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05-19-02, 11:01
( Moderator: I've posted the following message to "Beijing" (the capital city of China) area, and on a second thought it should appear in the "General" area as well, as the services concerned normally cover a lot of China cities. If this re-posting is against forum rules, please delete the inappropriate one according to your judgement. Thanks.)

I'd like to share my hunting tools with all of your guys will visit China, as my contribution to the new forum. (Thanks for the great job done by WSG team!)

I'm an business man in IT industry and I travel to China (Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing in particular) often. I don't like to risk my time, money by hunting around those bars, saunas or discos, and I use agents almost all the times. Below is the list and my personal observation to those service.

# elleguide@yours.com
Cute girls, speaking English, good rate, good service. No response since Febuary 2002.

# china_geisha@hotmail.com / wild_geisha@homestead.com / http://www.wildgeisha.homestead.com
Offer girls internationally across East Asia. Speaking English, good rate, too "professional" however.

# royal@twics.com (Royal Geisha)
Know the service from a friend but never get response from it. Not sure what's its relation to "wildgeisha".

# alltao@sohu.com
Legitimate service. All part-time amateurs, speaking English. Cheaper rate, good service. Good for GFE or hunting amateurs, mistresses.

# www.67s.org / www.playingwithlily.com
Only available in Shanghai. Speaking English. Over priced. Girls normal. (Lily is one of 67s.org girls.)

05-21-02, 23:02
AVOID by all means not only boys, but also girls offering to take you to a bar to introduce you other girls, or telling you "OK to fuck me, but let's go and have a beer in the bar of my friend first, five minutes away from here, we will be more comfortable to talk about sex quietly there". These are traditional rip off traps in China and Vietnam, and you always end with no girl to fuck, but with a bar bill of 2000 Y at least !

07-15-02, 07:16
Brothers, I'm looking for some details on where to stay and play in Hainan. I'm going to try to visit there in a couple of weeks. I've always heard good stories about it, but now I need some details to plan the trip. I'll be staying only a couple of nights (weekend). BTW, how long is the flight from HK?

Thanks for the help.

07-15-02, 19:12
In Haikou, I recommand Haikou Bingguan (= Haikou Hotel). It used to be very g.friendly, with interesting action inside and outside. If you go there, please tell us if it is still the case.
Keep the market at a decent level and don't pay more that 150 Y for ST with freelances, not more than 200 Y in a barber shop. And insist to have BJ. We need to get Chinese girls into the habit of giving this service, as they are often reluctant.

08-04-02, 19:29
China is a big country... where should a sex-tourist start his first visit to China? Ideally looking for a spot with some local culture to explore (besides the women) without spending an outrageous amount...

10-15-02, 14:35
I have not been able to read the China section during my trip in China. No problems with the other sections, but as soon as I entered a topic of the China sectino, the error screen appeared.

10-18-02, 17:54
Silly question, but assuming I was going to bring a VHS tape or DVD to China wih me, what are the TV settings for (NTSC/PAL/etc..?), and what region is China on the DVD encoding?

My chinese friend is majorly into movies, and she never has the time to see them (damn college schedules!!), so I figured I'd take along afew of my favorites.

10-21-02, 23:11
Found the info, thanks.

It's PAL in case anyone else is wondering.

11-01-02, 00:14
Personnally, my policy in China and in Vietnam is : ONLY IN MY OWN HOTEL ROOM.
3 stars hotel are safe enough in these two countries so that you never have any problem to take a girl back to your own room. And don't disclose your room number. Morover, I deal only with the girl herself, not with any intermediate person. Either she agrees my conditions and follows me, or bye-bye. There are so many girls to choose from ! For me, no ST in KTV, remote hotels, bars backrooms, appartments, etc. Because in 50 % of the cases, it hides a ripp off.
The only exception I would make is massage parlors or barbershops.
Don't be silly, don't believe what pimps say about the need to be cautious with police, etc, this is their way to attract you. I ALWAYS make it in my own hotel room, and never had any problem. If the hotel were not happy with me bringing back a girl, the reception, the security gard or the floor maid would say it to me when I pass through with the girl. If they don't say anything, it means that they don't care. Anyway, they understand that, as many customers, if you come to 3 stars hotel ("mini hotel" in Vietnam), it is precisely because you know you can have that kind of freedom there. So they keep quiet and let you alone.

Dick Johnson
11-03-02, 11:32
China is not as open-minded as the Western countries or even Asian countries like Thailand, Japan etc. Prostitution is illegal. Pornography is illegal. There have recently been several people executed because of distribution of pornography, and in another case pimping, though these are all locals.

Even though prostitution does exist in China like in everywhere else in the world, the government does not want it to get out of hand or become to too obvious. It is not like the liberal Amsterdam or Pragmatic Singapore or Switzerland. Countries that legalize and regulate prostitution. There is not that freedom of say Thailand that kinda says 'lets be free and happy.' So discretion is the key.

Beijing is the capital and is going through a 2 year 'anti-pros' program. Banners in Shanzhen says they are cleaning up the city. In a way the government understands the necessity for some action to continue but they also want to limit it. I know of a few cities that were really happening and then the government comes in and clean it up. Arresting many girls etc. Sometimes stings, sometimes just right off the street.

Too much action and the government will come in. Too much foreign attention and the government will want to 'save face' and clean it up.

Also this website is blocked at mosty places in China. I couldn't access it at many places.

11-06-02, 09:41

Just read your post from May. Have you tried any of those e-mail addresses for Beijing of late (Sept. or Oct), and if so, did they work?

11-06-02, 19:55
"barbershops" (in Shenzhen section, but valid for the whole country)
Tangeant is quite right on his analysis. Personally, I choose only the "barbershops" which are obviously sex oriented, as I go ONLY to f... , and for nothing else. They are generally in smaller streets, as the rent on large avenues is more expensive, and of course for discretion. So they might not be easy to find, and that is where you need help of a taxi driver the first time. In some town, they are red lit, but I am not sure if this is the case in Shenzhen. Maybe in some remote surburb.
If I see a girl that I like, through the window, my tactic is to walk closer. Very often, they will call me in. Otherwise, I enter, and ask if I can get a massage. If the answer "yes" half laughing (because they are not use to have foreign custmoers), that is a good sign. How much ? If they answer with a large smile 150 Y or 200 Y, that is obviuoulsy a price inclusive of sex. If they quote 30 Y or 50 Y, that is just the fee paid to the barbershop, and the money to the girl is between you and her. Then, I pick up the girl I like and I ask her to show me the massage room.
If she shows you a bed behind a curtain or a light bulkhead, that is not a good sign. If she takes you upstairs through a discreet stairs or says that they have rooms in an appartment nearby, that is the right place. In that way, I can be alone with her in the backroom to negociate and ask if she is ready to provide exactly the service I want. Chinese girls are shy on sex, they are not like the Viet or the Thai, and there is no way that you ask in front of the other girls if you can have a BBBJ or not. The answer would always be NO. But if you ask to her personally, she might be OK. If her answer is satisfactory, I generally take her to my hotel. A ST time in your hotel is always longer than a ST in the backroom. Safer and much more confortable. If the answer is not satisfactory, I just walk out.

11-10-02, 15:14
Advice Needed

A Chinese girl in Beijing wants desperately to get out of her country, and come to the my country, the US. Does anyone know the best way to do this, and how much it would cost. She says a Visa costs 100,000 RMB and she wants me to come over to China from the US. Does that sound like the right price for a Visa?

Thanks for any and all tips from those of you who know China.


11-10-02, 23:56
That sounds like buulshit. Why is she "desperate" to go to the US ? Girls make plenty of money in China nowadays. If she wants to visit a foreign country, she can join a tour with a travel agency and pay the normal fee. Go to China and find it out by yourself.

Dick Johnson
11-11-02, 06:45
Nope, it aint bullshit. The Chinese girls cannot just come to the U.S. for travel. It is not that easy, not just to U.S., even to Singapore, Taiwan etc.

I've heard prices from tens of thousands to upwards for visas to Asia, and probably more to U.S. I cannot say if 100K is the right price but this would have to include fees to lawyers and various agencies.

Many girls work and save up so she can have a visa to go elasewhere and work and make more money.

The U.S. does not want too many mainland Chinese to come, and China does not want too many of it's pretty girls to leave. So there you have it.

Some mainland Chinese men 'jump airplane'. Meaning they come to U.S. for some 'legit' business reasons and just don't go back. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Chinese. And let's not confuse the 2nd or 3rd generation Chinese or the legal U.S. citizens or residents from Taiwan or Hong Kong with those fresh from Mainland Chinese.

11-11-02, 14:26

That would explain why so many Chinese girls are 'sold' to overseas brothels, and are basically working as indentured sex slaves until they pay off huge debt to the agent who got them out of China. And no doubt the price of the visa must also include some bribes.

What advantage would she have for me to go to China and meet her. Unless we get married, I doubt I could pull the necessary strings to get her out.

Thanks for the info


Dick Johnson
11-11-02, 21:13

Yeah. Many girls working overseas are paying their 'agent' as they work.

I think she wants you to marry her or come up with the cash to get her out of China.


11-12-02, 00:24
Sorry, there is quite some confusion here.

Of course Mainland Chinese can't go to Taiwan, this is an "ennemy" territory. However, they go rather easily to Hong-Kong and even Singapore. Speak to the girls in the disco of Sheraton hotel in Peking, you won't have difficulties to meet girls who go to "work" 2 a 3 weeks to these places.
Don't mix up poor and illetrate Chinese girls of Yunnan who are smuggled to Thailand brothels, country side Wenzhou young workers who pay 100000 Y to travel to Europe or the US aboard ships and trucks as clandestine, and have to work in sweatshops 18 hours a day to pay back to the mafia, and city girls who can travel abroad more and more easily on regular visas. The main expense is that they have to deposit an amount of money on a bank account in China, that they get back on their return. This is a requirement of the foregin embassies before they grant the visas. For marriage, the best is to marry IN China, and then apply for a visa for your legal wife. This is not a big cost. What I don't understand, is what YOU want to do with that girl (I know it not my business anyway...). Do you know her ? Do you just want to help her to immigrate to the US, or do you love her ? Do you want to marry her ?

11-12-02, 03:28

I was writing her an email tonight, and I came to the same conclusion - she wants me to pay her visa or marry her. As we say in my neck of the woods - light dawns on marblehead! She wants me to come to China. She tells me the price of visa but does not ask me to buy it. I would love to visit China, but...

I have only seen her picture (I presume it is she) on internet Adult Friend Finder. But she stands out because she is not a sex come-on. She wrote a simple, touching plea for help. She doesn't even have her own computer. She emails from a Cafe.


I don't know what category she fits in- country or city girl.
She says her ex boyfriend took her away from her family and brought her to Beijing, and now she is very unhappy.

She only writes very short emails, giving little information and no details about herself, her life. All the more intriguing...and suspicious.

I fantasize about being her rescuer...going to China, falling in love and bringing her home and making her happy.

I just sent her an email asking what she wants to do.

Thanks for your thoughts.

11-12-02, 18:21
alohau5, you might want to go to the Thailand board, and look at the Thai women section. There has been a long running thread there which might provide you some insight. Even though it is Thai, and not Chinese, I think there are a lot of paralells, outlining some potential pitfalls of Western/ Asian linkup. thor

Dick Johnson
11-13-02, 06:28
I agree with thor, look at that thread.
a5, oh man, you haven't even met her? Forget it. She probably has someone type her emails and sends to 20 guys. You two probably cannot even speak the same language. And you're thinking of marrying her or sending her money?

If you want to and have the money and time go to China but don't go just to see her. Otherwise it's all just fantasy.

I tired of this discussion. It's China general info board, something like my nov 3rd post is more relevant, if we keep going on it will be a5 counseling board.

If you marry a girl in China it will take a long time for her to get here.

Dick Johnson
11-13-02, 07:00
I want to add though that Thai *****s are very different from Chinese *****s, though there are similarities. I just got back from a 4 month $25K+ trip to Thailand, China, Singapore, Taiwan etc.

Erik, again you are wrong in saying that Chinese girls cannot go to Taiwan. Many do, and some are working girls. I know girls in China who has visas to Taiwan and I've met girls from China in Taiwan. Taiwan and China may be enemies in politics but there's plenty of business and personal relationships between the two. And the Chinese almost always welcome Taiwanese tourists and businessmen.

Ho Man
11-20-02, 02:48
Has anybody tried the services offered at: www.orientbeauty.com?

If so, do the girls look anything like the stunners they put up at the website? How was the service? Price? Recommendations?

11-20-02, 18:28
ho man-this orient beauty site looks very similar to Fun In China. Some of the pictures are the same, as well as the testimonials. If anyone has more info, let us know. thor

11-21-02, 18:42
Re orientalbeauty: many pictures are fake, either Japanese or Hong Kong girls download from the net. You can tell which are real pictures - those ugly ones! There are not honest business people at all! Don't trust them.....

Ho Man
11-23-02, 03:12

Thanks...sounds like you got burnt! Any experience of them?

11-23-02, 10:30
To ho man: No, it's only that I can recognize some pictures those are move stars, models. AV girls from Japan/Hong Kong.
When it's too good to be true, it is.

11-27-02, 10:43

Go to China for a short holiday and check out the scene. There are many Asian Contact orgs, that can help you.

The advice given on this page is good. Take it and avoid being hurt.

12-02-02, 10:37

I have been viewing this thread for some time now as I am to visit China in a while (preparing myself).

Yesterday I watched TV where they had a story about the Flextronic factory (making mobile-phones, XboX etc), where more than 10.000 girls in the age of 17-20 is working. The HR-manager in the factory said that the monthly wage is about 1000, which is about USD.125 a month. That was the average level, he said. As when asking someone for figures like that I know they lie their heart out, so the amount he was mentioning as average was of cause way to high.

Aren't we guys paying way to much for a Lady in China, as they are mentioning 1000 for ST in the Shanghai-thread ? I think we need to hear from some of the expats living in China to give us some knowledge about the correct level.

12-02-02, 13:02

prices do vary all over china, and shanghai is one of the most expensive places. the 1000 mentioned in the shanghai thread are for girls especially catering the foreigner market. you can have cheaper action if you speak chinese and take a girl out from a barber shop for example. but that includes searching and luck. the barber shop girl who goes out with you today might not do so tomorrow. if you go to the Hard Rock Cafe in shanghai, you are also paying for the convenience of getting laid for sure. and as a traveller you normally don't have enough time for searching around, or you just don't bother.

generally we must understand that this market fully works according to the rule of demand and supply. as long as 1000 can be achieved because of sufficient demand, the price won't go down.

12-02-02, 13:31

I am an expat in Guangzhou for one year and Beijing for three years, let me give you some "insights": (currency in RMB)
-A department manager in JV cost around 20,000-30,000
-A General manager in local business cost around 15,000-20,000
-A fresh Beijing U grad is getting 2000 starting
-Average income for locals in 1st line cities around RMB1,900
-Average income for locals in China around RMB900
-A waiter/waitress around 500-1,000, depends, with quarters/meals
-An ayi around 400-1000 a month
-A manual/construction worker around 400/500
-UI is 200
-The last but not the least, a successful mamasan earns up to 100,000 tax free!

So the 900/1,000 you learnt from the report is the correct statistic

Now, the question of: "why these girls get a grand for a fuck, is it too high?"
Well there are quite a few points you have to understand here:
-The girls got to give the mama/or establishment 300 out of their revenue each time
-the girls got to pay either entrance fee or whatever fee to work in the place. For example, they have to pay 120 entrance fee at the Passion, 50 at Hardrock. a fix fee at KTV, etc.
-Many locals who fuck around with their expense account, this is the special situation in China: they are not getting much for salary, bu they get bonus, they can "bao xiao" means claim/reimburse. as long as they get the "fa piao" (official government receipt).
-Blame on the Taiwanese, some of them pour out money like water in those entertainment establishments. Always give fat tips to even waitress.
-In Beijing , at places like "HuaDou" (Flower city), The Passions, KTV at Landmark, at Dynasty Hotel, girls would ask for 2,000-3,000 overnight. especailly at Passions there is a big Taiwanese market , they "belled" up the curve! While HuaDou is basically for "enterprise expense accounts.

