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Wicked SH
07-06-04, 11:44
Thanks, I have a friend that hangs out in Beijing and ShenZhen and says he pays 40rmb for BJ and 80-120 for FS for very attractive girls. He is an ABC but speaks good mandarin.


07-06-04, 11:52
Hi All

Let me start with an apology. I am apologizing for asking a question thats probably answered several pages below.

However I have 6 hours before I get on a plane to Shanghai and I hope you fellow traveller will appreciate the lack of time. (I do type really fast which is why I can write so much)

1st timer to Shanghai. Will be staying in a hotel in Pudong( I think Ramada). Whats the fastest and best way for some action in that neighborhood. I dont speak a word of Chinese (Mandarin) and would appreciate some pointers to a fellow senior member. Budgets? kinds of action? etc etc. (have to stay close to the hotel coz of work compulsions)

I would be happy to reciporcate with leads in India, Sri Lanka and the UK.

07-06-04, 11:56
I suggest you wander around your hotel area and look in side allies for blueish or redish neon lights from barber shops. They look usually quite run down. Many have blue color tainted windows.

If you see someone inside cutting hair - that's not it.

Alternately for safety, check you hotel sauna or ask for a room massage.

Jakarta Cal
07-06-04, 11:57

The cheapest that I have been able to get FS are the girls still working Maoming. I have gotten them for as little as 200 for 2 girls. But beware, while one is doing you the other will be looking for things to steal.

Matteo Ricci
07-06-04, 15:11
Here's a slightly weird place you may want to try offering FS right by Nanjing Lu.

At the corner of Beijing Lu and Wanhangdu Lu not far from the Paramount ball room is what looks like a regular hairdressing salon. You can actually see a stylist at work in the front, and just a couple of good looking women in the back from the street.

However, when you go inside its a different story. In the back there are more than 10 pretty good looking women to choose from. As I arrived at around 9PM I saw two girls leaving in black dresses who looked like they were off to some high-priced KTV.

Inside, I picked a girl with big boobs, and dyed blonde hair. She took me into the back through a small maze of staircases and doorlocks to one of five or six back rooms. I think when things are busy its a mini-factory.

Sex and attitude was really good if not GFE. I liked the way she laid down a clean paper towel covering the whole bed, and also how she cleaned my whole body as well as my genital area. She rubbed those big boobs all over my chest and groin, gave me a really good BBBJ, and then rode me to orgasm. All with a smile on her face.

I paid 400 RMB. Blankie and others may be able to negotiate a better price. But I thought the quality of the girls was well above BBS.

As I was leaving I noticed two weird things. First, in the back, the girls keep themselves amused by playing on "one armed bandit" slot machines - strange. And the boss, dressed in pajamas is just weird looking. To be honest, I wasn't sure if he was a man or woman - one of those in-between types.

Anyway please try, and let me know if you can get a better price.

07-06-04, 18:12
Hi Daynight

Thank you for the response. Are there these barber places around the Pudong area and especially near the Ramada?


07-06-04, 18:34
Mongers All,

Have been trying for some weeks to reach the divine Lily, but her website seems to be blocked. The auto reply will not connect. I tried to get her through one of the escort websites she is on, but to no avail.

Is this the new crackdown by the authorities? She is pretty much "out there." Or does anyone knows any news of her.

07-06-04, 19:43
That is really interesting. I will check it out. I am not in Shanghai this week but Tapioca or Faguoren may check. If not I will look when I get back.

Thanks for the report!


Noble Gent
07-07-04, 02:03
Report submitted by Matteo Ricci is true, I have been there a couple times with a friend. This place is not bad. Easy access from the subway. Exit Jing An station i believe you take exit number 3.

They offer proper foot massages there as well. I usually go there, get a complete massage, then have the masseuse get the girl for me after.

This place is a little pricy compare to hole in the wall bbs, but worth it.


John Siron
07-07-04, 02:19
Wicked SH,

100RMB for BBBJ nearby the Huangpi factory everyone is talking about.

07-07-04, 02:38

I will have a biz trip to Shanghai soon. Probably stay in Hilton. I'd like to have a true GFE for whole night, budget at 200usd. Is it possible? Any place to meet GFE gal? Any suggestion is appreciated.

07-07-04, 03:50
Please for sex are all over China. Keep your eyes open and you will see them.

I see here lots of specific locations. But really, it's no point going there. The chance to find something next door is very high.

When I was in SH last time I stayed somewhere in the HongQiao area. There where a few BBS within 5 Minutes walking distance. But anyway, why venture out when I can have FS for RMB250 in my clean hotel room from their massage room service?

Mock A Bee
07-07-04, 05:42

This is an article from the New York Times about AIDS in Asia. It seems to be getting a lot worse, not just in Thailand, but in China as well. Though of course due to government policy about reporting statistics, it is extremely difficult to know the exact extent of the problem in China.


07-07-04, 08:47
Hi All!

Thank you for the information you have posted!

I have no experience with chinese freebies/GFs, so i hope you can help me out.

(I got only european girls here, I feel more attracted to them)

I saw a really nice chinese girl in a disco, danced with her, kissed and then she told me, that she has a bf now. She meant me!

I was a little bit shocked, because I was searching for some fun and not a gf.

First night she didn't want FS, but the next day i got some nice action. No BJ, but I don't miss it since she is really good in bed.

Now she calls me 2 times a day (also in my office), tells me that she misses me and asks me if i miss her too. what the hell? I know her only for 4 days!

She is 27 (I'm 23), looks very nice and speaks english.

I have nothing against a GF, but it's too much pressure/control for me. Due to the great FS, I don't want to leave her.

Had someone similar expreriences like me?

Is it always like that, with chinese gfs here?

If yes, i'll switch to european or just BBS ;-)

Wicked SH
07-07-04, 18:36

Do you need a girl that speaks english? If not there are a lot of places to get a real GFE. When you know your plans PM me your dates and a mobile number so we can hook something up.

Tad, Chinese GF are pretty committed. They want to know you want them and care about them. They mostly won't date anybody else if they even think that you might become a BF. So be gentle with them, but firm that you are looking arround right now and not making any commitments until you are ready to say that you want a commitment. Then just be careful because they will start to presure you to go for marriage registration like it is no big deal, but if you go you are married and will have to divorce with all the problems that goes with it.

Wicked SH
07-07-04, 18:55
Real report,

Kiko69 and I got together and checked out the Huang Pi rd Factory tonight. There were 6-7 girls with 4 on display. All attractive I meant to grab a photo but forgot because I was wanting to get to the action.

My girl Xiao Hui was a 6-7 in looks, large breasts but felt fake probably injection not implant. Good fire, but she forgot the ice. Took her time and didn't rush me, I was a good 15-20 minutes. She allowed very gentle touching on the breasts with no nipple action. During the job she lifted her skirt and let me play with her, but no finger penetration. The first seat was a little hot after maybe 10 minutes she helped me move over to a seat next to the AC. Standard Price of 130.

I will let Kiko tell about his girl.

Before the factory we walked through Xin Tian Di, several girls at Luna's looked pro. Fairly attractive we didn't stop to chat. The place was pretty dead.

Afterwards we went to Zappatas checked out the scene, normal american looking meat market, the boy girl ratio was way off possibly 1.5 - 2 boys for every girl, and most of them were not chinese. So we left and headed over to check out the action at bourbon street. Was approaced by 4 pro bar girls. The wanna play buy me a drink types. I didn't go for any of them, they were quoting 500 which seemed steep for them. Their were 3 girls sitting in front of us that we both picked a girl from, unfortunately they never approaced even though we had plenty of glances and some cock teasing going on. A little later a couple of boys showed up and grabed a couple of the beers so they were already rented for the night. We then called it a night close to 1am.

Until the next report. - Wicked signing out

Just Me
07-07-04, 21:25

You make me laugh........
This has happened to all of us at one time or another that venture into the freebie world of Chinese girls.

Free aint free.

Good luck.

just me

07-08-04, 03:02
Hi Tad,

Becareful when she comes to your place if she has a bag with her, it means that you now have a live in GF, be firm and kick her out of the house after you fk her.

I had a live in GF after knowing her for one week.

And just two calls a day is a small number, just wait.

07-08-04, 03:24

I don't understand what you are complaining about. It's not like you signed a contract with her. Can't you just play the game and make her just believe what she wants to?! If I was in your place, I'd collect more women like that and have them all lined up! Actually, I already do. Just be sure you don't get caught but if you do get caught be sure you know how to get out of it.


07-08-04, 05:46
Hi Tadpole,

Funny story. There is no such thing as a free screw in China as most of the experienced mongers here will tell you.

Sometimes it is better to keep it a clean transaction and give them money for their services. That way there are no misunderstandings and debts owed. Fuck and forget.

You are lucky you are no married, sometimes these China girls go crazy start calling your house, knocking on your door or leaving messages at your place of work.

By all means be careful there, but have fun!


07-08-04, 06:49
Xin Zhaung is overloaded with FS factories. They don`t even try to hide the fact. One I enjoy is on the main road Xin Song Lu. The window is completely clear and you can see 6-8 good looking (6-8`s) lounging about inside dressed in thier most slutty attire. Once inside pick your filly and she takes you to your own little room with your private barber chair, hangs the curtain over the glass and just starts taking offer her clothes. BBBJ followed by FS in several positions. Hand her 200 kuai and they are happy and ushering you back out the door. I hear of the VILLAGE in Ming Hang - there are lots of villiages out here any one particular you guys like? Have a few I cruise and wondering if they be the same! Attached is a picture of one of the village girls!

St Germain
07-08-04, 07:15

I couldn't help cracking a smile when I read your post. Yes, many of us have been there with the Chinese freebies that turn into superglue.

I'm sure there are many schools of thought on why the freebies get so sticky. Whatever the reason, or combination of reasons, you are not alone.

I live in Shanghai. I had a freebie in Beijing whom I got to know via MSN last year. She came to Shanghai for a week's vacation, and we ended up in a cheap hotel on the second date. After she returned to Beijing, she flooded me with calls and SMS everyday, wanting to be gf, etc etc. One night she called and annoyed me as usual, so I just turned off the ringer on my cellphone. After an hour or two I looked at the cell phone screen and it said "75 missed calls".

Thank the Lord I never gave her my office number or even home number.

By now (several months later) I think she has finally got it into her head that I won't be her serious bf. She and I still have contact every once in a while, but the stickiness seems past. I think the distance between Beijing and Shanghai was the main factor.

Your freebie calls you in your office? You gave your office phone number to her? If so, bad move.

I never give out office or even home phone numbers. And I never let them know where I work or where I live. (We do the deed either at her place or a hotel.) Cell phone only. That way if things get too messy, I can just turn off the cell phone or even change the number. Such caution probably means lots of missed opportunities, but it sure is worth it in terms of headaches avoided.

I know you like the FS you are getting, but if she is bothering you at your office, then I suggest you try to get out before things get even deeper. There's plenty of other places to get FS, including freebies, but cell phone only.

Good luck to you.


Member #1588
07-08-04, 09:00
I checked out matteo's place on beijing lu & wanhangdu lu. Its next to a convenience store.

Setup is as described: looks like a legit place from outside (as far as being well lit, etc.) Around a wall inside there are 10 girls, much better fare than at a regular BBS, but still not "hot". I would rate them somewhere around 6-7.5, maybe one or two 8-. YMMV, as I'm not sure if some girls were busy and occupied at the time.

The rooms that they lead you to are small and are cleaner than BBS rooms, but still not "clean". I do like how they put out a new clean sheet for you though. Its made of that material they make DVD covers out of.

My girl was just OK, tried to skip the BJ but did it at my request. A pretty decent BBBJ, then she put on a condom and lied down. She kept saying I was too big and didnt allow any position changes, which pissed me off a bit. Anyways, she was nice and friendly which made a lot of difference.

Now, i assume Matteo got a the "laowai price" as I was only charged 300 rmb. My review basically boils down to this:

Pros: Use of paper sheets, wet napkins, durex and KY brand products. Decent attitude. Better than average BBS looking girls that seem to be cleaner. (She had a lot of wet naps that she used to clean herself off and to clean me off.)

Cons: Its still basically a BBS.

Now 300 is slightly more expensive and some may not think its not worth it, but given the extra sanitation, I thinks its OK. Let me know if you guys find better looking girls there. I might check it out again over the weekend.

07-08-04, 09:49

As 'Justme' said, this is a pretty normal experience for newcomers here, and yes, you made me smile, too. A clear word normally then is enough to bring it to an end.

You shall not immediately give up trying freebies. There are many girls out there, especially in your age, just curious to get laid by a 'laowai', not necessarily looking for a string. They like fun, too.


Mock A Bee
07-08-04, 09:57

IMHO, ride her as much as possible till you get sick of her calling you all the time. If she is too much for you, dump her! She is 27? She knows the drill. I am not saying take advantage of her per se, but if she is willing to have FS with you all the time, hey, go for it.

You will have to manage her expectations though. If she thinks you really want her for a fulltime GF then you had better set her straight. Just a word of warning - she could turn ugly on you! ie, she could be a psycho or could actually be taking you for a ride.

Good luck!

07-08-04, 10:37
Hi all. So here I am in Shanghai, for three months or more after a series of one week trips earlier this year.

Since Maoming has all but shut down, I've taken some girls out from Malones with mixed results. (The waitresses there all seem to have started to get really friendly towards me after I took out a not-so-good-looking freelancer on Friday night. Whiskey goggles were on but sadly came off as soon as I turned on the lights in my flat. I guess they either feel sorry for me for choosing that one or figure if I would go with her then maybe I'd choose one of them?)

Have been up and down Hengshan Lu but not interested in buying drinks for bar girls with the hope of getting a mobile phone number at the end of the night. Or at least not these bargirls - none of them are pretty enough in my opinion to be worth paying for (at least when I'm sober). (Though I heard Zapata's is supposed to be hopping with freelancers, but have not been there yet.) Similar dislike for Julu Lu - got dragged there by some friends last night and was trying to find someone I liked but all of the bar girls are just too plain, too short, too something or not enough something.

I need advice on other places to go, either P4P or where a 50 year old overweight white guy has a chance at meeting a vaguely attractive under 40 girl friend type. I'm not that into the BBS or KTV scene, though I think I can figure out where to go for a BBS based on all of the very detailed posts here. If anyone wants to suggest any other bars/discos that are worthwhile (California? Guandii? Pegasus?), please help! Or if there is any regular gathering of local WSG members, please let me know.

What about ladies' nights in bars? Usually an excellent draw in Hong Kong, what bars are doing that here and on what nights?


Albert Punter
07-08-04, 12:46
Two years after my last visit, I am headed to Shanghai next week.
I spent some time reading reports till page 7 or 8. It is all about BBS, which surely I will try as it seems a "typical" experience (beside the fact it is cheap).

Now, I have a few questions for you:

I will stay at Equatorial Hotel in West Yan An Rd. (corner with Hanshan Rd.), are there around some nice BBS (maybe at a walking distance) ?

What about if I want to pick a girl in a bar/disco and come back to my room ? what are best places today ? any price idea for all-nighters ?

What about some good number for outcallers (in this case please PM with price range)?

Thanks in advance to everybody for your precious help

07-08-04, 12:51
girls in China heated up faster than a micro-burner..... it's true, but on the other hand, especially Sfor hanghai girls, they have good patience and good strategy to drain your pocket.

Like Justme said: free ain't free. But the good thing is, you don't feel like paying for sex even though you are. (I've spent more than 10k rmb on a freebie since I knew her two months ago. SHe got really good reason for me to help her out)


Apac Boy
07-08-04, 13:23
I wish someone change their handle to Free Ain't Free in here cause that's so fucking true. Sure, u might luck out and find a stupid one that's not in it for the money...but trust me, odds ain't that good, especially if you speak English.

Also, even if u don't invest any red maos in this relationship, think of the time u have to invest. Yes, that time between after you shoot ur load to after u wave goodbye to her is precious time to be watching ESPN or reading WSG posts. ahh...the life of an expat.

Anybody going to Pegasus tonight?


St Germain
07-09-04, 05:23
I have a question for you avid BBS patrons out there, particularly for the Westerners among us.

Do you have any apprehensions about walking into an obviously non-legit BBS in broad daylight on a relatively busy street?

I am about as foreign-looking as can be. So my presence on the street attracts attention to begin with.

Anyone who sees me walking into to a hole-in-the-wall BBS isn't going to be thinking "Wow, look at the nice foreign boy going to get a proper haircut." Those old men and old ladies sitting out on the street with nothing to do but watch other people will certainly know what I am up to. All it takes is for one busybody old lady to call the cops to report suspicious activity and trouble will follow.

So I prefer to go to BBS after dark and especially when it is raining. That way there are fewer people on the street, I look less obtrusive under an umbrella, and I figure the cops are probably too lazy to go out busting BBSs in the rain.

Do you all have the same feeling? Or am I just being overly paranoid? How do you deal with this issue?


07-09-04, 07:25
Tap.... you fuckin dog...... ;-)


However I must agree. The best least troublesome and least costly freebie I have is in Beijing. no hassle, no whining or complaining, no buying her shit... she is a RARE gem. (and she lets me fuck her friends - see my Beijing posts)

I had a easy as hell freebie the other night. This chick me and Tapioca met on the street. Called and came over and I hit it the other night. Then 2 days later I am woken up by a housemate who never met her. She was walking down the hall to my room! WHAT THE F....!?

Damn nerve. Anyways, that was the first night in a week I didnt have some chick in my bed. It took a shitload of convincing for me to boot her out.

Even though I didnt pay her cash, I am paying....


07-09-04, 08:08
yeah, the earlier you learn that nothing is truly free here, the sooner you understand why paying for it is more worthwhile in many cases. all my freebies end up on the payroll somehow. time, gifts, meals, damn is i wanted to do that I'd find a GF!

It really is nice to be back in Shanghai again after a long break. Looking forward to catching up on any new places anc once again contributing more leads. Phone is back on so any messages Blankie will be appreciated! ;)

07-09-04, 08:51
Hi guys,

I finally got to post in the forum. Thanks to Jackson. Was in Shanghai last month and tried to locate Madang Lu joint but after walking round and round, I still couldn't locate the joint. Then proceeded to the BJ factory at Huangpi Lu and managed to located it after 5 mins. Had a great time there and had a pretty gal from Haerbin. claims to be 23 y.o. The whole session was great except that they don't provide any FS. The RMB 130 was definitely worthwhile.By the way, there's a few BBS nearby but the quality aren't as good though.

Will try to locate Madang Lu joint again in my next trip to Shnaghai in August. Would be grateful if anyone here could provide me with a more detailed direction.. I will be off to hong kong soon. Will be checking out the chicks there. I hope to get some pics and do my fair share here.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Wicked SH
07-09-04, 17:07
Has anybody had any problems with posts disappearing? I posted a trip to the Huang Pi factory a few days back and it seems to have disappeared. My posts to other sections seem to be ok but this one is gone.

Unfortunately I don't remember but a few details: Basically Kiko69 and I went out walked through Xin Tian Di, no action only a couple of girls hanging out at (i forgot damn memory is bad)

Then walked to Huang Pi Factory, there were maybe 6 or 7 girls with only 4 out on the floor at the time. I picked Xiao Hui, she was pretty good, took her time didn't rush me. Afterward we took off to a couple of bars.

First bar (i forgot) full of laowai, no action the ratio was messed up like 2 guys for every girl. Next we went to Bourbon Street. I was approached by about five bar girls the buy a beer type. I had my eye on a girl that seemed pro, but she already had a guy so that was off. Had a few beers and took off.

Kiko feel free to fill in the blanks. My memory is gone today. Probably most days actually, to be 21 again.

07-10-04, 03:53
Count G -- you're paranoid....and you're not giving the local folks any credit -- They know precisely why you're going into those shops, and you're the umpteenth foreigner they've seen walk in the door. (okay...we'll you're at least the 2nd foreigner, since Blankie has walked into damn near every BBS in Puxi, haha)

07-10-04, 03:56
On the subject of Freebies, (which should be in the "China Women" forum, not this forum) there is one golden exception --- married women. I can vouch for this and so can Blankie as well as Roversman. Married women very rarely want money; they just want attention, respect, and some nice sex occassionally. Normally they will be very respectful of you too, since they too want discretion, etc.

07-10-04, 04:14
Count G,

I have to say that in some of the local areas I frequent, I may be the only foreigner they have seen or at least very, very few of us. I also stick out like a sore thumb. Of course, the people do not think I am there to visit a friend. I believe that most Chinese people have an, "It is not my business attitude", thus have no desire to get involved so I never give it much thought.

Just my POV.


07-10-04, 06:13
Hi Guys,

I am in Shanghai this weekend and wanted to see if anyone wanted to get together for a beer. Went to Pegasus last night at it was a pretty good scene, however did not pick anyone up there. I really think it is a lot easier to pick up women if you are with another person

If anyone is interested in meeting for a few drinks just PM me



Willie Joe
07-10-04, 06:48
New to this board and found lots of useful info.

I need to know where to get the best sensual massage, with lots of extras up to FS. It must be in a reasonable hotel 4 to 5 star. That way when the driver drops me off it will not raise any suspicions if my wife happens to call him to find out where I'm at! A bit lame i know but I'm sure all the other married men will understand discretion.

Usually stay at the portman when I'm in shanghai and also need a few numbers of all nighters, as my boss is in town and this is the easiest way to get rid of him.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

07-10-04, 12:48
Back in SH:

Within the first hour back in Sh I decided to check out the Gals in DongZhuAnbangLu 74. In fact the quality was again okay. I was introduced to three gals and took the one with the biggest boobs. Nice C-Cups, but in my opinion not the very best face. There was another really pretty girl but I really needed some big boobs today. The service overall was very good and she took her time to let me feel most comfortable. FS of course.
Total damage: RMB 580 (Standard price)
In case that you want to take a look ask for number 823.

