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01-01-02, 02:00
Thread Starter.

02-02-04, 22:41
Thanks Jackson for opening this thread.

Fetish, well I'm originally from Kuching too and have known the industry there for well over a decade(as far back as the Flower City/Ang Cheng Ho days). If you think the police would raid these places, wouldn't Sakura and the Blue Sky Bar be the first places? C'mon, most people know that the cops are corrupt there. If they were serious about cleaning up the "scene" in Kuching, all they'd have to do is ask a few questions around town. As you know Kuching is a small place, where everyone knows each other. That's why I don't see why you can't post the details. Think about it, we are providing loads of information for KL people, do you see the cops conduct raids based on reports in this forum?

Anyway, if that's how you want to post reports, you do it your way. I won't bother with it from now on.

BTW, I can speak Hakka, Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, Teochew, Iban, Malay, Latin and English. :p

02-03-04, 03:22
OK, let's do something more constructive here. What I'm trying to do is a Kuching sex guide for the benefits of the cheongster. If anyone else has anything to add, please feel free to do so as I do not claim that I know Kuching inside out.

There are basically 3 ways to get laid in Kuching that Iím aware of. Iíll rank them by $$ for cheap to expansive.

The first one, I call the evergreen. Regardless of what happens, they will always be there.


1. Blue sky opposite Seberkas. They after dark will around 10 PM. Itís sort of like a bar where you can go there and order a drink. If you go there, my advice is get a lighter as itís so dark that you can hardly see anything. The girls there are mostly 2~4. The price range is around 30~40 per cum. You can walk in and the OKT with greet you if heís not too busy. Take your pick and goes to the rooms upstairs to finish your transaction.

2. New Sakura located at Sekama. Itís on the same side of the street and near to Salvation Army. It basically has the same set up with Blue Sky except that I think it is a bit cleaner and you can order some snack. Price wise itís about the same the Blue Sky.

3. Marina somewhere at the back on Ginza. Again, about the same set up but around RM10 more than the other 2. They seem to have better quality girls. Bring your own condom as they charge for it.

4. Canít remember the name but itís a motel located on the second floor next to a coffee shop in Batu Kawa. Itís a small place so you canít miss it. The only operate at Lunch time so go there for some relaxation after lunch. Same quality of girls as Sakura and about the same price.


1. The primary location is at Ang Cheng Ho. Typically, they do not have individual room but just a curtain partition. The girls ranges from 2~6 and if you negotiate, most will provide HJ for RM 20~50 tips. Massage is around RM 50 per hour. There quite a number in Kuching so I do not want to post all the name here. Just drive around and if you see Foot Reflexology, go in. The exception is the one on top of Macdonald, they are pure massage.


1. Ginza located in Sekama. Just drive towards Ang Cheng Ho direction and itís on your left hand side, canít miss it. They have individual rooms. The massage is RM 60~80 per hour. Depending on your luck, there are 2~6 there. There are rumors that some girl will do package for RM 150. It depends on your luck and negotiation skill.

I have to go now, Iíll continue later.

Hairy Timun
02-04-04, 04:07
Just wanted to find out if can get PRC in Kuching. What'll be the damage?

I'm originally from Kuching but has not been back for 10+ years.

Heard of Blue Sky and all that, but am looking for nicer joint.

02-04-04, 04:14

Letís cut the crap talk and post something more constructive here. If you guys really need a screw but does not know where to go, PM me. I went for another hunting expedition and I am obliged to report it on my favorite forum.

Decided to treat my didi a bit so I call the OKT. Asked me to go the hotel room, I didnít like the girl so I call him back, he gave me another room number and hereís the report.

Date of Hunting: 1 Feb 2004, 7:15 PM
Place: Kuching Park
Race: Chinese from west malaysia
Name: Ivy (or was it Irene?)
Look: 6/10
Body: 6/10
Bood: 6/10
BBBJ: 7/10
FJ: 8/10
Attitude: 8/10
GFE: 6/10
Overall 6.5/10

She told me sheís going home for soon, so probably sheíll be gone when this post is in.

02-04-04, 04:16

The last time I was there was a fews years ago, they do not provide any extras. I am not sure about now but I doubt it.

Plugger, Sainter,

Anything to add?

02-04-04, 06:36

I'm working in KL at the moment. Sainter is busy with work in the UK and Australia.

Both of us probably get down to Kuching only twice a year these days. So I guess you can say that we're not quite up to date on things as you.

Go ahead and post. :)

We'll do the same once we get back there.

02-04-04, 06:44

Thanks for the reply. I was tempted to try it out when I was in Kuching last Dec but their working hours finishes around 8pm hence never got a chance to test the water.

How about the Miri scene - anything that you know about?



Viper Z
02-04-04, 08:39
To Fetish,

How much did the OKT charge you? RM 180?

I think we should all make up and go minum together instead of bickering here. You Kuching ppl game?

Viper Z

Hairy Timun
02-04-04, 13:32
To Fetish:

Anyway, I can contact the OKT?

On another point, being going back through the old postings. What happened to Cerealkiller? If I'n not mistaken, he's posted a bit on Kuching scene.

02-06-04, 02:36

Sorry, I forgot to post the damage. It's Rm 180.00.


PM me for the number.


Ya let's do it. Let me know when you are free and I'll PM my H/P to you.

Viper Z
02-06-04, 08:59
To Hairy TImun,

Cereal Killer is still around but he has retired from posting. Nowadays our friend just lay back and enjoy the Philipino and indonesians girls.


Viper Z

02-06-04, 13:34
For all you cheapskates out there, get over to the Electra House and India St. Old hags for as low as RM5 - RM10. Just right for you Viper. :D

Viper Z
02-07-04, 02:14

Don't ler say like that. I am not into old hags. :(
Just beautiful 'ciku's.
Anyway you interested to meet up and go for breakfast or tea?

Viper Z

02-07-04, 04:57
Viper, LOL. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be back in Malaysia for at least 6 months. I have to go to Europe in March, then stopover in Bangkok on the way back to Kuching. Busy team of the year for me.

02-07-04, 05:11
Looks like they have a new cure for Aids down there


02-07-04, 05:46
Well, Sarawak still has a lot of very uneducated people. Many of these people belong to the hill tribes that inhabit the jungle terrain. A lot of them still believe in tradional witchcraft as cures to all sorts of ailments. I once had a witchdoctor whip me up a special concoction to drive away ghosts that were haunting my house. But that's another story.

Skinless, how in the hell did you come across that article? You're like the net lurker...

02-07-04, 08:26
This is an interesting article but I am skeptical abut the accuracy of the report. I personally have not heard of such claim in Kuching but again I could be wrong.

As far as prostitute is concern, majority of them will insist condoms but some do provide BBBJ.

02-07-04, 14:46
Hi Fetish and Sainter,

Was just looking thru your reports. Nice info, thanx.

I mainly post in the Sabah areas, but have slowed down recently.

Was wondering about coming over to Kuching for a few days.

What is your recc. for a place to stay (4-5 star) and also accesible for the important things in life -mongering!!

Am currently in KL for the time being but have not had the oppurtunity to try out the places.

If you go to KK, just PM me.

Thanks a lot


p.s Viper Z, you are the MAN!

02-07-04, 17:39

Me stopping by Kuching in Apr for business. Any bros out there can provide advise on nightlife. Looking for a good night out - short time.


02-07-04, 19:08

Anyone else interested in a group outing? I might go out minum or cheong together, share tips, ideas and other valueble knowledge.

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02-08-04, 05:23

You can stay in Medaka Palace for around RM150++ or Holiday in for RM 170++. Holiday inn in particular is in the middle of town. I will PM the H/P number to you.

Let me know if you need any help.

02-08-04, 13:46
Davinci, Kuching is seriously depleted in the sex scene compared to KK. A lot of the girls are from West Malaysia or from Indonesia. There are few gorgeous girls and, if there were any of the 5 star rating, you'd have to pay around RM250. Sometimes Kuching gets it's fair share of Russian girls but, due to police crackdowns this is now very rare. My advice to you if you were to come to Kuching is, enjoy the scenery and the fantastic food. The only reason some of us monger in Kuching is, we're too far away from KL and, horny men need something from time to time. Eventhough it can be shit. I like to go to the cheap bars where you can get a cheap fuck for around RM 30 - 40. Usually the girls who work here are either Iban or Dayak.

There are three main 4- 5 star hotels in Kuching.
1) Hilton Hotel
2) Crown Plaza
3) Holiday Inn

Personally I prefer the Holiday Inn. Depending on seasons, you can get a room for between RM100 - 200. I have a membership at most of these hotels, so sometimes I get to stay for half price.

Finally, I wish I could go to KK again. I just love those Fillipino girls. :D

02-08-04, 13:59

Thanks man. Exactly the info that I needed.

I must agree that KK is great fun but then the grass is always greener on the other side.

Hope that i can catch up with you guys when i come down.

If you go down to kk, just give me a buzz.


Viper Z
02-09-04, 02:16

Actually here it depends more on OKT rather than the hotel itself. Girls ranges from RM 140 to RM 250. What type of girls are you looking for?
Locals (Sarawakians mainly cost RM 180 but FL sometimes charges 300!)

Viper Z

02-09-04, 14:38
Viper Z,

When in Rome, do as the Romans do -- Local chicks only please!

Personally prefer to take for overnight as the overall service is better I think.

Opinions please ...

02-10-04, 10:17
Davinci, In Kuching I'd never take one overnight. NEVER! Not worth the money, service sux and by 3 am her h/p will ring and she has to go. This goes for KL as well. Personally it all depends on what country you're in. If I was in Thailand, I'd take the girls overnight. In Australia where I am at the moment, I don't take them overnight because because, it's way too expensive. :(

Hairy Timun
02-10-04, 11:27
Hi Fetish,

Pls check your PM. Tried to PM you for the OKT no. but you have not replied. Got some fellow cheongers coming over from outside the state. Made me promise to show them a good time. So, I have to sample the goods first. Hahaha. It's a tough job but someone gotta do it.

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02-10-04, 15:53

I gues I've been spoiled in KK :) .

Thanks for the advice. will keep it mind as i travel the countryside doing my bit to boost the economy.

Palm Eye
02-11-04, 05:14
Hi Sainter,

I had tried all 5 star hotels in Kuching but I would prefer Merdeka Palace or Holiday Inn at Damai Beach.

After the "tornado" in Kuching 1+ years ago, are there still alot of Fillipino or Borneo chicks?



02-11-04, 09:44
Palm eye, when you say you've tried the hotels, do you mean the girls or the rooms? Personally I don't like Merdeka Palace. Probably because a lot of my friends go to the Victoria Arms pub(I don't want to be reported :) ).

As to the current status on girls, I'm not as up to date as some others here. It's been 3 months since I've been back so, you're better off asking Fetish or Viper.

Viper Z
02-12-04, 05:10
To Palm eye and the rest,

Actually NO Hotel in Kuching offers Extra services! It is the OKt that will rent a room or two from the 5 star hotels. You have to get their contact number to gain access but some bell boys do promote it too.

Viper Z

02-12-04, 13:45
Hey Viper, I've had a girl at the Grand Continental HS give me full service before. But you must negotiate with her in the room. Also, all the girls there provide hand relief. But most of the time, the service there just makes me :o

Viper Z
02-13-04, 03:58

Wah.. You must be more experince than me. What to do... I rely on OKT ler.

Viper Z

02-14-04, 09:47
Viper, he is the cheonging King. He probably knows more about mongering around the world than anyone else. I pm'd Sainter a few times and he's helped me in all sorts of stupid places. Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, London, Paris, Prague, Brussels, Hamburg, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. I wonder why he's not married. Quite good looking guy, yet he cheongs so much. :D

I wish I had his job and his pay check. Lucky bastard. :)

02-14-04, 13:16
Plugger don't exaggerate. I'm still a young man(not even 30 yet). Sure I have a good job and one of the perks is travel all over the place. After a while though, it does get tiring on the airplane all the time.

As for cheonging king, I wish! I only monger when I don't have a girlfriend. So atm, I'm single and free to do whatever I want. No guilty conscience.

Wish I was in Kuching now. I'm dying for a bowl of laksa and some kolo mee. Yummy. :(

02-15-04, 23:39
I know what you mean about the travel. I used to travel to Lundu everyday working on a project. But now that my project is finished, I don't know when I'll be able to get back to Kuching. Pity, because I love the food.

Hey dude, if you're in Bangkok next week, are you going through KL, we can meet up?

Member #1607
02-16-04, 10:28
Any good girls in Kuching?

Thank you

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Member #1607
02-16-04, 10:29
Sorry, post too fast.

What I meant any nice girls in Grand Continental Kuching?

Thank you

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Viper Z
02-18-04, 09:34
Member 1607,

You are better off calling the OKTs. GC Kuching all aunties! (From what I heard).

Viper Z

Rose Roy
02-19-04, 12:32
Hi all cheong brother,

I been long time not write in this forum cause of the bz time, but during all this time, I have go cheaong, so here is my summary report:

Before Chinese New Year, got call OKT, ask me goto hotel, so goto the room. A girl called Karen (if no mistake), from Johor, look pretty and nice body also.

Face : 8/10
BJ: 7/10
Tits: 10/10 (soft n pink n abt 34D)
FJ: 8/10 (tight)

She is kind of quiet, but very nice person. Helped me bathe, bj, and ask me fuck her in normal style, then dogie. I shoot around 10min cause she was very tight. :) And we chat a while then go.

But now so far was most of the girl are from west, alot from Johor as well, but they quit kind and nice service provided.

Anyone wanna change OKT phone, email me. [Email address deleted by Admin]

Happy cheong all bro!

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02-20-04, 04:42
Viper is correct,

GC is full of 40+. I used to go there a fair bit but after a while, you feel that itís not worth the money. I did got a BBBJ once but unable to cum due to lack of excitement looking at the girl.

If you like spa, I would suggest crown plaza. The girls are slightly younger but still, too old for me.

Viper Z
02-20-04, 08:57
Dear Rose Boy,

PM me the OKT number and I will PM u mine.

