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01-01-02, 02:00
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05-22-02, 20:23
Just back from my first trip to Jakarta, and I have enjoyed sex action very much there. I now now that Indonesia is as good as Thailand for sex, even maybe a bit cheaper, and the Indonesian girls are as sweet and as good in bed as their Thai colleagues. I wonder why I waited so many years before testing Jakarta. The bad side is that there aren't any gogo bars or open sex life like in the red light districts of Thailand, and you don't eat well in Indonesia, contrary to Thailand where food is excellent. Also the night begins too late, around 12 pm. This is ridiculous. But the good side is that they have several "Themae" style discos or bars, with very relaxed athmosphere. Also, Indonesian girls seem to have less problems with BJ than Thai girls. Do you agree ? I will sure return to Jakarta soon.

05-22-02, 20:56
I tried calling Juria whom "Michael" had recommended on this board 2 weeks back. I told her that I was referred by "Michael" and that I would like to meet her at the Pan Pacific. She grilled me on who Michael was and where he knew her from. I said the bar at the Pan Pacific and she somewhat rudely said she knew no MIchael. She seemed paranoid/irriatated. Maybe she was with some guy when I called or doesn't want business anymore but it was a disappointment (until I met a hottie at Lintas Melawai later that evening).

05-23-02, 16:21
I'm going to Jakarta with a couple friends from US who are looking to spend a night with high class models or actress. Can anyone provide me with the phone number of Hartono , the famous pimp in Jakarta or anyone else who can provide me with the girls. Any idea on the going rate for overnight?


05-23-02, 19:41
High class models or actresses rarely do BJ and are generally lazy on bed. They think they are too good for you. They are nice to admire, but not to f...

05-24-02, 16:17
Yes I know that's why I plan to have only 2 high class chicks delivered to the hotel as I plan to go fishing at the hotel bars for freelancers. They are definitely more fun and gove better service.

Anyway, I still need to satisfy my friends burning desire, so any help with contacts would be appreciated.

World Traveler
05-25-02, 21:35
Has anyone on this board been able to rent an apartment in Jakarta (or anywhere else in Indonesia) for a couple of weeks during his visit? Are there any sources that you could share? I am also wondering if it would be possible to rent a room in a private house.

05-29-02, 11:21
I will visit Malang and Bandung. Can somebody give me places where I can get girls (students) in these places. Please provide any contact numbers of girls and agents.Thanks.

05-29-02, 21:07

Bandung is famous with its beautiful girls. Just ask taxi drivers, all of them know where to get girls. Usually a pimp rent a house and keep 6-20 girls in the house. Taxi driver will take you there, you choose the girls and take her to your hotel (u dont screw girl there). if you dont like any of the girls, go to another "house", taxi driver will take you.

Bargain with the taxi driver on the fare, most taxi driver dont use metered fare. Rp 20-30 thousand (US 2.5-4) will be fair cost to find a girl you want. The girl will be about 200-300 thousand. The girls are about 6-10, difficult to get ugly girls in bandung (from indonesian persfective--told u this since slight difference happen all the time, those who r ugly in indonesian perspective oftenly preffered by european and americans). Compare to chicks in jakarta, bandung has a better reputation in beauty and price.

I dont know about students. Try to explore it while you r there, and give us the report. Dont know much about Malang, never been there.

Happy hunting, and dont forget to use condom.

06-03-02, 00:54
Hi All

Will be returning for a trip to Jakarta in September. Have previously stayed at the Hotel Melia ( I and II) in Block M.

Was wondering if any one might recommend a better place. Had thought of, I think it's called, the Alhambra in Block M or possibly the Citra up the top end of Jalan Jaksa.

Any input would be very much appreciated.


06-03-02, 07:47
Just back from Hotel Ambhara. Great location (adjacent to Pasaraya shopping center) and much nicer than Hotel Melawai, but overpriced in my opinion. Roomsaresmall and aircon still inadequate, but service is good and CNN etc. is nice. About 610,000 +tax & service if booked at airport booth. Includes good breakfast buffet. A better value is hotel Mercure at about 350,000 but it is in North Jakarta (Kota) on Mangga Besar -far from Block M (but close to Lokisari'sTeriaCeria, Kartika and other entertainment venues. Taxisareso cheap so traffic is only possible drawback.

Travelocity had some good deals on Jakarta hotels that beat the airport booth like Pan Pacific at $80. Can stay at Hotel Indonesia for less than $50 with specials being offered.

06-05-02, 00:10
Thanks for the feedback.
Also thanks for the correct spelling on the hotels.

It was three years since I was last in Jakarta.

Certainly enjoyed the scene there. At that time I stayed at the Melewai I. this then was R190,000 per night inclusive of tax.
Enjoyed the club next door and did well from there as well as over the back at Top Gun etc.

Thought it was a good location but I also found that I utilised the cheap taxis. I liked it around Jalan Jaksa hence the thoughts on trying the hotel Cipta.

Frequented the Lokasari area on Mangga Bessa but only during the day. I had it in the back of my mind that this might not be the best area for a Bule to be wander around at night. Is this incorrect? Where is the Mercure in relation to Loksari Plaza? Is it in walking distance.

I have spent time in most Asian countries over a number of years and must admit the girls in Indonesia appeal to me more probably than my other favorite country the Philipines. I am over Thialand. I find it all a bit commercial. Still the best food though.

I was intregued on my last trip to Jakarta the number of girls that wanted to bring their girlfriends along for the tryste. Double headers are easy in Indonesia compared with some other countries. Says something about there approach to life and sex. I found towns in Eastern Java the same.

I spent my time in Jakarta picking girls from the pubs or off the streets and shopping centres. Next trip I want to look more in to the massage parlour and short time establishments. The only experience I had in regard to this was floor six at Hotel Melawai I and TeriaCeria. The prices three years ago were R250K and R150K respectivly. How much have these prices moved in the interim?

Thanks for any feedback on Hotels or the preferred areas of action.

06-06-02, 09:38
just tried to find kartika for the 3rd time, i seem to get cabs that have no idea where it is, and there bluebirds. anyway without meaning to, whilst we were trying to find kartika i spotted mustika.
on entry you are virtually blind as the small bar area is very dark compared to the strong daylight outside. inside girls are welcoming but no pouncing, most girls just said 'hello' or 'welcome' it was nice not to be pounced on. whilst my eyes adjusted i ordered a beer and the mamasan came over to help out. she picked a girl, no english, and i dont speak any bhasa. she looked far too young so i asked to change lady. the next was about 19yrs old, no english. we went to the room, it was a little awkward due to the language barrier. i showered, she did not, after 10 minutes of cuddle, i explained i wanted a bj, which she did, she then clambered on top and popped the old boy in, no condom! it happened a little unexectedly and i was woried with the fact that she hadn't even mentioned a condom so this must be the norm for her. anyway feeling not too happy with this i speeded things up a bit and shot my load. we showered and went downstairs. total cost 150,000rp, room and girl, bintang 13,000rp, very economical for a quick load off, but not the fantasy thing at all.
guys please, where exactly is kartika and teria ceria?

06-06-02, 22:17
Teria Ceria is in the shopping center Lokasira, in the north of the town. Just ask the taxi to take you to Lokasira. A few other bars in a street around Lokasira.

Where is Mustika ?

I also noticed a few times that girls all over Indonesia, from Bataam to Bali, seem to be the less educated in condom necessity. Less tha Thai, Khmers, Viets, Chinese.

06-06-02, 22:36
Let me clarify a few places and locations.

Teria Ceria is on the second floor of Lokisari Plaza, a shopping center on Manga Besar Street near the intersection with Hayyam Wuruk. It is a daytime place best visited between about 2 & 7 pm.

Kartika is in a small alley off the LEFT side of Hayyam Wuruk (if you are heading SOUTH), just south of the intersection with Mangga Besar. Look for the Danish bakery on Hayyam Wuruk as an indicator. Mustika is in the same alley so they guy was about 10 yards away from Kartika (which he apparently didn't see).

While there are not many bule around, I never have felt unsafe there. Kartika closes at 10pm (as do many massage places).

The best hotel without doubt is Hotel Mercure on Hayyam Wuruk. Prtice at airport booth is now 359,000++ for bule. It is a 3 minute walk to Kartika and less than 10 minutes WALK to Lokisari.

Not much English spoken in any of these places.

Block M (in South Jakarta) is easier for the inexperienced. Marabaya massage, on the 6th floor of hotel Melawai, costs 300K foir room & girl for 1 hour and performance (and English) is MUCH more reliable than Kartika etc (which typically costs about 50% less). Marabaya is also THE place to meet like minded expats who are INVALUABLE sources of information. Hotel Melawai is 210,000++ and is below Motel 6 in amenities but a great location.

For evening searchers try upstairs at D's Place (near Sportman Pub) and after midnight try Lintas Melawai, right next door to Hotel Malawai. This a a freelancer place with many cuties available who will often never mention money (but common decensy & custom says leave them about 200K for all night, more if service excellent.

06-10-02, 04:03
Surfer, I definitely was not in the same alley as Kartika, your location does not tally with where I was and I did have a good look up and down the alley. You see, when I emerged from the alley I had found Mustika in, the Lokasari plaza was over the road and to my right and there were no bakeries anywhere. After checking a map, I was on the road Mengga Besar, and I think I was down the alley called Mengga Besar 2, I know it was near the Astika Hotel. I also remember the place being called, Star Mustika, or something and not just Mustika, so this must be a different place. I am assuming the Mustika and Kartika you describe are down either Kebon Jeruk 19 or 18 off of Hayam Wuruk.
Further along the Mengga Besar road towards Astika hotel, on the opposite side of the road there was a very new looking massage and sauna place has anyone tried this? There is also a big sign on the left side of Hayam Waruk as you head north about 5km south of Hayam Waruk Plaza, advertising something called the International Executives Bar, has anyone been here or heard of it before? Does anyone have any upto date info on the mp in Horison Hotel, Ancol? Any info is as always appreciated.

06-10-02, 11:42
Dear Zack,

Thanks for the info on Bandung. It should be very useful for me. I stayed in Bandung earlier in Hotel Perdana Visata. I heard that it is burnt down. Is there any similar hotel where there is a good disco and gathering of young girls who can be picked up for the night. I prefer good body girls who are not regular professionals (like aquarium). Is there any place in Bandung where I can trace good Sunda girls - even though it is expensive. I shall appreciate your help.

Thanks, Lawrence

06-11-02, 05:12
Dear Surfer

Interedted in your comments on the Hotel Mercuri.

The price quoted at R395,000. Does this include Tax? Do you know if better rates available if you contact the Hotel direct?

Any problems with bringing girls back or is that a silly question for that part of Jakarta.

Have seen reference to The Hotel Prinsen Park that seems to be in a good position.


Has any one any information on this hotel.

Thanks for any feedback

06-11-02, 23:58
Mercure was 359,000+ tax & service charge totaling an extra 21% (standard in nice hotels in Jakarta). This was at the airport booth. In the past, better rates could be obtained directly from the hotel. I had booked the first night through asiatravel.com and found I could beat that rate at the front desk. I would just go about 2pm on the first day and ask. Cheapest rooms do fill up but an executive room is less than 100,000 more so no big deal. Hotel Jayakarta is very close to and it is cheaper but older & more rundown. Mercure is an Oasis. Ambhara is twice the price and the only advantages are location (RIGHT next to Pasaraya shopping center, a favorite girl meeting spot) and the included breakfast buffet (which is WAY better than Mercure's).

NEVER a problem bringing back girls there (or elsewhere in Jakarta).

To: Meaty, if it is not in the first alley past Manga Besar it is in the second (I may have confused the two as there are several similar pantai pijats in those two alleys). I still believe Marabaya is more reliable, but the "hamburger" where you are the "patty" betwen two wet & soapy young lasses is worth the detour.

06-12-02, 05:22
Surfer: Is Marabaya the 6th floor at Melawai?
Do you fancy hooking up for a beer ++ one afternoon, giving this blind dog a tour?!?

06-12-02, 11:38
I have stayed in Mercure - Hayam Wuruk. The weekend package for the suite is about Rp. 450,000 per night and it is quite good. Big bed, sofa, dining table etc. If you are bringing in more than one girl, it can be a good place. The hotel is a very decent one and the people are cooperative. It is close to Today country (teria ceria), within walking distance to Kartika Massage and next to Jln. Manga besar where all the locations are located.

06-12-02, 11:44
I have stayed in Mercure - Hayam Wuruk. The weekend package for the suite is about Rp. 450,000 per night and it is quite good. Big bed, sofa, dining table etc. If you are bringing in more than one girl, it can be a good place. The hotel is a very decent one and the people are cooperative. It is close to Today country (teria ceria), within walking distance to Kartika Massage and next to Jln. Manga besar where all the locations are located.

Maribaya is in the sixth floor of Hotel Melawai (old block and not new one) in Jln. Melawai Raya. The girls are good. The patrons are mainly foreigners, westerners, japanese etc. The girls are of OK standard except a couple of them who are good. If you go after 5 pm, Diah who is tall, good BJ and sex is good. Most of the girls have had babies and so you cannot look for young girls here. They are cooperative. You can take two girls and they will do lesbian show for you. BUT the rooms are not clean. You cannot take out girls to other hotels during their working hours. The better alternative is take a room in the hotel, get two girls from Maribaya and enjoy.

06-12-02, 12:11
I am a foreigner living in Jakarta. I hear that there are orgy sessions in south Jakarta. I am keen to visit and if possible participate in them. Can anybody give me a feedback ? If want to exchange info, please mail me in my address : lawrence_cohenus@hotmail.com.

Can some body give me any genuine agent's contact numbers to get college students in Jakarta ? price is no problem. I prefer Sunda girls.

Thanks for the help.

06-12-02, 20:06
Meaty: Lawrence Answered Your Question About Marabaya. I'll be back in Jakarta on August 1 so if you are still there I would be happy to hook up.

Re the Girl Mentioned by Lawrence "Diah", they call her "the body". Tall with large & firm hooters, short hair & buck teeth. I've been with her a few times and not bad at all but doesn't like facials or letting your goo drip down from her lips like others permit. I rate her OK.

Generally, dayshift girls (before 5 pm) are a little heavier than nightshift but are superior BBBJ artists and pretty tolerant of allowing cim.

Re the onpremises rooms, I find them just fine and I surmise Lawrence has never been to a place aimed more at asian clientele (like Tiara Ceria in Lokisari) as THOSE rooms are gross.
But a room at Mealawai is about 200K so you could do it to get more space etc but the fact is the aircon in the message rooms is WAY better than in the hotel rooms. The weak AC is a MAIN gripe I have with staying at Melawai.

06-13-02, 12:13
Surfer, Your points about Maribaya girls are very accurate. I have not tried day girls - I will try them.

From your writing, I consider you to be a real expert on girls in Jakarta. Can we correspond with each other to exchange info ? I will much appreciate your help. My E mail address is lawrence_cohenus@hotmail.com.

It is true that i am not much exposed to the rooms which are meant for asian clientele. I have seen rooms in Tiara Caria and Bintar Mawang and have not used them. Perhaps I like bigger a room.

I would like to get girls to my hotel rooms. I am very dissatisfied by the girls supplied by agents. Can you advise me some pick up joints where good girls are available and any reliable agent's contact numbers ? I am prepared for a higher price for good girls (chinese and sunda).

I will really appreciate your help.

06-15-02, 05:05
Found this post on another website but its got some good info that i thought people on this site could use. Credit goes to Wally..
Jakarta Travel Report Dated Added: 2002-04-25 Submitted by: wally
- Here's an update on the places we've read about. BATS, at Hotel Shangri-La is still the best place to meet better quality women, pros and otherwise. Tigah Puluh and CJs are runners up. They all close about 1 or 2. You'll see some of the same gals later at Tanamur and JJs, both open until about 5 a.m. Tanamur is quieter than a few months ago and draws the same faces night after night; more women seem to be available next door at JJs. The places are under the same ownership and are virtually interchangeable. Any taxi driver knows these locations. Prices are negotiable, probably averaging $20 if the guy doesn't look too rich or repulsive. I grabbed one girlfriend for free here and pulled another all-nighter for $15. Both were lookers.

For quickie action, Jakarta's (and probably Asia's) best venue is Tiara Ceria, open daily from 2 p.m. in Lokasari Plaza, north of Mangga Besar (taxi drivers all know it). As mentioned earlier, enter the parking garage and follow the ramp. You can take the mamasan's choice or scout the 100 to 200 girls swarming the place. Girls here claim to be as young as 13 and look it, but Asians are normally petite and youthful, so I can't swear to their ages. They look like young teenagers to me. The fixed price is $15 for the girl and $5 for a room ($1 equals Rp 10,000). A condom (optional) costs an extra 50 cents. The girl may entertain your foreplay, but when you come, you're done.

Bintang Mawar, on the side street paralleling Lokasari Plaza to the west, is a step down from Tiara Ceria. The price is the same, but there are far fewer girls. Some are gorgeous. Also open from 2 p.m.

Kartika is still a good venue for a Thai-style full-body massage. The price is $17 (including room and condom) for a thoroughly erotic experience as previously described. The number and appeal of the girls is a step down from Bintang Mawar. It opens at noon. (Note, Kartika is behind a bus stop, not a bus station, one alley south of Mangga Besar on Jalan Hayam Waruk.)

Berlian, adjacent to Kartika, had scarcely any women on board when I visited and none of them looked especially interesting. Maybe it's better some other time.

Super is still in business near the Jayakarta Hotel (off Jl. Hayam Waruk). This place lets you select from an array of studio photos, misleading at best. You can ask the attendant (if you speak some Indonesian) for guidance in making a selection according to your tastes. The price is $15, including room, condom and shower.

The right taxi driver will be able to take you to any of scores of fishbowl places where you can check out a selection of take-out delicacies. The going rate is about $25-$30 for average girls (who would be regarded as knockouts in America).

From my experience, the girls available in the big, flashy disco-karaoke temples like Stadium are fairly expensive, ranging upward from $50 short-time. But my experience here is limited because I've been discouraged up front by the price and selection.

Jalan Jaksa seems to offer very limited options. I've kicked around here a fair amount at night and rarely see anybody worth entertaining. I've also had darn little luck connecting with anybody in department stores or fast-food places, but maybe that's just me. (Review # 5406

06-15-02, 11:31
OK, finally found Kartika, it is the first alley as you head south (towards Hayam Waruk Plaza) from the Mengga Besar road.
You pass Berlina on your right as you walk down the alley and Kartika is at the end of the alley however once again me being blind i missed any signs of Mustika here!!

I went today (saturday) 4.15pm and it was packed with girls between 3's and 10's and a fair few local guys. Freindly gaff, unfortunately i was pounced on and mamasan convinced me tpo take her freind to so upo we went. Room very small and poky but very clean. First i was soaped up on the bed and the girls massaged and slipped up and down me, then we showered. After that i was licked from head to toe. Both girls gave awesome BBBJ's and then proceeded to F*** me. It was great. After i shot it was a smoke for all, a shower and then on my way. Rack rate was 170,000rp for girl and room. I'm a bit tight when it comes to tipping unless the service is of an extremely good nature so i just rounded each girl up to 200,000 and settled my bar bill seperately, both girls seemed happy with this. All in all i'd say a good place to go, if your not botherd by large rooms then in my opinion it is better than the 6th Floor. Shift change is 5pm and there are lots of girls outside this place catching bike rides at this time, they appear more than open to a bit of freelancing if yoo want.
Anyway I give this a thumbs up.

Gregory Johns
06-15-02, 16:06
Has anyone had any luck getting a lesbian scene going in Jakarta?

06-18-02, 11:08
Hi all,

I will be in Jakarta in July and the company I am visiting book for me at Borobodur Hotel.
What are your comments about this one ?
Some fun to be found inside ?
Policy ?
Your help is highly appreciated.

