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Xiao Ma
03-23-04, 02:46
Found It

Glad you enjoyed yourself, more coming.

Xiao Ma
03-23-04, 04:01
Dear all big bro (tata),

Some suggestion, as most of our friend can't communicate well in chinese, it will be very helpful to those that can communicate in chinese to post report with more detail and if possible some contact information. This will really help espeacily those that come for short visit.

For those that have benefited from our report please provide feedback to show appreciation.

We must share to keep the forum alive.

Thanks and have fun

Asian Monger #2
03-23-04, 04:12

I've posted this in the gallery but here again in case you missed it. What's the overnite rate for XiaoHuang or the take-out rate in these BBS in the Fujian Bei Lu area?

I'm thinking of taking XiaoHuang for the nite as the face is not bad.

P.S. I'll be on business trip mid-April for 5 days.



Coyotes AZ
03-23-04, 11:00
I need some advices on the places in Shanghai for fun. I always stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. It seems to me there is no activities around or in that hotel.

Please advise.

03-23-04, 11:25
I went to Dongzhuanbang Road Sauna this past weekend. The place was packed. It seems like the word is getting around about this place. I ended up leaving with my friends after a 40 minute wait (and they told us it would be another 40 minutes). I hope for the sake of those waiting that the quality is good. I wasn't patient enough to find out.

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03-23-04, 18:50
witnessed raid in pudong:

today was my day off. i went to scholar books (open 24 hours, behind an upmarket shopping mall on the southeastern corner of pudong road south/zhangyang road, and road works related to the construction of a tunnel underway) to see what books i wanted to buy and then went surveying the area bounded by laoshan road west, qixia road, fusha road and pudong dadao. for pudong dadao i went further east to yuanshen road. this vicinity has been surveyed by another user here recently, but qixia road was misspelt as qiaxia road.

after i arrived at yuanshen road i headed west and saw 2 po-po going to a bbs on the southern side of pudong dadao. i turned back to the northern side of the road, east of fushan road. i was aware that a raid was probably underway but i entered one of the bbs's anyway asking preliminarily just for shampoo. while in progress po-po came and that caught attention from the woman serving me. although i pretended that nothing was happening, i was listening for anything unusual. po-po ordered some partitions inside to be removed, and the massage beds were left in plain view. after i was done i handed the service provider money and headed straight out while po-po was still there.

although i was out of sight, i watched po-po from the other side of the road and indeed they were sweeping over most bbs's. i saw them entering a car that appeared civilian, and nobody else seemed to be in the car. they drove away.

i went back to the place and the same service provider asked me if i wanted a massage. i went inside and started legit stuff. i was taking off my pullover but she stopped me, saying that it had been a close call. shortly after this she rammed me into a toilet room and asked if i wanted a bj or fondling. i declined bj at first and she lowered the price. i gave in (now i realise that i shouldn't have). i paid and shot out of the place.

i had never tried coming back to the same bbs on the same day.

although she charged quite high i think it was worth the price because of the risk that po-po might come back again at any time while she was doing this business.

then i went to qixia road to survey things. i was heading west and before the big footbridge crossing dongfang road (someone else has already described the area here). now my attention was drawn to a crowd. (chinese tend to form a crowd around incidents.) the crowd was gathered in front of a foot massage location. when i went closer i saw more than 2 po-po was on the site because of agitation. i heard snatches of others talking about it: 1) the location was suspected of operating vice. i suspected the same thing as business appeared too slow to prop up a legit business. 2) the head of a po-sta nearby participated in the raid. 3) the owner of that business had bought high and now had to sell low, and a raid would make him miserable.

this appears to open a can of worms. the case is not purely that a bbs is used as a front for vice. probably most of the locations used to be legit before change of ownership. overproduction causes many owners to have to sell their business, possibly to unscrupulous buyers. even some buyers who are other than unscrupulous have difficulty propping up the business by only legitimate means. some gave up totally (as one on xinlong road was recently annexed by a neighbouring restaurant) and some turn to unscrupulous means. in some unusual cases, the location looks almost indistinguishable from a legit business but things other than legit are afoot. (e.g. one on wuzhong road/guilin road that i've patronised many times short of a hj.)

i had dinner nearby and surveyed the same area again. again i found 2 po-po going from location to location but this time they skip some. i saw a foot massage location being ordered closed but po-po did not apply any sealing strips. another was ordered to scrape off the lettering on the front. from onlookers i heard that these locations might have been doing business without licences/permits.

then i hopped from location to location. for the first two i asked for (and was given) legit service. for the last one (i had been there before) i went to the back room (which i had declined last time) but did not do hj. i found myself overcharged.

i never saw any arrests.

i left the area and headed straight back to my residence.

Member #2400
03-24-04, 06:53
For all of you coming to Shanghai,

Hard Rock (in the Portman hotel) was closed and will be reopened in 3 months in a different location.


03-24-04, 08:39
Supplement to previous post

When I left the area and showered for the night I found that my white brief was tainted with lip colour!

In Pudong District legit BBS's get licences, but not all licensees are legit.

Tansak KTV gave me PM about my previous post but some of the things he said would be better posted here. For the sake of privacy I let him decide himself on whether to do so.

Algeria for Ever
03-24-04, 09:14
To Dogs Body> Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, but please be sure that there is action is the infamous Bourbon Street Cafe!

Actually it is an impossible-to-miss-a-deal- kinda place, you can get all kind of take-home deals in there from 200 RMB to 1000 RMB, depending on the time, the girl, your looks, your bargaining skills.

Also, I've been to the tea-time ballroom dancing in Xujiahui (Taiping Road, in the small building just next to the Taiping hotel, on the 3rd floor - buy the ticket on G/F, the adress is 200-something Tai Ping Lu) that has been mentioned on this threadmonths ago . I havent managed to see any pros there (actually the cashier lady downstairs told me, when she saw this laowai wanting to buy a ticket, "no filthy girls up there!"), but it is absolutely hilarious: it is full of 30 to 60 shanghainese people dancing on some old fashioned tunes. If you're good at ballroom dancing and like mature women, this surely is fishing paradise for you. I've got quite a few looks and smiles from ladies, but maybe that was due to the fact that I was both the only guy in my 20's and the only laowai there! Anyway, check it out, it's fun!

Mark Smith #2
03-24-04, 13:34
Hard Rock closure is a surprise. They seem to do a great business there. Any word on why it closed for 3 months rather than stay there until new opening?

Thirty Mins
03-24-04, 15:35
Hi Brownout,

Based on what you saw in Pudong, do you think another "yan da" (crackdown) has started? Do you have any favorites in the area which are still operating as normal, and what do you usually pay?

Thirty Mins

Member #3428
03-25-04, 00:14

The PM to Brownout was basically just a short note letting him know that the his post about the raids in Pudong were much appreciated and asked him to keep his eyes open and let me know what the current situation is. As I will be in Pudong at Purple Mountain in a few weeks I appreicate hearing about the current situation in the area.

I'm not a regular poster but I follow the areas that I travel to keep current. While BlnkNameCruiser / Jack Spratt / Far East Andy / Cronin and many others have posted a lot of good material, the board lately has been full of what I took to be Personal Attacks for some posts.

Brownout's report listed many of the areas that I had looked at visiting and were locations already posted about by a lot of members here. The last thing I need is to get caught up in a situation on the trip. So I appreicated the reports about just the raids themself.

Mind as well go a little further here, there were some reports about medicines available in the Chinese Pharmacy for self medicating yourself against diseases. I have found the following and could be way wrong so any locals feel free to correct my errors but the pinyin for medicine I am told is this:

Azithromycin = A Qi Mei Su
Ciprofloxacin = Huan Bing Sha Xing
Amoxicilin = A Mo Xi Lin
Miconazole = Mi Kang Zuo
Ketaconazole = He Cheng De Mi Zuo Er Wan Yan Sheng Wu
Metronidazole = Jia Xiao Zuo or Mie Di LIng

Cost is only a few RMB and I did find medicine that was regular / REAL drugs. For anyone interested, I also did find that real Viagra and Cailis also. But I did find all items in a small little pharmacy in Yiwu China, and one in Ningbo. So I would assume these are available anywhere in China. I did have a Chinese Speaking friend with me to search for them and I was shown many fake before we got to the real ones. Actually, since I live in a small country without good medical treatment, I did find a complete supply of all drugs available over the counter which completely surprised me.

I also sent a request to Jackson to open up a section of just Pinyin / English section. If anyone else thinks a section on the langauge would be good pound him with emails till there is a seperate language section under China. Most of the words we'd use out and about the town in BBS and such would not be listed in books or translators. Plus the local slang is no where to be found. But Making Out in Chinese book is pretty good, but the translations are a little off from what I am told by friends.

That got a lot of items out here I was thinking about talking about. Basically there are some of us out there that do follow and appreciate the reports. So no matter who's out there complaining, there are many of us who like China, Chinese Ladies, and the set up in China. So keep posting all and any items, good or bad news.

And anyone want to head out while I am there, just PM me and I'll give you my chinese cell number and my arrival time frame. Will be in Pudong / Hangzhou / Yiwu / and Weihai.

Tansak KTV

Phoenix Decending
03-25-04, 01:35
While in Shanghai a few weeks ago I again stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel. First day there I went up to the jazz club on the top floor and ran into one of the girls I had the last time in Shanghai (see my 1/22/04 post). There were several other girls hanging at the bar but she recognized me and made a b-line to my side so none of the others had a chance. As she was the more energetic of the two from before I decided to try her on her own. We went back to the room, showered with a BBBJ in the shower then to the bed. More BBBJ, then several positions, CG, Mish, Doggie and a great finish. She asked if I wanted her to stay all night and I said no, which seemed to make her mad but she left without making a big deal about it.

Two nights later she was at the club again and talked me into another round, even though I told her I had to get up early and really wasnt looking this night. (Her rubbing my crotch might have had some influence on me) We again headed to my room, this time I asked her if I could take some pictures, she readily agreed and posed for several (pictures were posted on 3/13 in the photo section). To the shower with another great BBBJ, and to the bed, again multiple positions. I should mention this girl gets loud and really gets into it. Got off and laid around talking for awhile, then went for a second round with the same great service. After we were done she asked about staying all night but when I told her I had to get up at 6:00 she said maybe next time. She did call my room a couple of times two nights later but I had a couple of KTV girls with me and didnt have time to answer the phone, but that will be another post.

03-25-04, 03:30
spent the night with Wei Fang again.

For a refresher I originally met her abouta year ago on Mao Ming Lu. It was her first few weeks in Shanghai. she seemed to change her fishing location to Park 97, but recently hasn't worked for 2 months.
She saved up some money doing this and going to school, now doesnt seem to go out much anymore.

Anyway she and I have been together a lot I had her over and only got a few clean pics. I posted them in the gallery.


03-25-04, 03:50
Asian Monger #2

Xiao huang is overnight 400. She iwll have to leave by 8-9 am to go back to work.

PM if you want her phone number or if you not speak chinese I can take you to her place.


Asian Monger #2
03-25-04, 05:57

Thanks for the info. Price sounds good! I can speak Mandarin but it's better that you take me to her place to check out the real person and other available girls in the shop. In that way, if I don't like the others, I can fall back on Xiao Huang. She can leave by 8 or 9am is good for me.

I'll be arriving in Shanghai on 19-Apr morning. Details will follow and I'll get in touch with you once landed.



Asian Monger #2
03-25-04, 06:11

Forgot to ask you. How is Xiao Huang's performance? GFE? BBBJ/CIM? Lot's of position? How about ratings like boobs, DATY, BBBJ, and overall performance?



03-25-04, 08:11
Thirty Mins,

From what I saw this was nowhere close to a yanda. It appears to be merely a check on business practice violations such as operating without a licence.

I very seldom go to Pudong and when I do I seldom go punting. It was merely a grand coincidence and involved survey indeed did pay off.

This time I got service with po-po presence and they couldn't do jack about me because I showed no sign of wanting something other than legit!

Tansak KTV

Just because you find a drug in a major pharmacy in China does not mean you'll find it in another. For example, I bought some flu medicine in Tongrentang Headquarters in Beijing but it's not available in any known major pharmacy in Shanghai. I once travelled to Shenzhen to fix up some business there and I was surprised to know that one small pharmacy near the 'border' carried this medicine.

Many skin rash medications are quite inexpensive.

03-25-04, 09:16
I asked a boss of a BB shop on Huang Pi Lu if there is any recent crackdown as we often post here. He says it basically never happens.

I also checked with another one on Hefei Lu. He had a police car parked in front of his shop. I asked him if there is any trouble. He said no problem. Basically that it is completely irrelevant if there is a cop car in the front or not.

The only time I ever heard anything of the sort that seemed to turn out legit is the owner or manager of the semi-factory on Danshui lu. A very long time ago he said the cops are coming around and didnt want Lao Wai's in the shop because it was too hard for him to explain to the cops. Other wise, they have only had some routine closing due to the need for a temporary face lift in the city, or the girls all take a vacation at the same time.

I have been all over the Lu Wan area where a lot of the shops are and have not noticed anything serious happen.

just my POV


03-26-04, 15:01
Dear Shanghailanders,

Some months ago several of you mentioned a tea house on Yanan Road where you can get full service. I was in Shanghai late last year and one evening spent over an hour searching the Yanan Road near the Yanan Hotel area but to no avail. Would those who had been there be kind enough to give a more precise indication of the location of that place? Does it have a name? Is it still in business, with full service?

I'll be in Shanghai early April and hope to hear from you guys soon.


03-26-04, 20:42
Has anyone been to this place called Jin Se Chi Tang Yu Zi Guan. Its along 788 Yinzhou Road I believe, and is a massive 4 storey bath house with really good massage services for both sexes and you can even stay there overnite for RMB 100 in a nice room. It looks like a decent sauna house but bring a bit of cash in and you can have a happy ending (not the full distance though). Be sure not to spoil the market though - rule of thumb is no more than 100. Much better than that Dongzhuanbang place I reckon.

03-27-04, 03:18
Woo Victor,
I have been there. I wasnt thrilled. I will look around for hte address. I have it stashed on some piece of paper somewhere.

If you want I have found a KTV which is the exact same thing for 500 with more girls to choose from. FS in the KTV room.


03-27-04, 03:20
Delivery Service,
I called up my mafia pal. He delivered me the hunan girl from that party me and my friends all had recently. The part which had 2 zhejiang girls and 1 hunan.

She spent the night for 400.

I will post the pics in photo gallery.


Dogs Body
03-27-04, 17:20
Overcoming despair at having to leave Beijing and feeling hunger coming on, I walked all of 3 blocks over to Xintlandi for the first time.

What a jewel it is. A brewhouse, starbucks, nice shops and SW's. A great combination. Was hit on rapidly as I wandered like a slack jawed idiot through this fine walking street. Best of all, it was not a crowd of very young chinese that make Mao Ming Road a bit uncomfortable to this older dogsbody. Some well off middle-aged chinese couples give you cover.

As a undisputed newcomer and foreigner, I still get a stock offer of 1000 however I am learning to bargain and now, when asked where I came from, I wax rhapsodic about Beijing and how cheap it is.

The price is now down to 800 and I expect to get to 600 before I depart.
Note to locals.

You may feel I am not getting a good deal (and that's true) but you should observe that the acclimatization process is underway.

03-28-04, 02:31
Hi all,

I stay in a hotel/service apartment in the Pudong Jin Qiao district. Very quite often, I received phone calls between 9 PM to 11:30PM from some female voice asking if I wanted a massage? I haven't taken up any offer yet because I'm not sure if it's a scam or a working girl just trying to make a living. The English level of the callers were poor but fortunately I speak a little Chinese. I chatted with one caller one night. She quoted me 200RMB for 30 min massage but implied more could be had and could negotiable after we met.

Being new to China. Is it a scam or legi?


Jungle Boy #3
03-28-04, 13:39
Hey fellow mongerers,

First trip to Shanghai. Staying at the Hyatt. Can anyone give a general lay of the land. Sounds like the best spot (Hard Rock?) is closed. Looking to scoop up someting like I have been able to at the Hyatts in Seoul and Bangcock. I get there next week. Any coaching,tips, warnings etc etc much apreciated

Xiao Ma
03-28-04, 15:14
Dear all,

Just check on the Sina web site (sorry all chinese again) and in the chat room there is actually sex trade. I guess it is common everywhere in the world.

The diffrent is most of the girls in Shanghai do not go out, they have their own place and price range from 400 st to 1000 over night.
In Beijing it is the other way around they will come to you place instead and the going price is a bit higher.

I try one in Wu Zong lu in Shanghai, I must say it is value for money.

I will post some number in the future, let me check out whether any of them speack english (I must be brain damage).

Good luck and have fun.

03-29-04, 02:35
Dogs body,
I have never taken a girl home from there but I have had girls open up the bargaining at 600.

I think XTD is decent quality for the girls. if you are more interested in price, you can walk about 4 blocks away and take home a BB shop girl for all night for 400.


03-29-04, 02:46
of all the times I have spent the night in a hotel in China, I begged to be called by some soft spoken gal offering massage..... and you turned her down?!?! Shame on you! haha.. just kidding.

I only lucked out to have it happen one time in Hangzhou, and I did it. I paid total 400 for FS.

I have a friend who claims every single time he is in a hotel in China he gets these calls.

as long as you are using the normal precautions, not letting them rip off things, you should be ok. From my understanding the girls in Hotels are usually pretty safe bet because they can get caught too easily leaving if they did anything.

Still I would hide your wallet and the money you plan to give her in 2 different locations etc..


03-29-04, 14:44
Xiao Ma,

Wuzhong Road? Where? I go to and fro on that road quite often. Waiting for your reviews on locations you've visited.

03-29-04, 18:40
BlnkNameCruiser and AsianMan,

BlnkNameCruiser: "the girls in Hotels are usually pretty safe bet because they can get caught too easily leaving if they did anything."

A lot of the girls are not from the hotel though. Not a bad idea to visit the massage place and pick up the girl if it is in house. Extra caution is always necessary.


03-29-04, 22:44
Greetings All,

I traveled to Bangkok last year and fell in love with the "Fishbowls". For those of you that haven't seen them, a fishbowl is usually a massage place where you enter and talk to the Papasan, and the girls are all sitting behind a glass wall wearing numbers. You pick the girl, papasan calls for her, and you go to the room. My question is this:

Does Shanghai have Fishbowls?? I fell in love with them in LOS and would love to visit them if they are in Shanghai. On a different note, how is the daytime action in Shanghai? Any recommendations for a good hook up spot? For the record, I get in town Thursday night and am staying at the Hilton. If any mongers would like a brew hit me with a private message.

[Email address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

Xiao Ma
03-30-04, 08:10
Hi all,

Many have ask about the Sina webside below is detail how to get there.

First go to www.sina.com.cn the my must register a free webmail account so you can log on to the chat room. Change your handle to an obvious name so the chic will notice you. You can also spot those with funny handle name and buzz them, usually you will get a respone. you can either call them or negotiate your term with them online.

Most of the girl in Shanghai do not go out, so you have to go there and many of them stay in Wuzhonglu. The girls in Beijing are more flexibe.

Follow are some contact l got

+86 13122567312
+86 13122515422
+86 1086585748
no namc
+86 1068452690

*note, no one speack english, so good luck and happy hunting

03-30-04, 08:18

I stayed in the Hilton many times. The Hilton itself sucks.
It is the eldest 5 star Hotel in SH and turned out to look like that as well.
However it has a SPA inside, but it offers only regular massage without any extras. Believe me I tested them.... :(
Right in front of the Hilton I found a smaller Massage Institute. It is located right in front of the main entrance. If I remember correctly it says something like "coffee & Massage" or so.
I have been there twice. No FS, No BJ. Just a lousy HJ.

In fact I did not check any other locations close to the Hilton since that I preferred to call in my favourite girls from outside into my room. If you find anything interesting please post and save some bucks by NOT spending them at the above mentioned locations.

Good Hunting!

03-30-04, 09:28
Hi every body.
Anyone who knows a good massage place and ready for a punitive expedition one night this week ?
I should be available either on Thursday or Friday evening. Late expedition ok with me.
We coud also do some pick up or get delivery at my apart hotel for fun in team.
Anybody eager to, let me know by PM.
Regards to all.

Dogs Body
03-30-04, 20:22
On the advice of BlnkNameCruiser I walked a second time through the area south of Xintiandi. My first walk around, at mid-day, was not conclusive about bbs activity. At night however, it becomes a lot easier to detect the shops doing the type of business of interest to members of WSG, avoiding the riffraff that are actually cutting hair.

It's not like Beijing where the girls react to people on the sidewalk. Doing a take out from these bbs would be a charitable act as I have yet to see a more bored group of girls. I think you would make their day.

This was my last night in town so I wanted to try a type of girl I had not yet had. I had the 80 pound pixie type and the average middle type but I did want to try one of these very tall & built types I have seen all over town.

Got an outside table at a coffee bar in Xintiandi and ordered a drink. Smiled at girls going by that fit the type. Before the drink was done I met Annie. Minimal english but her girlfriend was well spoken and did the negations. They offered a twofer but that's something that has never been of interest to this dogsbody. Did get a short time price for 700 then I offered all night at 1000 and closed. A good GFE was had as the pressure to get on to the the next job was removed. She had one child, c-section scar, clean and trim below and was very nice indeed. Put her phone number in my address book.
Sleep? Did that on the plane.