Tonight I will check out the the BJ-Factory in MadangLu. Used to have only good experiences there. Unfortuntely I do not know wether they will accept westerner since that I am not.

Anyone who wants to check out the ZY bar with me tomorrow night (Sunday)? PM me!


07-10-04, 12:55
ohh BTW:

Does anyone know a good place close to the Hilton?
I tried the Massage place oposite to the Hilton before, but I always get Angela who only provides a simple HJ. Thats not what I look for. Rather a BBBJ or FS.

Please post or PM me for any infos!


07-10-04, 20:15
Just thought I would mention for anyone else here who is not that interested in the BBS scene that California is so packed that I had girls coming up to me and saying hello even when I was on the dance floor dancing with a girl. I pulled a Hong Kong girl, at least 5 foot 8 inches tall, hair most of the way down to her waist, thin and tasty.

And Zapatas seems to be dripping with pussy, though the "normal" girls there are much better looking than the working ones. But the place is huge and there are available women all over the place.

The stretch between Zapata and Bourbon Street seems to be littered with street walkers, though none of them were very appealing to me.

A friend of mine who has lived here for 8 years and is not into the hobby himself but is well clued into the scene says both the quality of women and quantity of places to go looking for them is steadily decreasing. But clearly, there are options here if one is willing to put in the legwork.

07-10-04, 22:25
Just returned from the BJ-Factory in Madang Lu.

I hit it by 1:00 AM and unfortuntely I just saw two guys lying in the waiting room; sleeping. After asking them about the massage (of course I wanted not them ;)) they tried to explain somthing in chinese which I did not understand. I really hope they did not close down this "etablisment".....
But maybe it was just too late.

Since that I saw some cute gals walking inside the BBS right next to it I decided to check it out. I remembered that in an earlier post somebody posted about it. But I could not remember the service. Hit and Miss I thought and went inside. Approximately 10 girls sleeping, eating or playing cards. Okay, so far. I was shown to a room in the back. It has around 6 typical massage beds which can be seperated by a curtain.
After preparing for the massage all the sudden 5 girls were starting the massage. Two of them pretty and the rest of them rather plump. I negotiated a Massage and HJ for a total of RMB 200. Touching breasts and genitals was no problem. But they defintely do not offer any BJ or FS. I offered more money but they did not do it. After sucking my nipples and a long HJ I came after 30 minutes of fighting down the ejaculation. Shot the cutest onto her back since that she was rubbing her nice C-Cups onto my chest. ;D Very nice! I think she was not really amused about it, but at least I had my fun.
A nice experience to have 5 chicks, but I probably will not return unless I do not know for sure that they will offer BJ or FS.

Have fun!


Shanghai Noon #2
07-11-04, 10:00
Funny thing happened on my way to the 410 Kanding Rd place, recommended by Blankie and Tapioca. I was so excited about trying this place that I mistakenly went to 408 Kanding Rd, the place next door.

The girl who greeted me was very friendly and had big boobs and was a little on the plump side. Of course I didn't realize that I was in the wrong place and was expecting the great service mentioned by the guys. She took me to a partitioned cot and then I started to undress and she was a little puzzled so I said in chinese "make love" She signalled that she understood and mentioned that it is 250 rmb. I thought not bad since it is lower than the price mentioned in the previous review.

She took me to the attic of the place which required a ladder to get to. Once there I realized that it is only 4 feet high and had beams running throughout the room effectively making it even lower! I was beginning to have doubts about this place. Trusting in the reviews I went ahead anyway. Her breast is big although sags a little. No BJ straight to the deed, she did have a big plump ass so I was doing her doggy style and trying not to crack my head open on the ceiling beams. I don't know how long, probably only 5 minutes or so, I came and then took the condom off and cleaned up using cheap paper, they didn't even have alcohol wipes.

The pros: The girl doesn't seem too hardcore and relatively ok plump body. Price wasn't too bad at 250 rmb.

The cons: Service is marginal and unless you have the stature of mini-me your position possibilities are limited.

I guess for 250 rmb you shouldn't expect too much. It is just one of those things that happened on my way to the massage parlor.:-)

07-11-04, 13:46
Pudong BBS report:

Checked Shangcheng BBS. Few girls at reception were not that good by looks. Offer price for FS RMB 250. But I did not find any smiling face. So, decided to check other points nearby.

10 minutes walk from Shangcheg at crossing of Laoshan road and Qixia road I could locate few BBS.The place is 5-7 minutes walk fron Dong Chang Lu Subway station. Generally they offer Massage + HJ and I was not interested for that. When I was a about to walk out the mamasan said "de yi xia" (I think I spelled worngly). After 5 minutes a real cute girl of 20 y/o came with a very pleasent face. More like a KTV type. It was her second day in Shanghai and first day at work. She was a hotel 'staff' in Chengdu for 2 months. Quoted price RMB 400 for one hour session and agreed for 250 being her inagural day!

The mamasan took me to upstairs. The girl came after 5 minutes into the room (or a hole on the wall). I complained about the dirty bed cover. She called the mamasan. Mamasan came with another peice of dirty cloth to replace the first one. Then sprayed some thing wich did not make any good.

Session starts!

First she cleaned herself with a wet towel and cleaned my chest, fingers and the tool. Gave me a real sensual massage for 15 minutes. I asked for a BJ. She declined the request politely saying that no wash room to clean her mouth or spit. I did not force. Totally unrushed FS in few position. I could not hold it for more than 10 minutes. She was really hot and wet. She offered another round. But I lost too much fluid and the second round was not really exciting like the first one. She did her best to give the best service. After the second round again she gave a good massage which some what made me fit for another session. But time is up! Total 1 hour 20 minutes. I gave her another rmb50. She offered the same price during my next visit. I invited her for a weekend lunch in my room. She siad 'later'. Next time I will carry a disposable bed cover.

It was a sauna style service (with out BBJ) in BBS.

Overall the service was worth minimum RMB 500. All girls do not provide FS. Only 2 or 3 girls for FS, including the new one.


07-11-04, 14:09
Cheapest FS in Shanghai?

Based on so far what I have seen it is in Songjiang Industrial area. No lao-wai price if you speak little chinese. 2 Grades. One -better looks RMB 130 and Two - the older ones for RMB100.

In minhuang district also there are some economy outlets. Average to good looks, below 25, same price for local and lao-wais - RMB 130. Minhuang is worth trying. Easy access by subway. Take away service for RMB 200/ Girl available if you are not first timer. It has good and bad sides.

Good: the girl stays with you till you fire the first shot. They dont generally rush if you treat them well. They enjoy to saty in your room if it is a nice one. (typically up to 2 hours )

Bad1: You pay upfront and the girls attitude is not guaranteed. If you leave the girl in the room and go for a wash, you may fing soem thing missing next day morning.

Bad2: Do you mind esate management security guards giving a special look at you chick when you come in a taxi?


Magna White
07-11-04, 15:02
The BJ-Factory in Madang Lu was told to stay low by the local LE. The boss told me about that. He is not sure when he will be back in business. I have been there twice (including today) and he keep saying " wait a couple days!"

Zelong G
07-12-04, 01:38
Hello there,
Just joined the board but been in Shanghai for the last 5 years... Great stuff in that Forum!!!
Does anyone could help me to locate a good Sauna place, I am expecting to bring clients there this evening.
Thank in advance.

07-12-04, 05:52

Will the BJ Factory on Madang Lu allow foreginers after they reopen? I have been there at least 5 times and never been serviced. Not much use for non-locals.

07-12-04, 08:49
Hi Dashman,

I thinks she said "deng yi xia" which is same as "wait a moment"

07-12-04, 12:33
Just came back from another trip to the DongZhuAnbangLu.
Dude, they still have girls that I have never seen before....
Today I really wanted to get two sessions and chose a very slim pretty girl with B Cups. Maybe I was a little too much stressed but she could not finish me up. So I ended the session asking for another girls with more skill.
I think this one was pretty new to this job!
(She did not give me her number since that I obviously was not very happy with her service)

The next girls was a little short but very slim with cute A-Cups and a pretty face. She was cool. Very cute and with nice technique. However she seemed to have some pain while penetration. Therefore she maybe nothing for well built fellows.
(I do not think I am but if I cause pain, then real big fellows will have trouble)
However she only speaks chinese and therefore it was somehow troublesome communicating. I asked her for takeout and she did not disagree. (Meaning her phone number is in my pocket)
BTW her number is 820, so you can test her.

I wanted to bring up some pics for you guys, but even mobile phones with camera are not permitted and will be taken away
during the session. Of course they will return it when you are done.


07-12-04, 17:30
Okay, todays 3rd girl:

I went to that so called ZY bar.
Taking a look inside I almost went away since that this shop looks very tiny. I do not know the street name since that I printed the map somebody posted before on this board. I got a business card from them, but it only tells the street name in chinese. However if you want to ask you can call 62715553 or 13901908284. They can help you.

I met Peggy, Kerry and another girl.

Peggy: short hair, short herself, nice B-Cups
Kerry: short hair, short herself, C-Cups
?????: long hair, taller, B-Cups
?????: long hair, taller, A Cups, horse teeth

I chose Peggy and we straight went to the room on the right side. There are about 3-4 sofas seperated by larger funitures.
I took my beer with me and she started kissing me with tongue, opening my shirt and licking my chest. Then she undressed quickly and did so with me as well. She gave me a wonderfull BBBJ and did not forget my two southern friends. :D
She blew me around 30 minutes since that I hardly could come after having nailed two other girls in DZABL before.
No complains, just eager BBBJ-ing. Thats cool.
After I came she took some hot water into her mouth and continued BBBJ-ing & cleaning me by doing so.
COOL ! Thats 2 in 1.
Afterwards another quick beer and I was running out of the bar very satisfactory. WHAT A DAY!
I will go there again, maybe tomorrow.

Opening time: 08:00 pm
Closing time: 03:00 am
Total damage: RMB 350

Happy hunting!


07-12-04, 17:42

I found the former post from Angel Abazdo (06-18-04 08:37)

The ZY PUB is near the corner of XinZhaLu and JiaoZhou Lu.
I also found the map of the business card.
Find it below on the attachement.

Credits belong to Angel Abazdo !

Zelong G
07-13-04, 02:38
So this is it, went yesterday evening with my clients to the place in Dongzhuanbang lu. Nice and private, still good to take a shower before and after the session. RMB580 + Asahi RMB20 per head. When we left I bumped into a nice VERY nice tiny gal that had just finished off a client and was wearing the shortest skirt that I have ever seen! I'll be back.


Question: Anyone knows a place type sauna where you bath with the girls?

ZY, went there many times, for those which likes big breasted girls there is one who is worth really the detour!!! Sorry can't remember the name.

Zelong G
07-13-04, 08:51
ADDENDUM to previous post.

At Dongzhuanbang lu there is 2 doors at the No. 74, one in glass, one in wood antique look. This is the glass door, the other one is a Japanese KTV? Karaoke?

Anyone, any clue what's going on there?


07-13-04, 14:24
Zelong G,

I think 399, Chang hua lu sauna is a better place than Dongzhuanbang lu. I am not sure if I can post their phone number here or not. It is in Jin An district, 10 rmb taxi ride from Shanghai railway station or 12-13 rmb taxi ride from Shanxi nan lu subway station.

The place is cleaner and well accomodated than Dongzhuanbang. I was told that the they sign the contract with girls for only 3 months. And new lots replace the old ones regularly. The girls are mainly from Dong bei or Sichuan. All age between 20 -23, with very good looks, service and attitude. There is no numbering system. You have to describe your requirement in terms of age, size, origin, expected service type etc. I dont think bathing together will the girl is possible. Still you can make an attempt.

If you are interested to have a girl new in the business, tip the asst. papasan rmb 20 and tell that you need a new girl. If he is pleased, he can get the latest edition and the best one into your room.

You can not pick your chick from the lot. They wait in a separate room. The girl will be brought to your room. You can ask papasan to bring another one if she is not of your spec by looks.

Rooms are very clean and comfortable. The girls are well trained to please a man. The service includes a 15 minutes massage, AR, BBJ ice & Fire and FS in any position. After session clean up. The service is totally unrushed. Unlike other places they don't look at the clock in between. Even if the time is up, she will genarally give a 10 massage. Total duration with the girl is 1 hour - 1hour 15 minutes. You can spend as much as time in the rest room or hot pool. No additional charge for it.

Lao wais are welcome. Price RMB 600+20 tip. If you are in group a 50 RMB discount is possible. If you are regular they charge you only the local price RMB 550. Try and post a report.


07-13-04, 17:51
Question for the experts:

I will be taking my first trip to Shanghai in October to attend a trade show. The hotel chosen by the show is;
The Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong Shanghai Hotel.

How far away will I be from the action, and does anyone know if I will be able to entertain in my room without hassle?



07-13-04, 20:24
The reason I am posting is that I was only getting laid once this night.
Shanghai Noon #2 and Faguoren will know. We met in the ZY Pub mentioned below.

Respect to both of them, willing to share their precious knowledge with me and checking out some new (to me) locations. Thanks guys.

Today more girls were available than yesterday, but none of them speaking English. So make sure to bring your own "shanghai noon #2" interpreter with you. :D
Faguoren chose Jessi, some fine pretty girl.
SH noon #2 chose a short haired girl (I dont remember her name)
And finally I chose a Budweiser.
Service as mentioned before good, but maybe a little overpriced for a BBBJ. (RMB 350 incl. Drink) Even though that these girls have a great service orientation. They will not stop until you are done. Two girls services are available for those who are really desperate.... lol

Xin Tian Di
Maybe Faguoren will be so kind to tell you more about this place. Tons of BBS with some nice girls. Some girls are also available for takeout. (I hope you had a good night faguoren?)
SHnoon # 2 tried to get a cute Rookie to takeout for me, but somebody else seemed to be faster than I was. Damn!
It was some cute looking rookie working only for 3 days by then.
The BBS area is pretty close to XTD. I wished I had a better memory.....

Guys, there seems to be so many places with gorgeos girls all over in SH. Enjoy as much as you can and share.

Good Night!


07-13-04, 23:50
Hey everybody!

Thanks for all the great info. I've just started to really look around and find some things near the place where I live.

I have been checking out the places on Fahuazhen Lu, in between Fanyu Lu and DingXi Lu. There are quite a few BBS on this street where it is very obvious as to what is going on.

I have not had a chance to check them all out, but the one that is the most south west in that area will have a 3 girl massage/HJ for 50RMB/girl. I don't know enough Chinese to ask for anything else, but I think that one keeps asking to go back to my place (not an option). I was wondering if anyone else has any experience in this section of town and knows what services are provided? If anyone has any questions or suggestions please PM me.

Another question, Does anyone have an good sources for "the little blue pill"? I would love to find a good source! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Zelong G
07-14-04, 02:19

Thank for your post! I'll certainly try the spot and let you all know the outcome.

P. S.: In relation to the ZY, the girls are reluctant to get laid as it is "forbidden" by the mamasan which by the way is a very nice person!, but if you are persuasive enough and RMB700 you may get what you want! The price is highly discutable depending on the girl but seems quite frozen! Good luck to us all.

Noble Gent
07-14-04, 04:16

I have a question for everyone, bang or no bang the boss?

She is a divorcee, and last night we were heavily flirtying on the phone until 3 am. At the end of the conversation she basically told me to come to her room and fuck her. (we were together on a business trip). Dangerous situation. We agreed to go to a bar tonight, and things might be very interesting.

What should I do? She knows my wife pretty well and they hang out sometimes. if things get out of hand. My position in the company might be affected.


So, bang or no bang?


Hoser Hater
07-14-04, 07:35
Noble Gent,

NO BANG. I believe in dangerous sex. but I would never shag some one who knew the wife. Boss: sure, Coworker:maybe, underling:probably not, Someone with easy access to the wife: not for a the hookers in Hong Kong.

It's just a rule that the quick fucks end up hating you (I should say me). Angry women are capable of anything. Ever see the movie "Election"? If not just know that after an affair the 2nd women took it upon herself to tell her good friend that she shagged her husband. And the wife loved the woman for telling her!

Jmpov, it's worth what you paid for it.


07-14-04, 07:52
Noble Gent
She knows your wife? No way I would touch that other gal!

07-14-04, 08:49
Noble Gent,

Of course bang. She is your boss and she just might offer the best g/f-like uninhibited sex we all are striving for. After all - we are only humans. I learned that one should never underestimate the power of denial. You can say repeatedly that you never had sex with that woman and moreover that you are a martian - and after a hundred or so repetitions your wife will start believing you. But hope you and your boss are two wise adults and it will never come to this.

07-14-04, 09:14
Noble Gent,

I feel for you man. I'm in a somewhat similar position. I'm occasionally banging this Shanghai girl who works for me ... she reports to someone who reports to me. She is married with a kid but I just cannot resist her, even though I am aware of the potential danger. Tall, long hair, great body, have been trying to figure out a way to end this since it started more than a year ago, still working on that.

Everyone else,

Tuesday night at California it was pretty darned packed between 11 and midnight, still crowded enough with available girls at 2 AM. My problem last night was that I was with a group of people from work that included four women. I would have been happy to go with any one of these four women - one especially, the roommate of someone who works at my company, wearing those tight little denim shorts all the Shanghai girls are wearing now, tight tanktop barely holding in her C-cups, hair down to her waist. So I couldn't make a move on anyone else in the club until all I'd gotten was mobile numbers from all 4 girls.

So when everyone else in the group finally cleared out at 2:30, I made the rounds of the room, bumping into a girl I'd previously talked to at Malones and Zapatas, one who wants to be my roommate for the next three months. Told her she could come back with me for the night but that was all. Her friend said I had to give her $200. Okay. But we get back to my place and she's insisting that she meant 200 US dollars! I told her "homey don't play dat" and that I couldn't believe anyone would give her that kind of money. She insisted it has happened "more than once", so I gave her 100 RMB for taxi fare and pushed her out telling her to find one of those other suckers.

So far I'm not finding too many women of my liking and those I am finding are ridiculously persistent. The 5 foot 10 Hong Kong girl I went with on Saturday has been calling and texting me 5 times per day, offered to buy me dinner this Saturday, and given me a whole shopping list of cosmetics she wants me to buy for her on my next HK visit. As if.

07-14-04, 10:23
Bang her. And I mean bang her hard for everyone on the WSG forum.

She perfectly knows the rise of your wife finding out, so I put this as a very managable risk.

If you don't bang her (and I mean really hard), she may think you don't like her and it will affect your job reviews in the future.

In conclusion, you should bang her (and I mean really, really hard), then it is your duty to pass her phone number to me so I can do it on your behalf. Either way, she will thank you.

G Jetson
07-14-04, 11:21
last night i took a new friend and hunted around the kanding lu area north of the jing an temple.

as i believe blankie posted, i went up to kangdingxi lu just west of wuning lu. the first location at 1229 kangding lu on the south side of the road only had two girls at the time and they weren't that attractive to us. across the street at 1338 didn't seem to be a barber shop or anything like that at all. it was dark and if anything, it looked more like a modern weird restaurant like people's 7 with modern architecture. was this someplace to get serviced? bypassing that, i went back to the other side and just a few doors down, saw almost a legitimate hair salon. not sure of the street address number, but it was the only other place that had spinners besides the 1229 address.

it had three girls working in there. my friend wanted some action so we went in and started chatting up the girls. asking for qiao bei they led us into a tiny room, just big enough for two small beds. i laid on one and my friend laid on the other. there was not divider between us, just a simple gauze like curtain. after some lackluster massage, my girl (from guangzhou) asked what else we wanted. i said we just wanted bj's but they said they only do fs. we relented and the girl told us it would be 300 yuan each. i said it was too much and said we would pay 200 yuan each. the girls stood really firm and even when offered 250, they wouldn't budge. finally i relented (she was after all rubbing my crotch).

after negotiations, they said they had a tiny bedroom above the massage room, but only one of us could go up. i told my friend to go ahead and he went up. the back massage room was only separated from the main hair salon with a glass door and some curtains. we could hear people outside getting their hair washed. my girl proceeded to get to work. she slipped a condom on (no bj of any sort) and then slipped her pants around her calves and mounted me while i laid on the sofa/bed. she wouldn't take off her pants completely and would only lower her top so i could play with her breasts. i must admit she rode me pretty well, she would ride from different angles and speeds and basically mixed it up a lot. disappointing that she sort of rushed me and was anxious for me to finish. when i finally did, she jumped up and quickly gave me some rough paper towel and told me to get cleaned up. after getting dressed, she did sit with me and cuddle a little in the back massage room before i finally paid her and got out.

my friend said the upstairs was very cramped with a very low ceiling. he got a little better service because his girl gave him a covered bj and was not as rushed. don't think i would go back. better deal at the madang lu fs bbs, better selection and cheaper.

G Jetson
07-14-04, 11:29
Forgot to mention that after getting out of the KangDing Lu BBS, we walked west and passed a couple of extremely legitimate Hair Salons but then hit WanHangDu and walked south.

We were looking for a bar to have a beer (didn't have any luck finding one) and we passed a few barbershop spinners on the edge of little alleys. Looking down the alleys, they were barbershops of ill repute (pink lights, sluttily dressed girls). But since they weren't on the main street, I believe the chances for BJ and perhaps FS are much more of a possibility. Perhaps Blankie and Tapioca can do a little exploring. In fact in the first BBS on the left side of the road (east) there was a very attractive girl (perhaps an 8 or 9) but we were too thirsty to flirt or do more than take a glance.

G Jetson
07-14-04, 11:39
A word of warning.

A friend of mine seemed to have contracted a social disease from his trip to the Huang Pi Nan Lu BBBJ place from my post on July 2. He contracted gonorrhea (sp?) about a week after he was there. It is possible to catch this disease by just getting unprotected fellatio (I checked) but not very likely. He's proof that it does happen though. He's sure he got it from that girl because he said he hasn't been with any other girl in months. Can't remember which girl it was. This was the guy who's girl just sort of walked out on him halfway through the encounter.

