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Black Jack
09-22-03, 21:10
Just a correction, the bbs that I found a cutie was on Changde lu and Kangding lu intersection. Went back there today in hopes of convincing the girl for more than a HJ...but was closed (at 8pm).

Was plannin to check out the 2 bbs at Kangdinglu, seems like they have more new girls, but nothing great. I think an earlier post by someone said Shaanxi Lu. There are 2 bbs there, if u walk on kandinglu heading east and make a left at Shaanxi Lu. Cant miss them as they are only 2 shops on the block with pink neon lights. I checked out the one on the left (both had about 5-6 girls, ranging from 4-6 or 7). Negotiated from 150 to 130 for bbbj. Overall that was one of the better bjs I've had in a while. The place is also a bit more spacious than some others. If anyone is curious, they do offer fs upstairs. Quoted 300 but im sure they will budge.

Black Jack
09-22-03, 21:21
The previous postings of stds and aids has brought me back a bit of reality from all my recent bbs mongering. Definitely do wear condoms for FS. Dont suggest too much DATY. As for bbbj, the risk as mentioned before, is certainly there. I am strongly considering covering it...but DAMN it sure does feels nice without it.

Don't know how many guys here go get checked up, maybe at Worldlink?
Back home I used to check up regularly, cause there was free clinics. Here I will eventually. Hope if guys do get checked up and find something tested positive, please post some previous places visited, girls, etc...that may help the rest of us out. I know by then its probably impossible to know where or when, but I guess any info is better than no info.

With that out of the way, back to the hunting.


09-23-03, 14:47
Great story. Hope that if that happens to me I am also that lucky.

some details about me being booted from my favorite place, I think that they indicated I wont get in trouble but the girls will.

hmm.... Sucks anyway since this was my FAVORITE place.


Dusty Bin
09-23-03, 17:26
Perhaps there is a 'locall interest' reading this board that is casuing difficulties for you guys and your haunts?

Bone is Hard
09-23-03, 23:19
Fellow Mongers,

For you that like to know where youre going before you get there, here's a link to a website that has a fantastic map of Shanghai. It's in pdf form so you can zoom in to about 800x but 200x is readable and it gives a wider view. Not all of the hotels are listed but most of the streets are as are the important landmarks. You can also print certain sections that you want. I dont think I can download the pdf like a picture since the only accepted downloads are picture extensions.


You'll need Acrobat reader to open it. If you have trouble with it, like a box with a red X shows up, then right click on the download text and "save target as" to your desktop.

I'm also posting a BJ map in BJ forum.


Roversman 999
09-24-03, 00:22
Well if the police are out looking for us ..young lads at play I can suggest a more harmless activity.
On corner of Gubei road and Honggu road there is a giant ktv place. It has no english name... but at 8pm..the chicken arrive in theri droves. Its heartwarming and ballbreaking to see so much good looking nookie all go in one door. Spent half an hour last night sitting on my bike watching one good one after another walk there.. arrive on bikes taxis etc.. hundreds went in..followed by a car loads of old fat farts....just like us..hahah.anyway..was a great view and one i may repeat if in the area..

09-24-03, 04:02
I left Shanghai for 10 days on Sept 11 - that day 5 police came to my favorite barber shop - among other things looking for the waiguoren (foreigner). First time for 10 months they tell me.

09-24-03, 12:33
rovers.. That is pretty funny. Sometimes it just makes you wanna cry for mom. he he... I'd like to join you sometime.

I will go back to SH Friday. feel like revin up your iron horse and rding with me to the KTV? (I am joking about the iron horse of course as I have some cheap chinese bike from Carrefour haha)


09-24-03, 12:36
FReebie girl take 3.

We worked out at the gym, went to my place and watched a movie. Suspiciously she wasnt ready to go until after her dorm locks up. I tried to tell her to stay in the other room. I really dont like anyone else in my bed. hard to sleep.

She talked me into letting her stay in my bed. I did another serious talk where she ASSURED ME that we are only friends, but.... she says: you are a man. I am a woman. We like to have sex. This is ok. No Love.

hehe as long as she doesnt get clingy. I also told her my "ex" GF may come to visit. She took it like a pro. says she wont bother me at all... we'll see.


Bone is Hard
09-24-03, 15:02
Sorry, I lied. You cant print the maps. They are print protected. Just tried a few ways to by-pass but couldnt do it. Just commit it to memory, although my upper head becomes void of grey matter when the little head takes over.


09-25-03, 00:07
To Barbershop Goer

Have seen your posting and was wondering if we could share some places, tips and girls contacts. I am also fond of big and large breast and I have been in Shanghai several years.

I have seen one of your post below
"The weekend before last, I visited the string of barbershops which I mentioned in my previous post. I walked into the second shop counting from the west and saw a 6 or 7 with low-cut dress revealing the crevice between her two large tits. I like big tits. So I opted for this one. Negotiated for 200 RMB plus Taifei for BBBJ and FS short time and action in her apartment because I do not like the setup in the barbershop."

Could you tell me where is the shop located. Is the girl still there?

I will report soon on places near the Bund.


09-25-03, 00:44
To Indigo Blue

Forgot to say thank you for your ealier post. I will check out the recommended place in Gubei this weekend... do you know ik Katy is still there?

Will keep you and Barbershop Goer on other places where we find these very special type of girls.

BB Lover

Indigo Blue
09-25-03, 12:11
Back in Shanghai! Today (14:00) I went to one BBS that Black Jack (good reports, BJ. I can see that you are already fully integrated here, hehehe) described the other day. Specifically to the one located in Kanding Lu/ Shaanxi Lu. Everything as he described: Went to the one at the left, there were some 8 girls, 5/7 in appearance. Not a word to be said, I was assigned a girl who dragged me to a chair in the back room. She quoted 30 kuai taifei and 30 kuai for a HJ. OK.

Only some 20 cm away, at the other side of the divider, some Chinese guy was being loudly blowed. Unable to concentrate I wanted to leave, but the girl offered me to go upstairs. The “place” is a kind of cubicle 2.5x1.5 mts with a reclining chair. At least there was silence and “privacy”, so we did the deed. This Fujian girl, Xiao Xie, 20 y.o., gave me the mother-of-all-the-BJ's this afternoon. Still my legs shake a bit!! Total damage: 180 kuai for the “VIP” treatment. I wanted FS right there, in the chair, but she had her old friend (period) so She asked me to come Saturday. Will see
In the way home I saw a BBS in Kanding Lu, few meters before the crossing with WanHangDu Lu. VERY cute, slutty looking bored girls looking through the window and waving at me. Tomorrow I will report about this place.


Poor Student
09-25-03, 15:39
Cheers to everyone!

The aim of my first post is to ask the help of all of you (first of all Jackson's one, asking him to post the message in the Shanghai section!)

I'm planning to come to China for some months to improve (and possibly reach a reasonable level of!) my mandarin language skills.

Some friends suggested me to come to Shanghai (not because I'll learn more than in Beijing, but because of the city itself).. After what I've read in this board, I think I'll follow their directions :)

I would like to ask to you, my master teachers, about some practical stuff that, even if not directly linked with THE purpose of this forum will probably be of the utmost help for this poor guy (me).

1) I'll follow a universitary language program. Which one would you suggest? Fudan, Jiao Dong, East China Normal University, ...?

2) I'm really worried about the universitary dorms. If I live in a single room, will I have the possibility to take a girl to the dorm with me? I'm afraid not (damn!!), so this leads to the following

3) Is it possible to rent a small furnished flat for 3-4 months and not spend all my money? (let's say 200$ per month) Would you consider the possibility to rent a room with a chinese? I saw some of this ads in that's Shanghai.

4) Unfortunately, I will not have a lot of money with me, therefore I will not be able to join any of your wild nights with model type expensive girls. Maybe only a bbshop sometimes. But I'm always horny, I will need a GF, or more, or I will die. In your opinion, will it be very difficult to find girls that accept to be my GF even if I don't spend money after them, I don't buy them clothes, or I don't improve their social status? I'm in my late 20s, tall, said to be good looking, ...but that's China, not Europe!

Ok, that's all for now. I hope you are not too bored with my questions and that someone can help.

I even can't promise "full report follow soon", but anyhow "full report follow as soon as I'm there!"

Thanks again, this forum is wonderful.

Roversman 999
09-26-03, 00:25
out for a bike ride last night .. and suprise surpise, groups of shanghais finest subtly posted near to all my favourite bbs. Hmmmm.. anyways..where theres a will theres a way. Near Evergreen apartments... dont know what road. theres a very brightly lit bbs thats only metres from a hospital and only one hundred metres from a large police station. Being that close there must be some protection...they took care of my emerging and growing needs quite nicely.. i even waved hi to the passing cop as i left the place....but there are lots more police out than normal in my area.. thats for sure

Barbershop Goer
09-26-03, 00:46
To BBLover:

The string of barbershops is on Fengzhuangbeilu (丰庄北路), opposite of Fengsixinchun (丰四新村, No.4 Village of Fengzhuang). I guess the girl is still working there but am not sure.

I will be on vacation starting from tomorrow till October 7 and will not be in Shanghai during that time. If you need the girl's number, please tell me your e-mail address and I will give it to you.

Barbershop Goer

09-26-03, 02:55
What side of Shaanxi Lu is this Kanding Lu?

I have not noticed BB shops on Shaanxi before.



Indigo Blue
09-26-03, 05:17

You are right. Sorry for my pinyin: It is Shanxi Lu/Kangding Lu(陕西路/康定路)That's some three blocks behind the Portsman Hotel.

BBlover: I dont know if Katty still works there, but i can provide you with her phone if you want. Anyway, she is now silver medal in the podium of my heart. Some weeks ago, I met a girl in a "tea house" in WanHangDu Lu/ ZhengNing Lu who - my friends, believe me when I tell you - have the PERFECT breast. No FS in that place. For 200 Yuan you have a hand job and for 400/500 a BJ: way too expensive. She did offered me to go to sleep with me after work (2:00am) but, as I am only interested in that pair (Her face, without being ugly, simply is not that much. Same with the rest of her) and I can be at leisure with them in the place one full hour for 200 yuan, I haven't nailed her yet.


09-26-03, 10:58
To Barbershop Goer:

Thanks, please email me contact at moonfruit8@yahoo.com

Enjoy your holidays.


09-26-03, 17:48
Hi Barbershop Goer

I am from Beijing and sometimes i have to go to Shanghai.

Would you provide me the cellnumber of mentioned girl?
Would be great

By the way do you know some good barbershops near Hilton in
Huashan lu?



Black Jack
09-26-03, 20:27

Oh my god what are the chances. The one that gave me the great bbbj was the same girl you had, Xie. I actually had the choice to pick, and I just ended up picking her cause no really stood out there. So I guess it is not just me, but she does give a great great BJ. Im planning to maybe check her out agian tomorow, or take a look at the one by WanHangDu Lu. Any reports with that one yet?

By the way does anyone still have the numbers to the apartment girls (that was much talked about in the recent past)?


09-27-03, 01:33
Poor Student:

I have lived in China for nine years in four cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Although Shanghai is the best city to live in, Beijing is by far the best place to learn Mandarin since you hear it spoken as close to the real thing as possible wherever you go. In most other cities, including Shanghai, local dialects are spoken on the street and Mandarin is spoken with a local accent.

Just my POV.


09-27-03, 10:54
Well if you think Beijing Mandarin is real Mandarin - about 80% of Chinese do not agree. I know it is official Mandarin - and most will understand you.

Indigo Blue
09-27-03, 16:48
My friends:

As I told you yesterday, I was coming back from that sink of vice located at the intersection of Kangding Lu and Shanxi Lu when, in the same street, I found another one that looked even better. I’ve promised myself to turn over all the rocks, so today I went to put that place under inspection. First: This place is located at Kangding Lu 1401, almost at the intersection with Wanhangdu Lu. There are 4 girls in the morning / afternoon and 6 girls in the evenings/nights. It’s a more-or-less suspicious BBS, but clearly much cleaner than most. Has two small cubicles divided with curtains at the bottom and they charge 50 Yuan per massage. There is a “place” climbing some stairs (Yes!!! Exactly like in that other BBS in the same street! Maybe that is fashion at JingAn district??) but this one has windows. The girl that went up there with me (Xiao Li, 23, from Zhejiang) really got into it, with a lot of loud moaning (with the open window!), ultra-wet, and apparently came twice (?). Total damage: 300 kuai. If you are the kind of guy that goes to places like the infamous Beauty Saloons at Kangding Lu/Xikang Lu (As, in example, myself) then maybe you should try this one. More or less same price (I didn’t bargain at all) but somehow better overall service quality.

Ah!! And the door is exactly in a bus line head, with plenty of people waiting on the street and inside the buses, ready to stare at you when you go out from a hairdresser with you hair dress went to hell, when you are red and sweaty like if someone just f*uck*d your brains out, and when three girls escort you to the taxi with a lot of kisses, hugs, hand waving and begs of seeing you tomorrow. So please, learn from my mistakes, and make use of the very discreet back exit that goes into an alley where, even as there will be also a little congregation alarmed by the noises that come out from the window, you can keep a much lower profile.


09-28-03, 01:25

Yes, all Chinese have their own opinion about authenticity. Most importantly, you can hear Mandarin spoken around you every day in Beijing.


09-28-03, 04:29
Anyone have any recent experience at the Shanghai Hilton or nearby area? I will be there in a couple weeks so any advice would be appreciated. Also went to the Hard Rock last time and picked up a girl. I'd like to try a barbershop so if anyone knows of one in the area that would be great to know.

09-28-03, 08:18
HRC: very quiet. There are service providers hanging around there, but not that many, and most of them are not very good looking. Prices have also dropped. Last week I offered 800 for the night to the best looking girl I found inside HRC, and she accepted without hesitation.

BBS near Hilton: not the best area for BBS. The closest I can remember is Fumin Road. When you come from Hilton, walk along Julu Road and then turn right into Fumin Road. There used to be 5 or 6 barbershops on both sides of the street. I never had more than a HJ there.

Crazy Guide
09-28-03, 10:18

Sorry i was referring to Panyu, the place near GZ, and not the street. When I was staying in GZ, we used to go over there regularly for sauna, massage and HJ. a full 2 hr service for like rmb 250 or so.

Anyways I was at Malones last week and decided to wander across the street to the Garden massage. They quoted me 800 for 2 hours and after checking out the facilities, i decide no way. I am sure there there are better deals in and around SH.

My comment on your college friend. yes, they are around. i snagged 2 of them off the internet and yes, they just want to have a good time. You are safe as long as you don't initiate anything that will suggest to her you want a relationship. I have this one who have 36 DD's and is all clean shaven. and is she a sexpot. 2nd time out with her and yes, it is exactly like you said, she deliberately stayed past her dorm hours so she could come back to the hotel.

SH is too easy, you guys need to quit paying for it. if you are even here for at least a week, you can get all the free love you want....my rule in avoiding the sticky ones- get the 22 or under college girls- they love to experiement; or go with the late 20's to early 30 married ones who are either divorced or have husbands that are living in another province.


09-28-03, 11:03
I have partaken of the Happy Garden on Tongren Lu that you refer to. it ran 860 and the service is excellent, the girl is tall thin and beautiful, but you are right. The price is sky high compared to some of these cheap bb shops I go to.

I have been to some cheaper places for FS, with a monger buddy of mine and some others. We got a "group" price of 500 each. The service was not as good, the girls were not as good, and the facilities were not as nice.

Thanks for the tips about the freebie girl. I will tone it down regardless, as the risk remains high if I drag it out.

I am thinking to try out the Suana I found near Hongqiao are in the same parking lot as the KTV that lucky and I talked to the girls one nite. The address if any know it is: 1271 Zhongshan W Rd

Maybe a better value as it is not in the middle of the high priced real estate.

China Hunter
09-28-03, 15:45
Just want to report my experience at a sauna in SH this Friday. One of my local friends mentioned that he went to one sauna place nearby Shanghai Hotel and I tried it before I get on an evening flight. The price is a bit high (RMB 700 for 80 mins) including everthing (BJ, BM...) except fxxking. The place is tiny & clean and mainly serve Japanese. Girl's figure is good (mine is 36D) and the good thing is that you don't need to ask or bargain for any special service. I may go there again when I travel to SH next time.

Roversman 999
09-29-03, 00:29
Had best bbs expereince yet.. still out cycling at night and somewhere down a back street off Xian Xia.. i found three places..side by side. Business was quiet so lookid in all three.. and played games to select best girl. We got in the back..she got naked.. without even asking what i want.. Stayed there a long time and she was very happy with her Y100. Feeling VERY goog today after that.
On the other thread..the free ones are everywhere. Easy to find on internet or just go out and smile. After first few fucks..you then each get to decide how long you continue. I had a few clingers bbut always told them i was going away on business.. or had my mom visiting. They always backed down. I agree that its easy here...
There are place called New Town Club on Gubei road.. will try that soon.. says has sauna and massage on 4th floor.

Black Jack
09-29-03, 11:09
Ok guys, after going through the whole thread from its beginning last year, I have compiled a list of BBS in SH. The information is credited to all you guys, I’ve just made it into a list so it is easier for everyone, including myself, to reference. Note that some of the information may be obsolete now, so please post any corrections that you can see. As I have mentioned in an earlier posts, there are tons of bbs in shanghai and you won’t even need a list, if you just do a bit of searching. But for those who don’t like the search, here’s the list.

-Yili Lu: 100-150 HJ

-Kangding Lu by Shanxi lu:40HJ, 200 FS

-Xiang Yang Rd at the corner of Zhaojiabang Rd: FS200 HJ100, +50

-Yanan Lu Teashop” House, 200BJ, 400FS

-Guanxi lu. Guanxin Area

-Hanghua Xin Cun, hang xin lu next to Hong Ciao Airport:
FS fuc factory 150-200RMB

-Corner of the huangdong rd and huangxi rd

-Daduhelu near Nujianglu (Putuo)

-Chaoyang Railway Market (putuo), Caoyang Lu Station:FS 150-300

-Zhenjian beilu(putuo): HJ50, FS quote 300-400

-Bao Tong Lu and Bao Shan Lu

-Hong Xu Lu 788, Gu Bei, Mandarin City

-Dan Shui Lu 385.: BJ 250-300

-Nanjing Sauna: 50massage, 300FS

-All around Huangpi Lu, mostly south of Fuxing Lu. Also on Hefei Lu a half block east of Huangpi Lu.