When there is a market for demand, the price won't come down.... they would rather get 2000 per night for two business a week than being fucked everyday for 800.
Only for the rich and famous!

12-03-02, 10:57
impressive, you sure know what you are talking about
most(not all, but most) of the chinese that frequent
KTVs are expense accounting it, not paying out of
their own wallet. they are taking customers with them
and that's how business is done in china

by the way, what is JV and UI??

passions is the most famous KTV spot in beijng, if
not all of china, I've never been there but I've heard
stories about girls working there driving beamers and
benz and asking 10000+ for a night, too rich for my blood

12-03-02, 11:12

JV is Joint Venture, non China Enterprise (Guo Qi). All international players are JV, meaning they need to have a local Chinese partner to operate their business here.

UI is simply unemployment insurance, they called it "Xia Gang" for out of job at a Guo Qi. RMB200 a month govt subsidy.

Some Passions' girl are simply beautiful...... but RMB500 for just chatting there. Not a straight sex place, but surely an experience.

Dick Johnson
12-04-02, 06:18
At Passions, not 500rmb, 1000rmb for chatting is more like it since you will have to buy her drinks, fruits, plus admissions, tips etc. I enjoyed my times there but kinda pricey. (The music sucks)

Dick Johnson
12-04-02, 06:35
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Papadum

For example, they have to pay 120 entrance fee at the Passion, 50 at Hardrock. a fix fee at KTV, etc.

When my girl from Passions left with me it appeared she had to call somebody to report so maybe she has to tip the manager or whomever as well.

12-04-02, 13:51
Dick Johnson:

You are right that with drinks for her it would come to a couple more hundreds (around RMB60/drink), with your own entrance fee and a few drinks won't be too far away from a grand....

She called someone when leaving with you.... may be she was telling her friend that she already got a fish on the hook and won't go home the night, many of them go there together.

And I agree with you, it's expensive there, but then again you can get to choose the most beautiful (there are some really elegant girls around from thime to time)China girls there to be your gf for a few hours, but not all of them would go out with you though....

12-04-02, 20:23
see that's what I'm worried about the most
I could drop a grand on this girl and ended up getting dissed....
that would really suck, which is the main reason why
I stay away from KTV places, besides it's freaking expensive
as hell

Member #4369
12-08-02, 12:41
Hey Guys,

I am thinking of taking an english teaching position in china, as i had a great vacation there recently and got a lot of non-pro action from the locals.

I would love some advice if anyone could help:

What city/place in China would be the best for meeting/doing women? I am looking for a balance of nice place, reasonable prices for living, lots of women.

I want to avoid shanghai/bejing.

Anyone got any advice?


12-16-02, 09:43

I am an expat in Guangzhou as well. Working in the Tian he Disctrict. Maybe we can get together for some beers one night. Drop me a line at yufei_chang@yahoo.com

12-16-02, 11:11
I love to, but sorry I am already relocated to Beijing. GZ was two years ago.
You are welcome to meet up whenyou ever come here!

12-18-02, 02:14
I'm planning a trip to China next year. I'm particularly interested in taller, lighter skinned chinese girls. What areas/cities have more of these types of women? I speak some Chinese

12-27-02, 21:25
Originally posted by jadegatelover
I'm planning a trip to China next year. I'm particularly interested in taller, lighter skinned chinese girls. What areas/cities have more of these types of women? I speak some Chinese

You can try Da Lian, The 2nd largest city in LiaoNing province.

01-04-03, 21:43
Originally posted by ggg
You can try Da Lian, The 2nd largest city in LiaoNing province.

Yea, I second Dalian. I was there about 3 months ago, and saw some of the more beautiful girls in China. I was told by locals that Dalian and Haigo have the best looking girls.

Stayed at the Furama Hotel. Lots of beautiful girls at the KTV in the basement.

Have fun.

01-07-03, 05:13

Do you mind if I ask an off-topic question?

Is it the case that every international company working in China operates with a Chinese partner? How do these companies find a partner (is there some centralised government office dealing with this)? Are they similar to an agent - i.e. don't get involved in the actual business but are just required for legal purposes?


01-07-03, 17:31
The answer is, in general, yes. With WTO, the govt is having a schedules to gradually change this policy in a few years for different business. For now, holding a 51% is quite rare, mostly 50 or 49. The Chinese partners are not agent, they would and they could involve in the business, it all depends on how the deal/contract is made. They can be active, or they can be silent partner, no matter what, they share your profit. Thereofre it is important to find a good Chinese partner. I was involved in a business pitch with a leading automobile manufacturer (you know who's the biggest in China) and during a meeting their German and Chinese partner were having different comments and opinions, each with their own interpretors and it was like their own internal meeting, really a farce.....
For some business, the govt has stopped issuing new licence, therefore you need to seek a licence holder and work with them......etc.
Many smart foreign companies would make the local partner Chairman and give them eough face and ask them to shut up as a deal to trade.

01-14-03, 10:27

Thanks for the info.


01-20-03, 12:25
On following the China area I have noticed a number of similar questions as to barbershops, which is reasonable as they are a major source of friendly services. The questions tend to center on which shops supply 'extra' services and which do not. I have been in China (mainland, Taiwan and HK) for the past 13 years and hope to try to answer this question, though I take no responsibility if you get into some awkward situation from following this information.

First recognize that you (the foreign guest) are not the typical target client. These shops are geared to locals and their tastes, budget and expectations, so trying to 'think' Chinese could be helpful.

Main Indicators that services are for sale
- Mysterious lack of customers (no one getting hair cut)
- No Posting of prices on front window
- Located off the main street
- Curtains drawn most of the time
- Call out to you as you walk by saying 'an mo"

Main Indicators that NO services available
- No backroom
- No Massage on price list
- Wait for you to walk up to open door

False Indicators (not really indicating either case)
- Hot looking hair wash girls
- High or low cost for massage
- proximity to police station
- proximity to hotel

Getting to Massage
If you washed your hair already or dont want to bother with the hair wash it is typically acceptable to go and ask directly for a massage (an mo). Prices vary widely by region and how fancy it is. The health type places often provide a massage that is big on, well basically pain and the little girls will pound on you pretty good. I typically ask for not to strong (bu li hai) otherwise it takes a week for my neck to recover.

Getting beyond massage
Often the girl will ask if you want 'extras' but if your mandarin is not good and her english is not there, you might not understand what she is asking. Given that extras are what you want, I will supply my recommendation, though I admit it exposes the weakness of my mandarin. At some appropriate point let the girl know that the massage is ok, but you want something else.
"an mo hai ke yi, dan shi wo shi wan chi ta da dongshi"
body language would be very helpful to indicate what you want though she likely has a very good idea already. Since I can not write this for every case, I will cover a few terms that get the point across
Oral - Chuy Sieu (blow flute literally)
Sex - Xing Jiao

for other stuff your on your own and good luck. These terms work for me, but other terms may be better. Heck, a bit of body language and hand signals would work in quite a number of places.

Once you have indicated what you want it is typical to negoicate the cost. Refer to other posts by region for typical costs.

I hope this helps. Note here in mainland it is a bit different than Taiwan where getting a haircut is never done in the same place, in mainland the place will often do hair cuts during the day, and friendly massage at late nights.

Member #4369
02-01-03, 19:16
Mission Report:

Mission: 2 week vacation in China, get as much pussy as possible
Agent: RoPickle, Master Eastern European Pussy Scoundrel

Summary of mission:

Arrived in Shanghai. Not super impressed...expensive, modern city, a bit tough to navigate...I was jet lagged so didn't have too much energy. Just chilled out.

Next day, train it to my friend (American guy) in Chinese Medicine School in Hangzhau. Get room in his foreigner dorm. All the women are friendly, and respond when i say hello on the street. I like it.

First afternoon, i need a haircut. Go to barber w friend, who has been studying a lot and doesn't know the scene. The female barbers are very happy about our arrival in their shop. She jestures massage, I say ok. My friend says ok too. Skip the haircut. They close and lock door. We go in back room, they hang a blanket between us. Massage is good, i get a stiffy. I put her hand on my dick...she smiles and gives me a new price. I get pad and paper and re-negotiate for hand job, but loose my woody in process. Agree on about $6.

She gets me hard again, and I get nice hand job. so does my buddy. He is amazed...i am amazed he hadn't figured that one out after being there for a month.

That night, we go on prowl. Go to little bar near campus. Very hot hostesses there. One sits with us and starts playing drinking dice games. She is hot and i think coming on to me. We get drunk. About and hour later, we decide to leave, and get taxi in search of new pussy.

I use my battle-proven method of getting a taxi and saying "take me to the club/bar/disco where the girls are." We get the taxi. We don't know Chinese, he doesn't know english. I gesture with my finger the international fuck symbol, and he smiles and nods.

We end up at a super fancy mansion/villa type place. We are greeted by hostess. Lots of hotties lounging around. She takes us to a room. The room has a TV set, a lounge, a pole, and some couches. A girl comes in, not so hot, is friendly and wants us to order a drink for her. She speaks english. I say, hey I would like to pick one, and so would my friend. She says she is the only one who speaks english. I say we dont care.

She comes back with all the bitches. they do a line up. There are some really hot ones...it is unnerving to have 25 hotties put in your face and told to choose. I manage and pick one. So does my friend. The others leave.

The two who stay order drinks, and a platter, we order beers. Karoke comes on the TV. So lame. It was very surreal and silly.

we are pleasant with the girls...no conversation for obvious reasons. I dance w mine and grind her with my sfiffy. she doesn't respond. I kiss her, she lets me a bit, but doesnt let me get too far. Doesnt like when i touch her great tits.

More drinks flow, girls don't loosen up, an hour or so goes by. We look at the menu and see we have spent about $100 already, and decide to leave. We are out of there pretty fast. Was an experience.

Go back to his Uni neighborhood. Pass by another barber shop, 6 female barbers looking bored. we go in.

They say 1 dollar for massage. I get 4 girls to massage me. I get a semi, but don't go for full service. Just enjoy normal massage from 4 women.

We leave about an hour later, walk by the first bar. I tell my friend i want to go solo and try for the hostess, he goes home.

I go in, she is still there. She comes over, we play more dice. She speaks a tiny bit of english. I am touching her leg under the table, she is so hot. She is into it.

I stay till closing, tell her to meet me outside in 15 minutes. I wait, she comes out, i take her back to my dorm room. Great sex. Really well shaped, tight pussy. Moans like i never heard before.

After sex, she washes and massages me in the shower. This is almost as great as the sex. She sleeps over. I morning we have a great, romantic walk near a huge lake. She takes me near some jewlery stores. I buy her a $50 black pearl, knowing that i am probably being over-charged and not caring one bit.

I take her home, go back to dorm and get some sleep.

That night, check out some more places, get another handjob, and go see if my girl from last night is working at the bar. She is. She is happy to see me, but there is some tension in the air. Her colleages don't seem happy that i am back or that she went home with me. I just tell her i will meet her at 2:30 AM. I go get massage while i wait.

At 2:30 she is there but walks by as her friends are with her. they walk her home, about 2 blocks away. I follow in the shadows.

She goes in, the friends leave, she comes right out, i run over and suprise her, she i happy and kisses me. I take her back to dorm and F**ck the living stuffing out of her...my dick has had a lot of action recently, so i keep my stiffy for a L O N G time....

Next day my buddy and i leave for a river cruise...I am a bit sad to leave this great one behind. I would have been happy staying there the whole time...

Summary so far: by day 3 of my trip, i have been laid twice, 2 hand jobs, and hand about 5 other female hands on my dick...i am quite pleased...

The rest of the trip goes in a similar fashion...every time i left a place i was sad to leave someone behind.

China blows away Eastern Europe in my experience for pussy. No comparision.

RoPickle mmw11201@yahoo.com

Dick Johnson
02-22-03, 02:17
news excerpt : beijing: the intermediate people's court in anshan city sentenced a private entrepreneur to death for [CodeWord125] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord125) eight virgins and bribing police to cover up his crimes.

eight policemen are also standing trial on charges of taking the bribes, totalling nearly one million yuan.

02-22-03, 18:18
I am heading to Hangzhou and Zhengzhou in March or April. Any advise would be welcome. I have been to Hangzhou before, but no time for fun. I have never been to Zhengzhou.

03-29-03, 02:19
Who knows where is the most active scene at the North Korean border ? Is it in Dandong, Tumen, Yanji, or anywhere else ? Also would I be more lokely to find North Korean immigrant girls or Korean ethnic Chinese girls in Changchun, Jilin, Shenyang or elsewhere ?

04-01-03, 13:38
Accessing WSG forums within China

I was reading some old posts from Shanghai forum and noted that some people have complained that the WSG forum is sometime blocked within China.

I have found that to be true if you just go to the home page of WSG.

However, by linking directly into the forums, I've never found it blocked. Go to www.wsgforum.com/vforum/index.php ....or...what I do...type "wsg forum" into google. Note the space between wsg and forum -- it makes a difference in getting past the red gov't's scrutiny.

Happy hunting.

04-03-03, 18:45

Thank you for telling everybody about the trick to access this forum, including the authority they might not knew about it until you posted it now.

Dick Johnson
04-03-03, 19:01
Hahaha, what's the use of info when by the time you can use it the Government has taken care of things?

04-06-03, 21:27
Dick and Papadum,

Stop giving Beijing so much credit...sheesh! I've accessed these pages (via the method below) for the last 2 weeks, on ADSL in 4 different hotels, and now, at this moment, on a dialup to 163.....so you can rest assured "the authority" you're concerned about hasn't changed anything yet. Heck, I can even access ******.com from 163 dialup here on the mainland.

04-17-03, 04:51
Do Asian women really like DATY?

I ask because after quite a few years, I still get mixed reactions with women in Asia (I'm talking non-pros here). I never had a Western GF who would decline, but in Asia it seems pretty common. Of course, once you get them to give up their inhibitions, they are usually loving it.

Comments/opinions anyone?

04-19-03, 10:22
Lion - It isn't all that common in China. Many Chinese guys don't offer Daty so they have never been exposed to it. If you insist most will give in but there are those that just think its nasty.

Sometimes it might be that they are just comming off their period or thinking it is about time for it to start.

Most that were reluctant really enjoy it once they have experienced it.

05-05-03, 09:16
A lot has been written about Pros in China and that is fine for those on business, or can't speak the lingo but don't disregard the married ones. They are hot, open and quick to learn and have none of the disadvantages for health or with GF's hanging around, pestering when they are not wanted. However you need somewhere half decent to bring them.

I am currently having reg. great time with my secretary and a women i picked up in the fitness center - at different times I add!!

05-26-03, 05:12
What happens to single Chinese girls who get pregnant? Are they forced to have an abortion, or are they allowed to have the one kid, but that's all they get? Can they have the kid if they agree to put it up for adoption?

No, this isn't my situation now, but as the GF is happy with no condom, I have wondered what would happen should her timing be off.

05-26-03, 12:48

In recent years, certain cities have allowed more tolerance in this area than others. In the countryside, there is very little control whatsoever. I suggest you check out the local situation where you are situated. As I am sure you know, Chinese law can be interpreted and enforced in different ways depending on where you are.


05-29-03, 04:23
China fires journalists for prostitution story
By James Kynge in Beijing
Published: May 28 2003 21:57 | Last Updated: May 28 2003 21:57


China's propaganda authorities have dismissed two editors and one journalist at an influential Communist party newspaper group after one of the group's newspapers published a report saying that about 10 per cent of female university students in a central province were also working as prostitutes.

