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01-01-03, 02:00
Thread Starter.

08-25-03, 13:53
just to let you know what indonesian girl look like

Jack Spratt
08-25-03, 15:13
Just to let you know what indonesian girl look like


Shit, are they all that small?

John Aldrich
08-27-03, 16:25
The BBBJ - Indonesian Syle

John Aldrich
08-29-03, 17:27
These are series of pix of Nasha Aziz, the famous actress of Malaysia whose nude pix were taken clandestinely. This was later released in the press and she sued the building owner. A collectors items. I am posting as a serial.

Hey JAD, I am sure you'll have some collectors items. why dont you post some here.

John Aldrich
08-29-03, 17:28
Nasha Aziz 2

John Aldrich
08-29-03, 17:30
Nasha Aziz 3

John Aldrich
08-29-03, 17:31
Nasha Aziz 4

John Aldrich
08-29-03, 17:32
Nasha Aziz 5

John Aldrich
08-29-03, 17:34
Nasha Aziz 6

John Aldrich
09-01-03, 14:02
Check this out

John Aldrich
09-01-03, 14:07
Check this

John Aldrich
09-01-03, 14:12
Check tjis out

John Aldrich
09-01-03, 14:13
Check this beauty from India

John Aldrich
09-01-03, 14:15
Check this Gorgeous beauty from India.

Mr Move
09-01-03, 19:38
Here is a series of an Indonesian girlfriend I had. Cute and typical indonesian.

By the way John, this is an Indonesian group, not Indian!

Mr Move
09-01-03, 19:39
Indo girl part 2

Mr Move
09-01-03, 19:40
Indo Girl part 3

Mr Move
09-01-03, 19:40
Indo Girl part 4

Mr Move
09-01-03, 19:41
Indo Girl part 5

Mr Move
09-01-03, 19:41
Indo Girl part 6

This is not the whole series...but..do you want them?

09-02-03, 01:18
Hi John,

I have my doubts about the photo's of the Malaysian star, but I'm sure the ones of the Indian girl are fakes. Besides, this forum is about INDONESIA.

John Aldrich
09-02-03, 16:36
Originally posted by Menteng
Hi John,

I have my doubts about the photo's of the Malaysian star, but I'm sure the ones of the Indian girl are fakes. Besides, this forum is about INDONESIA.

Thanks Menteng. The fact is that regarding Nasha Aziz, the entire Malaysia knows about the case. In fact I also have the pix of where she is reading the report about the case that she has filed against the building owners for having installed a keyhole camera and two people were also arrested. This case created sensation in Malaysia and was also on the net. Unfortunately, the pix is bigger than the size 640x480 and I do not know how to compress it. I sent it to Jackson requesting him to post it, but he was scared to open attachments because of the fear of virus. In case you send me your email id, I could send you the pix and report. It is indeed a pretty interesting case.

Regarding the Indian girls, they are from Singapore and frequent Batam. The one in the Blue, her name is Sangeetha and she did spend a weekend with me in Jakarta when I was new. The entire thing was organised by Sunita, an escort in Singapore. Her agency is posted in the yellow pages. I forgot the name but she has Napolean type of midget as the symbol which is in the full page listing and her HP. No is +65 96720724 and her agencies no. is +65 67331669. You could possibly try them out in case you so desire. I have used Sunita regularly in Singapore, which I used to frequent very often before moving into Jakarta last year and hence she obliged and sent this girl when I requested her, before I got introduced to the night life in Jakarta, courtesy, JAD.

The reason I have posted them here is to mention that even Indian girls are available, if not in Jakarta, in Batam for sure. And with a little more money they can be got here. But BELEIVE ME, IT IS NOT WORTH IT. INDONESIAN GIRLS ARE THE BEST LOVERS IN THE BED. You could take my pix postings of Ind girls as "appreciation of aesthetics" (sic)!!!!

Mr Move
09-02-03, 22:54

Regardless your message, please only post indonesian girls here. I mean, you can also get russian girls in Jakarta if you have enough cash and post pics of them but I don't think that's what is intended by this picture group.

09-03-03, 11:57
Thanks for the reaction John. I did ask about Indian girls. With your latest info I know how and where to get a better chance now.
As for miss Aziz, the photo's were taken from at least two different positions. That's why I still have my doubts. Maybe I'll change my opinion after receiving more at:

John Aldrich
09-03-03, 16:27
Originally posted by Mr Move

Regardless your message, please only post indonesian girls here. I mean, you can also get russian girls in Jakarta if you have enough cash and post pics of them but I don't think that's what is intended by this picture group.

Thanks for the feedback Mr. Move. Looking at the number of posts you have made, looks like you are new here. Welcome to the bandwagon. The purpose of the group as per my understanding, is to try and share the experiences on sex with anyone, without prejudice to ethnicity, race, religion or nationality, as long as people are enjoying themselves. One need not restrict themselves to heterosexual activity but can go beyond it to even Homosexual activities, three some, bondage, group sex activities etc. I guess thats the freedom this forum gives. So lets not get into these fixations and rather enjoy ourselves and also enlighten ourselves as to the places where the meat is available. Thats what matters ultimately.

Hey folks, any idea whether any black females are available in Indonesia. Would appreciate if you could let me know where to get them. I would not mind travelling to hook up with them. In case you have a pix, pls do post. Would give a better perspective before hitting the trail.


09-03-03, 16:42
Dear John:

Regarding the purpose of this board you can check the "Forum FAQ" and you will read:

"What is the purpose of this Forum?
To facilitate the exchange of information between men who are looking for sex with women."

So your perception that Jackson will allow you to post homoerotic messages are 0 % - and that's good I think.

Just wanted to share this with you John. Otherwise keep up the good posts and share with us your pix and stories!

Indian or Indonesian girls: I would say we like them both, right folks?

Take care, Charly.

09-03-03, 18:46
Mr Move's "miscell_eb14.jpg

I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings here but this girl is not Indonesian. She's a model from one of the commercial websites, probably South American.

Personally, I have nothing against nude pictures of women in general regardless of where they come from, the more the better, but the idea is to post genuine shapshots of local girls as a visual source of information for prospective and active mongers.


Mr Move
09-03-03, 20:02
This girl certainly IS indonesian. I made the pic myself. Interesting remark though.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid future delays, please use just one period at the end of sentences in future reports. Thanks!

09-04-03, 10:21
Thanks for trying John, but let's forget about miss Aziz. I've found articles on the subject on the net. I still have my doubts though. In one interview she denied the person was her. But, I'm still hoping you will send me info about Vicky.

09-04-03, 19:33
M. Move writes :

This girl certainly IS indonesian. I made the pic myself. Interesting remark though.

Made the pics yourself eh?
Then how comes I've got pics of the same girl on the same bed?
By the way, she's named Carla


John Aldrich
09-13-03, 19:51
Do you really find this in Bali.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Move
09-14-03, 10:00
You have surprised me with this pic.

What do you want me to prove that I made this pic? Actually I don't wanna prove anything:

Her name is NOT Carla, her name is Rina. I met her in Jakarta in 1995. She worked in those days for a property broker (PT Alan Sutera) and we went out for 1 month.

I have sent these pics to a few people in the last years. I guess they've posted them somewhere (like I did last week, but I wasn't the first!). I have also a lot of decent pics of her.

This is my last posting about this. I am gald I know now that my pics are floating around the net. What's the link were you found it??