-Song Yuen Road, maybe, (area outside of city). Main street and a couple of the side streets. Maybe only HJs are available. If lucky, then you may get FS.

-A strip of 9 shops along Feng Zhuang Bei Lu and Feng Zhuang Lu (In Jiading
District), a suburban area in Shanghai. (both near Jin Sa Jian Lu - Golden Sand
River Road) FS 100-150 and overnite for 300-500.

-By Carrefour, walking in the opposite direction crossing the ShuiCheng Lu, walk about 3 minutes, turn to your left and there is a babershop on your right. If you see a babershop on your left, you turn too fast.

-Fengqiaolu (枫桥路), HJ 40-50RMB including Taifei.

-Behind Longmen Hotel - very run down area and not recommended – 150 RMB.

-3 barbershops on Shan (not Shaan) Xi Road offer FS RMB150. This street is near the intersection of He Nan Lu and Hai Ning Lu.

-XUJIAHUI area has quite a few barber shops on Nan Dan Lu

-Two BBS near the corner of Jiang Su Road and Chang Ning Road.

-Xian Xia lu, near the hospital there. Good looking and good service HJ, 100rmb?

-Near the New Jing Jiang Hotel in Downtown 30-50 Taifai, 70 HJ, 100 BBBJ, 270 FS.

-On Hangfeng Rd. towards Nanjing Rd, and as the road turns upward to go over the bridge over Suzhou Creek, there are bbs on the right.

-behind Holiday Inn, walk towards the train station but go right on road that takes you past bus stn. Go to end and take a left. Go through an indoor tea market. Go straight and thru a covered walkway alongside a major road. Up the stairs and left at the fork. Few BBS.

-Go west on Wu Zhong Lu, just past Hong Mei Lu, make a left on Lian Hua Road, about 1-2 k down the road on the right hand side there are 4-5 large places with a lot of very good looking young girls.

-Zhen Bei Rd. find the OBI/Metro Combo. Walk diagonally across street. Further
down the street, 2-3 min walk a few bbs, maybe just HJ.

-Take metro to Trainstation, use exit closest to the Bus station and walk down those streets (towards the bus station). Quite dirty and maybe scary, but probably cheap.

-Sinan Lu and Jianguo: 50-80HJ, BBBJTC for RMB150-200 24 hours

-SW HeNanLu and Haining Lu usually, price goes from RMB100-200

-Bbbj factory 130, huangpi nan lu near he fie lu, 675 with a gate and on top of the gate there was lit red writing on blue background. Follow trail of light (do not turn into the first door left) but along the house and left into a backyard past an old kitchen and up 1 level of stairs. Inside man will show you the room with girls.

-Gubei, Walk on Yanan Lu from Carrefour about a block and a half to Gubei Lu, same side as Carrefour you will see 3-4 bbs. On the third or fourth one, they move you to a bedroom close by quickly for fs 300rmb.

-Dan Shui Lu 385, close to Xintindi. BBS with maybe 20 girls. 250-300 Yuan includes nice massage, all-over licking and "binghuo". Girls 4-6, some 7.

-South side of town, Liuzhou Lu, North of Yi San Lu (Just outside the inner ring road)

-Bao Tong Lu and Bao Shan Lu cross section, 3-4 girls, 22-24 yrs old.

-BBS off Huai Hai. Down some alley, up a flight of stairs and thru a door with a red lantern hanging, down a hall to a room in the back with 10-12 girls. BBBJ 130rmb

Black Jack
09-29-03, 11:10
Blankie, or anyone else, Where is that place by Huai Hai Lu, with the flight of stairs and a lantern. Sounds interesting and close to where I live.


09-30-03, 03:18
Black Jack,

Excellent compilation of the BBS scene in Shanghai. Great work!

-Bbbj factory 130, huangpi nan lu near he fie lu, 675 with a gate and on top of the gate there was lit red writing on blue background. Follow trail of light (do not turn into the first door left) but along the house and left into a backyard past an old kitchen and up 1 level of stairs. Inside man will show you the room with girls.

I believe the above is the place with the lantern where Blankie took me.

Blankie, can you confirm if it is one in the same?


09-30-03, 11:25
uh.. I think that sounds like it but I dont know the addresses and streets. I am pretty clueless about that. I only know how to find it when I walk around. It is super tricky.

09-30-03, 11:27

What a relief. I wish she would have told me sooner....


Crazy Guide
09-30-03, 15:54

WOW, great news.

My rule again is either go with the college gals out to have a good time or the married ones who isn't getting what they need at home. No clingyness problem with either type. Void the mid 20's ones.


Black Jack
09-30-03, 16:11
Oldasiahand and Blankie,

Thanks. Let me go check it out and see if it is the same one.

10-01-03, 05:54
Fellow Mongers,

WARNING: City wide crackdown is in effect during the whole month of October! Be very careful! Especially the BBS lovers and Sauna goers. Because the chances of getting caught in action is much higher!


1. the usual October 1st National holiday crackdown.
2. The infamous Japanese Orgy in Zhuhai! This has attracted attention all the way up to the central government. Hence CRACKDOWN!

Foreigners will not be spared, as this whole incident was caused by the 300 some japanese mongering in Zhuhai. If caught, they will prosecute according to the strictest possible sentences.

Now, taking girls back to your apartment should be okay.

My rule has been: always set up alibi beforehand, exchanage name, birthday (not exact but the astrology sign should do),when, where and how did you two meet, etc... at least you guys will look like boyfriend-girlfriend.

Remember: If caught, always deny money exchanged, it was free and out of "love". If you confess, no one can save you! DENY! DENY!DENY!

Once again, BBS and Sauna goers: You are the ones at risk. Any surprise attack will cause you $$$$ and time and shame. So be extra careful.

This info comes from a very well connected source. If you guys have doubts, just go try it at your own risk.

Have a nice holiday!

10-01-03, 11:33

I think most have heard about the Japanese orgy in Zhuhai by now. The news has been carried by CNN (http://news.independent.co.uk/world/asia/story.jsp?story=448033),BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/3151856.stm) and all major Chinese newspaper and web sites.

Beside wondering how this would affect the mongering in China, I also wonder what causes the news to got so big and why the Chinese government would let the news run even by its own propaganda machines?

What I mean is that things like this is just like any given day in Zhuhai or other cities in China. OK. 500 in the lobby is properly a bit too much but let the news escalated to such national level and attract the attention of the foreign presses. Once digging into the news, China's tolerated policy of the sexy industry is bound to be uncovered.

Does this have to do with the conflicts between Japan and China these days over the WWII gas, bullet train between Beijing and Shanghai, and even the Russian crude?

Or has China progressed so much that the government simply can't control the media anymore?

OK, this is not a forum for serious topic on this but I am curious. Informed fellow mongers could probably shine some light on this issue.

10-01-03, 16:10
Well last year they banned Google for most of October - this year it is sex - what next year - must be time for satellite TV again.

Roversman 999
10-02-03, 03:44
Fair warning Jumbo... i had seen lots of police about before Oct 1st.. but as I was tired from long day yesterday.. went out last night to see the sights.. and had a marvellous night. Not saying here where I went in case Shanghais finest but for those who are familiar with room withs Tetleys in bags, you will know where i went ( the English will get that.. Amercians maybe not ) but it was fun. In there I met some 75 year old chinese american ..he spoke not a word of chinese and he stated he couldnt get it up anymore.. but he was happy looking.. i left him in a room there with three ladies..he was happy to watch and touch........interesting night

10-02-03, 09:03
It may be possible the BB girls and other working types are slim and the heat is high, but this usually just brings out the freebie by the droves. I mean Geez.. did you guys see how many girls were out and about the last two nights?

That can make up for the lack of Pro's.

I saw my Shanghai Police buddy yesterday... he didnt bring up anything about a crack down. Quite to the contrary he asked me and my friend if he can score some X. Geeez.. a cop asking me to sell him drugs.... what a strange world.


Indigo Blue
10-02-03, 16:46
My friends:

In this holidays lots of girls come from the provinces as tourists, and our chances of getting a freebie greatly increase. Me, i.e. found one nice and shy 26 y.o. from Sichuan. Now she say that she has never been with another girl and that she wants to try it before going back to her town. There are some dreams that is just a pleasure to make true!. So here comes the big question: Where in Shanghai can I found a girl ready to service her (and also to me, of course)? Any agency or BBS come to your mind?

I Like Gurl
10-04-03, 08:42
I am new here. But I have read the informative threads in this forum for some time. I wonder whether some members of this forum would like to organize a club so as for interested guys here to form a group to enjoy the barber's shop girls. I think the senior members such as BBS's Goer, etc. might be the good persons to organize. Group consumption may enjoy wholesale price!


Dan Ong
10-04-03, 08:58
Is LE still a problem? I went to Hard Rock Cafe (Nan Jing) on Thursday night, picked up a pro, and took her back to my hotel across the road no problems. The hotel staff didn't blink.

She was a great looker and well dressed for going out -- was that the trick that she was mistaken for as a g.f.?

I know I paid too much (negotiated down to 1500RMB for all night) but wanted something bad that night. A real pro -- great muscle control often not found even in pros. She later went with me to Wu Xi on the train, so maybe it wasn't too steep after all.

Dan Ong
10-04-03, 11:08
Where to go out in Shanghai?

New to Shanghai, I picked up a girl on Nan Jing and wanted to go to a bar to hang out and see where I could take this...a freebie? Told a taxi driver to take us to a nice bar (no KTV crap). Landed at what looked like a hip bar named Platino (Ri Yue Tang Yin Xiang). Ended up getting robbed of 572 Yuan for a beer and a scotch. Holly crap!

I know about the Hard Rock Cafe on Nan Jing, but want a change of pace. What other Western-style pubs/bars are around? Somewhere where they don't bring out soured fruit and charge US$50 for the "privledge" of drinking there. (I became suspicious when the snacks were placed on the table like in KTV place...)

I've played the game in Vietnam, Thailand, PI, India, and even Beijing; but I'm loosing my green backs faster in Shanghai than I'm taking in pleasure. Any suggestions?

10-05-03, 18:33
Sorry to be absent for a while; I was in Taipei doing some various freebie action.

John Tarter: you posted a few pages down about wet sauna girl. In that case, she obviously seems to be interested to fuck you but may not out of fear of losing her job. The standard solution in such a case is to get her mobile number and try to meet her outside her work.

Dan Ong :
1) -- 1500 for all night out of the HRC is nearly twice the going rate. I had a great girl from there (sorry Tapioca for ditchin' you) for 700 a few weeks ago. She also was one of the tighest best fucks, and she did BBJTCCIM as well. What was your girl's name? I assume you stayed at JC Mandarin "across the street"? If so, they don't care there. It's all about how you look and behave when you walk in the door --- I posted about this issue in this forum about 2 months ago, I think.
2) nice bars? Shit, there's a zillion of 'em. Try Sasha's on Hungshan Lu. Face in Ruijin Park is nice, as is Park97 in Fuxing Park. Pick up "That's Shanghai" or go to their website and read about all the bars. All the bars in nice hotels are good. Long bar next to HRC; jazz bar in top of Four Seaons, another jazz bar in the Westin. Bars in top of Hilton and Equatorial in Jing An area. Bars, bars, and more bars!

Dan Ong
10-06-03, 03:54

Yep, you guessed right -- JC Mandarin. I figured it was like that. Don't make a scene or otherwise draw attention when bringing a girl in, just walk straight to the elevator and to the room.

Thanks for the 411 on pricing. This one called herself Emily and started the negotiation at 2000 Yuan. The next day we stopped by her apartment before heading to the train as she needed to exchange all her foreign currency - pile of US$, Euro, HK$, Singapore money. She claimed to often try to get customers 45-55 who will spend US$250 on her. BS? true? Who knows.

I'm sure you know this, but to the all the others: just a reminder to use that room safe when you bring the girl back. I used to be very careful, but have gotten lax of late. The 400 Yuan all-night play became 600 when she when thru my pockets and then left in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. She also went thru every pocket of my back pack (but there wasn't any $$ there) -- even the ones the airport security always miss.

Wandering Davi
10-06-03, 05:57
Hi all you guys here!

I'm a ABC and a new comer here. I will go to Shanghai next week to study Mandarin for half a year. Will you introduce some nice massage places with "relative" service to me? 200-500 rmb is my affortable price:( Thanks a lot!:)

10-07-03, 04:57
Dan Ong--
Emily? Yeah, she's a great fuck huh? She's the one I had for the rmb700 a few weeks ago (but it was a long negotiation as Tapioca observed). She's got fantastic muscle control as you mentioned, and she's a nice girl too. I may try to hook up with her again since I got her number. If she went with you to Wuxi and whatnot, how many hours and how many shots did you end up getting for your rmb1500?

Who robbed you of the cash during some 400/night play?

Black Jack
10-07-03, 10:03
I ventured to the Huangpi Nan Lu area for the first time last night. You guys weren't kidding when you said there are a lot of bbs there. So many down the streets and on the cross streets. However I found it difficult to pick a place because all of the shops had windows that were frosted. I usually like to window shop for a while before deciding on one. I don't particularly like to go in each one and examine and leave if I don't like what's there. But thats what I did for a few shops before going into one. There are so many there, that I cannot remember how to explain which one I visited. Anyways, this was the best one (of the four that I went in to), and had a few girls in the 7-8 range. It had about 7 girls to choose from, which is more than the other ones. I negotiated 100 for two girls at the same time bbbj. Service wasn't bad but wasnt great. None the less, I had fun with 2 girls this time. I will try to find the address of it next time.

By the way, I had no luck trying to find the one described before, the "lantern" one.

Wandering Davi
10-07-03, 21:11
Black Jack and Barbarshop Goer and all other guys:

Will soon fly to Shanghai and looking forward to your information. Sorry to forget to tell you that I will stay in Jin'an District (Jin'an Qu). Plz give me some massage and sauna information nearby.

Thank you all so much!

Roversman 999
10-08-03, 02:24
Met my freebie yahoo freind yesterday. We had arranged for a nice long afternoon session and prepared my residence card etc and knew location of my nice cheap 3 star hotel
We met, and before I knoew it.. we were shopping.. seems the price of the afternoon jollies was a new pair of sports shoes.. ( had to be a specific brand and make ). Anyways they werent so expensive.
But interestingly last week when i gave the same girl, RMB 100, for taxi fare she was totally insulted.
We got to the hotel and before the first kiss, she had stepped out of her clothes, not to be ready for make love, but to take shower. I love the way the chinese gals have no inhibition about public nudity ( unlike the primness sometimes encountered in Philippines, Thailand etc. )
Anyways, was a good afternoon....and left quite drained.
Wonder what new item of clothing she wants next week?

10-08-03, 11:52
Black Jack,
Someone will have to take you to the lantern brothel. You'll never find it any other way.


10-08-03, 13:01
Black Jack,

Two girls for only 100RMB? I'd take a dozen for that price. Sound like my kind of place! I'm waiting for you to post the location before my next trip to Shanghai.

I liked the open floor plan aspect of the "lantern place". The walls between the massage chairs are only waist high.


Black Jack
10-08-03, 15:56
My apologies, I made a mistake.

It was 100 per girl that I had, therefore total bill was 200, which from my experience is still quite cheap. Like I said, it wasn't anything spectacular, but worth the price. I will post the address as soon as I go there again.

10-10-03, 07:04
Hello my fellow mongers,

I am new to this forum and new to Shanghai. I read all the messages post by members here and it was great, a lot of information on freebie, sauna gal, massage gal and BB gals.

Since I am new to SH, I might want to join with some old member here to bring me around and mongering around. I ventured down to Huangpi Nan Lu area and Mao Ming Na Lu area for the first time on Monday night. You guys weren't kidding when you said there are a lot of bbs there. I didn't try to go in or checked out on them yet, but will definitely try each of them later, hope I can find a cute looking gal....

I am now live in Westin near The Bund, not sure whether I can bring any gal back to the hotel?


Roversman 999
10-11-03, 04:12
Shock Horror.. couldnt get anything last night.....Went out for my normal nocturnal bike ride looking for fun. The BBS near CArrefour were all too dirty. Go down Hongquio road where there are three BBS. Went in first one, three pretty girls but four guys in line.. second one..three ugly ugly girls , and in third one both rooms ocupied.
Cycled back to back of Xian Xia, two cops outside my favourite place, down a side street but one ugly old lady and sweet looking gal of about 14... no thanks. Back to another near Beihong and its full......what a night.Should have gone to Yili Lu......or stayed home and had a wank..

10-11-03, 08:50
rovers... sorry to hear it.
to the contrary I found a new street with about 3-5 shops together.
I was escorted there by my SH mafia pal who was determined to get me laid.

house is 50, and girl is 200 for FS.
It was made clear to me that you can probably get away with total 200....

Unfortunately the streets have no signs..

10-11-03, 19:13
PuDong sightings

I was walking down Laoshan Rd in PuDong about 5pm and was approached by a SW. She was probably 35 yr and a 5 face and 6 body. As I had somewhere to go and no time, I did not engage any price discussion.

A few minutes later, I passed a pair of BBS on the north side of Pudian Rd, between Loashan Rd and DongFang Rd. I am pretty sure some kind of service could be had in these. If I can wrangle free in the next couple days I will try to check them out.

Roversman 999
10-12-03, 05:48
Dear Blankie.. if you can tell me where these ones you found are near.. i.e. near which street..me and my yellow bike will sniff them out. What does a man do when hes tired of his regular hunting grounds....other than cycle further and further each night......

10-12-03, 16:01
Lucky 888: I know the barbershops in the Laoshan Rd area. I never managed to get a FS on Laoshan itself, but I didn't push for it either. If you try and take your time, you might get lucky. One word of warning though: some girls in that area ask for ridiculous prices, like 300 for HJ and 500 for BJ. Make sure to ask the price before you have your pants down!

10-12-03, 17:12
lucky... interesting. I have been to dong Fang... I never noticed. I will try to get in there next time I go there....


10-12-03, 17:14
I will have to find out from my mafia pals... they will likely take me there again..


