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01-01-02, 02:00
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Marco Pole
05-20-02, 20:14

I'll be heading to Thailand in October and plan on making a 4-5 day trip to Cambodia at some point during the month. Does anyone have any tips or advice regarding where the best spots are to get laid? I've heard that Sharky's is a good spot but sometimes a little shady.

Also, I've read that Cambodia is like the "wild west" of SE Asia. Is it really as dangerous and some people make it out to be. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...


05-22-02, 12:03
You must visit K-11 or they also call it suay pak. In my opinion, many of the girls are too skinny and too young. by young, I mean from 4 yrs old on up. You can still find alot of 17yr olds+ but to me I got turned off by the hot and musty upstairs rooms and the children for sale, not to mention the runs from the "home away from home kitchen" Its good to take one long time ($20) and do your duty in your own clean, ac room. None of the broads for sale will say no. They are all vietnamese and will service you for 10,000 riels $2.50 on up (short time) If you stay in pnom penh, have a moto take you to Martinis and sharkeys. they are on opposite sides of town. The town girls have more of a Khmer choice, so you can sample the local flesh instead of the viet imports. take care, have fun!

Mighty Spearsman
05-22-02, 16:45
in response to the request by "marco pole" the following is a summarization of a posting that i made about 2 months ago in the old forum:

in addition to k11 and sharkey's, another, slightly more costly alternative choice is the "golden spa" located in a nice hotel named "hotel cambodiana" right on the mekong river, walking distance from the royal palace, with a casino riverboat behind it.

the "golden spa" is located out back next to the pool. the night that i was there, 12 women were on duty, kmer (cambodian), vietnamese and chinese. all were attractive and appeared to be in their early twenties (i.e. no **** girls and no old hags). services include sauna, steam bath, a respectable foot massage in a large communal lounge, plus private massage sessions with a lady in a small room.

the prices for the private massage were us $10 for 1 hour, us $18 for 2 hours, plus $2 extra if you want a chinese masseuse (i have no idea why they cost $2 more). underneath these prices was a line saying $10 surcharge if the girl comes to your room upstairs to give the massage. only a massage and hj are available during the private massage in the health club itself, so if you are interested in fs or a bj, then you should pay the surcharge and have the girl come to your room.

i received a great massage from a khmer girl named "lin." an attractive light-skinned girl with long black hair, who never took any of her cloths off during the massage. it wasn't until about 2/3rds of the way through the massage that i learned that only a hj was available there, that for her to give me a bj or fs that i should have arranged for her to come to my room. too late! but that was ok, because she then proceeded to give me the longest and best hj i have ever received in my nearly 50 years. i then tipped her us $10 which seemed to be the right amount (although some other wsg posters seem to think that $10 was too much).

recap - i had a great relaxing massage and hj for us $20 total, but if i had brought her up to my room, i probably would have spent $48 total ($18 for 2 hours, $10 surcharge, plus a $20 tip) for an even better time. yes, this total amount is a lot more than going out to k11, but at least now you know that there is an alternative to wandering out onto the dangerous streets or travelling 11 kilometers on a bad road in the dark.

by the way, there was a massage parlor across the street from the hotel (name began with "b") that looked promising from the outside, although i didn't go inside.

05-25-02, 08:26
Marco Pole

I haven't been to Cambodia yet but may times in Thailand. However, I just read a book called "Off the rails in Phnom Phen" by Amit Gilboa. You might want to pick it up. As for the book it kind of sucked and it seemed to me as a wannabee re-telling the stories of other people that he did not have the guts to go through with (kind of the thoughy-fucky bullshit stories told by Cloe Odzer in "Patpong Sister". However, the book metions a lot of the scene and probably give you hints about where to head if you are looking for action. Take it for whatever it is worth.

05-25-02, 22:19
I have been to Cambodia many times, and I read that book too. I laughed a lot a reading it, because it is so true !

Marco Pole
05-30-02, 05:40

Thanks for all the info on K11, Sharkeys, and the massage scene. I'm ready to roll...only four months to go. Oh, and I just ordered the book off amazon today...I'll let you know what I think.

Viva WSG!


06-08-02, 05:21
Yeah, the short-time places will cost $5 (bargainable down to $3 in Tuol Kauk, even). But the tiny, unhygienic and very hot rooms (if you can call them that) aren't easy to take. If you want the girl for the night back in your room it's usually $20, which is a jump up in price to Pattaya level.

Off the Rails is a good trashy read, though the place has calmed down a bit since, so don't get too pumped up. I went in 1997, 2000 and 2001 and could see the changes. Not nearly as wild as before but that's not all bad. Doctors Without Borders has been doing lots of work on condom education; before, may of the Viet girls would offer their ass and a few of the really memorable ones would stick their tongue up yours. Few would insist on condoms. Things are safer now, though it's by far best to bring your own condoms, as the Number One brand there is awful.

Also no more pot sold at Russian Market. They used to have packs of 20 pre-rolled cigarettes (looked a bit like the tobacco type) for 50 cents. Still lots of smoking at the Boeng Kak guesthouses, though.

The safety and crime situation, while still problematic, is improved. And Hun Sen's takeover of power has at least brought in some stability.

06-19-02, 03:33
Shianoukville is worth the trip. Getting there is kinda up to your required level of comfort. I rented a 250cc dirt bike and hit Hwy 4.
4 hard hours, but worth it cuz I love bikes. Buses are cheap but slow. If you decide to rent, have a motto take you to "Lucky's" motorcycle rental. Tell him you want one for "out of town travel". It will cost you $7 a day instead of $5, but you'll get a much newer, more dependable bike.

I was told that you can get off the beaten track around S-ville as land mines are not a problem. The area, according to the guy I talked to, was never in dispute, always communists controlled and was never mind. Food for thought only, I'd hate to think someone got blown up cuz I didn't know what I was talking about !

The beaches are plain sand to rocky and deserted and the water is clean (appearing anyway). Very pleasant.

Hotels in S-ville are plentyful and cheap. There are places to pick out a lady or two, but I can't remember well enough to give specific directions, sorry.

Ploughman is on the money with the rest.


06-20-02, 20:54
Firedick - Thanks for the info. You are an adventurous SOB!!! I like that. I have heard it is worth the trip and the ladies are pretty damned cheap. Plus, not so many westerners since it is hard to get to. If you can remember any of the hotels, bars, or other locations that would be great. There is a place there called the chicken ranch??

06-21-02, 08:24
The Chicken Ranch doesn't sound familiar. But I could have been there and not known the name. It's a small town and looking around, discovering places is half the fun. But I will dig through my records and see if I can find at least the name of the hotel I stayed in.


06-27-02, 05:55
Stayed in Sianoukville a few years ago and the place was crawling with cute girls. It has been a while so things may have changed but wherever you went there were girls of varying ages. I arrived with my wife at one place which we thought was a hotel and we got a cabin quite near the beach for about twenty bucks. By late afternoon we had about twenty well dressed cuties sitting on our balcony, all very amusing as my wife is pretty Asia savy and laughed at it all.
Sadly she had to go back to HK and I was able to investigate further. Ended up with about twenty girls lined up in front of me but all were way too young for my liking. My head (on my shoulders) can't really deal with shagging a twelve year old. So went for the Mamasan who was about nineteen to the amusement of all the girls. First class effort on her part but she insisted on wearing two condoms. Not sure if that was for my benefit or hers!
All the night clubs had girls and short time establishments nearby. Mamasan will grab you on entry and offer you a range. Often a few spoke English if it matters.
Sianoukville is a resort for the Kymers to let their hair down. It is a port, but I never ventured down that road with girls etc..
Great seafood with huge king prawns to chomp on between the bouts of horizontal action.

Wayne K.

06-28-02, 01:56
hi all! how does cambodia compare to bangkok. quality of women? where is the best place to stay in cambodia? are the prices cheaper than bangkok? thanks?

07-01-02, 18:39
I will be in Cambodia(PP and Siem Reap) in August. I am looking for current information on these places. I also was looking for info on k11 and other places. I will only be there for a few days and want to make the most of things. I know that k11 is not the best but I just want to experiance it. I had read about police harrasment at k11. Some people paid 100 dollars to the police. Just looking for current info.

07-03-02, 03:19
Phoenix: I am curious why you would describe K11 as "not being the best". What's up with that?

If you go to PP it is a great place to spend the afternoon, drain yourself a few times, watch the punters and check out the talent that you may find later at Martini's and Sharkey's. SP is what Cambodia is all about.

Wayneking: Snooky is still great. Where did you stay there? I'm passing on Snooky on my next trip since it will be hot and wet. Maybe my wife will let me go in Feb/Mar.

Have good sanuk fun...


P.S. Will be there in September after trips to Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zuhai and a side trip to Macao. Anyone in the vicinity at the same time?

07-03-02, 16:15

Dont get me wrong about SP. I guess I was just refering to some of the rooms that have been described. I have never been there an am looking for opinions and places to go. I fully agree with you about it being a place to have a little fun, watch the punters and kick back. I was just looking to the full picture of what goes on there. I go to Rio frequently and they have a similar place and I love it. Thanks for the reply. If you have anymore info that would be great. I have written to Frequent flyer and asked for his input. I just wanted to know what the tallent was like, safert issues, police involvement.


07-03-02, 22:36
Phoenix: How do you know Frequently Flyer? If from penhball, then all the general info you seek should already be available to you. I believe he is in PP as we speak (so to speak).

I am going at the end of this month for first time in 5 years (and had Filipina GF along so no Svay Pak) and will report back.

07-04-02, 01:09

I have read his posts at TSM. I have written him and asked a few questions. I say the post in Penhball ad it sounds like he will be there. IMHO I thik he has great taste in women judging fromthe photos he posts.
I have a very good idea of what to do but just want to keep updated because it sounds like things change quickly. I read a few stories about the police at SP getting money from a few of the guys. I spend most of my time in Rio ( 11 trips in 2 years) things are pretty much stable and where to find women. I guess I am a little nervous and dont know what to expect. I speak Portuguese, Spanish and a little Italian but no Thai or Chinese. I just wanted to experiance Asia but have a limited time.
My plans are for 3 days in BKK then to Siem Reap for 1.5 then to PP for 3 then to Phuket for 2 and one last night in BKK.

07-08-02, 01:09
Phoenix, it's the "earthiness" (being kind with this description) of K11 that I find most appealing. I didn't take your post as a slam on this place,(my "what's up with that" has tongue frimly implanted in cheek), but think you might like it if you give it a try. After playing in other areas, I just love the grittiness as a counterpoint for some reason.

Frequent Flyer is the *man* when it comes to not only Cambodia, but all of SE Asia (not to mention the Indian sub-continent). The ultimate sanuk guru. I was fortunate enough to travel with an experienced friend when I've gone so it was sort of a no-brainer on the two trips I took. In PP, in addition to SP, we hit Martini's, Sharkey's and had hotel action. The standard drill. I am thinking of going back in September (solo) after wrapping up some business in Guangzhou (found out they have non-stop flights to PP several times a week from there). The PehnBall site has tons of info, including hotel info, prices, etc. that I plan to use to expand my experience next time.

You'll have big fun.

Marco Pole
07-08-02, 09:43

Anyone been to PNH, particularly Svay Pak, recently? I was checking out some posts this evening on **********, and the last message, dated March 30, 2002, stated that the Svay Pak brothels are being peroidically closed down by the Govt. Any validity to this or is it just one of those things that happens every few months to keep the Western Sex Police happy?

Also, thanks to Larryone for the advice on "Off the Rails in PNH" I just finished reading it a couple weeks ago....I laughed my fuckin ass off!

Hope things haven't changed too much...


07-12-02, 18:16
Anybody else having trouble accessing the Penh Ball site? Haven't been able to get in for the last couple of days. Any help is much appreciated.

Marco Pole... yes there were some problems a while back. The local polititcos were tring to make a point regarding the Vietnamese girls. I also heard a rumor that one of the houses (#15???) was punished for not paying up and was closed for a while. All reports say that things are very much back to normal.

07-12-02, 18:32
What is the Penh Ball site ? Could you please give the address ? Thanks.

07-13-02, 02:51

The definitive site for Cambodia and now Vietnam.

Marco Pole
07-13-02, 04:21
Thanks mistalava. Music to my ears!

Going to SE Asia for the first time in October so it's good to hear that things are back to business as usual. By the way, assuming that you've been there, do you know much about the range(s) where you can shoot machine guns, rocket launchers, and the like? I read about it in the book I mentioned earlier and it sounds like fun. Any advice about location would be appreciated.

Take care


Marco Pole
07-13-02, 04:30
Message from the PehnBall site:

As you can see, the site is back up but in a temporary state now while I complete moving everything which will probably take a couple more days. The pic uploads and the archives don't work now, give me a couple more days to get them going again also.

I had to move to a new hosting company because of excessive bandwidth problems with my old hosting company but I have a much more robust package with the new server that I hope will result in a much faster board with fewer problems, we will see.

I apologize to all for the down time but I think that we will be much better off in the long run. Thanks again for using Penhball for your Cambodia information.

07-13-02, 12:01
Marco...thank God PB is back up and running. Re: shooting machines guns, rocket launchers and the like, I recall seeing something about this but cannot remember whether it was on the net, newspaper or what. What I do remember about the place I saw is that it has a resort type ambience to it and is quite expensive. The facility I saw doubled as a diversion for well heeled tourists and a training facility for security personnel. Definitely not lightweight stuff -- all Cambodian military ordnance. If you cannot track down information on your own, post the question on the PB site. BTW, this site should answer any and all question you are likely to have and provide great entertainment at the same time. Good luck and good sanuking.

P.S. If you are interested, and are in the USA, there are ranges here where you can fire fully automatic weapons (mostly .308) Las Vegas comes to mind and I think there is a range in the Atlanta area (or at least used to be there) that has 50 caliber machine guns (the big mothers that will shake the fillings right out of your teeth).

Marco Pole
07-17-02, 00:55
Thanks amigo. I'll check out the PB for more info regarding the ranges in Cambo. The place that was mentioned in the book I read seemed pretty cheap compared to our standards. They quoted $40 for each rocket. Anyway, I'll see what I can figure out and will definitely check out the place you mentioned in Vegas next time I'm out that way...

Take it easy


07-17-02, 15:53

When I was in Phnom Penh several years ago, my moped driver took me to this shooting range somewhere between the city and the killing fields area. Besides myself there were several singaporeans at this shooting range. The following were available M-16 w/ one clip-U.S $10, AK-47 w/ one clip-$10, several pistols w/ one clip $8, rocket launcher $50, grenade throw $20, anti-aircraft $30 for one burst and M-60 $10 for one burst. I just stuck with the M-16 and Ak-47. The place seemed to be run by cambodian military and everything was in U.S. dollars. I don't think there was a name for this place. I still have my target practice sheet.

As for girls, I don't think I can shed any new light since I haven't been back in several years. Girls from Svay Pak were $20 for overnight so I took two. Best threesome I ever had. Everything but anal. When they left, I asked them how old they were. They said they were 17.....mmmhhh..dangerous..just be careful.

07-17-02, 19:04
Anyone knows the go kart place near Phnom Penh ? I hear there are cute girls assisting customers out there ? Any info ?

Marco Pole
07-18-02, 07:31
Hey werewolf,

It sounds like we're talking about the same place. The prices you list are very close to what I read about. I have a taxi driver that some people recommended on the ********** site that I hear is pretty knowledgeable about the "underground" so I guess I'll just ask him when I get there in Oct.

As for Svay Pak, 17 years old eh? You walked a fine line my friend. =) Although, from everything I keep reading it sounds like it's pretty difficult to accurately judge how old a lot of the girls out there are. I know in Thailand, every Thai must carry around an ID but it doesn't sound like Cambo cares as much for rules and regulations. Any suggestions or just go with your gut?


07-20-02, 15:58
choosing girls

hey marco pole,

throughout my travels in sea, i picked girls based on their looks ( of course) and ability rather than age. however, anyone looking too young i would ask, but i've never ask beforehand. i sometimes ask them afterwards and in all my encounters, 17 was the youngest. i don't advocate looking for **** girls, but sometimes i prefer not to know. although this doesn't excuse us....

07-20-02, 21:12
From those of you who have slept with several Thai and Cambodian women, would you please compare and contrast your experiecnes between the two? I have read Stickman's comment on this and I am curious to read yours.



07-21-02, 07:18

I was at the PPN shooting range you're talking about in April and all of the prices are much higher than that. I don't remember all of the prices but I do recall that the AK-47 & M-16 clips were $30 ,the grenades were $50, and the rockets were $100. I chose to shoot a Russian Fully auto light machine gun. When we got there they asked us "You want cow for shoot?" we said no but asked how much anyway and they said $200.

It's kind of funny. We went there straight from the airport. When we told the Taxi he looked at us like we were insane.

07-23-02, 17:21

The last time I was in Cambodia was Nov 1997. Prices have obviously gone up since then including prices for girls. There were fewer foreigner/customers for these places. I was flipping through my back issues of Asia File and I found a reference to a shooting club called "The Marksmen Club". According to the article it's located out by the airport. Anyone know of it?

07-26-02, 18:53

As far as I know there is just the one shooting range in PPN. It's near a Go cart track

Luke Skywalker
07-29-02, 10:35
Hey Guys,

Any info about Sihanoukville in the south of Cambodia. I have heard there is action down there, but reports have been vague. Any help with places to stay would be great, and of course info on prices for ST/LT would also be good too.


08-06-02, 10:06
Ho to all ye mongers out there......

I met a US dude this year in Lima (Peru) and he told me incredible stuff about some hotel runned by two Aussie guys in Phnom-Penh.
walkabout hotel..something like that.

anyone been there??? he told me there were LOADS of pretty gurlz availeble and prices were very low (certainly compared to South-america).

I want to make a sex-hunt travel in Feb/march next year...Colombia seems tempting but a bit dangerous...Costa Rica too expensive and Brasil alos expensive and dangerous.

How about Cambodia????

Anyone heard of thos hotel???

infos please!!!



Marco Pole
08-08-02, 01:39
Hey Johan,

I haven't heard of the place, but I also haven't been to Cambo yet. =)

I'm making my first trip in October so I'll definitely be posting some reports when I get back. If you're interested in a really funny book about the "scene" in Cambodia, check out "Off the Rails in Pnnom Penh". You can pick it up on amazon....really funny shit!



Anal Kiss
08-08-02, 20:47
Originally posted by Luke Skywalker
Hey Guys,

Any info about Sihanoukville in the south of Cambodia. I have heard there is action down there, but reports have been vague. Any help with places to stay would be great, and of course info on prices for ST/LT would also be good too.


ST is $3-5 range... LT $10-20 max (good looker)....
chicken village cheap option, blue mountain bit high, gingerbread
is medium price range. check out bibas night club for freelancer.
$15 for long time.

There are plenty of hotel and guesthouse around the town.

See this

Caledonia Guest House
Rate $3.50/night
Comments Cool place to hang out. Room is pretty basic.

Crystal Hotel
Location Ochheutuel Beach
Rate $30/night
Comments No Sanuk reports yet.

Chez Mari-Yan
Location ~75m from Mealy Chenda.
Rate Guest houses $5/night, bungalows $10/night.
Comments Wooden stilted bungalows have fan (no aircon), cold shower, bed with mossie net. Rooms cleaned daily. Nice setting and surroundings overlooking Victory Beach. Restaurant on site.

King Gold Hotel
Location CT Street in front of Kaing Hua Chinese School
Contact % (+855) 12 855588, (+855) 12 815708 % /Fax (+855) 12 815708
Rate $11/night
Comments In town centre close to bus station. Nice hotel, clean medium size rooms, aircon. Recommended by El Burro

Crystal Hotel
Location Downtown
Rate $8/night - negotiate
Comments All mod cons - airco etc. Sanuk reports yet.

Mealy Chenda Guesthouse
Rate $8/night
Comments Good view from restaurant terrace. Only cold water, towels weren¡¯t changed nor room cleaned.

Melting Pot Guesthouse
Rate $5-10/night
Comments Located in area with a number of guesthouses.

Mohasal Hotel
Rate ~$20-25
Comments Rooms with aircon & TV.

Semsak Hotel/Marlin
Rate $10-25
Comments Room with aircon & TV. Hotel has restaurant, pool table and internet access.

World Traveler
08-09-02, 08:29
Excellent response analkiss. Thank you for your input. I have been in Phnom Phen a couple of times and never knew about this city. Thanks to Luke for flagging it to the rest of us. It sounds like Phnom Phen ..... even better (and maybe cheaper), wow.