06-19-02, 00:13
Does any one on the ground in indonesis happen to know the approximate cost of an airfare (standby rate) from Jakarta to Denpasar return. My memory from a few years ago was that it was about R1.6mill return. I have had a quote from outside of the country of US$400 plus. Even the local Garuda agent in Australia suggests purchasing locally in Jakarta.


06-19-02, 00:54
Ken: Flights within Indonesia are ALWAYS way cheaper when bought in country, but if you are scared about not getting a seat (July can be tight because of Javanese school holidays) just get a reservation from a Jakarta travel agent and pickup the ticket from their office. Do a google search to find one or I can suggest one if you want.

06-19-02, 01:51
Thanks for the info Surfer. I will be travelling end of August. Any local agent contact you have would be much appreciated.

Is the mechanism I order through the local agent at local rates then make a credit card payment payment or pay at the airport when i front up/

Thanks again for your help.

06-21-02, 14:45
Would appreciate some advice on the following.

1. can anyone recommend a bar or "bordello" in Yogyakarta? What's the scene like there?

2. I'm interested in the earlier query about lesbians. Are Indonesian girls agreeable to doing a bit of this in the presence of an interested third party i.e. me ?


06-23-02, 06:45
Not quite a report. I am planning to go to Jakarta July. Found this under a google search:


It is in Bahasa - but it looks like its got an Indonesian male perspective of where to go. Since the reporters are local, then they know the best places.

My Bahasa is weak, but, cinema, Pasar Minggu - did the guy say that you choose a girl, and watch the film with her and she does something to you?

Also, warning about CCTV.

Anyone fluent in the language who is willing to translate for us needy European men?

06-23-02, 11:02
I have not been to yogyakarta for about a year and a half but I can share my experience
there are many houses in the residential areas behind jalan malioboro near the mall and train station, you will need help to find these. I took the head becek (pedicab) driver in front of the hotel mutiara and he took me to about 5 of them. quality not that great but at the last one I got the most beautiful girl I have ever had. the going rate at that time was rp250,000 for 3 hours for take out. that seemed to be the going rate at all the places but they tried to get rp400,000. mamas name is lenny ph 0274-522-380 you may have a harder time if you can't speak bahasa indo. you can try to go to FM cafe on a side street near malioboro mall which is a expat kind of place and find some help. I met a guy named sandy there and he seemed to know about the scene and speaks very good english.I did not use him to find chicks but he gave me a ride to solo and he was cool enough. Yogya is crawling with hot chicks and if you play the game right you can get them to your room and just give them some money in the morning rp100,000 to rp200,000 is plenty. try hitting on the sales girls in the department stores travel agents whatever.
ask the waiter at the disco. ask the bellboy.
make eye contact and smile all the chicks. this works at all the cities I have been to in indo. I have been amazed at how easy chicks that don't seem slutty at all are to hook up with. I have heard of a place called Corona that is a house with a huge selection of chicks. As for the lesbian stuff I have found it fairly easy to get 2 or 3 chicks in my room and fuck them all but have never been able to find them that were into other chicks. In fact sometimes they are too she to go with you unless the friend comes too. I hope this info is useful to someone good luck

06-24-02, 15:45
In response to "Email" (Why "Email"??) I have done a rough translation of the first few entries.If time permits I'll add more in the near future.

The directions referred to in the website are not clear to non-locals such as me, due mainly to the use of initials and acronyms, as is the way in Indonesia.

Here it is:

http://www.cipinang.com/bawahSex.asp (translated into English)

1. Hotel PM, just before Cipinas Market, has girls around 17-25 yrs. Fee is Rp150 –200,000. Once you’re at the Hotel, ask for one of the motor bike riders named Ant (COMMENT: you can probably ask any of them).
2. Hotel Brt, in the Gadog area (COMMENT: gadog doesn't sound quite right, maybe a nickname). Leave a message with the receptionist whose name is Yn (COMMENT: these are probably initials). Ask for a girl to be sent to you. Standard tarrif. There’sone girl there who’s not bad with a nice figure. There’s karaoke. Tarif Rp200,000.
3. In the yard or area where the post office is located, in the evenings, there’s action with girls around 17-20 yrs.
4. Acrross from the Restaurant/Hotel IA just before the market, there’s a place where you can get not so young but ok women for about 75,000.
5. At the Telecom roundabout, hang around the public phone outside Telkom. If you’re in a car, people will approach you.
6. At the gadog roundabout or turnaround, enter from the Lippo Bank, go straight ahead, there's a road angling to the right, follow that road until you come to Vihara. On the left and right are lots of houses. Just go straight in. Cost around 150 to 200,000.
7. Primary Karaoke is next to the Lippo Bank (COMMENT: on Simpang Raya Rd??) It gets busy after 9pm. Out the back there’s a boarding house and an attractive girl “T” .

KJY di Gajah Mada. 6/5/02,10:55:00 AM
Go to KJY street (COMMENT: KJY are the initials of the street; don't know what they stand for) off or near Jalan Gajah Mada (COMMENT: jalan=road; this the Chinatown area although the girls are unlikely to be Chinese), just near Gajah Mada Plaza. On the left is a shop/house. On arrival, one of the parking attendants will already know your purpose and approach you. About Rp400,000 for a short time. 750,000 if you want her to stay elsewhere with you. (COMMENT: At that price maybe they are Chinese – traditionally “out of reach” in Indonesia!!). There are no overnight rooms there. Guaranteed satisfaction here!!!

Bioskop Pasar Minggu. 6/5/02,10:54:00 AM
Pasar Minggu Cinema next to the bus terminal. Go to the 2nd floor. Lots of young girls who can accompany you to watch a film and …….

PP. SmberWrs5/29/02,7:46:00 AM
If you're in the Kebayoran Lama area near Jalan Ciputat you’ll find PP. SmberWrs (COMMENT: could be an abbreviation for Sumber Waris?). There’s a large parking area, quiet and lots of massage talent to choose from. If it's a holiday or weekend the choice is even greater. It’s up to you what you want to have massaged. Go ahead and try, you’ll enjoy it.

Atrium Plaza. 5/29/02,7:46:00 AM
Between 9 and 11am or in the late afternoon, there are lots of freelancers working the area near D’kin Donuts. They’re young and pretty and the price is negotiable. Guaranteed satisfaction.

06-25-02, 13:11
I'll be in Jakarta late August. Looking for anyone else that has been there before to share a beer and exchange information. I've been to Asia before but this will be my first visit to Jakarta.

Also does someone know where the expat hangouts are?


Roversman 999
06-26-02, 15:16
manila vs jakarta. I thought traffic in manila was bad, til it took me over an hour otday from jayakarta hotel to marriott hotel. Managed to find the famous Kartika eaasily even tho i read here many times it was hard to find. I thought some of the palces in the bars in manila were ratholes, I realise that they are well furnished and well maintained by comparison with somewhere i was in Berlin today. Found the Dusit Thani bar a little further down and that was fun. Had a very tame blow job in Jayakarta Hotel massage aream but it was only 80,00 for massage and 90,000 for bj...kind of like manila prices. After three days in singapore i prefer these prices.
Saw the Barazil Turkey game in a fast foor area in Mall Ambassador, and as luck would have it , a few young honeys tried to practicve their englsih on me. Well i have two phone numbers for tomorrow now. Got in the levator of my hotel and an 30 year old cutie wasked if i wanted company. We rode back to my room, but she insisted on 400,000. Im just too cheap i guess.

06-26-02, 16:27
roversman99, hey, marriot hotel, me too.

i pick up a girl from untitled. she asked for
400k, i just send her back downstair. price
is a little crazy.

the massage in this hotel is ok. 200K for HJ.

any recommendation?

06-29-02, 14:54
Can anyone advise on what the scene is like in Bogor? Any interesting places to visit?


06-30-02, 07:57
Hi guys

can anyone advise me if these hotels are new the action and if there is any around them.

allison resdental apartments
aston atrium
aston hotel
ibis mangg dua
ibis hotel silpi

looking to be in this area in oct so any advice greatly apreciated.

07-03-02, 21:36
I will be heading to Jakarta and Bali in September. Please advise as to issues of safety for a very white American such as myself. Is is safe in general? What about the places guys like us like to frequent? Any advise as to the better, more upscale, places?

07-03-02, 22:30

While there is a little action behind Ciptura (the mall in which the hotel is located), you would be far from the best action. For Kota (North), the best hotel IMHO is Hotel Mercure Hayyam Wuruk. In the middle, there are many plush places like the Grand Hyatt and cheaper but still nice like Hotel Indonesia. As a firsttimer, IMHO you should stay in South near Block M. Hotel Ambhara is the nicest & best location but about $70. For downscale Hotel Melawai is your place, about $20, but weak AC and soso service-like an old motel 6.

07-06-02, 14:41

Thanks for the tips i am only going to spend three to four days in jakarta, so i want to get as much in as possible. Security wise would it be better if i had an indonesian guide to show me the good places .

07-07-02, 01:58
David, you don't need any "guide" man. Go to the bar on the 6th Floor of Hotel Melawai and talk to the friendly expats, but a round of Bintangs for the boys and you'll learn all you need to know. And the massage girls who work there are VERY reliable performers soi you might well get all the satisfaction you need without leaving the hotel! RELAX about "security", it isn't LA or NY or anything.

07-07-02, 07:54

Thanks surfer for the information, i am not from the states but thanks for thr information.

07-15-02, 04:09
French Stud taking nightlife tour in Jakarta.

I know a little Jakarta night-life mainly by visiting bars of Grand hotels like Shangri La or Arya dutta and the kind of girls we can pick up in that places. So I would be pleased to know more about the added value of your services.

The companions we can meet through pick-up joints or dispatchers are the same category as the ones we can meet in the grand tourist hotels? Upper category?

How does it work with the dispatchers? Do they work with photos of the girls? I am not interested in wasting my time by visiting fish tanks, which are often gloomy places

At last, I am rather surprised by the rates of the dispatchers and escort agencies you propose: 600 USD for the night, this is really amazing! But I hope that we can still bargain a lot in Indonesia and divide the prices by ….

French Stud ....

Places like Bordellos Massage Parlors, Pick-Up Joints, and Escort Houses have a 'take it or leave it' pricing. And, I think all of these places have 1 pricing category only. Dispatchers, on the other hand, normally have more than 1 pricing category.

Girls who hang-out in grand hotel's bars are different category compare to girls at all the erotic places I mentioned in my website. Escort Agencies do have better quality in general. But, dispatchers normally have part timers working for them.

In relation with my tour fee, I have to say it is fixed. And about the prices of these erotic establishments ... you can try to bargain. But, I know for sure that they have fixed prices.

Note: Bordellos Massage Parlors offer USD15 to USD30 packages for 1 hour block. There are a couple of Bordellos Massage Parlors offer less than USD100 packages for the night. Girls look 6-8. Most of the good girls do say 10 to 15 clients a day. It is a good deal. And, it is a very very good deal if you can get the one on her first working day. Pick-Up Joints offer USD30 to USD100 for the night. And, these talents are more competitive, my opinion, compare to the girls in the grand hotel's bars. Girls look 6-8. It also is a good deal.

Regarding the issues on girls in grand hotel's bars (read bars where normally caucasian expats and travelers do their hunts ... like in Le Meridien, Shangrilla, Grand Hyatt, etc.), these are the girls who can't earn decent money from the locals. And, they know it. I believe that is why they go for caucasians who are not well aware of the competitive situations. Yes, there are more foreigners who pay the middle prices. But, there are more locals who pay the 'Top Prices' for high caliber talents. I also believe they can't compete with other talents in say ... Bordellos Massage Parlors, Pick-Up Joints, Escort Agencies, and Dispatchers. I believe that around USD15 Bordellos Massage Parlors' talents are even more competitive than these girls. Personally, I wouldn't touch them even they give me freebies ....

Singaporeans are very particular with security (read strangers). I always convinced them that the hotel have my car's plate number. This is more than enough. They can always write down my personal ID number in a sealed envelope. Only 1 Singaporean did write down my personal ID number in a sealed envelope in a sealed envelope and leave it at the hotel reception.

We can't visit dispatchers. They only send girls to the hotels. And, I also advice you not to miss Bordellos Massage Parlors. GIRLS IN GRAND HOTEL'S BARS ARE 'NUNS' COMPARE TO SOME OF THE BORDELLOS MASSAGE PARLORS' GIRLS.

Ladies at 30's are hard to find. Most of the girls are at their teen age upto mid 20's.

Well, there are bordellos massage parlors start operating at 12:00 in the afternoon. Some of them have to close at 11:00 in the evening and some at 5:00 in the morning. It depends on the type of permits they have. Pick-up joints normally start to open their Fish Tank at 7:00 in the evening. They normally close at 3:00 in the morning. These joints do not have any form of permits and do not provide in-house facilities such as room. But, of course, they are paying something to the LE. But knowing them I can bang their doors and let them open their Showroom even in the morning or afternoon.

There are a good number of gentlemen in Jakarta prefer to engage in this activities during broad day light. The reasons are obvious: so their wifes will not suspect them and the girls are still fresh in the afternoon.

I think there are 2 good hotels, both in airport area, offer mini stay.

Sheraton Bandara Bandara Int'l Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta Tel. 559 7777 and Fax 559 7700

Sheraton Bandara is inside the airport area along the toll road ... less then 4 kilometers from the international terminal.

Quality Hotel Bandara Terminal 2E, Bandara Int'l Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta Tel. 559 0008 and Fax 559 0018

Quality Hotel Bandara is inside Terminal 2 ... international terminal.

Bordellos Massage Parlors charge around Rp.150,000 (around USD17) upto Rp.300,000 (around USD33) for 1 hour block. This includes full service companion and room. When I write around Rp.150,000 upto Rp.300,000 for 1 hour block, I do not mean you can bargain within that range. I mean there are several Bordellos Massage Parlors with several pricings--around Rp.150,000, Rp.200,000, and so on.

Most Bordellos Massage Parlors only offer 'Incall Services'. When I write 'Incall Services' I mean 'sex within their premises only'. I know 2 Bordellos Massage Parlors offer 'Outcall Services' at around Rp.1,000,000 (around USD110) for overnight. Just like Pick-Up Joints and other Bordellos Massage Parlors, these 2 Bordellos Massage Parlors do not provide delivery services. So you have to come there to choose and bring back your choise to your hotel. Unfortunately, these 2 Bordellos Massage Parlors are not open within your '8 hours time frame'.

Pick-Up Joints charge around Rp.150,000 (around USD17) upto Rp.500,000 (around USD55) for 3 hours block, double for overnight, and triple for 1 day. This includes full service companion only. As I wrote earlier Pick-Up Joints only offer 'Outcall Services'. When I write 'Outcall Services' I mean 'no sex within their premises'. Pick-Up Joints do not provide delivery services. So you have to come there to choose and bring back your choise to your hotel.

Yes, I will let you discover those girls who are 6-8 in look. Yes, they look much much better than the girls you have mentioned before. But, to my standard 9-10 in look is the high caliber talent standard. And, you can only find them in around Rp.3,000,000 (around USD330) Escort Agencies.

You should go to one or two Bordellos Massage Parlors first at 12:00. Then you should try one of my favourite erotic establishment. '6-8 looking' girls in their early, mid, and late 20's in good shape and very experienced. This will cost you around Rp.200,000 (around USD22) per 1 hour block for 1 full service companion. This includes the room. You can try duo in this place if you have that desire, it will cost you double. They will undress you first before they give you a bath. Then, they will let you lay down on the matress. Then, they will massage your body using their breasts, butts, and crotches. Then, they will clean you first before the real encounter. All my tour clients love this place except those who specifically do not like dominant/aggresive ladies. There guys like that. But very few.

Then, you should go to one or two Pick-Up Joints. You can bring back your choise to your hotel if you like. This will cost you around Rp.500,000 (around USD55) for 3 hours block, double for overnight, and triple for 1 day. This includes full service companion only. Only around Rp.500,000 Pick-Up Joints I consider good establishments and will service you during the day.

We started the tour at 10:45. First I took him to Kartika first. He was undressed first before he was given a bath. He was left to lay down on the matress. His body was massaged using breasts, butts, and crotches. Then, he was cleaned-up before the real sex encounter. All my tour clients love this place except a few who specifically do not like dominant/aggresive ladies. There are guys like that. He told me after ... he didn't believe what just happen to him. He was sandwiched for sure. Ha ... ha ... ha .... Just kidding. He described such service as ....

I took him to Stadium for his viewing pleasure. Then, I took him to Travel soon after that. He decided to take another girl when we visited Bintang Mawar. She is 18 years old, 170 cm, olive color skin, long hair, and voluptuos. He described her as very very tight. He said she screamed bloody murder when he forced to enter her. Anyway, she was a good experience to him.

On our way back to Quality Hotel Bandara, we visited Sawah Besar and Kejayaan pick-up joints. He was pleased with what he saw. But, he decided to pass this opportunity.

I dropped him at Quality Hotel Bandara at 16:30. I told him to take a rest. He was leaving for Paris at 18:00. Then, I went to Hilton to picked-up 2 German expats at 20:00. And dropped them in Blok M at 1:00 in the morning.

07-16-02, 07:05
Other than advertsing your services, which is not what this board is for, i see no relevance to all of the below e-mail correspondence. You are merely advertising your services for which there is a fee, and not sharing information about the actual venues as other posters do and for which the board is intended. I also note that the Escort Agency which you reccomend at the end is run by yourself, or just a coincidence that the owner also has a Zurich contact number on the website!!
We have all read your previous posts and are aware of your services and website. If we want them we will contact you. Please don't clog this site with advertisements.

07-24-02, 07:24
hi guys

surfer told me off the melawai hotel i have searched the net and i have not found a hotel of this name.

guys can you help i proberly found 300,00 referring to melawai could you norrow it down.

what is good price to pay for allnight service interested in trying that iam aware as in other places no extra cash in hotel passport in safe so on so on.

be gratful for some help

thanks david

07-24-02, 13:33
I wonder if Surfer means the Interhouse Hotel in Jalan Melawai - Melawai St (that was the hotels' name several years ago, perhaps it's changed its name to suit the street?). This is the hotel that has the often mentioned "massage parlour" on the 5th or 6th floor? This place is not all night, although you could probably arrange to meet one of the girls after she finishes work.

Originally posted by david123
hi guys

surfer told me off the melawai hotel i have searched the net and i have not found a hotel of this name.

guys can you help i proberly found 300,00 referring to melawai could you norrow it down.

what is good price to pay for allnight service interested in trying that iam aware as in other places no extra cash in hotel passport in safe so on so on.

be gratful for some help

thanks david

07-24-02, 15:51
yep that's the one - i've seen it called the melawai and the interhouse - and even the intercourse by the local expat. the massage palour is on the 6th floor. you can get the girls to meet you afterwards to stay the night - certainly could back in 99, but i was staying at the hotel.

07-25-02, 03:55
Guys, any info on the Horizon hotel in Ancol?? I heard it has a Melawai 6th Floor equivalent. ta

07-25-02, 18:31
Will be in Jakarta again soon for a few weeks, and I'm curious if the information I've read in some report(s) is true. It was said that arround Pasar (market) Tanah Abang, there were many woman catering for the local man in heat. Can anyone confirm this ??

cheers, Mark

BTW, RETRO at Crown Plaza hotel also has some verry cute woman walking arround(only bussy on saturdays)make sure u bring earplugs ;-)

Double Up
07-26-02, 07:54
Hey Surfer,

What's up? Where are you now? I'm a fellow surfer from the states, up in Banda Aceh in North Sumatra. I got skunked on the surf up here because it's the wrong season (west monsoon up here) so I went diving in Palau Weh instead. But I've talked to a couple people who have recomended a place on one of the islands off the coast up here, so I'll probably head there next. It's supposed to be better than Nias, but a left, and uncrowded. There's no guesthouses or anything so you have to stay with a local family.

