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01-01-02, 02:00
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05-18-02, 05:54
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05-19-02, 10:11
I'd like to share my hunting tools with all of your guys will visit China, as my contribution to the new forum. (Thanks for the great job done by WSG team!)

I'm an business man in IT industry and I travel to China (Shanghai, Suzhou and Beijing in particular) often. I don't like to risk my time, money by hunting around those bars, saunas or discos, and I use agents almost all the times. Below is the list and my personal observation to those service.

# elleguide@yours.com
Cute girls, speaking English, good rate, good service. No response since Febuary 2002.

# china_geisha@hotmail.com / wild_geisha@homestead.com / http://www.wildgeisha.homestead.com
Offer girls internationally across East Asia. Speaking English, good rate, too "professional" however.

# royal@twics.com (Royal Geisha)
Know the service from a friend but never get response from it. Not sure what's its relation to "wildgeisha".

# alltao@sohu.com
Legitimate service. All part-time amateurs, speaking English. Cheaper rate, good service. Good for GFE or hunting amateurs, mistresses.

# www.67s.org / www.playingwithlily.com
Only available in Shanghai. Speaking English. Over priced. Girls normal. (Lily is one of 67s.org girls.)

05-19-02, 14:34
get sex service in beijing and rest of china is easy. most usual service can be found in those saunas and bath houses. Look out for the chinese characters for sauna/bath house. usual modus: enter tha house, take a shower and tell the waiter after you wear the pyjama/shorts that you want massage. he will lead you to the room. shortly after while the gorl comes in. she will start massaging you or ask strait, if you want other service. they offer you at least hj or bj. sometimes fs. she will walk out and tell the reception wat you want (billing). she returns with oil and nappkin. then the action starts. where to find those saunas? they are everywhere. look around for those chinese words and some water pictures above the entrance. chances you get sex there is almost 95%....

have fun.


05-20-02, 22:10
If you want street action in Beijing, you can find working girls at the end of Sanlitun Bar street. also many girls in front of the nice hotels on Jianguomen Street. Jianguomen is the largest most main street throught he center of the city. Also the China World Hotel is located there. I have found that I can walk through the shopping mall in the China World hotel and often girls will start talking to you and offer to go to your room. They often look like all the others non SW girls, so once your eyes are open, you start to see them everywhere.
Walk from the China World hotel up the street toward the other hotels. Walk all the way to the subway entrance. I have found that section to often have girls. One girl was also working handing out real estate flyers. That was her real job, but to help make money she offers other things as well. I was nice, listened to her solicitation, smiled nice then she warmed up and asked if I like massage and she can massage good, and that she is a great lover. I took her up on it. I also found a girl in the bar/restaurant (HJ BEAN? ) right cext to the China World hotel.

If you walk into these big tourist trap western places like Hard Rock etc, and make eye contact with every girl you can, you will often score.

They seem to charge about $500-$1,000 yuan for FS.

Often you can find girls that are free too. I have done this as well. On Sanlitun Bar street, the bars are loaded with girls looking to hook up.

AVOID! Avoid the pusher guys that want to take you to a girlly bar or KTV with girls etc. They are too risky. I have heard bad stories of people getting their ass kicked. If you want to go to a KTV, check out the ones in the 4-5 star hotels.

05-21-02, 22:55
Yes, AVOID by all means not only boys, but also girls offering to take you to a bar to introduce you other girls, or telling you "OK to fuck me, but let's go and have a beer in the bar of my friend first, five minutes away from here, we will be more comfortable to talk about sex quietly there". These are traditional rip off traps in China and Vietnam, and you always end with no girl to fuck, but with a bar bill of 2000 Y at least !

05-23-02, 09:52
Hi, handgun

Did you use any of the agencies listed on your message? Can you share your experience (esp. alltao@sohu.com, it seems this is the only one active at the moment)?

My question what is usual rate for sex on top of the agency fee? I will be travelling to Beijing on business soon and hope to get some useful information. Thanks.

05-23-02, 19:47
I you give me your email address, I can give you an interesting phone contact in Peking.

Found It
05-24-02, 09:21
Elleguides/Wild Geisha is definitely out of biz in Beijing. For those who don't like to prowl around the night spots in exciting BJ, also want to add a couple of tips here. Have had really good luck recently with That's Beijing personals. Found a couple of stunning and really talented girls there that are reasonably priced. The site deletes after 15 days so need to check often, but ads for these ladies are easy to spot. Also, try AsiaFriendFinder....(if you are willing to pay the bucks...). Actually, this has been my most prolific site. 9 women in 12 months...3 pro's (meaning "money") and 6 amateurs (meaning great GF sex after dinner and drinks)...Happy hunting!

05-24-02, 10:44

My email address is KLOPEN57@yahoo.com.au. Thanks.


05-25-02, 14:48
Dear Erik,

I am going to Beijing next month, can you also give me your contact in Beijing?

my email: leinardy@lycos.com



05-30-02, 10:05
Did anybody try the Private Secretary (www.a-qi.com/funinchina) before ? Needs your feedback.

05-30-02, 15:46
Same as teazian right under...

Personal Secretary was Ccute/Altao before, they just came online... So some name of girl you recognize would be nice.

05-30-02, 21:35
Hi Guys,

I stumbled upon this forum and wow! I just wanted to ask something. I'm interested in taking "memento" photos or videos of my pursuits in china. What is the reaction to that there? Is it just flat out not allowed, or more money?

05-31-02, 00:48
To salamanderx, a bouch of of us have taken pictures of girls we been with both clothed and nude. For the nude photos we find that the girl are more willing if you have been with her at least once before so on the second time she is more comfortable with you and is willing to do more to please you. With the clothed photos, it is generally no problem.

05-31-02, 01:01
I forgot to add that no girls ever asked us for money in order to take their photos either clothed or nude. Just be polite when ask them and make sure that you tell them that you will not post their photos, it is just for you.

05-31-02, 12:04
To "eddylane", along with "PHunter", "teazian" and "phi" who mentioned local agents in Beijing:

Hi "eddylane" and all. Sorry for back late as I was held by heavy workload in the past weeks. I hope my response would be in time for your coming visit.

I agree with "PHunter"'s conclusion on Elleguides/Wild Geisha. Seems they have disappeared for quite a long time. Anyway, it's hard to survive in China for straight sex business.

Yes, alltao@sohu.com has been online (www.a-qi.com/funinchina/) as "phi" observed. The most interesting part, is its VIP service, a free upgrading from "standard service", which offers basically escort for social events. VIP girls are really terrific, not sex machines (like pros) but charming things please you in all ways you could image. However, VIP service opens only to selected guys who are seen as appropriate when using its standard service for at least one time. If you want to join the club, you will have to show you real identication...For myself, I'm happy with its service based on friendship. Nothing happens from exposure of identification. Seems it has sffered a lot from risk with anonymous customers, don't know exactly.

Its standard service offers interesting GF opportunities. According to several girls I used for standard service ( finally they were escorted to my bed ), they are very interested in meeting elite expats even the reward from the agent is quite low. I guess they unconsciously expect to trade their body for some opportunities by making elite boyfriends.

For the rate, you can check it from its website. Quite reasonable, to me at least. Enjoy!

05-31-02, 15:31
It looks like "handgun" is working for alltao@sohu.com. Is there anyone out there has genuinely tried its service? Please give a FR. Thanks.

06-01-02, 06:18
Just went out to Maggies last night, and it was kinda sad. Probably 40 or 50 girls there, and I didn't see one that I wanted to meet. This was around 1:00 or 1:30.

On the other hand, Vics (around the corner from Maggies, inside the Workers Stadium) seemed really promising. I didn't get approached, but there were a lot of attractive girls there who looked like they were working. Going home that night, the cab driver even asked me why I'm not bringing a "xiaojie" home with me.

06-01-02, 20:45
What is currently the price for ST at Maggi's please ?

BJ Boy
06-02-02, 09:02
they ask for 100 US dollars and you can negotiate downwards from there. in most cases, 500-600 rmb will be accepted.

Beijing Duck
06-03-02, 09:35
Hi guys
Just moved recently to Beijing and was wondering if some of you could give me some tips besided Hardrock and Maggies.

I would love to find a nice, clean massageplace where I could get some HJ or better BJ after a good massage.

I am fairly new in the city and would need some directions to find the place.

If you don't want to mention the places name here in the forum you can also drop me a e-mail under Beijing_duck@hotmail.com.


Beijing Duck

06-03-02, 12:47
I'm new to Beijing too. I'm a big fan of the massage scene -- at least the scene in Hong Kong. Now I'm here in Beijing and having a hard time finding the same kind of quality. Nothing like a nice shower, followed by an oil massage and HJ, BJ or ML with the girl you chose -- followed by a relaxing shower ending half asleep in a cozy recliner in front of the TV.

So I went to Tian Lun Hotel because one of the posts said something about massages in the basement. So it's Monday at 5pm -- I head downstairs and am told that the massage place is closed... permanently. I'm told they have another massage place on the 5th floor. I head up. It's a well lit sports and entertainment center. They have oil massage -- 280RMB for 45 minutes. A little steep for Beijing, I'm thinking. I'm led to a small massage room and an big-ugly-moose-of-a-girl walks in and tells me to get undressed. I ask for a "change" (normal in HK if you want another girl). She said, "What for? We don't have any other girls" I'm thinking it's 5pm, so she might be telling me the truth. I'm getting the sinking feeling that this isn't what I thought it was. She gives me a crappy oil massage and tries to upsell me to another 45 minutes and hints at a HJ. I decline and say it's too expensive. Anyway I paid 370RMB (280RMB and another 15 minutes of rubbing my thigh) for nothing.

For those who are familiar with HK's sauna scene (Jordan, etc) -- Is there anything like that in Beijing? Where? Please give directions or use English and Pinyin (if applicable) so I can find the place. I'm new to Beijing.

thanks maynard

Beijing Duck
06-04-02, 02:25
Maynard - man I hear you talking!
I know the sauna places in Hong Kong a bit and wow although they are bloody expensive they are just great.

This is exactly what I am looking for, so I anybody out there knows a place dorp us a mail or post a message.

Beijing Duck

06-10-02, 11:56
There's definately some action at The Den, which is near
the Worker's Stadium East gate (Gonren Tiyuguan Dongmen).

Also, what do people think is the going rate this days? I met
a quite cute Mongolian girl at Maggies the other day, and she
just laughed at my 600RMB offer. She was leaving with some
other guy half an hour later, so it seemed she had no problems
getting the 800-1000 she wanted. Maggies more and more
seems like a seller's market: more guys than girls there! Still,
when all else fails...

06-19-02, 07:35
Anyone know of a strip-club or something like it in Beijing?

06-20-02, 12:32
Im looking for hotels that have a massage place in them that you can also bring the girls back to your room(english speaking). Any help would be great.

06-22-02, 12:48
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I'm 18 and during January2002 I went on a my first overseas trip without family, with a friend, to China. As part of a tour based trip (ie/ not a great deal of free time, only evenings really) we went to Beijing. I stayed in the Peace Hotel just off Wangfujing Road. Walking around looking at the shops in Wangfujing one night we were approached by a couple of reasonably nice looking arts students wanting to show us their art work (it was the end of their university year and they were looking for a sale on their work if possible). We went with them to a small classroom and let them show us their stuff. We went off back to the hotel after they had showed us their stuff. The next night we were approached by two other arts students but we had to get back to the hotel to pack because we were leaving the next day. I greatly regret not trying to crack on to them (paid or unpaid) but being my first trip without family I was a bit nervous about safety issues (police etc..)

I plan to go to Beijing again soon, this time not touring, relaxation and to "get some action". I guess what I'd like to know is whether anyone else has run into these arts students off Wangfujing, whether they are there all the time or whether they were there just cause it was the end of their university year and they were trying to show/sell their work. Also are they interested in Western guys? How easy is it to crack on to them? Are there any special techniques that need to be applied (for reasons of cultural sensitivity or what not)? Would they be prepared to go into a hotel room? How easy would it be to get a chinese girl into a 4 star hotel like the Peace under the premise of watching a movie in the room? Are there any safety issues (police, her relatives etc..) that I should be aware of?

Sorry for the long message. Its just that seeing as pretty much the sole purpose of my trip would be to "get it on" I'd like to know the answers to the above questions before I book the trip.

Many thanks!!

06-23-02, 08:38
I was approached by art students every night of my stay during walks on Wangfujing Rd. The art students are not prostitutes and I doubt they are even art students. I believe they are selected to lure english speaking tourists to buy overpriced art at grossly inflated prices. The girls get these jobs because they speak English well. I suspect this scam has been going on for a while. I like China but always remember you will be overcharged every time you pull out your wallet. Thats just the way it is.

06-23-02, 11:38
I realise they aren't prostitutes and I didn't get conned into buying anything, but still...do you think they could be lured into going to your hotel room? by money or otherwise?

P.S.) jimbehr2000, do you have an email address or ICQ no. or something I can talk to you on? feel free to say no.

06-23-02, 14:29
Can anyone give me specific directions to Maggies, the Den. Are they open to the public?

BJ Boy
06-23-02, 18:01
the den is next to the city hotel on dongdaqiao lu and gontibei lu. maggies is just south of the city hotel on dongdaqiao lu (the east side of workers stadium.

06-27-02, 14:32
BJ Boy

OK, thanks. What about FS massage? Most of the ones I know have moved or SD? Thanks!

06-28-02, 06:47
aussieboy, I don't have ICQ but can be reached at jimbehr2000@yahoo.com. I'll be on the road for much of July. Traveling to the East coast of US and then a week in Norway. It will be the first time in Norway and I won't have much time to pursue our hobby but I'll try to have fun. I can't find any info on Norway at all!!

06-29-02, 00:30
I tried couple of girls from Capital Club inside Tianlun Daynasty hotel at different days.Both time I told mammy Deng Yang that
I wanted a whole night stay,but girl always had a excuse to leave early even I paid 2k which was night long price.

Girls there are goodlooking but they don't know how to suck.
I will be back in Beijing in early September.Does anyone know
Where I can find some girls with good body and technique.

06-29-02, 18:00
Ok people....i am moving to beijing for a year come august. can someone who is there or has been there for an extended amount of time hook me up with some info. not the usual maggie's crap, stuff for the long-term visitor. email me at bodhi49@aol.com

06-30-02, 02:45
me too. plan to be in bj staying in celibrity hotel for about one month in July and would like to join some action there. can anyone provide some good spots? my address is aibo2099@hotmail.com. really appreciate it.


07-01-02, 04:32
To "KidNova" and "aibo2099":

If you are not one-time visitor to China, you could try FunInChina.com service. Use its standard service for romantic GF, and VIP service for immediate fun. If you prefer safe, healthy and natural service, go FunInChina.com. BTW, from its recent newsletter it has simplified control over VIP menbership: do not require interview, registration form any more...better than the time when I approach their service.

Sanlitun Bar street is also a good place to go in the evening, if you have plenty of free time. You could hunt some sexy college girls who can speak English if you are attractive enough.

Kodak JS
07-02-02, 08:41
I travel to Beijing every six weeks or so and I will go to bj next week for four months. There are many places to get laid in bj--you practically have to stay in your hotel room for it not to happen. There are basically two approaches:

1) Go to the bars. You can easily pickup a working girl who could be average or incredibly beautiful. I would suggest Hard Rock Cafe, or if you are staying in the area of China World Hotel, go to henry's place bar. On any given night, there are a wide selection of women at Henry's. Any can be had for around $100 or $150 USD. Make sure you have a condom--she may not. Another place is maggies--mostly mongolian girls here.

You will find mostly asian women at hard rock. At Henry's you can sometime also find russian women.

2) The second approach is to meet someone local. It takes a little longer, but is much more satisfying. It can be difficult to do this and usually takes an introduction from a friend who is chinese. If you are doing business with someone, ask them if they know any single girls.

I am an overweight, married white guy, and I currently have two girlfriends in beijing. Both of whom I met through other people. You will find that this is much more satisfying if that is what you are looking for rather than a one night stand. I have someone to keep me company everynight I am there.

It is common for men (especially from tiawan) to have a wife back home and a chinese "wife" also. The cost is not so much per month. So if you have a little disposable income and travel to china frequently, it may be worth $500 or more per month. If you pay all the expenses, she should see no one else.

Keep in mind, that prostitution is illegal in bj. At some hotels, you will be scrutinized if you come into the hotel late at night with an asian girl when you are an obvious foreigner. I would suggest the following:

1) go early and get to the hotel before 10:00.
2) if you are staying at china world hotel, do not walk into a side door from henry's. Instead, walk around to the front door and enter that way. The security guards are not so likely to stop you this way.
3) when you register, register for two people. Tell them your friend will becoming later. If you are not a horizon club member, become one since the second person can stay free this way.
4) pick a hotel that is less restrictive. Shangri-la for example. It is in a different part of the city, but worth the decrease in headache while still being 5 star quality. There are other hotels that are not five star which are also less troublesome.

I definately got the yellow fever hard and heavy. If you want more information, post your email here and I will check back every week or so. Hey, maybe we can hook up in beijing!

BJ Boy
07-02-02, 11:58
handgun - have you actually tried funinchina? curious to know if anyone has, especially the VIP service. please let us know.

07-02-02, 12:37
Kodakjs your post was very informative, as well as everyone else who contributes.

I will be going to Beijing for the first time. I'm planning to stay at the Song He hotel, it's very cheap that's why. Can anybody tell me if this hotel is close to the action?

Ok I'm an old fashion Joe, where can I go get BBBJ and FS, just like in HK. A brothel or massage parlor? Is this cheaper than bringing one back to the hotel? What's the prices and is it dangerous?

Hard Rock definitely sounds like worth trip.

I wouldn't mine bringing one back, but I'm sharing a room with a american female, which isn't my type.

Thanks guys

07-03-02, 00:22
One hotel I haven't seen mentioned is the Lido Holiday Inn. It is very near the airport, but quite far from the center of town. In the downstairs of the hotel is the Pig & Whistle bar that is the gathering place for a lot of Mongolian girls, and a few Chinese ones as well.

I'm sure that prostitution is technically illegal in China, but since the Mongolians are also foreigners, the hotel doesn't have a problem (in fact they require it) for you to register them as guests in your room, and they can stay overnight. Price for overnight seems to run between $90 - 120 depending on your bargaining skills.

07-03-02, 01:05

I will be in BJ in early September,if you are in town at that time .
Could we hookup a party ?

I am planing to saty at Tianlun Daynasty Hotel near wongfujin area.Did anyone have any problem bring in girl after 11:00pm?

I am Ameican-chinese and speak good Madarine .Does that make any different?

07-06-02, 05:26
Well, I finally made a trip to the much-talked-about Sunshine Night Club at Wangfujing Hotel. Itís located on the third and fourth floors of the hotel, with the upper floor serving as a balcony overlooking a fairly large stage which in turn fronts a spacious lounge area. There are also a couple dozen of VIP rooms at the back. Every night from 9:00 local singers and the clubís own dancing girls will perform on stage until mid-night, and the clubís model girls will also do the catwalk one by one.

The are two types of girls who will keep you company -- the PR girls tend to be shorter and the model girls who tend to be taller. There are about 30-40 PR girls and 70-80 model girls, making a total of just over 100. Unfortunately the dancing girls are not allowed to zuo tai (sit at your table). There are of course mamasans who will take care of your needs. A mamasan Yang Shan gave me a model girl Song Yan to keep me company.

I went in at about 10 at night, and spent almost two hours there watching the shows which were really not that interesting, but some of the dancing girls were really attractive. It was a real pity that they were not available, though Song said she could arrange a dancing girl for me next time I visited Beijing, outside the club of course. In any case when I wanted to leave at about midnight Song wouldnít follow me to my hotel, saying that she had to return to the dormitory as the club had very strict rules. Yet she gave me her phone number and asked me to call her up the next day.

