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Cambodia Pro
05-08-03, 04:22
Originally posted by The Pieman

Tell me old hands what I would not get here in LOS.

Pieman, You get three or for times more fun in Cambodia for the same amount of money. Hotels are a third of the price with similar quality. The Vietnamese and kherm cuties are way more beautiful than the Thai girls.

You get a lot more. I've been in both places. And Thailand can not compete.

"Cambodia, Heaven on Earth"

The Pieman
05-08-03, 06:09
Thanks for the tip Cambodia Pro.
With the deals to fly around Asia at the moment, I think a hop skip and a jump to "Heaven on earth" could be in order.

Arriving pretty green, although I have ploughed the Thai scene for many years.

Interesting to hear about kherm beauties - who are these bundles of joy?

05-08-03, 15:38
Like apples an oranges pie. Not for the shy. Head north.

05-08-03, 20:40
Can anyone tell me where the Cashbox go go bar is located in Phnom Pehn?. None of the hotel guys or taxi drivers knew of it.



05-08-03, 20:49
Got back from work in BKK and a side trip to PP 2 weeks ago. I found PP to be the same third world, hospitable place as in the past. The Paris Hotel come to find out has a great massage room full of lovelies right on the 3rd floor-no need to even go outside to get a cutie in your room ! I had tremendous luck at Martini's Bar with one of the most sweet, young, and stacked (real and spectacular) local girls I have ever met. All in less than three minutes,back in the taxi and gone. Prices are still low there as well as Tuol Kok, down the road. Still a rip off to get there via air, and no go go bars that I could find. Local taxi drivers for me have been very honest and dedicated-there when I want them and in the shadows or gone when I dont.

Good luck

05-10-03, 15:53
Thanks Cookie
Did not know about Paris hospiality. Cost? For hotel an hospiality in ur room?

05-11-03, 08:34
Originally posted by monger22
Thanks Cookie
Did not know about Paris hospiality. Cost? For hotel an hospiality in ur room? The price for the room at the "Paris Hotel" should be 15$ US.
Sometimes they ask for 20$ for newcomer but you can get it for 15$.

After you stay there once they will never ask for 20$ again.

The in house massage was 4$, but not all the girls do extras. One time I pay a 10$ tip to the girl for the extra BBBJ. Yes to much, only if you're to lazy to go out.

With 15$ the "Paris Hotel" was the best you can get in PP for this money.

But you can try the "Sakura Hotel" also has a massage similar to the Paris.

Room rates there 14, 17 and 25$ massage same 4$. :)

Have fun and happy yum yum

Cambodia Pro
05-18-03, 18:41

I returned to PP yesterday with a raging hard on after a long 12 hour flight from Europe. I did the connecting flight through Narita in Japan because I read news about Taiwan having SARs problems. Probably just sensationalist reporting , but I played safe.

On to the review, I asked my friendly taxi driver at the airport to take me to Tuol Kork to ease my raging hard on. It was about 7 pm, prime time in Tuol Kork, the cuties were out in force by the side of the road.
After spending up to 100 Euros for Pussy in Europe , I decided to celebrate my return by having 5 cuties at once service me( $50 dollar total, $10 each). I chose one of the brothels along the road, and had the 5 girls of my choice get in my room. Then the fuckaton began. I lined them up, and I had them sucking me bareback no more than one minute each alternating , then the next and the next, until one of then would take my cum in the mouth. After about 10 minutes I blew my first load in one on the cuties. I offered her extra $5 to swallow it. Which she did with great gusto. Then on to second cum. I had them line up with their little assess up in the air, and then I fucked them in their tight pussies, no more than two minutes each before moving on to the next, and alternating. When I could not take it anymore, I pulled my condom off, and asked them to kneel down before me , all five of them, and then more sucking (bareback began), after about 5 minutes, I could take it no more and blew my load all over their five cute faces. Was very happy to be back in Paradise.
Need some sleep now.


"Cambodia , heaven on earth"

Cambodia Pro
05-20-03, 04:25

I woke up on heaven and soon I was on my way to find some cuties for breakfast. Went to avenue 63rd and the vietnamese cuties were waiting for my loving. I quickly chose one of my favorites and on I go up the wood stairs, $20 for my fun. I begin with a slow movement into the tightness we all love. The Hug from from heaven. After riding my cutie for about 20 minutes I came really hard inside her tight glove. Almost 6 pm, and time to go to Tuol Kork for my dinner cutie.


"Cambodia, heaven on earth"

05-22-03, 01:11
Cambodia Pro,
Jeesh...tell us how you really feel! LOL! You lucky bastar*. Enjoy yourself overthere, and play safe. Keep up the reporting! (hotels, restaurants too!)..not just pussy. hehe.

Black Sabbath
05-22-03, 09:11
Info about Cambodia

Cambodia is an extremely rugged and dangerous country to visit. Theft, armed robbery and killings are common. Every form of culture and knowledge has been erased in the seventieth. Nowadays Cambodians are highly aggressive (esp. the students) just waiting for a chance (elections for example) in order to start genocide again. Cambodians do not like foreigners (indeed they are Nazis) and its just a question of time until they begin to attack foreigners. As a result, it attrackts only few tourists, esp. from western countries. Those who are coming for a quick visit are usually among the brave few who have been to Thailand many times and are looking to explore new sex playgrounds. Other tourists who come to Cambodia are cheap backpackers-full of drugs- and adventure seekers interested in seeing the Angkor Temple Complex.
Cambodia offers little or nothing in terms of fun or comfort, i.e. security, dining, shopping and sightseeing. There is almost no nightlife, no GoGo Bars, no topless Bars.......
only a handful of sleazy and depressing "short time" brothels and massage parlors. The brothels are set up for locals, not Tourists. In the meantime -after a couple of police raids- the "Mamasans" do not welcome Tourists anymore. Lots of foreigners got arrested within the last year and girls were taken away from the brothels.
Most of you will find the place dusty, dirty and extremely boring and like the vast majority of male Tourists who came for sex, will find a 5 day trip too long. At the moment the political situation is instable and even Expats try to leave the country desperately. There is nothing left anymore.
The scene is primarily, with exception of Martinis Pub and Sharkeys Bar, brothel oriented and pimp controlled. The prostitutes are either Khmer girls or Vietnamese aged between 20 and 50 !!!! Khmer girls tend to be much darker skinned, with black and somewhat frizzy hair. Khmer girls are a bit like a biological wonder - 1.55 m tall with an ass of a 2 m tall american woman and they behave in bed just like a Valium 20.

Vietnamese girls have much lighter skin, pinker nipples and more of the expected slanted eye look. They look younger and their performance in bed is much better.
These girls fuck for money, period. Unlike the Thais who desire love, marriage and romance with their customers, most Cambodian hookers are professionals with a heart of stone. Once you fuck and pay them, you no longer exist. The hookers pussy functioning only as a vendor in which you can shoot your load. Perfect for the guy who wants this kind of sex with no strings attached.

The costs are $ 3-5 for short time and $ 10 - 20 for all night. There are some "high class" brothels, providing cleaner conditions, better and younger girls for a $ 50 all night.

Legal problems:
Most of the prostitutes do not carry ID cards with them. If they do, it won't do you much good, unless you read khmer language. It is impossible to know a khmer or vietnamese hookers true age as it is the nature of her and her pimp to lie, having you believe she is the age she thinks you want her to be.

If, for example, a hooker thinks you want a young girl, she will tell you she is only 14 or whatever age group you seem interested in. If she thinks you want a more mature woman, presto -the 14 year old is now 19. You cannot tell the age of an Asian merely by looks. Many of the prostitutes look much younger than they really are, usually due to their body size. Many time, you will think the prostitute is several years younger than their true age.

This is what trips up the anti-sex groups with their highly distorted statistics of children working the brothels in Cambodia.

The age of consent in Cambodia is 16 and you are strongly advised to stay clear of anything younger than that !!!!

Cambodia is a small country with a population of just 11 Mio. people. That is the reason why NGOs took over the control. They destroyed the countries economy within an amazingly short time and they have no intention to stop that.
So, if you consider to come to Cambodia, be aware that you are on NGO playground !!!!! They are inhuman, dangerous, corrupt and always ready to set-up a situation.
I suggest -before entering a brothel- visit the Russian Market and purchase a small, nice, second hand, handgun ($100-300). Once in a set-up situation, show them what you think about that - they will run just like rabbits and it safes you life. Don't you worry - it's a lawless country anyway. Welcome to the wild east.


Traveler Tom
05-25-03, 12:21
Black Sabbath

Great generalisations but what a shame you kept the blinkers on! The limitations of your report are rather sad - either you did not get out of the cab or have put it together it by reading other postings on this and other forums.

I hope potential visitors ignore this one-sided and half-baked effort - either you are there for the girls (and here is quantity and quality) or for sight-seeing. On both accounts you seem to have missed out! - there is more to Cambodia than PP and Angkor!

If you are looking for another BKK/Pattaya then it is, obviously, not for you - this is the great thing about Cambodia and the longer it stays that way, the better.

It seems that the sign-off 'B.S.' is rather appropriate?

Member #4239
05-26-03, 10:33
Black Sabbath
Your report is a word for word copy of an old report at another web site. Why don't you take your future bull shit reports to that same site.

Black Sabbath
05-26-03, 14:25
Originally posted by Traveler Tom
Black Sabbath,

Either you are there for the girls (and here is quantity and quality) or for sight-seeing. On both accounts you seem to have missed out! - there is more to Cambodia than PP and Angkor!There is neither quality nor quantity. There are just big holes giving you the impression that you are number 8536. There is more than PP and Angkor????? Yes, for example a totally poisoned beach at Sihanoukville. Seems like your last visit is at least 1 year ago. Why dont you come and check now?

Black Sabbath
05-26-03, 14:49
Originally posted by J.G.
Black Sabbath
Your report is a word for word copy of an old report at another web site. Why don't you take your future bull shit reports to that same site. No, man - this report is for sure no bull shit. I am sorry, but at the moment I can't say anything positive about that country because there is nothing positive to report.
And by the way, I do not know why you guys are getting always that aggressive if somebody does not share your opinions???

Information -even when negative- is still a information. Your style contains no information at all. For what are you a "senior Member"? For insulting people 150 times?
That's a discussion board here and not an insulting board!

With all due respect, the Cambodian section of this forum receives an unusual amount of dis-information posted by NGO' s and other do-gooders, so it's entirely correct to challenge the motivations of any new member posting in this section.


Traveler Tom
05-26-03, 14:58

Glad I was not all that far out. What the hell is the point of posting such cr*p? - suppose it gives someone an thrill but wish BS would keep it to himself!

Black Sabbath
05-27-03, 05:29
With all due respect, the Cambodian section of this forum receives an unusual amount of dis-information posted by NGO' s and other do-gooders, so it's entirely correct to challenge the motivations of any new member posting in this section.

Jackson [/i][/QUOTE]But negative information is no dis-information. The only guys spreading dis-information are the ones who want to make you believe that everything is nice and funny in that country.

You said an unusual high amount of NGOs are visiting this site, spreading dis-information - I think thats true, and this is just a site somewhere on the www.
But can you imagine whats going on in this country. 80 - 90 % of the white people you see in Cambodia are NGOs (most of them are female).
So, if somebody tell you guys that this NGO problem is a fact in this country and issues a warning - how could that be dis-information????
Last week they arrested again a so called "Mama San" at the "999" shop behind the Riverstreet (Shop is closed now). Why??? she got traced by NGOs!!! Due to ''no business at all'' she moved her shop a couple of weeks ago from Svay Pak to 999. So, now they go back to the Mama Sans again!! sure, there is no foreigner left anymore to be arrested and of course it gave Cambodia a quite bad image.

Traveler Tom
05-27-03, 11:49

'Information - even when negative- is still a information'

This is not even 'Negative', its obscene with no redeeming features, whatsoever. Credibility ZERO. A report such as this CANNOT be taken seriously; the whole way it is put together cries out for it to be discounted by at least 90%.

Adverse comments to this masterpiece are in the interest of those reading such stuff and believing it - I forced myself to re-read it and am more and more convinced that its contents are, by and large, the work of someone who has got an axe to grind and is, probably, totally uninformed.

If the country is so awful in your mind - that is fine. At least you will not be re-visiting. I was there about 4 months ago and know the region for 30 years - of course you will not get the comforts that you miss in LOS and others but you must be quite naive if you expected this and will get them in the forseeable future after Cambodia's recent turbulent past.

I have to ask myself whether you have ever been to the country - especially as you end up with an unfortunate gun-slinging suggestion - of course this is proposed with levity but it cannot help but detract from the alleged serious approach that you are wanting to have readers believe.

Potential vistors please note:

Cambodia is struggling against all odds to get itself back together again - with dubious politicians, NGOs, huge financial obligations to others and many other elements it is an uphill stuggle. Take it for what it is but do not believe everything you read - I experienced, recently, absolutely no signs of lawlessness and disorder (and travelled extensively) - infact it all seemed quite the opposite.

Ignore generalised rubbish such as this and make your own decisions.

I Note that 'Black Sabbath' has given up signing off as B.S. (wonder why?) Perhaps too near the truth?

05-28-03, 02:10
Way more tourists are murdered, killed or die mysteriously every year, every month, on Pattaya Beach alone than have ever succumed in Cambodia by huge numbers. However, various disinfomation from jealous NGO's and some punters who want to preserve "their" so-called secret brothels try to distort the REAL picture. Phnom Penh and Cambodia in general is not dangerous as long as you are aware what precautions to take, when and where to go, etc. The idea mentioned by B.S. of buying a gun for protection is a bit paranoid and generally not necessary. Prior to the total demise of the Khmer Rouge forces in 1998, the country had far more banditry directed against all tourist foreigners including VNese settlers. Leading up to the elections in July 2003 it would be wise to take a look at personal security if out and about in Cambodia during that time.

05-28-03, 06:05
BS’s remarks are aimed to deter the prospective first time visitor from travelling to Cambodia and not really aimed at the repeat visitor. I want to post here because a month ago I was a first time visitor to Phnom Penh.

I found the city dirty but safe enough and with quite some charm.

I took precautions such as leaving my passport, wallet and most money in the hotel safe. I also did not consider girls that could possibly be under 18—although there were plenty of moto drivers asking if I wanted them young. Furthermore, I did not put myself in situations were I thought I might be scammed. Gals at Sharkey’s were doing the hard sell a bit too much for my tastes, with the constant offer of a back massage. Martini’s was interesting with a wide selection, but the dancing area was a bit underlit. Which made it hard to tell how good-looking some of the girls were. Heart of Darkness was a fun bar on a weekend night. The Paris Hotel was $15 and clean. The gal from the in-hotel massage that was brought up was 31 years old and barrel-chested. The next time I made sure to go down and choose one myself. A good place for signing up for cheap tours is the Capitol Guesthouse (although many tours get canceled if they do not have enough people signed up).

Did not go to Tuol Kok or the place 11km out of town, as I did not find any need to.

As a tourist, I liked the sites, although the 5 days I was there was too long for Phnom Penh. As far as I am concerned, learning about the history and culture is more than enough reason to visit Cambodia. Food was good, especially the variety of western restaurants available. Sharkey’s chili was too spicy. A good read about crazy foreigners in PP is a book by Amit Gilboa written about 7 years ago called “Off the Rails in Phnom Penh: Guns Girls and Ganja.” Its available in pirated form at many tourist sites in PP. Or see his website at http://www.offtherails.com

I’ll go back as a tourist again and see Angkor Wat sometime.

05-28-03, 06:38
jackson - BS report reads alomost identically in style to one from maybe 6-8 months ago IIRC. Same type of spelling errors

BTW - anybody have anything to say about Sihanoukville. Going there from Pattay in a few days for a few days

Cambodia Pro
05-28-03, 06:42

Just had my cutie for the night leave this morning after a hot night of sex. 5 cums in all for a grand total of $30.
This one from Martini's. While sipping a beer I had this meek young vietnamese grab ny hand and began giving a hand massage which felt quite good. She asked for $30 for all night. She promised me the best bbbj or I would not have to pay. I accepted gladly, and on we took off with my reliable moto driver to my hotel and my cutie. After taking the shower, She began with a fantastic bbbj, and I taught her how to deep throat me( it is really simple for those who have watched the Rocco videos, the girl opens her mouth, and leaves the tongue out as if she were to make faces and then slildes in and out your dik, up and down)
This went on for about 10 minutes before I blew my first load in her mouth. Then on to some missionary fuking for the second cum. almost 2 in the morning, and we felt asleep after a nice relaxing massage. At five in the morning my dik felt her butt , and I instantly had a raging hard on which she took care of by giving me a fantastic bbbj for my third cum. At 7 in the morning my little dud was again hard as titanium, and needed some serious fuking. On to some doggy for my fourth cum. We had some breakfast delivered to my room, and my batteries were fully charged again. On to to cum five, with nice cowgirl ride my favorite after I am exhausted, as the girl does all the movement.

Five cums for $30 with a 9.

The economics in Cambodia are simply outstanding. I would have had to pay at least 800 to 1000 Euros for similar quality and service in Europe, and $1500 to $2500 in the (rip off) US.

Do not heed BS warnings, NGO's always spread misinformation in order to keep away the punters from the pussy treasures of Cambodia. I waited to long to visit Cambodia for the same reason, now I am wiser. Do not make the same mistake, Cambodia may just be the last pussy paradise on earth. Cambodia tops even Brazil ( land of the million garrotas).

For $2000 total (includes airfare, hotel, food, and girls)you can fuk til you drop for two solid weeks. It happened to me for the first time in Cambodia. Sometimes I fuk so much I don't fuk for a day or two. It's that good, and the price range from $5 for a quicky(in tuol kork) to $55 for all night with a 9 - 10. you can have a sweetie rock your world for $30 all night.


05-28-03, 07:44
Pro - I assume you speak Khmer. How about the rest of us?

5x per might - bragging or complaining? <grin> about all i can do to do 2 1 early and one waking (envy shows)

05-28-03, 22:15
Sihanoukville (SV) is the place to go in Cambodia. I have the same experience as the others in PP, but after 4 hours in the bus, SV is like heaven on aerth. Make sure you get a hotel on the south boulevard//beach, as there are 3 beaches in SV. When checking in, they already ask you if you want a girl for massage, bum-bum and yummie-yummie (you figure out by yourself what they want to tell you :-).

The girls in SV are stunning, hot and even better than in PP or Siem Reap. You will find plenty of them. The local hotel-desk will offer you the girls, but when walking in the city itself (SV lies about 2 km's from the neach) you will notice within half an hour where you will fin dthe girls.

ASlso on the beach they will present themselves to you. Watch out: a lot of them are very young. Always ask for ID, because getting caught with a 14-yo beaty is not something you are going to like in a country called Cambodia.

I was there in february 2003, payed about 10 usd for a ST and 20 for the whole night and morning.

Hotels on the south boulevard will cost you about 10 usd a night, with a/c.

Apart from the stunning sex-scene, the beaches are beautifull, the water is warm and the hotels offer breakfeast like the french do, so with good bread (finally!|) and hot coffee.

Enjoy you stay in Cambodia and SV and may be take a look at km11.com for more info.

kind regards, Tom from Holland

05-29-03, 01:20
Motivated by BS's post I went to a couple of travellers message boards (virtualtourist.com & trekshare.com) and read through some of the travellogues there. There were a lot of cautionary statements, but for the most part the accounts disagreed with BS's assertions.

Cambodia Pro
05-29-03, 03:46
Originally posted by dinghy
Pro - I assume you speak Khmer. How about the rest of us?

5x per might - bragging or complaining? <grin> about all i can do to do 2 1 early and one waking (envy shows)


I am bragging, all natural without viagra. If I took Viagra I would last for 10 cums though I could have a brain hemorriage . LOL
Once I had ten cums in one day( in a 24 hour time period) in Prague, but they were all blondes. I can fuk blondes 24x7 and never get tired, I did feel a little pain in the back of my head (the part of the brain that transmit the signals to the processing part of the brain) after so much excitement/fuking.

Now to cambodia,

I speak ten languages , but Khmer is not one of them. Most of the translation work is done by my moto driver that speaks acceptable english. I pay him $5 to $6/day to drive me around , interpret for me and the cuties, and even act as bodyguard if I ever needed one. I pay him weekly so he has a big incentive to see that I stay safe, I've never had any trouble in Cambodia. Most drivers are simply good people. I've been in many countries all over the world, and these Cambodian motodrivers have to be the most honest people I've ever dealt with. Has to do with their culture/religion (Budhist).

I buy the girls a two way dictionary Khmer/English for those things that need to be translated once we are in bed as the moto driver is not welcomed at such time lol. You can get books/dictionaries dirt cheap at the old market for $1 to $3. English is the most popular second language as even people from Europe and japan speak English (the language of business)

Most girls will speak your basic language skills, Yum Yum = blow job, boom boom = sex , and most will tell you how much in dollars in English, or write it for you to avoid misunderstandings.


05-29-03, 05:41
pro - I suppose I could have done that in my younger days (day 35 years ago) but there are limits once one gets older

anyway - you know anything about the sihanoukville scene? I'm going to try the adventure of going Pattaya to Cambodia and maybe try to hit PP in the process

btw - 10 languages huh, I'm lucky to do 4, 3 of those well and throwing Thai into the mix lets say its getting a bit confusing (vocabulary overlap and substitution problem keeping the mental dictionaries straight)

05-30-03, 05:52
Hi guys, I've posted on the US, Costa Rica & Mexico sites and am thinking of a vacation to Cambodia. I've cruised quite a few of your messages and have two questions please. Who or what are NGOs? I see quite a few references and I'm stuck on who or what they are. Looks like you have to go through BKK to get to PP, I can't find the air fare, any help please.

I've been looking at the pics on this and other boards and have seen some truly hot Cambodian dolls.

Thanks all,

Shamas O'Dognasty
Septic Tank Cleaning &
Gourmet Catering
10,000 flies can't be wrong

Black Sabbath
05-31-03, 12:52
hi there,

the "bayon pearnik", a local phnom penh magazine published the following story - read and laugh:

australia q & a

these questions about australia were posted on an australian tourism web site. obviously, the answers came from an aussie customer service. (they are genuine questions and answers).

info for our american friends: "q" is question and "a" is answer!!!

q: does it ever get windy in australia? i have never seen it rain on tv, so how do the plants grow? (uk)

a: actually, we import all plants fully grown and then just sit around watching them die.

q: will i be able to see kangaroos in the street? (usa)

a: depends on how much you've been drinking.

q: can you give me some information about hippo racing in australia ? (usa)

a: a-fri-ca is the big triangle shaped continent south of europe. aus-tra-lia is that big island in the middle of the pacific which does not............oh, forget it. sure, the hippo racing is every tuesday night in kings cross. come naked.

q: can you send me the vienna boys' choir schedule ? (usa)

a: aus-tri-a is that quaint little country bordering ger-ma-ny, which is.........oh, forget it. sure, the vienna boys' choir plays every tuesday night in kings cross, straight after the hippo races. come naked.

q: which direction is north australia ? (usa)

a: face south and then turn 90 degrees. contact us when you got here and we'll send the rest of the directions.

q: do you have perfume in australia ? (france)
a: no, we don't stink.

q: i have developed a new product that is the fountain of youth. can you tell me where i can sell it in australia ? (usa)

a: anywhere where significant numbers of americans gather.

q: are there killer bees in australia ? (france)

a: not yet, but for you, we'll import them.

q: are there supermarkets in sydney and is milk available all year round ? (germany)

a: no, we are a peaceful civilisation of vegan hunter gatherers. milk is illegal.

q: please send me a list of all doctors in australia who can dispense rattlesnake serum. (usa)

a: rattlesnakes live in a-meri-ca which is where you come from. all australian snakes are perfectly harmless, can be safely handled and make good pets.

q: i have a question about a famous animal in australia, but i forgot its name. it's a kind of bear and lives in trees. (usa)

a: it's called drop bear. they are so called because they drop out of gum trees and eat the brains of anyone walking underneath them, although you personally should be safe enough. i you are still worried you can scare them off by spraying yourself with human [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) before you go out walking.

q: i was in australia in 1969 on r + r, and i want to contact the girl i dated while i was staying in kings cross. can you help me? (usa)

a: yes, but you will have to pay her by the hour, just like last time.

q: will i be able to speek english most places i go ? (usa)

a: yes, but you'll have to learn it first.

Black Sabbath
05-31-03, 13:25
Just like in November 2002, June sees another Asean meeting here this time featuring the added complexity of a guest performance by Colin Powell.

So, expect -just like in November- some arrests of Tourists and arrests of local girls.

They began already last week and arrested lots of girls around the Victory Monument. (and they are really old).

Just like last time, I think they will catch all street beggars and bring them to their "protected reservationes" outside of Phnom Penh.

Well, who cares, it's rainy season and nobody has the intention to come. But if you come, don't forget your gun - it's fun !!!

Black Sabbath
05-31-03, 13:51
A member of this board reported a couple of weeks ago about the L'Imprevu Hotel / Phnom Penh and the child abuse committed by NGO's. Every so called "EXPAT" in that bloody country knows that this information is correct. Every month you found the advertising of that hotel in every paper and magazine. "Special rates for persons with their adopted children".

By the way, not only NGO's were guests there. Cars of high ranking embassy staff - including Germany, UK, USA, Australia and a unknown Arabian country has been spotted there.

But this is over now. Since that report appeared on this and on other sites it is very quiet out there - they all fucked off and the Hotel L'Imprevu does not make any kind of advertising anymore.

Of course nobody of that dirty motherfuckers got arrested. But what can you expect. Money makes it possible.

05-31-03, 15:20
Shamas - N(on) G(overnment) O(rganization) - usually a religious or charitable type of organization whose purpose it is is to "change the world" (read "mold the world the way THEY think it should be")

you can get to PP thru Kuala Lumpur or Singapore (I know KL (malaysian) but not sure about SIN)

hope this helps - BTW - IF you are into masochism (not really but it might seem like it) you can go overland from either Korat to Surin and take a bus to PP via Siem Reap (Ankgor Wat) or BKK to Trat, take a minbus to the border, ferry to Sihanoukville and Cabodian bus to PP. either way it's an adventure - the $100 airfare is sounding good

Cambodia Pro
05-31-03, 19:14
Originally posted by Shamas
Who or what are NGOs?

Looks like you have to go through BKK to get to PP, I can't find the air fare, any help please.Shamas,

You dont have to go through BKK to get to PP. Do a search for "Phnom Penh" exactly, do not misspell, instead of Cambodia. Why? It beats me why the flights appears under Phnom Penh . but not Cambodia. Most flilghts are $600 to $800 from anywhere in the world if you buy in advance your ticket.

Now to the NGO (No Growth for Outsiders)

An NGO is a wolf in sheep's clothes, specially the religious ones. You can do your research, do a search under "population control" in the web.

These are organization that are racists at the core, but are very successful in spinning public relations, they are alarmed at the population explosion in the non western world. And afraid they will be squeezed in the future. (take a look at the US and Europe, both have aging white populations and the birth control averages 1.3 per woman not enough to keep the population growing) You can thank the feminist movement for that, Evolution does squeeze the weakest link).


06-01-03, 03:53
Thanks gentlemen for your time and info. I've been reading trip reports on this and another board and the recent ones were informative but didn't clear up the NGO thing.

Some of the reports were glowing and spectacular while others had horrow stories. I'm getting a bit old for the rough, back to bare basics trip so I'll have to make sure I have plenty of time to travel properly.

I understand they have a major election coming up in July, I'll decide then if I'll take a two weeker to PP or three short ones to SJO. The two weeker is my choice.

Again thanks ever so much


06-01-03, 04:17
ok shamas.... ngo refers to non-government organizations.... supposedly what these are are humanitarian relief agencies doing the bidding of and financially supported by western (read "anti-fun" or "prohibitionist") governments (read "regimes") ... in reality what you get are anal-retentive white guys interferring with local culture.... just so no one forgets, svay pak and all the other locations for fun in cambodia and elsewhere in asia predated any international travel by the white man.... all of these p4p institutions have been in existence for generations and it is only with the advent of modern means of travel and communication that we western white men have been able to avail ourselves of these same pleasures... and when the real truth comes out someday that some of these ngo white guys, who during their working hours come off as "holier than thou", are the biggest perverts ****s and homosexual deviants on earth, then everyone will really know what is going on.... in the meantime, don't let anyone think that the white man is creating these p4p situations in these asian countries... we who go there are just availing ourselves of situations which have existed for 100s if not 1000s of years....

06-01-03, 08:46
I didn't quite make my point with my last posting, now that I reread it I see the error of my writting. Last night after I posted my questions I read some more on this site and went to another and read for a few hours, from that session I didn't get the NGO thing. Today when I logged back on and read you alls many responses I understood the NGO thing. I had a lot on my mind and just sorta dundered. Thanks for the help again and I'm reading away and looking forward to an early fall vacation.


Joe Zop
06-02-03, 05:20
Umm, while I agree with you guys that there are tons of NGOs that are of questionable use and agenda, especially in this region, I do think a small bit of clarification is in order, especially since Shamus asked a genuine question without any foreknowledge. NGO is simply the non-US designation for a nonprofit organization, period, with nonprofit being irrelevant since the US definition is one based on an organization paying taxes.

While relief agencies fall under this designation, they're not the only ones who do -- international NGOs include the World Health Organization, the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Veterans Federation, the DEVNET Association, the Red Cross, the International Federation on Ageing, the International Bar Association, the International Road Federation, International Union of Architects, World Energy Council, to name just a few. Not all these are relief organizations, or bad folks, or even made up of anal-retentive white guys. Yup, lots of idiots and hypocrites abound, but just using NGO as an epithet as opposed to talking about the "relief agencies" in the area is a rather broad brush, since plenty of NGOs, including some operating in Cambodia, could care less about the agendas of the agencies in question.

So, Shamus, when the discussion here talks about NGOs, it's generally shorthand for a specific type. To the rest of the world (in Costa Rica, for example, where the Institute for Central American Studies is a local NGO) it can mean something entirely different.

06-02-03, 13:35
Joe, I suppose for what it's worth that the term NGO applied to distinctly 3rd world countries where there is a thriving sex worker population (asia, primarily) means 1 and only 1 thing - those who would eliminate it. For some unexplained reason NGOs get the ear of the local guovernments (they might make contributions that are perceived as benefiting the general population) and take a position of eliminating that sex worker trade. Lets be clear about this, though - there are CERTAIN actions NGOs promote which probably are to the general good - elimination of sexual slavery (white - or whatever color slavery) and child prostitution.

I guess they all get tarred with the same brush. I really DO dislike the hypocritical religious organizations, though.

(do as I say, not as I do. remember Jim Baker? "Yeahs brother...")

NGOs don't have much of an effect in Tijuana, do they?

Cambodia Pro
06-03-03, 03:10

Yesterday I did my daily trip to pick a cutie. I went to Tommies this time, and as soon as I walked in the door. I had three cuties massaging my cock asking me to bang them all night for only $30.

I chose a khmer girl this time with an incredible ass. While I sipped my drink, the cutie was massaging my cock , and I returned the favor. Her panties were wet with desire. I could not believe this cutie was so wet right there in the bar. I could see the lust of desire in her eyes. I knew right then this would be an all night fukathon. I quickly left for my hotel with my cutie. Before I had even finished undressing this cutie was devouring my cock. She was licking and sucking my tool as if it were candy. It was about ten minutes when I exploded in her mouth. My cutie just kept licking and sucking as if there was no tomorrow. I was ready for round two, The cutie undressed and I could see her pussy wet with desite. this cutie has the wettest pussy I've ever experience. She proceeded to fuk my brains out. Three cums before going to sleep, and one in the morning before she left

My birthday is coming up, and I am planning a Birthday fukathon extravaganza. The last time I banged five cuties at once was so much fun that I am planning to do ten cuties at once for my birthday fukathon extravaganza. Just the logistics of getting ten cuties all in one room gets complicated . I am making the plans and will post a long review after my party. This time i will use a crayon to write a number on the cutie (1-10) to keep track of the cuties while they alternate suking me bareback. The last time, two cuties were upset that some girls were suking me longer than the two minutes I had allocated to them before having to change to the next. They were upset that they did not suk as much as the other three girls. I also bought a timer with a beep that will beep every two minutes to signal a new cutie to service me while they alternate suking me.

I have done so well in the currency markets lately with a couple of synthetic short butterfly positions against the dollar-euro swap that I made a bundle to have fuk money for a long time. I expect my party to run me tops of $200 including some custom clothes that I will have made for my cuties (they will all be dressed in those belly dancer clothes, transparent veils)

I will post my review soon, I am thinking about making a videotape to record the occasion as I have never seen any punter do ten cuties at once. I may even post it in the web (with my face blurred).


Cambodia Pro
06-03-03, 03:25
Originally posted by dinghy

anyway - you know anything about the sihanoukville scene? I'm going to try the adventure of going Pattaya to Cambodia and maybe try to hit PP in the process


sihanoukville is great as is chau doc crossing(Vietnam crossing), bavet Moi, Poipet, Kampong cham, Fuk! I can't even remember all the places you can get inexpensive high quality pussy. I am banging an average of three cuties daily for a grand total of $15 dollar/day. I am going nuts just deciding which cuties to fuk as I have so many choices.


When I think of all the punters in this board that have to toil every day and then go home to a nasty angry ungrateful bitchy wife , I can just cry in sorrow. I, therefore, from now on, I dedicate my daily fuked cutie in honor of all those that find themselves in such sad situation. I am with you in spirit.


06-03-03, 06:48
Thanks again everyone, some most interesting points of view. The first time I saw the NGO I worked on it for a while and thought it might mean No GOer or Nay GOer (bad attitued type). Looks like I got the drift. NGOs & their type are all over the place in many differt forms with the same tactics and desires.


Like so many others I communicated with you a short time back on the BKK side. I ended up changing my vacation due to the SARS problem. The flights were getting cancelled and travel looked gloomy at the time. Thanks for all your help then and now.


06-03-03, 07:13
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro

Sihanoukville is great as is Chau Doc crossing (Vietnam crossing), bavet Moi, Poipet, Kampong cham, Fuk! I can't even remember all the places you can get inexpensive high quality pussy. I am banging an average of three cuties daily for a grand total of $15 dollar/day. I am going nuts just deciding which cuties to fuk as I have so many choices.[/i]Yes Sihanoukville is a nice place to hang out for a while. Small quiet town with nice beach and enough girls available and everything cheaper than in PP.

But Chau doc??? Nothing there or very well hidden!!! I went there once about 1 year ago. The only thing I found was a massage place in a 2 days search. Cheap massage for 50.000 Dong but that's it. I also went to HCMC and Vung Tau but not much fun there.
The VN girls in VN want 10 times as much as the VN girls in Cambo.
Also none of the hotels I stayed in VN alowed me to bring girls inside.
Boys are okay but not girls, not my thing.

I was very disappointed from Vietnam, Cambo was much better for sanuk.

Cheers, Gipsy

Joe Zop
06-03-03, 18:02
Have a blast, Shamas -- seems that SARS hysteria has levelled off a bit, and both Thailand and Cambodia have been and are still safe in that regard.

And Dinghy, I don't disagree with you at all, I was simply trying to clarify things for Shamus. Not only are some of the NGOs a royal pain, but the evangelists are even worse. I simply note that not all NGOs are terrible, even those who work in the general areas around prostitution -- I know of one AIDS-prevention group in the area whose regional director is a big-time monger. He says he's all for everyone fucking everyone they please, as often as they please, he just wants people to be safer when they do it. (His take is that he wants his own risk level to be lower by having those he screws be disease-free.) His group doesn't preach morality, they talk about condoms and health care, primarily with Buddhist monks who need to talk to their believers about such things. But they're the exception to the rule, by and large.

NGOs get the ears of local governments because they bring money into places where infrastructure might be weak. Since we all know money talks in the third world, it's naturally going to speak louder when there's someone offering a lot of it, and a poorer country like Cambodia, which has struggled in so many ways the past few decades, is naturally looking for anything it can get, even when that money has strings. (Not even considering the corruptability of local governments.) Look at how the US has tied funding in Africa to abortion services -- carrot and stick. NGOs (or the World Bank, or whomever) use the same approach -- I give you money in return for you acting thus and so. Which is why things get screwed up, of course.

Member #4239
06-04-03, 09:55
to Cambodia Pro:
You are the man! Your posts are first class. J.G.

Cambodia Pro
06-05-03, 01:59
Originally posted by Gipsy

But Chau doc??? Nothing there or very well hidden!!! I went there once about 1 year ago. The only thing I found was a massage place in a 2 days search. Cheap massage for 50.000 Dong but that's it. I also went to HCMC and Vung Tau but not much fun there.
The VN girls in VN want 10 times as much as the VN girls in Cambo.
Cheers, Gipsy


When I say Chau Doc, I meant to stay in the Cambodian side. Prices in Vietnam are indeed higher because of the authorities. There is quite a bit of activity there. Many little girly cuties, hidden?, hardly, any moto drivers will find them for you. Again , this is in the Cambodian side of Chau Doc, Not in Vietnam. Sorry about the confusion.


