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Jungle Boy #3
08-16-04, 07:24
I left Shanghai last week to come to Japan, I will post my Japan trip later. I went to Rojam last week, and while packed, was much too young for me. Went to a place called Tokio Joes (also location of California club) looked like lot of potential. I got there late and my wingman was petering out. I stuck him in a cab home and then went back to the Four Seasons, I went to the 37th Floor Jazz club. When I walked in it was empty, two minutes a pro I had seen in there with my other friend walked in and said she would cut me a great deal. She was about 5-7 and a 7, with a great face and a nice set. We haggled a little bit and agreed on her pulling an all nighter and staying till I left for meetings in the morning. It was a GFE experience (after tough price negotiations), I have her number if anyone wants it, you can PM me.

Asian Monger #2
08-16-04, 11:14
Hello Gibson,

If you're moving to Shanghai or when in Shanghai, do look up BlankNameCruiser aka Blankie and Tapioca for the whole 9 yards or even 10 yards.

I've hooked up with them during my business trip to Shanghai this year and they have treated me very well. I'd definitely vouch for their hospitality and kindness toward brothers of WSG. You can PM Blankie for his contact number.



Visa Jim
08-16-04, 11:49
Hi Gibson

Very interesting report on the massage opposite Hilton.

Is it the Hilton on Ha San Rd?

Is it the one that is located at the back of the hotel? Just in front of the hotel there are a lot of small pubs and restaurants?



08-16-04, 12:55

Yes, take AM2's advice. Although Shanghai can be expensive, you do not have to pay 300RMB for a HJ. Blankie and Tapioca will show you where you can get better quality, FS, for 1/2 the price. These guys are veterans. Blankie is the undisputed King of Shanghai and Tapioca is the former, King of Beijing, recently relocated to Shanghai.

I have also had the honor and, the pleasure of mongering in their company. You rarely have a chance to hunt with the best.

Just my POV.


Shy Boy
08-16-04, 13:03
My friend lives on Guyang Lu in Gubei where a lot of new developments are being built. It is also home to about three BBS that were mentioned earlier because they were cleaner and better lit than many of the other scumholes we visit. Location is on Guyang Lu close to Yili Lu. After walking up and down the block once I walked into the one closest to Yili Lu, as there were genuine cuties in there. I picked the one that waved me in, and we went upstairs. It was around 6:30 pm in the evening and I was the only customer. It is indeed much cleaner and nicer than most of the places, but don't get me wrong, it's not the Hyatt. There are about four beds instead of chairs, each with a wrap-around curtain for privacy.

My girl was professional and friendly, a petite chick from Wenzhou (most of the girls there are from Zhejiang province) who started off with a decent head massage. Her hand inevitably wandered down, and she asked me if I wanted a massage down there. After asking a few questions, I learned that the BBS in that area only do HJ, nothing else. House fee (tai fe) is 50 RMB for 45 minutes, and extra hand service is another 50 RMB minimum. After some groping (no kissing or fingering that day), she helped me with the deed, then cleaned up and finished the massage. Given the location and the decent sanitary conditions, I was expecting a HJ and nothing more, and the price made sense. I've found that the cleaner and better lit the BBS is, the more expensive and less accomodating (in terms of other sexual activity) the ladies are.

A few km. west on Hongjing Lu and Hongsong Lu there are about six even higher end BBS, well lit at night and full of really cute girls (this area has been mentioned before as well). There, the house fee is usually 80-100 RMB, and the tip is usually an additional 100-200 RMB to the girl. Quite expensive for BBS, and business is usually reserved for the many Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean businessmen in the area. Again, it's cleaner and the girls are prettier, but limited in terms of variety of service (only HJ) and quite expensive. I ended up getting a freebie out of it after hitting it off with a Harbin beauty who gave me BJ and HJ at discounts and also came over for free a few times, but that cost me almost 1500 RMB through the course of two months. Worth a try if you have the cash, only want a HJ, and are looking for a long-term return, since the girls are prettier and cleaner.

Shy Boy
08-16-04, 14:48
Xinzha Lu and Chengdu Lu:

Got really wasted one night with some buddies who were living at the JW Marriott, and we asked the cabbie to take us to get "haircuts" at around 2 am in the morning around the hotel. The closest he could take us was on Xinzha Lu. The stretch of BBS here is pretty sorry; there are about 8 or 9 for about four or five blocks, with almost all of them full of really repulsive women.

We settled on the first one on the right (if you are on Chengdu Lu and Xinzha Lu facing away from Chengdu Lu). There is a blue neon light outside and a wooden door. Inside there are about 5 girls, only two of them decent. One went to my friend, the other went to me.

Surprisingly, the only thing they offered was a HJ for 50 RMB, which I think is pretty bargain basement. There are some chairs downstairs but most of the action is upstairs. I got the customary fingering and groping, but no BJ or FS...

...unless you're me, and end up returning over and over again for the same girl, who now calls nonstop and says she's in love with me. Ended up getting FS a few weeks ago, though we had to be discreet since I don't think the bosses downstairs allow it). I handed her 100 RMB for the treat, but she asked for 200 since it was the first time and I obliged after she promised to hook me up the next time for 100 RMB. She's about a 6, from Wenzhou, cute and friendly, though she inexplicably decided to call me after wacking off one of my friends. Great. I'd say stay away from all the other shops on this strip; there's a much more promising stretch of BBS on Changsou Lu north of Yan'an heading north; want to check that out one of these days.

On another note, I'm looking for some more partners in crime, dudes who don't go mongering ALL the time but are down for an occasional expedition following a night of cheap beer. I'm 26, American-born Chinese, speak the language, and usually spend my time at Pegasus or Guandii with other American kids my age. Thing is, I'd rather fuck around on the shady side rather than get a girlfriend or pick up on other expats. I have a full-time job that pays enough, but not enough for KTV every other night (which is my entertainment of choice). Basically, looking for people just like me, since my buds are heading back home pretty soon. Let me know if you're looking to make new friends.

Damn, I can't believe I just posted a personal ad for myself...on WSG!

Fun for Us
08-16-04, 16:48

new to Shanghai, and will start reporting my experiences soon.


Someone mentioned that he had no success with Adultfriendfinder. I subscribe to Adultfriendfinder.com, Asianfriendfinder.com and Alt.com and had great success with all three. It takes a little work, but than you get it all for free.

Member #1588
08-16-04, 19:17

So I got a couple more numbers from sina.com (thanks jman). In addition I had a friend help me out a bit with the chatrooms as well. (Don't even try unless you can read chinese or know a guy). I've seen about 10-12 girls and tried 2. Here's what my research has boiled down to so far:

* Every girls charges somewhere around 500 ST and 1000 ON. Depending on the place/girl, it may be +/- 100

* They all claim to be around 19-22 years old, 168-172cm, and 50-55kg. In reality there are some in their lower 20s, but most are in their mid-20s. Still, they seem much fresher than the average BBS girls. I'd say they range in the 6-7 range. Also if you notice their "specs" they are very much in the "average" body range. That is, dont expect any tight, slim bodies.

* Skill-wise, its ok to good, but nothing stellar (IMHO). Basic services, no AR (see reason below), no kissing, i'm not into DATY on 6-7 rated girls. Otherwise its just BBBJ and then go until your done.

* The environment is generally nice, clean, and safe. They are all in apartment buildings built 5-10 years ago. Fittings and furnishings are what you'd expect in a 2500-4000/month place. (think: laquered floors and bad overesized furniture) It gains cleanliness over the BBS, but lacks some of the benefits of the sauna. 1. I was not required/offered a shower, which I'm not sure why since i just came off the sweaty street. 2. No AR, which I assume is because I was dirty. Very rarely you may be stopped by a door man. I'm asian, not sure how it will be if you are laowai, etc.

* In every place, I was first offered a drink and to sit on the couch. Most apartments had 2 or 3 girls. They were in various states of hanging out: watching TV, eating dinner, SMS'ing, etc. You just sit and watch tv, chat, or just go to one of the bedrooms. Every place was cool with me walking out if I didn't see anything I liked. I just said something like: "I'll come back later at night."

I think its worth it if you find someone you like. Iin my personal experience, I didn't think it was extremely great or worth it because I haven't found "my type" there yet. As I've said, the girls have very, what I consider, average bodies. They are all in that 5'3"-ish range. Its just that 50kg or 110 lbs is kinda flabbby on chinese girls.

After reading that, if you want to get some numbers, PM me. Jman, message me if you care, but I've seen these girls give out their info, numbers, and locations within 2 minutes of chatting.

Now, what would be even better is a trade: Please tell me where I can get some young (22-), slim (45kg/95lbs or less),average to tall height (170+), pretty/cute girls with decent hygene. I'm assuming it will be somewhere in the 800-1000+ rmb range. Think korean pop-star, japanese AV girl, etc. I suppose she would probably be at a KTV, anyone up for a run?

So as I always say, the search continues.

ps: Yuping Sauna (Zun Yi Lu & Yu Ping Lu) charges 650 rmb if you say some japanese guy recommended the place (Only do this if you are asian, don't f*ck up the deal). Thursday midnight had three 6.5-7 range girls, 30+ minute wait for new talent, didn't bite. It's 98rmb for just the shower/sauna and they are cool about taking off. The guy said 4-6pm is the best time.

pps: 6 BBS strip near Guyang lu posted a while back only offers HJ. Thanks for the info but please everyone be more descriptive and precise in the future. I don't want to dog on fellow members and great contributors, but its REALLY hot now and not especially nice to cruise around aimlessly looking for a place only to find that it is "semi" satisfying.

Member #1588
08-16-04, 19:27
SINA (Continued)

After I just finished that last post, I took a look at the 'Photo Section'. That wuxi girl is fairly representative of the girls I've seen in the apartments. To me, she's just ok, but is definitely not in her early 20s. In any case, it seemed that alot of guys liked her, so if she's your thing, then SINA is a potential goldmine.

Also, I failed to mentioned that I'm not sure if they take laowai. They also only speak chinese.

Black Jack
08-17-04, 01:19
Quick question for ya fellas: What does it mean if a girl's snatch really stinks?

I had a freebie yesterday, and she was giving me a bj. I was about to go for daty (actually she kept pushing my head towards there), but I just couldn't do it becos of the stench. She was extremely wet and I ended up fingering her, but even with that, my finger smelled even with repeated washing with soap afterwards.

I know no girls smell like a bed of roses there, but when the smell is really strong, is it an inidication of anything?


Tequila Kid
08-17-04, 02:47
Black Jack,

Depends on the smell, could be hygiene.

Most working girls are good about keeping those parts clean. But a part-timer or freebie may just have the horny's and has not gone through the trouple of cleaning herself.

A freebie I met in Beijing had bad breadth and poor kissing technique. Made me wonder why I bothered talking her up and bringing her to hotel.

Hope it was nothing worse than hygiene.


Xiao Ma
08-17-04, 03:28
If she is very active in bed then I guess that's normal. I'm a bit strange I like girls with strong smell turn me on.

But if it smell of dead fish may be she is not clean or sick or have strong discharge. No go for me.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

08-17-04, 08:04

Yes, it's STD.


08-17-04, 10:42
Hi guys,

I'm totally pissed off at work, so I thought I'd catch up with the gossip:

Black Jack

Stinking holes - Any connoisseur of the “Fish Supper” will have had their fair share of a ripe one.

My mates used to say “Always go down on a Pro – just to check for stitch marks and the pox”. Words of wisdom indeed, as it’s saved me from Herpes for sure in the past, when I open a girl up for my first “munch” - there they were – little open sores staring at me! Another escape was with and a rather beautiful woman in Singapore, who turned out to be a post op TS (who gave the best blowjob I’ve ever had – bar none - incredible), but there have been a few aromatic ones that I’ve continued to munch and paid the price:

Reasons could be many, but here is my 4penneth:

1. She naturally has a stinking hole – I had a GF for a while (for nearly a year – don’t ask me why I put up with it) and she just smelled like the slops bin out the back of a fish and chip shop in the heat of summer! OK, she was an absolute Babe, but why o why did I stick with it.
2. Thrush – quite distinctive because she will have a Yeasty taste (I know, I’m sick, but I love it) You’ll find out a day or two later, when your foreskin is glued to your bell-end with white sticky goo. Easy to fix – Live Yoghurt plastered liberally over your old man or wide spectrum anti fungal cream (I think that’s what it’s called anyway) Don’t mistake the antifungal cream for toothpaste (serious – whilst being bleary eyed one morning, I did!) Mind you, it cured my bad breath.

3. This one is a guess, but I believe Chlamydia can stink ?? – an extremely wide spread STD that people often don’t know they have – but your missus will know a week later ! No big issue, it’s a weak bacteria that Ampicillin and Tetracycline will get rid of in one dose (excuse the pun). I never had any symptoms, but the missus ended up smelling like the Pro I’d picked up the week before. It leads to interesting bedtime discussions, believe me, especially when I get caught trying to spike her food with Antibiotics!

4. Finally, it could simply be that she needs to take a shower!
Funnily enough, with all the holes munched, I’ve never gone down (sorry) with a sore throat or had any ulcers or anything – just the occasional drippy dick.


One hell of a report - did you get the skinny girls number?
It would be good to have a decent “sandwich”, I’ve had a few in China but they have been no where as good as the ones you get in Thailand. Your girl would bring a smile to anyone’s face. Any chance of a PM with her number on it (I also can exchange a few if you are back in Shanghai)?


Sina – what Chat page do you use?

Sina is a complicated chat room when you are relying on limited Mandarin skills. Can you give more details on the exact page you were using?

Ah well, back to work for me - my secretary has just walked in – unfortunately, she’s pig ugly - my Wife chose her!


Mike Bang II
08-17-04, 14:35
Hi Masters,

My first posting. For first 6 months I had no idea about Shanghai activities except few HJ type BBS. My first experience in SH was in a high end KTV, where I spend more than 3000 RMB for 2hour service -a true sucking!Then later I came to know about this great forum. Next day I went through a minimum of 1000 reports and got all info I was looking for. Thanks! Since then I have been able to get some nice ladies at a fair price and some freebies too.

I will post my fair price and freebie experiences in coming days.


08-17-04, 15:07
Hi re smelly holes,

Yep my Doc friend says if the holiest of holes smells bad then pull out. I had a chick who had what looked like cream in her hole and phew-clamidya or whatever? What amazes me is how many guys DATY and allow HJs with no condoms-crazy with strangers and working girls!! IMHO

Those who do need to visit clap clinic to be sure.

Mock A Bee
08-17-04, 16:46
Black Jack,

Snatches have a range of perfume from no smell at all to just plain smelly snatches, though nothing technically wrong. Thus far I have only encountered one smelly snatch on a Chinese girl who I also have avoided DATY, and it seems most asian women don't have a smelly snatch.

Sometimes women have very active baterial flora inside their vaginas due to all kinds of reasons like high stress, panties that do not breath, taking certain medications, etc. And/or their vagina is not lubricating enough to normally create a natural washing effect that doesn't remove enough bacteria and leftover mentrual blood and tissue leftover from her period. Diet can technically have an effect, though I think it is not that relevant.

Rare, but some asian women don't wash their vulva very well or often enough and that can result in an extra smelly snatch, though may not be spoiled and still be "safe to eat". (sorry! ha!)

It could also mean an infection of some sort depending on the type of smell. Also, if you see a whitish "cheesy" discharge (medical term not mine!) it could be a yeast infection. I would absolutely avoid having sex with a girl who curently has a yeast infection. You can give your own penis a yeast infection (even if you are careful with using a condom though I still don't recommend it!) and infect any other orifice you come in contact with such as another sex partner's vagina or anus. Not so good if you have a wife or girlfriend and VERY hard to explain when applying gynelotrimin to your dick and your significant other asks you what the hell you are doing.

In all, if the vagina you are encountering just smells like any regular vagina only 100x more stong, it often just means she just has an extra smelly snatch. She could also have just recently had unprotected sex and her sex partners cum was still inside her vagina brewing away for a few hours, or she may not have washed her vulva recently enough.

If you figure out that she just smells really strong naturally, help her wash her vulva before you want to DATY, especially between both sets of lips, rinsing with a lot of water really well, then go to town!

BJ Boy
08-17-04, 17:33
Dude that's not good! Did she shower first? It's not true, some girls DO smell like a bed of roses down there or at least don't have any unpleasant smell at all. It may mean she has some infection or virus, but could also just be her in the same way that some people have bad breath, some don't. Either way, good job you did not go there with your tongue!

08-17-04, 20:34
Black Jack,

A smell down there typically results from an infection caused by bacteria. It also can be due to harmless bacteria which are part of the natuarl fauna of the female sexual parts.

But if the smell really was that bad it is most likely due to a certain kind of bacteria. Medicines call them clamydia trachomatis.

Approx. 10% of the population are infected with these guys.

They can be smoothly treated with antibiotics, but if the girl additionally is infected with a viral disease (like HIV), then HIV can be transmitted much easier. The bacteria act like a carrier for the virus.

So please always be careful and protect yourselfes.


EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: This is interesting, but you might consider re-posting it under the Safe Sex topic in the Special Interests section of the Forum where it will benefit the Forum Members who are specifically looking for this type of information. Thanks!

08-18-04, 01:29
Black Jack,

I am not a doctor, but it sounds like a yeast infection to me.


Asian Monger #2
08-18-04, 01:55
Where's Blankie & Tapioca? They've been real quiet lately!

Steve H
08-19-04, 00:35

I'll be in Shanghai in two weeks. Any suggestion on the best place KTV/club/escort agency etc. to pick up high quality girls? I don't like BBS. Thanks in advance.


08-19-04, 13:14
I learned this from a friends father at a young age:

"If it tastes like chicken, keep on lickin'...
If it smells like trout, get the fuck out!"

As one of the biggest fans offish tacos this has served me well.

I know of many girls who smell like roses, and taste of the sweetest honey. If you don't then sorry for you!


08-19-04, 15:26

Recommendation please!

Would you prefer for mongering the Hilton or the Marriott on west Nanging ?

Message here or Pm me please!

Black Jack
08-20-04, 01:20
Thanks for all the comments regarding the stinky situation!
Whatever the reason for that smell, there is no chance in hell I'll be going down there.
I agree when sometimes the smell is actually a turn on, but this smell just didn't do it for me.


Black Jack
08-20-04, 01:24

Depends on what type of mongering you want to be doing. If you are talking about walking distance around the hotels, I would suggest Marriot, because you will be about 10-15 mins walkin distance to a number of bbs (north of Nanjing Lu). Theres also some massage places in that area.

For Hilton, walking wise theres the oil massage/hj parlor thats been mentioned quite a bit. Also Julu at night for the bars and sw. Either way, the hotels aren't really far away from each other, and if you take a taxi to any of those mongerin destinations, the meter barely jumps.