The dismissals represented the second clear signal in recent weeks that Beijing has no plans to ease its strict control of the domestic media. Hopes for a relaxation in media censorship were raised last month when the government dismissed two senior officials partly for suppressing information on the spread of the Sars virus.


05-29-03, 04:27
Be care Lion.

If she gets pregnant you may well be in a very sticky situation, emotionally, legally, financially, and perhaps physically. I have some personal grief about 5 yrs ago about this........but a happy ending.

Better bag it up, pull it out or buy some 24hr type control pills (15RMB for 2)

06-02-03, 00:13
Care to share any personal info on your past situation? Anything would be highly appreciated. If you'd prefer to do this off list (I think Jackson will understand), email me at *ioandid_12_*hotmail*com

(take out the stars and add an @ mark before the hotmail part. I write it this way to avoid auto-span programs)

Thank you in advance.

06-03-03, 01:59
Originally posted by Rayman
buy some 24hr type control pills (15RMB for 2)

what is the name of this medication and is it available widely?? TIA

06-03-03, 06:49

This is what is known as "emergency contraception" in the US and is available only by prescription there.

But, here in China, you can get it at any corner drug store for 10-12 RMB for one dose. It's basically a stronger version of "the pill" that acts as a blitz on any chances of pregnancy and works to prevent pregnancy in 98% of cases when taken within three days of unprotected sex.

Unfortunately, I've had to use it a few times, so that's why I know more than vague details...

Sorry, I don't know what it is in Chinese, and maybe you can describe that you want to get rid of pregnancy or something, but I guarantee its in every corner drug store with no prescription necessary. It comes in a small box, somewhat larger than a matchbox.

Hope this helps.


06-11-03, 08:37
Wondering whether anyone out there has had the unthinkable happen, and how you were able to resolve the situation.

Member #4198
06-11-03, 08:40
hi, guys

this "morning after pill" is called "An-Ting" and it comes in 4-pill packs in almost any drug store you find.

4-pill will help on 2 different occasions as each occasion requires 2 pills. With 72 hours of the "unprotected deed", take one pill and the 2nd pill has to be taken 12 hours after the first pill.

glad to help out.


06-11-03, 15:19
I have delayed replying because I had thought that Lion was having a wind up but apparently not. :-(

I will avoid Jacksons tell-all couch but needless to say, getting someone pregnant who one has no serious feelings for is a serious matter regardless of the culture/country. Even the most reckless country bumpkin should understand that or are you being obtuse?

My incident a few years back related to a married women who may or may not have been pregnent with mine - did the condom leak??). (if she was indeed pregnent at all) Later she said she aborted but no idea if truth or friction but I had a nervous few weeks. An aquaintance of mine (a right w-monger) did get his girlfriend in the family way and then decided to marry her........can be quite an emotional thing, and quite difficult to imagine ones reaction until it happens.

The pills (i have never heard of the previous posters product) are readily available and i had thought in packs of 2 for 15rmb, take 1 within 12hrs or 2 within 72 hours. I think the name is Fang HuaiYun Yao, which is Prevent Pregnancy Pills..........sign language should do the trick though :-)

06-11-03, 17:39
Originally posted by Rayman
Even the most reckless country bumpkin should understand that or are you being obtuse?

My incident a few years back related to a married women who may or may not have been pregnent with mine - did the condom leak??). (if she was indeed pregnent at all) Later she said she aborted but no idea if truth or friction but I had a nervous few weeks. An aquaintance of mine (a right w-monger) did get his girlfriend in the family way and then decided to marry her........can be quite an emotional thing, and quite difficult to imagine ones reaction until it happens.

The pills (i have never heard of the previous posters product) are readily available and i had thought in packs of 2 for 15rmb, take 1 within 12hrs or 2 within 72 hours. I think the name is Fang HuaiYun Yao, which is Prevent Pregnancy Pills..........sign language should do the trick though :-)

OBTUSE?? ah yeah..from the movie "Shawshank Redemption"

what is "(a right w-monger)" mean?

Thanks for the info on morning after pill...good info is good knowledge for all to apply in one situation.

06-12-03, 02:15
I agree with all about needing to take real precautions and not just trusting the woman to get her timing right, and wish I'd known about this morning after pill before (although it was a week-long thing, so I'm not sure which morning would have been best).

Whether she "trapped me" on purpose or not I can't say really.

Actually, I can't say that I have seen any evidence yet that she really is in a "state" or that it is mine, but in this case I would not bet on it being a lie since this was not a monger situation (we go back more than 10 yrs.).

06-13-03, 07:33
Lion: Pop out and buy a 2 yuan pregnancy kit and have her use it if you have any doubts. (No i don't know the chinese for this).

No one as far as i know are forced to have abortions (unless one reads the Mail on Sunday) but there is a heavy fine for a second, increasingly again for a third etc. Single parents are ok though, frowned upon of course but in the bigger cities it should be ok.

AH..........I can see my private school education has caught you on the hop A-guest :-)........you must be an American.

06-17-03, 00:22
Originally posted by Rayman

If she gets pregnant you may well be in a very sticky situation, emotionally, legally, financially, and perhaps physically.

Rayman, you gave a hint to your own nationality when you referred to me and said "...I had thought that Lion was having a wind up", as wind up is not a North American expression.

As for your description of the dangers of unproteced sex, I'd say at least 2/4 you mentioned are accurate for this situation.

Barbershop Goer
06-19-03, 10:21
Originally posted by RoPickle
Hey Guys,

I am thinking of taking an English teaching position in China, as I had a great vacation there recently and got a lot of non-pro action from the locals.

I would love some advice if anyone could help:

What city/place in China would be the best for meeting/doing women? I am looking for a balance of nice place, reasonable prices for living, lots of women.

I want to avoid Shanghai/Bejing.

Anyone got any advice?

Thanks! Try Zhuhai. It is a small city just next to Macau and 70 minutes from Hong Kong. There is a board in WSG as well that implies there will be action there. I have a friend in Zhuhai who operates a language school there and is now recruiting teachers. If you are interested and have the right qualifications, please e-mail me your resume to barbershopgoer@yahoo.com.

Barbershop Goer

Jack Spratt
06-20-03, 17:04
This is not specific to any country or city, but I think interesting just the same.

You are going to visit an Asian city for a few days. You have been there several times before, with mixed results in the sanuk scene ie some good, some ordinary.
You have met someone, and spent some quality time with her, so you know what you are getting. Its not perfect, but certainly OK. So, going back for a few days, do you go with what you know, or risk something unknown?

06-21-03, 07:51

Going with what you know is good when the action's good and she's for sure not going to try to make a relationship out of it. My last time in Suzhou I tried to go for something new and ended up in a bargirl deal that I had to escape. So I went back to an old freebie friend and it was waaaay better than previous times (fully detailed story in Shanghai forum).

Cheers and let us know your choice....and result.


07-07-03, 04:12

Many guys are trying to find the right type of girl for the perfect Chinese prostitition experience. I find questions such as "where can I find the the most tall pale girls with the big breasts?" Very humorous.

Here's some accurate information on all aspects of the Chinese sex industry:

First of all: Sex with low price range (50 to 400Y) Chinese prostitutes is business. You and the girl are together for your night, hour, 15 minutes, etc... you cum she gets her money and goodbye. It's not personal, so don't expect anything great. (this is because many sex workers have elementary school educations. They sell it because they have no other choice other than working in factories). Some are very nice and some are swindling bitches to say the least.

Massage girls, beauticians, hotel hookers, street walkers: They're all the same. Never agree to over 200Y per cum. If they say 400+ just laugh and leave. You can find cheaper.

Wack jobs: be 50 - 100Y Blow jobs: Chinese girls don't like to suck cock. (but some do and do a great job) 50 - 200Y depending on how prude she is. sex: 100Y to 200Y to come once. 500Y - several thousand "per night"

Prices vary, and don't believe a word they say: They often have the scheme of adding on to the price for each "extra".

For exmple: I went to this small isolated massage parlor late at night with some cute girls working. Chose one: for a 50Y an hour massage. (she was looking "down there" and making questions about how foreignors might be.) Okay.. so it seemed like my cock would at least be taken out... we went in the back room the the following price scale was presented:

1hour = 45 minutes straight massage: 50Y touch me though the clothes: + 50Y take off my shirt/ finger my box: +50Y Wack you off: +50

Rediculous! It's best to just asked "are other service offered" before you even enter. This solves the problem of expecting hand jobs and sex but only getting ripped off.

In a previous post, I said that most massage parlors, beauticians, tea houses, kareoke, etc. (in the city where i live) offer sex, at least blowjobs. I stand by this claim!

Upon being second guessed, I walked around to many many places and asked. It's been confirmed! I should also note. "no" your first visit quickly turned to YES your second visit. They think you like them, and are willing to please you.

As for regional demographic stereotypes:

Girls in the north/northeast are usually taller, than those in the south.

Girls from the southwest and big city girls are more strong minded and controling.

Girls from the Zhejiang/ Jiangsu region are very caring and gentle, yet still have will power

Girls from the northeast are more submissive like Japanese and Koreans.

Sexy Chinese bodies:

Most chinese girls are thin, by foreign standards (45 to 55kg and 1.6 to 1.7m), but most don't work out. Also, many (20 to 30%) are "large framed" "big boned" however you phrase it. That's not to sexy.

I've seen many a girl on the street who has calves similar to a Denver offensive lineman's. (no joke) As for big breasts: I see a lot of American Standard A and B cups. C's are rare. D's are unheard of. Of course the fat girls tend to have nice racks, but I've noticed no regional differences.

Don't worry, ususally the girls who work in the sexual services industry are decent looking.

Also, a word of advice for the businessman looking for a safe place to get his rocks off while in China. Spend the extra money and go to a nice hotel, spa, massage parlor. (at least 4 or 500Y) Don't visit the lower class places where the common chinese go. And ESPECIALLY, stay away from the booths with the purple/pink lit booths along major roads. (these are the places truckers stop at for late night sex. I often see DongFeng delivery trucks parked infront of these mini beauticians / massage pallors late at night. Truckers have sex with anyone, right? Do you want to share their partners)

If you're going to be in China for a month or so and you speak a little chinese, get yourself a "girlfriend". Lie and say "you work there and you like China more than your country". It's the easiest way to her panties. I've been here for years, so I don' t need to lie.

TIP: the girl wants to go to expensive restaraunts and always talks about money (or you just have the gut feeling that she's a leech) get rid of her. There are many nice girls to choose from. Don't get used for your foreign citizenship / dollars.

Another point: IF you feel a place is ripping you off. Then argue, bargain, scream, threaten down to a reasonable price. Don't refuse to pay and don't just RUN OFF, or else the police WILL come. You will have to pay anyway.

The police: "Postitution is illegal in China" ha ha. The police either ignore or are involved with almost all prostitution. The police need service too. (yet, big hotels, 'pleasure clubs', and other large expensive places on private property are off grounds for the police). If somehow you are "busted" which I've never heard of! EVER! The fine in Chengdu and Chongqing, Sichuan is 5000Y. I'm not sure how laughably low it is in other areas.

07-16-03, 11:21

To correct Laowai on something very important.

People most definitely get busted in China! I know of two guys having been busted on different occasions, one in Beijing and one in Shanghai, both in the last year.

What I know of the situation is that the cops go heavy around the National Holidays - so don't be so complacent, especially during May Day, October or Chinese New Year Holidays.

Also, one of the guys was busted the next morning after the girl had left the night before, picked her up after she left the hotel, got his room number and waited for him to check out the next morning, nabbing him as he left the hotel.

Routine is – admit you were at fault – sign a statement saying what you did (all written in Chinese, by the arresting officer) – sent off for an STD and Aids Test (to which, if you have anything, you are on the next plane out of China - IF you are lucky!) and if clean, the last part is a 5000 RMB Fine, you get your passport back and you are told not to be a naughty boy again.

So – be careful out there!

It pays to be descrete!


07-19-03, 14:54
Yes indeed. I also know guys who have been busted. I believe that the girl gets the rough end of the stick though.

If you are going to do this sort of thing regular keep it daytime and ask the girl to come up to your room alone.

07-21-03, 00:23
Breaking news.

One of my colleagues here has acquired a STD, he tried to keep it quiet but he needed a translator for the hospital - so now the whole building knows. No idea what it is but he was given pills to clear it up.

Barbershop & Hotel girls - remember to protect yourself and keep the DATY to someone you know for more than 5 minutes.

08-05-03, 02:15
Hey guys--

Just looking for some suggestions. I will be in the area in about 6-7 weeks. I will be staying 2 weeks.

Are there any "must do" itinerary suggestions? I have been reviewing the forum, but damn--there is a lot of info!

I am thinking Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, maybe Pattaya.

I am also somewhat interested in seeing some incredible sights.

I don't speak a word of the language.

IDEAS?? Recommendations? Faves?

08-05-03, 13:22

My reco is Bangkok, Pattaya, Manila, Shenzhen, Macau. This will give you the opportunity to sample some of the best mongering in the region....my rationale:

Bangkok: Needs no rationale
Pattaya: A break at the beach with 30,000 girls.
Manila: You don't need a translator
Shenzhen: Can try girls from all over China in one location
Macau: Very nice FS sauna action and girls from all over the world are available in a single stop....

Oh the sights.....maybe throw in Beijing.....

Just my POV.....


08-05-03, 16:07

Thailand is the place to go. No problems getting a girl and the price is right. China requires a lot of exploration and language is helpful if not required.

As for sights Thailand is just full of interesting things to see. On my first visit, 5 years ago, I found an older woman in a Patpong bar who spoke good English. She was complaining at 1 AM that she was too old and did not make any money on drinks. She could not pay her bar tab. She asked me to pay a barfine. I said OK, but no sex just a tour the next day.

She arrived at my hotel at 10 AM the next morning and took me to every site worth visiting. She battled with taxi drivers for me and showed me the cheapest way to go between sites. We prayed to Buda and ended the day with a ride in a Thai fishtale boat, like 007 in the Man with the Golden Gun.

Cost 400 Baht. Much better than riding in a tour bus with a bunch of Japanese tourists for 40 USD.

08-07-03, 02:31
Gaolei--you still should have nailed her.

Seriously, thanks for the tips. The more I think of it, the more I'm thinking that I may limit myself to Thailand, with a stop at Hong Kong just because I'm dying to see that place.

08-07-03, 03:34
She was 38 and skinny.

Hong Kong is a great place for touring. One place not on the usual tourist map is the water park. Great aquarium! You take a ski lift over the mountains to get to it.

I always stay at the Holiday Inn. Plenty of action at the bar as the night goes on. There is plenty of good information in the HK section on the hobby.

08-11-03, 10:59

I'm thinking of opening up a MSN group Website where we can post our ladies self-shoot, sexy type pics. What do you think? Would you actively support and post on the site? I don't want only the voyeurs.

Let me know.

08-11-03, 11:07

I'll start taking pics as soon as I begin
mongering again next week! Would love
to start this minute, but for the sake of
safety and health, better give the anti-
biotics a week to go through the system
even though I feel normal already...

Start the club and I'll contribute! If you
feel there will be too many voyeurs then
you can have some kind of membership
status based on posted pics.


08-11-03, 11:25
Rayman...sounds good to me. I'd suggest a yahoo group or yahoo club....just because Yahoo tends to always have a much faster interface (esp for those unfortunate times you end up having no choice but to use a modem) than MSN products. And I tend to get less spam via Yahoo email/clubs/groups. But that's just my preference.

08-11-03, 13:26

I don't take pictures, but I will let Johnny take them of my girls when we go mongering together. Does that qualify?


08-12-03, 00:24
Haha OAH, with your tackle and johnnies passion (s) you'll make a great tag-team.

I'll get one up and running this week in Yahoo (lucky ok?), I have a few to post myself to get the show on the road.