09-15-03, 13:02
There is/was no property broker name PT Alan Sutera but there is a developer of property name PT. Alam Sutera. Their project is in Serpong area. So this is two different business type of company.

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:20
Then Finally this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:22
Then this happend...................

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:25
And this happened......................

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:29
Then this happened.........................

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:31
This happened........................

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:32
Then she took the initiative.......................

John Aldrich
09-16-03, 19:36
They met in the privacy of his apartment in Jakarta wanting to know each other. The following pictures tell what actually happened after the meeting.....................

Orient Xpress
09-19-03, 21:42
John Aldrich,

She is CUTE! Damn! Where did you find this darling? Great score and xcellent story telling. Very entertaining. Post more pictures of this girl if you can.

Keep up the good work and don't horde all the sweethearts!


09-21-03, 16:38
This girl I met a few times.. She fucks great as a nice round ass.. and never talks abt money ("what do you think I am, a hooker? ")

She hangs out in the bar of Park lane hotel, maybe some of you know her.


09-22-03, 22:28
Hi John!

This Bali Babe is really great, have you more pictures from her, or do you know the page where that picture come from? I was in Bali several times. The girls there are better looking than the girls in other parts of Indonesia. Unfortunately the Balinese girls are not easy to score.
The prostitutes in Bali are mostly girls from Java and Sumatra, or other parts of Indonesia. For me I would say the Indonesian girls are more pretty than the girls in Thailand.

Pinay Lover
09-25-03, 21:17
Hello John,

I've been to Bali on several occassions but never got one as cute or fine as yours. Love the pics. Any more pics of her?

Frank Booth
09-27-03, 16:21

Try uh-oh.com and/or asianthumbs.org. Each has a good number of free asian beauty pics. That's where I first saw the images of John(?) and his beauty.

John Aldrich
10-05-03, 17:33
Hi guys.

Last night, thought of going out somewhere.But felt like having some good Indian food. So went to Plaza Senayan to Akbar's in the food court. It was pretty crowded and could hardly find a place. With great difficulty found a place where just one chic was occupying the table. Asked her permission and sat down. As I was having dinner, she asked me where I was from and I said UK. She asked me whether I was a tourist. I did not want to say I was not and I said yes. And the topic went towards music. I feigned ignorance and asked her if she could take me out to some good place.She said yes and why not and took me to Menteng into the alley opposite Hero departmental store. It was called Blue's or something like that.We had some drinks and I asked her out. And she was willing too. This is just one of the few which I clicked through my HP, acting as if I was sending an sms.Just fantastic GFE.

John Aldrich
10-05-03, 17:34
This was the second one!!

John Aldrich
10-05-03, 17:36
And this was the third one with the early 30 nymphet!!!!!!!!

10-06-03, 16:46
John Aldrich, you are my hero ! Two things come to mind. Didn't the flash give you away ? and, how did you explain, in the midst of "passion", that you absolutely had to take a break in order to send and SMS ?


Andrew Zhang
10-07-03, 17:10
Hi all,

I'm new comer to Jakarta. Now I'm living in my friend's house locate at Mega Kuningan. Any information for looking girls around here?

Thanks for your advise.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

John Aldrich
10-07-03, 18:25

HP means Handphone and in case you have ever used a HP with the camera then you will realise that it does'nt flash. Secondly, if you look at the research of Handphone companies, the south east asian countries account for the maximum of SMS messages. Have you ever been to maribaya. In between the fuck you'll hear the SMS coming in to the girls HP. The moment you finish, the girl heads to the HP to check her SMS and respond to it and not to the bath tub to wash. It is an accepted norm in Indonesia to keep sending and receiving SMS messages. And the chicks here don't intrude into your privacy.

Explain or not explain, I have the pix of Emy here as proof enough that the pix has been taken. And you are seeing it. That's proof enough I guess, that the pix has been taken!!!!!

10-07-03, 20:00
John Aldrich

Yikes. I guess you must be so used to getting flamed that even my message of praise was mis-interpreted. Anyway, no problem. My hand is still out to you if you want to take it. I never disputed the authenticity of the pictures. I simply saw the event from a different perspective. You gotta learn to loosen that stiff upper lip, bruddah. Learn to laugh at yourself a bit !

By the way, thank-you for the short dissertation on GSM usage statistcis. Most informative (yawn).

Still a friend,


Lashon Aroch
10-22-03, 02:06
I'm going to be in Pontianak for the next 3 weeks, is there any action there? Will Ramadan affect the nightlife?

Thanks in advance

Member 30
10-24-03, 15:02

Well I'm not sure about Pontianak but for places in East Kalimantan, there's a ruling for all night spots to close during puasa season - which effectively starts on the coming monday. This week is the last week to have fun before taking 1 month leave. haha.

10-25-03, 00:54
The opening hours for most city in Java island for mongering (massage, disco, nightclub) will be limited but it still open during Ramadhan. It will closed only during first day of fasting and the last two day of the month.

Even in Jakarta, I think most of them will open only discreetly.

Only be carefull with some stupid fanatic and be sure you know the area pretty well for get away.

10-30-03, 11:13
I thought these pages were for postng pictures of our sexual exploits and associated things. JOHN ALDRICH has posted several pictures straight from porn sites. Either post your own pictures or don't post at all

John Aldrich
10-30-03, 14:15
Thanks Harry, When are you coming to Jakarta. Though I am not a pimp, I could organise meetings with these girls. The detail of each pix has been narrated along with the situation. Nasha Aziz is an exception and so is the Bali girl. Nasha Aziz was for info and Bali girl was a query to find out whether these kind is available in Bali since I was travelling to Bali. The pix that was sent to be my friend has been acknowledged by me that it has been sent by my friend to me. And one of the guys in the posts has contacted me and I have given him the contact numbers of this girl and he has had his fun there too.

In case you visit Jakarta, you would realise that this is such a paradise on earth,you would find it difficult to resist, because the girls here really know how to make love and how to enjoy making love. And beleive me, in no other country do the girls know how to enjoy making love so passionately.

Lastly, I guess all of us are mature adults and neither of us know each other, so there is nothing to prove by posting pix from the websites.If you look and read the posts here, 98% of the posts do not point fingers at each other but share their experiences and trust each other. This is because the venues mentioned are open to every one of us and also all these girls are available.

Except for Nasha Aziz, send me a mail as to which girl you want to have fun with, I would be more than glad to share the contact details.

Lastly, as late as today, I have got 4 emails asking for details of these girls and have given contact details of them and I am sure they are on the job now. In case any of the girls have changed the contact details, then come over to Jakarta, with their pix and take the services of JAD through his travel agency and I am sure you will locate them in some joint or the other, unless they are free lancers. And if they are free lancers then scale the malls of Jakarta and you will find them, And if you don't, then try and contact Rudy, ne of the biggest escorts in Jakarta who supplies to most hotels here, he will find her for you.

And please do not make prejudgemental statements, since we dont do that here, in Indonesia.

10-30-03, 16:31
I thought this was the photo section, I thought conversations were on the regular section, but what do I know, never did anything for real, just dreamed a lot. Great pictures guys, great, keep them cumming<grin> PW

Cutting Edge
11-17-03, 01:09
HarryR is correct, why bother posting spam off the web? In the case of MrMove, thats just pure BS, I've seen her all over the place!!

11-25-03, 18:19
This is Umi - see my report on Bali 20.11.2003.

She was staying in a dormitory for young girls across the road, opposite Christopher's Hair Salon in Jalan Poso Street, Sanur. Had a great time with her!