07-26-02, 11:45

Thanks entotku
that sounds like the place he said many expats hangout there on the six floor. Thanks to the rest of the guys how offered up info mation thanks again.

I will be staying in jak soon proberley at pan pacific or or the millennium not sure depends on funds.

thanks again


QUOTE]Originally posted by Entotku
I wonder if Surfer means the Interhouse Hotel in Jalan Melawai - Melawai St (that was the hotels' name several years ago, perhaps it's changed its name to suit the street?). This is the hotel that has the often mentioned "massage parlour" on the 5th or 6th floor? This place is not all night, although you could probably arrange to meet one of the girls after she finishes work.


07-30-02, 10:41
I will travel to Djakarta in September, will stay at
Sari San Pacific Hotel, Jl.Thamrin. Can someone
recommend good places/girls near the hotel?
Does anybody know if Juriah is still on business ?
(see postings from michael April 28 and Surfer May 22).
Thank you in advance.

PS: great site, pls. keep this board alive.
I will post my experiences when I return.

08-02-02, 05:51
Today Country update

We went last week and found it pretty average-dark and sleazy however, on the way out a very young girl followed us with a pimp and we negotiated some time at our hotel. She was extremely pretty but looked very young-I am 18 she said?

We both gave her a good work out-separately and paid her 250 for BBJ and everything but no greek!! She massaged as well. It is a bit of a worry when they say they don't like condoms-I wonder how many have the virus? Went to other places as well like Melawi-thought it was average. Best scores were at Top Gun and JJs-quiet but a few stunners in the corners.

My mate f'ed the Today Country girl and then flew home to Singapore and revealed that he had Herpes!! So guys please no matter how clean the holiest of holes looks and smells wear a rubber. No if anyone has advice on how he can hide the outbreak on his old fella and his lips please let him know.

I reckon Indo is better than Thailand for good cheap sex-but, I hear the diseases are rising exponentially. Jakarta is also a very unhealthy place to hang out. Try Jaspa spa in Kunigan-if you pick well it can be fun.

08-03-02, 05:52
Recent WHO study reports an "explosion" in new HIV infections among Indonesian sex workers, especially in Jakarta. Indonesia now has the fastest growing rate of infection in SE Asia. BE CAREFUL!!!

Dildo Man
08-03-02, 20:51
dear gents,

macau man is right, seen the report myself. one thing for sure is that this sucks!! hate this topic but its the truth. another truth is that hiv/aids is not the only "catch" of concern. anything that could not be cured is a concern. herpes and genital warts are nasty, life changing deseases that could infect even with the use of condoms. these deseases are transmittable by skin contact. i caught a [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) infection from bbbj once, or maybe from skin contact with the pros.
bbbj and prolonged french kissing could transmit hiv according to cdc. this sucks.
i in particular frequents jakarta for the sexploits it has to offer.


08-10-02, 01:30
For those dudes that travels to Jakarta,

If you are travelling with thin wallet and low in cash, there is a couple of action places you can go to for bargain rate.

1. Kali Jodoh - about 20 to 25 cathouses in a nice little village environment to the north west of Jakarta, @ rp 40000 - 100000 per short time. A house would have an average of 10 - 15 girls at a time, surely something must catch your fancy.

2. Kramat Tunggak (Tanjung Priuk area) - large complex of 200+ cathouse from Rp 30000 - 70000. I know this place well, I am the project engineer when they built the hospital in the middle of the complex.

For those who want to spend a little higher price, almost all karaoke bar would provide inhouse entertainment for Rp150000 to 200000. So there should be no drama in looking for a good time.

Special place of interest would be Kartika, behind the Holland Bakery in Jl. Gajahmada. I would rate this place to be atleast 9.5 out of 10. prices Rp250000 per go.

Beer price is very very reasonable, you can literally knock your self out for about USD$20 - 50. I means literally a gallon of beer cost USD$10. how many gallon can you drink in an outing?

Now a word of caution.

Although all the girls there will provide service without condom, USE one. These are bargain rate girls, and although doctors check them weekly, the only insurance you can get is the rubber.

Excahnge rate about Rp 9000 to USD$ 1

Happy hunting

John Aldrich
08-11-02, 19:10
I just came into Jakarta and checked into Hotel Century Park Atlet. I asked the reception as to whether there is massage. Believe me, the health club guys called me up and said that they would send the Masseur to my room itself. By the time the girl could land up with the invoice, a room boy landed up and said that he would get a better variety for me. I told him to get in touch with me after 1 hour since the girl landed up. She was around 32 years. The official Massage charge was Rp70,000, for one hour. She asked me in English whether I wanted to 'make love'. I said yes. She then asked me whether I wanted a full service. I said yes. She said then it would cost another Rp. 200,000. I said no problem. She stripped and stripped me too.And started the blow job. She swallowed the cum. My man went to sleep. She then helped me get an erectionb by sucking it again. She took out a condom and the put it on and then came on top of me. She went on and on till I came. 45 minutes was over. She took a shower, took the money and off she went.

The Room boy arrived after in 15 minutes and then told me that he will line up a variety of girls for 300,000 for short time and 500,000. I told him, instead to accompany me to witness the night life in Jakrta after his working hours and I would tip him.

He then came in at 9 pm and said lets go. We first went to Delilah, the night club which the Arabs and Indians come in. I did not like the setting. I said lets go somewhere else. He then took me to Stadium Discotteque. Mamasan came over immediately. The cover charge was just Rp24,000/- She immediately styarted lining up girls and I showed no interest and was sipping my beer and watching the girls dance. But she did not leave me. She then got a stunner and told me this one will take care of you. I said how much. She said Rp.180,000 for one hour with place. I paid her 200,000 and she led me with the girl to a room on the first floor. The room well illuminated with mirror on all the threes and the top on the roof. The fourth side had a bath tub. The girl stripped me and strippedherself. She then washed my tool and wiped with a lot of care. She then made me lie down on the bed and started the bj. Oh what a wonderful feeling. I came and shee took the cum in her mouth and with a cleantwirl of the tounge wiped even the last few drops on my tool. She then went and spat it in the bathtub and washed her mouth with listerine and water. She then again strted fondling my tool and got me an erection and then I went on the top and started the pumping. But then I was too tired I had already cum thrice in 4 hours and I could not cum for the fourth time. One hour over. The phone rang giving us the warning.

As I came out mamasan asked me how she was in the bed. I said good. She said I could take her for 350,000 for the night to my place. But then I said no I will come back the next day and went.

The next day I went back alone diuym gbut then it was just six pm. So I thought let me take a stroll on the treet. I went to the next street of Stadium dico and I found TIN TIN Massage. Just walked in and I found a whole lot of photos. I pointed at one girl and asked how much. The counter girl said 120,000 for one hour full service. I was directed to the first floor. The girl arrived amd stripped into her bikini and made me strip till my jogs. She then started massaging me. Then she got up stripped completely and stripped me and took me into the small cubicle behind the curtain, which was the shower place. She gave me a shower and cleaned my tool with a lot of carte. She then wiped me and the n told me to go over to the bed. She then washed herself and her ****. She then wiped herself and came over and then started doing the blow job. Then she asked me whether I wanted her on top or down. I said down and went on the missionary position. Finished fast and came out.

Both Stadium Disco and Tin TIn are located in Kota area. Ask any cab for Stadium disc Kota. He will straight take you there.

I then took a taxi and went to Hotel Melawei. Went straight to the 6th floor. The girl;s just piled on to me and I picked up one and went into the room and asked he how much. She said 275,000. There was a knock on the door and I opened. Three girls standing there askled me whether I wanted a double. I said Terima Kasih which means Thank You and shut the door. We strippede and she took me into the natyh tub and washed my tool with a lot of care. She washed her tits and the **** and then took me into the bed and gave me a good bj. She then gave me a shower and wiped me. She then brushed her teeth and washed her mouth with listerine and took a shower. She then came back and then came on top and gave me total screw which was just superb. Amstrerdam will be put to shame with the quality of screw and bj that the girls have to offer.

Atlet Century Park is locatde in Senayan, very close to sogo. It is a five star hotel at 3 star rates but the massage girls are superb. They come in straight to your room.

Still hanging out here in Century Park. Planning to go to Ancol tomorrow night to the Halai Disco. Shall catch up with my experience tomorrow.

World Traveler
08-13-02, 12:34
RajaBetawi, thank you for the informative comments. Do you have any picks for ¡®budget¡¯ hotels in that area? Can you give us the approximate location (or direction) to those places you mentioned? Is the ¡®take out¡¯ option available and do you think it would be worth it? Do you know any good location to find freelancers?

Do you have similar information on Bandung? If so, please post it under the Bandung section. Many thanks for your help.

Mr. johnaldrich, looking forward to read more of your posts soon. Tell us more about your hotel. What is the rate?..... Any luck with any freelancer yet?

I read in another section of this board (I think BA, Argentina) where one of the guys had commented in his post that it would be better to keep the privacy (& security) of your hotel room only for you. He suggested doing your ¡®stuff¡¯ outside and keeping it that way. I kind of agree with him. If I have an all day ¡®guest¡¯ (especially if more than one at the time!) I wouldn¡¯t want to worry about security of my belongings every time I want to use the bathroom or take a nap or so. I wouldn¡¯t mind to rent an extra room next door for the nights that I want to have overnight guest(s) and just go back and forth between the two rooms. .... and I am not into GF things or cuddling, etc. Of course only where the hotels are affordable. What do you guys think? Does it sound being ¡®over¡¯ protective? I would like to hear from those who have any comments on this.

Dildo Man
08-13-02, 17:17
John Aldrich,

What's the going rate at the Atlet Hotel?

Thanks in advance

09-11-02, 18:10
I live in Bali, and am going to Jakarta in October for an export conference, which takes place in the " Kemayoran" area. My bahasa is pretty good, however I do not know the are at all.
Can anybody help me out with a couple of good " girl friendly" hotels, and also i like the idea of hunting in the malls. Any good ones in that area?
Would appreciate any and all answers.


09-11-02, 23:56
What is now called Hotel Melawai (Satu-1) was formerly called Hotel Inter or Interhouse Hotel. It is betwen Block M mall & Pasaraya Grande Mall on Jalan Melawai. Hotel Melawai dua (2) is across the street and has slightly better rooms and costs about 10% but still cheap. The GOOD hotel, if you have the $$$, is Ambhara, a 4 star place directly across from Pasaraya and an easy walk to D's Place, Oscar's Top Gun etc. Ambhara is about $70, vs. $20 for Melawai.

The 6th floor iof Melawai has Marabaya Message, where your 300K Rph includes everything for one hour of bliss. MOst the irls speak decent English and service is reliable.

Darren (AKA Doubleup) I'll email you).

John Aldrich
09-16-02, 13:02
The going rate is 70,000/- for the massage and 200,000 for the screw.

09-24-02, 05:45
Will be going to Jakarta end Oct/ Begining Nov. Read the threads with interest and appreciation for all the info supplied by everyone here.

The reason for going is a B'day and there will be 5-6 guys between 30 -40 yrs old. At the end of the night everyone will go seperate ways ( hopefully accompanied) but we are looking for an establishment which will entertain us en masse with 8-10 girls.

Anyone know of a good place / directions and tips are helpful.


10-05-02, 20:50
Many visitors get telephone numbers of those cute Indonesian ladies....... Who has some recent numbers for me ??? (not older than 25 years) I need them badly ....................

Cheers Mark

e-mail: mark_suv@hotmail.com

10-09-02, 09:47
Hello all,
Can anyone help[ me where to find european girl in Jakarta or bandung? Thank you

10-11-02, 08:01
Hi guys..
I'm going to jakarta staying in pan pacific. I wonder if there is any full services activities in pan pacific hotel and jakarta selatan? If anyone knows, please provide me with rate, how pretty are the girls? please email at ssli74@yahoo.com.. thks

10-11-02, 22:21
Hi Folks,

I have really been helped by these boards in the past so I am looking forward to relpies again this time.

I will be travelling to Jakarta on business next week and will be staying at the Aryaduta Hotel in the business district. I have not been to Jakarta for two years and I am sure that lots of things have changed on the scene there.

Can anyone let me know if it is still quite easy to drop into the hotel bar and find a selection of women or are there better ways.

I also posted a message on Jakarta-talk and had a number fo replies with pictures and cell phone #s. Is this a better way to make the arrangements now?

Finally please let me know what the going rate is now for a woman picked up in a bar - for a few hours and over night.

Thanks folks. I look forward to posting some information after my trip

10-17-02, 18:14
I may be visiting Jakarta and wanted to know what the girls have to offer and their attitude to Westerners. Korea is terrible but at least safety was okay. Are the girls worth going the trip down there with all the safety concerns or should I go to Thailand instead?!? Also, more interested in free lancers or just hooking up in nightclubs, are there good possibilities?

10-18-02, 17:10
Travelling to jakarta for work... 23yo male, looking to just have someone for massage and service with flexible times. Am staying at GHyatt. Anyone got any numbers and photos greatly appreciated.

BTW, what is the going rate for someone to go to room for an hour or two?

please email injakarta_ghyatt@hotmail.com

10-25-02, 11:12
I will be staying at Hotel Ambhara from 31Oct-4Nov
for 4 nights of action. Can anyone confirm that the Ambhara has girls available onsite? Whether its a massage joint or KTV or disco is immaterial. Just want to have a quick one before I venture outside the hotel. Also can anyone who's IN Jakarta right now comment on the security issue. I heard BATS at the Shang is shut for obvious reasons; prominently western clientele. I plan to go to Stadium, LA Bar, Super, Today Country, Bintang Mawar, Zanzibar, Blok M bars, Tiga Puluh, Retro. Here I come!

10-30-02, 17:23
Hello ppl,

I am kind of lonely here.i would really love to find a freelancer or go and visit brothels but got no friends to go with.also, i am not really familiar with those places.i am indonesian and live in bogor which is 60 km from jakarta.if anyone is coming to jakarta and know those stuff and would like to come again for 'fun' we could go together looking for 'fun'.my email is: dhy13@hotmail.com cheers.

11-08-02, 10:54
Someone mentionned recently that Bat's was closed.....what is the current situation ?

11-08-02, 15:05
Hi folks,

I just come back from my first trip to JKT. Had a great time with two freelancers who accompanied me alternately the whole day.
But best sex I had in Today Country. The bar is hard to find. It's located in Lokasari Shopping Mall. I took the exit to the car park in the 3rd floor and asked the security. I went downstairs and entered a totally dark place. After a while my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Mama San approached me and asked if I need a girl. I rejected and told her I want only a drink, beer 15k by the way. But then a pretty young girl approached me and I couldn't say no any more. Her name was Neng,17y old,slim, beautiful smile and quiet big boobs. We went to the room and she washed my tool and my backside very accurately, later in bed I knew why. She licked my ass or better she fucked my ass with her tongue, woh what a feeling. Then she took my whole dick into her mouth and gave me a tremendous blowjob without using her hands. I thought myself, what do these girls learn at school, deep throat?
After a while I came in her mouth and she spat the cum on the
floor. For the second round she asked if I want to fuck her, but I prefered another riming-job. She licked my asshole at least 10minutes and then started a blow job again. I couldn't shoot no more because I had already sex in the morning with my FL. Then time was over. I paid 200k/hour + 50k for the room, I tipped Neng 40k and Mama San 20k, so quiet expensive but it was worth it.

11-08-02, 17:27

Does anyone know whether there is brothel aroung Jl.Hayam Wuruk or Gajah Mada in jakarta? Thanks in advance

11-08-02, 17:39

Is there any activities around Bogor area?

11-20-02, 18:52
things always quiten down during the fasting month. I havent seen much on here about the Puncak or Bogor area but i hear from friends that it isa great place to have veryu affordable sex with cute young girls. anyone with experiences to share.

There are massage parlours in the Wijayah area where it seems that arrangements can be made with the girls to take them out to your hotel. this is done without the consent of the establishments and the girls do it at thier discretion only. But, the girls are very pretty compared to the usual variety, even at stadium. Its something you have to try out for youself as the girl who gave me her number didnt want to do business with people she hadnt met before in the massage joints. no pimps or mamasans invoved, just u the girl and about 300,000RP. Its always nice to have options right? there are about 5 parlours in that complex so try em out and see if you get lucky. the worse you could do is get a very expert handjob.

11-24-02, 05:01
I need infos about where to stay in JKT hotek infos, prices medium to hight, also where are the best bars and action places ,
PS It is urgent i will do a stopover next week .

11-26-02, 10:50
Not sure if anything is open during Ramahdan. I think all the massage parlours are closed except in the 5 star hotels. BATS is closed, though I've heard the bar at the Borabodur Hotel is open late (after CJs closes).
That's all I can help you with.
Does anyone know when Town&Country and all the other massage parlours open? I think I'd like to be first in line.

11-29-02, 16:09
B.A.T.S is closed..... but Monday night I went to Tiga Pulah, CJ's and Manhahattan and all three were swarming with tasty girls for the picking. And is was Monday night! I love this city.....

12-01-02, 20:39
Jakarta crackdown?

From what I hear the police are cracking down on Chinatown. Stadium is as good as dead and roadblocks are making the whole area a hassle at night.

What about Thanamour and JJay? I was told these places had become deserted as well. Is it because of police raids or are the girls afraid to go to bule places because of bombings? Where have all the girls gone?


12-07-02, 15:50

I'm going through Jkt soon and will have to overnight at a hotel close to the airport. Can anyone give me some information about where the best place to stay, that's close to the airport and where I can get some action, may be ? It'll be my first time there so information on costs, how to get there, what girl to choose, etc would be welcomed.


12-07-02, 15:52
Hi again,

I forgot to ask, does anybody have any information about where the action is in Balikpapan as well. I did look in the Other Areas part of the forum but there was nothing on Balikpapan


12-10-02, 07:59
I am considering a trip to Indonesia in August 2003 after my second trip to Thailand :-)

From the reports that I've read, Indo and Jakarta seem like a great value with very nice looking and attentive girls.

Finding a place where I can "get the best bang for my buck" is very important because I'm on student budget.

***Here are my two questions men:***

1. If I am heading to Indo, is Jakarta the best place to locate myself for a 8-10 day trip so I can be in the best pussy territory?

2. Within Jakarta, where can I focus my attention and hotel planning to put me in the best spot to enjoy the pussy considering that I won't have a car and would prefer to only take cabs on a rare occasion? I'm a photographer, and I like to be on foot most of the time.

For example, if I had a friend that was headed to Bangkok for the first time, I'd tell him without question that he needs to stay around Soi 4 and Sukhumvit. There is action all over the city, but having Soi 4 and Suk as a base camp works out well and there's piles of pussy right next door at NEP.

Thanks guys, and if there are any Indonesia veterans out there that don't mind helping a young Jedi, here is my e-mail...

12-10-02, 22:30
Red-light districts in Jakarta

Two main areas : block M and Chinatown.

Block M is the place where most white men hang out. Chinatown has a 90% Asian (Singapore, China) custom. White men are not exactly frowned upon in Chinatown, but some girls there may refuse to have anything to do with "bule". All the same, Chinatown is an exotic and intriguing place. Some of the things I experienced there I shall never forget. I've heard police have become a problem around Chinatown lately though (see my post below).

Block M is probably easier for a beginner who speaks no Indonesian. My advice would be to try and get a hotel in block M. Melawai hotel is a 3-star hotel just in the red-light area. You might check into Melawai I or Melawai II (there are two of them!) on the first night and look around for an even cheaper place for the continuation of your stay.

