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Prince Leo
11-03-03, 05:12
Fellow Hunters,

I heard that there are Taiwan-style teahouses, where a pretty girls serve you tea and are available for FS, in the GZ or Nanhai area. Anyone know the exact locale and price. I will be going to GZ and Nanhai in late Dec to early Jan.

11-03-03, 10:03
Seeing Blastoff's message reminded me that I found Viagra for sale in Guangzhou off-the-shelf for only 100 RMB for 4 pills. That's pretty cheap compared to how much I can buy for in the states.

Has anyone else found Viagra for sale in China and for cheaper?


11-03-03, 14:56

They also sell 4 pills for 100RMB or less at the Shenzhen domestic airport terminal but I always wondered if they were real ones. Did you try them?


Open to Explore
11-04-03, 10:23
Finally made it to the bbs near ramada hotel.

Well my tale is short: First the quality of girls: looks from 3 to 6 (7 at best)!. Service was as expected for the money - not the best BJ,FS,massage non-existent. Place was small nearly banged my head on the roof on the apartment above BBS. I am sure others taller than me would have a headache here.

By the way I went to the one which was second in (i.e. going away from the hotel) and on the side facing the hotel.

All in all , OMHO better to stick to the massage parlours which are slightly more expensive, but for the small increase in cost, dramatic increase in hygiene/service is noticeable.

11-08-03, 12:03

I took a little walk up the Road of Gold yesterday. It was really scarey and a little sad.

LE were out in force starting from the Friendship store all the way to the top of the street. I did not see one SW anywhere.

I was actually a little intimidated just walking on the street since I was alone. If one of the cops had stopped me and said anything, I don't know enough Chinese to even respond pleasantly.

There was one police SUV just sitting by the side of the street with its red lights flashing. Just sitting there, not doing anything. Just a police presence. I would bet there were something like 40 or 50 cops just standing around talking and laughing. At least THEY were getting paid.

11-09-03, 05:41
My previous report on the LE at the Road of Gold was Friday night about 10 or 11. Saturday night, Johnny and I made another "on site" inpection of the Golden Road about 3am. Good news, night brothers, we're back in business. There was a little gaggle of girls right under the light at the railroad trestle. Out of the 8 or so girls, every one was high quality. They were negotiating with the mini traffic jam they were causing and we were just standing there next to them trying to eavesdrop on the pricing. One asian guy in a taxi was getting quoted 300 ST, and he was trying to negotiate down from that, but was not having any luck. Johnny asked and was quoted 300 for him and 800 for me. Damn white face gets me everytime. One white t-shirt girl was incredible and was willing to negotiate, but we had just blown our collective wads of time and money on a totally meaningless experience in a "massage parlor".

I apologize to the extremely nice business guys who took us to the massage place, if you're reading this. In fact, your company that night was the only good thing about our experience there. Great guys. Thanks for taking us.

We went early, about midnight, and went to this little locker room where we stripped, our clothes and valuables were put in a locker and we were shown a men-only shower. After the shower, they give you a comfy set of silk pajamas to wear and show you to a waiting room where you meet the mamasan and get to watch TV while they bring you free food and cigarettes. But we had to wait about an hour in this little room for our numbers to come up.

Finally, the mamasan (extremely sexy and beautiful) came and took Johnny and I down to the "massage rooms". Things went rapidly downhill from there. Our business friend had negotiated our price in advance and told us not to budge from 200 for FS. We were expecting a nice massage, and great service. Nope.

When I got to the room, it was completely dark, I could not even see the girl's face, although I saw her in the light latter and she was quite pretty, maybe 7, a typically cantonese face and great hair. Well, I took off the silk PJs and lay down and she sat down at the foot of the massage bed and began playing with my winky. She kept saying "waa", "waa" and that went on for an intolerable 10 minutes or so.

Then she asked if I wanted Dzuo Ai, (make love), and I'm thinking, "What?, Uh Yeah..why are we talking about this?" Don't get me wrong, gentlemen, I'm not the impatient type at all, but I began to realize that my winky was not the only thing that was getting played. She said, OK, 300. I'm a little confused, we had negotiated 200 and she knew that. I reminded her of that and she dropped the subject.

Off with her clothes, nice muscular thin body with great little mounds and, unfortunately, copius pubic interference. I did not even consider my usual DATY, since the mood was kind of broken and I couldn't make eye contact with her. About as satifying as eating a fur coat.

She put on the not-too-bad condom and got straight down to business. No play of any kind, no massage, nothing. Cover him and stick him in. She sat on top of me like a jocky riding a broom stick and kept saying "waaaa waaa". I guess that's Guangzhou Hua for Damn Big Pink Dick. The length of the stoke was not too great, so I pushed her butt up and down to get a little extra sensation from under the raincoat. That increased the volume and frequency of the waaa waaas. She was not having a good time, clearly, these were not sounds of extacy, but discomfort. And that made the situation oh so enjoyable for me too.

Changed positions to missionary, which just let me see the pained look on her face up close. OK standing up. Nope, not good for her either. At this point, winky is beginning to take a nap. So I take off the condom figuring what ever happens is better than this. I lay down, pointed at her mouth and there was some discussion about another condom, which I rejected. Then she said OK, BBBJ, 300. Christ, back to negotiating again. Whatever, whatever, OK 300. The BBBJ was actually pretty good. Gentle and she took her time and did a good job. Pulled out at just the wrong time, of course, but by then I was just glad it was over and I could leave.

I went back to our room and told the other guys I had been scammed from the original price, which was to be all inclusive as I said. They were upset, all that negotiating for us up front went for naught. Johnny showed up and told almost the exact same story. Chalk another one up to expensive and time-consuming Lessons Learned.

11-10-03, 04:48

Good to see that your back on the job and keeping your end up for us mongers. I have pleasant memories of our outings together.

My girlfriend is keeping me very busy lately and I have no inclination/testoterone, left to go out!

It is great to read your replort.

Well done and keep in touch.

11-11-03, 05:09
Hey Blastoff,

Great to hear from our little Tasmanian Devil!

Your ears must have been burning last night because Johnny and I went to that little alley up from the Dong Feng hotel. Remember that night? We couldn't find much at all, ended up in a dark dead end and on the way back made a little stop at one of the shops where the Mamasan could only scare up two extremely average, bad attitude girls.

Johnny and I went there last night to do a little investigating. It was really quiet. There were three or four shops with girls who couldn't possibly have looked more bored. Very average quality, we weren't even tempted to go into any and weren't getting any encouragement to do so.

The Road of Gold has really changed after all the LE presence over the past weeks. We walked all the way up and then back down the street last night. No LE that we could see, but only two SW's on the upper hill side, and they were doing some shopping.

On the side below the train trestle, where we saw the gaggle of girls the other night, there was the same gaggle, and we thought the same girls. All very good quality. Like a little SW union. They were all clustered around together seemingly scared to move from that spot. It was really cold for GZ after raining all day and they looked miserable. You just wanted take them all in someplace warm and really make them feel warm and loved. Let's see, that would cost me about 6,400 RMB before room cost. I could go to Thailand for a week on that! (Maybe)

Anyway, Blastoff, we miss ya man. Kiss those big boobs once for me and once for Johnny. Hope to see you back here real soon. Don't get a hotel room so far away this time!

11-13-03, 05:01
The cab driver brought me to another barber shop area (could have been posted before). Anyway, the area is at Zhan Chien Lu (sorry, not very good in pin yin, but in mandarin, it means "In front of station") I passed by YES disco about 5 mins before reaching about 3-4 shops in the same row of shop facing the Zhan chien lu. Each shop has approx 8-15 gals, quality not bad. As I am of chinese ascent and can speak Mandarin, I paid RMB150 all in.

The mamasan gave me her mobile number, if you aren;t sure the location, PM me. You can call her for more exact location.

I have a gal that gave excellent service. Phew!

Hope this is of help.



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11-14-03, 10:02
Team GZ,

Hey, what's up with you guys. This board just falls into a coma sometimes. So here's a little report on some investigative journalism the King and I did the other night. Even though it went no where, we're out there trying to sniff them out.

A friend told us about a street in Fangcun near the subway where the juices flow like wine, so we took the subway over to have a little sip. The subway lets out on an intersection. The north/south street goes back to GZ to the north. The east/west street looked the most likely with a lot of lighted restaurants.

Supposedly, the SW hang across the street from the restaurants, and the story we got was that there were high schools girls hooking there at that same spot in the morning before school. Sounded to good to be true, but we had to at least have a look.

We began by heading south and ended up on a backstreet next to a hotel. This looked likely, (big hotel, ratty KTV, dark street) but we saw nothing at about 10pm.

Kept walking and stumbled onto two really scuzy BBS. Johnny kept walking, but I had a feeling those were all we'd see that night (which turned out to be true) so I went in to chat and drink a glass of dysentary water. We were getting the cold shoulder in the first shop so mosied on over to the second shop. There were 5 girls (a couple young 6's), one real horror and a really friendly mama. Johnny said she was offering 130 FS, but we weren't dazzled even though one girl was really friendly. When a serious customer came in, we let him have the floor and left.

The rest of the night was one long disappointing walk. We went down every one of the four streets at the subway intersection and found nothing. No SW anywhere. I think they were there somewhere because we passed a sex shop, which I always take as a good sign, supply following demand.

We got in a cab for the ride home and Johnny asked the taxi driver where the SW are. The driver said we were too late, they come out early (10-12 too late?) and also it was damn cold, so they don't want to just hang outside freezing. I thought it could also be because it was Monday, but Johnny nixed that.

Then the driver told us this story about all the real bordellos being in hotels in small towns just outside the city, about a 30 RMB cab ride away. He said you go to your room and they send girls up to you until you get one you like. I think he said the rates are 150 for asians, but foreigners are double. But he said that it is dangerous for white guys, so you need a "guide" like him or you'll get set up.

The driver then told us another story about SWs in GZ, I don't know if its true. He said SWs cannot negotiate down from the standard 800 white guy rate because they have a pimp watching them from a place you can never see. If the pimp sees them go off with a white guy, he will expect his higher fee when the girl returns. If you have an asian negotiate the price on the street, bring the girls to the room and then the girls see the white guy, they can cut a much better deal because the pimp never knows.

I couldn't tell if this was a BS line to get a cut of the SW fee, or not. But it makes some half assed sense. At least it might be worth a try, if you can trust your asian friend to bring the right girl (which I do).

At any rate, we got Jack that night. Johnny went home and I went to the Ramada shops only to find them closed (at 1AM? what is this city coming to? next they'll be building Baptist churches.)

Just for fun, I'll post a photo of my favorite Ramada girl. Haven't quite gotten a full frontal shot out of her, but I'm working on it, I'm working on it. Its a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.

11-14-03, 10:07
Here's one more of my little Ramada friend from the backside. Probably not a true monger's cup of tea, she's young and inexperienced. I'm still waiting for that really young, really beautiful girl with 10 service, probably not going to happen. Its somewhat of a contradiction.

11-14-03, 22:16
And here I thought I was going to break the news and pay back all my brothers who have so kindly steered me in the right direction so many times.

You're right, Swing, that is a good area which I've never seen reported here. But it is more than 3 or 4 shops in that area. I lost count, but it must be around a dozen. It reminded me of Candyland (now deceased) in Shenzhen. Shop after shop all in a row, I've never seen that in GZ although I knew it had to be here somewhere.

The street is Zhan Qian Lu. There are three big streets which meet at the North Train Station. The big east/west street is Huanshi Xi Lu going west and Huanshi Zhong Lu going east. The big street which heads south (actually southwest if you look at the map) is Zhan Qian Lu.

I was on foot tonight exploring for new sites, so I may have gotten a better view from the ground than Swing did. At the end of the first block going south from the station is a giant police station. Go figure. Keep walking south and you get to a street which Tees into Zhan Qian Lu from the east (its also called Zhan Qian Lu, just to make things interesting). So far, nothing.

You want to be on the east side of the main street heading south and you will see that you are coming to a series of hotels, always a good sign. The first hotel is the Foreign Chinese Hotel.

But just before you get to that hotel you will see a small alley to the left. Down about half way was the first BBS I spotted. I was stunned, maybe 5 girls, not all that young, but really beautiful, 8-9. That shop is on the corner of another little alley parallel to Zhan Qian Lu. That little alley has about 3 or 4 BBS, but they were closed (1am), so I don't know if they were hair places or not. Proximity to the good shop leads me to think not.

Back out on the main street, go past the Foreign Chinese Hotel (written in English) and keep going. Another alley to the left has another shop with a large bunch of girls. Didn't seem to be real high quality, but I didn't go in to see.

Further south on Zhan Qian Lu as I was walking on the east side of the street, a mama came out to greet me saying "I mama, I mama" and waving me in the shop. I looked at the one girl outside and she was a solid 7, but I didn't go back to check the others.

So I'm walking along, counting to myself, 1, 2, 3 shops...hey not bad for a nights exploring. When I look up and see the Emerald City. 4, 5 ,6 7, 8, 9, 10...wow. All these shops are on the west side of the street and open directly onto the big Zhan Qian Lu thoroughfare. And I didn't see any attempt to make them look like BBSs. I walked along looking at all the nice little sugar plums and finally stopped at the end of the row and just watched the spectacle.

As I was standing there on the opposite side of this big street, I notice two girls coming out of one of the shops crossing the street to meet me. Now that's what I call GZ hospitality, go on over and make the new guy feel welcome. As they get closer and say hello, I see one is older (27-29) really beautiful and sexy and the other is younger (19-21) and not remarkable.

The really sexy girl turns out to be the mama pushing the young unremarkable girl. After initially deciding to pass (I had just come from a threesome at the Ramada shops), the sexy mama just tempted me beyond the breaking point and I started negotiating for her service. Like most mamas, she didn't want to get involved in anything but sales, but eventually she also relented and we settled on 200 ST at her apartment.

First, she took me across the street to try one last push of her girls, all less remarkable than the first one...I'd have to say 4's. I kept telling her I wanted her, not them, which they all enjoyed hearing.

Finally off to the apartment. Along the way I got a close up of all the nice little shops, not terrific quality, but the law of averages is working in our favor, there are a lot of girls. About half way there, she stopped and wanted me to pay in advance. I just looked at her and laughed. I know just enough Chinese to say "Do you think I'm stupid?" She laughed too and we kept walking.

But that spooked me a little. Now I'm wondering, if she thinks I'm a stooge, what the hell is up ahead. She takes a left into a rundown area crowded with people eating. Then continues into a dark maze of tiny paths. Its dark and quiet and I'm really getting scared at this point. She has just enough of the "Dragon Lady" aspect to her to be capable of anything.

As we get to her door, she keeps looking back behind us, scaring me even more. Her roomate took at least 10 minutes to open the door, I figure I'm dead meat by this time, no escape. A completely naked girl opens the door (nice touch) and we go in. Naked girl giggles and says Hi to me, that makes me feel better. Mama shows me the loft and I climb up the ladder, yes, ladder.

Mama stays downstairs and there is a lot of discussion between her and the roomate (Mei Na) and the naked guy with Mei Na. I figure they're planning how to beat me up and take my money. Mei Na comes out and shows me her naked body again, cute but on the thin side. The guy eventually leaves saying Hi to me on the way out and Mama comes up the ladder with Mei Na.

Mama again starts in with the negotiating, she wants to include Mei Na for another 100. I say no, no, no and finally, what the hell, Yes. Suddenly I realize they are just honest hookers trying to make a buck. Off with the clothes for all three of us. Mei Na is pretty skinny but cute, Mama has almost no breasts but otherwise a great shape. Mama is tongueing me and Mei Na is showing me the best blow job skills I've seen in a long time. What a nice experience.

Finally they put on the Chinese condom. In fact, they put on two Chinese condoms. They must have figured the big American dick would just explode through a single condom. Ridiculous. Like I'm going to have any sensation encased in cement. Mama lays down and I try it their way. She is as good as she looks. But it doesn't matter, winky takes a nap, can't feel anything. I get up, take off the two condoms, get out one of my own Trojans and Mei Na puffs me up again.

Back on Mama, still not great. Three girls in three hours, well I used to be able to do that. Finally take off the Trojan and Mei Na agrees to a bareback to come on stomach (for an additional 100). That works for everybody, Mei Na is a talented girl in many ways.

What a great mongering experience for a relative newbie to the art. Just goes to show, no guts no glory. I was terrified, but everything came out just fine. Going back as soon as I can.

Face: Mei Na - 6 or 7; Mama- 9 stone fox
Body: Mei Na - 7 Mama - 7 or 8 no tits
Service: 9 I was in the hands of gentle pros who wanted me to feel good, I did
Attitude: 9 Both were so kind and caring
Damage: 400 RMB total, not bad for an extended wonderful bj and getting to fuck two beautiful girls silly with no rush, yeah not bad.

I actually didn't give them any tip, but they weren't expecting any, they were happy with the deal. Me too, mongers.

11-17-03, 12:22
Thanks Cronin for keeping this GZ section alive!

Guess I have to do a small contribution my self.

Paid a visit to the Dong Yue lane the last week. Went there around 9 Pm and this time there wasn’t the same good selection as last time(but still ok) I guess between 5-7 bbs with 4-8 girls in each. This time I tried out ‘the room’ on the left side if you have Dong Yue hotel in your back. This BS is more or less a big room with the girls (8 or 9 of them) hanging around in it. Picked up a young cutie with red hair. We had to go out of the shop and around the corner to a small apartment at the back. The good thing with this apartment is that they have a shower, so you can take a shower together with the girl before going down to business. Don’t forget to bring your own towel though, cause the ones in the apartment looked everything else then newly washed. Price - 150, service – Ok


11-17-03, 16:45
The other day I was about to pay my favorite massage place at Deng Feng Hotel a visit (the place where you can get a half an hour long HJ within a 2 hour massage) I took the elevator to the 6:th floor, but when I tried to go out of the elevator I almost fell over a sign which was blocking the door way. Obviously the place was closed, but is it closed temporary, is it redecorating, has it moved or has it closed down totally. Well that explanation is probably on the sign, but my understanding of Chinese characters is in this case not enough to understand it. So Please if there is anyone out there that could do some translation (from the attached file) I would be grateful!


Bull Dozer
11-17-03, 20:50
Hello Fellas,

I was in Guangzhou for 7 days. Had a good time. Met up with a friend from the Bay Area, he was there for 3 days but he has a Hongkong friend that knows a few Mammasans, we got together around 9:30pm near China Hotel, I don't know where the HK guy took us it was a 15 min. drive. As soon as we made a left turn we saw bunch of girls on the streets walking up & down. We got out of the car, two girls came running up to us. They looked OK to do the job, I took one & my friend took the other. they asked 200 ea which was OK. I followed the girl, the HK guy told me to go with her, I was not prepared for the next step, she stops a guy on a Motorcycle & tells me to hop on, I was in shock, I did & she got in behind me. She started rubbing on my dick, while I was rubbing on her pussy. We get to this dark alley & get off, now I am shit scared, where are we going, she motions to follow her, I was dead sure that some restaurant would be cooking my flesh tomorrow morning. We crossed a few alleys, till she gets to her apartment, we get in, it was a little dirty, we take off our clothes & she gives me a BBBJ, she was all sweaty, I am used to taking a shower before the deed, she wouldn't even go & wash, we slipped the jacket on & completed the deed.

I was scared to shit. Next day I decided to look on my own , I was at Landmark hotel, there is a Big Park in front of the hotel with lots of picking, by 9:30PM, I saw a cutie 25 yr. sitting on a bench I motioned to her, she came over I just told her my room # & told her to come up. No money was mentioned. She spent two hours with me gave her 300 RMB, she did not ask for money or even look at it, stuffed it in her pocket & took off.
Same thing happened the next day around 10:00 pm I saw this gorgous 23 yr.young chick on one of the exercise machines. I pointed to her to come over, she looked a little shy so I went up to her, held her hand & asked her to come with me. We went & ate dinner & we were in my room in 40 minutes. This was the tightest pussy I have ever had, even though she was 5'5'' tall & superb figure, I don't know if she was on the block for too long.

We spent the next three nights together, she would show up exact 9pm in the park, she works in sales in a big clothing store. First 2 days she stayed 3 hrs each night, because of work she had to go, on the 3rd night she stayed all night, we did it 4 times, it was unbelievable time, never asked for any money, though I gave her 1000RMB, which she did not even look at & stuck it in her pocket, I wanted to pack her in my bag & bring her to USA. I think about her all the time. She would not let me take any pictures. It was all sign communication, she did not know any english, me no chinese. I want to call her but don't know how to get any message across. I hope to see her in January when I am back there. Just got lucky, I guess.


Bone is Hard
11-17-03, 23:11
Late report but still worth reading:

Was staying at the Guangdong Internatinal Hotel (GITIC) which is almost across the street from the Garden Hotel. This was during the Canton Export Fair, apparently before the LE crackdown. Havng just arrived close to midnight from a 24 hour airports and airplanes ordeal, I was up, as was my little buddy, for a long walk in the night air. Turning left from the hotel front entrance and walking in the direction of the Holiday Inn, I was approached by just about every girl on the sidewalk and there must have been 30 on that side of the street. Looking across the street almost at the Ocean Hotel, I saw what I was looking for. Across the flyover bridge and back down the street she had disappeared. So I continued in the same direction as before only on the oppisite side of the street. Now on the Garden Hotel side. I soon turned around as I saw a gang of young Chinese boys under the bridge since I wasnt out for an evening stroll looking for trouble, I was looking for pussy.

As I passed the alley where my target had disappeared, she magically reapperaed but was with a friend. The two wanted a threesome but I had a hard time even looking at her friend much less the idea of seeing her naked. So I just pointed at the cute one and said one. We agreed on one and she said since it was so late she would have to spennd all night with me. That's ok I thought since that's what I had in mind anyway. Price 600RMB. She said she would make her own way to my room even though I told her that I would take her up with me. She did it her way. The knock on the door came and as I opened the door, I looked behind her to see if the ugly one had followed and luckily, the cute one was alone but wringing wet with sweat. Excuse me, perspiration, men sweat, girls perspire. She had run up the steps she said, 52 floors. She pulled up her shirt to show me how hot she was. Well, lets get those wet clothes off and you in the shower, I said. Once she had time to relax a bit and to cool down we went right into action starting with one of the best BBBJ I had received lately. I then screwed that poor girl so long and in so many positions I thought I had just run up those steps to the 52nd floor.