11-25-03, 18:23
This is a picture of UMI'S freind. She came along for a threesome session. Read all about in my Bali report.

Master Monger
01-05-04, 10:58
I apologize for the picture it was taken with my phone.

I will be uploading more later that are nice and clear.

This was a young girl 22, that I picked up at a cafe in between the cites of Singaraja and Lovina on BALI. Her name is Dewi, and the cafe is called Cafe Joged (Joe-Ged). Fun place to party!

It was 250,000 Rup ($29) for all night and everything, condom optional!

She was a little testy in the morning though, although we did make love four times during the night.

But what can you do about those morning Boners!

Enjoy my fellow brothers,

Master Monger

01-20-04, 09:42
John Aldrich dude,

Those pics of eva doing the old dude are taken from porn movie, a series called "My Uncle's Friend". Good job capturing the stills!

I know that for sure because I'm an Indo living in sunny LA working in the porn production and I know that series of porn pretty well and that old dude is actually a pretty well known pornstar for the old dude, young chick type flicks.

So I'll be going back home for good. Had enough of the US of A. Can't wait to get some loving, cute and cheap Indo pussies 24/7!

John Aldrich
01-21-04, 17:03
Hi Dude Sapman,

When are you coming here. I would be more than glad to share her contact details and her agent here in Jakarta and you could fix up a date. Atleast 4 guys from this forum have taken her details from me. And have not complained.

In fact, just last nite I picked up my favourite girl Marsya from De Leila and took her to Menteng II. And the startling info she gave me was that she has just done an erotic shoot as a model for a magazine called POP, which I understand is an erotic magazine. She mentioned to me that she has just struck a deal with the cameraman who shot her for this magazine to do a porn movie for USD1,000. So am not surprised when you say Eva is a pornstar too.

Indo pussies are not only cheap dude, but the fact is that the Indo females really know how to make love so passionately.

In fact, I just saw the Medan post and the pix of Liza there. This was the female whom I have had for a ST for Rp.300,000 and was surprised to see her home page, where she has mentioned that she is charging Rp.600K for ST and is also available for film shoots and the price is also quoted.Never knew that I was having a ball of a time with a porn film actress when I was humping her. And she told me that she had come to Jakarta on some business trip. After seeing her post, I am convinced she came to service a client and just stayed back to earn a few extra bucks.And now I understand what her business is!!

You are indeed missing Jakarta. For all that we know you maybe actually screwing a pornstar for dirt cheap, not knowing she is one. Vive La Indonesia and the cuties over here.

01-23-04, 06:28

I have been away too long. I have no idea where De Leila or even Menteng II. I grew up in Menteng as a kid. Gotta go home soon!

Yeah, there is so many hot asian chicks (the new wave is Indo, malay chicks) trying to break into porn out here in LA but a lot of them couldn't even pass the STD test. Kinda scary to thing about it.

Btw, the going rate for pornstar here is around US$1500 per hour. Yeah, you read that right, that's like Rp.15,000,000 an hour. Shit, for $30-$60 (Rp.600,000) you get the crack ho's. LOL. crazy world we live in.

Do you think she's worth US$1500 an hour?

BC Tim
01-23-04, 07:46
Here is one of my recent quest. Febrin is a 28 year old student working on her Masters in Jakarta.

Not a bad girl. Just loves to have something warm between her legs.


John Aldrich
01-23-04, 19:21
HI Sapman,

Thats the kind of money I will pay for a months lease rental for a young petite female in Indonesia.And the service will be extremely passionate and you can feel the juice in her, every time you fuck her!!.Regarding the pix you have posted,she is surely not worth that much in Jakarta. Come over to the motherland.And find the pasture here. It is much greener!!.

01-23-04, 21:29
Sorry to be negative BC Tim but I'm not sure who is kidding who - your conquest Febrianti is a professional "escort". If in doubt have a look the same picture in


It even appends her phone number but I'm not sure how current it is given the picture is 2 years old

01-24-04, 05:20
I agree with Bulai69

It is not the first time a member is postings the photo of an escort (last time was one of Vicky's) or an internet babe and claims he scored in a shopping mall or a disco.

What's the point ?? I have seen too many fake photos and fake reports in this forum. Makes me doubt about the authenticity of most entries.

02-09-04, 19:25

A long time ago(LBJ was prez), in a town in Malaysia, a white woman came to town. She set up shop in one of the well known hotels know to cater to prostitution. The line outside the door was eh.................long and she charged 10 times the local rate, I am told.

These days, with travel, I'd be surprised if she scores more than once or twice a month.........

Jakarta Boy
02-24-04, 15:32
This is more to my taste.

03-06-04, 05:36
Shaved her and then she wanted greek and rough.

Nice lady too in Jakarta Jan 04

03-06-04, 05:37
Lintas girl Jan 04 100K short time.

03-06-04, 05:39
Lintas again.

03-06-04, 05:40
Nice girl, but average in bed.

Magnum Opus
04-03-04, 12:17
Gee, never knew that Indo- Chinese girls could be so nasty! Here Dear friends at WSG an absolutely invaluable load of pics of a really kinky Indonesian lady. In normal life she just as everyone else but once you touched her buttons right she becomes the ultimate fucktoy.

If you don't believe me? Here is the webaddress a friend gave me. He is the photographer gave me who worked with this Indonesian escortgirl from Jakarta!

webaddress 01:

webaddress 02:

If your interested write me your comments, I can always pass you her email or hook you up with her because with full consent of her hubby!

Hereby one hot picture of her to give you an idea of what to expect!

Enjoy Indonesian streetmeatlovers!

Magnum Opus
04-05-04, 07:57
hi wsg friends and especially indonesian streetmeat lovers!

the post i gave just yesterday was enthusiastically welcomed with dozens of pm's. that's why i decided to enlighten you with another set of photo's this time exclusively focussed on liza's rear-end! gosh i knew asian girls are willing and obedient creatures but when i took a peek at these ass pics a got a boner for more than three hours! so be ware!

just copy&past the following address and enjoy lisa's innerbeauty:
[link deleted by admin]

o ya don't forget me to write me your detailled comments on this chicks ass!

editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending removal of a link to photos on another site. if you have photos you would like to share with the other forum members, then please post them here. to avoid future delays, please do not use my forum to promote your own website. thanks!

Magnum Opus
04-07-04, 08:00
Fellow Mongers

Jackson didn't allow me to share Indonesia's nicest and highly exposed ass with you through my personal link! Because I dont want to withhold these fine SPREAD ASS pics of INDO CHINESE ***** Lisa I have personnally put on the series I metioned in my previous report! I really adore my friend who work with this willing ****!

Again enjoy and give me your detailed comments!

04-07-04, 16:23
Thanks to Martijn.

Confirm his comments as she is a wicked yahoo chat user also so you can have fun and arrange to your hearts content all x-rated of course

John Aldrich
04-21-04, 14:56
Hi guys,

Plaza Indonesia is indeed a gold mine. I was there last evening just roaming around the place. And in the ground floor, just near the citibank atm I saw this lovely female who answers to the name of YuYun. I smile and she smiled back. Asked her out for a drink and she agreed. Walked over to the car park with her and went driving around towards Jl. Imam Bonjol and straight to Menteng II. Sat next to the reception in the coffee shop and ordered for beer and some snacks. I then excused myself to the toilet and came back to the reception and booked a room. The Menteng II guys are nowadays so used to me that he immediately gave the keys. Two bottles of Bintang down the throat and I told her I have a room there whether she would like to come over to the room and have another drink and relax, for which she agreed. We went in and the rest is history. Just amazing and I had my mini Sony digital cam with me and 2 more beers down the throat she agreed to pose. The night was indeed memorable. We slept around 4 in the morning. I woke up around 10 and she was still asleep. Woke her up and we both had a quick shower. Checked out around noon and then went to Caktuci in Blora for lunch. Went back again to Menteng II and had another session. She wanted a drop in Kemang which I was pleased to despite the rain and Macet this evening. Just rushed back home and took out the prints and here she is. Check out whether any of you guys have seen her somewhere in the malls. And if you do, then just smile and beleive me you will never regret in your life time. Taxi money was 500K which I just slipped it in her hand and she did not bother to check. Long live PI.

