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05-23-02, 06:52
i checked out the prague sex park on monday night to see what the offerings might be. it is on the wrong side of the tracks, or in this case the wrong side of the river. take the #3 tram from central area and get off at prazska trznice- easy to find. the "club" is located behind a walled compound that looks like an old military base or warehouse district- you can see the tops of the building over the wall from the road about 50m from the tram stop. this is a strangely quiet area with few cars and people but safe. into the park up some strairs and you are met by a guy with a metal detector wand. he waves it around, confirep001ed my camera to hold, pay 20kr. go thru turnstile to the girls. there were about 15-20 girls in small rooms standing or sitting on beds in lingerie and pushup bras. i am very particular and was looking for a model type. most of the girls i rate 5-7 and between 25-35 yo. i didn't partake here being a little gun shy and plans to hit a club. i'm sure it is less expensive here. the girls didn't bother you like the asian ho's in frankfurt, but were all available, some looked bored. overall very slow, worth a quick stop to look, but there is much better happenings elsewhere.

05-23-02, 12:56
Hi Shelver,

Thanks for your report on Sex Park. At the end of your post you indicated that there are many places in Prague better than SEX Park. I agree but which places would you specifically recommend?

05-23-02, 22:30
i had a fantastic time at club altas off the square- very easy to find. they have flyer-handers on the square saying 200kc cover and first beer is free. went in and you get handed a card to keep track of your drinks to pay for as you are leaving. i went inside expecting to cannon ball a beer then head for the exit. i'm an american living in the uk and in london you never go anywhere near the clubs. the [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109)-soaked streets of soho are a complete rip-off. i expected more from prague, but had my guard up anyway. the club is big enough to survey from different angles with one dance stage in the middle, hard to see from the sides. one girl dances at a time. it was about 10:00 and about 15 girls sitting around talking to guys or each other- 3 of which i considered "model" quality-all available. no pressure to buy drinks or from the girls- they seem to let you take your time and decide. i sat at the bar and had a beer, one girl who was already sitting talked to me and showed me the "menu"-very up front. one hour was 2850 kr (exchange is about 33 kr to $1), but also 30 and 45 minutes for less. she was alright but not quite the stunner i was looking for. there are about 10 rooms off the back of the club where the action takes place. went with a tall slim blonde named veronica. she was exceptional and stayed for the whole hour. no rush job. she did massage, oral with, and multiple positions without complaint. very passionate and friendly overall. my bar tab was 400 kr with 2 beers and a drink for her. i will definitely try more clubs next time. i went out to k5, walked by the front of it a few times and stupidly did not go inside. i'm sure there were beauties within. i kept thinking soho and rip-off tactics. next time i will heavily hit the club scene.

05-24-02, 17:30
The street scene in Praha is very low key. Mostly because it is not necessary-there are pretty girls in the clubs with rooms. There are a few unattractive gypsy girls working the square who will bother you if you are single. In 5 nights in Prague walking all over at all hours I saw about 20 street girls total. All but 2 were not even close to acceptable. I did see two I suspected were hooking but neither would stop and talk to me. Both were dressed nice and if I had to take a wild guess were Russian out of towners looking for some quick cash. Some Russian or Czech would have helped. But the ugly girls will gladly talk to you and there are stories of being ripped off -not recommended.

05-29-02, 22:04
Arrived at Prague around midday to a beautiful city bathed in sunshine. After walking around, dropped in at Atlas Club, clearly visible from the main square. It is opposite another club called Moulin Rouge. Similar setup. Did not like what I saw as far as girls was concerned so I left.

3 am and wide awake. Called a number in the Prague post, escorts CZ marilyn and 1 hour later, girl (a 6 wearing a grotesque cross) showed up with a bouncer and asked for money. 3000 Cz. Mechanical in the extreme and dry below. Had to finish with hj.

Bought Announce (watch which edition you buy; flick through the end first unless you read Czech). There were around 10 pages of pictures with telephone numbers but no addresses. About 6 of the ads had English in them. Those were the only ones I called. Found only 2 addresses. Others were not available or hung up the moment I requested to speak English.

First apartment (1 metro stop from Museum, something nutrai ) was seedy although the bed was clean. The funny thing about this was another half naked girl kept coming in through the door as if by mistake whilst my girl was sucking, on top and finally below me. I could only laugh at it all. 6/10 experience. It did not help that the other girl was a 8 and the one giving me a BJ was a 6. 1500 Cz for 1 hour. I could have done it all in 30 mins for 1000 Cz.

The next day, I found another privat. Better apartment but once again the sex was cold and mechanical. Girl was a 7 but experience was a 5. 2000 Cz for an hour.
Metro was flora.

Did not have time to visit K5 but it is a big building at the conor of the street. Very obvious and high profile. Maybe next time.

I think the English speakers charge about 500-1000 Cz more and there seem to be more variety of services with the non English speakers. None of the 3 was willing to do anal, even for extra.

Generally, not impressed. Much better in Thailand, China, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Strangely to me at least, it was relatively cheap. Around 60 USD a shot.

For perspective, the worst was Las Vagas and New York.

05-30-02, 19:22
If you arrive in Prague with no clue buy a book at Borders called the "Prague Spiral Guide". It provided a wealth of good info on getting oriented with street and tram maps and practical info. Once you master the trams and subway you have the keys to the city- all clubs are within reach. The trams are simple and reliable and a treat to ride compared to London (plus about a buck for 24 hours- you validate yourself, no turnstiles).

Found Pavlinka at Privat Sara near the Flora tram stop. She spoke a little english and gave me the street number and apartment number. Most residential areas have row after row of similar looking buildings, a number on top and in each doorway 15-20 choices for doorbells to ring and get buzzed in. I thought she was pretty lazy for not coming down to the street. This was an indicator I should have seen coming. Anyway I found it, got buzzed in and made it thru the maze and up 4 flights of stairs to my new girlfriend Pavlinka. Clean and tidy apartment. She was in fact very attractive, about 5-5, slim, with nice tits. She got me a coke, talked for 5 minutes. Said 1800 half hour, 2300 full hour and 500kr extra for oral without. Paid 2800. She offerred a shower and when I came out she was already nude lying on the bed- another sign of a rush session coming. Good head and various other positions. She seemed visibly annoyed by the third position that I hadn't blown my load yet. She was good but mechanical, no real passion. One load only. I took another shower and she was dressed standing by the door. Though good looking I should have gone just the half hour. Total time from the street and back including talk and 2 showers -35 minutes.

06-15-02, 03:04
Thanks for your comments on Private Sára. Was thinking about giving them a try actually. One of the girls say's she likes 'swallowing' and I had read quite positive feedback about them on some German board. Dunno, maybe I'm better off elsewhere. I've noticed the prices go up by the number of languages they speak.

Advice given to me on the German board was making sure the girl notice that you actually look at your watch before entering the room. They will know you take notice and don't rush as much. I would never pay for an hour and leave after 35 minutes. Multiple orgasms is something you have to discuss upon arrival

06-18-02, 23:33
What's the deal with street girls? Someone mentioned there are a few gypsies around the square, but what square? I'm flying to prague sunday and will be there 2 days before going to Brno. I would love to get some gypsies, or any street action. Thanks

06-19-02, 04:03
Hi Adog,

Gypsies??? You can't be serious. They will rob you blind even if you don't try to have sex with them. Two of them tried to rob me a block from Wenceslas Square once. I'm 6' 4" in tall and weigh over 210 lbs. and I can tell you that they're utterly fearless.

I've also heard of guys who have tried a gypsy and all of a sudden three gorillas show up to take care of you. Even the locals fear them. Get that idea out of your head.

There are beautiful Czech girls all over the place who are decent and educated. There is no need for a Gypsy girl.

