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01-01-02, 02:00
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10-17-02, 08:51
I live in Bali.

Let's get back to the purpose of the forum and away from politics.

The area affected is a street with lots of surf shops, bars, and low budget hotels. The clubs affected were, as reported, full of the surfer/backbacker crowd and some locals, usually high school aged kids. Several years ago some FL's used to hang out in front of and next to the Sari Club, however they were all relegated to a small bar called Minis about 500 metres south of the Sari Club around 3 years ago . The girls that work in this area are generally older and a bit nasty, come from Java and not Bali, and quite frankly I would be very concerned about STD's from these girls. Short time could be had for about IDR150,000, less than $20.

For those of you who might actually come to Bali, and I imagine thats pretty much none of you, Sanur is the place to go for brothels. There is one street with many, many places, all discreet, you have to go down a long driveway usually. Rooms are usually semi clean, they all draw on pretty much the same stable of girls. Staff and girls rarely speak English. They will ask you to wait, and ride off on a motorbike and bring back a girl. Fee for the brothel is usually IDR150,000, tip is up to you. Girls again are usually from Java, most from a town called Banuwangi. Its a gamble, some are gems and some are cold fish.

I have a day job so can't stay up all night, there are some clubs in a place called Legian or Semenyak that have lots of indo FL talent available, but they don't even open until after midnight.

IMHO Bali is as safe or unsafe as anyplace else. Whoever did this is not Balinese.

10-18-02, 13:27
As a expat resident I would like to make a statement about what happen.

Bali is safer for a white person now than it is for a muslim.

If you are one of those people who love bali and regulary visit, please do your balianese friends a favour and visit.

They need support, they need tourists its their livelihood.

Also every thing, including the girls will be cheaper.

Assuming this is an Usama thing, Thailand and Malaysia are more dangerous now, still being virgins of such atrocity.

And no I dont make an income from tourism, but all my Balianese friends do directly or indirectly.
makassih ya

10-18-02, 18:42
Greetings. I usually frequent and post in the Seoul and NYC boards. I would like to take this time to offer my deepest sympathies to the victims, their families and to the wonderful people of Bali who have suffered and will continue to suffer because of these horrific attacks. Who ever places political motives behind these attacks should just hang themselves because it is not based on that – these attacks were designed to kill as many people as possible, plan and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. And based on the results, it looks like they did their homework and achieved results far greater than they could have ever imagined. Sadly, aside from the people who lost their lives and their loved ones, the biggest losers are the people of Bali. They will lose their economy and livelihood because of a bunch of cowards. It is very sad and I shudder to think that this beautiful island and these wonderful people are in for a perhaps long and painful recovery. Unless the government of Indonesia does something and does something soon, I can’t see things getting that much better. If any good is to come out of this incident, it will perhaps come in the form of everyone opening their eyes about terrorism AND maybe get the Indonesian government off their lazy asses to do something.

As for Feeler’s comment about the USA not knowing about terrorism, he couldn’t be further from the truth. New York City suffered terrorism in ’93 with the first WTC bombing. Don’t forget the foiled bridge and tunnel plot and the foiled subway attack (nobody seems to remember this one). There was also the Oklahoma City bombing…so, yes, the US knows damn well about terrorism. I don’t think anyone expected terrorism of this magnitude to strike within the U.S. soil. So, before you make crass and ignorant statements such as that, please do you research. Probably the government should have done more and probably knew more than they acknowledge, but it’s too late for that now and the next task is to stop the next terrorists from completing their future plans.

Also, Feeler, your comment about only U.S. airport security being a joke is not true. If it was, then why was Richard Reid allowed on an airplane with a bomb from Paris’ Charles de Gualle Airport? Seems to me that European airports need to check their security protocol as well. And, did you guys know that Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, the largest and busiest in Canada, is the only major airport world wide that does not X-ray any passenger luggage? This is an airport that handles about 28 million passengers a year as well. That’s pretty scary, if you ask me, and is probably an accident or attack waiting to happen.

So, Feeler, maybe you should stick to feeling yourself out before you get into politics, because you obviously don’t know a damn thing.

And e-Frog, some of your facts are a bit off and contradictory, but it’s not worth delving into at this time, especially since YOU made the contradictory statement about not getting into political discussions, while immediately following that up with a long-winded political rant.

Anyways, I don’t know which place is safe now. These people don’t like anyone who doesn’t follow their religion or their beliefs. Unfortunately, they seem to have the means to lash out at anyone they don’t like, and through these means they can do a hell of a lot of damage. China, Japan and the Koreas seem to have it right – they don’t allow any of these people into their countries. You can call their policies harsh and racist, but you will probably see a snowball in hell before you see an Islamic militant attack in those places.

10-19-02, 08:16
Originally posted by Bil
Does anyone know if the area hit by the bombing was in a zone where the hoookers hang out?
Well the Sair club banned unaccompanied indonesia's to keep hookers and hustlers, out. But Paddies has always had a few girls ranging from full timers to part timers and party girls. It Indonesia there is a huge grey area between hooker and girl friend/one nught stand.

Double 6 has now been closed and will remain so for a month, as a precaution.

I went out in Seminyak last night (friday) (2km from legion/kuta) life was as usual.

10-19-02, 08:46
Now for a post on topic.

Most bars have girls that will accompany you for money, they range from hard core pros to shop assisants after some extra money and a night out.

Apparences are everything in Indonesia as the gossip system is profound. If you want a classy girl, then dont turn up in shorts and a tourist tee shirt, look smart and chatt them up, that way you pass off as a couple.
It is total bullshit to say Balianese girls do not work, they only work the higher end, more as good time girls, if you are fat old or ugly sorry, you need double 6, or the hardcore.

The few Balianese girls that do work ful l time are from the other side of the Island, poorer places like Singaraja, they tell they family they work in a cafe etc

Relansionships in Asia often appear close to prostitution. A hand phone, credit for it, dinner for her and her friends, new clothes, taxi money etc etc etc. This happens for locals blokes as well. It is best to see it as an arshole tax, if you are just using them, at least they get something.

Beyond a certain point you cannot bale out, if you live here and buy a balianese girl a motor bike and then latter dump her, her family may just cut your head off, you have made her look like a pro.
One thing to note about Balianese girls, while all asians are renouned for silky skin, the balianese skin is more akin to silky warm velvet.
One thing to note Indonesian woman tend to love sex, and unlike a lot of western woman dont see it as much a previlage that they let you sleep with them, regardless of payment.

Most of the workers are from java, and when they go home they will be wearing the muslim headdress, something I found highly ironic.

Alot of the girls have been dumped by their husband and have a child at home sometimes I wonder if these girls where dumped by their husbands as they have become too damn demanding in bed.

If you do have a fling with a balianese girl, make sure her family is from the other side of the island or you may end up in a lot trouble. Families/village have a tendancy to demand marriage with a knife at the mans throat. Indonesian law alows the practise of local customs outside the law. A friend a few years ago in another part of Indonesia almost got his head cut off for having an affair with a muslims wife.

more latter.

10-19-02, 15:35
Well Jvodan, You have convinced me...I'm going to Thailand.

10-21-02, 20:14
jvodan - Very interesting post. You know the facts, and may have saved a head or two!

I consider your posts every bit as useful, if not more so, than the mainstream news.

These extreme Muslims seem to target people who are freer than them. I hope Bali can avoid being subsumed.

I'm afraid that SE Asia is now engaged in this utter bullshit.

10-21-02, 20:19
My guess is:

The violence is propogated by young Muslim men who are denied normal sexual outlet, thereby becoming queer by proxy. And very crazy.

Perhaps my size 11 (U.S.) motorcycle boot up their arse would help release their tensions.

Good luck to all!

10-22-02, 09:27
To all my Balinese friends

I am deeply saddened by your loss. I went to Bali thre times in the 90's and all I can say is that you guys were the best ever.

Bali was one of the places in my list of places to visit in my lifetime. And I was not dissapointed. They are the most friendliest people I have ever known.

One of the best sex i ever had was at Sanur, and i have travelled to a lot of places. The place was not too fancy (used condoms on the bathroom floor). The woman was a little older. But man, could she suck your balls. In fact, I came even before she sucked me.

The best way to get the girls is to involve the the local taxicab driver. It is discreet and they know where to go.

Here's to going to Bali in the near future.

Peace to all.

11-03-02, 09:45
Bangkok, here I come.
No, I ment I will come to there.
No, I will go there and , well you know what I mean.
Doctor of Love
Author, Marriage and Other Traps for Men

Dick Johnson
12-05-02, 01:59
You meant "Bangkok here I cum"?

01-26-03, 23:24
There have no posts on the Bali board for some time - for obvious reasons. Has anyone been there recently and can provide an update on the scene at this point in time ?

01-28-03, 04:34

I live in Bali and can assure you that the scene is the same as always, except that the local talent has a lot less customers at the moment. Sanur is still the place for ST, plenty of places to go and lots of girls from Java waiting to serve you. Actually, business is so slow that some of the girls who have my hp number call me on a regular basis to ask me to come or offer to take a taxi to my house.

Price for ST in Sanur is Rp. 150,000 for about an hour. If you like to stay up late, the scene in Legian/Seminyak has lots of potential, real stunners available (again mostly Java chicks) but you have to find the right bars on the right nights at the right time. I have a day job so this is not an option for me.

As many have said before, if you are around long enough this place is crawling with gorgeous women who are looking for a bule (farang, gaijin, ang moh, lauwai, whatever) to fall in love with them. It is easy to get laid for free, and the GFE is much better than the Java chicks in Sanur. Treat the girls right and they will treat you VERY well, especially in bed. Just have to be careful as usual they will get very possesive very quickly. Be wary of Balinese girls because if you break their heart and they go home crying you don't want all of her big brothers coming to find you.

If anyone needs details on where and how to find ST in Sanur, check the archives or let me know if you want me to post details on how it works.

Bali is a great place to come visit now. All of the locals would really appreciate support to encourage tourists to come here again.

01-28-03, 14:16
jack daniels.
was just there for 3 weeks, got back a couple of days ago.
the scene is still the same, except with fewer tourists around. Bali is really hurting, people should be travelling there.
all the brothels in Sanur are still oerating the same as susual.
good luck

01-28-03, 23:17
Thanks, guys- appreciate the information.

diverdown - I read your earlier post too. You mentioned "stunners" in Legian/Seminyak - how do these compare with Thai and Phil girls ? I appreciate its all a matter of personal taste but would be interested in hearing your view. Are Javanese girls stunners, generally speaking ?

I am looking for a 3 day excursion from Singapore when I am there - should I base myself in Sanur or Legian/Seminyak ? Bearing in mind the short duration, any recommendations on dead cert hotties ?

...and something to do in the daytime...


01-29-03, 04:12
I will be holidaying in Bali in the 2nd week of Feb, would appreciate some info on how to find ST in Sanur or elsewhere. Am from Perth, Oz - will be staying on the Kuta/Legian strip - and am travelling on my own. Prefer having the girl for the night (or 2), look fwd to some great BBBJ's ....!!

Would appreciate some local Company for a drink or two, maybe, during which I'd love to learn the finer points of "scoring" in Bali.

Diverdown, if you'd like to catch up, pls contact me at mh900131@hotmail.com

Cheers, mates.

01-29-03, 04:47
I have lived in Thailand and Bali; there very beautiful women in both places. If you find a Javanese girl from one of the cities they tend to be a bit more open and agressive than than TG's. Check the Jakarta section; in Jakarta if you are a decent looking bule you can merely go to the McDonalds and be approached by girls while you try to order a cheesburger.

For the trip to Bali, remember the scene in Sanur is a quick one hour in and out thing, no frills. If you find something you like you can ask her to come with you to your hotel, given the current market they will likely go. The scene in Legian/Seminyak is more of a hunt, starts late, and the girls will be FL, most hoping to bag an expat husband if they can.

I would stay in the Legian/Seminyak area, do some Sanur action in the afternoon, and then head to the bar scene late night (depends on your stamina).

For daytime activities, the diving is good ...

01-29-03, 19:01
Good report diverdown. billyhicks just make sure u go to right mcdonalds in jakarta. blok m if i recall right

I like kuta myself. stay at kartica plaza hotel on beach. loads of locals on the beach looking for a quicky. but nite action in sanur is more mechanical less gf action

01-31-03, 04:12
This is how ST works in Sanur:

From Kuta/Nusa Dua or other souther areas, take the "bypass road north to Sanur. The bypass road is the big road that goes from Nusa Dua to Sanur, it is the main road in Bali.

On the bypass road, pass Benoa. When you get close to Sanur, the bypass will have a slow right turn, and you will see a road on the right side that angles off from the bypass. There is a large sign for the Raddin Hotel at the intersection. Proceed until the next opportunity to make a u turn, then backtrack and take this road. If you get to the big intersection in Sanur with the big McDonalds, you have gone to far.

Once you are on the correct turnoff, proceed down the road about 1 k, and you will be in the brothel district. It will not be obvious. Most of the brothels are set back from the road. You can try #67X; find the Circle K market (convenient to stop for condoms and a cold beverage) and turn left down the alley. At the end of the alley is a small complex with about 10 bungalows. Nobody speaks english, but if you say "want a girl" they will figure it out.

They will show you to a room and someone will go off on a motorbike to find a girl, and then bring back to you. Some girls may be afraid to go with foreigners. You can say you don't like the girl and they will go off and get another. If he has to kick the girl off the motorbike and push her in the room, you may not be in for too much fun. The process is a bit hit and miss. However, once you find one you like you can ask for her by name next time.

Once in the room, you will get standard service depending on the experience of the girl. Some are new and not so happy to be working, others are experienced and really into thier work.

I pay Rp. 150,000 (less than US$20), more than the locals for sure but if you look like a tourist and don't speak the language they will try for more. Tips for the girl are up to you. If you are happy with her and expect to try her again the next day, a tip of Rp 50,000 will likely get you a lot of enthusiasm the next session. Keep in mind that by the time every takes thier pices of the action the girl is probably getting about Rp. 20,000.

All along this road are similar places. If you drive slowly and make eye contact with the guys hanging out on the street, those houses that offer service will indicate it to you discreetly.

The girls seem to work at all of the houses. There are several dormatories on the road that are full of girls that all of the houses draw on. If you have the guts for it, ask your girl to take you back to her place and see if you can survive a house full of working girls.

There are probably other areas in Sanur with similar services but this is the one I am most familiar with. Hope this report is helpful to any Bali travelers.

Again, any support for travel to Bali is appreciated by us all here.

01-31-03, 16:45
Thanks diver ive saved it for my next visit. good info. im off to dr now for a week of mongering

01-31-03, 17:36
Thanks for the comprehensive report, Diverdown.

Would appreciate your further comments:
----- do all/most girls do blowjobs WITHOUT condoms?
----- whats the score on anal with the girls in Sanur and/or the
working girls in the Kuta nightclubs?

Thanks in advance .....

02-03-03, 04:21
If you get oral it will be likely be uncovered, but CIM is unlikely. Some girls may not do oral. As is typical in this part of the world, many girls won't pressure you to use a condom for FS but I wouldn't recommend it

I am not into anal so can't give you any info there, but I would tend to think many indo chicks would be a bit shy about that.

02-04-03, 18:33
Dear Diverdown,
Thanks for excellent report and guide. Still it is difficult to find the area in Sunar. If you can draw the map or tell how to find on which map.
This will be a great help to me and all friends visiting Bali, Sunar.

02-05-03, 06:29
Check this url for a map of Sanur


The street I refer to is marked on this map as "Jalan Danau Poso" near the bottom, look for the number 5 on the map.

Don't bother to look for street signs when you are in Bali. Check for the landmarks instead. I didn't know the name of this street until today when I looked it up.

02-11-03, 19:52
Thank you very much DIVERDOWN.
I found the map and I will try to go to the place in Sunar and write the report for giving all the detailed information helpful to all.
If you have more information please give us.

02-17-03, 10:24
Howdy guys, just back from a wonderful 8 days in Bali:

Bali is still one of the best value-for-money holidays you will ever find on thIS planet, people have started coming back to this fantastic place; I must say that, all things being equal, Bali is as safe as or as unsafe as any other place in this hostile world. I'd rather holiday there than in New York or any big US city or in London (with their battletanks doing duty in the city), where people are all afraid of their own shadow, where that arrogant warmongering COWBOY is getting his polly sucked by that WEED Blair, while the people wonder where OBL is gonna strike next!

And yes, the women are still as beautiful and plentiful as ever - especially in Sanur, where I spent quite a few hours of pure bliss with the lovely girls there; they sure know their ABC, they know how to take a man to heaven and back, many times over. Am not kidding, am dead serious, only wish I could stay there longer!

But back along the Kuta and Legian strip, things are becoming visibly better, the nightlife is very slowly but surely creeping up to pre-bomb levels, while the Bintang is as plentiful and as free-flowing as ever.

Nightclubs of special note:
----- the NEW Bounty, downstairs from 1am onwards
----- the Apache bar which fills up pretty well
----- the Santa Fe
----- The Spy Bar

If its old cows youre after, you cant go past Mini Bar and Restaurant; a few younger girls do mingle amongst the bags, though ... in fact, I did pick up a 20yo there on one particular night.

PRIZE TIP: the less English the girl knows (no English, better still) the "fresher" the girl - cos she'd probably be new on the scene, from the island interiors.

So don't hesitate, guys, pack your bags and go -- for terrorism in Bali is a thing of the past.


02-28-03, 21:31
In Sanur you can also find local, young girls looking for a new boyfriend. Sex the first evening is very natural on Bali. Money is seldom discussed but if you do not want to see the girl again, give her "taxi-money" when you say good-night. You find them in open-door bars - just look for places with many motor bikes outside (belonging o Balinese boys). Have fun!

03-08-03, 02:49
Sorted In Sanur

Might be of interest...

there's a little place in Sanur called Young Coconut Flesh (translated!) one of those bungalow arrangements where the guy goes off to get a grl from the dormitories.

Anyway, he came back with Iin a lovely smooth skinned 21 yr old. She was great, but first time, on the hour, off she went, 200,000. Funny thing over a couple of weeks had her 3 times, by the 3rd time we were friends and she was happy to hang around for almost 3 hours and fuck my brains out!Still only wanted 200,000. Bargain!

She told me that she had to pay her dorm owner 10,000 rupiahs for every hour she was away, plus gave the motorbike guy 20,000 and the room guy 20,000. She had saved 10 million rupiahs and wanted to buy land for her folks back in Java.

Went offshore fo 5 weeks, came back and she was gone! Back in java. Good luck to her, I can see her sitting looking over the farm thinking about the cocks she rode to get it! Miss her! Short, and smooth, hair cut short and tucked behind her ears, she used to love riding on top, grunting at me to 'Grab my tits hard! Harder!!' as she came! A damn fine girl.

A while ago had another hardcore sex machine 24 yr old, very dark skin, big wide juicy mouth full of teeth and took anal, who actually lived at one of the bungalow arrangements, i paid her bungalow rent of 500,000 per month and she let me sausage her as often as i wanted. There's lots of ways to get your fucks sorted down in Sanur!

03-10-03, 18:33
Hi Guys,
Excillent reports about Sunar. I will be there in April and staying at Grand Bali Beach. Please let me know how to go to the Bungaows and how far they are. One can go by walking, by bicycle or need a cab to go there.
Previous report from divedown tells how to go from bypass.
Thank you all in advance specially divedown and cukup.

03-13-03, 21:59
I will be staying Nusa Dua, probably Hilton next week. I'll be with a girl but I want some variety. I can easily get a way for a couple of hours but not much more. Can I get something nearby? Anybody any experience of HJ or BJ as a follow on from massage in the Hilton hotel or any others in Nusa Dua?

03-14-03, 20:13
Near Hyatt is a street all taxis know. Numbers by street are for brothels. Good for couple hour getaway from Nusa Dua. Most other action at night unless you get lucky.

03-15-03, 00:50
Thanks monger22

04-20-03, 05:23
I'll be in Bali in May, I would like to know which place are the best for stay, Sanur, Legian or Seminyak? Which hotel will be the best there, my budget will be arround Ruppiah 100 000 to 150 000 pernight. How about some tips of place to find nice chicks and what are the rate for one night stand?

04-23-03, 01:13
Mela try Kuta or Sanur. Try Kartika Plaza Hotel. Oceanfront an nice. You can bargan with front desk over rate. two pools
Walk to the girls in Kuta or take one from the beach.
Bulia did u find the many brothels near the Hyatt?

05-01-03, 19:48

I didn't get to Bali as planned so wasn't able to take up your advice but I will remember for next time - thanks. I would be interested to hear any reports on the brothels near the Hyatt - maybe MelakaSex can report

05-04-03, 20:12
To bad you didnt come. Hotels are less than 30% full. good deals
Brothels are homes on a residential street near Hyatt. Brothel mailboxes in front of each home have an x on them. Other homes on streets mailboxes have no x.

05-08-03, 16:40
I'll be there in June for 3 weeks. Is Kuta any good to find nice young WL's still??? Or a Taxi trip to Sanur the best deal???

What Clubs to go to now (used to LUV Sari & Paddy's. God rest the Security Guards spirits in Heavan who used to guard the entrance to Sari club that I knew so well)

New Bounty Ship used to be a pickup spot for WL's.

Will be staying at Bounty hotel Kuta. Anyone else going over the same time???

Hey, what about club 66(on the beach) or Peanuts(is that place still going?)

Many thanx for your advice.

Bali 4 ever!

05-26-03, 15:20
Have fun an please post an up to date Bali report when you get back. Less girls than before an mostly Javanese i think. Try the korokees. You will be KING of Kuta.

06-05-03, 01:08
hey Harryreams.

i go to Bali about every 5 to 6 weeks, and it is very very quiet.
was at "double six" around 8.00 PM for dinner, my date and I were the only 2 people there.

Jl Dano poso in sanur still the place for ST. abt 200,000 for the hour. Tell them what you want, they will use their cellphone to contact the girls who r available.

have fun.


Larry Flynt
07-19-03, 17:18
Hiya Guys,

Despite the many warnings from friends & family I've booked a holiday to bali in December for 9 nights of drunken Debauchery.

With the horrible events that occured what's replaced the Sari & Paddies as the top tourist nightspots?

I'm a big fans of massages and will no doubt be getting a number of them during my trip, I don't suppose anybody knows of any "extras" being offered?

The trips not for a few months yet but I'll be sure to put together a detailed report of my adventures upon my return :)

07-20-03, 04:10
Originally posted by Larry Flynt
Hiya Guys,

Despite the many warnings from friends & family I've booked a holiday to bali in December for 9 nights of drunken Debauchery.

With the horrible events that occured what's replaced the Sari & Paddies as the top tourist nightspots?

I'm a big fans of massages and will no doubt be getting a number of them during my trip, I don't suppose anybody knows of any "extras" being offered?

The trips not for a few months yet but I'll be sure to put together a detailed report of my adventures upon my return :)

as u travel from Sanur to Kuta, go around the roundabout, and just before the traffic light, on the right hand side, there are 2 MP. the girls there offer extra services, but don't expect FS, unless you can see her on the outside.
Hard rock is a good place to pick up FL, and if you are looking for FS, go to the *****houses in sanur on Jl Dano Poso.

07-20-03, 19:51
It looks like I am going to get to Bali later in the year. Thanks for your helpful responses earlier, diverdown, but I never managed to get to Bali then. It sounds like Sanur is an afternoon mechnical experience and Kuta, Legian, Seminyak are the places to stay. Are the bars in one strip or are they dispersed ?

Can anyone recommend a good hotel in any of the above for about USD 60 or so (4 stars type hotel) ?

Any good bars with the best action ?


07-22-03, 00:05
Hi Jackdaniels,

There is a strip that has a lot of pubs / clubs. Ask the taxi to take you to Santa Fe. Their must be about 30 odd clubs on this road. Also just down the rd is the Spy Bar which is more of a trendy club, but still bloody good! Don't forget that nothing happens till round 11.30pm onwards any day of the week. I have never had so much fun in all my life! You will have a ball!

07-22-03, 03:57
I can't believe you guys are paying Rp200.000 in Sanur ho-houses. The correct price is 100.000 for foreigner (locals even pay less) for one hour with one girl! Of course the Javanese guys will ask more but you just smile and negotiate!

Two girls is 200.000 for one hour. You can also tip them 10-20.000 but it is not necessary.

Why destroy the scene by jacking up the prices?

Part-timers from the ex-Paddy's used to cost 200.000 ST. I suppose it's still the same from other places like 66 or peanuts (or now even less). Few months ago being at peanuts there were at least 7-8 girls working and only maybe 3 would- be customers.

07-22-03, 23:15
Originally posted by i_wilde
Hi Jackdaniels,

There is a strip that has a lot of pubs / clubs. Ask the taxi to take you to Santa Fe. Their must be about 30 odd clubs on this road. Also just down the rd is the Spy Bar which is more of a trendy club, but still bloody good! Don't forget that nothing happens till round 11.30pm onwards any day of the week. I have never had so much fun in all my life! You will have a ball!


Is this Santa Fe in Kuta ? Are all these bars well stocked with hotties ?


07-23-03, 09:42

Mate! The whole Island is packed full of hotties. Just relax and have fun, they will catch on and suround you in a matter of minutes. As for price, I never paid more than 120,000 for the whole night. But I had more fun targeting the local girls rather than the hardened pros of Java. I even managed to pick up a few shop assistances that were happy to do anything for a free night out on the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140).

Go out late and have fun, thats what this whole Island is about!

07-24-03, 18:30
Greetings to everyone!

I am going to Kuta in mid-September for my first ever Bali trip. Can anyone with (a lot of) patience :-) explain us the situation there in more general terms. E.g.:

I. Are there SW available at night in the Kuta / Sanur area? What are their prices?

II. Can you bring the girl to your hotel? (****)

III. If you don't want to go to the brothels in Sanur aforementioned by some guy: What are your best alternatives (SW, bars, MP, call-in services...)?

IV. Where is the Santa Fe street (to repeat JD's question) located?

V. Regarding the 30 or so bars on Santa Fe street (and elsewhere): Do they have rooms there to bring your newfound girlfriend or how does it work?

VI. Anyone interested in joining me on my 'nightly hunting trips' when I am there?

And - yes: what do the experts in this forum recommend to someone who's interested in making this stay sexually as much enjoyable as possible?


07-25-03, 22:38
Let you know soon leaving tomorrow for a for week holiday to Kuta Bali I tried to use a local internet cafe for my daily report ;)


07-26-03, 15:31
Originally posted by i_wilde

Mate! The whole Island is packed full of hotties. Just relax and have fun, they will catch on and suround you in a matter of minutes. As for price, I never paid more than 120,000 for the whole night. But I had more fun targeting the local girls rather than the hardened pros of Java. I even managed to pick up a few shop assistances that were happy to do anything for a free night out on the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140).

Go out late and have fun, thats what this whole Island is about!

Sounds good :); is Santa Fe in Kuta ? any good hotels within walking distance of the action and are these friendly enough to bring newly acquired friends back ?

I am looking forward to going there, from what you have said there seems to be plenty of choice :)


Arris Sung
07-30-03, 05:47
After searching the forum, I didn't come up on the answer, so I'd appreciate some help.

Given I normally stay at one of the resorts in Nusa Dua, are there escort services in Bali or do I absolutely have get down to Sanur or Kuta to enjoy myself?

Absolutely despise having to sit in cars for extended periods of time when on vacation, so having the entertainment coming to the hotel is really a lot more convenient.

07-30-03, 19:08
Where can you find "Baroek'ak Betngandang"? Must be a brothel of some kind. Is it in Sanur?

Hey Wanja! How's it going down there in Kuta? Lot of action? We are waiting for your DAILY SEX REPORT from Bali! Don't disappoint us!

07-31-03, 00:38

Barokha is in Sanur, every cab driver knows of it. It's actually a hotel with about 20-30 girls who work there. No guests, other than by-the-hour. BUT, the place to go for that is Dyana Ayu. All the cabbys know of this place as well. The girls are MUCH better there and don't hustle you for tips before it even starts. I've been there about 15 or more times. ALSO, across the highway is a street where you can find about 20 more '***** houses'. You should be able to get what you want for about $15 U.S.. Just say the word 'suddha'. Which means already. Let them know you've been there before and this is what you've paid. It worked for me more than 20 times last April-May. If you want bar action with more expensive locals try Jl. Dyana Pura in Syminyak. It's not the '***** house' scene, but more of a bar scene, in a much nicer area of town.