06-05-03, 08:49
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro

Sihanoukville is great as is Chau Doc crossing (Vietnam crossing), bavet Moi, Poipet, Kampong cham, Fuk! I can't even remember all the places you can get inexpensive high quality pussy. I am banging an average of three cuties daily for a grand total of $15 dollar/day. I am going nuts just deciding which cuties to fuk as I have so many choices.

I've been through the Bavet Vietnam/Cambodia border crossing, but couldn't find any girls there. Are you sure??? Does CamboPro work for the Ministry of Tourism or something? Maybe he gets a commision for each tourist he brings in? What about those superhuman fuck stories?

If you want to stay in the town of Svay Rieng (20km from border) there is a disco in the town center with about 15 girls who you can pay to dance with. Across from the disco is a large hotel which has Karaoke. You can take them up to your room no problem.

Guy #2
06-07-03, 04:12
I appreciate the posts that are on here and find them invaluable, especially the experiences by Cambodian Pro. I have been to Cambodia twice and I can confirm that the information is quite accurate. You can find a decent hotel for $20-30 a day. Anyone on a motobike can get yoy around for less than a $1 and they know where Toul Kouk is. On my two trips to Cambodia, I wanted to but was actually afraid to visit the girls. You are right that a quickie should be $5 and an all nighter $20. You can get a movie star for $50. I know because I speak and understand basic Cambodian (I was born there), and my cousins who still live there tell me the prices.

But here's my question to the members out there. I am planning a 3rd trip in July to Cambodia. On my 1st and 2nd trip, I wanted to visit these girls but I was afraid that I might catch something, even with a condom. I don't rely on what the locals tell me about catching anything because they are not educated or sophisticated. In fact, most of the locals just tell me not to do it because you can catch something.

I hate to miss a 3rd opportunity because Cambodia is pussy paradise. Here are my questions:

The guys who have visited with these girls more than once. How do you do it without catching anything, other than wearing a condom? Aren't you concern? Have you heard of any bad experiences--like guys catching something. If you bang 10 girls on a trip, how can you be sure they are clean? Even you do an AIDS test on them, you still have the FedEX the specimen to a lab. I just don't see that happening in Cambodia.

Are there anybody on the board who ever had a bad experience?

Or is the AIDS thing just more bullshit by the NGO?

I hope this post does not offend anyone. I am just seeking information on how the pros out there do it.


Cambodia Pro
06-07-03, 05:13
****ATTACK OF THE NGO's!!!!!****

If you want to stay in the town of Svay Rieng (20km from border) there is a disco in the town center with about 15 girls who you can pay to dance with. Across from the disco is a large hotel which has Karaoke. You can take them up to your room no problem. [/i]

Poomaa, I hope your are not a dirty religious NGO feminazi. This is your first post.

We get ngo's all the time trying to spread the FUD factor in this board.

The NGO's unfortunately have the opposite effect........ You see, I used to doubt the unbelievable sex stories about Cambodia , I thought they were only a myth, however, doing more research in the NGO's sites, I found out it was true.

Shit! I booked my first trip that day!!, no kidding, after that the rest is history.

I now live in Cambodia and have the sex life that a King would envy.

I fuk until I drop, literally, every night I go to bed exhausted after fuking at least 3 cuties every day for $15 total. I only have time to check how my Yen/Euro/Dollar investments are doing and place a few currency trades and then fall sleep awaiting another glorious fuk day.
To all the NGO's, your FUD(fear , uncertaintly, & doubt factor) does not work anymore. Sorry, we now have punters in the ground to do the reporting.
Poomaa, What's super human about fuking five times in one day?? Maybe if you are over 60 years old, it can't be done. or if you are married to an ugly fat bitchy western wife (which is most often the case) then definetely IT CAN"T BE DONE. Why do you think Viagra broke all sales records for Pfizer in the western world??....... Because of the poor smucks that can't cum with their ugly fat angry western wives. They need all the help they can get, they are so traumatized by their wifes, they even have problems cumming with beautiful cuties sometimes when they manage to sneak away from the western beasts.

As for my private orgy, all the details have been worked out, and this Sunday at 3:00 will be making Fuk history. My private orgy will be so intense that it will put Rocco to shame.

I will fuk ten cuties for my birthday fukathon extravaganza, and take some pictures/video too. I can understand the jealousy, I am indeed better than your average Joe's smuck, both intelectually( I have a PhD in Economics, and two undergraduate degrees from an Ivy league university) and physically.

From Cambodia with Lust!


06-08-03, 08:46
Hey guys,

Pls forgive the ignorance, but since I have only read this page and have not heard of any problems, can I assume that flights between Bkk and PP are no problem again ?


Black Sabbath
06-08-03, 10:06
"the cambodian daily" published the following interesting story on june 7, 2003:

"-cambodians are often older than their declared age-"

"cambodia's men and women may have as many as three ages - their actual age, their school age and their legal age. the confusion starts with, for example, a six year old child who is so small because of malnutrition that parents, as well as teachers, can't envision him going to school. a few years later, when the child has physically grown enough to look as if he or she is ready for the first grade, parents then register him as being a six-year- old to make sure that he is admitted without any difficulties.

and when government representatives come to register their children in the family book -which serves as a family's official birth records-the child's parents register his school age. or, if they feel the need to protect the child from possible future military service, they will give an entirely new age.

this means persons often are years older than their declared age.
the usual gap between actual age and school age is two years, although four-year-differences are frequent. seventeen- year- olds often end up in grade four, registered as being 12. later on, a twenty year old man may not be able to get a job because his legal age is 15; or he may be seen as dating a minor if his girlfriend, who in reality is 19-years-old, is registered as 14 in the family book."

so here we go- in one of my earlier posts i said that ngo statistics re ****philia are highly distorted and that you are (if you come to cambodia) dealing with seriously criminal elements. do you really think that this bastards do not know the above mentioned facts?? they (cambodians and ngo's) will use that circumstances against you. even if you have a sexual relationship with a 20-year-old woman they could and will charge you with ****philia if they have a chance. it's all about money and they need it desperately (cambodians). the ngo's of course don't need the money - they need "success". both of them give a shit whether they ruin your live.
you can't tell the age of a malnourished person and that's finally your disadvantage.
i would say 99.99 percent of male visitors to cambodia are not ****. of course - like in every poor country - you find and will find **** persons working in the prostitution area. but visitors are not looking for it. ngo's just want to make you believe that. they really want to make you believe that every man is a **** and [CodeWord126] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord126). that's like in the 70's -during the area of emancipation-; after they finished all males and nothing was left anymore to finish they all went to brasil in order to get fucked by a big cock. and now they are looking for new territories of course. we have 6 billion people on that planet and they can't live with a few (handful) real ****s!!!!?????
next week they they have another asean meeting and in july the elections. what the hell - you are not safe at the moment unless you do it just like "cambodia pro" - he fucks everything- even a 50-year-old tuol kork water buffalo without teeth in the mouth. pretty safe i must admit - even ngo's can't touch his ass. if this is what you want.........................................
pretty girls are very well hidden in the meantime-only well informed persons and high ranking police officers know the places. the prices there are extremely high: $50 - 70 short time !! and $ 200 - to almost unlimited all night.
cambodian reality !!! wait for better times. november, december????
fact is too, the cambodian economy is totally down - there is no money at the market anymore but they need it (so things might change).

06-08-03, 15:27
fireman - "presidentairlines" (might be airline) BKK-PNH $70; 2 RT /day (er... excursion since they go BKK-PNH-siem reap - bkk) or so I've been told

Cambodia Pro
06-09-03, 03:45
Birthday Fukathon Extravaganza, < PART 3 of 3 >
By Cambodia Pro
ACT III The Climax

I pressed the play button indicating that the fun was to resume. The CD was booming "The Storm" Symphony No 6 in F "Pastorale" by Beethoven.

After eight cums I felt a bit dizzy from so much action/excitement, I began to doubt I would be able to break the 10 cums mark in one day.I motioned to #7 the cutest of all ( a real living sex doll) to give me some oral loving , by this time I needed the best of the best to bring me hard again. After about 15 minutes my tool rose to the challenge , and again was hard as a rock.

I moved over to my CD boombox and played "Fanfare for the common Man" symphony by Copland. I motioned to the cuties to get in their fours as the banging was about to begin. It was at this moment while I had these ten delicious bodies with their asses up in the air waiting for my cock to thrust deep into their tight pussy pleasures with the symphony playing in the background , that I thought to myself, I am the luckiest, happiest man alive on this earth. I shed a tear of joy right then, and another sad one for all those men that live in the western world , that go through life chasing material comforts for their wives, in an unhappy existence, and all they get in return is grief. My heart goes out to you that find yourselves in such tragic situation. After my reflective mood, I was ready for the climax to my fukathon. I went from one cutie to the next giving each one about three thrusts in and out before moving on the next one, I managed to go two full rounds around all the cuties when my nine cum was about to explode. I had planned to do a facial, but #8 the tightest pussy on earth simply overwhelmed my cock with desire, I thrust in and out of her tight pussy, and then exploded inside her pussy. My cock was beginning to hurt at this time. I was really doubtfull I could muster cum number 10. I told 8 of the cuties that they could leave at this time. Only two cuties stayed with me. I took them to my place for the night to try for cum #10.

These cuties had special talents, one of them is the best cocksucker I know, the other one lets me fuk her in the ass. The two cuties began to lick me again trying to harden it, it took almost twenty minutes while I eat her pussy , and fingered the other one at the same time. My cock was hard as rock at the thought of doing the anal climax. I slowly inserted my cock(with condom) into her tight ass, and then slowly began to move in and out of her lubricated tight ass. It took me 15 minutes to do cum #10. One cutie was licking my balls while I fuk the other cutie in the ass. I came hard inside her love tunnel. Cum#10 was done and my birthday celebration had come to an end.

I was exhausted and happy, and one final thought came to me before falling asleep, looking through my ceiling window, I could see the deep blue night sky dotted with bright stars into the vastness of space. I said to myself , what a beautiful world.


From Cambodia with Lust.

Cambodia Pro
06-09-03, 03:48
Birthday Fukathon Extravaganza, < PART 2 of 3 >
By Cambodia Pro

ACT II The Orgy

Scene I. The Dance

I proceeded to begin the sex feast.

I put six CD's with music I had pre selected for the occasion into my CD boombox.

You see.... the music also served as a timer indicating what needed to happen next, your brain can malfunction or lose the sense of time while being sucked bareback. I decided against using a beeping timer as being too distracting , if not annoying .

Then, I pressed the play button to indicate the sex feast had began.

The music was booming from my CD player boombox, I began with "Procession of the Sardar" by Ippolitov Ivanov followed by Symphonie Fantastique by Berliotz.

The cuties made their grand entrance into the big room one by one while the symphony played, they were only wearing the custom veils dresses, and I could see their beautiful tight bodies hugged under the soft veils. I immediately had a raging hard on. By the time the third cutie had entered I wanted to fuk them right there and then. however, I held myself so that I would not disturbe the routine I had pre arranged. I had witheld sex for myself for a grand total of three days(the longest ever since living in cambodia) to have all the cum I would need for this extraordinary event.

Scene II. The Tease

The ten cuties were all lined up in front of me, and then I motioned with my arm that the dance should commence, they all started dancing at the rithm of the music while giggling. For those that are not familiar with the dancing in Asia, It is very erotic. the cuties move their body slowly while moving their arms , and especially their hands in twisting and bending motion. This went on while I went around touching their delicious tight bodies. There is nothing like grabbing tight asses , pussies, and perky tits on a body wrapped in a thin see-through veil.

Scene III. Bareback Oral Fun

My cok was already dripping pre-cum. I then heard the Harpsichord Concerto in G minor by Bach booming from my CD boombox, indicating to me that the bareback action was about to begin. I proceeded to position myself in the bed situated in the center of the room. The cuties then all made a circle around me. And then girl number 1 ("Yeen", I will refer to the cuties as numbers from now on as their names are hard to pronounce, and harder still to write). Girl 1 began to slowly lick my cock already hard as titanium, like licking a lollipop, her tongue slided up and down in a slow rithm, teasing my cock. After about two minutes, I tapped her left shoulder indicating to her, it was girl #2 turn to savor my tool. Girl number two was Lee, one of the best girly cocksuckers in Cambodia. I knew I would not be able to hold on any longer. My first cum was about to explode in her face and mouth.
#2 began by slow licking my balls while Girl#3 was licking the head of my cock. #2 pushed aside #3 and began deepthroating me. I felt the warmness of her tongue making circles around my cok head, then she began slowly to move up and down on my cock. Her saliva was dripping all over my cock, she was truly savoring my cock. It was about ten minutes after this deepthroating that I had my first cum. While #2 was looking right into my eyes I shot my first load deep in her throat. It was one of the hardest cums ever, simply outstanding. I proceeded to clean up my cock to let the fun continue. #4 had quite a task ahead of her, she began the bareback suck again.

This went on for about 6 hours, I had 8 cums from bareback sucks. It was 9:00PM already , I had some sandwiches, and sodas passed around for those that were hungry.

Cambodia Pro
06-09-03, 03:50
Birthday Fukathon Extravaganza, < PART 1 of 3 >
By Cambodia Pro

ACT I. The Preparations

Scene I. The room (50$ all day)

I asked some of the mamasan's what they though about my birthday fukathon idea with ten cuties. Most of them only smiled and said , You want 11 girls , more better, Haik!!
I managed to arrange for one big room in one of the big brothels for all day beginning at noon and ending at midnight as you shall see, it was all so worth it.

Scene II The cuties (10 at $20 each, total $200)
I gathered the best of the best cuties I know, and a couple of newbies . The criteria was simple, cuties had to have gorgeous faces, beautiful bodies, and a terrific attitude.

Scene III The costumes ($5 each , total $50)
The customs were all colorful, red veils, white veils, black veils, and some pink ones. They looked like the customs that belly dancers use, without the bellys.
I decided to write the number on the veils instead of the cuties forehead as it would be aestethically imcompatible with the beauty of their faces.

Scene IV The Gathering
My moto driver gathered all the cuties. he then proceeded to explain what they had to do, and in which sequence. he even gave them some cards with the instructions just in case they got confused. After this, I excused him, and began my private sex feast. The cuties retired to an adjacent room where they changed into their veil dresses.

06-09-03, 06:56

No I'm not an NGO, and yes, it was my first post.

The information I posted about Svay Rieng is 100% verifiable.

What about your information?

06-09-03, 07:16
Guys, some advice please, (or redirect me to the correct part of the board) I need to do a visa run out of Bangkok, but i want to go somewhere where there is some action, budget is tight, flying is out, i only need the stamp in and out, no embassy required. Where do you recommend? I'm thinking Phuket and then the boat run to Myanmar, or somewhere on the Thai/Cambodian border, anyone done this before? i just fancy a change from the usual scene in bangkok. All help appreciated.
Cambodai Pro, you lucky B@#$%^d!!!! Not sure i'd have the stamina for all those shots! Well done, and excellent reporting.

06-09-03, 21:53
Quote: I moved over to my CD boombox and played "Fanfare for the common Man"

Cambodia Pro,

You are leading an uncommon life. I envy your stamina. Happy birthday! May you have an even better one next year.


06-10-03, 01:40
just here for a quick peep guys.coming to phnom penh/bangkok/ho chi min city soon.(january/febuary)

cambodiapro....clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,clap,.....encore!!!! encore!! how's about a repeat preformance? haha!!


(not to be confused with meaty) :d

06-10-03, 06:26
cambodia pro wrote:
... the other one lets me fuk her in the ass....i slowly inserted my cock(with condom) into her tight ass, and then slowly began to move in and out of her lubricated tight ass. it took me 15 minutes to do cum #10.yes, its me -- your conscience, again.

either start writing more believeable lies or get lost! you certainly have made up stories that are full of pure fanatasy.

i'll be willing to bet you have never even been to cambodia. one thing i am sure of is that you are getting off writing these stories to gullible readers.

btw, the only way you will fuck a se asian chick in the ass is if you [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) her or pay her a huge sum of money (its completely off limits in their culture -- nobody will "let" you do this).

if you have been to cambodia stick to posting useful information for the uninformed traveler.

black sabath wrote:
.... do it just like "cambodia pro" - he fucks everything- even a 50-year-old tuol kork water buffalo without teeth in the mouth.

now here is an example of something closer to the truth which i might believe.

Guy #2
06-11-03, 04:17
I am planning to go to Cambodia shortly also. Can anyone tell me where these girl are--like by street names. I don't want to get anyone in trouble. A street name or area would help.

Here are some places in Phnom Penh where I did see girls on my last two trip:

1. Just outside Phnom Penh, there's a bunch of fancy restaurants (but affordable) where women will stand around in evening gowns with beer banner on the gown. Yeah, like a pageant evening gown, except instead of Ms. America, it has the name of a beer on the banner. The beer companies sponsor these girls to stand there. These were the hottest girls who I saw in Cambodia. Someone told me that they will go home with you for the right reason. Has anyone ever picked up these girls?

2. I saw a lot of hotels and restaurants cater to Westerners in an area called Mautalay (spelling?). I think Mautalay means river and this is an area by the river. The restaurants are expensive by local standards but cheap by our standards. Like $20 a meal, which is a month's wage for the locals. I saw some guys trying to pick up the waitresses there. Has anyone ever tried that?

3. I heard about Toul Kouk but haven't ventured there. It's supposed to be on the outskirts of the city. Like a suburb of Phnom Penh.

4. I saw a couple of massage parlors with the words "massage" on the oustide. I assume there's more than a massage on the inside.

5. I didn't even try the nightclubs when I was there.

6. At night I saw some women sitting by themselves in the field by the carnval, near the Mautalay area. Are these women waiting to be picked up? What the hell are they doing there just sitting.

7. Do you think it would be safer just to approach a hottie on the street. I mean she would be cleaner. Plus, I hear that the local economy is so bad that 90% of the people are out of work. Maybe she would be willing to come home for the right price.

Remember, in Cambodia, a ministry official makes barely $30 a month. You have to survive on corruption or if you have a good business.

I saw the posts about the videotaping these girls. I asked someone if that was okay. He said that the local officials tolerate
guys visiting girls or picking up women but they will enforce the laws on making videos. You should be careful. That sounds right because Cambodia is so backward that there's a double standard. They don't care what you do behing closed doors. But you won't find any adult videos or magazines on sale. I didn't see any. But please correct me if I am wrong. I saw a lot of Thai magazines with skin but no Rocco or Anabolic.

Plus, going through the airport, sometimes the custom guys would try to shake you down for $5 or $10. Remember $5 is five days wages for these people. So that's a lot of money. They will open your luggage if you don't pay them. You're better off paying them. If you make any videaos, they will obviously find it when they open your luggages. But please correct if you have a different experience.

So where are all these places where you guys have met women? You don't have to be specific. Just identify a couple of street so I know where to look.

The best post that I have ever seen on Phnom Penh was posted in 1999? by a guy who actually detailed how he picked up a Vietnamese girl downtown and a fat Cambodian girl in Toul Kouk. He gave specific street names and everything so that you can actually follow his path and visit the places he went to.

06-11-03, 06:15
Thanks for the reponse Dinghy. I've been twice now, but had heard that the LOS and Cambodia were "spatting" again.


06-11-03, 15:47
Field report - Koh Kong (right acrossborder from Hat Lek Thailand)

I guess theres SOMETHING to be said good about this jumping offplace for Sihanoukville/Phnom Penh in that there are numerous W'houses (chicken farm) where a good time can be had for some 250 Baht (asking price was 500,dropped quickly to 300, hard bargain to 250 (take it or I leave) truly a "red light district"in that the ""vertisements"" are really red lights. One thing - the age of "'availabilty'' (consent) here is actually 15 so you that like em younger, can leegally indulge (lots of Viet girls)

other than that, with 3 internet places in town and a "standard price"" of $4/hour for a damned 33k dial up (NO WAY IN HELL WILL I PAY THAT MUCH) cheap rooms (5 or 12 dollars - and they take dollars, riel or baht), cheapfood and drink,there's NOTHING there except maybe some 500 'ho's.

Field report from Sihanoukville. Bring CASH (or travellers checks) ,ain't NO ATMs in Cambodia. other than that,a plethora of chicken farms and establishments at reasonable prices (about $7 ST,20 take out (LT),30 for 24 hour access (probably best deal)

cheapfood (2-6),cheapbeer (25-40 cents in stores,cheap rooms (4 to 20), cheap women (see above),paradise itself. OH,and the beach is great,too, cleaner than Jomtien,most foreigners seem to be Brits

the girls supply ""NUmber 1"" (condoms)

06-11-03, 15:50
Meaty - presidentairlines.com BKK-PNH for $70 each way Visa costs either $20 or 1100 Baht (some say #$20 at PNH,but I paid1100B at Koh Kong)

see my field report, next , message and other PNH reports

06-12-03, 02:37
cheers for all the info, great stuff. I'm planning to do the trip to Sihanoukville overland (and sea) from Bangkok. I've found a good site telling me exactly how to do it http://www.cambodia-travel.com. What i need now is recomendations from people who have been. Basic, clean hotel, directions to the w'houses/bars, safety tips.

06-12-03, 02:51
having just posted that i've found a site http://l4667.tripod.com/Pnh/index.html telling me how bad the girl selection and quality is in Sihanoukville, aparently better staying in Koh Kong, 3-400B ST, any info?

Cambodia Pro
06-12-03, 05:38
Originally posted by Meaty
having just posted that i've found a site http://l4667.tripod.com/Pnh/index.html telling me how bad the girl selection and quality is in Sihanoukville, aparently better staying in Koh Kong, 3-400B ST, any info?

Meaty, that website's information is 3 years old. In any case, try to hit three spots. PP, KK, and Sihanouk . You can't go wrong.

I am still recovering from my fukathon extravaganza.


Cambodia Pro
06-12-03, 05:45
Originally posted by Meaty
cheers for all the info, great stuff. I'm planning to do the trip to Sihanoukville overland (and sea) from Bangkok. I've found a good site telling me exactly how to do it http://www.cambodia-travel.com. What i need now is recomendations from people who have been. Basic, clean hotel, directions to the w'houses/bars, safety tips.

Meaty all the hotels in this guide are girl friendly, the $5 to $15 per day. No, it's not a typo, most with a/c and breakfast included.
Plus maps, restaurants, and ....god forbid, non punther activities like cultural events, and the like.

This is the most comprehensive guide for a visitor to Cambodia.


No. I don't own it, but wish I did.


06-12-03, 12:44
Cam Pro, you the man!! Either you stayed up all night for weeks making the story up or this really happened! Judging from my less choreographed experiences in Asia, you definitely did the deed, and went all out with style.

Colored veils, Beethoven cds, sandwhiches, what a way to go out with a bang! Just hope you did covered sessions during penetration, last thing you want is to remember your birthday in a bad way or also, create new birthdays 9 months later!! :O

Will be in Thailand either next week and hope to hop over or will have to wait until August when vacation may or may not come up again.

06-12-03, 15:07
Cambodia Pro,

Just passing through this thread and caught your 3 part, birthday extravaganza. Have to tip my hat to you! Great work.


Guy #2
06-13-03, 02:02
I am going to Cambodia in July. It is hard to rent a car there--has nyone tried? I do not want to pay $20 for a driver and a car. Nor do I want to sit on a motobike with a girl and a guy. Is there a red light district where I can book a hotel like in Thailand. Please give streets name. Will the girl go back to the hotel room with you?

Cambodia Pro
06-13-03, 04:59
Originally posted by hysteromania
Just hope you did covered sessions during penetration, last thing you want is to remember your birthday in a bad way or also, create new birthdays 9 months later!! :O

Will be in Thailand either next week and hope to hop over or will have to wait until August when vacation may or may not come up again.

Covered as always for penetration. The blow jobs are bareback, that is the reason I went for most cums from blow jobs. Only the last two cums were penetration with condoms, always!. Condoms help keep cost low. Less risk, less cost for fun. Be considerate of the cuties.

If you get a long time girlfriend, there are aid test kits in Bangkok for $25 you can buy in any pharmacy(called "Oraquick"), many pharmacies in sukhumit road have them, you perform the test yourself based on saliva sample, result available in 1 hour, no need to send to lab. 99% accuracy according to the company which is reputable. Three month hold period at minimum for bareback sex.


06-13-03, 17:19
OVERLAND - Pattaya to Cambodia

here's how to do it

they say you need to get the early bus (5am) to Trat to make the border crossing (border closes at 5pm, opens at 7am). not quite true, you go out to central and Sukhumvit to the bus stop and catch whatever bus is going to Rayong (as long as you get on the road by 7 or so). Change in Rayong for Trat (150B to Trat) From Trat you take a minibus to Hat Lek (100B). Go thru the inbound hassle of cambodian immigration (hey, word of advice, get a BUSINESS visa, costs $10 extra ($34) but unlimited entry/exit for a month). Take moto to Koh Kong and get a room and spend the nite. IF you are adventurous rent your OWN moto (with your own, you avoid the higher prices generated by the commissions the moto drivers get) - HOWEVER, if you don't know the area, you will probably never find the chicken farms). Boat to Sihanoukville leaves at 8AM more or less. $15 be prepared that IF it's bumpy, you might need dramamine (sea-sick pills) note arrives at noon, departs at noon, $12 return (why cheaper going back? beats me)

anyway, that's how to do it. cheaper than flying, but takes 12x as long (1 hour vs 12 hours - but the adventure of it all...) flight to PNH about $70, overland about 25. Guess it depends on how much money you think TIME is worth.

oh 1 thing - the moto drivers descend on you like locusts both at the border and th edock on return. Difficult to keep SHOUTING at the bastards "MAI! JA DERN BAI!!" (pood thai) (NO! Want to walk!) utter cacophony at the dock and they of course all grab you and try to make you "theirs" (the whole place runs on a basic commission system - even a commission if the driver buys (or delivers you) to buy the boat ticket. Not that I mind it - the commissions I mean - but I would sort of like to choose my own driver based on English ability)

Guy #2
06-14-03, 05:30
Do the pharmacies in Phnom Penh sell Oraquick? Can you buy it online or in Bangkok?

The only information that I found on Oraquick was that it was a bood test with the results in 20 minutes made by a company called Orasure and distributed by Abbot. I saw something about a saliva test on the Orasure website but no details. But the information on the web said that you couldn' get it unless you were a clinic. Has anyone been able to buy this online?

Do the girls freak out if you ask them for a blood test?


06-14-03, 13:55
How about bringing a girl to your room in Phnom Penh. I'm damned if I can remember what hotel I booked on the internet. It's a good thing they're picking me up at the airport.

06-14-03, 14:47
josip - takeout was encouraged in Sihanoukville, doubt if PNH any different

06-14-03, 16:37
Hey guys,

A while back I brought up a topic concering Racism in Thailand and, the reports on the subject were informative(By the way I'm black) and Thailand is DEFINITLY on my places to go list.Now I move my question to Cambodia.I want to see Cambodia but,I hear there are certain racial attitudes towards blacks there.Is this a good place to have fun or should I just cross it off my list?.Now I'm not downing how another culture chooses to view the world,I just don't want to be dissapointed.In my own view,there's nothing worse than to be tuned way just because you are of a different race.

In my own view it's just the fear of the unknown.I grew up in a multicultral setting(ie Viet,Cambodian,White,etc therefore I am comfotable with it.

I won't make a big deal out of it,I just want to know the"cultural"lay of the land,and even if it's woth my time,from my perspective, I haven't seen any group of people,in the US or any other country for that matter,have there act together on the topic of race-realtions BLACKS INCLUDED.Now,a few of my Asian friends a while back told me that I have a manner that is compatibale to many Asian sensiblities.I am warm,generous,and fun to be with Should I be A-OK in Phnom Phenh?

What I hope is to not find is that very funky attitude that one encounters with women of all creeds and color.

The only thing that would deter me from Cambodia is this will be my 1st trip there and I will be traveling alone.Are there any dangers I should look out for?How will I be treated if I were to walk into Sharky's or Martinis?Please give me your perspectives on this subject.

Overall, Cambodia is a beautiful country It's on my places to go list.


(again,not to be confused with Meaty :D )

Cambodia Pro
06-14-03, 21:17
Originally posted by MeatMan

What I hope is to not find is that very funky attitude that one encounters with women of all creeds and color.

The only thing that would deter me from Cambodia is this will be my 1st trip there and I will be traveling alone.Are there any dangers I should look out for?How will I be treated if I were to walk into Sharky's or Martinis?Please give me your perspectives on this subject.

Overall, Cambodia is a beautiful country It's on my places to go list.

(again,not to be confused with Meaty :D )


I did not know you were a bro. It is good that you have a pragmatic view on the racism topic. So I will break the news to you. You may encounter problems in Cambodia, starting at the airport when you arrive to get your visa, you may get extra scrutiny.

I've only seen a bro once in Martini's , he seemed to be a GI.

I would recommend to you, Brazil instead. I've been there multiple times, and you should encounter no problems if you behave well. Or the Dominican Republic .

Well, that's all I have.

Good luck.

Guy #2
06-15-03, 05:35

I am Cambodian but I have lived in the US most of my life. You won't find any "attitude" in Cambodia. Cambodians are not like Thais or the Vietnamese (not to suggest that I am attacking them either). Cambodians are not as Westernized as the Vietnames or the Thai. The people are very naive and the place is like stuck in time. They may not be as sophisticated as someone who is Westernized. They may not be familiar with concept of racism in the US.

Yes there is a distinction between dark skinned and light skinned Cambodians but not for purposes of what you are seeking. The distinction is that the dark skinned Cambodians tend to be from the countryside and the light skinned tend to have a Chinese parent.

But remember, during the Khmer Rouge, all the light skinned Cambodians were targeted for execution. The people who survived the mass killings were from the countryside and dark skinned. Hun Sen the prime minister is dark skinned.

If people do not approach you or smile at you in Cambodia, it is because Cambodians are very shy. It's inappropriate to just walk up to someone. Women and men are supposed to be separated at certain functions. Remember, however, this does not apply where you are going. You are going to meet what is called "Sreh Coat" or "Sreh Kot". That means "girl" (Sreh) "bad" (Kot). The local population know that "bad" does not mean prostitute. It means that these girls have to do what they do to survive. You are not going to get an attitude from these girls because they are making a living.

It's like going into a strip joint. There will also be 1-2 girls who spend to much time on one customer. But you can always walk out and go to another place. There are so many girls in Cambodia and so many people starving that the supply of women and sex will always outpace the demand. You will have a great time there.

There is no middle class. Either you have money or you don't. These girls who you pick up should not have an attitude because you will be a foreigner just like anyone else. Either they are used to you and are intrigued by you or they are not. If they are not, they shouldn't be in the business they are in.

The economy is really bad. There are two economies. The well to do spend the same amount of money we spend. You probably won't see them because they are not starving. You will not risk getting an attitude from them because you won't encounter them. The people you encounter will be the remaining 90% of the country. Many of these people are poor. If you meet a girl who promises you fun, you shouldn't get an "attitude" from here. She is probably starving and needs the money.

The best analogy that I can think of is the following. When I try to pick up a white girl, I will get different responses depending on certain factors:
1. Is the girl suburban middle class?
2. Is she white trash/hillbilly?
3. Is she liberal or Jewish and identifies with beinga minority?
4. Is she gothic?
5. Is she a Baptist from the LA or a Pentacostal or a utheran from Wisconisn?
They are all white across the board but some will like you and some will not.

You are probably thinking of your experiences with Asian women in America, many of whom are Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans. Remember, the Chinese only make up a minority of Cambodia. The Japanese generally think they are ethnically superior to all Asians. I can't really say about the Koreans.

Guy #2
06-15-03, 05:52
I went to Cambodia on my last two trips so I know a lot about Cambodia but I don't know shit about the "bad girls" or what the locals call "Sreh Coat". That's how it is pronounced. Remember, when you get to Pnom Penh, asked a moto driver, where is Sreh Coat. Do not pay him more than $1. A dollar is a day's wage for them. Exchanged your dollars for riels. There are money changers on the streets like in booths. $1 should get you 4000-5000 riehls. Yoo should only pay the moto driver 500-1000 riehls. I know that's only 20 cents, but trust me. That's the economy.

Important: I forgot to tell Meatman or Meaty that you should be careful if you are a foreigner. There is some kidnappings but I am NOT trying to scare you. Even if you are Asian, you will still look like a foreigner. Cambdoians are very small in statute because they are malnourished.

The reason why I know shit (next to nothing) about where Sreh Koats are is because during my two visits, my Cambodians friends would not let me travel alone. They told me that I would be kidnap. But I really suspect that they were afraid that I would meet Sreh Koats and catch something.

I think Phnom Penh is fairly safe.

But I do know--and you can prove me wrong--that travel on the roads between towns is a little risky. I think it's okay to travel from Phnom Penh to the beach resort of Kompongcham.

Guy #2
06-15-03, 06:17
I know you guys are going to find this hard to believe but it's the truth--honest. I think I told you that Cambodian is like a two economy society. It also has a split personality. Everyone in Cambodia knows about "Sreh Koat" or "Girl Bad" as someone who will be your girlfriend or who will "sleep" with you if you give them something they want. But most single women and girls in Cambodia do not know about sex until they are married. I know you don't believe me but trust me. It's the truth. They think "Sreh Koat" is someone who lies next to you and kisses you and sleeps with you. They don't know what intercourse is. The best analogy I can think of is Cambodia is like stuck in the Victorian age.

If you walk down the street, it's a pretty much sexless society. People dress pretty conservatively. But if you go to these clubs, massage parlors, or what have you, then you will get the pussy.

I mean I didn't even know that there were Sreh Koats in Cambodia until I found this website two years ago. I thought that was only in Bangkok or the Phillipines. Granted, things may have changed because of the influence of Thai culture, and even Cambodians can get cable.

I mean that's no different than Japanese culture--I assume>? In Japan, there's a red light district and the rest of the country is pretty consevative. But then you get all these kinky guys doing some wild shit inside the clubs. But you don't see it unless you go inside.

I think it's like an Asian thing. Asians want things to be black and white. There are "good girls" and there are "Sreh Koats." So when you go to Cambodia, all because you see some sexless uptight girls, it doesn't mean that the Sreh Koats who you meet in the massage parlors are uptight. That's where Cambodians are not like the Vietnamese. They don't know how to be sexually aggresive, unless they porked 100 guys--I suppose.

For the same reason, when you walk out of a massage or a club and you finish screwing a Sreh Koat, don't assume that the woman you meet on the street is the same. Remember, the country has a split personality. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the country being poor and stirring up tourism.

But even when my father was growing up in Cambodia and running a business, you still had these girls or "Sreh Koats". Not to be confused with your Cambodian wife, of course.

The "long-time"girlfriend that you are talking about are often "second wife". Yes if you can afford to help support a girl by giving her $50 a month, she will be your mistress. The average Cambodian only makes 300 a year.

The reason why I am discussing Cambodia as a sexless society is that Cambodian women are not inundated with the concept of sex like in the US. That's why they are not looking for a young, beefed up hot guy. They are looking for security. As long as you treat them nice and take care of them, they will love you. Like the Chinese. But these comments are probably inappropriate for this forum because you are going to get pussy, not love.

I just wanted to take out of the equation of your search for pussy the factor that you have to be good looking or young. These girls--the good girls--are looking for security. The Sreh Koats are looking for money.

Money should be no problem if you are coming from the US because anybody making more than 20,000 a year is a rich man in Cambodia.

The only downside to living in Cambodia is that you can't stay forever unless you work for the UN or something similar. After two weeks, you will also miss having a good burger and big tits. When I was in Cambodia, I missed seeing big tits and big asses like I was used to in the US.

I know you guys don't believe me about Cambodia being a sexless society--at least on the surface in public. But when you get there you will believe me. I know. I tried looking around to see if there were any hotties. Unless you want specificaly top a bar or massage parlor you couldn't see anything. I did see 4-5 girls sitting outside a massage parlor.

But if you just walk around town and do all the tourist thing, it's hard to keep your dick hard for more than a week in Cambodia.

That's why Cambodia is different from Vietnam and Thailand. There, women dress like they do in the US.

The reason why Cambodia is pussy paradise (and I am not arguing against it) is that it is the only Asian country that reentered the world in the 1990s and the economy is rock bottom. The girls are cheaper in Cambodia.

Guy #2
06-15-03, 06:34
[Jackson, Pnon Penh is "Pnom" Penh.]

In Cambodia, everybody haggles. So you should not pay the stated price. If the moto driver says 2000 riehls, you are expected to say 1000 riehls.

You will also stand out like a foreigner. Rather than being revulsed, the beggars will be swarming you. I don't mean like homeless people. They look like ordinary people--children, women, families. They will kiss your ass and ask you for money.

The good news is that you are not expected to give more than a $1. Remember, if you give them 2000 riehls or 50 cents, that's half a day's wage.

That's why tipping is expected. Even when you park your car on a public street, you are expected to tip the kid watching it [I know you probably can't rent a car. My relatives have a car in Cambodia.] But again, the tip is small like 1000 riehls or 2000 riehls.