After leaving the Sunshine Club I went across the street to the Capital Night Club at the Tianlun Dynasty Hotel. There my mamasan Zheng Yang led me to the corridor behind the lunge where the working girls hanged around while waiting for clients. There were seven or eight girls, and Cheng nominated two of them for my consideration, but I wasnít particularly impressed. Then two or three or girls walked by and Cheng stopped them for me to consider. While I still hesitated one of the girls nominated by Cheng stepped out of the crowd and stood right in front of me. I took a closer look and found that she had a very inviting smile on her face and a pair of attractive tits, even though she was kind of short. I was also impressed by her determination to sell herself, so I decided to take her up stairs to my room.

Chen Xiao is just over 20 and very girlfriend-like but too shy to join me in the shower. She was quite proactive in bed and gave me an enjoyable fuck. Afterwards she said she had to go home because her roommate, who just arrived in Beijing that very morning, did not know her way home. I insisted that she stayed for the night, so she suggested that her roommate come up to share our bed and that I need not tip her roommate unless I wanted her service as well. I agreed to that arrangement and she phoned her roommate to tell her to come up. Unfortunately the security guard prevented her from coming up stairs on her own, and so Chen had to go downstairs to fetch her, holding my room key in her hand to pretend that she was a hotel guest.

Her roommate was not that attractive and I didnít pay much attention to her even when she climbed in bed half-naked after taking a shower. I donít even remember her name now. As soon as she got in bed Chen started to tell her about what a nice guy I was and how smooth my skin was, and encouraged her roommate to touch me. It didnít take long for her roommate to grab my dick and then brought it into her mouth. I let her did what she wanted, and finally shot my cum in her mouth. We then slept through the night and the next morning I fucked both of them, her roommate first and then Chen. It certainly cost me a fortune, US$250 each.

The following night I went back to the Wangfujin Hotel and went to the massage parlour at the basement, because the sauna place at the basement of the Tianlun Dynasty Hotel was closed for renovation. The two places were owned by the same boss, and the staff of the Wangfujin sauna said that the new sauna at Tianlun would not offer special service when it reopened for business. Thatís going to be a disappointment as the Wangfujin sauna doesnít have VIP suites that are equipped with their own sauna and shower facilities.

Anyway I was served by a nice girl from northeast China named Hou Yumou (and her number is 69). Sheís not that pretty but had a very firm body, her tits large (probably 33C) and very erect, her ass very high. I asked for an ice-fire, and her skills were very professional and erotic. In case you didnít know, in an ice-fire, the girl uses her lips, tongue and mouth to stimulate you by holding a mouthful of hot and cold water in her mouth alternately. There are a number of ways to do it, and Houís way was very leisurely. She first kissed and tongued my back and then my ass, letting the water run out of her mouth from time to time to stimulate me. Initially the water was almost unbearably hot or unbearably cold, though towards the end the sensation became a bit muted and I got used to it and as the water adjusted to room temperature. The climax came when she gave my little brother (wrapped in a condom) hot and cold baths in her mouth alternately, until I came in her mouth. Her skills are really good and I highly recommend her.

07-07-02, 07:20
Thanks, nice post. Just one question: How do you say "ice fire"
in Chinese, is it just "Binghuo"? For that matter, how do you
say "blow job"?

But $250 each---Ouch!

07-07-02, 18:32
Dlite_ me...

The Song He is a stones throw from the Tailun Dysnasty. There are posts here regarding what's available on the 3rd floor there. I did the sauna girl at Song He -- nothing to write home about. Yes, there was a *single* massage/sauna girl. Not bad but not great, either.

Song He was going through remodeling in March, when I stayed there for one night. Did not care for it at all. I moved to the Kempinski and found that part of town much more to my liking. This hotel is adjacent to Lufthansa Centre, around the corner from the Hard Rock and relatively close to restaurant/bar areas.

Good selection of girls in Casa Cabana (adjacent to the hotel) and the Hard Rock at fair prices for Beijing. Had 3 girls from here and 1 from the Hard Rock and didn't have to venture too far. Wound up keeping a wonderful, unihibited, English speaking Sichuan girl for the last three days of my visit in Bejiing so I wasn't shopping all that much.

Good luck.

07-07-02, 19:21

Blow job in Mandarin is "Chui Gong", it translates exactly as blow (chui) and job (gong).

07-07-02, 22:05
BJ : "chui xiao" (pronounce "chwei siaw") = blow pipe, play flute, is actually more fluent.

Mistalava : an "unhibited Sichuan girl", this is a pleonasm ! For me, they are the best in this country. Enjoy !

07-08-02, 04:21

Being "more fluent" can depend on where you are.

Blow Job to the Shanghainese is better known as kou jiao.

Chui gong, as I had mentioned is the common term in Chengdu. Since Sichuan dialect is very close to Putonghua, I assumed it would be the same in BJ. Sorry, my mistake.

07-08-02, 07:07
Erick, Explorer, thanks.

Funny enough, somebody on the Shanghai board just asked the
same question, and got "kou3jiao1" as a response. Just like
English, I gues you have lots of slang for the important things.

(Well, the Eskimos have 19 words for snow, the Chinese have 3
words for blow job, to each his own...0

07-08-02, 14:18
I'm traveling to Beijing later this year and planning on using funinchina for a private secretary. Could someone help me.
Do I pay for girl for all week or just for the first day and then negotiate with her? Any help or additional info on their service would be appreciated. Has anyone used service and have a girl to recommend? Thanks

07-08-02, 15:27
Thanx Mistalava for the info

I was going thru the old archives til Jan 2002. Some mentioned about barber shops. Anybody got any recent info about those and where they are located?


07-09-02, 02:00
I've used it once. It's OK. You got a nice gf for 1 day. Just a typical escort services with no extra. I haven't tried yet the VIP services. But I would try next time.

Originally posted by det51
I'm traveling to Beijing later this year and planning on using funinchina for a private secretary. Could someone help me.
Do I pay for girl for all week or just for the first day and then negotiate with her? Any help or additional info on their service would be appreciated. Has anyone used service and have a girl to recommend? Thanks

07-16-02, 06:53
I have tried many Barber shops and could never get anything. Every time I fell for a beautiful girl waiving me in and promising "ok ok" when I told them what I want, then I coughed up money and got nothing.

I found the easiest way to get laid is to bring a SW to my hotel.

They are easy to find at Henry Beans near China World and down that side of Jianguomen in front of the Jianguo hotel and the other hotel next to it all the way to the Subway/Starbucks entrance.

Also near the Luftansa Shopping center their are girls. At the end of Sanlitun Bar street. That is the popular bar street with night life. Girls are at the end of that street near the embassys.

Also some of the bars have girls you can buy out for the night, BUT BEWARE of the hustlers that try to get you to go to a "girlie bar" when you are on Sanlitun. That is a super risky proposition. Most likely you and your money will part abruptly.

07-16-02, 09:27
thanx cruiser,

duly noted, how about sauna/massage/ places or nigt clubs inside of hotels (I'm thinking Song he Hotel) can I find girls to take back to the room?

Secondly, are ther any short term hotels (2 hour places) where I can bring my choice of girl?


07-16-02, 17:31
I think you would have to be a chinese to negotiate a few hours at a hotel with a Chinese hotel manager. I have never seen this.
The massage and saunas should be ok in some of the hotels, but I actually never tried it so I would give it a shot. Just check out a few before you lay down the $. They should drop you the right hint by obvious things like showing you girls etc. I dont think they will go back to the room with you but maybe so. Have fun.

07-17-02, 05:16
Went to the Wanfujing Hotel after I read your message - finally somebody had given a hint where to go for a good massage and I couldn't wait to get there.

I love a good massage followed by a proffessional hand job or a blow job and knowing the fire&ice from a place Jinan I was getting quite excited.

When I arrived at the massage parlor everything sounded quite promissing. The owner spoke good English and explained the price which included RMB 100 tips for the girl. Kind of understood that would include the basic additional service to get.

When I was brought to the room and the girl showed up, it was a nice surprise as well as she looked quite attractive.

She started giving me a massage and as so often managed to touch my bes friend casually a bit with her hand to check out if I would be interessted.

Of course I was and my reaction was quite obvious.

After a pretty bad massage, the girl had no idea how to massage at all (this actually encouraged me to belive that this is a place specialised in special services), she told me - looking at my hard dick - that they don't provide any special services.

After some discussion (could'nt belive it) she finally told me that we could have some fun up in the hotel room, but as I was not staying there this was not an option.

After some more talking (was starting to get tiered of it), she told me she could give me "quick relieve" for RMB 800.00.

Said "thank you" and left.

No way I was going to pay RMB 800 for a quick hand job, if I could go to Maggies (not realy a big friend of it though) and get a girl for half the price.

Sorry to say buddy, but I found it a pretty crappy place!

If anybody knows any good place for a massage, with special service at a decent place, please put a posting in the forum as I am desperately trying to find a good place

07-17-02, 06:06
I am going to preface my remarks by saying that if you really have a preference for barber shops or sauna's or massage parlors no offence intended.

But... I cannot fathom why anyone would pay the fare for these venues when you can bring lovely women to your room for the same price or less. OK, if your wife or girlfriend is in the room I understand. (My only time at a barber shop was while my wife was in the same hotel as me *and*the barber shop.)

I am curious, is this really a preference? Serious question. No joke or slam intended. I really like them back in my room. Where we can play "love bucket" and do the "squirrel and monkey dance" in privacy ;-)

07-17-02, 12:03
I would LOVE to bring the girl back to my room.......and I will try.........as soon as the other person in my room is gone.

I'm just trying to explore other avenues of fun.

07-18-02, 01:50
I will be in BJ from July 29 to Aug 4.My friend from icered.com-One of hong kong website,that Maggiesbar will not let chinese looking
man in even you show them your us passport or driver lience.
Is ithis true?
I am us citizen with chinese looking cause my parent are chinese.
Anynot so chinese looking guy like to go there with me if that is the case.In return I can take you to some chinese speaking only place to have fun.

Also anyone interested in having a two on two (two gals and two guys) party while I am in BJ ?We can share the cost of having fun with two girls.

Please email me before July 26 as I take off on 27th.
My email address is XbZ_1999@yahoo.com


07-18-02, 02:32

Well... it is not a preference to go to a massage/sauna place, but as you guessed right I got somebody at home and can't take the girls back to my place.

When in an other city in a hotel, I quite appreciate to take the girl to my room and dance the mambo, but I also have to say that most of the time I am disapointed about the chicks after I screwed them.

It's quite hard to find a good, dedicated ***** in China that knows how to give you a good fuck. Face it, most of the time all they want is to get it over and done as fast as possible to go back to bloody Maggies to get the next guy.

Going to a massage/sauna place, I know what I get (if I would only find a good place in Beijing as well) and sometimes (go to the Tianjin board) I even get more than I expected.

07-19-02, 05:26
Dlite/Duck...got it. My curiosity is satisfied. Thanks for being candid -- your feedback is much appreciated. Like I said, it was a serious question on my part.

Side bar: the area I stay at in Shenzhen (central business district) has an area that is wall-to-wall massage/barber shop/saunas. Some of the barbershop girls are just %#8$@! amazing looking. I will try next time.

You two can contact me offline for someone who was big fun for me when I was in BJ if you want. mistalava@yahoo.com

Have fun and be safe.

07-20-02, 05:23
Iíve got a confession to make.

I was in Beijing a few weeks ago and this time my schedule was extremely tight Ė worked till very late at night at the office and met very important clients very early in the morning Ė basically I had no time to fool around. One night I was just too exhausted and wanted a massage, so I went to my favourite spot the Tianlun Dynasty Hotel on Wangfujing Street. Unfortunately the sauna at the hotel basement was still closed for renovation, so I went up to the health centre on the fifth floor where they basically offer normal massage.

The health centre is well equipped, with an indoor swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts and all sorts of gym facilities. The sauna section consists of a public area with shower and sauna facilities and three massage rooms, and two private rooms that come with their own shower and sauna facilities en suite (the bigger room also has a jacuzzi). When I arrived, the bigger room was occupied so I took the smaller one. It is well decorated, with one standard massage bed, a big sofa, a cupboard and a TV set in the room. The room probably cost something like US$25 and a session (45 minutes) of standard massage about US$15.

I told the manager to bring my massage girl over to take a look. She was a plain-look woman in her mid-20s. I wanted to change but the manager said they were all the same. He then left and I proceeded to take a shower. As soon as I took my pants off the masseuse dashed out of the room. No fun tonight, I thought.

Anyway I called her into my room after I finished shower, and she turned out to be a pleasant woman to talk to. She asked if it was my first visit there, and I told her yes and that I used to visit the one downstairs. She commented that she heard the girls there were not very good at massage but provided special services, and wondered which I liked. I said I liked both, and she chuckled that all men were the same. During the whole session we continued to have a pleasant conversation, and we returned briefly to the subject of special service twice.

The second time we talked about special service was towards the end of the session, when she was standing at the end of the bed massaging my chest, having just finished with my head. I cannot remember precisely but I believe she brought the subject up, saying she had no idea how to do that kind of thing. I said it was a very simple task and that I could teach her if she wanted. She replied that she was scared of doing that and I promised that I wouldnít tell anyone. Not the manager and not the other girls, she asked, and I said yes. She then added that she could not imagine how she could do it, even if I had my clothes on. I was wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts, the standard attire provided by most sauna places. I sensed that she might be interested, and offered her a 300 yuan (about US$28) tip. She still hesitated, but I had been aroused, so I just grabbed her wrists and pulled her hands down my body. Just as I got her hands to my tummy she pulled back, saying that it was a scary thing to touch me there. I promised she could do it over the shorts, and dragged her hands down to my crotch. After a few seconds of caressing my little brother her hands were a bit relaxed, so I had her holding my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other. When it appeared to me that she picked up the tempo herself I let loose my grip on her, and started to massage her tits. Surely she wasnít pleased but didnít strongly object to it. I didnít want to scare her away so did not get my hands under her blouse. After a few minutes I shot my load in my shorts. After I calmed down she took my pants off and soak them in the bathroom basin. I went completely naked into the bathroom for a quick shower, and this time did not scare her away. She then went out briefly, and when she returned she made me promise once again not to tell anyone that she got special service from me. After I gave her the tip, she gave me her phone number and told me to ask for her again when I revisited that place.

So there you have it. Did I do something terrible to her? (Iíve forgotten her name and threw away her phone number, and I donít think I wanted her service again because she wasnít that attractive, though her massage skills were quite good).

Finally, to Beijingduck, I note with sympathy your experience at Wangfujing Hotel's sauna. It was unfortunate that you ran into an unhelpful girl. By the way, I was in Beijing a couple of days ago and visited an interesting entertainment centre near the Chaoyangmen area (a friend took me there so I don't know the precise address). It's called Gongxiao Building, and on the third floor is the Western Cowboy bar where local pop and rock singers plus standup comedians perform everynight. On the same floor I noticed a health centre which advertised in a big board its massage services in detail. In addition to Chinese, Japanese and Thai massage they also have Hongkong-style oil rub (tuiyou) which by definition includes a handjob. Will try it next time and report back.

Mighty Spearsman
07-22-02, 15:42
Dear "woovictor:"
Thanks for your posting and no, you didn't do anything terrible. A similar incident happened to me a couple of years ago at the massage place a block down the street from Tianlun Dynasty Hotel (where I was staying).

Sounds like it might have been nice to hook up with her again, despite her less-than-attractive looks. She probably would have been more relaxed and less inhibited the second time.

07-29-02, 00:53
I was again in Beijing last week and had a little adventure that Iíd like to share. This happened at a small boutique hotel with only 50 rooms. The Bamboo Garden Hotel (http://www.bbgh.com.cn) is set in a traditional Chinese garden located in a small alley (hutong) in downtown Beijing. It used to be the residence of the former secret police chief and is supposedly owned and operated by the State Security Ministry. Itís a three-star hotel, clean and tidy, very quiet and relaxing. The whole place is enclosed by several single-storey buildings plus a three-storey one at the back, with a front and a back courtyard. The rooms are all decorated in traditional Chinese style, with matching furniture.

The neighbourhood is rather low-end but not quite a slump. There are probably close to 10 hair salons along the small roads leading to the hotel. Shortly after I settled down in my room I went to check them out but didnít find anything I liked. Some of them did have young girls, but it was obvious that they were country girls and were also not very pretty, nor were they sexy or cute. As I cruised along the road, a girl at one of the salons waved at me as her neighbours, old men sitting in front of grocery stores or restaurants, looked on. If you care about privacy like I do, this is not your hunting ground.

In addition to a Chinese restaurant, the hotel has a bar, a beauty centre and a tea house. Room guests are entitled to a free massage of 30 minutes offered by the beauty centre, which can send its girls to the guest rooms until mid-night when they close down for business. I didnít try the massage as the one girl I saw at the beauty centre was rather unappealing. The bar is located next to the beauty centre. From what I could see there was no business at the bar.

Fun can be found at the tea house, again decorated in traditional Chinese style, located at the rear courtyard. As I walked in, I was greeted by several girls wearing Qing-dynasty dresses (qipao). I could sit at the reception area, or one of the six karaoke rooms on either side of the reception. A small room cost about US$70, inclusive of a bottle of local red wine or a dozen bottles of beer, plus a fruit platter and use of the karaoke. I chose one of the small rooms, and the receptionist asked if I would like the company of one of their "princesses". When I agreed, she brought six of them in for me to choose, and I picked a well-built girl named Pan Li.

She then sat down next to me and we chatted as the waitress brought us Chinese tea (Iíd just had a big meal and didnít want any alcoholic drinks) and fruits. She told me she came from northeast China, was studying business at a technical school, had lived in Beijing for two years and had had several jobs as salesgirl and waitress before becoming a xiaojie just two months ago.

The moment she sat down she put her hand on my thigh, and the long slit of her dress revealed a large part of her leg. On closer examination, it turned out that her dress was not really the traditional one piece qipao but a two-piece look-alike. The tight-fitting long skirt comes down to her ankle, with a slit that goes up to the top of her thigh, stopping at the hip. The body-hugging blouse is short-sleeved instead of long-sleeved, and the high collar hides her neck completely. Her tits were quite large (probably 34C) and therefore very eye-catching in her tight-fitting blouse. On her feet were a pair of Qing-style platform shoes, which made her walk very elegantly. (You really have to see these girls walk before you can appreciate these Qing-style platform shoes).

We had a very pleasant conversation and she also sang a few songs for me while my hands roamed all over her body. And when I put my right hand over her shoulder and squeezed her tits, she showed me the secret of her blouse. While western shirts and blouses have their buttons going down the middle in a straight line, Chinese ones go from right under the throat in the middle in a diagonal direction to the right armpit, and then go down along the side. She took my hand and guided it through the buttons into her blouse, and soon my fingers were holding two big spheres under her bra. Her skirt also allows me easy access because of the very high slits, in fact when I lift the front flap of her skirt I could see her panty. She didnít resist when my hand went into her panty to play with her ****.

That of course got me very excited and I asked her to go to my room but she said that was forbidden. However, the tea house has a special room for that purpose. It is located at the workersí quarters at the very back of the hotel compound, and is decorated just like a standard guest room. It would cost me a special fee, of course, but she had no idea how much it was. On top I have to pay her a tip of US$100. I was curious about the special room but didnít like the idea of having her for a short time. So after much discussion I convinced her to come to my room after work. The tea house closes at about one oíclock in the morning, but some staff (including some of the princesses) can take off at about 11:30 if there are not many customers. So I left at about 11, and told her to come to my room before midnight.

My room was located at the third floor directly across from the teahouse. As midnight approached I stood on the terrace overlooking the garden and the teahouse, and called Pan on her mobile phone. She said she had gone out to get some condoms (normally I would be well stocked but on this particular trip I had not even planned to spend the night in Beijing, intending a day-trip originally) and would be back soon. A few minutes later she showed up, dressed very casually (to escape police attention, she said), walked through the courtyard and into the building. (At the entrance of the building a girl housekeeper was on duty. She asked Pan where she was going, Pan told her my room number without stopping, and dashed up the staircase. However I didnít hear all this). Anyway, I had opened the door when she showed up at the staircase.

