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05-12-04, 07:48
If you want to read about my blunder in bangkok, go check out my post. I also put up some pics. I will be here in BKK for another week so I should have more nasty stuff.


Apac Boy
05-12-04, 13:14
Oh right...Brownout sent me SMS and PM to tell me that some of you have been harrasing him on PM because I wrote that the girl ACCUSED him of stealing her money. I did not say he did it, I just said he got accused of doing it. Although he's probably da weirdest WSG guy i've ever met, he does provide useful info and directions. So please stop harrasing him.

and Member #1588,
that chick is always there at the factory so I'm sure you will find her once u find the Factory. If you want, I will test her out for u tonight when i go :)
and yes, my service is free...


05-13-04, 09:08
Ya I too understand you are harrassing Brownout. If you read my post I said that he was FALSLY accused.

dont worry, I understand why you would be pissed if you thought at was true. I would also, but he is a good contributor so you can likely guess that it is false even without me telling you. He has done a good job to provide careful details of shops and directions.


05-13-04, 09:11
Member 1588
you mentioned to me that you have a pic with a girl circled who you want to find in the factory.

where is the pic?

show me and I can help you figure out if she is there/where when how to etc.....


Shanghai Bound
05-13-04, 23:29
First off, I want to thank all who responded to my quiry re: hotels. It was most appreciated. Since I'm going to be on my own in Shanghai for 4 days I was thinking of hooking up with one of the guides from funinchina.com. Any thoughts? Are any of the ladies more "social" than "escorts"? I really want to see the city, at the same time sampling the local "cuisine". Are there any services better than Funichina?

I've mostly been in Mexico and the caribbean before and am really looking forward to the toal asian experience.

Thanks again for any info.

05-14-04, 10:48
Shanghai bound,
what is funinchina?


05-14-04, 12:08

Yes fun in China, real escorts or just tourist guides, does social guide really meet our expectations?

Also any experience with the Marriott in Shanghai? Girl friendly? When asking for massage can I expect extra service?

Thanks in advance

Apac Boy
05-14-04, 12:49
funinchina is a website that offers "secretaries" or "tour guides" for newbs coming to China. I think they are overpriced if u just wanna fuck. But if u want a secretary or a tour guide that you might get a chance to fuck, then it's great.


Shanghai Bound
05-14-04, 16:18
Thanks, tapioca. I am going to want a tour guide at least part of the time.

BNC - the website is funinchina.com. I found it on one of the China message boards about a month ago. Pretty girls divided into secretaries, tour guides, and/or social escorts.

If anyone knows of any better personal tour guide services, I'm open to suggestions.

05-15-04, 07:50
I know a girl in Shanghai at a chat room. Anybody want to share this information? Please send email to [Email Address deleted by Admin].

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to obtain this information. Thanks!

05-17-04, 10:07
Pacific Blue,
I am replyng to your PM about freebies because your PM box is full so I will post it here.

hey man...

actually you are putting two people and two slightly similar stories together.

one recently arrived bud is getting freebies from oddball locations like stores and walking down the street, and starbucks. He speaks zero chinese.

My buddy who is getting some of the BB shop freebies who seem to be hot items on WSG conversations is chinese guy who speaks both languages very well.

I havve gotten a few BB shop freebies that lasted about 6 months until I gave them up (one sent me an SMS asking me to marry her!). I did that speaking almost no chinese at the time. now I speak a little more.

To me the BB shop freebies are based upon being able to make the girl feel that you like her unrelated to the money and sex. When she feels that sex with you is more than sex, like it is passion and emotion (stare into her eyes, listen to her empathically) that will make them more relaxed and happy to see you when you come in next time. Then get her number. Ask her to come overnight. Eventually when she is comfortable at your pad, she will likely start calling you and coming over for free. Eventually she will either reject your money (which happened to me) or you can just not give it to her anymore.

good luck.


Dog Day
05-17-04, 11:33
Hey guys,

On the freebie issue, what i can say is..if you have the time and some money to spare then it is definitely worth it. Chat with a girl for two weeks and finally met her last Sunday last week. Normal profile of a 22 year old university girl, pretty, cute, nice and naive. Met her Sunday and was having sex with her by Tuesday. Helped her solve her "dyspareunia' problem. She had a Bf before but she was scared of having intercourse. Physically she was not a virgin. Her Bf fingered her all the time but never had intercouse with her because she "freezes" when she feels her Bf wants to enter her. After a lot of talk and a tube of KY, was able to hump her and she even said thanks for solving her "problem". She had always wanted to have sex but was scared stiff so never had somebody penetrate her. I believe her since I tried Monday and was never able to enter her . I bought a tube of KY the next day and gave her articles about her problem so she can relax. So finally did it and she even bled. She wiped her pussy with a tissue after the deed and asked me why she bled. Well you guys can guess why.

As said before, the economics is : A freebie is not "free", dinner, drinks and a lot of blah blah blah to get into her pants. When all is said and done, a 150 RMB shot at the "village", the name the wu zhong lu shops have now been called is an easier, cheaper, no guilt place to sow my oats. Riding a young Chinese girl once in a while, half my age though, is a lift to my ego.

I am Asian and know for a fact that Shanghainese girls prefer to ride the Blond pony just for the heck of it.

Secret Hunter
05-17-04, 12:56
Went to the Factory in Ma Dang Lu. Confirmed from the girl I chose that they had a "no laowai (foreigner)" policy. People from other Asian countries are acceptable(I am an Asian). Weird. The girl also knows the factory on Huang Pi Lu, but refused to tell me the exact location when I asked her.

Anybody knows anything about the market in Xin Jiang? I will visit Urumqi next week. Any info would be appreciated.

05-18-04, 05:07
hey people
I'm an old member but have been away from this forum for a while so here are some newbie questions

there's a tianshangrenjian in shanghai as well??? wow I'm thinking about checking that out, the one at beijing was awesome 4,5 years ago but now it sux, the chicks are too stuck up, worse than the worst strippers I've seen. How's this place?? And what's park 97? Some high class KTV ala passions in beijing? I'll be in shanghai for vacation and am interested in checking out these 2 places, hopefully they are worth my time and dough

Secret Hunter
05-18-04, 13:14
Hi NB,

I was told that there are some bars where we can find girls to drink and chat with--they are not "working" girls but paid by commission from beer we buy. They may go with you if you are "nice" and generous enough. No need to pay if they go with you. The bar my friend told me is on the 7th or 12th floor of "Dynasty Hotel", a 4 star.

Sure thing is to call the sauna in the hotel, any 3,4 or 5 star hotel.

The price is 400 one shot. Minorities may cost more, was told 500-600 one shot.

Will share more with you.


05-19-04, 02:05
Hi SH,

There is a bar near the JinJiang Towers hotel (Xin Jin Jiang) on Chang Le Road, turn left once you leave the driveway(s) of the hotel and walk about 50 metres, its the first bar you will see, next door to a massage place. If you come to a HK style food place then you have passed it.

The girls are there to keep you company and get you drunk, its a fun place. You probably have to put in a few nights before you can tempt them home though.

You pay your own bill only, the girls will ask you to buy them a beer (or 5) but its the same cost as your beer, not a "girly drink". But they are not rude and if you say no when they ask for a drink then no problems.

A friend was offered sex in the bathroom by a girl that followed him off the street into that bar.

05-19-04, 05:30
Secret hunter,
I have fucked in that MaDang Lu shop a thousand times. They dont have a no lao wai policy, they just have some girls that are bitches. I have had nice ones and some that raise the price on me, and some that say no.

For about 3 months between end of last year and begining of this year then did actually stop allowin lao wai in the shop due to a crackdown, but that ended.

The Huangpi lu shop is a BJ only factory style place. Lot of girls, low price, but no FS. if you still want it I can try to describe for you how to get there. It is tricky, but doable.


Hugh Wannabe
05-19-04, 14:23
Secret Hunter,

I am heading to Shanghai next week on business and will be staying in a 4 star hotel. Are the prices (400) one shot in RMB or USD? What do you ask for at the Sauna? Does the action take place in the sauna, a massage room, or your own hotel room? Just curious. I will be traveling with some others and this may be the most convenient way to score a little on my trip.


Hugh Wannabe

Member #4198
05-19-04, 15:35
BNC, Shanghai Bound and interested parties:

RE: funinchina

IMHO only, if your taste is not RMB150 per pop in a BBS and want some high end girls like OL or college girls, you might as well have a better chance at chat room or some websites. about 2 years ago, I tried funinchina, they were in infancy stage then and they use words like "escort" to lure westerners in thinking there is escort service provided but NO. By, escorts, they really mean regular secretary and so forth. Of course, anything can happen, if you strike some chemistry with those girls, you might end up with much more; however, I think the bottom line is to not go there.

about 2 years ago, there is this Wild Geisha (I tried once), formerly of Elle Guide, which was shut down. And it became shdate, accessible only via email. No pics provided and price is about $180/2hrs, but they sort of go under too...

I'd say a healthy dose of BBS girls and some freebies from chat room, what else you guys in SH asking for? I am in New Jersey now, and you should really feel bad for me...


Shanghai Bound
05-19-04, 19:40
Thanks Goldwind,

New Jersey, huh? Yep I feel sorry for you, though I'm in AZ right now with the temps flirting with 100.

I've been looking over the hotels in SH and have, more or less, settled on the HJ Plaza. It has broadband access (which is a priority), and the rates seem reasonable. Anybody got any info on the hotel itself or any attractions nearby? Any other hotels that I should consider?

Thanks for the input.

05-20-04, 00:46
Yes, there are plenty of places to find a girl for a drink in Shanghai. Look on Julu road. The bars have girls who will drink a beer with you. Some will be looking for a boy friend and go back to your room free of charge. Some will just sit and talk and provide a little company.

Let me repeat some advice from a Julu girlfriend. She said that if you are looking for some take-out, many of the drink girls will never go, but they will point you to those who will. Don't play games, just ask the girl.

05-20-04, 03:47
There are tons of "chatting" bars with bar girls who make money off you buying them drinks. Julu Lu has quite a few, as does Mao Ming and many of the smaller bars too. Have not tried Rendezvous 1929 on Tong Ren road, but looks like a nice small friendly bar. Don't know if any talking gals there though. Sometimes it is nice just to do that.

As for actual action from any of the, on occassion the chemistry is good and you may get yourself a freebie, but be advised, it will cost you wither before or after so you might as well pay up front.

Noble Gent
05-20-04, 09:16

I was in Hangzhou just for one night, if interested, check out Hangzhou section.


Noble Gent
05-20-04, 09:27
I submitted a report of my one week stay in Shenyang. If interested, check out the Shenyang board.


05-20-04, 13:06
Thanks for the ideas. It is always fun to find different ways to score. The hunt is really half the fun.


05-20-04, 13:07
Hugh Wannabe
Unfortunately the hotel suana's are all hit and miss. If you ahve a little $$ to spare, then take a chance. The suspense hoping to get laid is always a thrill. If you fail, you can always find a sure thing somewhere else off this board.


Secret Hunter
05-20-04, 14:18
Sorry, folks, I made a mistake by posting something about Urumqi on this board. It's supposed to be sent to NB who PM me. The info about chatting bar and quoted rates are what I got from a friend about that city in the west.

Hugh Wannabe,

The hotel suana in Shanghai is not a sure thing--sorry for my wrong posting again. Try the one in "Dong Zhu An Ban" road and you will get full service. Quality of service depends on the girl you choose but the rate is standard--600 RMB total.

Those BBS in Shanghia is another choice. They are not clean but if you want a quickie, it's a worthy try.

05-20-04, 14:22
Had a bad experience followed by good today.

Went to the BJ shop on Huangpi Lu, just south of HeFei Lu about 4pm and the door was padlocked on the outside, nobody around. Have no idea what the problem is. Then went to factory on MaDang Lu near Fuxing and was refused service there. Two strikes. Saw several LE riding around the area on bicycles. Maybe a little crackdown?

Then went to KangDing Lu to third BBS on right west of ShanXi Bei Lu. Went upstairs to massage table with cute Xiao Zhang who began a good BBBJ for 150 rmb. She then offered to take me upstairs to a private bedroom for FS for 300. I accepted and went with her for great service, DATY, 69, BBBJ, DFK finishing with CG and Doggy.

A really good end to an otherwise disappointing day. I will go back there.

05-21-04, 03:38
Village shops closed?!

Went by the Wu Zhong Lu Village last night and found all shops on the street are closed. Was there a crack down in the area?

05-21-04, 04:08
I am investigating now. I have phone numbers of some of those girls. I will try to find out what is going on. That will be really disappointing since the cost is sow low and the selection is high.


05-21-04, 06:08
The sauna at the corner of huashan lu and guangyuan rd. (Floor 7m) has been re-opened. i used to go here once in a while but it was shut down for a while. the place isn't very nice at all, actually a little rundown but it's primary local clientele. the girl i got was not bad, a 7. i've had an 8-9 there once but that was a while ago. i've only been there once since it re-opened. it's not as clean as dongzhu, not as dirty as a bbs, but there's also not a long wait as there is at dongzhu. total comes to about 580.

05-21-04, 08:10
Btw I forgot to mention. The sauna that JMan had mentioned before, I went there. I had a horrible experience. Like he mentioned it was dark so I couldn't see a thing. by the time i was able to get a look at the girl it was too late. she was a dog, even in the dark. her service sucked and an overall 5.

There is a sauna near the train station, I wish I could remember the name or the address because it is amazing. best looking girls and surroundings i've been in. I went with a group of friends a while back and have to find out where it is again. anyone know about this place? if i remember, it's on some back street next door to a hotel. the price is pretty steep, 800+, but seriously, i'd rate it the best in shanghai (not full service).

Apac Boy
05-22-04, 11:01
we're going to the factory tonight...prob around midnight.

if you want to go, PM me before 11pm and leave ur mobile


05-22-04, 19:18
Recently used a service for Shanghai and other China cities called Fun in China. Reports to have personal assistance who will guide you and show you around the city. The also have vip personal assistants (PAs) that will also serve as social escorts. After many e-mails communications with them I sent a deposit of 30%. When I arrived I contacted the service and they sent my PA to the hotel.

She immediately informed me that either she was not an escort or that she would charge me an amount for one night equal to the weekprice from Fun in China. All in all it was a sham. Extremely professional up front but ONLY a guide service with a lot of BAIT.

05-23-04, 04:49
I strolled Maoming lu Saturday night around midnight and found more cops per square meters that I ever want to see.... Also all the bars around were quiet. Not the typcial disco 'boom boom' I used to hear a few month back. There was some action at one end of the street, but what is going on? Is that a Saturday night thing? Was someone visiting?

Buck Tooth
05-24-04, 01:10

About Maoning Road, I heard there was some sort of fight the other night, apparently some bouncers beat up a German and this is the collective punishment. It as also implied that the 'authorities' think Maoming Road gives SH a bad image to foreigners.


05-24-04, 02:53
you in town?
Lucky is also getting here tonight, and Tapioca is here.


05-24-04, 03:13
I heard there is a 'no Music' law since last Thursday.

05-24-04, 17:05
I am going to the following area very soon. Could anyone give me a pointer on where to go for FS/MP/Sauna?

Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Also, what is Factory? I tried to browse through pages of posts and do not fully understand it.

Thank you for your help!

05-25-04, 03:48
Shanghai 3day blitz:

I came to meet with clients from Sunday to Tuesday. Sunday night went to Maoming Lu street - observed the no music thing and many police. Went to Babyface - so many girls! One very tall cute one asked me to go but was afraid of police so she left ahead of me. On the way several girls on street tried to enter my cab - one cute Sichuan girl managed to get in and wouldn't budge. The police thing seemed really heavy so I decided to go with her instead of the cute one waiting on the corner. She was OK, but not great once she took off her clithes the slim body revealed sagging breasts and stretch mark plus surgery scar from ceasarean. Performance was good though and I enjoyed a nice nights sleep.

Cost - 500/night
Face - 7
Body - 6
Performance - 5

Next day the cute one kept sms me. So I decided to meet her at my hotel for a quickie. She was even more stunning in the daytime than the night! Tall, perfect body, etc. Needed a little cash to supplement her day job as a director for a hardware company. Performance was a little stressed because she had a lot of 'safety' worries (which I dont mind). Like no kissing, DATY, etc. Very 'normal' girl a little afraid of the risks - my favorite kind - I dont like alot of risk either.

Cost - 500
Face - 9
Body - 9
Performance - 6

After that met my 'freebie' for dinner. She is one of Shanghai socialites and we all went to very nice restaraunt and clubs. After that back to the hotel for at least 5hrs solid banging.

Cost - Free
Face - 8
Body - 8
Breasts - 10 (amazing large bouyant breasts - just pefect)
Performance - 9 (only thing missing was anal)


Maoming Lu is a great place to pickup either WG or freebies. Just be careful. Also heard that the police have planted girls in the clubs to 'trap' johns. When they leave another police gets the taxi number, then waits until you get to Hotel - then both are arrested.

Julu Lu. We had some nice times with drinking games. I don't like the girls there for take out. Quite desparate and in the low 3's to 5's. I'd rather go a little more upscale.

Freebies. What can I say? China is so full of beautiful, passionate women just dying for a fun time together. Even one night stands truely become 'one night love'. I can fall in love here every night of the year! Need to change the 3F's to FLF (Find them, Love them, Forget them) Some , I must remember for a long time - I hope they smile a little too!


05-25-04, 06:19
For those who are wondering about Mao Ming, here's what I know of it.

Recently there has been a crackdown on the music. Infact it is all but banned. Any music must be less than 50db when measured 1m from the outside of the bar. This started last Thursday as DayNight pointed out, but kind of stopped last night. Music is now allowed to be played but under strict rules.

1) 60db between 6pm and 10pm
2) 50db between 10pm andx 2am

Buck Tooth - What other information do you have about this being a group punishment? The story I heard was that there were government officals who were disturbed while they stayed in the Ruijin hotel (hotel that owns half of Maoming Lu).

Does anyone else frequent this area? If so, where do you go now?

Has anyone tried the BBS just off the corner of Beijing Xi Lu, Jangning Lu or know of any good places nearby?



Apac Boy
05-25-04, 15:05
"A good time was had by all" was da theme last night.

4 americans and a frenchman stepped out of the john mobile and into the Factory. Yes, it really did happen. Lucky, Blankie, Faguoren, me and my frd went on a Factory run and apparently they moved locations. So she had a driver take us to the new location in one of those short buses that retarded kids ride.

Oh, that was a funny sight, watching all 5 of us step out of that bus and into the Factory. So we all chose a chick except Faguoren. Only Blankie thought his chick was good. The rest of us had bad experiences. What do u expect for 130rmb!?!?

So we head to the Village afterwards determined to get the french laid. We got there and it was all closed!??! Apparently, 3 hrs before we got there, there was a bust and the BBS owner got arrested. 2 cops went in to check it. They were downstairs when they heard all this moaning coming from the upstairs and ran up there and busted everybody. Damn, we almost ended up in a Chinese jail...

So blankie calls his regular at the Village and she meets us at the busted BBS. We negotiate a price for her and Faguoren for a few hrs and off they went. I'm sure Faguoren will post pics...


05-25-04, 15:27
Just curious, what happens when a forreigner gets caught pants down?

05-25-04, 17:14
There are some photos of the Village girl BNC hooked my up with in the photo gallery.

I liked the factory-to-factory shuttle service. They should set one up from/to downtown: I would ride it every other day.


Buck Tooth
05-25-04, 19:06

It was one of those, heard from a friend's friend type thing, though from usually reliable sources, though your explanation for it sounds a lot more plausible - but who knows what the PSB will say - foreigners getting beat up isn't good press.

Is there a karaoke type joint on Hengshan Road close to Yuqing Road? Was walking down Hengshan by some teppanyaki place and saw an unlit building, but with two very nicely dressed women inside chatting to the doormen.

Saw a potential BBS on Guangyuan Road between Tianping and Yuqing - didn't go in, but small grungy place that was open at 2am seemed to fit the bill.

Norse Kaiser
05-26-04, 04:14
believe me nasty things can happen when a foreigner gets caught right on the spot.


05-26-04, 10:43
Heard from a girl that "works" at Maoming and other bar areas of that the Maoming Nan Rd area bars were shut due to a drug overdose death (Ecstacy = Yao Tou Wan) last week by a Chinese.

She also said that now Park 97 is so full of SW that prices are down down down. Of course she is not pleased, but I told her that was good news for me!

05-26-04, 16:10
Just returned from SH and do not have much to add but promised a report.

Had typical experiences, some good some bad with BBS.

Found out that girl-friendly hotel is not really an issue. All hotels are generally girl friendly at any time of day and on a worst case basis you may have to escort them to your room.

I did hook up with one girl, Cindy, who was 23yo, 164, 53kg, 7 looks, 9 body, 8 service DFK, BBBJ, CFS, DATY, DATO, with a very soft voice. She almost sounds like a little kid. Price was a steep at 1500 for all night. I did not negotiate as I was desparate. Speaks good English. She agreed to me posting her phone number, [Telephone Number deleted by Admin]. You can PM me for her E-mail address.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Dog Day
05-27-04, 07:05
Seems like the village shops had been closed two days ago as posted by another monger.