As for membership rules i think a combinations of invitations and members recommendations seem to be in order, i am not too keen on open-membership. I would perfer a small active membership than a large dormant one. I guess co-manager (s) will be needed - any takers? Johnny, OAH, Lucky?.

Keep you posted.

08-12-03, 05:25
Sounds great. If you don't mind me contributing my phuckpics from HK and Macau. In fact I two two pics just last night. And a few weeks back I took quite a few with the girl whilst BBBJ and 69 closeups... but in the end I had no where to store them - hence, to avoid getting caught with them, I deleted them. So a place on the Net to post them would be cool.

Just FYI, I recently bought a Palm with an onboard camera so its kinda convenient to bring that around. Unfortunately, you need good lighting (which isn't always the case in the brothels) and is of just reasonable image quality.


08-12-03, 07:17

This may come as a surprise to some of you, and please don't take this the wrong way, but you can not use my forum to promote competing forums, including Yahoo groups.

This includes surreptitiously posting photos emblazoned with internet addresses of other forums.

Please read the Forum's Posting Guidlines and Photo Guidelines. Links are provide din the left side menu bar.

If you have info, then post it here.



08-12-03, 08:58
Rayman....good work, and quick too...although I'm pretty sure I didnt' want to see anyone's sac, man.

Suggest to leave it open for a while till everyone in our target audience can join...maybe a week is enough. I'll be using a modem a lot, so I'm not a good moderator candidate....maybe we can get buy without a moderator if we keep it closed after the intial signup period...?

Hoping to get some action here in TW this week so I can contribute a few pics.

08-13-03, 10:46
Ray, can you give us a bit more info. on where you found these girls, etc.?

08-14-03, 04:02
Hello everyone,

I’m about to go to China (Beijing) for the first time in a few days, and I’d like to know if computers are checked at customs for content (porn doesn’t appear to be too welcome there).


08-15-03, 03:45
No...........unless it is your screen saver........:-0)

08-15-03, 15:20
Customs wont check you PC but I never take porn CD's with me, I always load them onto the PC itself.

08-15-03, 18:21
generally customs never checks anything. i have never been stopped in 15 years, however, there are things you should not take. number one is a video tape. if found, it will be confirep001ed. if you are bring some company propaganda on video tape, don't declare it. they never look if it is not declared.

08-16-03, 06:55
I always go through the Shenzhen-Hong Kong border crossing. I've never been stopped going through customs. Have brought porn through no problem.

Dick Johnson
08-20-03, 09:09
remember back in early mid febraury i posted on this board about a mysterious flu a month before it was indentified as sars? well, my sources in china tells me that there's some meningitis going around. it is the inflamation of the membrane covering the brain(remember the movie hannibal where lector peels off a membrane covering the brain? that's the menings.) and the spinal cord. it can either be a viral or bacterial infection. when serious it can lead to death or brain damage.

it is contagious but not widespread now. no need to be too alarmed but authorities might want to look into that.


08-20-03, 16:46
Thanks for the feedback. I indeed had no problem crossing the border. I was actually quite surprised because I had thought that one had to declare laptops and camcorders, but the guy at the border couldn't care less as I showed him my stuff.

08-20-03, 18:38
Barbershop help

So I was out walking tonight at nearly 1am just scoping out some barbershops for tomorrow, hoping I get done with work much sooner! Anyway, passed by one with 4 rather attractive girls who all took note at my passing. In the place was also one guy on the couch. Seemed odd to me that he was the one trying to lure me in with his "hello, massage?" schpiel.

I don't think this man was waiting around for another girl to finish so he could have his turn (it was already full enough w/ 4 girls in the place). So my questions:
- was he a papasan? Most B'Shop reports here always refer to paying the mama.
- is this common at all to have a man up front working in the place? Maybe he watches the door when all 4 girls are busy?

Appreciate any ideas. With luck, I plan to try out the place in the next day or two....the girls were pretty good looking...

Dick Johnson
08-21-03, 05:01
BEIJING: More than one million Chinese are affected with a parasitic worm that attacks the blood and liver and in some cases leads to death, and another 65 million are at risk, state media said yesterday.

The disease, known as shistosomiasis or snail fever, has started spreading quickly as a result of the flooding of densely populated areas in recent years, the China Daily reported.

After a massive deluge along the Yangtze River five years ago, the disease, which was carried by freshwater snails, moved on to large, previously unaffected areas, according to the paper.

Given the current prevalence of the carrier snail, a total of 65 million Chinese were in danger of being infected, it said.

Chronic patients, who accounted for most of those contracting the disease, could experience high fever, weakness of the limbs and severe stiffness of the joints, the paper said.

According to medical experts, snail fever has infected more than 200 million people worldwide.


One million, that's a lot of people.

But seriously, the food handling and sanitary conditions in many parts of China need to be improved. The Government knows this and has started a campaign. I've seen some meat markets and kitchen chefs dirty hands that made me lose my appetite. Many of my friends have gotten sick before. The finer restuarants in Shanghai, Beijing are generally pretty safe.

08-24-03, 11:02
Shisto is a nasty disease, I know it well from my days in Africa. Luckly you are very unlikely to get it unless you stand at the edge of streams or lakes expecially in the 1st foot of water at the edge. If you do such types of things, keep your legs covered and keep away from areas that have plants near the edge. The snail needs the plants to eat. I believe you can not get shisto from standing in Ocean water as it is a fresh water snail. I would think the main group getting infected are all the people on barges, fishing and other water related activities that are necessary for their livelyhood.

To Lucky888
Male 'mamasans' are not uncommon in China. The female thing may be a cultural thing of Japan where the term comes from.

08-24-03, 16:29
Thanks, Tangzhen, for confirming my thoughts on the papa-san.
Last night I went into the aforementioned shop (in Suzhou) and chose a girl, and was shown to a curtained-off "room." Though there was a guy on the other side of the curtain talking away during his massage, I didn't mind at all (was looking forward to some semi-public moaning) and started to get undressed. The girl stopped me...seemed they only did clothed massage at this place. When I walked out of the room and back to the entrance, the papa was no one to be seen, so I didn't get a chance to question him. Guess I have to find a new barbershop to get my fix...

08-25-03, 13:04
Originally posted by Lucky888
I went into the aforementioned shop (in Suzhou) and chose a girl, and was shown to a curtained-off "room." Though there was a guy on the other side of the curtain talking away during his massage, I didn't mind at all (was looking forward to some semi-public moaning) and started to get undressed. The girl stopped me...seemed they only did clothed massage at this place.

I think you are not quite there on the process. You should get a massage for a few minutes with clothes on, but you show what you want, make some agreement on the purpose of the visit and she should then direct you to another room, where you agree on the cost and take your clothes off and whatever. There are a few semi public places and the 'room' can sometime be quite basic, but anything so close to being public is only for the 'intro'. Things vary of course from place to place.

It may have been that your service provider was not clear on what you wanted or you got the wrong type of place. Sometime the show needs to be pretty clear and sometime it is a 1 minute chat without taking shoes off.

Grey H
08-26-03, 07:58
Does anyone know where to find action in Xi'an (Hotel, MPs, KTV) as I will be visiting for a couple weeks in October?

I can't believe I only discovered WSGForum recently. So much great information. I am hooked.

08-27-03, 14:51

It is not uncommon for men to run barbershops, but I prefer the places run by women. In my experience, the girls are better managed and the premises are kept much cleaner.

I normally pay the girl the total damage including the house fee and let her handle it from there. It never hurts to ask what services are provided before you start the massage. I usually clarify whether I can get a BBBJ before we start. It is a bit awkward but saves a hassle and dissappointment later.


08-31-03, 07:09

The China boards have been booming lately. Congratulations to us all. I think it's time for the China boards to take another step in terms of organization and have posted a suggestion for Jackson in the "Suggest New Topics" section of the Site Admin forum.


Please take a look and add your comments so we can better manage all the info we have collectively gathered.


09-01-03, 11:31
Has anyone noticed that with the warm weather the local girls are going out in see-thru cotton dresses...........:-))

09-02-03, 03:21
First let me say thank you to everyone on this site. The information you guys give is great!

I will be coming to China, for my first time, in October. I will be in Beijing, Qing Dao, Wuham, Huang Shi and Shanghai, and all in ten days. I would like to get as many experiences, ie: women, as I can in that time. I'm not a rich guy and don't need them to be the best looking. What I want to meet, as someone else pointed out, are women that will provide as close to a GFE as I can get. I will ask for more info as it get closer. For right now I want to learn a little of the language and would like to know which one?

Mike, reallyaniceguy

09-02-03, 10:27
Grey H

I had a week in Xi'an earlier this year. There are lots of pimps on the street (dont take the risk with them), drinks bars (they just take the money) and KTV's(hit and miss and no good on your own). Bottom line I found no action at all despite checking out a number of bars and discos till the early hours of the morning. Did not even see any half decent streetwalkers.

09-17-03, 00:34
what does KTV stand for?

09-17-03, 03:27
KTV stands for Karaoke--where you usually get a room with friends that is equipped with a karaoke system. There is usually a minimum of food/liquor that you need to buy. The mamasan brings in some girls for you each to choose and the girl sings songs with you, feeds you fruit etc. You can oftentimes bring her to your hotel room. Karaoke is pronounced Ka-La-OK in Mandarin. (maybe this explanation was a little overkill)

Any suggestions on which city in China is easiest to pick up non-pro's in bars or wherever? I have a week off for National Day Oct. 1.

09-17-03, 06:16
Check out the story in Tue 9/16 issue of USA TODAY, it talks about the "sexual revolution" going on in China. There is a little info on the paper's website. I don't know how useful that will be to some of you, but maybe someone out there would like to know.


Black Jack
09-26-03, 20:36
Hi Rayman and all,

I'm new to this section of the board, actually my first post. I usually stick with the Shanghai board for my quick and useful info. I don't have any new pics to contribute, as I usually go to BBS these days and I dont know if the girls there would like me bringing a camera there. I have a few that I took before though when I was in HK, Manilla and Thailand.

This section is quite interesting, keep up the good work guys!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

Bone is Hard
09-29-03, 01:09
Just a little bit of help, please.

I just read an interesting post in another China city forum that made me wonder. I have spent many nights in a small town (1.2 Million) in Hunan named Zhuzhou. I frequent, what I have been told to be a legit massage joint. Foot, Regular, Thai, etc but no sex. After an hours foot massage and an hours Thai massage, the young girls would often ask, "want to sleep" and I would reply, "No, just keep going". Is this common code for "do you want sex"? I've read many post in this forum over the past year and a half and have never read an answer to this. The post was in the Haerbin section and Blnknamecrusier says this is a northern phrase but I have heard it about 4 times in the south. What do the rest of you experience when or if this question is asked. The girls in the massage place I frequent in ZZ are very pretty but since I was told it was a legit place, I have never tried anything with them although I sure would like to.

Thanks for any info.


09-29-03, 05:13
China hotel 'orgy' sparks fury!

A three-day orgy allegedly held at a Chinese luxury hotel for hundreds of male Japanese tourists has provoked outrage after reports of the lurid goings-on were published in China's state media.

The 400 or so men, aged between 16 and 37, flew into Zhuhai city in southern Guangdong province expressly for sex at the five-star hotel, according to the media reports.

On one of the nights the men are said to have had nearly 500 girls brought to serve them.

The incident, at a time when Chinese resentment against Japan is already very high, has prompted thousands of angry messages to be posted on the internet by Chinese users.

Many see it as a deliberate attempt to humiliate Chinese pride because it took place on the anniversary of Japan's occupation of north-east China.

The authorities have shut down the hotel where the party was reportedly held - the Zhuhai International Convention Center Hotel - and a police investigation has begun.

"We've sent people down to investigate, but we don't have any details yet," said a police official at the Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau.

Groping in lifts

Media reports suggested the hotel, using its contacts in Japan, had organised the group of all-male tourists from Japan to come to Zhuhai.

Japanese people deep in their bones look down on Chinese people

Chinese chatroom user

On the night of 16 September, witnesses said the tourists could be seen grabbing the women in the hotel lobby.

There were reportedly gropings in the lift which left some guests waiting half an hour to catch it to reach their rooms.

Asked why they were in Zhuhai, one of the Japanese guests was quoted as saying: "We came to play with Chinese girls!"


One popular website alone has seen about 15,000 messages posted on the subject, with many calling for a boycott of Japanese goods.

But some blamed the Chinese Government for failing to tackle prostitution, which - although technically illegal - has reputedly become common since the country began economic reform more than 20 years ago.

The event coincided with the 18 September anniversary of Japan's occupation of north-eastern China of 1931 - still resented by many Chinese.

"Japanese people deep in their bones look down on Chinese people," said one posting.

Hotel employees however told Chinese reporters that Japanese tourists regularly came to their hotel for prostitution services, suggesting the date was a coincidence.

The incident is just the latest to provoke Chinese anger against Japan.

A month ago, Chinese workers stumbled across chemical weapons left behind by Japanese forces after World War II. One person died and more than 40 were injured.

The BBC's Louisa Lim in Beijing says that sensational coverage in the official media of both incidents has served to stoke the flames of Chinese resentment.

10-02-03, 08:40

I dont think that they are asking you about sex. It is likely that they just want to know if you would like to relax a bit after a massage. Easy way to find out is to say 'yes' and if they leave you alone, you have your answer.


Bone is Hard
10-02-03, 23:09
You're probably right. I had not heard that in the past. I guess I could run my hand up their leg and say, "sure, you want to go witth me?"

10-04-03, 23:06
I could use a little help please. Can I buy or rent a cell phone when I get to Beijing, that will work all over China, to use to call home in Los Angeles, CA USA? I will only be there about 10 days and have not been able to find anything here that is good for only a short time.

Thanks, Mike

10-05-03, 04:31
Does anyone know if this website www.wsgforum.com is blocked in China?

10-06-03, 07:49
No, they certainly mean sleep. I have been to quite a few places like this due to my back and they give very good non-sex service.

10-06-03, 21:43

If you get a gsm triband phone, you can get prepaid cards that will work in most places.

Also, you can get international phone cards in most shops that let you call home for pretty cheap.

I hope this is helpful.

10-07-03, 04:04

That does help, thanks. I have not been able to find international phone cards around here. So I at least know I can get it there.

Now about a GSM Triband phone. Can I buy a cheap one there? There like $500.00 here.


Dodgy Fellow
10-07-03, 16:34
S Weelock,

This fine online forum is not being blocked by the authorities =)

10-09-03, 18:45

Don't know prices over in China, but you can get one on ebay easily for under $200.

Make sure you get one that is 'unlocked' or the phone will not take simcards from other carriers.

10-10-03, 03:52
Hey BJhunter,

Thanks for the info. I'm off to ebay to see what I can find and get here before next Tuesday. I'm leaving on Wednesday for Beijing. Wish me luck with the phone and the women.


10-17-03, 14:41
Whever you see one of the many sex shop in Chinese towns (not the kind of sex shop like in the West, but still a sex shop), it is generally the sign that the area is hot. Look around in the alleys, you are about to find either barbershops, massage places, or girl friendly hotels.

10-20-03, 02:39
Hi ReallyaNiceGuy, you don't really need to buy an expensive phone and take it with you to China. What I do is to purchase a cheap used phone in China for about $50-$70 then purchase a pre-paid phone card there. The pre-paid phone card costs about 100rmb or so which includes 50rmb worth of phone calls. When you run out of money in your phone card, you can buy either 50rmb or 100rmb recharge for it. I find that this is the cheapest way to have a cellphone in China. Do not bring the expensive new cellphone to China, you will either lose it or have it stolen. I have lost 2 cellphones in China so far. Just my opinion.

Apac Boy
10-20-03, 02:50
shit..I think u can buy a phone when ur coming out of the subway stations here in Beijing. I think they're "hot" but who cares...it's cheap, it takes sim cards...no guarantee it will work though.
Csun's right...goto any electronic markets and ask for the cheapest phone. My buddy just bought one for 560rmb, brand new and it works fine.