Can you share with (us) any other info you may know about the City? What is the safest way to get there from Phnom Phen and how long would it take? I know you commented on the availability but what is the set up like? Is it similar to Phnom Phen? .... You go look ..... if you like you take? Are they all in the vicinity of the town? I take it your contact would be the hotel bellboy or so. Have taxies made it down there yet or you should rely on motorbikes only.

Any comments on which hotel(s) are ¡®conveniently¡¯ located? Are they all ¡®girl¡¯ friendly? Is dollar mostly used (like Phnom Phen) or local currency is favored? Is safety ever an issue (except late at night and dark streets, etc.)? .... Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

Mr. Luke sir, have you gathered any other info you could share with the rest of us?

Luke Skywalker
08-11-02, 09:34
Thanks for the info about Sihanoukville analkiss...

I have just left Sihanoukville and am now in Phnom Pehn.

An aircon bus to Sihanoukville should cost $2.50 and takes 3 or 4 hours to get down there. Catch it from next to the main market. There will be plenty of motorbike guys waiting for you when you arrive, pick one who speaks English well (there are plenty who dont and plenty who do).The bus actually stops in the center of town. I stayed at the king gold hotel, they have very clean air-conditioned rooms for $US10 and have no problem with you bringing back guests (they also take master-card only). The staff are nice enough and its located in the center of town. All bike riders know where the chicken farm is and its not far from the hotel, the day time is dead out there, but there are plenty around at night. The BIBA was the place most recommended, everyone knows of it. Your driver will always wait for you, so theres no need to worry about safety.
I ventured up to the blue hill where they are all Vietnamese girls. I took one nice girl from the second place on the left (I only saw 3 places, but didnt look overly hard).They want 25$ long time but deals can be done if you want, just ask mama-san. Like you said, its a case of "you go you look you like you take" that simple.There is another Vietnamese place 3kms out of town that had quite a few girls with nice tits, but they were a little pushy....same price.
The Fishermans den bar on the 3rd floor of a building with a small shop on the bottom floor(opposite a sevice station 2mins from King Gold Hotel), had lots of freelancer girls every night. Its owned by a Kiwi and another works there. They are friendly and can give you advice where to get a $3 fuck or some lunchtime head! Good breakfast there too and $0.75 cold beers. A good place to hang. Get a good moto guy and you will have no problem getting layed every day and night. The angkor inn also had good food. There are lots of ex-pats places around town and they all help you get cheap pussy I am sure.
I paid my moto guy $6 a day(which is fair in my book, but maybe pricey for others).
Whatever you do stay away from the go-cart track! A crazy french guy who likes little boys lives up there and is psychotic! Hes just out of Jail I heard....
To amswer your money and safety questions....The US$ is just as useful (if not more) than riel. I never felt in danger or threatened when I was there but it is not a good place to be out late at night on your own. Keep your wits about you and enjoy.


09-11-02, 18:13
Great reports gentlemen!

Jackson, thanks for getting this site back up!

How's the beach at S-ville?

09-11-02, 21:25

The Walkabout Hotel/Pub is exactly what you aquantance said it was. Glen is the Austarlian owner and is a very nice guy. The place is always well appointed with freelance lovelies looking for work (approx. $10ST-$20LT). And due to the fact that the pub is open 24/7 there is alway something happening "after hours".


The beach in S'ville is lame. The only thing I can say positive about S'ville is the prices (especially for girls) and there are alot of nice guys in the expat community.

Snatch theif robberies (knocking you off your MOVING bike) are a problem between the harbor and the center of town at night if you are on a moto. I myself was attacked and it has been verified by others that this is common :-(

There is a short video of the beach at the bottom of this page :

09-11-02, 22:39
Last time I went to SP, there was a kind of bar in construction around house 13. Is it open now ? How is it ? Do they have girls and rooms ?

09-12-02, 00:01
Bad News Boys, K11 (AKA Svay Pak) has been closed by authorities, supposedly for good (but EVERYTHING changes in Cambodia). There are some new places in PP proper but nothing to replace K11. For THE source for info on Cambodia & Vietnam check out www.penhball.com (10 day free trial membership) .

The cafe that opened between houses 12 & 14, run by a very nice lady named Op, has closed (sadly). Now is NOT the time for a trip to PP in my opinion. I was there in August and it was already tense in adsvance of the upcomingt ASEAN meeting, pressure from feminists in Western countries, and elections . . .

Marco Pole
09-12-02, 01:36
Very sad news indeed. I'm heading out there next month for the first time and was looking forward to checking out the infamous SP.

Surfer, you mention that there are some other places in PP that offer a **somewhat** similar setup. Do you have any suggestions based on your last trip? Major bummer...


09-12-02, 03:33
What's the latest news out of Cambo? Reports of K11 being closed etc... I was there last Dec and there were similar reports then but when I arrived everything was wide open. Possibly there again this December. Anyone have any recent, detailed info?

09-12-02, 22:12
i have been reading quite a few news about ****philia in k11 recently in the press, and that might be what killed k11. the cambodian government cannot resist the pressure of the ong, which are the supplier of the economic aid. i bet k11 will reopen in a few weeks or months once the tension has eased.

World Traveler
09-13-02, 06:41
Some places may go down but the girls won¡¯t. They will re-surface somewhere else. They have to ... because that is their job. That means it would take some networking or tips to bellboys or such to keep up-to-date about new, relocated sites. The economic packages that the outside world is offering will never reach the hotel receptionist, the bellboy, the girls, or anyone else you will see around. Many locals will stay dependent on the money that (male) foreigners bring into the country at least for a while. That also tells me that guys need to be more discreet with locals when they are asking for girls.

Mr. Luke Sir:

Did you get a chance to spend any time in Phnom Phen on your way back? Was there anything to post?

09-13-02, 16:20
i would like to know if any of you have any advice on living in cambodia. i am going there for two months to finish an academic article, and i need a woman (that meens one; no plurality of hookers please) for company and practical things ....... where do i meet other europeans (and expats in general)? all advice, concerning any cambodian city or place relevant, will be received with gratitude.... merci

09-13-02, 18:41
i never saw k11, but let's face it, ****philia is rife in se asia and if a country can't manage its own morality, someone else will take it upon themselves to do so.

i think the ngo's trying to convince prostitutes to give up the life and become hotel maids for $1.00 a day is a bit absurd, but the **** thing just stank too much.

09-14-02, 03:55
"advice on living in cambodia"

Philo that is quite a vague question.

"where do i meet other europeans (and expats in general)?"

There are Europeons to be found at many of the pubs/bars mentioned in the Lonely Planet Guide and along the riverfront, most being touristy backpackers on holiday. But it is the Aussies/Kiwis, British, Americans and some French that make up bulk of the expat community from what I have seen. They're in places like Martini's, Sharky's and the Walkabout Hotel. The French I am not sure of since they they seem to keep to themselves.

"i need a woman (that meens one; no plurality of hookers please)"

Well if you mean you are looking for sexual companionship, but do not seek a working girl, outside of expats (good luck) there is little chance. Local Khmers are very conservative and quite often expect a long courtship and marriage before sex. This is NOT Latin America (or even Thailand), where it is a very different game.

09-14-02, 15:55
thanks to carlos3 for a quick and informed response....

i have now read all messages here.. a lot of good info. that goes for penhball too (excellent hotel list).

however, a qick surf on google concerning hiv/aids returned un/cambodian official reports on up to 38% infection rate amongst sex-workers (overall rate in the pop. 4%). rubberless is suicide?

and ..
using keywords minor / age of consent returned articles about an american and a briton who were convicted and jailed (the amrican was with a girl aged15). is it a bad idea to have confirmed that the girl is 18+ ?

the philosopher

09-14-02, 18:26
Will be in PP in a few weeks,, is svay pack really closed? can any one else confirm or has looked in cambodian daily or other pp news papers??

They have talked of closing tual kork for years i would bet its still open ,, if it is why would svay pac close??

also i have meet many 15yo in bars in town, so that couldnt be the issue,, and 15 is the legal age in cambodia and many khmer guys i have met prefer 14 or younger so...???

any info on cheap !!! rooms? 8$? (im poo ( cant afford the r))

what about out lying provinces ,villages around PP or Siem reape any info?? I prefer khmer any khmer places other than barang bars??

what str has the brothels is that 63?

how about security in places that cost 5 -10 $ a night? I will have a laptop,,

will any one be in PP in 3 wks? I ran into a few guys from the sight last year and they were good company

What about cock fights or other interesting stuff ( not regular tourist stuff like death museam, and shooting range, ,, been there done that)

see ya on the other side of the bar


09-15-02, 01:18
While I left a month ago, when it was still open, I DO have it on reliable facts that it IS mostly closed. All houses are shuttered but some will let you inside if they see no police around. Warning notices posted that ANYONE caught in houses will be arrested. NOT a good time to go. For the most updated info, THE web source for information on the hobby in Cambodia (and Vietnam, my next destination) is www.penhball.com. Good luck if you go, but IMHO now is NOT the time.

09-15-02, 15:23
Any other brothel areas?? Khmer or viet,, in ANY of the cities? Anyone have info on Mondalkiri??

Luke Skywalker
09-15-02, 17:49
World Traveler,
(and anyone else)
This report on my trip to Phnom Pehn is a little late I guess since from what I have read here K-11 is closed......But it'll open again I'm sure...after all the Police need their extra money, and it seems that they are just making token arrests to please other countries.

I visited K-11 in late August and besides the last day all was normal. On the last day I was there (aug 27) Most of the brothels were closed and even bolted shut in some cases...still I went into no. 12 and had a quickie for 5$. The rumour was that the Police were about that day (plain clothed of course) and looking to catch someone. The Papa san at no. 15 actually told me that the Police finish at 6 and that after that everything was fine.....and it seemed to be business as usual right on 6. The pink lights came on and the doors opened (of course I mean they opened 10cm as usual).

Anyway if you do go when it re-opens, I definately recommend no.15. It was the cleanest (as far as the word clean can be taken) and they had a shower in the room which I liked. At no.10 and others its communal bathing from a pool of dodgy water. Still I must say that I washed with three girls at no.10 and that was nice......No.12 has the same bath set up as 10, but its in your room so to speak.

The girls were young in all the brothels and there was very little grass on the wicket, if you know what I mean....if you don't then think VW beetle bonnet.......All vietnamese of course and all well skilled and no problems at all......Every house had its share of lookers, and over-age girls were of course as available as under. One bad thing was Papa-san at no.12 tried to rip me off......but I just told him the price I was going to pay and then he backed down with little fuss.....

The going rate is 3~5 $US but some Japanese guys I met there were paying 2.50 $US....so it's really up to you and if business is slow you can easily bargain......(I guess) I just paid $5 each time.

I also visited Sharkys, the Walkabout and Martini's each night and I must say the selection of girls at sharky's was very dissappointing......(food was good though) Martini's on the other hand was teaming with women of all ages, some offering themselves for free!!!....(with heads like a bucket of smashed crabs though}.......but there were plenty of lookers there as well, and the atmosphere was alot sluttier.........The walkabout was dead both times I went there, so I can't really say too much about it.....If K-11 is closed I would imagine all the girls are in these bars.....

I am hopefull, like everyone else, that the closing is just temporary and that K-11 will soon re-open and those thousands of guys who haven't been yet will get their chance........and I'll get mine to return!

I don't live in Cambodia so for those of you who do let us all know whats going on from time to time...it would be greatly appreciated by all.......


09-15-02, 21:34
"Women for free" at Martini's ? That is an old vietnamese trick. "Up to you..., you happy you can pay, you no happy you no pay..." But once in your room, after finishing the job, if you dare not to pay her, you can expect big problems for sure. The more a girl tells me bullshit like that the less I choose her.

09-16-02, 05:01
Originally posted by ZX10
Any other brothel areas?? Khmer or viet,, in ANY of the cities? Anyone have info on Mondalkiri??

A couple of great streets in Sihounikville. One is in the fishing village. It must have 40-50 different houses. Khmer,vietnamese,you name it. Going rate 3- 10 dollars. Another one is Blue mountain,in the middle of town. 5-6 houses,beautiful ladies. Average price for short time, 5 bucks. I highly recommend this town,it is the pearl of Cambodia. Good luck.

Luke Skywalker
09-16-02, 09:10

Only the ugly desperate old hags are free!! you know the score they just want a place to stay.......anyway of course they will ask for cash, but hey if you take them, you don't have to pay unless you think you should.......sounds like you've been duped before? (or spoken to a few who have) I don't remember too many hookers anywhere who didn't want a bit extra for some reason or another.......but I had a freeby at sharkys and the girl didn't ask for anything and she was quite nice, (one of the staff actually)......so there is free about, if you can get away with it..........also a friend of mine had girls in Thailand buy him drinks and take him back to their place for "boom boom".........no charge no hassles........................

Like I said in the previous report: only ugly old hags offered themselves for free when I was there, and nobody need pay them if thats what they offer......if they give you shit then you only have yourself to blame.......better off agreeing to a couple of bucks if thats all you got........

Personally I wouldn't touch them with your dick little-lone mine...

09-17-02, 03:16
i just came from ppn and everyone i met assured me that k11 was still open. i've been out there before and it's not my scene so i didn't go, in fact if i never see another cambodian short time room again i'll be happy. plus the whole mamasan thing bugs the hell out of me. every taxi and moto driver tried to take me out there and every time i told one of them it was closed they looked very confused. if k11 isn't closed yet it will be soon, it's been getting alot of international scrutiny. very few "women" out there are 18 years old or older so i say good riddance, maybe the ****'s will go somewhere else.

09-25-02, 10:35
Penhball Gone, KM11 arrives.

For those of you who don't already know, Lucky has decided to pull the plug on www.PenhBall.com because of all the bull he had to go through the last couple of months.

I wish him the best and thank him a lot for all the effort.

I hate to see the community go, though, and therefor opened up a new bulletin board site, which I hope will grow into what Penhball was.

the address is: www.km11.com

I hope to see a lot of familiar and new faces around.


Marco Pole
09-26-02, 07:48
Damn. I was just going ask if anyone else was having problems logging into the site. What type of "bull" was he going through?

Does it have anything to do with the recent shut downs of K11?



09-26-02, 08:00

Any one in town like to get togather and sanook post a msg,, I can meet.

Can anyone give me the rundown on st 63 massage places? how to get real massage and how to get toe curling massage??
i have never been but may hit them about 50 times in next few days if its a good time and in my $ range.

Happy hunting,,

09-26-02, 18:38
Tell the Papasan you want Boom Boom massage

Marco Pole
09-27-02, 06:46
Looks like www.km11.com is now down. They work fast!!

09-29-02, 02:31
Here is an excerpt from my travel diary:

I get off the buss to a sea of Touts and moto drivers. I’ve been to Phnom Penn a couple and I know the names and general locations of places that I want to go to, knowledge is your best defense against touts. My plan is to walk passed the crowd of moto’s that are around the bus and catch one on the street. Then one guy says “I take you 1000 riel” (about 25 cents). That’s about half the going price. I figure that if he wants my business that bad he can have it. I also notice that he’s the only moto driver with a helmet. Before I get on his bike another guy, the one that first spotted me on the bus, tells me that my moto driver is crazy. My original plan was to try to get a room at the Hotel California 2 ($15 a night), or the sunshine hotel ($12 a night), but after my days of roughing it I decide to pamper myself and get a room at the beautiful Princess hotel ($30 a night). On the way over there the moto driver kept trying to talk to me, I assume in order to take me to whatever hotel gives him the biggest commission. I keep telling him I can’t hear him and finally I tell him that I just want to go to the Princess Hotel. This hotel might have the nicest rooms I’d ever stayed in. As soon as I walk in everybody remembers me, I was just there about four months earlier. They say ‘Yes you friend Mr. T####, Mr. M#####.’ (B#### you are pretty famous there) I go up to my room to shower and afterwards I have a lot to do that afternoon.

First I take a moto to an internet place. Then I book my ticket to Siem Reip for the next morning. Fortunately my card went through or else it would have been another eight hour buss ride. Then my big adventure for the day is to find a place where I can get Kok Shall.

Kok Shall is a traditional medical practice in Vietnam and Cambodia where they attempt to suck the bad spirits out of you using fire and glass jars. Every once in a while in Cambodia I’ve noticed a person with big perfectly round red welts on there arms and chest. Once from a car I saw a shirtless man that had them all over his back. On my last visit to Phnom Penn a friend told me a little about it and I was interested in trying it. Fortunately a couple of months before this trip I’d see something about it on T.V. I felt like I knew enough about it to explain where I wanted to go, at this point I didn’t know what it was called. I ask the doorman about it doing my best job of pantomime and I thought he understood what I wanted. He gets a moto driver and explains (in Cambodian) where he thinks I want to go. I get on the moto and he takes me a few blocks. He takes me up a few stairs where I see a few ladies hanging around and I get suspicious. The Papasan talks to the moto driver and then asks me “you want massage boom boom?” I say “no want massage boom boom”, and go through my Pantomime again. The Papasan says “AH!” and tells the moto driver something. I think great now surely he knows where I want to go. We drive for a while and then go down a muddy alley to a big Gym. This is a very serious Gym with some very buffed up Cambodian guys throwing weights around. I think ok, maybe they have a room where they have someone who does what I want. They tell me I can work out there for $3. Again I go through my Pantomime again and this time I use a cup and make a popping sound as I pretend to pull it off of my back. They finally understand and tell my driver what I want. I have a feeling that this is a very unusual thing for a barong (a white person in Cambodia) to want to do. So off we go again driving through back alleys crowded with Cambodians. Everyone is running out to get a look at me. We stop in front of a run down store front and my driver explains what I want. This very old, very fat woman says $5. I can see in her eyes that this is not the right price, and that she’s just throwing it out there to see if I bite. I was so pleased that I was finally going to get what I wanted I just agreed quickly. She wanted the money up front so I paid her and followed her up a ladder to the attic. Up there I see the most run down massage room ever and as soon as I get up there she says “massage boom boom”. That’s it!!! I’ve given up!!! I say “no massage boom boom”, and head to the ladder. She can keep the five dollars, I want out of there. As I cross the room I see a basket of glass jars. I point to them and say “I want”, and go through my pantomime one more time. I can see the light go on in her head and can tell that she understands.

I take off my shirt and lay on the mat. For Kok Shall they use a basket full of glass jars that look kind of like votive holders but a little more rounded and a torch thing that looks kind of like a giant Q-tip. First she rubs me down with some kind of balm then she lights the torch on fire. She puts the lit end of the torch into the glass jar to create a vacuum and quickly puts the jar on my back. The suction created by the vacuum sucks my skin into the jar about an inch. She quickly covers my entire back and upper arms with these jars. Once my back is covered she just leaves them on for a while and starts to massage my legs. This lady is very good at massage, with very strong hands. I think if a happy ending is offered regardless of her appearance I might accept. After a while she pulls the jars off of half of my back. Once that’s done she lights the torch again and pulls the jars off of the other side of my back puts the torch into them and quickly puts them on my back again. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain so this is just a tingle for me but the guy I saw do it on T.V. (Grub Smith on the show travel sick) whined and bitched the whole time, so I guess it’s painful. After the second time around and more leg massage she pulls off all of the jars and rubs me down with balm again, it feels good because my skin is a little raw. My back is covered with swollen purple welts that were still noticeable two weeks later. She signals me to turn over. (Apparently the only English she knows is “massage boom boom” and “gooood”) I turn over and she tries to do my front. She is able to do part of my upper chest and arms but can’t do too much because my hair won’t allow the jar to seal to my skin. I consider the possibility that this will mess up my tattoo’s but consider it to be unlikely. I was wrong The Kok Shall put a small scab on my back that sucked some of the ink out; I guess I need a touch up. Now I don’t believe the jars sucked evil spirits out of my body but I also don’t dismiss traditional medicine out of hand and I do feel better.