John Aldrich
04-21-04, 14:58
One more.

John Aldrich
04-21-04, 15:00
And one more

Member #1210
04-22-04, 14:06
Met her at Gambir. Asked her out for a dinner and next thing I knew (she knew..) she was in my room.

I Enjoyed.

Now it's your turn to Enjoy.

Photo #1

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Member #1210
04-22-04, 14:06
Photo #2

Member #1210
04-22-04, 14:07
Photo #3

Member #1210
04-22-04, 14:07
Photo #4 Sorry for the last one.

Member #1210
04-22-04, 14:08
Photo #5

Member #1210
04-22-04, 14:09
Photo #6

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the poster of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

Bez Bezarra
04-23-04, 13:14
We all LOVE that rack!
Pat yourself on the back!

Big Vee
04-23-04, 13:37
Member 1210

Is that you in the reflection in the TV?


04-23-04, 16:54
An impressive rack to rank alongside some of Bulai69's trophies and those of JA also.

Congratulations on an excellent addition to the collection!

05-31-04, 02:46
Just some pics to go with my Bali report.

05-31-04, 02:48
Bali Photo #2.

05-31-04, 02:50
Bali Photo #3.

05-31-04, 05:38
Just another one from my Bali report.

Link NL
06-10-04, 00:51
Maria is very much what my liking.

Do you have any more of her?

06-14-04, 05:12
Got a couple more but no nudes due to Indo's laws about porn. Didn't want to risk it sorry.

Magnum Opus
06-23-04, 20:11
Medan, North Sumatera.

Here you are guys, I present you my pretty Wife Liz, an 28 year young Indonesian woman of mixed Chinese-Indonesian descent. Being Liz her husband I always have had perverse and obcene fantasies about my Wife becoming a submissive pleasure-toy for other men. I openly expressed these fantasies to her but until now my pretty Wife remains reluctant or uncertain to give herself to someone but me.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that with only a few hours training under the strict supervision of a competent trainer it will be easy to get my Wife to do what she is obviously made for, to serve me and selected others as a genuine *****Wife.

If you think you like to help me out here, just check out her facial expression as I do my Indo hotwife!

06-23-04, 23:39
Here are some pics of my may trip to jkt.

First comes 2 girls from the 6th floor of the infamous Melawei hotel.

06-23-04, 23:39
Nice lesbian show.

06-23-04, 23:40
Nice lesbian show 2.

06-23-04, 23:41
Great lay out of BATS.

06-23-04, 23:41
Great lay out of BATS 2.

06-23-04, 23:42
Great lay out of BATS 3.

06-23-04, 23:43
Great lay out of BATS 4.

06-23-04, 23:43
At another visit to the 6th floor only these 5's were present.

06-23-04, 23:44
Hotel Melawi.

06-23-04, 23:44
Hotel Melawi 2.

06-23-04, 23:49
Another two of my BATS honey.

06-23-04, 23:50
Another two of my BATS honey 2.

Horny Toad
06-24-04, 09:15
Damn, these girls look HOT. Why you gotta cover up their pretty faces? Are we getting a little territorial here?

T Poet
06-24-04, 13:06
Looks lovely and edible. So where is and what is Bats? How can I get to hotel Melawi or is it easy access from the airport? Damn I need one of those double shot less how to relax a little sory to put this inthe pic section. Again thanks for all the info.

Two weeks and counting.


Migrant One
06-24-04, 16:08

Nice Pics! All the ladies seem to be more 'endowed' in the chest region than most Asian women. Did you search that out, or is it common over there?

No complaints, but I'm a trained CPA so I notice those things.


Daddy Lows
06-24-04, 22:22

Dude. That's some niiice Indonesian rack and poon!


Da Pimp
06-25-04, 02:09
Batam girl, planet Ozon Disco.

Da Pimp
06-25-04, 02:12
Batam girl #2

Camera phone not doing its job but she looks a lot better in person.

Da Pimp
06-25-04, 02:21
Batam girl #3 looking satisfied after the session.

06-25-04, 07:50
Nice pics Strato52. With their faces shown, would have been definitely better.

TPoet...BATS = Bar At The Shangri-la (more or less)

Hitting Jkt in a week. Any mates game for joint hunting sessions?

Possessed Seoul
06-25-04, 12:43
Migrant One,

For some reason, Indo gals to seem to have a bigger rack than their South-east Asian counterparts. My gf is 5'3" with dd tits and my last two were a d and a c respectively, standing a whopping 5'5 and 5' tall. Must be something in the water, but that is why I love em the most.



Pussy Engineer
06-26-04, 04:26
For some reason, Indo gals to seem to have a bigger rack than their South-east Asian counterparts.
AMEN to that! ;)

Harimau Malaya
06-28-04, 03:16
Da Pimp

Nice photos, sweet looking girl. I'm sure she looks better in real. How would you compare Batam island than Karimun (Tanjong Balai) and Tanjong Pinang. I went to Balai and Pinang all I hear is bad things about Batam. They say it is too expensive compared to other places from other Msian and Singaporean pussy hunters, and even from those indon hotel and ojek guys.

I was keen on looking for good looking MILF type of women, someone who is really experienced. Is it easy to find them in Batam, as most girls in Tanjong Balai are very young, often below 24 yeras old.

Sincerely pussy eater,

Memek Lover a.ka dee

Dunia David
06-28-04, 07:10
Asian photo lovers

do yourselves a favour and check out holiday hookers at yahoo groups.

They have about 10 different groups now due to quantity, and maybe 40% is Asian. Balance East Europe etc.

It is all free and I have nothing to sell.



Da Pimp
06-29-04, 00:35
Me Mek Lover,

Sorry, I've never been to Bintan. I'm a cheap traveller. Even Batam is expensive for me. For me, Angeles City in the Philippines has my kind of price structure.

06-29-04, 02:06
Dunia David,

Could you please be more specific about these groups and how to find them?

I did a search in Yahoo Groups for 'Holiday Hookers' and got zero results. Did a search on 'hookers' and only encountered spam groups.

Dunia David
07-01-04, 07:10
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contained links to a competing Forum, which include Yahoo and Google groups. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines and the Forum's FAQ for further information.

Horny Toad
07-12-04, 11:09

Can anyone show me around while I'm in town?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

07-16-04, 00:45
I took this photo at a recent trip to Batam. Thought the WSGforum members would like to enjoy it.

Side note: I love my new Canon S500 digital camera with 5.0mp resolution! Excellent quality and very small & handy for these types of photo opportunties. Almost never need to adjust brighness/contrast.

Rolly Polly
07-16-04, 20:25

Can anyone show me around while I'm in town?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

How the heck do you make so many errors with a 10 word post?

