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Bull Dozer
11-22-03, 18:31
Hello Guys,

I will be in Shanghai on December 30th, would like to hook up with some fellow mongers, would like to organize our own New Year party, or will join if there are other parties going on, I have 3 girls interested so far. If interested please send me a PM.


11-23-03, 09:15

I've taken girls back to the following 5-star hotels at all hours, even as late as 2 or 3am: Hilton, St. Regis, JC Mandarin, not sure which others (maybe Sheraton, maybe Marriot).

And lots of guys take girls back to Portmann (that's the local name for the Ritz) from the Hard Rock.

Maybe 2 or 3 months ago I posted some guidelines in this Shanghai forum about how to "professionally" bring a girl back to your hotel without causing any trouble.

Note also that if she doesn't stay all night, she will very much appreicate you going down with her when she leaves and escorting her to the street to catch a cab. That way she won't be hassled by staff/security.

As for where to find the best looking girls...well, it's hit and miss. Obviously KTV's are the best places, but they are very expensive (RMB1500 and up) and a bit inconvenient if you're on your own and/or don't speak good mandarin. Sometimes you'll see some good looking pros at Hard Rock, but sometimes it's slim pickings. I had very good looking ex-KTV girl named Emily from HardRock a few months ago (as did another monger who posted about her here as well). She's maybe a 7-8 in looks, but has fantastic muscle control and a really fun fuck.

If you're looking for semi-pros or non-pros, well, go for bars -- Park97, Face, Maoming Lu, etc etc. Blankie has posted about a couple of sex-bars, and you can also see his pics of hot BBS girls that he and other (Tapioca in particular) have done via take-out from BBS. The info is here on the board, but you've gotta do the work to sift through to determine which info matches your specs and interests...

11-23-03, 11:54
You might find girls in other bars, but maybe not Face. I only found a group of expatriat men in Face, chatting within themselves.

11-23-03, 12:23
I had a stop over in Shanghai, and tired to hook up with blankie but he was already indisposed but had a nice chat with him as we both come from the same area in the states. I had only a short time (1 night) and wanted a pretty sure thing. I went by Mao Ming Lu but was not so impressed and did not want to hang around as I had to leave early the next morning, so I headed back to the Lidu hotel (near the Ramada) for the "oil massage". I guessed it would wind up being expensive, and it was so I was prepared for the cost. They were quick to send down a girl (may 10 minute wait), who was wearing the ubiquitious sport suit, so I could not get a good idea of her shape, but could tell she had a nice face (8/10 and I am quite picky, ask OAH), after about half an hour of massage and chat, we both make moves to get things going and she says it will cost X (I can't remember all the details) RMB xiao fei, and then fire (no ice available) for X RMB, everything meant a xiao fei. On the zou ai portion I tried to negociate and she was firm on the cost. When she took off her top, she had a much nicer figure than I had guessed (about 8/10) with nice firm c cups. The service was quite nice with very good intensity which I appreciated. I guess from the high cost that these girls go several days with only straight massages or no customers. She was (cost independent) pretty happy with the experience although she complained on my size, but I cant really believe it as I expect I am only average sized as far as I know, but I do believe she was telling the truth about coming 3 times, I know so make fake it, but I usually can tell.

The down side to the deal was the 'xiao fei' every 15 minutes, tha the total was 1600 rmb for 3 1/2 hours. I know there are better deals, but I only would do it once a year or longer.

As a sweetner, she gave me her number and told me we could get together next time I am in SH 'mien fei' :-) Who knows what that would cost me, but I am a bit keen to find out.

11-23-03, 18:32
Teahouse girls are alright. Nothing particularly special but you can surely find one to most peoples taste.

The actual problem is that depsite it's apparant fame, I think it sucks. 400 for a girl who is forcing you to do her in her own way, and keeping her head looking out the door, no DATY (or little of it) etc...

forget that. twice the price for half the service is not my idea of a good time.

There is a KTV, just down the really small side street that is next to "The Door" restaurant on Hongqiao Rd. That place is 500, there are as many girls, and there is no worries.

they comein, take you to a private KTV room, walk out, get you some tea, get clean wipes to clean your junk, and then jumps on top of you and rides you to your hearts content. The rooms are the same set up as the tea house, and the extra 100 is totally worth it for the way better experience.


Roversman 999
11-24-03, 00:34
Dear Blankie.. thanks for the HongMei details. Was out cycling on Sunday looking but couldnt find it.. ( think the hangover from Englands GREAT win took my sense of direction away.)
I know where HongMei is.. I know where Wuzhong is.. but couldnt find the intersections that you mentioned. Any landmarks that can help me.
Also, the KTV next to the Door ..is this the one on the sidestreet where everyone parks... Ive been there and yeah..its good.Not so far to cycle as the Yannan Tea house, and closer to you too.

One last touching story. Went out for a quick blow ( before ENGLANDS great win over the Aussies..a pre victory cum was needed to settle the nerves!)..and as it was cold, my girl in my local bbs got me a hot water to warm my hands, her hands and my balls... very nice service touch!

Always Needing It
11-24-03, 13:17
Suprises, suprises!

Received a SMS from my favourite BBS owner and rushed there to pick-up the new chick - aparently a village gal who had a quarrel with her boyfriend and is having her revenge by visiting SH to see the sights.

She was sitting all by herself in a dim backroom when i arrived and as this is common with new chicks' first day in town, I thought nothing of it, paid my usual fees and waited for her in Taxi (my modus operandi as these gals do not want to be seen leaving with a customer).

She was quiet as a puppy and kept her head down in the cab. Occasionally sobbing a little and wiping off tears. Anyway, I did my two bits to soothe her and played out the GFE.

By the time we got to it, I reliazed she was not my usual cup of tea - soft tits, a somewhat pronounced tummy and more at ease than my normal 18-23 freshies. I was curshing myself for not having checked out the goods beforehand as she revealed that she was 27, married for 4 years and has a 3-year old kid. By this time, I was contended to salvage the deal by getting into a 69 and get serviced. A few mins into the action, she asked if I would like to do anal! She explained that her first boyfriend has tought her BJs & Anals but they broken up after only a month due to family objections...and she had been afraid to do either with her husband since.

She asked if I would hire her as an "A Yi" the next morning as she felt bad about cheating on her husband and did not want to return to the BBS. I said no as she was a total country pumkin...albeit a special one who shown me that sexual specials is alive and well outside of the concrete jungles!

Anyway, she did not return to the BBS...and as for myself, I am happy to have helped one of these drifters to get started in the big city!

11-24-03, 15:45
Lucky888 & pekingdog,

Thanks for the info. Lucky, I will go back a ways and see if I can find your guidlines for taking girls to hotels. Do you have an idea what month you did that?

Part of my problem with all of the information is that I don't know what to keep and not to keep as far as the places are concerned because I don't know where anything is yet in relationship to the Portman. I don't know if they are next door or 50 miles away. I have to find a Shanghai map someplace to help me out....LOL

But thanks for the feedback.

Hey do you think it helps to have some sort of an English to Mandarin dictionary if there is such a thing?

Lucky888, if you want to send me the guidlines you can do that. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


11-24-03, 18:30

I agree w/ Blankie that the gals range from ok to pretty good. Should have enough selection to make most happy. I will have to try the ktv down the street though. Ah, so many places, so little time.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-24-03, 18:58

I chatted up an absolute stunner from Anhui one night in Face. she was a gem....and had I not been with a non-mongering colleague that night, I wold have taken her home for sure. She may have only been semi-pro, but I think she could have been had. In general, though, you're right that Face is not a hangout for pros.

Bone is Hard
11-25-03, 00:02
Crowne Plaza Area

Recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza on Pan Yu Road where it intersects Fahauzhen Road. Another border street is Xinhau Road. Excellent place to stay with 7-8 BBS and MP's along Fahauzhen Road.

Directly across the street from the Crowne Plaza is a MP that I did not go into. However, standing outside was the typical good looking girl dressed in a traditional Chinese gown giving me the "come on". I walked a few steps further down the road and on the same side was a BBS that had 6-8 girls sitting in the window waving at all the males that passed by. Decided to check this one out as I could see that of the 6-8 girls, there were 4-6 girls that I would do in a heart beat.

Walked in (about 10:00 Sat night) and I was the only one in there. The first one I smiled at took me back to a threesome arrangement of massage tables. They looked more like ironing boards with short legs. She immediately slung the curtain around our bed/couch/board and asked if I wanted a massage. Well, duh, that's what I'm here for. Then she made a jesture with her mouth and hand, hand moving back and forth from her mouth and I said and nodded yes. She said 400 RMB. I said, no way, and pulled the curtain back. 200 RMB? I said 150 RMB if it is good, tip if really good. OK.

She satarted a real massage with a great face-head massage and moved to sit on a stool beside me and work on my arms. I reached with the hand of the arm she was massaging and gently caressed her still clothed breast, and moved my hand further down to go underneath her sweater. She got the hint that I no longer desired the massage so she rubbed my buddy, unzipped my pants and did some of her own reaching in. I unharnessed her boobs, nice ones I might add, and she unleashed my buddy. Down she went on it and up her skirt I went with my hand. She stood up, pushed the stool back and pulled off her bra and sweater. I played with those beautifful breast for a while and soon went back underneath her skirt.

She had on these knee high boots and as she spread her legs, I rubbed both of her inner thighs while squeezing her butt. I finally had had enough of that so I pulled her skirt up around her waist and pulled her panties down to the top of her boots. She had pussy juice dripping down the small cheeks of her ass. I tried putting my finger up the chute and she said NO. I had to be content just rubbing the outside of her puss. I then made the jesture of sleeping and pointed across the street to the Crowne Plaza and she said she could not go. So I continued to rub her clit and the now sticky inner thighs while she yanked my buddy, no longer sucking. Just dreaming of slipping into that wet lubricated pussy made me blow my load, half on me, half on her tits, which she expertly cleaned in a blink of the eye.

I think that had I known more Chinese, I could have convinced her to go back to my room with me. She obviously wanted more than what she gave me but probably didnt go because she and I could not talk to each other well enough. I vowed then and there to learn more Chinese. This girl was a honey around 23-26. About 8 for the face, 9 for the bod, and 8 for the action. Jeez, I've got another hard on thinking about her bent over me with tits dangling, skirt pulled up over her waist, panties down below her knees and those glistening inner thighs and pussy lips.

Bone is Hard

Black Jack
11-26-03, 07:38
Well my office finally moved to the Metro Towers in Xujiahui this week. I haven't heard any responses regarding action in this area. Went on my first hunt last night, and walked for seemingly a long time and not finding any action what so ever. I am convinced that there isn't any action in Xujiahui (which I am hoping someone will prove me wrong).

Anyways, since I couldn't find any action, I jumped on a taxi to take me back to my regular BBS near Shanxi Lu. After sitting in the taxi for less thatn 5 minutes, I saw a strip of BBS. I hopped off the cab and went into a few shops. The one that I settled for had a above average looking girl with a skimpy outfit. Tried to bargain for 200 fs, but ended up paying 250. She assured that if I go back next time, I can have it at 200. The place wasn't very nice or clean, but the service was great.

The strip of these shops is on Xiaomuqiao Lu or Damuqiao Lu (can't remember) between Xietu Lu and ZhongShan South Rd. I would say there is close to 8 shops on this strip. Didn't bother checking the rest of them out as I was tired from all the walking before.
All is not lost as I did uncover (for myself anyways) a new strip of shops. However, it isn't in the area I was hoping for. So still looking forward to any hunting tips in Xujiahui.


Member #4198
11-26-03, 11:14
Black Jack and etc.

1). Thanks for sharing info on some new BBS near XuJiaHui Area. But I think "Bone is Hard"s report on BBS near Crowne Plaza Area is very thorough and accurate. I will concur. Crowne Plaza is within 10-15 min walking distance (definitely on RMB10 cab ride) from Metro City in XuJiaHui.

2). Another place I would like to share is on Tian Ping Lu, which intersects with Zhao Jia Bang Lu near XuJiaHui area. It is very close to TianPing Hotel, called Jing Guo Yuan (literally translating to mean Women Hero Garden). It is actually a legit ball room dancing place. You pay a entry fee of RMB 6-10 depending on afternoon or evening and go in and can dance. So what's so special? These ladies are mostly 30ish married women (if you are only interested in young girls, suggest you not waste your time there). If you brush up your ball room dancing a little or just to eager to "learn" from the ladies, good things will happen. I have had a couple success from there. A word of caution is that these are NOT working ladies. Afternoon is actually better bet than evening in my opinion.

3). I am so delighted to see (NO patronization intended here whatsoever as I am forever a part of this mongering hobby) that we are sharing info on girls who have quality and reasonable price. Let's westerners NOT be like those TW and HK (sorry fellows) to show off to some KTV girls by singing with them all night and at the end spending thousands of RMB.

4). On a more personal note, I got give it to you Roversman99!! Don't we just love the way of knowing mostly white collar girls via Internet in SH? Damn, wish girls back in the States will utilize more Internet. LOL.


11-26-03, 18:55

Thanks for the great tip! I think I'll have to try out both places.

Ugh, I need to get to Shanghai more often.


11-27-03, 01:38
Hotel guidelines are at: http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&postid=114202
I see they're not much different from what is already below.

As for a map, the best toursit-class map of Shanghai is not the map most of the hotels give out. However, the concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel (on Weihai Lu) has a very good map for the asking.

I've never used a dictionary to go places. Knowing some basic mandarin is all you really need. I have previously mentioned two useful books:
[Edit: DayNight also posted another recommendation further up from this link.]
Note that both are available at the Foreign Language Bookstore on Fuzhou Lu near the Bund.

11-27-03, 03:43
After reading about a lot of places in the world here - Shanghai has to be the mongering capital of the world. And I live here!

I was in a bakery yesterday, waiting for my Piza and a white collar girl tried to chat me up, and gave me her card.

Unfortunately I am a little busy. I have a wife and a girlfriend and also screw the maid. I guess mongering is about variety.

Chinese girls are funny - seem to think that you do not need so much. G/f said the other day, "twice is enough, I fear pain if we do it three times." I am not sure why. That place was like a waterfall.

Another girl, who I chat with on ICQ , she is in Ghangzhou, said 2-3 times per week is enough.

11-27-03, 06:17
sorry, I do know some places by the Xujiahui, but I cant remember the street. If you can find the PIP Printing shop very close to you, that street has some shops but no FS.


11-27-03, 06:18
bone is hard,
I have checked those places a while ago, and the girls are decent, but no FS, and take home is like minimum 800-1000. Crazy prices...


11-27-03, 06:19
I would love to show those places to you. wanna hunt together some time? we can both bike it or taxi if too cold.

I can show you whichever places I have posted about that you cant find.


Crazy Guide
11-27-03, 09:30

There should be some decent BBS on Nan Dan Lu a few blocks north of Zhao Jia Bang Rd. Just look for those with the spinning pole and frosted glasss windows and doors.


Roversman 999
11-27-03, 10:27
Blankie.. thanks man, for the offer. Im away in Manila next week for a few days ( and a few nights with some brown skinned honeys...)..we will go ride, when were back.

Meanrtime, I find myself with some time free during hte afternoons and Im starting to do some research on sauna places. Im not so concerned about price..i just want good time, good quality and good english. Im tired of pointing at my dick.
Who has a favourite sauna place and where is it... thanks....

11-27-03, 12:49
Gazrygrant is right - just go about 300m west of Cao Xi Lu.

Far East Andy
11-28-03, 01:17
Hi guys,

Recently had a visit to Shan Xi lu and Kangding lu.

Not sure exactly which BBS but it was on Kangding lu, there are 2 next door to each other.

Have to say I was over the top with booze, but I guess it adds to the fun. Anyway I was taken out the back by a young lady with huge hooters and she started the massage. I told her I wanted FS and she took me to a room upstairs, I can't believe how low the ceiling was and I'm not tall.

Anyway down to business, CBJ, FS. The sex was okay but the condom kept coming off should have taken my own.

Damage 400 rmb, I think that was 100 too much according to you guys.