When we finished, she asked me to take 200 RMB down to her friend who would be waiting outside the hotel. Which I did, and upon returning to my room found her laying still naked on the couch with legs spread and lips parted. That's all I needed for marathon two to begin. It was a good thing I had slept 8 hours on the plane because I sure as hell didnt get any sleep that night. She said her name was Lily and she was from Shanghai. She spelled it LeLe. Looks were an 8 and performance was a 10. What a damn good lay that was.

Sorry for the late report, but when you can find the right one, the SW action in GZ is fantastic. And in this case will go to extremes to accomodate. I usually call an old standby I met 2 years ago at Hard Rock when I'm in GZ but her number wouldnt connect so I had to go out looking and I'm damn glad I did. The old faithful's number can continue to be unconnectable since I've discovered the SW action in GZ.

Bone is Hard (just remembering that night)

11-18-03, 07:57
<<A friend told us about a street in Fangcun near the subway where the juices flow like wine, so we took the subway over to have a little sip. The subway lets out on an intersection. The north/south street goes back to GZ to the north. The east/west street looked the most likely with a lot of lighted restaurants. >>

I was there last friday night. The cab driver took us there, all the way from GZ City. It's true that a whole street was full of SWs - the cabby said that the place is well known as "Local Human Meat Market" in GZ, lots of young gals in fact. I apologise for not knowing the exact location, but I saw "Fangcun Pin Kuan" not too far along the way when leaving that place.

It could be my bad luck or what, I (with a fren of mine) was total ripped off by the gals. We paid RMB250 for overnight at the Jim Hui Hotel nearby (room rate RMB128). One basic mistake that we made, that we didn;t armed ourself with enough condom. The gals said they only have one with them, after the first round, my gal offered to buy more condom at the store nearby, which i take it as good service. As expected, she never returned.

The same happened to my fren. We felt cheated but take it as lesson learned rather than going all the way back again to look for the mamasan and the gals (since it was almost 3am). We just left that hotel and return to our hotel in GZ city. I can;t imagine with all my laptop, digital camera and other electronic device that i used for work which was in my hotel room, what would
have happened if I took her back.

Maybe some others have better luck at that place. I vowed not to pick up SWs for overnight over there again but would rather stick to the BBS.



11-19-03, 05:16

Thanks for your report, I appreciate it. I'm not sure I could find anything based on your directions, but at least I know that something is there somewhere.

On another subject, being one of the worst offenders of bareback rules, I have been trying to do a little research on AIDS/HIV rates in China based on some discussion on WSG. I found a great report by the UN on AIDs rates in China. The scary thing is that Guangdong has the third highest rate of HIV among needle users. Also Guangzhou has the third highest rate of HIV among prostitutes in China. This is year 2000 figures. Here's the site, check it out pretty sobering stuff. Especially for me.


Another UN link has a long report by a researcher who went to 3 red light districts in China and made observations and interviews with prostitutes. This report is amazing, although lengthy, and answers questions I've been asking but had no way of getting the answers to. Like what is the average number if visits for a prostitute. And what is the exact nature of police complicity. That link is:


I guess I need to find a condom I can live with, damn. There all so pathetic, there's gotta be a better way. How about like a spray on thing which would be ultra thin and still impervious. Or how about a fingernail polish thing which would only be applied to the very tip and dry to some elastic polymer to allow for the volume of liquid. Or even a little one-way valve mini catheter to be inserted into the urethra...ouch forget that one.

I know they have surgical super glue now which takes the place of sutures and dissolves in the tissue. Why oh why can't this technology be applied to condoms. If I had such a prophylactic device which I knew was 100% safe and reduced sensitivity by 0%, I'd use it every time. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't use it. The sexual transmission of HIV would go to zero overnight. Maybe some of the millions of bucks going into HIV research would be better spent on finding a more acceptable prophylactic. Let's use our High Technology to solve this problem.

11-19-03, 15:43

The sign says Closed for business because of Gas Repairs.

Guess you had some cabbage and beans the last time you visited.

11-21-03, 08:18
In GZ for the night. I am at the White Swan hotel. Busy till 21h00 but available afterward. Anybody for a night out ?
Also, can any of the local goers tell me what can be done around the hotel as I believe inside is rather off limits.


11-21-03, 10:06
Alright, I've been super-busy, yet again, so I haven't had time to post my most recent experiences, though nothing special, but I'm working on it...

In the meantime, I am still interested in knowing how many GZ mongers out there would like to contribute 150-250 RMB per month for a shared room? I'm married and Cronin is ready and willing to contribute. I just need one, preferably two, more mongers to have a "GZ love nest."

I'm going nuts because I see these great SWs that I'd love to do ST, LT, whatever, in my own room without having to shell out extra cash.

Write me for more details johnnykon666 @ yahoo . com


P.S. Thanks Redhorse!

11-21-03, 19:41

When I was at the White Swan, I had no problems bringing back guests. I think it was cool up to about 11:00pm. After that they wanted the guest registered.

11-21-03, 20:19
Without hints from anybody I had to stay with my team of salesmen and go to karaoke. As we initially were with "decent" customers (with female buyers) we first decided to go to the White Swan Hotel Karaoke where we had the diner and where I stay. The night went on with the usual stupidities and people torturing the mic. Then, by 22h30, the customers and some salesmen started to leave. I stayed with the rest till 1h00 when they close.
By 12h00, one of the salesmen decided to call some girls from outside. Came 2 nice and pleasant girls, about 7 in anybody's book. But either they were not in the mood or they did not like us but they didn't seem to be receptive to our smiles...
So I decided to call it a night though I would have loved to go further. That's when one of my salesmen proposed to call a third and last one. I said well, if she want to come then send her to my room. It was by then 1h00 anyway and everybody had to leave whatever. I went up to my room, had a shower and thought that nobody would come anyway. I had reintegrated my room it was about 25/30mn and had my shower when somebody knocked the door. And here she is : Djadja. A spendid young lady of about 20 21, tall (1m70) well built and a superb smile. She enters, smiles even more, give me her name and tells in a broken English : shower and make love. So as I am not in mood for word fight, I accept gladly. She (we) go (again) to the shower. She had took all her clothes off at once and men, she is fantastic. Perfect breast, not big but very well designed, lovable niples, everything we all like. She cleans me deep everywhere, cleans herself, asks me to help, blows me the pipe to put me in shape and off we go.
In the bed she is a 10. She provides an incredible bbj and agrees for the CIM which I indulge. I hadn't not even finish to come that she expertly cleans her mouth and starts an ass rim and succeed to keep me hard by playing with everything round or long. When she sees that I stay in the requested position, she quickly takes a smalll wet towel that she had previously prepared, washes me and then put me the condom with her mouth and asks me to make love to her. I screw her for about 10mn in all possible positions. Though she allows the fool finger there, she politely declines my proposal for knocking the back door. And then she stars asking for the deep sport. She is really in it and if fakes, fakes very well. I cannot say that I did her but I am sure she liked it anyway. And she kisses my ear saying un-understandable thing in Chinese at low voice. I came really high. This was very good. Just in time as the security calls my room to explain that the young visitor is not registered and either should leave by now or be registered immediatly in the hotel. I sent them to hell and said that nobody was anymore here and that the visit was a short one to deliver me documents.
The girl name is Djadja (don't even know how to write in in English.
Her phone is 13570175199. She said that I could call her everyday between 17h00 and 20h00 and then after 24h00.
Damage was 500 Rmb (400 + 100 taxi and late hours compensation).
Really worth the money even if it is above any GZ standards. The girl is not only pretty but have a genuine and pleasant attitude. And not the least, seems really to love what she does.
Fellow mongers, try the girl and comment to see if you share my feelings.

11-21-03, 20:23

Don't think I would participate to the piggy but as I have to come about once a month in GZ, I could offer you to use my room. I usually have a suite at the White Swan. Might not be the more discreet place but it will be for free. If you find girls ready for the show with 2 or 3 guys in a row (not at the same time), it might worth it. You could use the room in the afternoon up to about 20h00 when I usually come back to change for diner. After, the room and any girl in it return to be my property.
What do you say ?


11-21-03, 20:50

Enjoyed your report. That's the first time I have ever heard anything positive about room service at the White Swan. I didn't think it was possible. I guess it just takes someone who doesn't know its impossible to do it.

I was especially interested in the length of time it took the desk to call your room to ask the lady to leave. Just enough time for ST service, but not enough for LT. Apparently they are tolerant of a certain amount of room delivery. Very interesting.

I'm sure you could have found one of us locals to go hunting with you if we had a little more advance notice. I got your report on the same night you were here, Friday night. We're always up for any excuse to go hunting when we are available. Problem is, we all have wives and/or multiple girlfriends. We don't have many Friday nights which aren't planned at least by mid day Friday.

Sure is a lot different now than it was living in "The Land of Fat Chicks with Bad Attitudes" as someone recently said (USA). Spent most weekends there at home trying to figure out which woman would allow me to spend a fortune for little or nothing in return. And the hobby scene carries high risks of arrest. What the hell was I thinking? What a wonderful country we have here gentlemen.


11-22-03, 21:37
brothers of the night,

i enjoyed my first session with ajin and meina at the zhanqian lu bbs so much, i went to visit them again. took my camera this time. this is ajin, the mama of the shop who i am particularly fond of. yes, she's a bit older, probably around thirty, so not my usual cup of meat. but her eyes really get to me. although she was enjoying the camera, she just couldn't keep that hand away from the goods. you might see that little oyster just barely peeking out though.


11-22-03, 21:41
One more of Ajin. Darn girl just couldn't keep her hands out of the pie. After I took this, I convinced her to keep her hands on her head. Set up the shot, then the batteries went dead. I hate when that happens! The shots of MeiNa didn't come out too good, and she was even more shy than Ajin. But stay tuned my brothers.


11-23-03, 14:21
Dear friends in GZ:

I will be in GZ for the Car Show..... can some one tell me what bars (or any places, discco....etc.) should I go to eyeball and may be picking up girls? I don't have much time, may be a night or two....
I station in Beijing and am not familiar with GZ.

11-24-03, 02:29
Dear Papa D,

If your Chinese isn't so hot, I'd definately recommend the Gipsy Kings bar near the Garden Hotel. Lots of girls who know how to speak English. It is located on 360 Huanshi Dong Road (the road that Garden Hotel is located on). Lots of pros and non-pros working the room, but prices tend to be higher, about 400-800 RMB, because there are a lot of Africans and Middle Eastern men who frequent the bar and drive up the prices. And if it doesn't work out for you, there are about 20-30 SWs around the Garden Hotel and the overhead walkway...

If your Chinese is a little bit better, most people tell me Face club is good for picking up girls (191 Dongfong Xi Lu) but I've never tried. Golf Club (next to Yuexiu Park's North gate, on Huanshi Dong Road) I have tried, and it is a nice meat market that has some really hot is especially friendly to westerners but really low level of English spoken. Then lastly, all the expat bars on He Ping Lu (next to Holiday Inn) are all very Westerner friendly, lots of English, lots of Western-seeking gals, if that's what you want...

Just my quick thoughts. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Hope you have a good time!


12-02-03, 14:34
Hi Guys

I'm off to Guangzhou next week and there after Sanya, on Hainan.Reading your very interesting posts,it seems getting a freebie in China (especiallya western style one night stand) is as rare as Chinese cheddar; particuarly if you speak none of the lingo(s). Looking at prices paid for overnight encounters with pros it seems astonishing prices are paid(when comparing with countries like Thailand or Indonesia etc and bearing in mind average income per capita in china). I was wondering,what the experts here wouild suggest as tactics for the cheapest/best GFE overnight encounter? Any other advice is also warmly welcomed.



12-03-03, 12:19

A street report from last night: Johnny and I walked up the Road of Gold about 11pm and it was totally shut down. LE were driving their little blue light SUVs around hunting down those dangerous SWs. We didn't even see the little gaggle of girls that gather at the entrance to the train trestle.

And here's an even more depressing note. There was a huge paddy wagon sitting in front of the Garden Hotel on the side by Starbucks. It was right at the foot of the pedestrian bridge on the Garden Hotel side. They had that yellow police tape cordoning off a huge square of sidewalk. And they sat there for hours on end. It looked like someone had been murdered on the sidewalk, but that paddy wagon was big enough to take away 50 murderers.

When Johnny asked a cab driver sitting there what the problem was, he said they were just there to intimidate the SWs. That they did. There were no SWs on that side of the street where there's usually at least a few hanging out. However, I still got approached by an older SW in hot pants on the pedestrian overpass.

We didn't have time to check the GZ BBS action, but will soon. I'll let you know what we find. I was at the Zhan Qian Lu area about a week ago and it was alive and well.

On another note, I went to Fangcun (south of the Pearl River) last night since I was in the area. I walked around Fangcun Lu and the neighboring streets for 4 hours looking for the elusive "human meat market" and saw absolutely nothing. If anyone has specific directions I'd love to hear them.


Prince Leo
12-03-03, 18:24

The next time you are in the area of Fongchun, go a little further south on the GZ to Foshan road. Along the road there several towns with in about 2-3 km of each other. Huangqi and Dali are pretty well know for BBS, but not SWs. The price is about the same as GZ, maybe even lower, 100 to 150 rmb ST and 250 to 300rmb LT. I was there in in the summer and was led by some local friends of mind. I recommand BBS take outs, because the sanity condition of the BBS are not to the standard. Let me know what you find. I will be in GZ from late Dec to mid Jan. Maybe we can do a get-together.

Prince Leo

12-04-03, 00:05

I have requested a couple of times in the past and recently that the administrator opens a special section for Hainan island (capital Haikou), as it is a province of its own, and has plenty of sex industry in Haikou and at the seaside resort of Sanya. And all over the island as well. Unfortunattelly all I received was a standardized answer that gave no answer. I find it ashame as many people are interested in this isand and are posting just anywhere, like south China-other areas, General-China or Guangzhou (Hainan used to belong to Gangdong province up to 20 years ago).
Please help me to resauest !

12-05-03, 06:47
Dear Everyone who has written me private messages,

I'm sorry for not answering! I didn't even know I had turned on the PM function and so ofcourse, I didn't know I had any private messages! I will answer you all beginning today...


PS. Does anyone know what is going on in Guangzhou and/or the rest of China at the moment? There are some serious crackdowns going on...just last night after coming home from an interesting and very satisfying freebie experience (will report later) I spotted tons of police vehicles everywhere around the Garden Hotel area. NOT ONE SW in sight! Not even the regular group near the 24-store across the street from Garden Hotel, not the overpass, not the road of gold...nothin' going on anywhere...what gives?

12-05-03, 06:57
Hey Mistalova,

What's going on? I had a great time hunting with you in Guangzhou and Shenzhen and wanted to contact you about
some things, but I haven't gotten a PM from ya.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Hope to hear from ya soon.


12-05-03, 18:19
GZ Crew,

After turning A-Todd onto little XiaoPing, and getting a great report, I decided to go have another nibble of the sweetest little bon bon in the Ramada BBS box of chocolates.

As A-Todd messaged me after his encounter with this jewel of the Pearl River: "What a girl". Indeed she is. So cute and rapidly turning beautiful. So playful and, oh yes, very very tight. I had originally thought this girl was shaved. Wrong. She just has a natural hairless pussy. In this photo you can just see the little soft wisps which is all there is. DATY is as good as it gets.

By being a multiple repeat customer, I had finally graduated up to being invited up to their actual home. Much nicer than the short time apartment they have upstairs and we won't even mention the "massage" room.

It took a lot of patience to finally get this full frontal from her. Finally, I just waited outside the shower and snapped her as she came out. She was not pleased, but she seemed to just brush it off. Great price on top of it all. A perfect little snack.

Face: 9+ an angel
Body: 8+ perfect little tits and a fine ass
Service: 8 no BJ, but that's almost a waste of valueable fucking time
Damage: 200 RMB in a nice cozy apartment

12-05-03, 18:24

Johnny and I found a huge new area of BBSs last night and I have photos. Its on Siyou 1 Malu. Take Guangzhou Dadao south toward the River. Turn right on the only major street between the Foreign Businessman's Hotel and the Ramada. Follow that road west until you come to the bridge over the infested stream. The street before the bridge is Siyou 1 Malu. Turn left on Siyou 1 Malu and you will have the stream on your right and about 8 or 10 BBS all along the left side of the street.

Some quality there and a lot of people hanging out. Also a lot of security guys there, apparently to protect the mongers. We'll do some in depth reporting soon.


12-06-03, 07:21
To Erik, Haikou is not as much fun as before since the Chinese government is trying turn Hainan into a tourist island. It used to be that there were girls out in the open everywhere. Now there is are girls around but all the big open places are closed. Most of the mamasons have left the island. Most of the girls that I knew from before have all left however you can still have fun, just not as open as before.

How can I help getting a Hainan board up?

12-07-03, 18:54

Why don't you request an upgrade to Senior Member. Your posts are still delayed. I am sure any one of us on the forum will support your request. Just let us know when you post it so we can do so.


12-07-03, 19:23
Wow, OAH!

Are you still alive? We thought you might have been squashed by a fat chick giving you a face massage.

Your ESP must be working pretty good, I posted an upgrade request on 12/5, my one month anniversary here on WSG.

Its been a fun month. Met Johnny and you in the same month. I had been reading your exploits from the US for at least a year, so it was a total kick in the head to go exploring with you guys. And then come to find out, you're both such great people.

The King and I have become fast friends. As you know, I hardly go out without him anymore. As someone here said, the shots can be hit and miss, but the hunting adventure is always fun.

We've dug up a lot of new places in GZ, can't wait to show them to you when you come up. But, knowing you, you've probably been there - done them...all.

Thanks for the comments, my friend. Nice to hear you "voice" again, hope to see you soon!


12-07-03, 22:09

I second that vote for CRONIN to become senior member status of WSGForum if Jackson will accept our votes.


12-08-03, 04:42

You guys are the best.


12-08-03, 08:39

A quick ZhanQian Lu update,

There is a short time hotel, just beside Chinese Overseas hotel (on the right side if you are facing COH, if I remember right) the prize for an hour is 25 Yuen, the rooms are pretty decent, I got a Big room with 4 single beds (maybe good for you who enjoy shared action), shower, toilet etc. The name is Jua Xin Hotel.

Also, On my way down to the BBS at the end of ZhanQian Lu, earlier described by Cronin, I went for some exploring and found another strip of 6-8 BBS. After about 500 meters from COH turn right and go under the Cosmos sign (see attached photo) cross the railroad, another 50 meters and there they are … happy hunting


12-08-03, 08:56
Do members just nominate others anywhere for senior membership? If so, then I definately nominate Cronin for senior membership!


12-10-03, 04:05
interesting news article for you mongers in gz... some interesting nightly live sex show! whoopee! pity i can't be there to watch the show.

china gets the love bug
by hamish mcdonald, china correspondent
wednesday december 10 2003

beijing: china's explosion in private car ownership is presenting police with a new puzzle: what to do about couples having sex in parked cars.
the official xinhua news agency has reported a surge in car sex in the southern city of guangzhou.

the city's scenic baiyunshan park was a particular focus for activity in the evenings.

police say that all they are empowered to do is to ask the couples caught in flagrante delicto to leave the park.

a city lawyer, gan mingyong, said it was not clear that the behaviour was illegal. "a private car provides a specific private space for its owner to exercise his or her own human rights," he said. "if the owner's behaviour brings no jeopardy to other people's rights, we cannot force him or her to stop it.

"unless we make a new regulation or law forbidding such sexual activity, we cannot have any legal basis ... to interfere in a car owner's private affairs if he or she chooses to make love in a private car.

"put another way, we can say this sexual activity is not elegant but we cannot say it is illegal," mr gan said. china's motor industry now sells more than 2 million cars a year. at the same time, sexual behaviour is becoming more permissive, with recent surveys showing that about two-thirds of marrying couples already had sexual experience, double the rate of their parent's generation.

12-12-03, 05:19

Just go to Main Index, Site Administration, Request Senior Membership Upgrades and post a request. Let us know after you do it so we can support your request.


P.S. I'm back in SZ if you can make it down this weekend.

12-12-03, 06:05
OAH, AMP, Johnny,

I posted an upgrade a week ago to the upgrade request site. If you want to support my request go on over and post something. I have no idea if this will help or not, I know there are many people ahead of me on the list. Jackson must be swamped.


12-12-03, 14:54
Well... thanks to the King (JohnnyKon) I had a very satisfying few days.

Besides some regular street action he took me to the new BB shop area, then back to the Ramada shops.

Last time there I fell for this Mama of this one BB Shop. She teased me but then wouldnt go upstairs with me.

This time I convinced her and got great FS. She is cuter than all her girls in my opinion and long awaited by me.

Long Live the King!


12-12-03, 19:19

I have cast my vote for you into the hat of Senior Member pot. Hope you will be able to taste it soon. Quest on..........


12-13-03, 03:36
Thanks Blankie, but how can the mama resist the King of Shanghai??? ;)
But seriously, it seems like every monger I take to that shop wants her, and I think she just realized that it's futile to keep resisting because I must have brought at least 6 different guys to her shop in the past 4 months and they all wanted her first before choosing one of her girls instead.

A quick update about the road of gold:

I don't know what the hell is going on/not going on in terms of LE now, but the road of gold was literally CHOKED with girls as of Thursday-Friday night about 12:00am. Taxis couldn't get by the road because 40-50 girls would just surround the taxi trying to hustle themselves. I guess that must be what Hainan Island "lake area" used to be like in the old days, eh? Enjoy while you can since the GZ scene keeps changing unexpectedly...


12-13-03, 19:07
My Brothers:

The same weird thing has happened to me twice in the same week now at different BBSs. I don't know if this is a new scam or just me.

I went to our new site on Siyou Malu a few days ago. Decided on a real cutie with a little beauty mark below her lip. Negotiated with mama from 200 down to 150. This shop has three cots in a little room to the right of the BBS area, but mama gave the cutie the keys to the ST room upstairs. (BTW it has the yellow spinning pole outside).