Black Jack
10-12-03, 19:05

Well I don't think I'll be mongering with anyone I don't know just yet, therefore I doubt anyone will ever take me to the lantern brothel. But if you ever decide to go back there, maybe you can try to note down better directions. By the way, is it even worth the complication? It does sound good, with more selection and more safe.

Anyways, tonight I was on my way to the Shaanxi Lu place, the 2 bbs close to the intersection of Kanding Lu, then found another place on Shanxi Lu. It is near the intersection of Beijing Lu. About 5 girls, ranging from 6-8. They were all dressed slutty, which is what I prefer. Short dresses for easier access. Anyways, only wanted a HJ tonite, didn't negotiate price, and ended up to be 70rmb. I didn't talk about fs, but I'm sure they have rooms upstairs for that too.

10-13-03, 02:17
To Indigo Blue

Would appreciate Katty phone number.

I will check out the place on WanHangDu Lu and let you know.

In advance, thanks.

Black Jack
10-13-03, 10:08
I finished work early today and walked in the rain for a while. I stumbled upon a massage place. It's called Pond's and it is quite close to the Regal hotel. Unfortunately, I don't have the address, but the manager gave me thier business card. However the are all in Chinese, but there areaddresses telephone numbers. They actually have 4 branches.

Anyways, cost for 1 hour massage is 160rmb, but the manager gave me a discount at 130 for no apparent reason. Good oil massage, the girl was about 7. She was very good at cock teasing throughout the massage. Gave me a good oil body rub. She quoted 400 for fs, 250 for bj, and 150 for Hj. I opted for the hj since I was already really aroused by her stroking and all the oil over my body.

I know 150 for a hj is a bit higher than what I have been recently paying in the bbs. However the cleanliness, privateness and the safety of the environment, to me, makes it worth the extra little bit. No rush and a good oil massage.

I don't know if I will be going back to this place soon but if I do I will fnd out the address. If anyone wants the numbers to thier branches, I do have them.

Please suggest to me whether or not it is suitable to post all of thier business numbers in the forum.

Hi Black Jack,

Posting of publically available telephone numbers is not a problem.



Black Jack
10-13-03, 10:15
Pond's was the first massage parlour I've been to in Shanghai. I will look for more similar ones. I've noticed former posts of such saunas and massage parlours, but the prices posted were much higher, close to 1000 rmb for fs at the sauna by Malones and the one on Huai Hai Rd.

If anyone knows any other similar, rather inexpensive, places please post them.

10-14-03, 01:06
To Indigo Blue

Would appreciate Katty phone number. Please send me a Private Message through the WSG Forum.

I will check out the place on WanHangDu Lu and let you know.

In advance,


10-14-03, 02:04
Is the Regal Hotel the one that is part of the Shanghai Stadium?

Apac Boy
10-14-03, 18:48
Oh MY!!!

It's 1:36am and I don't think I can wait until tomorrow to post what happened tonight...

Blankie and I went to that area that don't allow white guys. He just wanted a massage while I get FS at his favorite shop. When we got there, everything was locked up and closed. We walked around for like 20 min. and went into a random BBS. We asked if we can take girls back to our place and surprisingly, the owner said yes. It would be 200rmb for the girl, 50rmb for the house, and taxi money coming back.

Blankie and I both had our eyes on this cutey wearing a barret. Damn, she was like 5' tall, 85lbs...tiny little thing. Since I was the guest and Blankie was tired from in his words "too much fucking", I got the girl. Thank goodness cause I would rank this easily in the top 3 of my mongering experiences.

While blankie was on his comp, we were going at it in his bathroom first. Wanted to take a shower but she kept trying to give me a bbbj. We fooled around some more, then in the shower...she gave me some more head...then more shower, more fooling around. Blankie, I'm sorry for wasting all of your hot water.

Came out, I gave Blankie the nod, then went to his 2nd bedroom. This is where da REAL fun begins. I love small tiny girls. You can just pick them up, bend them in different directions. We did like 4 positions but I was ready to cum after the first one. I wanted to cum in her mouth so I ripped off the condom and she gave me a BBBJCIM. She had these LONG LONG nails that she would use to tease my tapioca balls with. Then down to the hole...then up...then down...then up...

Ok, I know you guys wanna see a pic. Well, I ain't here to dissapoint. I'll post another one after this thread...

Total Damage: 280rmb to take her back to Blankie's place, shower, and fuck the shit out of her...

OH MY!!!!


Apac Boy
10-14-03, 18:53
uno mass..

I know Blankie's going to take her when I leave.


Frank Africa
10-14-03, 20:18
Outstanding! Congrats from all of us jealous guys, and thanks for the two photos.

And I know what you mean about picking up the tiny girls and moving them every which way.

One of my best experiences in Shanghai also came about unexpectedly, when a tiny young girl (around 19 years old and 95 lbs.) shyly came up to me at a Chinese language bookshop just off the Bund and gave me a card (I had been looking at and smiling at her) and motioned that I should visit her at her shop (address on card). She then smiled at me and walked away. I took a taxi out to her shop about an hour later and, although she didn't speak any English, I ended up in the shop's back room with her and had an outstanding time. Just proves that one never knows when lightning will strike.

10-15-03, 02:57
Hi All,

Have you ever tried the two young girls in Portman Starbucks? They usually spend all afternoons there, then head to Hard Rock or Long Bar for the evening. Two cuties, named Alice and Rose, almost everyday they sit in Starbucks for hours, drinking very little (unless someone buy them a drink), not solliciting at all and they even look shy. I don't think they get much business from Starbuck though. They are both great in bed, very girlfriend-like. I had them both for an afternoon, they took me to a local hotel (I could not bring them home due to my own family constraints...). They do BBBJ with talent. Alice is really sweet, while Rose (the one with bigger breast) has maybe a better body (though artificial). Unfortunately they speak very little English, which could be a problem for some of us. I understand they come from Heilongjiang province, Harbin city, and work here under the supervision of a more mature lady they you can see coming to meet them from time to time. They ask for RMB800 for each (of course they can also work separately). Let me know your experiences.

Also if anyone is interested in a foursome with the girls (and me), please let me know. I don't find this kind of experience in Shanghai. And if you provide the apartment or hotel room, I could even spondor your girl!


Roversman 999
10-15-03, 04:22
had wonderful night out in Yannan Tea House. Guess I have a special friend there now. Firstly when i walked in..two chinese customers were picking girls.. but i was allowed to pick first..and i got the big room.. apparently Im more of a regular so i got first choice.
Then.. in the room..my special friend was very happy to see me.. lots of cuddles and hugs and kisses. Not just a singing and wanking friend. Anyway.. one kiss leads to another.. and lots more.. and shes very warm and wet. Anyway.. suddenly.. shes moaning like a real champion.and kissing my cock very passionately. Within a few moment after that.. her panties are off.. ( removed by her) and shes saying "zao ai.. free.. no pay.. zao ai..zao ai... well i would have paid anyway..but as she was so sweet to offer.. how can i refuse. Luckily had one of Durex's finest no break no slip no danger products in pocket and So we did..and very comfortable it was too.. two more bottles of beer and i found id spent two happy hours there. Cold cycle ride home and ready for tonites action!!

Black Jack
10-15-03, 05:50
Wow Rovers, you scored a freebie at the teahouse?? Amazing. I've only been there twice, and both times were a little while back. I am now considering becoming a regular myself, haha.

Tapioca, it seems like your experiences keep on getting better each time! Great pictures. 280 RMB sounds like a good price for the fun that you had. Maybe you can post the address of this random bbs.

And thank you Jackson for the advice on posting public telephone numbers.
Here is the numbers for the 4 locations of the massage parlour that I visited.
64957748, 64829838, 64835171, 64012115.

I don't even know which one was the one that I went to. I am not sure how well they can speak english, as I found it difficult enough when I was speaking to them in person. It maybe easier to have a chinese speaking mongering buddy call.

10-15-03, 07:32
Oh wow, oustanding and congratulations. I am planning a trip in late November and have a choice between Japan, Korea, HK, and China. Its just a short trip (4 nights) but OMG, this stuff in Shanghai is too much. Blankie's been around Fremont where I usually stomp but that shit you guys are showing is unbelievable.

Teppanyaki or not, here I come..:)

10-15-03, 13:59
I was in Shanghai on Monday and Tuesday this week, checked in at the Grand Hyatt. The hotel was fully book and I was given a suite. Before the trip, I have arranged a meeting with a partial tourist guide who is student in Shanghai. I have used this service twice in the past in Beijing, they have a web site and can provide tourist guide, personal assistant.
The girl showed up at the hotel in the evening as arranged previously. We have some drinks from the mini bar and room services, watch TV and chat about everything, subject turn to love and sex.
I told her that I like her very much, she expressed the same and we started kissing. I pulled her shirt up and take out her pants and panties. Very nice tits, still pink. I discovered later that she was still virgin and wasn't sure if she wants sex or not. So we were just kissing, but naked.
Will be back to Shanghai next week.

10-15-03, 17:03
Great story, and nice looking girl from the pics. What shop did you get her from ? (I'm not sure which one is *really* blankie's favorite!)

Blankie -- Did you have round 2 with that girl?

I'm glad you guys didn't phone me up *after* this event....I would have been too damn jealous to have stayed in bed!

10-15-03, 19:57
Do not write off the "looks like 14y/o" - my girlfriend id 28 and looks like 16.

Black Jack
10-15-03, 20:21
I stumbled upon a number of BBS tonite. I don't even know if there is a need to post locations of bbs anymore. There seems to be so many in number and in all areas. I've only visited a small fraction of all the bbs that I have come across. However, I guess the quailty/service of the girls and the place itself can vary greatly.

Anyways, Wuding Lu, between North Shanxi Lu and Xikang Lu, there are 2 shops. They are on the north side of the street. The one of the left you can forget about, very ugly girls. The one on the right however had about 5-6 girls in there. Seems like a good variety, possibly a couple girls around 7 or 8 range. One girl even looks half white, but then I can be wrong. Wuding Lu, by the way, is one street south of Kangding Lu.

I continued walking up Xikang Lu for a few blocks, I believe right past Changping Lu. From there, to my surprise, there was about 10 bbs along both sides of Xikang Lu for about 2 blocks, and also on the side streets that intersect Xikang Lu. The girls and the shops were only sub-average to average. However I'm sure you can get a great bargain here and perhaps find a hidden jewel somewhere. The area is full of BBS. It came to the point where I was just surveying the area and not even looking for a place to visit. By the time I finished my exhausting walk I didn't even want to go into one, and went home instead. I think I need to buy a bike like Roversman, to do my search from now on.

Frank Africa
10-15-03, 21:53
Dear French1999:

Sorry, but your post looks more like an ad than a report, since you've only posted twice, and the price looks a little high for some short time afternoon delight. Hope you're not trying to play all of us!

Dick Johnson
10-16-03, 03:54
Tapioca scoring a good deal with a cutie lol. Someone complaining about frenchie's 800rmb as high priced, not an invalid complain. But remember that Shifen's 2000rmb price tag lol?

Here in U.S., Los Angeles, California, many Mainland Chinese are moving here. I was surprised to find Chinatown much more active lol. That place is dated and in a not so nice part of town lol. The rich or smart ones buy properties in places like Diamond Bar or Walnut school district, good schools and much more upscale neighbourhood, starting from about a third of a million$ and up to over a million.

Found It
10-16-03, 04:27
Re: Starbuck's Girls

French's report is possibly true, in that I can vouch for the fact there "WERE" (operative word here) 2 babes that we more or less fixtures at the Starbucks for weeks. Rumor has it they propositioned the GM from Portman one day and all hell broke loose! Have not seen them lately which seems to confirm the rumor at least.

For those early evening hunters it does seem from observation that Starbucks is at least an option. However, trust me guys, if it is these 2 we are talking about "jiage tai guai!"

Stay safe and Happy Hunting

10-16-03, 05:12

Thanks for the update. This explains why I haven't seen them lately! I got their phone numbers though, will try to find out what really happened to them and post an update. As for the price, RMB800 was their asking price, I end up around RMB600 (ie they take the cost of the hotel room). I think it was worth it, these two were really hot!

10-16-03, 06:40
Roverman: had wonderful night out in Yannan Tea House. ...

Great fun! I had similar experience there a while back. The girl was getting all wet and horny and actually she rushed out to get a condom. Fun place. Haven't been in Shanghai for a while and definitely look forward to the next visit.

I had another experience in a BBS inside the complex across street from Starbucks in the Gubei. Roverman, you may want to check it out on your bike ride. The place is quite clean and nice. I think they have an ads in That's Shanghai. Anyway, went there first time just for massage and found out they offered special. Had good time the first time with a cute 21 years old with nice body. Gotta play with her breast and finger her. The second time, I picked her and got right into the playing action after she closed the door. Things got really heaten and before I knew it, her jean and panty were off and push me on the massage table and ride me crazy. Fun surprise.

Roversman 999
10-17-03, 00:27
Dear JMan.. which Starbucks in Gubei..theres a few. Any clues.. will try your place this wekend.. if you can tell me where....

Roversman 999
10-17-03, 02:26
Re Portman. The girls were still there as of last week. Went to HSBC cash machine and they both gave me "the look ". Being an ocassional player and being free, I got a Starbucks and sat in the outside area with them. Well after 5 minutes of politeness we got to a chat and both were quite free and living, or had a place in Beijing Road behind the Portman. I didnt pursue but we spoke about RMB.. they said theyd be back and so would i...They werent there yesterday.

Black Jack
10-19-03, 12:57
Just came back from a pretty good babershop. If you head north on Shanxi North Rd past Kandinglu, you will hit Haifang Rd. Make a left and there a few bbs on the street. I think its the 2nd closest one to Shanxi Rd and on the north side of the street and has about 6 girls, 3 of them which I feel is a good 8. Pretty, with a bit of make up and dressed quite nice. The place itself looks really small downstairs, but when you go upstairs its fairly big. Nicest, cleanest and roomiest bbs I've been too. It's still seperated with curtains and not much privacy, but I'm getting used to that, and since I went in afternoon, there was no other customers.

The girl I had was cute, a bit petit, with nice somewhat big breasts. I first had a bbbj for an agreed 130. I held it in, and she was gettin tired, so she offered FS for 70 more. It was great, had her on top then I went on top. I'm not too crazy about fs on a reclining chair in bbs but the place was roomy and clean.

From all my previous experiences with BBS, I definitely recommend this one. If anyone knows of similar BBS, please post!

10-19-03, 13:13
Teazian, what's the URL of the website. I'll probably be in Shanghai towards the end of this coming week too. Maybe I'll check out the scene.

Apac Boy
10-19-03, 13:30

These BBSes are all around town. When I'm sitting in a taxi now, I feel like Neo when he discovered he can see the code in the Matrix. I can spot these all over the city.

Went out with Blankie and SHboy and their two local buddies. I have no idea where we went cause I was sitting in the back, but this strip of BBSes had FS for 150rmb!!! What was funny was that this was a residential area cause all around us were all apartments and the only "businesses" were BBS and a shady looking tea house.

Well, I'm back in da Jing. Goddamit, this place is so dead on BBSes....


Black Jack
10-19-03, 20:42

Yes, thats a great way of putting it. I too feel like Neo nowadays. When I first came to SH, it really wasn't that apparent to me, now it seems too obvious.

150 for FS? Wow great deal!! Don't know if I can ever find somewhere to beat that price, but I'll definitely try.

Shittty that da Jing doesn't have an abundant amount of bbs. Man do I love these bbs, haha.

Roversman 999
10-20-03, 00:12
When i used to live in manila it was normal that a "friend" in one bar would soon start working in the bar across the street, or next to the other one..so it was normal to see "freinds" in many different bars. But I assumed there was stbility in the BBS scene... so imagine my suprise..when I was out cycling, and thought Id try a new BBS..walked in the door.. and theres one comely lady who mouth lips and pussy i had expereinced in this new BBS. "hi MR Deliscious " she said, and went to work

On another point, tried a sauna place opposite Starbucks in Gubei. they had a major problem that i took off all my clothes for massage.. but they sent a lovely lady.. no 18.. from Hunan..20 years old and very cute, but damnit..she wouldt touch and wasnt interested in "extras"... but i have her number for a date..so we will see.

Chia Pet
10-20-03, 16:03

Being a newbie to the "Hunt" club I would like to know the signs for BBS's. I to what to see the"Matrix". I will be in Shanghai for 10 days and want to get the most out of my time there. Please! any advise for a first timer will be great.

Thanks for all your help.

Roversman 999
10-21-03, 00:26
was worried it would be a dissapointing night last night. looked at Rainbow Health club ( old and crap) Riviera sauna ( closed ), New Tower Club( no chance of action)..hh.mmm where to go..cycled back to Yili Lu.
Two of my former places there have closed.. maybe I wasnt going there enough !!
Anyways, hapy to find one of my old Yili Lu haunts has two of my "old friends" in there. I had a twosome, with one lickiung my balls and sticking my finger up my ass.. while the other sucked. Id close my eyes and think how nice this was..hten open them and see them both heavily occupied.. what bliss.
On another topic, I bought a little red blinking light for the back of my bike. Nothing strange in that.. but every other bike rider stops and looks at this thing likes its realy stange. I think theres a huge market waiting for a bike light importer !!!!

10-21-03, 03:05
Hey Tap,

It seems you are liking China. I'll drop you some e-mail and maybe I can find some phone numbers for you.

I like the picture and as you know I too like them small.


Black Jack
10-21-03, 12:16
First, Roversman, you might have an idea with the bike light thing, haha. Imagine selling one light for each bike there is in China.

Second, Chia Pet, it will not be difficult for you to see the "matrix." When I first came to Shanghai, I thought I would need people to show me and bring me to them. But it is quite easy to spot them, as noted by many previous posts. Easiest signs to spot: any type of flourescent pink lighting; there are girls sitting on a couch looking board; if it is dark inside or windows may be frosted; and I've never seen anyone in a bbs actually getting a haircut!

There are also a lot of previous posts as to the locations of BBS. If you go a few pages back, I compiled a somewhat of a big list of bbs.

Hope you have lots of fun during your 10 day stay here!

10-21-03, 18:01

Should be back to Shanghai one of these days. Maybe we should go together. :)

If you coming down to Gubei Carrefour on Shuicheng Lu from Yang An Lu. Make a right on the first intersection and keep going. Pay attention to your left. There are gate into the complex. You will pass two gate. Make your left on the second gate and the BBS will be on your right. It's the only BBS in the complex with big nion sign. Can't miss it! Also, a lot of bored girls inside.