I get back to the hotel and rest up; I plan to meet Mart (the moderator of the Sanuk Cambodia website) that night at Sharkeys. Sharkeys in Phnom Penn is an American style bar with pool tables and it’s a lot like any bar I’d frequent at home except for one thing; It’s absolutely packed with women. I walk in and immediately see #### and she comes over and hugs me. To is a lady that I met on my first visit and took again on my second so now she’s my Phnom Penn girlfriend. There are lots of cute girls in Sharkeys, both Cambodian and Vietnamese. The bartenders and staff are all Cambodian and the Viet ladies are all out on the floor talking to the guys and hustling pool. My understanding is that the two groups hate each other. I go to the bar start drinking Angkor draft and catching up with ####. Apparently #### has good news and she’ll be going back to Vietnam soon and her secret plan is to not come back to Phnom Penn to work. After a while a guy starts walking toward me and I know it must be Mart, I told him to look for the guy wearing silver shoes and he spotted me right away. I start to tell him about my misadventures through Koh Kong and Sihanookville. He gives me a hard time about it (rightfully) because Sanuk Cambodia has very good information about both of those places. The truth is that since I had no intention of spending any time in either place I didn’t bring any info. I do promise to give it another try sometime.

After Mart and I chat for a while Mart starts talking to a girl with a stunningly beautiful face. I can’t recall her name but she was half Cambodian and half Lao. She may have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. Mart and I get up to leave with his beauty in tow. I tell #### that I have no money for mamasan and goodbye. I gave her a couple of bucks for her escape Cambodia fund. The truth of the matter is that even though I’d taken #### twice (the second time was a drunken mistake) She isn’t a very good performer. Mart and I go over to Walkabout for a drink.

Some where in Cambodia, either Koh Kong or Sihanookville, I’ve picked up an old $10 bill. It’s good it just doesn’t have the thread or the water mark and it’s the old design, nobody wants to take it. I’m finally able to spend it here. Watch your change in Cambo, If you get a bill with the old design you’ll have trouble spending it.

Walkabout is a bar and guesthouse that’s run by a friendly Australian guy. We get in and order drinks. The place is packed with girls. I see one right away that is has very big breasts for an Asian lady. She says she’s Cambodian and Thai. I ask her if she’s had a baby and she says “no have”. I get pretty excited about the possibility of seeing some big pristine boobies and start negotiating. As I’ve said before it’s not my habit to talk about money with the girls but Mart recommends it if I want to get a girl long time for $15. I clearly ask her if she will and she says “no problem”. After a while we leave to go to our hotels; Mart with his Cambodian/Lao lady with the beautiful face and amazing eye’s, and me with my Cambodian/Thai lady with the curvy figure.

I tell my driver Princess Hotel and he drives for a while until he stops at a run down little place at the end of a muddy street called The Phen Cet hotel. I laugh and then show my driver the hotel card for the Princess and we’re off again.

We get to the hotel and settle in, we talk and watch T.V. We undress for our shower and she opens up that Bra and everything tumbles out. She clearly has had at least one child. I ask her why she lied and she said “mamasan tell me say no baby”. Well she’s in my room so I might as well screw her anyway but I’m definitely disappointed. The sex is pretty good, I can’t fault her there. Afterwards we cuddle and I fall asleep. Less than 30 minutes later she gets up to take a shower so she can leave. I say “wait a minute; I said $15 long time”. She says “I not come back 2:am with money mamasan boxing me”. The short version of what I get out of her is that she’s been working for such a short time that she didn’t know what “Long time” meant. I proposed $15 L/T and she told her mamasan who is apparently on premises at Walkabout who told her to be back at 2:am. Now this whole story could be a crock of shit but I recommend that if you pull a girl from Walkabout you should deal directly with the mamasan. I tell her to get her clothes on and leave and I give her exactly $15, that’s about $5 too much for a Cambodian Short Time.

The next morning I’m off to the Airport for my flight to Angkor Wat. (Siem Reip)
The Princess hotel has a shuttle service that’s included in the price of the room.

Joe Zop
09-29-02, 06:00
Great report, BassGod -- the stuff on Kok Shall is fascinating and intriguing. Do you have any further references on it? Google was amazingly useless in that regard.

09-29-02, 21:41

Thanks for the compliment I thought it might be too long for anyone to read. The full trip report is about 25 pages long.

About Kok Shall. The only references I have on it are from my own eye's and a brief bit on a T.V. show. In fact I'm not certain that it's called Kok Shall. I'm pretty certain that it's the Vietnamese name for it and not the Cambodian. In fact the name was spelled out for me by a Vietnamese lady that might have had the equivalent of a 2nd grade education. You might try 'Cambodian medicine', or 'traditional Cambodian medicine' in Google.

Joe Zop
09-29-02, 22:57
Thanks for the suggestion -- combining that with "glass jars" led me to the fact that it's actually called "choob khyol" which means "sucking the wind" as it's a treatment for what Cambodians call "wind illness." More on it at http://ethnomed.org/ethnomed/clin_topics/cambodian/ethno_wind.html if you're interested. It's something I may follow your lead on when I head over there, as it sounds fascinating, and I've had a longstanding interest in non-traditional beliefs, illnesses, and treatments. I understand, for example, that right now Cambodians are flocking to see a so-called "magic cow" which is supposed to have curative powers.

And I for one always find field reports valuable and worth while, and am of the opinion that there's no such thing as a report that's too long. But that may well be simply because I'm a long-winded sot myself when writing :D

09-30-02, 03:34

Thanks for the link. I turned down the sucking on the forehead because I didn't want the big red welt there so she did the pinching thing between my eyebrows and got a big bruise anyway.

If you post your email address I'll send you a picture of my back afterwords.

I hope you have better luck finding the right place than I did.

Damn I wish I knew about that cow, I would have gone.

Joe Zop
09-30-02, 05:51
I think the picture might scare me off, so I'm probably better not seeing it :) I'm not so certain I'll want to undergo it, but I'm definitely interested in the whole scene, as I've a deep interest in superstitions and local beliefs. If the cow's still going strong in December (which is probably when I'll be doing Cambodia) then I may have to head down to Kampot to take a look. We'll see -- a bit of time in PP and Siem Riep are the main things on my agenda while there.

09-30-02, 08:54
It's not very painful just a little irritating. The best part of it ,besides the fun of going way off the tourist track, is the amazement of the Cambodian and Viet girls when they see it. It's definately a conversation starter. People really seemed impressed by my adventurous nature.

Joe Zop
10-01-02, 00:42
Hah, I'll bet it was -- imagine if you'd done the forehead! I'm not worried about the pain side of things, as I'm sure I've had far worse; I've just gotten a bit more cautious in my doddering years, and while it's something I'll probably look to do if I hook up with someone on my trip, I'm not so certain I'll want to go it completely alone. Who knows, though -- I keep saying that and then doing stuff anyway... and it might be worth it for the conversations alone.

10-01-02, 05:50
I didn't feel like I was exposed to danger I have a pretty good sense for that. It helps that my driver was arranged through my hotel. The know me and I don't think they'd send me with a shadey character. One bit of warning the circles are visible for two weeks.

Marco Pole
10-01-02, 06:06
Hey Bassgod,

Great report! It's good to hear about adventures that are off the beaten track so to speak.

Quick couple questions for you regarding Siam Reap. I'm planning on taking the boat trip there from Phnom Penh and was curious whether or not you researched this at all before deciding on airplane route? I realize that it's obviously a lot longer approach but I've heard that it's a cool ride (supposedly where they filmed Apocalypse Now) if you've never done it. Any thoughts?

Also, how was the action in Siam Reap in terms of ladies? From what I've read it sounds like a much more mellow scene.

Thanks for the help

10-01-02, 08:06
Marco Pole,

I've taken the boat and I can't reccomend strongly enough that you SHOULD NOT take the boat. When I bought the ticket they told me it was a four hour trip, also confirmed in my Lonely planet, but it took eight hours to get there. You'll hear that the best seats are on the roof of the boat well there are no seats on the roof. Getting a seat on the roof means sitting on the hard roof baking in the heat and sitting with stinky backpackers for eight hours. The boat is a real pain in the ass and only recomended if you have lots of time and little money. If you decide to go make sure you bring plenty of water and sunblock. If you take the boat up I guarentee that you won't take it back. The boat is $25 each way and the plane ticket from PPN is about $100.

About Siem reip night life you'll see massage parlors about and maybe some Freelancers but the only place in S.R. I've ever pulled from is Zanzybar, just jump on a moto and say Zanzybar and you'll get there. Make sure your hotel is guest friendly because you don't want to go to what passes as a short time hotel in S.R. I've been to Siem Reip twice and hope never to go back. The only reason to go is to see Angkor Wat and I can't imagine staying any longer than necessary, and don't believe the yahoo's that will tell you you need three days to see it.

Joe Zop
10-01-02, 13:48
BassGod -- as I'm decidedly doing Ankhor Wat this trip (been over in the region often enough that I'm kind of embarrassed not to have done this "obligatory" trip before) do you have any specific sanuk-friendly hotel recs for Siem Riep? Did you ever hit the Martini's disco there?

10-01-02, 13:54
joe, try hanumanlaya guesthouse
a one dollar motorbike out of towncenter, near sofitel
great value, only two rooms in beautiful khmer teakhouse, quiet and safe. girls welcome!
price around usd 25

Frank Africa
10-01-02, 18:47
Dear Marco Pole:

BassGod is correct in saying that the boat ride from PP to Siam Reap is nowhere near as glamorous as one might think. But it is an adventure, that's for sure. At least now if you do take it, you'll know what to expect.

But the Siem Reap area is more interesting IMHO than BassGod makes it out to be. I loved Anglor Wat and also enjoyed visiting the floating village and the other scenery in the area. And yes, Siem Reap is mellow and a bit more interesting that BassGod makes it sound. I spent three days there and enjoyed it thoroughly. Good luck!

P.S. "Apocalypse Now" was filmed in the Philippines - during the time that it was being filmed (late 70s), Cambodia was nearly destroyed by the Khmer Rouge and no Americans were welcome!

10-01-02, 19:10
Frank Africa,

Maybe I did miss some of the charm of Seim Reip on my two visits but if so it's because of the constant barrage of Touts and hustlers. I'm very uncomfortable constantly being harrassed and chisled. I prefer Phnom Penn overwhelmingly it seems as the touts and hustlers will leave you alone if you politely say no thank you. But Seim Reip they wont stop bothering you, they will follow you for blocks and when you go in somewhere they will wait for you out side to hassle you some more.


Angkor Wat is a must see, absolutely amazing. On my last trip I only stayed one day in Seim Reip. I stayed at a nice new hotel called Mekong Angkor Palace, mekongleak@hotmail.com, it was a nice 5 room hotel with a decent restaurant. They asked for $20 and I offered $15, we settled on $18. They were guest friendly. there is a sign on the back of the door that has the hotel rules that clearly says no prostitution but I checked with the desk clerk and he said "no problem". it's a short walk, or moto ride to the main downtown area. I've never been to Martini's in Siem Reip, I've only been to Zanzybar.

even though this is the Phnom Penn forum would you guys like to see the Seim Reip part of my travel diary? I'll post it if anyone is interested.

Joe Zop
10-01-02, 19:44
Thanks guys -- I rather like mellow, which is why a large part of my upcoming Thailand stay is planned for Chiang Mai, and why I'm considering a side trip to Laos as well. I appreciate very much the info on the boat ride -- a friend has been convincing me that I'll like some of the ones down the Mekong, and I was thinking about doing the same to Siem Reip.

I'm not too worried about the touts --- I dealt with the same kind of thing quite a bit in Africa and had approaches that worked pretty successfully for me there, and in Asia they're a lot less likely to put their hands on you. One of the reasons I want to get to Angkor Wat now is because I think it will soon get far more touristy -- and imagine the touts then!

BassGod -- I'd love to see the diary. If it's not appropriate here it certainly would be in the general info area.

10-01-02, 21:28
Enjoyed your report very much. I saw a TV program last week on a HongKong based satellite TV station about a tour taking a boat ride along Mekong River from China to Burma, Thailand and then Laos, very interesting, I plan to do so in this winter. I also am thinking to go to Cambodia too. I wonder are there banks that I can exchange US dollars with local cash? Or locals take the greens? Is it dangerous to go there alone?
Appreciate any reply.

10-01-02, 22:41

You do not need to change money in Cambodia. The exchange rate is about 3900 to one and US Dollars is prefered .Cambodian Reil is only used as change, amounts under a dollar. I often travel in Asia alone but you have to be careful. Don't walk up any dark stairways, don't trust any working girls, watch your drinks, and don't get into any taxi's with shadey looking drivers. I'll email you my whole Cambodia Travel diary if you like, it's about ten pages.


Angkor Wat is very touristy now, but I think you're right about an increase. Although it would make the ruin area more crowded it would probably decrease the persistance of the Touts.

10-01-02, 22:48
Here is the installment of my travel Diary conscerning Siem Reip, a little off topic but I think you might enjoy it.

I get through the Phnom Penn airport without any problems and then I get a look at the airplane. When I bought the ticket I didn’t know how much money I had in my account so I asked for the cheapest ticket and was booked on Royal Phnom Penn airways, the ticket was $55. The plane I’m put on is an ancient 50 seat turbo prop that had seats and seatbelts that looked like 1970’s buss rejects; In fact in the U.S. I’d never even get on a buss that’s in this condition. I sincerely doubt that this plane would pass an FAA inspection. The bucket of bolts lurches into the air and the meal service starts. An interesting thing about inner Asian plane travel is that no matter how short the flight or how cheap the ticket there is always some kind of meal served. This was a 45 minute flight and we were served a two green bananas and a tiny sandwich wrapped in plastic. The attendants barely had time to get all of the meals out before we started our descent.

I get out of the Siem Reip airport and there is this guy holding a sign with my name on it. This is the first time for me so I get a kick out of it, I feel like a big shot. The driver takes me to go look at his aunt’s hotel. It’s a new hotel and it’s nice enough. I look at the room and I like it. I ask how much it is and he says its $20. I tell him that’s too much and I’m looking for a hotel for $15 and get ready to leave. He says “for you I have discount $18” The hotel is empty and I’m pretty sure I can get the room for $15 but I’ve always thought that the point of haggling was so that both parties end up reasonably happy so I accept $18. I get all checked in and I have to find internet, overseas phone, and a travel agent that will take Visa.

I walk around in the brutal heat looking for an internet place constantly being harassed by moto’s. I get to an internet/overseas phone place and am happy to see an email telling me that a check I’d been waiting for had been deposited into my account. If that check hadn’t gone through I would have had to take a 12 hour buss ride back to BKK and had to spend the next for days in a cheap guesthouse waiting for my flight back to the U.S. The internet place had a net phone so I tried to call a Thai Girlfriend. Can somebody please tell me why it cost $1 a minute to call Thailand from Cambodia and only 50 cents a minute to call the U.S.? The call doesn’t go through for one reason or another. My next task wasn’t so easy; I had to go through a few travel agents before I found one that would take Visa. The ticket to BKK is $140.

Now that I’ve got all of this taken care of I can go see Angkor Wat. It’s probably about 11:am and that gives me seven hours to see as much as I can. I’ve been told that it all takes three days to see it all, but I just don’t see myself walking around in the jungle for three days. My plan is to see as much as I can see for the rest of this day and fly back to BKK in the morning.

First my driver takes me to Angkor Thom and I check it out. It’s really something. It’s inspiring and amazing. I try to just soak it in. I guess there are people that need to see every square inch of it but I look around a bit and notice that everything I’m seeing looks pretty much like what I just saw. I leave the main part of the ruins and am then absolutely mobbed and harassed by children that are trying to get me to buy something I don’t want. The oppressive heat and the unbearable and determined swarm of touts make me decide to cut things short. About this time a very friendly Cambodian policeman tries to get me to exchange four quarters for a dollar. I’m not sure were he got them but I knew that I didn’t want them. Although they use American paper money in Cambodia I didn’t think I’d be able to use the coins so I politely declined. I find my driver and tell him that I’d like to go to Angkor Wat (the main Wat) and then leave. I see Angkor Wat and it’s majestic and spectacular but after an hour of crawling and climbing I’ve seen it. So I head on back. The tour that I’ve been assured takes three days takes me three hours.

My driver takes me to the market to look for T-shirts. Apparently there aren’t any that fit me in the entire country. My driver takes me to a restaurant that has an eight dollar buffet, Eight dollars is a huge amount of money for a meal in Cambodia. I’m sick of being taken around to places where I’ll have to pay for my driver’s commission. I tell him to take me back to the hotel and I get rid of him.

Nothing much happens that afternoon. I check my email again, I try unsuccessfully to call My TG again, and I take a nap. I’ve had about twelve hours sleep over the last four days so I crash out for about six hours.

After a while I go get some dinner at a restaurant up the road. I order steak and I get greasy grey fried buffalo medallions again. I don’t know why I keep ordering steak in Asian Café’s.

At about 9:pm I go to the only bar I know in town, Zanzybar. It’s owned by a French expat and I guess it’s kind of an expat hangout. I can’t tell you why a westerner would want to live in Siem Reip, it’s a tiny town full of cons and hustlers and children without pants. At night there is always a group of girls hanging out in front of the bar and I get spotted right away by a girl I know. Chau is a girl that I met five months before, the last time I was in town and was unsuccessful in seeing Angkor Wat. (Long story) I get pulled over to sit with her. I have a choice at this point of telling her I’m looking for a new lady or sit down with her but once I sit down I’ve made my choice, I’m clearly her territory. The last time I was with her it was not so good but it wasn’t so much her fault. It was during Cambodian New Year and there was a shortage of rooms. I was sharing a room with a friend so taking her there was not an option. We walked around town for an hour looking for a short time room but every place was full. Finally we find an absolutely horrid guest house room. This time was different and I decided to give her another chance, also sometimes things are better the second time around. We talked and drank for a while and then made it back to my room. It was the typical wham bam money change hands. She only wanted to stay short time so she left and I slept.

The next morning I had a lot of ground to cover. I check out of my hotel and get on an airplane, this time a nice new Bangkok Airways jet. I fly back to Bangkok. Once through Customs I jump on the airport shuttle to the bus station and take the bus to Pattaya.

Joe Zop
10-01-02, 23:52
Thanks, BassGod, great detail, again. I've got the feeling I'll end up being closer to the three-day type here, as even though I'm not really much one for really touristy sites, there are some that just grab onto me for some reason. I know that I had to be dragged out of the Taj Mahal :o

Freeler, thanks for the suggestion. I was considering Phanum Rung as a possibility, in conjunction with Phimai. Have you (or anyone else) gone overland from that region down to Siem Reap?

Marco Pole
10-03-02, 00:07
Bassgod, Frank Africa,

Thanks for the insight into the boat ride to Siem Reap. I'm thinking I'll probably go the plane route to save time, but if the weather isn't too hot, maybe I'll brave the waters and backpackers.

Another related story (not sure if it's true) that I heard from a guy at work today is that often times the fisherman along the river to Siam Reap get pissed off at the tourist boat as it tends to scare the fish away. He mentioned that he heard several stories of shots being fired at the boat by those on the shore. Duck and cover I guess.


10-03-02, 02:25
Marco Pole,

The fishermen don't fire at the boats anymore, that hasn't happened in years. The fishermen just wave now. Cambodia isn't as dangerouse as it used to be.

10-04-02, 14:32
I'll be going to PP in about a month and have been following the posts on K11, is it open or closed?

10-07-02, 09:43

I was there last month and it was open, at least I suppose it was because every moto offered to take me there. If you've got to go there ask a taxi driver and he'll let you know. best to avoid K11 because few of the girls are of age. there has been a lot of international attention to the area and punters are being photographed.

10-07-02, 16:07
While I thank Bassgod for his informative posts it is clear that he hates K11. I was there two days ago and found it to be more undercover than before. A couple of places had closed doors. A quick knock and you are let in. I still had a good time and hope that people start to go again and the place will end up as previous. If not somewhere else will open. K11 is still going though and I cant see it ever leaving us.

10-07-02, 20:13

I don't know that I "hate" K11 but I will admit it's not my scene.

10-08-02, 03:41
Cheers Bassgod.
As I said your posts and reports are very much appreciated. I enjoy K11 basically becuase I have fun there. Lots of laughing and mucking around. Reminds me of Thailand 10 years ago. Will be back there in early December. Keep the reports up.

10-08-02, 04:49

i've been to k11 a couple of times and although i've met some very fun ladies there but, i have several concerns that keep me away.

the first and most important one is the age of the ladies, you'd be hard pressed to find a girl on svay pak (k11) that is at least 18 years old. svay pak is internationally known by ****s as the place where they can get girls as young as 8 years old. the main strip mostly offers girls between 13-20 years old but it's well known that off the main strip there are young, very young girls available. recently there have been some high profile busts out there.

the second reason is the indentured servitude. these girls for the most part are sold into sex slavery by their parents and are kept at the house and forced to take one customer after another. they are often beaten by the mamasan if they don't do exactly as told.

the third reason is the cesspool of perverts that congregate around that cafe across from house 15. i would never want to be seen in the company of these creeps.

also this might sound a little paranoid but i've heard on good authority that the ngo's have been covertly filming people that go in and out of these houses.