Where can you find "Baroek'ak Betngandang"? Must be a brothel of some kind. Is it in Sanur?

Hey Wanja! How's it going down there in Kuta? Lot of action? We are waiting for your DAILY SEX REPORT from Bali! Don't disappoint us!

08-01-03, 12:25
Thanks jF!!!

If I take a cab to any of those places, how do I get back to my hotel then? Do they wait an hour or two outside or do the pimps call them for you (well - I don't speak the local language)? Are they open 24/7 or do they close sometime?

If I want to get there by rental car, how do I get to Barokha and Dyana Ayu?

Seems you know a lot about the scene in Sanur and the rest of Bali. Other than Dyana Ayu, where on the island do you find the cutest girls? Are there any interesting places on the north or on the west side of the island as well or can you find a lay only at the tourist places in the south?

How's the scene organized: are the girls freelancers, do they have pimps, is organized crime involved, are the providers from Java mostly?

Appreciate your comments my friend!

08-02-03, 07:47

I've taken cabs (always with a meter!) and have them wait if they want to (they always do) and make sure they turn the meter off while waiting. They might only get a few rides a week, so this is a good deal for them. They'll try and hustle money from the house for taking you there as well. Don't think they're on your side. Small talk that goes on in the cab is given to the big boss, as to how much you're willing to spend.

I work in Bali so I don't stay our too late, but I'm sure you can go there easily till 2 or 3 in the morning. They're open days, but much fewer girls. Anik at the Dyana Ayu is my fav. You should have a cabbie take you there the first time, as they're down alley ways (or gangs as they call them). It's very safe, yet might be a bit scarey at first. I tip the girls 5-10 US depending on serve, but it's not mandatory.

Most all the 'play for pay' is in Sanur. There is a place called 'Mini bar' in Kuta with a few girls with too much mileage, and asking too much money. You can get a massage and a little happy ending at a few places but it's not wild like Thailand. Most all the girls are form Java, please don't confuse women living in Bali with Balanese women. They're night and day.

I spend about 3-4 months a year in Bali on business. It's a place rich in culture and beauty. I have fun most every night, but please see the rest of Bali as well. You must make it up to Ubud, it's the garden spot of the world. but there are no women for sale there, so take one with you if needed.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-02-03, 08:23
A wee bit more,

Santa Fe is not a street it's a bar on the jl. (steet) Dyna Pura.

There's about 5-10 popular bars there and they get going 10-11ish. I've never partaken in them myslef as once again I work and don't want to waste my time on a 'hunt', but some of the girls a extremely beautiful. It's more of the locals and not all of the women are working, so it's hit and miss.

I stay at hotel Puri Cendana a 100 meters down the street form there. They charge me $15-20 US including gov. tax and breakfast. It's not the best, but for 2 month stretches it works out well. I'll most likely be there mid Sept. as well.

The 'Lonely Planet' travel books are a good investment if you haven't been to a country before.


IV. Where is the Santa Fe street (to repeat JD's question) located?

V. Regarding the 30 or so bars on Santa Fe street (and elsewhere): Do they have rooms there to bring your newfound girlfriend or how does it work?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-04-03, 17:12
Hey jF: Excellent job!

So what do you think: Is a non-local (i.e., a Westerner / European) welcome in any of those bars over there on jl. Dyna Pura or is it a 100% locals place?

If you're in Sanur in Mid-September, would you please accept my invitation for a beer (or 2, or 3) at a bar of your choice as a "Thank you" for your great investigative work? Is the 18th of September OK with you? I know you have to work the next day, so is 8 p.m. OK?

Thanks for the travel book advice. I already bought the 'Marco Polo Bali' guide but I am not at all happy with it. Let's see if there's a 'Lonely Planet Indonesia' available at ebay.

Do you have any more observations regarding the scene on the island? I / we (the WSG community) are always happy to learn more about sensual Bali I assure you!

08-05-03, 17:01
I've read an AP article today regarding the re-opening of Paddy's bar in Kuta. Here is an exerpt:

"...Paddy's Bar, one of the nightspots attacked nearly 10 months ago by suicide bombers on Indonesia's Bali island, reopened over the weekend, staffed by several waiters who were working on the night of the attack.
Hundreds of mostly Australian tourists and expatriates on Saturday night packed the bar, which was reopened in a building 100 yards up the street from its original site.
"Tell the terrorists we are back," shouted one Australian who identified himself only as Mike.
... The Sari Club is still closed, with no word on whether it will reopen..."

Ain't that good news on a day like this, with the horrible reports about the bombing of the Marriott hotel in Jakarta?

How did these two events affect life on Bali today? Business as usual or...?

08-08-03, 09:39
Hey, I"ll be in Bali tomorrow with NO plans at all. Help! I don't have a hotel booked, place to stay, anywhere to go, anything....
I'm just winging it because I changed my flight from Jakarta... pleeeeease any ideas? I'm not wanting to spend a fortune on a stupid hotel because I live in one 365 days a year, but I wanna stay in someplace half decent. I've been scouring the net all day and can't find too much useful......Please any tips email to me at danaguess@hotmail.com

08-08-03, 21:40
Great reports...let me recap:

Hotspot is Sanur. street with a lot of houses there.
Dyana Ayu is a whorhouse in Sanur?
Barukha is a hotel for ST girls and place?

On Seminyak the place to go is Dyana Pura Street? With teh bar Santa Fe?

Prices: From 160.000 rp per hour incl room?!? to 200K?

How clean/safe are these spots?

08-11-03, 20:19
Thanks guys: this forum has been an excellent preparation for my upcomming trip to Kuta/Bali (and probably for many 'silent' readers here as well)!

Just a couple of last 'homework' questions before I leave for DPS (Denpassar):

--> How much are the drinks in the bars on Jalan Dyna Pura? How much for you and how much for the girl (if they make a difference at all). Silly question probably, but assuming that some of the girls are muslim (Java girls), how do you invite them: for a coke, or?

--> jF mentioned to use taxis to get to the 'places' in Sanur. Is it better to pay by the taximeter or should you negotiate a flat rate for the whole return trip to the brothels in Sanur? Is it wise to rent a car?

--> Can you take the girls from the by-the-hour hotels on Jalan Dyna Pura in Sanur and the clubs on Jalan Dyana Pura in Seminyak back to your hotel and how much would a one-nighter set you back Dollarwise: If you get a girl for 1 hour for 150 - 200K then an allnighter should be had for less than 800K or am I wrong?

--> Is it possible in Bali to take a girl you met the night before in a bar on an island tour in your rental car?

--> Is Jalan Danau Poso in Sanur a good spot?

--> Is there SW action in Kuta/Legian? Where can you find them (if they don't find you first of course :) )

--> do the masseuses still frequent the beaches? How do you get them to do more than just a medical massage (you know what I mean)?

I promise (and will keep it!) that I will post my travel report late September. Hope it'll be fun there!

08-17-03, 02:11
I just got back from Bali

--> Is there SW action in Kuta/Legian? Where can you find them (if they don't find you first of course )

I was in the area from Wenesday to Saturday morning. I only saw 1 SW but really ugly i wouldn't do her even for free.

But got alot of offer from the locals. They said "cari cewek"? These locals also offer rental cars.

As for Taxi is the best to with taximeter but if you want them to wait for you I think better with flat rate.

--> do the masseuses still frequent the beaches? How do you get them to do more than just a medical massage (you know what I mean)?

I old saw several old ladies offering massage.

Just remember to bargain for everything in Bali. They have 3 different level of prices
from most exepensive : Japanese, caucasian, local

08-20-03, 12:26
Originally posted by Toboi
I just got back from Bali ... I was in the area from Wednesday to Saturday morning. I only saw 1 SW but really ugly - I wouldn't do her even for free. But got a lot of offers from the locals. They said "cari cewek"? ...

Toboi: Since I unfortunately don't speak BI: What does "cari cewek" exactly mean in plain English?

Obviously you understand the local language. Can you translate a couple of expressions into BI for us please:

I like you !

You are beautiful / cute / lovely / sexy !

Would you like to come to my hotel ?

What's your name ?

Thanks my friend! (you don't have to translate this one of course :) )

08-21-03, 05:15

Cari cewek in Indonesian means "are you looking for a girl?" Now, for the other expressions

I like you ! = Saya suka kamu

You are beautiful / cute / lovely / sexy ! = kamu sangat cantik/manis/

Would you like to come to my hotel ? = kamu mau ikut ke hotel saya?

What's your name ? Siapa nama kamu?

Hope this help.


08-23-03, 12:29
On a business trip last year went to Bali. I stayed in Sanur area. I have a nice hotel (4 star) at a good price. I bought voucher hotel from Jakarta.

On my last day in Bali, I wanted to check the red light area. I stop a taxi and told the driver to show me arround to ge a girl. The driver pretended that he did not know where to find so he must radio his office to find it. The people in the other radio (the taxi office people) just laughed and told the driver to go to Barrokah. So he drove me to Barrokah, which only 2 minutes drive from the hotel I stay. I should have just walk and find it my self.

The taxi went in the bungalow of Barrokah (it is early afternoon arround 2 PM). Inside the bungalow complex there were many girls (more than 20). Some were just playing card. Some girls just chatting with one another. I stopped, open the window and ask the price. There was a guy standing near my taxi (The papasan/OKT) told me that the price is RP 200.000 short time (3 hours). It was oke for me. But Later I found out from the girl that the taxi driver in Balinese language told the papasan to push up the price to 200.000. It was only Rp100.000 for short time. And overnight is just 250.000.

So I choosed a girl (nice type balinese) with nice smile. We went in to the room bungalow. Warm up with conversation and drink and in 10 minutes the girl asked me to joint her in the bath room for a little refreshment. We took a shower together. She cleaned all parts of my body. She got nice small breast (32 B) and nice small body.

She started to gave me BBBJ and licked my nipple, body, neck and go down again for BBBJ. Pretty soon I blew in her mouth. It was to nice so I could not hold it and just blew it inside her sweety lips. Of course she was a bit upset but I made a joke so we laughed together.

I clean up again and went back with her. She started her routine with BBBJ and kissing all over body untill about 20 minutes later I was up again. So missionary all the way until finish.

We clean up again and dress up. It was only 1.5 hours so still have time but I need to go for check out of my hotel room and go back to Jakarta.

On the way back from Barrokah, the taxi driver invited me for party later in the evening. I told him no since I have to go back to Jakarta and I do not want to pay overprice again because of his commission. I told him that I knew he jack up the price so I do not want to do it again with him. His face suddenly became red and he just sit quite for the rest of the journey.

For fellow friends in this forum, please take a notice when you request help from taxi driver or hotel doormen in Bali to get girl. Make sure you know the price before.

09-14-03, 20:13
Finally back from Bali, great time over there specially in Sanur (street JL. Danau Poso Semawang) here are a lot of bungalows with a number follow by a X this are the places to be on day time prices are very cheap asking 250.000 rp about Eu/$ 25.-- I give always 150.000 for 2 hours (no one look for the time) and told the girls they can have 100.000 ($10.--) extra when she was good. Two girls for two hours for 300.000 Believe me I was never disappointed, BBBJ without rubber, face ore mouth Cuming, Greek, fisting, be sure for safety to have your one rubber because most of time they don't have. The girls are fantastic young pretty and unspoiled, but the rooms are shabby.....! Beware also the curtains in every room I see there were cigarette burning holes in the curtain for sneaking and peaking eyes, very easy to put on a paperclip over the hole......!

Never feel unsafely on any place in Bali, by night time the streets in Kuta where also interesting and full of nice girls from 16 till 40 and easy to get prices a little bit higher starting at 200.000 ($ 20.--) 400.000 for the night.

Now is the time to go it is very quit and (it sounds hard) we are very welcome................................................!!!!!!

09-20-03, 01:15
I am pulling my hair out!

Why you guys pay so much in the X-houses in Sanur. You fuck it all up for everyone.

Last year I was there. Only paid Rp. 100,000 (one hundred thousand rupiah) EVERYTIME, for one hour.

That's heaps of time, since you can't talk anyway. For tip, 10,000 (ten thousand) is heaps. Even if you not tip it's okay. Local guys pay even less.

X-houses are run by mostly guys from Java. You CAN negotiate with them. Just smile and be firm. 100,000 and that's it! You will get your price.

09-20-03, 15:18

I suggest you take your calculator before submitting your report. You paid Rp. 100.000 for 1 hour so read again Wanja and my report and the charges and time that we have.

For your info, after Bali bombing, the price for almost everything in Bali was down very steep. The price of hotel only 25% of the normal rate and also food, taxi cab and girls.

The girls mostly Javanese had alot of problem in finding normal job in Bali because some local Balinese thought that the Javanese were the same people who place the bomb in Paddys. So these girls had to get other dirty jobs to make a living. That is why we pay only Rp 150.000 - 200.000 for 3 hours.

09-24-03, 17:09

If your doctor diagnosed you with the ALOP-syndrome (Acute Lack of Patience), you better scroll down quickly because this is gonna be a rather lengthy report!

This trip report is intended to be useful primarily to newbies to the “Island of the Gods”, interested in the sinful nightlife action. If you are an advanced Bali traveler you most likely will not get too much new information out of it.

I wrote it in the FAQ-format – hope you like it that way. My report focuses on the Kuta/Legian/Seminyak area that I visited this summer. For other places (i.e., Sanur, Denpasar etc.) just check the other reports in this forum thread. And now let’s start:

If the only purpose of your trip is SEX, the answer is simply: NO. Bali isn’t Pattaya or Angeles City. It’s a resort island, visited mostly by Australian and Japanese holidaymakers, often with kids. Surfers, couples, honeymooners, and families are mainly visiting this area, though at a much lesser number than before the bombings in October 2002.

Depending on who you believe, the visitor figures are between 40 and 60 % down compared to pre-bombing levels. However, there’s a silver lining on the horizon and though the occupancy rates of the hotels are still low, you will see when you’re there that it’s become a pretty busy place again. The ASEAN meeting in October will probably further stimulate the local economy and bring back some of the good image Bali enjoyed more than a year ago.

Though Bali isn’t a sex paradise, the good news is that if you want to get laid you WILL get laid there – whether with BAG’s (Blond Australian Girls) or with BIG’s (Beautiful Indonesian Girls) is largely up to you! Trust me: You can easily have sex with both groups of women.

If you go to Bali for a vacation full of surfing, the beach, culture and relaxation and just like to have sex on the side, you really found the right place!

However, the flight time from the US westcoast to Denpasar (DPS) is probably around 19 hours or so. You will have to connect via TPE, SIN or HKG to get there. For that amount of time you could easily fly to Europe or Mexico or the Caribbean. So think twice whether it’s really worth the time and effort to go to Bali for what you seek there.

On October 12th, 2002 at around 10 PM, a group of fanatic Islamic terrorists drove to the corner of Jalan Legian road and Poppie’s line in Kuta/Legian. One of them entered Paddy’s pub and another the Sari night club on that very corner with 6 canisters full of TNT around their bodies each. The first detonation was in the Paddy’s pub and very shortly after that the main explosion took place in the Sari club. The mostly Australian, German, and American clubbers as well as the local employees and some hookers stood no chance: The death total was more than 200.

Some of the financial and other backers of this terrorist act were sentenced to death recently, some went only to jail; others are still awaiting trial as I am writing this story. I was told that the people of Bali are not exactly happy with how the government and the court in Jakarta handles the situation. They are too soft on the terrorists a local told me. While Bali is a Hindu place, the terrorists, most government officials, and the judges in Jakarta are Muslims.

In front of the completely destroyed Sari club is now a large mural painting with scenes depicting the peaceful coexistence of mankind. Behind the entrance of the White Rose hotel on a side road close to the old Paddy’s is a huge black commemorative plate impressively recalling that terrible night.

Some of the buildings in the neighborhood partly or wholly destroyed by the two blasts, like a bank, a store, the local Dunkin’ Donuts and the entrance of the White Rose hotel have been rebuilt meanwhile. Neither on the site of the Sari club nor on the site of the old Paddy’s (the later stood right next to Dunkin’ Donuts) is currently any construction underway. The corner with the two bomb craters is now called “Bali’s Ground Zero”.

There’s now a new Paddy pub, called “The New Paddy” or “Paddy’s Reloaded” just a block down the road right next to the New Bounty entertainment complex. The club folk here dances to the tunes of the 80s and 90s – especially Australian bands like Men at Work (they play their “Man From Down Under” every 30 mins or so - geeeee!).

The security guards at the entrance of the Paddy’s Reloaded will let you only in if you are a WASP or at least not a local/Indonesian. Hookers have to stay outside as well (that’s where you can pick them up by the way: just outside of the entrance). While this “foreigners-only in the club” policy might calm the nerves of some tourists, I believe it’ll cause even more resentment toward the tourists there. Imagine going to a club in LA or NYC and they won’t let you in BECAUSE you are an American citizen! What would your reaction likely be?

Crime is minimal there: OK you will possibly be overcharged by a store clerk or a taxi triver, but apart from that I never felt that crime was a major problem there. The locals live from the tourists and won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

To walk around by night (past 11 PM) isn’t evereybody’s favorite in Kuta I have to acknowledge. The street lights are dim after the stores have closed, there are sinister looking groups of guys hanging around and the wild dogs might also scare the faint-hearted.
So, IMHO it’s better to mostly get around by taxi at night. To avoid being overcharged you should:
a) let them use the taximeter. That way you are at least on the safe side; or
b) negotiate a flat rate if you stay in the discussed area. As a rule of thumb: They will initially quote you 3 times as much as is realistic. Another rule of thumb is that from Kuta (New Bounty, Paddy, Mini Bar) in the south-east to Seminyak in the north-west of the zone (Double Six, Santa Fe etc.) you shouldn’t pay more than about 10.000 INR at night one-way.

Someone told me that the blue taxis were better than the others (white, orange) but I can’t definitely confirm. The color of the taxi indicates the owner company.

This island is centuries (at least) ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to girls to be picked up from the streets and sidewalks! While in most countries you will find street WALKERS (SW’s) looking for your business, on this high-tech island you will be approached by street DRIVERS! I guess we have to introduce here a completely new acronym: the SD! Or should we call the motorized girls (probably more fittingly) STD’s? Don’t like the double meaning? Oh come on!

I’ve seen only very few SW’s on Jalan Legian and Poppies Lane: If you walk down on Jalan Legian from Ground Zero toward the McDonald’s sign at past 11:30 PM you can find two or three women standing at the entrance of a little (closed at this hour) restaurant on the left hand side (forgot the name but I remember it has a small tourist information sign billboard above it! He he…). They will offer you “massage complets” [sic!] and tell you that they live in one of the rooms above the restaurant. They ask for 200.000 INR but you can easily negotiate the price down.

As already mentioned, when you continue westbound from there toward Peanuts club on Jl. Legian past midnight you will possibly be approached by women on motor scooters or even in cars. They stop next to you and offer you a “massage complets” (i.e., FS). If you say no, they will ask you seriously if you rather prefered a young boy. Disg......

Walking down Poppie’s Lane at least past 2 AM you will also find 3 or 4 SW’s and “SD’s” actively offering you their services.
Much earlier, past sunset usually already, you will find one single SW (at best a 4 – but she’s got some really great legs!) walking Jl. Legian east of the Mini bar. She will offer you “a good fuck” for 200.000 INR (that’s at least twice the going rate) in a shack nearby. I never tried her so can’t tell whether you want to pursue this track or not.

The two most important night clubs in the region I am describing here are the New Bounty complex in Legian (that actually consists of several separate discotheques and Karaoke bars) and the (infamous) Double Six (66) in Seminyak, a huge open air discotheque with a pool and a bungee-jumping tower among other things.

Not on every day of the week is the Double Six really a busy place and if so then the action starts very late, like at 2 AM or later. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays a free shuttle service from the New Paddy’s to the 66 will depart at 2 AM. Both clubs – the New Paddy’s and the 66 (as well as the new New Bounty and other establishments) are owned by the same individual (with obviously excellent contacts to the Indonesian military junta). So he’s able to shift the action from one club to another club just as he pleases. I could give you now the info on what day of the week what club is better, but for the reason just described above it will be useless since things can change from week to week. Better ask the concierge of your hotel or young people that you meet during the day when to go to which one.

Another good option is the Mini Bar in Legian, almost opposite the New Paddy’s. Reading previous posts in this thread you come to believe that this is a crappy place with only grannies there. Pretty far from the truth I would say! While indeed there are several old (over 40 y.o. often very sexy dressed) women hanging around the bar it is also very common to find much younger and prettier ones there. On weekends you will even find amateur freelancers that come from Denpasar once or twice a week to the Kuta area to improve their income. The best time to go there is between 10 PM and 1 AM where you should find between 3 and 12 pay-for-play women any day of the week. The bar has no back rooms so you will have to take the woman either to your hotel room or to a short time hotel nearby (she’ll show you). I recommend putting all your valuables in the hotel safe and take her to your room.

The New Bounty consists of two live stages (one of it is an open air Karaoke bar for the Japanese guests, the other a more traditional live stage) near the entrance and two discotheques in the shiplike formed building further behind. The “boat” of course is nowhere near the water but in the middle of urban Kuta/Legian – just wanted to mention that for those w/out a map at hand.

The upper floor of the New Bounty ship is by far the busiest: Australian tourists dancing to the rhythms of top 40 sounds or watching sports on one of the TVs hanging around the three bars. Only very few FL that the security guards let in hang around and will try to make contact with single male tourists. However, the good thing about the upper floor of the New Bounty is that the action here already starts at 11 PM – extremely early for the Bali scene.

Since most of the non-tourist girls (a.k.a. prostitutes) are Muslims from Java and don’t drink alcohol, you invite them for a soft drink. The currently most popular is an energy drink from Europe called “Red Bull”. But any other non-alcoholic beverage will do it.
Downstairs is a techno-discotheque. Even if you don’t like techno music you should definitely check this place out past 1 AM: This disco is IMHO the single best place in the Kuta region to find pros or semi-pros! Basically all the girls on the lower floor of the New Bounty are prostitutes. They will come to you, you invite them for a Red Bull and after that – if you like her – you take her back to your hotel room. That’s my personal recommendation for finding sex at night during your stay in the Kuta region of Bali! Most (but not all) of the girls are pretty, some are drop-dead gorgeous! Just sit by the bar and make eye contact with the girl you like most. She will probably understand the hint and come to you. If she only smiles back then don’t be shy and take the initiative. That way she’ll feel less like a prostitute and you stand a better chance getting a GFE than if she comes to you. That’s actually quite imortant there.

Other clubs mentioned before here on the WSG like Apache bar or Peanuts disco are largely dead and cannot be recommended to the sin-seeking guy. One bar highly praised before on this board is the Santa Fe in Seminyak. I did check this place out on a Friday night and though it’s definitely a cool place (great PIZZZZZA), it kind of lacks exactly one thing why I went there: Indonesian girls to go to bed with!

Well, there were maybe 3 single girls sitting around but none I would say was above a 5 or maybe even a 4. The clubs south/downhill of Santa Fe are more focused on the homosexual scene and you won’t find available girls there. The clubs north/uphill of Santa Fe are hetero bars but not many Indonesian pro girls to be found there.

You will find prices for FS to be rock-bottom low, if you're used to those in N. America or Europe: I was initially quoted between 150.000 IDR to 200.000 IDR for short time (1 – 2 hours) and 600.000 IDR for an all-nighter. That's BEFORE the bargaining started!

I actually paid 150.000 IDR (= 18 USD) for short time and gave my girl (a 7) a 50.000 bonus for the really good job she had done. For the two all nighters I had I paid 500.000 IDR (60 USD).

I know I could have gotten an all nighter for maybe 350K to 400K already but I found my girls to be exceptionally pretty and affectionate so thatw why I didn’t do more haggling. What’s the point in paying maybe 10 US$ less but you stay with a so-so girls that wouldn’t let you give her even a french kiss?

FYI: 100.000 IDR are about 12 USD – see: www.oanda.com.

Of course ou can get service for less $$$ but:
a) if you are a tourist they will always try to charge you more than for a local.
b) the prices are still so rock-bottom it's up to you if you want to haggle for a very few bucks more or less.

They come from Java (> 90 %) or Lombok or Sumatra and are GOOD (B+). Someone on this formum wrote that shy people have problems getting a girl here. Folks, that’s humbug! Though indeed the Java chicks on average are shy themselves, they will approach you. Money and the need to support their families and themselves are a great motivator it seems to me.

In bed, they want you to turn out the lights or at least dim them. That doesn’t mean that they find you ugly or that they want to hide something from you, it’s just how they do it!

They can be very affectionate and tender. They love to caress you for a long time. I had 3 GFE’s in only 1 week! So it’s not so much of a cold mechanical affair like elsewhere in the world but rather something of a little vacation love affair that you will get. If that’s what you like, you’ll be in heaven. If you’re more interested in high girlie turnover you will certainly do better in Thailand or the Philippines for example.

Don’t forget to bring condoms with you since most of the time the girls don’t have one! Though they do everything covered up (even a HJ!) you should be aware that the AIDS rate here is damn high! So be as careful as possible!

The lovemaking of the Balinese women is different from that of the Western women: “…kissing, as we understand it, as a self-sufficient act, is unknown and the caress that substitutes for our mode of kissing consists in bringing the faces close enough to catch each other's perfume and feel the warmth of the skin, with slight movements of the head … In general, the love practices of Westerners seem to the Balinese impractical and clumsy, especially in relation to intercourse, for which the general adopted form is the man kneeling, the woman reclining…” “…there are in the Balinese language terms that differentiate between a woman who prostitutes herself for pleasure (demangan, dialir) and a mercenary prostitute (nyundal, nayang)…“ (www.baliforyou.com/bali/the_lov_of_balinese.htm)

There are 3 different types of massage offers you will receive while you are in Bali:
a) the medical massage type: Bali is known for its wellness oriented offerings for tourists. You will find plenty of inexpensive (from ca. 60.000 INR for 20 min.) massage parlors that offer this type of relaxing massage. Ask your hotel concierge or consult a conventional travel guide for great places. Recommended but not really erotic!
b) the offers you get from (often way too) young girls on the streets and around the hotels during the daytime. This kind of dirty sex massage job should be avoided if you don’t want to risk getting some Sexually Transmitted Disease. Definitely not recommended!
c) the beach massage. Spending the day at the beach you will surely notice the elderly (> 40 y.o.) women offering you a massage. You will see tourists being massaged behind the sand beach between the trees. The massages are usually very unprofessional and rather amateurish. The masseuses have to be registered to be allowed to work there by the beach (see the name and number on their straw hats). When you agree to a massage (ca. 20.000 INR for 20 min.), inevitably other female peddlers will try to do business with you: They offer peticure, manicure, Hard Rock café T-shirts and so on. Though you will NOT get any HJs or any other sexual massage there, I still recommend it because it’s so much fun and inexpensive and you support the (very poor) local grannies and their families!

What do you do before the real action starts at 11 PM? I suggest you relax and drink a cold beer and have some food for the long night ahead of you. The Kuta area has plenty of great places to drink and eat. I can personally recommend you for example “Mamas” bar and pub on Jalan Legian Street, where you find a good selection of beers and spirits and have a fine selection of good European style food as well.

Where should you stay? Well, there are so many hotels in this area it should be easy to find one that suits you. If you want to stay near the action in Legian, go to the White Rose (*** - ****) where the security guards are girl friendly. She just has to leave her ID with the guard that she gets back as soon as you walk her to the security post the next morning. She will probably do the bribing of the guards (between 5.000 and 20.000 INR).

What do you do by day if you need “it”? Walking down any busy street by day you will be asked by taxi drivers whether you need transport or a woman or both. You can accept their offer and they will bring you to the hotels-by-the-hour in Sanur, supposedly only 5 min. away (just see the traffic in Kuta yourself and then decide if it’s possible to get to Sanur in just 5 mins.). Check the other reports in this section for detailled info about the “X-houses” in Sanur.

OK Boss: Now I’m finished with my ‘little’ report.
This WSG is a discussion board: so if you have any fair comments to make: then do so!
Anyway: I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Love & Peace (Bali Cinta Damai),

Charly Charlinski

09-24-03, 18:04


09-25-03, 16:37
Charly, thanks for the great report. I've been considering Bali for one of my hops from Thailand. Still, I have two questions. Isn't it rather expensive there? You said about $18 is rock bottom, and more like $25 (200,000/8000) is normal. This doesn't seem cheap at all - sounds like what I pay in expensive Thailand. Certainly a lot more than the Philippines or Cambodia (where I'm writing from at the moment). This just seems odd in a country as poor as Indonesia, but I guess there's no predicting these things based on per capita GDP.