Viper Z

02-20-04, 10:08
Go further out of Kuching if you want to have fun. Serian or Sri Aman have nice Native girls at their hotels. Always good value for money.

Even Sibu and Miri are better "sex" places than Kuching.

02-20-04, 11:19

Whereabouts are the native girls you mentioned in Serian? I go to Serian often on business. What time do they start business?

02-21-04, 08:24
Not all the hotels have girls. Once you get a room, it's a simple case of asking the hotel staff to show you some girls. All of the small hotels there will have some arrangement with a OKt. The girls are usually Dayak or Iban but, the going rate of Rm150 a night is as cheap as you can get anywhere else.

02-21-04, 08:46
Serian? Forget it. Drive all the way there just to screw a chick. No way! There's nothing else to do there. Boring shithole.

Snake Head
02-23-04, 07:38
Hi Bros,

I'm new to Kuching scene. Need some advice. I passed by Lido Sports Cafe near Ang Cheng Ho last Saturday and saw some pretty chicks behind. Wanted to go in but front gate was locked. Does anyone have any ideas whether it is same as New Sakura or only a drinking bar?


02-23-04, 23:47
Snake Head,

The pretty girls that you saw were probably the Philippino Guest Relations Officers who work at the Lido. I dont understand bywhat you mean when you say the gate is locked. Lido operates like the other lounges and karaokes whereby you have to buy the GROs a drink when they sit with you. Of coz, if you sit by yourself, then you only buy yourself a drink.

02-24-04, 02:20
Snake Head,

Lido is slightly different. It is not a fuck house but a bar. It consist of 2 shop lot, on the entrance side, there's a few tables, bar a 2 pool table. On the other room, there's some couch and Karaoke.

The girls there are mostly Pilipino and you can book them to sing with you are they can just come and go but you have to buy them drinks.

They do not have any private room savaliable so you have to negotiate withthe girls and if sucessfull, do your business elsewhere.

Good luck and give us some FR here.

02-24-04, 02:25
To all cheongster,

A massage place was raided last week by poice and the lady owner was detained for questioning. Does anyone know where?

The only 2 place I know with lady boss are the 2 that start with y and end with y. I'm sure you know which two I'm refering to.

Viper Z
02-24-04, 07:04

You are looking for straight action or drinkhole with raba raba?

Viper Z

02-24-04, 12:33

Massage joints are regularly raided every week in Kuching. You are probably referrring to the raid on the one joint that made it into the newspapers. It is probably a joint that stocked China girls or else Indonesian girls. There are many such massage places in Kuching with lady owners, so it is anybody's guess. Of course such joints with foreign women offer extra services, besides massage.

02-24-04, 13:20
Hey all you Indonesian lovers out there, I suggest you try the janggut place in Satok. As you go past Miramar on your left and Satok Plaza on the right, turn left straight away. Head down 100m and on your right is a janggut place. Girls there can be taken provided you have the money and you can sweetalk. Expect to pay RM200 and up.

02-24-04, 13:32

Do you mean the dangdut place on top of the Choice Food Supermaket in Satok? What is meant by the janggut place? A place with whiskers?

02-24-04, 13:33

I think Indonesian lovers are better off going to the Golden Valley near the 2 1/2 Mile area. At least the damage is not so much there.

Viper Z
02-25-04, 06:11

Is it the one near Astro?

Viper Z

02-25-04, 06:57

You are right, it is near to Astro, it is on another block of building facing towards to Astro.

Snake Head
02-25-04, 07:39
Viper Z,

Any drinkhouse with raba raba near G.C hotel? I believe OKT is the best source for straight action, do you have any contact? Pls PM me.


Viper Z
02-26-04, 05:36

Yes, heard from old tauke (tymood) that the place is happening and cheap also.


If you want you PM me ler. Apa pulak I PM u?

Viper Z

02-26-04, 11:51
Viper Z,

In what sense is tymood old? Certainly he is not old in age, I should think? I thought he was better known as the cerealkiller in this forum? Anyway, many of the ladies at the Golden Valley are of local origin, or at least those that I encountered. Give us a FR when you have surveyed the place.

02-26-04, 11:54
Snake Head,

If you walk down the length of the Ban Hock Road in which the G.C is located, I am sure you can find a few drinking holes with raba raba. It all depends on who you meet inside the drinking hole, I guess.

Viper Z
02-27-04, 02:17

Old in this context means retired lor (from forum but not cheonging).

Viper Z

Snake Head
02-27-04, 03:59
Member 1607

Viper Z is correct, most girls in G Spa are all overgrown and overage aunties. Believe me, I went twice and was very disappointed. Just like throwing $$$ into the river.
Unless Sainter recommend the lucky gal who gave him full service.

Viper Z, pls PM me OKT no. Tks

Viper Z
02-27-04, 10:08
Yo snakehead,

Obvious you never read the thread 4 below I think
PM ler ler first.
What you are looking for?
Indons? Chinese? Local bumi? Free lance?

Viper Z

02-27-04, 13:14
Snake Head,

Going to the G Spa is like a lottery since they do not allow a line up. Perhaps they reserve the young ones for the regulars and let the non regulars have the not so young ones? I think a recommendation is preferred before spending your hard earned money in the G Spa.

Horny Shy Guy
02-28-04, 08:59
Can anyone suggest to me, where I could get a good deal? I prefer pretty china chicks with nice body in Kuching.

Thanks all. :)

Hairy Timun
02-28-04, 18:58
Yo, to all the tai kos:

Been trying out the OKT nos. given by other Tai Kos eg. OKT like James. But no luck ler. Can't get hold of him.

Is it possible to pass me some working OKT's nos. and also what's the damage and type of girls. I prefer young chinese (local /PRC) girls with GFE.

Thanks in advance


Hairy Timun

03-04-04, 11:19
Miao, I've given you all the info I can remember. If you're not happy with it, to be honest, I don't give a shit! Find your own. Sainter didn't have trouble with my recommendations. Use some common sense. No one on this forum is going to hand deliver a girl right to your door. You need to do a little work yourself. Most discussions about FL's are only referrence points. Use it as a starting point and help yourself. Don't expect me or anyone else for that matter to have every single detail ready and available when you want it.

03-04-04, 11:39
Hello to all. First time poster, long time cheonger. If you're looking for FL like brother plugger says luck is very, very important. Of course you cannot expect to have everything. Do some work lah, kawan. I've picked up girls at the Lounge in Hilton as well, so I know for sure that there is "some" action there. Miao, "Mai Kao Peh Kao Boh."

03-04-04, 14:45
Plugger some people can't show any initiative. They like to have things handed to them on a silver platter. Anyway, I'm sick of answering 1000 questions about tiny details. Let's just leave them here to talk among themselves. We'll pm each other with any future info.

03-04-04, 14:56
Agree completely with you mate. Let's see if they can do any better. Yup, in the meantime let's jus pm each other.

03-05-04, 04:12

Remember your posts to Fetish previously, if not, let me refresh your memory:

Quote "Fetish, don't bother posting next time if you're unwilling to share details. What's the point of your posts anyway? You can't even speak proper English. " Unquote.

I ask for a bit more details from Plugger and I am bombarded for that. What more can I say?

03-05-04, 04:26
I thought the Senior Members in this Forum are here to help 'green' cheongsters like myself and other fellow cheongsters.

Did I do the wrong thing by questioning the wisdom of experienced cheongsters, having attained Senior Member status here, who have experienced the 1001 Nights?

Perhaps the young apprentice is being chastised by not being respectful to the Masters by asking too many questions?

Why should luck be involved in finding a free lance? After all. a free lance is also a working girlswho works for herself. However a one night stand involves luck as these girls do not do it for the money.

One only has to look at the quality of the posts in Kuala Lumpur and compare that to the quality of posts on Kuching and, sad to say, the posts on Kuching are so vague.

This is a place for imparting information, not for crowning one's glory with having some 'luck' in finding some free lancers.

Viper Z
03-05-04, 07:56

Let's not fight guys. Kuching is after all a very small town (though geographically it is huge!)
Let's share info and not harsh words ya?

Viper Z

03-05-04, 11:08
How can you possibly compare Kuching to KL? In Kuching we don't even have 5% of what's available over in KL. What more details do you want? As I recall, the post stated that girls can be found at Hilton hotel and other places. "Can be found." Doesn't mean they are going to be there at this precise exact moment. FL's in Kuching generally come for short periods of time. How is it posible to give you every single detail when the girl most probably have gone home. Our reports were from a while back. They weren't posted the day it happened. Why don't you do what the rest of us do? Check out the place over a few days. Eventually you'll get lucky for FL's. Do you think that me and Plugger got a FL at the Hilton on the very first time? Of course not! And the reason we are upset is because of your condescinding and sarcastic tone. Not appreciated. Regarding fetish, he posted reports but no location. Of course I think that's a waste of time. All I can say to you is, myself, plugger and ******* have found girls at the Hilton. If you want them, be prepared for some disappointment(might be no girls for a few weeks). Don't think that it's as easy as a,b,c and a chick will pop up. That's not the way in Kuching. And I have yet to see you post a substantial report either. So don't criticise if you don't contribute at all.

Viper we will still pm you if any new info comes up. As for now, we'll let the new tau keh here do his business. After all, he seems to know it all.

03-05-04, 12:05
Brother Sainter is right. It took me many times before I found a FL at Hilton. And I live in Kuching too. So Miao do some work yourself ok brother?

You sound to me like someone who like to ask question only and deliver little information yourself.

I think electra house and india st girl are more your king, lah. You can go there after having "gu bak mee". :)

03-05-04, 12:39
Viper Z,

You are absolutely right that this is a forum for the sharing of information.

03-05-04, 12:49
Viper Z,

Have you had a chance to go to the Golden Valley yet? Although it is reputed to be a haven for Indonesian girls, it would seem that there are quite a few Sarawak girls of the Selako race working in there.

If you have a hotel room and a hundred Ringgit to spare, head over there and you should have quite a nice selection. The only thing is I wish the place wasnt so dark. Perhaps if there were more light, one might not find the ladies so appealing.

03-06-04, 11:47
Guys, come on, stop fighting. Anyone needs okt number please pm me.

03-06-04, 21:17
I've been to Golden Valley before and I must say that its one of those places where you sit down and order a drink butterfly style and be prepared for some raba-raba. LOL

I've been in Kuching for quite some time now and I must say that this Kuching is quite lacking in these, urm services.

Bro miao, I can't say that the girls there are appealing even in the dark lighting! But beggers cant be choosers.

Anyone know of any other places other than Golden Valley, Sakura, Ginza, Blue Sky, GC and Hilton?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

03-08-04, 12:23

Go try out the joints in the Batu Kawah new township called MJC. There are places called Jackie's Karaoke, Hunter, Paradise and others whose name I cannot recall offhand. The style is a bit like theGolden Valley.

Don't forget places like City Nite Club, Jupiter Dangdut, Sports Lounge and the various Lidos around Kuching town area.

There are so many places in Kuching. Hope some of the other cheongsters will give field reports on the new places opening up along Jalan Keretapi and the Third Mile area.

There are also places such as Titanic in the RH Plaza area on the way to BDC and Harbour on the road down from the Airport. My friends tell me that these are happening places too. Just be sure to bring lots of cash.

Hairy Timun
03-09-04, 12:52
To all,

First off, I have to thank bro Viper Z for pointing me to right direction. LOL.

Was feeling damn horny last night (08/03/04). Tried for a frebbie but crashed and burned!!:P

As the time was still early, about 12.15, I "ronda-ronda" a bit. Raining real heavily. Then I remembered Viper's OKT no.

Didn't waste time. Called the fella and was directed to Kingwood Inn. Told to go up to room.

So here is the report.

Name: Mimi
Age 21 (or so she said. Can't tell as I'm really bad with age)

Race: Chinese (West M'sian)

Height: about 5'1"

Tits: 5/10 (A-!! If not for the pointy pink nipples, the score would be 3/10)

BBBJ: 8/10 Nice slurpy sound. Nice!

Butt: 5/10 (Typical, flat)

F/J: 5/10 (Mechanical. Sound so fake. But tight though)

AR: None (Wasted man!)

WIR: Definetly not. Unless other girl available.

GFE: 0/10

Damage: RM180

I was really put off by her attitude. Too biznes like for my taste. And also very haughty. Maybe she consider Sarawakians are inferior to her. Anyway, once in the room, she called OKT to confirm "on". Told to take shower. She didn't even join me!! Just soap me from edge of tub! Then towel and lie on bed. Straight to licking my nipples for like 15seconds each side. BBBJ for about 5 minutes. That's the only redeeming point. Really enjoyed it.:) But don't allow fingering! Then, on with cap. I asked her why so fast, she didn't even bother to reply. So by this time I'm kinda pissed so I kept quiet. Intend to finish as soon as possible. She rode me for like 5 min. Then complained tired. So Changed to doggy for another 5 minutes until mission accomplished. Shower and then paid her. Left the room without even saying goodbye to her because it felt too much like a biznes transaction.

03-10-04, 15:47
Ha Ha. I see you've been busy Miao,

I was a regular at De' Metro which is just beside Habour and I cant say I like the atmosphere. I haven't been out much lately but I think most karaokes do have erm. services

Personally I would preffer a HC setting like those in KL but I guess beggars cant be choosers.

Any one know of any authenthic brothels. I hail from Miri and there was this Inn where the rooms are all lined up in a row and the girls would be standing right outside "advertising" their services but hey thats from way back. Its been closed down already nowadays its usually either OKTS or KOK's.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

Viper Z
03-11-04, 02:36
Hairy timun,

I am also a west malaysian actually. Was lead earlier by cereal killer on the way Sarawak works. So now got a few OKT numbers installed in my hp. Personally I still prefer sarawak girls cause they are more GFE.

Viper Z

03-11-04, 22:01
Arse 33,

I guess you have mentioned most of the brothels in your report already, which is Sakura, Ginza, Blue Sky.

Does Karen still works at D'Metro? Heard from my friend that she worked there but when I went there, she wasnt working that day.

Horny Shy Guy
03-13-04, 04:18
Viper Z,

Thanks for all the guide man.