As soon as she came in I stripped her naked and she did the same to me. We showered together first and then hit the bed. She was very passionate and we French-kissed. I then went down to eat her, which drove her crazy, before I entered her missionary style. After sex I went to sleep but she just watched TV all night long. By 5:30 in the morning I was up because I had to catch an early flight. We showered together and left the room at the same time. Downstairs, the housekeeper was still on duty, and at the entrance another housekeeper was sweeping the garden. We parted company there as I had to settle my bills.

All in all I think it was a good experience as I quite like the exotic atmosphere of the hotel and the enchanting appeal of the "princesses". Pan also promised to help me select another "princess" next time, but she would of course make herself available if I so desire. For the non-Chinese speakers, to talk a girl into leaving with you might be a little challenge.

Jazz Fish
07-30-02, 05:28
hi i know this is n old question....but does anyone know wat r the services available in those barbershops u find in hutongs esp?

is it much to the discretion of the girl massaging u to offer specials or is it possible to identify from the outside of the barbershop if there is any action available.

ive had offers of fj, hj usually from those more aggresive girls calling for u from the barbershop yet there r times when they waved or gestured me in , i get only a massage. should i have been brave enough to initiate?

appreciate all contributions...better if u can suggest specific areas that were tried n tested. thanks

07-31-02, 07:21
jazzfish - some of the girls will get down to business without any prompting. some are more cautious.

for the cautious ones, my suggestion is, to start touching them, feel them up, slowly. if they're not up for it, they'll gently move your hands away. if they are, that's the signal for them to take it to the next level. they might go ahead and do it or look or ask you for approval.

good luck

07-31-02, 10:15
I'm new here and need some guidance on how to browse???...Anyone can help???

07-31-02, 10:27

Thanks for a good FR on Bamboo Gdn. I know wher to stay next time in Beijing. Being an overseas Chinese, I don't quite like Maggies or Hard Rock Cafe. Keep it up.

08-01-02, 03:12
Can anybody comment on whether the Landmark Hotel, above the Hard Rock Cafe, is girl friendly.

I stayed there about 4 years ago, and security seemed fairly tight. Have they loosened up at all?

When in Beijing, I usually stay at Trader's Hotel or Holiday Inn Lido, both very girl friendly, but my next trip, I have to stay closer to the International Exhibition hall, and it looks as if it will be the Landmark.

Thanks in advance for your help!

08-02-02, 00:43
To Explorer88,
To stay close to the International Exhibition, you have also the SAS Radisson, very friendly and at walking distances
I used to stay there back in 1999/1998, you even received phone calls in the evening, offering services.

08-02-02, 12:09
Does anyone know if St. Regis hotel or Grand Hotel are girl friendly? Also, can you take a girlfriend (not someone who works in the hotel) to your room at Bamboo Court?

08-05-02, 23:16
Three months ago, I was in ST Regis, Beijing for about a week and nobody said anything about bringing girls to the room.

If you take a girl through the south( Where Kenny Roger's is at) entrance, you shouldn't have to confront doorman nor front desk people.

08-07-02, 02:46
Somebody's been eating their Meow Mix... ;-) No hole??? Wow!

08-07-02, 21:18
New to posting here....

I read in a WSG.com trip May report by "George" about someone who provides tours to China, hooking up interested travellers with Chinese college students for $25 US for ST. The e-mail I got from the post was asiankittens@yahoo.com, but I got no reply when I sent an inquiry.

I'd love to travel to China (Beijing) and hook up with some beautiful college women, especially english speaking ones.

Any leads, comments on this supposed "Tour Guide", please reply.... thanks.

Here's the posting I read.... again, anyone know about this? If true, it sounds like a good setup:

Beijing, Shanghai Travel Report Dated Added: 2002-05-20 Submitted by: George
- First, I love this guide!!! Now I want to tell all men with yellow fever about a tour I took in China. During my trip I fucked at least fifteen girls during my twelve day tour!!!!! This included one orgy with me and two other tour members where we shared four girls! I also stayed with the same girl four nights in a row, although I invited other young girls to join us. And the girls where FUCKING AMAZING! They were tight and innocent looking, and actually enjoyed fucking. (With one exception where the girl did not let me shoot in her mouth. But all the others did!!!) The tour is organized by this horny American man who has worked in China way too long. Anyway, he was an amazing guy when it came to finding young hot women to fuck.

The shit I have read here about paying around US$100 for an average looking ***** is insane. With my tour guides help I FUCKED BEAUTIFUL YOUNG COLLEGE STUDENTS FOR US$25 a pop!!!!!!!!, and I am telling you that these girls where young, wet and into fucking. And then there where even cheaper ones in their late 20's and 30's that gave blowjobs in this park for RMB30, which is less than 4 bucks! You could also take them back to the hotel. They actually preferred to go two girls because they felt it was secure. So for 7 or 8 dollars you could fuck two women in your own pace, and come twice.

One of the older guys in the tour went to this luxury escort place that the tour introduced us to, and these girls were the most beautiful girls he had ever seen (and fucked!) But they where US$70. But then they did everything, and where incredible looking, model types for sure. Anyway, I preferred banging the cute Asian girl next door type, the best deal I think. The only thing that rivaled was this place where you first took a shower, then had about fifteen girls come into your room. Just the kick of choosing the girl was worth the 100RMB the whole session cost (about US$12!) For that the girl gave you a massage and then licked your balls and your asshole for at least 10-15 minutes, then she worked on the cock and after that fucking in both holes. I had a very young girl who was really tight, and I ended up staying an extra session, and came both in her mouth and in her ass, all for just US$24!!!

The cost of the tour was just a US$980 service fee, and then the tour guide (the horniest guy I have met) got great deals on hotels and girls, which I am sure saved me the same amount of money as the fee. Anyway, the whole tour cost me US$2900, including the ticket + 4 and 5 star accommodation and the best pussy I have ever had. Try the fucknuts e-mail for info on the tour: asiankittens@yahoo. Say hello from George and thank him for the best snatch I have ever had!!! (Review # 5564)

08-08-02, 16:20
LOL. If you find "beautiful college girls" in BJ for 200rmb, let me know. I'll be there tomorrow. Hell, my wonderful Sichuan "girlfriend/hooker" in BJ costs me 1,000 rmb every 24 hours in pocket money and incidentals.

There are places in China where sex can be had very inexpensively, and while there is always the incredible bargain experience from time to time, even Shenzhen and Hainan cost more than $25 US for a looker. And, these are among the best cities in terms of price/value/quality/selection. You want these rates, then head for Cambodia ;-)

I don't doubt the descriptions of the girls or the fine times with them, but the rest sounds like pure BS. If you go to China on your own, saving the $1,000 you were going to pay this yobbo, you will have a great time. Search the new forum and archives for all the basic information you need. And, exploring this wonderful country and its extracuricular activities on your own (or with a friend) is much more satisfying to boot. Hey, tours of *any* kind lack substance. If you want help with specific questions you will find a knowledgeable and helpful group here that generally doesn't deal in fantasy. Good luck.

08-08-02, 19:37

Thanks for the reply....

I thought it sounded too good to be true!

I've read about travels to Hainan, which sound really good. And, like you noted, there is a lot to see and do regardless throughout China. I like Chinese women (my "first" was a beautiful Chinese woman when I was in college, so I've been hooked for quite a while!), very sexy and diverse.

Again, thanks for the clarification.


08-09-02, 15:46
Ok, another question..... HOTELS

Seems there are some that stay at the Hilton, some at a Hyatt.

Clearly, from all the comments and reports I've read (and I've been reading a lot of comments and reports!), getting someone into your hotel room before 11 pm is important.

However, there doesn't seem to be a consensus concerning the most "desirable" hotels in Beijing to be based out of when not only enjoying the women but also simply seeing the sights.....

What hotel(s) are good for the traveller who wants to be serviced by overnight guests (from "outside" the hotel)? Recommendations and comments are appreciated.

Also, what is the best way to deal with security guards and the hotel staff about women staying over. The reports and comments don't seem to provide a clear strategy/approach in handling this sticky situation/diplomacy. Again, I'd appreciate your thoughts and comments......

Personally, I thinking about seeing the sights in Beijing (interesting city) and hiring a personal guide/hostess..... if she doesn't provide "extra service", I'll simply seek satisfaction at Maggies or somewhere else. Should be a good time, regardless.

My trip would be next February, so I have time to plan.


08-10-02, 04:16
Besides the Beijing area, are there any other cities that I can travel from Bejing, ,for a 1 day or 2 day excursion, and has good "entertainment"?

08-11-02, 05:28
Imaronin (Ronin) and dlite_me...

dlite_me- Answer: Tianjin. 1-2 hr train ride. Dirty city. Good activities.

Ronin, In Beijing I stayed on the main drive through town called Jianguomen. It havs the China World Hotel, Jinglun, and Jiuguo Hotel all close to each other. I found SW's strolling out front the hotels and in HJ Beans restaurant/bar right near the entrance to the China World Mall. Also chicks in the mall!

I stayed at Jinglun and never had trouble brining the girls up.

08-13-02, 11:29
Ronin... not unusual for real pros to keep rooms at the 5* hotels they work. No hassles at all conducting business as they are *guests*. At Beijing rates, not hard to recoup the cost of a room with convenient location and quick turnaround. About six moths ago I went for a lovely in the bar adjacent to the Kempenski. Once we strick a deal she told me she had a room there. I was kind of surprised at first. Never saw it, though, as I had a suite and used almost every square inch of it. She liked my suite and I liked her. Nuff said.

08-13-02, 13:41
Blnknamecruiser: Thanks for the great insight! I think the China World Hotel (Shangri-La) would be a good call, given all I've read here and elsewhere. What do you think? Easy to get women in and out (as long as the time is BEFORE 11 pm)? Good location, quality staff/service, etc.

Mistalava: I've read your posts a lot, seems like you've seen it all! Thanks for responding. What about women I may pick up at Maggies or Henry Beans? I'm reading mixed signals from posts about bringing someone from outside to a place like the China World Hotel.

My goal would be to hook up with someone who looks good enough to pass through the lobby without problems. We'll seeÖ. February is a ways off. I'm sure I'll read some good stories between now and then!


08-14-02, 08:48
Stayed at the Kerry Centre, no problem to bring in girls, some fresh supply also normally hanging around in the lobby.

09-11-02, 23:17
Ronin, you may be interested...

Just got back from Beijing.
I got a girl on Jianguomen at Starbucks, 2nd starbucks down the street from China World Hotel, not the one in the CWH. The starbucks right by the subway entrance and Mcdonalds.

I saw her there a few times. That is her usual hang out. she always sits alone outside, by the entrance. She has long black hair and was wearing a white and blue striped dress. Sort of flight attendand looking outfit. As usual I forget her name.

We went to a Sauna place since I didnt want to go back to my hotel. I showered and we met upstairs in the massage room. I got FS for 500 RMB. She started at $200 UDS! What a joke. She is friendly IF your a customer. She will only date caucasion. No Chinese or any other. She is acutally obnoxious about it. She will abruptly turn and face away if you attempt to talk to her and are not white. If you are, then she will have nice conversation in broken english and not rush.
Another good place I recalled seeing girls hang out was beside the Lufthansa Center shopping mall. Any taxi can get you there. Walking distance from Kun Lun and Great Wall Sheraton.

Along the street side of the building are girls waiting. I picked up one who speaked next to zero english. After a difficult time explaining that I didnt want to go to my hotel, she took me to her apartment! In the taxi, we began to make out. I was thrilled. I could tell it would be a real GFE.

She stroked my cock in the car and french kissed. After we got to her place, her mom or mama type person was there. She seemed fine with me being there. She left then we casually got down to business. She offered 300 RMB so I immediately accepted with no negotiation. Since she was so cheap I prefer to let her have her price and get a good experience. I sure did. It was the bestof my trip. She had good size pussy lips that I sucked too.

After great sex we cleaned up and she walked me to the taxi and explaned tohim where to take me.
Then farther out in Beijing in the more local traveller area on the street of the XiYu Petroleum Hotel which is owned by the Petroleum Dept, the street is cornered by the Beijing Tibet Hotel. that street has girls that start working when the sun begins to set. they are more for the locals, but are agrressive and will come up and try to talk you into business.
One took me to a genuine dungeon room that was her bedroom. It was scary but she and many others lived there. She was 400RMB after negotiating from 1000. I am SURE she was just trying to gouge me since I am an american tourist.

Ronin, as far as Henry Beans, I think that is probably a good place. The best lay of my previous trip was a girl from there. I didnt even check it this time so not sure now.

09-11-02, 23:56
I've got a 3 day business trip to Beijing at the end of October. I'm looking for full service escort service in hotel room. Does anyone have any suggestions where to look?

09-12-02, 00:46
was in beijing mid-august and checked out the sauna on the third floor of the gongxiao building, as promised in my july 20 posting. it is located at number 28, guandongdian street next to dongdaqiao, near the workersí stadium. the gongxiao building caters to the mid-market locals and is therefore quite cheap. the sauna has a vip suite and several massage rooms. the suite is well equipped with its own shower, jacuzzi and sauna facility, plus a very large room with three reclining sofas. (these are single-seaters that are about four to five feet long so that when you sit on them your feet are on the sofa completely, but when you want to lie down your feet will be dangling out. hope you understand what iím talking about and iíd appreciate if someone could tell me what you call them). there is also a table for card games (plus four chairs, of course), and a tv and karaoke set. it only costs us$12 an hour, but beyond three hours and within 24 hours itís only $36 in total. as you can expect from a chinese-managed three-star hotel (for those who travel to china frequently, iím sure you realise that chinese-managed hotels are always inflated by one grade by the local tourism bureau responsible for ranking hotels. in other words, a chinese-managed five-star is almost always inferior to a foreign-managed five-star hotel and only as good as a four-star foreign-managed hotel), the vip room is poorly decorated and poorly maintained. but unlike the vip suites at most other sauna places, this room can be bolted from the inside, offering added security.

there are apparently two types of masseuses there. those who do thai and hong kong massage, and those who do chinese therapeutic and foot massage. the former will provide special services (but not all will do full service), but iím not sure if the latter also does that. the girls are not that attractive, about 5-6 on a scale of 10. one session of thai massage is us$25 but the second session cost you just $12 more.

i first had a girl for two sessions of thai-massage but very early on i changed my mind and after some reasonably thorough massage on my legs (which were hurting from too much walking the day before) i went straight for a hongkong-style oil rub. my girl was still young (barely 20) and quite plump (but not fat). and as she gave me a handjob i managed to push her t-shirt and bra up and get my hands and mouth on her tits, though she denied me access to the lower part of her body.

after i shot my load i asked the waiter to order some food from the restaurant downstairs. my girl then continued to massage my back until time was up. i tipped her $24 when she left, but i guess i could have got away with 12.

after i finished dinner i asked for a foot massage, and another girl came. she was quite good and i felt so relaxed that i fell to sleep briefly. after she was done with my feet she went on to give me a regular massage on my back and legs. soon it was 11pm and i had to go, which explains why i canít tell you if the foot therapists also do special service. by then i had spent four hours there, and my bill came to $90 (excluding the tip to the first girl, i didnít tip the second one). after i paid, the manager gave me his name card and asked me to come back again soon. he also said that he had wanted to offer me another girl who would do full service, and then he led me to the masseusesí room and pointed out a young girl (probably under 20 years old) to me, emphasising that she was a very nice girl who want do anything i wanted. she was at most a 6 so i donít think i missed anything. all in all, i think gongxiao building is a place for the budget-conscious but i donít think iíll be back.

the following night i went to the tianlun dynasty hotel for dinner and took the opportunity to check out the sauna place at the basement. it has just reopened for business after closing down for renovation for about three months. the place is indeed well decorated, and the vip suites are done quite tastefully. the main room has two extended single-seat sofas (i.e. same as those in the gongxiao building), and the bathroom at the back is segregated into three sections Ė a toilet, a sauna room and a shower and jacuzzi room. the rates are still the same (about us$90 for one-and-a-half hours, inclusive of two sessions of massage). tips for the girls used to be $40 for a hand job and up to $150 for full service, depending on your negotiations with the girl). i merely took a brief tour and didnít stay. the following night i phoned up and asked the manager to arrange a certain masseuse from the wangfujing hotel across the street to do the massage for me (the two places are owned by the same guy and the girls will help out each other whenever one place is too busy), but was told by the manager that that's no longer possible as they only provide regular service at tianlun dynasty.

after i left tianlun dynasty i wandered around for a while and eventually settled at the house next to the taiwan hotel, right across the street from the dynasty hotel on the goldfish alley. the first floor of the house is a huge lounge area with a large stage at the centre, and shows (these include fashion shows, dances and performances by local singers) will go on every night from about 10pm to after mid-night. the mezzanine floor runs around the building and over-looks the centre stage. there are probably 50 karaoke rooms up there. all the working girls (who are actually employed by the house and carry their staff cards) sit at the corners on the first floor, and when the mamasans need girls for the karaoke rooms they will parade the girls upstairs. those not taken will then parade downstairs again. the mamasans will not take care of customers on the first floor, and the girls are free to solicit business on their own. however, it seems only a few girls are actively doing that, and they are really acting on behalf of other girls. for example, this girl who came to chat me up would not go out at all, but she would bring me girls to choose from, though that night i didnít want any. another girl who sat at the next table was doing the same thing, and she brought several girls for that guy to choose.

the working girls were okay, mostly from 6-8 on a scale of 10, and they cost about $250 for an overnight stay. according to girl who kept me company, some of the models who do the fashion show are also available, but they are a bit more expensive. the most expensive girl is said to cost $1,200 a night but i donít think sheís worth even half of that even though sheís good looking and has a nice figure (iíd rate her an 8 and i think many will rate her 9 but few will rate her 10). the dancers, whom i think are generally speaking more attractive (compared with the models, they tend to be younger, more energetic, more cute, and are always wearing a smile), unfortunately, are not available. anyway i didnít want a girl that night and after a while tipped my girl $50 (which was actually very expensive) and left.

09-12-02, 04:47
I am handsome boy from the United States, I am now study Chinese in beijing and want a hot girl, if you are contact me now and leave you phone number. I will phone you later. and I will pay you.

Happy Devil
09-12-02, 10:11
First of all I am pretty happy this forum is again working - thanks Jackson, we all know you are a busy guy and really appreciate you keeping this site up and running.

Vicotr - thanks a lot for your superb report. I am a big fan of a good proper massage and will check this places out asap and give my comments.

Having lifed in Beijing now for quite some time, I start getting a bit tiered of Maggies, Hard Rock and Henrey Beans - always the same kind of girls around and by far too many guys. One really has to rush and be early to get a real beauty.

The other night I took a girl back from Maggies. She was pretty and seemed to be a very happy girl. Once we were back at my place, the situation unfortunately changed immediately. She suddenly got quite neverous and started to cry and told me that she didn't like to do this job and her life is so hard etc.. I felt kind of sorry for the girl and told her it would probably be best to go home (kind of lost the mood). I told here I would give here RMB 100 for the taxi.

She started to cry even more and got completely hysteric. I asked her several times to please leave now, but she wouldn't so I eventually had to kick her out myself.

I felt kind of bad doing this, but what else was I supposed to do.

Looking back I kind of wonder if she was just playing it all to get the money without doing the job and I wonder if any of you made the same experiance?!

09-12-02, 16:56
Originally posted by Happy Devil
Looking back I kind of wonder if she was just playing it all to get the money without doing the job and I wonder if any of you made the same experiance?!

She was trying to scam you. I had something similar happen in Korea. Complete scam and I didn't believe those crocodile tears for one second. I complained big time to the madam and she sent me someone else and promised me that she would be punished. A lot of times, these chicks think we're new to the game and they try to get away with as much as they can. I would have kicked her out WITHOUT cab money.

09-13-02, 10:09
Going to Beijing in November - have been booked into the Landmark Hotel. What are the massage facilities (plus extras!).