07-27-04, 18:48
What would a trip to Jakarta be without a posting or two - for the Bulai of the world this is an interesting proposition as she is very active and enjoys your company !! All night and beyond if requested and active to a tee!

07-27-04, 18:49
And was willing to pose in a manner befitting our board in Jakarta although dare say that our brothers in Thailand would not be impressed at the lack of surgical study in this piece!

Pussy Engineer
07-28-04, 11:16
Damn! Nice catch. This has reminded me that it's about time I fly to Jakarta soon!

Tonsil Basher
08-02-04, 08:21
Chalky my friend.

Isn't that one of the Fitzgerald sisters?

08-09-04, 15:19
Please forgive the quality however it also summed up the lady in question - a wild untameable young lady and an evening of entertainment - worth the amusement if the pockets are deep - not for the service but for the night out that would be needed to preceed the entertainment!

08-14-04, 18:34

Thanks for the great pics. Now I remember why I always loved Jakarta. It's good to know that the Melawi Hotel is still going strong. It's just down the street from my office, and I guess I will have to pay it a visit when I'm there next month, just for old times sake. The lady from BATs is gorgeous. How much are the women getting there these days? I'm not askng how much they're demanding just how much you actually paid.

Thanks again.


Jakarta Boy
08-16-04, 06:03
Found her at the mall, asked me to buy her stuff, and the rest, mmmmm, just take a guess!

Tonsil Basher
08-17-04, 10:47
AAahh Chalky.

Don't tell me you didn't bonk sweet ole Margaretha. Last I saw her she has legs you would love having wrapped around you as you plunge into the depths of her.

Tell her not to pull that stupid stunt again.

Jakarta Boy
08-19-04, 15:18
Another pic of Mira, been seeing her kind of regularly, so young and innocent yet so hungry and curious. She so rooty, if you catch my drift.

Jakarta Boy
08-19-04, 15:44
My sweet Mira after I'm done with her, actually not really done yet, I was so psyched out with this girl, I think she came 4 times. As you can tell, she lets me do it through the back door, and she lets me came in her bum.

08-19-04, 15:55
To deny would be amusing to tell the tale even more so !! Needless to say all is not in the looks - all I can say is that the dinner that was bought and paid for would have been better spent on a host of others more deserving and better performing!

Now for that next trip let me see!

08-20-04, 01:46
Jakarta Boy

Nice Damn pic man!

08-20-04, 02:11
Hi Jakarta Boy,

Can you pm me contact no. of beautiful Mira. I'll be in JKT next month.

I appreciate your reply.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Sam Yates
08-20-04, 03:07
Jakarta Boy,

Why does the pussy looks caucasian, notice the blond hair. Mira is Indonesian with black hair.

Tonsil Basher
08-20-04, 11:03

You have found the perfect girl for me. I love tunnels on the Hershey Highway.

08-20-04, 12:27
Hi Jakartaboy,

Pls pm contact no for beautiful Mira as I will be in JKT early Sept.


Love Taipei
08-21-04, 14:26
Hat's off to Jakarta Boy:

Whenever you can find a sweet young thing like Mira, you should go with it. She is obviously is trusting of you if she lets you cum in her ass. Don't ruin her life by diseasing her.

A great find

08-22-04, 02:39
Hi Jakarta Boy,

Will be going to JKT next month. Appreciate if you could PM me lovely Mira contact no.



Jakarta Boy
08-23-04, 06:34
It looks caucasian, for one thing she has caucasian blood in her, second, it's so pink because she so young, hardly any pubic hair, just some fine and thin hair. She has black hair because Indonesian girls love going to the salon, sometime three times a week and get their hair colored or dyed, Indonesian girls are very fashion conscious.

Love Taipei
08-24-04, 01:39
Let J-boy enjoy his find for a while before more guys corrupt her

Remy Iskandar
08-25-04, 04:42
Jakarta boy,

Please dont bull shit us. Agree wit Sam Yates, proof it wit more pic coz ur pic only in public ie shopping mall not in da room. Only ass photo wit no face, proof it bro.

Too many fake pic nowdays..hhee..hhee

08-26-04, 10:23
To those who care to understand Indonesia the fact that she looks caucasian could be down to many things.

1. Dutch influence - more prevalent in Indonesia than in any other country other than Vietnam where two nation spilt their seed.
2. Indonesia itself - girls from Balikpapan for example are fairer than other parts of the country.

To those who have contributed little and care to comment - please post your offerings rather than simply be negative. Clearly you have a lot to learn and let not the Indonesia forum degenerate into such flamings as is prevalent in other boards.

So Remy and Sam Yates - the challenge is thrown down - contribute before you comment and you may gain respect and an audience. Do neither and run the risk of others more erudite and experienced to pass comment on your naiviety.

Syabas Jakarta Boy - at least you have contributed.

08-26-04, 11:20

I agree. Jakarta Boy, your move. And don't tell us the girl(s) objected. Because it doesn't have to be pics in the nude.
As long as we can see a bed or a bedroom.

Sam, I think the pussy photo is of a Chinese/Japanese and certainly not of the dark-skinned Mira.

Jkt After Dark 2
08-26-04, 11:53

i don't know what should i say about jakarta boy. having some thought. i am convinved that he is posting references and pictures of **** soft hookers. junior and senior high school students are ****. most just turn 18 when they are entering university. i am concerned that he will get all of us in trouble. i have posted my concern last august 20 on jakarta board.

where are you now? how is action down there?


jakarta after dark

Tony the Cool
08-27-04, 00:46
Regarding Mira:

I know personally Mira. She is just a kid 15 yrs. Comes from wealthy family. Nice, pray 5 times goes to to a one of the most famous and expensive muslim High School in Jakarta, I believed. Those picture were taken from her friendster.com. She has her same picture posted there. She is javanese and don't have white blood at all. So who ever wrote nasty thing about her is just a big dreamer, a looser, immoral, and should not even write in this forum. You have tell lies, and I feel real sorry for you.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

08-27-04, 07:15
To Jakarta Boy,

Nice pic of Mira, having spent a bit of time in Jakarta, I too have had my fair share of Indo pootang and this one looks genuine...

To the fool who thinks she is Chi/jap etc, most Chinese/jap pussies are dark haired and I have never seen "naturally" fair haired Chinese/japanese.

By the way Jakarta boy, could you send me any details and will she go with a caucasion guy?

Nice pics.

Love Taipei
08-27-04, 22:37
I assumed J-Boy was'nt faking but if he is, he should be banned, or anyone else faking. The value of this board is documenting the achievable, not one's wet dreams

08-28-04, 00:11
regardless of the validity of Mira's pics, them are some big ass lips on da puss. i prefer smaller ones myself, everything neat and tidy, in it's place.

08-31-04, 17:12
Sorry, but until there are more photos (even clothed in the hotel room) I'm thinking this is a put on (Mira).

What about this statement to explain the puss hair vs the other hair?

>>She has black hair because Indonesian girls love going to the salon<<

Gee, there must be a LOT of Indonesian chicks going to the salon there, because 99.99% have black hair in this country.

I don't have a membership to friendster, but if the clothed photos are from this site, this loser should be banned and any pictures purloined from another site should be deleted as well.

Damn. I'm going to JKT next month. It seemed too good to believe.

09-01-04, 01:21
I'm still laughing. If anyone likes Chalky's photos posted on July 27, I still have her number in my cellphone.

