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06-01-02, 17:38
I will be in GZ in Early July, staying at Garden Hotel. What is the latest information I need to know to have a real good time? Guest friendliness of hotel, getting around, etc. Thanks for replying. Let's get this forum going!

06-05-02, 05:04
Hi BigBruno, I don't normally go to Guangzhou so I don't know too much about it however I do know that you can find girls in front and around China Hotel. It is a famous 5 star hotel so you should not have any problem finding it. You can bring guests into your hotel as long as they enter your hotel before 11PM and leaves by 12 midnight. You do have to watch out for scams in Guangzhou. Do not go with anyone to their room or place. Do not let the girl know which room you stay in before you enter your room and do not allow the girl to answer or call anyone from your room because one the the standard scam is for the girl to call someone who will then come to your room for shakedown. They might be real police or pretend to be police or just some guys who will beat you up unless you pay them. Just be very careful and if anything happens, call the hotel staff who will help you (if the thugs will let you use the phone). Real room raids are very, very rare.

06-08-02, 06:38
Yes, Bigburno, you can find girls in the Garden Hotel's coffee
shop; many of them hanging out there all day. Prices are very,
pretty one will ask you around RMB1000 FS;
Some of them can speak English.

There are many hair saloons near the airport roads, all of them
get sex services. Usually RMB200 for FS, 400 for overnight(plus
you have to pay the mamasan 50 )
Mny are fresh girls
just come out of rural proviences; few of them will give BJ,
but very good attitude. This is my favorite place to hit.

Street walkers are among south part of Huang-Poo Avenue,
you can also find them among TEEM Plaza (a shopping mall)
if you notice some girls keep staying there
and don't move toomuch then here they are. Price from RMB 200
to 500 depends on looks; be careful and always wathch your
back;happy hunting!

06-17-02, 10:06
I arrived in Zhuhai on a Thursday May 23 I had been gone from China about ten months. The first thing after I checked in the hotel was scope out the Lobby Bar in the Guandong Regency Hotel.
They had a whole new crew but they looked like they were well qualified for the job.
They start about 500 RMB and go down for about an hour or so. I got one for about 350 but many people tell me don't pay over 300.
One there has a rack that has got to be store-bought but I went for it anyway got good service a BBBJ and soap between the breasts.
Man was I way behind after ten months back home so I took another stab at it the next night.

Went trolling the other night down toward the old Maccau border.
It is difficult to make it through there without the girls pulling your arm out of socket. Found one for 200 RMB for a short time. I got decent service.
Checked out the BU BU GOA only two girls but it was early about five pm. One of the girls told me that they had twenty or so before.
Exactly before when I don't know my Chinese is terrible and that is all I got from the conversation.
That is about all I have done up until this point. If I go out any more I will post it.

06-17-02, 10:16
Where is Tian-Ho Xan shopping mall? Please let us know the street name.

I am going to check out the airport road and come back to report the latest to you guys. But I know the airport road is not that safe. Lots of outsiders, many of them from XinJiang provice, home to the Weiwoer minority. The police dare not crash them too hard.

I have been in GZ for two days now. Sadly I have to say not many pretty faces to be seen on the streets, and even fewer curvy bodies, compared to Mexico.

06-23-02, 01:37
The Garden hotel is the focus of the meat market. Not inside the hotel but outside, about 50 meter diameter. Girls start coming out at about 9:00 PM. Just walk around and you won't miss them unless you are sex blind. Quality varies from 7 to 9. All aceptable. Price is about 200 Yuan to 300 Yuan. If you pay more than 300 Yuan you are being ripped off. If you speak Mandarin, you can get it at 200 Yuan. Overnight is double the price. I went with the girl to her rented flat. 200 Yuan and she likes me, asked me to spend about 3 hours in her flat. After the first round she asked me for more, but I was too tired. Gave me her cell number. Excellent GFE.

BTW, this city is called Guang Zhou, not Gan Zhou. Moderator please correct the error.

06-29-02, 16:14
I will be going to GZ very soon and I'd like to know if GZ has any place like "Maggie's Bar" in Beijing. Where is the best places to find the girls?

07-01-02, 07:17
Hi Cosmo,
mind giving me cell no of the girl in guangzhou.
i will be there soon.
my email is govindgovindjee@hotmail.com

07-01-02, 14:46
This girl doesn't speak English. I have asked her if she wanted me to publish her cell phone number and she didn't like the idea. She is not only pretty, but has a very nice personality. About 50% of the clients come back to her after the first time. I didn't want to see other girls after sleeping with her. My first.

About the airport road, I didn't find anything interesting. Don't waste your time there. The government cleaned it up. The city is much better than three years ago. Can't believe my eyes.

07-01-02, 20:31
To Cosmo, I don't think you should ask the girl if she would mind if you publish her phone number on the internet chat. I would just tell her that a friend of mine is coming to Guangzhou and would she mind if I give her phone number to him. She would probably say yes if put it this way.

07-03-02, 05:48
Holy shit!!! I just read an article in today's New York Times about a brother and sister who got caught running a small-time prostitution ring out of an apartment in Guangzhou. The brother received a death sentence, and the sister got life!!! My question is - is it safe to dabble in this activity while in China, even as a non-Chinese tourist?

07-03-02, 06:47
You will find that China is very strange on prostitution. The government is very hard on the pimps. They are not as hard on the girls and most cases the customers are not bothered. Some cases you will have to pay a fine which usually goes into the arresting officer's pocket. I would not worry about being arrested in China however you do have to worry about being setup by the girls. Normally what happens is that the girl will call someone with your room number (you should not allow a girl to call anyone from your room), then after a while a group of guys pretend (or real ) police will knock on your door. When they enter your room, the girl will be in an undress condition. They will then threaten to arrest you unless you pay them some money. They will then take your money, the girl will be arrested and taken away with them. They will of course go somewhere and spilt your money. This happens quite a bit and the customers usually think they were really busted by the police and feel lucky to get away so cheap. This common game is played everyday. To protect yourself, never allow a girl to call anyone before sex or if she calls before you can stop her then have her leave or just talk to her for half an hour or so. This way if someone breaks in then you are both dressed and there is nothing they can do. Never tell the girl which room you are staying at until you arrive in your hotel. Hope this helps.

07-09-02, 01:53
Hotel questions...

Can anyone confirm whether the Garden Hotel is guest friendly? I wasn't originally planning on staying there but my travel agent's ex-boyfirend is some big mucky-muck in the foreign relations office for Guandong province and she can get me a ridiculous rate. Since the girls set up camp outside Garden Hotel, and in the hotel coffee shop, I would think it is guest friendly. I've brought girls to 5 star hotels in Shanghai and Beijing with very few problems. Just want to confirm.

If Garden is guest friendly, does staying in there create challenges in negotiating rates? Do the girls try to jack you up, assuming that if you are staying in a 5 star you will pay more? Guandong is a relative bargain compared to Beijing and Shanghai and I don;t want to hassle negotiating down from the asks in those cities.

Same questions apply to the White Swan (may get a rate there, too). As I recall, late night security looked pretty serious compared to what I've seen elsewhere.

If the Garden Hotel doesn't pan out, are girls in this area OK with travelling to hotels near the river? I've stayed at a couple of hotels on Shamian Dao (and really like the colonial buildings, trees and peaceful vibe) and might opt for one of these if the girls will trek. Not talking about trekking for added cost, but rather the usual going rate plus taxi fare back.

I stayed at Shengli Binguan on Shamian Dao last time and it seems cool since it has a side entrance that only passes the Sauna and barbershop entrances, going directly and privately to the elevators. I met a looker who worked at the Sauna at 2:00 am at the nearby 24 Hour Community Market who asked if I wanted her to come to my room. Unfortunately, my wife was with me so I had to settle for a CBJ at the hotel barbershop (different girl). Not bad, since I wasn't even on the prowl, but I'd like more overall selection and day-to-day variety. Hence, my questions regarding our lovely providers' willingness to travel across town.

Any other ideas are also much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

07-09-02, 06:59
just returned from china...here is my report on guang zhou

(these are just my experiences as a non-chinese speaker and first timer to china)

i stayed at the garden hotel the first three nights. it is true that most of the action around there centers on the pedestrian overpass in front of hotel, and the sidewalks adjacent to the overpass. yes, the going rate is 300y and the girls are above average in looks and attitude.

night 1: found a cute honey walking around. we made eye contact, and we both slowed down. a little sign language and 300 was agreed upon. we walked into hotel like we owned it, and although there was much security we made it into room without problem. she was real friendly, and 2 hours later she let me take several x-rated pics with digicam for souvenir.

night 2: found a real sweet cute young thing and agreed to same price. there were many police on stret and she signed that she was nervous. made it into hotel, and security was on my floor. i got flustered, and ended up walking down wrong corridor (huge hotel). in order to not pass by security again on way to room, i decided to go down stairs 1 flight, and return up again. well, the stair doors were locked from the inside so we had to walk down entire hotel. needless to say, we caught the attention of hotel security, and about 7 of them were waiting on the bottom floor for us. they told me "no problem, you go", so i went out door onto street. the girl tried to run through the door and two city police caught her, as a scene had developed. they dragged her into the bowels of the hotel, with her screaming. i feared that they were beating or [CodeWord125] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord125) her, so i went back inside to tell them to cool it. they repeated, "no problem, you go". so i went! needing to chill out, but not wanting to waste the viagara i had taken, i decided to check out the massage parlor next to the china hotel which i heard was good. it was a total ripoff scene (although i did get a great foot and leg massage from a man). the girl asked for 300 us dollars for fs, so obviously i took off, but they got me for 300 yuan for the various services they had performed not including anything with the girl. now, i decided that this wasn't my night, and viagara or not, i was calling it a night. i figured the scene at the garden hotel had cooled off by now (and was right), so i went back. there is a night club adjacent to the hotel. the sidewalk in front was lined with sws, each more charming than the next. so i talked with one of them who spoke adequate english (tall, slender and real cute). since it was after 11pm guests could not come to hotel (if at all for these kind of guests), so she suggested going back to her apartment. now i had seen the warnings on this site about that, but by this time i didn't care. i found out that she had a nice apartment, and a nice roommate! so, for an additionaol 100 y (400 total), i had the two of them for about three hours. it was actually nice to go into a chinese home. the day ended great! i slunk home at 3am.

day 3 - took a break from the "nightlife"

day 4 - moved to the dong fang hotel next to china hotel. there is not so much action on street. the hard rock cafe had ladies, but they were asking 800. could have gotten them down some, but not to levels i was comfortable with. in front of china hotel is patrolled, but the adjacent area in front of mcdonalds is a place where anything goes. i found what i was looking for (300y) with some photo souvenirs included. this lady got my room number (also in contrary to advice here), and about 15 minutes came up by herself. i liked this better, because they know the ropes a bit better, and you dont have to do the "walk of shame" through the lobby. just a knock at the door, and "hello mama". thus ended my 4 nights in guang zhou. go to southern china to see the rest of the sotry, if you want.

07-11-02, 04:05
Mr. BigBruno, I don't know you. But I am very disapointed at what you did based on your description. From what you wrote, I figure you are not a Chinese. You are probably a westerner. If you don't know it, let me tell you right now: the Chinese government treats westerners as first class citizens and the Chinese nationals second class citizens. Even you don't know about this in the first place, you could easily figure it out from the different way they treat you and the girl. What upsets me is that you left girl alone in a trouble situation. What a gentleman should do is to stand up, and stick to the notion that the girl is just a normal friend, not a hooker. Since the security guards didn't catch you and the girl with your pants down, they had no proof of any wrong doing. You were just chicken out, at the cost of a young girl's hardship. Whatever hardship she's going to face with those motherfuckers, I can only imagine. Shame on you.

This is exactly the reason I don't want to give out my favourite girl's cell phone number on this forum. How much I know a guy based on a simple question he asked me? I am not badmouthing anyone here. I am just talking about reality. To anyone who cares about the girls and think of them as equal human beings, I strongly advise against giving out the girls' phone numbers. I could, however, share valuable info with someone who gain my trust.


07-11-02, 08:03

I share your sentiments. Most of these girls, particularly if they are young, are not hardened prostitutes, most just work to earn more money but they are not money face.
Hopefully she gets away with a fine, which means several wk's or month's pay down the drain. Otherwise, she will have to spend time in a detention centre to be reformed. Sigh.

Bigbruno should have defended her.....I suppose he is scared of getting into trouble with Gong An himself.

07-11-02, 08:17
If you read my report, you see that I did go back to confront them. I told them (In English, which they could not understand) to leave her be. That she did nothing wrong. Twice they ordered me to leave. Nothing I could have done at that point would have changed anything. There were at least 7 hotel security and 2 city police. I felt real bad, but my options were limited. I tried twice to assist, as it was my fault for getting us stuck in the fire escape. But by my second attempt, my own safety was quick becoming an issue. I am not going to get beaten, arrested or extorted because of my dealings with a hooker (or any human being for that matter) if I can help it. I'm sure, that after questioning her, they realized that it was all just a mistake, and let her go. If not, they are the shameful ones, not me.

07-11-02, 16:28

I agree with you about some questionable hobbyist mental discipline in this elusive game. Sometime they think with their DICKs more than their BRAINs when instead they should be fucking with their DICKs and scheming with their BRAINs.

07-11-02, 22:31
Here's more info as a 'thank you' guesture for those who gave me support.

There is a hotel named 'Wu3 Yang2 Cheng2' Hotel, located in Ren Min Nan Lu (name of the hotle means 'city of five lamps', which means Guangzhou). This hotel is operated by the military people, which means no GongAn dare to search their rooms no matter what goes on in it.

The sauna department of the hotel is located on the fifth floor. You can have drinks and light meal in the lounge. Two hours in a private room costs Y168. Ask for discount and you can get it at Y88. Tips to the girl is Y50 per hour. That is normal massage. For Y300 extra, the girl can provide anything you have in mind. Depending on the girl, service range from licking the ass to annal. Older girls provide more service. #3 provided me 'hot and cold water BJ' and licking my behind. What a feeling. You can't find it outside of Asia.

Total cost of two hour good massage and sex is Y500. It's a little bit more expensive than the street girls. But it provides you with a secure environment and more services. I advice a foreign face to go there with a Chinese friend. No racism here, just want you guys enjoy your time smoothly.

07-11-02, 23:05
Thanks for the good hotel info. Just one ting to rectify, Canton is the City of Five goats (yang2) and not "lamps".

07-12-02, 02:20
I'm late tuning in to the high drama regarding the moral high ground...

Cosmo, please explain what exactly Big Bruno should have done under the circumstances. What would you have done? Seriously.

I am not posing the questions to stir things up, but rather to get a better understanding of what has you upset. I, for one, would have done as Bruno. If there is something else that could have been done without risking life, limb and imprisonment please enlighten us. Perhaps it will help someone out in the future. Maybe even me, as I will be at the Garden Hotel soon and perhaps facing a similar dilema. On second thought, I don't plan on taking evasive action in the staircase ;-) since I am batting a thousand in talking my way past hotel security. Fortunately, I haven't dealt with the police yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

An unfortunate situation indeed. If you press as far as you dare and the girl still gets nailed, I don't think disrespect or lack of empathy comes into play at all. Just my 2 cents.

07-12-02, 03:28
One trick I learnt in bring girls to your room is to have them carry something for you, like a shopping bag, or your files or attache case, something that looks business like.

I am sure the hotel security know who they are but it certainly gives them a legitimate cover and the security wouldn't dare stop them.

07-12-02, 17:07
Okay, this would be my last post on this incident.

First of all, like I said in my original comment, westerners are treated as first class citizens in China by the officials. This is a fact, not my imagination. All the fear westerners have are generated by the main stream mass media which cares only about sales not facts. Mr. BigBruno committed no crime at all by simply walking with a young girl into the hotel. In this case, there is no way he's going to face life/limb/imprisonment what so ever. If anyone agrees upon this, no argument arises. We all know what to do as a gentleman under this circumstances. What differs in our judgement in this incident is not 'what he should do differently', but 'is he in danger himself?'. If I have a foreign face in that particular situation, I don't think I am in danger at all. Of course everyone has his own judgement.

Are the guards so stupid that they don't know what those young girls standing outside Garden hotel doing? Are the police so naive that a girl has to walk into the hotel to raise a red flag in his mind? They all know what they are doing, and what we are doing. They are just looking for an opportunity to expoit.

07-12-02, 18:08
Cosmo, too bad your "last post on the subject" didn't answer the question: WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE DONE DIFFERENTLY THAN BRUNO? You slam him for not going far enough to help the girl and then evade the question of what else he could have done. If you think he handled the situation badly, why don't you tell us what the *correct* course of action would have been? Stop punking out and answer the question.

07-12-02, 19:59
Stick to the statement that this girl is a normal friend of his and insist to escort the girl out of the hotel where she can go free. This is what should be done. The hotel security guards are afraid of guest complain, especially complains from a foreigner. If they detain the girl againt your strong protest, they better had a real good reason. In this case, they don't. I know you will come back to me and say that's too dangerous. Mr. BigBruno is risking his life/limb/whatever doing just that. Well, that comes to what I stated in my last post: was he in danger?

BTW, watch your manner Mr. Mistalava, or soon you'll find no one is willing to help you.

07-13-02, 01:40
Cosmo, thank you for finally answering the question instead of just bashing someone's actions without offering a solution. Perhaps this will of be of help to someone down the road who may face a similar situation. So far as my manner is concerned, all I wanted was an answer to a very simple question rather than listen to your whining about the preferential treatment that Westerner's receive. Right or wrong, this treatment is a fact of life so deal with it. If you don't want to help me, that's your business. I have no problem with it one way or the other.

07-15-02, 18:00
Just thought I'd say for the most part, I enjoy reading your posts here on the China section. Regarding the tempest over the last couple of days, Cosmo, I appreciate your answer however; I don't understand your threats, Mistalava had a valid question one that I was very interested in hearing. I don't know China and don't know the police (authorities) there so I would be frightened after hearing all sorts of rumors about the abusive police in China. Mistalava, good on you for staying with the question until it was answered.

07-16-02, 20:42
Barber shops in GZ

Many hobbyists dislike barber shops. They think these are low end market, hot, dirty and no quality girls to be found. That's generally true. But there's always exceptions.

Exceptions aside, I also like the thrill of hunting in barber shops. You see, fresh girls from countryside are often end up in barber shops in the first place. Then they move up, to sauna or to the streets. Hunting in a barber shop sometimes rewards me with that 'diamond in the rough' findings.

Okay, enough bullsh*t. Here is the beef:

In GZ, most hobby friendly barber shops are located in the outskirts of the city. There is only one strip inside the city. It's called 'Tong Xin Nan Lu'. They are located in a small alley next to the big road. If you speak Chinese, hop on a taxi and go to 'Tong Xin Nan Lu'. When you are there, just ask a street vender where the barber shops are. Girls sometimes would be standing at the corner of 'Tong Xin Nan Lu' and 'Bao Han Zhi Jie' at around 10:00 PM.

Another benefit of barber shops is the price. Fees are two parts: Y50 to the mamasan and Y100 to the girl. I once negotiated that Y50 down to Y30, but the Y100 is fixed, and I don't want to bargain it down. For less than 20 bucks, I can chat, touch and have good sex with an 18 year old country girl. What else can I ask for that unbeatable price?

The fun doesn't take place at the shop. After you pay the Y50, the mamasan would lead you (in a very discreet way) to a normal residential apartment nearby. It's a regular flat where the girls and maybe the mamasan live. It's clean, and sometimes has air-conditioning. Shower is provided. You wait there for a couple minutes for the girl to come. When she comes to join you, it's like meeting your little concubine in her penthouse.

My only complain: I never found a city girl in any barber shop, hence reducing the fun level. For me, part of the joy comes from chatting up with the girl. That's how I get my GFE.

Happy hunting!

Bone is Hard
07-22-02, 14:35
many thanks to the current and archived contributors to this forum. i had a trip to asia scheduled and read all appropriate forums to determine the best hotels to stay that were both nice and active. this is a re-cap of my stay at the china hotel “by marriott” in guangzhou.

i arrived and felt i had stepped back into colonial canton. the lobby is beautiful and is very busy during the day. late at night, there are few people in it except security guards. the basement and ground floor is a mall. on one end is the hard rock, the other is the catwalk. the catwalk was dead. there were maybe 8 people in it, a couple of young girls that had to be groupies of the live band that was beginning to play. i wasn’t up for that action so i moved on to the hard rock. it was probably about 10:00.

it too was slow, but there were many more single girls there, and they weren’t sitting down in front of the live band playing there as well. i order a single malt and within 5 minutes a cute, tiny little chinese girl came up and started chatting. we discussed a number of things, often times having to repeat the same thing so we could understand one another. she then asked me if i would buy here a drink. immediately i knew i had run into one of those notorious “drink girls”. i was enjoying the company so, sure, i bought her a drink…orange juice, hey, that’s what she ordered. then one of her friends came over and joined the conversation, she was a bit better with english. soon she too was asking for a drink. yea, why not.

the first girl was qin qin (shing shing is how she said it). i think she felt a little threatened by the second girl so she soon popped the question. do you want to go up to your room and let me give you a massagie. then we got down to the money bit. 800 rmb for about two hours since it was already 10:20 and she has to be out of the hotel by 12:00. and let me tell you, when it gets close to midnight, mama-san calls and you would think the girl was going to turn into a pumpkin. well we settled on the price and went up to the room. she grabbed my hand to walk past the 5-6 security men rep001tered down the hallway.

jing jing is tiny. maybe 5 feet tall and barely 90 pounds, with a little teacup ass. we used to call them spinners when i was in college. the type you could let set down on the chub and you could spin ‘em around like an old 33 rpm record. she was about a 7, with small cup of your hand tits. to be honest i thought i was going to kill her. talk about tight, she was leaking all over the bed and she still had to get lotion to ease the way. she gets into sex. orgasms were not faked. upon completion of round one, she curled up into me like a cat and just purrs. she’s the one that initiated round 2. then her phone rang and i decided to keep her for the night.

with considerable time to talk while recuperating, i found that she was from hunan province, like so many of the girls here are, they come to the big city to make more money, and sex is about the best money they can make. she gets to keep 60% of the money and mama-san gets 40%. she lives in a rat trap of an apartment she shares with another girl and pays 1700 rmb per month. she said it was about the size of my bathroom. that aint much, about $250 but it’s huge for them. she said she sends as much money home as possible. i ask her how often she gets lucky and it was about every 3 days.

the hard rock is not the only place she works. she skips around from one place to another every night. so if some cute bit of a girl comes up and her name is shing shing, take my advise, pay for it and you will enjoy it.

08-06-02, 01:10
I'm going to guangzhou in mid-september. Does anyone know if there is any action near the Dongfang Hotel? Thanks

09-14-02, 08:33
I will also be at the Caton Fair in end of October.
I booked a room at the garden hotel.
Anyone with good hints on the garden hotel & surroundings?

Some posts below s.o. mentioned the gals opposite of the hotel.
But is there anything else like a good quality hotel bar, hotel massage ......

Anyone with experience on the prices? I suppose during the canton fair also girls raise their "Service fee"

Anyone who wants to join me exploring GZ´s nightlife in end of October?
If so please drop me a line

09-28-02, 08:11
I will be in Guanghzou during fair time(october)
Does anyone know any action on the airport road i ll be in Min Hang Hotel.

Also does anyone know where i can find Ladyboys :)in Guanghzou

09-28-02, 15:26
GZ get usually 'cleaned' around the GZ fair time. Last time I saw a few stunners in the Hard Rock Cafe (China Hotel). But I guess beauty has its price.