I want to thank all posters here, especially BlnkNameCruiser, for their generous help and assistance. It made this trip a fantastic experience.

Dogs Body
03-30-04, 21:16
A report on Hong Kong Plaza Service Apartment:

282 Huai Hai Zhong Road
Tel (8621) 63908866
Fax (8621) 63908855

A very central 38+ floor building with green reflective windows. One block from Red line Metro station Huangpi Nanlu. About 4 blocks south of Peoples Park.

For those that hate the walk of shame and the registration of guests, the HKPSA may be of interest but it comes at a price. I would recommend the two BR units over the deluxe exec one BR room if you like lots of space. I used Shanghai-hotels.com and got a small amount off rack rate and you should also check asia-hotels.com. I paid 130 us-d/night for the deluxe exec 1BR without breakfast. Extra is overpriced bb internet in room.

Access to room and the elevators control is by your key card. Reception is on the 8th floor and as late as 2-am I was able to enter and go directly to my floor without passing reception. They have the usual rules, guests out by midnight blah blah blah.
I never experienced any restriction at all, no calls to my room at midnight by staff and so on.


Re: Reflective windows. It's nice to screw with a view!

Can anyone report on the service apartments at the Portman?

03-30-04, 23:28
Thanks for the info shtraveller. I will definately keep you updated on what I find while in town. Leaving in less than 24 hours! Hopefully I'll have some good quality reports to share as well.

Apac Boy
03-31-04, 09:26
Another sina.com report.

Was showing one of Blankie's Chinese friends how to use it when I started to chat with a non-pro. An hour later, we were meeting for drinks at Maoming lu. An hr after that, we were back at Blankie's apt and I was looking at the top of her head...up and down...up and down. Gotta love it.

Found out she had a bf and was just bored cause her bf's not in Shanghai at the moment. I usually don't post about freebies but this was a record for me in terms of time/money spent on the freebie before getting laid.


Black Jack
03-31-04, 17:15
Hey all,

I haven't been posting lately as I have been quite busy on business trips to do much mongering. I have been keeping up to date however. Very pleased to see that the board is running smoothly. Some new info revealed.

My latest contribution isn't much of a biggie, but it is worth a mention. Got back into office on monday. After work I was planning to check out nearby bbs on Nandan Rd. Instead opted for a regular massage. Anyways, to the point, two massage parlours on corner of Caoxi North Rd. and Nandan Rd. If heading from Xujiahui, make a left on Nandan, instead of right to where the bbs are. Right at corner is the two. There are hostesses outside both ready to greet you. Mostly legit place, but can get at least HJ. Price is good. 1 hour full body oil massage for 100rmb. for another 100-150rmb you can a nice HJ while rubbing your anal. You may think that might be a bit much for hj, but its in a good atmosphere, non rushed and clean. Asked if they offer other services, they said no, but maybe if you try hard enough they will. Or maybe take out.


04-01-04, 17:18
Quick report, jet lagged.

Just got in from a 16 flight. Staying at the Hilton. Walked around to see what was availible at 10:00 PM (1 minute after check in) Got a massage DIRECTLY across the street from the Hilton. Not sure of the name but it had MASSAGE on the name of the establishment. 200 for two hour oil. 300 for HJ. I KNOW I overpaid but I haggled and I was WAY jetlagged and needed release! Girl was a 7. HJ was rough but ok. The place in straight ahead outside of the Hilton (across the strret) to the right. Hopefully will have ALOT more to share in the coming days!


Apac Boy
04-01-04, 18:36
Aight...finally went to THE FACTORY so here's the report. If I have to go back by myself, there is no fuckin' way I can find it. I have no idea how Blankie does it...maybe his olfactory can smell pussy. who knows....

I walked in and about 15 girls (some hot, some not) started staring and smiling. Blankie's like a regular so they were talking about how he's bringing them business now. I couldn't choose cause it was so intimidating. Finally found my lil honey and off I go. Didn't really want the 150rmb with the curtain so settled on the 200rmb for the room. I forgot my digital so no pics this time...sorry guys. Suffice to say, it was good. She did CBJ, 3 positions, with DFK. She loved to kiss. I was a lil hesitant at first but she had some soft lips and I liked her face. Lots o' fake moaning which was alright..

Came back down and about 7 girls left. Apparently, there was an influx of horny locals when I was pumpin' away. Blankie was still down there. Since he brought me there, I was waiting for him to choose a chick. He took his time but he wanted me to go again. I thought...oh, what da hell, if I don't do it, I will regret it when I get back to Beijing. This, coupled with Blankie's offer that HE WILL PAY FOR MY CHICK, got me up.

So I go into this long chair and curtains go up. I hear all these fucking noises coming from the left and right of me, it was so hard to concentrate. But then, it was like...woah, this is purty kewl cause the moaning sounds were really turning me on. The second chick wasn't as good but she was good enough to get the job done. Blankie paid 300rmb for both of them and off I go.

In the ride back, I reflected on these BBS experiences in Shanghai. Yeah, it's cheap to just bust ur nut and leave but there is like an emptiness to it. This, in turn, leads to me being not satisfied, even after two pops within an hour. Is something wrong with tapioca??? somebody hug me.


04-02-04, 03:16

Big kissy hug from everyone.

awwwww.... group hug!

ha ha... your posts are always funny.


04-02-04, 07:20
I went to my favorite BS (where my girl friend works) and happened to notice the "under the towel" action in the next cubicle. Not unusual, but when the recipient walked out it was a woman in a lady's business suit, or a cross dresser!

04-02-04, 07:26
Three of the BS in Nan Dan Rd (between Wen Ding Rd and Yi San Rd ) are gone as the building is being renovated, but I happened to notice a very inviting place between Yi San Rd and Xu Hong Rd. It is a little back from the street and the girls can sit in the sun. They seemed very friendly, but turf I cannot investigate since my girlfriend works in the same street, and they know all.

04-02-04, 11:34
Quick update...

Meetings all day. Ran across the street for a quick hour massage. Rates were better on day two as I could B.S. a little better. 100 for the hour + 200 for the hand. I tried like a mother to get mouth action but was denied.

On a different note, does anyone have recommendations for girls to come to my hotel? Any direct contact numbers that they'd be willing to share? My ideal gal is 18-20-s, cute, good shape, etc. I took a look at a few outcall escorts listed in the archives here but their prices were comparable to the US. Any help and or an idea of what I should pay would be greatly appreciated!

04-02-04, 19:30
Interesting score in a legit shop.

I have regularly been getting massage at a totally legit massage parlor for a year.

Half the time I get foot massage and other half I get body massage.

This place is the typical 48rmb for foot and 50 for body. All the massage chairs in a room together and the body massage tables in a room together.

A few months ago I noticed a really cute hunan girl. She had a mildly flirtatious smile, but never did anything even close to the edge.

Tonight I was there late. My regular girl who I choose for her strong pressure had already gone home.

The laobanyan called upstairs to the Hunan girl. She was dressed in regular clothes since she had been off shift already. Her body was cute. During the massage I had a feeling I can try to play.

I spent the entire time very gently flirting. Commenting about her being cute etc... She asked me if I "love" my regular girl there. I told her I like the girl but not love.

After that I had her put some lotion on my back. After that she put it on my chest without me asking. Then my legs, including my inner thigh. During this time I held her ass in my hand to test. She didnt pull away. Instead as she changed to massage the other leg she put her ass in the same position to make it easy for me to hold.

This got my hands roaming. They went up her shirt. As I tried to get it under her bra she resisted. I pushed ahead, and as soon as it was under her bra she sat on my lap and held me. We began kissing passionately. While kissing I took the distracted opporunity to unbutton her pants. I pulled them down to her knees. slowly slipping my hands in between her legs. She kept kissing and breathing heavy.

I was luckily in the house pajama pants which are almost as good as wearing nothing. They were down and my member was in position. As I prepared the last neccesary details, we never stopped kissing, even though she was now back facing me. I was glad because I feared that if we stopped she might come to her senses.

As we started to have sex with her sitting on me, I then moved her into semi doggie, bent over the table so we could both keep an eye on the door to the room witht he glass window. (fortunately everyone was dosing off in the front as the shop was near closing)

I stopped and went down on full DATY from the back. Fresh and clean.

I went back at it for a few minutes exchanging occasional kisses from the back.

After I finished we cleaned up the evidence and I got my clothes on.

I gave her 100 tip. We mutually agreed to keep our mouths shut for obvious reasons.

Wow.... after going to the same legit shop for such a long time, it is quit a thrill over and above the norm to nail a little legit girl.


04-03-04, 00:06
I am traveling to Shanghai for my first time early May and would apprieciate some help with the following questions/comments.

1. Recommended 4+ star hotel that is close to hunting grounds and guest friendly(or is it better to stay in 3 star when bringing in guests?).

2. I have more money than time, that said, any recommended places for high quality girls to bring back to hotel for all night?

3. Are there any areas with high concentrating of discos, bars, KTVs, BS etc. known for available girls (like all of the bars in Taipei located in an area called the "Zone")?

4. Best establishment for finding girls: BS, KTV, Disco, hostess bar?

5. Any English language web site for setting up some action ahead of time?

6. If any local monger is interested in some company while hunting please let me know. My treat for dinner and beers.

I have spent a considerable amount of time reading and searching posts but any summary would be greatly appreciated. I have experience in Taiwan and Dominican Republic and would be happy to recipricate.

Thanks in Advance,


04-03-04, 00:47
Hey there fellow mongrels!

My company just transferred me for a 4 month stint in SH. I am staying on the West Yunan Rd. Just to the west of where if meets Jiangsu Rd. I am wondering if anyone can point out any good locations nearby for a regular once a week BJ or HJ. I don't have a whole lot of time to explore (must be done discreetly).

If any one has any suggestions for the area, I'd be most grateful! I also want to thank all the previous poster for the information in here!

I also wanted to ask if someone could explain the Sina.com thing? Just curious (aren't we always).


04-03-04, 04:46

Read back or search posts by the term 'Jingan' or 'Changde'. Many BBS's are on the area surrounded by Wuning Road, Changshou Road, Shanxi Road North, Xinzha Road and Wanhangdu Road.

Always Needing It
04-03-04, 04:49
There are several BBS near Holiday Inn - turn left as you walked out of the Hotel.

Black Jack
04-03-04, 05:10
Hey all,

Went to the bj factory on Huangpi for the first time. Quite a set up they have there as it was my first time at a such "factory." Decent selection of girls to choose from, all dressed slutty. Bbbj was ok, but the way she insisted on me fingering her and grabbing her tits as hard as I can made up for it. The constant moaning of her and the girls from the other cubicles also was quite a turn on. Some how I ended up to agree to paying 200 because of some tit job, that was not even that great.

So question to those who are regulars there: is the standard rate 130rmb? And do you know if they offer other services?



Jack Spratt
04-03-04, 08:25
Brother Jack

Confirm Rmb130 as the standard fare. You can even get fire and ice from some of them for that price.

Not sure about the titty-fuck thing - why would you need that when you are getting a BBBJCIM?


04-04-04, 04:15
Always Needing It,

Those are over priced HJ shops. Dont waste your money.

Let me know if you need specific directions to any other place.


04-04-04, 04:19
Black Jack,

Nice to hear you found the BJ factory on Huang Pi Lu. It is a bit tricky wandering down the little alley and behind the building to find it.

There is another BJ place like that very close on Madamng Lu.

Also Jack Spratt is right. 130 is the price for the whole thing.

If you go to Madamng Lu you can try to find the other one. Look for a BB shop with another BB spinner next to it at the entrance to a building. Go in the building and around the corner to the right. In a room on the couch is another set of 15 girls.

Have fun!


Black Jack
04-04-04, 04:21
Fellow Jack,

Thanks for the confirmation, 130rmb it is! And regarding the tit fucking thing- I agree with you, that was totally unnecessary. Actually the reason that I had it was due to miscommunication. I didn't really understand her chinese, just heard something extra for total 200 and my curiosity had the best of me. It was not until after I realized it was for a tit fuck (which basically was a rip off).

So do you know if there are extra services theres?



Black Jack
04-04-04, 04:36

Thanks for the advice. I've never heard of Madamng Lu before, but I will definitely look for it. I'm starting to like these factory type bbs. Is the one on Madamng Lu the same type of deal? Any FS?

And responding to the bbs on Nandan Lu by Raiin, there are renovations going on at that street. However, the last bbs, where the better looking girls are, is still open. Even though I don't like that place in particular because it's overpriced for only HJ, its nice to have as an option as its close to my work. And I've seen the one on Yishan Lu before too. But maybe because it was too late at night, either the girls went home or they were busy, but I didn't see anyone except for the manager/ store keeper.


Bad Boy Billy
04-04-04, 07:04
Help me please Shanghai regulars.

If Hard Rock is closed, what suggestions do you have in terms of bars where we might pick up the classier types?

I frequent Bourbon Street reguarly on my visits but have been disappointed with offerings there on recent visits.

Maoming Rd seems average at times too, I kinda liked the Hard Rock atmosphere so any alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Roversman 999
04-04-04, 07:33
oh dear.. think my business is on the brink of bankruptcy and must relocate from China within next month.
Had a great time here but think will head for the warmer climes of Manila where the skin is darker.. the pubic hair grows less ( if at all ) and the prices are even cheaper. Had some great mongering here and done all the regualr things.
Darned shame to leave now that summer is coming but I will be coming soon..... regards to all.. hope I can manage one last "blow out.. blow up.. blow job... .hahahah

Jazz Fish
04-04-04, 09:15
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie in this forum but I have been to Shanghai. Could I ask a question or two:

1. I've been to a 'bbs' in Shanghai. The setup is such that there is def. no hairdressing going on but girls sitting on couches as you enter. They take you behind and you sit on reclining chairs separated by partitions. You can definitely hear what goes on beside. You may get a BJ there or the girl might ask you to go upstairs for more action.

Are these what you call 'BBS'? or 'BJ factories'? Or what?

2. I'm just wondering what one can expect from these places especially when these places are setup differently. Some are 'bbs' with hair equipment. Some without.

Are there places that give you a decent massage and then some action aside from those spas, health centres etc.

Thanks for your help. I will be popping by Sha next week.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

04-04-04, 13:38

Sorry to see you go! I've enjoyed the posts of your adventures on this thread. Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy Manila and stay in touch!


Jungle Boy #3
04-04-04, 13:57

I did not get any feedback on spots to go on my first post . But I thought I would add a liitle intel. In town to meet a Japanese business partner who took me to a hostess bar. He selected two awesome chicks for us. We got liquored up and decided on take home. I did not know that Shanghai had tons of hostess bars! The women was a 7, got GFE, FS and ended with a magnificent rubdown at the end. She gave me her number and are scheduling round two for Monday evening.

Black Jack
04-04-04, 14:35

Never met you in person, but still sad to see a fellow monger leave. You have shared a lot of good tips and a hell of a lot of good stories. Hope you have a good stay in Manila!

Take care,


04-04-04, 18:06
If anyone is keen on going to a decent massage place where you will get a happy ending but not the full monty, send me a private message with your contact details. I will go either on Mon or Tue.

Bad Boy Billy
04-05-04, 04:05
If any experienced Shanghai person may help?

Need to attend trade show at New Exhibition Centre in Pudong and want to travel there each day by subway.

Last year I stayed at Sofitel but not girl friendly after 11pm.

Anybody know a compareable hotel readily close by to subway that is girl friendly?

Asian Monger #2
04-05-04, 08:10
Blankie & other regulars,

I'll be on business trip in Shanghai from 19th April till 24th. On the first nite, I'll be staying in Shanghai so please advise a hotel around the range of 400~500RMB and near the mongering activities.

Basically, I'll stay in a hotel in Shanghai on Monday nite and Friday nite only. Rest of the weekdays are in different cities like Xinxiang and Changzhou. Any mongering places in these towns?

And Blankie, let's meet up on Monday 19th.



04-05-04, 10:56
New sauna in Gubei.

Went to check out the new sauna near The Doors in Gubei. It's in the side street and easy to find. The sauna is running a special of $680 with sauna fee and 90 minutes of massage. A bit pricy but it's a really nice sauna with private room for resting.

The massage room is in the back of the sauna. The decoration is nice but the lighting is pretty dark. The girl I got is about 22, nice rack, 34DD. Real masseuse and gave wonderful massage for the first 60 minutes. Well, the massage was so good, I almost thought the place is legit.

After I turned over, she took off her top and I started to play with her tits. Nice pair. Very soft skin. She started to lick my body and play with my dick. I started to finger her. After some blowjob, she put some oil on the tits and start a awesome tits job. I cum on her tits. Other services should be available as well.

Well, the place is pricy but, hey, someone had to check it out, right? ;) Won't recommend that for a quickie but would definitely go back when I want to relax for a couple hours.

04-05-04, 11:24
I checked in the Sheraton Tai Ping Yang in Hongqiao yesterday about 2pm. Decided to explore the area for possible mongering.

Walked up Zun Yi road which is straight out the front door of the hotel. I walked probably 8 block north to Yunwushan Street. It is a small street you turn left (west) on. Walked down about 1/2 block and noticed a couple very narrow shops with girls sitting on sofas. They were sleeping, so I went past, turned around and walked by again. One of the girls woke up and waived me in. It was looking good. I don't speak any chinese and she did not speak english. There were two other girls half sleeping on the sofa.

A real hole in the wall place. The girl led me to the room at the back. It was concrete about 1m wide by 3 meters deep with a curtain over the entrance. I sat down on the half reclining chair, she shut the main light off. What little light there was came from the little 5 watt blue bulb on the wall directly in front of me. I could barely see her face. There were three stools--one for each foot and one for her to sit on.

She started rubbing my arm and I started rubbing her leg as a signal I wanted more. She got the message and dropped her pants, opened my belt and zipper then started stroking my cock. I was fingering her pretty good by now. I was in there all of about 3 minutes at this point.

I pointed to my cock, then her mouth, as sign language I wanted a BJ. She got my meaning. She left to get handy wipes and swabbed the deck. The price negotiation was next. She raised 3 fingers, I raised 2, she raised 3 again, and I emphatically raised 2. She said OK. She gave a really nice BBJ and I gave her a warning before blowing my load. I am a curtious fuck, sorry. She finished me off by hand then spit out a big hocker on the floor behind me. Nice touch!

The whole time, I could hear somebody at the sink behind me in the hall about 6 feet away washing their mouth out, and making that awful hocking noise. Apparently, somebody blew their load before me.

She hugged me some more, pulled up her pants, and I paid her the RMB 200.

She was pretty young, maybe 20, good looking and definitely gave good head for me to shot my load that quick. Definitely worth it.

I met my girl friend back at the hotel, took a world tour, by 9:30 pm then again at 4 am. As an old fuck, I think that it something.

Tonight, meeting her and her girl friend for dinner hoping to convince her of a 3 way. Somebody pinch me as I must be dreaming.

04-05-04, 11:26
Discovering this website is second only to finding the Playboy magazines under my uncles sofa when I was 13.

04-05-04, 13:39
Went to the 'factory' on Huangpi Road South. I managed to follow Blankie's highly convoluted directions and found that place.

When I went through the first door several guys were there. They said something to lead me to another room. The directions they gave turned out to agree with Blankie's description. I went to another room and saw 4-5 women inside. They all wore halter dresses indistinguishable from each other.

I examined them and asked one to do things on me. This one had curly hair and her breasts were quite large (confirmed by my contact later). She led me to a dimly lit room. She asked, 'Seems that it's the first time you went here. How do you know this place?' I hesitated for a while and she continued, 'Did some friends talked about this with you?' I agreed.

Then she explained to me about the services. She said that typically clients ask for either BJ or HJ, and asked me what kind of services I wanted, and whether I knew the pricing. I asked her prices and she returned 100 for HJ. I checked with her if a BJ costs 130 and she agreed. Then I asked her for BJ.

She went and took a mouthful of warm water and started to suck me off barebacked. I tried to remove her bra but she resisted. Instead she took out her tits from her bra and I felt her nipples hard instantly. I would prefer breast touching through her dress without the bra, but I couldn't. I actually had a hard time doing this while being sucked away lying down, but what the khoo. She was spitting on the ground from time to time. I told her to spit into my mouth instead but she didn't. Probably something suspicious.

She ended up doing BBBJTC in mouth, but I heard her gargling away like crazy after that. It didn't make a difference to me, but I wouldn't lecture her that some exotic tribe does BBBJTCWS all the time. Don't tell anyone on this forum that you know who this tribe is if you do.

Before this journey I had looked at Madang Road to look for the thing but not knowing what it was I drew back.

04-05-04, 17:46
I sure hope you mean 680 RM and not $$ ;-)

04-07-04, 12:37
Hi all,

Love the forum, been a long time reader and thought it was time I contributed.
I have been in Shanghai over 2 of years now but am to lazy- or stupid- to pick up much of the language so communication is still a problem at times.

Not a big fan of bbs but they do have there moments and have found a few that are quite nice.

I prefer Saunas and freebies but have had problems with freebies the same as a few of the other members on this board. Quite hard to move on at times.

One of my favourite saunas is on Zhoujiaban lu by liuban lu- called Thomson its upstairs in a plaza, magnolia plaza if I remember correctly. Not the cheapest 760rmb for everything but very nice girls, nice massage, fire and ice, cbj, full service. in a very relaxing atmosphere. Nice place to while away a few hours.