Anyways, thought it was only right to let you guys know of the potential dangers. I'm still going to get BBBJ's from working girls here, but I might go in to get checked out more often. Not sure how to check the girls for possible contamination because girls are more likely to be asymptomatic and show no visible signs of infection for gonorrhea.

Good luck and be safe out there.

07-14-04, 11:56
Nobel Gent:

never screw the crew

I think it is the same visi versa.
Dangerous situation. Refusing may be also dangerous because a womans ego can cause some troubles....

So my tip for today is: "Run, run as fast as you can!"

SHTRAVELLER - just some thoughts

07-14-04, 12:12
Fellow mongers,

Nice story for you. I recently posted an ad in the paper that I was coming to town and looking for a sweet girl for a romantic few days in Shanghai.

An office girl replies, marketing executive with a U.S. multinational. She is from Harbin, studied in Beijing, now working in Shanghai. We just exchange a few emails and SMS.

I invite her to the hotel and we watch TV, cuddle a bit. She is damn fine looking. As we get into heavy petting I convince her to give me a BBBJTCWS. Perfect, slow, a bit untrained (which is a good sign). We then rest and watch TV, then I get horny again, take her mish, doggy, 69, and then in the shower for another BJTC.

At about 4 am she wakes up and tells me she has to go home to get ready for work the next day. I did not even pay the cab in the end, she just left me at the door with a big french kiss.


PS: Girl was 25, petite, nearly hairless, A cup, college educated and clean. I couldn't have wished for more! Why go for dirty BBS or paid pros, when freebies are so easy!....and before I get comments like "there is no such thing as a free lunch"...I have to say that I left the hotel the next day, didn't give her my full name, dropped the temporary mobile phone number, and it's totally on a don't-call-me-but-I'll-call-you basis. Perfect, isn't it?


07-14-04, 12:20
Fellow mongers,

Report 2 for the crew:

Last night I was hanging out at Xiantiandi and spotted this hot chick that I took out of the Hard Rock late last year. Rita from Nanjing was her name, 19 years old, very slim, perfect body and face (no pimples, no warts, just plain silk white perfect!)

She recognized me and starts sitting on my lap outside Starbucks. We chat for a while and she then whisphers into my ear to take her back to the hotel. We settle on 400RMB short time and we head back to the JC Mandarin.

We get to my room and I tell her to have a shower. Once she is in, I surprise her by joining in the shower, and gently pushing her head down for my favorite shower-BJ. Good girl as she is, she swallows the whole load (and god damn it was a lot as I had been abstaining for around a week or so!).

We get back to get to rest, then I unpack my present out of the bathrob wrapping to discover her clean and spotless body. I get some DATY, 69, and two-finger action in her, which makes her drip like crazy (paranoid as I am, I had a condom on my finger...).

We switch through different positions starting with mish, spoon, then ending with doggy for a while, just before exploding I pull of the raincoat and fuck her mouth to completion. No complaining, no hesitation, no chocking - just grateful swallowing. After I pull out, she hugs my buttocks and gives my dick a kiss saying thank you. How great is that? Just for doing that I gave her another 100RMB tip!

What a great city Shanghai is! Thanks also to Blankname Cruiser, Tapioca, and Lucky888 for their other tips and hints.


Buck Tooth
07-14-04, 12:41
Noble Gent,

Echoing shtraveller's sentiments, never get your meat the same place you get your bread.


Zelong G
07-14-04, 12:57

I'm gonna be pretty free for a week! ;-) Anyone interested to meet and try some spots? Let me know. I do speak CN if it is needed!


Zelong G

Apac Boy
07-14-04, 12:58

It depends on what kind of company ur in. If you're in a big MNC where she also has a superior to report 2, then I would do it because her position will also be in jeopardy. But she is the big BIG boss, then I would just give her the "I have a rule against fucking people I work with". But usually, I give that line to girls I work with, not my boss. She might just fire u on da spot and tell u that u can fuck her now.


07-14-04, 14:04

Info on Fahuazhen Lu / Ding xi Lu

Right at the junction of Fahuazhen / Ding x lu, there is one, next to the KTV. I think the same girls work at both places. Price RMB 60+ tip for HJ. FS may be possible at KTV. Few months ago one of the girls offered RMB 500 for take home service (I knew her for some time). Duration could be 3-4 hours.

On Fahuazhen Lu, near the China construction bank / Opp. to Crown plaza hotel, there is another one. Price RMB 100 for massage + HJ. Few times I have seen KTV type chicks there. There is one more on the same road may be a 50 metres away from this shop. One more on Fahuazhen (This is hit or miss), towards Huahai lu, there is a legit place. some of the girls offer home service massage for RMB100 / hour. You need to check with the girl during an in house massage session. The girl also need manager's OK. Troublesome, but worth it.

Another one is on lane 710, opposite to a hotel (don't remember the name), off Ding xi lu (30-40 metres from Ding xi lu), between Fahuazhen lu and Yan an lu. Good quality chicks. Price starts from RMB 150 (Depending on the service)

One more - a cheap sauna - off Ding xi road, near the bombay Indian restaurent. Price 250+


Mock A Bee
07-14-04, 14:27
Noble Gent,

IMHO, if you want to avoid any risk of getting a divorce, don't screw your boss. Even if she is hot looking and supremely horny and DOES want to sleep with you.

If you value your job at all, avoid screwing your boss. She may screw you in more ways than one.

Plus since your boss knows your wife, and they actually talk, you could be in for some serious blackmail.

Not worth it even if this sweet and tasty forbidden fruit is easy pickings. Perhaps because of the risk involved she is even more tempting!

Good luck avoiding a train wreck!

07-15-04, 04:02
First week back in Shanghai, damn it is hot.

So hot that I decided to take a ride out late night yesterday and while on the road I thought about the place that someone previously mentioned near Nanjing Road. I headed by the place on Beijing Road and Wan Hang Du Road and saw some ok gals so I figured, why not.

I was greeted by the Papa who just indicated for me to go back and pick. About 8 or 9 glas of varying look and size. Picked out a Hunan girl, about 155cm, b/c cup, and cute. (maybe a 7+) Took me through the set of locked doors to a little cubicle and promptly stripped. No BJ, just put the condom on and we pumped like bunnies for about 20 minutes in varying positions. She remained really tight but dont think she came. Finally I popped gazing into her eyes. She was very friendly and did not rush despitethe fact that I knew I was pumping hard and fast for too long. Paid the 250 and headed out into the lobby where I scoped for next time. Turns out only one gal looked cuter (more of an 8) so i was pretty happy with my selection.

Not bad, seems to be a 24 hour joint.

07-16-04, 06:03
Noble gent
I think i would concur with most people who have responded so far... no bang. If she didn't know your wife then it maybe worth the risk. However, since they occasionally hang out then that's playing with too much fire.

I have dabbled with 2 ladies in my company and am currently flirting outrageously with another... in fact, one of them gives amazing BBBJ... might be the best i have ever had... anyway, i digress! haha... but none of them works in my team... so, not a problem. However, if it was my boss or someone who works for me then i would say no.

Good luck though!

Sly Guy
07-16-04, 08:17
long time reader, first time reporter. it took forever to get on the regular member list. anyways, was here in shanghai in april, so i'll post on that first.

type: sauna
location: huai hai lu, near pegasus
ambience: 10/10
services: sauna, exfoliation, oil massage with hj
girl looks: 9+/10
service: 10/10
damage: 800 (whoa!)

you can find this place near hk plaza. they have aneon like you can see from huai hia that says 'sauna 9f'. you enter from the department store and take the elevator up. yes this place is pricey, but it is clearly for the higher end consumer. the facilities are 5 star. real nice bathouse with panoramic view of shanghai skyline. great facilities and services. exfoliation and ear cleaning options avaialable. passed up the first girl offered. 2nd girl was a total stunner. model type hotty, nice tight tummy, perfect ass, great tits, long legs and cute to boot. very nice long flirtatious oil massage, great personality. touchy feely allowed. couldn't convince her to do a bj, but said next time she could if i booked in advance. anywho, despite all that, this was a truly skillful hj and oil massage (tui you in mandarin). sounds corny, but it was better than a lot of the sex i've had. once again, this is not the place if you are looking for the bbs, low end experience.

type: sauna
location: dongzhu anbang lu
ambience: 7/10
services: sauna, fire+ice, bj, fs
girl looks: 8-/10
service: 7/10
damage: 630 i think

this sauna is ok. i've been to a nicer one in xuhui, that is nicer but more expensive. it is generally clean here. there is a japanese ktv club upstairs. don't get the two mixed up. the girl was a cutie from heilongjiang. only thing that bugged me was that she didn't shave the armpits. pet peeve. anyways, did the do in a tiled room with dim lights. good service, but a little rushed since it was at night (busy time). this place is alright, but i probably won't be back.

type: ktv
location: huai hai lu, near pegasus
ambience: 10/10
services: ktv!
girl looks: 10/10
service: none!
damage: 200 rmb

fun place to do karaoke! loaded with gorgeous model type ktv girls. i picked one 18 year old harbin girl. very sweet, but not to talkative though. took her out afterwards, didn't want me to spend money on her though. strange. she seemed to want a gf/bf relationship. she wanted to hold hands, cuddle, kiss... stayed over but didn't want to do a home run on the first night. her friend would call her up in the middle of the night to check up on her. anyways, i was only in shanghai for a few more days, so i said bye bye. would've pursued it more if i was staying longer. she was a total cutey beauty. didn't bother to get her # since she said she was returning home next month. she was homesick and didn't like shanghai. 200 rmb was for the fee for her to hang out at the ktv.

i've had another experience when a friend took me out to some sauna in an area where koreans and taiwanese live, either in hongqiao or xuhui. can't remember where. was 800rmb, very clean, good service with girls with great personailities. looks range 6-8. anyways, reason i'm saying this, is if you have buddies who are taiwanese, korean, japanese, they probably know these secret saunas out in their neck of the woods.


type: sauna
location: xing huai yu le cheng, on fuxing dong lu
ambience: 5/10
services: ar, fire+ice, bj, fs
girl looks: 7/10
service: 7/10
damage: 650 i think

this place has the feel of those old worn down hotels. not very clean. hot tub water looked brown. i don't like these dirty feeling places. very busy at night. had a shanghainese girl who did all kinds of dirty good things. it felt a bit rushed, was told it is better to come during the day. i won't be back though.

i also went to dongguan for business (near shenzhen). so if you want to know about that, i'll post a report in that section. thanks it for now! i'm glad i can finally participate.

if anyone has reccomendations and #'s of girls i can visit at their place in shanghai, i would be most appreciative. i prefer the non-establishment type of fun. i usually don't like the sleazy feel of some places, and prefer nice environments. yeah, i'm picky. toodles!

Shanghai Noon #2
07-16-04, 20:07
Here is a report on the Hotel bbs posted by Mateo Ricci on Shanxi Lu between Kangding Lu and Wuding Lu. I was intrigued by this place so I decided to hit it prior to going to the Zy Bar and meet up with the guys.

The place is a little run down, not too much and the girls seemed very friendly. When I went there, there was only 2 girls although by the time I left there was 5 girls there. To be truthful the quality of the girls is really from 5-6.5. The room is nice since it is about a motel 6 quality and reasonably clean.

My girl was from Yunan and seem pretty friendly a B cup with slightly flabby stomach. Service was a little on the low side since I didn't get a BJ. Basically just wham bang and then the shower. The place is ok except for the quality of the girls is a little on the low side. The damage was 300 rmb and I think it is an interesting diversion, not a really fantastic place. I am impress that Mateo Ricci was able to find this place since it is very indescript and I would have never stumbled upon it.

BJ Boy
07-16-04, 20:21
Da Xin, great reports on saunas and KTV. I agree 100% - given the option of a great (skillfully done) HJ and regular FS, even if the price is the same, I'll take the HJ every time. For those who have not had this done well, it's like heaven. I'm not talking about those rushed tug a few times type HJ, but prolonged and teasing.

The KTV sounds interesting. Where exactly is it? And apart from 200 for the girl how much did you have to pay to the establishment for the room?

Sly Guy
07-17-04, 05:57
BJ Boy,

The place is called D8. I'm not sure how much the room costs since I was there with a party of people. I don't have the exact address but it is around that HK Plaza area on the 8th floor of some high rise. I'm sure if you ask around you can find out. It was definitely high end. And the choice of companions is... CHOICE :) They have a dance floor in the middle with models swirling around on platforms and girls hanging out over the place. If your hanging out there the ratio is about 50 to 1 since most dudes are yodeling away in their private karaoke caves.

07-17-04, 07:45
I am going to SH next month and really want to enjoy the actions over there. Could someone tell me where Park 97 and Tian Shang Ren Jian are located? Is the latter a KTV like Passion in Beijing? Usually what's the market price? I know Passion is way too expensive, ladies there usually asking 3-5 k RMB for a night.

Which hotel would be safe and girl-friendly?


07-17-04, 10:32
There is a very nice BBS on Changle Lu, I think the address is something like 101 Changle Lu. Seven or eight attractive young ladies. Cheap too - 150 BBJCIM fire/ice, some girls also available for FS.

If anyone wants to meet for beer or to go out to trendy clubs and try to hook up with non-pros - send me a PM.

07-17-04, 12:08
Da Xin,

Interesting reports on Huai Hai Lu Sauna. Does the girl undress fully? Gentle soft play is OK? How much time the girl spend with you? More details appreciated.


07-18-04, 09:38
anyone know if I will get a better exchange rate if I bring traveller's checks vs. cash?


07-18-04, 10:40
Just created the new Shanghai diet. Hope to loose a few pounds.

Here it is.

1. Walk out of the Shanghai office at about 12:15. Turn right and go one block.
2. Turn right at the light and walk to the next light.
3. Cross the street under the elevated ring road.
4. Turn right at the diagonal street.
5. Go one block and turn left.
6. Keep walking until you see girls sitting on sofas in small shops. There are about 10 shops on this street.
7. Open the door and if one appeals to you, go in. Otherwise, keep going.
8. Go in the back and get a HJ while you play with her.
9. Pay RMB 150 and leave.
10. Walk back the same way.
11. Skip lunch, go back to work. Takes about 45 minutes.


1. Walk out of the Shanghai office at about 12:15.
2. Keep walking north about 4 lights and make a left.
3. Walk about 100 yards and look for girls on sofas. There are 3 shops here.
4. Open door and if a girls appeals to you, go in the back.
5. Get a BBBJCIM while you play with her.
6. Pay RMB 200 and leave.
7. Walk back the same way.
8. Skip lunch, go back to work. Takes about 1 hour.

I figure I should loose 2 lbs a week.

07-18-04, 10:42
Cover fee in Pegasus - 50 RMB

Drinks - 200 RMB

Taxi ride back to the hotel - 20 RMB

Banging the whole night a cute freebie found at the disco - priceless.

Apac Boy
07-18-04, 11:01
traveller checks get a better rate than cash at any bank in China. There are black market changers around town that will give u 826rmb per $100 USD cash. Try those guys in front of Starbucks by Shaanxi Road/HuaiHai Road.


Shaolin Monk
07-18-04, 14:06
Da Xin and BJ Boy,

The Sauna is on the 8th floor of Golden Bell Plaza, 98 Huai Hai Zhong Lu (by Long Men Lu).

If your are interested in good quality MPs and saunas, here are a few others for you to try:

Happy Garden: 258 Tong Ren Road (Near Nanjing West Road junction) Tel 62478989 or 62475845. 800 rmb for HJ, fire and ice and cbj. Try 638, very enthusiastic girl.

Hong Kong City: No. 630 Sichuan Rd, junction of Hong Kong Road and Sichun Bei Road. Tel 63211889 Near the Bund. Decent place with good service but expensive for a sauna with just HJ 800rmb.

Dong Fang Yuan: 18 Cao Xi Bei Lu, Xu Jia Hui behind the Dong Fang Department Store 8th Floor (You have to go round the back). 630 rmb for HJ and CBJ. But there are chances of getting FS. Foot massage girls can give HJ for about rmb 200.Tel 64279620, 64279192. Recommend 913 who is the Hong Pai "Red Card"

Century Hong Kong City: Yi Shen Lu 519, junction of Ji Nen Road, Tel 6516 3288. This is slightly further away in Yang Pu District. HJ only for about rmb 750. Recommend 958, great body, Hong Pai "Red Card"

Thomson: Zhou Jia Ban Lu junction of Da Pu Lu On the upstairs portion of Magnolia plaza. Just go up the escalators to the Open air plaza, go through the glass doors on the your right and up the escalators again. 760 rmb for massage, fire and ice, cbj, full service. No recommendations.

Please report back with your findings!

Travel Dog
07-18-04, 14:25
David C,

Cash will always a better rate. Bring nice clean US 100's. The exchange rate varies. Lately the USD has dropped and I have been only getting 8.21 in Guangdong, maybe Shanghai is better.

If you use the black market have someone introduce you to the person you exchange with. There are lots of counterfit 100's and 50's and they look quite good. So only work with people you know are OK.
If you can't do this your other options are:

1) Exchange at a good hotel. Always say you are a customer!
2) Use a credit or bank card to with draw RMB from an ATM. All the Bank of China ATMs that I have tried will work. The latest ATM exchange rate is around 8.17

Good luck!

07-18-04, 14:33
Traveler's check is not accepted in most banks in China.

Bank of China only accept traveler's check at its largest branches and there is a service charge for cashing traveler's check which wipes out the not much higher exchange rate.

I don't recommend using traveler's check in China.

HT Precursor
07-18-04, 14:34
I realise this is probably not the best usage for my first post here... so apologies for not having any useful info yet. But if any younger guys are interested in hitting up some of the pubs and clubs around here looking for action/freebies please PM me. As another poster said a while back, its easier to pick up chicks when your with a group. Most girls go out in groups, and you probably seem more normal to them if you're out with a friends.

Of course I dont know the age of any of the other members, but i'm only in my mid 20's and I've got a young face at that, so I dont think any of you want to be mistaken for being out with your "son". Anyways, cheers everyone. I hope to add something more useful in the near future.

Fly A Lot
07-18-04, 23:09
Greetings from Shanghai:

I arrived here on Friday night and on Saturday visited the massage place across from the Hilton and on Sunday night tried out the BJ Factory on Huang Pi Lu (698 Huang Pi Nan Lu).

Fly A Lot
07-18-04, 23:29
Greetings from Shanghai:

I arrived here on Friday night and on Saturday visited the massage place across from the Hilton and on Sunday night tried out the BJ Factory on Huang Pi Lu (698 Huang Pi Nan Lu).

I realize most of this has been discussed, so just think of this as some confirmation!

At the place across from the Hilton, a one hour massage is 100Y and two hours for 200Y. In the lobby you are greeted by a gal who is also the one who will administer the services. I told her I wanted a massage ("an moi") and she brought me downstairs and gave me a pair of slippers. You are allowed to decline the girl and have another one. She then led me to a back area. There isn't as much privacy as one could hope for - the place seems massive but they still have massage beds next to each other separated by only a divider that doesn't reach to the ceiling. I know Mandarin so I chatted with her to try to learn about the business. She said there are 15 girls at any time, with each getting one day off after four or five days. She works from around noon until 3 am! The place opens at 10 am. She said a lot of foreigners frequent the place, many from the Hilton across the street. The 200Y 2 hour package includes free oil, otherwise its 50Y. And it also includes a free drink.

I've been to Bangkok a few times ,and this was a pretty uninspired oil massage. Its about what you get at a legit BKK oil massage place. Perhaps my negotiation skills are horrendous, but I also paid 300Y for her to finish me off with her hands. She said she would give me a discount the next time. She babbled about how forigners pay her 800Y - I said she and those people were crazy! The negotiations sort of put a damper on the experience, but it was fun to practice my chinese negotiation skills (which obviously suck). She even turned on the air conditioner to cover our whispered conversation.

Just in case - she was #28, from Nanjing, 23 years old, cute face, tall, rail thin, small boobs (which I did fondle). She seemed to suggest that if her boss or other girls at the place found out what she did for me, she would get in trouble. As far as I can tell, the only way any of them could make a living in Shanghai is doing what she did.

And as for the BJ factory...while the directions on here were correct, I'd like to point out that its about 5 blocks south of the Xin Tien Di area. I was about to give up but for some reason decided to keep walking. I couldn't find the one on Madong lu. For some reason reading the directions I was expecting it on the next block. The area is very residential, and its hard to find house numbers, but the building next to it does have a big 688 (or something very close to 698.) Its on the right side of the street as you walk south. And the christmas lights are very obvious.Then you just got to be brave and walk to the back of the enclosure past a couple of loitering people and a restaurant kitchen. Go through a turnstile, walk down a bike storage area. Walk up some stairs. Think to yourself "I'm going to get killed." Then into a little area where you can see a guy behind a desk watching tv and a girl. Tell her you want a massage, she leads you to another little back room with about 10 girls who stare at you. Nervously pick a gal and you are then brought into another dark back room. The partiions are about 6 feet tall - and in each little cubicle is a reclining chair, a foot rest, a mirror on the wall, and a little ledge (where I put my cell phone). It is very clinical and efficient. She took off my pants and stripped off her own underwear. She did not clean my hand as previous posters suggested. She tried several times to upsell me to two girls - but I declined. It was a so-so bj, too much fake moaning! But it was an amazing experience. When I left I just gave the guy 200Y without saying anything and he gave me 70Y change.

Any insights on the BJ Factory near Maoming Lu near Weihai Lu? The directions I found on here didn't make any sense. "Going north from Yanan Lu make a right on Maoming and you should see it. Not sure on the number, but you'll see this large, well lit opening and around 2 or three steps down." This did not make much sense to turn right on Maoming since I was on Maoming, but there was a place that looked kind of like this opening on Maoming on the right side going north from Yanan Lu. There were 4 guys hanging out in that opening so I didn't go in. Its just amazing people find out about these places!

07-19-04, 03:53
That place on the NW corner of Beijing Xilu/Wanghangdu Lu is nice, the papasan looks so weird though. But I got charged 400 - next time will practice my bargaining skills.