09-14-02, 02:08
First of all, thank you Jackson. I appreciate you getting the board up again. you are a great man!

To everyone else -- I am kind of stuck about 20-30 miles northwest of Beijing city. I'm in a subdistrict called Changping. I unfortunately can't find much street action. I found a couple massage places but the prices seem a bit steep, especially for a Westerner like myself.

Does anyone know of any action in Changping. Either cheap street action or otherwise? What is the price I should be expecting to pay? Let me know...I'm dying here...

09-14-02, 07:03
Try KTV YUPPY in the Taiwan hotel, a lot of beauty girls, tip RMB300, no fucking, fucking price should be disccuss with the gils.

09-14-02, 07:39
Hi - I will be in Beijing on a business trip, I am just wondering if anyone could be kind enough to recommend any service
providers. Please email names and contact info to sftrader001@yahoo.com. Thanks.

09-14-02, 10:43
wdan -- was that message for me? where is the Taiwan hotel?

Any place else that offers the lovin' that only asian women can provide?



09-15-02, 02:53
Not to be a pest -- but can anyone help me? Anything in Changping? The barbershops/shower places are ok, but they seem a little pricey for a westerner like myself. Anything better out there that you know of?

09-15-02, 11:06
Any recommendations in the Chaoyang District. I am at the Great Dragon Hotel.


09-15-02, 14:47
Can someone tell me where Maggies is exactly?

09-16-02, 05:31

Taiwan hotel is near Wangfujing street.

09-19-02, 06:02
Hey hey -- will be in Beijing city this weekend. September 20, 21. Anyone want to hang out, grab some tasty beverages and cruise for sloots? Let me know on the board...i'll send you my info if you want...

09-19-02, 13:48
I am going to be in Beijing the week of the 14th of October 2002 and I was wondering what I should definately do while I'm there... I have read quite a bit of the posts in this forum and I am looking forward to spending time with some "flowers" of the orient! I would like to know if there is anyone, caucasian or not, who would like to hook up for a couple of beers and some poontang hunting with me while I am in town...? Please drop me a line here: loopyr@hotmail.com

I also am an avid pot smoker and I was wondering what the situation in China is with regards to marijuana...? Will the authorities chop my head off in the public square at noon on Saturday if I am caught with pot???Harder shit doesn't interest me... ;P

I am going to be travelling through China at a whirlwind pace, visiting Lhasa, Xian, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong...it all starts on the 2nd of October...so please get back to me before that...

Any info you guys can give me would be mightily appreciated,
thanks again,

09-19-02, 14:46
by the way...chopping off heads in a public square is "normal" in Saudi Arabia...crazy frikken arabs...

09-20-02, 03:58
What is more girl-friendly? Holiday Inn, Yan-Jing or Worker's Stadium? I am staying in one of those three places this weekend (very unorganized thus far, i know) and I would like to know what kind of places would be best, and which places will give me the least hassle for bringing in some sloots...

Let me know and hopefully by Sunday nite i will have some information to bring to the table. Happy hunting and gracias.

-- KN

09-20-02, 15:28
Can anyone tell me if the Crown Plaza on Wangfujing street is girl-friendly? If I bring along someone that I meet in another city, will I be able to check in with her? I'm asking this because someone told me once that you had to show a marriage license to check into a hotel with a local girl in Beijing. Thanks.

09-20-02, 16:22
To bruin, you can not check in your Chinese girlfriend with you into your hotel in China. However if you have stayed in the hotel before and the floor person knows you then you can probably have her stay in your room. It is a real pain for your Chinese girlfriend staying with you anywhere in China unless you are married. There are always ways to get around this by tipping the floor person (not the main people in checking).

09-20-02, 23:48
bruin, csun: I've never had any problems checking into hotels with my Chinese girlfriend. Then again, those times were all with a 'real' girlfriend, I don't know if the difference is so obvious to hotel staff. Probably.

loopyr, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that there's not much pot in Beijing. The good news is that there's plenty of good hash! The ususal connection is with the xinjiang people...there's a xinjiang resturant strip that might be a good hunting ground. Sorry I can't be more specific, I've been out of town for a few months, and I don't think i should give out my contacts phone #!

Also, anything with connection to Yunnan or Kunming is a possible source of pot.

09-21-02, 08:26


I don't want to be a pest but I love hash and I was wondering if youd be up for smoking a few when I'm in Beijing...I don't want your contact number, but if you get some however, I'll gladly "trade" you for some beer...? you could email me during the time im in Beijing and we could hook up that way...I'll be in Beijing the week of the 14th of Oct...I'll be checking my email...

thanks bro,

09-23-02, 07:48
I went out in Beijing last night, Sunday, and here is what I found.

At the end of Sanlitun Bar street, near the embassies -- at 9:30 pm, only a couple of Russian girls. Did not see any Chinese girls.

Maggies -- It took me a little while to find it. An earlier post correctly said it was south of The City Hotel. It is also on the other side of the street and a good 15 minute walk as you head south. I got there at about 10:15 and there were a few guys and 6 or 9 fairly attractive Chinese girls at the bar. I had a beer and started to talk to a couple. After buying a drink for a young looking 22 year old I asked her if she was interested in leaving with me. She claimed that the Chinese girls who work for the bar don't leave with men. That only the Mongolian girls, who by this time had begun to arrive, would leave with a guy. Can anyone tell me if this was just a blow off or if it is true???

Henry Beans, next to the China World Hotel -- After rejection by the cute young Chinese girl at Maggies I moved on to Henry's. At about 11:30 there were only a few, unattractive girls (I use the term "girl" loosly given their age). I called it a night.

Any suggestions for a better outcome??

09-23-02, 20:00
Kendo - U were in the right places at the wrong times.

Harry Bean's starts to hop after 9 and most of the girls are out of there before 11 and headed for Hard Rock. Found plenty of 7/8 quality stuff at Harry's and U can eat, have a couple of beers, negotiate a price and have the hottie loaded and under way in about an hour. Easy to make the 11 PM door check at some of the hotels.

Maggie's - U were there way 2 early. Most of the hottie's didn't show up there until after 12 from what I saw. And there was a large selection, everything from 5 to 9 quality. Mostly Mongos, but I found them to make my mouth water as much as any well I've ever stuck the pump in.

Someone else asked about HI Crown Plaza. No problems at all before 11 and tipping the doormen after worked plenty of times 4 me.

If anyone knows of any work opportunities in project or telecom mgmt. in China, clue me in because I am more then ready to make a return trip.

Happy Humping,

09-24-02, 09:30
Hello Guys,

It has been a long time now since I was in Beijing. Does anyone know whether you can still find some action at the Lido Hotel ? There used to be a fine pickup-bar called the "Pig and Whistle".

And what about the "Freezer" ? I remember one time that I met a couple of Chinese girls. Not being shy at all they stepped up to me asking if I was interested in having sex with both of them. We negotiated the price at 400 rmb each. It was fun. Never had sex with two girls before. I took them to my apartment. While I was fucking Miss A, Miss B was fondling my balls, licking my ass. I felt like I was the star in a porn movie.
But if you want to try this too, beware ! While I was screwing this horny xiaojie, the other was going through my personal stuff. Luckily I kept my wallet in a safe place. And always make sure that you have a fresh supply of condoms. Lots of local girls don't bother or even refuse using condoms !

Tomorrow I will arrive in Beijing for a 5 days stay. You're welcome to join me on my favourite bar-route which will probably end at Maggies Bar.


Found It
09-24-02, 12:33
Just spent an awesome night (and late morning) with my best discovery yet in Beijing. Run, don't walk to this one! Using the often futile vehicle of That's Beijing I caught an interesting ad by a lady with email address of ireallydigyou@hotmail.com ( I am serious...don't laugh!) We did the cursory exchange of trivial mails and I arranged a session for Monday night. K**** showed up right on schedule at my hotel and WOW!...what a wonderful treat. She is without a doubt the best pure sexual experience I have ever had in China..and there are many to compare to! We spent 5 hours doing everything that is possible. Think of all the acronyms, "languages" and other descriptions that you find on this forum and we did each at least twice. I have never found a girl in China who was so talented and enjoyed so much what she was doing. She is 24, very well constructed and is not the least bit inhibited. Fellow, enjoy!

09-24-02, 16:47
Kendo: as far as I know (and from what I've heard from others) the Chinese girls at Maggie's who work for the bar don't go out with patrons. nothing special against you, there is at least one that I'd like to take home too.

PHunter: regarding the That's Beijing girl, was she free? if not how much?

To everyone: please be careful over the next 6 weeks. The usual October 1st crackdown will be extended until the 16th Commie Party Congress in November to decide the leadership change. The govt is very nervous and sensitive at this time.

09-25-02, 04:29
Report time, sports fans:

Last Friday nite I was walking through Sanlitun simply just talking to any girl that looked remotely attractive. Bumped into one on the (louder) half of Sanlitun. We chatted a little. Her english was decent. She informed me that she 'do not like it here.' I offered that we go somewhere else, like my hotel. She said okay. I asked her what she wanted and she said 'just a friend.'

When we got to the hotel we took a little bath and hopped into the sack. I piled her twice and then she wanted to go and asked if i would pay her cab fare. I wasn't finished though and convinced her to stay longer. This is when she asked for money. Grand total on the nite was 400Y for her. She only wanted 100Y for cab fare originally (of course it's too high but I figured what the hell, she let me nail her 2 times). But when i wanted more sex i guess she figured she could make some extra bones, no pun intended. I guess she was just a college girl, part-timer.

Saturday nite, went to Henry J. Beans for dinner. Kept looking for sloots but never saw anything. As I finished my meal (about an hour and a half later -- yes i took my time) I saw a few at the bar, smiled at them but left. They never motioned to me or anything so i walked out. That's where i bumped into another woman who offered a massage. She said i could have her and her friend for 1000Y. or her friend for 800Y for the nite or 400 for 2 times. I took the friend. She was more into giving head than sex, which was fine with me. I did all kinds of fun stuff with her, and had her leave because i was nervous about the hotel staff.

So that's last weekend. This week is National Day or whatever. Pekingdog -- how bad is the crackdown going to be, you think? I'm spending the week (Sept 30-Oct 6 in Beijing -- anyone want to get a drink?) and I really want to get some more pie.

I'll probably be staying at the Holiday Inn Downtown. Last weekend, having women was not a problem (obviously) but what about next week? Any pointers/assistance any of you veterans can give a rookie like myself would be greatly appreciated. I DO NOT want any probs in China.

How much was that nite Phunter? want to hang next week? let me know. Good luck and well wishes of no premature ejaculations....


09-25-02, 05:31
I understand that 1 October is the national day and that it will be a public holiday the whole week. From what I read in the forum, this will be a period where the Gong An goes around cracking down on the sexual activities. I will like to know how safe it is going to the hair saloons and message parlours for sex sessions ?

Will the girls be not so willing during this period or may even purposely raise their prices due to the perceived "demand greater than supply" during the period.

Will appreciate some enlightenment. Thanks.

BJ Boy
09-25-02, 08:30
PHUNTER > Thanks for the report. Sounds good but how much did it cost you?

09-25-02, 12:23
PHunter -- the nite with the girl on Friday was a total of 400Y. The night with Yan (from Henry J. Bean's) was 600Y. A little high, but i was nervous and wanted her out. How much was it with your friend that you met through the ad?

Also, PHunter -- are you in Beijing for National Day? If so, want to get together?

I would also like to echo Maigjuny's question...How big will this crackdown be for National Holiday? I am in Beijing and desperately want to pull some more ass....



09-25-02, 13:10
To all the Beijing veterans please advise:

Understand that National days are coming up and the public security are clamping down in funny activities.

1. How safe is it to visit the Hair Saloons and Massage Parlours for a quickie ? Will the public security go around and check on such places too ?

2. Is it safe to bring a hooker back to your hotel room during the day (not at night) ?

Will really appreciate some advice as I do not want to end up with the police on my first trip to Beijing. Thanks.

09-26-02, 00:23

Hey man, what's up? Sorry to say, I'm not in Beijing anymore, I came back to the states 'bout 6 weeks ago. As far as finding some hash, I can give you this advice, but you'll have to work it a bit:

There's a bar called "Get Lucky" (and you can get lucky there, I haven't, but the action is obvious) which has some of the best live rock in Beijing, last time I was there, someone did offer to sell me pot. I don't know how relyable that is.

The best option that I know of is to go to one of the schools that have lots of foreigners. I was at Beijing Language and Culture Institute (beijing yuyan wenhua daxue), in there, there's a bar called blah-blah. Go there on a Thurs-Fri-Sat night and you'll find a very partying crowd of mixed Asians, US, Euros, and Aussies. Talk to the westerners, I think if you have a good eye and buy a few beers, you'll find someone who can get you some hash. Not much chance of getting laid there, though.

Finally, and you absolutely, 100% did not hear this from me, customs entering China are really, really lax.

Sorry I can't hook you up directly! Good luck, and stay safe.

Found It
09-26-02, 05:15
BJBoy-Kid Nova:
RMB 1500 for the session with K****, which lasted for close to 8 hours. I know this was definitely higher than the girls at HJ Bean's or Maggies, but K**** is far superior to any I have found there or any other place in BJ for that matter. Having said that, in the past 8 years I have tried pretty much every spot in BJ with any action..both high end and low end. Yes, there are cheaper options, but sometimes i prefer the Grand Cru to the Vin De Pays. Besides, I already have a regular "freebie" in BJ so if I average the cost over a number of shots it is not too much!

Maigjuny-the crackdown is already underway and has been for several weeks. Besides, since this is one of the three long holidays in China many of the "working" girls head back home for the holiday. Most of the action in BJ is definitely not local girls. In fact, that is what makes K**** above so special. She is really a Beijingren! As for your concern, don't worry, you will be safe in most 4 or 5 star hotels if you find someone that is interesting to you. Just act like she is your "girlfriend" and no one will hassle you.

KidNova-am out of the country for the holiday, but if interested we can hook-up some other time.

To all in BJ-Enjoy the holidays and safe and successful Hunting!

09-26-02, 07:54
What was the deal with the gal from That's Beijing?

Happy Devil
09-26-02, 11:19
Hey guys

From my personal experiance action in massage places and barber shops will go down during the National day holiday and yes most of the Chinese girls will go home to their family. Guess places like Maggies will still be active.

My suggestion is - stay away from KTV action as this are probably the places that get checked most.

Other than that I have to ask again: Does anybody know some good massage place, where a good looking girl gives a good full service?

I have found this places in all cities in China I have been so far and that's quite a lot, but in the few month I life in Beijing I haven't come across a good massage place yet.

So any tip will be highly appreciated.

BJ Boy
09-26-02, 11:20
PHunter > Thanks for the tip and I would also like to join u after the holidays for some "hunting". You from HK? How about Kid Nova?

Have a good one. See u guys in October.

09-26-02, 15:38
BJ Boy -- I am in Beijing for the National Holiday. How about you? Let me know...bodhi49@aol.com.

PHunter -- I have written to K**** and she says that overnite will cost 2000Y...was your session during the day? or all nite? Thanks for the tips about the crackdown and getting together would be great after the holiday. I spend most of my weekends in Beijing. My email is above.

To everyone else, look for my short, American ass around Henry J. Beans. Not sure how to get to Maggie's, so someone let me know about that one. Or at Sanlitun...we can hunt for some delicious pie...Stay safe!


09-27-02, 00:17
Magggie's Bar is on the south east side of the Workers Stadium.
You can see a map on their website at: http://www.maggiesbar.com

You can normally just tell a Taxi driver "Maggies" and he will know where to take you. Their address in Chinese is:
Gong-ti Dong-men wang nan yi bai mi

In addition, a good reference site for various places in Beijing is http://www.redbang.com
They have maps and taxi cards that you can print to find many major bars, hotels, and resturants.

BJ Boy
09-27-02, 06:11
kidnova > i am going to hk for the holidays, but look forward to some hot action on my return (and after the crackdown dies down a bit).

have a good break guys!

09-27-02, 11:34
PHunter -- I also contacted K**** this week upon arrival in Beijing and was also told it is RMB2000 for all night, I don't know if she has raised her rates or you got a special deal. Anyway based on your report I arranged to meet her, and although this was the most I have ever paid in my life, I have to say she was also the best I have ever had in my life. We spent the whole night together in my hotel and I have never cum so hard as with her. She was in my opinon, worth every dollar. Her English is very good, and her body 9/10. I will be staying in touch with her and I will meet her again on my next trip to Beijing.

I have to thank you PHunter for telling us about her!

KN maybe I'll see you around Henry J. Beans tonight, as it is my last night here in BJ. Tomorrow I head off to Seoul, this will be my first time to there, so if anyone has any good leads I welcome them.

09-27-02, 13:59
Wana u beat me to it. i was gonna write about my "swimming lessons" with k**** too since so many r asking but i was on plane (was on business trip).

well, here's my part - i was going to beijing when i visited this site and picked up PHunters note. I emailed the funny email address (which i think is quite cool btw) and got her number.
I didn't actually didn't have any time as I'm only in Beijing for 2 days and the business meetings were endless. I met up with her on my last day morning just before my flight and I am so glad I did!!

k**** is absolutely adorable... she showed up at my hotel room exactly at our arranged time. i told her i was tired and desperately needed a massage. she showered and gave me a smooth relaxing message. she was soooooo wet when we did it she teased me that i was swimming in her hot p*ssy! that was really fun. we fucked like crazy for more than an hour fast & slow and was all over the place... she was very energetic and really wanted to please - and sooooo wet! she never let me felt rushed and kept teasing me - moaning all over and biting me. we were sweating & steaming like it was raining before i came. i had never met a girl who was so energetic really enjoyed what she was doing - she really wanted the guy to feel right... i guess it was more like having a girlfriend or an affair.

the best part that i like about her was that she was very smart too. in between we chatted in bed and she showed me her photo album on my notebook. of course we went over again and it was really the best time i had for $. too bad i had to catch a plane! i paid her $1,500 as we agreed + tip (she also said $2,000 for the night / $1,500 was for the morning only) - sounds pricy but i think it's worth it for high quality sexual pleasure!

the only funny part i don't get is why she is so shy with the lights on. but after she turned the lights off she became a different animal! don't know if it's the same with u guys or just me!

so thx PHunter for your recommendation! I will definitely keep in touch with her... ezf

09-28-02, 00:10
Thanks for the info guys -- I'm dying to try Miss K**** now. Perhaps I will book her for when I get to Beijing on Monday.

I'm staying at one of those 4 star hotels (thanks to a friend with connections) so i should be relatively safe from the crackdown, right?

Found It
09-28-02, 06:07
Out of here for the holidays...but glad you guys enjoyed lovely K****! Ok, ezf and Bwana..you owe me one! BTW, Don't wear her out as I can't wait to get back to BJ for the next session!

KNova maybe we can hook up after the holidays, swap some war stories and see what action we can find.

BJ Boy..not from HK, just a da bizi who has lived in China for long time. Hope that is not held against me.

Everyone have a safe holiday and Happy Hunting in my favorite playground-Beijing!

BJ Boy
09-28-02, 07:42
PHunter > no, of course will not hold it against you, just curious. Seems like K**** needs to owe you one too, because of your recommendation. but 2,000 is a bit high for me I think. imagine how much she makes in a month, tax free!

09-28-02, 13:44

Thanks for all your detail FR. I happened to stay at your favorite Tianlun Dynasty Hotel on my recent trip, and saw all the lovely ladies walkin g in and out of Night Club on the 2nd floor. Didn't get a chance to go in, since I am with a few friends at that time. Will try that place next time. It sure looks like a fun place.

Keep up your good posting.

BTW. Have you been to other places like Hangzhou or Soochou? Any experiences there, since I may have a chance to visit those cities in the near future.

09-28-02, 16:47
Hi guys.
Will be staying at Jing Guang New World next week. Is there any action around the hotel. Anyone know if you can get specials in the hotel health club.
Happy hunting

09-28-02, 17:47
Hi guys, this is my first post and I just want to say this is a fantastic forum, thanks for all the good reports and info.

