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Mi Foot
01-28-04, 13:29
Virgin entry (your my first)

In mid April I will be in Shanghai (my first visit) for a week staying at the Sofitel.

I have several questions.

1/ Exchanges - what’s best option

2/ BBS/Massage near my hotel... I have read the last few weeks’ posts but am having some trouble with the geography of the city. Map reading in English is one thing, but dealing with the Chinees names is not so easy. Anyway, I find that you really don't get a feel for a place until you walk it.

3/ Good food.... I not little boy... half rugby scrum (back half of course)

4/ Taxis - are they reliable and safe

5/ Are there any real "NO GO" areas

This will be my first trip into China. My primary areas of experience are Northern Thailand, Batan, Cambodia and Laos, so coming this far north is something really different.

I rely on your advice to get me through

Mi Foot, Well it was last time I looked.

Roversman 999
01-29-04, 01:48
well this board has gone quiet.. guess we have all been away.
I was in manila for my usual workout.
Day one.. yahoo friend, sweet and just 20 and well endowed. Was nervous and shy but horny also. i got pissed off when she drank half the mini bar and used the phone to call her friends. She then wanted me to buy her a backpack for her mountain climbing. But i still let her stay..and worked out my frustrations on her pussy.
Day two.. a waitress freind from Shangri La. Very agressive and had mounds that were hard like concrete. She knew her way around the male anatomy and we had lots of all night fun.
DAy three.. massage at Grand Boulevard Hotel. Afternoon special.. you pick from goldfish bowl.. US$18 afor 90 minutes nd US$18 for "extras "
Then out drinking with friends all night till 3am.. back in hotel and my bar girl friend came to visit and stayed till 8am. We had the normal fun.. .so..9 orgasms, three days, three different sleeping partners. Normal manila trip. But they still dont sell Durex there so always take your own.. local ones are way to small.
WElcome back to Shanghai guys...

Dog Day
01-29-04, 10:22
A question. One of the BJ bars near the Jing An temple area charged me 350 rmb for a BJ and a beer. Did I overpay? There was about 6-7 girls you can choose from.
FS she said was 700 rmb, if i wanted to. She can bring me to her apartment. Is this reasonable.? Girl was a 7 willing to get boob sucked and pussy fingered during the BJ. Pussy was wet but tight. It was a good end to the evening, having your balls cleaned, sucked and your pipes cleared of the clog.

01-29-04, 17:10
Mi Foot

I can't answer all your questions but here are a couple:

1. Use ATMs to get local money--they're as common in Shanghai as any major U.S./European city.

3. Food--hard to go wrong. I spent a month in Shanghai on three visits last year and never had a bad meal, from the little "hole in the wall" restaurants to fine dining. English or picture menus are generally available in the more upscale places--though may be more limited than the Chinese version. You'll usually have to guess or point in the smaller and cheaper joints.

of course, there are the usual Western fast food places (especially KFC) about every other block in central Shanghai, if that's your thing. not mine.

4. Taxis are reliable and cheap, but don't expect seatbelts or a driver who speaks English. If you don't speak the language(s), be sure to have hotel staff, friend or associate write destination address in Chinese to give to the cab driver.

I always stay on Nanjing Lu, just a few blocks from your hotel, and I think you'll like the location. But I don't know the BBS/massage scene in the area--there are plenty of experts here who can probably help.

have a blast--it's an incredible city.

01-29-04, 20:22
dog Day,
what are these BJ bars? I dont know anything about them.

in my opinion you overpaid.

please advise exactly how to find these.


Shanghai Noon #2
01-30-04, 05:44
Hi Roversman99,

Just curious where the Grand Boulevard Hotel is? Any phone number would be greatly appreciated.


Shaolin Monk
01-30-04, 12:30
Dog day,

BJ bars are usually priced at around 200 - 350 rmb. Of course it depends which ones. Currently in Shanghai most of the BJ bars have gone to a take home / apartment type outfits charging 400 - 800 rmb a pop. In my view I think you paid on the high side. Definitely 700 rmb for take out is high. Good value would be around 400 - 600 (Of course depending upon the quality of the girl).

Happy hunting and keep posting

Shaolin Monk
01-30-04, 12:37
Mi Foot,

Supplementing on the answer westex gave:

2. Massage around your area - Hong Kong City is just before the junction of Si Chun Bei Road and Hong Kong Road (Just 30 yards south of the junction - a 10 rmb taxi ride from your hotel) No FS, but HJ. The place is very grand and so is the charge. You get 90 min massage and then HJ for 800 rmb - go have a try and report back.

01-30-04, 15:18
Maybe I'm the last guy to find this, but there is a VERY useful interactive map of Shanghai at smartshanghai.com with all of the street names in English. It features zoom +- and dragging. I know it will help me a lot in my search for the elusive perfect pussy, and maybe some of the other Shanghai newbies also. I've read most or all of the posts in the Shanghai section and don't remember it being mentioned, but maybe I missed it.

Dezi Guy
01-30-04, 17:33
I am going to be in Shangahi/Pudong staying at the Purple Mountain Hotel. Any action in the area, or even better any action in the hotel itself?

German Man
01-31-04, 16:23
Hi all,

Just a short question: I'm going to Shangahi in two weeks and I will stay in the Wanping hotel. Does anyone have experiences about their services or security?

Shanghai Noon #2
01-31-04, 19:46
Just an afterthought, it might be better for posters to use pinyin style of spelling out names of hotels etc., instead of using the supposed English names. I tried without success to find some hotels here and it was impossible since most people here do not know the names of small hotels in English. People know the Hyatt, Marriot and Hilton chains. Other than those large hotel chains it is very difficult to find the smaller hotels if you only know the English names that no one here uses.

02-01-04, 04:57
Went to beauty salon on Wu Ding Lu , near Yan Ping LU discuussed several days ago bu NobLe Gent. Sure enough, downstairs is active hair styling place.

Had shampoo, which they didn't charge me for, by the way, then had choice of normal haircut massage downstairs or 60 rmb "anmo" upstairs. Went upstairs, had pretty decent massage and was offered HJ. Unfortunately, the girl I was with, Xiao Feng, does not do FS or BJ. At that point, being aroused by her stroking, etc, I took the HJ. Was passable but nothing special. Total damage - 120 including 60 for massage.

Will go back and try different girl because atmosphere so much better than most of the BBS and price reasonable.

If anybody wants a really good full body massage with no extras available, as far as I can tell, go west on Nandan Lu from Caoxi lu(near Xujaihui), take first street left, go about 100yds and there is a big massage place on the left. No English on signs, but pictures outside. Had shower, very good 60 min full body massage ( except for private areas) for 58rmb. Vry new and modern facility.

Asia Butterfly
02-01-04, 05:58
German Man and Dezi Guy,

The best way to find out on immediate action is to call the massage service at your hotel and ask if they provide massages in your room. If the answer is yes, then go to the Massage area of the hotel, let them know that you called and that you would like for them to send a girl to your room for your massage. This worked for me in the past - 700RMB for FS (My experience). Note: not all hotels provide the service so you have to do your own investigation


02-02-04, 00:07
thanks for the map. Never seen it before. I found everything the hard way.


Global Exec
02-02-04, 04:46
Hi guys,

Been back to the USA and am now in Brasil, (of course a hobbiests dream). Heading back to Shanghai in March(th 11th), Crown Plaza is promising me a beautiful Suite to lure me back. Anyone interested in throughing a Mongerers Ball? Let me know. Take care guys.

Keep it safe, Keep it up, and keep em Wet!

Dog Day
02-02-04, 05:22
The BJ bar is next block from xin zha lu / chang de lu in jing an. Name looks like zy bar . Somebody I think already had a report on this bar before. Have a beer and choose your xiao jie. She will bring you to a room and give you a BJ. You pay and they even can give you a fa piao. I probably did overpay. That night I was pissed off with my snooty "net" date so have to blow my steam off somewhere.

Had a busy week-end meeting "new friends". Had lots of time to Chat on-line during the Holidays since i decided to stay and freeze my balls in Shanghai for a change. Met two prospects this week-end.

Met two interesting girls last week-end.

Saturday late afternoon was a 22 year old office girl. 1.62m, 50 kgs Shanghainese, she was a "7" over-all in apperance. Searching for a new BF, she broke up with her ex last year. Brought her to my place to watch DVD's. Midway I was all over her neck and kissing her ears. I was expecting a negative response but she did not say anything. Moved on and was touching her boobs over her sweaters, still fine. When I started to unzip her pants, she said she never have sex on her first date. I stopped and we just talked about our past relationships and about sex. She said she enjoys sex. I was touching her pussy through her pants the whole time and she did not mind it. She left around 7 and we plan to meet this week. Lets see what happens.

Sunday late noon was an 18 year old student. 1.77 m, 60 kgs. She was tall!!!! She was also Shanghainese, an "8". I was worried she will not go with me since i am more than twice her age. Same strategy, home DVD's. Midway i put my arms over her shoulders. She said she feels warm so i hugged her. I kissed her and she kissed back. Brought her to my room and we kissed and I undressed her. Got my pants off and i got a condom from my drawer but suddenly something changed. She said she does not know me. So we talked and topics went to sex and past relationships. She had her first experience last November with her BF who was her school mate but they broke up last month. She is looking for a new BF. We talked and later on we kissed. We rolled over and gave each other a "69". Started to mount her , but again she said no. She said next time, but she can give me a bj if I wanted one. Who can say no? In short i came and she swallowed. She said she likes that. Went for a shower then left for a bar in xintiandi. She was nice and sweet and it was like dating a GF. It was still early around 9:30 when her phone rang. Her mother wants her to go home. She told me she had a 10:00 pm curfew at home and she was very apologetic about it. Brought her by taxi home and we scheduled another date this week. Again lets see what happens.

I love Shanghai.

Black Jack
02-02-04, 06:57
Haven't been in SH for the past little while. It's nice to be back and good to hear that this forum is still quite active. Seems like like more saunas, BJ bars and bbs are being unearthed.

Farmboy, I've been to the massage place that you mentioned and agreed that they offer good massage for the price. Likewise, I never posted it as there is no way of getting any extra service there. In response to getting extras, I've noticed that most regular barbershops/beauty salons do offer service if they have a seperated massage room. For newbies who may be intimidated to try the very obvious x-rated bbs, you may want to first try hitting a regular beauty salon where downstairs is as normal as it gets. Get a haircut, wash and then ask to go upstairs for a massage.

Major Shag
02-02-04, 09:11
Hi Guys,

I'm going to Shangahi in 4 days and I will stay in the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel. Does anyone have experiences about their services or security or whether it is girl friendly?

02-02-04, 09:45
1) RE: BBS
I have a simple rule -- if it looks clean and straight enough that I'd consider getting a haircut in the place, then I don't even bother entering the doorway of the shop if I'm on a mongering mission. Experience has proven this to be a good guide. (Likewise I don't let anyone in a mongering BBS touch my hair with scissors!)

2) DeziGuy-- The Purple Mountain Hotel in PuDong is not far from the places recently reported on by "Far East Andy." Check his reports for some PuDong BBS action.

3) RE: Maps
Farmboy--Thanks for the site and map. Looks like a good resource.
I have a searchable PDF map of Shanghai in english that is also very helpful (though it is about 2 or 3 years old). But very helpful if you're not connected to the internet. PM me if you like me to email it to you (note that it's 2.5MB in size, so have a decent sized quota on your email account).

Shanghai Noon #2
02-02-04, 11:58
Hi Fellow Mongers,

Just by accident I stumbled upon a BBS in the HuangPo district. I was just remarking to my taxi driver how difficult it is to handle a girlfriend in Shanghai. They are so high maintenance! My driver said there was a BBS that had a girl cuter than my girl and without such hassles. I was intrigued and went on the expedition with him.

He just wanted to drop me off without collecting any finder's fees. He also gave me the low down on what to say. I guess discretion is the key. He says just take it easy and ask for regular service. The girl will eventually bring up the subject of extra. I tried it and it work like a charm. I just went in there and pretended to ask for a backrub. After 2 minutes the girl brought up the subject itself. I went in the back room and it was really a very very small closet. It was so bad that I said I was willing to take her somewhere else and pay extra. No dice. I did the deed on this really filthy mattress doggie style(I didn't want to even touch it with my skin) had my shoes on. She was cute with a C cup and service was ok. I just wanted to finish and get out of there! Anyway it was an experience. BTW it was only 250 rmb fs.

02-02-04, 16:26
There are some BBS in Gubei area that's pretty clean, good hair and good special service. ;) I have reported earlier. Went back a couple times with different girls. The massage is actually good and the place is clean.

Roversman 999
02-03-04, 00:24
dog day..your a man after my own heart... i love the easay way it is with chat friends... have three going on right now, two of who will get nailed next week.....hope your yahoo friends arent same as mine ...hahah

Dog Day
02-03-04, 02:26

Shanghai is a big hunting ground. Wish we had 4 day week-ends. Too many girls, too little time.

OK Bars
Expensive way to to have sex in Shanghai but you get a whole line-up of girls to choose from. Never went there on my own initiative since I hate singing in karaokes. Been there because some supplier treat us for some fun after the usual dinners.

Marlboro OK right in the corner of Yan an Lu and Hongqiao Lu. It is in front of the Park on the second floor. Cute young girls wearing plaid mini-skirts and high socks greet you. Its like entering a middle school. The usual OK room. They call in hundreds of girls of all looks and sizes. Most are "unbelievably" stunning. Picked up a girl, her name was Evening. 1.70m, slim, a "9" in my books. She would be a "10" if she added 5 more pounds to her frame. Our supplier said, you can take her home. We did and wow. Her skin was as soft as silk. She had mid-size firm boobs with mid size nipples. She gave me a mind blowing BJ. I almost came when she licked my ass really clean. Did not kiss her after that though... haha. It was a night of fun sex. I can not remember how many times i shagged her. She will do anything you ask. I was wasted the next day. She did not ask for money but gave her 100 RMB for taxi.

Songs from Hometown OK in Yan an Lu and Hongmei Lu. Same deal as above. Girls are a notch lower though. Took home a girl. Her name was Jessica. An "8" but she looked so cute, innocent and naive. She was 20 years old, 1.60, slim (not bony) and came from Anhui. Same story, she is willing to do anything you want and you can "do" her as many times you want for the night. Also gave her 100 RMB for taxi the next day.

I am not sure how much they gave the girls the night before. I am pretty sure its not cheap. I am trying to remember the other OK bars I have been and will write next time.

Far East Andy
02-03-04, 03:15
Pudong Update.

I better split this one into 2 reports as it might get e little long.

Had a few beers in Shangai Sally's and then headed home. The other day I walked past a BBS and noticed a few stunners in there. So last night I decided to call in. Said the same old "an mo" and this stunner asked me to take a seat in the chair. She started the massage and the other girls came over to have a chat, there was about 3 others. At this point I was considering leaving as I was sat in the shop front having a normal massage.

Then out of of the blue I could hear moans and whimpers from the room next door... Ok hold on. Some guy came out and another girl, then mine asked me to go in the same room. Here we go.

For some reason they don't provide FS, she told me in Chinese but I didn't understand, hopefully one of you guys can try and let me know why they don't.

Anyway she asked for 200 BBBJ 150 for her and 50 house.. Ok no problem.

She took her skirt, and knickers off and pulled her bra out from beneath her jumper. I have never seen a body like it. B cup tits and an ass that any girl would die for.

Anyway, a great BBBJ, loads of effort on her part. She then plonked her pussy on my face which was rather nice. My fingers were everywhere, pussy, ass and she loved it.
I'm sure if she did do FS she would do anal also.

I stopped her before I was finished as I wanted FS at my local. She was in a very wet state.

Looks 7
Body 9
Price 200 ( I was there for about 45 mins)
Tits 7
Ass 9

Head up Pudong Da Dao until you reach Dong Fang Road
Get out the taxi and walk back the way the taxi just came until you reach the first turning on your right, a small road.

The BBS is about 50 metres on your left.

Let me know if anyone else tries this place.

Happy hunting

Far East Andy

Far East Andy
02-03-04, 03:31
Second Part Pudong update:

After the fantastic BBBJ decided to head to my local for some FS.

The address I put in the other reports a few weeks back. Anyway my normal cutie wasn't there so this little one caught my eye. She was tiny, I mean not very tall at all. She was wearing a low cut jumper with what looked like D cup tits just waiting to pop out.

Upstairs must have been full as I was lead to the smaller room which only had a single bed, but was clean and bloody hot which was nice.

In the room and on the bed, she took off her jeans and knicks. Nice looking pussy. Then off with the bra, and f**k me those tits were huge, still can't get them out of my head.

She left the room to go and get a condom, and then the strangest thing happened. The mamasan came in and closed the door. She told me that I should not have paid 300 the last time I was here or the time before and that it should only be 250 no matter what. Ok ok no complaints from me.

Young cutie came back and we got down to business. Again no BJ which is a bit of a shame, will have to sort that one out.


Looks 6/7
Tits 9
Body 7
Sex 7
Price 250 including house.

Had a chat and a cup of tea with the mamasan after, great place.

Happy hunting

Far East Andy

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

John Siron
02-03-04, 06:38

Could you please post the address to the BBS in Gubei?

John Siron
02-03-04, 07:05
Have all the talent come back into Shanghai yet or should we wait for another couple weeks before venturing out to try some new girls?

02-03-04, 07:21
The BBS's address in my ealier posts (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=945&perpage=15&pagenumber=27). There are actually two BBSs there, the look more like hair salon to the untrained eyes. ;) One of them are targeted at Japanese customers and you can see some Japanese characters on their sign.

02-03-04, 07:46
Hi all,

I have only discovered this great forum a few days ago. It´s awesome.