You are very helpful.

Black Beast
03-17-04, 03:18
Heya fellas,

My first post. I was just wondering where we can find action in the day time?
(say from 12-5pm)

03-17-04, 16:56
That's all? Man, Kuchings' dead.

03-18-04, 00:44
Brother Sainter,

Thanks for your pm a couple of days ago. I managed to go through all your recommendations and finally settled on your holiday inn suggestion. In a word, fantastic. Great price too.

I hope that you and brother plugger will return to this thread soon. Not that I mind receiving personal info's by pm. Anyway that's twice I owe you now.

Viper Z
03-18-04, 01:40
Yesterday went to Grand Continental to organise some seminar. My god, saw an ugly looking dino heading up the spa.


03-22-04, 03:27
OK guys, election is over and DAP won in Kuching. Hopefully we will see more action in Kuching from now on.

Horny Shy Guy
03-23-04, 02:38
I strongly agree to Fetish.

Viper Z
03-24-04, 09:00
Dear all,

Heard that a new place had sprung up at batu Kawa from Miao. Am waiting to go with him soon. Anyone been there already?

Viper Z

03-24-04, 10:55
Hello brothers,

I went down to Kuching for 2 days. Went straight to Blue Sky bar and had 2 different girls. RM40 each time. Definitely worth it, if you're just after a quick fuck.

03-24-04, 13:24
*******, check your pm. Left you some new info.

Viper Z
03-25-04, 02:23
How does Blue Sky works?

You just go there and say I want sex service RM 40 ?
Any OKT there?

Viper Z

Viper Z
03-26-04, 01:51
Date : 25th March 2004

Got a call from M at 11.00 saying letís go release our loads. So called F to join as promised. 3 of us met at Hock Lee Shopping Centre and then after 5 minutes we were on our way to our destination. After much deliberation, we decided not to go to the Batu Kawa (Free Lance) as we have 3 dicks and there is only 1 good pussy at RM 100 and the rest are Ďstreet girlsí at RM 40. So we abandoned the idea and instead opted to look at the infamous Ginza.

As soon as our car arrived, we spotted one of the WLís car parked just infront of us. Smiled lighted up in Mr M and Mr Fís face. We climbed up the stairs and was greeted by the owner. Not many lady there only Karen, a fat girl and cik Julia Pairin (new).

I took Julia (bumi) and Mr F took Karen(Chinese). Mr M refused to take the fat chick and opted to wait for us. Anyway below is the executive summary.

Name: Julia Pairin
Age : 24 (but looks 20)
Race: Local Bumi (Miri)
Height: Average around 5í5
Body: Quite petite
Look: Got the CFM look but for me I would rate it as average 7/10
Breasts: I would say 35D, very soft and more than a handful
AR: N/A - She does not do it and I did not ask for it
BBBJ: N/A - Cannot tahan after fondling her breast so told her to straight away put the cap on
FJ: I inserted my didi into her and she started moaning. After 3 minutes, she starts humping me intead of the other way around. While below , she would move her hips to match your rhythm. This continues for around 15 minutes and after that I blew my load into her. 8/10
GFE: Very friendly. 8/10
CIM: N/a - Did not do it.
MASSAGE : 7/10 Ė After cumming and she washed my didi (with Lactacyid!) she continued to massage me to loosen up my muscles.
WIR: Maybe if got new stock. The rest did not came that day and were told they are pretty old.
Damage : RM 66 (for Massage) and RM 100 tip (For the Fuck Job)
Note : One thing bad about Ginza is the toilet is not properly equipped.

After finishing my business, proceeded back to meet with Mr M and Mr F. Mr F was smiling away (Karen is their regular Ė but kinda old for me). Gotta borrow RM 20 from Mr M cause only brought RM 150. Haiya.. really malu ler.

Anyway sinceMr M did not release we went to Orient Reflexology (near Astro and Timberland Medical Centre). Wah, Most of them are all young ones. Mr M chose Tita (bumi) and Mr F chose Tina (Iban with tattoo all over her hand). I was too tired and chose a dino over the rest cause I just wanted some massage and not release anymore.

Anyway my girl just gave massage but Mr Mís girl started stripping and instead kept on repeatingí Panas! Panas!í and asked instead out fren Mr M to massage her! Hahahhahaha.. Anyway MR M took pictures of her (he got a Panasonic digital camera (smaller than Handphone).

Damage : RM 45 X 3 person for massage and RM 30 tip for Tita for releasing our fren (M).

Later we proceeded back to our cars and went home. Altogether it was an eventful evening.

Viper Z

03-27-04, 15:39
Blue Sky and Sakura have the same modus operandi. You go in, very dark place, walk around the joint, do a complete circle, there are girls sitting in the booths. Simply pick one. If you can't see properly, get one of the workers there to shine a light on the girl. Basically you pay RM40 + RM2 for condom if you want to use it.

Just a warning, this is not a classy place. It's just a good option for some quick release. If you want the girl to give you a bj as well, ask them before booking. Oh, they refer to a bj as "ice cream".

Sainter, thanks for your pm. Most helpful. I'll try the other girl next time.

Viper Z
03-30-04, 08:52
Today got a call from Mr M again at 2pm. So off we go to MJC Batu Kawa. First stop was Sri Bintang Reflexology centre. SOme girls are quite cute but they don't do FJ there (plus the price has been raised to RM 50 per hour for massage - effective January 04). So we left the place and headed for World reflexology. Imagine our surprise when it was locked! Looks like it was closed down or maybe they might have relocated. SO dismayed we left to try out other places. Spotted jade saloon at BAtu Kawa so went up. Got a few rooms but did not dare to ask got service. Seems like that place has got no girls but a few guys there were drinking away with a mid-thirty year old lady singing karaoke.

Anyway thought this place sucks so headed to BAtu Tiga. Went to behind Timberland and saw got 4 fat dinos there. Sigh.

So with dicks already no mood, we decided to postpone out action and will wait for Mr F this Thursday. Any old timers wanna join?


Viper Z

Black Beast
03-31-04, 03:50
Is Ginza open in the afternoons?

Any reghulars whos the most popular girl there? And what time her shift?

Viper Z
04-01-04, 02:17
For Ginza the popular WLs are :

Karen - Chinese

Julia - bumi

The rest are a waste of your money (fat and ugly)

And yes, they open around 2 pm

Viper Z

Viper Z
04-03-04, 01:30
Date : 1st April 2004

Got a call from Miao saying that Fetish can't make it. So it will be just the two of us. We wanted to try the new place called Yuan fan (with pink/red signboard)

Went up and there was this chinese gal who kept on harrasing us to take her. Anyway after much deliberation, I finally chose Suraya (Iban & malay mix) while miao also chose a bumi gal.

After entering the room, she massage me shyly and kept on talking how she wants to find another job (waitress or something). Anyway, after talking cock for 1/2 hour then she asked me the question 'mana lagi mau massage?'. So I told her my birdie! :0

Anyway she asked me to strip and start to suck my dick. Not bad. I quickly unhooked her bra and start to fondle her breast. Damn big man! After 15 minutes I shot my load and she took it all in her mouth.

Below is the executive summary :-

Name: Suraya (Su)
Age : 26
Race: Local Bumi
Height: Average around 5í5
Body: Quite petite but fleshy
Look: Got the CFM look but for me I would rate it as average 7/10
Breasts: I would say 35D, very soft and more than a handful
AR: N/A - She does not do it and I did not ask for it
BBBJ: Started slow then she alternates between fast and slow while sucking the balls
GFE: Quite friendly but not really a talker. 7/10
CIM: She took it all into her mouth (7/10)
MASSAGE : 3/10 Ė These 'package' gals cannot massage
WIR: Maybe if got new stock.
Damage : RM 65 (for Massage) and RM 50 tip (For the Blow Job). It would have been 100 if FJ
Note : Their toilet is even worse than Ginza. No soap at all!

Viper Z
04-03-04, 01:33
2nd of April Miao called me up again. Man, this guy is horny!

Anyway, accompanied him to Ginza again and he chose my previous gal (julia) while I waited like a good bodyguard I am (cause no more cash to go 'dipping') for him downstairs. sheesh.

04-04-04, 09:13
Sainter, if you're reading this please pm me. I'm heading down to your neck of the woods for a couple of days.

Hey Miao/Viper, if you guys are so desperate, you should take a drive down to Tebedu. Sainter recommended a great chicken farm there for me. I didn't go, but my friend did and said it was immensely satisfying.

04-05-04, 12:26

If you are talking about Tebedu, I presume you are talking about Indonesian chickens. Why drive so far away when they are plenty in Kuching? Since you gave directions for your friend to sample the Tebedu chicken farm, perhaps you would be so kind as to provide us with the exact information as to how to get to the aforesaid chicken farm and not just tell us the name of the town. For your information, there are also lots of chickens available in Lubok Antu and in Serikin too. At almost all the Sarawak/Indonesian border checkpoints, there are chicken farms.

Viper and I were only sampling the local fare available. A healthy interest in women should not be construed as desperate. Your use of the term is inappropriate in such circumstances.

04-06-04, 00:19

There are always exceptions to every rule. Even Stephen Hawkings and Albert Einstein have not been able to come up with an universal law with no exceptions. You admit to being greater than them? Hands up all those who agree with Plugger and hands down those who disagree.

04-06-04, 06:35
Dear brothers,

Chill man. Here's a small FR to cool things down.

Date: Saturday (Viper is not avaliable and Miao is busy, so have to go on my own)
Place: Yuan Fan
Time: 1 something
Girl: F something, she has a funny name and still can't remeber it after asking her twice. Malay
She is divorce with 1 kid.
Face: 6/10
Boby: 6/10
Tits: 6.5/10
BBBJ; 0/10,(NA)
FJ: 7/10
GFE: 2/10, I would give her 9/10 for a wife experience.
WIR: to sample other girls.
Damage: 200 (Gave a bit extra for her kid and as a good bye gift, she is a nice girl but I storngly feel working in the worng industry)

Maybe I was there a bit to early before all the girls arrive. Was actually looking for Su after Vipers recommendation. The mamasan told me after I done she has over 10 girls working, have to go back to check it out.

There are so many variables in this world and there no set of rules will govern the universe. Take for example newton's F=ma, Einstein proves there'a a limit to this equation, if it holes true than we can travel faster than light which will screw up the whole universe with time travelling etc.

If adam smith is right all the time, than there will be a lot of billionair smith scholar.

If darwin is right, than why are there still monkey in this world.

Coo down man, the universe is big.

Rose Roy
04-06-04, 08:23
Hi all cheong fellow,

First, thank Viper OKT numbers. Totally satify, here is my contrubution report:

5/4/2004: get horny again, so call okt number which is introduce by Viper, as usual again the rountine, goto hotel, okt giv me room 101, so go up to the room, knock knock, and wallla, a Malay girl look very petty and very young. She keep smile at me, mayb I the first customers, hehe, so ask her bath with me, and keep massage her tits, soft and nice.

She from Santubong. Local I think. She is the satify one I ever fuck, tight pussy, look young, and smile, just listen watever yuu want her to do, GFE (too bad, she not for overnight)

BBBJ: 2/10 (she was not experinced, so ask her suck a while)
face: 8/10 (look innocent n petties)
tits: 7/10 (soft and middle size)
pussy: hairless (i like this type)
FJ: 9/10 (tight, and she will shake hard if she horny)

But guys, know what happen? While I almost come, and she keep moan, someone knock the door, holly SHIT! The OKT blur or wat, spoil my mood! But who care, she just ask me finish her. Cum after 15++minute.

Damage: rm150+20 tips.


See you guys again,

Happy cheong

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

04-06-04, 09:25
Viper you really have some serious issues to deal with brother. Cheating on your wife? Having trouble looking at your kids when you get home? What a fucking [Deleted by Admin]! Nothing more than bullying tactics. Cibai kia!

Miao, if you were actually going to go, I'd happily provide details. I never meant any offence in my first post. I don't know what substance that "cibai kia" has been smoking.

Btw "cibai kia", stick to posting other people's reports. It's obvious that's your specialty.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

04-06-04, 23:00

Please be so kind as to provide us here with directions to the chicken farm in Tebedu.

Viper Z
04-07-04, 01:37

Look at what the immature puny mind of a ******* have come to. People here come to the forum to share contacts and experience. Not talking rubbish and praising people left right centre and not really contributing anything at all to this Kuching thread.

Who cares if you are grateful to Plugger or anyone else?

'Oh! I owe you man, PM me' , 'PM me the contacts'

Does this benefit the others in the forum?

As you and Plugger can see, most of the guys here benefitted from my contacts and actually post FRs.

Where is yours? Just personal attacks on others?

What a shame that people like you spoils the image of WSG and Kuching. You are just like benard in the photo gallery for China. Contributes nothing but criticize others expertly. In the end, the rest of the people there asked him to shut up and even the moderator deleted his postings.

I won't stand as low as you to retort your personal attacks. I will let the others be the judge. So you all really want to see just 'praises' for others being posted or actual reports and contacts?

Viper Z

Horny Shy Guy
04-07-04, 07:13
I personally think that Viper Z did and still doing a great job for all of us here. So I believe that most if not everyone would agree with me if I say I stand on Viper Z's side.

Anyway I hope the arguement could end here.

Cheer Up everybody.


Ambuk Carisa
04-07-04, 07:42
Hi Guys,

Where is this Fuan Yan place you guys are talking about?

Do they have regular massage besides the obvious?


Viper Z
04-07-04, 09:21
Horny shy guy,

Thanks for the support.

Ambuk Carisa,

It is Yuan Fan and it is near ang cheng ho area. Yes, after service can massage (if within 45 minutes)

Viper Z

04-07-04, 10:56
Ambuk Carisa,

For proper massage, you should go visit the blind man massage center near the Blue Sky Bar. It is the upstairs shoplot on the corner, the same row as the Blue Sky in Rock Road.

04-07-04, 14:13
I do think that Viper Z have contribute a lot and regarding about the cut and paste from delphi forum, so what the f**k about that. For me as long it's have a good information and do share to everyone. That's what the fr all about. Not just you pm me and I pm you.