I will be in Beijing in early Oct and let me now if you want to go hunting together. Send me an email joes888@hotmail.com.

Phunter and Bwana:
Please send me a email, I want to find out more about Miss K**** and your session. Thanks


09-29-02, 04:20
Hey hey people -- Nee some help...so to you experienced vets, help me out. I'm trying to maximize my time and piling abilities this week.

1) Anyone ever used the FunInChina.com personal secretary service? Good reviews? Bad reviews? Any reviews? I am thinking about it...but i don't know if it is worth it. Please let me know.

2) Is there any action at the usual places (Maggie's, Bean's, HardRock, Sanlitun, etc.) during the weekdays? If so what time?

Now for a mini-report:

Like i said before, where i live (northwest of beijing city), i popped into a barber shop last nite (not the best time of the year, but where i live, there is little policing going on i think). Anyway, an older woman in the place (i'm guessing late thirties, still very pretty) started to give me a foot massage but said we could do the deed for 200Y. I jumped right onto that price, and her. She was a wet one too. She liked to lick and kiss and have me bite her...

Like i said, not as hot as most of the women that we encounter in Beijing, but in a pinch, she did the trick. I guess it's always the same, 'You get what you pay for.' While her looks were not those of women at Henry J. Beans or Maggie's, her piling ability ruled...

BJ Boy
09-29-02, 04:42
kidnova > yes, i think that's part of the fun is just to go exploring and discover new experiences. cheap and cheerful is sometimes just as welcome as the more costly options, just like dining - KFC is sometimes just what you need!

maggies is busy any day of the week which just shows how hard working most expats are in beijing! henry j bean and hard rock i guess would be OKAY during the week because of the tourists and business visitors. sanlitun bar street would be a bit quieter in the early weekdays.

certainly the weekends are when the city rocks, but it does not stop me going out during the week. hell, some weeks i have gone out every weekday and then recovered during the weekend!

09-29-02, 06:04
To KidNova, do not use FunInChina.com unless you are interested in hiring a regular tour guide or asst. The site is a rip off. The girls think that they are working a regular job and have nothing to do with sex. The site will get their commision while the girls will think that you are a creep to expect sex from them. I had a few Taiwanese friends who used them and were ripped off. No working girl will allow their pictures to be posted on a website for all their family and friends to see. Most of these girls think that they are working as either a tour guide or a translator.

09-29-02, 10:18
Csun -- thanks a million for the 411.

bj boy -- are you in Beijing this coming week? Want to troll for trim together? Let me know...bodhi49@aol.com.

I know the weekend totally rules (i was there last weekend -- hence the report :-)) but seeing i have a week off, i want to get as much pie as possible.

thanks guys -- rock 'n roll.

BJ Boy
09-29-02, 11:58
kidnova > i think this week should be busy all week because of the holiday, except that many "native" expats will leave for a break, but they will be replaced by lots of visitors. have fun and enjoy!

10-01-02, 02:21
I need some newbie advice. I tried reading the old posts, but there's an awful lot of them.

What's the scene like in Beijing for a westerner looking for some girls? I'm guessing that Maggie's is a bar where one can find the ladies. Is that right? Any other places? What are the risks/procedures/costs involved? I'm not 100% sure where I'm staying - maybe one of the Shangri-la's

Thanks in advance.


10-01-02, 05:22
I don't know about all this Maggie's talk. I went there last nite (for the first time) and there were a ton of sloots but all they kept asking for were drinks. I finally started talking to one and asked if i bought her a drink could we talk about going back to my place for a massage and an 'english lesson.' She told me she doesn't leave...Am I doing something wrong there?

But i did meet another girl, Tina last nite. I met her last week at Henry J. Beans and then bumped into her in Sanlitun. She took me to her place and we had a pretty good time...

Lobo -- here's your info -- You can pay anywhere from 400 to 1000Yuan a nite. 400-500 is for maybe two pops, 800Y-1000Y for a whole nite. Sometimes you can do better though...it's all about bargaining and finding the right sloots. BTW 8.2Y is about 1 dollar.

There are always risks...I have been staying at a 4 star hotel, have had no probs bringing women back. Just be careful...and if you do get busted, some guys say you should 'recomend a fine' to the police.

Good places to find; end of Sanlitun bar st., Henry J. Beans, Hard Rock, Maggie's (supposedly)...Vic's and Get Lucky, as well.

Good luck...anyone have any info for me...write soon!

10-01-02, 08:03

Dear all, last evening I went to The Den and spoke to my favourite girl.

The day before some girls had problems with some policemen going around there and disturbing them and their customers.

Also no way to go with my girl inside City Hotel after 11:00....really a disaster...what is happening in Beijing?

That's all!

BJ Boy
10-01-02, 12:09
vinfalco > i don't know quite what u mean about the den. never saw any police inside there and it's very unlikely since so many foreigners and police don't generally want to bother with them as much.

in maggies the mongolians will always go with you but the chinese ones probably will not leave with you, just drink. i don't want to be rude but if you can't get laid in maggies then there's not much hope for you!

10-02-02, 04:34
I'm sure i went too early and the mongolians weren't there yet...i've been doing fine in the other locales mentioned here, however :-) have a good one...

Happy Devil
10-02-02, 14:41

The Chinese girls (at least most of them) in Maggies work for the bar and all they do is sit with you and drink your money away.

If you are not sure ask and they will tell you straight away.

At around 11 pm the Mongolians start coming over from HardRock and at latest 12 pm the place starts to rock. The Mongolians are pretty straight forward, no need at all to buy them drinks. Make your pick, tell them what you are ready to pay and off you go.

I have been there a couple of times and never paid more than RMB 500.00.

Keep your eyes out for a girl called "Zola", she's a real pro., clean, nice and very good in bed. If you don't want to waste your time on names - look for the girl with the big boops (they are fake, but nice).

Just not to get confused - there are 2 Maggies. One at the Workers Stadium (that's the one you want to go to) and one behind the Hilton Hotel (close to the Lufthansa), which is pretty quite, with just a handfull of Chinese girls.

I have been a couple of times at Henry J. Beans, but don't like the ambience there at all, nor have I ever ment a real good looking girl.

With the girls at the end of Sanlitun Bar Street you guys should be carefull. Wile some are o.k. to take back home, some want to talk you into going with them to a bar or a KTV first - don't go you will get ripped off!!! Same goes for the guys offering you "Lady massage" - don't waste your money and time - you get ripped off here!!!

10-02-02, 17:37
Hi Guys!

Some nights ago there were several gals at Minder, one of them, a quite attractive skinny blonde Russian but way too much smart/professional. I spent $50 for a quick fuck and suck.

I had a much more interesting experience at Maggies. Whoever said that you cannot meet a fine Mongolian pro for little money is wrong. This (young) lady was very discretely working there, when we made eye contact. I brought her to my hotel. I had a nice time with an educated, very slim, nice black curly hair.

Very accomodating and willing to satisfy. She looked out of place and I have to admit I think it will remain an isolated case. The whole thing set me back for a little more than $50.

Finally for you young hardbody ass lovers here's your treat. Set up with Sally from HRC. She works with (at least) another friend in a finely furnished flat in a nice neighborood. You will be walked to a large bedroom with mirrors and toys. Perhaps she is too tall and slim to be my drive-nuts type, but hey we're talking about model quality here. Very sweet and accomodating she will drive you crazy for a mere $150, anal is available for an extra fee. Soft and good-smelling, you can have fun pounding her hard or just looking yourself in the mirrors. I think she can even put on some porno if you like. I didn't do that as I got my own private, real-life porno flick with these looong lengs fucking cowgirl on high-heels.

That should be all from Beijing for this round.

10-04-02, 12:29
My fellow MEN.....

I just got word that I am being transferred to Beijing next week. From all the posts about Beijing, I cant wait. Thanks for all who have suggested K****, I have contacted her and she seems very helpful. (if you know what I mean!) She has answered EVERY email I have sent her and answered every question.

For those who know Beijing, my company has a condo for me at Sunshine 100 towers. Does anyone know where it is located?

I look forward to running into all you experts very soon!!


10-05-02, 16:33
I met Miss K early this evening and she was superb. Very nice, good looking, and an enthusiastic lover. We took our time. I recommend her highly. Please treat her well.

Member #4198
10-06-02, 06:08
To Intransit:

Hi, I post on Shanghai board but rarely on Beijing Board. But, I am coming to Beijing next week, would love the contact info on Miss K and/or other ladies. Will trade for Shanghai lady information.

To all other hobbists:

if you read my recent posts on Shanghai, you know that I am not someone who gets info from you and give nothing in return. So, if somebody is willing to trade info between Shanghai and Beijing, please email me at [Email address deleted by Admin]


EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system. Thanks!

Kodak JS
10-06-02, 17:58
Hey! Have not posted in a few months. I am still in Beijing and having the time of my life. As I posted before, I go more for the girlfriend experience rather than picking up prostitutes. I have acquired a chinese wife so to speak, I pay for most things, plus a few thousand RMB a month. She sees only me. Is very open minded about trying new things and is clean. Opportunity for this sort of thing abounds in Beijing. It seems that the chinese men are pretty stuffy as far as sex is concerned. Go down on the girl and she is yours as long as you want her. (not recommended for the prostitutes--the HIV rate in Beijing is skyrocketing!)

She has a good job that pays about 800 usd a month and so does not need my money but I pay the mortgage just to help ensure that she will be waiting for me when I arrive back in BJ.

But some additional hints about hotels. Register for two people, but tell them that the additional person is coming to the hotel later in the day and tell them you will bring their ID to the desk when they arrive.

Ask for two keys on check in. When you go up to the room, you go first and have the girl follow. She has a key, the security personnel will not give them any difficulty. If she does not return the key, the next day you can simply tell the hotel that one key was lost and have them reset the old and give you a second key.
ready for the next girl!

10-08-02, 20:01
Hi all togehter,
WSG is great forum. The best I have ever seen about these topics. This is my first post and I will share a lot of info in the future about the countries in Europe and later about BJ. I will be soon the fist time in BJ. I do not have any expirence there. I have seen all the BJ-Messages below and found a lot of tipps. But I would like meet Miss K**** in BJ. She seems to be very very exiting.
Can anybody tell me how to contact Miss K****.
Thanks in advance.

Dusty Bin
10-09-02, 10:59

have a look here:


looks maybe ok when finished but a bit spartan right now...

10-09-02, 11:01
Sorry it's taken me so long to post. I wasn't sure if I should seeing a lot of this info is already pretty well known, but what the hell, i'm bored.

As some of you know I spent the National Day Holiday in Beijing city. Although I thought I would spend my days sightseeing and taking in the culture and history, I was sadly mistaken as i spent my days either sleeping or piling women and my nights drinking and piling more Chinese women.

The first night i was there, 30 Sept, I was strolling Sanlitun and I bumped into Tina, a sloot I had met at Henry J. Bean's before. After a short conversation she invited me back to her home for a few hours chock-full of sex. She was quite friendly, very sweet and for the tune of 500Y i was able to pile her twice and get a handjob over the course of 2 hours. She gave me her mobile number and she came over a few days later during the day to my hotel. For the same price we did the same stuff. She rides cock very well, although she says she doesn't like it. She also always says that she's not strong enough to do the nasty more than twice. She says her pussy is too small...i don't know about that...Anyway, 500 for the day and she tried to steal my chewing gum. I didn't like that so much.

I saw one of her friends a few days later. Yan came to my hotel during the day (had her number from a previous trip) and man oh man is Yan worth every nickle. She's very short, but sexy as hell. Has some extra meat on her bones but her tits are more phenomenal than any Asian woman I've ever seen. She's cuter than anything too, ask her to say "Henry J. Bean's." you'll laugh your balls off. Anyway, Yan gives great head and man she can ride cock really really well. Plus she can do that thing with her vaginal muscles that squeezes your cock. Feels great after your bust a nut. Plus she seems to get really into it. Whether it's real or not, I don't know, but it seems real and that's good enough for me when I'm footing' the bill. Cost for Yan, about 500Y and a bag of potato chips. (why do these girls like stealing my food? at least they don't like beer -- phew!) She left her pants in my hotel room too, they smelled great and she didn't want them back. I left them though. What am i going to do with her pants?

Saw Yan a few nites later at Maggie's. She wanted 1000Y, which I thought was ricockulous. So i moved on and found a true diamond in the rough. Tsegii (pronouced Siggy) is Mongolian and sexy as hell. Tight pants, beautiful tits and only 600Y for the night. I took her back to my hotel and she was enthusiastic as hell. We piled that nite, and then most of the next day. I was absolutely annihilated that night, but she was great. She's a little older, but she's got tattoo of a dragon on her shoulder and she is always ready to bump the uglies. I made sure to get her digies as I hope I can see her again. I highly recomend her. wow.

Went to the Hard Rock one nite. I was pretty drunk then too. Too much tequila. Grabbed a tiny girl and brought her home. She tried cheating me though, which pissed me off, especially when she was such a shitty sloot...especially to the tune of 800Y. We ended up settling on 700Y. Are all the girls at Hard Rock like this? Or are there some real good ones? I didn't like this one...don't even remember her name...but for that price she seemed to be a waste.

So, the moral of the story is, Maggie's, Sanlitun, Hard Rock and Henry J. Bean's are the places to go.

Any other reccommendations from my fellow hobbyists? I'm kinda looking for some new sloots to tap hopefully for a little bit less money? Or maybe one of you can point in the direction for the whole GFE? I'm kind of lost on that stuff....

Now the vacation is over and the paycheck is gone. Can't wait till the 31st when I can afford another Sexcapade. In the meantime, anyone with info or stories, please keep posting. And if you need to reach me, you know how. Take care, good luck and stay safe. Happy pilings!


10-09-02, 13:18
Thanks for the info Dusty_Bin.....I cant wait until I officially open the "STABBIN CABIN"

I will be new to Beijing so any tips from "experts" will be appreciated....lbec126@hotmail.com

Thanks for all your help guys....


10-09-02, 14:39
I made two short trips to Beijing during the two weeks just prior to the long National Day holiday. Before I went on the first trip I called up Pan Li of the Bamboo Garden Hotelís teahouse (see my report posted July 29) and asked her to introduce a girl to me, as she had promised. After I arrived I checked with her to confirm that everything was okay, and we arranged to meet at the hotel in the evening. I got back at about seven, and as I hadnít had dinner I told Pan to meet me at the hotelís restaurant.

In about 20 minutes she arrived with a tiny girl just over 20 years old. Wang Yingying is slightly over five feet and quite slim, a bit dark for a northerner (just like Pan she came from Mudanjiang near the Russian border, the two had known each other since high school there). Sheís not very pretty, but does have delicate features. I would rate her 7-8 on a scale of 10, about the same as Pan.

We talked about all kinds of things over dinner, though they didnít eat much as they had already eaten. Mid-way through dinner Yingying went to the rest room. Pan asked me if I wanted her, and I said yes. After dinner Pan said she had to go, and suggested that we had a long chat to get to know each other. I took Yingyingís hand and headed for my room through the bamboo garden. After we got into the room I removed my shoes and suggested that she did the same, and then we sat down to chat Ė I on the bed and she on the chair facing me. She was very sweet and a little timid, perhaps even a bit nervous. Iím sure she was not a professional. Of course she was not a virgin, but she probably had never done it with a complete stranger. As we talked we gradually got closer to each other until our foreheads met, then I began to kiss her on the cheek and forehead, and my hands began to get restless and to wander all over her. Eventually I slipped my hands under her blouse, only to discover that her bra opened at the front. After a bit of a struggle I still couldnít unhook it. Then I found out that it was a strapless bra, and so I simply flipped the bra down to access her tiny tits directly. Then I asked her to show me how to unhook her bra, which she did after I pulled her blouse over her head. The next thing for me to do was of course to strip her completely naked, and then asked her to do the same for me. All along I kissed her gently to arouse her and to make her at ease, but she never opened her lips.

We took a shower together before hitting the bed. She remained very passive, though she did gently washed my dick upon my request. On the bed she lied quite still as I climbed over her to kiss and caress her from the head all the way down to her ****. She would eventually open her lips to my kisses, but still I could not get to her tongue. And when I licked her **** she got a bit frightened and tried to stop me, so I didnít eat her for long. During the foreplay she touched my cock gently several times, but was otherwise completely passive. Then I put on a condom and entered her while sitting on my legs. She closed her eyes as I fucked away, her face quite calm Ė I wouldnít say she was in ecstasy, but it wasnít unbearable for her. As my tempo increased she grabbed my thighs firmly, and after I shot my load I collapsed onto her, and she hugged me tightly for what seemed like ages until I got up to clean myself. After I returned from the bathroom she went on to use it. When she returned she cuddled up on me and we dozed off after a while.

The next morning we had another session and she was still as passive and submissive as before. Still it was fine by me as it reminded me of my first sex games with my former girl friends. After we showered I gave her 800 yuan, as agreed with Pan, before she left.

Later in the day I called up Pan and told her that I was very happy with Yingying and that I definitely wanted to see her again, but that I also wanted her that night. She agreed, but in the evening when I called her again she said she had to go to help out a friend who had just been hospitalised so that she would be late. I agreed, and after dinner, with nothing to do, I went back to the teahouse for a pot of tea. Again the manageress paraded six of her "princesses" into my room for me to choose from. I picked a well built girl of some 5í4-5Ē named Su Shu, who turned out to be a lousy singer. Sheís also a bit passive but her personality was okay. Since I was expecting Pan I didnít really make any advances on her, just caressed her big tits briefly. But I did get her phone number, as she agreed to act as my tour guide next time when I wanted to see old Beijing. I think Iíll call her up before too long.

I went back to my room at about 11 but Pan didnít show up until mid-night. When she entered the new wing of the hotel located at the back of the garden, the attendant at the lobby (I believe she worked overnight) asked her where she was going. Pan simply yelled out my room number and dashed up the staircase to my room on the second floor. About an hour later, shortly after we had finished sex, the attendant phoned up to remind me that my guest should be leaving now as she had spent an hour in my room. Of course I was not going to let Pan go, and the attendant didnít bothered us again. The next morning we left together, but the attendant was not the same girl who worked overnight.

The following week I found myself in Beijing again for an overnight visit and stayed at the Grand Hyatt. I wasnít planning to fool around this time, and actually went swimming at the hotelís awesome swimming pool for an hour. Late at night I felt rather tired and recalled that some months ago I received a phone call from a girl at almost midnight asking me if I wanted a massage. I declined that time but I was sure that the phone call could reach me because of a helpful telephone operator. So I decided to call the switchboard and asked the girl if she could get me a massage service. To my surprise she said there was one available at the hotel, on the eighteenth floor (I forgot the room number Ė it might be 1836 or 1854), and then she put me through. The woman who answered the phone said they had male and female doctors who could go to guest rooms to provide traditional Chinese massage. I asked for a female doctor, who appeared at my door in about five minutes. She was about 30 and not at all attractive (though not ugly). She turned out to be very professional, and really sorted out my muscle fatigue.

After she left, I was suddenly seized by a sexual drive and had to find relieve, at almost two oíclock in the morning. So I took a cab to go to explore two sauna places that I had seen but not visited before. One was closed just as I got there, and the other I just couldnít find, even though the taxi driver also said that he had been there before. Finally the cab driven proposed another place in Zhongguancun in the western part of town. The Millionaire Restaurant is located at number 5, Weigoncun Road, in Haidian district. It is a huge complex comprising a restaurant, a nightclub, a sauna and a hair salon (and perhaps some other things) in two separate buildings facing each other across the street.