Also there, but on the other sideof Beijung Xilu, about 50 meters East of the intersection is a small BBS with quite cute girls. It is across the street from a big real barber salon. There is a sidewalk reconstruction - so they get no pedestrian traffic and few customers. I chatted (using all the 20 chinese words I know) with the girls, but decided to save some energy, though might try it later.

Noble Gent
07-19-04, 03:55
Regarding of Bang or No Bang the Boss

I am just a man that won't listen to advice. I banged her.

I can't help it. After some long conversation over the phone, she just came to my room, knocked on the door, I opened, there she was, I was a little wasted, therefore the little head took over.

The sex was great, she told me she hasn't done it since her divorce. She couldn't get enough of it.

Next day on the train ride back to Shanghai. We were lucky enough to be in the VIP section. Two of us were in a private room. She closed the curtain; there we were doing it again on the train. Very interesting.

However, I am a little guilty about this. What should I do next? Guys, I need further suggestion.


Sly Guy
07-19-04, 05:48

Softplay is allowed. Topless but not bottomless. I have a feeling how much touching and slurping depends on how much the girl likes you. Generally you get more if your a young stud and not an old daddy-o. I was allowed to do the magic fingers in the girls short shorts but I think this is not the norm. Girl said we could do 69 next time if I gave her advance notice so she could shower beforehand.


You get a slightly favorable rate with travelers checks. B of C does AMEX and other traveler checks. Foreign banks like HSBC and Citibank do AMEX only. But there is usually a line at B of C.

Shaolin Monk!

Thanks for the reccomendations. Will report on findings!

Matteo Ricci
07-19-04, 06:38
I hope someone can check out the following next time you are at Honqiao airport with time on your hands.

I was picking up someone on saturday and had 30 mins to spare. There is a three star hotel called "Hong Gang Hotel" It is not far from the taxi rank in the direction the taxis are coming from.

I took a quick wander inside. There was a BBS inside at the back, manned by 3 busty women who had 'that' look about them. I didn't have time to investigate further. On my way out, I also saw a KTV on site.

Just the thing for your next business trip. Please post a report if you learn more!

07-19-04, 11:35
Money Exchange

Are you shure there is still a black market for money exchange? In Shenzhen there are lots of money changers at Lowu border. But I would not call those a 'black market'.

The rate they give for HK$ is usually RMB 1.05 for HK$ 1.00 - which also translates to RMB 8.20 to the US$ (I'm not sure if those shops accept US$)

If your hotel is near that rate, change there.

Apac Boy
07-19-04, 15:54

just bring benji's, you got my number, I'll take you to those guys when you get here. My friends and I have never had any problems with them. They are all part of a bigger group of people converting money for the Xiang Yang market vendors. 826rmb per 1 benj.

HT Pre,
PM me, I am currently semi-retired for p4p but I will go out just to hang...(pegasus, 97, guandi, etc).


07-19-04, 23:53
Hey everyone!

I'm going to be exploring some new territory this weekend. I've heard many things about the area surrounding Xintandi. I will be on the look out for a pretty face and large breasts. If you have any tips or suggestions for the area, let me know!


07-20-04, 04:14
Noble Gent,

You just had to do it... Anyway, what's done is done.

My advise:

No offense inteded. Just play out the part of gigolo then. when ever she needs a fuck provide it to her (if you can). Remember: She is your BOSS. As for working relation, keep it the way it was. Follow her orders so she does not think that you have extra previlidges just because you did her. Keep it cool and only on a sex level. If you get into an emotional love affair... You will be in big trouble both at work and at home. By the way what's her astro sign? It would be good if she is a Leo.

Good luck!

Mock A Bee
07-20-04, 04:50
Noble Gent,

I have to hand it to you, you have some mighty big balls to do the boss - especially since she knows your wife.

Be careful that your little tryst does not get out of hand or you will be in the doghouse. I can't imagine two women simultaneously royally pissed at me. Are both women Chinese? God help you if your wife finds out!

But on the other hand, since you already shot your wad (hahaha - sorry I couldn't help that one!), you may as well make the most of it.

Please write reports, we have to hear about this one... this ought to be good!

Good luck!

07-20-04, 11:01
Noble Gent,

My advice : quickly introduce her to a friend who will do her.
She must turn her attention from you as quick as possible or you are a dead meat...
She must quickly find someone (s) who will provide her more than satisfaction : overwhelming. Soon.
I am sure that a lot of our fellow (me included) will volonteer to do the boss.
It must be done elegantly though so the introduction must not turn to : let me introduce your Dude who is available to bang you...
Make it more like a professional introduction. Guanxi building party for instance.
I am sure we can find a way to help you.
Let us know if you want our help.

In the meantime, do the only thing good to do in such a situation :
Enjoy !!!!.....


Whatever Works
07-20-04, 20:11
Hey Guys,

Well I'm a rookie to all of this, but I finally thought I would give it a try last week. I been reading the forum for a few months now, but never checked out the places. So my last night in Shanghai, I decide to check out the place Dashman recommend!

399, Chang hua lu sauna

The place was exactly as he described in his post. I went about 1 am on a Thursday night, it was a little weird at first, showing up and 3 guys watching the place outside. I don't speak a work of Chinese, although I'm an ABC. Walked up on the doorman, on the quite street and asked for Sauna and massage. The invited me right in! The place looked pretty dead, probably because it was late.

So I did the normal sauna and resting room stuff. In the resting room, Mamma San asked me you want massage, I said yes she said 600 RMB. I said okay! She then took me upstairs, and Papa san took me to my room, first he check some walk, like there was a secret door or something. It was locked, or something like that. So he took me to another room upstairs. Told me to wait, and the girl will be here shortly. I sat down and about 5 minutes the girl showed up.

Her name was Mandy, from Sichuan around 23 or so. I give a 7.5 nice big tits for a chinese girl. Lucky for me she stayed in Canton for a while and picked up some cantonese. I was able to communicate with her. This girl was very will trained to please! The service was 15 minute massage, AR, BBJ, Ice & Fire and FS in an position. I finished with 20 minutes left, she said you still have time, so she cleaned herself up and starting giving me another massage. As she noticed I was ready to go again, she gave me HJ to finish me off. We chatted a little and said the place looks a little slow, she said a boss rented out the KTV next door. If I can understand, she said the place closes at 4, but as I was leaving I saw the girl and a few other nice ones leave. (I left about 3 am.) Well my time was up, as I was signing my bill, I told her I want to give her a tip, she said the 600 price covered everything. I also asked if they get a lot of westerns, she said no, more Hong Kongers. She said westerns are welcome.

So this was a nice experience, great service, no hassles! Even for a non-mandarin speaker like myself. I think I will come back or check out Dongzhuabang lu, next time. Well back to HK, I will have to check out some 141s.

Thanks Dashman for the nice post!

Whatever Works

Fly A Lot
07-20-04, 23:37
has anyone been recently to the bj factory on maoming lu near weihai lu? last night i walked by and struck up the nerve to walk into the alcove and take the elevator to the 5th floor. i didn't see anyone or any pinkish light!!! it was bizzare to just wander around the empty lobby area. however, as i was about to go in a bunch of guys came from the back of the building and went into the elevator. i then waited a few minutes before going in myself - perhaps the 5th floor attendent was taking care of them. for all i know the place has shut down or i was in the wrong building!

i noticed a bbs just south of there on the same block on a side alley on the otherside of the street. i went down the very dark alley and peered in but lost my nerve and went home! any insights into this place?

07-21-04, 01:10
Noble Gent

Sounds like 'sexual herassment by a superior' to me, and thus, something probably pretty useful for you.
She will not go public with that, as she will risk to expose herself. She probably also has a job to lose, right?!!


Daring Mood
07-21-04, 02:53
Noble Gent,

What company do you work for? ;-)


Daring Mood

Asian Monger #2
07-21-04, 04:22

Regarding Noble Gent's situation, there was a movie I saw couple of years back. Don't remember the title but it was Demi Moore and Micheal Douglas if I'm not mistaken.

She was the boss and he was the staff or something like that. She pushed him to do it and he rejected her. The more he said "NO" the more she wanted it. Finally, it did not happen but she still reported the incident.

It was a good movie.

Anyone help me with the title of the movie?


07-21-04, 07:50
Fly a lot,

Its still there, I was there 1 week ago.

Its on the 5th make a left from the elevator into the office "lobby" from there to the right into the back of the office were you will suddenly see couple of rooms with matresses and relax chairs.

Great service , no FS, 150 RMB !!

Take care


Crazy Guide
07-21-04, 09:35
Movie name is Disclosure. It is the film version of Michael Crichton's novel

Albert Punter
07-21-04, 10:48
Reports on BBS and what I saw in Pu Dong yesterday (very good looking and very nicely dressed girls waiting for customers at the back of a clear window - I thought it was not possible to see inside) aroused my interest. So, I went out at night looking for BBS at 101 Changle Lu (as reported a few days ago). Unfortunately, no.101 does not exist.
However, there are various BBS along the road. I entered the one at no.137 (Massage word appears on window), where I saw some nice looking girls. Guy inside asked "Massage ?", I replied "I want extra service". He repeated "Massage ?", I understood he did not speak too much English and I said "Full sex". He acted a sort of BJ and I said "Yes". It was RMB 200 (sorry friends but I did not bargain).
He ordered a girl to go with me. Apparently I had no right to choose, it was OK to me as she was one of the best, very sexy looking.
We went to the back, to a room that it can be shared by 3 or 4 couples, with small dividers not even high to the roof (lucky we were alone). She invited me to lay on a sofa and undressed me, in reality just opened my shirt and lowered my trousers.

I tried to undress her but it was not possible. I was just able to lower top part of the dress and open the bra to touch and to suck nipples for a while.

Then she made her job (BBBJ ice+fire with CIM) while I caressed her legs and touched (no fingering allowed) her pussy.

It was not bad considering the price you pay.

I will repeat the experience.

Coming back to my hotel, I was approached by a couple of girls, one nice and other ugly. Fortunately the nice one is the only speaking good English.

She asked me if I wanted to drink a beer with them but I declined as it was over 01:00 AM. However, I asked her mobile no., which she provided, to call her for a meeting another day.

She is pro ? She is a non-pro (she does not look like) ?

I will keep you posted.

07-21-04, 13:11
Service from legit BBS

If you make friendship with the BBS (legit) managers, it could pay off.

I have been a regular vistor to a BBS near Zhongshan Park. Yesterday I went to the BBS straight from the work. After reaching the place I decided not to have the massage as I was almost stinking and wanted to have a shower, before any thing. I asked the manager if he could send some one to my place. In fact I was very exhausted and had no other thoughts. He smiled and replied 'mei wenti!'

During last CNY eve we had a couple of drinks together and he knows my place. He came with the girl after 15 minutes. The girl started doing her job and he kept waiting. After half an hour or so he said he wants to go back to his shop and instructed the girl to go home after her work. By that time I was more or less fresh. I asked her to use the body lotion to massage and slowly I became a new born. She had little problem in the begnning but obliged. I kept on talking to her so that she will feel free. Finally I asked for a nice HJ and she started palying with my little one. I noticed the change in her face and I knew that she is already wet. Still I did not make any request. After 5 minutes she asked me some thing in Chinese, then wrote some thing. I know she is asking for rubber which I keep always in stock.

It was a very nice ride. Really great! After everything she was little scared and repeatedly requested not to tell anyone. I understand that. I gave 100 RMB tip which she did not accept.

If you become little closer the local guys, it is really helpful. I need to test this method other places too. May be I need to buy drinks for few more managers!


Fly A Lot
07-21-04, 15:27
Thanks Kiko! I will give it another go.

Anyone know what are the general hours of these BJ factories? I'm more interested in when they open than when they close!

Thank you,

Jet Lag!

07-21-04, 17:30
Hi there,

Went to DZAB Lu and was surprised... this was the first time I've been there where I had to wait. The place was packed with men tonight, and I asked how long the wait would be. When even the attendant said they didn't know, I said "Hasta la vista" and left the place (btw, it's 98 yuan at DZAB Lu if you just take a shower and leave)

Horny and desperate, I departed for Xing Huai Yu Le Cheng on Fuxing Lu. The place and service is exactly as described before. After the shower on the 2nd floor, went upstairs to the 3rd floor. They led me to a small massage room in the back. The girl I had (#127) was hot. Nice body, and great service. She was from Hunan province, and told me that most of the girls there look like her. Total price was 628 yuan. It's costs a little more than DZAB Lu, but I couldn't stand waiting for too long when there is plenty of alternative in SH.

Still surprised at the lineup of guys waiting for service at DZAB Lu. Either it was that "time" of the month for us guys, or there are a lot more lurkers on this board than we realize!

07-21-04, 18:25
I'm new to this board, will visit Shanghai in order to see some contacts via the net from other cities than Shanghai, yet I will land on Du pong airport and planning to stay a couple days in the big city...

My question is about the following:

Is it easy to get freebies in Shanghai? What's the best approach? How will I recognize the best chances? I'm in my mid-30ths... look younger and not fat also not too tall (170)...

Or do I just overestimate my chances here?

Who is experienced in this matter and can hand out some good tips?

Of course after I'll be happy to report on my own experiences...

07-22-04, 02:22
Hi guys,

I still seems to be unable to locate the Madang Lu joint. Any help here would be appreciated.


Roversman 999
07-22-04, 03:36
Do you know your PSA..
Guys, I used to b a big monger in Shanghai and Manila and theres lots on this forum about my public/near public sex and sex in cars and various BBS etc.
Anyways..about three months back I has a PSA ( prostate blood test done)..result was high. Had re-test done in Manila.. also high. Had biopsy.. and then found out had prostate cancer. Bad Fucking news.
From there arranged operation in Hong Kong to have prostate removed. Horrible operation with most of body shaved, catheter inserted etc. Anyways.. so far results of post op tests are good. Catheter stayed in place for two weeks after op then it fell out in a meeting.. very painful.
Was prescribed viagra just to stimulate penis activity. First few weeks, my dick had no feeling t all. Now its a little better. Now I have full bladder control too which is good news..anyways.. this message is to tell you to have your PSA tested annually. Theres no good urologists here in Shanghai..but sad news is about one in eight european guys will develop a prostate cancer problem before 55.
Anyways.. I was always into cycling and am pleased to have found some new BBS in Gubei. I didnt know if my newly dead dick could handle a BBS trip but i tried. In Gubei there are many new high rise aprtments, and near them is a long row of Japanese kareoke/hostesss bars. Cant recall the road name but its in the area near where the old Guba\ei flower market was. Theres a Lawson convenience store on corner. ( there are some BBS opposite the kareoke places but its not them ) Down one newly tarmac'd road near there is 6 BBS. They are all new, all have nice clean rooms, not barbershop chair and curtain. And the girls are he best ive sen. Young and sweet not old and tired loooking. Been there thre times now, each time a diferent one. First one girl got almost totally naked, other i fingered her till she came. Guess they know i cant do much as I can still only get half a hard on...but they gamely stroke and sometimes suck till i come. ( After this op, the tubes are cut so the come is a dry come.. what a weird expereince that is.. but so clean.. hahah!)
Anyways, Im leaving Shanghai soon so if your in Gubei with bike.. go find these BBS..after 18 months of searching BBS high and low these are the best i found..I was even hugged and kissed by my masseuse yesterday...these are frindly sweet girls. Go enjoy..

Noble Gent
07-22-04, 05:26

A couple days after I banged my boss, it was a bit awkward around the office. I was little scared. But now, everything is totally cool, not a problem. We joke around as usual, but less flirtation.

All Seems cool, anyway, I will be going to Yi Wu and Suzhou next week, anyone have suggestions for pros and semi pros?

I really appreciate any information. Thanks in advance.


07-22-04, 05:40

I was a frequent visitor to DZAB Lu for a while and got to know some girls working over there. According to them, the place only has 6 rooms so everybody had to wait in-line during the busy hours. The girls didn't like that either because they had to wait too (There were about 10-12 girls working at any given time). The alternatives are either go to other places (likes you and me) or go during the day.

Happy hunting

Asian Man

Apac Boy
07-22-04, 05:59
Hey Roversman,

wish you da best, recover soon!


dood, just head to any discos that locals hang out at. Rojam last night was packed. There were so many single ladies there, drunk or rollin', that if u didn't have a gurl within 20 min. of being inside, you should just leave and go find a BBS nearby. It took me about 40min. because I had to keep people company but 2 hrs later, she's back in da house...oh..she's still here :)


07-22-04, 06:51
Hiya all!

I'm staying in Hilton for 4 more nights. Anyone up for some adventures?

Arrived yesterday, still working on the jet lag and climate change (coming from Nordic).. looked around yesterday but no action yet. Have spent time browsing the reports also.

Room has a huge bed for even bigger party fun :)

PM me for details!


07-22-04, 11:03
Hey Rovers,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I was wondering why you hadn't posted for some time; other than Player88 we haven't had any bike reports for a while! Best wishes for a complete recovery. (maybe you are recovered...since you can still enjoy the action!?!)


07-22-04, 15:59

Sorry to hear about your problem. If you don't mind me asking what kind of operation was done for you?

The reason I'm asking is because the operation done for Ca. Prostate is different from just an enlarged prostate and the consequences are very different too, one of the main problems is that a radical op. for Ca.Prostate usually leaves the guy impotent but a TURP can result in retrograde ejaculation, which sounds like what you have.

You need to have your PSA checked quite regularly especially if you had Ca. Prosatate but generally, all men who have urinary problems should have their prostate checked - PSA, DRE and possibly TRUS.

Either way, best wishes for a fast and complete recovery.

Albert Punter
07-22-04, 17:52
I wanted to check the girl met yesterday night in front of my hotel (see my previous post) and I had discovered that she is a pro.
She came with her friend, who I did not want as ugly, not ugly really, just a little overweight. However, she insisted to bring her to my room and I accepted.

When we were upstairs, negotiation started.

Finally we got to the agreement: RMB 500 for one shot.

Overweight girl seemed shy (maybe a trainee ?), which made situation intriguing. However, their attitude was fine and they provided an excellent 2-tongue BBBJ with CIM of the shy girl (of course).
When they left, I felt still horny, so I decided to go out to one of the places mentioned in the forum.

I went to the BBS in Beijing Lu at corner of Wanhangdu Lu.
It is as described in the forum. Some girls inside (between 5 to 8). One of the nicest with big boobs was choosen for me. However, papasan is not nice at all. He asked for RMB 400. I tried to negotiate with all my ability, but no result. So I left.

I decided to walk till ZY Pub which is very close (cross Wanhangdu Lu and follow Beijing Lu, take the first to the left and then the first to the right and you are there). During my walk I saw a couple of BBS, very bad looking from outside, maybe they are the bottom end someone in the forum is looking for. I promise I will enter those one of next night just to report (and to enjoy if it seems possible).

I arrived ZY Pub and entered. Nodoby was in the first room, but noise came from the second one. As you know, Chinese like play cards and that was the reason. Immediately a nice girl stepped up and stopped me entering that room. Then mamasan appeared and started talking Chinese. "Do you speak English" I said. Mamasan called another girl (what a pity for the first one who was very attractive to me) who speaks english. She is the Peggy reported by another monger some days ago, who provided a very passionate service, completely naked, allowing me everything with her nipples and her pussy: BBBJ with CIM. Excellent treatment for RMB 350. Before starting she proposed another girl to join, which I declined as I already had 2-tongue BBBJ before. Also, she offered outcall at RMB 700 (you have to call the pub to make arrangements - she did not give me her mobile number). I asked if in such case FS was available, she said yes. In any case is one shot.

07-22-04, 18:13
Just got back to Shanghai. Went over to XTD and walk by Madang Lu and HuangPiNan Lu. Both are clsoed. (What's going on with my luck?!?)

Hit ZY Bar couple nights ago. Went in, pick a lady named A Ye and went to the back room. She asked me if I'd like to go back to her place for full service for RMB 700. I said yes and we went to her place. Took shower, we fool around on her bed for good 30 minutes, BJ, 69, DATY and pump her for another good 20 minutes. After that, we showered again and I was holding her laying on the bed. Totally GEF.


Sorry about your problem. The road you mentioned in your post in Gubei is GuYang Lu. I just passed there on my way home and the shops do look interesting. Maybe go try it tomorrow.


If you have number for good outcall/delivery services, I'd appreciate you can PM me with the number. I am looking for some really good looking ladies with good atttitudes to spend the nights together.

07-23-04, 01:35
Roversman, AAACCK! I hope its not from riding around to BBS's, because I go that idea from you! I hope you will get a complete recovery soon. I am sure the BBS physical therapy will do you wonders and getthe blood flowing in no time! Looks like its almost time to get another physical. Take care Roversman. I look forward to reading more of your experiences soon.

07-23-04, 08:07

Help me: What and where is Rojam? Be so kind to give me some details.

Albert Punter
07-23-04, 17:04
I tried the two "bottom end" places mentioned in my previous report.
In the one in Jiaozhou Lu, almost at the corner with ZY Pub, there were 5 girls, only a couple good looking.

When they saw me they waved at me inviting to get in.

Unfortunately, no one of the girls speak English. They offered massage (only word they know), I tried to explain with my hands and my mouth what I wanted. It seems that they only provide massage. I was unable to know the price for this massage.

Then I went to the place in Beijing Lu (between Wanhangdu Lu and Jiaozhou Lu. Only 4 horrible ladies there (other night I saw a couple of good looking)saw a couple of good looking). However I got in just to know more. Same story, no English spoken, I tried to explain, one of the lady grabbed me to the back, I run away.

Again it seems only massage provided here. Avoid it.

Just for your information, driving in Pu Dong Avenue I saw many BBS with lot of girls inside. For what I was able to see from the car, majority are good looking.

Good hunting to those staying in that area.