Have fun. Any more question, email me at jman90024@yahoo.com.

10-21-03, 23:21
I visited the Hard Rock Cafe this week and definitely still active. Not too much selection, but enough to choose from. Prices start high, but was negotiable down to around 800 RMB. Got another girl the next day for the same, but 2 shots no rushing. After we were done, she took me to Mao Ming Nan road after she realized I never heard of it (subsequently did a search on this board and found out it was widely discussed). I was worn out on Saturday so I didn't pick out another girl. Went back on Sunday and Monday, but it was dead. Some girls around, but low quality. I understand from the girl I met, the going prices are around 300 RMB for FS.

Also SW's are still prowling in front of the Hilton, but not so good quality. I met up with Cindy again that I met from a year ago. Got her to agree with 400 FS w/two shots + 100RMB tip for a good job. She is a bit older than the average SW that I was with during the week, but she still has a good body and okay face. I find the older ones better sometimes because I think they tend to enjoy themselves a little more. The next day picked up another one for 300 + 100 tip. Not as good looking as Cindy, but she made it up in enthusiasm. For some reason, the girls I had in Shanghai will kiss with no problem. Not so much the case in Shenzhen and Macao. Can anyone comment?

10-22-03, 03:52

You mentioned that you used tour guide in China. Is the website called FunInChina ?

Can you reveal the name of the tour guide you hired ?

John Siron
10-22-03, 17:00
My first posting (I've been a lurker):

I was in HK when my HK friend went to some place here in Shanghai. I just got back in town and I want to know where it is. The only thing he knows is the phone number for the place since he is in HK and can't read the address to me! (We both can't read Chinese)

The phone number is 62406821. He told me his buddy took him to this FS place that had girls with the looks of 9's and 10's... there were girls that wanted to do 3somes also, but I assume they would charge double then.

Does anyone know where this place is? Supposedly they cater to Japanese clients also...

I prefer more classy joints but haven't found any FS classy places. I read a posting here several weeks ago where someone asked about the massage joint on HuaiHai Road across from Lane Crawford. I've been there 2 times... and I now feel ripped off cause it also costed me 800RMB!

Chia Pet
10-22-03, 20:01
Black Jack

Thanks for the info. Yes I got your bbs list and will use it has my "hunt" guide. I will be staying at the Shangri-la Hotel. What are the best places close by?

Chia Pet

10-23-03, 02:27
I only had 1 Shanghai girl so far (a call-girl from a magazine in HK) and she did DFK from the minute we got into bed till she left. But she wouldn't do bbbj - only cbj. Maybe its a different mind-set :)

Always Needing It
10-24-03, 01:14
Most of the Dim Light-Sexy Dress BBS in the Fengchuanlu/fengchaunbeilu area are temporarily closed by the district officials.

My normal, bright-light, hair/foot/face massage shop owner is also affected as the agents (who recruit fresh chicks from the provinces) have also suspended their recruitment. My friend have resorted to converting his normal employees to service his regular clients. I had the privileges of serving two 22 yearolds this week - a facial gal who had done it only 1 time with her ex-boyfriend 1 year ago...and a foot massage (45 kg
) cutie temporary seperated from her hometown boyfriend for the last 3 months.

My friend is taking this opportunity to charge 600rmb for overnite..up from 400rmb previously. I have absolutely no complains as both cuties are 7 in look and 9 (facial)/7(foot) in responsiveness in bed.

10-24-03, 08:15
Good to hear that others now know the secrets of the Shanghai bbs matrix. I've had the most interesting variety of experiences in those places. Nothing like a sauna for a clean, safe f*ck, but every bbs has its own special personality.

I would recommend trying a bbs for any fellow hobbyist who is interested in action with multiple ladies. It's the easiest environment to arrange that sort of thing, and the other girls want their share of business and c*ck too!

Last trip to Shanghai, I tried looking for the Yan'an Lu tea house. In a previous post, someone wrote that it was across from the Wu Jing hospital, which I also couldn't find. Sorry to be a b*tch about this, but does anyone have any proper directions (including, maybe cross streets, or pinyin of the name?). I've looked for this damned place three times, and have never found it. Good thing there are pink lights everywhere to alleviate my frustrations :)

Roversman 999
10-24-03, 09:30
Dear Peking Dog.. its easy when you know how.
Yahhan Tea house is near corner of Yannan Xi Lu and Hong Xu lu. If you at the corner.. ( theres f corners of this road ) you want to be at corner where the hospital is on yannan and hong xu. You will see a strip of shops/restaurants etc.. when you see the GOLF shop sign you are next to the t house. It has a sign advertising tea cups outside it ( duhhhh!!) and a curtain thats closed. Enter the door.. and off you go...

10-24-03, 17:19
Rovers - I'll be in your neck of the woods this weekend. Not sure if you like to hunt with others or not? You up for a Sunday afternoon or evening outing this weekend? I don't have a bike, but I think we'll have no trouble to find some action. Let me know if you're game
I'm at: the_lucky888 [at] yahoo[[dot]]com

10-25-03, 03:21

Have you used such services before? I saw the FuninChina website and honestly the photos are nothing to shout about. Have you got other recommendations? Send me a private message via the WSG Forum's Private Message service to take this discussion offline.

Roversman 999
10-25-03, 03:52
Lucky, would be happy to go in a wolf pack ( you know the chinese, se lang for horny wolves ) but am going to Manila.. for a long weekend.. gonna get me some tastyfilipina. No barbershops this weekend, instead young dancing ladies in bikinis, lots of san miguel and lots of watm tasty dark skinned kitten! Happy weekend wolves !!!

10-26-03, 18:29
Hey All,
You guys want to see the Teppanyaki Chef?

go check out the photo gallery...


10-27-03, 03:39
Gym Girl Pics!
Go check out the photo Gallery


10-27-03, 04:15
Thanks Roversman99

Hongxu Lu was the info I was missing. Hope you had a great time in Manila!

Roversman 999
10-27-03, 09:51
Manila Update
Arrived manila.. called my friend as arranged. Was having a fight with husband and couldnt get out. Hmmm.. in a taxi to a massage place i know. long naked massage and nice bj after. Spolit by the girl demanding too much money and dumb bodygaurds backing up her claim. No matter. went home.
8.00am knock on door... and great sex till lunch. That night met an old friend.. ( she was virgin before me) and great sex all nigt.
Today, massage with a friend this afternoon.. private arrangement massage in my room... and tonight... laying my moves on a new 22 year old met in yahoo.
Tomorrow afternoon a good bang planned with a cutie from one of the bars.. ( will take and post her pics )..and then well see what Im up to tomorrw night.. this is the LIFE!!!

John Siron
10-27-03, 12:58
I finally called this number (62406821) here in Shanghai but with my horrible Chinese, I only found out that the price was 580 for FS which includes tips already. I couldn't figure out the address they told me.

My friend told me it was a place full of 9's and 10's and you get very comfortable private rooms with sauna and massage.

Can someone that speaks better Chinese than me call this place so we can get the address in Pinyin?


10-27-03, 20:13
AGL of San Jose
Responding to your post in the San Jose CA section:
Yes, in Shanghai and anywhere else in China you can have a lay for as little as RMB150 (<USD20). You can also find freebies as several of us have demonstrated. Read all about recent adventures in saunas, teahouses, and BBS's (barbershops) below in this forum; a lot of BBS have been unearthed in the past few months. When you come out here again, look up either BlankNameCruiser or me; either one of us would be happy to show around another bay area dude.

10-27-03, 20:27
Lucky888 - Thanks for the reply. I'll read this section again as it's been a while. Thanks also for the offer to show me around. I'm in Japan in Nov/December, Korea in Jan and Shanghai in about Feb I think.

How in the hec do you and Blank do it...? You guys are all over the U.S. side AND you are in China.... How do you get any work done...? You know, the real kind....


Black Jack
10-27-03, 21:26
Hey guys,

Just came back from a short business trip to Hong Kong. Damn, life is great there. I love the 141 girls. For anyone not familiar with 141 girls, you can go online, and browse thru half a dozen different websites. You can pick the girl you like (the pictures and all info is there), go to thier apartment, which is basically a room, knock on the door and have a great time. I really like to know what kind of girl I will be getting in advanced so this is great. Price isn't too bad either, starting around 300 HKD. It's also feels so much more safe too. In the span of 3 days, I went to 6 different places. Had a couple of threesomes too, costing a total of only 550hkd each time. Anyways, sorry about this rant about HK, I know this is the SH forum, but I'm just a bit excited.

Oh, and Blankie, nice pictures, it looks like your having fun and making the most out of your new camera. Waiting to see more.

By the way, the mafia street BBS, are they worth checking out?

Bull Dozer
10-28-03, 03:18

I am from San jose CA, will be in Shanghai on November 2nd-5th. Can we meet?

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

I am in Hongkong at the moment, tried to reach Blacknamecruiser he will be out of town then.



10-28-03, 04:16
it's a hard, hard job.... but somebody's got to do it!


Daring Mood
10-28-03, 04:30
Ritz Carlton (Portman) Hotel District Mongering. This report is about having three Anhui girls at the same time for 450 RMB in the loft of a barbershop.

Directions: exit Portman walk past Hard Rock on the right to the first junction. At junction turn right. Walk about 200 hundred meters when you come to a dingy Sauna Center on the right. Don't go in. Just keep walking straight on until you come the mani road. turn right. You are now directly behind the block that consists of the Portman/commercial center.

Once you have turned right keep walking until you come to the first barbershop pole. There is a passageway to the immediate right of the barbershop, and just walk in, acting as if you are lost. 3.00pm is a good time for afternoon tea. You will be ushered to a step ladder which leads to the room above. Very clean. Three woman full service, and the ladder was pulled up until we were all done two hours later. Very GFE.

Looks: 7
English: 0 (not important)
Three women at the same time: 10.

Bring some chocolate, these girls are hungry, and bored.

Matty Boy
10-28-03, 05:33
Hello all,

I was hoping you could tell me any information you know about becoming a "duck" or male prostitute in China (for the women that is). I'm arriving tomorrow and need to make money. What better way to make money then to fuck for it, but I have no idea where to start. Do you guys have any information?

10-28-03, 08:09
John Siron
The place is on Dongzhu Anbang Road, No. 74. It is off Jiangsu Road, after the Yanan Intersection, first to the right, when you come from Xujiahui. It is next door to a Japanese Club. Went there yesterday, really nice, and everything written here is true. Girl was pretty, full service for 580 CNY, no extra tip for the girls. good price.
Their main customer group are Japanese. I just wonder how long this place will be opened.

are you still around?

Matty Boy
Do you think this is the right forum for such a question? Try to offer your services on the usual websites, That's Shanghai, adultfriendfinder, etc.

To all: did anybody try Wu Hong? She is advertising in 'that's Shanghai'. The pics are not that promissing, but she offers full service with dessert.

10-28-03, 11:30
Matty Boy,

I have heard of a place you can supposedly walk into and do that kind of job. On Huai Hai Zhong Lu (one block west of Chang Shu Lu). In the building of Maya or the one across the small street.... Something like the 4th floor. It is a male hooker place.... All I can suggest is go there, walk into those two buildings after 7. If anything on a floor like 4th floor is open it is likely the place.

I agree that is a tempting job...

I also suggest running an ad.


Black Jack
10-29-03, 11:02

Regarding WuHong, I was close to trying her. I actually made contact with her thru email while at the same time reading stuff about her in this forum. In the emails, I talked her down to 250 RMB. She even knew of a cheap houlry hotel that we could go to. I believe she had to travel to shanghai from Suzhou or something. Anyways, I took the advice from someone and agreed to meet her for coffee first because I said I was quite busy on that day and she too had other appointments (clients) that day. I had starbucks, wasted only 25rmb on her, but at least I saw her in person before agreeing to anything. I never called her again.

If you are already thinking her pics are not promising, than you will definitely be disappointed. I think her pics are way too good and probably from a while back. That's just my opinion though. It is tempting that she gives a great deal, and will do a lot more for the buck. Let me know if you decide to try her.


10-29-03, 17:47
I wanted to point out to everyone the ability to send Private Messages using the software on this site has now been activated. It works well.

However, there is no default "On" setting. You need to physically turn it on by following the instructions on the site.

-Uncle Otto

Please don't forget to donate to www.wsgcharities.com! For every two dollars you contribute between now and November, I will match it with an extra dollar's contribution. Make your Pay Pal or snail-mail contribution by visiting www.wsgcharities.com, and emailing me with your contribution amount and "I'm a friend of Uncle Otto" in the subject thread at "Ottograham@hotmail.com"

Dickie Robert
10-29-03, 18:55
Went to #74 Dongzhu Anbang Rd tonight per earlier post.

It was great! A heck of a better than anything I've experienced in BJ. This place caters to Japanese. So if you don't speak Chinese or Japanese, it may be a challenge. Luckily my broken Texan Chinese was good enough.

This place has the typical shower, sauna and TV room. The service is not as good as other sauna's that I've visited but it was okay. Was led to a TV toom after the shower and had to wait a while. I guess Wednesday night was a busy night.

Was then led to a darken corner of the joint and the hot chick came in (about a 7-8). She then help me get comfortable and then she got comfortable herself.

Had me laid on my back and then slurped, sucked, and licked all over...yum...she did it with warm water in her mouth...very cool.

Then had a great CBJ with cold water...then FS with CIM (covered). All for RMB 580.

They also offered two on one, but I didn't bring enough Maos to enjoy. Will definitely try next time.

10-30-03, 02:23
hi,i need you my dear pals help. i want to do some fucking this weekend. any information about the bbs gals is highly appreciated. pls pm me and i will return your kindness in the same way

Roversman 999
10-30-03, 03:05
Manila update

Time flies so fast in manila when your having fun.
The yahoo friend ( waitress in a local 5 star hotel, came to the room and stayed the night. Large lady with big warm tits. She left at 5am.
At 7pm was out again gettting lovely blow job from an inexperienced young bar girl wearing little more than a thong, in private room in a burgos street bar. I love it when the girls dont know what to do..and you have to tell them how it works.
At 3 am went home and texted an old friend i hadnt seen in a while... and one text led to another and aonther.. and at 8am..she came to visit. and sleep..and etcetc.
45 kgs and 5ft 5... very nice shape.
Interestingly the wife called me twice during my trip. Each time she called my room, i had a girl sucking my cock... co-incidence or extra senses.. who knows. Anyways my visitors were quiet so all was ok.
And that was Manila.. four girls slept with me in four days...two additional hj/bj... ...8 cums in 96 hours.Now its time to rest. and later.. to discover more of Hongquio.
I miss manila..

Found It
10-30-03, 04:24
I would tend to support Black Jack on his comments. Assume even you get WH down to RMB 200, you can find far better for the same price in BBS or Maoming Lu. Just my 2 fen's worth of advice.

BTW, anyone been to this new bar on Maoming Lu named Babyface and had any luck? One of my regular bed buddies tells me there are some really hot and wild babes there. Just curious...

Stay safe and Happy Hunting!

10-30-03, 06:39
pic for phunter

Barbershop Goer
10-31-03, 01:09

Glad to hear from you. Yes, I am still around here, though a bit lurching. Will sure to report any actions when I have the chance.

Happy hunting.

Barbershop Goer

10-31-03, 06:40
Regarding "Daring Mood" report "Ritz Carlton (Portman) Hotel District Mongering" For the Directions could you or somebody review these? I have been walking all around that block a few times now and just can't find it.

10-31-03, 12:04

I am glad that I am back in Shanghai. Went for a walk last night to pick up some coffee and dvds. Passing by a BBS in the neighbor in Gubei. Went in just for a massage and didn't expect much. The girls there wear uniform and I was tired from the trip.

Taken in to a room with probably 4 to 5 massage tables and lay down on my belly. Starting the massage. It was good massage and I almost fall into sleep. Turn around to massage my head (big one, not the little one!) and got me totally relax. Slowly, she worked her way down and reach my private part. With a grin, she asked me if I want to have a massage there. "Of course" I said. She unzipped me and starting slowly to stroke my little head. Got my shirt up and kiss my nipple while playing with my balls. Damn, this girl knew how to do it properly. Slow and easy! Not like the chucking the chicken action in some other places. After stroking a while, she bended over and start to give head bare back and still playing with my balls with her hands. Sucking faster and faster until I cum in her mouth. She took her time after I cum to make sure she got the every last drop. After that, zip me up and continue the massage for another 30 minutes.

Paid 150 for the house and tipped her 250. Overall, nice experience and got wonderful sleep last night.

10-31-03, 15:10
Hi Fellas,

Very new to this board, but not to the "hobby". Should be coming to Shanghai within the next month and will be looking for some company.

Are there any websites for the girls or is it pretty much the BBS's SW's and the Hard Rock type of thing?

I speak zero Chinese, but may have help from a friends girlfriend (a local girl) who may take me around.

Also what about the site www.funinchina.com do any of those "social escorts" spend the night if you ask, and I assume I would pay for it?

Thanks for any and all help guys.

I'm not one to do the BBS thing, I have never done an AMP in the states, always either an incall or out call girl for me.

Thanks again,


John Siron
11-01-03, 04:00
Levitian and Dickie Robert,

I've only heard of the place on #74 Dongzhu Anbang Rd, but I haven't been there yet.

Levitian, thanks for posting the address for us.

Can any of you guys tell me if this place allows you to choose your girl? It seems like at these massage joints, you don't get to choose your girl from a book or lineup of some sort! That's kind of disappointing if you are looking for a specific type of girl.

For 580RMB, I sure hope we get to choose!

Looking forward to going in a week or 2.

John Siron
11-01-03, 04:26
Does anyone know what percentage of girls here at the BBS or the Massage places will allow anal? If you know of any places, please let me know! :-)

How do you say "Can I do you up the ass?" in Chinese pinyin? Haha.

I find Western ladies more open to that. I haven't found any Chinese girls yet that are willing to do it up the arse.

Black Jack
11-01-03, 12:35
Daring Mood,

I tried to look for the place behind the Portman Hotel. The directions you gave seem simple enough to follow, however I was not able to find it. Does the passageway beside the bbs lead to an old houses? I went into a few of those passageways, but did not find anyone ushering me upstairs. I did receive a lot of wierd looks however.