That's why I think the smart strategy is not to go to the places where you can catch something. But to try to make contact with some of these ordinary people who will come to you and see if you can "negotiate" a long time girlfriend. The best anology is like in New York or Chicago when a struggling student needs a "little help" from a guy who can pay for her rent. I know that's like a 1000 a month in the US. But remember, a person can live on $50 a month in Cambodia. At least, you can lower the risk of being with a girl who has been with 5 other guys that same week.

Changing subject, I know a guy at work that meets women in Germany (it can apply to Asia too of course) and Europe. He flies over there, stays in their place for free, and has sex for free.

Have you guys tried that? Meeting someone overseas online and going over there for a week fo free sex and free rent? A lot of these girls want to come to the states. All you have to do is pay for airfare. Seduction is not a crime. Is a broken marriage promise enforceable? Let me know if anyone has done that. Don't you think that would be a cool vacation? You meet a girl online, fly over there, she pays for everyting. It's like free room and board plus the hot sex. No fees. Seems legal.

I did a Google search and it seems that the commonly accepted Western spelling is Phnom Penh. Nevertheless, I have corrected this mistake.



06-16-03, 04:29
guy - a guy I met here in Pattaya was telling me about a restaurant where the girl he was porking took him - turned out it was her families. the parents seemed to be extremely pleased that he was doing daughter LT. Evidently a major source of income for family. always got good service no matter what.

anyway, cambodians evidently understand western ways of women - kiss you, sleep with you for something they want... same same all over western world? <grin>

oh, and meatman - I tend to remember Ben Franklins comment about women (might apply just as easily to men as well) "In the dark all cats are black". never have had a problem with lady color myself, but I'm not person of color, though, so it probably gives me a "rose colored glasses" viewpoint. Gotta love those LBFM's

Black Sabbath
06-16-03, 11:07
Guy # 2,

this was the best report I ever read on that site. I was really pleased to read that.

And I would really suggest that all the other guys on that board read that story carefully - read it once, read it twice (if you are an american you have to read it maybe three times) - but read it. It might help !!

Guy #2
06-16-03, 22:47
Thanks. I apologize for the length of my postings, though. I know most of you want to read about hot action and fun, not about analysis. I will hold back my postings until I get some pussy from Cambodia in July to report back. I will try to give you street names and places when I come back. I really want to bring a video camera and make some amateur movies but I am afraid the airport authorities will open my luggage at the airport.

Cambodia Pro
06-17-03, 04:40
Originally posted by Guy #2

The only downside to living in Cambodia is that you can't stay forever unless you work for the UN or something similar. After two weeks,

"you will also miss having a good burger and big tits." When I was in Cambodia, "I missed seeing big tits and big asses like I was used to in the US."

But if you just walk around town and do all the tourist thing, it's hard to keep your dick hard for more than a week in Cambodia.

Guy #2,
"But if you just walk around town and do all the tourist thing, it's hard to keep your dick hard for more than a week in Cambodia. "

I must be the exception then because I get a hard on everyday.

"you will also miss having a good burger and big tits."
I missed seeing big tits and big asses like I was used to in the US."

Big tits?? Are you serious? Some Khmer girls have some of the biggest tits I've seen in the world, and they are real, and oh so hard, very firm. You grab them amd they are firm, but not silicon silicon like the West.

As for assess , the Kherm girls have some round peach assess that you can bounce a coin off them.

And as always you have the Vietnamese cuties, undoubtely the most delicious sex dolls in the world. And, I have had the best every part of the world has to offer, From the 10 Blonds in Europe to the 10 Garrotas in Brazil. Doing a 10 for $50 all night in Cambodia is as good as it gets anywhere in the world.

Damn, just got a hard on just thinking about them. Think I am going to Tuol Kork for a double cutie fuk for $10 total.

You can get hamburgers at the river front though I prefer Furburgers, LOL.


From Cambodia with lust.

LOS Traveller
06-17-03, 06:13
Originally posted by Guy #2
Do the pharmacies in Phnom Penh sell Oraquick? Can you buy it online or in Bangkok?

The only information that I found on Oraquick was that it was a bood test with the results in 20 minutes made by a company called Orasure and distributed by Abbot. I saw something about a saliva test on the Orasure website but no details. But the information on the web said that you couldn' get it unless you were a clinic. Has anyone been able to buy this online?

Do the girls freak out if you ask them for a blood test?

Thanks. TO GUY #2:
Oraquick is not sold in PP as far as I can tell. The only place I have ever found it is in Bangkok at a clinic in patpong. You can't buy it online either. There is another board (vipadulttravel .com) that has pictures of the test in use and copies of the guidelines. It is the only place I have ever seen it. I think the tests cost 400-500b each or something. I can't remember the clinic name but it is posted somewhere in that article.

Also it is a saliva test. You won't be asking for blood - only to wipe the inside of the mouth with a q-tip looking thing. I have never asked the girls but I have been told that other guys have. Also you should remember the latency period for aids/hiv.

And finally, I enjoyed your article on good and bad khmer girls. A local had explained that to me some time ago and I found it very interesting. It is not unusual to meet "good" khmer girls that are virgins at 19, 20 and higher. Sometimes the good girls are also referred to as "family" girls -- because their virginity, and the man who is chosen to marry -- will then support the family as well.

And personally, I have never missed big tits or big asses. That is why I go to asia versus South America.

Hope this helps.
LOS Traveller

06-17-03, 19:34
Guy #2,

Your post was accurate,and clear to the point.I even made a copy of it! Thanks for info!

Camboida Pro--Well, I'm not the one to back down from a adventure. I had made up my mind a few days ago on wheather I wanted to come and my decision...Phnom Penh HERE I COME!

Oh,any dance clubs there that play today's current hits??


06-18-03, 04:04
** Yes, Guy #2, that was good info to MeatMan's question about racism.

The girls just don't know much about blacks and will not be very receptive. MeatMan will return from Cambodia dissapointed and with an expensive head trip when he could have had some Brazilian round ass.

** And CamodiaPro, I'm impressed - your input was the best of all !!!

Yes, Brazil is the best choice in the world for the black man. The girls there will make you forget about the racist world we live in. They have all different colors over there also. So, if you have a light-skinned girl fantasy one day, then keep your eyes open!

** Jackson, I also noticed your previous misspelling of Phnom Penh, but every time I correct someone else's spelling my own spelling seems to get worse :-(

06-18-03, 06:08
I would like to know as I am planning a short trip to PP next month is it possible to buy a product called veetab and how much would it cost and where to buy it.

06-18-03, 06:11
I would like to know as I am interested in going to short time places in PP. Where are some of the best short time places to visit in PP.

Guy #2
06-20-03, 22:54
Thanks. I am sure there are big assess and tits in Cambodia. I was prevented from tasting the goods by my mother in law.

Like I said, I do know some things about Cambodia, but I also don't know shit about the girls because I was prevented from going out by myself. I went to Cambodia to get engaged and get married. That's why I know so much but at the same time, that is also why I know so little about Cambodia.

I also think that people are so hungry for money, that race is not an issue. I know that when they send pictures of girls to me to get married to, they will say "Oh, she is light and looks Chinese" or "she is a little dark." But I don't think they will be turned off because someone is African American. Remember, most African American have European features and some Asian girls like European features, regardless of the shades. Take Tiger Wood's mom.

You can find a light skinned Chinese girls but she won't have European features. Some people are looking for the features, not the shades or skin color. They confuse what Nietzche calls the symptoms for the cause. The symptoms are skin color but the cause is the features that are distinct to each ethnicity, i.e. like a straight nose, or a flat face, or high cheek bones.

I would love to visit Brazil and definitely Russia. I saw website in Russian for beautiful women for $300 the whole day. I found the site from searching the postings on this site--see the Russian postings.

But doesn't Brazil also have racial tensions? That's where the 80% of the population who are African Americans are upset because power and money is in the hands of the 20% minorities who are light skinned? Didn't the Germans settle there? Remember, the movie The Boys from Brazil, the Nazis resettling there after WWII. A lot of Brazilian models' ethnicity are German.

Just like I hear the Russians have an attitude but the Latvians don't. But my philosophy is fuck them whether they like you or not. You are not paying them to like you but to blow you, which is the more reason why you are the MAN and she is on her knees.

Here's a good response when she brings up race: Heh, who's sucking who's dick? That's right, baby, don't talk to me about race with your mouth full. Haha.

Guy #2
06-20-03, 23:03
Thanks LOS Traveller. I am really concerned about the whole AIDS thing. I appreciated the information. Yeah, the Cambodian girls are supposed to be virgins until they are married.

Meatman, I have never been to a disco in Cambodia but all you have to do is ask a moto driver, "Where is Sreh Koat?" To be honest, I am afraid of getting shot at night in Phnom Penh. Just try visiting the massage places during the day.

Find a guide. You should pay no more than $5-7 a day for a guide, unless he has a car. $20 a day is a great job for Cambodia.

06-21-03, 06:46
I'm not usually one to judge..... but I feel this is something that NEEDS to be discussed.



If you look at these pictures this guy is doing BBFS and BBAS with countless girls in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Obviously he is either incredibly stupid or has a serious death wish - or both. I wouldn't care one bit if he was only putiting himself at risk... but this kind behavior is PUTTING US ALL AT RISK! By "all" I mean ALL parties involved here --- us the punters, and the girls!

This is the kind of guy that spreads HIV throughout the world. Has anyone seen him? Talked to him? Exactly what the hell is he thinking? It's entirely possible (and very likely) that he himself is HIV positive after so many exploits..... and if so, he is handing out death sentences to numerous, uneducated girls whom in turn very well could pass it on to guys just like you and me!

Again, I'm not one judge in 99.99% of cases..... I'm all for mongoring in 3rd world countries...... but I truly feel that what this guy is doing is JUST WRONG.

What to do? And "Baldguy in the pictures" if you are out there and reading this please give us an explanation.

06-21-03, 17:08
Thanks Guy..The info you gave was as clear cut and straight to the point .If there are no dance clubs in Phnom Penh(I would think there would be at least a couple of them) that's ok I'll just find another alternative.

As for a guide,I have put that into my equation. All I have to do is befriend a driver there.

I'll say it once and I'll say it again...I AM NOT THE ONE TO BACK DOWN..FEAR IS WHAT HOLD US BACK!


Jony Vegas
06-22-03, 02:35
Poomaa - you are 100% correct about your advice for black men going to Brazil. I will be there again next week and there are all types of women there of every shade who like black men.

I am white, but I met a few black guys there, talked with them and watched what they were getting. Race is not a big issue there. There will always be a few in which it is. Besides there are plenty of black women working in Rio. However if a balck man wants asain quisine in Rio, they will have to look very hard to find that.

My next venture is to experiene the unamericaized asain quisine.


Member #4239
06-23-03, 09:48
Can somebody confirm or otherwise comment on the Cambodia Pro's post stating that there is no shortage of big titted girls in that part of the world. I haven't seen a lot of what I would consider big titted oriental girls over here in the U.S.A, but I don't know what the situation is over in Cambodia.

Cambodia Pro
06-25-03, 04:50
Originally posted by J.G.
Can somebody confirm or otherwise comment on the Cambodia Pro's post stating that there is no shortage of big titted girls in that part of the world. I haven't seen a lot of what I would consider big titted oriental girls over here in the U.S.A, but I don't know what the situation is over in Cambodia.


There is no shortage , but you have to look harder for big tits.

No shortage of round hard butts. Most Khmer girls 80% have incredible round asses , and mediium sized tits. Their tits are very firm, and all natural.

I like the Viet little cuties much more. Perky tits and slender bodies. They are all over Cambodia.

For big tits, the best place in the world is the Czech Republic. Germanic descendency women have the biggest tits in the world in general. I am no tit man, but I fuked some big titted blondes in the Czech republic because it was a duty for me to experience their gigantic melons. I tit fuk their gigantic mellons to oblivion. I breast fed on their suculent pink nipples.

Nevertheless, I still prefer the tight pussy hugs from my Viet cuties, and their all around great attitude. Viet girls are sooooooooooo adorable!

From Cambodia with Lust!

06-26-03, 21:10
Originally posted by J.G.
Can somebody confirm or otherwise comment on the Cambodia Pro's post stating that there is no shortage of big titted girls in that part of the world. I haven't seen a lot of what I would consider big titted oriental girls over here in the U.S.A, but I don't know what the situation is over in Cambodia. It also depends on where you live in the US. The West Coast has a lot more people of Asian ancestry. A couple years ago there was a Khmer girl working one of the AMPs here in Seattle who looked like Chloe Vevier, only 18 and about 4'8", in a lot better physical shape and with a wonderful personality. After about the third time I saw her, there was always a line-up for her. Last I heard she had socked away enough money to live high in Phnom Phen for the rest of her life, and took the family back home. Damn!

Guy #2
06-30-03, 20:40
Your welcome.

If there's a guy out there screwing everyone under the sun, that's his right whether or not it's a death wish. It's guys like him who keep our right to have sex as consensual adults in the mainstream away from all the moralists and conservatives. Go man, go!

As far as Brazil, it's like food. Sometimes, you're hungry for a burger, sometimes you're hungry for steak. Sometimes a hot tiny tit submissive Cambodian women can please you, sometimes a horny white suburban divorcee will do the job, sometimes a trashy big ass Braziliam babe will do it. I say eat it all, if you have the time and the money. Bring a video camera if it's legal, bring some friend, and split the costs, and see if you can make a buck off the video. Promote adult entertainment. Isn't that what Anabolic does? Get a girl for $300 a day in Hungary, ganbang her, and that comes to $100 bucks a piece!

We import our cars from Japan, our Nikes from Thailand, our pussy from Brazil. Who cares where you get as long as you get it.
The key is to avoid spending too much of your money and not be taken advantage of, not taking unreasonable risks, and not doing anything illegal in the country you're visiting.

Guy #2
06-30-03, 20:54
I am not advocating anything illegal. I am just saying that there is a way to get laid legally and consensually depending on the laws of each country. I am also saying be smart moneywise and also avoid unreasonable risks. Is it illegal to make an adult movie in Brazil? I don't know. But you should be able to recover your costs and get laid. Isn't it easier to find a girlfriend in Cambodia when 90% of the country is unemployed. Perfectly legal to have a girlfriend. If she blows you because you buy her pretty things, nothing illegal about that. No quid pro quo. But you certainly shouldn't marry someone like that. You can also meet women online who want to get married. Fly over there, stay at their place, eat their food. Your room and board is paid for, plus the sex is free. All you pay for is airfare. If she is in Europe, have her fly here. The visa for tourists from Europe has less or no restrictions--at least that is what I have been told. It's free to sample the product if they want to come here. If there is something like orasure on the market, use it if it decreases your risks. Life is a game. You just have to be in control and plan ahead.

The Lizard
07-01-03, 15:49
US citizen got arrested and charged with debauchery on July 1, 2003.
The Cambodian Daily reported that the above mentioned US citizen got arrested.

Apparently they don't stop arresting foreigners in that country.
Although everybody knows that this are set up situations planed and executed by corrupt NGOs nobody is willing to interfere.
As Black Sabbath said on this site already: there can't be any evidence if identification is not available or forged.
It's election time - so please be careful when coming to Cambodia.
They don't give a shit.

07-02-03, 02:16
The Cambodian Daily reported that the above mentioned US citizen got arrested.

Apparently they don't stop arresting foreigners in that country.
Although everybody knows that this are set up situations planed and executed by corrupt NGOs nobody is willing to interfere.
As Black Sabbath said on this site already: there can't be any evidence if identification is not available or forged.

It's election time - so please be careful when coming to Cambodia.
They don't give a shit

If you play the rules and go with a girl that is of legal age can they still do something to you.

The Lizard
07-02-03, 07:43
Originally posted by Koala89

If you play the rules and go with a girl that is of legal age can they still do something to you. Hi Koala89,

Actually they could. It has nothing to do with rules because Cambodia has no rules(at least they don't use them or they are very creative in making/using rules or laws if a foreigner is involved). Cambodian girls/women are malnourished-that means even a 20 year old girl looks sometimes like 16. This in connection with no or a forged identity could bring you into troubles. The age of consent in Cambodia is 16 but they prosecuted already foreigners who had a relationship with a 17 year old.

Guy #2
07-02-03, 15:32
Can you post the article? What did he get arrested for? IS the American Embassy intervening?

NGO? I don't like liberals or peaceniks either but can have more details instead of this conspiracy theory?

If an NGO official is corrupyt, that means that he can be bribed. Then theoretically, why can't the arrested foreigner bribe his way out of being arrested? A government official makes only 20-30 a month. I am NOT advocating bribery. I am just questioning the NGO theory because I want to know why did this American get arrested. If you know the cause or law violated, you can avoid breaking any laws during your stay.

Guy #2
07-02-03, 15:42
i don't understand the comment about the id? what is that? what do you mean by "debauchery". if you get caught with having sex with a minor, of course they will arrest you. common sense tells you that cambodia depends on international foreign aid. like the cambodian government wants the world to know that it tolertates that. even this website won't let you put stuff on her about that. and i am certainly against that. i thought we had been talking about activities between consensual adults.

was the guy arrested for having a gang bang like cambodian pro with consenting adults? please clarify. i suspect that the american citizen was arrested on charges of child [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123). you will be arrested in any country for that.

just for my own disclaimer purposes, all of my posts relate to activities between consenting adults ( at least 18).

Guy #2
07-02-03, 15:55
this is a letter to the editor that i found on the internet. as a disclaimer, i am not representing that the statutes cited by this reader is correct. i am trying to reach the facts in support of the posting relating to the arrest of the american citizen. the reader below makes reference to a statute about the consenting age. i personally would follow the age of consent in your state. if the age of consent in your state is 19 and in cambodia it is 18 (for purposes of argument--i do not know what the age is), i would follow your state so that you comply with american law. i used high numbers in my example to be safe.

there are also us laws prohibiting bribery of a foreign official and also laws prohibiting aiding or assisting someone to travel to a foreign country for purposes of having sex. the law relating prohibiting the assistance of helping someone to travel overseas to engage in such conduct was a bill that i saw on the internet. i do not know for a fact whether that bill has been passed. but i welcome any corrections to my statement.

please post the original article so can get the facts straight. in the menatime, i will search for the article, too.

the following is the article i found from a march 2003 issue (i did not write this letter. there's also something in the article about gay rights--i am not gay. i like chicks, and chicks like me. haha.):

prosecution challenged

dear editor,

why was the arrest of norman robinson (page 14) not used to illustrate the problem of police corruption (page 1) in the last edition of the phnom penh post? why are you using the phrase 'under 18' to imply children? in cambodia sex with a 16-year-old is not illegal. in cambodia voluntary prostitution by a 16-year-old is not illegal. cambodian culture and the cambodian national assembly define, in relation to sex and prostitution, a minor as under 15 years.

in the law on the suppression of the kidnapping and trafficking of human persons (commonly known as the debauchery law) article 3 prohibits kidnapping for forced prostitution of persons of any age, and article 8 prohibits sex with minors under 15. mr. robinson's actions fall under neither category. could mr robinson have been prosecuted for violating a un convention? the answer is no for two reasons: firstly, charging any person with violating any un convention lacks legal grounds as un conventions are not penal laws with penalties (human rights expert phnom penh post 30 april 1999)-persons can only be prosecuted for contravening a relevant domestic law with penalties applicable to that convention; and secondly, un conventions allow for cultural diversity, so that cambodia can define, for sexual and prostitution purposes, a minor as under 15. the un convention on the rights of the child (1989) part 1, article 1 states "for the purposes of the present convention, a child means every human being below the age of 18, unless under the law applicable [in cambodia the debauchery law] to the child majority is attained earlier." child prostitutes are therefore persons under 15. the phnom penh post should, when talking about such matters, use the same statistical groupings as the who and un population fund which classify children as 0-14 years, after all the phnom penh post should reflect cambodian values and not those seen in a christian newsletter.

an international police expert at the ministry of interior has admitted to friends that the majority of christian ngos involved in advising police are motivated by a deep hatred of homosexuals; no wonder then that cambodian police are given wrong advice about laws, and are encouraged to divert scarce resources away from tackling trafficking and forced prostitution into the more lucrative areas of police blackmail and extortion.

should anyone care? well yes of course for a variety of reasons; legally and morally it is wrong to persecute people because of a different sexual orientation; it also raises serious questions about cambodian sovereignty when un-elected foreign-led or funded organisations can subvert the will of a nation's parliament, and on a wider world stage this is a classic example of american christian 'values' being imposed on weaker countries-the bombing in new york should be seen as a rejection of these 'values'.

president bush said recently that he had put "several ngos with nice sounding names" on a terrorist list; perhaps hun sen should do likewise before christian fundamentalists start murdering abortion doctors here as they do in america. why does the cambodian government allow foreigners to force khmers to reject their parents' religion and to spread ideas of hatred which can only cause us trouble in the future?

mr robinson was quite literally terrorised and it is somewhat ironic that the present british ambassador, who is an appointee of the labour government which lowered the age of consent in the uk (for homosexuals) from 18 to 16, should have given british funds to an ngo which engineered this illegal arrest of a british citizen, and which advocates a change in the age of consent from 15 to 18, contrary to british policy; since both cambodia and the uk have signed the un convention on the rights of the child, and have ages of consent at 15 and 16 respectively, sex at 16 is legal in both countries. will the ambassador hide behind the legal obfurep001ions of the ngos, or has he the moral courage to state that homosexuals have human rights which do not include unlawful detention and extortion, and that british funds will no longer be given to certain ngos "with nice sounding names"?

newspapers must also take responsibility for what is going on; reporting on the real facts behind a story, and reporting opinions opposed to ngo thinking, would also make a much more balanced and interesting read.

- touch bunnil, phnom penh

Guy #2
07-02-03, 16:05
okay, guys. here is something that i found at www.ageofconsent.com. no, i am not promoting this site nor, as my disclaimer, am i representing that the information is accurate.

i do not advocare any type of activities with minors and i think people who do that are sick. some of these cambodian women who are 18 and older are so malnourished that they look like they are 15 or 16. so for a guy to want an even younger girl, he must be a really sick fuck. i just want to be clear that i am totally against this kind of activity.

at the same time, i don't want some fucking liberal, christian, or ngo telling me what two consenting of adults of age (at least 18) can or cannot do.

that's the problem with the fucking liberals and ngo and feminist. they take an issue like this that so offends everyone and try to apply a remedy that goes beyond the original problem. they use this as an opportunity to prohibit all sexual activties, even between adults of consenting age. they are guided by their feminism and liberalism.

so i am definitely against any activities involving a minor.

but at the same time, if we didn't have guys like cambodian pro gangbanging 10 women (all of legal age i presume), the whole fucking world would be run by feminists.

so know the law, get the consent on tape: are you at leat 18 years of age? do you consent? do you have a passport id? do you have a school id? a birth certificate?

plus westerners are used to dating people their own age. find someone who definitely looks like she is 25 or 30. don't risk fucking around with these fucking liberals.

here is what i found:

phnom penh, dec 18, 2000 - a us tourist has been charged with the [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and indecent assault of a child prostitute in cambodia in a rare instance of the courts here showing a willingness to tackle such a case, officials said monday.

a phnom penh court charged james curtis parks, 57, from hawaii, with the [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) of a 15-year-old girl in a hotel room, a charge he denied saying he was impotent and had been teaching meditation when police arrived.

"i am a good man. i came here to teach meditation, english and photography. i have been helping her," parks, a freelance photographer, told reporters who visited his jail cell monday where he can be held for up to six months pending trial. "how can i have sex with her? i have been unable to have an erection for seven years," he added.

however, police and court officials questioned why the pair were naked when the hotel room was raided on wednesday last week. "we charged him with [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and indecent assault late friday," said phnom penh's deputy municipal court prosecutor ngeth sarath. "i don't know if this is the first such case, but i don't remember any others, so it is quite rare," he said.

a cambodian woman who allegedly acted as a pimp was also charged with debauchery. if convicted, parks faces a maximum 10 years in jail, while the woman whose charge also relates to an offence of [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) faces 10 to 20 years. the case follows the sentencing in november of british teacher john keeler, 55, to three years in a cambodian jail for making a video of four girls ranging from eight to 10 years old lifting their dresses and fondling themselves.

rights workers said they hoped that case marked a turning point in cambodia, where lax laws and an unwillingness to disrupt tourism have seen the country develop a reputation as a haven for foreign paedophiles.

there is no legal age of consent defined in cambodian law, but indecent or sexual assault is punishable by one to three years in
jail. that sentence is doubled if the person assaulted is under the age of 16, according to united nations legal experts here.
[CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123), although rarely prosecuted, is punishable by five to 10 years with no age issues involved. rights groups and the un's protection and monitoring unit here are currently trying to have minors defined as under the age of 18 in line with international conventions on the rights of children. current legislation dates back to the early 1990s when cambodia was administered by a un transitional authority.

a leading child advocacy group said the court had initially been reluctant to charge parks as the girl confessed to being a prostitute and had been paid 30 dollars for sex. "the court did not want to charge the man because they said the girl was not a virgin and had not been forced into sex. but under pressure from us they have at least charged him with [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and indecent assault," said yim po, chairman of the cambodian centre for the protection of children's rights. he said the girl was now in the centre's care and would be taught some basic reading, writing and life skills and helped to find a job.

cambodian prime minister hun sen warned in a speech last week that the country's efforts to attract foreign visitors ran the risk
of swamping traditional culture and increasing the likelihood of sex tourism.

Guy #2
07-02-03, 19:57
I carry a dictaphone that I use for all the girls I meet anywhere before we engage in consenusal adult fun (girls are all of legal age). I ask them 1. do they consent 2. are they under duress. I never use my real name because these bitches can be vindictive if you don't return their calls. I would also suggest videotaping everything. I always ask for a photo id. All Cambodians have a state id, a school id, or a passport.

I know that sounds crazy to some guys. But I am not throwing my fucking life away because some ***** lied to the authorities.

On the dictaphone, ask in Cambodian: (All of these spellings are phonetic)

1. How old are you? "Ah Uke Nah (phonetic pronounciation)."

2. Are you older than 18? "Ohn (term of endearment or reference to younger person is Ohn", ah uke chach ching babeigh dop"

3. Do you want to sleep with me? "Chong dayke chomu yum?"

4. Do you really want to do this? "Chong tu maintain?"

5.No one is forcing you? "Aht mean penah pacom Ohn dake chumu yum"

6. You are not a minor? "Ohn aht konkmaine?"

7.Your records/documents tell me that you are older than 18, is that correct? "Kadah snam pap yom, Ohn chah ching babeigh dop? Yeh maintain"

8. You are not doing this for money? "Ohn aht tuh aneh to yah luu?"

9. You love me. You are my girlfriend/fiancee, correct? "Ohn slan yum. Ohn songsah yom?

Record this into the dictaphone and get her consent. Have her laugh on the dictaphone. Photo copy the documents.

Look, if you can spend the whole fucking day with the girl, why the fuck can't you take the time to photocopy the fucking passport? If she doesn't have a passport, go to the fucking ministry office and apply for one. It doesn't cost a fortune. If you're going to fuck her and eat her pussy for a whole week, at least take the fucking time to cover your ass. No one wants to fight a criminal prosecution in some fucking kangaroo court in Cambodia, right, gentlemen?

When I was a boy, my grandmother hit a kid with her car. THe kid's parents knew the police office, so my grandmother got a ticket. But my grandmother knew the judge, so the kid was fined.

That's how the Cambodian justice system works. Don't take your chances.

Guy #2
07-02-03, 22:25
There's no high life in Cambodia. Many rich people try to buy their kids out of Cambodia by offering Americans 20,000 to marry them. (I am NOT advocating this, just making telling anecdotes and rumors I heard). Most people with any money require armed guards to take their kids to school.

The tittie dancer probably thinks it's the "high life" because a lot of these people live in immigrant ghettos when they come here. They live like savages. Plus, she's a stripper. What's the high life for a stripper? I've seen some of these strippers at the so called gentlemen's club. I am sure they look great with their clothes off like most women (unless you're gay). But would you be caught dead being with someone like that in public?

As far as tits are concerned, I have sucked Asian tits and white tits black tits and Hispanic tits, Asiasn tits are just smaller, even if some are fake. You might find some Asian girl with big tits, but it's rare and she might look like a dog. The Asian ones on the West Coast with big tits are either bananas or mixed race, anyway.

The best analogy is why do people buy a Japanese Civic over a Corvette? The Corvette has more curves and a bigger engine and a nicer leather interior. But the Civic is cheap and more reliable and don't break down a lot.

People fuck Asian chicks for the same reason they buy Asian cars. Not for their tits or their asses. It's because they are cheap, reliable, responsive, and don't break down.

Honestly, if you could have a hot blonde put out for you for $20 a day, would you really be flying to Cambodia?

07-03-03, 16:45

The HIV test you all are asking about is available at Suriwongse clinic in Patpong.

The test is not 25$ as stated. It is about 12 bucks or a pack of 5 for 50$. Each test comes with a 'spatula' to get a good rub of the oral mucosa, OR you can use a single drop of blood (there is a stylette in the pack for this). Obviously easier to get the oral swab. The results are the same for either method. The nice thing about getting the 5 box set is that it comes with a plastic holder for your little vial. It's easy to have that thing fall over and then boom, there goes your test.

The test has a control line and then a test line. Basically it works like a pregnancy test but instead of measuring HCG (for pregnancy) it measures positive reaction to HIV antibodies.

Remember: One line good, two lines bad. Remember to read it after 20 minutes and no longer. The reason is sometimes the reagent from the control can bleed through and create a potential false positive.

The accuracy stated using Epitope's research is actually 100% for screening purposes (but I've never seen a 100% accurate test, so if the research included larger numbers of people it may show a rare false negative). If you read their data you are worried about the sensitivity not the specificity of a test for screening (in other words if you test NEGATIVE how accurate is the test. This is the essential question for any test used for SCREENING). If you test positive, the test is still pretty good, but you will have to undergo additional testing to confirm the test (there is still a chance of a false positive).

Lastly, although many websites report the need to wait 6 months for tests, most people will seroconvert far before that. The statement that 3 months is a minimum for most is untrue. Most people will convert an average of 8-12 weeks after exposure.

yr. friendly ghost...

07-03-03, 20:06
In response to the crackdowns/arrests in Cambodia, the best thing all of us can do is simply boycott going to Cambodia and then let them see how the world really works. While Cambodia is loads of fun, there are many other places just as good.

Guy #2
07-03-03, 20:59
Thanks for Aids test info.

As for the boycott, I agree, vote with your pocketbook if the girlsor the country is not agreeable to you. It's economics, pure and simple. If the laws or the women of Cambodia are not accomodating, go somewhere else and let the little monkeys starve. Try Russia where an escort goes for 300 a day--see the postings on this site. As long as you know the law, what the NGOs do don't matter. Fuck the NGOs. Escorts, modeling, adult entertainment are all perfectly legal when there is no quid pro quo and your conduct are in accordance with community standards--correct me if I am wrong. As long as you have the money and the time, you'll always find someone to suck your dick even if she doesn't like its color--all the more reason to have her suck your dick.

Guy #2
07-05-03, 01:38
I looked at these websites like someone here suggested a few postings back:
http://www.easythumbs.com/yuki/a45/a45a.htm and
The bottom line is it SUCKED. So don't even bother.

1. The bald guy on the web pages is hardly shown more than once. So I don't know who the fuck you're talking about. I think it's a pitch to look at the site.

2. Who cares if the bald old guy gets AIDS? He's so fucking old that he's got nothing to lose. Fuck if I were that old, I'd be out fucking as often as I could before I die.

I don't know what kind of Asian you guys are into but these chicks on the site look monkeys, and this is coming from an Asian guy. I wouldn't wipe my ass with them. Lord, I might get a pimple on my butt! Talk about bad complexion with these girls. Haha.

Guy #2
07-05-03, 07:25
I am getting close to my vacation date to Cambodia. Can someone posts the street intersections where they are finding beautiful women. Taxis are not common there. I want to find a hotel next to all the nightlife. What do you guys do if you don't have a car (car rentals start at 70/day and I don't remember seeing taxis)? Do you rent a motobike and, if so, for how much? Do you actually flag down a motobike taxi and get on with the girl? This looks so uncoool!

I want to avoid all this and just find a hotel next to some action.

I also don't trust the hotel staff to leave my money in the room but don't feel comfortable carrying all my money around when I am so far from the hotel. What if you go to Toul Kouk or a night club and get your ass shot off?

Please post some street intersections where you guys are finding some action.

07-05-03, 16:36
I've read with some concern the politics in Cambodia of late. I'll be in Pattaya and Bangkok for three weeks beginning in August and have always wanted to make a side trip to Cambodia but haven't to this point. It sounds pretty "wild west" compared to the tourist friendly Thailand I'm accustomed to. I found the bus route information from Pattaya to Koh Kong and info on the time-consuming boat trip ultimately to PP. I've also checked with Thai Air and Expedia and it seems about 11,000 baht is the cheapest round trip I can find from BKK.

My question is: Is it really worth it at this point? If I'm just looking for "farm fresh" girls, I can head up to Korat / Khon Kaen and the surrounding area. Thailand has it's share of corruption, but it's predictable and if you don't do anything stupid no one will ever bother you. I've been out on the streets of BKK at 3 am hunting for freelancers and have always felt safe frankly. Sorry this is kind of long but I was wondering if the veterans would honestly say whether a Cambodia visit is really a good idea right now? From my last trip in May to BKK, the Isaan girls need the business and generally show it.

I would appreciate your honest opinion. I've read most of your prior contributions and don't think I'll have a problem getting there and finding some action. But should I bother?

Take care,


Cambodia Pro
07-08-03, 03:53
Originally posted by Guy #2

People fuck Asian chicks for the same reason they buy Asian cars. Not for their tits or their asses. It's because they are cheap, reliable, responsive, and don't break down.

Honestly, if you could have a hot blonde put out for you for $20 a day, would you really be flying to Cambodia?

Guy #2,

You are correct about the price performance advantage of Asian girls over western girls in general.

My last fukathon with ten cuties costs me $300 for everything for 8 hours!!!. Something similar in the west would have ran me about $21,000 dollars if even feasible/possible.

In the west I fuked the best of the best , the most gorgeous blondes you can only dream about, I've had them, even did two at the same time( $700 for both for just one hour).

While satisfying, the price is almost a HUNDRED times greater in the west for similar quality.

In retrospective, I was dissapointed after fuking the most beautiful model ever in Europe , a 21 yo big titted ,blue eyed, blonde (real)playbol model, ($5000 per hour). Yes , it was great, but I was dissapointed my dik did not turn into GOLD after I pulled my dik off her outrageously priced pussy. This was before the internet and sites such as WSG forum. Did I overpay? Hell yes! I know now, but at the time it seemed like a great deal.

The cuties in Cambodia rock my world every day for just $5 to $20, My dik does not seem to notice any difference , it comes just as hard as with any high priced model from the west. The only difference is that my wallet is obese with wads of money that I saved.

But I believe it is good for every man to fuk a gorgeous woman at least once in his life, and then he can make the comparison that pussy is pussy. And the only difference is the price. plus the Asian cuties attitude is the best ever from any other women on earth.

And I do own an Asian car, a Lexus.

With the money I've saved I have now bought a house in Cambodia, and had it redecorated into a inside Harem style with everything including a pool, and air conditioned.

My favorite pasttime now is to get two or three cuties that come to dance for me, tease me while I sit in a throne(wood stile) dressed as a middle ages king complete with my Royal crown goldplated. And then proceed to suk me, and fuk me until I can not do it anymore. Some of the cuties seem awestruck by the opulence of my house, they are wide eyed when they first visit my Harem castle, and can't stop looking at the white marble walls, and my goldplated crown.

The challenge I offer to the cuties is that if they make me cum one more time(after the first two cums that don't count), they can get an extra $5 dollars fro each cum. You would not believe how hard these cuties try, one of them made me come 5 times in a two hour period. She milked me dry. They are obedient as all females were meant to be by mother nature.

There will not be reports for a month or two on Cambodia. I will be in South America(Brazil ) doing consulting work in some oil fields exploration tenders by the government of Brazil, if I told you how much money I am making from my consulting work you would shit in your pants. That Harvard degree has really paid off.

I will post some reviews about the Brazil scene in the Brazil forum.

From Cambodia with lust.

Black Sabbath
07-08-03, 07:16
A Phnom Penh newspaper reported that a German national had been arrested at Sihanoukville. They charged him with debauchery for swimming naked with a khmer girl.
He is expecting 10 - 20 years behind bars if convicted.

Sounds like somebody is in desperate need of money again. Poor German guy.

Guy #2
07-08-03, 20:18
Thank you Cambodia Pro. Your stories are always a great contribution.

With regards to these arrests in the other posts, I need more facts. The age of the girl, the reliability of the source, the allegations, the dispositions.

Guy #2
07-08-03, 20:46
In response to the post by the 21 year old guy with the bad experience in Svray Pak(?), I am not surprised. I am surpirsed that the two girls started kissing. Maybe one is Vietnamese. When she didn't want to suck your cock, that didn't surprised me either. You guys thought I was just joking.

You have to show her what you want. Be ready if she doesn't know how to flirt or act like she enjoys it. That's what I meant when I said that Cambodia is a sexless society. That's why Cambodians hate the Vietnamese and the Thai.

