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01-01-02, 02:00
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05-18-02, 05:55
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05-18-02, 23:43
Fellas, when in Shanghai I recommend trying the BATS Bar at the Shangri-la. Lots of girls and variety. A slam dunk. Had a wonderful looking, large breasted beauty with a great attitude and true love of sex for 500rmb (all night). If you do not stay at the Shangri-la (great hotel, by the way) there are other in Pu Dong where you can bring your "take out" order. Have fun, mates.

05-30-02, 08:50
I will be in Shanghai for a few days at the begining of July with a few friends. Where is the best place to go and have fun, ie find a couple of girls to dance with then take back to hotel for a night of hard shaggin? And how much should this cost me?

06-05-02, 11:48
Anybody to recommend a nice massage place in Shanghai ?
With full service of course (at least hj and bj).
Can be in hotel or room service too.
I shall be there on June 18

06-05-02, 16:35
hi there,

for a good massage in shanghai follows by a great HJ, try macau city sauna in macau road , the ladies there are well train to give you a good rub down, then they will give a sensous HJ, you can touch her everywhere when she is doing it .....
for two session, it will cost you a total of about 700 rmb


06-06-02, 22:23
Shanghai is great for shagging.

First night I got taken to the ubiquitous KTV. Boring except the girl I picked was really cute and get this - she had a great voice. Got back a couploe days later a had a suite at the Hilton-I thouhght the service was fine. Decided to se if the KTV chic would come back to the hotel with me so I proceeded to do all the things one should avoid.

A guy on the street, Lu, met me and asked me if I was looking and I said no but asked him if he would call this girl for me. He said "don't waste your $ on a KTV girl - but he ended up taking me there and helping me try to negotiate with her. In the end she was lame and my new friend Lu said let me get you a nice girl. Well she was cute and young. Lu told me he was insisting that she give me a godd bj and sex, which she proceeded to do when I took her to my room. She was very enegetic and we had fun. Later I went down to the lobby and a nice looking girl tried to get me to take her to the Penthouse for a drink. I declined but negotiated a trip to my room for 900rmb. She was a bit of a pro but nice and fun to be with. THe next night Lu took me to select from a group of about ten girls. I ended up selecting the girl he had wanted me to take before. She was also a lot of fun and he made sure we got into the hotel after 11PM. She and I went at it for about 1 1/2 hours. Then I met Lu to go bar hopping. Slid into the Disco without waiting in line. I bought all the beers but it didn't amount to much as Lu is a light drinker. THen we left and Lu showed me around the late night spots with lots of girls hanging arond but no beauties so we went off the late night place across from the Hilton (Manhattan?) and met some nice girls but they wanted to stay out so we left. Then Lu starts negotiating with girls on the street. Ended up geting this girl to come to the room a give me a great bbbj for 300rmb while Lu dozed on the couch in the suite. I was trying to blow the girl off and said nah its too late, I wouldn't go for 400rmb so finally she says 300 and, "I am really good at this", and she started fighting to undo my pants. Once around my ankles I let her go at it. Yup, she was good and said sorry when she couldn't swallow it all and it got on her shirt.

All in all Lu turned out to be a cool guy and wnated to make sure I didn't get ripped off. I mean I was aware enough to sense he wasn't out to take me. Now, I got a pal to chase around with. He loves to try and negotiate with girls walking down the street - I don;t mean streetwalkers either - just nice looking girls - it is hilarious to watch but amazing how easy it is for him to get them to look at me and say sure!

06-07-02, 06:23
Thats more like it. I thought this Shanghai page was closed as no new posts for ages. It sounds like we need Lu to be our guide for the forthcoming visit at the beginning of July. These sort of antics are right up our alley as we are always looking for new openings to explore! What did the first girl charge for the session. All rates mentioned seem to be reasonable it seems Lu likes to find good value. I like the sound of the group of ten girls to chose from, did they all speak English?What was the ratefor a couple of hours with one of them.

We really need lots more postings like this on this board. Come on men information on fornication please,
Wayne K.

06-08-02, 22:14

Great action report there. The big question remains though, how am I able to reach Lu :)
Well, well, if you care to share it or have more tips I would be glad to hear it. I am coming to Shanghai for two nights in a week, so I can't afford wasting to much time searching in blind...

Thanks for the report!

06-12-02, 11:04
Come on you sex hounds out there. I need a list of places where I can go and hook up with hot Chinese or Mongolian Chicks, payment or not. Where do you go to in Shanghai for fun? Is it avaialble in Hotels like the rest of China or do you actually have to look for the action? What are the best hotels to score chicks and what are the rates?
Dont tell me Shanghai does not have a mountain of cute girls wanting to get their hands on the contents of your pockets.
Advise me, any info will do.

Found It
06-13-02, 13:28
Ok, here is PHunter's semi-definitive guide to Sex in Shanghai! Shanghai has lots of action, but it is more discreet than Beijing for instance. First, the hotel action is a little thin compared to Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities. Hot spots include Bats at Shangri-La and the Penthouse Bar at Hilton. Main venue are the hundreds of karoke clubs, but not my scene. If you are like me, best bet is the local clubs. For good quality top spots include California Club at Fuxing Park (after 11:00), Shanghai Sally's and Bourbon Street on Hengshan Lu. Late night action can be found at Manhatten on Maoming Lu and several of the small bars at Julu Lu near Hilton. Price ranges from RMB 1000 for "model" quality to around RMB 400-500 at JuLu Lu for a decent fuck..sometime can even get a package deal! Also some interesting Partimer's that advertise in That's Shanghai. One (Shanghaibeauty) is a real sex machine, but a bit expensive (1200 RMB). Can get you off in seconds with the best BBBJ-CIM I have ever had! So, here is a start and I am sure you will enjoy some happy hunting! Stay safe!

06-14-02, 02:21
Hi PHunter,
Can you give more details about this sex bomb you are talking about ? Where to get her ? What is the price ? For what ?

And for the others who are interested in have a nice fun at affordable price, you can contact Miss Shifen Zhang at shifen@email.com or at service_bucks@yahoo.com. She is not a real beauty but I can tell all of you that she loves giving uncovered bj. If you are nice with her and if she feels fine she even swallows you. And she is not afraid to do it and do it again. I spend a night with her and a friend of mine and she gave me 3 wonderfull bj when my friend was fuck her and thren she sucked it also and get 2 of him as well. She spent the night in my room and woke me up with her mouth. No. I couldn't give more but what a peps. Anal has to be requested very gently and when she is on the job. Though reluctant, she fially gives it.
Price is 400 Rmb whatever. No discount but no surcharge !
Once again, not a model, from far, but a very good job.

Enjoy !

06-14-02, 03:42
PHunter, Nice one mate. That should keep us busy for a few days as we enjoy the night life in Shanghai. I knew there was plenty going on In Shangkers but it is best to be directed to save time wasting. Any problems with girls in rooms, is the quality good and are these girls happy to accomadate the evil minds of us Gweilos?
Of course they will this is China and the only religion here is MONEY.
Thanks again and any new hot spots that develop before the first weekend in July will be appreciated.
I will give you a report of the fun when we return

06-15-02, 03:52
Guys in Shanghai, can you help.
I am looking for a nice place for massage or a very good tip for delivery service.
Ready to take you with me.
What I want is a real good massage plus a real good BJ.
Thanks for the help.

Found It
06-15-02, 07:51
You can contact the 'sex bomb" by email to shbeauty@sohu.com. I have her telephone but she asked me not to give out..sorry! Like I said in earlier post, she is not cheap...usually expects around RMB 1000 for a multiple shot session, but IMHO well worth it. Very firm B cups, incredible ass and great attitude.

You are right about Shifen...have tried her a few times myself. Certainly not model quality but is willing to do about anything, great value for money and I think she actually enjoys getting off with freaky stuff. My only concern is maybe she is doing too many too often..if you know what I mean. Safety first I always say!

06-18-02, 04:07
Honestly, I was quite upset the moment read someone's mail who got my contact from this forum while attaching the message regarding me as well. That was several days ago, since then I got related mails in my shifen@email.com everyday. As you know I would never ever use my prime e-account to be the contact of my escort ADs.
I am always a brave gal, now I become braver after good and bad experiences. My motto is: If I live, live it well. I am actually a new escort, I started last Dec. I had many good jobs after i graduated from university in 1997. The comments I heard from the companies where I worked about me is: very aggressive gal. But I never adapted to any companies, and now I realize I am type of person who can only work for herself. I am much happier than ever and become more aggressive.
people always say I am appealed to be tougher than the real Shifen, and my answer is: That's how life taught me to protect myself unconsciously.
As to my rate is relatively cheap issue, my opinion is -- Guys will really spend more than RMB1000 just to make the dick satisfied? As you know I have been spending all my life studying to become more knowledgeable. In some way, I am very different than those ladies/hookers working in the street or bar, sure enough they know much better about the sex market in Shanghai than me.
Now after reading the messages here, I realize that guys would think I am too cheap or question about my health. Naturally, it's not a pleasant thing to hear those comments, well, I somewhat learned from it is that: I am gonna raise the rate to reduce to controversy. But I will as always be fair with my conscience. I can be contacted via: shifen@email.com
(for your reference: I was mentioned by some guys in June 15th messages. )

06-18-02, 04:19
About my physical image, I know I am not model type (I am 165cm, 60kg) and I don't have a very eye-catching face because I have not yet done any beauty surgery yet. Plus my parents are just ordinary looking person. But I am happy with my image just because I've never heard anyone says I look ugly.
Again, many people like me is because we are compatible.

06-19-02, 05:12
Fun in Shanghai!

I have read the messages below and I have just returned from Shanghai. The police have really eased up and the weather is nice so many many pretty girls are on the street.

I made a previous post under anonymous entitled Shanghai Wisdom..

I tried the Rainbow Hotel. Its a ripoff. The girls want alot of money and they are no prettier than anywhere else. Also the club has changed, it was a disco its only KTV and directed to non english speakers.

If you want a real girl. That means no money just like wanting a girlfriend there (depends on your time) go to the american quarter. This is near the Ritz Portman. The Hard Rock and all the clubs in New Kong Kong Plaza are very watchful for bar girls so you can meet actual women looking for USA guys.

Otherwise what the posts said are pretty much the case. The main clubs where foreigners hang out Bourbon Street, Pegasus, Shanghai Sally will be pretty easy to meet a girl of good quality and have fun. The asking price is 1000 rmb ($125). Although they will ask for more again it depends how desparate they are for money.

What I found out is the best and most effective way is to go to the afterparty clubs on MaoMing Lu. The girls were numerous and all pretty. When I thought I had gotten the best one someone better showed up. Judys Too, Manhatten Bar, Buddha Bar, shangri la all within walking distance. The girls will dirty dance and play girlfriend for a drink and they will make their offer and white face will get started high so remember 1000 RMB the later in the night the price does drop. One thing to remember is 500 rmb is a weeks pay so these girls get one night and they are set.

The girls will come and stay all night(its actually a perk to stay at a hotel) so its no special deal if they go multiple times its included.

Most of the girls do not have an attitude and are very sweet. They can be very aggressive (they want to eat afterall) so you are in the drivers seat but I would not haggle about $20 a happy girl gives you a good time. You dont need a LU to show you around and it can be dangerous.

Simple never accept the first offer and nothing over $1000 rmb. I have not seen a woman yet that I would want to go higher. There are just too many pretty girls competing (I love capitalism).

beware there are girls hanging out from Mongolia. They try to tell you they are in shanghai and stuck and cant get home and they ask for $200 US. They are pretty but different they are also desparate and you can easily get them down to 500 RMB. They also undercut the Chinese girls so it controls the price.

I love Shanghai and Chinese girls I am sure there are many places in China and elsewhere where the world is wonderful thanks to the US Dollar. I think for all things Shanghai is one of the best places. It offers alot of beautiful women, many things to see and do, and is very safe unlike other places. The girls are sweet not drug addicts and no pimps to rob you.

The fact of life in shanghai is its the best place in the world if you have money without it it sucks. So these girls trade sex for the good life. Many like having sex so no problem.

A week in shanghai with all the sex you can handle will cost you about $1000 us exclusive of hotel and airfare. This means living it up buying drinks and eating well. Drinks are a rip so $5 for a beer at a club so buying a girl a drink is a perk!

I do agree with earlier post if you dress nice and you say you are from the USA you will attract the best girls. Alot of Eastern Europeans who look like garbage are in shanghai. The girls prefer americans and like a guy who is clean.

Pudong can be cheaper but it is very far off the main track. Ju Lu Lu is similiar to mao ming lu so move around and enjoy yourself!

06-19-02, 07:20
PHunter , I tried the email shbeauty@sohu.com but failed , the mail was returned to me . Can you simply pass the phone number
of the girl onto my mail box : fun_maker@163.net ? Thanks a lot!

06-19-02, 08:36
This is great! Real reports about the subject that matters, the action in Shanghai. I have lots of Chinese friends in HK who are always going on about the fun to be had in Shangkers but the reports on this board made it look like it was dead end. Not so by sounds of things. Keep them coming and more reports. We need to know.
Wayne K.

06-19-02, 13:40

you have made a great answer. i think that you are absolutely right. it is simply a question of couroisy. as long as we have not been reeped off or abused we have to be polite and not fall into vulgarity saying injuring things and we have to speek in gentle terms of the pleasures we had. all of us we like to find a kind and interesting girls to spend some good times. it is not the time to destroy what we like among everything. don’t change too much your mind, be as you are and don’t care. for sure the next time i will be in shanghai i’ll contact you to spend a pleasant time with you.


06-19-02, 15:09

"Naturally, it's not a pleasant thing to hear those comments, well, I somewhat learned from it is that: I am gonna raise the rate to reduce to controversy. But I will as always be fair with my conscience."
Well too bad....."baby want a bottle!" Waaaaa! This forum is for MEN to discuss about the various topics at hand, YOU decided that you can't get along with people at your previous companies and YOU freely chose this line of work to make $$$ (like most people, esp. Shanghai people who are known to be greedy), so learn to deal with criticism. Raising your rate will not work for long, especially if you're not that good looking or have an attitude problem. Again, it's not to be mean, but you're acting like a child. And no, I don't think a lot of guys will spend over 1000 RMB "just to make the dick satisfied?". Thanks for the post though, it was an amusing read!

06-20-02, 02:46
Dear Chikan,

You are sheerly a JERK to me. Again, birds of a feather flock together. Anything wrong for being a child?! Are u sure you are handsome like Tom Cruise?! I doubt you have any better attitude than me. I said to raise my rate does not mean I will do it. You are so childish with no thoughtful brain!!! I have many clients give me huge tip, you would never know if I didn't tell you here. Simply, you have No RESPECT to lady and that's your attitude all the readers can see.

06-20-02, 08:12

You sunk yourself with that post which proves to everyone your immature nature and childish personality. If your clients give you a huge tip, then they don't know any better (esp. paying 1000RMB in China of all places!). Anyways, happy sucking!

06-20-02, 08:30
To Shifen and everybody else here:
I am looking at the last posts and recognice sadly that the last post became more nad more offtopic. It should be not the reason for us to discuss wether Shifen is childish or not.
As a matter of fact we all want to exchange some informations about sex.... and IMHO this should be the one and only topic here.

TO CHIKAN: I agree the higher rate sounds a little foolish, but in my opinion you should use a more moderate language.

TO SHIFEN: I know you better than you may expect since that we have been together for a short time in SH. I really enjoyed the sex with you. But I have to say that this forum should be not an advertisement zone for you to praise yourself and to express your agressive nature.

Can we return to the real topic of interest now?
I will come up with some infos soon.

06-20-02, 09:37
shtraveller and everyone else,
Sorry to go on about her. Her tone was irratating even though I never met her, but I understand how I came across too. Hope no hard feelings and lets get back to the topic at hand.

06-20-02, 13:34
To shtraveller: I was not intended to praise myself or whatsoever, just simply wanted to protect myself. Does that make sense?

06-20-02, 17:18
This forum is for MEN looking for information about where to get WOMEN etc.etc.....take the hint and stop bothering us and no, it doesn't make sense.

06-21-02, 04:45
Boy the local economy must be slow in Shanghai, rmb 1000 for a girl with model quality? I remember paying rmb 1200 to 1500 for an all-nighter not too long ago (last year?). Was I getting screwed or the price has truly come down? Anyway, I've been taking a different approach now - seeking out young and horny local educated professionals. You will be surprised by how many of them out there and how easy to meet them. So far, I have had three high-quality encounters in Shanghai in the past 3 months! To top it off, it costs me nothing except dinners and drinks.

06-21-02, 16:47
Shjim, I am curiouse regarding the 'educated' parttimers, can you ask for anything during the action? ie. annal, threesome, drugs??? Three pussy in 100days, that is a laugh, execuse me. Besides, dinners and drinks in any high class place may well rip you off thousands in no time. Gook look females available all over the place, it is just that being a foreign stranger, you shall NOT expect any reasonable deal three days in a HUGE city. :-) For example, the price varies so much, girls from another ***** house across the street might charge you double, the exact same service, etc. At 9pm and 1am midnight might have total different price bid. See?

I do the job cos' I LOVE pussy myself and so I know the best insights.. Why not cash it out for some procket money.

06-21-02, 16:56
Shjim, I am curiouse regarding the 'educated' parttimers, can you ask for anything during the action? ie. annal, threesome, drugs??? Three pussy in 100days, that is a laugh, execuse me. Besides, dinners and drinks in any high class place may well rip you off thousands in no time. Gook look females available all over the place, it is just that being a foreign stranger, you shall NOT expect any reasonable deal three days in a HUGE city. :-) For example, the price varies so much, girls from another ***** house across the street might charge you double, the exact same service, etc. At 9pm and 1am midnight might have total different price bid. See?

I do the job cos' I LOVE pussy myself and so I know the best insights.. Why not cash it out for some procket money to buy Durex.
Also here is a quick answr to our dear readers inquiry. Enjoy.
Hi there! Thanks for your email. Here is my personal observation as sex is always a controversy topic. Also I'd post this answer to the sex forum for all to benefit.

1. Chinese females are desperate for money, basic surviving. Shanghai is unreal expensive making chinese wage. Most office/factory jobs can pay off food only. What are left for the rental, phone bill, clothing, transport, social life... you get the picture.

2. for the small groups of pros of massage house who are skilled in hardcore action, ie. annal, threesome, it costs 1000RMB overnight. (double price for non-Asians, cos' still chinese women presume foreign cocks are big, thus difficult to satisfy...). For the girls attached to the barber shops all over the city, it costs 100RMB per quick fuck. and around 500-1000RMB overnight, callout, since they don't have a nice place to do it. you can go to their home if you are THAT curiouse to Chinese slums.

3. there is no age limit I think. Again Shanghai girls are liberal, unique. As young as 13 or so trendy teenagers bid for sex all the time in the OPEN (ie. in a public crowded LAN shop as hardly any locals can afford a computer, or they don't have a place to house it!) found in any local Chinese chatrooms, the main way for locals to get a quick match. this group are parttimers mostly making extra to buy clothes, cosmetics. Again Shanghai is too costy making chinese income to do any luxury. (WARNING since this is cyber virture match, quality unknown, great time can be wasted. the same warning goes to hunting in thatsshanghai.com alike. a poor kid's game.) And then, the married women over 30 or so do it for nothign but a secure bed to live with. You will understand intantly seeing Chinese slum home.(no private bathroom, no private water tap, dark narrow hallway and doorstairs.... basically like a boyscott camp, NO means of privacy and open space. the Chinese slum home condition of Shanghai is a real shock.)

4. Female of Shanghai and the South around are high quality in looks. They are very small in size though, like barbe dolls: fake eyeballs, blonde hair, you get it..

5. There are too many foreigners, all kinds, in Shanghai. So you should expect the normal behavier of women in any big city. (if you wear rich, look decent, spend rich... your life is really easy. Otherwise, for the budget students say, you have to talk, talk, talk, hoping to get laid by chance. and the chance to get action is very small without buying many drinks, gifts, bullshting, etc etc.)

6. NOTHING is free in Shanghai, the heaven and the hell. You pay for toilet, water, information, any little things. "Cash, cash, cash,Hurry, hurry, hurry". Women over 40 range can of course be bought. and local women up to 50, for their small size, look young and sexy still.