And secondly, you mentioned that the girls carry no condoms, but do things covered. I've heard and read that bareback is the norm or anyway redily available in Indonesia - is that perhaps the case in Bali? I'm hoping and suspecting so.

09-26-03, 14:12
Hi Opebo:

whether US$ 18 is rock bottom or not depends on your point of view of course: If you are in Cambodia US$ 18 will be a lot of dough, if you are used to the prices in the Americas and especially Europe US$ 18 IS rock bottom! Another point: Bali is different from the rest of Indonesia in that it attracts a lot of wealthy Australians, Japanese and Europeans. Therefore to take GDP as a measure doesn't make too much sense here.
Also, the sex supply in Bali cannot be compared to that of Thailand or the Philippines. Taking all that into consideration, prices must be higher than those in Cambodia.

Regarding the condom issue: Knowing that in Bali STD is a big problem I insisted on covered sex from the beginning. Giving me a covered HJ may have been an (over) reaction to that.
But as long as you don't have any suicidal tendencies my guess is you don't want to try unprotected sex with Java chicks either, right?

Take care,

Charly Charlinski

10-01-03, 03:52

That is a great report on Bali. I do have some questions that you may want to address, they will really fill out the report (such as names and telephone numbers of decent, guest-friendly, hotels in a reasonable price range, which is $20 -30 going by Thai rates).
My main question though is: what do you get out of Bali? You have mentioned why we should go there and why we should not but you never say anything about why you go there.


10-02-03, 17:06
Thank you Member #1274 !

Guess you got me indeed: I really never mentioned why I went there in the first place!
The "sad" reason is that there isn't that much to write home about it: Just a general interest in the island itself, the culture of its people, the desire to see something new, and so on. Or to put it that way: Sex with "Java babes" wasn't my only nor my #1 priority during my stay.

And that's my recommendation for you as well: If you are planning a leasure trip to a nice tropical island with friendly people, like to go surfing by day and like to partying by night and do not freak out doing all that close to the bomb sites, well then Bali's a great option for you in that region!

Especially if you are from Australia or NZ-Land this island should be high on your priority list.
If you live in, say, Boston MA, want to go to Bali ONLY for sex, hate to travel by plane for more than 18 hours - well then just forget it folks!

Regarding the hotel issue: I mentioned one reasonably priced hotel already in my original post (just check the usual travel websites for more info).
I am not really working in the travel biz and therefore cannot make a valid assessment as to what hotel will be girl friendly or not. Maybe some other Bali travelers reading those lines can help us out here?

I just can say in general that it probably will be fine in the Kuta/Legian area to bring a girlfriend to your room if the hotel is in the ** - *** range. In Nusa Dua it'll be harder I believe. In Seminyak it could also be a bit tough in the top-class hotels. In Sanur you don't need to book a girl-friendly hotel since that place's full of hotels-by-the-hour.

Hope that helped! Hope to read YOUR Bali report here one day :)

Charly Charlinski

10-10-03, 08:09
Supperb report,
I just finish my 2 days trip yesterday.
Didn't find any action since I went there for business.
Btw you mention BAG's ( Blond Australian Girls)
How and where do you find them? is it expensive?

10-16-03, 10:01
Charly, Charly, Charly,

I just got back from bali a couple of weeks ago and I recon if i was still there I'd still be lookin for the, how did you put it? "Java babe's" I just didnt see any, well, in all honesty I didn't see more than a hand full of good looking Balanese / Javanees women on the whole trip that I'd be interested in beding (I know Im picky but not that picky) I did speak to one babe at the new Paddies reloaded who wanted megga buck (400,000 L) so with a little difficulty I had to declined. As "babes", I dont know if I was going to the wrong places or perhaps I just need to be spoon fed. I'd appreciate any leads or phone numbers you can pass on, I havent quite given up on Bali yet.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid future delays, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences. This practice works for millions of people every day. Thanks!

Larry Flynt
11-08-03, 17:42
Just wanted to commend Charly on a great informative post, very enjoyable read. I'm heading to Bali for a week early next year so I'll be sure to compile and share a few of the tales from my travels.

11-15-03, 19:25
My week in Paradise (Kuta) October, 2003 US$1 = 8,100 Rupiah (RP)

Sunday, 11 PM - Four SWs (5s) hanging out in front of New Bounty on JL Legian, but I chose a (6) outside Mina's Bar across the street. Had a room 1 block away. Asked RP300,000, accepted 100,000. Pleasant & agreeable encounter.

Monday, 3 PM - Six girls (5 & below) available at Hotel Barrokah in Sanur (30 minute cab ride from Kuta, fare 50,000 going, 40,000 return), didn't appeal to me. Crossed street & two friendly girls (6-7) flagged me on street. The 7 asked 300,000, accepted 100,000 & we walked to clean room nearby; very friendly encounter.

Thursday, 6 PM - Short cute (8) pulled scooter over in front of Benny's Cafe in Legian Beach. Asked 300,000, agreed to 100,000. Scootered to her place (clean, tidy) 10 minutes away. Her voice made me suspicious, I felt her crotch before paying & undressing. She was a HE, but didn't give me a hard time as I fled.

Thursday, 7 PM - Four girls (3,4,4,8) in Mina's Bar. 8 was from Java, short, cute, good English. Beer for me 9,000, we talked, she said she had to pay the bar and the hotel, so wouldn't accept less than 300,000. I left.

Saturday, 2 PM - Asked cab driver to find me a girl. He took me to Sanur (30,000 fare) to Hotel Diyan Ayu on JL Betngandang I, which is a left turn off Bypass Ngurah Rai Nomor at street address #442, just past "Bali Unique" wood sculpture shop & just before blue Konika Film sign. Seven girls came out (5-8, all in their 20's). I chose the 8, bargained the proprietor down to 200,000 from 300,000. The girl asked for a tip several times during encounter, but was fine; room was clean. Return cab to Kuta was 30,000.

Generally, the girls are short, dark-skinned, often with uneven teeth, with a quick laugh and a friendly manner. A high percentage are unattractive compared, say, to Thai girls. This, plus dirty run-down streets in Kuta would make me agree with a previous poster: don't go to Bali just for the sex. It's CHEAP (average above for room & girl: US$16.50!), but the Philippines and Thailand are much better Asian choices, IMHO.

Hope this helps,

11-16-03, 04:34
Let me respond to the report by dukepv.

While accurate, it's like hearing a report from a poor fisherman (which I was once too). The only people who go to Kuta these days (after the bombing) are bule (tourists) who know no better. I spend 5 months or so a year here. So listen up, and stop fishing in the wrong spot or using the wrong bait.

1. Barrokah is about 10 years past it's prime and so are the women.

2. For one stop shopping that's easy to find go to Diyan Ayu. Firstly don't ever tell them or your cabby that you've never been there. Why not just tell them you're stupid and will pay anything? I no longer negotiate. I simply choose a girl, go to the room and hand them a 100,000 rup note (about $12 US) If they question it, I simply say 'suddha' (already) let them know you've been there and that's what you pay. It's only one word to learn.

3. Your cabby is not your friend. He's on the take. Don't confuse friendliness with being your friend. The average wage is 20,000 -30,000 rups per day ($3. US), so for him to sell you out for 50 cents is a common practice.

4. Their are many great places across the highway from Diyan Ayu. They're cheaper, but harder to find.

5. Go to Symenyak for nightlife! Not Kuta! The street is Jl. Dyana Pura. About 10 or more bars within a 100 meters. Things get going about 10 or so. Many of the girls are working. Many are looking for western boyfirends (or husbands) many are just having a good time.

6. For a good/cheap massage go to Kuta Bugar 35,000 rups per hour, with a happy ending for an extra 50,000 - 100,000 rups. This is not Thailand. A handjob is most all that you'll most likely get. Possibly you can take her home later. They have one of those fishbowls situations there, so yhou can choose.

7. No girls have to pay the bars as mentioned.

8. Any time you're somewhere and a women starts asking your age, are you married, etc., she's after you as a boyfriend. Even if she half your age and far beyond your reach.

Enjoy. Hope this helps.

- jF

One last thing. Please don't confuse the Balinese with the Javanese living in Bali. They're night and day. Most of the women you're after are from Java. Bali is a beautiful place with wonderful friendly people. It has much more to offer than just sex (sounds like I'm getting old).

11-16-03, 07:03
Hi guys,

I'm a local and was in Bali in August, and like Charly said, going to Bali just looking for sex is a big mistake.

However, if you happen to be in Bali and are looking for some local action, I would suggest getting a cab driver to take you to Jalan Danau Poso, this is near Sanur. It's a bit out of town, but well worth it compared to looking for action at some of the massage parlors in town.

Along this road, you will find some cheap motels in enclosed compounds. There are quite a few, but as you go along you'll see some signs for these hostels that should raise your warning lights.

Once you enter any of these motel compounds, there will be a few "pimps" who will ask what you're looking for. They don't have any girls on the premises unless they're just done with their "tour of duty". These pimps will pick up the girls in houses nearby and bring them back. Be a bit specific on what you want, before they go out fetching these girls, otherwise you might end up disappointed (one man's honey, another man's poison situation).

The good thing is that if you don't like what you see, you have the option to ask for another girl. Beware though that the first few they bring will be 4-5/10, so you got to have some patience. In fact, when I went there with a few friends, we weren't satisfied until they started bringing the 10th girl around.

Price wise, it is only Rp. 100,000 - 150,000; the pimps will normally ask for Rp. 300,000 and above if you are a foreigner but this is still subject to negotiation.

The main attraction they offer are "Bandung" girls, who are Sundanese and very "hot", however in reality 80% of these girls are not from Bandung, and at most visited it once or twice. The majority will just be Java girls, and very rarely Balinese girls.

Anyway, best of luck to those visiting Bali. Enjoy!!

11-17-03, 00:46
I agree with everything that Wildman said. The only thing that I can add is that if you're there long enough you'll find about 10-15 places that the girls are 'in waiting'. This allows you to not wait while the 'motor scooter pimps' pick out a girl for you, and allows you your choice of pick from between 10-30 girls.


11-20-03, 19:24
I have just returned from Bali this week and thanks to a report by Diverdown earlier on in the year, I booked into a hotel at Sanur. Diverdown's report had included a map of Sanur with directions to get to Jala Dansau Peso Street which has plenty of brothels

My movements where somewhat restricted as I was travelling with the wife and 2 kids but I did manage to get away twice and headed straight JD Peso Street. The first time I got there a group of ladies called me in as I walked passed the first X marked house. None were attractive, most were past it, one was breast-feeding which was off putting. I then asked for a very young girl, after some negotiations we agreed to 300.000 Rupiah,
and off one went on a scooter to get me a special. She returned with this petit 18 yr old and this woman asked for the money up front. Too much time had passed to object and this cute girl held my hand, took me to hut type bedroom with side mirrors along the bed. We undressed and got into a bath tub where this girl washed me clean. I loved her soapy fingers pull at my stiffy!

We went to the bed, after she dried me, felt up her lovely body, nice size tits, firm and real. She came down on me and gave me a bbbj - I held back, put on a condon away we went in multiple positions. She wouldn't do anal so ended up doggy. What a joy she was, darkskinned, small and tight and really into it. She gave me another wash dressed me and gave me her mobile number . She told me that next time it would only be 150,000 Rup. as all the other older women had taken a cut.

Two days later I phone her at about noon and she told me to come to Christopher's Salon in JD Peso Street, as she is staying in some dormitories for young girls, bang opposite. When I met her by the entrance,I couldn't help noticing what a lot of girls were staying there. I suggested she brings along a friend for a double take. She quoted 300.000 for both and off we went to a similar hut. We had the same bath routine but it much more sexier with two. They took turns to bbbj and alternate between licking my nipples and blowing. While Umi rode on top I had the other (19yr old, by the way - although most Asians look so much younger) tickle my balls with her tongue. I came in gallons and thought this is beautiful Bali at its best!

I have her mobile number if anyone is going there. As for Charlie's report which was very good, I feel it misses out on the scene in Sanur, for simple. straight-forward sex.

Master Monger
01-02-04, 17:59
Dear fellow Mongers,

I am new to this web site but I am a longtime mongerer, in my business, I travel around America every single weekend but it wasn't until I made my first trip to China that I really honned my monger skills. I have been with over 600 women and have paid for less than 15% of them.

Now that you know a little bit about me let's talk about Bali:

If you want to stay in Denpasar the best choice is a place called Taman Ayu on Jalan Pemogan it has large blue cone shaped lights at the front of the gate. Very high-quality with a weekly rate of only $70 that's all week, not a day. Or $250 for the whole month I am very picky these have everything including high security that is okay with mongers.

If you are in Lovina go to Aditya hotel it is a four-star hotel on the beach for about $20 a night they will want $50 when you first drive-up.

If you ever have any problems mention my name, it is: Gajah Mada from America, you will see a complete attitude change and will have no more problems after that.

If you're looking for sex here are a few excellent tips:

90% of all places with the word CAFE in the name are available for finding girls for sex. The prices are easily found at 100,000 to 200,000 Rupiah (11-22USD) for the night anything goes wherever she agrees to go but you must supply the condoms they don't even know what they are.

100% of all places with the letter X are surefire for finding sex but please be discreet. These places offer an hourly rate of 100,000 or all night for less than 300,000.

Diyan Ayu Hotel is one of the best of these places.

Indonesia is all about time however, many times you can cum in one hour is usually fine.

I speak fluent Indonesian, and Chinese!

If you need any advice about Indonesia or China, what ever it may be. I have friends in both places, both Americans and locals. So I can answer any questions.

I hope this helps someone!

Master Monger

Larry Flynt
01-03-04, 17:33
The last few posts have been very informative and I thank everyone who's contributed and guided us rookies down the sweet path of nookie.

Myself and my wife recently returned from Bali and I thought it only fair that I post my experiences rather than simply lurking. Having said that I only managed to score on one occasion but having the wife about does restrict my movements.

I stayed at the Ramarda Bintang as I'd stayed there in the past and loved the place. On my second day in Bali I decided to hit the hotels health centre and grab a relaxing massage, unfortunately no offers for extras were extended despite my "hobbit" indicating that they were quite welcome. A few days later I was feeling quite sore after white-water rafting and asked the driver to take me to a massage parlour. We travelled for quite a bit and was shown to a staircase leading upto a dimly lit building. Upon entering I was told it was 65,000 for an hours massage and the desk was covered with small pictures of the girls and I was asked to select one. After selecting a nice young looking girl I was shown to a room, once again I was treated to a standard massage with no frills. Feeling quite frustrated I asked the taxi-drive to find me a girl and informed him that I'd prefer someplace with a decent and clean room.

The taxi drive tried to subtly interrogate me on girls in Australia and after learning the steep prices we paid here he told me he would do the haggling for me and was sure he'd be able to get me a girl for a $100 Australian dollars. Having lurked on this board I knew he was trying to swindle me but I nodded and smiled and led him to believe that I was gullible. I'm not blessed with a good memory but I was taken to a small hotel complex and asked to sit on a wooden bench. Soon after 10-12 girls came strolling out promising me a good time. Some of the girls were quite forward and came to sit on my lap while others hung back and tried the shy approach. The girls were a mixture of 6-8's and I decided on a very talkative busty Balinese girl who seemed like she'd be a firecracker in the bedroom.

She took my hand and walked me towards a one of the hotel rooms where the pimp was waiting with the taxi driver. The pimp smiled and told me the girl was a $100 Australian for a short time, I chuckled and told him I'd go no lower then a 100,000 rupiah. I think the taxi driver was more shocked then the pimp but after seeing I was unwilling to budge we agreed on the 100,000 and I entered the room with the girl while the pimp berated the taxi driver.

I asked the girl if I could get a massage before we did the deed and she laughed and said she'd be happy to before stripping off. She had a very fine set of boobs and actually gave a decent massage. After about 20 minutes she indicated that she'd like to proceed but was happy when I offered to give her a massage which was really an excuse for me to feel her up!

After massaging her back and that great chest we got into it with her giving me a great blowjob with condom in place. She was wild in bed with plenty of kissing and sucking on nipples before jumping on top. After riding me for awhile she complained she was getting tired so she hopped off and we got it on missionary style. What seemed like an eternity later I finally came and knowing the wife would be getting curious quickly got dressed and headed back to the hotel.

I'd definitely recommend the place as the rooms were superb with shower facilities and a large bed and air conditioning, If only I could recall the location or even the girls name!.

Other then this brief but great encounter I didn't score again but I'll be back next year.

Sorry about the long post guys, I love writing and can get a bit carried away :)

01-05-04, 09:16
Girl in Sanur

I had the opportunity to be in Bali some days ago and stay in Sanur to visit a friend of mine on holidays there.
I had already come to the same place before so I knwe where to find what I was looking for. To make it easier to everybody, here is the phone number of the girl :
08 123 930955. Name is Laela Nur.
She is not bad looking, about 25, very nice body, very enjoyable bare blow job, quite good fuck. Not CIM, not AF. But no rush. Soft and clean skin.
She will take you to a bugalow hotel next to her place.
Cost is very negotiable. She may start at Rp 400,000 but you can close the deal at 150,000. I did it twice.
As long as you do not have any intermediary, it's full profit fr her as normally she would have to pay either the taxi driver who took you there or her pimp or both most of the time.



Master Monger
01-05-04, 11:22
Dear fellow Monger's,

If you ever need a friend who speaks excellent English in Bali who is Balinese and is a well-connected smooth operator you can contact my friend. His name is BangBang pronounced (Bahng-Bahng). He's knowledgeable about the island, and can hook you up with a lot of things. Now he, just as anyone else, needs to make a living, but he will screw you less than anyone else. I was just looking through my pictures and found his, don't hold it against him.

Private message me if you would like his telephone number. If he can't help you then I know a man named Tony. But as the connections go up so does the price of service.

Always here to help,

Message me with any questions!

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

Da Pimp
01-20-04, 00:57
Master Monger,

Isn't Gajah Mada name of a university in Yogya?

Last time I was in Yogya was when I was invited by Hamungu Buono(probably spelling is off) and he told me Universitas Gajah Mada is one of the best universities in Indonesia.

I am sort of planning a trip to Bali and your mentioning of Hotel Aditya and Taman(that's park?) Ayu got me interested. Do you by any chance have their email address or fax number?

Master Monger
01-21-04, 23:08
Dear fellow Mongers,

Actually Gajah Mada is a very famous person from Indonesian history who was actually responsible for uniting all of the islands. Numerous cities throughout all of Indonesia have streets named Gajah Mada, including, Singaraja and Denpasar.

As far as the hotels go, I have recently sourced them for you:

If you want to stay in the Denpasar and Kuta area and only have a 10 Minute Drive to Sanur(SEX CITY)

Taman Ayu Town Houses for rent. Furnished, luxury bedroom, AC, satellite TV, phone, hot water, refrigerator, stove, garage, laundry, 24 hours security, very close to Kuta and Denpasar, Jl. Pemogan 212. Call 254 411 or e-mail : <tamanayu@telkom.net>.

I wouldn't call, just use this address to find the place it should cost you about 2.5 million a month which is about $297 at the current exchange rate. They do a weekly rate probably $297 divided by four plus 20%. Either way it's the nicest place you will stay in Bali, and for $10 a night it's a no-brainer.

If you want to go to Lovina and Singaraja on the North Shore which is an easier place to find nice young girls for the true FREE GFE experience...

Aditya Beach Bungalows Lovina
Address : Jl. Raya lovina, North Bali, Indonesia
email : adityabeach@bali-travel-hotel-guide.com

Room Category / Publish Rate / Our Internet Rate

Std Building Fan / Single: 42.35 / Double: 48.40 / Single: 20.00 / Double 30.00
View (AC) / Single: 48.40 / Double: 60.50 / Single: 30.00 / Double: 32.00
Deluxe Ocean View / Single: 60.50 / Double: 72.60 / Single: 40.00 / Double: 42.00
Extra Bed / Single: 15.00 / Double: 15.00 / Single: 12.00 / Double: 12.00

When I was there I had the deluxe Ocean view and I paid 150,000Rup which is about $18 at the current exchange rate.

I highly recommend the deluxe Ocean view, and if you use my name Gajah Mada, you shouldn't have to pay over 200,000Rup which is about $24 at the current exchange rate.

This hotel is very nice it includes a breakfast buffet, the staff is super friendly and it is the nicest, in my opinion, hotel on the North Shore.

If you go to the North Shore, you can find girls at any one of the cafes or bars especially Planet Lovina, Poco Lounge, Cafe 3, Cafe Joged. If you strike out, you will see a small guy on a motorcycle as well as a large ugly man on a motorcycle hanging around after closing time of the bars. If they don't approach you asking if you want a girl, you can approach them, and ask them where is a good place to find girls.

The price will range on quality, 300,000rup ($36) for all night anything goes, for 7 or 8, or 200,000rup ($24) for a 6 or below.

Obviously, if you can pay less, it's better.

After a while I became such a good customer it was always 200,000rup for any new ones they acquired. I usually go on the premise that once I make a girl orgasm I move on to a new one. It's like solving puzzles, because every girl is different.

I hope this helps someone, Bali is incredible!

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

02-02-04, 07:28
Just got back from Bali and I have to say I wish I went to Phuket or Pattaya instead. First the girls are not as cute as the Thais and they are not into the GFE. In Kuta Beach the girls hang out at the Hard Rock Hotel Bar called Center Stage from 1830 to 0030. Then things move to the Hard Rock Cafe until 0200. Bring lots of booze money because the drinks are very expensice at both joints. The girls go from 300,000 to 500,000 ST. Another hot spot is Patty's Pub, it also has live music with some local girls working there. This place is full of drunk Aussys. Across the street is a small bar with live music and it has some girls there also. This is a fun place and visited it several times. I Saw several guys in there 60's there getting drunk and having fun. Just around the corner is The Bounty and it's also hopping with lots of head bangers and loud music. Did not like this place very much. Very young crowd!

The beach was littered with lots of plastic bottles and bags. Wish they would take better care of their beaches. Overall, forget Bali and head straight away to Thailand.


Angus Magee
02-21-04, 17:33
I agree that Bali is not Thailand and if you are expecting the same scene you will be disappointed. However, myself I had a great time there. For me the girls I met were real beautiful (you have to be a bit picky and work to find the real lookers) and pleasant to be with. I met three girls in the space of two weeks and had a LT with two of them and ST with the other. The only difficulty was keeping them seperate as they all knew each other.

I would recommend Bali for some one who enjoys the challang if the semi-pro.

Asian Monger #2
03-04-04, 02:42
I'm a new comer to this forum but NOT a new monger. This is not a report but a question to Wolf. I have a few questions for him.

The girl, Laela Nur, that you recommended, can she speak English?

I'm asking this is because my company is organizing a trip for the staff to Bali on May 1st. This is the biggest opportunity, if u know what I mean.

So what happens if I call her cell phone directly? Wouldn't she feel weird like, "who the h*ck is this?" or something like that?

How do I approach it? Please advise.

I'm also bringing my colleague who's also a fellow monger. Should I just take a taxi to Sanur or some of the places recommended by others in this forum?

Please advise,


Bez Bezarra
03-05-04, 07:19
Stayed at the Sheraton on Nusa Dua, 5 Star incredibly opulent hotel, sandwiched in between 2 other 5 Star hotels, and I could walk from one hotel to the other through the side service entrances or right in to the pool areas from the beach. They don't mind guests going in between because they figure you'll spend your money in the bars and restaurants. These are mega-million dollar hotels owned by Suharto, or actually now his family, since he croaked. One of the important parts of the billion dollar empire of properties/real estate/banks, etc etc etc that he pillaged from his 20+ years in power, on the sweat and backs of his fellow 150 million Indonesian countrymen. What a hotel, ultra luxury, like you're in a dream!
They say one shouldn't stay on Nusa Dua if you are in Bali to monger, because its hard to get girls past the tight security. Its tourists only on this southern tip of the island, but my room was on the side, and if I got my taxi to drop me off at the end of the outdoor hallway, instead of the main front lobby entrance, I had no trouble bringing home a guest. I waited a few days to try this, after getting to know my way around and trying it without a girl a bunch of times.
My bartender hooked me up with his brother, who ended up being my taxi driver, and my intro to Barokekand another brothel in Sanur
So your best bet is to make friends with a bartender. Get him to hook you up with a cool taxi driver. Let him take you to Sanur, and pick your girl there. There are some short time motels, I found a very laid back place called the Swastika Hotel, (not a Nazi hangout!), which is one of their religious symbols. Took 2 girls there from someplace named 9X, room cost about $40 for the night, each girl got about $45, after each session we went for late night dips in the pool to cool off. Pretty wild fantasy having these 2 girls in the pool making out at 3:00 AM, nobody else around, then taking them back inside and menage. Between the scuba diving and the surfing and the girls, Bali is cool. I'm sure Thailand is better for non-stop mongering, but Sanur did the trick. Monger on!!!!!

03-07-04, 20:34
dear Master Monger
I will be in Thailand for 9 days and have to decide if I wan to take quick journey to Bali.... ONe post discusses the north part of the Island. Mongering can be so individual from which a person extrapulates that the entire country and every girl is like the beauty (or disappointment) he experienced. Your thoughts appreciated. I am 48 so 4-5 times a day is not needed... ie a GFE that can speak a lttle english is ideal.

all the best from San Francisco

alan (ozikboy)

Asian Monger #2
03-09-04, 07:15
Sorry guys,

Company changed the destination of our company trip to Bangkok/Pattaya due to election in Indonesia on the coming months.

Apparently our travel agency got wind of it and due to safety reasons, our company has opted for the "heavenly" Thailand.

Better yet!


Master Monger
03-10-04, 20:45

You can find the real GFE, almost anywhere in Bali. The economy is ridiculous with the average person making less than $50 US a month. If you're looking for a girlfriend, I can recommend staying away from cafes, but frequent all the dance clubs and the beach.

Students would be your best bet, because they are more carefree and have less responsibilities. But really any girl in Bali is fair game if you treat her like a queen. Just be honest with these girls, don't be afraid to ask them to go on a trip with you. Once I found my luxurious suite in Denpasar I made many trips to the countryside and invited the young girls to come back to Denpasar with me and none ever refused. Every girl in Bali is yearning for excitement, adventure, and entertainment.

One last piece of advice, you can have any girl, so take your time and don't settle on the first one.

Good luck,

Master Monger

03-23-04, 01:23
Any good suggestions of a 5 star hotel in bali where I can stay with my family and also have fun with the massages that they offer. I mean good massage (with some extra on menu) Thanks for any suggestions buddies.

03-23-04, 15:41

I spend about 8 months a year in Bali. I don't think you're going to find any hotels that offer happy endings on your massage. Though many massage places outside of your hotel will offer this service. I frequent 'Kuta Bugar', it's across the road from BIMC (Bali International Medical Center), all your taxis drivers will know. they use the fishbowl style of picking out your girl. Please keep in mind that this is Bali and not Thailand. The most that you're going to get is a 'hand job', but most all girls will gladly give this. I'd aim for 100,000 rups (about $12 US), if you pay more than this you're fucked and a hand job as well. If you're after more, I'd head over to Sanaur.


03-24-04, 21:54
Ronnyd - Bali is nothing like Jakarta - can't you get a few days there ?! Jijjy is right, 5 star hotels don't usually offer what you are after. The only hotel I've ever had any success (in-room massage) was at the Sheraton in Nusa Dua but that was a while ago.

03-30-04, 01:09
Hi Bulai69,

Cannot get Jakarta because am going for a vacation and monkering is just a side option for me. Anyway, could you suggest me any good hotel to stay with wife and kids? Am looking for a 5* hotel/Resort with ideal location. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


Master Monger
03-30-04, 14:11
Dear fellow mongers,

I usually don't chime in with anything negative, but I think my name still doesn't do my mongering skills justice. I have only been to Bali one time for two months. I now speak fluent Indonesian and okay Balinese. I went to Kuta Bugar about 15 times, the owner there is Chinese which I also speak fluently, I received full-service at least 10 times. One girl I really liked a lot I had them send her to my room many times around closing or I picked her up. If that's all you got was a hand job you should do some more research on my reports.

In the two months that I was in Bali I slept with close to 50 women while they weren't as abundant as in China it was still pretty damn easy and pretty damn cheap.

If you're going to be staying in Bali around Denpasar and you don't stay in the hotel that I listed about 10 posts back I would have to say you are very foolish.

