this freedom station.

Nothing nowadays is free but WSG is! THANK YOU!


11-29-04, 15:17
Thanks Kipara,

In response to Nordic.. The new bar in the Salama Hotel is called Annie Oakley's although very much like the old Buffalo Bill's in set-up, I was told that the title of Buffalo Bill title is still owned by Heron Court Hotel, so they called it the nearest best name Annie Oakley's... Buffalo Bill's wifes name. The original BB's used to be situated in the Heron Court hotel.


11-29-04, 18:46
Re Rock's Post

I would agree with everything that Rock says to be fairy accurate as to why so many white Babes like to date Black Guys.

As a Black man myself who was married to a white woman one time and have also dated women of other races, I don't see much difference when it comes to sex. I mean if you are attracted to the woman and you have the chemistry, it doess not matter what race the woman is. Black or white.

Personally, I find that a hot Black babe rocks and next time I paln to marry one. Black is very sensual in the bedroom it seems.

And why few white men date Black babes, I think an objective opinion from a white guy could help shade some light. My guess is they are either not attracted to the black women or their racism is so high to over come.

11-29-04, 19:11

As a Black Man myself, I can say you have a good observation on the situation. I don't go chasing White Women here, or anywhere else. I let them come to me, and there is always someone curious to kick it around for a while. It ends up to be just friendship in the end, but it starts of as a "Big Sexual Thing." The New Rapper thing puts a lot and I mean a lot of young fine White women in my bedroom. That is strictly about SEX. Everything else from it is Icing on the Cake. The Problem is too many want a Black Boyfriend to show off, and Parade around. I let them know the deal right up front, whether White or Black or Whoever. Some of these White Girlz/Women, will bypass decent Black men on order to case the Thug type, and end up degraded, and lost. That is more the power of the Media expose, and the Myth of the HipHop culture, and the Nature of Human Curiosity.

Ever Notice that White Women will do Anal, 100 times quicker than Black women will. But more Black women are doing it now than ever before. It is a cultural thing, and a Sexual Freedom Thing. At least here in America.

When I was in Amsterdamn, I saw a lot of White men with Black/African Women, than anywhere else in the World, even in Africa.


Rock Dog
11-30-04, 06:12
Scruffman said,

" Hey as a white guy, I`ve had so many hot black chicks do things to me that I doubt many white woman would do ! So let everybody mix ."

Amen Scruff, I'm with you! I love it when all the black guys go after the white chicks. That leaves those incredible black women all alone waiting for me.

I hereby declare "let the mixing begin!"


11-30-04, 20:27

Do the discos in Malindi open every day or just at the weekend?

11-30-04, 20:40
Informative post, chickluver, thanks. Incidentally, do you, and other Kenya visitors, find that girls generally have good body tone, no flab and cellulite etc?

Just a quick note to warn everyone that Chick Luver copied that post from another forum, he is a fraud who most probably has never been to Kenya (or maybe not even out of his hometown), so treat what he posts with caution as most probably it will be copied from somewhere else or made up - I already reported this to Jackson and on the 'Complaints about other members' section.

Mean Mike
12-01-04, 00:08
Just a quick note to warn everyone that Chick Luver copied that post from another forum, he is a fraud who most probably has never been to Kenya (or maybe not even out of his hometown), so treat what he posts with caution as most probably it will be copied from somewhere else or made up - I already reported this to Jackson and on the 'Complaints about other members' section.I date a Kenyan girl off and on and what CL said is MOSTLY accurate, even if it is copied form another board, but I admit CL you seem to be somewhat of a dumb*** from your other posts on other threads and I too would caution readers to take his advice with a grain of salt...as for the white girl/black guy thing, I can tell you we see more of it then the opposite here in the US, and I agree mostly with what has been said. I just want to go a bit further with the point about the media. Look, this board is the perfect example of the fact that we live in a MALE DOMINATED SOCIETY. The black male is and will be for many years the champion and doll of the media, and that is what women see. A media that portrays the black male as dominant. We all should be aware by now that women love and are attracted to dominant appearing males, form the cowboy to the pro football star. Call it shallow but so are we with our ass fiendin', etc. Hell, blacks are human too, they love this sort of admonishment (ever notice how black women love to be spoiled as well), and it helps the superstructure apologize for slavery/colonization by painting them as sexually attractive, dominant etc. Girls watch a lot of tv and eat this stuff up. Not trying to start a flame war here, just my two shillings. Hell I find black women to be very attractive, we all know the black culture has been cut hard from natural selection, its no suprise that the motherland and diaspora are rife with beautiful hardbodies. But be careful, blacks often do get cut short even in the games where we practically worship them. Too much of a good thing can be dangerous.

Chris P
12-01-04, 00:21
Well, chickluver's post was obviously genuinely written by somebody; it's far too detailed to be some guy sitting at home.

Now someone's said that there are two Floridas, and Madhouse is just one of them?! Can someone clear up this Florida thing for me - how many are they, where are they, and what are their nicknames (if any)?

BTW there are quite a few white women with black men here in the UK, but usually not for long. Generally, they are low class women from council estates (known as housing projects in the US) whom we Brits call "chavs", (the women, not the estates) who sit at home all day watching MTV and therefore become indoctrinated by the ceaseless miscegenation and overhyped "bling". It's become a running joke to see a chav walking to the dole (welfare) office, wearing her standard uniform of boob-tube (usually with a good deal of unsightly belly hanging out), Adidas tracksuit, visible thong panties, cheap white trainers, greasy face and lank, greasier hair, pushing a pram containing a brown baby, the father of which has long since done a runner to shack up temporarily with the next hip-hop wannabe (and treble her welfare payments with another little brown baby).