All in all, without a local professional's real time guide and approching in 'clean polite' Chinese ways, a foreigner new to the huge ever changing city can spend days and thousands of cash without getting a real action. Real frustrating back to the hotel alone following Lonely Planet, just found out empty bars with procket faces... Touching and kissing are for kids. NOT for our executive travelers.

Happy learning all.

06-21-02, 18:20
Originally posted by aman4sale25

2. for the small groups of pros of massage house who are skilled in hardcore action, ie. annal, threesome, it costs 1000RMB overnight. (double price for non-Asians, cos' still chinese women presume foreign cocks are big, thus difficult to satisfy...). For the girls attached to the barber shops all over the city, it costs 100RMB per quick fuck. and around 500-1000RMB overnight, callout, since they don't have a nice place to do it. you can go to their home if you are THAT curiouse to Chinese slums.

u seem to know alot about the action in shanghai. could u possibly recommend any barber shops near the sheraton hotel that provide extra services. I'm Asian by the way and i speak reasonable mandarin.

Really sick of the tip girls in pubs and discos.....wish to try some amateur action! Or maybe u know of any part timers? (besides this so called shifen)

thanks in advance!

06-22-02, 08:32
aman4sale25 appear to be too aggressive with his marketing. Please don't assume that people here are stupid. If you have real personal experience then post it here, that is what this board is here for.

Of course you don't have to if you want the monry for your INFORMATION.

Editor's Note: All advertising messages posted by "aman4sale25" have been moved to the Advertising & Endorsements Section.

Please report any further commercial postings in this section by selecting the "Report this post to a moderator" link found at the bottom of every message.

Thank You,


06-22-02, 19:36

For a fee for information? Anybody has tried Jim's "service"? If we could put these service on our expense report?
for the girls we may enter as: entertainer

But how are we going to explain why we have to pay this you? Have we ever paid the headhunter when looking for a job.

Do you get the cut from the girl as well? I think you should.

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Thank You,


06-22-02, 20:38
look like JIM=aman4sale25 owe money to the Chinese TRIAD and now they are collecting from his hide.

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Thank You,


06-23-02, 20:32
I really do not know what to say. In my opinion it is okay if you want to make some extra cash for some sex-guiding. But what I really cannot understand is the way you choose: Advertising on this board. I told Shifen before and now I tell you: IMHO this board was arranged for men to share their experience and informations. What you do is advertising your doubtful service.
I am not sure if everybody knows, but RMB 1.000 is a lot of money, even in Shanghai. Adding your cut of RMB 500 this "experience" will cost 1.500. This saves nobody´s money. Especially not ours.
This board is free of any charge and we all share our infos without charge. We are a community! I think it is creepy to charge for some infos. Nobody in this board does so.
We exchange or just share.

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Thank You,


BJ Boy
06-26-02, 06:45
jim is a loser who enjoys talking to himself and probably his only sexual experience has been by giving himself a handjob.

jim, stop disturbing what was a good forum. we're not here to listen to your crap.

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Thank You,


06-27-02, 05:18
In posting order: shtraveller, Chikan and bj boy

Thank you for voicing your opinion against that "for sale Jim". Eduated in the States (MIT may be), he certainly is a loser when he has to ask us for money. (Guess what, he would then thell you that he has a full time job as a Citi corp Shanghai branch manager and making 6 digits. HaHaHa)

He doesn't seem to understand how much we business traveller know about the world of sex. We know all too well how to deal with women, all kinds of. And when we guys get together we share our experiences and story. And part of fun is chasing, I think. We all have business contact there. Look around where you work.

One way that I found useful is to try to find girls in Shanghai in the chatroom when I am in the States. Then exchange emails/pictures. And then you meet them in Shanghai

06-27-02, 11:24
Hello to everybody!
I hoped that most other members and readers feel similar like me and I am glad to hear similar opinions.
Since that we mostly seem to agree with each other about the purpose of this forum let us get back to fun:

As some people said it is hard to find some contact to non-pros using thatsshanghai.com I have to say it worked out for me.
I met some girls who have written to me and we had some bedroom action. ;) BTW my mandarin is very bad (just a few sentences) but I found out that most girls want to learn some english anyways so it should be no problem to communicate.
Maybe this is a possibility to contact non-pros. But it will take some time and if you get unlucky nothing really happens that you desired.

For those who want to have some "fast-food" I can recommend following possibilities:
Surely a good possibility to grab some girl. Also for taking them to your hotel. Prices range from 400 - 700 RMB. Quality is very low though. Services: BBBJ is often available, but do not expect any GF6. They are totally pros.
In front of this hotel there are some girls to choose from at the entrance (>20:00). Quality & prices vary a lot. IMHO okay but not really stunning girls. Also available to take to another hotel than the Garden Hotel itself. Services: I tried it only once so I cannot really tell. In may case BBBJ, GF6

Higher class girls to choose at the first floor coffee shop.
Look for single ladies sitting next to the piano. Going prices are RMB 1000 for a session. Quality is high. BBBJ and GF6 is included.
Expect to have to pay for her drink at the coffee shop (RMB 50)
KTV on third floor provides some girls. Some are very cute but beware of tips-girls.
Massage in 3rd floor provides some ladies. Expect to pay RMB 1200-1400 for sexxx only. Quality is good. Service is so and so.
If you have a room there you can also call the massage parlor to send you someone for lady massage. Usually RMB 1200.
On top floor there is a bar with ladies for accompany. They wait in a extra room. I never gave it a try since that it looks like tips without end and no real action.

I have tried some escort before but I really cannot recommend any of them. The service was very good and the girls are very pretty, but not worth to pay 2000-3000 RMB. :( NOT even for SH!

I tried also some of the privat escorts. Like Shifen.
Seems to be very reasonable. Many things have been posted about/from her already, so I will not add anything to it. Everything seems to be true. She is honest and offers good service. For Service orientated people and those who like women with some weight. :O


Some infos may be similar to the post of "bigweazel" from the old forum. I am bigweazel! New forum, new name! :)

Allright guys, lets keep the forum running.

Good hunting! More will come up soon.

06-27-02, 12:54
Does anyone have any good tips for this area:-

Feng Xian County, Shanghai

Been there a few times but found the girls to be 5 or under.

The drive down town takes nearly 1 hour so I can't be bothered with that.


06-27-02, 19:59

Thanks David, thanks Carlos and everybody elso who send me a mail.

Call me an asshole or else, but I am very unwilling to spread my private contacts. As a matter of fact I do not want the girls to be called night and day for inquiries and on the other hand I do not want to come to SH next time without having chance to meet my contacts again.

I asked my contacts already if I can give away their phone number and they agreed. But only to just a few fellows.
So here is the deal: Let us <b>exchange<b> phone numbers. And only phone numbers from SH (+ SH area), Hangzhou or Yangzhou

My email adress is: shvisitor@gmx.net

06-27-02, 20:06
I forgot to mention:

Stay away from Pudong area. Pudong area is very quite and far away from fun places. Just a few barber shops.
If you really want to stay in Pudong try the Ocean Hotel.
It is okay in facilities and may offer some services from the health / massage center.

Bone is Hard
06-27-02, 22:40

In Pudong section of SH is the hotel Shangri-la a good place. I have read differing opinions. The bar there sounds reasonable.

Thanks for advice. I'll be there in SH on two different days

Bone is Hard

06-28-02, 07:47
To Bone is hard:

you are right! Shangri-la is a good place to stay.
Specially the BATS seems to be fun.
But this is all hotel action and there is almost no other possibility to find any street action or non-pro action around Pudong area.
It is far away from better known bars as Hard Rock, Bourbon Street etc..
In my opinion action in Shangri-la is pretty expensive and most girls are absolute professionals. I prefer semi-pros or amateurs.
Always remember: If you pick up a girl in a hotel or the hotel bar you can be sure to pay for everyones cut. I.e. for the hotel staff to let the girl stay, security for letting them out of the hotel after curfew etc...

BJ Boy
06-30-02, 19:13
well, i guess his english standard is so poor as he clearly does not understand our comments at all. nobody else here is trying to do business except him, so what he means by competitors i guess only he knows.

anyway, i think the best thing is just ignore his posts because by reacting, he will only make more stupid and irrelevant comments.

he's trying to give the impression he's a big business man when i know he is actually just a pimp and not even a successful one.

jim, here's a word for you to look up - "LOSER".

Editor's Note: All advertising messages posted by "aman4sale25" have been moved to the Advertising & Endorsements Section.

Please report any further commercial postings in this section by selecting the "Report this post to a moderator" link found at the bottom of every message.

Thank You,


07-01-02, 11:54
To "shtraveller" and all amateurs lover,

I share the same interest as yours: amateurs, so I always use agency (FunInChina.com). From recent postings, I just wonder seems nobody mentioned enjoying ready fun from agencies. I don't be skillful in negotiating with pros, and most importantly, I like amateurs (college girls,office girls) who are well-educated, speak English. Agency's charge may be higher than direct hunting (but definately not as high as the big LOSER's), but it's safer, healthier and with higher fun.

Online chatting is also good to hunt amateurs. It may save a few bucks, but it will certainly waste lot of time. For busy business travellers like us, I don't see any advantage with it.

07-01-02, 20:38
Editor's Note: All advertising messages posted by "aman4sale25" have been moved to the Advertising & Endorsements Section.

Please report any further commercial postings in this section by selecting the "Report this post to a moderator" link found at the bottom of every message.

Thank You,


07-01-02, 22:11
Thanks Jackson for cleaning this board!

07-07-02, 15:53
Can anyone provide english phonetical pronuciation for the chinese words for BBBJ, CIM, and anal?

07-07-02, 17:12
Chinese pinyin kou3jiao1 for BJ, xie4(she4) dao4 zhui3 li3 for CIM and pi4yan3 for anal. Pay attention to the 4 tones!

I haven't known any chinese girls, pros or amatures, would do anal. Can you introduce me some?! Thanks.

07-10-02, 03:44
Hi guys, I live near Tokyo, but I enjoy reading the China discussions. I'm thinking about using some of my frequent flyer miles on a trip to Shanghai. Can anyone recommend a nice, reasonably priced hotel (i.e. around 50 USD/night) situated near night hotspots and also near typical tourist areas? Also, I know absolutely no Chinese ... will this make it difficult to get women (professional or non)? Should I try to bone up on some Chinese in order to "bone" some Chinese? Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to seeing how Shanghai action compares to that of Tokyo.

Ralph Kramden
07-10-02, 14:31
You should definitely proceed to Shanghai for some good fun. I stayed at the downtown Holiday Inn near Shanghai in May. The service and location were both very satisfactory for about $60. Be sure to book directly on the web. They are girl friendly. I had no problem without knowing the language. It is surprising how many people understand some English and are open and friendly. See my report, which is the last one on the Archives. I am returning to Shanghai in August for more of the same. What a great city!

Ralph Kramden
07-10-02, 14:37
Sorry about that, the downtown Holiday Inn next to Shanghai Station.

07-11-02, 03:12
Kent, thanks a lot for the info. I will check the Holiday Inn website right away. One other question, has anyone else had a good experience with funinchina? I'm thinking about hiring a personal secretary for a couple days while there to go site-seeing with. The rates and selection of girls seems great! Arigatou,

07-11-02, 04:49
fish... I also checked out funinchina. Thought some of the girls were quite good. Most were at least OK. The VIP rates are outragious, though. I don't know how far you can go starting with the "secretary" rates and negotiating directly from there for more services. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has actually gone this route. In visiting several cities in China I have found it very easy to score (one way or another) with girls as good or better looking than those at funichina. But if one can "upgrade" from the basic rates, this could be an interesting alternative. At the VIP rates, forget about it.

07-11-02, 16:27
Hi, I will be visiting in September. I have been unable to access the fun in china site. I tried google, and got no response for the 1st 100 possibilities. If someone could post a direct link to this site, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and I will post on my efforts when I return!

07-11-02, 18:32

At least it used to be!

07-12-02, 16:11
Thanks Peter, that one worked-just fun in China didn't. thor

07-14-02, 08:50
FYI: Park97 is a good place to find a nice girl

07-15-02, 07:30
Thor... I am not trying to discourage to from checking out funichina.com In fact, I would give big props to anyone who can start at the secretary rate and progress to nirvana ;-)

The point is, it is so easy to find lovely girls on your own (pros and otherwise) in any decent sized city in China. I ecourage you to back-track through this section (and the archives) and you will find your own way -- that's half the fun. China is safe and a no-brainer for the most part.

I initially spent only one night in Shanghai and not only scored in the most wonderful way at my hotel, but now am also dating (whenever I get into town) a former sales rep from the Hilton in Shanghai. Working on my travel agent's sister in Shanghai, too but this seems to be a slow burn (no, not the clap) if you know what I mean. I think you'll get the point here -- it is *easy* living.

I will also be roaming around in China from mid-Spetember until ???? I may or may not go to Shanghai -- it depends how other recreational options shake out. If you'd like to hook up for a beer (if I'm in Shanghai) give me a shout.

Good luck. Not that you'll need imuch of it. Have fun.

07-15-02, 07:38
Thor... I am not trying to discourage you from checking out funichina.com In fact, I would give big props to anyone who can start at the secretary rate and progress to nirvana ;-)

The point is, is is so easy to find lovely girls on your own (pros and otherwise) in any decent sized city in China. I ecourage you to back-track through this section (and the archives) and you will find your own way -- that's half the fun. hina is safe and a no-brainer for the most part.

I initially spent only one night in Shanghai and not only scored in the most wonderful way at my hotel, but now am also dating (whenever I get into town) a former sales rep from the Hilton in Shanghai. Working on my travel agent's sister in Shainghai, too but this seems to be a slow burn if you know what I mean.

I will also be roaming around in China from mid-Spetember until ???? I may or may not go to Shanghai -- it depends how other recreational options shake out. If you'd like to hook up for a beer (if I'm in Shanghai) give me a shout.

Good luck. Not that you'll need imuch of it. Have fun.

07-16-02, 07:33
Can someone tell me where I look for action in HangZhou? I will be visiting soon and last time I was there I could not find anything. A town of 6 million people must have some action somewhere.

Please feel free to email or post: blanknamecruiser@hotmail.com


07-16-02, 13:20
I have been a long time viewer of this board. I think that it's about time for me to contribute some info.. FYI I lived in Shanghai for over 8 years and travelled to most of "Southern China" Even got married to a Shanghai girl.

to blnknamecruiser: Hangzhou is a very nice tourist city, hence less police harrasment. For sure things at fixed rates, go to the saunas in the 4-5 star hotels, namely Wuyang (5 oceans) Hotel. The rates are about 500-600 complete set. Be straight forward and ask if they provide special service. make sure you bargain, they will offer at 1000rmb ususally. I fyou speak chinese and/or have a chinese guide or friend, you can go to "Jing Bi Hui Huang" night club, higher quality girls, runs about RMB200 - 300 for tips & mamasan charges. The rest should go about 800 for short term, depends on how you can sweet talk the girls. I'm not into the "barber shops" eventhough they are cheap, but they are not safe, not clean and ... you can imagine with this dreadful heat.

to mistalava: i totally agree with you! this is the way you do it here in Shanghai. One night stand should be easier and safer than SWs or KTV girls. Many so called "white collar" girls are into one night stands w/foreigners and/or overseas chines (like myself). If you got the right stuff, you will score easily at Pegasus, California etc... Shanghai is so different from other cities.

Man! I miss those good old days at DD's and YY's!!!! Anyone here been to these two "original" underground clubs??

The above are just my opinios and experieces. Happy Hunting guys!!!

07-16-02, 13:27
to blnknamecruiser:

Furthermore, I have not been to wuyang for a while, afraid that there might be changes, the other hotel i thought about is the 5 star World Trade Hotel right next to Huang Long (Yellow Dragon). World Trade and Huang Long are sure things, not sure about Shangi-La though. Things in China changes so often specially in the sex industries.

good luck!

07-17-02, 03:15

I remember DDs, it absolutely rocked. Used to make that my last stop on a night out, would get there 'bout 1:30A and grind the night away with the girls until 6:00A. Then would head to Sunshine Cafe (next to Cotton Club) for breakfast.

Wish I still had the energy...

07-17-02, 06:22
Jumbo... BATS at the Shangrila is still good. You can be deaf, dumb and blind and still have a great time. No need to pay inflated prices, either.

07-18-02, 16:59
To Everybody:
anyone´s interested into checking the hot spots with me?
I will be in SH from July 24-29th. (Next week)
This time I am staying at the Holiday Inn Downtown and trying to check out the Hotel area (Station) and the usuals.
mail to shvisitor@gmx.net

07-19-02, 05:09
Traveller... I am awaiting your report. I now stay in Pudong when I visit, but always thought that the area around the train station was "earthy" to say the least and had great potential. Its ambiance meshes with my sensibilities, if you know what I mean, but I just don't know my way around there. Hope you have big, big fun and share with the rest of the yobbos.

07-19-02, 08:39
Hi there,
Does any one of you know a nice girl who calls herself Lady or Ldy in Shanghai or Lady Dear or Redwood or Wu or Wu Hong ?
She is a call girl in Shanghai. Seems quite interesting.
Any comments before I go and try ?
Thanks and regards.

07-19-02, 16:36
To mistalava:

Thank for your words! ;)
I will do my best to find out about some infos.
To be honest I have never been at the station directly
but I heard some interesting things about it....
You are right, I am sure I will not like the "ambiente" as well
but I will give it a try anyways.
I want to go home knowing that I have done everything this time :)

By the way: anyone has some experience with hotel action
at the holiday inn? I can tell about Galaxy, Hilton and ShangriLa
but it is my first time at this hotel...

Have fun in Pudong... See you at the BATS

Ralph Kramden
07-20-02, 01:41

The downtown Holiday Inn is really a great hotel for the money, 4 star I think. It seems to cater to the regular tourist crowd, so you won't find any girls in or around the premises. They are however girl friendly, but I would use discretion at all times. They have a popular jazz bar that I did not visit, and the front desk can order massage service 24 hours for 600 RMB. I didn't try the service.

I didn't notice any girl action or barbershops around the station , but really didn't look. It is a very fascinating place. There are a lot of local crowd style restuarants in the area. Have a great time and I look forward to your report

07-20-02, 08:17
Dear KENT:

thanks for your quick infos.

RMB 600 for a massage sounds like some advanced service!
Never paid in a hotel more than 300-400 for a regular massage...
hmmm. I think I will try it and let you know about the results.

Happy Hunting

07-28-02, 17:07
What happened? No posting since I left Sh on 21st.

07-28-02, 22:20
Dear punters

How many of you have had a girl refuse to carry on because your cock is too big. I have a normal 6 inch thing and 3 times in the last 3 months, girls have said sooo big and one today refused to continue. I thought my cocok is only slightly bigger than normal.

Frank Africa
07-29-02, 16:07
Dear "manonsanboy"

Nothing strange here. I'm probably about the same size as you, 7 inches and "fat", but the same thing has happened to me regularly over the last ten years visiting China, Indonesia and other Asian countries. In one extreme case, I actually couldn't screw a girl as she was so tight that I couldn't get anything bigger than my tongue inside. She was 30 years old and not a virgin but was very tiny all over. I tried several times with lubrication but couldn't get in, and I finally stopped because I didn't want to hurt her.

Remember, "big" is a relative term, and while a girl at the Mustang Ranch in Nevada might consider us average-size, to an Oriental girl with a tight little twat, you and I are absolutely massive. Oh well, don't give up, keep trying!

08-04-02, 22:46
I am back from SH:

I checked out the holiday Inn Downtown. Hotel is okay, specially the Executive Club is better.
Lets talk about the topic:
The Hotel does not offer any possibilities to hunt inside.
As some posts already contained this is more a tourist hotel...
Massages are strictly done by men, so I skiped this part ...yak...
But I had no problems bringing in gals. Always after 11:00 pm and always another gal. So thats fine I think!