07-24-04, 00:53
Thursday night at Pegasus was packed packed packed. So many people (a quarter of them is white guys) - you can hardly move around. One girl striked a conversation with me - I bought her a 60 yuan cocktail but then she disappeared into the crowd and I never saw her again. I liked the place more on Saturday night.

Also Rojam on Wednesday night was wild - I only saw one other western guy there, and the girls were plenty.

07-24-04, 02:01

My buddy and I will be in Shanghai on business. We arrive Sunday evening and will be departing Thursday morning.

We're staying at the Grand Hyatt in Pudong and wanted to know how far many of the popular clubs are from our hotel.

PM me for contact details in case any of you are in the mood to show us newbies around.


BJ Boy
07-24-04, 06:03
Otto, Rojam is round the back of Hong Kong Plaza which is around Huai Hai Zhong Lu and Huang Pi Nan Lu (or the next one up). I think it's on the fourth floor.

Black Jack
07-24-04, 11:14
Huangpi Lu bbs shouldn't be closed. I went there late last night and all was fine.

Welcome back to the SH board. Sorry to hear the bad news. I hope you recover soon and that all is well.


Shaolin Monk
07-24-04, 18:28
Went to Xing Huai Yu Le Cheng on Fuxing Lu, corner of Sin Chan Road today. The place is bad, the showers were dirty and the service was poor. For 600 rmb you can definitely find something better. Big rip off!

Shaolin Monk
07-24-04, 18:39
Saw this on a website, just wondering whether anyone has tried and what was the result ?


Please have a look and let me know what you guys think.


07-25-04, 15:50
On Changle Lu a bit to the East from the Xiangyang Beilu near Maternity Hospital there is a nice BBS - out of 4 girls two were very good looking, though I hadn't had much energy left to try the service. Did anybody?

Apac Boy
07-25-04, 18:24
unless that's a different ear muff diver..there are WSGers on that site already Shaolin Monk...


Albert Punter
07-25-04, 18:49
Yesterday with another forum member I tried Rojam disco.

We got there at about 10:30 and it became packed soon.

A big variety of people, normal boys and girls, some pros-looking, a good number of westeners, and some mongers-looking.

After a few minutes we were in, I crossed a very cute petite girl and just say "hi". Then we met again in the small dancing room at the back and started to chat.

She is from Beijing and is here for tourism. Initially I did not believe it. Then continuing to talk I learn all about her and understand she is just there to enjoy the night. No business involved (you know what I mean). She is very attractive to me and I do not let her go. Therefore, we dance and chat, chat and dance. Student, 22 yrs old, she is a very good conversationalist.

As she needed some food, we moved to a restaurant in front of Rojam. She looked tired, I was tired so I kept it cool and got appointment for lunch today Sunday.

We met for lunch at XTD, and duirng lunch chemistry started and after we came to my room, where it happened what you can imagine. She has a perfect body, very well proportioned in all parts. Ass is at the right height and breast is small but very nice and fitted with delicious nipples.

Then we had dinner together and more sessions after.

Just beautiful GFE in all senses "girlfriend experience" and "great fucking experience", as she is a little nymphomaniac.

Now she just left. Tomorrow early wake-up for work for me, so she preferred to go back to her hotel now to sleep more time in the morning.

Absolutely no money involved.

We will meet again tomorrow night when she will stay all night long.

I will try to post a couple of pictures I took while she was sleeping earlier in the afternoon.

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07-26-04, 00:59

If it is the one next to this french bistro 'Saleya', it is actually not that great. A hj for 50 RMB, but quite a hassle. They want you to take more than one girl at the time.
Cheap, but a hj is the only thing you get there.


07-26-04, 05:54
On Jinxian Lu between Shanxi Nanlu and Maoming Nanlu tere is a massage parlor. Did anyone try to get high milage in there?

Also across the street is a BBS with foggy windows.

07-26-04, 07:21
Just came back from Shanghai for the weekend and would like to offer just a surveillance report. There is this road called Yuyao Lu in the north west(?) of Shanghai. There are like 25 BBS on this street. All small, all have about 3 to 4 ladies looking bored and all pink lights. They are not all in one area though.

Let me explain, there is nice 3 star hotel on this road called Gan Yuan Hotel. I stayed there during the weekend. If you walk along this road in both directions all along the road there are BBS with the pink light. They are not clustered together but spread out. This road also intersects other roads, when you walk along these roads they also have about 2 to 3 BBS with the pink lights.

So infact, in this area dotted along the roads are about 25 BBS. It totally suprised me. I just noticed one in the taxi but then started seeing more and more. When I arrived at the hotel, instead of going in I just walked around the area. There was just so many.

But this is just a surveillance report. So yes I didn't try any of them but I thought I might just share this information with you.
Maybe on my next trip to Shanghai I will try one of them.

07-26-04, 13:45
Shaolin Monk,

I agree with you. Xing Huai Yu Le Cheng on Fuxing Lu is good for nothing. Try Yu ping Hotel sauna and post a report. I think you will not be disapointed.

Location: Yu Ping Hotel, 448 Zun Yi Lu, Near Zi Yun Lu crossing. (This is not the nearest crossing. sauna is another 300 M away. I don't remember the nearest crossing. If you come from Yan aan Xi Lu, it is aprox. 1 km from Grand Sheraton / Rainbow Hotel). Suana is in level 1 and there is a separate door for sauna. If you go to hotel front desk, they will direct you to the right place.

Price: Locals pay (I think) RMB 600, Laowais pay RMB 700. If you speak little chinese and negotiate, then it is RMB 650. Always call negotiate and go.

Facilities : Similar to Chang hua lu sauna, well attended.

Girls: 8-9 quality, few are real stunners. Working in 2 shifts. One 2 pm - 12 midnight and the other 6 pm to 4 am. Last call 2 am.

If anyone needs telephone No, PM me.


07-26-04, 16:00
Went to the BBS on the Shanxi Beilu near Wuding Lu on the 2nd floor of a hotel mentioned here earlier. There were six girls there - all pretty ugly, so I just turned around and left. Luckily nearby on the Kanding Lu a bit to the West from the Shanxi there are three BBS of much better quality. Went to the one with the stairs and picked a solid 9. At first we agreed for one hundred but I was able to tell that she got really into it so I took a rubber out of the pocket and showed it to her. Her face turned red, but she got the hint and did the cowgirl trick on me. When it was time to pay she seemed satisfied with the original hundred but I gave her another one as a tip - you never know what to expect at these places.

07-26-04, 18:44
1st night in town, had a bit of jet lag but wanted to check out ZY Pub that many of you had written about.

Went down around 12:30AM but remembered that it opens until well after that time.

Checked the location w/ the bell captains and they asked why I'd want to go down to such a "lonely" place at that time.

I told them I was meeting a friend for a drink. Got into the taxi and given the address, he took me right to the door.

Went in and was greeted by the mamasan and a few girls who were all playing cards. It was tough at first trying to remember my Mandarin but eventually, I was able to communicate.

Chose the cutest looking one who was named Lisa and went to the back room to get busy. Usual ZY price of 350 for BBBJ and the usual spitting/hacking afterwards.

All in all, well worth the trip and thanks to the previous mongers for the excellent reports that led me right there!

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Jim U
07-27-04, 03:59
Dear buddies,

I will be in Shanghai later this week, staying in Ramada Plaza at Nanjing Road. And I ready eager to try the kinds of "premier services".

Kindly please PM me for any suggestion/contact detail.


Willie Joe
07-27-04, 09:58
Looking for a few numbers or e-mail addresses of takeaways for a few hours or overnight!

PM me if you have some good contacts.


07-28-04, 02:21
Freebie Hunt, a Reminder:

The top spots to go during the Hot Season:

1) Zapata's: wednesday night is Lady's night.
2) Pegasus: thursday night is Pegasus night.
3) Mural Bar: Wednesdays, thursdays, and the weekend.
4) Park'97, the classic spot.


07-28-04, 10:01
Went to Shanghai Alice entertaintement Center, (i.e. Get Licked and Laid Sauna) last sunday with Shanghai noon 2. The place was reported by Whatever works earlier.

4 PM, the place was rather empty, but quite pleasant. Japanese style showers, large pools, clean, friendly staff.

First you take shower and get confortable in the pools.
you can then go to the next room for drinks. f you go upstairs (2nd floor) there is a rest area, very wierd, with rows of long chairs, in the dark, where people essentially sit and relax, some watch TV. No chicks there.

If you want action, then go one floor up. SHN asked the mamasan, and she guided me to the top floor. You wait there in a room.
The chick I had was ok so I did not ask for another one. She gives you a gentle massage, then takes hot water in her mough and spits it on your back and legs, and licks it all over. BBBJ, hot and cold afterwards, and I did the rest.

On my way out, I saw 3 very cute chicks just starting their shift (5 pm). We asked later and one is #11. Tall, skinny. My type.

Best time to go: around 5 PM, this way you will get more girl options and get to eat at the complementary buffet :)


PM me for phone number if you need to, address is 399, Chang hua lu.

07-28-04, 13:03
Have been in a Pudong BBS just opposite the Courtyard Hotel.
Had 6 girls, some 4-5 other 6-7.

Went to a seperate room in the same building, they affered 200 RMB for BJ (I refused a BBBJ) and finaly also offered FS for an other 200 RMB.

Total damage 400 RMB, may be to expensive? Service was friendly, facility was reasonable clean, as clean as such a place can be, seem sthere was some spitting on the foor.

Also along the street outside the Courtyard seem to have a few streetwalkers, they affered 300 RMB FS, but had no place to go to and I did not want to take them back to my room.

Anybody knows a good Sauna in the Pudong area?


Shaolin Monk
07-28-04, 17:31
Just thought that you guys would like to know, Shanghai Alice entertaintement Center, 399 Chang hua lu has Japanese showers is as the boss of the suana rented out the KTV section out to a Japanese guy and thus all the Japanese clients that you see when you go there (who never use the lick and lay facilities there). Just some useless information that you might want to know.

Dashman, thanks for the tip, will try this week and post report.


Track Addict
07-29-04, 03:59
Gentle (and not so) gentlemen,

I will be visiting Shanghai from 8/18-23 and am definitely down with the non-pro hookup scene as well as the MP and bar scene. My specific area of interest is as to whether there are any hotels that are "guest" friendly, or that where the local girls WON'T get spooked at the idea of joining me there for the evenings festivities.

I don't want a lot of drama as to where to go. I'm used to my room from BKK and want to know if this is possible in SHA.

I'll join the discussion more as my dates get closer, but I am still mostly clueless about things in Shanghai.

Any locals, I'm down for a mission.

Stay in touch, I'm a new user, so try a PM and I will see if I can handle it.


07-29-04, 05:54
In absence of Blankie (Tap, where is he, annual leave?) I will try to fill the gap and report a little bit about a sequential story of myself.

Some of you might remember my report about an Anhui girl I met 4 years ago. It was a nice freebie story, I met her in one of those sauna clubs. She had the nicest body I ever saw in China, petite, but extremely well proportioned, and her breasts were in a size of a big apple, while the nipples were watching the moon. Love that. She gave me her cell number, and I did meet her later in her appartment. We had great sex. The story went on for nearly 2 years: every month shortly before she got her period, she became extremely horny and called me up to ask if I could come over and do her. It was always the same procedure, I had to eat her out until she came, then she gave me an extensive bj, and then, we screwed our brain off. She never ever asked for money, sometimes she asked for a gift, a parfum from my travels, etc., but nothing really big. 2 years ago, her parent's place was flooded, and she had to pay them a new home. She then asked me for a credit, I gave her CNY 5.000,- as a gift. She then dissappeared for a while did not call me for approx. 14 months.

8 months ago, she started to call me again. She first offered to give me back the money, but I denied. She now lives in a pretty nice appartment in Pudong, I do believe it is sponsored. Anyway, the same story, 2-3 days before her period, she gives me a call, and I do visit her, for only one hour, it is enough. She loves to be eaten out, and she comes every time. She then loves to blow me, she does a great job, watching me, occasionally smiling at me, while I am moaning. And then, the grand final.

She knows I am married and I have kids, she knows there is no future, she knows that I am significantly elder than her (she is 25, I am in my early 40'ies), she does not mind. She is learning English these days, and now, she calles me her 'Fu**body' ...:-).

I do not know if this is or will be a freebie story with a happy ending. I off course play with fire here, but ... scratch with the chicken of fly with the eagle. For me, she is the most emancipated Chinese girl I met so far, very aware about her sexual needs and desires and definitely going for it. And, guess what, I do like it, too.


07-29-04, 10:55
Hey Buddies!

Just thought I had better send a warning message to everyone regarding paying for women in Shanghai.

I was last in Shanghai in April (usually I will go there 6 or so times a year) and I was with my collegue for a trade show. As usual we go out drinking looking for girls (we both prefer freebies) and the hotel (Grand Hyatt) recommended this street of bars. Well, this was a pretty sleezy street filled with American type bars.

After walking up and down the street twice, we chose one bar and started drinking. We were both already pretty drunk after drinking at various bars before ending up in this street however it was soon very obvious that EVERY girl in this bar was a working girl. And boy! Were they ever working.

I was asking around for prices of various girls getting prices of around US$300 to US$600 for the night!! I kid you not. These chicks wanted US$ or Euros!

Anyway, I wasn't paying those prices having been previously educated by several trips to Shanghai before however my collegue hadn't. At closing time, I found him talking with one girl and we left.... Immediately on geting into the taxi, I knew this was going to hurt.

The damage US$200 for about 3AM to 8AM.

It was OK, I used company money to pay!! :D

Service was good (she was attractive and nice and tight) but really, US$200 is far far far far far too much. Usually when I pay for FS I get around 200RMB because I speak enough Mandarin.

The moral of the story is don't let anyone you are travelling with pick up girls at bars like this. I wasn't in too much of a mood to score that night because I was pretty drunk but letting my collegue loose on the bar of hookers was not a good idea....

Sorry but I can't remember the name of the street to warn you away from but there is enough info in this forum to keep you all occupied! :)

Oh yeah, guess the staff at the Grand Hyatt don't know shit so don't ask them!

07-30-04, 04:45

That's great story and experience! Hope your venture continues with many good stories. I have amazingly similar story with a Brazilian beauty in Sao Paulo who has been my girlfriend for about two years now. So I can relate mine to yours. Good luck!

I'm heading out for Shanghai tomorrow morning and will get in there late Saturday night. This would be my first visit to Shanghai while I've been in Beijing and vinicities a few times.

I have found a 26 years old young lady (I call her 'kid') who is from Jinzhou and was educated in Shanghai for Computer Science degree and then found a job in Shanghai. She works for a fairly large size ($10B annual revenue) US corporation's Shanghai office She has been in Shanghai for seven years. Most of her professional background has been validated through conversation, her employer's website and calling in her office (for chatting).

I came accrossed her by accident at one of Yahoo's Chinese chat room about four weeks ago. I was in a hotel room on Friday evening after dinner and socialization. I had a thought that going into Chinese chat room to kill time and may get some leads from local ladies.

The Kid happened to be in the office on Saturday morning (SH time) to catch up her residual work. We talked about 15 minutes and exchanged Yahoo ID's for future chatting. One thing led to antother and then we've been talking and chatting last few weeks, almost everyday.

She seems fairly liberal on relationship, has good sense, is smart and earning reasonable salary (approximately $7,000 RMB/month) and reasonably good face and good body figure (164cm, 49kg and B cup bra) which I have learned through various conversation. She lives in an aparment in Pudong area along with two roommates.

She commends very good conversational/written English and still attends evening English school/lectures. So no issue on communications.

She will come out and greet me at the airport. She may accompany me to the hotel from the airport. We'll see what will happen while I'm in Shanghai for one week. I'll report my accidental encounter experience on this board sometime next week.

One question for Shangahi experts - could this type of accidental encounter be happened with well-educated young ladies in Shanghai? Any advice is welcome.


07-30-04, 05:33

Congratulations on having your company lined up before you even land on the soil. You are probably in for one hell of a great trip!

I don't think your situation is really a Shanghai issue, but rather Chinese woman in general. Yes, I think it is totally realistic you are hooking up with a really nice, educated, and sincere woman. But that might be a problem. I have experienced the Chinese phenomenon of instant love, instant "I want to marry you" by these types of woman and you need to be careful.

Are you a little older? Do you have a good career? If so, at her age she might be looking to settle down and you might look like an outstanding prospect.

You never mentioned your intentions. Are you just looking for casual fun for a week? Or do you want to settle down? Maybe she is just looking for a good time, but if not you face some awkward situations if both of you don't have the same expectations.

If both of you just want some quick fun, great. Otherwise remember that you will pay a price other than money. Have fun.


Tequila Kid
07-30-04, 06:13

I have also chatted up a few girls through Asia Friend Finder (three in Beijing and one from Xiamen) and met a really nice one thru That's Beijing listings.

They were all intelligent, well educated, working for multi-national corporation, good English. Same profile as your lady from Shanghai.

Upon meeting them, only one was not attractive, but still OK to hang out with. I had interest in LT GFE with one, but my work schedule did not allow this.
Anyway, looks like you are in for a treat.

China a creating a class of office ladies interested in dating western men for non-traditional relationships, improved job prospects and English skills.



07-30-04, 06:26
I'm skeptical about the motive. For many single Asian females, any Western foreigner is a possible passport out of the country.

07-30-04, 06:37
Went to Huangpi Lu BJ factory today just after noon. I think I must have been one of the first customers of the day as there was no one else in the place. A good selection of 6 cute girls.
I chose one, went to the back room, for normal nipple sucking, ball licking and BBBJCIM. Not the best I hever had, but not bad for 130 rmb.

A couple weeks ago, I went to a BBS also on Huangpi Lu, across the street and about 50 yards farther down from the above mentioned factory. It was the one with the windows and doors completely covered. There were 3 girls 6-8. Got BBBJCIM for 130 in a locked room upstairs. I was quoted 300 for FS but did not partake.

07-30-04, 11:59
Went to the Sauna is on the 9-th floor of the Department Store near Pegasus, 98 Huaihai Zhonglu. Look for the sign on the building saying "Sauna 9F". After you enter, you are led to the changing room, where you put your belongings into a locker (I didn't worry about my wallet - the establishment seems pretty upscale). There I stripped buck naked and wrapped the towel around my beautiful body and proceeded after the attendant.

Then I did the usual sauna stuff: shower, jacuzi, boy rubbing my back (weird - why not a girl), then relaxing in a chair drinking beer, smoking, watching tennis on a big screen TV. After I almost fell asleep, I was led into a massage room where a girl was waiting for me. The light was very dim, so I asked to turn on the ceiling lights and then squeezed the girl's buttocks and breasts and was not satisfied.

So I said "wo bu yao ni" and she immediately left with respectful smiling and another girl entered the room. The same procedure: check face, butt, breasts, and again not up to the standards. They sent altogether 6 or 7 girls to the room, but all of them were seven and a half tops. There is a price list in the room, and the item I was after was Thailand massage for a whopping 865 RMB. (I guess this means naked oil massage and a very skillful HJ as some previous posters reported.)

Then a manager came apologizing and said that I came too early (4 pm) and they should have better girls in just half-an-hour. But I didn't want to wait - so I left (they charged me 150 for using the sauna facilities - I didn't mind). Afterwards, clean as a wistle I took a cab to a known BBS on Kangding Lu where I was hundred percent satisfied by an amazingly friendly 9-girl for another 150.

Always Needing It
07-30-04, 15:12

My gut says:
- 90% chance if you play the 'mail order bride' character right. Shanghainese ladies are most keen to find a foreign husband.
- 60% chance if you play a 'soon to move to shanghai' guy and looking for a serious relationship
- 10% chance if you play the mongering guy looking for a fling

07-30-04, 17:10
Ill be in Asia soon. Does anyone know of websites where I can look up hotel rates and even book them online? Thanks. Please PM me

Tequila Kid
07-30-04, 21:08

I have used:


For China and Taipei.

I usually stay at Holiday Inn chain, which I handle direct. But when HI is not available or convenient, Asia Hotels works well.


Roversman 999
07-31-04, 03:03
Was in Shanghai recently , staying in Hongqioa Marriott to pack up my business and sell my car. Got out my freebie GF sim card and sent a few SMS..Got four dates, took the best two and went from there.
First date was a girl I met 6 mnoths ago who gave me a bow in my car. She came to hotel and after ten minutes asked me if she could invite her freind to join. Would have been great but as readres may know, after a recnt prostate operation, I cant get it up very well, so ideclined on the friend joining, much to my shame. Anyways, said freind was as horny as ever and spent at least an hour rais8ing my friend who still resisted her efforts.
Next day met another freind who had given me a handjob in my car on Gubei before. We agreed to meet near her apartment. She met me and I realised her apartment was on the street where Ive discovered many new BBS. We had to walk past them all and they all smiled at me and said Hi Harry ( my "going out " name) Was vert hard to explain to her why they were calling me Harry.
Get to her apartment and after five minutes, she says " shall we go to bed"...we did.. and she put on sex video and off we went. I again failed to rise but just nice to be in sexy naked company. Girls put in great effort here to make me rise and I think I get theri sympathy vote. Anyways, had a very energetic two days and hope to be back soon.. with a "rising mast".

Wicked SH
07-31-04, 07:48
Was at XinTianDi yesterday 30th. Not alot happening. But since their were less of us white guys I figured I might get a deal. Was able to hook up with Rose a beautiful girl.

We chatted for a little while and I invited her back to my house. She was ok with that and we headed back. She got in the door and immediately started kissing and rubbing me. We spent the entire night together. She has very good technique and solid 8.5 looks.

She asked how much I wanted to pay, I looked surprised and asked what she felt she was worth. She said 400 and I suggested 200. We settled on 250 RMB.

I am out again tonight to a friends haunts he told me he had been able to get FS for 50 RMB in his neighborhood. I certainly will check out the scene and let you know.

07-31-04, 08:06
Hi, Roversman,

I always did enjoy and appreciate your contributions to this thread.
Hope you will be sailing again soon, with the mast completely risen.
Where will you go from here? Philipines?