Not bad will try the one next door next time.

Happy hunting

Far East Andy
11-28-03, 01:19
Just to let you guys know that I'm moving to Pudong soon, very close to the Jin Mao.
I have kept my eyes open on recent visits to sort out contracts etc and noticed alot of BBS.

Once I've settled in I will do a tour of the area and report back.


Black Jack
11-28-03, 09:51
Blankie, Goldwind, CG and others.
Thanks for the advice. I wonder if the PIP Printing shop is possibly be on Nandan Lu also.

Xujiahui seems so much more promising now than before. I'm definitely going to go check out some of these places soon and will let you all know how it all goes.

Thanks again,


Black Jack
11-28-03, 09:53
One more thing, regarding the famous "factory", I checked out the previous posts, but I was unable to find the exact address, aside from the fact that it is in Ming Han District. I think Blankie said that they were moving soon, but if they havent yet, can someone please post (or repost) of the directions?

Thanks again!

Member #4198
11-28-03, 10:27
Black Jack and etc.

I personally am not familiar with this so-called "factory". But, speaking of MinHang District, at the HangHua New Village near the HongQiao Airport, there are a lot of BBS near HangHua Dong Lu and HangHua Zhong Lu. Take a look at the SH map, it is located in the leftmost area of ChangNing District close to MinHang District.

Notes: a lot of housing complex in Shanghai are called so-and-so New Village, so don't read too much into the word "village". I personally do not go to HangHua New Village that often because I don't have a car in Shanghai and the cab fee from JingAn Temple (downtown Shanghai) to that place ONE WAY is about RMB 40. All BBS there offer FS there for RMB 150-300 depending on the person you get.

Many TW ppl go there for 1). pretty safe, very few police raids 2). good selection of girls as there are just that many BBS to choose from in one location.


11-28-03, 11:26
just got back from the Sauna place "Hai Kou Tian Kong" on Ju Meng Road. It's a legit place but for 198 RMB you can get a good looking girl to massage you for 90 minutes. I tried to ask for extra without any success, but I was nice to the girl and I get to touch her her all over, of course hug and kisses as well. Does anyone else got more from this place?

Goldwing, I am very interested at the dance hall you mentioned, please let me know when you are going agian and I willbe happy to joint you.


11-28-03, 14:16
Black Jack,
I would be happy to take you there sometime. I personally dont have the address. I have been taken there everytime, but I can get us there.

It is definitely worth the experience. Imagine a regular FS barber shop, with much more activity, intensity, and pure down and dirty action. No hiding it here. Pure f**k factory. Extremely little privacy. See that pic posted a while back with Lucky888 doggie'in that girl? I took that just by lifting up the thin curtain between us. It is totally out in the open.

When you walk upstairs you can here all the skin slappin. Quite a thrill.


11-29-03, 01:07
Hi Player88

You mentioned a Tea House in your report 20/11. Where is this located?



11-29-03, 02:13

I would have to diagree IMHO, Manilla, Bangkok and Buenos Aries are way ahead of SH in mongering. I was surprised by BA, the quality and prices are pretty stunning.

11-29-03, 04:16
I was intrigued by the comment about 2-3 times a week being enough. I get the same thing from both girlfriends. It is important to realize how health crazy Chinese are. How many times have you touched a handrail and had a girlfriend give you a dirty look or refuse to take your hand. I keep trying to teach them the benifits of a healthy sex life, but they are afraid that too much Jiggy-jiggy is dangerous.

Black Jack
11-29-03, 10:11

Those pictures combined with your detailed descriptions make the "factory" a must see attraction for me. I actually can't wait to check it out.

I've never went hunting with others before (unless they're my friends already), but maybe I'll check it out with you. I'm gonna be in HK for most of next week, so I will give you a shout then. By chance if you do go there again soon, I'd be grateful if you can note the address. Thanks.

Can't wait to monger in HK for a week. Too bad they don't have hunting online in SH.


Bull Dozer
11-30-03, 10:18
Hi Guys,

I need help. I had placed an ad for a New year celebration party in Shanghai for December 31st ,inviting Girls for free food & drinks & spend the evening & night with us. Have gotten a shit load of response from many girls wanting to come to the party. Would like some guys to pitch in & participate in this event. I don't want to loose out on meeting these girls, so please help. Send me a PM so that we can communicate quickly.


Crazy Guide
11-30-03, 11:01

I may need your help. I just move from XuJiahui to HK Plaza. I went walking around for more than 3 hours today and have not found any BBS or likely looking saunas. Do you know any that are within walking distance (3-4 blocks) of HK Plaza?

Thanks in advance.


Black Jack
11-30-03, 18:01

Haha, that is exactly what I did. In search for hours and had no result. Well if I am correct, HK Plaza is on Huai Hai Rd. I'm not too familiar with that area, but isn't that quite close to Huangpi South Rd? Not sure how close it is, but I'm sure it won't take you more than 10-15 mins. to get there. That is like BBS heaven. I've only been to that area a couple of times, but there has been lots of reports (and very good ones) from Blankie, Lucky, etc. Down Huangpi Rd. and the streets that cross it will have tons of BBS. Someone also mentioned a bbs on Danshui Rd before, but I never found that one.

Plus I've seen lots of saunas and KTVs in that area too. I remember posts of a sauna across from Lane Crawford that offers fs, but at an expensive cost.

So no worries, you will find lots of action in that area (probably more than you can handle). All I know is that you have to go south of Huai Hai Rd on Huangpi and you won't miss them.

On another note, I went to check out the BBS on Nandan Lu. Yes, there is a few of them (approx. 4). The girls in these are not very good looking, very below- average looking. None the less I went into one of them, only offered HJ. There is a shop furthest away from Caoxi Rd. , that I may check out sometime this week. The girls there are not that great either, but the place seems more like a FS type of place when compared to the others. If this is the best, or if this is all that Xujiahui can offer, I guess I will be spending a lot more on taxis after work!

Crazy Guide
12-01-03, 01:49
BJ, Thanks, I remember seeing Huangpi lu so I will go check that out.

I know of one place off of Caoxi rd past the stadium that one of my friends took me to but I can't remember the street name. I will try to find it later this week and let you know.


12-01-03, 07:05
Hi Gary

As someone else said, check out the (at least 2) places with the frosted windows. Just push open the door and walk away if you do not like what you see.

John Siron
12-01-03, 09:03
Black Jack,

The place across Lane Crawford is actually in the same block as the Pegasus nightclub except it's next door (west of Pegasus). It's not FS... only HJ and the price is around 800rmb. Nice sauna but total rip off IMHO. The girl I had there was really nice and we've tried to hookup outside a couple times but have never had the right time.

12-01-03, 12:35
there are a million within walking distance from your home. some are bj factories, some are bb shops with various levels of activities, and some are fs shops. prices are from hj-130, fs under 200 to fs over 400.
i can show them to you. may take about 2 hours to peek your head into all of them, but it is fun.

let me know if you want to stomp through it soon.


Black Jack
12-02-03, 04:48
John Siron,

I have never been to that sauna before, but I remember a friend who went there telling me that he had fs, for a little more than 800 RMB. How many times have you been there? Maybe it depends on the girl. Either way, HJ or FS is a rip off at that price. At least you have her number.


12-02-03, 08:12

The place you do recommend is actually really a fs/bj paradise, but street names are wrong. It is xinhuang, donghuang, etc. road.
The whole village is full of bbs. But, careful, I once observed a police raid there.

I doubt if this really is the place Lucky and Blankie went and describe as factory. There are no signs of moving there.

Blanknamecruiser and the others are right, there are many, many places, not far away from your place, behind Xintiandi, just follow Huangpi Road.


12-02-03, 08:16
Barbershop Goer,

Any updates regarding your favourite hunting area, Putuo district, Zhenbei Road? Am interested, as it is not far from my working place, and I would love to find a good and safe place there.


12-02-03, 09:05

I stay in the same area. Would be open to a safari with you one of these nights. Should be available by Wednesday next week. Before, I have to many visitors and too many things to do plus one massage girl who comes visiting me every other night when she leaves "office" too late to come back home.



Crazy Guide
12-02-03, 14:36
Blankie, Wolf, BJ, John S et. al.

Thanks. my sincere appreciaiton for the info. offered.

You would not believe this, I am stuck tonight in SZ at the Crowne Plaza. Was on the way to hK but my associates moved the meeting to SZ so here I am. I have never been to SZ and now I am trying to figure out where to go. Knowing SZ, I am not going to venture out. so I guess i am going to see what the Vbar has to offer. Should be interesting.


Barbershop Goer
12-03-03, 01:13

Nice to hear from you. As I have not gone out hunting for quite some time, I am not so familiar with the latest development regarding BBS in Putuo district. Sorry for not being able to help.

Barbershop Goer (not a BBS frequenter any more)

12-03-03, 06:42
KTV closing.

Just heard from a friend that there was a major crack down on the KTV in Shanghai. Several large KTV like Jinyulang are shutting down for at least a couple days, maybe weeks. The cause of the crack down is unknown, however, it seems to involved one KTV girl going out with customers, overdose on drug and jump out of windows.

With these major KTVs closed, we may get a lot of freelancer roaming Shanghai in the next two weeks.

12-03-03, 08:50

I suggest digging through old reports from Old Asia Hand for the Shenzhen area. He is the King around there and I am sure he has listed the streets. I remmeber when I was there he was calling the streets by numbered names. like literally 1, 2, 3, 4 etc..

Unfortunately he is out of town now so you can'thave him show you around otherwise you woul dbe having a blast.

PM me when you get back to Shanghai and I can show you about 30 shops within a walk from your place.


12-03-03, 21:42
Hey fellow mongers,

I'll be coming into Shanghai for a couple nights starting Dec. 13. I've been reading the forum here and all your info has been quite helpful. I cant wait to use it in action.

Anyone goin to be in town that weekend? I'd be more then happy to buy dinner and drinks for anyone who could show me around. Also, any hotel recommendations? Thanks for all the info and I look forward to providing reports of my experiences soon.

Roversman 999
12-04-03, 04:26
well.. back from a few days in Manila. heres how it went.
Arrived and was met by my married friend in my room. She spent the night. Took some pics. Had lots of fun. Then next day, met my bargirl friend. We went to a motel..also lots of fun. They have great themed rooms and we had a great jacuzzi scene that was highly steamy.
After that, went to some bikini bars, and met a great lady, but alas, after four "cums" i was shot. Nothing left.
Went home to bed quietly.
Next day, went to a great massage place.. you pick from a fishbowl and pay US$18. I had lovely no 8.At end, she asked if any specials needed.. i said yes.. and she whipped her clothes off real quick. Gave me a freat all over licking.. and more. Only US25 extra. She was very cute.
Then out with friends.. some more bikini bars. .Went to see my friend ( from day before. ) WAnted one more blow from her. Well were in a private room, clothes off, and i decided wanted to fuck.. had condom on.. and about to enter, when all bar staff shout, lights flash, and they shout "police raid".. shit... i had my clothes on real quick and dick stuck on zipper.. youch!!
Anyway police came and checked.. all fully clothed by then.
After a while, they left.. and my friend and i went back ..and did the deed. Finally.
After that carried on drinking till 4am. Met nice lady in another bar.. and she was quite taken wit me. Dont like to pay bar fine so went home. Got to bed and texted her.. asked her if she wanted to join me.. she did.. arrived in my hotel at 6.am. Some sleep and a long slow shower together.
That afternooon i asked a friend who used ot owrk in a massage place to come visit.. she did half a massage before clothes off.....and more headbaord sounds.
Went out for dinner with a males friend and his family..i had arranged a meeting wiht my waitress friend from Shangri La... but... dead dick.
And that was three eventful and totally tiring days in Manila.. its a great city .....for sex......welcome back to Shaghai!!!!

12-04-03, 10:06
Barbershop Goer

Manman zou!


12-04-03, 16:17
Damn dude, I hope your gonna give your junk a break or else you may wear it down to a nub!

haha (that means I am jealous ;-) )


Black Jack
12-04-03, 16:51

I think we're all jealous! You have more sex in 3 days than some guys have in 3 weeks... except for us mongers maybe. I have to get myself to Manilla.


Shanghai Noon #2
12-04-03, 19:46
Since I am a sauna fan. I did a little followup on the saunas that Black Jack posted. The one I went to was the one at HongMei Road phone number 64012115. The massage was very nice and reasonable, however I could not get any "specials" at all. The girls say that since there are 4 branches of the "Golden Pond" massage places they are very strict about not providing any extra services. I don't know if they are just being cautious or if that really is the official policy of that establishment. Just FYI for us sauna fans out there :-)

Roversman 999
12-05-03, 02:19
I lived in manila for a few years so i have a built in network there. The only downside is they can get clingy,so saturday nights wants to stay on sunday, sunday wants to be there monday night also.
This makes for lots of dancing and some tall white lies... tuesday nights planned date was bumped due to " suprise visit by sister in law..." reality was i was just too darn tired anymore.
If any of our regular posting brothers are visiting Manila.. id be happy to supply place names and some phone numbers.

12-05-03, 04:22
north chang ning district- 2 reports bbs

well, i once posted about a couple of bbs places around jiang su road and chang ning road. i had tried out the little place near the corner on jiang su but had passed on the place on chang ning. well, i revisited both places last week and here are my observations...

the little place on jiang su is still a bit dumpy, but the gals (4 of them) range from 5-8. i have been going back regularly so the mamasan is really nice to me and usually asks me to stay around after to have some tea (in hopes i will then pick another gal methinks) i have been there for multiple sessions so i guess they keep hoping. the service is ok with hj and (covered) fs available. (bring your own if you cant fit the ones these places use...kind of tight). dfk is sometimes available, depends on gal. one room is just a storage room with a bed right behind the main barber room. door held shut by cord. one can hear all from outside room, but since tv is always blaring, its not that bad. gals will usually give you a back massage after completion. for a couple hundred rmb its not bad if i am in the area.

gals looks: 6-7
attitude: 8
place: 5-6
cost: 150 + 50 house fee
overall: 6-7

the other place on chang ning road was the one i passed on before because there was some kid running around the store, which is a bit too weird for me to handle.

well, i decided to give it a try when i walked by last week though because i had seen a real cutie walk in as i was passing by. i turned around and walked by again to take a peek and it looked like she was working so i opted to skip out on previous plans and stopped in.

the place is set up like a hair place but there are 6-7 women in there. a few of them are in the 7-8+ range based on a quick glance. i was only interested in the young lass i saw walk in, so i walked in and smiled straight at her. she invited me into the back which consisted of only one chair seperated by a cloth. she started the typical chair massage and then asked if i would be interested in joining her upstairs. woohoo, i sure would!

turns out i had to follow her out into a neighboring community to get to a highrise apt complex where they all live i think . the room was ok, the place was old, but she was really hot, young and petite so that made up for alot. we started with some dfk, and then i started to work on her. i don't think she has had anyone do this as she started to squirm and complain about somethings tickling and such but then she started to just ooze juices all over my fingers and face. she seemed suprised at this so i just let her enjoy the moment.

oral was not in her repetoir so she did not reciprocate, but i was perfectly happy doing all the positions and seeing her ride me was too much. i was completely exhausted after, so we rested for some 10 mins before she said that we would need to go. i am going to have to figure out how to take this one home. i think take out is available, but did not ask the fee as i did not go back to the store after; just left from the apt.

well, overall, the place is decent for those of you who are in the area.

gals looks: 6-8
attitude: 8
place: 6-7
cost: 200 + 50 house fee
overall: my experience 8, but your mileage may vary.

happy hunting!

12-05-03, 11:19
re: Yan An Tea House

Consistant with recent reparts on raids, it seems that the police have paid several visits to this WSG favorite recently and thus for now, it can be a risky place to visit. I was told that the latest raid netted a a couple from upstairs who were actually taken away.

The good news may be that with such an issue, the "take away" charge may be a lot more negotiable than before. Personally I think the mgmt there is pretty tight-fisted, but hey, we all gotta make a living I suppose.

Just thought I'd share info that I heard.