Anyway I promised to check out the main train station and as a matter of fact there seems to be always a crowd of people hanging around. Mostly they seem to wait for trains, sometimes for the complete night. Needless to say that there are plenty of possibilities for hunters. But I suppose some spoken chinese is needed. Going rates seem to be RMB 300 / night. Some did not even ask for money. They were satisfied with sleeping overnight. ;)
Since that I like it a bit more classy I just tried it twice but it surely was not hard to find someone. The railway station IMHO is not clean, classy and safe at all. So you may want to watch your step and especially your goods....

For this times stay I did not really have so much time so I decided to be more efficiant with classy girls:
So I checked out Hardrock Cafe at the Portman Hotel.
Loud and just a little action. Anyways it was Wednesday and maybe on other days someone else may get more lucky.
I found some lookers around the bar on the way to the restrooms, but they were not really my type. Bitchy, I would say.
Outside in front of the Portman there were two gals, decent looking waiting for someone to reach them. I did and brought her up to my hotel. RMB 1000 for complete night. I think it was a late night rate... ;) Full Service.

To those whom are traveling to SH, not knowing so much about "whats HOT" just try to make friends with the mamasun or assistant managers of well known hotel bars/Discos etc..
I think most of the gals they provide are a bit pricey but the better you know them the better the prices will be in future. I think the very next time you "consume" she will be surely willing to give you some discounts. Try out Galaxy Disco, BATs, etc....
But remember not to spend so much on super-expensive drinks, tips to tip-girls, etc. Spend some money into the real sources.(Mamasun, assistant manager, etc.) That may help a little.
Just try to avoid the classical KTV rippoff procedure.
Mostly you will receive no service and no fun after spending jurassic amounts.

The next time you normally receive more service for less money, bacause they know you by then and do not need to share with poor old mamasun. :o
AND you can exchange with us lovely guys :)

Good hunting!

08-06-02, 20:30
Hi all,

Does anyone here know of any Korean Karaoke in Shanghai? I went to a couple the last time I was there, but I forgot to get business cards from them. I know there was one at the YuPing hotel, but I didn't really like that one. Something a little higher class. If anyone has any info, I'd appreciate it. TIA

08-07-02, 11:32
To Moody:

try the Galaxy Hotel 3rd floor.
There is a Korean KTV with loads of gals.

Make some noise.... ;)

08-07-02, 12:31
Originally posted by shtraveller
To Moody:

try the Galaxy Hotel 3rd floor.
There is a Korean KTV with loads of gals.

Make some noise.... ;)

If you stay at the hotel, is there any problem taking one of the girls to your room? I've never stayed there and I don't want to look like an idiot trying if it's a no-no.

08-07-02, 21:37
To moody:

The Galaxy hotel is famous for its possibilities....
Taking gals to my room I never had any troubles at all.
Any time!
The hotel itself is 4 star but not really my style.
Anyways there are worse. Have a try and I think you should be fine. It has in room massage and the Galaxy disco.
If taking a massage in your room greetings to LanLan.
She is allright.

Have some fun...

08-07-02, 22:27
Originally posted by shtraveller
To moody:

The Galaxy hotel is famous for its possibilities....
Taking gals to my room I never had any troubles at all.
Any time!
The hotel itself is 4 star but not really my style.
Anyways there are worse. Have a try and I think you should be fine. It has in room massage and the Galaxy disco.
If taking a massage in your room greetings to LanLan.
She is allright.

Have some fun...

I ALWAYS have fun. :D Anyway, I presume the normal tip at the place is 1000Y? The reason I ask is that I've only been to Shanghai 3 times, but each time, I had a host and he paid for everything and I'm not exactly sure how much he paid. I usually gave them an extra 100Y for cab money regardless. In Shenzhen or Guangzhou, the Karaoke girls usually get 1000Y at the better places but maybe Shanghai is more expensive.

08-08-02, 02:26
Where can I find sure thing for FS in Hangzhou when I will only have short periods of time to explore since I will be with my real GF? I did not see anything obvious last time I was there. I went to a Spa/salon type place downtown that is the real deal back walking etc. Great place for an hour massage deep tissue for $6, but not what I will search for when I am alone.


p.s. I also left this same post for you in South China section.

08-08-02, 08:11
Around RMB 1000 should be fine.
Many gals ask for more "Its Shanghai" but I think it is okay.
Lets do not spoil the prices here.
As a matter of fact I think up to 1.200 should be okay but do not pay more.
At the Galaxy you will be better off to call for an inroom massage.
Better and more worthy service than you will receive at the parlour in 3rd floor.
At the disco I recomend you to make friends with one of the 5-7 assistant managers. If so you can be sure to receive as many contacts as you wish....and can bear... ;)
Greetings to Jenny!

Have more fun ....

08-08-02, 16:29
Blnkname...I saw the South China post first and responded there. Good luck on your trip.

08-09-02, 10:02
Gday all, been reading your reports a couple of days now. Iiinteresting...... Thanks for the frank apprisal of what going on.

I am going to Shanghai mid September and since I can not "sweet talk" girls (not to mention my ugly oversize look and temporary dyslexia when meeting a girl), I am thinking of engaging the FunInChina service.

Anybody have better suggestion?

08-13-02, 07:55
Somebody help me to dechiper this please..

I have emailed FunInChina to enquiry about their services. I quote

"Been browsing on your web site and interested in your service.
However, there are a few items unclear.
What services would the PS provided? I somewhat understand that hints of some intimate room services are provided as well?
This is because I have a very "straight to the point" character, thus I am not apt in negotiating for certain "services"."

In reply, I got a terse email admonishing me for equiring in "harsh" language? and I quote

"...use your common sense, do NOT raise any question offensive to China's law, as we are legitimate business here in China. "

So, I reply and apologize for my choice of words. And their reply is this. I quote

"Obviously you know little about business operaiton in China. Right approach but wrong decision. :( ".
"As private secretary is personalized service, we know you more, we will serve you better."

Well, it seems that to engage their service, you have to know much about business operation in China. Is this not strange? viz. If I know much about anything at all in China, would I be engaging their services?
Is there a hidden message there that I miss? :0
I am feeling a bit thick lately and may need a kick in the posterior to understand things.

well, enough sobs, if I cannot resolve this problem with FIC, I may have to hunt without them.

wish me luck

Mighty Spearsman
08-13-02, 15:07
Dear "RajaBetawi"

Please realize that ALL Internet traffic in and out of China is monitored by the government, hence FunInChina must be very discreet about what they write in an e-mail or on their web site. In fact, your original "straight to the point" direct approach was a big mistake as it forced them to reply the way that they did - they don't know who you are, you could be a PRC government employee posing as a horny customer to try to shut FunInChina down.

Having said that, you are correct in feeling that there was a hidden message in their second response. Remember, they must be careful in what they write; if they are not careful, they could be shut down. So their second reply was a polite way of saying that as they get to know and trust you (and make money off of you), special services might be available. At least, that's my reading of this situation based on my work experience in China. I have no direct experience with FunInChina, however, and I would appreciate it if someone who does have experience with FunInChina posts their experiences here at WSG.

It is difficult to deal with the sex scene in China, as there are a lot of contradictions - the government likes to pretend that there is no prostitution and little or no HIV/AIDS in China, but that is obviously not true. And masseuses often like to pretend that they are only there to massage you, but they usually can be persuaded to do extras, although it can be hit-or-miss.

Please keep us informed of what happens to you.

08-13-02, 15:09
To RajaBetawi, be careful with FunInChina. I think if you are looking for a real business service then you will be OK however if you think you are going to get sex then you will be disappointed. I have a Taiwan friend who used their service and gotten no sex.
The service offers a business service. They get their cut for this service. The girls that you hire are expecting to be a business service and not sex service. What happens between you and the girl is up to both of you however you must realize that the girl is a good girl (non-working) therefore the chance of you scoring is the same as you picking up a girl in a department store. If you expect sex then you will be out a lot of money and be very disappointed. The service is a scam, they make you think that you will get sex from the girls however the girls don't know anything about this. The girls think that they are working as a translator, or assistant and not a girlfriend (sex)

08-13-02, 21:19
I think csun213 is right!

I thought about using FunInChina myself and informed myself about it.
Obviously the girls are regular girls. Why should any of those
girls want to have their pictures posted in the internet.
China IMHO is so conservative to the outside.
None of the girls would ever want their pics to be presented
in the internet offering sex-services.

I guess someone wants to make some cash fooling the girls and us.
Good idea btw... ;)

Thanks for your words, csun213

08-14-02, 01:02
Mighty Spearsman, csun213 and shtraveller thank you for your comments and insights.

I think it is easier to phone them direct and talk to them in regards to the services rather than using a public comunication system like the Internet. I will try this tonight and will post my findings here later on.

Wish me luck.

In the mean time, any particular questions I should rise when I ring them? or anybody have suggestion for better approach?

Or better yet, anybody going to shanghai around the 19 - 21 Sept? lets meet and compare notes..


08-14-02, 09:53
Ok its 6.30pm here in sydney, I ring the FIC ppl.

A man answered and speak to me in some chinese, when asked if he spoke english, he switched to fluent albeit heavily accented english.

When told that I am the Raja that emailed and enquired before, he told me that he known of me. He said that he understood my needs and that there is infact some private secretary that would fill them.

When asked for the overall cost however, he deferred and told me to research in the net for the going rate. He refused to give me a http address to find out about this. "...there is web sites advertising the services you need and our fee would be the same" says he.
** aside, as far as I look, there is only one entry under "sex" or "escort" and "shanghai" in Yahoo, it is ChineseLily and under rates it is USD $350 per hour... WOW!!! in Sydney here, I could get half a night with that price. Anybody know the going rate? aside ends**

When asked about which of the PS in their web site does the service, he told me to look into page 2 shanghai, and hints that one of them does. Which one? ".. ahh it is hard to say over the phone or the internet.. just try her for a day, you have not much to loose", says he.

After a few conversation with a few chinese friend I got, yes, I understand that the law in China is much different with the ones we got.

will continue tomorrow, got to go now.


08-14-02, 12:17
Originally posted by RajaBetawi
under rates it is USD $350 per hour... WOW!!!

That's INSANE! Unless they're supermodel's, no one gets that kind of money in China. I've only been to Shanghai 3 times in the last 18 months, but I've never paid anything near that amount. I think I stated in a previous post that I usually pay 1000Y for girls I bring back from Karaoke. The 1000Y is for the entire night. I think shtraveller has stated that up to 1200Y is ok. The thing is, if you book through an agency, the girl is sharing your money with a bunch of other people. Everyone has to get their cut. Just deal direct with someone, or go to a Karaoke that someone recommends. You do have to be wary of the scams, but $350 an hour IS a scam.

09-11-02, 19:47
To: pussy_hound,

are you sure the gril in Hyatt named Baowen? I happen to know a girl named same name, actually she works in the office building in Hyatt, and she is actually live in Hyatt which is sponsored by her company, How you meet her? I have her mobile, if anybody need, leave your email address.

09-12-02, 02:02
Anyway, to continue on the report on FunInChina services.

I received an email from them, quote:

Dear Sir,

In that case, my best suggestion could be: do not try our service right now but
keep attention to FunInChina.I'm sure sometime in the future you will get
enough evidence to make the right decision.

Thanks again for your shown interest in our service.

With best wishes,

FunInChina Team


Well.. thats that.. One more week to go, still no definite result!!

To sum up what I get so far:

- contacted FIC
- received vague answer
- asked FIC on service by phone
- got rip off rate in return
- got refusal email for services.

What more can I expect? What can I do? where can I go?

I am getting desperate, I got only one more week of preparation before the trip. **sigh**

Any suggestions?

09-12-02, 02:50
To RajaBetawi,

I would say forget about FIC. I dare to say
it will be not worth it! I checked it myself and for me this FIC is
crap. Like someone else said before it smells like some ripoff.
The girls probably do not know what is done with their photos and they are only for real secretary work.

Raja, I cannot look at you being so desperate! :(
Give me a private email to shvisitor@gmx.net and I will share some phone numbers with you.
I normally do not do that but I think it is good to have you here, keeping this board alive.
Raja, when in SH try to meet up with some massage girls (hotel) or gals from discos an do not forget to take their phone numbers.

To Jackson:
Great Job. Good to have this board online again! Thanks!

Dick Boobs
09-12-02, 05:21
just wondering whether anybody tried Lily, the only escort yahoo shows for Shanghai. she is quite expensive, but her servises are apparantly worth it if you believe the 2 field reports in captain69.com...

09-12-02, 07:41
To Ricky197101, I am leaving for SH in 2 days. Do you mind share Baowen's #? What is her rate? How would you rate her? Thanks! omega3311@yahoo.com

09-12-02, 10:28
To shtraveller,

Thanks mate, I will take the offer of phone numbers.

And I promise, as long as my little leg still do the thinking, I will keep this forum informed of my adventures :)

And yeah,

To Jackson.

Good work mate, I am not forgetting you, it's just there are other things in my mind right now. I am grateful for your forum. Thanks

09-12-02, 16:16
To Raja:

check your mailbox.
I think your mission is secured and you will come back home with a very, very sore third leg :D

Make some noise!

come on! Let´s keep this board running!

09-12-02, 16:53
HangZhou (close to Shanghai but cheaper)
I was just there for 3 days. I was able to try two salons and the massage from the sauna in my hotel. I must say I enjoyed them all! I was surprised about the salons since my trip last year I tried them in Beijing with no luck.

I was at the... uh.. Zhedeng Grand... I think I mispelled. I forget the exact name. It is a 4 star, very nice rooms and ammenities.

I tried salons right around the area (behind the hotel), all walking distance.
If you look in them and are not sure, they will usually give you a sign. I got a super cute little girl in the first one who massaged me as hard as her tiny little body would let her. The facilities are poor, but the girls are cute. After 20 minutes or so she began to stroke over my cock ont he outside then signalled to ask if I wanted a HJ. I tried to get FS or BJ to no avail. For a 100 RMB tip she finished me off and let my suck her breasts, then continued my massage.
The second sauna was different. This girl sat at the head of the massage table while my hands were resting onthe stool which of course meant they were up her skirt. That was great. I was cautious at first so as not to rush it.

Then after a while she stroked a little on the outside of my cock and my bare chest passionately. We ended up making out, also me on her breasts and my hand up her skirt in her undies. After we finshed, we kept making out after the time was up. She was into it. french and all. I gave her a 100 RMB tip.
In my hotel I went to the sauna and ordered a massage. Some beautiful young girl came into my massage room and climbed up on the table and massaged me. When I turned over she eventually worked over to my member stroking it. asking if I want that kind of action. We moved to a wider table. I got up her appropriately loose shorts, moved over her underwear and began to feast my mouth on and in her fantastic pussy. she was nice. Great looking and great attitude. we got 69 style after a while and I ate herout while she stroked me off. she requested a 400 RMB tip. I suspect that was high, but I didnt care.

Macau Pimp
09-12-02, 20:49
What Up Shanghai Players
I lived in Shanghai from 1997-2001. long before all the foreigners invaded the now lawless scene.
lots of good places within the city limits. some places dont cater to non asian foreigners but will if with a local.
however, the best action is outside of shanghai in kunshan, changzhou, etc.
I will be returning to my old stomping ground next week. If anyone want to chill and go on a rampage for hot white skinned chinese girls le me know.
many old girlfriends and ktv girls are still awaiting and I have developed trust with them for open sex relationship. They are all from kunming and they smoke joints like the rest of us.
normally I dont frequent the foreign places, the girls there are not as good as the local places..
free tip.
shanghai railway station (xin ke zhan) , across from the long distance bus station and across from the han zhong lu subway exit. is zhao an hotel. they have a great sauna. it caters to locals, very cheap and good quality.
for high class, have your taiwan or hk or sing businessman take you to xiang gang cheng (hong kong city), it is off of the local street, sichuan rd. it is very high class, after sauna massage food all the ammenities, then hand job with possible negotiation for FS total cost around 1800rmb. stiff but high quality shanghainese girls.
anyone interested drop me your contact.

09-13-02, 09:04
To Macau Pimp.

Mate, I am going to Shanghai next week. I will stay from the 19th to 21st sept., and would like to take up your offer to rampage :Þ

How do we arrange?



09-16-02, 02:25
Originally posted by PHunter
Ok, here is PHunter's semi-definitive guide to Sex in Shanghai! Shanghai has lots of action, but it is more discreet than Beijing for instance. First, the hotel action is a little thin compared to Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities. Hot spots include Bats at Shangri-La and the Penthouse Bar at Hilton. Main venue are the hundreds of karoke clubs, but not my scene. If you are like me, best bet is the local clubs. For good quality top spots include California Club at Fuxing Park (after 11:00), Shanghai Sally's and Bourbon Street on Hengshan Lu. Late night action can be found at Manhatten on Maoming Lu and several of the small bars at Julu Lu near Hilton. Price ranges from RMB 1000 for "model" quality to around RMB 400-500 at JuLu Lu for a decent fuck..sometime can even get a package deal! Also some interesting Partimer's that advertise in That's Shanghai. One (Shanghaibeauty) is a real sex machine, but a bit expensive (1200 RMB). Can get you off in seconds with the best BBBJ-CIM I have ever had! So, here is a start and I am sure you will enjoy some happy hunting! Stay safe!

09-16-02, 07:52
below post was originally quoted at the icered.com board.

PHunter is a very reliable source!
And the icered board maybe a good place to complete your knowledge about good hunting-grounds.

09-16-02, 16:16
Guys, listen to the guy below (PH Hunte), he knows about Shanghai. Shanghai could be the most expensive place in the world or the cheapest. It all depends on how you handle your self here. Amateur and office girls goes to California, Pegasus and so on. The KTV girls, after a night's work (w/tips in their pockets) might not care about a charge, if "YOU" can show them a good time. They also flock to Pegasus, California, La Belle and Guandii after 1am especially on weekends (they play majong on weekdays). Happy Hunting!

09-16-02, 20:37
Personnally, I don't like Icered website. It is very Hongkong orientated, and is all about pricey KaraOK and saunas, which HKG men adore, and endless posts about Mr Ng who has a smaller dick than Mr Lee, and Ah Kwei who has AIDS, and Ah Lam who dreams to f...k a TV model... Very boring ! You don't really get accurate, efficient and reliable info on that forum, which has nothing in common with our high level, cultural WSG forum, dedicated to men who really love *****s.

09-17-02, 07:54
@ Erik:

nevertheless I think the icered board may help s.o. to understand Shanghai and China better. Even though that I agree that HK and Taiwanese often tend to pay overpriced rates for some weird "dreams" and services, you cannot denie that this also is a part of China and SH as well.
Yours post reflects a good knowledge about the icered boards since that there are really these kinds of topics.
But legaleagle and littleant both seem to share many helpfull informations.
Erik, sometimes I feel like you said, but often I also feel completely different reading some posts here at this board.

Guys, let keep on posting!!!!

09-17-02, 08:07

email by Luo Liwen

i will be in shanghai during the period of 20th -28th.
would you please recommend a shanghai girl in 20's for a date for a couple of days.
it is preferable if you could quote the service and attach photos.

.....and may I also offer you a
-dirty home-made casting video
-some used undies from the girls
-(>>for any further inquiries - click here<<)

LUO and OTHERS, I am not a pimp! Understand this.
Quote ? **** you!

PS: I gave Raja some infos because he kept the board running.
You Luo quoted s.o. post. That is simply inacceptable.
Nice try!

09-17-02, 09:07
I'll be shanghai next week. Staying at Regal East Hotel, Is it a girl friendly hotel? any suggestion where i can get laid in this vicinity??

thanks in advance

09-18-02, 00:20
To. all...

Off I go today... off to the new place, new adventure, new.. err whatever.

Will kep you all posted whenever and wherever I could find an internet cafe and whenever I can spare sometime to do the typing. Since all my time would be dedicated to cat chasing all around Shanghai :)

Anyway, so long, will update soon :)

Wishme luck

Raja - AFK - betawi.

Found It
09-18-02, 04:49
First, a big thanks to Jackson for getting the forum up and running again!

While there are other sources out there (icered, etc.) this is IMHO the definitive guide to our hobby!