06-19-02, 09:02
Hi Paddog, adog,
actually, I have been a couple of times with Gipsy's and actually never ever had bad expiriences (Czech, Slovakia, Hungaria) - but sorry, can't give you directions for Brno...
All the best

06-19-02, 18:28
I am only looking to find gypsies in prague, not in brno because I have a girl over there. Does anyone know where to get the gypies in prague. I have to try everything. I speak czech and am street smart. let me know. Thanks

06-20-02, 15:12
I`m a young man from Norway that is going for a sex wacation in Prague next week. I have been searching the site escort.cz for information, and found it very usefull.
I have found some clubs I maybe want to visit, and that is Pink Dolly, Night club Karla and night club Andre. Have anybody been to these clubs, can they be recommended?
I want quality girls, but at the same time I`m not rich so I would glad if someone gave me good recommendations.

06-22-02, 09:34
at the bottom of wenceles square you will find all the gypsiy hooker you need. late at night. You can either fuck them around the back of a shpo or they take you to a bar with some room outside that you rent a room for an hour.

06-22-02, 19:23
If you have a $20 bill hanging out of your pocket the few ugly street girls will find/approach you. Everyone has different tastes, mine happens to be centerfold quality which I know I can find in the clubs or for cheap (which would cost $500 an hour in the States or 500 pounds (if at all) in the UK). These gypsie street girls are known to rob tourists. If your wallet is stolen you can still tour Prague on foot, best at night. There's a bridge with some gargoyles on it and a clock with symbols instead of numbers.

06-22-02, 19:25
Originally posted by Paddy
Hi Adog,

Gypsies??? You can't be serious. They will rob you blind even if you don't try to have sex with them. Two of them tried to rob me a block from Wenceslas Square once. I'm 6' 4" in tall and weigh over 210 lbs. and I can tell you that they're utterly fearless.

I've also heard of guys who have tried a gypsy and all of a sudden three gorillas show up to take care of you. Even the locals fear them. Get that idea out of your head.

There are beautiful Czech girls all over the place who are decent and educated. There is no need for a Gypsy girl.

Well, I'm 5'7" and 150 lbs. if I have a lot of change in my pockets and although I have not been to Prague yet, I have had gypsies try to rob me twice. Once was in Barcelona in the Barrio Xine. I was getting a blow job in a doorway from an Asian gal and two gypsies came around the corner. One had a knife. I'm not sure if it was a set up from the hooker or not. Fortunately I did not have my pants down but just my fly open so I pushed the gal towards them (chivalry is dead) and ran.

Second time was in Vienna and I was drunk and therefore bulletproof. Again, two guys. They came up to me as I was walking through the park along the river (at night of course). The started following me, offering me women and dope and what not. Finally I turned on them and said something like, look, I don't need anything so fuck off. One of them started to try to get behind me so I stomped on the other guy's foot and then head butted him while my foot was still on top of his. I think he broke his ankle when he fell over sideways and backasswards. Then I turned to face the other guy, and he ran.

So I don't think they are that fearless. I am single and childless and a godless heathen, and if you want to rob me, you are going to have to kill me first, or damn close to it. It ain't the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog.

But I have yet to see a gypsy woman who I thought was even remotely attractive. That's just my taste though.

PS: if you are ever going to head butt someone, make sure you have your mouth wide open. Otherwise, you will bite your tongue. I know it sounds like it should be the opposite, but trust me on this one.

06-23-02, 05:55
Hi Dickhead,

Excellent posting. Even the locals in Prague are fearful of tangling with Gypsies. By the way, I was jumped by two Gypsy females and I was amazed at their strength.

There are so many beautiful women in Prague that I can't fathom why one would want a Gypsy??? Life has enough "cliff hangers" without messing with Gypsies.

By the way, my compliments on how you handled them. Good for you.

06-23-02, 15:28
june weekend in prague

it was 2 years ago the last time i went to prague. saturday night, i decided to visit the empire club, near wenceslas square. nice interior, girls on the 5-7 scale and a warm pub style atmosphere with gogo dancers. on the eol (www.escort.cz) pub they said that the club is “usually visited by vip clientelle” humm ! maybe but at what time ? and where ? only took a beer and leave forgoldfinger.

golfinger: nothing to say, surely the best striptease club in prague. gorgeous girls (but too many of them are “siliconed” in my opinion) and exciting private dance for 1500 kc.

sunday 8 pm: k5 club

no new information to provide. everything has been said about the high level of quality of this club. thanks to the sweet and funny young woman who made my evening a very pleasant time.

monday afternoon : privat iluze

i gave a call to the girl who arrange meetings. very polite in the first 10 seconds, but when i began to make her repeat the address name, she started to shout and became aggressive. ok, my english is not very perfect but it s not a way to lead a business. i was furious and told her that i will call her boss and will relate this on internet boards. finally, we succeed in understanding each other. in fact, i didn t found the flat because stupidly i lost my way near the metro station. it’s a shame because the girl (ilonka) seemed interesting, however i don t want to give my money to provider who shout against me !

monday 10 pm : loto s club (free entrance and 10 pc reduction with internet coupon)

3 visits in the past years, in the early afternoon (only 2 or 3 girls presents) and each time a wonderful sex cession. i decided to visit the club later in order to have a bigger choice. i was the only customer. as soons as i finish to order my drink, the all 7 girls presents at this time came to my table and proposed me to choose one of them for company (it sounded like an order and i don t like order). i replied that i d like to have time (hopping that new girls will arrive). they seemed not to appreciated (i saw that on their face) and went away. i decided immediately to leave the club. i explained the situation to the barmaid who suggested me that men who come only for”peeping” is not the norm. ok we can say that the girls are attractive, sexy ..etc but in fact very far from elegant and fresh girls i used to visit in the past. the way they are dressed: a vulgar mix of bra, dessous and panties..and their attitude is not what i except from what it s supposed to be the best club in prague.
well, after the k5 experience maybe man except too much from others clubs….

atlas club (11 pm): (free entrance with internet coupon)

each visit, i find real improvements concerning: employees, stripshows, girls… i think that atlas is become a real good value in the middle price category. you can taste your pilsner in a warm environment full of pretty girls with no pressure (but during weekend it can be overcrowded) and even without sex it can be a real pleasure.


06-26-02, 23:53
Hello Everyone,

Can some one please tell how to find nude photo models in Prague?
I searched and most agencies are for escort and one (Galaxy) is
for strippers.


06-28-02, 02:29
Whats the scene like in prague? I mean How hard is it to get laid? how much do you pay the girls in US$? Do you have to worry about police? Can you get decent looking girls? can you get the GF expireance or is it all business

06-28-02, 04:30

The scene in Prague might be one of the best in the world.

There are over 120 brothels at last count, girls in private flats, escort services, hotel lobby girls and street action. The girls are quite beautiful and appreciate American guys.

Check out (no pun intended) www.escort.cz and you will only see the tip of the iceberg. In terms of cost, it depends on the lady and the venue. At one of the top clubs like K5 in Prague you'll pay about 4,000 crowns which is about $100 dollars. That's about 1/3 of what you would pay in the states for lousy service.

NO problems with the police. Prostitution is part of their culture and is alleged to be the best run industry in the Czech Republic.

Prague is also a great, great city. Have been to Amsterdam, etc. and like Prague a lot more. Go there and have the time of life.

06-28-02, 08:01

Thanks for the quick response.]

To me $100 seems to be incredibly steep. I was hoping it that Prauge would be closer to Thailand in price. I can pay $150 anytime here in San Francisco and not have to take an airplane to get there. I guess I'll have to save more money before I can go on my European tour.

06-28-02, 14:11
Hi BassGod,

Prices will be a lot lower in the Czech Republic if you go outside of Prague to perhaps Brno, Ostrava or do the Hwy. 55 route to Dresden. There the prices are a lot less and you'll get many girls from the Ukraine, Belarus, etc. Read some of the postings under the Czech Republic and you'll get the flavor of what I'm talking about.