Roversman 999
08-20-04, 02:37
I have nothing to add on the subject of smelly pussy having just found a sweet one.
Was in Shanghai this week and none of my old freebie friends were responding to my calls. Saw an ad for ladies night on wednesday nights in Zapatas so visited there. Was GREAT.
Free margaritas for all ladies so they were lapping it up. A few oversized white women there but some nice half drunk office types around.
Sat around at bar and was "talked " to by a few nice ones and by a few worknig girls too. Eventually got myself selected by a cutie from Wuxi who was here on a limited visit. Danced, bumped, grinded etc.. she was with her sister and thought we may have a threesome but not tonight. Anyways, no issue about us going back to my hotel.
As regular readers will know, Im still struggling to get it "up" but turns out it wasnt needed. After a lengthy session with my finger.. she rolled her eyes up and said that was better than making love. She said she had "flown" five times. It turns out flown was come...anyways she then made me fly ( and yes you can fly without a hard on) and we went to sleep. Next day we had breakfast together.. and she then asked if i could give her money for clothes. That was OK with me... I gave her RMB 400.. she said thats wrong.. a bad umber.. make it 300 or 500.. i gave her 500.. and she ran away. I figured that was the end.. but she came back after ten minutes with a cute gift for me....
Definately worth a repeat vistit ( the girl and Zapatas!!)

08-20-04, 04:27
as a precaution, i want to take some medication for chlamydia/gonnorhea. can anyone recommend first, what i should take, and second, where i can go to get the medications? i don't show any symptoms and i don't bareback, but it's just one of those things.

Member #4198
08-21-04, 03:25

Im not so sure about anaphylactic treatment of STD. But if u did come in contact with the clap or gono the best med to use is Azithromycin. It come in a 1 gram intramuscular shot, or use can take 2 of 250mg on the first day, and then 1 everyday for 2 more days. Gono u have to becareful, its may require more antibiotics. I know how much it sucks to use a parachute, but it sure beats ur xiaodidi in a sling! Good luck, and if u have any questions let me know. Im a pharmacist in case ur wondering.

Comrade 2255
08-21-04, 05:13
Do bb ladies wash the customer's wang first?

08-21-04, 05:33
Steve H,

I agree with you that higher quality girls can be gotten at the KTVs. Here's a list of some of my favorites:

Jin Se Yang Guang: 6208-8888
Pinnochio Club: 6209-0998
Tian Shang Ren Jian: 3207-0147

PM me if you need numbers for the mommies. However, be forewarned, it's best if you speak Chinese, or go with someone who speaks Chinese. Also, the cost is high, so you want to go with a group of people, not by yourself:

Room fee: 700 (Usually for 3-4 guys plus the girls in the room. Larger rooms cost more money. Alcohol included in the room fee depending on the price of alcohol consumed.)
Tip to Mommy: 300
Tip to Tea girl: 200
Tip to each girl who sits with you: 300

So, no action already costs you around 1500RMB. If you ask the girl out, it is negotiable, but it ranges from an additional 800-1200 for all night.

If you want value for money, you head off to the BBS's as listed in the forum. However, if you're entertaining customers or the big boss is in town, this is the way to go. Another option of course is to go to KTV's in other Chinese cities, which are much, much cheaper. Good Luck.


Shy Boy
08-22-04, 11:36
BBS report:

After a night of fun drinking, my buddy and I decided to forego our usual visit to our Xinzha Lu HJ shop and check out some places along Changle Lu. Earlier that evening I was sure that I saw tons of BBS on my way to dinner, but at 3 am in the morning we only came across one between Ruijin Lu and another street east of it.

This place had some decent looking girls, but most looked unhappy and paid us little attention as we debated over which ones were the best. This was after we talked the price down from 200 RMB for BBBJ to 150 RMB. Later on, my girl told me that they originally thought we were Japanese since we were speaking English (perhaps a no no?) and so charged us the foreigner price (200 RMB for BJ and 400 for FS compared to 300 for locals).

Anyway, I picked a rotund but cute-faced Anhui girl and we headed toward the back. As usual, I can't get my rocks off with the way these girls blow, plus the alcohol made it hard to really enjoy myself, so as I've done with all my other BBS visits I had to finish myself off. Still, the CIM part was worth the 150. Overall decent quality and similar service to the Huangpi Lu stalwarts.

Note: When we got into the cab and told him we wanted a "haircut," he couldn't believe we actually wanted to cut our hair this early in the morning. When he finally figured out what we were looking for he, he told us the proper terminology for BBS in Chinese is "Fa3 Lang2." Also told us that he and other drivers go out to the boonies for fun, and that prices are ridiculously cheap there. On a slow day, he mentioned, a guy could get FS with two girls for 100 RMB. He refused to give us details, however, so I guess this is one trade secret I won't be able to crack anytime soon.

08-23-04, 23:40
Can anyone tell me if it is possible to purchase Viagra in Shanghai without a prescription?


08-24-04, 00:55
You can buy Viagra in sex shops. Is it real? I dunno. They sell the pills usually individually for RMB 100/pcs. I would only consider immidiate consumtion in a nearby place, just in case you got a fake.

If you fly in via Hong Kong, in HK you can buy Viagra or Cialis in almost any pharmacy (except the very big ones, Watson, Mannings). The 4 Pack is around HK$300 for Viagra, Cialis is a bit more expensive.

08-24-04, 14:55
My final day in SH, a day before my passport was stolen in the subway but I managed to get an emergency one. So after visiting the police station I was ready for a final massage and went to a parlor behind the Pujiang hotel at Huangpu lu, accross the Wai Tan bridge. I'm so sorry that I don't remember the streetname of the parlor, but its really close, like turn the first to your left and you will see it a few crossings later.

The girl I chose - a real cutie but no english - took me upstairs, and starts to massage me for 50 RMB, later a second one comes in asks me if she can join, but I didnt like her looks so I said no. Unfortenately I don't speak mandarin and I pointed at my little bro. She asked 100. Fine with me. While she was busy doing the job I touched under her shirt and she let me, but no kissing. Too bad I was really hormy so it didnt take a long time b4 I came.

I went downstairs, payed the girl the amount she agreed for and left.

So check it out, maybe you can experience more when you speak the right language.


08-25-04, 05:30
Hey guys! For Sauna fans:

I visited a new Sauna (2 months into operation) on Honggmei Road. I find it a much better enviromanet than XingHuaiHai or TongrenYuan.

Location: Yun Shan Sauna (Cloudy Mountain) No. 2911 Hongmei Road, 4th floor. It's about a block north from YanAnRoad. On the entrance of the Hongmei Rd. food alley (Thai food, Indian food and Japanese). There is a barber shop on the first floor (did not try) the sauna is locate on the 4th floor. Drawback: YOu have to climb up, no eleveator.

Price: RMB1000 for the room including a private bath. The girl will bath with you too. They only have one such vip room. If you take the communal shower and private room is only RMB650. The price includes the usual sauna routine of fire and ice BBBJ, whole body licking and rubbing and rimming and of course FS.

Comment: New place! Clean, discreet and secured. Very friendly boss and open pricing. They tell you the prices at the door. I chatted with the manager, mamasan and girl. There are about 15 girls, all experienced and worked in othe Saunas such as Thomson and XHH. Best time to visit as with any Saunas is around 4 - 6pm due to best selection and most girls are still fresh for the day. They mainly cater Japanese and Koreans.

Overall, i find the place comfortable, clean and reasonably priced. Highly recommended! Give it a try while in the area.

Happy hunting!

Baby Huey
08-25-04, 19:34
Is there any sites on the fun in Shanghai? With a map locations. I am making my first trip to Shanghai in years, in November. Which I heard Shanghai has change a lot in the last 5 years. Beside the WSG, whch is great I would love to find some other sites with infor to!

Baby Huey
08-25-04, 20:09
Has anybody used a escort service in Shanghai? I found a service call shanghaiescort.com or chinaescort.com? Any information would be great. They state for a $99 fee you get complete access to list of escort in Shanghai and throughout China. Communcate with the escort directly and the fee run between $40 to $70 U.S. per meeting. Sound good, but we all have heard these deals before. Anybody know any thing?

Da Dan Gao
08-26-04, 00:58

Found a full service BBS on DingXi Rd between XinHua Rd and FuHuaZhen Road, it is easy to spot as the only one on this section and picture of two blond girls sucking their fingers on the front entrance!

They offer FS for 400 RMB and BBBJ for 200 RMB. There are around 4-5 girls working there and the quality is around 5-7 in my book.

You should note that they only have one room for FS, so you may wait in one of the smaller cubicles until there is room or settle for a BBBJ. All good for those who wait!


08-26-04, 04:44
This is my first posting, but have been a faithful reader of the WSG for quite some time. Here is the link to a Shanghai mapo to those who need it:


We miss Tapioca, Blankie, BlackNameCruiser, Cronin and the likes. I notice the reports lately have drifted to high-class procurement, instead of economical mongering.

Escort Services in Shanghai? Why bother with high-cost girls when the holes are the same without any guaranty of good attitude and quality. Go to Rojam, Julu Lu, Bourbon Street, Park 97, etc. and you can get cooperative girls for RMB600 at the most for the whole night (univ. students, secretaries, etc.). If you pay more, you destroy the local economy and our mongering brother's pockets. Short term FS is RMB150-300 while BBBJCIM is RMB120-150.

08-26-04, 11:06

My sentiments exactly.


08-26-04, 13:21
The Factory at 385 Danshui Lu has been shut down. Some of the "Assets" have moved to 143 Nanchang Lu. You can get BBBJ+Fire (no ice) and FS for RMB200 (I usually pay RMB150 for being a loyal customer - he...he...). The place is much cleaner, complete with separating wooden walls and real massage chairs. Check it out and tell Lao Pan that Filipino sends you guys his way. Plenty of supply there.

For those wanting a real treat, go to Skyline Spa by the Holiday Inn where you can get sauna, soak, massage, whole body cat bath, AR and BBBJCIM for RMB600.

Come on gang, let's share the info. and get this forum exciting again. We need to hold down the fort for blankie, tapioca, blacknamecruiser and the likes.

08-26-04, 14:29
It is very important to keep the price down at establishments like sauna. Bargaining is a way of life in China. The first price quoted is based on a minimum 20-25% margin. But most of our laowai friends just pay what they ask and make it difficult for others too.

I find the BBS actions though very cheap, is very mechanical. Just fire a shot and no much fun. Probably that is the reason for most of us concentrating more on mid-range places like sauna.

The laowai residents have an option of having a paid girlfriend for 2 hours during weekends. Cheap and good, cost under RMB200

Economical mongering like BBS may not be suitable for most of the new visitors. It is very good to know students are available for RMB600 LT! Will try this next time.


Baby Huey
08-26-04, 14:56
What is a good business hotel to stay at, that is guest friendly, and close to the best action; Ideally walking distance?

Edgar Smythe
08-26-04, 23:06
On the advice here, I went to the Yu Ping Sauna two nights ago and had an interesting experience.

The 650 RMB trick worked at the front counter (but then again I know a bit of Mandarin).

When you go in, they want you to strip nude and put all your stuff in a locker. They give you a ziplock for your cell phone or whatever else you want to keep with you. I kept a daypack with my wallet and supplies.

Then you take a shower, then they offer you a hot soak pool, a steambath and a sauna, all of which I declined.

Then you go to a room with two big TVs and lots of those lounge chairs common to such establishments. You are served a complementary plate of watermelon slices and you can order a beer or soft drink. Qing Dao was 20 RMB as it turned out.

There were two and then three women giving foot massages in that room but I didn't get a turn at that. I did wait a long time, nearly an hour, before being taken upstairs to get a massage.

In spite of having told the guy in bad Mandarin that I wanted to see all the girls, asking how many he had, being told that there were 15, and saying I wanted to choose, I was shown to a dark clean massage room with two tables and one girl, and was asked "OK?".

The girl was about an 8 I thought, so I said fine. She had my lie down on the table and proceeded to give me a very firm pressure massage for about 10 minutes, which I liked.

Then she asked if I wanted to have sex, and I said sure. She left the room saying she wanted to get "something", and was away for about 5 minutes.

When she came back, she asked me to take off my clothes. I asked her to do the same, and she did. She was shy about her small breasts, which I thought were really nice and perky.

She then gave me the "Fire and Ice" BJ, which I had not had before and which was great. She would have done it BB but I try to be safe and had brought my own condoms (I'm kind of big so I need to bring my own).

After a few minutes of that, she tried to get on top of me, but I took over and put her on her back, then eased into her. She started off shy and soon turned into a sex maniac.

She was calling me "Shifu" (teacher? master?) after a while.
She seemed to be really really into it. I don't know if she's just an insatiable nympho, if I really am a sex god, or if she just liked my bigger cock, or maybe she's an amazing actress.

I went through 3 condoms and when, after 1/2 hour or so, I said I didn't have any more she seemed to be ready to go BB.

I wanted to wash off, because I'm paranoid, but she really didn't want me to leave. She kept pointing at her crotch and saying "more?" then she said "you don't like me?" and then she offered to massage me. Finally she became resigned to the fact that I wasn't staying and she called downstairs, then put me on the phone.

"Massage ok?" the man asked? "Hun how" I answered (very good). I tried to give her a 100 RMB tip because she was so fantastic, but she became almost frightened at that and waved it away frantically.

So we got dressed and she walked me to the top of the stairs, then kissed me goodbye.

Then I had to go through the gauntlet again in order to get to the showers -- one real drawback of this place. I much prefer a shower in the room.

But the experience left me wondering: Why was she so nervous about me leaving before the entire hour was up? Was she afriaid she'd be beaten for not satisfying? Was she a prisoner up there? Why was she afraid of accepting a tip?

The sex was great and she was incredibly enthusiastic about it, but the experience was still strange.

08-27-04, 04:33
To JimHart69,

Centrally located: Ramada in Nanjing Road (pedestrian road in the midst of shopping district). Also Park Hotel, Overseas Hotel (but service is not so good) in downtown area.

Close to bars (some pretty wild): Equatorial Hotel, close to Julu Lu.

In Pudong: the Shangri-La (the bar downstairs is a good venue)

It depends on your budget. All those hotels are girl-friendly. If you can lower the standard a bit by staying at a 3 to 4 - star hotels, they typically have massage or barber shop facilities downstairs. You do not have to do anything since the receptionist will forward the info. that there is a "man" checking in and you WILL get phone calls in the evening asking whether or not you need companion. Typically massage is RMB250-300 with hand release, while FS500-600. Do not pay more so that you do not destroy the balance of trade.

Shanghai Bound
08-27-04, 22:27

The Crowne Plaza on Panyu Rd is a vry nice hotel. Guest friendly, good bar (Charlies), and several massage places down the street. Also a fine tepanyaki restaurant across from the entrance with another good "girl" bar upstairs. See earlier posts re this hotel.


08-29-04, 12:07
There has been some discussion on economical mongering. How cheap is cheap in Shanghai? Try this option.

During my last trip to Yuping, I asked the girl if she can provide home service. The girl was 22 y/o Liu Mong from Dalian, light weight, good face and good service. For light weight please do not expect a great boobs!

Home service : Yes
Price : 800 RMB Quoted, Agreed 700 RMB (LT), for one person
Service : Any thing as Sauna + bathing together+a good massage in between session.
No. of shots : As many you want
Service day : her off days (3 days a week)

Can provide sevice for 2 on the same trip : Yes
Price : 1000RMB Quoted, Agreed 800RMB (1.5 -2 hours service for each, 1-2 hour rest in between), Expect food during rest hour.
No. of shots : Depends how long you take to fire, if you pump for more than 20 minutes per shot, then restrict to one for each, Quick fire can have 2 shots. Maximum duration 5 hours including rest hour (Planning to have this option with one of my buddies)
Is it not economical ?

Any one wish to have Liu Mong's number, PM me. She can also arrange other girls (may be at a price)


Nick Ubo
08-30-04, 04:52
I will be taking my first trip to Shanghai next week and am eager to try out and adding to the reports on some of the places mentioned here. However, I'm not sure where my hotel is located with respect to the places most often mentioned here. Can anyone tell me whether there are any places within a reasonable distance from the Xingyuan business hotel? It's located at 509 Caobao Rd. On the map, it looks like the southwest corner of the city. Also, does anyone know if that particular hotel is girl friendly?

Thanks in advance for any help.

08-30-04, 06:43

the girls can get into trouble with "the house" if they don't satisfy their customer. it's just like any business. that's why if you want to leave early, their first inclination is to think that you are not satisfied. i'm assuming this is because there is no shortage of girls who will do the job and the job is quite well paying. usually in the MPs, at the end they will put you on the phone to confirm if everyting was in order, and then you confirm the tip. as for you tipping her, tipping is forbidden directly to the girl. if a girl accepted a tip, and if word got out, it could also cause her problems. sure, she may not tell anyone, but who knows if you would tell someone, and then word got around?

as for you bringing your daypack in, it's pretty safe to leave your things in the locker. bringing your daypack around is a pretty "foreigner" thing to do. you know the saying - "when in rome..." alot of hj places actually would probably not let you take that in, worried that you would bring condoms in.

08-30-04, 10:50

In most massage places, the house collect the money for the girls and pay the girls bi-weekly. None is forced to work there but the house does lay down some very strict rule to best satisfy the customers.

First, no tips are allowed. Actually, the tips are included in what you pay the house. No tips are allowed outside that because everything in China is subjected to bargain. If tips are allowed, you would get girls trying to hassle you for whatever tips possible. As a customer, you are not going to be happy.

Second, they get pay deducted panelty if the customer leaves earlier. Again, if this rule is not followed strictly, girls will try to get you out of door the second you come! So is the phone confirmation.

So, you can see why she's worry that you try to give her tips and leave earlier. Not necessary a good thing for her.


The actually strip search the girls as the come out from the room to make sure none of the customer's belonging is stolen.

08-31-04, 03:24
i have been reading some of the posts here because I am interested in going to the far east. I see people mentioning
bbs. Am I to assume Barebacksex?

Shanghai is a probable visit so I am interested as a first time visitor on what to expect and where to go. I would appreciate advice from fellow mongers.

08-31-04, 03:28
Regarding girls stealing from guests:

I actually had some experience with a girl lifting some items. It was in a hotel in Shenzhen and I ordered a "house" girl for FS. when I checked out the hotel asked me if I took/used some items in the bathroom (for sale items), including perfume and body lotion. I told the hotel that I did not use/take any. They then asked me if I had any "friend"visiting that could have done it. That was embarrasing! But I was pissed so quietly I told them that I had a "house" girl the night before. The hotel then called the manager for the "house girls" who promptly paid the hotel for the items lifted and the "house girl" manager apologized to me and gave me a discount coupon for my next trip.

So, it is true that they go out of their way to ensure that the guests are satisfied.