I've noticed a few comments on the foroum about taking girls to hotels and thought I would comment. I live in a 5* hotel and in my time here have only heard of the PSB taking someone out once. They arrived 20 mins after the guy and girl and waited for the girl to come down, took her away then came back for the bloke and took him away. He was a foriegner. As mentioned though it has only happened once that I know about, but if you were the person involved I am sure thats enough.

However PSB do check the registers in the hotels very frequently and more so depending on who is in the hotel.VIPs styaing in a hotel mean it warrents far more attention. Remember there are cameras everywhere.

Anyway thats it for now, looking forward to the warm weather.

Happy hunting,


Jungle Boy #3
04-07-04, 14:31
Hey fellow new comers to Shanghai,

I have read some on the threads that seemed unable to find some action. With no guidance from the site, I am four for four of getting FS, tonite a little walk to area around no 1 Yoo Han Department store and got a BBBJ for 130 yuan from a 23 yeard old 7. On the walk back to the Hyatt, I got hit up at three times on the sidewalk( two were butt ugly, but one looked great. Just keep your eyes open smile and enjoy!

04-07-04, 16:13
Now busy to clear up reports as they have been backlogged for more than 3 days.

It was warm on that day and this meant good news to me because warm weather gave me strong incentive to go punting. I travelled from place to place within town.

In Pudong I revisited the Qixia Road neighbourhood east of Laoshan Road West and found that nothing strange was going on. I didn't see any BBS sealed up*. Most of the places that received po-po checks went back to business as usual. Seems that they had been penalised only as running business without licences/permits/registration or trade ordinance violations.

I went on to Pudong Dadao near Fushan Road. The partitions in many of the locations had been ordered dismantled. They remained absent. The girl from whom I had received service was not there. It's unlikely that she was interned. (Someone caught buying or selling sex could be fined, interned for up to 15 days, ordered a confession and ordered to take STD test. Foreigners caught buying or selling this stuff could be deported as well.)

I 'di' to Fujian Road North in hope of finding Xiaohuang (see photo gallery where Blankie has posted photos). I could not recognise her and it ended up that someone with longer hair served me. She said she was from Guangdong.

She went in and gave me massage. In the middle I heard someone else coming in asking for 'qiaodabei'. Some other girl came in and took something from a pile of things.

The girl who serving me asked me if I wanted 'qiaodabei'. She asked me if I had done it before. I said I might have done it but did not know what it meant, and asked her to explain that to me. After hesitating for quite a while she said that it's 'you giving me the money and I doing something with you'. This probably means FS.

I had allowed for the possibility that she might ask this, but I declined for that time and reserved that I might ask for that again next time. I rushed out and struck back because I forgot to have her name.

Different day.

I successfully located another place allegedly a BJ factory on Madang Road. It was just south of Fuxing Road. If you go directly down the road from Xintiandi it should be on your right. When I got there no one seemed satisfactory and I pulled out quickly.

I walked down on Fuxing Road westward. Right after a giant viaduct I saw many locations that appeared to be former BBS's. They had been sealed up* apparently many times towards the end of 2003 and the seals had been broken time and again.

Then I 'di' to the neighbourhood of Caobao Road just west of Lianhua Road again. To go there, take the tube to Caobao Road Station and get on a taxi from the KFC side. Ask the driver to drive down the road past Lianhua Road. The neighbourhood is on the first bus stop after Lianhua Road. On the left you'll see a wholesale market. The area I'm talking about is on the right.

This time I went to the westernmost BBS, closest to the seldom-heeded zebra crossing. A small girl did me and led me upstairs to a partitioned area. Occasionally I heard (most likely faked) moaning across partitions. Again I tried to take off her bra but in vain. This seems to be most daunting task of all. She kept on enticing me to do additional time 'for a small fee' because many other clients were already doing so. I said to her that I could determine that 'something big' was not possible for the night. (I had felt her crotch and found it bulging.) She confirmed. After repeated temptations I said stop and gave her a hug, saying that I would come again and asked for her name in case I wanted her again.

* By sealing up I mean sealing up some premises with a simple long piece of paper with the date of the sealing on it to preserve everything inside for some purposes. This practice dates back to imperial times.

Noble Gent
04-08-04, 01:58

I have been chatting in sina.com, there are working girls in there. Being Chinese American, I can read and type some Chinese. In 2 hours, I got about 15 to 20 different phone numbers. These girls are charging 400 RMB/shot, 1000 RMB/night. Has anyone tried them?

I dont think these girls speak any English, if you want phone numbers, pm me, I will be more then happy to send you some.

I am very tempted to try, however, I would like to get some advice first.

I am in Jing An area, anyone wants to hook up, let me know.


Asian Monger #2
04-08-04, 07:54
Due to my earlier post asking for recommendations on girl-friendly hotel for my arrival in Shanghia on 19-Apr, I didn't get any response.

So now I'm giving this another chance to try to ask for advice. In addition, I've done some internet searches and found a hotel that is in the city center within walking distance to People's Square. Hote name is Yangtze Hotel, 3-star. Being 3-star, I'm assuming it's girl-friendly bearing in mind that I'm also Chinese.

Can anyone advise/comment.



04-08-04, 11:15
CulturalX party in Shanghai (http://www.culturexchina.com/photoalbum/) is on again on April 17. The attached picture is party flyer.

I am not associated with the party and haven't attended party in the past. Always tried to go but it always takes place while I am not in Shanghai.

Anyway, the party looks fun and probably woul dbe a good hunting ground for people from the forum. Post report if you attend.

04-08-04, 14:11
You found the BJ facotry which is the hardest to find of the BJ factories in that area. I am sure you can find the other one on Madang Lu.

Let me try to explain more clearly:
leave Xin Tian Di on Madang Lu.
after a few blocks ( I think past Fuxing Lu) you will see a BB shop with a large spinnner. Just BEFORE it is a small spinner higher up on the building.
You walk into what looks like some crappy office or apartment building. Turn right. Go through the door. On the right side is a room with 10-15 girls.

BTW, the BJ factory you went to is supposed to have about 20 girls. Every time I have been there it has been this way. Too bad you couldnt play with the girl. OAH went with me one time and he got full access to play with the girl.

BTW-2. Let me know if you ever want me to take you to the REAL factory.


04-08-04, 15:48

By the time I saw your post I had already successfully located the 'factory' on Madang Road. (See my recent posts.) Your instruction agrees with where I went remarkably, except that you did not instil certainty in whether it was just south of Fuxing Road. I did probe outside the room but failed to get attention from anyone inside. A number of girls were apparently playing cards and the keeper was there. I withdrew without getting anyone's attention.

The previous report could have been broken into two because different stories occurred on different days.

I have something to add about the journey to the location near Fujian Road North:

I called Xiaohuang on the mobile phone you gave me and confirmed the location. That was how I successfully found the place (but not the person).

On the location on Huangpi Road South, what do you mean by 'full access'? Do you think regular patronage is necessary for it? (I often shift from place to place.)

04-08-04, 17:53
K gents,

I've just got an email about a forthcoming "Show YOUR skin" party, which is going to happen at 8pm on April 9th, in Shanghai. The mail content see below:

"Subject : "Show YOUR Skin Party" - April 9th, 2004 (SHANGHAI, China)

"You are cordially invited to above subject party, hosted by Brenda Lam and Lisa Hwang. This party was originally supposed to be a TOGA party but we had to change it because most people do not know what a TOGA party means. So we simplified it to "Show YOUR Skin Party!!!", which should not require further translations."

"Term and Conditions of This Party:

"Date: Friday - April 9th, 2004
"Time: 8 p.m. til DROP!!! (last time ended 2 am... )
"Cover Charge : a bottle of good wine
"Location: Brenda Lam's Home (802B, block 8, Clove Apartment, Hua Shan Lu/Zhen Ning Lu) What to wear? If you cannot guess based on the theme of this party, you will be in trouble the moment you walk through the door. Why Have This Party? Why ask?
"Need More INFO? Reply email to Brenda Lam (brendalambcw@hotmail.com) and Lisa Hwang(chiunghui27@hotmail.com.

"Hope To See You there!!!

"Lisa & Brenda (plus Albert)"

I swear to god I have no idea who the Lisa, Brenda or Albert is but I swear on my life if I were in Shanghai, I'd kill to go for that party. So I'll just quote from jman90024 (thanks) "Anyway, the party looks fun and probably woul dbe a good hunting ground for people from the forum (since it seems friendly to strangers). Post report (and better with pictures) if you attend."

Hope Jackson will post my news in time.

04-09-04, 05:44
Asian Monger #2,

You should try Hong Kona Plaza Service Apartment. I heard it is girl friendly, since you can access the lift from ground floor by passing the reception area, which is on the upper floor.


Bad Boy Billy
04-09-04, 07:01
Advice from Shanghai experts please.

Since Hard Rock is closed, any suggestions as to better class type bars to find a little angel?

Something a little better than Bourbon Street or Maoming Rd maybe?

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Asian Monger #2
04-09-04, 08:44

Thanks for your suggestion for HK Plaza service apt, but after checking the rates on the net, it's out of my league. I'm for 3-star hotels ranging from 300-400RMB.

I'm waiting for Blankie's comments on Yangtze Hotel as I've given him the address so I'm waiting for his reply.

Thanks again,


Xiao Ma
04-09-04, 16:52
For those that will be visiting Zhengzhou, check out my report in Zhengzhou section. I had a great time

04-10-04, 00:23
Asian Monger,

I have stayed at the Yangtse hotel in Shanghai, also decided to do so on price. However it is very old, dark and dingy, and certainly not suitable if you have any business matters to deal with.


Dog Day
04-10-04, 04:07
Wu Zhong Lu action:

Not too much action from my MSN friends so tried to check out the BBS in Wu Zhong Lu. Take ring road to Hongqiao direction out the Hu Hang expressway then right to Wu Zhong Lu. In front of Lucky Plaza or Citroen showroom there is a road that you turn right. From Jing an it will be around 35 RMB.

From the corner there are 5 to 6 Shops with 8 to 10 girls each. Went to the last one where I noticed a "9". I pointed to her and she brought me up to the second floor where you have two massage chairs. The room is dark and dingy with a curtain separating the chairs. Asked her how much she started with 200 and I said 120. She said yes, but she asked me if I want to try 2 girls for 240. I said 200 and she said yes. This girl is cute with really nice big racks and she called another girl who is a 7-9, slim and not bad. They pulled down my pants. They lifted their shirts, and pulled down their pants. One girl was sucking my nipples while the other was feasting on my fruit basket. It was great!!! sucking one girls breast, my left hand fingering one girls pussy and my right hand fingering the other pussy. One girl was doing BBBJ while the other was sucking my balls. The action was short, it normally takes me a long time to cum but they did something that just hit me hard. One girl got a tissue and wipe my butthole. I had a guess of what she will do next and she did it. She tongue licked my anus while the other was sucking my penis. I came immediately. I have never had that type of BJ and anal action at the same time, it was great!

Gave the girl 200 and asked her how much for a night out. Really liked this girl. She was hugging me and asking if I had a great time. She had a very cute naive looking face with a great body. She said 600 for a night. Kind of stiff, did not bargain since I was just asking. Will bargain next time because I will surely take her out.

04-10-04, 04:22
Went to the BJ Factory on Huangpi Road last night (directions were given by Jack Spratt and Blankie earlier). I made the mistake of turning to the left too soon. There is a perfectly legit foot/body massage on the left after you entered the rope-lighted driveway/alley. I went upstair and received an 1-hr foot massage and 1-hr of fully clothed body massage. I asked for BJ but they said they don't offer that kind of service here. That was a pretty good foot/body massage though. Total cost: 76 RMB.

After I came out of that legit place, I figured I could not be that wrong. I followed the same directions as given by Jack Spratt back in 3/13 post. So I started doing some exploring in that alley. Lo and behold, there is another alley on the left with a single row of rope-light just a few feet after you passed that legit place. There were workers doing some repair work in the area but I was not challenged by them when I was doing the exploring. I followed one single set of rope-light to another set of stairs, walked up to the second level and there is, the famous BJ Factory. Papasan greeted me as soon as I walked in, shew me the room where the girls were. There were about 8-9 of them, all dressed sluttishly. I picked a petite one and headed out to a bigger room with partial concrete partitions and did the deed there. It kind of feel strange hearing another girl moans from the adjacent partition. Total cost 130 RMB.


04-10-04, 05:49

I am new to this board and I am staying now in the Regal East Hotel in Shanghai for 2 days. Does somebody knows a BS in the neighbourhood of this hotel?


04-10-04, 15:19
The other night I went down Zhongshan South II Road from Ruijin Road. Again warm weather drove me into doing this. On the southern side there's a cross street called Zhaofeng Road. The vicinity of that intersection has a few BBS-like places that seem to cater to the hardware shops nearby. None of the girls seemed to be of my taste.

Then I continued on to turn right on Xiaomuqiao Road. On that street you can see a number of BBS's before the trunk road known as Zhaojiabang Road. I went down but could not find a satisfactory location.

I then turned back noticing that every one of the 4 cross-streets has other BBS's as well. After thorough examination I chose one of them on Qingzhen Road*. It is the second closest to Damuqiao Road intersection.

Inside I saw many girls dressing quite revealingly. I picked one of them, who was in a black spaghetti-strapped dress. As usual my choice is somewhat influenced by what the girl wears, ma non troppo. I went in with her. It was a compartment with a massage sofa.

After giving me a brief massage she guessed that I had never been to anywhere like that before. I answered that it was not the first time but the first time to that location. She affectionately snuggled with me and asked me if I wanted HJ. I declined but she said, 'Can you go to sleep without this?' I said there's no problem going to sleep without HJ. She pressed her body against mine, and I removed her bra. Finally managed to find one who would allow this. Then I rubbed onto her breasts through the dress, with aim to feel her nipples.

She asked me what would I want again, and I fingered her vulva without taking off her panties. She understood and told me the price of an FS. I said, 'Not this time. Probably after a few times. This time we'll gan zuo.' She asked me what it means by gan zuo. I explained that's dry hump.

Then I moved onto removing her panties and fingering her entrance. She was quite aroused. At some point she resisted, most likely because I reached the most sensitive zone. She said, 'I can't help it. I feel even like --ping you.' Then she tempted me again to do FS. This time I gave in because she was so affectionate and would do so many things I had hoped for and some things I hadn't. I took off a small amount from the price she quoted me and she agreed. Then she said she'd go and get rubber. I said no.

At this point you may think I'm not practising what I preach. Read on.

I brought my own Durex and put it on. I slipped down my pants and she removed her panties. I poked around her entrance with my penis to arouse her and then rammed it quickly into her vagina. I was sitting on the sofa with her facing me. I heard many clients coming in.

Then I changed to the doggie position but the seat was so high that I felt quite uncomfortable. I went back to my sofa with her sitting on my penis. She was quite heavy and I could hardly move an inch. So I asked her to stand up and I'd ---k her standing up.

On the knee-trembler she was clinching me tight and I did the same. We both got mighty sweaty after this.

But she said that business was too quick and cut me short. Then I touched her face and hair to feel her sweaty body.

She said I would be welcome next time and she'll do me off site. I asked her if photography was OK and she said yes. I gave her repeated hugs within which I slip in the money. I further asked her if 'overnight' was OK but she asked me, 'Do you mean sleeping with you?' I said yes, and asked how and how much, but she said, 'we'll talk about it when you ask for it.' She gave me her mobile number and I recorded it down with my mobile. I managed to gave her a lift. She was not after all that heavy.

On my way out the lobby was almost empty but I saw a girl with better look and body, whom I hadn't seen when going in. I was not very regretful about this because I really enjoyed the session. She gave me more than I would expect. Affectionate and nice GFE.

This location is recommended.

* The expression qingzhen means Islamic. Seems an irony that a few obviously un-Islamic establishments are on such a road.

04-10-04, 15:38

Which Hotel are you in? Regal has 2 propertys here.

One is in a stadium the other is one Hengshan Lu. There is quite a bit written about Hengshan Lu already and around the stadium there is quite a bit of action. There is quite a few BBS around the Bus terminal.

Hope your enjoying your stay.

04-11-04, 00:53
Hi all,

I have been to Shanghai a bunch of times but never really had time to play. Anyway, I am staying at the Crowne Plaza on Panyu Lu and arriving on the 14th. If anyone knows any good cheap places it would be appreciated.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

04-11-04, 08:49
Police Bust in Wu Zhong Lu BBS

Gotta love the Web browsing phone. I was browsing this forum while getting foot massage in Lucky Plaza on Wu Zhong Lu and came cross Dog Day's post. Decided to check it out after the foot massage.

I walked across Wu Zhong Lu from Lucky Plaza and saw a couple BBSs as Dog Day described. One in particular have a lot of people gathering outside including about 10 girls in pretty slutry dresses. Saw a couple nice looking one; then I saw 3 polices in uniform there as well. I guess that's a bust. Got all worked up reading the forum and ran into a police raid?!? Damn!

I hailed a taxi and ready to go home. Phone ringed and it was one of my freebies asking me to go over to her place with condom. ;) In her place in less then 20 minutes and spent an hour there.

Gotta love life in Shanghai! Wish I could be here more often.

G Jetson
04-11-04, 22:18
ABC moving to PRC specifically SHA after a short stay in PEK in early May.

Moving from SAN (south of LAX) in the USA.
Looking to spend some quality time in BBS, KTV and other seedy places of ill repute.

Want to get HJ, BBJ, FS, 69 and whatever other sexual acronyms available in SHA.

Had many experiences mongering in TJ and other places in MEX but looking to expand my horizons.

I've read most of the posts in this forum and can find my way around but would still like to hook up with some other like minded enthusiasts. Found that sometimes we do better as a "se lan" (horny wolf) pack.

Spent 3 days reading many of the posts on this forum (SHA, BKK and a few other areas).

Can't wait to get there!

Thanks to many of the regular posters for building up my excitement level.

Sorry for all the acronyms. Was trying to be funny but I ran out of steam (as well as acronyms).

Dog Day
04-12-04, 02:20

You went there Sunday night? I came back for action Saturday night. FS in any BBS is 150 RMB. Picked a really cute one. It was kinda hurried sex but, she was humping and moaning like a cat in heat. There are some really HOT looking babes there. Good enough to give to some of our clients, and its cheap.

Police bust, wow, have to be careful. Maybe I will just bring one home to be safe.

04-12-04, 02:40
Miclac and others,

The girls bar has a little play, right across the street in the back room.

Also near to that is the teppanyaki restaurant (corner of Fahuazhen Lu and Pan Yu Lu).
The (not so good looking) ho from the girl bar now works in the upstairs bar of the teppanyaki restaurant. You can go there, get a private room with her and I am sure you can fuck her.

Dont pay her more than 200 tip. She is already used to that price.

I have posted pics of her various parts a while back. Since then she got mad at me because she found out I posted the pics.

I sure hope none of you told her.


04-12-04, 02:41
P.S. Miclac
Don't waste your money at the BB shops by that hotel, unless you want an overpriced HJ.

Alternatively there are many places in a short taxi ride from your hotel.


Asian Monger #2
04-12-04, 03:05

Thanks for sharing your experience at Yangtze hotel. My purpose is just to sleep and bring girl for overnite.

I just want to know if this hotel is girl-friendly. From the looks of your experience, I guess I'll just have to upgrade the room.

The reason this hotel was suggested to me was because my Shanghai office is in Raffles City Building.



Asian Monger #2
04-12-04, 06:16
Any mongering activities in Xinxang & Changzhou cities? Please advise.

04-12-04, 07:30

Did not try Yangtse hotel to see if girl friendly, now i stay at City hotel, Shan Xi Rd, very girl friendly, clean, swimming pool and quite reasonable. I always book through asia travel on the net.

City hotel also good location.


Black Jack
04-12-04, 14:51
For the interest of anyone in Pudong, I stumbled upon a bunch of bbs on Eshan Lu. I really have no idea where that street is nor do I know how long that street is. I believe it's close to Pudong Lu (but don't know if it runs parallel to it or intersects it). Maybe some Pudongers can help. Anyways there is about 12-15 bbs in that area, in the span of about 4-5 blocks. Didn't go into any of them as I was just passing by to meet someone near there. However a few of the bbs seemed to have pretty decent looking girls.

I highly doubt I will venture out that far again just for a bbs, but for some who maybe situated near that area, this can be very useful. Sorry I can't be more specific, as it was raining and I was in a rush.

Good Luck!


04-12-04, 15:36
Black Jack

Eshan Road runs from Pudong South Road to Yanggao South Road. It is just north of Nanpu Bridge, and many bus routes go by.

One of the simplest ways to get there is to take the tube to Dong Fang Road on Line 2, and ask a taxi driver to drive south on Dongfang Road until you see Eshan Road.

The description I have above is based on your description and the information I have at hand.

Jazz Fish
04-12-04, 19:45

I will be in Shanghai on Thursday and staying at the Sheraton Grand TaiPingYang in Zun Yi Nan Lu. Could anybody suggest a suitable area close or not too far away from the hotel where I may check out BBshops?

Black Jack
04-13-04, 01:30

Thanks for clarifying the roads. I probably won't be venturing out there anytime soon, as there are so many bbs as it is in Puxi. But definitely nice to know that if you are in that area, there are tons to choose from.