Around the Garden Hotel there are many good bars. A nice one is The Cave, just across the road. Another good one is Cathlene's. Try to get one of those free GZ magazines.

For FS action just check with an open taxi driver. They are the most helpfull people in the world (when you're in urge).

GZ has has a few street brothels, again, taxi drivers know.

10-10-02, 07:31
Anyone here been to Guan Zhou or know where the actions are? I'm going to be there in December 7 and would appreicated if anyone can give me some pointers where I can find some actions. This includes ST and LT and How much and stuff like that... Thanks.


10-21-02, 08:22
I'm just back from GZ! I got approached a few times around the China Hotel. So there is still some freelance employment going on.

But I was walking all day and really really wanted to go back home.

Next time I will stay probably outside GZ somewhere in Guandong (maybe Sheklung) and stay in one of those massage places overnight. It's usually RMB 200 if you come late. The girl will be 300 for 2 hours (full sex) and probably 500 overnight.

Keep in mind that it's hard to get Hotels in GZ during the trade fair for below RMB500

10-22-02, 02:26
For Bone is Hard.
I (believe) I am very familliar with your girl QinQin, you describe her prefectly. In fact we still exchange emails if it is the same one.

She is a freelancer but works in a University. Over the last few yrs has travelled all over the world with various western and Japanese boys. Several offers of Marriage but the guys back off at the last moment - or can't agree terms. Nevertheless, she is a real diamond.

10-27-02, 15:34
I just moved from Manila (lived there for more then a year) to GuanZhou.
Man, I miss manila ;-)

Anyway, a nice but pretty place i discovered by accident is the massage parlour on the second floor of the is the YUANG YUANG hotel. Its near the macdonalds building. Its a pretty weird place with an extremely dark massageparlour. But as we all know, nasty things can happen in dark places.

if you know any nice places in guanzhou, please keep me informed.

10-28-02, 09:50
Where is the location? (I mean what street)
How much Tip expected?
Do they have VIP room?

I'll be in GZ again this Wednesday. Let's see if I'm 'in the mood'!

(I usually go to sauna places in Guandong area which are excellent value for money and very clean, with really friendly service')

10-28-02, 11:10
Cosmo, if u don't mind, do u have any good barber shops that u can recommend me. i like country girls.
Send it to my email. it is SunWukong94@hotmail.com.

10-28-02, 23:42
Can someone please tell me where are the barber shops located, prices, and transaction methods? I am planning a trip to GuanZhou in December 6. Anyone with any information would help. thanks. xoxo_boy@yahoo.com

10-29-02, 15:20
Can someone please tell me where are the barber shops located, prices, and transaction methods?
Send it to my email or just post it here. my email is SunWukong94@hotmail.com

10-31-02, 12:02

my Chinese is not that good so I cnat really read the adress, but write me a mail at yufei_chang@yahoo.com and we will exchange some ideas

11-02-02, 05:34
Hi Guys,

I am a newbie to this board, and will be in Guangzhou on the 14th of December. Do you know of any good hotels in the Tian He district--near the east railway station.

I am hoping to find one fairly close to where i can find some decent massage parlours (FS), and near where i can find some reasonably prices freelancers.

Any suggustions would be greatly appreciated


11-16-02, 02:29
I'm staying at the Garden Hotel in December because it sounds like there is some action nearby the hotel. I want to know how much trouble it will be to get a girl into my room after 11PM. I have not had any trouble with other hotels in Southern China, but after reading some of the posts on this section of the board, I'm not so sure. I will probably can't start my hunting until after 11PM. It doesn't sound too safe to go with a girl to her place. It sounds like hit or miss.

11-23-02, 14:17
ok guys LOTS OF questions here NO ANSWERS,,

1 about freelancers or local girls ? Where and how much if in local currency how about an exchange rate?

2 any expats living in the area? employment opportunies?

3 General attitude of locals to caucasians?

11-24-02, 11:43
1. No answer for this.
2. Not much opportunuties, for MNC basically only P&G and Wrigley. Unless you want to be a cheap labor English teacher.
3. English ability is generally worse that Shanghai and Beijing. Attitude? well...there's only rich and not rich, doesn't matter otherwise.
My advise: Forget about GZ.

11-27-02, 03:41
I am back in GZ right now. Checked out Garden Hetel last night. To my big surprise, the area has been cleaned out. I couldn't see any freelancer around the hotel. There were only two three standing across the street, under the bridge. But they were old and harden looking. I don't recommend.

Anyway, I couldn't figure out why Garden Hotel has been cleaned out. There is no crack down campain going on in GZ at the moment, at least to my knowledge. If anyone can figure out the reason, please post it. I on the other hand retreat to my normal contacts. Take care and have fun.

11-27-02, 07:31
Crap! I'm gonna be in GZ next week and was looking forward to the hunting near the Garden Hotel. Can anyone suggest another areas that I might try? That's a bummer.

11-27-02, 11:12
Garden Hotel opposite is a little private bar. Walk the flyover.Try in there.

China Hotel disco and outside as well.

11-27-02, 11:49
I'm french and I don't know the US condom Trojan, those who are sell (by three in a box) in the street shop...Are they good?
Thank you

11-29-02, 23:21
Thanks for the advise Rayman. Would a foreigner have problems in the bar or disco? I am Asian, but don't speak Mandarin.

12-02-02, 17:15
No problems in any discos or bars. Most of the customers, even in the Hard Rock cafe are Asian (Japs, Taiwanese, HK).

I never had probs with the local Chinese condons so you should be alright. Well advised to wear them!!

Bone is Hard
12-03-02, 01:08

China Hotel has two bars/discos. Hard Rock and the Catwalk. Both have WGs and they range from 5-8. I found that around 11:00 things are a bit more active at both places. Next to the China Hotel is Dong Feng Hotel (spelling?). Havent been over there but have watched from my window at the China Hotel that overloked the DF Hotel there are many single girls going in and few coming out. Might give that place a shot if HR and Catwalk are slow.

China Hotel has a decent rate for a two room suite-$200 USD - you might want to change locations. The China Hotel and DF Hotel are both very close to the exhibittion hall. I have had no problems taking girls to my room, right past security, and they leave about 8-10 am. Satisfies the morrning wood problem we all have. Rates vary, sounds like a disclaimer doesnt it, depending on the girl, the time and the place. 800-1000 for hour and a half. 1200 - 1500 for all night. Part of the fun is watching them have a blast in the nice rooms and taking a shower in a clean bath. Not some mud puddle.

Good luck. Wish I was there.


12-03-02, 09:20
US$200/night? I ussually spend RMB 300

Anyway, around the China hotel you also get a number of freelancers. If you walk around the block after darkness you will get aproached.

If you speak Mandarin: Ask a taxi driver, they know the places.

12-03-02, 14:51
The bar located just opposite of Garden Hotel is called Hill Bar, where many expats frequent. There are some freelancers walking and standing in the area around it. It's a hit and miss, worth to check it out.

12-04-02, 06:20
Any tips in how to get a girl in your room after 11PM? Don't want to get the girl in trouble (or me). I'm staying at the Garden Hotel and I have heard through other posts that they can be strict.

Bone is Hard
12-05-02, 00:32

300 RMB for a hotel room? Where? When I go to China it is for work and I require many of the non-sexual services of a 4 or 5 star hotel. Money is not a problem.


Midnight is the curfew for many of the girls to be back out of the rooms. If you plan on having them stay longer, better plan an overnighter. Its not but 2-300 RMB extra. Most of the hotels have multiple entrances. I have never had any problems bringing a girl in after 11. Just hold her hand and smile at the security guard and they smile back. If worse comes to worst, just act dumb and try another entrance. Some girls will come to your room without escorting them. Let them fiigure out how to get there. Most have mobiles and you get their number and call them when you get back to your room. Most of the girls working around the hotels have a deal with security and they let them pass.


12-09-02, 18:04
hello everyone,

Is there any action in or near the star hotel in the TianHe district? thanks.

12-18-02, 02:15
I'm planning a trip to China next year. I'm particularly interested in taller, lighter skinned chinese girls. What areas/cities have more of these types of women? I'd like to get an idea so I can plan a loose itineary. I speak some Chinese

12-22-02, 16:00
jadegatelover -

Try northern cities, or closer to shanghai for taller Chinese girls with fair skin. Southern Chinese tends to be a bit shorter. I've seen tall models type in both Beijing and Shanghai cities.

12-25-02, 11:24
Had a great time in Guangzhou last week. I stayed at the Garden Hotel. Didn't have too much trouble getting girls into the hotel. However, the girls were afraid of security so we went in through the side door so we could at least bypass the lobby. Doesn't really matter because there is security everywhere. Prices were 300-400RMB.

One girl wouldn't go to my room, but agreed to go a short duration hotel. Paid 150RMB for the room on top of the 300RMB for the girl. It is a scam because I saw the hotel clerk give the girl a 100RMB kickback afterwards. I didn't really care, but I thought everyone should be aware of this.

Saw some girls on the overpass in front of the Garden Hotel, but most of them were on the sidewalk on both sides of the hotel entrance. They would periodically get chased away but security, but would always come back a short time later.

12-26-02, 20:17
Ok heres my little report on guangzhou.

First i have a friend who took a me and a few buddies around. THere is a KTV place in the tianhe area in the sports stadium complex. Its called the sports art salon. Not a bad place, pick any girl for 300 and shell drink, play games etc. with you as long as you want. Take her home and you pay what she wants but you dont have to pay the 300RMB for her time at the club. I didnt try it as i dont speak any chinese. Girls were pretty though. I had my fun at a Brothel. It was a hotel with nice rooms, each room has a full bathroom and a sauna. Actually the rooms are similar to 4-5 star hotel rooms in guangzhou. Sorry guys i cannot tell you where it is because we drove there and i cannot remember the name of the city or road, but it was 330 for the room, plus 400 for the girl. 2 hours with the girl. excellent service. You would take a sauna, then shower, she should ask you if you need help in the shower. No extra charge. THen to massage, these girls know how to massage BTW. and then to the fun part. THe best experience i have ever had. Beautiful girls too!!

i also went to the Catwalk in the China hotel. a lot of working girls there, they will all try to make eye contact with you, some are there just for fun but chances are, if they are hot, they are pros. I dont know the going rate there but it was fun checking htem out plus the band was hot. and i mean good looking.

ok good hunting everyone.

12-30-02, 13:56
There's a good chance I'll be in the pearl river delta area for two weeks sometime in late Feb or early March. I've taken the time to read most of the posts for Shenzen and Guangzhou and have learned quite a bit. I speak decent Cantonese and can get by with Mandarin, but I'll be by myself so KTVs are not my first choice. Also I don't have the discretionary incomes that some of you have, so I can try to pass myself off as local in hopes of getting a cheaper price. On the other hand, I clean up nicely and can look like a "foreigner". Which strategy should I adopt? I am located in California, and unfortunately the dot com crash landed on me. I have savings but cannot afford to stay at a 4 - 5 star hotel and pay Rmb 1,000 every night.

While I have a desire to be with tall, light-skinned, skinny women, my priorities are quality, variety, quantity, and affordability. I have to factor in the cost of hotel as well...or maybe not. I'm particularly interested in those stables headed by a mamasan near lowu. If I read the posts correctly, I stand a chance of finding stunners. Would some of you more experienced gents care to pass along some contacts for dependable and trustworthy mamasans?

I have been adviced that places in the north like Shanghai and Dalian have more of the types of girls I'm looking for, but given my limited schedule and funds I'll be limited to the SZ and GZ area which if I've read correctly attract many girls from those areas.

I am also considering Changsha, Guangzhou, Dongguan as well as Tai seng (Toi Seng in Cantonese) as they are all within a comfortable travelling distance.

Oh yes, it'll be my first time to pay to play and the next girl will be my third. That tells you how "green" I am. I am sharing that to give those of you who decide to help understand where I'm coming from.

Some questions:

What range of prices can I expect to pay for a short time/long time? What range of prices have you other hua keuw/hua qiao (Chinese-American/Canadian...etc) paid recently?

Given my "transient" style, what are the best options for me to be with the service providers? If I don't get a hotel room, will I be missing out?

Anyone willing to share emails or other contact info of mama-sans, special girls for me to ease into the experience? I totally understand if you don't want me to be with your girl, but maybe she has a friend.

Penpals: what sites have you found these penpals on?

You can contact me at: jadegate22@yahoo.com


02-08-03, 00:56
Anyone been to Shantou (in Guangdong province, half way between Canton and Xiamen) ? Any good info about this place ? Thanks

02-08-03, 04:41

I can empathize with not spending RMB1,000 for the hotel room. Take a look at www.asiatravel.com and you can find decent hotels in the US$40-60 range.

As for rates for the girls, use your best judgement, but don't go over RMB1,000 for overnight (for real stunners) and short time should not exceed half that.

Dick Johnson
02-13-03, 15:41
The illness, which has caused pneumonia, has killed five people and left more than 300 hospitalised since November in a region of Guangdong near Hong Kong, Chinese officials say. The U.S. Consulate in the provincial capital, Guangzhou, said Monday the deathtoll was six.

Authorities haven't identified the cause, although they say the disease is under control. They say experts have ruled out anthrax, plague or the virus known as bird flu that killed six people in Hong Kong in 1997.

The Geneva-based World Health Organization, which is monitoring the problem and collecting samples, said Wednesday that health officials had not isolated any influenza virus as the cause. It said the number of new cases was decreasing in several cities, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Rumours of hundreds more deaths have caused a panic, prompting people to wear surgical masks and stock up on antibiotics and vinegar in Guangdong, Hong Kong and the nearby Chinese territory of Macau.

In Guangzhou, disinfectant has been sprayed on the city subway, 6,000 public buses and 16,000 taxis, the newspaper Information News reported Wednesday.

Employees and police at the Guangzhou train station have been asked to wear surgical masks at work, the newspaper said.

Southern China is a major source of new flu strains and other viruses, many traced to the region's poultry industry.

People killed by the latest disease range in age from a 10-year-old boy in Guangzhou to a 59-year-old man in Foshan, according to a spokesman for the provincial government. He would give only his surname, Wang.

Wang said cases also have been reported in the cities of Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Heyuan and Shenzhen -- all in southern Guangdong near Hong Kong.

02-13-03, 21:27
dick johnson
Thanks for the info. I was tring to figure that out as I will be travelling there and HK soon.

Dick Johnson
02-14-03, 04:28
Your welcome.

02-19-03, 01:29
Funny, this illness reminds me of what I caught while in Nanning and Guan Zhou.

I was there in late Feb through early March of 2002 and developed a cough with some upper respiratory infection. My doctor, here in the US, tried out several different types of antibiotics and it really didn't clear up until late May. He could never really figure out what it was dispite taking some cultures and was just winging it by my symptoms.

02-21-03, 06:14
Hi, Pal

I am going to travle to Guangzhou next Month. My first time to GZ. The Hotel I stay calls GITIC. Anyone can tell me if I can pick up girl around the hotel? I am not familiar with the area, like to get a quick pick.


Dick Johnson
03-16-03, 04:23
The World Health Organization (news - web sites) warned Saturday that a contagious and deadly pneumonia-like illness of unknown cause is fast becoming a worldwide health threat. World Health Organization spokesman Dick Thompson said in Geneva, "Until we can get a grip on it, I don't see how it will slow down. People are not responding to antibiotics or antivirals. It's a highly contagious disease and it's moving around by jet. It's bad."

U.S. health officials said travelers may wish to postpone nonessential trips to countries at risk.

The growing list of countries reporting cases of the illness include China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The potentially fatal illness is believed to spread "person to person" and have an incubation period of two to seven days, Gerberding said.

Forty-seven people are now under observation in six different Hong Kong hospitals with 37 of them showing symptoms of pneumonia.

In Hanoi six more people were struck down with the illness, a hospital spokesman said. The new cases brought the number of infections in the Vietnamese capital to 40, with 5 in critical condition, incl a French doctor.

Another 155 passengers who deplaned in Frankfurt were quarantined at the airport.

Eighty-five people bound for Singapore and the plane's 20-member crew continued their journey but were to be quarantined upon arrival.

The illness is a "worldwide health threat," Brundtland said. "The world needs to work together to find its cause, cure the sick, and stop its spread."

In Atlanta, the CDC emergency operations center has been activated and its staff is working around the clock. U.S. health officials are in contact with health officials in China, where cases have been reported for at least several weeks.

In Canada, Toronto Public Health officials said a woman died March 5 and her adult son died March 13 after arriving recently from Hong Kong. Four of their relatives were hospitalized.

A doctor believed to be infected was taken off a New York-to-Singapore flight in Germany on Saturday and quarantined. Two people traveling with him ~{!*~} his wife and another doctor ~{!*~} also were being held for observation at the Wolfgang Goethe University Clinic in Frankfurt, Germany. In New York, health authorities put hospitals on alert.

When asked whether the illness could be caused by bioterrorism, Gerberding said, "We have an open mind and will be keeping an open mind as we go forward."

Also, a man traveling from Atlanta to Canada is "reported to have developed some respiratory symptoms," said the director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (news - web sites) in Atlanta.

Taiwan reported yesterday its first cases of a mysterious form of pneumonia that has prompted global alert, as suspected new infections were revealed in Hong Kong and Vietnam.

A 64-year-old woman and a married couple were confirmed to have contracted the disease and were in hospital.

The WHO said the outbreak appeared to have begun on Feb 26 when a 48-year-old American businessman was taken sick in Hanoi with flu-like symptoms following a trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

He was flown back to Hong Kong for treatment on March 6 but died.

The flu-like symptoms of the illness are apparently similar to those of a sickness in southern China's Guangdong province in mid-February which infected 305 people, killing five of them.(Check my feb13th post below)

03-16-03, 17:29
Dick: I just came back to Guangzhou about a month ago and people don't seem to be taking the sickness so seriously around here anymore but maybe that's just my own feelings. The price of rice, medicine, and vinegar (sprayed on everything for disinfecting purposes!?) are back to normal now. My friends told me prices were inflated 3-10x normal during the height of the sickness scare in late Jan.

Wilson: I live close by to the GITIC and I'd be glad to show you some spots. I don't have much experience "hunting" but I've had a couple of local flings. I can speak some Cantonese and a little Mandarin, enough to get the vital details across, anyway. Email me: johnnykon666@yahoo.com

03-16-03, 17:44

I forgot that the spirit of this board is to share information, so here is what I learned recently:

I've seen plenty of SW and likely SWs near the Tian He area at night time and there are a few large disco/bars with SWs too. It seems like the street action starts heating up kind of early, about 8-ish, and then dies down till about 12am when SWs starting populating the streets again.

I've seen less and less SWs on the pedestrian bridge near the Garden Hotel these past few months, but they are still there. The quality varies between "HELL NO" and "6-7s" but I once saw a "9+" (young, tight, hot, revealing clothes to show all the goods) and I still kick myself for not taking advantage. Prices are similar to what's been quoted here 300-400RMB price (after negotiations) Also, as the weather has been getting warmer, I am guessing that more will be mulling around the bridge again.

One last thing is that I happened to be wandering near the Bai Yun (White Cloud) Hotel last night around 4am after a long night of bar hopping, and I found this one street that was PACKED with SWs! I mean, I haven't seen something like it since I was in Bangkok last year. Imagine a block with about 20 women lining the edge, 3-4 feet apart, posing suggestively and waving at passing cars! From my 2 years of living and traveling in China, I've never seen something like it. The quality was pretty good, too, about 7s, with a couple of 8-9s, too, and prices were quoted as 500-600 with no negotiation (I was way too tired at that point). There were at least 3 Lexuses (Lexi?) and Benzes that stopped and picked up the hottest SWs, too. Is this the rich Chinese businessmen's secret locale I've discovered? I don't know, but we all know that up until even 4-5am, you can go shopping for "fresh produce" in the streets of Guangzhou.

Hope this info helps.

03-20-03, 18:11

Interesting observation. Never been to the white cloud hotel but i did check out the scene over at the china hotel by marriott.

500-600 is pretty good, i was quoted like 1000 for some quality girls at an english music night club.

I will try to check out that bai yun area when im in GZ next time around.

03-25-03, 17:06
It seems like the GZ thread has been quiet for a while. Anybody had any interesting experiences lately or want to go out and find some interesting experiences? I live in GZ.


03-31-03, 19:45
I'm a local guy, 22 years old. I have a lot of knowledge of information to get girls inside

Sanua House 80RMB/person including following services:
2 hours message (handjob allowed)
Free food & cagirette
About message girls (17-25yrs), no straight sex, touching
bust and partly pussy.

Straight sex: 120RMB/time (18-25yrs), avaiable to your place. They also offer location, but I don't
recommend to go there as it looks dirty, and untidy.

And else more I don't what else I say.

Drop me a line as you're looking for more.


04-01-03, 12:39
Hi, does everyone know where offers low price, high quality service around Guangzhou ?
I've got some information of where offers 120RMB per shot ,
age between 18-25, contact me if anyone wishes to get the details.


Dude, don't play games. If you have information, then post it.

04-02-03, 14:05
Obviuously Andersnon is a Chinese pimp. If you contact him, you will have to pays a big commisson.

Anderson tongzhi, ni de huikou duo shao qian ?

04-02-03, 16:25
Erik ,
I considered you've made a mistake. In fact, I'm not a local pimp. I'm not going to take any commission. I'm just interested to know more nice people who lives around here. We would have fun together, just building friendship or what so ever to inform information to everyone.

04-02-03, 16:27
Originally posted by Erik
Obviuously Andersnon is a Chinese pimp. If you contact him, you will have to pays a big commisson.

Anderson tongzhi, ni de huikou duo shao qian ?

I'm not going to take any commission. I'm just interested to know more nice people who lives around here. We would have fun together, just building friendship or what so ever to inform information to everyone.

04-04-03, 22:42
So Andersson, where's these 80 RMB massage girls? Gonna be there soon.

04-09-03, 17:10
Hey man,

Sorry, I've been busying lately with work, about your question, where is the Sanua house? It's situated nearby airport. It'd better to arrive there by taxi.

I'm willing send you a map of where exactly it is. Inform your email box, I'll contact you, or send me an email for further details.
I seldom to get on there, I meet a logo in problem at sometimes,
unable to timely publish a board message here.


Thank you


04-29-03, 08:10
Man, the Guangzhou board has been dead lately, so I'll try to do my part to add something.

I met up with Anderson last week and he showed me an interesting part of Guangzhou I've never been to before. I think it's the newer, industrial area on the other side of the river that splits Guangzhou.

Anyway, it was a maze-like, from the taxi ride to finding the place, but I'm sure that I can get better directions if anyone is really interested. About a 20 RMB taxi from the Garden Hotel area.

Ended up at a barber shop that Anderson likes and it was actually two of them right next to each other. Definately NO haircutting action going on. The steel curtain was pulled down over the storefront and only the small single door in the middle was open. The blue/red/white striped pole was on though, ha ha. About 5-6 girls outside of each barber shop, 18-25 years old, 5-7 looks.

In a surreal move (I'm pretty new still) we both walk across the street and evaluate the talent. I don't if it's just me, but I just felt kind of uncomfortable but I just kept cool stood there looking as the girls kind of looked back and kind of posed, ha ha.

After making our selections, we walked up to the open metal door and a 50-ish year old mamasan quickly wisked us inside the barbershop and asked us which girls. We told her and she quoted 130 RMB per girl. I'm definate I could have gotten 100 RMB per girl since it seemed like a slow night (mostly SARS related) but decided not to.