Do you know what road that passage way is on? I tried Beijing Rd and also the small street behind the Portman.



11-01-03, 20:15
jman --
Welcome back. Sounds like a good find, but that's an expensive BBBJ at RMB400. Helps if the massage is good, though 150 for taifei in a BBS is 3x too high, unless this ain't your regular BBS? Got directions to place? Think a lower price is possible?

11-01-03, 20:27
A new factory

The other night Blankie and I were taken by his mafia friend to a new string of BBS somewhere out in Minghan area. It was a ~30RMB cab ride from Xujaihui. There were 5-7 BBS on this block, and the one we went into had over 10 girls downstairs, and maybe another 5 upstairs thumpin' and bumpin'.

The talent ranged from 5-8 (only one 8) The place was a serious factory; when you go upstairs, it has massage tables separated by curtains, and you can hear all kinds of rhythmic bumpin' moanin' and squeaking.

Needless to say it didn't take long to get down to business; in fact it took 30 seconds for her pants to fall, bra off, and my drawers down. She didnt' want to give BBBJ but that idea faded after she came twice while I DATY'd her. FS doggie style ensued. I will add a picture of that (photo credits to Blankie) if Jackson approves my request to post the pic.

Total price was 200. Mafia man said it should be 120, but I then they hit us with the waiguoren surcharge. Maybe next time we go we can get it down to 150.

Edit: Picture is now posted in Photo Gallery section.

11-02-03, 02:02
John Siron,

If you ask them where they keep the girls, you can usually see all the MP girls in one room, usually lazing around watching TV. On the other hand, you can always turn down what they have sent and request another and another until you are satisfied although this is a hassle and a bit uncomfortable.


11-02-03, 04:38
About the new fuck factory, all I can say is... OAH better get over here ASAP. This is your kind of trashy joint! You're gonna love it!
John Siron,

I am not sure how you can get anal for sure. Best is try a bb shop type place with a lot of girls, and it will be try, try ,try....

I had a girl in Beijing insist I do her anal versus normal because she was on the rag. I got the impression she didnt know what was coming because after I rammed it in her head smashed up against the headboard of my bed.... it was one of those experiences that turned me on because it was kind of rough...


11-02-03, 06:29
There's this girl who advertises in some local mag - her name is Gigi - and she's doing a guide service but selectively providing extras. For RMB 2000 though so it ain't cheap. Has anyone tried her?

Found It
11-02-03, 08:22
John Siron;
The chances of getting a Chinese girl to do anal is, as you have discovered, not so high but definitely doable. Have had from several girls, including one I would have never expected but was one of the best experiences in memory, but that is a whole book in itself. Nonetheless, you occasionally find one who really is into it and will even offer it. Had this happen once in Ningbo from one of the hotel HC girls who can up for a "massage". During the deed she kept whispering in my ear, houmian, houmian, ...(which is "back door" and even had a tube of KY handy.

You can try saying you want to "gang jiao" if you find one that looks interesting.....

Stay safe and Happy Hunting!

11-02-03, 13:06
Hi Lucky,

I agree that $400 is expensive for BBBJ. However, the shop is located in Gubei's resedential area and very clean. They have lady customers outside getting hair wash. Not exactly the fuck factory format place. I was a bit surprised to get "service" there as I was only intended to get massage. I didn't negotiate hard with the girl but I am sure there is room.

Anyway, glad to be back in Shanghai and will go for more venture in the weeks to come.

ABC in Shanghai
11-02-03, 18:04
Hi there,

Newbie here. Can someone recommend any clean, inexpensive sauna/bb in Xujiahui? The fresher the ladies the better.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-02-03, 18:41
Had a quick hunt this afternoon with Blankie in Luwan area. While he did a big-racked girl for the 3rd or 4th time, I went looking for a new shop. Found one with a black and white "spa" spinner pole on Hefei Lu, just west of Danshui Lu. This place is basically wedged smack in the middle of a residential block with no other shops or stores within 50m.

Picked the sluttiest girl they had and went upstairs just too take a look. I liked the clean room and setup and was ready to go; she was too, as she immediately asked if I wanted to fuck. Excited there wouldn't be any convincing needed, I proceeded to foolishly agree to 300RMB all-in with next to no negotiation.

She was probably the fattest girl I've ever had, but it was good, firm flesh, and she complied with all positions, though she wouldn't do a full on BBBJ; she would only lick the shaft, but not the head. For whatever reason, she didn't want me to DATY, so I didn't.

Overall I was happy, largely because I found a new shop.

Black Jack
11-02-03, 19:21
I went to a BBS on Haifang Rd, close to Shanxi North Rd. That block has about 5 or 5 bbs. I went to the one next to the bbs that I visited a couple of weeks ago, and that I highly recommended it (refer to my earlier posting a few pages back).
For some reason, I like to try new bbs. The one I went to tonite, was much older and dirtier. I was enticed into there because of one slutty girl who turned out not to be as good looking as she was through the window. Anyways decent bbbj for 130rmb, same price as next door. But the one next door definitely has a better environment and better looking girls.

BTW I am surprised to hear that some of these girls will not do full bbbj. So far everytime I asked for a bj in a bbs, I have been given a bbbj without me even asking for it. Getting thier clothes completely off however, is sometimes an issue for me. I don't like going under thier shirts and squeezing my hand under thier bras. Nor do I enjoy squeezing my hands through the side of thier underwear. Having a bbbj at a bbs, I have not once had a girl completely remove all of thier clothes. Anyone know of bbs where they will strip naked to do a bj?

Black Jack
11-02-03, 19:46
Tomorrow afternoon I will attempt to find the place behind Portman. If anyone found out the exact location, I would appreciate the help.
In addition, the cheapest FS that I have found in BBS is 200. In earlier posts, I read about some places charging 150. Are these shops in the city?

Silly Puppy
11-02-03, 21:15
My 1st time to contribute my short meno here.

I was in Shanghai on 11/01 and stayed at Regal hotel on Hengsang street. I took a walk toward drinking area where I could see many girls working in the bars. There were couple pimps following me like magnet. With their broken English I were asking me to take a taxi to another place to take a look at some young and beautiful girls. I declined because did not feel very safe. Finally one guy asked me if he could send a girl to my room. I was so glad so we started the negotiation process. I had no idea what is a good price or but being so horny and alone I bargained him down from 800 to $600 RMB because he definitely did not want to go lower than $600 even as I walked away.

I came back to my hotel at 1:30AM and waited for 45 minutes then this guy came knocked on my door with a so cute and young Shanghai girl. She is 19 years old. The guy asked me to give him the money first so I foolishly gave him. I asked the girl, her name is Ham Pin, to take a shower first. I came in watching her taking a bath and what a creature! She is so tall and innocent looking. I brough her to my bed, started sucking her nubile breasts while she was moaning and squirming all over. When I was touching her pussy I discovered how wet she was. Man , her juice was running like a river .... ! :) When I finally settled on her pussy and started licking her clit, a siren of screaming exploded and I was afraid the couple next door found out what we were doing. I think I made her came twice with my mouth . When I pulled my averge and hard cock out moving it up and down her slit she kept moaning. I've never seen any girl this hot before even my current wife. Well .. we fucked for 10 minutes and I made her come another time. This time the pussy was acting like a vise clenching my cock I I could not hold it any longer. I kept her legs open so I could see a well-fucked hole redden like a bloody tuna. Gawd, her juice made a mess on my bed ....

She took another shower to clean up herself and I came watching her wash her 19 year-old pussy! I got a kick out of that. I gave her 60 RMB for taxi/tip and feel better than ever! Let me know if this is a good deal!

Bad Boy Billy
11-03-03, 01:35
Will be in Shanghai Nov 12 and 13. Am staying downtown at Sofitel Hyland on Nanjing Rd. Any BBS close by or do I just start searching? Will be going to Bourbon St and Maoming Rd of a night - any new 'must try' bars / haunts that I just have to visit?

Would appreciate the help.

11-03-03, 01:48
Hey guys I need your help.

I was chatting with this girl who lives in Shanghai who turned out to be a call girl. She offered me her place to stay in, complete with a hot tub. She would show me around all day and night, get me cheap things, cook for me, oh and I can have my way with her as well as her friend (yes as in a 3 some) all for $150 a day (that's US dollars). I saw both of their pictures and they look good to me. Is this a good deal? I'm trying to lower the price for a nightly (not all day) rate. What do you guys think would be a good price? Lastly I'm a 26 year old white male who's pretty good looking but speaks no chinese. Just wondering if I should commit to these girls before seeing how I do on my own.

Roversman 999
11-03-03, 02:19
J man..where was the place in Gubei.. i thought I';d tried almost all of them.. help with location would be much appreciated......thanks pare...

11-03-03, 10:01

As my previous post:

If you coming down to Gubei Carrefour on Shuicheng Lu from Yang An Lu. Make a right on the first intersection and keep going. Pay attention to your left. There are gate into the complex. You will pass two gate. Make your left on the second gate and the BBS will be on your right. It's the only BBS in the complex with big nion sign. Can't miss it! Also, a lot of bored girls inside.

As it turn out, if you make your left turn on the first gate into the community complex, you will also see another BBS. Actaully, it's a hair salon which I originally thought just a hair salon. ;) Turns out to be a nice surprise.

Have fun.

John Siron
11-03-03, 14:12

The 150RMB FS do exist in the city...

I was new to the city last year and wanted to go somewhere 4:30am in the morning. I didn't know any places that were open so I got into a cab with a buddy and we tried to ask about getting massages without the massage... he knew what we were talking about, so we ended up in a place about a 20 minute drive away from the center of the city (Huaihai and Shanxi Road).

The place was really seedy. It wasn't really a BBS... more like an old lane house or a shack of some sort. You went into the room and the main pimp would be there along with some other mongers. The light was really dim. We would then check out the goods. There were only 2 rooms with beds available for FS, so we had to take turns. While we were waiting, the girls would take us to another room where we could lie down (I assume this is where they do the BJs).

I wouldn't do 150RMB again at these places. I was kinda afraid... You could get mugged at these types of places! Haha.

Forgot to mention: My buddy was black, so they charged him 200RMB. Haha.

Anyway, I prefer going to saunas now, so I should be going to that place that I mentioned below soon. I'm a part-timer, maybe once a month. I envy some of you guys that can go out every night! Haha.

Wild & Crazy
11-03-03, 14:54

Been living in SH for the last 6 months but just started to check out the KTV schene the last 4 weeks, and I AM IN HEAVEN)

Here are the list of KTV I've been to the last few weeks,

1. Tian Shan Ren Jian - Just opend a few months ago, it's the best ktv in SH now, very nice place, lots pretty chick, I had a chick from HRB, so fine, and got me so excited, so I kick my friends out and boned inside. Her mgr saw the action, then fired her @ss! (1200-1500rmb/over night)

2. Wan Zhi Chang Hong - It's got about 500 chicks and you can just go to their room and pick what you want, (700rmb/room, 1000-1200rmb/over night)

3. Ming Dian - Just opend a month ago, went there last night, just played around, didn't take home but chicks are hot.

Silly Puppy
11-03-03, 22:32

That is cheap. 2 girls all day for $150 which is 1200 RMB . Wow. Where you get that? If I were you I'd experiment with them for a day then say goodbye.

Hey guys,

How come all massage, BBS, tea shop places around Regal hotel area offer NO sex ? I stepped in a massage place and got massaged in a room full of massage tables. Apparently there is no way they can give me any BJ or HJ there! WTF is that? Anyway the massage is great and cheap!

Hummm, I find this board a little slow in getting info and my time is running out ;)

11-04-03, 10:13
Dear Wild & Crazy,

Could you give more details on the location of the KTV's please ? Particularly the one at Tian Shan Ren Jian. Any phone number ?

Thank you

11-04-03, 15:18
I have been to 74 dongzhuanbang. It is not recommended. All the girls were 5s and below, about BBS quality. Definitely not worth 580rmb. The sauna by xianxia tennis center is better.

John Siron
11-04-03, 17:44

What is this place you are talking about by the tennis center? Do you have cross streets? What is the telephone number? How much did it cost you and what did it include? Full sauna, massage, BBBJ, and FS?


John Siron
11-04-03, 18:07
Funny story...

I mentioned in the Shenzhen section that I was at a KTV last month and had this really hot chick with me. My buddy and I were rooming together to save money cause we were down there for business.

The first night we were at this KTV called Freedom. I was with this really hot chick and I played it cool. Not much touching and shit. I mentioned to her that my friend and I were rooming together, but I think she thought we were in the same hotel, but different room. I told her that I didn't have that much money and that we were with our bosses (my other friends that are older). I wanted to make sure she knew that I had no money or had very little cause I heard that the girls in SZ charge an arm and a leg!

Afterwards she asked if we could go home together and of course I agreed. My friend was going to just go to sleep and I was going to bang her all night. When she arrived in the room, she turned around and just denied me after seeing the 2 beds side by side! Haha. I thought, "oh well, next!".

Well the 2nd night, we went back to the same KTV (my friends know the mama girl there). I went through about 50 girls but didn't see any I liked, so I asked the mama to bring back the same girl. Well we hit it off again... I was talking dirty to her and planting all sorts of nasty shit in her head. She wanted to go home with me half way through the night (around 11pm). I of course asked the price just in case it was sprung on me all of a sudden afterwards... she said she didn't know, so she asked one of the other girls, and she came back with 2000RMB!! I was like, "what???". I said I told her before that I was poor and I was just out for a good time. She countered with 1500RMB and I still said it was too much. Well to keep the story short, we ended up staying at the KTV with my friends.

I ended up walking her half way home that night (she lived nearby) and I sensed she wanted to invite me back to her place for a free bang, but she mentioned her girlfriend was home. When we were almost at her place, she asks me if she could walk me home again! I was thinking shit, now maybe I'm in luck. Well I thought about it and then decided not to do anything and just gave her a hug and said my goodbyes. Got her number and told her to contact me next time she was in Shanghai. (She told me she might come up in a month or 2)

Later that night, she SMS's me and tells me about her taking off her clothes and shit. I was so pissed off the cellular network was wacky and I couldn't SMS her back or call her! I was thinking she really wanted to get laid and was going to offer it to me for free, haha. Well I didn't actually think I'd talk to her again after that since I couldn't respond to her SMS's.

Today, I get a phone call from her and shes telling me she's coming up to Shanghai to live for awhile. Her KTV got busted and is closed. She didn't want to stay in SZ anymore. She's on the phone for a good hour with me telling me that she wants me to be her fuck buddy when she's in town cause she knows I already have a steady girlfriend. Haha. We'll have to see what happens when she actually makes it up here. Unbelievable... I thought I struck out with this girl. Haha.

I have to say what a lot of us foreigners say here. You never know. TIC (this is China).

11-04-03, 21:11

Where did you find the girls you're talking about?

I would be interested in the same type of set up and would pay that amount easy as long as they are young and cute.

Do you have web information? You said you saw pix of them.

I looked at www.funinchina.com and am still asking if anyone knows if those girls will spend the night with you and offer FS even if it costs extra?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


Barbershop Goer
11-05-03, 01:48
Hi, Calico:

The actual name should be Tian Shang Ren Jian (天上人间). It is on South Wuning Road (武宁南路) near Changshou Road (Longevity Road).

Happy hunting!

Barbershop Goer

11-05-03, 04:09
Thanks James Tran,

I thought $150 was cheap but she actually wanted $1,200 for 8 days, which worked out to $150 a day. When I wanted to make sure it was $150 per day I guess she thought I wouldn't pay and called the whole thing off. I wouldn't mind hanging out for a night or 2 but 8 straight days with the same girl is a bit too much for me. Perhaps I'll ask her how much for 1 night? No matter, I might be going to Brazil in the next month where $150 should get me a nice threesome.

11-05-03, 10:01
Tian shang ren jian is beyond the budget of most WSGers seeking some action. You won't get out of there without spending at least 3,000rmb, and even then a bang is not guaranteed, especially if you are not Chinese, let alone a regular. It is recommended if you are itching to burn cash and want to entertain friends and associates in the company of beautiful babies. A much better bet for a WSG-style dirty lay would be these overrated BBSs that everyone on this board keeps raving about.

11-05-03, 15:20
Hey all,

If anyone wants, I have full sex shots of me and the gym girl. The Rules of the board are that we cannot post sex, so I can email if you want it.

I also have 2 videos I took today. They are about 20-30 seconds. One is breasts and the other is a sex action video of the gym girl. They are each around 12 megs in size, so I am not sure the best delievery method for those who are interested.

If you want them, if you can provide an easy deliver method, then you can have them.

Please contact me via the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


11-05-03, 17:56
If you go to the Jian Guo Hotel ( Bing Guan) cnr Cao Xi Rd and Nan Dan Rd, it has so many restaurants, that you will not have a problem unless the girl looks like an absolute *****.

I just had a very nice weekend there with my favorite girl.

Not cheap, but girl was late to make up her mind and the difference to other hotels can easily be sucked up in taxi fares.

Silly Puppy
11-05-03, 23:31
Ok guys,

I left Shanghai yesterday to come to Dongquan (Quangchou) and stay in Golden Palace hotel. This hotel has a sauna / massage / ktv upstairs and boy, I met a young 20 year old girl from Anhui with a firm body. Massage / shower / massage / and fucking for total 400 RMB. Good stuff.

11-06-03, 00:58
I finally am back yet again in SH this month, and after reading so much new material I was eager to get out. I decided a few days ago that I would walk around the office (near Portman) and try and find the place mentioned. I walked on the street behind the Portman and only found one barber pole near the end opposite Tongren Lu. I saw no alleyway next to it but did see an entry to a building. I walked into that but found no info so I left.

I had a few hours to kill between my meetings and a dinner engagement, so I figured I'd just take a long walk. Half way there I decided to hunt down the club at 74 DZB. Unlike a previous post, I had a decent experience. The two gals I met were around a 7 and 8 respectively. I actually kept the 7 gal because her attitude was really good. She was young and service oriented.

She took off her clothes, wiped me down with a wet towel (disposable) and started with a nice massage using her hands and body. Then, she kissed her way down the back and rimmed me. On the flip, she did the fire and ice thing BBBJ for a long time. All this time I was rubbing her clit and she was oozing. She would not let me DATY though.