Was there and since it was closed went to the BBS in WuZhong Lu before you turn to the village. First one was a legit, 20 RMB massage. The Girl was a a cutie and I asked her if she does house call and said no. After 10 minutes, I left. Next one had a BBS pole, I came in and chose a youngish looking"hottie". There`were 8-10 girls to choose from, all young looking. Led to a room where she did a "massage". She touched my dick then whispered if i wanted to have sex, 150 RMB. which is OK. I was led upstairs to a dingy bedroom. She undressed and in front of me was a "bald" pussy, not shaved, but bald. Nice firm sized tits with small nipples. Asked her how old she was because I was thinking "jail". She said 18, I doubt it , but anyway I was too horny not to hump her. She does not give a BJ and just spread her legs. I fingered her for a while till she got pretty wet. Feels real nice to play with a real bald young pussy. I entered her and she was pretty tight even when she was wet. The thought of I could get in trouble with this, made me hard to come. I took out my penis from her pussy after about 15 minutes. She saw I did not come so she took out the condom and then pointed to her bald pussy. No way. I did took a smell of her pussy and it seemed pretty odorless and clean, but did not try to lick it. I fingered her again and I asked her to masturbate me. I got excited when she moaned. Her pussy got very wet again and I came just outside her hole. Mixed up our body juices and fingered her again. Dressed up and run. You can score in that place but looks pretty dangerous. Being horny can really bring you to some creepy places.

Jack Spratt
05-27-04, 07:53
My information on Maoming Lu is that there have been 3 drug related deaths in the past month (all laowies), and the LE are not happy.

Any update on the Huangpi BBBJ factory - is it still closed, and any guesses why it was closed in the first place?


James Cook
05-27-04, 10:36
I am more curious to know how the cops would treat the foreign punters in the police station. Because this is sensitive issue, will the LE free them after a fine of thousands chinese dollars, or will will they detain them for a few days?


05-27-04, 15:21
Just returned from Member 1588’s BJ Factory on Maoming Lu & Weihai Lu. Had no trouble finding the place and took the elevator the 5th. The Chinese guy was at the entrance so I just walked in like I knew what I was doing. He asked if I wanted a massage and escorted me down the winding halls to where the girls are. There were at least 15 good looking young ladies there and I picked the one that looked the best (as you will) and off we went to the private room.

She started by dropping her panties and popping her tits out for me. She had the cutest little tight ass that I ever had two hands on and her tits were just the right size that they supported themselves without sagging and were still and handful. She worked me for about 10 minutes as I played with her pussy and sucked those titties. Overall, fantastic BBBJCIM and she even rinsed her mouth and sucked out the last drop of cum after. What a deal!

The only downside was the guy charged me 300 (it should have been 150). I told him that my friend was there and said it was 150 but he played dumb. I guess that is part of the game and I will probably still go back anyway, too many good looking girls there to resist.

05-27-04, 17:06
Factory Caravan,

Went out there with severeal mongers from the board and some not from the board. Arrived and NO CHICKS! Only the mama.

They put us is a ho-van and drove us to its new location. I think it is closer than the old one but same as always, no damn street signs. This one is worse. There are no street signs near any cross streets. HOWEVER there is a huge retailer there. I honestly cant even figure out how to get back so when mafia guy gets back from his recent trip, I will go again and figure out how to explain it on the board.

This time we went there were about 30 chicks. The upstairs is smaller. 2 rooms with about 8 beds each room.

I think they are building rooms for the downstairs.

Anyway, price is the same. Saw some new chicks too.


05-27-04, 17:09

My favorite shop in the village is shut down. The rest of the shops are open contrary to a recent post on this board.

After the factory trip we all caravaned to the village. Our favorite shop was shut because of a police bust. They didnt bother the girls or customers. They arrested the Extacy addicted owner probably on drug charges. I dont really know.

Anyway, it will reopen tomorrow. (Friday)


05-27-04, 17:11
Village girl sleepover.

I took advantage of the closed shop to have my favorite girl from the village (the one of Faguorens recent post) to spend the night tonight.

She hung out all evening, had dinner, nice time, did it on the couch, in the bed, got pics and vids.

Fun time. She is definitely one of the sweetest hassle free girls if you treat her right.


05-27-04, 19:06

A few years back a friend was arrested for having a girl in his room. It was an obvious setup. He did, however, pay 5KRMB, spent the night in a jail and had his visa revoked. They also mark your passport "adulterer" in Chinese. People would report their passport missing and get a new one for reentry.

The real bummer was explaining to his boss why he didn't finish the job and why he left the country early!

05-28-04, 15:32

Damn, my bad luck with village again. Friday afternoon, I went to the village and witness a bust in progress. Most shops are closed except one. A couple guys and one girl inside. Two cops cars arrived and took one guy and the girl away. The rest of the guys just closed the shops and left. The event looked staged.

Came across street to the Luck Plaza the get foot massage. Very nice place and excellent services.

Checked the village again after leaving Luck Plaza. Two shops are kind of open but not taking any customer.

Anyone know what's going on here?

05-28-04, 16:25
I just called one girl from there and she didnt even know about it because she didnt go in to work.
I called another and her phone is power off.

I will check tomorrow.


05-28-04, 16:52
Fantastic Delivery

I had this cute girl come over who I met from the sichuan factory girls. She is looking for business so she does short time delivery, but she wont do over night.

Regardless it was great because she is thin, tall and b-cups and sweet when you talk to her a lot. She is kind of shy at first.

She does Fire/Ice BBBJ! I rarely get or care about the BJ but she did it even without me promting.

She was 500 for short time which included taxi so I thought it was worth it for delivery.

I will post some pics in photo gallery.


05-28-04, 17:53
Wandered around for some action tonight, the usual circuit with Burbon street, Narcicius, Park 97, Maoming, but did not like anything I saw. Decided to check Chentiendi.

Picked up a great chick there who goes by Jenny. She usually hangs out in the middle of the strip after the antique shops. Dark long hair, small body, great ass. She claims she is 23 but I think she is more like 30 or so.

Got BBBJ and FS for 800 in my room, and as a bonus took many shots (see the gallery). I had to negotiate like hell to get the photos done. If you meet her, do not tell her you saw her pssy on the internet :)


05-29-04, 02:25
Haha - I thought no music meant no "dizi"

Secret Hunter
05-29-04, 17:36
Many bad experiences on sina.com chatroom girls.

Although many of my friends warned me about doing so, I decided to check out the chatroom working girls anyways. Many of them claims that they are good looking, but the first girl I met in XuHui is a low 4--give her 20 and left.

The second one claimed she has 36D and great face and asked for 400 one pop with clean room where she lived alone. Called her and set up a meeting time and location, but she never showed up although she said she was on the way when I called her up during the 15 minutes waiting period. Then she told me she wanted to change the location to another place because her sister is coming to her room. Since she is playing with me, I told her that I would wait for her at the original spot and pay her cab fee and go with her to the new spot. She agreed and I left after the call.

Any other guides on these girls?

So horny I am that I decided to check out some bbs to solve the problem. Explored the Chang De rd and find one small bbs with some attracted girls. If you go along chang de rd from south to north, at the crossing of Chang Pin rd and chang de rd, turn left. On north side of chang pin rd, there are 3 bbs, the one in the middle with small front door and small sign is what I went in. This bbs is actually quite large inside, with 10+ girls inside. The going rate is 120 for bj, 200 for FS. I chose a girl called Xiao Yang, without good attitude but the face and the body is OK. Will try others and report later.

Always Needing It
05-29-04, 17:46
went to a new sauna - au jin - at the western end of xin zha lu in jin an district.

huge grand looking fr outside...and yet i was the only customer at 9pm on staurday!

anyway, enjoy the facilities and the excellent tower rub.

went into the main rest area which sits about 90...and again, i was the only customer.

in came my foot massage gal...who claims she does all the massages on the menu but dosent offer full-service...apparently the owner have yet to straighten all the guanxis...and all customers stop coming back even though the place has been opened for 2 months. i was the second customer...and was still the second customer when i left at 11:30pm.

anyway, the chick started working on my thighs midway thru the 1st session ..and i asked her for a zhuang yan (strenghten the maleness) rub....and she kept at it for the next 60 mins. it was not as therapeutic as those i had in thailand...but i was happy and did not asked for a hj.

the total damage, incl 100rmb tip to the gal was 480 rmb (suana, backrub, 2 hr foot massage)

the best news is that the gals are off every 4th day...and my chick had agreed to meet me for dinner next mon...and hints of availability during lunch/dinner time even during workdays. i have hopes of this developing into a freebie.

if not, i will be back fishing for more.

05-29-04, 21:19
Bored today. Wandered around after my legit massage girl kissing me, left me with a drippy C**K.

Wandered into a BB shop in Jing An area. It is on Yan Ping Li nead Wu Ding Lu. That block has 3 shops. 1 legit shop and 2 that dont cut hair.

Walked into one with relatively cute girls. After the usual crap ass massage and flirtatious talk, she wanted to give me a HJ. I tried and tried to get FS to no avail.

Left there with some serious blue balls. Walked into the shop next door with chunky chicks. She immedicately lay down next to me and started to play. FS with absolutely no hassle.

I have her 200 and the house 50.


05-29-04, 21:26
Night report.

Faguoren and others...

Here is how to get the Xin Tian Di girls cheap.

I walked around, starbucks etc. got a drink. Saw a girl making heavy eye contact. Kept walking. Later I saw her in another place doing the same thing. We grinned at each other for seeing each other again.

Later went back to starbucks and sat down. As I was leaving, she was sitting in another seat again (outside) She laughed that we keep seeing each other. I played it off that I dont know she is a pro.

She did the curious girl questions and asked me if I have a G/F, where do I live, work, etc.

Eventually she came to my apartment. We watched a DVD. Remember as of this point there has been no mention of "business" or money.

She fell asleep in my room later. I went in there and "went to bed".

She started to play with me and we did FS. Still no mention of money.

After she took a shower and got dressed. I acted surprised, asking why she isnt staying the night. After all she is my new girlfriend! (haha)

She says her mom expects her home. Then she asked if I can take her shopping tomorrow. Then she eventually led the conversation into giving her a little money for taxi and to shop tomorrow. (I reminded her I dont pay for girls for sex. I thought she wanted to be my girlfriend)

I think this made her not want to lose her face and she played along that she is not asking for money for sex, but asking me to offer some to her as her B/F. (whatever)

I got her out the door for 315rmb!

She had a hot tight bod.

I think a girl like her from XTD for 315rmb is definitely under the market price.


05-31-04, 03:10
Great Delivery,
To all of you who wanted that girls phone number,
sorry to all for the delay.

she changed her number to a shanghai number and now she is ready for business. This is the girl who will do the Fire/Ice BBBJ, shower, and short time FS for 500. No over night and no anal.

Anyone who wants it send me another pm.

I suggest you have a posting history on the board otherwise I am not likely to give it to you.

I have re posted the pic for you to refresh your memory.

Remember she is shy so if you are nice and sweet to her that will get you a better experience.


Noble Gent
05-31-04, 03:33
I had to get my Visa renewed, so I had to go to the Exit and Entry Bureau by the Bund. There is a street parallel to the Bund called Zha Pu Lu. It is full of restaurants and BBS. I was there about 7 pm; each BBS had about 5 to 7 girls. Rooms are surprisingly clean. Got a simple massage and BBBJ. Total damage 150 RMB. She offered full service for 300 RMB, I didn¡¯t take it.


Noble Gent
05-31-04, 03:43
Just wondering, were any of mongers in Jing An Area on Saturday mid afternoon? I was walking by Xin Zha Lu and Jiao Zhou Lu. I saw a couple guys in front of ZY Bar (BJ Bar I reported a couple months ago), banging on the door impatiently. I was the guy with a can of Bud in my hand. Anyway, I just like you to know ZY Bar opens around 6 or 7 PM. They have the most girls after 8:30 pm.


Dog Day
05-31-04, 07:42
Was in Hangzhong Lu last night. Only one BBS was open and I have screwed all the good looking ones there, so ventured to HangNan Lu. This is the first street that cross HangZhong Lu. Ventured into one of the shops that had some "cute" girls. Was lucky, same operation as other BBS. 150 for FS. Got a really cute 20 year old hottie from Sichuan. She straddled me for a while then I doggied her till I came..Defintiely worth the 150. She had a very cute girlish face, nice firm tits, a slender body that is not bony and a really tight pussy. New mine for the diggin.

Two days ago was into a BBSnear my place that offered only HJ. This "angel from Wenzhou"" made me so hot when i entererd the shop. She can be a young model. Anway, i got a shampoo (OK guys, laugh), head massage and hair dried. After that she offered massage and I thought this must be it. We went upstairs and she did give me a massage, at first. She then raised my shirt and pinched my nipples. She then unbuttoned my pants, took out my dick and did a HJ. My hand was immediately inside her blouse and she had really nice firm tits. Medium size with nice size nipples. I do not like toggle switch size nipples. She was wearing a pant but she took them halfway down and she let me play with her pussy. She did not have much pubic hair which was good so its easy to find her wet hole. I asked for FS and she said "NO". I asked her to go out with me and she said "NO". I ended with a 60 RMB HJ. is this expensive?

Member #1588
05-31-04, 08:37
Stumbled across a few new BBS's (new to me anyways) by shanxi lu and wuding lu.

I was out late saturday after some drinks with friends. A little tipsy and after a quick spliff, I decided to check out my BJ place on maoming. For some reason it had its metal sliding door closed. Anyone know whats up with that?

So I begin aimlessly walking until I get to nanjing lu and continue up shanxi. While smoking another spliff, I notice the first of 3 BBS's. Went into the first and saw a cute 25+ yo girl from Gubei. Chatted a bit and went into a private room. No fuss 130rmb FS. However, I dont really like the grimy rooms and ask for take out. 300 rmb later and we're off.

At my place, service was pretty good for the most part but no BJ, I had to settle for some minor licking. The girl was slender and nice looking but had a c-section scar. Strange, because it was vertical...I have only seen horozontal ones thus far. That was a bit of a turnoff. I have her number though, but no pix. I didnt check the other 2 shops either.

Anyhow, not that it was so spectacular, but I just felt like mentioning the 130 FS for those who didnt want to make the trek out to HongQiao/Gubei for the factory, village, etc.

05-31-04, 11:50
Quick note...if you go to dongzhu before 7pm they let you choose your girl. I took a quick lunch break there today and there was no wait and I had 3 girls waiting in the room for my choosing. Much better than the hourlong wait and shot in the dark if you go later.

G Jetson
05-31-04, 15:58
Ok, I've been lurking on this board for about a month now. I've read most of the posts going back about 18 months or so. I've just moved to Shanghai (not just because of the mongering action) about 2 weeks ago. Combined with jet lag, a pretty bad cold and general exhaustion in running around the city looking for/at apartments, I haven't really had a chance to sample any of this city's sweeter points.

Since I found an apartment yesterday (next to the Heng Shan Lu Subway Station), I really didn't need to run all over the city today, I took it easy and stayed near my hotel. Around 8pm I started feeling antsy, I tried calling up a few friends but they weren't picking up their phone or they were already busy. Looking forward to a non-exhausted evening alone, I decided to look for some action.

A quick perusal of WSG showed me that there was a BBS just down the street from my hotel at the end of Xiang Yang Lu, almost to Zhao Jia Bang Lu. A quick jaunt down to that corner and I quickly spied the spinning barber pole. As I walked past, there was a faint blue light emanating through the glass. I glanced into room and only saw a couple of girls sitting on the expected couch watching TV. They didn't look like much, so I headed up Xiang Yang Lu looking for a bite to eat before coming back to check again.

At Jian Guo Lu I saw a few more barber poles spinning in the distance so I took a left (west) down the street. I walked past a couple of the barber poles, but they all seemed to be quite legitimate with bright lights, doors wide opened and customers getting their hair cut. There were a couple of "hair dressers" on both sides of the street. When I hit Tai Yuan Lu, I almost turned back to go back to the BBS on Xiang Yang Lu, but I noticed a 21 Convenience Store. Since my Chinese is still a bit rusty and I'm practically illiterate (in Chinese), I decided to forego trying to eat at a regular restaurant and walked into the Convenience Store and bought a ice cream cone (Not the best dinner but I'm a fat American Chinese, and since I've come to Shanghai, I must have lost 5 lbs because I really can't order from menus and all the walking I've been doing).

On my way out of the store, I noticed to the left (west) was another spinning barber pole. I walked past it and sure enough, this one had a frosted glass door and the lights were dim. I could make out half a dozen people on the couch. I opened the door to see about 5-6 fairly cute girls (7s & 8s) looking up at me. I asked the question if they do "An Moh" and they replied sure. I was ushered past the wall hanging separating the darkened back half into what I could only describe as library cubicles. Dividers about chest high with a chair facing the wall. A fairly cute girl asked me to sit and prop my feet up on a ottoman. I asked how much was the massage and was told 40RMB. I said OK. A minute later, another girl came up and asked if I wanted two girls at once (the cubicle was barely wide enough for myself and one girl). I declined but she kept pressuring. After declining a few times, she finally got the hint and left.

My girl started to begin with a perfunctory massage that started with my head. She moved to my right side and started working on my right arm. I was thinking since I was up against the side of the cubicle on my left side, if I wanted a legitimate massage, how would she work on the other half of my body? Would I have to get up so she could move the chair? She casually brushed my hand against her breasts a couple of times to see if I would respond. When I don't do anything obvious like grab her breast, she starts rubbing my right upper thigh. This gets my little brother's attention. She grabbed my crotch and asked if I wanted to "hit the airplane". I asked how much and she says however much I wanted to give her. I said sure and she got the little guy out.

She started going at it pretty quick, she lifted up my shirt and sucked on my nipple. When it seemed to be taking a longer time than she was used to, she lowered her top and let me play with her breasts as well as finger her. After a couple of minutes longer, she went for some oil for lubrication. I was hoping for some oral action and held firm (pun intended). The place was to exposed so I didn't really want FS, but a BJ was easily doable. She seemed to get frustrated so I put my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed towards the action. She looked up and said she couldn't do that. She had my dick in her hand and was furiously wanking me off, what was she going to do, get insulted? It was worth a shot. Ok, since I wasn't going to get a BJ, I focused and a couple of minutes later, I was finishing into the paper towels she had positioned. After cleaning me up, I ended up giving her 80RMB, 40 for the house and 40 for her.

My question is, did I pay too much? She seemed to take it much too readily. How much should I have tipped her if at all?

Once again, the address is Jian Guo Lu at the intersection of Tai Yuan Lu, just west of the 21 Convenience store. 40 for house fee and whatever for HJ.

Sorry for the long post, It's my first informational post on this site and I'm trying to make a good impression so some of the regulars will show me around the city and take me on their next foray to the Factory or the Village.

Apac Boy
05-31-04, 16:09
I'm glad somebody wrote a report on Aojin. That place is like across the street from me and I have always been tempted to go in. Now I know not to waste my money. What a great board!


05-31-04, 17:47
Ia gree about AoJin. Those places are always a rip. I tried some others like it before.

I hit up a bb shop tonight. talked the girl down to total 200 for FS (included house fee)

yan ping lu about 4 blocks away from the AoJin on the right side.

Quality is medocre.


05-31-04, 17:49
Bad news about delivery girl.

She just left fo Hangzhou.

If she comes back I will re post so you all can try her out.

If I get her details in Hangzhou I will post for you incase you go there.


06-01-04, 01:23
Lost and Found

Long, long time ago I reported about a bj sensation named 'Xiao Guo' in a bbs on the intersection Nanchang and Jianguo Road. The girl left the place, and I never went back there afterwards. Yesterday, by chance, I walked into a bbs on Wulumuqi Road, close to Nanjing Road Intersection.
There she was again, 'Xiao Guo'. She didn't remember me, and I only remembered her because of her pornstar-like bj techniques. She is not that pretty, but .... it is actually not so important.

The price is 300 for bj, and 350 for fs (you probably even don't want that).


Shy Boy
06-01-04, 03:35
I've been in Shanghai for a little over six months now, and only recently decided to venture into mongering territory, thanks to the inspiration culled from this board. (By the way, I worship at the altar of BlankNameCruiser...I strive to reach those levels of fulfillment).

Anyway, a few weeks back I summoned up enough courage to walk into my first BBS. It's on the corner of Weifang Lu and DongFang Lu in Pudong. There's a line of shops in that whole area, and many of the girls are friendly and smile and beckon for you to come inside. After my friend chickened out, I took a deep breath and walked in myself. The shop on the corner isn't too hidden and the glass isn't frosted over, so it's pretty easy to spot.

I walked in and pointed at a cutie (I'd give her a 7), who promptly grabbed some keys and took me into the adjoining apartment complex. Adding to my nervousness was the disappointment in seeing a scummy hole in the wall with two really dirty looking mattresses. I wasn't expecting much given the information on various BBS's on this board, but I imagine that the dirt floors and strange gelatin I accidentally touched behind the mattress indicate that this particular place was most definitely bottom-rung.