08-31-04, 03:35
I went to Maoming Lu BJ Factory last night around 9:00 pm. It was practically empty. It was funny that the girls said it was a slow night since the night was "cold". Actually it was a nice evening with some breeze. Cold? Far from it, but Chinese people do not like cold weather, especially strong wind. I asked Lao Pan to give me recommendation and he told me there were some new comers. He recommended 2 girsl for me to choose from but I had a hard time doing so since they both were attractive so I took both of them. Wow, I was in heaven with one girl taking care of Johnie while the other tended to my balls. Damage: 250 for both.
Anyone interested can pm me.

08-31-04, 04:16
You did not read too well.

BBS = Barber Shop

08-31-04, 07:49
New BBS series on Changde Lu:

Not sure if this has been covered in previous reports. Anyway, I had dinner on Changde Lu the other day and I just told my colleagues that I ate too much and would like to take a walk. Actually, I spotted a series of BBS and wanted to check them out. They are ALL possibilities. I went to 2 BBS one after another and got BBBJCIM for Y130 and the other charged me Y150 (but the place was much nicer & cleaner, and the girls were of higher quality). I gave a little more on the second one since I just changed my oil and it took me a while to squirt the second time around. She was very patient and

Location: As you walk out from the Portmann Hotel, turn right and go for two blocks. Then turn right on Changde Lu and go for approximately 5 blocks or so. The BBS are all on the left side of the road. Actually there are so many BBS within several blocks but their quality varies.

Happy Hunting.

08-31-04, 10:12
To iamlookin,

On the left hand column of the report there is a section for Forum Abbreviations. You can find a list of non-Oxford Dictionary entries.

08-31-04, 14:09

Have you ever checked out the "Terms & Abbreviations" link at the top of your brower next to FAQ?


09-01-04, 04:09
I've just learned that I'm off to Shanghai tomorrow on a last minute trip. I've read about 10 pages of posts and don't have time to read anymore so I'm wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me the quick and dirty on where to go to try for freebies. Clubs, universities, coffee shops, etc. Anyplace where you've had success meeting local girls (who speak english too?).

I've got plenty of info on where to go if I strike out on plan A :-)

Thanks guys.

Mike Bang II
09-01-04, 13:13

I find Yu Ping as very service oriented. The phone confirmation is for you feed back. Generally girls will oblige for most of service you want. When the service is good, leaving the room early is very unusal. May be she must have got a wrong signal.

Did you get choose from the lot? Good. Some days the collection is very good 8-9 grade is easily available. We must check for a lower price if the services are not used.


The 800 rmb for 2 sounds interesting. Have you tried this? Appreciate your repot.


St Germain
09-02-04, 03:07
Back in Shanghai after a few weeks in the US.

Saw there is a new massage place opened up on Weifang Lu (in Pudong), on the south side of the road, west of Dongfang Lu. Given the concentration of BBS in the area, I figured it might just be a more upscale version. Unfortunately, it's completely legit. The girl I had was gorgeous with perfect teeth and a sweet smile. But just massage (with all my clothes on even!) and no sign of anything extra. Give it a miss.

However, I wonder if it is worth the investment to go there a few times to build rapport with the girl and eventually get her to come to my place? The damage for the fully clothed Thai-style massage is 78 kuai per hour (vs. 200 kuai for no-nonsense FS in a nearby BBS, albeit with a less attractive girl). So I don't know if it is a wise investment. Has anyone else here had much success doing this?

Anyway, after the massage, I walked about two blocks west to a few BBS (still on Weifang Lu, south side of the road, west of Laoshan Donglu). There are 3 right next to each other. Walked into the middle one. No private rooms in the back, just partitioned beds. No FS, just BJ or fire & ice. Not a great environment, so I just walked out, forgot to ask the prices. I would give these places a miss unless you are in a hurry and need a quick fix.

So still in desperate need to clear out the pipes, I went back to my favorite Shangcheng Lu BBS (first one west of Yuanshen Lu). Grabbed a 6 and went in the back, FS for 200.

Interestingly, the girl said business has been slow lately because the LE has been getting stricter. She said the cops haven't come to their place, but fewer customers are coming. So I wonder if there is a crackdown going on in Shanghai like the one in Shenzhen and Guangzhou that I have been reading about. Anyone know what is going on?


09-02-04, 12:38
The Nanchang FS factory has a short girl with blonde hair (dyed). FS session is as usual at RMB200, but then during the session she asked if I would like to do her through the back door (anal) for additional RMB100. I said I would like it if her back door is tighter than the front, but not for RMB100. Anyway, I got BBBJ, FS and Anal for a total of RMB275. I can't remember her name but she is short.

09-02-04, 13:24
Went to the "tea house" on Yan An Rd. the other night and had a terrible experience. I went in and there were only 2 girls "available". Picked a cuter one who brought me upstairs. I then found out that the place was deserted as there was no one else there. The girl turned on the TV and the karaoke machine (with awful sound system). Then someone delivered some tea. The girl did not want to do anything and kept asking me if I wanted to drink something else (yeah..right, costing money). I tried to finger her and she said she had her period. I decided to leave and on the way out there was this one guy kept yelling at me asking me to pay for the tea. I said I did not drink mine and if there was anyone to pay, the girl should pay since she did drink her tea.

I think this place is getting deserted. Anyone with a more positive experience there?

Shanghai Jan
09-03-04, 05:25
YuPing Hotel Sauna,

Checked the joint out yesterday.

After the shower, I was led to the lounge and served some drinks. When I was ready I called for the massage and the gal said 100RMB for massage and 100RMB for the tips. I told her I wanted a package was immediately was turned down as saying no such packages available.

So I called for the Captain. And told him that I was introduced and wanted a 600RMB package. Another guy then came and insisted that they did not have and who introduced me and which no. gal was introduced.

I got a bit cheesed and said that if it was so troublesome forget it, he then told me to wait. And was arranged. It may seem irritating but it serves as a security for both them and us who patronise the place.

JiangSu Gal, 24yr old, 36C rack with creamy skin.

10min massage followed by a 20 min "bing huo" all over my body. And AR too. Not very tight below.

All positions allowed and I even stuck my finger in her ass when doing doggy.

Overall nice environment and service compared to 74DongZhuAnBang where its straight wet wipes to clean your ass and down to business. Here the full hour is maximised to max.


09-04-04, 14:16
I will be visiting Shanghai for three days in mid-September, staying in Portman hotel. Is the hotel girl friendly?
Any recommendations for freelancer places/streets nearby?


09-06-04, 03:22

The Ritz Portman is somewhat girl friendly. They have tight security, but I was never stopped bringing either a gf or pro to the room.

However, the pro may ask you to take her downstairs to the taxi stand as security shakes them down for RMB100 "fee". I was bringing a girl to my room and while waiting at the elevator in the lobby, security stood right behind her, sort of intimidating. Found out she had been avoiding paying the RMB100 fee.

09-06-04, 04:28
To Knobrm,

The rule at Portmann is the same as those at any other 4 or 5 star hotels in Shanghai. In general, they will go out of their way not to embarras the guests and to show their flexibility (friendliness) toward the guests.

Ensure that the girl you are bringing does not dress like a **** ready to pounce any zipper. If she dresses decently, just talk to her normally (any subject other than the intended objective) as you pass the security. Pass her as either your office assistant or your collague's office assistant. You can also hold her hand as you pass the security people.

When you go out from Portmann, turn right and hard Rock Cafe is right there. As you continue to walk down, turn right at the next corner and you will see a nice bar and a Thai restaurant. Across from them is a sauna offering FS. So if you cannot take any girl into your room, just go to the sauna.

Good luck and pm me when you come to town and wanna chat.

09-06-04, 15:11
Thanks dovetail.

Based on quick browse at this board, seems that LT for freelancers in Shanghai is around 600-800 and Sauna per session incl FS about the same. Are these numbers applicable for FL's at HRC and the sauna nearby?

Other messages indicated Zapatas and Rojam as possibly good places for FL's; are they within reasonable ride from Portman?

09-06-04, 21:16
I have been to zapata's and rojam a bunch of times, never seen anything in zapata's, have gotten tons of phone numbers from non-pros at rojam but never been approached by any pros...

but then again I'm chinese and I speak chinese so maybe that's why. I have seen some smoking hotties at rojam, good luck, not that you need it if you are a white dude there, if you get what I'm saying

09-07-04, 03:24
To knobrm,

Zapata is closer to the Portmann but your chance is a hit and miss. Rojam usually has a lot of your girls on a good night but they are non-pro.

Good place is Park 97 late at night (need some investment such as drinks, time to talk, etc.). For a sure hit go to Julu Lu late at night and you can find some cuties amongst butt-ugly ones. Just make sure your eyesight is not affected with alcohol to alleviate morning shock. Walk around Ruijin Hotel late at night and you will find semi-pro and pro walkers.

09-07-04, 03:29
To davidc,

Even if you look and speak Chinese, judging from your writing, you speak good English. So, give the girls some bs and ask them if they would be willing to help you improve your Chinese.

To Knobrm,

What are FL and HRC. If you have neat terminologies, please share them with us. I guess, there is always something new to learn.

Member #3428
09-07-04, 04:28
Hi guys,

I need some help on a reference for hotel in SH. Normally I work out of Yiwu Zhejiang and when I am in SH I stay in Pudong. Now I found out I need to be nearer to Shanghai Mart on Xingyi Road. I've been recommended Jin Sha, new Garden, Worldfield and Ruitai Hotels.

But those are kind of strange hotels from what I've seen on line. I searched here for hotels and do not see any mention of Rainbow or Galaxy hotel.

If you locals have suggestions for good hotels near Shanghai Mart please PM me.

09-07-04, 07:57
Tansak KTV
Last time I stayed in Hong Qiao district, Hongjin Hotel.

It's a good and clean 3-Star for about RMB250

The massage girls do roomservice, but not all do FS. Ask before. There are also a few BBS nearby, but why go out if you got exceptional good inhouse service?


It's 5-10 Minutes to SH-Mart by Taxi. Probably 20 Minutes walking.

09-07-04, 08:36
Dovetail mentioned the BBS in 143, Nanchang Road. The place was closed, when I passed by yesterday evening. It seemed to me that this was a rather forced closing down.
I figured out that quite a few places actually have been closed down recently, also my favourite one on Wulumuqi Road, corner Nanjing West Road. Is there another crackdown going on?


09-07-04, 09:38
They closed the Hard Rock Cafe by the Ritz Portmann a few months ago. Its going to be a high price store.

If you turn right out of the Portmann and turn right at the next street and go half a block, there is Malone's Pub. I have seen some pros and freebies there. I took home a freebie after 5 minutes of talking to her. All I said was it was late and I was going back to my hotel soon and she was welcome to come back with me. Without hesitation, she said 'yes'. Never thought it would work!

09-07-04, 11:02
FL = FreeLancer
HRC = Hard Rock Cafe
SW = StreetWalker

Black Jack
09-07-04, 16:43

I havent noticed any crackdown yet. Last few days, including earlier tonight, I went to a few of my regular bbs (Kanding lu area, and huangpi lu area) and all seemed fine. But if there is a crackdown, we'll probably start seeing it soon.

Black Jack
09-07-04, 16:51

Just to let you know, Hard Rock is now closed. Supposedly some pros can be found at the bar on top (Long bar?), but I havent been there.
The sauna in that area, is close to 800, i think when i went there.
Either way, staying at the Portman, you want be too far away from any action. (10-20rmb well get you a taxi to most places you want to go).

St Germain
09-08-04, 02:40
Went to the sauna at 399 Changhua Lu last weekend. I went mid-afternoon and there was basically nobody there. I had the showers and pool all to myself. Everything else was just as advertised in previous posts. When I was about to leave, I noticed they had even shined my shoes while I was inside. Nice touch. 600 RMB all in.

Since I live in Pudong, however, it would be nice to know of some good FS saunas in Pudong. Can anyone make any recommendations?

In effort to find one on my own, last night I stopped in at the Bao An hotel (not far from Dongfang Lu in Pudong) because I saw a big gaudy sign advertising a sauna inside. The sauna is on the 5th floor. I went in to ask about price and services available. They said something like RMB 450 for showers and 90 minutes massage + RMB 400 tip for the girl. Total damage about RMB 850.

I assume the 400 tip means plenty of extra services are available. But I didn't ask quite so explicitly. Has anyone ever tried this sauna?


09-08-04, 11:37
Hi all

Making a quick 1 day trip to Shanghai. Staying at the Shanghai Park Hotel. Is it Girl friendly? Does it have a mp in house. Is there anything nearby that is a sauna and has FS or at least limited services?
So many questions so little time. Hope to get your answers.

09-08-04, 14:13

Some of the legit BBS girls could give you HJ or FS at your place if you develop some relation with them. Little more time and effort to get them laid. Generally they are clean and very good GFE exp. Most of the time for free or 100 rmb tip.

I find girls from Hunan, Sichuan and Anhui are easy to get in. (My experience). Some of the places one or two girls do it for extra bucks. Have a couple of drinks with the bbs manager. He will be able to arrange for you (again my experience)

Few months back when I visited a BBS near Dongfang lu, a very nice sichuan girl gave me FS at her room near by. Depending up on the situation, ask the girl with out hesitation. 1/10 you will get some favourable reply.


09-08-04, 15:44
I have to say that the Shanghai forum is one of the best WSG forums and gave me a strong desire to visit the city on my next Asian trip to Jakarta.

Just a question : what are the current 'hot' (and hype) spots (discos/bars/lounges) in town to meet prettiest cuties, with a good blend of pros/occasionals/non-pros. There's surely tons of them but let's say the most trendy and buzzy ....
I heard also about an 'after hour' disco quite well known where all clubbers (and pros) meet from 3am but can't remember the name of the spot (Park something i guess), if somebody can help ..........

Thanks guys.

09-08-04, 16:57
My first visit to SH is just a couple of days away. I just learned that I will stay in a hotel called "Tianci Service Apartments" (www.tianciserviceapartment.com). Does anyone know this place - is it girl friendly, any must-visit places nearby?



09-08-04, 20:06

"Park 97"

In addition look back to Dovetails 08-25-04 report for other locations.
I have also found that most of your upscale hotels bars always have a few ladies waiting for a date. I talked to my hotel (4-star)manager and he said they permit this and control the quality of the ladies for their guest.

Have fun

09-09-04, 01:03
BBS on Wulumiqi Road, Corner Nanjing Xi Road, up and running again, with the original team.
See my earlier posts. Nice BJ sensation to find there.


09-09-04, 05:11

Nanchang Lu factory closed? That's what I thought too initially.
I forgot to mention their trick. When you go there it appears that it is closed and the door is locked. But, there is another door on the side and the place is pretty much open for business. Inside there are girls waiting for you with open arms and open legs too.

09-09-04, 05:15
Tansak KTV:

Close to Shanghai Mart? The Rainbow hotel or Galaxy hotel are pretty close by. Both have plenty of actions, particularly the discotheque at Galaxy after 9:00 pm.

09-09-04, 05:17

The place is called Park 97 on Fuxing Lu. I got a Brazilian non-pro quite boozed up to take home last week-end. Also, there is a Karaoke bar across the street (the old name is Cash Box) with plenty of supply inside.

Good luck

St Germain
09-09-04, 08:22
My Pudong FS sauna research project continued again last night.

First I stopped in at the Holiday Inn. Sauna is on the 4th floor if I remember correctly. They quoted RMB 238 for 45 minutes and RMB 758 for 90 minutes.

Given the huge price difference, I would guess the 90 minute version includes all the extra stuff. But again I didn't ask explicitly. I wouldn't feel quite right asking the lady at the front desk "Um, yeah, so, like, do I get to bang the girl?" Has anyone ever tried this sauna at the Holiday Inn? Is it really a full 90 minutes of anything you want with the girl?

Anyway, after a quick meal at McDonalds, during which my bike was stolen, I trudged over to Yuanshen Lu because I vaguely remembered seeing a sauna over there. Sure enough there is one on Yuanshen Lu, on the east side of the road, just south of Shangcheng Lu. It's attached to a hotel called Xing....something. I can't remember the name exactly.

The manager quoted 576 for 'xiaojie anmo'. Out of curiosity and primal need, I went for it. Small place, only a few showers and a single hot tub. Seems they have fewer than 20 customers a day. I just took a shower and then the manager led me to a hallway of small rooms. None of the rooms had a lock and the doors all had windows. I had to ask the girl to cover the window with a piece of clothing.

The first girl they sent wasn't my style, so I sent her back. The second girl had a terrible complexion, so back she went. The third girl was short and a bit chunky, but had the biggest tits I had ever seen on a Chinese girl, so I said ok. But then when it came time to get down to business, she chickened out saying I was too big. That's nonsense since I am breathtakingly average. Turns out she was only 18 and new to the business. But anyway I let her go and called for the first girl again.

Service was bad. Rush rush rush. A whopping 30 seconds of CBJ and then stick it in. And of course the fake "Oh, my dear, my dear" during the whole session. Then she saw some precum in the condom and said I had already come, so need to stop, since only one shot allowed. So we had an argument right there about whether I had really come or not. I tried to explain the intricacies of male plumbing, but to no avail. Only after I told her to go get her boss did she finally relent and let me continue.

Total damage turned out to be 600 because they also charged me 28 for use of the showers.

Don't waste your time and money at this place. Low quality girls, bad service and bad facilities. When you can get great service and even free buffet at 399 Changhua Lu for the same price, why would you ever chose this place?

The only good thing about this place is that apparently it is owned by some bigwig in the Gong An (police dept.) so it is pretty much 100% safe. But that didn't make it worth the money.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


09-09-04, 10:14
Guys thans, that's what I call the great monger's fraternity !!!

Dovetail, any recommandations about some particular disco/bar to go before Park 97 ?


Member #3428
09-09-04, 10:22
Dovetail & Day & Night,

Thanks for the time to reply to my question. I've heard about Galaxy. For some reason the one DayNight suggested caught my attention. The Hongjin, even though I am foreign I have enjoyed many a local 3 star hotels. I'm more into room service LT at night with some ventures out during the day.

I'll let you know what I end up with.

Tansak KTV

09-09-04, 16:41
isn't cashbox 100% legit?
it's really famous, there are ones in shanghai, beijing and even LA! owned by taiwanese dudes, from what I heard it's totally legit

09-09-04, 20:25

Highly appreciate if someone can give me specific directons of Rojam Club or Bar with short comments of which are best days.

Will love to meet anyone for drinks once in Town.

Carpe Diem,


09-09-04, 22:05
Hi guys,
going to China the first time.
Have to stay at Ramada near Pudong Airport.
Can anybody tell me where to find girls there??
Thanks for any advice brothers.

Tech Boy
09-10-04, 00:10
Hi guys,

I am good looking 23yrs Chinese businessman and speak Cantonese well, but very good Mandarin. Planning a trip to Shaghai sometime.

I would really appreciate it if any tips on the best discos and places to stay. I plan to stay a month at least to improve my Mandarin and hopefully meet some nice girlfriends.

What are the temperature for different months? Does it snow there or is it okay to go in December?