This is a pretty workable set up for the Malu shops, there's a whole complex of apartments above and behind the store fronts. Quiet, standard grimey and private.

Off came the clothes and she did a little grinding on me laying down. She was small, a perfect little body and really cute and junior was ready for a swim. She then caught the sight of little brother and got scared.

Hey, I'm just an average white guy, nothing spectacular, but white guys may be 'on average' bigger than the Asians she's used to (I hope I'm not starting a flame here, I'm just trying to scope out the situation). And she was young and tiny.

She then completely refused a BJ, covered or otherwise. And she wasn't too keen on FS, but finally relented when I assured her I would be gentle and greased the tracks with a little DATY. Junior went in for about a minute with her face wriggled up in excruciating pain. Junior came out and that was it.

She wanted to "fly the airplane" (HJ) which I totally was not interested in but after much arguing relented and allowed. This is a covered HJ, oh boy, just sooo wonderful (heavy sarcasm). Her HJ service is terrible: dry, covered and about as fast as a sewing machine.

I just happened to have some KY with me, so I got that out (she looked at it like she'd never seen it before). Back to the sewing machine which was not working. I tried to show her a little better technique but she then she gave up entirely and wanted me to do myself. Oh yeah right...I just love to pay hookers to watch me do myself, it just this weird kink I have. Then I'll pay you to watch me give myself an AR.

That familier feeling comes over me you all know, something like "I wish I were anywhere except in this room right now". Got up, dressed and headed for the door. She insists on her 150. This would be laughable except she's dead serious and won't let me anywhere near the door.

She keeps pushing me back, pushing me down on the bed with her hand out. I told her I'd give it to mama...no way. I got my cell phone out to call mama...no way. I tell her, fine, lets do it now and I'll give you the money...no way.

Picture this: I'm 6'3" 220lbs and she's 5' nothing and 80 lbs and she's pushing me around. I could have picked her up with one hand, opened the door and carried her in my pocket, but I'm not the physical type, really didn't want to do that. Besides, I'm sort of laughing now because its just so absurd.

Finally, finally mama shows up to see whats taking so long. I tell mama I have a problem, she won't do anything. Mama looks at her with a digusted look (now I know why she wanted to keep mama out of it) shows me the pen mark on her hand for 150. I say no way, I'll give you 50 and her nothing. A lot more arguing, then mama says 50 for her 50 for me. I'd already decided to do that so I gave her a 100 and out the door we all went. Just for fun, on the way down the stairs I told the girl "I like you" and she cursed at me. I got to the street with a grin. I ended up going to my pro twosome at ZhanQian Lu that night, a totally wonderful experience as always.

OK then almost the same thing happens again tonight, check that out in part 2.


12-13-03, 20:38
part 2 of moby dick:

i had gotten an extended come-on from a really busty and beautiful girl in ramada shop 3 the other day (while waiting for xiaoping), so i went down tonight to see her.

cold night in gz, went in the shop and the busty girl immediately zeroes in on me. chat up mama a little trying to get into their st apartment. has anyone been there? she's said a couple times that they 'sort of' have one, but then won't let us use it. negotiated to 150 from 200 again and then its upstairs to the pretty standard massage room setup. three or four tables with drapes separating them.

the girl (lije from sichuan, about 20) takes off my pants but wants us to keep our socks on and shirt on since its a little chilly. she takes off her pants and panties in one motion. she has me lay down pushes up my shirt to tongue my nipples and manipulate junior. when she pulled off her bra and pushed up her sweater, i could not believe my eyes. absolutely marvelous breasts. huge with that perfect youthful shape and puffy nipples. think of perfect playboy model huge hooters and you've got the picture. of course, a pix is worth a thousand, but i didn't have my camera. i will try to go back to try again for pix. worth the price of admission alone.

moby's ready for a swim again and damn it if she doesn't get that same scared syndrome i just saw a couple nights before. oh now this is getting really tiresome.

i reiterate, cronin's not trippin' on you guys here. i had second thoughts about posting this stuff because i didn't want to be accused of bragging. average white guy, no porn star. but i've got a problem here which is beginning to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off and i really need some input.

absolutely no bj, covered or not. not too happy about fs, but relented. no daty, no way. i wanted to inspect the goods and i had to talk her into that, but she allowed me to have a good look (in a semi dark room i couldn't see much). full bush, but not enough to turn anyone off. however, i did see that her vaginal opening was just not that small.

moby takes a swim, but she's acting like she's giving birth. this is when i begin to think i'm being played. two girls, separate nights, same act. it occurs that this would make a great new bait and switch scam. set him up, get him going, feign pain and quickly switch to hj. only a little screwing and covered hj for the same price as regular service. am i being delusional here, or does this turn out to be a really good deal for the hooker?

she switches to covered hj again, just like the other girl in siyou malu. covered hj? what the fuck are they afraid of? this is so ridiculous! and yet again, the service is really bad. luckily, the condom breaks and she agrees to a bare hj, oh joy, how lucky can i get. really lousy technique yet again. i try to show her a better way and she then wants me to do myself. again. good christ, i'm stuck in a time warp...some kind of porno twilight zone.

the problem with this girl is that she is truly gorgeous. maybe the slightest touch of pimples on her face, but this girl has a body which defies description and gravity. i'm sitting here now trying to figure out a way to possibly weedle some good service out of her. more visits to wear her down, take her out for lt, more money or... dammit i don't know what. she's a mongers dream come true, except she doesn't do anything (minor detail) (don't flame me, i'm being ironic again).

lije was stressed out, but perked up after moby finished up. we chatted a bit and went down stairs where mama asked me to stay and watch tv with them for a while (which i did). partly mama was just being friendly as was lije. and partly mama wanted to develop a new customer since i hadn't been in there before. no other guys came in the whole time i was there, about an hour or so (or the other night when i was waiting outside). they were much friendlier and nicer to me than shop 1 or 2 where they kind of scowl at me or ignore me.

well that's my sad couple of outings for the week. if it wasn't for my zhan qian lu pros, i'd be chewing off my leg right now.

siyou malu girl:
face: 7/10
body: 7/10
service: non existent
attitude: the mouse that roared
damage: 100 but should be 50

lije in ramada 3:
face: 8/10
body: 9.9/10
service: precious little
attitude: pretty bad attitude during the session but warmed up afterward to be friendly
damage: 150 i had told mama i would give 200 for good service, enough said.


12-14-03, 02:28
Blankie always seems to prefer the mamasan in every BBS. This preference comes before he even realizes she is the mama. I don't know what it is. Happened every time we've been mongering together in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Speaking of which, I've done a couple of BBS mamasans myself. The last one in the Jusco area has been giving me the cold shoulder ever since. Either I did not perform to her expectations or, she is trying to play it cool around the girls in her shop. She would not take any money from me. I have not been able to do any more of her girls since. Could it be jealousy?


Just Me
12-14-03, 13:54
GZ Regulars,

Hello, I'm a Beijing guy coming to your fair city.

Can you tell me if there are any BBS near the Baiyun Hotel?

And, exactly where is this "Road of Gold". And what time does it get started?

Please get some info for me soon, as I'm visiting your fair city tomorrow. Reviewed the threads but couldn't find exact info.

Thanks for your help, and please feel free to ask if you come to PEK.

just me

12-14-03, 15:01
Dear Just Me,

I could have sworn that I've given the most exact directions to the "road of gold" but maybe it's Just Me or just me and I really did forget? ;)

In any case, can't let a monger visit my adopted hometown and not witness the spectacle of R.O.G., so here are the directions:

#1-If you are at the Bai Yun Hotel and the front entrance is to your back, it's the road to your lefthand side. It will kind of twist and keep going. Just walk along the road and you should pass the following sites: Guangzhou Friendship Store back entrance...Haagen Daas ice cream shop...KFC...Trust Mart Supermarket.

If you've been following the road correctly, you should now be near the end of Trust Mart Supermarket and there will be an underpass tunnel in front of you. Beyond that tunnel is the 250 meter stretch of "the road of gold" (Tao Jin Bei Road). It's a short and sweet little road.

#2-Action starts from as early as 10:00pm but really gets crazy by about 12 midnight. Unfortunately, with the recent LE activity, I can't guarantee that ANYTHING will be there. As recently as two weeks ago, there was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Then last week, it was so packed with young, luscious girls, taxis couldn't get past the road, literally. Oh, yeah, do it like a local and cruise past the road in a taxi before getting out and doing again on foot. Twice the fun...

#3-There are a couple of BBS near the Bai Yun Hotel, but they are not that good. I'd stick to SWs on R.O.G., around the Garden Hotel, and (if you're super super desperate) around the Elephant and Castle Pub.

Drop me a message and I'll see if I can show you around some of my favorite spots. Otherwise, the Ramada shops are very reliable but they close at about 12 midnight and/or when no more guys are roaming that area.

Hope this helps.


12-14-03, 23:33
Wow Senior Membership!

Thanks Jackson and all those who supported me! Seems like I really got fast track approval.

It looks so different in here now! All the mahogany bookshelves, leather chairs with good cognac served by the big titted nude asian cuties.

Well shucks, I guess I'll just settle in here, fire up a havana, gnaw on some caviar and have my senior "member" polished by that fishnet in a tiara. Now, I get my Senior Member Discount, right?

Warm Regards and Happy Holidays!


12-15-03, 02:15
Who knows BB shops near Canton airport ? Is Baiyun hotel nearby ? Any idea of what to do when you are stuck for one or two hours at the airport but don't want to go to far ? That happens a lot with the very bad ponctuality of chinese air companies.

12-15-03, 02:17
Does anybody have info about the scene in Zhanjiang, a major harbour town in the southern peninsula of Guangdong province ?

12-17-03, 00:21
Dear GZ regulars,

Could you please provide directions to the Ramada BBSs.
On my last visit to GZ, I took a taxi to the Ramada hotel, and I did manage to find one BBS nearby, but I could not find the numbered shops Cronin and some other guys were discussing.

Also, another question - what hotel would you recommend for the business traveller - that is both high end and girl friendly.

Your help will be most appreciated,


Open to Explore
12-17-03, 09:48
Found a series of BBS located off Guangyuanzhong Rd.

Direction as follows; from the bus station (buses from shenzhen) go onto main road and turn right with back facing bus station. Goe straight over the rail line, then turn right after around 50m. Go straight passed the KFC (on right) and later Mac's on left. A little after Macs there is a left turn where the BBS can be found. These are visible from the road that Macs is located on.

Good Luck, if you try these. I unfortunately did not, due time restraints.

12-17-03, 17:33

try the china hotel. it is marriott. high speed internet in rooms.

there is usually a nice selection of girls in the mezz bar. also, i have been lucky picking up a tasty morsel in the food court.

don't know if the club catwalk is still open, but this place was a target rich environment when i was in gz last year at this time.

12-19-03, 09:15

I agree with the China Hotel recommendation. One of the "real 5 star" hotels in Guangzhou, since there are more than a few that I wonder how in the hell they even got 3 or 4 stars to begin with...
Also, it seems like they have relaxed quite a bit regarding girls coming in and out, but always best to act like the girl is somebody you know as you come in/as you escort her out.

For Ramada, if the front entrance of the Ramada is to your back, walk to your left until there is a 4-way intersection, about 5-10 minutes. You should see a bunch of barbershops on your righthand side about 1 minutes walk away. There are 4 BBS on the facing side (all FS) and the other side has 6 BBS (4 FS, 2 non-FS). It is obvious which are which...I personally like all of the shops on the facing side. 150 RMB standard unless the mama likes you/you're a repeat customer/it's a slow night.

Open 2 explore:

I've looked at those shops many times before as I used to work around that area. A few posts ago, I mentioned that I went exploring in that area because there were always hot, pro-looking young girls walking around in the late afternoon, but never found anything. I think all the girls I lusted after work in the area KTVs but maybe I missed something...I did search that area really carefully, though, so I'll prowl around again when I have time.



12-20-03, 05:15
I'm new to this section and will be travelling to your great city soon. Thanks for all the reports on BBS.

I want to see if you guys have any information on Sauna or nightclub type outfits? I really enjoyed them in Macau. Yea, I know they are a lot more expensive but I'm more comfortable and I hope the chance of finding high quality girls is higher.

Please help.


12-21-03, 03:38

I support the China Hotel recommendation. I've stayed there several times and never had a problem taking girls in even in the wee hours of the morning. As Johnny says, just try not to make it overly obvious.


IMHO, most Saunas in GZ are limited to HJ at best. I've been to a one where you could take the girls upstairs to a separate hotel room, but the quality was not that good. Prices were quoted at RMB400-500 for FS. The best sauna action is in Dongguan about 45 km south of GZ.

Most KTV(nightclub) girls in GZ are asking for and getting RMB1,000 for ST, but not all of them go out. Make sure you ask before you start talking and singing or you can end up with very limited choices later in the evening.


12-21-03, 18:55
The King Holds Court: Part 1

Things were getting a little boring in old GZ, so the King and Prince Cronin decide, what the hell, let's risk life, limb and way of life by taking an ill advised trip to Cosmos on Zhan Qian Lu. This was followed by a downright stupid reconnoiter to, uh... well, maybe I'll let the King tell you where we took the girls to...I still can't believe we did that. Little head does all the thinking yet again.

We arrived at Zhan Qian Lu very late, (I'd already been to two parties that night) but the place was still alive, it really is the late night service spot in GZ. Taxi drops us at the Foreign Chinese Hotel and we walk down to the little quartet of shops that parallel Zhan Qian Lu. Some nice visuals there, we almost stayed (should have in retrospect), but we were determined to press on in our Quest for the Mythical Cosmos (see A-Todd's recent report). Stopped in the shop on the corner, which usually has some fine displays but saw nothing.

Back out to Zhan Qian Lu heading south. After about 10 minutes, just past the 24-hour convenience store, we spotted the Cosmos sign on the right side of the street (heading south). You know, I had been in there several times, but the sign isn't lit in the wee hours so I didn't see it. Turns out, this is the dark alley where my two favorite pros live.

I'm always scared as hell to go in here, its very dark, looks bombed-out, there is no escape, and you have to parade past about 50 locals grouped near the opening. This is not a church sewing circle, these are residents of a dangerous part of GZ, all are checking you out, and any four with clubs/rocks could ruin your whole day. My fears were reinforced when the King said he was afraid to even be in here. Big head says: "Don't go in there, don't go in there" little head says "No problem, son, right this way".

The King slows down, probably watching my back, but I press on since I know the area, and I have never seen any BBS down here. About 50 meters down the main alley, after you think there can't be anything here, there are several BBS on the left. Good call A-Todd, nice scouting! These are tiny, one small room, scuzzy shop fronts and several are closed at about 1am. We find one with about seven girls and go in for a chat as if we live here. There is a mama, but also a papa here who actually recognized me. It starts to feel better and we start joking with them.

We joke about taking three or four back with us, the standard joke. Then we think, hey, that's a good idea! There happen to be three real cuties here, so the King negotiates. He always plays 'bad cop - good cop' and cues me when to look disappointed. As I recall they start at 500 ST in their room nearby, we can only break them down to 400.

On the way out with the three girls, I decide that I don't want to go to their room, no doubt dirty and cold. If we're having a little orgy, I want to be comfortable, so I decide to try the ST hotel across from the Foreign Chinese Hotel, the Jia Xin. We hoof it back to the Jia Xin, a 10-20 minute walk and damn cold.

The King and I had scouted the Jia Xin when we first got out of the taxi and had gotten the quote that A-Todd mentioned: 50RMB for 2 hours. The clerk was friendly, aware, and it seems like a tolerable venue. We arrived, two guys, three girls wanting a single room for 2 hours and they were totally OK with that. But then they wanted my passport, being the only white guy. I don't take my passport out of my house anymore...long story, so I didn't have it. The King tried to talk them out of it and failed, the girls tried to talk them out of it and failed. They clearly wanted to be been bribed out it, but I didn't.

So we ended up taking them to...I can't believe it. There's a long funny story about the convoluted process of getting them there, but I can't tell you any of that, use your imagination.

12-21-03, 18:56
The King Holds Court: Part 2

In the room with the King, Cronin and the three girls. Then they realize that the King is not my interpreter, but my trainer. We both want to do all three in the same room at the same time. They say: we didn't negotiate 400 for THAT. (Actually, they knew exactly what was happening before we left the BBS, this was just an opportunity to raise the price.)

All the arguing was being spearheaded by one particularly cute and troublesome girl. The King wanted to toss her ass out in the street, more good advice that I ignored, she was not worth the trouble the whole time and gave the worst service. Long and annoying negotiation at this point. I wanted all three by both of us for LT, they wanted 1000 each for that...no way. Worst case: ST for only me, the King waits outside, that would be the original 400, but I'm not interested in that. On and on and on... this went on for at least 30 minutes.

The 'trouble girl' pulled some sh#t at one point, actually grabbing some money I had put down on the table and refused to give it back. That really pissed me off (which takes a lot) and I got up to leave and told them to get the hell out. They changed their attitude immediately and the deal was set: 700 for as long as it took both of us to cum. That could be 5 minutes or two hours, it would be a game where they would try really hard to make us cum as soon as possible and we would try to hold off as long as possible. Hey, this is better than strip poker, right?

OK, it was too expensive, I know. I let myself be out-negotiated by three little fuck muffins, seems to be a recurring motif with me. However, we would both get to do all of them. The King and I had been talking about doing this for a long time and here was an opportunity we couldn't let pass for a couple hundred RMB.

When the clock started, they went at it like racehorses out of the gate. The King had been sucked into (literally) one really cute, tiny girl with a wonderful attitude. He was doing her on the floor, a lot of pre-operative DATY. I had the other two on the bed, one stroking junior and the other one tonguing and stoking everything else she could find.

They knew the ground rules so they were trying to get me going by with these loud, overly passionate moans that were so fake even they were laughing at the foolishness. At one point, I had my two laying on the bed with both their legs in the air so I could go back and forth DATYing both at the same time. Sounds sexy, but they were both just laughing it up.

Every time we changed girls, they wanted a new condom. This is smart for them, but a pain for me since its tough to get these things on. We went through half a dozen condoms and used up all theirs plus all ours. Side note: I got to try the fancy new, thin polyethylene condoms, but I thought they were only a small improvement in sensitivity, a real disappointment. We also had a lot of trouble with the size of little brother, there was way too much discussing and not enough fucking, it took the edge off of what we hoped would be a great bacchanalia.

Eventually, the King slowed down enough to let me fuck the little fun girl, and came up to the bed to do the little teen girl with gorgeous pre-nubian puffy tits. But Christ, he had fucked the tiny girl to death by the time I got down there, she was exhausted and really couldn't finish me off with any kind of intensity. So the King finished with covered CIM in the teen cutie and then all three came down to finish me off airplane style with a lot of hand lotion and me sucking the teen girls beautiful little titties.

All in all, it was a fun and wild experience and I would do it again in a minute, but not with the trouble girl involved. It was dangerous in more ways than one. Another down side: neither one of us had his camera. Probably would have cost another 1000 with this group though.

Wang Ping (tiny girl with great attitude):
Face: maybe 7
Body: 6 (5' nothing and 40kg, a real spinner)
Service: I didn't get much time with her, but I bet the King would give her an 8 from what I could see.
Attitude: At least 9, fun and authentic GFE

Xiao Feng: (pre-nubian teen)
Face: 7, kind of a pouty Chinese Betty Boop
Body: 7 (if like this teen style of girl, which I do, she's pretty exciting)
Service: 7-8 (the best of the 3 for me, could be much better without trouble girl, she was getting turned off by the talking)
Attitude: 6 (warmed up to affectionate treatment)

Trouble Girl:
Face: 7 (she was cute, which is why she got invited)
Body: 7 (the only one with substantial tits)
Service: 6 for actual service, with less talk she might have been better,
Attitude: 3 being generous, she had fun with the game but too concerned with $, we didn't trust her for good reason.

Damage: 700 RMB total (+20 taxi back) for maybe an hour of actual fucking. But with all the negotiating and talking about what they would do and wouldn't do with Cronin's Moby and all the changing of condoms, it wasn't what we had hoped it would be. Still, I had a great time!

I don't know that this orgy scenario could be better with many hookers I've met. It seems like it would always break down at some point leading to protracted discussion about forbidden services or extra prices. Maybe a hooker orgy is just a dream that can't actually be realized. But we sure as hell tried!

Now what we need is a freebie orgy...eh JK?

Dream on,

12-21-03, 23:36
Luvumbare, Johnny, OAH.

Many thanks for the recommendations.

I'm looking forward to my next visit in GZ.


12-22-03, 09:31
Hey Cronin,

Don't hold back, man! Tell everybody what a dumbass I am and how I told them back to my OWN APARTMENT! Ha ha, you're right, I still can't believe I did that shit and I better hope the security guy never mentions this to anyone but imagine a group of guys and girls going up to my apartment @ 2am and if that juicy tidbit doesn't get spread around, then I'm definately not in China....
You should have seen me after you guys left at about 5 am. I was picking up "soiled" tissues, cups, food wrappers, condoms, condom wrappers, etc and trying to "air out" the cigarette smell before Mrs. Kon came home. It was like I was in my college dorm again!

Anyway, the tiny girl was just super sweet and she really liked me, which led to her latching onto me, figuratively and literally. I think I "got her" when I put my jacket around her during that walk in the fucking cold to the short time hotel. That and I had some of OAH's special cologne, too...And ofcourse because she liked me, it was BBJ, a little bit of AR, and really GFE in the shower before we joined the party with you and the other gals.

Ha ha, it was funny how the two girls with Cronin were almost in shock before and after they experienced his "little brother". Both of them even volunteered to "take it for team" and not let my tiny girl do Cronin! Now that's looking out for one another, SW-style!

Overall, a crazy experience that I actually wouldn't do again unless I knew the girls were friendly and comfortable with each other and skilled at giving great service. But, you have to agree that three girls for one guy @ 400 RMB is not bad and three girls for two guys @ 700 RMB is not bad, too.

But never again in my castle...or so I say now...


12-22-03, 15:53
Cronin, Johnny

So you finally found the Cosmos sign, try to go there a bit earlier next time there are some selection to choose from.