Was in Thailand in the military and I don't think that anywhere in the world is as cheap and as good as Thailand. So, comparing Thailand to anywhere might not be a valid type of comparison. Best of luck.

06-29-02, 02:34
>comparing Thailand to anywhere might not be a valid type of comparison.

I know your right.

>I don't think that anywhere in the world is as cheap and as good as Thailand.

Well there is Cambodia.

07-01-02, 16:00
I will be in Prague next week.
I am looking for a very good escort there.
any suggestions?
About the club:is K5 the best ?
I wait for your help.
If you need info about milan, i am here!

07-01-02, 16:41
K5 is the best in Europe, not just Prague.

I visited many clubs in Prague. K5 towers above them all.

you can try www.escort.cz for more if you wish, but K5 is best if you want to do as many beautiful girls as possible.

They have excellent management.

Post a report after your return. How is Milan, I f*cked an Italian girl in Brazil, and she was beautiful as a princess, but very timid because she was Catholic. I wanted to f*ck her in the *ss, but her innocent face just melted me away,and I did not even ask, I only did normal missionary. Though I f*cked 3 times the night she stayed with me.

07-03-02, 12:57
Dear Super,
thanks for your info.
but reading the reports below it seems that K5 is very expensive and had lost some popularity....
I prefer to meet a escort girl in my hotel, and on escort.cz i found a lot of beautiful girl,but I know that sometime you book a nice girl and arrive a bed one......
so i am a lit bit disappointed, i don't know which is the best decision....
So i am waiting you suggestions....
PLEASE HELP ME, because the worst thing is to go there and have no pleasure!!!!

07-03-02, 21:07
Does anyone have a link to Private Beauty, Art, and Sen that has been mentioned in earlier posts?

07-04-02, 23:05
Hi you guys,

I just came back from Prague yesterday and it's absolutely fascinating. And offers the best paid sex in Europe, most probably all over the world. If you find a girl from www.escort.cz you won't regret it. You can also go to one of the "sex clubs" and pick some girl from there. The entry fee would be around 150-200 Korunas which comes to about $7 USD. And the girls are mostly between 2500-4000 Korunas for an hour of classic sex. There are some black guys and a few girls on street corners and main squares (especially Vaclavske Namesti) handing out ads of those clubs so you don't have to be a genius to find them.

Street action is down, plus you don't want to try it. There's no Czech girl selling herself on the sidewalk. All you'll get is Ukranians and gypsies. I don't know so much about the Ukranians but the gypsies are terrible. They treat you like their sweethearts but once you agree on the price and go together you're in deep shit. Their pimps could even kill you. At least rob you.. So STAY AWAY from street hookers, especially the gypsies.

I had a girl privately in an agency called Escort Denisa. Her name was Petra and she was a cute little blonde. Very bizarre considering the average Czech woman is at least 1.75 (5' 9'') tall. She was about 1.60 (5' 3''). Very nice and tight pussy, piercing on the belly button. Her attitude was nice and she's GOOD at her job. I paid 1500 CZK (slightly more than $50) for an hour of classic sex. If you go there as a foreigner, the chick at the desk will say it's 2000 for an hour. You must say it says 1300 on their website so she'll say ok it's 1500. That's what I did. Their boss is truly stunning but I think she doesn't fuck for money :( Petra was cute though. They also offer anal sex, lesbi show, two on one, and other things. For the price of course. But it's cheap nevertheless. If anyone is interested in this agency, contact me privately and I'll tell you how to contact them. Or just give me your e-mail and I'll send the information to your e-mail.

Have fun in Prague, drink a lot of beer and Absinth and get laid! :)

07-06-02, 01:15
>I just came back from Prague yesterday and it's absolutely fascinating. And offers the best paid sex in Europe, most probably all over the world.

As a person that has a decent knowledge of the Thai and Cambodian sex scene I find this statement to be a little boastfull. I've never been to Prauge and I'm sure it's nice but can it compare to One night in Bangkok?

07-06-02, 01:21
Hey guys,

How hard is it to get it for free in Prague? I mean the old fashioned way, you know boy meets girl. I'll be dammned if I'm going to spend $100 an hour for sex.

07-06-02, 02:04

It beats Thailand and Cambodia because you can screw white girls!

Better than that is the German FKK scene, where for less money than in Prague you have access to all nationalities in one Club.

07-07-02, 02:29

Most people know that Asian women are better in bed than white women. So how does prauge beat Thailand and Cambodia by allowing you to "screw white girls" at 4+ times the price? I'm not trying to put down the prauge sex scene, which I'm sure is great, but I just don't see the logic of your last post.

07-07-02, 16:47
Is there a problem bringing chicks to the InterContinental Hotel???
Please advise! is it a nice hotel as well!

I stayed before at Movenpick but it was too far from anything.

07-08-02, 17:05
I've never been to Bangkok so I wouldn't know. Wouldn't care either. Those ugly Asian girls would have to pay me to have sex with them! Yucky man yucky.. Peter is 500% right. Asian women are friendly and stuff but isn't it always so? Ugly women are always nice to men. I would never have sex with a Thai or Cambodian even it was free of charge. European women (I don't even say white women, I say REAL EUROPEAN women) are the ones who attract me. So whatever happens in Bangkok and such, Prague is always better because you can do white chickies. And don't you guys worry because you'll never have to pay $100 for an hour unless you really want to. The "sex clubs" such as K5 would be somewhere around that but then again, who needs them to find a pro? The average hourly price for a stunning wench at her private apartment is about 2000CZK (less than $70USD) per hour. I was lucky and spent quite some time searching so I found one for 1500. There was another very attractive girl who would also do Greek for 2500CZK but I didn't have any more time. So there.. About the free sex, well good luck. I can tell you Czech girls are not very friendly to foreigners. Your chances go smaller if you're American, German, or somewhere from the East. Language is also a problem. Only girls in Prague 1 know some decent English. Otherwise you'll have language trouble in this city. One place to pick up girls is the Disco called Velvet. The girls there would probably be a bit more attractive than pro's but I doubt it would cost less. You have to put up with their crap, and you have to buy them loads of drinks. I wouldn't bother, and didn't! :) In a city like PRague, you would probably get spoiled and go for paid sex eventually anyhow. It's all over the place!

07-09-02, 04:06
I've never been to Bangkok so I wouldn't know. Wouldn't care either. Those ugly Asian girls would have to pay me to have sex with them! Yucky man yucky

Your fuckin insane

07-09-02, 11:56
This "discussion" is completely off-topic, so I have reported it to the administrator

07-09-02, 19:41
Maybe you should change your dictionary Bassgod. People like me are called "picky" according to mine. And the Swiss guy is right, this is getting plain silly. So don't touch my likings and you're absolutely free to spend your life with your dear Asians. I don't mind who you sleep with as long as you don't want me! :)

07-09-02, 19:45
Found a privat near the upscale mall Pavillion. The lady that I called on the phone actually walked down the street to meet me to bring back to the place. Her place was a true luxury 2 story condo exceptionally clean and tidy with a baby grand piano, etc... Brought coffee, sat on couch and met 4 girls all very attractive and friendly. Decided on a beautiful 20 year old could-be model Suzzanna for 2000kr for an hour. She was dressed like she was going out for a nice dinner and show- black dress, heels, perfect makeup- an easy 9, a 10 anywhere else. Talked her in to 1000 more for oral without and anal-no complaints at all. Money well spent. For about 95$ I got an hour in a awesome privat with a Playboy-quality model, and a 3-holer to boot. This will be to remember.

I lived in Korea for a year and got this everytime: 60000 won (~$50) for 15 minutes of lousy sex. The girls want one position, keep there heads turned the whole time and hope you don't use the whole 15 minutes.