It's like going to the suburbs of LA and hoping to find a white girl who knows how to dance and fuck like a Peurto Rican. They can't fake it no matter how much you pay them because it's something they were never taught to do.

The $30. That's part of haggling. You gave in too soon. Go back and get your $10.

Try the Vietnamese girls. They are hot and more Western.

07-08-03, 21:47
BlackSabbath wrote:

A Phnom Penh newspaper reported that a German national had been arrested at Sihanoukville. They charged him with debauchery for swimming naked with a khmer girl.
He is expecting 10 - 20 years behind bars if convicted.

Sounds more like to me that the christians missionaries and NGOs are taking over Cambodia and remaking it in the image of the glorious USA.

I read on another board that a California man was sentenced to 300 years in prison for only sucking the toes of someone who was under 18 years old :-(


07-09-03, 12:28

A few questions:

Can I just jump on the plane BKK-PP with 2 pictures and some cash and get a Visa on the airport in PP?

What about election time related problems for farang?

Will - when in any doubt - use dictaphone and copy ID. But what happens if you are in a ST-brothel: Can you risk a police raid finding you with a 16-17 yo look like 20? Should I ask for ID in MP/Brothels?


07-09-03, 18:59
Guy #2.

Interesting what you wrote. I was sort of non-plussed over the whole Cambo scene. I found much better GFE in Thailand. Of course, the reason may be in part my language deficiency (I speak Thai, but no khmer/viet) but it was strange getting the girls to even relax enough to kiss. I met some cuties, but cute is not good enough. I'm not sure if they were Viet or Khmer. Mostly took them from Martinis, but did a few houses as well. Pretty much the same thing.

If you have connections with people in Thailand you can get the sweet young thing to rock your world.

I'd love to come back and have a different experience, but I left PP after 4 days when I was scheduled to be there 7 because the experience was very different from what I'd anticipated.

Just for the record, I'm not old, overweight, alcoholic or mean. Perhaps just a string of bad luck? I'm willing to give another try but my first adventure there left me cold (I had similar experiences in Siem Reap, but at least I had the temples, which was the main reason I went).

Guy #2
07-09-03, 22:58
4 years ago, I heard you can get the visa at the border or at the airport. I don't know. I always Fedex my passport to the embassy in Washington DC.

Do you guys know the answer to his questions?

The dictaphone was something I used in the states. I have never met a Cambodian girl. I went there to get engage. That is why I am so excited. I hope this time my inlaws will leave me alone so I can get a piece of ass.

I like to suck up information and I do not remember any posts about a police raid. Ask if you can bring the girl back to your hotel. For 20-30 they should let you. They don't give a shit about her and she has no where to go when she is done.

I have read posts that you can take the girl back to your hotel.

Has anyone heard of raids? I have never heard of a raid?

I appreciate the posts about the arrests but again I need to see the facts.

Cambodians and Americans are always sending me questions and telling me stories about processing times for fiancee and marrage visas but the anecdotes they tell me are always wrong. They always have their facts wrong or the sources are not reliable. That's why I am skeptical about the accuracy of these stories.

I am not trying to argue with you but don't you think that if an American had been jailed for 300 years for sucking toes, especially a white guy, that Dateline or 20/20 would run a story on it by now? That's just too shocking to hold back.

If you're not sure, stay away from toes, stay away from people who look like young girls, find someone to bring back to your hotel. if you can't find a girl, approach someone on the street. asking a woman out is not against the law. People are starving over there.

Why do you have to go to an "official" *****house. Why not try the woman on the street who needs new shoes for her kids. Ask her if she wants to have some fun time while you are in town. Tell her you will bring her back to America if she is nice to you.


Prostitution is illegal but SEDUCTION is legal. Cambodia has the perfect conditions to seduce some poor girls who wants a greencard.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Guy #2
07-09-03, 23:03
I just got a call from an American who got married in Cambodia in July. He is there till the 20th of July. So sounds safe to me.
Just find a guide. Once you show your dollars, people will warmup. The guide will protect you.

Cambodian custom is not to ask. People are very friendly to you hoping you will say, here's a dollar. Here's a tip. Make friends with one guide who speaks English and Cambodian. Ask him where it's safe to go.

My cousin lives in Phnom Penh and earns money this way part time. He is a college student. I was going to give you his name but I am not going to. I am concerned about the bill that I think was passed making it illegal to aid or assist someone in traveling overseas for sex purposes. They targeted the Apple vacation tours.

Of course, as a diclaimer, when I mentioned my cousin, I meant as a guide for tourist like reasons, seeing the sights, the hill, etx. nonsexual things. To be safe, I am not even going to post his info.

But find someone like that. It should be easy. Everybody is looking for a job.

Cambodia Pro
07-10-03, 02:55
Originally posted by philo

A few questions:

Can I just jump on the plane BKK-PP with 2 pictures and some cash and get a Visa on the airport in PP?

What about election time related problems for farang?

Will - when in any doubt - use dictaphone and copy ID. But what happens if you are in a ST-brothel: Can you risk a police raid finding you with a 16-17 yo look like 20? Should I ask for ID in MP/Brothels?


Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.

Just landed at airport a few minutes ago. I can't wait for my Anal fukathon with the butt godesses in Brazil. I will report in Brazil forum.

Here are some answers,
"Can I just jump on the plane BKK-PP with 2 pictures and some cash and get a Visa on the airport in PP?"
Yes. The visa you can get at arrival, you fill the form right there , and pay your $20 for the visa.

The stories here are highly paranoid, one or two arrests in a country of 12 million people. These were probably stupid people that had were flaunting it. If you are discrete, no one will bother you. At the hotel, walk first, and tell your girlie to meet you at your room door. Just be discrete.

Got to go. Just saw an incredible ass carioca wave me here in the internet cafe.


07-11-03, 02:58
Philo - ASSUMING you are flying in... (otherwise see some of my reports on getting from BKK (Pattaya, whatever) to PNH via overland/overwater.)

While you may need a moto driver to show you how/where to go,after the first trip out there, they would only be a cost burden (prices include a commission when they are around). Also, IF you have somewhere you want to go for a room, the moto driver would be trying to sell you on a place that would pay HIM a commission (what happens in Sihanoukville and Koh Kong). "Take out" was available in Koh Kong and Sihanoukville, so it probably is in PNH as well. (plan on 20-25 or so)

Guy #2
07-11-03, 05:20
Yeah, I didn't want to offend Cambodian Pro either because your tales--fiction or fact--at least makes this board more enjoyable and are much more interesting than my analysis. But yeah I don't believe the stories either. I also graduated from a top college and have a graduate degree but I don't talk about it and it doesn't get me laid any more than the ordinary Joe.

I have some tales to tell but you guys won't find it interesting. I was looking for a new wife in Cambodia so my family was sending me hundreds of these photos of girls. No sex stories. I then got impatient so I advertised and ran an ad. Now I am getting phone calls in the middle of the night and constant emails from university students, women, fathers who want me to marry their daughters. The phone call from Cambodia to the US on a wirless is cheaper than within Cambodia. That's why these women have no problems calling. Again no lurid sex stories. More of a romance thing.

When I do go to Cambodia, I certainly intend to get laid. I thank you for your advice on the orasure, the street names, etc and will apply it. I figure if I stay there for 7-10 days and try 3 quickies a day and a different long time girlfriend each night, I will have enough stories to tell you. But that won't be ready until Auguts or September.

That comes to 28 girls or 40 girls. I am serious and I am not joking. That's why my first post was how do you guys do it, because I didn't believe Cambodian Pro (don't be offended).

I mean I don't want to go there and screw 40 women and get AIDS because your stories made it sound so safe.

I am not at all worried about the rumors about the crackdown. I just don't see that happening if you are discreet and consensual.

I am worried about the AIDS thing.

So I will end my post (until I came back) like I started. Are you guys being honest about fucking 40 girls. Because if you are not, now is the time to say, heh you sex monkey, don't do it because we are all just kidding.

But I do know that those places and the girls exist (I have relatives in Cambodia, remember).

Black Sabbath
07-11-03, 07:42
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro
The stories here are highly paranoid, one or two arrests in a country of 12 million people. If you are discrete, no one will bother you. Sure Cambo, and taking 10 girls into a hotel room is discrete. Haha. Just stop writing bullshit. The best would be if you would close your erotic book (the book where your stories are coming from).

07-11-03, 08:53
Visited P.Pen a few months ago. Had a great time, although it was
a bit boring, but still better than at home. Martini's real fun. You sit
at the bar or watch the film on the wide screen. Girls turn up one by one "Hello, my name is...... I sleep with you, OK?" After two minutes another one comes and so on. This is what we need at home! $10 for short time seems the standard but at 1AM some said $5 and they were all good looking. Mostly Viet, ages 20-25, nice friendly girls. They smile a lot.

Le Circee is also good. ST$10 on site and $5 for the room. All Khmer girls but very hot. They don't speak much English but kiss you all over while you sit at your drink.

One night a moto driver suggested a small brothel with 4 girls, all Khmer. $10 1 hour. The rooms are crap but the girls gorgeous. CIM is OK, apparently.

After a week going to Martini's became a bit too boring and there's not much else to do at night if you don't play pool.

The "Heart of Darkness" is real crap, full of backpackers, mama&papa etc.

Sharky's bar doesn't have much music and no dancing. Only talking and pool. Many Viet girls were "overaged", like 30-35 and really worn.

There also a lot of massage places on the streets where the ladies sit outside on the street. Maybe they don't speak much English though.

Had a look at "Tuol Kork" on a moto. Viet girl offered ST for $5 but she wasn't that good looking, a bit too worn out. One moto driver said that "Svay Pak" was dangerous, so didn't go there. Maybe should have.

In sort: the town is very exotic and interesting for a few days but a week is maximum to see everything. Hotels around $10 aircon.

07-11-03, 10:05
Thanks Dinghy and CP

On the km11 board they say most girls don't have ID.

How can a post here (I think it was Guy#2) advocate photocopying of ID?

Guy #2
07-11-03, 15:46
I needed a birth certificate for my wife. She did not have one. So we paid the official to come to the house and got one for $50. That's how things work there. We didn't do anything illegal. That's how you get things done there. What I am saying is, if you are really concerned about proof of age, go get an id made. I am NOT advocating making a false id. That's your business. I am saying they have offices that make id like anwhere else and money opens the door. Then take the id and go to copy shop and copy the id. I am NOT advocating that you make false birth certificates.

I know you guys are not interested in that because you are looking for a quickie.

I wanted to offer some type of a solution for guys who are (1) really concerned about false arrests staged by the NGO and (2) guys who have a longtime girlfriends.

Another example: let's say you find a girl you really like and want to bring her back--GOD FORBID. You need documents, which do not exist. Like when you lose a Social Security card. What do you do? You go have one made at the government office. But Cambodia is so corrupt that you can not even get a legitimate ID without paying a fee. I am NOT advocating bribery. I am just saying go get the ID made under the usual custom and practice of the country and then have it photocopy.

Yes, I agree, this does NOT work for the girl you bring back for one night or at her place or where you don't have the time and money for such bullshit. Like the dictaphone. It's a lot of fucking work to do that and you ruin the whole moment. But if you want to be safe. I have only used the dictaphone when I picked up college students in the states. I have never met any bad Cambodian girls or Sreh Koats. At least, not yet.

It was only a suggestion. I am not saying it is a smart suggestion or a cheap suggestion. Just better than getting falsely accused.

Guy #2
07-11-03, 16:06
when i went to cambodia, i was shocked to see thai models on the magazines, on tv. these women look hot. i think it is because they are half white and half asian. maybe that's why you like them. fuck, i like them! vietnamese girls have always been hot. i am not going to cambodia for hot chicks. i want to find someone on the street to reduce my chance of getting aids. i may stop by thailand and just dry fuck someone. but i am afraid of the hot chicks because i know i am not the first to fuck this girl. same thing in the states. i like the black and hispanic slutty chicks in the city. they dress so hot with their asses hanging out. but i am afraid to get aids or stds. so i look for an 18--19 year old college white girl who is just stupid or lonely. (i know: statistics show hispanics in the us have lower aids cases. maybe it's because they are catholic girls. but the peurto ricans really skew the statistics because they fuck like crazy. mexican girls are cleaner.)

when i go to thailand, that is not my country so i don't know where to find the rare virgins or girls who are not regular prostitutes. when i am in the us and cambodia, i know how to find a virgin and seduce her. it's not illegal and it's safer. i know what they want: money, attention, love etc.

but i am still going to thailand like you said. they are hot! i mean fucking hot! i was in thailand one day, and my dick was hard 24 hours. but i don't think i would do anything more then dry fuck them and cum in their mouth. rub your dick between their legs and get off. safe sex.

plus being cambodian, i find cambodian women attractive. i can see, though, how a white guy might be a little turned off. that's why thailand and vietnam is a good destination. many thais are halfwhite. it's like the blacks in the us. they've already intermarried (or been raped 100 years ago) over the years. if you see someone from africa during the olmpics, they are usually very short and small in stature. no offense intended.

in a way--no offense intended--i guess what goes around, comes around, because when you fuck a girl in thailand, you are really fucking someone who is 50% american and who has been ostracized by their own culture. so they get fucked twice: first by the thais who hate them and second by the race of their white fathers. funny, it's almost like the country was created to have sex. like the phillipines. they produce a lot of prostitutes and nurses. haha. just half-kidding. i hope you are not too offended by my comments.

i have never been to vietnam. aren't you scared to travel there since it's a communist country? i don't go because i can't understand vietnamese. they might be serving me dog or something in meal--haha. the vietnamese have an attitude. the laotian and cambodians are more naive and dumb. that's why we always get fucked--and i mean that seriously.

Guy #2
07-11-03, 16:32
My cousin has a passport ID. My mother in law has a state ID. My wife's sister and brothers have school IDs. That's because the girls you are dealing with are probably to poor to get an ID. These girls are like at the bottom of society. It's not that most Cambodians do not have IDs. It's that most Cambodian prostitutes visited by the board members do not have IDs. I cannot verify this fact. All I suggested was take her to the government office and apply for an ID. Little crazy, I know. Just an idea, nonetheless, and better than nothing. Certainly better than jail time for a trumped up charge.

Bear Foxtrot
07-13-03, 08:56
Originally posted by Mistapenus
Visited P.Pen a few months ago. Had a great time, although it was
a bit boring, but still better than at home. Martini's real fun. You sit
at the bar or watch the film on the wide screen. Girls turn up one by one "Hello, my name is...... I sleep with you, OK?" After two minutes another one comes and so on. This is what we need at home! $10 for short time seems the standard but at 1AM some said $5 and they were all good looking. Mostly Viet, ages 20-25, nice friendly girls. They smile a lot.

Le Circee is also good. ST$10 on site and $5 for the room. All Khmer girls but very hot. They don't speak much English but kiss you all over while you sit at your drink.

One night a moto driver suggested a small brothel with 4 girls, all Khmer. $10 1 hour. The rooms are crap but the girls gorgeous. CIM is OK, apparently.

After a week going to Martini's became a bit too boring and there's not much else to do at night if you don't play pool.

The "Heart of Darkness" is real crap, full of backpackers, mama&papa etc.

Sharky's bar doesn't have much music and no dancing. Only talking and pool. Many Viet girls were "overaged", like 30-35 and really worn.

There also a lot of massage places on the streets where the ladies sit outside on the street. Maybe they don't speak much English though.

Had a look at "Tuol Kork" on a moto. Viet girl offered ST for $5 but she wasn't that good looking, a bit too worn out. One moto driver said that "Svay Pak" was dangerous, so didn't go there. Maybe should have.

In sort: the town is very exotic and interesting for a few days but a week is maximum to see everything. Hotels around $10 aircon. Hey,

Could you please tell me more about the girls and everything at Sharky's please? And also, when you say the girl in Tuol Kork looked "a bit too worn out", what exactly did you mean? Just checking before I make any plans..;)


07-14-03, 08:13
Guy #2, for someone who professes to be Asian you seem to have an incredible ignorance about Asia itself -- no offense intended.

As someone who's had two regular Thai girlfriends and has visited and worked there, I can assure you that 'luuk krueng' are rare indeed. What you may be referring to is the Chinese-Thai who have whiter skin. The rest of your suppositions regarding race probably belong in the intellectual dustbin. I hope you don't take offense by my observations.

Hey, I see you married a Cambodian woman! Was (or is) she a *****? I've heard that most Cambo women are *****s so I'm assuming yours is. Post a picture, maybe I've had her? Of course, if she has a lil Poobah you might confuse our love child with a Thai person. Ha ha, just kidding! NO offense intended!

Black Sabbath
07-14-03, 14:43
Originally posted by Alexios Hellas
Could you please tell me more about the girls at Sharky's please? ..the girl in Tuol Kork looked "a bit too worn out", what exactly did you mean? Alex [/i]Hi Alexios,

Tuol Kork is an old, almost forgotten and esp. dangerous place where drunk Cambodian men shoot each other (every week 2 or 3 casualties). Due to several raids foreigners are not welcome anymore. When they spot a foreigner they close immediately all doors. The girls there really look worn out.This means they have a lot of miles on it, up to 40 years old. This are real prostitutes and in the meantime just poor Cambodians fuck them.
Sharky's is a bit better. Girls are younger (around 22 to 30), also very "experienced". Beauty ??? That's the question. Everybody has a different taste. I wouldn't take them. They have about 40 -50 girls inside. At the moment not too many tourists ( on 40 girls about 4 - 5 men).

If you look for beauty you have to go to different places.

07-15-03, 01:43
I'd also like to comment on another statement Guy#2 said.

Evidently he considers telling impoverished Cambodian women that he will take them to America for sex a perfectly reasonable way to get them into bed. Even more laughable is that he labels this 'seduction'. His parting words are 'LIE LIE LIE'. Great approach dude.

It's this type of attitude and behavior that gets some of us mongers (rightly) labeled as social misfits. Where's the sense of honor? If you are going to bed a non-pro, fine. But let's not forget you are dealing with another human being. Karma is going to bite you on the ass with this type of approach.

I will confess to being a hard-core monger and even now date the non-pro overseas. However, I have never bullshitted them like this and frankly find this type of behavior reprehensible.

I suggest to Guy#2 he take some time to learn what seduction really is, or at least call it what it is -- a scam. The Good Thai or Indonesian girls I've gotten into bed have usually been because I was interested in a longer term relationship with them. I'm not perfect, but do believe in treating them with a modicum of respect. I don't make them promises I'm not willing to keep. I promised my Indo girlfriend I would try to get her to America, and was able to accomplish that this year. I paid for her ticket, and took care of her while she was up here. One of the most unforgettable trips I've ever had was in my backyard.

But it may be that he and Cambo"pro"'s experiences solely reside in their overactive imaginations. One can only hope.

07-15-03, 04:30
I'm headed to Siem Reap next month, to see Angkor Wat, whats the action like(mongering), I will be there for only a few days, Because of (BKK and MNL) mongering. so far my research has told me to stay at freedom hotel and get a guide. If anybody can give me some insight on shagging women 18 years and older, let me know. I know angeles . costa rica , but this is ne w terrority, and I'm pretty messed up typing this message, Greygoose vodka and lemonade


Guy #2
07-15-03, 22:34
1. I know some of you are offended. I think I call it as I see it. I have never held back on my observations whether or not it offended Cambodians or Americans.

2. The important thing is that accurate information is needed when you post on a guide.

3. I think most of my postings have been on based on fact not fiction.

4. I never said you should say to someone I'll marry if you blow me. You filled in the gaps. Yeah they are desperate. Not because you are good looking. Because they hope you will give them something, which you know you won't.

5. That form of seduction is no differnt than when a law firm tangles the hope of partnership in front of you or when I guy drives up in a BMW and impresses a girl into thinking he'll give her something. It's no different than when a guy lies about his age, his job, his plans for the relationship to get laid. People lie every 15 seconds.

6. I was addressing the concerns by the posts of illegal conduct and getting arrested. Given a choice between committing an illegal conduct and getting arrested vs. lying and not violating the law, I think most people would rather lie.

Guy #2
07-15-03, 22:54

That was a cheap shot.

I filed an annulment from my wife, because she talked to a white guy.

I am doing a search for a new wife right now that has taken more than 5 months. My family has sent me more than 50 photos, and I have turned them all down because they were not young, beautiful, and faithful.

I then ran an ad and have been receiving 3 telephone calls a day and 5 emails a day. Again, I have rejected all of these women. Most of the people who call me are the parents.

These girls are approximately 18-21, they are in school, they come from good families. So yes they do exist, virgins, even though that may be alien to you. I reject the ones older than 22 immediately.

I don't talk about it because this is not the world wife guide or the world girlfriend guide.

So if and when I do find a new wife, I doubt that you will ever meet her. My best friends were not invited to my wedding, my wife does not have permission to have contact with any men, and I am the lord of my household. And yes, if and when, she does talk to a white guy, in fact, any guy, I will file for an annulment.

In the meantime, there is a better chance that I may have slept with your wife, your sister, your mother, because they are there. I meet them in the grocery store, on the Internet, downtown, in the mall. No offense intended. I am being serious. I feel that it is my obligation as a man to fuck as many women as I can, as long as it is free. Seduction is not a crime.

A lot of Asian guys give me a bad name because they are not doing enough. That's why I feel as an Asian guy, I have an obligation to seduce as many white women as I can to improve our image. Here's one for all guys with the little dicks.

No hard feelings.

Guy #2
07-15-03, 22:57
I am having second thoughts about going to Cambodia. People have been sending me 50-100 pictures (not of sreh koats though) and the women just are not hot enough.

I looked on the posts for St. Petersburg, Hungary and Moscow and saw hot women going for $300 for six hours. There are also websites for St. Petersburg. The women from Hungary look the best but are overpriced. Then there are posts that you can get a hot girl from Argentina for $40 an hour. I know many of you have commented on Brazil.

Seriously, I do not want to waste my vacation time or money, have you guys really fucked anything really hot in Cambodia? Have you compared your trip to Hungary or St. Petersburg Russia? I mean the women on the Hungary sites look like supermodel?

Don't you think I should save my money and fly to Hungary or St. Peterburg instead--hotter women?

Guy #2
07-15-03, 23:05
When I go to Cambodia or Hungary or whatever, I want to videotape my adventures and try to make some money off of it so I can pay off my trip and do it again. I figure I can start a series for little Asian guys with small dicks and call it the SexMonkey like Ed Powers.

1. Have you guys had any problems going through customs? Is it illegal if you go through customs in Bangkok and they find videos and photographs of you having sex with all these girls?

2. What the cheapest DVD digital recorder that produces high quality films?

3. What about lighting?

4. Have you guys ever been able to sell any of your adult videos?

I know you think that I am joking but I am serious. If you can pay off your trip with these videos, you have enough money for a second trip and maybe even start a side business.

If you bring 2-3 guys, you can do a gangbang and split the costs.

I know Poobah said that I am ignorant of Asian ways. This is not about being politically correct or sensitive.

All these posts for me is about: 1. getting laid 2. being protected 3. saving money. I am not trying to save the world, just exploit it--haha.

Guy #2
07-15-03, 23:13
PS. I never told any stories, Poobah. I think I have said this 1500 times. I have never picked up a girl in Cambodia because I was scared shitless of getting AIDS. All my experience has been in the States and picking up college girls or MILFs (mothers who like to fuck, divorcees, single moms, etc). So I never told any stories because there are no stories to tell. That is why I constantly apologize for my analysis because it takes up room on this board.

When I do take my vacation in August be it Cambodia or Hungary, I will post my experiences with street names.

The only experience I post was placing 1000 flyers in Phnom Penh and getting 50 women to send me emails and call me. But they are all dogs. My white buddies at work think they are hot. Maybe hot to fuck. But not to marry. I think the 50 women who have responded to me are dogs.

So you know I do not exaggerate because there is nothing for me to tell you. No stories, nothing. Just analysis. When the girls look like dogs, I say they are dogs. I never tell you that I am sucking on tits and asses because all I have seen in Cambodia are small flat chested women who look like they are kids.

When I return, you will get my experiences but again, it will be in the form of analysis, i.e. street names, costs, where to buy Orasure, what digital camera to use, are the women dogs,e tc.

Again, what do you guys think? For the same money, Cambodia or St. Petersburg or somewhere else?

07-16-03, 01:02
You've mentioned numerous times that you're quite concerned about catching STD'S and AIDS from these girls. Why not slap a rubber on your little pecker and be done with it? Better than worrying I think..........."Play safe"!

Guy #2
07-16-03, 04:34
1. Sorry I won't talk about STDS anymore.

2. I called my cousin in Cambodia and asked him to be honest with me and tell me if it is worth the trip. I asked him if there were beautiful escorts and models (what I am using to refer to Sreh Koats), because the pictures that I have been receiving in my search for a wife are so fucking butt ugly. He confirmed what some of you guys said all along. Yes there are beautfiul escorts and models.

You find them in the BARS and NIGHTCLUBS. Just like in Thailand.

That's where you can find the Cambodian actresses and singers, too, for $20 for their escort services.

Bear Foxtrot
07-16-03, 06:32
Originally posted by Black Sabbath
Hi Alexios,

Tuol Kork is an old, almost forgotten and esp. dangerous place where drunk Cambodian men shoot each other (every week 2 or 3 casualties). Due to several raids foreigners are not welcome anymore. When they spot a foreigner they close immediately all doors. The girls there really look worn out. This means they have a lot of miles on it, up to 40 years old. This are real prostitutes and in the meantime just poor Cambodians fuck them.
Sharky's is a bit better. Girls are younger (around 22 to 30), also very "experienced". Beauty ??? That's the question. Everybody has a different taste. I wouldn't take them. They have about 40 -50 girls inside. At the moment not too many tourists ( on 40 girls about 4 - 5 men).

If you look for beauty you have to go to different places. Black Sabbath,
Thanks a lot for your help, I really appreciate it. Judging by the reports I have read before, I never thought Tuol Kork would be in the bad condition it is. Personally though, I like the older worn-out "Tuol Kork-ish" type women. So, if Tuol Kork isn't friendly..then where could I go to get what I want? Sharky's sounds pretty good too, and I'm sure that, with the lack of tourists there, they could offer some good prices; however, it's not quite exactly what I'm looking for, you know? So what's a guy to do huh? Any suggestions?

Guy #2
07-16-03, 06:42
PS I forgot to add that my seduction strategy has nothing to do with the girl. It has to do with minimizing risk. By meeting someone off the street (not an escort), I am having sex with someone in a low risk category as opposed to a sex worker.
It's not about lying for the sake of hurting people. My primary goal is to have sex with low risk women.

You also have to know your audience. These girls who are sending me their photos to be my wife. They are dogs but fuckable. But I am not going to lie to them to get a piece of ass. These are decent girls, not Sreh Koats.

I'll give you an example. I met a former escort in the US who told me she worked as a hostess. She lied to me. I saw the 10 condoms in her purse. I never promised her money. I took her to a motel and got a good feel, a suck on her 36 DD real titties, and a dry fuck. I made it clear in advance that there would be no change of money. NO quid pro quo. Just fun consensual fun. As I expected, she called me the next day asking to borrow 3,000. I never called her back. She never called me. No hard feelings, no laws broken.

Why did she do it? Did she like me? Fuck no. It was a free sample. She was trying to hook me in and then ask for the money later. Why didn't I give her the money? Because it's illegal. Did I lie to her? No. I told her there would be no exchange of money. It's purely consensual.

Do I feel bad? No, because it's a scam. She tried to scam me. She gave me a sample of her 36 DD and let me dry fuck her for an hour or two and suck on her tits. When I asked her for a blowjob, she was done. The free trial is over.

Another example. When I get remarried, I still plan to fuck around. Pooma, would you suggest that I go to an escort and put my wife at risk? No way. I have a safer idea. Seduction. So when I try to seduce the new girl, do you want me to tell the truth: "Hi I am a married man. Want to fuck?" No, you let her believe what she wants to believe. We do it all the time. Do you tell your Thai friends that after you throw them a bone or two that you will not bring them back to the States? Of course not.

Some of the girls who are responding to my search for a wife are *****s. How do I know? Her mother tells me she went to Bangkok by herself for business? Only a moron doesn't know she is working as an escort to help her family. Will I marry her? No. Instead, I asked to meet her in Cambodia and will ask her for a blow job when she gets to my hotel room. Why should she be surprised? She's done it for other guys. It is what she does for a living. She tried to scam me by posing as a virgin in response to my ad. So I will lie to her to get her in bed. Plus, I'll throw her a bone or two also.

So know your audience.

No, Pooma, you can't see the pictures. You have to eat your own kill. Every man for himself.

It's about 1. reducing risk 2. saving money and 3. knowing your audience.

Somethinge else about seducing women. Don't spend any money. If you are paying $50.00 for dinner, and they put out, you're still shelling out money. The former escort was not a good deal for me because I spent $40.00 to take a cab to meet her a few days before and our hotel room was $36.00. So even though the 2 hours I spent in the car feeling her up (in a snowstorm looking for a motel) and the 2-3 hours in the room was free, I am still out $76.00 for cab ride and a hotel.
That is a loss for me.

My stories are true and comments are sincere because I never say I am the MAN! My goal is to learn from your experiences and share ideas on getting laid on the cheap with low risk women.

Guy #2
07-16-03, 15:52
PPS on seduction and games women play. If someone really likes you for who you are, they will put out for you. The escorts or stripshow just provides an opportunity to meet the girls. When they start asking you for money, etc., then you know it's business. Pooma, I never represented or gave the inference or misled these girls that I would do this or do that for them. They came into the relationship looking for something. They will try to play you for a fool. Just like we all know girls who will put out for money and scam a guy and then turn around and hand the money over to their boyfriend who mooches off of them because sweet talks them.

All I am saying is that when these people try to scam you by asking for money or a trip to the US, you are being played already. When you pick someone up off the street, and she mentions that she wants the new Nikes, you are being played.

All I am saying if you have to pick a role, pick the role of the sweet talking boyfriend who these girls put for for free. Don't become the bank for these girls. That is the art of seduction.

You are looking at it in a linear fashion focusing exclusively on the market of sex workers in Bangkok. Learn to think outside the box.

I don't feel like I am taking advantage of anybody because I never made any promises. And when I deal with people who try to use me in the first place, or play me, that's not my problem. I never created the expectation that I would give the girl anything. If she thinks that one lousy blowjob is going to get her a trip to the US, then she is just lasy.

07-16-03, 21:12
Yeah, Guy, I just 'filled in the blanks'. You said to promise the girl you would take her back to America if she is 'nice' to you. I interpreted it as boning you, you undoubtedly meant it as her baking cookies for you. Hey, if she needs shoes anything goes, right?

From what you've posted you seem far more worried about white guys than we are worried about you. I'm pretty confident with my GFs and don't have to stress if they talk to an Asian guy. If you are going to file for annullment if they speak to a white guy or not invite your friends to your wedding (!) that speaks volumes to your own insecurity (or who you choose as friends, LOL), which once again, lends serious doubts to your Internet Mack Daddy success.

Hell, I am starting to wonder if you're even Asian or if so past puberty. Maybe you and the 'Pro' can have a private wank-fest where you can swap stories and body fluids. Now THAT'S a story I'll believe! :)

You say you are Cambodian and know all of these people (including you cousin who's supposedly a guide), but don't seem to possess the rudimentary knowledge of PP that a noodle vendor would have.

But I'll leave off cracking on you, as I don't enjoy beating on the crippled. Your posts speak volumes about your character anyway. I'll let others be the judge of that.

No offense intended.

07-16-03, 21:39
Here's some (hopefully) useful information regarding Roi's question re: action in Angkor.

I was there in Feb of last year. There are several venues to get P4P. The best known is the local version of Martinis. There are several mamasans and girls who will go for about 50$ but I'm sure if you speak the language, you can get for less.

There are also many brothels in SR. I wish I'd taken down streed addresses, but there is a string of them along either Oum Chay or Street 14. Here's a map link so you can see what I'm talking about:


You go right off of street 6 (airport road) and there are immediately a string of buildings hosting many scantily clad lasses available for on-premesis or takeout. You'll see them right off the road. I had a very good driver that just took me there and let me do the talking. I was able to get 25$ take out. I also did this a few times at a brothel downtown. Again, I don't know the exact street but there are two or three of them right in a row off the main drag that parallels the river. I believe this is Wat Bo road but others can correct me.

BTW, I was able to get a moto-cycle (the motorcycle with the covered cab) for about 5$ for the night. This guy was pretty cool and waited around for me wherever I wanted to go. I had a cellphone that accepted Cambo sim cards so it was easy to keep in touch with him. You will need a Cambo person to help you get the sim card in the first place, however.

I found the service about par for the course for Cambo. There are really cute girls to be had, but I got much more of the 'Indentured Experience' compared to Thailand. They were very shy, really didn't want to kiss, and overall unsatisfactory experience. Not my cup of tea. I tend to pick the ones that are always new and that could have something to do with it.

07-17-03, 06:27
One more thing and then I'll shut up.

I don't have it in for Guy #2, really I don't. I am going to chill now.

I would like to add that I've also met and bedded women from the Internet. It is not an easy affair, and while I've been successful, unless you are 20's and 'kewl' I doubt you will have instant success this way. It takes time to cultivate any relationship, the internet is just another medium for doing so.

I have had two Japanese women fly out for a 'romance week' with me, paid for it with their own dime. I also met a Chinese chick on Asian friend finder and we were together 'long time' until she put her foot down on my trips to Thailand. It was she or my trips. Well, I'm gonna miss ya.

Lastly I've had two Thai girlfriends, one being a University girl I met while working here in the states. The Thai girl I dated for two months before bedding her which was fast as far as she was concerned!

In all of these, I was pretty up-front. The Japanese girls knew it was a weekend/week of fun and nothing more and we h ad a blast. The Thai girl was not interested in 'the bone' unless we were in a serious relationship. I really understood where she was coming from and as I liked her, I really committed to that for the two years we were together.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that a guy in his 30's and 40's with (what I consider) average looks can get these women, but you have to abandon the adolescent fantasy that gets perpetuated on these boards.

I will say I've never regretted being single and have had a life that my married friends (at least the guys, LOL) are envious. However, always, always, I treat the women with respect even while not being a pussy. I recommend as reading for all the guys that are interested "How to date Younger Women" by Don Steele. I'm not sure it is in print, but it was a life changer for me.

07-17-03, 07:13
My father used to tell me that: "If a woman says that you are not handsome it's only because the b**ch is not hungry enough."

I have to admit I felt very handsome at Martiny's. It is truly great. There must have been a lot of hungry b**ches there.

I don't know where we have lost it here in the west, guys. I now know that I am very handsome. Obviously the western females are just too well fed and can't notice this. And so are the Japanese. And most of Koreans.

I observed a great system in Cambodia. If a female serves drinks at a bar she gets $50 a month. A male gets $100 for the same job. This is a great system, it used to be the same over here so there were always a large number of hungry females.

In Thailand too, an average female worker will not get more than 50% of man's wages. It's in the system. Great system. And they are thaught to be submissive to the man. Since man is spiritually superior according to Thai religion. (So is in Christian religion but somehow it seems to have been forgotten).

But we have just lost it, completely. And it's not getting better.

For a couple of years the asians will entertain us but soon they will catch up with the west and from then on it's "Rosy Palms", every day. Any ideas to turn this around?

07-18-03, 12:09
Well, I'm not sure where Cambo Pro went, but there is a high probability that he is working for an anti-sex Christian NGO. Whether you trust my opinion or not is your choice, just beware.

Another poster here I would consider a fake. That is Guy #2.

I have many Cambodian American friends and I don't believe that he could possibly be Cambodian. Be careful with his advice on LIE, LIE, LIE to the girl. You can certainly be prosecuted for DECEPTION if you choose his style of courting. Even worse, it could cause a sudden decrease in your health.

This board will only be as good as the info on it and the posters who frequent it.


Cambodia Pro
07-26-03, 02:08

Punthers I just flew in from a grueling 16 hour flight from Brazil. I busted my ass for almost 4 weeks in a consulting assignment in Brazil, and made an insane amount of money to spend on my Cambodian/Viet honeys. I still had time to bang some Brazilian girls butts. I plan on a fukathon and fuk 15 honeys at the same time after the elections are over on July 27th. I am heading to Martini's to pick my night companion for an all night sex escapade.


07-26-03, 21:53
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro

Punthers I just flew in from a grueling 16 hour flight from Brazil. I busted my ass for almost 4 weeks in a consulting assignment in Brazil, and made an insane amount of money to spend on my Cambodian/Viet honeys. I still had time to bang some Brazilian girls butts. I plan on a fukathon and fuk 15 honeys at the same time after the elections are over on July 27th. I am heading to Martini's to pick my night companion for an all night sex escapade.


16 hours from Brazil ?!?!?
please tell us how you do it.

The Lizard
07-27-03, 10:02
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro
I plan on a fukathon and fuk 15 honeys at the same time,

Sayonara! Cambo - pleeeeeaaaaase have merci- no more stories anymore.

07-28-03, 04:18
Yes I was wondering about that:
"a grueling 16 hour flight from Brazil".

Unless our Don Juan of the Mekong has his own Concorde to go along with the 15 pooying.