Despite all the useful information that I have been reading there are a few things that, as a newbie, I would like to ask you guys:

How do you tell the BBS girl that what you want is a BJ instead of the typical HJ? I speak some chinese, not much but enough to have a conversation with the girls. I really don´t know how to ask them to give you a BJ. Is there a term in mandarin (probably) or you just tell them with gestures?

Are there any more BJ bars (a part from the one Dogday just informed) in the Jing An area?

Thanks to all for making this a great site.

Dogs Body
02-03-04, 08:59
I am doing a service apartment stay in Shanghai and Beijing next month and plan on some overnight romps. Other than money and tea, what type of treats should I stock for the local ladies? Do they like white or red wine? Sweet or dry? Gin and tonic? Any local food suggestions? Special treats? I have to be my own mini-bar so any cultural hints will be greatly appreciated. It's nice if they leave happy!

PM if you wish

02-03-04, 19:51
Well guys it is almost time for me to leave for Shanghai. I am very excited being it's my first trip there.

I was wondering if anyone has any info about Wenzhou? I now have to spend one night there, and why would I want to spend it alone, right?

Well any help will be greatly appreciated.

If my freebie young girl comes thru, I may be totally worn out before I go there. LOL

I will post all info, and any pix I am lucky enough to get, when I return to the US after the 14th.

Thanks everyone for all the good information that has come my way.


Far East Andy
02-04-04, 02:27

If you check back through this board you will find loads of sayings in Chinese for BJ's etc.

If you don't want to have a look just use sign language, always works for me.

Also if they do offer extras normally they will ask you so no worries.

Good luck

Far East Andy

Black Jack
02-04-04, 05:01
Hey Blankie,

Just wondering what are the usual hours of operation for the BJ bars, such as the one close to the Crowne Plaza. I've been there on a few occassions and it has been closed.


02-04-04, 05:28

BJ= chooee
BBBJ: Bu2 Dai4 Tao4 Kou3 Jiao1¡±
BBBJTC: Bu2 Dai4 Tao4 Kou3 Jiao1 He2 Kou3 Bao4¡±

If you read through the older posts in the forum you will find a long list of useful words including the above ones. And you will also find the answer to your second question.
Happy reading


Found It
02-04-04, 06:04
For those mongers here looking to repeat those memorable moments of Maggies in Beijing here in our own back yard...found that the Mongolians have hit town! Wandered into Manhattan on Maoming Lu the other night out of boredom and DAMN..there were two really hot ones there. Seems to have gone international as the place was also crawling with Russians. Admittedly it is a bit of a hell hole, but ......

Honestly forgot the Mongolian's name but she has an interesting tatoo on her back right above the ass. Very talented in all the right things. RMB 600+ drinks.

Happy hunting

02-04-04, 06:34
Hi guys,

Just wondering, how can you guys hookup with chick on MSN/ICQ/Y!M? How can you get to know their user name on those?

I'll be in SH shortly and I'd appreciate it if you guys could recommend some sauna or KTV place, preferrably near FuDan University area(yang pu distrcit) but other districts are ok. SH is not that big I suppose?

Thanks mucho.


02-04-04, 06:57
Andy, Todd,

Thanks for the tips guys.

Yesterday I went on a little mongering mission (the 1st after the discovery of the WSGforum). The objective of the mission was to find something that would allowme to relax for a good night sleep.

I went to Wuding Lu right at the end of it, between Taixing Lu and Shimen 2 Lu. There were three or four BBS and a couple of "suspicious" massage places. I wasn´t wearing a lot of money in my pocket and I didn´t feel like spending 90min in one of the MP so I randomly chose one of the BBS (the only one in the south side of that part of street).

There were only two girls in the place, one of them was working, so there was one left for me. Not good looking, but it was chilling outside, so the "what the f***" message appeared in my head and I went in. We went to the back room, and it wasn´t that bad (considering this is a BBS) she went straight for the niples and the HJ. I told her to go for the BJ but she refused according to her she had never done it before (sounded like big B.S. to me). She promised me that the next time she would do it though . Total damage was 30rmb for the house and 50rmb xiao fei.

For shure not the best HJ ever but she had decent technique and i wasn´t feeling like discusing the price a lot.

All in all in the next mission I will probably give a try the rest of the places of that little mongering cluster. I will keep you posted.


02-04-04, 08:35
I'd like some input from you China experts. I've been in Thailand for the last 7 months and I feel like I need a change. I tend to like the Chinese Thai mix and I'm thinking I will enjoy the 100% Chinese variety. For those of you who have been to both countries how does China compare to Thailand for mongering? Are the girls hardened professionals? What are the prices like? Is there any chance for free action?

02-04-04, 08:59
ask Old Asia hand in the Shenzhen board. He has been to Wenzhou.


02-04-04, 09:00
black jack
I know the girls bar by there is the only naught activity bar there, they are open late, like maybe 4am.

lately they closed a few times for holiday, and also for a mini remodel.

Should be all over now.


02-04-04, 09:02
As there is likely no place in the world to compare to Thailand, China does have a very full plate to offer. You will never run out of things to try etc..


Far East Andy
02-04-04, 09:19

China has the biggest female population in the world.

3 words " The pressure's Off "

Give it a try, I'm ex Thailand expat and love China but still frequent BKK and the rest of Thailand.


Far East Andy

02-04-04, 10:41
Yesterday on my way home I popped in to a BS on Changde Lu.
Got a very nice girl from Fujian (don’t remember her name) Not long after she started to massaging me she also started to lick my nipples, I thought I would make up for that favor and started to play with her nice and firm tits (B-size) and licking her nipples as well, some more cuddling and then some Da fei Ji. She then suddenly drops her pants and wants me to start fingering her, and she was soaking wet. We rally had a nice time both of us.

You can really have a fun time for 50 RMB in Shanghai :-)
But I guess you’re not expiring those kinda things that often…


Found It
02-04-04, 11:05
Fellow Mongers!
Just suddenly realized we have passed our Beijing brethren in postings!!! Kudos to all out there who are keeping our hobby alive!!

Tony HK
02-04-04, 12:19

I am a new comer here, and I am now staying in Shanghai for 2 weeks.

Could anyone refer some good places to find a gals to offer services?

I am living in Central Shanghai Hotel, Jiujiang Road.

Thanks for anyone's advise in advance.


02-04-04, 16:50

Thanks Buddy, I will try OAH.

Shanghai, here I come!


Roversman 999
02-05-04, 00:14
cleanliness of barber shops..
Was out for a little nocturnal cycle the other night and had the usual hand and oral manipulation...and happily cycled home.
When got home my wife smeled my clothes and asked where id been. .sure enough my clothes stank of cigarette smoke. I doint smoke so i could hardly explain it was me.
Sure enough went out last night to a different place and on leaving relaised how much my clothes smelt of smoke.
And these were barbershops where there was no one smoking inside. Guess the air is so smoky in these places......

Roversman 999
02-05-04, 00:15
for shanghai drivers..
was there a big crackdown in january or did they make the speed checking a lot more sensitive. ive just finished paying my sixth speeding fine all obtained in january. been driving here for 8 months but to get six fines in one month was strange.
had an accident on yannan hi way last week which was even stranger. .specially as i have no chinese and only one part of my licence with me.
ok... no more off topics today....

Member #1268
02-05-04, 10:03
i have stayed at the portman. 800 rmb providers are available at the hard rock and the long bar both of which are very close.

be very careful as a scam is in work in shanghai. this is what happened to a friend of mine. just getting comfortable with the girl in the room when there is a knock on the door by hotel security. he was accompanied by local police undercover vice detective or so he said. took the girl away, confirep001ed my friends passport. stated he would have to appear in court on charges of soliciting a prostitute. of course an option to going to court was to pay 5,000 rmb and the passport would be returned and all would be forgotten. when my friend asked what happens to the girl, he was told she is going to jail. my friend protested and the detective said, "look i could charge you 50,000 rmb and you would pay it" you really don't have a choice unless you want to get bogged down in the chinese court system. it took two days for my friend to get his passport back even after he had contacted them that he had the 5,000 rmb the very next morning.

have fun but be careful.


02-05-04, 10:06
Is there any place in Shanghai to buy performance enhancers like Viagra, Cialis or their Chinese counterparts?

I've asked for Viagra in a couple of the green cross pharmacies where I buy comdoms and they don't understand what I want.



Black Jack
02-06-04, 06:25
Wanted to try something new or somewhere different, but ended up checking out my old regular BBS on Haifeng Lu and Shaanxi Lu (mentioned in previous posts a while back). They had a few new girls and the one that I tried is highly recommended. Decent size cups, great BBBJ and tit fuck. After I came in her mouth and she spit, she had some warm water in her mouth to continue with another short session... to clean me?
Unfortunately I forgot her name..I think it was Ching? Either way they a few cuties in there.
Anyways excellent service, relatively very clean BBS, and for 130rmb. I even tipped her extra 20, which is something I have yet to done in all my hunting trips.


02-06-04, 07:25
can someone tell me what a bbs is? thanks
PM if possible.

02-06-04, 08:04
BBS = BarBerShop
If it were more prevalent and relevant outside China, I suppose we might be able to get Jackson to add it to the list of abbreviations.

02-06-04, 12:20

I lived in Thailand for 10+ years and China for nearly 9 years so I may be able to shed some light on your question.

For certain, there are more pros per capita in Thailand. Overall, I reckon pros are less hardened in China. IMHO, more free action available in Thailand, but some of the boys get their fair share in China too. I may not be a great judge since I was single in Thailand and married in China; thus not enough time to pursue the free stuff. Prices are pretty similar, maybe slightly higher in China, on average, especially for the high end. The average level of service is better in Thailand, especially if you are a westerner. Thai girls are more used to farang and less afraid of the size. I also believe that Thai girls enjoy sex more.

Having said all the above, I have had many fantastic experiences in both places. Variety is the spice of life!

Just my POV.


02-06-04, 12:23
Black Jack,

I think that is the same BBS that Blankie took me to. If so, I have very fond memories of the place. Excellent fire and ice treatment from a very enthusiastic service provider. I would highly recommend the place too. I need to get back up to Shanghai soon to try it again.


02-06-04, 17:21

I will be back in Shanghai in March, but I do not know in which hotel where to stay.

Any recommendation for a 3* to 4* hotel close to some action and of course girls friendly.

Is the Novotel a good choice?



Dog Day
02-06-04, 17:38
Purple Mountain Hotel, Pudong.

I've been to their OK once late last year. When the girl line-up came, there was an odd one from the group of make-up , made-up, dressed lot. A young, cute spectacled girl next door wearing casual sweat shirt and jeans. 1.60, not too slim, a "7"maybe because she looks so simple compared to all the girls in the line-up. I chose her from the lot and took her home. She was pissed off with her BF who played computer games all day, so went with her "friend" who persuaded her to go that place. Sex was not great just OK, but she was nice. Her parents are in Australia and she is studying in Shanghai and living in the dormitory. She gave me her number and I gave her mine. Gave her 100 RMB to go back to Pudong in the morning.

The interesting part of this story was she called me two weeks later. She went to my apartment late that night and we "did it again" and there was no money involved. She said she was just lonely. She said she was living for Australia since her mother came back and her visa is all fixed and she remembered me. Weird. I called her a few days later and the number was "not existing".

Dog Day
02-06-04, 18:01
Friday night. Got second date with 18 year old MSN friend. Suppose to meet at 6 in my apartment but she arrived late, around 7, because of the week-end traffic. I know from previous date she should be home by 10, which leaves us not too much time for "hellos"since we are suppose to eat dinner out side. Got her to my room and went straight at it. Kissing and a "69". She said only had one BF before but they only had sex once. I had a hard time entering her. She said it was painful. She was asking me to stop and try next time. Good I had some KY ready and had half the tube pressed to her hole and I was able to penetrate her slowly. Did not move for some time and told her she has got to get used to it. Man, it was tight. I moved and after a few minutes I came. We did not have much time so we dressed and went for dinner. We plan to meet again next week-end before she heads back to Hangzhou where she is studying. School starts end of February. Damage was 100 RMB for her taxi to and fro my flat and a 170 rmb dinner.

02-07-04, 03:04

I always stay at the Hengshan Hotel. It is 4-star, reasonably close to the action, and a very good value at 500RMB.


Shanghai Mj
02-07-04, 06:27
Any info on the pudong side? You can check my picture from the photo gallery. Some pretty decent girls out here.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

02-07-04, 10:50
I was walking south on CaoXi Lu from XuJaiHui, and not far before you get to NanDan Lu. I saw a small sign by the sidewalk and a big neon sign upstairs(unlit in the afternoon) for a place called the "Men Looking for Love Club". It was not open this afternoon. Has anybody been in this place?

I'm wondering if it is place where the touts take you to get ripped off or if it might just be another BJ bar or something similar.



02-07-04, 14:15
OldAsiaHand and others,

My question might seem odd but I understand some of you in the same situation could advise. I am married, my is wife in Shanghai too. To meet "friends" I need to go to hotel (most of them live with parents or husband etc). I am always unconfortable when I have to register (you know, passport, Z visa number etc) and I always check out the next day (instead of just after we had fun) for fear someone will find it suspicious. Not sure this is a real problem or my imagination. I don't like leaving such tracks, if for some reasons someone wants to check, they can find I have been checking in this hotel, that hotel, etc. Same for renting another "secret" flat, I would need to submit documents etc and leave more tracks. Any good suggestion?



Lucky Seven
02-07-04, 16:25
Forget about the hotels. Try a service apartment. They rock. Mutch nicer then a hotel. I tried one for the first time in October and loved it. I got a three bedroom apartment for me and my buddies. I was told they are safer then hotels. The place I stayed at is called Summit service apartment. 1066 Yan An road, Shanghai Tel# 86-21-6213-0022
My buddies and I picked up three girls at a KTV one night and brought them back to the apartment. It was funny walking into the living room and hearing them going at it at the same time. One of my older freinds hooked up with a real hottie who I really wanted. She spoke great english. The next morning I banged her for free. My girl left after we were done. ( My choice) I prefer to sleep alone. The next morning I was heading down the hall for the bathroom and she was sneaking out of my friends room. He was still snorring. We started to make out in the hall. We slipped into my room and had a quickie and it was great. I have talked to her on the phone since then but I dont think I will see her again. On to another new experience!!!


Member #3428
02-08-04, 05:24
Hi Guys,

As some other posts here, I need some advice from some old hands in SH. I will be over there coming up for a week. I do most of my work in Yiwu (small town, companies I work with deliver LT to room for me) and do not have any experience in Pudong area.

Any recomendations on good hotels in Pudong I would appreciate. Also if anyone has any recommendations on ST / LT service, in room would appreciated. I've heard Tong Mao, Grand You You, Sofitel and Shangra-Li. Girl Friendly of course.

I don't mind the BBS but prefer a friendly, enjoyable couple of hours to LT in room. Anyone want to point a newbie in the right direction in Pudong would be greatly appreicated for your time. Or anyone want to meet up for a night out of fun then let me know.


Black Jack
02-08-04, 06:18

Well if the BBS that you and Blankie went to, was RELATIVELY very clean and nice inside, then I'm sure it's the same one. I've been to a number of BBS along that street and none of them come close. That's why I made that one of my regular BBS. There's a couple of new cuties in there, that I am planning to try out soon. I'll keep you guys updated.


Roversman 999
02-08-04, 10:07
submariner.. i know the hotle problem. I use cheap three star hotels and only give my residence card not my passport.. i odnt know what else to do either.. altho i have had a bonk or two in my car...

Roversman 999
02-08-04, 10:12
hk update.. here for a saturday nite then on to guannzhou... met a yahoo friend at 3pm on sat afternoon. Raining and cold so we went ot a pub.. she was nice ( filipina) and honest and wanted to kiss and more she said. But i was double booked so will leave her till next time. Met an indonesian part time hooker.. she had to go to a ktv at eleven pm but shes promised to spend all wednesday night and thursday morning with me.. and ive seen her luscious body on webcam so look forward to that.
But the trip was not wasted.. got up at 5.30am ( !!!) to go meet my indonesian domestic helper friend and bring her into my hotel. WAs cold and raining waiting for her.. am thinking am i doing right thing.. yeah.. she arrived with a big happy smile and we got to the room and she kissed my dick for ten minutes.. that happy to see me. We had sex three times in next two hours ( i havent done THAT for years ) and then we had to leave...she pressed my pants and tidied up my suitcase and even shined my shoes...gave me massage before leaving too.. was a great trip..nd wednesday and thursday night to look forward too!!!

02-09-04, 03:09
Found another FS sauna this afternoon. Good service but a little expensive. It is in the Hua Xia Hotel on CaoBao Lu. Go south from XiJiaHui on CaoXI Lu, past IKEA to CaoBao Lu, turn right, go 200-300 yds, across small bridge and high rise hotel is on your left. Sauna is on the first floor. Turn left past the checkin desk in the lobby.

Went in, changed to standard pajamas, took shower and went to sauna, then hot/cold pools for 30-40 mins. Then to small lounge, where tea and watermelon were served. Then back to private massage room, where all action took place.

Was given back, arm and leg massage, then after turnover, shirt came open and Xiao Huoa(?) began chest and nipple tickling and began stroking my dick through the pants. At this time, began asking if I wanted sex and price negotiation. I told her I was only interested in FS(zuo ai) and she immediately said that was no problem and that the charge, all inclusive was 700 rmb. I tried patiently to get a reduction but she insisted that that was the price set by the management and no reduction was possible, all the while stroking my now exposed dick and balls.