Also, very strange that they requested your passport to get a room at Jia Xin Hotel, when I have been there it was enough that the girl showed her ID.

I will try to scout out some more dark and ‘dangerous’ BBS alleys for you … I’ll give you a call next time I’m back in GZ


Added a cpl. of pics of a Zhan Qian Lu BBS-girl (the alley just next to CO-Hotel) in the photo section

12-23-03, 03:30
What a bunch of hogwash and BS stories.. you guys...
Lies, all lies.

I can't believe you guys. You must be making it all up. Total crapola, or so I have to keep telling myself, because I know it's ALL TRUE, ALL TRUE.

This is the way I have to trick my myself so I'm not racing to jump on the next plane. Just 51 more days, 13 hours, 17 minutes and 42, 41, 40, 39 seconds till I'm back with you boys.

Happy Holiday to All!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid future delays, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. This practice works for millions of people every day. Thanks!

12-23-03, 03:35

I think if it was 1 girl and 1 guy, showing the girl's ID would be enough. BUT...with 3 girls and 2 guys wanting to rent ONE ROOM, that was too much for them to turn a blind eye. Every girl had their ID and tried to use them, but no go...so off to my place!


Blue Wolf
12-27-03, 11:19
Hi all,

Today (saturday) I was nerby Garden hotel for a body massage, a real massage, that was so good that I need something more.

Behind Garden hotel there is a small street with 7-8 BBS, in one of them the girls waved at me, so I asked abouth "massage" and they saied ok and something abouth 3, so I thinke everything is ok and the prize is 300.

Into a small room with 1 bed and I start touching her tits and between her legs and she start massageing me but then I sai enough massage get to buisness, she just sai no!

No way she was dooing any FS and my chinese is not very good, so I had to leave :(

Was I just unluckey or is BBS service not good right now because of Gong An?


12-28-03, 03:31

The police crackdown has had absolutely no effect on BBS business in GZ so far (thank you, Buddha). They have only been shutting down the SW business on the Road of Gold, in front of the Garden Hotel and in HuiZhou Park (by the Landmark Hotel by the Pearl River). These are the obvious hooker displays in GZ which they want to make less obvious.

However, even this LE effort seems to be mostly for show. I've never seen any arrests and the hookers play a cat and mouse game with LE. After the Police cars are gone, the hookers are back on the street literally within the same minute.

Johnny and I were walking on the Golden Road the other night when a group of a dozen hookers ran to hiding places as a police car went by, then they all went straight back out to the taxi customers. It was funny, we thought they were all running to see us, but no such luck.

I think what you ran into was a quirk in the BBS system that I still don't really understand myself. Apparently, some BBS which look exactly like FS shops turn out to be legit massage places. Trying to tell the difference is impossible unless you know who to ask or you just find out the hard way. Even some Ramada shops on the back side of #1, 2 and 3 are this way (I've heard). The girls will wave you in, but then you get little or nothing.

The King knows about the shops you mentioned, but we have never gone back there on any of our many sojourns. I take that to mean that they are not worth the effort.


12-28-03, 05:35
I normally just ask if BBBJ & FS are available as soon as I get into the back room in a BBS. If not, I do not bother to take the massage. It takes some of the romance out of it, but saves time.


12-28-03, 09:27

Please, please teach me how to ask for BBBJ in Chinese. Now that is a language skill I really want to devote some time to learning. All my Chinese phrase books have is useless stuff like "where is the trainstation?" and "take me to the hospital".

My little love book called "Making Out in Chinese" has been useful, but it only goes as far as stuff like:

"I want to make love": "Wo shiang dzuo ai"

"Condom": "Bau shien tau"

"Is this your first time": "Ni sher di i-tsz ma?"

"Vagina": "ing-dow"

"Penis": "ing-jing"

"Blow me": "Shi wo"

"I've got a sexual disease": "Wo jong biow"

"AIDS": "Ai dz bing"

"Herpes": "Pow-jun"

"Gonorrhea": "Lin-bing"

"Syphilis": "May-du"

"Prostitute": "Ji-niu"

Nothing here about, "Hey sweetie, I'd really love to come in your mouth without a condom". You know... stuff we use everyday!


12-28-03, 09:43
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 1:

The Goat Goddess of Guangzhou was smiling on old Cronin last night. After trying to get something started with my little waitress that Johnny and I call Miss 40DD (didn't find her at work) I took a little walk up the Road of Gold. The heavens opened up and sprinkled Ho Dust on me (and I was wearing OAH cologne). Yes, gentle Brothers of the night, I got a freebie from a Road of Gold SW.

Walked up to the new "hot area" on the road of gold, which can be found under the over pass of Huanshi Lu. Just find these stairs across from the Garden Hotel:

12-28-03, 09:47
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 2:

If you walk down those stairs on the left of the last photo, you will usually see a group of hookers right at the bottom of the stairs on both sides of the street. We counted 14 the last time we went down there. A wide variety to choose from. Here's a photo I took last night as I was exploring. Those two girls in the middle of the street were negotiating with the taxi which is driving off and there were two more on the other side on the sidewalk that you can't really see in this photo.

12-28-03, 09:55
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 3:

As I turned around to walk up the Road of Gold, a cutie comes over and starts talking to me in broken, but passable English. She was really friendly, sweet and pretty and wasn't giving me the negotiation banter about "massagee", so I asked her if I could take her photo. She happily agreed and posed for me right there (clothed, of course).

12-28-03, 09:58
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 4:

Here's a close up on her face. It was a little strange taking photos on the Road of Gold, but she was having a great time, obviously.

12-28-03, 10:14
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 5:

I try to discourage her from further conversation because I want to head farther up the road, but she hangs with me. Strangely, she never actually talks about service, just what I'm doing here and where she's from, etc. She says she's going home now and asks me if I want to come with her back to her apartment. This is somewhat puzzling to me, since she has skipped all mention of service and price. It's like she wants me to come over to eat pretzles and watch the movie of the week or something. I'm really intruiged at this point, we've walked nearly up to the train trestle and we've just been chatting the whole time. So I broach the subject with an offer of 150. She looks surprised and delighted and we get a taxi back to her place.

Her apartment turns out to be just south of Fangcun on the main highway. And as we're heading south on that road, I am doublely blessed. I spot what certainly must be the "Fangcun Human Meat Market" on the left, but I'll go into that more some other post.

We get to her apartment and no standard SW treatment. We sit around her dingy apartment, smoking, listening to music, and she gives me some "Cha Cha" lessons (for real).

I'm trying to get her in the photo mood so I keep taking out the camera. Here's one which catches her not smiling, rare for the evening.

Blue Wolf
12-28-03, 10:15

My chinese is limeted to ask abouth food and drinks :), otherwise a very good sugestion, maybe I can join Cronin if you start a class in beeing a 1st class monger.


I have never befor had any probles at a BBS, also at the Ramada BBS it has allways been FS, and the way I touched the girl did't leave any doubt what I wanted, so I don't know why she changed her mind.


Still not got a apartment to share?


12-28-03, 10:25
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 6:

The conversation turns to girlfriend and boyfriend subjects, her family (when her Dad calls), she shows me photos. She's 27 from Guilin, Guanxi. She's spent time as a student, which is why we are talking in English, and is unusually multi-dimensional for a Tao Jin Lu SW.

This is not a Girl Friend Experience, this Experiencing a Girlfriend. Clearly, she's decided that I'm Boyfriend Material and is trying to figure a way to make that happen.

Here's another of her still with clothes on, never did get nude photos, but she promised me she would the next time, and I actually believe her.

12-28-03, 10:35
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 7:

Everytime I ask her for a photo, she has to run to the mirror to make sure she looks good. Here's another one with her fixing her makeup. Sorry these aren't up to Cronin Nude Girl standards, but be patient, I'm trying to be.

12-28-03, 10:55
Cronin Cops a Freebie Part 8:

Eventually we get down to taking a shower where she really did a nice Girlfriend job and having sex in a long and comfortable several hours. My DATY inspection showed Grade A Prime and the FS was, yes, uncovered (DUMB, DUMB, DUMB).

Stayed there overnight and had a wonderful breakfast in bed. Finally got up to leave and there was no discussion of money or services rendered at any time. We do exchange phone numbers and make a future date.

Only when I'm certain that she is going to let me leave free of charge do I take out my wallet and give her several hundred RMB. She was disappointed as this just wrecked her Boyfriend fantasy. But she accepted and here's why: in our conversations I found out that she was really hungry because she hadn't eaten much that whole day. Clearly the reason was: not much money. And she was going to let me leave without once asking for money, even though she was pretty desperate for funds. Sorry, fellow mongers, but Cronin has too much of a Hero complex to let this go down without a helping hand. That would have been a long, long taxi ride home for me.

So technically, I guess, not a Freebie. But she insisted that this money wasn't for sex. And actually, she was right, it wasn't. In fact, I feel guilty now giving my standard report rating... so I won't. Let me just say that ol' Cronin had a really nice evening with a beautiful, intelligent and sexy SW from Tao Jin Lu. I guess that's why we call it the Road of Gold.

12-28-03, 12:58

I hearby dub you "the Bareback King" now and forever.


P.S. Yes, I will be calling you "the BK" for short from now on...

12-28-03, 17:35
Cronin, you have a true heart of gold. That indeed was the right thing to do.

Have a Happy New Year, fellow mongers!

Travel Dog
12-29-03, 04:11

Here's a few more Mandarin phases for you. Some of these came from the internet somewhere, I can't quite remember where. I cleaned up the PinYin but it's still not too good.

Ko Jian - Mouth Love (BJ)

Ti Panza - Lick Plate (DATY)

Fashao - Fever (Horny)

Qu Niu - Virgin

Ni shi de yi ce lai ma ? - is this your first time here

Wo chang chang lai - I come here often

Wo bu qang lai - I seldom come here

Wo cong mai lai guo - I have never been here before

wo shi di yi ze lai - this is my first time here

Wo hen xihuan zheli - I like it here

Zheli de qee fen hen hao - the atmosphere is good

Zheli de huan jing ye bu cuo - the decor is also not bad

Wo hen xi huan zheli de inyue - I very like the music here

Jian dou ni hen gaoxing - pleased to meet you

Hen chang de tue - long legs

Kan shan qu hen xinggang - you look very sexy

Xiao de jin xun de yifu - small tight clothes

Chinzi - skirt

Nu xing hua - ladylike (fine looking)

hen yo nu ren - ladylike (fine looking)women

Qu tiaowu ba- shall we dance women

Hui ja ba - shall we go home

Qing tor yifu - please take off your clothes

Wo lai tor ni de ne yi ba - let me take off your underwear

Wo meiyo kan jian guo ni - I have never seen you

Bu yao pa - do not be afraid

Zuolu qu wu fen zhong - five minutes by walking

hen shufu - very comfortable may

Ge zhuo mo - every weekend

Zui jin zhema yang - how are you these days women

Zai yiqi hen gaoxing - we had a good time

Zai yiqu- together

Keyi pianyi yidian ma ? - can you make it a little cheaper ?

Ni kan shan qu zai xiatian - you look very summery

12-29-03, 04:42
Hi Cronin, I am glad you gave her some money. The few hundred rmb are nothing to us but to the girls they are money for food and rent. Since she never asked you for the money, it should still count as a freebee. Giving her the money is the right thing to do. How would you feel when you get hom after not giving her money for food or rent, then realize that she did not eat the next day due to lack of money but she did not want to take money from you since in her eyes she would be treating you as another John rather a nice person who she really like. Rtpman and I have given extra money to girls just because they did not ask for it and treated us special. There is nothing wrong with giving money to a girl that you like because you wanted to and not because she asked or make you give her the money. I bet you feel really good about giving her the money now vs going home without giving her any money. Looking forward to coming to China again soon. Really miss all the girls.

12-29-03, 06:14

What a detail description of your encounter! Very interesting!

Thanks for sharing!

But, the part where you went bareback, was really... risky?

You should follow your big head instead of small head next time.

just be careful! Specially with SWs and BBSGs

12-29-03, 07:04

I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything, but have you been tested lately? Just curious for the sake of the other brothers out there. Again, no offense intended

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited by Admin to add standard capitalization throughout the text. In the future, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

12-29-03, 07:24
Johnny, Jumbo:

"I'll be BK now and forever..." Yeah, well the way I'm going that should be just a few more years. After which I'll be the dead poster child for all stupid and selfish mongers. And I'm supposed to be some kind of smart guy, too. I don't know why I do that. I always, always regret it. Its so stupid and dangerous, like I haven't got a brain in my head (big head).

I can tell you that when I'm at that critical decision moment, I'm always just thinking about how wonderful the sex will be with no condom. I'm always so caught up in the beauty and sexuality of the girl because I always choose the prettiest girls I can find.

I think you said it once, I need to have some brainwashing treatment ala Clockwork Orange so that when I think about having BB sex, I get uncontrollably sick. If I knew I had the dreaded virus, there is no way I would put these girls at risk, that much is certain. But there has to be a way to transfer that altruism just one step forward so that I never contract it to begin with. I know the stats, I've done my homework. I gotta get on top of this situation before it gets on top of me.


The more I think about that whole encounter with Ahua, the more I'm convinced that she wasn't a Golden Road Union worker. She didn't offer service, she accepted a 150 price that will bring a sneer from any Tao Jin Lu girl, and she had a whole life outside of the street. I have come to believe that she was just desperate for money that day and went looking for a John (not that she hadn't done it before, she had a large collection of condoms under her pillow). But I don't think she is a "pro" in the career sense of that word. She does it to get by, but wants to do something else with her life. I'm really not sure what I'm going to do with her now. She is supposed to come over here on Wednesday. I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks to all,

12-29-03, 08:39

Nice story.. have to check out the ‘over pass’

Miss 40DD .. sounds like something in my taste :-) .. care to share ??

Reg. Some useful words .. this was to be found under the Shanghai section a while ago … maybe you will find some useful words there.

Tuiyou: HJ with baby oil (Tui3 You2)
Binghuo - Ice&Fire
Taifei - house fine
Anilingus and Fellatio. ¡°Man4 You2 Shi4 Jie4
ATF: All Time Favorite. ¡°Zui4 Ai4¡±
Aunty: Menstruation or Period ¡°Da4 Yi2 Ma2¡± or ¡°Lao3 Peng2 You3¡±
Bareback: Bu2 Dai4 Tao4¡±
BJ= chooee
BBBJ: Bu2 Dai4 Tao4 Kou3 Jiao1¡±
BBBJTC: Bu2 Dai4 Tao4 Kou3 Jiao1 He2 Kou3 Bao4¡±
BDSM: Kun3 Bang3 He2 Xing4 Nue4 Dai4¡±
BS: Body slide. ¡°Shen1 Ti3 An4 Mo2¡±
CBJ: CBJ, Covered Blow Job. ¡°Dai4 Tao4 Kou3 Jiao1¡±
CFS: Covered Full Service. ¡°Dai4 Tao4 Xing4 Jiao1¡±
CIM: Cum in mouth. ¡°Kou3 Bao4¡±
Cowgirl: Woman rides on top, knees astride. ¡°Nv3 Zai4 Shang4 Ti3 Wei4¡±
DATY: Wei4 Nv3 Zi3 Kou3 Jiao1¡±
Deep throat: Sheng1 Hou2¡±
DFK: Deep French Kissing, kissing with tongue ¡°Fa3 Guo2 Shi4 Qin1 Wen3¡±
Doggie Style: Gou3 Pa1 Shi4 Xing4 Jiao1¡±
FS: Full Service. ¡°Quan2 Tao4 Xing4 Jiao1¡±or "Qiao1 Da4 Bei4 (a jargon among working girls)"
FS= zou ai (make love)
Full meal deal: Full Service, Vaginal intercourse to completion
GFE: Nv3 Peng2 You3 Jing1 Li4¡±
Greek: Gang1 Jiao1¡±
Hand Job: Da3 Fei1 Ji1¡± or "Qiao1 Xiao3 Bei4 (a jargon among working girls)"
Missionary: Chuan2 Jiao4 Shi4 Zi1 Shi4¡±
Rimming, Rimjob: Anilingus. ¡°Tian3 Gang1 Men2¡±
Russian: Penis between her breasts ¡°Ru3 Jiao1¡±
Sixty Nine, 69: ¡°Liu4 Shi2 Jiu3 Ti3 Wei4¡±
Shuang1fei - two girls session.


12-29-03, 10:57

Useful indeed, I just printed that whole list. Now I will try and use a language program to put chinese characters to the pin yin, just in case I can't get the words pronounced correctly, which happens a lot.

Miss 40DD is not a working girl, she's a girl I "met" at a restaurant. She's the hostess with the mostest (old joke, but never more true). I just sit there in a state of shock when I see her and she returns the stares, soooo I've been trying everything to get to know her. This is my Freebie project currently, I'll let you know how it goes. I'm almost certain she's a "traditional" Chinese girl, and you know what a time investmest that requires.

However, if you want some breathtakingly beautiful breasts in a BBS girl, you absolutely have to try out "Aje" from Sichuan in Ramada shop 3 (big plate glass window front). I have waxed poetic about her here before. These are monster breasts and she is not the least bit fat. She is also really beautiful, and dresses like a corporate secretary, just my kind of girl in every way. She has a habit of wearing this tight white sweater outfit so you can see the breasts bulging out of the top of her bra through the sweater. After my session with her, I took Johnny over to stand at the door to take a look. He was absolutely stunned, we just stood there like two idiots with our tongues hanging out. Unlike most huge breasts, when she removes the bra there is not the least bit of sag. These puppies stand at attention and salute. Words fail me. The down side is that she is a tad arrogant so the service is sub par, but you may have better luck than I did. Be prepared for her to rant about your little brother being to big.

See you soon,

12-29-03, 11:20
Hey at sh,

No worries, mate. I know who's being the jerk here, its me not you. That's a totally legitimate question. Here's the answer:

I have been trying to get hooked up with a place to get tested for over a month now. Since I'm new in GZ, and don't speak the language, I have to rely on various trusted friends to take me to the clinic and get me through the process (at least the first time).

After many weeks waiting and waiting for one friend to take me to a place they say they know, and getting nowhere, I've tried another friend. I'm pretty sure this will happen now in the next week and I know the Doctor who seems really good.

Of course, my main concern in testing is to learn my HIV status. To compensate for all the various other STDs (in lieu of actually being tested), I've been self administering a clinical regimen of antibiotics every couple of weeks, just to be sure I'm not carrying around Clamydia, Gonorrhea, etc. I did a Cipro series about four weeks ago. And just a couple days ago finished an Amoxicillin series. I've also recently purchased some anti fungal solution to apply externally. The information on required dosages is easy to find on the web and all these antibiotics are cheaply available in the larger pharmacies here in China.

So I'm as certain as I can be that I'm not spreading any of the curable STDs around. Its the incurable one that has yet to be determined. I'll post the results either way. We'll either have a celebration or a wake.

Thanks for the question,

Blue Wolf
12-29-03, 12:27

first of all i hope the best for you but be a little careful.

there is a very good hospital in tien he, a lot of foreign companys use it for body check of the staff, many of the hospitals staff speeks english and the hospital is new and clean.

if you got anything bad you risk to bee thrown out of china, in shanghai a man was thrown out without any warning because his wife had aids, they did't get anything at all with them, the police just throwed them on the first plain out of china.

so be careful but i'm sure you will be laughing of all this in a couple of weeks. :)


12-29-03, 15:08
Cronin: Careful with self administering anti-biotics! Your body can develop resistance to it and if (or more like when) you go bareback again and (if) you pick up something (like the clap), then it will be harder to get rid of (if at all). The Clap and Chlamydia are the two most common Std's and also the 2 that in some cases are not being cured by "standard" treatment....... Maybe you need to look at some pictures of Std's on the internet - it's pretty disgusting!

Believe me, I'm not trying to preach here because we're all men and men hate wearing rubbers, but don't cause yourself grief for 20 minutes of pleasure! Play safe!


PS. Love the stories and the pic's :)

12-29-03, 17:11
Yo Cronin,

Was surfing the threads and saw your post about the antibiotics. I don't think that it is a good idea because Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are actually very easily treated UNLESS you have a resistant bug due to antibiotic overusage.

E.g Chlamydia responds very well to Metronidazole and GC to a single dose of ceftriaxone IM.

I know this because i am a medical doctor and have treated many 'compatriots in arms'.

p.s bareback is not a good idea at all man!

HIV can be undetectable but infectious for 6 weeks to 6 months. Yes, threre are more sensitive tests but are expensive and not routinely done.

Having said that -- You are the MAN!

12-29-03, 19:12
You guys are just sooo sooo cool. This is just exactly what I needed, a good slap across the chops from good friends to wake me the fuck up.

So many great people jumping up to get in my face about this, I just want to say how much I really, really appreciate it. Rest assured, you ARE having an effect, it IS sinking in.

And thanks for being such a great audience and letting me use this board as my own personal sex blog. Obviously, writing is a kick for me, and I'm always concerned that I'll get flamed down for burning up somebody's bandwidth.

So a grateful and humble Buddhist bow goes out to Davinci, Chikan, Wolfie, Csun, Todd, Jumbo, SH, Trvldog, Magic and especially the King of Guangzhou. So good to know you guys got my back.


12-29-03, 20:56
I am not one to rain on anyone's parade. That said in all my years of mongering I have only done DATY once on a profesional. It is a story not worth repeating here.

The odds of picking up a STD are much higher than you think. Many STD are asymptomatic (no visible signs of having it), look at this way, a BBS girl, Mong Kok brothel girl, or 141 girl is seeing at least 6 clients a day. That means if she is sucking 6 cocks a day bare back, in the course of working 1 month she is sucking 156 cocks. Over a 6 month period almost 1000 cocks cuming in her mouth. If she sucks you bare back she will suck everyone bare back. I for one do not like the odds of sticking my face in a Jade Gate to Heaven based on the numbers above.

You might like this website http://www.bigeye.com/sexeducation/stds.html
since it has almost everything you would want to know about STD's

Keep safe and little brother in good working order.

12-30-03, 04:25
Cronin "the BK"

Hope you're not just blowing lots of hot air and it really is sinking in man...imagine the tiny angel, the tiny angel...