Tech Boy

09-10-04, 03:54
Tech Boy,

The Grand Hyatt is a great place to stay plus they have two nice bar's with some hot local chicks.

During Dec. and Jan. it is very cold. There are many places to go on New Years, all the bars are full of chicks.

09-10-04, 06:17
tech boy
just look down a few posts dawg, tons of posts that talk about the best clubs, but here they are again, in no particular order
rojam, real love,pegasus, park 97, there a place right across real love called bourbon street, there's 'dancing' inthere too

rojam is in hong kong plaza(xiang gang guang chang), monday and wednesday areladies nights and it's always happening.

Tech Boy
09-10-04, 11:35
Hi Dave,

I'm trying to get a tourguide to help me around initially, where is the best area to rent an apartment?

Maybe I should try to find a Shanghai girl over the net to practice English- Mandarin and meet up for tourguide initially?

You know any chinese dating websites? Or tour agency? Or I should stay with family to get accustom to culture and practice Mandarin first.

My Mandariin is NOT good but I can understand it, I speak Cantonese.

Tech Boy

09-10-04, 11:52
Tech Boy
Just a question: can you find Shanghai on the map? And I don't think you need your ski in December.

For the best hotel, I suggest The Hyatt, their suits are phantasic!

King Xavier
09-10-04, 21:53
Just out of curiousity,

Is there a WSG for women? If there is, we can find out where the chicks are going to pick up men.

09-11-04, 02:41
I have a question, is there any activity either at or near to the Shang ri La or the Hilton in Shanghi?

09-11-04, 08:16
Add to Count G on pudong services:

In general Puxi is far better than Pudong for all type of activities. Some BBS have good looking chicks. But the service I found not so good. Just once I had a great service in pudong.

But in Dongfand lu area, there are some legit looking BBS. The girls provide service at their room. 300-400 rmb. Worth it if you find the girls of your type. Girls are very young and looks 'homely'

There are few more cheap saunas in pudong. Not even worth trying. To me, the latest 1st option is call a girl from the suana. You pay the same amount as sauna (700-600 RMB). They come to your place. 4-5 hour service. Typically I ask the girl to bring some food. Beacuse the first time, the girl left saying 'hungry'. But she gave a nonstop, class1 service for 600 rmb+50rmb for taxi.

I called Feng Yu(Yuping) yesterday. Unfortunately, she is on her periods. Any time after tuesday is fine. PM me if any one needs her number. Remember you need basic know Chinese to negotiate and give direction for coming to your place. One take help of a chinese spaeker.


09-12-04, 07:07
BBS on Hongmei Rd corner Donglan Rd:

There are five or six shops with many many girls, most of them good looking. House fee is 40/hour aka 45 minutes. I was in three different shops and they all had single massage rooms or at least cubicles with high walls. Easy to get the masseuses out of their clothes, and one time I got a BBBJ without even asking for it. A tip of 100 is expected. I gave 150 for the BJ.

I don't go to BBS for fucking, but I guess it's available at least from some of the girls. English is a problem there, but they say that they are used to foreign customers.

If you stay in the Gubei area, it's about 5 km north along Hongxu and Hongmei Rd. Taxi fee is 15.

09-12-04, 11:44
To Davidc,

Yes Cash Box is a legitimate karaoke bar. I think it has had a change of ownership. Regardless, everytime I go there, I ended up with non-pro coming home with me. Inside, there is a ton of girls.

Another karaoke place with (definitely) some girls that my friend took me is on Changshu Lu and jsut one block south of Xikang Lu. The karaoke is on the corner and befor you go in there will be girls outside asking you to take them in.

Have fun

09-12-04, 11:53
To Pro,

Your apartment/hotel is pretty close to Xintiandi (the new Heaven and Earth). You can try Star East for non-pro or you can go to Huangpi Lu Factory. It is a bit tricky to find but do your best to get to 698n Huangpi Lu. Do not get discourage as you go through the alley. You need to find a turnstile and then go up one floor. There some girls will wait for you with open smile (mouth) since this is a BBBJCIM factory. Limit your donation to RMB150 if you are a foreigner.

09-12-04, 11:57
To Pro,

Yeah...yeah...yeah. You've got seniority. Sorry that I did not respond to your question about where to go prior to Park 97. I guess with the delay in the posting my response would not be timely anyway.

09-12-04, 12:11

I know that there are few ladies in this forum. I introduced one to the forum. Their must be a chain reaction. They/she may not be posting any report or I am yet to figure out her user name! They read the forum regularly for fun or could pm some of us for some fun(?) Both of us had some reservation to have fun together. We only exchange some spicy expressions and some dvds. (Anyway I dont enjoy much dvds) She lives together with 3 ladies some where in gubei. All are software enginners and laowai ladies.

Good luck if some one pm you for having fun together! ****** hope you dont mind it. I checked with her before posting it. She laughs. ha ha ha ha ha.


09-12-04, 12:23

I had to meet a business associate at the Shangri-La in Pudong. I had my driver drop me off in the basement. My driver found the most convenient parking spot so that I did not have to walk far (or so he thought).

He was oblivious about the noise since it was the first stall next to the entrance to BATS. I went upstairs and had my little meeting and afterward, on my way back to the car (the driver was sleeping in the car), I saw this nice girl looking rather out-of-place. I initiated a conversation with her and she said she was an English teacher from Yunan Province. She said her cousin took her to BATS but she said it was too noisy so she asked her cousin to take her back to her hotel. Apparently the cousin is Shanghainese.

Being a gentleman as I have always been (yeah right!) I offered them a lift. So, I told the driver (can't speak a word of English) that those girls were my business associates' assistants since they dress rather decently, especially the teacher. I gave them a guick tour of the city and then dropped off the cousin and then the teacher at her hotel (rather awful hotel close to Fuzhou Lu).

I told her that though she was not from Shanghai, at least she was Chinese and I needed help since my driver cannot speak a word of English and my Chinese was so limited. I told her I was hungry but did not know how to communicate it to my driver and would appreciate it so much if she could accompany me to get something to eat. She was reluctant initially but finally agreed to come with me. We went to eat at the San Francisco Steakhouse and I could tell she was very much uneasy. She told me it was her first time to eat in such a nice place.

After dinner I told her that I appreciated her help so much that I would be willing to pay for a nicer hotel room, much better than that dump she was staying. I said at least she could have a nice story for her friends back in Yunan about the nice hotel. To make the long story short, we went back to her hotel to get her stuff, then to Park Hotel in People's Square to get her a room.

She invited me in for tea and we talked for some time. Sunday morning I went to her room and took her to breakfast. Sunday afternoon I took her around Shanghai and late afternoon I was banging her like crazy. Well, my little investment has paid off. As I am writing this report, I am about to leave for her hotel and would stay the night there.

I am not good at predicting the future, but I think I am going to be sick tomorrow and can't come to the office.

In summary, you can find non-pro at BATS.

09-12-04, 22:25

There are always one or 2 hookers at the Hilton bar, prety steep (over 200 US $). Across the street and you may find more!

09-13-04, 03:35
To Johntodd,

Just to echo Otto regarding Hilton. He is right that there are always some girls trying to get big bucks there. If you are staying at the Hilton, here are some options you may want to consider:

1. Go to the bars across the street. There are some actions toward late at night.

2. Across the street, turn right, there is an entrance for a massage place where you have to go downstairs. Very good place. Ask for a spot away from traffic and in the corner for more "privacy". At the very least they offer a hand release. But I have gotten BBBJCIM there too (but not on the first visit).

3. Go across the street from Hilton and turn right, pass the massage place. Turn left onto Julu Lu. There are all kind of actions there with some pro's and non-pro's.

Good luck.

09-13-04, 03:42
Need Help!

I went to Hongmei Lu in an effort to find the massage place someone wrote a while back. Is this place on the second floor? If so, I saw the lights were all off. Has it been shut down? Could someone please "enlighten" me.


09-13-04, 07:30
Silly question here. I need a place to meet with my freebies. My apartment is not ok, as I share with wife & kids... My freebies place also not ok for the same reasons. Hotels tend to be expensive and very unconvenient (need to register with passport, but I have local residence permit so it is always suspicious, when to check out, etc). I heard from a friend in Beijing that saunas were a good place, they have rooms where couples can meet. Is this the same in Shanghai? How to find such a place? Any other idea? Or is there anyone willing to rent a room on an hourly basis or whatever? Any good idea out there?


09-13-04, 15:36
Many hotels have short stay rates which are not published. Just ask. And registration is no problem.

09-13-04, 15:52

Thanks for your message. Any such hotel to recommend? You say registration is no problem, you mean no need to register with passport? Me and the Mrs are trying to keep a very low profile (by the way did you guys see the ad in thatsshanghai "is your spouse cheating on you?" Somebody is out to get us). Details of such hotels are very welcome.



09-13-04, 17:34

Try the HaiLanYunTian bathhouse at No. 888 Panyu road. There are hotel-like rooms on the upper floors that may serve your purposes. If I remember correctly the price is 120/night not including the sauna entrance fee (38-68rmb)

09-14-04, 02:38
For a short stay only one need to register. And even if both, where is the problem?

Hotels? SH has at least a 1000. *** and below have ususally short stay rates. Ask any nearby hotel.

There are no 'Fashion Hotel' like in Japan, so just expect a normal hotel room.

09-14-04, 03:22
DayNight: Thanks for the info. When you register at hotel, it leaves a track with name, passport number, Z visa number etc. The hotel is then supposed to register with the local police department or whatever. Of course I am also registered as a Shanghai resident since I live here (with my Shanghai address written in my passport) - I dont think anyone would ever check but they could. I am not sure how long they keep the record. My problem is I dont like to leave such a track behind. Assume one of my wife's friend happen to see me at the hotel lobby, they can check with the reception and, with a little persuation, can easily find out that Mr Sub has stayed there n times. Comes in the lawyers that dig out all my registrations from the police office. Bad.

09-14-04, 04:35

It's on the 4th floor, a long ass climb to the place.

I was there sunday afternoon. Did the RMB1000 package in the vip room with whirlpool and shower. Total GFE!!! managed 2 shots in 2 hrs.. They do have a decent lineup that day. I got to pick one out of 6 in the 1st round. the have about 15 - 20 girls?



p.s. I'll pm u the exact address and phone number.

09-14-04, 04:48
Many Chinese and Western hotels do offer half-day rates, from 12 to 18 p.m.. Only one has to register, and, as it is during the day time, 100% girl-friendly.
The only thing you might consider are the hidden cameras in the elevator or in the gangways.
But, then again, we shouldn't become too paranoid here, despite those private-detective adds, right?!!


09-14-04, 06:32
Hi Count G,

I've tried the Holiday Inn services. Basically, it's just massage (a very good one), followed by HJ. It's expensive, and meant to rip off the tourist types who visit and stay there. I've also gotten the same massage/HJ service at the Bao An Hotel, and the Purple Mountain Hotel.

I have tried a FS sauna across from the Purple Mountain hotel. It is in a little alley way directly across the street on Lao Shan Dong Lu. However, it is not clean, and expensive (700RMB) for the service offerred. If you really want a massage/FS service in Pudong, I suggest you take a taxi to Puxi side and monger over there instead!

On another note, want to take your friends to a really nice clean massage/sauna on Pudong side? No HJ/BJ/FS, but really relaxing and safe fun? Try Ya Dian Huang Gong, located near the corner of Dong Fang Lu and Pudong Da Dao. It is a gigantic building that looks like a Roman colisseum, with bright lights in front at night. The men's bathing area has about 20 showers, 5 different plunge pools, sauna, and steam room. The second floor has the women's bathing area. Third floor is the restaurant and common massage areas. Fourth floor is the private massage rooms. Note that there are no extra services there. But, if you want stress release and like to sit in hot baths, this is the place. 58RMB for bathing, 100-200RMB for the massages.

09-14-04, 14:08
You can get specials (HJ only) on the 4th floor in the private massage rooms.

John Siron
09-14-04, 14:23

How do you pickup in Cash Box when the whole place is private rooms? I assume you go there with people you know?

09-15-04, 02:11
I had the chance to talk to an American hotel manager in Qingdao about registration. He said that there is a modem that sends your visa number, etc. to the police, directly from thier computer! This was 5 years ago, imagine what they may be able to do now.

09-15-04, 04:07
To John Siron,

Yes, they have private rooms. You come in book the room and go to 3rd floor where they have food (buffet style) or downstairs in the lobby area. They have free lancers there.

Good luck

09-15-04, 04:08
To Jumbo 88:

Thanks. I'll check it out.

09-15-04, 04:25
A new venue. Of course, someone else might have discovered this too.

I went to the Rendezvous Bar in Xintiandi last night. I was there around 11:30 pm. They had a Filipino band that played good music.

When I went in the place was already crowded and I could not do any sightseeing since I went in with some people from the office. So we were inside enjoying the music and the drinks. When I went out to get some cigarettes (which they had the display at the bar, but the bar did not sell any) ... wow! That place was packed with girls. There must be at least 40 of them.

A girl grabbed me and we sat down toward the front. But I could barely talk to her due to language issue. Also, she was not very good looking, though aggressive. Then walked in two girls and one of them made eye contact with me and smiled. I excuse myself to go the bathroom and on the way back I talked to the cutie. She asked me if the girl with me was my girlfriend and I said no. She then decided to bring some friends to sit with me and the first girl. Very clever!!! She had her friend talking to the first girl to leave her free to talk to me. Her English was much better than the first and she was also more good looking.

So you guys, check out the Rendezvous Bar in Xintiandi.

Quiz for you: Guess who came back with me?

Roversman 999
09-16-04, 10:44
hi all.. i used to live near Xian Xia lu in Gubei. Lots of BBS there but now staying on temporary basis in Seasons in Pudong. got on my trusty bike and went looking the other night.
Geez.. pudong is not like puxi at all. Found some places in some dark streets but the inhabitants in the shops were neither young nor any where near comely.. ( and Im not that choosy, really).
Anyways will move back to puxi soon to an aprtment and have alredy scoped out the nearest bbs to the apartment.
But as for pudong... as others have said.. hard to find the action

09-16-04, 20:56
Dovetail -

What was the price?

Member #3399
09-16-04, 23:39
Canadian Oil guy arriving in Shagnai for a few days Oct 31. Looking for local support, I will buy the beers or meals, Chinese food anyone.

WIll have a few days and completely illiterate with regard to Chinese language but definitely plan to arrive home exhausted.

I understand that educated non or semi pros are availiable and my corporation will be looking to establish an office and or partnership in this area in the coming months so looking for a "long term" relationship with a lady looking to work for a Western Company would be ideal.

Getting picky in my old age.

Please pm me if you are avaialble and into being a tour/***** guide.

008 out

Mark Smith #2
09-17-04, 08:24
Went to Park '97 last night. Not much of a crowd, but a sweet young thing started talking to me shortly after I got to the bar. I bought her a drink, and one for her cuter friend. We talked a while, then I ordered another round. She suggested dancing, but I kept talking, turning conversation to more suggestive areas. We talked about kissing, and took turns demonstrating on her friends shoulder (?!)

One drink later ended up on dance floor with both of them. The more aggressive one grinded me nicely, but at one point I was pressed against the cuter one, and she suddenly reached up and kissed me. That was all I needed. Perhaps could have been a two-fer, but took cute one outside, made out for a while, then took taxi to hotel. She was lots of fun, and was nice enough to leave before I had to dress for biz. mtg next morning. Great experience.

Mark Smith #2
09-17-04, 08:28
Has anyone ever heard of a service in Shanghai offering female domination/BDSM? Would be fun to try with Asian, but never heard of this in China.


09-18-04, 04:37
Mark Smith,

I have seen some ads proposing (or was it requesting? maybe you put those ads!) BDSM services in thatsshanghai.com and in similar less popular sites recently. I have also heard of such services in Bangkok, ie with Asian ladies but not in China.

Travel Sex
09-18-04, 16:36
Just came back from my Shanghai trip and here's my report:

Followed the instructions given by Dovetail and was on the way to the Argentine BBQ place - apparently it's really famous in the area! But got lucky before I even reached my destination.

On my way, I passed a couple of chicks who looked like they were in the trade, but I didn't dare ask their price directly, so always used directions as an excuse. :P was almost 10pm then.

Anyway, her name was Zhenzhen and we started chatting. To cut it short, I gave my original destination a miss and ended up in a pub drinking with her. it's opposite Sheraton Hotel beside the shopping centre. Throughout the night, many different girls walked in and out and maybe it was my mood but I imagined all of them to be freelance. Too bad I was already with a girl.

Spotted a rather foxy looking one in pink dress who gave me the eye too. As the night went on, I realised I wasn't gonna get lucky with Zhenzhen and perhaps it showed in my body language, she wanted to go home early. Quickly saw her to a cab, exchanged numbers, gave the cabbie 50 bucks and hurried back to the pub.

There was still some action so I bought myself another drink and looked around. It's a very small place actually and saw my girl in a corner with her girlfriend. To my surprise, she walked over and asked me where my friend was. I said she left and sat next to me. Vivian, pretty good looking, sharp features, average tits but killer ass!! My favourite type! After some small talk I said I wanted to go back to my hotel opposite. That's when the price came up. I dunno whether if it's cos I'm chinese. (I'm a singaporean chinese) but the price seemed quite affordable. She asked for 400 which seemed reasonable to me for her quality but I bargained just for the heck of it. Settled for 300. The service was pretty alright. BBBj (didn't come tho. disappointing) and sex in various positions. After that we smoked abit and she picked up her phone to call her friend. Spoke some shanghainese and said she wanted to leave. I wanted to send her down, but she said she'll leave herself.

And THAT. is the narration of my first overseas romp. Apologies if it seems abit choppy or not-well described. Promise to improve as I go along. heh heh. I will be going to Nagoya next month. Does anyone has any tips? And thanx to dovetail for the directions. I would love to meet up with some of the fellow mongers in the forum if there's a chance. :)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

09-18-04, 19:57
My working on a freebie turned out to be not sucessful at all. At least she is intelligent and speaks fluent English, shows me around the City and doesn't demand anything. I pay for food and drinks as well as taxi but it seems she does not want more. Therefore checked out Rendezvous Bar in Xintiandi tonight. I showed up around 1am and was rather fast attacked by a little cutie with a really nice body and face. Her name is Lilly and she speaks decent English. She danced rather erotically so I had a good impression on first sight. After the usual conversation I asked the price and she demanded 200 USD - I laughed out loud and offered RMB 600. She was not happy at all with the amount I offered and I started looking around for alternatives. I couldn't spot anything better and Lilly stayed close to me and danced with me all the time. Ultimately I wanted to leave but definitely not alone. So I made Lilly a final 800 RMB offer if she comes with me right away - which she accepted. After arriving in my room she started to negotiate again, which I didn't like. To get her quiet I told her that I might give her some more in case I am really satisfied and she makes me happy. Make the long story short: She wasn't good at all. After both taking a shower she complained about me being "to big", which is definitely not the case (never heard before, I consider myself average sized). Her BJ was poor and she wouldn't do the cowgirl. Lastly she asked me to finish after 5-10 minutes. This girl sucks - big time, unfortunately not where she is supposed to suck. So fellow mongers stay away from Lilly. The Rendevouz Bar itself I found a nice place with good music. I did not give her additional money, of course.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it very difficult to read a report that is written as one long block of text. It's kind of like trying to eat an entire steak in one bite.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key every few sentences while you're writing, and thus break your report into smaller paragraphs, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



St Germain
09-19-04, 07:27

Thanks much for the tips on the saunas at the Holiday Inn, Bao An Hotel, etc. in Pudong. Saved me a lot in unnecessary research expenses. Since these places are HJ only, and since I'm not into overpriced HJs no matter how good the massage is, I'll skip these places.