I finally gave in and said OK and she immediately took off all my clothes and hers. Really cute firm, but small body. Lots of licking, mutual nipple sucking, pussy fingering and DATY. Then some BBBJ and finished with her cowgirl style. Hr CG was much better than some of the others I've had here, where they mounted, then rocked back and forth without much action. She was very agressive , wet and tight and used the muscles in her vagina to squeeze my dick.

After I finished, she dismounted, cleaned me up and redressed me in pajamas, then finished the massage with a little dick stroking to go along with it.

Went back to lounge, finished my tea and watermelon, then back to change area to dress and leave. Paid my 700 at the desk and out the door.

Price was high but service was good and place was clean and seemed to be well managed. Would like to hear if somebody else is able to get lower price. Maybe my negotiation skills need some refinement.

One disconcerting thing. As you walk to the hotel, you may notice a lot of police cars on the adjacent parking lot. I think there is a local precinct right next door. Thought it might be a problem, but didn't seemed to be.

02-09-04, 03:51
I'm in Shanghai for a week. Staying at the Hua Ting. Can anyone give me a couple of recommendations. First, I'm looking for a decent BBS in the area. Second, I'm looking for a good place to meet a girl who I can bring back to my hotel. Third, I'm looking for a sauna in the area where I can get fs.

I'm hoping to spend less than 500 rmb for the girl to come to my room, if that's possible. If not, that's OK.

I went to HengShan yesterday and ended up getting scammed. Should've known better, but the damage was minimal.

Thanks for the help guys.

Noble Gent
02-09-04, 09:31
Was in Pudong last week, found a bunch of BBS on Pu Dian Lu. All small and nasty. After walking back and forth for a while, deciding if I should go in anyway, the little head won.

Went in, was led directly to the back room, through a closet. It was very interesting. After you push away the clothes thats hanging in the closet there was a hidden door. 2 rooms in the back, both lit with pink lights. I got a massage for 5 minutes, then she started to stroke me, I asked for BBBJ/CIM, not a problem. Total damage 150 RMB. Felt nasty afterwards, the condition of the place was just horrible.

Any one want to hook up for a beer and check out the actions in Jing An area? Let me know.


Xiao Ma
02-09-04, 11:09
Hello , Xiaoma's Report (A detail report of Xiao Xue )
Location: Shanghai.
Age :23
Race : ShengYang
Height : 5'3"
Body : Full Body with 34D boobs, abit fat but ok for cos of her service (7/10)
Look : OK (7/10)
Skin : Fair and smooth (8/10)
Service : Very good, Good massage (9/10)
BBBJ : Really nice (8/10)
ClM : No.
FJ :No FJ in Massage place but can take out, yet to try.
AR : Nice(7/10)
Anal : no
GFE : Submisive (8/10)
Cost : RMB 866 (lnclude massage, sauna and service), To hotel - RMB 600 (ST) Overnight RMB 1000.00(LT)
Contact :+8613122502366

Comment : Why do l recoment? Cos she have a 500 house power Pussy that will suck you dry. l finger her and God she is so wet, her pussy almost made my finger cum.

*She can't speak english, so you must be able to speak some Chinese.

Dezi Guy
02-09-04, 13:08
Dog Day,

Can you just do a take-out at the Purple Mountain KTV or do you have to do the whole singing & drinking thing first. I am on my own & speak no Chinese, so I it doesn't make sense to do the Karaoke thing.

I would rather just select someone and then get on with more fun in my hotel room.

How much did you pay?

Dezi Guy
02-09-04, 13:10
Has anyone had any luck at PuJ's at the Grand Hyatt?

It is billed as a 'multipurpose place' does this mean that it has a KTV, Dance floor etc.

What are the going rates and is action easily available?

Black Jack
02-10-04, 01:23
Time to ask a bit of a serious question to you guys. I maybe a bit ignorant to not know this already, but just wanted to know how bad is it to have bbbj? For the past little while, I seem to be addicted to having bbbj, even more than with FS. And the thing is that I have never been turned down from it if the place offers bj. However back in the states and in some other countries, many of the working girls actually insist that you wear a condom for a bj, whereas here they seem to not care.

What are the chances of catching anything? Anyone know of clinics here that you can go to check yourself out.


TQ Rider
02-10-04, 06:57
I will be in Shanghai soon and will be staying at the Portman Ritz Carlton. What is the best suggestion for some action within walking distance? I have been there before and have met some interesting women at the Long Bar but I am sure there are more interesting, and affordable, choices around.

Roversman 999
02-10-04, 10:51
black jack.. i think if you check the sex sites will always say its safer to wear than not to wear for bbs. We all hate to wear....guess were all taking a chance by not wearing as we all "think and hope" its safe..and never want to argue when the head is in the mouth.
You can check in many places ..but check for what ? if ou have a visible infection thats easy to show a doc and get a check. If you want an HIV check ive no idea here where they do it.. easier to get it done outside of China maybe ??

BJ Boy
02-10-04, 18:21
Definitely you can catch something from BBBJ, so it's at your own risk. However, I think HIV would be very unlikely unless she has an open sore or cut inside her mouth.

Ear Muff Diver
02-10-04, 20:34
So many of you convinced me that I should move to Shanghai ; well all I need to do is to solicit some advice/help in finding a rental apartment, as I will be there for about a year minimum. Any advice on best locations and costs? As a single Californian, I would be looking for a comfortable 2+ bedroom place.

02-11-04, 02:06
Went to BBS on Zhong Shan Nan Er Lu yesterday and got decent BBBJ from Xiao Ye(5-6) for total cost of160rmb. Go south on Ruijin Lu to end at Zhong Shan Nan, turn right and first BBS on right, with unusual wood doors with glass. Pretty clean inside which is a nice change.

Several other BBS in same block worth future investigation.


Mark Smith #2
02-11-04, 11:16
Where does one find a Yahoo/MSN "friend"? This seems like a fun option, but I have no idea how all of you do it.



Black Jack
02-11-04, 17:22
Rovers and BJ boy, yeah I pretty much already know what you guys said. I just guess I'm trying to make myself feel better and safer. Boy, do I love them bbbj. Tonight I went to the same place and had 2 of the girls at the same time. Paid double but got to shoot twice. At first they were reluctant to take turns sucking on the same penis as if it was not hygenic or something! Go figure. That made me laugh but after a bit of convincing, they did it and they did it well. Anyways, I guess we just have to keep our fingers crossed, hope for the best and enjoy ourselves while we can.


Far East Andy
02-12-04, 03:22

Regarding your double header in the BBS, which one was it?

Any info regarding address etc would be great.

Happy hunting.

Far East Andy

King Xavier
02-12-04, 08:05

I just read your report from about a month ago regarding the Mary Kay girl from Sichuan Province. If you still have her email, I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me. I know I'm not a Senior User but I promise to list a few "secret" spots I have found over the past 3 years in Shanghai. In fact, if you're interested, I'll take you there since I'm not keen on going to some of these places by myself. Let me know! Thanks!

Xu Jia Hui behind the Dong Fang Department Store 8th Fl. Try number 959 and 906. Also, the foot massage girls are a good way to get a HJ without paying for a full massage. Tip for a foot massage with HJ should be around 200rmb (not including sauna).

Lucky Garden: Nanjing W. Rd near Yan An Rd. 2nd floor sauna and massage with good HJ. 700rmb Try #629. Best body I've seen in a sauna. I've heard that she will give FS if you offer her a joint.

HK City: Sichuan Rd near the Bund. Decadent place with good service but expensive for a sauna with HJ. ~800rmb. Haven't been there in a while so I don't have any recommendations

Meditterreanean: Sister Sauna of HK City and LG. I don't have the address but if you call the other saunas, they can tell you since it's the same company. Expensive but nicest sauna in Shanghai. ~800rmb for BBBJ. Any number there will do. 906, 907, 988, 989, 987. Make sure you insist on BBBJ or else change masseuses.

Hope that helps.

02-12-04, 11:12
Ear Muff Diver,

Single Californian usually goes for downtown apartment. Other stuff like the facilities, surroundings, service etc. all depend on your own fondness. Just come around and check things out but you gotta remember, don't get ripped off by those sneaky real estate agents.

Black Jack
02-13-04, 03:21
Far East,

The bbs is located near the corner of Shanxi North Rd. and Haifang Rd. There are a few bbs there so go to the closest one to the corner.

Have fun.


Roversman 999
02-13-04, 03:25
Hk trip.. after striking out in Guanzhou moved to Hk. First night met an indonesian.. 23.. not greatest in looks but great body. Not a hooker but hangs around with all hookers. All she wanted was HK$100 taxi fare .Know her from icq. Did some dancing and drinking and then to my place. Normal night of fun.. but then had to take her out of hotel at 9.30..shes in a red tank top and red shiny pants and a furry black jacket.. looked VERY funny.
Next night was best. Met another icq friend...shes 23, filipina and thru our chats i know shes not a virgin but only had one bf and had never EATEN or been EATEN.... she needed some direction but i take my role as professor of dick teaching seriously. She did well bless her...she was most concerned i hadnt come and how could she make me come.. dont you love women like that. Shes definately earned a repeat visit.
Back to Shanghai tonite. more adventures to have there next week.

02-13-04, 04:05
King Xavier,
I don't have her email, but I have her number. Due to my insane travel schedule I have been unable to "complete" my purchase of Mary Kay products. she has verbally promised to come over to my place when I have time.

I will wokr on that soon, then maybe we can chat or meet. I am hesitant due to your lack of posts, but I appreciate the sauna listitngs you just gave.

I'll let you know or when you see me post on the board about it, the PM me.


02-13-04, 04:09
Black Jack,
sorry to chime in late on the BBBJ topic, but even if she had HIV AND bleeding pussy sores on her mouth, that does not mean you will get HIV.

That of course is not to imply that the risk is gone, but here is the deal....

there must be her fluid contact with your T-Cells, which are ONLY located in your colon and blood.

Now, she could have a nice clean mouth, jab your member with her tooth, and get some blood contact, then you could theoretically get HIV.

You could have an abraision from some dry grinding prior to the BBBJ, then get her fluid contact with your blood etc....

anything is possible, but what is likely is that a normal BBBJ will more likely be fine.

BTW You may be able to get other things that way if her mouth is a festering nest of disease, so if you wouldn't put your mouth and toungue there, then dont put your unwrapped jimmy.

The reason some girls are more careful is likely because they are more at risk since you are flooding their mouth with potenitally infected fluid and they could have some unfelt cut.


King Xavier
02-13-04, 07:18

No problems. Please let me know her digits when you "complete" your purchase. There's something about girls from Sichuan and Hunan that drive me crazy. Thanks again.

PS - Just so I have a better understanding, why are you hesitant because of my lack of posts?

02-13-04, 10:34
Blankie, BJ,
Be careful anyway and note that you can easily get a gonorehea or chlamydia should your girl be infected. It can be transmeted by mouth contact if the girl is badly infected or if sher is "normally infected" but with bad tonsils.
This recently happenned in Tokyo to a close friend of mines who went to a place we usually go for BBJ and got infected. Nothing dramatic as one sigle injection cured the whole thing in hours. But he found himself a bit in panic when after 5 days his little brother started to discharge on a permanent basis....
There is a kind of epidemy in Tokyo and this can also happen elsewhere.
Don't want to cut your apetite for so little,.
I am also in the game but decided to be careful. As Blankie sais, if you would not kiss the girl then think about what you give her to think...

02-13-04, 18:09
Julu Lu bars:

The girls in the Julu Lu bars are mostly not able to leave their places before the bar closes, usually at 5:00 AM (but if a lot of customers are still there it might take longer). But most of them will go to your place after work or may agree to meet you during the day, somewhen in the afternoon, cause they'll have to go to work again around 8:00 PM.

I was able to bring back girls from there, but allways after work was finished. Basically impossible if you gotta work yourself the next day :(

But on Friday's it works. Here my latest success: After having spent 3 evenings (usually about 1 hour) inside the same bar I focussed on a cutie, had of course to spend a few drinks every time. A lot of cuddeling and french kissing in the bar, she was very addicted in kissing.

Around 4:00 AM she asks me if I wanted to go to her home with her after work and have fun together. I suggested to bring her to my hotel instead, which she accepted, cause she has never been to a 5 star hotel before! She was very shy at that point, wanted to shower alone, and even locked the door. Later as I go inside the bathroom the floor is completely wet, she didn't realize that there was a curtain to close when showering! A lot of laughing :D :D :D

Later, very nice GFE, she was real wet. But no BJ at all, I could touch and finger her and kiss her all over. Soon she wanted me to go on with my little brother. We made love 3 or 4 times, she wanted even more, but I was done (7:30 AM meanwhile). Around noon more love again. Afterwards she wanted to leave without asking for any money but she knew I was going for shopping so she asked if she could join me, which I accepted. Damage: around 500 RMB for all kind of clothes that I bought her. Again she suggests to go and see her home. We get there, and it is terrible cold in there. Two bedrooms, one her sisters (not in town) and the other is hers.

Suddenly cuddeling and kissing again, and she wants to make love again (2 more times). Around 6:00 PM I had to leave (business dinner). And later I went back to the bar, where she was wearing all the stuff I had bought her in the afternoon. She seemed very happy and so was I.

Unfortunately the next day I had to leave Shanghai, I will go back in about 2 month. Of course she wants to see me again, but she is expecting I bring her a lot of jewelry and such, so this is the other side of the medal.

I think it is fair to either pay the gals what they deserve or buy them stuff if they prefer but it shouldn't end up they start to demand unreasonable things. She will cool down in 2 month.

This was my very first post in this great forum, sorry it is a bit long.

Happy hunting!


Black Jack
02-14-04, 04:44
Wolf and Blankie,

Thanks for your input regarding bbbj. I totally agree with you guys. The chances of catching anything terribly bad is present but not great. It really depends on your judgement and control. Unfortunatley, it seems like I lose both of them when the opportunity presents itself. Anyways thanks again!


Shanghai Mj
02-14-04, 06:15
Hello folks,

I haven't been contributing too much, however let's just say that if you're in the deep Pudong area (Zhangjiang area) let me know, I can score you some good incall/outcall girls.

I need help with meeting more girls because I way the heck out in Pudong. Any tips or connections via MSN messenger or other outlets?

Thanks everyone. More pictures of Zhangjiang girls coming soon.


BJ Boy
02-14-04, 07:17
gibson, great first post, keep it up.

we all pay one way or another - clothes, cash, mobile phone, television, perfume, dinner. let's be honest, how often are you going to find a girl to sleep with you and just go and ask for nothing ever (maybe free first time if they are in for the bigger long term catch).

just enjoy and as long as it's reasonable, there's no problem.

Apac Boy
02-14-04, 09:11
yeah...i kind of stopped one after she asked me to marry her and take her to the States. That's a little too much....


02-15-04, 18:05
Well fellow mongers, I am now back from my trip to China, which is a sad thing for me.

It was totally awesome. I was fortunate enough to have lined up a freebie girl before I arrived that was very young and very sweet, but as you smarter guys know, that took a bad turn. This was a very smart college girl that I emailed and chatted with for months before arriving, and she kept telling me that when I went home I would have to forget her, and I thought, no problem I can do that. Well after a few days, it was her that was saying that she couldn't let me go, so now I have that problem to deal with, and she is so sweet that I hate to hurt her. Oh yeah, after my teaching her for the first day ( I was the second guy she was ever with and she had only done it once because she didn't like it with him), the sex was awesome.

The next part is that I have a good friend/customer that was there the same time and is engaged to a girl from Shanghai. Well she introduced me and my partner to two of her friends. Well they were 24 & 26, and non pros, and we hit it off big time. Right from the first night my girl stayed with me every night, and would leave early in the morning because "I had meetings so she must go" and then the young girl would show up and we would shower and spend hours in bed then go sight seeing until dinner time, when, "I had business dinners" so she had to go, and that is when I would meet the other girl, and spend dinner and all night with her, and start all over the next day. WHEW. The only time I had to recover was one night in Wenzhou, and one night in Beijing, and believe me at my age I needed those two nights. But I had 7 wonderful days and nights f**king until I thought my big guy was going to fall off. It is still sore 2 days later. Sorry I don't have the usual mongering info to share, and I don't really want to post pix because they are not the type of girls that I would share pix of on a open site. Sorry guys, really.

But Shanghai was MORE than I ever expected. Can't wait for the next trip.


02-16-04, 06:20

I'm sure she loves you too much. Why do you want to treat her like that? :) Just kidding.


King Xavier
02-16-04, 07:35
I'm surprised there hasn't been a post about Mao Ming Rd. in Shanghai. For those of you from out of town, there are a line of bars on Mao Ming Rd starting at Fu Xing Rd. Girls everywhere!!! The closest thing you'll get to a red light district in Shanghai. If you're looking for high-class-looking girls, like the Taiwanese and HKnese like to do, then this is not the place for you. (Go to Park 97 for eye candy only) However, if it's late at night, you're drunk and looking for some action, then this is the place to be. Good luck (but you probably won't need any)!!!

02-16-04, 22:08
Hey guys,

I didn't mention that in my experience, all the bars in the city center area have girls in play. Before my buddy showed up at Long Bar my very first night I had two going and ready to leave within 5 minutes, that wanted to spend the night for about 100US, and they were I would say 7-8, one being a little better. But at all the bars we went to Manhattan, Big Bamboo, Park97, and more that I will try to remember, if I wasn't with my freebie it was no problem, they were hitting on me as soon as my girl would go to the WC. Big Bamboo for sure, and then we stopped in Hard Rock for one beer before meeting the girls one night, and I almost got picked up and carried off by two girls and they were in the 7 range. But when your meeting a 9 with 12 attitude and performance, who needs a 7, right?