The sauna place is decorated, usually for China, in traditional English style, with wood-panelled walls, stuffed sofas and oil paintings hanging all over the place. It was actually done in a decent manner, and was certainly the best decorated (in terms of workmanship) and most well-maintained sauna place I had ever seen in China. As I walked in through the door, I was taken to the reception desk on my left to take off my shoes and put on a pair of slippers. I was then led to the basements where the baths and sauna rooms were. The place also had some private suites costing something like 580 yuan per 45 minute session, with massage service fees and tips on top. Since it was almost 2:30, and I wasnít exactly loaded that night, I decided to skip the private suites and opted for the ordinary massage rooms instead. After a quick shower I was led upstairs to a lounge decorated like an English club. I didnít bother to rest in the lounge and asked for a Thai massage service right away.

This place offers both Thai and Hong Kong-style massage. The massage rooms were again well appointed, with a large mattress placed on top of an elevated platform that came to a total of about one foot above the floor. My masseuse came in no time. She first placed a large plastic sheet over the mattress, and a huge towel on top, before telling me to lie down on my back. She then dimmed the light, and proceeded to work on my legs and thighs first.

Li Shanshan was just over 20, about 5í3Ē, well built and sweet looking. Her uniform consisted of a vest (with a zipper on the left running all the way down from the armpit) and a short skirt. As she laboured along she had to stand up, knee or sit down, revealing her black panties underneath her skirt. Before long she began to sweat, and she simply half unzipped her vest, revealing a green bra that she was wearing. She apologised for her appearance, and asked if I minded. Of course I didnít. Her skills were actually very good, and although I hadnít exactly come for the massage I enjoyed it a lot.

After she completed her routine she asked if I wanted an oil rub, which was of course what I had come for in the first place. She disappeared for half a minute, and returned with a bottle of baby oil. As she stripped me naked I tried to do the same to her, but she wouldnít allow me to remove her skirt and panties, saying that she was having her period. She did let me play with her tits (which were of average size) for a while, before she had me lying on my tummy to allow her to do her work. After I shot my load in her hands she cleaned me up, and we dozed off in each otherís arms for a while before time was up.

I certainly think that the Millionaire is the best sauna place Iíve ever visited in Beijing Ė it is well decorated (with good taste and not extravagantly), well equipped (with several large hot and cold water pools, sauna rooms and steam rooms), has attractive masseuses (even the waitresses, who were dressed in similar uniforms, were quite good looking), and actually offers professional massage service in addition to special services (but not full service, apparently). It all came to about 1,000 yuan (US$120) for me, which wasnít too bad considering the quality. Highly recommended for those looking for a good massage experience with some fun. Anyone who has tried the private suites please kindly report back to this forum.

Ace of Spades
10-09-02, 22:00
Color Bias at the Rock Disco

Over the past year, I have been to the Rock Disco a few times, however I have not had any luck. The girls there are not approachable. The drinks and cover charge are expensive. In my experiance, this has not been a good place to "get lucky." I have foudbn myself cheated more than I have been laid.

How about Maggie's? Is this a good place. Does such a color bias exist there as well? Maggie sounds like a money place

In general, I have not found great difficulty in meeting Chinese girls outside of the bars. Average Chinese girls are so much better than the girls in the bars. A

It seems that the girls at the Rock Disco are extremly picky, I think this might have something to do with color.

Ace of Spades
10-09-02, 22:10
Color Bias at the Rock Disco

Over the past year, I have been to the Rock Disco a few times, however I have not had any luck. The girls there never approached me even once or were very friendly for that matter. I remember I tried to talk to one girl by the bar and she just brushed me off. Another girl asked me to buy her a drink and she took off with my money. I am wondering if this has to do with skin color. By the way, I am black.. In my experience, this has not been a good place to "get lucky." I have found myself cheated more than I have been laid. To that end, I have given up on the bar scene in Beijing. I am eager to try barbershops, saunas and other types of brothels. The girls in the bars are really too overpriced and snobby for my liking

On the contrary, I have had a lot of luck with regular Chinese girls. Color for them does not seem to be a big issue at all. Average Chinese girls (in and outside the bars) are so much better than the girls working girls in bars, in terms of "freshness." They usually are awkward in bed at first, but quickly learn to ďput outĒ on demand. The best part of a regular Chinese girl is that sex is FREE!!

It seems that the girls at the Rock Disco are extremly picky, I think this might have something to do with color.

10-10-02, 09:13
Ace, the girls are probably worried that you're "too beaucoup" (remember Full Metal Jacket? (or whatever film that line was from)). Why don't you try whipping it out and showing them that it won't tear them in two (unless it does look like it will). Anyway, if you can get so much free, regular Chinese girl tang, you don't have much need for pros do you? It's kind of the same thing in Japan. I'm getting all the poon tang I can handle from regular J. girls. Although I have to admit I do sometimes like to enjoy the services of a pro, at least for a BBBJ. Also, I can relate to race discrimination, many places in Japan are strictly "Japanese only", and even Japanese Americans aren't let in (unless they can speak flawless Japanese, which they usually can't). Anyway, enjoy the free lunch!

Happy Devil
10-10-02, 14:38

You are my mother fucker!!! Your reports are just about the best ones I have read on this forum and I am happy to see that there is an other sauna lover.

I have travelled a lot in China over the past years and in every place I have been so far and be it the smalles dump, I always found a good sauna/massage place and I for sure really enjoy this kind of entertainment.

I like to get a good, relaxing massage and then a gentle very hot oil rub.

I have been in Beijing for a couple of month now, but just haven't been able to find a good massage/sauna place. Probably my biggest problem is that I can't read Chinese and my spoken Chinese is not enough to get my message clearly through to a taxi driver.

Victor - I take it from your name that you are from Hong Kong - right, so that explains how you just manage to find the good places.

Will check out the Millionaire place you recomended and hope they don't mind my white ass there. Will let you guys know how it was.

Keep up the great work - can't wait for your next report.

Happy Devil

10-10-02, 15:20
Hey man -- I post too...

While I agree that woovictor's posts do totally rule, don't forget to scroll down and read the posts of others, as well as answer their questions -- not that i'm talking about any one in particular ;-)

as far as sauna/massage places go -- if you are stuck in a farm town like Changping, there are plenty to be had...not that i know or anything ;-)


Happy Devil
10-11-02, 15:41
o.k. KidNova - you can be my mother fucker too!!!

No kidding - your post are great, but as far as the usual pussy hunting goes in Beijing I pretty much know my way around.... well isn't that difficult after one has found Maggies.

Don't know too much about the barber shops and the experiance I made so far with barbers aren't too good. The places I have been at were cheap and so where the girls.

I am always interssted of checking out new places and... hey you seem to be the man. Drop me a mail at Beijing_Duck@hotmail.com.

But fact is I do really appreciate a good massage and Beijing does suck in that respect.

Although Victor has found a few places that seem to sound great, it is still quite shocking that you end up paying the double for a massage with oil rub than what the mongolians at Maggies as for.

While I have had some of the best times in a massage place in Xian, Jinan, Dalian, Shenzhen, Kunming, Qingdao, Xiamen, Fuzhou and some other places for usually 200 to 300 bucks, Beijing seems to have nothing to offer under 1k.

What questions were you talking about and where the bloody hell is that place you are referring to???

10-12-02, 08:19
Just wanted to see other people's experiences with bringing girls back to your apartment from Maggie's or HJB. I have been traveling to Beijing often the last 2 years and have had several great experiences. I have recently moved to Beijing but now am not sure about bringing a girl to my apartment rather to a hotel room. Any thougts or comments to ease my fears?? Thanks.

BJ Boy
10-12-02, 11:23
thunder brother - if u have an apartment then it's much safer than hotel room and no problems with security. only visitors don't have apartments so they have no choice and have to try their luck with getting girls to their rooms.

i always take girls to my apartment. do u mean u worry they will steal you blind? well, it's possible, but never happened to me before. just take usual precautions and don't leave valuables lying around in plain view.

Happy Devil
10-12-02, 18:14
thunder brother - think it quite depends from where you pick the girl up.

If you go to a place like Maggies and it's a girl you saw there before it should really not be a problem. The girls also know that you might run into them again.

If you pick up a street runner, I suggest you are a bit more carefull.

I took a couple of girls back to my place and always make sure my money is hiden away and nothing really valuable is lying around. I never had any trouble so far, but have to admit that I always have an eye on them.

And one more thing - how you treat the girl, will probably be having quite some influence as well. Treat her with respect and she will treat you with respect too - well.. at least most of them

10-12-02, 20:30
Hi All,

I've been living in Beijing for awhile and lived in HK before that -- and I have been "investigating" Asia for over 3 years. I read the WSGForum often to see what's hot and take trips to see how accurate things are. Some of you guys are full of shit -- but most are genuine although sometimes a bit naive.

First of all, for you black guys, I don't know how you do it. Asia is tough for blacks. Asians are racist, period. It's not the same kind of racism that you might experience in America. Basically they are completely ignorant on the issues and just have a blanket dislike (probably) of dark skin. And yet, on the odd occasion when I show a Chinese girl a Spike Lee film (I'm a big fan), they do seem to find Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes attractive. Go figure. (No positive comments for Spike though.) ith that said, there are alot of open-minded Chinese girls in China (more than in HK or Taiwan).

After living in HK, you begin to appreciate the sauna scene. First you go in and take a shower and dress in a pair of shorts and a robe. After the massage you can go watch TV and have a free meal (if you speak some Mandarin and know how to order). The typical deal is a 2 hour session (actually two 45 min sessions) which includes a real massage followed by a HJ. In China, at the end of the session, the girl will bring a little check that she will fill in with the time and tip amount -- you just sign the little piece of paper. It's not unusual to get the session I described for 2 hours and a Y200 tip. Total cost, out the door should be around Y500. If you are paying more it doesn't mean you are getting ripped-off -- you may just be at an expensive place. Generally you won't be ripped off unless you are being unfriendly or are a dick-head. Be sure to tip the locker-room attendants -- (Y5 is fine). My favorite sauna is the JiangSu FanDian (see earlier posts for the address and directions -- it's not to easy to find... an added benefit for us regulars). It's a good place because it's run by a Malaysian company that runs similar places in Macao so they know how to treat the customers. It's a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

If you are in a hurry, ugly or don't speak any Mandarin, then Maggie's is for you. Same advice as many of the other posts... if you show up before midnight, you are wasting your time; the place will be empty. Try 1am to get a good selection. Sooner or later a girl will approach you and try to get you to buy a drink. Be nice and ask her if she works for the bar. If she does, then she's not for sale -- she's just making money for the bar. She will leave if you tell her no or say you a waiting for someone. Eventually, a Mongolian (most likely) girl will start chatting you up. Expect to pay about Y1000 to take her back for the night -- sometimes more, sometimes less. Be sure to negotiate or you're going to ruin it for everyone. Wear a condom. I can't believe there a guys on this post who eat *****'s out -- you guys need to be a little more selective. Just because these girls have tight, clean, hairless, little bodies and act shy, doesn't mean that they aren't out there fucking all the time. They are. Also, most Asian guys who buy sex (that would be most of them) don't use condoms as a general rule. So be careful.

If you stay here long enough you will find there is no need to pay for sex in China. There are lots of good-looking, young, horny girls looking for a discreet relationship. Nowadays I just wait for the phone to ring and tell one of the six or so "girl-friends" I have to come over and watch a movie with me. I have them trained to come in the door, take off their clothes, take a shower and get in bed. Afterwards we go eat dinner somewhere. Today, for instance I spent Y93 for dinner for 2 after a vigerous BJ and 3-position fuck-fest. Then the girl goes home or fucks her next boy-friend or whatever. But as far as sex (and food) go, Beijing is OK. I guess the best word of advice is to be nice and patient and look and listen closely for hints. In HK, it takes less time to get into a girl's panties but it costs you in expensive dinners and bad attitudes. Here, if you are a nice guy, the girls become great friends and help you out when you need help. The only stipulation is that if you turn them down too many times because you are busy, it could hurt her feelings -- and those are though to mend. When they call, you need to be prepared to fuck within an hour or your reputation starts to decline. I wish I would have moved here when I was 17.

So there you have it -- a brief overview of what's to be had in Beijing.

10-12-02, 20:42
I forgot to add barbershops. Basically, if you enjoy sitting a room with a girl giving you a dry handjob with your clothes still on, then pay your Y10-Y100 for the pleasure of ejaulating on your shirt.
...not my cup of tea, but if you don't have the time or the money, I suppose it beats wacking your own meat (by a thin margin).

Forum note:
Not too sure why ***** is asterisked out in my last message? I'll spell it out -- w h o r e. There doesn't seem to be a problem with shit, fuck, or dick. I wonder why.

10-13-02, 00:39
Muffinman -- great posts...only problem for me is, what are the hints to look for with those 'young, horny girls.' Free sex is the way to go. If it's for free, it's for me...


10-13-02, 09:14

I just mean that during casual conversation, Chinese girls will not necessarily be as direct as American girls, for instance. I wish I could give you guide like if she says, "I consider myself to be a traditional Chinese girl but I also like to have fun..." actually means "you can ride my ass tonight".

Part of it is that you have to take control of the situation. This isn't America or Europe -- men are in control in Asia not women. So it's likely that you will have to initiate. If she lets you do stuff to her, then consider that approval -- don't expect a verbal confirmation. If she puts her hand on your knee, try kissing her on the cheek or ear. If she looks at her watch, ask her if she wants to come home with you. If she is at your place and doesn't seem to want to sit down, ask her if she wants to take a shower.

Just remember, if she starts sucking your dick like a pro then she has probably been watching pornos and is dying to try some of those moves -- don't disappoint. You need to get her off if you want another chance later.

Hope that helps

10-14-02, 06:50
Ventured into Maggies on Fri night. Mixed bag of Chinese girls some of whom are very pushy with the ladies drinks and others who seem to prefer playing pool. 200 Y went in no time on ladies drinks while waiting for the Mongolian's to turn up.

Some grim ones appeared first and I started to think that this was not the place to be. Some loked rather street worn but then a few younger ones turned up. Chatted up Nancy and agreed to 600y back at my hotel. Slim firm body, breasts about 34B soft nipples, partly shaved. Early 20's. Wanted to get straight down to it but diverted her to the shower first. Functional rather than soapy fun. Back to bed. Liked it if you went down on her but otherwise rather passive. Reasonable hand job, pretty useless BBBJ (not keen) before she wipped out the condom and applied it. Reasonable fj but not a great deal of interaction. Finished by sprayng over her breasts.
not a great session and much to keen to finish and get back to work. OK if you like the younger ones but negotiate to get her to stay longer

10-14-02, 11:01
First time in Beijing, arrived on the 8th of October from the UK, and by 10pm went to Maggies Bar with an American guy I met at the bar ,at the Hilton hotel, where I was staying,
At Maggies there was about 10 very friendly local girls , some of them pretty , others not that fantastic, as I strayed to the bar I kept staring at one lady with absolutely lovely feet, ...(I am a real sucker for ladie's feet ) and ended up talking to her ..and her friend eventually, that was next to her.

I believe they were from southern China,and as usual they wanted me and Tom, to buy them drinks, that we did, although we knew it was not going to get us far, but what the heck,we wanted to enjoy ourselves and have a party anyway , and by midnight the crowd of Mongolian ladies came in, some of them absolute stunners, really beautifull women, ..couldn't believe how beautifull they were...

after 2a.m me and Tom, ended up with two women each, and we decided to continue the party at the Hilton,
we had one of those parties that can only be described like an orgy made in Heavens, four beautifull women and two blokes and very little left for the imagination,

By morning , one of the girls offered to come with me as a guide for the rest of the day, I thanked her but said no thank you, but she insisted and left me her number anyway,

In the evening went back to Maggies, at midnight this time, went on my own,and as I entered the place, it was already bustling with action and music,

I ended up taking home a really beautiful mongolian girl, she was blonde with green eyes, !!...... the blonde side I am sure it was dyed although she assured me it wasn't, and as she had a shaven pussy , I cannot tell to this day whether she was blonde or not....anyway it did not really matter.... we ended up doing a 69 , ( again love it, although some of you guys may think I am a pervie, but that's me...what can I do ) and I believe she came twice while sitting on my face ,and sucking my cock...

After the 69 we ended the evening with me shagging her doggie fashion, where she had another intense orgasm, and me a few mimutes later......

Happy Devil
10-14-02, 12:15

Wellcome to the land of plenty.... pussy!!!

Good to hear that you had fun but..... "she had an intense orgasm"??? either you are a real digger or maybe just "fresh fish".

Anway have fun!!!

BJ Boy
10-14-02, 14:46
if i hadn't been living in china for a few years i would have said your story was just a fantasy, but i HAVE been living here long enough to know that that's exactly the fun you can have here in beijing. nice one, keep it up (so to speak!) .....

10-14-02, 17:29
Thank you BJ boy, and so sorry Happy devil, but no fantasies here, all is genuine,...there is no need to make up any story as I am not trying to impress anyone,

I am back in the UK now, and will miss my short stay ...but let me post three cheers for the lovely ladies in Maggies bar, and let me say I will miss them dearly.

10-15-02, 10:31

I'm with the Duck on this one. I think it's very unlikely that a prostitute is going to have an orgasm with a customer. Not that it doesn't happen -- I'm sure it happens. But lets face it, a girl who is fucking 2-5 times a day is not really in the mood to have an orgasm. In fact, a mamasan in Thailand told me that they don't want to have one so they can at least get wet enough for the next customer. Of course I'm sure, if she's good and you are paying big bucks, it will appear as though she is having an orgasm. That's why they are pros, and why you're paying big bucks.

I suppose this isn't really worth arguing about. I mean who knows, maybe she did. Just, in my experience, it takes a few times, over a week or two, to get a girl comfortable enough to have an orgasm... especially a Chinese girl. Chinese generally don't start having sex until they are in their early-20s, and therefore aren't that familiar with the sexual capabilities of their bodies. But who knows, maybe you are the man.

BTW - if you really did eat her out, you might want to consider a checkup... or at least brushing your teeth really hard.

10-15-02, 12:23
Hey Ronnieboy,

You are the man, what a report. I had similiar experiences with actually SP's in London, and can they come. Some pros can be really into it and if you make the right connections, they will definitely come.

BTW, can you email me at joes888@hotmail.com, I what to share some of my experiences with you.


10-16-02, 09:59
Thank you muffinman for the advice.... and thank you Joe for the compliment, had some dry lips for a few days after but seem to be OK now,

Regarding orgasm, I always find the shivering of the body a sign that something may be happening,
also while you are down there you can actually taste her , unless of course she is a very good actress, but then again while would she act for me, I am just a nobody that will be with her,only for a short while, with no need to impress .

By the way muffinman, you mentioned to brush your teeth really hard, does that mean that harmfull bacteria could be logged between your gums, I know that the area around the mucual system destroy almost 99% of all bacteria that try to enter through the mouth, I know bleeding of the gums maybe dangerous, as a way of obtaining an infection, but could there be something else that you may know and I don't?

10-16-02, 14:41
Sorry Ronnieboy, I don't really want this to escalate. I'm just having fun.

Speaking of which, me and the Duck went to JiangSu Hotel today. I think the Duck agrees with me, this is one of the nicest saunas in Beijing -- good service, friendly staff all at a good price.

10-16-02, 14:55
Hi folks,

I am planning to be in Beijing soon and would like to stay in a good hotel close to Maggie's, which seems to be the only place where there is any action ...
Any suggestions?
Thankas to all

Happy Devil
10-16-02, 14:58

Well... first of all it wasn't my intention to attack you here - so sorry if it came accross a bit harsh.

Fact is that giving a professional prostitute and intensive orgasm, which in average (that's what girls from Maggies told me) has about 4 to 6 guys a evening, sounds kind of unusual.

Nevertheless I don't argue that it might happen and yes shivering is a pretty good indicator in deed.

As to eating the chicks - I do like this too, but would never do it to a girl I picked up at Maggies. If she already had a couple of guys that very same night it just simply doesn't turn me on.

As to bacteria, I don't know what kind of stuff you could get, but I guess it is not the cleanest spot to find on her body. Also you should make sure she is not having her period (right at the beginning or the end the bleeding is not that much and not necessary obvious) as this could theoretically transmit AIDS.