Yes..u can access wsgforum.com in China. If not, why are there so many posts in shenzhen, shanghai, beijing by people who live there?


Matty Boy
10-20-03, 03:06
Guys, I got a question. Seeing as how I'm a man who does not mind a mature woman, in fact finds them pretty damn sexy, what do you guys know about male prostitutes in China? I was reading on the web that theyr'e called ducks or something and these rich older Chinese chicks use them and pay pretty darn well, in the area of $100 aus. Is this true? Do you guys know anything about how to get into it? I'm pretty sure I got the goods but wouldn't know where the hell to start.

Any info would be great.


Matty Boy

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Dick Nagai
10-20-03, 04:05
I am a new member and I hope it is ok to ask this here:

I am going to China with my GF (I am white but speak some Chinese, she is Chinese) and I am intending to try to get her to agree to a 3some with a player to be named later over there. My question- what is the best way to try to get her into it? One thing I thought of is maybe suggesting that we both have a massage. If I can get us both being massaged nude by the same woman, it seems like it might get me there. Another idea would be to go to a KTV with her, as I am willing to spend whatever I need to to achieve this. Are women (particularly Chinese women) allowed/ welcomed at KTVs? Additionally, there must be some other approaches that I have not thought of, and I would really appreciate any advice that you could offer to me.

Thanks everyone for the fantastic forum.

10-21-03, 14:55
Dick tongzhi,

Ni shenjingbing...

If you want to lose your girl friend, just do that. I bet you 1000 Y that she will slap your face. Unless she is bi-sexual, which is different.
A 3some is : 2 prostitutes servicing 1 male. Only the guy takes pleasure. That 's it.
If your GF is not bi, there is no reason why she would agree to share you with a *****. If by chance she agrees in order to please you, the next day you will have gone down a lot in her esteem, I tell you. Especially proud as the Chinese are.

10-21-03, 17:54
Dick Nagai,

I am not sure if that's such an good idea. Of course, threesome is every man's fantasy. However, sometime, fantasy is best to be left as fantasy. Something good to think about, even jerk off to. However, realizing it with someone close is a very dangerous thing. As soon as you bring in a third person, this is going to break up the relationship. Even if she asked for it, keep it as the dirty talk during your sex. Don't never realize that!!!

I had an experience while I was living in the US. My girfriend at that time was bi-curious and we were in the mid-20s. We talked about that for a while and one night she invited home a girl friend of hers home. Dinner, drink and one thing leads to the other. We end up sleeping together. Supposed to be fantasy come true but it hurts emotionally afterward. I start wondering about her and she start to wondering about me.

You see, during the threesome, your and her attention level to each other drop to half the usual level because both of you have another person to take care. Unless your girlfriend can handle a pussy and a dick at the same time like a pro, you are going to get hurt emotionally. Feeling of distance will develop.

If you want to have threesome, get two players. No emotion attached. Just pressure. However, make sure they are bi. Otherwise, it's twice the work and half the fun! However, it's very difficult to find Bi girls in China. Have anyone even run into a Bi curious? Well, I have seen some lesibian but they are not the lip-stick lesbian type. Not exactly those you would be interested.

If you really care about your girlfriend, don't try. If you are thinking about getting rid of her, go for the threesome. It's a sure bet!

10-22-03, 08:02
I know a few women in China who are bi-curious, although (except for one) I think they are all going to stay on the curious side rather than act on it. They have all also been incredibly picky about what girl they would do it with. Interestingly, all of them would prefer to do it with a big-titted gal. I suppose that is because the ones I know are small-titted and so are curious about big ones. With your gf, you first need to talk to her, you just can't surprise her with your fantasy when you are actually doing karaoke or the like. Even if she is game in theory, you probably will be stymied by pickiness or her feeling that it is not the right time. I especially doubt she would want to do it with a professional.

A threesome being my fantasy too, I often ask the massage gals what they would do if a female customer wanted her nipples rubbed or her pussy rubbed. I would say that about only 10% would be game. So you'll most likely have difficulty on your gf's side and on the supply side.

One time though, I did go to a nice massage place (strictly legit actually) with a gal friend. She did have her breasts oiled up and massaged, but the massage girl studiously avoided her nipples. My friend enjoyed it though. Get a massage with your gf first, probably a "french" (oil, otherwise it will be a clothed massage). Afterwards see if your gf enjoyed it. However, the massage gal won't do anything more than that as you would probably not be able to share one. With the presence of another massage girl, the first massage girl would clam up about any potential bi fun for your girl.

If it does succeed, let us know.

10-23-03, 08:44
I've been around here for close on 10 years and never had a true lesbian experience. Every girl I have known including all the pros just sit and watch, but you may get your balls felt, or a breast squeezed but thats about it.

Lots of Asian girls hold hands or may sleep together but in the nature of our western society when gay meant you were joyful.

Have to say I agree with Erik on your state of mind. :-))

10-24-03, 08:27
To Matty Boy:

If you are the right kind of talent, try surveying the Chinese discos in town (Banana, Nightman, Top One, etc). Those places have had ducks in the past.

Chat up the mommies to see if there are any possibilities.

Black Jack
10-24-03, 23:13

Just curious to know if you know of any such discos or bars in Shanghai?


10-25-03, 14:20

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Some of you may not realize that Jackson is also the moving spirit behind WSGCharities, which was formed for the express purpose of collecting funds to be used to purchase food for hungry children in Argentina.

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-Uncle Otto

Booby Boob
11-06-03, 15:44
Question: Is there a standard protocol for the unsolicited phone calls from girls who call hotel rooms offering an mo? I've received several of them now and each time I begin to express interest, either the girl hangs up or she agrees to come up to my room but then never shows. Granted, my Mandarin is not the greatest, but at least I know how to say "I want an mo; can I have it in my room?"

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The Boob

11-19-03, 05:21
I'll repost this here for people who never go to the Guangzhou page:

Being one of the worst offenders of bareback rules, I have been trying to do a little research on AIDS/HIV rates in China. I found a great report by the UN on AIDs rates in China. This is year 2000 figures. Here's the site, check it out pretty sobering stuff. Especially for me.


Another UN link has a long report by a researcher who went to 3 red light districts in China and made observations and interviews with prostitutes. This report is amazing, although lengthy, and answers questions I've been asking but had no way of getting the answers to. Like what is the average number if visits for a prostitute. And what is the exact nature of police complicity. That link is:


I guess I need to find a condom I can live with, damn. There all so pathetic, there's gotta be a better way. How about like a spray on thing which would be ultra thin and still impervious. Or how about a fingernail polish thing which would only be applied to the very tip and dry to some elastic polymer to allow for the volume of liquid. Or even a little one-way valve mini catheter to be inserted into the urethra...ouch forget that one.

I know they have surgical super glue now which takes the place of sutures and dissolves in the tissue. Why oh why can't this technology be applied to condoms. If I had such a prophylactic device which I knew was 100% safe and reduced sensitivity by 0%, I'd use it every time. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't use it. The sexual transmission of HIV would go to zero overnight. Maybe some of the millions of bucks going into HIV research would be better spent on finding a more acceptable prophylactic. Let's use our High Technology to solve this problem.

11-24-03, 16:02
To the regulars here,

I'm curious as to what all you guys do over there for a living. I mean, I frequent LOS a lot, and most guys go there for a holiday, then come back to reality! You guys seem to live there and get to partake in the eastern delights of the "jade gates" quite often! Yes, I'm jealous. Any of you guys English teachers at all? If so, how hard is it to get a visa for teaching or whatever.

Thanks for all your great posts and photos. China will definately be a stop (Guan Zhou, Shanghai & Beijing) during my little SE Asian trip next summer. Maybe I can rent a bicycle and go peddling for pussy with Roversman99!! haha (I love that) Take care and happy poking! :)

11-24-03, 17:59
Hey Chikan,

I've read some of your reports in the Thai section and remember something about your being a Vietnam vet. So we're probably pretty similar in age and experience, except I didn't go and you did. Let just say you have my admiration and respect.

You are already pretty familiar with the scene here. In your words, we "seem to live here". That's just what its like, I seem to live here. I'm afraid of waking up in my bed in the US and have this all be a dream, and the phone is ringing with some fat chick with dyed blond hair bitching at me...

From the expat community here that I personally know, I think its roughly 2/3 that are or have been teachers (many teach English) and 1/3 that are in some kind of business.

To work here in any capacity you need a so called "work visa", type Z. This can only be had by arrangement with the company or school you will work with and the Chinese Government. You can't get a Z visa on your own, they will ask for the invitation letter at the Chinese consulate when you go to apply for a visa. If you don't have the letter, you're a tourist by definition and your stay will be limited.

You have a number of options to getting an invitation. You could go through the expat job sites, but I think all those job sites are a little flakey. I would go directly to the local Chinese magazines geared to expats and look through the classified job section. There's a really good series of expat mags called Thats (name of city). Find them at:


They'll have a mag for Guangzhou, Shanghai and Bejing. You can hook up directly with people who will get the Z visa documents for you. If you have any teaching experience or credentials, you're golden. If you don't, you could still swing it just being a native American English speaker. Be prepared for a really low rate of pay, but free housing.

The Z visas are for one year only, but once you're here, you can find many ways to get those extended on a yearly basis indefinately. China has also started a "Green Card" system where you have permanent resident status, although, those are as hard to get as they are in the states.

No person not born in China can ever be a Chinese citizen, there's no such thing as naturalization, I guess they figure they got enough citizens already at 1.3 billion.

I totally get where you are right now. I wanted to be in China so badly I could taste it. It took a lot of work and giving up everything I owned in the states. But the truth is that I have never had a single regret. I get this wonderfully peaceful and happy feeling just walking down the streets which never goes away. And then there's the women...

Stay in touch, man. Good luck to you.


11-29-03, 18:44
A query directed at China and Indonesia connoisseurs

I have experienced Indonesia and found it to be a monger's paradise. Now I am intrigued about China. In order to help me plan my mongering strategy (especially in terms of learning a new language) I would need opinions on the following two points:

1) How does China compare to Indonesia right now in terms of being a pussy haven? Subsidiarily, is barebacking the norm or is condom-mania already raising its ugly head?

2) If China's sex scene cannot yet compare with Indonesia right now, does it feel like it is only a matter of time before it catches up with Indonesia's and gets even better than Indonesia's has ever been, or does it look like it is going to peak soon and stabilise down from present level?

Thanks for the tips!


11-29-03, 21:07

I honestly cannot compare the two as I have never been to Indonesia. However, I would suggest you bear the following points in mind:

1) China will be much more expensive. China's economy is many times more robust than that of Indonesia. Absolute bargain basement FS in China will cost a minimum of US$25, and quality will not be high. Good quality FS in a major city will cost considerably more. That said, some good semi-pro and amateur action can be had, even for non-Chinese speakers.

2) Condoms are the rule here. AIDS is a growing problem in China and the girls know this. Covered BJ is not uncommon.

11-29-03, 21:09
Hi Cronin,
Thanks for that detailed reply. Lots of good info for me there. Oh yea, let me clarify that I'm not a nam-vet. Sorry if it sounded like that. I think I might have said that I want to cambodia to fire some guns like in the 'nam.... I'm just a trigger appreciative Canuck! But Cdn's did serve in Vietnam actually (though no-one here wants to admit it-shame on them!).
Anyways, getting back to pussy. When I get over there next summer, I'll check out the scene. Are you usually in Beijing or Shanghai or?? Would be cool to link up with a regular for a beer and an outing.
Ok. Time to fly. Again, thanks for the reply and happy trails!
PS. I love those photos........hehe ;)

11-29-03, 21:10
Cronin/Chikan/Booby Boob:

For work visas in China, especially anything independent, an F visa will suffice. Go to any travel agent in Hong Kong, tell them you want an F visa, bring them one passport-sized photo and your passport, and pay the fee, which will range from about US$50-100. This gives you a six-month, multi-entry visa. You cannot work legally on it, but the chances of actually being checked or caught are extremely slim. Private message me if you want a reference for a Hong Kong travel agent.

Booby, not sure about that. I would think that if you indicate your interest, she'll come up, otherwise she wouldn't call you in the first place.

12-01-03, 04:59
A very interesting article

"Internet Sex Column Thrills, and Inflames, China"

This could be a very nice conversation starter if you are with an english speaking Chinese girl -- ask her if she knows about Ms. Mu Zimei

Happy hunting.

12-01-03, 05:43
More about Mu Zimei, including translation of excerpts of her writing, here:


12-01-03, 12:41
An interesting article about new Chinese women's sex attitude:


12-03-03, 07:06
Hi Cronin, you might want to check out the internet for some Japanese condoms. They are the thinest ones you can get. I believe it is only 0.3mm. I purchased some a while ago but forgot where I gotten them.

12-03-03, 11:44
Hi Csun,

Especially with AIDs day and the high infection rate here in South China, I've been really scared about this lately. I'm one of the worst offenders of bareback riding. And I also recently had some weird STD which I self treated with CIPRO. My number is coming up, I know it.

I did go on the internet to see what new technology there is out there. To my disappointment, there is damned little. The condom is based on technology which is probably hundreds or thousands of years old, and the modifications are damn few.

AIDs is a huge problem and getting bigger. Education is one thing, sure, we should do that better. Getting AIDs drugs out there at cheap prices, OK, fine. But that won't solve the problem. In San Francisco, they've got plenty of education and drugs and the AIDs infections are increasing in rate (I've read).

The problem (aside from not understanding viruses very well) is that raincoats don't feel good. They don't feel good for guys and they don't feel good for girls. When I have a condom on, I don't even really feel like I'm having intimate sex with a girl. Its a bad feeling both physically and emotionally. I hate it, always have.

Condom manufacturers understand, but they seem powerless to solve the problem. They make these lame ribbed things which are supposed to increase sensation. They have these new non-latex things, ultra-thin and succeptible to breakage. They have extra huge things which allow you to slide around inside the condom. Female condoms... equally sensationless. These are all failures, IMHO. Kudos for trying but they don't fix the problem.

When you read some of the AIDs reports, nothing is said about this problem. Nothing is being done to solve this problem. And from where I sit, it seems to be the #1 problem. A 100% sensation prophilaxis system would dramatically lower AIDs infection rates. It would probably do more than all the drugs and education programs put together.

Sorry about the long rant, slightly off topic, I know there's a different section for this stuff.

Back to the point, I have been looking around for different new condoms. I'm getting past the embarrassment of standing in a grocery store looking through all the condom products. Screw it, I don't care, let them watch me (and they do, as if I don't already attract a lot of attention just being a big white guy).

So far, I haven't been able to locate much in the way of variety, just the same Chinese stuff you see everywhere in GZ. I even went into a sex toy shop yesterday, thinking surely they would have a large selection, but they didn't.

I've thought about ordering through the internet, but getting them delivered here where I live is problematical at best, there is no privacy here at all.

But I'm on the case, at least. If anyone has any specific advice on condom success or places in China to buy, I'd love to hear it. I guess I'll go on over to the condom/AIDs section of WSG, but it seems pretty dead over there.

Thanks Csun, hope to see you again real soon.


12-03-03, 14:33
Intransit or anyone else,

Did anyone else see the pix of Jin Xing the transexual? Man I am glad I never ran into her/him anywhere, because after seeing the pix it is hard to believe she was ever really a man. She sure is great looking now. Did I say that out loud?

12-04-03, 03:59
Hi Cronin, you have to purchase the Japanese condoms on the internet. I have never seen them sold in the stores in the U.S. however one of the guys did see one of them sold in the Los Angeles area once. How long are you going to be in China?

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

12-05-03, 06:55

Hong Kong shops have a good selection of Japanese condoms. I'll pick some up for you next time.