Also, you still work, kind of, as an excuse to go do stuff, so don't go dying on me yet! Time to go apartment hunting for the New Year!


12-30-03, 10:15

I just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. We had this same conversation at the Monger Mini-Convention in Shenzhen more than 2 months ago. You told us all how stupid you were and you intended to stop going BK.

We are all tempted to do it, all the time, especially with these young stunners we have access to here in China. You just need to exercise control, my friend.


12-30-03, 10:16

I always thought the risk from BBBJ was fairly low. Is this not true? Thanks.


12-30-03, 13:21

From what I learned, it's pretty low, almost non-existent IF:

1) no open sores/cuts in the mouth and on the penis
2) no swallowing

I don't know about you, but when her mouth is millimeters from my cock, and I can already feel her breath, I kinda forget to say "wait a sec and open wide", but even then, the risk is still lower than bareback FS. I remember some buddies working in AIDS-prevention programs back when I was in San Francisco joking that promoting "suck him instead of fuck him" among gay men would be a novel approach to reducing AIDS infections, but it would never get any government support...

Regarding number two, well, most Chinese gals take care of that point themselves, eh? Although this one girlfriend in Xi'an really got addicted in a sense to her daily "fix" from me....


12-31-03, 06:02
Hi Cronin, now aren't you glad you gave your freebee some money. If things don't work out between the two of you or if you don't feel like seeing her again there is no guilt.

As for doing the girls BK, since it is over, don't worry yourself sick over it. Just take care not to do it again.

I know one of the guys who have done over 200 girls bareback, got tested when he returned back to the U.S. and was clean. I am not saying that you should do the girls bareback, just saying that what is done is done, don't worry about it just be more careful next time.

12-31-03, 08:42
Ha ha ha,

Dear Csun, I just have to give you a thumbs up for calling Cronin his proper name, "the BK." Remember, all of you, that's his name now and forever!


Yellow Fever #2
12-31-03, 12:36
More treatments:

I have heard (and used) Azithromycin (Zithromax) as a cure all or more prevention for chlamydia and ghonorrea. If you have used up your 'lifetime' amounts of Cipro and amoxycillin. Doxycyclin is also supposed to be effective.

Dosage is also very simple with azithromycin - take 4 tablets on day one (4x.25mg) and take one tablet for the next two days.

This is a simpler regimen than taking tablets for days and may help prevent resistance.

Better to be careful.

I remember the TV commercials from Hong Kong, that said there is a one in 6 chance of getting something from a working woman.

Even still with the high odds and knowing better - going BK sometimes cannot be avoided.

12-31-03, 13:07

You're evil dude, evil...

By the by, don't going and fooling yourself that I'm any excuse for you with Mrs. Kon. You're just so desperate for an alabi that you WANT to believe it.

When you tell her "See you later Hun, I'm going out to eat dinner with Cronin." All she hears is "See you later Hun, I'm going out to eat pussy with Cronin." You know that river in Egypt (Denial)? We both been floating on that one lately.

Cronin (That's with a C)

12-31-03, 15:55

Where would you get Cipro and amoxycillin in china? what are they called in chinese (mandarin)? is a prescription needed? this would probably be useful info. Thanks in advance.

01-01-04, 03:07
the BK,

Prevention is the best medicine! Remember the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Applies here very well.

Especially with BBS girls. Just yesterday, I met a local Hunan guy while I was prowling the Futian BBS area in SZ. He was curious to know what I was up to. I asked him to join me and he declined. He was very concerned for my health and safety. He said the BBS girls were ridden with disease since the daily turnover was so high. He strongly recommended that I should spend a few more bucks and patronize a slightly higher class to be safer.

I reckon if the average working girl is 1 in 6, the BBS odds should be 1 in 3, or worse. I also remember a study of HIV in Thailand, 33-44% of all sex workers were found positive.


Blue Wolf
01-01-04, 08:41
The other day I went to the BBS at Cosmos on Zhan Qian Lu, I wantede to see this dangerous place Johnny and The BK was reporting abouth.

A lot of girls there but quality is not always so good but a good place to look for gold.

The BK,

You sai this "street" >looks bombed-out< ??? I think a bombed-out street will look a lot nicer :), but at least the girls rooms are not too bad.

Face: 7, nothing special but a nice smile
Body: 8, very small tits but the rest looks very good
Service: 8,5, very good time, always asking is this good or is this bether
Attitude: 9+ , very supriseing she spoke a lot of english

So I will go back again.

Happy New Year to all,


01-01-04, 13:58
Cronin - watch out if you take anti-bio's every couple of weeks or so - after a while the bugs that make it thru the regimen become resistant to the drugs. Also does strange things to your digestive tract...

Yellow Fever #2
01-01-04, 18:09
Cipro (ciproflaxin), amoxycillin, azithromycin and nearly all other antibiotics can be found in virtually any pharmacy in China.

I do not know the Mandarin terms but I think they are similar in sound.

Some pharmacies will have medical dictionaries and can look up these medicines for you but the best method is to go to the pharmacy and turn over each box and see what it contains. Most of the medicines have English descriptions on the box.

As a foreigner you can often take these liberties in the pharmacy. They don't expect you to know what you are doing (or looking for) so it seems to be OK. I have gone behind the counter and turned bottles just to find the 2RMB medicine I was looking for. In China prescriptions are not needed for these medicines from local pharmacies. The pharmacies seem glad to sell you anything that they can get.

It is good to know what medicines are avaiable for when you might need it. Turn the bottles and get familiar with the local products. You will certainly be a better doctor (for yourself) than almost any doctor you will find here. This is not to say the doctors are not fine here (most try their best) but they are not always aware of modern medicines or treatments and communication is almost always a problem.

I highly recommend Azithromycin for curing infections. It is a very broad spectrum antibiotic and works for several days (I think around 10), which is why it is a one dose solution. It is especially good for upper respiratory infections - you know the cough that does not go away (and which is not SARS).

In America a ZPACK (6 tablets of azithromycin) costs about $120. In China you can easily find the same 6 tablets for 50RMB and I have seen even as low at 7.5RMB (for 6 tablets). Believe it or not but you can actually find ORIGINAL Pfizer Azithromycin (maybe it is fake) for around 100RMB/6 tablets.

However as we are living in a very corrupt developing country with extremely poor quality control standards, you must know that some medicines are fakes, some are not as described and some are even toxic. A report in America several years ago said that perhaps 50% of the antibiotics sold in developing countries (China, Thailand etc.) are not effective (outdated, fake etc.). For this reason I try to take local name brands and I also change brands when I go to my next course. Also remember to check the dates on the medicine and try to choose fresh batches whenever possible.

I think that all the medicines have been effective - at least I get the same side effects and results from them when they have been used.

Good luck and stay healthy.

01-02-04, 01:59
I'm visiting Guangzhou for the first time in a couple weeks (even though I've been elsewhere in China). I've read thru many posts in this section and most of the info seems to center on barber shops and the street scene, which as pointed out in one of the posts are probably a higher risk for STD's.

What's the higher-end scene like? Is there much of a good higher-end scene besides old hags hanging out at hotel lobbies?

01-02-04, 02:12
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 1:

Ended up hunting on Wednesday night and scouted the Golden Road. Saw nothing at the Huanshi overpass except for two hookers who were too scared to stand in one place. The LE seemed to have staked out hidden surveillance spots, but I doubt they're hidden from the girls. At the train trestle there was about a dozen or so girls and a lot of customers negotiating on foot. Nothing at all on the hill. Took a taxi to HaiKou park, across from the Landmark Hotel, and saw maybe six total SW. I think these are the worst quality SW in GZ, always old or young and ugly. Plenty of LE presence. I saw a pair of girls I had seen there before and took their photo.

01-02-04, 02:15
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 2:

Went to Zhan Qian Lu about 1am, walked up to the C-store and saw a really cute young SW who looked very uncomfortable and out of place. I offered her150, and she accepted immediately. Followed her back to her ST room which looks out over the entrance to Cosmos. Mama met us at the door and then demanded payment in advance. I said no way, but she was adamant. After a few minutes of this, I headed for the door. Mama locks the girl in the apartment and heads down the stairs ahead of me. Two flights down, I try to reason with her. Finally, she sends me back upstairs where we begin the same argument again. She wins and I give her 50, but she wants all of it. I finally win and she leaves. The girl is really cute and super affectionate, like I'm her long lost boyfriend.

01-02-04, 02:17
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 3:

The girl, Xiao Er, is not the usual SW. From the calluses on her hands, her great tan, and her total lack of knowledge, I suspect she is fresh from the farm. I take out the Canon and she is shy but receptive.

01-02-04, 02:18
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 4:

She is so sweet, innocent and naive, she says 17, but I have a hard time believing that. She is maybe 150 cm, really tiny, and has tried to hide the tan on her face with this god awful white makeup. I thought she was sick the first time I looked at her. I know Asian men like fair skinned women, but I've never seen anyone in GZ wear the makeup she had on (another thing that implied she was from the farm). I tried to tone it down a little in these photos so she doesn't look like a ghost.

01-02-04, 02:20
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 5:

She really warms up to the camera game and starts posing for me and wanting to see the photos. I've never met a girl so completely into nude photos, she is having a great time. We spent the time taking photos and doing other fun stuff in between. She started doing this little peace sign on her own. That has become THE Asian teen way to have your photo taken.

01-02-04, 02:22
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 6:

Obviously from the photos, there was a little foreplay squeezed in between photos. Anything I ask her to do she will try. This isn't quite the shot I had in mind, but what the hell. She was having so much fun, it didn't matter.

01-02-04, 02:23
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 7:

She is trying to do a little BBBJ, but has a tiny mouth so its impossible to stuff little brother more than an inch or so inside. She is a real trouper, though, and gives it an all out effort. Not one complaint, one more sign she was non-pro, just this look of frustration and then exasperated, she gives up. Jackson approved this one.

01-02-04, 02:25
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 8:

I can pose her any way I want, so I'm positioning her head, arms, legs... basically what ever I want to do is what she wants to do. Then she'll look at the photo and start this little giggle with her hand over her mouth. Then we'll do a little DATY, tongue bath, some kisses and back to another photo. A truly wonderful girl!

01-02-04, 02:27
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 9:

Difficult as hell to take these in a dark room because I couldn't frame the shot, I had to wait to see the photo and if it wasn't right, try to get a better angle. I'm wondering if I'm wasting all my valuable fucking time and will have another unpleasant talk with mama. I try to ask Xiao Er about how much time we have, but she has no clue what I'm talking about. Hand signals failed me this time.

01-02-04, 02:28
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 10:

I decided to post these here instead of the photo gallery, because there really is a report that goes with these. I apologize for taking up the board space. I will post others I have of Xiao Er at the photo gallery.

01-02-04, 02:30
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 11:

This is one where I posed her in a place she couldn't shoot me her peace sign, but she tried her best. Her face is so cute and she doesn't hide her emotions, an actual real person who was walking the street on Zhan Qian Lu, no wonder she looked so out of place when I saw her.

01-02-04, 02:33
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 12:

At this point, she is thinking up her own poses. As I was erasing some of the bad images, she stood on the bed and said some equivalent of "Hey, take my photo doing this, OK?" I'm shaking head in disbelief.

01-02-04, 02:34
Cronin in the Cosmos Part 13:

At this point, she is thinking up her own poses. As I was erasing some of the bad images, she stood on the bed and said some equivalent of "Hey, take my photo doing this, OK?" I'm shaking head in disbelief.
After all this we had a hell of a lot of trouble with little brother. Her vagina is the size of a small coin. We tried several different tricks to get inside. I'd push on her and she'd scoot up to the top of the headboard in pain, then I'd have to pull her down to the foot of the bed again, get greased up again, and try to push into her again. We did that routine three times without success. She was more than willing, but the plumbing was just the wrong size, this is a really tiny girl. We tried one last position with me on my side so little brother's oval was the same direction as her vagina oval. With a lot of saliva (no KY), her legs as far open as possible, and gentle pressure, we at last succeeded. I asked her if she felt any pain, but she didn't answer. From the look on her face, she was not in pain but in a transcendental state. Mama knocked at the door and she attempted to say something but couldn't, she seemed in total rapture. Brothers, so was I.

Face: 6-7 Less pancake makeup and lipstick would help a lot
Body: 8 for me, I thought she was perfect, but it depends on your preference.
Service: 8 even though she knew less than nothing, she would do anything I asked with a smile.
Attitude: 10 I'm going way out on a limb here, but I just can't think of how it could be any better.
BBBJ: A+ for effort
Damage: 350 of which I knew mama was going to take 100 (evil woman), so I wanted to give Xiao Er 250. Too expensive, yes I agree, but I had a totally great time.


Crazy Jim Wood
01-02-04, 03:24
Cronin, superb photos, great post. Thanks for posting them here, the photo galleries are so filled with crap I don't look at them anymore.

01-02-04, 03:54
Nice photos Cronin. She looks young alright.

Blue Wolf
01-02-04, 04:43
Cronin the BK,

Great pics and post, I was at cosmo earlyer than you and I think I saw her at the entrance to cosmo.

Many great girls in that area.


01-02-04, 10:53
the BK,

I am sure many of us are wondering the same thing. Did you live up to your reputation, or have you taken our advise?


01-02-04, 11:39
Yes, "BK",

I didn't notice the mention of Mr. Condom, either...:)


01-02-04, 14:42
Dear Cronin (The BK),

It is amazing to see how far you have come in a few months. I had the great pleasure of coming out on your first trip in GZ and that was great. The pics are great and you sound like you are having a good time.

Just on the subject of STD metioned earlier, unfortunantly, on my trip to the BBS in GZ a couple of months ago, I came home with a little surprise that I picked up with a BBJ in the BBS. Fortunantly, it was something that could be easily fixed with a couple of pills but it showed me that BBJ's are also dangerous. Something I wasn't too sure of until that trip. No more BBJ's for this little black duck.

Anyway, I am all better now and dangerous as ever.

Take care.


01-02-04, 16:17
I can't join in the enthusiasm for Cronin's photos, many or all of which have been doctored in Photoshop or some similar program. xiaoer16a.jpg, xiaoer15a.jpg, xiaoer11a.jpg are the most obviously edited - just look at the white lines around her body curves and you can see what appears to be a rather clumsy cut and paste job. A couple of others have the same flaw but are less obvious. Here's a question for you, Cronin: who took the photo in part 7? (xiaoer14a.jpg). Wasn't you. Wasn't her. Who?

01-03-04, 18:04
yo cronin,

i was wondering the same thing--- no mention of mr. condom???

the antibiotic thing, i think cannot be over-emphasized, don't take atbc without reason. your resistance bulids up and the consequences will be worse later.

you could do a culture & sensitivity test of your [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) and also any discharge( minimal is normal) at any private lab-- you can say that that you have urinary stones and some renal impairment, so the doctor asked you to check your [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) regularly, monthly even.

even easier, you go to a pharmacy and buy what is called a [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) dipstik, which looks for various thing in your [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) (done in hospitals and clinics) e.g bacteria, protein, nitrates, wbc. this is all color coded on individual squares (hospitals use an electronic device to read) and the legend is included on the canister. the price may be highish, but it contains about 50-100 strips. using it is simple, just [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) on the stik or dip it into a cup of your [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134), preferable the midstream part(discard the first bit to come out).

about the bbbj, it is safer but...any abrasions etc, i'm sure you understand. it is easier for the woman to get any std's but the street goes both ways.


01-03-04, 18:18
xiaoer16a.jpg, xiaoer15a.jpg, xiaoer11a.jpg do not at all appear to be edited. There is clearly a bit of a shadow in each picture. And haven't you heard of timers on digital or regular cameras? You set the timer and with a digital picture you take as many as you need till you get it right.

Member #3412
01-03-04, 18:22
Yo Cronin,

No offence but I think I'll have nightmares after bonking Xiaoer.

I should think GZ has better quality than that. What about other members opinion on the quality of GZ WLs?

Have been to various places in China, but this would definitely be out from my selection.

01-04-04, 00:20
No idea if they are real or not. Resizing the photo can lower its quality as I have found with some of mine. However to get my vote of confidence I need the red date in the bottom corner, because there are far too many 'amateur sites out there with amateur type professional shots.

Very few if any pics posted on this WSg have this. I suspect the majority are false. Just my pov. For instance:

01-04-04, 14:25
Hey OAH,

Is it me or does Cronin's "fresh bok choy straight off the farm" Xiaoer look like a younger reincarnation of infamous Icy?? Ha ha ha...


PS. And one last feeble request for GZ mongers who are interested in pooling money for an apartment, please PM or email me. I'm hoping we can get 1-2 dependable guys who can contribute about 200-300 RMB per month.

[Email address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to removal of email addresses in the text. Please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

01-04-04, 18:24
Hey you guys,

Some posts are just so silly you don't know how to respond to them. Cut and paste? Weird.

And in that one bj shot, I just held the camera out with my left hand and pressed the button, not exactly an original idea.

I said in the post that I tried to change the tone on her pancake makeup so she wouldn't look like a ghost. Masking on a photo is really tough to do. I wasn't really pleased with the results, but I gave it my best shot. They're better than the orginals which are kinda scary, she's such a crazy little girl to do that to herself.

My friends know that I'm not even an amateur photographer, I'm just an enthusiatic monger in love with Asian Females. Don't take it so seriously, I don't.

My Canon leaves a lot to be desired, it almost never gives a good image of people. I'm not at all interested in some kind of documentary journalism. I'm just having fun making the nicest images I can.

Just for the record, here's my standard routine after downloading to the computer:
1) Adjust contrast and brightness. Sometimes that means brightening the dark background and darking the foreground, again a tough mask assignment.
2) Kick up the saturation a little. This is a matter of taste, but I prefer a more vivid image than the flat tone which comes out of the Canon. It makes them look more warm and alive, which they are.
3) Sharpen the image with unsharp mask. I go easy on this, but it almost always makes a better image because of the crappy lens focus.
4) Occasionally adjust the tone. Again, crappy Canon plus bad light gives off colors on skin tone. I'm not good at this at all.

All of these techniques are self-limiting, push them too far and you end up with garbage. But none of them create something which isn't there. And what would be the point? The reality of a delicate piece of art like Xiao Er is magnificent, humbling really.

BTW, I printed out a little montage of Xiao Er's pix on photo paper and took it over to her last night. She was totally knocked out by them, it was fun to see, like it was some kind of really wonderful treasure to her. And then, well you know, she showed me her gratitude...


01-05-04, 03:35

Now that you mention it, I do see a slight resemblance. I will try to snap one of Icy when I next go to visit (if she doesn't throw me out after the last episode there) and post for comparison purposes.

You will be glad to know that "the BK" actually stopped to buy condoms before he met us in SZ yesterday, and confessed that he in fact did use one as we were leaving the shop.


P.S. For those of you who are not acquainted with her, Icy is an English speaking mamasan that works out of an apartment near the train station in Shenzhen.

01-05-04, 03:51

Leaving the question of quality to personal taste, I can attest that Cronin does in fact take the pictures he posts Please refer to the pictures recently posted from Shenzhen encounters. I was with him when he took the photos of these two girls. Furthermore, he still had the images of XiaoEr in his camera. These were the same ones he posted.

I believe it best that we express our gratitude for his sharing, rather than attacking his integrity.

Just my POV.


01-05-04, 10:57
Yes Spot on OAH. Couldn't agree more.

01-05-04, 13:03
OAH wrote:
P.S. For those of you who are not acquainted with her, Icy is an English speaking mamasan that works out of an apartment near the train station in Shenzhen.

Hey, Emperor OAH, you forgot to mention that she also has about as much charisma and selling skills as a third-rate car salesman! And, most importantly, how could you not take advantage of my negotiation skills with Icy this weekend?? Yes, WSG brothers, OAH refused 250 RMB for TWO LOVELY TEENS! But then again, he's the "Last Emperor" so I can't say anything more...

Cronin, don't lie, not only did you cut and paste, I know for a fact you spent the last three days in your room making those digital pictures entirely with Photoshop...every last pixel. You've quite the artistic hand for producing such photo-realistic art, but you're a charlitan nonetheless! ;)


01-05-04, 16:10

You got me. I made it all up. Wow, what an imagination I have. ;~>

the non-BK

01-06-04, 01:40

Yes, Icy can be a bit hard sell. It was our first stop of the day. I really just wanted to introduce Sound Stream to her in case he was in the area in the future and in need of something quick and easy. She had one new girl that I would have done, but the others did not strike my fancy to make up the duo. Also, we wanted to check out the rest of the market first. I will remind Icy on my next visit of your negotiated deal for two, but I doubt she will remember. As you very well know, she has a very short memory when it comes to discounts.


John Siron
01-06-04, 09:55

See if you can convert your Canon's JPG format into RAW or TIFF before editing it. Then reconvert it back to JPG when you are ready to post it online. That should improve the image a bit.

01-06-04, 14:20

Thanks for the tip, I'll try that.

I've been taking the lazy man's approach and just downloading straight to my iMac's iPhoto program. Its so easy, just plug in the camera and it starts the program.

But I know that Canon included software to capture images off the camera, I use that for video. I'm pretty sure I can download as Tiff and other formats. Thanks again.

I also noticed a photo on the Thai page, I think, which was really high resolution. A beautiful image of some Thai girls in a shopping mall. I wonder how that guy managed that, I should write to him and ask.

I must have made a format error somewhere because my images only take up 160k or so on the WSG web site whereas that Thai photo took up 360k out of the 400k that we are allowed to post. If I could put up 400k images, that would be great. I don't quite understand the problem.


01-06-04, 17:02

Here's a repeat post of a SZ girl using your suggestion (convert Canon JPEG to TIFF, edit, compress back to JPEG at the highest quality). It makes a much bigger file and I think its a better image also.

Jackson doesn't want repeat posts, and I won't do this again, but I just want to see the results for comparison.

Thanks again


Bill Lee
01-08-04, 06:23
Hi everybody.

I'm returning to GZ at the end of January and will be staying at the Garden. Any places nearby that I can go and make a selection and bring back?

Any help is appreciated. I was used to going to K bars but that's when I went back with all my buddies. Now it's just me alone and it's a waste of time to go to a K bar by me self.