Now, to the business of the day! First to Raja-now is not the best time of the year for hunting in SH. During the run up to the Party meeting and the days before Autumn festival is always the big "crackdown". Most places are quite now as the girls have been sufficiently "hassled". A great example is Bourbon Street (was one of the "best" before it got axed.) Still you should find some action at the small bars on Julu Lu and Maoming Lu if you look hard enough. California Club is also a bit cool these days as the message from Gong An is loud and clear. 5 star hotels are still safe, so try BATS at Shangri-La -always some action, often "amatuers" and even the jazz bar at Ritz Carlton...can be a bit expensive, but some nice "model" types can be found.

To OTAP, the Regal can be hot and cold..is not the most girl friendly in Shanghai. I have used it often for rendevous in the past and overall no problem..but sometimes the security guy will follow girl to the room. Just make sure you leave together to avoid the girl getting hassled. As for action nearby...suggest you can check out the small bars along Hengshan Lu...is hit or miss but worth the effort.

Is great to see this thread has some action again and wish everyone safe and successful Hunting!

09-18-02, 06:58
Hi everyone.

I am from the U.S. and will be making my 2nd trip to Shanghai. The last time that I went, it was quite disappointing. Didin't have time to check out any place. (Was there for 2 nights, spend most of the time in meetings)

This time is going to be all pleasure :) Since I just recently sold my software company and I'm taking some time off from the startup life. :) Relaxing, basically I should be there in a couple of days. Can't wait. I've read through all the archives and the forum and there doesn't seem to be a consensus of where to stay? what to do etc? how to negotiate? what to do in certain situations (police, hotel guards, etc.), etc.....

I think someone or everyone can help develop a faq or a beginner's guide to SH. that would be very useful and it will help eliminate a lot of redundant questions.

I just wanted to introduce myself and I will be writing about my trip when I get back in a month :) if anybody has any definite spots/friends that one should not miss while in SH, send the info. it will be greatly appreciated :)

Alright. most of my past experience has been down south near Shenzhen. I can tell you most of the places in Dongguan and Longhua. The girls there are definitely not as attractive as the girls in SH. At least that's what I was told. Hopefully, I can meet some lookers this time.

Wish me luck!!! :)

p.s. Jackson, GREAT SITE!!! I use it for mostly for the U.S. and Canada :) Heading to Costa Rica and Brazil in November. and this forum has been "Priceless"

09-18-02, 15:13
Hi hammer_15213, If you are traveling to SH just for the girls then you are going to the wrong place. SH do have a lot of very pretty girls however you will find out that most, if not all of them are not for hire. I have been to SH 4 times with some of my Taiwan friends and have been to most of the places including very expensive KTV have have been disappointed with the working girls. Just for your information, I am Chinese-American who speaks fluent Chinese. I also have a couple of friends who lives in SH. If you are going on vacation and do want to find very pretty working girls then Shenzhen and Haikou is the place to go. If you are willing to spend the money then you can find very, very pretty girls in Shenzhen. The reason why you can find pretty working girls in Shenhzen and Hainan is because the girls will not work as pros where they live. They come to Shenzhen or Hainan work as a pro for a few months, then take their money and go home. No one will ever know that they were ever a working girl. However if they do this in their hometown or place where they have regular job then there is a chance they will run into somone who knows them. I have been to China over 50 times so I do know what I am talking about. Just trying to help. I hope you have fun no matter where you go because you can find girls everywhere in China if you know where to go. I do hope you are not going to China in the next months or so because the Chinese national holiday is on Nov 1st. My Chinese friends are telling me that there is a big crackdown now and will last until the middle to late Nov.

09-18-02, 16:50
csun213, totally agree with you¡I Late Spetember till end of October is just not the right time to visit Shanghai, if you want "simple action". It's high season for the hotels (expensive rooms) plus the usual October 1st National Day crackdowns. The 16th national congress for the CCP will be held in November, hence, there will be little action till the end of the year.

The bottom line is: Shanghai's municipal government really has cleaned up the city pretty well for the past 3 years. No street action, very little "sauna" action.

From my past experiences (9 years in this city), try the amateur girls or "non-working girls". Sure, it may take some time but hey, you get REAL GFE without hard feelings when you part. It's understood. Shanghai is just not the greatest city to "buy" quick sex, especially overpriced when compare to Shenzhen, Haikou and Kunming. Those cities are just so easy to find quick, cheap and quality actions.

Where to hunt? all the night clubs like California, pegasus and Rojam. Or "date" KTV girls (I use to do that). The local Shanghai KTV girls won't go out (FS) with you on the first night, unless she desperately needs cash to pay off something. Get her number, call her up for a meal, get to know each other a bit, show a little money or "opportunity" (don't spend the money though) and then WHAM! BHAM! Thank you madam! If good experience, keep her as a regular fuck, if not just say bye and that you are not compatible. So easy... The only drawback is to spend a considerable time (appx. 3 days) not recommended to travelers but sure is a good way for the residents.

One more note: Shanghai girls just has the "attitude", totally different than any other girls in the country, since "they" consider themselves "city girls" well apart from the "peasant girls" from the rest of the country. Use this psychology. Enough said. Comments are welcomed.

Good luck!

09-19-02, 04:34
jumbo88, csun213. Thanks for the heads up.

I'm also Chinese-American and also speak fluent chinese, reading is another thing though. hahah. I don't know what the average age of these forums are. But I'm 28 years old. I'm not a bad-looking guy either, 6'1" 195lbs (I used to play basketball in college) :) Actually, I do have gf's but for some reason I'd rather pay for it. Maybe, it's the feeling that I don't owe them anything afterwards :) Am I the only one that feels like this? My brother thinks that I'm crazy...... :)

I've just confirmed my flight. I'm leavign Friday evening and will be in Shanghai on the 22nd... It's giong to be a looooong flight...... I have allocated about 4 days for Shanghai, is that enough? So, it sounds like that I have picked the possibly the worst time of the year to go down there. There is just one thing in Shanghai that I didn't like before. The people there are just so brutually straightforward..... I remember them asking "How much do you make?" "How much are you worth?" "etc.. It seems like everything on a Shanghainese mind was money...... It's just something that is difficult to get used to in the beginning..... That's the funny thing. I can negotiate business deals with the best of them but when there's a "HOT" girl in front of you. My mind just goes weak............. :( It has happened to me so many times in Las Vegas... BTW, dont' ever go there looknig for girls. Definitely not worth it.. Go to Montreal or Toronto if you're ever near here.

I'm also planning to make a trip down to Shenzhen right after Shanghai. Any suggestions there? I have no problem paying extra for that little "extra" :)

One of my father's business partners last year, yelled at me for overtipping and said that I was going to ruin the marketprice for them after I left. So, I started to tip less. Last year was my first experience in china and I must say. There are definitely some Chinese girls that are keepers.

I've dated a lot of girls..... FYI for anybody. American or Americanized girls are the worst........ stay away from them. European and S. American Girls are the best...... Korean/Japanese girls are nice too :)

So, just re-reading your posts now. I can't get definites in Shanghai? In the south, I know places where that's all they do.. You go in a KTV room, it's something like maybe 800rmb for drinks, singing, food, etc.. And then they bring you 5-8 girls at a time. And you can choose. There was this one place that I went had over 400 girls.......

Most people only pick 1. I always pick 2. It's only 200rmb if they just sit and drink with you. So, my theory is this. you pick 2 attractive ones, just in case one has a "bad" attitude you take the other one back. You don't want to sit there and drink etc.. and spend an hour or 2 getting to know someone and then you find out that you don't want to take them back and you get desparate and ruin your night. So, I always get 2 as minimum. And it's always nice to have girls on both sides :)

Also, the prices seems pretty structured down in the south where I was last year. They called 2-5-8

2: 200rmb for sitting and drinking
5: 500rmb for "fast food" as they call it. or "fast meal"
8: 800rmb for overnight.

There was never a night where I slept alone when I was down there. My parents are actually pretty cool about all of this. They were actually with me at some of these KTV's. My father's theory is that now I'm old enough, got my education, worked, etc... I should be shown what a "true man's world" is. So, he took me to this high-class "private" club in Beijing. It was very very nice. I actually fell in love with that girl......

Okaay, so where do the "prettiest", "models" hang out at?

Like in the States, there are clubs/restaurants etc... where only the stars/celebraties/models hang out...... Everyone can go....... it just cost more $$$$.

Well, anyways...... I guess I'm gonna have to enjoy my time in Shenzhen instead then :)

Anxiously waiting for reports from Raja........

09-19-02, 12:34
Long time reader, first time writer. 1st, I'd like to thank everyone on this awesome site for allowing me to live vicariously through you for the last couple years without ever having to leave the couch. Awesome stories, great times.

Now, down to business. I've finally worked up the courage to leave the roost to go rustle up some chickens of my own. I live in Japan now, have had some Japanese and some Korean, but not many Chinese around. Like lots of you, I'm Chinese American, fluent Chinese speaker, and totally illiterate. Planning on taking my first hunting trip in SH from 26 Nov to 4 Dec, and would love to have a wingman. Macau Pimp? You gonna be around? How about you hammer?


09-19-02, 14:07
Hey poon hunters!! I am going to be in Shanghai on the 19th of October until the 23rd and I was wondering if anyone would like to have a beer and go hunting with me...? I have had an asian fetish for a long time now and the time has come to make it a reality BUT I am a white, clueless non-Chinese speaking guy...help is required...

I also am an avid pot smoker and I was wondering what the situation in China is with regards to marijuana...? Will the authorities chop my head off in the public square at noon on Saturday if I am caught with pot???Harder shit doesn't interest me... ;P
Macau Pimp, you sound like a smoker...I would appreciate any info ya gots bro...I'll be in Hong Kong on the 23rd so maybe we can meet and you can show me the HK ropes?

I am going to be travelling through China at a whirlwind pace, visiting Lhasa, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong...it all starts on the 2nd of October...so please get back to me before that...

Any info you guys can give me would be mightily appreciated,
thanks again,

write to me here: loopyr@hotmail.com

BJ Boy
09-19-02, 19:50
hammer_15213 > not just shanghainese. in beijing they are also curious - how much does your apartment cost to rent, how much do you make per month etc.

nothing wrong with participating in commercial sex at 28. it's not just dirty old men. i am a bit older now, but certainly did my fair share in my twenties. now i have girlfriends and get free sex easily (it's not hard at all if you live here and have a bit of time to invest but if you are just visiting then paying is the only option unless you are tom cruise) but i also still like to pay as well. it's different, you get variety, adventure and sometimes you get services you don't always get from girlfriends.

anyway, good luck and look forward to your reports!

09-19-02, 21:19
M. Csun 213,
For having been to China 50 times, I am surprised you don't know that the National Day is on 1st October (Shi Yi) and not 1st November... The cops are on duty to "clean" the cities for a week or so by that time, but one week after, they are back in their barracks playing mahjong.
Peronnally, I will arrive in Chongqing, one of my favorite hunting ground, on the 8th, and I don't expect any difficulty then.

09-20-02, 16:33
To Erik, my mistake. I meant to say Oct 1st because we have reschedule our trip until Oct 27th in order to make sure that there will be no problems. I have been to Chongqing quite a few times (used to have a girlfriend down there). I am sure you will have a lot of fun there. I like Chongqing, just don't like the hot food. Hope you have a lot of fun there however I hear that the crackdown will be extended until Oct 10th. Oct 10th is the Taiwanese national holiday who the Mainland Chinese do not like. This will stop the Taiwanese from coming to the Mainland to have fun during the Taiwanese National Holiday (heard from my Taiwan friends working in China). Please update us after your trip :-)

Macau Pimp
09-20-02, 23:12
what up playaz
now in shanghai. email. pwanger@hotmail.com
loopyr, hammer, chink69. I think we have lots in common. looking forward to chillin.

Macau Pimp
09-20-02, 23:26
have a good flight. I left on wednesday and arrived thursday. hope you check this site. we definately need to grab a brew.

09-21-02, 09:13
To CSun213, Hammer_15213 or anybody who knows

I am new to the board and I think it is a great place. I have been to Shenzhen a couple of times and have tried a girl recommended by a friend. It was a big disappointment. I will be making another trip in November and will be going to Shanghai and Shenzhen. The whole trip will be about 1 week. From what you guys are saying, it sounds like my best bet for action would be in Shenzhen. Could you guys point me to the right place. I am looking for some GFE experience with girls of model quality. I am not too much into massage so that leaves KTV or bars. Any contacts, KTV or places you guys can provide me with?


09-22-02, 00:53
Hi Everyone..

Long Story....... I was so happy. I had everything ready. Reservations at the Ritz. I was all prepared for some "model-types" in the jazz bar. But..... I think this is probably the stupidest mistake that I've made in a while. I'm usually a pretty organized person. Maybe I was too anxious. hahaha

Anyways. I'm still in the U.S. Stuck in LA now... I accidentally sent my passport in the mail with my other tickets. I had sent it back to the Travel Agent who is located in LA. Now here's the screwed up part. I sent it out on Tuesday regular mail. Didn't think it had to be in a hurry. It usually gets there in 3days, no problem. So, I was getting ready and everythig... then comes Thursday night. I look for my passport. Gone............ I went crazy.......... The next day, I was about to leave and have a month of pure pleasure is ruined by my stupiidity. :(

Well, i just flew out here anyways. LA is pretty nice. So, I waited hoping i twould come in on Saturday.... Nothing here. So. I guess Monday is the day that I'm gonig to go......

Since I'm so close to Sin City (Las Vegas) I will be making a trip down there in a cuople of hours. I called my host... and she was like "Sure, please come down. We really love it when you come here" (Basically, she meant, yes sucker.... bring your money!!!!)

Here's why\ the mail is taking longer than usual. In the U.S. they just changed the postal rates from 34 cents to 37 cents /oz First Class mail. So. I weighed my package and it said 5 oz... and 99cents. So, I put 1.00 postage on it. Who knew that 5 oz.. is now equal to $1.06. So, because of stupid .06 cents. I am stuck here.

Well, At least Vegas will be fun.

I've also changed my itinerary around. I will be in Shenzhen first cause I have friends there that I can get "sure-things" So, I will wait after 10/10 to head back up to Shanghai..... I dont' want to ruin my image of Shanghai. :)

I will post on my progress of finding "pleasure'

If anybody is around, let me know. hammer_15213@yahoo.com

09-23-02, 07:17
I was in Shanghai a few weeks ago and I checked out the action at a few places I saw mentioned here.

First: The Galaxy Hotel -- I arrived about 8:30 pm on a Thursday and went to the bar on the lobby level. There was 1 girl and she was too old--next!

The Penthouse at the Hyatt -- Arrived at about 9:30 pm and found the place almost empty. Stayed about 1 hour and never saw a girl enter without a date. I'm pretty sure there was zero action here. Next!

Well, Maoming road was much better and I met a nice girl at one of the clubs there.

I'm not sure if I just went too early to the first couple of places or if Thursday is just a bad night or what. Anyone have any idea?

My suggestion is that we all try and give as much detail as possible in our postings: day of the week and time when the action is good. Plus address/directions.

Jackson has done a great job and I appreciate everyone who posts here. I for one will try and give more details in my future postings.

09-23-02, 20:50
Hi Ding, when are you going to Shenzhen in Nov? I will probably be in Shenzhen in early-mid Nov. I will be happy to hang out with you if you come during that time frame. One of the places that have a lot of very pretty girls is a Disco club called Golden Times but be ready to pay from 800-1200rmb for short time. E-mail me at csun213@yahoo.com and I can give you more information.

Old Red Eyes
09-23-02, 21:00

Have the same outlook as you and looking for a great place with 9's+ and the place does seem to be China. Please post after the trip and let me know if it comes close to your expectations.


I am white UK with no ability to speak Mandarin and would like to know if this is a big problem. I am sure I will need a guide as not to waste time finding my feet as it would be a first trip to the area and would not want to waste time. Views please.


09-24-02, 02:56
Just got back from Vegas. Got my passport. Will be in China in less than 15 hours from now.... Will be heading to Shenzhen and Shanghai. Will report on the progress....

Shenzhen. will be staying at the shangri-la for about 5 days and will be in Shanghai after 10/10

Let me know if anybody wants to get together..........

09-24-02, 17:26
To Old Red Eyes, not speaking Chinese would be a real pain because most of the working girls do not speak English. What I would do is to go to the foreigner hangouts and try to meet another foreign guy and maybe hang out with him. Once you get a girl then it would be possible for her to introduce her friends to meet you. Don't worry because she will get her cut from any girl that is introduced to you. The big problem is trying to get her to understand what type of girls you like.

09-25-02, 13:15

How do you get to HangZhou from Shanghai? I heard is about a couple hours from SH? How much was transportation cost?

Thanks for your post. I have always wanted to visit HangZhou.

Have you try Soochow also..

Originally posted by blnknamecruiser
HangZhou (close to Shanghai but cheaper)
I was just there for 3 days. I was able to try two salons and the massage from the sauna in my hotel. I must say I enjoyed them all! I was surprised about the salons since my trip last year I tried them in Beijing with no luck.

I was at the... uh.. Zhedeng Grand... I think I mispelled. I forget the exact name. It is a 4 star, very nice rooms and ammenities.

I tried salons right around the area (behind the hotel), all walking distance.
If you look in them and are not sure, they will usually give you a sign. I got a super cute little girl in the first one who massaged me as hard as her tiny little body would let her. The facilities are poor, but the girls are cute. After 20 minutes or so she began to stroke over my cock ont he outside then signalled to ask if I wanted a HJ. I tried to get FS or BJ to no avail. For a 100 RMB tip she finished me off and let my suck her breasts, then continued my massage.
The second sauna was different. This girl sat at the head of the massage table while my hands were resting onthe stool which of course meant they were up her skirt. That was great. I was cautious at first so as not to rush it.

Then after a while she stroked a little on the outside of my cock and my bare chest passionately. We ended up making out, also me on her breasts and my hand up her skirt in her undies. After we finshed, we kept making out after the time was up. She was into it. french and all. I gave her a 100 RMB tip.
In my hotel I went to the sauna and ordered a massage. Some beautiful young girl came into my massage room and climbed up on the table and massaged me. When I turned over she eventually worked over to my member stroking it. asking if I want that kind of action. We moved to a wider table. I got up her appropriately loose shorts, moved over her underwear and began to feast my mouth on and in her fantastic pussy. she was nice. Great looking and great attitude. we got 69 style after a while and I ate herout while she stroked me off. she requested a 400 RMB tip. I suspect that was high, but I didnt care.

09-25-02, 16:27
Have fun, I have to say that I don't really like barber shops. You can get a good service, sure. But the places are usually grotty as a pig shag. Worst, there are usually no showers. OK, I can live with that, but some of the pros have such a smell it's unbearable!

My last one was extremely cute, very nice body - but terrible smelly ****. I couldnt get the stech of my fingers for 24 hours.

A sauna will be a far better place!

But the best best best places are small hotels which rent roon by the hour. They are hard to find, you need some Mandarin skils and a helpfull taxi driver.

09-26-02, 08:42
Can anyone provide information about saunas in Shanghai that provide FS? Previous posts only mentioned saunas that offered HJ (e.g. Hong Kong City on Schuan Rd. or Macau City on Macau Rd.) Any info. is appreciated.

09-27-02, 07:31
Just go to the train station or have your hotel travel agent get you a ticket. Take the express train (less stops) and you will get their in about 1.5 hours. It is considered a small town by Chinese standards - 6 million - because it is in a relatively small radius.
I was pleased that the prices are decent for what you get, however I never got FS there. Maybe if I had more time to try, but all my experiences were great.

Member #4198
09-27-02, 10:27
Hey, all, a long time WSG reader and occasional poster on China, esp. Shanghai info. Ok, I found this site at www.crazys.net, it is mainly run by Taiwanese people (so understanding chinese is must in navigating this site). You know, there are close to half of a mil Taiwanese people in Shanghai and they are bunch of horny dudes (no offense intended). They have compiled a substantial database on Shanghai and other cities in China. If interested, you can visit.

No specific telephone # of girls given on that site or here in public, (even if there are some on the web, would you believe anyways)? but, general locations and stuff.

From my experience:

KTV: go there only if you are accompanied by a local or somebody who is familiar with Mamasan (hostess). Go to a few large ones, don't complain if you feel you get ripped off for chatting and drinking wine with a girl for a couple of hours and having to pay 1-2k RMB at the end. And, you might not have to take a girl out on the first night.