Prague is a bargain at 4 times the price.

07-09-02, 22:07
To Shelver

I am glad to hear that you had a good experience with a beautiful girl in Prague for a cheap price.

But if I shall be able to benefit from your experience - which I believe is the purpose of this board - I need a web address or a phone number.


07-10-02, 02:35
>This "discussion" is completely off-topic, so I have reported it to the administrator


Why don't you tell your mommy too.

07-11-02, 15:08
Reading the last few comments on Thailand/Prague I thought I would point out my experiences of both. Bear in mind we all have different tastes and should not hold that against others.

1 Prague

Yes there are some stunning women there and if you like taller, bigger chested women there are more than in Thailand. For me there are more far more 9/10's than LOS.

The downside is locating the privates is not easy, language is a problem and then if you get to the privat you want, your girl may not be there. An hour costs £40-50 in a private for that you are only likely to get a covered BJ, no kissing and average sex and max 1 hour. In clubs you pay @ £100 the rooms are great, but get much the same experience as in the privates. A GFE is not easy to find here. Escorts in the medium range £80-£100 per hour are very hit and miss. You are not likely to get your choice. For a good, reliable escort you will pay £200 per hour and the service is no better than a privat or club. They will speak English well and there are some real stunners.

2 Thailand

There are far more women here and they are infinitely easier to find. There are fewer stunners especially if you like the more Western stature, but they can be found with a liitle patience. For £10-30 you can get 2 hours with uncovered bj and one or two pops £25-£35 all night sessions from a freelancer and £8-10 more (for the bar fine) for a go-go. Pick the right girl and you can have a mind blowing all in experience and maybe a free tour guide thown in! For a great room and massage, which you will never get in Prague plus sex £25-35 and if you have not had a soapy you have not lived. One downside is the girls can be a hassle and have been known to get on ones nerves!

To sum up I like both, Prague is better for the type of women I like and has more 9/10's so if you must have this Prague is slighty better , but Thailand has more on offer, the sex is better the massages better than anywhere else in the world and it is definately cheaper. If you want GFE Thailand is far better.

Wherever you go Prague or Thailand you are sure to have a better time than most of the rest of Europe and the cost is reasonable.


A bonus both places serve cheap food and it is good, especially in Thailand.

07-11-02, 22:21
Cachondito, I really cannot agree with you about Prague, I thought the local women were actually quite friendly, what you say about foriegn guys getting blown off by women in Prague is isn't 100% true, me and a few friends visited Prague, we're a very multiethnic mix, I'm hispanic, my friend is black, and our other buddy is Indian, and we got more pussy than we could deal with in our lives. I think the real reason that they might be unfriendly to an outsider is because the visitor will have sex with them and then run away after the sex is over. Its this typical female defensiveness that women believe men are only interested in them for sex and short term encounters. I guess the women want some kind of commitment and they know that most tourists are just there for a little fun and then they're on their way. Some women I talked to over there hated it when guys run out on them. Looking at the average woman in that country, they got to have some serious mental issues to run away from these babes. These women are positively hot. I think this is becoming more so because of the increase in tourists coming for the sex services. I don't blame the women for sometimes being like this because they want to hold on to the guy. I think if you can prove to the girl that you're going to stick around for a while, like making up a story that your working for your company in Prague or something like that they might be more interested.

07-13-02, 08:04

Your prices are at least 50% too high. Only a complete imbecile would pay London prices for basic pussy in Prague. You never know in advance but many girls will do OWO for 500kr (a tenner more). Only clubs like K5, and Castle approach L80 an hour, but you are in a VIP environment with a girl you could take to the theatre.

Saying "max 1 hour" is completely rediculous.

07-13-02, 08:26

The webpage is no longer on the escort website for the phone number but I remember the address: 75 Vinohradska near tram 11 stop Italska. It was about 300m from the Pavillion mall back towards Flora. Don't recall the condo number inside because the lady walked me thru.

07-14-02, 21:22
I'm going to Praha again next week for a few days and staying at the Corinthia Panorama Hotel. Anyone know about the bar there or the neighborhood? Or a few discos where regular types hang out? Thanks.

07-14-02, 22:05
I was there 2 years ago, tried a girl in the bar. But that was a rip-off. Payd 4.000 for one hour, she left after 15 mins. Better to go to clubs or privat. It is not far down to centre. But if you search in escort.cz you can search on Prag 4 which is the area close to the hotel.

07-15-02, 08:42

The prices I qouted where not just from my experiences, but others as well. If you go to Escort.cz the prices are clearly quoted there and most ask higher when you arrive. If you read the forum on this site you will also see others frequently commenting on this too. If you are correct that these prices are 50% too high, let me know where you can get an hour for 1000KR. I have just checked escort.cz and no one offers 1hr for this! I have not tried it but I understand that it is 1000 for 30 mins at the sex park.

As for your comment on maximum one hour being ridiculous, I can only go by my experiences and of those I have spoke to, but this is again backed up from comments on the escort.cz forum. if you pay for an hour that is what you get and sometimes the pressure is to leave in a shorter time. So if others think they can pay for an hour and get much more at a private I think they may be a little disappointed.

As for the clubs yes they are more expensive, but they can be enjoyable, I have been to K5 twice and paid these prices, but I stayed for at least 5 hours on both occasions and had the company of the ladies. In London you would pay an awful lot more than this! I mentioned these because they are part of the Prague scene and others may want to try them.

07-15-02, 09:25

I don't know where you're from but try to be a bit Mediterranean like me with the pro's and BARGAIN. The escort agencies mostly advertise prices that are at least 20% cheaper than the real price, and when you go there they tell you it's the old price. So just tell them the price was the reason why you went there and stuff. Of course it helps to be young and look like a college student rather than a businessman. I'm afraid you're not of that type though. But remember they would prefer earning some money to earning no money. Where I went, the price for an hour of classic privat was advertised as 1300 and the woman there said it would be 2000. And I just said I went there for 1300 and I wouldn't pay 2000. So there was a brief discussion and the price came to 1500. The boss laughed and said something like "this young man is trying to buy oranges, not sex" with her horrible English. But I ended up fucking a 20 year old babe for 1500 CZK an hour.

If you go to girls who have their OWN private apartments and NOT escort agencies, then you can have straight sex for 2000CZK an hour. You could try Iveta. I also know a gorgeous girl who does anal for 2500CZK an hour in an escort agency. Just go and say goodbye if they say the price is 50% more. Talk to them on the phone first, and make sure the price is agreed. Paying 4000CZK for a pussy in a poor country like Czech Republic is plain silly. Just ridiculuous even if you're richer than sin. The girl I fucked would probably do it for 4000CZK for 3 hours. The point is going to the right girl. And you should treat those girls like girls. NOT like queens, nor like rubbish. If you follow these you'll never end up paying a fortune for good-looking girls. But always keep in mind that you'll hardly ever get girls like the ones you see walking on the streets. Such girls only work in upper class escort agencies and charge 10.000CZK for 3 hours. (They don't even go for a single hour).

I can say I still had a lot of fun in Prague and I'll go back before they join the EU so that it's still cheap and I can buy sex without breaking my back. Just a note, Czech Republic is subject to join the EU in a few years so go there before that happens. After the EU thing, it will be harder to get Czech girls by money. Everythign will be more expensive, and Czech girls will get even more vain than what they are. So yeah... Keep your little friend's advices in mind and enjoy Praha.

07-15-02, 16:49
How does the Prague scene compare to the FKK scene in Germany and to Amsterdam? If I rate Amsterdam RLD as an 8, where would you guys spend a couple of days, Germany, or Prague?

07-15-02, 22:27
I was in Prague in May. I agree that prices are almost always an issue. I was there in 1998 and prices have probably gone up 50 % in USD terms. However, there seem to be less scams in 2002. Personally, I think Privats are the best bet if they will have you. Sign language works fine if you smile.