Beijing the SW's were everywhere, and some were very good looking, and even met two in the hotel lobby and had drinks with them but turned them down. But watching the parade of girls going thru that lobby going to rooms was unreal. That was at the Hotel Kunlun on Xin Yuan Nan Lu.

If anyone has any questions I will try to be as much help as everyone was to me.
God I love Chinese women.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. Thanks!

Big Toe
02-16-04, 22:22
here is a late report. just became a member and thought i share my experience now rather than take.

i usually stay at new jing jiang hotel when i visit shanghai. you can just walk to mao ming rd. from there. there is a lot of construction going on around the hotel, so becareful not to trip and fall.

i usually hit mao ming rd. around 11:00pm, that's when the action is the best. there is not one time where i didn't meet someone to take back to the hotel. i met this gal who is about 25, semi-pro, wanted rmb1000 for the hour. i told her that i'll give her 700 and she can work on the rest for tips. she agreed and we went to our hotel at around 1:00am. the trick is to hook them, but don't reel them in too early. the girls will tend to rush things when they get back to your place so they can get back out for 2nd round.

we got into the action quickly after we finished a shower together. she gave one of the best bbbj, licking my balls, twisting her head as she went down on me. i had to distract her talent by moving her to a 69 position and finger fxxk her. she has a nice landing strip, but no hair on her lips. she then put on a condom and rode me for about 10 minutes. i lost it then because i think she was too good with her mouth before. after we cleaned up, she said if i can cum again. i told her yes and she had a grin on her face. i licked and sucked on her 34b breasts, she the got all horney and started to french kiss me. that got my boner hard real quick. she gave me bbbj again until i was hard and ready. this time, i pounded her missionary style so to give her a cuncusion on the headboard, as she moaned loudly. i pull out, peeled off the condom, and came all over her breast and chin. she then grabed my dick and clean it off with her mouth. man it was amazing.

she stayed all night and we had sex in the morning before she left. i gladly paid her the 1000 rmb. she earned it!


02-17-04, 02:03
King Xavier,

Before starting bullshitting around, do your homework. There has been written more than enough about Maoming Road on this forum.
You really believe we could neglect or overview this place? Man, get real!


King Xavier
02-17-04, 04:51

Dude, what's up with the attitude. No need to throw a tantrum. Excuse me for overlooking it. I haven't gone through all 1600 postings yet so I thought I'd help the Newbies out. If you don't appreciate my post then carry on. Nobody is forcing you to read it.

Far East Andy
02-17-04, 06:10
Hi guys,

Just a quick one, not sure If I can post links on here but I'll try.

Sorry if she has already been talked about but has anyone tried this lovely's services.

Looks like she doesn't have much up top but hey I'm not a titty man anyway.


Could be worth a try.


Far East Andy

02-17-04, 06:24

I guess King Xavier's being sarcastic when talking about the absence of the reports about Mao Ming Rd where, in his opinion, may be packed up with low-class-looking girls, which is why he mentioned "If you're looking for high-class-looking girls, like the Taiwanese and HKnese like to do, then this (Mao Ming Rd) is not the place for you. (Go to Park 97 for eye candy only)". Since he's been complaining that the girls in the pix you guys posted at photo gallery are ugly, he might be hinting here by saying "I'm surprised there hasn't been a post about Mao Ming Rd.", because anyone with just one eye can see how you guys frequent Mao Ming Rd. Is he blind? Not likely. Then why is he "surprised"? Come on, he's not surprised, instead he's saying since you guys only go after ugly ass why bother trying out other places? Just read between the lines and then do the reasoning.

Oops one more reasoning, he could be a Taiwanese or Hknese that does only chicks who seem to him are "high-class-looking".

02-17-04, 06:36
Hey Rab,

Don't get me wrong. Just curious. "But Shanghai was MORE than I ever expected. Can't wait for the next trip." It sounds like you never got laid with freebies in your own surrounding? Or places other than Shanghai? Or never tried having sex 7 days in a row with 2 different girls who took day and night shifts? And charge free! Is that the reason why you got so exicted by Shanghai and "can't wait for the next trip?" Is your true situation really as miserable as it sounds like? Again, don't get me wrong. Just curious because if it's the case, I may be able to give you a hand if you want. :D

02-17-04, 07:43
I'd give KingXavier a break for he is a newbie after all. But then again thats also why Blankie had his concerns about sharing info too.

Yes, KX, MM road is a candy store where the candy is cheap but is mostly like an outlet store. but then again, you cant miss when shooting fish in a barrel. I think most of the posts in this forum are about new places and challenging places for visitors and regulars alike. No hard feelings, or at least... not afterwards ;). There is an inense focus in freebies which often take a bit of advantage of some of the naive locals, but whatever floats one's boat. I keep it a biz transaction for purely selfish reasons as well so I am no better.

Maybe we need to post a reminder once in awhile for readers who visit and just do not want to research the old posts...but then again, thats why they are available to view right?

Dig alittle and you will find alot. Now back to our regularly scheduled mongering.

Just Me
02-17-04, 08:57
Far East Andy,
Did you look at the website?
This girls wants 500 usd per 3 hour and 1,000 usd for a 12 hour "day" package. That day package better include aobut 14 of her sisters with it.

And she's average looking too!!

just my opinion.

just me

02-17-04, 11:56
To Everybody,

Thanks for all the help.

As a newbie who just came to Shanghai in December, I would like to thank all of those who have contributed to this board and made my mongering life here so much more pleasurable and easy.

I have read most of the 1600 or so posts on the Shanghai board and gotten more useful information than anyone could expect, from directions to pricing to a pinyin glossary of terms. I'm still learning but enjoying every minute of it.

Thanks again and I'll try to do my part to contribure useful, factual information, instead of too many questions.


CRF Digital
02-17-04, 18:44
Hi all,

Great board, I've been cruising it for a while but never posted.

I'll be at Purple Mountain Feb 21 through 28 if anyone wants to get together for a beer or go mongering. Never been to shanghai before and dont speak chinese, so I'm a complete and utter newbie. This is going to be great.

02-17-04, 19:15

First off, no, my regular situation is not anywhere near "miserable". Secondly, no not the first time I have gotten laid 7 days in a row with multiple women, such as my normal Florida trips. But I won't BORE you with any of those details either. I can see that being someone that must have the sex life that only Gods dream of, us lower class people shouldn't waste space writing about having a wonderful time, with some beautiful women that were , and are, beautiful people as well. So yes, being my first time to Shanghai, and not knowing exactly what to expect, it did exceed my expectations. First freebies? Get real. But maybe for some it's not JUST about how many, how often. IMHO, quality far outweighs quantity, but once in a while we're lucky enough to get both. So, yeah I will continue to look forward to going back, because I have actually made some good contacts with some GREAT girls that just happen to not be SW's.

So sorry for taking time away from your obviously important, time deficiant life by making you read my boring post. I would assume that after that one you may not waste your time to read this one, but that's ok too.

Have a good one.


Roversman 999
02-18-04, 00:30
Tired hands.....
Yeah had a real thrill seeking day. Met the virgin ( see previous posts...) for lunch in Wuxing lu.. went for a drive ..got sticky fingers. Something about driving on Nanjing road with your hand down a girls pants that i like.
Then back to work.. text from an old friend. She was free and could we meet. Met in Always cafe in Nanjing road. Had tea ( so its not obvious were just gonna go to bed ).. drove to a new hotel i found. Only RMB 300... which was ok as we were only there two hours. Girl is engaged to some french guy but always happy to oblige me. Only 42 kgs.. and free.
Drove home for dinner then out again. Met another 42 kg cutie from Szechuan that I know...went to partners bar in Hongquio.. then got sticky fingers again. I let her practice driving around Gubei and she was concentrating so hard she couldnt stop my wandering hands.. great fun. She reqrded me with a blow in the car on Honggxu lu at midnight. What a good day i had!!

Cool Laowai
02-18-04, 11:15
Hi everyone,

This is my first post, and I would like to say I got a lot of useful information from everybody here. I am occasionally in Shanghai, and you all have made my time better! This first report may only mentioned places already known, hope it won't waste anybody's time.

I have tested different places mentionned here. I would say one of the best BBS I found is the one on Haifang/Shanxi road. First one on the right coming from Shanxi road. You go upstairs, the place is more comfortable and looks cleaner than others I've been able to try. The girls are nice and pleasant, good BBBJ, nice experience.

For the night scene, I usually like to go to Maoming road, mostly for the atmosphere. Quality is very variable there, you need to be lucky, or not too regarding... But sometimes late with some drinks...:)

I had occasion to walk around in Pudong. There is a street packed of BBS but did not test: walk the small street opposite to Novotel, pass a bridge a the end, they are on the other side. Sorry I do not know the name of the street. Did anybody try? If not, I may go there and report, with the name this time.

Roversman, would be interested to know some hotel address like the one you used! It could suit me for some "short escapes" sometimes.

Have a good time everyone!


02-18-04, 14:10

Way to go buddy. Sounds like a great day was had by all. Keep up the good work, I know it's hard but someone has to do it. LOL


02-18-04, 22:17
Just me and Far East Andy:

Maybe this has been seen before but if you're into higher priced girls look at http://******************/date_angela

I emailed with her a number of times and thought I might try her, but after my great luck with the freebies, no need to try her. Although she sure remembered where I said I was staying and when I was arriving, because not 10 minutes after walking into my room my first night, she called me on my room phone. Yes I had given her my name, because she asks for it before meeting.

But anyway she wants $400USD for dinner and about 2-3 hrs. in the room. Not too bad really but no idea about her services.

Maybe another time, who knows.

This is of course just an FYI since you were looking at some higher priced girls.

Good luck.


Far East Andy
02-19-04, 03:33
Just Me:

I really didn't look into her cost's and services, but from what you have said I won't be looking either especially if she's not all that good looking, thanks in advance.

Cool Laowai:

Can you give us some prices mate, always handy.

Also the road opposite the Novotel I know has loads of BBS but tred careful I think they must get business from the hotel from visiting Foreign guys who pay over the odds so they expect it always.

Anyway here's a few roads in Pudong for you to check out.

Yuanshen Lu, Pudong Da Dao, 3 shops 2 of which I know give FS and are quite clean for a BBS. Damage 250 in the first one and 300 in the second, have yet to try 3rd as last time the girl was on her period.

Qiaxia Lu, not sure of the cross road. This is a bloody big road and crosses main highway, you need to use the bridge. I can't count how many BBS are there, I've tried 2 HJ, BBBJ, FS no problem. Start at one end and walk to the other there are loads to choose from.

Happy hunting

Far East Andy

02-19-04, 10:48
quick and easy

Went to a BB shop on Fuxing Lu east of Sunchang Lu. There are a few on this block. If you are standing in front of the two that are close together, I chose the one on the right.

If you all remember Tapioca's post several months ago and he took pics and posted them of his super cute little GFE that he took home for a grand total of 280, I picked the shop just left of that shop.

there are 4 girls. none are all that cute, just about 6's.

One chose me and we went upstairs to an apartment room with a real bed. Her breasts are about C cup. She is a little chubby.

She seemed anxious to have sex. We didnt massage or negotiate anything. She stripped. I played around and did DATY.
During the FS she seemed anxious to get me off. Not rushing me but getting into it. I was not about to fool myself into thinking she was getting off.

Near the time I was coming I reached around and grabbed her ass, forcing it toward me. I felt she was wet all over her ass. I was surprised.

Then after sex she was hurrying to clean me up and she wanted to take off the rubber and wipe me up. I saw the reason as her blood got on my legs. She must have been on her period, but it was not there when I was DATY on her.

Anyway I paid her 200. She never quoted me. I didn't ask. Grand total 200 no additional house fee.


02-20-04, 02:30
A Week of Fast Food

Last week I did a fast food tour around town, visiting some of the places discussed here earlier, will say, mainly followed Blankie`s path.

1) Sex Bar on Fahuazheng Road
Nice atmosphere, but the girls do push a little bit too hard regarding drinking and inviting them for a drink. Funny thing is, a Swiss guy gave all the girls Swiss names, so can find the earlier mentioned Vreni, even a pretty bitchy Heidi.
If you seem to be trustworthy wou will be invited to the 'baofang' at the end of the bar for the deed. The room rate is 100, and the tip around 200, if you are a regular customer or if you spent some money at the bar, the room rate will become obsolete.

2) Sex Bar on Changle Road, Chengdu Road
Mate, girls with big boobies here. The place was heavily frequented by locals, which always make me feel a little unease, especially because I went there around 7 p.m.. Again 200 tip, drinks extra. BBBJ and FS.

3) Sex Bar on Changle Road, Jiaozhou Road
Best selection of girls, especially if you go there a little later. The place is cheesy, but clean, they have a small room in the back with a lock.
Good BBBJ service, 350, including the beer.


02-20-04, 02:37
Sorry, a correction:

No. 3 is on Changde Road, corner Jiaozhou Road.


02-20-04, 06:47

Fellow mongers, I received information from a reliable source that Shanghai GongAn is having a major citywide crackdown on BBS. It is a major operation this time! Please be extra careful!

Example: Some of the BBS that you guys frequent in the Huangpi Rd. / DanShui Rd. area were already closed down. The LEs are even checking the legit foot massage and blind massage places. May be Blankie and levitian can verify.

The LE will also check all the KTVs and Sauna Parlors.

My sugesstin is to lay low till at least mid-march.

For all long term China residents, you guys should know that it's just a hell of a hassle if caught in action... Lots $$$ and guangxi are needed to get you out of trouble.

Take care! and BE CAREFUL!

02-20-04, 09:34
Sorry to be a little harsh on this subject, but it really p....s me off when I do read the comments of some newbies here, who so far did not contribute anything, but apparently just have fun in giving stupid and insulting comments on the contribution of others.
Guys, very simple, if you want to contribute here, do so, if not, enjoy silently the field work results of the others and shut up.

Rab: decent answer!


Apac Boy
02-20-04, 20:43
So me and Blankie decided to hit up Huanpi lu and Fuxing Lu and try and find that little tart I had back 2 months ago. Of course, she was gone already but that doesn't stop us from checking the other shops around. I think there is some sort of a crackdown cause a lot of shit was closed. It was around 1am though.

We decided to hit up our favorite BBS in that area. It was closed last time I was there cause of the police problem. This time, voila....OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Went in and it was the same shop owner. He recognizes us and we saw 4 girls sitting on that couch. I looked at Blankie and he had this look like "oooh, I wish he would let me take a girl back there". I went all Chinese on the owner and he said he'll let him do it if he brings in a Chinese, but not by himself.

I took a chick with huge titties in the backroom. Going back there is an adventure in itself. I see about 4-5 people in the open cubicles either getting sucked or fucked. I go back and it was dirtier than before actually...Kind of didn't want to get on that couch but no where else to fuck.

Pretty good bj, but short...and 15 min. later, after 4 positions....I was outta there. Blankie already finished and was waiting for me. Paid my 250rmb to my chick in the room, btw.

I took 2 pics which I will post when I get back to BJ.


02-20-04, 20:48
I haven't noticed anything. The places that Tapioca mentioned were closed are regular early closers, and were open yesterday daytime.
You may be right, but maybe this is the begining of it.

If you guys want to play with little risk during the potential crackdown, you can head out to Ming Hang district. Those places are pretty safe from that stuff.

It was nice to get back into my old favorite place with Tapioca today. they used to let me in then after last Sept crackdown they wouldnt let in the Laowai's anymore.


02-21-04, 07:06
Gym girl strikes again... vids and nasty pics....
I am not sure what I can get away with posting here since sex pics are not allowed.

also the vids, I can only send them if you have some way for me to upload and you receive 10mg files.

You should be a senior member or someone I know if you want them. sorry just dont want to take chances.


Shaolin Monk
02-21-04, 11:44
Jumbo is right THERE IS A CRACKDOWN ONGOING, mainly this is currently in Luwan, Jing An and HuangPu distircts. Avoid BBSs within these districts, take Blankie's advice and move further out like to places like Ming Hang and Putuo. As far as from what I gather from some friends of mine, Xu Xia Hui is also safe.

Be safe and happy hunting!

02-21-04, 16:50
Dear guys,

Since there is a crackdown in these areas, you can try th BBS at MinHang along Hong Song Lu off Hong Jin Lu. All the BBS are decent looking and some with female customers. Look for those with a number of well groomed shampoo girls but no female customers. These shops gives decent haircut by the male stylists and hair wash at RMB15. Please the girl RMB10 is decide not to do the massage.

Good Hunting

02-21-04, 19:26

I tried out a couple of bars here on a Saturday night. Whoever suggested Big Bamboo must have latent tendancies. There were at leat 10 times more dicks than chicks. Even the chicks that were there I wouldn't accept if they paid me!

I then checked out Planet Hollywood as I expected that there would at be some lookers there (even if I had to pay them). Same thing - lots of dicks, but the chicks weren't worth bothering with.

Then went to the strip that has "Judy's too" Not a whole lot to talk about. As I was going home, I was approached by two SWs that were willing to let me have them both for 200. About 30 ish in age. Hey, why bother. You know, I am much more willing to pay $1000 for a stunner than pay any price for a cheap *****.

So, what am I supposed to do? I don't think I want to go to a BBS given the quality of the professionals I've seen so far. Take advantage of a University Student? I've met a couple of cuties, but I wouldn't want to take advantage of their innocence.

I know I am being brutally critical. However, you should know that compared to the rest of SE Asia, Shanghai is pretty poor. Even Hong Kong with its high prices is a better destination. For $260 RMB you can get a Mainland Chinese and enjoy her in the comfort of a clean, modern room (not a stinking hole on top of the barbershop). The opportunity for freebies there is also excellent!