12-05-03, 11:57
Dear All:

I went walking around the Shaang Xi North Road and Kang Din Road area last night, and remembered there were earlier post about the barbershop around here. I picked one and went in. It's a very small place with 5-6 girls. I pick one of the taller one from Inner Mongolia who was about 25-26. We went to the back room with a hard bed covered with blanket. The room has it's own restroom. I later find out that it's the only restroom in thisplace and we were kept interrupted by girls coming in and out of the room to use the restroom. She did the usual massage for about 20 minutes and later started to lick my ear and grab my little D. After she got me all hard, she asked if I wanted her, and if I do, we could go to the room upstair. I asked her how much and she quoted me 160 RMB for full service. We went and di our thing. I spent about 70 minutes in that place and she was very friendly. I don't think I will go back to that place again because the place was a dump and not very clean. It does have good value though.


12-06-03, 01:40
Help please,

I need a guide in Shanghia for a few days who know the ropes , speaks english and can put up with a mongerer for a few days.

Thanks in advance to anyone with that info.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.


Black Jack
12-06-03, 04:22
Shanghai Noon,

I wish I could help you more with the sauna thing. Yeah, the name was ponds and I went to the one by the Regal hotel. Maybe each of the sauna operates differently. I wish I could tell you the name of the girl that I had but I have no clue. Also the manager was quite friendly as I have forgotten my mobile that day and had to use his moblie repeatedly.

I've been there once, and don't really plan on going there again anytime soon as there is so much action elsewhere. I'm not too fond of the girl either and I'll only need to pay 200 for FS in BBs instead of a total of 300 for a HJ. So only advice is to try the other branch and see. Good luck and keep us updated.


12-06-03, 08:48
Police Raid

Few days ago, couple of my friend told me that there are police raid on KTV all across Shanghai and most of the KTV are closed to avoid any trouble with Gongan. I thought the KTV must be closed and the KTV girl should be free at home so I called the mamasan at the Baolijing KTV to ask her out and bring one or two of her favorite girls to go drinking. She told me that they are few that are still open and I should go see her. I stupidly agreed and ask her to meet me at a restaurant across the street at Hong Kong plaza.

We had dinner first and proceeded to the KTV. After we were there for about 45 minutes after few drinks with the girls. Certainly the mamasan got a page on her walkie talkie. She asked the girls to go with her but she told us that they will be right back. 3 minutes later, she calls me on my mobile and told me that there is a police raid but everything should be ok, so we should just keep enjoy ourselves and not to worry. We kept drinking and eating our fruit plate. All this time, the bargirl keep going in and out of the room, finally she told us that the management has decided to shut down the establishment and that everything we have consumed and ate are all on the house. We smiled and slowly walk out the KTV.

We didn't see any LE on our way out. And everyone was still smiling and still joking around. After I was out, I called the mamasan and ask if she is ok. She told me that all the all the girls are on the fifth floor and everything seems to be OK. I and my friend decided to go for BBS since there is nothing else to do. The mamasan calls me later that night and told me that they should be reopen on Monday and ask me to go out with her tomorrow night.

I think they are used to this and there is really no big deal about police raid. I am glad I didn't have to pay for anything.


Shanghai Noon #2
12-07-03, 07:20
Black Jack,

Thanks for your feedback. Do you know which road Regal Hotel is on? I can check with the branches and see which one it was. I agree with you that bbs are much better value and easier. I did went to the infamous 74 establishment and service was very good. The only downside being that I had to check 3 girls before getting one that I liked. I really enjoyed us sharing information since teamwork really get us the best results. Let's keep a low profile and not do what the Japanese guys did in Zhuhai.

12-08-03, 03:55
Well I had my BBshop girl Lai Lai (who's pics areposted a while back in the photo gallery) as a all weekend freebie.

(or should I call it a "pay later")?

She spend all weekend from Friday until I left for work monday morning with me, offering great GFE the whole time. Would not let me buy her anything. No gifts, no clothes (since we went shopping). If I gave the taxi a 100 bill and he complained, she would pay it and refuse me to reimburse her.

oh boy.. she left today without asking a promise of when we get back together...

As far as the sex... she has a nice tall body, firm b-cups, (she is 21y/o) and very lean. She became more and more confortable and relaxed being naked as the days went on.

I hope this remains as easy as it seems.


Just Me
12-08-03, 04:00

hhmm, in a word...... NOPE. There will be more expectations later on. Trust me, from one that's been there.

Right now, am in the middle of four freebies just like it. But, two of them want more.

And one, who is married, wants more.

It was very easy in the beginning, now getting more difficult.

Just be ready for it later.

It's fun while it lasts though.

just me

12-08-03, 05:33

A short story to this topic:

Years ago I met a beautiful girl from Anhui in a sauna in Shanghai. I got her number, and from then on I was enjoying wonderful freebies. She was the best-built Chinese girl I ever saw and just great fun in bed. I spare you the details. The relation went on for 3 years, even after I made very clear to her that she cannot expect anything from me regarding marriage etc. She called me once a month, shortly before her period, when she really was hot. I went to see her in her appartment for a joyride, never invited her to my place. I loved it, thought it was paradise, and she enjoyed it, too, as she nearly came every time when we had sex.
Since begin of this year she apparently is seriously looking for marriage, as she is turning 25. She was working in a KTV after the sauna, also regularly travelled to Singapore and spent some weeks there working in whatever. But now, she is looking for security. Fair enough. My sessions with her this year were very limited, and since 3 months she is not calling anymore.
In August she finally asked me to give her some money in form of a loan, as her family's home was destroyed by floods. I do believe she would have paid me back. I gave her the money for free.
I do not regret it, as I had a wonderful time with her.


Roversman 999
12-08-03, 07:55
having had several freebies in shanghai in my more freer days, i have seen that girls are ok to be with you as long as you hold a promise.....of potentiola futures. But when thats gone, then you are cast aside like a sack of potatoes as they move onto the next one.
Having said that, advice is enjoy it while you can. Cos it never lasts......

Thirty Mins
12-08-03, 13:42
Shanghai Brothers,

This weekend I took the opportunity to explore some of the haunts posted on this board. I probably would have been better off finding a pink bbs, but the search is half the fun.

I went to DZB 74 early, and followed an older Chinese guy through the door. The manager guy waved his hands at me in an embarrassed "no, not today" gesture. The usual girls at the counter were missing too. Considering how the same guy had polietly welcomed me on many previous occasions, I figure it must be police raid season again. Anyone else have info on this?

Having failed there, I decided to check out the infamous teahouse. The first time I walked by, there were a 3/10 girl and a papasan guy in the front. The next time I walked by, hoping to see something more pleasant, I saw a 2/10 girl. Not my cup of tea.

After having a bite to eat in the area, I came by a BBS on Hongmei Lu, just north of Yan'an Lu. There were a couple of nicely proportioned ladies inside, as well as a guy giving a real haircut to a female customer. The pink lighting was missing, but I wondered if I could see if one of the ladies inside had some entreprenurial intent.

It turns out they were all from Chongqing, which explains the nice bodies. A cute 18 year old gave me a massage, but the only thing on offer was an overpriced HJ.

The girl was incredibly naive. An expat guy in Suzhou had invited her over there to stay in his hotel room, and she didn't even realize that he intended to sleep with her.

Also shocking were the stories of overly generous tippers. One Suzhou native had tipped one of the other girls 10k RMB for a HJ once, and some foreign guy had once tipped 1k for a HJ. Unfortunately for her, I don't have the income to be quite so generous, and her own demand for 300 RMB was a bit too outrageous for my taste.

I recommend skipping that place.

12-08-03, 17:43
A little help please,

Can someone post a list of must see spots( for mongering ) while in Shanghai.

I am totally lost.



Roversman 999
12-09-03, 00:44
Didnt complete the deed
Met an icq lady in Wuxing lu last week... lovely, funny and very attractive..and when she enquired over lunch if womens pussy from around the world tasted the same I thought we would be ok.
Met last night.. dinner in plaza 66.. walked in nanjing road, down to Bund, founght off the beggars, and at 11pm found a haagen dazs for takeout. Walked to Jingan park, ( where ive made out before)...we ate, sat close and soon my hands are in her wet and warm panties. By now it was 12.. she didnt want to go to a hotel, i cant take her home ( dont think my wife would agree!)and she didnt want to go to her apartment ( her mom wont agree.. haha)
Quixk thought.. i can go collect my car from near portman,.. wrong thought.. i dont have the keys.
So... i took taxi home with blue balls at 1am and she went home with whatever women have. It was a little cold to be considering sex in the park i agree.. but she was a real tiger.
tonight.. am gonna park my car near jingaan park, and if its needed.. its the back seat...i can sense another shanghai freebie approaching.
Having said that.. i knocked on the bbs window near my house at 1.am ...but the two inside were old and fat ,the young ones had gone home.. so....the end of a strange night.

12-09-03, 16:15
What action are you looking for?


12-09-03, 17:20
Again, I appreciate all your guys great info on Shanghai and I will be there in a few days, but I'm tryin to map out the different locations mentioned in this forum, but I'm having a lil trouble. While I've found a few decent maps of Shanghai on the web, I have yet to find a searchable map where I can plug in the street names that you guys have given in the posts. I'm pretty good with maps, but having no reference for where these streets are located, its kinda hard to find them. Any thoughts or ideas? Also, I was thinking of staying at a hotel near Renmin Park since its kind of centrally located. Any opinions or thoughts on a good area to stay in? Thanks much and I hope to be mosting some good experiences here soon! =^)

12-09-03, 19:41
BlnkNameCruiser ,

The same action I find in Sao Paulo and Bangkok. I need a list of places to hit in Beijing and Shanghai. A club like Bomboa's would do wonders for my trip.

Thanks ,


12-10-03, 01:59
Where are you from ?
Are you a temporary monger in Brazil and in China, or based in Brazil and visiting China, or reverse ?
Interested to know because I also know Brazil quite well.


Roversman 999
12-10-03, 02:57
Much better night
Met same icq lady. This time picked up car and went again to Jingaan park..theres a lovely quiet parking street there. Found quiet spot.
Sat in front.. chatted and kissed...getting hotter..gurl starts to cry and says shes met many men but is still a virgin. Hmmm. Wants to be married etc. Made manual check..yes..still a virgin. I didnt relaise that the nihgt before.
Anyway.. she gets brighter and suggests we move into back of car. 5 minutes later..serious DATY.. and this in a buick back seat.Her ass is in the air.. and my mouth close by. Felt like schoolboy. Exciting tho.
After that.. my friend decides its hot in car.. takes off top.. and jeans.. and is totally naked in my car. Great figure and steamy windows. Didnt take the virginity... would be hard to explain blood on the seats the next day.. but did everything but. And have a date next week... when this lady may gently be deflowered.
Sitting in a car with a naked lady must be breaking some law in shanghai...but she wasnt scared. It was a wonderful night. Im still in state of shock.....

12-10-03, 03:32

Been going to Sao Paulo the last year for the fun of it. Easy flights from Dallas, which is where I live right now.

Been going to Bangkok since the early 70's . For the 3 years I have keyed in on Buenos Aires , Panama city and S.P. + Rio.

Never been to China except for Hong Kong. Looking for the right places to hit. I have no expectations about the women there since it seems like more work then I am used to.


12-10-03, 06:10

You are a 'dirty old man'!!!
I do remember some others of your stories. You do apparently really like the risk and the public thing.


Member #3412
12-10-03, 09:19
Dear Friends,

I would be coming up to Shanghai and the greater Shanghai next week.

I was wondering how's the weather/temperature and does it really affect the KTV activities or SPA as I come from SEA, so have not experience during the winter.

Next, any good recommendations for KTV, Sauna etc..

Appreciate you guys comments.

Thanks in advance.

John Siron
12-10-03, 09:50
I prefer the saunas... does anyone have a list of saunas that offer FS and BBBJ?

12-11-03, 02:58
A big Thankyou for all your imput

Thanks everyone for the list of 15 clubs in Shanghai that I plan to visit in the coming months. I had no idea there were so many places where women where so available. Sounds like a lot like Sao Paulo.


12-11-03, 05:44
Where is the list ???

Bull Dozer
12-11-03, 07:13

There is no place like Sao Paulo. I have been to Shanghai two times, the Chinese culture is too conservative in that respect. Though over time things may change in China, as they become more Westernised & girls get more exposed, & I sure hope this happens soon for all of us.


12-11-03, 17:12
Go Joe,

Where would you go in Shanghai for a first timer?


12-12-03, 08:32
Go Joe,

Then where would " 2 timers go, who do noy want to be seen with their wife, childern and in-laws go?"


12-12-03, 11:54
I would try and meet up with a few regulars and see if they can hook you up. While I do contribute on a regular basis, my street knowledge here in Shanghai is mostly derived from Blankie , Lucky888 and Levitian, and a few others. Shanghai can be a fun place to play, if you find the right places to go. Compared to Bankok and the like, as mentioned earlier, the culture here is more conservative, which personally I like, since it makes for a different kind of experience. I suppose if you are a hardcore monger like some others, maybe its just about one's own needs so to hell with a local culture.
Enjoy your stay in Shanghai!

12-12-03, 14:46
John Siron,
Drive around Ming Hang you will find saunas with FS and BBBJ. Sorry the only address I have is one in Xu Hui district (i think)
It is across the street of Malones American Cafe on Tongren Lu.
The Sauna is called Happy Garden and if you dont mind paying about 800, you will be very satisfied with the quality and service.


12-12-03, 14:50
having not been to either mentioned city, I can't tell you about those kind of clubs.

I know straight up sex clubs do not happen here. That does not mean you cannot get laid at a club, (I have on many occasion) but it is off menu stuff.

I can show you FS barber shops, FS factory, BJ factory, a full service in room KTV, and a little street action.

What of those are you interested in?


12-12-03, 15:08

"I can show you FS barber shops, FS factory, BJ factory, a full service in room KTV, and a little street action."

This is a whole new world to me. I have been to Taipei a few times , years ago and was able to go to clubs and do takeout but that was 15 years ago. I know the Bangkok scene.

I prefer to go to an upscale place and get a good massage and a hj to play it safe. That should make it easy in China.

I go to Sao Paula every 3 months and there its open season for everything. I want to sightsee in China and fill in the days with a great massage in an outstanding surrounding and top it off with a HJ.

Can I do it?


I was under the impression you traveled to beijing and shanghai. My misread.

12-12-03, 17:20

Can you post where I can hire a guide when in Shanghai.

Or anyone else that might know a good one.


12-12-03, 19:41
Roversman99 - Give her an old fashioned American pumping my man! :) Hehe... I keep reading these stories thinking, "ok..he's gonna get sum about nooooooooooow!"...but alas, the well gets dry. Deflower that virgin! Bring a towel (or 2) and bang the sh*t out of her! hahaha....... Looking forward to your progress mate! Cheers! Happy poking! :)
PS. The above post is for encouragement not criticism.

12-13-03, 00:50
Levitian, Rovers et al.

This is my 8th year in China and in that time I have given thousands away (RMB) mainly to freebies who give it out but expect nothing in return, but as we move apart I always slip them some money or give them an expensive present. After-all we are all representatives of our respect countries and cultures.

Money is a commodity, save a bit, spend a bit and give some away. Your life will be better for it.

12-13-03, 05:07
Any Sauna will most likely provide what you want. They almost all will give you a nice massage, clean place and HJ.

Also, I am not sure what you meant by.... "travel to BJ and SH". I live in SH and I do travel a lot to Beijing.