Yep, despite my partiality toward living in Pudong, I'm finally starting to agree that Puxi is indeed better than Pudong for mongering. There are lots of BBS in Pudong, and even some with good FS, but YMMV. But now that I have an FS sauna fixation, Puxi is better.

I'm now in Beijing for a few weeks and am enjoying my freebie here. Well, I don't let it get completely free. Besides the occasional cheap dinners, I dropped a few hundred RMB on a DVD player for her birthday gift this morning. Bought her a small fridge about 6 months ago too. But for a place to stay and a romp in the sheets whenever I want without too much hassle, the economics make sense.



Member #1604
09-19-04, 08:15
I stayed in Sheration Hotel in Hongqiao Area. There were many actions. Just be in front of Sheraton Hotel, you will be welcome by some local guys. Great experience.

09-19-04, 09:04
Went to Bilihu sauna at 50 Jinzhulu last night with locals. Unlike most saunas around town this one has clean shower and jacuzzi like Portman. After shower and soak put on robes and led to a private room with sofas and TV and offered drinks and fruit.

Papasan showed us down the hall to massage room where a stunning 8+ was waiting for me in the shadows. She undid my bathrobe, laid me on massage bed facedown and started full body rub. Had a casual chat with her and found out she was from Harbin. She said papasan especially picked her for me because I was with VIPs. I asked her what that meant and she said regular customers get HJ only, but VIP customers get FS with better quality girls.

After about 30 minutes she slipped my shorts off and had me turn over. She took off her clothes as well and proceed with BBBJ 69. Beautiful face, creamy white skin, slim 1.75m, B cup and tight hole. All major positions and ended with BBBJCIM. Session was comped, but regular price is 680.


09-19-04, 19:14
More on Sina girls.

Have been busy with work and haven't gotten much chance to post. Did try to make some Sina contacts lately. Some interesting results to report.

1. Free lancer and parttime. Meet a college student from normal university. Real cuttie and non-professional. Outcall only and tried to get her to stay the night but she has to get back to dorm room.

2. More apartment girls discovered. There are many apartments around in different locations. The format are more or less the same. 2~3 girls per apartment and you get to pick one or two. Most apartment girls are tended to be a bit older: mid to late 20s. Most of them claims to have day jobs but don't seem to be the case. In most places, the girls are in normal clothes but just visit one that both girls are in lingeries.

3. There are some girls who are waiting for jobs in either KTV or night clubs. These are the fun ones.

09-20-04, 09:18

Hey folk, from Husky Calgary? I am from Toronto. I am splitting my life between Beijing and Shanghai, so let me know if you need any help. Not just women.


09-20-04, 18:26
Hello Everyone!

I just received my passport back with my Dual Entry Visa, so it looks like I will be arriving in Shanghai on October 11th.

Are there any arrival or departure taxes I need to be aware of?

I have a reservation at the Jin JJiang Towers, which hopefully is near some nightlife.

Anyone else going to be around the 11th thru the 15th?


09-21-04, 01:38
I will be visiting Shanghai for the first time, will stay at the Hilton Shanghai, is there anything near the Hilton Shanshai like there is by the Hilton in Beijing?
Anything in walking distance? If the Hilton area is slow, how about the Sahang ri la Hotel?
Thanks for the help.

09-21-04, 13:36
Shanghai is great

Me and my friend went to Gold King KTV last night. We had a stretched Limo with us. We arrived atthe KTV in style and was soon escorted into the room by who they called "Angels". We asked the mamasan to show us the girlswho dring coffee, that mean they will go out after midnight. We drank and had some fun at the KTV but the real action happened after we eft the KTV with these 2 gorgeous China Doll. We took the limo on the elevated express way around Shanghai and began to cruise down Huai Hai road. We roll up the privacy divider and took our cloth off. We make love in the limo and exchanged partners while the pedestrian are trying to look in. Of course we pay the girls extra for doing it in the car and to blow both of us. I thought I can only do this in the states but Shanghai are catching up. Anyone know there is a mile high club in Shanghai?


PS: The cost of the limo was 1200RMB/hour
KTV was 980 RMB for the smallest room, 200 tip to the drink girl and 300 to the mamasan.
The Girl was 1800 for the whole night.

09-21-04, 13:41
Just want to confirm that the BBS on the corner of Jiang Su road and Chang Ning Road is alive and well.

Went there last week, asked for masage first. after 10 minutes of touching, she ask if we want to go upstair. we say yes. They ask us to go up first to the 9th floor, I think but not sure. They came up later with the key to the apartment. The room was OK but I will suggest to bring your own sheet. Full service for 150 RMB. to bad they don't do oral.


Albert Punter
09-21-04, 21:48
in reply to johntodd

I think that Hilton is in a very convenient location.
You can choose from:
- street walkers (in front of the Hotel)
- girls from the bars from Ju Lu Lu (walking distance)
- BBS in Changle Lu and other streets around (walking distance)
- the famous ZY Pub (walking distance)
- KTV in Equatorial Hotel (at the side of the Hotel - in case you are in the mood for model type/very expensive)
- the pubs in Xin Tian Di (10 minutes by taxi)

good hunting !

Mock A Bee
09-22-04, 01:56
The Yu Ping Sauna in Shanghai:

I visited the Yu Ping Hotel Sauna which as described before in the forum, is a nice place. By the way, for those of you who want to avoid an expensive taxi ride from the east side of town and save some time by avoiding traffic during rush hour, I recommend taking the subway to either of the Zhong Shan Park subway stations and take a quick 10rmb taxi ride to get there.

I visited on a Thursday afternoon, around 3:30pm, so it was empty with only service workers in uniform and me. I would have to agree that if you get there between 4-6, you will get a better selection of xiao jies when the new shift arrives while the first shift is still working.

The lead guy who takes you in said it would be 700rmb, but I told him that my friend said it would only be 600rmb. He asked me if my Japanese friend told me, and I said yes, I also said my Malaysian friend told me as well. He left the room to talk with his boss and said no problem, 600rmb all in including 70 minutes for massage.

Now that the price was settled, I took off my clothes and put them in a locker, so now I am butt naked. You take your locker key and they give you a plastic zip pouch to keep your cell phone dry while you take a shower, soak in the hot tub at your leisure or sweat it out in the sauna. By the way, the lead locker room guy pretty much helps make sure you are taken care of, as well there are two locks on the lockers – one for your key, the other is for the lead attendant to lock your second lock.

While in the sauna room, take as much time as you like to shower, soak and steam. The hot tub by the way is a massive marble kind of Romanesque feature that can easily accommodate an orgy of twenty people. I just wish they had xiao jie available to soak with you, or give you a good back or head rub while you soak.

For those of you not used to so much service, the towel boys are pretty much everywhere, I wish the towel boys were towel xiao jies instead :) they would probably get more business if they did this.

Anyway, enough of my fantasizing about naked “towel xiao jies”. When you have had enough soaking and steaming, you can retire to a small room with recliners and a TV to relax and have a drink. Soft drinks and tea are complimentary. By the way, up to this point, if you and your buddies want, you can easily just hang out together after a stressful week to just decompress. If I had one, I would have lit up a good maduro wrapper robusto cigar in the TV room. You can easily talk business or pleasure, and relax at your leisure before you get a massage.

Before my massage, I asked to see the xiao jies on hand instead of just getting a random girl. I went to the massage room I was assigned and they only had three on hand to show me. Two from Sichuan and one from Dalian. The Sichuanese girls were cuter and slimmer with full breasts, about 7’s, the dalian girl was not nearly as attractive and only a 5.5 in my book. It took a while for me to choose, but I think I chose well. I could sense that they were not used to being scrutinized so closely, as they looked a bit nervous after I took maybe 5 minutes to decide.

I took the shorter, but slightly plumper of the two Sichuanese girls. She was easily a C cup, and wore a kind chiffon dress, black bra and some cute and lacy “boy cut” panties. She started to massage my back and after five minutes into it, I asked her to “tuo yi fu” (take off her clothes) and she said no problem and took her dress off. After another five minutes I asked her to take her underwear off, no problem again. Good service.

A bit later, into the massage, she started to do some fire and ice work on my back and legs using a kind of slurping action with the water. She also used the tip of her tongue as well. Very nice.

After a little bit of DATY and some DFK, she asked me to put a condom (provided) on and she rode me cowgirl. Up to this point she was not terribly wet, but after she started riding me, she was definitely getting very wet. After riding me for maybe 5 minutes she said she was “dao le” (meaning she came).

A little more DFK and I entered her doggy style, and then switched to lying on top of her from behind, finishing with missionary. She was pretty much a GFE, though she is required to watch the clock. I got my 70 minutes, but recommend you negotiate for 90 minutes if you like to take your time. I will surely do that next time.

The boss checked in with me after took a rest back in the TV room to make sure I had a good time. I told him yes, and I would tell all of my friends about this sauna. He appreciated that and gave me his card. Tell the boss that Xiao Zheng sent you and ask for the 600rmb rate all inclusive (try to negotiate 90 mintues for the massage). The boss I spoke with is Fan Yu Gang, and the sauna phone number is 021-6233-2398.

Overall, I would rate the Yu Ping Hotel Sauna four stars, one star better than 399 Chang Hua Lu (which is noticably run down and tired). This place is clean, has lots of staff on hand, an overall nice facility, great service, and attractive girls (at least the day I went). A great value for those who are looking for a very solid middle-budget sauna. They will definitely get my repeat business.


09-22-04, 05:13

Great story! Loved it.


There is no arrival tax and no longer departure tax (airport construction tax) at Pudong Airport effective Sep 1st. I left SH on 18th.

G Jetson
09-22-04, 15:44
Off 2 Golf

The airport tax has been rolled into the ticket price. The airlines are now responsible for collecting tax. You're still paying it, but it's more convenient now.

Bob Churn
09-22-04, 15:48
I will be in Shanghai Pudong middle next month, any good 3-star hotel recommend and any happening BBS places in Pudong worth visiting? First time newbie there what are the rates like for diff services?


09-23-04, 05:11
I stayed at the Hilton in early September and the security is not allowing SW's in your room after 11PM. Both me and my friend had the same experience on different days. I agree however that the location is very convenient as stated.

Anyone have any info on the nearby JC Mandarin. They got a great KTV there with nice looking girls.

Blue D
09-23-04, 08:50
To answer Terry,

The Jin JJiang Towers is right on Changle Lu, very convienent. 10 min walk to Mao Mong road, 7 min to Julu Lu, 5 min taxi to XTD. It is no as well know but I suspect very guest friendly. Those having problem at Hilton may want to check it out.

p.s. - there is an old Jin JJiang and a new Jin JJiang. Old one is on Mao Ming Lu and new one on Changle Lu. The old one is not bad and you can knock a few hundred RMB off the rate.

I am usually around SH. PM me if you want more infor.

Roversman 999
09-23-04, 10:27
just moved back to puxi side so me and my bike have been exploring the area around Zhongshan park and Jiangsu road. There are HUNDREDS of BBS all over the place. Some cheap and nasty.. some a little more upmarket. but the whole area is a nest of revolving poles and so many pink lights.
Been to three so far..about 303 still to visit..even the dark alleys have a pole and pink light. Needless to say im like a kid in a candy store.....

09-23-04, 10:53
Was in July in the Hilton and had no problem bringing a SP in at midnight ( she stayed till 2AM). even we got a warm welcome from the door keeper and a smile knowing what was going on . Only she wanted me to be brought down to the taxi, see previsious report.
maybe a change in policy ?

As I will be Soon in Shanghai again and stay at the JW Marriott :
lately any problem from that hotel ?

Mock A Bee
09-23-04, 14:35
FYI, anyone interested in reading an excellent article on AIDS and heterosexual men, here is a link to a reprint from Details Magazine, March 2004.

It is a very well written article with a lot of information and details about your risks of contracting AIDS. As well, for those of you who enjoy DATY on pros, it also touches on the risk of oral sex.

After reading the article, it basically summarizes the fact that it is very difficult for men to contract aids from heterosexual sex, even without a condom. However, because of other STD's you should absolutely still use a condom.

Whatever Happened to AIDS and Straight Men?
By Kevin Gray


Travel Guy
09-23-04, 19:52
I do all my mongering in the states but I realy enjoy reading about other areas.

My question is what is BBS? and how do they work? Just woundering.

Thanking you guys in advance.

09-24-04, 03:56
Hi guys, still in Suzhou, just put a report there.
Moving to Shanghai on the weekend, stay at the ramada at the airport.
Any connections for a farewell F*** there?
It looks like not a chance. But maybe one of you brothers can help?!
Hope for advice,

09-24-04, 06:37
Travel Guy,

BBS = Barber Shop

Member #1725
09-24-04, 06:41
Hi guys,

I'm planning my first business trip to Shanghai soon and would like to confirm whether the following hotels are girl-friendly:

- Four Seasons
- Grand Hyatt
- Shangri-La
- Portman Ritz-Carlton
- The Westin (88 Henan Central Rd)
- JW Marriott (399 Nanjing West Rd)
- St Regis

I've read through a lot of postings in this forum on this subject.

The general view seems to be that hotels in Shanghai, particularly the higher-end ones, will do their best to be flexible and accomodating to their guests' wishes and not to embarass guests - in short, to do whatever it takes to satisfy their guests and ensure repeat business.

However, 'SeattleGman' recently posted that both he and his friend experienced hotel security at the Shanghai Hilton not allowing SWs in guest rooms after 11pm.

There were also some postings sometime back on the Sofitel Hyland being non-girl friendly.

Other postings have suggested that hotel security will be co-operative provided the dressing style, conduct and demeanour of the SWs are generally in keeping with the hotel's ambience and surroundings (I suppose to ensure that the other guests there have a 'pleasant' experience).

Thanks for your help.

09-24-04, 08:15
Travel Guy,

BBS is an official abbreviation on the forum. You can always check for these on the link at the top of your browser.

The barber shop is just a front. At most FS establishments, you cannot even get your hair cut. Most offer "massage" as a guise for other services. Many are completely legitimate.


St Germain
09-24-04, 09:53
Member 2659:

You asked about hotels and BBS in Pudong.

Since I live in Pudong, I can't give much advice on 3 star hotels.

But for BBS, I recommend the one on Shangcheng Road just west of the intersection with Yuanshen Road. It's on the north side of the road and has a red and white barber pole. I've had no-nonsense FS there a few times, 200 RMB each time for 30 minutes. They take you into a back room and lock the door, so I suppose it's safe enough. I'm caucasian, but I speak Chinese. I don't know what price they'll offer if you don't speak Chinese. Insist on 200 and you should be ok. But YMMV with the quality of the girls. The first time I got a real cute one, I'd give her a 9 based on my own taste. The last time, I had to settle for a 6.

I've heard there is FS for 250-300 available in the BBS on Yuanshen Road just south of the intersection with Pudong Dadao. (There are two BBS, about 200 meters south of Pudong Dadao). But I can't vouch for them yet, as I have not yet tried them.

Feel free to PM me for more info if you need it.


Travel Guy
09-24-04, 13:54
Old Asian Hand, Thank you for the Info.

09-24-04, 23:27
The reason some girls will ask you to take them out of the hotel and get a taxi is very simple. Those girls are known by the security people at the hotel and as such the security people will ask for "commission". But if you stay with the girl all the way until the girl gets into a taxi then there is no chance for the security people to ask for tips from her.

However, if the girls continue to play this game, then the security people would not allow them to go into the elevators with the guest.

Wicked SH
09-25-04, 02:18
Several members have talked about meeting pretty young things on SINA. I have went to the site several times and can't find a way to find the Shanghai English section. Does anybody know the url for that?

Toxic Arrow
09-25-04, 11:40
Hi Guys,

Just discovered this forum. Wow! I didn't know that China has such a night-life. Too bad I didn't know about this on my first trip to Shanghai in July. I stayed at the Okura Garden and didn't experience any action.

I am planning my 2nd trip to Shanghai 1st week of Oct. My business is at central downtown on Huaihai Zhong Lu, so I'd like to stay nearby hotel that is "girl-friendly". I've read some post suggested the Hilton. I haven't been able to locate a Yahoo-like map for Shanghai that I can search for the address.

I'd like to hang out with some fellow mongers for some drinks and learn. PM me if you can help.


09-26-04, 03:19
Member 1725,

I stayed at St. Regis for a week in early August and at The Westin Shanghai for a week last week. As you indicated, both hotels were very accommodating all needs of their guests.

After having good time at a KTV with a couple of my staff, one of them took his KTV girl out and brought her back to the hotel (St. Regis) around 1:00 a.m. She somewhat dressed visibily like a working girl and drunk. The hotel security and the staff at the front desk did not even move their eye lids.

I also received a couple of visitors (non-pro freebie's) and the hotel staff never bothered these ladies.

My new lady friend, whom I had found last trip in August, stayed with me from check-in to check-out at The Westin Shanghai. She was very well treated as my girlfriend by hotel staff from the front desk to the executive lounge. Her attire was very plain and typical Shanghaiwanese - slacks/blousers or jeans/t-shirts.

Hotel folks took no time to notice that we are not 'typical and normal' boyfriend and girlfriend based on lack of my Chinese and lack of her English. But all were very respectful to her as my guest. I gave her a room key so she could freely use the hotel facility and come and go. She had no problem whatsoever.

As you may know, St. Regis and The Westin Shanghai are Sheraton's brands. Even though I prefer St. Regis over The Westin Shanghai, if your business is to be conducted in Puxi, I would strongly recommend to book a room in these nice hotels in Puxi area. Morning commute from Pudong to Puxi can elevate your blood pressure.

If your business is in Pudong section, Shangri-La or St. Regis would be good. St. Regis is primarily for business travellers and you are welcome each morning by General Manager, Chuck Abbot if he is in town - Very professionally running organization and I did not a single tour bus while I was there.

Hope this helps. O2G

Wicked SH
09-26-04, 06:38
Good morning my mongering friends. After a month of no mongering I’m back!