The face could be a bit better, but the bod is purely perfect (in my opinion of course)


09-01-04, 17:00

If you read my posting correctly you might understand that I was refering to the contrast of the color of the skin!
Being an Indonesian myself, I know how a dark skin will show on photo's, even when it is overexposed by the flash.

I was surprised about the question for me. I think you confused me with your good friend John Aldrich. But, if you are interested, I'm still in Holland now and I will arrive on 22/9 in Jakarta. I can tell you that action in Holland is lousy compared to that in Indonesia for a guy like me who prefers the Asian girls.
I did recommend you to Jaimito Cartero and maybe he has PM'ed you.

Pak Mike
09-04-04, 23:39
A very nice pick up from Desperados Bar in Surabaya, a trye GFE.

Stephen Horndog
09-05-04, 07:50
Less talk, more pictures.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 03:58
This is Anis who I met at Desperado's in Surabaya. We hung out
together from time to time over a couple of years, travelling
together across Java and to Bali.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:02
Anis on the beach in Bali, too shy for a bikini in public.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:04
Anis trying on some of her new Bali gear.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:09
Doing what she does best, this shot was taken with Anis on top
and riding me hard.

What dedication, snapping a photo while on-the-job. Anis is among
that group of women who are truly nyphomaniacs, she just couldn't
get enough.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:10
Taking a break, and asking for another round of the same.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:13
That cheeky smile of hers, meaning that was good, but I could
use a bit more. Honestly, she was insatiable.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:15
Still in Bali, I think she was satisfied here, and indulging in some
quiet refeltion.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:17
Intan, another lady from Desperado's in Surabaya. After the initial
pick up and return to my hotel, she would drop by my room for the
occassional "session", often no charge.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:20
It doesn't come much better than this, a wild Bugis woman and a
few cans of Bintang. First met "The Princess" some years ago in
Ujung Pandang, have maintained contact ever since and spent time
together in Bali, Jakarta, etc.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:22
Love the Princess's body, especially her breasts.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:24
Those breasts again.

Pak Mike
09-06-04, 04:26
Taken during a fairly heavy weekend session with the Princess in
Surabaya. Again, another Indonesian lady with an insatiable
appetite for sex.

Jkt After Dark 2
09-06-04, 05:17

No. It was not a mistake. I really meant to ask you.

Yes. Jaimito Cartero PM'ed me. We had some preliminary interactions. So far, no confirmation yet. No problem with the result. It was you and John Aldrich thoughts that matter most. Thank you again for your thought. I really really appreciate it.

About Holland. I think it is one of the best city in Western Europe. Girls in the show case glass by the street. I find it something.

I have been communicating with John Aldrich thru PM. I am under the impression that he is in trouble. Seems that he poked the wrong woman in his private apartment :). I think he needs some comfort.

Anyway. Thanks


Jakarta After Dark

09-07-04, 21:14
All in a weeks work

09-07-04, 21:17
More of last weeks work

09-07-04, 21:19
Yet more

09-07-04, 21:20

09-07-04, 21:25
Another of Tia

09-08-04, 12:13

You have most certaily outdone yourself this time.

Ma and e, excellent pics. Any chance of sharing the good fortune, mate? Headed for JKT before Bulan Puasa.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

09-09-04, 22:09
What can folks in Indonesia tell us about the mood of the country following the latest bombing at the Aussie embassy in Jakarta?

I was hoping to make my first trip to Indonesia in a couple of weeks to do some diving and was planning to go pretty far afield, e.g., Island of Weh, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara, mayeb even the Banda Islands. And of course JK for the ladies. Now I see unrest in JK and warnings for Aceh, Sulawesi and Maluka.

I would think the risk to an individual, even a Westerner such as me, would be pretty small, but it won't be a very restful vacation if I have to look over my shoulder everywhere I go.

How jumpy are Westerners there now? How heavy-handed are the cops? Any feedback?

Angus Magee
09-09-04, 23:55
Bulai69-Wow. The best photos I have seen in these pages for-well probably the best I have seen. You certainly have an eye for the ladies.


09-10-04, 08:49

There is no real "unrest" in Indonesia. Just a few lunatics that represent 0.00000001% of the population. The threat to Westerners is much greater when crossing the road in Jakarta traffic. In other words, the threat is about the same as for Indonesians.

Indonesia is a great place, with very friendly people and even FRIENDLIER women. Don't let media-driven stereotypes fool you. Even the media photos that purport to show the Aust Embassy with all the windows blown out actually show the building next door. The person who said that pictures cannot lie was a fool or very naive.

09-10-04, 09:15
Angus Magee - thanks for your comments but I can't claim any credit, they are there for all to find.

Harris - there is risk everywhere - the "mood" of 99.9% of Indonesians is embarrassment and anger (with the bombers) - I've had many text messages and emails apologising to me (strange but true) because this has happened (ie bombing). I'm back in UK now but it won't affect my travel one iota. I can't speak for areas outside Java.

09-10-04, 13:11
It's business as usual for bules in Jakarta. I'm headed to check out the action at Stix in the Park Lane Hotel tonight myself....

09-10-04, 20:25
Harris - I forgot to respond to your point about cops. They are OK if you are respectful. Always carry photo copies of your passport (including the visa page). I had minor agro once (in 10 years) when I got stopped in a taxi and had no ID. But I did have what to them was far more important: US$5. Cops stop cars all the time for minor offences (real and imaginary), it's just personal income generation, red light "violation" is the usual one: US$2 will get you acquittal!

As far as westerners are concerned you can't generalise, the mood of some is reflected in here: Mangga and Zippy represent a realistic view (ie the same as me !). Of course there are wankers: I had a small team of 3 consultants staying at Meriden and working at the opposite side of the road. They daren't cross the footbridge because they'd heard that once somebody got mugged on it (probably before they placed a security man at each end). So they'd go by taxi which could easily take 30 minutes each way. Much to my amusement they had a crash in the taxi and so demanded a hire car and driver. I booted them back to UK; no wonder Aussies call us wingeing poms.

09-26-04, 16:43
Here are a series of pics of Endah a cute little 20 year old in Bali Enjoy!

09-26-04, 16:44
Endah 2

09-26-04, 16:45
Endah 3

09-26-04, 16:46
Endah 4

09-26-04, 16:48
Endah 5 - hope you enjoyed

Dark Knight
10-09-04, 04:51
Prof Designer.
You have started off with a BANG, kid. Pics 60 and 61 are OFF THE HOOK.

Nice Job..Keep it up.

10-09-04, 18:47
Harris: These warnings do not apply to the entire areas you mention. Sulawesi, for example, is HUGE and the trouble is limited to the Poso region, a VERY small area. The diving region of Bunaken is adjacent to Manado and is several hundred miles away from Poso. It has had nothing worse than one small bombing a couple years ago. It is a Christian city that is quite safe.

Aceh is heavier because of the military offensive; bules have not been targeted by the Islamiscists up there to my knowledge. Maluku has unrest too, but not EVERYWHERE. Check on local conditions upon arrival in the Big Durian. Don't let the hysteria created by US media scare you away.

10-10-04, 04:04
This girl is Javanese, but was found in Bali. Super hot, but full of attitude. Great body and truly gorgeous.

10-10-04, 04:06
Here's a whole series of a girl I found in Bali. She's Javanese and a great lay. She loved having cum sprayed on her face and she enjoyed taking it in the ass. Definitely a highlight of the trip.

10-10-04, 04:06
More of the same.

10-10-04, 04:07

10-10-04, 04:08

10-10-04, 04:08
Same girl.