I'm thinking it is between 10 and 11 thousand miles from Brazil to Cambodia? Tell me how that works Pro?


Black Sabbath
07-28-03, 09:23
Originally posted by The Lizard
Cambo - pleeeeeaaaaase have merci- no more stories anymore. Cambodia pro was posting under the names "Cambodia Madness" and "Zeeedub" on the km11 board. He was talking there a lot of bullshit (500 foreigners celebrating in the pouring rain the reopening of Svay Pak).
After the administration removed him he came back from Brasil on this board.

Sayonara Cambo

07-28-03, 15:29
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro

I plan on a fukathon and fuk 15 honeys at the same time after the elections are over on July 27th. How can you that Cambo?

Do you have 15 cock?

From which planet you are?

07-29-03, 21:37
Dear All:

With all due respect, let me echo the previous request that Cambodia Pro shut the hell up. I know that sounds harsh, and if I am out of line, I apologize. But, Cambodia Pro, your every word makes me want to puke. Give us a break. We don't care about your insane amount of money you've made (bullshit) or the 15 girls (right!) you're going to have at one time.

I suppose if you want to continue to fantasize online (because that's all it is; your fantasies), you have that right. But we also have the right to tell you that it all sounds pathetic.

Just one opinion.

Cambodia Pro
07-30-03, 03:51
Whoof !!!. Who let the dogs out???

Not sure who let all the NGO's out at the same time.For all others remember, envy is not a virtue, LOL. You can also do it.

For those that would like to visit Cambodia. The elections are over.

Hun Sen stays in office, and everything is back to normal. I buffed some delicious cuties yesterday.

For those looking for accomodations , this site has the best values. 3 star hotels with air-con for $15 - $25 breakfast included.
Current trip around $600 to $782 roundtrip from anywhere in the world.

www.canbypublications.com I don't own it, but wish I did.

Some great locations,

(best pick)Martini Pub, 402 Mao Tse Toung blvd 7pm- 3am

Le Cyrcee Club , No 13, Street 49 , Phnom Penh

Sharky's #126, steet 130

Shangai bar , Street 51 & 172 open 5pm.

k11 , 11 kilometers from pp. Ask any moto driver. Pay $2 if he waits for you at k11.

From Cambodia with lust.

LilJohnson , I made $50,000 in one month. Sorry you only make minimum wage. Life is not fair , Is it?. Oh, well you will get over it.

By the way, if you are ever in Sao Paulo, This girl will rock your world. I fucked her in the ass three times in one night and she still wanted more. Best anal sex ever.

Just tell her , the guy with the Rolex studded watch sent you. She'll know who you're talking about.



Cambodia Pro
07-30-03, 04:03
I usually don't respond to uneducated posts.

But this one maybe I should to educate some of the less privileged ones. You can flight half way around the world in 14 to 16 hours. The difference is in the time zones. Next time you take a flight set your timer in your watch, and check the time when you arrive at your destination. Most flights are 14 to 16 hours, however, your ticket will say arrive the next day because of the time zone differences(more than 24 time zones coordinated to Greenwich time in the UK). I know this can make make your head spin as maybe difficult to comprehend to some of you who never finished secondary school let alone high school. Or god forbid, enrolled in College. The earth is round by the way, the reason you don't fall off is because of a strange force called gravity.( I won't explain this, pick a book and practice your reading skills for a change).

Sao Paulo -> Bangkok Thailand -> PP Cambodia

Well that's all peasants.

I will post my 15 cutie fukathon soon.


Originally posted by WISteve
Yes I was wondering about that:
"a grueling 16 hour flight from Brazil".

Unless our Don Juan of the Mekong has his own Concorde to go along with the 15 pooying.

I'm thinking it is between 10 and 11 thousand miles from Brazil to Cambodia? Tell me how that works Pro?


07-30-03, 04:30
Well Cambo UN-Pro you seemed to slip up this time.

And your attempt to call people names to cover for your screw-up won't work. I checked the travel itinerary you put in your post:

"Sao Paulo -> Bangkok Thailand -> PP Cambodia

Well that's all peasants."

The best time you could make it by the airline schedules was 27 hours sweet cheeks! And anyone with half a brain would know that. With an airliner cruising at 550 mph it's going to take over 20 hours if it flew directly to your destination. And the airlines don't do that UN-Pro, even for a stud like you!

You had best crawl back under Mommy's skirt where you belong you big bag of wind. Many of us are getting tired of your fanciful tales of conquest. It's a shame you have nothing better to do all day but play on the computer and dream of leaving your mommy some day!

Good luck, get lost, find another hobby.


The Lizard
07-30-03, 07:56
Originally posted by Cambodia Pro
........ I made $50,000 in one month. Sorry you only make minimum wage. Life is not fair , Is it......What kind of job is that ? Drug dealer?

07-30-03, 08:51
WOW! So Cambo pro, when you post "I just got off a grueling 16 hour flight to PP", you don't mean a 16 hour flight, right? That would mean you are entirely full of crap!

I mean, of course the flights normally take between 20-30 hours for the Rio-Sao Paolo-Bkk leg. Then one must take another flight to PP.

But Cambo pro, by bending the space time continuum due to time zones can condense the ENTIRE flight to just 16 hours!! Holy shit!

Of course, it is the TIME ZONES that account for this discrepancy. That must be it!! Never mind that you actually LOSE a day by traveling from Rio to Bangkok (you gain it back on the return trip Cambo 'Pro'), Cambo pro has mastered TIME TRAVEL now!! Yes, we mere mortals cannot comprehend the technically impossible feat Cambo Pro has done. We bow to your superior intellect.

And you make 600,000.00 US a year! And have the strength to bone 15 vestal virgins in a PP apartment room! I am not worthy!!

But please, keep posting CP. Your posts provide endless entertainment. Thanks for making me think, I'd invite you to do the same.

PS: Please give my regards to Guy#2 during your ICQ circle wank.

07-30-03, 08:54
BTW thanks for the HOT TIP regarding Sharky's , Martini's , and K-11. Shit, and I was just hanging out at the Killing Fields wondering "Where are all the HOT SECRET SPOTS?" Thank GOD Cambo Pro has CRACKED THE CODE and posted all these heretofore unknown gems for us to find!

K-11 means 11 kilometers to Svay Pak. Who'da thunk it??

Please keep us up to date with your INSIDE INFO!

07-30-03, 14:51
sorry, can't let this one go. I don't normally spend much time on this board, but i do fly from LAX to BKK and to Indonesia pretty much every month, which is why i was interested in this "16 hours" flight from Brazil to Cambodia. i mean if I can cut my flight time in half, I'm interested.
So i checked flight times from Sao Paulo to BKK. Via Paris, it is 27 hours, and via LAX and Tokyo, it is 39 hours. So please, for us uneducated trolls who have only just now discovered the earth is round, (thank you), please give us your flight schedule. we are all waiting for the vast knowledge to be dispensed from the heavens.


07-30-03, 17:16
Maybe Cambo take an non-stop flight from Sao Paulo to Phnom Penh. ;-)
New flight schedule or privat jet?

07-30-03, 23:17
You guys don't get it !

It is possible to do it in 16 hours. Its all down to the Rolex studded watch (and the rotation of the earth).


07-31-03, 03:45
hey there, un-pro!

seems we caught you this time, huh?

the only non-military aircraft that could fly that fast (mach1.0+) is the concorde and it doesn't have long enough legs to go non-stop sp >pph. flying that fast gobbles all sorts of fuel. most military aircraft would require several midair refuelings at that speed. of course i suppose he could have used a sub-orbital rocket and made it in time...?

naah. i'm thinking he's still under mommy's dress hiding.


07-31-03, 05:21
Poobah wrote:
Cambo pro has mastered TIME TRAVEL now!! Yes, we mere mortals cannot comprehend the technically impossible feat Cambo Pro has done. We bow to your superior intellect.

Here we have it. Poobah is on to you CamboPro. Admit it. You are a time machine salesman from another civilization on another planet. This explains how you earn $50,000 per month. You target old, wealthy clients who have little time left to travel for pussy. You must have been banned from your home planet and brought either the advanced technology or the time machine itself with you.

But I could be wrong. Perhaps there is a more simple, but tragic expalination for your presence here. Could it be that you received a flunking grade in your remedial chemistry class on planet Rectoid? Only to be flung to a less advanced civilization for a homework assignment to bring your grade back up to par?

Who really knows?

One thing is for sure, your insecurity.

To have even half as much the intellect or money that you claim to have seems to be a big fib. You continually try to silence the posters who question your claims by boasting about your wealth and intelligence. As for my opinion, I only wonder why an intelligent, educated person would feel a need to do this?

Or perhaps wealth and intellect is yet just another fantasy of yours?

Please tell us the truth; we will forgive you.


Cambodia Pro
07-31-03, 06:52
Originally posted by Gipsy
Maybe Cambo take an non-stop flight from Sao Paulo to Phnom Penh. ;-)
New flight schedule or privat jet? Gypsy, no private jet, It's called time-shared jet. The jet is owned by 5 to 7 people, the pilot works for the group. I pity some of the guys here." Forgive them because they don't know what they are doing". Like the one that maybe from personal experience thinks that you can only make $50,000 in one month if you are a drug dealer, in his world or circle(he probably is a pizza delivery guy, or maybe a more educated person like a truck driver) that is the only way that such feat could be accomplished. I work consulting jobs for major exploration firms in the world. Assignments include legal and financial advice in tender offers, I have a phd in Economics from an ivy league school. The money is good. But it's not a 12 month job, nor would I want it, I got to buff at least 3 cuties every day. To date, I've fucked 724 cuties here in Cambodia, includes Siem Reap, and other hidden spots. I trade currencies from my broadband equipped computer in Cambodia, and that is enough to support my lavish style as a sex king in Cambodia.

Peasants , you can do it too. Sell your trailer home, and with $2000 you can visit Cambodia and fuk til you drop.

Cost breakdown for two week vacation to cambodia.

Airfare 600 - $800 Buy at least 3 months in advance to get this deal otherwise, airfare can be as high as $3000

Visa at arrival, $20.

Hotel , 3star at $15 , air con with freakfast included. Total $180

Cuties, the reason to visit Cambodia, two day fuks at 15, all night fuk for $30, come as many times as you want. For two weeks total = 720, total cuties fuked 36 to 40 in your trip.

There are $5 girls too, if you are into quantity. like trying to break your personal record of cuties fuked.

Moto driver at $5 to $7 per day, total $70

Total cost for sex vacation = less than $2000 everything included.

From Cambodia with Lust.

I am renting a bus for my next fukathon. Just guess what will happen. LOL. I will post my review in a couple of weeks. I am resting for a full week before the next grand challenge.

07-31-03, 07:58
Umm, why would you be researching airfare prices if you own a private jet?

Also, why would you have a stopover in Sao Paolo for a private jet?

BTW, you're quite a penny-wise traveller for one so rich. So, when your private jet hits the tarmac you head straight to the 15$ a night squat huh?

This gets better and better.

Better check your Rolex studded with Rolex watch, I think it's time to rethink your strategy.

07-31-03, 17:33
Well, guys. It's obvious our friend Cambodia Pro is feeding off all the attention we are giving him. I suggest we completely ignore him; never respond to, or comment on anything he has to say. Maybe he'll go away. (One can hope.)


07-31-03, 18:58
Originally posted by ljohnson
Well, guys. It's obvious our friend Cambodia Pro is feeding off all the attention we are giving him. I suggest we completely ignore him; never respond to, or comment on anything he has to say. Maybe he'll go away. (One can hope.)


sorry ljohnson, but i just have to.....1 last time, i promise

I apologize for beating a dead horse, but given some opinions by others of cam Pro, I must continue to ask:
A commercial Boeing 747 has a range of about 15 flying hours, give or take. GRU to CDG is 11 hours, and CDG to BKK is another 11 hours. so even with the earth being round, it is still 22 hours of flying time.
So please put all our minds to rest, and give us the secret way to fly from South America to South east Asia in 16 hours, and we will go away satisfied......but still not wanting to hear the exxagerated "sexploits" of Cam Pro.



Guy #2
07-31-03, 19:36
You know, I never feed you guys bullshit. In return, I would like the same because I know you rely on my postings and I rely on your postings. I am about to travel to Cambodia. I called the managing account representative for Oraure's international market and was advised the following:

1. Orasue is an oral fluid based test but you still need to send it to a lab. You swipe off the gum and cheeks, NOT the saliva.

2. Oraquick is a blood based test but in Mexico they have found that you can still use oral fluid. The FDA has only approved it for blood test.

Oraquick is only sold for physicans use. You can NOT get it from them directly. I know. I asked.

Are you guys getting this on the blackmarket in Thailand and Cambodia?

(As a disclaimer, I cannot guarantee the information or representations about these products. I am just trying to get laid, NOT sell anything).

3. When you guys post something, clean off the bullshit because some of us actually rely on your postings and follow through.

PS I saw some listings of clubs in Phnom Penh on the US Embassy website.

Guy #2
07-31-03, 22:51
this is the kind of post i was looking for. it gives addreses, dates, street names, locations, information. this report seems pretty accurate based on my familiarity with phnom penh and the economy (i found it on the web posted by a guy name stickman):

the following was posted by stickman on the web:

the first thing i'll say about cambodia is that on first impressions the place makes you feel like you are in one huge brothel. is that a good thing? well i guess that depends on your point of view? if you're reading stick's website then for you, it most probably is a good thing.
i was travelling with a mate around south east asia towards the end of the year 2000 and we landed at phnom penh airport after flying in from saigon. $20 later and a shiny new visa in the passport, we scored a cab into the city and checked into the narin guest house. you'll have to forgive me but i can't remember many specific road names of the places i'm going to mention.

has anyone ever read the book “off the rails in phnom penh”? i’d just read it while we were in nam, and cambodia sounded pretty damn hot. lots of weed, pussy, and excitement to name but a few of the attractions that jumped out of those photocopied pages.

orientation in p.p. is pretty straightforward when you compare it to a city like bangkok. it's a small city with a population of around 1,500,000, and getting around is simple. there's 1000s of motos (motorbike taxis) that you can hire mega cheaply and these chaps don’t try and kill you like the rascals do in bkk. anyway… back to the point. my friend and i decided to just go for a beer and some food, whoring was the last thing on our minds. we walked for a while through pp, just getting a feel for the place, and ended up in a side street than runs parallel to one of the main boulevards. i think the boulevard may have been called monievong avenue?

we’re walking down this street, and saw a nice looking quiet bar with a pool table outside, and some tables that were obviously for the attached restaurant, so we walk over towards the bar, and as if by magic… two fairly large smoked glass doors suddenly open up and we are beckoned inside. naive as we were being new to pp, we strode in expecting to see the inside of the bar restaurant. there must have been 30 – 40 very attractive girls, all identically dressed in matching tiny silky little red dresses, perched on tall bar stools, all smiling and trying to look coy and attractive, all with little numbers on there dresses the same as in a thai go go bar. we were speechless for a few seconds, but we didn’t succumb to temptation. we managed to regain some composure and had it on our toes and scampered. it was pretty intimidating. it was just the shock. don’t get me wrong, i like a bit of action and am the first person to admit that i've nobbed more than my fair share of asian babes, but that was not the time or the place… we only went out for a beer and a bite to eat, not a soapy massage with yum yum.

there were a good few more (about 30) establishments similar to this one dotted on both sides of this road, but none we were invited to enter. next we came upon a bar named “travellers bar” just the kind of place we were looking for. good food, cold beer lao, and even some other travellers. this bar seemed in no way connected to girls in anyway at all. the food was good, and so was the beer. we got talking to an expat who was teaching something, probably english, who after my gentle questioning, was starting to give us the s.p. on poonani in phnom penh.

he told us about the girls: most of them are in fact vietnamese girls, very very pretty things, i’d say on balance, prettier than the average thai bar, or go go girl. the age range goes from dangerously young (about 15) up to about mid twenties. like i said before in an earlier submission, peeps who play with **** girls need locking up. the cost for short time is a ridiculously low $5, up to about $20 for long time. anyway, we were sitting in this “travellers bar” just having a beer a and watching some satellite telly, when in strolls a bevy of girls, again attired in matching sexy dresses. it turns out that next door is yet another massage parlour, and when the girls have no customers in there, they just walk next door and see if they can pick up any custom. number 32 looked astoundingly beautiful. the english teacher quickly downed his beer and disappeared with one of the girls, to the short time room next door, my friend and me? well, i was trying to be a good boy, and whoring isn’t really my friend’s cup of tea. the teacher came back about an hour later looking revitalised, and confirmed that he paid just $5, that’s just b200!! shit man that’s cheap huh?

bikes are cheap to hire in cambodia, about $4 per day for a newish 250 cc trials bike. cruising around pp we “accidentally” came upon the infamous area known as “toul kok” (i'd actually heard about this place, and without telling my friend, kind of led us there.)

toul kok is really a shabby dirt road about 1 mile long, lined with ramshackle wooden buildings, that on one side are built on stilts over a festering canal. man, this place looks like hell. most of the shacks are in fact, mini *****houses, with groups of girls with talc on their faces, standing in the doorways beckoning you to stop and come in for a quickie. this place is more geared up to the average khmer male. we went home, but when i had a chance and my mate was busy, i quickly jumped on the bike and motored back there and had a closer look at the girls on offer. these girls were in several divisions lower than the girls from the massage parlours in the centre, however, i was nursing a case of d.s.b. (dangerous sperm build up) and on my second pass spotted a beauty at one of the doorways. i pulled up alongside and had a closer look, and upon satisfying myself that she wasn’t in fact a minger, asked her the million dollar question… “how much?” man you're not going to believe this… she said $3! the shed was not the nicest environment you’ve ever seen to get laid in by a long way, if it was in the west it would have been used to keep chickens in or something. a whole ten minutes later (i'm not proud, and that included a cigarette) i emerged having purged my sack, feeling rather refreshed. the d.s.b. had gone! to be honest the place was such a shit hole, i had one of those “what the fuck am i doing moments” and couldn’t get out of there fast enough. toul kok…. only for the hardcore, definitely not a first timer.

there are unlimited other places in pp where you can find a nice vietnamese girl to scratch your itch. (there are not many khmer working girls as they are generally horrified at the thought of selling there bodies for readies, although i can't back this up, it's just information i was told by the teacher we met.) there are quite a few bars and discos where freelancers operate. i think the disco we went to was called “martinis.” a kicking disco, well the music’s not to happening, but there are lots of girls milling around generally looking to sell you their snatch in exchange for some quick cash.

there is another area not far from pp called “svay pak” also nicknamed “k11” as it's 11 km outside the city. i have heard tales about this place but haven’t personally been there. it's a small town that is almost exclusively made up of brothels, about 20 of them, and i've been told that the prices are again $5 s/t or $20 l/t. i've also been told that it's not a good place to go after dark, and is best visited early afternoon.

siem reap… ahhhhh the famous temples of angkor. this must be one of the most awe-inspiring places i've ever been, it even beats bagan in myanmar for sheer grandeur. but as ever, there is a steady supply of poontang. there are the usual massage parlours, karaoke, and the freelancers that frequent the small bars in the town. they first try and hustle you at pool, then try and get in your cks and tussle with your muscle. i spent a few hours (s/t) with a girl from here. mmnnnn marvellous!

we went down to the south as well to sihanoukville, and you guessed it… availability on a grand scale.

cambodia… like laos is a beautiful country just crying out for the tourist $s to roll in. it's corrupt in a way that makes thailand look squeaky-clean. the government led by hun sen, is just about to win another term in office. hun sen proclaims to be a fair democratic kind of guy, but reports in the press continue to cast huge shadows over his leadership. when the opposition holds rallies, it has been known for them to be broken up with grenades, killing dozens, and the finger usually points to guess whom? (aren’t i good at not writing libellously?) and i haven’t mentioned ballot rigging have i? no? that’s okay then. petty thieves are beaten to death in the streets of pp, whilst the police look on. in what other country, do you have the choices between; a $15 eight hour journey by boat and bus from pp to siem reap, or bunging a certain guest house proprietor $25, who will then organise for you to hitch a ride on a military chopper, complete with m60 machine gun?

i loved cambodia, from dirt biking up to bokor hill station in the south, to the fantastic angkor temples in the north. to me the girls are a very small part of what cambodia has to offer. a small part, but still an enjoyable part. cambodia has only been open and safe, well, kind of safe for tourism since the late 90s, it's probably best to go there soon, as in another five years westerners might just possibly become another commodity to exploit, and we’ve all seen that happen right?

stickman says:

i too enjoyed visiting cambodia and if a certain mr sharpless has anything to do with it, i'll probably go back over and visit again. i too found it a fascinating place, but the situation with the girls there was somewhat troubling. those vietnamese girls were not there of their own volition and some of the girls seemed horribly young. more than a few girls admitted to myself and my travelling companion that they were younger than the 15 mark you mentioned. there is a lot of poverty and some of the general cleanliness and hygiene was poor, yet seeing people fiddling with these young girls in a bar was far more disgusting.

08-01-03, 02:58
Guy, a few clarifications:

Oraquik does use blood or saliva. It's no trick found in Mexico. It's right in their company (printed) literature. I know their website says blood, and the FDA has approved it as such but the instructions and insert say both have equal efficacy. I know because I still have two test kits. You can buy them legally overseas. It is no 'black market' thing, but because of them not being approved for release to the general public in the USA. In fact, on the packaging it says "Not for Sale Outside Thailand".

BTW, Oraquik has been ClIA waived, but last I heard they are still not going to release it to the general public. Totally stupid IMHO as it's as easy to use as a pregnancy test.

You are right about Orasure needing to be sent to a lab, although it doesn't really collect fluid, but antibodies from mucosal surfaces. I'm not sure what the benefit is to this test vs. Oraquik, as they both seem pretty precise. You can preserve the specimen up to 21 days using Orasure. But since the other test (OraquiK) gives you results in 20 minutes, what would be the benefit to storing the sample.

I've posted this before, but you can pick up Oraquik for 12 USD for one or 48 for four at Surwiwongse Clinic in Patpong, BKK. Not sure where else they sell it.

08-01-03, 03:21
Hey Guy#2, I realized that it was my post on Oraquik you must've been referring to.

I'm not sure what 'bullshit' you inferred from it, but I said in my previous post in the FIRST sentence you get it in Patpong. Patpong, you know, in Bangkok, SE Asia? I never said you could get it directly from them. Hello!

The rest is accurate and I stand by it. It's not just me but the company's own literature. I don't know what someone is telling you about 'tried in mexico' as Oraquick was tested using both saliva and blood. This is Oraquick's own research! So someone is blowing smoke up your butt or you never made that call.

The test citation is below if you want to look it up for yourself.

(BTW, this research was conducted for Epitope labs, the manufacturer of Oraquick in Lackland Texas. Close, but not exactly in Mexico!)


Performance of the OraQuick rapid antibody test for diagnosis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection in patients with various levels of exposure to highly active antiretroviral therapy.

O'Connell RJ, Merritt TM, Malia JA, VanCott TC, Dolan MJ, Zahwa H, Bradley WP, Branson BM, Michael NL, De Witt CC.

08-01-03, 09:13

Posting long outdated information from a book that bears no resemblence to the Cambodia today will not gain you any credibilty while I'm around.

I have been wondering:
Why do you try and pass yourself off as a Cambodian-American?


Guy #2
08-03-03, 19:52

I could care less whether or not you think I am a Cambodian American. If you don't any information to give, shut the fuck up.

I don't want credibility nor do I seek credibility. I am seeking information not a following. I am not running for office. I am trying to get laid in the cheapest and safest way.

Why would I even want you to know who I am. How many educated Cambodians are there? I want to remain anonymous. That's the purpose of this site, dummy.

Sorry Jackson, I know you want us to avoid confrontations on the site.

Query for the rest of you guys:
As my impending date to Cambodia is coming, I see a lot of bars posted on the web about the Heart of Darkness and other night clubs. I see a lot of night clubs that are not mentioned here.

Two questions:

1. Is there pussy in this club? When I walk in, will I find bar girls like the kind I hear about in Bangkok or is this like some club frequented by Westerners with dike-looking women and people just drinking bar?

2. Will I pick up Cambodian girls escorts?

3. I am deciding on hotels. Last time I stayed at my uncle's place for $20-30 a night on Nordom Blvd but it was very far from all the action and my mother in law drove me around. Now I am on my own.

I know that the Hotel Intercontinental is much nicer 80 a night. The bathroom facilities have got to be better than what I had. A lot of the bathrooms have a hose and the tub is not separated from the toilet. It is all on the same level which made me sick.

Question: Is there pussy next to the Intercontinental. If I stay at the Royal, the Cambodiana and I pay the extra $50 or $60, is there pussy nearby?

Or is this just a place for Westerners where there are no hot women and everything is overpriced.

Guy #2
08-03-03, 20:04

I am sorry. You are right.

They probably sell it through the black market.

I am flying directly to Phnom Penh, skipping Bangkok.

If I can't find orasure through a pharmacist in Phnom Penh, I'll just find some *****, dryfuck her legs, and cum on her face.

For you other guys:

That old posting that I found (okay so it's old) are there still girls like that? Can I walk into abar, find a room of 30 girls, and pick and choose.

I will be in Phnom Penh the week of August 20. I do not know if this web site is monitored by the Cambodian officials or NGO so I will not put my end date. I haven't decided what hotel I want to stay at.

I know you can find a good hotel for 30-40 if you can tolerate the bathrooms. But I might splurger for 80 and go for the Intercontinental. But I want to fuck or hump something and I do not want to walk far.

My cousin will borrow his friend's car and he has a motobike. But I want to rent my own car or motobike.

If you want to chase pussy together, let me know.

I don't think Jackson lets us put our emails addresses on here so I am not sure how to do this.

I don't want to spend 1000 to fly halfway around the world to spend my time hanging around some bullshit bar drinking bar and talking about sports. I want to get to work as soon as I get off the plane.


Just ask for the info to be posted here in the Forum.


Guy #2
08-03-03, 20:23
Pooma (did I spell that right? because there is also a Pooba):

1. If you do not believe that I am Cambodian, I will be in Phnom Penh the week of August 20. If you want to meet me I will meet with you and whip out my brown uncircumcised dick and let you suck it.

If you can't travel to Phnom Penh, send me your telephone no., I will call you and swear to you in Cambodian:

motherfucker= mechroma ("me" refers to a woman in derogatory sense like *****. I don't know what "chro" means, maybe fucker. "ma" refers to mother)


pussy=metapok ("tapok" means pussy)

dick=aponkodwa ("apon" refers to balls. "Kodwa" refers to the phallic.)

2. Why would I pretend to be a white guy? I brought a girl from Cambodia and like a fucking *****, she talked to a white guy and I don't want to go there. I annulled my fucking marriage to her. Why would I pretend to be a white guy.

I have nothing personal against you guys because we are all in it together. All searching for pussy.

But yeah I am Cambodian.

3. Again I will be in Cambodia the week of August 20. During the day, I have to attend to my search for a wife.

At night, I will be chasing pussy. Are there still any French pussy in Cambodia? Sometimes you see an occaisional white woman, usually French or Australian. But sometimes they have that dike Western look. I met an Australian woman who runs the ACE English program in Phnom Penh, and she's a fucking ****. Fucking cow, too.

Why do you think that I am not Cambodian just because I chase *****s? I mean the guys in the states they have their girlfriends and wives and then they have their escorts, *****s, mistresses. Just because a guy is white, he has to treat all women the same. Just because I am Cambodian, you expect me to be on some fucking crusade? I am not out to save your fucking world or mine.

Do you think HP-Compq, Merrill Lynch or any shit corporations gives a shit when they send enginerring and tech jobs to India and slash American jobs because an engineer costs 5,000 a year there? I am going to Cambodia, Argentina, Bangkok, St. Petersburg for the same reason. Because the bitches here in the US are too expensive. I can get a white or hispanic girl in Buenos Aires for 100 an hour or 300 a day plus a flight of 11 hours for $800. You can rent a car with a US DL license for 30/ day. And the girls are hot. I can fuck a Cambodian girl for 3 a pop, 20 a night. Why the fuck should I fuck a white, Asian, hispanic, black girl in the states for $200-300 an hour with a bad attitude.

This is about economics. Getting the most pussy for the most buck. Check out the CIA Factbook for each country. They have good statistics on Aids. For example, Argentina's pussy is pretty cheap $300 a day. More than Cambodia but the percentage of people with AIDS in Argentina is the same as the US. Cambodia is much higher like 4-5%. So the additional money that you pay for Argentina pussy may be worth it.

Why am I going to Cambodia then? Because I am getting engaged as well.

4. Yeah, and no cheap comments about my search for a wife. I mean there are things that no man should tread. There are some things in life that are sacred like family. I mean I don't talk about your suburban wives or girlfriends. I talk about the stupid bitches I pick up at the community colleges or in the mall or in the clubs. I don't talk about anybody's fucking wife.

So please keep your comments to the *****s out there. I don't give a fuck how they got to be *****s, Asian, white, black, hsipanic. That's not my fucking problem. I am consumer of pussy, not fucking Jesus Christ.

Guy #2
08-03-03, 20:28

Do you know why the Cambodian Embassy didn't charge me $20 for a visa? Do you know why my visa has no expiration date? Because I am both an American citizen and Cambodian citizen. Cambodia recognizes dual citizenship. Because I was born there, I was not required to pay a tourist visa fee. I am not sure why my visa has no expiration date.

Guy #2
08-03-03, 20:39
Plus that's not post. I didn't post that to share information. I posted that to say that is the kind of things I am looking for. I saw more posts like that on the Bangkok page than on the Phon Penh page.

When I booked my flight I was trying to stay in Bangkok for 2-3 days but I do not have enough vacation time. So I am fucking stuck in Phnom Penh. I say "stuck" because I have not seen any posts with prices, street, names, escorts. I am worried that my trip is going to suck.

I am trying to find out why the posts in Bangkok is so different than here. Are there no bar girls in Phnom Penh? When I went to Cambodia on 2 prior trips and I saw the girls with beer slogans on their dress, was I fucking stupid? Were those beer girls and I didn't know that? Was I supposed to ask the owner of he restaurant if I can pay their beer fine? I thought they were fancy waitresses or models?

Who are those fucking girls in the restaurants with the evening gowns and the beer banner? There are 6-7 of them ata place. Are these beer girls?

Are there less posts here because you guys just don't go to Cambodia because it's too foreign to Westerners?

I mean it's not foreign to me. I just don't know where the pussy is.

That's why I think this trip is going to suck. I am going to get engaged.

Well, anyway, I will do my best at night. In the next 3 weeks before my trip, I will scour the web for info. When I get there I will ask the girls, why the fuck are you standing here with evening dresses and a fucking beer banner? (Seriously, not a joke.)

So if that post that I found was old, what is the Cambodian of today?

Why the desire for info? Because I do not want to waste my vacation days looking for pussy. I want to know where the pussy is when I get off the plane so that I do not waste every hour.

Guy #2
08-03-03, 21:25
1. The reason why my posts are sincere is because unlike Cambodian Pro, I am not trying to be cool. I am really not happy about going to Cambodia. I am in a way psst off that I have to waste my vacation days on Cambodia. I was trying to sneak in 2 days in Hanoi or Bangkok. There is no satisfaction for me in fucking a Cambodian *****. It's not like I am doing something exotic because I was born there. I find a bigger turn on fucking Japanese, white, hispanic or black women. It's a bigger turn on because you see this little Asian guy with a little dick giving it to some white girl and cuming in her face. The Japanese is a turn on because the Japanese are so closed off and ethnocentric that it's a turn on for me to cum in their mouth.

2. I know I posts a lot and I apologize. Not a single post has a story. I post a lot because I am very thorough. Before I go to Cambodia, I want to know the map of Phnom Penh like the back of my hand, I want to read every post, I want to know where all the clubs are, etc.

3. If I had my pick, though, I would go to St. Petersburg, Moscow, or Buenos Aires.

4. I am travelling to Cambodia to get engaged and because the pussy (the *****s) is cheap. I have to save up for the engagement party, though. Generally, it's 1000-2000 for the ring, 2000-3000 for the engagement party, 5000-10000 for the wedding reception depending on the no. of tables, plus the costs of her flight, passport, etc. (Yes, US dollars. Real girls are not cheap, just the *****s).

5. I concluded that I would only have enough money left for the $5 or $20 escorts if I were going to do 3 girls a day.

6. But no, I am not happy about going to Cambodia. But if I were to go to Argentina, I would not have a wife and would lose out on my longterm investment. All I would get is my shortterm investment on pussy. I had 14 lap dances in a college town a month ago during their $15 specials and can't even remember a damn thing. That's the problem with short term investments, unles you video tape your escapade.

7. To make up for my loss, during the 6 months that the k visa is being processed, I plan to cruise the city for black and hispanic chicks and try to pick up the white milfs and single moms in the suburbs and see if I can get some pussy for free in the states. Again I am the first to admit that is hard. Usually you have to lie. Seduction is not a crime though, as long as their is no promise or exchange of money.

8. So I am not posting my Cambodian entries because I am top dog. That's like being king of the monkeys. I am going to Cambodia because I have no choice. If I want to have enough money and vacation time to find a wife during the day and feel up some bar sluts at night, Cambodia is the logical choice. I'll get a few weeks of some bar sluts and in six months I will have a new wife. In the meantime, I can try--although perhaps unsuccessfully--to see if I can pick up some more free pussy around where I live.

I mean it's all about saving money.

I don't want to end up like Bob Crane. I mean this is a hobby, a pasttime. But at the end of the day, you still want a wife and kids. Hunting for pussy should not consume your savings. You still need to keep your eye on the ball.

Cambodia is just a cheap vacation for me.

9. But no, if I had my choice, I'd fly to argentina and fuck some white or hispanic girls. They are more exotic to me. Of course, if I were a white guy, which I am not, the Thais and the Cambodians would be more exotic to me. But since I am already Cambodian, I just expect them to put out for me because I am one of them. That's why I am not happy about going to Cambodia.

So don't get me wrong. I am not running for King of the Monkeys. These posts are simply a way to be very thorough in my research before I got there.

When I come back, I'll post stories of where you can find girls. But because I am very careful and have a future, the stories will probably be about me dryfucking someone or cumming in her face. Probably no peneration or contact because I don't want to die.

Plus Asians will fuck you no matter how old you are.

Western women are a little more picky about age. In terms of economics, it costs more too. When the heir to the Firestone company goes on national television and the best he can do is some late 20s bimbo from Chicago, that tells you how overpriced sex is in the US. It doesn't mean they are worth me. It means that the dollar buys you less.

So by going to Asia now, I feel like I am incurring the opportunity costs of fucking some girl in Europe or South America. Because when I do get an opportunity to fuck someone in Europe, my costs will be much higher taking into account inflation and the fact that I will be older and less appealing.

But I can go to Asia anytime. I could be 70 with my small wrinkle dick and I can still find a *****. There are what 10 billion chinese women and the baby girls are being thrown in the river every day. That tells you how much a Chinese girl is worth.

It's all about saving money, guys. Nothing personal.t me dryfucking someone or cumming in her face. Probably no peneration or contact because I don't want to die.

Guy #2
08-03-03, 21:39

The other thing that bugs me is the Cambodian American on their websites do this do--that why do you assume that I am white? Because I don't look like or write like a monkey? Because I have a graduate degree? Because my grammar is not all fucked up when I write? When I came to the US with my parents, we came here on a plane under political asylum. Then the Khmer Rough slaughtered all the people with light skin, the teachers, govt officials, educated people. The only people left are from the countryside--yeah, savages. Then the dark skinned Cambodian came here on boats and congregated in cities like Lowell, Long Beach (86,000 Cambodians), Houston, Seattle. They make me look bad. They speak broken English, can't assimilate, go to community colleges, and good luck if they can even try to pick up white, hispanic, or black pussy.

I am doing what I can for all the Asian guys out there with the little dicks. The fact that you don't think that I am one of these monkeys must mean that I am doing a good job.

08-03-03, 23:29
Guy#2 said:

"The bathroom facilities have got to be better than what I had. A lot of the bathrooms have a hose and the tub is not separated from the toilet. It is all on the same level which made me sick."

I suggest that you avoid K11 if you have to have a nice bathroom.

08-04-03, 06:42

I don't know what to tell you.

I don't know what your frame of reference is in terms of what you 'expect' from Cambo.

If you are expecting an experience akin to Thailand, my experience was very different. There is not the quantity Thailand has (although there is probably a vast amount of untapped puss I didn't see). The main venues are K-11, 63rd street, Sharky's , and Martini's.

The environment is very run down compared to Thailand (unless you are comparing many of the venues to the lower end Thai brothels, then it gets more equitable).

Martini's is good, but sort of a scrappier Thermae. It has better quality of women, however.

Overall, I like Thailand better (probably because I speak the language and know some of the mamasans and can get some very nice girls from them), but I've seen some fine women's pics posted from Cambo. Cost? 5 bucks. The language barrier was signifigant for me, and I missed some of the interplay I enjoy with Thai women (in other words, although sex is important it's not ALL about the sex for me).