How's the action at the bar across from the hotel or right next to the hotel as you exit right from the front?

Thanks for any help in advance. First time posting in China.


01-18-04, 21:14
Hi Guys,

I had my first encounter with the Guangzhou Police last night. It was really scary at first since I didn't know what to expect, but turned out to be somewhat comical.

I started the night at Starbuck's next to the Garden Hotel about 10pm. LE were out in full force again in front of the Hotel with that huge paddy wagon parked there (about the size of a garbage truck) and the police tape across the sidewalk as I have described before.

Took a walk to Tao Jin Lu and only saw one lonely SW on the overpass and none on the sidewalk on the other side of the street. A combination of the LE and festival must have really taken its toll.

On Tao Jin Lu I did not see one SW anywhere, but a lot of LE walking around with their little bats.

Took a taxi down to Siyou 1 Malu, the area just north of the Ramada shops. The selection was really lame, very few girls and 5 or less quality. I stopped in my favorite "pink pole" shop and asked for my favorite beautiful tiny girl, "Ahsia". Mama ignored my question two or threee times and tried hard to get me back into the massage area with a girl of much lower quality. The other pretty girl in that shop was also missing. Finally another girl told me that Ahsia went home.

Went even further down SiYou 1 Malu which makes a L turn to the left and on toward a single shop further down on the right, off by itself, which usually has a pink fluorescent light and sometimes decent girls. There were three girls and a mama. Two were acceptable and a small girl had her back to me negotiating with a car at the curb. I decided to walk to Ramada and check them again on the way back.

This was a Saturday night at right about 12:00 and the Ramada shops where buttoned up. Shop number two had the front gate about half way down, so I went in to chat with mama, who I know reasonably well. She looked about ten times miserable, having a really bad night (or month) and would hardly even acknowlege me, kept pointing up stairs and at the poor quality girls she had. She always thinks I'm there to see XiaoPing and I usually am, but A-Todd had clued me several weeks ago that XiaoPing had gone home.

So I walked back to the pink light shop to see the face of the little "negotiator girl". She wasn't that great from the front, and not as friendly as I like to see, so I went upstairs with a really busty, sweet and friendly girl named Hu Yong Jue. She turned out to be a great girl, super nice and willing to take the time to do whatever it took to please. I recommend her highly and will go back to see her, what a sweetie she is.

Face 6, body 7, service 8, attitude 8. Covered FS, (for all my friends who are checking up on me), and no BBBJ (too big yet again). Paid her 150 plus 50.

BTW, that shop has a nice set-up upstairs, they have the standard three massage bed room with curtains, but off that they have a relatively clean ST room with a nice big bed.

We came back downstairs, passing an Asian guy on a massage bed getting a hand job who said hello to me while he was getting the job. I asked him, in standard OAH fashion, "hey, how is she?", he said in English "Fantastic", I pulled up the curtain to see her and we all had a good laugh. Apparently he recommends that girl too.

Anyway, I get back downstairs and mama and the girls are really friendly and invite me to sit awhile, drink some water and chat. She tells me about her money troubles, so I assume business is not too good there. I exchange phone numbers by calling Hu Yong Jue's mobile. Then Yong Jue and mama walk toward the back of the shop to try to program in my name on her phone.

Just then the negotiator girl sitting at the front of the shop says goodbye and quickly leaves. I sit there and look out the front and see a Guangzhou Police SUV drive up with its blue lights going. The cop looks in at me, pulls up a few feet further (out of view of the girls) and parks. I call back to mama and Yong Jue "Hey! Wenti, may wenti?" Mama doesn't see the cop and says "May wenti." She didn't understand so I said, "Wenti, Wenti! (problem, problem!)"

Mama comes over to look at where I'm pointing, gets a scared look on her face and quickly waves me out the door. By this time the cop has gotten out of the SUV and is standing at the front of the shop about to come in.

I really didn't think I was going to have a problem, based on what so many people have told me, but I did not want to antagonize him in any way, so I got up and to leave. He looks at me on my way out and, amazingly, chucks me on the shoulder and says "DAH!" (BIG). But his tone and attitude were not menacing at all, more like the kind of friendly monger commeraderie that the Asian guy upstairs had. I'm sure he could tell I was scared, it was almost like he was trying to calm me down. Totally weird. I turned to him and said "Dway" in an apologetic tone of voice, sort of like "Yeah, there's not much I can do about it".

And that was it. At that point I walk out and look back to see mama and Hu Yong Jue racing up the stairs, probably to get the Asian guy zipped up before the cop gets to him.

It was a weird experience for me, a combination of terror, then anxiety, then sort of a giddy adrenaline when I realized the cop had just made a friendly joke with me. Still, not an experience I want to repeat.

I can only image what happened after I left, I called today to find out, but damn, I couldn't get any information from Yong Jue that I could understand over the phone. I really wish I could speak Chinese at times like this.

Other GZ mongers have told me that the whole SiYou Malu area of shops is protected by the military, who use it often. I know theres a big military installation about three blocks away. I suppose its possible the cop was coming in for a little R&R on duty, but I doubt it... who knows?

On another note, I found out from a SW in Zhang Qian Lu that the row of BBS just past Cosmos to the south have been closed permenantly. They have been closed every time I've gone there for several weeks. None of the other shops in the area are affected. The shops in Cosmos are still open, and the shops by the Overseas Chinese Hotel are still thriving. I couldn't tell if the closings were a police action or not from the SW's short description, only that there was some sort of problem and they don't work there anymore. A sad event to be sure.

Just for the hell of it, I'll include an old photo of a Ramada BBS girl (with clothes, sorry) from the "Nuskin Shop" on the back side of 1,2 and 3. I can't recommend her since it wasn't great service but she was quivering with passion (or fear of white guys) to the point of a nervous breakdown. I've never really heard those noises before, so at least it was entertaining to watch. Other mongers know her well, perhaps it will bring back fond memories to them, she does have a nice little body.

Best of luck to all of you in these times of famine.


01-19-04, 12:10
I have been a dolt! I lived in Hong Kong from 2000-2003 and never experienced the action just across the border. I wish I found this place sooner!

I've done a fair bit of mongering in SE Asia and I'd like to try Guangzhou. Could one of you fine gents lend a hand?

First off, I don't want to spend a lot of money on a hotel (this trip doesn't come out of the company pocket). I've checked www.asiatravel.com/china/guangzhou on the internet for hotels, but I don't know the area.

Any recommendations? Is the Ramada Pearl the Ramada mentioned in the posts? Please advise the best hotel for my purposes under $70 US.

Thanks for your help! BTW: I plan to go to Guangzhou the week of February 15th. Is anyone interested in "coming out to play"?


Bill Lee
01-20-04, 01:38

I'm new to GZ myself. Being there six years in the last five years. I'll staying at the Garden Hotel and the price I got was $500 RMB, which is about $62.00US per night. Not bad for a 4/5 star hotel. I got the pricing through my gf there, who is a local and I have found that sometimes locals and HK people get better pricing than foreigners. Look for packages with HK travel agents.

Now I have stayed at the China Hotel and White Swan hotels in the past. They are five stars hotel and pretty much deserves it. But the Garden isn't bad either. Beside, the Garden is pretty much in the heart of GZ. These four and five stars hotel are very safe.

I suggest you find a friend in GZ or HK who can get you a price around $500 RMB. I don't know much about the Ramada. But it appears to be on end of the town (anybody, correct me if I'm wrong) and not the best part either. Maybe you should try calling the Garden directly and ask for their price for HK resident - tel phone: 0086-20-83338989.

Now according to some of the recent logs here, The Garden has been patroled alot by LE. So maybe it's not a good place afterall.

I have done Karoke in GZ and if the girls are willing to go back with you at the end of the night to "eat," then you got it made. Standard cost is $1,000 RMB if they know you're staying at a 4/5 stars hotel. I think that they sometime based their rate on where you stay. But it don't pay if you have to pay for a Karoke room by yourself.

Don't forget most reputable hotels will have a cutoff time of 11 p.m. to bring in an unregistered guest.

I like to party with you in Feb. But I'm arriving in GZ in late Jan. and leaving on Feb. 16, possibly going through Macau into HK airport.

I can tell you this. If you stay at the Garden, the cheapest Internet cafe is a cheesy place that cost $5 or 10 RMB a hour, yes that little. It's across from the Garden's side entrance where the buses meet and through the alley where McDonald is at. It's a dark place on the right hand side with hanging laterns. Almost at the end of that short block.

Also, I'm familar with the buses that take you from HK airport to GZ and some of them (GOGO or CTC?) will take you directly to CHina Hotel, Landmark Hotel and Garden Hotel. Now the Landmark hotel is on the Harbour and near Beijing Road, a shopping area with alot of locals. A short version of Nathan Road but more locals.

Have fun if I don't hear from you.


01-20-04, 15:44
a quick report on Zhanjiang, the big harbour city south of Guangdong province :

In Chikan district, near the main entrain of Cunjin park, there is a street with about a douzen BBS, but quality was not terrific. Need to check after the Chinese New Year quiet period. 130 to 200 Y for FS. Ironically, this street is named Da de lu , ie the "street of great vertu"...

01-20-04, 17:57
There's a district named after me! I'm honored! :)

Thirty Mins
01-20-04, 17:59
I just picked up on the barebacking discussion that had been going on.

I have a warning for you guys, I caught chlaymidia twice in southern China, and both times the bugs were resistant to amoxicilin. I hadn't exactly been playing with antibiotics before either!

Please be careful!

Yellow Fever #2
01-22-04, 02:51
Thirty Mins,

Chlamydia and ghonorrea usually travel together - you probably got both each time.

If Amoxycillin was ineffective, could you please tell us (self prescibing mongers in CHina) what was effective? Did a doctor prescibe it for you?

Lots of bugs are resistant here in CHina, antibiotics are too easy to get, people do not finish their medicines and medicines are prescibed for every ailment here (for the people that even visit a doctor). Resistance is here to stay, we must know what works to get ahead of this problem.

I do not ahve anything now (at least I don't know I have anything) but the advice could come in handy in the future some time. Who knows?

01-22-04, 22:39
I like that conversation between the cop and Cronin, and I can imagine as if I had been there :
The cop (with an exagerated gesture) : Da !
Cronin (a bit scared but with a little grin inside) : Dui...

I have been to Taojin beilu the past few days. I did not know this area before discovering from your posts, and because of Chinese New Year I did not see anyting else than police cars. I still cannot figure out how it is supposed to be a SW street, as there is nothing there in the shops that suggest any sexual industry, nore hotels or bars. However, one of the SW standing every night by the bridge in front of Garden hotel told me that contrary to them, the Taojin street girls were brought by pimps, and had to share the profit with them. So that is two different sides of the business.

Yes Chikan, there is such a district, with prostitutes. I don't know who have baptized you with that name. Hope it is not one of the women there, otherwise I could do an easy naughty joke, but I won't.

Correction :" Da de lu", I meant "street of great virtue", sorry for the misspelling.

01-23-04, 01:08
Hey Erik!

I wish you'd been there too... instead of me! All in all, it was an experience to remember and fun to tell, but I wish it had happened to someone else. Of course, it could have been much worse. With an entrance 10 minutes sooner, he could have seen for himself just how "Dah" I am.

To see Tao Jin Lu now you'd never know there was ever any SW there. The upper part where you were is fairly upscale. There's a little Jazz bar (I've never been in), a nice bakery and a lot of shops. Yeah, looks respectable. I wish you could have seen it only a few months ago. There were SW everywhere, and some really nice quality stuff, I've seen several there I still think about. I only hope and pray that day will return very soon.

As reported earlier, the new hot spot on Tao Jin Lu has been directly under the Huanshi Road overpass, accessible by a set of stairs on the north side of Huanshi right across from the Garden Hotel. But lately even it has been a "no girls" land.

As for the report from your SW, I know two different SW who use that street and neither has a pimp (that I know of). However, I also heard that pimp story. I guess it just goes to show that with that many SW in one place, you're bound to see many modes of business. It's such an institution in GZ that all working girls probably know about it and use it when they need work.

And right now would be one of those times. But where the hell are they? I've been exploring for the past TWO nights at all my favorite BBS areas and 99% of the shops are closed down.

All the Ramada shops were closed, both nights, and on both sides of that little strip mall. Mama in #2 was actually playing Mah Jong on a card table in the middle of the salon with her older friends last night when I went down. (Should have gotten a photo of that!) When she saw me at the door, she gave me a wry grin.

All our SiYou Malu shops were closed on both nights including the one where I met the cop a few nights ago.

In Zhan Qian Lu, all the shops but two at the Overseas Chinese Hotel were closed, and in one that was open, the girl told me it was her time of the month so she wasn't working.

I didn't make it back to the inner part of Cosmos, but I'm betting it was buttoned up also. The whole front area of Cosmos where the locals hang was completely devoid of people. In fact all of GZ seems to be devoid of people at night. In a city that lives on the street after midnight it is an amazing thing to witness.

I finally ran into a hooker "friend of a friend" walking around and she was kind enough to "take me in" back at her apartment. That Chinese networking system pays off finally! Actually, it was the first CIM BBBJ I've had since I came to China, a little new years gift just when I needed it most. I mean "gift" euphamistically, of course, it did cost me 200, but I was really glad to pay that. Lucky money indeed!

Let's all cross our fingers that this nightmare ends soon.


Native Humper
01-23-04, 03:30
It's Chinese New yaer and Spring Festival. Everyone goes back to their home town to visit relatives during this time. Or they stay in GZ and visit relatives there. You know that most Chinese P's don't let their faimilies know what they are doing, so they have to do the family thing during this time. Believe me after the Chinese New year they will all be back in the usual places. I was there last year just after Chinese New year and the are around the Garden Hotel was always loaded with girls.

Good hunting

01-23-04, 04:17

The area 'under the pass' has regularly been a place for the girls to gather as far back as 1995. I use to live at the top of TaoJin Bei in those new apartments on the right as you reach the top. HK 'second wife city' back in the late 90's - so many girls with boyfriends in HK all lonely like...:-))

Hope you are bagging yourself up these days.

I sent you a personal message. Did you get it?

01-23-04, 10:49
Hi Rayman,

Re the overpass, I don't doubt that. This just goes to show what a genuine newbie I really am here in this beautiful city. I've only been here half a year or so, but I'm trying to make up for lost time!

In fact, this newbie still gets scammed by smarter, more experienced girls on a regular basis. Sometimes I let it happen just for entertainment value. The other night, I gave a girl 30 for payment to a short time hotel. After that, she told me she was on the rag and I would have to come back tomorrow. I saw that coming a mile away, but fell into it anyway. Pity, since she was a true stunner, I know I'll go back to her and get scammed again. I am hoping she'll show me her other levels of experience, although I probably will just lose more money. What the hell, I take a pretty long view of this, its an insignificant amount of money to me, and it was fun playing a sexy game on a cold night in GZ with a girl who is an easy 8. I hope I get photos of her to post for you guys. I did take a bunch of photos of her in the shop, but erased them.

Speaking of photos, yeah I got your PM. I couldn't scope out the URL you were suggesting, so I didn't answer, sorry about that. Just like most regulars, I get a lot of PMs about the weirdest shit.

On the bag front, I have been doing much much better, thanks for asking. Altough not perfect. I'm getting there, and I owe my change in attitude to you guys getting on my case.

I also had a real eye opening experience with a Zhan Qian Lu street walker. When I did my pre DATY inspection I was absolutely horrified at what I saw. I've never seen anything like this girls clitoral area in my life. There were large flesh colored bumps everywhere. And there was a significant odor and greenish exudate. It scared the shit out of me. I would not even do her with a bag. I did give her some cash because I just felt so sorry for her, she's a sweet kid. And actually, I would really like to help her if I could. I've been toying with the idea of picking her up and taking her to a clinic, not that I know where a clinic is.

After a lot of discussion (she refused to believe she had a problem) about trying to help her out, she let me take a close up photo of her clitoris. Which I have. But I don't really want to post it on the GZ board, since it is so gross and scarey. It looks like a photo from an STD site. I looked at all those sites again to try to diagnose this, but I'm still not sure what it is. I thought it was syphallis when I first saw it. But now I think it matches the photos of Genital Warts. Truth is, I don't know what the hell it is.

If any amateur (or professional!) gynecologists would take a look at this photo and tell me what it is I would appreciate it. PM me and I'll send it to you (is that possible in PM?). Be prepared, its not pretty.

A sobering experience and a hard lesson for someone taking bareback casually. Seeing it on the web is one thing. Seeing it open waiting for you is another.

Be careful out there.


01-23-04, 17:40

I think you should post that picture of the infected girl vagina so all can view and be wise up about it. Maybe some of the medical doctor of this board can chime in and forward their medical analysis. TIA


01-24-04, 01:20
Post it Cronin,

Sorry about the website address problem. I'll send it to you again.

01-24-04, 08:02

Post that photo in the "Safe Sex" section. Once you post it there, inform us in this forum.

Lots of us (just like you before you saw it with your own eyes) could benefit with a warning. Especially in a monger haven like China, it is really easy to forget just how dangerous our hobby can be.

Thanks in advance.

01-24-04, 20:29
Lucky, Rayman, AMP,

You're probably right. It may do some good in a general viewing area. So I posted it in the Safe Sex section of Special Interests as you suggested. Don't view it before lunch. Please tell me what you think it is, if you can. And maybe a suggestion about what I can do to help her. She won't do anything on her own, I'm absolutely certain of that.


01-24-04, 20:54
Yuck! But thanks for posting the photo. Could be either Gential Warts, Syphilis or Veneral Warts IMHO. She doesn't want to get help? Thats crazy! 1 good thing about posting this photo is that it makes guys check out the goods 1st rather than not as some girls are too "shy" to keep the lights on and don't want you to see if they have an obvious problem! Check first!

01-25-04, 01:04

That's MY bird! (joking, of course). Thanks for posting it. Did you take her to the clinic later? Most of the hospitals have one, not sure if I would have though.

Pig Fat
01-25-04, 07:50
Hey this is my first post in here. Anyway Ive been living in gz for 2.5 years and while I couldnt call myself a mongerer I like to get a bit of action every now and then. A bit of an intro, Im 25 from australia and I go out most weekends, however I also have a girlfriend and its hard to get free for some escapades at times. But this being the new year and all I have a few days to myself as the woman is off to her familys hometown leaving me free for a few days so if anyone wants to party over here email me at [Email address deleted by Admin]


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

01-26-04, 08:36

Looking at the pic makes me start to wonder what the hell we are doing with these girls at all. Especially the ones we frequent so often at the low end of the market. Very scary stuff. Although I very rarely DATY and never go BB, it still worries me. I never conduct a close-up examination; ruins the mood for me so to speak. I better start doing it anyway!

I would imagine that most girls in her position might be in self-denial in these circumstances. Fear of losing face probably keeps her from going to a clinic or sharing her dilemna with other girls. It's great that you took things in your own hands, but I would still get her to a doctor for a proper check. There may be more going on there than meets the eye.

Thanks for sharing and waking us up, my friend!


Pig Fat
01-26-04, 15:29
Hey all,

I'm surprised that there hasnt been any reports about Panyu (just outside of the actual city) on this board, this district is just full of hookers, in fact Shiqiao City is known as "chicken (chinese slang for hookers) city" according to my chinese friend. SWs can be had for as little as 200rmb ST full sex and theyll take you to their place.

Another place you may want to try is luoxi (yes just past the bridge of the same name) I havent been there for a few months sp dont know the current situation but anyways, youll see a park 'n' shop and then on the main street youll see them lined up (they start coming out at about 9-10pm). They seem fairly young (18-24) and its obvious they are there to cater to the natives. When I've been there there were always a couple who would be scared to do it with a foreigner but most are willing. Best thing is though, the price: 100rmb ST (although the last few times I've been there theyve been asking for 200rmb) and theyll take you back to their place (I've done it a few times and its not dangerous as far as I can tell).

If you're in this area (about 30-40mins by taxi from the garden hotel to luoxi) go to a motorcycle taxi guy and ask him to take you to where the hookers are and there'll be no shortage of girls that's for sure.

01-29-04, 04:26

I was just wondering, did you ever get that test? That pic was some sobering stuff.

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited by Admin to add standard capitalization throughout the text. In the future, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

01-29-04, 05:18

Yuk, thanks for that, lots of food for thought. I never look, best I do.

01-29-04, 13:00

I haven't yet, but it is number one on my "to do" list. Since I haven't been tested in China yet, I have to be careful about how I proceed. I can't just walk into a clinic because a negative result could end up in a one way plane ride to LA and/or losing my job. I have to work the network. Which means being taken by a Chinese friend to a doctor who will not know me and allow me to remain anonymous. I have that ball rolling now, but it requires a bit of patience as does everything in China. Don't worry, you guys will get a full report.

I've been a busy little beaver hunter these past few weeks. I am way behind on my reporting and posting. I found a great new area in the Baiyun District. And I will get to reporting on that just as soon as I can get zipped up here. Here's a photo of a BBS girl from that area. She is wonderful and only 130RMB.


Bill Lee
01-31-04, 05:21
Well I'm here in GZ on Friday night. just checked out the sw scene in front of and across the street from the Garden Hotel. I saw LE van on the Garden side a block from Mickey D's. and there was one sw who was on the other end of the garden being interogated by a LE who apparently had nothing to do that night.

But on the other side of the main street, just at the end of the overpass, there were 6 sw who were there working the place. At most, they were 4/5 and nothing higher. They were older, about 30's and appearred to be used up already. But they were forceful in coming up to me and other men walking by. They were offering two for 4rmb.

Then at one of the viaducts that connect the the main road, i saw four sw who were alittle younger and more tempting.

Also I checked out this 2 story massage place that was behind the Bai yun hotel (across from the Garden). it had a really large sign that read MASSAGE. the sign out indicate that the price was 30rmb for 1 hour. now that's cheap for any massage in gz. so I went and saw this young mamasan and she confirm that the massage was for 30rmb a hour. I didn't go further than that. but what I can see of the place, there was staircase that led upstair. you were not able to see anybody downstair. the place was a dump compared some of the real massage places I have been to. so I think this place if open to our needs. for 30rmb, it would worth just to check it.