Anyway cheers mate!


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

04-08-04, 00:26

Head past town centre. About 1km down, there is a road leading to Kampung Kujang Sain (road sign will indicate), follow this road for around 2km, there will be a big sawmill factory followed immediately by a small road to the left. Follow this road to the end. Chicken farm is there. Hope you have fun there if and when you go.

Hey Viper, who started this argument? It was you with your personal insults after I had made a legitimate post. Or do you find it hard to understand the simple facts? I'll leave you alone now to comtemplate your obviously "sad" life.

Cut and paste from Delphi forum is against the forums rules. Why don't you ask Jackson?

Actually, you can cut and paste from a Delphi Forum, or any other forum, as long as you are the original author.



Viper Z
04-08-04, 02:04

Gabanz, Thanks for the support.

Today I got 4 PM from members (not from Malaysia) informing me that the four nicks might be one guy altogether.

So no wonder you see them 'Pming' each other!



Anyway I don't think we should spent more time on these (1 man show) and let's get to the latest update.

Yesterday Miao called me again. Went to Tabuan to have breakfast and later dick itchy. So we decided to go to the 'Batu Kawa Hotel' (it is after MJC and is quite secluded - near the next row of shophouses <only two rows>). Anyway after reaching there went in to see the merchandise. Goods are being sold at RM 40 per shot. Cheap but when you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys. Even the 'hotel' only have 5 rooms (with a chick in each). After looking around, decided no mood to bonk and head home.

This might be a good place for those in the budget type. At least here they have young girls unlike Blue Sky).

Viper Z

Ambuk Carisa
04-08-04, 02:43
Viper Z, Miao28,

Thanks for the info. Will have a look around for Yuan Fan this weekend.


04-08-04, 06:13

I am glad that some non Malaysian posters have confirmed my previous suspicions to you that at least two of the nicks are the same person. I thought I was the only one who was paranoid.

After reading your post today, I went back to look at the posting times of the three nicks and what do I find? I found that posting times of two of the nicks are very close together.

Only Jackson will be able to tell us whether the three nicks are one and the same. He would have a log of all the I.P. addresses of all the posters and if the two nicks posted from the same computer at around the same time, the I.P address would be the same. Having said that, I am sure Jackson has his hands full, in trying to review all our posts here, since most of us are regular members.

Viper Z
04-08-04, 11:01
Both are also the same. No direct WL but OKT usually place the girls at Kuching Park, Kingwood Inn and Hilton.

When you are in Kuching next, Dinner is on you for the 4 of us (I will invite Miao, Fetish and Cereal Killer too), since you insulted me in the first place.


Viper Z

04-08-04, 11:06
Sure thing, let's go up to Buntal for some great seafood.

I didn't insult Fetish or Cerial Killer, tell them to pay themselves. :p

04-08-04, 19:38
Ambuk Carisa,

The towkay nio of the Yuan Fan told me that the girl with the best body is called Na Na. If you go there this weekend, checkout Na Na and see if the towkay nio is right or not. In any case, be sure to give us your views on this place in the forum here.

04-09-04, 03:31
Oh man, I need to be insulted to get a free meal. Life is getting tough to cari makan nowadays. No problem, I can pay, just name the time and place.

04-09-04, 06:58
Does this mean that I get a free meal? Meow meow. I want some catnip.

04-10-04, 01:46

Thanks for the directions to the Tebedu chicken farm. I will go there on my next trip to Tebedu. Anyone want to car pool? It is a bit of a long trip to Tebedu.

04-10-04, 14:25
Deepest apologies to Miao and Viper for stupid remarks. Hope we can all move on.

04-10-04, 19:29

We all make mistakes in the heat of the moment. Thank you for your graciousness. I have not taken things to heart and I am sure Viper feels the same. Let by gone be by gone.

04-11-04, 10:52

A firend of mind went to Yuan Fan a last week after my recommendation, he was cursing when he called me. First of all, the Sibu stock were all Ibans, he was expecting chinese. Massage was 68, BBBJ a additional 110, FS additional 110. In another words, he lousy massage + BBBJ will cost 175, is he wants FJ after BBBJ, than it will be 285, WTF, more expansive than the OKT. Can someone verify this?

Viper Z
04-11-04, 17:33

Your friend is a water fish.


Should have bargained when you first select them. They are actually kinda 'desperate' for business (same goes to Ginza).

Usual price would be RmM 100 extra for FJ and RM 30 for HJ or BBBJ


All is forgotten now that what is necessary has been said. Hope to meet up with you soon.

Viper Z

04-11-04, 19:19

Your friend was most likely conned by the experienced native girls at the Yuan Fan. In other words, he was a 'water fish'.

The first time I went there, the lady concerned wanted RM 150 for FJ plus RM 66 for massage, making a total of RM 216. I quoted the standard rate of RM 166 and told her to take it or leave it and she took my RM 166 without further questions. Obviously your friend was a first timer who should have bargained.

The towkay nio told me that she had a few Chinese girls. Perhaps your friend was too early that day or the Chinese girls were not working that day.

The word of advice to all Kuching cheongsters is not to pay more than RM 166 for a FJ in a massage parlour for a girl, Chinese or native.

04-11-04, 19:22

You speak with the authority of an experienced cheongster. You are right, always bargain in such places as there are many girls and you can always give the business to the girl who accepts your offer.

Ambuk Carisa
04-12-04, 09:10
Hi Guys,

Couldn't locate YF (and am ashamed to say that I'm Kuching born and bred!) - whereabouts in ACH? Any landmarks?

Na Na, huh? Will bear that in mind once I find the place!


04-13-04, 00:34
Ambuk Carisa,

Yuan Fan is behind the new block of the yet unoccupied Wisman Nation Horizon and next to the Iceworks in one of the lorongs of Jalan Blacksmiths.

As you turn off Jalan Abell into Jalan Petanak, continue until you reach the Riverine Condominium and the small roundabout by the small temple. At the first turning on the left past the roundabout, go in and turn right and you will be immediately be confronted by a big sign saying Yuan Fan. It is not exactly by the main road off Jalan Petanak, so it is a bit hard to find.

Viper Z
04-15-04, 10:32
Today got another call from Miao saying let's go and check out new stocks. So off we went to the infamous Yuan fan (I should have gotten some commission for making that stupid place 'famous'). Anyway there they got new stock from Miri and Sibu. Not bad and got the CFM look.

Anyway wanted to see more so off we went to Ginza. There my regular Julia quickly greeted me and off we went. Miao waited downstairs (with Karen by his side) for me to finish off my business.

Anyway is was a good one. We talked about her trip to Kl and she told me she fought with her bf. Oh yeah, those into KTV can call her as she is into karaokes. After 10pm please....

After entering her room (which is the end of the corridor), she began to ask me to undress. OK, undress and she proceeded to wash my didi. Then she lay beside me and started to pour her stories. She might be looking for a job at KL (those taiko with connection to local HC might take note here). So after chatting I started to suck her breast and she loves it. First I was on top and later she asked for a switch cause she informed that she comes easily when she is on top. Started slow and then later she started to grind me. She told me the biji must rub with the didi for more sensation. After rubbing for around 10 minutes then she began to moan and grind harder. I was on the verge on cumming when she said, air sudah mau keluar! We both came together. It was a nice feeling and I felt the tense of her pussy and the extra wetness after she came. So 80% it might be true but you never know. Below is the executive summary:

Name: Julia (from Miri)
Age: 24
Boobs: C - 35 I think
Hight: 5' 2"
Skin: Fair
Pussy Hair: black
Pussy: Fit
Looks: 7/10
Friendliness: Extra friendly
Massage: 6/10
Bathe: 7/10 (thorough)
Cathbath: None
bbbj: 8/10 (those slow but tight and deep type)
ar: None
fj: 8/10, normal (First me on top then she on top. non-stop till i came)
overall: 8/10
WIR: YES (if got budget)

Viper Z

Viper Z
04-17-04, 02:05
Just to inform you all that Yuan Fan and Ginza now have new stocks. Mostly young bumi girls from Miri and Sibu. So I guess these two will be the HC for Kuching.

Yuan Fan - New Iban mixed Indian (not bad - 7/10)

Yuan Fan - Sibu local girl (can speak mandarin! - 8/10)

The rest are like shit

Ginza - Julia (local Miri girl - 7/10)

Ginza - Tina (local girl - 7/10) - thin

P/s: If you like matured women, go for Karen (Ginza).

Go and try them. Looks like these two are different from the old days where only aunties are there.


Viper Z

Viper Z
04-26-04, 10:57
last thursday went to seri bintang (not the tuition centre but hte foot reflexology centre) with miao and fetish. this place the massage is rm 50! (rm 5 higher than normal places). anyway three of us proceeded to the reception and each of us took a gal. miao took a bumi gal and fetish took a chinese (i think). i took ita . anyway below is the executive summary :-

name: ita
age: 30++
boobs: c - 34d i think
hight: 5' 2"
skin: dark a bit
pussy hair: did not see :(
looks: 6.5/10
friendliness: friendly
massage: 7/10
cathbath: none
bbbj: none
ar: none
fj: none
hj : 7.5/10 (she will stroke your balls while pinching your nipple and occasionally suck it)
overall: 8/10
wir: yes (if got budget) but not the same chicken ler. must try other chicken available.

anyway it started off with she asking me to strip and started to tell of her experience with this african guy (a fren of miao's). she describe his dick as a whole arm size! (so the myth about africans is true). :)

after 1/3 hour of massage then she started to stroke my balls. so i asked her whether do they provide special services? she told me yes! so then she proceeded to add more baby oil on my 'baby' and stroke em. gentle at first and later faster and faster. she alternates the speed. when i told her i was nearly cumming, she stopped a while and tole me to slowly cum! hahaha. could hear both fetish and miao already leaving their beds so told her i need to go for a meeting. then she started to stroke fast and vigorously till i came. it was a well worth experience for the following damage.

damage : rm 50 (massage) and rm 30 (tip for hj)

Viper Z
04-30-04, 04:01
Met with a few forumers yesterday (thursday). Cerealkiller aka Tymood was also there. Others were Danny and Miao. Anyway it was nice of Danny to spend us seafood lunch.

After lunch Danny gotta get back to work and Cereal Killer aka Tymood left his handphone at home. So me and Miao (horny that we were) left to go cheonging again. Then Fetish called up so we decided to meet somewhere and use Fetish's car.

Our first stop, Orient Reflexology. Went there and man that place was packed (seems that ever since we post a few FRs the place is always fully booked).

Note to self : Don't post to many FR on 1 place or u will never be able to go there again.

Since the damn place was full we decided to go to Sro Bintang (at Batu Kawa) again. I took Ita again and Fetish took Lisa (young and innocent look) while Miao took Emily.

Anyway my experience was the same as last, only this time get to hold the two big tits for the whole 45 minutes!

Damage was RM 50 massage + RM 50 tip (HJ)

Viper Z

Hairy Timun
05-04-04, 15:28
Hey you guys,

Been awfully busy lately. Not even time to cheong.... Hahaha.

Just wanna check with bro Viper Z. The place at Petanak, Yuan Fan. Do they offer FJ or just HJ? How much for FJ?

And also on the matter of price, what's the damage at Ginza? And everytime when I passed the place, like at 10 - 11pm, it seems closed leh. What is their operating time.

Thanx for the info.

Busy cheonger,

H Timun

05-05-04, 00:34
Hairy Timun,

The price that you should pay for a FJ at Yuan Fan and Ginza should be around RM 168, give or take a few ringgit. The price for a massage should be around RM 65, plus or minus a few ringgit.

Do not be misled by the girls quoting you a fantastic figure. Just tell them the RM 168 figure and tell them to take it or leave it. They will take it.

The opening times of these places are around noon time. You may have to wait around as some of the girls are free lancers and may take their time in coming to work. I think these places close around nine to ten oclock at night.

Viper Z
05-05-04, 08:35
well said.

Just to clarify it is RM 66 (massage) + RM 100 (FJ)

Viper Z

Von Dutch
05-06-04, 03:42
Can anyone tell me where is Blue Sky? I'm in Kuching from 5/5 and will be here till till 11/5. Help me fren, I am so damn horny, donno where to go, infact this is my first time in Kuching. Any other place that can i get a cheap fuck? Any frenlancer for overnight?

Viper Z
05-07-04, 02:20

Trust me, you DON'T want Blue Sky (unless you are the budget type).

Anyway it is near Rock Road (at the traffic light).

It is RM40 per shot but the saying goes "If you pay peanuts, you will get ???????"

Anyway the cheapest bet would be at the Batu Kawa hotel (also RM 40). But there you can 'see' first before you fuck them


Viper Z

05-08-04, 17:34
Hi guys,

I really enjoy reading the forum you guys publish. I used to cheong but have not done so for a while. Maybe you seniors can help out junior to be alive again, PM me some OKT number in Kuching since I am going 3rd week of May. I shall report my visit if actions take place.



Viper Z
05-11-04, 11:08
We had our meeting today (Kuching Mongering club)

Members that attended were :-

Chairman Miao
Secretary Danny
Treasurer Fetish
Ordinary member Viper Z

Absent with apologies :-
Ordinary Tymood aka Cereal Killer
Ordinary member Sextudor
Ordinary member Nutkraker

Anyway after lunch went to Regalis after hearing rumours of ladies wearing BLACK BRA ONLY! Upon reaching there left after 1 minute as the rumour was untrue. So four of us headed to Ginza.

Since time is in the essence, Danny just went for a hairwash @ RM 12.00. I took Julia, Fetish took Mary and Miao took Tina. Anyway here is my FR :-

Since this is the third time I took Julia, she gave me an extra GFE FJ and extra long massage. After bathing, I went on top for about 15 minutes and later switch position to her on top. Man, this girl is a rodeo! After 10 minutes I came.

Name: Julia
Age: Early 20s
Boobs: 35D but sag a bit since the last time I visit her
Hight: 5' 2"
Skin: Dark a bit
Pussy Hair: Just trimmed (felt prickly when I do her)
Looks: 7.5/10
Friendliness: Extra friendly
Massage: 9/10
Cathbath: None
bbbj: 7/10
ar: None
fj: 9/10
HJ :None
overall: 8/10
WIR: YES (if got budget) but not the same chicken ler. Must try other chicken available.