The women seemed to enjoy the sex a lot less in Cambo. Maybe Thais are better actressess, dunno, but that was my impression both in PP and SR. I got more of an indentured flava from the women, many not into kissing, and overall, although fine were not as enjoyable as an experience.

But I am going back because I feel like one visit was not enough. Perhaps I was missing something. Maybe my mileage will vary the next trip?

08-04-03, 19:48
Guy #2 I keep telling you.

It's in Patpong, BKK Thailand. The name is Suriwongse clinic. It's not a black market.

The test for sale is ORAQUICK , not ORASURE. As you have researched, ORASURE must be sent to a lab. So again, it is ORAQUICK





If you're truly going to Cambodia, you should have enough of a layover to find it (unless you're flying right over in Cambopro's Learjet, LOL).

Last time I post this!

Cambodia Pro
08-05-03, 02:35
36 Cuties fuked in 12 hours.

disclaimer, If you don't like my posting, simply ignore them. I share information for those that can live their dreams in real life.

Cost breakdown,

Cuties 36 @ 10 each = $360
bus = $70
Condoms( pack of 50) = $30

food = $50
Rented Brothel = $60 (from noon to midnight)

I DEDICATED this fukathon to those men in the west that are married to western beasts. My heart goes out to all of you. Your situation is not completely hopeless. Cut your losses short, and divorce the leaches. You don't have to bleed/suffer forever. You are responsible for your own happiness. The beast will let you suffer as long as you take it. for her it is a great deal, she sucks all your money, and maybe let you fuk her obese body a couple of times per month while the fat beast lies in bed like a dead corpse. I was going to fuk 15 cuties, but for some strange reason, Some of the women posting here in the forum under male names(you know who you are) seem to get angry when I fuked many cuties at once. For them, the angry feminazis, I increased my count to 36 cuties just for you feminazis, I dedicate the extra fuks to you.

I love feminazis, No punishment I could think of can possibly surpass the punishment feminazis inflict themselves every morning when they have to look themselves in the mirror, and see their suicidal , men hating angry faces reflected in the mirror. Same when they go to sleep alone at night crying in despair with a giant plastic dildo as their only companion because no man will take their bs for too long. LOL

But now, here is the record breaking fukathon review.


It is incredibly hard to get 10 people to meet in a place at a specific time. For those that attend conferences, or have their office assistants schedule meetings, you know what I mean.

Now, Imagine getting 40 girls from 15 different brothels come to your place for your enjoyment, and the task becomes exceedingly difficult even for a seasoned punther. The solution was to break the formidable task into smaller tasks to accomplish the fuk mission. Out of 40 scheduled to appear , 36 participated in the fukathon, 4 could not make because something came up at the last minute.

I broke the task into 4 batches of cuties, my driver drove the bus to collect the cuties at designated times.

First batch dropped at the brothel at
12 - 3 pm First batch, 12 cuties (bareback oral), 9 cums

Driver goes to collect next batch while I fuk first batch.

Driver drops second batch at 3:00PM, collects first batch and takes them to their respective brothels, The cuties get paid at the time they get off the bus at their brothels.

3 - 6 pm Second batch , 9 cuties, 3 cums

break dinner/snack 6 - 7pm Recharge my balls

7 - 10pm Third batch , 10 cuties ( bareback blow jobs, pussy to mouth action) 4 cums

10 pm - Midnight 5 cuties ( The best for last, anal, ass to mouth action) 2 cums

I did not have music this time as the grand challenge was about fuking as many cuties as possible in the least amount of time. basically, pushing the envelope on what is humanly possible from a sex capability point. I only came 18 times(without any viagra, viagra is for the genetically weak). I was a bit dissapointed I expected to come at least 20 times. But holding sex for a week, actually reduced my hit rate. I came too hard the first 5 cums,draining most my energy. The back of your head will also start to hurt after 9 cums, feels like a headache but it is only in the part midpoint between your ears. A pulsating kind of pain. Goes away if you rest , but keeps hounding you every time you get pumping the cuties again.
I enjoyed the challenge , but I will try for 100 cuties next time, and try to come at least 30 times in a two day period, I believe it is possible, That's about 1 cum per hour in a 48 hour time frame, I have a budget of $30,000 to spend on Cambodian sex in 2003. I've only spend about $8,000. I may start tipping the girls a bit more even if that ruins the price for some of you. Sorry.

Some distances for those that venture into the countless pleasures in Cambodia.

PP to Sihanoukville = 230 km
pp to siem reap = 314 km

The train station is about 1 mile from the Independence monument.

Other pointers, you need 2 passport photos for your tourist visa, and a $20 bill when you arrive at the PP international airport. It is $25 for a business visa.

I don't recommend going/staying in Thailand , costs are 40% TO 100% than Cambodia, hotel and girls. Thailand also has a $20 departure tax which is a rip off.

From cambodia with lust,

The Sex King of Cambodia (if not the world), Cambodia pro

08-05-03, 03:05
Cambodia Pro

I wish I was there with you as your camera man to document your lustful adventure for all the horny western males to view!

Seldom Seemly
08-05-03, 04:38
I am fascinated by the quibbling about Cambodia Pros reports. Either they are true and accurate or not. Who really cares? They are certainly entertaining, and for most of the mongers reading this site, that should be enough. If the best you can do from month to month is hit an AMP or have a lap dance in some surburban mall, then why waste your time critcizing someone who is spreading his "wings" a little further afield? I have been to Cambodia and find that most of what he says is reasonable , if maybe a little exagerated. I dont care. Reading his "reports" reminds me of all the fun I had there and makes me want to go back again soon. if i nees to check the costs on my own, so I will. As to the physiology, I am an MD, and can easily believe that his exploits are within the realm of probablity.

Happy Hunting!

08-05-03, 08:11

Hey man, maybe next time you can paradrop in while jacking off, land right in Svay Pak with your 'landing' being the impaling of four women at once! Get off on the right foot (or cock as it were, HAHAHAHA).

Dude, seriously I think you could've gone for 24. 18 cums is weak brother! My grandfather managed to jack off 462 times in one day at the age of 80. I think he is a hummingbird.

08-06-03, 02:04

According to Cambo-pro, you really think his reports are fantasy? I mean, according to him, he came every half-hour in a 12 hour stretch.

Besides being physiologically impossible (along with his travel fable) the whole scenario reeks of bullshit. It should be titled "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME".

I for one am no longer going to respond to Cambo-pro. Consider this my last post in relation to anything he posts. I suggest we all 'blacklist' him. Too bad Jackson doesn't have an 'ignore' button on his website.

So in the future, CP, post away. Hopefully the rest will ignore your useless rambling and focus on real information regarding Cambodia.

Are you with me on this guys?

Guy #2
08-06-03, 04:27
1. Thanks Poobah. I am sorry. When I read my emails, it's in between work and I am just scanning. I plan to go back and build a file of your reports and other people.

2. I think I am fucking stupid. I saw some posts on a different website that the women with the numbers on their evening gowns are escorts. I saw tons of these girls. There is a strip outside of town where all the locals eat at fancy restaurants and all the weddings and engagement parties are held. I thought they were waitresses no! They had to have been escorts.

3. I agree that Thailand makes it more inviting to English speakers to meet women. I think the escorts will always be in Cambodia as long as there are desperate women who are starving. I am hoping to exploit that: I hope that my knowledge of the Cambodian language will make it easier for me to pick up certain girl than you guys are overlooking because of the language barrier. That way I can pick up someone who has not been porked too many times, lessening my chances of getting STDS. Obviously, the local savages may have gotten to her and filled her with shit stained cum.

4. If I were a really sick bastard, I would seduce those women who sent me their pictures wanting me to marry them and share them with you guys. But I can't do that to my own people. So I deleted their phone no. and photos and will start new--just like you when you come to Cambodia.

5. Thanks, Jackson. I will be in Cambodia from August 20 through the first couple of weeks of September. If you guys want to chase pussy with me, post your information here, and I will come find you. Right now I am leaning towards the Intercontentinental.

6. Before I go on my trip, I will summarize my research of all the posts and info on the webs. Based upon my research, I will lists hotels and streets and bars.

7. When I return in Septmber, I will summarize what I actually encountered. Actually, the internet cafe charges $1 an hour so maybe I will post a day by day.

8. Pooma, no hard feelings.

9. Cambodian Pro, I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Please post addresses and bars and contacts like you see on the Bangkok board.

10. Thanks for the tip about K-

11. Last time I got diahrea.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 04:34

Thanks for the tip about the bars. I will try each one. Oh I see K-11 is a bar, not a hotel.

I did not know that pictures were posted? Do you have the website. You don't mean escorts? You mean pictures people sent you?

I asked my cousin if he could find me some college girls who are clean but who will fuck. He has a friend who can bring me girls. I don't talk to my cousin a lot because he is always hitting me up for money. He's already hit me up for 700 through Western Union. He's also too fucking clean and honest to know where the pussy is.

But I am very aggressive. When I get to Cambodia, I plan to contact his contact and find out where I can get some clean college girls. I would post his phone no. on here but he is my cousin and he has a wife and family. Don't want to get him in trouble.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 04:44
I think that we are missing something here. Not a single post about the women in the restaurant with the beer banner and the no. The no.s mean something. There is also a closed end room where you can eat privately. Every girl I saw was gorgeous. I think that you can get an escort at these restaurants. The banner was always Tiger beer. I don't drink, so I wasn't payin attention.

I think if one of us check this out--and I will if you won't, you might find pussy here.

I mean why would you have 50 girls in evening wear lined up with no.?

I didn't know what the fuck was going on because I was having dinner with family and friends. I looked around and no one else seemed to be paying too much attention. But it is like that every night I went to eat out with my hosts.

My nose tells me these are escorts.

If you get there first, try this:

"Excuse me" -- Yom Somtoh

"You are very beautiful" Ohn shadt

"What are those numbers" Eh qua nun lech nun?

"If I pay, will they let me buy your time" Bunsun yom I ka lu, ka I ohn tu chumu yum

"How much" Mann?

Yes, I am serious. Please try asking this.

08-06-03, 04:59
Uh.. Pro, there is NO Thailand departure fee (unless you mean the 500B BKK airport departure fee) unless they did something in the last 6 weeks) You sure you were in the right country?

Anyway, puffery aside, I agree that Cambodia is a very nice place to hobby, just that I doubt your claim of physical stamina (if true, I can only envy you)

Guy #2
08-06-03, 05:03
Travel tip:

1. Looked on the internet and found that flights to PnomhPenh (PNH) was $3000.

1b. Already received my tourist visa via a prepaid FedEx that I sent to the Cambodian Embassy / Consulate in the US.

2. Called a local travel agent who deals with consolidated wholesalers and bought my tickets for $1100 nonstop through Taiwan. Tickets are refundable for $350 and there's a $150 change fee. Four years ago I paid $1200. Good to see that prices haven't gone up.

3. I could have stopped in Bangkok for an extra $150. You get 1-2 stopover. Then the fares go up.

4. I did see that you can buy flights on orbitz to Bangkok for 900-1000 and then buy a ticket on Thai airlines to PNH for 200-300. Didn't want to deal with the Internet sites.

5. Had my tetnus (good for 10 years) and hepatitis B shots today (you need 3 boosters). The doctor charged me 125 for the visit but $80 for the hepatitus shot. Fucking stupid me I should have gone to the county clinic (I live in the suburbs so it's pretty clean)for a cheaper hepatitus shot. Submitted my prescriptions for malaria, typoid, and cipro at Walmart. Cipro is for traveller's diarrhea. Had that last time when I ate mussels in Pnh.

6. Now I am looking for motorbike or car rental. Will post information if I find any.

7. Now will search for hotels near where the women are. But I will not book with a credit card. Don't trust them. Last time I booked a room with the Mandarin in Bangkok without a card. Don't want to buy on Orbitz because I do not want to get locked into a place if I change my mind. What if security at the Intercontinetal won't let me take nasty women upstairs.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 05:45
I found a good detailed map of Phnom Penh at this website. You can zoom in and get a detailed map of the city section by section.


These maps will let me identify all the bars and clubs from your posts.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 20:09
Cambodian Diary August 6, 2003

Received a call this morning from my future mother in law telling me not to come because the elections are still winding down and it is too dangerous. I still plan on coming. Last time I went in 1998 it was right after the 1997 coup when the US Embassy issued a travel advisory. If the country goes to hell, I can always get out being an American citizen. Was supposed to register with the American Embassy on my last trip but didn't do so. Reviewed the American Embassy website and saw no travel advisory. There is an advisory that US millitary personnel are forbidden to go to the Heart of Darkness Club.

Received a confirmation for booking my stay at the Intercontinental for $90 a night. The website I used didn't require a credit card.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 22:28
Here is a report on commercial sex in Cambodia issued in 2002:

It gives the type of sex establishments and numbers, i.e. 328 brothels in Phnom Penh.

Of course the street names are not listed. But it gives you and me a better understanding of what to look for.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 22:34
PS: For the liberal Jews out there,

Someone here mentioned something about throwing a bone to these girls or treating them like girlfriends. Why don't you just buy them out of their debt. According to the report, these girls are sold and must repay their debt. I suspect that the average debt is under 1,000 (I do not know) since the average sex act is $4.00. So next time, if you want to save the world, pay off the girl's debt with what would cost for 2 hours of sex. Not so easy is it?

I think the NGOs spending millions of dollars to feed their fat cat excutives (even non profits have high paying senior staff members) and the fucking Christian funds should pay off these girls' debts if they were really serious. But they are probably fucking them like everyone else.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 22:57
If you read the report that I found on the web which surveyed 440 female sex workers and beer promotion girls (sounds like the girls with the evening dresses and beer banners), who reported to a health clinic, more than 1/3 had STDS. 1/3 of the female sex workers at the brothels had STDS including AIDS and 1/5 of the beer girls had STDS.

1. Of course this sample only includes the women who reported to the clinic, unless I read the report wrong. CORRECT me if I read it wrong.

2. The beer girls seem safer than the female sex workers.

3. Focus on the beer girls or some informal arrangement, like a poor college girl who will put out for a week. Cambodia is already cheap by world comparison so maybe you can find a normal girl off the street like at a college and make her your short time girlfriend.

4. I am not taking any chances. I am just going for the dryfuck or lapdance. Or something where her bodily fluids or cold sores does not touch my skin. I guess I am just going to whack off to watching these girls strip.

Guy #2
08-06-03, 23:06
I just found out from someone who work with me who read the Wall Street Journal that the girls with the beer banners are beer girls. They get paid for promoting beers and pushing you to buy beers. The numbers are not for calling them for fucking them. I suspect that you can negotiate your own deals with them. Again, we are back to seduction. You have to seduce them and work out your own deal. That is probably why the rate of infection in these girls in the study is less than the female sex workers. But it's stil high at 20%.

It leads me to conclude that the best technique is to pick them up off the street like you do in the US or anywhere else. The advantage is that these girls are so poor. They can be seduced more easily with a $20 note than a college girl in NYU in Manhattan who needs someone to pay for her $1000 rent.

Cambodia Pro
08-07-03, 04:33

You are correct it is the fee charged at the BKK international airport. I was so pissed about those $20, I cursed all the way to Cambodia, all I remember is that I had to pay that stupid fee, I even had to go to the money exchange booth because they would not take dollars. I bowed never to stop in BKK again. I have kept my promise. Compared to Cambodiia, prices in BKK are 40% to 100% higher than Cambodia. Hotels and girls.

As for my stamina, I've always been insatiable. I know it sounds like fantasies to some. But to me it all happens in real life.

All I can tell the non-believers is to come to Cambodia and see the girlies yourself, and have your own orgy with maybe 5 or 7 girls at the same time, this does not present too many logistical problems. It's downright easy, any of the brothels mamasan will be happy to give you the entire line up to have your own private orgy.

Your private orgy with 5 to 7 girlies for less than $90 including the room at the brothel.

From Cambodia with lust.

Originally posted by Dinghy
Uh.. Pro, there is NO Thailand departure fee (unless you mean the 500B BKK airport departure fee) unless they did something in the last 6 weeks) You sure you were in the right country?

Anyway, puffery aside, I agree that Cambodia is a very nice place to hobby, just that I doubt your claim of physical stamina (if true, I can only envy you)

08-07-03, 07:04
i keep going back to Cam Pro's grueling 16 hour flight from Brazil.
If it was a direct flight, or a non stop, why pay the 500 Baht departure tax in BKK? even in transit, there would be no tax, as it is only owed once you have actually entered the kingdom. Aplogies to all for harping on the subject, just trying to cut through the huge amount of BS

1 ball

08-07-03, 07:35
Here I am again. Still seems like there is some bullshit spreading on this site. What would make some of you feel so insecure to have a need to build yourself up at the expense of the truth and to the detriment of the Cambodian people anyway? I thought you sex tourists with all your money and education come from advanced societies?

Just a quick run-down:

Cambodia Pro = 80% bullshit / 20% truth
Guy #2 = 50% bullshit / 50% truth

It would be a waste of my time to elaborate on the amount of crap CP posts.
G#2, you have some valid info, but the problem is for other members, which half is it?

- You refer to your own people as "MONKEYS", yet you claim to be Cambodian.

- Your (phonetic) spelling of Khmer words doesn't even come close to Khmer pronunciation.

Rather than correct you (and cause your loss of face), I appeal to you to provide accurate info without the fantasy.

Thank you.


08-07-03, 18:35
I thought I posted this already, but I think the best thing regarding is Cambo pro is just to ignore him. Not respond to his obvious bullshit posts. IMHO he's an attention ***** and that's his sole purpose for posting here.

This will be my strategy and if I have anything worthwhile to post re: Cambodia I will.

Guy #2
08-07-03, 22:11
Traveler's tip: Do not use a credit card to reserve a room.

Received my confirmation from a 5 star hotel for my reservation. I did not have to give a credit card. Now I am not LOCKED INTO a room and rate. This gives me the opportunity to look around for hotels closer to ample pussy when I arrive in PNH.

You are welcome to join me. Feel the force, Luke. Come to the dark side. HAHA.

08-08-03, 02:35
You are completely correct about the Un-Pros bullshit lines. Not required to pay the 500baht if you are simply intransit.

And of course, his new line of BS is even more rediculous than the last. The 16 hours flight continues to go unexplained and until he's willing to show us how this is possible, we should all assume his posts are pure fantasy. What a shame, he's starting to get careless and slipping up with regularity with his untruths. Just comical actually: He says he makes $50,000 in a month and then gives us references to cheap two star hotels? And complaints about $20 airport fees that he doesn't have to pay?

I wish we could get past this guy but as long as he continues to post his fluff I feel obliged to point out his lies.

Take care,


Cambodia Pro
08-08-03, 05:26
Hey Guy #2,

That is a good map. This one gives you the Club Locations with the name in the map. Can't make it more convenient for you.
Martinis is in the lower left corner, next to the street 404. Most of the other clubs are close to the central market. e.g. Le Cyrcee, Shangai bar, Sharky bar, etc. 63 street is behind some of the bars.


You can look at other Cambodia maps if you decide to venture aoutside PP which I recommend to have the whole Cambo experience.


Have fun, live your fantasy in real life.

Cambodia..... where sex dreams come true.

Originally posted by Guy #2
I found a good detailed map of Phnom Penh at this website. You can zoom in and get a detailed map of the city section by section.


These maps will let me identify all the bars and clubs from your posts.

Cambodia Pro
08-08-03, 05:39
1 Ball.......relax,

If you are ever in Cambodia , I will buy you a drink at Martini's.

Just look for the cool man dancing like crazy with the most beautiful girlies at Martini's around 9PM to 10 PM on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays. That's me! The one in the white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt. I bought about 50 of those at a store liquidation. I wear the same type of shirt when I go to martini's, it's sort of my trademark image. I have met punthers from Germany, England, and Australia. That say, Are you Cambo pro? When I say yes, they have this look of awe, and amusement on their faces, to meet someone in person that they only know by a handle in the WWW, they always shake my hand and ask me about the good places in Cambodia.

In any case the time shared jet is a new thing for me. I still have to use commercial airplanes for long journeys to Europe and Brazil, or when the jet is being used by the other owners.

Cambodia.... where sex dreams come true.

Originally posted by 1ball
If it was a direct flight, or a non stop, why pay the 500 Baht departure tax in BKK? even in transit, there would be no tax, as it is only owed once you have actually entered the kingdom. Aplogies to all for harping on the subject, just trying to cut through the huge amount of BS

1 ball

Guy #2
08-08-03, 15:30
Traveler tip:

1. I was wrong. The five star hotel wants payment in advance. Am still searching for a hotel that does not require advance payment and that has a phone.

2. Found a car and driver through a tour operator for $25 a day from 7am to 7pm or $3/hour after 7:00 p.m. I know this is high. But at least I found something.

3. Found out that the banks will cash traveler's checks for 2% fee at CCCP Bank with a $2000 limit per day.

4. Found a cell phone that I can rent for $5 a day from Samart. Am still investigating per minute rate.

5. Found another cell phone provider that charges .06$ per minute but am investigating rate for hand set and other fees that are not clear to me.

6. Still investigating whether hotel has phones and safe deposit box

Even Batman needs his utility belt.

Here's what I think I will need to chase pussy in Cambodia:

1. Cell phone
2. Decent hotel with clean toilet and phone and safe deposit box
3. Car and driver for 7:00pm through 4:00 a.m.
4. Access to cash
5. A thorough knowledge of the map and streets

Women that make good safe sex partners:

1. Girls off the street (ordinary women older than 18)
2. College girls
3. Employees at hotels/ restaurants--girls with jobs looking to supplement their income
4. Other people's wives
5. Beer girls/ promotional models

Too dangerous and will rule out except for a consensual good feel:

5. Sex workers--except for consensual dryfucking and nude dancing and a good feel (no promise and no exchange of money)

6. Bar girls--same as 5
7. Girls who date white guys (high risk)--same as 5
8. Girls who date the natives (even more high risk)--same as 5
9. Girls who I meet in bars.

Perfect girls to fuck but can't for ethical reasons:

10. The 40-50 college girls who contacted me about marriage. They are clean because they know or should know that INS test for AIDS.

Guy #2
08-09-03, 03:47
as i am preparing for my trip, my research now focuses on the laws and enforcement activities and ngo activities. below is a recent article from the ap. this is what i consider an "original source" document as opposed to meer speculation, gossip, anecdotes. as i said, "just the facts, ma'am."

as a disclaimer, i support the enforcement activities against these brothels using **** children. i am not posting this to promote such activity. i am posting this as an example of original source documents that you should try to cite when you discuss your fears of the ngo overreaching and trumping up false charges.

a good observation is that during the arrests, no westerners were arrested and they seemed to go after the brothel owners. again i am not promoting such conduct by the brother owners or children, which is sick.

do you see the website at the bottom. this gives you your next lead to get an idea of the laws and policies of the host country:


posted on wed, apr. 02, 2003

13 arrested in cambodian brothel raid
ker munthit
associated press

phnom penh, cambodia - thirteen vietnamese, arrested in raids on a notorious brothel district in phnon penh, were charged tuesday with using children as prostitutes.

thirty-seven vietnamese girls - one as young as 5, and another 9 years old - were rescued in the raids on saturday, a prosecutor said.

seven women and five men were charged with prostituting children and conspiracy to prostitute children, lawyer khut sopheang said. if found guilty, they face between 10 to 20 years in prison, he said.

another man was charged with prostituting children and drug possession. the charges carry a combined penalty of up to 25 years in prison.

the suspects were arrested saturday in a raid on the brothel district by cambodian police and members of a u.s. christian human rights group, the international justice mission.

investigators from the group had videotaped sex trade transactions involving young girls and passed the evidence onto police, who raided and rescued the 37 girls. one of the rescued girls was 5 years old and another nine of them were under 10, said maj. phuong sophy from the interior ministry's bureau of juvenile protection and anti-[CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908).

the 10 youngest girls were found hiding in a bathroom and under a bed in one house, said maj. phuong sophy, who led the raid.


on the net: international justice mission, www.ijm.org

Guy #2
08-09-03, 19:48
Here is a list of nightclubs that I found during my research. The website --ttp://www.marveltour.com/marvel/eng/cambodia_explorations/cambodia_night_clubs.html--has a list of bars too.

This does not end the analysis. There are two questions you must consider:

1. Where are these clubs on the map?
2. How can I get to the clubs and get pussy without getting rob? Motoribike (you have to leave your passport) ? Walk (safe?) Driver and car $3 an hour (adds to your cost of getting laid.

(I got this all off the web. I'll try to visit these places and report back after August 20.)

7 Star 342 , Street Monivong Blvd,
Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang I ,
Khan Chamcar Mon, Phno Phnom Penh
Tel : 012 828 803012 838 239

BIBA Krom 8 , Mondol 3 , Sangkat 3 ,
Khan Mittapheap Krong Preah Sihanouk
Tel : 012 889 840012 892 219

Bopha Tep Street 9, Phum Prek Mohatep,
Khum Prek Prah Sdach,
Srok Battam Bang Battambang
Tel : 015530141

BOPHA TIP I 463, St Sisowath, Sangkat Chaktomuk,
Khan Daun Penh Phnom Penh
Tel : 012 851 341

BOPHA TIP II 20 Moasitong Blvd,
Sangkat Boeung Keng Kang III,
Khan Chamkamon Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 427 480012 851 341

CASADISCO CLUB 39, St 47, Sangkat Sras Chork,
Khan Daun Penh Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 360 595

Golden Boss 392 Monivong Blvd.
Sangkat Boeung Kengkang 1 Khan
Camkarmon Phnom Penh
Tel : 012 847080

Koh Keo Phum Chork , Khum Rokaknong,
Srok DaunKeo, Takeo Takeo

Ly Lay 321-329 Street Khampucheakrom Khan 7
Makara Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 428517

LY LAY 221-331, St Kampuchea Krom,
Sangkat Mittapheap,
Khan 7 Makara Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 428 516

Makao Krom 8 , Mondul 4 ,Sangkat 4 ,
Khan Mittapheap Krong Preah Sihanouk
Tel : 016- 844 133016- 844 633

Martini (discotheque) Phum Watdomnak, Khum Salakamroek,
Srok Siem Reap Siem Reap
Tel : 012838688

Nigh Sound Beer Garden 7B, Street 84, Phnom Pernh Phnom Penh
Tel : 016 823 040

PACIFIC KISS 10,St 128, Sangkat Phsar Thmei II,
Khan Daun Penh Phnom Penh
Tel : 018 810 441

PHKA CHHOUK TIP I 5, St 336, Sangkat Phsar Doeum Kor,
Khan Toul Kork Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 427 446

PHKA CHHOUK TIP II 7, St 336, Sangkat Phsar Doeum Kor,
Khan Toul Kork Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 428 219

Sharaton Dancing 47,Sangkat.Wat Phnom,
Khan.Daun Penh Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 360395023 360396
Fax : 023361199, 023 426858
Email : Sharaton @ forum.org.kh

Tep Mono Phum Chork , Khum Rokaknong,
Srok Daunkeo, Takeo Takeo

Than Sour Phum Kbal Krabey, Khum Svay Paur ,
Srok Battam Bang Battambang

Toeuk Roam Phka Roam 39-90, St 139, Sangkat Vealvong,
Khan 7 Makara Phnom Penh
Tel : 023 366 096

Vimean Kongkea Street Sisowath Sangkat Watphnom
Khan Daun Penh Phnom Penh
Tel : 015 920943

Guy #2
08-09-03, 19:56
I am still looking for a good hotel. I am considering the Micasa, the Cambodiana, Sunway or the Intercontinental.

I am looking for a hotel that:

1. Has a telephone that I can call cell users;
2. Has an in room safe;
3. Has a Western style bathroom;
4. Has cheap laundry service; and
5. Is (a) within walking distance to a market where I can pick up ordinary girls

and (b) within walking distance to a nightclub where I can pick up bad girls.

Let me know if you have any information.

It would also be nice if I can find a hotel under $60 that can meet these requirements.

Other things I am looking for:
1. Car and driver cheaper than $3 an hour.
2. Cell phone rental--what is rental per minute in Cambodia.
3. Motorbike rental that does not ask for my passport.
4. Pharmacy that sells oraquick.
5. Cheap place to do my laundry.
6. Your personal experiences in picking up girls in bars. etc

Guy #2
08-09-03, 21:10
It took me 3 days to find a website that pulled up maps of streets in Phnom Penh by street name and no. Try this:


Guy #2
08-09-03, 21:24
I spent the last 4-5 days looking for a good website that gives addresses and locations of all the bars and night clubs along with a description of the neighborhoods. They all suck. The best of the worst was on www.concerge.com. They had a nice description of all he neighborhoods.

Remember those restaurants I mentioned. That sounds like the area across the river and to the east. The writer says that those areas are for more affluent Cambodians. True. BUT the food is actually better and cheaper than where the Westerners mingled because it is for local Cambodians. I ate where the Westerners mingled and the food was a rip off. So don't be discourage by going to a place for more affluent Cambodians. It's like when you go toManhattan and the food is actually cheaper in the suburbs where more afluent New Yorkers live because only the tourists are stupid enough to pay the downtown prices.

I bring up the restaurants across the river because that's where I saw the beer girls.

This website also has addresses for Martinis, Sharkeys, and all those places that people here mentioned.

Unfortunately, it doesn't discuss the pussy pickup scale.

Here is an excerpt:

North and Wat Phnom
At the end of Norodom Boulevard in the northern part of town, Wat Phnom, at 27 meters above sea level, is the Cambodian capital's highest point. It was around this wat that the city is supposed to have been centered, and it is after the woman who built this structure--a lady named Penh--that the city is named. Locals still come here to pray for luck. This is also the place to ride Sam Bo the Elephant or sit and drink fresh coconut juice in the shade of ancient trees.

Behind Wat Phnom a cluster of restaurants, including Le Deauville and Anthony's Pizza, offer more up-market dining. To the east is the French Quarter, boasting some of town's most impressive surviving colonial architecture. Not far from here, Hotel Le Royal once housed the world's most famous war correspondents. Now it offers five-star accommodations in colonial opulence.

Also in this area is Boeng Kak Lake. Its surrounds, making up the most densely populated area in town, are home to a rabbit warren of cheap guesthouses and budget bars and restaurants along with the Royal School of Fine Arts, which regularly stages Khmer classical dance performances.

Central Phnom Penh and Psar Thmei
Psah Thmai actually means new market in Khmer, but most foreigners know this imposing art-deco dome as the Central Market. It is the largest market in the city. Everything from miniskirts to monkeys is offered here. Around the outside of the market cheap electrical shops pile their wares high on the southern side of the market and gold shops sit to the southeast.

There are also several bars around the market, including Kim's Kiwi Bar and Sharky Bar. On the Monivong Boulevard side, a cluster of small, affordable Chinese restaurants including Peking Canteen constitute somewhat of a Chinatown.

East - the River and Beyond
The cool breeze off the Tonle Sap makes it an ideal place for open-air restaurants and bars. A two-kilometer strip beginning at the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda and ending just east of Wat Phnom is thickly dotted with some of the best eateries in town. Sit high in the Foreign Correspondents' Club, or enjoy British hospitality and pub grub at the The Rising Sun around the corner. German, Thai, Khmer and French foods are some of the other cuisines available here.

This area is not wanting for cultural landmarks either. Squarely in the middle of this strip, the imposing pagoda is called Wat Ounalom, one of the oldest and probably the most influential in Phnom Penh. And at dusk, huge flocks of bats billow from the National Museum behind the Foreign Correspondents' Club. Street 178, beside the museum is the artist district of town, and nearly every shop here is a mini-art gallery.

Cross the river, using the impressive Cambodian-Japanese Friendship Bridge, and you enter two of Phnom Penh's outlying districts. Prek Leap begins on the other side of the river in a flurry of signs for Khmer-style restaurants. This restaurant strip is very popular with more affluent Khmers. Chinese and Khmer food are the staples but the chief attraction is the entertainment. Karaoke, stage shows, comedy acts and more are available for the amusement of diners. Just before Prek Leap, a turnoff to the right will take you to Chruoy Changvar, the peninsula that can be seen across the water from the riverside in Phnom Penh. This area is almost rural, with cattle and goats wandering about and banana and mango trees lining the dirt roads.

South - Independence and Baccarat
The southern area of town is anchored by the massive Hotel Cambodiana Phnom Penh and Independence Monument. Next to the Cambodiana floats the Naga Casino providing 24 hours of gambling every day. This area features Topaz, which many regard as Phnom Penh's premier French restaurant. A cluster of restaurants that have sprung up around it offers a dish for most budgets and tastes. Food stalls just south of the monument offer late-night diners Khmer and Chinese dishes until the early hours of the morning. The area further south is known to many expatriates as “NGO land,” and many non-government agency offices are located here.

West - Shopping, Shooting and History
West of Monivong Boulevard, the most famous landmark is one of the most tragic reminders of Cambodia's turbulent history. Toul Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21), a former high school turned torture center by the Khmer Rouge is open for visitors to view the gruesome torture techniques employed by the regime between 1975 and 1979. Thousands were processed here, and those who did not die were shipped to the Choeng Ek Killing Fields, 11 kilometers southwest of town, where they were bludgeoned to death and buried in mass graves. For a lighter day out, the southwest of town is where to go for souvenirs, cheap clothes and silk at Psah Toul Tom Poung (Russian Market). A little further out is the Military Shooting Range, where tourists can try their hands at shooting an AK-47 or B-40 rocket.

Phnom Penh in a small space offers a lot to see and do. Every section of the city can provide you with good restaurants, good shopping, and interesting sights. It is easy to navigate especially with the help of the friendly Khmer people, who are reason to come to the city.

Text by Bronwyn Sloan

Guy #2
08-09-03, 21:31
Here are the excerpts on 3 nightclubs from www.concierge.com:

I know that some asshole will say, "Yeah but that's outdated" or blah, blah, blah. Here's my response, What the fuck have you posted to help us out. At least, I am fucking trying.

Notice the subtle comment about "local girls." at Martinis.

I know, I know, some people have posted Martini before. Thank you. But I need addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation. I need to confirm that the information is correct and current as I will be looking for a hotel nearby.

I need more details and to confirm with original or secondary source documents.


1.Sharky Bar
Late nights and atmosphere


Boasting the longest bar in town, this long-running local institution serves up beer and a full range of other drinks. The entertainment offered includes classic rock and three pool tables. The decor has a distinctly American flavor, and if the music gets too loud, there is a large, pleasant balcony. It is an extremely popular hangout with a fun atmosphere, geared more towards the male customer but welcomes anyone.

—powered by wcities

At A Glance

126 Street 130
Phnom Penh

Cool nightclub with stylish music


In the shadow of Independence Monument, this stylish little nightclub has a loyal core of customers. The music selection is broad and appealing--hip hop, reggae, house--and there is a strong French presence in the customer base. A long list of cocktails is featured as well as, unusual for a dance spot, a pool table. The bar often features movies or major sporting events early in the evening before the dancing really gets going, but once the dance floor starts buzzing, that is the definite center of activity.

—powered by wcities

At A Glance

36 Sihanouk Boulevard
Next to Independence Monument
Phnom Penh

Phone: 855 12 850 643 (mobile)
Martini Pub
Disco, movie theater, snack bar


This bar and disco is unique and its fame has spread internationally. Dance it up with the hoards of local girls inside, drink outside at the tables in front of the huge movie screen (showing everything from latest releases to Chinese kung fu action), or sample the offerings of the many outdoor food kiosks. Cheap beers (around USD2 per can) and spirits make for an affordable evening. This perpetual party atmosphere is the one place in town you can be assured of a crowd any night of the week.