10-09-02, 10:45
agreed with your points bassgod.
i myself have a couple of regular girls who wont cause me legal problems who i go in and see now. i have fun with others but stick to these girls. i fully agree that there are many people there that you would not want to be seen with for any reason. as for the filming. i have heard about that. have not seen it. again if i dont do anything wrong hopefully will be okay. i do accept though that k11 is at this time in decline. i hear what you say about the slavery but i have to say that considering that this is in nearly any brothel in every asian city it is easy to point the finger at k11. the other thing is the majority of girls put into slavery situations are used in asian only brothels. i again agree with the **** point within reason. it has been debated before so will just say it is ridiculous to use the western age of 18 to describe an asian girl as an adult. 16 is a lot more reasonable. it is asian customers though who use children all over the country. k11 is an easy target because it makes people feel good to take a stand. the fact is they are not improving the situation at all by just hitting this one place.again i understand what you are saying and guess i am taking the its to hard option. my trips to k11 are getting less frequent but there will be another k11 oneday and perhaps the old k11 will survive. i am not a judge and jury just a punter!!

10-09-02, 20:13

i have friends that still like k11 so i don't judge, in fact i may be back there some day. it's just not my scene. as far as the age issue i agree with you in principal, a person that's 16 is just as able to consent as a person thats 18. the only problem is that there has recently been a law passed by the congress of my country (u.s.a.). in the u.s. you can be punished upon return for breaking any u.s. laws. in most western nations you can be punished for having sex abroad with a person that's considered ****d in that nation. i always wondered how they could enforce this law but i've been following the news and in australia, where they've had this law for over a year, they've already convicted 13 punters. also it's hard to tell how old these girls are, one that tells you they are 16 could very well be 13 and you wont know untill the police come. i think that unless you know your way around k11 it's probably best to avoid it, there are pleanty to choose from at sharkeys and martini's.

10-10-02, 12:04
true bassgod.
i did not mean this to become a discussion about **** sex but meant to state that it is very much a problem supported by the local population. then to top it off a read an article in the northern territory news relating to a judges ruling on aboriginal **** sex. here are some quotes:
"a 50 year old man who had sex with a 15 year old girl had his jail sentence reduced to single day."
""it is well accepted these days that courts have regard for aboriginal law." justice gallop said."
"the justice said the girl did not need protection from white man law."
""she knew what was expected of her"justice gallop said"
"the justice stated he was suprised that the offender was charged with the offence. the offender had paid money for the girl to her parents already."
"justice gallop found the original ruling magistrate had gone outside the facts when he made the original ruling."

intersing and to some extent corralates to what i am saying about cambodia and local customs. now if justice gallop would begin work in asia...................;)

promise i will not say anymore on the subject.

10-10-02, 21:15

Fair enough we should table this discussion. My main point has always been that K11 is under a lot of scrutiny and people should be careful.

10-15-02, 15:41
Since K11 seems to be a object of unwanted attention, are there any other concentrated house areas? I'll be there in about 3-4 weeks and don't want to depend solely on Sharkeys or Martini's.

10-16-02, 00:02

Well there is Toul Kork but I don't think it's any better than K11, in fact it might be worse. You'd have to be a pretty hard core Sanuk tourist to tolerate it. I heard a rumor that it was bulldozed.
You can always try The Massage Parlors. Sharkeys, martini's, Shangrila, and Walkabout have enough choices for me.

Marco Pole
10-18-02, 17:00
Hola Amigos,

I'm currently in Siam Reap after three nights in PNH and I can confirm that K11 is very much alive and well. Upon advice from some friends, I hired Mister Sophann as my driver throughout the trip and he took me to all of the major spots (i.e. Martini's, Sharky's, K11, etc..) and never once did I run into any problems. I highly reccomend his services ($25/day) to anyone that would like an experienced and extremely genuine guide. He definitely knows his shit. I believe his email is mistersophann@hotmail.com if you're interested.

The situation in K11 is similar to what others have reported recently. The houses on the street are not wide open but will open immediately anytime a punter approaches with interest. I visited twice in three days and had a few excellent short times at #14 and #8. A few ex-pat's I met at HAFH said that there was a brief shutdown several weeks ago, but it's pretty much back to business as usual.

Personally I liked the atmosphere at Martini's much better and spent a majority of my evenings playing with the georgeous Khmer and Vietnamese ladies. One bit of advice I can offer to anyone who hasn't been here before, is be careful about taking a different lady from the bar if the lady you took the previous night is around. I took a Cambodian beauty home two nights ago, and when I returned the next evening with a couple friends I met at the FCC, she was all over me. When I tried to shake her and approach a couple Vietnamese girls my friend was rapping with, she pulled me away and surrounded me with her five Khmer girlfriends. They kept saying, "Why you take Vietnamese girl...You don't like Cambodian girl". I tried to squirm my way out of it and signaled my friend to bring the girls to a cab out front where I would meet them, but she figured the situation out and gave me the stare down (with five friends included) as we drove out the front gate. Nothing really major to worry about, but who needs a bunch of pissed off Khmer hookers (who probably have boyfriends) after your ass.

Anyway, heading off to Ko Samui for the Full Moon Rave party tomorrow and then to Phuket, so I'm sure I'll have more stories to share.


Byeon Kwang Sae
10-27-02, 02:25
i need to politely direct this post to bassgod, (re: post of 10-08-02) and please, no flaming or board wars, ok?

i realize that it is politically correct to trash the ****s that hang out at svay pak, but, it my experience, what is available out there is neither too obvious nor particularly out in the open, as far as the severely **** stuff goes. i can’t imagine that the ngo’s would get much mileage out of filming, even if they were filming either tricks or *****s. i believe that the ngo's would have almost zero opportunity to film any severely **** children.

i had not heard of any recent high-profile busts, perhaps you can fill me in?

i also disagree that the home away from home café is maggot-infested with ped’s and creeps. again, in my experience, the guys that permanently hang out there act like they are holding a very boring meeting at some business club or something.

i mostly want to comment on the ngo covert filming rumor - - myself, and another bloke from america (we shall call him “john”) initiated what i would like to refer to as “john’s rules” at k-11.

rule number one is, of course, no open filming in the streets. also, some of the photos taken indoors of the younger girls had found their way onto the internet a few years back, and the mama sans now prohibit that activity.

twice in the last year, fellows driving thru and filming have had their cameras taken away from them by some of the heavies and the papa sans that provide security. the professional guides (and others) also know to be on the lookout for guys that just don’t fit in (they hang out and watch, but they never take a girl) and everyone looks for guys that are too obvious about placing backpacks in camera-friendly positions. (one backpack containing a peephole and a camera was confirep001ed a while back by some angry papa sans)

so, i am curious about the “covert filming by the ngo’s”. personally, i doubt that there is too much to that rumor.

stay vigilant,

byeon kwang sae

10-29-02, 09:46

This is my first trip to Phnom Penh. From reading some of the latest messages on this board it really does not sound so safe. I plan to fly inn from Pattaya, is there a flight in everyday ? How much is fare price for the round trip ? If anyone can tell me the do's/do not's for a first timer I sure would appreciate it. Thanks !


10-30-02, 01:10
buyeon, point is ngo's don't want to distinguish between "seriously ****" (kids) and girls who just look young compared to the mid-aged farang......

90% of the "****" complaints concerning ea sex stuff can be blamed on the fact thet an 18-year old there looks like a 14-15 year old in the west. the remaining 10% is probably true - although i never got the sense of why the western 18-limit is sacred - screwing someone who is 17 is by no means "kid sex".....

(yes i know there are 10-year olds reported to be there too - but you have to be a bit sick and have to seek them out too i guess....)

11-03-02, 15:44
Hotell near "everything"

Can anyone give me some recomendation of a hotell around
15-20 US a night were it is near everything preferly with massage in the hotell.


Thanks in advance,

11-04-02, 13:00
I'm looking for a place near Phnom Penh where there are some nice girls to spend time with. I'm looking for a place as far as 2-4 hours bus trip... Do you know of any place... With many girls... As Pattaya is to Bankok for Thailand...


11-04-02, 21:06

You might try Sihanookville.

11-06-02, 01:19
I was looking for recent info on Koh-Kong, I will be travelling in from Thailand, is there much action there or am i better heading for Phnom Pen .
I know I can get a much fun as I want in Bangkok but am looking for pastures new and am not worried about roughing it a bit.
I will be travelling aound Xmas/ new year.

Thanks for any advice

11-07-02, 02:43
i am going to thialand in early jan. and am making a side trip to cambodia. was wondering if advanced air tickets from phnom pehn to siem reap are required or are there generaly seats available at time of departure? also, from reading these posts, it sound like some of these young ladies are lying about their ages and people have been arrested as a result. i'm at an age where 14 year olds look like 23 year olds and 23 year olds look like 14 year olds. to sum it up, i cant tell by looking. what are the consequences if you are found with someone **** and also what is considered **** in cambodia?

11-08-02, 20:50

it's generally much cheaper to arrange travel once get to thailand. you should have no trouble getting on a plane any day you want.

the cosequences for ****d sex in cambodia is a long prison sentence in cambodia. the age of conscent in cambodia is 15/years old. i reccomend you look for wrinkles when choosing.

11-11-02, 13:21
Help! I want to make a trip to Phnom Penh this next week from Thailand, but don't have any real knowledge of the place. If anyone can please email me with some helpful info (where to stay that's a nice place, where the pretty young girls are found) I would seriously appreciate it. eidosdown1@hotmail.com

11-11-02, 22:02

Before I give you any info I'd like for you to clarify one thing. What do you mean by "young girls".

11-12-02, 00:13
when i wrote "young", i just basically meant not haggard and out of shape(18-23 or so). i didn't mean **** or anything like that. i guess you have to be careful about that sort of thing on this board. sorry. also, i don't live in the states so i don't have any usa money to exchange. i can get thai baht. is that an accepted form of currency?

11-12-02, 22:38

I just wanted to make sure you weren't a pervert before I helped you.

Thai Baht is accepted in some areas of Cambodia but not in Phnom penn as far as I know. I've heard that the officially accepted currency in Cambodia is the U.S. dollar. If thats not true Officially it's certainly true in practice. You need to get U.S. Dollars. If you can't get them at home I believe that you can get them at Thai banks. There are banks, and other places, where you can get U.S. dollars in Cambodia but the fee is 4-5%. Also you will need some US money just to get to a place where you can get more.

I always stay at Princess hotel. It's very nice and a bit expensive at $30 a day. 302 street 228 (monivong) Khan Daun Pehn.
Email: princess@camnet.com.kh Tel: 855-23-801-089 & 855-23-801-066 & 855-23-721-960, fax: 885-23-801-217. Any Moto driver knows where it is. There are plenty of acceptable places for less. I've heard that hotel Paris is nice, $20. I've also heard that hotel California is nice, $18.

You can meet cute young women at Sharkeys bar and at Martini's.

Hope that was healpfull.

11-13-02, 09:05
I have always paid 15000 or so Riel for ST at KM11. So you do not need US dollars for all occasions and IT IS NOT the official currency of Cambodia. Thai baht is accepted in quite a few places like Ponchentong airport for arrival Visa and plenty of other places. The Baht might seem more like the official currency at the bustling casino border town of Pailin and other areas close to Thailand. The bottom line is: You can pay with Riel for anything and with Thai baht for lots at an exchange rate of max. R4000=US$1. Plus, by paying in Riel much of the time, you save lots on everyday moto hops, food, ST, etc. BTW, my contacts indicate that KM11 is fairly wide open again - although like many times of come and go crackdowns over the past years you might have to knock on the door of your favorite house for service.

11-13-02, 20:20

In Cambo people use riel for change, I.e. any amount that comes up to less than $1. A moto ride is generally 1500-2000 riel.

The advice given by asiaphile is bad and I advise you not to follow it, and if you are looking for women in the 18-23 year old group avoid K11 because you'll have a dificult time finding them there.

11-13-02, 22:44
Anyone can pay for anything in Cambodia with Riel. All Cambodians are paid with their currency, all the civil servants, all the peasants, everyone! Most nightlife establishments (like Martinis, Sharkeys, etc.) post prices in Riel, accepting greeenbacks of course, and returning change in Riel.

Finally, stating that NO 18-23 year old can be found at KM11 is a BIG VICIOUS LIE made famous by NGO clowns or thier silly surrogates like Mr. BassGod. Instead, read the unbaiased truth from the even-handed experts, read from the Cambo expat community like Gordon Sharpless at
click on OCTOBER 2002 report and find his comments on Svay Pak. He states what is the truth. That no or extremely few so-called "children" are working as prostitutes there. Yes, you might see a few pre-pubescent serving girls who are relatives of mamansans - but not working as pros. As Sharpless states, the vast majority are "16-21, Vietnamese who might look 14" to some, but ARE NOT!

Go to Cambodia and enjoy your stay but do not take the NGO line hook line and sinker! Again, R15000 ST or maybe R20000 with tip, which is about twice what local Khmer men pay!

11-13-02, 23:27
I give my full endorsment to Asiaphile. You definitely can live only with Riel in Cambodia, and if you stay there long time, you will see that you actually gain with Riel, because every fare is rounded up to the higher dollar. The resaons are : 1) the exact exchange rate is known by nobody and fluctuates from one to another person. 2) the dollar can't be divised into cents in Cambodia.
Besides this fact, please be a responsible visitor of the Khmer Kingdom, adapt yourself (or try to as much as you can), don't behave as a rude western barbarian. And enjoy !

11-14-02, 22:12
I've been to Svay Pak several times and I've only ever even met a few girls that even claim to be at least 18.

In my opinion, I am not pleased with the fact that the girls seem to live in indentured servitude and I do not like the miserable conditions that the Svay Pak girls are forced to live under.

I have been there and seen it and that's why I avoid it and recommend that other people be very careful and to think twice about getting involved with the K11 sex scene.

I am not affiliated with any NGO's and don't even really know what they're about. I'm stating what I have personally seen and experienced.

11-15-02, 01:47
Do you take the word of a Svay Pak working girl who tells YOU she is under 18! Does that mean she's 17? Depending on what they think you like, they could be any age you wish them to be. I stand by my opinion that it's a bold face lie to say that "child sex" is rampant at Svay Pak. As the careful observer Gordon Sharpless and many other independent reporters have stated, virtually all the working girls are 16-21.

11-15-02, 03:45

well all i can say is that your insane rambling post is almost too incomprehensible to reply to. i doesn't seem like you know a thing about svay pak or cambodia in general.

i've been to cambodia several times and i know several expats and although if you want to pay for things with huge stacks of riel you certainly can u.s. dollars are generally preferred and most prices are quoted and listed in u.s. dollars or in some places baht.

every one i know that lives in or visits phnom penh uses u.s. dollars no matter what their nationality.

one more thing; child sex is absolutely rampant on say pak and you’re a fool to deny it. what do you think that old lady that sits at that cafe across from house 15 is offering you when she asks if you like small small? where do you think those touts are taking guys when they walk behind the main row of houses to the secret houses? you are truly in denial!! furthermore i never even brought up the subject of child sex on svay pak, i was making a point about **** sex (13-17 years old) which is a huge percentage of the girls that are offered in all of the houses

although i'm sure that some of the members of this forum may question my conclusions and may disagree with my oppinions i think it's quite clear to anyone that you are a fool, and i won't argue with fools, so flame away i'm done with this exchange. i'm pretty certain that your temper and attitude will soon get you banned from this forum once again (look at the banned members hall of shame), i just wish there was a way you could be banned permanently.

11-15-02, 04:46
i gotta agree that asiaphile was waaaay too harsh in bashing americans. i really don't think it was called for at all. i just wanted some helpful advice about my upcoming trip, and i really do appreciate the posts from everyone. i have heard that there are **** girls in svey pak from numerous sources, so i'm avoiding that area. you gotta watch that kinda thing wherever you go. i lived in bangkok for a while, and there are lots of sixteen and seventeen year olds in nep and patpong. everybody seems to know it, but nobody cares. be careful.

11-15-02, 07:41

I'd be glad to give you detailed advice and any help you need to make your trip more enjoyable. Now that I'm convinced that you're not one of those unsavery types that you will run into in Cambodia. Not only do I have good up to date information for you but anything you want to know that I can't answer I can get an answer within 24 hours for you as I know experts on the subject. Just send me an email. tangus@angelfire.com

11-24-02, 23:57
i go away for awhile and you still stir the flames of hell.....or as u call it k11 ;)
i have just come back...things are as usual....the **** thing is even less in your face than it was....as for the servitude thing i dont want to know how the girls will pay of their fathers gambling debts without us.
phnom penh was quieter than previously, the press has worked on it....another 6 months back to normal.
the ol lady at h15 has moved on....maybe a holiday!
well back to thailand for me.

11-25-02, 08:10

Welcome back.

All I did was advise a guy who is specifically looking for girls between the ages of 18-23 that Svay Pak wasn't the best place to look, I think you'd agree with that. It was the negative poster Asiaphile that stirred things up. Also I think you'd agree that he was roundly squashed by my superior arguments.

I don't hate K11, although I do hate Child prostitution and indentured servitude, I've had some very nice afternoons and met some very fun ladies there. In fact there's one lady that I miss so much I might have to go see her soon. But I just think with the high profile busts over the last six months should make people cautious.


After re reading the chain of posts it seems like many of them have been deleated or edited. Asiaphile really went nuts and posted some insane rambling anti american diatribes that didn't really make any sense at all. I guess thats why looking back at them now it looks like to you like I was the aggressor.

11-29-02, 04:14
Lets cut the crap on child prostitution....

Somebody please write on the cambodian scene...

12-03-02, 07:23
I'm due to visit Phnom Penh soon and I think i have enough information to get by as far as the sex scene is concerned. I will be avoiding Svay Pak as that sounds a little insalubrious for my tatses, but will check out Sharkeys and Martinis. Are there any other bars in the city that i should look out for. I am more looking for ST rather than LT. Is this possible in the centre?

My second question involves Sihanoukville. What is the situation like there with regards ST or whatever. I thought I read a Sihanoukville post the other week but can't seem to be able to find it now?

My third question is off-topic, but I'm sure some of you can help. I have been trawling the newsgroups for info on the 'weed' scene but all I can seem to understand is that it was readily available from a market in Phnom Penh a few years ago but I can't get any up to date info. What's the marijuhana situation like at the moment, availibilty etc. Advice appreciated on all topics. Cheers.

Toy Boy
12-03-02, 23:11

Look back here to early August, and you will find posts on Sihanoukville.

Alternatively try


which has a lot of relevant info under its "Cambodia info" board, including links to photos which are really good (from harry seaman).

I'm planning a trip to Snooky myself next year, so if you have a good (or even just interesting) time please post your experiences.


12-05-02, 21:17
Excerpt from my Travel Diary: Sihanookville

We get to Sihanookville and I decide to say my good byes to the Singaporeans when it becomes apparent that their plan is to walk down the beach with all of there stuff until they find the cheapest guest house in town.

I see a flyer for a bar/restaurant called Mick and Craig’s and I seem to remember that I read on the internet that this was a good place to go in this town. As week a lead as that is, it's all I have. I ask a moto driver if he knows where it is and he says "Mick and Craig yes yes" Then he proceeds to drive me all over town with my bags digging into my shoulders the whole time. Every few minutes he'd stop and ask another moto driver where it is, I'd ask him if he knows where to take me and he says "yes yes, know now" Finally I show him on my lonely planet town map and that seems to make a light go off and off we go. The problem is he starts driving me out of town. As the buildings become sparser it becomes more obvious that this isn't right. When the Moto slows way down (like 5 miles per hour) going up a hill I jump off. He stops and looks at me like I'm crazy. I give him $1 and tell him thank you and start walking back to town. I go about 100 feet and stop at a food stand for a for a beer and just start to contemplate my next move when another moto driver approaches me. He has much better English. I explain what just happened to me and he assures me that he knows where Mick and Craig’s is by showing me their add in the Sihanookville tourist guide. I am very relieved. Then he says "I would like to show you accommodation first. AAAAARGGGHHH!!!!!! I say please, please just take me to Mick and Craig’s and no where else. He agrees and off we go back into town, I’m at my wits end with the touts and I need a couple of beers just to feel human again.