12-06-03, 14:39

I am out in the stick here but I can still buy the Durex brand. 12 for 35 rmb. The rubber goes softer with heat so after you put one on tug it around a bit and with the warmth it will be as snug as a rug in a bug. Then bang it in.

You are really stupid to bareback ride call-girls and such.

AIDS is a horrific wasting disease.

Thirty Mins
12-08-03, 13:51
Hi Cronin,

Trojan condoms are sold in convenience stores all over Shanghai, and they are not as tight a fit as the Durex ones.

Some condoms are really not as bad as others. I find that some transmit heat more easily, and the experience feels much more natural.

Please take care, I'd hate to see you catch something terrible and pass it on to your lady friends. If you can't think of your own suffering, please consider what could happen to the girls. Would you really feel ok if you know you passed on AIDS to someone, even unintentionally?

We brothers aren't exactly the monogamous type, but IMHO it would be best to be monogamous about unprotected sex, I think.

12-18-03, 05:30
some serious stuff these days!

china sentences two to life for sex party
wed dec 17, 1:45 pm et
by joe mcdonald, associated press writer

beijing - a chinese court sentenced a hotel worker and a prostitute to life in prison on wednesday for organizing a three-day-long sex party for japanese tourists — a case that outraged chinese and reignited anger over japan's wartime conduct.

twelve other people were sentenced to up to 15 years in prison, and china said it had issued arrest warrants for three japanese accused of organizing the event, asking tokyo to help detain them.

according to earlier chinese reports, the incident in september involved as many as 400 japanese men and 500 chinese prostitutes at a hotel in the southern city of zhuhai.

its final day fell on sept. 18, the anniversary of a japanese attack in 1931 on a city in china's northeast that chinese regard as the start of world war ii. the timing, which appeared to be coincidental, angered chinese, many of whom believe japan hasn't atoned for wartime brutality — including mass [CodeWord124] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord124).

chinese already were upset following a disaster in august involving chemical weapons left by japan's army in 1945. one person died and 33 were sickened in the city of qiqihar after construction workers broke open a buried canister of poison gas.

all 14 of those convicted in the sex party case by the zhuhai intermediate people's court were chinese citizens, xinhua reported. they included employees of the zhuhai international conference center hotel, prostitutes and pimps, known in chinese as "mami."

those sentenced to life were ye xiang, assistant to the hotel's general manager, and ming zhu, a prostitute, xinhua said. it said they were the main organizers of the event.

the hotel's deputy sales manager, liu xuejing, was sentenced to 15 years. another defendant, prostitute zhang junying, was sentenced to 12 years. the 10 others received between two and 10 years in prison, xinhua reported.

prostitution, though illegal, is common in china and often practiced openly in tourist hotels in major cities.

china complained officially to the japanese government in september, calling the incident "extremely odious criminal case." it demanded that tokyo teach its people to respect the laws of other countries.

beijing's pursuit of japanese suspects threatened to complicate their relations further.

xinhua identified the three japanese as isao hirobe, shunji takahashi and koji fukunaga, employees of an unidentified construction company in osaka, a city in western japan. it cited testimony that they "clearly requested sexual services" from hotel managers while arranging a business meeting for the company.

a japanese foreign ministry spokeswoman in tokyo said the government had received a request for "cooperation" from china and conveyed it to police. she did not give details, and japan's national police agency declined comment.

another japanese foreign ministry spokesman noted that the two governments lack an extradition treaty.

japanese law doesn't allow the government to turn over any citizen to a country without such a treaty, said kenki okada, an official of japan's justice ministry.

many of the japanese were said to be employees of the japanese construction company. japan's foreign ministry says it acknowledged paying for "companions" at a reception but denies sponsoring the events that followed.

the trial began friday and ended saturday amid tight security in the zhuhai intermediate court. the public and nonessential employees were barred from the courthouse by officials who cited privacy concerns.

Master Monger
01-08-04, 08:04
Dear xxl and Mongers,

You sound like a man of my own heart, I love barebacking!

I speak fluent Chinese and Indonesian, I am new to the WSG but I'm a longtime mongerer.

I am 100% player, I have paid for less than 20% of the pussy I've flogged.

Indonesia is beautiful, I was only there two months, my count was 30 p4p and 20 freebies, one Virgin. I put up some good stuff on the Indonesia thread, but if you ever want to know anything, let me know.

Indonesia average price for p4p short time: $12 all night: $29

Where: massage, cafe, X# Addresses, karaoke, clubs

I was in China one year, the damn language is hard, I went to every city.

China is the land of free pussy, over 700 million women! In China my count was 37 p4p and 242 freebies in one year. One day I slept with two sisters at the same time, the even kissed. I was doing her sister doggie style on the other sister said when I stopped kissing her for a second and got a funny look on my face, "Wode jiajiade bi hen shufu dui bu dui?" Which in translation means "my sister's pussy is very comfortable isn't it?". I'm sure you're wondering how I got so many freebies, it seems to the Asian culture I am hot shit! But I also was a singer in the Chinese clubs and can sing Chinese songs, and I was also a college professor. Only slept with four of my students, but laid down about 25 other girls who didn't have class with me. If you speak Chinese and can't find free pussy in China you can't find free pussy anywhere.

China average price for p4p short time: $15 all night $45

Where: pink lights on buildings, KTV, hotels, clubs

Also speaking of AIDS, they have developed a vaccine, it's only showing about 40% resistance. Which means, some people's molecular structure will be viable and others won't. So unfortunately due to the fear of lawsuits it is not being released yet. There is also a quick saliva AIDS test that can be purchased, its expensive but it's a surefire way to be sure.

Master Monger

Master Monger
01-08-04, 08:40
Dear fellow mongers,

Here's another valuable piece of information for all of you who are bopping (pun intended) around China now or will be in the future.

The skill of Mongering is only cost prohibitive, in other words, no matter how many girls we make love to they will just keep making more girls. The girls who are 17 now will be 18 next year, so the fountain is endless. So the real key, is to keep the costs down so we may partake in as much of the fruit as possible. Sometimes the most cost prohibitive detail is lodging, so let me give you two very good tips for China.

The first and by far the easiest is to find a girlfriend who is a flight attendant (KungJia) on an domestic airplane in China. All of these girls have special accounts with a travel service so they get 70% off hotel rooms all over China. If you speak Chinese, pick a Chinese name and tell her to give you the pass code and add you to her account. If not, have her book your rooms. I still have the telephone number, ID number, and pass code from my KungJia I'm not sure if it will still work, but you can try, my Chinese name is Cao Cao (Tsao Tsao) or you can say "wo xing Cao"

Telephone: 1062026655 ID: JSJ 100733858 Password: 9978

Only call if you know Chinese, or have someone you know that speaks Chinese call. Tell them where and when you want to stay, they will give you a price of a few places and star options, once you agree they make a reservation and you pay at the desk when you arrive. Just tell them your Chinese name is Cao Cao.

The second way is far cheaper but, requires you to make friends with either high level police officers or government officials or military. I have many of them and. In every city there are government hotels, the quality ranges from three to four stars, but for the price you cannot go wrong! About $12 a day! The best part is getting a business card of the hotel and handing it to the cabdriver when you tell him where you're staying. Those business cards alone will get you out of trouble in new cities when you're alone. They are also girl-friendly and offer the highest level of security of any hotel. Once you've made the friend, stroke his ego by saying something like, "Being an official you get to stay in those nice hotels for really cheap don't you?" Now feeling adequately special he will be more inclined to accommodate you proving his specialness. Then say, "Do you think you could book a room for me when I go to *****?"

I hope my information help someone, let me know if you have any questions...

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

01-14-04, 05:57
Could someone explain to me what is a fire and ice blowjob? I see it all over the place in here, but can't find it in the abbrevations section.....

Private message is fine.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-14-04, 08:45
Try http semi-colon slash slash condomania dot net. They have wide variety of one-size-fits all, large sizes, and even have a sizing kit you can print out and order from 51 different sizes based on length and circumference.
They also deliver in a small, unmarked envelope.

01-14-04, 10:45
Lemas Mitchell,

Otherwise known as "bin-huo", hot water or hot tea, and cold water or ice and water, are interchanged in the mouth during the BJ. A great sensation and a "must try" for visitors to China.


01-14-04, 10:46
Hi guys,

Thanks for all your precious postings.

I'm heading for the first time to China, Beijing, for a month or so and I'd like to read/write in the forum from there.

I wander if it can be a problem to use the forum in China.

I know they sometimes block even Google or other "innocent" sites, so please explain if you use particolar techniques or it's just that simple. What about internet cafe? Even there is enough to type the forum address?

Thanks a lot!

01-14-04, 14:18

Sounds very cool, I'll check it out. Have you ever tried to order them into China? That's really the part I'm worried about (in addition to the privacy thing). The Chinese postal service is pretty corrupt, they seem to just take what they find interesting and let the rest pass through.

I'm head to HK in week or two and will check out the condom/sex toy shops in our lovely city of brothels (Monkok). I went into a 7/11 the last time I was there, but saw only standard items.

I also checked out a really high class toy shop by the train station in SZ two weeks ago, but they just had the same old stuff you see everywhere on the mainland.

I'll make a little product survey and let you all know what I find in HK. BTW, I've been a lot better at using these, lately (heavy sigh).


Forgot to mention that I found a site by Okamoto advertising a 0.035mm thick condom. The other non latex Avanti is 0.045-0.050mm, so it seems to be a slight improvement if they don't break. The site is at http://www.003mm.com/ (in Japanese, of course).

Daring Mood
01-15-04, 00:31

The best shop to try is the Joy Gift Shop in Peninsula Plaza, beside the Noble Sauna, Tsimshashui East. It's on floor B1.

Daring Mood

Thirty Mins
01-16-04, 17:20
Hi Cronin,

While in HK don't forget to try out the massage places. I know a lot of westerners are nervous about them, but I have always gotten very polite treatment at the ones in Prince's (Tai Zi). Last time it was HK$420 for BBBJ and FS with a 20-ish girl from Henan.

Of course, the condoms they supply will probably be a little tight for you too!

01-17-04, 14:09
I have been touring south China for about 2 weeks and it appears that I have made a mistake of a beginner. The more we approach Chinese New Year, the more the BBS hotels beauty parlora get empty and you are told that the "xiaojies" are back home for the festival. I knew you should never tour China within two weeks after Chinese New Year, but I have just discovered that you should also avoid it two weeks before. In most cases, only the local girls stay on duty, which means very few Sichuan girls (thre best ones), except if you are in Sichuan/Chongqing, of course.

01-17-04, 15:04

Shenzhen is following the same trend. Shops have been thinning out steadily for the past 2-3 weeks. It is going to be a very lonely month for us mongers in China.


01-18-04, 09:56
Hi folks,

I have something not-related directly to WSG but post to seek for info about building a career in China. I wouldn't mind if we take this topic off the forum, and you are welcome to reply to my email directly at [Email address deleted by Admin]. Here's the question.

1) What is the best (or demanded) skill for foreign worker who intend to work in China for several years?
2) What sort of quality do China look to import foreign worker?
3) What company should we look for? Any URL reference? I hope it'll be enterprise/mnc company (maybe IT skill to be specific?)?

As far as my research goes, being a teacher (which require TEFL) is highly demanded. Just hope to seek your opinion on other options. I hope to work and travel within China (all the province) within few years working there but unfortunately the existing organization I work now doesn't have a base in China. Looking forward to move ahead. :)


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

01-19-04, 01:54
Hi dragon_heart, you will find there are a lot of jobs in China for foreigners however the bad news is that they don't pay anything close to the U.S. scale. I was offered a teaching position at 12,000rmb/month which I found out later was a very good pay however it is only about 1/8 of my salary from my U.S. company. I think if you want to hang around China and have fun with all the girls with just enough money to do that then China is for you but if you think you will have a career in China then unless your U.S. company sends you there I would say forget it.

Apac Boy
01-19-04, 04:44
Tapioca's been looking for another decent job and this is what I have come up with:

1) IF you have NO experience in China, AND you can't speak any chinese...don't come unless u want to teach English.

2) that being said, there are jobs here which can be good for people that are not familiar with the CHina market or speak Chinese. Jobs like computer programming are good. Also, one job that is in demand is supply chain management. Hmm...what else...oh, if u have a black belt (no, not the karate one) in 6 sigma, u could get a job at a very good wage.

3) lastly, if u have guanxi up da yangtze with govt officials...ur in demand with large MNCs.

Damn CSUN, 12,000rmb/month to teach is damn good here.


01-19-04, 15:22
Thanks for all the fantastic idea and thought given. I'd given myself a timeline whereby if I could not find any corporate ladder getting in China to work by August this year, I will just have to take the offer being a teacher. Well, other than being a native english speaker, in fact we need a TEFL!! That's another tough thing, but well, one source lead to another. Found this miracle website that offers a job as teacher in China, but you got to pay US$1200+ for a year contract there. Good news is that no teaching experience required. You still get pay for about US$300 a month.

Ever wonder which website offer that? Check this out! Thought this might give everyone a clue, who may consider the same thought as I had.


p/s: mods, I did not intend to post this URL for advertisement, but it's my learning journey that discovering this useful website.

01-20-04, 05:52
dragon_heart, you don't need to pay anyone to get a contract for teaching. They need lots of teachers. Don't worry about TEFL because most of the schools will accept a teacher without TEFL.

Hi Tapioca, I found out later that 12,000rmb is a good salary for China however is sucks when you compare it to the salaries in the U.S.

01-20-04, 08:34
dragon heart:

average salary for teacvher post in China is arounf RMB7,000, not even one grand US$!!
Quarters would be provided, in some cases they are very decent. such as ISB in Beijing.
English teching jobs are in demand and no sweat in finding them....the question is, if you want to enjoy a good life here, dine out hang out....with all the girls tippings.....you'd better have a trust fund or a rich dad.

Yellow Fever #2
01-20-04, 09:45
Dragon Heart,

Do NOT pay any service to find an English teaching job in China. You don't have to, it is not necessary and it is a waste of money. Look at daveseslcafe.com.

There are plenty of jobs and a good community of other teachers here to help you find a job. I am not a teacher now but I have taught in China in the past. The only qualifications are native English speaker (neutral accent preferred) and if possible a college degree. Even without a college degree you can still get good jobs. If you wanted to be entrepreneurial you can invent your own college diploma to get the residence permit.

Most teachers I know do not get a residence permit but stay here on 6 month business visas and live and work. No problem.

Just select a city you want to live in and come here. Bring at least $2000USD with you to survive a few weeks and you will find a job. It may not be much at first 5000 to 7000/month but you will find other ways to supplement your income and bring itt up to maybe 15,000RMB/month which is nearly $2000 TAX FREE plus free or cheap accomodations etc.

Unless you have a very good salary in America, you can probably live better in China on a smaller income. Think about it - if you had nearly $1500/month after expenses what could you do with it? You can get a lot more for your money here in China especially girls. A ST 'date' would cost you between 100 and 150RMB, contast that with about 8 times the cost in America - you are doing quite well here and you will learn alot about yourself and the world.

Unless you have a great thing going in America or have excellent prospects - come to China or SE Asia and teach and enjoy your life. Just remember teaching will NOT build your future for a life back in America but it can lead to other possibilities and even a better future but it can be a one way trip (once you come to China - you don't go back).


01-21-04, 03:46
Thanks brudder for the courage. This really motivate me to get a job, real soon! I guess I know China quite well, been to Shenzhen, Zhu Hai and Guangzhou. Yeah, you guys are right, I do enjoy the life here (like tipping and treated like a king and etc). I had lowered by expectation, like getting low paid but survivable and start from ground if I could work in China. I do believe that I could find some other mean of opportunity when I get myself there.

Out of all the pointers I have (and turned down by many programmes such as http://www.chinet.org/), does really help me in certain extend, because I'm not a US citizen, that's my main problem! I'm asian, a chinese and can speak good mandarin/cantonese. Fluent with English of course, but what sort of opportunity I have here? Really "zero". Though I work for a MNC here, had my master degree with no teaching experience, it's even tougher for me to be a teacher!