I can assure you I stay in a different hotel every weekend in United States and the hotel I gave you information on "Taman Ayu" is just as good if not better than any hotel I've ever stayed in. You also can get a two room suite separated into two stories with two bathrooms, great for kids, for not much more than $18 a day.

While you are in Bali I can also guarantee you that my name Gadjah Mada may help you out, especially at Kuta Bugar and is assuredly good for a five to 10% discount.

Happy mongering,

Master Monger

03-30-04, 20:49
Hi Ronnyd - all the top brand name hotels in Nusa Dua are excellent (Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton etc). A very good one also is the Novotel (not usually that brilliant elsewhere) which is in Nusa Dua but a little distance away from the others. With wife and kids I would not stay anywhere other than Nusa Dua unless you really want to be extravagent and go for Four Seasons or Amanusa. Over the years I've stayed at all of these plus a few others. Don't even think about staying in Kuta. Sanur is third rate. You'll have to be very lucky if you want any mongering at any of these places I'm afraid. But otherwise, enjoy your trip !

That Asshole
04-09-04, 17:07
BALI Island, Indonesia

Imagine the nicest, friendliest people on earth in the middle of an exotic, tropical paradise, where the tourist is the King. In tourist centres nearly everyone speaks english well and it makes everything so much easier. It's Bali. And there is pussy too. Plenty. So much indeed that it's worth a visit just for that reason.

Money: Indonesian Rupiah approx. US$ 1=Rp. 8000
(Used to be better!)

Visa: Since February 2004 most western nationals including US citizens will need a visa to enter. You can buy it on arrival at the airport, cost is $25 for up to 30 days(I think30).
You will have to que in three different lines. First to pay, then to buy the visa then again to get it stamped. This can take between an hour or two. What a hassle. But never mind, could be worse. At least the staff at Bali airport are very nice and friendly. Make sure you have US$. For example if you only have Swiss Francs, they will change it for you but at the shittiest low rate and will sell you US$ at the highest rate.

Airport information: You will arrive at Ngurah Ray international airport (also called Denpasar, from the capital of the island). Once you go through the visa hassle,collect your luggage. If for some reason you have to wait a lot for visa don't worry, a porter will mind your luggage. Make sure you have your name on it though. Tip him Rp.5000. (Less than a dollar). The arrival area is pretty low key. You will be hassled a bit by taxis but not much. They all are just soooooo nice people. As you exit through the doors, on your right is the taxi-voucher counter. The official fare to Kuta is Rp.25K. You pay at the window, will be given a voucher and assigned a driver.Your taxi driver will be unvariably a very friendly fellow (genuinely). Don't worry, it's not Thailand. People are genuinely friendly here. It's hard to believe it first. They all speak english very well and many will come to you every day just to talk with a foreigner. Waiters, hotel staff, drivers shop assistants,etc.You don't need to tip the taxi driver. He may even give you his phone number so you can call him if you want to go to Sanur or anywhere. But there are so many taxis.

Public Security:
You can crawl home at 4AM dead drunk and nobody will even pay attention, unless to help. Watch out for drunk Aussie surfers on motorbikes. They can be lethal.

Everything is reasonably cheap. Fan bungalow in Kuta $18-25. Aircon room or bungalow $30-40. A bit more than Thailand but there are quite nice rooms for this price. Many hotels will let visitors in. Tipping the guard Ps.20K can also help. FL girls will do this from their own pocket. It's included in the price.
Most hotels also have safety boxes. A plate of local food around $2. Large bottle of beer $2. (Bit cheaper in supermarkets).

Indonesian (also called Bahasa Indonesia). Very easy to learn. Chances are in two days you will know all the numbers and greetings. They use the roman alphabet. English is now thaught in schools and in Kuta or Sanur everybody will speak it.


It's worth a try, even if you are normally a non-smoker. They have a sweet/clove flavored variety which is ingenious (at least the first pack). Better be smoked like a cigar just to flavour your mouth.

And finally, THE HOBBY:

Two main possibilities:
1. Brothels in Sanur, including Jalan Danau Poso area around Hotel Dian Ayu Hotel Baroek-ah and around.

2. Freelancers along Jalan Legian and freelancers in bars in Kuta, Legian and Seminyak such as Bounty, Apache, Peanuts, Double Six and others.

BROTHELS in Sanur:

Sanur is a town about 20 minutes drive from Kuta. The beach is good and the water is calmer than in Kuta, and so better for swimming. Accomodation tends to be more expensive than Kuta. Older tourists dominate the beach area.

Danau Poso Street is five minute walk from the Sanur Beach Hotel (where you might want to visit anyway since most airlines have offices there). On any basic map you will find the street marked or take a motorbike taxi from the hotel. Both sides of the street
are lined with "short time hotels", such as 6X, 9X, 11X, 13X and more. There is also No.95 which is not "X" but does the same job. They have their own resident staff though.

All the "X" places draw from the pool of meat at No.101 where the girls actually live. The procedure is simple. You walk in to eg. 9X, state your requirements (small, tall, skinny, young, old, and in 5 minutes a guy will come with a girl on the back of the motorbike. It's so close they could walk but they take the bike anyway. Maybe it's more classy. I tell you there are some real princesses there. Usually I was happy with the first supplied but you may refuse and they will bring another.

Really, you could go to No.101 to pick your own but I don't recommend it, as it can be very intimidating. There are a LOT of girls there and they all get on to you, pulling your arm, etc. It's much better just to sit down, relax and do the shopping from your armchair. The price you negotiate with the guys which is another gem in the picture, it is just like buying meat from the butcher. I love it.

From a foreigner they will want maximum cash, but I tell you the local price is under Rp100K per hour. You will not get this price, EVER but agreeing in 150K for first pop and 120k for each return visit is quite a reasonable deal. And once you become a regular they won't be watching the clock so much either. Business is open from 10AM to 3AM although the evenings are of course more busy. I found it quite convenient to have a pop early in the afternoon at let's say 1 o'clock, while the time away on the beach and return in the evening for another session. Usually with a different girl but occasionally continuing the game with the morning selection.

How to get there:
From Kuta a hire car or taxi shouldn't be more than 30K or you can take the PERAMA bus from Legian Street, leaves at 10AM, 1.30PM and 4.30PM (I think!) to Sanur for 10K. You can ask to be let out on the highway near the Sanur Beach Hotel (but sometimes the driver forgets). If you get off at the terminal, take a moto back for 5K.

Also in Sanur, but in a different part of town. The street is also lined with houses like 1X,
2X, 3X etc. Dian Ayu is across the road from 2X. The meat didn't seem to be such a quality as in Danau Poso so I didn't take from here. This situation can change though. Go there by taxi but get out at the end of the road and walk to the brothels. Otherwise they will pay commission to the driver from your pocket.

On the Highway (left side) from Kuta to Sanur. Some say there are older meat here. I haven't tried recently. Also believe there are smaller houses in the area. On the way from Kuta you can stop the taxi there to take a look.

What to expect:
The girl arrives on the motorbike. You move in to the basic but clean room with cold water shower and fan. (It's so hot anyway, the cold water is refreshing). She will not be shy. You shower together. Then it's usually just uninhibited fun sex. They are quite good.

While in the Philippines you rarely get a (good) blowjob, in Thailand you sometimes get it, in Indonesia they are experts at it and it's guaranteed and at least good. Sometimes terrific. These girls are from other islands eg. Java, Timor, etc. and not have a trace of shyness. They will pose infront of the mirror with your dick inside them if you want. Once
I noticed that a guy was watching us from the outside as we forgot to draw the curtain. The girl just laughed and we started posing for him (I don't mind a bit of audience either). A Thai girl would have run away screaming in this situation. If you are shy make sure you draw ALL the curtains. In my opinion it's a total GFE (Good Fucking Experience) and that is what matters.

I gave them all a small tip eg. 10K, even though only one asked for it. That will buy them two packs of cigarettes. Out of the Rp.120K that you paid 20 K goes to the mamasan at No.101, I guess the house keeps 50K and the girl will get another 50K. She gets free accomodation. many of them have late model mobile phones so should be earning quite a bit. I also got cellphone numbers from them, but for what, I don't know since they are not that great at speaking english.

It's a legitimate massage parlour and is actually in Kuta. I believe they are staffed with local Balinese masseuses and in this case Full Service is unlikely but it's worth a try and the situation can change. From the taxi I saw the masseuses having meal outside in their T-shirts and shorts. They looked petite, brown and young, quite acceptable.

The situation was miles better before the "B-day'. The old Paddy's pub was the center of fun. While downstairs the Aussies got themselves drunk upstairs was full of working ladies dancing the night away. Short time could be had (with often part-timers) for 200K and LT for 400K. Now the one level Paddy's is packed with inebriated hordes looking for "free-fuck" among themselves and locals don't even get past the doorway. It's a wasteland. Next door Bounty can be somewhat better with a few FL and next door to that Apache is the best choice. Apache bar is favored by the locals anyway. It plays live reggae as opposed to the disco at Bounty. Peanuts in Legian has it's own resident ladies who don't work elsewhere but after Pattaya they didn't seem so attractive. Maybe if Bali is your first stop you will feel different. Some of them are worth a pop if you are "hungry". Along Legian Street after 11PM there are a few girls hissing you down if you walk alone. They look between 25-50yo. None particularly attractive. It seems that part-timers might feel it too dangerous to mix with foreigners in crowds and only the really hardened ones stayed in.

A lot of foreigner guys proudly display quite attractive local meat on the back of their motorbikes, especially if they are long term residents on the island. However I also hear that such and such's girl-friend is 6 months pregnant or seven months or so. Bear it in mind that not one man since the beginning of this world EVER got a free fuck. When someone mentions FREE, I become very sceptical. The only time I ever got a free beer was when I was a kid and stole it from the supermarket. Now I am not proud of it but it happened. Happened to you too. Was even that beer free? Now I wish I hadn't taken it. So whoever tells me that "I am fucking my Balinese girl-friend for FREE", I tell the to go to hell and lie to their mama. What a bunch of naives. In Sanur the price is fixed 100'000 rupiahs and that's it. And you keep your life, your house, car, stereo and so on.

The Island otherwise tops, especially if you get away from Kuta which is flooded by drunk aussies, their fat girlfriends and a large number of ugly, arrogant western women.
Once while dining in a restaurant I overheard a local expat matrons meeting (about 10 of them). And guess what the hot topic was: prostitution, of course. It was called a terrible curse and you bet they were trying to do their best to eliminate it from the Island. As things go now in the world, they may even succeed. Surely they have the cash now and the steering wheel in their hands.

I rather wish that quite the opposite would happen. This Island has got great potential. It has the climate, the location and the friendliest locals on earth. There's an unlimited supply of cheap, young fresh meat from all the other islands, they don't even have to use their own. All the beachside in Sanur could be filled with beer-bars, discos and go-gos. It could become a second Pattaya and better.

Lord Weasel
04-23-04, 16:48
Could anyone recomend a hotel in Bali, doesn't have to be girl friendly as I will be bringing one from Jakarta for the trip.

I don't want to break the bank though.

She likes to do it in the pool or spa, so one of those would be nice.

I would like recomedations on a 3 or 4 star place, clean and safe would be the top priorities for me.

04-23-04, 19:23

That was easily one of the finest reports I've ever read. Thanks for that. Your thoughts on 'FREE' are interesting and appealing.

Hope to read more of your reports.


04-23-04, 20:10
Lord Weasel

Novote in Nusa Dua is good. It's a short distance from the main expensive hotels but it's in a good area, more or less as good and cheaper

04-23-04, 20:20
The Sheraton laguna Nusa Dua has a huge swimming pool and a laguna from which some rooms have access.
So you have direct acces from your terrace to the pool. It may be a little expensive but it is worth it.

Dick Nasty
05-05-04, 04:11
Hello fellas,

I will be in Bali in 3 weeks, I will be staying most likely in Legian or Sanur, can someone recommend to me a affordable hotel somthing that is not more then Rp200.000/night and clean?

Where can I go to find some action in Legian? Some club names or hang out place? Are the international tourist also players like the locals, or is it only to deal with locals??

I am not into paying big bucks to get laid, so if you fellas have some places to suggest, and tricks that you play, please, please let me know asap!

Terima kasih.

Bez Bezarra
05-05-04, 13:01
Stay at Swastika Hotel, no its not for nazis!
Its very close to the "x" houses and Barokek.
Any taxi driver, hotel bellboy will know.
Its very laid back, not fancy, not expensive.
Nice pool, lots of retaurants, just what you need.

Dick Nasty
05-05-04, 20:29
Mangus Man,

Thanks for your input, is swastika in Legian? And where do I find the "X" house, any names, directions? Also what single bars has a good selection of chicks of both local and international. Terima Kasih

Pussy Engineer
05-07-04, 08:02
Swastika is in Sanur. The 'X' compounds are also in Sanur. The 'nightlife' and non mongering activities are around legian/kuta/semi. Don't sweat either way though, as the taxi ride back and forth is ~6-7$.

A good place in Legian [if that's where you want to stay] is Legian Beach Hotel. Clean, Aircon, and if you grind a bit, you can bring them down to $55/night [I stayed for 1 week].

Bez Bezarra
05-08-04, 15:41
Just tell the taxi driver you want to go to Barokek, and he will smile. To any local in Bali, that's like asking for the Grand Central Station of mongering. Just prepare yourself for the 25 girls that will appear from the darkness and rush you screaming, "choose me, choose me!"
Unfortunately, they are mostly in the 3 to 5 range. Look for the one hiding in the background with the "Don't choose me" look on her face, and that's the one you want!

Dick Nasty
05-08-04, 19:36
Mangus Man,

Is Barokek in Sanur area then? Just so I know how far I am from the "X" factor, hehehhe. I like to find quality girls if they are 3 - 5 in quality I think I can find them easily anywhere. I got to make my trip to Bali more worth my time and money. But then you said, the ones in the back are the better ones.

How much for an hour and how much to take them back to my room?

Thanks bro!

05-11-04, 01:45
From reading the Jakarta reports it seems that freelancers (basically women who are amateurs) are the way to go there.

Is this not true for Bali?

So far I have mostly found mention of the professionals in the Sanur area.

If amateurs can be found in Bali, in the Kuta region, can someone please tell us where to look for them? A fairly precise location and method of approach will be helpful for those who are not familiar with the region.


Pussy Engineer
05-11-04, 07:59
If you're looking for freelancers - the place to roll is the nightclubs, both on weeknights and weekends [but more pure freelancers on weekends].

The key clubs are:

10-12 am - Paddy's
12-1 am - Skybar+sSace Bar [bars on Jalan Dyn Pura]
1am - 5am - Club 66

The last one is the *best* to find freelancers on weekends. Mostly girls who work retail jobs in Denpasar will taxi down for a chance to meet and party with some foreigners.

However, from my experiences, freelancers in Bali are different than in Jakarta. In JKT, the girls know it's just a game. in Bali, every free lancer I've met has immediately called me her boyfriend. Wants to guilt me into paying for her second aunt's kidney transplant, and they're experts at guilting us liberal men out of ca$h with their countless stories of hardship [real or not].

The reason Sanur is appetizing, is because you can find some real princesses, energetic, happy and eager to please and get nasty. If you like them, you can keep their mobile numbers and within 20 minutes you can have a gang of women at your hotel getting jiggy with it. No guilt, just straight fun. You can't beat that!

Bez Bezarra
05-11-04, 12:48

Yes of course, Barokek is in Sanur, so are the X houses. I ended up paying too much as usual, because my guide had to get his cut, and he knew I had money, so he did not get me the local price. Its probably impossible for a bule to get local prices anyway, that's the whole point.

Yes, there are freelancers in Kuta. Some old hag tried to sell me her daughter on the back of a moped, and there's a million stories on this thread about picking up girls in the kuta bars.

But if you want to experience the true brothel, which if you go all that way to get to Indo, I can't see why anyone would not, go to Barokek, push the 3's and 5's to the side, and look in the back, and you'll find something interesting. Or just go to the x houses, and you'll find something worth it.

Cost was about $35 ST, about $60 for all night. Yes I overpaid, but who cares, I only went twice, and I'm not going back. Its all yours. Have at it and enjoy yourself. Monger on you dogs !

05-12-04, 04:00

I know what you mean about 'girlfriends' trying to get more out of you. In Thailand, where I go quite often, it has become a major industry. However I have never been taken in - so far and maybe I should cross my fingers. As a matter of fact I do not like girls who call themselves girlfriends just to get gifts or 'treatments' out of you. I drop any woman who is trying that - it is preferable to agree on a daily rate. That said, I must say I have met girls who have not tried to take anything from me, in which case a gift is certainly suitable.

05-12-04, 19:24
Sidhartha - I understand your point about "dropping the 'girlfriend type'...and working on a daily rate" but my suggestion is that it's best not to follow that approach in Indonesia because if you do you will miss out on a lot of girls. If you get straight into negotiation some girls will be put off. Just go along with it - but obviously don't actually believe it! If you are lucky you might find a fantastic girl who you don't have to pay at all - it's happened to me plenty of times.

By the way - re your point in the Jakarta thread - you'll get 100 times more action in Jakarta than Bali - it's much better

Pussy Engineer
05-14-04, 05:09
I totally agree on the last post.

I had the life f*cked out of me in Jakarta, definitely a place to go once a year ;-).

If it wasn't for the beaches and surfing, I'd just skip Bali entirely :)

05-30-04, 03:54
Well here goes with my first report.

I just came back from 2 weeks in Bali and after being helped heaps by notes in this forum its only fair to add a few of my own.

I got a package deal for Au$1350 for 2 weeks staying at Bakungs Beach Cottages in Tuban return from Brisbane. Arrived at Denpasar at about 10.30pm local time and it did take about 1hr to get through customs (thanks for telling me to take some US$).

Had to get rid of a few guys at baggage collection trying to take my bag and found the guy who was waiting for me outside holding a sign up with my name on it. Went pretty smoothly really since I had no idea where I was supposed to be.

Got to the hotel about midnight and the porter carried my bags to the room. As soon as he put them down he asked if I wanted a girl. Price rp400000 ST. Thanks to you guys politely told him to get lost plus I was probably to tired anyway.

Day 1: Got going at about 4pm (after checking the beach and a few Bintangs) and asked a blue cabbie to show me some girls. Straight to Sanur at 4x (about 15 girls waiting in the compound surrounded my motel rooms). Liked a girl called Inna (not sure of spelling) there and asked the Boss how much for all night. He told me 3mil rp so was just getting back in the cab when he offered rp250000 ST so decided to take it...what the hell hey.

Room was clean and they brought in "free" Bintangs.

Overall I didn't like the attitude of the place, the girl was good but very proffesional, watched the clock, covered BJ, insane Boss, basically not what I was looking for. Never tried Sanur again.

About 10pm back at the hotel decided to walk to Kuta to check the nightlife. After hitting the main road and walking for about 4 mins some old Mamasan offered me a pretty young girl for rp200000. Decided to check it out and got on the back of her scooter. After a 5 min ride got to a crappy old hotel room and she tried to do me herself!! Told her to FO and she got on her mobile and pretty soon the promised girl arrives. Was young and pretty (don't remember her name) but the whole experience was a bit freaky. Didn't get off, probably due to the Mamasan flashing her tits at me and the girl still wanted a tip!

During the morning of day 1 I met up with a guy on the beach at Kuta who offered to drive me around the island. I've got to recommend this guy called Nyoman Winta. He does fake tatoos at the beach just at the end of Kuta art market. Hes not good at finding girls so don't even mention WSG to him but say Wayne recommended him and he'll give you a good tour including his house, village, native food...just the stuff you won't see on an organised tour and for half the price. Payed him rp500000 including tip for the whole day (way too much but he did a damn good job and I tipped him heaps).

Day 2: After the tour I met up with my "best friend for girls" for the rest of the trip. His name is Anton and works in a shop just up from the hotel. Follow the lane with all the sellers to the main road, 2nd shop on the left.

JL. Kartika Plaza
GG. Samutra No. 2000
(have his phone if anyone wants it)

He is pretty "in" with the hotel staff and hangs out in the lobby most nights until late as well.

Organised a fair selection of non-full-time-proffesional girls to turn up at my room at about 11:30pm (now this is more like it). Chose a girl called Anni rp350000 LT, tipped security rp100000. IMHO bloody brilliant, not the best looker but excellent BBBJ, great kisser and very open minded. Have pics of most of the girls that I'll post later.

Day 3: Again set up by Anton in my hotel room by the name of Rani (not sure of spelling). I asked for Anni again but a no-show.
Not great so don't recommend her. No BJ no kissing. LT rp350000 security tip 50000.

Day 4: Skipped Anton due to the dissopointment of Rani plus I wanted to check out the clubs. Went to Paddys and got pretty drunk (another drunk aussie surfer). Lots of girls there sitting in the dark in the lounge area. Probably the type looking for foriegn boyfriends. Got approached by one but not my type. A few others were throwing peanuts at me to get attention but didn't indulge there either.

Decided to leave Paddys and check out Bounty or somewhere and met this older guy called Eku outside Paddys. He offered to show me the bar scene so off to Bounty with him and bought him a few beers. He then took me to some Japanese bar where they were charging rp40000 for an Anker beer. Left after one beer. At this point he asked if I wanted a girl so being more than a bit drunk I said ok. Went past his house on the way and it seems he's a bit of a painter as well as pimp.

Took me though the back streets of Kuta (a bit scarey in the dark)and met up with a smallish girl (again can't remember name) about 30yrs I guess.

Being 35 myself I prefer younger but what the hell. rp200000 ST no BJ and in general not great. Probably don't trust this guy. I never saw him again. Washing afterwards involved black water in a pot and a dipper, very scarey.

Day 5: Back to Anton but told him to bring me the top shelf stuff. Got a girl called Maria IMHO again, bloody brialliant. Prettiest yet. Great BBBJ. Excellent muscle control, but not a great kisser. Recommend trying her! 250000ST and gave her AU$10 as tip.

This is getting a bit long so I'll stop it here for the time being.

See if Jackson posts it or if anyone is interested in reading further?

I've got a page worth of general tips and comments as well that I can post too.

05-31-04, 05:33
Well it seems Jackson posted the first part of my report with no changes so I'll keep going with it.

Day 6: Spent the day watching a pretty big cerimony at Kuta. Was talking to Win about it and it seems these guys (Hindu) are pretty big into karma. Thought occured to me that with such a corrupt government, all the officials on the take as well and everyone else trying to rip off the tourists that must generate a lot of bad karma!! Don't know how many offerings they think they need to put out to make up for that but its probably not enough. (oh well this isn't the place for religious observations so on with the story).

10pm asked for Maria again. Anton said she couldn't make it. At this point I mentioned to him that I was probably going to post a pretty full report here and showed him all the notes I'd made up to this point (just mentioned this in passing as he was regularly at my room for a few Bintangs before the girls turned up). Service improved dramatically at this point. Thanks again guys :)

Maria turned up in about 15 mins. Great again ST same price. I'd sort of given up LT at this point since I was regularly going to Paddys/Bounty afterwards. Maria actually gave me her direct phone number at this point as well.

Day 7: Called Maria at 7pm to organise another visit unfortunately mens but she still wanted to come over. Turned her down and went back to Anton. Mentioned that I was looking for 2 girls LT on my last night as well.

He brought me a choice of two different ones and I picked one called Uri or something like that. A really small girl of about 20 I guess. Pretty enough but was a bit freaked out by my size. Think I might have done her some damage even though using heaps of KY. No BJ, good kisser payed rp200000 plus 50000 to security. Tipped her 100000 due to possible damage :(

Checked out San Efe and Hard Rock Cafe later that night.

Day 8: Back to Anton again. Regularly met up with him during the day at his shop. Asked him to book early so the choice girls wouldn't be out.

Got Anni again and again she was brilliant. First time with her ST. 250000 plus the usual to security. I didn't tip her the first time since it was LT and she left while I was still asleep. Seemed a bit shocked when I gave her an AU$20 note and she wanted to jump back on. I was up to it but got interupted by papasan. Now thats the sort of enthusiasm I'm looking for! I can put up with a lot for that kind of a girl.

Day 9: Anni again as above.

Day 10: Had to take a day of rest since I was leaving soon and still wanted a 3some before going. At this stage I was regularly going out to Wins village in the early evening to sample the local brew (Arak mixed with Bintang and energy drink). During the day we went to the fish markets and I got 4 Snapper about 1 and 1/2 foot long and the village guys cooked them up over coals made from coconut husks. I got all the guys in the village drunk as well (they only supplied the rice and spices) and the whole thing cost me about rp300000. Got a few friends there for when I go back plus 1 village "good" girl who is actually prettier than Maria but for my eyes only. Sorry guys, have pics but not for public usage.

Day 11: Last full night. Anton turned up as promised and brought 2 girls. Maria and 1 other (didn't get her name). Their papasan turned up as well but someone failed to tell the girls I wanted both of them. Caused a few shocked looks which I hadn't expected. I suppose thats the disadvantage with non-full-timers and I would have thought it would be a regular request :(

Oh well. Decided to give it a miss if the girls were not into it and just took Maria LT. As usual she didn't dissapoint. She offered to hang out with me the next day as a GF and go out to Jimbaran Bay if I called her but I had last day shopping planned as well as the usual visit to my local at Kuta beach ect.

Day 12: No girls, just shopping for DVD's and pressys for mates and relatives. Bintangs of the beach and packing. Flight at 10:30pm.

I took US$ 1300 with me in travelers checks and still have $400 left. Bought 30 DVD's and mostly they work well. Turned up with an empty suitcase and came back with 2 full ones. Seems I made it under the departure weight limit as well (was a bit worried about that...think its 30kg or so) but cloths and DVD's don't weigh all that much.

Departure tax rp100000

Gereral Tips and Hints:

Prices for cloths 20000 for shirts, 25000 for thongs and shorts. If anyone wants to rip you off (and they will see Gina at Kuta art market and mention my name (Wayne or "the big guy" Danny).

In general don't buy anything from the beach sellers except beers. Even the smokes have been out in the sun for a few days.

DVD's 10000 each. Don't get sucked in by the buy 10 get 3 free stuff.

They are building a new mall/hotel on the beach at Kuta 5 stories high and I watched guys carrying iron roofing on their heads from bottom to top for AU$5 per day (rp30000) <--- good comparison for what things are worth. I wanted a beach towel and was offered rp150000 twice :/

Health: If you go to the monkey forest get shots before you leave home. One of them bit me but I was pretty fully vaccinated.

Expect to get Bali Belly from the water or food : Take tablets with you to stop runs/cramps. You can't really avoid it if you are there for a while.

More about Money: Most hotels and shops won't give you small change. Probably a plan to rip you off. If your regularly going to Paddys they are good for changing rp100000 each time you buy a beer. Blue cabs are also ok for giving change. Don't even trust the Blue Cabbies all that much. One of them ripped me off for rp5000 by hitting a button on the meter after I insisted he use it. Payed him anyway after many complaints...oh well

Warnings: Walking up the main streets in Kuta at night everyone offers you either girls/transport/drugs even boys. My advice is to stay away from the drugs, I'm not into boys and better to get a single "good" supplier of girls.

Hotel Details: Bakungs beach is ok and girl friendly (obviously). Moved rooms after the first night in order to get a double bed. A/C is good but TV reception leaves a bit to be desired. Pool and pool bar are ok and Bintangs are cheap by local standards. My next holidays are in December and they have offered me rp200000 per night. Could probably bargain lower since they know me and I probably tip well.
Will check out other places before I sign up though.

Bars and Clubs: Paddys rocks both for music and girls (if your into that type). Bounty not so good for either but the late live music is ok.

Hard Rock: Just don't bother, really expensive for everything and you can get better elsewhere.

San Efe: Well, mongers paradise if you like bar girls. Saw one older guy (about 60) with 4 hanging off him. About 30 girls and about 4 active mongers at the one time I was there.

A few general comments: Girls mostly have no idea what KY is and bring your own condoms.

Watch out for people offering you free prizes. Its a time share deal with the local resorts and you could buy your own house there for the price. Listened to this guy for an hr. Didn't get the cost but when I worked out what it was about and they said you had to decide today I told them to FO and left. Got a free T shirt though.

Sorry to appear racist but if any Japanese people are reading this please don't pay the prices you currently are. I don't mind paying more than normal when the service is good and designed to my tastes, but rp40000 for a beer?

Don't go to the restraunt at the volcano. Huge rip off for tourists.

Think I've said previously just don't do "tours" and get a guide.