Roversman 999
12-13-03, 05:22
WEdnesday night.. couldnt resist toi meet the icq friend again. Got a large tub of haagen dazs in portman and headed to jingan park again ( btw.. chinese gurls love haagen dazs.. it really helps them feel special). parked in the far away corner and got down to business. But as we were entering into the thick of things.. about three cars parked on either side of us.. and the drivers etc had a meeting close ot our car... clothes on ..and frustration. Darn..nearly got the cherry.
Anywaysa, went to hk next day. Had a look in Harrys bar in golden mile.which many talk about on hk baord. No action there and nothing interesting in wanchai either. Home alone. Next day..went to tsuen mun to meet my indonesian domestic helper friend. Met near burrerfly beach..sat in bbq area at 9am and she had her hands on my cock. some old guy walked past and then walkked past again to recheck she had her hands in my pants. nyways..we walked and found a quiet place in park nearby... under a wall... and at 9.30am on friday am had a great open air blow job. She had period so couldnt do much.. but... it was sooooo goood. Cant wait to get back to hk again to get this one properly. She is from the old school that says a woman is there to make me happy... she was happy that i was happy.. a perfect lady who understnds her responsibilities..
Meanwhile, back in shanghai.. and planning the virgins downfall.....

Roversman 999
12-13-03, 05:26
by the way.. chikan.. it would be hard to give her a good american pumping, as im english.. but a good whiteman pumping is certainly one option... heheheh

12-13-03, 08:24
Roversman99 - Sounds good to me! We're all eagerly awaiting the ongoing saga of this one! Give her a thrust or two for me will ya? Do it for the Cdn's (me) and the Brit's (you!). Hehe...I think I can hear her screaming now! ;)

12-13-03, 17:23
Well, I'm here in Shanghai, almost 12:30am. I would like to check some places out, but I'm exhausted and a lil leary of wondering around a city I dont know this time of day. Have to go to Fuzhou for a few days tomorrow, but should be back Thur. midday. Anyone interested in meeting up? I will generously return the assitance / giudance / company.

Enjoy yourselves!

John Siron
12-13-03, 19:50

There's a FS and BBBJ Sauna for 800RMB across the street from Malones called Happy Garden?! That would be near the former Gold's Gym is then? Hahaha... What would you rate the girls at this place? Body and Face 8, 9, 10's?

For 800RMB I guess it's better than getting a HJ on the Huaihai Road Sauna across from Lane Crawford since it's the same price!

I'm really into the face and body of a girl. I keep walking by these BBSs around Haihai/Huangpi down to Xujiahui Road and never see any hot enough girl that I'm willing to hookup with... am I destined to only go to these expensive saunas?

Anyone else know any other saunas around?

12-14-03, 10:58
This was posted by CC1 in Guanmgzhou. It might be of somew interest for your favorite sport. Get a gos lawyer man, it always pays !!!

China gets the love bug
By Hamish McDonald, China Correspondent
Wednesday December 10 2003

Beijing: China's explosion in private car ownership is presenting police with a new puzzle: what to do about couples having sex in parked cars.
The official Xinhua news agency has reported a surge in car sex in the southern city of Guangzhou.

The city's scenic Baiyunshan park was a particular focus for activity in the evenings.

Police say that all they are empowered to do is to ask the couples caught in flagrante delicto to leave the park.

A city lawyer, Gan Mingyong, said it was not clear that the behaviour was illegal. "A private car provides a specific private space for its owner to exercise his or her own human rights," he said. "If the owner's behaviour brings no jeopardy to other people's rights, we cannot force him or her to stop it.

"Unless we make a new regulation or law forbidding such sexual activity, we cannot have any legal basis ... to interfere in a car owner's private affairs if he or she chooses to make love in a private car.

"Put another way, we can say this sexual activity is not elegant but we cannot say it is illegal," Mr Gan said. China's motor industry now sells more than 2 million cars a year. At the same time, sexual behaviour is becoming more permissive, with recent surveys showing that about two-thirds of marrying couples already had sexual experience, double the rate of their parent's generation.

Black Jack
12-14-03, 18:59
Hey fellas,

I just came back from HK a couple of nights ago. Funny, I thought since I was in HK, I would be able to enjoy a variety of girls (race), however, 5 out of the 7 girls that I ended up doing were from the mainland. One girl even worked in a SH BBS a year ago.
Anyways went back to my usual BBS in SH but some of the new girls there weren't that good looking and I didn't feel like doing some of the girls that I have done in the past. So I walked around and somehow ended up at the Kangding Lu BBS. Went upstairs, did the deed, the girl was pretty good looking, and all it costed was 160. The place was the shits but it's definitely nice to be able to find such cheap FS as opposed to how much I spent in HK.
I haven't visited this BBS in a while now, ever since I discovered so many other BBS, but this was actually the first bbs that I ever visited when I first came to SH. And I owe it all to this forum for helping me find it!


Black Jack
12-14-03, 19:13
I might take you up on your offer soon on the "factory." Do you know if it has moved yet?

I don't think it would be difficult for you to find a good HJ at more upscales massage parlours. I haven't frequented too many of those here, but there are definitely a lot of massage parlours. Regarding the guide, did you bascially want to find a female guide/escort? I've seen many classified ads for female guides. You may want to check http://www.expatsh.com or http://www.thatsmagazines.com.
Also www.funinchina.com offers female guides, secretaries, etc and you can choose from thier pictures. I haven't tried any of these but there has been some mixed reviews in the past on this forum. Good Luck!

And finally, CaliCalientex, welcome to China. Hope you have a great time here. Depending on my how my work load is this week but if you need someone to take you to a couple of places and I have the time then I wouldn't mind showing you some of the places that I frequently go to.


Roversman 999
12-15-03, 01:17
Wolf.. thanks for the Guanzhou car scene update. Its funny.. i was looking at the same site last week doing research for a guanzhou trip i have. I think though were thru with the car scene.. too cold now. Im hoping i can get her to a hotel this week.. and save the lawyer fees!!!
Was out cycling yesterday near Sandalwood and came across a new bbs. ( so tame after my car scenes but... what the heck)...nice girl and half way through the da fei ji.. she starts kissing me..very passionately too. interesting expereince. But she had about 6 layers of clothes on... took me long time to get through to the honeypot.

12-15-03, 10:56
John Siron,
yes, I dont think it is particularly new, but the talent seems better than other saunas I have been to. My girl was tall, thin, and a great face, and totally professional service for the massage, then moved into the fun stuff with fire and ice, and unworried, FS.

It was great.


p.s. yes, by golds gym.

12-15-03, 10:58
Black Jack,

The current location just shut down.

It should open at the new one soon. I will PM you when it does, then we can arrange a time. Maybe a few weeks.


12-15-03, 18:27
Hi all - being a Shanghai newbe I had varied experiences the last couple days here...

Day 1 - 14th: Arrived, worked, made trip to HardRock as my Beijing experiences generally lead me to believe <something> will be available. And it was.. Several in fact. Couldn't make any decent deals so we left and on the way out snagged one of the cuter ones and said if she'd do us both for 600 then she could ride. She jumped in. Hotel . She played BS and ROB and so I told her to leave. The walked down to my pad - negotiated to 3, accepted and it was total starfish ROB - so after 15min kicked her out and counted up my 3 as a loss. Damn! Name is CoCo - so watch out for her! Bait and switch as seems most the girls there.

Day 2 - Went to Skyline Spa near Holiday Inn. Much impressed. Had sauna, soaks and then massage, and then bliss. Best FBTM (full body tongue massage) I've ever had! And damn nice BJCIM. Totally relaxed and sated physically. What a beautiful and charming time! All staff was excellent and the masseuses beautiful! For less than 700! No tips accepted! Damn, I'm loving Shanghai already!

Beijing report coming in a few days ;)

Black Jack
12-15-03, 19:00

That sounds great. No rush as there is plenty of action everywhere to keep me busy, hehe.


Roversman 999
12-16-03, 00:28
oops i did it again

found an icq lady on saturday on net. started chatting then talking. realised that she was a player too but is leaving shanghai for switzerland. after many texts, arranged to meet her today. she had already told me she wasnt afraid of blow jobs in cars.and would i take her home from puxi to hongquio. being a gentleman, met her in shaanxi lu ( still learning streets when driving here )... she was 1.6m.. 50kgs, maybe a 6 or 7.. hard to see with all the clothing. anyways.. almost before we were introduced.. hands are on each other legs. waited for the yannan hiway to be re-opened with my hot fingers in her steamy juicy pussy.
got to hongquio and found a quiet street... and got a wonderful blowjob. no spitting either.. full swallow.
hope to see her again before she goes..im single for next few days and ready to roll. this gal was a c cup too.
shje obviously knows many other players.. was telling me about a gal called peela... who is famous in shanghai for once recently going with 11 expat guys... imagine that!

12-16-03, 03:22

damn man.. we should set up an orgy.


12-16-03, 12:06
Rovers--Damn, you must be in a class of public exhibition-loving guys with Blankie and I. Although I'm in the states now, I'll be back in latter January. Somehow the three of us have to have a small public (or at least semi-public) orgy or group fun of sorts. Sounds like you've got a lead on the right kind of women for the event.

Ain't it great having a reason (besides the cold weather) to run the defroster in your car? ;)

12-16-03, 19:08
I will be travelling to Shanghai and Wenzhou in early January.
I could not find on the board any reports on Wenzhou , anyone have some hints?

Roversman 999
12-17-03, 05:09
The virgin and i are doomed to failure. She wont go to a hotel with me.. or a serviced apartment ( principles involved) but wants to sleep with me in my home. Being married guy thats hard. Even had my cock half in her yesterday.....i really want this cherry.. but think.. its mission impossible. sorry guys..

Apac Boy
12-17-03, 05:54
use blankie's house and tell her it's urs


12-18-03, 01:25

Regarding freebies: good comment, do completely agree with you here.

What's going on in the Big Bamboo?
By chance, I went to the 'Big Bamboo' on Tongren Lu, opposite of Kerry Center. Hot place, lots of good, good chicken there, even some table dancers, dressed up though, but still as hot as their sistas in Thailand.
Anyone experienced with the girls there? Semi-pros?


Roversman 999
12-18-03, 02:45
Life is ok....
Established with the virgin she wouldnt go to hotel with me.. so instead called my new icq friend. She invited me to her aprtment in Hongquio..we got ot apartment and as casualy as anything..she just removed her clothes, and said.. its up to you, do what you like. shes a wild beast.. came three times.. once in pussy, once in ass, once in mouth. She has this cute vibrator that i used on her for half an hour till she was screaming the walls down.
Theres nothing she wouldnt and didnt do.. if she wasnt going to switzerland i know wed make a video of us.
Drove home at eleven drained. Will wait till shes back in March. Meanwhile i have a key to her apartment for those ocassions when i my need .............

Far East Andy
12-18-03, 04:28
Just a quick one on the Big Bamboo.

Most of the girls there are not Pro's or Semi. Alot have boyfriends, the odd one will though, can't say which.

They are up for a good laugh and never push for drinks.

The bar itself does get alot of freelancers in there, just to give you an example.

Having a beer one night, think it was a Friday. There was a table of about 10 guys. A few freelancers joined us and one of the guys ended up giving her the good news in the toilet. Sex, anal and finish in the mouth, all for 300rmb. Not the best of places to do it but for a quicky, hey who cares. I have to say she would rank about an 8, she was very nice. Wouldn't mind a go myself if I wasn't so well known there, shame.

Best night to pick up there is a Fiday and Sunday. Not sure what happens to Saturday either. They always have good party's also, eg the last one was Bikers and Sluts. Nice.

Anyway happy hunting over the Christmas holidays.

See you all in the new year.

Roversman 999
12-18-03, 05:48
Sojourn. Nice report on Skyline. do you have a full address..theres a few Holiday Inns and want to be sure to go to right one.

12-18-03, 12:11
I've been to Shanghai a couple of times but never had "the luck" and im going back again the end of December unluckily with my wife. Anyway, how will you determine if a place is FS factory and when can I find them? I'll try to sneak out and play a quickie. I live in Hang Hwa village near hong qiao airport.

Air Nike
12-18-03, 12:51
First time in Shanghai, staying at the new Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel. I'm a newbie so I need some info on any saunas local to this area (walking distance if possible). I did manage to find a barber shop after walking a bit and got serviced by two 24-yr olds with massage and tag team HJ (they let me cum twice!), i got this for 200 rmb each and 100 rmb to the guy at the door...maybe $$$ but I enjoyed :) I'm leaving soon so any info on saunas here would be appreciated (especially on that one by Holiday Inn, which one?)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports.Thanks!

12-19-03, 04:29
Far East Andy

This is bringing back some memories regarding a bar on Hengshan Road, forgot the name, next door to 'Bourbon Street'. The girls came up to you and asked you: 'do you want WC?' have to admit, did not know what was the meaning until they led me to the toilet and showed with an explicit hand-to-mouth gesture what to be expected. I didn't find it very attractive, as first, the toilet smelled like hell, second, my 'big bamboo' is very sensitive, and noises coming from next-door urination activities is not what he and myself would call 'stimulative'.

Roversman, is that a job for you?


12-19-03, 04:40
Far East Andy

Big Bamboo:
You seem to know this place and the players. I saw a girl there with a somewhat very untypical hair cut: she had her (blonded) hair curled, but in a afro style. Her face looks pretty bitchy, but she apparently has a great buttom and a nice rest. I have seen her before, together with a man who could easily be her grandfather (hope this is not you!!!).

Any information about her?


Roversman 999
12-19-03, 06:45
Levitan, only in Manila did i go with a lady in the WC.. and she was the one who prompted the action. You think because I was in the back of my car with my cherry last night, somewhere behind Malones teaching her the finer art of blowing, that Id want to be in a Hengshan toilet ?.... hahah.. after my recent bouts of exhibitionism i can understand your comment.
Theres something very nice in drivcing your car with one hand and other hand either massaging a breast or in the short and curly region.

Air nike.. try Beijing road. Its close to Howard Johnson. Theres plenty of barbershops up and down the road... just enter them all.. one of thems got your name on it

Bad Boy Billy
12-19-03, 07:38
I will be in Shanghai Jan 7 to 10.

I will be staying at Hua Ting Hotel and Towers on Cao Xi Bei Lu.

I have no idea of the location of BBS posted earlier so some information on some BBS close by would be very much appreciated.

12-19-03, 07:48

I do very much enjoy your reports. It shows me that there are still some real adventurers out there. I just wonder how you hide all this from your wife.
I am really jealous!!


Roversman 999
12-19-03, 10:50
dear levitan.. i only play when wife is away. sometimes i get in out of control weeks such as this past week. but then i will go back to being a regular guy next week. i chat to keep the pot boiling and do enjoy my regular buisness trips.. but i can only do that by keeping on chatting to let my sweeties know of my interest. they seem to enjoy the lines i give.

i figure when im alone i have to act with double speed. and i do.
i thought i was bad in manila.. but it seems im twice as bad here.
early night tonight and then trip next week to europe for christmas. im about ot go quiet for two weeks. but im in hk on jan 5th.. for miss indonesia..... stay well

Frank Africa
12-19-03, 20:34
Dear Air Nike:
Hmmm - two girls giving a massage and tag-team HJ (with two pops) for a total of 500 RMB is not really all that bad a price if you enjoyed yourself.

12-20-03, 10:17
Far East Andy,

Thanks for the report. I will certainly visit the Big Bamboo, for the exhibition opportunity if nothing else. Where is this bar? I've not heard of it before, actually.


Far East Andy
12-20-03, 11:17
Hi Lucky,

The Bamboo is on Tong Ren Lu, opposite the Kerry Centre.

You have to go upstairs, downstairs gets pretty quiet. It's not everybody's cup of tea but worth checking out.

Happy hour starts at 4pm and finishes at 8pm.

Have a good one and let me know what you think.

Cheers the noo

Far East Andy
12-20-03, 11:28

I know most people in there that's for sure, although the bars been on a back burner lately due to work and planning Christmas, the New Year will change all that.

I'm not sure about the girl you are talking about, blonde afro, sure it wasn't some fancy dress party?

Seriously I don't know, and it's not me.

I have have to say I will keep my eyes open for her. There is one girl who works in there I won't mention her name, but she is really crazy and I think has shagged most of the guys who drink in there, excluding me. She is one of the funniest Chinese girls I have ever met, she dances on the bar, gets her tits out, even hangs from the beams overhead revealing all. Nice. I'm sure if you were in there and she was you would know exactly who I'm talking about. I don't know her price, but I would imagine she's also worth a try.

Back to the UK tomorrow, have a great Christmas all..