07-31-04, 17:45
Hi all,

Where can I find "full service massage" near around Xujiahui. Prefer no BBS. Is tip to the girl necessary?

Thank you.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Roversman 999
08-01-04, 04:12
The Roversman in now in Manila.. but has chance of a job again in Shanghai. The SIM stays with me till i know the paln.. but if its not in Shanghai..I will be glad to provide all my numbers to the avid readers herein.

08-01-04, 06:59
Can someone give me some advice on 698 Huang Pi Nan Lu? I was there last night at around 1 am. I saw Christmas lights on the entrance which I thought was a bit strange.

Turned left up the stairs and asked the lady for a message. She directed me to a closed double door and inside were like 10 message beds.

Is this the correct place? I got there and was greeted by one girl. She gave a nice and relaxing message for about an hour but that was it. Nothing else. I paid 98 RMB for it.

Am I missing something here? I don't speak Chinese.
Your thought would be appreciated.

08-01-04, 12:23
I am travelling to China soon. Any advice on picking up freebies. I am 24 y.o australian. Also do you pay alot more in the bigger cities (beijing etc) as opposed to smaller cities. What price for an average girl ( f.s) in the smaller cities and how much for he bigger cities. I will share my experiences, just want I guide as to what I should pay.


Jack Spratt
08-01-04, 13:16

I may be a little unkind in suggesting that perhaps you haven't read the numerous and very detailed directions on how to get to the (in)famous Huangpi Lu factory.

Suggest next time you walk past the legitimate massage parlour on the left, and keep going another 20 metres to the end of the alley. Turn left, and follow your nose. If you don't find it this time, give up :-)


08-01-04, 15:56
Couple of days ago I went to the Starbucks on Huaihai Zhonglu near the Shanxi Nanlu subway station. On the second floor there were several ladies of college type drinking their cappucinos. I guess they are pretty bored with no classes during the summer - and the appeal of airconditioned coffee shop is irresistable.

So I striked a conversation with one - her English was quite rudimentary, and given my chinese is virtually nonexistent, it is a miracle we managed to maintain a sufficient level of ineterst in each other. The dinner time was approaching and I asked her to accompany me to one of my favorite restaurants Baoluo at 271 Fumin Lu. Afterwards I told her I have some gifts for her in my room and she reluctantly followed me to my hotel. (It is quite useful to have some cosmetics, chocolate, etc. handy when dealing with non-pros.)

Once in the hotel room we engaged in kissing and heavy petting, but she didn't let me into her panties the first time. However I got a BBBJCIM, not very skillful, but hey - it's free. Yesterday we hooked up for lunch and afterwards I said that the weather isn't too good for outside activities, so we went again to the hotel room and this time she allowed me to do everything. Said that she only had one boyfriend (chinese) before. She was definitely surprised by my DATY skills and she came like she never did before. Her pussy was one of the tightest I ever had, but after the DATY it was relaxed enough to fully let me in.

Today we also met around the lunch time and spent the whole day in bed together. As a good girl she needs to be at home every night before 10 (although she is 22 years old, but still listens to her mom). But I think I got myself into something more than I bargained for. Now my question is how to let her go gently without hurting her too much. She is nice, sweet, and beautiful, but I am no one woman man and definitely not after for a long-term relationship.

Shaolin Monk
08-01-04, 17:22
Yummy 16,

Try Dong Fang Yuan, Xu Jia Hui behind the Dong Fang Department Store 8th Fl (18 Cao Xi Bei Lu, shan Bu Building 8th floor round the back). Try number 913, 959 and 906. 913 should give FS unless she doesn't like you. Also, the foot massage girls will give HJ for 200 rmb tip. Tel C 64279620, 64279192

Try and post report. Have fun.

Shaolin Monk
08-01-04, 17:26

Thanks for the tip, Yu Ping Hotel, is great! Quality girls as well as good decor. Had a great time there (650 rmb).

08-01-04, 17:44

read the past posts for the info that you are looking for. off the top of my head there's a place on huashan road and guangyuan road. it's on the same side as mcdonalds, floor 7m. i have not been there in for a long time so i can't specify the details, but it's full service. from what i remember it was around 600.

08-02-04, 02:39
I went to Huangpi Lu Factory few days back and had a girl by the name of Tian Hua. Quite the normal standard of BBBJ and CIM. Asked for FS but was declined politely. After the session, walked around the vicinity of the factory and found there were a few BBS around the area. However, most provided HJ only.

Next, went to check out the joint at madang Lu. Sad to say, it was closed and the place seems deserted. Guess it's been out of operation for quite some time.


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Mark Smith #2
08-02-04, 03:21
I have had very good luck with freebies my last few visits to SH. A couple of times with intenet buddies, but the last two times with girls i met while there (one in Long Bar(!) and the other on Maoming). All completely free, all attractive (some more than others). SH is clearly the place right now for a white face to enjoy.

The girls tend to start off a little shy, but they all are willing to try things when they get back to my hotel room.

Wicked SH
08-02-04, 10:10
Hi All,

Met up with Rose from XinTianDi again last night. She was great. She hangs out near Nola's sipping a drink if any of you want to try to hook up. I don't have a number for her unfortunatly, and she was camera shy.

I was talking with some friends the other day talking about Maggies up in Beijing and the Mongolian girls. I haven't been to Maggies yet, and don't have time to go to Beijing right now. Is there any place in Shanghai to pick up some Mongols?


Albert Punter
08-02-04, 13:02
Yesterday night I came back to my hotel (Equatorial) at 02:00 AM.
Still in the taxi I saw a couple of girls sitting on a bench.
So I walked around the hotel, like if I wanted to enjoy some fresh air.
They smiled at me and asked me "what you do ?".
I said "just walking" but I seated at their side, just for curiosity.
One was older than expected (over 30), other one was young (early 20's).
I started to talk with her and immediately she made it clear to me the purpose of the contact: some sex in my room for RMB 600.
I said that I wanted BBBJ, FS and CIM. She confirmed she was available and insisted about price.
I was not particularly horny but wanted to get some cheap sex.
So, I offered RMB 200. She came down to 400 and after a few minutes we agreed on 300.
We went upstairs. She was tall, normal face, nice body but fake tits which I do not like at all (I did not realise that through her shirt).
Anyhow, she provided the promised service and it was good value for money spent.

08-02-04, 15:01

Perhaps you are right. Today we again spend the evening together - but we can only zuo ai, and nothing else, because she can only form very primitive sentences in English, although she is surely willing to learn, but I just don't have the patience. Maybe if her English or my Chinese were better, then we would last a bit longer, but as it is - I probably will try to avoid seeing her again. Tomorrow I will say that I am busy with work, or need to go back to Europe or something like that. But I will feel guilty nonetheless.

John Siron
08-02-04, 16:15
Heard there are some Russian working girls in town these days. Does anyone know where to find them? How much and how well do they look?

Matteo Ricci
08-03-04, 04:10
I have been working over in Pudong, and am pleased to report that it does not seem to be the desert I had been led to believe. Surprise, surprise, sex is available everywhere in China.

There are some quite superior BBS with young, fresh girls along Pudong Avenue around Dongfang Lu, and Dongfang Lu and Qixia Lu. FS with good attitude 250-300 RMB.

Around the hotels on Weifang Lu around Laoshan Lu, and Pudian Lu close to Dongfang Lu, there are a lot more BBS. However, the women seem to be slighly older, and pushier. I just walked past one, and two women jumped out, and tried to pull me in, something I haven't seen in Shanghai before, and didn't enjoy.

Let me know of any other places to go on the new frontier!

08-03-04, 05:56
There is a BBS on the corner Yanan Road, Nanjing Road, on Nanjing Road, just before Nanjing Road is bordering into Yanan Road. There is a busstation on the other side of the road.

The place is a mess and really not nice. Normally there 2 - 3 girls working there, and a elder mamasan. One of the girls is a cutie, Xiao Wang, long hair, nice face (the other 2 girls had short hair, they all come from Sichuan).

The girl Xiao Wang is really something. Always smiling, and really getting hot, while she enthusiatically is blowing you. I went there twice, the first time she did a cover job, this time she did it without, and she was even swallowing.

Again, the place is not good. While she was working on me, the other girls came in, got some rice out of the rice cooker at the end of the massage table, and watched a little. Mamasan is sometimes also watching through the window, which is separating the front and the back. Not what I would call a 'homy atmospere'. or. maybe a little bit too homy, depending from the ankle.

I will try to take this girl out, one day, and do her somewhere else. I do believe she must be quite a sensation in bed. And ...she is always smiling. Hmmmmmm.....


08-03-04, 12:56
Found an interesting place while exploring with Shanghai Noon 2 last week: 373 Shun Chang lu, not so far from Huang pi lu and Jinan lu.

Not a BBS but a factory style place. You will first see a staircase leading to the 2nd floor. Its lighten in pink/red with photos of girls on the left and right side as you walk up

Upstairs on your right there is the room where 3 to 4 guys and girls are sitting. The girls go from 5 to 7, rather friendly, do not speak english at all.

Further down in the room on the left, under the christmas decorations, is the way to the 'get laid' area, with about 10 semi private booth with massage chairs closed by curtains. The place is rather clean compared to some places I have been lately.

Papasan will likely engage you, 250 for in house FS and 300 take out.

Took out a skinny girl from Haerbin and shot some photos (posted in the gallery section) in exchange for a good tip. She does not speak a word of english but provides decent service. No BJ. She has a sister and does threesome .... something to try.


08-03-04, 13:29
Hi Guys
I am going first time to China, Shanghai, pls help me how to find in best way a nice girl (or 2 ?) What is best way for first experience in China ? Are there girls working in Hotels ? I will stay downtown. Can you recommend any Hotel with Girls ? How are the prices ?
Thanx !!!

08-03-04, 15:04
Dashman, Monk,

Went to the Sauna on on ZunYi Road. Good place! 3 thumbs up!


08-03-04, 16:48
Sina chat room report.

Out of curiousity and the People Daily's coverage about the Sina chat room, I went check it out. Damn 5 minutes into the chat room, I got about 5 phone numbers. Got in contact with one who claims to be a college girl and make an appointment to meet up. When I saw her, I was shocked how young she looks. She's in college so the age is legal but the look is just too young for me. May check other number when I have time.

Jazz Fish
08-03-04, 21:14
Just out of curiousity all you who chat in sina chat. Which rooms do u go? I just managed to log in as a member but not sure which are the best rooms to be in.

Thank You

08-04-04, 02:41
When I was coming back to the hotel yesterday night, the girl was waiting for me there. Good thing I was alone. The whole day I was ignoring her sms and phone calls so she came to the hotel to look for me thinking that my phone is broken. I think she is not ready to give up on our relationship, but I told her I am leaving Shanghai tomorrow for a business trip (which is almost true as I have to leave soon) and maybe she cools down a little bit while I am away.

On the bright side, tried the massage salon on Jinxian Lu (see their business card attached) and that was 300 RMB for an oil massage well spent. The manager is very nice and since I was there at about 5pm, I got a significantly discounted price.

08-04-04, 02:42
Here is the back side of the business card.

Wicked SH
08-04-04, 03:09
Was told by a freebie (Sally) I picked up on Mao Ming Lu last night that her english teacher had told her to go Mao Ming or Xin Tian Di over the summer and practice with all us fori--mongers.

I think hanging out arround those areas will be good to pick up freebies this summer.

On the way home with her we bumped into a provider I know. Talk about an 'Oh Shit!' situation. She had the biggest smile and started flirting almost instantly. That drove Sally wild to have a very attractive girl flirting with her man. She was a little jealous by the incident and wanted to know if I knew her. I told her no, but I get hit on all the time. We then went back to my place and started playing --err I mean studying english. First she took off all her clothes except her underwear. I started kissing and rubbing her breasts. Moved my hand down to her panties and pushed them aside. She was already very wet. I then started rubbing her, this drove her wild. I started kissing arround her ears she went nuts. Jumped on top of me and started grinding. This of coarse set off my rocket. I couldn't get a condom on quick enough. Proceeded to pound her in multiple positions for over an hour. She started to complain about hurting so I let my self blow. I must of filled a cup. When I pulled out there was enough sperm swimming in the condom to make every woman in china pregnant. At least two inches was dangling full. She took a look and said you are very strong and powerfull. Which made me feel very good of coarse. I tried to get her to go again but no good, she was exausted.

For some reason getting pictures is very difficult in shanghai. Maybe next time.


Albert Punter
08-04-04, 12:30
Mateo Ricci,

as I had reported a few days back, BBS in Pu Dong Avenue seemed very appealing to me, but I had no chance yet to try them.
Can you suggest any in particular ?

08-05-04, 03:39
Hi there. Visited the Alice Entertainment Co. (399 Chang Hua Lu) location. Was extremely happy with the service there. Two things I liked about the setup:

1. They have a small swimming pool in the back of the bath area. I had brought my swimming goggles and did a couple of laps naked in the pool. That was fun!

2. There was a free food buffet. Mostly congee with some snacks like tofu, veggies, meat, fish, but it was nice to eat something after the massage upstairs. They even gave a nice little bowl of soup to help replenish any of your lost liquids.

Got a small girl from Heilongjiang. Don't remember her name and number. But all the service was as described. AR, Ice/Fire, and any position I requested afterwards. She claimed I made her orgasm, but I suspect that's what she tells all the guys.

Best part was the price... 600 RMB. Perhaps it's because I speak fluent Mandarin, they treated me like a local. I went about 7:00PM last night.

I think I have to rate this place above Tong Ren (DZAB Lu) in terms of environment and service. The neighborhood is extremely local (Chang Hua Lu runs parallel to Jiang Ning Lu and it doesn't look like Nanjing Xi Lu), but if you get there, I think you'll be pleased.

Homo Sapian
08-05-04, 03:52
Hello all,

I am quite new to this forum, and I am surprise to see that there are so many things going on in china. Shame of me, being a asian and visit Shanghai so often, still did not find all these hangout area.
Will try some of these area as given and give some report.

Xie Xie

Matteo Ricci
08-05-04, 06:27
Albert and others,

There's a group of good BBS on Pudong Da Dao between Fushan Lu and Yuanshen Lu (closer to Fushan Lu). Enjoy!

08-05-04, 08:05
This is a report in response to Shaolin Monk's previous post regarding the Dong Fang Yuan sauna on caoxi bei lu. Never been before and after a night on the town (by the way, was all of Shanghai in Zapata's! Talk about overflowing crowd...) and due to its proximity to where i was staying... i decided to check it out.

Went in and did the shower and sauna thing... gave the man in loin clothe scrubbing thing a miss... lots of small 2 couch rooms ... and i was asked what kind of massage i wanted... i chose a foot massage as no menu was available... a nice looking, tall and busty lady walked into the room in a low cut and tight fitting top and short skirt... the foot massage was for 45 minutes and it was average... then she asked me whether i would like to have my "third leg" massaged to finish... as i understand it... you can go for the body massage and that means FS... she said this sauna only catered to men and that all saunas in Shanghai offered "special" services. She proceeded to give me an exceedingly long HJ... in fact, it took over 30 minutes... during which time i got to know her bit better... in fact, she gave my member a couple of lingering kisses... by the end, i had got her number and also as it was getting close to closing time... i managed to get her to come over to my appartment after she finished... she was a little tentative at first... but once the light was turned off she really went for it... she had a great body and was amazingly tight... and went crazy when i went down on her... woke up at 7:30 and before i knew it... she was deep throating me until CIM... which was a wonderful way to start the day!

The total cost of the HJ and massage was RMB614. I thought it would be cheaper... but since i got all the additional action... i think it was worth it! Might see her again tonight... so, another sleepless night! Back to Beijing tomorrow though... sigh...

08-05-04, 10:39
Hello together,

Has anyone of you guys allready tried a girl from this escort agency?


There are some realy nice girls, but I would like to know first if they offer a proper service before I try them.

Thanks for your answers.


Roversman 999
08-06-04, 07:41
Yeah Yeah..I know this is the Shanghai board but Im now in Manila and thought those who havent been here might get some useflu info for thewri next "flight"...business trip whatever.
Was out last night in the famous Burgos street in Makati... such fun. First bar, I had a quiet drink of beer ( US$1!! happy hour price) and a long suck of some nipples ( free from an old freind)Next bar, two drinks for me and two for Hannah..the cutest 22 year I ever saw..she looks like 16 and shy and innocent and gives you that sweeet smile while her hand is in your pants. Shes my saturday night date in a US$15 motel..and shes free too even tho shes a bargirl.!!!
Next bar some more drinks and close company with a lovely24 year old.. after i bought her her 3rd drink i had my digit firmly stuck in her pussy and she.. in the bar was trying quite hard to suck me..but as regular readers will know.. my dick isnt rising.
Next bar and I was with "lemon"..her name. 45 kgs, 34 27 and 34.. lovely body ..she told me she once won a competion for blow jobs..she was proud of that. She tried on me and felt bad she couldnt make me rise. I had my digit firmly inserted in her too.
Evening ended t midnight ..cost total of US80.
Am now in internet cafe.. have four ladies texting me and am making smiles and eyes at a cutie sitting at next pc.... i love d philippines.

Albert Punter
08-06-04, 12:16
Unfortunately, I am leaving tonight (writing this report form airport).
I say unfortunately because this time I had a very enjoyable stay.
This is deserved, as it compensates the frustration accrued in those years when it was more difficult to have fun this side of the world.

Yesterday I wanted to have a good night and called a number given by another forum member. Expecting Lisa but Rose came.
It was not a problem to me. 22 years old from Harbin, she is very attractive, sensual lips, very soft breast, good smell.

We agreed on RMB 1000 for all night and we started showering together.
BBBJ and FS was enjoyable, she also accepted nipples sucking and FK, like with girlfriend.

Only remark I have to make is that there was almost no conversation between sessions.
I like to talk with girls and to exchange ideas, but in this case it was not possible. I was the one keeping conversation alive. I do not know what was the reason. I do not think it was because of poor English. It is first time I find myself in such situation.

However, next time in town I will call her again, to try a three-some with her friend.
She is 22 and from Harbin too. They live together in Pu Dong area.

08-06-04, 16:40

"funinchina" isn't really an "escort service" to my knowledge. I hired an excellent guide through them early last year--she knew the city, helped with language, negotiating at markets, but no "proper service" asked or offered. I was happy 'cause I got what I expected, and found my extras elsewhere.

I'm not saying it's impossible that one or more of the ladies would go beyond "tour guide"...but I wouldn't count on it.

Man in BKK
08-06-04, 18:51

I contacted funinchina some months ago for a social escort in Beijing for the evening. On enquiring on the difference between the premium and deluxe service, I was told that many of the premium escorts were more accomodating to specific requirements.

Anyway, I booked a lady and at the appropriate time (maybe a little late) she turned up at my hotel room dressed in what looked like white tennis gear (shorts, t-shirt) and chewing gum! As soon as she entered the room I settled the fee and she immediately enquired about a tip. I was beginning to wonder what I had let myself in for.

Although she could not recommend any restaurants, we went out for a meal and the ice began to thaw. She ordered a variety of dishes that I would not have ordered myself but were delicious. We chatted away during the meal although her english was not the best I had come across. After the meal I wanted to look around further so we went to "Behind the Sea" an area of bars besides one of the many lakes. This is a really magical place and she was cuddling up to me the whole time.

Back to the hotel later, she stayed for a few hours where we had a great time.

We met again the following evening and I went back to her place after a meal together. We just happened to hit it off, and got on well. How you get on with the lady and what happens probably depends very much on individual circumstances; I was not expecting anything but it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.

08-06-04, 23:46
Albert Punter,

Rose and her friends are indeed wonderful girls, but they do not speak much English. Thats why there wasnt much conversation, otherwise they are really friendly girls. Among other acronyms they do CIM "like with girlfriend".


08-07-04, 10:10

At Alice entertainment co. 399 Changhua lu, RMB 600 is laowai price, Not the local price. Local / group price is RMB 550. A group of 3+ can ask for group price.

Yuping hotel sauna is rated slightly above Alice, in terms of facility and quality of girls. Quoted laowai price is RMB 700. If you do not speak a word of Chinese, just tell the papa ' liu pai wu de an mo' (splng???) You will get the regular laowai price of RMB650. Best time to visit 5-6 pm. as may as 15 girls and fewer clients. For FS catagory an mo you will get a special waiting room. You will be served fruit plate and drink of you choice. Once the girl is ready you will be directed to the action room upstairs.

The place seems to be more popular with japanese. For directions please see my previous report or PM me for the tel no.


Member #4198
08-07-04, 20:59
Greetings Everyone,

Im a US citizen living in Shanghai, does any one know how I can obtain a chinese drivers license? I will be shipping my Lexus SUV in soon, let me know if anyone wants to cruise with some BBS girls. Any of your advice is much appreciated.

08-07-04, 21:29
Sauna on Xianxia Lu/Gubei Lu

Found a new sauna on the cross of Xianxia Lu and Guebi Lu. See the attached picture for the room setting. Real bed with girl dressed up like nurse. Good for those who like Japanese porn. The price is RMB800. The room is very nice and the girl is great. Not rush at all.

Tequila Kid
08-07-04, 21:46

Was the 800rmb for 1hr or 2hrs? Seems pricey but 800 all in for good service, attractive lady, no rush, nice environment., then could be OK.

Thanks for the find.


King Xavier
08-07-04, 22:45

What service are proveded at this sauna?


Wicked SH
08-08-04, 02:30

To get a drivers license you have to pay a lot of money. Also you need to check with the Chinese government that they will let you bring your lexus here. Even if the Chinese government will let you import your car, it might end up sitting in your garage because you have to bid at an auction for plates. That doesn't happen every day, but several times a year. Plates are going for about $2500 now a days here in shanghai.