Ah, Merry England.

M Zungo
12-02-04, 14:44
I have no figures to prove this but I would imagine a lot of the black girls that come to live in Europe do so with a man, whilst I suspect that some men make it here alone. Dont know about the American scene at all.

I think a lot of white guys in Europe would be very keen to hang out with black girls but perhaps there is a bit of problem with families and friends, especially in smaller cities.

Once you understand Africa and African girls, which might take quite some time, I doubt you will ever change your mind on what you want...and now Im talking about African girls living in Africa, once they get here they change as well, and not for the better sexwise.

I noticed a small go go show at Florida 2000 a few weeks ago, never seen that before. 2 chics doing a "thai a go go" type of thing on a pole after the big show. Quite good as well I must say, although after that amount of Pilsner Ice I might have said that about anything.

12-02-04, 21:11
I guess you didn't read well my message: I didn't say that Kenya guide was bad, on the contrary it is an excellent guide because it was copied from a good source. What I am saying is that CL is a fraud because he is just copying posts from other sources, so anything else that he says on Kenya should be taken with caution as he probably doesn't know a shit about Kenya.

By the way, he didn't even copy the latest version of that guide, there are several versions and he copied and pasted the oldest one. CL is not even good at copying posts.

Rock Dog
12-03-04, 04:15

It seems like we've got a pretty good discussion going on the current topic (white/black couples). It's time to respond to some of the comments that have been made.

Tradewinds, thanks for the recognition. I always appreciate it when someone comments on one of my postings. I also agree with you regarding the reverse situation in African countries. I think it all has something to do with how we perceive each other. I've been to Africa a couple of times and have met many beautiful black women. These were the kind of girls who wouldn't give me the time of day in my own country.

Most of the women in these countries believe that every white guy is rich. I've been told by quite a few of them that they think we are more romantic as well. Obviously, many white guys are more than ready to go for it when presented with numbers of beautiful, willing young women.

Amis, I'm 100% in agreement with what you said, black is very sensual in the bedroom. As a white man, I find I have a much better time with a black woman as a sex partner. I've dated a number of white women who were unable to ever have an orgasm. I've NEVER once had a black women with the same problem. I also love the long legs, the lean body and the perfect ass.

You are right about few white guys with black women in the western countries. But the situation is the other way around in Africa. You can take any guy. drop him of in Kenya, Ghana, Zambia etc. and he'll get hooked up with one of the local girls so fast it'll make your head spin.

Word up, what you said perfectly illustrates the concept of the media-inspired preconception that I was talking about. The fact that all these girls are going for the guy with the ENYCE jacket and the gold tooth just proves it.
As for ass-fucking, I'd be willing to bet that they're willing to go for it when it's a black man asking for it. They look at it as the price they pay for getting the thug of their dreams.

Chris P, that was the most hilarious stuff you wrote!!! We have the exact same girls here. They look the same, dress the same and do the exact same thing. They all hang out downtown with their fatherless children trying to act like they're cool. Hmmmmm, let me think... no job, no money, no education, no ambition, no husband, no future. Yep, they sure are cool all right.

By the way, I offer an apology for putting this in the Kenya forum since it doesn't really have very much to do with Kenya. I do think Kenyan women are beautiful though.


Joe Zop
12-03-04, 05:32
Chris P, there's Florida 2000 which is the biggest and craziest, and then there's New Florida on Koinange. Oh, yeah, and of course there's also the Florida Casino for good measure.

M Zungo
12-03-04, 15:28
Florida 2000-also called F1 big disco,three or four bars, lots of sofas and tables,dancefloor,on moi avenue

New Florida- also called Madhouse or F2 - in a mushroom looking building on top of a petrol station- koinange street

Florida casino- close to new Florida, nothing special at all even if you are a gambler.

12-03-04, 19:21

Thanks for confirming Annie Oakley's is former Buffalo Bill's.

Do you know if it is run by same guys who run Buffalo Bill's?

Questions about Kisumu anyone?:

What is nightlife and girl situation in kisumu?

Are there places open daily or weekend only?

There should be club called Octopussy, good?

What are other places worth to visit, if any?

Any suggestions on where to stay?

And is mosquito situation bad there, don't like those stinging bitches.

Thank you,


12-05-04, 16:43
the author of the guide that chick luver copied some time ago, with whom i am in contact by email, has asked me to post the latest edition of his guide to kenya (4th edition) as cl copied the 1st edition, which doesn’t contain as much information as later editions.

the author has joined this site with the username ‘blackion’, but it will take him some time to be upgraded from viewing to regular member so he can’t post yet and that’s why he’s asked me to post his guide, to share his knowledge also on this forum.

i’ve never been to kenya and i haven’t contributed at all to this guide, it’s been entirely written by blackion, who hopefully will be a regular member at some point and start posting by himself. it looks like an awesome guide to me, a kind of lonely planet guide for mongers.

enjoy it.

a guide to sex scene in kenya
4th edition
written by blackion


general info
capital: nairobi
big towns: mombasa, kisumu, thika, nyeri, nakuru, eldoret and kitale.
official language: english
national language: kiswahili
population: 35 millions
tourist season: december - february, though in mombasa it's always nice
religion: 35% protestant, 30% roman catholic, 30% muslim, 5% animist
head of state: president mwai kibaki
money: kenyan shilling. 1$ = 79ksh.

kenya - a virgin land for sex tourists.

kenya - the land of beat, sex, lifely music and freedom.


i had been to kenya during 08/2000 - 07/2004 in and out. i believe this guide should be correct for up to one year (ie: until 07/2005) after which make sure things didn't change by asking people. i had visited almost all kenyan towns and many villages. stayed with or visited all their traditional tribes. drank milk with cow's blood and slept on skins as well :).