Anyhow to the good news now: As muffinman just mentioned we went to check out the massage place at the JiangSu Hotel.

As you might know from earlier posts I am a big fan of a good massage with happy ending and was always kind of dissapointed about Beijing in this respect.

Well - thanks to muffinman I finally found a good place. The place is clean, the staff very friendly and the massage very proffessional and with a very happy ending. The girls - as far as I could see - are good lucking (no nockers, but cute).

Best about it all it cost all in under Rmb 500.00 for a 90 Minute massage, the tips, some dinner and drinks.

So thanks again Muffinman - great!!!

10-17-02, 07:44
Happy Devil,

I had a great time at JiangSu. Let's investigate a few more spots in the coming weeks for posting and boasting....


A couple of suggestions for hotels near Maggie's....

City Hotel 6500-7799 (3 stars, I think)
Swiss-Hotel 6501-2288 (4 stars, I think)

There is a 2 or 3 star hotel inside the Workers Stadium, which would be the closest you can get but it's very "local". Swiss-Hotel is probably the nicest within walking distance -- about 8 block to the Stadium. Maggie's is on the far side, inside the gate.

But getting a taxi to a from Maggie's is generally not a problem and the cost is quite affordable.

City Hotel has the advantage of being very near The Den and Frank's Place, and the bar streets (north and south).

Originally posted by Michelangelo
Hi folks,

I am planning to be in Beijing soon and would like to stay in a good hotel close to Maggie's, which seems to be the only place where there is any action ...
Any suggestions?
Thankas to all

10-17-02, 09:01

Blonde hair, green eyes, shaved pussy, Mongolian....

Your girl's trade name is Rosie, she's worked Beijing for at least 7 years, and you fell "victim" to her art of the trade:)

Doubt she really had one, but at least she left you believin....

10-17-02, 10:33
7 years? Holy shit. Let's see...

Let's assume she works 20 days a month...
that's 1,680 days in 7 years. Figure 2 guys a day average (probably lots of return customers too) -- but just for an estimate... that's 3,360 guys she's fucked in 7 years, probably more.

If she makes 500RMB an average over 7 years then her annual salary is $29k USD. Not too bad in Beijing. Enough to get some blue eyes, blonde hair and fake tits. Does she have fake tits?

How old is this chick? She must be about 34 -- just a guess. Anybody know?

10-17-02, 12:12
I'll be in Beijing starting next week and would really like to check things out. I'll be staying at the New World Marriott Courtyard... does anyone know if there's any action nearby? Is it easy to get to Maggie's from here? I'm a white male (American) and while I'll be with business partners on this trip, they're all Chinese and I doubt they'd be interested in Maggie's. Is it realistic to think I'll be able to get to Maggie's, find a girl, and come back to the hotel without being able to speak any Mandarin?

Thanks in advance.


Happy Devil
10-17-02, 14:08

No problem at all. All you need to do is ask them down in the Hotel Lobby for the workers stadium (or you actually might ask them for Maggies directly as they probably know it) and a card of the hotel (to find your way back).

The girls at Maggies speak English (not too good, but they anyway know what you want). Don't tell them you are "fresh fish" as this makes it probably harder for you to negotiate and make bloody sure you don't pay more than around RMB 500.00.

Take some condoms with you as finding good ones here isn't all that easy and make sure you pay me a drink when you bump into me.

10-17-02, 17:43
Never knew you were a local at Meggies Happy devil,
maybe next time we meet...

The blonde one ? , ........in fact there were two, an ugly one and a prettyone,of course I went with the pretty one, can't remember her name but Rosie I think sounds right,

I do remember sarah with beautiful long black hair,....Hmmmm
(*dream ronnie boy * ) ,

Vinfalco I stayed at the Hilton, and could go and come as I pleased, and is only a 15 mins ride to maggies, and would cost you about 16 RMB,

Happy Devil
10-18-02, 05:03
Wouldn't say I am a regular at Maggies, but yes have been there a couple of times. Not that difficult really to figure that place out - isn't it.

Lobo - can only confirm that the Hilton is a good bet - never had any problems bringing girls back after 11.00pm.

Don' t know how the situation is at the World Marriott Courtyard - good luck anyway.

Happy hunting

10-18-02, 16:39

I'm not too sure about the hotel situation. One of the posts recommended a very clever solution: when you check in, get 2 keys (there's no extra cost for an additional cost -- pretty much the policy throughout Asia) -- tell them the other person is coming later. Take your slag back to the hotel and give her a key and come in separately. If she takes the key, have them reissue another in the morning for your next slam-puppy. The keys shouldn't cost a thing since most are programmable platic cards... fun souviniers for the whole family.
How's that for a plan?

Originally posted by vinfalco
Hi Muffinman,

Just one think, any hotel let the girls go into the room after 11:00 P.M?

I ask this question because I had serious problems at City Hotel!!

Thank you

10-19-02, 05:27
I discovered an interesting sauna place when in Beijing the last few days, crowded out by the tourists to a mediocre five-star Beijing Xinyuan Hotel (aka BJ Telecom Hotel) in the west end near the train station. As its name suggests it is actually owned by the Chinese telecoms establishment (Iím not sure whether it is the ministry or China Telecom the former monopoly carrier). The hotel is reasonably new and clean for a Chinese-managed five-star hotel, though the swimming pool is poorly maintained. The sauna (with menís and womenís departments) is located at the basement, next to the pool (which opens from 1:30 in the afternoon to 10 at night) and the gym.

The interesting thing about the sauna place is that it has two VIP suites located outside the sauna department. When I walked in and asked if they had VIP suites, the manager asked the receptionist for a key and in a hush hush manner led me through the entire sauna place and out of the backdoor. At the end of a short corridor we came to a door painted with four giant Chinese characters announcing that it was a ďwork areaĒ. Behind the door was another short corridor with two doors. The manager led me into one of them, which turned out to be a VIP suite.

The suite is not that well equipped and not very luxurious. It consists of a massage room and a bathroom. The massage room has two single-seat sofa beds each with a footrest. There is also a cupboard and a TV. The bathroom has a Jacuzzi-cum-shower and a sauna. The suite costs something like 280 yuan per 45-minute session, and a massage is 258 yuan.

The manager then asked a waiter to set up the facilities for me (turning on the sauna room and filling the Jacuzzi with water). He then brought me a cup of tea and I went ahead to wash myself. Presently a masseuse came. She was about 23-25, well built and ordinary looking Ė I would rate her a 6-7.

When she came into the room and saw that I was in the Jacuzzi, she asked if I needed help. I told her she could rub my back, and of course she did more than just that. After she finished washing me she helped me out of the tub, wrapped a towel around me and led me out to the massage room.

Shortly after she started to massage my back with a moisturising lotion she asked what service I needed. I asked her to strip naked and she said she would give me full service for 1000 yuan. I managed to negotiate her down to 800, but in the end I didnít want to fuck her and instead settled for a blowjob (covered). After sex was out of the way, she gave me a reasonably professional massage.

To sum up, in terms of facilities the place is an upmarket establishment. I saw a few other masseuses when I settled my bill and on the following night when I went swimming, and they were reasonable good quality (6-8 on a scale of 10, a couple of them definitely better than the girl that I had). The most important thing is of course the tight security. Clearly the police donít normally raid five-star hotels, but even if they did you should be pretty save at this sauna placeís VIP suites. By the way they can also send their masseuses to your room. It closes down at 2:00 in the morning.

There's also a nightclub on the fourth floor but I didn't go there, though I'm sure you can bring a girl to your room anytime.

Hope this gives Happy Devil another idea for having a proper massage with happy ending in Beijing. I agree with KidNova that good massage places are rather expensive in Beijing. I've tried the Jiangsu Hotel and yes it costs less than 1,000 yuan, but I don't like the facilities and decor. Different people have different preferences and I don't mind paying for a nice environment and atmosphere.

I'll be in Sichuan next week and hope to find some cheaper but equally top quality action there.

Happy hunting to you all.

10-19-02, 13:15
If you register your guest all will be well. Most hotels will accept westerner/chinese relationships.

So before you go out tell the duty manager that your Chinese girlfriend will stay over night and will reg, her later when she arrives - could be late. Works a treat every time and as you are abiding by the regs - no problem. (and if you don't score and he asks in the moring tell him she missed the bus).

10-19-02, 13:31
Ronnieboys discussion.
Sorry to butt in.
I am also from the UK and occasionally one does meet a real sex pot who certainly wins the oscar for osgasm..fake or not...so i do believe your adventure is possible. But bag it up EVERYTIME and as for going down...yukky yuk you could be licking out someones ...c**. Read on.

I met one (sexpot) once in Taiyuan and she was my 'paid' shag (and no more) for my stay. When i was going i asked her why she works in a KTV bar and what about the other girls. Her reply spoke volumes (paraphased) " I like the money and the sex..i need to make love all the time, the more i do it the more i want ... and usually i make love 3-4 times daily with customers...the other girls are the same etc.." She also told me i was unusual in asking for a condom!!

In 98 in GZ i met a girl from Xian in the China Hotel. Lovely she was and i paid for her. Later she said that i was her 4th in 3 hours and she was off home and with a wave she gone.
(She made 4k for the evening 900-1230)

Happy Devil
10-19-02, 17:09
Thanks Victor, for the new report.

The place you described sounds deffinately good and sure safe and I might check it out. Just wonder if my Chinese will be enough to get the message over, so they will show me to the VIP room.

What really intrests me is the jacuzzi. Was that a big tub and if so you think you could actually get the girl for a session in the Jacuzzi - now that would be something new and interessting!

About getting a girl back to the hotel there is a few other things to consider in my oppinion:

If she's dressed like a pro (and some if not most of the mongolians at Maggies are), nobody will buy it that she's your girlfriend

If you register her they will ask for her ID card, so make sure she has one and if she's Mongolian that woun't work aswell unless she has her passport with her. Unfortunately I know about some girls at Maggies, which have to leave their passport with PAPA for the time they are in China.

Usually a up-skale western hotel should not be a big problem. They know the story and they accept you having some fun at night.

My suggestion still is - try it, be friendly to the security guard and drop it if money can't buy you freedom.

Have fun

Happy Devil

10-20-02, 21:35
Happy Devil

Thanks for the good info. If I see you there, I'll buy you more than one...I'm off to Xi'an in the morning. I don't know if we'll have time to check out the sauna or not. I like the idea of Muffinman about the two keys. What do you think?

I'll be in Beijing later this week into next - anyone around for some Maggie's action?


Originally posted by Happy Devil

No problem at all. All you need to do is ask them down in the Hotel Lobby for the workers stadium (or you actually might ask them for Maggies directly as they probably know it) and a card of the hotel (to find your way back).

The girls at Maggies speak English (not too good, but they anyway know what you want). Don't tell them you are "fresh fish" as this makes it probably harder for you to negotiate and make bloody sure you don't pay more than around RMB 500.00.

Take some condoms with you as finding good ones here isn't all that easy and make sure you pay me a drink when you bump into me.

10-20-02, 23:47
G'day Lobo,

I will be in Beijing from this coming friday, for the next two months , although I will be with my Chinese wife, we have an apartment on the east side in the Chaoyang district.
I am an artist and while my wife is working at the office during the daytime, I just sit in the apartment and paint all day, I wouldn't mind having a little diversion occaisionaly, so if you would like to double up on some daytime action, or even know of any around the Chaoyang area, I would appreciate any assistance in that regard. I have been to China twice before now, once for 6 weeks in Nanning and Guilin, where I met my wife, and for two months in July/August this year, again with my wife, don't get me wrong, the sex with her is just out of this world....for a 47 year old she is fantastic, she looks 30, and has a body of a 20 year old, and is willing to perform with enthusiasm, but I am gagging for some uninhibited doubles, with CIM and anal. email me on ......mj4outbackart@yahoo.com

happy hunting,,,,,mj

10-21-02, 09:43
hey fellas
I'm going to beijing in november, I was there earlier this year
but my girlfriend was with me so I couldn't go anywhere besides
this massage parlor in zhongguancun(it wasn't anything to
rave about, but definitely not bad), but now I'm coming back
alone I'm definitely looking forward to dive in!!
the damnest thing is that I'm forced to live at my uncle's place,
he's way out of the city so I'm trying to get out of living
with them.

I was born in beijing and left when I was 7 so I speak perfect mandarin, hopefully this could make things easier....who's gonna
be there around middle of november? maybe we should go
searching for pussy together, or just knock back a few drinks
my email is dchau1974@hotmail.com

anyone ever been to hainan?? I heard it's the hawaii/bangkok
of china, thinking about checking it out this time

10-21-02, 18:43
PHunter and others who have seen K****
does she have a website where I can see some pictures?
2k is sure hefty for beijing, I gotta make sure it's worth
the dough I'm gonna spend. I know everyone here liked her
but I gonna make sure she's my type
ok thanks all

10-21-02, 21:37
Going to Beijing this week. Staying at the Jade hotel. Any hints where to get action? First time in Beijing.

10-22-02, 00:19

if you can afford to spend US$2,000 for a whole day with k*** , I would recommend you think 3 more times. For that kind of money, you should be able to get a better looking model-type for 2 weeks. just my 2 cents.

10-22-02, 01:07
man you are mistaken here, it's 2000RMB, not 2000USD

10-22-02, 06:46
how about some pictures of the ladies you guys are talking about :) I'm sure some of you guys have them come on and share the wealth so the rest of us can see what kind of talent is out there.

10-22-02, 10:21
Dude -- 2000RMB is a boatload just to shoot your wad in China. This isn't New York City. For 2000RMB you should be able to find a slutty two-some.

10-22-02, 15:59

Yesterday I negotiated a girl for USD$25.00 at "The Den" to come to my room.

She starts to stroke me with a condom on my cock and then sucks my off.

My black haired girl sucks and sucks while I played with her tits!

Then she present her ass to me while she leans forward in to the bed.

She is neatly shaved. Her tits move nicely to my pumping and within seconds she asks me if I want to fuck her in the ass.

While asking she grabs my cock at the base and gently presses my cock head against her asshole.

She says for another $25 you can fuck me in the ass.
She says and she's right, that it is tighter and better that her already awesome pussy.

While you are fucking her (missionary) she opens her pussy and plays with her clit.

If you look at her, she pretends that she is sucking your cock and wriggles her tongue around in the air.

Nice boys...right...and only for $50 and 2 hours job...

Do no spend too much next time!!!

Happy Devil
10-22-02, 16:01
... or a 3-some or maybe even a 4-some - nearly a little orgy.

Well after reading all the prayers for K**** I am actually really interssted to see a picture of her too!!!

And... as pimpster said a few pictures would do the galary good. The last time I checked the pictures there the last ones from China were from Feb.

Muffinman - any time on Thursday to check out the massage place?

10-23-02, 01:47
Well, I did Thailand last summer and going back again the summer of 2003, but I've got the opportunity to go the Beijing around New Years...

I'm sure this has already been discussed at length so I appologize, but:

1. Where should a first timer to Beijing stay if hunting for pussy is most important?

2. Is there just one "red light" area or are they all over the city?

3. I really like massage+extras, so is there a particular area that is best for that?

I would apprecite suggestions on the best parts of the city for this activity, streets, and hotels.

Thanks men!

Frank Africa
10-23-02, 22:56
Dear vinfalco:

Thanks for the great post. But please, how about a name for this girl, or else a description of what she looks like. She sounds like a fantastic catch!

10-23-02, 23:34
Finally made it to Beijing. Can someone tell me where (or what) Sanlitun is? I'll be heading out tonight with some friends to the Hard Rock and to Maggie's (first night out), but I think Sanlitun is a street...yes? If so, what parts, what are the procedures etc.? Any help is greatly appreciated.


10-24-02, 03:14
sanlitun is either a street or a little district
EVERYONE knows where it is, just go tell the taxi
driver you want to go to sanlitun
I don't have the address but it's right next to
workers' stadium or something like that

have fun

10-25-02, 00:53
Hotel question
I would like to find a hotel near maggie's, sanlitun, etc.
looking for a 3-4 star hotel, since I'm paying myself, I would
like to be budget conscious of course, nothing over 600RMB

anyone have any recommendations?
send to dchau1974@hotmail.com

10-25-02, 02:10
Oh how I miss Beijing. Its been 6 weeks and I am counting down another few until I go back.

davidc: try zhoulong hotel (also called great dragon)....walking distance to where you want to go.

lobo....when your in the taxi going from Hard Rock to Maggies you will pass Sanlitun Road. On the left side of the road (Maggies side) there is a alleyway leading to alot of pubs. On the otherside of the major intersection there are pubs along the street.

Aslo check out The Den down the block from Sanlitan on the way to walking to Maggies.

Have fun!

10-26-02, 10:24
To Happy Devil,

The Jacuzzi is quite a big one and there is absolutely no problem getting a girl in with you. Go check it out.

I agree with you view on bring girls to your hotel. My recent experience in Beijing is that most upmarket hotels won't stop you even after midnight. At least the Tianlun Dynasty and Grand Hyatt didn't stop me over the past six months.

10-29-02, 13:56
Hey Party People -- anybody still out there? My computer has been down for a couple of days and even when I sign back on, no new posts? What gives?

Anyway -- will be in town this weekend. Looking to do some trolling for trim. Anybody game? email me at Camp7749@hotmail.com



10-29-02, 13:59
Never made it to the Hard Rock but we hit Maggie's the other night. We got there pretty early, so it was dead except for the Chinese girls wanting us to by them mixed drinks at 100 rmb a drink (!). By about midnight the place was rocking but I must admit I was a bit disappointed with the scene. The ratios were all wrong - men greatly outnumbered women and Chinese girls outnumbered Mongolians. Don't get me wrong, I love Chinese women. The problem is that they're really just there for you to buy them drinks. You'll have to drop a huge amount of money if you want to take them home. The Mongolians were around but nothing really appealed to me. My friend also wasn't being treated too well. He's Chinese from Hong Kong and one of the girls told me that they usually don't like Chinese men in Maggie's. Everyone was ignoring him and it was starting to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off - you diss my friend, you diss me. Anyway, I took a stroll around the bar thinking that we'd split soon when I saw a really good looking girl that turned out to be Russian (Maria). Bought her a drink and let the traditional mating/negotiation ritual take it's course. I didn't have any meetings until the next day at 2:30, so she wanted 800 rmb (US$100) for all night until 1PM the next day. I didn't feel like negotiating and I had spent so much money at karaoke that it seemed like a good deal. This girl was an absolute animal - what a wild woman. I had 3 pops and asked her to leave at 8am because I needed a little sleep before my meeting.

Karaoke in Beijing was a little disappointing too - well the girls are absolutely stunning, but the rooms at the Tianlun Dynasty were kinda run down and the mics didn't work well. I wasted 1500 rmb on a very pretty young thing that had to be the most boring f*ck I've ever had. This is the third karaoke on this trip (last two were Xian and HK) and while I had a great time drinking and playing at the bar, these girls are all about a quickie - take the money and run. I'm forcing myself not to take them home anymore.

Will try the Hard Rock and maybe Sanlitun Road tonite.

Thanks for everyone for the help!

10-29-02, 15:38
Just came back from BJ. Maggie's is pretty much solely geared for the non-Asian clients. I was blocked from entry by some made up "membership requirement" for the establishment.

No big loss as better fun was found elsewhere. ;)

10-29-02, 19:37
bonkoz and lobo
you gonna be kidding me!!??
they don't like asian men over at maggie's??
that blows, dissing your own people, thinking somehow
all laowai are richer or something

bonkoz, where's 'elsewhere'?? :)

BJ Boy
10-29-02, 21:39
regarding maggies, i think it's not about dissing your own people. somehow, maggies allows pretty open prostitution and i heard they have "approval" from the authorities, but as a condition, i guess they don't want chinese going in and seeing what goes on.

it's sort of just to allow foreigners to have some fun in beijing. then, as a separate issue, i guess that the girls also will not like "chinese" since in general, they are smarter about paying the lowest amount possible and it's hard for them to get say, 100 US from a chinese, while many laowai's don't blink at that price.

don't be offended. my friend is christian and goes to church every sunday. you have to prove you are a foreigner there too in order to get in, but that's because the government does not want locals to get involved with non-approved services, but recognises it must allow foreigners to practise their religion.

hope that sheds some light. don't worry. many places are available to chinese where laowai's would have trouble accessing, so it's not just one way.