Finally, she covered me up and rode me CG. She was wet but really tight. We went for a long time. Then, I rolled forward and flipped her and pounded her hard. She kept asking for it harder so she could come. As I was getting close to coming, she tightened up and started to orgasm. I held back because I knew it would be great to feel the spasms of her coming.

She rested awhile and then she rolled over. I pumped her DS for a few minutes probing her ass with my thumb. As I finally exploded, I penatrated her asshole deep adn was met with rearward thrusts that sucked me dry.

She cleaned me up with tissues and more wet towles. She washed her self over the garbage can with the hot water she had brought in. As I got dressed, she went out to toss the garbage can and wash her hands. She came back and finished the massage.

Girl: 7
Attitude: 8+
Location: 7+
Price : 7
Overall experience: Good!

580rmb is alot to pay for some, but I liked the clean safe atmosphere. The fact that I could shower before and after, and rest afterwards in a private lounge room made it really worthwhile to me...especially compared to what 580rmb would get for me back in the states. Looks like YMMV so pick well and have fun if you should decide to partake.

11-06-03, 01:03
I also went to try out one of the Ponds massage places on Hong Mei road. While the facility was ok and the rooms were private, and the massage was very good, I got no additional services as previously mentioned. The place the original poster went to down by the stadium is their primary location, so maybe there are more services offered?

Rab: re: funinchina: Yes some may, but YMMV. Cheaper options exist.

Black Jack
11-06-03, 01:42
Hey Blankie,

Great job, and I definitely wouldn't mind checking out some of those pictures. BTW, your PM hasn't been turned on.


Indigo Blue
11-06-03, 02:17
About the place with those three girls behind the Portsman Hotel:

It's as described with a little correction: Its LEFT of the barbershop, on Beijing Lu. It’s actually on top of a small restaurant. They live in that kind of double roof, as in the BBS at Kanding Lu. The window is the first one around the corner, have blue umbrellas and a wooden step ladder. The girls work in the barbershop from 16:00 to 02:00, so if you want to see them have to be more or less from 13:00 to 16:00. They are not allowed to make their own business, so keep it low. If you go there and see the step ladder on the opposite wall means they are out for work or something. No ladder means busy or sleeping.

Hope this helps.


Shanghai Jan
11-06-03, 09:04
Hi Seniors OAH, Blnk, others

Am an expat chinese in Shanghai every other week for the past year, quite familiar with the KTV scenes but would occasionally like the extra dessert where available.

Would like to join you guys on one of your night outs be it for drinks or BBS.

So if ya dont mind me to tag along,


11-06-03, 09:33
I had a great experience in '74 dongzhuanbang', and I did pay more in similar establissements for not necessarily better services.
So, it might depend on the day and the shift.

11-06-03, 11:43
Black Jack
I dont know what PM is.


Chia Pet
11-06-03, 19:53

How do you go about asking for sex when know speaks english in the BBS? I went into a couple of BBS and tried to show the girl what I wanted and only ended up with a massage. Also, I am by myself when I go to the BBS and need to take a taxi to some of the recommended BBS I have seen on this board. With out an address it is hard to get there with a taxi.

Mack Mittens
11-06-03, 23:53
I suspect several SW around 16th behind the chinese food store. My boy went and talked to Louu but she did not put out, What is the deal with that?

Dickie Robert
11-07-03, 00:21

Like Levitian, I had a great time at 74 dongzhuanbang. The value is SO much better than BJ. At the Dragon Spa it's RMB 580 for a HJ (a good HJ but just a HJ). You can get FS at 74 dongzhuanbang for the same amount. Also in BJ, they won't get naked with ya, where as the girls at 74 dongzhuanbang can't wait to jump out of theirs.

I found the quality of girls to be similar at both places (5s-8s).

Bad Boy Billy
11-07-03, 03:18
Will be in Shanghai for 2 nights Nov 12 and 13.

Will be going to Bourbon St and Maoming Rd - any suggestions for a MUST SEE that I might not be aware of?

Am also then off to Wuxi and Nanjing for 4 days - I know nothing about the hangouts there.

Anybody with GOOD information please advise.

11-07-03, 03:33
Chia Pet
You will not have a problem if you are in the right kind of BB shop.

To find them, you can tell the taxi the name of the streets that are the intercection of the BB shops.

The streets are most oftem posted on the board. Just tell the taxi driver the two street names and he will take you to that intersection.


Techie Guy
11-07-03, 06:52
Hi guys,

Do you know where to get porn dvds in Shanghai?

I'm looking around the Yan an west or Carrefour Gubei area :)

It would be great if you also had the chinese names for the streets, or something like that.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports.Thanks!

Chia Pet
11-07-03, 16:25
BlnkNameCruiser or Forum

The right kind of BBS? That is my question there is know way to tell. How will I know when I walk in and no one speaks english? As I said, I have been in several and only get offered a message. Is it up to me to ask or will they offer? I need some specifics here, please.

11-07-03, 16:26
Dear Chia Pet,

There are barber shops that try to appear more naughty than they really are. A lot of places only offer handjobs, but try to entice male customers with pink lighting and the prospect of full service. Such places then overcharge for the HJ's.

If you aren't going to get what you want, then get out. You will find success elsewhere. There are usually several barbershops in the same area, so there are other choices available. Do not lose heart.

Wish you good hunting!

11-07-03, 17:14
Well... some of you may not want to believe this...

Go check out the super cute BB shop girl I just posted in the photo section.

I have tried her out in the past. I went today, paid the house fee to take her home... Went to my place, took showers, total GFE FS, and when she left, she refused any money. I was shocked. I tried and tried. I even tried shoving it into her pocket. She wouldnt take it.

I then took her to a taxi, she wouldnt let me even pay the taxi some money.

What the f....? That is great in a way, but only if it doesnt mean she gets all clingy and wants to have me as her BF.....


Travel Dog
11-08-03, 04:13

She definately wants to be your girlfriend. You will pay either way. Pay her now or if she becomes your GF you pay her later. Your choice!

Jack Spratt
11-08-03, 15:17
As a Beijing boy, I just wish we had the same sort of BBS scene here as in Shaghai. In town (SH) for 1 night and most of today (Sat), I decided to try out the scene around the Portman - this is about 10.30 in the morning. After looking at a number of places, settled on a shop in Xinzha Lu, between Xikang Lu and Changde Lu - more towards the Changde end. It was right opposite a construction site of what I think will become Park Avenue Apartments.

Shop was quite dark and dingy. Waist level partitions, and extended chairs rather than beds. Settled for a 2-some, both very attractive (7+), and both with great tits. Wouldn't do BJ or FS, but was very happy for a titty-fuck with both, and a hand(s) job. Sucked both sets of tits, and one pulled her pants down and let me finder her delightful pussy, while the other one was titty fucking me to the finish. Bill was Rmb100 each.

Other observations in the area - is seems the places which offer extras are all pretty dark during the day, with the bright lights saved for the legit places. A couple of other likely places were in Tongren Lu, about 50m from Beijing Xilu back towards the Portman, and a tiny place in Tongren Lu, right opposite the main entrance to the Kerry centre.

Black Jack
11-09-03, 05:07

I agree with Trvldog, that she will probably get clingy afterwards. You actually should know about those types of girls by now. I don't know what you do to these girls, but I've never had a girl reject my money. I'm lucky if they don't try to rip me off!
One more thing, I really enjoy the pics of the Fuck Factory in Min Hang. Any addresses available? Seem to have my type of action in there and for 200. Thanks.

And Indigo, I don't know how you were able to find the place on Beijing Lu, that's amazing. I scoured the area on 2 occassions and was unsuccessful. Is it the block directly behind Portman, or a block further down? If it is directly behind Portman, than the BBS would be on the North Side of the street. How did you like it there?

Black Jack
11-09-03, 05:13
Chia Pet

I wish you luck on your BBS hunting. If you read some of the earlier posts, there are a lot of BBS mentioned with addresses. I have posted quite a few if you want to look back on them. Some of the ones I mentioned specifically has streets and the types of services offered. This can help you eliminate the hunt. It really isn't that hard even without knowing Chinese. Some of these shops only care for HJ, BJ, and FS and when you go in, they will ask you what you want immediately. Some actually try really hard to sell you FS because it means more money for them.

You might want to know a couple of terms, (excuse my bad ping yin):
FS= zou ai
BJ= chooee
HJ= Da fei Ji

Also if all else fails, use body and sign languages.

Good Luck,

11-09-03, 07:13
Techie Guy,

Those DVD stands in front of the Carrefour sell porn DVDs, even those in the Carrefour garage. But why would you look for porn DVDs on the street while Internet, the most wonderful distribution of porns, is available at your finger tips?

Go to Kazza, edonkey or any of those P2P services and you get ton of porn available to download.

11-09-03, 13:23
I hear you guys... That is why I was nervous.

If I see her again maybe I should keep it in the shop and not take her home.

I am still paying the price for a recent freebie (not the gym girl, but a Suzhou girl) and damnit is a steep price to pay.


Techie Guy
11-10-03, 06:27
Thanks Jman90024,

I never imagined that such small stands in front of the Carefour would have porn DVDs. I'm going to check them out tonight.

I don't have a computer/internet at home, and I don't have a really good connection at work :P Nothing to do about it.

Thanks again jman90024

Hope more information comes in about this subject.

11-10-03, 15:53
Dear Blankie,

Please take some advice from someone who's made enough mistakes to have some wisdom: get away quick.

I've run into the problem of contract labour that gets clingy before, and distance is the only cure.

I used to be upset when a familiar sauna, KTV, massage, real estate agent, bargirl, or other fine young lady would get clingy. Then I realized that it was fate giving me a hint that its time to explore greener pastures

There are many BBS in SH, and you know better than anyone else. Go get yourself some fresh chicken.

Take care,

11-11-03, 01:17
To IndigoBlue

Saw you tried to contact me.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service as I did not receive anything.

Roversman 999
11-11-03, 01:22
had a horrible week last week..so was very happy to cycle out in the rain last saturday afternoon..go to my favourite bbs ( next to a new French restaurant..had a croissant afterwards!)..and lie down and let my friend slurp.
A whole week of works worries disspaered in five minutes.!
And now its colder getting harder ot hunt on my bike. Going to HK for fresh chicken..an indonesian cutie awaits my pleasure!!!

Algeria for Ever
11-11-03, 07:59
Rip-off warning !

Yesterday I checked out a BBS on Fuxing Zhong Lu, not far from the intersection with Ruijin Er Lu. I believe the exact adresss is 585 or 583 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near a restaurant called Big Apple. It's in a 5 mn walking distance from bars Colours and Face. Anyways...

They are about 4 or 5 girls working in this rather tiny BBS. Good looking (7 + i would say) for what I saw.

So here I go to the backroom with one of the girls. Mind you the backroom was actually the rest room! She makes me sit on some crappy extended chair and start talking money right away, coz she wanted me to pay in advance, which I hate.

She then starts stating ridiculous prices : 600 RMB for FS and 400 RMB for BBBJ! To back her claims she gives me the "ni xiao didi tai duo le" bullcrap.

I could not get her to go lower than 300 RMB (tai fei included) for BBBJ. I know this is ridiculous (I mean you can get FS for less than this in other places), but at that time my "xiao didi" was doing the thinking.

Well I give her the 300 RMB and then she starts giving me the worse BBBJ I had in a very long time. She spent more time wanking that sucking for Chrissake ! And to top it all, after only 2 or 3 minutes, she had the guts to tell me to "kuai yi dian" !

Well, I usually had only good times in BBS, but this is the first time I experienced this mixture of high prices and terrible service.

So fellow mongers, do yourself a favour and avoid this particular BBS by all means.

11-11-03, 08:41
Good to hear that you had double french pleasure, first the slurp, then the croissant, vive la France, and Freedom Frice ... . Would be nice if you could be a little more specific about the place.

Found the bbs on Hefei Road, where Lailai is working. No, I did not look for it specifically, but once in a while I do hunt in this corner of the city and also go to the infamous bj-factory on Huangpi Road. This time I felt like strolling around and by chance walked in the shop where the girl is working. She is very nice, but, indeed, she has a crush on you, told me all the time about the nice laowai she recently met and asked how to spell 'Wo xiang ni' in English. She planned to send you a sms with exactly this message: 'I think of you'. Did you get it?

Roversman 999
11-11-03, 08:52
The place is near Xian Xia road next to the hospital. That an area of my hunting ground. Some French guy with Chinese wife opened a new restuarant.. next to my BBS. Dont think his restaurant will do well... but god bless for trying.
Just been out to buy hat and gloves.. now i can cycle again....and ride again.. hahaha

11-11-03, 08:55

You are such a heartbreaker! For your sake, I hope these girls don't have any big brothers lurking in the background. Actually, I am really jealous of all the free stuff you are getting. If only I was so young and handsome again. Keep up the good work! And be careful, my friend.


11-11-03, 15:00
Thanks for the info. I did get a message yesterday that she asked "How are you doing?"

OAH and others interested in freebies...

I have yet to have a freebie that does not make me pay in some way. I know I am probably preaching to the choir, but my Suzhou freebie has been terribly difficult to shake off. I have gone as far as to convince her I moved out of the country and I am changing my phone number to make it convincing. (because she is so crazy she calls my phone about once a day between 2:30am and 5:30am even though she thinks I am gone!)

I really want to keep seeing this huangpi/hefei lu girl because I reall yenjoy her service, body, and personality almost more than any other I have had, but I think if I drag it out any more (especially with her not charging me) then I will have a price to pay.


11-12-03, 03:15

I am from the Beijing board. I am still in Beijing but I am required to come to Shanghai much more often than I wish.... in order to make myself more excited to fly to Shanghai. I need some help to navigate this city.
The big question is, if I have an evening or two available, what can I do, what are the options? Such as:
-Places that I can have a drink and relax a bit, but at the same time there are girls idling there for some reasons, or no logical reason (like the Starbucks at Guomao in Beijing, the to see and to been seen type)
-where there are semi/part-time pros. mixed with non pros, like the Den/Minders/Banana/Rock"n"Rock in Beijing.
-And, places where the pros frequent. Like Henry J Beans, Hard Rocks in Beijing.

Thanks and if any one need help in Beijing, just let me know.

Just Me
11-12-03, 05:30
I'm speaking from older and very recent experience.

Go easy with the freebies!!!

I've got three going on right now, and it's all I can do to keep them from knowing each other.

I wrote this in the Beijing board about 6months ago.
Funny story about one with me on a Sunday morning, and another walking up to the apt. building and ringing the security phone to give me back a CD (yea, right).

Unfortunately, my security phone has a camera in it so freebie #1 (or is it 2 or 3 or??) is watching the whole thing.

I run downstairs, take the CD, get rid of her and go back to apt. The door is locked. All sorts of horror go thru my mind. But, she locked it because she was afraid of the girl. Don't know why.

All calmed down within minutes and we were back at it.

BTW, both sms me daily. Yikes.

I'm to the point where paying is better, I think.

Good luck.

Just me

Found It
11-12-03, 05:43
Seems we have similar situation but in opposite order. I am based in Shanghai, but have to travel often to Beijing. So, here's a list of my favorites;

Hangout, have a drink, see and be seen category:

Xin Tian Di, especially Luna, and Paulaner; Face Bar at Rijin, California Club (at the bar...) and Blue Frog on Maoming Lu.

Semi Pros/Part timers/Freebies:

Long Bar at Portman, Bourbon Street, Face Bar, California Club, Guandi, parts of Maoming Lu (particularly Judy's Too)

Heavy Duty Pros:
Maoming Road from 10pm onward, Julu Lu anytime but later the better, Hard Rock, the BBS scene, and the usual suspects that Blankie has found!

Its a great place, enjoy!

11-12-03, 07:42
Men, Papadum,
Have you ever noticed that the Starbucks cafe in Xintiandi is full or semi-pros as soon as from 19h30. Wait there on the main floor close to the window (it's too cold outside) with you latte for at least 10mn and you will see them flocking around. Took 2 good numbers there recently.
Another place will be at the Paulaner in front of Luna. Get there on Wednesday night. It's ladies night and a nice mix of pros, semi-pros and nice girls just wanting to have fun. Worth the visit.



11-12-03, 10:32
Didn't see much of her body, but I can confirm she has a nice face and apparently a sweet personality. I thought she was decent and fresh, and somewhat innocent. You know better.

Welcome on the Shanghai Board. You are very active on the Beijing Board, and thanks also to you I had some good time in BJ.
PHunter did already list up most of the interesting places. Nothing really to add here. I do like the bars of the Ritz and the Hyatt (3rd floor), but not necessarily good hunting places. The California is most probably the most fashionable place, definitely worth a try, also during the week.

Harry Potter
11-12-03, 13:14
Hello Everyone!

I am a 27 year old, basically Indian, living in the US for a while, in Shanghai for almost a month now. See a lot of talk about freebies and had a question on them: How long do they take before giving in. Generally, I have met lots of hot babes in Shanghai who are ready to generally fool around, smooch etc. but when it comes to the real thing, I get no positive responses from the babes. Is it that I am being too "gentlemanly" with them?

On another note, can anyone guide me to where I can get grass in Shanghai? Any details will be very helful. Haven't had a decent smoke for a long time now.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid future delays, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. This practice works for millions of people every day. Thanks!

11-12-03, 17:56
Thanks PHunter, Levitian and Wolf....

Seems like California Club and Face could be multitasking places. Oh yeah I am flying MU Thursday morning to SH, But may be I have to try out these establishments next time because while I was just reading your messages, an internet friend in SH (whom I knew a month ago but never met) appeared through MSN said she'd want to go to Mariah Carey concert but too expensive for her. I said I would be arriving SH on Thursday and may be I can go with her..... she's cute at 22 and I think I've already got something to take care of this trip....

11-12-03, 18:22
Phunter, Wolf,
May I ask how much you pay for ST for these "semi pro" you find in Paulaner, Starbucks, etc ? Being more a specialist of smaller size cities, I wonder how is the market in Shanghai. Thanks.

11-12-03, 19:06
One more question guys....

I have a service apartment rented at Le Residence (Zhen Ning Road & Yan An Road). are there any interesting places within walking distance?