kenya is definately not a first-world country, but you shouldn't be affraid of going there because it's in africa. there have been so many tourists in kenya, mostly coming for safari and beautiful beaches. about 800,000 tourists anually visit kenya. most of them come without vaccinations. kenya is quite safe by all means. the roads indeed in pitiful condition, but every year they are improving them.


the prostitutes in kenya, even profs like to be in boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with a client. this is less true for nairobi, but still exists there. it gives you a nice time, since you don't feel that the girl is just doing her job being with you, but she is actually emotionally involved with you. ie, you aren't buying only sex, you are actually buying love, to some degree. these are the reasons i like kenyan girls. ethiopian ladies may be more beautiful (and therefore more challenging), but their pros. wouldn't like to be emotionally involved with you.

there are no bar ladies, lady drinks or barfines like in asia or ethiopia. indeed, you may find girls in the bars, but they are never working or staying there. there are no pimps in kenya as well.

remember, many girls don't rush to speak about money. in fact, from the moment you meet her and until you part there will be no word from the girl about money. by this she just hopes that you will appreciate her and what she had done for you. it's upon you then to decide how much you are willing to give her. you may pay anything between 500 - 7000 ksh. it will depend on your status, the status of the girl and the status of the hotel you brought her. let's say, if you stay in 3 star hotel, try not to pay her less then 1500ksh and more then 3000ksh. if you stay in a guest house, pay her around 750 - 1000ksh. all prices are per night. 500ksh - 6$, 750ks - 9$, 1500 - 18$, 3000 - 37$.

thereafter if you are pleased with the girl you may continue to stay with her. try not to negotiate with her the price in the way of: "i would like you to stay with me for 3 days and i'll give you 7000ksh for all". try to be more dynamic. also, give her money as present, not as payment. it will make her feel better and the emotional side will benefit from it.


in kenya you find girls mostly in bars, discos and night clubs where they come looking for clients. sometimes the girls may approach you otherwise you may call anyone you like.

casaurina night club in mtwapa (15km from mombasa) - it's a very nice place. there is a satellite tv, bar, disco with nice music and restaurant. no entrance fee. you may come there for general fun, for drinking and passing time and of course for your hunting. you may come there starting from 9pm. around 11-12pm the place will be packed. there will be around 15 girls always available for you to choose from.

watamu - a small town on the way to malindi. maybe twelve km before you reach malindi you branch off towards the beach. that place is compact and has a lot of girls. there are two discos where you hunt them. i had seen there a very beautiful somali lady. she is just stunning with her light-brown skin and her somali exotic appearance.

malindi - a town 100km out of mombasa is a great coastal town with bars and night clubs.

ukunda-diani - a small town with many 5,4 and 3 star hotels along the beach. 30km out of mombasa. find the girls around the town, around the beaches, in hotels, bars and night clubs. getting there: arrive to mombasa. take a matatu (minibus) to ferry. use the ferry (free of charge) to get to likoni. take matatu to ukunda-diani.

nairobi - florida2000 disco on moi avenue. newyork-newyork, it's a bar. you will find there university/college students and pros. there are a lot of other places.

isiolo - 300km from nairobi. you may go there for an adventure. in isiolo you can get turkana/samburu/somali/kikuyu(but you aren't coming for kikuyu there :)) not too much spoiled girls for 300-700ksh. it's much more "custom" over there. getting there: arrive to nairobi. take a bus from easleigh estate to isiolo. the price is around 400ksh. it will take around 6 hours to get there.

maralal - it's a wild, biggest town of samburu tribe. the one who build the town given names to hotels like in westerns. for example hotel "happy joe". in this town i had seen the craziest girls in all kenya. i had seen girls living by themselves or with their hippi boyfriends, smoking marijuana, drinking all kinds of illicit alcohol drinks. but anyway, the town isn't that desperate, there is a lot of fun too. i recommend to visit maralal if you have a lot of time or in case you want to try off the beaten track.the clothes of samburu tribe are very beautiful and original. once you come there, go to jamaica disco or to any other discos or clubs. there are no pros as such available, but almost every lady you will find in bar or disco will be ready for you :).

getting there: arrive to nairobi. take a bus to nyahururu. from nyahururu take a bus to maralal. the price is around 600ksh overall. it will take 6 hours to get there.

you may also travel as far as lodwar and lokkichoggio to get more exotic background and sometimes exotic girls.

getting to lodwar: from nairobi take a bus to kitale. from kitale take a bus to lodwar. price: 1000ksh. note: sometimes you would like to sleep in kitale, since it is a long distance. note2: sometimes there is direct nairobi-lokkichogio bus, passing by lodwar available. very tiresome though. getting by airplane to lokkichogio is also possible.

if you have a nice girl whom you would like to travel a little bit with you - go to kalokol. it's 56km from lodwar towards lake turkana. from kalokol go to a small island (5km by foot or lift). there is a hotel for tourists and traditional turkana "houses" which you can rent for around 400ksh a day. the island is small, nice water is all around, a lot of exotica, hot.. i would highly recommend it, though it depends on your taste.

completely out of the beaten track. you may go to samburu district, to such villages as: larata b, ndonyo wasin, ngilai. these villages are far from the main roads and samburu people over there continue their traditional way of living. almost all the people, especially the ladies don't know their age. only few men speak english over there, some more speak swahili, but big number of people speaks only samburu language. the ladies there go almost always naked from waist up and you will see their sweety boobs. they don't feel any shyness as it's their traditional "garments".