There's also the Jalan Jaksa area where many backpackers stay (you might compare it to the Kao-San in Bangkok). Cheap accomodation there, but not a lot of girls (and not the best either). Jalan Jaksa is halfway between block M and Chinatown, so it might be a strategic choice to stay there and take cabs to any of the two other places.

12-10-02, 23:48
Okay great info...

1.Within these two areas, where is the "Mangga Besar" area?

2. I understand this is Mangga Besar area is packed with massage parlors, clubs and I guess shopping malls where one might find a young freebie are nearby. True?

3. Are block M and chinatown close to each other? Walking distance or cab?

4. How does one go about researching hotels in block M? Are there any websites for the two Melawai hotels that you mentioned?

5. Any other good websites that would shed some light on the action and areas of interest?

Thanks brother....

12-11-02, 18:40
"1.Within these two areas, where is the "Mangga Besar" area? "

Mangga Besar is in Chinatown (aka Glodok).

"2. I understand this is Mangga Besar area is packed with massage parlours, clubs and I guess shopping malls where one might find a young freebie are nearby. True? "

I don't remember whether the parlours are in Mangga Besar proper, or in the "Mangga Besar area". Two of these places are "Berlian" and "Tintin" (I think these are in Hayam Wuruk, to be precise near the intersection of Mangga Besar and Hayam Wuruk). "Stadium" is a disco that used to be full of smashing girls. The emphasis here is on "used to be". An epicentre of sin in Chinatown is Lokasari Plaza (that's the shopping mall + the surrounding maze of narrow streets). It is within walking distance of the above-mentioned places. Names: Tiara Ciara, Sierra, Bintang Mewar, all open from 2 a.m.. Fleshspots are sometimes hard to track down in Indonesia, unlike in Bangkok where everything is advertised. You may be a few yards away from a big brothel and not notice anything from the outside. Allah is great, but He doesn't like publicity.

"3. Are block M and chinatown close to each other? Walking distance or cab? "

Quite far from each other. Half an hour by cab when traffic is light (like late at night). Three hours during peak hours.

"4. How does one go about researching hotels in block M? Are there any websites for the two Melawai hotels that you mentioned?"

Don't think they have a website, but try the Web for phone numbers. You can risk landing and phoning from the airport (quite a neat and tidy airport in Jakarta, little stress, helpful people).

"5. Any other good websites that would shed some light on the action and areas of interest? "

Not that I know of. You might try the group search in Google, but you will know more about sex in Jakarta on your second day there that you would after surfing for weeks.

P.S. : I just found a Hotel Melawai toothbrush with information on the box :

Jl Melawai Raya- Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta
phones: 2700408/2700469 (M1) and 2700447 (M2)
fax: 2700397 (M1) and 2700999 (M2)

All numbers preceded by (0)21 (Jakarta area code). M1 = Melawai 1 etc. Both hotels are the same class and are very close to one another.

Now I understand why hotels give toothbrushes to customers.

Member #2397
12-13-02, 00:43
Originally posted by xxl
Red-light districts in Jakarta

Block M is probably easier for a beginner who speaks no Indonesian. My advice would be to try and get a hotel in block M. Melawai hotel is a 3-star hotel just in the red-light area. You might check into Melawai I or Melawai II (there are two of them!) on the first night and look around for an even cheaper place for the continuation of your stay.
The beauty of staying at this hotel (don't know which one, but it's on the same side as the Pasar Raya Mall carpark) is that on the sixed floor is a brothel (for want of a better term) just referred to as "The Sixth Floor," in which you can take the impetuous desire of your choice back to your room and once you have finished you just go back for another helping.

All done within the confines of the hotel. I once heard of a bloke who stayed there for 2 weeks and never saw daylight until he caught a taxi to the airport.

Unfortunately he also caught the clap so the love glove is essential. He could of easily have got AIDS. Something to think about folks.

12-13-02, 11:07
6 th floor Melawai hotel .....

Girls make often up to 10 short time a day, on week ends the punters are so numerous that they have to queue for hours.... definitively not my idea of fun ..... but to everyone his own ....

12-13-02, 21:27
Claps in Jakarta.

Indonesia is gonorrhoea country. Not only that, but what you catch is the resistant strain ("Hawaiian" strain). Cefixime is the drug to take (400mg, at least once, ideally twice). There are a few others, but they are administered by injection. Don't muck about with other drugs, they won't work, even if you doctor at home said so.

Why old-style gono and not the ubiquitous chlamydia? Dunno, maybe because the onset of gono is so quick it overshadows all else. Chlamydia can be transmitted simultaneously though, and does not respond to the same drug as gono and syphilis. A good idea is to take Vibramycin for ten days upon coming back home.

As a rule, girls in massage parlours (=brothels) and similar fuck-and-go places are more likely to be carriers. One free-lancer (from Bats and Lintas) explained to me she took Amoxocyclin each day (EACH DAY!) orally and visited her doctor weekly for a jab of some other antibiotic. Stadium has a doctor coming in weekly to give all the girls a shot, in cattle fashion.

One possible problem with this antibiotics orgy is that the doses may be sufficient to kill off STDs, but they breed resistance in colonies of respiratory bacteria. Many people, including myself, have complained of respiratory ailments when fucking around in Jakarta. Perhaps one way to minimise this risk is not to kiss the girls on the mouth.

Still, everything has a price, and Jakarta should not be worse than, say, Manilla.

12-13-02, 23:15
I found this report and it gives some pretty interesting insights into the area where I will probaby pick my hotel... Sorry it is so long and with no breaks!

I like the way much of this sounds because I'm not a drinker, and I really don't plan on spending much time in big clubs and watering holes. My digital photo project for school, which is part of why I'd be going there, would fit in nicely with this type of street action, if it is as described!

***Can any Jakarta regulars comment on this write up and the relative accuracy of what's described?

Thanks much... indostudent
Street Action Dated Added: 2001-03-08 Submitted by: Alex
- Tourists usually go for the massage parlors and other types of brothels. But in Jakarta sex can be found on the street, and dirt cheap at that. On the street you can get most girls for, on average, USD 1-5!! I've lived in Jakarta for several years and tried most places. Let me bring you on a tour. A good starting point is Jalan Jaksa in Central Jakarta. Jl. Jaksa is the street where almost all backpackers stay. Accommodation is the cheapest in Jakarta. A non-air-conditioned room (though with fan) and cold water can be as little as USD 3 per night. Rooms with A/C and hot water can be found there for less than USD 15! Jalan Jaksa is a laid-back little street with lots of cozy restaurants and beer gardens. And girls, of course. Most of them aged between 17 and 25. Some average to good-looking, some really cute. On average 7 to 8 I'd say. These girls are not your average prostitutes. They just want to have fun. You can sit around having a good time with them chatting about and, of course, romancing. These girls really like foreigners. Hanging around with them is more boyfriend-girlfriend style than a prostitute-customer relationship. They won't ask you money, like most girls in Thailand nowadays. Sure you buy them a drink or a plate of rice, but who cares when the price for a coke is only 30 cents. You can take all of these Jaksa girls back to your hotel, either for a short time or overnight. Many tourists there stay with their "girlfriend" for as long as they are in Jakarta; sometimes they never leave the place before returning home. They're nice, cute and fun to be with. And they're cheap. What else do you want? Oh yeah, all of them speak reasonably to very good English. I once picked up a chick there who brought me with her 4 WD Jeep to her up market high-rise apartment where I fucked the shit out of her for free! But there are many more street girls in Jakarta. When you walk to the end of the street (following the flow of traffic) you end up on Jalan Wahid Hashim. When you turn right, all the way to the McDonalds next to the Hard Rock Cafe (corner with Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta's main thoroughfare) you will find girls - from very young until those in their early forties. They're slightly more expensive than the Jaksa chicks, because they target richer men than those Jaksa backpacker residents. You may find good value for money though. If you would have turned left from Jl. Jaksa into Wahid Hashim and into the direction of the Gondangdia railway station, you find some old *****s in traditional batik asking you if you want a massage. They will take you to a cheap hotel or follow you to your own. The women here are from late thirties to mid sixties in age, but mostly very experienced, so you can still have a good time with them. And they're cheap too - approx. USD 4-5 for a massage and a fuck. You can find them after nightfall until about 2 AM. Going from Jl. Jaksa in the opposite direction it's a short walk to Merdeka (Independence or Freedom) square. You can find girls here all day, but especially at night. Some are really young, 14 or so. Many very pretty ones too. They can follow you to your hotel, or they can bring you by cab to a love hotel where you pay for a 6-hour period. They're good but slightly pricey. You may expect to pay approx. USD 15-30. The girls are still a lot cheaper than in the discos or the brothels. Back to the McD at Jl. Wahid Hashim. Cross Jl. Thamrin and walk (approx. 15-20 min.) until the end of the road. There you'll find a huge market. Follow the main road inside (beware, it'll be very crowded, but no worries mate) and you'll find women all the way to the local railway station. They're sitting or standing near to the roadside at little roadside stalls selling drinks. They are catering to the local common man, so they are dirt-cheap. There are a few small hotels catering for them and them alone, but they will also follow you back to your hotel. You can find women of every age there, from very ugly to very pretty. They are there all day long, but after nightfall you can find hundreds of them hanging around the place. Like with most street hookers in Indonesia, they hardly speak any English, but they do understand any sex language! As with all *****s, bring a condom. From the market you can go down the railway tracks (always a great place to find cheap women in Indonesia). Lots of poor people live there, and any woman you see can be fucked for a couple of dollars for a short time. There's a huge open-air brothel with discos (well). Also hundreds of girls hanging around there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Take your pick. Again all types and ages. It's better to take them to your hotel for a long session; otherwise you only get a straightforward fuck. These girls want to make as much money as they can and spread their legs for anyone. Walking along the tracks (away from the railway station) you will find the homes of these girls and their families. It's a real shantytown (but not dangerous, Indonesians are really friendly) with no amenities. You can see people shitting next to the rail tracks and bath in the nearby river. Excellent views to be seen here! If the girl's not working at the disco further along the track but you like her, she'll come with you anyway. Once I fucked both mother and daughter there - we had a great time. You can keep on following the railway tracks, or the adjacent little road in beside the river, and you'll find girls sitting beside drink stalls and little tents (where they will take you for a fuck) for more than 5 kilometers! At one stage you pass again under Jl. Thamrin. It's easily 45-60 minutes walking if you want to do the whole stretch. The whole place caters to locals only, but to them an "orange bule" (foreigner) is a treat. Again you'll find girls of any age, any size and any type. Most of them are very experienced, so you will have a good time. If you pay, anything is possible, not only blowjobs, but rimming and more perverted things as well. I've done tens of girls here, but usually brought them back to Jl. Jaksa. These girls know how to give you a good time and enjoy it themselves. One part of the stretch is called Taman Lawang (Lawang Garden/Park), and there's where you find the lady boys. Most of them are really very pretty, with gorgeous bodies. They give excellent blowjobs and have well-used asses for a great fuck. You can use them in the bushes in the park, in one of the tents along the stretch or even under the bridge. Or you can take 'em back to your hotel, of course. A short time with one of these banci (as the Indonesians call them) can cost you as little as USD 2. Be careful with your money though; never bring too much, you won't need it anyway. I've tried several of them, and I must say they're at least as good as any real girl, perhaps even better. Try it, you won't regret. I used to live in Pondok Indah, one of the up market housing estates in South Jakarta. If you travel along the main road towards the Simatupang highway, and turn left there, you will find a few cheap *****s (and TV's) at the first bus stop. Some are young (early twenties), others in their forties. There's a little park-like area behind it, where they take you for a fuck or a blowjob (most of them will let you come in their mouths, some even swallow). This is open-air-fucking at its best. As usual, prices are around USD 2-3 for a short time. You can also take them to a 6-hour fuck hotel, a little bit further on the opposite side of the road. Another excellent place to find cheap street girls (and transsexuals) is the area in front of the main railway station in the east of the town (you'll pass and make a stop-over here if you take the train to Bandung) and the railway tracks leading eastward. A ten-minute walk eastward from the railway station brings you to an area with lots of parked train wagons. Here you find girls all day but especially at night there are tens of them. They are usually young (late teens, early twenties, but some oldies) and the cheapest in town - some you can fuck for not more than the price of a bottle of coke. You can fuck them in or in between the empty train wagons. It's quite a thrill. Walk around a bit and you see people fucking all over the place. The girls will come to you and do just about anything you want. I once fucked a mute girl in her early twenties in her ass there. They are shameless and let you fuck them in full view of others - another cheap thrill, but of course you can hide in the trains if you are a less perverted type. There are many more of these types of places all around Jakarta, but this should give you enough pleasure to last for your trip there. Feel free to email me for tips. Alex (Review # 3285)

12-14-02, 01:37
The report below ring a bell to me. Wasn't it originally published in the TSM site?

The part about Jalan Jaksa is certainly correct as far as prices are concerned. I fear the number of girls in Jalan Jaksa is limited though. The only time I was there I saw only a few girls hanging around amid a lot of guys.

The part about the "open air brothels" and the goings on around the railway station really interests me because I like sleazy sex from time to time although I usually aim for the mid-range to upper mid-range part of the market. Still, fucking in near total darkness between rusting train wagons among shitting tramps and lepers might be too much of a good thing.

Unfortunately, the report is not that all clear about where the action takes place (e.g. which is the "railway station in the eastern part of town, is it Gambir station or another one?), how you get there and whether you're dealing with girls or transvestites (I'd rather avoid the latter).

Another problem with bottom-class prostitution is that men (pimps/protectors/touts?) often hang around girls and make a nuisance of themselves by interfering in negotiations and trying to sell you girls you're not interested in. This is for instance the case with street prostitutes in Hayam Wuruk.

All the same, I would VERY interested to hear from someone who can confirm the report and maybe supply some additional practical detail.

I'm planning the be in Jakarta sometime end of January, beginning of March.

12-14-02, 08:23
Hi humblestudent,

Could you please direct me to where you found that field report ? I want to do as much reading as possible before I head off to Indonesia at the end of December.

By the way, thanks for the antibiotic health tips xxl. I have duly noted that.

12-14-02, 15:54
To Tovex and others ...

... who are planning an Indonesian trip in January: beware of rainfall! Last year, the rainfall was so heavy in Jakarta that the "tollway" (the motorway) to the airport stayed flooded until mid-february, according to a newspaper article I read on the Web. I remember phoning a girl who worked in Stadium. She said they'd had to sleep over in Stadium because their "homes" were flooded. The Chinatown area seems to be one of the areas that are worst hit by flood.

Apparently, the problem of monsoon rain is compounded by unusually strong tides in 2002 and 2003. Less so in 2003 than in 2002, but still yielding an above-average input of water.

Read this :



12-15-02, 18:15
HI guys...
I wanna add my Jakarta experiences to this valuable board.

For the lovers of sweet ladies, girlfriend experiences, bareback fucking, very young girls, lack of shame, extreme performances and low prices, Jakarta is the place to be. Bali should be avoided cause its to expensive for sex.

If u are looking for a open sexplace like pattaya dont go to Jakarta, but if ur prepared to work a bit to find something nice...jakarta is the place to be.

Also the indo people a re more open than thai, especially the youth. Its so easy to approach normal girls and have fun with them that u could almost do without the hookers.

The series of clubs n pubs clubs mentioned before are all very worthwhile. My personal favourites to score some nice westerner orientated indochicks are: Lintas Melawai, hotel melawai, club tigapuluh, club tanamur, club JJ, and lokasari plaza.

Especially the lintas melawai and tanamur are thermae like clubs where u can get horny chicks at low prices for all night activity.

The report posted before, called street action, was posted somwhere around 2000 for the first time in many boards concerning southeast asian ***** mongering. For me it was the motivation to change from thailand to Indonesia.
The report itself is very inspiring. I spent 3 weeks in indonesia this summer (2002). i was in Jakarta a week and i tried to make the same itineraries..but without a lot of luck cause the decription of places is too vague, its after dark when the action starts and on needs to speak a little bahasa to communicate.

So all the parts concerning street prostitution are very difficult to relive when ur a single farang bule without indo language abilities. I had the same problem in all indo towns. I was so curiuos about the traintrack action but i never managed to get near. Also not in bandung n Jogyakarta. the only way i can imagine it is to ask an indo guide to go with u. I suppose most taxidrivers think themselves to high to accompany a farang bule in this kind of action.
I tried some female prostitutes to be my guides in these areas but they were totally shocked i proposed them to accompany me to these areas like trainstation environments.

U need to be an adventururous guy to get the same street experiences. The best streetexperience i had in Jogya where i picked up a girl in Malioborostreet. the mainstreet crawls with available chicks between 7-9 pm.

Have fun in Indonesia

Member #4239
12-16-02, 03:56
to xxl and all the other indo experts:
i've never been to indonesia, nor likely to make it there in the near future. but just wondering, how nasty can the pros be over there? are you able to get them to do anal or receive a [CodeWord103] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord103) for a few dollars more?

12-16-02, 07:02
I live in Jakarta, and I can confirm that the railway station mentioned below is NOT Gambir Station. It is in fact Manggarai station.

Adjacent to Manggarai station are some railway sidings. To get there, take a taxi to Pasaraya Manggarai. Which will cost about US$ 2 if, say, you start from the Hyatt Hotel.

However, as you may imagine, it gets going after dark there. I sincerely recommend all readers not to go to this place in the hours of darkness. Even in daylight hours there are dodgy characters there.

In a sprawling city like Jakarta may I suggest that all visitors arm themselves with the best map they can afford - and not just rely on the one provided by their hotel. It will be worth its weight in gold.

If any further explanation of the exact location and address of sites mentioned in that report are sought, let me know.

The Moog.

12-16-02, 15:59
anyone can suggested some really good saunas in jakarta.
I would like to have good ambient nice girl and only bJ.
And could also indicate an indicative price for the service

12-16-02, 21:23
Originally posted by The_Moog

If any further explanation of the exact location and address of sites mentioned in that report are sought, let me know.

The Moog.

I will be in Jakarta in March for a month and any help on locations and addresses mentioned in the 2000 report below would be most appreciated - especially the railway & associated Brothel cum Disco area.

Mike (post here in WSG or email me - remove spam trap)
tournafolla (spamtrap)@yahoo.co.uk

12-16-02, 23:48
railway station and nasty girls

i'll take moog's recommendation not to venture there after dark. maybe the chap who related his experience there was indonesian or singaporan. if you're a bule, you're rich by definition and i see no reason why the dodgy characters there shouldn't help themselves to what you're carrying in your pocket, despite jakarta being as a whole a safe city. i also doubt that you would find many good-looking girls in such a place. even if good-looking girls live there, their mamas/pimps/brothers will send them to other parts of town where they can fetch higher fees.

about the nastiness of pros, i think indonesia is not a bad place to look. barebacking, for instance, is to be had, and where that is available, other things are. however, don't look for girls who specialise in sm or [CodeWord101] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord101) and spontaneously suggest such services to clients. what you can find is girls who can get really wild and wicked and do some of these things provided someone or something puts them in the right mood. you're looking at xtc or shabu girls. whether this is still safe in indonesia, or whether it has become extremely risky on account of recent crack-downs, i don't know.

12-17-02, 00:05
Thanks for all the feedback guys...

***1. Can anyone who knows the ropes explain a bit about the shopping mall freelancer scene?

2. Do all the big malls in the city have girls looking to make a little cash?

3. Are they students primarily?

4. Are there some malls that are better known for this than others? Plaza Indonesia?

5. If I'm a "fresh off the plane bule" and I hit one of the malls and have a look around will it be quite obvious to me which girls I'm looking for?

6. Are there lots of girls looking to hook up as described in some reports or can it be hit and miss sometimes?

Thanks men!