In the previous week in Hong Kong, I had the opportunity for free sex every night I was there - all from women that outshine the hookers in Shanghai. For an example, see the photo below

I wish you all the best of luck. For me though, Shanghai is a big disappointment.

02-22-04, 03:47
Hi folks,

New to this place, but not to the hobby. I looked through the forum already, could not find a report on these hotels.

I will be in Shanghai March 1st to 6th for business (and pleasure). I have the choice of staying here:

- Ritz
- Marriott
- Four Seasons

I do not care to much about luxury, bt I care about being able to ahve fun witnhout hassle. I'd like to explore during my stay, wanted to have feedback on these hotels: are they girl friendly? Also, which one would be close to the best place for action? I like local places, where I would not meet my californian neighbor (or my boss :) I speak a little Mandarin too, the good words.

Thanks in advance for any tip. I will post here as I discover the city.


02-22-04, 07:36
It is simply a case of not knowing where to go.
I have been all over and Shanghai is in the Top 5 of asia.

You missed some spots by a few feet.

My friend just picked up a girl from Manhatten across the street from where you were. All night no charge.

the bb shops are extremely well varied in qty and service.

there are enldess places to go play and get results.


02-22-04, 08:47

I have to back up Blankie's comment. One thing is certain, HK is much *easier* than Shanghai for a monger, particularly for a monger with limited time. Shanghai has it's jewels waiting to be polished, but it can take a bit longer to find them. Remember too, that mainland China as a whole is a way more reserved about sex and prostitution than HK; add to the fact that HK is very english-friendly, even in the mongering business, and I can see where you're coming from.

As Blankie mentions, there is a wide variety of BBS action. If you have big(ger) bucks, Shanghai is also excellent, particulary at the KTV end of the spectrum. Having said all this, I'll say that Shanghai is one of the top 10 cities (but maybe not top 5 as Blankie says) for Asia mongering.

Lastly, never judge a city based on one night in town (not sure if your post recounts just one night's experience or several, but sounded like one). In addition, if there's any night you would expect to possibly see more dicks than chicks...well, smart money says Saturday would be the night.

Next time you get a chance, give Shanghai another shot (in more ways than one!). Any of the several experienced locals would be happy to show you around.

02-22-04, 08:55

Marriot location is sub-optimal for just about everything except access to Hongqiao airport. It's also by far the least nice of the 3 hotels you listed. The one exception for Marriot's location being if you planned to monger in Gubei area.

Four Seasons is a tad nicer and much newer hotel than Ritz (note that everyone in Shanghai calls it the "Portmann" rather than "Ritz"). Both are in a good location mongering wise. Portmann has Hard Rock and Long Bar within pissing distance for finding talent, and several guys have posted about various BBS within walking distance to the north of it. I recall someone in the last 2-4 months posted about a great score in the jazz bar on the top of the Four Seasons. Four Seasons is slightly closer to the popular Luwan BBS district (which seems to be presently suffering under a crackdown) and to a good place for higher end semi-pros--Xintiandi.

As far as being girl-friendly, I maintain that a skilled monger never has any problems in any hotel, at any time of the day or night. I've posted my thoughts and techniques on this twice before in this forum.

Be sure to report back on your adventures!

02-22-04, 11:04
Looks like the crackdown may have been partially because of some "visitors" from Beijing. Not sure who, but I only caught wind of this this weekend when i got back into town. Did not even see dancers at a few local Chinese bars that are by my place. Anyone know who the heck came into town?

Brought a freebie out of town for a few days...popular wisdom on this forum is correct, nothing is really free, we either pay in advance or pay later. Looks like I may be paying later. Can't wait to get back into the game this week, I am certain that will help me clear my head(s).

Phoenix Decending
02-22-04, 14:55

I stayed at the Four Seasons when I was there and posted about meeting a couple of pros at the Jazz bar as Lucky888 says. I didn't have a chance to explore the area around the hotel but as it worked out I didn't need to.

I will be staying there again when I am back in March, but more for personal preference and business reasons than for mongering ones.


02-22-04, 15:50
Checked out the place at Zhongyun Hotel mentioned by Tangzhen and others. XiaoLiu is good as described but will do only BBJ for RMB300. XiaoGuangzhou was more adventurous and offer FS at RMB400. Both of their services were good and I recommend them to those who need a quickie. Unfortunately both girls plan to leave soon as the business there is pretty slow for them. So hurry if you want to try.

02-22-04, 20:04
I am going to be in Shanghai (Pudong area) on the 9th March for a few days, business trip, does anyone wanna meet up and show/accompany me to a few places, pubs or clubs.

Or can someone suggest where l can find a girl to bring back to my hotel and guide pricss to pay LT. I have read the reports here and don't fancy BBS.

I have made contact with a independant escort via some expat website, she wants 1000rmb for two hours or 1500 rmb all night. is that too much (l think it is, l have been to Singapore three or four times and never paid more than £70 for LT and that was with beauties that you can see before.)

Needless to say l will submit a report once back.

Please advise Thanks.

Xiao Ma
02-23-04, 08:06
Anyone going to the massage center opposite of Malon on Tong Ren Road near Kerry do not take number 20, even tough she have nice body but she is suck. She will try every possible way to rush you and she is F**king lazy.

02-23-04, 08:51

You can get girls out of the bar/club in the basement of the PuDong ShangriLa. Not sure about the prices....only heard about it from a friend who stays there regularly when over on business from Japan. Knowing him, I'm sure the quality is very good there.

Far East Andy has done great work on PuDong BBS. Since you want take out, why not consider a BBS girl? Cheaper, often less mechanical, and you can choose from many. Maybe not so good though if you speak zero Chinese.

Alternatively, you can get some decent ex-KTV girls out of the HardRock. There's a hot girl named Emily that myself and later another monger had from there. Great muscules where you want 'em. Emily lives in PuDong, so she'd be happy to go back with you, I'm sure. I paid her 800rmb LT after intense negotiation (Tapioca nearly ditched me that night for negotiating so hard). She was a champ in the sack.

General LT prices:
BBS: ~ 500
KTV: 1500+
Bars: 800~1200

I personally like the hunt, so I wouldn't go for the escort you found. Your need for english speaking will be a strong factor, unless you don't care to exchange a word with the girl during the night.

Good luck.

Shaolin Monk
02-23-04, 14:56

Yes there are some Beijing government officials in town visitng Shanghai. I heard that they will be in town for about 6 - 8 weeks. Avoid central BBS's and FS massage places such as 74 Dong Zu An Bang Lu (that particular massage place was raided on Friday last week).

Other massage places such as HKCity, Mediterrean, Dong Fang, Happy Garden, Yi Yuan Lu, Golden Bell Plaza and Yuan Mung Yuan are OK to visit.

Good Luck

02-23-04, 17:51
thanks shaolin, and i was thinking about a stop at 74 DZAB this week too. I guess I will look for other options. My freebie is turning into saran wrap. I really need to get out more this week. I would think YiLiLu area may be ok too?

02-23-04, 22:03

I must agree with Blankie and Lucky888. It was my first trip to Shanghai, and even if I hadn't had the two freebies lined up, I could have scored at will, with both freebies and pro's. I may have been the one that said Big Bamboo. I was in there for one beer and walked out with two phone numbers from 7-8 girls and I don't like trash either.

Got hit on in Long Bar by two pros one night that one was an 8 the other maybe 6.

Got picked up in the lift at the Portman by a girl that was 8'ish and good service. So if it wasn't for the two freebies I would have tried more flavors, but can't understand you not finding anything.

Just my 2¢


02-23-04, 22:14

I just spent 10 days in China, and 7 of the nights were at the Portman. I loved the place. They treated me very well, and although I had one bellman that I almost took to task for "eyeballing" me and my date too much, I had no problem taking girls in and out at all times of day and night. They do look you and your date over a bit, but I was never approached at any time. I just acted like I owned the place and my girl always had her arm thru mine and we were chatting as we walked thru the lobby to the lifts. The one night I had been out dancing with the bartender and one waitress from Long Bar, when I got in it was about 4 AM and the bellman asked me where my girlfriend was, I said she had to go home tonight, he says, I am so sorry for you, I replied, me too. I thought that was pretty cool. But then again, none of the girls I took in looked like SW's. But I like the location and comforts of The Portman, and my last night they upgraded me to club level at no charge. Now I made them pay for that in Johnny Blacks alone. LOL

Good luck to ya. I hope Shanghai is as good to you as it was to me.


02-23-04, 23:20
Lucky and Blankie,

Thanks for the content and tone of your response. As you could probably tell, I was a little frustrated when writing that post. Upon further reflection, I am sure this city would be excellent if you had the time and were willing to work at "developing a set of close friends". From the looks I receive and the approaches done so far, this is defiantely a good place for prospecting. It is a little more work for me though, as I do not speak any Chinese.

I think I am on a bad streak right now as I am going to all the wrong places. I decided to check out the area around Crowne Plaza. I could not find the sex bars, so I decided to see what the BBS were like here. Choosing one that looked clean, I went in a chose a girl. She took me upstairs and gave me what she considered a massage for half an hour. She asked me if I wanted the handjob for 300 RMB! I replied that what I wanted was to take her to my hotel and that 300 was my offer. Her price was 1000 - which she thought was reasonable and expected. I half-heartedly tried to bargain, (I could tell she was greedy and probably not worth it), but she was not interested. So, I thanked her and paid the 100 RMB for the half hour massage. The girls were quite upset that I would not offer her a tip, but at that point I could care less.

I checked out a drinks bar for the hell of it. It wasn't too bad. My girl certainly worked for her drinks! I didn't mind paying 120 RMB. She told me she wants to meet me after work, but I think that is all part of the act.

Have a late-night date with my "penpal" tonight. This should be productive.

I think I will try the KTV scene on my last night here (tomorrow). I was given the address by a fellow (friend of a friend) who should know what he is talking about. He used to work for the Shanghai government escorting Japanese bigwigs around town. The name and address is written down in Chinese for me, but the address is intersection of Nanjin Xi Road and Tai Xing Road. The cost is hefty at 800 for your KTV time and drinks, but the girls can be had for 300. Supposed to be the best looking girls in Shanghai, so I'll give it a try.


Beijing Lover
02-24-04, 00:39
Hi Guys

I'll be going to Shanghai for the first time in the last seven years.
I've been going through the info on this bord and solved most of my problems.
But I still have some doubts.
I will be staying at Snt Regis.
I'm just wondering, how frendly is it?
Also, I'm really not very interested in chinese women.
I prefer Mongolian, which I rank as the best sex north of Thailand.
So I would like to know if there is any place in Shanghai similar to Maggies in Beijing.
Any info please PM me.

Beijing Lover

02-24-04, 07:19

About 1.5 yrs ago, at 2am or so, I wheeled into St Regis with a local semi pro whose attire looked rather out of place in such a hotel (though she carried herself very well). No problems, no looks, no questions. I've done it a few other times not so late at night and never had a problem. Although you pass right in front of the Reg counter when you go from front door to elevators, I've never had a problem. Besides, if you don't look at them, they're not likely to look/stare at you.

If you find a Maggie's like place in Shanghai, for my cock's sake, please share the info!

Cheers mate.

02-24-04, 07:22
Hi folks,

I will be in Shanghai for the first time March 1st to 6th (staying at the 4 Season). If you'd like to hookup and explore, send me a PM.



02-24-04, 09:01
I am familiar with the BB shops you went to . I hit those back in the day and got the same deal. I refused. I can get you laid in a shop like that for 150.
I can also get take home for 250-300

I am also willing to bet you money that you DID find the sex bar, went in sat down had drinks and didn't realisze it.

It takes knowing that to look for.

anyway better luck next time.


02-24-04, 09:09

I do agree with Blankie.
Blankie gave a proper description of the place, especially the neon light, which indicates what the place is all about.
Just step out of the Crowne Plaza, cross the street (Fahuazhen Road), walk down the street, and keep your eyes open.
It is small, but findable.
Btw, the place only opens after 7.30 pm.


Far East Andy
02-25-04, 06:10
Hi guys,

With regards to the crack down on BBS it's even spreading to Pudong. I tried a new BBS last night, girl was about 7 looks, tits 7, body 8, BBBJ 8 for 200 rmb.

Half way through the BBBJ some of the girls shout something and within 1 minute this girl had her clothes back on, I followed quickly turning onto my stomach to hide the buldge.

Anyway 2 mins later a copper pops his head in the room where I was having a fully clothed massage, he says something to the girl and then to me. My reply "Up yours" in English. Glad he didn't understand.

Got back to business.

The area I was I have written about before, up Pudong Da Dao and turn right, there is a small roundabout with loads of BBS close by.

This girl last night could speak a little English and told me most of the girls in that are in the BBS will do full service for 300 rmb with a foreigner except for new girls who may be a little scared of us lot. Sounds good.

Anyway I may lay low for a while during this crack down don't want to get caught with my pants down.

Later, be safe

Far East Andy

02-25-04, 07:42
There were a few hookers in the 505 bar at The Sofitel Hyland last night. Nothing too great, but i was able to negotiate her down to 500 rmb from a thousand. So, was not too bad considering the price.

The extraordinary thing is she had a huge clit. She wasn't willing to manipulate to full size for the camera, so I did my best for the photo.

02-25-04, 07:44
This girl was willing to do practically anything. Just loved having photos taken.

Found It
02-25-04, 16:24
Food for thought

Maybe the "Crackdown" underway is more linked to the fact there are several hundred horny, drunken sailors roaming the city right now, not to mention a lot of top brass in town from the military. What the hell else is a lonely sailor at sea to do but browse the forum for R&R activities at his/her next port of call. Think we will see some relief next week. Stay safe out there!

02-25-04, 21:23
Beijing Lover,

Havent been to Shanghai in a while, but when I was there, I went to True Love and Bourbon Street. They are accross the street from each other. 191 Hengshan Road, the cab driver should know where it is. Had a blast in both places...Bourbon street really rocks, good food, good music and nice women.


02-26-04, 00:13
Lucky - I PM'd you...


02-27-04, 09:27
For those of you who live/work in China on a grey-market basis, or for those of you who travel regularly to China for business from a base elsewhere, good news: it is now possible to get a one-year, multi-entry visa in Hong Kong. It costs approximately HK$1000, plus there may be a surcharge depending on your country of origin. If anyone is interested, please send me a private message, I can give you a travel agent's reference. You drop off your passport on the morning of the first day, and pick it up on the afternoon of the second.

Travel Dog
02-27-04, 10:09
Your're right, Intransit. Hong Kong is the best place to get a China visa. I got my 1 year visa last June. You can even get one the same day, as long as it is a business day. Same day service costs extra. Use someone you trust since you give them your passport.

Night Dragon
02-28-04, 03:36
It is also possible to get a 1-year multiple entry visa from the US, at any Chinese consulate (in all major cities). Cost is $150 for US citizens, takes 4 business days. If you need it faster, you pay a rush fee. If you don't want to deal with the hassle of going to the consulate, any Chinese travel agency will handle it for you for a fee.

Steve Naive
02-29-04, 05:14
I'm in Pudong for a few nights, staying at Intercontinental. Are there any places to find fun, perhaps bring a date back to the hotel, near here? Pro or nonpro options are fine, though my experience with the latter is too much work or too complicated after.

Anyone know about Intercontinental and their policy on bringing dates back to your room?

02-29-04, 08:01

I stayed at the Intercontinental last year, during the SARS scare. I decided it was safer to stay holed up in my room, but a couple of the guys with me went down to the bar for a couple of drinks, and there were several working girls there. Don't know if that's typical or not, though.

MS Fun
02-29-04, 10:07
since i was reading a lot on this board its time now to contribute something. since my experiences have not been so good i was not mongering so much. from my point of view shanghai mongering is not worth the money, but maybe my luck will change.
sometimes back i got a mongolian from manhattan on moaming lu. read on the board that going rate is 800.... so negotiated her down to that and took her to the hotel. some nice action...but she was rushing it a bit and wanted to go after. i guess i took her too early, so she was hoping for a second round. anyhow, it was not considered to be worth the money and so i looked more for the bbs stuff, since i have a steady bed mate anyhow.
first bbs was on huang pi lu. place was ok. girl looked nice and my chinese skills did not work for a lot of bargaining. so i accepted 200 for a bbbj and we went up for work. good point was she got her top off and panties down fast. bad point was her oral skills. she tried to be really fast with her head, but this way it does not work for me. this was by far the worst bbbj in my life.
next bbs was the tip from black jack at shanxi north rd. and haifang rd. very decent location. my chinese skills improved and so i tired more bargaining, but not more successful. we started at 230 and i agreed to 200 (shame on me). but can anyone tell me what is the going rate there for bbbj? however after negotiations she got her disinfection towels (new experience for me) and cleaned me. and then she started with a really fast moving head. i have no idea if they have here some competition in the head speed, but this time it worked for me a little better. half way through the business she started negotiating again, wanted a second girl to participate for 400. i did not like this and gave her the load into her mouth without warning as my appreciation of her missing skills combined with interruption for renegotiations. maybe this was bad from me, but i think it was a fair deal that way.
anyhow, even in western europe i get for 300 kuai a covered bj and fs. so what is the point to pay here nearly the same? this is china. for 150 kuai i get in philippines a girl for the night, including all kind of stuff. from my point of view this is not a good place for mongering, since it’s too expensive. but its a good place for freebies. the chinese girls queue for the western guys to be their girlfriend.

02-29-04, 12:07
I decided to checkout the BBS at Xing Za lu and Jiao Zhou lu reported earlier. I went there at 5, but did not see any girls. It may have been early.