04-13-04, 04:26

I think that hotel is the one in Gubei. That is a nice place to hang out. I am only familiar with some crappy BB shops near the Carrefour on Yannan Lu.

If you take Hong Mei Nan Lu from there toward Ming Hang, you will eventually see large strips of BB shops on the right side of the street.

Let me know if you need more help.


04-13-04, 15:44
Any suggestions on girl friendly 4 star + hotel and good location?

04-13-04, 18:11
My latest contribution isn't much of a biggie, but it is worth a mention. Got back into office on monday. After work I was planning to check out nearby bbs on Nandan Rd. Instead opted for a regular massage. Anyways, to the point, two massage parlours on corner of Caoxi North Rd. and Nandan Rd. If heading from Xujiahui, make a left on Nandan, instead of right to where the bbs are. Right at corner is the two. There are hostesses outside both ready to greet you. Mostly legit place, but can get at least HJ. Price is good. 1 hour full body oil massage for 100rmb. for another 100-150rmb you can a nice HJ while rubbing your anal. You may think that might be a bit much for hj, but its in a good atmosphere, non rushed and clean. Asked if they offer other services, they said no, but maybe if you try hard enough they will. Or maybe take out.


I tried this place out and got nothing. I might have gone to the wrong location, since I went to the shop on the right. But they don't look like they give anything because you are only separated by partitions and are in full view of everyone. Perhaps a name or a number might help.

04-13-04, 20:16
Hi all,

I will be back in Shanghai and Beijing in a few weeks. I normally stay at the Portman, I have seen that the Hard Rock has closed next door, where did all that action go?
Not that I need it last time, but just in case my freebies don't come thru, I may need a backup plan. I'm not really a BBS kind of guy, I prefer to take them back to my room, and didn't have any problems bring in the freebies I had, of course they were starting to know two of them by name at the end of the week. LOL

Well thanks for any info about where the action from Hard Rock moved to. By the way when will the Hard Rock re open, and where?

Thanks Guys,


04-14-04, 02:23

Go straight out the front door of the Portmann then up the escalator to the bar. Can't miss it.

Or take a taxi to "Mao Ming Loo". Just ask anyone at the hotel but the taxi guy understood where I wanted to go. You will find Judy's Too Pub and many others are along this street. You will have plenty to choose from.

04-14-04, 10:14
The name of the bar directly in front of the Portmann is the Long Bar.

However, if nothing appeals to you right away, I highly recommend going to Mao Ming Loo (the street name) as the selection should be much, much better. About 10 minutes away. Start out at Judy's Too and go from there if you don't see anything.

04-14-04, 12:31
Hello members,

I am travelling from Toronto to Guangzhou on April 26 and will be there till April 30 for the GZ trade fair. This trip of mine is some business but mostly mongering. I have visited GZ before but never looked into mongering in GZ.

My question to guys in the Shanghai forum is that is it worth travelling to GZ for the beauties of GZ or i should be able to get some pretty girls in GZ as well. I am asking this because aside from pictures from the great Cronin in GZ forum most of the pictures of the girls that i liked were of Shanghai girls. I have visited China before and have heard that some provinces have better looking girls in China than others.

04-14-04, 14:57
I could really use some help here guys. I promise to report on my adventures but first I need to book a friggin hotel room. Any suggestions for a girl friendly 4+ star Hotel in a good location?


04-14-04, 16:48

Thanks, I know Long Bar very well. LOL. Went out with one of the (female) bartenders and one waitress one night, had a blast.

Thanks again,


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04-14-04, 16:52
Went to the factory in Ming Hang again.

Sorry to all the guys I promised to call first and take there, it was sort of a last minute idea...

I promise, we can arrange a time to all get together and go. soon... PM me and we can all agree on a time and day.

anyway, me Tapioca and a few other mongers all went after a nice spicy dinner.

Called Mafia guy to host, and when we arrived there were about 20 girls. Some new ones. All the shops at the old facotry location are closed now. I think some of them went over to this new shop.

This time, we walked down the street a little and checked out the shops close by. they each have about 5-8 girls. It is weird, one shop has all ugly chicks and the other shop has almost only hot chicks... weird. I am SURE the deal is not the same here. These places are negotiable shops, and the facotry is set price, and high volume. these other shops had no customers.


Apac Boy
04-14-04, 16:59
So Tapioca's been busy with all this work shit that I havn't even gone out to the infamous Factory until tonight...

so i get off work and Blankie tells me there are some new samples at the Factory. Well, why not...I head over, meet up with Blankie and 2 more guys and 4 of us went out to The Factory! 40rmb taxi ride later, I'm in the last massage bed fucking away.

There was one Sichuan girl that both of Max's frds took and she was pretty fucking hot. But since I was there, I saw like 5 guys take her, it was just weird to ask her to come up.

There are like 5 more shops next to it but those places are DEAD. I wonder why. I'm gonna goto those next time...

I love this town...Blankie and I are gonna try and find an apt behind XinTianDi...if we do..man oh..man....


04-14-04, 20:24
Damn, Just reading the reports, and knowing I'll be back in a few weeks, I can hardly stand it. I may just have to move there permanently, but that might ruin the fun of going back every fun months. LOL What to do, what to do?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

Black Jack
04-15-04, 01:21

I've been there a few times now, and I was able to get a hj, and nothing else. But everytime I've been there it has been earlier, and no one else was in the massage room. Did you get the 100rmb full body oil massage? That massage might be the only one the ends up with a hj. Also you might want to indicate a little bit that you want something extra.


04-15-04, 03:18
Going to factory to take a friend there tonight. (actually showing him a girl from one of the nearby shops previously mentioned.)

Those of you with my phone # send an SMS and we can caravan it.


04-15-04, 16:44
Has anyone ever joined ShanghaiEscorts.com? If so is there anything worth while?

04-15-04, 18:39
BJ I might have gone at a busy time. Lots of people in the room although separated by curtains, and when I asked the girl replied with a no sir, nothing else, so my hopes were dashed.

But I found another place in Gubei that is pretty good albeit a bit expensive. Service with a smile though.

04-15-04, 21:04
Not bitching, really I'm not, just wondering why other people can use multiple periods and I can't? Look at the two post right below my last one.

Sorry BNC, and Tapioca, you just happened to be there.

It really doesn't matter to me I just always seem to pause that way (the multiple periods that is).


Night Cat
04-16-04, 03:43
A funny thing happened to me on my way to the Hard Rock. I'm talking about 2002 when I first came to Shanghai. I took a taxi to the "Hard Rock Pub" as listed in That's Shanghai and it turned out to be a small hole in the wall out by a remote college campus. Don't make that mistake. The real Hard Rock is the one by the Portman hotel, but you can't find it anymore since it closed recently.

I used to think "GFE" meant that the girl spends a lot of time with you, more than LT, e.g., going with you to eat, hang out, etc., maybe several times or staying with you several days in a row nonstop, but I've seen people use "GFE" to mean simply that the girl seems to enjoy sex with you, has an orgasm, or whatever. So what to call the former, "EGFE" (extended GFE)? Anyway, I'm back in Shanghai again just kicking back for a few weeks looking for adventure. Mainly, I seem to be specializing in finding these extended GFE situations, often at lower than normal rates. Maybe I give the impression of being a lost puppy who needs to be adopted, and, (not to brag) I do get a lot of comments about being a good sackmeister, so maybe that helps.

GFE #1. On Maoming Lu I found one gal who just arrived in Shanghai from another city, who says I was actually her first customer and her second sex partner ever, after her boyfriend. You may think this is just a line, and I've gotten this line enough times before, but I spent a few days with her and have gotten to know her well enough to assume that her story is more or less factual. I'm supposed to move in with her later today, which will save me some hotel expense but may be inconvenient if I do more mongering. Don't worry, I'm only staying for one week max. I'm not sure about payment, I had paid her 500 rmb per night to stay with me. That was a special rate, normally all-night is much higher. I might be able to hook you up with her if you're looking for someone non-trampy. She's normally a schoolteacher in another city, and seems more refined than the usual bar girls, but in a conservative, not flashy, way. She's kind of short, but has a nice body overall, good proportions.

GFE #2. On Julu Lu I found a similar experience, a gal newly arrived from another city, not into the scene but trying it out. This one spoke English, she worked in western restaurants before and is looking to do the same in Shanghai. We spent 3 solid days together, and I gave her 900 rmb. Later, another night together was 300, not negotiated, she just let me give her whatever. She's taller and kind of skinny, and is kind of unique in that her English is good and likes to talk about sex a lot, and take sexy pictures.

GFE #3. I picked up gal who's a regular on Maoming, we spent a night or two together (memory is getting fuzzy), gave her something like 600 per night. I had dinner at her home with her brother and some friends. Later she took me to a "wu ting" (dance hall) where it's supposedly easy to find a lay for 200 rmb or so. She said some married couples go there together but don't stay together, the wife picks up a guy, does ST for 150 or 200, and brings home the bacon to hubby. First time I've heard of husbands pimping their wives. I didn't confirm this with personal experience. There are also some regular xiaojies who sit in the back. It's a crappy place, but if anyone wants to try, I'd suggest taking a taxi to New Asia hotel, then walk a block west and a block north, the wu ting is on the 2nd floor of the building in the crotch of the sharp V intersection at Henan and Qipu, go between 8 and 10 PM any day. Around then and later in the night you can also find SWs around there, 200 for ST, I got 2 for 400 around midnight, but they weren't good looking. Anyway, the gal from Maoming has some friends I might hook up with for further action.

Other than GFE's, I also picked up one of the bar gals on Julu Lu, but I had to wait a couple hours until she got off work around 5 or 6 AM. LT was something like 800 and I went to find her a second time and thought I could get a discount on round 2, but no deal.

The big story, for those of you patient enough to read this far, is the four girls story. One night after a go-nowhere date ended, I went to the Park 97 disco by myself, and got picked up quickly by a girl who said she was from Guangdong and needed train fare, 600 rmb for ST. I prefer LT so I negotiated an 800 price, but she was a lousy lay so I decided to give her the 600 and let her go after the one lay. She invited me to come to her hotel and meet her friends, so I would up doing her other 3 friends, one of them several times, during the night and the next day. Fortunately, the other 3 were much better lays, especially the one. That was extremely cool, my first 4-girl experience, very casual, the girls all being in the same room, and going to sleep with 2 of them in the same bed, the other 2 in the other bed. There were some glitches, like my noticing that my pants had moved, meaning one of them had gone through them, but nothing was missing. I gave them hell about that, but overall a good, fun experience, total damage under 2800 rmb. For an extra 1000 they proposed a four-way f--k, where I can switch around at will, which is a very cool idea. I didn't bite, mainly because I had had so much sex I didn't know if I could keep it up, and switching condoms frequently might be a hassle, and, as I said, one of them was a lousy lay. But who knows, maybe I can try this next time. They live in Guangdong and have regular jobs there (they only do this stuff when out of town) and I can call them if I go there.

I did try a sauna, a big one on Xinzha Lu in JingAn district, 128 rmb entrace fee, plus another 400 rmb or so for a 90 minute "ou shi" (european style, meaning oil massage with HJ) massage. Expensive, but research costs money. You can also do 45 minutes for 200 rmb, I'm assuming it's the same service, just faster.

I haven't run into any freebies in Shanghai, I'd be interested in any ideas on that.

I'll be in Shanghai for another week, PM me if anyone wants to do some joint mongering. The bulk of my China experience is in Chengdu, see my recent post on the Chengdu board for comments about mongering in Chengdu and China in general.

04-16-04, 03:43
Rab, Senior Members' posts are not moderated so despite our best efforts to abide by the rules sometimes a few things slip by...like that. Can't really blame you as we have all gotten accustomed to such punctuation online but the rules of the site request us to stick to "proper punctualtion". Not my rules, I just try and follow them. Solution would be to apply to be a Senior Mmeber so that your occassional need to use "..." can be accomplished.

Big Bossi
04-16-04, 09:22
Hello guys,

I'm from Germany and very interested in your experiences. I was two times in Shanghai and found some places like Hard Rock Cafe, Malones, Excallibur and several BBS.

What Im asking is, what is ment with the FACTORY ? Is it one special place/area or are there several factories? I would appreciate any information, adresses and so on.

Thanks Big Bossi

04-16-04, 14:29
Hello Guys,

My report on my Easter Weekend in Shanghai.

Friday Night. Went with an expat who's been in town for a while to Bourbon Street. Lots of working girls trying to get tips for drinks. Hook up with two ladies who were there for the band, pretty good one too, good band. Got invited to their place for more drinks and fun followed by sex. Not a foursome but as couples in different rooms. This was great, exactly how I wanted - romancing and convincing with fun and alcohol. No money was involved except for a few rounds of drinks, 400rmb. Seems that one of the girl had a Hong Kong boyfriend who was not in town and the other, the one I slept with, just broke off with hers.

Saturday night. My supplier took me to this Karoke place in Kai Xuan Road. The Mamasan was a stunner. My friend asked for girls that were "wild" and OK to be on "Estacy". Mamasan brought about 15 girls, most were 6-7 with 2 girls about 8. Between three guys we had 6 girls. What a night, I was "molest" :). The mamasa asked if I wanted to take one of the girls back for LT for 800 rmb. Jokingly I replied I rather had her instead, she told to come more often and perhaps... Anyway I was too [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) and decided against LT. I realised I wasn't sober enough, had too many valuables lying around in my hotel. I stayed at City hotel, good hotel and reasonable. I was told that the bill for the night cost 2500 including drinks and tips. Got the mobile number of the mamasan.

Sunday. Had lunch with the girl from Friday night, went to her place after lunch and released my load. Now that I have seen her in the day and being more sober, she was probably a 6 on looks and body but a 8 in bed. Very open sexually with BBBJ and loves DATY, very wet and aggressive. She a local shanghainese and runs her own business. Called the mamasan in the evening, seems that she was just preparing to get to work. She asked if I was coming and told me that Sunday night is a good night as there are less customers and she would have more time for me. Bought her story and told her I'll bring another friend. She came out to the reception to meet us and seem pleased that I turned up. we had a smaller room this time, this time she asked first of we wanted "Take Out" My friend said maybe, I said no and asked that she take me out. She bought in two groups of girls, those to Take Out and those just for company. I played along and selected a 7 from the non Take Out Group. Had a good night with the mamasan joing us for quite a fair bit. I had a little fun with her and waited for the the place to shut, total damage 1200rmb, tips, fruits and drinks. Mamasan asked if we wanted supper, I gambled along, went for supper, mamasan paid. She basically pulled me along with her when she flag a taxi and we ended up in her decent apartment. She must make quite a living. A stunner, 9 in looks and body, sex was OK I'll give it a 6. Perhaps it was too late then and we were both tired. I left the place at 6.30 am after a second round. Was on a flight off Pudong at 4pm that day.

I'll be back. My kind of fun, good partying and getting laid. Perhaps something different from previous post and possibly more damage money wise. But I enjoyed myself and that probably matters most. Visited some bars in Ju LuLu road on thursday, but was not impressed in being "picked" and "hassled".

Sorry for the lenghty report, my first after following the column for several weeks. I wanted to share with others that Shanghai is also a place to party then get laid.

By the way I am an Australian Chinese and I speak the language.

Cheers mate!

04-16-04, 19:01
Big Bossi,

The factory is the following:

The Factory is termed factory only because it is high volume and cheap. It is fixed price, no negotiation, tons of customers, usually a lot of action in booths right next to you and you can hear the action all around you. In-and-Out fast.

The acutal factories are:
BJ factory is a place with a lot of girls, who offer BJ for 120 total price.

The REAL factory is a full service place which has a lot of people, and tonight had 25 girls. They all fuck for the same price.
120 for chinese locals and 150 for foreigners. In this newly relocated factory, there is a private room if you want for a total price of 200.


04-16-04, 19:05
Factory Report

I went again with a few pals. I did the hot sichuan girl who has an older sister who is also the hottest girl there. The older sister is out of town for a few days. However, this younger sister, is also very hot. Most all my friends have done her at some time and rave about her service. I finally tried her for myself. She absolutely has the BEST service in the factory.

After, we hung out around there and eventually wandered into the other bb shops close by. They are negotiable places without the same great selection, but one gal did catch my eye. She was a hot hunan girl, thin body and a beautiful face.

I didnt think I could have sex again so soon, so I opted for a massage. Well, that got me going and I did her ina private room. Total cost 250.

mmm.... fun night.

Then one of the shops closed at 12 and my pal took one of the girls home. only paid the mama 100. He is in his room with her now. I dont know the cost for her tip.


Black Jack
04-17-04, 05:01

I'm here to bug you once again to see if you have the address for the factory. I know, I should definitely go with you guys on your ventures, but I usually hit up the shops at odd times and at the spur of the moment.

Next time you go, can you ask the taxi driver or whoever else what streets it is located at. thanks!


04-17-04, 22:21
I am back in SH and studied the board very carefully.
Thanks to Blnknamecruiser and brownout I found the BJ Factory at Madang Lu. I just followed the details posted earlier and easily found the BJ factory. Thanks!
I went inside pretty late at midnight and found approximately 10 girls playing cards with a "mamasan".
None of them speaks English but thanks to my rudimental chinese and gestures I chose a decent looking gal (about a 7) with brown hair and big boobs in a white slutty looking dress.
Inside the dark room next to the "gamble room" there were many benches for massages. Mostly in pretty bad shape.
After some hugging and the usual greetings she aked me for 200 RMB. (Thought it was 130 or so - but since that this was my first time in such a location I agreed)
IMHO a little bit more money sometimes lifts the attitude. And so it did. She pulled out heer boobs (D-CUP) and gave me a good ice and fire treatment. Doing so she was aksing me if f...ing was okay. So she pulled down her panties and we did some f...ing in various positions. BTW noone was there at this time.
I finished up with a shot into her mouth and she just swallowed it.
All in all a good experience in a new (for me) location.
I will do that again even though that this place seems a little too dirty for my taste.

Next day I went to the Dongzhu anbang Lu for a cleaner experience. Even though that this place is also not the best in inventory I found the gals clean and pretty.
The first girl was a real stunner with firm boobs and a slim and tender body. Just the way I like it most. Her service was okay but not extremely good.
After another shower and a cigarette in the relaxing room I wanted to try anotherone that I saw walking by the massage rooms. Her number is 853 and she has a pretty face. Nice B-Cups and a reasonable rest-body.
She gave me a real good massage (seldom there) and some anal licking treatments. Followed by a body-to-body massage and a fire and ice treatment. So far so good. After practicing the regular f....ing I felt her vaginal muscles contracting around my penis. I suppose thats her specialty since that she grabed me after shooting into the condom and holding me tight so that I could not pull out. Doing so she vigorously continued with her muscle contractions and I came a second time.
What a great way to finish.
I highly recommend her and I will go and visit her again. She is worth a try.


04-18-04, 21:30
Just an endorsement of a KTV place BlnkNameCruiser told us about a while ago. It's about 250 yards down the side street of the Door Restaurant. A little gritty, but pleasant fs in a ktv room with a pretty (5.5 - 7) girl of your choice, with a beer and porno on the tv for 500 rmb. I got there about 12:30 am and was the only customer.

04-19-04, 12:16
Hi Wanabee,

Would you elaborate a little bit more on how to get to that KTV place? Five Red Mao total seem to be quite reasonable.


04-19-04, 12:49
Hi Guys,

I was wondering if there are any members that go to Long Bar enough to know who Cindy the waitress is? I usually hear from her every day either by text or e-mail, but haven't heard anything for about a week. I just hope she's OK. If anyone has been in there and seen her please let me know.

Thanks guys,


04-19-04, 14:58
Marathon 4 days.

Damn..... 4 days, 6 girls, 4 from the factory or nearby BB shop, and 2 freebies.

It started with a factory in thursday, and a freebie that night. Then factorya dn a BB Shop on Friday, then a surprise freebie on saturday with a colleague (ooops!) and a factory shot, then Sunday was a marathon of sex with a freebie Tapioca hooked me up with. She is a little thing who goes longer than the energizer bunny!

das all for now.


04-19-04, 15:18

I have been getting a ton of PM's asking for specific directions to the facotory. Here is the problem.

I tried to explain it before, and the guy ended up not finding it, and choosing some random shop nearby. missing the whole thrill of the factory.

The problem is there is no street sign at that location, even if you managed to get to a nearby intersection, I dont know how to explain what shop. You wont even notice the shop at all from the taxi because the taxi can't drive in front of it.

Even if you told the taxidriver, he would not even see it from the street. The only way I ever found it the first several times was to have the mafia guy take me there.

Anyone who wants to see it is welcome to PM your phone number to me. I will send out a mass SMS everytime I plan to go.

I already sent out a SMS 2 times this weekend to the few numbers I have.


04-20-04, 03:09
Marathon Weekend update

Just when I thought it was all over.... I could give my little brother a break, I had a surprise foursome my girlie that Tapioca hooked me up with, and my friend and his just arrived from Japan girlfriend.

My friend started getting BJ and doing his girlfriend in my bedroom. I hung out there and she started giving me BJ.

Then my girl came in the room. I put her on the bed and made out with her to get her interested. It did the trick. Anytime anyone asked her to play she said no. But anytime we all or any of us started touching her, she enjoyed it.

Eventually these 2 girls were on top of each other making out, eating each other, and we were playing with both girls.

what a crazy several days.