once you get there you must find someone who speaks english, pay him and make him your guide. he will also be the one who will negotiate with the girls. the girls can ask you for just about anything: piece of soap, honey, mirror :) the use of money is somewhat limited around there. if you would like to marry a lady there - nothing is easier. you need to buy 10 cows, which is for the dowry. then your guide will help you to conduct a marriage ceremony. from now and on, the lady will be yours forever! no divorce from her side is possible. the girl is gonna be yours for the rest of your life. she will never commit an adultery, since there is a very big taboo about it. you may build for her a small house around there, pay your guide to be her teacher of english and comeback whenever you like and have her. her maintenance will cost you around 15$ per month. she has to obey you in everything and she will never be with another man.

ultimately out of the beaten track. you may go to gabbra tribe. there was very few tourist coming there, though the road is present and passable. their girls has lighter skin then samburu and the dowry is smaller - only 3 camels. they are harsher then samburu and the marriage ceremony usually takes about 1 year. but since you have got money, you may speed it up and get african pearl. unlike samburu, there is no playing around. either marriage or nothing.

i like a lot kenyan lifestyle and their lively music. in kenya you feel yourself free, you can start with the girls on the streets (especially outside of nairobi) or in small cafes and make a nice conversation with them leading to…

for kenyans sex is not a very big deal especially if you compare with ethiopia or tanzania. in kenya many girls would like to make sex and accept money for it. unless they are rich or catholic school students :). so theoretically you don't have to look for pros. just go to some hot place like mombasa, go by the streets, decide on some nice lady, talk to her, give her some nice presents, buy her some clothes, show your interest, invite for few cokes and chicken-chips. if she has a local boyfriend she may even part from him towards you :).


in kenya as well as in many other african countries people are divided by belonging to a particular tribe. whenever you are talking about a kenyan there will be a lot of referencea to his/her tribe.

for example:

- we, umemona lucy?
- lucy gani? huyu kikuyu nyeupe?

translation from swahili:

- hey, have you seen lucy?
- which one, the one with light(white) skin and kikuyu by tribe?

understanding the tribes of kenya will allow you to understand better their way of living.

ethnic diversity

kikuyu - the biggest tribe in kenya. many pros coming from this tribe and can be found all around kenya. skin ranges from brown-black to brown-light.

kamba - similar to kikuyu's, but less of their girls working as pros and they are generally a little bit fatter then kikuyus.

samburu, masai - ladies from the exotic tribes of kenya. you may find them in mtwapa and mombasa areas as well as in their respective regions. skin ranges from brown to black and sometimes brown-bronze to black-bronze.

somalis - light-skinned girls with exotic faces. few working as pros, can be found in nairobi, mombasa area and in their respective regions. the most beautiful ladies come from itzhak subtribe of somalis.


food in kenya is plentiful and relatively cheap. my favorite was 1/4 chicken roasted and chips. the price is 100ksh (1.26$) in small and fast food restaurants. usually small salad and tomato sauce will be included. the cheapest food in the cheapest places for locals is 10ksh (12cents). it's called gidheri (corn mixed with beans). you may try it in order to get an idea of what locals eat.

in medium+ class restaurants the meal will be around 300ksh soft drinks included. it can be pork with potatoes curry and salads or fish. the amount of spices is similar to europe. in mombasa and nairobi you may try indian restaurants for more spicy or vegetarian food. you may try also arab restaurants for their traditional dishes.

ugali - is the very popular staple food in kenya. it's made out of melted corn. you must try it. can be eaten with nyama choma (roasted meat) or fry meat. price would be around 80ksh (1$).


soft drinks sold in shop for 300ml bottle - 15ksh. for 1l - 45ksh. soft drinks in restaurant for 300ml bottle - 25ksh. beer 330ml(500ml) is 65ksh.


matatu - it's a minibus used in public transport. short distance 10ksh. medium 15ksh. long - 20+ksh.

kbs - kenya bus service (only in nairoby) it's a big bus. prices are 15-25ksh. metro shuttle (only in nairobi) - similar to matatu. price is 40+ksh. inter-city buses: there are many companies, therefore the prices may vary. you may negotiate the price in booking office while buying a ticket. almost all buses without air conditioner and tv.

example: bus from nairobi to mombasa (400km) will cost you around 550ksh(7$).

note: kenya recently adopted new rules. you must be seated in any minibus or a bus and you must put the safety belt on. all passengers in private cars must also put their safety belts on.


there are a lot of internet cafes in nairobi and mombasa. in other towns you may check local post office or ask people. the price is 1ksh per minute. it's about 75 cents per hour.

example of a trip

let me also give you an example of how to start your hunting in kenya. buy your ticket to kenya. pay 50$ visa fee on arrival, good for 3 months. you may arrive either to mombasa or nairobi airports. don't waste your time in nairobi, take a bus for 500ksh to mombasa or you have an option for a train, be sure to select 1st or 2nd class. there is a train 3 times a week, whereby buses are going every hour including night bus. the journey by bus is tiresome and night bus departing 7pm will get there by 5am next day. therefore, if you have a possibility, try to get a flight to mombasa.

arriving to mombasa, take a matatu to mtwapa. alight near casourina night club. go to headquater's lodge or any other guest house nearby. you will pay starting from 300ksh per night for the accommodation. cheap accommodation of this class will include a small room with a fan, table and chair. shower and toilet are outside of your room. i think it's good to be in these conditions, as anyway, you are in africa. the other benefit is that nobody will speak about you or your ladies you brought there. there will be no additional charge for the girls and you are free to come every time with another lady - no questions asked. around 9pm you may start your hunting by going to casourina. by 9pm it's still gonna be empty, so enjoy drinking some beers and watching dstv.

by 11pm it should be relatively packed. you will see around 15 girls, usually in good condition, beautiful african ebony. the common age is 18 - 25 years. pick anyone of them, as all know to speak english. either negotiate the price or just take her with you. sometimes she may start to talk about money, sometimes she will not. in this case, you will give her in the morning as much as you like.

the next day you may walk around, change your guesthouse to another, up to your taste. while walking around mtwapa, look upon decent looking girls. it's not only night there for your hunting, it's a day too.

after you become comfortable, go and visit malindi. you may also visit ukunda/diani beach. if you want to see more girls, go to night club as tembo, florida, the pirates.