Sauna: check out http://www.erotism.com/ChinaSexGuide/
old website, no new information added since its inception. But, I agree that BaXian Entertainment Center was a good one. Be ready to pay RMB800-1000 for sauna, massage and FS. This ain't bad. And this site got some info on Sauna, so no repeat here.

Barber shop: oh yes, these fabled barber shops. It depends on the season (whether it is hard-hit time for the govt). If not, folks, there is this 2+2 rule in shanghai. That is, you pay RMB20 to the guy who runs the barber shop (a semi-pimp) and RMB20 to the girl for touching and her massaging you (usually, this type of massaging causes me more pain than relieving it) . Then pay no more than RMB 150 for FS. Again, knowing colloquial Chinese is a plus, if not must here. If you are caucasion and having difficulty speaking or understanding CHinese, please find a chinese-understanding folk to go with you, otherwise, you are on your own.

New Shanghai train station: this is the place to get pirated CDs (quality not guaranteed, but hey, even if 50% works right, still an unbelievable deal) along with girls, price same as barber shop.

Certain roads at night if you understand Chinese. you can email me, and I can tell you. I have been to those local "spots" where girls congregate between 9pm-12am and guys go there to pick up. Price: 100-200 RMB

For folks with very limited Chinese: well, man, go for Hard Rock Cafe, and the usual foreign hang-outs.

just my $0.02, have fun. I am going to Shanghai mid of Oct. so, hopefully, will be a good trip.

09-27-02, 11:22
@ goldwind:

thanks for your detailed infos.

Maybe you forgot to leave your email adress?


09-27-02, 12:46
We offer a high class escort service in Shanghai, China. We can help you to meet our young, beautiful, sexy, elegant and fantastic Chinese girls in Shanghai. Most of the ladies are parttime and in school/university/working in office now. All of them can speak English fluently. You will have amazingly qualified time you ever experienced! If you're interested, further information can be obtained at: shdate@yahoo.com

Member #4198
09-27-02, 12:47
Hi, PHunter

Re: shanghaibeauty

Did you mean that was Sh beauty or shanghaibeauty01, I think they are 2 different girls. I have "met" Sh beauty and the rate was RMB1000 for 1Q (1pop), college educated, already graduated. Is that the one you referred to?

my email: goldwind9@hotmail.com

Member #4198
09-28-02, 07:40
My contributions:

Hi, my feelings are that most of readers save a few (myself included) do not speak much Chinese, let alone the local dialect. Is this true or not?

If so, would people be interested in my translating some of the reports from crazys.net to here in English? if I get some positive feedbacks and if not considered spamming the site, I will start doing so and posting here. Again, those are NOT my experiences, just want to share what other people had.

09-28-02, 18:31
Hi Goldwind, I would certainly appreciate your kind offer. I'm sure others would as well' If anyone on that board has any experience with Fun In China in Shanghai, I'd love that info as well, for an upcoming trip to China. Thanks again for your offer. thor

09-29-02, 13:58
@ goldwind:

hi goldwind!
Good to hear from you!
You are right, the world is small.
I will come back to your by mail soon.

I am not really good at chinese and therefore I am very much interested into your translations.
I think most readers here will appreciate such an input!
Keep it rollin!

09-30-02, 05:54
i have the latest info about a dozen of shanghai girls, including tel #, email address plus some photos.
please post your request on this forum with your email

Member #4198
09-30-02, 06:04

would appreciate those phone # and contacts if I could have them as I will be visiting Shanghai in 2 weeks.



09-30-02, 06:49
i am not a pimp but a volunteer
i will sort out a best suitable girl for you
please let me know your minimum requirement on your girls
it is preferable if you could specify age, education background, height, wieght, complexion, etc.

Member #4198
09-30-02, 07:03
To: goodluo2001

Volunteer it is that I agree as I share your feelings in contributing voluntarily to the forum and to the hobby. I am a little hesitant on posting my "requirements" on this forum. I would feel much more comfortable if you could email [Email address deleted by Admin]and lets talk there instead of spamming the site here?


EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

09-30-02, 15:13

I will be in Shanghai in December.
Could you email me some informations about your girls to


We'll discuss further requirements by email.

10-01-02, 00:27
Message to goodluo2001

I will be in Shanghai in Nov.
Could you email me some informations about your girls to


We'll discuss further requirements by email.

10-01-02, 04:03
Hello all , I have a long time reader of this board but my first time to post. One of my ex-driver took me yesterday afternoon to Hang Hua Xin Cun next to Hong Qiao Airport. He went to couple barbershops to check out the girls and the prices for me first. We went in to one that has better looking girls. There were 2 girls to pick, they were 6 and 7. I pick the one who is younger and better looking. She took me to a hidden room in the back, luckily it was air-conditioned. She gave me a 10 minutes message and proceeds to undress me. After I am completed naked, she went on and brought in some water and tissue to wash and dry off my tools. She asked me if I wanted to use protection, of course I said yes. She then undressed herself and gave a decent BJ and proceeds to ride me. We changed couple positions and finished in the traditional missionary style. I gave her 150 RMB and she asked me to seat outside at the barber chair. I did and she gave me another 20 minutes message.
There were about 10 other barbershops like it on that street some are better decorated but no good looking girl available. I guess they all went home for the long holiday.

10-02-02, 07:59
Hi all,

The Raja came back from China trip. I will post my travel report in sections because, all my reports was written into my PDA and was in my shorthand codes.

To shtraveler, Mate, I did not use your contacts at all, I ends up dont really need them.

To Jackson, What is the maximum character I can post in a message? My diary runs for almost 50kb.

Ahh, it is a good world we all live in is it not?

Raja (jetlagged) Betawi.

10-02-02, 09:02
hell with it,

here is my first installment:

sorry for the point form in the first day's notes, i am quite sleepy from the flight.

raja's trip first day

arrive sh @6.30am - @hongqiau
- bus 925 term 500m fr airport, follow sh ppl
- no sh money change aud$50 - 200rmb
- bus no change - felow trav pay4me
- arrive ppl park
- taxi 2 peace hotel (5stars)
- hotel bellboy rude
- got room5th floor but the view is a wall
- shower etc
- take walk in bund
- take ferry 2 cross river (huangpu)
- see world 3rd tallest building
- eat lunch in posh restaurant-haggle price afterwards - bloody gwelo :) got rmb15 voucher for a total of 150rmb lunch
- told a parking attendant off, i ask if he knew where a public phone is located, he answered rudely and give offending tone. he is not worthed.
- meet a very helpfull bus driver, photograph him relaxing on the bus.
- go to the old temple / yuyuan garden shopping area, wow...
-found public phone, rang aussie, wrong number, should be 00612 not 0011612.
- girl behind on que, waiting 4 phone got impatient and indicate for me to step aside. ok. not too bad looking, nice tits, no bra? stepped aside to wait and watched a most entertaining telephone swearing session. consider to indicently propose, then consider better not :)
- lunch do not agree much w/tummy, back to hotel at 2.30 pm
write diary, listen to cnn then sleep.
- wake up 4pm wanna go [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134), found that i locked myself out of the toilet - luckyly, b&e is part of the raja's repertoir on his misspend youth. accident prevented pronto.
- 4.30 pm a am awake, go down to the cashier and changed $aud500 at 4.422rmb/$ exchange rate.. that got me 2213rmb.. sound a lot does it not?

ps. likes:
-hotel is old and has a very elegant look on it.
-most counter service personel can speak english adequately.

- on check in, since a lady business friend was here to help me settle in, she followed me to my room. while we were in there, without knocking 3 hotel personnel entered the room. i think they were there trying to cought us in the "act". embarrasing and very annoying!!!
- raja has a local "look" thus most personnel trying to converse in chinese. but i am both deaf and dumb on the matter. floor personel dont speak english at all.
- even after boiling them, the hotel's water has a stange - sewage odor on it.. yuck! i tied to use tea to mask the smell/taste.. doesnt help much : ( buy bottled water!

tonight raja has a date for dinner.. with a lady friend , her son and her mother. cost total rmb 475 (about aud$100, full month pay for average shanghainese)

afterwards, raja went to the hotel's famous jazz bar. but the bar is full, should have book first!!

must buy some bottled water for eventuality, and a nail clipper.

raja diary day 2.

today i went to the old shanghai town.. guess what.. i meet the bus driver from yesterday. he remembered me.. for me, he is a face among thousand of similar faces.
we talk or try to with sign language, he invited me to his house among the slum. he ordered some beer, looking at it, i offered to pay for them but was met with a flat rejection.. his friends all crowded along and asked for my cigarettes.. yeah yeah i smoke peter jackson yeah no big deal right? but the ones they gave me has some turkist tobacco in it? ..yuck..peony brand..

well soon enough one of them suggested that we go out and do something... dont know what, but ready enough to experiece--thats the raja's motto.
soo.. on we go with his 75cc bike, the raja is 100kgs (200punds), sitting behind this guy who is about 80 - 90 kgs on this little bike negotiating small streets, between pedestrians, bicyclists and other bikes sliping among the masses.

pretty soon, we arrived on our destination. a non descript house with gazilion biycles parked at the front. at this time the raja still dont understand what we are going to do here.

a few policeman in blue uniforms mingling around with the masses there.
my new friend told me with pantonime to keep my camera in my bag, my mouth shut and dont make a sound. on we walk into this restaurant, dirty tables, empty bottles, and a few scrawny looking chicken, or was it ducks? hangs on a display on which flies swarming on them.

my stomach goes quesy, i mentioned to my new friend with my hands shoving towards my mouth and looking significantly to the food stall. he thought i want to eat.. i mean i dont want to eat. after a few more pantonime, i did convey my meaning through. he took me towards a doorway which were covered with a dirty curtain.

inside, there is a narrow corridor which ends into a pretty strong looking timber door.... my friend knock on the door and shouted something (it seems that everyone in sh shouts, they dont talk, they shout!!). the door opens from inside, and all these advices run through my head:
" beware the extortionist gang.. they will ask for money."
but, didnt my new friend asked me to keep my mouth shut? if i do, unless he told them who i was, i reckon i would be pretty safe would i not?

and so i went... through the door into the room which was filled with women, girls more likely, by the look of their faces. some plain looking ones and a sprinkling of really nice ones.

i think my friend was explaining (shouting) to the mamasan in there that i was deaf & dumb, while looking significantly at my eye. the mamasan nods her head and let loose a barrage of words.. dadadayadayadayada and shove a girl who was gawking beside her at me.

my friend let loose another barrage and he beckond to me to an empty corner (after kicking some girls out of the way). he mentioned money with his hand and i nods, reaching into my pocket. his hand stop mine and after a quick glance behind him, he opened his palm. i pull out my money which was about 500 rmb. his eyes sort of bug out and he shake his head hard. he point out his index finger, i thought he needs 1000rmb, well i havent got the money, they are travellers cheque in the safe of my hotel!! i shake my head too and trying to look dejected and embarrased. he pulled one 100 rmb note from my stack and mentioned me to put the rest into my pocket. he went to a nice looking girl in there and pulled her to the mamasan while flourishing the note at her. the mamasan make a grab at the money but my friend pull it back and shouted something while mentioning 2 finger at her (sort of an up-yours gesture). she nods her head repeatedly and said something to the girl.

the girl pulled me into another corridor, but i stopped and looked at my friend, he said " chi lah, chi lah" or something. i cannot go knowing that my friend would go home with a loaded weapon, so i pulled him to the corner again, this time i clear the place (hehe). shoved two notes into his hand and opened my mouth to say "for you" he quickly pushed my hand and shake his head.

i insisted and finally he accepted one of them. i turn around and go to the girl and mentioned lets go. she take me to a room, give me a scrawny towel and mentioned a bed? cushion? foot stool? while she said something. i dont know what she want so i just stand there holding the towel. impatient she push me down to the small stool? bed?, unbuttoned my shirt and mentioned for me to do the rest while she takes of her own.

okay.. she want me to get naked, nice body,but what is the towel for?? well, i took of my pants, and use the towel to cover my raising flagpole. she turn around and said" haaayaaa.. yada yada yada" and pulled the towel from me and used it to cover a bed? cushion? foot stool? and shove me down on it.
she then goes down on her knee and proceed to give me a very enthusiastic bbbj, looking up seeing that i am still sittting, she pushed me down to my back with one hand while the other fondling my balls.

she paused to say something to me. remembering my friends advice, i keep my mouth shut and nods my head. what do i got to loose? suddenly, i feel her finger poke me through my anus and before i could say go, she pushed something inside me and wow baby!!!! i shoot and i shoot and i shoot and i shoot. .. whoa, a surprise prostate massage!! with her mouth still on my pole, she sucked? and keep all in her mouth. and then without warning, she came to her feet, runs to a bucked around the corner and spit them out, while making some hawking sound. when finished, she turns to me angry and barrage me with the words "hen tuo"
well what am i supposed to do? she pushed my prostate!!

she then wipe her mouth at the corner of the towel, and proceed to straddle me. her finger finds its way to my anus again, but i stopped her this time. i want to enjoy a good slow play and i dont usually go for the quick shoot techniques. so she just sort of humping me mechanically while from time to time she massage the root of my pole with her hand from behind.

now that we understand each other, i can begin to see her. she has a very firm pair of tits and her face look like she is 15 or 16 years old. the raja normally would go for a slightly older type but this would do.. in strange place do strange things, dont we all?

anyway, after about 45 - 60 minutes with this girl, i went out satiated to the show room, and found my friend sitting down there grinning. he is fondling a girl which look like about 12 years old, flat chest, skinny face and has a very short button nose. he has finnished with her earlier and was waiting for me there.

he mentioned if i want another one, looking around, i saw this babe who looks about 20 years old with long hair and incredible tits showing under her shirt. i consider for a while and thought why not? i pointed at her, and the mamasan cames running. she yell at my friend and he yelled back at her. and finally when the yelling contest was over, she bring the girl to me and with her fingers she mentioned 4. 400 rmb? i havent got that much.. so i pulled out what money i have and as soon as she saw it she went into another fit with my friend.. my friend just sit there and grin. finally he beckond at me and told me to go out.

ready to walk, the mamasan pulled me back and grabs at my money, and shoved me towards the girl. my friend waved at me and point at the ground (i think to indicate that he would wait there)..perfect

back at the room, i gt the time of my live with this lovely angel (she did looked like yuri in the dirty pair comics) a babe!! she gave me a very nice slow bbbj and asked something as well. i reckon she want to massage my prostate too. i shake my head and she shrugged and continue to give me a very very wet, slobering bj. she snakes down to my anus with her tongue too and give me a very nice polish down there. well, needless to say, after the session i left with an ear to ear grin on my face and empty on both pocket and scrotum.

we left and my new friend insisted that he send me off to my hotel (about 50 km away..) well i only got about 30 rmb left on my pocket and taxi wold cost about 300 rmb, bus? forget it too crowded!

so i gladly accept the offer for a lift there. it takes almost 2 hours to get back to the hotel. nearby the hotel my friend said "chi" shoving his hand into his mouth, which i take to mean dinner. ok, we went to this small grubby restaurant and he ordered some noodle with chicken. the food do not agree well with my stomach, so when he drop me off at my hotel, i forgot everything else (such as asking him to write down his phone number or address.. i shove my business card to his hand and flew inside my hotel. made it just in time!!

well i hope he would find me or write to me so that i could share his info to you my patient readers.

will continue as i dechiper my notes.

should i continue with a story like above or just the points of my findings? suggestions appreciated.

10-02-02, 10:37
Dear Raja,

thanks for your great and detailed post.

I enjoyed your post very much and I sometimes found myself with a big smile in my face since that I remembered me in very similar situations during my first visits.

Good to see that you keep your word; I never doubted this.

Re. to your post I personally prefer the written story version since that I found your writing skills very nice.
Please proceed and let us know about the rest of your stay.
Do you have any input on adresses or phone numbers?
What about your new buddy?

Glad to read that you had a good time in SH.

Keep this board running, Raja.
I will be in SH in November and post some infos later!

Mighty Spearsman
10-02-02, 16:54
Dear RajaBetawi:
Thanks for your post - it was great! And no, please don't cut back to the "point" format - I enjoyed reading the longer stories better.

Sounds like the place you went to was great - just shows how much better it is to have a local contact to guide you. I had a local Chinese guide help me when I was in Shaghai in 1995, so I have some stories to tell similar to yours (although your story sounds better than mine!).

10-03-02, 07:35
Hey ricky197101,

Looks like you fell for that 'office lady' alter-ego Chen Baowen tries to cultivate. Where do you think her money comes from? I know from personal experience that she really works out of the Hyatt Hotel, not the office building below. What is her cell phone number anyway? She never told me. I guess she gives that out on the second date?

Seriously though if you are in the Hyatt and want some action just call the operator and ask for Baowen. Her rates are expensive by Shanghai standards, but obviously she has to split her fee with the hotel manager. On the plus side you can charge her to your room or use a credit card.

Have fun!

10-03-02, 10:25
right, after 12 hours of sleep, by popular demand (2 out of so many thousands readers) i will continue the naration of my findings.

here goes:

on the third day of my stay, it was raining around 2pm. after walking for almost 6 hours around the city in the morning, i feel that some foot message or body message would help. i rang the concierge to find out about the hotel's message service. he said go to level 2. so there i went.

inside the barber saloon i saw a few hair stylist lolling about, in the hotel's uniform. forget it thought i, this place is too clinical to get some action. but feet message sounds good, so i book for a message.
the counter girl was a babe (celia her name tag said) she spoke a very broken english, asked me what kind of message service i want pointing to the menu sheet.
hmm.. 260 rmb for foot message/hour, 280 rmb for body message/hour.. translated its 540 rmb or aud$120 for one hour each.. i should pamper myself thought i. .

she asked for my room number and told me to wait 5 minutes there. sooo.. this would be in my room? thats better! well they might send an old man or some thing like that to my room- i dont know.. and dont expect much.

i went to my room i sat down and waited anxiously like on first date. true enough 5 minutes later the bell ring and when i answered it, celia, the counter girl walk in. wow baby!! yeah yeah, i heard that message girls only give hand job, but what i got to loose? so i strip and lay down in the bed. she laid a towel on my back and
started to give me a very nice strong message on my back, then to my foot and after,
she use hot towel to rub me down.

then she came to my head and starts to message my face. i cant stand it anymore and i put my hand up and touched her sides to try my luck. lo and behold, she just stand there messaging as if nothing happened. i run my hand down to her butt, still ok.. i squeeze her butt a little, still ok..hmmm

so i run my hands towards her crotch.. still ok.. yeah man this would be great.
all this time she still wears her uniform, she stands near my head and reaches down to rub on my stomach, her body rubs agains my face. i said to her " why dont you take off your uniform? it will be more comfortable" "no" she said. but her body still rubs onto my face. so i cupped my hands to her breast through her uniform. no reaction. "a post man always ring twice" i thought. so i start to unbutton her vest. " it rubs on my face, and its not nice " i said to her. she agree and proceed to remove her vest. then she rubs my stomach some more, and i knead her breast some more. by this time my plag pole starts rising and making a little tent out of the towel she placed on my waist. i hope she understand that i got a problem arising

i run my hands through her neck opening and make a grab at her breast from inside. " no " she said. aaarrrggghhh!!! what the f#@k!! "how much for extras?" i asked.
"no extras!!" said she...

i dont want blue balls!! so i grab her and lifted her up over my head (luckily
she is only a small girl about 40 or so kgs and i am used to do 60 kgs bench press),
turn her around so that her head faces me. and hugs her hard while trying to kiss her. she squeals and squirms on me, which made me even more aroused. but her hands were passive, she didnt push me away or trying to get up. the teaser!!

with her a top of me i rolled over and cover her body with mine, while snuggling on her neck. she keep saying "no..no...no" (i wonder what would happen if she really mean no? what would be the jail term for a foreign [CodeWord126] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord126) there? [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) would be what i would do to her there and then) but she grab my body in a great hug, spreads her legs and let me hump her through her pants.

i keep raining kisses on her beautifull neck while with my hands i try to unbutton her blause. yeah i did it. revealling a very delectable body underneath, with b size tits covered by a white lacy bra i did check the size :) . yeah yeah, she struggles, but by the look of it she did it for the sake of decency rather than an outright rejection.. i think i could get the hang of this game.. .as i say before, i am a straight forward kind of guy, i dont negotiate, i like to know what i get before i buy. well this is not it. this is negotiating my way through the maze? of her clothing. and i the raja is doing it :) hehehe.this is the first time for me.

so, i start to tell her how beautiful she is, while kissing allover her exposed skin while i try to uncatch her bra hook behind her. i need more practice for this, but i am impatient. so i flip her onto my lap face down and unhook it as i saw it :) a few struggle etc.. this story gets too long and i think i should write to the asstr and get everybody excited, but i'll cut this short.

the final word is, i got what i want from celia, and when asked, she did not charge me more than the hotel massage fee. so i added 240 rmb more, for i think much of the payment has been done in playing her game. should she just do it, i would have given her double of the hotel fee, so excited i were. but such as it, i only spend alltogether 800 rmb for a massage, bbbj and a nice slow lay. i got her phone number too :)

total shanghai expenditure so far= rmb 100 (first girl) + rmb 200 (second girl) + rmb 800 (celia, including some 1.5 hour of nice massage) + rmb 100 (for my friend mr tzang the bus driver, no i dont have his contact number unfortunately :( ) = about aud$300 = usd$160 = 3girls in 2days.

i go to suzhou the next day and came back to shanghai again on the 23rd, then to guilin until the 28th, back to shanghai on 29th and sydney on 30th. should i post the suzhou and guilin findings here or at suzhou thread?

i think i will post them here. i hope this does not bother too much of you.