05-11-04, 11:56
Marry was good in every catagory, that's the only report I have.

05-12-04, 00:41
To add to Viper's report, I would say that Tina was obliging in every sense of the word and very accommodating. She used to work in Miri before. She is also very skilled and gives a very good GFE. I give top marks to her.

Viper Z
05-12-04, 05:09
For those that still don't know.

DAmages for :-

1. Ginza - RM 66 (massage) + RM 100 (FJ)
2. Yuan Fan - RM 67 (Massage) + RM 100 - RM 150 (FJ)
3. Orient - RM 45 (Massage) + RM 30 - 50 (HJ)
4. Seri Bintang (RM 50 (MAssage) + RM 30 - 50 (HJ)
5. BAtu Kawa Hotel - RM 40 - 100 (FJ)
6. BLue SKy - RM 40 (FJ)


Kurt Dunder
05-12-04, 18:43
Short report from Kuching:

I tried Yuan Fan and over some days went with different girls:

Regina, an iban from the Miri area, she did a very good service and she is very fun to be together with and very talkative, she is about 30 and a bit chubby (6/10), but she really enjoy giving and doing sex. No obligations to DATY, and did a good cbj and also a very nice fs. (recommended)

Jennie, also an iban but from the Sibu area, young (mayby 22) and very attractive (8/10, petite with some very nice small tits. She started out beeing very talkative but that improved quickly. Did do bj, but did like and enjoyed DATY. The sex with her was warm, wet and wild. (Recommended, but not for her massage - as there was no massage)

Annie, a local bidayu , about 30, a bit chubby but with a nice face (6/10), did a very good massage - but the sex part sucks, and she even did the old hagling sutf with the price. Did not do bj or did not want DATY. (Not recommended - except for the massage part)

After having tried Yuan Fah I wanted to do some discount shagging so I went to Blue Sky, this place is surely a discount place - no place for washing. But then I saw "Mei" and I found out that I wanted to shag this girl so I opted to go upstairs with "Mei", an good looking Iban (7/10) about 23. But it was very short term bombom - no talk or anyting, no bj, no DATY - just plain old fs, but she agreed to do diffrent positions. (Recomended I you can do with the very spartan service.)

Viper Z
05-13-04, 03:47
Yesterday was a memorable day.
Miao, Danny, Fetish and I decided to play pool around 1 pm and we got a shock when Fetish beat ALL of us! Kudos man, maybe you should join the sarawak snooker and billiard club.

Anyway Danny gotta go for work and fetish got a meeting so left Miao and me. We were bored so we decided to go for massage.

Reached Orient around 3:30pm and we both went for our massage. I took Tika and Miao took the girl in yellow. It was a fun session as Tika was quite chatty.

Damage was RM 45 (massage) + RM 30 (HJ)

Anyway after releasing then off we went to play another pool game at a pub. Looks like we are all pool fanatics.. hahahahahhaha

Von Dutch
05-13-04, 06:49
Thanks for the info guyz,

I was in Kuching for 6 days; unfortunately I only managed to shag once. Too bad..I dont have local ppl to take me around the town although I find the sarawak gals are interesting.

A colleague of mine to me to Marina Dangdut and Discotheque. After spent about RM80 for drink, I managed to get 1 gal to follow me back to the hotel.

At first, she asked for RM200 for a nite but lucky me, I ended up paying nothing! Yup, free fucking! Just need to spend her a breakfast and send her back to her place.

05-13-04, 13:07
Bro Kurt Dunder,

You must be very well known at the Yuan Fan now. Have you relocated to Kuching or Sarawak now?

I did find that Annie was alright in the sex department but that was because I did not ask for BJ or DATY.

I guess you have a higher level of service requirements.

05-15-04, 02:01
Kurt Dunder,

Are you not afraid of catching some kind of STD from DATY?

Viper Z
05-17-04, 02:08
Just a note.

Last few days there were raids going on in Kuching.

Advise to leave the pubs/disco after 11:30pm

Viper Z

Golden Boy
05-17-04, 09:10
Need Help? I will be going to Miri this coming Wednesday. Can any Tai Ko out there will to give me some informations about it. Need to get unloaded.


Kurt Dunder
05-17-04, 10:27
Hi Miao28,

I now that there is a risk, but I just love DATY to much to be to careful. After the game always rince mouth etc. with listerine - maybe it helps, who knows ;-)

Kurt Dunder

05-17-04, 12:06
Police operations will normally start after official closing hours to catch youngsters who are suspected of taking amphetamines and also GROs who do not have the official work permit.

This is not to say that operations will not happen during official opening hours.

For those who like drinking, it is advisable to adjourn to the normal "kopi tiam" for your pint of beer after 12 AM or 1 AM.

Ez Vat
05-19-04, 06:24
Hi to all big cheong brothers,

Small brother have been an ardent reader and follower of all advice given in this excellent forum for some time now. I like to seek anyones most gracious advice on the Kuching scene. I am going to there for just one miserable night next week but I would really like to 'test drive' some homegrown Sarawak hotties..!! Can anyone tell me where I can get girls? Time isn't on my side so I need the drive-in and order kind...! I also read that raids are happening in Kuching too. Shit! So we cannot drink after 12am at all discos and pubs or what?

Thanks in advance

05-19-04, 23:48

Dont you have to pay a booking fee to take the girl out from the Marina Dangdut?

Viper Z
05-21-04, 04:11
Ez Vat,

If you are those drive through type then go to either Ginza or Yuan Fan near sekama.

Viper Z

White Croc
05-23-04, 07:55
Hi guys,

I just got to know this forum, interesting but nothing much to be learned as kuching is my home turf and am in the scene for at least 20 yrs. If I'm not mistaken most of you posters are West Malaysians right? Welcome to Kuching!! You guys seem to be missing out a lot with the free lancers and the small time/part time mamasans. But no worries I will be giving out tips eventually and slowly too, as i have to save some for cold nights!!

05-23-04, 23:51
White Croc,

What can you tell us here that we dont already know? Instead of tantalising us here with your supposed knowledge about the Kuching scene, how about actually sharing your knowledge?

05-24-04, 01:41

A White Croc surfacing in Kuching with 20 years of experience, should be good.

Appreciate some reports from you too, since Viper Z has been supplying reports on Kuching and even KL scenes, you will complement him well.


Viper Z
05-24-04, 02:44
White Croc,

Any tips to share?

As for FLs, we know a few and might trade with you when we meet up.

As for the West Malaysian thing (it seems a norm that Sarawakians think west malaysians don't know shit).. I am the only west malaysian here whereby my friends, miao and Fetish are local ppl (in the scene for 20 years too).

Viper Z

05-24-04, 03:02
White Croc,

It's not very obvious in the FR on the origin of the monger. Let me briefly explain the regulars here,

Viper a - west malaysian
Miao - original kuching
Tymood AKA cereal killer - orginal kuching
Fetish - original sarawakian from sibu.
Plugger - i think he's from kuching.
Sainter - I believe he said he's originally from kuching but now stay in Aus.

Did I miss out anyone?

Viper Z
05-24-04, 09:51
Moral of the story : It is not how long you stay in a place but how much you know and share with fellow bros of WSG.


White Croc
05-24-04, 11:25
Hi guys,

Sorry about this 'from nowhere crocodile' suddenly stirring up this otherwise tranquil kuching water! Anyway it's a good feeling, kind of being welcomed spontaneously even without being seen. Like I said I will give you guys the lead slowly and since Fetish was the first guy to pm me he deserves the right to first orgasm!! Besides with his pm at least he proves he is genuine and not an under cover cop trying to pass off as one of us. So Fetish just hang on there, you will get a number soon and you may pass it on to any deserving gang member. See you guys, got to make it back to my nest in Batang Lupar

05-24-04, 15:58
White Croc,

I didnt know that the Batang Lupar is in Kuching.

05-25-04, 04:08

You missed out on me man.

Dritz74 aka nimbus1974 = Miri guy


Viper Z
05-25-04, 04:57

Will wait for a field report from Fetish.

Viper Z

Von Dutch
05-25-04, 08:14

If you take the gal from Marina Dangdut before closing, normally before 2am, you need to pay RM50. But if you go in nego, you can pick her up after 2am. No need to pay RM50 booking fee.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

White Croc
05-25-04, 10:57

the b.lupar thing is just a figure of speech or are you just being sarcastic? never mind, you will have to wait for your turn for my tips. no hurry man, it's going to be heavy on your pocket!


so you are the only w. malaysian fella. no of course i hold nothing against your knowledge about the kuching scene. sure we will be swapping tips along the way, thanks for the offer.


thanks for the detail intro of the gang here. sorry not to mention in my pm that it's best to go between 1.30 to 2.00pm and don't be tempted by the other two young chicks who are actually students part timing there. speaks pretty good english but asking price too stiff 200.


editor's note: posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. to avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. thanks!

05-25-04, 21:02
white croc,

i would normally presume that your figure of speech would have included any of the major rivers in the kuching division, claiming as you have been cheonging for twenty years or more in kuching.

Viper Z
05-26-04, 06:00

So white croc..... Wanna meet up?

Viper Z

05-26-04, 10:21
Hi all, seems that everyone is enjoying themselves in Cat City. Unfortunately I'm stuck over in Kuantan atm. Neither here nor there. I doubt if there is a more boring town in the whole of malaysia. :o

Viper, I'm curious to know why you hate Blue Sky and Sakura so much. Sure the rooms aren't Hilton quality, but IMHO, the girls aren't too bad at all. RM40 is a bargain, I think. Especially if you're just after a quick fuck. :D

Have fun all. Might venture to Golok this weekend. The right hand is getting a little tiring. :)

Btw to those among you who don't know, I'm a "Mat Saleh".

05-26-04, 12:48
You must be the first and last Mat Salleh ever to have visited the Blue Sky and Sakura.

Viper Z
05-27-04, 03:27

Not that I hate it, just not comfortable with it.

You could hardly see the girls in there and majority are those low qualities grade.

Tell you what...... the next time you are in kuching and ready to spend us lunch then we can go for after lunch activities together.

Viper Z

05-27-04, 10:24
Miao, actually I've seen a few Mat Saleh's at those places. Especially many years ago when foreign ships would dock at Pending. In my case, at the time I was staying at the Borneo Hotel and the receptionist directed me there.

Viper, I agree it's really dark in there. However they have those old sleazy men who carry torchlights who will shine it at any girl you are interested in. Sometimes they don't bother changing the sheets in the rooms, which is a huge turnoff.

I probably enjoy those bars because they remind me of the sleazy ones in Patpong, Thailand. But, I agree, everyone has their own taste.

05-27-04, 12:00
By foreign ships, I would presume you would mean British troop ships during the confrontation years. If that is the case, how old would you be, if I may ask?

Why dont they change the sheets? When you go up to the fuck room, the girls would get a fresh sheet and lay it on the mattress. When you have finished, they would take the sheet out of the room.

They dont shine light at the girls in the Blue Sky. The only place which they shine a light is in the place opposite the Sekama police station.

White Croc
05-27-04, 15:38
Just had a Malay girl 4 hrs ago whom i have used a couple of times. Student, so you don't expect too much of bedroom skills. I'm looking for some fun with spicy girls (Indian) in either Johore or KL. So Viper you wanna swap?

05-28-04, 01:08

Are you sure of your facts about the Marina Dangdut about the RM 50 booking fee before closing time or 2 AM, whichever comes later? I have never heard of any place also in Kuching that allows the GROs to go out without booking fee after closing time.

05-28-04, 02:45

I for one cannot stand Blue Sky. I went there once and I was otu of there in 3 sec. Can't stand the smell, I think it's a combination of fungus, cum, cheap perfume, cig. alcoho, body odor, furniture, [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140), you name it.

I have never seen the room so I can't comment on that, but I have to admit 40 is cheap for a fuck.

05-28-04, 05:58

My friends tell me that the girls in Sibu outside the Star Hostel costs only RM 20. Young somemore. What can beat that for price in Sarawak?

Viper Z
05-28-04, 10:45
White Croc,

Already PM you my FL contact.

Viper Z

Viper Z
05-28-04, 10:46

Any idea when you will be arriving to kuching in the near future?

Viper Z

05-28-04, 11:12
White Croc.

Here is the FR from your recommendation.

I recieved a SMS from Miao stating he want to go, I asked Miao to proceed to the place and I'll see him there. When I arrive, Miao's already in the room with White Croc. recommendation, there were 2 more girls outside, I choose the young chinese called lyly or something like that. I would like to add 2 more exxential cataories for Massage and HJ FR from now on, Hand Smoothness and Strength. The summary are,

Face - 6/10
Body - 7/10 (petite, but more incline towards the skinny side)
Boods - Small
Hand smoothness - 5.5/10
Strength - 6/10
GFE - 8/10
Attitude - 8/10
HJ - 6.5/10 (Karen is still the best in the catogory)
Overal - 6.5/10
WIR - Yes
Damage - M45+HJ30

White Croc,

Thanks a million man, keep the tips cuming brother.

05-28-04, 14:31
Miao, there was a couple of US and Britsh ships that came in around 6-7 years ago. I remember it very well because they all congregated around main bazzar. Walked around in their sailor's outfit. There used to be a bar on main bazaar as well. I remember one night it was full to overflowing with sailors. I think the bar was on the corner of main bazaar and bishop gate(not far from the fantastic kolo mee place).

And I remember the soldiers patronising the numerous gold shops in that area(near the Wah Tat bank).

Also, there used to be a lot of "Mat Saleh" in town when the floating bookshop came to town.

Viper, not sure when I can get back. Back to the land down under next month. And it's also very hard to shake my bodyguard(home minister). I think there's a direct flight from melb to kuching now, so I'll be back sooner rather than later.

Fetish, point taken. Although after a while I got used to it.

I must say that Sakura(opp police station) always was a little better than Blue Sky, so perhaps it's worth a go.