1) do the girls have id's?

most of the grown up girls will have id's, though sometimes, especially during the day they may be reluctant to carry them. all id's will be genuine, but the age could be different from real by 2-3 years sometimes. some young girls or those with problematic family background may not have them.

2) are id's of any importance?

usually there is no any importance for id's. id will be required if you would like the girl to stay with you in any 3+ star hotel. id is also important for the girl while she is walking alone in the night, in case of occasional police check. police will not ask a girl walking together with another man for id.

3) security problems in kenya? terrorism and crime?

there is small crime level in mombasa. there is a little bit more crimes in nairobi. i had stayed in kenya for two years during 2000-2004 and i'm from israel. never felt or seen anything dangerous, not big crimes, nor terrorists.

4) should i speak swahili in order to enjoy in kenya?

no. virtually everybody speaks english. sometimes you will see girls who doesn't speak english because they never went to school or dropped in the earlier grades though.

5) will kenyan girls accept oral/anal sex?

usually they will accept oral, but they will not be ready-happy for it, as it's against african culture. most of the time they will refuse anal sex. but if you find relatively young girl and slowly build your influence over her you may teach her to take all the positions and then oral and even anal sex. otherwise, professional pros will probably do it all. do not propose anal sex to your kenyan lady once you are emotionally involved with her as it will constitute insult. do propose oral sex.

6) what about hiv/aids?

first of all, currently there are vaccinations on phase 3 in kenya. it means, that about 4 years from now the vaccination is going to be available on the market. first 2 phases showed good response and effectiveness. for more info gooogle "kavi hiv nairobi".

currently, follow these guidelines: never fuck with pros without a condom. if she doesn't look decent - don't do oral sex without condom. in any case remember - getting hiv isn't very easy. for an average, the chance of become infected is 1 out of 1000 for each act of vaginal sex. it will be 1:200 if she has std. it will be 1:50 if both of you have std(s). i have seen germans staying in kenya for twenty years and fucking everything which moves. they are still negative, though their girlfriends died of aids. and, as statistic says, there are many infected girls in kenya. therefore, always test the girl before considering a bareback fuck. in kenya there are many free of charge vct centers where one can be tested and get an answer within two hours.

7) again, what are the prices for accommodation?

guest house: 150ksh - 1600ksh, 3 star hotel full-inclusive - 40$ - 80$.

8) you write: "don't waste your time in nairobi..." why? is it because the girls are more expensive there?

no. the background of nairobi is generally not nice for having fun. people and girls are rougher and busier. the distances you have to cover are greater. the accommodation is more expensive, therefore more girls staying with parents and thus having less freedom to do what they want, as it would be in other towns. the crime level is higher in nairobi, especially carjacking. the funny fact, that i do recommend to find a girlfriend from nairobi, some college/univ student for example. those girls are cool, cute and clever. but this would only apply if you are going to stay there for a long time, since finding and getting them takes time. also the weather in nairobi is not as nice as in mombasa for example. it's often cold and there are more rains.

9) how long will it take from nairobi to mombasa by train?

it starts 7pm (inshalla) and reaches at 9am next day.

10) is there a lot of crime in nairobi/mombasa? any precautions for foreigners visiting kenya?

in nairobi don't go outside of your residential places after darkness. in mombasa - it's ok, you may walk around at any time. generally the situation isn't that bad, but some crime level does exist.

11) i'm a middle aged, white male without any biases toward anyone. would i be welcome there?

sure! you will be most welcomed there. in kenya all black population very likes white men and gives them respect. the ladies like you, initially, for just being a white man (muzungu). that's why you can easily start talking with anyone on the street. be it a man, a woman or a light-browned long-legged smooth-skinned 10+ model with beautiful eyes, cute face and promising smile of naomi. only afterwards they will decide whether they like to be with you. being white always gives you an advantage.

12) what vaccinations and prophylaxis should i consider?

it's recommened to take doxycycline (100mg once daily) or lariam (1 tab weekly) in order to be protected from malaria. it's not a mandatory though, as in every small hospital in kenya blood can be checked for malaria parasites in few hours time and the treatment is very effective. malaria is only dangerous if not treated.

as for vaccinations, you may do typhoid fever. if you are going to travel for a long time in kenya or in fact in any place in the world, you should consider following vaccinations: meningitis a.c.w.v, typhim vi, hepatitis b, hapatitis a, polio and yellow fever.

13) what is the price of one cow in kenya?

it's around 100$ per cow in markets of samburu district.

14) what is dstv?

this is digital sattellite tv broadcasting from south africa. they are around 100 channels: movies, sport, music and all the rest. many times they show championship boxing matches live from usa for no additional cost at their supersport channels. in usa this level of boxing matches is pay-per-view, in my country (israel) it's not available at all, but whoila! coming to africa you get it free :).

please correct my mistakes if any, submit questions to be included in the next issue.