Finally getting to Mick and Craig’s was the turning point of my time in Cambodia. I show up at around 5:pm stinking from the days sweat and literally covered in mud. Craig was out of town that day but his staff took good care of me. I showed up during happy hour and had a couple of 50 cent Angkor drafts. Angkor is the national beer and quite tasty. I tell my tale of woe to the French bartender and a Cambodian employee; I believe his name was Khon. Khon recommends a near by hotel, King Gold. The Hotel is a few blocks away but I'm finished with moto's so I start to walk. This is some hard work as it’s very, very hot. After I walk about a block Khon pulls up on a scooter and takes me the rest of the way, at this point Khon is the only person I trust in town and I don't even care if I have to pay for his hotel commission.

I check in to the King Gold. ($10 a night cash or $12 credit card) I pick a window room but it's on the fourth floor and there's no elevator and no aircon in the hallway or on the stairs. In that kind of humidity a four floor walk up can be a bit of an ordeal. Once I get to the room everything is ok. It’s a nice clean room and I get the opportunity to scrub the dirt and grime from my body. I now have a room, a bar, and a buss station all within walking distance of each other and I’m finally comfortable. I take off my clothes and wonder if they’ll ever be able to get all of the mud off.

I get all clean and put on clean clothes and walk back to Mick and Craig’s. By this time happy hour is over and draft beer has gone up to 75 cents, I think I can manage. I sit and order a beer and just absorb the atmosphere. This night I meet several Britt’s and I can’t remember their names so I’ll give them nick names. The first person I meet is a backpacker. He has on big pants, wooden jewelry, and kept talking about the full moon festival; I’ll call him the Raver. We sit and drink for a while. The waiter is too busy to roll a joint (yes Pot is all over the place in Cambodia, and it’s either legal or allowed) so he asks the Raver to do it, who bungles it badly. Next we meet another backpacker this guy is so fit and health looking that until I hear his obvious English accent I assume he’s Australian; I’ll call him Healthy Britt. Although I like these guys well enough but I get a little tired of hearing them brag about who found the cheapest Guest House, or who had the worst travel story. Healthy Britt just drove in from Phnom Penn on his rented Motor bike, I have no Idea how he checked into a hotel without his passport. (They hold your passport when you rent a bike) I told them about the bad roads and pushing the mini van. Raver says “that’s not a bad”, and he proceeds to tell me about how he rode in the back of a pick up truck from Siem Reip to Phnom Penn with 16 other people and a car engine in the pouring rain because he’d heard it was the cheapest way to do it. Then Healthy says “that’s not bad”, and tells about how he’d recently been stuck in a small Lao village for 30 hours because the road had been washed out and he finally went on by foot walking through waist high mud getting through by putting his back pack in front of him and pulling himself through it. I tell them that I paid $10 for a room with hot water and aircon and they both look at me like I’m a poof. Then we get up to head over to an English style pub across the street and I leave a 1500 Reil tip (less than 50 cents) and they look at each other like ‘Oh look at the big shot’ and they both stiff the waiter.

We get to the Pub and we meet another Englishman. He lives in Sihanookville and runs a diving boat. He spent six years as a submariner in her Majesties Navy; I’ll call him The Captain. He has a really cute Australian girlfriend. The Captain was mugged twice in one day on leave in New York and has a certain understandable distrust of Americans. It isn’t too long before he realizes that I’m more his kind of guy than the backpackers are. After a while two English women show up. They don’t play much into the story so let me just say that one of them was about my size,(big) and the other one was just barely shaggable. (In other words fairly attractive for an English woman) We all pile into the captains van and head out to the hottest hot spot (he says) in Sihanookville named Biba. On the way over we’re talking about travel budgets and I let slip that I usually spend about $100 a day in Asia and health says “you’re talking the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) right”, I get the impression that he’s spending that much in a month.

To get to Biba you have to drive through the muddiest, run down, row of brothel huts you’re likely to see anywhere. We walk in and the place is jam packed with girls, some of them very cute. Biba is a slightly above average Cambodian Karaoke joint that doubles as a brothel. In the front are the tables, stage, and bar. In the back are the bathroom, the short time rooms, and dozens of pictures of ladies. (Apparently the ones that are available.) We get there and order a pitcher of Angkor draft, (About $2.5) and sit and soak in the atmosphere. I go to use the restroom and check out the pictures. I talk to the mamasan and a few of the girl and none of them speak English. As I’ve already explained I have a necessary interview process. I go back to the table and sit with my new friends, The Britt’s and the hot Aussie, to listen to the painfully dissonant singing and to ponder my next move. The waiter arrives to say he has a girl that can speak English in fact she’s the main singer in the show. He points at her and she starts to walk over and from ten feet I can tell that this was a big scary Katoey. (Transvestite) I vigorously wave “her” away, “she” gets the hint and stops coming toward me. The waiter quickly brought over another Lady and although I wasn’t exactly thrilled with her she quickly told me everything I wanted to hear. “I yum yum (B.J.), Boom Boom (sex), Boom Boom Ding Dong (anal sex) no problem” I was so impressed that I poured her a beer. I got a scornful look from one of the English ladies, but a smile from the Aussie. (Damn that’s my kind of woman)
In the previous four days I’d had about 12 hours sleep so I said goodbye to my new friends and gave the girl money for mamasan. We pile onto a motor bike and head to the hotel.

In the room it’s the usual Wham Bam money change hands. She was true to her word about what she would do. I gave her a nice tip and sent her away on a moto.

I checked out of my hotel and tried to pay with my visa card. I can hear the commercial now ‘The King Gold hotel in Sihanookville, Cambodia doesn’t mind if you bring a girl back to your room but they do mind if you pay with Visa’. They only accept Master Card. I get back to Mick and Craig’s for a quick breakfast before I jump on my buss Phnom Penn. While I’m eating this little beggar kid, this dirty little ragamuffin, maybe six years old, looks up at me and holds up five fingers and pantomimes eating. I’m assuming that she wants 500 riel for food. The trick is in Cambodia no matter how much you want to give a kid money as soon as you do a dozen of them suddenly appear out of nowhere and mob you. I look around and don’t see any other kids anywhere. As soon as I make a move for my pocket another kid, this one even smaller, appears as if by magic. So now I have two of them to deal with. I give them 100 riel each and they go back to stomping on aluminum cans. Then a few minutes the one in charge holds up four fingers and goes back to her eating pantomime. So I give her a dollar to split with her friend and give them my baguette. After all of this I climb onto the buss to Phnom Penn.

12-08-02, 23:15
If there is in the world a place where you don't need a guide, this is Phnom Penh. The "barang" sex places are so easy to find and straight, generally no ripp off to fear. Nothing personnal Mr Sovan, but if I were you, I would rather open a bar, a brothel or something, since you might well have some ideas about the way to manage, and you understand the taste of Barangs. Just an idea. Don't thank me.

12-09-02, 00:37
By the way, I hear bad news from LE CYRCEE bar in PP, where girls heve become pushy for lady-drinks, bored at servicing customers, less friendly than before.
Seems this place can be crossed out from the list for the moment.

12-10-02, 03:16
Hey! I was the one who Bassgod gave some good advice to about Phnom Penh. I never actually made it, because I hooked up with my girl in Bangkok and she made it worth staying there.
Anyway, I'm gonna have another two weeks of vacation soon, so I'm really thinking about hitting Phnom Penh this trip.
I can go anywhere in Asia, so my question is:
Is Phnom Penh the best choice for a few days diversion from Thailand? Or is somewhere like Cebu, SIngapore, K.L. better?
I've been to Angeles city already, but found the women were just too far below my standards to even barfine. Travel isn't a problem at all. So is there another place besides Thailand in SE Asia that may be better for having some fun and finding beautiful girls?

feel free to email me at danaguess@hotmail.com if you have any advice. Thanks.

12-11-02, 23:19

Phonom Pehn is an interesting place and definately worth seeing. There are many cute Viet and Cambodian ladies. Another good place for an excursion out of Thailand is Vientian Laos. Vientian is an extremely friendly and easy going town.

12-17-02, 01:49
I was wondering if some of you seasoned veterans of the Phnom Penh scene could give me some advice. Im visiting a friend in Bangkok and am taking a side trip by myself to Cambodia. Time is limited. I arrive in Phnom Penh at 9:30 am on Sunday the 5th of Jan. and leave the next day at 6:30pm. Of course I want to get the most banging for my buck but I also want to see a few sites. My research is coming up with conflicting information. One guide book says the Choeung Ek memorial and Toul Sleng Genocide Museum are open daily and another says they are closed on Mondays. I also get conflicting info on the gun ranges. Some sites say you can shoot a Grenade launcher others say you cant. Which do I believe?

Eriks post below says that it is easy to find the action but I figure if I try to go it alone it will take at least a couple hours to get oriented. Im not sure that I can spare those couple hours so Im considering contacting Driver SovanMee below or possibly any other that anyone can recommend in case he is not available.

Ideally, I would like to visit as many of the main areas such as 63rd street and Toul Kok and also Martinis for some short time and also see the sites mentioned above. If someone could give me a sample Itinerary of what I could do in this short of time this would be greatly appreciated.


12-17-02, 23:33

I'd recomend arranging a driver through your hotel rather than blindly over the internet, the price should be $20-$25. The genocide museum is a must see, pay the extra $5 for the guide it makes a big difference, also bring a tissue. Any driver should know how to take you to any and all sights that tourists like to see sexually oriented or otherwise.

I've been to the gun range and saw the grenades on the menu but bear in mind it's very expensive, about double the prices listed in Lonely planet, and getting cash in Cambodia isn't as easy as it is in Thailand.

Cambodia Pro
12-31-02, 09:32
TAXI drivers are welcome.

I disagree that Sovanmee services are not needed. It is advisable to get such services at least for the first 3 days. Specially if he has knowledge of the scene. The price per day also comes inot the situation though.
Rates are about $25 per day I read.

I tried to find such a service in Prague to make phone calls to the privates, and had no such luck. I wish Sovanmee clone was in Prague that knows Czech of course.

01-01-03, 03:07
Good posting about your trip! I was laughing with all the names you were giving people.....Cambodia's the one place I wanna see.....admittingly, I want to fire some weapons off at the range and see Angkor Wat, - that's about it...just a "quickie".
Take care and Happy New Year all!

01-01-03, 21:54

Glad you like my story.

01-02-03, 01:31
Is there somebody around the 8-th in Siem Reap?

Hello everybody out there!

I enjoyed all the reading very much, and within a few days I will leave for Cambodia.

The 8-th I will arrive in Siem Reap and will stay there for a couple of nights.

Then I will go on to PP (Phnom Phen), arriving there around the 12-th. After PP I think of going to Sihanoukville, but I am not sure.

Is there somebody present around these days? May-be drink a couple of beers, sharing some experiences?

Hope to receive some mail very soon, because I leave Holland the 7-th of January.

e-mail: out-there@planet.nl

Tom, ( a 38 y.o. Dutchman)

01-06-03, 02:06
Just a note on taxis....$25?????
You can get a guy for the whole day for $7-$12

01-06-03, 21:07
$7-$12? Your a better haggler than I am.

01-07-03, 20:26
Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the Goldiana hotel, is it any good and can you take chicks back?


Marco Pole
01-11-03, 20:29
Goldiana? Is that in Phnom Penh? I Haven't heard of it.

I was in PP in October and stayed at the Lucky Star. It was about $20 or so a night, good location in relation to Martini's, and actually had quite a few hotties hanging around the street outside every night.


01-12-03, 04:55
goldiana hotel is okay, i have stayed there sveral times. seems to be a favourite of the NGO and child adoption scene (lots of western women/couples with cambo babies)
prices are a little steep, for what you get. girls in the rooms are no problem at all.

01-24-03, 02:00
News reports have it that K11 was shut down (BBC - 23-1-03)

01-24-03, 02:23
and here is the link...


bummer... let's hope it is temporary... any news from the scene?

01-24-03, 02:51
The BBC report says, "girls as young as 10 year-olds" were prostitutes at Svay Pak. This is a BIG OUTRAGEOUS LIE! No 10 year olds were ever available for sex in the brothels. The very few such children around were simply serving beverages and usually related to the staff. This is the kind of hideous slander the corrupt NGO's have repeated so many times they have conned the dumb ass media into buying it with no questions asked. A so-called responsible news organisation, CBS News 60 Minutes put on an NGO idiot a few years ago who said "9 years olds" were available a the drop of a hat for "snuff sex" in Cambodia. THE LYING SOB! Then they tried and failed miserably to set up a sting to show child sex was rampant. IT IS NOT RAMPANT! WHEN IT DOES REAR ITS UGLY HEAD MOST OFTEN IT INVOLVES A GAY CULPRIT! (see other BBC story links on Cambodia). The problem starts at the top with irresponsible NGO and elite media lies - not at the bottom with poor Khmers and Vietnamese trying to scratch out a living any way they can.

01-24-03, 20:53
Yo guys.

Even here in Holland it was in the newspapers that the pigs closed down Svay pak area in pnon pen!!
Almost 50 *****houses were closed.
Even the pigs think it's for a few weeks. Agfter that they are back in business;-)

imho it's good that they come down on childmolestors and likes.

Anybody has any info on the walkabout hotel in the centre. It is run by 2 Aussies.


01-27-03, 13:05
JAN 24, 2003
Police turn Cambodian sex village into ghost town

SVAY PAK (Cambodia) - Cambodia's most notorious
brothel village, Svay Pak, where women and girls as
young as 10 have been coaxed or enslaved into the sex
trade over the past 20 years, has been shut down by
the government, officials said yesterday.

Phnom Penh police chief General Soun Chheangly said a
decision was made to shutter the infamous village in
an effort to salvage Cambodia's cultural reputation.

'Svay Pak is extremely famous for its bad name,' Soun
Chheangly said.

'So the government does not allow them to operate
there any more, because it affects our culture badly.'

Villagers and Svay Pak shopkeepers said several of the
50-odd brothels had been closed for weeks.

On Wednesday, police swooped on the dusty village 11
km north of Phnom Penh, turning away customers,
closing up brothels and ordering an immediate halt to
the sex trade there.

Police said they had yet to make any arrests, and it
was not clear what, if any, action would be taken
against the women and children engaged in the

Svay Pak, often dubbed K11, has earned a horrific
reputation as a black hole of [CodeWord913] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord913) and
sexual exploitation.

The ramshackle collection of concrete houses along a
dirt road is temporary home to hundreds of sex
workers, the vast majority of them Vietnamese and some
as young as 10.

They service a foreign and Cambodian clientele for as
little as US$3 (S$5) per customer, said Ly Lay, police
chief of Svay Pak's Russey Keo district.

But by yesterday all the brothels were locked and the
normally busy village was nearly a ghost town.

'You can see it is very quiet. No girls, no business,
no money,' a cafe owner said. --AFP

Dick Johnson
01-27-03, 13:51
With all this talk the past 2 months on this (and perhaps other) boards on child sex only an idiot would think it will not be closed.

It'll be closed for good alright.

01-28-03, 16:50
Glad you like the fact that the "pigs" are cracking down on child sex. I was thinking you must be ten anyway to still use that term. The fact that the police probably prefer K11 to stay open seems to have eluded you.

For the rest of the board without trying to sound like an expert but just expressing an opinion, Svay Pak is finished. It was an easy spot to target. Unlike other places where prostitution is wide spread, there is no real area to target. Svay Pak was one big target. Hopefully now PP will become more like Thailand and have its services spread out more not in one locality.

01-30-03, 02:25

I am NOT an Asia expert. My "hunting" area is East_Europe and South-America.
But I am looking for a bit of a destraction later this year...and I might thought Cambodia was a good place to go.As I met an US guy last year in Lima who told me lots of good stuff about PP and Cambodia.
Vietnam seems to be more of a hussle and more expensive...yes???
Thailand is well done....and not realy OFF the beaten track (that's were I prefer to go).
I am also thinking off Indonesia. Many Ex-pats from Holland there;-)
Philipines???? But I don't like that Muslim terrorists shit there:-(
Japan??? NO WAY!!!! too expensive!!
India????? little info about that one.
China....??? Seems to get rapidly expensive If I see the prices some dudes are willing to pay for sex:-( It hurts my heart if I see that (mostly) US guys even pay up to 200 $ a night in China..!!!!WOWW....I certainly don't pay more then 20-40 for an all nighter,that's for sure.

UP untill now Brasil is CHEAP....cheap...and LOTS of girls willing to do everything if you're a bit kinky;-)

I shall see.


01-30-03, 04:29
Yep. I understand that. Looking to spread my wings a little as well. Rural Thailand still offers some good possibilities but the girls are pretty shy. I like the idea of India as well but as you say the info is scare. I have not discounted Kenya and Cameroon, looks interesting.

I have not done South America but perhaps the time is coming. Whats your idea of kinky?


01-30-03, 11:29

Africa IS too DANGEROUS FOR ME. Sorry....I am a bit of an advebnturer,but I am NOT stupid.
Too much aids....too many robbings against whites.
That's how I think about Afrika.

India seems also a hussle to find good hookers. I mean not the 3 $ ho's you'll find in the shanty-towns!!!;-)

South-America s heaven if you like wild women....!!! Try to avoid Colombia and venezuela right now...too much shit going on there.
In Brasil,Peru,DR,Argentina,Ecuador and Bolivia you an fuck your dick off for cookie money!!:-)
IMHO Latinas are good in bed,goodlooking and with spanish you come very far. And definately NOT SHY!!!!!!!!;-)
I don't speak/understand Thai/Viet or whatever Asian language:-(
That sucks....I only speak VERY BASIC Bahasra Indonesian.....Many Indonesians here in Holland. (was a dutch colony for 350 years you know)
So probably Philipines is a good destination. They speak english and some spanish...right? Because I don't like the idea of doing some HO and NOT able to communicate with her at all:-(

Right now I hear there is shit going on between Thailand and cambodia.
I don't know how this spreads but better be carefull if you are a westerner in those area's.


Cambodia Pro
02-02-03, 05:22

Cambodia wins by wide margin. It's as simple as this, GO!, or you'll never forgive yourself for missing it. You will also be helping to put food on the table for some of poorest families on the world.

In other countries, the girls do tricks to pay for expensive clothes, cars, jewerly, or worse ..Drugs/alcohol . Not so in cambodia where the GDP per capita is $300 per year. The girls become breadwinners for their families and keep them from starving to death. I have never felt so good giving money away to working girls . I felt like the most compassionate philantropist in the world.

Had some cuties from Soi Cowboy in Thailand for $40 ST + $5 hotel , expensive compared to Cambodia where you can get a model material for $10 (no!, it's not a typo, It's TEN DOLLARS!) for ST, and $30 for LT.

The Thai girls are also not as attractive as the Cambodian/Vietnamese girls in Cambodia.

Cambodian girls have nice asses, and the perkiest tits in the world.

Vietnamese girls are simply cute.(I am talking about the ones from the South Region, an exotic tribe of the most tiny women on earth. I had a 21 year old that was barely 4' tall, yet everything was perfectly proportioned like a little doll. if you saw her from 5 feet away you would have thought she was a nine year old, yet she already had a kid, and the saggy tits to prove it.

The World Ranking stand as follows, 1 being best
1) Cambodia
2) Cambodia
3) Cambodia
4) Czech Republic / Brazil
5) Thailand / Russia

WORST places in the World, in descending order
Most Western Countries

02-02-03, 15:47

I was in Cambodia a few years and I did hobby there - just once with a really cute one.

I recall DFK and BBBJ (in fact any kind of BJ) was not on the menu at that time. Have things changed recently ? What were your experiences ? I also recall that it was the same in Thailand many years ago but LOS is now in line with the rest of the world.


02-02-03, 16:15
You might want to wait a while before going to Cambodia. With the political unrest earlier this week and Svay Pak being shut down, reports are that Phnom Penh is a bit quiet now. People are also reporting that Sharkey's is now closed but expected to reopen soon. Reports also say that Martini's is still good but not what it used to be. Becase of the earlier unrest, Thailand closed their border crossings with Cambodia and Thai Air and Bangkok Airways stopped all flights to Cambodia. This situation should be cleared up soon if it hasn't been already. If you want to travel outside Phnom Penh things should still be OK in Sihanoukville, Koh Kong, or Battanbang or other places away from Phnom Penh. Koh Kong is on the Thai border and Thai Baht is the preferred currency there. Long time can be had for 500 baht, about $12 US.