10-10-04, 04:10
The photo shoot continues...

10-10-04, 04:11
Here she is on a different night.

10-10-04, 04:11
And again.

10-10-04, 04:12
Some more revealing stuff, finally.

10-10-04, 04:13
Great pussy, well manicured.

10-10-04, 04:13
And finally, the money shot.

10-10-04, 04:14
Another Indonesian girl, this one had a great set of tits.

10-10-04, 08:32
Hi guys,

Just back from Indonesia. 7 days of pure pussy galore. Had fun tick the lil brother went sore.

Stuck to my game plan as per last visit. Never did any mongering (at the night spots or even McD's for that matter). All the effort was put on the net (in chat rooms) and using various "friendship" sites.

Got lucky with a gal who's working for a company as HRD, an assistant financial controller in Bandung, a freshbie - again from Bandung - 21 year old student, a Kindergarten teacher in jakarta and last, but not the least - A girl working at "PARTYLINE" in Jakarta. Perforamance on an average - 7. Good enough.

Guess once you are in touch with the girls, sex is not really such a big issue. Once again, Indonesia never ceases to amaze me!


10-10-04, 14:31
I'm new to the board, so I best start by contributing some pics. This one is of a girl called Lisa, used to hang out at Lintas, now probably moved on to D's or My bar like everybody else.

10-11-04, 06:21
Second try, file size was too large the first time.

10-12-04, 10:52
Another one of Lisa.

10-12-04, 11:15
Ela, used to hang out in 30.

10-12-04, 11:20
Another one of Ela.

Luv China Pussy
10-13-04, 04:32
Can't help but noticing that both Lisa and Ela have nice pair of tits, just nice to hold and suck and firm.

10-13-04, 06:42

Good taste in boobies!


10-13-04, 14:29
Skamerun and Wenger Time,

Great pictures!


10-22-04, 09:30
Here is a girl I met last time. Not a WG just a good Balanese girl living with her family. I'll be looking for her next time. Cut myself out of the pic since no-one wants to look at me.

Someone asked in a pm what was my sort of girl. Well she is it.

10-22-04, 09:38
I'm really glad I didn't take any full nude or "porn" pics. My bag was searched on the way out of Indo. If the "security check" sticker is anything to go by.

Anyway this is Fanny. Spent 1 1/2 nights with her till her boss pissed me off.

10-22-04, 09:43
Maria again,

Took her for a drive up to Lovina.

Pitty her "boss" annoyed me as well this time.

What is it with bosses there? They don't understand the value of repeat customers!

Oh well

10-22-04, 09:48
This is Ayu.

Spent 2 nights and days with her and got a few calls afterwards. I've called her back since I got back and will probably see her again.

10-22-04, 10:04
I did these two on my last night. A 3-some is a first for me but WOW!!

I'll probably be back for these two.

Again, sorry for no nudes. These girls offered but I turned them down. Probably a wise call after the search on the way out.

I know some of you guys think I payed too much...But service is important and if they stuff you around just dump them, never go back, and tell everyone else.

These two restored my faith in Indo and in my friends there.

Dom Perignon
10-22-04, 16:57
Hi Wegner,

I think you posted the pics of the same girl at least three times.

She's very pretty, but I'm wondering why you do that?



Paul D
10-24-04, 01:00

If you have a better post, post it. Otherwise, silence is Golden!

10-24-04, 05:56

Next time try to find a computer with an USB connection and Windows XP installed. Send yourself an email through Fastmail or alike with the scary pictures attached. Then delete them from your MC, SD, XD or whatever memorycard you have!

10-24-04, 07:24

I would have done that if I had thought of it. Pitty I guess but now I know.


Jaimito Cartero
10-24-04, 08:55
All the bags have "bag search" stickers put on them. (Checked luggage, anyway.)

I've never had my video equipment searched anywhere. The first couple of times I went to Thailand I was a bit nervous. I took my flash card with my beaver pics and put it in another bag, but never had any problems.

You will probably need to bring a USB card reader with you in Bali, and possibly in Jakarta also. I was trying to transfer 150 pics to a CD, and none of the internet places in Bali that I went to could do it. I saw a couple of places in Jakarta that could burn the CD, but none that had a card reader. I'm sure they exist, however.

Peter Eastwest
10-26-04, 11:53
All the bags have "bag search" stickers put on them. (Checked luggage, anyway.)

I've never had my video equipment searched anywhere. The first couple of times I went to Thailand I was a bit nervous. I took my flash card with my beaver pics and put it in another bag, but never had any problems.

You will probably need to bring a USB card reader with you in Bali, and possibly in Jakarta also. I was trying to transfer 150 pics to a CD, and none of the internet places in Bali that I went to could do it. I saw a couple of places in Jakarta that could burn the CD, but none that had a card reader. I'm sure they exist, however.

Question - How can I clear all the "temp files" etc from my laptop. Using Windows 2000. I know all the pages viewed are in there somewhere but I cant find them. ButI don't want my boss or the company IT support guys to find them. Anyone able to advise?


10-26-04, 20:06
All in a weeks work
This young lady is just too good to be true. I am in Jakarta on 21st November and wonder how would I be able to meet her. You will probably realise i am new to all this but her picture made me write to you. Please let me.

Many thanks,


10-27-04, 15:05
Peter Eastwest:

First create a list of sites frequently visited (from the dropdown menu). Then, Right click on the Internet icon - Select Properties - Delete Cookies, delete Files and delete History. This will erase all sites that you visited and also delete all websites from the dropdown selector menu. Then manually re-enter the sites frequently visited.

Good Luck.


10-27-04, 21:08
Same girl.
I have been to thailand and phillipines. how do prices and mongering compare IF you have been to thailand. after seeing this honey I was ready to try indo


10-27-04, 23:08
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but in reply to the individual wanting to clear page views and site history from his computer, the proposed action will clear the information from being readily accessible, but it will in no way ensure that it isn't there for the IT boys to find if they look. There are shredding programs that allow some measure of security (I use Cypherus and its OK), but one is fooling oneself if they believe that they can cover their tracks. Even a basic retrieval is going to show every sleazy site you went to and whatever you typed. If the IT boys, or law enforcement, decides to check your laptop to see what's there, you're toast. No one would look good in such a situation, but it is obviously best to keep the things that would get you fired or incarcerated off the work laptop. Just have to keep things separate, and if worst comes to worst, I would report the laptop stolen, or pitch it in the river, before I would let it out of my control.

EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: This is interesting, but you might consider re-posting it under the Computer Security topic in the Special Interests section of the Forum where it will benefit the Forum Members who are specifically looking for this type of information. Thanks!

Lover Boy
10-28-04, 04:21
Dude what the hell is wrong with you? As a IT guy I can tell you even if you delete them from you local machine or hardrive, chances are that internet files are cached somewhere in network drive, yes the do have a copy & most company now installs software to track D*** guys like you...
Use a public proxy server......If you need to know more let me know.

Question - How can I clear all the "temp files" etc from my laptop. Using Windows 2000. I know all the pages viewed are in there somewhere but I cant find them. ButI don't want my boss or the company IT support guys to find them. Anyone able to advise?


Jaimito Cartero
10-28-04, 06:08
Well, I've been to both, and I have to say that I like the "look" of an average Indonesian girl more than a standard Thai girl. They're both nice looking, don't get me wrong, but I prefer the looks of the former.

There seem to be many more girls in Thailand working, but I had no problems finding cute girls in Jakarta or Bali to have some fun with. Pricing is fairly close, but I think you can get a 8.5-9.5 girl in Indonesia for 20-50% less than Thailand.