A few months ago, I might have chickened out and bolted, but instead an eerie calm took over. It was as if the spirits of the WSG took over my body, and before I knew it my heart had stopped racing and I was asking her about price and service. CBJ is 150 (she told me this was the standard rate for the entire block), FS was 300. They don't do BBBJ but she said they had a "special oral sex condom," whatever that meant. Looked like the same old rubber to me.

The WSG spirits stayed with me as she began her hurried and rather unpleasant service. I think she could tell I was a rookie when I walked in, but thanks to you guys I knew what 150 would buy me, so I asked asked her to show me her goods for some additional play.

Overall service was poor, as she complained I was taking too long and even tried to give me a HJ when I told her I was close. I wouldn't recommend the place, but there are definitely cuties in the nearby shops and if I've learned anything from this board, it's that this game is always one of hit and miss. Still, an interesting first-time experience that will definitely lead to more posts down the road.

06-01-04, 14:23
Being a Chinese myself, I strongly WARN you NOT go to village. I went there after reading many posts here recommending it. They are NOT worth it! Sorry if this offend you, but this is really for people like construction workers.

Very low class, bad environment, some big chairs, and all the girls want to finish you off within 10 minutes. Although I managed to finish in about 30 minutes, but the environment, and the girls rush are such turn offs. Why do they rush? Fast turn around and fear of police.

They do have pretty face, but you consider 150 yuan for 30 minutes cheap? Come on! I'd rather spend 400 yuan plus in a nice hotel's sauna room with great girl having a full session of one hour and have a hell of great time!

No worry about police at all. The quality is non-comparable.

I have been quite a few cities and always had great experience with girls. My simple advice would be:

Ask several taxi drivers which hotel has sauna with full service, then simply go there and take a look. You really want to nice hotel so that you don't have to worry being busted, and with large selection of girls. Guys, reputation matters here.

Let's post some quality lead here, ok? no cheap stuff please! No matter what, your posting is appreciated. But please report those really great girls here. There is no need to post Barber shop here.

06-02-04, 04:04
Hi gentlemen Hunters,
I am still wondering if any of you know a nice sauna/massage place here in Shanghai where we could go in band.
Come on, this must exist somewhere. The kind we can find in Hong Kong or in Macau surely exist in Shanghai.
BBS is fun sometimes but sauna/massage might be a fun experience too if and when done in herd.
I found a list of sauna but no information whether they provide the fun we look for.
Any experience to be shared here ?
What are the best Hotel Health center where we could show up and get what we want ?
PM if you want to share with limited number. Post of you are one of the herd to be set up...
Cheers to all of you


Be Cool
06-02-04, 08:11

Just wanted to drop a line to introduce myself as I am new here. I was really tired of the KTV experience, as was fortunate enough to find this forum, not soon enough though.

I am interested in Macau stlye massage/sauna place, and hope someone who is more familiar could recommend a good place (with directions). Done some pickup and feebies, but was not able to find bbs places that are mentioned throughout the board. If anyone is going in groups, and don't mind a stranger tagging along, please send me a message.

06-02-04, 10:23
Almost all the saunas that are smaller in size are great and offer FS.
Rainbow hotel by the Hongqiao Shopping street.
Happy Garden on Tongren Lu by Nanjing lu
On Yan An Lu there is on on right side as you are approaching Hongqiao Lu also it shares a parking lot with a KTV (sorry I forget exact address)

Almost any sauna of these sizes are fine.

Avoid huge fancy Sauna's such as Rits Sauna Union, AoJin Sauna Health Center or any that look over priced, over fancy and over size. All they do is take over size chunks of money from your wallet and not get you laid.


06-02-04, 10:42
Thank you Blankie and all those who PM me.
I think I shall try to elaborate on a new guide for massage places in Shanghai. This could be an alternative (and a pleaseant one) to BBS. Not to replace thse but to offer different fun.
Somebody just mentioned to me that he succeded to date a masseuse from one of the sport he goes from time to time. He now have the fun at home...
Cheers guys.
And let's see if we shall hunt together one of these night

Shy Boy
06-02-04, 10:56

Check out "Xin1 Huai2 Hai3 Yu2 Le4 Cheng2." It's on 197 Fuxing Zhong Lu and Shun4 Chang1 Lu, and I think it's been mentioned on the board before. A friend suggested it to me and I checked it out for the first time last week after my fantastic first-time experience at Macau the week prior. Went with a couple of buddies, and were immediately told to go to the 2nd floor by a dude standing outside. I think it's a common sight to see groups of men walk into the building, so the dude probably figured where we were going.

You get all the standard sauna stuff (locker, shower, optional back wash, pool). I was a little perturbed at two things in general: the hair on my bar of soap in the shower and the pudgy naked 10 year old sitting by the pool. After we were toweled off and robed up, we sat in the lounge area and were served tea. Almost immediately, one of the papasans (there were like 5 of them) asked us if we were ready. We wanted to relax some more so we passed, but in minutes we were asked again if we were ready to go into the room. Seemed like they were pushing to increase turnover, but there were only about 6 other guys in there. In any case, we agreed and were lead up some stairs into what seemed like a dingy old hotel. We each picked our rooms and waited.

You don't get to choose the girl, but I'm sure you can send them back if you want. I saw mine and then saw my friend's, and immediately traded with him. She was totally gorgeous, from Guizhou, someone I would have picked out of a classy KTV line-up. Service included tongue bath, salad-toss, fire/ice BBBJ, then FS. Her oral skills were spectacular, so I didn't last too long with the FS. Decent body with a gorgeous, model-type face that made the experience wonderfully complete for me. And that tongue! Didn't get her name, but her number is #121, and though part of me wants to keep her to myself I owe it to the board to pass it along to you guys.

Afterwards she handed over a slip and asked me to write down 500 (standard rate), plus a tip of either 30 or 50 (no more). The same deal goes with the towel boys downstairs. My friends and I each gave 50 tip to both the girl and the boys downstairs, and on top of that they added a 48 RMB bath fee, which is total bullshit but with 5 papasans standing around, there was no use arguing.

Total damage 648 RMB. Half the price of Macau, and with a girl like #121 I'd say much more than half the value.

BTW, tons of BBS up and down that area. We were thinking of heading in after the sauna (which, by the way, did not include any legit massage at all), but had to go to a dinner appointment. Something I'd think you'd enjoy, Wolf.

Black Jack
06-02-04, 14:56

Great idea in regards to starting a guide for saunas/massage. Since I've been here, I haven't really been to a sauna yet. A regualr massage parlour with extra services, yes..but sauna, no. I'm interested in finding some nice ones too similar to the ones in HK and Macau. But don't think the ones here would be as good, especially in comparison with Macua. The prices, service, selection and place is great there!

G Jetson,
Welcome to SH and to your first BB Shop. It sounds very similar to my first experience at a bbs here. 80RMB is not bad. Ranges anywhere from 50-100 or more.


G Jetson
06-02-04, 19:31
I went back to that same BBS on Jian Guo Lu & Tai Yuan Lu again last night. Mainly because I was tired from walking from Xin Tien Di back to my hotel and this was the nearest one (about a block).

I walked in this time more confident and knowing what was going to happen, so already I'm feeling pretty good. This time there were only three girls out front (I learned later that most were in back). I chose a girl and she led me back. Once again, I think the one from last night was pressuring me to have two girls at once. I declined and once again it took a few tries before she relented and went away.

This time my booth was right next to the curtain separating the back from the front (It was a packed house). She quickly gave me a half-hearted massage and then proceeded to grope my groin. A short time later, she's going away at my johnson and she's got her top pants around her ankle. What's interesting this time is that another customer walked in and she covered herself on my chest to disguise her hand manipulation. She kept staring out the thin curtain until she determined the guy was no threat. i of course took the opportunity to undo her top and bra. The usual ensued and soon I was done.

I gave her a hundred, planning on just giving it all to her (for covering me up in case it was a police officer), but she quickly came back and shoved two bills in my hand. I assumed the were two Y10 bills and shoved them in my pocket, leaving her a Y40 management fee & Y40 tip. As I walked out, I looked at the bills and noticed they were a Y10 & a Y50! She must have only charged the Y40 house fee and I stiffed her on the tip. I started feeling guilty and went back in and shoved Y20 in her hands.

My question is, did I need to give a tip in the first place? Should I have just walked home with the entire Y60 remainder?

06-02-04, 22:29

I just checked the forum and one question: Any new recommendations, ideas for action near Hilton?

PM me if ou like.

G Jetson
06-03-04, 02:02
All right,

I seem to be on a roll, or I'm backed up or something. Last night after hanging out at Xin Tien Di for awhile and nothing interesting happening, I decided to look for the BJ Factory on Madong Lu. I had tried to find the Huang Pi Lu one a couple of days ago to no avail. I ended up walking down some alley into a maze of homes and couldn't find anything. Fortunately the one on Madong Lu was much easier to find.

Once again the directions. Walk south (left) on Madong Lu from the west side of Xin Tien Di. After you pass Central Fuxing Lu, keep your eyes out for barber shop spinner poles. On the right hand side (west) of the road, you'll see two twin barber poles with stars on them about a third of the way down the block. Right before you hit the two poles, look to your right and you'll see a open foyer (no door). In the foyer up on the wall to the right is another small spinner. Walk up the three steps on the right (don't go up the longer stairway) and walk down the short hallway. There should be a door to the right where you'll see a waiting room with 10-15 girls just sitting around. You've made it!

Anyways, I walked up and asked for "An Moh" and they said to choose a girl. I chose a small one from Hunan. She took me back into the hallway and into a large room with the usual low cubicles. As she led me to a far one she asked if I'd been there before. I said no, but a friend told me to come here. She said since I knew what was going on, she'd forego the "massage" and proceed to the action. She asked how I wanted it and I told her to tell me what was available. She said "Zhou Ai" (FS) and I quickly said sure! She went to get a condom. On her return, she wiped down my groin with water and then started with a BBBJ. It was pretty good, but ended pretty soon. She rolled a condom on, took off her panties and mounted. She let me take off her bra and she had nice B-cups. She rode on me for about 10 minutes and sucked on my nipples. After completion, she wiped me off and I got dressed. I gave her Y200 and she was happy with it.

So once again, the address is Madang Lu, just south of Central Fuxing Lu on the right side, right before the twin star spinners down a foyer to the right.

I got FS for Y200, didn't ask the current price for BJ, but previous posts stated it was Y130.

The FS was definitely a pleasant surprise since I was only expecting a BJ.

Jack Spratt
06-03-04, 03:15

Are you Asian? A number of earlier posts talk about Madang Lu having a "no laowei" policy.

Funny isn't it - I had no trouble finding HuangPi, but have struggled to find Madang. For you it was the opposite.

Hopefully your explicit directions will lead me straight to Madang when I get to SH again.


G Jetson
06-03-04, 04:03

I am an American Chinese but for the most part, they really can't tell I'm not a native until I start talking for awhile.

Every time I've chatted up the girls before anything serious occurs and let it me known that I'm an American.

Those directions to Madang Lu are pretty specific so anyone should be able to find it now. I'll try to find the Huang Pi Lu one again sometime this week.

G Jetson

Shy Boy
06-03-04, 16:49
Haven't heard much about the Yan'an Lu tea house lately, and that's probably because the service and the business there have been so terrible. First time I went was a few weeks ago; took a couple of Shanghai buddies looking for a good time, and were disappointed to find only four girls to choose from, none of them particularly attractive.

Still, I ended up going back four more times in the two weeks after that, mainly because I hit it off with one of the girls (about a 6) from Sichuan, and now that investment has paid off as she became my first official freebie with a booty call yesterday afternoon. She's now left the tea house, so I'm sure selection must be even poorer.

All of this means, from my conversations with the girls there, that the girls may be willing to do a bit more. My buddy got FS from his girl last week for a measly 200 (+100 house fee), but she would have taken 100. Has anyone else been there recently and have a better description of the situation over there?

FYI locals pay 100 for a HJ; BJs are probably more difficult to come by. Beers, at 10 RMB a bottle, are crazy cheap, and I'd consider going back if it didn't reek of misery over there. Shy Boy out.

06-03-04, 19:03
Hi there!

I will be staying in the Regal Intl East Asia Hotel from June 24 to June 25. Anybody want to join me for some girl hunting?

Please send me a pm.


06-04-04, 05:37
G Jetson,
Good Job! That place had been shut for a while. I had stopped by a bunch of times and everything was closed.

Also, my monger buddy told me that recently they started some FS, but I had previously been unsuccessful in getting it.

I am glad you didnt up the price too high. that seems reasonable price to pay.

good job.


06-04-04, 10:48
The factory girls....

The factory girls are back from Hangzhou. They are not sure what to do for jobs since they dont want to work at the factory anymore, but in the meantime they are staying at my house. :-)

One of the ones from that original pic of the 4 of them is working as a mama at a KTV. The others dont know what to do. I told them I will hook them up with you guys and they can make some cash but they havent agreed yet. They are thinking about it.

In the meantime they are staying at mey house. 2 of them are the 2 hottest chicks from the factory that everyone always had to try. They were the ones who were rarely in the pics we took there because they were always up and down the stairs. Never had a break since customers always wanting them. I can see why they needed a break.

the 2 hottest ones are sichuan sisters. The older one is sleeping with me and the younger one is sleeping with one of my friends.

DAMN! Life is rough for a guy in Shanghai.

I will post some pics.


Mad Dog 001
06-05-04, 08:50
Can any one tell me if the Central hotel is going to be monger friendly as I have booked in there and will arrive tommorrow hope that there are a couple of you guys up for a couple of drinks on the town the first two rounds are on me.

It is my first time in Shanghai but I am an experienced hunter having lived in Thailand and was one of the partners in Living dolls and living dolls showcase (Pattaya). Well Drop me a line at the central hotel from 9.30pm 6th june sunday night I'll be ready to go and party! email addy is [Email Address deleted by Admin].

I will also travel to Hangzhou and Nimbo.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

06-05-04, 10:31
Last night was more fun than a guy should have.

While hanging out with a bunch of friends at some cool lounges, the sichuan sisters came to meet up.

On the way home later I was sitting in the middle of them in the taxi. They were rubbing my c**k and sucking my nipples and kissing me in the back of the car the whole way.

After we got home they began stripping and doing tease shows. Then of course we went to bed and had great sex.

My friend and I were trying to figure out how to turn it into a 4some, but he was so tired he totally dropped the ball. At one point I was playing lightly with both of them in my bed but the younger sister left to get my friend to go to bed with her.

That was supposed to be the last night before they leave for GZ or SZ, but it looks like they didnt get airtickets and they will stay here tonight.

I will surely try to get some 4some action and photos.

I will post some of the strip tease pics in the gallery.


Vulcan X
06-05-04, 11:14

First of all this is a very nice forum, and all the information posted here are extremely helpful. I will be coming to Shanghai with a friend in late August, and we'll be staying staying for about 10 days. I am wondering where I can find a 2-bedroom apartment to rent for that time. We don't really want to get into the hotel hassle. Thanks a lot for the help.

Vulcan X

06-05-04, 11:34

You are a legend. Without a doubt, the undisputed, "King of Shanghai". Keep up the great work, my friend!


06-05-04, 13:20
Hi all,

I'm new in Shanghai and have been following this forum for several months.

Since I don't speak good Chinese, I wonder how did you guys handle with those girls in BBS. How to ask them for BJ, HJ or FS?

I live around Xujiahui area. Any good BBS for good service recomended?


06-05-04, 15:03
Thanks man. I appreciate that coming from a guy who gets all the mamasan freebies that you get!

It is a tough job but somebody has to do it... right?

I hope tonight will bring forth similar fruit of my labor.


06-06-04, 04:07

Thank you for the compliments. I must say that the mamasans are not really free. I have to buy dinner, take them to a nice hotel, and buy small gifts from time to time to keep them happy. And, the worse thing is that the girls in their shops become off limits to me at only 150RMB a pop. Anyway, I have to admit the romance with them is a bit of fun and it strokes my ego.


P.S. Did I tell you I had a BBBJCIM from a SW in my car parked in a hotel parking lot. The security guard almost caught us in the act. You would have loved the public exposure side of this escapade. Come on down and you can have the back seat.

06-06-04, 04:15
I would love to try that fun out. I haven't done it in a car in a while.

I will come down there sometime within the next month. I look forward to cruising with you.


06-06-04, 10:08
Sichuan fun is over. :-(

Well the sichuan sister fun seems to be over. They didnt come over last night because they had to pack and get their rent deposit back from their landlord.

They left this morning to Shenzhen. They will likely work in either shenzhen or guangzhou.
If anything changes you will be the first to know! hehe


06-06-04, 10:13
Well I still managed to have fun today with out the Sichuan sisters.

A freebie I had a long time ago (A Filipina) in Suzhou, and had since passed along to Lucky888, told me she was in Shanghai. She is a little bit anoying so I didnt want to see her.

At one point she told me she had to be at the train station at 5 so I told her to come over at about 3:30. She made it over at about 4 and we ripped each others clothes off and had sex for about 20 minutes. She came 4 times (a surprise to me because the first time I was with her she wasnt that fast) - I think Lucky888 got her trained for me!

After we both finished she said, "We dont HAVE to cuddle do we?"

she got up a few minutes later and left for the train station.

I got a few pics I will post.


06-06-04, 13:15
Pass by Xin Huai Hai Yu Le Cheng on Fuxing Lu mentioned by Shy Boy a while ago and decided to check it out. It's basically a sauna but the showing/bath area and resting area are terrible. There are server better ones in Shanghai at the same price such as the one near The Door. In fact, the environment of the one near The Door is so much better.

The process is usual. Take shower, go upstair to the resting area. There are two papasan and one momosan working. I was asked if I wanted massage as soon as I enter the resting area. I went for it. I was taken into the backroom with two massage table set side by side. The wall is quite thin here. I keep hearing different moaning from other room, even the sound of squeaking tables.

3 minutes later, the girl came. Damn, I was surprised how pretty she is. The face is definitely a 9, the body is a 8, great leg but small breast.

She asked me to strip off and lay down. She proceed to give tounge bath, fire/ice BJ, and follow service. The service itself is kind of rush which I don't like. However, after we are finished, I got up dressed and ready to leave. She asked me to lay down again and she sit down next to me resting her head on my leg. We started some small talks. I got to take a better look at her face. One of the most beautiful pair of eyes I have seen. However, there are some scars on her body looked like burn mark.

Lay there with her about 15 minutes and I got up and leave. The total damage is 650. The massage is 500 + 50 tips.

I am not sure my take in this one. The place is in terrible sharp. I want to take another shower after taking a shower there. The resting chairs covers look like it has not been changed for a long while. Can't feel comfortable resting there. However, this may serve the establishment's purpose.

However, I am drown to the girl. Cute face and a sparkeling eyes! Damn, I don't know. I would probably go back but it's just because of I am such a big sucker for eyes.

06-06-04, 15:04
Well... Looks like this is my sauna week. On Wednesday, got a call from a girl I knew from YuanAn Lu Tea house. She told me that she's working at the Yuan You Yuan sauna on Hongqiao Lu. She asked me if I'd go down there to see here.

I went on Thursday night. The sauna was great. Nice environemnt and excellent service. After shower and some hot steam, I went into the resting area. Ask the waiter to set up a massage session with the girl.

Went into the room, saw the girl and we started hug and kiss. Before I knew it, I was getting BBBJ and soon doing her bareback. Went on for about 30 minutes before I cum. Hold her in my arm and we lay on the table for about 10 minutes. She told me that the place is HJ (maybe BJ) but definitely no FS. However, she's happy to see me.

Not sure if that's true but she actually became a freebie for a while after I met her in the tea house. I guess there may be some truth to it.

06-06-04, 16:59
Found a strip of BB shops.

Not close by but they look nice and slutty.

In Yang Pu Qu, of Yanjin Zhong Lu near the Yan PU elevated Rd/bridge.

If you take the taxi to there, and go ON Yanjin Zhong Le east there is one real shady place and if you go west there are about 8 or so shops.

I wasnt able to go in them due to my circumstances but they are really tempting because you could hit them one after another to try out what services you get.

Being in that area I am sure the price is decent.


Dogs Body
06-06-04, 19:46
My trip to SH and Beijing was not quite all it could have been as my lodgings in Beijing did not seem guest friendly. I plan to return asap and I am sure many would like to have information on where to stay, without the mixed results you get from a keyword search.

I would like to start a list of hotels, service apartments, guesthouses or short time rooms anywhere in the PRC. This list I will provide to members through the PM system.

A PM to me with the name of the venue, the city and if the guest was required to register. That is all that's necessary. You can add any comments you wish but the list would work best if its stated that tipping, bribing, or other unusual methods were required. Reports of unfriendly hotels are welcome!

I post this request in the Beijing and SH sections to test the response of the membership.

06-07-04, 03:10
I have been in a massive amount of hotels in my time in china and NEVER had to register a girl that was coming in.

Worst case is I had to walk her up from the lobby.

I cant say for sure but I know many friends from this board such as Faguoren and Lucky888. I dont recall them ever mentioning that they cant get girls in.


06-07-04, 05:23
About Hotel security: I too have been in alot of hotels in China - mostly in Beijing and Shanghai. From jv 5stars to chinese 2stars. I've never had a problem - only a stare or 2 by the security or doorman. However - whenever I check into a hotel I do a couple things:

1) Tip the bellhop who brings my bags to the room and promise him a drink at the bar of his choice. He's usually the guy who will help me score later in the stay, pickup phone cards, etc.