The girls walked us back to the "fuck room" located in a run-down apartment about a 15 minute walk away. Dirty, little lighting, and no A/C didn't make for such a great room, but, hey, I expect it. Unfortunately, the bathroom was in such bad shape I didn't even attempt to shower, which I always do and enjoy with a girl.

Me in one room, anderson in another. My girl was cute, short, petite, and had beautiful mid-sized breasts, perfect for me. I rate her a 7 face, 7.5 body. We undress and then I get the "no bj; bbbj or cbj." No persuading her. Ha ha, my fault for not making sure beforehand. I just slowly enjoyed her nice body with hands and mouth but no DATY (it never fails to amaze me the delicious soft-yet-firm consistency of young breasts since the Mrs. is more mature...). Put on condom and finished with FS. We dressed and went back outside where anderson was chatting with the other girl. He said the girls could meet us anytime in our own places, but since they weren't anything special, I passed.

All in all, basic incall sex with taxi fare came to 150 per person. Not bad.


04-29-03, 08:27
i also forgot to add in my other post an observation i had yesterday night.

it's getting so hot and humid in gz so i was talking a stroll at night, about 11:30-12:00. i walked past the white cloud hotel and along tao jin road when i came to the "trust mart" supermarket, when what did i see but about 9-10 sws lining the street!

hmmm, that was strange, i thought, kinda early and the street is big and public. i continued walking to tao jin bei road, a smaller, more private street where the sws usually hang out but not one in sight. then i noticed the police cameras mounted at the top of various light poles along with flashing police lights warning of something in chinese, most likely anti-crime/anti-prostitution warnings. plus there were about triple the number of those useless "security" guys on the street in military fatigues, florescent vest, and big wooden stick.

so, i went back to trust mart and just sat in a seculded spot to see how things were working in the new area for the sws. there were a lot of cars cruising, about 1 per minute would slow and all 9-10 girls would quickly run up to one of the windows and shout prices and flirtations. sounds like the scene that others have described in hainan's redlight district...

in the 30 minutes i watched 1 girl was taken. the cycle usually consisted of: car slows down, all the girls surround it, the cars drives quickly away leaving the girls coughing and cursing, the 2 "security guys" wander over and give half-assed shouts about committing crimes while the girls rep001ter, the girls return after 1-2 mintues to their original perches, and the cycle starts again.

i guess it would be convienent if i had a car in gz but i don't. the girls went the craziest when a porche 911 actually parked across the street. i think the guy was waiting for a real girlfriend so the gaggle of sws slinked away disappointed.

one last thing i thought was funny was when a white foreigner (using race to emphasize outcome only) in a taxi stopped, not a rolling stop like all the other cars, but just stopped. he rolled down his window and shouted a "hello, ladies! how are you tonight!" ha ha, even the sws didn't seem sure what to do. a few approached the car and i think the white guy was trying to get the taxi driver to act as the mouthpiece. but in all this hilarity, the two "security" guys had time to slowly meander to the taxi. one stood in front to prevent the car from leaving and the other went to the passenger side window. then he realized it was a white guy and shouted some half-assed things to the taxi driver, who returned the favor. after a minute or two both security guys waved the taxi on. i'm not sure if the proceedure would have been different for a chinese.

overall, the quality was 5-7, age looked from mid 20s to 30's and didn't inquire about price. if i had a car i'd probably give it a try.


04-29-03, 12:44
Johnnykon666, Great stories.
I cant find anything like that in Shanghai. no FS barber shops that I can find and no gaggles of SW's. there are rumored to be some FS barber shops here and there, but I cant find them. Some of the shops are even closed due to sars scare, not sars reality.


04-29-03, 18:43
Hello fellow mongers,

I have an update to my Trust Mart story since I came back about an hour ago from the very area.

I had decided to try the ole' "drive slowly by in a taxi and pick up some produce" route tonight but something (hopefully not my earlier post!) has got the LE out in force tonight.

I wanted to take a quick walk to check the scene before burning cash in a taxi so at about 12am midnight I strolled along Taojin Bei Road and there was NOTHING. I mean absolutely nobody, including restaurant customers and regular couples walking around, which there usually are. Well, there were about 10-11 "security guys" plus a parked police SUV. Damn!

Continued on to Taojin Road, the larger main road where Trust Mart is, and damn, there are about 15-16 security and TWO parked police SUVs!! Ofcourse no SWs within a million miles. Hmmm....very disappointing.

As I walked back to my home nearby, saw a young cutie who smiled at me and I returned her smile. Then suddenly here comes a police SUV with the red lights blinking but no siren. It comes to a rolling stop next to both of us and I was scared as shit and I didn't bring my passport or anything, shit! But then I calmed down since I know these kind of situations are 99% bullshit and showmanship and police are mostly not going to do anything to johns. I continued walking in one direction and the cutie quickly walked away in the opposite direction with the SUV slowly tailing her.

Obviously, I'm going to bed without the stress relief I wanted! But at least going to bed in my own apartment and not jail...

If anyone has any recommendations or contacts in Guangzhou, please post or write me! Thanks.

Johnny johnnykon666@yahoo.com

P.S. Maybe it's Guangzhou or just me, but Yahoo sucks for finding GFE here...

04-29-03, 20:51
originally posted by johnnykon666
obviously, i'm going to bed without the stress relief i wanted! but at least going to bed in my own apartment and not jail...

how much do you paid for an apartment in gz? how big is it? does it has high speed internet connection? tia

04-30-03, 07:48

Funny you should mention prices, since I was out just this weekend trying to find a separate room for "special" purposes since I have a significant other!

I found a real gem, almost too good since there's families and kids everywhere and even a "security" guy at the gate. But, on average, if you want a decent room which is semi-clean, about 65 square meters, and has 2 br/1 bath/1 kitchen/ A/C/ unfurnished in a middle-class area of town, expect to pay about 2000 RMB per month.
ADSL internet service is pretty cheap now, I got my service last year and it was 1500 RMB for the cable modem, installation, and 12 months of unlimited service.

But if you really want A ROOM, you can get a old-ish, dirty-ish, 1 br/1 bath/1 kitchen/no A/C place for as low as 400-500 RMB per month. I call these the "university graduate specials" since it seems like most of my friends who are new graduates and getting started in the working world have these.
They aren't unsimilar to what a barbershop girl would bring you to, actually, so I guess you could have that fantasy all the time with or without a girl! :))


04-30-03, 14:33
Originally posted by Johnnykon666
ADSL internet service is pretty cheap now, I got my service last year and it was 1500 RMB for the cable modem, installation, and 12 months of unlimited service.

Do you have to pre-paid the 1500RMB for the internet services or can you paid it on a monthly installment? The apartment 2000RMB/month sound like a good deal. Do you see any potential young cuties living nearby in the same apartment complex?

05-01-03, 05:50

Yes, and yes.

In the second case, where I used to have the 2000 RMB-type apt, there even used to be SWs right outside the apt starting at about 10pm. Now how convienent is THAT?? ;)


05-09-03, 05:30
Wow, the GZ board is really quiet. I'll add some observations from yesterday that I hope will lead to a report this weekend.

I was walking around China Plaza yesterday around 6pm and there were cuties in abudance! At one point, when I was still in the taxi, I almost had the driver stop so I could chase after the most beautiful Chinese female I've ever seen! Really! Medium height with short tight jean shorts, ripe firm bottom, long luscious legs, tight white crop top exposing bountiful bra-less chest (about 34C or Ds), and long flowing black hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. She smiled back seeing me gawking, too, but alas, taxi drivers being taxi drivers, within 2 seconds we were about 1 block away. But then again, I was in the area for business reasons anyway, but should have gotten her number...

But back to the China plaza area, I really feel that is the place to get young/university-type girls. They were CUTE/HOT and they were EVERYWHERE and I'm going to try to hit up some shop workers, too, since more than 75% seem to have nothing to do except look cute and bored. The McDonald's are full of "probable" singles and pairs of girls who look like they'd love a ST. Now the challenge is that since I am of asian decent, to convince them of what I want and I'm a trustworthy foreigner, ha ha. Report back soon, I hope...


05-14-03, 10:44
Quick report on Guangzhou.

The place seems back to normal from observations over the past two days.

Garden Hotel area swarming with SW.

Checked out a couple of places like Face Club, Golf Club and Show Bar and they seem reasonably occupied (not packed but not dead either, so that's good news). I'd say Face Club had the best lookers but they seem to be only serving the private rooms. I tried to chat up a hottie who was being presented in various private rooms but no luck. They don't do business in the bar? What gives?

05-21-03, 18:14
OK, I got totally sidetracked by work and a working trip to Shenzhen last week. Here is a report from an experience last week:

Walked around China Plaza the whole afternoon on Saturday and saw tons of cuties, as I had mentioned. The problem is that I am of Asian decent, so it's not as "obvious" that I want some action from the cuties. I made plenty of eye contact and even walked up to a couple, but I think that my young age/asian looks don't convey the message properly.

Lots of smiles returned and long looks, but it seemed more like legitamite interest than the beginning of a transaction...damn. Walking up to the girls is not much better since my Chinese is not good enough to subtly imply anything. It'd be akin to me walking up to some random cutie and blurting out,

"Hello. Do you want to fuck? Can I get your mobile number to fuck later?"

I don't know, I guess if I tried that line 100 times, it might actually work 1 or 2 times, but I don't have the time, patience, or embarassment immunity for those 100 requests.

I did go out to several clubs later that night with friends. The Gypsy Kings near the Garden Hotel is filled with at least 30 pros trying to snag one of the Africans or Middle Eastern men there. But the inexperience/generosity of the Gypsy Kings men drive the average price to about 400-500 RMB for girls that can be had for 130 RMB just a 15 RMB taxi ride away in barbershops. LE has driven most of the pros in the BaiYun area of GZ to the stretch of Huanshi Dong Road from the GITIC Hotel to the Garden Hotel with more on the Garden side of the street than the GITIC. If you walk along that one block, you will have no problem spotting them. Also, taxis and private cars are constantly stopping to check out the goods, too.

It was about 3am as I walked home from the club, and my neighborhood was totally dead...except for one obvious pro standing on a street corner. She had a decent body but when I walked in close, I could see she was at least mid-30's and plain-looking with too much make-up. She asked if I wanted to play, and I thought, what the hell. I asked for BBBJ and she said 150 RMB. No way, I thought, and countered with 50 RMB. She countered with 100 RMB stood semi-firm. I said let's do a quick BBBJ in a nearby bush-lined area for 70 RMB. She was quiet for a minute so I walked away...slowly.

Ofcourse she called me back; there are absolutely NO OTHER PEOPLE AROUND! The bushes are pretty high, maybe about 5" tall and there are no street lights nearby, so its really dark, too. I gave her the money and she squatted in front of me as I pulled down my pants. She wasted no time in her quest to make me nut ASAP. Decent technique and after including hand action with her mouth, I blew my load into her mouth. She didn't gag or pull away which was nice. She spit out the load to one side and stood up in one motion and gave me a quick "disgusted" glance before walking off. Ha, ha, now that was a pro experience!

I also wanted to mention that it's very difficult for me to bring girls to my apt since my wife would kill me, kill the girl, then kill me again. I would like to see how many other Guangzhou mongers would like to pool our resources to rent an apt for fuck purposes. I'm hoping that we can number about 3-4 members which would mean a monthly fee of about 200-300 RMB for a 2 bedroom place with shower and A/C. Nothing fancy but it will be nice to have a dependable place to bring girls to. It should be a good value, since I currently use a love hotel near my apt that charges 50 RMB per hour, which is the cheapest/closest I can find. Also, the girls don't always have places, or the places are bombed-out bomb shelters I'd rather not use.


P.S. I don't know how many of you have read the Shanghai thread, but there must be something in the Shanghai food because I've had basically no luck with meeting girls online through Yahoo, MSN, ect. in Guangzhou. It's somewhat easier in Hong Kong, but not much. It's just sounds so easy, almost too easy, in Shanghai!! I feel so envious reading about it! If anyone has any online suggestions for Guangzhou, please share.

05-22-03, 19:21
This is to any mongers in the Guangzhou area:
Let's go hunting!

I just haven't met anyone knowledgable/dependable from Guangzhou so far and I'm hoping to find someone who'd like to trade info on hunting areas, explore new places, and the like.

Also, if anyone is interested in the "freebie" thing, I know this perfect target. She's a late 20's Hubei girl who's an English teacher in one of the small towns just outside Guangzhou. Short, cute, stacked (for a Chinese gal), and nice smile. I'd do her in a second, but she already knows too much about me and would probably kill me if I dumped her and then my wife would kill me again afterwards. But if you're a (devious) single foreigner who wants to try the non-pro route, she's butter in your hands, I guarantee it, and she ALWAYS complains about not having a boyfriend with flirty hints of sexual frustration which really turns me on, too...


05-23-03, 06:00
Guanghzou Report:

Went to a place last night, called "Tien Lu Ming Chu Hotel" on the outskirts of GZ. Resort setting on the reservoir, pleasant outdoor dining with water view. Clean rooms available for RMB150, FS is RMB150. Unfortunately, the best girls were not keen on white guys, and the quality of what would do it, left something to be desired. Suggested for you mongers of Asian descent looking for a relaxing, pleasant evening.

I have to thank Johnny for giving me the idea. Came back to GZ and found a SW near my hotel. Started a BBBJ behind buses parked in the hotel parking lot. After a few cars drove by, we decided to finish it in the hotel's men's room stall. Kind of fun, and all for 100RMB.


05-26-03, 15:52
Again, the GZ board seems really quiet lately. Haven't had time to do much myself, it seems like I'm always working or always exhausted by work...

I am in the process of setting up things with a non-pro, but I'll see how things go before reporting any detail, which is looking to turn out into an amusing story at worst...

On a related note, I was waiting around Beijing road tonight and I noticed a lot of scantily dressed girls who were by themselves slowly strolling up and down the road. The GZ government recently converted Beijing road to a pedestrian-only walk area, which is really nice, so these gals are that out of the ordinary strolling by themselves, but the ho-radar was humming pretty loud...I did notice this one girl wearing tight, super-short denium cut-offs (gotta love those) showing long, slim legs and a frilly black top-thing topped with a nice face and very long straight black hair. Perfect ST candidate. I tried giving her the eye a couple of times as she strolled past and got mixed signals. I wasn't sure, and I just couldn't bring myself to go the extra step and say "Are you a ho?" or "Can we fuck for money?" But she kind of lingered within my general vicinity a little closer than before. Then, coincidentally, OAH gives me a call and we shared a few laughs BUT as I'm talking to him, some obvious business-man-looking-guy-complete-with-male-purse comes and takes my ST into some clothing store!! Damn...anyway, I ended up with a new perspective, like where you see a great suit in the store window, but the store's closed. You know where the stuff is, where the door is, now it's just a matter of time before the store opens, and bros, I will be going to the store of Beijing road tomorrow and make a report even if it kills me...also, seems to be way more street action around Beijing Road than near China Plaza, but more cuties (probably non-pros) around China plaza...

If anyone has any info on how Beijing Road works, email me, johnnykon666@yahoo.com

Also, this was like a mirage in a desert, but right next to the second Beijing Road police station (about in the middle of Beijing Road next to a huge Baleno clothing shop) there was this back alley with some of those flourescent lights that used to be everywhere in HK. For those who don't know, this used to be the sign that there was a brothel immediately upstairs inside the building where the flourescent lights are. I really wanted to go, but being RIGHT NEXT to the police station gave me a bad vibe. I'll check it out next time with some chinese guy so he can talk us out of trouble if necessary. If anyone knows about this place, do tell.


05-26-03, 15:54
Again, the GZ board seems really quiet lately. Haven't had time to do much myself, it seems like I'm always working or always exhausted by work...

I am in the process of setting up things with a non-pro, but I'll see how things go before reporting any detail, which is looking to turn out into an amusing story at worst...

Only an observational report this time, so skip this if you want hard details... I was waiting around Beijing road tonight and I noticed a lot of scantily dressed girls who were by themselves slowly strolling up and down the road. The GZ government recently converted Beijing road to a pedestrian-only walk area, which is really nice, so these gals are that out of the ordinary strolling by themselves, but the ho-radar was humming pretty loud...I did notice this one girl wearing tight, super-short denium cut-offs (gotta love those) showing long, slim legs and a frilly black top-thing topped with a nice face and very long straight black hair. Perfect ST candidate. I tried giving her the eye a couple of times as she strolled past and got mixed signals. I wasn't sure, and I just couldn't bring myself to go the extra step and say "Are you a ho?" or "Can we fuck for money?" But she kind of lingered within my general vicinity a little closer than before. Then, coincidentally, OAH gives me a call and we shared a few laughs BUT as I'm talking to him, some obvious business-man-looking-guy-complete-with-male-purse comes and takes my ST into some clothing store!! Damn...anyway, I ended up with a new perspective, like where you see a great suit in the store window, but the store's closed. You know where the stuff is, where the door is, now it's just a matter of time before the store opens, and bros, I will be going to the store of Beijing road tomorrow and make a report even if it kills me...also, seems to be way more street action around Beijing Road than near China Plaza, but more cuties (probably non-pros) around China plaza...

If anyone has any info on how Beijing Road works, email me, johnnykon666@yahoo.com

Also, this was like a mirage in a desert, but right next to the second Beijing Road police station (about in the middle of Beijing Road next to a huge Baleno clothing shop) there was this back alley with some of those flourescent lights that used to be everywhere in HK. For those who don't know, this used to be the sign that there was a brothel immediately upstairs inside the building where the flourescent lights are. I really wanted to go, but being RIGHT NEXT to the police station gave me a bad vibe. I'll check it out next time with some chinese guy so he can talk us out of trouble if necessary. If anyone knows about this place, do tell.


P.S. For OAH, you've got to check these out for the full visual blitz that is "Shifen"...amazingly ridiculous...



05-29-03, 12:28
Sorry for late notice. I am going to Nanjing Friday nite. Can you make it?

I read your parking lot post. I really wish we got action that cheap in Shanghai.

05-30-03, 05:15
Originally posted by blnknamecruiser

I read your parking lot post. I really wish we got action that cheap in Shanghai.

I have to admit she was not a stunner (maybe 5-6 in the face, but not a bad body), but I needed something fast, and the price was sure right. I know you like that public stuff too Blankie. Come on down!


06-03-03, 03:16
Anyone know which bars in GZ most expats hang out at? I am not looking for bars that have many freelancers, but find that the bars that expats hang out at generally also have gals who are more interested in dating or having ONS's with foreigners (pretty logical I suppose).

In Shenzhen, such bars would be U bar, Chicago, Michelle's House, or City Cowboy, but I am interested in heading up to GZ for the weekend.


06-04-03, 03:59

There are a couple of options for expat bars and most of them are located around the Garden Hotel.

The WAVE BAR is next to the Holiday Inn and is definately the #1 expat bar and always crowded with a mix of hot-looking pro and non-pros. Really crowded on Fri-Sat.

The ELEPHANT AND CASTLE is on Huanshi Dong Road across the street from Garden Hotel and was recently renovated and looks nicer than before, but it's really a pub and not disco/bar, if you like pubs it's the best one in GZ. Sometimes a couple of pros hanging out inside and will slide up to you.

The GYPSY KING is across the street from the Elephant and Castle and is the main place for the numerous Africans and Middle Eastern men in Guangzhou. Tons and tons of pros and a small minority of non-pros.

THE WINDFLOWER is down the street on Huanshi Dong Road from Elephant and Castle and is a nice bar with good music and dancers. Not too "crazy" of an atmosphere and some really hot girls. Not many pros as far as I could tell and mostly non-pros, but I never tried here.

Overall, I'd say these places have the most foreigners I've seen at bars in GZ and foreigner-friendly gals.

Hope this helps.


Blue Wolf
06-04-03, 13:21

I am new to this board. Do you know of any barber shop, sauna places or freelancers nearby Tian He Bei Lu in the Tian He district??

Thanks, BlueWolf

PS: do you still need members for the apartment share ?

06-10-03, 02:06
Thanks for the info Johnnykon,

They sound like pretty decent places. I popped into HK last weekend, but will probably head over to GZ this weekend just to get out of Shenzhen and check those bars out.

Just got a regular sex partner agree to a threesome with me and her bestfriend. Looking forward to it if it actually comes to fruition.

06-10-03, 03:42

Glad you can use the info. I forgot to mention BBoss (yes, like a studdering yes-man to his superior) which is also pretty foreign friendly.

Hope the threesome works out. Report back!

To any other GZ monger

I'd still love to plan some kind of shared apartment where we could all use it to bring girls to and we could hire a maid to clean it once a week or however often we want. I'd estimate the cost for a 2 bed/1 bath apt in a decent part of GZ, maid, and other costs to break down accordingly:

-1000-1200 RMB rent per month (less if we want lower quality and/or not furnished)
-200 RMB rent per month for the maid
-100 RMB rent per month for power

so about 1500 RMB per month for rent, ect...

-2000-2400 RMB for 2 months deposit

I am hoping about 3 other GZ guys could come into this with me which would make it about 400 RMB per person per month for a room that we could use anytime for girls or whenever you visit GZ! Plus the one-time deposit amount of 500 RMB which would go toward rent anyway.

It might be that I'm attached and my own home is unavailable, so that's why I feel so enthusiastic, but I hope other people feel this way, too.

I can have some friends help me to rent the place since I don't know enough Chinese to haggle and ect.

Write back to me: johnnykon666@yahoo.com

Also, there's a big new KTV place that just opened up directly across from the GZ Zoo. It's on the Huanshi Dong Road entrance of the zoo. You can easily identify the big building with the fancy entrance, women in long billowy gowns, and the "Party KTV" sign in front. I hate KTV so hopefully someone can file a report from this place.


06-11-03, 03:44

Just back from GZ. Only had one night. Stayed at the Ramada and wandered over to those barbershops around the corner (Turn left, then right at the next corner; you can't miss them). I have never been disappointed with what I have found there.

Arranged for one of the girls to come to my room. Interesting part is that when I asked her if she would give me a BBBJ, she refused, but read on.... She was one of those cute, shy and bubbly type which I really like, so I could not resist. Fairly new to the game and not yet spoiled. First time with a foreigner which always hooks me.

Anyway, when she gets to the room, she starts with one fantastic BBBJ. I think she would have even BBBJTCIM, but I stopped her first. We did it in several postions and finished doggie style. Great service!

Morale of the story.... What they say and what they will do can be two different things.


P.S. Don't get mad at me for spoiling the market guys, but I gave her 300RMB even though she only asked for 200RMB at the start.

Blue Wolf
06-11-03, 15:14

I am very interested in the shareing of a apartment


06-11-03, 17:35
there are girls in the bar on 2nd floor of Ramada.....kind of handy if it's raining outside.....

06-11-03, 17:42
Originally posted by OldAsiaHand

Anyway, when she gets to the room, she starts with one fantastic BBBJ. I think she would have even BBBJTCIM, but I stopped her first. We did it in several postions and finished doggie style. Great service!

Morale of the story.... What they say and what they will do can be two different things.


P.S. Don't get mad at me for spoiling the market guys, but I gave her 300RMB even though she only asked for 200RMB at the start.


you are ONE smooth operating DAWG.

06-12-03, 00:17
I'm gonna be back in GZ during July from the United States. This is gonna sound strange, but one of the things that I can't stand about asian ladies in the past are the big hairy bushes. Is it a cultural thing? I'm used to girls mowing that lawn down in the US. Any hope of finding a properly shaved pussy?