I am not sure joining the EU will make it more expensive. Sex is just as cheap in Germany for example.

07-24-02, 15:49
Great town. Had a wonderful time at Apollon. Shagged a busty Ukrainian chick for the whole hour. Shagged a cute petite barely legal at Velvet.

Used the website www.escorts.cz and boy it was great. I can't wait to go back to prague.

08-03-02, 04:51
Prague is an awsome city yet almost strange. Your in one of the oldest and yet most beautiful cities in all of Europe during the day. And then at night it totally changes into an almost sex crazed city. You can find tons of stripp clubs that offer a lot more than just shows for not all that much money.
I went to one of these such clubs which cost about $10 US to get in and then about $3US for a pretty good beer. Mean while you could see some of the most beautiful women dance naked for you. In addition to the strippers, there are also a number of prostitues that are sitting at different tables and coutches waiting for you. If you happen to make eye contact with a few of them they will for the most part come on over to you and talk with you while feeling you up pretty good.
One such girl came up to me and took me by the hand and led me to a coutch with her and once seated began to kiss me quite heavily. She was absolutely beautiful and had an awsome looking body. After a few minutes of kissing she led me back to a halway were for $50US we could have a room for an hour.
Once inside the room she sat me on the bed and began to perform a wonderful stripp tease for me and then began to undress me. Once she had me undressed, without hesitation she pushed me down on the bed and crawled ontop me. Without me even noticing it till it was to late she grabbed my cock and slid herself right ontop of it and began riding me like a wild horse needing breaking. It wasn't untill a couple of minutes of us fucking that I realized I was wearing a condom. But she didn't seem to mind me not using a condom and so I continued to fuck her without till I finally blew my entire load inside of her. She moaned and screamed after I came inside of her.
I got to fuck her two more times with no condom and I must say it was the best sex I think I ever had. Not only did she have a great body, was relatively cheap for an hour, but I got to fuck her with no protection and she even let me ejaculate in her three times.
I know your supposed to use condoms with these girls but I'll tell you not using one made it the best time I ever had.

And that was my Prague Experience.


08-03-02, 10:31
I suggest you visit a clinic when you get home, get some tests done.
although $50 for Praha seems good.


08-04-02, 00:47
Just came back from Prague and wanted to share my experience with everyone interested. Prague is definitely worth a visit. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe with one of the most beautiful females in the world. The percentage of beauties is truly astonishing. But don't waste your time chasing local girls. They are really fed up with tourists trying to get a one-night stand, so if you do want to play that game tell them you are there to stay for several months. If you don't want to waste your time head straight to escort.cz and check out a variety of "privats" or private apartments. The prices are 1000ckr for half an hour or 1800 ckr for one hour. Definitely worth it. You can find real beauties in these places although you'll have to do some legwork getting to them. Stay away from taxis since they'll definitely try to overcharge you. If you must use a taxi you should not pay more than 200 ckr to get from one side of the city to another, so negotiate. All, and I mean all if clubs such as K5, Malin Rouge. Atlas, Nancy etc are pure rip-offs. It costs anywhere from 200 -500ckr to get in. A single drink could cost you another 100 - 300 ckr, and a girl will run you anywhere from 2200 -5000ckr. Thus the whole experience will run you 3 - 4 times as much as "privat". The quality of girls is about the same. So do yourself a favor and stay away from these places. There is no reason to pay that much for a girl in Check Republic. If you have extra couple of days head to Ostrava. It is about 3 hours by train from Prague. Girls there are not as spoiled as in Prague. You will be able to easily score with local girls there.
Hope this info is useful. Post your questions if you have any.


08-09-02, 04:24
Hi tinman

Encouraging info :) What bar was it you had this experience?? I'm going to Prague in 2 weeks, can't wait :)

09-12-02, 11:19

I am off to Prague tomorrow, can anyone tell me how to contact the private girls. Are there any magazines or newspapers where they advertise.

09-12-02, 15:37
Homerj - Buy ANNONCE newspaper ( section VOLNY CAS ). On sale at each newsstands on monday, wednesday, friday for 1/2 USD...

6-10 pages full of pictures and phone numbers... Part of the pictures are fake ( girls never available ), part of the pictures are real but all the girls are not working 24/24 h.

Prices are cheap : from 700 CZK / 20 minutes and from 1.200 CZK / 1 hour. Some girls will allow you 2 cums in the hour. Some girls will offer you BBBJ, cum in mouth, 69 or even anal sex ( girls may ask you extra money for these extra services ).

Most of the girls are speaking only czech but you can try in english or german. For informations :

Oral/Oralek = oral sex ( blowjob )
Oral bez kondom = oral sex without condom ( BBBJ )
Oral bez ochrany = oral sew without protection ( BBBJ )
Oral az do konce = Oral sex till the end ( cum in mouth )
Analni sex= anal sex
rucni massaz = hand massage ( handjob )
Obostrany oral = oral sex each other ( 69 )
Klassika = classic sex ( sex )

09-12-02, 16:08
Hey Guys,
I have not been to Prague before but I am going to there in 2 months times and possibly staying there for at lease two months.
I have read all the mesages you guys posted here. Prague sounds a real place for finding sex!
So, Is Prague a place to go for? Comparing to other city in Europe.

I'm interested in young chick, around 18 to 22, is young pro easy to find in Prague? Are young pro common?

And, last question so far, is private, incall, good? Comparing to club, escort or bar...

Thanks for your time.


09-15-02, 18:13
Hi, I am planning to go to prague in Nov/Dec for the first time but after looking at the information available I can't figure out where is a good place to stay. Can anyone recommend a couple of good hotels with good locations (and why the location is good if possible :) ). Prices would be useful but..........I don't want to seem to be asking to much.

Thank You

09-19-02, 22:20
In the absence of any other recommendations, I can suggest a place I've been to a couple of times :-

Hotel/Pension "City"

+42 2252 2252 1606

Belgika 10 (note that if you need the pronounciation, it's


Reception speaks (hilarious) English,

Cheap, clean and cheerful

they have a website, at http://web.telecom.cz/hotel.city

which gives you the details, and their interpretation of the earlier floods etc. which are still causing problems in the City, especially with the Metro.

Noting the earlier posts about value for money etc. It's 2 minutes walk from K5, and and an internet cafe or two. There is also a pub opposite that sells beer at 0.6 EUR or thereabouts.

Hope that helps.



09-19-02, 22:38

wrong number!

s/b +42 2252.1606 (or see the website- I think someone is changing all the phone numbers in Prague)



09-20-02, 18:56
Thanks Spike. Am planning to go towards the end of the year or the beginning of the new year for the first time. Thanks again.

09-24-02, 21:04

further to earlier, and again noting previous posts about value for money, I was browsing www.clubs.cz which I'm sure you're aware of. (I'm in Prague soon)

What I hadn't seen before was that if you select K5 from the site mentioned, there's a forum on the club. Nothing special in that idea, until you see the responses from the "K5 team."

It's like a full blown customer services reponse to each query posted. Completely unusual, includes far more details about hotels in the area than I posted, and a whole lot more besides.

Well worth looking at.


09-24-02, 22:10
Help - Please

Has anyone used any of the girls from this agency . I will be Paris and they say they will have some girls there


Thank you

09-25-02, 15:57
Hi folks,

one usefull info from Prague, Prague Sex Park is closed, because the flood has flooded the areal. They will open it again in about 10 days.