Decided to continue on Jiao Shu further down until the dorman from my hotel recognized me and guided me to another place nearby. Yang Ping and Chang Pin lu. 5 girls were there, and dragged us inside. After discussion I ended up in a backroom with 2 of them, the doorman next to me (curtain separation) with a third one.

Massage was ok, they started to focus on the good areas. I asked for BJ but, despite insistance and incentives, they did not want to do more than HJ. apparently none of the girls in that place do more than that, or it was too early, or they were scared. Maybe someone can comment.

One girl was rather receptive to fingering and that did it for me (depite that I am not a HJ fan).

Cost me total 240 (me and doorman, who was quite happy). Looks were 6, very friendly, massage was 7, HJ was 5.

This was my first experience in Shanghai, will continue later hoping to get FS. Any tips, PM me :)


03-01-04, 02:56

I checked Maoming road around 9 PM. Not much happening there. Someone there recommended to check the bars around Bourbon street, so I did.

Girls there are ~6 in average, the band was good, but a little smokey for my taste. However I started talking to a nice one and got her to head back to the hotel. I saw a stunning 9 on my way out but did not make the move. I may return just to see if there are more like her. It was around midnight.

I took her to my hotel with no problem and had fun for 2 hours. She gave me a good BBBJ CIM and swallowed some. I love it when they do that.

She was a 6 face and a 8 body, probably 34 yrs old or so. I would have loved a to have met younger more beautiful one, but she was very nice and helped me practice Mandarin.

I enclosed a photo of her behind.

Thanks all for the recommendations from other folks, it helped a lot. Any more tips, let me know.


Hairy Johnson
03-01-04, 03:14
Has anyone ever been to the LANTIAN HOTEL? I was there in '97. A girl worked there her name was YANG Zau Hui( Sherry her English name) She married a guy named Wong Wei pronounced way. If anyone is going there please PM me. I lost her phone# and need to get in touch with her.

Thank You So Very Much!


Jack Spratt
03-01-04, 09:07
On a week long business trip from Beijing, took a cold and wet walk (south) down Huangpi Rd last night, and can confirm there are many BBS with the requisite frosted doors, giving promise of things to cum.

Also, no sign of LE - about 8pm.

Settled on a place in Jinguo Rd, right off Huangpi. It was the first shop on the south side of Jinguo (there are 2 or 3 legtimate looking places on the north side of the street).

5 or 6 very keen young ladies, between 4 and 7.5. Fortunately got the 7.5, very pettit and quite pretty. Negotiated from Rmb200 down to 150 (not easy with me speaking virtually no chinese) for HJ only - would not do BJ.

Reasonable massage, good HJ with some anal massage, touched and sucked (extensively) her large A or small B tits, some kissing, fingered her pussy which was quite wet (and absolutely no smell - I love that about {most} chinese girls). Had to ask her to use some lube, or would have lost too much skin.

Generally a good experience, and she was very friendly, so gave her the 200, which she appreciated.

However, won't be going back, as there are too many other possibilities in the area. Went for a walk at lunchtime, and sussed out some of the other places suggested on this board. Will try a BBBJ shop in Huangpi tonight, unless Blankie gets back with a diferent recommendation in the meantime.


Black Jack
03-01-04, 09:17
Hey Blankie,

Saw the picture of the new factory. Looks very promising. Can you please provide us with any more details, such as location and prices. Hope it is easier to find than the old one.

Thanks in advance!


03-01-04, 09:26

The place on Xinzha Road, Jiaozhou Road is not a BBS, but a bar.
Business is starting only after 7 p.m.


03-01-04, 15:51
Hi there,

I'm a newbies from a South East Asia, I'll be visiting Shanghai next week, will be staying there for a week, looking for some action, need to know the situation there, noticed there were cops checking all around, is it safe to play ?

Anyone intrested to tell me some of the places of intrest ? please do so cause I really have no idea whats going on in Shanghai.

Thank you.

03-02-04, 07:48
Black Jack,

good news and bad news.

The new factory is harder to get to then the old, only because when I finally got the street names of the old one, they moved to a new location with NO STREET SIGNS! Damn....

BUT... I think I know how to get there now since I have been taken there 2 times by the mafia guys - who by the way pushed my price down to 150 for FS.
- yeee haw!

The best plan is to go with me. I am likely going to hunt it down with Lucky this Wed night.

PM to me and we can try to hook it up if you want.


03-02-04, 07:57
XuJiaHui Mongers-

Went back to BBS on Nandan Lu (last one on right in second block west of CaoXi Lu). Had service from same girl as last time, Xiao Bai, however she didn't loook as good as I remembered. However, after getting upstairs to the massage chair and negotiating a price for BBBJ, she also offered FS. I accepted and had both BBBJ and FS which was a sort of side saddle CG which I had not experienced before. Total cost 350 rmb .

King Xavier
03-03-04, 03:26

Thanks for the update. I checked out that place in Xujiahui after PMing you and was surprised by the services that were offered. Usually places like that only offer HJ and at most BBBJ. I got the BBBJ for 200rmb. The girl I got was called Xiao Liu; about a 6 in looks, full B cups and gave the second worst BBBJ I've ever had. Gave the hot/cold service but spilled the water all over while giving BBBJ. I'll definitely go back to try others but this one sucked (pun intended). The place is sleasy looking enough to warrant a second trip. Did you ever try the sauna I told you about?


03-03-04, 05:01
Fellow mongers,

After some time I have had the chance to go on a couple of missions.

The first one, was in Taixing Rd, between Beijing Rd and Xinzha Rd. There is only one BBS so it is impossible to miss. This was a couple of weeks ago. I was really drunk, the service was lousy, no massage at all, just HJ, poor technique. I don't remember the price they quoted me but it doesn't matter, avoid that place. BAD

The second one was in Wuding Rd, between Taixing Rd and Shimen Er Rd. There are four or five suspicious places. I went on the first BBS that you find on the southern part of the street (coming from Taixing). The girl was new in to the whole BBS world, I tried to convince her to do BBBJ but I couldn't so she just did HJ. The girl said that next time she will do the BBBJ (we will see). Total damage 80rmb including house fee.

I plan on a couple more of mongering missions soon, I will keep you posted.


Shanghai Noon #2
03-03-04, 09:43
Just curious if anyone tried some of these sauna places:

74 Dongzhu Anbang Rd - I went there and it was very good service, the girls were more 6-7 in looks. I had to send back 3 girls before I found one worth doing. It was also cleaner than most saunas here. I think the cost is 550-580 rmb for FS

Happy Garden on Tongren Lu across from Malones - I haven't tried that one and read from this board that the cost is around 800 rmb for FS

Zhongshanbei Lu (ÖÐɽ±±Â·) and Bailan Lu (°×À¼Â·) in Putuo District (Zhoungyun hotel 1st floor)- I went to this one and had XiaoLiu who gave pretty good service at 536 rmb. This one kind of required a little more coaxing to get the deed done since they seem much more discreet. Take a very low profile if you go here.

Anyone has more info on saunas please let me know. This is what I know about saunas to the best of my knowledge so information could be incorrect or out of date.

I can speak the language here so if you have need some help sometimes, I can probably help out a little. Just PM me.

03-03-04, 12:48
What not to do:

I was roaming around on Nanjing close to the Bund and decided to follow a dude who offered to 'get lady massage' (I hear you folks thinking 'what a mistake').

I entered the 'Platino' club, got greeted by a nice girl, and for the heck of it, sat for a drink in a comfortable couch ('mistake again...')

Its not my first time in such place or even being ripped (Hong kong, Thailand, and even Paris...) but i decided to let roll, as i did not know how these places work in Shanghai. Plus I had a few hours to kill before heading up to Hansang road and was tired walking the Bund.

5 mns later, 4 girls lined up, I chose one of them to sit by me and offered her a drink (I hear you folks thinking again 'what a mistake'). She was real cute 20 years old, a change from what I have been getting for the past few days. There were a few other foreigner dudes in this bar, so I did not bother being suspicious.

We talked, she gave me a good massage, ordered a second lady drink. At that point, I thought damage was enought and I wanted to leave before it got out of hands with expenses.

I asked for the bill and the hostess came. She insisted that I tip the girl before getting the bill. Alarms went off even louder.

So I gave the girl 100 RMB, she asked for more, I gave her 50 more as she was nice. She had very bad burn marks on her wrist, like cigarette burns (Is that a trick to get you compassionate, or is that torture from mamasan?)

I then asked for the bill and the hostess returned. she started right from telling me that the drinks the girl odered were 2 onces, but the price on the price list is for 1 once only. How lame... So I started getting angry waving my arms, loud voice,... and the boss came, a slim chinese women, very hard face, bright red dress, long cigar...
She started to explain the bill ($950 rmb for 3 drinks and a slice of watermelon !!! ) . she suggested I claim it to my company.

She blamed the girl for not tellling me about the double order, getting her to tears (probably a clever scheme to make me feel bad). I got even angrier, and stood up and started walking to the exit. All customers were watching. It was getting spooky. The exit was at the f**g in other end of the bar, so her I was walking out, mamasan following me screaming in chinese (which I have not much clue about). I saw the shadow of two guys walking towards the door, and I remembered that the street was kind of quiet with not much trafic....
At that time I realized it was not worth getting in trouble so I stopped and took mamasan in a booth and got her to cut the lady drink double ripoff.

It still cost me 150+500 that I would have loved to give to the girl for FS... rather than the mamasan.

Not so good as an experience, but hey, i looked for it. I tell myself: there will always be a better place to go if you do not feel right about the one you just entered, it's not worth to get beaten up for 1000 rmb, and last, make sure you take the receipt to get it expensed by your company (which I f**g forgot)

Good luck everyone, hopefully my next post will be joyful.

I miss Cambodia so bad.

VB Expert
03-04-04, 03:09
Hi Faguoren,

It's so bad to hear this. What you can do is call 110 if next time you face this kind of sutiation. This happened to me in Suzhou. They charged me RMB1000 plus. I called 110, the police came, I just paid RMB 200.

03-04-04, 06:52

2 Parts to this story.

First is a factory visit with me, Lucky and Faguoren. We were escorted by the mafioso man, who told the taxi how to get there.

We went in, hung out for 15 minutes to see all the girls. 2 of the 3 hottie sichuanese gals were not around.

Lucky grabbed the one that was there.
Faguoren grabbed another cutie that was flirting with him, and I took a tall one with big breast who I posted before in the past.

the best part is we got GREAT pics of Lucky nailing his cutie, including a perfect BJ shot with her mouth wide open.

I will let Lucky post these later. total price per chick 150.


03-04-04, 07:03
Part 2

After the factory, me and Lucky went to my place. The Gym girl had been there earlier, begging me to play with her.

I turned her down due to I was about to leave for the factory.

After getting back to my place, she was asleep on the couch. We hung out and eventually she woke up. We started snapping pics, which she was really shy at first since two of us were there.

After a while she eased up, we started playing and one thing led to a another.... or should I say... a full on tag team session.

Lucky got double shots, and we got lots of great pics.

What fun.

I will post up the pics soon.


03-04-04, 19:15
I really cannot believe how much some of you are paying in some of the BS’s ... a HJ for 100, That’s crazy.

This is usually how much I pay at a regular BS (those that can be found all over Shanghai)

One hour massage and a HJ => 40-60
One hour massage and a BJ or BBBJ => 100-150
FS => 150-200

Happy hunting

Cool Laowai
03-05-04, 03:36
Hello everyone,

I am not a frequent poster, time to do so is short (by the way, thanks and sorry for those who PM me, I will try to answer quicker in the future) , and you all did report on so many places that it's uneasy to find new ones.

Yesterday, I had a walk in the Jing An area, checking the BBS there. I passed before a lot of them, but was not really attracted: doesn't look good, girls were sleeping... After a long walk, a girl gave a nice smile in one of them that looked clean so I went in. She was short, good looking with a nice body although a little skinny (well, my taste!). I only asked if they offered massage (my poor Chinese), that was a yes of course.
Followed her in a big back room: they have huge "boxes", clean, with a big curtain. Don't feel too much like a factory, quite comfortable. Asking for price, she only replied "taifei: 30", but couldn't get to know about other service. She started with a normal massage, and I was thinking I picked the wrong place. But then she moved on kissing my breast gently, and hands went down. She finally offered the BJ, was 150, couldn't say no! Some cleaning on Mr Happy, and she was soon gently licking the balls, moving on to it... She was talented! Had a really good BBBJCIM, and could touch her body as well. After that some cleaning, and some massage to finish.

To sum up (on a 5 scale):
Look: 5 (really nice, always smiling)
Body: 4 (good, firm tits, but not so big)
Service: 5 (nice place, good skills)

I went out and checked where I was: I really walked for some time! The place is on AnYuan Road, not far from JiaoZhou road. Coming from the south on JiaoZhou, turn right on AnYuan, pass the small BBSs on the left, the place is further on the right, it is the last one before the next street on the left (the light was slightly red). They were 6 or 7 other girls, some of them who looked quite nice, think I would pay another visit soon!

Have all a nice mongering week-end.

Roversman 999
03-05-04, 09:38
My usual haunt near Xian Xia lu in Gubei has been upgraded. Used to have a back room with a bed and dirty bed cover....room had a dimmer and it was a good place in winter.
Now..theyve converted it to normal barbershop chairs but no curtain.. instead they have a pull down blind... very upmarket place now. Must be all the money i paid in their thats paid for their renovations...!

Black Jack
03-05-04, 11:06
Well I noticed that the LE has been enforcing something. I went down to Haifang lu area and to my surprise my favorite shop was closed. Actually almost all the shops in the area was closed, with the exception of the 2 on Kanding lu. I guess Jing An area hasn't opened up yet.


I agree paying 100 for a HJ is pretty crazy. Actually, the most I paid was 140 at Nandan lu and Yili. That's why I rarely get HJs anymore. But even when I do, the lowest I can usually get it down to is 70-80 rmb. And there definitely is not a hour massage that comes with it. Can you share where the bbs are that are 40-60 for a hj with an hour massage?



03-05-04, 13:30
Has anyone tried the twin girls that hang out in Maoming road?

Cute, petite, nice body, and there are two of them.

I saw them there twice already, spoke with them a little. Ok English, they want 600 each (ouch) or will go separately. I am sure one can bring them down to 600 for both, but still its stiff, and I wonder if they do a good job. On the other hand, it seems like a unique thing to try? Has anyone had twins before?

Cheers & later


03-06-04, 07:48
Maoming is a hit and miss place for SW's.

Used to be only older hags... I had once picked up a fresh gem who was recently arrived in Shanghai, but she quicjly started hanging out at Park 97.

Lately though, there are some cuter gals. Once of them approached me and insisted she would do massage for free if I buy her a piece of pizza.... right...


03-06-04, 07:49
Hey all,
After me Faguoren and Lucky888 hit the factory, me and Lucky tag treamed the gym girl as mentioned earlier.

I have just now uploaded the pics for yall....

have fun.


03-06-04, 13:00
Wild 2 weeks....
I must say my last 1-1/2 - 2 weeks have been JAMMED with chicks. More than ever.

Starting with Tapioca hooking my up in Beijing.

Now I am getting play the following ways... I hope you can all give it a try.

First of all some of the standard ways as you can see from the photo section.

1. Tag Team with Lucky

2. I also recently hit a nice little apartment BB shop on Fuxing lu near Suchang Lu. You go in pick a girl and go upstairs. 200rmb for FS.

3. I ran an ad looking for chicks in a western magazine. Getting tons of replies.

4. Meeting chicks the old fashioned way. If you pick the nice waitress girls, they are really impressed by you and they bed very quickly. - However be careful. Some of them can get hurt by you more easily.

5. I also ran an ad looking for married women. I am getting a surprising amount of women reply to me. They are shy at first about straying, but quickly get over it and want to meet.

give it a shot!


John Siron
03-07-04, 07:48
Went walking around Huangpi Road and Jianguo Road area on Saturday (March 6). Didn't see too many open shops in the afternoon. The shops that were open, there were only a few girls in them. Quality wasn't that great. Walked into a shop where the clients were getting regular massage so we left right away. The papasan walks out with us and asks if we want a "massage". We ask how much, and he says 120RMB. When we got to his other shop (a block east of Huangpi and Jianguo Road) we bargained them down for a BBBJ for 100RMB. There was only one girl that was worth looking at. I'd give her a 6 or 7 on looks. I'm pretty picky on looks so that's why I prefer sauna's or KTVs. Overall service was pretty good.

Talked to the owner and he said that most foreigners that come pay minimum 150. I told him I'm a regular around this area so I know the going rate (actually I don't... I know it from you guys! Haha). He said locals usually pay 100RMB.

Apac Boy
03-07-04, 10:29
Nice pics blankie. One problem though, I believe that blue blanket that's being used by ur asses is the same blue blanket that I use to SLEEP with when i go over to your house?!?!?!


03-07-04, 12:17

Ha ha.. I think so..

I promise NOT to wash it just for you.

you can sniff it when you come back here.


03-08-04, 07:37

I envy you, you seem to have got the momentum going, been following this forum for a week as I will be posted to Shanghai for 3 months soon. Could you please tell me where I can put adverts for lady friends and married woman. I prefer the married ones, no strings and less probability of them getting hurt. Wouldn't mind if you like to provide some numbers to call ;) Those spilled over from your ads.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Thanks guys for contributing and making this a great forum and information resource..I will do my bit in time to come. Cheers

03-08-04, 18:16
I will be in Shanghai next week staying at the Grand You You Hotel on South Pudong Road, could you recommend any BBS in the area, in fact is it a good area for actions?
Thanks in advance

Note to Cruiser, fantastic pictures!! by the way, are you from the San José area?