Why didn't I? I was too tired and wasn't in the mood to do it by myself.

I continued my venture in the area and saw about a total of 10 sw. 3 were in the 7/8 area. sorry, I wasn't able to give street names but these streets rarely have signs.

But if you ever go to the garden hotel and cross the main to the bai yun hotel and do a complete circle back to the garden, you'll see the sw.

Overall IMHO, the Karaoke girls are worth the money than the sw. Alittle less used and younger.

On my last report on GZ, I mentioned that the Cheesy internet cafe price was 8 or 10 rmb. I was wrong, it's 3 rmb per hour. On a busy friday night, you'll find the 80 seats filled with kids playing their internet game. the only requirement was that I leave 20rmb deposit to check my e-mail. I'm here on a saturday morning and
doing this report and it's filled with 20 kids.

Well that's it for now.


Bill Lee
01-31-04, 05:32
To that "stoned" Irishman that I met on the bus on the way to Gz from HK, I hope that you will take advantage of this board and post your input here as well.

Since you travel to diffent parts of China, we would appreciate it if your inputs are often.

I hope to visit club 92 in Spain as you had mentioned to me. An d yes, I did checked the Spain postings on this board and 92 is mentioned quite often.

I had tried to reach you at the Bai Yun hotel but they told me that you had never checked in.

Join this board and private message me to keep in touch.

Bill is my board name.



Travis Bickle 2
01-31-04, 08:45
OldAsiaHand, You said, "Looking at the pic makes me start to wonder what the hell we are doing with these girls at all. Especially the ones we frequent so often at the low end of the market. Very scary stuff. Although I very rarely DATY and never go BB, it still worries me. I never conduct a close-up examination; ruins the mood for me so to speak. I better start doing it anyway!"

Unfortunately the statistics are (at least here in the U. S) that 40 to 60% of the adult population either has or is a carrier of the herpes virus. It's extremely high. I'm sure it's at least that high in China. Point is that you can easily get it at anytime from anyone. I know that picture looked awful but it is fairly easily treated. I worry lots more about diseases that can't be seen.


Pig Fat
02-01-04, 04:04
Hey all,

Well I went out with the GF to gz last night and then she suggested going to Luoxi for a late night snack. As we were in the taxi I managed to see 2 BBS on just the one street. One BBS I barely saw but the second one had what could only be described as a very attractive body walking about (sorry thats the best I could do from a taxi).

Then our way back in which we were walking I counted about 6 girls sitting down (this was t about 130am) and I got a good look at another girl this time and again fantastic body. I would rate both bodies that I saw at about an 8. And like I said peviously IM pretty sure that BBS in this area are cheaper than BBS in gz

This was just the one street and Im sure there are others on the other streets that we didnt go through.

Anyways I know its not much of a report so lets just call it a preliminary finding.

02-01-04, 06:06

My sentiments exactly. If the girl let her herpes condition go so long without treatment, what about other more dangerous and potentially deadly STD lurking in the shadows.

Having said that, my fear and doubt lasted less than one week. Unfortunately, my addiction is stronger than the fear. I can rationalize taking the necessary protective precautions.

Once a monger, always a monger!

Happy Hunting!


02-01-04, 07:38
Hi Cronin, if you are worried about getting tested for STD, go to Shenzhen and get tested. One of my friends got tested in Shenzhen and no questions asked. Of course he had a lady friend of mine take him to get tested. Rtpman and I will be coming to Shenzhen toward the end of March. If you can wait until March I can take you to get tested.

02-01-04, 13:56

The drought is finally over! Tao Jin Lu, Ramada, Zhan Qian, Siyou Malu is coming back to life with nice new talent. All that new crop produce coming in from the country side. Young, beautiful and clueless, what more could a good monger ask for? Maybe this is not such a bad time of the year after all.

A friend and I were in Siyou Malu last night and there was at least one sleeping beauty in every shop. When we passed one shop we both stopped in our tracks and said "Ohmygod! Look at that!" Meet Ah Feng from Guangxi. She's a high nine in every catagory I have. Break-your-heart sweet and awesomely talented. Here's one pretty lousy photo I took of her sitting on my lap in the shop. The rest are going up in the photo section.


Pig Fat
02-02-04, 14:10
Hey all,

I have a bit of a dilemma in which hopefully you can help me out since most of you are older than me and have more life experience.

I'm currently living with my current gf and have been for the last year and a half and Im happy with her. Yesterday my ex emailed me and has basically stated that she wants me back. The sex life with the current one is great, no complaints, but the ex was like something out of this earth. She was very subservient in the sack, doing anything and everything I told her to do, and she would also go back home and not come back until I told her to come (so basically I only saw her when I wanted to and she was quite happy to do so).

My problem is how do I juggle both? I was thinking of getting a cheap apartment in panyu and have her go there but then she would notice my things are not there (most of my things), also she may know where I currently work and if shit ever gets nasty she could go to my work and start trouble (my co-workers know my current girlfriend). SO what can I do? Sex with my ex is really quite great and thats all I want her for.

Bill Lee
02-02-04, 14:40
Quick report for Garden Hotel:

Don't bother. The LE were in force on Sunday night on both side of the main road. The eight SW that i saw were low 5's.

Also, Monday night at the Toonland side, no one was found in the mild rain fall that landed during the early evening.

It's been cleaned out probably because of the 20th anniversary of the Garden Hotel having some writing given to them 20 years ago by a Chinese leader. They even plan on closing the street infront of the hotel for Tuesday.


02-03-04, 03:12
Pig Fat,

If all you wanted your ex for is sex, I would highly recommend avoiding your ex. This is just going to mess up your current relationship. If you want grat sex, why dont you work on "improving" your sex life with the current GF? You seem happy w. her, and no problems w/ sex. She might even turn out to be better than your ex. And you would have all the fun of being the teacher.

Bill Lee
02-07-04, 06:59
SW back in action on Friday night across from Garden. Only saw five in the early evening around 7 p.m. Rated at 4/5.

Also previous reported Massage place behind bei yun hotel is actually off a side street from Huale Street. Which looking at the hotel is on the right side toward the Friendship store.

It's between the Huale Street police station and Haagen Dazs restaurant on Huale. Can't miss it with it's big red Massage sign on roof.



Member #3428
02-08-04, 05:16
Hi Folks,

Need some help from some hold hands in GZ. I'm one of those visitors who invade GZ twice a year for the Canton Fair.

Last fall I found it increasingly difficult to find any decent ST / LT. Normally during the fair I stay at Garden or Baiyun. I know of the BBS near the place and I know Tao Jin Bei Road. But last fall I don't know what happened. There was no decent options I found. I have some possibilities with some freebies in the area from people that work in firms that I deal with.

But in case things don't work out with the freebies, I wanted to get into contact with some locals in GZ to get some advice or help in my searches. As the fair is usually time consuming, I don't have the time to go searching or spending too much time working the freebies.

I know it is early, but the biggest problem I've read in the forum is that most folks never left a message on the board early enough to set up anything. Feel free to send a private message or anything.

If anyone knows any place or folks to arrange some safe, clean ST / LT delivered to hotel, I'd appreicate getting some help. And if anyone wants to meet up and go out for some nights then I'm always glad to hang out with others who enjoy the same things. I also enjoy a real massage followed by service.

I'm heading to Shanghai for a week also before the Canton Fair, so if anyone wants to advise on that one, or make arrangements to go out, that'd be great. I'll be in Pudong. Maybe Tong Mao / Shgra-Li, or Sofitel. Haven't booked the room yet.

99% of my work / time is spent in Yiwu. So my trips in GZ / SZ are generally spent going to the wrong BBS, finding a SW, or ST hotel massage. I figure the locals would have better contacts then me.


02-10-04, 10:48
YO mates,

I am new to this Forum. I visit China twice a year for the Canton Fair, though still not have found a decent place for a good fuck, but with the experience of you fellow mates I am sure I really can, so please help me and let me know of a good place where I can get a fuck and a good BBBJ. I'm looking forward to a good response from all you China lover's.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!


Bill Lee
02-10-04, 17:15
Special bus going to Macau.

There's a promotion running out of the Garden Hotel from 2/11 2/14 at 8:30 a.m. It's 110RMB roundtrip to the convention center in Macau.

It leaves Macau at 4:00 p.m. and returns to the hotel and the ride is expected to be two hours.

Enough for one to enjoy the treats at the Casino basement.

See you there. I'll be on the bus on Wednesday a.m.

Make sure you foreigners has a two or more visits on your China visa before headed out of the China.


Bill Lee
02-12-04, 16:07
My apology to everyone. Apparently, after I got on the bus to Macau, I found out that the 110 RMB roundtrip price was typical. I had been fooled by the hotel's banner proclaiming a "special promotion."

I will be posting my report on Macau in a day or so in the Macau section and will add photos when I return to the state in a week.


02-12-04, 19:04
for your information:

i just came back from an exhuasting all-day business trip
tonight and was walking home along tao jin bei at 11:45pm
in the tunnel underpass near garden hotel. there were four
working gals pushing early 30's, and i'm probably being
kind. but the thing i noticed was a lot of le everywhere.
as i was walking past the tunnel, two le vans passed in
the span of 5 minutes. the old hos did their temporary
disappearing act and reappreared.

now, here was the strange part...as i kept on walking,
i was directly across the friendship store, at the corner
where the guangdong commercial bank is, and i saw a
decent group of about five mid-20s working gals standing.
i thought, hmmm, maybe a nice little treat after my trip?
but suddenly, an unmarked suv came roaring up the
little driveway there and screeched to a halt, rep001tering
the little hos like rats to the sewer. at first i thought that
the suv's driver was a little too eager to get a working
gal but the window rolled down and inside was a cop!
after a few seconds, another le van rolled up beside
the suv and they chatted a bit then both cars drove off.

hmmm, does anyone know why the sudden, seemingly
serious crackdown?

stay safe...


02-15-04, 10:11
Personal opinion but China is getting a bit of a bad press with AIDS and prostitution and particularly leading up to the Olympics they want to clean China's main cities from the girlies.

Sound Stream #2
02-15-04, 11:50
Cronin: You mentioned there was greenish exudate in your post.

I'm not a doctor either, but it sounds like that girl may also have gonorrhea, which is identified by a greenish-yellowish discharge. Gonorrhea is catchable orally bare back since it can live in the both the linings of the back of the throat and in the vagina. So bareback oral sex isn't really all that safe when you take that into account.

That girl needs to limit her sexual contact until she sees the doctor and gets treatment. Her sores and lesions from her STD makes it very easy for her to catch another type of

More symtom related info at:



Bill Lee
02-17-04, 04:05
Yes. They are back as JohnnyKon666 wrote. For the last five nights, I have seen more and more SW in and around Garden Hotel.

Out of 20 that I have seen, I would say only that 2 was in the 8 range and 20's. Most of them were older or not worth the RMB.

On Tuesday morning at 6:00 a.m., as I walked out of the overpass from the Bai Yun hotel to Garden, there were six SW, two fairly young and pretty and definitely worth a double look, hanging around the bus stop on the Garden side. They proposition as I left town on my last night.

Apparently they are out very late.

Good luck to those still in town and happy hunting.


Blue Wolf
02-22-04, 03:45
Hi all,

Yesterday evening I was at the bars nerby Garden hotel with a friend, and SW was everywere, but at ROG there was only 2 groups with 10 - 15 girls but aroung gardenhotel a lot, and also some 8's so SW's er back at work.

Police was driving around a lot but the girls just hide for 10 sec and then back.

Between the bbs at Ramada and 1 Ma Lu there is maybe 25 bbs and some have 9's but you have to walk around to find them.


02-23-04, 06:00
Am going to GZ in late March for 2-3 nights. Can anybody reccommend and friendy, not to expensive hotel near the exhibition center? Also, if anybody wants to hook up for a night of exploring while I'm there, let me know by PM. Will be Mar 25-27.

02-24-04, 17:19
Changing tactics?

Tonight everything looked like the good old days in GZ, around 20-25 or so SW around the Garden hotel, even some decent ones. No LE Big-Animal-Cage-Trucks with flashing lights in font of the hotel or on the streets. In the underpass (under Huanshi Lu) there where another 5-10 girls hanging out. When I only had abt. 10 meters left to them, a civil minivan came in high sped and stopped in front of them so the tires where screaming. The doors of the van flew open, and 3 guys in civil clothes but with some kinda badge hanging around their neck jumped out and started to chase the girls who where running like wild horses. I started to look around to se where the film cameras and crew where, yep I felt like in a middle of a Hollywood action movie.

Guess the LE now has changed their tactics. Instead of being as visible as possible to clean the streets, I now think they are trying to snatch as many SW as they can, make them suffer and clean the streets that way. Poor girls, not fair play according to my opinion.

Btw it was a White minivan, regular size, blue plates with reg. no. OA1957 [Now Uppdated], if you see it, get ready for some action.

= = = =

Also has anyone tried some of the BS’s (maybe 7 or 8) on the street parallel to Huanshi Lu Behind Garden Hotel and going East? Looks like there are some good potential there.

Enough action for tonight!

02-26-04, 03:58
Hi A-Todd,

Just for your information, the O (after the Chinese character for the city/province) means the car is registered to the PSB. Some Police cars may not have O as the first Latin numeral on a blue background, but as a general rule its a safe bet.

You'd be suprised to see how many BMW, Mercs etc are owned by police officers.

Plates with a white background with WJ are the Armed Police, white background with a red Chinese character as the first letter is army, neither of these people care about what you are doing with girls on the street or elsewhere. In fact its normally the Police or army owned saunas etc that are imune from police raids, which is why having a sauna next to a police station means its a secure place to visit.


Yellow Fever #2
02-26-04, 22:51

Interesting post about 'locating' police and official cars in China.

One of my rules for finding new areas of mongering is to look for a police station. It seems more often than not there is some action in the nearby area.

The old Candyland street in Shenzhen had a police station situated at the Walmart end. I don't know why it closed but we can guess one of the 'big chiefs' at the police station lost his power of protection. Perhaps he even got executed. None of this makes news in China - nearly everything is suppressed.

We'll never understand China - we are just guests and visitors here.

I'm down on China today - after I read the posts from Illeaglefun and Raspewtin on the Shenzhen board even though I had a wonderful experience on Thursday morning in Jusco area of Shenzhen.

I'll keep my eyes open for 'O' cars in the future.

02-26-04, 23:01
Blue Wolf,

Can you please give more specific directions to the 25 BBS you mentioned between Ramada and 1 Ma Lu. I know where the Ramada BBS are, but where is Ma Lu?


Does anyone know of a good sauna (with Tuo-Yao) in the Garden hotel area?



02-27-04, 12:39
Hi Yellow Fever,

So far only one of the people I have been dealing with here in China has been executed for corruption. Normally executions of these people are reported in Chinese language media here.

Don't be down! Just be smart, collect some mobile phone numbers and watch your health, too much sex can give you high blood pressure!

Before you go out on the town ask any one in the local area if there is a crackdown, if so then change plans.


02-27-04, 17:01
Can anyone tell me if there is any action to get in Zhaoqing City. Does anyone know the price?

Is it hard to get any freebis from the univ. students in the area.

Nu Orders
03-01-04, 10:00
I will be in Guangzhou in late March for about two weeks I am flexible with my time and travel while I am there. Can anyone comment or offer advice on procuring a virgin girl. Is it possible? and appox. how much should I expect to pay? If not possible in Guanzhou, are there any recommended areas within a few hours flight or train ride?


03-03-04, 07:08
I wanted to post this earlier, but didn't have time:

Was walking past the Garden Hotel night before yesterday
(Monday) at about 8pm and there were at least 20-25
SWs lined up on the street directly IN FRONT of the Garden
Hotel! There were maybe one or two 8s but mostly 5-7s but
the thing I'm wondering is 1) is the crackdown over? 2) why
the congregation directly in front of Garden? (none on the
overpass bridge either)

Anyway, I guess it's a good place to take a look for those
interested. I'll have to walk past there again tonight and
will report.


03-04-04, 17:10
Did the walk-by again, but this time much less 'hos than the
other night; maybe 10-12 and same mid-level quality.

There was the contingent of about 10 younger, 20-something
'hos by the noodle shop next to the "Road of Gold" tunnel.
(follow Tao Jin Road and when you see the Trustmart, keep
going until you see an underpass tunnel; that's it). Prices started
at 300 RMB ST but it's a given that non-Chinese will get the
standard 800 RMB ST pitch.

Stay safe out there.


C Me Type
03-15-04, 06:19
I have been to Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Bascially, I know all the places to monger. However, I'll be in Guangzhou this coming June. This is my first time in China. I have check out the China pages, but seem lost to most posting. What and how are the available actions that are there? I cannot take any girls back to the hotel, because of my selected company (girlfriend). Are there massage parlors, 141's, or whatever. I would appreciate any information. In addition, how does the bbs work in Guangzhou. Thanks in advance.

p.s. I was setup and detained in Vietnam. How safe and honest is Guangzhou?


03-16-04, 08:36
Johnnykon and OAH,
On my way to GZ Wed or Thursday.

Want to hook up?


03-17-04, 05:01
About Zhaoqing City/Sie Hing - when in an unknown place, ask a taxi driver. They know.

But first to check out is always your hotels sauna or massage places. In many places you even never ever have to leave your hotel.

Otherwise SiuHing is just a normal city like most others.

Pig Fat
03-20-04, 08:49

On wednesday I went to shi qiao with oah and we went scouting about for BBS without too much success and then afterwards we went to luo xi to have a look at the BBS there.

We found one with some very pretty girls though they only did a massage and hand job for 30rmb. I was running out of time as I had to get back home by 530 so we agreed to just go in there and it was ok, for 30rmb one cant complain. I was in such a rush that it ended up being not so pleasureable for me but I'll let you all know the next time I go around.

03-23-04, 09:40
Just returned from a one week trip from sz to gh. Will write a longer report when I have time.

I spent only one night in Guangzhou and my customer booked me into a hotel run by the military with no inhouse activities available. I took a taxi to Garden Hotel only to discover about 80 girls there at 10:30 at night. As soon as I left the cab, a few girls approached me. They were of high quality that I would not need to spend time picking and choosing. The price at 200rmb was irresistable. Service was good. For ST, she actually stayed in my room for about three hours.

I had seven girls in my trip. The one on gz is the best, in quality and price and service.

03-23-04, 15:25

you were setup and detained in Vietnam, dude?? what was the story? if you have posted the details in the Vietnam section pls let me know...

i only ask since i was thinking about taking my first trip down there, i guess your advise is a "nay" on that...

sorry guys i know this is the S. China thread...

C Me Type
03-23-04, 23:37
First, sorry. I know this is the S. China forum. However, i'm just responding to goodfella.

To make a long story short, my friend and I were at a bar called Superbowl in Saigon. (2002 Ho Chi Minh City). At first, we decided to go home alone because we were staying at his relative's hotel. It wouldn't have been proper to bring girsl back. Anyways, this hot big boob babe kept hitting on me all night. I have been there and seen her before. She wanted 500,000 dong and we finally setted on 300,000 dong for ST. In addition, she brough along a friend for my buddy. We all jumped into a taxi and headed for her small hut. She kicked her mother and a roomate out of the house so we could do the deed. Anyways, after the deed was done, and as i open the door a flock of army personell drove up. It was like a scene from Red Corner. We both gave the mother about 400,000 dong to give to the police. However, it seemed that she kept it. ( We suspected the mother or the taxi driver ) Went to the police station and was detained for about two hours. They tried to make us sign some sort of statement. Luckily my friend speaks fluent vietmenese. They kept asking for our passports. Finally, his relative came and bailed (Bribed) for our release. The total damage was 1,000,000 dong. In short, Vietnam is not that bad if you know people. My friend second time around was great. As long as you have contacts and speak the language.


C Me Type
03-23-04, 23:46

Looking forward toward your report. I need all the information I can get.

03-24-04, 04:50
Hi guys,

I will spend the saturday night in Guangzhou and normally I'm thinking about booking a room at the Garden Hotel. I've been to Guangzhou once before, 2 years ago and just for 2 days, so I really dont know a lot about it. But it seems that for the monger activity this hotel is ok. Could you confirm it or give me another suggestion for a good hotel in Guangzhou ? By the way, I am living and working in Shenzhen, so if some of you want to try some stuff in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan or HK. No problem.

Thanks for all the reports here, full of information and well detailled. Great job.

03-24-04, 05:25
thanks cme,

since i don't know anyone there, i guess i'll give it a miss...

SE Asia Joe
03-24-04, 08:17
Just got back from Foshan - which is next to Guangzhou - reachable by the MRT from Guangzhou or about RMB100 by taxi. That place is really swinging - seems that lots of the "big boys ' from Guangzhou who cannot afford to be 'seen' partying in Guangzhou heads down to Foshan to do the dirty deed. Went to a couple K-OK and its OK - nothing special / out of the ordinary except that there seems to be so many more in this small area. One place my friend took me though was quite special - its as close to a Thai massage parlour as I've seen in Guangdong. The name card of the the place says its called "Dexing Sanna City" - but For Taxi drivers (they all speak Cantonese in Foshan), Its Taak Xing Saula at Ng Foong Lo. their fone is 82212888, 82218888.

The cost of the massage 2 hour was 388 and if you just want a massage, then you just give the girl whatever tip you want to give her. But if you want "full service' - and you must make the Captain know which service you want, then you pay the girl RMB400-500 - they won't quarrel with 400. The one I had - which was the 3rd one the Captain brought in (although the first 2 was also quite good looking) was absolutely the best that I've had anywhere in China and a real stunner. Perfect in everyway!! And the place is very sumptious - I had a 'suite' with 2 separate bedrooms/living room/ bathroom as I was with my friend . Recommended

03-24-04, 18:12
Finally, I now have a few minutes to report back my trip to China. I spent 7 days in 5 cities in guangdong. What a busy schedule, but that's work life. My customers occupied me most of the time from 9 am to sometimes 11 pm, so I did not have much time or even energy browsing the market.