Chris P
12-06-04, 04:41
Great updated report - I have one question:

"Pay 50$ visa fee on arrival, good for 3 months" - is this also true of British passport holders? And also, once you've got this 3-month visa, are you able to enter and exit the country for free during the period? Or do you have to pay US$50 every time you enter, even if it's only a month later? (Ah, how I wish we still had the Empire and didn't have to bother with all this nonsense ;-)

Rock Dog
12-06-04, 07:10

You said the following in your last post, "The Kenyans like "white men for being white men" -- I don't think so! They like white man's MONEY far better than white man....That line has me hitting the floor with laughter"

I hope you weren't getting that line from one of my posts, because that's not what I said. Here's a direct quote of what I did say.

" Most of the women in these countries believe that every white guy is rich. I've been told by quite a few of them that they think we are more romantic as well."

So, as you can see, I'm well aware that the perception of wealth is a big factor. But there's a lot more to it than just that. Most women (not just black women) want a guy who they can depend on to take care of them. They like it when the guy can take charge, plan for the future, be responsible and get things done. I've heard this from Kenyan women as well as girls from Ghana, Nigeria and Zambia. These seem to be qualities that white men are perceived to have.

The number one thing is still money of course, I'm just saying there's a bit more to it than that.


Mean Mike
12-07-04, 16:30
Rastaman you post all over this board and fight with everybody over (basically) YOUR idea that no one (esp. black women) like to be with or value white men. I dont know who molested you but you need to get off it and stick to what this board is about. Quit your pissin and moanin, or Ill get Jackson to kick your [Deleted by Admin] of the board. This board is not a political forum on racism.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of Personal Attacks in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post Personal Attacks in the Forum. Thanks!

12-08-04, 00:55
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Buko Max
12-08-04, 09:04
I would like to thank Blackion for writing such an informative guide and Gladiator for posting it. But I have a few more questions that you could include in the next post.
1) What airlines fly to Kenya from the U.S. or Europe and what is the average cost?
2) How close is Mombasa to the safari action? Is it easy to get a guide and go hunting?

I would also like to include my .02 worth on the subject of interracial relations. I would have to agree with Rock Dog about black women in the sack. They are the bomb in the bedroom! I know because I've had several black girlfriends and once you go black you never go back! Here in the States there are plenty of upwardly mobile black women with a head on their shoulders. My last gf was making a good wage and is very independent. In the last few years, I see more and more black women with white men. I think that society has finally started to except interracial couples.


Chris P
12-09-04, 03:07
"i think that society has finally started to except interracial couples"

freudian slip?

for my part, i love the voluptuousness, excitability, athleticism and exoticism of black girls, but i certainly wouldn't marry one. i'm white, and i intend that my descendants will be the same; there is too much history, too much awkwardness and too many problems with serious interracial relationships. what's more, god, the creator, or who or whatever the hell it was made us beautiful and distinct - i don't feel that we should mongrelise these wonderful lines and destroy hundreds of thousands of years of development, creating rootless, mixed-up people who don't know who or what the hell they are. most of my friends agree, particularly black, arabic and jewish acquaintances.

just my two cents - feel free to agree or disagree; that's what free speech is all about.

12-11-04, 08:07

Thanks for confirming Annie Oakley's is former Buffalo Bill's.

Do you know if it is run by same guys who run Buffalo Bill's?It's owned and run by former customers of Buffalo Bill's. :-)

Rock Dog
12-11-04, 23:13
this one is to chris p,

i'm pretty sure i'm not the only one who feels this way, so here it goes. you said a few things in your recent post about interracial couples. i read it and as i'm writing this post right now and trying to sort out my feelings about what you said.

first, you said you enjoy doing it with black women, but you'd never marry one or have kids with her. then you mentioned something about god's intent and preserving wonderful lines. by this comment, i assume you're talking about some kind of racial purity. this seems like a fair bit of hypocrisy to me. you imply that it's ok to have interracial sex, but not to have interracial children. or maybe it's ok when because you're just having some fun. by the same logic, you should be ok with an african man having sex with a white girl as long as it's just for fun.

there's no rational, scientific basis for trying to classify human beings into racial groups. take your classical black africans for example. they range all the way from sudanese (blacker than midnight) all the way to xhosa (a fairly light tan color). what about somalis or ethiopians? they are a definite mixture of african and arab genes and yet they don't have a problem or consider themselves to be "mixed up people".

who's white and who isn't? germans, french and swedes for sure. i suppose you wouldn't include hispanics as being white. what about someone from spain, which is a european country? how about italians or greeks? how about someone from argentina who might be entirely of mixed european heritage. are they non-white because hey speak spanish and live in south america? travel eastward in europe towards the former soviet republics and you will see the people gradually become more and more asian looking. but where do you draw the line and say " these ones are white and those ones are asian."

your black friends, if they are american, are almost guaranteed to be of mixed african, european and native american heritage. jewish people have the same story. if you believe the bible (and the talmud) they started out in the middle east, lived in egypt for some generations and also spent some more generations in captivity in babylon. add centuries of european genes to this brew and you have an entirely mixed genetic heritage.

you can have your free speech, as you put it. but the speech you have made reveals a fair bit of hypocrisy and racism as well.

rock dog

Zouk Love
12-19-04, 17:48
Rock Dog,

I guess you're wasting your time arguing on silly comment like these ... It's just like you'd try to convince a nuts guy that the pink panther in front of him is only a view of his mind.

Rock Dog
12-24-04, 04:36
I hear you Zouk.

It's just that I could not read a post like that without making some kind of reply. It's funny in a way, because he admits he loves black women in one part of his mind, but in another part of his mind he says they aren't good enough for him.

He gives a bad name to himself from the words that he speaks.

Personally, I think that black women from africa are good with sex. I also think they make very good wives if you pick the right girl. I would never marry a white girl even if you paid me money to do it.

One last thing, I'm quite sure that my kids will grow up to be just fine no matter what their mixture is. I just hope Chris P doesn't teach his kids to have the same racist attitudes that he has displayed to all of us.