Well, I guess I need a little bit of your brain cell to think for me. 2 months+, squeezing my head and brain, research, research, research... trying, trying, trying, fail, fail fail... I'm clueless!

01-22-04, 04:32
Hi dragon_heart, I think you can get an excellent paying job as a teacher if you speak Mardarin. I am Chinese-America, lived in the U.S. since I was 5 years old. I was offered 12,000rmb/month along with housing and meals because I can speak Mardarin. They wanted someone who can speak Mardarin to teach adults and businessmen. I turned down the job since I was there on vacation and the salary was about 1/8 of my salary however I did find out later that it was an excellent salary for China. I also have a MBA which the school liked. So don't give up, you just need to find the bigger schools who will pay more for teachers to teach adults who will pay more for classes than the children.

Apac Boy
01-22-04, 05:20
Dood...It's a lot harder to get a English teaching gig if u look Chinese.

It doesn't look like you have fluent English Dragon Heart. I know, I know..you might be able to converse in English with no problems but they want fluent, accent free English teachers. Maybe it's the way you write, but you sound like a fob...

Oh, local English teachers here get about 50-60rmb/hr while foreigners or ABCs get 130-200rmb/hr. Just another thing for you to consider.


01-22-04, 07:31
Hi All,

I'm looking for a short term teaching assignment in China during the summer. Would like 6 to 9 weeks only because of responsibilties at home in the USA.

If anyone knows of a position send me a "Private Messages".

I have a BS Degree.

I looked at http://www.chinet.org/. It's NOT a FULL paid teaching position for Summer/short term. You have to PAID them to go there and teach but you also get salary. After adding everything it almost breaks even.

I'm will be going to Southern China 3-4 weeks next month for vacation. I can interview then.

01-23-04, 04:09

I know several Chinese looking foreigners who teach English in schools or Uni. One is a Malay girl the other a Chinese Canadian.

I don't think your looks are a barrier at all - in fact I think there is a trend away from the young westerner due to bad press with their relationship with the female-scholars.

01-23-04, 04:11
Hi Tapioca, I believe you are right in some cases. If you are going to teach children then the school would want a foreigner since the parents think that is the best however if the school is looking for a teacher for adults and businessmen that is interested in doing business with people from the U.S. and other western countries then they would like someone (ABC) who have spend most of their life in U.S. and can speak Mandarin. At least that was the reason why the school offered me 12,000rmb/month. However I do have a BS in Engineering and a MBA but I don't know if it would help in me teaching English.

The adults pay a lot more than the children in learning English however the pay for the teacher is no where close to any kind of salary in the U.S. It might be fun to kick back and spend a year of so in China, make enough money to have fun and then come back to the U.S. for a career.

01-23-04, 06:59
S Weelock,

Glad to hear you are one of the job seeker in China also. I got a website may be useful for your research work.

http://www.tefl.com (some may not require tefl, RSA/CELTA cert).

Subscribe to their newsletter for job alert. You need to spend a couple of days to find the suitable position and location to teach. In fact you could get the school/uni address from the above website and just shoot in and see if they need any immediate service.

Good luck!

Thirty Mins
01-23-04, 09:21
Dragon Heart,

If you are bilingual, have an MBA, and an engineering degree, then there should be better options for you than teaching English. Engineering positions are largely localized, but with your MBA, there should be many possibilities in project management, production management and general management. Many managers here still don't speak any Chinese, but there is growing awareness of the benefits language skills bring at upper levels.

One strategy you could consider would be to take a decent paying English teaching job (on 12k/month you'll be comfortable, but you won't feel like a millionaire), and look for jobs with MNCs once you get here. You need to be good at networking. Also, consider that 12k/month will go much less far in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen than in other places.

On the other hand, if you want a relatively low-stress job for a while, English teaching in China is definitely ok. Some people will give preference to Caucasians, but others are more enlightened, and will appreciate the additional professionalism you'd bring to the job. The problem with little white boys isn't sleeping with the female students (they don't complain about that!), it's that they often act like young boys would in a land of cheap alcohol and free sex. I think they figure you'll show up on time, and put effort into your teaching.

01-24-04, 06:39
Thirty Mins,

Your message is exactly what I'm thinking. Being positive to many job turn downs by the employer indeed bring down my spirit to hunt for teaching position. After all, I still keep hunting for the right opportunities in several area as per mentioned.

Just to share more useful info, this are the job website I highly encourage you guys who intend to explore outer your "comfort zone" and open your opportunity along your findings. The Dragon of China is yet awaken, so let's face the change.


Most of the above website have English version and most of the organization does not sponsor visa to work there hence I believe they are more looking forward local workers.

Again, thirty mins, your thought really burnt deep in my heart. Thanks... let me know if you come across such opportunity, I'm still trying!

01-24-04, 16:51
Asian born in America at a time long long time ago. I know I speak better english than most if not all "Americans". It would seem to me if I were to apply for a english teaching position they would be extremely impressed and amazed that someone could speak english like they do on American TV; but look like me. The school adminstration would think if I could do anyone could. I've had a few "fob" friends who like to just talk to me to improve their english skills. Hey maybe them babes in class would get wet just listening to me talk. Ha ha!!

Da Pimp
01-24-04, 18:05
Fellow mongers,

Has anyone actually tried any girls from www.funinchina.com?

I'm wondering if FS is included in the price.

I don't see any statement that sex is included and I was wondering if this was because of legal reason or simply cost of sex is not included.

Grey H
01-24-04, 21:27

Aren't we thinking too highly of ourselves here? Of course, we live in a free country and you have the right to brag. But, how good your English is and whether you speak better than most of all people is for others to judge. I've never met anyone who is good at something but boast so explicitly about it. If you are so great, why not impress us with your awesome english in a report. As for Chinese girls getting wet just listening to you. I believe it is their mouth getting wet ready to spit on your face. Come on, knowing a few words of English doesn't make you superior. There are so much you can learn from the "babes in class", each of them have their unique background and experience. I am always very impressed everytime I talked to one of these girls, pros or not.

Drop your pretensions of culture and status, be real.

Will John
01-25-04, 00:20

Sorry to disappoint you but http://www.zhaopin.com is full of fake jobs!

I was last living in Beijing full time about three months ago for the previous 18months. During my job search I foolishly used http://www.zhaopin.com hoping to find something. After submitting something like 40 applications for various positions I discovered I was not getting any (automated or otherwise) feedback from the site, despite the preferences I had set up with my search criteria.

I then suspected it was a fake site set up to get advertising revenue. To confirm my suspicisions I then put together a completely bogus CV perfectly tailored to a number of jobs advertised on http://www.zhaopin.com . Again got no response.

I then e-mailed all of the company contacts given on http://www.zhaopin.com and informed them that I was onto their company's little scam and that they should be ashamed of themselves. Again no response. I then gave up trying to find a job through them.

About a month after, I found a job using the famous "networking" system. This job took me to a function at the Kempinski sponsored by a web development company. At this function I just happened to get intoduced to a Chinese web developer who just happened to do some work for guess who? www.zhaopin.com!

I told him of what I thought of the site and I highlighted my experience with their site.
Guess what? He confirmed that I was 100% correct. There are very few actual jobs on the site! There are a few jobs for locals, none for foreigners. The site is set up to gain it's revenue from advertising and not from job seekers or potential employers.

I don't know anything about the other sites you mentioned.

Avoid http://www.zhaopin.com !


Apac Boy
01-25-04, 19:50
yo abcinla,

i'm ABC, and I'm from LA also...guess what, there's a ton of us here. I have met ABCs from all over California, either working here (like me) or studying Chinese.

Here are the good things about being ABC in China:
1) You blend in so nobody tries to rip u off. Just don't talk when u bargain and u should get a good deal.
2) Your target market for girls is a lot bigger than the laowie's who can't speak chinese.
3) You don't get stared at where ever you go.

And the bad:
1) You can never act like a crazy laowie and pretend you don't know what's going on in certain situations.
2) Some chicks just won't give u the time of day cause one look at u and you're labeled as a local.
3) Hitting on girls is harder

01-26-04, 02:11
Will John,

Oh man! Ok, zhaopin will be the last priority in my list of job search. ;) Oh btw, another website I'd discover yesterday! Thanks for the tips again.


Cheers folks!

01-26-04, 06:31
To Grey H

You must be a white nerd who can't take a little joking around. Come on now stop being so serious. Any regular guy who reads this knows there's alot of friendly joking around here. Jesus.

Thirty Mins
01-26-04, 18:07
Dragon Heart,

Still I should warn you that the best way to get the right job in China in your situation would be to work first in the US for a company that has operations there.

Companies often send expatriates to China because of their networks inside the companies back home and their understanding of the company culture. The patient path could lead you to a better job.

One way of proving to the government that there is a need for an expatriate in a position is to post an ad on a job site, then state that no qualified applications from locals were received. A pre-picked internal candidate is then sent to China.

Apac Boy
01-26-04, 20:18
Well, my first job in China was found through zhaopin.com. Of course, that was after I sent in like a thousand resumes.

Anyways, i don't think it is completely useless. I know two multi-nationals that actually do use that site for their HR needs.


Grey H
01-27-04, 00:08
To Abcinla,

Sorry, if that was a joke, it is my mistake. I appologize.


02-07-04, 12:55
Not sure where to put this one. Having done some looking around on the other wsg countries (photo section) we in China must have the best of the bunch barring Russia (perhaps) - but see the cost. We are paying peanuts for lovely sweeties - and at the present exchange rate. Fantastic.

02-08-04, 01:51
China seems expensive. What are the price ranges there? What are the best mongering cities? Thanks.

02-08-04, 13:00

Prices range from 10US$ to 500US$ depending on the location, the source, etc. Best mongering city is subject to debate. I suggest you read through the posts in each city. They are full of valuable information on the situation here in China.


02-09-04, 06:47

US$500 in China!?! Model? Actress? Care to share experience?

02-09-04, 15:24

Not from personal experience. I would never pay that kind of money! It was for an escort posted on the Shanghai thread last year.


02-10-04, 16:21
Does anyone know of a mobile phone which can translate Chinese characters to English? I get so many SMS from Chinese girls and I can't read any of them. My only option now is to go through each character on a character - pinyin program. Just finding a single character is a hell of a job, a whole message could take a couple hours to translate. Asking my friends to read these messages to me is not a long term solution. Other guys here must have similar problems. Some new mega buck mobile must be able to do this.


02-14-04, 04:25
After searching around on the internet, I found a service in China which actually does this. If anyone's interested you can easily find it by a google search. I'd tell you here, but I don't want to appear like I'm promoting the business, which I'm not. However, it does work on my cheap little Nokia mobile, costs a miniscule amount of money per message and they bill straight to your mobile bill, apparently.


02-17-04, 06:33
Has anyone tried the funinchina service. Not sure what you get for the service? The girls do look rather cute.


Kev 3X
03-20-04, 15:48
I was with a woman in Nanjing and we had a wonderfull time. She siad I shoook her and seemed very suprised by it. She kept smiling and rubbing her lower abdomen and saiyng you shook me.

Does this mean she had an Orgasm? I know I sure did.

03-23-04, 01:04
Can anyone recommed a site with good airfares to China?

Thanks for the help!


Kev 3X
03-24-04, 05:43
So what does you shook me mean? I really want to know if it means she came.

03-27-04, 09:14
Shooke in Chinese means: Passed out for a short period of time.

I suppose she is having the time of her life. =)

04-08-04, 06:26
'Shooke' should be spelt as xiuke. It is a corruption of the English expression shock.

04-14-04, 15:42
a general warning on (the hooker pick pocket trick)

i've experienced various froms of this in asia (china and vietnam specifically), but can happen anywhere.

1) a girl approaches you on the street
2) she tries to convince you to go with her to her place (or yours) for sex (she doesn't care cuz she's not going anywhere)
3) between the eye contact and hand holding, you're feeling like the man
4) she asks you if you want to feel her/ hug her.. don't
5) she jumps around rubbing her chest and crotch against you. and you get really excited. (if you're smart you'll notice that her hands are on your ass and in your front pockets stealing all your cash, phones, etc.)
6) she gets your interest and starts walking to the road to get a cab,
7) 1 of 2 things will happen...
7a) she will get in the cab first, shut the door and speed away. the driver of course is involved, or...
7b) she hops on a motorcycle that suddenly pulls up and speeds away.

the first time this happened to me in china, i chased the cab down at the stop light at ma jia hua yuan and the first ring road in chengdu, pulled the girl out of the cab by her neck and demanded money. of course i got it all back and demanded more money in exchanged for not calling the police. taught that *****.

this almost happened again in hochiminh city. slightly different, i was surrounded by hookers in the park downtown.. hot ass women. best in asia by far! and everything was taken. how can you keep 6 women who pull up on the back of 3 motorcycles from pickpocketing you when you're only 1 man. luckily i didn't have much money on me.

04-14-04, 16:11
I left China in December 2003, but since my last post, i've done a lot of posting of a different kind.

Since I want to give useful advice instead of boasting about what a dirtbag I am, I'll tell you China residents what chinese girls want to hear. I mean, what do these girls really need to hear before you can get in their pants. I not talking about sluts, street walkers, prostitute or other easy lays, I'm talking real girls :

You're a foreign man. Duhh.

Your family is wealthy, Perhaps your parents are doctors, lawyers, professors. (just lie okay)

You want to stay in China forever or you will marry her and take her away with you. (China is changing, many women don't want green cards now days, so indirectly find out what she wants before you tell her what you'll give her).

You like her and only her.

Don't lie about your sexual history, just reduce it to about 1/10 to 1/100 of what it really is

You don't look down on Chinese people.

You should be able to convey all this information within a day or two. Chinese girls don't usually fuck on the first day you meet them unless they are prostitutes (or unless you've got game).

Call her, but never actually pay for things that cost over a couple Yuan. I got treated day and night to expensive meals, bars, kareoke, trips, coffee, etc. As a foreignor you are a great man and you should take advantage of this.

Never feel guilty. Most women see you as a status symbol so, why shouldn't they pay to be seen with you. Also, they know you're going to leave. They know it, so don't blame yourself for the couple days that you have to pretend that their boyfriend.

I know there a lot of people who enjoy beating off over this site who don't want to read general advice. So I won't waste your time.

04-14-04, 18:04
I never had this kind of experience in China. I am less surprised for Vietnam, which is a very dishonest country. But what a strange idea to take your wallet on you when going whoring at night !

04-15-04, 08:12
To Zhoujie3.
I try funinchina several times. It's mainly tourist guide and social escort, no sex at all.
The best thing that you may get is a french kiss.
pm me with your email, I can give you more detail.

04-15-04, 12:24

I agree with Erik. There is never more money in my pocket than I am willing to lose, usually equal to the amount I will pay for service. Never a wallet.


Reggie P
04-16-04, 21:40
I'm a semi-retired bloke (50 years old) thinking about moving to either China (Kunming or Chongqing) or Vietnam (Hanoi) to live. I'd love to have your opinions about the relative merits of each place. My priorities are:

1) Easy access to inexpensive girls whenever I feel like it, and possibility of having actual girlfriend considerably younger than me (maybe 30 to 35).

2) Low cost of living. Rent a decent apartment for USD $100-200, as one can in Thailand.

3) Safe to walk the streets.

4) Pretty city with lots of trees and parks.

5) No government hassles about staying a long time, easy visa extensions.

6) Easy and inexpensive internet access, preferably cable internet.

7) Wholesome vegetables and fruits available without a lot of chemical contamination. Lots of tofu because I don't eat meat.

I previously lived in Thailand but left because that country became less tourist-friendly, and I started to realize that I like whiter skinned Viet or Chinese girls better than Thais.