12-17-02, 06:21
a gentleman asked about the precise location of the open air brothel-disco in central jakarta.

as with the manggarai railway sidings, this was not easy to find, and needed some trial and error foot-slogging.

this is what you do...

go to tanah abang station (perhaps us$50c taxi ride from the grand hyatt)

walk south 150 yards on jati baru, the street outside the station.

there is a short bridge that turns right and goes over the canal and railway - don't go over it.

stay on the same side of the road and go down the rough track on to the railway. about 100 yards down there is an unused railway track around which a shanty town of slums and huts have arisen.

there is a small group of al fresco bars and dormitories that are literally on the old railway lines and sleepers.

however, this doesn't get going till about 8pm. and once again i really wouldn't suggest trying to negotiate the unlit track in the dark.

in the daytime it is fine, and everyone is in the shanty is very friendly, but the only women working there in the daytime are absolutely ghastly in appearance.

the canal mentioned in the original report is the banjir canal. it is the outlet for raw sewerage and smells dreadful (i've certainly never seen anyone bathing in it!) . again, the women are horrendous, though if you go often enough you might find one that is passable. the price is rp 30,000 and one uses shacks by the canal bank, (taking care to step over the [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) puddles at the door of each shed).

if one has a desire to go local, and kota isn't local enough for you, then pasar blora, which is on the east side of the road between thamrin and sudirman, should suffice. i saw last weekend that a couple of outdoor discos have opened on the canal bank about 50 yards from pasar blora. they open at 8 pm also. they should be safe-ish as they are close to the main road.

the moog.

12-17-02, 19:39
Originally posted by The_Moog
If one has a desire to go local, and Kota isn't local enough for you.....

Thanks for the detailed directions moog. I will check it out and report back (when i get there in Feb/March of next year. You mentioned Kota ... I've hear of Stadium Disco (200,000 i hour in house) and Tin Tin (120,000 in house) are located in the Kota area.

Any other places in that area woth visiting?

Thanks for your help

12-19-02, 05:58
1) On tuesday, I walked down to the 'open air brothel' at night.

I knew exactly where I was going, and was walking very fast, still, I found the unlit streets of Tanah Abang a pretty intimidating place after dark.

At the entrance to the track leading to the slums, a fire was ablaze. The rubbish dump that one has to scale en route was having its regular inferno.

An old lady asked me where I was going. I explained 'to the disco' and she said 'Just turn round and go home. You shouldn't be here'.

So I did, and I wouldn't recommend any others do different.

2) A member also asked about Mall Girls. My contribution here is once again to introduce a note of caution. Atrium Mall has been mentioned in this forum as being a good place for this activity. Now, this mall is in the same precinct as my office. We, naturally pay the police for protection, and they've told us that they have plain-clothes officers in that mall, to nab anyone soliciting young girls. They say if I want to go and do likewise, I have to notify them in advance.

3) Names of joints in Kota......Millenium, Sydney, Batavia. They are all in that Gajah Mada/Mangga Besar vicinity.


12-19-02, 14:39
Hi All,

I have been following this forum with interest since I'm going to be in Indonesia in the new year. I am starting to wonder if Indonesia is such a safe place to be fucking around after Moog's last post !!

Are the hotels the safest place for this activity ? If not, then where ? I'd appreciate any hints on this cos I'm a newbie in Indonesia.

By the way, does anyone here know much about the action in Balikpapan ? I need to head there too.

Thanks in advance.

12-25-02, 11:20
Originally posted by tovex
Hi again,

I forgot to ask, does anybody have any information about where the action is in Balikpapan as well. I did look in the Other Areas part of the forum but there was nothing on Balikpapan


Take a look at my reply to Buzzlite in the 'other' area.

12-26-02, 14:17
thanks kijangbesar

12-28-02, 23:47
tovex I think it was


12-29-02, 20:46
Beware! I got my ass kicked in a low-level terrorist attack.
I was staying at the Grand Hyatt, went to Tanamour. Hung out and met a girl. We hopped in a cab back to the hotel. The cab was one of the many hanging around in the chaos outside the club. I was not paying attention to his route but realized all of a sudden that I did not recognize the street. I started to say something to the driver - when he pulled over, my door was pulled open, and some fine young men were pulling me out of the car. I was kicked and punced a few times. Their point (which they yelled) was that I was "American" (I'm not) "Infidel" (by their definition, I am), etc. The girl was pushed around and yelled at, but nothing terrible. They left after about 60 seconds. I thought I was going to die. I walked with girl to the road, she got us a cab, I went to the hotel gave her some money and sent her home (the mood was gone). The hotel called the police, who seemed more interested in why I was at Tanamour then anything else. My guess is these guys will never be caught, and will only get more bold.
FYI, I travel all over Asia and have never had any problems (once pick-pocketed 15 years ago in BKK). I was glad to get away from this alive, and will NOT be spending any time, money or effort in Indonesia (probably Malayasia and the rest of the muslim world, for that matter).

12-30-02, 05:31
dfreshdee-I'm sorry to hear about your recent problem.
The only thing is that I'm not at all surprised that it happened. I'm sure that you weren't the 1st person, nor the last, not that it makes it any better for you.
Indonesia has the largest Moslem population in the world, and provides training bases and financing for terrorism. With what happened recently in Bali, as well as the threats made by al- Qaida to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the PI's, you need to be extra cautious at all times. Where possible, we need to party in groups in these areas to watch each others backs. thor

12-30-02, 06:42
Hey guys! dfreshdee did not experience a muslim-backed low-level terrorist attack! He experienced the consequences of a series of poor choices in a city which, like any other in the world, must be understood to be navigated safely. Regardless of what his assailants yelled, it is likely that "American" and "Infidel" were a couple of the few English words they knew to use to verbally attack a white foreigner. For starters, defreshdee chose to visit one of the most notorious, low-end sleaze joints in the city. Further, he elected to catch a ride in an unsafe taxi that was likely just sitting in front waiting for a lone, un-savvy foreigner to hop in. dfreshdee may not have known what risky choices he had made, but I can't think of a single Jakarta resident who would show the slightest surprise at hearing of the consequnces he experienced.

I have lived in Jakarta for five years now. I have partied high and low all over this city and I have never had to deal with such misfortune. When I was newly arrived, a few well-placed questions led me to know that Silverbird taxis where the safest ones to take, having them stand by and wait for you was worth the very small expense, and that there are many, many places to go in Jakarta that will meet any man's needs that are far safer and nicer than the famed Tanamour s**t-hole. I am sorry that dfreshdee was obviously unaware of these simple facts. Perhaps I will participate in these forums more often, to help others avoid such easily-avoided mistakes.

As for defreshdee's conclusion that the muslim religion, an not his own ignorance, were the cause of his troubles. What a joke! And thor compounds the hilarity by revealing his own ignorance. (with 'ignorance', please read 'lack of correct knowledge', not intended as a character judgement) "Training bases", indeed. LOL

I do not mean to personally attack dfreshdee or thor, I am simply
stating that their posts reveal an astounding lack of understanding that there is no city on earth where you can't find trouble if you try hard enough. dfreshdee may as well have gone to Detroit, hug out in a dark back alley, wearing a suit, at 3am, yelling "white power!". Not the same thing at all, I agree, but the results would have been just as predictable.

I would be happy to furnish any interested persons with information that can keep them out of trouble but in on the great partying that can be found in this town. I'm just sorry that I did not contribute sooner so that dfreshdee could avoid his experience.

12-31-02, 00:47
Hedonist - Don't worry, I did not take your comments personally. I should add, that had I provoked them in any way (e.g. your example of yelling "white-power" in Detroit) I could maybe understand their reaction. But since I did not provoke them, they did not take my wallet, they screamed all sorts of Islamic Jihad propogandea and it was just a few weeks after the Bali bombing, what else should I conclude? Will it take a handgrenade in the lobby of your office building to understand the situation? (fyi, I am not hoping for that, or any violence, against you). Personally, I have seen enough. And sorry that even in "normal" times you won't go to clubs without having to have a cab wait outside (Jakarta truly is shitty!). The issue is that Indonesia is changing, for the worse. It is a shame that the Saudi brand of Islam (Wahhabism) that has infected the entire mideast is now infecting Indonesia. My ventures in Manilla, BKK, Phnom Penh and all sorts of other places have certainly given me decent "radar" on these issues. Jakarta is truly a pit that is getting worse, and I will not be visiting there again. Nor will I post on this Muslim terrorism issue again - b/c I for one will spend my money in countries that want me there.

12-31-02, 06:03
Hello to all.
I have been checking out the previous posts in this forum and I gotta tell ya, I am impressed by The Moog. His adventurous activities are certainly noteworthy, but I would like to add my comments. Knowing this town as I do, I have to conclude the The Moog's language skills must be far beyond what the average Jakarta visitor will possess. I also believe that his ability to navigate the more 'local' venues in this town without conflict displays an ability that is certainly a rare talent. Moog, you must agree that it is more often the case that westerners visiting Jakarta do not possess the instincts that would enable them to duplicate your experiences. I would like to know your thoughts about the many serviceable locations that can be found in Jakarta away from the railway stations, obscure backstreets and byways. Would you not recommend Blok M, BATS, CJs, T-Puluh etc. etc. ? Especially to a first-time, or short-term visitor to Jakarta? Previous posts indicate that readers question the safety of finding action in this town, due to your adventures (which you must agree are far from mainstream). Perhaps you could join me in impressing upon the readers of this forum just how easy and safe it can be to find action in this town.
I have had the good fortune to travel extensively around SE Asia and it is my firm belief that Jakarta is entirely underrated as a 'mongering' destination. I have had my fill of females in this town, from runway models to make-up salesgirls, stock-brokers to street-walkers. It's a GREAT place for a man to be. My experiences have not all been 'vanilla'. I have also ventured among the jungle 'hammer-houses' of central Sumatra and the Kalimantan interior.
Lets open the floor to a discussion of the many safe venues available to any Jakarta visitor. What say you, Moog? I am sincerely interested in your comments.
For my part, I can relate that much fun was to be found this past week in Stadium. A 120,000 rp cover charge, and a world-famous DJ, limited the massive crowd to the 'beatiful people'. Models, models, models. They were on hand and more than available for a bit of extra X-mas spending cash. Not overtly, of course. But, the transaction is implied. I had an awesome GFE with one of the event hostesses/models. The morning after, a simple "I would like to buy you a gift, but I have no time to go shopping...so here is a bit of money, buy yourself something nice." concluded the arrangement amicably.
I know my post lacks detail, but I'm just getting the hang of this forum thing. A bit of feedback will tell me how to fashion future posts.

"I don't pay a woman for sex. I pay her to leave in the morning"


12-31-02, 13:30
hednist-somehow, I prefer to accept the facts as presented by MULTIPLE world new services, versus some incoherent ramblings of a 1 post wonder! The Al-Kaida training bases were even acknowledged by the Indonesian government after Bali!
Before you start being critical of others, why not contribute positively, if that is possible?

01-01-03, 01:10
What befell Dfreshdee is very unfortunate, though at the same time the fact that he came to no lasting harm can be taken as rather encouraging.

I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of intimidation of Tanamour and GJ customers had been going on a regular basis for some time now, with police turning a blind eye. In the victim's own words, the police "seemed more interested in why I was at Tanamour than anything else".

This - unfriendly, even hostile police - is relatively new in Indonesia. I heard police hassle around China Town was at an all time high, with body search, both hands on the car bonnet, (South) American style. A change from the polite, even shy passport controls of the past that seemed no more than a formality.

This could be part of a concerted attempt of the Indonesian authorities to appease the islamic lobby and cleanse Indonesia of the "excesses" identified with the Suharto regime.

Megawati is a women and there's no reason for her not to do what all newly empowered female heads of state have done once they had the chance: kill night life. Remember Corazon Aquino in the Phillipines?

01-01-03, 01:55

Sorry to read your misfortune. Hope you paid your girl decently, even after your lost 'mood'; probably saving her own ass, she saved you.

But don't delete Indonesia from your list.

Mind, though, that your slight mishap has happened to many an Indonesian (male/female; muslim/whatever) whatever your complexion or companion, or time of the day or night.

Ever since I lived here (1978; Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo) this has happenned. And, yes, hednist, Tanamour (Tana=tanah=land/soil; mour=amour [french]=love) is "one of the most notorious, low-end sleaze joints in the city" since I visited it, a few times, back in '85. I 'gu'estimate that over the past 25 years some 500,000-1,000,000++ used Tanamour to pick up whatever their taste pleased.

Even white, American fidels have experienced problems (ask their embassy). OK, extremely rare (but there are not many of those; and certainly not frequenting Tanamour). You are very much likely to get killed or injured in Bangkok's or even Jakarta's traffic than from anything so superficially and loosely muslim-related to a "low-level terrorist attack" And al-Quidah has most likely nothing to do with it (and probably even with the Bali bom); ever since islam reached Indonesia, Indonesians are quite a triffle smarter than that. OK, with (outside-funded) minorities as an exception.

hednist's reaction (wrong place, wrong taxi, newbie ignorance) sums it up all.

Fucked around here for 25 yrs in all level of places (even Tanamour in my initial innocence), never a problem to mention, even in the last couple of years.

01-01-03, 13:01
New Year in Jakarta:

Indonesian guys at our street party holding fireworks in their hands - so I thought, 'yes i'll try some of that macho behaviour'

...with a big Roman Candle - some of the gunpowder is still burnt on my hands - and it stings !

The bodyguard took out his revolver and shot into the air. I wanted him to give it to me so I could do the same - he did so and at that moment my Partner ran over, 'Do NOT give your gun to Moog, he is drunk and has never even held one before'

Denied !!

TANAMUR: I haven't been for a long time, but I feel this place neatly summarises a dilemma of Indonesian nightlife.

Inside Tanamur: are all the Indonesian girls, getting rich quick. Outside Tanamur: are all the Indonesian men, - they can't get in. They can't get a piece of that financial action. It frustrates them. Idle buggers: they love the idea of getting paid for nothing - "a fair day's work for a fair week's pay (to quote Sgt Bilko).

Hence they all crowd outside, hoping to make some rent on the parking spaces they 'own'.

....my senses tell me that the Gentleman who was assaulted was unlucky enough to come into contact with a simple group of thugs who - conveniently attributed their action to the sword of Islam. However, I feel this was just a bog-standard mugging.

My advice is in daytime hours to frequent Chinatown. Evenings, go to the more upmarket bars. (In Bats, security has improved, as the manager, JR, bought an airport-style walk-through metal detector in Singapore a couple of weeks ago).

I think Stadium is safe inside (by the way: entrance is Rp100,000+ only when a prestigious DJ is on duty). Once again though, potential trouble will only arise when you leave the premises, with those hanging around the entrance.

Yes, the bombers will come to Jakarta - but there is so little one can do to defend oneself against a bomb. I personally think there is more risk from kidnappings. This may become a growth industry here.


01-02-03, 20:16
I'm new to this forum & interested the Jakarta experiences especially the unfortunate guy who was done over after the Tanamour. I've been pretty well everywhere in Jkt over the past 12 years and (so far) never had any such experience. As others have mentioned, there are many precautions required which I learned a long time ago - in particular using a decent cab like Silver Bird and making sure they wait if you are anywhere other than a 5 start hotel where you can get another one safely.

Actually I stopped going to Tanamour ages ago - it's always mentioned in tourist guide books but there are many better places - in every respect: quality of girls, safety etc.

I don't think Jkt is any worse than any other big City if you compare like with like. Would anyone walk around Brixton in London at midnight ?

01-03-03, 00:15
Chinatown etc.

Enjoying Chinatown in the daytime and moving elsewhere later looks reasonable enough. I see two major problems with this:

1) Most places will open at 4 p.m., 2 p.m. at the latest. Once you're done with those places, it will be around 6 o'clock, by which time traffic along the Hayam Wuruk will be one long traffic jam. In practice, you'll be stranded in Chinatown until after 9 p.m. if you don't want to spend hours in a cab.

2) Chinatown is not just Sierra, Bintang Mewar, Berlian and other daytime haunts. It was also where the really wild and wicked places were to be found (Stadium, 1001, Millenium, etc.).

This is, of course, quite apart from the deleterious effect aggressive police presence can have on girl supply (there isn't much harm they can do to us provided we stay away from the dope, but I've heard they can be very nasty to girls in the absence of eye-witnesses).

A pal of mine who was in Stadium a couple of weeks ago told me the place was now only a shadow of what it used to be (girl quality from 8-9 down to 5-6 etc.). Haven't been there for months myself.

01-03-03, 04:53
I would like to contact you via Email if Ok please send me a note at yogo10@hotmail.com

01-03-03, 08:13
yogo10, I sent you a note.

Dfreshdee, thank you for receiving my comments intelligently. I take your point about the “grenade”. I could go on all day about the negatives found here, the dangers that must be navigated, the cumulative effect that this city has had on my desire to reside here. All I can say is that for the time being, I have found a balance. Like many expats, I am party to contractual obligations and the beneficiary of good profits (both of which prevent me from moving elsewhere lightly). So, while I am here, I intend to enjoy myself as much as possible (in spite of the reports from world new services) and THAT necessitates certain precautions and compromises. Avoiding certain locales, restricting myself to certain behavior, taking certain taxis, wearing condoms; they are all of a sort. They are all precautions and compromises that merely reduce the odds of having a negative experience. None of them provide any certainty.

New Year’s Eve!! What a blast!! I decided to splurge. Called Silverbird for a taxi at 5pm, overnight luggage in hand. Proceeded directly to the '6th floor' to take the edge off. Reeled in Y*** from the second shift. She is relatively new and has a talent for BJ that she is very proud of. In the main lounge, she practically wagered me that my ability to control and ‘hold off’ was no match for her ministrations. I was more than happy to rise to the challenge and I must admit defeat. After a shower and a bit of mutual petting, she clearly indicated that she would presently ‘make’ me orgasm and no amount of thinking about ‘grandma and baseball’ was sufficient to prevent my body from obeying. She lacked any semblance of a gag reflex and her timing was perfect. What can I say. I refused full sex, wanting to save that for later in my evening, but I was receptive to a nice back massage and a second display of her oral talents. Gave her 400,000 rp. That covered her hour, the room and she told me she would take care of my modest bar tab in the lounge. I went from the room to the elevator to my taxi (which was standing by) and proceeded to the Mulia to check in for the night. As I said, I was splurging. I had decided to stay the night in the hotel and spend my evening partying among friends in CJs. Simple, no traffic, no lineups, no club-hopping. The plan was a bit pricey, but it panned out very well...

2bcontinued??? Let me know. Or, I could stay away from stories and stick to location info. Just getting a feel for this forum stuff, as thor so eloquently and politely pointed out.

“The place that gives vice for which I do care,
is the same that gives threat of which I must beware.” - Anon


John Corbett
01-05-03, 11:47
Hi Folks,

Just joined this awesome site. I'll be in Jakarta next week. Has anyone tried any escort services there. Please share your experiences and recommendations if any. Phone numbers would be greatly appreciated at john697@hotmail.com


01-06-03, 14:35
anyone can suggested some really good saunas in jakarta.
I would like to have good ambient nice massage and nice girls .
If it's possible near the crown plaza hotel
And could also indicate an indicative price for the service

01-06-03, 21:52
About escort services

I tried a couple of the services advertised in the Jakarta Post. One of them went by the name "Mona Lisa", if my memory serves me right. The prices were hefty (between 500 thousand and 1 million) and the girls average. Not at all the superior quality you would associate with the label "escort service". In one instance the girl who came to my room was the very same lady who had answered my call. I suspect most of those agency have no choice in women whatsoever and are just one-man or one-woman-operations.

There's one chap I talked to on the phone from the Jakarta Post classifieds who sounded knowledgeable. He told me high-class girls were to be had, but they were Russian girls and the price tag was from 300 dollars upwards.