Last night went out mongering in north Shanghai. I found a wonderful street. Unfortunately I could not find a street sign to be able to tell you what it is. But if you’re interested I can take you there.

A friend and I were out messing around when he said let me take you to one of my old haunts. We take a bus which was too long, but it is the only way he knows how to get there as he isn't Chinese either. So we travel for about an hour on the bus, (it was only about a 30-40 min cab ride from the bund area or peoples square) we arrive at the bus stop and we walk down the street from the bus, we turn right and it was like the scene from the matrix where he wants guns lots of guns except in this case poles lots of poles. As far as the eye can see BBS poles. As you walk down the street most are shops that don't cut hair. You pass pretty girl after pretty girl, even street walkers. My dick was made of forged iron; it wasn't going soft all night. We walked down several blocks and a red hot Chinese girl caught my eye. We walk in chat in broken Chinese about services and price, my friend wasn’t interested in any of the other girls and I spotted her first so he sat out front while I took her into the back room.

We walk into the back room it seemed clean by BBS standards, standard curtain table arrangement. There was space for about 8 girls to work in the room. We walk a few steps and take the third curtain on the right. She asks if I want AC I tell her no, the temperature is fine for me. In my mind I was thinking that the temperature is perfect. Not to hot, not to cold, just right to be able to have passionate night with a girl, you can work up a good sweat while doing the deed, but cool off without a problem.

She starts the session by removing her clothes very slowly. She was gorgeous I so kick myself for not taking the camera out with me. She pulls her shirt up over her head and lays it carefully on the table, revealing her lacy bra. I noticed that it was much nicer than most BBS girls normally wear. I thought to myself this is a girl that respects herself and wants nicer things. If I had met her somewhere else I would most certainly have fallen in love right there on the spot. To be honest even in that situation I felt very strongly for her. Then she asks me to help her unzip her dress, she really didn’t need the help, but I think she had seen some American movies and wanted to play out some fantasy as I was probably the first white guy she has met. So I bring my hands up rubbing her hips lightly to the zipper and slowly unzip it. She allows the skirt to slide down her legs and bends over right in front of me revealing one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen. The underwear was the same as the bra very pretty. She steps out of the skirt one leg at a time then picks it up and places it next to her shirt. I just about popped a nut right there. I kept repeating to myself I will not ruin this little seductress’ fantasy by ravaging her body too quickly, and also thinking I can’t pop my load to quick I need to keep this going for awhile (it was damn hard.) She walks up to me and kisses my cheek, ear and neck while unbuttoning my shirt. She removes it and lays it on the table then she squats down and removes my shoes, then stands up and presses close to me and undoes my belt and unbuttons my pants. She removes my pants slowly kissing her way down my abdomen and when her face reaches my manhood she moans and looks up and whispers it’s too big, then kisses my manhood through the underwear and has me lift my left leg then right to take off my pants. She stands up and asks me to sit down on the sofa. She follows me and sits cowgirl style facing me her crouch grinding my manhood.

We sit embraced chatting for awhile. I found out her name was Xiao Dan, but she said I could call her Dan Dan. I think that if a girl tells you Xiao (which means small) and her given name that is a friend, but if you double it then it is more special or girl friend. She is 24 and comes from zhejiang province. I was her first white man and she had been in the business for about a year. While chatting I reached around with my right hand and removed the bra fastener, then removed the bra revealing two large C cups with perfect eraser sized nipples. Her skin was very white, she could easily be a model or on TV. I tried to ask why she was a working girl instead of something else, but my Chinese wasn’t good enough. I could tell that she knew that I respected her and cared about her. She then stood up and pulled my hands while I stood up. She removed her underwear then mine and placed them with our clothes. She had the perfect muff, not to much not to little. I surveyed her body, every curve every perfect inch. I tried to burn that image into my mind so I would never forget her.

I lay down on the sofa and she snuggled up next to me in the spot. You know the spot I’m talking about, the one that every girl and women would give everything they have to be in with the man they loved. She was very comfortable and wasn’t going to try to rush me out the door or to finish. It seemed like she wanted this time to last forever. I must confess that I had similar thoughts. But we both knew that there was no way for the relationship to be anything more than it was. We embraced for maybe ten minutes, and right at the height of feeling close she moved down to start to give me a blowjob. Oh that was good, probably one of the best techniques for a normal blowjob I have ever received. I pulled her hips close so that I could play with her sweet pussy. I was rubbing her pussy and she was sucking my cock and it was feeling so good I had to keep constantly forcing myself not to explode. She knew she had me at the edge and she wasn’t going to let up. She became so wet it was literally dripping. She started to have an orgasm and started moaning louder and louder. She was pulsing for over five minutes she completely forgot what she was supposed to be doing and just went with her feelings. After she finished her orgasm she realized she wasn’t taking care of me, she was a little embarrassed. I told her it was ok and that I am happy and want her to enjoy herself. She went back to work polishing my pole, I continued rubbing her. She had one more orgasm a few minutes later, then she moved and rode me cowgirl style for about eight minutes when she was again moaning very loudly, and she was shuddering like a girl that never had a deep orgasm before. After she finished it was my turn.

She sucked me for a minute then I laid her on her back and pulled her legs up over my shoulders and started pounding her pussy. I started moving slowly and I didn’t push all the way in to give her time to adjust. I then started pounding harder and harder, as I increased my intensity her moaning increased and I kid you not she went from tight to squeezing my cock so hard that I thought it was in a vice. She was making so much noise that the mamasan yelled to be quieter, but there was no stopping her, she was grabbing my hair and hips and pulling me. I kept going hard and fast, I felt her start to have an orgasm and I had been holding one back for over 30 minutes, I decided to have mine with her. This was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. She grabbed my head and started kissing my face and lips and moaning and shuddering. We both collapsed for a few minutes afterwards. I got up, she got up, and she went to grab a pan with hot water and soap and washed my cock and loins. Then dried me and washed her self. After we were clean she came back and lay in the spot for awhile next to me. We put on our cloths and chatted for awhile.

When I came out my friend had one of those knowing grins that people get after hearing such noise. I smiled from ear to ear. I said goodbye and chatted with the girls for a few minutes then paid my 200 RMB and left. I felt bad since I have paid much more for much less from KTV girls and AMPS. I wish I would have asked for her number, but then I might try to call and date and we all know how that love story ends.

So then my friend and I walk another block and came to the place he wanted to try. It was a two story unit a real barbershop downstairs and a brothel upstairs. We walked in and the pretty girls were lounging waiting for someone to take them. A quick scan of the room there were about six girls around. A couple that looked very young, maybe not even 20, a couple tiny girls that were 21 or 22, a couple of full figured girls that were maybe 24 or 5.

My friend grabbed one of the very young girls, I was satisfied and was going to wait on him, but much like a crack addict once in a crack house you simply can’t stop yourself. Out of the selection I am not into girls that I’m not certain of their age so I passed on the younger ones. I would normally grab the tiny girls because I love watching them grab my manhood and not be able to wrap their fingers all the way around it. But I decided on one of the full figured girls. She seemed a little more eager to be with me and that usually means better service. My friend looked over at me and couldn’t believe I was going to go again. I just smiled and continued back to the room.

At this place there were real rooms with doors that locked. I sat for a minute with this girl and chatted. Her name was Xiao Tun and is 24. I started removing her clothes since she was a little shy. I kissed her big breasts for awhile then asked her to give me head. While she was sucking I was rubbing and she had a normal orgasm. Since I had just finished with one of the best sex I have had I didn’t have to fight an orgasm. So I had her suck me for about ten minutes then I moved to doggie style and worked on her for maybe another ten. She started moaning and as I moved faster she became louder. I heard my friend yell quiet her down you’re making me jealous which I translated to Tun. She laughed and started to make a little more noise then I started to hear his girl very faintly. I think he was encouraging her to make some noise. I changed positions to missionary and after that I didn’t hear his girl. My girl was enjoying herself, but I have never liked missionary as much since you can’t grab the girl tight and pound hard so I had her go cowgirl for a little while. After maybe ten minutes she was getting tired and so I moved on top and pulled her legs up and grabbed her and started pounding. She started screaming and I kept pounding. I pounded her hard and fast for about ten minutes when she started having an orgasm. I kept going not letting up after about another ten minutes I was getting close so I let it go. We finished and cleaned up then I walked out. My friend was out waiting on me he had finished about fifteen minutes before me. The girls were very interested in chatting with me so we talked for maybe thirty minutes then I paid 200 RMB and called it a night.

Xiao Tun was an eager and willing partner, most night I would feel that she was great, but after what I had earlier in the night, well you just can’t compare the two. So I won’t. Xiao Tun was a 6 in looks and an 8 in attitude. Xiao Dan was 10 in looks and 10+++ in attitude. I will be talking about Dan Dan for many years, I might even think about her as one of my last thoughts before I die.

09-26-04, 16:39
Count G -

I'd like to try your recommended BBS next time I am in Shanghai. How long will it take to get to Shangcheng Road /intersection with Yuanshen Roadby taxi from the Shanghai Hilton?

Also, can you recommend any BBS' near the Hilton? Based on my experience lately at the Hilton, I will be eating out vs taking in.

Thanks in advance.

09-26-04, 16:48
Yesterday and today I was at the F1 race. Nice one! Chinese people, specially girls, just go crazy for Michael Schumacher.

Both days I had to walk huge distances (more than 6 Km each day), so I ended up with feet that really hurt. Therefore I went to the massage place opposite Hilton on my way back home and opted for a foot massage (yesterday). I was thinking that some cutie would do the job, but there only men do foot massage.

They kept asking forehand if I didn't prefer a full body massage but I had my feet to be fixed, not my little bro. And indeed the job was perfectly done, today my feet were absolutely fine.

Therefore today I tried to find a place where they would fix my member instead of my feet again.

I found a BBS place in Fumin Lu (the BBS in the middle). If you walk along Julu Lu (coming from Hilton) you take the first right and there you are.

8 to 10 cute girls were inside and they kept waiving to me to come in. All of them were really beautiful. I asked if someone would speak English, but no luck. One lady asked "massadsche" and I asked for the price. She said 100 RMB. I said OK.

I was lead into a little compartment (typically, with curtains). My girl was petite, with curley long hair, very nice. At the beginning there were allways other girls entering and asking if I wanted two girls, but I said no (again and again). My girl then apologized that the others woud come in and asking all the time.

Then she asked me if I wanted a handjob (with signs) and I said yes. She did a very nice job, while I was fingering her, and she got real wet. She also had very nice breasts and nipples.

After the job she cleaned everything up and then I had to lay down for the massage. She was walking on my back, first with her knees, and then with her feet, amazing. She gave me a very nice massage for about 20 minutes. She was also kissing me from time to time!

When I was ready for leaving she asked for 100 RMB, I was a little bit surprised, because I didn't really know what I had opted for (since I don't understand Chinese). So I gave her an additional tip which made her smile very happy.

I sure will return to that place. I am also sure, you can get more in there, BJ and maybe FS, I just wasn't able to ask.

For those with a GPS: N 31 13.240' E 121 26.813'


09-26-04, 18:44
Hi people,

I went underground in SH.

If yr looking for a girl overnight and don't mind the 800 RMB for a gfe. PM me.



Albert Punter
09-26-04, 21:37
in reply to Wicked SH

Unfortunately, there is no English section in SINA chat room.
I say unfortunately, as I do not speak Chinese either, my friend.

Albert Punter
09-26-04, 21:49
in reply to Member #2686

you can find a very useful map of Shanghai at http://www.mapmatrix.com/tmhtm/htmtm/19104.html

Member #1725
09-27-04, 05:57

Many thanks for your help, I appreciate it and will take your suggestions into consideration.


St Germain
09-27-04, 10:44

I think the Hilton is over in Puxi. So a taxi ride over to Pudong to the BBS in question would probably take quite a while. I've never done this myself (since I always take the subway). I suppose the taxi ride really depends on the traffic situation in the tunnel, which I understand is often jammed. Offhand guess is 30 mins to an hour depending on traffic. I think a much better alternative is to take the subway to the Dongfang Lu station in Pudong, after which it's a 5 minute taxi ride to the BBS. Probably about 20-30 minutes all in and a lot cheaper.

However, it seems to me an awful long way to go just for a BBS, especially when you never know what you're going to find in terms of girl quality. Of course, if you don't like what you see on the menu, there are some other BBS just down the street (walk west on Shangcheng Road) Or you can walk north on Yuanshen Lu and check out some of the side streets. But avoid the sauna just south on Yuanshen Lu, it's a rip-off.

Anyway, I have recently seen the light and now think Puxi is better for general mongering purposes.

So I suggest the following alternatives:

1. Lots of BBS up and down Kangding Lu (in Puxi). I haven't tried any yet, but I hear that some provide FS.

2. There's a more upscale BBS on the corner of Beijing Lu and Wanhangdu Lu. I think this is pretty close to the Hilton. The BBS is on the NW corner of the intersection, right next to a convenience store. I've walked by there lately, but I haven't tried it yet. I hear FS is available there for 300-400.

3. There's a decent sauna that provides FS at 399 Changhua Lu (also in Puxi). Probably about a 10 minute taxi ride from the Hilton. 600 for one hour of AR, BJ and FS. Nice.

Bon appetit.


John Siron
09-27-04, 13:39
Was walking an area east of Hongqiao area around 2am last weekend.

The street is Fuaguazen Road and Dingxi Road. The shops are 3 minutes walking east of Dingxi Road on Fuaguazen Road. This area is about 10 to 15 minutes walking distance south of Yanan Road.

Was scouting the area to report and found 4 BBS across each other. The asking price is 50 RMB for a standard massage with the girl (includes taifei and massage). It's a hit and miss as they won't offer anything else other than a HJ for 100 rmb all inclusive. I took a pass and got a decent massage from a cutie for 50 rmb. I think for 100 rmb for a HJ, that's quite expensive. You can get a BBBJ around the Huangpi Road areas for 100 to 130 rmb depending on how well you can negotiate.

The reason why I walked in cause from the looks of the outside, I thought the girls would offer more if I went to the back room with them. Unfortunately, she wouldn't do anything with me other than offering a HJ.

09-27-04, 14:32
To all Shanghai Experts :

1st Timer in Shanghai, booked an hotel accomodation in Pudong.

Seems that finding good BBS is rather easy, but what about
night-activity ?

Any good pick-up joint in Pudong ? How can I locate the
(in)famous Julu Lu bars ? Any advise ?

Thank you, fellow mongers, I'll keep you posted !


09-27-04, 15:00

Hilton is in Puxi, next to Equatorial Hotel. As you walk out from the Hilton go right and then left at the first intersection. You will be right on Julu Lu.

Across from the Hilton there are several bars with occasional assets, especially at night. Or even right in front of the Hilton. Julu Lu is full of bars so do not let alcohol cloud your judgment in picking a girl to take home.

Have fun and be safe.

09-27-04, 21:35
The Julu Lu bars are in Puxi, quite a way from Pudong. The subway system in Shanghai is not too bad during the day, but is shutsdown around 11. What this means is that you should stay at the City Hotel in Puxi and take the subway to work in Pudong during the day.

09-28-04, 01:54
SH Wicked

This was a very impressive story about your mongering adventures in the North of Shanghai. Unfortunately, the North of Shanghai is pretty big. Can you give some more detailed hints where this Mongering Shangri-La is located?


09-28-04, 03:12
Anyone been in the Jinshan district? I will be there for weeks. I hope someone can give me some advice on this location.

09-28-04, 04:37

Jinshan district is closed to Changle Lu (see previous reports) where there are some BBS. Also, if you continue to go toward Changshou Lu, there is a lot of BBS, though the quality is not so promising.

09-28-04, 07:47
To Dovetail and Gaolei :

thank you guys for you help ! Any advise regarding pick-up joints for free-lancers (At night ) not too far from Pudong ?

Thanks !

Roversman 999
09-28-04, 08:26
The freebie wasnt a freebie !!!.... my sweetie who I had for one night on a recent trip had nicely asked me for some money as she left so she could buy clothes. That was fine..she got RMB500. Was happy to help her as shed made me most happy.
We met another time in a hotel and had a hot afternoon session and money wasnt asked.
Then just last week.. after another afternoon session..she says she wants 1000 for providing sex,... and I thought she was a freebie. Anyways.. her phone is won three eight oh one sex too nein nein one one... she was cute but definately not cute for 1000....maybe theres some eager punters out here who have strong needs.....

09-28-04, 11:40
how do you say i want a blowjob in chinese? just moved here and have very little mandarin skills. i want to go to a BBS but don't know what to say, if someone could help that would be great. Thanks

Albert Punter
09-28-04, 15:41
in reply to SI7

I do not speak Chinese.
Basing on my experience it is not necessary to speak the language to get understood well in BBS. Hands/face language helps a lot.
Maybe language would help dramatically negotiation.

However, I support your request and invite Chinese speaking fellow mongers to provide a "BBS survival kit" including HJ, FS, etc., besides BJ.
Thanks in advance to everybody for the language lesson !

09-28-04, 15:56
Hi Wicked,

Great report ! Love to join you again to that street of heaven in Northern Shanghai during my visit from 11 to 13th Oct.

Will you be there?

Cheers Kiko69

09-28-04, 17:25
Actually Jing An is the district near Julu, Huashan and Changle road down to Shanxi Nan lu.

Jinshan is 70 Km from the center of Shanghai. It is the new industrial (Refinery, Newark, NJ like) district of Shanghai. I would bet many members will find themself there at some point in the future and maybe some have already been there.

There is a Jinshan hotel that I heard was recently fixed up or made new, but that is all I know. Can anyone help?

Also, can anyone recommend a hotel and activities in the Ming Han district?

09-28-04, 17:41

I have tested for you the Sauna on the 9F of the Golden Bell Plaza (next to Pegazus). No 98 Huaihai Road (M)

Very neat and modern place.
Very zealed and pretty girls. All seem rather young (in their very early 20's).
Very skilled massage though for only 30mn.
More even skilled creamy HJ.
Apparently no BJ or FS provided here as already posted by one of us some weeks ago. Nevertheless, I guess it is worth asking every time. You may suddenly score where other failed.
Good surprise : they offer a 2 girls fun time for an extra Rmb 400.
You then have to cuties placing their hands all over your body and allowing the same from you. Fingering seems welcomed but no kiss and no bras off. Fun is really when you jerk off and they both laugh and mess with you...
Total damage : Rmb 498 for the place, Rmb 400 for the 1st girl, Rmb 400 for her pretty friend. Good 1h00 spent.



09-28-04, 18:24

Pplease help, checked google etc. please let me know where Park 69 is, or any other suggestion to find a semi pro in Shanghai tomorrow.
Malones was not good yesterday.

09-29-04, 01:14

Park 69? You probably mean Park '97 .... . It is in the Fuxing Park, on Sinan Road, corner Gaolan Road.