In general, the Khmer girls do not do BJ but some will. The Vietnamese girls working in Cambodia are the opposite. Almost all will do BJ.

Cambodia Pro
02-02-03, 20:11

The border was closed to Camdodians not tourists. The flights resumed yesterday as other non thai airlines never stopped flying to PP, and the thai airlines were loosing business big time.

Cambodia is as safe as ever, never did I have any problems, as a matter of fact I was treted very well by the police that recognize the importance of tourists, I was treated vey respecfully, I'd say almost Royalty. You can see the news here


You can fly into Cambodia through Taipei/Taiwan on Eva air if you are coming from the US/canada , and avoid the rip off $15 departure tax on Thailand airport. In addition, I'd skip Thailand altogether, there is simply no comparison to almightty pussy heaven Cambodia.

Plan your trip here,
3 start hotels from $8 a day. Simply amazing.


K11 was closed because elections coming up around July, and politicians are playing the "vote for me" game. Many places in Phom penh for the hobby besides k11.

Just ask your friendly moto/taxi driver and he will take you there. There is Toul Kork teeming with gorgeous pussy, go there about 6 pm, and many others I am not going to mention that you will find without any difficulty if you simply ask your moto/taxi driver.

The reason is simple,
We bring more relief to poor families that all NGO organizations combined. When you pay the girl, it goes directly for expenses like food, clothing and other basic necessities we take for granted elsewhere. NGO spend all the donations money on expensive cars, party conventions, and expensive accomodations. Only about 10% ever reach the poor desperate families they are supposed to help. That's right,they burn through 90% of all the donations from good hearted people in rich countries.

A sex tourist spends almost $1000 on the hobby in just one trip. About 25% sex tourist brought in about $1,000,000 to $2,000,000 to the economy in 2001, Helping some of the poorest families in Cambodia and Vietnam. This year could be as high as $3,000,000. Tourism to Cambodia is hypergrowing

Go there, The feeling of helping people while enjoying yourself is simply priceless. I have gone all over the world, and Cambodia is tops, number 1.

I am myself comtemplating moving there for good, to live in pussy heaven. Investing in Cambodia is easy, it is the most open market economy in the region. You can open your own business and get a work visa for $35 per month.

Well, later folks.

Cambodia Pro
02-02-03, 21:59
Originally posted by jackdaniels

I was in Cambodia a few years and I did hobby there - just once with a really cute one.

I recall DFK and BBBJ (in fact any kind of BJ) was not on the menu at that time. Have things changed recently ? What were your experiences ? I also recall that it was the same in Thailand many years ago but LOS is now in line with the rest of the world.



I got deep throated in Cambodia, the vietnamese cuties are sex angels, they will even lick your ass if you like. The cambodian girls gave me great bbbj, though some kept spitting, which does not bother me. I did not try anal as their pussies were so fuking tight it was scary at times, I dared not explore their even tighter assholes which I may next time, if I am in a perversed mood.

As I said, GO!! or you will never forgive yourself for missing it.

02-02-03, 22:02
[QUOTE]Originally posted by criminal_Bush


In other countries, the girls do tricks to pay for expensive clothes, cars, jewerly, or worse ..Drugs/alcohol . Not so in cambodia where the GDP per capita is $300 per year. The girls become breadwinners for their families and keep them from starving to death. I have never felt so good giving money away to working girls . I felt like the most compassionate philantropist in the world.

I understand what you are saying and I recognise the revenue that sex tourists bring to this impoverished country.

IMHO, in contrast, I would feel better in a country where the money was being spent on clothes, jewellery etc. The fact that they have to rely on this income for basic survival is a bit tragic, I think. Personally, I would feel a lot better if the basic survival needs have already been met and the earning of money in this form was for other non-essential items. Then this activity becomes one of personal choice rather than for day to day survival. Just my thoughts....

Cambodia Pro
02-03-03, 00:47
Originally posted by jackdaniels
[QUOTE]Originally posted by criminal_Bush

IMHO, in contrast, I would feel better in a country where the money was being spent on clothes, jewellery etc. The fact that they have to rely on this income for basic survival is a bit tragic, I think. Personally, I would feel a lot better if the basic survival needs have already been met and the earning of money in this form was for other non-essential items. Then this activity becomes one of personal choice rather than for day to day survival. Just my thoughts....


Yes, it is tragic. But progress will come to Cambodia, and their people will be lifted from their poverty. However, we can help now by visiting their country, of all the industries Tourism is the one that helps people the most directly in Cambodia, specially in you stay in the Hotels ecomomic places that employ many Cambodians, the dollars stay in the country and feed their people. Other industries such as garment making and agriculture do not have the same economic impact on the poor in cambodia.

I must remark, I felt good about helping the poor girls and their families, not about their condition which saddened me tremendously. I encouraged them to get an education and leave the profession.

It is ironic that we are such good hearted people that we want to improve the conditions of those who brings us so much joy to the point where they won't need to offer themselves for so little.

I am myself considering moving there to improve their educational opportunities as I am a highly paid professional that can offer invaluable knowledge to the Cambodian people. The power of love is the greatest power of all.

02-05-03, 17:05


02-08-03, 23:07
How do you ask for anal in Khmer, or in the case of Viet girls, in Vietnamese?

Cambodia Pro
02-09-03, 10:01
Originally posted by bubbagoes
How do you ask for anal in Khmer, or in the case of Viet girls, in Vietnamese?

Simple Mr Watson/Bubba, say bum-bum, but put your hand/point on/to her ass. They will understand. The language is universal. Many speak very basic barebones english too.
Have fun in Cambodia. Best Place on Earth.

02-14-03, 23:33
Hi all of you,

I will here give you my experiece of the Cambodian chicks. Me and 2 friends went there in Dec 2002 to have some nice time, but i must say that we was a bit disappointed. The girls wasen`t that good looking that we have expected after reading this forum before the trip. There was very few of them
who really was over 5-6 in a scale to 10. And when you got them in bed their achivement was quite poor. They were too unengaged.

If you have any earlier experience of the asian hooker scene you will wery soon notice what i mean.

We were checking out both Maritnis, K11 and Sharkeys in Phnon Penh, and the beaches at siaunokville. And it was all the same.

We have over 15 years of experience in asia all 3 of us and
can only say that Thailand and even Phillipines are mutch better to go. This is our experience of Cambodia.

Thanks from us.

Dick Johnson
02-15-03, 18:12
cambodia isn't the greatest place for hobbying. as many here have noted. some said they left after a day or two. i spent a couple hundred dollars of my own money to fly to bangkok even though i was there just a few weeks ago(my flight to cambodia did not originate from thailand). cambodia is not all bad. angkor is great. but stunners are rare and models are practically non existant. most people don't think it is the greatest place for mongering.

except criminal_bushit, calling it 'heaven', saying it'll change your life forever and that thailand sux. posting both here and in the thailand board. all this a few days after svay pak closed. he thinks that doing this will get things open again. but it doesn't work that way.

the demise of a lot of the action in cambodia is not because of the local cops/army, far from it, for those in the know will know what i mean. neither is it due to lack of demand(customers). (even though the scene is very small compared to many other countries). it is due to international pressure. cambodia receives billions of dollars of aid from various countries. (another $us500mil from china just a few months ago, and 200mil this year. ). how can they answer questions of having minors in the sex industry to other nations? of course they can't. it has to be shut down once there is knowledge of it's existence.

which is a shame. because svay pak is a village with old and young people, families. vast majority of the working girls are of legal age. the village raise their livestocks, have ponds for fish etc. pretty self sufficient.

make no mistake. this board is one of the first place governments, research students, law enforcements, anti-prostitution groups, human rights groups look for information. this site gets like a million hits per month(it use to have a counter). this is not a private members only club. anyone with a computer can access this site.

it's funny looking back 3 months ago posts between bassgod and dana. it goes something like this : 'where can i find young girls?' 'your not a **** right? i'm not a ****.. but here is exactly how you find ****d sex... and i can give you 24 hr updates.. however i'm totally against sex with minors.' in a month the place in partially shut down. and another month it is totally shut down.

then someone said maybe the action will move to sharkey's or martinis(post deleted). then sharkey's is closed and martini's action is reduced.

Cambodia Pro
02-15-03, 21:28
Dick_Johnson, Thailand Ambassador????

I suspected Dick was some sort of brothel owner in Thailand, He may even be a Thai man. Now I am sure he has some sort of financial stake in Thailand.

Look at the flaming post he writes here. Look at my posts that always offer a balanced opinion not just in Asia, but locations throughout the world.

Dick Johnson, even the Thai men flock to Cambodia.

That speaks for itself.

2 million Thais visited Cambodia last year.

Maybe that's why you are so worried.

There is plenty of action for both countries to support the hobby.

The secret is out. Cambodia Rocks!

I suggest you seek some psychological help as you seem to be an embittered person with some tragic past.

02-16-03, 10:18

"Even the Thai men flock to Cambodia", they do. To go gambling...

"2 million Thais visited Cambodia last year", they did. And they gambled...

But now there are plans to set up a casino in Chonburi Province in Thailand, and then Cambodia will lose many, many visitors from Thailand.

Dick Johnson
02-16-03, 15:52
They go there to gamble at border town Poipet and to do business(most of Cambodia imports are from Thailand), but not for sex and rarely for sightseeing. And frankly I suspect it's 2 million visits not 2 million visitors. Thanks freeler.

I don't dissaude people to go visit Cambodia. But let's not have people buy plane tickets to go there only to be dissapointed, esp with the current situation.

Cambodia Pro
03-03-03, 04:19
Le Cyrcee, Martinis Heaven on Earth

Was at Martini's and lecercees last night.

I chose a delicious 18 yo from LeCyrcee long time for a grand spanking $30. Great massage, great bbbj, and three cums. Two at night, one in the morning.

For general information about hotels, you can see them here,
I am not associated with them, They are just very comprehensive guide for everything in Cambodia. Such infromation is a bit hard to come by from other sources.


03-04-03, 07:35
My question may be out of topic here but do anyone have any idea where local teens go "make out"? Do anyone know where is that Majestic place the Amit Gilboa book mentioned? Is it safe for women to travel to PP? How do I get from Bangkok to PP by land and how much does it cost?


Marco Pole
03-04-03, 10:29
Do you live in Cambo or just visit frequently? Either way it sounds like you're there now, so I'm curious how the scene is compared to a few months ago. Obviously K11 is gone, which in my honest opinion, isn't really that big of a deal. I visited Cambo for the first time back in October and had an excellent time at Martini's, Sharky's and the like.

Is it worth a visit right now? I ask because I just got laid off from my job, but got a great 5 month severance package that is going to no doubt bring me back to SEA in the next couple weeks. Any advice from you or others recently there would be appreciated.


Cambodia Pro
03-05-03, 07:01
Originally posted by a_bert
My question may be out of topic here but do anyone have any idea where local teens go "make out"? Do anyone know where is that Majestic place the Amit Gilboa book mentioned? Is it safe for women to travel to PP? How do I get from Bangkok to PP by land and how much does it cost?



So many questions, you can find out everything that you ask in the website address I put in the message below. Except the make out question. Cambodian society is very conservative, It is safe for women to travel to Cambodia, I 've seen many cute ones here. But, why would you bring them here, I ask? There is no gay/lesbian scene per se in Cambodia. I have a personal distaste for it, but to each his/her own. Live and let live. I had a couple of sisters in Cambodia, and they were not ashamed to see each other nude, but theu concentrated the action onme, which is the way I like it . You can fly directly to cambodia through Taiwan without stepping in Thailand (their departure tax always pisses me off).

Cambodia Pro
03-05-03, 07:07
Originally posted by Marco Pole
Hey Criminal Bush,

I'm curious how the scene is compared to a few months ago. Obviously K11 is gone, which in my honest opinion, isn't really that big of a deal. I visited Cambo for the first time back in October and had an excellent time at Martini's, Sharky's and the like.

Is it worth a visit right now? I ask because I just got laid off from my job, but got a great 5 month severance package that is going to no doubt bring me back to SEA in the next couple weeks. Any advice from you or others recently there would be appreciated.

Cambodia is always worth a visit, even when the Khremrudge was in power.
Holy Shit!!! 5 months in Cambodia is a dream come true, I can only visit so often for a few weeks at a time.
K11 is partially open, plus many other "k11's" all over Cambodia.
I was here during the Thai riots, and everything was fine. The press always likes to put sensational headlines otherwise they would not sell their lousy papers. I say come over, and enjoy the cuties. maybe I see you at Martini's.

Cambodia Pro
03-05-03, 07:15
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
And many people going to Cambodia have to stop over at Bangkok anyway.

I salute my friend the Thai Ambassador , Dick johnson
Damn!, are you in the Thailand Royal payroll???

You don't have to stop in Thailand to visit Cambodia. That's misinformation. I did the mistake myself because I did not know any better the first time.

You can fly to cambodia, through Taiwan, without stopping in Thailand.

Why pay departure tax in Thailand for a stopover???

Sorry, I myself like many others found the Thai scene too commercial, and the quality/beauty very low. There are model type, but for $200 and up. With that amount of money you can have 10 cuties in Cambodia.

Long live Cambodia, Heaven on Earth!!!

Marco Pole
03-05-03, 20:03

Thanks for the info. I pretty much expected that all the talk of "big change" was mostly for the journalists. Same thing happened right before I went over there in October. Anyway I'll definitely be hitting up Cambo for at least a couple weeks so if you're going to be out that way, let me know and we'll grab a couple beers.

I do have to disagree with you on the Thailand situation. I spent five weeks in BKK, Samui, Lanta, Phuket, etc... and there are plenty of unbelieveable girls to be had for no more than 1000 BHT short-time and 1500 BHT long-time. $200 - no way in hell! You got taken to the cleaners if you paid that much my friend.

To each is own as you say, but in my opinion fun can be had in both destinations. Cambodia has a raw edgy vibe about it which I found to be very appealing while Thailand is more of a complete package with less surprises. Bottomline is there is great pussy everywhere in the region and the entire system (girls, attitude price, etc) is so far superior to anything that can be found in the US/Europe it's ridiculous. Let's just hope it never goes away.


03-05-03, 21:57
Hey crim, what country do you live in/ where is your passport from? Thanks thor

Dick Johnson
03-05-03, 23:45
Criminal bush, I'm not a Thai Ambassador. I wish. I live in the US. I'm surprised you are an English Teacher because I said MANY people have to stop by Bangkok to Cambo, not EVERY friggin human being. I've even said before I myself didn't go to Cambo via BKK. (read my 2/15 post and judeg for your self). But for people coming from the US or other countries stopping over at BKK is by far the most common route. This is even more true for mongers. Do you know of any direct flights from US or Europe to Cambodia?

The truth is one can not only fly to Cambo from Taiwan, but also from Singapore and Malaysia. So you can go from from USA to Sing/KL-->Cambo. You can also fly to Siam Reap where Angkor is(near) from BKK.

I would recommend readers read other member's viewpoints to get a more balanced view of the scene in Cambodia. Criminal bush sounds really anti-thai to me, calling the girls in Thailand fat and ugly while exagerated the prices in Thailand. While I do not discourage anyone from going to Cambodia, criminal bush's super ethusiasm seems suspicious to me.

03-07-03, 21:32
I believe can get to PP from Indonesia also on Garuda. Several ways to get there other than BKK . Its also best to buy ticket there in se asia , rather than here in USA. Its cheaper there an have more choice of airlines.
K11 is operating at about 75%. No street action. All in door an more descrete. Still the little honeys are there. Less guys. Had direct report from K11 this week.

Cambodia Pro
03-09-03, 05:49
Originally posted by monger22
K11 is operating at about 75%. No street action. All in door an more descrete. Still the little honeys are there. Less guys. Had direct report from K11 this week.
Thailand exorbitant prices.
I am talking about the model types (playboy and such), you have to reserve them at the massage places, and some will not accept farangs. Only Japanese, Rich Asians , as they seen to be dummer when it comes to paying. Also the hotels cost 50% more in Thailand. If you are planning a trip, go to Cambodia first, then Thailand and you will see the big difference.

Thor, which country are you from?? What passport??

03-09-03, 17:18

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Please try to refrain from personal attacks and stick to the subject.


03-09-03, 19:26

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Please try to refrain from personal attacks and stick to the subject.


03-10-03, 16:49
Lets clear the air here an get on with some meaningful an useful Cambodia info. Has anyone been there last 2 weeks that can give a good update?

03-10-03, 20:37
It's been said before, but in light of recent posts here bears repeating. If you're tired of the usual dribble and mindless banter here then go to the forum at K11.com which picked up the slack when Penhball.com disappeared. A number of expats in Phnom Penh post info along with frequent travelers and the conversation is generally up to date, interesting and informative. Also, for all those who pretend to be Cambo experts but can only masterbate to visions of the paradise check out the video on Phnom Penh at erotictravel.com. Maybe you'll finally be inspired to actually make the trip. I can't wait to get back in late May!

03-10-03, 20:41
I must make a correcion - it's Km11.com. I hope Jackson will not mind me offering this option as I still like the overall format of WSG and its indepth coverage of the entire globe.

03-11-03, 18:16
Thanks for the info Asia Ill check out the K11 site. I didnt know it existed. Thanks Rend for your support.
Hope we get some good useful posts here.
Jackson an Thor echo my thoughts.

Dick Johnson
03-13-03, 11:35
Anyway there are a few other things you can do in Phnon Penh. You can go fire some AKs or M16s, $20/30 a round respectively. Powerful stuff. The M16 is more accurate and has less recoil. You can also throw some grenades. Or fire a rocket launcher. Now if you want to blow up a cow I heard that can be arranged. I hear 20 yrs ago you can fire a rocket at a peasant.

You can also go go-kart racing. It's not far from the firing range.

-D J

Marco Pole
03-14-03, 20:35
Yeah the gun range is definitely a must see if you have the time and money. Looking through my footage from October, here are the prices for everything

1. AK-47 (30 Rounds) $20
2. M-16 (30 Rounds) $30
3. Uzi (30 Rounds) $30
4. Shotgun (5 Rounds) $20

1. 9MM (13 Rounds) $26
2. K59 (8 Rounds) $16
3. K54 (8 Rounds) $10
4. Colt 45 (7 Rounds) $10
5. 45 Rev (7 Rounds) $10
6. 38 Rev (6 Rounds) $12
7. 22 Rev (8 Rounds) $10
8. Ruger 22 (10 Rounds) $12

1. Hand Grenade $20
2. Rocket Launcher $200
3. 3 other Big Automatic guns (150 Rounds each) $100 a piece

All prices are obviously in US dollars so make sure you bring enough cash with you because there isn't an ATM. And yes you can shoot a cow with the Rocket Launcher for another $200.

Don't miss. =)


Dick Johnson
03-15-03, 00:29
Hopefully the cow will die a quicker and less painful death than being slaughtered. Also hopefully very few people, if not no one will take this route :) .

03-19-03, 01:38
What's happening there?

Has Tul Lock been closed?

03-20-03, 00:13
Assume you mean the brothels of Tuol Kok (pronounced like "Tool Kah"). You must not have been to Phnom Penh lately, since virtually all the shacks in that area were bulldozed for a new highway 3 years ago.

Cambodia Pro
03-23-03, 07:33
Originally posted by PattayaDan
What's happening there?

Has Tul Lock been closed? Tuol Kork is rocking!!!, there is a paved highway now as Asiaphile notes, but you can not close a road as much as you can close a city, there are willing cuties on both sides of the road waving at you . Yum Yum.

Go there about 6 oclock and have a feast. Got to go, have some cuties to bone.

Tuol Kork is one of the best kept secrets in Cambodia, among many great ones.

03-31-03, 05:52
K11 dot com is apparently shut down. any other cambodia sites? and anyone know how to get from pattaya to sihanoukville?

03-31-03, 19:21
Km11.com is alive and well.

04-01-03, 07:17
ah sheet - I guess I should learn to READ. No wonder K11.com didn't work. sorry thx

04-01-03, 20:06

I just read in the PATTAYA section of this forum that there is a Pattaya to Cambodian border minibus for 700 baht.

Have any of you been in Pattaya during Songkra? I am considering going this year. I think it will be celebrated April 13 to 19 in Pattaya. I would appreciate clarification on the dates, if anyone can help. I understand it is a very hot time of year and that during Songkra you can expect to get doused with water anytime you're out in public. Sounds like a fun, party atmosphere and I like the idea of seeing Thai cuties drenched with water.