10-29-02, 22:15
bj boy
oh I'm not upset, just found it amazing

so I'm an asian man, I speak perfect chinese
and english, where should I go for some fun if not maggie's??
most of the thread here is for foreigners(as in non-asians),
it'll be cool if someone can tell me where the locals go,
besides the ghetto barbershops and whatever else

man I guess this ain't like thailand, where the locals
actually have access to better girls than the foreigners,
or so I heard

Happy Devil
11-01-02, 05:22
ughhh - what a week, but finally get my hormone levels again "leveled". Took the cutest girl back from Maggies yesterday and had some of the best nights ever. If she wouldn't be in this biz I could fall in love with her.

BJ boy - fully agree with you and heard before that this is exactly the reason why Chinese are not "wellcome" at Maggies. The deal is that they don't let any Chinese in and the police will close their eyes.

Some of you might remember when Maggies was closed for a "long renovation" and I got word that the reson was that they had quite a lot of Chinese guest.

Please nobody understand me wrong here - I have absolutely nothing against Chinese and the place would be the same for me if Chinese were allowed, but I kind of understand the management, which sureley makes plenty money with that place.

DavidC - sorry to hear that you had a bad experiance and sure understand that you are a bit pissed off. I don't know where the acction would be better for a Chinese as it very hard for a westerner to find out about these places if they let them in (actually made once an experiance where they didn't let me in because I was westerner).

Beijing seems to be a bit more complicated about it anyway than many other cities in China, where I always found a good place that usually was dominated by local Chinese guests.

You might check out THE DEN, where pro's and non-pros hang out looking for some fun.

Other than that I just know about the Hard Rock and the Henry J. Beans which I both don't like at all.

Good luck and if you find a good place for Chinese I would be more than happy to learn about it and try out if they let my white ass in.

BJ Boy
11-01-02, 08:38
davidc > sorry, but maggies definitely is not where you get the most beautiful girls - far from it. now and again you find a nice one, but the best ones are usually in the KTVs and that is where locals make up a large percentage of customers. but the cost is higher too at around 1,500 rmb for one shot or 2,000 plus for over night. that's big money.

so, i disagree that the best girls are only accessible to foreigners, and at maggies, most or all of the girls for sex are mongolians who many chinese people feel are not as attractive as chinese. so, i would say even if you got in to maggies, u may not find it the paradise you expect.

11-01-02, 08:45
bj boy you are right the KTV is REALLY expensive and ONLY
if you are lucky enough to actually get some, sometimes it's
just hotties sitting with you and drinking sprite that costs you
500 a glass, F*CK that

damn man this sucks, the chances of me getting some hotties
in beijing seems slim to none, and slim just left town :(

by the way has anyone used sh date?? their photo album
has some ABSOLUTELY AMAZING chicks, so hot I think they
aren't of the actual girls, but their price is super high, US250
for an hour and half!! Maybe I'll just give it a try if I goto

11-01-02, 08:55
Hi Bros.
Where is the Den?
What's the format? Is it similar to Maggies?

Happy Devil
11-01-02, 09:10

The Den is right next to the City Hotel (walking distance from Maggies). It is not really like Maggies, but just a regular dance club upstairs with a all night restaurant downstairs.

Some of the working girls hang out there hunting. You might also try Suzi Wongs (pretty cool club) at the bar street next to Chaoyang park. Saw some top Chinese Pro's there, which later showed up at Maggies for a stroll around (they funny enough left alone again - guess they asked quite some cash).

DavidC - you might want to check out Suzi Wongs too. There are a lot of Chinese guys getting the pros, but looked to me like one needs to have an eye for a pro and preferably speaks proper Chinese (a bit more than my Nihao level).

By the way, pretty much any dance club or hotel lobby has some pros walking - good hunting.

11-01-02, 13:25
Happy Devil
Thanks for your advice about the Den. Can a westerner operate successfuly there?

Also a fan of the sauna/hot tub scene as long as it has the right conclusion. Staying next week at the Jing Guang New World. Does anyone know whether you can get specials in the sauna there. Looked rather dead last time I was there.

Can anyone recommed a sauna/massage joint near by which offers hj or better still fs.

11-01-02, 14:10
See there are a few more girls featured in the classifieds in That's Beijing.

Has anyone tried any of the latest batch?

11-01-02, 17:05
well take one for the team and let us know how it goes :)

11-01-02, 18:45
Hi guys, sounds like you're all lucky enough to have cool jobs that give you an opportunity to explore china. Anyone know of any job opportunities at the moment? I'm an IT graduate with native mandarin and english abilities and I'm sure I will fit nicely into the "corporate culture". If you can help please email me koil@hotmail.com

11-02-02, 04:36
So I get the tough job again. Test sampling the products.

I had booked Miss K for a return match but she has just told me she has to go away next week (must have found a sugar daddy)

She is offering a couple of friends - one slim and the other cute and busty.

Has anyone tried these. Am tempted to test drive cute and busty.

11-02-02, 05:29
hey eros man send me an email

Happy Devil
11-02-02, 12:26
Eros - feel free to drop me a mail at Beijing_Duck@hotmail.com if you want to check out a good massage place.

The Den has a good mixture of Chinese and Westerners and yes you can "operate" successfully there.

Looking forward to your test report on the ladys of that's beijing.

11-02-02, 18:42

I write this in my first fully conscious moments after an interesting evening back in Beijing, to which I returned from the wilds of Hong Kong recently.

Last night I went to a metal show at Get Lucky (Hao Yun) Bar, which is essentially located in the middle of nowhere (directions follow at the end of this post). However, since I was last there a couple of years ago, many of the surrounding buildings have been knocked down and a large road put in front of the place. The Harbour Plaza Hotel near the Holiday Lido is now clearly visible in the distance when approaching Get Lucky, so instead of the traditional route from the south, there must also be a way there from the northeast.

The place hasn't changed much since the last time. They still have a great, home-brewed beer (I learned later they have more than one kind) for 15 RMB per mug, they still put on a lot of rock shows, and the back half of the bar is still for karaoke. It was this part that I had not explored until last night.

I was in the hunt for pussy but thought I'd either end up debasing myself at Maggie's or just going home. Since the first band at last night's show sucked, I spent my time ogling the karaoke girls, who were in the bar area playing cards, watching TV, and hanging out. I figured after one or two beers I'd inquire with the bartender what the procedure is. I figured I'd have to spend a lot of money in the karaoke only to be told to come back next time.

At this point, a drunken Chinese guy comes up to me, and quite good (albeit drunken) English, introduces himself and starts talking to me. The whole time, he's got one of the bar girls with him, and he keeps pulling on her arm like it was the chain on an old-style toilet.

Longer story short, he keeps drinking, buys me two bottles of beer, walks away with toilet-chain girl. I watch the bands, they improve as the night goes on. Towards the end, drunk guy re-emerges, says, come on back, pick a girl, drink with me and my friends.

I figure, well, at least this way I'll get to see the price structure and the modus operandi here, so I tell my guitarist friend to head off to a party on his own, I'm sticking around. I head back into their room, there are four guys, four girls. They have the karaoke machine on but aren't singing, for which I was grateful. I do the usual routine--where are you from, wow your Chinese is really good, do you like China, don't you want a girl?

I tell the one girl to go find me a girl I had seen wearing aqua-colored pants that highlighted a nice ass. She comes in, and I think to self, good choice, self. She's cool, from the Northeast (Dongbei), some town near Harbin.

So we talk more, eat a little fruit, a tad more beer. I have no idea what time it is. At some point, things break up, the bar's closing, it's almost three. I ask the girl if she'll go home with me. She says something about not being able to, not tonight, I figured this so I'm not upset. We walk out, but before we do, she gives me her mobile number, I think, this is a start.

Anyway, we head out, I get in a cab with them. Now, I obviously not thinking at this point, because where they live and where I live are not even close. However, three Chinese girls in their early 20s ask me to share a cab, I don't say no.

In said cab, I say to she of the turquoise trousers, why not come home with me? She says, But... I ask, but what? She says, well, I do this for money. No kidding I say, that's not a problem. We get to their gate. She tells the other two, you guys go 'head, I'll be back in the morning.

We head back to mine. Luckily the elevator auntie wasn't around and the security guard sends us up. She showers, I shower, we mess around. She's a tad bushy, but I expected this. She obviously hasn't had a lot of guys go down on her, and she obviously likes it.

One of the things that I like best about Chinese working girls is that for the most part, they're extremely forthright, at least with non-local Mandarin speakers. She told me a bunch of different stories and a lot of jokes using regional dialects.

Yadda yadda yadda, during a break in the action she says, you're a little big for me. I said, you mean too fat? No, she says, your dick is too big, it really hurt just now. This is funny because past experience tells me that often Chinese girls are reluctant to go with me for fear of just such a situation, but once they see it they realize it's not the battering ram they expected. So, not wanting to make the experience unpleasant, I let her finish me off with her hand, onto her tits and stomach. She then spent about five minutes playing with my cum, and invited me to do the same, to rub it all over her. I liked this idea.

She wanted to leave around 7. Although I usually prefer sleep-overs, I figured I was cruising more for a hangover than a morning woody after a few hours sleep, so I let her go. We hadn't discussed a price, so I supplemented the 200 RMB I had given her as we were leaving the bar (that was what the other guys tipped their girls) with another 600, stuffed in her jacket pocket, she didn't even feel around for it. I followed her blue pants heading out, and called her when she made a wrong turn because she is, apparently, blind as a bat.

So--the word is the bar fine at Get Lucky is 300 RMB. That's not inclusive, you cut a separate deal with the girl. You'll be able to tell easily who the mamasan is, she's the thirty-something woman with the mobile phone around her neck ordering all the girls around. I don't know yet if you can just walk in, having a drink and take a girl out directly, but I have mamasan's card now (her last name is Liu) and she'll remember me from last night, so when I go there tonight for another gig, I'll give it a shot.

To get to Get Lucky: take a taxi to Hepingli and head north from the third ring road. Go up that road until you pass both the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital AND go over a small bridge. Right after the bridge, there's a traffic light, turn right there, go east on that road for about a kilometer. The road will dip down at some point to allow a bridge or other road above it. On the right, you'll see a place with way too much neon. That's it. You'll probably have to get out just after and walk back a bit.

In any case, this should be a decent alternative to the Mongolian scene, and if you are concerned about being recognized at any of Beijing's "haunts," this is sufficiently out of the way and good quality. However, I can't really recommend it for non-Chinese speakers. Getting there, getting the girl, etc. would be too complicated, although the task could certainly be accomplished with a Chinese friend in tow.

11-02-02, 21:10
Beijing - any ideas for contacting a Mistress (Domina)?

Thanks for any information! alex.

11-03-02, 00:49
I made a quick one-night trip to beijing last week. Beijing is really one of the most sexually open cities in China. I was last in beijing about three years ago and things have certainly changed a lot.

On this particular trip I stayed at the Lido and a few minutes after I got into my room I saw a name card on the floor by the door. I didnít notice it when I walked in and I suspect it was slipped in under the door after I had entered the room. It turned out to be a business card from Angel Escort Services, which suggests that it has been arranged by some hotel staff. The agencyís main phone number is *******while the contact person Zhou Liís number is *******. I met her, 19,so nice a model I had never tasted.

11-03-02, 03:28
TVSlave4U, not idea about dominatrixes, that's not my scene.

Chineselily, PLEASE e-mail me the escort service and Zhou Li's phone number at intransit2003@yahoo.com. How much did the service cost?

11-03-02, 04:17
Could anyone tell me what That's Beijing is ? And anyone could give me a description of K***** , since I'm trying to make an appointment with her. Thanks!

11-03-02, 04:36

That's Beijing is the city's best English-language entertainment guide. You can visit their Web site at www.thatsbeijing.com.

Although Kitty is somewhat reserved when you first meet her, she is a very enthusiastic lover. She's about 5'4", dresses well, slim but proportionately built for her size. I like her attitude and her feeling that she's not expensive because she doesn't compare herself to anyone else. If you want cheap, go elsewhere, there's plenty of that around. This isn't McDonald's we're ordering here.

11-03-02, 06:01

thanks a lot for sharing the info. Good luck for hunting!

11-03-02, 13:57
Intransit, altough it was not helpful - thank you for the answer!!

Anybody with knowledge about FemDommes?

11-03-02, 16:48

Please send me the tel no of Zhou Li and the price at member1949@yahoo.com.

I am about the visit Beijing next week and like to check her out.


Dick Johnson
11-04-02, 04:57
Chineselily, please send me the tel no. of Zhou Li
also email me if you have questions about other cities.

Dick Johnson
11-04-02, 06:02
I arrived in Beijing and checked into JianGuo Hotel and paid 1100rmb per day after finding out there's action around the hotel from this website. It is next to Jin Lun Hotel. You will find at the beginning of this thread or in the archives that this is where most of the action takes place.

I got a really beautiful room with man made pond right outside my balcony which I can sit around and chill. Also the swimming pool is right around the corner. In the evening I went outside hoping to find dozens of freelancers hanging around.

All that has been cleaned up!

Boy was I dissapointed.

11-04-02, 13:26
I just want to let everyone know that K***** will be out of town till November 20. She told me to let everyone know that she will not be able to check her Email.


11-05-02, 10:30
beijing is having this 16th people's congress meeting or
something like that, I heard there are gonna be some
major crackdowns, looks like no fun in beijing when I'm
back there, damn

11-05-02, 11:27

The important part here is to plan ahead. If you have a girl's phone number or e-mail address, use it. You may also wish to consider the Mongolian scene if you normally go Chinese.

During the Party Congress, and during the run-up, security checkpoints throughout the city have increased, to a level only seen around major events like the Party Congress and the Hong Kong handover. This means that if you're in a taxi on your way to wherever, with a girl, the taxi could be stopped. Not will be, but could be. Taxis with foreigners are sometimes stopped, but for a single foreigner, they're usually just waved on. However, a Chinese girl and a foreigner, this could be more of a target. Again, I say could. It's a possibility, not 100%.

If the girl doesn't have any ID, or if she's carrying condoms, there could be problems. Of course, if you can prove she's your wife, then there's no problem. I told K**** the other day that she was getting out of town at the right time, when her trip's over the storm will have passed.

So, stick with incalls and non-Chinese girls if possible. Otherwise, try to pick them up as early as possible, and if you can, use public transportation or walk, although sometimes pedestrians are stopped also.

11-05-02, 11:34
thanks for the advice
but I'm chinese and I speak perfect mandarin(bejing dialect)
so I don't think that's a problem. but I think it's gonna be a pain
in the butt to try to go to bars and pick up chicks now
and some of them massage places I plan to hit probably
will shut down and 'renovate' for a while until this thing is
over, just bad timing on my part, sigh

11-05-02, 11:37

I apologize, I didn't realize that. I expect there will still be some pickings, things are different than five years ago when they didn't have much of a problem shutting the city down for the Congress. Friday night will be very telling.


11-05-02, 11:42
no problem, no big deal, hehe
anyways are you in beijing friday?? go hit the bars
and let us know what the current scene is

oh and is beijing cold at night now? I haven't
spent a winter there in 13 years

11-05-02, 11:46
Action's been pretty good of late. I actually will be out of town from Friday morning onward for about 10 days so I'm getting out at the right time too.

Yes, it's pretty chilly at the moment. I already upgraded to my late autumn jacket instead of my early autumn one. Days are quite clear and not so cold, but nighttime? Yeah, definitely a good time of year to go out, eat some hotpot, drink some erguotou, and then find a nice 98.6 degree space heater to bring home.

11-05-02, 11:49
haha you know erguotou, not bad for a laowai
you are lucky, I'm coming in sunday, right when
the congress thing starts

have you been to other parts of china? I'm thinking
about going to hainan or shanghai

Happy Devil
11-05-02, 12:50
not that I like the suff, but how can one life in Beijing and not know erguotou?

Go to Hainan David - a great place for girls. There is a hotel called Hiton (not Hilton) in Sanya, which has a great massage place on the top floor. They serve body shampoo, fire&ice and what ever else one might want.

I honestly don't think it's going to be that much of a deal during the party congress. Hotels might get a bit tighter, but the action at the usual pick-up spots will be the same and if you have the luxus of a own home in Beijing - no problem at all!!!

You guys have fun

11-06-02, 04:00
Hi Guys:

I'll be returning to China [Beijing] again on business. The last time that I was there I stayed at the Decarey Center (Shangra-la Chain) I seem to recall seeing some ladies in the lobby just sitting around. A friend of mine insisted that the ladies were prostitutes. He went on to say that many hotel chains bring the reputable ladies in off the street. Is this typical? What should I expect to pay for FS?


11-06-02, 08:02

First of all, I think you're referring to the Kerry Center, part of the Shangri-La chain.

If hotel chains are going to bring ladies in off the streets, they'll stow them away in the sauna, the cocktail lounge, wherever they can generate revenue for them. Inviting prostitutes to hang out in the lobby is asking for trouble on their part. China doesn't like streetwalkers.

Did said ladies make eyes at you as you crossed the lobby? If there's some question as to whether they were or weren't, then they probably weren't.

I think your friend doesn't sufficiently understand the situation here. Look through the various posts. They mention Maggie's, Henry J. Bean's, the Hard Rock. They don't mention Kerry Center lobby, China World lobby, etc, or in-call services such as K*****. Although hotel lobbies were once a source of nocturnal companionship, that particular avenue of pleasure is for the most part closed off.

Full service depends on who and where. Baseline asking price is generally 1000 RMB. That can come down to 600-800 depending on how good your Chinese is and how good looking you are. It will also vary for short-time or long-time, although generally it's all night because wherever you're staying or living is nicer than where the girl lives.

Drop me a line at intransit2003@yahoo.com when you get into town. If you're coming in during the Party Congress, pickings might be slim.

11-06-02, 08:07

Have you brought any BDSM equipment into China, and did you have any trouble packing it in your suitcase or carry-on luggage? One of my partners wants to fool around with some restraints, so I may pick some up in HK. I just don't want to get nailed for bringing handcuffs on a plane or something like that. Tks.

11-06-02, 13:57
Hi Intransit,

yes, I brought 2 times "special" equipment with me, but never handcuffs. I was afraid of them, because handcuffs are in the brain of most people associated with "crime scenery".

Airports of departure was Vienna (A) and Munich (D).

Both time I brought the stuff in my regular suitcase (NOT on carry-on-luggage!!) and I had never a control.


P.S. In the 2nd or 3rd floor of the Yu Yang Hotel Beijing:


The prices are moderate and they have a lot of girls (mostly pretty) for KTV, but if you was in contact there and you if have the "right relation" to the girl (make at first a "try out" at the bar) it is easy to meet her outside of the hotel next day and spend time and sex like a "normal" girlfriend.

Just a little bit shopping, a good restaurant and things always was running well.

The faces of the girls are known in the hotel and it is easy to bring her in the room.

The only problem for me was that not one of the girls had experience as mistress (although some of them seemed dominant persons!) and I do not like to instruct them for each step in the game.....

11-06-02, 15:04

Thanks. I'll see if there's a restraint I can use that's not so "crime-like." You may also be able to buy handcuffs here in Beijing at police surplus stores.

I had sex at the Yu Yang Hotel on Tuesday. The rooms aren't luxurious, but the mirrors are perfect. If the girl stands at the desk or kneels on the desk chair, you can see yourself both in the mirror on the desk and the mirror on the mini-bar. Would be a good place to film porn.

You may want to try www.adultfriendfinder.com, and if you can read and write Chinese www.asiafriendfinder.com. You could put in an ad saying what you want and see who comes out of the woodwork.