Its much easier to ignore the girls at the clubs if you get laid before you go...just enjoy the music and get rid of the club girls unless thats what you like. There was one guy (from Scotland I think) who thought he was hot shit due to the GF he had just "picked up". When I told him I had just pissed off the girl that was hanging off me because I'd just got laid 1/2 hr ago and payed for it he looked at me strange and left... (didn't have the heart to tell him)

Oh and watch out for the holes in the sidewalk everywhere. They have signs up saying "sorry for the trip inconvenience". They are about 6ft deep on average...Bit more than a worry if you fell into one. Get a cab home :)

Food: Try Kin Khou Thai just toward Kuta from the hotel. My only problem with them is that they assume all westerners don't know how to use chopsticks...like so many other places :(

Anyway thats my full report. My opinions only obviously. Just hope its helped someone.

Comments on report are more than welcome.

05-31-04, 06:05
Just one other thing that i forgot to mention. The people of Bali are REALLY desperate. Tourist trade is still dried up and I payed the prices that I did knowing how hard up these people are. Its a bit different from getting ripped off to paying too much in order to help someone out who gives you the service you want.

Larry Flynt
06-01-04, 16:26

Great report man and I'd love to hear more, heading over to Bali come December so the more info the better!

Pussy Engineer
06-01-04, 18:24
Zos - most excellent report!

Very effectively summarizes my experiences as well. The only thing I can add of value is to not give up on the Sanur scene. It can be full of beautiful princesses like your maria.

The other thing regarding hotels etc, if you're staying for more than 10 days, it's more economical to rent your own villa. If anyone is interested, PM me as I have the contact details of my last 3 stays.

06-01-04, 20:11
Zos as many time Bali monger I enjoyed your report. Very accurate info.I stay at Kartika Plaza Hotel in Kuta.Id like to hook up with Anton.Is his shop close to my hotel. Marias cell would also be appreciated. You were paying full price for most services but as first time visitor that is to be expected. Would you return?

06-02-04, 06:35
Thanks for the positive comments guys :)

Anton is close to Kartika and told me he also had contacts there.

Monger22, I pm'd you Marias number and more detailed directions to find Anton.

Will also attach his pic here.

ohhh I'm definately going back in December. Might even stay at Kartika if the price is sort of ok. I walked into that place by mistake from the beach and got more than slightly lost.



Capt JB
06-02-04, 17:48
Came across what seems to be a pretty good fare to Bali. Cathay Pacific is offering round trip from San Francisco, LA, & NY for 599 round trip and you can do a stop over in Hong Kong. Travel dates are 9/1 through 11/30 with no restrictions as to which day of the week you travel. Must be a US citizen. You can check it out at their web site.

06-04-04, 07:38
To all of you who want to monger in the “X” houses on Jl Danau poso.

Just finished with a very cute Javanese girl about 23 Y.O, BBBJCIM, and anal.

I was driving past, and one of the pimps called me over. I speak pretty good Indo, and was quoted 125,000 right out of the box. Thought I would push my luck and ask for anal, and he told me no problem. He got on his phone, and 3 minutes later, there were 4 girls who showed up. He told me normally there would have been 10 or so, but he knows the ones who do anal, and didn’t call the other ones over.

It is number 11X. Am just mentioning this in case you get quoted 500,000, which I have read in here, has happened. You might not get it as low as I did if you don’t speak the lingo, but you might get close.

At $13 US, who can say no. I gave her a 40% tip.

06-04-04, 20:06
CaptJB Thanks for the Cathy tip thats a great price from NY. Ill jump on that for a fall trip for sure.
Iball i like the 125,000 better. Ive found in my visits that unless she is a 9 or 10 stick with the price you have in mind. Dont think ive ever gone over 250,000.

06-05-04, 06:56
Off to stay at the Ramada Bintang Bali late in July. It's in Kuta South or Tuban. Anyone know of some day time action down that way. No chance of me getting out for long so Sanur is out. Doesn't have to be FS, happy endings will suffice!

06-06-04, 16:24

Try Kuta Bugar (massage) it's across the street from the BIMC (Bali International Medical Center) at the big rotary in Kuta area where the DFS (Duty Free Shopper) gallarie is. They have the 'fish bowl' style of picking your girl, so their are no surproses. An hour massage will cost you 35,000 rups. Tipping is about 50,000 - 100,000 rups depending on service and you. I've never gotten more than a handjob there, but according to someone on this board they have. Do some research in the archives here. There's also a handfull of massage places on the bypass road going towards Nusa Dua (Two Islands). Most any place that provides massage will give you a 'happy ending'. By the way, Sanuar is only 20 minutes up the road. Once you account for the time of an actual massage, it's quicker to go to Sanuar. I always recommend to go to stay away from Barokka, I think that the girls are much prettier at Diana Dayu (spelling?). I spend 8 months a year in Bali, have a factory there and love it. But Bali, thank God is not Thailand. And Kuta is not the best place to see Bali.

06-07-04, 05:35

What is Diana Dayu? I do not recall hearing that before.

Also, does anyone have an opinion on the Kuta Beach Club hotel? Is it guest friendly, nice place to stay?


06-08-04, 08:24
Thanks Jiggy,

Seems I'll only be spending two weeks with the wife there then the third on my own so I'll be able to venture out for a little Sanur delight. Diana Dayu? Ok, sounds like it's worth a wee nudge! I'm sure you know the good stuff while spending 8 months a year there!!!



06-10-04, 02:16
yet another reason to come to the island of the gods

06-17-04, 17:57

What is Diana Dayu? I do not recall hearing that before.

Hotel Diyan Ayu
Jl Betngandang 1/04

289026 287380

Is a hotel. The only difference is that no one stays overnight. The minute you drive in about 10-30 girls will come running out. Take your pick. I always pay 100,000 and tip 50,000. Just tell them that's what you've paid before. The girls are younger and prettier than at Baraokaa. They also usually won't start bothering you for a tip from the very start. The only people that still go to Barooka are tourists that are uninformed and ill advised. As i've mentioned in previous posts, don't tell your cabbie what you'll pay. He's not your friend. They're always on the take. Don't confuse being 'friendly' with being your friend.

Mi Foot
06-18-04, 08:43
I am going to be in Bali in late October and staying at the Bali Hyatt. Can some one let me know what the place is like as far as allowing companions.

If nothing else its just up the street from alot of "X" places. I don't like take home all that often but occasionally, especially after a long week shooting (photos) in central Java, I may be in the market for a LT.

Regards Mi Foot (bugger, I can't think of a new tag)

06-18-04, 19:51
Mi Foot - there is no problem getting girls into the Hyatt - I assume you mean girls..

Mi Foot
06-19-04, 01:04

I certainly do. Oh God I defiantly do!

My Foot

(Go Scotland, almost beat Australia tonight. Its going to be cold in the stands, Bundy warmer alround)

Pussy Engineer
07-04-04, 09:43
I'm not sure if this will be violating the rules of the forum Jackson, if it does, my apologies in advance.

Just wanted to let people know that there's a new discount airline in the South East Asia area called 'Air Asia'. I took a flight from KL to Singapore 30 days ago and was pretty impressed with everything - most especially the price!

At any rate, the reason this relates to bali is that air asia has extended their service now to Denpasar Bali. The rate appears to be one way from Kuala Lumpur to Denpasar for RM 99.99 which is about 30$USD!!!


If anyone is on business in Asia, it just became THAT much cheaper to go mongering in Bali or Jakarta for the weekend.

But if you're looking for the sexiest Indonesian girls, please get in line, I have a few hours booked already ;-)

The rule is that you can't post links to websites that charge for viewing, or to websites with forums. Information links like the one above are perfectly accectable.

07-08-04, 15:48
Equally as fun is Lion Air - the reason for the fun is that like Air Asia the stewardesses are more daring and a lot more sporting ! Perhaps the pay is also not so high encouraging them to play the field.

So wake up early in KL and take Lion Air a nice return trip very cheap and no booking issues and straight in at 8am meaning a full day on the job before cheonging away all night

Hato Buki
07-14-04, 10:14
I'm heading to Bali next week, and am thinking of staying in Sanur for a few days. Can anyone recommend a hotel around 30 USD per night, that is girl friendly?

Also, will be heading up to Lovina. I found one hotel reccomendation on this site, but anyone have more?

Much appreciated!

07-19-04, 10:20

When staying in Sanur, why not go where the local girls and boys meet? I have seen 4-5 places and most girls like to meet foreigners. 8-10 US $ will willingly be received as "taxi money" for immediate sex. In Bali few youngsters dance when they meet. In these simple bars they have 10-20 "love-rooms" and having sex is as natural for them as the first dance in Europe and USA. Look for places where many motorcycles are parked. Close there are meeting places like these. Bring your own condom.

Be curious! Have fun!

Hong Kong Guy
07-28-04, 23:03
I am going to Bali in Sept. Any recommendation?

Please, thank you

07-29-04, 18:53
Hong kong Guy,

Bring some condoms and bang some locals.

Member #1846

08-12-04, 12:00
Just an update on my previous posts.

I'll still be going to Indo in November/December but due to starting a new job will have to make it a shorter trip :(

Will Still post a report.


08-29-04, 05:57
Hello Folks,

I will be in the Kuta area in early September. Does anyone have any numbers of girls I can contact? Not super expensive, just the normal Bali rates please! If you do maybe you can PM me, it will be very useful. Girls who know some English will be even better.


Hong Kong Guy
09-01-04, 04:50
I heard there are many Japanese girls (4 free of course), but don't know where can find it.

P.S. I will be going there in late Sept.

Jaimito Cartero
09-03-04, 08:08
I'll be coming to Bali in about 10 days. If anyone is going to be there from mid September to early October, PM me. This is going to be my first time in Indonesia, so hopefully I find something interesting to do there.

09-04-04, 01:13
Cartero: You'll find PLENTY to do in Bali (MUCH more than in Jakarta). HOWEVER, if you go to Jakarta first you will be spoiled with the abundant GFE which is NOT as abundant in Bali. If you find one in JKT you really like, TAKE her to Bali (she'll love you forever, trust me!).

Singken Ken
09-04-04, 19:36
Hello everybody,

After 10 days in Bali here are some comments:

I stay at Seminyak area. You can stay at Panca Jaya "hotel" (Jalan Dianapura) double room 70000 per night in balinesse style. girls frienly.

For pick up girls you can go to Santa Fe restaurant and disco (Jalan Dianapura) till 2 AM.

After Santa Fe go to Deja Vu, friday night is full of incredible beautifull girls but a lot of men too.

For finish the night go to Disco Paparazzi (former Double 6) very close to Deja Vu.

The Massage Parlours in Jalan Danau Poso under my point of view are low quality but maybe you can find some good girls.

Some advices if you only wanna fuck:

Don't pay more than 300000 for all night.

Don't lose your time, if you like some girl ask if she wan go to your hotel after 2-3 minutes, if she say no, sure she wan a long term relationship.

Take care of your belongings.

If any question send me a PM.

Enjoy your holidays!


Larry Flynt
09-06-04, 12:18
I know the odds are remote but does anyone know of any strips clubs etc in Bali, I know it's a longshot but thought I'd check if they existed.

Jaimito Cartero
09-09-04, 05:55
Surfer - Well, I figure I will stay a week or 10 days in Bali first, head off to Jakarta for 5-7 days, and then come back to Bali for the balance. I'll play it by ear. I have no concrete plans, so we'll see where lady luck (fuck?) will take me.

Guy M
09-09-04, 21:29

An old chinese has a saying, a good traveler has no fixed plan and no intention on arriving.


09-13-04, 02:21
Here's my impressions from an early-September visit.

I tried three of the recommendations from the board. All worked, though the satisfaction varied.

I called one of the girls whose number was on here (Laela). She wanted a huge amount to come to the hotel. So I met her the next day in Sanur. I ended up paying 200000 for an okay experience (no BJ, though she was reported to be OK with it).

The Diyan Dayu Hotel in Sanur. The pimp wanted 300000. I offered 150000 and he accepted. About 6-8 girls showed up and I selected one. The room had a/c, but the girl wanted a tip for BJ. Obviously a ploy to get more money, but I agreed on 50000. I hope not all girls there do this though she said they did. Not a great experience, she also tried to hurry things.

I took a taxi to Jl. Danao Pose and walked to 11X. Again dropped from 300000 to 150000. I have a feeling they will take less. The girl came in on a bike. Very nice and good attitude. I gave her a 50000 tip.

Didnt have time for any more because I met a woman there who moved in with me.

Getting to Sanur: about 25000 in a taxi. No hassles anywhere.

09-14-04, 20:27
Never seen a "strip club" open to the public anywhere in Indonesia; certainly if you are cdonnected to the right Chinbese guys in Kota (doubtful in Bali) there are private places where the girls get nude.

Jaimito Cartero
09-16-04, 05:36
Well I arrived in Bali a couple of days ago. I'm pretty much unprepared, as usual, though. I didn't print out all the good Dano Paso "X" house numbers. Last night, I decided I would just go and check them out. I got into on of the little minibus things (and I'm sure I paid too much).

The minibus guy was telling me 300k, which I knew was 2-3x too much. We passed a couple of houses that I saw girls streaming out of, but I had him just let me out (at what I assume) is the end, before it turns into something else (traffic circle).

I walk back, and it's rather interesting to be walking in a dark street, over unknown terrain. I've been known for not being concerned about my surroundings and the safety of which, but Bali seems pretty secure to me so far.

I see a few motorcycle guys with two girls on the back. I thought I'd just see where they went. No luck. They're too fast, or I'm too slow! I take a break about 1/2 way at the Circle K, and get some water. I have fun watching some shopkeepers try and string some electrical wire to get juice for their stand.

I keep heading back towards my hotel (Swastika Bungaloes), and finally get approached by a guy in front of some rooms. There are three girls there, but it's very dark. They're all doable (I don't have too high of standards), but I would like to get a better idea of what they look like. I tell him that I'll pay 100k. He says 150k, I start to walk out. 100k is fine, he says.

I take the girls in the light, and there is a semi-cute younger girl (21yo), and two slightly older, plumper ones. I was about to choose the younger one, when she gets this pouty look on her face and says, "Hurry up and choose". Scratch HER off the list. I choose the older one, since she at least has a good attitude.

I had brought my own condoms with me, so I didn't have to rely on defective ones. It was pretty mechanical (and darn, somewhat unromantic, if you can believe that. :), but she do a nice BBBJ. We moved to the main event, but she just wasn't into it.

I decided, what the hell, let her do what she's good at. Ripped the condom off, and let her wail. She was doing some good DT, and when I indicated that I was ready, she took it all and held on for dear life.

Now, this is where the tale takes a "Exon" like detour. (Check out Exon's story in the Argentina forums if you'd like some really good stories).

This is not for the faint at heart.

I had been saving my seed, as Exon would say. I had about a months worth, and my darling indo girl was getting it all at the back of her throat. She had also just eaten a big meal. Gag reflexes are amazing sometime.

She spewed like it was going out of style. I pulled back quick and she only dusted my dick with vomit. There was a "period-like" huge lake of vomit in the middle of the bed, somewhere my poor little sperm were swimming to nowhere (thankfully). I was at first very surprised, and then a bit pissed off, and then amazed at how this girl was handling it.

She just cleaned up matter of factly, tore the covers off, and smiled. The mattress however, had been Exoned, and I'd hate to use that bed in the near future. It's going to smell for quite some time. I tipped her 20k for some more food.

Needless to say, no kiss goodbye for her! I had briefly wiped up after this encounter. I hopped into the second minibus and headed home. As we're riding along, I get this burning sensation on my dick. Hmmm, usually not a good sign. Then I think, you just got whatever digestive acid is in the stomach on my dick. No fun at all. Nothing more fun that little needle type pins feeling like they're grinding into your dick.

As soon as I hit the hotel, I soap up good, and everything is fine. I do usually have some interesting times on my trips.

So far the food is good. Not as good as Thailand, but very acceptable. I do hate the slow internet connections, though. 4 computers on a 56k dialup line?

09-16-04, 19:33
JC, funny story. I can just see you walking up to circle K on Dano poso. Stop by and say hi to Wayan at his house behind the "cat and fiddle", if you are looking for a tour guide. and feel free to stop by my GF's shop to say hi. I told her you might stop by.

Have a good time, looking forward to more stories. Since this board is fairly dead, I'm sure most wouldn't mind some of your every day stories, not only the mongering ones.

09-17-04, 04:11
JC, if you keep going past the circle K, (about 100-200 feet), you will come to an intersection. on the right hand corner, past the intersection, there is a small warung. they have excellent nasi campur, you can just go in behind the counter, and point at what you want.

Excellent food, for about 1$. Some of the girls who work the brothels eat there too. If they have cigs with them, they are probably not Balinese, and most probably working girls. They might agree to by pass the papasan.

Jaimito Cartero
09-17-04, 06:35
1Ball - I did check out Aung and Sue's Watering hole the first whole day I was here. It looks okay, and I'll probably stay there later on. There was a little Tasmanian girl there who was telling me about everything while I visited.

I got a massage across the street that was fairly decent. 60k for an hour, and I had 2-3 girls working on me at once. Wow

So you're saying that Balinese girls don't smoke, but others (Javanese?) do?

I went to a movie last night, and at first I thought the taxi driver may have taken me to the wrong place. The building looked half deserted. It was right though, and (it is half deserted) after trudging up the non operational escalator I saw Chronicles of Riddick for $1.30.

After the movie, I decided to check out some of the clubs. Went to Paddy's for a couple of hours. Lots of boisterous Aussies and Europeans. Not too bad of a crowd. I saw about 15 freelancers. Most were okay, but nothing that excited me. They started to congregate around me (Only 1 guy at a table), so I had to move.

It's fun watching drunk Aussie girls get romanced by Indo guys. I was eating at the Apache, and watched this fairly cute Aussie argue with her Indo guy. She wanted to go into the Apache, and I think he wanted to go and fuck. Guess who won?

I decided that since I'll save a bunch of money by staying at a cheap place, I'll check out an expensive place for a couple of nights. I Pricelined 2 nights at the 5* Westin Nusa Dua for $55 a night, plus taxes. I have a comped Gold SPG card from my frequent flyer program, so I think I'll get late (4pm) checkout and probably a room upgrade.

It does seem that everytime I go to a country the US dollar starts to sink. I had planned on 9300 rupiah to the dollar, and now they say it might be 8800 by the elections. Time to hit the ATM again before it goes to 8000! Sigh.

It is rather hard to spend money here. I got out 1,500,000 when I came, and I still have 500k left.

Sometimes when I come to a nice, but poor country like Indonesia I wish I could just buy a ton of stuff to help out the locals. I've eaten at a decent Warung close to my hotel a couple of times. The nice waitress gives me Bahasa lessons, and we talk about stuff in general. She says she makes 200k salary a month. It's really inconceivable how someone could survive on that. (Tips are split among all employees).

Jaimito Cartero
09-17-04, 06:37
Oh, and since I didn't know what the address was for the place on Danau Paso, when I passed yesterday I noted that it's 45X.

I may go check out the Hotel Diyan Ayu later. Wish me luck!

09-17-04, 07:22

Also enjoying your story.

Please continue :)

09-17-04, 15:36
Jaimito Cartero - interesting spewing story. Good to see romance is not dead. Have you been to Jakarta yet? Better action than Bali.

09-17-04, 19:59
JC, glad you're having a good time. Wish I were there to hang with you. Now you understand why I told you I spend so much time there.

Nice job on the Priceline thing. You really are good at this. Might ask you for help again in LOS next month.

Will be in Jakarta Oct 13. Will you still be there?

Jaimito Cartero
09-18-04, 02:52
Well I went to the Hotel Diyan Ayu yesterday, in the mid afternoon. However, there were no girls in evidence. I went to the office, and the worker girl there said 300k, and I laughed. She had a bit of a bad attitude, so I just took off. I'd guess it's better at night, but who knows. If I have time, I'll go back in the evening.

I walked back to the freeway type road near it, and got some water. I sat down at a bus stop and just watched the traffic and people go by. Most people here are pretty friendly, and haven't really gotten anybody too rude yet.

It's a bit weird, since I'm going in some pretty non-touristy places and I'm the only non native that I can see for miles. Little naked kids wave and say hello to me, and I've had a few 20 something girls motion me over, but I haven't accepted any of those offers yet.

I knew *basically* which way to walk to get back to Danau Poso, and ended up taking a street that took me there. I often wander without a real idea where I'm going. I figure I'll find something interesting, and I'm usually right.

I walked by 11x, and poked my head through the gate for a minute. No girls there at that time, but I figured I'd come back later. I kept walking towards the Circle K, and saw a massage sign on the south side of the road.

I went over, and was told by an older lady that it was 50k for an hour of oil massage. Sounded fine to me. I was hoping for one of the semi-cute girls there, but I get the old lady.

It's called Pondok Massage, Danau Poso 351. I go into the 10 foot square room that is quite hot. She switches on the AC, but it takes 10 minutes before it's even somewhat comfortable.

She motions me to strip totally, which I oblige. She starts on the back, and is using medium pressure. I usually have knots in my legs, so I told her to use heavy pressure. Man, that's like telling a Thai restaurant to make it a "little" spicy. She went to town on me.

I had some big knots in my shoulders and back and I was about to scream from the pressure she was using. However, it felt great when she was done. She did do some intense groin area massage too. Most normal massage places won't cause they don't want to "dick" around. She may have given me a prostate massage (Not sure since I've never had one. :) )

She was rubbing Mr. Happy a lot, and at the end she offered a happy release, but I wasn't too tempted. I was thinking about some of the cute motorcycle girls I've seen around here the last couple of days.

After that I went to the Circle K and got some water (Aqua - Buy 2, only 1,250 each). I then ordered some Chinese food to go at the Fortune Cookie restaurant.

I had gotten some delivered the day before (50k, free delivery), and was fairly happy with it. I think their Kung Po chicken is the best item. I then took off with my bags and had looked at a beauty salon that is near it.

When I left for my trip, I looked in the mirror and was disheartened by all my grey hair. I decided that I'd get it colored so I didn't quite look like a grandpaw yet. Most of the places that I looked at near my hotel were about 150k for coloring.

This place was 70k, about what I had paid for my haircut a few days ago. My beard has some red in it, so I thought I'd get a brownish red one to match. The girl who was putting the coloring in was a VERY hot item. She seemed to be pretty friendly.

Since my beard has a bit of grey in it too, I thought I'd see if they could do the beard too. (Big mistake) They had no problem doing it. After applying it and having me wait about 45 minutes, they rinse my head off, but can't figure out how to wash the beard stuff off.

They finally have me kneel by the bowl and manage to get it out. I get back and look in the mirror. Ah, I look like bozo the clown, all I need is the nose. Sigh. This won't be the first (or last) time I get laughed at.

The stylist is grinning and go along with it. I talk to her a bit, she's from Jakarta and I'd put her in the top 10% of girls I've seen in Bali so far.

As I'm leaving, I get her card with her cel number on it. She was friendly, but I'm not sure how friendly. I guess I can call her and find out.

I get back to the hotel and look in the mirror. I look so ridiculous that I decide to just shave my beard off. I do that, and then notice that my skin is totally red underneath. Hmmm, where to find a clown's nose in Bali? I decide to just eat my Chinese food and go to sleep early. I figured the girls in 11X would think I had some horrible communicable face STD or something. :)

I wake up this morning, as usual, when the big delivery trucks start honking their horns at the Hardy's supermarket that backs up my room (#58). Usually 8-9pm. I've never been in a country that uses horns as much.

And what's with the 1,500,000 max withdrawl from ATMs? I got less than 9000 to the dollar for my withdrawal yesterday.

I do like the Swastika overall. I paid $26 per night via Indo.com (Although they converted into Rupiah and I paid about $27 per night). You can book direct at the desk for 225k per night for a single, including breakfast.

Does nobody tip in Indonesia? I watched half a dozen Aussie's at the free breakfast and never saw anyone tip a penny. Maybe it's the American in me, but at least a few thousand on the table?

Moving to Nusa Dua this afternoon.

Cash Works
09-18-04, 16:24

Great stories. Keep up the good work!

When I was there, years ago, I only got massages on the beach, so no "happy endings" offered (too public), but I found that the old toothless hags generally gave the best massage. So my rule for Bali & elsewhere: If you're going for the massage & not the "happy ending", then by all means - get the toothless old hag!


Luke Skywalker
09-19-04, 03:02
I'm just about to leave for Bali (my first trip), I've been to Cambo, Thai etc and am wondering what to expect in Indo. I have read the many accounts, but still have a few burning questions that I would love to have answered before I leave.
Is there a 'bar beer' area like in Pattaya? I noticed someone wrote there are no strip clubs, thats a shame. It seems that it is mostly a brothel style mongering area? Various reports suggest certain areas, such as Seminyak or Kuta, could someone recommend a lady friendly hotel near some action in one of the towns (not too far from the discos, as from what I read freelancers are a plenty). I notice some tales of outta town ventures and would also like to go a not so touristy area.....
Anyway guys your advice would be much appreciated and as always a detailed report will be forthcoming....

09-19-04, 12:38
Hi - Bali is nothing like Thailand at all. Its mainly geared for tourism and not a good mongering place compared with Jakarta which is just an hours cheap flight away. Best advice - go there! Of course there are places in Bali which are well documented in this forum and you need to follow this advice because if you go looking yourself (with limited time I assume) what you are looking for will not be that easy to fiind. It's not "in your face" anywhere.

Jaimito Cartero
09-19-04, 13:48
Well so far my sex expenditures have been pretty pathetic. I've only spent 120k so far, and it's lagging far behind my lodging, food, taxi and even internet expenditures!

I had written down a lot of the places to check out, and chose Club 66 to go to tonight. I had written down 1am-6pm as the times someone said were ideal to go. I went at 8pm. They don't open until Midnight. Duhhhh.

At least I found an internet cafe close, and will grab some food. I don't think I'll be doing any bungee jumping tonight.

The Westin Nusa Dua is nice. I'm not sure if I got an upgraded room or not, but it's a suite, with balcony and a pretty big bathroom. It's got Heavenly Beds, so at least your comfortable sleeping.

I went out for lunch and had a $12 cheseburger. The only thing that made it worth that price was watching the nice European ladies going topless on the beach. A few were well past their expiration date, but there was a 20 year old that well made up for it.

It cost about $6 to go from the Swastika to the Westin. I'm going to try and go on a tour on Tuesday. I'm flying to Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon.

Saturday after 5pm, I decided to look for travel agents in the yellow pages. The first one just had a message machine, but the second one had a live person. They were really helpful and told me about the 30 or 33k cheap tickets (6am departure). I wasn't too keen on 6am, and they had Lion air tickets that left at 10:50am, 3:10pm and one later one for 39k. I'm taking the 3:10pm. I'm hoping there will be no election problems in JKT. If so, I'm out $41.

I bought a one way ticket, since I'm not sure how long I'll stay in JKT. They delivered it my hotel today, before 11am. Really good service. The company name is Bhuana Sejahtera Travel, phone number is 233097. I wish I could get a travel agent in the US to give this kind of service.

Jaimito Cartero
09-19-04, 13:50
Luke, well they are similar in some ways, but more of a freelance scene in Bali. There are plenty of *****houses in the Sanur area. I have barely scratched the surface. Maybe when I leave in 2 weeks I can give a fuller report.

Jaimito Cartero
09-20-04, 11:15
After internet surfing last night I went to a nice restaruant. It's the first one you pass, once you go by the hotel (walking towards the Circle K. Bali Beach Restaurant, and then another name.)

They had an excellent peppercorn steak. About 300 grams, and good quality meat. Local meat, but much better than the stuff I had eaten in Sanur. The whole peppercorns were a bit much, but the spicy green sauce was very nice. I think it was 37k, with a so-so salad, and nice veggies.

At Club 66, the have the road blocked about 100 meters away from it. I guess that's to keep truck bombs from going in front. I think anyone could still run the barricade though.

It was totally dead for the first hour and a half. I just sat outside playing blackjack with some cards I had picked up. I went to the bathroom, and noticed a poster for that night's event. Drag Queen night. Well, at least there would be entertainment. I had wondered why there seemed to be so many feminine guys around.

A few gay guys were trying to start a conversation with me. I mostly ignored them. Finally one guy came and sat down next to me. And started all the normal chit chat. I just told him I was looking for girls. He asked me what I was looking for, and he brought back one fairly cute girl. She just didn't spark anything for me, and I didn't buy her a drink. He also asked where I was staying, so I was sure that the Nusa Dua price would be much higher than normal.