06-13-03, 02:42

Yes, the threesome did work out. At least I think it was a threesome. Both girls were on the bed when I was doing one or the other, but I was only active with one girl at a time. Although I did stick a finger in the punani of one gal and then the other (cuter) gal gladly sucked the juices off. Her friend would not reciprocate. When my dick 'accidentally' fell out of the friend, the cuter gal would help me put it back in her friend. So kind of her, dontcha think?

The bed was kind of cramped while we sere sleeping that night as you might imagine.

Before the act we had some cheap noodle soup delivered to my apartment. Grand total for the evening: 18 yuan.

06-14-03, 03:06
originally posted by papadum
there are girls in the bar on 2nd floor of ramada.....kind of handy if it's raining outside.....


it was not raining, but i did walk through the beer bar and had a peek. it was still early, but there was some talent hanging out by the dart machine in the back. i did not see much better than a 6 from the 5 girls there at the time. how much do you normally pay these girls in the bar? i took one from there a couple of years ago and paid 700rmb st. seemed pricey to me for that quality. i found better quality for my 300rmb around the corner.


06-14-03, 03:13
Originally posted by tangent
Anyone know which bars in GZ most expats hang out at? I am not looking for bars that have many freelancers, but find that the bars that expats hang out at generally also have gals who are more interested in dating or having ONS's with foreigners (pretty logical I suppose).

In Shenzhen, such bars would be U bar, Chicago, Michelle's House, or City Cowboy, but I am interested in heading up to GZ for the weekend.



How is your luck with ONS's out of the bars in Shenzhen? I have been in the U Bar a couple of times, managed to get some phone numbers, but never able to score on the night. Unfortunuately, my problem is that I do not have too much time to invest in romance. Any suggestions? Are the other bars you mention easier?



06-14-03, 08:32
originally posted by oldasiahand

it was not raining, but i did walk through the beer bar and had a peek. it was still early, but there was some talent hanging out by the dart machine in the back. i did not see much better than a 6 from the 5 girls there at the time. how much do you normally pay these girls in the bar? i took one from there a couple of years ago and paid 700rmb st. seemed pricey to me for that quality. i found better quality for my 300rmb around the corner.


it was end of last year.....i paid 800rmb for overnight, the qaulity wasn't good, i was only attracted by the c cup rather than the face and it was handy -just an elevator away...... may be you are right, it could have been cheaper if i got it somewhere from local establishments..... i station in beijing therefore got used to pricy stuff.

06-16-03, 02:25

As far as ONS's, I have my dry spells and then I have just the opposite. Pretty streaky. By and large though, most of my couplings have been multiple night stands because it takes a couple times to get her to my place or because she calls back and wants some more (so I usually oblige). I am honest in saying that I do not want a romantic relationship, so surprisingly enough, I have had quite a few sex relationships from friends of gals whom I have had previous sex relationships with.

In Shenzhen, if you speak Chinese or go with someone who does, I would suggest Chicago at the Sports Stadium. The layout is conducive for scanning the dance floor and seeing which gals make eye contact. It also is one of the bars that does good business on weekdays.

Blue Wolf
06-16-03, 06:14

Saturday I was in Club eighteen, my chinese friends told me that is > THE CLUB < to go right now in GZ.

The club is next to Tian He sport center.

Girls is 5 - 9 but they are all tall but not so friendly to non-chinese
and they want 500 RMB just for sitting with you.

The club looks great but if you only go for the girls then Soho club is much bether


06-16-03, 07:03
Just had, well last night, a most bizarre experience. My local Bank of China Manager invited me over for an evening meal with the family, i had known them for nearly a year now and teach theri son a bit of english now and again; but it was the first time over to their place.

Nice meal, lots of toasting for the westerner.....hubby quite drunk, wife red in face, but me not too bad......anyway he pops up and says that he is going for a stroll, fair enough, want some company I asked....no no he says, stay here and relax........he is not gone two minutes before his wife (late 30's) is rubbing herself against me and stuffing her hand down my trousers. Well we did the deed on the sofa in about 5 minutes flat.....but she is insatiable and wouldn't leave 'it' alone. Half hour later, i dragged my wobbly legs away, fearing his return, whilst she is still keen on demonstrating her oral skills.

But need i have been so cautious?........No not at all......as i left the main gate and turned up to my place I spied him leaving one of the barbour shops that litter the area around here........"oh" he calls over, "going all ready? My wife is very good isn't she?"........"Oh yes" i gulped.........I can only imagine he was referring to her cooking :-S

Have i just met my first swinging couple in the PRC????

06-16-03, 12:01
Holy shit, Rayman, how much money did you deposit into that Bank of China?? Ha ha...:)

Great experience and great report. I've never heard of something like that (well, not realistic or belivable anyway...) in China. She sounds like a perfect candidate for threesome/orgy...


P.S. Has anyone ever checked out the Tong Nan Shi Road area in Guangzhou? Someone mentioned it to me a while ago and I only just found out where the hell it is last week. Thanks

Blue Wolf
06-16-03, 14:09

Is the Tong Nan Shi Road the same road as Tong Xin Nan Lu ???? I have been looking for that road for 2 months, I only know it's nerby Huan Shi Lu and Xiao Bei Lu and I have walked a lot at that 2 roads with no luck at all.

Any help to find Tong Xin Nan Lu ??? Please help I am very tiered of walking ;)


06-17-03, 16:45
Hi everybody!

I'm coming down to GZ tomorrow, and will be staying at China Hotel. Can someone give me an update of the scenary in Hardrock or Catwalk in the hotel? Are the pros and non-pros back? Do you see more pros or non-pros?

How about other bars in town?

Does anyone know if the health centre/spa on China Hotel provide any special services? What's the price like?

Any hard strike in town lately? From the recent posts by other brothers, it seems like the SW's are back and fairly active. Is that the case? Could they be considered as fairly safe?

I live in Shanghai and have not been down to GZ for a long long time. So any help or advice will be appreciated.

Thank you very much!

06-17-03, 17:18

Just stayed at China Hotel last night. Hard Rock is closed. Catwalk was pretty quiet (it was Monday) but a few girls hanging. More non than pro. Pro Starting price quotes at 1,000, but should be able to negotiate 500-600 ST. There are several older "agents" on the street around the hotel offering their own services or other "young girls". Prices should be around 300-400 RMB ST. Freelance SW quoting 200-300 ST. I took this option. A much larger selection of SW available near Garden Hotel, across the street. I have never (knock on wood) had any trouble with SW in GZ, but am always careful and never keep them LT.

From my previous experience, no service is available from health club, but things can change.

Happy Hunting!


06-17-03, 18:00

Thank you for the quick and useful reply.

Just one more question... any difficulties in bringing gals into China Hotel?

Hope that the trip will turn out to be nice, and I'll have something good to report.


06-17-03, 18:43
Hey, Blue Wolf

You are right about the name of the road...goes to show you how good my Chinese is!

Anyway, you are right about the location, it is near those two roads you mentioned. Actually, I'll be in Guangzhou tomorrow, Wednesday, for just one night. If you're free, I'd love to check it out with ya. My email is listed in an earlier message. I think I shouldn't list it so often since I've been getting more junk emails lately!

Otherwise, hopefully, I'll be filing an informative and amusing report!


06-18-03, 04:30
Originally posted by sniffer

Just one more question... any difficulties in bringing gals into China Hotel? Sniffer


I have never had any problems, but I must say I usually give my room number to the girl, go up first and wait for her to follow.


06-18-03, 16:46

Thanks for the info...

Arrived in GZ. Almost all the bars inside China Hotel are closed, even Catwalk. There is a sign outside catwalk that said it's closed for renovation, and will re-open on 20 Jun. The only one that was open was the Cafe Lounge, which didn't really have anybody.

There is almost a security guard at every single entrance and elevator. Not sure whether that's only a show off, or if they have somehow tightened up control.

I just took a walk outside towards the Eastern Hotel (Dong Fang Bin Guan). Did not see many freelance SW's (there might be one, but she was not attractive to me), but was immediately approached by a whole bunch of agents. One guy called himself Jeremy handed me a card and said 19 yrs old girl for RMB 300 only. A couple other older women gave me cards as well.

I'm not sure how the quality is or how safe they are, so I didn't take the bait/offer. Might give Jeremy a call to get more info, and then consider again...

If any brothers have experience in dealing with these agents, please let me know.


06-18-03, 17:04
Hey guys:

I am also in GZ right now, staying around the Garden Hotel area. Took a walk earlier tonight around 10:30pm. I got the same experience as sniffer. Much hightened security. Lots of cops and security guards walking around the area. Eveything is so quiet...

Wonder if I bumped in at wrong time? Any comments from GZ residents?


i tried those 'card girls' in Shenzhen before, it went okay. The drawback is: No selection. It might take some time to find the girl of your choice, depending on your luck and preference. Practice common precautions when stepping into the unknown. If you are staying at China Hotel, you should be okay. If anything like a set up happens, just call security. You can make up any story to get out of it. You are the guest there.

06-18-03, 17:59
Went to explore the famed "Tong Xin Nan Lu" tonight and found...nothing!

It is near where Huanshi Dong Lu becomes Shao Bei Lu. There is this kind of tunnel blocked by a gate and that street will connect you to Tong Xin Nan Lu I found out. Anyway, that area WOULD be perfect to stash 20-30 FS barbershops, but I found a total of maybe 20 barbershops and about 15 of those were real barbershops with Chinese men who have bad/gaudy/badly gaudy haircuts giving other people haircuts. Damn...I did check out the remaining shops and one reminded me of lifting a rock in the garden with little bugs suddenly scurring away. Terrible quality girls, but the price was 50 RMB for 30 minute massage plus HJ. Damn, I'd give myself a HJ before letting those hags (young hags at least) touch me. The other shops actually had the 2-3 girls inside washing or cutting hair!! What the hell?? These girls were dressed in typical hooker-fashion and obvious pros, but I guess those particular guys wanted a wash and haircut as part of "ultra FS." After one wash and cut, I saw the guy leave with the semi-attractive girl. I did see various pairs of hot girls walking around hand-in-hand, again wearing hooker-fashion. I decided to follow about three different pairs, hoping to be led back to "the nest" but everytime, they ended up in various clothing stores to buy more hooker-fashion. Damn!!

To conclude, this area might have been full of pros at one time, but like Star Wars, that must have been long long ago in a galaxy far far away. Also, this area is really "Chinese" and the streets are barely wide enough for foot traffic and the occasional bicycle with no room for cars, ofcourse. I felt kind of weird walking around, and I bet a non-yellow skin person would really feel awkward in that area. But only if that kind of thing bothers you.

Time to dig up some new areas in GZ...seems like I only have the 5 Rams area and Garden Hotel/China Hotel area as the only sure thing in GZ. I know there's gotta be more "native areas"and I'll keep searching...if anyone out there has more info, please share or we can go exploring together!


P.S. One more thing, if you see this tiny store named: www.sex520.com.cn, then you are in the right area. Yes, that is the name of the shop. It is a sex shop that sells condoms, dildos, and aphrodisiacs.
Keep walking back down the road for about 1 minute (toward the Garden Hotel) and then make a left into the first alley with small shops. There's only one alley with little shops and restaurants on Tong Xin Nan.

06-19-03, 02:50

I rarely use those agents around the China hotel for the same reason Jumbo mentions. I like to see what I am getting into (no pun intended). I really doubt the pictures they show you are what will turn up at your door. Having said that, one of those older women can be trusted, but I do not know how to describe which one she is to you. She is a retired SW that I used to do in 1995! I have always managed to find a "reasonable" quality SW roaming around the area independently. Try turning right out of the hotel. Sometimes, you will also find them roaming around the lobby behind the front desk.

I am surprised, however, to hear about the lack of talent around the Garden Hotel. I often stay there. LE are on the side by the pedestrian overpass, but the other side of the hotel, and always across the street between the World Trade Center and GITIC Hotel has a pretty good selection of SW.


06-19-03, 03:28
Also, I forgot to mention that when I went exploring GZ yesterday, LE seemd to be a much more visible presence in every area that I went, especially known areas for SW like China Hotel, Garden Hotel, Tao Jin Road, Shui Yin Road, and Huanshi Dong Road in general. Nothing too pushy, just parked paddy-wagons, one or two crusing LE SUVs for each area, and multiple police walking around.

Does anyone know if it is some new GZ official trying to "crack down" or if some special trade convention is happening?


06-19-03, 16:46
Took a walk outside China Hotel again tonight. No freelancers at all. Could only see a couple of agents wandering.

Returned to the room, and decided to give this Jeremy guy a try. Called and he quoted me again RMB 300, said that the girl is 19 yrs old from SiChuan, and she's very good. Also promised that I can give her RMB 10 and send her away if I'm not happy with the quality.

About 20 mins later, a girl showed up. The look and body was about 5 or 6. But definitely not 19. She claimed to be 22, but I will say at least 24. Anyway, she's not really my style.

The embarassing thing then happened. I was going to give her RMB 20 for her to go. But I checked my wallet, and I don't even have one RMB 10 bill! Tried just to send her away, but she wouldn't leave. She wasn't nasty either, but just kept talking trying to get me to let her stay. I said if you have RMB 30 or even 20, I will give her a RMB 50 bill. But I'm not ready to pay RMB 50 just for the cab fare. She opened her purse and said she only had RMB 2 or 3 with her.

I thought it was a matter of principle. The guy was not honest with the quality already, and I was not ready to raise the cab fare by that much. So I just went through my wallet and coins, and found her some RMB 12 or 13, and said goodbye to her.

Jeremy called me back soon after that, and asked me to go with him to somewhere nearby where I can pick the gal myself. I said no way...

I think this is exactly the problem that OAH and Jumbo mentioned.

Before the girl left, she did say that the security appeared to be pretty tight these few nights.

Will be leaving GZ on Sat. I guess I'll be SOL on this trip...

06-19-03, 16:53
Originally posted by sniffer
Took a walk outside China Hotel again tonight.

what is the daily rate for China Hotel? TIA

06-20-03, 05:31
Originally posted by sniffer

Will be leaving GZ on Sat. I guess I'll be SOL on this trip...


I hate to see a fellow monger be SOL.....

I don't know how much Chinese you can speak, but you can try this even if you don't. Ask the hotel to give you one of those name cards for a taxi and write Ramada Hotel on it for you. You can use the same card to get back to the hotel. If you are facing the road in front of the Ramada, turn left, go down one block, turn right and you will see a small lane on the left side with a few barbershops. I like the third place in with a big plate glass window. The mamasan is very thin with short reddish hair. Pick the girl you want and show the mamasan the card so she knows where you want to take the girl. She will probably ask you for an extra 20RMB for taxi fare back. You can probably pay 300-400 RMB ST for the girl. Otherwise, you can just do it upstairs in the shop for 200-300RMB. I think you will be pleasantly surprised, especially with the quality of BBBJ service from these girls.

Let us know how it works out......


06-20-03, 08:36

If you need a 100%-no-fail area to get a girl, you can always go the area around Garden Hotel. When you get there, look for the "Macau Street Restaurant" or the "7-11" on Huanshi Dong Road to the left hand side of Garden Hotel. When you find either one of these places, just keep walking along the street (away from Garden Hotel) for about 1 minute.

If it's around 9-11pm, you should have your choice from about 15-20 girls along this street. Find one you like and then flag down one of the many many taxis that go up and down Huanshi Dong Road during that time of night.

Also, there are usually 4-5 girls milling about the pedestrian bridge in front of Garden Hotel. If you can't tell which ones are pros, then you aren't a monger.

Choose a girl from either location then take the taxi back to China Hotel or you can have the girl bring you to a short-time hotel for about 50RMB per hour. It's pretty simple and problem-free. Good luck!


06-20-03, 18:03

Thank you brothers for all the useful info. I tried Johnny's way of going to Garden Hotel. Indeed, as soon as I started walking up the pedestrian bridge, two girls followed me, and offered their services. But there were LE's on the bridge, so we walked back down.

One gal actually asked me to take both of them. No interest in doing double. I asked the slimmer girl of the two how much, she said RMB 300. I said 200 max. She said OK, and we got into a cab.

She is actually a local GZ gal, which I think is quite rare on the streets these days. Her face was about 4 or 5. Not very beautiful, but not ugly either. Very slim, which is what I like. Very small breast. I would have been happier with someone who got a slightly bigger set, but wouldn't mind her size either.

Things started to go slowly downhill from here...

When we're back into the hotel room. She told me that she is 24, but she looked more like 21/22. We showered. But she wasn't very playful nor helpful in the shower. Kind of concentrated on washing herself only.

Once we got into the bed. She move over to "caress" my balls. But she pinched quite hard on them that I started to feel some pain. I had to asked her to go easy.

She told me that she had been only working for 3 months. But the experience followed told me that I should be very surprised if she had worked for more than a couple of months.

After "caressing" my balls for a couple more mins, she was going to put on the condom for me. I asked her "no blowing?". She jokingly said that she would need and RMB 100 for that. I said no such rule. She proceeded, but didn't last for even a minute. Then she said I had too much pre-cum. I do have to give her credit for trying. She wiped my head with a tissue, and then tried again. Within another minute, she had to clear her throat and spit.

She gave another try. Same thing happened. I decided to let her off that one. I told her that I would let her go, but she would have to blow me again with the condom on. She surprised me again by saying that she really didn't how to blow with the condom on. It would be too oily. I told her that was the first time I heard something like that from a SP.

The condom was on. I proceeded to touch, kiss and tongue her breast. She started moaning almost immediately. I told her there was no need to fake the moaning. I would make her really moan. She shocked me again by saying she wasn't moaning, but just giggling! That was too ticklish for her! I ignored that and just kept working on the breast. But she wasn't pretending. She just couldn't hold her giggles, and started to wiggle left and right! I moved down to her belly button, and her lower part. She immediately told me not to kiss her below, because she really could not stand that.

I don't usually DATY on these gals. But would just work them up but kissing and licking a bit on the two side. But again, she was giggling and moving non-stop. She just asked me to enter her.

At that point, I was convinced that there was no more points in doing anymore "foreplay" or teasing. I entered. Needless to say, she had just some minimal response, and then that was it.

Overall speaking. I would rate the experience as a 5 or 6. She was fresh enough, and inexperienced enough to make the process quite funny and interesting. And for 200, I guess that wasn't really an unbearable experience. But at the end of all these, I wasn't sure whether I was servicing her, or she was servicing me. Or may be I was giving her some training.

Hope things will get better, if I could get another chance.


06-21-03, 08:02

Sorry to hear the bad news, but as you say, it was only a 200RMB investment. I have to admit there have been occasions that I have paid much more with similar results. Too bad it had to be on your last night. On the other hand, I have had some of the best service ever from SW around the Garden Hotel. It is really hit or miss!

If you get a chance before you leave, you should still try the barbershop I recommended near the Ramada for another quick one. They are open in the afternoon.

Otherwise, come down here to Shenzhen and Johnny and I will show you around personally.


06-22-03, 06:02
In my experience the large majority of pros i pick up are not worth the trouble or money, regardless of the country. I reckon on average 2 out of 5 will give anything like a decent 'show' and none will give good service if you haggle them down on price.

If you can speak Chinese stick to discos and bars and check out the ONStand / GFriend scene; takes a bit of time but the rewards are good.

06-22-03, 11:10

Do you speak fluent Chinese? I speak some Chinese and I've found it helps a lot, but a lot of these girls in the non-expat type bars I go to gravitate toward the "chinese businessman" type or the "tall skinny Chinese R&B singer" type, both of which I'm not. I think you're right about the level of sex from these non-pros, yet I find that picking up pros to be overall preferable to "investing in a female."

I've had two experiences in "female investment" while in GZ and both ended pretty badly...took three months for the first one, and four months for the second one to let me finally have sex. Yes, the experiences were definately GFE and both girls' bbbj were excellent, with swallow (!), though it took many many bj lessons from me...but anyway, both ended in "psycho-crazy-break-up" territory, stalking, crying, threats, ect... Overall, I'd say the sex vs. the wait/breakup makes the experience a push. Probably wouldn't do it again to avoid any hurt feelings.

Maybe I'm not doing it right, so, I've kind of shyed away from that kind of relationship lately. Any tips on GZ girls?


06-22-03, 15:07

Freebies vs. pros has been a subject of debate quite frequently on all the China threads. I almost always opt for the pros. First, I have not had much luck with freebies (alebeit I have not tried that hard), and do not have the luxury of so much free time. I prefer to pay my money and take my chances. I reckon my experience has yielded better results than 2 of 5, but you are right, it is no substitute for a real GFE or ONS, at least for your ego and emotion. On the other hand, I have never had a GFE or ONS , in terms of sexual service, as good as I have had from the best pro experiences. I would also add that even with the pros, the service gets better over time if you go back for the same girl a few times. Sort of like a GFE without all the strings attached.

Just my POV......


06-23-03, 08:17
OAh, Jonny.

In spirit i agree with your post OAH, especially if you go back a few times with the same girl. This is a good way.

I agree Jonny, the problem with the GF is the breaking up part and I have also had some bad experiences (although not as bad as yours). Hence i tend to cut out the bullshit part nowadays, even with younger ladies. Married women are the best for this as they know the score from the start.

Perhaps it is me but i do struggle to get anything going with most pros i have been with. I remember a China/Malaysia mixed girl in the Big Apple in HK (98), perfect 10+++, i was hard as a broom. Paid her 1200HK$, 200 for the room and 20HK for the condom, and she then turned into an ice cold babe. After that it was a struggle. I put that down to experience. I kicked myself later as i went back to the apple and had the chance of a free thai/phillo girl but i was too exhausted from my recent struggle!!!

Another time in GZ, i picked up one of my semi-regular girls from the China Hotel around ~11:30pm. Great value for 700rmb and had a great overnight time with her as always. However she told me over breakfast i was the 4th customer of the day following 2 italians and a german starting from ~8:00pm. She made a cool 3700 rmb. (I saw the cash in her bag).

Just slightly put me off the whole 'pro' idea. Nevertheless I on occasion go on a monger weekend and really enjoy the experience. I would love to meet up with you guys but i never go to GZ nowadays - the south china thread is my usual place but i skip about a bit :-)

Prince Leo
07-03-03, 18:46
I will be the GZ area in about couple of weeks. Haven't been back for a while. The last time I been back was in y2k for 2 weeks. But the Mrs was with me pretty much the every minute. This time I will be back for about 2-3 weeks for business without the Mrs. I heard the Garden Hotel area is a good place for some action. When I was there, I was told that the cost was RMB300 for FS and RMB500 for overnight. Still true? I will be going to Nanhai and Foshan during the coming trip, any info on those area?

07-04-03, 19:44

You can read in earlier posts about a member's recent experience near Garden Hotel. It's kind of hit and miss for quality, but 100% for finding pros.

I did some exploring tonight since I feel pretty limited in where to go for pros in GZ. Where is everyone else in GZ?? I know there are tons of lurkers, I just want people to post some more info for GZ!

Anyway, I went up Taojin Bei until the intersection with the freeway, crossed the street, turned left and walked until I reached this alleyway with shops and residential units. I passed it during a recent taxi ride and thought it might have some hidden jewels...
I did find ONE shop among about 10 barbershops that had definate pros, and pretty low quality at that, about 4-6 for quality. The other shops had about 1/2 guys and 1/2 girls and looked legitimate. Well, cross out another area on my list...

Also went to check out another area I passed on a taxi ride. This time it's the street behind the Garden Hotel that is perpendicular to the street that McDonalds is on. Follow the street pass the pizza place (which has decent pizza for China) and up the hill. There are about 3 barbershops that have decent quality, but nothing to make me go out of my way to try the merchandise, about 5-6 for quality.