11-13-03, 02:05
by principle I hardly pay (if and when I pay) more than 500 Rmb. Most often, the negotiation ends up at 400 or 450 though it almost always starts at 1,000 or at least 800. As a good bargainer, have your 4 Mao in hand and play with them to show them to the girl. Money speak often more that just your words...
Do expect any LT for this. It will be from 30mn to 2 hours as your mileage may vary. I got a 8 the other night at Park 97 and took her to my place for 400. She provided me with a very good massage which clearly indicated me that instead of being the wise provincial student in Shanghai to learn English at university she was a pro working in a Sauna, which she confessed afterward. The BJ was so good and the breast so nice (real large and firm breast) that I engaged in extra and requested a second run which she provided for only 100 Rmb more. Good time.

Rana Joy,
based on my own experience with freebees in Shanghai (and as several of our fellow mongers I tried placing ads in That's Shanghai which turned to be very successful providing me more that I could chew...) they either turn very friendly by the very first date or at most the second one. If it requires a third one, stay away from troubles because for me it means that they want something more serious or more durable, or worse, that they don't want nothing but somebody to pay for their outing.


11-13-03, 02:38
It seems that there is a new chick in town and that our good friend Shifen has competition around the corner. May be they come from the same business school. See by yourselves :

quote :

Hi how are you?
When will you be in Shanghai?

I am part time Mandarin tutor in Suzhou to 2 foreign ladies mornings of Monday to Wednesday, part time model on web cam for a clothes company in Germany, and part time escort in Shanghai.

Here are my profiles with photos in them:
Service Tariff (per person)
1. Mandarin/English tutor, drink/dinner/conversation company, translator/interpreter/tour guide/introduction to Buddhism, Chinese medicine and yoga massage: 10 USD (80 RMB)/hour
2. Escort (1 USD=8.3 RMB)
2 hours 108 900
5 hours 150 1280
8 hours 180 1500
16 hours 250 2100
1 day (24h) 300 2500
2 days 550 4580
3 days 750 6200
4 days 900 7500
5 days 1020 8500
6 days 1120 9300
1 week 1200 10000

Are you interested? I expect get paid for meeting, I do not need free meetings if you do not want to spend money then no need talk to me.

Payment: For the sake of discretion, please have the full amount prepared in an envelope to be handed over at the beginning.
- 20%-40% discount for domestic Chinese.
- 20% discount for meeting in other city outside Shanghai (include Suzhou 3-5 star hotel room 70-996 RMB) or at my apartment in Shanghai.
- 30% discount for return client 30 days after first meeting.
- Double price for swallow, games, black, take photos (not for public, private use only), 2 clients, penetration in my period.

Your place or my place, I make love/oral bj/69/cum mouth/face/cunnilingus/French kissing, sex with condom, yoga massage, give shower/bath/clean ears/squeeze skin fat spots/good conversation, I want you to have a great time offering my warm friendship and tender care- no anal, no toys, no finger penetration, no kinky to me, you get me and only me. I do not know any other girl if you want me find. I do not meet men at my Suzhou home.

Condom and small vibrator prepared for you. Passport available and able travel inside or outside China if I can get the visa.

Where is my apartment in Shanghai?
My apartment is on Bai Se Road by No. 3 entrance of Botanic Garden (Zhi Wu Yuan) near South Railway Station in Shanghai, 20 minutes south from Xujiahui.

When was my photo taken my profile http://profiles.yahoo.com/escort_lady_shanghai?
2 years ago, I took it for Playboy magazine in Holland and New York when they invited me with a job offer, which I refused to be their model start with 10,000 USD.

How long have I been doing this escort work?
I started last summer, totally 6 months. I stayed alone for long time before I ever decided to go out meet men. I had twice 5 and 6 months no sex at all. Only ?men I met had sex, others just cum in my mouth, they do get great satisfaction from my tongue and lips.

Do I like sex? Why I do this escort work? What kind of people do I meet?
Yes, I like good sex safe, healthy and relaxing. Because I want fun and money same-time, I choose this job which is more interesting and freer than a regular job. I do enjoy meeting men and explore new experience all the time. I meet men from all over the world 24-85.

Why do I charge so much more than most of the local Chinese girls in bars while I am older and have small breast?
I suppose I am comparatively more mature, what I offer is far more than just sex and physical pleasure, as a nice lady, I seek clients who wants experience special moments in his life. Here is one man抯 comment to me: 揧ou are very sweet, and I love small breasts - they are far more exciting than big breasts - really that is so.?

Why do I want to make so much money?
My son抯 boarding school tuition fee is expensive around 20000 RMB per year, my mother has breast cancer needs a lot money medication. I need support my family beside feed myself.

What is my education background? Do I have MBA? Where did I learn English?
Yes, I graduated Shanghai school an international university in Hawaii, got MBA degree Oct 2002 my thesis Cross-cultural Enterprise Management. I graduated English major self-taught university Jiangsu Province in 1988. I have been working with westerners since 1994.

Open and frank forthrightness

Where is my husband? Whom do I live with?
I do not have a husband I am divorced 5 years. I live alone, my 13 years old son is in a boarding middle school comes home once a month, my ex-husband is a local Chinese, working in Shenzhen now back to Suzhou a few times a year, he still sees my son, and pays half of my son抯 expense. I divorced because he never came home until 2-3am every night.

Why don抰 I find a man and have a steady life?
In 2 years plan I want to find a Caucasian man born in Europe or America to marry with in USA, 180cm, 80kg, non-smoker, with master or doctor degree, annual income more than 200k USD, 38-56, who is successful in career business owner or CEO.

How to book my service?
1. One-week notice ahead by email tell me your real full name, your local mobile number in China if available, hotel name and address you are going to stay in or your apartment location, time length you would like to meet me and what time on which day to start;
2. Call me one day ahead 8am-8pm confirm meeting tell me your apartment address or hotel room number after you check in if you want to meet at your place;
3. Call me I can talk to taxi driver on mobile if you need to find where my apartment is in Shanghai.

Do you have any online chat software? You can add me if you have one. I am available to let you see me on my web cam from Yahoo Messenger or MSN (latest version 6.0).

Wu Hong
Cell Mobile Phone: 13818519164
Shanghai Apartment Phone: 021-64109356


Honestly, I tried the services some months ago when the lady was not that hungry... Well, I must say that it was not such a good experience as the service was lousy and the breast really flat. And the skills and technique almost inexistant. But she was really eager to learn. And probably did since then. At that time, prices were 30 to 500 Rmb atmax depending the length and type of requitred service. She does speak a fluent English and might be of some help for those looking for a guide with more skills that only the one after dark. You to judge.

Try to enjoy. And don't forget to post.


11-13-03, 03:33
I have tried Suzhou girl (see message from Wolf) while in Shanghai, she does try to please. If you are indifferent as far as age goes, I was surprise when she arrive. She does make herself feel busy to support the price and being exclusive and not available for new clients. More or less like Shifen. Enjoy and be well. Great massage if you call it a massage :)

11-13-03, 05:53

We discussed this lady before.

Phunter and Black Jack did advise me to stay away. Did follow their advice so far, as the pics are not that promissing.

I didn't know that she was a Playboy model!!!!!

These ladies really sometimes have some weird future strategies ... .


Found It
11-13-03, 07:38
agree with Wolf on prices. If you are on a budget, suggest that you focus on Maoming Road, particularly Judy's Too and some of the other bars like M-Factory, etc. First, you have a better chance there of finding some "party animal" who is just looking for a good time (freebies...) or the student who is just getting in the biz who is happy with 3-400. Another budget option is to hang out until the early morning hours, but, you get what you pay for as the saying goes.

your location is within walking distance to the sauna that got so much press here lately but beyond that not much..unless you like to walk. But hey, you might not even need to go out! I have been to this place already once with this girl I picked up at Xintiandi..seems she was renting an apartment in the same place! Never know what you might meet in the elevator!

Take care and happy hunting!

Black Jack
11-13-03, 18:07
Rana Joy,

I don't think you will have too much luck in finding grass in SH. I was trying to help some friends find some a little while back and it seemed pretty much impossible. If you get lucky, let me know.

Wolf, Good post on Wu Hong. I'm still laughing about it. Can't believe this girl, or should I say woman, has so many pages now and is asking such ridiculous prices. I still have the email where she agreed to at like 300 for crazy services. Reading her summary and not knowing it was her, I would think this would be a pretty good find. Well if anyone is willing to try her for those prices, let me know how it went.

Black Jack
11-13-03, 18:10

The location of your service apartment isn't really walking distance to much things. But none the less its still a very cheap and quick taxi ride to alot of things available and mentioned before (clubs, saunas, bbs).

I think there are a few bbs and maybe saunas that are close walking distances from your place. I walked in that area before and I noticed some of them, but never bothered going it.

Well good luck, and have a great time in Shanghai!!


John Tarter
11-14-03, 10:39
Grass is extremely hard to come by. Usually HK is the place. There have been recent big drug busts in Shanghai. THat being said, hashish is relatively easy to get. Just find some of the muslims (xin jiang people) who live near the people's square. They can hook you up pretty quickly. The hash isn't strong and not as satisfying, but it's better than nothing.

11-14-03, 11:33
Rana Joy,
to get grass you have to be hooked up with the "wrong" kind of people. Likely you wont get intro'd to that kind of person off this board unless you have been here a long time and many of us know you.

Otherwise if you ever make it to Guangzhou, it is widely available. I dont want to sound like a bigot, but you will know who to ask if you go there. Go to Gypsy bar. You will know what I mean when you get there.


11-14-03, 11:35
Wolf and others,

About the so called semi pro's at XTD. I wouldnt call them semi since I ran into many of them in Bourbon Street back when I first came here and didnt know any better than to avoid those places.

The lowest I have been offered from these XTD girls is 600. That was without negotiation because I had no interest. For some reason girls there turn me off. They are good looking but not my cup of tea.


Global Exec
11-14-03, 12:00
Hey guys,

Sorry I havent posted before, just benfited from all your great ideas, but with nothing new to add. But I have to ask, Is Shif still around? Seems a month ago I got an e-mail from her that she was getting married to some Norwegian or Swede.

Harry Potter
11-14-03, 15:51
Thanks everybody for the input on the scarcity of grass :(. If anyone gets any info, please pass it on.

Regarding the Escort Lady under discussion, please view her on cam first. I found her quite hopeless (on cam), fortunately didn't meet :)

On another note, anybody wants to meet up for a couple of drinks over weekend?

Bull Dozer
11-15-03, 12:29
hi guys,

this is my first report of a good time i had in hongkong, shanghai & guangzhou on a 15 day trip. i am from the bay area, no chinese at all. after getting off nw flight late in the evening i was too pooped by the time i got to the hotel, so i decided to call it a night. next day i had a conference during the day, as evening approached i headed to mongkok,took the exit per the wonderful reports of wsg don't remember the street names i walked down but went past the construction site straight crossed the street & the stairs were about 20ft. from the crossing to the right. as i was going up saw a beautiful chinese 18-19 yr old coming down, as soon as she saw me she turned around & went up, i wanted to see some more so i told the guy to call some girls, he called 2 thai & 2 chinese. picked a beautiful thai girl ney, we did everything but the last whole for 40 minutes, cost 300hkg. after finishing i walked down to another place & the guys calls 4 girls, 2 of them were the same including ney, i wanted to see more, he said he had a prc beautiful white skin for 350, i agreed, this girl just blew my mind, she was not only beautiful but good attitude also. i took the blue pill & went for a 1hr session for 400hkg. next day i opted to visit 642 nanjing 8th floor. the guy was friendly & showed me pictures of 5 girls, he recomended a chinese for 50 minutes for 350, soon the girl arrived, she was good but i am a dog when it comes to sex, one is not enough. i neede more so the guy called a vietnamese girl & let me have her for one hour for 350. this girl was terrific, she ran her flickering tongue all over my body, i was going crazy, never ever i had experienced anything like this before, most girls would just kiss your nipples & give a blow job & fuck. forgot to mention all girls gave bbbj. the viet & i did it two times in the hour no extra charge, she must have cum at least 4 times.we were both swetting like crazy but just kept at it, i had to leave for shanghai next day, other wise i would have gone back to see her again.

on reaching shanghai, i had made some contacts thru the internet from msn personals & had been emailing for the past 3 weeks, this one girl i called before i got on the plane, she was waiting for me at my holiday inn downtown hotel when i got out of the taxi. we went to eat, went to xintiadi to listen to some music it was only 11pm, we danced at lana or lucy i forget the name for 1 hour & headed back to my hotel, by 1:00am we were screwing like crazy. she is a 22 yr old studying english, can't reveal much info on her because i respect her too much & it was all free.

i did get an email about saying what if she gets pregnant & if i had come inside of her, it was all bareback too, i assured her for now that i did not come inside of her. she is a 8-9 in all respects. this is getting too long, i was in shanghai for 5 days, 2 days with this girl needed a change & she had to go back to school on sunday afternoon to her dorm. i neede some fresh meat that evening so i headed to california club, for a while i was running dry, some pros hit on me but i was not interested. i saw these two beautiful girls dancing so i just went close to them & started shaking my booty, before i knew it 1 of them turned around in front of me & started rubbing her ass on my dick, which did not take long to get worked up. we danced for 20 minutes it was getting too hot inside, so we went out in the park outside. she sat on my lap & we satarted doing the tongue thing for a while, first she did not want to go with me to the hotel & wanted to go home. i don't know what happened after she picked up her purse, she jumped into my taxi as i was leaving. we kissed & fondled, we go to my room, i had a big wet patch on the front of my pants which she pointed out quickly & started laughing. we got into the room & she changed her mind again & wanted to go home again & she did. she gave me her # but we could not connect again. next two nights i picked up from maoming lu p4p, i do not know the bbs or the sauna scene in sha would like to know more from the experts for the next time. this is too long already i went to gauangzhou for 7 days & had a great time there which i will report soon. i stayed at the hotel landmark canton & across is a big park full of action after 7pm, all you can eat.


11-15-03, 16:42
Really enjoy this board, its allowed me to settle into Shanghai fairly quickly. But as I am down south in Xin Zhuang I have been exploring close to home. Stumbled onto Xin Qiao, a little village the second exit off of the Hangzhou expressway. Once off the freeway turn left and follow the road till you hit the first light then turn right. You will find 4-5 BBS, all FS, usually 250 with taifei. If you go into the 2nd one you come to on your left ask for Xiao Yam - cant miss her, 5 foot nothing but when you get her top off two of the most swollen titties come popping out, quite a surprise on such a tiny pacakge. After these BBS go to the end of the street and turn left and then right at the next light and you will find 6-7 more BBS. Again same as above, lots of cutties. Have tried to attached a photo of my current 18 year old favorite to give you an idea of what awaits you. But cant figure out how to get it down to a 640x480. `Jing` rather enjoyed taking pictures actually and her BBS actually has REAL BEDS! Quite the treat after doing it on skinny massage tables.

Member #4198
11-16-03, 09:41
rana joy

don't know about grass in sh. but, if you want things like speed or more hard stuff, i might be in a position to help. though personally i dont do any of it and would highly recommend the same for u, but as the board stands, we are here to help each other out with info we do not get from our co-workers.


Far East Andy
11-17-03, 01:54
Hi guys,

Just joined this board and I have to say it's fantastic.

I have lived in Shanghai for 4 years so would like to put my info forward.

There is a bar in Shanghai called the ZY Bar. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the road but it's behind the portman on a small road parrallel to Beijing Lu. The set up is quite good, as follows:

Nice bar, TV's for watching the football, choice of about 10 girls some stunners. Beer included 300 RMB for a BBBJ. Nice room and the girls have no problem getting their clothes off. Only problem is they don't provide FS. My firend took one girl home for short time 400RMB.

There is also a good BBS shop on Zhong Shan Xi lu (sorry about spelling), if you go to the top of Hong Qiao lu and turn left onto the road mentioned above keep going for about 5 mins and it's on your right near a DVD shop. 300RMB FS BBBJ.

Also there is another BBS at the top of Nanjing Lu where it meets Yan An Lu on the right behing a wall. It's the complete pits but the mamasan is great, 160 BBBJ and 300 FS house included.

Somebody mentioned about going to the BBS on Fa Wha Jin lu, there are 2 just up from the Crown Plaza and the Step Bar, don't bother, only HJ and the girls are so miserable.

I usually drink in Mao Ming lu and a few of the girls in Miami Vice are up for grabs, good laugh also, usuallly 600-800 RMB, I'm sure we could get it down.

I guess I should really put in on the Nanjing board and I will but whenever I'm there I always go to Scarlet club and no problems taking away from there, some want cash some don't.

Anyway, I'm always up for a beer if anyone wants to meet my local is the Big Bamboo opposite the Kerry Centre if a few of you guys want to catch up.

Be good, if not, be careful.......

Far East Andy
11-17-03, 02:06
Just to mention on the topic of grass/hash.

I can get more than enough although I would have to know the people who want it, eg have a few beers first.

There is loads in Shanghai and top quality also, I know I've been smoking it for 10 years.

I am a member of a few other boards for different countries and would like to suggest possibly setting up a meeting venue once a month or so as they do on the other boards, members only.

I'm sure after a few nights out together we fill this board up with loads of info. Just an idea?

Another BBS to advise:

Go up Yan An lu and turn right onto Jiang Shu lu keep going all the way even across the bridge. As you come down the other side of the bridge it's on your left, 200 RMB BBBJ, never tried FS but it wouldn't suprise me. The are looks pretty good for exploring if anybody want's to head over there.

I've found that the further out of town you are the better they get.

Roversman 999
11-17-03, 03:35
WEll i guess this belongs in the HK section but as I mainly post in Shanghai Im posting here.
Was in HK past few days and on friday afternoon met an icq /yahoo friend in Kowloon. She couldnt stay away from her work for too long but had a few hours free. It was first meeting so shes shy at first but after meal in dai pai dong on canton road, we walked in kwoloon park. Then we went to get her airline ticket.. and i helped her with a few hundred hk$ as she was short. How can I repay you ..she said. I had an idea..back to Kowloon park ( my hotel was in hk side and not enough time)...found a quiet area in the park, and even tho the park is crowded.. i got a great blow job in the park. We were hidden by a tree so people could only see my head and shouldrers.. not her head buried in my lap. It was great and i lilke to spice of open air sex.
Wish wed had the time to do more.. but there was a hot wet pussy i was fingering.
Next day I had my regular yahoo indonesian friend..but shes gotten fat and so was bored. Meanwhile keep on chatting.. i love the freebies!!!