Night Cat
04-20-04, 13:24
Here are some stories to illustrate that, while Shanghai may offer lots of adventure, not all is rosy and lovey-dovey. (Or maybe they just illustrate how stupid I am; but hey, I need to learn somehow.)

Last week there was a dancer at the Long Bar who gave one guy a lap-dance and wrote her phone number on his hand. I got her name, Sandy, and her number from his hand. Last night I asked her out, and she said to meet at the Paramount Dance Hall, a big nostalgic ballroom dance club, very classy, they even have male and female dance instructors. The main dance floor is on the 2nd floor, 200 rmb flat fee per person. I took her to the 3rd floor which overlooks the 2nd floor, where you pay according to what you eat or drink. Drinks are 70 rmb. I decided to have tea. She wanted beer, and I was later surprised that she ordered 2, plus a fruit plate. I think she should have told me first. Anyway, we ate and drank a bit, chatted a bit, and she also taught me some dance steps. She said she used to work there last year. She chatted with some of her former co-workers. When the bill arrived, it was 340 rmb, so I gave 400 and when the change arrived, she took it out of my hand and gave it back to the waiter. Rude, but I didn't make a big deal out of it. Later, I asked her if she'd like to go to a quieter bar, but she said she needed to go home, and asked me to accompany her, i.e., I pay the taxi. (Look up "Barracuda" and "Chump" in the Terms & Abbreviations list.)

After dropping her off, the taxi driver, figuring I was in need of some action, suggested going to some club, so I went along with it this time. We wound up at a KTV on YanAn Road just west of Wulumuqi Road. I went into a room, they said 80 rmb/hour and 35 per beer. They brought in a line-up of 6 girls. I've never had a girl accompany me in a KTV room before so I decided to try. I asked about the tip for the girl, and the hostess said it's 200. I said OK and picked a girl, and ordered two beers. Six beers arrived, I told them to take back the other four. When a fruit plate arrived, I asked the girl if it's free and she gave me some unclear response, so I very firmly insisted that she say yes or no ("shi" or "bu shi"). She went out, came back, and said it's 200 for the room fee when fruits and nuts are included. At that point I told them that they're crooks ("pianzi") because I never ordered that stuff and they had said they room is 80, never said anything about 200 originally. Then the manager came in and the girl left, and I said I'm leaving. He pushed me a little and said I must give 70 for the 2 beers. I threw 70 rmb on the floor and tried to walk past him. He pushed me again and told me to pick it up. I pushed him back and told him he's a crook, and I left, yelling at them on my way out. Outside, while unloading my story on the guy who greets people in front, I noticed the same manager come out, and also noticed that there was a taxi lurking in the alley. I think the manager came out to give the taxi driver his commission.

Then, I took a taxi to Julu Lu to chat with some of my favorite bar girls. There's one who's extremely friendly, always says she wants to make love to me, but she can't leave while on duty, and I didn't want to wait until 5 AM. I spent about 160 on drinks there. I gave her my mobile number and said she can call whenever she wants. I don't think she'll call. Then I went to another bar and visited the gal I took home the previous week (800 rmb deal, see previous post). I'm particularly attracted to her and I asked if she'll go with me again, and she said "tomorrow". Spent 135 there.

Total damage for one night: 400+70+160+135 = 765 rmb. Let's write this off as a "research" expense.

The good news is that I came home to wifey ("GFE #1" in my previous post). She's letting me stay at her home for 500 per night, we sleep together or I go out, as I like. I also try to give her as much insight as I can on the scene, since she's new to it, and I also try to help her with English. It's a nice, comfy arrangement that will end on Friday when I go back to Chengdu. She's very special, a kind and decent woman, beautiful but not slutty, sort of conservative and pure, but open-minded, obviously. I think she should be getting high-end clients, but I'm not sure how I can help in that regard, other than teach her English.

Another story, the "go-nowhere date" in my previous post: I met an exceptionally beautiful woman from Xi'an. I saw her at Park 97 one night and followed her around for a little while but didn't approach her, later regretting it. Next day, I saw her on Maoming. She was with her sister both times. This time I approached her and we hung out at a bar and I got her number. Then I called her the next day and invited them both for dinner at M on the Bund, total bill just under 1000. I was really struck by this woman's beauty and told her so. Later, we went for drinks at Park 97, and she told me about her boyfriend, and wouldn't let me hold her hand or kiss her. I asked her when I can kiss her, and she said, in a different city, so I immediately invited her to Hangzhou, but she declined. (Later that night I had my 4-girl experience, see previous post, so the night wasn't a total loss, to say the least.) I don't know what it is, the bizarre dead-ends seem to be 95% of my results in the pursuit of freebies, both in Shanghai and Chengdu.

I had similar experiences as the above while visiting Shanghai back in 2002, e.g., one gal I met in Face Bar who I went out with later, eventually let me hold her hand but nothing farther. The story that really takes the cake is about a gal who quickly got friendly with me in Guandii, and suggested we leave together. It turned out that she wanted to eat and her friends had to come along. We went by taxi to some place that was closed, and I suggested a place I know that's 24-hour, but they wouldn't go there. Wound up searching for some other place, went in, got a table in a side-room, and then we heard a big fight going on in the main room. The fighters eventually wound up in our room and there was blood everywhere and teeth flying. We got out of there and went to another restaurant. They still wouldn't go where I suggested. We finally got to eat, and when the bill arrived, they gave me the bill, and for some reason, instead of paying the computer-printed price on the front, I had to pay the hand-written price on the back. This was pretty fishy, but it was just a few hundred rmb so I went along with it. Then they wanted to go to a hotel. They wanted two or three rooms I think, probably wanting me to pay, but there were no rooms available at that time, around 7 AM, we would have to wait until 9 AM. I told the girl that I already have a room elsewhere and she can come with me. She didn't come.

The End.

04-21-04, 01:13
It has been a hellish few weeks of travelling but I am finally back in Shanghai. I was in need of a bit of fun and just missed out on Blankie's invitation (thanks anyways!) so, I decided to go do some research. I always knew there were some BBS's near my place in Jing An area, but I guess I thought they may be a bit too close to home. This week i figured i'd try my luck.

The first place I found was on Chang Ping Road near Chang De Road. There are two BBS's on that road. The first one has a decent selection of gals, 5-8's, but I saw a group get in right before me and decided to keep hunting. The next one is so small that I almost missed seeing the entrance, but inside was sitting a nice tall long haired gal which somehow enticed my appetite. I went in and found the place inside is far larger than its out side appearance. I do believe that this place fits Blankie's description of a "BJ Factory" (refer to his post with definitions) except I am unclear on fees. I could hear action on both sides of me with slurping and moaning. Interesting if you like that kind of thing

I went in and received great service from two fo the gals, one at a time( one 7 and one 8). Both BBBJTCIM with lots of fingering and cuddling. Neither of the gals would leave with me but I had to ask right? Final cost 150 ea including house fee. Both gave me nearly a full hour and were really sweet. As I exited, I noticed a few gals that I'd like to try later.

After grabbed some food because I was hungry from all that excersion, I continued north on Chnag De road and found another small BBS, second on left after ChangPing road. The place was dark but had a few gals inside. Again, one with long hair attracted my attention. Tunred out she was a guizhou gal with only a few months experience. probably only a 6 or 7, but good attitude. She asked for 200 and I countered with 150 +tip if she was good for FS. Sh agreed and we did the deed in a few positions. Not comfortable on those BBS loungers, but she was pretty good and seemed to enjoy herself, considering I had popped twice earlier so I lasted some 40 mins. While it did not appear she came, she was extremely wet after the whole experience and was extra affectionate afterwards too. Too bad she had bad teeth. (I guess she looked better through the window) She continued a basic massage after we finished and offered another pop after we had chatted awhile. By this time I was exhausted and while I was getting ready for another, I felt it best to leave and recharge for another exploration trip. Oh, this place is 24hrs, so if one is in need at odd times...saw a real cute on there as i was exiting and plan to go back and check them out again too. always nice to find a FS BBS.

I will go back again to the area in the next few weeks and will report again then.

04-21-04, 04:25
Visited the sauna in xujiahui, dongfangyuan. It's located behind the Dong Fang department store, 8th floor. total damage 720RMB. Typical service - massage, fire+ice, bbbj, then hj. This isn't a full service place. The quality of the girl wasn't good compared to the other places I had been, and the massage wasn't great either. I saw another girl in the hallway that I wasn't impressed with at all either. The place was clean but nothing special. Outside of fact that this sauna is located in the middle of xujiahui, I wouldn't recommend it.

04-21-04, 15:27
Sitting in office in Japan feeling like "Lost in Translation." I figure I may just write up another trip to the sauna closed to The Door which I reported earlier.

Went there a couple days after my first trip. The sauna area are really nice and the pools are relaxing. One main reason I went back. After 30 minutes enjoying myself in the pool and stem room, I went to the VIP resting area. Had some drinks and fruits and watching some TV. I asked the waiter to arrange me a massage.

The room is dark but I managed to get a good look at the girl by pulling her close to the light. Very cute, probably a 8. She's in a tight shirt and short jean. Very curvey. I laid down on my stomach and she started the massage. Again, wonderful massage for the first 30 minutes and ask me if we could started the "special." By then, I was relax and horny. "Of course," I said.

She took off her shirt and short off but kpet her bra and panty on. Milky white skin and smooth and soft to the touch. She started to tease me by slowly moving her hand across my chrest and started kissing my nipple. All the time, I was laying on my back feeling her smooth skin. Taking off her bra and I start to play with her 34D rack. After about 15 mintues of touch and kissing, I sit up and ask her to sit on the table with me. I start kissing her breast and sucking on her nipple while massaging her crotch over her panty. She was moaning softly and getting wet down there. This got me really excited and I starting to go down on her. Taking of her panty and treat myself to a DATY feast. Clean and sweet taste! I could not get enough of her pussy. Must been down there for at least 15 minutes. By the time I came up air, she was dripping. I was so excited at that point, I entered her bare back. She was a bit surprised but didn't resist. Went through severl styles, missionary, doggie, lotus. At the end, I pull out and she finished me off with a BBBJCIM.

She told me her number is 809. I will definitely go see her again. Actually, after we finished the 90 minutes session, I went to clean and had some rest. I actually want to see her again but had to attend a dinner appointment.

Sorry about the long post and details. Recalling the encounter and writting it down beats going to the ripoff places around here. Damn, I can't wait to get back to Shanghai.

Oh, the total is RMB 680. The place is on the side street to The Door. For those who don't know where The Door is, check out any Shanghai City Guide. By the way, The Door is a really cool bar. Check it out if you have time.

I think the sauna is closed to the KTV reported by Wanabee in the earlier post. I didn't see the KTV but will definitely take a closer look next time.

04-21-04, 16:33
Thanks for the tip. I have driven by that sauna a million times and not seen it but I see the sign.

Definitaly try the KTV. I have been there. It is a fixed 500 rmb.

I will try thte sauna and report back.


04-21-04, 16:40
Tuesday night Dr visit.

Talk about teamwork.....
The doctor came over again. I started doing her in my room. Tapioca and SHSboy were on their way over to my pad. I SMS'd to them I was doing her, and I gave them the code to get in my building. then I SMS'd them to quietly come in my room.

Tapioca took a peak and she noticed. Not too bad of a reaction.

Then I sms'd again (all this SMS'ing while I am having sex by the way!) I told them to try to peak again. This time I turned on some music, and postitioned us so she wont see the door. Only her ass is showing to the door.

I didn't know but they took a video and some pics! Yeee Haw...

anyway, good teamwork.


04-21-04, 16:45
Business Lunch

I had to take the Dr to lunch.

I was going to the bathroom to wash my hands at the same time she was. I jokingly told her she can help me. she jokingly replied "OK"

When we both got to the womans bathroom I asked if anyone else was in there. She looked and said "No."

I entered the bathroom with her. We started kissing. I pulled her pants down and did her over the bothroom sink facing the mirror. She loved the excitement!

She quietly chat with me about it at the table later. My associate who was with me at the lunch noticed the strange look on my face after coming back from the bathroom.

wow.... mixing business and pleasure is fun but I think risky.


Member #1793
04-21-04, 19:49

Found WSG for around 1 month and really interested with you post. Thanks for the good work and generous to shar your find.

Can you give us some info about the "doctor" ? It seem she suddenly jump on the report. How she was find ?



Dog Day
04-22-04, 02:15
BCruiser. Your the man!!

No luck with my new MSN friends lately. Have also ended all previous freebie flings. Three months is max for me or the ending could turn a bit emotional. When it rains it pours but my freebie drought had started with the start of summer in Shanghai.

Only thing to compensate this now are the BBS girls in Wuzhong Lu. 150 for BBBJ and FS. Plenty of choices of 18 to 25 year olds, with ranges of 6 to 8. Actually find the economics similar, dating a girl will cost you around 150 for dinner, drinks and you have to finds ways to get into her pants. One in ten you get lucky to get laid the first date, but it normally takes me two to three dates before she gives in. You can get a smooch or some hugging but its the typical "I do not belive in sex on first date" thing. After three dates I normally give up if "nothing" happens.

Problem is this BBS thing is getting addictive. I can have a different girl of my choice everytime I go there to unload. Been there every other day since I found the place. Help!

04-22-04, 04:00
Look what I found in 'that's shanghai' webside:

Throwing a party for 20 girls and guys. Requirement is to come and change into your intimate apparel. Please send your photo showing how you will dress at this party if you are interested.
Posted: Yesterday
[ Send Mail ] View all ads by: nanaimo39129

Sounds like fun!


04-22-04, 15:25
This time again, I am driven by hot weather. I investigated the area Dog Day talked about last time near Wuzhong Road and returned with the following findings:

If you take a taxi from city centre, the correct exit from the Outer Ring Road is Wuzhong Road, not Huhang Expwy. When you take the Wuzhong Road exit, go outwards (west) for less than 1 km and you'll see a Citroen show room on your left. (Wrong direction if you see Lotus Supercenter.) On your right there's a cross street known as Hangzhong Road. The group of BBS's is on that street.

Just before the investigation I went to Lotus Supercenter (Wuzhong Road branch) to do some shopping. When I got out I headed west and saw two girls on the bus stop having finished their shopping in the same place. One (or both) of them was dressed in such a manner that I suspected she/they had just come out of a BBS. As I was into investigation I boarded the same bus as they did. They paid the fare and I overheard the amount. When it was my turn I paid the same amount. I followed them off and they crossed the road, contrary to the direction I expected. But I remained on the same side of the road. Somehow they were intercepted by a microvan and I lost them. Not going in the expected direction almost tempted me to rule out that they were BBS girls. But read on.

I was heading to Hangzhong Road anyway so I did exactly that. To my surprise they both appeared in the first BBS after turning into Hangzhong Road. I was about to pick one of the two I had followed from Lotus Supercenter.

By doing the following I'm going to kick myself: I was ruminating on which shop to go to, and continued down the street. (The neighbourhood is an outlet of vehicle components.) I looked around the numerous BBS's nearby and went back to the first one. I found that the one I wanted was gone. Quite a long time.

Dejected, I went to just any one of them, and picked a girl there. I was not in the mood to do FS so I declined doing so, lying that my penis suffered some injuries and dry-humped her instead. Admittedly I went almost nowhere.

When I came out the girl I had desired to pick was still gone. Apparently she was serving someone else.

04-22-04, 17:47
Dog Day,
I think I have seen those shops. Can you tell me the cross street of the Wuzhong Lu shops? If I recall, me and Lucky888 spent some time wandering in those shops but didnt actually do anything. I am not sure if this is the same place.


Pat Boy
04-22-04, 19:17
I am new to this forum and find all your reports very informative especially from BLNKNAMECRUISER, BLACK JACK, Tapioca and CRonin's pics. I am from New York and will be in Shanghai for business May 8-13. I would like to hook up with you guys. I love Shanghai girls but I never can find any action in Shanghai when I am there. I will be staying at the Marriott on Haui Hai Zhong Road.

Lookinfg forward for your response.



04-23-04, 01:41
Hi everybody,

Based on your latest visits, could anybody tell me where I can find a girl a big breast in Shanghai. Face, body does not matter too much but breast need to be huge and heavy, Thks.

04-23-04, 01:44
Hi everybody,

Can anybody refer me a place and a girl with big and heavy breast in Shanghai. Any information on a possible location would be more than welcome. Thanks.

BB Lover

04-23-04, 05:22
Pat Boy,
There is a lot of action in this city. what particularly are you looking for?


Pat Boy
04-23-04, 05:48
Hi Blank,

Thanks for the reply.

I like to go to the factories, BBS, KTV or saunas. Anything that will get me a Chinese girl in bed. I been to Hong KOng and Thailand many times and have no problems getting around to these places but Shanghai is the only place i have no success. Your hospitality and guidance is much appreciated. I would like to learn from your expertise.



Dog Day
04-23-04, 06:25
Hey guys,

Wu Zhong Road is a very long road. The BBS shop I have posted is nearer if you exit Hu Hang hiway from Honqiao. Turn right to Wuzhong road..Brown-out you are right Citroen showroom on the left side of Wuz hong road. You will not miss this road because of Lucky plaza.(There is a sign) The BBS street is on the right with a lot of automotive shops. Actually the whole area is crawling with BBS. I have tried 4 of them. Same deal 150 for FS and BBBJ. If you only need BBBJ they can take 120, but what's the 30 difference? By the way, they provide the wipe-ons and the condoms. lol. Last unloading was with a petite 20 year old from Sichuan. The BBBJ was not that great but boy, she rides you like a rodeo star!

John Siron
04-23-04, 08:55

I was at the DongZhuAnBang Lu sauna several months ago and had this girl with HUGE titties... I think they were like E cups. It was a little too much for me as I like my girls tall and skinny. I usually won't go for this, but I've never tried big tits like this before, so I gave it a try... I forget her employee number.

04-23-04, 12:26
hello shanghai,

in from nanjing yesterday with an associate. did the acrobatic thing at the portman, had some drinks and walked nanjing lu the bund last night.

this morning my friend returned to california and i, bright eyed and bushy tailed, went out for a bowl of dumplings. as i was walking down xizang nanlu south of lujiabang lu, i happened to look down a sidestreet, and low and behold, saw a bbs. peeked in and saw three girls with big smiles. walked around the block and decided to give it a try, seeing as it was my first morning in town.

was taken to a dark room in back with two chairs. decent head and shoulder massage, for about 10 minutes and then something was said in chinese (damn, i wish i learned more) and a second girl came in. she started working on my left arm. then, as you may have guessed, something else was said and the third girl entered. now i've got one above my head and one on each side. the two on the sides pull up my shirt, ice down my nipples and start licking while the third moves down to pull down my pants. meanwhile, i've one hand up one girls shirt and the other down the other girls pants. i'll stop there.

the point is that i didn't negotiate the price in advance. after i was done. they asked for 300 rmb. i thought that was two much for a hj, even with 3 girls. i offered 100 and finally got out of there paying 200. (i was paying 50 rmb per girl for some really hot hjs in nanjing.) still, it was a good experience and a fun way to start off my 10 days in shangai!

i'm staying at the new century mansion serv. apts. on lujiabang lu at xizang nanlu. i'd welcome any suggestions for bbss in the area



04-23-04, 12:39
I was had.

You Shanghai old-timers can skip this cause you'll probably laugh at me, but I'll post anyways for the benefit of greenhorns like myself.

I was on the Nanjing Lu mall area this afternoon and was approached by a young lady who said she was a nursing student at Shanghai University and wanted to know if she could speak with me in English to practice. She was very charming and cute was pressing up against me.

After a short stroll she asked if I wanted to have a cup of tea. I agreed and we turned into a tea house. Turns out the place was full of western guys talking to chinese girls. I ordered a beer, and her coffee. Then three kinds of nuts, and a fruit plate arrived. The bill was 176 RMB! (She had two coffees and some ice cream). Chalk it up to experience. Now I know.

Have fun, and be careful!


04-23-04, 13:24
Some additions to info on the Hangzhong Road neighbourhood.

I went there again this time and turned around to Hangnan Road. There were even more BBS's. One side is mostly hardware outlets and I went into one BBS on the other side, one of them that was to the left (west) of a grocery shop. Inside I was given a hand job that I deliberately made luke warm using the same lie I recently had used because I wanted to negotiate with the provider something more. She quoted me that off-site LT would cost 800 RMB. Anyway I told her that I would come back.

Many details are left out here as I'm now on a haste to see her again. These details will be coming up.

Black Jack
04-23-04, 17:17

Lots of action in SH. I probably don't have as much suggestions as some of the other fellas, since I'm still picking up lots of tips all the time. Let me know what you are looking for, I'll try to help.

If you need someone to take you, I'm sure Blankie would be the perfect host.


Pat Boy
04-23-04, 21:47
Hi Black Jack,

Thanks alot for your offer.

I am looking for some nice, voluptous, pretty girls that I can have FS with during my stay in shanghai.

KTV, BBS, sauna, factories or BBS.

I thought it will be fun if I can hang with a bunch of experts that have the same interests in Asian girls like I do. We can paint the town of Shanghai looking for the cream of the crop girls.

Again BlackJack, I will be in town 5/8-5/13. I will be staying at the Marriott so if you can show me the ropes. I much appreciate it.



Xiao Ma
04-24-04, 10:42
l've been writing report for sometime and many membershave pm me for more info and sure l'm glad to help out but many of these membersdid not post any report in return to show support for the board. Just want to voice out that this is a forum where everyone GIVE and TAKE.