Then decided to make it a disco night in GZ and hit my favorite discos. First was Gypsy Kings, which was PACKED! Damn, I always surprises me to see so many black/Middle Easter foreigners in one place, probably comprised 40% of the patrons. Lots of pros and non-pros, too, but just way too crowded. 20 RMB cover you can toward drinks.

Headed to Golf Club which is about a 5-10 minute taxi ride down Huanshi Road. Lots of Chinese cuties talking on their cell phone, playing the "dice game", and drinking. Not as crowded as usual, but no real room to mingle and dance, as usual. No cover charge.

Then headed off to the hot "flavor of the month" club, F4 which is about a 10 minute walk from the China Hotel. Got there about 12:30am but it was PACKED and fleets of taxis continued to ferry people to the entrance. Packing the people in like sardines, but OH MY GOD, THE BEST LOOKING CHINESE GIRLS I'VE SEEN IN CHINA were in attendance! The gals had tight sexy clothes and the music was awesome, not the synth-bullshit/remixed top-40-bullshit that every club in China plays, but mid-tempo house that everyone was grooving and shaking to. Did I mention how many BEAUTIFUL CHINESE GIRLS WERE THERE??! I beginning to wonder where all the hot GZ girls were hiding...The bad thing about F4 is that the owners are trying to squeeze every RMB out of the place, so there are about 6 tables where the dance floor should be, leaving about 3 square meters of actual open "dance floor". And it was crowded as sardines, probably 500 person capacity room with about 900-1000 actual people crammed in. At least all the guys standing with a beer in hand doing the "wallflower" routine didn't look pathetic, just doing the only thing anybody could do. Did talk to a hottie former-student of mine when I taught English two years ago (how the hell did she recognize me in a dark room with pulsing lights and throbbing masses of people??). She always gives me mixed signals about whether I should make a move on her or not...she's a hottie, though and she was in attendance with all her hottie friends, too (all clothing salesgirls, ofcourse). Danced for a while and tried to chat up girls, but damn, it's loud in there...

Also wanted to note that I walked by Taojin Bei Road tonight on my way to the discos and it was HUMMING with activity!! All the police drive-bys, the flashing lights, and closed-circuit cameras are gone!! What the hell?? I just don't understand the GZ "cycle" of LE...anyway, the "top shelf" girls were out in force. About 15-20 girls total hanging out on Taojin Bei Road, and quality was deliciously high, about 7-8.5s! I was quoted 500-600 RMB ST without any barganing, though I'm sure I could get it down to 300-400. Really good quality, similar to medium-high KTV girls; tall, slim, beautiful with tight summer dresses and skirts instead of the usual "ho threads".
I'm still working with a couple of GZ guys on renting a room, so SWs in GZ are still really tricky for me to have for now. Still would like a 1-2 more guys to join in; email me: [my screename] + @yahoo.com


07-09-03, 07:55
Hey guys,

I need some hotel advice. I will be traveling to GZ in a couple of months on business. I would like to know, if there are any hotels which are girl friendly, i.e., bringing a girl up to the room. From what I can gather, the Garden Hotel & China Hotel are good possibilites. I prefer to stay in more upscale properties, but want to know specifically if any has had any problems bringing girls up in either these hotels.

BJ Boy
07-09-03, 15:50
I would say there is a lot of action around garden hotel but seemed to me it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get a girl in to your room if you stayed there.

There are security guys at the elevators all the time after midnight AND cameras in all the corridors if you did manage to get past them. Or am I wrong and maybe they would not stop you with a girl?

By the way, what does LE mean? I never heard that in the other threads. Obviously some type of security guy but what does it stand for?

07-09-03, 16:10
bj boy,

I've stayed at the Garden Hotel often. My modus operandi is to give my room number to the SW and let her negotiate security and come up on her own. Always works for me.


P.S. LE = Law Enforcement (see Terms and Abbreviations link above for more acronym definitions)

07-09-03, 16:22
Just spent a couple of nights in GZ. Was shown an area of about 8-10 barbershops off Guangzhou Dadao with 150RMB ST, but only cruised it with a friend. I turned Johnny on to it and he will check it out tonight and post a report.

I found a gorgeous Sichuan girl in my usual area near the Ramada. Came up to the room. She was so hot I could not resist her request for DATY, and I almost never do this. Excellent oral skills and multiple positions.

Looks: 8/10
Service: 9/10

Reconfirmed my theory that Sichuan girls are the best. Probably one of the best quality I have ever had from a barbershop.


07-09-03, 17:28

Envy your experience. Was the gal from the same barbershop you recommended last time? How much did you pay for that? Do they have Sichuan gals like this one all the time?

On another note, have you (or any other brothers) ever tried following the SW's to the "short term hotels"? Are those places safe? clean? I wonder how the experience would be like. Would they require ID/passport for the usual "guest registration"? Any risk of being set up? How about LE raid?

BJ boy: When I last stayed at China Hotel, I took a gal back from the Garden Hotel area. It was at a time when security was at almost every door and elevator. I just held her hand and chatted with her on our way up. The security had kind of looked at us, but didn't do anything. When we were done, she was worrying about having trouble in getting out, and asked me to take her downstairs. When we went down, I did the same. Holding her hand and chatting. We of course didn't head straight for the door but walked towards the bar. I spoke Cantonese, so I said to her in quite a loud voice, "the bar is that way". We then made a turn when the security at the elevator was out of sight, and I took her out the door.

Bone is Hard
07-10-03, 02:36

I cant say for the Garden but the China Hotel is very girl friendly as of a couple months ago. Sure theres plenty of security but thats to protect you from being invaded. International travelers receive a step above attention whether from the front desk or security. I have stayed at China Hotel many times and taken girls to my room at all hours of the night. I have a regular girl that comes whenever I call and never has a problem arriving.

China Hotel is owned by Marriott and conforms to it's standards. A good business hotel and an excellent place to find pussy. I usually get a suite for less than 200USD, a good vakue. Look back thru the post here in GZ for some more of my reports.

Wish I was there,


07-10-03, 03:53
Yesterday was pleasant, but nothing too special. I first gave a private "Business English Lesson" to a couple of students I hadn't seen in a while. It was quick and simple because they forgot so many things so it was more like a review. Anyway, a quick 200 RMB in my pocket for nighttime delights...

I tried to find the place OAH mentioned, near a hotel called the Foreign Businessman's Hotel (?) but since I'm not too familiar with that area, I couldn't find it. I thought that OAH meant this area near the big arch in GZ that looks kind of like the Arc in Paris, so I took the 862 bus to that area. Turns out that area is a place I went to a few months ago with another GZ monger! It was the area with the extra-obvious barbershops that quoted 130 RMB for ST. I was pleasantly surprised, but upon walking around and finding the area again, I realized how sketchy an area it was and that I didn't feel too comfortable by myself around there and left. Hopefully I can find the area when I look around again tonight.

I headed over to the Ramada barbershops (see earlier posts for directions) and went to the middle one with the big glass windows. The girls looked pretty good, about 7-8.5s, and I chose a friendly and ethusiastic girl from Guizhou. Opted to go upstairs instead of their apartment.
She turned on the AC and then said a whole bunch of stuff in garbled Mandarin/Guizhou dialect that I didn't really understand too well. Anyway, I asked her for the price and she kind of looked surprised and said, "You know the price." And I said, sure. Then she smiled and said, "100 for her and 100 for the house fee" and I laughed and said, "I know it's 150. Do you think I'm that stupid?" So she laughed and said it was 150.
She had me lie down and gave me about 30 seconds of bullshit massage before telling me to, "let's strip and save time." She had her tiny jean shorts and panties off in one motion then proceeded to yank all my clothes off, too. I laid down and she was about to suck my cock when she asked if I wanted CBJ or BBBJ. I laughed and pushed her head down. It was a good technique, a little rough and strong, but she was really "going for the gold" with slurping, licking, and hand jerking. After about 5 minutes, she put on the condom and sat on top of me and just went crazy, whoa, like her pussy was a hammer and my cock was the nail! I held onto her shoulders to slow her down, somewhat, and then went through a few positions before I felt that I was going to cum.
She had been playfully complaining that I was taking too long, and in truth, I was surprised that I was lasting so long too. I told her to continue giving me BBBJ to finish me off more quickly, and she agreed. Interestingly, she commented many times how "clean looking and clean smelling I was" since I had taken a shower right before heading out of my apartment. I think that's why she was willing to do BBBJ again. I think..
She continued with her great, but somewhat rough technique again, when I realized that her technique felt great but also had the side effect of blunting the feeling of a pending orgasm and helping me to last longer, ha ha. Much to her dismay, she kept sucking and licking away, but no cream filling. She put on another condom and climbed on top again, did the energizer bunny routine, and then then stopped because she was too tired. Got her to do BBBJ again, which felt great but I finally had her give me a HJ closer to the point of orgasm and then BBBJTCIM while I fingered her.
Afterwards, she was complaining about how tired she was and joking that the food in the US must make me a crazy sex machine, ha ha. Gave her 150 + 50 tip.

Face: 7.5/10
Body: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10

Also, I think it would have been interesting to have had another monger in the room at the same time. There is only about 2-3 feet of space (and a curtain) separating the "massage tables". As I went through many positions, including standing doggy style, it was amusing to think that I could have backed into another girl or monger doing the same thing, but I was the only customer in the shop during the 40-45 minutes I was there.


07-11-03, 03:31
Went hunting with OAH yesterday and it was a very
educational outing in my opinion.

We had dinner at the China Hotel and then checked
out the Hard Rock and Catwalk but nothing, so we
went out to check some other scenes. Walked by
the F4 disco club I mentioned in an earlier post
and OAH agreed that there were some young hot
cuties but I warned him that it was packed to the
roof sardine-style inside so we continued walking
beyond a couple of blocks to his old mongering
grounds from a couple of years ago. Ha, ha, especially
since this is China, things were completely different
and even though there some barbershops, his old
area was pretty dead.

We then headed out to Taojin Road, the "golden road
of *****s" in Guangzhou and we were not disappointed.
There were about 25-30 girls in various groups waiting
to be picked up and rushing up to slowing cars. The police
don't seem to give a damn, and many were just watching
the whole scene like an free and entertaining movie. Quality
was great, about 7-9s but we wanted to look at some other
areas. OAH was quoted by one slim hottie in a tight
black slinky dress 800 RMB short time and OAH laughed
and countered with "800 RMB for three days" much to her
surprised disappointment at not being able to swindle a
foreigner. We did meet a couple of guys who worked for
Nissan Motors in Guangzhou who were just sitting in their
Nissan (ofcourse!) and negotiating with all the passing
girls. They invited OAH and I into the car for a nice
chat about being "brothers in mongering" and talking about
the prices and quality of girls in GZ. Nice guys, and we
may go mongering with them in the future.

We headed out to the area by the Foreign Businessman's Club
which is about a 15 minute walk from the Ramada. There
were about 8 shops, and quality was OK, about 6-7s. Couldn't
find any place with A/C and OAH was dying in the heat and
needed OAH so we went back to the Ramada Hotel barbershops.
We did quickly meet a Taiwanese businessman who ended up taking
2 girls with him. OAH and I thought he ended up taking the 2
worst of the lot...

At the Ramada shops, OAH picked a bubbly cutie to take back to his
room in the China Hotel and the mamasan called up the Sichuan
hottie that OAH mentioned in his last post. OAH left when the
Sichuan hottie showed up and my girl and I went upstairs to the
massage room instead of an apartment.

Damn, OAH wasn't joking when he said this girl was HOT. I mean,
damn, this is the kind of girl you wonder how she walks on the
street and gets anywhere without being propositioned by some guy
every 2 seconds. Shit, she was fucking HOT....5'5, slim but not bony,
long, long hair, great 34b-34c breasts, and this simply beautiful
face complete with a tiny "beauty mark/freckle" on her upper left
lip. I was about to book the next plan ticket to Sichuan if other
girls from that area look like her...

We took a nice shower together which was kind of weird, since the
barbershop was closed by this time (1:30am) and so we kind of walked
around naked from shower back to the massage room. The mamasan and
the other two girls in the room kind of giggled. After lying down
for a few minutes, the girl just started deep kissing me and feeling
me all over. I returned the favor and spent the next hour or so just
touching, caressing, and looking at that perfect body. I mean, damn,
if she were a wife/girlfriend I don't know how anyone could want anything

But then she was a little too playful and too pouty, all well-practiced
too. After too much time chatting, she gave a good BBBJ for about 1
minute and then tried to jump on me bareback! OAH had the same experience
but I wanted more BBBJ so I insisted and she didn't want to do anymore.
After a while more of relaxing and admiring the body, I just decided to
leave and she didn't put up much resistence. I paid the mamasan 70 for
the room and the Sichuan girl wanted 100 for "her time spent" and
finally accepted 70 after a long discussion. Damn, I wasn't even mad,
I was still just admiring her cause she is just too damn good looking...

Overall, even though not real FS, I still had a good time because
I think it's few and far between I see such a hot girl available.
OAH had a good time and will report later. He did find out that Ms.
Sichuan had 6 guys that day, ha ha, which makes him rethink the DATY
he did, but still, when you are faced with such a hot young thing...


face: 9/10
body: 10/10
service: 5/10


07-11-03, 07:50

Yes, same shops nearby the Ramada. The shop had a couple of Sichuan girls when I was there. Paid 200RMB since she came up to the room.

Just followed your advise with a girl from the same shop last night. Staying at the China Hotel this time, I just walked in with her at 1:00am and showed her out at 3:00am. The security guy had a disappointed look on his face since he would not be able to extort any money from the girl.


07-12-03, 03:24
A very enjoyable tour as Johnny showed me around his home turf. I was very impressed with the quality of the SW on Tao Jin. Some as good as you would find in the better KTV joints. If you have a place to take them, highly recommended, at least as far as looks are concerned. There are also a couple of ST hotels on Tao Jin for 50RMB, but we did not check out the rooms. It will take some bargaining for foreigners to get the prices down in the 200-300RMB range which is standard for the local guys.

The deal with the Taiwan guy was amusing. The mamasan said it was a 50RMB "house fee" for a girl for take-out service. He gave her a 100RMB note requesting change. She offered the second girl instead of change. He agreed. Once money is in the hand.....

I am always pleased with the service I find near the Ramada. Actually, I thought about taking the girl the time before, but was told she was from Hubei. Turns out she was from Jiangxi. She was very sweet and made it feel more like a GFE than I normally get from barbershops. Stayed for 2 hours. Gave her 200RMB without complaints + another 20RMB for the taxi back since China Hotel is a bit far from Ramada.

Looks: 7/10
Body: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Attitude: 9/10


07-12-03, 13:40
Originally posted by OldAsiaHand

I found a gorgeous Sichuan girl in my usual area near the Ramada. Came up to the room. She was so hot I could not resist her request for DATY, and I almost never do this. Excellent oral skills and multiple positions.

Looks: 8/10
Service: 9/10


I just read this now and am wondering how did you give this girl an EIGHT for looks?? C'mon, she's a "10" if ever saw one. Even the teeth were basically perfect! Ha ha, now often can you include that one for Chinese people in general?
Damn, I still daydream about that body everyday and I'm actually glad the experience was a "flawed experience" otherwise I might too easily forget a great GFE...


P.S. I've got one or two interested people in the apartment idea, but I'd like one or two more. Any GZ mongers out there want to chip in for a common-use apt?

07-13-03, 03:44
Originally posted by Johnnykon666
IC'mon, she's a "10" if ever saw one.


I guess I never hand out a "10", except for movie stars, but the body was pretty close. I may have given her too high a rating for the service since she was so hot looking and for the "69" which is very unusual for me. I will revise:

Looks: 8.5/10
Body: 9.5/10
Service: 7/10


Blue Wolf
07-13-03, 14:33
A couples of weeks ago I was at the barbershops near the Ramada (OldAsiaHand's barbershops)

In No 3 I got a girl with ok look but so bad service, ST was very very short time, no BJ, massage or anything, just off with the clothes and down to buisness

face: 8/10
body: 7/10
service: 2/10

In No 2 I got a bether girl
Young, wet and hot, lot of sucking and moaning

face: 9/10
body: 8/10
service: 9/10

BUT I don't look chinese and I don't talk chinese so bouth places I had to pay 300 RMB and do it upstairs, one time with a nother in the room at the same time, a little noisy :)

07-14-03, 15:50
Blue Wolf,

I cannot tell from your post which specific shops you are referring to. Are you counting in from the main road?

I used to pay 300RMB for FS myself (200RMB for BBBJTC), including the 50RMB for the house, upstairs, when I first went there. I still pay 200-250RMB for take out service if it is good so I don't think you were ripped off too much. They may be reluctant on your first visit, but you can take them out if you prefer.

To be sure, I suggest you negotiate the price before you start the session. If they do not agree, just pretend to leave. This always works for me. "A bird in the hand" so to speak.


Blue Wolf
07-16-03, 16:31

Yes, counting in from the Main road, there is 3 next to each other.

The girl with the bad service in No 3 had the biggest tits on chinese girl I have seen.

In No 2 they started with 500 RMB but as you sai it helps a lot pretending to leave.

As soon as I am back in China (next week) I will go there again.

07-17-03, 03:51
Can any one tell me if the Hill Bar (XiaoShan Jiuba) is still operating. It should be located directed across the main road from the Garden Hotel, hidden in a very small wooded park. It use to be a magnet for girls and expats.

07-17-03, 07:08
Help needed fr Seasoned Guangzhou chaps

Am more of a Malaysian scout. Am now totally out of the water in Guangzhou.

Will be in Guangzhou, Ramada Pearl Hotel next week.

Saw some of the writeup but not sure if there is only one Ramada in Guangzhou.

If I am looking for either a 3 hr session or overnight at the hotel,

> how much ?
> any problems fr hotel ?
> where is the best pick up place ?
> Any in the hotel itself or I should look outside or nearby.

Thanx a million, based on the forum, it seem almost like one of the best places in the world to pick up pretty chicks.

If it is easier, pls email info to breeze1701@hotmail.com, much appreciated.

Booby Boob
07-17-03, 08:59
I'll be visiting Guangzhou soon but my Chinese is very poor. Can anyone who knows the scene suggest a few good strategies / key locations where I can have a relatively good time without getting ripped off too badly? Are the barbershops primarily for Chinese speaking locals, or are there some that cater to foreigners as well?

I've never been to China, so I really have no idea what to expect, but from scanning the posts, I get the impression that with all of the complexities involved it takes quite a bit of time to get comfortable in the scene. True?

Thanks in advance for any advice and opinions.

The Boob

07-17-03, 14:34

There is only one Ramada that I know of in Guangzhou. There is a beer bar in the hotel on the second floor, but talent has been skimpy and not so great lately. I was offered 700RMB last time, but I did not try to bargain. I always use the barbershops around the corner, but never kept the girls overnight.....200RMB ST. I have stayed at the hotel on numerous occasions and never had a problem getting the girls in. For some other ideas look back on this thread. There is a wealth of information, most of which is fairly current and still valid.


07-17-03, 17:03
OldAsiaHand & Blue Wolf

Thanx alot for the added info.
Any name of streets or barber shop ? Sorry I am totally new to Guangzhou.

Saw yr reports.
Do you have the contacts of these highly rated chick ? Sure like to try her out if they are rated in the 8s and 9s for looks etc.

Where exactly are the OlAsiaHand barbershops ? Any one of them ? If you give them the hotel & room number, will they be able to get in ?

Let me know if you chaps need info in Malaysia ? Probably not as great as Guangzhou though. Just mail me - breeze1701@hotmail.com

07-17-03, 19:31

The Hill Bar is still alive and kicking although they seem to try new gimmicks every couple of weeks to pull in new customers, like BBQ stand outside, bar girl outside enticing (male) customers, ect.

I live nearby so I walk by on a regular basis and while there are a few foreigners once in a while, most of them head to the Elephant and Castle, Wave Bar, or a larger place. Pretty quiet most of the time, even Friday and Saturday nights. I guess a quiet "alternative" to the noisy crowded bars nearby. Also, not many pros inside that I can see but plenty mulling around outside and nearby.


You can write me an email and we can try to hook up while you are in GZ and I'll try to show you some of the places OAH and I have gone to. My email is my username + @yahoo.com


Baby Huey
07-17-03, 21:53
SOS, I need some Help!

I get to Guan Zhou, once or twice a year and I am a every close from another trip. The locations of the Business I do work with, it is idea to stay at the Hotel Silverland. Is there any action in this area of town? M.P., Barber Shop, Disco, etc.

07-18-03, 03:17
Originally posted by HappyChap
Where exactly are the OlAsiaHand barbershops ? Any one of them ? If you give them the hotel & room number, will they be able to get in ?


Not a problem to give the girls the room number at Ramada. I do it this way every time. Sorry, I do not know the name of that street. Just go out, turn left out of the hotel, first right, look left to find the alley. First 3 shops are the where the girls we are talking about are in.

Suggest you hook-up with Johnny. He is with out a doubt, the undisputed King of GZ mongers!


07-18-03, 03:32
Originally posted by Blue Wolf

The girl with the bad service in No 3 had the biggest tits on chinese girl I have seen.

As soon as I am back in China (next week) I will go there again.

Blue Wolf,

I am surprised about No. 3. I have always had excellent BBBJTC in that shop. I think I know exactly which girl you are referring to, but I have never tried that particular one. If I am correct, she is fairly new to the establishment.

Let us know what day you will be back. I should be back in GZ myself next week. Maybe we can hook-up.


07-18-03, 14:34
OAH, Johnny & others
Thanx alot. You are one bunch of helpful chaps.
Will follow yr guide, nothing like learnign thru experience.

Must say that the going rate in Guangzhou is much more reasonable. An overnight session in Shenyang recently with a pretty 23 yr old chick cost me about US250. She was very pretty, fantastic body & good service - I was satisfied but had this nagging feeling that it was a bit pricey. My impression is that there are quite a lot of chicks up north in Liaoning & Jilin. hence competition should be a bit keener. Perhaps I am wrong.

07-18-03, 15:34
Happy Chap,

Johnny and I are talking only about the lower end of the market. There are certainly girls in GZ that ask and get as much as you paid in Shenyang sometimes. For example, there is one KTV in Shenzhen where they ask for 2,000RMB overnight, but in GZ 1,000RMB ST for KTV girls is the usual rate I have been quoted.


07-19-03, 01:30
Originally posted by jimhart69
Hotel Silverland


I am not sure where this hotel is. What about a street or other landmark? What part of town? Do you know the Chinese name of the hotel?


Baby Huey
07-19-03, 13:41

I do not know the Chinese name of the hotel. I am currently on a business trip. Once I get back to my office, I will post the address. Thanks for the help!

Blue Wolf
07-21-03, 06:25
Originally posted by OldAsiaHand
Blue Wolf,

Let us know what day you will be back. I should be back in GZ myself next week. Maybe we can hook-up.

OAH OldAsiaHand,

I am back in GuangZhou, my e-mail adress is bluewolf999@hotmail.com

Johnny has my phone no.


07-22-03, 03:32
Thanks for the update Jonny.

The Hill Bar use to be my favourite place for the ladies (95-98), but times change i guess.

Blue Wolf
07-22-03, 15:59
Originally posted by andersson8146
I have a lot of knowledge of information to get girls inside

Sanua House 80RMB/person including following services:
2 hours message (handjob allowed)
Free food & cagirette
About message girls (17-25yrs), no straight sex, touching
bust and partly pussy.