2) Tip the doorman 10 or 20RMB/day for his 'gracious' services. Nice to have a good taxi waiting whenever you call!

3) Don't walk into the hotel with totally sleazy looking SW girls - for the extra RMB one can have very nice, good style, GFE looking girls - so why bother? Exception to the rule is the Golden Horde, whom everyone is afraid of anyways!

4) Treat the staff with respect and don't put them in an obvious position to lose face and I think you'll be fine.


06-07-04, 14:05

I have had the same expereince as you, in the worst case situation, you have to get dressed and get them from the lobby. I had one girl come directly to my room after 11pm. I was really suprised as the hotel, Sheraton Grand lifts need cards to get them moving. She (smart girl) had brought a A4 sized business looking envelope with her and the bell boy let her up with his card.

Those Shanghai girls are getting too smart!

If you look nervous then you might have problems, if you look relaxed then should be fine.

G Jetson
06-07-04, 16:46
I've finally found it.

After two frustrating attempts at finding the bj factory on Huang Pi Nan Lu, I finally decided this time I was going to find it if I had to go down every alley from Hefei Lu south. I remember reading on the forum that the address was 675 Huang Pi Nan Lu. So once again I walked south from the subway station past Xin Tien Di on Huang Pi Nan Lu. After Hefei Lu intersection, I walked on the left hand (east) side. I found 675, but it was a store front of some sort. So I walked down the alleys on both side into the residential sections on both side. I thought maybe this was a special secret BJ factory hidden in the lanes.

After walking down 4 alleys and not being able to find anything, I was just about ready to give up. I remembered seeing a bunch of BBS's that looked promising on this block of Huang Pi Lu so I thought I might try one of those and at least get something for my efforts. I do recall walking down the street that on the other side of the street (west) there was a brightly lit alley that I spied a spinner in the back, but the address was 698, so it couldn't have been the famous BJ factory, but it seemed much further from the street so the potential was there. Sure enough, this was the correct place, someone had just mixed up the address number.

Let me describe the entrance in more detail. About 1/3 of the way down Huang Pi Nan Lu after Hefei Lu (going south from the subway station and Xin Tien Di) on the right (west) side, you'll come across a short but fairly wide alley. It's well lit with strings of white colored christmas lights (at night) running down the short alley above you. To the left of the alley (just south of it), you'll see the number 698. If you look down to the end of the short alley, you'll notice a little spinner above a sign with 4 red chinese letters on a blue background with a arrow pointing to the left. Running along the left and up the wall, you'll notice a long thicker yellow light cord running from the front of the alley to the back and disappearing to the left. Just follow this yellow cord around the corner. Around the corner, there's a awkward looking turnstile, just go through the turnstile. On the right will be a parking area for bicycles. On the left you will pass some sort of large commercial kitchen. Go up the flight of concrete steps to the top and into the room. There should be a guy (papasan) that keeps a eye out on everything.

When I went last night (Monday night around 9 pm), there were no girls in the waiting room, but the guy quickly called a girl down. She looked quite acceptable (C cups and around 5'5", thin body). She promptly took me into the back area. There seems to be a lot of rooms back here and it looks like they can accommodate a lot customers at once. She sat me down and went out to get some supplies. We chatted a bit while she rubbed my chest. There didn't seem to be any discussion or attempt with a massage so I guess there's only one item on the menu. She proceeded to take my pants down, wipe my crotch down and use a wet nap on my right hand (in case I finger her... which was obviously expected). She took down her pants and freed her breasts. I asked if they were real and she said yes. At this point she proceeded to give me a BBBJ. It was going pretty good so I started to play with her pussy and work my finger in her pussy. I tried to get two fingers in, but she kept pulling away when I tried that. After a few minutes, she asked if I wanted her to get her "big sister" so I can have two at a time, I politely declined and said she was already too much for me. I complimented her and told her she's enough woman for two guys and I think she liked that.

She would alternate giving me head while tweaking my nipples to sucking on my nipples and giving me a HJ. At one point, she grabbed my left hand and placed in on her breast. I purposely held out as long as I could to prolong the experience. After about another 5 minutes or so, she once again asked if I wanted her "big sister" too. I said no again and she proceeded to finish me off in her mouth. She wiped me down and blew some smoke up my ass by saying my ejaculate had a lot of volume and my penis was fairly large, both of which was a crock of shit. By the way, she didn't swallow (which was of course not expected). I got dressed and went back to the waiting room where I paid the guy Y130 and walked out.

My only complaints are that she twice asked if I wanted another girl and she also used that fake moaning that sex workers sometimes use to try to get you to finish faster, even though I wasn't even fingering her at the time. Also I was disappointed in not having a selection to choose from. I guess if I wanted, I could have refused the girl and requested the guy call down a different one.

So to recap, the address is on the right side of Huang Pi Lu going southward from the subway station and Xin Tien Di. It's at 698 Huang Pi Nan Lu and just look for the string of white christmas lights and the thick yellow light cord. Follow the thick yellow light cord around the corner to the left, go through the weird turnstile and up the concrete stairs. The total damage should be Y130.

I hope with these directions, everyone should be able to find the Huang Pi Nan Lu BBBJ Factory from now on.

06-07-04, 18:47
I stay almost exclusively in 4 and 5 star hotels. I've brought in gilrls at all hours and even walked them back out at 2-4am. I don't look at the doorman/security guys....so I never know if they're looking at me. ;) I always occupy my attention by talking or joking with the girl and holding her hand or arm in a GF manner. Remember--if you look "guilty" of something, then other people will notice and think that way. If you look like things are normal and you're confident, why should anyone doubt you?

06-07-04, 18:49
Yummy16 --

the answer is you just do it. You figure it out. Play charades. Remember, the girls are used to doing this kind of thing.

06-07-04, 20:15
If you're the nervous type, don't look at the staff. Instead look like you're busy chatting to your girl.

Alternatively, if you've even got problems doing that, pull out your mobile and pretend you're looking through your texts.

One whiff of trepidation is all they need.

06-08-04, 04:24
NEVER had a problem here in SH bringing in a gal of any sort. If you walk in like you own the place, they will NEVER question you. Be nice to the staff beforehand and you won't have to worry.

After reading OAH's comments...i need a car!

06-08-04, 04:48
A girl told me she had to pay the Ritz Carlton security RMB100 kick back when she left alone but not when I walked her out of the lobby.

This makes me think there is a game going on between between security and the girls regarding payment of kick backs.

Bad Boy Billy
06-08-04, 07:50

I must pick you up on this matter of girl-friendly hotels.

Trust me, I am a very well presented businessman and i certainly do not lack confidence or am brain dead, but certain hotels in China WILL NOT allow girls in with you after 11pm.

In Shanghai, Sofitel Hyland is a NO go after 11pm with an outside girl.

I have never tried to take up the girls who frequent the German Bar in Sofitel itself, but outside girls are a definte NO NO.

In Beijing, Sheraton Great Wall has also refused me entry after 11pm with a very well dressed little lady under my arm, as has Landmark Towers right next door, although there is a back entrance where you do not need to go past lifts in front, and also Novotel Xin Qiao will not allow them under any circumstances.

Ramada in Nanjing Rd in Shanghai has open door policy just doors up from Sofitel Hyland in Nanjing Rd, go figure?

I stayed at Ramada in April, right after checking in I went and found the manager and asked HER directly if it would be allowed, she answered in the positive.

Had she said no I would have changed hotels the next morning. But therein lies the problem, if you have to book in first before you can ascertain the girl-friendliness you might just be disappointed. Imagine a night in Shanghai without one of those gorgeous little Chinese angels tucked up beside you, a fate worse than death.

Perhaps a great idea as an add-on to the WSG would be a list of "girl friendly" hotels with consistent updating or ticks of compliance or whatever by members as they experience them.

Just my 2RMB worth.

Am heading to Shanghai June 30 for a week, that consists of 5 hours work and 6 days 19 hours of pussy hunting.

Will be staying at Hua Ting Hotel which is defintely girl friendly, god I loved waltzing into that hotel at 3am on April 8 with 2 little beauties under my arms, nobody even blinked.

Can anybody tell me if the Hard Rock Cafe in Shanghai is operating again?


BJ Boy
06-08-04, 19:45
Bad Boy Billy, you are right. There is no such thing as a fool proof way to get a girl in after 11pm. Yes, acting naturally and not looking guilty helps but it won't guarantee anything. Some hotels enforce the policy (actually it's the law), others really don't care.

Just one more comment - it's illegal to have a NON REGISTERED guest in your room after 11pm in China. If she has her ID - and if you and her are both willing - you can always register her and then you're free to come and go as you please. Of course, either you or her may not want to go for this option.

06-08-04, 21:08
Hi all,

I have to say that the Shanghai forum is one of the best WSG forums around - as a seasoned monger from LA this has been a wealth of information. I just visited family there and was able to escape for merely an afternoon but thought I should report nonetheless. My apologies for those that don't want the BBS info - it was the main topic when I was in Shanghai at the end of May (all the great sauna info didn't come out until after June!) I also apologize for the vagueness of the locations, it was my first time in SH with limited chinese (can't read it at all):

Took a cab to Hong Zhong Lu . There were several barbershops along this road. I had chosen this place based on some of the posts but the spelling of the road was different (Hong vs. Hang) so I may have been in the wrong area. I was in the southwest part of Shanghai.

I went inside one and asked for a massage and she took me into a back room with several chairs curtained off. It wasn't as private as I would like but it would do the trick. She started the massage and I complimented her on her looks, sliding my hand up her slide to which she smiled and started massaging my legs and then finally to the big guy. She went to get tissues and then when she finally got it out, I asked her to put it in her mouth but she refused, saying that none of the girls do that here. So I ended up with a HJ for 50 RMB (which for us stateside is a steal)

06-08-04, 21:08

Not taking no for an answer, I went to look for another location. Ended up going down one of the alleys since I saw two of the barshop poles down it. Went to the first one full of young girls, they brought me to a room where it was a beds, no dividers so I figured I had gone to the wrong place. Left without any money exchange and went back up the street.

This time I saw a cute girl in a short skirt waiting outside one of them so I asked if she worked there and she brought me in. At first she had a bit of an attitude so I figured I'd strike out but gave it a go. She brought me up to a similar room with no curtains, I was about to turn to leave when the mamasan came in and I said that I wanted more privacy. She then moved aside a curtain and opened a hidden door. Then I knew I hit the jackpot! The girl was now all smiles and came in with me. It was hot as hell but I was also randy from the excitement so we took off our clothes and lay in bed to cuddle a little. She started stroking me when I asked her if she would make love to me (tzuao ai) to which she agreed. She started a bbbj then asked me to put it in her (without condom!!) I obviously asked for a cover which she got and put it on. Would have agreed to DATY but I took a whiff down there and decided it was not in my best interest. Got in missionary and unfortunately came before I got into any other positions. Was pretty believable and tight as hell. When we were done she cleaned me off and started asking me if we would like to be friends etc etc. Gave me her cell number and a wink. Total price: 150 RMB which is less than $20USD for full service...woo hoo!! This girl also told me that she was going to open her own shop sometime soon - please PM if you want her number.

Now I know some of your frown upon the worker conditions of this area but it was a very different experience for me and I enjoyed it, if not for the adventure certainly for the price. I'm really looking forward to trying out the saunas recently described the next time I head down there. Sorry for the long post!

06-09-04, 02:00
To the hotel thread: I stay often at the Portmann and JW Marriott, and never was questionned. Marriott is a little tricky as you have to change elevators and go trough the lobby/foyer where there are always folks having drinks and listening to piano. So if you bring a girl before 1 am, all the folks in the lounges will stare a little bit (who cares, I am having fun but they are just bored having tea). There is a workaround: use the appartments elevators instead of the hotel ones, and change elevators at the SPA floor, this way you avoid going through the lobby/foyer and say hi to your boss and secretary.

06-09-04, 02:32
Praise to G Jetson for the directions for the Huangpi Lu BBBJ heaven. Went there last night 10 PM and found it right away. Papasan directed me to a room in the back where 9 girls were waiting.

Half the girls were semi cute, other half were kind of scary, but they were all under 25 and smiling.

Picked one almost randomly and proceeded to the other side of the place in the 'laying' areas. There are 2 rooms with around over 10 chairs or beds per room, dim red light. Walls between stations are quite low, and one can easily see what is happening on the other side, which I like (if you like privacy, do not go there). There was 3 or 4 folks in the same room getting serviced.

The rest is very much as G Jetson described, so close that I think we may have picked the same girl.... except I stood up after a while to check what was going next station while she was polishing me.

Nice place, not number one for cleanless (she spit it all on the floor and the chairs were sticky), but quite good in all other respects.

06-09-04, 09:47
City Hotel Shanxi Road is also girl friendly.

06-09-04, 16:31
Just validated that the factory on Madang Lu (after you pass Central Fuxing Lu) still has a "no laowei" policy. Too bad, the girls I saw inside where very, very pretty.

The papasan politely (but firmly) redirected me to the BBS next door (the one between the two large spinning poles) I tried to negotiate, but no way, he would not let me in.

The BBS next door had very cute girls too, but they would only do regular massage and HJ at most.

Would the let a laowei in if he was with his Shanghainese buddy? I'll try next.

06-10-04, 04:19
They will let you in. I have been before. I also got a date with the mamasan from that place.

anyway, for a short time they shut it out to laowai for police problems. That was last November.

Since then I have been. I only go to try to get FS which they still have not offered me but they offer my buddy who is chinese.

just be diligent and press on for the cause! hehe


Mad Dog 001
06-10-04, 08:03
Just a quick report and a warning to the newbies:

Last night picked up an 8 from the french quarter and back to the hotel for a st at 600rmb. I set up my camera to watch the room and fun whilst she showered and caught her looking through all my stuff including trying to open locked luggage whilst I showered. I pointed this out to her after watching the footage whilst she showered my spunk out of her hair and told her that she was a fool and threw her out of the room threatening to call the hotel security. well this was after this experienced hunter had his way with her and shot his load.( never leave anything of value unlocked with a visiter in my room! she was payed 100rmb for being an idiot. Had she been honest and not a thief she would have been payed and tiped an extra 200rmb.

Nuff said, be careful.

Secret Hunter
06-10-04, 09:59
Thanks for the detailed direction on the location of Huangpi Lu factory, G Jetson. Easily found it last night...finally! Absolutly no questions, nothing except the pimp showed me the way to the room with about 10+ girls and told me to chose whoever I like.

Found a girl called "Anna" with glasses (It is the reason I pick her cause I thought it's quite funny. She must know that since she never took it off during the session.) Service is so so and she kept on asking me whether I wanted her sister, "a beautiful girl", to serve me together. Rejected by me.

Interesting thing is, she was so wet that splashed all over my hand. How come? I don't think that's common. Did they have any tricks?

She, and other girls, signed on cards hanging on the wall after the service. Just like those cards in a real factory, where workers get paid by the working results on those cards. A well organized factory!

Thanks again for G Jetson's report. A minor thing: the alley is 698 Huangpi Lu, I remember. The big sign on Huangpi Lu is for a foot massage place. When you are on Huangpi Lu and at the entrance of the alley, don't be confused that you saw the end of the alley--it is not. The turnstile can be found on your left when you reached the end, just as G Jetson reported.

06-10-04, 17:46
Bad Boy Billy,
Thanks for the challenge. Although I have no desire to stay there compared to other hotels, I will try to stay sometime soon at the Sofitel Hyland and bring in a girl after 11pm. I'll see if I can get Blankie to come take video for documentation of my success or failure. Never been denied before...might as well take the challenge, I figure.


Bad Boy Billy
06-10-04, 23:55

I was certainly not issuing challenges to anybody, I thought I was posting a sensible, responsible report in an attempt to ASSIST other mongers.

I fully undestand that it MIGHT be possible to sneak past security, coerce security or by some other means actually get a girl up to your room.

However MANY, if not MOST fellow mongers have no desire at all to be confronted by security personel on there return to there hotel room with gorgeous desireable female company.

The point I was making was that there are security personel stationed right outside the lifts at the Sofitel Hyland to STOP girls going to your room after 11pm.

This I suggest would render this hotel GIRL-UNFRIENDLY.

I posted these expereiences of mine as a GENUINE attempt to ASSIST others.

There are other hotels in Shanghai such as Ramada in Nanjing Rd, Hua Ting Hotel etc that I stay at regularly that have NO security visible at all to disrupt your activities.

I guess if you interpret my post as some sort of CHALLENGE then that is your prerogative.

Have fun everybody and keep burying that bone as often as you can.

06-11-04, 00:30

I stayed at the Sofitel my first time in China. I had a girl I met from alt.com come by there and see me. She was not asked any questions at all and she stayed the night with me. We went out and came back after 11. The Sofitel is too easy. I think you need a tougher challenge, ha ha.

06-11-04, 02:39
Full Service BB Shop at 441 Kan Ding lu in Jing An area. There is another shop next to it. It appears to not offer FS, but this one does.

They have back room and upstairs rooms.

I got a girl who gave me great un rushed service.

Prices are from around 100-200 or so depending what you want, which room you choose, and how long you stay.


06-11-04, 02:40
Cheap HJ shop.

Also in Jing An. Wan Han Du Lu (I may have spelled it wrong). The shop has REALLY good looking girls.

Tapioca and I went and you can get HJ for 60rmb and do some fondling.


06-11-04, 02:45
Recent Factory Reports

Recently the factory Sucks ass. (no i dont mean you can pay them to suck your ass)

My friend went there the other night (new location) and said only 6 girls were there and they were not cute.

Then I went there yesterday and they only had 9 girls.

Of course that didnt stop me from nailing 2 of them during the 45 minutes I was there. (hey.... when in Rome right?)

Anyways, The only decent thing is that I took the private room and this time didnt have to pay the 200rmb for private room, I got it for the normal laowai price of 150.

I also got decent service from the 2 chicks, but damn, the quality of the girls is also pretty bad.


G Jetson
06-11-04, 06:57
I guess we need some tips from Blankie.

I took a laowai friend to the Madang Lu FS/BJ factory last night around 2am. Myself and another ethnic Chinese guy walked into the room and looked over the selection (decent, but not great) but when my American friend walked up, the papasan said no. I said he was with me and he's ok, but the the guy still said no. I told the guy if we all couldn't go in, then we'd all have to leave but he wouldn't relent. So we left and walked over to the Huang Pi Nan Lu BJ factory. There my American had no problem.

The selection was much better. We all chose a girl and went back. My girl was fine, my Chinese Canadian friend was all over his girl, DATY, kissing, etc..., but my laowai friend was having difficulty. His girl wouldn't let him finger her (She wears glasses). After about 15 minutes, he said enough was enough and told the girl it was over. I wonder if it was because he's white? I finished quickly and walked with him to the waiting room to wait for our friend. We told the papasan that the girl wouldn't let him touch her, he walked back to talk to the girl, but he really didn't do anything about it. My friend wanted to go again with a different girl. He chose one and went back again.

My Chinese friend came out and we both sat down to wait a bit. We chatted up our experiences and compared notes. 15 minutes later my American friend came out. He again couldn't finish, but really liked the girl. He said this was his first time in a place like that (brothel/bbs/etc...where he had to pay for sex) and maybe he was having issues with it.

We walked out, but he really wanted to take his last girl home. I said it wouldn't hurt to ask so I walked back up and asked, but the papasan said that wasn't possible. I told my friend he needed to have gotten the girls' phone number while he was private with her, but he doesn't really speak Chinese enough.

Has anyone ever been able to pull a girl out of this place? with the papasan's approval? I'm sure it's possible to talk a girl into meeting after she gets off work.

Lion Man
06-11-04, 08:44
I'm new to this board. Could someone please kindly summarize the terminology used here, such as BBS. BJ Factory, BBBJ Factory, Full Service, and so on?

Lion Man

06-11-04, 15:45
Travelling to Shanghai soon, staying on West Nanjing Road, anyone kow any good BBS nearby?

06-12-04, 01:58
Lion Man -- look at the top of the webpage in the black bar -- "Terms and Abbreviations"
One term we use in China not on the list is BBS -- stands for BarBerShop
"Factory" refers to a BBS with lots of girls; lots meaning,. say, 15 or more girls and a fairly public place or large room with only curtains separating the mongers. Like a industrial factory, a BBS factory is a fairly noisy place with lots of audible bumping, grinding, and groaning. :)

06-12-04, 02:03
Billy -- Appreciate your post fully. I'm a monger who likes a challenge -- sometimes the chase of an elusive girl, sometimes the challenge of fooling a hotel's system. Sorry if you took my comments personally - I wasn't suggesting you issued me a challenge, but rather that I'll take the challenge from the hotel. Keep up the good posts! Cheers mate.

06-12-04, 09:09
Fellow Mongers - I wish I had known of this site before my last Asian trip! First let me contribute a tale of woe from my last trip (before I discovered WSG), and then let me ask - how do I get laid in Shanghai?