You also have a certain amount of liability to deal with. I don't drive and don't have first hand experience but a few friends do and they have told me of basically getting robbed. Liability in china is often about who you know. I know of a guy who was driving and hit a woman. You think ya, well he hit her he should pay right. Well let me tell you how the accident happened. He was in Wuxi and cruising along about 30 Kph on a divided road the kind with the fence in the middle. The next thing he sees is a chinese women hopping the fence right in front of his car. He hits his breaks, hits her. Does the right thing and stops thinking to himself he obviously isn't at fault because she jumped a barrier. He waits for the police who take him into custody, grab his passport his wallet and put him in jail. He is there for two days while they determine what kind of money he has access to. He is released and finds out they emptied his wallet, and took all but 500 RMB from his bank. They grabed nearly 40,000 RMB claiming he had to pay damages to the women. Other friends report local cops pull them over and give them tickets ranging from 20RMB to 1000RMB regularly. They rack it up as cost of driving, but it still adds to the expense.

If you are very careful and don't suffer from road rage you might be ok. But anyone that has taken a cab ride in china can tell you that people here don't follow the laws. You will be forced to flow with what they are doing, stopping on a dime because some dumb ass wants to push his bike across the road against traffic. Swerving to miss the crazy taxi driver, and certainly doing everything you can to avoid those homicidal bus drivers.

Taxi's are not so expensive, and black cars only cost about 200RMB a day or less sometimes. It's not as nice as a lexus, but you get to sit in the back seat with the honey on your lap.

But if you still want to get one you will need: Drivers License, Passport, Local Residence book, Work Permit, etc. then go to:

1101 ZhongShan north 1 Road, No 4 floor.

Comrade 2255
08-08-04, 04:32
An enlightening forum this one, to be sure :)

Has Shanghai really changed that much in the last decade? I worked there a year in the mid-1990's. My idea of fun after work each night would be to go for a meal and a few beers somewhere, then go wandering the alleys soaking in the ambience, and finish at a BBS somewhere (if BBS is correct acronym for those little hole-in-the-alley-wall hairdressers). Of the dozens of BBSs I frequented or tried I was never offered any funny business. Mind you though I wasn't looking for it, I was quite happy with what I got at the time, but I'm curious -- has there been a revolution since the mid 90's, or did I just manage to pick a legit business every time?

08-08-04, 06:04
800 for an hour with FS. A bit pricy but the environment is great and the ladies are attractive with great attitudes.

08-08-04, 06:25
Man in BKK,

Although alluded to, you seem to have left out the pertinent details in your post. Was FS provided? What did you pay?



Tequila Kid
08-08-04, 07:38
I tried FuninChina a couple of times, about 2 years ago.

I was traveling to Beijing almost every month, staying for 3 - 5 days at time. Having time on my hand, I wanted to meet women outside usual Bejing pick up scene (Maggies, 3rd ring road, Suana's....).

This was before FIC started the 2 tier Deluxe / Premium service. The fee was ~650rmb. The women had good language skills, well educated, working in some professional capacity, but wanting to earn more money, and meet westerners.

Most of the fee went to FIC staff for setting everything up. Once you met the girl, you could arrange additional 'dates' directly with the girl. At whatever fee you agree on.

"Extra" services depended on you and girl. If you connected, FS on first or second date was up to mutual interest.

One the woman I met through FIC was a good companion, girlfriend type. Unfortunately, my job situation changed and I lost touch with her.

Anyway, I think FIC fees have gone up since then. The "premium" service is supposed to be for situations where you want those "extra" services from a woman with good English skills, education and manners.

But ultimately, FS comes down to how you connect with the girl. (There is no guarantee things will work out, the girls are not contractually obligated to you or FIC to provide FS).

IMHO, FIC is OK if you are pressed for time and you could meet some interesting women. But if you have the time, you can meet the same type of women through asiafriendfinders, thatsbeijing or the many clubs frequented by non-pro's mentioned on the Beijing or Shanghai boards.


08-08-04, 12:24
Check out one of the number I got from Sina chat room. Interesting indeed. Call the number, I was told to go to an apartment. Went there and was greeted by a pretty nice looking lady at her mid 20s. Good attitude and good body as well. She invited me in and there is another girl in the living room. She asked me if I want 3P. I turned her down since I wasn't sure of the quality of service. Told her that I want just her. Took me into a room and starting to strip me and her. The room is pretty nice with bed and air condition. The apartment is decorated, kind of old tho.

Got down to business. She starting by licking my ears and slowly moving down while I was playing with her tits and pussy. Nice tits. Must be at least 35D and very smooth skin. She said she's from Beijing and this is actually second job. I believe her since the way she seems to be educated well. Nice session and she let me go down on her for like 15 minutes. I think she enjoyed that. One drawback, no kissing.

After we were done, we lay on the bed and chat a bit more. They receive mostly Hongkong and Taiwan people. She has never done Westeners before but doesn't mind trying.

I got another 10 or so numbers off Sina and obvious I am not going to try them all myself. The serivce ranged from 400~600 RMB for one time and 1000 ~ 1200 RMB for double or stay the night with one.

So, if anyone in the forum want to take one for the team, PM me and I will pass the number. We may compare notes and compile a good list. The apartment is in residential area and fairly secure. Much cleaner then the BBS and for 400 a pop, it's not that much more expensive then BBS. The girls are not rush with good attitudes.

Jew Jordan
08-08-04, 17:23
Just made a business trip to Shanghai last week and went to 399 Chang Hua Lu and Yuping Hotel (Zun Yi Lu) over the weekend.

Both are good as advertised but I would say Yuping is slightly better in terms of the quality of girls and service.

I would also advise not to go to 399 Chang Hua Lu too early unless you have nothing to do. I went there on Sunday afternoon around 3:45pm and, although they claimed to have 6 girls working from 2pm, I waited in the TV room for almost one hour before being served, and the 2 girls I saw were just avergae (5-6) looking. There are 12 girls working in the evening so I would go in the early evening next time.

Also skill-wise, the girl I had at Yuping (#109) was way better. We tried many positions on the bed and on the floor--definitely one of the best mongering experiences I have had.

While walking on Wanhangdu Lu (close to Beijing Xi Lu), I saw at least 3 BBS with girls inside but all the ones I saw were no better than 6-7. Has anyone tried?

Also on Wanhangdu Lu, maybe 200m from the Beijing Xi Lu crossing, there is a hotel next to a parking lot. On Friday night I saw 4-5 attractive pro-like girls walking in and out of the hotel. I went inside and checked out the first floor of the hotel but didn't see any massage or sauna place. Does anyone know what kind of establishment it is and whether there are girls there on a regular basis?


08-09-04, 05:05
I am new to this Board. Thanks for all the info.

Does anyone have any experience with AdultFriendFinder?

It looks interesting.


08-09-04, 07:34

Isn't it just a wee bit dangerous to do the dirty in a random apartment with someone you meet online? I would think it would be a perfect vice sting for the PSB to catch mongers. It is definitely not as safe as 1-4-1 in HK


08-09-04, 10:44
Hi Changes,

About adultfriendfinder, i was a gold member for about 2 years, I used it in Singapore, China and Korea. Mainly replying females' ads, but I had my own profile quite visible as well. Success rate (success = sex with a girl) has been an absolute ZERO.

I found that putting/replying ads on websites such as thatsshanghai carries a MUCH better success rate (everytime I put an ad, about 10-20 mails, 2-5 are worth following up, and I can sleep with at least 1 girl). I also found, at least in China, that it is also easy to pickup girls in Starbucks (ok doesnt work if you are shy) - even this has a better success rate than AFF!

That was my 2 cents. Good luck.


Dragon D
08-09-04, 10:52

I heard from hertz rental you can go to hong qiao or pudong airport with the correct paper work and they can take care of it in 2 hours. You do I believe have to give them your drivers licence from where ever you had it issued until you leave the country.

As for the cops, usually they are ok. Watch out closer to months end though. And if you speak basic chinese and grovel a bit instead of shouting at the cop like the locals do you will be ok.

To all: I have tried a couple of spots like huangpi road etc but I have been on edge trying places around where I live. Anyone tried the place on the corner of Wu Zhong Road and Guilin road? Or anyone try one of the three BBS on Yi Shan Road between Guilin Road and Liu Zhou Road? Any advice would be great, and keep up the good work. By the way, heard there are a few under ground strip clubs, anyone found them yet? Closest to that is under garment night at Long bar I hear.

Take care all and keep safe.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

08-09-04, 12:12

china isn't a police state like the us. kind of ironic to say but the reality of china is that its police force is very small, one of the lowest police to people ratio in the world and the polices are not aggressive. sting operation is probably not something in the chinese police's mind. there are really no reason to catch john while the bbs and others are easily spotted.

come to think about this, this is almost the same format as the 141 in hk. one apartment, one or two girls.

i did go with only enough cash on me in case it's a scam. but again, the common criminals in china are not yet sophirep001ed enough to use internet. those who do know how to use internet are going after bigger one.

Jungle Boy #3
08-09-04, 16:46
I was planning an attempt into freebie land tonight, thanks to all the great info Tapioca PM'd me on the freebie places to go. I went up to the bar here at the Four Seasons to have a couple of beers before I took off and low and behold the Pro I hooked up with for a couple of hot nights last trip walked in. What is really suprising is I was staying at the Hyatt last time. She ran over and latched on, I had been eyening this tall lanky pro at the bar. Long story short they knew each other and I cut a deal to tag team them, 200 US (I know a bit pricey, but I figured hard to poor talk them at the Four Seasons). The tall one was completely shaved! I took turns with both, French and FS by both, swapping between the two, slowed down only by by putting on new condoms. Had one riding while the other DATY and then switched same procedure. While it wasn't a freebie at Rojam, it was fun! I will attempt to take Tapioca's great info later in the week.

08-09-04, 19:06
Hello all, I will be in Shanghai for business and was wondering what is the best way to exchange U.S. currency there. I would love to continue mongering overseas as well. If someone could let me know that would be great. Thanks.

08-10-04, 04:38
Greetings everyone,

Just thought I would pass on some information on a group of BBS I recently discovered in Shanghai. It's a bit far from the center of Shanghai but it's cheap and there are very few foreigners so the girls are really keen. FS is 100C150RMB for short time in a back room, depending on the time of night, your bargain skills etc. No English is spoken. There are about 10C15 BBS along a 600m stretch.

By taxi you can go to 1520 Mei Chuan rd (around 50RMB from the city), East Cao Yang, this address is a nice Chinese bar (chance of a free pickup) with live music and plenty of good cheap restaurants nearby. When leaving this bar turn right (in the opposite direction to the Mc donalds) and walk straight ahead for about 5 minutes and the BBS start from there. After ten minutes walk there is a busy intersection with many shops, turn left here and cross the smelly river and there are another 6 or so BBS.

I found this 21 year old Hunese girl (about the 5th BBS from the river next to a small KTV bar), about 160cm / 45-50kg, 7-8 for looks, and 10 for attitude. She spoke no English. She told me she had only been in Shanghai for about 10 days and I was her first foreigner. The best fuck I have had in years!!!! Very keen and would French kiss. Nice body with pert breasts and very little pubic hair, the best thing about her was her pussy though, so tight, when she stood up you could see between her legs even when pressed together!!!!!! Although I don't normally do this with a hooker, in the heat of the moment I gave her oral sex (hope I don't contract some oral disease) from behind. She had such a tight brown little bud and was so clean (with no smell) with everything on display that I even did some AR. When she was ready (she started feverishly trying to reach behind to grab my dick) we finished off doing it doggy style. Bit embarrassing walking out though as we were in the first room behind where the girls sit, all the noise we were making was quite audible to them, plenty of sly comments and giggles etc. Thankfully I am leaving Shanghai tomorrow or I would be spending all my money there!

If all my experiences were like this in China, I would never leave!

If any of you need any further directions, just pm me.

Good Hunting


08-10-04, 05:59
Anybody has an idea what happened to Grand Master of this thread, BlankNameCruiser?
I haven't read any contribution of him in the recent weeks. Did he retire?


08-10-04, 18:32
I went to China as part of a 3-week tour in June 2004. The participants were mostly middle-aged academics, mainly women (and feminists), so much of our trip was defined by boring bus trips, musty temples, and endless conversations about how worthless men are. As a result, by the time I reached Shanghai, the first opportunity to break away from my compatriots, my libido was so sublimated I wasn't sure it would ever resurface.

In anticipation of such a situation, I had been reading the Shanghai reports here for several months prior to departure and had gleaned much valuable information about the sex scene in China, particularly the barber shops. Once ensconsed in the Shanghai Hotel, near the Hilton, I had my first chance to walk around one evening without multiple female chaperones. I'll relate the first of what would eventually be three BBS experiences, since they are all pretty much the same.

I walked by the first BBS I saw not knowing exactly what to expect. The last thing I expected to see, however, at 11 p.m. was several people sitting in chairs receiving cuts and blow-dries. Don't these people have a life? Go figure. So I kept walking to the next one, and saw only two old guys watching TV. Hmm. What's wrong with this picture?

Not being quite sure if this was truly what I was seeking, I turned around and walked back by, slowly this time, as if casually interested in the TV show. Out of nowhere a thirtysomething mamasan in a silk chipau came to the door and whispered quietly, "Massage?" I nodded and was immediately ushered to the darkened back of the shop, where I was descended upon by no less than four young Chinese girls. They lay me down in a big reclining leather chair and pulled a curtain across to give us the semblance of privacy. One began massaging my ankles, slowly working her way up my legs. Two others stood on either side and massaged my shoulders and neck. Another just stood to the side and grinned.

"Left-hand lady" began the negotiations. "One lady, hunnid yuan. Okay?" From WSG, I knew that 100 yuan (about $12.50) was the going rate for a handjob from one girl. I nodded and she said, "Ohhhhh, sank you, sank you. Two lady, two hunnid. Yes? Oh, pleeeeeease?" They all chimed in, "Pleeeeeeeaase. Ohhhhhhhhh." It was comical. I nodded and was met by, "Three lady. Three hunnid. Ohhhhh, pleeeeease. Yesssss?" The chorus responded" "ooooooohhhhh, pleeeease. Three lady."

Having traveled for over two weeks with this odd assortment of feminists, lesbians, spinsters, and assorted male-bashers, I decided it would not be an unjustified indulgence on my part to have three young ladies work on me at the same time. Although, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to gainfully employ three chicas for one handjob.

No problem. They figured it out for me. But first I had to deal with "four lady" and, believe it or not, "five lady". I don't know when or where girl number five came from, but there she was, joining the chorus: "Pleeeeeaaase, five lady. Ohhhhhhhh, pleeeeease."

At first I tried to hold the line at two ladies, but every time I held up two fingers, "right hand lady" would grab my third finger and force it up, giggling all the while, and then clap her hands and shout "three lady, three lady". It was more high farce than erotica, but great fun nonetheless. We finally settled on three ladies and they went to work. "Foot lady" unbuttoned my trousers and pulled them down. This was cause for great ooohing and aaaahing and general astonishment at my prodigious and manly proportions. This would turn out to be a common act for Chinese working girls I encountered, whose protestations about my endowments were often so over-the-top that they provoked laughter from me more than anything else. Still, I suppose there isn't a male ego on the planet that isn't secretly please when women go on about their size, even if it's just part of the performance.

"Right hand lady" and "left hand lady" pulled up their tops and bras and gave me full access to their pert B-cups, which I took full advantage of. All the while, they are groaning in feigned sexual ecstasy, finally ending at the same time I did, in a kind of sympathetic group orgasm, I suppose. Left-hand lady collapsed in exhaustion across my chest as if she had just gang-banged a platoon of soldiers. Another used a towel to clean me up and together they all seemed very concerned that I was happy and content. One pointed to Matiz Jr. and asked, "hao?" (good?) I answered, "hun hao (very good)", which elicited sighs of relief all around. I paid them the three hundred yuan and was shown out. Mamasan smiled and urged me to come again soon.

My subsequent two experiences were much the same, although once I tried it with only one girl, and the other time I employed two, which I finally decided was the optimal number. By the last time, HJs were getting pretty boring, but I simply didn't have the time to explore enough BBS's to discover those that offered FS. I will say that the sheer number of BBS's far surpassed my expectations. On a square block of four streets near the hotel, I counted 11 BBS's, at least five of which were obviously not places where you could get a hair cut. In fact, as I passed one, a small army of maybe 8-10 girls were lounging in the foyer, combing each other's hair and chilling. When they saw me they all started to waive and motion me inside. As I said, not hard to spot, even for an Asia novice.

Again, I'd like to thank all of you for the fine information. It helped turn an interesting but sexless trip into something much more interested and, needless to say, satisfying.


08-10-04, 19:20
"what is the best way to exchange U.S. currency there."

Use your ATM card instead of bringing alot of cash. The machines are as common in Shanghai as any major American or European city, maybe more so.

Da Dan Gao
08-11-04, 01:36
Blue Lagoon Sauna

have tried this place two times now, facilities are a bit run down and you can say the same about the girls. The times I been there around 3 girls working (weekend afternoons).

The massage is ok, extra service only includes a oil HJ.

Would recommend to give this place a miss and head to the other saunas mentioned in this forum.

The Sauna is located off NanJing (W) Rd between MeiLongZhen and CITIC Square around 200m down the road.

Roversman 999
08-11-04, 05:06
Yeah..I do recall this is the Shanghai forum before you start, but just had a great trip to HK. And I know lots of us travel there regularly. So read on..
Arrived on Sunday afternoon and knew it would be a good trip when I got stared at by a lovely Filipina on the MTR to my hotel. She wouldnt stop staring so walked up to her, gave her my fone number and said call me if you want a date. She called ten minutes later and we agreed to meet on Monday.
Went to hotel and straight out to Laguna in Wanchai. Was 5pm and the place was full full.,lots of hot indos filipinas and others all dancing. In the dark saw one sweet looking indo in glasses looking at me. /she stared even harder than the MTR girl. So, we started dancing ( or moving in the mass)..and did some bump and grind for ten minutes. I knew I was in ..we sat down had a beer, and asked her if she wanted to go back to my hotel. She did but made me promise it would only be for kissing. I told her that all i could do ( regular readers will know i cant get it up..YET!!)
Got to the hotel andkissed... and kisssed and eventally a nice slim but very hairy pussy was exposed. Well that got kissed too. She kissed me all over.. we were both really into it. She looked really cute with her little glasses on.. like a hot student even if she was 26. She was a good 7 and hadnt had sex in a long long time and said she "never did this sort of thing" ( I didnt reply that i do all the time..hahah) Anyways, after our session I took her to HK Station and got her a ticket to Tsing Yi where she worked. So total cost was HK$100.
Then as it was only 8pm I went to New Makati, and texted some old GF's but they were all busy. Looked round New Makati and saw a sweet slim filipina sitting on her own. Chatted with her in Filipino ( which always gets a smile and allows me to ask some leading questions). She was going back to Manila soon and was just living on getting customer drinks. definately not a hooker. We chatted and then drank than ate than she agreed to come to hotel with me. Also said he would only kiss... yeah yeah.. back in hotel we got down and kissed all over.. wish my dick was working... anyways at one point, she stopped kissing and said.. ( we have no protection"... I said no , no need..she said we must.. it was so funny, she didnt realise that it was my finger not my dick in her. Anyways, she stayed and tried to give me a blow in the morning which I always like. I also got to shave her sweet pussy which I always enjoy. She also told me that I was only the second guy she'd slept with..nice line and even if not real..was sweet to say.
Met her again the next night and she also stayed the night then too.
Met the MTR girl for coffee and whilst I had no time to pursue her more, shes available for me on next trip.
And at the weekend, im going to Singapore ... and just got a text from an old and juicy friend who normally works in a bar in Burgos Street Makati but who is now in a bar in Orchard Towers and would i visit her please. Looks like i wont be alone in Singapore either !!!
Party on Mongers!!!

Member #1588
08-11-04, 05:48
So I got hooked up with a few SINA numbers from Jman the other night (thanks! quite generous of you). Among them were the numbers for his bejing girl, tong tong, as well as 2 others. Tried 2 numbers, and didn't end up going with either, so keep reading if you just want to know how SINA apt. girls work.

Setup was as described. First call and you are given a set of cross streets, then call again for the apt. number. I tried 2 numbers the first night. First was tong tong. After calling and getting to the cross street, I called for her exact address. She asked alot of questions about exactly where i was standing on the street. I thought maybe she was watching me or something. Turns out she just wanted to be able to tell me which building was hers. Got there and it turned out to be tong tong's roomate. Long story short, she was 25+, average body, bad teeth. I told her "sorry, etc, but not interested". She was nice and said "ok, next time then...".

Next i tried another number. This girl had a really cute voice. Did the call thing and was eventually directed to meet her in the elevator lobby of the 10th floor. Turns out she lived on the 9th. Again, she was 25+, average body. I wasn't super interested and again took off. She was also pretty cool about it.

Overall I'd say the system is pretty good, its just that I'm looking for younger, slimmer, better looking girls which I'm sure exist in the SINA chatrooms. I've even seen some girls in chat rooms with the screen name "600rmb overnight" in chinese. Now i will say that judging by the pix in the photo section and the general level of BBS quality I think these girls are pretty decent and seem much cleaner. Jman's told me that tong tong is much better than her roomate too. PM me if you want the numbers and to see for yourself. You'll need to know some basic chinese to talk to them.

In any case, the search continues.

08-11-04, 09:02
Can anybody advise me about Hotel Pudong Courtyard Mariott in Shanghai. How is scene there, any Sauna, Girl Friendly Hotel ?

08-11-04, 09:15
Hey guys,

For you all BBS goers, be careful! Due to the sanitatry enviroment of the facilities and the type of customers those girls have, be wary of CRABS!!!

I had itchie balls about 3 days after visiting a BBS, ignored it for like a week, thought it was some skin rash due to heat. I checked it out last weekend after shower and it scared the shit out of me!!!! CRABS WAS CRAWLING all over the pubic area!!! SHIT.... Shaved the balls and applied medication. Now it's gone... Thank GOD!

I know it's just a minor STD but I think it's very annoying!!!