Straight sex: 120RMB/time (18-25yrs), avaiable to your place. They also offer location, but I don't
recommend to go there as it looks dirty, and untidy.

zhichaozhang@hotmail.com Andersson or anyone else,

Where is this place? Andersson, come on please write where it is.


07-25-03, 15:13
Just back from GZ. Some friends took me to one of the better KTVs in town. Standard parade ritual in groups of 8-10. Mommy recommended a tall (1.78) Dalian girl that spoke some English. She told me she just graduated from modelling school...is this a crack of shit?

I always have bad luck at KTVs. The girl's phone rang and she darted from the room. After that, I reckon she was trying to juggle me and another customer at the same time. Kept disappearing for lengths of time. Mommy tried to console me, but finally I left. The girl gave me some more bullshit about not going out with customers, western and asian alike. I have heard this before from KTV girls, especially those in major cities, but never know whether to believe it or not? I wasn't that disappointed since at RMB1,200 ST, I was not that keen.

Anyway, headed down to my infamous barbershops and took a tall, busty, Chongqing girl from No. 3 back to the hotel. She gave me a nice long shower, including BBBJ. Onto the bed for more BBBJ. She was so good I had to stop her before I blew in her mouth. She was really tight and I could not hold off inside either. She felt guilty that I finished so fast so she started BBBJ again and I managed to ride her for another 30 minutes the second time around. Afterwards, she gave me a reasonably good massage for about an hour more until I fell asleep. She was still there when I woke up in the morning and another BBBJTCIM. Now, can you believe that she only asked for 300RMB? I gave her 500RMB and sent her on her way. Am I starting to get too generous lately? As I looked at it, I had saved 700RMB, and it was definitely worth much more. As close to a GFE as I have had in awhile.


Frank Africa
07-25-03, 16:08
Originally posted by HappyChap
OAH, Johnny & others
Thanx alot. You are one bunch of helpful chaps.
Will follow yr guide, nothing like learnign thru experience.

Must say that the going rate in Guangzhou is much more reasonable. An overnight session in Shenyang recently with a pretty 23 yr old chick cost me about US250. She was very pretty, fantastic body & good service - I was satisfied but had this nagging feeling that it was a bit pricey. My impression is that there are quite a lot of chicks up north in Liaoning & Jilin. hence competition should be a bit keener. Perhaps I am wrong. I learned a long time ago to not be cheap and try to nickle 'n dime a young lady, that paying a reasonable price results in better service and experiences in the long run.

Having said that, US $250 for any sex provider in China does seem like a lot (that's more than many US ladies charge), and the 2,000 RMB price at some KTVs that OldAsiaHand mentions (just under $250 US) also seems excessive, especially since there appear to be many girls who will provide a good time for far less money (see OldAsiaHand's post just below this one). I've never had to pay over 1,000 RMB during my visits to China and have never been disappointed - of course, I tend to stay away from KTVs since IMHO they're overpriced and can be a waste of time.

Bone is Hard
07-27-03, 00:01
This is just a general comment about GZ and China. Many people ask about how to get girls in their hotel rooms, how much is overnight, etc, etc.

As a frequent visitor of China, I can speak from experience. When you are walking thru the SW areas, bars, KTVs, MS and so on, make sure the girl you chose can speak a little English. If she can, ask a few general questions to determine her depth of English. If she can't speak English, move on. There are many more wherever you are that may speak better English. It is much easier to negotiate prices, positions, places, etc when they understand what you are saying. Many of the girls have learned some English in their few years of school and know that they must get better to do better. I know there have been many reports about asking questions in Chinese but unless you are able to read Chinese and pronounce what you read correctly, the girls are going to laugh and move on. OK, the best looking babe may not speak a bit of English but if you cant tell her to roll over and let me stick it up your a@@, what good is she. You get mad, she gets flustered, you lose the wood and you both have a bad time. GFE is much better if you can at least talk alittle after it's said and done.

Just my two rmbs worth. Dont flame me cause I dont really care.


07-30-03, 16:07
Man oh man, I have just been swamped with work these past couple of weeks, that's why you don't see any posts from me recently. Have had a couple of nice experiences in GZ and SZ but have only been able to report via quick phone conversations with OAH and some GZ WSG lurkers.

Now the main reason why I'm forcing myself to make the time to write is that I pretty sure because of the excellent BBBJs I got in HK last weekend (must have taken lots of cock-sucking to get that good), I have some kind of STD...
I was feeling "kind of weird" after coming back from HK but I finally confirmed that I have something today when I saw some kind of discharge...yuck. Can anyone help/recommend a conveinent and reliable medical facility to take care of this in GZ? The sooner the better...thanks...

johnnykon666 @ yahoo . com

07-31-03, 07:51

Every hospital as a XingBing bu (STD dept), pop along to the hospital and get it checked out ASAP.


Check this out.

07-31-03, 09:56

Checked around for you today. Garden Hotel has a clinic for expats competing with SOS. There is a male Singaporean doctor that speaks English. There are two other foreign doctors on staff, but both are female. Otherwise, Sun Yat Zen Hospital has been well recommended by friends.

I should say, "I told you to be careful", but that would be somewhat hypocritical and will not help any now.....just get it taken care of soon!


07-31-03, 16:25

feel a bit sorry for you. it's never nice to be troubled by such problems. see the doc asap. infection grow exponentially. the longer you wait the more difficult to treat.

one thing i always do as a precaution is to immediately wash after bbbj and apply miconazole or ketoconazole (these pretty strong anti candida & anti fungal cream to help cut down the risk of infections.

also check that yr dick is not too bruised after too many sessions. if it is stay clear for a few days for exposed lesions etc to heal.

of course all this is not much use for you. but perhaps others should take note.

take care & have a speedy recovery.

07-31-03, 18:54
originally posted by happychap
one thing i always do as a precaution is to immediately wash after bbbj and apply miconazole or ketoconazole (these pretty strong anti candida & anti fungal cream to help cut down the risk of infections.

also check that yr dick is not too bruised after too many sessions. if it is stay clear for a few days for exposed lesions etc to heal.

of course all this is not much use for you. but perhaps others should take note.

take care & have a speedy recovery.

a good urining after a bbbj also helps flush out what you had caught while getting bbbj then wsh you dick real good with anti-bacterial soap while in teh shower and you should be ok and on your way to the next one. i sometime would use listerince mouthwash to rinse my dick with..it helps.

08-01-03, 00:19
AMP: I always tend to do this but i have not read anything scientific that says it does any good.

I also ask/grill the girl directly if she has a STD, of course she will say 'No' but her manner and demeanor of her answer will be a very good guide. Now and again i do leave having been 'poorly' reassured..........

Also if she 'checks' you over first it will be a good indication that she is aware of the dangers and protects herself.

BTW, the guy that i wrote about in General has Chlamydia

08-01-03, 04:56

Mate, get well soon. I did a little reading on the weblink posted by Rayman:


From what I can gather it is "low risk" getting STDs from BBBJ. So cheer up mate, get yourself to a doctor. On a positive note, HIV is super low risk (according to the reports I read on the site) from BBBJ so everything else is fixable. Several STDs will result in a white discharge from the penis, so best to get a definitive test.

I can say that I've done stupid things whilst mongering. And I really regret it afterwards. Gotta really promote "safe mongering".

After reading the weblink, I must say, I was pretty grossed out and worried by my past actions.

On a side note, if we ask the girls to rinse their mouth with mouthwash (eg. Listerine) before BBBJ, will that have any impact on reducing STDS from uncovered BJs? It would take a load of worry off my back.

And HappyChap, I've used those fungal creams before. If we used it often, in my case I monger quite frequently, will those creams have any detrimental effect (side effect) on our health - such as reducing the effectiveness of the cream over time?

Anyway, "safe mongering" fellas.


08-01-03, 16:46
I am really "touched" that so many fellow mongers/lurkers from the board have been
pouring out their support for me!

I am still so damn busy that the soonest
I will be able to check myself out at a
clinic will be tomorrow. I will probably
follow OAH's recommendation and go
to Garden Hotel's clinic. I'll file a report
on how it goes.

Thanks again and I hope to start filing
my regular reports in a couple of weeks.


08-01-03, 17:14

I can assure you that frequent use of these creams will not harm you. Many doctors do not want to over recommend their use because the fungal organisms very quickly build up resistance. This is the case with antibiotics & drug against malaria. otherwise, they are just fine.

Am not sure mouthwash really helps. Some mouthwash contain antiseptic - this helps a bit but others are just odour masking agents.

What is most important is the condition of yr prick. If you have bonked too much in one day, it is bound to be bruised - this is where the risk increases. There is a chance for the micro-organism to get under the skin or into the blood stream. This is not good.

Hence if you feel a bit sore, washup, use miconazole cream & use condom for the rest of the bj or fj.

In general, I find many of the Chinese girls (of the higher price range) pretty clean. The highest risk is Indonesia !!! The girls there often don't bother with condom at all, crazy. Very often I will go for a little DATY. Generally,you can smell straight away if you have a problem case.

There is no full proof but we have to manage our risk. I have known mongers hit 300-400 girls with not a single problem in their adventures. I suppose it is a bit like hunting, got to keep a look out for snakes, wild boars etc while you are looking for yr tiger....

You will be okay Johnny, but get to the doctor quick. no procrastination !!

08-02-03, 08:17
i had a great time in gz with the king as he is dubbed by oah.
oah referred johnnykon to me and he was quite the host showing me around. i got to try the street girls and barber shops. we are severely lacking this level of quality and low priced activity in shanghai.

thanks guys!

johnnykon, - on a more serious note, years ago i had a little milky white discharge which was also a little itchy. i went to the dr and the stuck a small q-tip up my one way valve. the test came in negative. i later determined i got a yeast infection. yes i know chicks get these, but we can too. it was not serious and went away on its own.
if you get checked and the test is negative, you can either let it go away slowly, or if it is bugging you i recommend going to a traditional chinese dr and tell him. he could make up a medicine that would create the proper ph [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) to kill the yeast.

hope this helps...

08-02-03, 09:07

I too had painful pissing and a slight discharge once upon a time....after a "busy" trip through HK, BKK, and TW. Went to the doc (in US) and got tested for Chlamidya and Gonorrhea....both came back negative. Doc gave me my Azithromycin and a shot of something and 3 days later all was well. Prostititus, basic urinary tract infection, and, apparently yeast infections.....all kinds of non-STD stuff can happen, and the symptoms are all more or less in the same boat.

Get treated and good luck! Someday I'll meet up with you in SZ or GZ

08-05-03, 00:34

Sorry, didn't get a chance to respond to your email. I will bring the Cipro when I am in Sz or Guangdong area in the next few weeks. Hope the doctor gave you some good anti biotics, and have taken care fo the problem.

Cheers. We really need to get you back on track.

08-09-03, 08:21
Well, finally, I get some time to write something,
although not too much.

These past weeks have been a real trying time for me since I've been dealing with opening a new office in GZ from scratch (and the related headaches of staff hiring/training, office setup, ect.), the STD problem, troubles with the wife, a stomach flu, and probably mental exhaustion to top it all off...

But, in terms of useful stuff to you all, let me outline how the STD visit went, since I just realized that my GZ post didn't show up for some reason:

I first went to the clinic on the 6th (?) floor of the Garden Hotel. It's the International Medical Clinic or something and the prices are the same or higher than top medical clinics I've been to in the US. My 10-minute consultation and cursory visual exam ran me $80 USD! And I was scheduled to come in for another consultation and examination the next day, which I found out would have been another $45 + $120 = $165 USD! And without the purchase price of medicine!

I decided all this was becoming too rich for my blood, for something which I was almost definate was a minor yeast/fungus infection. I went to Zhongshan Hosptial No. 1 instead and got a 20-minute exam, interview, and prescription medicine all for 245 RMB. Also opted for the HIV/AIDS test for $260 RMB. Result was negative, but expected.

Feel much better now, this second day of taking the "Ornidaxole" and "Levofloxacin" prescription medicine given to me. If anyone needs to go through the same process, I'd be glad to show them if you're in GZ. Would save you a lot of time and confusion if it was your first time.

In other monger news, the SWs are just as high quality as ever on Taojin Road. Showed Blanknamecrusier around last week and two lurkers this week, but couldn't partake myself. Damn, I can't wait till a few days from now when I am more confident that things have cleared up....

Hope to be filing reports within a week or two again. Thanks again for all the support and emails from members/lurkers.


08-11-03, 10:13

Glad to hear you almost back into ship-shape condition. And looking forward to more FR coming our way. I don't get to sample the delights in China much (because I don't travel that way), but I am just delighted to hear about your "Monger Conventions" and I must say, I am jealous, intrigued and hugely interested in sampling the "delicacies" in your neck of the woods. I get my fair share in Hong Kong and Macau, but I just want to hook up with you OAH, Ras, Blankie, etal. Sounds like you guys have yourself a blast. If you guys plan on formalising some convention... I'm in!


08-11-03, 11:12
Good to hear that you have sprung back into action. Will definitely call on you next time I am in Guangzhou. Seems like the best place in the world for such wonderful Chinese cuisine. The GFE is incredible I hear.

08-11-03, 13:42

Glad to hear you are well on the road to recovery....

I'll be in town tomorrow so double up on the dosage of those antibiotics....so we can cruise "The Road of Gold".


08-11-03, 13:44

I have seen your great posts on the HK & Macau boards. You don't need a convention to slide across the border mate. We are always happy to show you around our turf.


Blue Wolf
08-11-03, 14:04

Glad to hear you are on the way back to action.

I'm ready for a little hunt with you in GZ if you one day have time. I doo have time now ;)

That Garden Hotel thing sounds too expensiv, is it just a rip off place ??


08-13-03, 17:54
hey all,

i'm feeling good again and that means it's monger time! especially since oah was in town!

the first night i brough him to a muslim restaurant which we both enjoyed then it was time to crusie the "road of gold." we also met up with a couple of singaporian lurkers in town for some business. we cruised down the road of gold, but it seems like time hasn't worked out the last couple of times and we can only start crusing at about 9pm. it is definately a different, high-quality candy store beginning at about 11pm.

due to the tight schedule, the two lurkers left early after not finding anything that fancied their eyes. also, it seems like their tastes were more toward the 800-1000 rmb level of ktv girl which is not what i'm after...

the great thing was crusing around with oah and then getting accosted by 4 sws who were playfully surrounding oah and i and pushing the "foursome" (sixsome counting us) route. we got them down to 200 rmb each =800rmb for all four, but that was without bargaining so i'm sure we could have had the complete package for 600 rmb or so. i was about to collapse from work exhaustion so i couldn't join oah and he didn't have a ready supply of viagra, ha ha...seems to be much easier to setup something like that in guangzhou, so we are ready for next time, right oah? :)

he ended up choosing a tall, thin cutie he brough back to his hotel and i'm sure he'll put up a post.

later on the next day, we met up for an "afternoon delight" at the ramada hotel area. both of us were hot, tired, and in a big hurry so we settled for the shop where we got the "10" sichuan girl, but more importantly had ac and a room upstairs. she was actually there, but didn't look as good as last time since she decided to put on heavy makeup instead of her delicious natural look. her body was still a smokin' 10 though. oah picked a petit cutie and i let the mamasan recommend one. we both went upstairs to the cramped massage room with small tables, but we wanted the "thin curtain" ambience!

his girl turned out to be on the rag and gave him a good bbbjtcim and he pushed her head down and she was forced to swallow most of his cum, ha ha. she coughed and scolded him, but no real big deal, which was a nice change. his driver was waiting so he left immediately.

my girl had a beautiful petit body and it was heaven just rubbing against her soft face. she liked my stubble and wanted me to rub my face over her body, which resulted in the moaning that oah mistook for daty, ha ha.

he tried to remove the curtain to check things out but my girl was super-shy and kept asking me to not let oah look. some adequate bbbj and then fs, but the condoms were absolutely terrible. i don't even understand how chinese companies make their condoms to constrict the head of the penis so that it looked like a triangular shape! it definately didn't feel good and i kept losing my "wood" because of the uncomfortable feeling. my girl had a good attitude and kept kissing and licking me, but was reluctant to continue bbbj or bareback, which is good since it shows me she was new and/or careful. finally gave me a cbj until the "point of no return" then finished after a few uncomfortable minutes inside her. also, she was tight as any girl i've ever had, which would have made a heavenly bareback, but i'd rather avoid any other std experiences....

gave her 150 + 50 =200rmb. she was happy and we were kissing cheeks and hugging for a few minutes afterward which was really nice....

face: 7/10
body: 8.5/10
service: 7/10, good effort, but bring your own condoms, always...

also, to describe my probable-std symptoms, i constantly felt like there was a low simmer in my balls, like somebody was making soup or something. warmer than usual, but not hot, and it seemed to have this "simmering" feeling if you know what i mean...also, there was some yellow-greenish discharge in my underware at the end of the day. not much, maybe 1ml worth and there was no smell or consistency, just like water/[CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109). taking a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) was fine, too, but seemed like there was something "small and minute in the way". hope this helps. the medicine/antibiotics i took for a week seemed to have cleared everything up and i feel great again. thanks again for everyone's suggestions and thoughts.


johnny @ yahoo . com

08-14-03, 07:49
Great Company....but rather disappointing results...

I should not really complain since I do enjoy BBBJ service, however, luck was not with me on the two occassions in GZ.

First, the tall skinny girl from the group of 4 willing to go for the orgy action with Johnny and I. She was very scared to go to the China Hotel. Obviously was not a veteran of "5 star" establishments and started to look in all directions, walking way too slowly, just inside the lobby. Brought a bit of attention to herself and it was obvious she was not a normal friend. Security approached her in the lift lobby but I intervened and said she was just a friend and wooshed her off into the lift. This added to her fear which was reflected in the service. On top of that, she did not have any condoms so I settled for a rather fast BBBJTCOT (OT = on tits). I was really tempted to go bareback, but came to my senses just in time. Lesson learned.....brief the girl on how to handle herself in better hotels before you arrive together!

I missed the cue from the girl in the Ramada shop. She did ask me if I wanted a BBBJ, but what she really meant was that FS was not available. Damn, will I ever figure out how to read between the lines with Chinese women? Her BBBJ skill was very good and I think she was more surprised than angry that I let go in her mouth. I did want to screw her since she was the only girl in that shop that I had not tried before. She was very sweet and told me we would do it next time.

If you are a laowei, expect to pay more than local prices on Tao Jin Bei. This was my second visit, and, neither Johnny, nor I, were able to negotiate a comparable price for me. One SW was firm on 800RMB, and even told me straight that if I were Chinese she would go for only 300RMB. A second was willing for 500RMB, but 200RMB still seemed too much for a laowei surcharge, considering the tall, skinny girl was only 200RMB total. Many of them do not even seem interested in entertaining westerners period, but maybe they just did not like me in particular? Do any of you have similar experience on the "Road of Gold".

Anyway, it is always a pleasure to hook-up with the undisputed 'King" of GZ mongers and I was pleased to see that he was recovered. I made him promise that next time he will go for the four girl package with me.


Blue Wolf
08-14-03, 17:33
Yesterday (thursday) after reading abouth Johnny's trip to the Ramada hotel Babershops I had a trip to them.

I walked a little to look at the girls and 50m down the road from the first 3 therer was 1 more BUT then I wantede to go into the shop, a cop on a moterbike stoped and went in :(, and in no 1 there was 2 old men what was very interresting in witch girl I liked and I was not sure if they also will go upstairs so I finaly went to shop no. 3

Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Service: 6/10

She started with a little massage but after 2 min she wanted to get to buisness, perfect young girl tits, but no BJ, (I did't want to pay 400 RMB for that), a little quick but even tryed to talk a litle english with me, very little, asked if I wanted some water to drink after we finished.

Then I walked from there I saw 2 shops more in a street nearby, I will check them out next time, I hope together with Johnny or OldAsiaHand.

A "friend" also told me there is some barber shops at Canada Garden, at TienHe park, has anybody been there ?


08-18-03, 08:47
Just wondering, what is the SW / Barbershop scene in GZ during the GZ Fair? Is the city 'cleaned' then? Or will go prices to the roof?

08-23-03, 03:56
Any suggestion for a safe hotel with excitement? I will go to gz for the first time, so desperate in need of good advice. Thanks.

Old Aussie Guy
08-23-03, 17:54
Whatever you do make sure that you do not stay at the White Swan Hotel. Had a conference there last week. Every floor has a chaperone come security guard. One of my friends at the conference couldn't control himself and brought back a girl from one of the Karoke bars (she had only been working there for a month and obviously did not know the risks).

5 minutes after they were in the room he had a call from hotel security. 2 minutes after that two Chinese security guards were banging on his door. Took him another hour to return to the karoke place and get a refund.

Only thing the white swan is good for is american couples picking up their adopted chinese babies - thats it. Its difficult to even get in the elevators in the morning for breakfast through all the strollers and crying infants.

I don't normally post to this forum - but if you guys are ever in Korea. I did read the posts from this section before I went to Guangzhou, but as I had no choice in the accommodations it was pretty much all out of my control.

Blue Wolf
08-24-03, 05:21

Most hotels will not have any problem with you bringing a girl home, just walk in like you known her for years or she can walk in by her self, just tell her your room no.

Some Club's/Ktv's have rooms upstairs.

Best hotels with girls are Garden Hotel and China hotel. At Garden hotel there are many bar's nearby to go and look at girls.

Have a nice stay in GZ


08-24-03, 13:08
Originally posted by Blue Wolf
...A "friend" also told me there is some barber shops at Canada Garden, at TienHe park, has anybody been there ?


Always ready to explore some new places so I decided to check out this Canada Garden...

My god, that place is much farther than I thought! About a 15 minute taxi ride from Teem Plaza shopping mall. It's a long way because it's basically a straight road, so 15 minutes of Chinese taxi driver on a straight road is a long ways...

Got to the area about 8pm. It's directly across the street from the Tian He Park (Tian He Gong Yuan). Canada Gardens is one of those housing complex-things out in the middle of nowhere for middle-class/upper-middle class Chinese to live away from more common folks, but the surrounding environment is pretty shoddy in my opinion. I'd rather live in a ratty apartment in the city rather than a better-than-average place way the hell out in the middle of nowhere. But then I guess I wouldn't be able to say I live in "Toronto Tower" or "Calgary Tower"...

There is a sprawl/poor people area right next to the CG, which must be place Blue Wolf described. You can imagine the place as "bordertown" in apprearance and ambience. There are hundreds of farmers/construction workers/poor people mulling about the open-air shopping tract. To make it extra-special, there was electrical black out during my visit, but the really fancy/expensive restaurants and shops had power for some reason, so there was even more of a grimy, dark, desperate feel to the area.

The three barbershops I spotted didn't have power, but that didn't stop the farmers/construction workers from dropping by and taking their girl upstairs! Quality was standard, about 5-7s,
nothing special. I didn't like the idea of hundreds or thousands of farmers/construction workers having gone where I was going, so I decided not to try anything. The predominant language spoken is not quite Mandarin, some kind of dialect, Sichuan maybe or some other nearby province.

Overall, I felt very weird and slightly uncomfortable in this place, ultra-slumming, I guess, and I'm of asian heritage. I really couldn't imagine a non-asian foreigner mongering in this area and you would definately be the first for any of these girls if you did partake (hint, hint OAH...).