10-03-02, 10:34
excerpt from my travel diary.

raja suzhou 22/9/02

there is a saying that if you look for a concubine you go to suzhou for them.. yea, i concur suzhou girls are very pretty, how ever i did not find an exceptionally beautiful ones. why? i asked the concierge of the gloria plaza hotel. "the best way to find beautiful chinese girl is to go to america. they all got modelling job in there. the ones that stays must be what left over." yea i follows that too. in sydney i fuond many pretty ones that sort of pokes into your eyes, stabs your heart and can make you came just by peeking at your crotch.

here however, i sampled the left over ones. my business partner took me to dinner in a restaurant just out of the city. there are ktv (of sort) bar upstairs. unlike shanghai type, these ones are not "buy me a beer joe, fullstop." type, they actually do "by me a beer joe! and if you are nice to me and let me sit by your side infront of my friends who are servicing the locals, i would came to your hotel later" type.

them girls cost rmb 300 / hour and service is pretty ordinary, no bbbj, girls acting that they are much in pain when your "oversized clock" :) pokes into them :)

generally not very exciting and quite slow action i found here.

so sorry, its too late already 3am and i got to go back to shanghai tomorrow. i cannot report more about here.

10-03-02, 10:47
on september 23, the raja came back to shanghai, from suzhou and oficially, my business visit starts.

this time i stays at the st. regis hotel in pudong, there is king size bed at last:) again as i have inform you the readers, the raja is a large man, infact over 100 kgs as the hotel's bathroom scale told. ahh, regis hotel, the deluxe executive suit package costs only $60 more than the peace hotel but the room and the service is priceless.

as i arrived at the hotel, there is a personal? letter sign by the hotel manager to welcome me and hope that my stay with them is pleasant and anything - anything at all i need, just call the butler service. hmm interesting.. got to try that tactic me thinks.

so, the butler was called. leon his name.. "hey leon, where about do you find girls in shanghai?" asked i, while making the gesture of shuffling my waits to and fro. " there is ah, arrr, disco or singing place where the girls may want to make friend err to ahh, maybe....." says leon. well thats a dead end..

i considered to call celia from peace hotel, but she has already told me that she is leaving for hangzhou for some festival until the 28th. damnation!! i considered to call from shtraveler's list but err, no that's for emergency. unless the raja is in dire straits, i would not use them yet. beside, i preferred cheaper meat samples.

high class / pricey call girls are such a bore aint them? they tought that they are soo beautiful and would normally do not try hard to please you. they tought that face alone is enough. well it is my experiences with them. on the usual prowl, the raja preferred the bargain basement discount merchandise. as they are more easily impressed, and so they usually will do better service and demand a lot less. also, bargain basement do not mean ugly or un attractive, its just mean that they have not find a well off punter who will pamper them yet.
**aside ends**

and so, i rang for the hotel limo, this time the raja want to try the yu yuan garden stroll as was recomended by someone in this forum.

so.. got dropped off at the old temple somethingorother, the raja went on foot to prowl....

yea, there is plenty of girls sitting and lolling about, not very interesting tho'..
as i walk on, hunger strike. :where do i find good eat? asked raja to a girl standing near a little temple there. "huh? s'moke chiang?" or something like that was the reply.. "eat..food.." while shoving toward my mouth and rubbing my tummy. " ahhh, cai yada yada yada" while pointing towards an alley ok.. so i went there. apparently there is a famos dumpling place there and ppl are queueing to buy them dumplings. so there i went and joined the queue. 30 minutes later, i got to the serving window. "what do you have " asked i,"huh?" answered the woman at the window. "food" said i, "what kind food are you look for"(not typing mistake and not error in my grammar) said a cute sound behind me. i turn around and wow!! a cute, no,not cute, beautiful girl was standing there behind me. i was staring i know, but i cant help it. about 6 .5 foot high, with long hair to her butt, a goddess decended to earth. "you buy?" asked her.. "huh? oh yes, can i get whatever you are buying too? asked i. "yada yada yada" said the girl to the woman. " that is 8 rmb" said the girl. i peel off a 100 rmb (hey dont blame me, i have not got any change yet since i was just arrived and i have left all my change as tip to the room service at suzhou and the regis. "aiya.. yada yada yada" said the woman, " the girl pays 20 rmb to her and take my portion and hers, mentioning for me to follow her.

" ahh, take this money" said i to the girl after we settle on a bench near the pond. "no need" said her. " at least let me buy you a drink" said i. and off i went to get some iced fruit blend. i been there before and i have bought the drink before so this is easy :)

while eating quite delicious dumpling, i try to engage her with conversation (i thought that even if i could only talk to her i would be very happy. she spoke english!!!)

i found out that she worked for a foreign office in pudong area and she came from hangzhou. " i stay at pudong too" said i. "where ?" " at the st regis" "really?" "yeah" "can i see your room?" "sure", so i phone for the limo driver (the limo is actually a small merc s320.. doh!! and because of my room status, i got 2 hour use for it free :)

i can see her eyes bug when the limo driver stop and opened the door for me. ahhh living on company expense is good :) hehehe.

at the hotel, she runs here , she runs there, goes to the bathroom, turning the hot water on and off, flushing the toilet, admiring the view, sitting in the desk chair, bouncing on the bed edge and generally very happy. i am content to sit in the sofa and watch her antic. as i said, this girl is beautiful and i got her in my room!! i will try to keep her here for the duration of my stay if i could. so i called for room service for some french champagne, "sampanu?" said the operator. "wine or something "said i. "ahh, five minutes" said her.

"would you like something to eat?" i asked the girl (her name is lim you tie, or "yulia, my boss called me") " can i order things?" asked her ("you can order the whole kitchen" i thought) " yes." " ohhh, lets see menu" said she.

two hours and a couple of t-bone steak later, "would you like to stay here tonight?" ask i. " oh what time? i have to get back" (oh nooooooo!!!) "you mean you want me to stay? but i am not bad girl" she laughed. " i know, and if you want i could order another room for you" (i love company credit card ). "really?" "yeah" " oh i cant do that" " you must.. i like you and i can afford the room said i" "you sure?" "yeah" " i have to go home and change first" "use the limo said i" " really?" "look, i said you can do it, so you can do it, use the limo and i will arrange for the room for you when you get back"said i.

so she left and i was waiting in my suite anxious.... she did came back about 1 hour later and carrying with her a little backpack. she has changed to a nice dress too (flashy dress by aussie standard, them chinese woman have funny sense of fashion methinks, ankle stockings..., very elaborate looking dress that fits funny and pastel colour?yuck)

" do you want a room for your self? " asked i, she just smile,"no, i will stay here with you...."

hehehe, for this night i got some bbbj, a very exciting lay and her phone number :). total layout was about rmb 460 for some overcooked steak and a horrible wine.

the raja can now be proud of his accomplishment, now he can "negotiate" and thats that.

now, every story got some moral on it being a-moral guy i am, i'll tell you the moral of the story.

- if you are foreinger, use your foreign way, dont try to conform to the local way just because you are different. you are looking for a lay, not a business closure. exploit them local's curiosity.

- if you got it, flaunt it. yes it may sound pompous, but by just hinting that they can share what you have (sort of in the "pretty women" movie) may be the turning point of their decission.

- since i would pay about rmb 1000 - 1500 for a hooker anyway, a hotel room which cost usd$400 doesnt sound too bad for an angel to accompany you. eventhough i may get blue balls, it may be worthed (especially if i dont end up having to pay for it) :) hehehe.

- if you want bargain rate action, bus drivers, street sweepers or anyone that wear uniform could be charmed with some antics us gwelo do. and if you are lucky, they could take you around. wearing a uniform means that they have a regular job and they could be traced should they try to rip you off or gives you problems.

- if you stay in peace hotel, try their massage service.

- as the raja did not expect to do so much extracuricular activity, i only bring with me 3 condoms. i dont wear them rubber on my first two try of the chinese meat, but now i regret it, now i am on pills, luckyly its a harmless urinary tract infection. there is an adult shop just infront of the peace hotel where condoms could be bought for 30 - 40rmb a dozen depending on the type.

- be bold and ready to accept disappointments, it will get you places - wet places :)



ps forgive my spelling mistakes coz i wrote this straight on my palmtop and i dont proof read it.

pps, shtraveller, i did not use any of your contacts and so i deleted your list, your secrets is safe with me :) you are right - its easy to get laid in shanghai.

ppps. shifen, if you read this, i am sorry i did not meet you there coz well, i got what i wanted already, i will try you one day though. since you are willing to accept my proposal sight unseen, and were very prompt in returning my email, i am gratefull. i would contact you if i got more time - even just for a cup of coffe, but unfortunately i dont. maybe next time?

pppps. there is another story about my second visit to the peace hotel, however i do not want to bore you with that. sufficient to say that i got another lay.

Mighty Spearsman
10-03-02, 16:35
Dear RajaBetawi:
Thanks for your latest postings - they were great.

But HELP - you wrote that you did not use a condom on your first two shots? No No No! If a urinary tract infection is all you got, you're lucky. Please please please don't ride bareback again unless your young lady has had an HIV test (and even then you're taking a risk). The incidence of HIV/AIDS in China is much higher than what the government admits to. Please be careful!

I look forward to your future postings.

10-04-02, 08:56
To Mighty Spearsman,

Dude, you are right.. As it is, I have done a blood test for HIV and other bugs when I went to the doctor last tuesday. The result should came out in about 6 weeks time (hopefully negative). In the mean time, no wet places for me, and of course a lot of guilty feeling too.

As you can see from my postings, the blood in my body is just about enough to go to one of my head. sometimes when it goes down, the top one simply stop working. This is too my problem. And thats why I prefer to know what situation I am getting at by knowing the type of services available before I buy (this is my top head talking). But, on the first two samples, I really did not expect what happened until its too late. My blood rushes to my lower head and.........

Anyway, after that, I use rubbers on every other encounters. But, then again, HIV can be transmitted through bbbj too. It is a calculated risk we all have to take if we enjoy the sort of sport we love.

Oh Yeah,

TO shtraveler, Yeah I did keep them phone numbers :) but unfortunately I did not get any contact from the bus driver yet (hopefully he would find some interpreter who could read my card and contact me). He is driving one of the free shopping bus from the Pudong area (trully cant remember the name of the place), he is about 80 -90 kgs (pretty large man) with close cropped haircut on a roundish face. I actually have a photograph of him in the bus.

Raja (kicking my own ass) Betawi

10-04-02, 09:29

Anyone here who can provide some girls in Shanghai?
I will be there in the 2nd week of December and would like to have some fun.

10-04-02, 12:17
@ Raja:

good to see your last posts.
Always a great pleasure to read them. ;)
Getting laid in China is easy. That is for sure.
But you have been very lucky to get it cheap.
You would not believe what I paid at my very first trip
to china... :D

Intercourse without condom seems to be very common
especially if you find some non-pro gal.
Unneccessary to say that this is close to suicide.
I hope you will get a negative result!!!!

I also recommend to bring some condoms with you next time
since that most chinese condoms seem to be very small and tend to burst after some interaction.
This happened to me several times, so be carefull.

Reading your "diary" made me feel very happy to hit SH soon
and I will hopefully be able to grab some bargain as well.

Good hunting to everybody!


10-05-02, 04:46
Raja, thank you for those truly entertaining and detailed reports! They were an absolutely joy to read! I frequent the Seoul, NYC and Toronto forums and I have yet to come across a review as engaging as yours! Shanghai sounds like a lot of fun, especially compared to Seoul, where action is pretty hard to get if you're a foreigner. I’ve been to Guangdong Province in China before, but never above there. How does Shanghai compare in terms of action and women to Shenzhen? What about compared to Korea? If you have experience there.

10-05-02, 09:44

Thank you for your post on the Peace Hotel. I went and check in into Peace Hotel yesterday afternoon just for one night. I called the barbershop from my room and asked for Celia. The manager told me that she works on the late shift and doesn't coming till 6 pm. I left my mobile number with the manager and asked him to have her call me when she gets in. I don't want to wait in the room so I went shopping on Nanjing Rd. My mobile rang at 6:15, I guess she in late getting in. I told her that I would back to the hotel in 15 minutes and would like her to give me a massage in my room. She agreed so I ran all the way back. I can't wait to get her in bed. I was exhausted when I am back to my room. The room was very old and dark but acceptable.

Before I had time to take a shower, she knocks on the door. I open the door and there she was. She was not as beautiful as I had expected but man, she has a very nice body. She is about 26 years old. Her face is about a 6 but the body is a 9 in my book. 5'4" tall and about 95 lb. long dark hair and very long legs.

I did not tell her about your post on this forum. I just proceeded by taking my cloth off and getting a shower before lying down on the bed. She does give a very good massage. After the usual 30 minutes back massage, I turn over so she can massage my face and chest.

Since I saw Raja's post and know that if I ask her, she will said no, so I just started touching and caressing her without asking. She didn't refuse so I went on to take her cloth off. All these time we did not talk at all. After I took off all of her cloth, I was trying to get her to give me a BJ but she just won¡¯t do it. I then put on my condom and went straight in. Geeh, her pussy was tight, and it¡¯s not because of insufficient juice. Her hole is small, period. As we were making love, she started to bite her lips and grab tight to the sheets. She was trying very hard not to scream. After 10 minutes of the missionary position, I turn her over and proceed with doggie style, but as I was pounding her hard, I started to feel her bonny ass. That wasn¡¯t very good at all so I had to turn her over again and finished it in the original position.

The whole time she was reserved and very quite. She can barely speak any English. But she did told me that she is going back to her hometown to get married next month and she is not coming back to Shanghai. So all you guy who want to try her must move quickly. I didn¡¯t see the others massage girl in that joint so I can¡¯t comment. They might be better or worse. My friend is taking me to a Sauna in Xui Jia Hue tonight. Will report back.

10-05-02, 13:18
@ sweetkisser:

good to see that this board is moving quickly.
Also great to see that people here seem to profit from each other.

Sweetkisser, I loved reading your post, but could you get us some input about the price? For the massage.
Any extras that you paid?

Looking forward to read more good experiences from you.

Lets get ready to rumble!

10-05-02, 18:24
Haha...just got back from the Sauna in Xu Jia Hui right next to the Transportation University. The sauna is at the floor 7M of the huge Entertainment and shopping complex. There is a MacDonald¡¦s on the ground floor. The place is old and non-attractive. Just like any Sauna place in Asia that I went to. They give you a locker; you get completely naked and put everything in the locker. You lock it up and keep the key. You then proceed to the sauna area to clean up. After the shower, shave and brushing my teeth, I got one of the boy to rub and clean my back. I think that¡¦s 25 RMB extra. While he was rubbing my back I ask him how was the girls here, He told me that they only offer regular massage and no more HJ or FS. I asked if it is because of the National Holiday. He said no. He said it was because the joint was raided by the Gong An back in August. Ever since, they have been going by the book. That wasn¡¦t what I heard from my other friends on the net but I don¡¦t feel like arguing with him. He suggested that if I want, he can take me to a place 50RMB cab ride away. I asked him how much would it cost me and he replied 500 RMB. I wasn¡¦t about to go with a total stranger so I happily refused. After I got myself squeaky clean. I dry myself off and put on one of the pajama and went into the rest area. The guy at the entrance asked if I wanted a message, I asked him how much he said 128 RMB, I asked him was the girl pretty, he kept quite. I asked him what I get with 128, he still kept quite. I think he wasn¡¦t in the mood to talk. I hesitated for a while but I was too horny to just get dressed, so I agreed and he led me to a room with 2 single beds. There were a Hugh window and there is no curtain. As soon as he walked out, a girl show up and came in to ask if she can stay. She was kind of cute, a 7 in my book, so I said yes. She then came over to sit on the side of the bed and ask me what I want. I told her that it¡¦s my first time here so please give me a run down. She said 500. I asked for what? She said for FS. I thought about it for a few second and again my dick was in control so I said yes, and started to take my pajama off. Before I can get it off, she stopped me and asked if I can pay her the 500 first. I asked why and she replied that it¡¦s the house rule. I was pissed but again I was too horny after I already had skin contact with her. I went to the locker and got my wallet before returning to the room. After I gave her the money, I took my cloth off and she proceeded to lick me all over with her tongue. She then gave me the fire and ice treatment on my dick bare back. After 2 minutes of that she took out a condom and put it on me. She started to give me a half decent Blow Job, not the best one I had but can¡¦t complain either. We followed that with another 25 minutes of you know what professional screw. We did changed couple position but everything was too mechanical and her acting was not that great either. After we finished, she did stay in the room and gave me another 20 minutes of regular non-sexual massage.

I am sure I would not go back to this place again. The total damage came out to be 669 RMB for the drinks and the rubbing back that I ordered including the 500 tip for the girl. The sex part was ok but it¡¦s not worth the money. I should have visited one of my girlfriends for free.

To Shtraveller:

The Peace Hotel was 600 RMB per night and the massage was 280 RMB for an hour. I got the hotel online through www.ctrip.com so it was much cheaper than rack rate. So the total was 880 RMB.

Member #4198
10-05-02, 23:38
Great Post indeed, Sweetkisser.

I believe the location you wen to was called Da Xi Yang, or Atlantic Ocean Entertainment Complex.

The other Sauna known to provide FS is that of BaXian Entertainment Center, near Huai Hai Lu, across from Lane Crawford. Price on the same order.

I am going to SH and Beijing for 2 weeks starting next week, cannot wait, will report after I get back.


10-06-02, 17:23
@ sweetkisser

thanks for your input. Good to read that you got laid at least.
Even though that I usually to not go to sauna and massage places myself. Mostly too professional and fast.
I usually take around 2-3 hours to pop. More GF style in my opinion.

Anyways, enjoy more and maybe you also want to try the Galaxy disco. More expensive but better quality....

@ goldwind
Action at the new railway station is not recomended by me.
Anyways if you want to give it a try you need to make the first step. Always try to look as a foreigner. That helped. Do nat look like you want to travel yourself by train (carry no bags with you). I got lucky once because some gals have no place to stay the night. They are very willing to stay with you at your hotel for the night and make some extra bucks. (200 - 400 RMB, not more)
Maybe you want to start conversation using the typical tourist-trick. Choose a girl that looks bored and looks like waiting for a long time and ask her how to get to your hotel. :D
I bet it will work for at least 1 out of 3 times.
But as I said, quality is low and chances that you get robbed are given. Maybe people will only stare at you and do some sightseeing of foreigners. Either way, not my case.

10-06-02, 17:31
@ all:

hotel reservations at www.ctrip.com seem to be a little expensive. Maybe you want to try

www.hotel.de (German page)

Prices varie but often they are 30% cheaper than www.ctrip.com


Member #4198
10-06-02, 21:20
To Shtraveller:

Thanks a lot for the tip on Shanghai Rail Station. I will definitely pay it a visit and be vigilent. Oh, btw, though I have been in US for a long time, I was born in Shanghai and can speak both mandarin and the local dialect fluently. So, wish me luck, hehe...