09-26-02, 22:20

I have used one girl from Prague-Bunnies about a year ago.
She is still available; Dana.
Pictures are accurate (at the time you could see her face).
She is really beautifull, model type of girl, beautifull body and perfect curves.
Service was good but not fantastic, a little too mechanical. But her beauty makes it up for it!!!!
services included CBJ, straight and anal.

hope it helps, email if you have more questions


09-27-02, 16:37
help please
has anyone use eli agency?
are they any good?
Thank you

09-29-02, 21:31
Hey guys, love this forum. I'll be going to Prague in October and staying for couple of nights. I realy need a good advise on the best places to get laid with reasonable price.

09-30-02, 08:26
My Advise to Mickey, don't go to Prague if you search for get laid with resonable price. It's to complicated for a stranger and IMHO to expensive compare with other east European countries. Better go to Moldavia.


09-30-02, 21:04
DG I'm going anyway, so better to get some advise.

duinne eile
10-02-02, 00:08
i will be in prague some time in oct and i need to know some more info on k5,aprox how many girls work there and what do they rate of ten,do the do owo or anal ,are they gfe,what do they cost is it possible to get a girl all night ,also do the hotels have working girls in their bars,what is the best place to stay in prague for about 50 euro a night,if any one has used a call out girl to their hotel who do they think i should use

LA Larry
10-02-02, 00:42
duinne eile--

I have been to Prague a great deal over the last several months and I, respectfully, hold a very different opinion than most of the posters on the board.

I HATE PRAGUE for the hobby scene. Specifically I deplore K5 and every single one (I have visted at least 8 other similar establishments/clubs in central Prague).


Here's what you can expect when you visit K5.

Hail a taxi from your hotel in the center and be figuratively robbed by the driver who will attempt to charge you the equivilant of $30 US Dollars for a ride that should cost $2.00.

This is the case with 9/10 taxi drivers in Prague. They are thieves and complete assholes when you put them in their place.

Upon arriving at K5, you will be frisked by a 6'6 Czech Gorilla with long hair. You then will be allowed to take the elevator up to the 5th level (hence the name).

The elevator will be opened by a host and two girls (6s at best). The host will then ask you if it is your first time at K5. "Yes" you will respond. And he will then set the wheel in motion. First, one of the girls will give you a grand tour of the establishment. The bar area, the shitty little spa area, and the sordid little rooms. The tour takes approximately 30 seconds and is peuposely rushed so you really can't get a true gander of the place. its all a blur, so to speak.

After the tour, your guide will bring you back to the male host, who them will spell out a complex menu of options that runs thusly:

1) OPTION 1: pay a cover charge (approx $20) and enter the bar area which allows you to hang out at your leisure, order over priced drinks and ogle the average (at best) ladies. If you then want to strike a deal with someone you like, by all means this is possible for an absurd amount of money---if I remember correctly--the rates are around $90 US for a half hour on site in one of their rooms for FS (everything covered, no anal, sorry!). OR $160 for an hour!!!! (approx) This option also allows you to leave without having to take a girl. (The $20 cover appeals to voyeurs!)

2) OPTION 2: By pass paying the cover. And instead, enter the club and quickly choose a girl and proceed directly to an onsite room.

3) OPTION 3: By pass paying the cover, and choose a girl, and take her back to your hotel.

Aside from these arcane options, the service is lousy, the drinks suck, everyone's attitudes, from the barmen, to most of the girls is very hurryup and pay.

When you leave this joint. You go downstairs and invariably their will be a cabbie waiting for you to try to grossly overcharge you.

Meanwhile--K5 is perhaps the best of most of these bars in central Prague.....

And you know I really wouldn't mind the high prices if the girls were incredible or if the girls were truly possessed winning personalities (like in Soth America).


Read my post of about the place, scroll back to July or August.

SEXPARK--has much hotter girls than K5--its like Amsterdam and $30 US gets you a half hour with a solid 7 or 8. I oftern go and screw 4 different girls in a couple of hours. (Yes, indeed, sometimes I fake my orgasms!)

If you can't make it out to SexPark then try to visit one of the brothels close to the Wens square.

But my real advice is to avoid Prague like the plague for mongering. It is severely overrated IMHO.

Sorry to bust your bubble.

10-02-02, 01:02

Thanks for the info. I have been considering a trip to Prague for quite a while now. It has been given great reviews by friends of mine but none of them is in the monger scene. The scene sounds a lot like the one in Istanbul. If you don't know the score you're going to get ripped ... not user friendly and no such thing as customer service.

LA Larry
10-02-02, 02:42
Sorry bout my spelling boys--using a Russian key board.

(Will ad this about Prague--perhaps if you really do your research, you can ferret out a system to make mongering work in Prague.)

But for my money--I prefer South America!

10-02-02, 22:06
LA Larry,

Does this mean that the girls in BA - argentina do anal? How much extra?

Also have you tried any of the girls from www.escort.cz ?

The girls from Girls from Sara look great especially Pavlinka, but I have yet to see someone who has booked her.

If you head to an FKK in Frankfurt (Oase or Atlantis) you should have a much better time than in K5.

LA Larry
10-02-02, 23:51
Let me further clarify one over experience--extremely typical of what you can expect when trying to hobby in Prague.

Say you decide to use the Czech website www.escort.cz

Good luck trying to get a date with any of the real hotties. I made a list of some 15 girls who I planned to contact upon setting foot in the city for the first time.

It was virtually impossible to make a date with the hot girls. I dare say that most of them are bait and switch pictures (perhaps the girls get paid to have their pics taken) but every time I called a brothel and asked for a specific girl she always working "three days from now".

Anotherr time--they sent me a girl from one of the pics and she showed up, took care of business and all and all it was an average experience. No complaints.

But I had to call 15 other places just to hit on an actual girl advertised.

Again--you really can't go wrong visiting Sex Park. Here on a good night or day you will see approximately 10-25 girls ranging in 6-8.8.

You will get your pipes cleaned for $30 US Dollars and you can always try to arrange an outside date. This is very possible.

One over big problemo with Prague girls is that they rareely speak much English so you can't really converse much beyond prices and time.

I will say however, that the regular girls that cavort around in the streets are fuckin' smokin hot.

10-03-02, 17:13
The Prag Sex Park is in the moment under renovation. They had problems with the flood which occurs in the summer. They told me they will be finish and open again middle of October.


10-03-02, 20:23

I have been to the Czech Republic a few times. I have also the girls from www.escort.cz. I did not get to see Sara but, I did get to see Pavlinka. My experiences have been much better than LA Larry's. I am sure Larry has had some bad experiences. However, some of us have had a great time with these lovely ladies. You can find detailed reviews on www.the************.com. Click on the escort review icon. Then go to the (other) link for city's. You will have to sort out a lot of other reviews. But, you will find many great reviews from the Czech ladies.

10-04-02, 07:38
Hey LA Larry -
I can't seem to find your previous post about sexpark. Any chance of a repost or a quick recap of where what and how?

10-12-02, 17:16
Hey Peter,

Ive tried several of the girls from Girls from Sara, last earlier this year while working on a film(you probably saw it) there. Ive been back since then and tried the new crop.

My new fave is Niki, she is a total doll, very young petite and totally fresh.

Pavlinka takes a while to warm up to you, but she is the most open minded of the crew.

Barunka is worth checking out. As well as Kristýnka.

Let me know if you need further details.

10-13-02, 08:52

I will be visiting Prague within the next few days. Can anyone recommend me a place to stay close to all the action, walking distance to shopping, reasonably priced and clean !
Where can I go to look for P***Y without being ripped-off, escorts, clubs, the scene in general etc.
Above info would be invaluable ! Anyone recommend a guide who could show me around, dont mind paying !