Ended up going back to Ramada hotel area and had a regular in shop #1. I don't know what it is, but everytime I have this girl, I get a great BBBJ, almost to CIM, and then I can still screw her 6 ways to Sunday (or perhaps 7?). But with any other girls I can only do one or the other. She always seems impressed after we finish our sex-a-thon sessions, and I want to tell her I don't know who just screwed you, but I wish I could do on demand...

Gotta be lite on details because this new business schedule I have is killing me...hope to find time for more FS and postings (in that order!) soon...


08-24-03, 13:14
Old Aussie Guy,

Contact me next time and I hope to show you a few places so you can enjoy your time in GZ!
Couldn't tell from your post, but I hope you had some GZ fun. I don't like it when people don't seem to have a good time here because there's always something for everyone...


09-03-03, 18:54

I am in GZ in the Hua Wei Da hotel, and will stay here for a couple of nights more. If anyone could advice where I could find barber shops in the area, or a good FS/HJ massage place. I walked around the hotel by foot and found some barber shops but they all looked legit to me (I tried to go in a couple of them but was only offered a hair wash, although there were quite a few girls there). I don't want to bring girls into the hotel because a few of my collegeus are staying here also.
Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


PS I do not speak chinese.

Member #4341
09-14-03, 05:07

Hi to all !

I travel to GZ and will stay in GITIC Riverside Hotel. If anyone could advice me where can i find good looking and young girls (18-23y) for ST or whole night or for any good barber shops or massage place (BBBJ/FS).

Thanks in advance !

09-16-03, 11:48
Dear Folks,

Following Johnny's advice, I managed to get a szechuan girl to Ramada Hotel. Had the greatest time ever. Never had a girl so incredibly hot & natural. Perhaps it's the hot spicy Szechuan food.

After the warm up session, I went for DATY. I always do this just to check out. If a girl has any problems, the smell will show. Smells are the best detection method as you can pick up parts per million of any vaginal infection !!

Anyway, the DATY got her so worked up, she was dripping in juice and moaning to the level of crying out of pleasure. I had to throw her a pillow in order to mute her moaning. We did all positions. She was initiating everything fr doggy to being on top rubbing her pubes on mine continuously. On other occassion, she was rubbing her own clit while I was pumping away. She gave everything she got and so did I. After that both of us just crashed out like we had not slept for a week.

It was a great overnight session - one to remember. If you can push a hot Chinese girl over the critical cracking point, everything will be done for you. And I can confirm that Guangzhou is a great place for such fun.

Thanks a million Johnny.

DJ Nylon Pants
09-16-03, 15:44
Happy Chap,

Do you speak mandarin?

I lived in Taipei/ Hong Kong (a few trips into Canton mostly weekends to renew the 30 day chop in my HK visa) in '84 for about a year and managed pretty well not speaking the language.

I might be returning for business, GZ this time, and I am curious can the job get done with little or no mandarin?


Peace out

09-16-03, 16:32

Although I am Chinese I was educated only in English. My Mandarin is pretty poor. Although I can say a couple of basic things & understand a bit, it is really close to zero. But I do carry a English - Chinese PDA with me if there is something I desperately want to convey.

First go to the barber shop. Get hold of the mamasan. Use sign language, point to yr hotel name (carry wt you the hotel name & address in English). Use yr watch to tell her how long. And get her to write on paper the price. It somehow works out. It is even fun doing this. Or just go there and get a hair cut & wash and just be friendly & try to learn Chinese.

Once you have the girl with you in the room, it is even easier. Be friendly. I always bring along my laptop PC. I never rush, perhaps I too old for the half hour in and out stuff. Even better if you have some good porn clips to warm her up. Once the lady's engine is hot enough, you are guaranteed good performance all the way.

Of course you get the few that are rushing for the time & money. Hence as a rule, I stick to 2 hrs first. If good, I immediately book for overnight session.

I have tried different parts of China - Shenyang, Hangzhou, Haikou, Pudong etc but Guangzhou still offers competitive rates. The 5 star hotels charge the most !! Always better to go for a 4 to 3 star hotel instead.

DJ Nylon Pants
09-17-03, 18:42
Thanks HC, excellent info and exactly what I was hoping for.

Can't wait!

Member #1216
09-22-03, 06:57
I haven't seen much information on Saunas in Guangzhou city. In suburb I know I can find them easily, like Nanhai, Huadu, Panyu. But how about within the city? I know crack down is random and often in GZ, but is there a place that's got strong background and can withstand pretty much everything? It's not impossible, I know in Shanghai, there are such places, like the 5 saunas operated by one famous HK guy (HongKong city is one of them). I know the price is high, like RMB800 for a HJ, but at least the option is there and the place is very high end. If such place exists in GZ, please share! I'm tired of taking taxi rides of 45 minutes each way back and forth between city and suburbs to get a decent oil rub( and a erotic hj experience).

09-26-03, 00:18
#1216...it is interesting that you found action in Nanhai and Panyu. I may stuck in Nanhai for a couple of days -- but it's the nights I am worrying about. Any suggestions?

ffnantes... unfortunately I have never let a legit massage go farther North than my feet. A great foot massage can be had at the Furama hotel (close to the river). On the second floor, as I recall. I have become a junkie for foot massages and the staff here does a great job. (Crappy hotel, though. Not recommended.)

09-28-03, 15:40
Any of you gents were around this area when this incident occured? Appears to me like a huge setup.

recent report:


(photo there)

BEIJING (AFP) - Chinese people were up in arms about a three-day orgy allegedly held by a group of Japanese tourists and hundreds of Chinese prostitutes at a hotel in southern China on the anniversary of Japan's occupation of China.

Web surfers called Sunday for a boycott of Japanese goods and newspapers ran flaming editorials about the three-day event which many saw as a deliberate slur on China's pride.

A group of about 400 Japanese men, ranging in age from 37 to 16, flew into the city of Zhuhai, in Guangdong province purely for sex at a hotel that on one of those nights had nearly 500 girls brought to serve them, papers including the Beijing Youth Daily said.

The five-star hotel -- Zhuhai International Convention Center Hotel -- where the orgy, which began on September 16, took place has since been shut down by police.

"We've sent people down to investigate, but we don't have any details yet," a police official at the Guangdong Province Public Security Bureau told AFP.

A hotel staffer said Sunday there were no rooms available.

"We've completely shut down for rectification," a hotel employee said, but refused to comment further.

Media reports said the hotel marketing and sales department, using its contacts in Japan, had organized the group of all-male tourists from Japan to come to Zhuhai.

The hotel's night club 'madame' made contacts with numerous night clubs in the city to prepare a large group of girls for the men.

On the night of September 16, witnesses said the hotel lobby was run amuck with the tourists grabbing and hugging the women, with some men groping the women under their clothes all the way up the elevator ride to their rooms.

Doors to some of the rooms were left ajar and three to four girls could be seen or heard in one room, the Beijing Youth Daily report said.

Asked why they were in Zhuhai, one of the Japanese guests said: "We came to play with Chinese girls!"

The orgy lasted until September 18, the 72nd anniversary of the start of Japan's occupation of northeast China from 1931 to the end of World War II in 1945.

The women were paid 1,200 yuan (144 US dollars) to 1,800 yuan a night.

Interviewed by Chinese media, hotel managers said Japanese tourists regularly came to their hotel for prostitution services -- indicating the date may have been a coincidence.

But Chinese people reading the reports spewed anger on the Internet over what they considered an intentional act to choose the anniversary for their sexual spree to humiliate China.

"Japanese people deep in their bones look down on Chinese people and still there are so many of us who are gleeful at using Japanese products," said one person on the Chinese portal Sina.com's chatroom.

"A bunch of idiots we are!!!"

Others called for a boycott of Japanese goods.

"Don't buy Sony walkmans. Don't buy Guangzhou Honda," one irate netizen wrote.

Still others blamed the Chinese government for not cracking down on prostitution.

Since the news broke, it has generated a strong reaction from readers.

By Sunday afternoon, more than 14,700 comments on the issue had been posted on Sina.com's chatroom, a higher number compared to response on other topics.

Despite increasing trade and contact with Japan and the fact that Japan is China's largest trading partner, many Chinese continue to deeply resent Japan's wartime behavior, and the perception that Japan has not owned up to its wartime history.

Their resentment is fueled by the Chinese government and state-run media's frequent reminders of Japan's wartime atrocities.

Meanwhile, Zhuhai and other cities in the Pearl River delta adjoining Hong Kong have become centers for prostitution drawing girls from more impoverished parts of the country and men from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Prostitution has become a common phenomenon at Chinese hotels, even five-star establishments, in major cities, with prostitutes openly propositioning guests or calling them in their rooms.

China Hunter
09-29-03, 07:25
#1216>> There are 2 places in GZ city where can provide HJ and other service. I normally go to Hai Tao Ge sauna at 5/F Li Wan Plaza. 1.5 hrs massage + HJ cost RMB 300. FOC food & drinks. If you want to have the real action, you have to ask for Thai style room (same price) and pay extra RMB 400 to the girl. The place is clean and big. Quite a good choice in downtown area. Another is Deng Feng Hotel nearby Huan Xi East Road. Have not been there since last year so no info for the quality and price.

09-29-03, 11:34
Haven't had time to post in a while, but I'll be adding some posts soon.

Anyway, saw this on the internet and wondered...HOW DO I GET AN INVITE TO THE NEXT ONE???!


Tourists accused of three-day China orgy
Mon Sep 29, 2:50 AM ET

By Juliana Liu
BEIJING (Reuters) - Hundreds of Japanese tourists and local prostitutes held a three-day orgy at a luxury hotel in southern China, newspapers say, sparking outrage and prompting police to launch an investigation.

The five-star hotel where the orgy was reported to have been held earlier this month has been closed pending investigations, a spokeswoman for the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau told Reuters.

"We are conducting an investigation into the case to find out whether media reports tally with reality," she said. "We have suspended the business of Zhuhai International Convention Centre Hotel."

The official People's Daily newspaper said more than 400 Japanese tourists were serviced by some 500 prostitutes from the coastal cities of Zhuhai and Shenzhen during their stay from September 16 to 18.

Media reports of the orgy have provoked outrage -- particularly on the Internet, where Chinese Web surfers accused the tourists of choosing the date for their high jinks to humiliate China and celebrate Japan's wartime behaviour.

September 18 marks the anniversary of Japan's occupation of northeastern China of 1931 -- an event remembered by many Chinese who still harbour deep resentment of Tokyo's military past.

"It's a trivial matter for Chinese prostitutes to sell sex, but the key is to look at the intentions of the Japanese devils," said a message on the www.sina.com.cn web site. "They came on purpose for September 18."

Other messages described the orgy as a national shame.

The People's Daily said the tourists paid the prostitutes between 1,200 to 1,800 yuan (85-130 pounds) a night.

Although technically illegal, prostitution has become common in China since the country's economic reforms began more than 20 years ago.

Expensive hotels catering to foreigners are notorious gathering spots for sex workers.

10-02-03, 05:03
Well, since the media hype surrounding the Japanese orgy is getting totally out of hand and to a point of idiocy, I needed to see how it was affecting "the bottom line."

I went out to the Ramada barbershops on Sept. 30 for a late afternoon "coffee/pussy break" (in that order) and everything seemed normal. Had a new girl in the second shop. Actually, she might have been there for a while, but she was new to me. Her name was Hong and she was Sechuan and, OAH would be very happy, her BBBJ was nice and slow with no spitting. Service was good (sorry, not enough time for full details). Paid total of 150 plus 50 tip.

Went walking around the "road of gold" yesterday night, Oct. 1, about 10:30 pm and there were only about 3 SWs. Definately a big dropoff from the 30-40 typically mulling about. Not sure if it was usual National Day effect or "Japanese Orgy" effect. No increased police presence as far as I could tell.

Hope everyone is doing well and you all enjoy the holidays. Me? Gotta work throughout the 7 days, ha ha...


10-02-03, 07:13
OK Johnny, I have to ask. The "road of gold"?

Enlighten me and I will be pleased to buy your libations of choice when I visit in early November. I assume you are not talking about the Garden Hotel area, but something much more delightful. Huang-Pu St. perhaps? I've got to know.. The "road of gold" description is just too tempting. ;-)

BTW, I had planned on staying out-of- the-way on Shamian Dao this time. Any problems with street girls' willingness to taxi back and forth due to their concerns about lost time/lost potential income? I like the quietness of the area, but not at night. Never tried long-distance take out before. Is the Shamian Dao choice a mistake if my preference is bringing street walkers back to the hotel?

(As an aside, the area is really dead, except watching all the locals make out and sometimes fuck in cars on the walkway on the water. Every bench is filled once the sun goes down. Love to watch the local guys getting a fistful. I actually did see a small car rockin' so I did not come a knockin'. This is *real* local color.)

I have been at the Shengli before (with the wife) and while not a mongering spot, I received a reasonable CBJ inside the hotel BS after closing time (wife up in the room!). After the wife left for HK, had one of the hotel sauna girls who I met while making a late night beer run at the local Peoples Commune Market come up to my room. (She made the offer in a very casual manner in the side lobby upstairs from the sauna).

But... I really like the street girls best. Thanks for your local expertise.

10-03-03, 15:47

Road of Gold is Tao2 Jin1 Bei3 Lu4. If you are in front of the Garden Hotel facing it, on your left will be an underpass that you can walk along. Follow this underpass and when you come out the shopping center is to your left. Keep walking up this road for about 5 minutes and stay to your left as the road forks. Then you go under one more train bridge and you have arrived.

10-04-03, 16:48
Just a quick note to keep all informed.

Was back at Ramada Pearl last Tue/Wed just at the start of the National Day vacation. Seems like the girls are back at the bar upstairs. Months ago when I was there, it was totally bare.

Managed to pick a good one fr Ningbo for an overnight session. So those that are dont want to wander off to the barber shops in the vicinity, try the bar at Ramada. Not sure how long it will last.
I hv the mamasan (Seow Peng) number if you chaps are interested.

Went over to China Plaza, but didnt see any girls. Where should one be looking ? In the shopping centre or the open space near by ?

10-04-03, 18:33
Thanks for the good directions, Boss.

Shanghai Jan
10-05-03, 17:30
To All the Seniors in WSG,

Thks for all the info posted.

Am new to GuangZhou as I spend most my time in Shanghai.

Would be in town from 6th till 8th for some work, would appreciate if I could meet up with some seniors for a recce on the local scene.

In fact, I have never tried the BBS scene and am most intrigued by the Ramada BBS.

Looking forward.


10-05-03, 20:12
Haven't met you, johnnykon666 for a long while. How are you lately ? I've been hard working along at office. I've got one day off during national days' long vacation. I've got a wonderful blow job by a street ***** last night. It costed me only 30RMB , she was the ***** age at mid 30s. She served me at a dark corner inside buildings , really there's not much changed since japanese event.

The street girls still available around downtown around 'Hai zhu plaza " one set full service only cost 150RMB , blow job + staright sex . My best friend tried it 2 days ago, he told me it was cool. Have you got any surprise on hunting lately?

Good luck to all of you.

10-06-03, 17:07
I’ve been in GZ now for some time, but I still have trouble to find any good BS or Saunas.

I’ve tried the BS close to Ramda hotel, they are good, but I’ve been there a couple of times and would like some variation. There are also some on the street behind Garden hotel but most of them seem like ordinary boring BS’s

So if you know any good BS or Saunas in downtown GZ pls. post



10-07-03, 03:54

Sorry for the late reply, but looks like Boss gave you good directions. I would also add that action on the road of gold starts heating up at about 9:00pm and reaches a climax, so to speak, at about 12 midnight when selection and quality is at its best. Although I've walked by a few times at about 2-3 am and it is totally surreal because all the shops have closed by now and so it's just you (plus other wandering mongers), the SWs, disinterested "police/security guys", and the only cars on the road are crusing mongers. All this in a completely quiet and noiseless environment, so there's this weird air about...

I also recommend getting in a taxi and cruising the road of gold like a true local, ha ha, don't worry, every taxi driver in the area is familiar with the routine...remember to tell him to "drive slowly so I can look at the girls".


From what I've heard, saunas in GZ don't usually offer full service and are difficult to find ones that do. I know of a few places more than Ramada, including a nearby area in the 5 Rams Square but it's hard for me to pinpoint exactly, but about 10 minutes from the famous Ramada places. Also, some shops nearby the Businessman's Hotel, which is about 20 minute walk from Ramada.


10-07-03, 04:40
Hey Johnnykon and Andersson.

How are you doing. As per my earlier emails to you guys, I will be in GZ from the afternoon of the 14 October 2003 to the morning of the 28 October 2003.

Seeing as you two guys want to get togther soon, why don't we make it a threesom and let my buy you guys dinner.

Let me know when you are free.


10-07-03, 20:54
Thanks, Johnny. No problems. I appreciate the info re: prime time shopping.

So, cruising with a taxi I should have no problems with SW's willingness to shuttle back to Shamian Dao, just adding return taxi fare to what I pay them.

I will be in Guangzhou for at least the week of November 9th through the 15th. If you'd like to get together for drinks and prowling let me know. You can email me at:


Thanks again.

10-08-03, 23:48

You will have no problem carting back SW to Shamian dao, unless it is very late and some *might* feel threatened by hotel security not letting them up. It helps if you know your hotel's policy so you can reassure them. Also, offer them guaranteed taxi fare back and almost all will agree.


A mediocre sauna you might want to try is in the basement of the New Victory Hotel(Xin1 Sheng4 Li4 Bin1 Guan3) on Shamian dao. The whole package is negotiable, of course, but I guess 600-800 RMB should get you a home run. My pricing data is a little old so maybe the prices have changed. Only thing is be careful about saying yes to anything. Every thing they offer you like tea, drinks, etc. they charge a hefty fee, so feel free to say bu4 yao4!


10-09-03, 04:06
Fellow Mongers,

If there is going to be a hunting expedition, count me in. I will be in GZ next week, Tues/Wed. I am sure we can get the King to organize the itinerary.


10-09-03, 04:10
I've got a wonderful blow job by a street ***** last night. It costed me only 30RMB , she was the ***** age at mid 30s. She served me at a dark corner inside buildings


You sly dog. Sounds like my kind of deal! The best I've managed is 100RMB in the mens room of the Dong Fang Hotel. Hope you can join us next week and show us the ropes.


10-11-03, 04:51
Well, due to the little bit of indirect pressure from OAH, I tried to explore some new areas for "action adventures" but didn't find any new areas (besides 1-2 BBS in back alleys that looked dirty/dangerous...)...

I did get a chance to walk around Huanshi Dong Road and the Road of Gold at about 2am and the action was EVERYWHERE. Man, if I had a noctournal schedule, all my problems would be solved...there were at least 40-50 girls behind the Friendship Store just standing out in the open, waiting...in front of Garden Hotel was a virtual SW convention, with about 20 gathered at the street corner across from Starbucks (the first in GZ) just chatting and doing nothing, really...

Anyway, I'm wondering if anybody is up for chipping in to rent a hotel room and have some wild action, with pics, ect. Not group sex (well, depends on you personally...) but just lots of people having fun in one room...I'm sure we could get another "group of gals", right OAH?...


10-12-03, 13:39
Yesterday I checked out the Sauna in Deng Feng Hotel (Mentioned by China Hunter earlier). Not a bad experience at all :-)

Choose between a VIP room (RMB 250 something) a nice room with your small private steam sauna inside, or the regular rooms (RMB 168). Included in this price are a 2-hour massage and a Tuiyou (HJ with lots of oil). The massage was very good and the HJ about for me was about 30 minutes .. yummy :-). The place is clean, and the people are quite friendly. I don’t know if you get some different treatment if you take the VIP room (e.g. a body scrub in the private shower) If someone tries it our pls. post.

Boss => Thanks I will check it out :-)

New area for action adventure?

Just at the opposite side of the entrance of Dong yue Hotel, there’s a small lane, not wider then 2 meters. The lane is about 200-300 meters long and contains around 15 BS’s and I would guess half of them offer extra services. Haven’t had the time to try them out myself yet. Maybe something for you OAH?

Johnny => Are you trying to imitate the three-day Japanese China orgy adventure ;-)? Sounds like fun, I’ll considerer it and let you know if I’m In or not.


10-13-03, 03:53

Let me know when you want to do it! I should be up there on Wednesday, but may not be able to spend the night due to the exhorbitant hotel rates during the trade fair. I am sure we will be able to find another 4-some or more at the same place we found the last interested group.


Is the entrance to that sauna on the road in front of the hotel? Is this the place directly across from the exhibition center just down from the China Hotel? I walk by all the time, but I have not been in there in years.

The Dong Yue Hotel lane sound right up my alley (no pun intented). What road is it on? I will put it on the agenda for a market visit for my next trip to GZ.

Johnny, can you do some preliminary investigation?



10-13-03, 07:12

The Deng Feng Sauna entrance is more or less inside the hotel. Keep a bit to right and take the elevator to 6:th floor (there is also a girl outside happy to show you the way in). No it’s not the one opposite from the exhibition center, this one is abt. 4-5 taxi minutes from Garden Hotel and a right turn from Huanshi Lu.

The Dong Yue Hotel lane, can’t remember the name of the road, I will check it up next time I’ll get there, but it’s very close to Hengan Lu. If you standing in front of Dong Yue Hotel. You can't miss it


10-14-03, 01:36
I was in Guangzhou last weekend, stayed at China Hotel. Saw many great looking girls around but didn't approach any cause I was tired. Just wanted a nice massage plus HJ. But I couldn't find any place nearby that provide such services. Even a ktv near the hotel does not have any girls. Is it that boring at that area?

10-14-03, 03:37
"The Dong Yue Hotel lane, can’t remember the name of the road, I will check it up next time I’ll get there, but it’s very close to Hengan Lu. If you standing in front of Dong Yue Hotel. You can't miss it"


Do you know this place? Do you have some time tomorrow to check it out with me?


Do you want to join us and show the way?

I should be free by around 6:00PM. Thanks.


10-14-03, 06:26

I meant to check it out yesterday but I'll definately check it out tonight and report/call you.


10-14-03, 06:49
OAH => Would love to, but right now I'm in HK, Guess I have to spend the weekend here as well. Next time.


10-16-03, 15:41

What you did not tell us is that there at least 2 Dong Yue Hotels in Guangzhou. I hooked up with Johnny yesterday and we are pretty sure we know where you are talking about. Johnny had done some preliminary investigation.

We went to the other Dong Yue Hotel first, and roamed around the back. Found a shop we will refer to as the fat shop since the girl were a bit on the heavy side, but there was one very eager and cuddly Shanghai girl who convinced me to stay. Very close to a GFE. Excellent muscle control made for an extremely tight fit and quick finish. I gave her 200RMB. Interested mongers, turn right out of the hotel. up to the second alley, turn right and walk all the way to the next lane. Shop is directly in front of you.

Off to the other Dong Yue Hotel which I believe you are talking about. Johnny figured out the better way to approach the area is actually a bit further down the road from the hotel. We saw about 4-5 shops obviously offering more than a shampoo, but I was late for a meeting. Johnny went back later. I am sure he will post a report.