04-24-04, 15:21
Pat Boy,
I will be out of town that week. Sorry, but I can offer as much as I can with tips and directions. Or you can post a message here for Tapioca. He may be able to show you around.


04-24-04, 15:25
Brown Out and Dog Day,
I found them. Wuzhong Lu and Hang Zhong Lu. Turn right through the big gate on Hang Zhong Lu. 5-7 shops. 10 chicks per shop. I found my favorite. Chat it up with the laoban. Arranged for some girls to come over on call, but for 600. A little steep.

Got some pics, I will post them soon.


04-24-04, 15:43
Sent mass SMS but only got a few replies. Went with Asia Monger 2, Tapioca, and a few other monger buddies.

We met the mafia guy there who showed us a few other shops in the building, and a gambling room hidden in the building.

My favorite factory Hunan girl wanted to take my upstairs. I was actually planning to go to another shop later so I didnt take her. Instead I passed her on to Asia Monger,and she got pissed at me. ooops.

Checked out another shop who had a SUPER cute hunan girl that I want to take home tonight, but the boss said they dont offer it. I told my mafia pal and he immediately had some sour look on his face, walked in the shop, and walked out a minute later. He told me now I can arrange directly with the girl and the boss has no business with it. I can call and negotiate directly with the girl and she can come over directly. Nice to have a friend like that.


Wild & Crazy
04-25-04, 03:54
Blnk, BlackJack, Wanabee,

Thanks for all the posts, I had lots fun reading them. This is my 1st post and hope I soon will share my experience to all the "se-lang" here. Anyway, please sms me next time if you going to BBS, I'd like to get some 1st hand exp too.

The only BBS I've been to is on ShanXi Rd (near HaiNing Rd). The place is dirty and small, only got about 4 chicks, sometimes you can getlucky anf find cute one but sometimes I went home empty handed. I usually prefer to take chick home because BBS is a bit dirty. I usually go there around 10:30pm and pay 400rmb for all night. Hope I can tag along and get some more BBS connections.

As the Sauna, there's a place call "Xin-Huai-Hai-Yu-Le-Cheng". It's on FuXing Middle Rd (corner of S-Chan Rd). Go in and take elevator to 2nd floor. Don't need to say anything, you can undress and take a shower then proceed to 3rd floor. You can rest there and watch TV. When ready, just tell papasan and he will lead you to a room. Girl come in one at a time but you can change if you don't like but so far, all chicks are pretty good. This sauna offers Maucau style service, lick you all over, toe sucking, ass licking, fire-n-ice BBBJ, and end with very nice GFS. The full service is 500rmb but you can add in 20-50rmb (if you want), then 10rmb for the guy watch your locker and 50-60rmb for the bath. The total usually cost me around 600rmb. These chicks are very skillfull. (if you go there in the afternoon, these chicks will spend more time to do foreplay with you).

Anyway, BlnkName, if you read this post, please hook me up sometimes. Btw, I live in XuJiaHui district

Apac Boy
04-25-04, 08:02
Here's a pic of some girls just outside of the factory...these girls
do not work at the factory, as previously stated, there are like 5 more shops in that same strip mall..


Apac Boy
04-25-04, 08:11
Here's the second BBS we caravan'd into. I will call this The Village. This shop had the best selection among the other shops..

150rmb for FS!


Member #2400
04-26-04, 04:42
Hi Tapioca,

Can you give directions for the factory?



Hung Man 1808
04-26-04, 13:08
Hi Guys,

Long time reader, new poster. I'm heading to China sometime in the next few months. I'm just wondering if these girls provide condoms, or if you need to bring them along. Otherwise, do they just do you BBFS if you wish.


Pat Boy
04-26-04, 15:21
Hi Blank and Tapioca,

Where is this Village or Factory?

These girls look hot.


Sorry that We can't hang on the days I will be in shanghai. Maybe next time as I go to Shanghai frequently.


Would you mind a clueless soul from NY hanging with you and hitting all the hot asians places to get some FS. I will be in Shanghai 5/8-5/13.



04-26-04, 16:05
John Siron,
The Village is Wu Zhong Lu and Hang Zhong Lu. The name of the village is hung hua sin chun.

Take the taxi on Wu Zhong Lu to the intersection, and the village has a big gate sign. Walk down Hang Zhong Lu. All the shops are:
1 shop before the intesecton on Wu Chong Lu
1 on corner of intersection, 5 on the left side of Hang Zhong Lu.

Prices are fixed at 150. dont blow it and pay more.


04-27-04, 00:19
Hung Man

Condoms are a must if you wish to remain a Hung Man.

You can get condoms in China, but:
1. They may be designed for the local market (Small).
2. They may be hard to find when you really need one, when the little brain is doing the thinking.
3. They may be fakes. I've seen fake marlboros that looked exactly like real ones right down to the tax stamp, but they tasted like bird droppings. Fake condoms look exactly like US made Durex, but they could be made of anything and will probably fail.

Don't take a chance. Bring plenty with you!

John Siron
04-27-04, 03:18
Re: Fake Durex. I've seen them! The package looks almost identical, including the expiry date stamp too! Best bet for buying Durex is probably from Carrefour.

Does anyone know where you can get generic Cialis? Wanted to try it for recreational purposes and see what it actually does.

Tapioca, you bastard! ;-) The bandana girl looks pretty good.

Blankie, is it 150RMB FS including BBBJ? Any of the girls do anal?

04-27-04, 03:39
BBS Report on Hong Mei Nan Lu

Firstly its abt 30mins cab ride out of the city (Nanjing Lu) - Taxi cab fare is around RMB70-ish. Told the cab driver to drive along the street will looking for the right BBS to lay some seeds. Its a very long road. So be patient on finding the right one. Took a side street and found a BBS open and there were 4 girls (ratings about 7ish). Said the magic word "an moh" - got hustled into a cubicle that is separated by wooden partition and curtains. She gave a whole lousy message but heck, if I wanted a serious message I would not be there. Told her cut the crap lets get down to business. Negotiated for RMB150 all-inclusive BBBJ, and FJ. She did not have big tits, which is a shame I am a titty fan. Anyway BBBJ was good lots of slurping and ball sucking. Ran my fingers into her and she was wet like a faucet. Then rode her multiple times and multiple position these BBS test your position skills, its smallish cubicle so got to be nimble like those Chinese Acrobats that you see. Overall it was a pretty ok but was the experience is something new for me. Oh by the way, if any guys do want to go here, get the cab driver to wait outside as it was late and did not want to risk it being left without a ride back into town. On the way back to town on the same strip, passing a few other better-looking BBS, one that particularly caught my eye was a shop just before or after the Fiat Showroom (I think). Its a large BBS and saw many girls inside around 8 or so. A word of advice, communication inside a BBS is very challenging. But heck sign language and lots of fondling will get the message through.

To Blankie, Tapioca, and a few other regulars thanks dudes for your postings.

04-27-04, 03:57
John Siron,

I have no idea about anal.

150 includes bbbj as was stressed by the boss. He told us this right in front of the girls.


04-27-04, 03:58

The risk of the chinese condoms from what someone told me is that they are not sterile. The risk is getting a disease from the condom itself.


Night Cat
04-27-04, 07:55
Durex seems to have changed their packaging recently.

How do you know there are fakes? How to spot them?

04-27-04, 09:45
FS BBS within the Inner Ring Road? Yes, it is possible if you are willing to head north for downtown. Now we all have heard and many ahve frequested the BBS's on Kang Ding Lu near ShanXi Road, but one night while I was out really pissed coming out of a bar, I somehow ended up walking north instead if towards home. I stumbled upon store after store that look suspicious enough so I finally figured out I'd go and try my luck. Half drunk and not too much cash on me, what did i have to lose anyhow.

I walked into a place on Chang De Rd N of Chang Ping Rd. 2nd place on left. Basic gals sitting downstairs looking bored, but i found one that looked sweet enough and so we went upstairs. I was hoping for a BJ or even a HJ to take the edge off, but a few minutes into the basic rubbing she asked if I wanted special services. I smile and asked her what she offered. She offered her self to me for 200 so after a bit nof negotiation, I took it. I told her 150 and if the service was proper, I'd tip.

She left and came back with hot and cold water and first did a Hot/Cold BBBJ and then when I was on the edge, she found teh condom and put it on. She hopped on adn we rocked out for about half an hour. I was not sure who was around, as in the beginning of our session that was a lot of moaning and grunting from a finishing customer, but our glorious half hour was a lot of fun. Tight not too petite gal with decent boob. Did I get her name...sadly no. But i will stop back in and see if I run into her again.

Just thought i'd share for those looking for different places to try. I must warn you though, not too clean but after a dozeen drinks that night, it was nice to loosen up and then go home to sleep.

04-27-04, 16:09

Any buddy know any funs in or around Hotel Portman Riz at West NanJing Road .

Will be there at weekend :)

Black Jack
04-27-04, 16:32
Player88, I am not too sure if I went to same bbs that you mentioned, but I have tried quite a few of them around the area. It is pretty much a hit or miss in terms of finding FS, but I have do say, there is quite a few bbs in that area that will do FS, ranging from 160-250.

Have Fun.


04-27-04, 16:44
BJ Day For Tonality

BJ Factory #1

Had the afternnoon free so decided to try the BJ factory on Huangpi just past Hefe Lu. Found it with no problem thanks to previous posts. The only thing I would add is that as you walk to the end of the driveway and turn left, you'll see a metal turnstyle (similar to what they have at the Tijuana border crossing) you go through and the steps are straight ahead.

I was guided to the the room. There was only one girl. She was hot. Young, small, nice breasts, and wearing a pink dress. I had absolutely no complaints about the selection.

Led me to the room. Man, it sure is dark in there! Up came her dress, down came her panties, down came my pants... she granted me full access. Fantastic BBJCIM.

Afterward, I pulled out my 130 RMB and everything was good. No questions asked. I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thanks!

That place is great. I wish they had one in my home neighborhood.

BJ Factory #1

After running some errands on HuaiHui and dinner at Xiatiandi, I thought, "why not try the other BJ factory on Madang?" I found it (the small spinner is in the hallway) and walked into a room crammed full of maybe 15 or so scantily clad women. Get this, the leader looks at me and says, "no." I looked at her in disbelief and said, "no?" "No," she confirmed, and I left. Nothing in there really jumped out at me anyway. Go figure.

I stopped by a BBS on Shunchang Lu, not far from my hotel where one of the girls had caught my eye. She took care of business. I'd really like to do a take out with her but the mamasan didn't seem to go for it. Any suggestions? Should I just drop it, or keep trying?


04-27-04, 16:51
A question about the BJ factory on Madang:

Is there a set price?



04-28-04, 00:54
The second leg of my China tour took me to Shanghai in the early part of the week of April 19, after three days in Beijing the previous week. I actually got there Sunday night and stayed at the Oriental Riverside Hotel in Pudong, right next to that disgusting Oriental Pearl Tower. It is supposed to be a five-star hotel but just like any other Chinese-managed hotels (perhaps with the exception of Guangzhous White Swan, but I havent been there for many years so cant really say for sure) it actually should have been rated one grade below.

On the first night I asked for an in-room massage service. The girl was okay, about 23-24, with a last name of Yan. While we went along well with nice small talks, she was very straightforward and professional in giving me an aromatherapy massage and completely ignored my nakedness. She also refused to give me any extra services, but instead offered to introduce a friend of hers to me. According to her, this friend was somewhere in the hotel, having got in on a temporary staff ID card. I wasnt really that horny and did not take up her offer.

The following night I asked for another massage service and a different girl came. Unfortunately I forgot her name, but she was really sweet and pretty. She had such an innocent face that I could not believe that she was a masseuse. We had a pleasant conversation, but after the first nights experience I really had no high hope for tonight. Yet, surprisingly, when I hinted that I needed more vigorous massage between my buttock she simply asked if I wanted to have a tui you. Of course that was exactly what I wanted, you just cannot imagine how happy I was upon hearing those two words. Before too long she told me to turn around, but she gave my chest a good massage before seizing my weapon. I tried to undress her but only managed to undo the buttons of her shirt, revealing a red bra and her modest tits. The most I was allowed to do was to get my hands under her bra and squeeze her nipples. I gave her a 400 yuan tip for the handjob.

On the last night of my Shanghai visit I concluded my work at about 5:30 in the Hongqiao district and decided to explore the Yanan Road teahouse that some fellow punters had talked about. It was a drag trying to access that place during rush hour. Located at the junction of Yanan Road and Hong Xu Road, not too far from the Hongqioa airport, this place was difficult to access because of the road work going on along the Yanan Road. The taxi ride was just about two kilometers but took more than an hour. By the time I got there it was almost seven so I decided to have dinner first. The teahouse was right next door to a golf shop and on the same block were three Japanese restaurants and two Chinese ones so quite a lot of choices there. After a Japanese meal (forgot the name of the restaurant, but decent food and reasonable price), I walked over to the teahouse.

The teahouse seemed quite small. Behind the glass door were a few booths of typical down-market design in a room of about 15 square meters. At the back was a counter where a young man stood. He asked if I wanted to have tea downstairs or upstairs, and explained that there were several karaoke rooms upstairs. He then led me through a door at the back behind the counter. We turned left and I came to a small room that actually opened to the street. Inside the room was the boss with five or six girls, all 6s or 7s. I wasnt really that horny but after an hour of traffic jam I decided I wanted to try a quickie in a karaoke, something I had never done before in China.

I picked one of the girls and we went upstairs. She sang a few songs for me, and I sat beside her caressing her back and finally her small tits. The only thing positive about her was her smooth skin. Anyway as I got my hands into her bra she asked me if I wanted a handjob for 200 yuan. I proposed a blowjob but she declined, saying that she only provided handjob or full service. I agreed to the handjob. She then dimmed the light and proceeded to work. During the process some customer came upstairs and walked by our room, though I dont think he could clearly see what was going on inside. All in all, not a satisfying experience as it was a crappy place and the girl not attractive enough. Still, my thanks to Thirty Mins, jman90024 and Ahmad for their help in locating this teahouse.

Norse Kaiser
04-28-04, 02:36

As for fake condoms, my understanding is, rather than spend your time trying to spot one of them, which is as tough as you can possibly imagine, you might as well buy them at some state owned hospitals or foreign invested supermarket, but still you can not minimize the risk to zero.

There are always fake things going around. Condoms one of them.


04-29-04, 01:01
To John Siron,

Thanks for your feedback, do you have the exact address of the DongZhuAnBang Lu sauna. Thanks again.

Still searching for girls with huge and heavy breasts. If anybody knows, let me know.


04-29-04, 07:30
DongZhuAnBang Lu 74. The entrance is rather modest and does not necessarily show it is a sauna club.

Condoms in China
Don't condoms now also need ccc-certification, when sold/manufactured in China? So, look for the ccc-mark on the package or on the condoms ;-)!

Blankie, Tapioca
The 'Village' has actually already be introduced earlier in this forum. Question: is the 'Factory' close to the 'Village'? One day, I will get there, sure as hell burns .... ;-)!


04-29-04, 12:49

The tea house in YanAn Lu has a girl with 38F breast, one of the reasons I go there. I haven't been there for a while so I am not sure if she's still there.

Apac Boy
04-29-04, 12:53
Taxi from Factory to Village: 25rmb
Village FS: 150rmb
Factory FS: 120rmb

A fun filled saturday afternoon, chillin' with homies, and two pops, for 300rmb.....PRICELESS


04-29-04, 19:08
Finally back to Shanghai for a few days! This time staying in Pu Dong. But I was around Xu Jia Hui today, and as it was raining I decided not to walk too long around so I ended up at this very last BBS on Nandan Lu E.

My very first BBS experience. What shall I say? Extremly narrow ceiling, maybe 1.50 m, small cubicles, and I was offered a HJ for 200 RMB or BBBJ for 300. I negotiated 250 for BBBJ (knowing that it was way too much).

Then the action was too quick and rushy, no atmosphere at all. Didn't like the place. At least she let me finger her with pants down. Very bad experience! But I think I shall try other places, i.e. Huang Pi Nan Lu. It can only get better...

Anyway, for those guys with a GPS in their hands, here some coordinates:

Nandan Lu last BBS: N: 31 11.503 / E 121 25.581'

Teahouse Yanan Lu / Hong Xu Lu: N: 31 11.732 / E 121 22.976'

GPS could be very usefull in finding locations, everyone could just share the coordinates!

Here two more places that might be of interest:

Nokia Service Point (if your mobile needs to be repaired, very cheap and professional/original Nokia) on Nanjing Lu W: N: 31 13.795 / E 121 27.095'

Garmin retailer (some good GPS stuff there) somewhere near Wuzhong Lu: N: 31 10.686 / E 121 24.365'

If requested, I will publish more coordinates of places I've been.


04-30-04, 02:04
To jman90024,

Is the girl called Huang Ming? I think she has left the place already. Any other places to recommend where I can find big girls with big racks.

Found It
04-30-04, 04:09
The Moon and Planets must be aligned in some cocked up way...

Last night at 11:30 one of my semi-freebie, long time bed buddies calls me and begs that we go out and pick up a girl on the street...she wants to bring her back to my place and watch the two of us fuck!? At first I thought it was a joke, but her persistence finally wore my out. She showed up, we hopped in the cab and started "trolling". First, JuLu lu. Seems the effort to clean that place up has taken hold..not much, maybe better word is "nothing" there to see, so we headed over to the boulevard of debauchery-Maoming Lu to find our "fille de joie" for the evening. So, if any of you mongers out there saw a dude prowling the street with a babe 10 paces behind..that was us! So, the trolling began, but before the results, first some quick observations:
1. There were a hell of a lot of teenagers hanging on the corner! I would be a bit afraid of this group...damn, most didn't even look old enough to be in middle school! Got some interesting offers from them too...3 together for 500, 1 offered 150, and one really cutie offered, I quote "massagee", very good massagee, make your dick hungry.." Now that is something to think about.
2. When you start the negotiation with "hey, my girl friend and I want someone to join us", you get some very weird answers.
3. The number of "grey suits" on the street seem to have put a damper on the party. More than 70% of the girls were hooked up with a BF or group and not into the trade.

Anyway, after a lot of debate between GF and I we picked one real cutie from Hunan. Nice rack, very cute face and great hip to waist ratio! She was cool with the idea, but hiked the price up 100 over her first offer to me alone. So, back to the crib!

Frankly, this was one of the biggest disappointments in my mongering experiences. Girl was good, I was just too mentally out of it, keep looking over at GF to see what she was doing and trying to get her in the game. She said she only wanted to watch. After Mr. Happy struggled for an hour to maintain his posture...finally gave up. The hunan girl left and GF and I proceed to fuck like minks for the next 2 hours. Maybe that was the purpose..who the hell understands women right?

Anway, got the digits for the Hunan girl if any one is interested and only spent RMB 560 on this adventure, including cab far, so not a big investment in a totally debauched night!

04-30-04, 07:23
I have been in Shanghai for about a week now but had not had time to monger. Last night was the first night I actually got back to my hotel before 11pm from work. I am staying in Pudong on Pudong North Road. I am not sure the cross street but the hotel address is 1888. I headed south and on the first street I turned left. Headed down a block and there are about 10 BBS's total on both side of the street.

Walked around and found a cute girl. Went in and saw a guy getting his hair washed so I asked how much that would be. They said including massage 10RMB. So we start there, after the shampoo the girl asked me to go to the back room for massage. After about 15 minutes of conversation she asked if I wanted to go to the "bao fang" (in reality it's just the back BACK room) where they had cubicles and sheets similar to what the others have described.

Once back there, she informed me they only do "airplane" service, and I wasn't sure what that was, but she said it's HJ. I asked her for the price and she said it would be 100RMB. I ask her to take off her top and she does and she has some nice B+ tits. It's fairly distracting in there since there are 2 cubicles and people kept walking by. She let me suck on her tits and play with her and huging, etc until she got me off. Back to the outside for more legit massage.

Total time spent there was about 1.5 hours. Total damage 120 RMB as I gave her a tip for the friendly conversation.

This weekend is my last weekend in Shanghai before I head back to the US. If anyone in Shanghai has time to show this SH novice around, let me know how I can get in touch with you. I PM'ed Blanknamecruiser to SMS me if there was a factory tour, so he should have my cell number as well.

Thank you guys for teaching me how to distinguish a real barbershop and a BBS. I will go out and try again tonight. Hope to hear from fellow SH mongers.

Night Cat
05-01-04, 07:29
Some girl on Maoming told me that the SWs who give it up for cheap, say, 200, might actually be thieves. Don't know for sure but I'd guess there are some. Also, the ones who work in pairs or groups and propose a two-girl thing or whatever might be ripoffs as well, as it's easier for them to work you over that way. I was once approached on Julu Lu by two girls who started negotiating with me, and led me to a dark corner so as not to be observed, and while chatting with me they groped around a little, including around my pockets. Perhaps they thought I was drunk, but I was clear-headed and paying enough attention to not let them pick my pocket. For SWs on Maoming and Julu, I suggest getting one girl at a time, be a little picky, ST should be 500 rmb and sometimes they go to 400. 300 may be possible, especially if it's really late, like 3 AM, and she's not a stunner.

On fake condoms: I plan to spend a few months traveling around to different cities, and finding a Carrefour or whatever might not always be possible. If anyone who has found fake Durex can say how they knew, that would be helpful information.