Chris P
12-24-04, 21:42
lol - you guys have been watching too many movies; you need to wake up and smell reality. life isn't a michael jackson rendition of "we are the world".

segregation may no longer be legally active but it is effectively practiced everwhere you go - see south side chicago, east st louis, south central los angeles.....as soon as blacks start moving in, you see white flight, and within a decade an entire neighbourhood has been ethnically cleansed. why? because the reality is that people in general wish to associate in the long term with those similar to themselves. hey, maybe that's terrible, but more importantly, it's reality.

indeed, there is an entire separate, parallel black community out there - black entertainment tv, kwanzaa, farrakhan, countless other black organisations and events.....and i as a white person am not particularly welcome. that's fine - they have the right of free association just as i have the right of free speech. but what i don't want is for my own children to be born into this effectively separate, segregated community, which excludes me (as indeed they will, as half-caste/mixed-race children are always classified as black, regardless of what anyone here says).

black people are automatically inducted into this huge black parallel culture, and there is a pressure on them from their own people to conform to it. look at black leaders like marion barry dressing up in african costume for his inauguration as washington dc mayor (let us gloss over certain other events during barry's tenure). blacks in america, partly naturally like all people, and partly due to the injustices of slavery, tend to stick together and are suspicious and mistrusting of white people; no number of "black best buddy" characters in tv shows and movies will change this reality. and i don't want my children to feel this factor dragging them away from me, as they will in the real world.

also, from the other side, as i said before, there is the issue of white flight. again, you can't argue with this - it happens wherever you look, from london to la. so clearly, there are going to be tensions among white people i know if i introduce a black family (my own) into the neighbourhood.

as for racial differences, watch any of the last six olympic 100m finals. what do all the participants have in common? then go walk round the astrophysics department at mit. spot the difference? in fact, it's not hypocritical at all to love fucking african women but not to want my children to be black. i love fucking black women for exactly the reason i don't want to live in black areas and make my children black - they are wild, exciting, athletic, dangerous; great for a night of sex but not for a life as next door neighbours with their brothers 50 cent and ron artest.

as for black guys fucking white girls, i have a visceral sense of dislike when i see this, as i suspect most white men do but many would be afraid to admit; however, i accept that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, and so it's fair enough.

you can split hairs about it but here in the west we can see pretty clearly who is white and who is black, and people are treated and pressured by society and peer groups as a result. quite simply, i don't want to lose my kids to an entirely separate sub-culture; one of farrakhan, bet, anti-white rap music, kwanzaa, white flight, and which is basically quite hostile to white men like myself.

if you want to live in la-la media-land, where real life is like remember the titans, then go ahead. but get ready for the sniffs and looks of disapproval from white and black people alike; the rejection of that country club application; your kids coming home from school asking why white men like you enslaved black people like them, and involving themselves in black groups in which your presence is at best uneasily tolerated; the further unease and culture clash at family get-togethers; and the general stress which leads to a vastly higher breakdown rate among interracial families.

all of this may be wrong, it may be right - we can debate forever - but of infinitely greater importance, it is reality. in real life when black people start moving in, whites don't band together with them to make an inspirational football team: they simply up and leave. and when those countless parallel black organisations say that they're "into equality and open to all", in real life they'll make a white man feel as comfortable as a colony of enraged fire ants in your underpants. you can bury your head in the sand and zouk can count his pink panthers, but i'm more concerned with ensuring that i have fun while i'm young, but that i don't lose my kids when i decide to settle down.

12-26-04, 02:47
I feel my comments on the genetics of black people in the West may have started a lot of this. Chris P. I agree with the reality you speak of. However the 50 cent and ron Artest comment is just blatantly racist. These reppeople represent only a fraction of the black community. Would you be upset if your neighbor or in law was Colin Powell or Halle Berry? Didnt think so. White America has been curious if not in some instances obsessed with Black culture from day 1 so your comments really come as no suprise. White youth attribute to approximately 70% of all Hip Hop sales. I am not referring to whiggers. I'm talking typical suburban white youth. Your kids will love and idolize prominent black figures as do you. Your son will likely take a liking to black woman as you have. Like it or not, this is a reality. First Thomas Jefferson, then Stron Thurmond, now you ? C'mon man. You are really making whites look bad on this board. Lets just stick to info on the girls guys.

Rock Dog
12-26-04, 18:53
just a few last words (hopefully) on this topic. nothing hostile, but rather a free speech type of exchange.

i got the feeling from your post that you somehow feel threatened when blacks assert themselves as a group. some of the examples you gave, such as kwaanza, are merely their attempt to reclaim something of what they feel is their lost heritage.

white flight is another interesting idea. it works in the other direction as well. this is a process called gentrification, maybe you've heard of it.

you're right about apparent black athletic superiority and it's true about mit having lots of white people. however i suspect there is a strong cultural component to this as well. if you looked at mit you'd notice a lot of asians and east indians as well. a few generations back, these people (esp. the indians) would have been lumped into the same category as blacks and considered to be intellectually inferior to whites. in fact, they are just as intelligent as anyone else. part of the reason that blacks are so predominant in sports is because many of them perceive that this is one of the few avenues to success that is open to them.

part of the problem is the high level of entrenched racism in the usa. mixed race couples and their children aren't as big of a deal in a lot of other countries. i've personally noticed the difference between the states and other places such as canada and the uk. some countries like cuba (been there too) the dominican republic, and brazil make virtually no distinction whatsoever between people of european, african or mixed descent. in fact, most of the people in these countries are mixed to some degree anyways.

there's a theory that i've heard thate postulates that many of the so-called white people in countries such as south africa and the usa are part black anyways. it seems that back in the 1700 and 1800's there were many guys like you who enjoyed their sexual freedom with a great number of available (and often unwilling) black women. the result? large numbers of mixed-race offspring. often, these lighter skinned "creoles" and "quadroons" were found to be quite attractive and further levels of mixing continued to occurr. the theory states that many of these highly mixed people found that they could pass for white and subsequently married into white families without anybody ever knowing. after a few generations, virtually every family would end up with some small degree of mixing.

of course a lot of white people hate this idea and will completely deny any possibility that they might have "a little coffee in their cream". hmmmm, maybe there's another reason why you like those black girls so much. trying to get back to your..... roots?