10-17-03, 11:58
Sorry about that guys, but I’m not really an expert on the hotels in GZ. Good though that you finally found the ‘right’ hotel. But when you are in that area you should spend 5 minutes in going through that lane, I'm sure it can be worth the effort ;-)


10-18-03, 02:43

OK, after a long and laborious pathway, I¡¯ve finally
found a bit of time to recount the most recent adventure¡_

OAH was in Guangzhou for a quick business trip and,
because of the insane hotel prices during the 94th GZ
international trade fair, couldn¡¯t stay. I had contacted him
earlier in the day about exploring the Dong Yue alleyway
that A-Todd had described. Since I had an hour or two to
spare that afternoon, I went out scouting first. I found out
the hard way that there must be 4-5 ¡°Dong Yue¡± hotels in
Guangzhou, but maybe my pronunciation was wrong or

Ended up exploring one near Shao Bei Lu, which, I am
definite, must be the one A-Todd is referring to. At the
time, I still wasn¡¯t sure, but went exploring anyway. The
alleyway is definitely for real (ie. poor) Chinese, with
narrow, twisting, winding alleys that lead you every which
way until you¡¯re totally confused as to where you are
(like I was). I eventually found some BBS that was
¡°guaranteed FS¡± and saved the mental visual location
for later. Eventually found my way out and, conveniently,
there is a McDonalds directly across the street from the
closest BBS. So, again, it¡¯s the ¡°Dong Yue Da Jiu Dian¡±
near Shao Bei Lu and if you keep walking down the
street for about 5-10 minutes, you¡¯ll see a McDonalds.
My ¡°alternative¡± entrance to the alleyway is directly across
the street.

After OAH wrangled and fandangled his way out of his
work obligations, he met up with me and we found our
way to ¡°Dong Yue Bing Guang¡± of all places! This smaller
hotel is located at the end of the ¡°road of gold¡± Tao Jin Bei,
directly across from the Century Mart supermarket. I knew
of an alleyway nearby, but it was NEXT to the hotel, not
across, so I knew we weren¡¯t at A-Todd¡¯s intended hotel.
Anyway, we explored a bit and found ¡°the fat shop¡± which
was a BBS with fat girls. In the US, these girls would be
considered ¡°big(ger)¡± but not necessarily fat, don¡¯t you think,
OAH? But then we¡¯re in China, and these girls are considered
¡°fat-ass hos¡±. Ha ha, but like more than one man has said, ¡°it
just cushions the ride¡_¡±

OAH chose the friendly, playful cutie and I decided to try
the ¡°(fat) creature from the black lagoon¡± for a change of
pace and hopefully for better service. We went upstairs to
their apartment and my girl got right down to business. After
about 1 second, literally, of ¡°massage¡±, she just went, ¡°fuck it¡±
and stripped. I did likewise and she gave me a decent tongue bath,
which I rarely get in Mainland China. Only complaint was that
she¡¯s a smoker, so the tongue bath left my body smelling funky¡_
Huge breasts, though, and I don¡¯t think there¡¯s anyway they could
be fake. Probably a 36DD or something. About the size of a good
cantaloupe¡_lumpy and weird feeling, maybe full of cancer or
something, but didn¡¯t know how to tell her.

BBJ was excellent, with ball licking, nipple sucking and alternation,
not trying to rush a nut from me. Tried to BBJTCIM but she somehow
¡°knew¡± the exact moment to pull out my penis from her mouth! Then
I strapped a condom on and finished quickly doggie style.

She haggled me forever because I only wanted to give ¡°Fat Lagoon¡±
150 RMB but only had two 100 RMB bills. Shit, ALWAYS have
exact change to avoid bullshit¡_ended up ¡°tipping¡± her 20 RMB
because she ¡°only¡± had 30 RMB in change. She even had the nerve
to take my cell phone and call her cell phone so she could bother me
to use her service more often. She even called me about 5 minutes later
as OAH and I were walking down the street!

Looks: 4/10
Body: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Overall: 6/10, Fat Lagoon: an experience to have but not to repeat¡_

I brought OAH back to the ¡°real¡± Dong Yue Hotel after that and we
explored the ¡°McDonalds¡± alleyway and found about 3-4 barbershops,
so it¡¯s definitely not the candystore that Shenzhen alleyways are¡_did
find a hot, hot BBS girl in front of a shop playing with a little puppy,
but, dammnit, OAH, I couldn¡¯t find that damn shop after going back
that night. Those maze-like alleyways¡_

OAH left after that and I met up with two longtime WSG lurkers that
night for another adventure¡_(see part II)


10-18-03, 03:19
Part II

After OAH left, I met up with two longtime WSG lurkers that
night at about 9pm. Great guys and we clicked immediately. I
started out with a quick tour of the infamous Ramada barbershops.
They were impressed with the some of the cuties there and we
continued on with a tour of the GZ scene. On a side note, there
must be a damn lot of people reading the WSG forum, because my
feeling was that there are A LOT more foreigners in the Ramada
barbershops than before. More on that later¡_

Anyway, I took my two friends to the scene around the Garden Hotel
but first we went to Gypsy Kings bar, since it¡¯s usually packed to
the rafters with pros, non-pros, and all the in-betweens¡_but, ofcourse,
on the night that I took my friends, it was virtually EMPTY! What
the hell? It is NEVER empty at Gypsy Kings AND there is a trade
fair going on! We had a beer and watched the semi-lame-but-sexy
dancers do a few numbers in the back then left. Checked out the talent
around the Garden Hotel and much less than usual, probably because
of LE sweeps for the trade fair. Continued on to the infamous ¡°road
of gold¡± and there were decent numbers of SWs there, about 15-20
but not the 30-40 like usual. Quality was also noticeably lower, about
6-7s instead of 6-9s. Anyway, tried to negotiate with a couple of young
cuties but nobody was budging from 800 ST¡_what the fuck??!
That is what I call ¡°OAH prices¡± which means outrageous non-native
prices. Damn, I know Chinese guys pay 200-300 ST with the
nuggets on the road of gold but then again, it was trade fair time
so, like hotels in GZ, I guess it¡¯s hard to find bargains.

We then headed down to the McDonalds alleyway and checked out
the barbershops there (check Part I below). Unfortunately, by this
time, 11pm-ish, the talent had all been picked up, and the proverbial
cubbard was bare. Couldn¡¯t find the doggie lady, OAH!! Dammnit!

Headed back to ole¡¯ reliable Ramada and ended upstairs at shop #1,
OAH¡¯s favorite. Imagine three guys upstairs in the ¡°massage¡± room,
with curtains separating us¡_my two friends had chosen real teen cuties
and I chose a somewhat older (about 21? ha ha¡_) looking one. In a funny
and somewhat sweet moment, the two girls my friends chose worriedly
looked at me, like the little girls they are, and asked if I would be in the
room (I guess as the only Asian looking guy) and I assured them I would.
How sweet, eh? And then we proceeded to fuck the shit out of them. ;)

My girl gave a great CBJ but wouldn¡¯t BBBJ, at first. After a while, she
¡°got tired¡± of CBJ so we started FS. Nice and tight, good ¡°handful¡± breasts
and soft moaning. But then the quality condoms they provided did the
¡°shrinking sensation¡± on my penis, where with every thrust, the tip starts
constricting the head of my penis till it literally looks like a pyramid! Ouch!

I explained and my girl got off me and started doing CBJ with the condom
that just came out of her vagina! I don¡¯t know about your experiences, but
I was totally surprised! Tried FS again then same situation, but this third
time, she just pulled off the condom and BBJTCIM. Great but no swallow
and intermittent spitting (sorry OAH!) but only after about 2-3 minutes of
blowing at a time and was very quiet and dignified!


Looks: 7/10
Body: 7.5/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 7/10

Unfortunately, I finished first after about 30 minutes and the other fellas
were not quite done yet. My girl signaled that it was time to stop and they
finished up. Seems like my friends were very satisfied and for one, it was
his first time mongering!

After that, we went to OAH¡¯s favorite Muslim restaurant where we all
enjoyed lamb dishes, pita bread, hummus, ect. A good meal to end a good
night. I bargained down a taxi to drive one guy back to his Panyu hotel and
the other guy went back to his apartment in GZ. I walked home and didn¡¯t
see any SWs at all, around 2am, which is amazing but then again, it¡¯s trade
fair time, which changes everything.

I plan to have an orgy type situation and/or a sextravaganza tour with one or
both guys in the next coming days and I¡¯ll report soon.


10-19-03, 06:22
Just a non-sex report:

I was in GZ yesterday. But to make it a 1-day trip and avoiding to stay overnight in GZ due to the high hotel prices (was quoted RMB 650 for a 3 star near Tian He Station) I left 1 day earlier and stayed overnight in ShiLung.

Shi Lung is the last stop before GZ coming from ShenZhen. Hotel (Zhong W... something...) 10 Minutes walk from the trainstation was RMB 198 and quite good for a 3 star. Unfortunately they had no gals and no massage service.

I was too tired to go out again, even so I did see a brothel next to a sex shop on the way to the hotel.

From there you get plenty of trains to GZ Tian He. Journey takes only 28 Minutes and costs RMB 35

I will stay there again when I go the 2nd GZ Fair part - but will look for a action friendly hotel.

10-25-03, 08:33
This is from another board I just passing the info on:

Guna Zhou.

A friend of mine just returned from ZH. He said police are cracking down real hard. They do check up in the middle of the night knocking on hotel rooms door and waking people up to see if there are any unlawful activities in the room.

They are doing this to 3, 4 and 5 star hotel. Some of these are undercover police from the central province, outside of ZH, so they don't care about disrupting hotel business. Just want to clean house.

If they find unlawful activity, the girl get sent to education camp for 6 months. The guy may get drag into jail and have to pay fine of up to 10,000 rmb. Not sure if foreigners are exempt from going to jail.

Be careful out there, and keep low profile.

mpfsloverIt might be a BAD, BAD time to go over to Guandong because of the Japanese orgy. At least for a few months. On the Zhu Hai side board, someone said they are really cracking down in ALL hotel. Knocking on doors late at night in 3,4 5 stars hotel. Arresting Chinese Girls in the streets.

To support what your Sauna friend said on crossing borders and lack of SW, I found this webpage:


To help fight cross-border crime, senior police officers from Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions held a conference from September 24 to 26 in the city of Foshan in the province to step up co-ordination in cracking down on cross-border and secret society-related crimes.

The officers exchanged views and information on fighting crimes in the three regions and expressed their resolve to get such crimes under control.

Zheng Shaodong, deputy director-general of the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Public Security, said Guangdong will never be allowed to become a haven for overseas criminals.

Organized crime, secret gangs, drugs, commercial crimes, computer network crimes, forged documents and cross-border prostitution were the major topics of their discussion during the conference.

Despite their different social systems, the three parties all want to ensure stable social order to better serve economic growth, Zheng said.

And police from the three areas will support and co-operate more with their counterparts in dealing with crimes involved into the three regions, Zheng added.

In a campaign titled "Dawn" which ran from September 15 to 24, Guangdong police investigated 13,161 criminal cases, detaining 7,490 suspects. (China Daily)

10-29-03, 10:50
part 1. newbie, but long time lurker. this post is about an adventure i took with johnny and another guy two weeks ago. sorry for the delay, but it still might be interesting. wow, what a great night! johnny is definitely the "king" and the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet.

met johnny and we picked up another lurker, i'll call him "caveman", since he doesn't have a handle and he has cave story you won't believe, i hope he tells it here.

we strolled over to the new ktv on huanshi road and took a peek, but none of us had the time or patience for that, so we caught a cab for those famous ramada bbss. caveman and i had never been in a gz bbs before, although i had seen many. it was a lurker's dream come true.

we went into #1 and sat down feeling awkward. johnny told us to just relax and look around and see if there was anything we liked. "no pressure, no pressure" he kept saying. they brought us some water to drink. slowly we warmed up to the situation. christ, even the momasan is hot. i looked at caveman and he looked at me, grinning. we had both keyed in on the same girl. turns out we have the exact same taste in women, this happened repeatedly that night. we're both suckers for the young, sweet, innocent and naive type. there was a gorgeous young girl all dressed up with a little jewel pasted on her eyebrow and styled hair. very sweet and innocent, oh yeah. johnny said, "ok, no pressure, we can always come back." and with that, we got up and proceeded to #2.

the second shop was even better than the first, and of course, they know johnny, so we're being treated very politely. there was another sweet youngish girl who was totally non-pro looking. to me, she was a "9" for that type of girl. really beautiful face and body and just kind of giggling with her friends. again, caveman and i both zeroed in on her. a little chatting, a little water and on to #3.

the third shop wasn't as good as the first two, although there was one really hot girl who was standing up and posing for caveman and i, trying to get something going. she had been moving her hips back and forth and said "do you feel anything?" she was very sexy in her little red threads, but maybe a bit pushy. everyone else was ignoring us. caveman and i were still thinking about the sweet girls in #1 and #2.

then on to #4 and around the corner to #5 and #6 and #7. there was a sw watching us and, my god, even she was hot. at this point, i'm grinning and thinking "i'm like a kid in a candy..." and at that exact moment caveman says, "i feel like a goddam kid in a candy shop here". we're all laughing and having a great time just looking at all the bonbons. now if we could just take a little taste of each one to see what flavor we liked...

back in the cab, to check out the alley that a-todd has been on about. he and oah went there earlier in the day. a lot of walking to find these, i have no idea where we were. turns out there was not much happening at these shops about 9 pm. we did stop in one to check the temperature, but momma could only hustle up two girls, neither was above average. after we got up to leave, one ran back down to another shop to watch her tv show. it was getting on to prime time to visit the road of gold and we took a short cab ride over, but passed gypsy kings on the way. caveman was curious about this famous meat market so we got out to see the spectacle. caveman asked if we could just peek our heads in and see the place. johnny said there was a cover charge, but maybe they would let us go in and back out. we walked back to the entrance and they just waved us in. since we were white guys, there was no cover. amazing, since it usually works just the opposite in gz.

it was very interesting inside, so many cute little bar girls running around, a black dj and brothers, and in back, there was a very unusual "strip" show. we sat down and had a very expensive brew and i became obsessed with one of the little punky dancers, so damn cute and just trying to be so "bad". johnny said she was available, but it would take all evening since she worked there. we were playing the little eye game, but alas, it was not to be. we were wasting time! off to the road of gold! see part 2.


10-29-03, 10:58
Part 2: Off to the Road of Gold! Finally, I get to see it for myself! I half expected to see double deck tour buses of mongers guided by big titted Asian sweeties with bullhorns. However, the Road of Gold was dead. The GZ trade fair had caused a crack down. Instead of hundreds, we saw maybe a dozen. One came up to the cab and offered the "OAH price", 600 ST. (White faces, you know). She wasn't worth half that, so we drove on and Caveman and I spotted another of "our type". Johnny told the cab driver to go around the block so we could get out and walk.

Johnny and Caveman walked up one side and I the other. They stopped to talk to the girl we had seen: tall, very young, very pretty and sort of hesitant, which I take as a very good sign. Then again, I'm very new at this. Just as they were starting to talk, a guy in khaki army clothes ran out of his hut and yelled at the girls to move on. They went one way, Johnny and Caveman went the other. When GI Cho came back in my direction, I nodded at him and he yelled at me: SHEMUH?! (WHAT?!) Badass attitude (or act) on that little guy. No stick or police outfit, we couldn't figure out who the hell they were. Reminded me of GZ mosquitoes, tiny and annoying.

He went back in his hut and the girls turned around and followed Johnny and Caveman, but by then, we had another cab. Johnny said they quoted 800 ST. Back to Ramada #1 and #2. Caveman was nice enough to let me have the "9" in #2 and he took the jewel-eyed girl. Johnny chose a really quiet and sexy girl I had missed, the guy's got eyes like a hawk. Standard price is 150 each, or 450 for three, but since we were getting little "9" on loan from #2, momma wanted an extra 50. This is where it got really fun, since all six of us went to the little upstairs room cordoned off into three sections with curtains on a wire. Caveman and I wanted to leave the curtains open, but the girls weren't buying it.

We pulled the curtains and I got an up close view of my girl's face. Really pretty, with just a little makeup, hair down to about her breasts. She was a little nervous and did not want to just strip, wouldn't take off her shirt right away. She couldn't have been more than about 15, no way 16. We did a little tickling game, made funny faces and a little light kissing. She was amazed by white guy chest hair, so I took my shirt off. She slipped her shirt off revealing a nice pink bra. A little more kissing and licking her neck and ears to make her laugh and off came the bra. Perfectly shaped, nice hand-fulls with substantial areola. She lay down and I licked and sucked gently. Just then, we got an update from Caveman three feet away: "Well, this one's shaved. How 'bout yours?" Me: "I don't know yet." She pointed at her mouth and then pointed between her legs. I shook my head yes and off came her tight pants with the big ugly buckle. "Mine's shaved too!" I reported. "How about yours Johnny?" He said "No, mine has hair." It was hilarious.

Then I did the stupid, dangerous and newbie thing, I did a little DATY. Gave me a chance to check out her health (rationalization). Anyway, I really enjoy that a lot (truth). She went into a little trance of moaning clearly having a great time. Then I pointed to my mouth and my penis. She acted confused for a minute, and then got out a condom. When I shook my head no, she gave up on that and made me lay down and gave a wonderful BBBJ, great suction, quite skillful. Then she lay down on me and rubbed bodies with my penis was rubbing at the opening of her little pussy lips. She sat up to put on the crappy Chinese condom (which I hear is like cumming into a garden hose), but I gave her a better Chinese condom I bought at 7/11. She tried to put it on, but since I am somewhat large, the thing would not even go over half my dick head. The choice was to get up and leave or fuck her bareback (rationalization). Anyway, I really really wanted to just fuck the shit out of her at that point (truth).

So she lay down and I did the second stupid, dangerous and newbie thing, I fucked her bareback. She was really tight and it felt so fantastic, she was clearly enjoying the bareback feeling too. I couldn't and didn't want to hold back, so I came in just a few minutes, but she shook her head no and wanted to keep fucking. We finally stood up and were playing a little word game: "Wo xihuan NI! Bu, Wo xihuan Ni!" (I like YOU. No, I like YOU.) She really wanted to fuck some more, but then some commotion was happening at Johnny's end of the room and so: That's All Folks, it was all over.

We tried to open the curtains all at once to see all the girls, but they were dressed except for Caveman's girl. Caveman said, "Christ, this one's got the biggest pussy lips, come over and take a look!" Of course, I obliged and Caveman is kind of holding them out to me "Feel that! Just feel those lips!" Laughing, I obliged, but his little girl was not amused and started scolding me. I told her I'd be back to see for myself and she calmed down.

We went through a little routine where we put down the 500 RMB on the bed and one girl said, "OK, that's mine, now what about hers?" Caveman said, just walk downstairs and ignore them. We did. I gave my girl a piggy back ride down the little doll house stairs which made her laugh some more. Downstairs were three older, Middle Eastern guys. Now I knew why our session had been cut short. We three had possession of the best merchandise, or the only fuck room, or both. We quickly left to go to, yes, a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Overall, a truly wonderful night of fun and fucking. A PERFECT introduction to my favorite city.

Love live the KING!

Hey Johnny, I have a hankering for some PIGMY tonight, you in??

Looks: 9/10
Body: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

But hey, what the hell do I know?


10-30-03, 05:27
=> Johnny, OAH and the rest of you GZ guys

Went back to ‘my’ allay a couple of nights ago, the action is definitely there, I even found a smaller lane (half way in the allay, right hand side if you have your back towards Dong Yue Hotel) another 2 BB’S full of girls.

This time I took a name card from the hotel so here is the address… so there will be further confusions,
Dong Yue Hotel => No. 8 Lujing Lu
The Name of the lane is Nanyue Zhijie

Johnny => Was it this one you went to?
Cronin => Nice report


10-30-03, 13:20
Was up in GZ earlier in the week to have a look at the trade fair. Hooked up with "The King" and a couple of other mongers. First stop to take off the ice was an early visit to the Ramada shops. One cutie in #1 struck my fancy and I was ready to go but my guest was not keen on others in the shop so we did the rounds once more. He confessed that he liked the same girl as I did in #1 and, being the gracious host as I am I obliged him with her.

Johnny and I went into a shop around the corner. I picked a girl with a large rack and Johnny a really fiesty one. We got upstairs and it became obvious that all I was going to get from the girl was a HJ and some playful petting. Not being able to resist that rack, I kept her as a play toy and another came up for the BJ. They wanted 250RMB for the package, but I made the mistake of bargaining to 200. The BJ girl was in a hurry and had me off less than 10 minutes while I sucked on the other's absolutely gorgeous tits and played with her pussy. I really wanted to do the first one. I will have to go back and try again.


10-30-03, 16:33

You gotta admit that 200 RMB for a combo package of girl #1 giving you a BJ while girl #2 gives your mouth and fingers access to her bountiful breasts and pussy is pretty good...or maybe that's just me? ;)

Adding to OAH's account, my girl was really cute, too, but I think all the negotiation with OAH's girls must have turned her off somewhat. She ended up giving me a decent CBJ (wouldn't budge on BBBJ though I think if I really pushed it...) and covered was fine with me because it had been a busy day for me and my morning shower was a long time ago at that point. I guess I just like to feel clean, too, if I'm getting a BBBJ. Not too good service in terms of FS, though, with a pants-off-top-on situation. She did lift her sweater for me to get access to her surprisingly nice, soft, large breasts. Probably 36C at least, but I definately couldn't notice it when I first glanced at her. Pussy was tight but those weird Chinese condoms just feel fucked up so had her CBJTCIM and she cleaned me up and then chatted a bit and then kissed me on the cheek as I left. Nice and sweet but wouldn't do it again. Damage was 150 and I gave her a 50 tip because I felt nice that day...

Face: 7.5, she was about 5'4, 24 years old, from Hunan province
Body: 8, fleshly but not fat, just the way I like them...
Service: 6, standard
Overall: 7, short and sweet but nothing special

I also liked that she looked nice but not too "hooker-like" and smelled nice and clean. Almost girl-next-door-ish but some naughtiness in her smile. OAH's "breast girl" was even more next-door than mine and no naughtiness in her innocent smile (as he would soon find out).

OAH, I'm still trying to look for that mysterious area you mentioned but no luck...yet. I'll keep everyone updated.


10-31-03, 09:53
As the "guest" referred to in OAH's GZ report, I have to thank him and the King for a wonderful evening of mongering.

The excitement, the thrill and the wonderful company of like-minded adventurers played it's toll on me.

Oh, but what a wonderful way to go.

My girl at the Ramada shops wasn't quite into most things. She wasn't at all into a B.J. no matter, no which way. So she might not have suited your fancy after all OAH. I will always remember your gallantry though, my friend.

It's so great to monger in groups. You get this eclectic mix of different tastes and the opportunity to hear the words of different peoples' experiences and desires. This was probably the highlight of my adventure.

It's amazing to think what 150-200 RMB can buy when you know the way.

Thanks Johnny and OAH for a splendid time.
Next time I stay out in Panyu, to enjoy the hallway mongering and room service available - right Trader C?

11-01-03, 03:00

Yes, it was a good bargain. I guess I was disappointed that I could not do the "girl next door" and that I only got a CBJ.


11-02-03, 14:24
Well Gentlemen,

I am back in the land down under and am having great pleasure reading the reports of our adventures together. I think reliving them through the written word is half the fun, don't you?

In your recent posts, I have been refered to as Caveman by Cronin and Trader C by Cappy. No prob and thanks for remembering me.

I have just asked the owner of this site to register me as "Blastoff." I hope this happens soon and I will keep you posted. At this stage I have been given a generic member name as you can see.

Back to business, yes the events you Gentleman mentioned are the things that dreams are made of but in these cases, have become our reality! Let's drink to that. I think you men have covered our episodes well so I won't add further to them.

The story I have been asked to post both by Johnnykonn and Cronin happened in Thailand some years ago and refers to an incident in a cave. I therefore, I will post it in the Thailand section of this forum over the next few days.

It was a great pleasure meeting up with you guys and I look forward to keeping in touch and doing it all again soon.