10-07-02, 08:04
@ goldwind:

good to hear that you can speak some madarin and Shanghainese. That will help you a lot. My madarin is a pure catastrophy since that I started learning it for one year only. (with lots of long breaks) :(

I guess you will have some nice hunting at the railway station. For me it was good exercise: picking eventuals with best chances out of a big crowd....
Well it helped me a lot developing an eye to find GFs in Shanghai at normal places.

Good hunting, and do not forget to post something afterwards.
I cannot wait to hear more good experiences. :D

10-07-02, 08:39
Hi to All .....
As I will be heading to ShangHai next month .... better prepare my-self & do some research ...... Appreciate anyone feedback !

Do the Hotel charge extra charges if bring gals back to Hotel ?
What if got court, kena "Gun Shoot" or what ???
What is the rate for over-night ? How much ??
Do ShangHai have some kind of Chicken Farms like Thailand, where U can go & view the gals, choose, pay & "Tau Pau" to Hotel ???
Do Disco there like Thailand --> Shake head style ?? Guess the Disco & Dancing is different there !
How to find a tour agent to show U around ???

Appreciate .... & Thank you .... welcome any feedback !

10-07-02, 09:39
If you compare china to Thailand you will be disapointed.
Sex is taboo in China and if you do not handle it discretely you will find yourself quickly imprisoned or paying a high penalty.

Having sexual intercourse with chinese woman is forbidden to foreigners. Of course almost nobody cares about it.
Sometimes you will find Hotels with security that will try to stop
action and sometimes there are big crackdowns all over Shanghai.
You may want to read more about this in older posts.

Forget about chicken houses, forget about women offered to you like wares. China is different. Not worse, just different.
I prefer China. It is the difference of having sex with a prostitute and having sex with a girlfriend. It is a lot easier to find realistic GFE in China. For those who look for straight sex thailand is heaven. But for me hunting is part of the pleasure.

Normaly you do not want the hotel to know that you bring in anyone to your hotel. There is a curfew in China that prohibits guests in your room after 11:00 pm. If you are discrete and act like you bring in your wife or regular GF they will not say a word, or charge anything.
Always remember, as a foreigner you are a first class guest in China. Hotel security will not really be after you. But the gal that gets caught with you is history.... Always remember this.
So try to be carefull and discrete for your own sake but also for the gal.
Once in china you will probably think that I tell you to be a lot more carefull than necessary, but you may think different once that you smell chinese prison air...

Be carefull with guides. Often single guys will offer you to guide you. This is a "No-No!"
Raja was lucky to find a honest guy, but most of the other guys are after your money only. Pimps or wannabe pimps.
Forget them! If you have friends in SH maybe you want to ask them to bring you to some good place. In china it is very common for chinese business man to enjoy some pussy afterwork.

Being a little carefull and behaving like a gentleman will lead you into great GFE and great services.

10-07-02, 09:50
Anyone who wants to join me for hunting?
A day or two?

I will be in SH from Oct. 31st - Nov. 6th 2002.
Maybe Julu Lu, Hardrock, Galaxy, pegasus, california etc.

I stay at the Okura Garden Hotel.
If interested please mail to shvisitor@gmx.net

PS: BTW for those who do not know me, I am not a pimp. Just some guy on a business trip :D

10-07-02, 19:03

I will be in Shanghai in Novemeber, and would greatly appreciate if you can email me the information about your girls to


Thanks for sharing!

10-07-02, 19:20
This is a great forum! Although I have not been to Shanghai recently, I am collecting information to get ready for my trip next month.

Here is a piece of information I got:

There is KTV called "Won Zi Kan Hong", and there are hundreds of girls in the club. It costs RMB680 for a mid-size louge for whole night, and the cost of drink/snack will be deducted from the 680 fee.

Anybody want to check it out and share the exprience? Or you can wait for me to arrive in Shanghai next month and go there together.


10-08-02, 06:59
Thank shtraveller for the advice ....

There is a few "Top-Must-Go" list I will venture in during my stay at ShangHai ......
Is a wondeful (Not the Hatyai Wonderful) forum ..... Thank 4 all the "valuable" info.'s ......

Message to goodluo2001

I will be in Shanghai in Nov.
Could you email me some informations about your girls to

Let discuss the requirements over the private .....
Appreciate .... Thank you

10-08-02, 09:40
hiya all,

thank you for all the encouragements in regard to my report.
however, there are a few things that i must point out.

1. for those who email me and ask for the phone numbers of the girls i met:

- celia, although i have it, you dont need her number, just go to the peace hotel and ask for her. sweetkisser reported that she said she would go home and marry, i dont know anything about that.. it may be true. i dont know how to guess asian women's age, i thought she is younger than that.... no bj? have you showered? :) yep she is tight!!! :) and yea, she has bony ass did she not? :) try her while it last :)

- lim you tie (yulia - st regis), as she is not a pro and dont work at the hotel, i found it to be very ungentlemanly to spread the phone number of someone who helps you and ask for nothing. it is bad enough for me to write about our time together, but i trully cannot find any reason good enough to abuse her trust. besides, i have ulterior motive about her (maybe a permanent gf in sh?)

- other girls, i dont find the other girls i sampled nice enough to even bother to keep their names let alone the phone numbers.

- my friend mr tzang the bus driver. so far i have not receive any contact from him. but, if and when he does, i will definitely inform the forum, and in a hurry too coz my mailbox is full of the request (27 of them 30 mins ago). please desist.

2. for those who ask if there is other massage girl that would do "it", as reported, i did try another girl, her "english" name is rain (hows that for a name? the hotel must not like her very much :) ) or her chinese name is hsiao mei (i think it means "little sister" in chinese) she also work in the peace hotel. this girl ask me to pay her rmb750 for the session on top of the hotel massage fee(her english is bad so she ask in chinese), she told me (from what i understood) that the girls only get 20% of the takings. fair enough, but i wish i give celia more now....
for scoring, i reckon rain got a 7/10 for her smiley face, 6.5/10 for her short and stubby body, 8.5/10 for very erect and too large for her body, breast, and 9.5/10 for "movement on mounting" :) hehehe, i do not normally score girls but...

3. for those who ask infos about other cities:
i have only visited shanghai (reported), suzhou (reported), guilin (yet to report) and ziyuan (nothing to report - purely business with the government there)

4. for those who ask infos for other countries, well, i am not a globetrotter. i know of only:
- indonesia jakarta (very well), medan (well), jogjakarta (fair), bandung (very well) and a handful of other cities. this is because of my origin, i came from jakarta indonesia.

- australia sydney (very very well), brisbane (fair), melbourne (fair). this is because i reside in australia.

i am sorry i cannot answer all the email individually as my time is very limited.

the advice from shtraveller is very valid, be careful and behave like a gentleman will get you a long way. yes, i did say "dont try to conform to the local way just because you are different" but i did not mean to bash their heads and [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) their women, i mean show them things that they dont see very often. in my case, i like hot chilli and could eat them raw, and i sometimes use this to break the ice. viz: i asked," whats this", while pointing at a bowl of chilli sauce, then grab a spoon then spoon and swallow a big portion into my mouth. at this time, most of your bystander would jump up and say "no no.. its hot!!". i would then smack my mouth and say"not bad.." then swallow another spoonful :)

anyway, i may not go to china again till at least december or early next year, so i cannot report on anything more on this link till then. but, i like this site and would visit often.

raja out.

10-08-02, 19:45
@ raja:

Respect to the BIG man from Sidney!

I think it is only fair to the girls, that gave you a good time in SH, that you behave like a gentleman and do not spread their numbers. It is a big difference if a girl is a pro or not.
In your case they are non-pro and like you said it would be simply horrible for them if people are calling them.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think it will help us all to enjoy SH a little more. Hope I will be able to fit into your big footsteps you left in SH? ;)

I think you understood the way to behave in China very quickly.
It took me much longer! :D


10-08-02, 19:54
@ all:

I remember goodluo well from posts before.
No valuable informations at all.
Maybe trying to get informations rather than giving or exchanging.

Be carefull! That guy is not goodluo, rather badluo!

If I am wrong, please let me know.
I do not want to hassle him but so far goldwind informed me that my thoughts are correct.

Any feedbacks are welcome!

Member #4198
10-08-02, 22:24
To all:

1). I agree with what shtraveller said about goodluo. Having said that, I think we are NOT trying to harass or hammer on goodluo but rather letting you know not to keep your hopes too high in getting useful information from him, the kind of useful information this very website was designed so we could share amongst us hobbists.

2). I also applaud RajaBetawi that he holds the line and not share (Yulia - St Regis)'s phone #. It is a sin to do that anyways, and, rajabetawi, good luck with your relationship with her.

3). I might be biased, but I think chinese girls are generally better looking, taller, with fairer skin than southeast asian girls. Therefore, China might not be as a sex heaven as, say, Thailand or Indonesia, China is still my top pic to get GFE experince.

To windtalker and all:

I think the name of the KTV you referred to as "Won Zi Kan Hong" actually is spelled as "Wan Zi Qian Hong" in Chinese. No offense as Chinese is my language anyways. It is one of med-priced, popular KTV. I would caution that KTV in Shanghai is generally not a quick score unless you were taken there by friends who know the girls and more importantly the mamasan (hostess). If you would read, I wrote about KTVs in my previous posts here.

To shtraveller:

Too bad that our schedule misses each other for 4 days, oh well. Have fun with city. Oh, btw, that is a beautiful hotel, probably one of the best in the whole world. I think girls will be attracted to you just b/c you stayed there, hehe, no offense :-)

10-09-02, 02:20
dear all:
shtraveller is as a matter of fact a rascal who spreads rumour on post saying i never provide true information.
in fact shtraveller does not provide really useful information on post. what he said is outdated or not existed or copied somewhere.
i will still provide all friends here with what i have accumulated as a result of my hunting for quite a few years here in shanghai

10-09-02, 06:04
To goodluo2001:

I am still waiting for you to send the information about the your girls to my email address at windtalker369@yahoo.com. No rush, I know everybody is busy. Just a friendly reminder.

To goldwind:
Thanks for the correction. Actually I was trying to make it sound right for people whose native language is English. I can speak Chinese fluently. As for the KTV, I always feel that KTVs are the places where you have a good chance to meet high-quality girls. Correct me if this is a misconception.

10-09-02, 07:58
As an impartial viewer, I think SHTRAVELLER is an honest guy, he does not intend to fake anything just wants to share his thoughts. He is innocently wronged by GOODLUO2001. We here to share experiences not for taking revenge. Please show us the valuable opinions and maintain a piece of great free land here.

10-09-02, 08:23
@ goodluo

I think we all know that you do not have any infos!
Or none that you are willing to share.

I think you should be carefull with what you are writing.
I never copy any articles. I am known as BIGWEAZEL to several boards and I also posted there.
The only person who evidently copied posts is you goodluo!
Everybody just needs to search several posts behind and will find out that you copied from the icered board.

May be since that I am now not in SH. But I cannot remember any outdated infos that I gave away.

May be I have been to honest?

E N O U G H !!!
I think readers here should know that this is not true.
Let´s get back to the real stuff.

A pity! Maybe we can arrange a better schedule next time?
Good to hear that we see things very similar.

@ Shifen
It has been a long time since we met on the board last time?!
Thanks for your positive feedback!

10-09-02, 09:46
hi siphy
we have exchanged our info.
do you still remember?
i think we have a lot in common
we are all here fun seeking though your action is to encompass and mine is to pump.
please shear your info with me
i will appreciate anything you contribute

10-09-02, 09:53
Originally posted by goodluo2001
hi shifen
we have exchanged our info.
do you still remember?
i think we have a lot in common
we are all here fun seeking though your action is to encompass and mine is to pump.
please shear your info with me
i will appreciate anything you contribute

10-09-02, 10:08
I cannot believe what I see!
Goodluo, you do not even seem to know who Shifen is.

Well, well!
Hard to believe that you exchanged infos with shifen.
Even harder to believe that you have a lot in common with her.
Shifen is honest!

I suppose we all klnow what kind of guy goodluo is.
Lets go for some real infos, now.

@ goodluo: shut up!

10-10-02, 01:57
hi,dear all
shtraveller's posts account for one quarter of the forum
he often debase new comers here and acts as a host hereof.
it is said he propagandize for some entertainment establishments on a basis of rebation or commision.
he often talk poeple into expensive hotels or bars to squander away their financial resources
to those economic class hunters, beware of shtraveller
in shanghai a simple fuck costs from 150 to 500 rmb all inclusive
and an overnight is quoted between 300-900 rmb.

10-10-02, 02:53
to goodluo2001:

"in shanghai a simple fuck costs from 150 to 500 rmb all inclusive
and an overnight is quoted between 300-900 rmb."

OH! Please! Give me a break! What kind of quality would you find girls at RMB150 - 500! Please this is Shanghai, it's either free or very expensive for quality girls.

I would still support shtraveler in these issues!

10-10-02, 03:34

He did said simple............

10-10-02, 04:33
to jumbo88
i posted the price references in consideration of those not well off hunters.
the rich guys are in exception
in my later post, i will give infos on some off-the-beaten-track places where girls of quality and reasonable priced can be found.
shun all those 5 star hotels and bars like cat's eye
with the the same money, you are able to pile 3-5 fold girls

10-10-02, 06:51
to goodluo:

looking forward to your posts. FYI, I have lived in Shanghai since 1993. Those were the golden years. The quality has gone down and the prices are up since 1999.

I still advise to the guys traveling to Shanghai: Spend some time and find an amateur free fuck. For Pro jobs, go to Shenzhen.

10-10-02, 10:53

A private matter:

I would like to thank most of you guys that sent me a support mail.
Anyways I think I will stop posting on this board and become a silent member since that goodluo already blamed me on receiving a cut or discounts etc.
I am not, but that does not really matter at this moment.
Presently my business will not allow me spending too much time at this board in future.
I am not the host here, but in the past I received a lot of help from this board.
Partly I could pay back this depth....
Thus I was personally interested that this board is running well.

I think many of my posts regard expensive places. Those are places for those who prefer high class service and gals with less effort. thats true.
Some places are cheaper.
But obviously hotels are easy and secure to enter by foreigners.
And I think the places where I usually go are not overpriced for SH.
Some like it high class, some like it cosy maybe cheaper.
Nothing wrong with both choices.

I would like to mention that goodluo contacted me before and asked me to give him some numbers of SH gals.
I refused, since that he would not (maybe could not) share any with me as well.
That is the backstage story and maybe knowing this will help to understand this situation.

since that you say you have some real good adresses maybe you want to post them instead of announcing only?
If you do I will personally apologize to you on this board!

I think everything is said from my side.
Good hunting to everybody!

10-10-02, 14:25
to goodluo2001:
i also have several infos on working girls in shanghai. would you like to share some numbers with me? please send me an email to 10inches@web.de

10-10-02, 14:28
I am a regular silent reader on this board and I find it quite interesting and some informations do help me a lot.. But when I read the message from GOODLUO recently, and shtraveller's opnion, I feel that I have to say a few words..

I am a regular traveller to China, and I am a chinese and I can speak cantonese, mandarin, hakka and etc., I have lots of friends in China, although I have not been to Shanghai yet, but few of my friends visited there almost evry month.. to tell you the truth, YES.. it is possible to get sex for about 150-200 in Shanghai, but the woman will be more than 40 and ugly... I believe the purpose of this board is to exchange information to get the "best goods for a reasonable price or common price" and also to look for a good location to have a good time....but what GOOD LUO ( or GOODDUO ) is tring to show that he got better information than all of us, but if he did, why did he ask for the girls' phone numbers from Shtraveller ? I believe that he does not have any informations at all.

By the way, I do not know any of you, but I just feel that I should say what I feel in my heart.. " GOODxxx, you are a liar" I have been to Guangzhou, Hui Zhou (good place for girls) nanning, Beijing, ShenZen, HaiKou, KuiLin and believe me, the price range of 150-200, you would not want to do it.... , regular price 300-800 for one shot, overnight 600-1500.. for all over China, I discussed with my friends and we came out this range... but if the girls have good feeling or bad feeling with you, the above price range could not applied.....

Hope you all keep the board alive, caused I still will be a silent reader from time to time... and to SHtraveller.. keep writing, I like your information....

Lastly, Thanks for all the people who contribute real informations on this board...you all help me a lot...

10-11-02, 03:40
dear all
i think facts speak louder than words
i do not intend to engage here in any debates or controversies.
i still have a good memory of my personal experience here in last sept. the following is a report of what i have explored.
take the huanghua xin cun (huanghua residential quarter) adjacent to the hongqiao airport for example.
there are scores of barber parlors rep001tered among this area the size of a few dozens of blocks. generally speaking, those parlors are clean and tidy, newly remodeling ones which usually comprised of a lounge and a numbers of private cabin. girls are mostly in their 20's sitting on chairs at leisure. you may find they come form all over the country and the mojority of them are from counties or countryside. there are a few you can converse with in simple english words or gestures.
to be continued
my personal experience there is to be contributed for all my dear fellow posters

10-11-02, 05:28
To all the taiko / tailuo out here.

A lots of people read the posting here as some sort of a guide and ask questions on direction and help.
I think it is bests for all you experts to share experience and do & don't instead of starting a debate on who have better knowledges.

Goodluo2001: Would it be better if you can give us a full posting instead of a continue type. People in the frontline (on the field) may need your remaining personal experience urgently.

Lastly, Thanks to all the people who have contributed real informations on this board which had help me a lots......

10-11-02, 07:09
Hi all, I am new to this board...well actually no, I first discovered this board in late 1997 but haven't been back till now. This is by far one of the best international boards I have ever found, but I digress...

I'll be in Shanghai late November....and am wondering if any of you can offer any useful information about which clubs / discos are good for pick up (normal girls and working girls). It would be great if you can give me the street names if possible since I have never been to Shanghai before.

I speak very little mandarin but know some Cantonese. Anyways, look forward from hearing from y'all.


10-11-02, 07:23
to all and mega

i wish to thank mege for his/her encouragement.
as poeple might need my info in eager, i would rather squeeze every second to wind up th story of my recent exploration instead of a continued version
it was near dark around 7pm last sept when i dropped in to a barber parlor at the corner of the huangdong rd and huangxi rd (there is a cluster of barber parlors in this block, more than a dozen i suppose). there are five to six barber chairs along the wall and six to eight gals sitting in sofa. i had eye contact with them and one brunette caught my eyes. she gave me a timid smile which almost carried away my soul. she is 20 yrs of age, a real beauty of 5'7", nice shaped body. her breasts bursts firmly beneath her t-shirt. i had her to give me a massage in a back room............
so sorry, my time is so limited
have to be continued
in the next post , i will narrate how i take her out to my hotel and how she behaved...

10-11-02, 08:33
the price:a massage without hj or bj is 40-50rmb
the call out package for overnight of a barber parlor girl is 300-500 rmb

10-11-02, 09:24
Boys and girls,

I did say that I like this forum for the informations that it offered. Yes, all of us have interest in the hole poking activity, however, not all of us have the same style or preferances. Some of us preferred the bargain basement merchandise, others preferred higher priced "sure" stuff.

Yes there are girls that charge only 100 - 200 RMB around Shanghai area (I have sampled them) and they are not bad merchandise really :) and yes most of the sure stuff, call to your hotel services are higher in prices (600 - 1000+ RMB) I have also sampled them.

I have only been to Shanghai once, and out of 8 days there, only 5 days available for my personal pursuit of the sport. All of these days fortunately, were filled with satisfactory services from the local wares.

I think, most of the interest the reader want to read about are where, how and how much of the services available. But there are the ones who also want to know about what to avoid, what experiences or result form a particular encounter with a particular girl, such as, did she worth the price she charge? would she do bbbj or anal :)? how to get in touch with her? etc.