Far East Andy

12-21-03, 07:50
Where is Tong Ren Lu (bamboo)? Is it far from Hong Qiao Airport? Where can I go on New Years Eve (Dec. 31)? Any New Year party place or just the Sin Tien Ti area?


Crazy Guide
12-21-03, 15:00

Big Bamboo is on Tongren Lu and NanJing Lu, just east of the Portman (Ritz Carlton). It is on the south west side of the Tong Ren Lu and Nanjing Lu.


Crazy Guide
12-21-03, 15:03
sorry my mistake, tongren lu is on the west side of Portman. Anyway, it is right aroudn the corner from the ouside restaurant. From Hong Qio it willbe about a 35rmb cab ride.


12-23-03, 01:31
Levitian and Far East Andy,

If I am not mistaken, you both mention getting action in the bar. One at Bamboo and one at some place next to Bourbon St. Is the one next to Bourbon called Lily Pub?

Please advise. I am a fiend of semi public bar sex. I am very interested.

Thanks to both...


12-23-03, 08:34

Yes, the name of this 'unholy' place is Lily's Pub.
Yet, I did heart, that the friendly guiding service was given up after a riad by the Police a couple of years ago.


12-23-03, 22:08
agl- To reply to your question in the San Jose forum regarding Shanghai, there are plenty of BBS's that can give you a couple of women for the evening for $80 usd. Heck, at that price, you can pick one off of any of the more popular bar scene streets like Mao Ming or Julu Lu. XinTianDi might cost you a bit over that , but you can always talk them dow. Maybe you aren't negotiating? Well, good luck nonetheless.

12-27-03, 02:47
Ha ha - Shanghai mongers went to sleep for Xmas,

Always Needing It
12-28-03, 22:10
Chuan Sha - "resort town" near Pudong airport

Hit a couple of cheap KTVs on Sat near junction of the main street and xinchuanlu. The chicks are dressed in everyday clothing and definitely below par where ktv-looks is concerned but still 6s and 7s available.

Picked out a gorgeous face early 20's chick in a sweater, sat in a dark corner of the lobby, and basically took most of the next hour to convince her to go back with me to PuXi. To cut the story short, i found her soft tits larger than my big TOES and her confession that she is in fact 6 months pregnant!!!

Total damage:
Taxis - 300 yuan (100 each way for me + 1oo for the chick to go back)
KTV - 160

I think this place is still worth a second try...will hit the ktvs at 7:30 next time and may take a room at the best hotel in town "jing li hua" where rooms are under 200 a nite.

12-29-03, 07:55
Far East Andy,

I was refering to this girl (see attached pic, the one at the right). Any infos about her?

Take care!


12-30-03, 01:47
Player88. Thanks for the input. I admit I'm not good at negotiating in China but I didn't know how bad I was about even finding fun until I read the reports here. Now I feel like a real stooge... But on the other hand I am looking forward to better times my next trip.

Anyone recommend a good hotel. Location (for evening fun but also for train to Puxi for work during day) / Price / Clean, etc. I typically stay at the Equatorial on Yan'An road.

I've been offered some help getting out in the evening from some brother mongors next time I'm there as well.... I'm expecting to be there in March now.


12-30-03, 04:26

Hotel in Shanghai: depending on your budget. The Equatorial certainly is perfectly located, also as far as evening fun is concerned, with Julu Road in the close neighborhood.
My favourite is the Radisson Xingguo Hotel, in the Xingguo Park. I cannot tell you their attitude towards evening fun, but I do consider it one of the nicest hotels in town. And, traffic-wise, it is a little less convenient than the Equatorial, but has a great atmosphere and a beautiful garden.


John Siron
12-30-03, 04:49
Someone mentioned a couple months ago that there was a sauna with FS near the XianXia Tennis Centre. Does anyone know the exact location of this place? Any reports and prices?

Any info would be great since I prefer saunas with FS and it seems like there aren't that many here in Shanghai...

12-30-03, 14:47
Dear friends in Shanghai:

I am from the Beijing thread....one off topic help:
I station in Beijing but come to Shanghai often, I have a serviced apartment rented two months ago at Le Residance, a two bed room unit but cost 18KRMB I think it's way too expensive in Shanghai right? (rented through the admin girl in our Shanghai office).
Could someone tell me the reasonable rate for a decent two bed in a convenient area (My office is in Lippo Centre)? And any recommendations?


12-30-03, 19:09

I always stay at the City Hotel on Shanxi Nan Lu. The price on the internet is usually good and the breakfast is good. It is a few blocks to Portman and the Hard Rock, 3 to 4 blocks from Maoming and 4+ to Julu. It is also 3 to 4 blocks to the subway on Waihai road.

I never tried to enter the hotel with a GF after 10:30PM, but once inside before that time, nobody seems to care.

12-30-03, 23:29
Good Evening all.

I'm making a visit to Shanghai next month for the first time, inspired mostly I have to say, by the stories that you gentlemen have posted here.

Whichever one of you geniuses advised to use the Personal Ads in 'Thats Shanghai' deserves a medal - six replies with photos in the space of 4 weeks!! Its amazing what can be achieved by dressing up a trip for Sports Fu*king with the term "Exchange of Cultures"..I guess it true about Shanghainese girls liking their foreign goods..

Anyway, I look forward to putting the various tips and tricks the Seniors have posted to good use, and hope I can report back with a few stories of how things went.

Just one thing I have always wanted to ask; where do you guys actually go for a haircut!

Happy hunting.

Roversman 999
12-30-03, 23:55
Back in the saddle....
Out last night riding back to get rid of the Christmas overeating.
WEnt to one but my favourite there was "busy". Cycling aimlessly past one BBS when a lady outside it gave me such a lascivious grin i HAD to go inside.
She was fun, funny and had no problems with kissing me all over. Heavenly. Worth a repeat too.
So ends our year. Just calculated, 14 BBS visited here, had 12 freebies all in Shanghai, and the virgin who I didnt quite enter, 4 new freebies in HK, 3 new freebies in Manila and lots of 2002 repeats.
Life is good guys. Heres to a whole new year of sexual escapades.

Roversman 999
12-31-03, 03:10
Papadum.. try HK plaza.. its great location for your work and they have no problem with visitors. Theres a good local sauna near there too...

12-31-03, 06:30
hi guys'

I will be back in SH in March, I was there 2 years ago and have a few questions for the senior monger:

Does anybody know if a tall and slim bartender is still working at Judi's too??

Does the Pegasus disco is still a good freebie pick up joint??

thanks in advance, I still continue to read about your adventures guys.

have fun


12-31-03, 07:56
Thanks for the advice Roversman....but I heard that Hong Kong Plaza is quite full all the time. I will check it out next week when I am in SH


Apac Boy
12-31-03, 11:26
there was this really hot looking bartender that I was trying to find too at Judy's2. She dances sometimes on the stage right and speaks really excellent english? is that her? If it is, I didn't see her when I went to look for her last month...


01-01-04, 01:55
Thanks for the replies gentlemen. Sounds like I'm in pretty good shape with the Equatorial but I'll check your suggestions on the internet.

I'm going to ask a really ignorant question now. I know the response may tend to be - read back through the reports and disseminate the info you seek - but I was wondering if someone can give me a synopsis of the action spots. Maoming, Julu, BBS, etc... There's tons of info here through the weeks but it's difficult to pull it all together when I don't have hand in glove knowledge of local streets, etc. I only get to Shanghai about once a year.

Anyone..? Thanks and Happy New Year!


01-01-04, 05:08

as I remember at that time there was 3 nice bartenders there, it was 2 years ago, the 3 spoke some very good english, the younger one with an innocent look, a little more b*tchy one with her hair lightly died but with a real nice body and the tall one which was the most crazy of them, dancing and jumping around, sometimes with real sexy dress, she used to dance on the cube at the pegaso or pegasus disco which was the same boss for the 2 joints.

anyway I will find out soon


01-01-04, 15:17
Hi All!

I am looking for the two girls that used to hang out at Portman Hotel (Starbucks and around). I went with one of them (Alice I think was her English name) months ago during a previous trip, a young and sweet girl giving very good BBBJ. I read somewhere in this thread that they got removed after mistakenly propositioning the hotel general manager... Do you know if they are still in town and where I can find them? Or does anyone have her/their number?



Air Nike
01-02-04, 08:25
Just a follow-up from my first visit to Shanghai a few weeks ago.

I had one final fling my last night there. Didn't know this would work but thought I'd give it a shot, apparently if you ask the concierge to set you up with a girl for the night, they can arrange it! It cost me about 1000rmb and she was about a 6 but she stayed with me the whole night and we cuddled and banged a few times before the night was over in any position I felt like. :) Don't know if this is $$$ but at least I know next time that this is a sure fire way to get some action without walking around looking for a BBS.

Roversman 999
01-02-04, 10:26
The horny old dog does it again.

Contacted a yahoo friend who i had been with last year. Shes now engaged but bored with her bf. Met her in PartyWorld KTV next to Shanghai hotel this afternoon.

She sang four songs, we kissed for ten minutes then I had a great blow job. Afterwards had to go to xianyang market with her to buy her nike copy shoes. total cost RMB150, and she swallowed.

But better yet, is a 19 year old stdent from SHanghai who is at Qingdao University, who has agreed to go to a hotel with me in Chinese New year. Tall slim and barely touched before. That IS a Happy New Year.

To Submariner, Alice and her friend are no more at Starbux Portman. I go to the HSBC ATM regularly and havent seen them for past six weeks now. Keep searching.

01-02-04, 18:57
Sex Bar
Well, interesting nite.

The teppanyaki chef quit her job.
I went to the sex bar. There she is!.... weird...seems she knew the boss.

She was all over me, the mama/1/2boss woman was also flirting hard with me. She asked for a western boyfriend. I asked her what will she give me in exchange? She said, what do you want? as she leaned over almost kissing me....

I made a date which I expect free FS tomorrow at her apartment.

Then I went in the back room of the bar and nailed the same chick as before. Paid her USD $25 that I had sitting in my wallet.

excellent nite


01-03-04, 16:02
CultureXChina (http://www.culturexchina.org) hosts culture exchange parties every month. Has anyone attended this before? Any luck? Probably a good hunting ground for the "culture exchange" freebies? ;)

01-04-04, 03:07
I cant seem to view the events list, (or it isnt actually on there)

Is there a calendar that we can see the events to attend?


Global Exec
01-04-04, 06:19
Hi guys,

Back in Shanghai again, Going to give Big Bamboo a look tonight and will report my findings. PS The Crown Plaza is under construction place is louder then hell. Staying at the Westin anyone know of close by BBS or Sauna?

Rambling Guy
01-04-04, 08:54
Have you been over to the Hong Kong Plaza on Huai Hai Lu? They have service apartments that you can rent out for different time periods, and the prices are pretty reasonable, and the location is excellent.

Another place I like that is much nicer but further away is the Ascott Hotel in Puxi, near Pudong Da Dao and Pudong Nan Lu, which is where the German engineers that built the bullet train to the airport stayed. They run shuttles through the tunnel at certain times of the day to all major areas of Puxi, and would let you off at the Shanghai Central Plaza, close to where you work. But if you miss the 7 AM shuttle, then you're stuck taking a taxi over Nanpu bridge or using the Metro.

01-05-04, 01:44

You might know this place:
Huangpi Nan Road, first BBS on the right side after intersection Yongnian Road, if you come from Xintiandi.
They have a small chamber in the back for FS activities. Met a really sweet, very young girl there, similar to Lailai. Impressive, natural D-cups.


Global Exec
01-05-04, 02:18
Big Bamboo,

Went Sunday night as it and Friday had been reported as good nights previously. Arrived at 6 the place was way to quiet, One guy in the downstairs bar talking with three or four girls not sure if they were sporting or just freinds. Went upstairs as advised. There were 5 or 6 Us types up their seemed to be Regs at the bar. Only two girls. They were table waiters an occupied eating dinner. Had two Diet cokes and split. But will try again Wednesday night. Its their 1st anniversary Party from 4 till 9 pm. Guess this means, dont arrive early and don't be impatient.

Good luck Sports

01-05-04, 02:52
Yes, me and Lucky have played around hin those shops.

There are two about 2 doors from each other in that location.

Those are just about the highest price shops in that area. Lucky managed to negotiate down one of the girls.

I have been in the back and Lucky did a girl in the upstairs of that place.

so much to try.. so little time!


01-05-04, 03:43



01-06-04, 02:50
Hey all,

I may have a jewel to pass along and share.

My buddy and I were staring at various cute girls near Hong Kong plaza. Met a little sichuan girl who looks 20y/o but claims to be 27. about 42kg. and a super sweet look.

She smiled, we worked it a little. and by night 2 got her to my place. I let my pal take the job as he is a newbie and I have plenty of other play.

Turns out she is a Mary Kay sales girl. She sold my pal some shower wash, and then by the second night, she spent it with him applying the wash in the shower, and then spent the night with him in his bed.

Now, she came over to ask me what I want to buy. My buddy was gone and we began to flirt. she offered to bring some face wash to me tonight. I told her she will need to show me how to use it. We can get in the shower and she can show me. She made some joke about switching partners, and I told her no problem.

We will see if it pans out tonight.

If so, do you guys want some Mary Kay?

I can tell her I have many friends who want to buy some from her, then you can meet her under that pretense, and play it a little.

email me if you want me to send the phone number to you. include your WSG name in the email. I prefer to give it to senior members.

[Email address deleted by Admin]

Please dont be a dick head if she doesnt put out. This is not a sure thing.


EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to removal of email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

Tall Homme
01-06-04, 03:10
BBS in PuDong.

Great find on PuDong Avenue. Great looking, sweet 18yo, D cup and very active. New to the game and I think she will not be in this place too long. Also 3 other girls, all early 20's and OK.

In the back, usual negotiation starts at 500 for BBJ, but got down to 100 for massage, da feiji and her top up; wow. Already talking about take-out, but at 800; before negotitation; price too steep - for now. What is the going rate for take-out (PM me)?

You can find this place on PuDong Avenue, heading East on the right hand side. It is on the same block as the Novotel Atlantis and after this hotel. It is the last BBS on this block. Enjoy

Any info on KTVs and saunas that give good service from good lookers at a reasonable price would be welcome (PM me).

Apac Boy
01-06-04, 06:12
save that email address for me when i head up there next month


01-06-04, 06:24
I shall be in Shanghai next week and I am in deep need of Mary Kay products. My skin is so dry that it will take at least 2 showers with a very soft soap plus 3 massages with very good skill and a very good moisturizer cream to get me well. Can she help me ?
Many thanks.
You can send me a private message.
By the way, I am very close from the Hong Kong Plazza if this can help....


01-06-04, 07:23

This is very much appreciated, especially your attitude regarding sharing.

I - unfortunately - shall not be able to pursue this strategy, as there is a wife at home, suspicous enough to pose some delicate questions if I shall come up with a new cosmetic line.

Tant pis!


Roversman 999
01-06-04, 09:51
Dear Blankie... like Levitian I also have a wife that would be equally suspicious.. but I do have some free time coming up when cosmetics may be the answer to my endless searching.
This young lady is going to be VERY busy....whether he sales go up is something else......

Thirty Mins
01-06-04, 18:32
Tall Homme,

Congratulations on your pleasant experience. Lots of BBS action is available in the Pudong Avenue area, especially in the side streets south of Pudong Avenue and east of Oriental Hospital [Dong Fang Yi Yuan], especially around the Novotel (about 2 km further east).

I once negotiated 350 for FS there, but she about 30, and no D cups. However 350 is a cheap price, and there is a lot of selection, so I imagine better girls can be found for the same money. There are a ton of pink-lit places too, so spend some time window shopping.

Anyways, I'd strongly advise BBS fans to check out Pudong. Some of the girls are quite aggressive, and if they see you looking into the shops, they will motion you to come in. Not the typical bored, blank stare you see on the girls' faces at most places.

01-07-04, 03:30
Hey Gents,
Some people refered some time ago to a Sauna & Massage place next to Hong Kong Plazza. Can anybody post the directions and an idea of the prices and quality of seervices.
Many thanks.
Any body for going there on Monday night or Tuesday night ?