People were finally trickling in then, so I went inside, and they had a few couches to sit in, so I snagged one. The music was mostly Techno, which is not something I'm really into. After 40 minutes or so more people are there, and then the Drag Queen show starts.

I get out of the couch and go onto the dance floor to watch it. As you know, I'm not exactly known for my dancing, but I do manage to shuffle my feet a bit as I'm watching the show.

There a couple of girls with braided hair and white blouses who are right in the front. The both look similar, and one of them looks familar. I keep looking at the one, and think it looks like the Russian tennis player Svetlana Kuznetsova. Since I actually had a TV at the Westin, when I got there I just vegged out the first night watching tennis at the Bali Invitational. I remember seeing that she had braces when they were doing closeups of her face.

She'd drinking fairly heavily, and kissing a boyfriend every now and again. Finally she smiles, and there are the braces. So, I'm dancing next to Svetlana Kuznetsova. She'd won over a million dollars at the US Open and 250k at the Bali tennis open. She was definitely in a mood for fun, and was messing around with her like attired/braided friend. They were even pulling their shirts up and showing their bras.

I think her coach and friends were with her. A group of 5 people, I think. I talked to the coach a bit, he's from the UK and seemed a very nice guy.

The drag show was pretty good. Lip sinking to popular tunes (Tina Tuner, Madonna, etc), with costumes. One of the best ones was when they had a domanatix with whips and stuff. They had a collar on of the "slaves" and Svetlana picked it up off the floor, and put it on her friend and was playing "master".

Other than dancing next to her, I didn't really interact with her much. Just before she left, she climbed into the window (Big 7' tall, 18' long) box and started dancing up there. I don't think most people knew who she was. If I hadn't had a tv to watch, I wouldn't have known.

I went back to my couch, but 3 cute girls had taken it. I sat down in the next one. All 3 were nice, but 2 of them looked more like working girls (smoking, drinking, carousing), the other one looked sedate, and was just sitting down with her sexy straw cowboy hat on.

I find out that she's with her sister and friend from Jakarta. The cowboy hat girl just refused to dance, no matter what other people did. We finally got her up, and she danced for a minute before she escaped back to the couch.

The only drinks I got here was water, which was 130k each.

It now seems that these are rich girls. The girl I'm talking with (Neem, I think) says they just came for a 4 day holiday. She has the lightest skin I've seen on anybody in Indonesia. She's in an international English school in Jakarta. It turns out she is 15 years old! I'm glad I wasn't trying for her. :)

She did get a nonstop amount of guys coming over and trying to get her up and on the floor. I danced with her sister some, and finally persuaded her to go on the dance floor for almost a complete song.

I was pretty tired by then, so after the dance, I left, a bit before 4am. There were no taxi's outside the club lot, but lots of people (minivans/motorcycles) who wanted to transport me. The problem with these guys is that they want to charge you 2-3x the normal rate, and you really don't know who they are.

More than 50% of all the vehicles on the road here are scooters or motorcycles and they really don't have many road rights here. I wouldn't ride one unless I had to. Plus my hotel was maybe 10 kilometers away.

I went back to the Circle K I had bought my water at. I wanted to see if they could call me a taxi. The security guard there, took his scooter and went and looked for one. He came back in 5 mintues, but said he couldn't find one. He then said to go outside this area, and I should be able to find one.

Just as I was leaving the store, a taxi driver pulled up. I guess that all the "tranport" guys intimidate the taxi drives not to pick up anybody in that are, so they can rip them off. All the Motorcycle drives and other guys were giving this guy dirty looks.

He turns his meter on, and off we go. He tells me thanks for getting in quick. It seems that if the transport guys catch him they'd do him harm. Seems stupid, but who knows.

I get to the hotel and the ride only cost a bit over $4. I tip a $1. I have to get some sleep, since I'm leaving in the afternoon.

I wake up a 1pm, and shower and pack. I'm going back to the Sanur area. The place 1Ball told me about, Aung and Sue's Watering Hole 2. It's $11 per night for fan, or $14.25 with AC. I'm trying the fan and will see how it works for me. If not, I'll turn on the AC and pay the extra money.

I ate a mixed grill (Steak, lamb chop, bacon and sausage) at the Cat and Fiddle place the fronts the place I'm staying at. It was a bit expensive, in Bali, anyway. About $8 with tip. Since I had't eaten anything today, it was my breakfast and lunch.

I think I'll walk over to Dano Poso and check out 11X. Going 3 days "without" is a bit much in Bali! I guess I'm just too picky sometimes.

Fly Guy II
09-20-04, 12:53
Jaimito Cartero,

Great story. Are you coming by Kuala Lumpur? If you are let me know. Perhaps we could do some liquid refreshment. Not sure if we could match the Bali experience but sure will try.

Fly Guy II

Jaimito Cartero
09-21-04, 12:06
No KUL this trip. Only Jakarta, and then Tokyo for a couple of days on the way back.

Jaimito Cartero
09-21-04, 12:34
I've had some problems with my report actually saving. We'll see if this one makes it. :)

Last night I walked up to Danau Poso, and started checking out the houses on the north side of the road. First one was when a girl called me over, looked nice, but tried the 300k. I kept walking.

Another 20 meters, and a guy asks, "girls". (Not sure what number, but not too far from the main road to the Swastika). I tell him 100k as we're walking. He kind of puts me off on, and says "see room, see girls". I tell him again, that I'd only pay 100k. There are now 4 guys following me to the room. I won't enter the room with these guys, and am weighing my options.

6 girls come, and then 3 more. I go in the room with the girls. Most are low grade 2-4. Maybe one 6. I again, tell the pimp, 100k. He tells me okay. 100k for girl, 100k for room. I laugh and leave. He goes down to 150k total, and keeps telling me that room have air conditioning and 150k really good price. I think he hit 125k by the time I got to the street, but there weren't any girls there that I'd turn around for, even 100k.

Then went to 11x, I told him I'd pay 100k, and he stuck to 150k for a long time. As I was walking away, he went 130, 120, and finally when I almost hit the street he said okay to 100.

They brought 2 girls, both attractive. The nicest one (A 8 on my scale) was 19, and her name was Aefis (something like that). About 5', nice body, B cups. First thing she does when she's in the room is play with her cell phone ring tones and stuff. Usually a bad sign. I hate cell phones, and wish I could get rid of them. Or at least when I'm with them.

We undress and lay on the bed. Doesn't want to kiss, her nipples are too ticklish. Wants the main light off. No DATY 'cause she's had too many guys. (Whatever that means, I didn't see any cum leaking out).

She starts a halfhearted BBBJ. It's like she thinks I'm a teenager and will blow in 30 seconds. She finally starts doing a little bit better, but always quits in 3 minutes and gives me this look. Every damn time she gets me close, she stops and starts telling me to finish. The 4th time she did this I had reached my limit and just got up and dressed. Needless to say, no tip. I decide I will find one more service orientated.

I walk up the street, and pass by #101. I had seen a lot of girls in there, but wasn't 100% sure it was a working girl haven or not. I started to leave, and a guy next door asked, "girls"? Back we go in.

Lots of girls. 20 at least, on a few couches, mostly watching tv. Ranges from 3-7 quality wise. Again, I say that I pay 100k, and they start with the 300k. I really wish I could find the guys who do pay the 300k. Geeeesh, stop that shit.

I think someone else said this was the place that the girls live. Saw lots of rooms in the back, but this is not where *all* the girls live, I know that.

I get to 45x (where I had the vomiting BBBJ, in case you forgot.). 3 girls there. My vomit queen, plus the "choose" now chick, and a new one "Diana", who seemed like she didn't want to be picked. Since I've read that those are the girls you should choose, I did, and didn't regret it.

We get to the room, and I hand the pimp 100k. He looks at it with a dumb look on his face, and I said that's what I paid the other day. The girl nods, so he takes it and leaves.

This one also wants the lights off. No such luck. Homey don't play that. We close the shades so no one can watch us.

Everything seems to be within bounds with this one though. 27yo, Javanese. Nice body, you could tell she had a kid from the bumps around her nipples, but otherwise a very fine body. I'd rate her at a 7. About 5'1". B nipples, long black hair.

She was very compliant in everything, had a great attitude too. I hate to say this, but the DATY, and foreplay got me going, so I even skipped my BBBJ. (This is a miracle, by the way). We had some vomit joke humor as we cleaned up. I tipped her 50k.

As I walked back to the hotel, I got about 10 more offers of girls. I at at the Nahan Hale (Okay, wrong name, but it's next door to the Cat and Fiddle). Had a avocado salad, chicken with veggies and a Aqua. About 43k total.

They added up the tax wrong, and charged me extra. To be truthful I'm horribly pissy when people try and charge me too much. I mean, how hard is 10% tax to figure out? Since I was going to tip all the change from a 50 to the help, I was helping them out anyway.

One thing about tipping here. I've run into a few places that put the 10% tax and 5% service on your bill. I have no problem with the 5% tip, but I think they're losing out on a lot of tips from me. If it's on the bill, I'm not leaving anything extra. I'm a cheap bastard I know.

I took a 5 hour tour with Wayan today. The first few stops were just the normal tourist traps. Nothing really interesting. I skipped the dances and stuff, and was mainly interested in handicrafts at cheap prices.

In the main Ubud shop area, they start out at 3-5x what the final price was. Want a mask? 60k? 40, 30, 20 and finally 15. The next booth told me they'd sell me a more plain one for 10.

Want a Batik? 80k for mass produced one. 60,40,30 and finally 20. All of them use the "lucky" argument. You buy from me, and give me luck. That only worked on me the first few times.

Leaving for Jakarta in the afternoon. I think I'll save my energy for there, unless I see something really nice on the way. (By the way, I've still spent more money on Internet than girls.)

09-21-04, 14:26
This is a sex guide....what do I care what kind of steak you had dude?

09-21-04, 16:02
Hey kafka, JC's posts are probably the most interesting posts in the Bali section for a long time. He likes to write stories, and I must say, after a very quick search on your prior posts, provides a lot more information than you ever have.

It's interesting that out of all his posts in Bali over the last week or so, all you got out of them is that he had a good pepper steak. Pathetic.

For those of us who spend time there, it is like being there all over again.

let's see what you have to contribute to the Bali thread, otherwise, why not enjoy the read, and shut up. Or better yet, stay in NY. Interesting how you have already been banned once, your posts are all rather inflamatory. Writting on the wall maybe?

John Aldrich
09-21-04, 16:42

In case you have read through posts in the Indonesian list, you will find that everyone over here has mutual respect and there is a lot camradarie here. Looking at the number of posts that JC has made, it sure reflects his contribution to the forum, which is obviously phenomenal.

We are the guys who are mongering here in Indonesia and are very appreciative of the kind of details that JC has posted. I would suggest that it would be more ethical if one could refrain from making intimidating comments on anyone's postings.

We look forward to your posts for Indonesia too, which I hope would be a contribution.

But in case your comment has been a passing one, IMHO, it is uncalled for.


Up Yours
09-21-04, 22:55
Hey JC,

Is your preference rare or well done?. Myself, I like my meat on the dark side. Haven't been to beautiful Bali los (land of sunsets) in over two years. Can't wait to get back to enjoy those dramatic sunsets and to get on top of the LBFMs - (little brown f***ing machines).

I for one really enjoy all the posts as it gives me the sense of being there if only fleetingly. Thanks for the upgrade Jackson and of course this Forum.

Wondering what brand of condoms offer the best safety as well as the most sensitive? Have almost always been involved in long term relationships and as such I don't have the need to use condoms here in L..A. Am also a novice in the mongering department and read these posts with much interest. Be safe y'all

09-22-04, 06:06

If you don't like the story then don't read it. I enjoy every story that JC put in Asia section.

JC, Keep it coming!

Luke Skywalker
09-22-04, 12:05
Thanks bulai69 and Jaimito Cartero for your advice. I will definately let all know how my mongering goes. And I will be trying the STEAK and writing about it too....

Fly Guy II
09-22-04, 12:34
Jaimito Cartero,

Catch up next time around. KUL has much to offer as well on many levels and according to how big your budget is. At times the chase and expectation is more exciting then the actual event. Thanks for the response and safe journey


09-22-04, 17:10
Hi guys,

Old harry is about to venture to Singapore then Bali for 3 weeks. Thank you fellow mongers for those recent posts. I'll be posting shortly - the local scene is what I like best Paddy's bar & accross the road in the small lady's bar or at Sanur. Prices I recal from last year were 200k rupia in Kuta - Sanur 160 to 260k rupia dependenton where you went or time of day.

I'll try out that steak man!

09-22-04, 19:09
Hi all,

Finally found time to put in a report, so here goes.

Day 1

On advice from fellow mongers I went out to Sanur and tried a couple of the establishments with an X in front of the number, its amazing how one house has average girls and yet right next door it 100% better. I finally decided on a place which was No. 14 or the best way for me to remember was it had a really good carving in the drive way. When my driver got me there, he had no problem waiting for me so they direct me on to a little verandah and then out of everywhere they appeared, all up about 20 girls, the older more experienced girls being very brazen and promising great massage for you... and then the good looking girls appeared in the back was a quite girl called Fitri and she was stunning, only about 5'2 with long black hair and a very tight little body. I immediately chose her and we were directed to one of the little bungalows, pretty simple but they did have hot running water, which is good compared to another place down the road. Anyways the money man came to the room as well and the negotiations started, after listening to the forums here I said 200,000 and he said 350,000... I then said I knew the going rates were 200 and he came down to 300, I said no way started heading to the door and he said ok 250. Done. After all of the negotiation he finally left and we got down to business. First a quick wash down with Fitri doing the careful examination, which I appreciated as at least she just didn't just splash and dash. Then back to the room, we lay down and in her broken english asked me if I wanted a BJ to begin, I said sure and let me tell you this girl ws good, It took everything I could do to hold back from her as she was a very good deep throater and it was as if an extra muscle was inthe back of her throat trying to milk me. I was impressed as normally a BJ does nothing but warm me up. Anyways Fitri finally stops and says do I want her on top? Who am I to argue, but first she grabs a condom that I brought with me and then starts the deed (clinical I know but how else should I explain it) this girl was good and I would say we humped around for a good 30 mins before she finally hit the spot and I saw stars... Over the years I have had some good girls but this one was special, so I gave her a tip and she gave me her contact number for when I am in Bali next, which should be very soon.

Day 2.
Had to start early for a photoshoot so went out to Ubud to the rice paddy and directed my shots and then back to the Villa, that night went out with the crew I was in Bali with. We avoided Kuta as it just bring back bad memories, so we went to the strip in Seminyak. Started at the Liquid Bar which was a good little bar, then ventured to the Spy Bar which was also a good little bar and then finally we went to Paparrazi down next to Double Six. of them all I thought Paparrazi was the best as its only fairly new and it belongs to my client in Bali so I was happy that it was the better place. All had good looking girls there but Papparazi had the 7 -8's out in force. Didnt pick up this night as the crew where all just looking around so I put it off till the next night.

Day 3.
Run around doing the quick shopping, for the fake Versaces etc, rested back at the Villa til four and then to Ku De Ta. Gentlemen if you want to impress go here... expensive compared to Bali prices, but very much worth it. Anyways we do our sunset shoot with models by the pool have dinner and cocktails then all back home for an early night. I on the other hand spoke to our driver and said find me a girl with a good body and bring her back, he went out and this girl was cheeky as... she saw where we were staying and immediately said 700,000. I said no way and she could just leave, she thought I was joking and I started walking towards the front entrance when she started negotiating. We finally agreed on 400,000 for the night, which I was happy with and as I found out well worth spending as when the clothes came off she was a hottie. I wont bore you with details but worth the investment, so much so I saw her the next night as well.

I have attached a Pic of Lia and also have numbers if you guys would like. I will be back up in Bali in a couple of months and look forward to hearing more from the more senior mongers here.

Jaimito Cartero
09-23-04, 07:05
I believe that "travel" mongering encompasses much more than just the ol "in and out". If it's distasteful to you, then skip it. I know that I always enjoy it when I'm scoping out a new location and I get a total read on the location.

Unless you're dining on Pussy alone, everyone's got to eat! And given the comments I had read about the poor cuisine of Indonesia, I'd thought I'd rectify it by pointing out some of the really good food I got there.

Jaimito Cartero
09-23-04, 07:07
Just a quick note on airlines. I flew on Star to Jakarta and was really impressed. Nice seats, really cute FAs, and even a nice boxed lunch. For a 90 minute flight, it was quite enjoyable. 39k one way.

09-23-04, 08:05

I enjoy reading your posts the way you write them including the whole experience of the occasion. Keep up the excellent reporting and have fun.

Djekkie Tjen
09-23-04, 08:28

Just a quick question on your ticket. I also flew star last time but from jakarta to Medan. The flight was ok. Only the plane was a cramped MD-8X. But are you sure about the price? Because 39K is a very good price. Almost unbelievably low. That is only € 4! If it's correct i will be flying Star also next time to Bali :)

09-23-04, 10:21

Don't worry about it. Your reports are great. I'll be back in less than a month and I have to eat as well :)


09-23-04, 12:44
I second what Luke posted, Keep it up JC. How do you like the steak? Well done?!:)

Jaimito Cartero
09-25-04, 07:54
Ah, sorry about the pricing. I keep having a problem of leaving off a 0 on prices. It was 390K. I should probably price in dollars, since that way I'm sure I'm right. Sometimes trying to convert dollars to HKD, IDR, THB, JPY just makes my brain into mush.

It was a MD83 with 3-2 seating. However, the flight was only 70% full. They put me in an exit row, (Row 22 & 23 are the best on this bird), and no one was even sitting next to me, so a perfect world.

I've flown Air Asia before and liked them, but the service (with free food) was nicer.

As for steaks, medium is fine. I like pink. ;)

09-26-04, 14:05
How is "Barokah" nowadays? It is near Sanur and might be the place that the Prof Designer described in earlier report? What the average rate at Barokah nowadays?

Rick Star
09-26-04, 18:17
I was just wondering, if anyone has taken any girls out of Bounty nightclub, and down to Sandat Inn hotel ? i did, and i tell you those guys are a bit shifty! The girls are not bad, in Bounty, but the prettiest girls, are in the Karaoke bars. Alittle bit more expensive, but if you find the right girl, she will let you have fun with her, in the private room, for about 400,000rupiahs. But the girls are Ooh La La!

09-27-04, 12:06
Just got back from an R&R trip to bali,
I was there from Tuesday to Sunday. Stayed at Conrad hotel at Tanjung Benoa.
Very nice hotel, superb facility, I was told it was new hotel.
They have very nice pool which I saw some fellow monger brought
their temporary girlfriend, nice job fellas!
Unfortunately I could not find the mongering scene as I went with
my old lady. Anyway just want to recomend to you guys some of
the place that I went:
For nice eateries and lounge, go to Kudeta, the place is beautiful
and the view is spectacular. you could go here for lunch and take
a dip at their beach. I saw many beautiful tourist there, I must
say 40% of them are model quality, some got a topless massage
right at the beach...good view!
Hu'u bar is also nice but no beach view from this one, try the dessert,
Black rice pudding, it was heavenly, the place is pack with a good
mix of local and abroad tourist. at 12 pm and so on the girls are
wilder, one girls keep grinding her nice ass at me.(sigh) alas I can
do nothing.
Warung Made is great and cheap for luch and dinner, I like their
Nasi Rames.
Anyway I don't want to bother you with non-mongering story
Keep up the good work guys!

09-29-04, 16:36
Rick Star,

I will be there next week Wednesday, I have picked up at the Bounty Ship many times before. The major problem I always have is getting a bonner walking out of the place as you have to walk past the many people in the bars & New Paddy's bar night club and into their little hotels around the corner - always embarrassing to try and hide your stiff! Paid about 250k for 2 hours with a 8 out 10 for a WL that even did BBBJ & BB Anal !

I might try and organise to leave seperately with the WL next time to try and save any potentail embarrasement! There are some nice WL's who freelance in both Paddy's Bar or the Bar opposite the road until 11.30pm approx(next to a Karokee bar)

Sanur is hit and miss - although good for mongering, be prepared to take a look around a couple of places - expect to pay $150 to 250K - depending how good you barter & the WL's quality.

Enjoy! Any other mongers PM me if you like to catch up, I'm here to have some fun as always and remember some fellow mongers(The Sari Club Security Guards) who were lost in the tragic blast Oct 12 2002.

09-30-04, 14:58

Did the drunk Aus girl win? Or did the local indo get lucky with the drunk aus girl?

My guess is the girl had her way ;)

09-30-04, 16:20
Dovetail asked 09-26-04 asked about The Barrockah. It is now closed. Nearby is Hotel Aygun(?) which has many beautiful girls (see earlier reports). Have fun on Bali!

Jaimito Cartero
10-01-04, 08:27
Got back into Bali last night. As I walked out, one guy asked, "Taxi", and I thought he was taking me to the window to buy a ticket. Nope. Instead he takes me way into the parking lot, and starting to open a minivan.

On all other minivans that do tourism stuff, there is a special tag attached to the license plate, this had none. There was no lettering on the van, so I passed.

I had seen one Bali taxi nearby, but he was waiting on someone. He told me to go outside the gate. I walked the 150 yards or so, and a guy asked if I wanted a taxi. I made sure it was a real taxi before I got into it. I also made sure he was going to use the meter.

I believe that all Bali rates are about 40% more than Jakarta rates. Flag drop (and first kilometer) are 4k, and 4k for each additional KM.

Cost 34.5k to get back to Sanur, about 60% of the normal 55k airport prepaid taxis. Golden Bird limo was 120k. No thanks.

I have 5 more nights here before I fly to Tokyo. I'm going to work on some freelancers a bit and just relax while I'm here. That's the thing that's easy to do in Bali, just sit back and relax.

Jaimito Cartero
10-01-04, 08:39
Girls almost always get their way. Drunk or not. Excluding "Looking for Lefty" girls, however. Even when you *think* you'e getting your way, it's usually not.

10-01-04, 16:35
thanks for your views!
repeat the question - did the guy get lucky?

Jaimito Cartero
10-02-04, 09:13
They left together, so I'd say yes. But I didn't follow them or anything!

Jaimito Cartero
10-02-04, 09:44
well i went out last night at about 10:30pm. i decided i'd go out the back way to danau poso. this takes me directly to 41x. i pass by though and walk to the bypass road where hotel baro-whatever used to be. you go another 300 meters or so, and you'll see a marked crosswalk in the street. (same side of street as hotel baro-whatever), go another 50 meters, and take the alley that leads off at a 45 degee angle. go about 100 meters (don't drive fast, or you'll miss it), you see a 04. this is the hotel diyan ayu.

well, obviously i had made a mistake of going there in the day before. i see about 10 girls around, but it was dark. i then see that there is a pavillion there, and there are tons of girls there. the turn all the lights on, and the girls all rush up there and yell, "choose me, choose me". they offer massages and more. i'm always overwhelmed in such situations. i just can't choose a girl in 30 seconds. i sit down and just get a good idea of what's going on.

after a couple of minutes, most of the girls rep001ter. off to smsing someone, smoking or doing their makeup. as soon as a taxi or van would drive in, the bright light under the pavillion would come on, and they would all scamper up there again. about 40 girls, i think. general looks 3.5 to 8. most were in the 19-29 range, but i saw a couple that i would place in the 30's. fat girls, skinny girls, little tits, big tits, you can get it all here.

when asking prices, they'd all say, "you come in taxi"? nope. i think it adds 100k to the price if you do. one girl had latched on to me (but of course, she did nothing for me), and after awhile i asked if it was 100k. she laughed at this. she said 100k for room, plus her. she said she'd take 150k. i used this as a yardstick to measure what i could get the other girls for.

there were a few other ones that looked interesting. i wanted to see them all again, but it took 25 minutes before another taxi pulled up. i asked one girl, and then started negotiations. she would only go to 200k, and i didn't like the attitude. i stuck around a bit, but nothing was happening. i walked back the 1.5 kilometers or so back to danau poso, and then over to 41x. they only had my vomit queen (kristen) and the snotty "choose now" (ingra) girl there. this was about midnight, i'd guess.

always one for variety, i took the snotty one. with expected results. only a minimal bbbj, and then she wanted to lay there like a dead fish. i told her to just give me a massage, and we'd call it even. so she worked on my for 5 minutes and kept acting snotty (ok, done now? okay? okay? okay?).

she then asks for a tip, and i look at her with disbelief. i take out 10k, and she's pissed. so i take it back and start to put it back in my pocket. "okay, okay, she says".

i'm still looking for action. i go out, and there is only kristen there. i sit down next to her and start giving her a hard time (jokingly), about saying that ingra was good. even though kristen is nothing to look at (a 5 at best), she does have nice big tits, and does know how to use her mouth.

i made her promise not to vomit on me, and she agreed. the guys making up the room were surprised to see me so again so quickly. i was back in the vomit room, by the way (both times that night).

hand over the 100k, and get to it. kristen is much more open this time. she's probably about 5' 2", and has a bit of a tummy, from childbirth or whatever. lots of tattoos. we do a bit of dfk, and then i suck her huge nipples. she then starts on the bbbj, which i am mighty tempted to just let her finish.

however, she just seems more open and fun this time, so i decide i'll check her pussy out. it's clean and passes the smell, and then the taste test. i start in on it, and at first, it seems like she's just doing some fake moaning.

after a bit, though, it actually seems real, and she's really into it. i sense she is a slow builder, so i alternate rough and light, and after about 30 minutes, she goes over the edge.

there is nothing more exciting to me than a nice juicy pussy after i've been working on it. she's very ready, we start out in missionary, but i'm just not getting the movement action. so i start to go soft, and she gets off and i have her continue the bbbj for 5 minutes. then she mounts cowgirl and we finish off that way.

a very satisfactory end. i tip her 50k, although she doesn't ask. i give ingra a hard time and tell her that she needs to get some dick sucking lessons. hell, if you're going to be a plumber, you need to know how to unstick pipes!

i walk the 3/4 of a kilometer back to the watering hole. i get propositioned twice on this small side street. the last one a late 30's girl 60 meters south of the trophy pub (in the intersection), and one other girl in a building as i'm walking down. "massage, mr"? the last one was doable, the other one was rude when i told her that she had missed the boat.

i'm the only guest at agung and sue's watering hole right now. they have the gate closed, and i figure out how to unlock it in the near dark.

the night employee is asleep on a lounger, and pinky the little spaniel (with 4 pups) barks and wakes him up as i make my way to the room. this is a nice little place. not much on amenities (no tv, soap, shampoo), but for 100k what more can you do? i find it very charming, and the employees very nice. i could easily spend a month here. it's a bit weird not having the ac room, but i figured with the money i blew on nusa dua and jakarta, i'll save a few bucks here.

you almost get pulled into some of the shops nearby. they do look like they're hurting, as this is not the mainstream area. i've spent some time here though, and they're nice people. they all want me to give them good luck by buying something! that worked the first day, but not anymore.

Jaimito Cartero
10-04-04, 13:26
I went to the Kuta nightclub area on Saturday night. The traffic is always horrible here, so as soon as my taxi stopped, I just started walking the rest of the way. It was later (11:30pm), so I was 1km away or so. Last time it cost me another 10k this last 1.5k, so it will do me good to walk!

Started out in Bounty, and it seemed pretty nice. Most of the "for hire" girls hang out together, either upstairs, or near the walkway coming in. If you go upstairs, you can watch all the Indo guys sneak into the club without a drink ticket while the minders aren't minding. I think it could make an interesting wagering environment.

A mid 30's/early 40's girl was interested, but her dental hygiene was lacking, so I passed. After an hour or so, I went next door to Paddy's. It was after 1am then, so things weren't as packed the last time I was there.

I'd say there were 30 girls working there. Some decent ones (6-7 range), and lots of 5's. Maybe one 8. I saw a really nice looking girl sitting back from the walkway. As soon as I had done my circuit I went back, but she had gotten company in the meanwhile.

I saw one other decent looking one, maybe a 6.5. Looks like she's in her late 20's. She asks for 500k for all night, I offer 300k. Sanity prevails (me), and off we go.

In the car, she is not friendly, and won't even let me squeeze her tits. We get to the room, and she wants the money up front. Bad, bad, bad, sign!

I tell her no, and open the door. She get's outside, and then says she's been burned by Australian guys and so forth. I show her that I have the money, but tell her that I will pay her in the morning.

She goes back in, but seems to have an attitude. I'm debating at this moment, but figure that she's here, so why not? We both get undressed, and are laying on the bed and she pop's this little classic out of her mouth, "I Muslim, I not suck".