There's another type of service that may fall under the heading "escort". Touts called "papa-sans" hang around hotels offering to bring guests and passers-by to some place where they can choose from a collection of ladies. Sometimes they have a mini-bus waiting in the vicinity with the girls inside. There's a hotel, situated a five minutes' walk from Mercury hotel in Chinatown, in front of which papa-sans will be waiting between 8 p.m. until the small hours (the name of the hotel has escaped me, maybe someone can chip in on this). One such girl mini-bus was also operating outside Melawai hotel in block M on the few nights I stayed there two years ago. Here again, the girls were average.

High-Li disco used to be a top-class hang-out under the Suharto regime and some time after that. Girls there could be taken back for 1 million. The last time I was there (1 year ago), the place seemed deserted though.

My conclusion is that "escort services" in Indonesia - at least the ones we white men have access to* - are not synonymous with higher quality. Indeed, they are best avoided, such as they are. The sex market is simply not structured into low-middle-high as we would expect it to be according to the standards of other countries.

*If you want to fantasize about girls who are out of bounds for white men, go to disco 1001 (not far from Stadium, within Hayam Wurk Plaza). You will be welcomed in but the stunners sitting in the coffeeshop immediately outside the disco proper are only there for you to look at. Some of the dancing girls (inside the disco) are to be had though, but they're unlikely to be as strikingly beautiful as the aforementioned.

01-06-03, 23:02

I have been to Indonesia several times, but it has been some time now.. I will be there in februari and like to meet some nice girls.. What are the best places now ???? still Bats ? Retro ? or maybe live dangerous and try JJ ;-) ?

Anybody ever tried Top Gun or Oskars (Jl.Pelatehan) ???



Btw what are the current prices?, I not want to spoil the market

John Corbett
01-07-03, 15:50
What's the best pick up places in Jakarta these days (with the best looking girls!) and can you negotiate for 3-4 hours (so that multiple sessions are possible with no rush).

What's the cost for the hot ones for 3-4 hour jobs?

I heard Tiga Puluh, Bats, CJ are popular ones?

01-16-03, 13:39

You say you have been with runway models? how do you meet these girls? At clubs or are you acquanted with fashion models in general?

Last time i was in indo i noticed that the women were very interested in me, partly because i am half indonesian and half european. I couldnt go to those brothels or massage places because i have a lot of family in Jakarta and could risk some of them finding out.

I want to come to Jakarta again in a month or so and would like to get some info on where to meet these beautiful women...HK is just not the place to meet beautiful women, but a place to meet golddiggers with mediocre looks.

01-18-03, 13:49
as a frequent singapore visitor I have gone to Batam for fun several times, but never to bangkok. Beg Feb would have opportunity for 2-3 day stopover in BKK on my way to SIN. How do you guys compare thai vs. indo gals i.e is better to use the time with indo's, or do you recommend to play with thais instead? Anybody with good experience of both?

01-18-03, 21:21
There used to be an "Executive Club" near Planet Hollywood called "Oasis" - I went there with someone a couple of years ago and in was excellent - I've never found it since. Anyone know if it still exists ?

01-19-03, 06:04

hows the action in Batam?

01-19-03, 13:08
the girls here are gold diggers too...they just smile more while they dig. anyway, that said, you coant balme them for wanting to meet a rich bloke and getting out of the 3rd world environment most of them live in. They then also expect you to help out all their relatives, which is part of the culture here. its just the way it is, it kinda works unless you are a rich 'bule' not expecting to play santa.

There are modelling agencies that will discreetly show you who in their books may be available for more than just modelling. and yes, with the right amount of money, girls you see on tv and catwalks will sleep with you. cant guarantee that they will be much of of a fuck but i hear its touch and go. look up indonesian modelling agencies on the net and make an enquiry. Theres a place called Herukumodels that apprently will entertain that sort of thing. not sure if you have to meet him in person but the guy who owns it is a scary looking but a nice enough chap. good luck. There is also an agency called lensa who will sell girls for the service. its very expensive, and maybe only worth it to satusfy your curiousity. i prefer choosing carefully in places in kota and even melawai.

if you are clearly a foreigner, you will have a distinct advantage over the local guys as, on the whole, foreigners will have a lot more disposable income. good luck.

01-19-03, 16:47
compared to singapore & china good part of batam is price of girs -ofr $30 you can get a gal for 24h. last time was there right after ramadan, so was a bit quiet, many working girls not working.
but I like indo girls, and if time allows, always pay a visit there for a day or two when visiting SIN.

not too much discussion about batam on this board, seems that
batam guys chat in www.network54.com/goto?forumid=19627.
my problem is that I am currently living in China, and can not connect to this site from mainland due to internet control.

but I guess this time I will pass and use my extra time in BKK to get familiar with the scene there - they say it is the best after all.

01-21-03, 14:59

Thanks for the link, i have never been to batam but i might have to go there during summer months. Glad to hear its got some things goin on.

01-21-03, 15:24

Checked out the Heruko modeling agency website. they look to be a legit company, are the the biggest modeling agency in Indonesia?

01-22-03, 05:17
Could be so kindly share with us the heruko agency website
I stay a lot in Indonesia but I never heard a good escort

01-22-03, 05:43

But the site is super slow.

01-22-03, 05:47
Thanks HK Ferry,
btw have us e their service before? any info you can share?

01-22-03, 13:06
Nope sorry i just found their site from a tip on a post below. I would like to check it out the next time im in jakarta though.

01-27-03, 07:28
I was talking to my good friend at Jakarta yesterday
He said to me there are some escort service available in Jakarta.
One of the best he said was Hartono escort agency, also well known are debby escort, jakarta after dark etc ( I could not remember all) But he said it was expensive( around 3 million rupiah (USD$300) for 3-4 hour)
Anybody have use this escort I mention? the price kinda hefty but if the girl and the sevice is good I don't mind.
Any info would be appreciated, I will be at Jakarta soon.

01-27-03, 22:37

You dont need to spend that kind of money in jakarta. plenty of free stuff available an plenty of clubs to go to. 8900 rupiahs per dollar makes everything very cheap. there are three areas of legal brothals that are rather large areas. also blok m near mcdonalds is a good pickup area. but no need to spend that kind ok money. last year i saw a cute 19 yo in a hotel nitecub called dewi. i handed here a note on back of my hotel business card....i want massage 50000 rupiah.... she brought it to a friend who could read english. they both came back to the bar where i was sitting an said one minute. after a trip to the ladies room she returned an we went back to my hotel for three hours of fun. she had 4000 rupiahs in her wallet. she showed me it when she was giving me her phone an address for a future date.she was just a student looking for some rxtra money not a hooker. a monger22 moment dont push the prices up.

01-29-03, 05:39
Originally posted by zero
I was talking to my good friend at Jakarta yesterday
He said to me there are some escort service available in Jakarta.
One of the best he said was Hartono escort agency, also well known are debby escort, jakarta after dark etc ( I could not remember all) But he said it was expensive( around 3 million rupiah (USD$300) for 3-4 hour)
Anybody have use this escort I mention? the price kinda hefty but if the girl and the sevice is good I don't mind.
Any info would be appreciated, I will be at Jakarta soon.

Yeah Zero i agree with monger22 that is a bit much. i think 300USD will get you an hour with a really hot and i mean hot white girl back in america through an agency. I know its only an hour but still, nothing beats a white girl;)

When i was in surabaya there were a lot of girls available, just regular college girls. Next time i'm in JKT i will try out the clubs first, if no luck then i'm off to a massage place or what ever.

01-29-03, 08:54
Thanks for the advise, I also thought it was too much.
I'll try the club or MP

01-29-03, 18:55
good luck zero...the wholecounrty is full of free pussy if ur patient. remember the asian mindset. the brothel scene reminds me of a large k11 an just as cheap.

02-01-03, 13:46
Hi guys...sorry about the info on the modelling agencies. i know they do sell their girls for sex but i guess it only caters for the people they want knowing about it. i am linked to the industry so i know for sure that most modelling agencies have side jobs for thier girls...including the ones i mentioned.

Anyway, prices have gone up a little around town but i dont think the girls benefit much from it. dont really agree with monger22 paying 50,000 for a girl. bit tight. these girls need the cash and we should pay them for thier time. 200,000 for an hour is minimum if you have any sense of humanity. Give them more if there's pimps involved. Most of us can afford it so lets not be too stingy. believe me 200,000 isnt going to make them rich, and its still as cheap as buying a couple of beers in the west.

anyway, if you are a foreigner, you can easily pick up something they call soft-hookers here. kinda like temporary girlfriends. you just have to buy them gifts and they'll look after you in more departments than sex. go to any bat that caters for western cleints and there'll be bucket loads to choose from. my mate gets them form the airport. dont know how he does it but its true

02-02-03, 15:41
Hey Buzz,

Do you work for a modeling agency or something? I am interested in the modeling scene in JKT, could we exchange some emails? Let me know. bm745li@yahoo.com thanx.

02-02-03, 19:05

I dont work for an agency. i work in TV so i get to know the girls that way. i only hear what the people who work for the agencies tell me. i havent done any business with them other than in a professional client & supplier relationship. sorry.

02-06-03, 15:17
Hi fellow action lovers!

I'll be going back to Jakarta in a few feeks. I'll be staying at the Ibis hotel which is at walking distance from the Hardrock cafe and McDonals.

Can anyone tell me how the freelancer action is at the HardRock Cafe and at the McDonalds close to the HardRock Cafe? I've been there before, but I was with businessrelations, so I couldn't go for any of the local action. However, I had a strong sence that lotsa action was going on at this place.

- Are there many freelancers over there?
- Are there many prostitutes there?
- How do you pick freelancers up at these two places? Will they aproach you? or do you need to approach them?...how?
- What nights are best to go there for some good freelance action? and around what time?

On average, how do freelancers feel about a BBBJ? and how about cumming in their mouth? I know each freelancer is different about this...but what are the overall experiences?

What are going rates for freelancers? When do you pay them?

I know these are alot of questions, but I can't wait to engage in some hot steaming freelance action! Please don't leave out any details :)

Thanks in advance!!!

02-06-03, 23:12

I have been to Indonesia many times, and I never talk about money. If u are not to bad looking, u maybe lucky and not have to pay anything, just take care of the girl.

If I were you I would stay at the Arcadia Jl. Wahid Hasiym(even closer to Hard Rock) and almost the same standard.........

I will be there too next week ;-))



02-11-03, 04:37

The Mc Donalds is a real Mc Donalds, meaning there are mostly "regular people" and families eating there.
If daytime you have as many chances to meet working girls there than in any street in Jakarta. The action begins only at night when some girls grab food before going to HR or other places. But still very few girls. It is only very late at night when everything else is closed that girls without customers go there to try their luck.
If daytime you will be better off chatting sales girl in any big mall than losing your time eating burgers.

Hard Rock Cafe is mixed, meaning pro and non-pros. Many locals go there just to have a drink an nothing else. But also some girls looking for money and/or fun. Though it is not a *****house so you just have to be cool and try to catch some girl's attention. They will not run to you, you have to make the first move.

02-12-03, 13:54

McDonald is most useful during Rhamadan, when most other places are closed. The working girls (never more than 3 or 5, in my experience) usually don't wait inside. They hang around outside, especially around the stairs close to HR. The way I go about it is I sit inside chewing my cheeseburger or nursing my drink and look out the windows in order to make eye contact.

In my view, neither McDonald nor Hard Rock are good places to pick up girls in Jakarta when compared to many other spots.

Hard Rock is chiefly a place for expats to meet and swap notes. Each time I was there I saw more (white) men than girls, and that gets me running!


02-16-03, 15:20

Can you inform me about the other, better places to find company than MacDonalds or HR cafe? I'll be in Jakarta in May for a short stay and surely don't want wasting time around finding the right places.

02-17-03, 11:03
Go to Lindus Malawi (disco) around midnight. Choice of about 200 girls, 17 to 28 years. You will need a stick to beat them off. They only seem to let foreign males in. Perfectly safe but best to keep your taxi as many outside the disco do not know the intnl hotels. From 250,000 to 350,000 per night (30 to 40 USD). Located in Blok M (Pasarya side), all taxi drivers know it.

02-17-03, 12:51
Ask the taxi to go to Melawai hotel (they all know), Lintas Melawai is just on the left when you face the hotel.
Nearby are Top Gun and Oscar, expat friendly pubs with a lot of girls.

02-18-03, 10:27
[QUOTE]Originally posted by jetlagged
Go to Lindus Malawi (disco) around midnight. Choice of about 200 girls, 17 to 28 years. You will need a stick to beat them off. They only seem to let foreign males in. Perfectly safe but best to keep your taxi as many outside the disco do not know the intnl hotels. From 250,000 to 350,000 per night (30 to 40 USD). Located in Blok M (Pasarya side), all taxi drivers know it. [/

are there places in jkt where i can pick up girls in daytime..???
let's say i have meeting in the evening but enough free time
during the day...any suggestions.??

02-18-03, 10:37
Frankfurt, I have no daytime experience but many girls have mobiles so if you get out one night and collect some mobile numbers you can contact at your own convenience. Even girls who work during the day will take time off to see you.
Certainly when shopping at any of the big malls, the shop assistants or girls in cafes will flirt outrageously with you. You just have to take the time to let them.

02-18-03, 13:25
Anyone know of any places in South Jakarta that are open to the public and offer a full service? I've been to the Galaxy Spa on Fatmawatti and only recieved a HJ. I know Melawai is considered south jakarta... but I'm looking for some place else and ideally some place further south (i.e. Pondok Indah, Chilandak)


02-19-03, 15:42

I've heard about a massage parlour called Mawar. It is near Galaxy Spa ( still in the same shopping complex in Fatmawati ). It is said to offer full service. But I've never been there myself. So, anyone can confirm this ?

I think the safest place to go to in south jakarta is still Melawai. It is relatively cheap, and the girls are used to foreigners, unlike in many places

02-20-03, 00:36
MarcIII, Mark69, xxl:

Thanks for your responses. Very helpfull.

OK Guys, I keep on hearing people talk about picking up sales assistants in shoping malls.

Could you give me more info about this? What mall is best for this? and more particular...what shops?

What are their going rates?

THanks in advance guys!

02-20-03, 16:32
Thanks for the tip Billbo.... I'll check it out. I concur on Melawai, it's a great place. I've just been there a bit too much in the last few months. Always searching for new adventure. I'll post a report after I check out Mawar.


02-20-03, 18:02
Blok m mall is good. Paza Indonesia mall not so good. Eye contact tells it all. Most any place will reward your effort with a gf experience if you play your cards right.

02-21-03, 05:30
IMO this is well exaggerated. Don't think you can walk into a mall talk to the first sales girl you meet and take her back to your hotel. Most will flirt with you, some will accept a date, and very very few will go with you for casual/paid sex.
Also they cannot let their colleagues see they go for paid sex.

Though Indonesians are rather "easy" girls (don't forget most see you as a rich handsome foreigner !).

You can be lucky and hit a **** or a FL/disco girl that has a regular daytime job in this mall but don't hope too much. Otherwise you need time and the girl will think you want a long term relationship (i.e trouble coming).

There are FL hanging out in some malls and looking for customers but it is very discrete, their location changes all the time. Better stick to the discos and massages places if you want a quick easy screw.

02-21-03, 10:26
Agree with Marc69. In any shopping mall and cafe the girls will flirt with you if you give them the slightest encouragement. You can ask them out on a date and many will accept. But it will probably be for following day and they will invariably have sex with you after one or two dates. Many will believe you are sincere and if you mess with them too much you might find the family calling around to question your behaviour ! You might get lucky but why bother ? So many discos and pick up bars where all the girls want is pocketmoney and sex.

02-21-03, 17:17
monger22, marc69 and jetlagged,

Thanks for your comments.

Seems like the risk of engaging in FL pickups in malls is too high for me.

I don't like the idea of screwing with these girls minds by taking them out on dates before getting lucky. I think that's just cruel.

Also...I don't want no older brother chasing me while in Jakarta....no way!

OK, another question:

How do I distinguish the pros from the FLs in a disco?

02-21-03, 19:24
I have to agree with Marc69. Unless you're living here, picking up sales assistant from shoping mall isn't worth the effort.

If you're here only for a short while, stick to the massage parlour or the discos. You'll find a lot of willing girls there.

02-23-03, 01:16
So guys I've done a little research here and on the web, and I think that Melawai Hotel is a good bet for a Jakarta first timer like me...

But the hotel doesn't seem to have a website...

1. Am I mistaken?

2. How does one get in touch with them about reservations and the like?

3. Have any of you used hotel booking services to get a better rate there?

4. So how have all you gents that have stayed at this Jakarta landmark made your arrangements with them?

Thanks brothers...

02-23-03, 12:42
From what I read here, I get the impression that the bar in Melawai Hotel is like The Blue Marlin in Del Rey, San Jose (CR)

02-23-03, 12:47
The original name of the hotel was Interhouse. Search with Google and you'll find your info.

02-23-03, 18:48

Hotel Melawai number is (+62-21)2700408.
Hope this will help :)

Good luck!

02-24-03, 04:51
Melawai is nice for the massage place and the LM disco nearby but don't pay for too many nights in advance : check the rooms first !

02-24-03, 10:53
to BBBJ, not hard to distinguish. If you go to places like Lintus Malawi or Oscars bar the girls will be all over you. If they ask where are you staying, how long your in town etc then they are interested. Also just say you are looking for company. However, all a bit unecessary as any girl at these places is available. Does not mean they are pros, most have day jobs and are just looking for some extra money and/or a foreign husband.

02-25-03, 00:37
Lintas Melawai : 200 girls?

This is the number quoted by Jetlagged in a previous post. This is way exaggerated. The place is too cramped to hold that many people.

I would say 50 girls at any given time.

This is still very good because what matters is not the absolute number of girls but the ratio "number of girls/number of men". No use having hundreds of girls in a place if charter flights pour in ten thousand males each week from all over the world.

The girls/men ratio in Lintas Melawai (like in other middle-range hang-outs) will be between 3 and 5 on weekdays, though closer to 2 on Saturday.

Upmarket places like Tiga Puluh have less favourable girls/men ratios, less than 1 in some cases.


02-25-03, 07:21
Okay so just a phone number for the Melawai?

I really don't want to call from the US...

1. Did you guys actually call them to make your arrangements?

2. Can you guys suggest another hotel in that immediate vicinity that might be a bit cleaner and have a website and e-mail contact for me?

Since my first Thailand trip, I've really gotten used to being in contact with my hotels through e-mail at least!


02-25-03, 10:36
to xxl, 200 is no exagerration for a Fri or Sat and yes it is a small place for that number.Sometimes you can not turn around the place is that packed. Also, the ratio of 3/5 to one is good for most days, especially if you count the overspill outside and along the road. Thats not to say that on many nights it could be as sparse as you say. I do have a tendancy to drink too much and get disoriented from my head spinning around so much, tracking so many beauties.
Either way, its a good spot and particularly safe and easy for first time visitors to Jakarta.

02-25-03, 12:17
Humble Student,

You might want to try the Ambhara Hotel. It's very, very nice and in walking distance to the Melawai as well as Oscars, Top Gun etc.
It is a bit pricey (maybe $80 usd?) You can check out this link:


As with all hotels in Jakarta you will find no problems bringing girls back to your room. There is a legit ex-pat pub downstairs, with lots of tasty girls and a disco/club as well that caters more to upscale Indonesians. The masssage/health club offers excellent massages as well at 120,000rupiah. I've gotten HJs here for an extra 200,000 and been offered FS for 500,000 (never partaken though.)