—powered by wcities

At A Glance

402 Mao Tse Tung Boulevard
Phnom Penh


Guy #2
08-09-03, 22:10
i was really getting depressed from seeing nothing but posts about he fcc club and martinis and the tonle sap area. it sounds like an expatriat area where white guys drink beer and talk about sports. even heart of darkness sounds like a guy hangout. i never understood why guys like to just hang in bars. i always have a mission from god. haha.

well, i am feeling better now because i am starting to find the local habngouts--after 7 days of web research. here's some things that i found on brothels and massages and karokes on a website called www.**********.com (codeword for brothels):

your best bet by far is to have your car taxi driver take you to the brothers. if you must venture on your own, then look for any sign along the dusty street that bears the name in english, “karaoke, massage” as that is most likely a brothel in disguise. such ***** houses are rep001tered throughout phnom penh, but the largest cluster will be found on 63’rd street. the most popular of these is lay lay, which has a nice selection of vietnamese hookers about 25 girls to choose from.

if you are having sex at the massage parlor i.e., brothel, carry only the exact amount of money you need to pay for the massage, plus some pocket change to tip the girl, buy a coke, etc. give the rest of your money to your friend to hold while you’re screwing. if that won’t work, do not screw the girl at the massage parlor. instead, request she come with you to your hotel where she is on your turf. at your hotel, you should have all your valuables locked in the safe deposit box or bolt and key in your room. i have a combination lock on my briefcase where i keep my money. any money left hidden in a closet in your room is history. don’t make it so easy for the girls to steal your money.
how much: short time or a quick session of sex at the parlor will cost you $5 and up. you can take the girl back to your hotel for an hour or more for $10 on up. my personal preference is to take the girl of my choice back to me to my hotel as the rooms at most parlors are not exactly what i would call the grand palace suite. many of the rooms at the smaller parlors are fan rooms with very limited facilities making it too uncomfortable for me. i prefer to fuck in a room where i know the sheets are clean, i have fresh towels, a western style toilet, hot/cold shower, fresh soap, and so on.
how it's done: the mo at the parlor is for a loud buzzer to sound or a mamasan to clap her hands or yell at the girls to get their attention when you first enter. all the girls sitting around many sleeping from boredom or staring at themselves in the mirror to make sure their make-up is perfect will then run behind a large plate glass window for you to view them note some of the parlors the girls will have number tags so you can tell the host which one you like. at the lower class parlors, the girls will aggressively approach you, nudging and pulling at you, parroting the words, “you! yum yum, good! my friend, you!” yum yum is slang for oral sex. most parlors are open from noon to midnight, seven days a week, throughout the year. most of the clientele are asian men, not tourists.

cambodia is an extremely rugged and dangerous country to visit. as a result, it attracts few tourists, especially from western countries. most of the westerners male who go to cambodia are experienced travelers coming from thailand to do either a quick 3-5 day visit or a visa run. those who are doing a visa run either live or are staying long term in thailand. their visa has expired and cambodia is one of the easiest countries to go to renew one’s visa. once they renew their visa, they will quickly hope on a plane and return to thailand, the land of pleasure. those who are coming for a quick visit are usually among the brave few who have been to thailand many times and are looking to explore new sex playgrounds. other tourists who come to cambodia are backpackers and adventure seekers interested in seeing the angkor temple complex, the world’s largest religious monument.

why go?
"most of the single male tourists who come to cambodia are coming from thailand you can fly out of bangkok or pattaya to do a visa run. in other words, they are coming here because they have to, not because they find it so desirable. such tourists usually stay in cambodia a short 3-5 days, then return to thailand proving thailand is the place to be, not cambodia. indeed, many tourists only ride by mini bus across the border into cambodia for a one day trip rushing back to paradise i.e., thailand as quickly as possible.

few, if any, single male tourists fly directly into cambodia as a primary vacation destination. cambodia offers little or nothing in terms of fun or comfort i.e., security, dining, shopping, sightseeing, etc.. there is almost nothing in terms of nightlife no go go bars, no topless bars, no pattaya style beer bars overflowing with girls and only a handful of "short time" brothels and massage parlors, most of which you will find quite sleazy and depressing. the brothels, unlike thailand or the philippines, are set up for locals, not tourists. what that means is you will probably find them extremely uncomfortable. for example, western style toilets, showers, air-conditioning, clean sheets, towels, even cushioned beds are a rarity in most of the brothels. shortly, we'll name the best and cleanest places to go .

outside of the red light district, the capital phnom pehn offers almost nothing in the way of entertainment or comforts of home no movie theaters, water parks, air conditioned malls, etc.. most of you will find the place extremely boring and like the vast majority of male tourists who come for the sex, will find a 5 day trip too long as it is and be anxious to return back to thailand where the word fun was invented.

so why go to cambodia? outside of a visa run for those of you who are hanging long term in thailand, you are advised not to waste your time or risk your life. the country has little to offer and what sexual pleasures await you can be all too easily duplicated, in a much safer and enjoyable environment, in thailand.

while you can expect to certainly get laid every single day of your stay, don’t expect to find much in the way of nightlife. there are no strip clubs, go-go bars, high class disco’s, sex shows, or any of the wild and fun stuff you will find in thailand. most of the action will be found during the day at the low class brothels and massage parlors where you will be sharing the women often with the local khmer boys. the brothels are pimp controlled and it is not unusual for a male pimp to gently grab you and with the help of a cluster of girls, “force” you into the brothel. during the evening there are only two or three places to go to pick up on girls and once you burn out on these places, you know it’s time to move on to another country.

the sex scene is primarily, with the exception of martini’s pub and sharkey’s bar, brothel oriented and pimp controlled. what that means is things are set up so you fuck the prostitute in the brothel itself, not in your hotel room like you would with an angeles city philippines or pattaya beach thailand hooker. it also means you generally must go through a pimp to get to the girl, rather than deal with the girl on her own terms. the prostitutes that work the brothels are either vietnamese or khmer girls or half and half, averaging the age of sixteen to twenty-nine. most are very short and petite, giving the appearance of children. these girls fuck for money, period. unlike the filipina's who desire love, marriage and romance with their customers, most cambodian hookers are professionals mostly with hearts of stone. once you fuck them and pay them, you no longer exist. unless of course, you overpaid them, in which they will certainly be back for more. outside of martini’s pub and sharkey’s bar, which cater exclusively to male tourists, the prostitutes service primarily local khmer men. what that means is the sex scene, with few exceptions, caters to the local khmers, not for the tourists. that’s why, if you go to toul kork for example, you’ll find yourself feeling faint of heart when you see the horrid conditions of the room that you are expected to have sex in. most of the brothels offer short time sex although you can pay for all night, expecting you to drop your pants, spring a hard-on, and shoot your load at the drop of hat, so the next customer can make his way in. this makes the sex scene in cambodia very impersonal and cold, with the hookers pussy functioning only as a vendor in which you can shoot your load. there is no time for “getting to know one another” and little opportunity to “spend time together”. while the girls of martini’s pub and sharkey’s bar give somewhat of an impression that your time together is special, that is an illusion. the girls are there only to make money off of you and then move on to the next guy. that is the reality of the sex scene in cambodia. perfect for the guy who just wants to shoot his load with no strings attached, not the scene for the guy who wants to fall madly in love with the hooker doll of his dreams. not to say you cannot meet a girl in the brothels who will make good companionship, but most are pros just in it for the money.

surprisingly, you will find both khmer cambodian and vietnamese women working the red light districts. vietnamese girls have migrated into cambodia to work the sex trade probably because the pay is better and there is less problems with the police. neither the khmer nor vietnamese women speak much english. by comparison, the thai bar girls are english scholars, really. khmer girls tend to be much darker skinned, with black and somewhat frizzy hair. the vietnamese girls have much lighter skin, pinker nipples and more of the expected slanted eye look. there are reports that the vietnamese girls give better service sexually i.e., bj’s, but that has yet to be proven. both khmer and vietnamese prostitutes are money oriented although to us the cost is next to nothing and once you have paid and the sex is over with, they will move on to the next customer. you will be hard pressed to find girls who, like the filipinas, who are relationship or marriage minded. this is to your advantage as you will find less jealously and possessiveness meaning taking two, three, four or even five girls at the same time will simply not be a problem.

next to free, it does not get much cheaper. most of the major brothels and massage parlors charge $5 for short time sex. all night generally will cost you $20 to $25. there have been reports of a few places where sex goes for as little as $2. this is what most of the local khmer men pay when frequenting a brothel.

in the low class brothels, such as svay pak also known as kilometer or km. 11, tuol kork, and the low class massage parlors, the going rate for the tourist is $4-$5 for short time plus a $1 to $2 tip if the girl was really good. short time means one fuck, lasting fifteen to twenty minutes. if you take longer than that, expect the other girls to start pounding on your door wondering what’s taking so long. if you take a free lance prostitute out of martini’s, sharky’s, the boat houses, etc., the going rate is $10 for short time for most girls. on occasion you will get a spoiled ***** who thinks she is above everyone else thanks to some tourist over paying her and therefore will ask $15. such a girl usually turns out to be no better a performer than the rest, so i would not advise going with such a girl or paying her such an inflated rate. you should add a $1 tip for motorbike fare to all the girls, except the $15 girl. she’s already overcharged you as it is. most of the time you will be expected pay at the end of the session, after sex, not in advance. i would be very leery of any free lance who asks to pay in advance. by the way, you can also pay these girls in thai baht. they will all know the exact exchange rate.

how do you determine their age: most of the prostitutes do not carry id cards with them. if they do, it won’t do you much good, unless you read the khmer or vietnamese language. it’s impossible to know a khmer or vietnamese hookers true age as it’s the nature of her and her pimp to lie, having you believe she is the age she thinks you want her to be. if, for example, a hooker thinks you want a young girl, she will tell you she is only 14 or whatever age group you seem interested in. if she thinks you want a more mature woman, presto! the 14 year old is now 19. thus it’s difficult to know the true age of any prostitute in cambodia. to complicate things more, you cannot tell the age of an asian merely by looks. many of the prostitutes look much younger than they really are, usually due to their body size. you can know this by asking the age of the street children who are not so apt to lie about their age and compare their size and physical maturity with the prostitutes. you will be shocked at how young all of them appear one kid on the street looked like she was only about seven and turned out to be thirteen; another looked eleven and was sixteen. another way is to ask your taxi driver, especially if he is married with children, the age of any girl. he will be able to approximate the true age of a girl with little exaggeration. most of the time, you will think the prostitute is several years younger than their true age. this is what trips up the anti-sex groups with their highly distorted statistics of children working the brothels in cambodia.

although prostitution is technically illegal, the police turn their back by way of bribery. there are crackdowns usually because the police want more money and the brothel owners refuse to pay and this forces the red light scene to change and move to another area. tourists are rarely bothered when partaking in the sex industry unless there is an **** under 16 girl involved. the legal age of consent is 16 and you are strongly advised to stay clear of anything younger than that. to be safe, if you bring any girls to your hotel, make sure they are obviously i.e., have mature face, nice size breasts, etc. of age. ngo’s non governmental organizations have been known to call the police when spotting a tourist with what appears to be an **** girl.


the website requires a fee but by looking at the categories, you get a sense of where the street action is:

60’s bar - 1
china club - 1
garden bar - 1
howies’s bar - 1
kim’s kiwi bar - 1
martini's - 1
number one - 1
sharkys bar

247 street - 1
around town - 1
kin svay - 1
road 154 - 1
svay pak - 1
toul kork

sakura massage - 1
new world massage - 1
lay lay massage parlor - 1
karok massage hotel - 1
bararasthmey massage karaoke - 1
my chan massage karaoke

Guy #2
08-09-03, 22:23
here is another excerpt i found from 2002. some of you might say it's outdated but fuck it has addresses and procedures and pricing. that's all i need:

from the website stickman (not my post):

i visited phnom penn in september 2002 for a 10 day visit. i had worked in thailand as an english teacher for a seven month period. previously i spent 6 years in africa working on development projects. the purpose of my visit was to ascertain whether pp would be a suitable place to live.

what i state here are my own observations. i don’t pretend to be an expert on khmer culture. the situation there is very fluid. things can change very easily from week to week. i wrote this because of my own experience. before traveling i was very anxious to learn more about my destination. this piece may be of use to anyone planning a trip to pp.

i was impressed with the khmer people. they seemed genuine and just happy at being able to live in peace. sometimes i would sit at a cafe and dwell on the past. i found it difficult to imagine that such genocide could be perpetrated there.

for those accustomed to thailand, a visit to pp will definitely be an experience. one enters the third world with pot holed roads, poor infrastructure and run down buildings. i personally found the experience refreshing. also the people don’t smile as easily as the thais. i also liked that. the thai smile to me is always a mask hiding the real intent.


after arrival (1 hr flight from bkk) signs direct one to a row of immigration officers sitting behind a long counter. the costs is $20 for a normal one month tourist visa. if your are thinking of finding a job paying the $25 for a business visa is advised because it can be renewed indefinitely. your passport is passed down an assembly line of immigration officers after filling out the typical forms. remember to bring one passport photo. this process was quite efficient and took less than 20 minutes from beginning to end.

when exiting the terminal building taxis are not immediately visible. one turns left and walks toward a rectangular taxi stand. fares into town are a predetermined $7.

mottos and motto drivers

next or across from most guesthouses are a regular group of mottos drivers looking for business. they virtually all speak english quite well and are an invaluable source of local information and history. whenever leaving one's accommodation the question will be asked, “where are you going”? i understand this inquiry is a normal part of small talk in khmer culture. typically a vague response is expected if you don’t need a motto like “i am going for a walk”.

these drivers can become quite aggressive and sometimes will follow one down the street. in fact one actually sat next to me one morning at breakfast asking about my itinerary for the day. i made it clear to him that i knew where his bike was stationed and i didn’t want to be bothered again. after this incident they would still try to entice me but kept clear of my personal space.

most destinations within the city cost around 2,000r ($.50) which is slightly increased at night. i found it better to work out a deal with a single driver to act as a chauffeur for the evening (5 hours). it was very nice to come out of a restaurant / bar and have one's driver waiting. this cost about $3. i have used mottos off the street at random but on a few occasions they had difficulty finding my guest house even when presented with a business card in khmer.


i had read some accounts and spoken to several people about brothels before arriving in pp. the days of young nubile girls standing in front of brothels trying to attract customers are over. the police have cracked down on these establishments deterring normal operations. this sudden moral awakening is simply an effort by the government to skim more donor money.

k11 (suay pak)- as the name would indicate it is a brothel village about 11 kilometers outside of pp. a motto driver will take you there and wait for about $3 round trip. i understand a bus can be taken from town for $1.

the brothels are now all padlocked. normally a boy will meet your bike trying to coerce you in the direction of the brothel he is touting for. on my first trip i followed a boy to a back area of bamboo type huts near a stagnant pond. i was a little sceptical because the ladies passed were rather used looking and not appealing. we came to one simple hut with foam mattress inside and was told to wait.

to my amazement i saw two beautiful teenage viet girls in silk pyjamas being escorted by the boy to the hut. they wanted $20 each for short time. i chose one. i knew at the time i was paying too much but i never had such a beautiful girl like this in thailand. so i paid the money and had quite a good time. there was no shower.

on my second trip i refused any detour and found myself on a dirt road which was main street. there was at least one bar open. again all the brothels (storefronts) were padlocked. it didn’t take long before a boy opened a padlocked gate and moto, moto driver and myself entered. it was quickly locked and shut behind us.

there were about ten girls inside sitting around watching television, sleeping or eating. i was ushered into an inner area with couches. there were no other clients. the girls were all quite attractive. the mamasan had them all line up. they all looked in their teens to early twenties. there was one who looked suspiciously very young. they wanted $10 for short time. i decided to take two. i was shown a fairly primitive shower area. muddy cold rain water was in holding tanks with plastic scoop inside. this part of the experience was the least appealing. i was then taken into one of the girls rooms. it was decorated with pictures of viet film stars, singers and idols. the girls clothes were hung on hangers attached to the wall. the room seemed fairly clean but spartan with no window. there was hardly more room than for the bed which had a good size mattress and bedding. these girls seemed to take pride in their work. again i never had anything like this in thailand. i gave them each a $1 tip.

on my third visit i took my time. i went to two brothels just looking. i took one girl for $8 short time. same type of setup as previously described. it is possible to take a lady lt for around $25 from all brothels. one can do this starting in the afternoon. it is also possible to negotiate prices down. i have little doubt on a slow day it might be possible to get two st for $5 each. i didn’t go crazy over negotiations.

brothels 152nd and 63rd

this is a row of brothels within the city. it also was padlocked. at night they open for business but in most cases a tout waits outside to usher customers in then the doors are locked again. i went to a few of these brothels at various times during some evenings. i don’t know if i was spoiled by k11 or buzzed or both but these girls didn’t impress me. there didn’t seem to be many on duty also. i never had a girl from one of these.

tool kook

this is a notorious brothel street in northern pp. i visited one afternoon and there was absolutely no action visible. again the days of girls lining the street enticing clients are over. i have no idea whether this opens at night. i was told this isn't the safest area at night anyway.

barber shops/massage parlors

near the central market there are a series of barber shops with attached massage facilities. for those accustomed to thai style establishments these will be a great disappointment. i visited one and there were some fairly attractive massage girls in back of the shop. it cost $5 per hour. one is ushered upstairs to a large room with small dingy cubicles with roughly finished wooden beds. very primitive nothing like the tastefully dimly lit cubicles used for thai traditional massages. my girl didn’t know much about massages but was willing to give a blow job for $5. i overpaid. i visited only one of these so others could be of a better quality.

massage parlors

throughout the city there are several massage parlors sometimes attached to hotels. i visited two solely for curiosities sake. one was on the second floor of a three star hotel. behind a glass were ten uniformed girls. the girls ranged in age and attractiveness. the manager told me not all girls would give full service. the younger ones wouldn’t but the used ones would.

the second one was hosted by about 15 girls. they weren’t nicely dressed and didn’t seem that appealing. as with all the massage places visited they charged $5 per hour.

caution: i was chatting with a fellow traveler one night over beers. he had frequented some of the brothels. he used a condom supplied by the establishment. he got a case of gonorrhoea. after hearing this i always brought my own.


i strongly recommend getting away from the farang type establishments lining the river. i was in pp to experience a little of the khmer culture.

i found the issue of food contrasted greatly with thailand. the thai people have a love affair with food. one cannot walk one block in bkk or any city without finding a noodle stand or small outdoor stall. the same does not hold with pp.

it could be that in khmer culture meals are more centered at home. the thais love to go out for a meal with family or friends.

in pp there are many outdoor type establishments located on street corners frequented by locals. moto drivers taking a break drinking tea and watching boxing. i must admit i never found any of them very appealing. they all looked run down and not that hygienic.
i found one close to my gh and decided to take the plunge. i was greatly surprised by the delicious coffee and french bread served costing $.50 as opposed to $2.50 at the gh. when it came to regular meals it could be rated as average. the fried rice wasn’t as good as thailand. also the food overall is not as spicy which can be a nice respite. normally one can find a waitress who speaks some english.

when serving a meal a mug of hot water was brought to the table with chop sticks inside for disinfecting.

at night many upper scale khmer beer gardens open throughout the city. these resemble christmas trees because the interiors and exteriors are strung with festive lighting. these places typically have live khmer music consisting of singers on stage. an army of promotion girls dressed in colorful beer brand uniforms will accost one until deciding on which beer to order.

tiger draft beer can be very cheap when bought by the large pitcher ($3). it is nice to sip cold beer and listen to the sombre tones of khmer music. one really gets the feeling of being in a different world. the staff are generally quite helpful and anxious to practice english.

a typical nightly itinerary would be as follows. i would first eat dinner at a khmer restaurant. there are some good ones recommended in the lonely planets guide. there are many others. then i would go to several of the beer garden type establishments. from my experience the food in the beer gardens visited was average. it is better to eat at a restaurant first which is generally cheaper. then i would end up at either heart of darkness (heart) or howie’s bar for a night cap.


if one of the beer garden promotion girls takes your fancy ask her to sit down for a beer. it is part of her job. the level of english is generally poor. these girls work until 1am in general and in restaurants less because they tend to close earlier. i understand some can be picked after the establishment closes.

khmer frequented restaurants in pp tend to be the most crowded between 7 and 8pm.
there are several large beer gardens located on more or less permanent structures moored on the river. these are often crowded and frequented by khmers. i personally found the ones in town nicer. there tends to be plenty of free lancers milling around on weekends in the river front bgs.

i went to martinis and sharkys on several occasions. i cannot be an expert on these establishments. having a motto at my service i was happier to spend an hour here and there. to basically bar hop around town. sharkys is located near the central market.

it is located on the second floor of a run down building. on weekends it can become quite crowded with expats and tourists. even though it was always possible to find a seat at the bar. i didn’t find the ladies there that attractive. many of them looked fairly used.

martinis is located a bit out of the center of town. i found the decorum of plastic tables/chairs to be less desirable. the freelancers i saw were better looking than sharkys. i really didn’t see seriously ****d girls in any establishment visited. obviously because of the crackdown.

security has always been mentioned as a concern when visiting pp. my evening typically would end around 2am. some expat type places like heart and howies stays open all night. when there are customers. i never heard any gunfire in town. twice we ran into a police road block looking for weapons.

i personally didn’t find much to do during the day. it is typically oppressively hot. there are no movie theaters or shopping centers like found in bkk. the central and russian markets are a nice way to spend some hours. i was somewhat watching my money. there is a shooting range outside of town where one can rent an ak47 or a rocket launcher. also for $10 a motto driver will take you to some temples 45km out of town. this is nice to see some of the rural countryside and endless flat rice paddies.

one can get an excellent room in pp with a/c, cable, bathroom, refrigerator and nice size bed for $10 per night. there is a full range of accommodations available in town if one is on a strict budget. but paying anymore than $12 is totally unnecessary!

on my gh wall was a list of rules to be followed by tenants. there was to be no use of illegal substances. well one could not avoid getting a strong smell of ganja floating on the air so this rule was not adhered too. the second rule was no prostitutes. normally i don’t take ladies lt in thailand. but in pp it might have been interesting to learn more about the culture and have some company during the day. my gh was family run so i adhered to this regulation. i would strongly consider staying somewhere else next time. one should choose accommodations carefully if this is an issue.

Guy #2
08-09-03, 22:29
This website has a map of the brothel houses at Svay Pak. Again, if you think my information is not current, give me an update and contribute or shut the fuck up:

Guy #2
08-09-03, 22:47
1. i think i am starting to believe cambodia pro's stories. see no.3.

2. i don't understand why you did not tell us about the brothels in svay pak and phnom penh.

3. you guys are full of shit about foreigners gettin arrested. cambodia has no incentive to shit down its tourist industry. they have to balance kissing the ngos ass and those of donor countries with the corruption of government officials who exploit women in the sex trade.

4. here are two articles on the sex industry in svay pak (they convicted one foreigner). i see that the key words is "svay pak".

5. i am not promoting sex with **** girls. i just want to point out that the original source documents are important at getting at the truth.

6. i also agree with the opinion that these girls are probably not ****, just malnourish. when some white *****, who is 50 pounds overweight from the us or france or australia works for the ngo they think these girls are young because they are malnourished.

when i go to cambodia, people think i am10 years older than my age because i am fat and have been eating the white man's food.

i don't know. maybe some of them are ****. but i am not promoting that.

the articles are a good source of information where the brothels are for girls over 18 and to clear up misconception about the raids and convictions of foreigners.

9. there was one british foreigner convicted and we haven't stopped hearing about that fucker's case. don't you think there would be more news if other people had been convicted. duhhh!

10. most of the people who work for the ngo the state department are jewish. they think they fucking know everything. but they don't. that's why no one likes them, because are a bunch of fucking know it alls.

may 1, 2002

by andrew marshall

svay park, cambodia - for $1, a motorbike will take you on a 20-minute ride up the chaotic highway north of phnom penh, weaving through a riot of bicycles, dogs, trucks and tractors, to the village of svay pak.

in the rough dirt road that runs through the village, two girls in their early teens play badminton. three younger girls chase a chicken around in circles. some teenagers in garish tight polyester dresses saunter past, deep in conversation.

all of them are for sale.

svay pak is a brothel village, a cluster of brick and concrete shophouses where immigrant prostitutes from vietnam offer "boom-boom" -- sex -- and "yum-yum" -- oral sex -- for $5 a time in cramped, clammy rooms and makeshift plywood cubicles.

similar brothel villages can be found all over cambodia. many prostitutes are trafficked from vietnam, but most are ethnic khmers, the majority race in cambodia.

recent surveys have estimated more than a third are under 18.

"many thousands of children are still being abused in cambodia's sex industry ," said laurence gray, regional co-ordinator for development agency world vision's programme for children at risk.

the physical and mental damage is severe.

world vision works with some 300 sexually exploited children in phnom penh. nearly 60 percent are malnourished, 46 percent have sexually transmitted diseases and 18 percent have hiv.

the mental scars are less quantifiable but no less real.

brothel children

in svay pak dozens of women stand in the doorways of their brothels, waving and blowing kisses at customers arriving in the village. others crowd around the foreign men drinking in svay pak's ramshackle beer bars, sweating in the afternoon sun.

most of the women are aged 16 to 20. but visitors who have come looking for even younger girls only have to wait.

soon the whispering starts.

"you want a young girl? very good for you," says "luc", a 12-year-old vietnamese boy pimping girls no older than he is. "come with me and i'll show you."

in curtained-off alcoves in the brothels, customers can sit drinking chilled beer and choose from a selection of **** girls. many of the svay pak brothels have some for sale.

brothel managers, usually women, bring a selection of girls in their early teens, telling them to lift their skirts and t-shirts to show prospective clients their bodies.

the managers offer advice on each girl's sexual experience and ability. some customers like girls with a reputation for "good service". others are looking for virgins.

sex with a girl aged 10 to 13 costs about $30. younger girls cost more. a virgin costs a few hundred dollars.

many of the foreign men who come to svay pak prefer younger girls, partly in the hope of avoiding disease.

"they're clean," luc says. "they haven't been with many men."

but disease is everywhere. up to half of cambodia's prostitutes are estimated to be infected with hiv.

karaoke crackdown

things were supposed to have changed in cambodia.

last year prime minister hun sen issued a decree ordering the country's karaoke parlours and discotheques to close, saying they were havens for prostitution and drug abuse. he vowed to send tanks to demolish bars that defied the ban.

local authorities across the country were told to shut down brothels. the government said the crackdown would end the trafficking of women and the sexual exploitation of children.

humanitarian groups working with prostitutes said the order would destroy the livelihood of tens of thousands of women, but welcomed the prospect of a crackdown on child prostitution.

so far, they have been disappointed.

svay pak still operates openly, and still sells sex with children. cambodia's reputation as a haven for paedophiles is still intact.

"the crackdown has not had a great deal of impact on child prostitution, but i don't think that was ever its main intention," gray said.

business brisk

cambodia's child sex industry thrives amid the poverty that grips the country, the preference of many local and foreign men for **** girls, and the failure of the country's law enforcement system to deal effectively with the problem.

only one foreigner is in jail on a conviction for sexual abuse of children -- englishman john keeler, arrested while making an explicit videotape with four girls aged eight to 10.

other foreigners are usually cleared by the courts -- after bribing officials, according to humanitarian agencies.

gray says cambodia's government is committed to fighting child prostitution, but that translating good intentions into firm action against paedophiles is proving difficult.

"unfortunately this is an issue that requires further attention," he said. "the government makes policy positions that condemn this, but getting resources from within government to combat it is still a problem."

a vietnamese bar girl at svay pak, "long" says she is 18, but looks younger. she was brought there by her parents six months ago and expects to stay six months more.

dressed in shorts, flip flops and a spaghetti-strap cotton top, she grins with her crooked teeth at arriving foreigners: "you want? boom-boom and yum-yum? no problem, five dollars."

her earnings are meagre, but hun sen's crackdown has not dented them.

"many men come here every day," she says. "police too. no problem."

© 2002 reuters

a unicef survey concluded that 35 percent of cambodia's 55,000 prostitutes are children under the age of 16. the oldest girls in the sex industry today are teenagers, says sao chhoeurth, who works with afesip, a french ngo that rescues and rehabilitates child prostitutes.

with recent media attention on ****s such as gary glitter in cambodia and matthew kelly in the united states of america, child prostitution and pornography have suddenly become extremely important to cambodia's cultural image.

with the death of pol pot and the end of the khmer regime in 1998, cambodia prospered as a sex attraction for the many ****s keen on exploring new avenues after thailand, vietnam and other south-east asian nations.

the main brothel areas in cambodia's capital city, phnom penh, are toul kork, keo chandra and svay pak. svay pak, a dusty village 11 km north of phnom penh was a thriving village with 50 odd brothels and child prostitutes as young as 6 years old till last wednesday when the police raided the village. the village which received at least 50 tourists every night, who paid a measly us$ 3 for sex with a child, and scores of locals is now a ghost town. no one was arrested although there were dozens of pimps and customers in the brothels at the time of the raid.

phnom penh police chief general soun chheangly said a decision was made to shut down svay pak becuase it's bad name that affects the cambodia's cultural reputation.

it took continuous campaigning by women's rights groups and the mu sochua, cambodia's women's affairs minister, for more than 2 years and a high profile asean meeting, for the svay pak raid to occur and the brothels to close down. only a few of the child prostitutes released from the brothels have reached afesip and the ministry of social welfare. the majority have been sent on to brothels in other tourist centres, including siem reap, the service town for the ancient angkor wat temple complex, and sihanoukville, a popular beach resort in the south of the country. the police action had been widely advertised in advance.

it is no secret that the brothels in cambodia flourish because of their friendly relations with influential officials in the hun sen government. pimps are reported to imprison young children who are virgins and not put them to work until they've been presented to a series of bidders such as high-ranking military officers, politicians, businessmen and foreign tourists. much of this lucrative industry is controlled by senior police and military officers, and successful arrests/prosecutions are rare. evidence is mysteriously lost, brothels are tipped off before raids, and pimps slip their handcuffs on the way to court.

Never Return
08-10-03, 15:53
Hello all,

I've been reading this board since inception and am finally in the position to travel in Asia. I just wanted to thank Guy#2 for the impressive amount of research he has provided here. I work in SE Asia now and am visiting Cambodia soon so really appreciate the time you put into gathering all the information, Guy#2. You saved me alot of time and effort. I'll post my experiences here when I've visited Cambodia.

08-10-03, 22:59
Hey Guy#2,

I have noticed something recently. Ever since I began to question your motives and criticize your persona, you have been on a campaign in the hope of restoring any credibility which you feel you might have suffered from my comments. All of this without attempting to engage me in a discussion. Only a flood of 500 word posts in an attempt to burry my accusations. Why else do you provide this bland outdated info? Don't you think we can find a book store with more up to date info? Or a website? This is simply a smoke screen tactic. Did you learn this from wacthing Cambo Pro's strategies?

What might our discussion reveal?

Most likely:

* That you enjoy typing or pasting information found which is 2 years old?

* That your news stories which are full of ancient media hype having nothing to do with reality in today's Cambodia?

* That you are not Cambodian?

* That you are paid for whatever reason (NGO?) for posting info on this website?


08-11-03, 02:50
Hey guys - For an excellent overview on the sex scene in Cambodia I can recommend the video, Girls of Cambodia at http://www.erotictravel.com/video.htm
An interesting documentary with unique footage, sexy girls, shot at Svay Pak, Toul Kok, elsewhere in Phnom Penh and upcountry Angkor Wat. Does anyone know of other "legal" video releases available on nightlife venues inside Cambodia?
BTW, Cambodia Pro seems real to me just way to boastful and self-absorbed. Scoring tons of working girls requires absolutely no skill just plenty of $$ which he brags about far too much for someone who claims to be so rich. Most wealthy people rarely boast all of the time like Cambo Pro, just silly wantabees! I wish he would give more valuable travel report details and less personal bragging nonsense. Just my 200 riels worth.

Guy #2
08-11-03, 09:25
why do you guys talk in riddle and code? why don't you use plain english--which is funny coming from me an asian guy saying that. do i speak with an accent? haha.

now i know what k-11 means. k-11 refers to 11 kilometers north of phnom penh where svay pak is located. it's not a fucking club. why don't you guys just say that? when i post something, i say it so anybody can understand.

i found a tour operator who got me a 30% discount on a 5 star hotel near the river without a credit card. $60-70 a night. i know you think that is high. i am not staying in some shithole and it beats the $100 internet rate.

any action by the mekong?

here are some posts taken from the world sex guide.com which i think is a ripoff or palming off of this site, is that right jackson?

this is the best site because it's free and the posts are more plentiful and current.

there's another world sex guide or similar in name that charges a fee which is a symptom of a ripoff.

here are the posts (not mine) but it certainly elaborates on where the girls are:
just returned from phnom penh, cambodia. took one of the many taxis to the city ($us5 for a taxi; $us1 for a moto). the driver immediately asks me if i want to see a "lady museum". of course i say yes. did a bit of sightseeing in the afternoon (same driver) - visited the shooting range (fired an ak-47 for $20) genocide museum, killing fields, plus three or four buddhist temples. all in all, conventional phnom penh tourism was out of the way in half a day.

6pm and we're off to the lady museum. this actually means svay pak (every taxi driver knows it), about 11 km from the city. the taxi driver said it would cost $30 (all night), but in reality it's only $20. sucker first timer i guess. anyhow we pull in to the district and there is a veritable plethora of knock shops left and right.

we pull up at one of them (can't remember the number - they are all numbered) and there are thirty girls standing around. the papasan leads me in to a private room and asks my preferences. i don't like them too young, so i ask for girls above 23. he frowns, and leads in 10 girls, i'd say none of whom were above 23. anyway i choose the cheekiest one, pay the papasan and it's back in the taxi and off we go. tallish, light skin, vietnamese and fairly big tits. very pretty and quite chatty.

no problem in the hotel (asie hotel $15usd per night) we march upstairs. a big fat farang (foreigner) in the elevator looks on enviously as we head towards the room.

she jumps on me as go in, proceeds to undress and give the best bj i have ever had. i cum in her mouth. a little rest and in the meanwhile she irons my clothes and tidies up the room. before too long we are at it again, and again.

next morning i want to head out and go shopping, and bid her goodbye, but she would have stayed. she turns all cold when i make it clear she has to go. her name is hui, but it doesn't matter, there are 5000 girls like her in svay pak.

anyway....i want to shake off the cab driver and later that day after shopping i head to the riverside cafe. good starting point for a big night out. right on the river and close to everything. it's german owned, and attracts a lot of the long term german ex-pats. they have some great tips if you are a german speaker. if not, you will get by. anyway, got a recommendation for the cyrcee club and took a moto there for $1 (never pay more than this and in most instances pay less!). got there, parted the curtains and entered paradise.

20 or so almost naked chicks standing around, three or four will immediately pounce on you and convince you to take them for the night. you can have them for $10 short time or $30 all night. they provide rooms for short time, but for all night it's back to the hotel. anyway, i got approached by four or five girls and took a liking to one named pirum, dark-skinned, very tight body, 23 years old. i buy her a lady drink ($1) and one for myself (also $1).

anyway, before too long, we are off for a fuck. long and slow, and plenty of time after. they return the leftovers of her drink when we head downstairs and i order another. i fuck her again an hour or so later and then finger two of her friends at the bar while she sucks their tits. all in all, i have ten drinks ($20), two fucks ($20) and one lady drink ($1) over four hours. i get the full attention of my chick the whole time. most of the patrons are french, with a few other europeans thrown in.

anyway, at 2am the bar closes and off i go to martini's, the most famous pick-up joint in the country. there are about 300 or 400 girls there, dancing, drinking and socialising. they are all freelance, which means there is no bar fine at all. none of them are obligated to go with you, but if you are not dog ugly you shouldn't have a problem. i plonk myself down at the bar and a few chicks come up and start making their pitches.

eventually one comes up to my liking and i only show half interest. 25 years old, firm tits, tight body. she finally makes a direct offer - $15 until midday. it's 3am by now and i agree of course. off we go, sex was average(!), it's far better in the cyrcee club. i went back there again for each of my remaining nights. happy hunting folks!

(review # 6954)

escort review dated added: sun feb 23 2003 submitted by: gweilo

been to pp lots of times, its an interesting change from thailand. sharky has gone downhill, the girls seem much older and less attractive than before. i think they have had trouble from the police. martini is ok, but i agree with the previous reviewer that more girls are declining to stay all night, even after agreeing to.

i always make it clear that they will get no money if they don't stay all night. the vietnamese girls are better than the khmer girls.$20 or $25 is fine. svay pak is still going, but they are having to stay low key because of hassle from the police. $5 is all you need to pay, although the boss will often try to convince you that the girl you want is 'new' and costs $10, or even $15. don't pay it.

stay away from the houses at the end of the main street or the side streets, because they have some very **** girls there.

(review # 6889)

other dated added: mon feb 17 2003 submitted by:

scam alert! february 17, 2003. last night i was robbed while in a brothel in phnom penh, cambodia. location: number 110, 63rd street, phnom penh, cambodia. i am not sure if this is the actual address or the address of the business just to the right of the brothel in question but it should be easy to find and avoid as this band of thieves is located immediately next door to the very well known tommy’s. the sign says tommy’s guesthouse but it is a brothel. if you are looking at tommy's the brothel to avoid is on the right side.

details: while i was in the short time room experiencing very bad service from a vietnamese girl who would not stop jabbering away in vietnamese (obviously she was telling whoever was outside the room that i was not looking and it was safe to go for my pants) my pants were removed from the room. lesson number one, when a girl is talking very loudly she is talking to someone outside the room, not you! luckily for me, (or unluckily if the test results come back positive) the condom broke, i went to grab another condom out of my pants and discovered they were gone.

the thief had not had time to return my pants to their original location. lesson number two, keep your pants on or near the head of the bed so they will always be in your peripheral vision! i opened the door and found my pants on the floor outside the room. if the condom had not broken i would not have noticed my pants were gone. i would not have checked my money belt and found 80 dollars stolen. in fact it probably would have been days, weeks or even months before i had realized i had been robbed and by then i would have had no idea where or when i was victimized.

to finish up, i threw on my clothes and ran downstairs like a crazed banshee. i yelled insults, obscenities and threats in my loudest voice and got my 80 dollars back. lesson number three, don’t take shit from anyone. just because you are in a strange country and you are at a disadvantage because you don't know the language or the system doesn't mean you shouldn't stand up for yourself.