Are there currently any anti-American (or anti-Western) sentiments prevalent in Pattaya? I heard of one Thai resort owner who is refusing service to Americans.

Let me second Traveler's endorsement of Living Dolls. I was there in February and Living Dolls was the best. I love the little blue and white school girl uniforms worn by the servers. I took one cutie back to my hotel and I had her bring the school girl outfit with her. After she showered, she put it on then got up on the bed and danced for me as I lay on my back looking up at her. After a few minutes, I pulled her down into my arms and quickly discovered she had left off the panties. AHHHH..!

Living Dolls charges a standard 500 baht bar fine, BUT, the bar fine is 600 for either a featured dancer OR for a server (in the school girl outfits.) I had only very positive experiences there and will absolutely go back.

As for outdoor beer bars, I had a great experience at the Carousel, just outside the entrance to the Daimond Beach Hotel on Soi Diamond. One of the girls actually sort of picked me up at the internet cafe next door (upstairs, related with the Diamond Beach hotel.) I was innocently emailing my wife and daughter when this beauty came in and kept looking at me. Turns out she works at the Carousel, and she asked me to come and have a drink with her after emailing. So, I did and I ended up hanging with her until almost noon the next day. Bar fine was 250. I asked her, "How much?" and she replied, "Up to you." (I like that price.) The next morning I gave her 1,000 and she had earned every baht! We had an all night date. I took her and two beautiful friends out for a seafood dinner on the water which was a fantastic experience. At 4 a.m. she and I got out of bed, showered and went to a karaoke bar (she called it "sing a song") which was a wild experience. And in between all these adventures were regular visits to my hotel bed for great sex, without condoms.

On Expedia right now you can get a roundtrip flight from LA to BKK for $600.

04-02-03, 02:40

I apologize for wasting your time with my last posting. I replied to Dinghy's question about transportation from Pattaya to Cambodia...THEN...I started rambling about Pattaya, thinking I was on the Pattaya discussion board. Oh, well! I'm surprised it got posted.

Sorry again. Yes, I AM an idiot.

04-02-03, 06:29
LJ - it was my post. i got the info from a travel agent on seconr road and about 13/5 I sort of remember. they pick up at hotels at 730 or so and hit the road to TRAT and then on to the border if there are pax. dont ask me how oyu get back, though trat 400, border 700 but on from there i have NO IDEA.

nothing quite like having girl short time and then go to sleep beside you because on being to tired to care. so pay short time but with the US $20, worked out to pretty good tip

anti american? not in Pattaya (but there aren't so many that you'd notice. obviously the Navy isnt in town and probably wont get shore leave until june or july)

04-02-03, 13:40
Ljohnson :
250 for barfine at a gogo bar like Carroussel ? 1000 for LT with a gogo bar girls ?
Strange... strange...

04-02-03, 19:48
Erik -

Please define "strange." Did I overpay? The 250 bar fine (less than 6 USD) seemed very reasonable. The 1000 baht I gave to the girl (23.25 USD) was my choice. She had told me the price was "Up to you" and I had had a great time with her all evening and all night. Honestly, I felt I was being rather cheap, considering what I got for my money.

Maybe by "strange" you mean the price was low. (?)

04-04-03, 02:41
Erik -

Once again, I am feeling foolish. First of all, we are talking about Paataya and this is supposed to be about Phnom Penh, right? But, I started this and you responded, so I will clarify.

Re Carousel: I may have misspoken. The bar where I paid 250 bar fine and 1,000 for all night was NOT a go-go club. It was an outdoor beer bar. At the time I did not know the name of the bar. Later, I looked on the map and it said "Carousel" right where the bar was located. But the beer bar is on the ground level. I think that Carousel (the go-go) is upstairs (I didn't go up there.) So, I was probably wrong when I called the beer bar "Carousel." Sorry. It was the beer bar that revolves, near the entrance to the Diamond Beach Hotel (across from the entrance to Vixen go-go.)

I'm slow, but I am learning.

04-04-03, 05:56
LJ - BF in beer bar is usually 200 (that's why the surprise at the extra 50, and you're right we need to take this over to pattaya forum) and you're no idiot, just like the rest of us we forget where we are posting sometimmmes. as long as it isn't rampant, i don't think jackson or the others care BUT DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!! <grin>

Cambodia Pro
04-09-03, 04:16

Peasants, Just boned a few cuties in Phon Phen for $15 a night.
Always so delicious desert. NO SARS in Cambodia.

04-09-03, 08:44
What a boring and meaningless post, like way too many here or is this just the Pattaya lonely hearts forum. And the dude wants us to belive he's a "Cambodia Pro" when he can't even spell the name of the captial or provide any useful, detailed new info.

04-18-03, 07:46
18 April 03

A situation report on Phnom Penh/ Cambodia:

A major crackdown on Phnom Penh brothels within the last 3 month, further police raids expected in April and May due to the upcoming elections (end July). Lots of foreigners were arrested within the last 8 month (at least 53 persons) - 2 of them were sentenced to 10 and 20 years imprisonment!

Can anybody else provide independent confirmation of these "reports" from bavaria3138? My concern is that I've witnessed a number of "scare campaigns" perpetrated on this and other sex travel websites, theoretically orchestrated by NGO's and other interested persons, who are apparently are frustrated in their traditional attempts to stop Cambodia's sex industry.

Bavaria3138's reports may indeed be independent and accurate, but confirmation via independent media reports would bolster (or refute) the validity of these proclamations. Until then, I'd take all these "reports" with a grain of salt.


04-18-03, 07:57
dear guys,

i am a german national living and working in cambodia for the last 12 month. this is a situation report - this means places to go, prices and travel warning. due to the upcoming elections on july 28 and the offer of 3 billion us $ by the americans to fight [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908) the cambodian prime minister hun sen (a former khmer rouge and mass killer and one of the richest persons on that planet) has decided to take the offered money and book it on his swiss account. he and his female deputy (minister of woman affairs) work together with so called ngos.

ngos are non government officials, this means persons (cambodians and foreigners) who are working for international organisations. this organisations by the way are in the meantime more dangerous and more corrupt than the cambodians themself. all orphanages (no exeption) are sexually abusing **** persons. everybody in that country knows that - but they pay too much money to mr. hun sen. so please do not donate any money to international organisations. (to be continued)

04-18-03, 08:14
info: in cambodia you reach adult status with 16!!!! warning 15 is not correct!!!! there is just confusion about the cambodian law.

regarding this, cambodians jave just too many laws - but finaly they found out that it is 16.
but actually this is not that important anyway because if they want to arrest you they will do it - even if the girl is 25 years old.
the girls are normaly illiterate and in cambodia you sign statements by fingerprint. so, the girls would not know what they are signing (the police statement says that she is 14 years and that you raped her. afterwards the girl is forced to put her finger print on it).

by the way- at the moment you have a fair chance that this happens to you - and only a lot of money will bring you out of prison and save your live. if you get arrested police will ask you for $ 1000 - $1500. important -under no circumstances make problems or refuse to pay. pay and go - as quickly as possible. if you do not pay or if they have order not to accept your money (political reasons, international meetings or they just need a story in the news) you are in deep shit and only $ 7.000 to $12.000 will solve the problem (they dont have any problem to let you die in prison - this includes your embassy esp. if you are american, british or australian).

there is actually just one attorney in that country who can help you. his name is "dy borima" - you better remember that name before you come to that bastard country. all other attorneys just extort your money and do not have the proper connections (to be continued)

can anybody else provide independent confirmation of these "reports" from bavaria3138? my concern is that i've witnessed a number of "scare campaigns" perpetrated on this and other sex travel websites, theoretically orchestrated by ngo's and other interested persons, who are apparently are frustrated in their traditional attempts to stop cambodia's sex industry.

bavaria3138's reports may indeed be independent and accurate, but confirmation via independent media reports would bolster (or refute) the validity of these proclamations. until then, i'd take all these "reports" with a grain of salt.


04-18-03, 08:35
For the above mentioned price the "working procedure" is about 3 - 4 month (during that time they hold you in prison). If you want to come out immediately the price is $ 20.000 to $ 25.000 (time is money - the longer you stay in prison, the cheaper it gets). So you see, its a real bastard country and please do not believe that guys who say "hurray, hurray - Cambodia is the best ". This are just dick controled idiots not knowing in what kind of danger they are !!!!

So here the places and prices:

Svay Pak: it is still operating. It had at least 3 major crackdowns within the last 2 month. Still plenty of girls (Vietnamese). In the back they keep the yonger girls ( 8 - 14 years). Price: $ 10 -20 all night, Younger girls 30 - 40 all night. Its 11 km north of the city. If you go there at night (I really do not suggest that) please take a taxi for security reasons $ 5 hour. Do not trust anybody at Svay Pak - this includes foreigner. Many NGOs with high tech equipment (mini cameras) who try to get some form of statement from you, e.g. that you like young girls. NGOs bribe vietnamese pimps for information on foreigners. Somehow there is always an eye on you. So very risky. Better to wait for a couple of month (after the elections) - maybe situation is getting better.

Tuol Kork: Vietnamese girls, cheap $ 10 all night. Behind the french embassy. Yes, the street is paved in the meantime but there are not many brothels left. And many of the brothels run just 2 opr 3 girls. TK is a place where drunk cambodians shot each other. Every week 3 or 4 dead. Foreigners are not welcome. The Vietnamese pimps are too affraid. Lots of police.

Can anybody else provide independent confirmation of there "reports" from bavaria3138? My concern is that I've witnessed a number of "scare campaigns" perpetrated on this and other sex travel websites, theoretically orchestrated by NGO's and other interested persons, who are apparently are frustrated in their traditional attempts to stop Cambodia's sex industry.

Bavaria3138's reports may indeed be independent and accurate, but confirmation via independent media reports would bolster (or refute) the validity of these proclamations. Until then, I'd take all these "report" with a grain of salt.


04-18-03, 08:39
Jackson - you are an idiot. Please read the rest of the story before you make your judgement. I love sex but there is no reason to die for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend is since more than 8 month in a Phnom Penh prison. He is 70 years old and almost dead!!!!!!!

Be careful dude. I don't exercise a heavy hand in censoring the forum's contributions, but insulting the webmaster is a violation of the forum's SPAM policies, and besides, I don't deserve it.


04-18-03, 08:59
Street 268/Samdach preah Sihanouk - right behind the Victory monument: Cambodian girls with their pimps. Sge 15 - 25. Price $ 10. They start working around 8 pm to 1 am. Beware of pickpockets.

Sisovath Quay near Street 246: 1 am - 3 am. Cambodian 30 - 40 girls. $ 10

Samdach Sothearos (enter from Samdach pra Sihanouk, 100 meters on the left, big almost destroyed building) plenty of cambodian girls, all ages, young girls available, virgins available ($500 - 600 for 2 weeks). Price $ 20, $ 30 for younger girls.
I heard that police intend to close that place within the next month.

Street 63 right behind Central Market: Many cambodian girls. Age 18 - 25. They work on the street. 200 meters down the street another 5 brothels. They run between 2 and 10 girls. Sometimes young girls. Virgins can be orderd. Avoid "Lay Lay", very dangerous (police is a"shareholder")

Street 336 (Lucky Star): this was the bigest place in Phnom Penh 1 year ago (200 girls or even more). In the meantime 5 - 6 brothels left (about 20 girls). Cambodians. $ 20

Martini Pub: mostly Vietnamese girls - freelancers. Hard selling pure bitches. $ 20 all night. Because of the light conditions in that pub you should have a very close look to the girls before you take them - otherwise you wake up with a pure ugly devil.

Sharky pub: Same as Martini - lots of Foreigners

There are much better and saver places in that Country than Phnom Penh. In general at the moment you have to avoid Phnom Penh, Siem Riep and Sihanoukville.
If you go to other places, e.g. Koh Kong you will not have any problems. Police will not touch your ass and all kind of girls are available!!!!!!! Its easy - dont be an idiot and go there where everybody is going.

Sincerly/ Tom

04-18-03, 09:32
Jackson, you are wrong!!!! I am not an NGO and Im are pure atheist. I just want to inform these guys what is going on in Cambodia at the moment. Not everything in the world is fun, fun.

This is the real situation at the moment. Many foreigners are leaving the country at the moment due to that circumstances. In this country everything was possible but it has changed and it became even dangerous.

Everybody hopes that the situation is getting better after the elections. This are real dangerous corrupt motherfuckers here. This country had two elections in the past. During every of these elections (during and after) they had major killings on political "enemies" and street fights. Everybody is expecting the same during this elections.

Western countries put a lot of money in that country at the moment especially regarding [CodeWord908] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord908). The australians even installed a secret service in Phnom Penh last month.
Jackson, dont you read the paper. Or are you living on the moon ???? At the moment it is just to dangerous to have a fuck in Cambodia !!!!!

Vietnam is a much better and saver place at the moment. And once the situation in Cambodia has changed, all the foreigners will return. I am leaving Cambodia latest end of June - and for sure in the meantime I stay away from girls. I came here in order to have fun and not in order to commit suicide in a Phnom penh prison.



I'm going to tell you this just one more time: Don't insult me on my own website.

I appreciate your perspective, all I'm asking for is one link to one independent media story corroborating your assertions.


Matt Navan Man
04-18-03, 23:45

I believe you are right to be sceptical about Bavaria's posts.
I have recently returned from Cambodia and whilst it is by no means an issue free country (where is???), much of what Bavaria is in my opinion untrue. There appears to me to be very little change in Phnom Penh over the past few years with the exception of some better roads and some new buildings...


Cebu Local
04-19-03, 06:13

This is not my normal turf, but I was surfing through and noticed the exchange about the safety of Cambodia. As the regulars on the Philippine and Thailand boards know, I have been in the travel industry for over 15 years.

Since I was was last in Cambodia for the Asean Travel fair last January, I sent a curious email to Ambassador Sek, who is the Cambodian Ambassador to the Philippines, as a personal friend He basically confirmed that while there was a major crackdown and they did throw some foriegners in jail as an example to show CNN, UN etc they were doing something about the child prostitution problem. Nevertheless, there was still business as usuall, just stay away from the very young girls.

Jackson and Bavaria are both right. It is dangerous to fool around with the young girls, but not as dangerous as Bavaria would have us think, and while you can still play in Cambodia, exercise caution, and it is dangerous to play around with the younger girls.

I am doing this simply to present a travel professionals perspective on the matter, regards to all.

Cebu Local
04-19-03, 06:37

Regarding whether Bavaria was inventing the stuff, I looked up child prostitution Cambodia under Google and yup, there are valid stories in independent news media. Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports a Aussie jailed for sex with a 9 year old, a couple of 10 -12 year olds, a couple of other nationalities like Viets jailed for child trafficing, but no stories of anybody being jailed for sex with 18+ year old girls. Bavaria what gives?

I also checked the web page of some NGO s, nobody being jailed for sex with with legal age 18+ girls. So dont put everybody into a panic.

Cambodia Pro
04-19-03, 09:11
Originally posted by cebu local
I also checked the web page of some NGO s, nobody being jailed for sex with with legal age 18+ girls. So dont put everybody into a panic.
Some facts,
Legal age in Cambodia is 15. Do your research at


Bavaria is indeed an NGO.
Elections in July do have an impact on politicians, everything back to normal after elections.

" The situation of humanity is too diverse to fit under just one set of rules and values, the rich diversity of different cultures negates a dominant culture ruling over all mankind".

04-19-03, 12:07

Most seasoned travelers are not the sheep "dog bark I run" type
that this Bavarian guy seems to be appealing to. 21 looks 18 anyway so stick to the limits of your own country and "bark" back just as loud if a fucking NGO or even the police try to start crap with you. As was indicated by Jackson, Bavaria guy isn't the only person from outside Cambodia living there right now. To warn people about possible shakedowns under the sanction of religious organisations like "International Justice Mission" might be a better way of saying "be careful".

Right now that activity is based in Km11. As said before by others, there is no corroboration of anything in Phnom Penh to support his fears or allegations . Also, Of the more than 14 people murdered before the last election all were involved in the election itself. The same as Mafia and Jakuza killings that struggle for power.

He seems to be spewing out the fine points of a long conversation he had with a few drunk friends in a bar somewhere. Bavaria guy, himself, is a person who probably should not travel to places like Cambodia. Everywhere you go from Cuba to the Ukraine is going to have something to keep you
on your toes. Cambodia is no more or less different.

04-19-03, 12:58
sorry jackson,

was not my intention to offend you - thanx for puting my story on your page !

if interested check the following names on any major search engine:

-clint betterridge
-derek baston
-bart lucky lauwaert
-thomas jansai

lauwaert got sentenced to 20 years in siem reap
betterridge were sentenced to 10 years but escaped
baston was found not guilty after 8 month prison
jansai is still in prison, 6 month without trial

please check the news. there are many other cases.
i know about this cases because attorney dy borima is a kind of friend and he told me what is going on.

please read behind the stories - most of them are no ****s or at least there is no proof. at the moment the cambodians want to show the world that they are doing something. and they do it their own way. 20 year old girls become out of nothing suddenly 14 years old !!!!!! its all about money.

i just wanted to tell you guys that situations changed within the last few months and that is not bad to be carefull and to keep the eyes open. i force nobody to accept that.


04-19-03, 13:01
The age of consent in Cambodia is 16. Information provided by german embassy. If anybody wishes I am willing to provide the official documents.


04-19-03, 13:19
to Cambodia pro:

Cambodia pro! please use your common senses. NGOs who are actually all involved in child abusing will not tell you that foreigners who have sex with an adult person got arrested because they and the police forged all statements in order to get some money and / or a story in the news.


04-19-03, 20:13
Originally posted by bavaria3138
The age of consent in Cambodia is 16. Information provided by german embassy. If anybody wishes I am willing to provide the official documents.

Tom Not a usual poster to this group, but figured I'd chime in...

Bavaria, Cambodia Pro gave an actual link to a site that, while I would question it's purpose, comes off as having done the research. You claim to have documents and are willing to provide them, but that's an obvious ploy because how would you do so? No one's going to give you a physical address to mail them to just in case you are some fucking NGO who would then start personal harrasment tactics.

Also, you list a couple names of people who have been arrested, but then say we have to read between the lines in order to see your 'proof.' I don't think this is not what Jackson was asking for.

04-19-03, 22:41
bavaria guy, whatever medication it is that you took will eventually wear off. a little caution can never hurt but a lot of paranoia will destroy you.

names you posted:

#1) thomas jansai arrested for taking pics of a girl while trying to use about 20 different dildos in her vagina and ass. a complaint was filed by a relative of the girl she called for advice on what to do. producing pornography is a crime in cambodia but if you think it's ok to abuse a girl for $20.00 so that you can sell the pics for a lot more, then yes this was an unfair arrest.

#2 & #3) clint betterridge and bart lucky lauwaert arrested in siem reap last year. one of pair of sex crime suspects allowed bail

by saing soentherith and david kihara

the appeals court on wednesday overturned a prior decision of the siem reap court and released on bail an accused australian sex offender while upholding the provincial court¡¯s decision to hold another alleged australian sex offender until trail.

appeals court judges thou mony, um sarith and noun im decided to release clint rex betterridge because they said they the court had not yet gathered enough evidence against him and his alleged crime is not so severe, overruling a siem reap court decision on dec 4 to deny him bail.

betterridge does not pose a flight risk because the courts have confirep001ed his passport, said his attorney dy borma on wednesday, adding that the court had ordered him to stay in cambodia.

at the same time, the court decided to keep accused sex offender bart ¡°lucky¡± lauwaert behind bars until his trial because the court has evidence that court show lauwaert was involved in a crime, thou mony said.

he added that betterridge has only been accused of physically molesting an **** girl while lauwert has been accused to having sexual intercourse with several **** girls. the men were arrested in siem reap town on aug 2 and aug 3 and charged with debauchery for allegedly having sexual relations with three girls aged 12 to 14.

lauwaert, who briefly shared a house with betterridge, has been accused by several girls of hiring them to work as maids and then coercing them into having sex. betterridge and lauwaert were not present during the appeals hearing on wednesday. no trial date has been set for either man.

siem reap court judge ang maltey said on wednesday that the courts had enough evidence to detain betterridge without bail but would comply with the appeal court¡¯s decision.