Went to Tiera Ciera last (monday) night around 10pm. I have read this might not be the best place to be at night but I found it quite friendly and safe. I do think I was the only white face there though. There was even a strip show! Not the highest quality strippers but very unique for Jakarta. Paid 200,000 for the room and tipped the girl 200,000. Possibly too much? First time....

Question: might be a bit off topic but.... I do live here and am interested in meeting a "legit" girl... highly educated, speaks great english, has money etc... They must be out there! Anyone have a wife or GF like this? If so, how did you meet her?


02-25-03, 23:31
Never tip in Chinatown!

I'm not sure this applies to all girls in Tiara Ciara, but mamasan girls are generally not allowed to keep any extra money. Probably get bodysearched. Even if they managed to smuggle some, they live in "rooms" under supervision and it must be impossible for them to keep anything (most of them never get anything (not a cent!) from the regular fee, let alone from tips.

Useless to tip. The money goes to the "bosses" or the mamasans, or both. Needless to say, tipping the mamasans, as some posters have suggested doing, is even more stupid!

I know what I'm talking about, I get by in Indonesian and I "interviewed" quite a few Chinatown girls. Sad, sad stories. Too sad to tell.

If you want to tip, and in general if you want your money to go to the girl and not to someone else, stay out of Chinatown and stick to white-men's (as opposed to a Chinese's/Singaporean's) girls. Like Blok M girls or girls who hang around tourist's hotels.

I haven't given up Chinatown myself because you'll never have fun if you want to be a human rights activist all the time, but the sad stories have made me see the place in a different light.


02-26-03, 06:41
Okay jkttroll good tip on that hotel...

Looks like Albhara is about $70 per night internet rate...

That's a good option!

***Jakarta veterans help out the humblestudent with one or two other decently priced hotels in Block M that'll have me walking distance to Melawai, Oscars, Top Gun, etc...

Looks like I'll be in JKT the first week or two of August!

Shit I can't wait!

02-26-03, 12:55
Thanks for the tip on Chinatown tipping.... it was pretty hard to see the girl I was with leave in a beat up KiJang with about 6 other girls. She told me she works there from 2pm to midnight 7 days a week and didn't really like her job..... although she did seem to geniunely like me. I think most Chinatown customers are probably pretty rude etc. to the girls.... She barely spoke English so me being able to speak some Bahasa helped alot.

Humblestudent - August? That's still a long way off..... I have to admit it's pretty nice to live here! I work 1/2 as much as I did in the states, get paid twice as much and actually live here! It's a quite the nice life. If you want to hang out one night when you are here (I can show you the ropes etc.) feel free to email me at:


Still haven't made it to Mewar but plan to do so soon. I've read some on "high class" brothels in K. Baru etc. Anyone have any specific contact/location info on such places?


02-27-03, 08:22
Okay let me throw out a few more questions...

It sounds like from reading all the posts here, that using Sliverbird cabs is a good safe bet...

And it also sounds like for just a few bucks, you can make a driver happy and have him waiting for you outside at each of the places you hit!

1. So how much do I tip my driver to keep him happy each day? And I prefer to be generous as an insurance policy!

2. And will my taxi guy really wait out in front while I enjoy myself for an hour or three in each place?

3. Let's say I find myself without a driver when I come out of one of these places... My instinct tells me to go back in and have them call me another Silverbird. Is that the right move?

Thanks brothers...


02-28-03, 14:29
Hi Jkttroll & xxl,

What do you mean by Chinatown? Glodok and Mangga Besar? Can you inform me about the places where to be over there, please? I'll be in Jkt in May for my annual visit and surely don't want to waste time looking for the right spot. The only spots I recently know are at the Jl Pangeran Jayakarta and a massage parlour at Panglima Polim.

03-01-03, 05:56
Help !!

Does anyone have any info on getting some Viagra or one of the Generic equivalents in Jakarta ? I'm down to my last pill and have another 3 weeks in Jkt. Am also wary of getting fake stuff, so let me know if you've tried out the wares... email me at FastFreddyFingers@yahoo.com.


03-01-03, 09:11

Think I can help you. I have access to the real stuff. Will be in JKT on 10 March. Can link up with you and fill the prescription. Watch out for the generic stuff as generic is not approved by the FDA. All drugs typically have a patent for about 6-10 years depending on license, etc. V doesn't go generic for a while yet.


03-02-03, 00:49

Email me with details FastFreddyFingers@yahoo.com


03-06-03, 20:29
Hi guys, will be visiting Jakarta in a week or two. Would love to find some actions. Would prefer Massage parlours or brothels. any recommendations? FYI, i am asian. felt the need to say that after read few reports on bule-only clubs and bule approved brothels. thanks in advance guys.

03-07-03, 15:50
Hi all,

I just arrived at Jakarta last week and have not got any chance to experience any stuff yet. If any of you guys going to hit the hot spots soon and want to make new "partner-in-crime" (read: friend), write me back and let's arrange some time to hang out.

Peace, newbie

03-07-03, 16:39
Finally made it to Mewar a few days ago. It is located in the DBest shopping plaza on Fatmawatti near Pondok Indah/Chilandak. Only a hj place.... no full service available. The girl I was with was very nice, spoke little to no english and let me play with her body through her clothes (nice mini skirt) throughout the massage... still searching for that elusive FS spot in deep south Jakarta. I did ask if sex was available there and she clearly stated it was not.... anyone have any other ideas?


03-07-03, 21:23
Read earlier reports an check Ultimate Male Vacation website.
You cant miss in that town. Many clubs \, discos, freelancers , amatuers, gf experience etc. Always use Bluebird to be safe.
Dont overpay.

03-08-03, 03:47
Some places: Hotel Sentral, Jalan Pramuka, coffee shop and also the disco. Lotsa gals, some young, bugger all English language though!!

Pickup girls in Monas, scored a beauty here recently at one of the drink stalls on the western / Museum side - 20 something, willowy, full breasts hot sex all night.

Pick up girls Excelso Cafe downstairs plaza Indonesia - three women and a baby were there at lunchtime last week, whoever didn't get picked up kept the baby! Although well dressed and made up my young honey was actually quite rough and sluttish, shaved pussy - $30 for a couple of afternoon hours - not bad

Good Hunting

03-08-03, 07:06

Are you in Jakarta ? Email me so we can hookup.

03-08-03, 15:59
How can I contact you? Anyone else up for an outing?

03-09-03, 00:42

I am up for an outing but wont be there until April 6th. How long are you going to be in Jakarta?

Have fun be safe

03-11-03, 14:45

I'll be around South East Asia for a while. Here and there but I'm for sure will be in Jakarta for another two weeks or so. Sure, let's hang out. Just msg me and let me know how to contact you when u got here.

For others,
Anyone know where to go around North Jakarta? All I see here is jackpot or "dry' international executive club, which I assume karaoke bar. Let me know if u guys know anything fun around here.

Peace. Be safe too.

03-14-03, 12:01
How much was the handjob at Mawar.

I know the place you're looking for, but don't know the name of it. If you enter the Best plaza by car, take your first left after you receive your parking ticket. The road/parking is between two strip malls. Drive just under the overpass that connects the two malls, and on the right hand side there is a place. They've got photos of the girls, but if you don't ask, they'll just assign you anyone. There is a place of the left hand side as well but not as good....not that this place is any roaring hell.

I've paid as little as 100 000 for a bj, and anywhere from 150-200 for FS. Plus you pay 60 000 downstairs for the massage.
One girl I had didn't shave her armpits, but I've had one of the best blow jobs ever there.

03-15-03, 02:01
OK, I felt as though I owed something to this board after all of the fantastic insight, so I took it upon myself to go and get more info on the f/s place at Da Best place. It's name is Srikandi I, across the parking lot, I think the other place is Srikandi II. Like I said, I think #1 is better, but I only tried #2 once. It's phone number is 766 8819 in case you can't find it, but they don't speak much English.

Had a great one hour massage, showered, and then the girl asked anything else? Making love? So I said why not. I paid her 150 000 for f/s, though the bj wasn't anything special. Then 65 000 for the room (when your're done).

The place is sorty grimy/slimy, and I think the 6th floor is better.

03-16-03, 12:56
Thank you gentlemen for your information... and thank you Thewad for taking it upon yourself to conduct some research clearly for the benefit of the members of this board. I'm sure it was rough.... but somebody had to do it!

As for me, at Mewar I actually did not get a HJ, she clearly offered but I declined as I really wanted something more. I did feel her up (through her clothes) throughout the massage and tipped her 50,000. She wanted more, but I did not relent. Still she was quite nice and seemed happy at the end.

A bit more info for everyone: A few weeks ago I went to "Three Houses" - it is the disco attached to the Menteng II hotel in (of course) Menteng. The Menteng II is suitable and charges around 300-400 a night... I stayed at the Marco Polo nearby which I think is the best deal in Jkt. Only 240,000 (including tax/service chg. - I hate the "++") and it's quite nice. Anyway at Three House I was the only white guy there... tons of Arabs and Africans and loads of cute Indo girls. Not much english spoken here... but my bahasa is okay (kamu mau mencium aku? Kamu mau pergi rumah saya? etc.) I ended hanging out with three tasty girls who came together. I bought them some tequila and an hour later we piled into a taxi and headed back to the Marco Polo. No trouble at all bringing them to my room. They all sat on my bed as I took turns kissing each of them.... after a while it became clear that three girls was too many so I send one on her way (w/50,000 rupes) and ended up naked with the other two for about 2 hours. I came twice (FS with both) but they never got into each other... still it was pretty good all the way around. We negotiated the price before hand and they originally wanted 600,000 each... and we settled on 300,000 each. Afterwards we took a cab to an ATM, back to my hotel to drop me off and away they went as the sun was rising. All and all a great experience sexually and quite refreshing to be with girls not from the classic bule bars (CJ's, Tigah Puluh, BATS etc.) or from Chinatown. We exchanged phone numbers but I never called or sms'd them and they never called me... haven't been back since.

Best of luck in your adventures.... for those of us who live here, be sure to count your blessings everyday as it is pretty amazing.

03-17-03, 09:10
Hi all.

Does anyone know where to find some anal action here in Jakarta? I asked for it to some of the girls in Melawai, but they refused.

Plus,how much does it cost?


03-18-03, 11:14
Anal action

I suggest you go to one of the most infamous brothels in Chinatown and put the question to one of the mamasans. They must see lots of queer customers every day so they wouldn't mind being asked.

Best bet is Tiara Ciara (Lokasari Plaza).

Query: "saya cari cewek yang melakukan anal"

In that place I don't thing the price would be any different, it's just that the right girls has to be available.

Good luck

03-18-03, 14:29
You must have missed my posting of 2802. But can you be a little more specific about Chinatown please? Which part of Jakarta is it and besides the Tiara Ciara that is mentioned in this forum, can you mention more places to be?

03-18-03, 16:39
Hi Menteng

You can also get what you want at Pink House - it's open all day (and I assume most of the night) - its on the left as you face Cafe Batavia (everyone knows it) in Kota near the railway station. Its a dimly lit bar, quite safe, you will be approached as you go in and you can have a girl there or take one out. It's cheap about 150000 (in) around doubt if you take one out. Quality various from fantastic to mediocre, they usually have about 6 available during the afternoon. Email me if you want more info (bulai69@yahoo.co.uk)

03-19-03, 08:05
[quote]originally posted by xxl
[i]never tip in chinatown!

i'm not sure this applies to all girls in tiara ciara, but mamasan girls are generally not allowed to keep any extra money. probably get bodysearched......


i am writing to correct this serious piece of misinformation. i am a malaysian expat, fluent in bahasa indonesia and have done most of my partying in teria ceria for about 18 months now.

i believe that xxl must have misunderstood the system pertaining to mamasan girls. it works like this:

most girls start with a debt. their fathers/grandfathers/guardians contract them to the chief mamasan in tc via a procurer in their villages. the money is paid upfront in exchange for the girl's labour.

a short-time in tc now costs rp200,000 (reduced this year because of poor business). out of this the club gets rp 65,000, the girl gets rp 60,000, the original procurer back in the village gets rp 10,000, the junior mamasan that serves you in tc gets rp 20,000 and the chief mamasan gets the rest - rp 45,000.

this transaction does not go through the girl. you pay the money to the junior mamasan and the girl's share goes into her "account", which is held by the chief mamasan to knock off the original debt.

board and lodging is free at the hostel (kos) provided by the chief mamasan. this is not a option, the girls must stay there and they are generally not permitted to roam freely when they are not working. in addition they have to buy cosmetics/shampoo/clothes etc from a small shop within the hostel which is run by the mother of the chief mamasan. they do their hair in an in-house salon, also run by the chief mamasan. all these transactions are cashless, they all go into the "accounts"...and the accounting rules are murky to say the least. (...hey, if enron and worldcom can do it, so can the mamasan of tc...) but eventually the loans do get paid off and the girls are free to go....if their families don't negotiate for a fresh loan.

the girls get together to hire and pay for helpers in the hostel. they cook, clean and do the laundry for the girls. the girls pay cash for this, out of the tips they get. they are free to use this money as they please. the girls also have to pay for taxis when they go for overnights.

repeat: the girls definately get to keep any tips given directly to them.


take a look at the girls. they have pieces of jewellery, handphones and their own wallets. i am not saying that life is pleasant for them, but they are not strip-searched to confirep001e any tips they get.

besides, it is in the mamasan's interest to encourage the girls to work harder in order to obtain repeat customers. the best way to do this is to let them keep their tips.....


i generally tip rp 20,000 to rp 50,000 for short time. for bookings the range is rp 50,000 to rp 100,000. the girls seem happy enough and it makes for much more fun when i see them next.

as for the "junior" mamasan, i tip her rp 20 - 50,000. this is to encourage her to seek out the best girls for me the next time i'm back.


rp 20,000 is about what you would pay for a cup of coffee from a takeaway joint back in the first world. you could give this to the girl who's doing her best to serve you here or you could save it and take it home.

then you can buy yourself a cup of coffee and say to yourself, "damn, this coffee tastes great." and pat yourself on the back for being a wise shopper at tc....

03-19-03, 11:52

The word Chinatown has a more restricted meaning in Jakarta it has in general English.

Chinatown really means the part of town where the Chinese population is concentrated. The Indonesian name of the district is Glodok. Coming from the city centre, it begins at Hayam Wuruk and goes all the way to Ancol.

Girl action is concentrated around Lokasari Plaza/Mangga Besar/Hayam Wuruk.

All places around Lokasari are worth a try: e.g. Sierra


03-19-03, 13:22
xxl, bulai69

both thanks for the info.
bulai, thanks for the offer. will be in Jkt in May and sure, i'll keep in touch for more details.

03-20-03, 22:28
I will most likely have an overnight flight connection in Jakarta or I can make it two nights. Having never been to Indonesia, I'll have a few questions.

1. Is Jakarta safe enough for a single traveller in his early 20s?
2. Is the Melawai hotel my best bet?
3. How about the Millenium hotel? (looks decent and has a good rate)

I have been to Thailand many times but never in JKT. Thanks.

03-21-03, 08:32

Contrary to popular beliefs, Jakarta is very safe, even for a single traveller. However, you have to be very careful. If you're a foreigner, you are considered to be rich, so some might try to take advantages from you, e.g: taxi driver will take a longer route to your destination.

The safest way to travel around Jakarta is by using Silverbird taxi. If you wanna go to a brothel or massage parlours, ask the driver to wait for you, and tip afterward.

Melawai hotel is about 1 1/2, 2 hours drive from the airport.

Hope this help.

03-21-03, 08:39

thanks fo the tip. will try that the next time I go to Tiara Ceria.

03-21-03, 19:27
If you stay only two nights ...

Melawai should be OK because you only need to cross the street to find action.

Up to now, my hotel was Mercury Rekso, right in the heart of Chinatown, a stone's throw from the most infamous brothels and the naughty discos. First rate service and very good value for money, except for the food.

I'll be in Jakarta over Easter and I have a good mind to try Millenium this time (sorry for Mercury, but too much police harassment of late in the Hayam Wuruk area, so I was told). There's a trick in a previous posting about booking Millenium from the airport to get hugely prefential rates.

Of course, if you only stay two nights, no need to think too long about choosing a hotel. Except in five-star hotels, bringing in girls is never a problem in Jakarta. Going and fetch them isn't either, since cabs are relatively cheap.

This Irak business could still ruin things though if anti-western sentiment runs too high for comfort. Or it could make things even better if places are empty and begging for customers. Wait and see.


03-22-03, 08:02
Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I just got back from LIMA.
My email address is johnsan5050@yahoo.ca (not .com)
Let me know I will be in Jakarta on the 6th of April.
I wish I could find a web site for the Melawi Hotel (or however you spell it) Sounds like it is in the thick of things and thats where I would like to be.
Do you or does anyone have a way to book a room there or should I wait till I get there and book at the Airport.

03-22-03, 08:24
Is this the correct info for the otel and does anyone know if it has a website
Also does anyone know if it has a Pool

Which one of these is the one I want

Melawai Hotel & Tourism Corp Ltd PT
Jl Melawai Raya 18 & 20

Telp: (021) 2700408

Melawai II Hotel
Jl Melawai Raya 17

Telp: (021) 2700447

03-22-03, 15:58

A word of warning for my fellow Jakartan Bules... a few weeks ago (about 6) I met a very nice Indonesian girl at CJ's.... after a few dates with her and her friends we ended up in bed together two times.... after our last night we decided to not see each other again until I was ready "to be with one girl." I was VERY upfront and honest with her about my weekly exploits etc. She said she was very innocent and that I was her first Bule experience.... she speaks little to no English. To cut to the chase: over the last few days through SMS's and conversations via the phone with her and one of her friends (who speaks good English) they have told me that she is pregnant! We always used a condom and I actually only came inside of her once... basically I need to pay for the abortion and assorted medical costs at a tune of 3 million rupiah! Sounds like a lot for an abortion in this country.... I'm going to pay and hope that will be the end of it.

I made the mistake of giving her my business card and fear they might try to track me down at work and squeeze me for more money etc... I've got a few ideas to try to make sure that doesn't happen etc... I'm sure my company would back me on this all the way -- but it would be potentially embarrassing etc.

My advice: BE VERY, VERY sure who you are dealing with before giving out anything more than your handphone number. Obviously this should be common sense, but I have been in Jakarta for over a year now and they all just seemed so innocent and truthful.... maybe she really is pregnant.. but with no broken condom and me only actually cumming inside of her once.... it's seems ridicuously unlikely. They have offered to show me doctor's papers as proof.... but I just want it to be over with.

Does anyone have any tips/ideas etc. to help me make sure they don't come back looking for more money? I have a bule friend, who is a woman, who has offered to pretent she is my fiance and go see them all together --- making a big fuss etc..

Any ideas etc. are most welcome!

Stay safe... in ALL ways!

03-22-03, 17:02
JKT-a suggestion. Offer to pay for everything, BUT ONLY after she agrees to have a DNA test for the fetus, as well as having one done yourself, which you will pay for.

If there is a match-you are the father and should take responsibility for the financial consequences. If there is NO match-you are obviously being scammed. If she refuses to take the test-you will already have your answer. Good luck! thor

03-22-03, 21:16
Jkttroll - sorry about your problem, it could certainly have happened to me (& others no doubt) dozens of times. Having been in/out of jkt for 11 years my guess is its a scam and she may well not be pregnant at all. A doctors note means nothing in JKT, you can buy it like most things. Somebody will have put her up to it to get back at you OR she could have been pregnant already and was looking for a husband. Either way your not the father that's my guess. So you could bluff it out and they might go away or if you don't want to take that risk just pay up and I reckon you see the last of them. An obvious question is how long you are staying there, if you are leaving in a few weeks I'd string it along - maybe by asking for the doctors note along with a test like our other friend suggested and then just go. I reckon they are unlikely to iniate any serious action. I was once the intended victim of a similar much more complex scam and they tried to take me for 20 million. I resisted and they moved on. It was easier (and cheaper) to find another victim then chase me and that's what they did. Good luck

03-22-03, 23:35
I agree with THOR. I really think you are being scammed for money but who knows.
Believe me I have been traveling and living countries like Indonesia most of my adult life and what you are describing has been done to me as well (also in the US and I married that one what a big mistake that was).
You could also find a doctor yourself and inquire as to how much an abortion costs there. Also if they are even legal there. The cost (of the abortion)as you could discover it to be could be a way for you to see and prove she is only looking for money. ALso offering to take her to "your Doctor" would be another clear indicator that she is playing you, if she should refuse.