01-07-04, 06:14
The question for you guys (reply by private messaging if you can) is this:

I'm thinking about hiring a girl for a week. I'm not sure how to approach the issue, or how much it should cost.

I'll actually be staying in the Anhui province, so there should be some price differential.

This question comes up in the Shanghai area because it is frequented the most.

Also: How easy is it to buy spermicidal jelly? I'm going to need some of that in the near future.

01-07-04, 08:23

Difficult to answer. I guess a daily rate of USD 100 shall certainly be sufficient. Any other oppinion?

Leaves me with a question: what is spermicidal jelly? Sorry for being so ignorant.


Roversman 999
01-07-04, 12:28
Hi from singapore. Been here many times and had good fun b4 but somehow this time.. very little fun to be had. The Orchard Towers 4 flooors of *****s is crap with little that youd want. Especially not at US$150 per night.
Only ones I met were Filipinas who used to work in some in bars I know in Makati Manila.
Tried the massage places in Cuppage Road, Peoples Park, Orchard Mall etc...but they are all old women over 30 with wrinkles that would do the massage, wanting US$30 for massage and US$ 50 for anything else.. wasnt even interested in specials from these. I miss Shanghai and my US$10 blows.
Girls on street are lovely with innocent slutty looks but very small tits and just not interested in eye contact. So sad to say..having a crap trip. Hope next brothers trip to Singapore is better than this.. ( it may have all started when I agreed in HK to meet my Indonesian friend in a hotel in HK. She had period so no sex.. but only told me after id paid for room....Lousy trip all round

01-07-04, 14:45
Guess it depends on the quality of the girl. Anhui is quite a poor province though, and it depends if mamasan is around as she will be getting her cut. Met a girl once in a Barbers and she was immediately keen to pick up her bag and follow, but I wisely said no. All you can do is ask the girl that you fancy the most. Daresay though after the first few shags you will be regreting whoever you picked.

No idea on the Jelly.

01-07-04, 16:31
I will be in Shanghai this week-end, I will be staying at the Zhao An Hotel on Heng Tong road, anyone can give me good recommendation for action in this area as it is my first time in Shanghai? BBS, KTV, etc.

Barbershop Goer
01-08-04, 01:34

I guess spermicidal jelly is a jelly that kills sperms. In that way, you won't get the girl pregnant.

Barbershop Goer

01-08-04, 02:57

Aha, thanks. You never stop learning .... .
You are pretty silent these days. Hope things are fine with you.


01-08-04, 05:26
hey all,

I only now discovered this Private Messaging.

I have way too many messages to reply to all of them.

So now that I know about it, anyone who wants to leave a message I should be able to keep up now.

a few things... I have deleted the videos and sex shots that many of you were asking for due to some temporary sharing of my computer and I didnt back it up. so sorry I no longer have them to give out.

some others who were asking to meet for mongering, I am open to it, so lets jsut start new messages.


01-08-04, 10:27
Blankie -- how many salesgirl colleagues does Ms. Mary Kay have? Can we have a cosmetics "convention"? See y'all in a week or two after CNY.

Deep Fritz
01-08-04, 11:41

I am new here in the forum.

I am usually one or two weeks in Shanghai every month and stay in HK Plaza - like recently.

I have seen that some other honorable mongers looking for some action beginning next week (like Wolf). I am free and happy to join. I will be here till next Wednesday (Jan 14), then in Guangzhou.

The BBS scene has not so much my hunting ground during the last years, more the bar scene. If anybody likes to join the action, give me a message.

01-08-04, 17:53

good idea. let me see how it goes with her. I hope to nail her this weekend when I get back into town.

maybe we can all go play with her friends too. She told me of a 19 y/o who is looking...


Barbershop Goer
01-09-04, 01:28

Thanks for your message. Yes, I am pretty silent these days. As Chinese New Year is fast approaching, I am planning to go back to my hometown for a reunion with my family.

Happy New Year to you and fellow mongers!

Barbershop Goer

Ear Muff Diver
01-09-04, 04:04
I need some help from all of you. I have been offered a new position by my company, and the options are to be based out of any of the major cities in Asia ( Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing etc ) As the major growth markets for our business is China, I am seriously considering Shanghai or Beijing. My experiences of these cities is mainly as a business visitor. i.e staying in hotels and being driven around by colleagues. I would greatly appreciate any insights from some of the ex pats, especially those from California, where I based.

Pros and cons of Shanghai and Beijing for everyday living?

Cost of living : How much would one need for a comfortable 2-3 bedroom apartment and food, transportation and other living costs per month. I am single with no children!

Social life? Better in Beijing or Shanghai. ( Mongering? Clubs? GFE experiences?)

If I do take the position, I will be travelling extensively across Asia on business. And yes, I do nor speak any Chinese - Mandarin or Cantonese!

Really appreciate any comments; my other options are to move to Europe. Important decisions to be made in the next few days.

01-09-04, 14:01
Had a reasonable couple of hours after mdnight in a basement massage place more or less across the road from the Hilton. Seen it many a time on my Shanghai trips but looked as though it might be a bit "straight". Had a wander down Lulu lu with a friend, bars pretty deadly mostly drinks girls and touts, so heading back to the Hilton gave this place a try. Pounced upon by a couple of friendly girls from Zhejiang. Number 32 was mine. Not strong on privacy inside, but mostly empty. 2 hrs good massage 200 RMB and 200 for HJ. Tit fondling and pussy probing but nothing else on the premises - I think? Made it clear that she was up for a night in the hotel after work but gave it a miss that night.

Will investigate further as quality of girls looked good.


01-11-04, 04:21
Ear Muff
Shanghai is built closer together. It is cheaper to get around and a little cheaper apartments. Beijing is very spread and not so conventient to just walk outside your home and eat or go to a store.

Apartments can range from $3000USD to $600USD depending the location and quality.

Subway and bus system in both cities is good.

The bar areas are good in both cities.

The mongering pro and con:
Beijing has great and large amount of SW's and Shanghai has very little SW's.

however... Shanghai has a ton of great BB shop action and Beijing has very little.

Take your pick.


Ralph Kramden
01-11-04, 07:36
ear muff

my two cents worth from an ex southern californian living in japan. i would make quality of life my first priority. for that reason i would never live in tokyo because it is too crowded. i actually live an hour outside of tokyo and never visit there. coming from the la area, air quality was an important consideration for me. for that reason i would not choose shanghai. high speed internet access unhindered by government authorities is very important to me, therefore i would not choose china. singapore would be my choice. it seems you will be traveling frequently throughout asia which will give you plenty of opportunity to visit and monger in other cities. singapore seems to be good for personal delights, and you will be close to the biggest mongering prize of all, thailand. best of luck in your decision.

01-11-04, 09:20
Ear Muff,

IMHO, Singapore in a heartbeat.

01-11-04, 11:08
Am back in Shanghai after several years absence. Am ready to get into BBS action here. I speak a little putong hus so am not too worried about communicating.

Can someone please post the pinyin for FS, BJ and HJ??

I'm sure it's int the forum somewhere but I haven't been able to find it.

Thanks and glad to be back.


01-11-04, 12:58
Ear Muff,

May I assume by posting your query on this site, mongering is an important aspect of your choice? Everyone has their own preferences. After 25 years living and travelling in Asia, if I could pick any major, it would definitely be Bangkok. IMHO, Singapore is too clinical, Beijing is cold, dry and dusty, Tokyo is just too expensive, and Shanghai, although the best bet for an expat in China, it is still in China. BTW, I have lived in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Just my POV.


Apac Boy
01-11-04, 16:07
Blankie and I have discussed this alot..Shanghai or Beijing. I am from So Cal (LA to be exact) and I am more use to Shanghai for the environment, nightlife, and general feel. But since I live in da Jing, I gotta give it some props. The biggest is finding non pro fuck buddies. Dood..there ain't NOTHING to do here for fun. I'm serious too. Maybe like 3-4 good hangouts but that's it so when the opportunity presents itself for having fun with a foreigner, these girls would do it. In Shanghai, there are so many more places to go out to...

Going to Thailand and living there on an expat salary is a fucking dream come true. But OAH,...da weather sux and BKK traffic is the worst in the world. Also, I think finding a respectable, high class thai girl for a gf in BKK is hard if ur white.

Anyways, all three are good locations but I would choose Shanghai if u want to come to China. One place I would NOT choose or even consider is Tokyo.

Cost of living in Beijing: I say comfortable, about 12,000 - 15,000rmb for apt near the fun areas and CBD, food, entertainment,etc.


01-11-04, 17:45

I nailed the Teppanyaki chef. (of course against my better judgement)

We were at the bar she started to work at after quitting the teppanyaki place. We had hung out a bit there.

Tonight I had been trying to convince her to go to the back room where I had nailed the other chick. She didnt want to go because I think people there are clued in now.

At one point my buddy was in the back talking to the boss, hoping for action and failing.
Then we had been kissing a lot and eventually she started blowing me in the hallway of the bar. I moved her to the bathroom and she did it a little more and I finally got her pants down and did a little DATY. That got her much more relaxed and I pulled her pants the rest of the way with no problem. Then I bent her over the sink and did the deed.

Damn... that has been a long time coming...

No charge of course. She isnt a pro.


Ear Muff Diver
01-11-04, 18:20
Tapioca, Kent OAH, BlankName Cruiser and all others,

Thank you so much for your honest points of view and opinions.

I have spend a lot of time on business in Tokyo, and agree that unless there are very compelling business reasons ( career, financial etc), to avoid it. China is certainly interesting, but I am nor sure if language may be a major problem. Singapore is " clinical" but may have some merits if I would be travelling out of it for most of the time on business!

I am still in discussions with my company, and your input really helps make sure to that I factor it during my decision making steps.

01-11-04, 22:43
Hey all!

I need a bit of expert advice here.. Myself and three other friends are heading to Shanghai around the end of Jan for wild bachelor weekend. It will be our first time in Shanghai.

Can anyone give tips fo the best KTV and bars to go in town!

Thanks in advance!

01-11-04, 23:44
Report after first night in Shanghai

I went with some Chinese friend to this new KTV named CIK or CK, just opened 3 weeks ago , I believe it was called Pegasus before and has been completely reconditioned, around 600 girls working there and really first class service.
We had a private room and traditional drinks/dies games and KTV.
I took home to my hotel a pretty nice girl named Lisa (she said), 24, but dam her pussy was too tight!!
Damage for the all night was pretty expensive (2K) but we leave only once. I posted pictures in the photo gallery.
Tonight I will try Big Bamboo

Roversman 999
01-12-04, 00:13
muff diver... id go to hk. Great airlinks to all other capitals. Singapore is boring and always too hot ( hk has some seasons is not much ). Manila is close by to HK for great action and there are many great filipinas in HK ( not all domestic helpers).
Hk is lcose to shanghai and perfectly postioned for bangkok trips too. That would get my vote.

01-12-04, 02:52

Search the forums for "Anilingus" and you will find a post with all the words you need.

01-12-04, 03:42

I'd vote for Shanghai. Currently I live in Tokyo on an ex-pat salary and it barely covers my apt/food/misc. let alone any mongering. While Tokyo is great for urban lifestyle, it sucks for just about everything else.

Shanghai is convenient by air to main business locations, great apartment and office prices, vibrant and by far more friendly than Tokyo! Your same salary in SH or BJ will go about 40% farther. HK is great, but in my opinion a little too cramped and noisy. I like BJ, too, but it definitely has a more serious feel than SH. As far as Singapore goes, reminds me of SH if the Japanese ran the place.

As for mongering activities, I really enjoy BJ or SH. The variety, price and wide range of services from basic SW to BBS to Sauna, KTV, pickups at Starbucks, HR, etc. And of course the non-pro women!

01-12-04, 10:27
As a part-time China-man and part-time Californian, I'll weigh in on this too.

Among the options you suggest, Shanghai is the clear winner, IF you are paying the bills yourself and mongering is an important part of the deicision. Blankie is right on with apartment costs. Food can be USD3 per day or USD300 per day depending on your tastes and budget. I'd suggest USD60-80 per day if you're usually gonna eat out in western or sit-down restaurants; much much less if you plan to cook a home or hire an Aiyi (maid) to cook and clean for you.

IF by chance mongering is not so important AND your company is paying all the bills (i.e. you're gona get one of the increasingly rare fat expat packages) then by all means go for Tokyo -- best food, most cosmopolitan, and just full of fun stuff to do, especially since the whole country is conveniently accesible by bullet train.

Beijing traffic and weather sucks (esp. the dust storms in spring). Singpore has two seasons: hot-n-muggy, and hot-n-rainy.

However, I'd tend to agree with Rovers -- go for HK if you can convince your company to make it an option. It has the widest variety of talent available for mongering what with Shenzhen next door, 1-4-1, Mong Kok, Filipinas and Thais galore. Great international community and tons of great places to eat. And it is within 4 hours of most safe, visit-worthy places in Asia.

Let us know what you decide.

01-12-04, 10:55

Congratulations! The saga of the Tepanyaki finally comes to a happy ending. It took nearly a year if my memory serves me. It seems that perseverance does pay off. Well done, my friend!


01-12-04, 16:56
Shanghai, day two ;

Tried in the afternoon a BBS near my hotel , very cheap, paid 100R for BBJ but very poor service.
I went tonight not to the Big Bamboo but to a Sauna instead.
I was very pleasantly surprised.
After Shower/Sauna/Hot Tub, and tea, relaxing on a comfortable couch, they asked me if I wanted a massage.
Got a fantastic massage by a mid 30 girl from North of China followed by a Hot/Cold BBJ (my first one) and a nice F , very good service. Total damage 800R (not bad for such good service) . The place is called KangPeng Sauna & Amusement on Gonghe Rd.
Iwill be leaving tomorrow to Whenzou, I will report of action I found there.

Thirty Mins
01-12-04, 17:35
After being pleasantly serviced by a cute local friend tonight, I passed by an interesting BBS very close to the Portman.

For anyone in the area who might be interested, there were two very cute young girls sitting there.

Location: behind the Portman (side away from the Hard Rock), on the south side Beijing Road, just east of the Xi Kang Road intersection.

I'm off to Guangzhou tomorrow, but if anyone else is in the area and feels like checking out the place, you are of course welcome!

01-12-04, 19:21
I too go for Shanghai. It is a very easy city to get around, find food and entertainment. The main problem is getting to the airport.

Pudong airport is far from downtown. If they get the Maglift running it will be better. Does anyone know if it is runing yet? When I was there in July, it was stuck about a mile from the airport.

As an alternative, Hong Kong is a great place, but it is a bit expensive. An apartment at mid-level is as high as 3 to 5000 USD per month! If you have a rich uncle or business, it is still a fun place to live, and English is the second language.

01-12-04, 20:31
I have a question for all my fellow mongers.

How young is too young? And I mean this as a real question. Keeping in mind I am in my late 40's.

I have been in contact with a number of girls thru MSN and Yahoo personals. Most in mid twenties, but a couple that are 18-20. One that seems to be very interested in meeting up with me when I arrive next month, says that we'll have to see how things go when we meet. But that was after implying that there would be more. She wants to go to the pubs and clubs with me, and show me the town, even saying we can meet the very night I arrive, at the bar at the Portman, where I'll be staying.

But then she says something about I would be like big brother to her.

Do the younger Shanghanese girls play games with us "older" American guys? Right off the bat she told me that she is very mature for her age and our age difference means nothing to her, and yes she has seen pix of me too, so she knows exactly what I look like and how old I am. I have had one or two be all friendly and chat on IM and lots of emails back and forth, then all of a sudden it's, "I know what you want, the same thing all men want, to taste young Shanghai girl". To which I replied why wouldn't I?

So I am just hoping to understand their frame of mind a little better, and also if I am pushing the envelope too much going that young, and does it push the area of good taste?

Thanks for any input.