(cambodia daily , january 9, 2003)

same story continued:
cambodia sentences australian to 20 years' jail for paedophilia
wednesday, 29-jan-2003 6:10am pst story from afp
copyright 2003 by agence france-presse (via clarinet)


phnom penh, jan 29 (afp) - a cambodian court wednesday sentenced an australian man to 20 years in jail for paedophilia offences, the toughest sentence meted out here for the crime, an official said.


clarinews – all the views of all the news!


another australian man was given 10 years on the same charges. both were sentenced in absentia.

only two other westerners have been convicted on child-sex-related charges in the country, which has an unsavoury reputation as a haven for paedophiles.

in the latest cases, bart "lucky" lauwaert, 35, was sentenced to 20 years in jail and fined 18,000 us dollars, siem reap provincial prosecutor so vath said.

clint betteridge, 35, faced 10 years in jail and a 10,000-dollar fine.

"we have enough evidence to find them guilty. the evidence matched with the victims' complaints," so vath told afp.

the pair's lawyer said he would appeal.

cambodian authorities do not know where the men are. they were released from jail on bail last month.

in july last year italian alain filipo berruti, 30, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for paedophilia. briton john keeler was jailed for three years in 2000 for making a pornographic video of girls aged 10-11."

hey, rumor has it that the whole thing started as a dispute with a neighbor.. but it still does not explain away the girls..

#4)derek baston last july 2002

john aglionby, south-east asia correspondent
wednesday july 31, 2002
the guardian

a british tourist has been arrested near the cambodian capital phnom penh for allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl, police said yesterday.
derek baston, 69, from lichfield, staffordshire, was detained when officers raided a brothel in svay pak, a suburb of the city known as a prostitution centre, on sunday.

a police lieutenant colonel, pol phithey, said they found mr baston and the young girl together. she had allegedly been promised us$5 (£3.20) to perform oral sex on him.

the briton, who is reportedly on holiday in cambodia, is expected to be formally charged today with paedophilia, which in cambodia is defined as sex with someone under 15 years old. he faces up to 20 years imprisonment.

a british foreign office spokeswoman confirmed mr baston had been arrested and said the british embassy in phnom penh was liaising with the local authorities and helping mr baston contact relatives.

despite a few high profile campaigns to tackle the under-age sex trade little progress has been made in recent years. international aid agencies estimate there are 20,000 child prostitutes - of both sexes - working in cambodia.

many are virtual slaves, having been sold by their families to pimps, and so are open to abuse in a country with a notoriously corrupt police force and weak judiciary. these factors have combined to make cambodia attractive to foreign paedophiles as it is possible to buy one's freedom even after being arrested or charged.

however, a british schoolteacher, jon keeler, is serving a three year sentence after being caught filming young girls performing sexual acts in 2000

continued story:home > the world > story

get news by email print this article email this article

man not guilty of ****philia

a cambodian court has found a british man innocent of paedophilia charges filed against him after he was discovered last year with a naked 12-year-old girl, a court official said today.

"we did not have enough evidence to prove that he had sex with the girl and we found him not guilty," presiding judge hing thearith told afp of the decision yesterday.

briton derek baston, 69, was arrested last july in the brothel village of svay pak, some 11km north of phnom penh, but the judge said the arrest was made under suspicious circumstances.

"it was the plan of bad people who tried to frame him.

they pushed the girl into a room and then they took their photo," hing thearith said. [end quote]

hey, watch what you brag about when you sit at a table full of reporters. at that time the cafe area of k11 was crawling with journalist looking to make their readers happy with stories like this. just the same 1 guy out of the hundreds who went there in july 2002 just doesn't add up. many houses operated within the law. set-up or shakedown ? truth or bought judge ? it's still no conspiracy against westerners no matter how you look at it.

right now the cambodian government is rightfully so trying to discourage people interested in going to cambodia to have sex with ****d girls. these are the people who need to be "very afraid" when it comes to deciding where to spend a vacation. luckily even gays know they have no welcome mat in cambodia as well. about 50% of the ngos who are gay, either hide out or take frequent trips to thailand. i like the conservative image that cambodia is trying to promote. as one guy said on another board it's their country not ours .. and not the ngos ......

i personally would suggest you stay home if you wish to do something illegal or if you are just too scared to go to places like this.

Cebu Local
04-20-03, 01:13

i guess most people respect your right to your point of view, but likewise you should respect their right to make their own decisions. you said your piece about the dangers of cambodia, leave it at that. personally, i support an anti child prostitution ngo, but you dont hear me preaching do you, this board is based on the freedoom of opinion and speech, leave them be peace.

i'd also like to point out that as the moderator of this forum i have always had a strong position against child prostitution, child abuse, and in fact i prohibit any discussion regarding sex with any person under the age of 18.

nevertheless, the central focus of this recent discussion is: is bavaria providing accurate, objective, 1st hand information, or is he providing deliberate disinformation in furtherance of some other agenda.

the fact remains that this forum, and specifically the cambodia section, becomes the vehicle for exactly this sort of disinformation campaign at least a couple of times a year. bavaria's mo, while possibly genuine, is a textbook example of a typical campaign: he's a new member, he has only posted in the cambodia section, he has posted on only this subject, he vehemently denies any connection to an ngo or a specific agenda, his assertions don't jive with anybody else's knowledge of the scene in pp, and he repeatedly refuses to provide any links to any independent sources that can corroborate his information. his most recent claim that he is not ngo because:

ngos who are actually all involved in child abusing will not tell you that foreigners who have sex with an adult person got arrested because they and the police forged all statements in order to get some money and / or a story in the news.doesn't help his case, because a disinformant would want to foster the perception that having sex with any women regardless of age is dangerous, that the police are corrupt and will arrest anyone, and that the police will fabricate evidence in pursuit of large bribes, because these are all "facts" that would discourage sex tourist activity.

anyway, i'm not trying to win this debate, i'm just waiting for the facts.


04-20-03, 07:10
After hearing and reading about the scene in Cambodia, especially Phnom Penh I'm planning on heading out there this summer.

I did some searches on airfare and it seems like it's cheapest to fly into Bangkok and then catch a flight to Phnom Penh? This would cost $932 total. Is that how most of you that fly down there do it? There is a direct flight from LAX to PNH for $1016 but it takes 31 hrs as opposed to 20 hrs LAX-BKK-PNH. Plus that extra $84 dollars will go a long ways toward mongering it sounds like.

I'm kind of worried about leaving my stuff in my room when I go out though. Is it generally pretty safe leaving stuff in your room? Do they have lock boxes or safes in the rooms? Or is that only in the more expensive hotels? I will probably be staying in the $10-15 night places. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Does anybody bother registering with the Embassy when they go down there?



04-20-03, 07:13
Also, I know this is a little OT, but has anybody been to that shooting range where you can shoot AK-47's and throw grenades? That sounds like fun... I think I might check that out. Anybody have current prices on those activities?

04-20-03, 16:56
napalm - check this forum for prices - 3/14 Marco Pole posted prices for the shooting range. (Roughly $1 per round but less for the Kalashnakov) Myself, I'd prefer to find an M-79, though

04-22-03, 08:30
Herewith I submit the following address:

Hotel L'Imprevu located at Route 1, 6 km over the Monivong Bridge.
It has a swimming pool and little Bungalows !

This place is full with NGOs and their "adopted" children (age between 6 and 10) and the Vietnamese or Cambodian mothers.

If you have time, watch them, watch these bastards and see when they disappear with "their" children in the Bungalows. Mothers are waiting outside for the return of the children.


Anal Kiss
04-22-03, 20:48
Fuck the NGO, fuck the Cambodia....

There are plenty of place where safe for sex without stupid hassle by those idiots~~

Other plenty of countries have similar price for sex with girl.

The bloody whole country's economy will collapse then the government realize what they have done.

Let's not go to Cambo for while... Anyway SARS virus spead all over to south-east Asia include Cambo~~~

04-23-03, 01:08
Ken Your flight from LA to Bkk seems expensive, should be much less. Check further. Check Thai Air vacation holidays in LA. Combined with 2 night hotel an airport transfers an half day BKK tour you should be able to do 700.
Try other non usa carriers .
I feel i should know but cant remember...help someone..NGO stands for what?
Where is Monivong bridge?
Is Bavaria in Cambo or picking things up elsewhere an tagging them as fact? Sounds like the latter to me. Just my opinion.

04-23-03, 05:28
[QUOTE]Originally posted by monger22
[i]Ken Your flight from LA to Bkk seems expensive, should be much less. Check further. Check Thai Air vacation holidays in LA. Combined with 2 night hotel an airport transfers an half day BKK tour you should be able to do 700.
Try other non usa carriers .
I feel i should know but cant remember...help someone..NGO stands for what?

Yeah I think your right. I just read something on the LA board saying $498 RT to BKK. I'll check out Thai Air too. No sense paying more than I have too!

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization.

dinghy - yeah a bloop gun would be fun too. I used to be a 203 gunner but I've never shot an M-79. I also want to try out a B-40 rocket launcher, if you can still rent those.

Cambodia Pro
04-23-03, 07:12
Originally posted by napalm
[QUOTE]Originally posted by monger22
[i]Ken Your flight from LA to Bkk seems expensive, should be much less. .

Try any of the taiwanese Airlines.

Eva air is $700 direct flight to PP. No need to pay departure tax from Thailand.

"Cambodia, heaven on earth"

04-23-03, 12:06
innocent jailed in cambodia

at this time it's more easy then ever to spend the rest of your life in jail after your cambo holidays.
i think you will not survival 20 years in cambodian jail.

if you're in pp don't go to svay pak (k11), it''s closed but a few girls are left more as a lure to catch you.

most of the girls are about 20 years and not ****.
the problem with svay pak was that the girls are all illegal aliens from vietnam without passport visa & id card.

so the police raids everything where the vn girls work for an easy bribe money.

but now if them catched you with a vn girl the age from the girl went from 20+ to 14 years, no way to check the real age.

the vn girls looks about 5 year or more younger than they really are,
compared to western girls.
some of the girls even don't know their real birthday.

only a very few girls have an id card and all crossed the border illegal from vietnam to cambo.
as nice and beautiful the vn girls are, you are always at risk with them.

to found a vn girl with an real id card could need all the time off you holidays.

better you look elsewhere for some fun at this time.

cheers gipsy


man not guilty of ****philia


a cambodian court has found a british man innocent of paedophilia charges filed against him after he was discovered last year with a naked 12-year-old girl, a court official said today.

"we did not have enough evidence to prove that he had sex with the girl and we found him not guilty," presiding judge hing thearith told afp of the decision yesterday.

briton derek baston, 69, was arrested last july in the brothel village of svay pak, some 11km north of phnom penh, but the judge said the arrest was made under suspicious circumstances.

"it was the plan of bad people who tried to frame him.

they pushed the girl into a room and then they took their photo," hing thearith said.

he said that according to
court testimony, baston had asked the girl to get out of the room when she was pushed in, but she refused.

"it is clear that he is not guilty."

baston told the english- language cambodia daily newspaper that he was pleased with the verdict and would not leave the country.

"i am happy with the decision," he told the daily. "cambodia is my home."

cambodia is widely recognised as a haven for paedophiles, who take advantage of the country's loose policing and corrupt courts to escape prosecution.

last year, a world vision and cambodian government survey of children exposed to paedophilia estimated that westerners accounted for about 38 per cent of all child sex offenders operating here.

asians accounted for 52 per cent, and the nationalities of the remaining 10 percent were unknown.

authorities, though, appear to have stepped up the arrests of suspected foreign sex criminals and several are now serving prison terms.

a 20-year prison sentence handed down to an australian man in january is the toughest punishment meted out so far for paedophilia in cambodia.

04-24-03, 04:08
eva air from LA to PP? What did u find out about $498 RT Ken?

The Lizard
04-25-03, 10:26

Ok. I know, critical stories are not very welcome on that site - but what can I do - I got one.

Just back from Cambodia - earlier than expected- but I got arrested.
Try to make it short:Was my first time in Cambodia. Went to Svay Pak and got a girl. I'd say she was about 20 to 22 or so - Vietnamese, not too beautiful, rather bitchy but there was not too much choice. Brought the girl to the hotel near riverside. 5 o'clock afternoon somebody knocked at my door. 4 or 5 policeman came in and checked my room. Afterwards they arrested me and the girl. After I waited two hours at police, a high ranking police officer told me that they found out that the girl was 14 and that they will charge me with "debauchery" (whatever that means).

I wanted to talk to girl again but they said that she is gone and that they will send her back to Vietnam. Afterwards they brought me in to one of their cages. 2 o'clock in the mornig above mentioned police officer visited me and told me that he could open the door for me if I would pay him $ 1500. I paid. He did not like to return my passport. So I paid again $ 200. For my lagguage he wanted to have another $ 500 but I did not have the money.

Next day I took the first flight down to Singapore - without my lagguage.

I am quite happy that nothing worse happend.

Facit: this country will never see me again. In my entire live I have never seen a country which treats tourists like that. You better believe what some persons on this site try to tell you.

The Lizard
04-25-03, 10:32
By the way Monger, Napalm and Cambodia Pro: why don't you contact simply a travel agent. And if you want to shoot, what the hell go to Irak.

Mighty Spearsman
04-25-03, 16:28
Originally posted by monger22
eva air from LA to PP? What did u find out about $498 RT Ken? Hey monger22, Hello! You already know me from the CT board of WSG. Check out a series of 4 posts that I made here between March 29 and April 3, 2002, now located in the Archives, where I discuss a reasonably-priced in-call alternative to K11 and the other low-priced places in PP.

04-26-03, 14:31
Ichecked it out. i was at Golden. Was package from Ct? You got bashed for ur post. Not unusual here>

04-26-03, 17:23
Originally posted by monger22
eva air from LA to PP? What did u find out about $498 RT Ken?

Originally posted by Dick Johnson
$498 RT

Somebody mentioned that this is Steward Travel, although I haven't called them myself to check.

I might wait a little while though and see how this SARS thing goes.

04-26-03, 17:51
Originally posted by The Lizard

<snip make believe story about being arrested in Cambodia>

I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but hey lizard how about you pull your head out of your four pointed contact and get a fucking clue. Your little story sounds more like someone who is against prostitution trying to discourage people from traveling to Cambodia. Maybe you should change your screen name to Captain Save A Hoe.

As for going to Irak to shoot weapons, where the hell is Irak? I've never heard of that country. If you mean Iraq, you illiterate bastard, I was there in 91 and yeah I would love to be there now. Saw a news story the other day- AK-47's selling for $10 in Baghdad. Briefcase HKMP5K's, gold plated AK's, RPG's galore... however I just don't think the local provider scene would be quite as good as in Cambodia.

04-26-03, 20:02
Hi Napalm

So you know the p4p scene in Iraq, What's going on? Are there also VN girls or only Iraqi working girls? Price for the girls similar to Cambo or higher?

Could Iraq be an alternate to Cambo for safety reasons?

BTW does anybody know if there are any Vietnam girls working anywhere in Thailand?

04-26-03, 20:56
Warning to readers of the Cambodian Forum.

Alarmist posts by Gipsy and the Lizard are spreading a mix of outright lies and unverified / uncheckable stories that contradict all reports by regular punters.

Isn't it quite coincidental that the Lizard was born just when Bavaria, who has been recognized by some to be a lying, good looking but hysterical shemale from Munich, was kicked out from both km11.com and this forum? Probably the same Queen, whose agenda seems indeed to feed as much crap as possible about PP and Cambo in general.

Gypsy has been known to post some good info, but unfortunately his common sense seems to be commensurate with his mastership of English grammar and spelling. Besides he's quite sensitive to tabloid journalism, to the point of wetting his pants everytime there's the mention of a raid anywhere in SE Asia. He never travel without a rucksack full of sanitary pads, I was told.

Use a minimum of caution and common sense, avoid SP for the time being as there's not much going on there anyway, but by all means go and have a good time in Cambodia. Still punter's paradise, despite NGO interference, trying to justify their fat paychecks.

04-26-03, 23:53
Lizard go back in the ground where you came from.
Steward travel is where? We dont have good SE Asia travel agents or packages where i live. Always calling NYC or LA agents.
I see the 413 phone number.

04-27-03, 00:03
Originally posted by monger22
Lizard go back in the ground where you came from.
Steward travel is where? We dont have good SE Asia travel agents or packages where i live. Always calling NYC or LA agents.
I see the 413 phone number.

They're in LA but you can check them out online at http://www.stewardtravel.com/

04-27-03, 07:33
Hey Logos,

You don't know anything but post your crap aroud the net.
Sure that was an awful accident that you found km11.com


""I found out about this forum a bit by accident at the end of last year, when my twisted mind and a familiar stirring in my loins made me google the terms 'km 11' or 'sex in pp' or something disgustingly similar, as I hadn't been in Asia for a fair while....""

But even an idiot like you can found km11.com in a Google search.

There are 54 messages for you at km11.com but nothing than crap.
And what you want here? Starting an spelling contest???

Maybe that's not the right place for that.

The Lizard
04-27-03, 07:55
Originally posted by Gipsy
Hi Napalm

So you know the p4p scene in Iraq, What's going on? Are there also VN girls or only Iraqi working girls? Price for the girls similar to Cambo or higher?

Could Iraq be an alternate to Cambo for safety reasons?

BTW does anybody know if there are any Vietnam girls working anywhere in Thailand?
Gypsy, thank you and Servus

I read your stories and I must say you are the only person with brain on that site.

The Lizard
04-27-03, 08:08
Originally posted by Logos
Warning to readers of the Cambodian Forum.

Alarmist posts by Gipsy and the Lizard are spreading a mix of outright lies and unverified / uncheckable stories that contradict all reports by regular punters.

Isn't it quite coincidental that the Lizard was born just when Bavaria, who has been recognized by some to be a lying, good looking but hysterical shemale from Munich, was kicked out from both km11.com and this forum? Probably the same Queen, whose agenda seems indeed to feed as much crap as possible about PP and Cambo in general.

Gypsy has been known to post some good info, but unfortunately his common sense seems to be commensurate with his mastership of English grammar and spelling. Besides he's quite sensitive to tabloid journalism, to the point of wetting his pants everytime there's the mention of a raid anywhere in SE Asia. He never travel without a rucksack full of sanitary pads, I was told.

Use a minimum of caution and common sense, avoid SP for the time being as there's not much going on there anyway, but by all means go and have a good time in Cambodia. Still punter's paradise, despite NGO interference, trying to justify their fat paychecks. Unverified and uncheckable stories? I am very sorry Logos, that I forgot to ask for a receipt. Next time ok? Just for you.

04-28-03, 00:41

it is always a pleasure exchanging a few words with you.

i just felt your words of wisdom deserved a larger audience. so i took the liberty of commenting on your psyche as revealed by your posts on km11.com, as you're not (yet) as famous here as over there. your readings bring interesting new twists to guano and rep001ology studies.

call it my contribution to a crusade initiated by some reliable hobbyists, which could be summed up by the words "stop the bullshit"

i'm afraid i will not reply to anything else you might want to post, since you have proven over and over that arguing with you is a complete waste of time.

take care, and don't forget your sanitary pads to share with your new pal "the lizard", probably bavaria's new avatar.

04-28-03, 02:01
This juvenile banter serves no purpose. Lets get back to real information an the reason this forum is here. If someone is in PP now , report the facts please.

Cambodia Pro
04-29-03, 04:43
Originally posted by monger22
This juvenile banter serves no purpose. Lets get back to real information an the reason this forum is here. If someone is in PP now , report the facts please.

Monger, I am stuck in Europe trying to close a multimillion dollar investment deal with a company. I have many friends in Cambodia, and I talked to the them on the phone recently. Everything is normal (unless you are running for office). Elections always bring up some cleans and sweeps, but nothing major. K11 open for business after 7:00pm I am told by reliable sources. All the other good spots are also open for business(63, Tuol kork, Konh Konh, and many others, too many to list). You should be more concerned about SARS than of the friendly powers in Cambo. There have been no SAR cases in Cambodia. just avoid connecting flights through Hong Kong, or anywhere in China. Use Taiwan instead.

Got to go , my sweet blonde lady FUK just rang my hotel room.


04-29-03, 16:04
Thanks Pro...hope you closed the deal an FUK didnt distract you to much. I would avoid Hong Kong or Singapore an use another entry point. Ill be doing a 5 day side trip.

The Pieman
05-07-03, 06:42
Wow its interesting to hear from fellow mongers whats going on in Cambodia.

I was planning a trip to either Phom Phen or Siem Reap but the posts are giving me the jitters.

At the moment in Bangkok and was looking for a change but now I am thinking Chang Mai would seem a lot less hassle.

Better The Devil you know blah blah...

Tell me old hands what I would not get here in LOS.