03-23-03, 02:27

Thank you for the advice and support. Just to make sure that I was clear in my original post, when I wrote "I only came inside of her once" --- I meant WITH a condom on! I've had sex with many, many girls and am well adept at checking the condom throughout, making sure to hold it while removing myself etc...

I plan to be here in Jakarta for years to come so I do think it's best just to pay and have it be done. As we all know with the size of Jakarta, the horrible traffic, and the general ineffeciency of everything - the idea of taking her to my own doctor, while very tempting, would just take way too much time -- causing me to miss too much work.

Again, thank you all for the support! I still love my life here in this hilariously, chaotic city. I'll post an update with the dust from this mess settles.

03-23-03, 02:43
JktTroll or anyone with info on the Melawai Hotel

Do you know the Melawai Hotel and does it have a pool. Do you know how I can make an oline resevation there or should I wait to make a reservation at the Airport upon my arrival to get the best deal.
I hate flying in somewhere late at night with no reservation.

As for the advise/support JKTTROLL
I think you are making a mistake paying with out investigating further. I would hate for them to veiw you as a MARK ( I am sure you feel the same way)
its up to you

03-23-03, 06:29
JKT-"up to you hamsome man!" Good luck either way! thor

03-23-03, 15:26
Pregnancy scam

Bad, but not so bad as a drugs scam. Like all scams, it doesn't really matter whether you made her pregnant or not. The scam works the same either way and truth is neither here nor there. I for one am vasectomized, yet this doesn't mean I am immune to such a scam. So don't waste you time about DNA or such things.

What you could do is pretend you'll marry her. Tell her abortions are illegal and if she aborts, you'll have no alternative but to report her to the authorities because abortion in a crime in the eyes of God (this should confuse her somewhat). You'll do the right thing and apply for a fiancee visa but she must understand getting a visa takes time. Take her along to the consulate if that's what it takes to silence her for a while. Try to look cool all along, like you've got things under control and you're not the type to yield to blackmail (I know this is not easy, but maybe she's only small fry and will give up if you keep a straight face). String her along the time it takes, then vanish.

Get her name, address and picture(s) and once you're safe at home, tell the world who she is and what she's up to (open a webpage with her picture and a full account of the scum she is). Phone her to tell her you've warned your consulate about her and that she is never going to get a visa for a western country in her life.

About the Melawai hotels: these are three-star hotels. No pool as far as I know. Need at least a four-star hotel for that. Melawai I and II a a stone's throw from each other, same price range, same everything.


03-23-03, 15:39

Most likely you're being scammed. Why don't you go to any pharmacy and buy one of those urinal pregnancy test, then bring her to your place ask her to do the test. The result should come out negative.

03-24-03, 04:30

What kind of rates are you getting at Mercury Rekso? Do you know what kind of rates are available at the Melawai?

03-24-03, 05:05

i have been there : i had sex with a girl telling her very clearly it was just for fun and not a long-term relationship. one week later she came back threatening to tell the police i raped her. knowing the indonesian police no matter who is right or wrong, as a foreigner you are guilty and have to pay.

it is easier for you to deny : you used a condom and it is physically impossible you got her pregnant. do not even discuss because her lie is so obvious and she knows it. just be firm and tell her you can easily prove she is lying.
even easier : tell her you are sterile and show her any fake doctor paper written by yourself in english. she will never ask for a checking.

ordering a pregnancy test would to assume that you may have gotten her pregnant, which is crazy ! it would be bread for her to go on with the scam.
and as bulai69 said : she is maybe really pregnant but from another boyfriend.

if she still comes back and starts to call you in the office or anything, you may want to give up : give 500,000 or 1million and tell her if she ever comes back you will use the same money to send policemen to her home and discuss the matter with her family.

you have learned an important lesson : the free fucks are the most expensive ones !

03-26-03, 08:46

FYI, abortion is illegal in Indonesia. You cannot just go to any doctor and ask for abortion. The doctor and the mother can go to jail for this.

I think you really should check it throughly before you decide to pay her the money. I don't think that you are her first bule experience, and she probably had done this kind of scam before.

Bules in Indonesia are considered to be very rich by indonesian, and an easy target for many kind of scam. So be very careful.

Have fun, and be safe

03-26-03, 15:57
Man sorry to hear about that jktroll. Maybe paying up the way to go. Meanwhile, I'm in the other direction. Might I reccomend a dating site, 'mweb kencan'. I met some absolutely killer girls on this dating web site, and 1 bonafide erotic mistress of the first order, and they don't scam you for money, or the ones I met didn't, ok maybe a cd here or a meal there, but many young horny educated girls just itching under whatever covers they've got.

But I am a goner, cause I latched onto a 28 yr old legal professional, chinese woman, plain face, good bod, so smoooth and white skin, and makes love with a deep intuitive longing, I'm gone guys! Gonna give it a try and stick with her cause blah, blah, blah....

Give mweb a go, guarantee your rocks'll come off! It's been good reading about the healthy sex going down in JTown. Don't tell all your pals, keep it small, enjoy it all!

Mr Z
03-27-03, 17:29
Hey all, don't you just love the Life Spa?

03-27-03, 20:35
All I want to know is, do any of you professional Jakarta mongers want to get together for a beer in Jakarta on or about the 7th of April. I will be in town for a couple of weeks. I am trying to get a room in the center of town (china town)
Let me know here or at

03-28-03, 16:56

A thousand "terima kasihs" (that's "thank you's") for all you insight, suggestions and support. Prefering the quickest way out of this mess I gave her 3 million rupiah (about $340 usd) for the abortion and "assorted" medical fees. I actually didn't even make the drop myself, having a friend of mine (who is dating her younger cousin... he's been fully warned!) take the money to her. I've recieved a few SMS's from her this week and it seems that it's done.

I know I could have pressed the issue etc. and probably gotten out of it all by paying much less, or no, money but just wanted to get past it all as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Ironically, as this whole messed developed, I have fallen in love with a truly legit Indonesian woman! Professional, fluent english, beautiful, etc.... where did I find her? In my office! We've been friends for months but never did much about it... then one day.... well the rest is history.

Again, thanks to all for your posts. Let my story be a warning to all of us of bule out there..... be careful and NEVER give out your business card until you really, really know who you are dealing with!


03-30-03, 08:03
Hey Guys,

I need some help finding a cheap hotel close to the center of town. I have never been to Jakarta before and need some advice on this.
I have read in the thread that waiting to book until you arrive at the airport is the cheapest way but can anyone reccomend a place that I can find online that is reasonable (under $30 girl friendly and near the action so I dont have to take a cab everywhere.

Is anyone familiar with
Josephine Guest House
Jl. Iskandarsyah II No. 91
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
Tel. (62-21) 725-0017, 726-0017
Fax (62-21) 912-3348

They have rooms for $12 a night but I think it is in the south of Jakarta. is there any girl action near this hotel.

It sounds like the Melawai hotel is where I want to be but I cant get any price info on it other than the address and phone, or the Mercury Reso but would like to find out what the "book at the airport rate is" I am planning on staying 2 weeks and think I should be able to get a prefered rate for that length of stay.


03-30-03, 14:23
Hi Batman, depends what you mean by "centre of town" - if you mean what I think you mean south Jakarta is not ideal you need to be in the "old town" in north Jakarta (Kota). Specifically Jalan (Street) Hayam Wuruk.

There are loads of cheap hotels there including western chains (eg Mercury, Ibis) where you can get rooms for $30. I wouldn't go much less unless you are prepared for something really basic. I've never had a problem getting girls in/out of hotels, if needs be just tip security but I've never had too even in the most expensive ones.

Melawai, which is not in Kota, but another area where you certainly don't need a taxi to get what you are looking for. Indeed you never need leave your hotel! You can get a room there under $30. To get the best rate I would look on the net, there are many sites and then call the hotel directly. I suggest not booking for too long - you may well be able to negotiate a cheaper rate face to face at the hotel you want to be at.

Good luck - by the way if you do use a taxi to go to a club etc always use Silver Bird/Blue Bird and ASK THEM TO WAIT. The extra cost is nothing compared to the extent to which you will be ripped (or worse) when you come out.

John Aldrich
03-30-03, 18:05
Hey batman,

Melawai hotel charges Somewhere between Rp. 200,000 and Rp. 300,000 for a room that is between 20 to 30 US$. Thats a great place to stay too.

When you are there take the two girls Siska and her friend for a three some . You will experience something out of the world.

03-30-03, 22:19

Thanks for your help. Thats exactly what I needed to know. Ok I have scratched Joshephines off the list. And trying to reach Mercure Rekso for a good rate.
Now the Melawai is a good if I want to stay there but is there anything around it like girl acton/clubs, shopping, good places to eat or is it just a big brothel/hotel and what section of town is it in and how close to KOTA is it?

Sorry for all the questions

Thanks again for your help.

03-31-03, 09:35

Thanks, where is the Melawai/Interhouse in relation to Hayam Wuruk Street? what is the distance and time I cant find the Melawai on any map or the street Melawai Raya.
Thanks again

John Aldrich
03-31-03, 12:19
Hi Batman,

Get into a Bluebird or Silverbird taxi and ask for Jalan Melawai in Block M. As you enter Jalan Melawai from Block M Plaza you will find Hotel Melawai on the left hand side. Bang opposite is Hotel Melawai II.

There is a lot of night life around.

I also figured out that there is a very reliable escort service operating in Jakarta and Bali. It is known as Vick's Escort service. He has a whole lot of part timers. Damn good service. His Handphone number is 08158791593.

The girls are safe and are working girls who speak good english and land up at your place at the given time.

He also has a yahoogroup which is I guess listed as escortindonesia or indonesian escorts, something like that. He has listed the photographs of all the available girls and their price and name etc. The service is professional.

03-31-03, 12:27

Glad to hear it is over. Could you give us some information on this girl so we can avoid her ?

03-31-03, 12:38

Melawai is quite far from Hayam Wuruk, by car more than 1 hour day time and maybe 20 min night time.
It is in Block M (on every map) not far from Pasar Raya mall. The area is nicer to stay than Ayam Wuruk and action is plenty but mostly for foreigners. Note 2 weeks holidays in Jakarta is a very long time. You should change your hotel several times if you don't want to get bored.
Kota is local/Chinese and more scary at night if it is your first visit to Jakarta.

03-31-03, 18:34

Thanks for the info. I am trying to line up a few Hotels right now. So if you had to choose for your first night in Jakarta between Murcure Rekso and The Melawai/Interhouse, which would it be? I am arriving on a sunday night, Also thank you johnaldrich

Thanks again for your help guys

04-01-03, 00:35
Hi Batman

The questions you put have been answered by others I think. Given you are there for 2 weeks you should see plenty of action in Blok M and Kota. Frankly I don't think you need to pay a middle man for escorts, just get around the bars etc and you'll find unlimited numbers of girls and you can see what you are getting. You can also find them in shopping malls (of which there are many in Blok M) if you are patient. The scene in Jakarta is not "in your face" like it is in eg Bankok. By all means mail me direct if you wish - bulai69@yahoo.co.uk Good luck.

04-01-03, 04:40
Mercure is a far better hotel but the area is very boring daytime. Though if you plan to relax in the swimming pool and not go out too much on the first day Mercure is the best choice.

Since you have to take a taxi to go anywhere anyway, if you stay for a long time I would recommend to stay near the Thamrin area (Plaza Indonesia/Sarinah malls). The area is the geographical center of Jkt, lots of hotels, restaurants, bars, shopping and very clean.Many hotels in the 30$ range and better than Melawai, but no action.

04-01-03, 20:03
I have pretty much decided on Mercure Resko hotel for my visit in August, but can anyone confirm that it is "walking distance" to Tiara Ceria and Lokasari Plaza?

I would really like to stay in Block M, but after much research, I've not been able to find any hotels, other than Ambhara, that seem to be "internet friendly" with respect to contacting them and making reservations.

And Ambahra, though it looks nice, is a bit more money than i want to spend.

04-02-03, 18:29
To Humblestudent

Why this thing about Internet reservation? Only (upper)-middle-range hotels offer Internet reservation. Upper lower-range (or lower middle-range) hotels like Melawai I and II don't. As Jakarta is likely to be relatively empty anyway (Irak + ARS), showing up without a reservation is not too risky.

This being said, if you want to set your mind at rest, you may book two nights at Mercury Rekso, then take it from there.

I can confirm Mercury Rekso is right in the middle of where the action is in Chinatown, and superb value for money. Walking distance from a dozen flesh spots. Caveat: police road blocks of late, so don't go around at night without you passport (and stay away from the dope!).

About the Alhambra: I was told it was overpriced. Not as well-situated as the Melawai brothers and much more expensive.

From the Airport, negociate the fare to Mercury Rekso at one of the taxi counters. Price was around 80000 rupiahs, if I remember right. They'll arrange the transfer for you.

04-03-03, 06:31
xxl thanks much for the tips...

I think I will do just that! A few days at Mercure and then maybe on down to Block M.

You mentioned that Mercure is "walking distance to a dozen flesh spots." Mention a few of the places that I should not miss in this area please!

Thanks brother...

04-04-03, 12:43
Places around Mercury Hotel

Nighttime spots are: Diskotik Stadium, Diskotik 1001 (5 minute's walk)

Daytime spots (also open till late but rather full then, better to go early, from 14:00 onwards) are mostely situated in a kind of market/shopping mall called "Lokasari Plaza". First walk to Lokasari (15 minute's walk), then ask to be directed to:

Bintang Mewar*
Tiara Ciara**

* = outside the shopping mall, opposite one another
** = inside the shopping mall, entry through a kind of underground parking lot

There's also a disco 5 minutes from Mercury but in the direction opposite Stadium, of which I don't remember the name, but you see the glaring neon signs down Hayam Wuruk. Motocycle taxis in front of the disco to make the two hundreds yards back to Mercury.

If you get sick (or get a dose of the clap, he-he-he), reception people at Mercury can connect you with Dr Andi, a Indonesian physician who speaks English and knows his job.


04-11-03, 04:35
This forum is very quiet !

The other day I have noticed a billboard near the Melaway hotel ( maybe 20 m on the right) advertising for "Bangkok massage". Anyone been there before ?

04-13-03, 08:43
Hi Marc69

yes it is a bit quiet - maybe that reflects the "scene" in JKT. I just arrived back Sat night (yesterday) and found all the usual places much quieter than 3 months ago. However I also found that although ther were maybe only 50% of the girls there were only 5% fellow bules - hence 10 times more choice - which I exercised to good effect ! I've not noticed the "Bankok massage" before but I'm heading for Blok M right now and so I might well give it a try - just in the interest of informing this forum of course.

John Aldrich
04-13-03, 17:52
This evening was boring and thought I will stroll down Hayam Wuruk. I went in there and found a street behind Stadium. Not the one where you go to Tin Tin, but the one next to that and before the lane which goes to Karthika. I found a whole lot of Massage Parlours over there. And the one which caught my eye was Ibu Linda Massage Parlour. I walked in and the reception charged me Rp.180,000/- Was ushered into a room on the first floor, very spacious room with a large double bed and mirrors all around. I had already selected a well structured female, whose name was Yuli. She gave me a bath and and then a massage. Then she gave me a blow job uncovered. A real treat. Have'nt had one like that for long. She then wanted me to spell out my fantasy to her. I said Anal. And she was more than willing. I tipped her 20,000/-. Let me tell you, Indonesian girls know how to please you in the bed. Unlike the Thai or Amsterdam females, who act like machines. Jakarta is heaven.

Just saw a post about the Bangkok massage in Melawai. Yeah, I also have seen the board.I will try to find out and revert back as to what it is.

Mr Z
04-14-03, 13:48
Originally posted by johnaldrich
This evening was boring and thought I will stroll down Hayam Wuruk. I went in there and found a street behind Stadium. Not the one where you go to Tin Tin, but the one next to that and before the lane which goes to Karthika. I found a whole lot of Massage Parlours over there. And the one which caught my eye was Ibu Linda Massage Parlour. I walked in and the reception charged me Rp.180,000/- Was ushered into a room on the first floor, very spacious room with a large double bed and mirrors all around. I had already selected a well structured female, whose name was Yuli. She gave me a bath and and then a massage. Then she gave me a blow job uncovered. A real treat. Have'nt had one like that for long. She then wanted me to spell out my fantasy to her. I said Anal. And she was more than willing. I tipped her 20,000/-. Let me tell you, Indonesian girls know how to please you in the bed. Unlike the Thai or Amsterdam females, who act like machines. Jakarta is heaven.

Just saw a post about the Bangkok massage in Melawai. Yeah, I also have seen the board.I will try to find out and revert back as to what it is. John,

You just HAVE to get the address for me. I'll ask my driver to take me.

John Aldrich
04-16-03, 17:34
Thanks Mr.Z. Ask your driver to take you to Stadium Discotteqe. JBefore you enter Stadium, you tell him to park the car near Hayam Wuruk plaza where you have the 1001 disco. Get down and go backwards. Do not take the lane adjoining Hayam Wuruk Plaza on the right hand side. That leads to Stadium Disco. Walk further down. Dont take the next right lane. That leads to Tin Tin and the back gate of stadium. The Tin Tin glow sign can be seen from the road. Walk further down. Take the next right lane. On the left you will find a pink background door which has a name board which reads as Ibu Linda Massage parlour, fully airconditioned. Just walk in and ask for a massage. You could either select the girl from the pix. But if you do not want to select from the pix, then tell them you want to see the girls. They will lead you through the door and you will see the girls sitting in the gallery style behind a glass pane and you could select from there. Have fun.

Hey guys, any news on Bangkok massage on Jalan Melawai.

04-18-03, 05:36
Couldn't find Bankok massage I'm afraid ! Is it on same side as Melawai ? Inevitably went to 6th floor instead - no need to report on that as it's been said many times.

04-18-03, 17:28
Very sorry you had to go to the 6th floor, all that because of the board hahaha ! Hope it was not a too painful experience !

As for Bangkok massage, yes the board is on the same side as Melaway hotel but on 2nd or 3rd floor level, you see it better from across the street. I'll will be back in Jakarta next month and give a try.

For the lazy ones here is an address which makes "delivery":

04-21-03, 14:05
Hi guys

To the experts on TC Tiarra Ciera:

I have poor eyesight and want to know how to discretely check out da chicks-had one and when I took her back I lost my drive.

Did meet one very very nice one called Meri-no English and took her to a nearby hotel-but she looked very young and I felt like a deviant-anyone know her? She may be dead cause she insisted on no condom and loved Arabs-I used a black label heavy duty Grand Prix type condom to make sure-what a lovely girl. If you see her be warned!

Never found a really good sexy massage-sexy type-so hints please.

Did have some luck at Jaspa at a shooping centre in Kunigan-very nice-bbbj and tit massage for a tip of 50-100K

JJs was very average-girls seemed high on drugs and hard to flick once business was done and then wanting more money etc etc

Lintas girls have STDs apparently according to the locals.

04-21-03, 15:34
do you mean by Bangkok Massage, Joker 2000? OK, the word joker is not clear from a distance. If not, why can't I find the place?