12-28-04, 10:58
I can sympathize with Chris - unfortunately his views are typical for white males in the US. In my own experience , I had to really get to know some black people - men and women - not just have sex with P4P. Also, read some history of the slave trade, civil rights etc.

You will be doing yourself a big favor because your current mindset is based on FEAR. Also desiring black women and having attitudes about them as people that you do will eventually cost you.

Fuck what the racists think, black or white. We need more revolutionaries to break down those ugly walls that we (white people mostly) have built up.


R.Dog- Elvis and the Babe come to mind as "coffee in the cream" you mentioned.

To all - sorry for going further off topic (pursuit of pussy -why we're all here) but I had to .

Chris P- don't quit. It sounds like you are working with this stuff. Its hard to be American without having racist assumptions. You are missing out if you live trapped in them.

12-29-04, 23:30
Enough of this philosophical debating, you are turning this wonderful site into a very boring one! Take your political correctness elsewhere.

Let’s get back to the joys of womankind.


12-31-04, 12:47
I don't know what Chris is doing on this site. I am a white guy who can't get enough of black women.

When I marry it will definitely be to an African lady. I don't care what children look like or how they are perceived by neanderthals like Chris.

Rock Dog
12-31-04, 15:40
Ok then,

How about you get things started off with some good reports? Better yet, we'd all like to see some pics of some hot Kenyan girls posted. It's been a little while since anyone has done that and I'm sure someone must have some good ones they'd like to share.



Jem Hadar
01-01-05, 19:39
Tradewinds your right of course I'm black but as I keep saying I really don't think this is the appropriate place to discuss issues like racism. I am well aware that there are some white guys with racist attitudes but I'm here to talk about banging beautiful women cost effectively. I'm not into having a futile debate with some individual with warmed up Jim Crow attitudes it dosen't get you anywhere.

Zouk Love
01-03-05, 02:29
That's so typical from my american friends. The world is seperate in two poles : Good/Evil ; Black/White ; Democrats/Republican ; You people really got a problem with this.

Who cares about the color of what we fuck? Most of the time, our eyes are closed when we fuck them!

C'mon, let's talk 'bout sex baby! Forget about those racists things, that brings too much troubles in the head

Rock Dog
01-04-05, 06:38
OK lets get back on topic here.

Since this is the Kenya forum let me ask a question. Out of the many tribes in Kenya, Kamba girls are known to be talented in bed.

Is there any truth to this? How are women from some of the other tribes like the Kikuyu, Luo and Meru?

Is shaving in fashion here? Or do they all like to surprise us with a big hairy patch when we get the panties off?

Any info from someone who has some first-hand experience will be appreciated.


01-05-05, 12:28
Aaaaarrrggghhhh, Rock Dog, you're gonna make us jump from racism to tribalism! :-)

I vote for the best girls, in what matters to us, from:

1) Taita
2) Kamba


M Zungo
01-05-05, 13:44
Most African girls shave and very rarely do you get a "big hairy patch".

In my very extensive "research" I think ive encountered it on less than 1 % and I take my "research" seriously.

Cant answer your tribal question more than by saying of all the tribes Ive tried they have all impressed frequently.

Not that its a tribe but my experience of Somali girls is that they cause trouble more than any other girls you will meet in East Africa.

However sometimes theyre worth it.

Rock Dog
01-05-05, 15:45

Kamba I've heard about but I don't know Taita. What was your experience? Is it the way they look or some technique that they know?

Muzungo (good name! I've been called that a few times myself)

I agree with you about Somali girls. Some of them have got to be the most beautiful women in the universe. I'm assuming by trouble, you mean that some of them have an attitude problem?


01-05-05, 18:51
I'd appreciate some tips on which hotel to use in Nairobi.

Both for general standard of hotel, availability of bar girls and the hotels' policy to taking girls back to the room !

Eg: Fairview, Boulevard, InterContinental, Landmark, Meridian, Panafric, Sixeighty etc !

Ie less than 100 bucks per night!


01-05-05, 19:46
Yes, people tell Kamba women are famous because they like to make love very much.

Many girls shave themselves, for to enjoy their man (even if they change man every night).

Kenyan girls aren't very hairy.

Somali girls give a lot of troublee, but You can find girls very beautiful between them.
Meru girls are beautiful as Somali girls, but remember: You can choise the best everytime and everywere.

01-05-05, 22:09
Hello joe Dee,

In Nairobi I know only ambassador hotel, but I went there many yars ago and I don't remember the price, but they permitted to take a girl for the night payng her fee.
In may 2002 i took a room in heron court hotel: 1600 Ksh for the appartment but wen I went with a girl they asked other 600 Ksh (for day).

I took a girl from new Florida, a Kamba (or Akamba) girl, very beautiful with a nice face and a slim body with a long legs, for 2000 Ksh (I'm generous!).


1 US$ = 80 Ksh

1 € = 105 Ksh.

The appartment was nice, with parquet, 2 beds in the slipping room, the living room (if You want a TV you ask and You can have it for a little amount), a little kitchen and bathroom.