Regards, Tango1One

10-16-02, 10:17
BBW Prague

This is an update to my report from 2000-12-14 (Review # 2874). I've got many mails asking about Prague sex ops. But I can answer only those re my area of interest - girls of Big Tits (6+) and BBW (80kg+) category working in private flats (cz: "privaty").
The URLs still work. See also www.travelsexguide.tv/czechsexguide/main.htm
Private flats are still preferable to clubs and escorts and the private flats with only one girl ("solo") are usually above standard. These girls/ladies try harder, don't watch time so much and the environment is more peaceful. One drawback: they usually don't speak foreign languages. But it shouldn't be a problem to ask someone local to arrange the visit for you. Another thing is that the prices may be higher for foreigners.
From girls I listed last time only Blanka ("Sona") and Simona (irregularly) are still in bussiness. Current top: (five stars = max)

Carmen solo *****
37(years)/170 (cm)/88 (kg)/9 (tits) (measures in cm: 130-90-110)
CZK 1500/1 h classic, 6000 (night)
nam. pred Bateriemi 17/86 (corner of 'U seste baterie' street), P6-Stresovice

Linda *****
brunette, longer hair
weekends (non-stop)
CZK 1500
Malesicka 13, P3-Zizkov

Jana *****
35/168/96/6+ (125-90-120)
brunette, long hair
Mo-Fri 10-22
CZK 1500
222254010, 732/404662, 737/852447
Vinohradska 1246/55, P2-Vinohrady

Olga (Russian) ****
35/175/100/8 (120-100-110)
brunette, short hair
CZK 1200

Renata solo ****
37/165/80/7 (112-88-105)
blonde, longer hair
CZK 1500
Jemnicka 4, P4-Michle

Have a good time in Prague! John (jan108ATiname.com)

10-19-02, 00:10
I visited Prague last week and found inexpensive accomodation on a website called www.abaka.com (look for Prague). It lists hotels and also apartments for about $40-60 a night. As for the sex scene look at previous reports in this section or try www.escort.cz for listings of nightclubs and private houses. I stayed in Prague for a week and I first tried the Private houses. It can be very frustrating calling an apartment and trying to get the exact address and door-bell number from some of the girls who either speak little english or find it difficult to understand their accents. I did try a couple of girls in private apartments with o.k experiences. An hour with a girl is between 1,500 - 2,000kr an hour for straight sex(about $60ish). | gave up with the apartments in the end. I ended up frequenting Sex Park which an indoor covered building where there are about 30 odd rooms and is open 12pm to about 4am. As you go upstairs you are frisked by a security guard with a metal detector(do not bring any cameras with you) and then you put a 20 kroner coin in the slot and pass the turnstile. I found some hot girls here for the standard fee of 1,000kr for half an hour, very good value for money. The rooms are small and when you choose a girl you have to take a shower first. I hit my head on the ceiling when I stood up on the bed trying to take a girl from behind! We both laughed the accident off. Sex Park is on the road called Bubenske Nabrezi between Argentinska and Komunardu( just passed the closed down McDonalds). I had about five girls there and three of them were unrushed company. You will only find Czech/German girls here though. I did not visit any of the clubs like Pink Dolly or K5. Enjoy Tony70

10-23-02, 15:53
Hi all. I have 2 quick questions.

1) I read a previous post about being ripped off by taxi drivers. What do people recommend as the best way to transit from the airport to your accomodation?

2) I know sex park is open again. Is it fully functional as before? Is it still the best place to go?

If anyone wants to scout together in November/December, let me know. Thx.

10-26-02, 18:11
It's EASY to get from the airport to central Prague for less than a dollar. Exchange for some Czech money in the airport. Walk out passed all the taxi and shuttle busses and look for a sign for bus #119 (about 25 feet away) and wait- it leaves every 20 minutes. Buy a ticket from the driver for cheap good for an hour for or you can get one good for 24 hours inside the airport for about a buck. Stay on the bus and exit at the last stop and follow 99% of the people to the subway- your ticket is still good. Four stops later on the subway get off and you emerge in old town. I found Praha to be the safest, easiest and cheapest city in the world to get around on the trams, subway, and buses (London being the worst).

There are 2 blatant ripoffs working in Prague and both are easily avoided. One is the Russian/Albanian gansta cab drivers in central Prague hanging around the square and hotels. They will rip you off by a factor of at least 20 from the meter rate. The ligit cabs are in the phone book- no flat rates unless it's to the airport, all trips within Prague should be on the meter-make sure he starts it- the ganstas want a flat ripoff rate. Only get in a cab you specifically called.

The other ripoff is the exchange crooks that have a big sign saying "no commission". That's fine but the exchange rate they give you is at least 20% lower than the official bank exchange rate so they make a bundle the more you exchange. I found this out the hard way paying about $30 to exchange $150. They play games with the buy/sell numbers and hide what you will get in the end. Only get money from ATMs or real banks-all exchanges on the street are ripoffs no matter what rate they put on their signs. Many pretty girls in Praha, so little time...

10-27-02, 05:17
Greetings all.

I was in Praha last December, went into a pharmacy, and couldn't get a simple antibiotic cream for a cut on my heel because they required a prescription for antibiotic creams. My guess is that Viagra over the counter is out of the question.

10-27-02, 05:20
Thanks. You have been a great help.
I would stand out like a sore thumb in Prague, and would be ripped off continuously, so thanks for that great advice, its much appreciated.

Any tips in terms of where to find pretty young ladies?

10-27-02, 10:05
Sunrise, thanks for the information.

Shelver, thanks for your advice. Any advice on where a non-hungarian speaker has the greatest odds at scoring a beautiful girl? I know that the excorts and ad chicks are the "best" from past posts, but I don't speak an hungarian at all. I will be in Prague around the 8th of November (give or take a day or two).

I would sincerely appreciate any and all advice from everyone.


10-27-02, 10:11
I apologize for the mixup everyone. I meant say that I don't speak Czech (or Hungarian).

10-29-02, 21:32

Planning to go to Prague for the weekend while I'm in London for business. From 08Nov2002 to 10Nov2002. Any of you guys in the area want to hang out?

If so, e-mail me at kyck_stand@yahoo.com and we'll discuss the details.

Kick Stand

10-30-02, 06:01
I'd also love to hang out with some similar minded people.
But I am in Prague from about 16-21st November, so looks like I will miss everyone else. But let me know if anyone is staying on, or wants to hang out. I'm sure its safer, and probably more fun to experience the nightlife with someone else.

Diet Coke
11-01-02, 18:38
Visisted a petit girl named Martina at Sex Park. 20 year and very slender 44 kg. I was very satisfied with oral and several positions for my 1000 crowns. Ckesy but speaks some English and German. No problem communicating in English, also some Deutsch.

Diet Coke
11-02-02, 19:49
I visited Sex Park again. Saw a girl named Aleta from Plisen, Czech. Spoke almost no English but German. petite 22 year old. After orgasm she was ready for me to exit, unlike Martina who snuggled and even wanted to know if I could go another time. Need to ask if 1000 crown is for full 30 minutes.

BTW had awhile ago visited Pink Dolly. When went there I was only guy there and girls just sat on couches. A bit difficult to me to know quite how to approach. I chose a cute blond but it turned out she spoke no English and while guy there said she spoke German she did not. Okay time but very hard to communicate. Sex Park is easier and at 1000 crowns a good deal even if not GFE. Also helps location I am staying only a couple of tram stops from Sex Park.

11-06-02, 03:47
I'll be arriving in Prague Nov 26th and staying for a week or so. Anyone else here going to be there during that time? This will be my first trip there. Anything I shouldn't miss?

11-06-02, 16:34
Hello everyone,
I just flew in from Kosice Slovakia on my European "tour de puss".
I went to the famous "sex park" ,w w w r e d l i g h t c z, and had a blast and it was only 1pm. I had a girl in room 11 (she said that it her regular room all the time) named kate. She was a very skinny brunette with a c cup. I told her I wanted her for a half an hour and after five minutes, I gave her an extra 3000 CK for another 1 1/2 hours. He was great. Her hole was even tight. She was 25 yrs old and spoke some English. After cumming we talked for a while before round 2, then talked a little while, then round 3. This is all my "junior me" could handle.