(review # 6856)

travel report dated added: fri jan 10 2003 submitted by: khmerlover

just back from 3 weeks in cambodia. have been there over 10 times in the last 10 years. svay pak (km 11) has had heavy police presence almost every day. some girls arrested. all brothels are padlocked, and to enter must use back entrance, if brothel is open. i went with a cambodian friend, and even he was turned away at several places.

other good places to go (other than the usual sharkey-martini circuit)~~discos- after 11pm. lots of viet girls. most want $50 and up.

massage parlors- massages are usually $4-5, girls now are wanting $20 for sex. i was even in a place that had chinese girls, who wanted $40.

street 163- still a few brothels on this street. most massage parlors here have closed, except for navy club.

bodeeng- a brothel district in town. kinda dangerous, go with a friend. $5, $10 to $15 for an all-nighter.

near martini- there is a street near some hotels, where dozens of cambodian girls hang out at night. prices are same as bodeeng

(review # 6687)

phnom penh travel report dated added: wed oct 02 2002 submitted by:

just came back from a two week asian holiday and for me cambodia was the place for finding the cutest most appreciative working girls. this is what bangkok used to be before all the girls got dollar signs in their eyes. i spent my time at a place called k-11, a srip of brothels about 11 kilometers outside of town. five dollars for a short time and 20 to take the girl back to your hotel for all night. police pressure has caused them to be a little more leary these days but most are still open and as soon as they see a motorbike or car pull up the doors are opened.

cambodia is still a third world country with a few inherit dangers that name implies and i always felt safer having a driver take me places. i used a man named mr sophann and would recommend him highly as he is honest, informative and knows where the best girls are based on other customers feedback. he recomended three vietnamese cuties and i was'nt disappointed with any of them. as far as accomadations go there are lots of hotels and most in the 15 to 20 a night range. i stayed at the lucky star for 15 a night and was very guest friendly, even had the lady desk cleark ask me if i wanted a massage one night..lol.. even though my main reason for going was the p4p ,there are enough sights to see during the day to keep you interested.

(review # 6226)

phnom penh travel report dated added: wed aug 07 2002 submitted by: gweilo

i have been to phnom penh several times. the girl scene is different and very cheap compared to bangkok. stay at the goldiana (us$35), or the puncak($25). the goldiana feels safer, the puncak feels more comfortable to bring girls back. i have stayed many times at each without problems.don´t stay at the hawaii; i got ripped-off big-time from their so-called ´´safety boxes´´.

there is a vietnamese brothel strip called svay pak (or km-11 to foreigners) about 20 mins by moto along the river from the centre.its safe, and in business all day and night.pay only $5 for a short time in a grotty room, or take one away for about $20 with negotiation.

there are numerous ´´karaoke´´ or ´´massage´´ or even ´´karaoke massage´´ places which are brothels all around phnom penh. i have never tried them. sharky is a famous foreigner’s bar with lots of vietnamese women. there is good food, pool tables and rock music. it gets going around 6pm. any girl here will gladly go with you for us$20 all night. (not the khmer girls who work here).

martini is a famous pick-up joint near the intercontinental, a little out from the centre. go after 11pm.there are lots of vietnamese and some khmer girls, same price as sharky. as in sharky, the girls don’t work here, so there is no barfine.

there are several bars with attractive khmer girls for whom you can buy ´ladies drinks´ at higher prices. you might assume these girls are available if you are a newcomer, but they certainly are not, unless you want to marry them and support their huge impoverished family! examples include freebird, le bistrot des sports, and cathouse (where even a cynical old hand like me got romantically burned, but enough of that!).~~~~remember that it is often reported that cambodia has a serious aids problem. girls you take here rarely insist on condoms. it is up to you to use your common sense.

(review # 5618)

phnom penh escort review dated added: thu may 02 2002 submitted by: mbee

i have been to thailand ,laos, vietnam, mongolia, burma and philippines, japan, china but nothing beats cambodia .it offers you great weather, cheap and good hotels like the lucky star in p.p. for $15 comparable to a $200 hotel in new york. also great food for low prices,cars to rent with a local driver for $15-20 a day,the ancient city of angkor wat,great~~remote and clean beaches with few tourists.friendy locals and no smog (i'm still poisoned from bangkok,pattaya and manila pollution )

great markets to buy everything you wish.relaxation pure.last not least and most of all the greatest selection of young, beautiful,charming chicks with a great working attitude.best girls are not anymore to be found in phnom penh, svay pak(k11) nor in the martini nor in any other place in p.p. the girls are great but even better ones are found in kohkong and sihanouk ville, where the beaches are. the girls there are fresh unspoiled and new. not like bong and long in k11 .believe it or not but i first fucked those two in 2000 july they were just there for 2 weeks .i have photos to prove it dating back until that date.

anyway i can only truly recommend that you also go sihanoukville to get the best and most beautiful girls of the country khmer or vietnamese is up to you. khmers have played catch up in terms of the quality of service they offer but they do look for a chance to find a guy who will buy her free from the mamasang ,where as the vietnamese really just like to fuck good ,get the money and give it to the mamasang and to her vietnamese boyfriend. yes wake up all you guys out there 70 % of the vietnamese girls have a vietnamese boyfriend but nevertheless they fuck better then the rest of the asian girls.

(review # 5379)

phnom penh escort review dated added: sun sep 02 2001 submitted by: chuck

i live and work in phnom penh. martini's can't be missed. you are swamped with girls, mostly freelance, short time $10, all night $20. martini's has a disco and outside bar area, open air movie and several food stalls with good food for between $1 and $2. sharky bar is a blast, the girls that go out are vietnamese - about 50 with one mamason, along with some freelancers and a couple of khmer waitresses. $20 all night. some girls will yum yum (bj) others will not. 63rd street is full of massage places - some are $5.00. these aren’t massages, just bom-bom (sex) but mostly yum-yum. i recommend lay lay, #36, 63rd street. they have about 60 vietnamese young girls (legal age) and it's just $5.00.~~k-11 is good but i recommend going in the day time. any moto driver knows where it is and it should cost no more than $2.00 each way. have your driver wait for you. k-11 is 11 km outside phnom penh. it's a series of vietnamese places. prices $2.00 to $5.00. these girls also can be taken out (same at any massage place) and the price varies from $20 to $30 depending on what time you pick them up. there are many, many different places but cambodia is the place to go for beautiful, young, and inexpensive girls.

(review # 4263)

phnom penh / koh kong /sihanoukville travel report dated added: sun jun 03 2001 submitted by: ramtto

april 2001 i travelled to cambodia and it was the fun of my life. in the capital phnom penh there are 4 good locations for all you need. the martini bar, toul kok, 63rd street and last but not least the sharky's. i have never seen so many prostitutes in all my life. and it is unbelievable cheap: 3 - 5 $ for a st and 15 - 20 $ for lt. most of the girls do everything you want including bbbj.....and they are mostly between 18 - 23!! try it out you won't regret it.

koh kong ist a small island with a nice bar scene. st for 2-3$ and lt for about 6 - 9 $. very pretty girls. sihanoukville is also a good place to be.

there is a bar strip in the centre and also at the harbour. the prices for st and lt are about 4-5 $ for st and 15$ for lt. enjoy it!
(review # 3671)

siem reap travel report dated added: wed apr 25 2001 submitted by: anon

i was a little paranoid to visit angkor wat until my recent trip fun and adventurous trip. i had been to thailand before and other 'safe' asian countries. first off, cambodia is relatively safe now with a recent big influx of tourism arriving at siem reap (about 15 minutes from the world famous hindu-buddhist temples of angkor). you no longer need to fly to the capital, phnom penh but instead there are many direct flights from bangkok, singapore, etc. into siem reap.

while i thoroughly enjoyed my days (3) out at the huge temple complex, my evenings were spent checking out the nightlife in siem reap which is much smaller than phnom penh but has some interesting venues to meet ready and eager local girls (both khmer and vietnamese). i stayed at bakong guest house which is in a good location. it's close to the river where there are lots of tourist class restaurants, a central market and best of all nearby several disco clubs. lots of tourists pay $100 or more for accommodations in sr. my room was $15 with a/c, satelite tv, mini bar, king size bed and hot shower. according to some of the locals i talked to, there has been a hotel construction boom of late so rates are reasonable if you shop around.

action in the clubs gets started around 10 pm. if you can put up with the way to loud music you will be outnumbered at least 20-1 by the females, mostly aged 18-21 if you can tell their age in the way to dark surroundings. the clubs are all hostess-like seating with a charge of $3-$4 for a girl to join you for a dance or to drink at your table. angkor or tiger beer was $2 so before my tab got too expensive i selected a little 18ish khmer spinner for the evening. my moto driver was with me at the club (martinis) but i could have walked the short distance back across the river bridge to my guest house room. we had briefly visited a couple of other clubs and mostly vietnamese staffed brothels in town. but the cutie i was now with sandwiched between me my motoboy looked innocent but sexy and my driver negotiated her down to $15 up until dawn. btw, very few of the girls in these clubs speak a work of english so having a motoboy to translate is not a bad deal. most will accept just a couple of dollars for a short evening (or day) of providing transportation and translation (if they speak english!) of course, they also appreciate a beer/soda once in awhile as they tag along.

i did try the brothel scene sampling a few along the river (reportedly there are around a dozen in town). i found the selection hit and miss with a bj (all i decided on) @ $5 by a slender, sexy 24 y/o viet that mamasan said gave the best bbbj in sr. i was a little hesitant to try a lot of different brothels after i read in tet newsletter at erotictravel.com about a recent grenade attack where a disgruntled customer blew a sr brothel apart killing the owners. finally, carry lots of $1 bills and a few $5 bills. you will never use or need larger denominations. have cambodian riels for short moto hops costing r500-1000, for small tips here and there or to pass out to a few beggars who are all over the place (mostly kids or ex-khmer rouge soldiers with a leg or two missing!). about 3800 riel = $1.

(review # 3437)

phnom penh travel report dated added: sun jan 23 2000 submitted by: amac

another best kept secret in asia. most people are worried about the occasional civil unrest but cambodia is as fun as thailand, philippine and indonesia. it is also the cheapest place in the lot. you can find local and vietnamese woman everywhere. the best hangouts are as follow:

sharky's: pool room, bar, restaurant. there are several woman working there as bartender, waitress or hostess. there is no barfine for the hostesses. bartenders are about $5 to get out. the standard price is $20 for the whole night.~~

63rd street: there are several karoke/massage parlors of this strip. i have never once seen a karoke machine in any of them. it's the typical fishbowl setup like in bangkok. the price is $5 for a massage plus another $5 for sex. by the way you drop the $5 massage if you want. there are also other places around town.

martini's nightclub: bar/disco. just loaded with freelance woman. just sit back, watch them roll in and make your move when you are ready.

suay pak: a long way north of town. a small strip with brothels on each side. price range $3-$6. hotels are fairly cheap and food is good. what more do you want?~~

(review # 1367)

phnom penh travel report dated added: sat nov 20 1999 submitted by: joe

prices of girls: short time: $3 - 5; all-nite: $15-20 at tuol koek!!! - (bit higher at svay pak 12 km out of town ) it should be $3-5 for an on-premises short time [up to one hour - you normally won't be hustled] , depending on the girl's looks, how long she's been there, etc. tuol koek is a real sight to behold. it's about a one-mile strip solidly lined with brothels on a 2-lane unsealed road on the northern edge of boeng kak lake, just north of downtown phnom penh. it's pronounced "two-oh kaah," and be sure to get that right. just turn left at the french embassy.

i got two girls for $7 once. don't pay in advance and don't be bashful about sending her back if she doesn't do as advertised or there's some major attitude shift or other problem. i see that a lot less often in cambodia than thailand, though. be sure to tip the chick privately for good service. the poor (literally) little girls, some of them do try, they get a few cents only from papa-san and own little more than a dress or two.

b. ages of girls -- asian girls always seem younger to me than they are because of how they develop. they all could fuck ok with some much more willing than others - it's a gamble. after three that day i was rather screwed out at one short-time joint but the little darling almost turned herself inside out trying to get me up: sucked it, played with it, rolled her gorgeous tight little body all over me. although unsuccessful she was surely worth a $5 tip.

c. places to see: not much really, it's not a giant city like bangkok. apart from a dusty old museum of ethnography and of course pol pot's awful legacy at tuol sleng there ain't much to dew but screw! you can go to the beach at sihanoukville about 200 km south but as the roads are appalling and the railway uncertain you probably gotta fly by captain eddie chonglong airlines!

d. safety concerns well it is an anarchic third world country always in political turmoil and corrupt as hell but if you're cool and avoid dark places you should be ok. i can't begin to say it's totally safe. but it seemed safer than i had been led to believe from posts from 1995 and earlier. i pushed my luck far enough to do the brothels in the early evening (until 10 p.m. or so), being careful to not walk any dark stretches. streets will be very poorly lit, and brothel areas (like 63rd) may have dark stretches nearby, so it's important to know where you want to go. the "police blotter" section of the phnom penh post will report an armed robbery incident or two every two weeks, and moto drivers will avoid certain areas and want more money for trips after 10 p.m. or so. "toul koek" is ok at night but getting there and back late can be dodgy. riding a motorbike alone late at night is not a good idea. i had no problems.

e. what you can do there. )

f. what you can't do there.) see 'd' above. however it's quite pleasant overall, with some quirks. your great advantage is that there's a lot of really good chicks there -- it's not like bangkok or the philippines where all the knockouts can flock to pricier bars and leave other places weighted down with the rest. most speak only a very limited amount of english, at best. almost all are either vietnamese or khmer. vietnamese are much more lively and outgoing, sometimes in a pushy way. there are some real cuties amongst them, though, and most do oral in addition to the standard "boom-boom." khmers (the native race) have a bushier, slightly more negroid complexion and are known for being a lot more reserved and wary of foreigners. they'll be sitting down or standing and watching or even scowling while the viets are doing all the grabbing.

you'll probably have to approach the khmer ones or show some interest, though they usually won't give you the ice treatment. mamasans and pappasans know these girls are more reserved, too, so they try harder to ease the process. two of the best i got, and the two prettiest, were khmer. vietnamese seem to have the big advantage in self-marketing, though. some are very cute. some of the older or less attractive girls can really hook you with how they perform, though. thankfully, you don't see any "lady boys."

where to go? the city's ok. [see notes re nights though]

where not to go. beyond the city limits or off marked roads - muchos banditos with kalashnikovs, and a gazillion land mines.

i. what will girls do for you -- what they won't do. oral-straight-anal-3way-etc it's rather up to the individual chick; the vietnamese girls are much more 'forward' than their khmer half-sisters- the former will actually drag you off the motorcycle as you pass their 'establishment'. the chicks don't really expect you to make much conversation. the vietnamese ones will be pretty aggressive anyway. most vietnamese girls will happily volunteer if they "yum-yum" or "smoke" (do oral), since most of them do. ask using those terms if the y don't volunteer it. a few offered their asses too.some khmer girls who didn't do oral would lie and say they do (because of competition?) or the mamasan or pappasan would say they do when they don't. the mamasan or pappasan should speak some english -- enough to haggle a price. always fix it beforehand but pay afterwards. the girl will be eager to lead you back to the room (often trying to drag you there). locals can do it this way, but foreigners should always fix the price first.

j. any ideas you may have about totally uninhibited activities there. limited only by your imagination, stamina, and quantity of $$$$.

can i have 2 girls stay with me for a week? see 'j' above.

also as for the *****houses, this is the "real" southeast asian sex outlet -- where the local males go while society looks the other way. for $3 they might get a beer and a quickie in a fan-cooled, partitioned boarding house room just barely bigger than the bed that's in it. that money, though, is 3 or 4 days' salary to many of the khmer customers -- this is their "treat" for the whole month.

the establishments will probably seem very dingy and run down to you - a place the fire marshal would have condemned in your own town. expect to see either a pull-down storefront at ground level on a long 2- or 3-story concrete building (svay pak) , or (tuol koek) wooden houses on stilts. girls hang around outside or just inside under the telltale pink fluorescent lights. asian guys pull in, get something to drink, talk to a girl or two (not buying the girl a drink) and go inside or upstairs. the act is usually performed very quickly, without foreplay. asian guys seem to have a bent toward that. as an earlier post aptly put it, the whole experience is about as base as it gets. condom usage and insistence is inconsistent, mostly left up to you. if you must then bring your own, though; cambodian rubbers are the penile equivalent of wearing thick galoshes that are three sizes too small. they're really awful, and you'll be very hard pressed to find anything decent anywhere if you run out.

no worries about take-aways they are geared up for all-niters providing you don't mind three on a motorcycle! it's eminently do-able, though it's best to test-drive first with a short-time, since there are so many places and girls to choose from. you'll be quoted $20-25 in the early evening, and it may be hard to get the pappasan below $15 - 20 before 10 p.m. on most girls. the pappasan is thinking of the money from short-times he might lose from letting the girl go for the night. regarding the 'take-aways' - you'll probably be sucked into that way of thinking, too, figuring you could save money by doing 2 or 3 short-times until you're completely spent, rather than spending twice the dough on one girl. as the witching hour [10pm] approaches, it's easier to get prices in the $15-20 range (though safety could be a concern if you go too late into the night).

the hotel shouldn't hassle you and if they do, move. places like the hong kong hotel, tokyo hotel, etc., and most in the $20 range will be fine. they'll probably rent you a double room anyway if you're a single male (if not, ask). as in thailand, avoid the few swanky places and international chains e.g. the 'cambodiana' (the prices should be deterrent enough).

i've heard so much about other destinations, but i know very little about cambodia. i hope you can bring me up to speed about this place, maybe i'll visit one day. don't leave it too long: the word's getting around about the low cost and the non-insistence upon damned condoms unlike thailand now. i've lost count of the number of exquisite women i've fucked in the last 10 years in thailand, cambodia and the philippines all without a bloody condom.. i'm seriously contemplating a return visit soon -

(review # 811)

phnom penh street action dated added: fri jan 29 1999 submitted by: jean de la grace

phnom penh - january 1999 the mean streets: essentially three areas: street 70 (toul kouk); k-11 (svay pa); street 154.

toul kouk 'best of the old school gi special'. cardboard squares, viet-ho's and their grandmothers. $5 for short-time suck & fuck is standard. it can be had for $2 or so, if you really want to bargain. the initial area is all vietnamese ladies, the farther you penetrate tk you come to the khmers. vietnamese service is superior, though khmers are friendly and less greedy.

svay pa 'little saigon'. shop fronts full of young vietnamese girls. above mentioned price applies. located 11 kilometers from pp. a good place to spend an afternoon.

street 154 used to be all red light but hun sen ruined that. there's karayoke with chicks - - and i've never bothered.

its centrally located and i'm sure fine - personally i'd rather remember the good old days once had there. of course they're hookers and i hear more expensive $15-25.

night life:
sharky's located about 145 street near the riverfront. american run, though they're a bit ""deliverance"" in attitude & decor, and filled with young viet ladies.

martini's a dance club all moto's will know. mix of khmer & viet ladies, sometimes a rough bunch (in terms of looks).

in conclusion: diamonds in the rough can be found with little effort. disease is more prevalent and personal care is not to thai standards. use condoms there's undiscovered viruses roaming the night. prices range from $10-20 all night. don't get too insecure, over-pay and ruin the local economy for the rest of us sex tourists! pp is fun but dangerous. i've experienced armed robbery three times and i never drink or get stupid
in that manner. i've also lost two friends here in two years. day is fine but night is always a risk and never believe different.

warnings mentioned, its still worth a trip.

Guy #2
08-11-03, 09:53

If the information is not up to date, tell us what is the current state so we have the current information.

Even if the information is not up to date, which I think it is, it gives me a lead, something to give the tax driver so he knows where to look.

08-12-03, 10:19
cam pro, if I were any more relaxed I would be dead !!! I am sitting in my new house on the west coast of Bali, with my Balinese girlfriend, 25 years old, 42kgs, whom I have painstakingly trained over the last 3 years and is just perfect at giving pleasure. I divide my time between here and Bangkok, and yes I have been to Cambodia, several times, never much cared for it. The food is awful, and the people are still very depressed and sad. So thank you for the offer of a beer at Martini’s, but I have no interest whatsoever in having a drink with you. i do not own a pair of boots that goes high enough, your BS is just to much for me.
50 polo shirts, wow, you are quite the sharp dresser, aren’t you? Do they call you Mr GQ??? And you bought them in a close out no less, guess you have to save those $$$ for the jet sharing thing, huh?
Interesting how you just go on and on about all these people, just awed by you when they meet you, and once again, as usual, you skirt the questions? (16 hours to Cambodia, and then complaining about a 20$ fee out of Bangko. Why were you there in the first p[lace if you flew nonstop??? )
I for one have decided to go along with WISteve's comments and not read your posts. If I see something with your name on it, I will fast forward to the next. You are pathological man, and if you weren’t such a troubled case, you would be laughable. You need help. I suggest you use some of that massive amount of money you supposedly earn to get it. It is all very sad.
piece of advice for you. read your posts before submitting them, some of us out there are a little bit better informed and see right through your crap.


08-12-03, 19:06
I would echo fast-forwarding past Cambo pro. No offense but there are better things to take up my time.

I would also gently suggest that reposting information from ********** that is five years out of date isn't a substitute for actually going there and gleaning firsthand information. You will find that a lot of what you are posting is out-of-date.

Guy #2
08-13-03, 16:17
a friend of mine at work copied an article on beer girls from the wall street journal dated may 31, 2000. the web address is wwww.aegis.com/news/wsj/2000/wsj000503.html.

"cambodia's 'beer girls' learn the dark side of selling brew

1. they negitiate their own prices.

2. they earn $50 a month

3. if they leave with a customer, they are supposed to change their uniform.

4. they leave with the customers if they want--i have been told normally at 1:00 am by my cousin.

5. you are not supposed to grab their ass, squeeze their breasts but guys do it and get away with it because generally the owner of the restaurant and the distributor does not care. it's not supposed to happen but it happens.

6. the article was about a beer girl who supplemented her income by going home occaisionally with men. she was later gang raped by some customers. she also contracted aids from one of her customers.

now we know what beer girls are:

girls who are less likely to be at risk than the sex workers but still at risk.

they are generally better looking because they are your poor girl next door.

you are not supposed to grab their tits or ass but if you, generally no one does anything because it's okay to feel them up under the custom of the country. as a disclaimer, i am not telling you to do this. you are responsible for your own actions.

i think a person could go their and give a good tip and get a good feel or dry fuck.

remember, i am not talking about the beer girls of bangkok. i am talking about the beer girls at the large 4-star restaurants in phnom penh. big fucking difference. at bangkok, it's understood that you can pay for a bar fine. at phnom penh, it's like going home with the local waitress. i think that is more exciting because there is some work involved in picking up the girl and it's more of a girlfriend thing--no quid pro quo that is obvious.

correct me if i am wrong.

Guy #2
08-13-03, 16:20
Here is the article on bar girls:


Remember, I am NOT posting this because I am trying to save the fucking world. I am just sharing information on how to pick up girls. I didn't write the fucking article. I am interested in how the girls go home with the guys--that's it. I am not interested in the other aspects of the article that prompted some fucking liberal to write it in the first place.

08-13-03, 20:24

I love your posts,you have no time for BS.Kudos to you man! Keep it up!

January,Is my comfirmed month to be in Cambodia.I'm going to see it for my self. racism or no racism!

Guy #2
08-14-03, 03:11
1. Here is an article (1 month old) that explains the girls in Martinis for foreigners, the beer girls for locals, and the Svay Pak girls for local scums. It also explains why everything is black and white in Cambodia. When I go to a beer girl. I am there to feel her up. Not to make her my girlfriend. When I look for a wife, she better be fucking perfect. That is the culture. See the article written by a white guy. Yes, I admit, times have changed. Cambodia is becoming more like Thailand. Lot of bananas out there.

2. Why do I search the Internet if I have a cousin in Cambodia for information? Because my family is stupid and cannot read English and they hit me up for money. I found my hotel, cell, car rental, girls all through the internet. My cousin is too stupid and too scared to pickup women. See the article below. As you can see, one article can lay everything out.

3. Meatman. There are types of women in Cambodia--physically speaking. Chinese women with light skinned features and Cambodian--real Cambodian women--with dark skinned features. I am Chinese so I look Chinese and the Cambodians mistake me for a Jap or a Chinese person. But I find the Cambodian women more attractive than the Chinese women.

It's just a matter of choice.

After carefully doing the research, though, I would not advise you to fuck these girls. Just feel them up and cum in their face to get off. The stats that I read on these girls over the past week or so scared.

And, no, I do not work for the NGO. I am just a cheap bastard who is a pervert. HAha.


No Money, No Honey
June 12, 2003
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Before coming to Cambodia, I read the book “Off the Rails in Phnom Penh,” (not available in the US, since it’s “too edgy”) about the excessive lives led by expats here. After a little field research, I’m happy to report that five years later, the situation is as insane as described in the book.

”Girls, Girls, Girls”

I wanted to experience Phnom Penh’s nightlife, so I had Martin take me to Martini’s nightclub. First, an important bit of background. Khmer society is extremely conservative. Women dress very modestly, usually in a long sarong (although jeans are becoming more common), and a long sleeve blouse. Women would never dream of sex before marriage. And a "decent" Khmer woman would never dream of hanging out at a nightclub.

Of course, as in most of the world, this don’t apply to men. A Khmer saying says that a woman is like a piece of silk. If it’s dropped in the mud, it can’t be cleaned. But a man is like a diamond, and can simply be wiped off. So the only women you’ll see in a Cambodian nightclub are there to provide services to men in exchange for money.

I had read about “taxi girls” in two books: my family-friendly guidebook, and Off the Rails. The guidebook described them as being available for “pay as you go dances.” Off the Rails describes then as being available for the night for $20.

So I knew what to expect, in principle. But I was still shocked to see the reality. The first thing I saw when I walked into Martini’s was a sign that read: “The girls here do not work here. Whatever ends up happening is you own responsibility.” OK, fair enough, right?

Then we walked into the chill out room. Like any nightclub in the US, it was a room with tables to hang out at. But the only people sitting at the tables were bored girls. Martin led me into the next room, with the dance floor. It was like any dance floor in the US, and was packed with dancers. But all the dancers were girls, and they all looked bored and were barely dancing. They were wearing ordinary clothes, and looked like women you would see on the street. Some looked 16, some looked 30. Some were dark skinned Khmers, some were light skinned Vietnamese, who the Khmers consider more desirable, and command a premium price. (This is really sad. I’ve talked to several beautiful Khmer women who are ashamed of their color.) Many were quite beautiful.

We watched the half-hearted dancers from the side for awhile. There were only about five guys watching from the sides, all foreigners, which could explain the unenthusiastic dancing. So where do the Khmer guys go for their girls?

Beer girls and karaoke girls

Our next stop was a place I never thought of: a karaoke bar, filled with Khmers, and no tourists in sight. As soon as we sat down, we were mobbed by excited girls. What's going on? Then I realized that these were “beer girls,” each promoting a specific brand. Surrounding me were the Fosters girl, the Tiger girl, and a couple Angkor girls. After settling on Angkor, the other girls looked pissed and went away, but the Angkor girls dutifully made sure our mugs stayed full. Martin said the beer girls are available for other services, too.

I heard some awful singing, and looked up at the stage, where about 20 girls were lined up. “What’s going on?” I asked Martin. “They’re all available,” he said.


Can’t afford the $20 for a taxi girl, beer girl, or karaoke girl? I read about the $5 wooden shack brothels in Off the Rails, and Martin took me there next. Things seemed to have changed a bit since 1997. Instead of Vietnamese girls lined up soliciting me, they all ran inside and closed the doors when they saw me coming. Except for one girl who shouted “I-love-you-too-much.” This is where Khmers go for very young girls, but in recent years, NGO’s have been raiding brothels. As much as teenage prostitution is a bad thing, just rushing in, making a lot of noise, and “rescuing” girls, without solving the underlying problems, only drives this underground, and makes it invisible to foreigners. Do they give the girls they rescue an education, and provide them with alternate employment? Are they working to solve the problems that force parents to sell their children, such as poverty and lack of family planning? If ther're not, they're doing more harm than good.

08-15-03, 00:43
What a joke. The story starts off with bullshit:

"I read the book “Off the Rails in Phnom Penh,” (not available in the US, since it’s “too edgy”)"

Amazon.com will sell you all the copies you want at $12.50 each (plus shipping og course).

08-16-03, 21:44
What has happened to this thread?

Since I last checked it July 13 till now: Almost no field reports - and tons of BS from Guy # (2) Much Dreaming and Cambo P(r)o(et) ......

I went there for a week July 15-23. I had some good fun - and will go back. But it takes time to adjust to the dust and the potholes, club security guards with guns and young viet girls totally different from anything you have ever experienced in LOS. I chickened out after a week in PP and S.Ville - and went back to safe Land Of (smiling) Sharks. But I will go back ......

If any of your guys are serious about Cambo - go www.km11.com

PS One of the bullshit posters here should notice that in Cambo it is barang, not farang. The other one is so obviously crappy that it's not worth commenting ......

Guy #2
08-19-03, 20:29
1. Philo, there had been nothing on this thread of any similarity to the Bangkok thread, even before my posting. That is because Phnom Penh and Bangkok are not the same. Go back to the archives. I went through all of them.

2. At least on my postings, someone can follow along and know where to look. When I get to Cambodia, then my postings will change.

3. I don't have any stories to post because this is my first experience going through this and I am going stage by stage.

Guy #2
08-19-03, 20:38
1. Now I am at the stage where some of you guys were concerned bout safety.

2. I have not post much because my cousin is trying to extort money from me. He said that when I arrive at the airport, he will bribe a police officer to arrest me because I am carrying cash for the engagement party. They wanto to go after the cash.

3. I called the FBI field office and the American Embassy. I am having someone send the money to me by Western Union or wire transfer.

4. My mother in law from my first wife is also embarrassed that I am getting engaged. I am uncertain as to what she will try.

5. I am hiring a driver and a car for $25 to meet me at the airport to escort me for security purposes.

6. I know you guys talk about being afraid. Well I am being targeted by someone, and I am still going to Cambodia. You have to give me some credit for having the balls to go to Cambodia under these conditions.

I will be in Cambodia in a few days. I will be staying at the Cambodiana. Let me know if you will be in Cambodia.

I have said all along when I made my first post that first I will investigate, then I will go, then I will post my experiences. I started posting around July when I made my plans. Now it is August. I said all along that I was going in August.

In the meantime, I have posted all my research:

Beer girls, k-11, sex workers
Cell services

Now I am posting security issues. I know you are afraid but at least you don't have a trigger happy cousin who wants to set you up to take your engagement money.

Why go? Because I want a Cambodian wife, we won't talk about that on this board.

As I get to Cambodia and have experiences, I will share them with you at that time.

Now I am just studying the map and the layout of the streets.

If this is bullshit, then I guess I am a bullshitter.

Guy #2
08-19-03, 20:44
1. Thanks for the k-11 info. But now that we know that, that doesn't mean that the investigation stop there. If it did you would never know about beer girls which has less risk.

2. I am just posting my experiences as I go along. Until I go to Cambodia in a few days, all I can post is my research.

3. I forgot to tell you guys that after my cousin threatened to bribe a police officer to arrest me with false charges, unless I send him money, I did research on Cambdoian criminal law and procedure and defense lawyers.

The Cambodian criminal code is on the Internet.

All these comments about the NGO. I have to eat my words and be thankful that the NGO set up the criminal code website.

I know that will not help me when they bribe a police officer. But at least I can tell the officer that if he tries to arrest for something I did not do, that accepting bribes is a felong punishable by 2-5 years in prison.

Okay, you do not want to hear about this bullshit.

Marco Pole
08-20-03, 08:03
Hey Guy #2,

While its great that you've done your research in regards to the various aspects of Cambodia, can you relax a little with all of the copy/paste posts that you're finding across the internet? There's only so much information one can obtain before going to Cambo and while I understand your excitement, just go already and report back some real experiences (hopefully humorous).

Let's try and keep the boards open to interesting stuff, not every asinine detail we can find. This isn't a contest.


08-20-03, 17:44
Cambo Newbie (Hey thats me!) Report

Ticket B 8200 BKK Airways R/T (might be had for 5-6000 other company some people say; Thai wants B10000). SARS form PP airport. 1 passport picture + USD 20 + 30 min. = Visa. Cambo feels weard. May be I have read too many scary reports. Taxi standard price USD 7 (with a fucking receipt). MC USD 2. Take car. B 20 tip; the driver laughed at me. Fuck him. Small shop besides hotel: 4 beer + 3 water = USD 5, should have been 2. (Later girl tell me: 24 Coke = 7-8 USD). Paris Hotel (no booking needed). Ask USD 20. Say I stay before, payed 15. OK, pay 15. 3rd floor massage. Papasan say no boom boom. Take lady 2 h. = USD 8 (lady gets 4; good). In room she gets playful: Want 30, get her down to 13 (too much for ST). Boom...... Lady # 71. OKBoom+VeryPretty+NiceTalking. Go Martini. MC Riel 3000 (can go 2000, locals pay 500-1000). A lot of beauties. Few barang, some asian costomers. Beer: USD 1.50. Find young breath-taking viet girl. Too young? Chicken out (am I fucking paranoid?). Drunk. Approached by 20 yo (?) chinese-vietnamese. Starfish but beautyful. The one you want to be your daughter..... USD 20 LT for BBJ + Boom. (Later I exp. it can be had for 10-15). First day PP. This is not BKK, and I feel like a fucking newbie (which, by the way, is exactly what I am). More later ..........

08-20-03, 18:13

Your report is like the smell of Jasmine in the night air. So very different from the stench that has permeated this thread since the last real report posted on 7-11-03. Enjoy yourself and keep the real reports coming.

08-21-03, 02:32
Philo - you might want to try PresidentAirlines.com next time - about $140 RT US (they are on the net - just difficult to find information on their site)

08-21-03, 04:58
It's nice to have someone there "on the ground" who can feed us "up to date info" as it happens. Your report is good, keep them coming dude!!!!

08-21-03, 07:14
Marco Pole wrote:
Hey Guy #2,

While its great that you've done your research in regards to the various aspects of Cambodia, can you relax a little with all of the copy/paste posts that you're finding across the internet? There's only so much information one can obtain before going to Cambo and while I understand your excitement, just go already and report back some real experiences (hopefully humorous).

Let's try and keep the boards open to interesting stuff, not every asinine detail we can find. This isn't a contest.


Are you listening Guy#2. Please take it easy on us.



08-21-03, 16:37
Thanks guys, but things can have changed since medio July (see post below)

Newbie PP Day Two

Brkfast rest. adj. Paris Hotel. No speak barang. Omelette+Baguette+Jam+Coffee=USD 4.5. Rip off. Take driver rec. by hotel. He OK. USD 15 / 5 h. Overpriced. Std. price: 15-20 all day. Go Mobitel head office (every driver know) for SIM-card. Need letter of adress (hotel ok)+passport. No have. Back hotel. No have business letter sheet with off. head. Back Mobitel. No SIM. (Be shure you stay a hotel that can give you a letter with a head, a stamp and an important looking signature. ???????). Solution: Driver buy SIM in his name: USD 13 + Load 5. Thai phone go Cambo! Go look PP with driver. No need to explain. You find all places at www.km11.com and here. Go room. Drink beer. Eat on the corner outside hotel. Want the daughter. Only look, mama watching! Nothing like the smell of cooking oil, garlic, herbs and a 19 yo innocent (?) beauty....... Go Sharky. 6 beer = USD 9 (draft 1, can 1.5-2). 5 girls/barang. A few beautys, but look used. Meet special Chinese, she with friend. Play pool. Friend no boom. Telle me she go Heart of Darkness. Give me phone#. Drunk. Pissed. Talk young girl. She not understand. She scared. Why the fuck does she come here? Tired. Outside: 10 MC want to take me HOD. Go R3000. To much. HOD: Some barang, som Cambos, some black people, some white (fat ugly) ladies (LP or resident?). Security have gun. Dreadful and quasi-classy........ Drink beer. When friend lady Sharky go toilet, I ask her: Come room tomorrow? She want 25 ST. What the fuck! Agrees on USD 15 (heavily overpriced), but must have her. Leave. Get MC. Drive through potholes and shit. Need food. Stop for a baguette with a rotten dog within....... This and 20 beers: If I were younger I would puke. Go hotel. No lady today. D., the chinese strange soul with an undefineable charm, is coming tomorrow. More later ............

Marco Pole
08-21-03, 21:08

Excellent report! Short concise sentences....you waste no time getting to the crux of each situation. Keep em coming.


Cambodia Pro
08-22-03, 04:22
"But I will go back ...... " TO CAMBODIA

Ever notice the effect Cambodia has on western tourists?

They say " It's full of potholes" , "It's dirty", "It's Dangerous"
Yet, they always come back to Cambodia. Like dogs thirsty for water, they came back many times to the sex oasis that is Cambodia. Some decide to live the life of a sex king every day, and simply stay like me. I want to inform you that I had my 100 girl fukathon last week. I am writing the report, I am still recovering from such extravagant event.

Cambodia, where sex dreams come true.

The sex king of cambodia, Cambo Pro

Originally posted by Philo
What has happened to this thread?

" But it takes time to adjust to the dust and the potholes", "

"club security guards with guns and young viet girls totally different from anything you have ever experienced in LOS"

I chickened out after a week in PP and S.Ville - and went back to safe Land Of (smiling) Sharks.

But I will go back ......