Adios muchachos.

Off to Golok tomorrow. Fingers crossed no bomb goes off. :)

05-28-04, 16:59

I dont see the point about the sailors from the floating bookship, the MV Doulos. At any given time, there are hundreds of Mat Salleh in Kuching on vacation.

The New Sakura at Jalan Sekama is an air conditioned bar in contrast to the Blue Sky and the other bar at the other end of Sekama.

The reason they have sleazy old men at the New Sakura shining a torch at the women is because the women at the Sakura are ugly and that is why they turn down all the lights to avoid scaring potential customers away.

The Wah Tat Bank does not exist anymore and there is no longer any more bar on the cornermost first floor shoplot at the corner of the Main Bazaar and Bishopgate Street.

Viper Z
05-29-04, 04:02
White Croc,

Still awaiting your FL contact as I have given you mine.

Viper Z

White Croc
05-29-04, 06:37
Hi Fetish/Miao,

Well at least we are hearing something positive frm Fetish. You are welcomed man. But what happened to Miao? Did you drown in Suzie's pussy or what, say something man.

Viper Z,

No worries man the number is on the way but pls remember the deal.


That bar at Main Bazaar was Nyuk Hin. Close shop. Owner Mr. Chai has moved on to bigger things.

White Croc
05-29-04, 13:29
Hi Viper,

Thank you so much for that Indian tip although you did not include her price or you would rather I do the haggling. It sure would help if you could give me an idea of the magnitude of the eventual damage.

Sure we will meet up someday, most probably in KL and do the pub thing. But time being will just meet in cyber space.


05-29-04, 17:34
White Croc,

The place you mentioned is but one of several places along that road and its subroads that offer that kind of services.

The girl in question offered two items on the menu, men on top and women on top and I took both of the items offered.

Both Fetish and I have been to the aforesaid place before your recommendation on separate occassions but we both went away disappointed at the menu that was displayed at the time.

There are other places that offer the same kind of services nearby to the place that you mention. In fact there have been quite a few new places open which I am sure that you are aware of.

I would like to record my appreciation at your pointing out of new stock at your recommended place.

Nevertheless Fetish was more interested in the petite girl than the busty girl.
One man's meat is another man's poison.

The damage was RM 45 for the obligatory massage and the tip given was RM 100 for the gratuity for the service rendered.

Viper Z
05-31-04, 02:05
White Croc,

Damage should be around RM 250 - RM 300

But of course haggling will cause a slight drop in service level.

Anyway when you call say you want escort services.

Viper Z

White Croc
05-31-04, 05:38


Thanks for the figure which I assume is for LT.


Talking about that area, the latest one to spring up is ND just next to Dua Puluh Sen, very clean like home and if you want serious massage ask for Justina whom i have faithfully used for 10 years. Now, Justina is a Bidayuh lady in her forties very friendly, experienced and absolutely has no hangups about rejuvenating your manhood thru overuse (as in you guys'case!) or underuse(as in my case-bullshit, I heard you say!). The rest of the chinese masseuses I'm sorry i have nothing good to say about them. But of course Justina isn't the only lady in kuching who could do a good job in Manhood Rejuvenation Massage, lucy and sheila in furama, michelle in sparks,boss of angel, all the ladies in kui poh are among the many who could do a decebt job. Maybe you guys out there could continue with the list for the benefit of the visitors to this wonderful site who are unfortunately encountering erectile dysfuntion problem.

Happy Gawai, amput nyamai nyamai!

06-01-04, 20:40
White Croc,

I think my friends prefer SWT, whom they can 'raba raba' a bit, and if sufficiently stimulated would accept additional services.

For serious massages with no hanky panky business, I would also suggest that one try one of the many blind men/women massages like the one nearby to the Blue Sky or the one in the Third Mile near the Siang Siang coffee shop.

I believe that Fetish and Vortexy would agree that the pool table is more appealing than the massage ladies at the ND place run by Ms. Sim.

06-02-04, 01:42
White Croc,

By manhood rejuvenation massage, I would presume that you are talking more than just a HJ. You are venturing into the area that the Malays call Urut Batin. This traditional massage method of the Malays is supposed to increased the strength and longetivity of a man's prowress. I had no idea that those women that you mention offer more than just the normal HJ.

The erectile dsyfunction problem encountered by men can only be helped by the new drugs, Viagra and Cialis. I doubt that those massage ladies you mention would be able to enable those chaps with impotence to get an erection.

The parlors that you suggested normally do not have many sweet young things. Most of the ML there would be in their thirties. How are they ranked highly in your list of parlors in Kuching to visit?

06-02-04, 14:19
A simple and lazy report.

I was working in the office on the first day of gawai to clear off some outstanding staff when Miao and Viper called. They wanted to handout so I invited them over to my office.

After a while, we decided to check out some MP, the one in King centre is closed so we went to Ang Cheng Ho area. Most of them are closed, we ended up at ND, there a pool table there so we decided to play pool instead of massage.

After pool, we had dinner and went our seperate way.

White Croc is correct, the place is clean and the girls are friendly, but it was just one of those day that we are more interesed in the pool table than the massage table.

Happy hunting

Viper Z
06-03-04, 10:41
Today was a fruitless day.

Was feeling horny so me and miao went to Kingcenter (kim poh) - saw 1 dark dino and 1 old chinese lady

So decided to go to Sparks - 2 chinese dino

Then decided to try A**a (white croc's recommendation place) - no gals - all still gawai holiday

After that no mood already so we went back.

Maybe it is because of the long holidays.


06-07-04, 12:15
I am the junior new comer in the field of contributing report but have been following this fantastic site for months since I accidentally clicked on it (thanks God)!

Really appreciate those forum taiko namely Viper Z, Fetish, Miao28, Plugger, White Croc. Making this Kuching forum active and spicy. I suppose those taikos are on holiday(or may be cannot find our native WL due to balik kampung sambut Gawai)that this forum suddenly dies off without a single report for the past almost a week. Hope everything be back to normal after this long holiday. Hehe! Ok, after what has being said, I will deliver some reports (or rather experiences) I had around Sarawak towns. I know It is hard to emulate the taikos, but I try my best. ok?

KUCHING-Had gone around and visited a few MP. Try a Chinese ML Anna(was told she is the daughter of taukeh nio, divorcee with 2 kids)of Orient Reflexology opposite Korean Restaurant at 3rd mile. She is fair, slim with good figure. Her massage is 6-7/10 and friendly as well. The best part is the last 10 minutes, she will massage your balls very skillfully (without being told to, man!) and eventually your dick. I can tell you that the feeling is terrific with that standard of WL. I had 2 occassions that I was allowed to take off her bra, touch and squeeze her 2 tits while she was doing me! She would also lick and suck on your nipples if you ask. Believe me, gentlemen, you just cannot immagine she has such pair of solid, firm, smooth tits. (Have a hard on just remembering what I touched! hehe.) But, mind you, she may not let everyone to do that. Just keep the golden rule in mid: Treat her nice, talk to her, friendly to her. She did not ask for tips or whatsoever. I gave RM30 to her as tips 1st time, but for the 2nd time she did not even bother to wait for my tip and went off! At 168 (near Yuan Fan, Ang Cheng Ho)I had many good times with a Bidayuh ML Lisa, another divorcee(sorry, pals! )with nice face and sexy voice. I knew her for almost 2 years at her last work place (Natural Reflexology) and had been asking her for real sex (sounds a bit crude, but she really has that CFM look you know! ) but was unsuccessful till 6 months ago! Normally, she would do the routine massage plus the nipple licking, dick massaging followed with a sumptous HJ. I do not know why I have not asked for another round of sex after that, may be the experience was second to none which I do not want to surpass! haha! Imagine, we two had oral, DATY, horse riding and fucked our brains out just behind the CURTAINS! No monetary terms was mentioned! Totally GFE. You guys have to excuse me now because I have to rush out for a dinner appointment. Will continue reporting tonight, if not too tired.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

06-07-04, 15:53
Just got back from dinner. Where were we just now? Oh ya, Lisa of 168, right? Let's get on with another one.

I visited ND a few days ago and was served by a not bad-looking ML. Started off as usual, but her massaging touches and grips were very professional and recommended. She did not talk much neither was she GFE. I was only told that she is a mix of Bidayuh/? and just got back to work after Gawai holiday.

Then, came the really unexpected and stunning last 10 minutes(again? ). She began massaging my dick and balls. I felt really good with her magic, yes, magic touch. Within seconds, I had an extreme erection like a belian flag pole. After about 3 minutes of stroking my dick, I asked her to lick my nipples(I LOVE this! )which she smilingly obliged. Oh God! Her tongue was superb! Listen to this, pals! To my surprise, she licked across my chest to the other nipple and then downwards to my lower belly! I could only sighed and grumbled, "You are good, dear. "Then, before I knew it, her tongue and lips were painting my balls! Just when I thought that was the limit she would offer, I felt a warm, wet and perfect kind of stimulation on my dick! My girl was giving me one of the best BBBJ in my life behind the CURTAIN! By then I knew taking off her bra and exploring her tits should not be an impossible mission. I was right. She even helped herself to do the'un-bra-ing'. With those double fantasies, I would be bullshitting if I told you that I could hold on for 2 more minutes! I cunningly thought of giving her a surprise CIM but my girl seemed to know the explosion moment and skillfully turned the BBBJ to an equally fascinating HJTC! She really knew the rythm to jerk and squeeze the dick in between releasing of loads to give the maximum sensation! She was happy with my personality, I thought, because she put her handphone number in my phone book, hehe!

So, pals, hopefully those 3 encounters would be worth reading to you. Be it spicing up your hectic daily life, be it your adventure references, or be it your stimulation for a HJ. haha!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

06-07-04, 16:35
Hi, it'me again. Thought of giving some information on other towns in Sarawak as far as hanky-panky (fucking--in crude terms, ok?)business is concerned.

In Sibu, MP is rare. I can only think of one near Chartered Bank named GINZA(not the one at Sekama, Kuching! may be same boss? branch? I don't know.)It is a saloon and the beds are WITHOUT even curtains in between. I was once lucky to have a session of opened space massage. The section was empty with myself and the ML alone. She offered to give me a HJTC UNDER a towel for RM50, with a condition that she would stop if somebody walked by. We fortunately got our business done. Her HJ skill was above average because it was not easy to jerk a guy off in such an environment! Not a bad experience, though.

I have the contact of a Bidayuh lady (I greet her as"auntie") who has 7 to 8 girls mostly local natives(Malay, Iban, Bidayuh.). The price is RM150 per shot and RM250 overnight. Auntie will send the girl to your hotel room, collect money from you and then leave the girl with you for your enjoyment. Honestly speaking, the standard of services of this source has not been great or consistant. But what to do? As Hokkien says: No fish prawn also can! TIPS: I had good experience with Malay girls! Ask for Sharifah or Linda. Please PM me if you need Auntie contact. On the other hand, if any brothers here have contact in Sibu, please enlighten so that we can PM each other to exchange.

I like a brother here who once commented: SHARING IS THE ESSENTIAL WAY TOWARDS SUSTAINBILITY! (or something like that.)

Ok, bed time. Bye for now and I will be back on Bintulu, Miri, Lawas and to your big big surprise. LIMBANG!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

06-08-04, 01:01

It goes to show that gems can be found in any of the MP. We have reported previously that ND was not on our list of MP to visit as we found the pool table there more appealing than the ML. However both White Croc and yourself seem to have enjoyed yourselves there.
Perhaps some of the brothers here can report on the parlors that are seldom spoken about but in which gems may abound. One of them is at the Third Mile behind the Timberland Medical Center. Another is at the Fourth Mile near to the Lau Tee Fang. Yet another is the one on top of the Air Asia office in Jalan Abell. One of them is opposite the swimming pool in Jalan Padungan above a motor spare parts shop. On Jalan Petanak, there are at least three more. On top of the Point One in Third Mile, there is yet another.

A strong word of warning, dinosaurs may abound in many of the above places mentioned. This however may not detract from the fact that good massages may be available, if that was the original intention when visiting these places.

Viper Z
06-08-04, 04:04

Good report.

You are in Kuching?

Viper Z

06-08-04, 10:21
Bakuteh, "queh tao hoh."/ Very well done.

"Ah pai eng eng wah chiah lu kee chiak."

Btw, where is the MP in third mile? Close to Roxy side or nearer the market? I've never seen a Korean restaurant in that area. Shows how observant I am.

"Kam sia, taukeh."

06-08-04, 11:41

The MP in the Third Mile is opposite the Timberland Medical Center. It is on the block next to YY. The Korean restaurant is opposite the MP and the Vegetarian restaurant.

There are other MP also nearby. One is on the same side as the Timberland, on the shoplots behind. One is near to the Siang Siang foodcourt. There is also blind man massage in this area too.

06-08-04, 17:12
Bro Viper Z,

Thanks a lot for your attention on my posts. Great to be being noticed.

I am from Kuching but travel fairly extensively throughout Malaysia on business purposes.

So, what's up over at your side? sort of quiet...As your report follower, I realised that you are very well versed with this industry both here and Semenanjung as well. You travel a lot?

Anyway, hope to see your great FR soon. Thanks, once again.

Bro Sainter,

Mai kek kee, tai keh hua hee tu ho!

Really had difficult time to figure out the meaning of your second sentence. Gonna treat me to meal? It's ok lah, just give us few more wet and spicy FR will do! Haha!

Are you sure you really don't know Orient MP? Taikos like Viper Z, Miao28 and Fetish had contributed one air-con, two sofas and some towels there already after much frequent visit!

Ok, there is a vegeterian cafe(Tai Tong, if I am not wrong)near the flyover opposite Timberland. The cafe is at the same row with Hong Leong Bank but at the other corner. Orient is just at the back of the cafe. It is also back to back with another surprisingly less talked about MP, YY. Downstair of Orient, you can see Maxin Cafe is being renovated for our future patronage after hours of HARD works! From here, you won't miss the Korean Restaurant which is next to a phone shop.

Phew... hope I make myself perfectly clear. Oh ya! May be our meal should make it there, hehe...just kidding lah!