I am not a real expert here, there might be a better expression, but I normally say: 'Ni gei wo zui yixia wo de xiao didi'; which translates: "Pls. blow my little brother", and it is normally perfectly understood by the protagonists.


Blue D
09-29-04, 03:47

Park 97 is inside Fuxing Park. Tell any taxi Park Jio Qi (Q=Ch in ping ying) and they know. Malone is really slow these days. Some Mao Ming Road bars mamaged to fixed the doors to get some business, check out babayface.

09-29-04, 07:27
Hi Everybody,

This forum is really great and has given me a lot of info about the Shanghai scene. I will be in Shanghai for the first time Oct 23 -27 and am booked at the Rainbow Hotel.

In doing my pre trip research I see the Rainbow Hotel offers massage. Does anyone know if it is legit or if they offer extras?

Also how far is the Julu Lu bars from the rainbow?

I hope to have some reports to add to the forum after I return.


09-29-04, 09:41

I probably would also try Zappata's (Hengshan Road, corner Dongping Road; wednesday = Ladies' Night), and the Paulaner's at Fengyang Road.
If not, try the Xintiandi area, located at Madang Road, close to Huaihai Road.

Good luck!


09-29-04, 17:59

My apology for missing the "S". Yes, Jingshan is more than an hour away from Shanghai and I believe it is called either the "chemical" or "petrochemical" industrial park.

09-30-04, 01:18
Is there any action near the Shreaton Hotel?
I am having a difficult time booking a room for Oct 11 thru 14th.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Member #1604
09-30-04, 07:54
to: johntodd


There is no problem for booking a room at Sheraton Grand Tai Ping Yang Hotel from Oct 11~14, 2004.

Do you need my help?

Definitely there is action there.

09-30-04, 08:27

The Sheraton Grand is pretty close to the earlier mentioned sauna on Zunyi Road.
Close to the Sheraton are the Rainbow and the Galaxy hotels. Both hotels do have (at least: had in the past) nightclubs and discos with plenty of girls.
Further, Sheraton Grand is located close to the Xianxia Road. There are many clubs and Karaoke bars on this street, further some bbs. It was Roversman's hunting (cycling) ground in the past, maybe you should get in contact with him, or just read his former contributions.


09-30-04, 09:36

I always use the slang "chuay shi" (PinYin?) for BJ which literally means "to play a flute", but as Albert Punter has suggested all you have to do is point to her mouth and your dick and all is understood. A bit impolite but does get the point across.

There have been several monger language guides posted on this thread in the past. I suggest you look back a bit.

A bit of caution: Try to get a feel if a BBS is legit or not. Asking for a BJ in a normal hair salon may not go over that well.


Dickie Robert
09-30-04, 19:13
Checked out Alice Entertainment Center when i was in SH earlier this week. Very cool place.

Walked in, showered and changed (typical sauna stuff)l. Escorted into rest area. Mamasan came over and asked me if I want the RMB600 deep tissue massage. She promised that I will not be disappointed. Sure I said.

Escorted to a room upstairs and this babe (8) walks in dressed in a killer short dress (not in sauna uniform or anything). She asked me to laid down and started a slow massage. In the meantime she was making sure that the right places are being touched and that her assets are being properly positioned for being pressed against various sensitive parts of my body. Very cool.

After a while, she asked me to undress and she did a short little strip tease out of hers. She asked me to lay on my back and then did this tongue bath thing that was really really cool. She would altnerate hot and cool water in her mouth and the lick all over with her tongue. She also did some AR that felt pretty damn good.

After the tongue bath, she went to the fire and ice CBJ (she was going to do BBBJ, but I asked her to put on the cover...better safe then sorry)...and then we did a couple positions before I totally exploded...

Very GFE and no rush what so ever! Will definitely do again. The only bad thing about Alice is that it's kinda old and the receptionist out front was pretty rude....

Btw, I stopped by ZY Bar and noticed that there was no body there when I peaked into the window. So I didn't go in. Is that normal?

Any other suggestions for other places similar to Alice in SH?

10-01-04, 03:45
I finnaly booked a room at the Holiday Inn. Is there any action in the area of the Holiday Inn?
Thanks in advance for the previous assistance. Apparently there are several evens happening in Shanghai the week I will be visiting and getting a room for the 4 nights I want was tough.

10-01-04, 04:46
Coincidentally, I also just booked a room at the Holiday Inn Downtown (Oct 14-18) so I too, would be interested in hearing about any action in that vicinity. My previous visits have been on an unlimited corporate expense account, so my experience is limited to the Westin (Sheraton) Tai Pin Yang, Shangri-La, and the Grand Hyatt. Now that I am self-employed, I watch the RMB's more closely. Oh, for the good old days!

10-01-04, 05:43
Lancelot, Johntodd,

When in front of the hotel, look around (on your left if you face the hotel).
On one building about 200m away you will see a big blue round sign saying SkyLine.
Go ther, ride to the 4th florr, be ready to spend 680 Rmb, and.... enjoy the scenary.


10-01-04, 22:25
Hopefully someone can give me info - will be staying at the Marriot Courtyard Pudong on Dongfang road.

Is this hotel "girl friendly"? Are there any good saunas nearby that someone can recommend? As far as talent - any "leads" as to how to obtain local talent? My knowledge of Mandarin is zero so English "contacts" are a must.



Baby Huey
10-02-04, 15:01
Dickie Robert,

Where is the Alice? What is it close too?

10-02-04, 15:01
BBS Hongmei Rd. - Donglan Rd. (Correction)

I have just noticed that I gave a wrong direction in my post of 12 Sep 2004: If you live in Gubei, you must go south, not north. Apologies to everyone who got confused by my shitty directions.

Baby Huey
10-02-04, 15:06
I am coming to Shanghai for the first time in many years. Looking at the posting, it sounds like the best business hotel that is close to the action is the Hilton, is this true? Also does anybody know if the Hilton is still limiting the girls from going to your room after 11 p.m.?

10-02-04, 16:46
Yes they are Jim.

I have always assumed that that's because the ones available after 11PM are the ones that have been chewed up and spit out and moved on to the next looser schmoe that flowed.

If you hang out by the dimly-lit Indian restaurant/Shabu-shabu restaurant on the opposite side of the road, you should attract some pretty good lookers (SWs). Many of them would love to stick around for the CNY298 breakfast thats on offer at the Hilton.

Good luck!

10-04-04, 08:14

I am not an expert regarding girlfriendliness of the Hilton, but there is certainly good action around this hotel. Still, I believe it is manageable to bring to girl to the bar on the 39th floor after 11 p.m. and then to your room. Yet, there might be others better informed than I am.

Still, I do believe the Hilton is still located best when it comes to look out for 'fast food'. Off course, the Ritz-Carlton is also not bad, with its own bar full of working girls at night, and the Long Bar just in the opposite of the main entrance. The Hard-Rock is gone, though, but still, the Malone's is around the corner, and also some other bars newly opened on Tongren Road.


Roversman 999
10-04-04, 11:39
loving HK!!!

Am in HK to spend time away from the Shanghai BBS where Ive done a lot of work recently.
Anyways.. in a shopping mall in Causeway Bay last sunday and its flooded with indonesians. These are happy horny ladies. Two walk past me and give me the eye.. i say hi..they smile. we have coffee and knowing it was impossible, I ask if they will come with me to my hotel. They smile and ask which one.. hahah.. impossible as I already had a date with an indo cutie i'd met on last trip. We met.. and pretty soon her panties are off. We spent four hours doing everything.. and she enjoyed some anal too. Anyways.. no money exchange just a kiss and wave.
Went to Laguna disco later and too tired to play... but.. one cutie ( Thai, and soon to leave HK ) smiled and we danced and i said Im leaving to go home. She said can i go too ? We went and her panties came off quickly too..I coudlnt get it up to do anal but she was interested. we left at the front door and smiled.. and she didnt even ask for money or even hint. I followed her and gave her some for "shopping " anyway. And yes..all our Mailand brothers are filling the streets here. Meanwhile.. i have a visitor planned for my sheets tomoro already scheduled. What a great place this is....

Dickie Robert
10-04-04, 19:27

Alice Ent Center is at 399 Changhua Lu, phone # is 021.62762981.

Have a good time!

Wicked SH
10-04-04, 20:55
Went back up to the place I met Xiao Dan and Xiao Tun last week yesterday (the 3rd). Not quite the same the second time. Why it is that the first time in a new area is like finding nirvana? It is still a very good street, just not nirvana. I looked for Xiao Dan, but she is gone. The place I was at said she left the next day. Damn I should have got her number. One of those things you can kick yourself in the ass for the rest of your life about. The street still has a BBS pole about every three stores, with plenty of pretty girls walking around, and a few obvious street walkers. I was so bummed out that I had to go for take out. In service was not going to satisfy my needs.

So off I went, walked the area looked for street signs but didn’t find any. I know it is in Zhabei, not far from the expressway but I still wasn’t able to find a street sign on the street with all the BBS. I think they don’t want to make it too easy for us to find. While walking the street I looked for my new sweetie. Some good lookers, but when I went upstairs of the BBS where I met Xiao Tun decided to take her out again and give her a more fair review. Last one really wasn’t fair since my expectations had become so high. It was very early so some girls were gone. Worked out 500 for the night and we left before it was 7pm. When we got to my place I noticed she was smaller than I remember in all aspects. She is maybe 15x cm tall, not a tight body but nice. We had a very good night, she is very wet, not water works, but just the way I like it. I kept thinking how much I wanted to take off the rain coat and do some skinny dipping. Better judgment won out, but just barely. After we got to my place we grabbed a shower. She even washed my back, (lets see you get your white American ho to do that, hell even the wife for that matter.)

After the shower I lay down on my bed. She lay down beside me and started to rub my naked body. She moved her hand to my cock and started to give me a wonderful BBBJ. I pulled her over to the right side of the bed so I could rub her wet pussy. She works my cock while I rub her for at least 15 minutes. She has a massive orgasm quickly whips around and pulls me on top of her. You don’t think these little girls can be that strong, but they surprise you every now and again. I was millimeters from thrusting my bulging cock so deep into her she would feel her kidneys get relocated. At that very instant my abort alarm was triggered followed by me yelling ‘damn, shit, damn, shit, damn.’ She thought something was wrong, I explained that I really wanted to give her it all, but I didn’t have my life vest on. She looked at me with those bedroom eyes and said it was ok to, she wanted me bare. My head about exploded with a torrent of why the fuck hasn’t those bastards that get so many zillions of our tax dollars not found a way to vaccinate us from HPV, HIV, and HAV better. Along with damn, fuck, shit, repeated a number of times ending by a long sigh and oh fucking well. Needless to say we have all felt this pain and been brought nearly to tears by the frustration that ensues. There was nothing that can be done except be safe and pull the rubber out of the drawer and start putting it on. My bulging monster was tamed, and my drive squashed. A perfect moment of sexual energy lost forever. Of coarse my mind tried to play tricks I heard the little voice say its ok, hell you just let her go bareback with the blowjob go ahead its only this one time you can play it safe later. That damn demon that tries to make you do foolish thing so it can laugh when you are screwed for the rest of your life.

I got the damn Trojan put on and saved what was left of a moment perfect of sexual energy. While pounding her wet hole into oblivion from the frustration of it all I thought why is it that the condoms that don’t tear or pop completely rob you of the best parts of the sensation. It is an insult added to the injury. I was on top for about twenty minutes when I blew a load so big it filled the first two inches of the condom. During the intercourse she managed to get three orgasms off, normally it would have been three intense moments that I could lament in every detail in this post, but I was crushed by the loss and just didn’t care beyond making a mental note she did. After my orgasm I let it relax for a few seconds in her and then massaged her legs for a minute before getting up removing the kill joy and discarding before thoroughly washing the swollen penis with soap and water.

After that I had regretted going for take out. I just didn’t have the drive I did before she pulled me on top of her. I could have saved 300 RMB since I had lost all desire to go again. We went into the living room and watched the TV for about thirty minutes before she laid her head in my lap and started the next round.

I am not certain if she meant to but when she laid her head down to watch TV it was positioned such that my penis was close to her mouth. During the first commercial she moved her head and kissed my penis. This awoke the slumbering beast and it slowly grew. Like the sleeping lion that heard a noise it doesn’t make any quick moves to alert the prey, it starts with a yawn, followed by stretching out the front right paw, then left, the hind right and left. By the point it was fully hard she had her mouth wrapped around it and sucking like my nuts were the last tapioca balls in a milk tea. I slipped a condom on that I had carried in with me for just in case situations and we went doggie for about fifteen minutes before taking her back into the bedroom pulling her legs up over my shoulder and thrusting for another fifteen. She was happy she had another two orgasms. We snuggled and watch StarTrek TNG for a few hours and about midnight went again, then again at one am. At 12:45 AM I had her start sucking me off, while she was doing that I logged on and started chatting with the freebies. In about 10 minutes I had setup three dates for the next day. The ego boost of chatting with several girls while getting your rocks off can not be underestimated. We then did the deed and went back to sleep. At three her phone started going off, and ping pong text messages made me think I might as well make her go again since I was woke up by the noise. She wasn’t thrilled about it, but did it anyway without making a fuss. Next time I will have to remember to ask her to turn the phone off when we go to sleep.

We woke up at six AM and had one last time before sending her home. I asked if she wanted breakfast, but she was tired and wanted to go sleep some more so we chatted for a few minutes she asked if I could jiaoshou wo de pengyou or introduce my friends to her. I said yes, and then tried to get a picture but she felt shy. I think the next time I will probably ask before we start maybe she will at least give me a clothes on picture to share with you guys. She took off at about seven and I started thinking about my next mongering trip.

Does anybody know what the risks are with oral sex? Is there a web site that goes into any detail?

Member #1588
10-05-04, 03:28
1281 Zhongshan Xi Lu near Wuzhong Lu: Hai Something Sauna

I just got back into town and found my usually chickies were out for the holiday. One girl I called was in town but was at work in a new sauna. She told me 1281 Zhongshan Xi Lu by Wuzhong Lu, but it in fact a bit south from there under the offramp from the elevated road. The place is in the back of a hotel there. Theres still construction going there and the facilities are pretty fresh. They serve mainly japanese clientele (EVERYONE spoke japanese to me, even after I repeated told everyone I was not).

So in any case, I got off the plane, called my XinJiang buddy, got spliffed up and went to check it out. The usual services were offerred (offerred VERY well) with the addition of a nice surprise: the girl spread "icy hot" type muscle gel all over my back and gave me a nice "soapie" type breast massage. She did the whole shimmy up and down my back and front just like from a japanese AV. Haha, it was fun.

Anyhow, of the 2 girls i saw, the place has pretty decent quality. Interesting to note though, I ordered my girl whom i had phoned before coming in. (I got her number from a friend and spoken to her several time, but I never met her.) After i requested her, they said she just started on another client. Since I was new, I didnt know if I should say I already called her, so I just took the girl who they gave me who was pretty good (looks: 7.5-8 service: 9). The girl called me later and told me she wasn't busy. So I'm not sure if I just said the wrong number, or if she was reserved for more special clients...? I assume the service was an hour (I was pretty jet lagged and kind of high), but from the time I stepped in (plus shower, etc), I was there for almost 2 hours.

Total damage: rmb 650. Service is the best i've had at a sauna...or maybe I was just too trashed.

10-05-04, 20:26
I am going to be in SHanghai at the end of the month and will be staying at teh SHeraton Pai Ying. I am curious if this hotel is close to the action.


Noble Gent
10-06-04, 03:17
Dickie Robert,

You mentioned:

Btw, I stopped by ZY Bar and noticed that there was no body there when I peaked into the window. So I didn't go in. Is that normal?


Yes, it is very normal, when you look in, it appears to be a small bar, but if you walk pass the bar, there is a large room with 8 to 10 girls hanging out back. Just sit down in the large room and the mamasan will come and talk to you. Once you pick the girl, then she will take you to the next room to have fun.


10-06-04, 05:18
Is there any action at the Holiday Inn on Dongfang Road, Pudong?
I had a difficult time in making a hotel reservation for next week, finally did get into the above Holiday Inn.
Thank you in advance for your help.

10-06-04, 05:45
If you're at the Holiday Inn Pudong, here are your closeby options...

1) Bar downstairs has some older pros. Never tried them though.

2) Sometimes around 11-12PM, you'll find some pros walking the street. Never tried them either.

3) Health club on 4th or 5th floor offers very good massage and HJ only for 900RMB.

4) There's a KTV inside the Holiday Inn. However, my buddy and I were never able to get take out. I think with this one, you have to go a couple of times before they'll say yes.

5) Strips of BBSs located on Pudian Lu and Weifang Lu, between Dong Fang Lu and Lao Shan Dong Lu.

6) KTV located on corner of Dong Fang Lu and Weifang Lu, across from the Marriott.

All are within one block's walking distance!

Good luck

Member #2633
10-06-04, 09:11

Generally as reported here many times before the action be find on the PPuxi side which is situated across the Huangpu River, about 15 minutes by taxi.

But you can find a few BBS in Pudong, e.g. next parallel road to the side road where Holiday Inn Pudong. Unfortunately I don´t remember the name of the road.

Shanghai Noon #2
10-06-04, 19:49
I just came from the Hilton and it is 2:38am in Shanghai. I want to report that it is VERY girl unfriendly. I talked with the night manager(Mr. Xi) after my friend called me and said that he couldn't bring in his girl from the ktv. I was very surprise since my friend is very presentable and is one of the nicest guy I know. Talked with Mr. Xi and he is a very obnoxious individual. I would recommend that if possible to avoid staying at this hotel since Shanghai is full of other nice 4 or 5 stars hotels that do not employ such Gestapo tactics. The quality of talents near the Hilton also left much to be desired. High cost and low service.

10-06-04, 22:05
Well, SHnoon #2 posts about me. I am staying at the Hilton.
In fact it is true that this Mr. Xi is a very mean person.
I stay at the Hilton for more than 2 years on most of my trips to SH. Until today I never had any problems bringing in any girls but today the security guys were very rude.
The assistant manager turned out to be even worse.
Thanks to SHnoon#2 I got into another hotel for tonight.
Thanks a lot, SHnoon#2!
It is one thing if a guest tries to bring in a visitor even though that it is not allowed. But it is another thing to turn mean.
[For those who nevertheless stay at the Hilton, I recomment to bring your own SHnoon#2 (C) with you. ;)]

BTW SHnoon#2 and I visited a KTV and even though that I did not really liked it for many years it turns out to be very very fun. For those who are after high class girls it is highly recommended. I mean any larger KTVs with girls available. Just to give an idea: there are sometimes 200 girls in one establishment to choose from. Not the cheapest deal in SH but Quality!

10-07-04, 09:15

I will be in Shanghai from 11 to 14 October and if someone likes to get together for some cold ones and some good times and actions please pm me.

As most of my favourate Hotels are fully booked due to two major conventions I am staying at the Somerset Grand Apartments at JiNanRoad in Lu Wan. Does anyone knows some good action nearby ?