08-11-04, 14:39
Hi people,

first time in Shanghai, staying at the Pujiang hotel, formerly known as the Astor hotel, which provides massage, but the service is very poor. standard massage is 130 RMB but of course you are asked if you want a HJ you have to add a 200. It was late and didnt want to negotiate. The girl looked very nice and young but her service was a bit mechanical and after I regretted.

I met some freebies here, one philipine girl and one chinese, but after a while the difference is showing, the story in this board I read earlier abt the difference between Phillipine and Chinese is true and goes something like this: the phillipine loves to have sex on the beach all day long and eating bananas, but the Chinese just wants you to take care about the banana plant so she can sell the fruit for a good price.

Darn, I think I fell in love, you guess with who.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

08-11-04, 14:42
It is true about most of the BBS. How do you know what was the condition of previous dick the girl handled? So even for a HJ rubber is a basic requirement! I always had a bad feeling after each time I come out of the BBS. Therefore, I have been using a different strategy to get cheap girls these days.

Do you know some of the legit BBS provides in-call service. They say only massage. But the girl is in she will give a nice rub and a reasonably good HJ, or some times FS. I have been able to get an ST type service at least 2-3 in a month at 300-400 for 1-3 hours depending on the girl. The girl can serve you independantly on her off day or she could take one day 'leave' for you.

This monday I had been to the BBS in fahuazhen lu. Asked for an oil massage (rmb 100). During massage I asked the girl if she can come to my place across the road. She knows me for last 3 -4 months. With little hesitation she said 'yes' and I went back home after leaving my address. In fact I didn't expect her to come looking at my previous experience in similar 'yes'.

To my surprise the door bell rang at 9.00 pm. She looked bit tired with heat and long hours of work. She had some drinks, then I said she will feel good if she take a shower. She went and came very quickly and said she wants to leave at 11.00, so only 1 hour massage is possible. For easy removal I was only on a towel and she started the massage. I asked her to massage the location she did not massage during the previous session. She smiled and continued he job. Finally we came to the subject. I asked if she have a boy friend - answered not now, but back in anhui she had one and he has already commissioned her. So things were easy.

At first she resisted, but later agreed. fairly good body and nice tits. Tried few position, 15 minutes went on pumping. After finish, shed chnaged the sheet and cleaned every thing and said she wants to go. It was 11.30. I gave her RMB 300, but declined to accept it (with thanks) saying she loves me and this service for the friendship. But I forcefully put the RMB in her bag and said she can buy some gift on my behalf. (Never accept free pussy in similar situation. It could prove more expensive later)

She agreed to come agin on her weekly off day. Cheap, clean and most importantly in comfort of my bed room. The only problem is the lady lives next door. She too says she loves me. But I never tried her. Some of the forum members asked to to hold till th elast week of my stay in China (There are major risk factors!)

Will be trying on few more BBS I used to visit. (30% of the girls will say yes, then give some excuse for not to come (afterthoughts!) out of 30%, 5 % will honour their words.


Shaolin Monk
08-11-04, 17:59
Yu Ping Hotel has raised their price to 700 rmb. Are there any cheaper places with the same quality?

08-11-04, 20:12
my businees trip to shanghai ended and i left on monday. sunday night my business associate took me to a ktv place near the huangpi nanlu subway station. we got three girls - all very cute and proceeded to a room. we had a lot of fun - a lot of flirting, touching, and singing too. then later he had to go back to his family (luckily covering the bill on his way out) and i asked the girls if anyone wants to follow me to my hotel. one said ok and asked for 1000 rmb. at first we went to a small restaurant on changle lu to eat and since she didn't speak much of english the communication was kind of obstructed. the girl was stunning, maybe a bit above 160cm, good tits and shapely firm ass (all of which i tested in the ktv room before).

but she called a friend of hers who came to the restaurant closer to the end of our dinner and her english was significantly better. she was quite a looker too (for my taste). great face, very pale skin, slim arms and legs, also about 160cm tall, very small tits, but friendly and had this sparkle in her eyes. both of the girls were about 20 years old. the slim girl suggested we buy some champaigne, luckily there is a good liquor store on huaihai shonglu that i used before. so the three of us went back to the hotel (no problem bringing the girls to the room there). once in the room the girls drank some champaigne and put on quite a show for me. i think the slim girl was genuinly bisexual as she was so much into everything that was happening.

so after a quick shower the girls caressed and ate each other and played with my xiao didi, poured some champaign over my flesh and competetively licked in off, while i explored their bodies and cavities with my hungry mouth and fingers. then while i was banging one of the girls doggie style the other would get underneath and provide an extra stimulation with her tongue to our private parts which was sensational. at one point the slim girl tried to insert her index finger into my asshole, but i clearly indicated that this is something i feel uneasy about. surprisingly they didn't insist on changing condom in between the pussies, so we had a terrific session and i came into the slim girl's mouth and she swallowed every drop of it, chasing it down with more champaigne.

then she and i chatted a little bit - turns out she is a student on summer break here and likes westerners, because they in her opinion are funny and treat her well. she also striked me as a nymphomaniac because she enjoyed sex very much and even talking about it. so while i was relaxing the girls got busy with each other once again and actully drove each other to consequtive orgasms - something that i didn't have the pleasure of watching before in my life. then the shapely ktv girl said she needs to leave and i gave her the well-deserved 1000 yuan. but the slim girl stayed with me overnight.

we had two more wonderful sessions that night (she did a terrific ar job on me and even allowed to try her ass, but she was way too tight there and kind of in pain so i abolished the idea). in the morning i woke up because she was vigorously sucking my willie and another great session commenced. and when i was done, i literally was finished. then we went to the downstairs restaurant for breakfast, chatted some more, turned out she lives with her parents, studies computers and wants to work in a company which does business with the west. after the breakfast i needed to go to the airport, but surprisingy i had enough stamina left to do her once again (which started in the shower). when we were saying good-byes i tried to offer some money for her service but she only took 100 rmb for the taxi - i was simply speechless. that was the best way to end my shanghai trip, and i am surely looking forward to the next visit there.

08-11-04, 21:05
Here is the trip report for inaugural Shanghai (SH) trip. So Im a SH newbie. There is no graphic detail in this report as to my deeds with local ladies.

I had posed a question for those of you, who have seen the SH scene from many different perspectives, about a young lady whom I found in a Yahoo chat room in anticipation of the SH trip. She is college educated, 26 years old, possesses good look and shape (through tennis and swimming), and works for a fair size US corporations SH office.

Prior to my departure to SH, I received a couple of private messages from contributors on this board which mainly caution me about attributes and possible intent of local young ladies in SH. So I was equipped with potent local intelligence. I thank you for your kindness looking after a fellow monger.

I was on the last flight from HK to SH and landed at PVG around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday (July 31st). The kid (a nick name I gave her) was waiting for me at the airport and we got on taxi and headed to the hotel in Pudong.

The kid spent two nights with me (Saturday through Monday). These two days were no different than those of an average dating couple doing shopping, dinners, hitting golf balls at a golf practice range, and going to a jazz club.

Even though we had great time together, the kid told me that she realized there is substantial cultural difference between two of us and would not know what to do with this dilemma. However dilemma did not stop us from having a little fun in the hotel room. She had absolutely no problem to offer her to me even though she resisted at first (for deed process) but it did not last long.

She enjoyed touching, tickling and soft biting which I thought somewhat weird and certainly first time experience for me. She has such tight entry and I had great deal of problem for penetration (I have at best average size little john) with her being fully lubricated, and she complaint about pain induced by the penetration.

On Monday morning, I offered her to get back to her apartment as I wont be readily available to her based on fully loaded business schedules for the week. She reluctantly agreed to do so. I remained in contacting her over phone calls throughout the week.

First experience on a non-pro freebie in SH turned out as reasonably good.

BTW, if you enjoy cigars and jazz, I would recommend C/J/W (Cigar/Jazz/Wine) which is at top floor of Pudong Center in the Bund area. One half of the place is restaurant and the other half is jazz bar. Kid and I were there in Sunday evening for a cigar (I brought my own favorites) and a couple of drinks. Four piece jazz band plus a singer from USA. I did not partake dinner there so I cant comment on their food.

Ill talk about KTV and another freebie experience on next posting.

Xiao Ma
08-12-04, 05:05
Ok, I decided to post some picture for your guys.


08-12-04, 09:21

This is not a report but a request that could be of interest to many users. I have read many reports that medicine is often fake in China. Is there any reliable supplier of cilias or viagra in Shanghai?

I am 55 yeqars old and unfortunately the supply of pussy is greater than the old fellow can get out. Sometimes I wonder why this did not happen when I was 20 years old, but then I was not in Shanghai.

Black Jack
08-13-04, 12:26
Someone mentioned a bbs on changle lu, close to xiangyang lu and beside a french restaurant. Anyways, i was in that area and noticed a bbs with a few decent girls. If your on changle lu, head west a block from the other bbs. On Fuming lu make a right, and half way down the street on your left is 2 bbs. Anyone visited that one before? Type of service and price.? I rarely mention any bbs anymore just because they are everywhere, unless there is something good to report. I'll probably check that place out soon and report back.

Have fun,


08-13-04, 17:28
went to dongzhuanbang and had #65. shanghainese with i'd guess a high C cup. she told me she'd only been there for 2 months. overall a 6.5-7 in appearance, but the service wasn't very good (i also really wasn't in the mood so maybe this had something to do with it). one thing she did, which was mentioned previously on this board, was putting ice cubes inside herself for FS. personally i didn't really enjoy this but i guess you can call it a new experience.

08-13-04, 19:40
Finally, I got back to Shanghai. I wasn't here quite a while, and I was really missing something...

I decided to try that massage parlor opposite Hilton, because it was late already and me tired.

I never had a full body massage in Shanghai before. I opted for one hour full body massage, RMB 100 per hour. I choosed girl no. 6, Shao Fan, and the massage was rather soft and very sensual. She was sitting on my butt for almost 20 minutes while she was working on my neck and my back.

After 30 minutes she asked me to turn and she started working on the front side. A very lovely body and a nice face! She spoke a little english, not too much.

She started to caress my nipples and asked if I wanted a massage for my little bro and I negotiated 200 RMB (First she insisted quite a while to get 300 but I insisted as well).

She did quite a good HJ, no rush, and very soft and sensual. I started to fondle around her breasts but she wouldn't really let me. Never mind, I liked what I was getting. Finally she cleaned everything up and I thought I was done with the massage but she said: "Not finished yet!"

She went on with the full body massage on my legs for at least another 15 minutes and I was really relaxed.

All in all quite a nice experience for me, allthough not too much exciting (compared with all your reports guys).

I will move to Shanghai soon and hopefully explore much more places and post from time to time.


08-15-04, 09:41

Yuping Sauna:

Please negotiate before the service. You will still get RMB 600 OR 650. Last service I had was for RMB 600 only. I just told that the other places, it is RMB 600. The papa agreed with a smile! For ST service in any of the Saunas in SH, 600 RMB or less should be the price. The price go up because every one compare the price with their home country and pay it. We are in China and the price also like be Chinese price. My local buddies blame laowais for spoiling the market.


Tried one sina girl for RMB 500. They started the price RMB 1500. Long and hard bargain spoils the mood. Not intended to try again. The girl was a stunner, but the service was ma ma hu hu. Not suitable for visitors. It is real hard work reach the place if you are new in SH. The place is in the residential area (Dingxi lu). BTW, it was not Tong tong. Her name is Rose. I saw few other chicks in her laptop. Very young and nice looking. Or it is a marketing strategy!!?

Any other places in 500-600 RMB range with nice Chicks for ST? Any new establishments?


Roversman 999
08-15-04, 11:13
Business trip to Singapore.... after the meeting, my favourite lady from Burgos street bars in Makati, sent me sms and we arranged to meet in my hotel. She looked great and when i squeezed her ass in the elevator she delightfully told me she had no panties on...anyways, we went out for dinner and on way back to my hotel we stoped in Patorn Place a bar in Singapore. Its all Filipinas there..there was about 100 on two week visas. I was amazed..I saw and recognised many of my old "friends" from Manila bars in there. Back to the hotel and she went to bathroom.. then came and pulled me into bathroom so we could have a nice long bath together.... and then i laid her on a large towel in bathroom and shaved her.. thats two pussies i shaved in 6 days...!
Had lots of fun for rest of night... and the sweet girl wanted to come to airport with me. A bar girl who works most nights, still had a soft side. She even went misty eyed as i wentthrough immigration.
Anyways, back to Manila and was quickly out with my sweet 24 year old bargirl friend there..and then yesterday, an old friend I used to meet in a maddage parlour, but who doesnt "work" agreed to meet me... in her palce. Went there, some hole in the wall apartment with a small living room and larger bedroom. You know where she went..
Ahh life continues to be good........

Shaolin Monk
08-15-04, 18:51

Sorry! I don't know of any saunas in Pudong. Only some BBS, have not been in a while, so you will probably take what I list with a pinch of salt (all prices include house):

1. Pudong Da Dao, past Fushan lu, next to traffic lights. Turn right and 3 BBS on your right, take your pick. 300 FS

2. Pudong Da Dao. Go past Novotel Hotel, on the next juction, take a right. 2 BBS on right hand side. 100 HJ, 250 FS.

3. Junction of Yuanshen Lu and Pudong Da Dao. Clean BBS around there, there are about 3 or 4 BBS. 250-300 FS, depends which one you pick.

4. Qiaxia Lu junction with the highway, many BBS around there some just HJ and BJ, but most FS. Have not been there for a long, long, long time so don't know the prices.

I think that most of us prefer Puxi, suggest that you come over and stay in a hotel in Puxi, if you really want to have fun. Pudong action is very limited. I don't know if anyone agrees ?

Shaolin Monk
08-15-04, 18:55
I have had similiar experiences as @sh at DZAB. The quality and service varies a lot. I believe that they have too much business and the quality of the place is going downhill. Luckily there are many more quality establishments!

Sly Guy
08-15-04, 22:32
Left Shanghai a few weeks ago. Figure I ought to leave an update. Went to the Happy Garden described by Shaolin Monk. Tried to ask for 638 as recommended, but unfortunately she was busy. VERY unfortunate, since all the girls they had left were fatties. Not my style, after checking out four of them I gave up and just took the last girl. Nevery did it with a chubby. Anyways, girl was friendly, pretty skilled BJ, but the tubby factor just wasn't my kick. Overall, not to thrilled about the place. Not as clean as the Sauna on Huai Hai, and the girls I saw were all 5 to 6 out of 10 max. Damage of about 830. Not worth it.

Happy Garden: 258 Tong Ren Road (Near Nanjing West Road junction) Tel 62478989 or 62475845. 800 rmb for HJ, fire and ice and cbj. Try 638, very enthusiastic girl.

Friend took me to another sauna place later on, off Huai Hai. Kind of near Ma Dang Road but a little east. There's this Porche dealership and a park, and it's the road east of it on the south side of Huai Hai. You go down about 50 meters and turn left into this big alley with a vegetarian restaruant and a KTV at the end. Well it's the first place on your right hand side. This place was a little nicer than Happy. It was Sunday night and hardly anyone was there. That seems to be the slowest time of the week for these places. Anyways, after the whole shower deal, they picked a decent little girl. 7 Looks, and decent figure. Skinny not fatty. PHEW! Service was pretty good, BJ, Fire Ice. No FS, but they do lube up their inner thighs with baby oil and you do a fake hump between the legs. Interesting and not bad. Girl offered phone number to do delivery with FS. I don't go to these places to see the same girl twice so I threw the number away. Damage was around 780.

That's it for now! Until the next trip....

Comrade 2255
08-16-04, 01:53
Hey Guys,

Well I'm a rookie to all of this, but I finally thought I would give it a try last week. I been reading the forum for a few months now, but never checked out the places. So my last night in Shanghai, I decide to check out the place Dashman recommend!

399, Chang hua lu sauna

The place was exactly as he described in his post. I went about 1 am on a Thursday night, it was a little weird at first, showing up and 3 guys watching the place outside. I don't speak a work of Chinese, although I'm an ABC. Walked up on the doorman, on the quite street and asked for Sauna and massage. The invited me right in! The place looked pretty dead, probably because it was late.

So I did the normal sauna and resting room stuff. In the resting room, Mamma San asked me you want massage, I said yes she said 600 RMB. I said okay! She then took me upstairs, and Papa san took me to my room, first he check some walk, like there was a secret door or something. It was locked, or something like that. So he took me to another room upstairs. Told me to wait, and the girl will be here shortly. I sat down and about 5 minutes the girl showed up.

Her name was Mandy, from Sichuan around 23 or so. I give a 7.5 nice big tits for a chinese girl. Lucky for me she stayed in Canton for a while and picked up some cantonese. I was able to communicate with her. This girl was very will trained to please! The service was 15 minute massage, AR, BBJ, Ice & Fire and FS in an position. I finished with 20 minutes left, she said you still have time, so she cleaned herself up and starting giving me another massage. As she noticed I was ready to go again, she gave me HJ to finish me off. We chatted a little and said the place looks a little slow, she said a boss rented out the KTV next door. If I can understand, she said the place closes at 4, but as I was leaving I saw the girl and a few other nice ones leave. (I left about 3 am.) Well my time was up, as I was signing my bill, I told her I want to give her a tip, she said the 600 price covered everything. I also asked if they get a lot of westerns, she said no, more Hong Kongers. She said westerns are welcome.

So this was a nice experience, great service, no hassles! Even for a non-mandarin speaker like myself. I think I will come back or check out Dongzhuabang lu, next time. Well back to HK, I will have to check out some 141s.

08-16-04, 02:06
Skipping geography in school wasn't such a good idea after all, was it?

08-16-04, 03:49
Here is my KTV field report in Shanghai (SH) while I was in SH last week. This was my first KTV in China, for that matter, first KTV in Asia/Pacific region.

I was traveling with local staff of two to four depending on business agenda. I had pleasant opportunities to visit KTV three times once for middle of pack KTV and twice for high-end boutique style KTV (visited twice, two days in a row). All visits were scoped out and reserved by a local staff that was born and raised in SH. He knows mama ladies in each place.

Both locations were on Puxi (sp?) side and taxi fare was roughly $50 RMB to my hotel at Dongfang Lu in Pudong.

The first place (middle of the road KTV) was not overly impressed but OK for entertainment. Reasonably good looking ladies, from early 20s to late 20s, who know how to sing and to entertain their guests of the night. The room was reasonably furnished and decorated. Three of us went there and we had good time with six ladies. Total bill was $3,400 RMB for minimum cover (which I still dont know), tips for six ladies plus mama and one girls overnight out with one guy. I thought it was great fun for three guys

Then next two days, we spent two evenings at KTV, Pretty Bar, located at 4th floor of City Hotel in Puxi area. This KTV is small boutique style and high-end place. It has only 11 rooms and each room is appointed with classic and comfortable furniture, all bar wares are very fashionable, attending staff are all in very nice uniform (theme of military outfits) and courteous and attentive.

Most (80%) of Young ladies paraded through before us were absolutely gorgeous from the perspectives of face, body shape and level of grooming. All of the girls wear either gold or black evening dress which was very elegant.

We picked three girls and then I sent one back out and got new one. Six of us plus a barmaid (taking care of glasses, karaoke machine and the likes) had great time. Minimum consumption is $1,600 RMB plus tips. Structure of the tips are $400 RMB for each girl, $100 RMB for a runner (boy who get us hot towels, waters, drinks and the likes) and $100 RMB for a bar made. Chivas Regal scotch was $1,000 RMB and we had two bottles among seven of us.

At this KTV, mama san has no right or authority to mandate the girls to go out with their clients. I thought mama sans at these types of establishments would have degree of authority over the girls who work for the mama sans. However it would not work at this KTV. In any case, we had great time and left the place around midnight.

Prior to departure, one of our guys (SH local staff) talked to a mama san and arranged dinner date next day with same three girls and mama san for us. That was good move and he knows how to entertain his guests from corporate office. He asked whether I would be interested in having dinner with these fine young ladies. I said, what a silly question, especially the girl whom I had was perfect 10 on my book.

All of us got together a local restaurant at 7:00 p.m. for dinner. These young ladies looked even brighter and more beautiful in plain cloths and less make-ups. At second encounter, we felt much closer and playful. We all went back up to the KTV and had great time and Im sure everyone had further great time after we split after the KTV fun.

The girl I had for two days was working part-time at the KTV. At second day (after getting to know each other a bit more), she and I exchanged business cards and she has a legitimate job (again, a large US corporation) which surprised me a bit. $400 RMB tip per evening would not be too bad for part-time work. So she was not to crazy about going out with her guest for all night event. She is perfect 10 on my book oriental beauty. Ive been in a few night clubs for women in Asia/Pacific, Europe and Latin America; this was the one that a thought came to my heart that I can take this home. There was only one other case that I had similar thought a few years ago in Brazil. She and I have found reasonable compatibility and mutually agreed to remain in contact. Ive been in communications with her since returning to the States. Im looking forward to seeing her outside the KTV as a local girlfriend on my next visit.


The Master
08-16-04, 05:47
BBS in Shanghai

Went to a BBS at Hua Hai Road, near Wu Kong Rd, first time there, so I was wanting to try a foot massage in order to check out whatelse is available.

The Girl led me into the small semi open room, when I saw her, She asked me if I wanted massage, when I saw her, I changed my mind, saying, yes body massage.

the girl was not tall, but has a firm body and good size D cup rack, but more importantly, she is sweet.

Becasue of the room as kind of open and the door just had one sheet hanging at the door, so I was not intereted in any action in the room, instead, I was asking her if she could go out with me and go to my hotel. she agreed, and I had to buy the hours for her, 50RMB per hour, I bought 4 hours, so this is up to the end of the day, we went for some dinner... the went to my hotel for some hot action. Really GFF. and had her without the protection as we forgot the buy them.

Will go back to find her again when I go back to SH, don't remember her name as it was two month ago.