Last time, I went wandering out in a large shopping district (I don’t know the name). It was a place where the street was (permanently) closed to traffic for many blocks, and it was lined with huge stores, with more neon lights than Las Vegas. Anyway, I wasn’t there 10 minutes before a girl walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to go to a tea house. She only spoke a few words of English. She was cute, and I accepted.

After we ate (trying to speak a bit), she asked if we could go shopping. At this point, she held my hand. Now I am not stupid enough to think that a much younger girl would be coming on to me and asking me to go shopping just because she likes me. But I figured this was the pro game in Shanghai, and I thought I would just go with the flow.

So she pressed me to buy her increasingly expensive items until I balked. At this point, I wanted to cut to the chase, so I offered her 1000RMB to come back to the hotel with me. She declined, and I started to leave. But she chased me down, and said “we go sing song now.” I figured, what the hell (big mistake).

She took me to what I now know is a “KTV” bar, and she proceeded to order everything on the menu, ten times over. We spent about 2 hours there, during which I got only a few hugs and kisses. I didn’t look at what she was ordering -- I figured, how much can soda and watermelon cost in China? Well at the end I was shocked to be presented with a bill for about $300US. I paid, and counted myself $300 wiser. I took a cab back to my hotel, and she jumped in also. When I got to the hotel, she urged me to have dinner with her instead of going into the hotel. I was somewhat offended that she actually thought I was stupid enough to continue dealing with her after the KTV episode. But I couldn’t be too indignant, since I had been quite stupid enough so far! She grabbed me and tried to drag me physically away from the hotel. But when she saw I was really done with her, she got in the cab and rode off, presumably to seek her next victim.

So I guess I have to echo (belatedly) the advice I see on the website over and over - stay away from KTV joints! Whoever coined the phrase “price of a song” was apparently not familiar with the price of songs in Shanghai KTV clubs!

So, anyway, how do I get laid properly in Shanghai? By the way, I speak zero Mandarin. I gather from what I have read so far that there are essentially no easy-to-find working girls to be had here, right?

06-12-04, 09:24
I went to Huang Pi Nan Lu yesterday (6/12) around 8 PM. I didn't notice any adnormal thing happened outside of the premise. But as I approached the stairs leading up to the BJ Factory, a young lady was coming down the stairs. She was kind of in a hurry. When we came close to each other, she said to me quitely in Chinese "don't go in, thing happens". With my pathetic Chinese, I asked her why (I'm an Chinese American, by the way). Her reply was "don't go in" and said something in Chinese that I don't understand. I didn't want to stay a night in a Chinese jail if a bust was going on, so I left. I went to Madang Lu BJ Factory. there were about 8-10 girls there varying from 4 - 8 in look. I picked one and went to the common back room. She performed BBBJ on me for about 5 min and then offered me FS for 200 RMB. I don't like surrounding because there is no privacy at all, so I declined. The BBBJCIM cost me 130 RMB total. I probably won't go back because of the surrounding.

06-12-04, 15:00
G Jetson'

I did talk to several girls about take-out. They usually declined while on working. Shanghai is not like Thailand where you can take the girl out by paying a bar fine. What you can do is find out when the girl has the day off and get her cell phone #. If she likes you, she'll give you these info. Then go out with her on her day-off and have a good time.

Apac Boy
06-12-04, 17:07
hey Jetson,

was that chick was glasses have black hair and big boobs?


G Jetson
06-12-04, 19:14

That's the one. Sort of short (5' 3" or so). Curvy black hair and pretty big boobs. Wears black rimmed glasses I think. I'm glad my friend chose her because if he didn't, I would have. Saved me a disappointing experience. I sort of have a thing for the librarian look.

G Jetson

06-13-04, 04:33

I had the same girl at the Huangpi Lu BJ Factory several weeks ago. I intended to post a warning about her but forgot. I picked her because she looked sexy with big tits and glasses. When we got to the back for business, she tried negotiating the price starting at 300RMB! I don't speak Chinese but she got the point when I insisted it was 130.

She also had implants and resisted when I tried to finger her pussy. Then when we were done, she kept telling me her name but I forgot it.

She is my only bad experience at this place, I would reccomend staying away from her.

Secret Hunter
06-13-04, 09:21
G Jetson,

Your laowai friend might have the same girl I had a couple of days ago. It's strange that she refused to be fingered: before her service to me, she wiped both my little guy AND my fingers--a clear message to me.

Well the chicks in BBS do some weird things. Several days ago I explored the Chang De Rd area. After testing two BBS on Jiao Zhou Rd/An Yuan Rd and receiving only legit treatments, I went into the BBS I visited a couple of times: the one with small entrance but big space inside at Chang De Rd/Chang Ping Rd. Pick a cute but this chick kept on letting me lower my voice ( I spoke so low that I could not even hear myself!) During the session she bite my hand and made all kinds of faces but would not make any noises. Don't know why she refused to moan which usually turn me on (even fake).

A new area I found out is on Chang Zhong Rd. Drive along Gong He Xin Rd. and turn left(west) at Chang Zhong Rd. After 2 or 3 blocks there are several BBS on your right hand side(North). The quality of girls is low (at least the one I was in) but they follow a different operation style. If they are sure you want not only legit massage, they will lead you to an apartment across the street, where you can get full service. It is safer, they claimed. The total cost is 150 for FS, but they asked me pay 50 deposit before went to the apt with the girl since I was new there.

06-13-04, 16:13
Madang Lu factory

Had a meeting in Xintiandi in the afternoon and decided to check out the factory on Madang Lu. Thanks to Jetson's detail direction, I found the factory in no time.

Went to the waiting room and saw 10+ girls there. Some are in pretty revealing dresses. The quality of the girls were pretty good. Pick up a girl name Li Meng from Harbin. She took me to the backroom. We sit and chat for a bit before she asked what I want. I told her that I want "QuanTao" (literally Full Service). ;) She went out and get the gears ready.

She sit next to me when she came back and started with a little chat, starting to rub my chest while I was running my hand all over her. Then we started kissing and striped each other off. I place her on the bed and started to going down on her. She was rushing me at all. After some DATY, we switch and she started to give me some BJ. She put the condom on me and we did it in a couple positions. After we finished, we sit together and cuddle for about 10 minutes until some guy on the other end of the room was unable to really do anything with other presented in the rooms. His girl came to talk to mine so we had to leave.

I was very happy with my girl, a totally GEF. I tried to ask her for phone number so I can contact her for coming over. However she told me that they worked from 5 pm to 5am and can't really go out. Has anyone tried taking girl out of Madang Lu Factory?

Blank? Any suggestions? Tips? I really like to spend a night with that girl.

06-13-04, 22:02
Hi guys in Shanghai,

Give me your hunting infos on those:

Bar Zoop
Malone Pub
Gwo lai Xintao( bar / disco near harbour )
Baby face

Thanks in advance


MS Fun
06-14-04, 08:57
Hi all,

Since I might have to leave the girls here for a while and go back to the bigger sized asses, I would like to take some DVD's.
What is the going rate for Porn DVD's here? I usually pay 8 Kuai for the normal, but I guess the ilegal point get this much higher.

And sorry this is not about mongering, but I will add again when I am back in business.


06-14-04, 09:57
I have been trying to figure out what type of girl works at a BBS. I think some of these girls really like doing what they do and its not totally about the money.

I visited one today located about 6 blocks north of the Sheraton Tai Ping Yang. It was about 3pm in the afternoon and when I walked in, the 3 girls acted confused. I am a western guy and dressed fairly nice. I motioned for a "massagee", so they understood. I was ushered into the back room and the curtains pulled. Almost immediately, she was massaging my cock. My pants came down, her shirt and bra came up and her panties came down. She motioned to her mouth did I want a BJ, so I said "yes". She got an alcohol swab, wiped my dick, then dove down. She proceeded to intensely sucking for 4-5 minutes including deep throat while I fingered her pussy. She got really wet, so I think she liked it. She took a short break as her mouth must have gotten tired but she continued to stroke my cock pretty good. Then I started to shoot, she dove back down and sucked me totally dry. I was hot in the small room and I was sweating like a pig. I think she wanted me to fuck her, but I had difficulty understanding exactly what she wanted. It was so hot, I just wanted to leave at that point.

I mean, she could have just finished me by hand, but she wanted me to finish in her mouth. She hugged me, I paid her, and then left. Very GFE during the short time I was there. I can only conclude some girls really enjoy giving BJ including CIM.

Apac Boy
06-14-04, 17:56
So me and blankie had a bet going concerning his 315rmb Xintiandi chick he was bragging about a couple of weeks ago. I told him I will break his record of 315rmb. We were walking around Xintiandi looking for hos when we saw her again the other night. Blankie pointed her out and apparently, she kept trying to ignore him. So Tapioca goes in and tries to negotiate a truce. blah blah blah....

Ok, so before we leave, we exchanged numbers. Couple of days later, we go out and I take her to Rojam...I could have taken her back then but these chicks can smell desperation. Gotta be patient...

Next day she calls me and we meet at Xintiandi. We decide to "watch a DVD" and order pizza at my house since it was kind of raining....Next thing I know we're all over each other and Blankie calls at that same time to ask me some stupid question. I get off the phone and in 3 min. I was in that tight lil puss. Fuck, this chick is small and tight. I feel like when I'm all da way in her, I can feel the back of her throat.

I finish, and she goes into the bathroom to clean herself up. We just sat and chatted about nothing really and I told her she can come anytime she wants. She left and took the pizzas I bought and my pasta for her mom. She did ask for taxi money which I gladly gave (I gave her 100rmb and told her to use the change to come see me next time).

Total damage:
40rmb = Rojam entrance for her previous night
85rmb = pizza and pasta for two delivered
100rmb = taxi money

225 rmb for XTD girl. Of course, that would have never happend if it wasn't for Blankie...the good cop, bad cop routine worked dood!

06-15-04, 04:42

Any idea how long that West Nanjing Road is, hm?!!

Nanjing Road is Shanghai's main shopping street. You certainly will not find a BBS directly on this street, but almost in any smaller side street.


06-15-04, 09:17
I have gotten the phone number of the mama san of that Madang Lu factory who at the time was a tight small cute one about 30 years old. I never used it.

I suggestion I have to get the number of the one you like is to see her multiple times and make it as GFE/BFE as possible.

then when she looks forward to you being her customer, offer to take her out sometime "as friends"

I have done this a lot and it works pretty well.


06-15-04, 09:19

I concede defeat....

you did a frigging great job. damn....


Apac Boy
06-15-04, 12:29
actually, I did see one shady one close to the Portman on Nanjing road. It is about 2-3 blocks West of the Portman . It is one of those darkened windows BBS but I dont know how much play u will get in there...


06-15-04, 14:34

Thanks for the suggestion. I did that a lot before. It does work pretty well. Seeing the girl a couple times, exchanging some SMS and a couple phone calls go a long way. This worked not just for pro but girls in legit places as well. Eventually, they will turn into freebies. However, the drawback is to handle the emtion aftermath. This is subjected to a lot of discussion in this forum and I am not going into the subject now.

On the other subject, just found Red Light World (http://www.wired.com/news/games/0,2101,63821,00.html?tw=newsletter_topstories_html). Pretty interesting to see our lives to be made into an online video game! Maybe we can add the Shanghai expansion to it. ;)

06-16-04, 13:55
I'm spending a lot of time in Shanghai now and will be essentially living here from July through the end of the year. One question and some comments based on various posts I've read.

My question is this: for those of you who are getting freebies, especially one night stands, when you go out for these, are you very dressed up, business casual, jeans/t-shirts? I tend towards jeans and sneakers and a friend has commented that I don't score too often because the women are looking for money and I don't "dress the part."

Re: Mao Ming Nan Lu. Everyone seems to have a different story about what happened there to spark the current crackdown. I heard it was an Italian guy beat to death in the street by locals after drunkenly following some girl from bar to bar. And a while back the South China Morning Post had reported on noise complaints from local residents. Whatever the reason, I've now read in more than one place that many of the Mao Ming bars are going to close shop very soon and move over to Tong Gren Lu.

My last visit to Mao Ming Manhattan, there was one good looking girl standing around, but she wanted Y1500 for short time and was not willing to negotiate. I finally went with someone much less cuter who at least was very happy with Y1000 for all night. Service was the same. Have since seen Miss Y1500 almost every night at Malones. She usually leaves around midnight empty handed (probably going over to Mao Ming).

Re: HRC. Still closed, boarded up, and no idea what will go in there when the boards come down. Have been hanging out at Malone's a lot on Tong Gren Lun, and there are always availlable ladies there, though most are not even close to tens. I suspect a lot of the SWs that went to HRC have moved up to here now.

re: Hotels. Have not had any problems bringing back ladies at any time of day or night at Four Seasons, Westin, JW Marriott, Hua Tin.

re: Here's a scam no one has mentioned yet. Last Saturday afternoon I was walking down Nanjing Lu, the part that's a pedestrian mall flanked by department stores. Two girls came up to me, started a conversation, then suggested we sit and have coffee. They steered me to this small shop where it turns out they charge Y60 for a cup of coffee. The girls let me know that anything was on offer from them, but I didn't much care for either of them (I just wanted to sit and have a drink for a few minutes). I ditched them, kept walking, and every few feet more girls would come up to me. All tried to steer me back to the same coffee shop. I guess the coffee shop is giving the girls kickbacks, though it seems that the girls were offering lots of stuff aside from coffee. Did not bother to get any phone numbers or check any prices as most of them were average looking at best, though one or two had potential.

Well, time to head out into the night.

Wicked SH
06-17-04, 02:22
Stay clear of Nanjing pedestrian area. They like to rip off the laowei's. I got hit by that scam when I first came to shanghai. Definetly stay away from Palemino bar. You look at a menu order a few drinks, then the bill comes you get a serious surprise and everything is charged by the oz. You ask for the menu and now it shows everything by the oz.

You can't do any mongering on Nanjing. It is a waste of time. Xin Tian Di, and Mao Ming are still pretty good. Park 97 works also.

Freebies are easy. Basically it doesn't matter what kind of clothes you are wearing as long as they are clean and so are you. Actually I guess I should say fashionable western clothes are all ok. Don't think you can wear stripes and pokadots and meet anybody. Also don't look gay. I don't think anyone on this site will have much trouble with those rules.

You will be walking somewhere and here a soft or not so loud hello. Look for who it came from and say hello back. Most of the time they don't speak english other than hello, but if you start chatting in chinese it will surprise the blank out of them. Then you do the normal things get their number ask them what they are doing, see if they have time that day. See if they can go have dinner, then invite them home.

If you see a pretty face you like try to introduce yourself. Don't be surprised if they don't respond. It isn't chinese custom to be so direct. Some do respond though. Although my experience has been if you can't get their number don't waste your time giving them yours. I have handed it out a number of times and nobody ever called me back. Culture again.

Then if you are mongering at BBS, Massage, KTV, and other places keep chatting with the same girl, treat her nice, and give her a little extra tip. She will start to feel like you care about her if you visit at least once a week. She will take good care of you and start giving you the GFE. Pretty soon she will be happy to come by and hang with you. Don't stop going to her business though because I have stopped with a few and within a few weeks they stop.

Another benefit of treating one girl nice is that the other girls will like you better when she isn't available, or has left.

Apac Boy
06-17-04, 12:43
From what I heard about maoming, some aussie od'd on some drugs. They will prob blame it on E or somethin'...but who really knows with this govt controlled media they have here.

Getting freebies is about attitude and not about how u dress. I'm going out to pegasus tonight wearing my baggy jeans and my blue Addidas hockey jersey..if u see me, come up and yell "WSG!!!"


BJ Boy
06-17-04, 19:10
So who was the fairly large lao wai going to the madang factory tonight (Thursday) around 11pm? I was outside and saw you go in and a few minutes later came out and went in to the place just next door. That place seemed to have visible from the street about 8 or 9 normally dressed chicks. Is that connected to the factory or separate? I did not try as I needed to be somewhere else soon after.

G Jetson
06-18-04, 04:01
Last night after a date that didn't go as planned (She wouldn't put out). I said screw this and headed to Huang Pi Nan Lu station intending on either going to the Madang Lu FS factory or the Huang Pi Nan Lu BJ Factory (Explicit directions posted by myself in the past).

It was around 10pm and I was a little tired from walking around the entire city with my date. So I headed for the closest one (by a block) which was the Madang Lu Factory. I walked in and saw the cute short provider I had before and asked her to come along. She led me to the back and we started chatting up.

I apologized and asked her name and where she was again. She said she was from Hubei, was 22 and named Xiao Chian (not sure of the pinyin). She remembered me from my previous visit (I'm a big Chinese guy and hard to forget) She also remembered I tried to visit a week ago with my laowai friend. She admonished me for trying that and told me that they have a absolute no laowai policy. She said some of the girls are wary about having sex with foreigners because of their larger sized package. But I think it's because if Chinese customers see Westerners leaving the factory, they won't come back again. I asked about the past and she said she wasn't sure, but now the policy is firm. She said as long as they looked Asian (Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc...) they would be accepted. I said oh well and had her continue with the physical tasks at hand.

After we were done (I got a nice compliment on my endurance. Nice of her to blow smoke up my ass like that), I asked if she'd come to my home next time. She said sure, but said I had to come to the shop to take her out. I said how much and how long. She said it's 300RMB for 2 hours. I think that could be talked down. I asked what about 2 girls and noting what would happen if I had a laowai friend waiting at home. She said that might work but would depend on wether the girl was receptive. She said as long as the management didn't know, it'd might be all right.

I got cleaned up and walked back to the front and chatted with the male laoban. He once again stated that they really couldn't accept laowais here. I said I understood and next time won't bring one next time. I asked if he had a card. He said no, but offered to give me his cell phone number.

I guess next time I'll try taking a girl back to my apartment. I wonder if I'll have to give her extra money for taxi? It'd be nice if I could get her for less than 300RMB ST. I'll try chatting the girls up more at home and treating them like a girlfriend and perhaps get their cell phone number and get some freebie action. I need to ask about overnight action too.

Any laowais getting action at this madang factory let us know so my information can be refuted. I know Blankie used to get action here but I wonder if he still does. Or perhaps he's such a long time customer, he gets a pass.

G Jetson
06-18-04, 04:20
Secret Hunter

The girls in the Huang Pi Nan Lu BJ Factory all wipe down your fingers in preparation for fingering. And usually it's assumed she'll get fingered. My friend was able to finger her, but only got into his first knuckle before she started complaining. I saw his hands and they are normal sized.


See my previous post. Apparently you can take them out for ST (2 hours) for 300RMB. You just have to go there to take them out. I'm sure after a couple of times, you can probably just call and have them send a girl over. I'll try take out next time and make a posting on my experiences.


Apparently the Madang Lu FS factory you can get take out, but my laowai friend wants a girl from the Huang Pi Nan Lu BJ factory for takeout.

G Jetson

Cat Scratch
06-18-04, 06:57
I have just returned from Shanghai and whilst not a regular visitor I have had some fun in the past.

As reported Mao Ming Lu was dead, but it was Monday so that may be the reason. In the past I had some real luck in Julu Lu. There was no problem with the hotel security as I staggered in with a girl from a bar at 6.30am (just in time to see my boss coming in for a business meeting). Enjoyed the session so much that I stayed for the weekend. Talk about GFE and the damage was USD200 for the three nights (plus meals, drinks etc) but I relieved the ESB (excesssive sperm build up) and had a live-in tour guide for the weekend.

Anyway back to the report. I stayed in the Equatorial in Yunan Road West. On Tuesday went to the Blue Moon Lounge on the 4th floor. No customers but about 8-10 girls. Talk to mamasan who would arrange for your choice to sit with you all night for RMB200! (take out was on a one to one negotiation basis). seemed a bit too commercial and the girls only rating in the 5 -6 range so got pissed with my mates and chatted up the Philippino singer.

Angel Abazdo
06-18-04, 09:37
Hi guys,

Been to the BJ bar called ZY PUB near the corner of XinZhaLu and JiaoZhou Lu around midnight. See the namecard and map attached to get exact direction and phone number, if you wish to check before if it is open.

The principle is quite simple. It looks like a legit pub, you sit and ask for a beer, a girl comes to you and offer you the apparently single service provided : follow her to a small cubicle behind the main room of the bar, and have a BJ while you drink your pint.

Not so many hostesses available (6 when I came in), varying a lot in sex-appeal... Two of them were still attractive, and I went for a cute short-haired hottie, quite petite but with a very nice body.

She took me to this cubicle, where we sat on a couch, and she started to "massage" me, open my shirt, lick my torso and open my belt and jeans. She was definitely going for a BBBJ, but I asked for a CBJ (don't flame me guys, I feel more comfortable like this!) and which was just excellent. She got undressed very easily, and I could play with whatever I wanted. No FS proposed, but I didn't ask neither, not wanting too. Not really rushed service, but the BJ lasted for about 15-20mn.

Then she removed the condom, wiped me and that was it.

Overall interesting experience, less funny than in Bangkok but still quite OK. Girl's name was Peggy, if you fancy it.

Pretty girl, not bad service, cleanliness just OK (well, it is not a 5-star but could have been worse).

Total damage : 350RMB, which is definitely expensive. It was late and I was not in a bargaining mood, so I guess it may be cut by half with decent chinese speaking and will to do so.