JB Nash
03-09-04, 05:27
I have just been ask to make a trip to Shanghai and Dalian. I would like to find a Female translator,/ guide/ sex partner, that is will to travel with me for the duration. About 12 days in May.

My company will pick up the tab, for a translator and guide including her air fare and hotel when we go to Dalian. and Driver with car. I perfer bigger tits. If you have any suggestion please pm me.


JB Nash

03-09-04, 09:36
JB Nash
If you find one, I'll take one too.... for my office. Just what I need in the middle of a hard day's work.

translate some contracts, some phone calls, a little BJ, bend her over the desk... nice...


Divine Baal
03-09-04, 16:59
OK, I hope I don't PO the pros but as a complete n00b I just felt I had to ask these questions.

If someone has the time to PM or go public, I'd be greatful. Yes, I have followed the threads here. Read almost all posts from 2004. It's darn hard since there is no good maps on the net to respect all the tips I read. So, the Q.s

1. Will be in Shanghai for 13 days late may/eary June and at the hotel: Pacific Luck Hotel Shanghai which I understand isn't that far from The Bund. (299 Wusong Road). for $60/night.. is that ok? Far from the action, subways...? Or should I try to find some hotel on the otherside of the river?

2. How hard/easy is it for a single bloke, travelling solo and finding all these wonderful places mentioned here without being able to read or speak the local lingo?? Read that it's seems rather difficult.

3. How easy is it to access these places as a n00b tourist? Someone who likes to walk and use the subway.

I know Bangkok scene rather well. And have also experienced the local flavour in HongKong, but Shanghai. It seems so "exotic" and difficult place. And so...Chinese. :D

Divine Baal
03-09-04, 21:07
Just some new bee-questions (no, never been to china be4)

1. Is Shanghai walking-friendly?
2. Is the metro easy to use?
3. Will it be hard for a solo traveller, not speaking the local lingo to access all the wonderful places described here?
4. Found a hotel north of Wusong River (wusong rd). Is that way off, normal or acceptable??

Have read all the threads since jan 2004. Questions in regard of being a <censored>.

Any pm/links/treads would be very helpful!

Mao Dun
03-10-04, 10:03
Divine Baal:

A rookie myself, I can't speak to the mongering side, but in my experience the Shanghai metro is excellent and, in combination with walking, gets you just about anywhere. There are some wonderful places to walk in Shanghai, like the Jing'an and Xuhui districts, and along Nanjing and Huaihai Roads, but others are not so great (Putuo, Hongkou). Pudong has gotten some press here for action, as you would expect with the Hyatt and Holiday Inn and all, but walking around there is generally not so pleasant: wide, long, straight streets with very little of interest on them. Near the Bund is all great walking, very interesting streets, but I don't have a map in front of me and I'm not sure where Wusong Road is. The price you quote sounds quite reaonable for Shanghai, though, especially if it's near the Bund. You should have a lot of fun!


BJ Boy
03-10-04, 19:46
Divine Baal,

Yes, Shanghai is walking friendly but you still need to get taxis for some places. Metro is easy to use and there are not many lines, and all signs have roman characters (pin yin) as well as Chinese. It WILL be hard with the language and street names. You will find it hard in the barber shops. Bar scene may be easier as many of the girls will speak English, but they cost more. Maybe it won't matter as you are only here for a short time.

BJ Boy.

03-11-04, 05:32
There is a BBS very close to my home - It has only one girl but she often sleeps there at nights - you can tell as the bicycle lock on the double D door handles is on the inside or outside.

Yesterday morning she was standing between the curtain that she puts up at night and the door and gave me a beautiful smile.

I have to check this out.

Xiao Ma
03-12-04, 08:52
Hi all,

This is Xiaoma's Report

Date: 12/03/04
Type of Service: Sauna
Name of Place: Tong Ren Yi
Add: DongChuBang Rd next to JiangSu Rd, Shanghai
Name Girl: Xiao Li (Number 1)
Age: 21
Race: Chinese
From: Wu Han
Height: 5'2"
Body: Nice, firm with 34D boods, tattoo on shoulder (7/10)
Look : Ok, look like she just can out from the village but sweet descent look with short hair (7/10)
Skin: Fair and smooth (8/10)
Pubic Hair: Medium (6/10) never shaves
Service: A bit rush, noise but very proactive. (9/10)
Cat bath: Short, but lick every where, including my tote. (7/10)
AR: Yep, hard working (7/10)
BJ: No condom, nice but nothing special (9/10)
ClM: Never ask.
FJ: Very good, as I mentioned a bit rush but other then that she is born for this job (8/10).
Wetness: Off cause, very KY¡_. (8/10)
Anal: I didn¡¯t ask, but she offer. Cool (9/10)
GFE: Sweet talker with kisses and hugs. (8/10)
Cost: RMB 580 + 20 for the service boy in Sauna
Contact: +86216242406821

Just finish some work in the office before lunch and waiting for Germany to start work, which is another 4 hours to go. So check on the Chinese website, which is equivalent to WSG for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Saw a new posting of a sauna, so head off immediately.

Took a cab from Nanjing RD arrive there in 15. The place is easy to find as DongChuBang rd is short. There is a big sign board outside so you can¡¯t miss it.
Step in took my badge, shower, changed when straight in to the waiting room. Told the captain I want a girl, so he shows me to another room. The place is decent for the price charged and it looks clean.

Anyway the massage room is ok for me and inside I was greeted by XiaoLi, I told her I want to change another girl, as I like girl with long hair. She told me she is very good and ask me not to change as today is her first day at work after 40 days of resting (BullShit!!!). I ask her to on the light so I can check her out. She did and she looks much nicer under the light and guess if I take her she will do her best.

So the game start, I lay down naked on the massage bed and she starts the cat bath, nothing to shout about. Nice ARIM. Turn over lick again everywhere, BJ. After that the action starts. First she on top, then missionary, doggy. She was screaming and keeps on telling that she is cuming and that she like me doing her. Unexpectedly she asks me whether I like to fuck her in the ass. Right on man. Pull me dick out and shaft it in her ass. She loves it and screams some more. After five minute of ass fucking she stops me. Said she needs to apply more KY. I off cause help her with me finger. Continue after that and came in her ass.

She said she love it in the ass but only to guy she like. So guy try your luck. Send me off with a French kiss and hug. Promise me if I come back she will shave her pussy for me. Hahahaha.

Well it was a good fuck for that price and the place is decent.

Jack Spratt
03-12-04, 14:12
Have just got back (to Beijing) from my second trip to SH in 2 weeks.

Both times I have used (extensively) the services offered by the BJ factory in Huangpi, just past Hefie on the right hand side walking away from Xintandie. There are details of how to get there posted previously.

Rmb130 for BBBJCIM, including fire and ice if you want it. Choose your own companion, and they will let you suck and finger them while they are doing the deed.

Obviously many of the locals stop off there on the way home. It is hilarious listening to the fake moaning from anywhere between 5 and 10 girls sucking away at any one time.

I think it is the perfect prelude to the evening if you just want to get your rocks off without any issues about condoms (which I hate) etc etc.

Get blown, go out for a feed, and then a few beers, off to bed, and a clear head for work next day.

I had stayed the night before at the Riverside in Pudong (opposite the Bund) and a quick scouting trip revealed nothing of interest except a Turkish restaurant.

In China, nothing is ever as it seems.

Shanghai Noon #2
03-13-04, 06:23
Hi Fellow Mongers,

Just a report on the trip to Happy Garden Sauna. opposite Malones on Tongren road.

I went there on Thursday. Waited about 30 minutes before going into the room. I chatted with the girl for about 20 minutes and then we started going at it. This is when she informed me that you couldn't get FS at this place. I was pretty surprised since from the posting I thought FS is almost mandatory at 866 rmb a pop! I don't know if this is just her way of trying to impress me or making me think she is nice girl (in a sauna?!) She continued to inform me that the place and her could get fined heavily if caught with a condom, etc.

I was pretty bummed out although she agreed to meet me later and do the deed. I did finally got some action from her outside of the sauna and learned a lesson that next time I will definitely carry some condoms in my wallet (just like highschool), never leave home without it. :-)

The sauna was pretty swank and was one of the nicest I have seen in Shanghai so if anyone know of some others like it please let us know.

03-13-04, 08:40

Is the BJ factory to which Jack Spratt refers the same one you took me to? I feel the same way. It is a nice way to take the ice off before a full evening of mongering. I wish we had similar BJ joints here in Shenzhen. I also enjoyed the public nature of the place.


Jack Spratt
03-13-04, 15:59
OAH, the location has been described in detail before, but here goes.

It is about 50 metres past the intersection, on the RHS of Huangpi. Turn into a driveway/lane (there is a rope light and black/white spinner), walk to the end of the lane (about 30 metres), turn left, and straight ahead to the stairs. Up to the 1st floor - (sorry, this is China, 2nd floor), through the reception bearing left, turn right and then left, and there is a door on the right.

Have been there 3 times, and from memory about 6, 15 and 12 ladies to choose from on the respective visits.

Rmb130 payable to the cashier in reception as you leave. The girl gets 100, and the house 30.

03-14-04, 02:50
Jack Spratt,

Thanks for the directions. The location sounds very familiar, but Blankie had me all over town that night and it all sort of blends together. I am definitely up for a return visit when next in Shanghai.


Roversman 999
03-15-04, 00:15
back from a manila trip.. 36 hours , 3 ladies., all small cute brown and funny.. i do like it there...
Anyways, out cycling on near Hami road on saturday , past a BBS and was greeted with a radiant 100 megawatt smile...from a cute face. Had to stop and check. Turned out to be the sweetest 20 year old in have yet met in one year in China.
Massage was so so but thats not why we are there... she climbed on the bed ( this place has beds not barber chairs ) and removed most of her clothes...licked and sucked me.. then pushed my head between her legs.. she smelt great..was very moist and wouldnt let me go till id finshed her....then she sucxked me dry and was so happy when i gave here RMB 110 ( yes i love to overpay!)....shes a real beauty with the shy but mischevious style that i like.. .better than these hardened babes that do things mechanically... anyway.. shes on the back burner for next cycling trip.. meanwhile a new icq freind has invited me to her aprtment tonight....... ho hum.....

03-15-04, 01:07
Xiao Ma,

First time to the Shanghai section. Damn good report. Keep up the good work. Can you reveal the Chinese Web site you mentioned? Sounds interesting.


Far East Andy
03-15-04, 06:27
Hi guys,

Back to my regular BBS in Puxi last week ended in an eventful evening. The address I posted before Nanjing lu/Yan An lu.

Walked in to be shocked that they had 2 new girls from Chonqing, both ok, maybe a 7 most.

Mamasan was as friendly as ever and asked me to try one of the new girls. Ok no problem, lets go.

Body 8
Looks 7
Age 18
Name no idea
BBBJ 9 for efforts
DATY yes thanks
FS 8
GFE 10, so loving and passionate.

Overall, great.

Finished the job and paid my 300 rmb, sat down and had a cup of tea with the mamasan. One of the girls I had before was relaxing on the chair, with a face mask on. She asked me for a massage, yes ME giver her one, ok ok so played a little.
I took some normal pictures but wanted one of her tits as they are great so out they came.

I posted a pic in the picture section sorry about the quality but it was taken with my phone camera.

The mamsan then asked if I wanted to take this girl home for 500 rmb all night including as many pictures as I want doing anything I want. Teptation was there but as with many of you guys I have to play away so no go. I may even get a hotel next time.

Happy hunting

Far East Andy

Far East Andy
03-15-04, 07:06
Hi guys,

Ended up in Lilly's Pub the other night which was rather strange as I thought it had closed down. Brought back the good old days of having a blow job in that place.

Anyway it was full of FL or as full as it can be, lets say 8.

As soon as myself and a friend walking in 2 of them were straight over. They were both cute bearing in mond I had drank about 6 pints, 2 vodka/tonics, and about 4 shots of sambuca. Anyway she still looked cute.

She then proceeded to tell me her life story, oh no not one of these. Story finished and the ended up talking about sex.

She wanted 1000 rmb haha yeh right, dream on. I said 300 she came down to 500 rmb, bit like buying a watch at Huai Hai market.

We had planned to go back to my mates place but he dropped me in it and changed his mind so I was left with this hooker and nowhere to go. Couldn't go back to her home she lived with grandma, shit. Better call it a night.

Got her number, then lost it otherwise I would have had it open for you guys to ask for.

Anyway, reason for the post is that Lilly's is back for biz and I know a few of you have mentioned it in the past so it's worth checking out.


Far East Andy

New Zhoujie
03-15-04, 07:31
JB Nash:

Regarding your post a few days ago looking for a travelling companion. Via another posting on WSG I found a website called www.funinchina.com that seems to cater to this type of request.

They offer something called a Personal Assistent that will travel with you and also be a "social escort". They are not clear on what exactly you get for the social escort service, but the site says that a tip is expected on top of the normal agency fee.

Looking at the photos 100+ girls available, it seems that some may be good to go, others may not.

Hope this helps.


03-15-04, 07:53
We have ben there together. you had quite a time goofing around with all those gals...


03-15-04, 16:35
Action possible on Caobao Road.

The other day when I was riding a bus running on Caobao Road my attention was attracted to a series of BBS's that look suspicious past Jing An New Town and on the same side as it. (I was heading east from Songjiang). Curious and nothing else ado, I decided to get off and have a look. I entered one of them and asked for a shampoo (as a teaser). I made eye contact with a girl whose outfit I liked most and she did me. Afterwards she asked me if I wanted a massage. I followed her and she led me to a factory-like cubicle. She asked me if I wanted FS or what else. I resisted the temptation but let her fondle my penis. (I had gone to the same neighbourhood before and in that case I plainly declined a massage because I later became disillusioned with the girl that did me.)

It's better if anyone of you could do me a favour by investigating those BBS's on the other side of the road. Direction is as follows:

Take the tube to Caobao Road Station. Get in a taxi on the same side as the KFC. Tell the driver to head west past Lianhua Road. Shortly after you go past that road, you'll see a wholesale market on your left, and the BBS's I referred to in the 1st paragraph are on your right. Further down the road are those I referred to in the 2nd paragraph. Caution: They are before you reach a nullah crossing the road. If you go past Lianhua Supermarket or, worse, a flyover, you're going too far.

03-15-04, 16:47
I patronised a shop at Wuzhong Road/Guilin Road many times, and almost every time the same woman did me. It's on the southwestern corner of the intersection. She has long straight hair and is about 1.65m tall. She asked me to call her No.17.

Time and again she asked me if I wanted a HJ but I declined. But I really like it when she sucks my nipples. Probably would be good if I get BJ, but I've never raised that issue. Please do me a favour by investigating whether she does other things.

One strange question: Does anyone of you have tendency of playing with a woman's breasts/nipples clothed but not wearing a bra (as opposed to bare breasts/nipples)?

Roversman 999
03-16-04, 00:13
in my manila visit , was in one of girlie bars, and went to bathrooom. one cute lady in bikini followed me in and decided it would be fun to hold my dick whilst i was peeing. so there i was barehanded with her holding me, and me playing with her pussy. a whole new way of peeing....which id like more of.....

Xiao Ma
03-16-04, 02:20
To all that can read Chinese here is the web site that tell you all action in Greater China.


Hvg fun and please l want to see some good detail report.

03-16-04, 04:01

Why do you want others to try out, first? C'mon, they do not bite, and if so, you might probably enjoy.

Btw, a HJ is basically part of the standard massage program in such BBS.


03-16-04, 04:01
I'm quite seldom in SH. And considering the enormous size of the city I did not bother to find out about any details here as gals are usually not that hard to find.

I stayed in 2-Star Hotel in HongQiao district. Very clean and nice room for only RMB250. There where a few nearby BBS, but didn't bother . I did order a 'room massage'. The gals was a real cutie, but did just massage. After her 45 Minutes for RMB 118 she agreed to get me another gal for FS which arrived 20 Minutes later.

No BJ, but excellent physical service leaving both of us quite exhausted for RMB400 (was that too expensive? I really have no idea.)

In short: you don't have venture far for a bit of fun.
Or: if you can't find sex in China you are really dumb.

03-16-04, 11:25
I have maybe a stupid question.
Is there a relation between the color of the bbs signs and the services they are offering?
Denis now in Shanghai

03-16-04, 13:40

Thanks for confirming my suspicion. I thought it was the same place. I really did enjoy myself in that place. Looking forward to a repeat visit.


03-16-04, 19:05
I found a decent BBS near my hotel (you, you) in Pudong, very unrushed HJ/BJ for 100, not bad at all , I may return.
Ended the evening at a KTV called Boss, downtown, very friendly atmosphere with pretty girls but only few spoke English and very few were going out with customers (foreigner) , finally took home a young one 23 with nice firm breast. my friend paid for the drinks and the KTV room , I paid for the girl (1200) I know this is expensive but for a nice KTV girl why not
Tomorrow I will try Paulaner and maybe the bj factory if I can find it by myself.

03-17-04, 02:52
=> Denis
Unfortunately there are no relations between the signs and the services they are offering. But it's quite easy to see if they are offering extra services or just regular hair care anyway.