To those who had PM me, I really appreciate. Of all the dozen pm I got, I had replied all. Please check.

For ND location, go to Dua Puluh Sen(DPS)at Ang Cheng Ho. Stand facing DPS in front of an ice-cream shop(Micola??), look 10 o'clock or 45 degrees and you will see a yellow signboard. That is it!

Just another piece of information:There are about 12-15 MP around Ang Cheng Ho and Petanak areas alone!

I have to apologise for not being able to contribute any FR tonight. I would give replying pm and writing this post as the excuse. Haha! However, I won't forget my promise on the FR in Bintulu, Miri and Lawas! Watch out for those.

Good night and bye for now.


Hairy Timun
06-08-04, 17:38
Hi guys,

Sorry to sound ignorant but where is ND and 168? I'm ashamed to say that altough I'm originally from Kuching but I don't know the roads well anymore as I have not been back for a while. This will be my sixth month being back.

06-09-04, 00:49

You give the most detailed directions on how to go to a particular place. You are a really keen observer of the most minute of details.
Are there really so many MP in the Ang Cheng Ho?Petanak area? Let me make a quick head count. There are 4 on Jalan Petanak. There are 5 on the lorongs of Jalan Blacksmith. There are 4 on the lorongs of Jalan Ang Cheng Ho. There is 1 on Jalan Padungan opposite to the swimming pool. Perhaps there is another one or two that I missed.

I think in the second sentence, Sainter says "next time I will give you a treat".

Harry Timun,

Where have you come back from? The roads shouldn't be a mystery to you if you are originally from Kuching as there hasn't been many new roads unless you have been away for decades.
ND and 168 is at one of the lorongs of Jalan Blacksmith. Directions have been given by our bro Bakuteh for ND. 168 is at one of the lorongs of Jalan Blacksmith opposite one of the blocks of Wisma Nations Horizon in Jalan Petanak.

Viper Z
06-09-04, 01:38
Hairy Timun,

ND and 168 is at ang cheng ho area (where else?).


Yes,I travel a fair bit.

Viper Z

06-09-04, 06:38

Welcome to the board and thanks for all the great reports. A few of us like Miao, Viper, the lagendary tymood and myself have been hanging out a lot, you can joint us if you wants to.

I have been travelling a lot for the paet week and the week ahead, my house is more like a hotel, I spend more time in the hotel than my house.

I have some FR from my latest outstation adventure, will post in the appropiate section.

06-09-04, 09:49
Bakuteh, it's been a while since I've been back. Working in aus atm. That's probably why my hokkien is a little rusty.

Miao, thanks. I was confused because I always thought that timberland area was called 2 1/2 mile. So I was thinking about the wrong side completely. That area is now so busy. I used to play snooker at a place called scorpion around there.

Oh, near timberland there was a good place for "ang tow peng". I hope it's still there. Good place to go after an afternoon of cheonging.

06-09-04, 14:00
hi, apa khabar everybody? makan already?

i am back here again for fr mission as promised. hope my frs are of little help for all bros here while on travelling.

in bintulu, one's dick would not be running out of hole, if you don't mind a quickie with an indon in a plain lodging room up on one of those old shophouses for around rm40-rm60.

slightly after 8pm every evening, walk along the 3 main streets in bintulu town centre parallel to each other, one next to the old airport, another one in the middle where the last one near the river. you will be astonished to find dozens of young(and old)indon standing and waiting along the five foot way. if you go near, they will ask, "bang, mau kongkek kah?" don't jump in too fast in your selection because may be you will find lots more better choices afterwards, unless you can screw a few times a night!(why not? after all it's affordable!)if the deal is on, then the girl will bring you to the room upstair as battle field.

i can tell you most girls are young, i mean really young, about 14 to 17 years old. however, don't expect good services from this catagory as they are lack of experience and professionalism as well. in actual fact, with that pricing range at stake, what can we luxuriously expect?

i know an okt there by the name of robert who has quite a good level of indon stock. you can call him to patronise at some budget hotel rooms or have them delivered to your room. price is rm150 per shot and rm250 overnight. i was once lucky to have a girl from robert, whom i am quite sure that she is the prettiest indon i have met. normally, the standard fucking time is 1 hour per session. i remembered we fucked like two crazy dogs for 1 hour and 50 minutes(of course lah, with half time of about 15 minutes in between. i don't take viagra, ok?). she didn't ask for extra neither did robert as he knows me. the best thing was i got her out for some clubbing session at casablanca and fire later that night.(oh ya, she is a freelancer with robert and that's why she could do that.) after that, she wanted to follow me back to hotel, which i at first declined(damn exhausted!). however, we ended up with another session in my room till 4.30am! that girl is really something, well groomed, nicely treated long hair and even wearing a sexy gold waistlace!

we always read about raids were carried out almost alternative night in bintulu but the activities have never been mellowed down. to the positive side, this might explain the really rare [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) cases(almost unheard of) in bintulu!

there are also a few hc in bintiulu near plaza hotel where they operate as saloon but rooms are available for fucking business if you like the ml/wl there. there was a better one called beijing hc at medan jaya but heard that had closed down already. you might want to drop by parkcity hotel, go to the ground floor, turn left walk till the end and there you are the hc. there are 2 or 3 ml who give ok massage only there. but if you stay in there and call them as room service, they can offer hjtc for rm50 on top of the normal massage(sorry, can't remember how much). and if you go at the right time, there may be prc wl waiting to serve you. i once had the service of a prc with perfect body and fantastic pair of tits who till now still calls me from beijing. she has been persuading me to go there for a few days. i always fell like flying there to screw her again whenever i think of her tits and the way she rode me, vacuumed my dick till cim.....

bintulu is a nice place for everything if you know the ways. so, make sure you enjoy yourselves to the fullest next time you go to bintulu.

hope you enjoy this fr, although not very spicy and stimulating as last ones.

i will come back again for fr in miri and limbang. stay tuned!


06-09-04, 18:18

The Scorpion is the same block as the Golden Valley.
The place for ang tow peng is probably the St Michael Canteen which is next to the Timberland Medical Center. It has shifted from the traffic lights at the Rock Road and Reservoir Park junction many years ago.

06-09-04, 18:21
Miao 28,

Of the few MP you mentioned, I had tried :

1) Lai Lai--- the one at the back of Expert Food Court(Lau Hang Chia)at Liang Kee commercial centre, diagonally opposite Passion KTV. It is owned by the same boss as Orient. I used to enjoying the services of a MP there by the name of Nada whom I last saw her at Angel. She should be still there. Lai Lai seems to be a bit run down and the quality of MP is generally lack of. That is why I have not been there since Nada left.

2) Suezenna--- the one opposite Dewan Masyarakat at Padungan.It is on top of, to be more exact, Ta Wan Kung(Noodle expert). I was there 6 weeks ago looking for Wati whom I knew 4 years ago when she was still at Chai Yun MP, on the 1st floor of the old building next to Upwell Supermarket. Then, she went to San Fung (to the back of Discovery Pub)near Wisma Ting Pek Khing for two years before landing at Suezenna. Wati is a mix of Malay/?? and her face, I would say, is 8/10. The two tits are at least 35C and her service and attitude is superb. Totally GFE and acommondating. She gives excellent BBBJ and FJ which allows you to spray your loads on her tits!

3) Pao Kang--- the one at Jalan Petanak on top of a corner coffeeshop selling excellent Foochow specialties. It is more or less opposite Magnum 4D, Apple Computer and 21st Century.Tried Irene and had a few good sessions as she gives stimulative HJTC besides the proper massage. Had not been there for 10 months.

For the rest of MP mentioned by you, regret to say that I have yet to spread my loads there yet.

BTW, mind telling where are the ones near Timberland and Point One(I thought it is a decent saloon?) The one on top of Airasia office is Hui Huang MP, one of the oldest MP in Kuching and may be in Malaysia. Heard most ML are 40-50 years old but with good traditinal massage skill. Not aware of if they give HJ. Any Bro here to enlighten? Thanks.

Any idea what is up there on the saloon on top of Fu Bin Seafood? It has a either red or green signboard and is perpendicular to Orient and Lai Lai.

Ok, I think it's time for me to shut up and wish that bro Miao 28 or any bro here can help out with some of the information I requested above.

Thanks and good night.


06-10-04, 01:54

I agree with you that the the girls at the Lai Lai is nothing to shout about.

Viper Z went to check out the Susiana during the Gawai season but came down in a big hurry complaining about the dinosaurs in there. Susiana is above the spare parts shop, I believe. I didnt know that Wati had moved there. I believe Wati may be Viper's cup of tea.

San Fung was checked out by our bro, Fetish during one of our pool sessions at the Taman Sri Sarawak with cereal killer. He also came away disappointed. This happened about a month ago.

Irene is one of the evergreen at the Pao Kung. She is Chinese/Bidayuh mixed. One of the girls to try there is Angie. She has superb tits. Viper, take note. The Pao Kung is actually above the shop selling ceramic ware and next to the kopi tiam.

The Hiu Huang, I believe, moved down the road from the Yun Phin building to its present location opposite City Inn. I believe the name then changed to Sin Hui Hung. Like you said, the ladies have been in the trade for a long time.

The saloon above the Fu Bin does actual hair cut and did not offer massages the last time I was there a few years back. Things may have changed. Any brothers here can help out Bakuteh?

Still on the subject of MP, there are another two parlors opposite the Grand Continental Hotel and of coz, there is the Grand Spa next to the Grand Continental.

06-10-04, 12:08

Thanks for those words of encouragement. Same goes to this forum taikos like Viper Z, Miao 28, Sainter, White Croc and.... many.

Where do you usually travel to? I go fairly extensively throughout Malaysia. I made 65 trips within Malaysia and 4 international trips(not to Pontianak!)during the last 12 months. However, it will be a bit lesser in time to come.

It would be great to be hanging out with you all legendary taikos. You sure the MP has enough ML to serve us? May be one of us will end up with the tea lady there! haha! Anyway, let's keep our fingers closed and when FATE(yuan feng) strikes, we would meet up and rock the world!

Btw, hope to see your FR soon.

Miao 28,

Please don't over- estimate my sense of direction and minunity on my observation, because I am only good at directing MP! haha!

I think your head count is perfect which reconciles with my figure. Did you take in the one named AOBA(Chin Yeh--Green leaf in
Mandarin)? It is on the 1 st floor of one of the 4 blocks of old shophouses(Sungai Padungan) across the bridge next to
Petanak Market, if you are from Ang Cheng Ho. It is next to SUPP Kuching Branch Office and opposite Kumpulan Parabena(owned by our CM' sister).

How about Y2Y? Is that in your head count as well?

I in fact had a few good experiences at Y2Y(same boss as YY). I will post them separately in time to come.

That's all for now and bye.


06-11-04, 04:43

I didnt include the AOBA in the headcount as that is in the Sungei Padungan area. I did include the Y2Y in my head count. I didnt include the saloon next door to the Y2Y. It is next to the corner shop selling cellphone on the same block as Y2Y. I have often wondered about that saloon.

There used to be a place opposite the Federal Express office offering Indonesian Chinese ladies but it has since closed. It was unmarked and had no sign board. The only identifying sign was the big number on the bottom staircase.

I believe you must have much frequent flier miles with all the travelling that you do. Any luck with the hostess on the aeroplanes? You must know them all by now.

Viper Z
06-11-04, 16:12

You must be in the 'senior' age category?

I am still in the 'green'one..

Viper Z

06-12-04, 12:52
Miao 28,

Were you at GV Thursday night? I was there from 11pm till 12.30am sitting with two chicks in the room. We might have bumped into each other but failed to regconise, right?

Anyway, mind recommending some chicks there as I am not familiar at GV? The two chicks sitting with me were not up to my expectation.

The saloon next to Y2Y should be Kim Fung(Golden Pheonix) and I also wonder what's up there. But I think it should be a decent(at least for now) saloon.

I had tried the one opposite GC facing Ban Hock Road, with a female Christian name. They once even advertised on newspaper for customers. Nothing much, ok massage by 30+ ML with a HJ as finale. Mind enlightening where is the other MP opposite GC?

There is another one upstair of Eagle's Nest at Bukit Mata Kuching. No name, just Reflexology bra bra bra...(ops! should be bla bla bla...). Tried a 30+ ML who would give no-coming HJ and BBBJ if you know the arts of convincing. And that could only happen if you two are alone in the section because there is no even curtain in between beds! That's why I warned "No-coming"!

Haha! Thanks for the decent question on frequent flyer. You mean Enrich? I suppose. I am Enrich Gold member and the benefits while travelling are terrific. But it's not easy to get Enrich Gold status and it's even much harder to maintain it. It can't be purchased but only be achieved by travelling business/first class frequent enough. I have exchanged 3 tickets to Melbourne, 1 to Manchester(watching MU vs Arsenal, hehe!), and can't remember how many to KL so far. Are you an Enrich member? If so, I can share a few tricks on how to "victimise" MAS!

I was once lucky with an air-stewardess few years back.That was really memorable and the sexual( yes, you read it right, it's sexual, not fucking!ok?) experience with her was um....I remembered she would give me her duty roster every month and I would plan my outstation trips ACCORDIND to her roster. So, we had been to Hiyatt KK, Renaissance Sandakan, Hilton Kuching, Dynasty Miri, Kingswood Sibu and countless nights in different hotels in KL on her off days. I heard from other stewardess that she had settled down in Singapore and I should wish her all the best and also thank her for such a marvellous memory!

Till now, I had not bumped into a stewardess who can reignite that sort of feeling and desire to go after her. May be we were in love before? I don't know. It's kind of" Beauty Of Imperfection"...

Wow, wow, wow! Just a word of air-stewardess from Bro Miao turned me into such a romantic and emotional guy! haha!

Ok, have to stop here as I have to do some homework on tonight's EURO 2004 matches, Portugal vs Greece, Spain vs Russia. Mioa, are you football follower? I am actually not follower, but....ADDICT! Any bro here besides MP lah, ML lah, HJ lah, BBBJ lah, CIM lah, Ginza lah, Orient lah also into football(betting, in silent...)? Sometimes have to balance up mah, right?