Arrived at Jiangmen on Sunday. Jiangmen, just 150 km south west of Guangzhou, does not have vilbrant night life. At first, I decided not to do anything since it was late at late, however, could not tolerate the boring night. Called the message within East Lake Hotel for room service. The cover charge was 100rmb. The girl was from Sichuan, she is probably at her mid 20s. Price negotated was 400rmb. It was hard to call her a pretty face, but she probably had a 34D and her body was tight. Shower first, ice and fire later and finished with commisioner's post. Not bad, but could be better since the damage was 500 rmb. I did not give her no tips.

The next day was done early at Taishan but I returned to the same hotel in Jiangmen. At 9 pm, I decided to try what the locals do. I hopped onto a motor cycle and with my limited Putonghua, the cyclist (3 rmb) was able to take me to a BBS in a very dark alley in a residential area. I was told by my customer Jiangmen is safe relative to Shenzhen and Dongguan; otherwise, I would not have the guts doing that. A mamasan showed me to 2 stores where there were about 20 girls. All of them look very young, from young teen to early 20s. I picked one girl from Guangsi. She is 25, with a pretty face and fair skin like an irresistable china doll. Cost was rmb150. The mamasan asked me to take another girl. She is only 18, but with a darker skin. She is also from Guangsi. Later, I found out she's a jew: tight pussy like a virgin, near perfect breasts and willingness to do whatever. The total damage was 300rmb, plus 40 tips and 6 transportation. Much cheaper and better than the previous night.

On Tuesday after the day trip to Fashan, my customers took me to a karaoke after work. They made arrangement for a "princess" to sit with me. I was told she is not a pro, and her duties were to sit, sing and dance with us. Not all "princess" will return with customers to hotel. I took about 20 beers (that's the way of business life in China: you drink with them or there will be no business). At 1:30 am (I was able to tell time despite the alcohol), my customers took me back to the hotel, and not a big surprise to me, the "princess" was waiting already. We showered, and had sex (i think). I woke up the following day, and she was still there, naked and sleeping besides me. Until now, I cannot recall any details of out intimacy, but I believed I had fucked this woman. My customer paid everything. The girl even refused to accept any tips from me.

There came Wednesday. Oh. boy. What did I do? Can't recall anything.

On Thursday, I went to Guangzhou. My customer booked me into East Mountain Hotel run by the military. There is only a foot message with no extra services. At 10:30 pm, I decided to go to the Garden Hotel to follow advices from this board. As soon as I left the cab just outside the main gate of the hotel, a few girls approached me. One of them had big eyes, round face, fair skin, and her attractive body was just covered by her tight tops and mini skirts. There are about 80 girls. They are of 6-7 and a few very outstanding like the one i picked. She quoted me 200 rmb. I didn't negotiate because she was like the best I had ever had in this trip. She spoke some broken English enough to communicate. She was playful and would not hurry. I ended up paying her 50 rmb as extra.

Anywau, got to return to work. later, I will write my adventure into the top topic of Sha Ju in Shenzhen.

03-25-04, 11:55
To cmetype : Your story in Saigon. That is the perfect example why Vietnam is should be avoided for sex, compared to China. In my many years in China, I have never ever met a cop on my way. I have slept in so many hotels in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and I never had any umplaisant visit of policeman in my room at night. But from my 5 or 4 short trips to Vietnam, I can recal 3 or 4 attempts of scam that could have ended badly. For me, in Vietnam YOU CANNOT TRUST ANYONE, and China is the safest country in the world.
Of course you have to remain reasonable, respectful and modest (remember the recent orgy in Zhuhai).

All About Bob
03-28-04, 13:01

As regards hotels in Guangzhou, the Garden is the best, good staff, good resteraunts, good rooms, pay extra and stay in the new rooms, only 600 RMB per night, girl friendly, and lots of action around the hotel.

Other hotels in Guangzhou, are no good, White Swan, is out of the way, and not girl friendly, also the hotel staff are useless, China hotel ,and Holiday Inn are not very impressive either.

good luck

04-04-04, 15:06
GZ Brothers:

As promised to people who PM'd me about where the Baiyun District is, I shall now try to give you directions to the place. First I want to tell you a few things you should probably know about this area:

1) This is a "locals only" area from all indications, even though it is close to the airport. One indication of this is the local's price of 80RMB FS, which you probably won't find anywhere except in the countryside. Although I'm a white guy and go there all the time by myself, if you're not Asian, you may feel a bit uncomfortable. Try to take someone with you who IS Asian, if at all possible. Although they are pretty much used to seeing my white face there now, I'm not sure how two or three white faces together would go down. Better to keep a low profile in these situations.

2) This is village of dark catacomb alleys, similar to Cosmos. The alleys don't always take nice 90 degree turns. I've never felt intimidated here as I have in Cosmos, but keep in mind you are totally at the mercy of local good will. If you're not an experienced explorer, I don't recommend this trip.

3) Besides, its not worth it. There may be six to eight BBS here (although I know there are more in the area including SW, reported to be somewhat skanky). The BBS girls won't wave at you, they will ignore you, even with other Asians along. They have their regular customers in the village and that's who they service. If you're not obsessed with putting every BBS pin on the GZ map, (which I admit that I am) there's no real reason to come out this far.

4) The good part is that this District is populated by many immigrants from northern areas China. So the girls tend to be tall, fair skinned and more beautiful (IMHO) than Guangdong or Hunan women. Seach our archives for my photos of Tan Su Yen to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

5) The place is damn difficult to find, there are no really good landmarks. I had no idea where I was the first couple times, and I live here.

Still interested? OK: Take the #2 Metro line north. (you have to change lines from #1 at the Gongyuan Qian station). Get off at the last station on line #2, thats San Yuan Li.

Take the C1 exit out of the station and you'll be in the "Lotus SuperCenter" patio. There's a huge Orange sign that says "Makro" to the right above you and the ubiquitous KFC sign. If you continue walking straight through the patio area, you'll come to some stairs on the left which lead to the main North/South street "San Yuan Li Da Dao".

Take one of the many Taxis always waiting here and head north (that's the direction they'll be facing). I always tell the driver I don't speak Chinese, just go and I'll tell you when to stop. Its a short Taxi ride, in fact, when the fare says 8 yuan, you should be close to getting out.

This is where it gets tough, because like I said, there are no good landmarks. The road takes some gentle curves, but eventually takes a 45 degree right turn at a seafood restaurant on the left side of the street. If the road continued straight, you'd go straight into the seafood place. I'll post a photo of the seafood restaurant above. It has a distinctive logo in neon. When you see the restaruant, get out.

Here's a map to the area.

04-04-04, 15:29
OK, so if you got out when you saw the restaurant sign, you'll be standing on the right side of San Yuan Li Da Dao on the sidewalk.

If you're across the street from the restaurant, you went about 100 meters too far.

If you are in the right place, you're looking down the street at the restaurant sign (its supposed to be a bird flying over the ocean, well that's what they told me, its a really good place to eat after mongering). If you're looking at the sign, to your right will be a little run down commercial area of shops and small food places. Start walking into the catacombs at the farthest northern part of this area. To your right will be the little restaurants and what not, to your left will be nothing but empty space or the remains of demolished buildings. Go all the way to the end of this alley way, it Tee's into another wall of shops about 30-40 meters down. Turn right at this Tee and walk about 10-15 meters and you will see a main alleyway to your left. It is about 4-5 meters wide and there are all sorts of little local business on each side. Go to the end of this alley and it will again Tee into a left or right turn. Either way will get you to shops, start exploring.

To get to Tan Su Yens shop, turn left and it will be on the left about 10 meters down. To get to Tao Tse's shop, keep going past Tan Su Yen's shop about 3 meters and take the small dark alley to your right. Her shop will be on the right about 10 meters or so down the alley. There will be another shop directly across this tiny alley from Tao Tse's shop with some really beautiful but disinterested talent.

So that's it mongers! Keep your head up, be cool and watch your back.


04-05-04, 03:44
Dear Fellow Members in GZ,

I will probably arrive GZ on 10 April. This is my first visit to GZ. Hope to arrange and meet all of you in GZ for a few days. Please PM me your contact numbers.

Hope to meet you soon. Thanks in advance,


04-05-04, 04:58
I have to ask, is Cantonese still a predominant dialect over in GZ?

Since mandarin has been made the 'national' dialect and all.

For example, I had thought SZ would have perhaps half speaking Cantonese (based on close proximity to HK)

But that contributed nothing, virtually all SZ is mandarin, would anyone disagree.

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04-05-04, 11:36
OK, the word is out on the street. OAH and I are trying to organize a mini covention in Guangzhou this weekend (April 10 and 11) in honor of Octopussy's visit. Who can make it to the fun, adventure, frivolity and miles of vertical smiles that will ensue? Several good times will be had by all.


04-05-04, 16:21

"If you're not obsessed with putting every BBS pin on the GZ map, (which I admit that I am) there's no real reason to come out this far."

I confess to the same obsession. When can I get some catacomb pins? Show me the way!


Bull Dozer
04-05-04, 19:18

I will be in GZ on April 13, how can I reach you, would love to monger with you. I am from N.Cal, been to GZ twice before, but still learning the ropes in GZ. Please PM me a contact #.


04-06-04, 23:58

I will be heading back to China in a few more days. I will be going to GZ for a day. I loved the pics of jia jia and would like to check her out. I have been to GZ a few times before but never had any time to play but she is really something. I should be heading there around april 19 or so. I would love to know where she works. Sorry if you already posted it somewhere and I just didnt see it.

C Me Type
04-07-04, 01:28
Sorry Gents,

Does anyone know of a good dentist in guangzhou that does cosmetic bonding? I recently chipped my tooth and will be visiting Guangzhou in June. Thanks for any information.


04-07-04, 03:27
Dear Cronin, OAH & Johnnykon666,

Thanks for your PM and your contact numbers. Appreciate your southern hospitality so fast. I will be leaving Beijing at noon by train heading south. I will stopover a few places before I arrive GZ most probably on 10 April. I will reconfirm my schedule when I arrived Suzhou tonight. Wen-Wen, my Suzhou beauty, may join your mini convention in GZ. We really can't wait the moment to meet all of you in GZ. We believe we will excite for your Southern hospitality as we step on the Guangdong province.

Sorry, I am using a foreign roaming cell phone that's very costly for you to call me. For sure, we'll contact you in GZ. Don't worry about the attendance. We're pleased to meet you soon.

Octopussy (Alfred)

Dear Go Joe,

Please join us in GZ if you can arrive before 13 April. We'll heading Hongkong on 12 April. If you can't make it, you may contact our Southern friends for fun. Hope to meet you in GZ.


Bull Dozer
04-07-04, 06:27
Hello Octpsy,

Sorry I don't arrive till April 13th, will miss your convention,I have tried to reach other Southern friends but none of them will respond to my PM's that I have sent, don't know why, may be they don't want any newbees in their territory. I hope I can meet someone from GZ on my trip, I'll be there till April 30th. Please kindly send me a PM if we can meet.

Go Joe

C Me Type
04-07-04, 07:46

Are there any barber shops in Guangzhou other than the ones near Ramada. In addition, how far is Lido hotel from the action of the infamous Ramada BBS.


04-07-04, 12:21

Regarding your tooth, the Garden Hotel has excellent oral surgery facilities at absurdly expensive prices. Don't know how much you're willing to spend, but if I ever chipped/damaged my teeth, that's destination #1 I'd run to.


04-07-04, 16:23
Unfortunately my journey to Guangzhou this time has been cancelled because I couldn't arrange for time/tickets. But please advise me on any group activities as I may have plans to get there some time soon.


I took effort to record down your highly convoluted description of the Sanyuanli neighbourhood and hope to turn out something there. Your instructions before the restaurant could be simplified to: 'Take the tube to San Yuan Li. Ask the taxi driver to go to Ying Hai Yu Cun (the restaurant's name)'. Do you know if LT is OK?

In any case I make it a commandment to have protected sex or no sex at all.

04-08-04, 13:15

It has been said that not knowing the local dialect results in inconvenience in Shanghai but hardship in Guangdong.

In spite of this, Putonghua is well understood in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, albeit heavy regionalism may happen.

04-09-04, 04:50
Cantonese is quite rare in Shenzhen, but much stronger in GZ. However, you will get well along in Mandarin too. Remember that most people in SZ are not local. A cantonese speaking taxi driver is hard to find in SZ, but common in GZ. A cantonese speaking working gal is even more rare, mainly found in more upmarket places.

BTW, Cantonese is a language, not dialect.

To avoid further confusion better not use the term 'dialect' at all. Dialect is not a linguistic term. Language is a linguistic term.

'Chinese' is no language at all, it's a writing system. The Language which matches it best is called Mandarin. A large number of other languages use Chinese as written language too (Cantonese, Shanghainese etc) but it matches the spoken language rather imperfect.

It reminds me of a job ad I saw in Hong Kong, looking for an 'Indian' speaker.

04-09-04, 19:25

Chinese is the language and it has many dialects. Cantonese is only one of many Chinese dialects.

In ShenZhen or Guangzhou, Cantonese or Mandarin is commonly used.

04-12-04, 08:16
Someone told me that the difference between a language a a dialect is that only a language has an army. Thats why in Taiwan they have a language called Taiwanese and on the mainland only a dialect from Fujian.

If anybody tell you that a Mandarin language speaker can understand Cantonese "dialect" etc then they are full of crap.

Some Cantonese speakers claim that Cantonese pronounciation of Chinese Characters is more representative of ancient Chinese.

However the most important point to make is that if you can speak some basic PutingHua (Standard Chinese) then you can chat up/talk shop with any almost all girls in China.

04-13-04, 11:29
The distinction between languages and dialects is largely geopolitical, but it is not essentially linked to having or not having 'an army'.

Different dialects have obliterated different distinctions that used to be present in ancient Chinese. But the distance is little more than that between French and Spanish.

04-13-04, 11:31
Fellow Mongers,

I have spent more than 4 hours now exploring the area around the Panyu Hotel in Shi Qiao and have not been able to uncover any FS BBS. Sorry, I did find one, but the quality of the talent left much to be desired. All I have ended up with is a poor massage and an average HJ in one shop as a last resort. Pigfat and I indentified some potential FS shops in Luoxi, but we did not confirm that service was in fact available.

If any of you can put us in the direction of any areas with a concentration of BBS with FS in Panyu, I would be grateful.



04-14-04, 09:53
How is GZ during the upcoming trade fair? Will it be cleaned? Or will it still be possible to find 'comfort'?

BTW, I will not stay in GZ. I will probably stay in ShiLung for more moderate hotel rates.

04-14-04, 20:16
On Huanshi Lu, near major hotels like Holiday inn etc is a pub called the Elephant and Castle. A girl of maybe 27/28 years old picked me up there and we spent an enjoyable night in her appartment.Cost was circa 300 yuan. Not a bad deal and she was sweet.

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04-15-04, 03:24
Dear Cronin,

Wen-Wen and I arrived Bai Yun airport, GZ on 09 April at 1pm. We tried to call you but failed. Luckily, my friends in Huizhou City and Kai Ping City met us. We didn't stay in GZ to avoid the crowd for Guangdong Trade Fair, and spent two days in Huizhou hotel (Huizhou Bin Guan), which is located beside West Lake of Huizhou City. A lovely city for couples to stay for holiday. On 11 - 12 April, we headed Kai Ping City and stayed in Ever Joint Hotel for two nights. We called your cell phone again, but failed. We love kai Ping City. We did call you again before aboarded to Malaysia on 13 April at 3.30pm. We were told as wrong number. Maybe you accidentially gave us wrong phone number instead. Regret we can't meet in GZ this time. Did you and fellow friends meet in your mini convention without our presence? Hope we still have a chance to enjoy your Southern hospitality. We may arrage transit GZ again at mid May when we return from Malaysia.

Take care, and happier always.


P/S. BTW we enjoy the 'foot washing' services in Huizhou and Kai Ping very much. Why all of you never mentioned such a good entertainment in the forum?


Dear Go Joe,

How's your GZ trip getting on? Too bad, we can't contact you. Please tell us more about your life in GZ then. Take care and enjoy yourself in GZ. Don't forget to spend some of your freetime for the 'foot washing' service and tell us your comments.


James Cook
04-17-04, 06:58
I agree with DayNight.

Chinese is a writing system with diversity of pronounciations. Mandarin is the offical one that entire chinese people can understand. There should be serval dialects in GD province.


JC in north

04-23-04, 15:59
In case there are out-of-towners with nothing to do during the lull for the Trade Fair and are really desperate for something in the Garden Hotel area, the regular gathering of hos by the Elephant and Castle/overpass bridge area has been chased to the area in front of the KEDI convienence store next to the Asia International Hotel. It's about 10 minutes walk down Huanshi Dong Road. You should be on the Garden Hotel side of the road and Elephant and Castle should be across the street.

All your favorites/non-favorites (about 4-6s in looks) plus a couple of gems hang out starting at about 9pm-ish. Beer, cigs, condoms, and hos all in one convienent location...

Also, Ramada/Siyou shops no problems during the Fair, that I've noticed. Gipsy Kings Bar and Holiday Inn bars have been full of pros/non-pros. Good luck and stay safe out there.


SE Asia Joe
04-26-04, 07:08
Not quite sure which board I should write this on - was at Lotus Hill golf Club past week-end and went to Panyu City (closest town to Lotus Hill) to do a bit of mongering. Was pleasantly surprised at the "Thriving Scene" there! Went to the Panyu Shichang Hotel, 3 FanHua Rd, Shiqiao, panyu and found that the whole building is "Total Ho City!"
The hotel only has 2 or 3 Floors for rooms while the rest of the building has all sorts of "Sukube" outlets. The bottom 4 floors are restaurants where the assorted talents hang around, 6 and 7 is the Sauna place (only HJ available - but very good massage), other floors are the karaoke rooms where the going price is RMB 2-8-10 (200 to sit with you, 800 ST 1,000 Overnite) with the 12/F where you have girls in very revealing negligees lounging around behind the bar counter, ready to chat with anybody. Didn't realize that this practice is OK in Guangzhou - reminded me of when Bottoms Up in HKG was really a 'happening place'

Macau Pimp
04-30-04, 19:13
What up gents? I have not posted in quite a while and thought it was my duty to report on a new city that I have been working at on and off. Sanshui city is part of Foshan which is near Guangzhou. The city is paradise. ktv girl tip is 100rmb, sauna with HJ included is 90rmb, mamasan gilrs to your room for ST or "kuai can" for 200rmb, and also good food and great sanshui qingdao beer.

The best part is the square near the railway station "guang chang" is literally a 'meat market'. It is flooded with girls and they work for ST 80rmb in their apt across the street. Please dont pay more.

The high class girls are from the ktv and they are 400ST and 800LT.

The girls are all from the countryside. Mostly from Hunan and Jiangxi and Guangxi etc.
If you go I recommend to stay www.ever-profit-hotel.com.cn

05-08-04, 21:31

I was in Guangzhou for the trade fair and had a very strange experience. Went to the Garden Hotel but found nothing (except a new starbucks, great !!). The girls were all hanging across the road at a bus stop only 5 minutes down from the Hotel. Started talking to a young thing about 18 y/o and a 8-9 in looks when a security guy with a long stick came up and started hitting the ground around the girl. Out of nowhere her pimp came up to the security guy and started yelling at him to get lost! Too much fuss for me so I sneaked away, the girl followed and told me it would be 800rmb ST so I said no and left back to my 'cheap' hotel near the train station. There is a hairdresser in the foyer area where 2 young pretty girls work. I walked in and asked the old lady (mamsan) if they do sex and without hesitation the 2 young girls came out and started negotiating. I took the tall, blonde because the dark haired girl was about to go home (I would've prefered the dark haired, she had larger breasts). The blonde was a 7-8 and didn't speak any english. I started by going down on her, she had the sweetest little pussy that tasted like a pear. It was heaven and she seemed to enjoy the experience. Straight sex followed in several positions before I blew my load. She went to shower and when she came back I just had to try those sweet pussy juices once more, this time she became quite vocal and then the phone rang to tell her my time was up. She stayed and talked for another 5-10 minutes asking if I gave her another 400rmb, she would stay till 7am. I didn't do it and found out she had a room in the hotel where she stayed. All up 300rmb for 1 hour it was good but not fantastic would have loved to suck on her breasts but she wouldn't let me.

Hey Macau pimp that hotel link doesn't work?

05-09-04, 09:24
Hai friends,

Just come back from China, Visited guanzhou, Ningbo, Wuxi, Yiwu.

Guanzhou, I stayed little far as in NanHai, Jindu Hotel have good collection of KTV girls, $100 for L/T in room. good service & experiance, prettly 20yrs girls. Message cetner also having good message with Sauna, steambath with 90min massage Charges RMB 170.

stayed in another Hotel Ye Dong, girls are available in fitness center, having vip rooms 90 mins massage with hand job charged RMB 350. have to pay 500 extra for BBBJ ++.

Hotels are very good in clean & charges per day atUSD60. worth to stay in the time of canton fair, all hotels in Guanzhou charges more than US$150 in this time.



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05-13-04, 05:17
Hi all,

I am going to Guangzhou on may 18 and I am looking for some people to show me some good places for action. I have been to Guangzhou before but never really played. If anyone is willing to help me out then please send me a private message.

05-16-04, 09:48

You failed to mention the name of the hotel?


SE Asia Joe
05-17-04, 07:44
A real firecracker!

Mirage Night Club at the Bravo Hotel, 233 Guangming Bei Road, Shiqiao Panyu, Guangzhou city tel 0086-20-8489-2888, http://www.bravohotel.com.cn.

I went to the above nightclub and stayed at this hotel which was conceived with
the usual Chinese penchant for doing things over the top. 500 of some of the best looking girls I've seen in Guangzhou and I got lucky and ended up with a real firecracker. its a 2-8-10 deal but worth every penny for like I said, the girls are stunners and their "training' had been impecable IMHO! My goodness, things gets better every day in china!

SE Asia Joe

05-20-04, 23:06
OAH, The hotel I stayed in - can't remember the name and can't find the business card. It was a cheapie and all I remember was that the hotel was behind a big travel agency (CAAC ticket office), 400m from the Guangzhou railway station.

Planning my next trip to Guanzhou in the next 2-3 months, can't wait!