05-01-04, 11:14


05-01-04, 11:14

Well Said. he he....


05-01-04, 11:15
Dr Check up!

The Doctor keeps calling me back in for more check ups. Too many. She is getting clingy.

time to start the rotation.


05-01-04, 11:19
Free BB Shop girls!

My friend is quickly mastering the art of free BB Shop girls.

He has gotten a girl from the village who I will post a pic of to spend all night free as much and often as he wants.

What sucks is one time she spent it in my bed with my and him, and I got NO PLAY! doh...

However I got pics and video of him doing her like a rabbit.

Second freebie is the girl who EVERYONE thinks is the hottest sichuan chick in the factory! He now has her for free. All the time any time. She wants to hang out with him and come over.. etc. She is super hot.

I just intro'd him to this board and he is likely going to start posting.


German Shuaige
05-01-04, 11:38
I come to Shanghai reg on biztrip and always stay in Holiday Inn Vista, 700 Chang Shou Lu. Rooms are quite new and nice but the most interesting thing is the inhouse massage service.

Called them after along biz day and they sent a nice looking Hunan girl up to my room. No long discussions - blowjob, ice fire, full service, evertything possible at a price.

All in all a nice hotel option if you do not have the time to hunt outside.

Wild & Crazy
05-01-04, 13:24
Riding in taxi on Wu Zhong Lu this afternoon. When taxi stopped at the red light I saw a BBS on my right side and noticed couple of cute chicks, so I had the driver drop me off to check out the spot.

It's 106 Wu Zhong Lu (corner of Gui-Lin Lu). Very clean and got about 8-10 chicks inside. Picked a petite, long hair chick for some action. Unfortunately she said HJ only. Oh well, what the hack, I'm horny and she's hot, so I went with it. Total damage include the message is 130rmb. (wish I find the place BlankName mentioned on previous map)

Anyway, went home and opened up another (better map) and found Hang Zhong Lu, so I'll go check it out again on Monday (golf tomorrow). Will post my exp after.

Thx, Blankname

John Siron
05-01-04, 19:17
Madang Lu and Huangpi Lu area BBS's... they quote you anywhere from 130 to 200, but you can negotiate down to 100RMB.

05-02-04, 01:04

I will be heading to Shanghai next week. My buddies recommeded a sauna place called Orient Roma (Dong Fang Lor Ma). It is suppose to be the most luxurious in Shanghai?

Has anyone been or heard of this place?

Thanks in advance..

Dick Johnson
05-03-04, 00:15
Please let us all know so we can ALL get them for free. Which means by then the secret is out and your friend won't get his for free.

05-03-04, 07:16
what are you talking about? Are you being sarcastic or asking?
I think if you have to ask, you are incapable of doing it.

OAH nails freebies and mama's from BB shops.

I have had several long term freebies from BB shops.


05-03-04, 09:21
Super Value Pack.

After some business with the mafia guys, they thought the night was not complete without getting me some take home.

We went to a shop near the factory which had a super cute hunan girl that I liked. I got there and the girl was snorting some animal anesthesia along with her boss and other girls. that turned me off pretty fast.

Then we went to that place out in the middle of no where. The place that looks like people go to "disappear" when they screwed over the wrong person (like the guy who was driving me there). Sure enough, the BB shop was still there. My favorite girl who mafia man had delivered to me in the past, was gone. We got a dongbei girl who immediately was acting like a GF.

Long story short, she provided TOTAL GFE, didnt leave until 11am the next day. She was not the hottest girl I ever saw, but 2 shots, massage, body licking, and carressing. TOTAL COST 400.

What a value.


05-03-04, 09:55
In a drunken stupor I tried the Eshan Lu BBSs. There are a string on the opposite side of the road from the Little Mongolian restaurant and just down from the bike repair shop. Started off in the furthest shop and was rushed to the backroom into a small cubicle. As soon as I was in the cubicle trousers were down and she stated to stroke the big fella. Tried to negotiate by sign language (I dont have Mandarin) FS or a BJ but to no avail. The girl was cute (7.0) with a decent looking chest. However, when I got my hands on the actual rack, there was lots of padding and long thin nipples. They had the same thickness as a match stick. After a 20 minute HJ with smoke starting to come off my dick from friction, I tired to leave and gave her 100RMB. She then sent in a second girl with large tits, estimated 36C (precise measurement may have been impaired by alcohol). Top came off and I tested her ample tits. I tried negotiating a BJ and/or FS to no avail. I then walked out without dropping any further money.

I then tried the BBS closest to the bike repair shop and asked for BJ and/or FS. I was quickly hustled off to a cube at the back where she lifted her top and dropped out two decent tits for sampling. The BJ was only so so and I gave up the load as quick as possible so I could go home and sober up. Damage 200 RMB.

05-03-04, 10:45
This is a post from November timeframe. My first attempt to check out the Shanghai scene. Niaobai le just down from the Hilton on the opposite side of the road. A good oil massage for 2 hours (200rmb) which on both occassions included every thing except the Trobber itself. The girls will offer an oily hand job which after negoiations will cost another 100 to 200 rmb. Ask for Angela she does a great anal massage and has a decent rack.

FH Wong
05-03-04, 11:30
[she informed me they only do "airplane" service]

Cool, she said airplane in english?

"dar fei gey" [cantonese]

means to shoot an aeroplane which is a HJ.

"fong fei gey" [cantonese]

Means to let go of an aeroplane, slang for not turning up for an appointment.

I am no real monger, just a list lurker. But has been a real eyeopener reading all your posts.



05-03-04, 20:07
Took a long break from punting.

Now I think it's time to continue with what I talked about last time. (Continuation of 23 April post)

It was Friday. I went to Hangnan Road and picked the second BBS on the left (west) of the pharmacy. It is on the northern side of the street. There I saw a girl in midnight blue dress (the dress I saw her many times later wearing). I went in and picked her. She gave me a hand job but I deliberately made it lukewarm because I wanted to talk about LT with her. She quoted me 800.

On the same night I moved on to those locations on the right (east) of the mini-supermarket. There was a sighting of a group of 4 local men going into one of them. They went back out quickly, apparently unable to reach an agreement on what they wanted. But they hopped to the next one on the right (east) and disappeared. That time I was ruminating on who inside to do, but they pre-empted me and my choice was gone. I then cruised away for a while and came back.

I went back to the latter location, and found the girl that I had tried to pick. She led me up and I asked if she would do off-site. She said she didn't but someone else in there did. I said that I did not want 'off-market transaction' for the time being so I left. I got neither the mileage or any quotation, nor did she get anything from me. I was not insistent on LT anyway.

05-04-04, 09:22
Ive been to the Factory four times since Thursday 28-Apr and was given a fantastic BBBJCIM each time. The directions from everyone on WSG were essential, as no one would expect find it otherwise. So thanks to all who posted info.

The last time there was the best because we were alone in the place (Sunday AM) and ended up in a 69 in the chair. I had a face full of pussy while getting sucked off. Its amazing how some women are completely odorless so you can eat them for days! As a minimum, you can expect the girl to drop her panties and pop her tits out of her dress for your enjoyment. However, the best part of this place is walking into the holding tank and just looking at the 10 to 20 beautiful young women who are all willing to suck you off for 130 RMB!

I tried the other pace on Madang Lu but when I walked in there were only 2 girls sitting on the couch dressed nice and a third in jeans. And no one even looked at me so I thought they were waiting for me to pick one but when I did one of the gals on the couch said no in Chinese and waved me off. So I headed back to the Factory.

G Haribo
05-04-04, 18:20
Thanks to all the reports, I managed to find my way to the village. So, my turn to contribute to this forum.

From Hengshan road to the Village, it was 30Rmb, and as soon as I got off, I saw the big gate and walked through it (Wuzhong Lu/Hangzhong Lu). Everything was as described.

First, I decided to walked along the street, to do some windows shopping. There were about 4-5 shops, full of girls sitting on the sofa, then I recognized the BBS previously posted, due to the hifi stereo on the back and the bandana girl (she's still there!). So I decided to go in there.

I saw very cute girl who was smiling at me, so I decided to go for her. I just approached her, and she then took me to the 2nd floor without any question.

The 2nd floor was full of sofa and bed, separated by curtains, and I could hear several girls moaning loudly and getting fucked. It was quite interesting. While I was sitting on the sofa, she asked me in chinese if I wanted to start by a BBJ or FS. I asked for a BBJ first and she then proceed by putting my pants down, followed by FS. The BBS and FS were good and after 10 minutes, I came.

She then get dressed, and I paid her 150Rmb.
Once I got down, the bandana girl asked me to come back and to select her next time. I told her sure!

Will go there again for sure, even if it's not super clean, it's still acceptable. And for that price, nothing to complain.

Thanks to all contributors on this forum!

Zoo TV
05-05-04, 00:00
2 questions, how do you get to the village from the airport what part of town is it in specifically and how do you get to the factory.

Thanks I have not visited but would like to take a trip.


Asian Monger #2
05-05-04, 04:58

Thanks for your hospitality in SH during my biz trip. I was a blast meeting so many mongers all at the same time. And thanks for showing me THE factory. Finally met 'mafia guy'. I liked the 2nd place we went to after that : Hang Huah New Village. The girl that XXXXXXX did was HOT!

Next biz trip to SH, straight to that BBS.

Keep in touch,


05-05-04, 06:36
There has been some confusion about 'The Village'.

Blankie's Village appears to be Hang Hua Estate, and Tapioca's Village is uncertain because of wrong taxi fare. From what I read about the legendary 'The Factory' going from there to Xinzhuang (an intermediate town) is expected to be at least 30 RMB. Going from there to Hang Hua would cost at least 55 RMB by taxi.

Blankie and Tapioca please clarify. If Blankie's Village is indeed Hang Hua we should all say Hang Hua from now.


On retrospect, my previous post about that night's visit was too mild to be acceptable and revisions are needed:

That night I saw a BBS girl who had the beauty of maturity. She was judicious in applying cosmetics and the dress she was wearing showed good taste. She was in the third BBS left (west) of the pharmacy on Hangnan Road.

I went in and another girl asked me to pick. Of course I picked the girl I just described above. She led me in and asked me if I wanted FS or what. I asked for HJ. Again under the false pretence of penile injury I made the HJ lukewarm but said that I would ask for FS after recovery, perhaps off-site. But she said it made little difference on- or off-site. I wish I had raised the argument that I could find a decent bed off-site.

I suppressed the mileage down to dry-humping and touchy-feely. Then the TV outside was showing a film and suddenly I heard music from a dance party. I kind of followed the music and she said I acted as if I were dancing with her. I pulled back to let her show her dancing skills.

When seen together with her outfit she at least looked like a skilful dancer. I could say that it doesn't take her much to become one. Then after a minute or so I joined her doing 'dirty dancing'.

I'll definitely talk her into an 'off-market transaction' next time, perhaps LT.

(Admin: Please delete the text below the dashed divider in my previous post and that inside these brackets as well.)


In my previous post, the mini-supermarket was an imprecise landmark. The sighting of a group of 4 men was first at the second BBS to the right (east) of House Number 200. They hopped to the third BBS to the right (east) of same landmark. It's the latter one where I asked for 'off-market transaction'.

Bad Boy Billy
05-05-04, 08:46
Report on recent trip to Shanghai.

BUT FIRST to those absolute imbiciles who just cannot help themselves and have to show the girls their pictures which have been posted for all to see, you guys are just mental midgets.

I was railroaded by a Shanghai girl whose picture I put up last year while doing her in front of mirror - well no more picture posting from me I will just enjoy them myself.

I guess the guys that do have to show the girls just might have tiny dicks and need to try to impress somebody huh.

OK enough of that, first night in Shanghai I had a pre-arranged one lined up. She can be found most nights at Park 97, what a great set of titts but service was not exceptional, 1200rmb all night, had much better.

Second night picked up quite a good looker at Bourbon Street, 800rmb all night was negotiated but after first serve she wanted to leave. I just told her to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off, would rather pull it myself than argue with an uncooperative one.

Night 3 went to Park 97 and picked a real scorcher, she was lovely, young maybe 20yo, great body, absolutely no English but shit who cares, 1000rmb all night and I can tell you she really earnt her money.

Last night there got really stuck into drink, ended up at Manhattan Bar on Maoming Rd at about 3am and negotiated 1000rmb all night for 2 little 23yo darlings from Harbin.

Now I can handle the drink pretty well and I think they did not expect any such stamina from a 48yo Aussie guy, these 2 also got a really good working over.

They left approx midday the next day after f**king both of them relentlessly.

What is really annoying though is how they insist on changing the condom every time I pulled out of 1 and tried to enter the other, still they were doing the job so hey you just gotta go with the flow.

This is the first time I have had 2 in Shanghai all night, but I can tell you it will not be the last time, man it was just amazing and these 2 little darlings were just so much fn to be with.

Back in Shanghain in July for another session, GOD I LOVE CHINA.

05-05-04, 09:44
Zoo TV,

Which factory do you want to go to?

The BJ factory mentioned by Dexter? or the REAL FS Factory?

The Village has some recent directions I will post again.

Taxi to Corner of Wu Zhong Lu and Hang Zhong lu. Enter the village under the big gate sign. all the best shops are on the right side.

One block to the left and around tha tblock have more shops, but these are the best.


05-05-04, 16:18
Zoo TV,

If you're heading from Pudong International Airport the best way is to take Airport Line 1. It should bring you to Hongqiao Airport. Then follow the instructions below.

If you're heading from Hongqiao Airport, the domestic-flights-only one, there's a better way to get to the Hang Hua Estate (the village). Ask the taxi driver to exit on Huqingping Highway (National Highway number G318) (westbound). Left (southbound) on Hangdong Road (should be a gateway) and right (westbound) on Hangnan Road. As soon as you arrive at Hangnan Road you'll see several BBS's on the right (north) and fewer of them on the left (south).

In my previous post I have named the pharmacy and House Number 200 as reference points. But if you continue on to Hangnan Road and turn left (south) on Hangzhong Road you'll find on the left (east) another row of BBS's that Blankie and I have talked about recently. If you go on you'll exit a gateway and go into Wuzhong Road.

Absent congestion the taxi should cost you 25 RMB including Hongqiao Airport toll.

Zoo TV
05-05-04, 23:48

Well 1st of all which hotel should I stay at that is central to the Villiage and Factory in SH. Now which factory is best the FS Factory or the other in terms of price and quality of girls.

Thanks Cruiser


Zoo TV
05-05-04, 23:51
Oh Cruiser,

Directions for both FS factory and BJ Factory would be great. It will take me around 700 to 1000 US to fly there so I might as well do the tour.


Spot Hop
05-06-04, 00:25
This is be my first trip to Shanghai and I was wondering if any of you can recommmend any places near the Hong-Qiao Marriott for "off-market" girls? Also, I've heard that sometimes it's difficult to have guests visit you late at night in hotels in Beijing, does it also apply to Shanghai?



Zoo TV
05-06-04, 07:50

So I'm guessing that you guys speak fluent Mandarin? I do and hope to score some fine Asian poon soon.


05-06-04, 16:58
Went to Hang Hua Estate area again. Repeated visits indeed turn up more precise information.

Before that I headed close to the other end of Wuzhong Road near Guilin Road to examine the area mentioned by Wild & Crazy on May Day. He gave details down to the House number. It is close to but not exactly on the north-eastern corner.

The place looked quite clean and without the girls in provocative attire sitting outside one would quickly take it as a legit place. Indeed it quite resembles another place on the diagonally opposite (southwest) corner, which used to be my favourite (I've mentioned this location before).

I went in and a long-haired girl served me. She was quite short and was probably one who had served Wild & Crazy, from what he'd described. She was wearing a black tube top with a raindrop-shaped strap around her neck. If I had been there for HJ or any other action I would have picked someone else there (I already spotted who she was but she didn't serve me). My choice is somewhat influenced by the girl's outfit, ma non eccessivamente.

I asked her for shampoo and she gave me a nice massage on the head. During this I asked her if a laowai had recently come for service but she said, 'Probably, I don't recall.' When she rinsed me off her hair drooped onto my face so I had to fend off her hair. I advised her to tie up her hair and she giggled. Apparently she was not conditioning her hair well enough.

She then tempted me to go to the backroom for obvious reasons but I declined because the girl of my choice was at the time busy. I said 'maybe next time' and asked her instead if someone there would give me a haircut. She called in the manager using the term shifu. The manager gave me a haircut. While doing this I smelled vinegar and suspected someone eating one of my favourite dishes but he explained that the shop was newly renovated. (Wild & Crazy: Did you recall smelling vinegar?) This explains why Wild & Crazy said the place was quite clean.

Legit business was not in disuse, just like the one near the southwest corner.

Then the girl came and rinsed me again. The TV was showing a music ceremony (analogous to the Anglo-American Grammy) and playing a song. I asked her if she had heard that the singer suffered injury in his privates some time ago. She said she hadn't and I continued that medical examination told him that this injury did not jeopardise his ability to procreate. Now both she and the manager urged me to go to the backroom but I said 'Maybe next time' and left.

In fact I was saving it for the next place I was heading to: Hang Hua Estate.

Again I hoped to find the girl found in the third BBS on the left (west) of the pharmacy who did me last time again. But this time I failed to recognise anyone inside.

Caution: There is a legit BBS immediately to the right (east) of 200 Hangnan Road (an eatery). I have excluded it from my counting of BBS's.

I headed to the third on the right (east) of 200 Hangnan Road. House number 184. Inside I picked a girl who was wearing a pink tube dress. She was about 165 cm tall. When going up to the backroom I asked if someone could do me off-site. She said no and I retracted, announcing that 'talks broke down'. This result was inconsistent with my previous visit: Someone there had said that some of them does 'off-market transaction'. (We're not talking about stock markets!)

I went to other locations nearby and no one seemed satisfactorily of my taste. I had to go back to the same spot. This time I picked the same girl and she led me up telling me the pricing.

I said ganzuo, meaning dry-humping. I explained that it was intercourse without undressing. She said it would cost the same as one with undressing. Then I settled for HJ and paid RMB60, but toned down the mileage. She did HJ covered with tissue paper. I said that I wasn't keen about being brought to completion. While doing this we talked about her tube dress. She said elasticity holds it in place and I suggested some retrofit that would obviate the bra.

In the middle I stopped her and started groping her. Bra removal was of course done and I felt her nipples through her dress (as usual). I slipped my hand inside her skirt, trying to locate the clit. I could feel that her panties became wet.

Then she lay on the massage bed and told me to mount on her since I had asked for 'dry-humping'. She pulled up her skirt and held my penis against her panties, orienting it to the mouth of her vagina. After brief movements I pulled down her skirt and continued to dry-hump her standing. She tempted me to go on to real FS again but I said 'Maybe next time'.

I told her that I have not given up on asking for 'off-market transaction', and she answered in equivocation when asked if she would do so with me next time. I said a rule for FS: Intercourse is out of the question unless I can wear my own condom. She asked me if I brought condoms and I lied to her that I didn't.

I asked for her name but she didn't say it. I said that I might not recognise her next time and she said that she always wears glittery eyeshadow. I asked if she was unique in this sense but she said another girl, slimmer, also does this. Finally she leaked a codeword: 'Shandong'.

Walked down Hangzhong Road and found the BBS that G Haribo went to. It's the second one if you go northbound from Wuzhong Road, counting only those on the row. I recognised it by the stereo and the poster on the wall. The bandana girl is now wearing a different bandana. I went there and asked, 'Is it the case that there's been recently laowai visiting?' None of the girls could satisfactorily answer that. The bandana girl was silent.

Blankie: Without the expectation of having a freebie, where is the village freebie whose photo you posted on May Day?

If the village you're talking about is the same as Hang Hua Estate, we should hereafter switch the name to Hang Hua.

05-08-04, 08:05
Back from the May Day break.

Last night Blankie brought us to The Factory.

Before meeting up with Blankie I had walked down Hongmei Road and accidentally I found a few BBS-like places between Donglan Road and Pingnan Road. They had escaped my attention when I cycled that road during daytime. There were many many girls inside but I decided to save it for the upcoming journey. It was drizzling outside indeed as I had listened to weather forecast.

It turns out to be much closer to the urban area than I had imagined. Even quite close to the future Middle Ring Road. For those of you who are careful it's south of the railway. (I have the cross-streets and PM me if you want it.)

After some chit-chat with the management we made our choice, each on his own. When speaking with the girls, I referred to Blankie as the lingdui (team leader).

After the action the girl I went with suspected me for stealing her hard-earned money but I told her to go and check. I told the management, 'If the money is still in the room let me go immediately.' After some mild row but before she went to have a look the management freed me but I stayed behind to allow them to prove my innocence. She came back and indeed the money was still there. I was immediately vindicated and she and the management apologised to me. I said I'll come back next time.

One fellow punter asked me, 'You're not going back again?'
I insisted, 'I told them "Maybe next time" and you probably heard it.'

Regretfully I didn't get down the House number, but will next time.

If you take a taxi from either Jin Jiang Park (from the tube) or Lianhua Road Carrefour, it should cost you no more than RMB20. Other nearby facilities include a temporary rail station where you can hop on a train to Hangzhou.

Blankie: sorry if I happened to upstage you with this post. I should have told you that I was heading the direction of Hang Hua Estate (what you call Village), without any expectation.