Bye and wish me all the best for my Greece ang Spain tonight.


06-12-04, 18:37
Viper Z,

Well, I don't know if I should disclose my exact age or not. May be I would say I am still in the junior age group but look" fairly" much junior in appearance. Hope I am tactful enough in answering your querry.

Oh yes! I have no doubt about your "green" one, judging from the cheonging activities FR we enjoy reading. It's indeed not easy to produce such genuine FR, especially your nationwide operation. The procedures are rather tidious: You have to travel, attend meetings, then look for friends to go to the correct MP, choose the right(sometimes wrong ones!) ML, then to be massaged, hand pumped(sometimes vacuumed some more!), then waste of protein and you even have to pay for it! But the most taxing thing is to sit in front of your notebook typing the FR for the benefit of all the brothers here!(Did I miss out any procedure?) So, without the stamina and energy of a "green" one, I cretainly don't think you can cope with. Btw, do you hear the standing oviation? Sensing along that line, I guess the regular taikos here all are in the"green" one! Hope everybody is happy.

Anyway, take this all brothers: Age is not a problem and be young at heart always!


06-13-04, 01:30
There are a few MP in the Ang Cheng Ho area that has some China ladies working in there. The problem with such MP is that the MIB like to go frequently to check on such premises and if you are caught with the China ladies, who frequently have visa problems of some sort, you will be brought down to the local station for documentation.
My advice is to stick to the MP with the local ladies. Not only will it save you some hassle, the money you spend there will circulate within the local economy and not sent back on the next wire transfer to a foreign country.

06-15-04, 13:34

What were your good experiences at the Y2Y?

Nowadays at the YY, it has been reduced to women trying to drag men up the stairs from the five foot way. Such is the state of affairs when i was last there.

06-16-04, 06:39
Here's the FR.

I was feeling drained after 2 weeks of busy schedule so I decided to go for a massage. Viper Z is not around so I asked Miao to come with me. To make the long story short, the summary are,

Name: Karen.
Massage: 7/10 (very relaxing)
HJ: 9.5/10 (the lagendary HJ, yum yum)
Overall: 8/10
Total damage: 100
WIR: Yes, for Karen.

Other statisitc can be found in previous report and therefore no repeat required here.

06-16-04, 12:47
Hi there,

I am new here. Good info from all of you out there.

It looks like all of you are pretty much on massage lady. I heard-hear say that the tauke nio daughter at Orient is charging RM200 per FS. Any one of you tried her before??

What about those OKT lady? Any sister from PRC or other State lately? Please FR.

Can anyone be kind enough to pm me the okt number for Kuching?



06-17-04, 01:34
MO 100,

I think it is wise not to post any hearsay in here. What if your hearsay is false? Hearsay is like rumors, it gets longer and longer and then the truth becomes smaller and smaller. Then the reputation of the lady becomes damaged irreparably. Please relate any experiences that you have actually enjoyed and be discreet about it.

06-17-04, 01:43

By my last reckoning, if we are to include the MP with the Christian name opposite the GC, that would make it three MP along two adjacent block in Ban Hock Road.

I was at the GV on the Thursday night at just past midnight and I was sitting at the table directly opposite the main entrance. I had no idea that you were in the VIP rooms with two chicks. If not, my friend and I would have joined you. We were so near and yet so far.

The Massage Place above the Eagles' Nest. It does foot massages in the open area. I didnt know that they have a curtain or partition area for body massages. I was there one time last year. Opening the door, I saw many middle aged men having their foot massaged in an open plan area. I left the place as it was not my cup of tea.

The good place to meet air stewardess is at the Hilton where a lot of them stay when on shift duty.

I am no football addict and I dont know about Fetish and Viper Z. The last time I went to a big football event was in Italy in 1990 when the World Cup was held there. I was also in the U.K. when they took down the Wembly Stadium and sold the toilets as momentos.

Viper Z
06-17-04, 06:03

Nowadays looking for new place to 'explore'

The rest are getting stale

Viper Z

06-17-04, 11:06

I think I have the same feeling as Viper. When we go cheong, the excitment is not actually the services but the advanture. When you go to a new place and discover something new and good, the feeling is better than the physical enjoyment. Maybe with my age, I speaking for myself.

Another way to spice up the excitment is chasing women, however, nowdays I subscribe to the priciple of buying milk, not the whole cow. LOL.

06-18-04, 02:25
FR from ND

06-18-04, 02:28
FR from ND

Went with Miao to ND to try out the mix blood, can't remember her name (I have a big problem with remembering names).

The summary are,

Face: 5/10
Body: 5/10
Strength of massage: 8/10
Massage: 7.5/10
Hand smoothness: 5/10
HJ: 7/10 (Karen is still the champ in that catagory)

06-18-04, 07:30
Hi All the Big Brother,

I am new in this forum, so would interesting to know whether anyone of you have visited any places in Kuching recently.



06-18-04, 11:05
I agree with Fetish that it is not so much the services than the feeling of trying out something new. It is like having a new toy when we were kids. Variety is the spice of life, like they say. That is why men is never satisfied with what they have. They always have to go try out new things.

Buying milk is better coz then there is no need for maintenance for the cow. It may be cheaper to buy milk coz the milk is produced in bulk. We are all very conscious of cost cutting and cost reduction nowadays. It doesnt mean that the goods will be inferior.

06-18-04, 14:19

The last time I was at 'Y Y' at third mile, I had the lady who actually stayed at the five foot way to drag customers. She is the one with big breast and matured looking. Too bad she was very rushing and businesslike.

I never step into Y to Y or Y&Y again after that.

I have not seen her lately when I drove by.


06-19-04, 00:28

If you go past YY again, do not take the lady or ladies on the five footway who try to persuade to go up. Go upstairs to the YY and make your selection there. Those ladies loitering on the five footway are the more mature ladies whom you would not choose if you actually go up the staircase to look at the offerings upstairs.

06-19-04, 00:45
Member #2074,

You may be new to this thread but this thread is not new. What did you think all the posting in this thread is all about? If you care to read carefully, you will find that we are all from Kuching here or have been to Kuching.

06-19-04, 12:35

I'm pleased to see the reports on Kuching, but it also makes me wander where the h... you all have been when I needed info on Kuching last year. Rose-roy and Cerealkiller tried to help, but alas!

06-19-04, 14:26
Fetish & White Croc,

Your FR on 28 May 04 on Lyly and a few time on the 'legendary' Karen. Where do they work.

Viper & other bros,

Mind sharing phone number of OKT for Kuching.


I actually enjoyed the companion of the lady that I had at Y2Y. Just love to caress her big breast again and her maturity. She wanted $100 for FJ, did not take it. I paid $90 for massage and HJ if I'm not mistaken then. Do you know where is she now?

Y2Y had PRC before but that was last year I think. Later they were raided. That was part of the very big reason why I did not visited the place again. Both the YY still charge $65 upfront right?
Same with Ginza and YuanFan


06-19-04, 15:59

I would have thought that an experienced person as yourself would have turned to the local cab drivers for help when you are in a new place, if you have no one else to turn to.

I dont know what hotel you stayed in but usually all the bell hops in Kuching are quite on the mark as to info on the local scene.

If you ever come back to Kuching again, I would be glad to be of service.

06-19-04, 16:31
I drove past one of the lorongs of Jalan Abell at half past nine P.M. and there were many ladies on offer. The girls were standing by the roadside and many cars were kerb crawling and stopping to inquire about the prices from the girls. I believe that the girls are free lance working ladies.

The price for the girls for a short time is RM 50. The nearby lodging houses and Inns are available for half an hour or so for a further RM 10. But be aware that facilities are very basic in some of these lodging houses and Inns.

06-19-04, 16:35
Viper Z,

If you are looking for new MP places, there are at least four in Jalan Ban Hock. One of them is the Grand Spa next to the Grand Continental Hotel. I used to remember Sapphire and Lily working in the Grand Spa.

Opposite the Grand Continental Hotel, there are three more MP. One is clearly advertised as a MP. The other is disguised as a hair dressing saloon but it offers massages. The last one is rather decrepit and run down and doesnt not have any sign board. However from time to time, the last one has some nice chicks. Just disregard the old ladies offering massages and ask if the young ladies are available.

06-19-04, 23:43

I'm not very eager to ask cab drivers, because in my opinion they cut you twice. First, by taking a detour and second, by collecting a commission that will be charged to you by the OKT without you knowing that.

I stayed at the Crown Plaza and even the bellboy couldn't help, he said. He did gave me a phonenumber, but it was always busy.

Thanks for your offer. I will certainly contact you when in Kuching again.

06-20-04, 00:16

In all the MP that offer additional services in Kuching, the house (the proprietor) usually takes a cut of the girl's earnings. How they work this out is like this. The ML would normally only take half of the fee charged for the massage. The other half would go to the owner of the MP. Of course, the MP is responsible for all the overheads of the MP. What the ML gets to keep entirely is the fee that is paid for her other services that would be provided discreetly.

In many of the MP, other services such as HJ and FJ is discreetly provided. If you want to bonk a girl in the MP, you have to do it discreetly behind the flimsy curtain partition that separates you and the next person who may be having a massage on the next partition. The price of a quoted upfront massage in such places is RM 45 to RM 50. Other services are by direct negotiation but the going rate seems to be RM 30 for a HJ and RM 100 for a FS.

Saloons that are considered more upscale offer massage services in a different part of the building. In such places, normally located on the floor above the MP, the rooms are usually provided with a big bed and there are shower and toilet facilities. Such places would normally quote a price of around RM 65 for massage. Any extras would have to be negotiated between you and the ML. It should be remembered that as such places are normally for liaisons, the massages are normally non existent and one should not go to such places purely looking for a massage only.

I was surprised that the bellhop at the Crowne Plaza was unable to help. When my Japanese friend checked in the same hotel, he was astonished to get a telephone call from within the hotel asking if he wanted a companion. My local KL friend who came together with the Japanese friend did not get such offer. Perhaps the OKT were selective in who to call to ask if they would like such services.

It is rare in Kuching or other places where the girls do not have to pay a cut of their earnings to someone, be it MP proprietor, bellboy, taxi driver, HC owner, etc,. unless one is dealing with a FL.

06-20-04, 12:45
I was having drinks with some friends at the King's Center. After drinks, I proceeded to have a second look at the MP. The previous occassion I was there with Viper Z and we found nothing of interest.

I proceeded up the staircase and entered the parlor. It was quite clean and there were now 4 ladies. One was a mixed dark looking lady with bust the size of melons. I would say at least DD cup. Then there were a younger and an older Chinese lady. The last lady was dark looking and looked native.

While the ladies did not attract me, I sort of hung around the place for a bit to give the impression that I was waiting for a friend to arrive. I wondered to myself how did the place survived financially, given that there was only one other customer having a massage behind the curtain partition.

Soon a elderly bald headed customer entered and without a word, the mixed blood lady immediately got up to attend to this elderly gentleman without a word. It would appear that he was a regular and I could see what he was attracted to.

One man's meat is another man's poison. I would appeal to all Kuching mongers to regularly check out the parlors for new stocks. Sometimes gems may be found in these places if one is persistant and patient enough.

06-20-04, 19:47

Could it be my Indonesian looks? I remember visiting a MP in Cherating of which my local guide told me it is one of the very few places to have "fun". The patron of the MP denied that there was more to be enjoyed than a regular massage!

06-20-04, 23:52

If you are not a regular patrons of a place, I think the proprietor will not offer all the services to a newcomer.

Take for instance, the visit of myself and Fetish to a MP recently. Two of my friends had earlier patronised the same girl and they they were offered were HJ. On my visit there, the girl asked if I wanted a HJ. I told her I was more interested in a FJ. She told me that I had to pay her additional tips. I agreed and she went to get a condom.

Meanwhile in the next curtain partition was Fetish. He was only offered a HJ and when he asked the ML for a BBBJ, the ML told him that such services were only offered by the ML that was with me.

To cut the long story short, Fetish paid another visit to the same MP. He told the lady that offered him a HJ that my ML offered me FS. To his surprise, his ML now offered him the same FS.It would seem that unless one is a regular at a certain MP, some services would not be offered to all customers.

I am not sure why in your case, you were not offered any extras. Perhaps you blended too well in the local scene at the Crowne Plaza. In any case, only my Japanese friend was offered extras while my local KL friend was not offered such services. Menteng, perhaps you blended too well into the scene and was regarded as a local, that was why you were denied such services.

06-21-04, 01:13

There are a few parlors that have 'guest' China ladies who work as ML. Not only did the Y2Y have China ladies. A few of the other palors also have China ladies and these are the parlors that are usually under close scrutiny and are the ones which get raided quite often.

Normally I would avoid going to such parlors which employ such 'guest' workers. If my friends insist on going, then I would normally wait for them in a nearby coffee shop. There is no point courting trouble as the raids by the MIB can be carried out anytime.

If you are caught 'pants down' with a guest worker, then you would have a lot of trouble at the local police station. Normally they would want you to testify against the China lady that you were caught with, and if you dont want to do that, you will face tough interrogation as to why you refuse to be co-operative.

Other places to look for China ladies are in the various night clubs and karaokes along Jalan Ban Hock, Jalan Sekama and in the Airport Road area. In the Tabuan Laru area, look for Atlantis.

06-21-04, 03:22

Maybe you have the "LE" look, I'm suprice the bellboy didn't help you. Usually, they'll get around RM 30 tips for a RM180FJ.

Anyway, past is history, you'll know who to contact the next time your are here.

Viper Z
06-21-04, 06:04

Seems that this thread is on fire (at least moving)


06-21-04, 18:30
For all those who like FL, I suggest that you check out the lorongs in Jalan Abell. Seems that they have local freelance now compared to the Indonesian WL that was controlled by a Indonesian mummy a few months ago.

The Indonesian mummy was arrested a few months back and it made big headlines in the local newspapers.

The girls are young and not bad looking. The asking price is RM 50 at around midnight and they will only provide service at the local lodging house. Fee for the lodging house short time is RM 10.