Be Cool
06-18-04, 13:20
Went to Xin Huai Hai Yu Le Cheng on Fuxing Lu. It was mentioned several times on the forum and as I had great time in Macau, I decided to check it out. I have a thing for these kind of places as sometimes it is difficult to get the same kind of service/action from one's girlfriends or freebies.

To keep it short, I would give the place a rating of 6. If you have experienced the fun in Macau, I would not recommend visiting here as you will be disappointed. If it is your first time, a good way to see if you like this kind of service.


1. Although unlike Macau, where you can choose girls that lines up in front of you(if you want more details, pm me), you don't get to choose the girl, although when I talked to the owner, he said if I don't like the girl, I can always ask for another.

2. In places in Macau, girls use oil when doing the 'body massage', ie rubbing their bodies on you. Here they just rub bare skin, which was okay, but the girl did not do it hard enough, which you can if one uses oil.

3. The service although great, was sorta rushed. Usually the time alloted is more or less an hour in other places, but here the girl told me that the norm is 30 minutes.

4. There are some bullshit addons for foreigners like 50 yuan for the locker guy, which I am pretty sure locals don't pay. I don't mind paying but didn't like the attitude that it was a given fact.

5. Waiting area and the shower area really sucks. One of the reason I like these kind of places is that I can relax or take a bath but it was too dirty and too old for that.


1. The quality of girls are pretty high. The girl I had(I think it was 105 but not sure) had big breast and a great figure, although her face was not my type. Other girls I have seen walking along the hall way looked pretty nice too, 8tish. As a reference, I put more emphasis on body than face.

2. Cost was not too bad. 500(Service)+ 50(Tip for girl) + 48(Bath, which is bs)+ 50(tip for the locker guy, which is also bs) total: 648 yuan.

3. Pretty near to the city center. Walking distance to Madanglu and Xintiandi.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



John Siron
06-18-04, 23:03
Another freebie... kind of. ;-)

50RMB - Starbucks
300RMB - Japanese Dinner
90RMB - Taxi Ride (she dropped me off on the way to her home and I gave her 90RMB... but I think it would have ended up being 60-70)

If you split Starbucks and Dinner then I only actually paid her: 25+150+90=265RMB.

So what happened? Called up a local friend and he was busy for dinner but told me he could call me later to go party. I then called this sauna girl I met several months ago to see if she remembered me. This was one of the Sichuan girls I mentioned before somewhere on WSG. This sauna girl is actually a KTV girl that was moonlighting for a week when I met her cause she needed some quick cash for her mom's hospital bill.

We went to Starbucks and sat for a few hours getting to know each other better. I guess you could call it a GFE. She mainly likes Chinese food which is cheaper for my pocket but there was a Japanese restaurant nearby and I haven't had it in awhile, so we went or Japanese buffet (unlimited drinks).

After dinner, my friend met us and took us to some UNDERGROUND local Shanghainese KTV bar. This is the first time I've been to something like this and this girl wasn't too impressed since she's a Hongqiao highend model looking KTV girl. Anyway, my friend was kind of like a local gangster at some point in his life when he was young so he basically got everything for free at this place we were at. Including free X and K (which is why they go there). The place is a front for KTV but after 1am, they shut the place down for their good customers... They literally lock the doors. The KTV owner is an ex-chief of the local police department so it is really that safe.

So my sauna/ktv girl takes some X. I'm a drug free guy so I don't take anything. She starts getting really turned on listening to the music while shaking her head like crazy... We wanted to go to her apartment to screw but she has a roomate and she only has one bedroom so that was out of the question for her. I can't bring her to my place cause I have a roomate that is good friends with my girlfriend.

Anyway, it's dark so I start fingering her under her skirt. We talked dirty quite a bit thoughout the night so I knew she was ready, but the problem was she didn't want to do it in a nasty place like this in a private room. I kept fingering her until I popped the question, "Would you like to get eaten out (DATY) in the private room next door?". I'm really into DATY so I don't mind giving and not receiving. She takes some K and then we go to another private room. I did DATY for a good 15 minutes while she was high on X and K.

She insisted throughout the night that I go over to her apartment to screw her brains out tomorrow when her roomate is gone. (She knows I have a LT girlfriend so she also told me we can be "fuckbuddies" free of charge). I'm finally home at 6am now... and need to perform really well in approximately 8 hours. I told her that I want to have lunch with her and she replies, "You mean you'll be eating me for lunch"... Damn I like this girl already! I think this is turning out to be a good freebie!

Wicked SH
06-19-04, 01:34
Has anybody checked out a KTV / Disco called UFO on Siping lu near Da Lian Lu? I was by the other day at 1 am and it looks like good mongering grounds. Unfortunately being a laowai I try to get a chinese friend to check the place out before I go in, and all my friends have been busy lately. They had some nice little hotties standing outside. Big Breasts tight bodies. It is in the Hong Kou area so it might be more reasonable. Actually the entire Yang Pu / Hong Kou area is great mongering grounds. They don't get many laowai's up here.

If any of you want to go check it out PM me and we can meet, I take you there and see what happens.

Wicked In Shanghai

Apac Boy
06-19-04, 07:26
JS, I can help take her roomate out for a couple of hours for u. As for the KTV thing, was that in MinHang District by any chance?

Oh, I found a shop in Jingan District that will fuck for 130rmb. The 2 girls in there are fugly but if u need to nut and u only have 130rmb, it is perfect. It is on Yan Ping Lu. From XinZha Lu, it's about 4 blocks and on your right side.


John Siron
06-19-04, 17:12
Tapioca, the KTV was in Hongkou District and it was literally underground and also "underground". On the street level, it doesn't look like anything... just some old run down room (with stairs on the side to go downstairs).

I guess I might as well tell the story in more detail. This KTV was really grungy and dirty looking. I didn't know locals like to have fun like this since I don't hang out with locals that much. I saw a few of the KTV girls in this place (which only had 8 rooms total!) and they weren't too impressive to me (maybe 5-6 scale).

The funny thing was the girls that eventually came to our rooms were higher end looking KTV girls from the KTV's in Hongqiao! Haha. They probably just got off work. One of the girls with us was the mamasan at one of the clubs out there and she brings the girls to party with my friends for FREE on the weekend! Damn! By 3am there were about 6 girls +my girl that came with me, and 4 guys. I think most of them took X and K that night...

06-19-04, 20:16

Is Pegasus located at the East end of Huai Hai Lu, about 300m after the Porsche store on te oposite side of the street. just passed by a few minutes ago and there were about 15 to 20 young ladies in front of the building. Couldn't say if they were getting in or out.
What is it there ? What could be interesting ?
Just curios to see if I miss something.

In the same neighbourhood about 200m there is also a massage place (crossing road about at the level of Porsche Store). I is on the 3rd or 4th floor of a building and advertised from the street. Openning hours 1pm to 1am.
Anybody tried ? What can we expect there ?



Apac Boy
06-19-04, 21:11
JS, it sounds like u need 2 more guys to make it a 6 on 6. Blankie and I will volunteer..

wolf, that's exactly where pegasus is. HuaiHai Road close to Xi Zhang Road. What is fun there? hmm..besides being the hot spot for Thursday night cause it's hip hop night, there are a lot of hot chix that knows how to dance. I'm not talking about hip grinding and local chinese head shaking either. Check it out, it is hard to score cause there's so much competition but I go there just to watch the circus.

So my and Lucky go meet some girls I met last night at 97 and Guandi. They didn't seem so interesting so we left our separate ways and decided to go huntin'. Went to Xintiandi and hookers were everywhere. Then I saw my XTD girl hittin' up some guy. She comes over and wants a hug but didn't want to ruin her business so backed off. There are rulez to a john/ho relationship so it is better to keep this professional.

We then went to Windows at Jing An. Lucky got lucky and found himself a girl. Some sort of a law student at Shanghai U. As I am typing this, he better be banging away cause she was all over him on the dance floor. This is a good place to pick up non pros.

Conclusion: Forget trying to pick up non pros at Guandi, it is hard. But..there were some hot fuckin' pros workin' it inside. should have done more research but I was with some people Windows at Jing An is good, but the music sux.


06-20-04, 06:19
Remember she insisted she AINT a f'in xiojie!



06-20-04, 06:38
Went looking for the factory on Mading Lu. I didn't locate but 1/2 of the way down from Fuxing Lu at the two barber poles ended up geeting dragged into BBS. Cute girl take me to the back and starts the massage (50 RMB quote). Then she asks about second girl. What the hell I'll take two. Ended up with six and paid 250 for a HJ while sampling 12 breasts. Beer is a terrible thing when it comes to good judgement.

06-20-04, 06:39
Anybody got information on Boss CLub KTV? Heard they have good girls. Would be interested in price and what you can do at the club.

06-20-04, 07:13

I didn't, but I do now! Sorry, new to the Shanghai scene. Did a little exploring but not too succesful yet. Back there in three weeks or so , will keep checking the forum for advice.

Will post reports soon I hope.

06-20-04, 11:53
First time Shanghai,

Well,stayed at the Hilton. First night checked out the area and hotel bar, but nothing which gave me the kick. Met a girl in internet chatroom and met at Malones . Nice conversation but nothing more happened. At the bar a hooker wanted 200 US$ I said politely no and went to room.

Next night I checked out the opposite side of the street of Hilton.For me too aggressive hookers. Just had some beer at the
Real Shanghai bar which was nice. Hate this aggressive St Pauli style outside.

Last night was the hit : went to Malones alone. After checking out the scene I went near a real nice girl. About 22, called herself Heidi. Zero English and I do not speak a word of Mandarin. Negotiated her down from 1000 to 600 for 2 hours ( was funny via the display of her cell) and had one of the best hours of sex in my life.

Some comments : Malones seems to havea decent scene, Hilton: the girl really appreciated me taking her down to the taxi, was really affraid going down alone.

Want to know more, send message

Buck Tooth
06-20-04, 19:37
Has anybody checked out Ladies' night at Zapatas on Wednesdays? Heard all the Maoming crowd has migrated there since the shutdown and apparently it's crazy there on Wednesdays.

06-21-04, 08:12

When I stayed at the Ritz Carlton, a girl I picked up at the Hard Rock Cafe said security guys make them pay RMB100 as they leave the hotel. That is probably why the girl asked you to take her to the taxi to keep from getting shook down by security or another hotel employee.

One time, as I was bring a girl to my room, I walked to the elevator, and lobby security guy stood right behind us. I think as a kind of threat to the girl because she probably was coming/going without paying the RMB100 fee.

They all know what goes on. I can always spot a hooker going to the room with a guy versus a "freebie". Usually, the hooker is dressed like....well a hooker.

06-22-04, 09:58
Russian girls in Shanghai? Just wondering if there are any place in Shanghai with Russian girls?

06-22-04, 10:00
Madang Lu,

I always had problems looking for a resonable f* in SH. Went to Madang Lu and found the factory quite quickly, tks to Jet G.

Had a nice girl for 2 hrs, kiss, finger, bbbj, daty, FS, cuddled and nap for 1/2 hrs. GF treatment. great value for money. I am going back next trip!

Found It
06-22-04, 15:55
The Russian ladies can be found at Manhatten on MaoMing Lu (not sure now with the crackdown...) and also at Luna in XTD. Lots of them in town now, so you should have no trouble finding them.

Lucky Seven
06-22-04, 17:53
Well I just got back from Shanghai. I had a great time with a couple girls we picked up at the Lg Club KTV. I have always had great luck there. We made freinds (many tips) with the male host. He gave us his cell phone and told us to just call him and he would send some girls to our place. We tried this the next night and got some excellent looking girls with great attitudes. We had a lot of fun and saved the money that would have been spent at the KTV. Its a lot of fun to party then slip away to your room. By the way never stay in a hotel. Always try to get a service apartment. Two friends and I rented a three bedroom for a couple days. They are much safer and less hassle. The place we stayed at was the NEW HARBOUR SERVICE APARTMENS no.88 Yongshou road. Its only a block away from the LG Club.

06-22-04, 19:07
OK, pic was too large, here is a anothe attempt. Again, this is the 198 Zhapu Rd. girl.

06-22-04, 19:11
And here is the "198 Zhapu" girl getting a drilling.

06-23-04, 07:17
Is somebody from Germany here?

Mock A Bee
06-23-04, 10:43
Awesome! hahaha!


Flat Iron
06-23-04, 12:37
Hello Everyone,

I'm a foreigner who has been in Shanghai for a few years and I thought I'd share some of my favorite places for good quick service.

-I have been going to the BJ factory on Huangpi Lu for a few months. The place is convenient, cheep and the girls are pretty good looking. Also there is a BBS across the street that is a bit of a BJ factory that I like, but it is not as consistant.

-In an alley off Huashan lu by Changle lu (across from Una Pizza) there is a good BJ bar that is a bit pricey, but the girls are good, no rush and the location is great. I'm really suprised no one has mentioned this before?

These places are good, however I'm looking for a convenient place that offers FS for foreigners. I've heard great stories about the MaDang lu place, but the no LaoWai policy keeps me away. How about some advice?

06-23-04, 15:45

I tried posting this report yesterday, with photos. The photos now appear on the board, but not the report -- which leaves the photos floating without explanation. So, here is another attempt at posting the report:


There is a BBS group centered about the corner of Wuchang Rd and Zhapu Rd. One big landmark nearby is the Heng Sheng Peninsula International Hotel at 205 Wusong Rd. It is at the corner of Wuchang and Wusong, so from there follow Wuchang one block west.

Anyway, I was in the area for a few days and tried the following places:

87 Zhapu Rd - I went upstairs and asked the price (by the way I don’t speak a word of Mandarin). While we were “discussing” price with gestures and writing numbers on paper, two other girls came up and asked if I wanted 2 or 3 girls. I repeatedly said no, but they were extremely aggressive and eventually one of them grabbed my dick. Well, I was very horny, and that was it. Before I could even agree on a price, I was laying back in the chair with my pants down getting a handjob.

It was not high quality at all (rough and fast from the start). They made their stupid “climax” noises starting from about 10 seconds into the play, which was kind of irritating (it puts undue pressure on my dick for immediate performance). One let me feel her tits, which were nice and soft. But I touched her pussy area (with her clothes on), and expressed it as a “question”, and her reply was “no”, so my guess is that there is no FS or BJ there, just HJ. But since I could not ask explicitly, I don’t know with 100% certainty. I tried to remove my pants entirely, and they strongly disagreed with that - I guess they want to be ready in case of LE trouble (there was a lookout downstairs, who could give enough warning to get pants pulled up, but not much more). Anyway, after a bit I came without much pleasure.

I knew ahead of time that I was in for a reaming when we discussed price after-the-fact, and I was right. They asked for 100RMB each, and I went ahead and paid rather than try to negotiate without speaking. Sorry, I don’t mean to screw up local prices, but coming from the US, that is just about free anyway, so it seemed pointless to worry about it. The lesson (which I already knew perfectly well) is get a firm price quote in advance. I just got overtaken by events.

Next time I tried 103 Zhapu Rd. The girl there (about 6-7 in looks) came back to the hotel with me for 160RMB for two hours. When I stripped off all my clothes and my erect cock sprang out, she made it clear that was not OK, and asked me to put my underwear back on. So she started a 2 hour non-sexual massage. After about 45 minutes I stopped her and gently pulled her down next to me, and just held her. For the rest of the time (and I think she stayed a little extra), we hugged and caressed each other very gently. It was extremely affectionate, but no DFK and no sexual touching at all. I offered her a little extra to stay the rest of the night and sleep with me, but she declined. It was a nice and unique experience, but not one I would seek out again on purpose (at least not while my dick is still functioning! ).

Lastly, I tried 198 Zhapu Rd. The girl came back to my hotel for under an hour for 400RMB. I paid the guy at the place, and she walked back with me. I didn’t know what I was paying for, but when she got in the room, I was pleased to see her strip naked and pull out a condom. Score! Her petite body was beautiful and perfect (no scars or flaws), and with that nice velvety oriental softness. I asked if I could take pictures and she said yes without batting an eye. A couple are posted in previous messages. They aren’t high quality because I didn’t have a cameraman, and I was busy with other things. Hopefully it is enough to find her if you want to. She gave me her phone number too (PM me if you want it. I understand the rules are it can’t be posted).

Afterwards, she offered all-night for 1000RMB, and then later offered 600RMB to stay until 2: 30am (it was about 9: 30pm). I declined both (I was tired). I expect these prices could be lowered. I was a big dumb foreigner who paid the 400RMB asking price without hesitation, so probably I was somewhat of a “mark. ” Versus the US, of course, getting laid (with photos! ) for 400RMB is a dream, so I was happy.

Anwyay, good luck. I am a novice at this (first time with BBS), so I probably did some dumb things. But hopefully this gives you my fellow novices an idea of what can be accomplished by a first-timer with no Mandarin skills.

06-24-04, 03:36
Flat Iron,
Go to the Madang Lu factory. You been here a few years, you are lao nei enough to get in.

When you go in dont act like a lao wai, all scared of them. That just makes them afraid to serve you. Just walk in, smile nice at a girl you like and motion her to go back with you.

you will get laid dont worry. I am lao wai too and been laid there a million times.

Prices should be 200-250 for FS. the only thing they try to do to us is charge more$$.

Also there are a lot of FS BBshops around that area.


BJ Boy
06-24-04, 08:15
Salami, don't beat yourself up about over paying. I think most if not all of us have been there at some time or other as hormones get the better of our brains. I do admire your courage just to try these places out without speaking the language which normally automatically means you pay more anyway compared to Chinese speaking and or Chinese looking guys.

Your description of the climax noises ten seconds in to the HJ is very common, like we could really come in 10 seconds - but from what I heard, most Chinese guys really do come in a matter of seconds so it might not just be wishful thinking on the girls part!

Keep up the good work and the also keep those reports coming!

06-24-04, 09:15
hey BJ Boy I bet you also believe they are cumming when they make that noise

Magna White
06-24-04, 09:37
I just arrived in SH. Went to the Madang factory last night and it was closed! The chessroom guy next door told me some crackdown was going on. Went to the Huanpi lu and saw three realy ugly girls there. I decided to quit my first SH night.

Done Now
06-24-04, 10:30
Hi guys,

Does anyone know where to buy really good decent porn in this town? Not as a substitute for the real thing but to get the action going I find a spot of the old hard core does the trick.

I know it's available in some of the bars but usually you cannot browse through them and most are shit so does anyone have a reliable source anywhere?

Many thanks

Thirty Mins
06-24-04, 11:42
There was some mention of Hongkou District and Yangpu District (Puxi, northeast of the Bund) recently, so I decided to do some research.

Unfortunately, I had gotten horny too fast last weekend and ended up calling over one of my "Afternoon Delights", so my trip became only for scouting this time.

I think BlankNameCruiser or one of those guys mentioned Yanji Road in Yangpu District. I walked the section beginning in the west at Jiang Pu Lu and ending at Huang Xing Lu in the east (Yanji West Road). I didn't check out Yanji East Road.

Yanji West Road was full of shops, and I actually saw happy Chinese guys coming out of a couple of them. Since most BBS I see do not have any obvious customers, I'm guessing this place is well protected. Also most shops have Papasans inside, so I think they would be smart enough to make sure it is safe for them. They gave this laowai welcoming looks, but I had shagged myself silly in the afternoon and had not fully recovered.

In Hongkou District, I found what looks like a BBS "epicenter" at the corner of Tang Shan Lu and Dan Tu Lu (or was it Gao Yang Lu???). Looking north, east, south, and west, I could see several BBS in each direction!

Anyways, north of Tang Shan Lu on Dan Tu Lu (or was it Gao Yang Lu?) there appeared to be a BBS factory! Two poppas were sitting outside, welcoming me, and there were about 15 ladies inside two shopfronts which were next to each other. Quality varied a bit, but I think if it is ok to pick then it would be fine.

Now my little brother was in shape again, but my legs and feet hurt from walking several kilometers from Yangpu. So, I decided to come back on the weekend, and jumped into a cab to home. There is no reason to keep you guys waiting for this information. I will report if I have a good experience in one of those places. Please go ahead and try though.

BJ Boy
06-24-04, 12:40
Davidc, I just meant they give you a tug for a few seconds and then they expect you to cum almost immediately. For me it takes a little longer so it's annoying when they do that and just like Salami, if I feel pressure to cum it makes it even more difficult.

06-24-04, 13:36
Wow! I finally am able to post. I have been reading the forum for a little while but with the back log of folks trying to join, it sounds like there might be a little backlog. Jackson- thanks a lot for expiditing the process for me.

Anyway- I am a new to Shanghai. I have spent quite a bit of time in south-east asia but this is pretty much my first time in China. I am working here just for a month and I don't speak any chinese.

I had a lot of trouble finding anything at first but using what i could from here and through some friends I found a few places so far. I spent a long time looking for anf getting the nerve to go into a BBS. My friend (who is not really into p4p) told me just to look for swirling barber poles- but it seemed to me that every place with a barber pole was a legit spot. Another problem was that while I read about places on here, I didn't (and still for the most part don't) know where any of the streets mentioned are.