Member #1588
05-08-04, 09:55
Hi, I've been reading this forum for a while now. Thanks for all the great referrals.

Anyhow, I've frequented many of the BBs's/Saunas mention on this board, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed myself, I find that the girls are not what I would consider a '10' or 'super hot'. Now obviously this has to do with the fact these girls only charge 150-200 rmb at BBS's.

I wonder if anyone could post experiences with KTV or generally higher-end girls. I usually prowl by myslef, so I've always considered KTV's an odd option. Are there places where I can just pick out a 1000rmb girl and take off? Do I have to sing first?

Please Advise

05-08-04, 10:19
Zoo TV
The FS Factory is painfully inconvenient to the rest of the city. If you stay in a hotel near it (which there is not really one) then you will not be anywhere near anything nice.

That said, the Holiday in "DownTown" is probably your best bet. (i think)

Anyway, I think it is better to stay in town and take a 30rmb taxi ride out there.

To answer your last post, I dont speak mandarin but hang around people that do.


05-08-04, 19:09
Well, Hit the factory last night and tonight. Last night was a little weird. Some strange people there that night and way less girls than normal. (Not to mention Brownout getting FALSLY accused of stealing at you can see from his post below)

Tonight I lucked into getting a girl with really good service.

Then my friend who often goes with us called me and told me the most popular girl (sichuan #2 as we call her) was going home early. We should stop by her house and pick her up.

Damn... this guy gets so many freebie BB shop girls. He didnt have to pay house fee or anything to her. He is nailing these freebies right and left from the BB shops and this is his second from the factory.

Just shows what being super nice to the girl can get you.


05-08-04, 21:44
Veteran mongerer here but Shanghai newbie. Will be in SHA from Weds.May 12- Sat. May 15th.
I've read back all the way on this board, but I'm a little overwhelmed by the wealth of info. Where to begin?
The BBS scene doesn't seem like my cup of tea. More the higher end - so that would be KTV's or else bar pickups. Are there other options? Brothel or such similar to FKK's or termas? Can anyone recommend high success KTV's?
Regarding the pickup scene - Any pointers on how to play the field? I'm in the 40's, definitely not Asian looks, etc. How to pick out the local chicks out for a drink from the pros out for a throw?
Any info would be much appreciated and reciprocated if you're ever in my playgrounds. Answer here or via PM.

Xiao Ma
05-09-04, 08:19
Hi All,

Just came back to shanghai from my May Day home vacation in KL. While I was home in KL, I spend some time chatting in Sina and get to know a girl from the chat room. She is 23yrs old, from Xian working as a HR manager for an international company in Shanghai. I told her I will be back to Shanghai for business yesterday and she was keen to meet up with me. I arrived yesterday and immediately we met up for dinner and then cotton club for some music. She was beautiful and sexy (full body), immediately I told myself I have to fuck her. About 11 oclock I ask her to leave and I need to get some sleep she told me that her place have no air conditioning and whether she can spend a night with me in my hotel. Ofcos I said yes. So we went back and in return for the air conditioning she traded it with her sexy body. We didn't sleep the whole night as she has not been fuck for more then half a year. Man, she was great, juicy and very very aggressive. I did not fuck her as she was fucking me madly. My dick is still painful. She left this morning with a kiss and tells me she will be back tonight to enjoy the cold air. Shit I dont know whether I can take it. Sob.

Sina is a great place to fish if you know mandarin.

Have Fun Xiaoma signing off for now.

Apac Boy
05-09-04, 13:59
Alright...with all these posts about directions, it's time for some pics. If u can't find it, dun feel bad cause I still have no idea where da fuck it is.

This pic is da girl I had from our lil visit to da factory. If u guys go, remember that face...cause she was terrible.

Props to Blankie cause he took the pic immediately after he pulled up his pants...


Apac Boy
05-09-04, 14:02
Here is another Factory pic. Blankie did both of them within 2 days. Blankie said both had good service...


05-09-04, 15:26
I manage to have the directions to The Factory! In case you didn't see my previous post careful enough.

It's within RMB15 taxi from either Lianhua Road Carrefour or Jin Jiang Park (a theme park).

PM me if you want it in precision.

Black Jack
05-09-04, 16:49
Well I checked out village for the first time. Everything mentioned before checks out. Quite a number of bbs to choose from. After reviewing the goods at each of the shops, I ended up doing the bandana girl. She was wearing the exact same thing as in the pic posted by Blankie. Funny thing is that there is now 2 other girls also wearing bandanas.
Have to admit, the place is not that great/clean, but service was excellent and you can complain about the price. If it wasn't that far, I'd definitely be a regular in that area.


Member #1588
05-09-04, 19:40
I hope my question from a few posts back is not too "newbie" or just makes me seem lazy. I've read alot of the old posts and looked through a lot of the photo galleries. I've even been to many BBS's and saunas. The one 2 blocks east of Huangpi & Fuxing seems to be the best I've been to so far. It was mentioned a few posts back and quoted somewhere around 600rmb.

My personal opinion is that the girls in BBS's and maoming type places are still very "migrant worker" looking. Myself, I'm in my 20's so I'm looking for something more. Also being ABC, I'm not sure if my standard of asian beauty differs than more "western" opinions.

Anyhow, I'm basically looking for more stylish, and dare I say, cleaner looking, fit girls. basically one of those girls you see with some Hong Kong guy in a Benz.

Now it might be that they are out of a regular guys league, but I hear alot about 1000-1500 rmb girls. I've never really been to a KTV so I would imagine thats where they are. Its strange to go as a single punter though. If anyone has info I would really appreciate it.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

05-10-04, 05:57
Watch out for the two guys on bicylces crusing around in the village. On my latest visit there last week they approached me after I left one of the joints and approached me posting as undercover policemen. Got a bit scared first but then managed to calm down and asked for his ID and the guy responed saying that I did not had the right. That was when I knew they were fake. However, I was alone and was already on Wu Zhong Lu so the situation was indeed a bit tense. As I continues to play cool he was asking me about how much I paid in the shop and if I give him face and then asked me for RMB 500. I just told him that I did not had any money on me and proceed to walk away and then he put his hand on my shoulder and I got a bit pissed off too. Finally he pretended to make some phonecalls with his mobile and still I was cool. As I saw a taxi lining up before the trafic light, I just went away from them and stepped in the taxi.

So watch out all bothers and beware of those hustlers.

Member #1588, I know what you mean. Personally I do not pay a bit more for a cleaner and higher end girl. I would recommend the KTV scene as there normally are more girls to choose from. The best looking girls in Saunas with the best service would be Xin Huai Hai. RMB 580 standard rate all in all though the place is a bit dingy.


05-10-04, 07:19
Member #1588,

Try the bars and the clubs. Go to "Park'97", you certainly will find some upscale babes there. Try the jazz bar in the Ritz-Carlton, the "Pu-J's" in the Grand Hyatt, saw some nice chicks there.


Member #1588
05-10-04, 13:27

Thanks for the info, however since I am in my 20's and I'm asian, I dont fit the "sugar daddy" profile so I am not usually approached by the park 97 model/pro types. I have met some nice freebies there tho.

What I was more interested in is if anyone knows of high end saunas or some other type of in-call/out-call places or private escorts, etc?

Member #1588
05-10-04, 13:53
Can anyone tell me who this girl in the pink dress in "factory1.jpg" is and where to find her? She's looks significantly better than the usual BBS fare.

Also I realize I've been making alot of random posts here lately so as a token of my goodwill I will give up another BJ factory which as far as I know has not been previously mentioned.

This one is on Maoming Lu near Weihai Lu. Going north from Yanan Lu make a right on Maoming and you should see it. Not sure on the number, but you'll see this large, well lit openning and around 2 or three steps down. Go in and you'll see an elevator. Take it to the 5th floor, make a left and you'll see what looks like an office (except for some pinkish light).

A guy should meet you and guide you down a corridor to a room of awaiting BJ girls. Its much cleaner and more private than a regular BBS but is more or less the same routine. Hot/Cold BJ, CIM. 150rmb payable to the guy that showed you in.

I'm not 100% on if its chinese only or how they'll react if you say you got this address off of the internet so i wouldnt. Girls are generally 6-7.5 (i grade hard), "cleaner" looking, sorry no photos. On a side note, theres also a KTV on the 4th floor that I've never been in.

Happy hunting!

Divine Baal
05-10-04, 14:25
sorry. not a report but some queries:

basefacts: i am a noob at china. speak not a single chinese word. (yet). been in hk a few days and a few hours in guanzho. that's it! will probably be trying some local "flavour", one of those who love to eat'em. will be there for 12 days (28 may -> 9 june).


q: is there anywhere a "pricelist" online? i know the bangkok scene and the prices there and i don't want to be one of those ignorant "yanks" who pays whatever they girls requests.

don't wanna be one of those who spoils the girls so ... any pointers on normal rates for "this" or "that would be appriciated.

2. my guidebook says: "prostitution is illegal in china, therefor there are no prostitutes on shanghai. but if there were anything close to that you'd find them on julu lu... " the text contunues that this is a seedy and sleazy street and they wonder why it hasn't been closed.

q: is that street worth a visit? i don't want to be ripped off and paying money for just "talking".


q: any simple recommendations to a noob for trying to get a nice poon? since it's my first visit i don't know if it is worth trying to locate all the nice places mentioned here. especially since one doesn't speak the lingo at all. i can understand that the barbershops is a place but i don't wanna get a couple of haircuts just to score? don't have all that much left anyway.


q: hotels?? how strict are the hotels really in shanghai regarding a st visitor. basically a few hrs, not an all-nighter? differs per hotel?

5. the most important question: as a stupid europeean. do i have to carry my passport all the time? if so, how great are the risks going "upstairs/behind the counter" for them steeling it? or will a xeroc copy be enough?

sorry for these simple questions. have been lurking here a month now and, well. since the best poon i ever had was in hk.. (tall, greeneyed, cute, long lightbrown hair, great skin, big hooters and a nice curly) i do look forward to my visit. even if the real purpose of the trip is a relaxing vacation.

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. to avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. thanks!

05-10-04, 19:07
just return back to the states, after two weeks traveling in china. there are very little time to share the fr, until now.

got the late evening flight into shanghai, on april 22nd. stayed at the hua ting hotel, across the shanghai stadium from caoxi beilu. need a legit(?) massage, but too late for the in-house massage; it was closed at 11:00pm. a night staff offers help to setting up in-room service massage at non-negotiated 300rmb for 1 hour, by a local outside provider. i was also advised that the extra services is available and can be negotiate directly with the provider. declined the offering; due to the stiff charge and uncertain upfront info. about the provider.

followed the previous posts from this helpful wsg, took a short distance walk on caoxi beilu, heading north from the hotel. turn right on nandan lu, heading east. there are two mp, adjacent right next to each others, 200 feet from the south-east corner of the caoxi beilu & nandan lu intersection. the aggressive greeting staff, at least six of them from both mp would jump on you and do their best to get you into their place. its very interesting and quite a scene at the past midnight hour! decided to take a look of the first one. followed the young female attendant to the upstair and checked out the place. there are quite a few massage services from the price list, range from 60rmb to 300rmb. the rooms are spacious, clean and privacy enough. immediately picked the first presented girl, for the 100rmb of one hour full body massage. very attractive looking, definitely low 20s, nice & fit rack under the tight shirt and short. acknowledge that i just took the shower at the hotel, she jumped right on for the massage. past half hour of the average overall massage, she started to concentrate toward the below waist and inner thighs. made a compliment comments about my flat abs. i did also counter my compliment about hers and interest to have a peek of it. instantly at her invitation smile, my hands already wandered under her shirt and slide down below the panty line. with no sign of resistance, much further down to realize that its shaved nice and clean.
at the moment, she offered 150rmb for hj.

what about fs? 350rmb for the fs, but cannot offer fs, here.

how much for the bj? 200rmb for the fire-bbj.

showed her that what i have total is only +250rmb with me, at the time. 100rmb must be for the tai fei, and 150rmb for the fire-bbj, then. ok, she said.

in no time, my junior was taken care of, while i played with her shaved and juicy xiao mei mei. one of the best intense bj, i have ever had.

very satisfied with her overall performance, at the time. since, its already passed 1:30am and will have the early meeting next morning. do not have the time at this morning to have fun. i offered her 500rmb for the lt in the next evening, between 10:00pm and 4:00am, at the hotel. i have scheduled to flight out of shanghai at 8:00am, that next morning. she agreed with the arrangement with a hug and passionate (lip) kiss.

gave her the hotel room number and left the place, at around 2:00am.

back to the hotel, jumped right on the bed to catching up some sleep. there are knocks on the door at passed 4:00am. what is it now? its possible that my partner needs some info. prior to the meeting, but at this early of the morning? opened the door, there is no sign of my partner but the massage girl dressed in the flashy tight see through white shirt, red mini-skirt and red high heel. like a wind, she slipped through the door, jumped onto the bed and hide herself under the blanket. i am cold, i like to sleep here, ok? damn it! the same scenario of miscommunication is happen, again thanks to my fragile mandarin! as it turned out, she cannot meet me tomorrow evening; so, it is now or never. well, the hell with whatever tomorrow will be the rest of the morning was a happy ever after ending. there is only technical problem that i had a tough time to keep myself together in that morning meeting.

name: unfortunately, evaporated from my memory already.
height: 5'2"
age: 21 - 22
body: nice, silky white skin, soft 34b (8/10)
look: definitely above average (+8/10)
ar: yes (8/10)
bj: fire ( no ice ) bbj (9/10)
cim: yes
daty: yes
fj: anything goes; except anal (+8/10).
gfe: very (9/10)
cost: 750 rmb
tel: 137 95 215 785

05-11-04, 00:21
Can you tell me how to find the sauna that you mentioned - Xin Huai Hai? Why do you consider it the best? Price structure?

05-11-04, 00:24
Shanghai experts,
Any recommendations for the best KTV in SHA?

Barbershop Goer
05-11-04, 01:21

I guess the best KTV in Shanghai is Tianshangrenjian (˼), which is located on South Wuning Road (·) near Changshou Rd (Longevity Road). But the price is very high, at least to us locals with narrow pockets.

Barbershop Goer

Shanghai Bound
05-11-04, 01:55
I'm going to be in Shanghai in early August and want to find a hotel that is close to the action, but comfortable by western standards. Would like a co-operative concierge for possible take-home. I've been reviewing this BB for some time in anticipation of this trip and really appreciate all the helpful info I've found here. Hopefully I can add some intel for future travellers.

05-11-04, 04:56

The place is on the crossing of Fu Xing Lu and Shun Chang Lu, with the entrance on Fu Xing Lu. I have been a patrons to most of the saunas in Shanghai, 20+ throughout the years and have to say in terms of girls apprearance and service, this one is the best. As mentioned before, the only down side is the condition of the premises. They also apply a strict Chinese only policy, heard however people from SEA are OK though.

Visited DZAB 74 yesterday afternoon. Review below:

Name: 871
Height: 168 cm
Age: 21 - 22
Body: Skinny but a pair of solid B cups
Look: 6/10 generally but belongs to the upper quantile in that place
AR: Yes (8/10)
BJ: Fire ( No Ice ) CBJ (9/10)
FJ: 8/10
GFE: Good moaning (7/10)
Cost: 580 RMB

05-11-04, 09:13
Member 1588#,

I did try your factory place, however I only found 2 regular offices on the fifth floor. One of them is some kind of elevator company. The forth floor is a KTV alright, but nothing extraordinary on the 5th. When was the last time you were there? The building is called Wei Hei Lou (Building) with entrance on Mao Ming just south of the Wei Hai Rd crossing with a couple of steps down leading to the elevator just like you said.

05-11-04, 14:18
How do you define the best KTV? I am sure it is not the same as I do so if you can expand then I can offer some advice.


Wild & Crazy
05-11-04, 15:25
howdee all,

first of all, i want to thank blankname for the precise direction to the villege. i visited there during the chinese labor day weekend. i visited the 2nd bbs on th rt when walking from wuzhong lu. the chick i had was average and the room is way too dirty and small, but i was horney, so who cares. after i ask if they go for "take-out", she said yes but after 12am. so, i have to see if i'm really that horny.

anyway, met a (23 yrs, sh) chick from thatsshanghai.com that wants to have a tennis partner. met her last thursday for a few hours of tennis, then poped her 2 days after. then tonight she just came over to my apt raped the sh*t out of me again, then left. men, these girls are too wild. i guess i better start to take some vitamin.

anyway, i'm head to dongguan with my fellow us horndogs this friday for a 10-days non-stop f**k trip. so, hopefully i can take some juicy photos from that upcoming trip.

see ya

Apac Boy
05-11-04, 17:03
hey member #1588,

pm Brownout...if i'm not mistaken, that's da chick that accused him of taking her money while he was fucking her.

By the way, it's at The Factory.


Member #1588
05-11-04, 18:07

It sounds like you got to the right place. From my recollection, its the office towards your left off of the elevator. Did you get greeted by a chinese guy there?

The place does really look like an office. After heading in you should make a quick right, then another right then a quick left down the hall. There should be several foot massage rooms with glass windows as you walk by. Somewhere near the end there will be a room with some 'pinkish' light with your BJ xiao jie.

-------- XHH --------

I can also confirm that 'Xin Huai Hai (XHH)' suana on fuxing lu near shunchung lu (the place with all the corny statues on the overhang) has a strict 'no laowai' policy. Overseas asians seem to be ok; they thought I was japanese.

Girls at XHH are above standard quality (mostly 7-8.3); by FAR surpassing BBS, but below 'model' type in looks/proportion/age (20-22+). A bit of a downer was the girl did complain about size and was reluctant on too many positions.

Very good service overall: ass licking, hot/cold bj, fucking, and a generally amicable attitude. Total charge including some small tips: 580 rmb.

-------- KTV Experience, Long Story/No Action --------

Was in a particularly energetic mood today so I also took a look around LA Disco on huai hai near the hong kong plaza.

Its a KTV/Live music venue. I arrived around 10:30 and awkwardly walked around to the bar. Passed by many 8-8.5 KTV girls with their mamasans. BTW, alot of the mamasans were pretty cute and actually fit my model descriptions (stylish/fit proportions) closer than there xiao jie.

Anyhow, since I was by my lonesome, I decided to check out the bar. I took a seat which was conveniently locate by a staff door which all the KTV girls enter and exit. There were ALOT of girls there. 25% were 8.5-9 and 75% were more around 7.5-8. I suspect the 9-10s are all taken earlier in the night.

I asked a guy how this place works and he said he would send a mamasan. 20 minutes later some girl (7.2) came over and asked what I was looking for. I asked her how much to leave and she quoted 1500 rmb/night. I asked her to let me see some girls, but she said she wasnt a mama. That sucked.

Then 15 minutes more, and a real mamasan came and handed me her card. She said I should get a KTV room (min: 900+ rmb) and she could bring some girls over. I said I wasnt interested in singing. She then said she would see if she could send some girls over to the bar. 15 minutes of waiting and I decided to take off.

I gave her mobile a call when I was outside to see if she could hook me up. She said "'bu hao yi si' but its hard to just send a girl out." I supposed the KTV's gotta make its money too and I can respect that.

So to sum up that long winded saga, I wonder a couple of things:

* Where else can I find that elusive 9+ type girl and at what price/terms?

* Anyone want to hit up LA Disco as a crew (ideally 4-5 total) and get some action?

05-11-04, 20:45
Hi all,

A new member to this forum.

Biz trip to Shanghai for three weeks. If any one can help me out with the night scene that would be great.

I was reading a lot about the factiry and the work shop directions the members provided. Thanks for that.

Now I have some doubts.

Now where is park 98?

What exactly is BBS everyone is mentioning? Is it another name for hair dressing saloon?

Then are there any nice bars or discs or karaoke joints where pickups can happen?

Finally how is the cop scene?

Now as you may all have guessed, I am going for the first time to China and I am a big no no in Chinese lingo?

Do I stand a chance of scoring?

05-12-04, 04:27
Member 1588,

I stand corrected. I did went back yesterday after office hours and indeed like you mentioned there were around 10 girls. I would rate them between 5 to 6. Guess I am kind of discriminating. Anyway, chose one with large cups who performed a quite decent BBJ with CIM. On the way out saw some average KTV girls going to the work on the 4th floor.

About XHH, they do have some model looking girls as well, it depends on your luck. I normally try to look at at least couple or three girls before deciding. They also work two shifts on even and odd days so you have to spent some time there sourcing your favourite.

In terms of model quality I still believe that some initial investment is required, i.e. you spend a couple of nights at KTV, find your girl and then try to see her outside. Of course most of them have like target number of bookings, which means they are willing to work a bit harder to get you back as returning customer.

My best experience is getting friendly enough with one of them and but just enough so that they are not too attached to you but are willing to recommend some of their girl friends to you.


05-12-04, 06:08

1) Park 97 is in the Fuxing Park, Gaolan Road - Sinan Road.
2) BBS = Barbershop. In some you actually might get a haircut.
3) Don't be so lazy, there are many tips here in this forum, just stroll back a little.
4) Maoming South Road (between Fuxing and Yongjia Road) is a pretty 100%-secure scoring ground, after 9 p.m., even - or should I say especially - for non-chinese speakers.


05-12-04, 07:47
Getting laid is hugely related to what you want. Freebie in your hotel? BB shop?, KTV?

all have different strategy price etc.