All of us want to get the most of our hard earned money and the reason we are here is to read and share those knowledge of the teritory. Be it good or bad, every posts have their value and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Still, if a poster offered to give some info about somethings that are not in the general knowledge, the worst he/she can do is to withdraw the offer. For most of us are holding our breath, anxiously waiting for the info. So goodluo2001, please post the info you offered about the "off-the-beaten-track places where girls of quality and reasonable priced can be found." Because it may be the one I have been to and wish that I know the address of. I would be grateful for that.

Some poster here are in my limited experience genuinely helpful, shtraveler, on reading that I am desperate, offered a list of phone numbers without asking for qualifier. Eventhough I did not use them, it is the gesture that I appreciate. I cannot thank him enough.

SO, I hope that this board would proceed to the information sharing services instead of the defamation services.

Raja (confused) betawi

"Opinion are like assholes, I have mine and you have yours. I dont want to see yours"

10-11-02, 10:16

I will be in Shanghai end of October. This is my third time there but I've never had the chance to go hunting (pure business). This time I'm going for leisure and hopefully it will be good. I've read through several of the posts here and a lot of the feedback has seemed to focus on hotel services. What if I stay at
a hotel but would like to use another hotel's facilities? Is this okay? Any suggesstions of hotels that wouldn't have a problem that are good (w/prices please)?

I actually did go get a massage there on a prior trip and the girl giving it was quite cute. The place didn’t have rooms but instead curtains separating each bed. I believe it was on Wanping Road+ZhaoJiaBangLu Intersection. Unlike some others in this forum, I wasn't as bold as to go directly and try to get some action without asking, so I tried to talk to her to get some “hints”. After talking to her for a bit, she sounded so conservative, said she’s never had a bf, been in Shanghai 2 months, didn’t like playboys, etc., etc…I was wondering if this was BS but then out of respect, I didn’t want to go further if she was telling the truth. What am I supposed to do in this situation? I mean, I’ve been to some truly legit massage places, and the girls here didn’t look like it but the one I got acted like it. Any advice?

Any good non-barbershop recommendations? Someone mentioned a sauna in XuJia Hui earlier? Looking for something in the 300-800 range with good quality.

10-12-02, 00:59
Visitors to Shanghai should also check out the service apartments as an alternative mean of accomodation.

Why? the gongan (LEs) can still make inspections to the hotel rooms of 3 stars and below (Chinese owned), as for the 4-5 stars hotels, the lobby security could some times pose a hassle. These guys could make you feel really unconfortable. Although not strictly enforced, the draconian "no visitors after 11pm rule" is still in effect through out China.

On the other hand, the service apartment is like a home away from home, a true temporary residence. The LEs has no right to go into the apartments to do any search without any warrants. Plus since it's your residence, the lobby security has no right to bug you if you decide to bring a girl back at 3 am in the morning. No regulations at all!

Where? There are some cheaper service apartments in the Gubei area (around USD40 - $60 a day) close to HangHuaXiaoQu as mentioned by goodluo, plus there are some actions in the barber shops around the area, since the community is aimed mainly to HK, Taiwanese and overseas chinese. For upper scale places, check out The ascott and summerset, they have 3 properties in shaghai, 2 in Puxi and one in pudong, rates start at USD70/nite, convenient locations. For even more upscale residences, check out No.41 Hengshan Rd and Royal pavilion on Huashan Rd.. All of these apartments offer sat-tv, daily housekeeping services, laundry, gyms and pools and some even has 24 hrs. room service.

Another plus, is that some of the upper scale working girls/KTV girls/mistress (er nai) also reside in these apartments, hence more chance of contact. They ususally go to work around 7-9pm. As for the girls picked up outside (like in the bars or discos), they would feel really safe if you bring them back to an apartment instead of a hotel room. The bottom line is: Safe and comfort at your own leisure. Highly recommendated. Now a days, I always book these apartments for my buddies visiting from the US.

I hope that this contribution is useful to Shanghai visitors.

Happy hunting during this weekend!

10-12-02, 10:20
Just wanna to add my 2 cents contribution.. after having successfully found the Atlantic Entertainment Centre from Raja's post but couldn't find the other BaXian outlet opposite Lane Crawford though. Only other places I know there are located in Golden Bell Plaza or in nearby Hong Kong Plaza but both places offer HJ not FS for a cost around rmb800-900. But you can nego to take the girls home on separate occasion of course by no FS onsite.

Anyway, the Atlantic Entertainment joint on 7M is accurate per Raja's post. Cost is rmb400-500, negotiable with fire/ice treatment and rimming. Total damage was 400+116=516 for FS but quality of girl ok (looks so/so, but service is good).

As for the recent posts on barbershop, i wish to add my own experience. Costs stated are about right 50-100 rmb for HJ, 100-150 for BJ (not all girls will do it) and 150-300 for FS (so far I could only arrange for outside experience, not in the shop itself). The barbershops I visited are around Beijing Rd and Shi Men Yi Road areas, not in Hong Qiao areas as stated in these posts.

Just for general information, I am a resident in Shanghai and stayed at the Somerset service apartments for quite some time for the reasons stated in the previous post. I have since moved on but service apartments are really the way to go in China.

10-12-02, 19:46
Is Anyone gonna be visiting Shanghai between Novemeber 25th and 27th and would like to hook up for some beers, let me know. I'll be there on my way to Hong Kong.

I reside in Vancouver, so if anyone of you would like some tips about the city, I would gladdy share some of my experiences. Anyways let me know. Thanks.

Big Jaja
10-14-02, 14:42

I am in Shanghai at the hilton hotel looking to get someone to my room. Is there any phone # that anyone knows of to get a girl to the room, or any other advise.
Any good massage parlours or barber shop nearby?



10-14-02, 16:40

I would recommend Shifen at 6258-7027 or 130-416-86537. She will meet your needs.

10-14-02, 19:59
Thanks GREEEKMAN, I really mean it. Though I have no clue who you are. Yes, I still make this type of money if the chance is right.

10-15-02, 07:22
hello everyone,
I'm new in shanghai, and I would like to know where I can find some streetwalkers, and how do you say "blow job" in chinese?
Is there some barber shop where we can have blow job ?
thank you

10-15-02, 11:45
Has anybody tried Chinese Lily (http://www.playingwithlily.com) ?

She looks attractive,...

10-15-02, 13:11
As a new member of the board I need to ask what might be a stupid question but please bear with me, we all have to start some where!

I have read a number of posts about barber shops and sex? Can some one please explain this to me? The last thing I need to do is to go walking into a hair dressers looking for sex and all I'm going to get is a wash and cut!



Found It
10-15-02, 14:03
I have not seen Lily for almost two years, but I can certainly say the last time with her was as close to heaven as I have been for a while, that is until I meet K**** in Beijing. Anyway, that is another story.

Lily is fun, she is lovely, though not in the "model" sense, she is smart, great conversationalist, she is sexy..Very very sexy, has lots of toys to play with..really gets into the action and (contrary to the current string on BJ board) seems to really get off. I highly recommend her from my past experience.

Stay safe and wish you well!

10-15-02, 14:17

Thanks for your comments.

You seem to have much more experience in China than I do.... Would you have any other recommendations other than Lily ?
in Shanghai or Shenzhen ?

Found It
10-15-02, 17:14
how about we discuss this out of the forum. Do you have an email address that you are comfortable with for "hunting" activities?

10-15-02, 19:22
I have some information about finding barbershops who provide girls(BJ/120/FS/300 RMB ) with about 5 or 6 in scale, if anyone wants exchange, would be great.

10-16-02, 01:30
I can be reached at "jeanfranco1002@yahoo.fr"
Talk to you soon

Apac Boy
10-16-02, 03:02
just wondering, i hate these places in Shanghai cause they're so fucking expensive (relative to other china places). is there anywhere outside the city i can travel to for good times?


10-16-02, 06:14
Hi guys
please,I just would like to know how is "blow job" in chinese.
Thank you...

Apac Boy
10-16-02, 23:18
blowjob eh...
how about:

chuai di zhe (blow the flute)

excuse my romanization, it's not that good...

if that fails, just grab her head and pull it down to ur crotch. i think she'll get the idea.


ps..come on...any locations outside of shanghai??? there's got to be some!

10-17-02, 03:58

i am interested in your info, but what do you want to have in exchange? similar info? what if i don't have?

10-17-02, 11:25
Hey guys,

what happened to that goodlou guy.
Didn´t he promise to post some facts?

10inches (wondering)

10-18-02, 00:18
Blowjob in Mandarin: Chuy Siao (Blow the Flute)

10-18-02, 04:07
I don’t mind to reveal information on this board. My concerns are if I do so, I assume more people may go visit those shops and will raise the suspicious from local police. It happened before and those people love to call the police around. Then the police will close the places down and frankly, it does cost time and RMB to find a new safe place. I will send you the name of streets and hints how to ID the shops if you like by personal email once I find time to write it up. Even the big city like SH, what is last time you see numbers of foreigners washing hairs at local shops 2am in the morning?

10-18-02, 04:23
valid point, i agree. i had misunderstood your original intention, thought you were into selling info. sorry for that.

e-mail me at: chinaweasel@hotmail.com

of course i will be happy to reciprocate once i found something interesting myself.

10-18-02, 05:43

I am interested in your info too. My email address is: windtalker369@yahoo.com


10-18-02, 06:39

I am also interested in your info too. drop me a line at ricky197101@yahoo.com

we can exchange information each other

10-18-02, 08:32
Hi shsboy,

I will be going to Shanghai next week would appreciate if you could pass on the info to me thanks.


10-18-02, 09:47
sports, thanks for the info. you've been really helpful and hopefully i'll be able to help out one day. i'm planning on going to check out the sauna again sometime this week. once i get into the room, do i ask for the service or will they just directly offer it?

Found It
10-18-02, 11:50
Anyone have any tips on Nanjing? Will be spending a few days there soon and have no idea on where the action is in this place.

10-19-02, 21:37
Has anyone ever tried the escort service that uses an e mail address with shdate?

Does anyone have any numbers of girls in the city. Due to my business time constraints I don't have a lot of hunting time.
E mail me at asiaman18athotmail

10-20-02, 03:47
Atlantic City Post is authentic... there are two types of massage: chinese style and thai style. Ask for the former and you get sent to a large communal room and can't get anything done on the spot (I know cause I went through the same thing). Ask for the thai style massage and you get sent to some individual rooms and that is where the action is... yes, the place is under renovation but still fully operational. As for not-speaking or not-reading chinese then i would suggest you have someone take you there but prices posted are accurate.

Dick Johnson
10-20-02, 10:43
Shanghai is such a spectacular city it really caught me by surprise. There are some stunners here. Also I didn't think the people here were rude as I have been warned. Those people are in Beijing=P.

Dick Johnson
10-20-02, 10:49
There are many Karaoke bars catering to rich Taiwanese/Hong Kong etc dudes. Some are members clubs. Ju Lu road reminds me of Thailand actually, the chicks there seemed more friendly towards whiteys then Asians. Didn't explore the scene too much as I had company. But the government is certainly tougher on this city(and more so in Beijing) in terms of controlling prostitution.

10-20-02, 12:34
To: Shifen

Hey, girl, I tired to SMSed your mobile, why there was no reponse? Is it good for me to call you residence number?

10-20-02, 18:13
To: annoy_shh

I often get SMS from strangers, so I did not really pay attention to that. Because I think if you are really serious about it, you would try all means to get hold of me. My cell phone is 24 hrs as well as my residential number.

10-21-02, 04:54
sports, thanks for the info. you've been really helpful and hopefully i'll be able to help out one day. i'm planning on going to check out the sauna again sometime this week. once i get into the room, do i ask for the service or will they just directly offer it?

Open to Explore
10-21-02, 10:51
I will be going to Shanghai for the 1st time next week, i can see from the forum certain places are mentioned, e.g. Julu street, Maoming Road, Galaxy Hotel etc. Would anybody have any recent experiences on good saunas etc.

10-22-02, 09:20
I travel mainly in Guandong area, but once in a while I go to SH too. I just had a look at Lily gal: http://www.playingwithlily.com/

Her published rates are here: http://www.playingwithlily.com/rates.htm

They start at US$350 for 2 hours. Nope, no spello, US$350

I would like to try a femal sex maniac, but would think twice at this rates.

Open to Explore
10-22-02, 10:57
I am aware from previous messages that Lily is excessively expensive, please give details of places with reasonable rates i.e. for sauna approx 400 to 800 rmb if possible. Thanks for help.

10-23-02, 04:49
well, thanks to sports I went back to the Atlantic City Sauna and things went as stated. you go into the room, they offer you different services. i think it was 200 for hj, 500 for screw, and 700 for fire and ice. there was something else for 300 but i didn't hear it clearly. quality was not great (5/10 on my scale) but the lights were completely off so didn't realize this until later. i was told there are 20 girls that work there so maybe other people's luck will be better. total damage, 118+500 = 618.

10-24-02, 07:59

I now have a car and can explore all the places the taxi drivers normally take you to. I am only into Barbershops - for those of us who live here and speak Chinese I think Barbershops is the right alternative. The focus for the BS discussions should be on finding places where the girls are very cute, and/or to find places where more than a HJ is offered.

Cute girls: Drive west on Wu Zhong Lu, just past Hong Mei Lu, make a left on Lian Hua Road, about 1-2 k down the road on the right hand side there are 4-5 large places with a lot of very good looking young girls. The first one of these offers very good massage for 50 RMB, if you add an "hour" (meaning 45 mins) then you get this "hour" and a happy ending - but no more, no matter how much you plead.

Cute 2: at Zhen Bei Road find the OBI/Metro Combo. Walk diagonally accross the street, there is a home deco colloss there called Mac.. something. Further down that street, 2-3 min walk there is a number of great places on the right hand side, but again no extra service.

I can't really do take-away (the wife would object) in the above places so I wouldn't know about that - possibly an option.

So here is the question: Where can you get BJs (I am not into FS at these places) preferably from a cute girl as the finish to a great massage?

Tricky - isn't it?

What if you add the car? I am certain that there are places in Shanghai where you can get your car washed, while getting a BJ from a cutie in the next door Barbershop. I have accepted this mission... In the meantime does anybody know of BS cuties giving BJs?

For "guaranteed" FS, get a map and find the Train Station and Long distance bus station, they are about 1 km apart. Take the metro to the Trainstation, use the exit closest to the Bus station and walk down those streets (towards the bus station). You might actually have to tear yourself away from the girls as they pull you into the dingy barber shops, promising sex of all kinds, most of the girls were terrible, but there were a few cute young ones as well. I am a big guy, but these places scared me - I saw a couple of young policemen walking towards me as I was pulling myself free - I was stranded in the area after taking the bus back from Hang Zhou and wanted no part in nothing - but these policemen totally ignored the whole thing, it pissed me off and I had dirty finger print all over my white shirt. Nasty place but I am a horny foolish bastard and contemplate going there now...

10-24-02, 09:27

I just answered you regarding your next trip to Japan.
As for Shanghai, I am in the same quest as you are. And as I am there let say regularly (every 6 to 7 wekks for 3 to 4 days) we might hunt together. I offer my hotel room for the deliveries is necessary. What do you say ? Shall we hunt in group ?
I can already tell you that there are 2 or 3 cuties at a barber shop on the side of the Marriott hotel. Same as you describe. Same kind of prices. About 18 to 20 max. Good relief. Nice body. I actually could play with a nice breast while the owner of the breast was making me even happier. But as you said no way to get a BJ, which is what I am after as you seem to be.
Talk to you soon. And be my guest in Tokyo


10-27-02, 07:31
I will be visiting Shanghai in December and would like some advise as to what hotels offer the best action. From the posts, it seems like the Shangri-la is the best. However, it is very expensive so I am looking for something a little more reasonable, yet be able to get some action without leaving the hotel. Or a hotel within walking distance of the Shangri-la. I stayed at the Hilton last time and was able to find a girl at the bar upstairs. Can anyone comment on these:
Qian He
Hua Tin
They were recommended by our host in Shanghai who can get us corporate discount.

Bell Stone
10-27-02, 15:17
I will visit Shanghai around X-mas time. I will live around West NanJing Road aera, I like to know where I can find a local girl and spend some time in my Hotel, better some one can recommand a girl and give me her phone number. I visited Shanghai several times and have never got girls since I am so scared of cops over there.

I visited Amserdam once and had good time because every thing is legal over there.

10-28-02, 18:20
bell stone. if u call the girl down there, u will probably have to deal with the chinese cops. so many setups these days and u cannot tell who is who like those police bitches in LA. be careful.

10-30-02, 05:22
I just got back from Zhuhai. It's very cheap down there. I had a 5 star hotel room for 350RMB per night, girlsewere 200 FS for an hour and 500 per night for unlimited FS. The girl were as good looking as in Shanghai and much nicer personality. I don't know how I am going to survive in Shanghai. It's too expensive here.

to SeattleGman and Bell Stone:

Shangri-la is a nice hotel but the only place in that hotel to get girls is in the night club on the basement. Most of the girls there are pros and it's a hit or miss dependon your luck. I was there once a while back. not much action.

Why don't you stay at Apartment style hotels, they are cheapers and usually no Gong An will knock on your doors at night and no hotel guards will give you any trouble for bringing girls to your room after midnight.

I will suggest you to stay in Puxi rather than Pudong area.

10-30-02, 05:35
To Wolf and sh-oldtimer:

I have visited quite a few BS in Shanghai for a year now. Yes, most offer nothing more than a HJ. I did find few in Hang Xin lu in Hang Hua XIn Cuen reight next to Hong Qiao Airport that offer BBBJ and FS for 150 RMB. There is also few near the Nan Pu Bridge that offer BBBJ for 70 RMB but as alway, you need to discuss with them on what you want before they start because not all the girls will do BJ.

Happy Hunting.

Crazy Guide
10-30-02, 05:42

Excellent post! Can you tell me where is that 5 start hotel for RMB350 a night. I am going to ZhuHai next week and need some pointers. Also, where do I find girls for 500 all night? Hotel KTV or street? Zhuhai _guy said they are all over the streets but I'd like to go somewhere where I can chat them up first in leisure. What do you recommend.

Any problem with keeping girl all night in these hotels?



10-30-02, 08:41
To Carygrant:

I will post my finding under Zhu Hai, sent me your address to sweetkisser@yahoo.com and I will give you the number for the hotel and some of the girls I encountered.

I checked into the hotelat 11:00 AM and saw about 7-8 Taiwanese camedown with their overnight companies and doesn't seem to have any trouble at all in this place.


10-31-02, 02:41
I'll be in Shangahi in December and will stay at Westin Shanghai, the one near Bund. Is there any action in this hotel? Can I brings gals to my room?


10-31-02, 07:10
sweetkisser - thanks for the advise

Why Puxi (Wuxi?) a better place to stay? I stayed at the Hilton the last time a picked up a girl there for 1000RMB. I know Shanghai is more expensive for a girl than most areas in China so I don't mind too much to spend the 1000RMB. I am not a seasoned traveler of Shanghai, so I need a place suitable for beginners. i am traveling with other business partners and I wish to be a little more discreet about the action.

I thought somewhere near the Shangri-la would be best so I can go in there to pick up a girl and take her back to my cheaper hotel. I saw that the Panorama hotel appears to be nearby or within close taxi proximity to the Shangri-la. Would you recommend the Panorama Hotel? Also would like comparative advice on the action of the Hilton (Penthouse Bar) vs Shangri-la Bats bar.

Comments from anyone would be appreciated. I'd be glad to (and have) shared my experience with others in exchange for your experiences.

10-31-02, 08:55

I did not wanted to post anymore, but I want to warn everybody on the board:

A person named Ah-Dee spreads the information on some other boards that she has some girls around the entrance of the okura garden hotel in Mao Ming Nan Lu 58.
I tested it yesterday and as a matter of fact there was some girls.
They ask you to come with them as the 5star hotels have too many cameras all over and tell you that you go to a 3star hotel very close to the garden hotel.
they promise 800 for FS.
Well their place is far, far away (also named Garden hotel, dirty, small, and noisy).
We got up to the room, FS was offered and given.
But afterwards 4 pimps came in and wanted RMB 2000.
First it was 2000 then it was 3000 and the more we discussed
they wanted RMB 4000.
Guess what happened!
Of course I paid!
If getting into such a situation, never mess up with local pimps.
As soon as I get away from SH I will post a bit more.
But be warned!