Thanks for helping me out


Baby Huey
10-07-04, 14:50
Help!!! What is a good Business hotel close to the Hilton that is gril friendly?

10-07-04, 16:06
I stayed at the Westin Shanghai in mid-September for one week. I would think it is one of upscale business hotels in Shanghai. The hotel staff goes out of their ways not to inconvenient or embarass their guests, especially when the guest of their guest is in not so obvious outfit. I'm not so sure how far is the Westin from Hilton.

10-07-04, 21:25
Last week experienced no problems in J.W. Marriott!

And the rooms are much better than Hilton.

DJ Nylon Pants
10-07-04, 22:06
hi guys,

i post pretty regularly in the california section of this board.

i'm coming to SH for a trade show 10/18-10/25, i'm thinking of booking a room at the sofitel jinjiang, any comments on their attitude towards visitors?

my freebie i've been chatting-up for a year is coming up from gz on the 21st so i have a couple of days to try the mongering fare.

500rmb overnighters sound like the order of the day! i'll take two at that price!!

any comments on the jinjinag are appreciated...


10-08-04, 03:12
Hi all, I'm in Shanghai this week and just a note or two. Last night a Chinese friend took me to a disco he likes. He was calling it the L.A. disco but I didn't see signs to that effect. It's on Huaihai Lu, in the building next to the one that has the Pegasus disco. This is the same building with City Sauna on the 9th floor, a place that has been mentioned in some previous posts.

Anyway, this disco is attached to a 2 floor KTV place. So I had a chance to observe the goings on at the KTV. It was about as ornately furnished as any joint I'd ever scene. I saw so many beautiful girls that my poor little brain overloaded. I'm told there are at least 600 girls working there on a given night, and of the ones I saw, all seemed to be 8's or above. Tall, long hair, breasts (or at least well-padded bras). It's not a cheap place - I was told it's 500 RMB to have a girl join you in a private room. After that, I guess it's a case of your mileage may vary. I'm in "poor" mode at the moment so did not have a chance to check out anything in greater depth, but it's on my list for my next visit, when my budget will hopefully be a bit higher.

In terms of the disco itself, they have a live band and there are girls sitting behind the bar to pour your drinks, chat with you and play the dice game. Some seemed to speak a little bit of English. Drinks were about the same price as any other bar in town. So one could go to the disco, get a beer and wander the hallways and see what's on offer in the KTV.

From there we went to Malone's, which was completely dead at 11 PM on a Thursday night. I suppose most people are still away due to the holiday. At one point, two girls walked in, one was an absolute stunner, and I was about to try my luck. But they took a look around, saw how dead the place was, and split right away. So my friend and I sat outside, checking out the pros hanging out outside. (It seems that Malone's won't let these girls come in unescorted any more.) One caught my eye, a Nanjing girl. I told her I was poor, she said "no problem." I told her I wouldn't be able to give her much money, she said "no problem."

Well, all of that changed in the morning when I handed her 500 RMB and she started screaming and crying. "American man, British man, they always give me at least 200 US dollar! I stay with you long time, 8 hour, 10 hour, I fuckee, I suckee, you must give me more!"

Since she actually was pretty decent in the sack, and we did go 3 rounds, I scrounged around and came up with another 300, making a total of 800. At that point she wanted to start playing scavenger hunt, convinced there was even more money hidden away somewhere. I had to grab her by the arm and drag her to the door. Outside the door, I heard her complaining (I think) to the cleaning staff. Finally the noise died down and she was gone.

Note to self - continue to try to get REAL Shanghai girl friend and get away from the P4P scene.

Second note to self - yeah, right!

Cap Iota
10-08-04, 08:35
200 dollars for a street gurl? You should have negotiated beforehand. None of that "No problem, no problem" BS!

The captain

Blue D
10-08-04, 10:25
To Gweilo,

The place you went to is part of the KTV (4th & 5th floor). Smallest room's min charge is about RMB800. Girl tip runs 300-500; take out ~1500 +/- 300.

Malone is indeed quite dead. Try Julu or Mowming (come back a little);and there is Park 97.

Enjoy your sh stay.

Blue D
10-08-04, 12:01

That Somerset apt is 5 min walk from Xintindi, 5 min taxi to Fuxing park/Park97. Nice place, enjoy.

PM me if you look for occasional company.


Krum Lov
10-08-04, 13:01
I can't believe people are paying US$200 for a screw in asia. Just totally insane. Even US$20 is getting pricey!

Member #4198
10-09-04, 03:31
Sofitel JJ is in Pudong, and its in somewhat quiet area. Not a whole lot of action around that neck of the woods. I would take a cab and head into Puxi. They are definitely girl friendly. By the way, the rooms there are really nice. The deluxe ones that is. The Westin at the Bund center is very girl friendly. If you're staying in an executive room, they will feed bkfst to both of you for free. I came back one night carrying a drunk girl, and the security helped me into the elevator. Good luck to all!

10-09-04, 03:59
Just some follow-ups ...

Yes, I should have negotiated with the girl before bringing her back to the room. Blame it on my friend, Mr. Jack Daniels. I do feel that she was worth the 800 I gave her. However, to "Krum Luv" who said that $20 is pricey in Asia, I would have to wonder about how current your experience is in cities such as Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong, etc.

I don't like barber shops, I don't like brothels where you're in and out in 30 minutes (and this not meant as a knock on those who do, simply expressing my own personal preferences). I like the full on GFE. I like being in a bar or disco and scouting out the field and having a few drinks and a bit of dancing before getting down and dirty. It's why Neptune and Fenwick are my most frequent hangouts in HK. I believe that in China, just like any other place, it's a combination of YMMV and you get what you pay for.

Blue D, I appreciate the further details on the KTV and I think that if I was in a better financial position at the moment, the ladies there would have been well worth the money.

By the way, I'm actually more than familiar with Park 97. I'm a member. As I told the group I was out with last night, it's my real "office" in Shanghai.

Last night my friends and I started out at Face. There were some stunningly good looking women there, and I'm sure some were pick-up-able judging from the looks and eye contact I got each time I took a stroll around. But I was with a group of both male and female from my office and not in a position where I could split off from the group to follow my instincts.

Around 11 we moved over to Park 97, California, and again, the place was packed and slamming. A couple of freelancers tried their luck with me on those occasions where I was sitting at the table alone, but none of them really struck my fancy. There certainly was no lack of opportunity there had I been there under different circumstances.

As a note to Kiko, I have been staying at the Somerset Grand on and off for the past 6 months. It's a terrific place. Quick walk to Xintiandi, walking distance to Pegasus and just a 15 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride to Park 97. And never a problem with bringing a "friend" back here.

Mock A Bee
10-09-04, 06:31
Re: Gueilo

$200usd is not cheap. Sorry but 1,600rmb for a girl is expensive. Unless she is a real uber hottie, that performs in the 90th percentile, she is not worth it.

You can get some very attractive girls that love to have sex for 600rmb or less. Even freebies, after you go out to dinner, pay for her cab fare home, and maybe even a small gift, are still not going to cost you that much.

BTW, I feel for you about the girl you had to throw out. I had to do that with a newbie KTV girl who only arrived Beijing three months ago from Anhui, a real sweetie. Practically hours of DFK, she left a nice creamy wet spot in her panties :) and it was really nice to insert a finger inside of her wettness. Very GFE.

But she was certainly no performer when it came to actually having sex. She was very hesistant to give me a CBJ and only put me in her mouth for 30 seconds and did not know what to do, she was also very shy about letting me see her naked, plus it took forever before she let me DATY (which she enjoyed). All told, she was an absolute newbie at sex, not at all a seasoned Xiao Jie.

Before leaving she wanted 2,000rmb - sorry, but I would have nothing to do with that. She wasn't even dressed like a 2,000rmb Xiao Jie - she wore a hooded sweatshirt and some girlie pants.

After a hell of a lot of whinning on her part complaining that she has to buy clothes and food and pay for an apartment blah blah blah, I gave her 800rmb and threw her out. Some of you may say I was unfair to her but sorry, for 2,000rmb I expect to see you with the package already put together before you see me.

Frankly based on her performance she was not worth even 800rmb.


Baby Huey
10-09-04, 15:07
I am looking for a map of Shanghai, with the point of interest mark on the map. I have found a few maps on the internet of the city, but just street maps. I am look for a map that show the hotels and the major area of enterment. Clubs, Massage places, KTV, ets. Is there any such map? It would be nice to find your way area town, relaying on endlish.

10-09-04, 15:40
Jim Heart,

try www.smartshanghai.com/en/travel/sshamap.php

It will give a a great overview of all the Pups, clubs in the
area. A great help!

Also a question to the fellow "shanghaiens" . Heard of Rojam on Monday/Wednesday. Anybody has some details on this place in regarding to hobbying. Is it a pro of semi-pro club or just a normal disco with regular girls. Is it worth checking out ?

So far have only been to Zapatas and Park97 which was ok.

Any help to get "connected" is highly appreciated.

Will arrive on Maonday and ready for the action.

Carpe Diem


Cap Iota
10-09-04, 18:10
The captain decided it was time to hit up some BBS's. First, hit up the so called "Factory" that people been talking about.

We're not talking about no BBBJ factory..we're talking about straight up FS Factory with 10+ chicks in Minghang District. So where is this Factory? Well, the easiest way I can describe it is if you take the #1 subway line. Take it to LianHua Station. When you exit, you will see a big Carrefoure and a Home Mart (Chinese equivalent of home depot). Walk towards the Home Mart and to the left of the Home Mart is an alley way and only one shop with purple glow. Go in and pick da ho of ur choice. Go up the stairs, bang da shit out of her in a comfortable room, dress...throw her 150rmb and walk out of there. A friend of mine had to pay 200rmb cause he said the chick told him the extra was for a bj. So ask beforehand pleease...

Next up, the "old Factory" near Hongmei Road and Zhengxi Road in Minghang. It is literally right across the big ass street. A 15 min. walk from Home Mart. This new place is nice and the mamasan is nice too. 150rmb for a good time (although I did over hear she telling a local 140rmb. Who cares, it's 10rmb difference). The Captain did see why this place was so hot. Sichuan #1 is back and she looks like a Taiwanese pop idol, A-mei. Except with bigger tits and a nicer body.

Next up, the Village. 150rmb for all these shops is enough to fullfill any weary Shanghai travellers. The Captain saw many fine asses here with big ol' titties.

If any of you do the Minghang tour in the above order, and you do NOT take a girl, you are gay.

Captain Iota

Baby Huey
10-10-04, 14:18

Thanks for giving direction to these place for the person that will be relaying on endlish. Using subways, and walking is great! I wish more people gave direction like this

10-10-04, 16:27

I do know my request might be somewhat anoying to you,however I am travelling to Shanghai this week and will be there overnight only. This and the fact I am accompanied by my colleauges leaves not to much time for any searching and hunting.

Does anyone is able and willing to share a number with me for a reliable outcall provider at Shanghai at reasonable rates. Preferably I am looking for someone you may reccomend due to your own positive experiences.

For all those feeling anoid by this request please accept my sincere apology, I am just to utilise this forum best by building on others expereinces.

Thanks to those able and willing to provide there valuabl support.

Thanks and best regards,


P.S.: There must be a kind of fair or congress this week. Does it change anything in prices to be paid?

10-10-04, 23:39
Count G

I took your advice and went into the more upscale BBS on the corner of Beijing Rd and Wanhangdu Lu. You are correct, they are very close to the Hilton for those who wish to try them. Just a 5 minute walk if you walk directly toward the freeway, on the same side as the Hilton. I walked into several other areas you mentioned first, but they did not appear to offer fs. This upscale place immediately motioned me to follow the girl I chose upstairs. Price was 400 RMB. Good experience, but no kissing. A little rushed, but not bad. I'd go back again. I think many of the BBS' were closed due to the holiday last week. Thanks for the suggestion.

10-10-04, 23:42

Electronics Asia is happening this week in Shanghai. It is like the Consumer Electronics Show. Don't know about the SW prices. I suspect the rule of supply and demand apply.

Blue D
10-11-04, 01:52
To Kiko69 question @ semi's

A few other places comes to mind:

- Rendevez (sic?) in Xintindi is getting popular with the semi's. weekend is packed, not checked out weekdays yet

- Paul Langer in Xintindi; ditto above but less so

- Babyface on Mowming Rd; other rest MMRd are hit and miss these days

few new places in HengSeng Rd & Tong Ren I have not checked out yet, so no reference.

Blue D
10-11-04, 02:00
To the Good Captain,

Where is the Village? Similar wonderful direction would be appreciated.

DJ Nylon Pants
10-11-04, 17:50
hi folks,

i'm a regular poster on this board in the california sections.

coming to SH next monday and have been reviewing the posts in this section.

i found one post here from a month or so ago stating that there might be some local girls who like to check-out this board.

if there are, and you're reading this, please PM me...

see you in shanghai!!


10-11-04, 20:32
Hi All,
Been a while since I posted anything.
I just heard that a girl I know was with an older western gent and all of a sudden theres a knock onthe door and it's local police and they take her away, and she's in jail for a while. Guess they didn't do anything to the guy but that is kinda scary. Guess someone didn't like the "young girl older guy" thing.
Has anyone heard of that type of thing happening?

I have white hair and people think right off I am much older than I really am, but have been white since ....well started when I was about 15/16. The late 60's were hard on me I guess.

Thanks for any feedback.


10-12-04, 01:55

I cannot believe this was really a problem of the hair colour, but rather a 'neighbor', 'neigborhood committee' or 'security' issue, depending where this happened.
I heart about similar stories in the past, happening to people with other hair colours than white.
If the girl is living together with the guy, she is actually obliged to register with the neigborhood committee, sooner or later.
Probably, the girl failed to do so, or she did not have legitimate residence papers for Shanghai.

It happens sometimes that the KTV scene is Shanghai is raided by the local police. They then lock away those girls for 2 - 3 months, which are living illegally in Shanghai.


10-12-04, 05:34

the matter here is about "hukou", stating the place the person was born. it applies to everyone in china, regardless of gender. for eg. some one from lanzhou province working in shanghai will have to apply for a temporary residence license. without this temp. license, the person is considered an illegal. if caught, the authorities will lock this person in a detention centre and contact the family of this person to send money for this person to return home. i think there is a fine involved.

a person can actually transfer "hukou" from one place to another, but the bureaucratic redtape is a hassle. the company which one works for can always provide the proper documentations for temp. residence license. however, it is not surprising to find that many non-shanghainese without temp residence license living in shanghai or non-beijingnese without temp. residence license living in beijing.

it used to be that the authorities can lock illegals up indefinitely and in recent years, because of abuse cases cropping up in the detention centres (there was a young man actually beaten to death in guangdong, [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) cases, illegals being sold to snakeheads), the chinese govt. has changed its policies. now the detention centres have become some sort of a haven/shelter, where caught illegals can stay while waiting for their families to send money for them to return home.

you shouldn't worry about yourself, provided your visa/working permit is valid. plus these so-called routine checks are not really that rampant and usually happens in places where there are a lot factory workers or where the authorities know illegals will congregate...


Cap Iota
10-12-04, 06:02
The Captain says there are no subway stations around The Village. Ask the taxi driver to take you to "Hangzong Lu and Wuzong lu" in MingHang District.

You will see a big gate, one that leads you to BBS heaven. All the BBSs will be on your right hand side as you walk through the Gate. Don't let their fancy dresses and big cleavages fool you to give more than 150rmb a pop.

The Captain

10-12-04, 12:12

Didn't mean it was the hair color, but the age difference, and western older guy with younger Chinese girl.....she told a friend someone "turned them in" because they didn't like the set up.

Just wondered if they ever do anything to the guys in those situations.....because if it is the age thing people always think I am much older at first glance and have the white hair which attracts more attention when I am with a younger Asian girl.


Black Jack
10-12-04, 12:58
Been away from SH for a lil while, nice to see that this board is still quite active. Missing some regular postings from veteran Shanghai mongers, but nice to see some new mongers.

Great directions Cap Iota, I think I'll have to try that factory very soon.

Unlike when I first arrived to Shanghai, BBS are now so easily spotted in all areas throughout the city, well for me at least. I went to Alice Sauna last nite, exactly like the description in an earlier posts. I'm gonna try to go to more sauna type massages places, on top of my regular bbs/factory hunting.

I want to compose a post with a full listings of saunas/massages, prices, directions, etc. to make it easier for all of us. If you want to help..post a message of a sauna w/ details or PM me.

Happy hunting!


10-12-04, 13:26
I had given tel no. of many call-in girls (600-800rmb rage) to many forum members. Surprisingly no report on their services. I am eager to know how these girls serve the visitors. If any one has availed the services from Liu Mong , Feng yu, Lili etc. please post a report.

Being a known customer, to me it was value for money. How about others?


DJ Nylon Pants
10-12-04, 16:00

Thanks for the contact numbers, I'll be calling them on my first night in SH.

Reports to follow!


10-13-04, 01:57

I did get your meaning, also in the first place. It is not a question of your hair colour, your skin colour, your age, etc. It might have an impact, but ... living together with a foreigner is already attracting enough attention.

I have a question: have your elder friend been living together with another woman/spouse, before his Chinese g/f moved in? The Neighborhood Committee is somewhat understanding itself also as a kind of 'Morality Police'. I heart about a story, when a betrayed spouse of a foreigner here in Shanghai did go to the local police and reported the girl to the Police/neigborhood committee. The girl was caught in the act with the husband and taken away .... .

Your friend or yourself do not have to be worried. Nothing will happen to you. It is considered to be an internal Chinese affair.


St Germain
10-13-04, 06:44
Another Pudong BBS report here.

Got the itch late last night, so I went out on a mission around 11 pm.

Finally decided on one of the BBS on Yuanshen Lu, just south of the intersection with Pudong Dadao. There's 2 BBS there, right next to each other on the west side of the road. I went into the one closest to Pudong Dadao.

FS is on tap for 300. I chose a cute little thing from Hunan. Lovely girl, 19, arrived about a week ago.

But service not so great. She took me into a little room just behind the entrance area. The door can be locked, but you can hear everyone talking outside in the foyer. Not the best ambience for an intimate moment.

What's worse, she was rush rush rush. Clearly she was afraid of the cops, and she even said so. She outright refused to take off her clothes. (Same thing also happened last time I went to a BBS in the area a couple weeks ago.) She insisted that her shirt stays on, pull down pants only. I assume that's so we can dress fast in case trouble arrives.

Did the deed, etc., but she even exhorted me a couple times to hurry up. I hadn't cleared out the pipes in a few days, so unfortunately it was all too easy for me to hurry up.

Her fear of the cops seemed geniune. She said the cops had come by recently once during the daytime.

Anyone else having similar experiences in BBS lately?

Maybe it's a risky time for BBS patrons. Stay safe out there, gentlemen.