That's the last thing I want to hear. I sit on the bed, with my jaw dropped and thinking, "Why me"? Ceteris paribus, I decide that I would rather sleep alone than encourage shit like this. If there's a "No suck dick" clause, it better be agreed to in the club.

I get up and tell her to put her clothes on. I get dressed, and open the door for us to leave. She wants taxi money. I refuse given her attitude. I tell her that since I'm going back to Kuta to get me "some", she can come with me. Otherwise, tough shit.

She hems and haws, but finally agrees. She gets in the taxi and starts muttering about me in Bahasa. She stops at one of those "food on plate in the window" restaurants (next to 41x), 'cause I guess she's hungry. I'm real tempted to tell the taxi driver to just leave, but I don't.

Then we go in the wrong direction (from Kuta, anyway), as she told him to go somewhere else. She stops and gets something to eat at some food stand. She then tells him to go across the alley from Hotel Diyan Ayu, and leaves there. She parts with a loving barrage of Bahasa and a hand gesture or two. I got the general drift, however.

We go back to Bounty. One girl who I had chatted up and had gotten halfway into negioations was still there. Nice body, looked like she was 22-23. She only wanted to go with her friend though. I'm always wary of these for two reasons. Security and it's often just not a good experience. I mean if they were pussy licking and stuff, it might be fine, but I didn't see that on the menu. She offered 400k for both for all night. I just wanted her for 300k. She went to 350k, but that's it.

I go to the upstairs part, and see the same worn out girl I had seen before. "Buy me drink". No. Bye-bye.

I go back downstairs, and see the nice looking girl who was at Paddy's (but then had a guy sitting with her). She reminds me of Wanda from Costa Rica, so that's a real plus. Very nice face, good body.

I start to talk to her, again for the 300k deal. She starts at 500k, and goes down to 400k. She then utters the motto of the night, "I Muslim, not suck". Jesus F Christ, what is it with these chicks tonight? She does rate an 8 in my book, so I may check her out another night.

I had a number of Muslim girls in Jakarta, and I'm sure most of the Danau Poso girls are Muslim, and I've never gotten these excuses before.

I'm very tempted to go with her, but she won't budge anymore on price. I go back to the other girl. I get her to agree to the 300k, but then want to clarify the BBBJ part. She hesitates and then get's this look on her face, so I know it's going to be a problem.

I move on. I check out some of the lower class girls and see a couple interesting ones, but nothing that works for me. It's 4:30am this time, and I'm starving a bit, so I head across the street.

The place across the street is serving a few different sandwiches, but that's it. I get a chicken sandwich, and watch the girls as they start to leave.

I wave a couple over, but they want too much for the quality. It's after 5am now and I'm starting to think that I'm going to go home alone.

One of the lower class (older, body in so-so shape), came over and started to rub up against me. She starts out at 400k, which is laughable. I tell her 250k, which is more than she's worth. She finally agrees, and off we go.

She's somewhat affectionate in the taxi, which is nice. We get to the hotel, and start to undress. I had clarified the BBBJ and payment terms before we left the restaurant.

She tells me that she's 30, but that's a crock. 35-38 is what I thought. Later I saw her ID and she was 41. She's got bad breath, so I give her a disposable toothbrush and some toothpaste, and then we both shower.

She's a few years past her "fresh pussy" expiration date. No DATY on this one. Her BBBJ consists of light tongue action, and an occassional half hearted attempt of sucking it. After a few minutes, it's just not worth it.

I just have her doggy style on the bed, and start in her that way. I Jackson her a bit, and spank her ass hard a few times for the halfhearted BBBJ. We finish up pretty quickly, and I have no desire to learn what this lady looks like in the full light of day.

She ask to go home, and I'm more than happy to oblige. She asks for taxi money, and I gladly change one of the 50ks so she can pay the taxi. She's confused when I take a 50k and give her back 50k in change though. I'm no Dickhead, but sometimes...

In the club I would have said she was a 5, but she would be lucky to get a 4 on a good day. Clothing adds a lot, but can't make up for genetics.

I walk her out to the gate, and as it's fairly light outside, I hope that no one spotted me walking the dog. Harsh, I know. I should have just gone home alone.

Much more success the next day...

10-04-04, 22:12

I have been following your exploits across Indonesia, and with great anticipation log on daily to see what new adventure you will bring to us mere mortals. So when I logged on today, I was not disappointed.

But wait, a new term has been used that I have not seen before. To "Jackson" someone or something as in your use of it, viz; "have her doggy style on the bed, and start in her that way. I Jackson her a bit, and spank her ass hard a few times".

Not knowing what to "Jackson" was, I quickly searched the WSG Forum Glossary but it too did not answer my question.

Of course, I am so dumb. After all this is the WSG, and Jackson is the Admin. I must therefore conclude that to "Jackson" someone means to admonish them for improper use of grammar or punctuation and or spelling.

Proper grammar and a good fuck. Boy JC, are you lucky !



For the 10,000th time, the Forum's Posting Guidelines DO NOT require correct grammer and spelling. The Guidelines only require correct capitalization and puncutation, which everybody knows how to do and which can be done with a minimal effort.



Jaimito Cartero
10-05-04, 04:56
Around midnight on Sunday night, I went walking, thinking that I'd check out some of the other places. No one was at 11X, I poked my head in 9X (which I'm pretty sure is a *****house), saw a couple of girls sitting on the porch, but didn't get good vibes off it.

I then walked past 101, and then stopped at 6X (Seems almost like a bar), also says Cantik in front. Many of the places seem to have two numbers, 6X and 130 or something like that.

They started at 150k, and I was a bit tired of negotiating, so when he got to 120k, I said okay (for an aircon room).

Two girls came up, both okay. One took a look at me, and went back outside. The other one was okay, but I clarified about BBBJ, and she passed on it also.

Finally they came back with a slightly pudgy 19 year old named Rica. Had teardrop shaped, superfirm tits. As we're getting undressed and then laying on the bed, she's talking on her cell phone, all I can understand is the Bule part. Maybe she's leaving her last will and testament, in case I mash her to death?

We start some DFK, which is nice, I check out her nipples some, and then DATY a little, although she seems a bit too squirmy for my tastes. I quit after 5 minutes, and tell her that it's her turn.

Let me mention, that this girls know maybe 5 words of English ("What your name", and "good"?). I try to teach her the words, "Suck", "Harder" and "Faster". Almost everytime I would tell her to "suck harder", she would stop and look up with a questioning look on her face. Damn, I should have memorized those "dirty word phrases" in Indo.

She would suck for a minute, then stop, then I'd have to urge her to start again. This was driving me crazy.

I swap places with her and get ready for fun. She has a little bottle of lube with her, which she motions to use. I had gotten her pretty juiced up, but whatever. Well, there's a good reason for that lube. Her pussy was so tight, that I never even got my dick all the way in. Now that is a first for me!

I tried to finger her a bit more and get the lube all up, but she was having none of that. I got my dick a little more than an inch in (yes, there is more than that!), but it just wasn't happening like I wanted it to.

I had her go back to blowing me, which of course, now I had lube on my dick, which she didn't like the taste. She again, would stop when she had me on the edge (I don't think it was a CIM issue, just a "I don't like it, or my mouth is tired".) She finally tells me no more sucking.

I'm resigned to this, and just have her finish by hand. At least I got to suck on her nice tits.

Whether it's right or not, I've been tipping 50k for Danau Poso service, for good service, 20k for "so-so", and 10k for "should have NOT taken this one".

To show you how much English this girl knew, she didn't know how to say tip! She did know the universal rubbing fingers together though. I gave her 20k and she looked hurt. As always, I offered to take it back, so her dignity wouldn't be hurt. When she realized that was it, she went ahead and took it, but was trying for more the whole time down the stairs.

As I was walking back to the hotel, I passed a bar and there seemed to be a high proportion of women in it. This is on the street that 41X is on, south of Danau Poso (east side of road). I haven't check it out yet, looks like a local place.

One other thing to note, if you walk slowly down Danau Poso at night, you will find many women yelling "hello" at you. They are NOT selling Avon. It seems they usually yell at me *after* I've just been finished off, so no reports on them yet.

Jaimito Cartero
10-05-04, 05:17
So, the next morning I was going to go shopping for some gifts to take back. (By the way, don't buy any wooden stuff in Jakarta, it's 5-15 times more expensive!) I had a couple of hours before I left, so I wanted to get a massage.

I went to the place on Danau Poso that I had gotten the really hard massage from the older lady. They looked closed (about 10:30am), but I asked in front, and they were open. Their gate was just partly open.

I go in, and I see the old lady in the back, and a younger cute lady in the front, who rushes over and says, "Massage, Mr"? Oh, yes.

We go in, I strip, and she starts on me. She gives me a good massage (but I don't request super hard massaging). At the end, she just touches my dick and says, "Massage"? Hmmm, now this girl (Elsa, about 24-27yo) is definitely my type, so I say, sure.

I motion for her to give me a blow job, and to take her clothes off. She rapidly does it, and climbs up on the massage table and starts away. I'm really only interested in the BJ, but ask her (as a reporter, yeah, like that) about FS. She says okay, and starts to climb on (no condom in sight), I stop her and tell her to keep sucking. She does quite well and soon enough, I'm spent.

She was a 6.5 appearance, and 7 in service. Very good attitude. Large A cup, slim body, fairly cute.

Money wasn't discussed, so I just guessed and gave her 100k. She looked very happy, so I'd guess 50k was probably more in line. (This was in addition to the 50k massage fee).

Now this was the third release for me in a little over 24 hours. So no playing for me on Monday night.

I also got a haircut at Christopher Salon on Danau Poso (#3, I think). Do any of these numbers go in sequence? I haven't figured it out yet. Only 10k for a haircut! This is the same salon that I saw the cute girl in, but haven't seen her back there yet. This salon is part of a chain (I saw a bunch of them in Jakarta in the malls), the pricing seems the same as Jakarta and is much cheaper than the tourist places (50-70k for a haircut).

Jaimito Cartero
10-05-04, 05:26
Well a bit of a cuisine update for the area of Sanur I'm staying it. I've eaten at most of the Bule restaurants in the area, and still for the price and food Trophy barely edges out Natah Bale. They seem to have an all inclusive price, whereas Natah Bale adds tax (Not 10%, but 12%?). I do like the selection at the latter a bit more though.

My favorite Indonesian food was Cap Cay (with shrimp and beef) for 16.9k, but last night I got something similar, but with different spices and beef(and more veggies), that I liked even better (pedang, maybe?).

On Sunday, I went to the international buffet down the street at Qiu Qiu. Very good food, lots of Italian food. Costs 60k, plus tax. They even had my favorite, duck, and some really good pork loin.

Both the girls who work at my hotel are a little cute. I wish I could get them back to my room, but don't think that's ever going to happen. I did set up a tentative date with a Balinese girl for last night, but she didn't call.

Jaimito Cartero
10-05-04, 05:44
The little shops around Sanur have some real bargains in them. Of course, you will get the Bule price (4x final price) almost every time. Especially on clothing. I almost never buy the first time I see something I like. I wait a day or two, and ask at another shop for the best price.

I had originally stopped by some shops to say hi to 1Ball's GF. Everyone wants you to "give them good luck" by buying something. That worked a couple of times, but no more. I'm usually almost out to the street before their price comes down to reasonable, local levels.

For instance, they engrave some very nice carved plaques. With your name, address, etc. The one shop started at 500k for it. I knew I wasn't going to pay that much for it. He had gotten down to 250k before I left.

I went around the corner, and one guy had a bunch of them. He said they were 100k. Now this is reasonable, and he didn't start skyhigh. I ask about a larger plaque, with dragons on it. He doesn't have one now, but will try to get one and bring it tomorrow.

I had ordered a couple of tailored shirts from Anita (#10, next door to the LippoBank ATM), just as a lark. I didn't think that 80k per shirt made from 2 nice patterned Batik's (I'm big, remember!) would be good quality.

I had 23 shirts made in Bangkok last year and was pretty happy with the results. I'm about 35 kilos less this year, so had thought of getting some more.

She had a measuring take and took quick measurements. I wasn't expecting much, and figured I might be wasting the 160k for both shirts. I went there, and was really impressed with them! I had these Batik shirts made in a polo style (3 buttons in front), with pocket.

I ordered 3 more Batik (slightly more expensive material 100k each), and 2 Hawaiian flower print type for 80k each. I'll pick them up tomorrow before I leave. It's really amazing what your dollar (or rupiah) will buy here.

I go back today (Tuesday) and pick up my engraved plaque. The larger dragon style I got was a bit more expensive (150k), but it looks very nice. I can only hope that it won't get broken going back. It's amazing watching them carve the names into it. You'd pay 10x this price for this in the states (if you could find someone to do it!).

Jaimito Cartero
10-05-04, 05:53
This is my last full day in Bali. (I leave at 11:55pm tomorrow!) So I have to decide what else to do here. I may go out to a club tonight, and try to find a "Non Muslim", if you get my drift.

As a total experience, I'd have to say that Bali wins over Jakarta. The beaches, prices and the laid backness make it quite nice for me.

However, by far, the girls in Jakarta will just knock your socks off.

As always, I'm always comparing it to Thailand, in how comfortable and how the locals react to you. I haven't had problems with being a "butterfly" here. You can go back to the same bar and take another girl without a problem.

It's not the Land of Smiles, but most people will say hello, and have a nice word to say. No, "Oh, you handsum man"! Bali has rats, so does Bangkok and Pattaya (I'm sure Jakarta does, but I didn't see any there).

My only partial regret is that Jakarta and Bali aren't big destinations for Americans. Only one American airline flys to Bali that I know of (Continental Micronesia), so it limits your choices. Perhaps this is good. No go-go bars, but that's fine with me. While I don't think that Indonesia is a "virgin" territory to explore, it does seem much more genuine than walking down Soi 8 in Pattaya and getting your dick grabbed 20 times. Somethings lose their charm after awhile. 20 years ago, I would have never wanted girls to stop it, but as you get older, your views change!

I do find the Javanese girls more attractive than the Balinese girls. However, for a girlfriend, I think I would much rather have a Balinese one.

Hung Man 1808
10-05-04, 12:01

You done well to get the offer of two girls for 400k in Paddys. When I was there late last year, there was a group of three girls, one rather hot, one good, one ok. Of course, the ok one was the talker, and if I wanted to go with the hot one, she was coming too. Short time. 400k EACH. Whatever you want (including photos) but no price drop. Nuh uh. No way.

The girl I eventually got (who sucked figuratively, and pretty poorly literally), was 300k. When I left the three girls were still by themselves. This was midnight so I guess it was too early for the last chance offers.

Made up for it the next night in Seminyak, where I was approached by a girl's friend. Hotter girl, educated, and free. I honestly don't know if she was Muslim, but she REALLY sucked - literally!

A lot of the Balinese girls are after boyfriends. I had one VERY hot young lady tell me 'handsum' (must have been to Thailand!) at one shop. If it wasn't for the partner at the time there would have been some serious attempts to get to know this one! Also a lot of the girls in the shops gave the eye too, but I was unable to act on that at the time (as explained).

Oh well win some lose some.

10-05-04, 18:53
Cartero: Great series of reports but I must VEHEMENTLY disagree with you about one point; the absence of flights on American carriers (and the corresponding paucity of Americans) is a GREAT THING! I, myself, am American, but IMHO the less of us there are around, the better the mongering opportunities.

Reams: Sari Club was a SHOCKING wake up call to those of us who have loved Indonesia for years (I first went in 1990). While the Jakarta Marriott and a few other small scale incidents have occured during the two years since Sari Club, it is not Iraq (as US media would lead people to believe). That being said, the PERCEPTION of masses of Americans about it being "unsafe" is a godsend as it keeps the numbers down. An even more extreme example of this is Colombia, now my favorite country on Earth.
But for the widespread paranoia among Americans, it would be like a prettier version of Costa Rica or Panama. YUK! While I abhor the FARC and their half century of terror, there is a most definite silver lining to their atrocities (it keeps most of the ugly Americans in Mexico and Costa Rica).

10-05-04, 21:06
Surfer - I also agree with your point about paucity of Americans but would extend it to bules in general - that's why I don't go to D's place and the other clubs around Blok M because there are to many of them (us!) and they exhibit the yobbish behaviour which is a bule characteristic.

JC - just a comment on your observations about Balinese girls and Javanese girls: whilst, generally speaking, a large majority of the girls in Bali are Balinese, it's not necessarily the case that most of the girls you met in Jakarta are Javanese. Even in Bali there are a lot of girls from elsewhere in Indonesia - especially in the "sex business". In Jakarta they are more likley to be mixed bred than "thoroughbred" Javanese. Something of a generalisation again but I find girls from Ambon particularly attractive and quite different from Javanese - have a look at the "30bar" girl I posted a close up of.

10-05-04, 21:41
Jaimito Cartero,

What is this "butterfly" bullshit thats apparent in Thailand. I have just been to Pattaya and was called a butterfly because I wanted to score 2 ladies from the same bar? And then told for them its work but I cant take 2 chicks, go figure.


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Jaimito Cartero
10-06-04, 07:23
well, when i say "balinese", i mean born in bali, and "javanese" for born in java. i certainly know that most of the working girls i've seen in bali are not balinese. i can't say that i've been with any balinese girls, but see the ones in public, at my hotel, restaurants and such. fortunately most ask where you are from, so you can ask the same in return.

yeah, the butterfly stuff in thailand just gets too stupid sometimes. i mean, to have to change bars because you screwed a girl there the week (or month) before, or sneak around to get some p4p just never made too much sense. perhaps it's the effect of too few bule for a large amount of girls. they figure they will inspire loyalty. it's usually the opposite for me.

and finally on the lack of americans and perhaps other bule's, as i stated it is probably a good thing there aren't more here! on average, i'd say the price (apples for apples) is about 30-60% less in indonesia.

i would never even attempt to go with some of the girls i saw in jakarta, because it's too much money, and i figure it won't be good because they're so hot looking. here, maybe i'm out $20-$30 (in jakarta). i feel like it's a good investment just to see what they look like nekkid!

i have some business type things in thailand, and i enjoy it there. since tickets there are 30-40% cheaper (on the airlines i fly), i may fly there, and then do a week or so in indonesia.

one quick tip on internet cafe's. the going price in sanur is 400 rupiah per minute. since all the ones here are using dialup, if you have more than 1 other person on at the same time you're going to looking at an iceberg gently floating on the ocean. not going anywhere quick!

i tried a 300 per minute place up the street from paddy's last night. speed no better (supposed to be satellite connection), but big 19" monitors, nice chairs, computers.

Jaimito Cartero
10-06-04, 08:23
Well, I went back to Paddy's last night to look for the girl that reminded me of Wanda from Costa Rica. She is darker complexion, but wears really sexy tops with a bare midriff. She has a very sultry look about her.

I found her in the back, and sat down next to her. I bought her a drink (She got some kind of tea, she doesn't smoke or drink). We talked a bit, but she didn't seem eager to go out, or at least with me.

She motioned to a couple of friends, that maybe I'd like them. The other night she had mentioned 400k for all night. I was willing to pay that now. However, she starts at 500k, and when I mention that she told me 400k the other night, she shrugs and says it's still early (before 1am), the other night was after 3am.

She then wants 40k taxi money on top of it, since I'm in Sanur. I wait and just see if she goes any lower. We talk a bit, and I just have this horrible urge to pay whatever she wants. I know that BBBJ is off the menu (at least from what she says), so that's a minus.

While sitting there, I see my Muslim "attitude" girl of Saturday night. At first, she just walks by and doesn't see me. Then she stops about 10 feet away, and just stares at me. She's courting a bule at the bar, and he's having fun, but she just seems bitchy. Every now and again her eyes burn into me. I just smile a bit. I was tempted to wave, but I thought with so many dangerous objects (bottles) nearby, it wasn't prudent in the least.

After about another 20 minutes, I start more serious negotiations. She offered to go to her room in Nusa Dua for 400k (no mention if ST or LT). I had hoped to get some pictures, and have a nice last night, so I passed on that. Then she will come back to my hotel until 3am for 400k.

She now says she has a motorbike at the club and doesn't want to leave it late without her there. I tell her she can drive it to the hotel, and I'll take a taxi (and she can follow). She says she will, but only for 500k. She's very sexy to me, but an 8 or 8.5 on the look scales to me. However, I figure I'll check next door at the Bounty and see what's going on there.

As I go there, I see a group of 5 girls (19-25 yo) together, and one girl smiles big and introduces herself. She's a 6.5, but her warmth alone makes her a 7. Medium height, very long hair (down to the ass). Has a blouse on, with tight pants and a big smile.

She asks where I'm from, where I'm staying. Asks if I want "massage". I tell her I want a lot more than a massage. I ask how much for all night, and she says, "You say". I tell her 300k, she gets a thoughtful look on her face. She then says, "You pay taxi"? Where, I asked (making sure it was't to Timbuktu), she said back to Kuta. Okay, no problem. Her name is Fatimah, 23yo from Surabaya.

There is a tout there, who I think it asking for transport. Then he starts whispering, "Hashish, cocaine, cheap price". I try and get as far away as I can! Fatimah had gone to tell a friend she was going. After a couple of minutes of trying to escape the drug tout, we go outside. Out come all the "transport" guys.

Now the last time I left here, the taxi provided by one of these guys didn't want to use the meter, so I try to avoid them this time. I go over to the minimart and get some water and Fatimah gets a Orange Fanta.

One transport guy has laid in wait, but I want a taxi. He's trying the high pressure, and a police car comes up and discourages him while I'm looking for a taxi.

I find one letting someone off, and we both get in. One thing about taxis, is that I believe some have "fixed" meters. I've taken the trip to Kuta (each way) 7 times now. The fares are usually within 1000 of each other, except for bad traffic.

Well going last night, I had walked up to Danau Poso and across a bit, so was 1km away from my hotel. However, the fare was almost 25% more than the other ones, and there was absolutely no traffic on a Tuesday night. This was a white taxi that hang out on Danau Poso.

In the car, she's affectionate, squeezing my leg, hugging me a bit. Just like I like 'em. We get to the hotel and hop out. The taxi guy is miffed because I only round up to the next 1000 rupiah. Oh well.

We go into the room, and it was almost like sitting down with a girlfriend you haven't seen for awhile. Very affectionate, the clothes come off fairly quickly. We sit down on the bed and start to kiss a bit, and suck her nipples. She's got large tits for an Indo, a C cup. She does have a bit of a stomach (a few pounds, just a little bit of flab), and a nice slightly big butt.

In sucking her nipples she was very tentative about letting me suck them. I noticed the small "dots" on her areola that indicate childbirth. I asked her if she had a baby and she said No. I then give her the "Surrrrreeee" look, and she said okay, she has one. At first I think it's 5 years old, but it turns out to only be 5 months old. I guess most guys don't want to know about anything as mundane as children.

I go back to sucking her nipples harder and as Gomer would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise". Milk it does a body good. She's got a little milk, which I alway consider an erotic thing. I would guess a couple of tablespoons from both.

The one amazing thing about Fatimah when she undressed was -- Shaved! All right, something different. We went into the bathroom we both washed up a little.

When we went back on the bed, we kept kissing, and getting a little milk for dessert. I move down and have to sample her nice shaved pussy.

I prop a pillow under her butt so my neck doesn't get cramped and start out slow. She seems to like it, but doesn't really start "going" for 15 minutes, then she starts making some incredible little sounds. She sometimes arches her back and seems to be going into spasms, but then relaxes again.

Her favorite thing seemed to be me tongue fucking her, while sucking her clit between my lips hard. The only bad thing about this is that I can hardly breath, and then my jaw is starting to seize up. She's arching so much, and while she's vocal, it's not screaming, but just the look on her face is incredible. I dive in with renewed vigor, much like a snorkeler. I take a big breath and then dive back in.

After about 75 minutes, I can barely keep it up. My lips are numb, my tongue feels raw, I'm breathing heavily. I go for one more "deep exploration", and she just starts getting louder and pumping my face. I give it my last amount of energy, and she seems to come and is spent also.

We sit there for awhile so we can both catch our breaths. She then goes and cleans up. She half soaked the pillow (but no squirting). However, she cleans all the nice pussy juice off, so I have to go for a short dive when she comes back.

She gets moderately wet, and so we start in missionary. After the hard workout, I'm very drained already, but we get a nice slow rhythm going. It's probably the most relaxed sex I've had for years. After about 10 minutes it's a sweet climax, and I just collapse beside her.

After a bit, we both go and shower. We then go to bed and cuddle against each other. She wakes up at 7am, and asks if she can go, so she can take care of her baby. I tell her that she can't go until my plane leaves, but she's not buying that one.

I say okay, and she starts to get dressed. I hadn't snapped any pictures and so brought it out now. Most of the girls weren't keen on having any pictures taken. I took a few of her with her blouse on, and then asked her to take the top off. I didn't think she would, but she just pulled the bra up and posed. Great!

I then wanted to get some pics of her nice little shaved pussy, so had her take her pants down too. No problem, very willing. We kiss a bit and cuddle. She's ready to go, so I give her the 300k, plus 30k for taxi. She asks for 400k, but I smile and told her that she should stay all day with me.

She gives me her mobile number, her address in Bali, and shows me her Bali and Indonesian ID cards. It showed that her birthday was last night. I ask her about it, and she says no, but perhaps she didn't understand. The picture was of her, so it wasn't someone elses.

I walk her out to the street, it's 8am by this time. No taxi's in sight. We talk for a few minutes, she's very friendly, even to the Indonesian guys who smile and say stuff to her. In the end, I give her another 50k (she didn't ask again) for her baby, and showed her where to walk on Danau Poso to find a taxi. I was in my bare feet, so only walked a little way with her.

All in all, definitely my best experience in Indonesia. And she was Muslim, but I didn't ask, or even think of a BBBJ. Something to check out next time, eh?

Body 6.5, attitude 9, skills 8.5. :)

Jaimito Cartero
10-06-04, 08:51
I've got about 5 hours until I have to go to the airport. Oh course, it's hard to think what to squeeze in while I'm still here. Go to the beach? Fuck a Danau Poso chick? Or just sit around and relax?

There is a wedding reception going on at the Trophy Pub right now. Some Aussie's got married, and they must know a lot of locals, as it's about 50% bule. It's fun to see the Indonesian girls dressed up in nice lace and sheer dresses. Plus the music is nice too! It's funny, 90% of the bule's smoke, but only 10% of the locals.

Well, I guess I'll go pick up my shirts and see if my other engraved plaque is ready. (I found a place in north Sanur, in the back of a crafts market that was over 50% less than the one I thought I got a good deal on for 150k! Just goes to show you to never buy unless you check 2 or 3 different areas.)

Off to Tokyo where I expect to do NO mongering.

10-06-04, 11:48
Hi Guys,

I have been absend from WSG for some time and this is my first posting under the BALI section.

I am looking for a guy who is going to BALI soon and is willing to help me with a favour when he is there.

Since some time I have a secret GF in BALI who I came to know over adultfriendfinder web site. I never meet her in Person and I need to know a few things who somebody can find out for me directly in BALI. If anybody is interested please write to my e-mail address:

[Email Address deleted by Admin] and I will tell you more details.

Thank's in advance


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10-06-04, 20:43
Cartero: The Surabaya girl sounds great. Hope we can see the boob photos (:

Some muslim Javanese love giving bbbj, while a few refuse. Always best to clear that up IN ADVANCE to avoid disappointment.

10-07-04, 07:12
A bit off topic but relating to the earlier discussion on aircraft seating. I have noticed when flying on internal Indonesian flights I almost always get emergency exit seats, and if not me then some other bule's got them, normally getting these seats is next to impossible on western flights. At first I was conceited enough to think that it's because we are trusted to handle everything well in a crisis. This however could not be the case as you only have to witness the stampede for the doors the moment a plane touches down on a normal landing to know that in an emergency the Indos would be out the exits in 0.3 seconds flat, trampling us bule under foot.

I have since discovered that the reason is that the petit little check in girls take one look at us great white heffalumps with our flabby beer guts and huge backsides and fear that the only way the thing will ever get airborne is if we are all balanced out equally at the front, centre and rear of the cabin! Just a thought.

10-08-04, 13:46
I will be back in Bali in 2 days.

I lashed out and have a room at Kartika plaza given Antons (and other guys here) assurance that its good for girls (see my previous posts).

Will see how things go.

So I'll give another report on Bali.

Next trip is LOS perhaps.