Also, which language do you think is easier to learn? I would assume Vietnamese is much easier, because it uses the western alphabet.

How does a tourist stay in China long term? Is there a long term visa that isn't a business visa? Can you just keep getting extensions in China and are they cheap?

Thanks for your thoughts. Also, please suggest other cities or towns if you think there are better places than Kunming, Chongqing and Hanoi.

04-17-04, 04:41
Hi Reggie,
There is no cable internet in remote area like Kunming.
Hanoi starts having ADSL.
The main problem with China and Vietnam, is long term visa or resident permit.
Housing in China is not really expensive.
Have you ever considered West Malaysia or Bali ?

04-17-04, 05:09

imho, there are pros and cons involved with each of your choices:

1) kunming has the best year round climate

2) chongqing has the best value for girls, but i have always had great service in hanoi.

3) hanoi has many lakes and parks, but kunming is a close second with beautiful spots in the region

4) housing in your price range is available in all, but hanoi may be less for the money.

5) all are fairly safe to walk around in, but chongqing is very hilly.

6) long time visas are an issue in china and vietnam. china may be cheaper and easier

7) there is high speed internet access available in all

8) fruits and vegetables and tofu are plentiful in both. china has more varieties of tofu preparations.

the best you can do now is a 6 month multiple entry visa for china, cannot be renewed in china, only hong kong, unless you are working here.

learning the languages are similar. for chinese, there is pinyin so you don't have to learn the characters.

i think you have to prioritize your needs. it is like girls, you can rarely find one with all the best qualities.


04-18-04, 18:44

I station in Beijing I've been in and around most China cities and been to Vietnam quite a few times for conference and regional meetings.

IMHO, Yunnan is it! I mean Kunming, Dali or Lijiang. Especially Dali or Lijiang....you will know what is life when you are there.
You may enjoy the all year round Summer feeling there.
Flowers, trees and blue sky....
Living cost is still low.
Girls? What about US$100 for a young girl go with you for a three-day trip to Shangri-La? any cab driver there could help you out.
Long term girlfriend around 30-35? are you kidding? you have enough choices for girls around 18-25!
For the clear air, the blue sky, the weather and.... there's no place like Yunnan.
Furthermore, the North border province is Sichuan....famous for girls with fine skin and big boobs....can you ask for more?
Vietnam is not a safe city, and development is slow.

btw, there's no cable modem in China. Both China Telecom and China Netcom use basically ADSL, you can certainly have access to ADSL in Kunming, not more than US$15 a month.

Enjoy China buddy!

Reggie P
04-18-04, 21:37
Thank you, gents. Great to have your opinions on this. Teazian, no, I never considered those place, should I? Do you mean by West Malaysia, Penang? I was there, very hot place, the heat just killed me. Aside from that, as a muslim country I can't imagine there being much action there.

Bali, I don't know anything about. Aren't Indonesian girls dark skinned? That's not my cuppa tea.

Old Asia Hand, my number one priority is girls. However, the other things are important too. I've heard that Chongqing is very polluted and I'm not sure I can live with that. Actually, I was in Kunming for a few days, and it seemed like a pretty sterile big city, but then I only saw parts of it. When you say there are beautiful spots "in the region" I wonder if you mean there aren't any in the city itself. I would like to have a lot of trees around, though girls trump trees.

I also wonder if you can buy organic vegetables and fruits in any of these places. I have read that these things are very contaminated by chemicals in China. But, again, availability of girls trumps uncontaminated food (can only live so long)

Papadum, thanks for your enthusiastic endorsement. I would love to live in a smaller, greener town with more trees and nature, such as Dali or Lijiang...provided, however, that there was still easy availability of females. Do you know what the situation is in Dali and Lijiang regarding this? I've even thought of maybe going to Hekou and straddling the China/Viet border, and enjoying all the cheap poon they say exists in Hekou...but I suspect there isn't much else to do there.

I've even thought about going to India just because they speak English...but no pretty girls there!

I'm looking further into the visa questions...lots of contradictory info on the net.

Thanks again.

John Siron
04-21-04, 17:16
I would have to agree with the gents below. Sichuan girls are amazingly hot. Skinny, big boobed, and nice skin. I've had awesome sex with a few Sichuan freebies lately. AWESOME. :-)

James Cook
04-23-04, 12:54
Reggie P:

Comparing the following iterms in chongqing and yunnan province :

1) Girls: Generally girls in these 2 region are amost the same,from the appereance, hairstyle, the way of treating others, and the same languarage(dialect). The price is cheap, but figure vary from person to person. What do you mean by "30 to 35"?

2) Cost of living: Almostly the same. If you wanna a long dwelling, you need buy yourself one, not rent. The price of a newly built apartment of double bedroom,one livingroom,total about 100 squared meters, parking site below, range from 300-500 thousand RNB. You cuould sell it after it out of use.

3) Security: Yes, very safe. You needless worry about being robbed of when you walking in the street with pole lamb in the maintown after 10 PM.

4) The ratio of green coverage: CQ low, Yunan high. Yunan province is really clean and beautiful partially because it has many more trees, flowers and small forests nearby. But CQ goverment seemingly don't like to use green to separate the tall buildings, therefore looks a bit confusing. And the densier population is anther contribution to the confusing.

5) Long dwelling issue: Well, china curently don't recognize double nationnalities, thus you should extend your visa regularly. And the basic principle of this mainly depend on the bilateral relationship of the 2 countries. Since china right now crave for oversea investment, I think the principle could not vary for long.

6) Internet access: for residential ADSL not cable modern. monthly 80RNB in CQ

7) Vegetable and fuit: If you wanna get green vegetable and fuit, you should abandon supermarket and get into the small alleys to directly trade with the pesants. The food there is fresh and without chemics, but a bitter muddy maybe.

Overall Chongqing is heavy industry city with car ,motorcycle manufacture. Therefor the air is not much clean, seriously pulluted. Sometimes even worse, chemical rain will pour in, but no sand storms.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

04-24-04, 03:48
I have a question if anyone would care to assist me.

I have been corresponding with a gal from Nanning that I met online. I will be in China this summer and want to meet her. In between some serious bouts of mongering (I worship Chinese women) I want to meet her.

She says she is a "hair stylist". Is that the same as working in a barbershop? Is there a any difference? Any info would be appreciated, maybe some questions I could ask that would give me an indication. For instance, is there any particular district that would indicate what type of establishment she is working in? I am very curious, but I don't want to ask her something that she might take offense at. The input I get will help determine my approach when I meet her.


Spike, out.....

Crazy Jim Wood
04-24-04, 05:35
Anyone have any luck with ethnic chicks? You lnow, Miao, Dai, Dong, etc. I'm more interested in the southern Chinese ethnicities you find in Yunnan, Guilin, etc, not so much Mongols and Uighurs.

James Cook
04-24-04, 09:47
I never experience the minor ethnic hookers before, I got not that hobby. But I can ensure you their mandarin is not pretty good. Therefor communication could be a probelm.


Prince Leo
04-25-04, 00:02

Since that you have met her online, I tend to think that she is not a pro working in bbs. Pros in bbs, most likely, do not have access online, or even know how to opperate a computer.


04-26-04, 03:26
Thanks, Prince....

I was wondering because of all the postings about bbs, but I'm pretty sure now that she is just who she says she is.

Spike, out....

Crazy Jim Wood
04-26-04, 08:40
James Cook,
Thanks for your input.

Any one else with info on minorities in Southern China please help me out here so I can go do some eco-tourism.


Kodak JS
04-30-04, 13:40
Hey guys! In my travels to China, I meet alot of single females. Many of them have asked me if I know any western men.

These girls are interested in long-term/marriage relationships. These girls are good friends of mine, so please contact me only if you are single and want to find a girl to marry. Send me a message.

Reggie P
05-05-04, 22:52
Thanks James.

One thing I'm a bit concerned about is I've heard there are big water shortages in the chinese cities now, especially Kunming, and have read reports of people not having water in their apartments except maybe two hours a day.

05-06-04, 22:03
Board Members,

I have been a few places in the world, ie. PI, Cuba, Mexico Amsterdam, etc... I was considering going to China. I am taking a basic Chinese course, and should be done before I intend to go.

Anyway, my question is, will there be a problem with the girls because I am a black man? Also, if there is a problem due to my race is there a particular area or city where I might have better luck, or should I just write off mongering in China?

All responses will be greatly appreciated.


Travel Dog
05-07-04, 17:28

You will have no trouble finding many girls in China. Some will be afraid and won't go with you, usually because they are worried about your dick size. But many others will be fascinated and exited by the possibilities and want to be with you all the more.

Overall few black men in China. In rural areas a foriegner will stand out and literally attract a crowd. In urban areas people are more used to outsiders. Being a black man will make you stand out even more. But the Chinese people are very freindly overall and very welcoming to foreigners. You efforts with the language is the best thing you can do and I guarantee will be well received.

Good luck

Crazy Jim Wood
05-08-04, 01:46
I don't know about China so much, and I'm not black myself so this is second-hand info, but blacks appear to be extremely popular in Japan, in Roppongi, Yokosuka, etc. Seems like you could really score in Japan, and Japanese langauge skill really is not necessary.

In fact if you were interested in a long-term thing and not just getting it wet, there are many black-Japanese couples as well. Your problem here would be fending off all the ugly problematic girls (when you first get here you can't really even tell the ugly ones from the ok ones) until you find a real high class looker. But if your interests are more superficial then plenty o'ass for you.

Don't know if this will help you in your trip to China, but on the way you can stop in Japan to check it out.

As to China, from what I've heard the welcome is not quite so warm, it seems some bars even discriminate. But it seems there are always some Chinese women who really want a black man and the good part is even if there are only a few you won't have much competition and they will probably seek you out.

Good luck,

05-08-04, 02:46
There are not too many blacks in China and they are mainly seen as poor africans.

On the other hand, you will really stand out and with some Mandarin skills should be able to put their curiousity to your advantage.

BTW, I have one black friend from the US who scored very well in China and Taiwan.

05-09-04, 05:31

I agree with trvldog. Some Chinese girls are afraid of size. If this is the case, you are better off to look elsewhere. It is no fun when they complain about the pain. There are plenty others that want to give it a try and can accomodate the size. Some girls may want to charge you a bit more. They call this a "size surcharge", but this does not apply universally in China. Overall, I don't think there is any racial discrimination in China.


05-09-04, 06:36

There do exist quite a of lot prejudices towards black skin in China, especially with less educated people. Having said that, I have seen black/Chinese couples, especially in universities. It's not unheard of, but it's not very common. Speaking the language will help.

James Cook
05-09-04, 11:37
Hi Reggie P,

Yes, I also read about the news of kunming serious condition of water supply. And I heard the local goverment are focusing on construction of huge projects to conduct water from big rivers nearby. Well, the situation will be improved for sure, but extent is unsure. I will keep you update about recent progress if you need.

And by the way, CQ get abundant water suppy because ithe city locate on the intersection of 2 huge rivers, the Yangzijiang River and Jialinjiang River.


Reggie P
05-09-04, 22:31
Thanks James,

So I have a choice of living in a beautiful green city without water or an ugly one with lots of water? Hmmm.. Hey, I also heard the authorities have closed a big BBS district in Chongqing, wonder if that's permanent.

Hey, river water isn't drinking water in China, is it? I heard those rivers are very polluted.

05-10-04, 06:10
Viagra substitutes

Has anyone tried one of the 1000 or Viagra substitutes which are available in China? I never tried one, as I'm a strong believer in everything in China is fake.

However, I wonder if one of you had any neg/pos experience?

James Cook
05-10-04, 09:26
Hi Reggie P,

I am afraid you have to get the dilemma at present. Some of chineses big rivers are polluted a little bit indeed, but we still drink the purified water from the rivers because we run out of choice. We can not find some new clean water sources on earth for substitute.

And for your concern of the shut down of BBS area in CQ, I can ensure you it could not be permanent. That will resemble a spongy, when authority squeese it (crack it down) it become smaller,after released it will expand again. Even if the street will not reopen in the furture, some other BBS areas will emerge elsewhere. I have never worried about seeking BBS girls in China,but how to gain enough bucks for their service.hehe


Jack Spratt
05-10-04, 16:23
Crazy Jim

What makes you think that any second hand information you have in relation to Japanese women could possibly be relevant to Chinese women.

IMHO, it is like extrapolating information on Estonian women to English women - the only common factor being that they are causcasian.

Give me a break.


In China, nothing is ever as it seems.

Dirk Digler
05-10-04, 17:36

I have an odd question. I'm a college student working on my master's degree and I was interested in after college getting a job for a company that deals with China. I figure because all of American jobs are moving overseas I see China having the best oppurtunity to grow the fastest over the next 20 years. So I wanted to make myself attractive for a high level poisition maybe dealing with neogiations with Chinese companys. I plan on taking more courses dealing with Chinese culture but where do I find out what American company's deal with China? I know its weird question but I need to find a way after I get out of school to make lots of money and I think this is one way. PM if there is any advice that you could pass along that would help me. Thanks

05-10-04, 18:47
Geez, Jack,

Give Crazy a break! There were ample disclaimers in his post, things like "I don't know about China so much" and "Don't know if this will help you in your trip to China". I thought his post was relevant and interesting. Having a bad day?

Spike, out....

05-10-04, 22:33
Hi everyone,

I just finished a one week stay in Beijing and I had an unusual experience(at least for me). I was at Hard Rock Cafe and I found someone who claimed she was not a pro, but she was happy to take some money. Yeah right. Whenever I asked her how much she wanted she would never answer directly. Anyway she was a decent looking woman and she spoke great English so I asked her to come back to my place. Next thing I know her friend is coming along with us, even getting into the taxi. I told her I only wanted her, but she said she was new at this and she was afraid to go anywhere without her friend. At that point I ditched them because I didn't want to risk any problems at the hotel, and also I'm just a little suspicious of being set up. Any opinions on what was going on? Did I miss a great thing, or did I prevent trouble?


James Cook
05-13-04, 14:20

Me think your discreetness render you miss some wouderful things. She problely is just afraid to go alone with a strong stranger, therefor take her girlfriend with her. Her great english prove that she had ever been well educated. well you maybe a bit nevouse. I suggest you should set up the price substantially before get into the action to prevent consequent squabbles.


BJ Boy
05-13-04, 19:11
You never really know for sure what the deal is in China. Most likely she prefered having a friend with her, sometimes they try to get you to pay for both (the fact she did not mention money before means nothing).

It's unlikely they were going to do anything that you should be worried about but it's hard to watch two of them all the time so if you have a bad feeling I think the best thing to do is what you did - pass.

05-14-04, 11:31

Almost all major US corporations have operations in China.


Hoser Hater
05-15-04, 09:08

I highly disagree with James Cook. Erroring on the side of caution is never a bad idea when mongering and I respect the fact that you got control of your little brother long enough to ditch a beautiful girl because it didn't feel right. The girls in Hard Rock are not normal girls. The girl you described could be totally innocent or, more likely, she could be adept at manipulating men. A girl bringing back-up is always a sign of a set-up. I admit that a penthouse forum letter experience might follow but it is highly highly un-likely.

I've had some truely horrifying exeriences with chinese working girls and all I can say at the end of the day is do what your gut tell's you. Not your dick. Of course I've had enough wicked awesome experiences to keep going back for more and more but always with the radar up.

Honestly the best advice anyone could give is stay away from hardrock and find the places where your dollars are appreciated. JMPOV



05-16-04, 04:31
Dirk Digler,

get in touch with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai or Beijing. They have listings with all member companies in China, including contact details.

For making lots of money in a multinational company in China you are at least 10 years too late, especially if you don't have the standard set of skills and expertise.

One solution might be to start your own business, if you have a good product and the necessary capital.

05-20-04, 01:48
I'm a monger that travels Phils and Camb several times each year. Am now considering China. Any recommendations on towns/places out of the main cities where I can find a good time?