Well finally I read some posts about HuangPi Lu and realized that street was just next door (I am staying at the Hong Kong Plaza). After walking up and down the entire street a couple of nights with out the balls to go in, I finally opened the door to a place with frosted doors. Well a got a HJ from a decent looking girl and paid her 100. I know this is prob. too much but I don't speak chinese and wasn't really sure what was going on, except that I had just got a HJ in some nasty old chair behind nothing but curtain.

Next i found Happy Garden- Kinda expensive, especially compared to Bangkok. Still it was pretty good, although I didn't really know what to do in the sauna and felt weird about getting dried off by the chinese guys while I was standing there naked.

Then a chinese friend took me to a KTV place and aranged for a really hot chick to come back with me, but that cost 1000!!

I went back to Happy Garden and got one of the girls phone numbers and will probably call her tomorrow.

I also found another place on HuangPi lu (seems like there are many of them on that street) where I got a HJ.

I tried to find the "factory" on HuangPi Lu but couldn't. Also I am little intimidated by the little alley ways, especially being a white american who speaks no chinese at all.

I also got a girl from Maoming Lu one night for 600. She was kinda old and skanky though, didn't see anything I liked there really and wasnt crazy about the sorta desperate vibe.

I know this is a long report, sorry, but I have been waiting a while to post.

Anyway, I am wondering if anyone would like to meet up this weekend and maybe show me the ropes. I would really like to find a place close to me where I can get FS (I am on Hua Hai Lu at the Hong Kong Plaza). If anyone wanted to go out I would be happy to buy some bears or buy ya a free session. If no one wants to show a newbie around maybe you can tell me about a good FS place close to me. As I said I really don't know many streets or where too many things are, although I have a pretty good feel for HuangPi Lu now that I have walked up and down it so many times.

Thanks to all, its a great forum you got here. I am leaving Shanghai July 4th to go back to Thailand, if anyone is gonna be there and want to meet up for a beer there let me know.

Hope to meet some of you soon.


06-24-04, 13:37
Wow! I finally am able to post. I have been reading the forum for a little while but with the back log of folks trying to join, it sounds like there might be a little backlog. Jackson- thanks a lot for expiditing the process for me.

Anyway- I am a new to Shanghai. I have spent quite a bit of time in south-east asia but this is pretty much my first time in China. I am working here just for a month and I don't speak any chinese.

I had a lot of trouble finding anything at first but using what i could from here and through some friends I found a few places so far. I spent a long time looking for anf getting the nerve to go into a BBS. My friend (who is not really into p4p) told me just to look for swirling barber poles- but it seemed to me that every place with a barber pole was a legit spot. Another problem was that while I read about places on here, I didn't (and still for the most part don't) know where any of the streets mentioned are.

Well finally I read some posts about HuangPi Lu and realized that street was just next door (I am staying at the Hong Kong Plaza). After walking up and down the entire street a couple of nights with out the balls to go in, I finally opened the door to a place with frosted doors. Well a got a HJ from a decent looking girl and paid her 100. I know this is prob. too much but I don't speak chinese and wasn't really sure what was going on, except that I had just got a HJ in some nasty old chair behind nothing but curtain.

Next i found Happy Garden- Kinda expensive, especially compared to Bangkok. Still it was pretty good, although I didn't really know what to do in the sauna and felt weird about getting dried off by the chinese guys while I was standing there naked.

Then a chinese friend took me to a KTV place and aranged for a really hot chick to come back with me, but that cost 1000!!

I went back to Happy Garden and got one of the girls phone numbers and will probably call her tomorrow.

I also found another place on HuangPi lu (seems like there are many of them on that street) where I got a HJ.

I tried to find the "factory" on HuangPi Lu but couldn't. Also I am little intimidated by the little alley ways, especially being a white american who speaks no chinese at all.

I also got a girl from Maoming Lu one night for 600. She was kinda old and skanky though, didn't see anything I liked there really and wasnt crazy about the sorta desperate vibe.

I know this is a long report, sorry, but I have been waiting a while to post.

Anyway... I am wondering if anyone would like to meet up this weekend and maybe show me the ropes. I would really like to find a place close to me where I can get FS (I am on Hua Hai Lu at the Hong Kong Plaza). If anyone wanted to go out I would be happy to buy some bears or buy ya a free session. If no one wants to show a newbie around maybe you can tell me about a good FS place close to me. As I said I really don't know many streets or where too many things are, although I have a pretty good feel for HuangPi Lu now that I have walked up and down it so many times.

Thanks to all, its a great forum you got here. I am leaving Shanghai July 4th to go back to Thailand, if anyone is gonna be there and want to meet up for a beer there let me know.

Hope to meet some of you soon-


06-24-04, 15:18
Dear All,

Thanks for the good advice. Just want to report my experience.

Been in Madong Ru, but find the FS factory is closed. Maybe I have been in the wrong address. If someone can give me an address, I will be trying it again.

However, I did find the place on Huang Pi Nan Ru easily. The place is usually open between 8pm - 6am. Girls are relatively good looking and most of them have nice and big boobs, which I like. Same rule, go in, pick a girl, go to the dark room, and Hot/Ice treatment then CIM. I like the girls, they told me because the recent crackdown, they are afraid of doing full service. But they offered me phone nr and back to their place for full service. Of course, I will try it soon.

Again, I went to the building on the Madong Ru, after Fu Xing Zhong Ru, right before the two BBS bars. After the entrance, turn right and on to 3-4 steps up the stairs. Is this the right place?

Thank again all the friends for sharing.


06-25-04, 02:28
Found it,

Thanks for the info. Got PM from you but my inbox was full to receive that. I don't remember seeing Russian girls in Maoming Lu or Xintiandi but I have not been either one of them for a while.

Anyway, have you tried the Russian girls? How's the service and price? Anyone else had experience?


Apac Boy
06-25-04, 16:48
Mixed night tonight. Blankie and I got bored, no chix calling, so decided to hit the area around our house. We went into like 5 shops before going into the 1st one. A couple of hot chix bated us so I relented even though I knew I ain't gonna get shit inside. HJ was not on my mind and that place just smells of HJness.

Long story short, I got shit, bad attitude, didn't even nut and yet, still had to pay 60rmb. GRRRRR...

Next stop was back to the place where Blankie got FS last time for 260rmb. Yeah, it's expensive for a BBS but damn, the service is great. We both had awesome awesome. Problem is that they all probably colluded cause now the price is 300rmb. Well, fuck...oh well...they have purty chix so if u guys wanna check it out, here's the addresse:
410 Kanding Road (Kanding Lu) close to Shanxi North Road (Shanxi Bei Lu) in Jingan District
yeah, it's expensive...but they won't rush u and they are pretty damn well trained...

have fun y'all!

06-25-04, 17:14
Tapioca's short story longer.... we took a few for the team tonight, trying to find other decent shops. There are some really tempting shops with cute chicks, but no luck getting FS.

Also I totally agree, the service here is def worth the price. 300 to someone travelling here may seem like a score, but to us living here (and getting used to the factory and the village!) 300 is a lot for a BB shop.

But as he said, the service is great, no rush, GFE, and cute chicks.


06-25-04, 17:52
there is a huge "shopping street" of bj factories out in ming hang. about 3-4 shops with 10 chicks, and about 3-4 shops with about 20-30 chicks each.

for a long time these places only offer bj and hj, but supposedly now one of the shops offers fs.

also rep001tered about the next 3 blocks are many other shops which are hit and miss of fs and hit and miss quality. if you ask anyone around there they will insist none of the shops in the whole 3 blocks area offer fs, but i have gotten fs in about 4 of the shops (one time with oah).

however these factory style shops have tons of really hot chicks in them. i dont really go to it because i am a fs guy but supposedly they offer fs in 1 of the shops now.

i will try to find out.


06-25-04, 19:42
Hi folks,

I went to HuangPi Lu 9xx (can"t remember exactly) last week.

Despite all the warnings, I took the lady with the big boobs and black glasses.

She was the only (of 6) girls there that afternoon I felt attracted to. After negotiating the price, she gave me a wonderful blowjob.

I was also able to finger here, and she really seemed to like it, as I had to continue after I had cum.

She said, my fingers are strong, whatever that means.

Anyway, I really liked here service and I will definately go there again.

Ah, the damage was RMB 120, I think alright, next time I try RMB 80.
She didn"t give me her cell phone, maybe next time she said, when I come again.

She mentioned being from Harbin, but I think someone already wrote that in previous postings.

So long,


06-25-04, 21:32
Anyone been out to the Jinshan area? Anything going on there, or is it just anther dirty refinery area like Newark?

06-26-04, 08:28
Hi there,

I went to Da Marcos (Dong Zhu An BangLu 103) the other night for italian food.

Next door, there is a beauty salon (take the connecting floor to second building). I wandered around and a lady come to chat me up. Asked her to go for drink, what at first she did not accept.

Finally I convinced here and we went off. In the taxi, I asked her to watch DVD at my apartment, which she accepted.

I was always waitng for her to negotiate the price, she never did.
At my house, I opened a bottle of cheap red wine, we had a mouthful, and than she already started to suck my cock.

Well done lady I thought, but I was in the mood for more.

Asked her to remove her panties and I started fingering her pussy and ass. She seemed to like it and she was really wet.
After a few minutes I started fucking her. She was very loud and wet. These 2 hours were one of the best in Shanghai so far.

Before she left I gave her some moeny for the taxi, and asked her to call me any time. Well I jope she does, oytherwise I will do.

A friend staying at this building told me, that usually they do full service for around 600 RMB.

So long,



This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



06-26-04, 18:21
"Factory Junior"

Found some great BB shops I have never seen before. One I am tempted to call Factory Junior. The others look just as tempting but I spent most my time in the above mentioned. I ASSURE you I will be "qualifying" the others ASAP. ;-)

Anyways, in Jing An qu, on Kand Ding Xi Lu, west of Wuning Lu (should be easy for taxi to find as there is a big Carrefour on Wuning Lu).

I would get out of the taxi on KanDing Lu just west of Wuning and walk. The first shop on the left had a beautiful tempting looking tall girl in a pink tight dress in the shop. I only rode past that one.

Then at 1229 KanDing Xi Lu is a shop with what appeared to be 6-8 girls.

Then after that on the right side at 1338 KanDing Lu is the shop I spent some time in. 8 girls, varying between 6-8 in quality.

The protocol here is very little privacy, but FS is definitely available. I tried 3 chicks. Only one didnt offer FS because she was on the rag (which I confirmed) otherwise the house fee is 50 and the girls ask for 200 for FS. DONT PAY 250 total. Tell them you will pay 50 tai fei and 150 xiao fei, for a TOTAL of 200. They will agree. Dont raise the prices for the rest of us. It is bad enough, me being a lao wai.

I will soon check the other shops mentioned above and let you know.


06-26-04, 19:21
I stayed in the Regal Intl. East Asia Hotel from Thursday to Friday last week. I left the hotel and turned left into the Hengshan road. After around 500 m a guy started talking to me if I was interested in "beatyful Shanghainese girls". I said yes, of course but then he wanted to take me to a place somewhere else, so I refused. I have no idea if this is safe. I entered one of the bars, I think it was called "Cesar's". After some minutes, a group of girls came to me and asked if I wanted a massage. Guess what my answer was?

Unfortunately I had only 400 RMB left, so only one of the girls was willing to do it for this money. I would have picked another one, if I have had the choice. She was already 33 years old, but still in good shape.

We went to my room (I told her my room number and she came 5 mins later). Good experience, however she did not want to do FS.
After 1.5 h she left. Her name was Mary. I have her phone number. Please PM me if you are interested.

Apac Boy
06-26-04, 20:00
200rmb is a good deal. Factory is 150rmb and taxi. If you calculate the time it takes to go all the way to Minhang, it's worth it to just get it for 200rmb around the house.


06-27-04, 06:12
I am a young lad these days frequently visit Shanghai for work. KVT is something I often to wrap discussions, and something I have recently started getting used to the routine: pick the sweetest looking from all the sweeties (and this is really hard decision), drink whiskey, sing songs, and occasionally hold the girl, give min tip 300-400 RMB, and going home to sleep because I usually find the standard 1500 RMB/night off-putting.

Last week, I sat with a girl who seemed extraordinarily sweet. Surprisingly, we kissed passionately in the KVT. I had asked her whether she would go home with me, but she said it was a bad time of the month and that she could ask “mommy” to find someone that could accompany me. Darn! “Well, how about something else?..” She replied “ok...if you want…”

As the night progressed, in between the singing and drinking, I told her that 1500 was too much! I told her she was such a sweet girl and thinking too much about money. Towards the night, she said she will go home first (nearby my hotel in Nanjing Lu), and she’d join me at the hotel “if I want..”, passing me her phone number.

I went back to the hotel from the KVT and immediately after arriving, I gave her a call and she came over 15 min later.

We both showered and headed for the bed. She gave a great BBBJ until I came. She could not do FS because of bad timing. We kissed passionately, and really like a GF.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on, and she recognized this and started another round of BBBJ. That was brilliant!

I had a good sleep canceling my morning meeting and silent my phone. However, my phone would not stop buzzing, pouring text messages and voice-mails that I had to get-up and leave the wonderful women in bed.

After I had showed and gotten ready, she asked me for some “more money”. I handed her 400 RMB but she wanted 1500 RMB. Hmm! Well, I told her that she was so sweet so I would give her another S$100 (Singapore) dollars which is around 470 RMB, and considering I had tipped 400 RMB the night. In the end, she accepted.

Total damage: ~1300 RMB. Sounds like a rip-off but I justify this somehow with this pleasant looking girl.

06-27-04, 08:37
First off- thanks to those who sent me messages. I have deff. found a few things in this town in the last few weeks, but I am totally looking foward to getting back to thailand in a week and a half.

The last two nights I had one of the girls from happy garden come over to my place. This was fun, and she was deff. very into lots of fun things, showed me some positions I had never tried before!

Still it was sorta expensive and besides, I don't like to see the same girl too often, I am not looking for a girl-friend type situation here.

As I said before, I don't really know most of the streets and neighborhoods you guys post about. I have walked up and down HuangPi Nan Lu. I was wondering if someone here could reccomend a fs spot or an especially good bbs where you can take a girl out either on HuangPi Nan Lu or on one of its cross streets. Basically i feel like I can sorta find my way around that area but most anywhere else in Shanghai I am TOTALLY lost.

I have gone into a couple of the BBS's on HuangPi Lu but most of the girls are not that great looking, the two places I went into both had one 7 but the rest were 5's or worse.

Again if anyone knows this area and would like to take a walking our one night, please message me.

Thanks in advance,


Matteo Ricci
06-27-04, 12:00
As a long time lurker, I thought I should post a report. Thanks Blankie/Tapioca for all the work you do for the cause!

The tourist area down by the Bund is a bit of a desert, but Zhapu Lu just north of Suzhou River does offer some convenience if you are in the area. Just one block north of Suzhou River, Zhapu Lu becomes a restaurant street. Between Tiantong Lu and Wuchang Lu, on either side are a variety of BBS and massage places offering FS. There are also legit foot massage, places so be careful. The presence /absence of sluttily dressed women should be a reliable indicator of what is inside. What is good about these places is that these are very tall buildings. You are usually taken up three or four stories to a private room to do the deed. Quite private. Quality and service vary from 250 for the BBS to 500 for the good-looking women in the massage places. Pricing is not the best, but convenience and comfort are good.

A little further up the street on the right, between Wuchang Lu and Tangu lu, there are two BBS. The first looks a bit scruffy, with the windows blocked by laundry outside. Inside, you can sometimes see quite sexy women, who can be yours for 250 in the back room. Further up on the right, down some stairs, in a brightly lit yellow room are younger, better looking women who will cost more. Enjoy!

06-27-04, 12:05
Hi all,

This is my first posting. I am in Shanghai for last 18 months. The information available on the forum made my hunting effortless. Thanks to alll for that. Special thanks to Jakson for upgrading my membership status.

I had been to various BBS and factories based on the information from the forum. I enters the BBS / Factory as if I am a regular customer there. I never over paid for any service. Often I ask for the girls number and I get what I want. Paying 50-80 RMB for 1 hour massage and HJ or 80-130 RMB for BJ is really greaat. The maximum I paid is in Huang pi lu factory. Just BJ no massage after that. I don't prefer this.

If you are a low profile hunter and wish to have a senssual massage with or with out a hand job from a nonprro, here is the place. The place is suitable only if your budget is higher than BBS, but to me it is worth it. To activate the entire process you need minimum one week. Remember the girls are nonpros, 18-21 year age and relatively new to Shanghai.

Location : On Ding Xi Road, No. 1232. If you come from Yanan Road, turn right (North) to Ding Xi Road, go straight leave 2 road crossings. After the second crossing on right side (East) you can see this BBS with bright neon lamps (Night). If you come from Zhongshan park, walk towads Yanan road, You willl see one KFC on right side (West) Go sraight, Keep left, after the second road crossing you will see the saloon. There is no prominent spinner pole. You can see the girls in formaal uniform.

Price (In housse): 100 RMB/hour withh out the discount card and 70RMB/hour with discount card. If you want regular service go for Discount card. Please note that the in house service is legit.

Price for Room service. RMB 200 /hour in your room. Normally the girl will be accompanied by a malee staff. He will watch DVD when the girl work for you.

Flowchart: During your first visit, have a close look at the girls and their numbers, Identify the girl, go to room. Rooms are with 2or 3 massage chairs, but only one person will be served at a time in a room. Enjoy this legit massage. Talk to the girl if she can come to your room and massaage. The answer could be yes or no. If the answer is no or you want some other girl for room service, tell at the counter that you want a home service later. Collect the business card. Most of the cases, the girl hersef will give the card with her mobile number.

Next time you need to call the shop and tell the girls number and give your address. (Book in advance.) The girl willl be at your place with her 'bodygauard' You can expect a goodd massage of your choice and some times a HJ.

The shop management don't care what type of massage she gives. It is up to the girl. Once you are 'known' to her she could come alone to your place. Price you need to negotiate. I pay RMB 150 for 2 hours with 30 minutes sensual maassage and HJ followed by a real massage. For longer session order some food for her.

You need to have some skill to handle the girl. BJ strictly no, don't even ask for it. After few session any thing is possible. Assure the girl that you will keep the ativities strictly confidential. Have thiss perfect GFE experience at low cost.



06-27-04, 12:52

I remember the occasion. After your DATY, she was begging you for it. I was in the next chair and only managed to get a BBBJ. But then, I am not as suave and debonair as you are, and, your tongue is longer. He, he, he.


Wild & Crazy
06-27-04, 14:33

Tried out Kang Ding Rd BBS this afternoon. Not sure if street number is 410, but there's about 3 or 4 BBS. I picked a very petite chick from ChengDu, looks very young. She took me to the barber chair but I said I want "Qiao-Da-Bei" (a.k.a. FS). She asked me how much I usually paid, so I said 200rmb (inc. tab). Then she took me upstair to a very "small" room. (Really small, about 4ft high, I have to craw in). So so CBJ, but she's small-n-tight.

I'll try out the other BBS next week. Btw, checked out MaoMingLu scene on Friday night. Very intersting, but most chicks will go up to lao-wei vs asian. Anybody got some # to pass me.

Noble Gent
06-28-04, 01:49

I am heading over to Nanjing for a week tomorrow, can someone give me some suggestions? BBS or pros that can spend the night will be great. Thanks a lot, I will definately report. Please PM me with the info.


06-28-04, 07:55
allright guys I remember reading somewhere on this forum that people have had luck using some kind of chatroom or whatever in China, anyone got more info? I'm not really looking for freebies or nothing but just a cute girl to go clubbing with.

I was there a few years back and I didn't know anyone so I started talking to this cute girl that worked at the front desk and she took me clubbing, too bad she moved to HK now...

06-28-04, 08:25
I was there a couple of hours earlier, and I guess I picked the same girl, petite, coloured, curly hair, actually pretty easy going and nice. I just couldn't stand the smell of her pussy.

A lot of work and efforts ... for an occasional hj?


Bello Coco
06-28-04, 08:57
Hi guys,

I will stay in July one week in SH at the Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel (suited in Xu Hui District; the hotel in the Shanghai stadium). Does anybody have any idea of good BBS (maybe with FS possibility and nice chicks) within this area?

Last year when I was staying at SH (Lengshen hotel; "dead" area), I found only one small BBS which I assumed offered more than massage. A cute black dressed lady started a massage of head and right arm. The arm was very close to the position of her breasts, so I took the possibility to touch - she smiled, sayed something in chinese (did not understand a word, as I am german and speak only english), opend the trousers and started a very good hot/cold BJ. I was able to finger her - she got quiet wet, maybe because I was the first European she had. As the situation of a dark back-room seperated with curtains was very new to me and a little scaring, I was not able to come. Payed 200RMB and left.

Next day at lunch time I had time between some meetings and was still horny. Went back to the shop and found another black-dressed lady there. This time I was more encoured and immediately after having entered the back-room I touched her knee and tried to get in contact with her pussy. She smiled and gave me than a wonderful BJCIM.

I am really keen repeating some of this kind of encounters and would be glad to get some information from you. Certainly will post my experience end of July (smile)!