01-13-04, 00:39
Hi Denis,

I am glad you enjoy yourself in the shangainese "Katering" and saunas facility, but your first night, despite the nice gal we can see on the pics, was an expensive one, 300 us$ just for the girl, I wonder how much did you spend for the whole night, including the F&B + the entertainement in the KTV??

You can find better alternative in discos and others bars located in Julu st and Maoming st I think.

Keep us inform of your adventure


Barbershop Goer
01-13-04, 01:36
Recent sauna experience

I recently revisited one sauna which I visited a while ago and had a really good experience.

The sauna is located in Zhongshanbei Lu (ɽ·) and Bailan Lu (·) in Putuo District, which you can access by taking light rail and get off at Caoyanglu Station (·վ). It is attached to a hotel called Zhongyun Hotel (˴Ƶ, Good Luck Hotel).

The girl who gave me massage is from Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province. She is about 23 years old, and has natural D cups which are warm and soft, especially when she did tit massage. That is, she is naked and uses her tits to massage you everywhere with baby oil covered. It is very sensual.

My session ended with BBBJCIM which was one of the best blow jobs I received in my life.

Face: 7
Body: 8
Attitude: 8
Whole experience: 9
Total damage: 336 RMB (If you receive Tuiyou (, tit massage with baby oil), you get free bath)

Fellow mongers, if you decide to go to that place, ask for Xiao Liu (С, that is the surname of the girl) from Guiyang. I bet you won't be disappointed.

Happy mongering!

Barbershop Goer (aka Suana Goer)

Far East Andy
01-13-04, 07:17
Hi guys,

Just back from UK and dying for a bit of the barbershop action. As mentioned before I have moved appartment to Pudong so thought it best to check out the action there.

Not exactly sure of the location but will give it a try. Head into Pudong through the tunnel and go onto Pudong big road (Da do) Second set of traffic lights get out and there is one on your right hand side.

Anyway I walked in and there was only 1 girl, it was late. She was about a 7. Mamasan said 250 for all. Sounds good. Was taken upstairs to a big double bed with a curtain around it and FS was done, no tip needed will be going back.

Anyway if you stay on Pudong big road just as you turn left onto Chang Yi lu there is two shops there and all of the girls sit in the windows, haven't tried yet but will do and report back.

Happy hunting

Ear Muff Diver
01-13-04, 07:41
Wow! I am amazed with the reponses to my questions about locations for assignments! Shanghai seems to be high on the list of quite a few of you from SoCal, and merits very serious consideration. I have started my rounds of discussions with my company, and as you all know negotiations will be interesting and pretty hard nosed in terms of the details such as compensation, career , etc. and these wil play the primary part in my final decision. Social life and mongering are important ; however as I am most probably a lot older than most of you and I have most probably exhausted most of my energies of the last many many years in mongering pursuits, this time I may actually think with the brain in my head and not the one that keeps getting caught in my zipper. LOL

Again, thank you to all ; will keep you posted of progress and decisions.

The Edge
01-13-04, 10:02
Hi guys.

Been following this forum for a few months now and I need some help as I would be coming to Shanghai during the Lunar New Year next week.

Anyone know the mongering places and the current going rates near my place of stay? Would be staying at the Equatorial. Are there any places that are within walking distance from here?

How is the mongering being done here? Rules and regulations.


Roversman 999
01-14-04, 00:22
To EAr Muff Diver... were all a little older here ( at least I think so ) thats why were so good at the mongering game.. many years of trial and error.
One additional thought on the "where to live " situation. Think about the weather... it gets cold in Shanghai and VERY VERY cold in Beijing. Being a guy who likes shorts.. the warmer the place the easier.
Its currently zero degrees in Shanghai this morning and mongering is the last thing on the mind...

01-14-04, 01:58

You will be just a few blocks from Julu Lu. Go out the front door and take a right. Walk to the corner and take a right. Check out the action in front of the Hilton (you never know what you will see there, but don't go with any guys who are pimping). Cross the street and take a right, that is, continue down the street. Just walk a few blocks to JULU Road!

You are also within walking distance of the Hard Rock , a 15 Min brisk walk or take a taxi to Maoming road.

I am sure others can recommend more places nearby.


Noble Gent
01-14-04, 04:10
Greetings everyone

I would like to thank everyone so much for all the information here about Shanghai. I have been an active reader but a lazy writer for the past year. My New Year resolution is that I will contribute to this forum as much as I can.

Last week, I went to a BJ bar on Xing Za Lu and Jiao Zhou Lu in Jing An area. I have been walking pass that place for about a year, never went in. It looked pretty cheesy from the outside.

Anyway, walked in, was greeted by the mamasan. Since this is my first time there, she asked me some questions. Finally, she told me that they have a minimum charge of 350 rmb. I was pretty drunk, so I agreed to it.

There were about 15 girls in there, sitting around with different customer, playing cards and such. I told her to send me her best girl. She sent me a girl named Xiao Hong, and took me to the back room.

We just sat around, I drank beer, she was massaging me all over and I had my finger you know where, nice and wet. About 20 minutes later, She was naked, and I had my pants around my ankle. She got in between my legs, and did hot cold water BBBJ, and paid special attention to the area of my balls and ass, and finished with CIM. It was damn great.

After the BBBJ session was over, she cleaned me up with her mouth, sucked everything out, and then used a hot towel to wipe up, very nice in this cold weather. She gave me her phone number, and told me to call her the next time I want to play. She lives very close to the bar, I will definitely call her.

I know I probably over paid for the session, has any been to BJ bars like this? What is the going price? I paid 350 RMB for BBBJ/CIM and a beer. Please advise. If I go to her flat for the same service, how much should I pay? I will definitely check out her flat and give a full report.

BBS in Jingo An Area:

Xing Za Lu and Yang Ping Lu, "foot massage" place, in the front of the store it is pretty much legit. Usually about 6 or 7 girls, standard massage and for HJ in the back room door with locks for about 120 RMB, the place is quite clean, you get a real massage table with heater right above you. Not sure if they provide FS, I never asked.

Jiao Zhou Lu and Xing Za Lu, dirty BBS, usually 3-5 girls, massage on the second floor, no private rooms, and just curtain dividers. One time I was there, and having another customer (looks like a Da Zhong taxi driver) getting HJ next to me with only curtains separating us, not very comfortable with that. 100 RMB

Yang Ping Lu, Wu Ding Lu, across from Ya Xing Da Bao (Chinese fast food restaurant)

A total legit hair salon on the first floor, many good looking 30 year old women get their hair done there, second floor, Thai and Chinese traditional massage, massage is 60 RMB, 10 for hair wash. The first time I was there, I was really there for a real massage, didnt expect anything more, since it was decorated very nicely, and having regular female customers down on the first floor getting their perms.

About 45 minutes into the Thai massage, the conversation start to be a bit sexual (I speak Chinese). 5 minutes later, She started to do BBBJ and finished with CIM. Very nice indeed. Her tip, 100 RMB. Total damage 170 RMB.

There are a couple more BBS that I have been to in Jing An area, but I have a terrible time remembering the name of the streets in Chinese. I will look them up and report in couple days.

Wish everyone have a great Chinese New Year

Noble Gent

01-14-04, 11:35
Question to the board: has anyone ever taken a girl into the Westin? I am staying there now and planning to, but I would hate to be turned down by security...

Thanks for your help...


01-14-04, 18:40
How about the Portman?

Does anyone have any feedback about taking girls there? I have a few Yahoo and MSN girls that I think I will be scoring with when I get to Shanghai, as well as some pros too, and I'll want to take them to the Portman, but I also don't want any problems with security.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.



Roversman 999
01-15-04, 05:49
if with a yahoo or msn type just act normal. In my experience the yahoo type always look and dress normal and dont dress slutty. They are no problem and if someone looks ie security.. stare back and ask them why they are staring at you.. they will back off. If they stare too hard ask them to go call the duty manager as you want to make a complaint.... they will back off quick,
Its about looking like you and ms yahoo belong.

Roversman 999
01-15-04, 05:54
Dear Barbershop Goer... any more hints on sauna places. Im in the market to explore this weekend.. would love to try a few. Good /bad.. just want to have fun experiences....

Roversman 999
01-15-04, 09:33
wife away.. met an icq lady in kerry center starbucks today. Lives near xintiandi... has her own small apartment...goes to hk on business trips, about 28... this could be promising.
I chose her instead going on a sauna hunting trip...did i make the right choice?? watch this space

Found It
01-15-04, 13:49
This is an abbreviated field report of three days of fear and loathing in Shanghai.

First, the little head got the better of my big head once again and wife found some damaging evidence ...so, shit hit the fan. Needless to say I have had a bit of time on my hands as a result (home alone routine) so what better way to kill time than enjoy my "hobbies" right?

First stop..Blankie's recent sex bar discovery and who else but the Tappenyaki Lady! Damn Blankie, this is one freaking wild women! Did everything but the deed and she asked me to come to her place next night. great kisser, not bad BBBj and hands everywhere. Total damage RMB 350 including drinks not to mention I got at least 3 comp drinks from mamasan..

Next night did a "Domino's delivery" for eat in fun! Called a cute nurse I met on Maoming Lu (really got to wonder what kind of nurse hangs out on the "street"...but, hey she was pretty skilled in handling the male anatomy) She and a friend came over and we all spent the next 5 hours in the depths of debauchery. All Great stuff! She is 25, petite, great looking (and tasting) kitty and small but rock hard b cups. Friend has obtained her PHD in BBBJ and my xiao didi was gasping for air in the end. This one is a bit shy and no camera, but give it some time..haha.

Third night was a crawl through Shanghai's finer social estblishments and the mix of usual shit ... bar touts, drink ladies, a few cuties, armies of drunk and disorderly expats and lots and lots of working girls. Seems that even though crackdown is supposed to be underway the quantity has actually expanded. Finally got too difficult to decide so called my "nurse" and asked if she could come take care of a limp appendage. This time just me and her and we did every thing I could think of. Still no pics, but got her to consider at least. my new goal now! Unfortunately today she is sending my hourly SMS's of biblical proportion in Chinese of which maybe I can understand 10%! Guess this should keep my buried in the dictionary tonight and off the streets..but, lets see!

Summary, countless pops (at least 6 that I vividly remember and evidence of more), sore dick and aching balls, uncontrollable twitching and RMB 1430 poorer. Damn, what is my life coming to?

Anyway, thanks for the chance to ramble and anyone know a good divorce laywer in Shanghai?

stay safe and happy hunting!

01-15-04, 15:02

A complete wasted report for any newbie going to china.



01-15-04, 18:52

Thanks for the input. I will be as confident as ever, and not let them intimidate me at all.

My one concern is one of the girls is rather young, and I thought we were just going to be "friends" (her words not mine) until today. While we're chating everything changed and she made it clear that she expected more and she wants to "make me very happy guy when I am in Shanghai". Just telling me that made me a very happy guy. She is tall (about 5'8") and only like 19-20 tops, (god I hope she isn't younger then that) so I think we will attract a lot of attention where ever we go, because of the age difference. Just hope that doesn't cause any problems.

Yahoo and MSN are a wonderful thing. My biggest problem is having too many girls wanting to meet, and not enough hours in the day to do them all. LOL It's tough duty, but as I always try to do, I'll dive on the grenade. Someone has to do it, right?

I rather enjoyed your post, but, I would have liked more detail about locations you visited, because as a first timer to Shanghai in a few weeks, I don't know the area at all. Details would be great.


01-15-04, 20:06
Another newbie to China question:

Do the pros prefere to be paid in RMB or USD, or doesn't it matter to them?

Also where is the best place to change from USD to RMB, and then back to USD?

I have heard about black market deals and all kinds of things.

I don't want to go thru any of that unless it is going to cost me a fortune the legal way.

And last question. How much of your home currency do you normally exchange, 25%, 50% all of it?



Roversman 999
01-16-04, 02:50
Rab..just tell your freind to look confident. Once I met a yahoo friend and it turned out she was only 16... shed told me she was 18. Anyways we just walked and went round some bars... but man.. we must have looked strange.
But.. if your girl is 5ft 8 then shes fine and that height will get her past most every security guard.
Just one word... sort the wheat from chaff in yahoo... dont make too many dates otherwise youll have no time for the serious contenders.

Met the icq lady last night. Lots of drinks in xintiandi...lots of warm kissing in my car but didnt get the invite into her aprtment...but she did whisper if i was a good boy i could go to her aprtment this weekend. So drove home in drunken horny stupour.. all barbershops closed at midnite but went to Yannan road tea house and my favourite baby there gave me a wonderful blow.....then spat the contents out on the carpet... lovely.
And now planning tonights attack......only one problem... maid at home always reports to wife what time i come home.. .and its hard to say was in business meeting till 2am.. damn.....
The married guys will understand these comments

Far East Andy
01-16-04, 03:58
Hi guys,

Further adventures in Pudong.

Finished an exahusting session in the Bamboo and headed home, not too drunk, as no shots so brain and willy in hand decided to call in for a little action.

Treid to find the shop/lady from my previous report but no joy.

Drove up Pudong Da Dao towards the Novotel Hotel. Straight past to the next junction and turn right. 2 shops on the right, tried the second one along. Absolute stunner 8 in looks 9 in body, the most amazing tits I have ever seen, not a single fault. Asked for full service she said she would but wrong time of the month, oh no. Anyway give me a hand job 100 rmb including house. Will go back next week.

Anyway decided to have a look around. Headed toward the Novotel again and there was a few shops on the other side of Pudong Da Dao, popped in one and the girl wanted 400 for a BBBJ no way, got her down to 200 then changed my mind, she was really crazy, not wanting to let me out the shop, got rather nasty so stay away.

Crossed back over to the Novotel and if you walk towards the hotel where all the taxi's wait outside there is a road opposite with about 8 shops, all the girls coming out shouting Hello etc, worth checking out, kept walking until I had done a full square, so back on the same road as the Novotel but further down. Here there is 2 shops but hidden slightly by trees. Looked in both, 2 girls in each chose the better. She took me to a room out back and started to give me massage. After 5 mins asked me to go upstairs, we walked out the front of the shop and she opened the steel shutters next door which had small stairs leading upstairs.

Long story short, nice girl, never talked money, nice pussy good shag, asked her how much and she said up to you. Gave her 300rmb job done, had a call from my girlfriend at home and decided better shift my arse.

Happy hunting

Thirty Mins
01-16-04, 17:28
Dear Noble Gent,

What you paid at the BJ bar at Xin Zha Lu and Jiao Zhou Lu is the standard price, even for old customers. A lot of their clientele are westerners, and they don't mind paying KTV tip money for a BBBJ and hand play. Thanks for the info on the other places in the neighbourhood!

01-17-04, 02:23
Professional SH Mongerers

Need a little etiquette advice.

As a newbie to the BBS scene am curious as to what the common practice is if you go into BBS, start the preliminary massage and negotiation, but only get offered HJ or nothing instead of what you came in for. Do you still pay tai fei and any tip to girl or just get up and leave?

Saw a report from some time back reggarding some BBS on either Damuqiao Lu or Xiaomuqiao lu. I walked thie are Thurs in the rain and can confirm that on Xiaomuqiao Lu in the one block between Xietu Lu and Lingling Lu there are 8-10 BBS with 3-4 girls in each, mostly 4-6 but some 7-8. Plan to go back today or tomorrow and activly pursue. Will report

Thanks - this forum has been a great resource and I will contribute.

01-17-04, 12:28
I tried BBS goer's girl at the Zhoungyun hotel (see below). It was a bit tough to find, but I made it finally. I can confirm she is nice and the service is quite good, but the D's are maybe more like C's. Oweing to my poor quality of negociation, and being pressed for time, I let it go at 400, though she swore that that was the lowest possible (lies, damm lies and whatever). I was really pressed for time as I needed to go to Wuxi in the evening and man that was a B****. A good BBBJCIMWS did make the horrific trip easier to take. I had pretty similar service by the venerable #21 in Shenzhen. The main difference was price in that it was easy to get the oral buffet + FS in Shenzhen for 200 RMB, while it was time consuming to get the oral for 400 (maybe she could pick up that time was precious). Still, a good reference when in the mood for such oral services and she was quite friendly in general.