I'm certainly not too knowledgable able Indonesia yet, but these are my views from my almost week trip there in September and October.

In Bali you can find girls in the 100k range for Danau Poso brothels. 200k-400k for freelancers (all night) at major clubs. You also have some massage places, one where 100k for all extras was fine (and 50k was probably sufficient).

In Jakarta 200k will get you good action in many places, 300-500k for club girls. Jakarta girls seemed a notch or two above Bali girls in looks.

Dom Perignon
10-28-04, 11:14

If you have a better post, post it. Otherwise, silence is Golden!

So, follow your advise, dear friend.


10-28-04, 12:07
Lover Boy is very right.
The other solution might be to after visiting the sites you dont want you boss to see. log off and open your computer in DOS and type in Format c:/ and then press the enter key dont worry about the warnings they are for someone else, keep pressing (yes) format C:/ and once this process is complete then reinstall windows (or just tell the IT guy to do it I am sure he loves his job) . The other solution that is a SURE thing is after every use go get a TALL GLASS of water ( hot or cold) and while the computer is ON just pour it in the CPU directly into the hard drive (its the thing that sounds like it is spinning)(spread evenly)you should not have any more problems with that computer for a while if it is networked repeat the process with the Main Server.

Member #2326
10-28-04, 17:18
I agree, the format C: will do it for you, but then again dropping it from the 4th floor of the Hilton will achive the same, well almost the same result.

Lover Boy is very right.
The other solution might be to after visiting the sites you dont want you boss to see. log off and open your computer in DOS and type in Format c:/ and then press the enter key dont worry about the warnings they are for someone else, keep pressing (yes) format C:/ and once this process is complete then reinstall windows (or just tell the IT guy to do it I am sure he loves his job) . The other solution that is a SURE thing is after every use go get a TALL GLASS of water ( hot or cold) and while the computer is ON just pour it in the CPU directly into the hard drive (its the thing that sounds like it is spinning)(spread evenly)you should not have any more problems with that computer for a while if it is networked repeat the process with the Main Server.

10-29-04, 19:07
Deversa - which one do you mean? I get a lot of requests for info on some of the girls I've posted but because of current delayes etc in the forum it's not always clear which ones are being referred to - if you can quote file name and date it would help.

11-10-04, 19:41
Fellow Mongerers,

We need more of them pics and none of the discussions here. After all, this is the photo section.

Monger II

11-19-04, 10:22
Monger II is right that mongers should keep this section for photos only. So just to spice things up a bit I submit a very recent photo. The fucklet pictured here is an old (but still young) favourite of mine who I originally picked up in a fuckshop in Mangga Besar.

She's long since given up selling her sweet little body in Kota, but likes to get a bit on the side from a few established regulars like me.

Here she can be seen performing the wonderous act that knocked my socks off the first time I met her. Her deep throat BBBJCIM is a sight to behold and a sensation that no adventurous hetrosexual man should ever miss.

I fucked this little performer for about 2 hours. Or I should say that she sucked my cock for almost 2 hours, with short breaks for a bit of rimming and other such unnatural acts. We outlasted the porno movie that was beaming from my DVD player. Then when I could stand it no more I slipped on a rubber and slipped up her sweet inviting arsehole and shot a huge load within a couple of minutes of entering her. Then we collapsed on the sofa with a beer. Ah, life can be sweet.

Master Diver II
11-26-04, 12:06
I thought I should post this here as these were taken in Jakarta Jan 2003 when I hadn't heard of the forum yet. I had help in sourcing these women who is unfortunately no longer available. Thank you Menteng and Bulai for your kind advice. I hope to add to my photo collection.

This is girl no.1 of 3

Master Diver II
11-26-04, 12:09
Girl no. 2 of 3. She's smiling at me! No.3 will come at a later date. Sorry if sime pics are blurred. I was new to the camera and made some errors esp with the next set.

12-01-04, 00:46
She looks better than this photo (to me anyway). The body is perfect, and she's about 5'6". Lately know to have lighter hair and blue contacts.

Master Diver II
12-03-04, 01:50
Well guys,

Here's to Jakarta. I'm coming again next week and hoping to take more photos. Again apologies for the quality of the pics but they're still worthwhile. You should have seen the close ups that were screwed up. This girl was wet and wild. started the BBBJ in the shower and got better all the way. For some reason they all smile at Mr. Smiley:D

Master Diver II
12-03-04, 01:53
Continuing the saga .......

Fun Pete
12-03-04, 09:00
I came across these photos and wonder if the ones posted earlier real, or just some pics of the internet, like these are?

Posted in this section on 09-16-03

Then Finally this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Aldrich
12-05-04, 09:16
I came across these photos and wonder if the ones posted earlier real, or just some pics of the internet, like these are?

Posted in this section on 09-16-03

Hi Fun Pete, If you look at the commentary that run with the pix, I have never claimed I was the guy. In fact they were the first pix posted on Indo forum. And as you run through the writeup, I had also posted Nasha Aziz episode here and Menteng questioned the authenticity of the report itself. I then emailed him the pix of the paper clipping too. It was sometime then that , most of us realised that we need to post only those pix of the girls with whom we had our encounters and only then action started off in terms of posting the pix. But since I knew this girl and had used her quite a few times I thought I must post her pix here, though it was not with me. This only enabled quite a few guys to date with her. I guess the spirit of the forum is to facilitate fellow mongers to find girls.

And in terms of the pix that I posted, it was that the girl involved in the pix was available here in Indonesia at that particular time. She was going around in the name of Sarah and later in the name of Michelle. Quite a few members of this forum have approached me for her numbers and taken it from me and have had a date with her and atleast 1 of them has taken her to Bali for a few days. About 6 months back, I tried contacting her agent here in Jakarta again for her but was told that she had relocated to Australia. In anycase, I can share the number of her agent with you and in case you want another girl through him or even maybe try and get this girl"s contact details in Australia, if she is on the same job now. This agent has with him quite a few porn stars on his rolls and he does charge a whopping amount for the rendezvous. Some of them are stars in their own right too.

Anyway thanks mate and looking forward to your contribution to this forum.

Master Diver II
12-06-04, 04:00
Some pics of the girl that ended up staying 2 nights. Very good attitude and GFE. As per SOP always check the KTP.

Master Diver II
12-06-04, 04:06
Some more pics of the Medan girl. Kept her phone number for future reference. Looks like mall hunting is possible there too - at least with regard to SPGs. Missed an opportunity that brings to mind Dorman imagining Bulai shaking his head in disgust and walking away.

Fun Pete
12-08-04, 01:04
Hi Fun Pete, If you look at the commentary that run with the pix, I have never claimed I was the guyI don't believe anyone posting pictures on this site, specifially needs to state they are "the guy" in those pictures, it is quite normal to assume so. For example, when there is a photo of a girl giving Oral sex to a guy, and there is no comment, or a short comment like "a girl from ABC Bar", it is quite normal to assume the guy who posted the picture is also the guy in the picture. On the other hand, when someone posts a picture which is not theirs, in that case it is normal to indicate so, a short comment such as "found these pictures on the internet" would do it.

John Aldrich
12-08-04, 19:16
Thanks Fun Pete. Though your suggestion has come more than a year late, I will keep that in mind in my future posts. Have you been to Jakarta before. What has been your experience. Would love to look up any new place that you have found here in Indonesia. Looking forward to your contribution.