Black Jack
11-17-03, 09:13
Hey Fellas,

My office is being relocated from Nanjing Rd to Xujaihui. This translates into my regular hunting grounds being moved, haha. I'm not too familiar with the area in Xujiahui. I remember reading a few reports, but none of them sounded to promising. If anyone can help, much is appreciated.



Bull Dozer
11-17-03, 19:55
Far East Andy,

I am fairly new to the board, just come back from Shanghai, would like to meet with you I will be there on Dec.29-Jan3 for New year. Is there much happening in shanghai for New Year, is it celebrated in a big way or only Chinese new year is celebrated. How is the weather at that time, is it very cold please up date.

Could you suggest a good location for a hotel where to stay for a reasonable price where the action is. Check my report it is lengthy but had a good time, need to get to know the BBS & Saunas scene in Shanghai. Please send me a private message if you can on how to reach you. Keep on licking I meant ticking.


11-18-03, 03:48
Far East Andy,
Received your message, but you have to be more specific about it.
The address of which place? Thank you anyway for the list below.

That's a nice story. Happened to me once in Shanghai, in the Campus Garden of the Tongji University, on a summer evening. I still like to remember that one.

Grass and other candies
Shouldn't be discussed on this board. There is quite a lot outthere, ask the Xinjiang guys.

John Tarter
11-18-03, 09:19
Minhang BBS Report.

This is somewhat outside of town. Take wuzhong lu heading west, until you pass the outer ring freeway. Take the first street on the right and you will see a string of barber shops. Take the first right again, and you will see more. Quality varies, ranging from 4-8's. But the price is right: 150 FS, 200 FS + BJ. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk them into a house-call. They said that's only for familiar customers only. Too bad I don't live in that area anymore. :( Quite a find. Anyone know of any similar BBS near the People's square area?

11-18-03, 16:17
Hi fellas,

I have only posted a few times here, but now have a question for all you mongers out there.

How do younger Chinese women feel about older guys? Now by older I mean I am 49. I am in great shape, work out every day and most women tell me I am attractive. But I wondered how the Chinese women feel about us "upper classman"?

I chatted with a 23 yr. old girl for an hour today, but she is concerned about my age. I just wondered if anyone knows first hand how the average women feels? I assume that the BBS girls take what they get, I was more wondering about the girls in the bars, pro's and non pro's both.

I know here in the states I go into a bar with a lot of single women in it and they start hitting on me, just ask my wife. LOL So younger (22-30 yr. olds) don't mind here, but I will be in SH the first week of Feb. and wondered if I sould just stick to the pro's or at least try non pro's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah. Have any of you had any problems with young Chinese men giving you a hard time, or trying to pick fights? On the site www.shanghai-ed.com there seems to be a lot of hostility towards "whites", and guys looking to kick the crap out of whites. Anyone have problems with that?

Thanks all,


11-18-03, 18:49
My Chinese friends tell me, and my limited experience confirms, that Chinese women are MUCH less concerned about an age difference than their U.S. counterparts. I say, go for the gusto.

of course, with the pros, the only number that matters is RMB.

11-18-03, 19:25
Thanks westex,

I have sent out a few emails of contacts on MSN, and within one day received emails back from 4 girls. Then this morning two of them IM'd me thru MSN and I talked to each one for about an hour. One seemed a little concerned about the age difference the other didn't at all and is already saying she wants to meet me and "be my guide" while I'm there. All four that contacted me are cute and range from 23-28. So I have a little time before I get there in Feb. so I'll keep chatting with them and hopefully make a couple of "good friends" to see when I'm there.

Yeah, the only numbers that ever matter to an SP are the RMB, or USD, except maybe your heart rate, or actually if you have a heart rate long enough to pay them. LOL

Roversman 999
11-19-03, 02:06
To the question about Peoples Square..theres nothing. Go al ittle further to Huai Hai road and the fun starts there. Too many police near Peoples.
Re the age thing, all my freebie friends are 23-26 and thats in China and Manila and Jakarta.
They have no probelm with age differnce ( Im 47) and see you as more safe, more comfortable and reallly a little less energetic htan a teenager.
Also, as a a few have said.. much more expereinced in bed counts. The young guys go at it like hell for leather.. come..then go.
We older guys ( me anyway) take time and make sure the lady is pleased before own pleasure.. my sex friends tell me they prefer that style and thats y they prefer we upper classmen types.
Lets also not forget we have a little more class style.. and heck..lots more money too!!!

Far East Andy
11-19-03, 02:44
Hi all,

Just an update from my Monday night adventures:

Went to the Bamboo and had a few drinks, not too many just enough and left about 9pm.

Got a cab to Shan Xi Lu and checked out the second BBS on the right. Cute girl, upstairs into the loft. Gave good head but she was on the rag (period), decided to move on cost 180rmb

Tried the first BBS on the right, only 2 girls available maybe 4's but thought what the hell. Out the back and into another room. Crap head, liked to pull more than suck, complained I was taking too long, no problem taking her clothes off, couldn't finish as she was turning me off, moved on. Cost 180rmb

Went to the first (I think) BBS on Kangding Lu, nice girl, 6-7 on my scale anyway. Good BBBJ nice breasts, wouldn't take her jeans off as she said it was too busy, which it was.... Damage 130rmb, wouldn't mind going back for a take out, although I think my girlfriend at home may object.

Intend to explore the other places you guys have mentioned, if I come across anything new I will let you know.

There used to be a good BBS across the bridge to Suzhou creek, go over the bridge and its the second turning on your right, about 200 metres on the left. They had 2 bedrooms with big soft beds in there, cost 300rmb, a few lookers also. It may have closed down as last time I was in there I came out, and some copper must have caught on to what I'd been up to and chased me down the street, in a taxi and step on it. All good fun.

Levitan, I will PM you again and be more specific, thanks.

Go Joe, would love to meet but I'm leaving fror the UK on the 19th, haven't been home for 3 1/2 years and my mothers going crazy so better get over there and show my face....

All the best

Far East Andy
11-19-03, 02:50
Go Joe,

As for hotels, I guess it depends on your budget.

I would look at the Hilton, Ritz Carlton, they are both in the middle of the city, so no problems finding action.

As for the weather, bring a big coat, it's going to be cold. On saying that i was expecting it to be colder now than what it actually is. People are saying that Shanghai is going to have it's coldest winter yet. I guess it's Thailand again for Chinese New Year, never mind.

Always up for meeting sorry I won't be here for Christmas.

Happy hunting.

11-19-03, 15:30

I agree with you totally. We have it all over the young guys. I know here in the states young women like what us "upper classman" have to offer, but they like to be seen with younger hot guys at different times.

But it is funny how often I will get hit on in bars in the US. Hell even in the B.V.I.'s when I was in Barbados at the beach bar this waitress was all over me. And when my buddy told my wife she just laughed and said let her have him. I'm done with him. LOL
The girl told my wife she just wanted to borrow me for a day or two. LOL

But anyway, I just didn't know how the Chinese women felt about it. Glad to hear that you have had good success. I hope to as well in Feb.

Some of the girls I am talking to on MSN seem ready to meet me as soon as I get there, and they are young. Talked (chatted) with one this morning (my time, night there) and she said my white hair doesn't bother her at all, and she is 24.

So we'll see.

Thanks again,


11-19-03, 15:51
Tried this place a few doors down from the factory. It is set up exactly the same upstairs, but not quite the grand central station as the real factory. FS is definitly available, but not quite as "expected". This chick tried to charge me more thinking I wasnt hooked up here. She asked for 300 which I pushed down to 200 for FS. The factory is 120 for FS but laowai's are always charged 200 total. Someday I will try to break it.

OAH can you give it a shot next time you are here? We gotta have a laowai get a locals price.


New SH Goer
11-20-03, 05:44
Life is not a spectator's game! This is true for me. Almost 40 years of my life, I only had sex with my first girl friend and my wife. Some 10 years back, my colleague got me a chick in Jakarta but I did not do her (just breast Fk her) since I was not that eager in this kind of thing at that time (other reasons being hygiene and $) so I did not bring any rubber. After having the same dish for 7-8 years, I wanted to have something different and I tried the famous massage parlor in Bangkok and there I tried twice. I also tried two times in Macau. Experience of those not subject of here.

Not sure if I was lucky or not, I knew of this forum before going to Shanghai several days ago and read through this thread. As I am concern about the hygiene, comfortableness, and safety of the place, I tried 74 Dongzhuanbang after comparing the different suggestions, many thanks to the contribution of Dickie Robert, Levitian, and Player88. As a token of appreciation, it is my turn to contribute.

For RMB580, the place is worth a try. Although many of the contributors mentioned that it cost them only a couple of hundred to have FS+HJ, some of them were not satisfied, the place was lousy (not comfortable and dirty, no cleaning after), girls were not up to standard, etc. The charge at DZAB, a bit pricier but well worth the $. Why bother going to suburb and venture if you can do it closer and cozier?

The good thing about the place is that you can take your shower before (and after) the action. Then you can relax a bit with a drink (tea) while watching TV (actually waiting for the next available ¨massageur〃 I believe) in the waiting room. You would be led to a private massage room with a bench next to the entrance, a massage ¨bed〃 for a single person with a small round table next to it for the massageur to put her ¨tools〃 on later. The experience so far is similar to that when I got a massage at a normal, regular massage place in Shenzhen.

The difference began when the massageur was in. She asked me to lie down the ¨bed〃 after covering it with a big towel, undressed me, and then her turn. She asked me if I was comfortable. I answered her OK but not in a totally satisfied tone. Then she went in straight to ask if I would be comfortable if I ML with her. She said she was 23 (looks about the same age) and it was her 7th day at work (I will never believe this). She looked quite good  an 8 I will rate.

The action then really began. My experience was similar to that described by Player88 in that when she was kissing me, her mouth was having a mouthful of water so that she was blowing the water (tried to keep the water coming out from her mouth) when kissing me. While she knew it is her job, I still asked her if I could touch her. After the positive signal, my hands were all over her. I knew I could finger her if I wanted to but I did not. Her boobs were too firm that I suspected it was faked but I like her nipples, not too big but not too small.

She kissed all over my back and wiped me with wet towels. She also wiped my a and tried to ¨bubble〃 it. I declined as I did not like that. Then she did the same in the front. Of course, she wanted to give me BBBJ. Again, I declined and asked her to put the condom first. So BBBJ became a BJ but I preferred to be safe. She did the ¨Ice Fire〃 which I did not feel as good as the one I tried in Macau  maybe that time I had no condom on. After that she wiped me up and we started to ML. She asked me if I wanted to have her on the top or me on the top. After several experiences that I was easy to come if the partner is on the top, I said I would take the lead. I asked if she wanted an orgasm (I always got my wife to one before mine, this is my practice) and she said she would get it if I pumped hard. Of course, I did it slowly and gently as I did not want to lose my shot that fast. Although her tunnel was not that tight but it was wet. I did her in the front, DS and finally shot out when I was on top of her. Maybe due to professionalism, she did not complain to turn over and let me try different styles. During the course, I tried to prolong it and asked her if I could have the second shot. Well she said that she had only one condom and she would have to go out to get another. I also asked about the charge. She said that the RMB580 is for 45 minutes. Anything longer than that I would have to pay another RMB580. I asked if she could come to my hotel and she said that it would be too late for me. She only finished by 3 am. However, she said that she was free before 1pm the next day. Of course, I could not as I needed to work during the day. She asked me to come the next night and called her number again (I forgot her number 837?? Not sure but her name is Wang Li (pretty)). Too bad that I came back the next day. But I think even if I go back for another round, would I spend another RMB580 for the same dish? One thing which I donˇt really like is that the second I put my ¨gun〃 in, she started to moan  well after all this is her job.

After I came, she cleaned herself with the water she brought in, like what Player88 described. Not like Player88, she did not continue the massage after.

I took a shower after  one thing that I would like to have after shagging with anyone other than my wife.

In summary, spend a little more and be a happy man. I will definitely go again if I ever go to Shanghai again.

11-20-03, 05:50

One of the reasons I am able to get local prices in Shenzhen is that I am a very frequent and regular customer in the areas and I never discuss price until afterwards when I just hand over the standard local price with confidence. Believe me, many try to get more and usually when I go to a place for the first time they try to charge me the foreigner price, as well. I figure you can't blame them for trying.

Having said all that, it will be fun to go and negotiate with you anyway when I am next in Shanghai.


11-20-03, 10:27
I went by the teahouse last week and selected a really tall gal with a nice smile. Honestly, I thought I just wanted a quickie, but ended up hanging out with this gal for almost an hour. No rush on her part (probably b/c it was early afternoon and no biz) and partially b/c she did not seem as pushy as the others can be.

Only started the groping around 45 mins into our being together. Had some tea and then she asked about what else I'd want. While a BJ was my first thought, I told her we'd wait and see. I think I suprised her when I started stimulating her as much as she was stimulating me. She suddenly got up and said she needed to get something.

Came back and the pants were now a skirt. I rubbed her body well and felt her dripping thru her underwear. She removed my trousers and asked if she could mount me. How could I resist? The condom went on then so did she. She rode me for quite some time grinding herself all the way in moaning while biting her lip to try and keep quiet. I felt her tense up and come and then collapse into my arms. Then she asked if I had come. I had been enjoying the ride but no I had not. Next she rolled over and asked me to pump her hard. We rocked so hard that the sofa was moving around. Finally I made some deep thrusts and exploded.

She cleaned me up using tissues and tea, and then disposed of the accessories. She invited me to come over to her house sometime, which I just might do.

nice gal, no english, but great to see rocking on top of me.

Body: 7
Sex: 7
Oral :n/a but ***
cost: usual house plus 250
repeat: I think so

I think her name was Fannie (seems appropriate eh?) nice if you treat her nicely.

I was there over 2 hours, had tea and a good time. Gonna have to get pics next time to start contributing.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-20-03, 11:33
I look forward to it. They are moving the factory so I will find out the new location.


11-20-03, 20:00
Hi Fellow Mongers,

I have noticed in some posts that there is some concern bringing girls back to your hotel, and security will possibly question you or the girl or both. Does that actually happen? I plan on staying at the Ritz and I plan to bring as many girls back to my room as I can handle....one at a time, most of the time....LOL

When you guys refer to "the factory" are you talking about M Factory on Maoming Naniu? I wouldn't think that would be the same place but I know nothing about Shanghai except for what I read here.

And as far as "take out" goes, can you tell me where to find the best looking girls. I'm not concerned about cost either. Not that I want to get into a big discussion about pricing and what is right and all that.

Thanks all,


Far East Andy
11-21-03, 05:42
Hi guys,

Just a quick one.

Up to the top on Chang Ning Lu, where it meets Zhong Shan lu, on the opposite side of the traffic lights, across to your right is a BBS.

I only had a HJ, didn't try for anything else but I'm sure they would, damage 60RMB.
The girl who served me was a 7 at the most, nice tits, but would not let me check out below.

Happy hunting

11-21-03, 08:11
Player 88, New SH Goer,
Could you be specific about where the 74 Dongzhuanbang is exactly.
Many thanks. May be meet you there.
I am in Shanghai by tomorrow afternoon.



New SH Goer
11-21-03, 11:49

Read Page 5, 8 - 10 for relevant posts for details of the location.

I am not based in SH but just travelled there.

Good Luck with your hunting.

Always Needing It
11-21-03, 12:17
Just tell the Taxi to go to "Golden Bridge" Apartment (gin qiao da sha). The place is right across the strret from this Serviced apartment.

11-21-03, 12:26
Sent PM with details but 74 DZB is literally that address. The road is parallel to Yan An West Road between ZhenNing Lu and Jiang Su Lu. On north side of Yan An. Closer to Zhen Ning Lu on North side of street next to Japanese club.

Hope this helps.

11-21-03, 13:09
bb shop hunt
well i took a few for the team.

place#1 wu zhong lu, near song yuen lu. at the intersection you will see a 2 large pink bb shop spinners. that shop has a pileof great looking girls. also very large clean looking shop. would look totally legit if it wasnt packed with hot bored girls. i didnt get fs. the rooms are private and clean, so i am not sure if fs is on or off the menu.

#2 also on the intersection, shooting off diagonally is an alleyway that leads to a lianua supermarket. just as you enter that alley there are 2 shops (they are connected on the inside) with a pile of girls. there is a grubby private room in the back. i think fs is available here.

down the street swining right out of the alley onto wu zhui lu (sp?) is a rep001tering of various shops i have peaked my head into with lucky888. not sure what you can get but something for sure. these places appear to be well suited for the budget consious.

#3 hong mei lu, at intersection of dong lan lu. on each side of dong lan lu on hong mei lu.. are different kind of shops. the ones east (i think) of dong lan lu are jammed full of girls. hot ones too. but no fs. then on the other side is 2-3 smaller shops. i tried hard to get fs. i got to daty, but no fs.

#4 on dong lan lu, about 2-3 blocks down is a shop on the left side. this is a sure place for me. i have been many times. white shop with black and white spinner poles. if you want fs you have to tell them you want to go in the back room. if you go upstairs you wont get it. also dont be fooled. this place has real hair cutting etc going on inside. it is totally legit looking. you wont even see the girls hanging out inside. they are in the back. just go in, walk in the back like you have done it a million times, and point tothe back right corner. then you get fs.

tricky... i paid 200 total last night for fs in this shop.


11-22-03, 18:14
Dear Rab,

5-star hotels tend to be less willing to embarrass guests by busting them from bringing in take-out. I would guess the Ritz is ok, as I've brought in chicken to eat on several occasions without problems.

It would help if they aren't wearing leather and fishnets. A good way to reduce suspicion is to be talking to your rent-a-chick when walking into the hotel. If you appear to actually know each other, then hotel staff probably won't risk embarrassing themselves.

Of course, afternoons are always easy times to bring young ladies back to hotel rooms. Jet lag is a convenient excuse, even if you're just in town from Beijing.

Dear Player 88,
what's the quality of the teahouse girls? I still haven't gotten around to trying out the place, but I'm quite eager. And how much for the house? Ah, I'm dreaming of my next trip already.