I recently revisited one sauna which I visited a while ago and had a really good experience.

The sauna is located in Zhongshanbei Lu (ɽ·) and Bailan Lu (·) in Putuo District, which you can access by taking light rail and get off at Caoyanglu Station (·վ). It is attached to a hotel called Zhongyun Hotel (˴Ƶ, Good Luck Hotel).

Far East Andy
01-19-04, 03:47
Noble Gent,

I know which BJ bar you are talking about.

Just to let you know my friend had a take away from there and paid 400 FS.

Worth thinking about for next time, although I agree the setup there is good just no shaggin.

Good hunting

Roversman 999
01-19-04, 11:37
Striking out.... met a nice lady last week in starbucks in Kerry center. Found her in yahoo. Had two dates... but cant get past the first kiss.
Found another one today online and we met in Starbucks next to HK Plaza. Cute and smart.. but when i mentioned the subject of sex. clearly there was no interest.
Just now met another who has been interested in meeting me for some time.. but alas.. shes considerably older than her pic and i realy didnt feel like making a play for her.
Im losing my touch...... or selecting the wrong ones.......im clearly off my game.

01-19-04, 14:51

Thanks for all your input and IM's. I don't know for sure where things are going yet, but keeping all options open. But as you advised I won't waste a lot of time if it isn't progressing in the right direction. I'll just move to the next one.

Hey what is "icq"? I've seen it and don't know what that means.

Thanks and I'll keep you posted as my trip nears.


Roversman 999
01-20-04, 00:52
Dear Rab and others.. icq ( short for I seek You ) is a chat software same as yahoo. Theres less pics on the profiles but its worked equally well.
Just has a quick count and i have 9 chatmates on my friends list that I have slept with... it certainly works.

Trying the impossible I decided to meet a friend who is going back to her province on tuesday am. Took me two hours to figure outr where she was... and she got in my car.. and said she had nowhere to stay. She had good figure and eefinately C cups.. but... was ugly. She said we could stay in a hotel together ( this was first time we had ever met ) but no... too darned ugly. I passed and drove home at midnight. Met four girls yesterday and not a pussy smell at all..a bad day!!!

01-20-04, 04:27
I called up my long time-ago Mao Ming Lu girl. She had rarely ever really worked there but happened to be there the first time I met her. I posted about her in the past.

She came over last nite within 20 minutes of my call. Treated me like a king. took a bath and dried me off. I told her she doesnt need to dry me off. She said "Of course, I like to. I am the woman, you are the man." ... Wow.... what a difference compared to some of these Shanghai women and american women.

anyways, after spending the night, I was getting my wallet, and she said, ,no problem, no problem... Then I paid her anyway so there wouldnt be any confusion about B/F-G/F. She then said to me, I like you but we cannot be more than that because you know I was a bar girl. Maybe if we met some other way and you didnt know....

anyway I posted some pics you can see.


01-20-04, 15:16
This is a fantastic forum! I've enjoyed "lurking" over the last few weeks. This is my first post - and of course it is to ask a Newbie question.

Now I've searched the posts for hotels, and have noted some suggestions. I thought I would ask this though. Is is better to be downtown for our purposes? I ask because there are many references to Pudong in the posts.

I have done some research on the internet, and these are the hotels in my price range (all US funds)

City Hotel - $69
Holiday Inn Downtown - $78
Peace Hotel - $70

Sofitel Hyland on Nanjing Road - $75 (A buddy got me this quote)

And there any recommendations on the above? Good for mongering? I am kind of leaning towards the Sofitel because my buddy helped me on this.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


01-20-04, 15:19
I will be in Shanghai from February 20th till 26th. Anyone interesting in hooking-up for some mongering? I would especially like to see the factories. It doesn't matter though. All the mongering activities appear to be fun!



01-20-04, 16:33
put some pics up of the sex bar chick in the photo section.

Fahuazhen lu close to corner of Pan Yu Lu by Crowne Plaza. Window says "girls bar" in neon.


Far East Andy
01-21-04, 04:42
Hi guys,

Tried out BBS near Huang Pi nan lu last night, must have got the wrong one as only hand jobs on the menu, with her clothes off so not too bad, where exactly is the FS shops there?

Anyway headed home (Pudong) and needed some more action. I have wrote about this place before but I was sso drunk had no idea exactly where so here it is. I feel like keeping this one to myself as it's a great BBS and there's a little gem in there I met last night.

Ok, up to Pudong Da Dao, past Fushan lu, to the next set of traffic light's. Turn right and there is 3 BBS on your right, go in the first one. The papasan is great and so are the girls. The girl I had last night was called something like Sun, 19 from Chongqing, a first for me. Great body, nice tit's B-C cup.

FS - Very good, energetic and liked it right up there.
DATY - Loved it, I was down there for ages.
Downside - No BBBJ, or anal, stuck my finger up and no way.

Price - 300 rmb including house (she actually said "up to you")

Going to make this my regular as it's 10 mins walk from my appartment, will try and get some pics.

Highly recommended also there's a babe in the 3rd one along.

Happy hunting

01-21-04, 09:22
After reading the report by TangZhen and Barbershop Goer , I can't wait to visit their favor sauna at Zhongyun Hotel.

I was there about 9:30 last night, took a shower, didn't dare to take a dip in the pool. I went to the rest area with only 4 other guys there while one of them were getting message.

I told the hostess that I want a Oil Rub, she went through a door and bought out a girlseem to be the manager. She confirm with me that I wanted a massage and ask me to wait. 10 minutes later, she came out and brought me to the back into a very dark room with a massage table, the massage girl were already there. Can't see her too well but seems to have large tits. I immediately took my bath rop off and she was kind of shocked. I took her that I wanted a oil rub so she went and grab some baby oil. She asked me if I wanted tit rub, I asked how much and she replied 300, I told her that it's a bit too high priced. She told me that if I want she can give me tit rub, ice/fire and BBBJCIM , all with 300 tip and FS for 400. I told her that I will take the 300.

We played for about 45 minutes, with her tits and nice BBBJ. She got me so hard that I wanted more. So I asked her to get a condom and we moved from the massage table to the floor. finished her with missionary style. Her name was Xiao GuangDong.

Total damage 536 RMB, 400 tip and 136 house fee for 2 session massage. Maybe the price goes up for Chinese New Year.


01-21-04, 09:31
Anyone tried Rainbow Health center in the Rainbow hotel in/near Gubei? Not far from Sheraton? I think YanAn or some street like that...
Looks suspicious.


01-21-04, 10:48
Avoid Holiday Inn "downtown" --it's up north-central (not at all Downtown in my mind) near the main train station and not a hot area for safe mongering.
Peace hotel is great for history, nostalgia and proximity to the Bund. However, it's a poor location if mongering is your primary purpose.
The City hotel is very well situated for mongering. Never stayed there myself, but heard it's decent enough.
I can't comment on Sofitel, but Nanjing road should be okay, depending on location. If Nanjing West road, then it's better for mongering in bars and BBS; Nanjing East road is in good area for shopping and also for hitting on non-pro girls in/around all the bookstores.

Far East Andy has done some good PuDong reporting. However, there are 20 times more places in PuXi ("downtown" area) described in great detail in this forum.

Enjoy Shanghai!

Roversman 999
01-21-04, 12:59
Blankie.. i went to either Galaxy or Rainbow hotel ( both in same area) and was shown a large room with communal massge area.
I took a pass and went round corner to Yili Lu massage places.
If you find i was in wrong one.. let us know. Its my area too.
I recently went to Surf Sauna further down the Hongqioa road ( next to Hunan Hotel and Conch Hotel ) and for RMB448 had two hours. with tit rub and bj. Girl was ok.. was 668 you can get two girls ( I think ).. my mandarin not so good ...

01-21-04, 18:58

Sound pretty close to my experience, except for the room. The room they showed me into had big glass windows. I had expected they would suggest a change of room once we settled on services, but she was good to go there and I kind of liked the public part, though I am not sure how I would have felt if I were a viewer. I did the pool thing as it was good to get warmed up out of the cold.

01-21-04, 19:11
I always say at the City hotel. Is is close to everything. I don't know how much trouble it is to get a girl into the hotel at midnight, but I know it is no problem up to 11PM.

The City hotel is a business oriented hotel. They have DSL that works most of the time and a good breakfast. I eat all other meals outside, bucause there are so many local options for fod and fun. If you want more info, email me.

Oh, always ask for a single big bed or you get the standard government specified two twin bed room.

01-22-04, 07:59
I only want Full Service saunas. I will go give Rainbow a try.



01-22-04, 09:57
It has been awhile since I have contributed as I have had guests recently and so hobying has been out of the question. Well, last week, I finally found some free time and decided to try heading to my old BBS on Jiangsu Lu , only to find it was gone! I mean its now a Real Estate office now! DOH!

Well, since I was already over there, I though I would stop by the other BBS on ChangNing Road to see what it was like now. (I may have reported on this place once too) Well, I walked in and there were 5 gals finishing lunch or something. One gal, dressed really smartly and in bright colors, immediately got my attention with a smile that was just right. The mamasan asked me what I wanted and I asked if it would be ok to come see her, pointing to miss bright and cheery. Of course, and immediately, the gal came over and took me to a back chair. We started with a quick massage and then she asked if i wanted to go upstairs for some more massage, grabbing my balls as she said it. I said sure.
I paid a TaiFei and they handed me a key to a hotel room of the hotel upstairs. Told me to head in myself and she would be by soon after.
Key tag was in Chinese, so I carefully looked for the hotel and luckily found it a few doors down (funny, it looked more like a card place). I found the room, a barely 1 star motel room with sheets unmade and bathroom...well, lets just say that it was not usable.
Ok, so far so bad. But then miss cheerful came in and made things better. The heat was on so we stripped, she layed a clean towel down for me to lay on and gave me a quick massage before asking me to turn over. She thrust her tongue in my mouth and started with her hands on my balls and shaft and teeth on my ear, neck to nipples. She sat on my shaft with no penetration and rubbed the base of my shaft. Needles to say, I got really hard.
Finally, hat went on and in one swoop, she mounted me and i penetrated a really tight but well lubed pussy.
We did her on top then I sat up and stood up and carried her while standing thrusting her while bouncing her up and down (she weighs all of 45kg or so i think) Went deep! Her reaction was amazing too as it seems no one has done this to her before. By the time I laid her on her back, her juices were dripping down my thighs (wasn't me as the condom held tight). I finally pumped untill explosion in mishionary all while wildly kissing with dueling tongues.
She did not immediately make me get off her and just kept kissing while I slowly removed myself from her.

Overall review:
Location : sucked
Girl Looks : 8
Performance : 7 (but no BJ at all otherwise 8)
Price: 250
Time around 50 mins.

repeat? maybe, but there are so many options. Gal's name is Xioa Hu. May have to do take out next time.

Phoenix Decending
01-22-04, 15:26
I want to thank everyone for all the info, I just wish I had known about this forum prior to being in Shanghai last month. I am a long time mongerer (in US and Europe), but new to this forum. I did get a little play in, but not at any of the usual places mentioned here.

After a few days in HK (which I will post about in that section) I arrived in Shanghai. I was staying at the Four Seasons and we held a banquet there for some local dignataries. After the banquet I went up to the Jazz bar on the top floor. I was meeting one of my business partners that I was travelling with, who had his wife with him, to discuss our reactions to the evening. While waiting for them two girls approached and asked if I would join them for a drink. I declined as I expected my partner and his wife momentarily. After a few minutes I decided to buy them a drink and I had the bartender do so. They immediately came over to talk one on each side of me. About that time my partners wife walked in and the girls immediately went back to their seats at the bar. My partner was not feeling well so his wife and I had a drink and talked and then she returned to their room. Immediately the girls were back at my side.

At this point each of them started hitting on me about choosing her and going back to my room. I told them I couldn't choose so why don't both of them come back to my room. At first they were shocked but they agreed. We went back to my room and then jumped in the shower, great fun soaping and washing each other. I then went into the bedroom with one of the girls (the other was still washing) and she immediately started with a cbj and then she climbed on top cowgirl. After a few minutes of this the other girl came into the room and layed down next to me. The girl riding me then got off me took off the condom and left the bedroom. (the hotel room had separate bedroom and living room areas) The second proceeded with a BBJ. After awhile she put a cover on and we tried several positions finishing doggie.

She then got dressed and we joined her friend in the living room, said good night and they left. I realize now that I paid way too much (1600RMB) but I sure enjoyed it.


BJ Boy
01-23-04, 04:28
Good story phoenix. I did not expect there would be that kind of action at the Four Seasons. Kind of on the high side, but some people pay that for ONE girl so don't worry. We all live and learn.

Thirty Mins
01-23-04, 09:25

Considering you were at the Four Seasons 1600 isn't bad. There are places where the hotel massage girls try to charge that for one girl. You potentially could have gotten burned though by not negotiating up front. They could have demanded 3k or 4k! Anyways, not a bad price, but remember for next time that you were lucky.

Phoenix Decending
01-24-04, 00:53
Thanks, BJB and TM,

I will be back in Shanghai on a follow up trip in early March, so I get a chance to put what I learn here to use. I only hope I will have a little time to do so, as we are already booked pretty solid with meetings and banquets.


01-24-04, 01:23
Two girls for 1600 is ok considering the place. Go to the local barbers and perhaps 500 is enough in some rat infested room, but think of the quality.

Ear Muff Diver
01-24-04, 03:06
Update Report

Many of you provided excellent information to help me decide upon which city in Asia to work out of. Shanghai was suggestion of most. It seems that I will be working out of Shanghai for 6 -12 months, on a temporary basis. So now, I have to decide which hotel to stay in or which is the best location for an apartment to rent.

Once I have the above logistic taken care of, then I can start to enjoy the " fun offerings" that Shanghai and the rest of Asia have to offer. Expect to be in Shanghai within a month.

01-24-04, 04:03
Newbie first report:

Went to check BBS s on Xiaomuqiao Lu. In three different place was only offered HJ after asking BBBJ and FS. Chose place with cutest girl and had soso HJ with mutual nipple licking. 90RMB

Found BBS on Zhong Shan Nan Er Lu and had FS. Go south on Xiaomuqiao Lu to Zhong Shan, turn left and third BBS on left. FS was upstairs, in little massage chair with ceiling so low girl could not sit up straight whie performing cowgirl style. She initially was going to FS bareback, but I resisted. Performance 4-6, looks 4-6. Price 280 rmb. Might go back, but not to same girl. Overall, the quality of the girls in the BBS was not good this weekend. Assume many have left for CNY.

Last week visited BBS on Nandan Lu, in second block west of CaoXi Lu. Was last shop on right in that block. Got good BBBJTCCIM from really nice 7-8 girl. By far the best choice in the shop. Nice B-C cup tits for manual and oral manipulation and beautiful ass and pussy for playing. No FS or DATY available. BJ technique good. Expensive at 260 rmb, but may be able to bargain on return.

Plan to try to fing sauna in XuJaiHui area this week. Will report.

01-25-04, 16:14
New Sex bar
Found yet another....
close to corner of Chengdu Lu and Changle Lu. has a frosty window with a shield and gun and sword image frosted onto it. Curtains are over the windows.

Dont pay more than 150 for BJ and 300 for FS.

I will get more specific address next time I go.

only one girl this time as most are gone for the holiday.


Shaolin Monk
01-27-04, 20:38

Try sauna at the back of the Oriental Department Store / Oriental Plaza called Dong Fang Sauna.

01-28-04, 04:41
Over the weekend, tried to go to sex bar near Crowne Plaza hotel, but closed for CNY I guess.

However, went into BBS next door for massage and passable BBBJ from really cute little girl from Hebei, named Xiao Gao.The best part was the time spent negotiating the price, about 30 mins. During this time, lots of oral and manual nipple play, both ways, my finger in the hot wet place and her playing with little Junior. As soon as we settled on the price of 260 rmb, she went to work on the BBBJ.

The place was clean and well lit with the action conducted in a separate room beside what appeared to be a legitimate hair cutting place.

Only problem, price too high. Maybe it"s just me.