06-28-04, 09:04
Matteo Ricci

Zhapu Road was a restaurant/entertainment street for the last 10+ years I am coming and going to/from Shanghai. And it certainly was before. As long as I can remember it had/has a reputation for being 'obscure' and 'frivolous'. I always liked to go there for dinner, also did like the neighborhood, which changed quite a bit over the last years.


Apac Boy
06-28-04, 13:15
Wild and Crazy,
200rmb?? damn dood, nice. The one that blankie and I go into is the last shop on the right hand side if ur coming up on Kanding Road from Shanxi North Road.

Its probably 200rmb in that area, they saw Blankie and added the laowei surcharge. Next time, I will negotiate the price beforehand.


06-28-04, 14:23
I must make a correction.

Tapioca screwed up the price. I payed 250 my first visit, then I went there with him and he paid 300 before I finished! Since we were in the same room we both got screwed.

damn... this was the "Tapioca looks like a softie" surcharge.

lets all force it to stay at 200, especially since I found that factory junior shop just a few miles up the same street, where we can get it all for 200.


06-28-04, 16:44

With regards to meeting chicks on a chat room, I met a few on the expatsh website and currently have my primary girlfriend from there.

My latest achievment is a girl I met recently working at the airport gift shop! I bought a few things at her shop, I asked for her mobile number, chatted with her, and eventually got her as another steady gf.

It is surprising how far a smile and a few nice words will get you. Don't be afraid to ask if you can have their mobile number. I am an average over-the-hill western guy, which makes it more amazing.

Matteo Ricci
06-29-04, 00:46
If you are looking for a factory like experience in Jing An, you might also want to try the BBS at the junction of Yanping Lu and Yuyao Lu. There are 10 or so BBS closeby with range of attractiveness / age of women.

St Germain
06-29-04, 06:39

Virgin post here.

I've been living in China off and on for several years, but am relatively new to this fine hobby of ours.

Living in Pudong these days and have developed a bit of a fixation with BBS. Gotta look inside each time I pass one, but not easy to do when strolling together with the current gf.

Anyway, I suppose this may be the first in a long series of reports on the Pudong BBS scene.

A couple weeks ago I finally got some balls and walked into my first BBS, down on Eshan Lu. There's a concentration of them just west of the intersection with Dongfang Lu. If I remember correctly, there are 3 on the south side of the street. I walked into the middle one.

Only two girls in there, and one looked like the back end of a truck. So I took the other one, a cute slim girl from Wenzhou, about a 7. She herded me into a back room and offered HJ for 100 RMB + 50 taifei. I figured I'd start with HJ and see where it leads. Fortunately she let me pull down her panties and finger the goods. I asked for FS or at least BJ, but she refused. She gave me a line like "Come back a few more times and we'll see". Whatever. Followed up the HJ with a 30 min massage in one of the chairs in the main room. The other girl in the place came over to chat and said they don't do FS or take-away. Too bad. But one visit is not a very big sample size, so maybe I'll head back there for another try.

All in all an interesting first BBS experience, although in retrospect I now know I paid way too much for a HJ. Live and learn.

If anyone knows of any FS BBS on Eshan Lu, please let me know.


Matteo Ricci
06-29-04, 16:18
Here is a variation on the Kangding Lu BBS theme you may wish to try. On Shanxi Lu between Kangding Lu and Wuding Lu, there is a small hotel. Actually its nearer Wuding Lu. Next door is a karaoke, where in the evening you can see quite a collection of young good looking women going in and out. Anyway, the hotel has a small BBS spinner outside. Go into the hotel, and up to the second floor where the BBS is. You may be accompanied by a doorman guy waiting in the lobby downstairs.

I went there one Saturday afternoon. There were two women there, one of who was a young, really pleasant smiling girl. After a few minutes conventional BBS massage, she asks me if I want to go upstairs for FS. She gave me a key to a room a few floors up in the hotel. I went to the room, and waited a few minutes before I was joined by the girl. After a quick shower, we had a good hour of terrific, friendly FS with BBBJ in a clean environment. I paid 400 RMB.

The only negative I can think of is that the BBS was small with just two women, so the quality might vary. Try it, and post a report!

06-29-04, 18:27
Matero Ricci,

Thanks for the great posts about Jing An. Seems this area was ignored until me and Tapioca started to talk about it.

As far as my factory junior is concerned, it only had 4 chicks in it tonight and none of them were hot. The other day when we strolled by there was a cuter one there.

oh well....

Thanks for the other tips. I'll check it out.


06-29-04, 18:28
Count G

Good try, and yes you overpaid. You never need to pay over 100 for a HJ.

Most places should be 60-80.

Anyway, consider it reasearch. hehe


St Germain
06-30-04, 08:55
Second installment in the Pudong BBS diaries.

Slightly poorer and a bit wiser after my first overpriced Eshan Lu HJ deal, I decided to have another go at it.

So a rainy weekday night found me wandering around Yuanshen Lu. A previous post had mentioned FS was available for 250-300 in the two BBS near the corner of Yuanshen Lu and Pudong Dadao. But after a quick reconnaissance flyby of the target BBS, I decided the territory was not worth moving into. Couldn't see clearly through the glass and no sign of the usual group of girls waving their hands in welcome. Just didn¡¯t feel right.

So, beating a strategic retreat, I looped back down to Shangcheng Lu and hit pay dirt.

On the north side of Shangcheng Lu, about 50m or so west of the intersection with Yuanshen Lu, is a BBS with a red and white pole.

I walked in and saw two girls at the front desk playing cards with mamasan. Mamasan gestured lazily at me to point at which girl I wanted, and lo and behold, one of them was a real gem. Not glossy magazine-model gorgeous but just cute as a button with shoulder-length hair and dimples. Breasts were only about a B-cup, but otherwise a 9 in my book.

She let me into a side room, and I saw on the bedside dresser the same cheapo HJ clean-up paper I had seen before elsewhere. Hmm, not a good sign for those on an FS quest.

She followed me into the room, and I asked what was available. ¡°What do you want?¡± she asked in reply. I said FS. She said OK without blinking. Trying to keep my cool, I asked the price. She said 200. Now, really, am I gonna argue with that? One of us was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, and it wasn¡¯t her.

But what I DID argue about was the fact that the door didn¡¯t have a doorknob, just a hole that enabled one to look out into the main room. That means anyone in the main room can also look in. Privacy and soundproofing issues aside, the layout wouldn¡¯t allow much reaction time if LE were to waltz in the front door.

So at my insistence she took me into another room in the back of the place where we then proceeded to have a nice session, only occasionally interrupted by the sound of someone walking back and forth on the hardwood floor outside.

Service was fine. She smelled a bit like an ashtray, but otherwise very compliant and unrushed.

Actually, I admit I don¡¯t think I lasted the whole half hour she allowed me. I think I was so thrilled at the fact that I was getting a cute no-strings-attached-no-emotional-drama-queen-bullshit-why-don¡¯t-you-call-me-80-times-a-day piece of ass for the price of a so-so dinner for two that I couldn¡¯t help busting a nut with time still left on the shot clock. Oh well.

For those interested, the girl¡¯s surname is Zhang, age 21 and from Yunnan. And the place seemed relatively clean.

Stay tuned.


07-01-04, 03:57
New to Shanghai board so bear with me please.

I've been reading the board front and back and exchanged a couple of PM's. By the way, I got courteous and helping assistance from those responded to me. Thanks very much.

SH offers abundant opportunities which I would like to partake when I get in SH in early August. Most of contributing posting have directions and reference points (road names).

Where can I in advance get a SH map with these road names?

I don't want to waste valuable time by walking around and locating the roads and streets.

Thanks for your help on SH first timer.

07-01-04, 05:20



Member #2400
07-01-04, 05:48
Came to SH yesterday and was hooking up with an old "friend" Rose.

I called her from the airport (Shenzhen) and she promised to wait and come over for the night.

When I landed she called me and explained she feels a bit under the wind but offered her room mate (Lisa) telling me she is very beautiful and that if I do not like ... no problem.

Lisa came over in just under 20 minutes - very tall (over 1.70) from Harbin, almost 20 y/o nice breasts trimmed and good smelling.

We spent the night, 3 times.

The first was very slow BBBJ and then various positions where in between she licked my balls and under them (one of my favs). I cam doggy while she was fingering herself and holding my balls with the other hand.

The second time was about 1 hour later after we almost went to sleep, but her hand massaging my balls woke me up.

She deep throated me (realy!, that was one of my first such in China) and I CIM while on top of her, realy fucking her face.

No protests, no jerking - just nice acceptance.

The third was in the morning, she was up first and she started by massaging me again (yes) and then some BBBJ finishing off with her on top.

The fee is never negotiated as I know Rose for over a year and she was introduced by a previous friend (Alice) with whom the fee was fixed.

100USD (or 800 RMB) for the whole night. I ususally chip in for the taxi fare.


Jack Spratt
07-01-04, 06:53

Also try here:


It is searchable (Ctrl-F)


07-01-04, 13:54

The difference is all about fresh meat. Factory girls work like machine. No pampering most of the times and no proper arrangement to clean up after the service. I ended up in while looking for freebies. Did I say only hj possible? After the initial work, the girl herself will ask for FS. Often she comes wet!

2 hours of GF type pampering with massage and FS @ 200-250 rmb is not a bad deal. Then, to get purity some hard work is required....


07-01-04, 15:09
Here are a couple of girls that pulled me into a BBS near the Sheraton Tai Ping Yang. Anshun Road in Hongqiao District Shanghai.

The road about 2 blocks long but has 6 or more BBS on it. It is located 2 blocks south of the hotel just south of the inner ring elevated highway.

The one of the right started to give me HJ and brought in 2 other girls to help.

Buck Tooth
07-01-04, 15:58
Are there any love-hotel type places in Shanghai to take the freebies to? Taking one back home wouldn't be a good idea considering that's where the wife has access to sharp scissors.

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07-02-04, 02:05
Thnaks for J testson detailed instructions it was very very easy to find the way to the HuangPi Nan Lu BJ factory.

So many years I stay in China and have seen things in my life .. but this was an amazing one.

I jumped into a taxi and asked to go to 698 HuangPi Nan Lu. The driver thought I wanted to go to XinTianDi (which is very close by) but I told him "NO, 6 9 8 Huang Pi Nan"

Off we went and what he did is going to XinTianDi and from there going south on HuangPi Lu. The first part of the street is under renovation now (??) so there are no house fronts and/or number signs but once we got to the 400's we could figure the house numbers.

Finding 698 per-se was not easy as it does not show, but it is right after a "Shanghai Glass" office or shop and the alley is the only ver very much lighted area within 500 meters each way in the street.

Follow the yellow lights line around the building, do not go into the 30/40 RMB foot massage place ... through the turnstyle and up the stairs.

The manager pointed me into a room with about 10 girls waiting ... where I picked one.

She led me into the factory ... I saw 3 rooms and in the one I went into there were more than 10 chair cubiles.

The girl (23 y/o from Hubei) proceeded with the cleaning (me and my finger) and took off the anties and released the top .. and went to work.

I came after about 15 minutes of laborious work (by her I mean) and she did offer 2-3 times to add one more.

I CIM (holding her head tightly in place) but I think she was not overly thrilled about this.

She produced some more wet towels, cleaned me and her face and then led me out to the reception, 130 RMB to the boss and out the door.

Have safe fun guys.


07-02-04, 09:00
Teppanyaki Strikes again...

Late work night on Wednesday, I got a call from the former Tteppanyaki chef who I always was making out with in her restaurant.

Well, as some of you may recall she quit her job due to a family dispute and is working in a bar closeby.

I went to see her and she was all over me in the bar.

I bought her a few beers and she asked if I want a massage. We went to the back of the bar with a little more privacy.

Sitting on the couch together we started to kiss. After a few minutes I was on top of her and feeling up her dress. She never slowed me down.

shortly into it I slid over her undies and stuck it in..... wow... what a thrill in the back of the bar.

no charge outside a few beers I bought.

she agreed to come over to my house and spend the night anytime I call her.


07-02-04, 09:16
Thursday night the dogs went out to play.

First me, Faguoren our friend the king of shanghai, wandered Xin Tian Di and saw the lurkers...

Then went around to all the Lu Wan bbshops. Did a 4 block tour all the way up and down Huang Pi, Madang, and Danshui Lu, just to check them out as I had not hunted there in a while. After that we went back past XTD to the other block and as we were walking up zizhong lu we wandered into several shops. After walking out of one, the girl grabbed us and took us to another shop. Also on zizhong lu between jinian and jinan lu.

As we were trying to leave that shop (since we were mostly doing research ;-)) I was aggressively drug in , kiissed and flirted with by a dongbei girl.

Shortly after that Faguoren chose a super tight bod Hunan girl (who I am not tempted to go play with, as hunan is my favorite girl and favorite food).

They quoted us the lao wai price of 500 which I fought back for 200. We settled at 300.

Good friendly service and apparantly the ass of the hunan girl was unbelieveable. We need to beg Faguoren to take her home for a photo session! :-)


G Jetson
07-02-04, 10:15
Went to the Huang Pi Nan Lu BJ factory again late last night around 2:30 am. Brought along a couple of laowai friends who just got into Shanghai that afternoon. They don't speak a word of Mandarin.

Chose a girl in white dress and she got to work. I had quite a bit to drink so it took quite a while to get me off.

Halfway through my session, I heard my friend's girl next to us say in Chinese that he was having trouble finishing so she got up and walked out. My friend followed and didn't say anything so I thought it was ok.

Once I was done (it took awhile), I walked out and talked to my friend and asked him what happened. I asked if he was weirded out by the situation or if he had whisky dick (he had a lot to drink too and was quite jet lagged). My friend said his girl just quit giving head, got up and just walked out so since he didn't speak any chinese, he just followed behind.

He was probably unsure of the situation and if he more comfortable he'd known to just pull the girl back down to her task at hand. I talked to the manager and told him my friend's problem. He called the girl back and she basically said that he wasn't finishing so she got up to stretch and he got dressed and left. I heard her complaining so I'm leaning towards my friend. Plus I saw her leave before my friend.

My other friend finished and wanted me to get the number of his girl so he could ask her to come over and meet him outside. She seemed to like him a lot (hugging and touching him afterwards). I talked to his girl and got her number. Don't know what he's going to do since he doesn't speak chinese and she doesn't speak english.

Back to my first friends dilemma, I talked to the manager and asked if he could get a discount since his girl just quit and left. The manager said no since she was blowing for at least 20 minutes, but if he wanted, he could have her go back and finish him off. My friend said sure and the manager called the girl back. After a moment of contemplation, my friend decided he didn't want to go back anymore so we paid and left. I think my friend was pretty freaked out by how sketchy the whole experience is to a non regular monger. I think it was his first p4p experience. Oh well.

One note, I was wearing shorts and when I took them down to around my thighs, one end of my belt dragged along the floor of the BJ factory. It came back wet! Most likely from the girls spitting. Be careful of what you put in contact with those floors!

Member #2400
07-02-04, 15:32
My previous posting regarding Rose Alice and Lisa.

My PM was flooded with requests for contact details (which is normal considering the subjects) BUT -

I did reply to 10 of you with the contact number and have updated some of you that Alice has went back home (to get married actually). I would like to stop for now as they might get defensive and change numbers on me.

I do like them and they have been giving me nice and happy service for over a year now.

Sorry guys.


07-02-04, 16:51
Took home the Hunan girl from the BBS Blankie and I raided last night.

Returned to the zizhong lu BBS, 4 girls were there. The tall Dongbei girl was there and was asking about the tall guy with the big unit (Blankie, I think you made quite an impression :) 3 other girls were there, around 25, looks between 6 and 8, among them the Hunan girl. There was also a very hot one tonight I did not see yesterday. Worth another visit

I negotiated a take-out at 400 (two hours) including tips. She changed clothes while I chatted with the 3 other girls. The papasan showed my a side door exit giving on a side alley, so I left first, and she followed from the main entrance.

For a while, she stayed back following me 20 meters away, to make sure no-one would see her leaving with a loway. Zizhong lu was quite busy at that time, there were people all over the place. The place closes at 5 am, next time I will go later.

Once in the room, she gave me a quick massage and started her routine. Unfortunately she does no BJs, but she is so hot that it did not matter much. She does a good FS though and has a very tight body, so did not take me too long to explode.

Managed to take just one photo (see gallery) of her tatoo above her left breast. I will get her again and hopefully will succeed getting a shot of her ass.


07-02-04, 17:55

will be in SHA from next Tuesday till Friday and would welcome appreciate to get together for a cold one, cigar and some action.
Beeing a newbie to shanghai this forum help me tremendiously to at least have a rough overview of the action. 4 weeks ago went to Park 97 and was surprise how good talent was.

Very open to explore local streets with local hunter.

Also would love to check out famous BJ Factory

Will be staying at the Hilton. Appreciate any PM !


07-03-04, 17:58
Easy Freebie

A few nights ago when Tapioca and I were cruising around some BB shops on Kanding Lu in Jing An area, we stopped and talked to some random (non working) girls on the street. Within 3 minutes we had their phone numbers.

Since then I pretty much forgot about them.

Then last night the tall one called us. Since Tapioca is in Beijing I had to take care of the business.

I walked outside to meet her close to my apartment. She took me to a neighborhood watering hole and she had a beer.

Only 40rmb later we left. She just short if insisted that she come sleep at my apartment. Damn! What is up with her being more forward than I would even be if I were totally horny!

Anyway, I did my duty, and she spent the night, got GFEW FS. She is tall with a great bod and long hair, but not an attractive face. Maybe a 6-7.

Anyways, no money. just spent the night and free sex.

not so bad for a days work.


Dive Wizard
07-03-04, 21:34
Hi everyone,

I am new here and finally got the privileges to write. I will start working in Shanghai starting October for about 1 year. Previously lived in the Phils for 6 years. So since this will be my first time to china I got some questions:

1. What are prices for beer, food, and girls? is it somewhat like the phils?

2. Where are good places to go at night for some beers and eventually girls?

3. How hard/easy is it to find a steady girlfriend? (I am 23 average build blond. Yes I know it also depends on the people but the point is, is it easy or hard to meet girls in the first place not knowing any chines yet)

Thanks a lot


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07-04-04, 04:39
Beer can cost you the average persons one month salary, or can be cheap as dirt.
Chicks can cost you the average persons one month salary, or can be cheap as dirt.
Depends what part of town you hang out.

There are endless places to hang out. It will take you 6 months to hit them all doing new ones each Fri and Sat. I suggest when you get here, then worry about the names and locations. Anyone on this board can direct you to a new place each weekend.

Chicks are so damn easy to meet, but it all depends if they turn your crank or not.

I just met one the other day as oyu can see from my post below. I invested a total of 2 hours and 40rmb and got her in bed.

A real girlfriend is also pretty damn easy to find too, depending if you are picky or not will really be the bottleneck in getting a steady girl. I have been here more than a year and only met one who really tweaked me out and made me a drooling idiot. (because with G/F types I am damn picky.)

If you put some time into your search and dont push the girls to hard, you will likely find some sweet, smart rich girl who will fall for you. Then you wont end up supporting her, and she wont be with you for your money which is a nice thing to know.

anyways, when you get here, then worry about figuring out where to go. dont worry about it so soon. you wont get lost. I am sure many of us will show you around.


07-04-04, 04:46
Xin Tian Di discount.

I went and found Faguorens hot little girl from XTD.

Damn... that ass is scorching hot!

Anyways, I didnt negotiate price before. I gave her 400 after the deed was done and she only argued a little bit, but accepted it and was not angry. She agreed to come back and spend the night if I call her on the right day. Normally she said she cannot because she still lives with her family.

Anyways, lets please keep the prices down. no more of this 800-1000 for these XTD chicks.


Apac Boy
07-04-04, 16:18
Good to be back in Shanghai! Here's the Village girl that's in the living room now with Blankie. She is a cutie! She's going to take us to a "disco" in Minhang where all da BBS chicks go when they're free. Who wanna go?


Wicked SH
07-05-04, 09:04
Has anyone had any luck getting FS or BJ for less than 150 in Shanghai? I have been hanging out in Yangpu and Hong Kou which are less expensive areas of shanghai for everything and 150 is the lowest I have been able to get. But I am a big white guy.

07-05-04, 09:26
Village Girl,

She is spending the night. No charge. (maybe I will pay her but not sure)

Getting BB shop girls free is great. They see it as a B/F-G/F experience, but sort of know in the back of their minds that it is not forever.

So far all my freebie BB shop girls have been overall better experience than the non BB shop freebies.


Mock A Bee
07-06-04, 03:44
Re: Wicked,

Just go to the bj factory on Haung Pi Lu at Fu Xing Lu.

Just went there on friday. 130rmb for bbbjcim.


07-06-04, 11:37
That is about the lowest it will go for FS.

The real Factory (not BJ factory) in Ming hang is the lowest place I know of in Shanghai and it is 130 for Chinese and 150 for lao-wai.

The Village in Ming Hang is fixed 150 for anyone.

Any other places usually are not fixed price and not as cheap.

I only heard recently from OAH and JohnnyKon that some far out place in Guangdong has REALLY cheap stuff, like 10rmb for playing with breasts.... etc... but other than that, 150 is pretty good.