Happy Hunting

Member #1652
03-17-04, 10:09
To New Zhoujie,

I think this all gal is bring you arround the town if can you can nego wif them for extra service gegegge :)

Member #1652
03-17-04, 10:12
This the escort service for m'sia


03-17-04, 20:02
I decided to have a room service massage at my hotel to destress. I was pleasantly surprised as a young girl came for a massage and asked me immediately if I wanted extra, of course!! she said she will do BBJ but no FS, ok with me , nice BBJWCIM, very pleasant after a day's work.
I went in the evening to Paulaner but I did not see many good looking girls. So I tried Luna, good live band but not too many good looking girls; had few beers and decided to try the hotel bar.
Very small bar on the groung floor (roses) with private booths. I stayed at the bar and played dices with a pretty friendly girl, not too beautifull but really pleasant. I was very tired and asked how much , answer: 1000, no way! offered 500 and settle at 600.
Shanghai is really nice and it is difficult not to get laid everyday!!(photo of my bar girl in the photo section)

Roversman 999
03-18-04, 04:46
Went to my new favourite BBS last night in Hami road. aririved, met with a smile, and led ot back. After a funny attempt at massage that lasted one minute that we both laughed at, my new friend indcated in sign language she wanted me to take care of her first.. then later me.
Heres a novelty....wel i obliged with a good fingering and pussy licking that had her arching and moaning.. sounded real..the clit was well raised.
Then she sighed....and got to work on me.....long slow and tender were here lips and hands. So friendly and so nice and slim.... yes she got the 110rmb i had in my pocket....happy to pay for a good 45 minutes of fun......

03-18-04, 06:53
Went to the BBS proposed by Far East Andy the other day.
Don't know if it was the right one, corner Nanjing-Yenan Road, on Nanjing.
Mamasan bu zai. One Anhui girl, one Sichuan girl. The Anhui girl was prettier, so I picked her. The other Sichuan girl mentioned by Far East Andy apparently went back home or moved on.
The place is small, and so are the massage beds. Nothing mentioned about upstairs.
The deed was done on the massage bed. Girl was great, very enthusiastic, covered bj, pretty and large boobs, different positions, very GFE, but a little smelly.
The Sichuan girl watched the door. Apparently, they were afraid of Mamasan coming back and they would have to share. 300 CNY.
Overall pretty good, the Anhui girl is actually really nice and dedicated, the place is filthy, though.


03-18-04, 14:41

It's known that Hami Road is close to the Zoo, but where exactly is the place? It's known that a van route takes you from the Zoo to Hami Road, but you know how to board only if you can read the Chinese. (Tip: Xin (pronounced Shen in other contexts) Bei Zhuan Xian).

I took a look at locations on Hongsong Road, south of the Zoo. But unfortunately the house charge is quite expensive, probably because of the cost of maintaining them near newer housing estates.


It makes little difference if someone gets ahead of me in this particular way. Come on, it's just receiving service. Concededly I had wanted to shift the risk to someone else, but hearing some reviews helps.


Went to the place on Huangpi South you described, but it seemed closed. Probably it is every now and then. Could you provide us with more details? When I got there I saw another potential client being turned back and followed him to another location nearby and I learnt what was going on.


Went to the place in Caobao Road for the second time, where I had declined FS. Another woman served me. She told me that the previous one was not there for the day, and asked me if the she was good but I declined to comment. (I would not have chosen the previous one even if she had been there because this one was superior in figure.) Then she asked if I wanted a HJ. I said, 'I don't know if I should bring that up, but do you give BJ?' 'Yes' 'For what price?' Then we agreed on a price. She gave me a dick wipe with alcoholled tissue and proceeded to a BBBJ. From time to time she did that with warm water in her mouth. I asked her to spit anything she sucked into my mouth for me to drink but she didn't understand why. I couldn't carry it to completion but I said to her that I would look for her again next time.

As usual with anyone who gives me this service, I gave her a hug and after paying the bill I headed straight out.

Perhaps I'll ask if she does FS next time.

03-19-04, 03:19

What shop are you referring to?
There are about 10 on that street.


F Manat
03-19-04, 19:31
Hi guys,

I will be in shanghai for 4 days on the 27th for 5 days. (Sofitel). If any of you wanna meet up, PM me.

F Manat

PS: I manage a freebee while there. :)

03-19-04, 20:16
In my opinion: Pointless posters here,

In my opinion: I must say that this board was a total waste of time on my trip through China.

In my opinion: Take a lesson from those who post on the Brazil and Argentina's board's.


03-20-04, 04:19
Dear Starfe,

I feel really regret as what you said. Please don't use the word 'worstless' to conclude all of our efforts. I don't know how's your experiences in your trip, but I do appreciate very much from the members who contributing in Beijing and Shanghai's forums. I don't know what's your expectation from Beijing or Shanghai, but bear in mind that different countries have different cultures. You need times to discover China. As a foreigner, I do like to travel in China, especially Beijing.

Please don't demolish all efforts just based on one trip.


03-20-04, 04:55
Hi Starfe,

I guess that since you are using a computer, you do not also have a white cane.

I have a girlfriend, maid and wife who keep me busy - but I often get "hit on" in shops by lovely Chinese girls.

And not just pro's!

Try Xu Jia Hui (Nan Dan Rd is good) next time - try the many BBS - very fertile ground. (only because I know it - I am sure there other equally fertile hunting fields).

I do not know where you come from - but their interest in a slightly fat, aging westener is quite amazing. I guess that I speak basic Chinese helps.

03-20-04, 05:20

Identifying places in Central or South America has little risk for the establishments. Clealy, identifying smaller, more exciting and cost effective establishments in Shanghai has considerable LE risk.

Smaller places have a very limited "screen" to their activities.

Where my girlfiend works has been raided 3 times in the last year and she gets a little nervous if we get playful. Fortunately I was never there during a raid.

Dogs Body
03-20-04, 06:26
First day in Shanghai, first time in China.

Did the sights in Pudong and the Bund. On the Nanjing road at about 3 pm was approached at 3 different times, once by a very pushy lady that seemed to be trying to set up a rip off.

My impression is that the ladies of the Nanjing Road should be handled with great care and are a lower level of worker entirely.

After a great dinner at Tandoor Indian Restaurant on the Maoming Road, i walked down to the bar street area. It's a younger crowd and had hardly started to get busy at 10 o'clock. If your under 35 years old this may be a place for you. I bugged out.

Departing the area I was surrounded by beggars, watch sellers and dvd hawkers. A crowd of about 15 following me down the street. Most unpleasant.

If I had handed out any money there could have been a riot. The lesson is, taxi in and out if you wish to avoid the hassle.

Wishing to avoid a complete washout, I took a taxi over to the Portman. The Long Bar was an waste of time. Two not very good looking SW outside the door. Inside, 90% male drinking beer and watching sports. It was how I imagine a bar in Australia.
On to Hard Rock. As I finished a smoke before going in a good looking lady about 25 whose name was Jessica came out. Surprisingly large and firm breasts. The deal was done in a moment, a taxi to my place and so on.

She asked for 1500! I countered with 800. She seemed firm on 1000. This is too much but as it was a first night and I was trying to save the evening that's what it cost me. No tip and service was lackluster.

With a nice apt, what I would really like to find is a Office Lady type. Would anyone care to suggest where they might be found?

My first impression of Shanghai. It's easy to get laid in this city but the pricing is way out of line.

03-20-04, 07:42
Yea you are right... I can't get laid off tips from this board to save my life. That is why I don't have any posts to contribute.

get a life


03-20-04, 07:53
hey all,
wow! a crazy ass night.

i promised some of you i would sms and take you to the factory. i apologize, my crazy night started witha a totally unexpected trip there since i was already close to it. then the night got crazy after that. i will arrange time to show you how to get there.

part 1. went to the factory with a buddy. we had intended to take these 2 girls home. well, the facotry being famous for easy and cheap lay... the take home service is ritz carlton prices. 200 to mama and 800 to girl or 1,000 all night.

we opted to do the girls in the shop.

i posted one pic of my girl from hunan. she is very tall and her snatch has about 5 hairs and the rest is baby skin smooth!

part 2
mafia man shows up, and another friend. mafia man realizes we really wanted to take girls home. he makes a few calls...
gets a taxi, we get in, and have no idea where we are going.

we drive out to the damn middle of no where. only about 10-15 minutes, but this place has nothing but parked big rig trucks and small run down little buildings.

he is looking carefully out the taxi window, has the driver drive really slow.... at this point my buddy comments that he thinks we are going to be killed. i would agree if we were still in la, this would likely be the place to go die. it looked like the place the maifa takes you when you are no longer needed.

then we start down a small alley way between buildings.... and come upon a so called barber shop. totally in the middle of no where. 5-6 girls inside.

we are told we can pick and it is 350 for all night.

we grab 3 chicks. we wanted 4 but they were either too busy or on the rag.

we leave, back to the factory pick up my other buddy, and head back to my place.

5 guys in my place, 3 girls.

we had semi group action. me and a buddy on my bed, another buddy taking pics, another walking in and out, and the mafia guy peeking in from the living room laughing.

one of the 3 chicks wouldnt do anything except hang out naked.

we tried swapping the other 2 but they didnt go for it.

in any case, it turned out to be 200 for my friends short time girl and mine stayed all night for 400.

pics are posted.


03-20-04, 16:25

Where are you talking about? Huangpi South Road or Caobao Road?

If it's Caobao Road, it should be on the easternmost one of the series opposite to the wholesale market. I've investigated those on the same side as the wholesale market but east of the nullah, and found that some of the locations offer HJ only.

When I was given HJ on one of the latter ones, another prospective client came in and asked questions. I caught snatches of the answer 'please go elsewhere'. Then I asked the girl who did me what he was asking. She said that he was asking for 'daowei' (literally up to par) service. Then I said to her, 'I wouldn't ask this kind of question.' The rationale behind this is that if she gives a service she's likely to have brought that up long before you do.

03-20-04, 22:49
Hi guys,

Usually I am in the Shenzhen section but due to a business trip, I'll spend the next weekend (from friday night) in shanghai. Let's be clear, I won't ask you if the hotel I've chosen is good or not, if another is ok, or anything else.

I think the best is that you give me your idea of the best hotel, considering that I am looking for girls INSIDE the hotel (massage, lobby, bar, ...) and that I am looking for FS and for the night.

In fact, my first question is which hotel is the best for this (apparently the Portman and the 4 Seasons have been good places by the past but maybe other are better ?)
My second question : what's the best quality/price KTV in SH

That's all for me, I hope it will help me spend some good time in Shanghai as I've done before in HK and Shenzhen thanks to all of you guys.

Hope you can asnwer fast so i can book everything fast

Dogs Body
03-21-04, 00:37

You are inviting a flame war. It's really not necessary.

BNC is exploring the possibilities of the local system at a local price. A very different world from a Hyatt lobby. At the street level the good and the bad must be expected. Of course the high end is sometimes a bitter disappointment so far as the GFE goes.
His barber shop experiences do show the traveler that the prices we pay are really inflated. How I wish I spoke chinese!

My study of the posts here do not show any BA type venues, except perhaps Maggies in Beijing. For a BA experience, go to BA. It's great!

Ram Boy
03-21-04, 02:17
Hi All,

My first visit to Shanghai (and China). Would very much like to sample the action but very scared. Normally my usual destination is Thailand (and nowhere else so far). I am, therefore used to cheaper prices and safer punting. Furthermore, I am an Indian guy (UK).

Any advice as to where I should stay (names of hotel etc), where they don't object to taking a girl back, and any rules and precaution that I should take on my first visit. Just want to dip my feet this time, and more on sebsequent visits. Will be on my own this time.

Will appreciate any help and advice from you experts.


03-21-04, 02:35

Enjoy your photos and reports. Please keep up the good work.

Jack Spratt
03-21-04, 04:20
starfe, i detect the sound of somebody backtracking at a fair speed.

your earlier whinging post indicated nothing about only referring to quality - it was correctly perceived by me, and i would suggest a number of other contributors to beijing/shanghai, as an attack on the overall usefulness of their posts.

quality is in the eye of the beholder - some mongers could spend the night in passions in beijing, and walk away feeling it was full of dogs. others could spend an hour in the seediest bbs in shanghai, and feel they had been to heaven.

if you, and your friend, prefer latin women, that is fine - stick to south america. others have a preference for asian women, and in many cases their pursuits have been aided by the incredibly helpful contributions of others to this forum.


in china, nothing is ever as it seems.

03-21-04, 04:31
Jack Spratt,

Although it's a matter of taste on which kinds of girls you like, quality of posting is another thing.

Therefore, let's post things that carry strong substance.

03-21-04, 06:41

Do you have nothing better to do then whine about other peoples good time simply because you didn't get as much use from the SH board as others have?

Or because you think your taste is the same or superior to everyone else?

Is this board here for sharing ideas and tips, or is this board for you to decide who is right and who is wrong?

There were 5 guys who picked out these girls so they obviously met with the satisfaction of several people.

Maybe next time you post here I suggest you have something to contribute, not just ripping on my fellow posters. Many of us here are good friends and respect each other. I am not so sure you are preaching to a welcoming audience.


03-21-04, 06:50
More double team action.

My old apartment BB shop girl moved, and called me.
I went to her new shop with my friend and we picked her and her friend.

I got 2 girls from some place off Fujian Bei Lu. If you arrive to the intersection of Tiantong lu and Fujian Bei Lu, there are shops around there. If you go right off Tiantong down a block and look carefully downt the left street, there is a BB shop with a big neon life saver candy looking light. That has about 4-5 girls. Not the best, but this area is a new discovery for me.

I posted the only pic I got on the photo gallery.


03-21-04, 09:38

There are three guys with clothes off in those pics... how do you knwo who is who?
Also, I never took a pic, they were taken at random by a friend.

I will avoid stooping to reply to you in the way you comment about me and my friends... some of who are frequenters of this board.

I would like to ask a few things...

1. Is this board about sharing this kind of info with others?

2. Is it appropriate to rip on other people simply because you don't share the same taste?

Some of my friends who post on various sections of this board are not exactly physically fit and young. I find these kind of comments as insults to them and to me.

I kindly request you stop insulting people, or that you request that Jackson create a new thread for sensless personal bashing.


Jack Spratt
03-21-04, 14:29

The quality, and substance, of particular posts are also subjective, and therefore in the eye of the beholder.

So thank you for your gratuitous observation, and we all look forward to your substantial China posts over the coming months.


03-21-04, 16:05

i hate to be involved in rows like this but jackson already says that photos showing intercourse are forbidden. you should have been told this long before.

we have different tastes and none is superior to any other. it's ok for you (and anyone else) to have a particular taste, but we must show it with class. this is what free speech is about.

03-21-04, 19:47
Starfe, I am uncertain if you are just disappointed with your recent trip and just need to vent, or if there is something personal you've got going with Blankie. Either way, the posts you have posted recently seem way out of line. The whole spirit of this forum is to share information. If you did not get enough out of a particular section, constructive criticiscm may have gotten you more info, but instead you will likely now have a few sections of members who find your posts somewhat inappropriate to say the least or utterly offensive to some. I am uncertain what WSG Charity Benefactor means, but it still seems that your posts are somewhat outside of the spirit of having such a forum. maybe someone should ask Jackson what he thinks about this recent set of comments.
(my apologies to the rest of the regulars for posting a non-constructive post. More reports will follow as soon as I get back into town)

Ram Boy
03-21-04, 20:35
Can someone help?

I will be in Shanghai for the first time. Just some infomation for me too get started.
1. Fairly inexpensive hotel, that is girl friendly.
2. Where I should go, as I am new comer to this scene - in China at least.

All help appreciated, Please help.


Found It
03-22-04, 05:01
First, my condolences to Starfe. Any hope you had for getting any insightful help from us mongers in Shanghai is definitely dead.

As Just Me so succiently posted his experience in the BJ thread, let me give you one more example here.

Called the number Xiaoma posted back in Feb for the "Shenyang" girl. Name is Xiao Xue and guess she works in some kind of suana or BJ bar..whatever. Does not speak English well so you need to at least speak a little Chinese. Anyway, she tells me she can only come over after work which was 4:00am?!? Decided what the hell, go for it. After several phone calls and SMS's between us she shows up at 4:15. Cute girl, like Xiaoma said, a bit chubby, but in the right places. She started quickly, fantastic BBBJ, lots of licking everwhere, good AR, but not my thing, DATY..and then to the main event. All I can say is her muscle control is f--king awesome. I have never had sex with a women who could literally squeeze the cum out of me. I was in and out in about 30 seconds! Second round was a bit longer as I was prepared but still- damn this girl can wiggle. She spent the rest of the morning and we played a bit before she left at 9:30. Total damage, 550 RMB + snacks. Thanks Xiaoma..your description of the 500 hp pussy was spot on!!

03-22-04, 05:58
A word about the Starfe, et.al. exchange. I usually avoid this type of useless banter, I cannot help it this time.

I went back and pulled up Starfe's WSG post history and , while I did not go all the way back and read them all, I read 2-3 pages and found NOTHING of any value to anyone reading this forum for information. They are either asking for help or making useless comments, apparently from all over the world.

I suggest we consider the source and ignore this guy. It's not worth the effort. Our time is better spent looking for pussy, reporting on our activity and trying to help each other.


Apac Boy
03-22-04, 16:54
Dood's just pissed cause he asked for like 30 places to go in Beijing and Shanghai back in December of last year and got like zero responses.

I can't believe you're ripping Blankie too...if you go back to your posts, when u asked for places to go in SH, he OFFERED to show you places in SH. Go back to the post, 12/12/03 in the SH section.

And ripping on pics will just make less people want to post theirs.
Just cause u got little blue lettering under your name don't mean you can break forum rules and make personal attacks.


Dogs Body
03-22-04, 20:51
This post concerns Bourbon St. Sometimes called the Bourbon Sreet Cafe.
I really want to simply post a rip off warning, that the place is limited to Drinks girls and you will hear every type of come on to get into your pocket. Don't expect any actual service.

I am however, not local, do not speak the language and so on. If any two or more members think a average joe can get FS take-out there I would be happy to retract this post. I left before they could do too much damage to my wallet but it was painful enough.