Stay tuned for reports.


10-08-04, 18:33

I am a 33 yr old expat in Jakarta going to Bali often. I can help you out. How do we get in touch here since we can't put our emails here?


Here's an idea: Use the Forum's Private Messaging system.

Jaimito Cartero
10-11-04, 12:25
Here's a picture of my best experience in Indonesia. Fatimah who I wrote about last week. I rate her a 6.5 in looks, but a great attitude and service. No other pictures of her will be forthcoming. :)

Jaimito Cartero
10-11-04, 12:26
Here is the ugliest girl I did in Indonesia. I'm not proud, but hey, everyone gets a stiff dick at 5am and wants something.

10-12-04, 04:01
1st day back and things seem to be going smoother than my last trip here.

I didn't get hassled at the baggage collection for a start and there seem to be far fewer sellers in the streets. Might just be people can tell I've been here before.

I went and saw Anton and it seems a "few" people from WSG have been to see him. Just a reminder that if you do go through him don't expect local rates since he isn't full time into the buisness so usually doesn't use full time working girls. Suits my tastes so I'm prepared to pay a bit more :) Personal service designed for my tastes ect.. so don't expect a RP100000 girl.

Staying at Kartika Plaza and had a girl called Fany here last night. Absolutely no problems with security. I just walked through the front gate with her. Past security with no questions asked then back out again afterwards. My only problem with the room is that it doesn't have a bath tub. oh well. I'm a convert to better class hotels now anyway.

My rating 8.0 looks (got a few WOW's from normal tourists and staff while walking through the hotel) Service 6.5 (good attitude, bbbj, but had to leave before seconds and not a great kisser). Got her number anyway if I get bored ;) Will post her pic when I get a chance to download from my camera.

I've got internet connection in the hotel room now but what a hassle it was getting it set-up. Another learning experience. Good connection but just finding the right numbers to dial ect...

Checked out Paddys last night about midnight and it seemed quieter as well. I did have 2 girls ask the question though. As I've said previously I generally turn down this type. I has sitting in the back where the girls normally hang out but there were just none there. Hung out at Bounty for a while as well, in the live music section. Nothing special.

I'll head back today since its the 2 year aniversary of the Bali bombings so I'll pay my respects. A lot of "innocent" mongers died that day. Zos, representing WSG members everywhere will lay a few flowers ;).

I'm taking a feed of fish from Jimbaran Bay out to Nyoman Winta's village in Denpasar this afternoon. Arak, Bintang, fish, rice, spices and with a bit of luck a certain special native girl who is at least a 9.0!!

It seems that I'm just revisiting old hunting grounds so I might try something different before I leave. Not sure what but I still have 6 days to find it.

Still paranoid about Sanur (why pay ST for a FT pro, in a crap room, with insane bosses. Might give it another go based on advice from you guys but still have my doubts.

Anyway signing out for now.

Cheers and Bintangs,


Pussy Engineer
10-12-04, 04:52

Today is Oct 12, 2004 - precisely 2 years after the BALI Terrorist Bombings.

RIP to all of those unfortunate to be caught in terror's ugly path.

The numerous terrorist actions in Indonesia have affected many of us on this board in some shape or form. Be it fear of visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world, or in my case and the case of many others the world over, the loss of a friend or family member.

But while the terrorists want us to run away, and be afraid to visit Bali, in hopes of depressing the Balinese economy and deriving power through economic desperation... I say: FUCK THE TERRORISTS - or more precisely, fuck their daughters! :)

Let's not let the partying and decadant spirit of 200+ kids that died in Bali be forgotten. By all means - visit Bali, dump money into the economy, buy trinkets, eat like a fat bulai pig, drink like a glutton, dance like a moron, party all night, shag as many of the locals as possible, have a F*CKING BLAST! The locals will love you for it .Our collective decadance will be like a moral WMD to the Islamic extremists, and the trickle down economic benefits will empower the locals to stand up to the terrorists as well.


Rick Star
10-12-04, 05:47
I just want to say, I will always remember my friends in Bali, who now remain in my memory. From that fateful night, 12th October 2002.I was over there in Bali, that night, terrorism struck Bali. That night, I was in Paddy's bar, with my friends drinking, but I was lucky, i left there about 40 minutes before bombs, went off. I met a girl called Yuli, and we went to Sandat Inn, to stay for the night. We were so lucky. I have been back to Bali, about August of this year. Yuli, till this day, always thanks me for saving her life, I told her we saved each others life. So all I can say, is Rest in Peace, all my friends. I shall never forget you! This is a picture of Yuli, my Guardian Angel

Rick Star
10-12-04, 06:05
Hi Zos68,

Can you tell Anton, his sister Ayu, and Tofik, that I miss them, all so much. Just tell them, Ricky, says to them, saya rindu kamu. They all know me, I was over there in August-Sept, of this year. I stayed with Anton, in his luxury room. Wish I was there now, to have a few whiskeys, with Anton, and Tofik, and hear them play guitar!

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10-12-04, 14:02
Thanks JC for letting us know that the guy got lucky (perhaps!) & the pics!
Dont you really have another pic of fatimah? ;)
That ugly woman reminds me of (ugly) filipina and thai ****.

10-12-04, 20:03
Sorry guys,

From what I posted last, it might seem that I take the cerimony here today less than seriously. Believe me I don't.

There is a bunch of roses there now from me, and I hope on behalf of a few others here who obviously feel the same.

Could have been any of us anywhere in the world.

Enough said I guess...was a sad day here.

Probably why I'm not in the best mood. I didn't give up the hunt tonight although I probably should have.

The following story will probably give you a laugh anyway.

Imagine starting out at Paddys at about 11am local time. A few beers (fuck the terrorists) then head out to dinner in Denpasar with Win and his family(no trip to Jimbaran). A few more Araks and head back to Kuta with his mate. Obviously the place is dead but I wandered around for a while anyway. Spent about 2 hours on a bike, mostly without a helmet. Only thinking that it might have been a bad idea now.

Got back to the hotel about 1am and decided to go for a walk for a bit to try to get rid of a few bintangs. About 1k up the road I get offered a girl by some papa-san. hmmm Oh well what the hell.
He offers 300k LT so I say yeh might as well and even give him an extra 20k. Guess who turns up? Fany from yesterday O_O

Oh well again. I could do worse and couldn't be bothered walking back to the hotel so jumped into a cab. Asked to go back to Kartika but the guy took us back to the Dynasty...wrong hotel...took me a while to work it out and felt a bit strange walking around a hotel I'm not staying at with a girl I don't really know (except last night) hehe

Anyway we get back to the right hotel and she hits me with the idea that the whole thing is ST. With the adventure in the hotel next door I probably used up 1hr already. A couple of calls to her boss and I finally get sick of it. I mean they want an extra 150k. Its not really much but fs. I really hate being ripped off so I kicked her out.

I'll have a word with Anton tomorrow to find out the name of this boss guy since he set up yesterday. Needless to say I'm a bit annoyed.

Another day in Bali :/

Jaimito Cartero
10-12-04, 21:47
After being in Bali for 2 1/2 weeks going past the memorial in Kuta really hits you. The last time I was there, they had the memorial closed off, as they were sprucing up the sidewalk and so forth. No one deserves to lose loved ones this way. I hope that Bali doesn't see any repeat of these activities.

If I had been in Paddy's that night, I would be dead, since I'll show up at midnight and leave at 2-5am.

Indonesian people were all gracious and polite. Muslim or Hindu, they're good people to know.

10-12-04, 22:40
Jaimito Cartero,

Which part of the world do you prefer? The orient or latin america?
I was in Bali in 2000 and for the life of me I could not find any good talent. The hotels are out of this world but I found the women to be lacking. How was you're Jakarta portion?



Jaimito Cartero
10-12-04, 23:46
It's takes more work in Bali to find a good GFE. There are lots of opportunities to find good sex in modest surroundings in the $10-$15 US range. I don't believe these are YOUR normal range, however.

I never checked out the "high end" girls in Bali. I'm sure that you can go some of the more exclusive clubs in Kuta and find freelancers without any problems.

I found that the upper grade girls were in Jakarta. If you go to some of the hotel discos, you will find some very nice quality girls there. For a CJ's girl, I paid $43 for all night. I would compare the quality to a normal Madahos girl.

Jakarta is not as fun a city as BA. The traffic will drive you crazy. However, you can bed a serious 8-8.5 looking girl from Stadium for $24 for an hour. Nice onsite room, good service. Takeout available also, pricing depending on what time you take her. ($85-$127 or so for 3rd floor girls).

The 4th floor supposedly has nicer girls, for 20% more. I thought the ones on the 3rd were plenty nice for me.

JAD knows plenty of the higher end places (Lots of Karoke places), so if you seriously consider going, he can point you in the right direction.

Right now, I would say that BA and Indonesia are in a statistical dead heat for me. Food-wise, BA wins, costwise, RI wins. Jakarta girls win over BA girls for looks and price, BA wins on GFE.

I think much of it depends on what your "type" of girl is. I dislike huge bustlines, and nasty attitudes (scratch most of North America). The petite girls of Asia are nice, and there are many Indonesian girls that have this sultry look that just pushes my button. I like Thai girls, but about 15% of the Indo girls are just breathtaking. (I need to find that village or island and move there!)

Sean EZ
10-13-04, 04:19
Jaimito Cartero,

Regarding your post below "Asia vs SA". From reading posts in this forum I get impression there are a lot of freelancers in Indonesia, and also that just talk to a chick at a mall and take her to your apartment / hotel. Not the same in BA, this is my personal experience, nor did I read anything in BA board to that effect (not that BA was bad, just wasn't that easy).

Could you confirm this is true or not regarding freelancers and amatures in Indonesia (maybe Jakarta to be exact)? Also heard Jakarta's nightlife is amazing, and clubs are great. Thanks for the info

10-13-04, 06:13
I went to Diyan hotel at friday about 19.00 hours. When I arrived girls swarm from the opposite building to show their best part under a well-lit kind of patio. No, not for me, because seconds before I arrive, two bule-mongers were already there. By the way some girls greeted them, they seemed to be regulars (WSG members?). The two left with their pick for the night and I still couldn't decide which one to choose. Well, they made it easy for me. As soon as they heard I'm Indonesian (as usual they thought I'm Japanese) all of them left. Left? Running away, as if a plague was in sight, shouting No Tip, No Tip! (You see what you did aliens with your exagerated tips?). It is true that I don't give as much tip as some bule's do, but it is the effect of what you have done guys. Well actually one girl stayed, Citra. About 6 for looks, but what the heck! I didn't want her to flee as well, so we went into one of the rooms. To start with, it was 250K for the room. Then came the negociating about the price of the things I wanted her to do. To cut a long story short she asked 300K for an additional BJ+AR. Guys! You did spoil them. I'm used to 250K all in in the Pangeran Jayakarta district in good old Jakarta. That includes almost 100K tipping! Maybe because hardly any bule comes there? Anyway we settled at 150K. We undressed, took a bath and she started kissing my nipples. Very mechanic, for about two minutes. Then she went directly to my buddy. No teasing or anything else, no, directly down to business, as if trying to break some record producing a hardon. With my unwilling help she succeeded. AR? Licking The Spot? Sorry, she did'nt understand, that that is what I wanted. If it's ok, she can rub me there with her fingers. To tell you the truth I was thinking of leaving right at that moment. But, decided to fuck instead. After I finished I left her with 100K tip. Of course she objected, but I reminded her of the AR not given. Outside I asked the pimp whether it is custom to have to pick a girl first and negociate with her the possibillities afterwards instead of telling him beforehand what you want and choose from the girls who are willing to do what you want. Guess what?

10-13-04, 17:23
Cartero: I was quite surprised to read you felt GFE was more readily obtainable in BA than Jakarta. Your other observations were consistent with conventional wisdom, and everything is relative, of course, but mercenariness and lack of GFE among the chicas were themes I heard from several friends who did BA (I've only been to Argentine side of Iguacu, not BA). I'm guessing the fact that your Spanish is better than your Bahasa (as is mine but with a little practice and my Alfalink translator I'll regain my Bahasa skills quickly) may have had a lot to do with it. I find Indonesian and Colombian to be the top 2 for GFE.

Menteng: Sorry you suffer discrimination in your own country. A small group with both bule and a local can be an effective hunting unit for sure. Arriving just after Hari Raya so hopefully we can hook up on the cruise. Selamat tingaal orang.

Jaimito Cartero
10-13-04, 18:05
Mentang - I got one girl at Diyan Ayu who would go for 150k total, and another for 200k total. They often take off as soon as the "lineup" is over.

The highest I ever paid for a bordello fuck in Bali was 120k, and the biggest tip was 50k. 100k is obtainable without too much fuss at 11x and 41x. 125k was the walkaway price at 101. (didn't take any though).

As I often do in countries, I don't let them tell me what they charge, but what I will pay. You obviously have to know the local prices, or you'll just be behaving stupidly. You have to be willing to walk away too. Once you establish the 100k price, it's no problem on repeats.

Almost every damn place started out at 300k. Obviously a lot of guys pay it.

Jaimito Cartero
10-13-04, 18:09
Well, I can only post based on my personal experiences. Obviously my spanish is better than my Bahasa, so communications could be much better.

I did not get any mall girls. I did get freelancers in Bali with mixed results. I did have my best GFE experience with a freelancer in Bali, so there are some definite prospects there.

I tried to take out one non-pro for the experience, but we didn't meet up.

I hope to return to Indonesia in the next 6 months and do some more indepth research!

10-13-04, 19:27
Sean EZ – it’s true. I think JC will agree he didn’t have time to really get into that (i.e. freelancers) in Jakarta. The thing about Jakarta which distinguishes it from any other big city in the world (I’ve been to quite a few!) is that none of the action you (I assume!) are looking for is “in your face”. You could be there for years and never know what’s going on if you didn’t know where to look for it. As for GFE, I am quite sure you won’t find better than Jakarta (but not Bali – for reasons I wrote about a week or so ago)

10-14-04, 16:01
Hi Again,

Just finished 2 days with Maria(see previous pics but will post more). More of a GFE this time. 350k to a driver who took us up to Lovina today and back through Ubud to check out some shops. Lovina is nice I think. About a 2hr drive from Kuta. There is a mountain range you have to go over before you get there and I'm thinking this area might be good for checking out the local girls. Will probably look into it next trip. The area is less populated so no 5 star hotels but its all rainforest with great views.

Bali belly was starting to kick in today. You just can't avoid it.
We went to a good restraunt on the beach but it had Balanese toilet facilities :( ie Bowl at floor level so you have to squat, Manual flushing so you pour the water in yourself to get rid of it, No toilet paper...so you will have to guess the rest. Don't touch anyones left hand here :(

On the drive back I saw a normally dressed guy standing at the side of the road pointing a high calibre rifle with a scope near to the trafic. Nobody had to tell me to duck but it seems to have been an innocent thing.

Oh and I saw my first cremation today. They had the dead guy in a box with about 5 guys carrying it. Some other guy was sitting on top of the coffin!

About 100 other people following.

Short story, throw the box in 15-20ft high flames, watch burn.
ok I have no idea about the ritual but will try to find out. Sorry guys prob shouldn't joke about this.

It seems that if you walk around here with an Indo girl nobody hassles you. Obviously they don't ask you for girls but the sellers just give you the thumbs up and leave you alone. Might be worth getting a girl during the day just to do this.

Hotel security at Kartika are still good. Chatted with them for a while this afternoon. All good if you walk the girl in and out yourself.

All facts true but told in a joking manner so please don't flame me :)

10-15-04, 05:49

Yes it was an stupid act of me to pay those prices, but maybe they could tell I was desperate.
The thing is, I've had a similar experience of overcharged prices ("take it or leave it" kind of attitude) when I was on bule grounds on jl Paletehan, Jakarta.
So either I was too early in Diyan or they prefer bule's for some reason.

10-15-04, 16:37
Ok All, time for another report.

Maria is gone for this trip. I went down to the beach at Kuta this morning and was talking to Nyomen Winta about the benifits of having a WG around during the day. Normally he hasn't been good for girls but he suggested I give him another go at it.

So off to Sanur. I know I said I'd never go back there again. Oh well. Anyway since I was looking for a girl full time for 2 nights and 3 days I ended up paying 1mil rp + some to boss and driver for about a 7.5-8.0. Turned the first one down since she was asking 2,5mil and she was a bit of a dog. I know thats a lot for over here but it looks like I got some luck this time. Way better than that in bed. Great attitude, they all do bbbj but its nice not to have to ask. Hehe she has even suggested getting a friend involved. Names Ayu and I'll post a pic later as well..

No nude pics still since its classed as porn here and if I get caught with it. I'm a bit gutless I suppose but you have to think of the girls as well. Also the main purpose of the site is to hopefully provide info to help fellow mongers. As Jackson said in site rules "we all know how to do it so no point detailing it" <--- minor rant in response to a pm ;)

I guess the price is relative though. I was in Paddys last night at about midnight and one girl asked 400k ST. I said 150k and that was the going price and she left! She was only a 6.0 at best. Seems the price was already stuffed without me having anything to do with it. Price depends on looks and talent as well I guess.

Took Ayu to dinner in the hotel tonight. No questions again and charged to my room. Good balanese dancing show and music as well. Staff are starting to smile a bit though since its the third one I've been walking around here with. Oh well its nice to be recognised for your efforts ;)

When I was driving back from Lovina the other day I was looking at the shops that sell stone cravings. They are all over the place and during the day the guys sell them by having them lined up along the sidewalk. The funny thing is that at the end of the day they go home and just leave them there. Wouldn't it be karma if some tourist that they ripped off during the day came back at night with a truck and just took the lot!

More reports to follow.

Cheers and Bintangs


10-17-04, 09:54
Just sitting in the hotel waiting for about an hour for pick-up to the airport so another quick report.

Anu left last night after a few days. It was a really good GFE. She has a 3 year old boy who I met and took them both swimming in the hotel pool...Again no questions. Kartika Plaza is great for mongering!! After she left I called Maria direct for a last night fling. She said OK but I later got an SMS asking ST/LT :/ at this point I "complained" a bit about boss involvement, told her to forget it and went out to Paddys for a while.

About an hour later another SMS to meet her outside the hotel, so I get a taxi, meet the boss, he's a big bald balenese guy but didn't get his name. I told him the story and he still asked too much so said sorry sorry. See I do turn what I concider overpricing down mostly.

Since I still had the cab and it was still sort of early I bought a few bintangs at circle k and went back to Antons place. Mostly saying I was pissed off and if thats the quality of service I'll be trying LOS or somewhere next time...Another last night dissapointment.

Anton to the rescue. I've never done 2 girls at once before so 1/2 hour later 2 girls turn up. I'll let you guys judge quality when I post pics. Probably overpriced again but I was a bit pissed and it was last night. What the hell. 1mil rp for 3 hours with both. I think I got a good deal given the rest of the story.

Taxi back to the hotel. no security worries again. Just a lot of smiles.

Most people here have more mongering experience than me but tag team is FANTASTIC!! Both great kissers. 1 bbbj one, kissing then swap. Then on to the sex. IMHO something I'm glad I tried no-matter the cost (to a reasonable point).

Time was up so I take them back to Antons shop...but no Anton! Shop shut and we walked out the back to try and find his place but no luck. The girls are starting to get a bit worried so I offer to take them anywhere they want. So we go back to Sanur to Waide Cafe.

JL. DANAU POSO, No. 54 Sanur.

Girls names were Uni and Wulan I think.

The place is sort of house music in combo with karioke and both are great singers!

Stayed for a couple of hours while they worked out what to do. Finally we go back to Kuta and hook up with Anton. I suppose its not my fault that they couldn't work themselves out but WOW!! Fun having fellow mongers at the club shake my hand for my efforts.

The one girl I was looking for over here has moved up east of Lovina so next time I'm taking a trip out there.
Local hunting!

Will post pics when I get back.

Jaimito Cartero
10-17-04, 16:38
Now that I'm back and have posted all my normal trip reports, I thought I'd post some of the hotel pictures from my stay. Pictures on websites (if there are any) aren't real representative sometimes. No girls in any of the pics.

Jaimito Cartero
10-17-04, 16:41
Second pictures of Swastika Bungalows. The Swasika was a nice place. $26 US a night (through Indo.com), for an AC room, with continental breakfast.

They have a small gift shop that has a nice selection of 'no haggle' pricing items. If you want to get an idea of what something really goes for (or maybe 20-30% more), start out here.

The only real negative is that you just use a padlock to lock the front door. That's one I hadn't seen before.

Jaimito Cartero
10-17-04, 18:04
Here's a picture of a girl playing with nuts on the beach at Nusa Dua (Westin Resort). Ah, love those European girls.

10-22-04, 10:21
Hi All,

Just posted a few pics from my last trip. Hope you enjoy.

Since there are no comments yet I thank you guys for not flamming.

Hope my notes have added something to the forum.

I went shopping in Denpasar in the gold shops and bought a gold necklace. 15grams = 1.5mil. 18ct. Might have got ripped off again but its still better than the stuff they sell on the beach!

I'll also put in a pic here of some of the guards on duty for the 2 year memorial. Was a bit strange seeing people with automatic weapons around Paddys.

Mi Foot
10-26-04, 02:00
Back where I belong in the land of swet and honey.

Two days in to a short break and I've already had the best time with girls coming out of every where. I haven't even left Sanure yet.

Prices seem up a little from 2 years ago but they can easily be bartered down to 150,000 and I'm sure lower with out too much trouble. I'm a little suprised at the age of some of the girls on offer, they seem to be getting younger (or maybe I'm just getting older and more aware of the age gap).

They are by far the cutest girls in the Asia, with perfect bodies and great simles. Even the ones I rejected would have made the grade in other places.

Last night at 6x I ended up with the most enjoyable little thing (size wize not anything else wise). With 2 Bintang and AC room, costs were less than 200,000 with tip for both barman anf girl. You just got to carefull on the steps up to the room.

Still 2 days to go here and then off to Yogya for a weeks work. Hopefully there is some interesting things a foot in that town.


Mi Foot - well they were last time I looked

Mi Foot
11-04-04, 10:42
After some more experimentation and having a good look around I have come to some conclusions about Sanur.

Firstly stay away from 9x its a ripoff. They start at 350000 plus 50000 for the room and come down real fast to 200000 and 25000 and then the reral barganing starts. Then it gets worse. It was by far the least kept rooms and the girls are dead. I have never had a girl literally just lye there and just say "you finish now" after about 30 seconds of being on the bed. I have never just told the girl to get lost before, but she was the most incredably dead fish I have ever come across, great body, great tits, she just wasn't there.

Also tried the massage place up the road closer to the bypass just before the road works on the left. Tipical extra extra extra place. Low massage cost and then everything goes up and up, you could easy spend 500000 without a second thought on a couple of last 30's early 40's ladies, oh and I just love the vidio ball in the midle of the massage area, thats a real turn on, NOT.

I have still to try 11x (went there 2 years ago and was OK), 5x and 3x on the back road around past the hotels in south Sanur, and 99x (it looks promising. Well I had to leave some for next year.

I finally got up the nerve to go into Kuta, this was the first time since I was there during the bombing. I got to the memorial and just sat across the street and thought back through it all again for a good half hour before I could get going again.

Be careful of some of the massage offers, there just to good to be true and aren't. They start ot at say 40000 then add 50000 for the extra girl, then add 100000 for the manicure, then another 150000 for the peditcure, then another 50000 for the old chick who just joins in at the end. After its all over then come all the special offers, "I get you young girl" (well whats wrong with the girls that were gust here doing the massage ?) "No special very young girl just 15, you come on my motorbike and I take you, just 400000 special price". Now it comes down to how fast can I get out of this place and get on with my life. And I still cant get a teeshirt that I like.

Anyway Bintang forever

Mi Foot - back in the real world - yuk

Travel to Monger
11-09-04, 20:32
Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend a good short-time hotel close to Paddys?

Howabout close to Deja Vu?

Appreciate any recommendations.


Achilles II
11-19-04, 21:40
I was in Bali 2 weeks ago. I will write about the important info first and then about the general travel info. I stayed in Sanur for 6 nights. I went to Diyan Ayu 3x. Twice at night and once during afternoon. Nighttime is better. There are more girls and they are younger. I was with the Ball and Chain so I only got there 3 times. I'm sorry that I don't remember the girls names.I paid 125,000 rps each time. I got a taxi to take me there (all cabs know where it is) and you are immediately surrounded by 20-30 girls. I looked for the shy and least aggressive ones and they were the best. The girls take you to a room and the bossman comes over and asks you for money. I just handed him the 125,000. DO NOT ask how much, just hand over the money. I had a couple guys say "This is only small money", but I just said "This is what I payed before". They would just mumble to themselves, while walking away, but they never asked for more money. All of the girls were great with tight pussies, but 1 girl would not give any bj. (Note to self, always ask if head is on the menu before going back with the girl)

I then went to Lovina, but there wasn't much action to be found. Lovina is a 1 horse town. I was walking around and a guy asked me if I was looking for a woman. I naturally said yes and went with him on the back of his motorcycle. He took me down some back road to some houses where the locals live. He show me a couple of emaciated ugly girls and I passed. He then took me to another area, we couls not fund any action. He took me to a third spot and the girl was doable,but the pimp wanted 300,000 rps and I passed. I told him that I paid 125,000 in Sanur ,but he would not come down.

I left Lovina and went to kuta. My first night there, I was walking on the same road as Waterbon Park and 2 girls on a mototcycle propositioned me. They asked for 600,000 rps but I negotiated down to 300k total. We all got on the motorcycle and went back to their room. I forgot to ask if head was on the menu and they refused to suck dick. I took turn fucking them and after I blew my load, they started getting dressed. I made my second rookie mistake and I had paid them upfront. I am a veteran of the hobby, but I was thinking with the wrong head. After we finished the deed, the girls hit me up for another 50 k for the room. I would have told them to pound sand, but I was in a local neighborhood and I had no fucking idea where I was. Always ask if the price includes the room and transport back. They didn't hit me up for transport money, but that had happened to me before in Thailand.

I went to Bulgar massage twice. The first time I picked a girl named wayan. She was number 99. She sat on the bottom row on the left side in the fishbowl. Inside the fishbowl, she looked homely and I figured she would work harder. In the light she was cute and was happy I picked her. She was into DFK. She kept sucking on my tongue and I kept waiting for her to suck on my dick. She did not disappoint. She dgave me a BBBJCIM. She dwanted 300k but I got her down to 150 k. The house also charges 150 k for the massage. I di not have time for the massage because I had to get back to the B & C . She told me to bring a rubber the next time and we would have real fun.

The next day I went there around 11:30 pm and she had left work early. I picked another girl and picked a bad one. No sucky sucky. Just a massage and HJ.
Bali is a great place to vacation. In Sanur I stayed at the Dwingkara Holiday villa. the rack rate is $80 US and my walk in rate was 250k rps ($28 US). In Lovina, I stayed at the Adidita beach bugalows . We got a deluxe ocean view room for 330 k . In Kuta I stayed at the Melasti Beach resort. The standard room was 350 k. We had a problem with our airconditioning and were upgraded to a deluxe room.

Jaimito Cartero
11-20-04, 21:53
I paid 125,000 rps each time. I got a taxi to take me there (all cabs know where it is) and you are immediately surrounded by 20-30 girls.

You certainly did better than me. There were a number of girls that I would have done, but the girls wouldn't negotiate much. When guys came in taxi's they added 50-100k to the bill, it seemed.

11-23-04, 06:52
Jaimito, how do you think I feel now after reading Achilles' report?

If you want a real cheap fuck next time you're in Bali here are two places.
On the bypass from Kuta towards Nusa Dua, you will find not so far from the later place a mp, called Alicia. 30K for a rub and max 100K for a fuck. Same prices for Dahlia at jalan Sesetan in Denpasar. I said max, because I didn't negotiate when the girls asked that amount.
The locals in Nusa Dua told me there is a much cheaper place. It is only open at night and I was there in the afternoon, so you'll just have to take it for granted. On the same bypass, but now coming from Nusa Dua there's a big Yamaha sign on the lefthand side. Just before this sign you can turn left into a small street that goes up. After approx 100 meters you will find a couple of cathouses over there.

12-23-04, 23:19
When in Bali, just go to Sanur or stay there. There is where the action is and you can ask any girl for "massage" = sex. Waitresses, chashier girls etc. If you pay rp 50.000 for massage one hour and you get sex after - tip her rp 30.000 and she will be happy (abt US dlrs 3:-)

Have fun!