For anyone thinking about staying near the sex park, go to the Hotel Belvedere. I got the room 50% off by dealing with the hotel broker near at the end of the baggage claim in the Prague airport. The room was only 1200 CK. This is about $40. It is WALKING DISTANCE to and from the sex park! It only took me 20 minutes to walk there. You can also take the tram number 25 a few doors down from the hotel directly to the sex park if you so choose. I bought a 3 day tram/bus pass in the airport (200 KC or about $6.50) and decided to take the tram back from the sex park. To get to the hotel, ask the hotel broker for directions, who speaks English. I took the 119 Bus to the 25 tram. Very Easy and Cheap!

Here is the hotel information for those interested:
email: prague @ belvedere-hotel. com
Phone: 420 2 2010611
Adress: Milady Horakove 19
The hotel has free breakfast and their is an internet cafe a block away.

Also, the girl I was with told me that there is a club called "Pamela" in Plzen. has anyone heard of it? She told me that it was bigger than the sex park, but had Ukrain and Russian women as well as Czech and German women.

This is all for now. I will report my findings from tonight and tomorrow soon.


11-07-02, 20:21
Hello everyone,
This is my last update for the Czech Republic.
Last night was quite nice at the sex park. I had a gal about 100lbs blonde hair and 21 yrs old. She was super hot! The only drawback was she was a little mechanical. This is a turn off, especially when she removed my hand from her "sand box". After her, I had a brunette (again, about 100 pounds and 21 yrs old). She was awesome! She have great head and let do almost everything that I wanted. Two gals was all that I could handle, thanks to Kate earlier in the day.

Well, I just returned from my last and final trip to the Sex park. I had a gal who was a little chunky for my standards, but what the hell. She was 25 yrs old, 120 lbs and about 5ft 4inches. She was not bad at all. She flexed her love muscles in a way that I was finished in minutes.
After her, I needed a break so I proceeded to the "Red Light Bar" just outside in the parking lot. It is a new bar owned by the same owners as the sex park. The gals in the bar were simply gorgeous! Too bad they didn't work in the sex park. Beers were a little expensive for Czech standards, at a whopping 40 KC (about $1.25). I bought a German dude a beer, who was out of the local currency and the bar wouldn't let him use Euros. The chicks though I was out of my mind buying someone such an "expensive" beer. Too funny.

My last chick was the definate Grande Finale. She was a tall skinny Brunette who was 21 yrs old. She asked me if I wanted to do her anal for an extra 10 KC ($33). I planned it so I wouldn't have any extra Czech money when I left in the morning, so I had to take a freaking tram to the bank to get the money. It was well worth it! She had an extremely tight ass and I exploded within minutes. She was one of the best lays on this trip (including Germany and Slovakia).


Well I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow and will definatley post my experiences in the corresponding forum.


11-14-02, 22:27
Hi Guys,

I was in Prague2 last Week-End and I feel I must tell you about my experiences.

At first, I decided to try Private ART from escort.cz. By the way, phone numbers have changed so that you don’t have to dial 0 in front of the numbers any longer. The lady on the phone told me to go to Lipova 15. Once there, a tall good looking brunette opened the door. She was not the lady I had on the phone since she spoke only German. After a quick chat she said the price for sex + oral was 2600 Kc (85 Euros or US$) ! I never heard such a high price in Prague before and I said I would pay 2000 Kc Maximum for an hour. She insisted and said “I’m good!” but went done to 2300 Kc. I said I would leave, since I didn’t want to pay those prices. Suddenly, the price was done to 2000 and I accepted. I took a shower and went to the sleeping room. She gave me at first a hand job and looked away when doing this, which made me think she would not be as good as she said. Indeed, she gave me then a BJ which was much too quick “up and down” and without feeling. I had all the difficulties afterwards to make her take off her bra. Sex was boring and mechanical. This was the worst experience I had in Prague.

The next day, I decided that I would pay max. 1400 Kc, whatever happens. I tried to call Private New (728-625-141) and got the same english-speaking lady as the day before who told me again to come to Lipova 15. I declined of course. All others private-numbers I had were not reachable at the moment, since it was quite early on Sunday. I heard from this forum that SexPark was offering good quality for 1000 Kc so I decided to check this place. I took the subway and I had to go out at the station “Florenc” since the next stations were not yet back to service after the flood. I had to take the replacement Tramway “X-C” (for the subway line C). I found easily Sexpark thanks to the accurate descriptions in this forum. After being frisked, I went in and had to wait 20 seconds so that my eyes get used to the darkness. 2 blondes were chatting in one room and I had the impression I was disturbing. They gave a typical “bored & arrogant blonde” impression so I passed. Most of the rooms were empty at 1pm (too soon on Sunday). I found a nice brunette a bit further. We had a good contact and she quoted the usual 1000 Kc for ½ hour, 1500 for 45min, 2000 for an hour. She spoke only German and said she was from Bratislava. I took the ½ hour option and was not deceived nice body, good BJ (she scrubbed her tits on my dick before… I like it) and good sex action. I will definitely come back to sexpark again the next time I am in Prague. Good action for reasonable prices.


11-17-02, 02:19
Hi, Fellas.

Thought I'd post on my recent trip to Prague via London.

Upon learning that I was going to London on business for 3 weeks, I decided to investigate some weekend activity. I had thought about participating in the Germany FKK scene. I decided to go to Prague first seeing that I could get an earlier flight back on Monday morning and get to work by 9am. This WAS the original plan...

Before leaving the US, I decided to go ahead and reserve my ticket from London to Prague. I found a price for $169 roundtrip from London Stanstead returning to London Heathrow. Both were easy commutes because of each has a regular running express train.

Booking this began my plan change. First of all, I had to fly on Czech Airlines because British Airways was WAY to expensive for the time frame I needed. The people at CA were pleasant to deal with. I normally would have used Expedia but I didn't want to take the chance of them mailing my tickets to me and me not receiving them.

I booked for an 8:30pm flight out of London with a return flight on 12:30pm on Sunday. There were better times available but I had waited too long and the special fare was no longer available. I would settle for 2 nights. Just a scouting run anyway. I would have to go to the Stanstead airport and pay/pickup my tickets. Reservations were in place.

After arriving in London and spending nearly an hour looking for a hotel that was right around the corner (DON'T LAUGH! Hell, the cabbies sitting 15 feet away from it didn't know where it was!), I made a bee line for Stanstead Airport. This is when it starts getting complicated.

First of all, I arrived on Sunday morning. For those of you that don't know, the Stanstead Express train DOES NOT run on Sundays. Freakin' Great. I have to take the Replacement Shuttle which is British for "an Hour and a half long bus ride." Okay....I just got off of a 7 hour transatlantic flight (which was nice because I got upgraded) and I hadn't eaten. Not in a diplomatic mood.

So I board the bus and pass out on the way to STN. I get there and I find the desk. Well, it looks like CA uses a booking agency. This particular booth didn't have a COMPUTER to issue tickets. I was so tired, I didn't care. So I pay for the ticket and hurry to get on the next bus so that I can get some food at the hotel and sleep.

I get back to the hotel and get some food to go from the downstairs resturant. While waiting for the food, I decide to look at my ticket. Oh, crap.
My return flight is for 1230pm, alright...ON MONDAY!!! I almost burst my spleen at that point. To make things even MORE glorious, my food arrives and while I thought for 20 GBP, you'd get a decent sized meal, this particular establishment didn't agree with me. Basically, I have a nice looking hors d'ouverve. NOT happy at this point.

I stomp up to my room, inhale this pitiful excuse for lunch (in you guys ever stay in the Club Quarters near St. Paul's Cathedral, avoid that resturant! Hell, if I wanted to pay a lot of money for a little shit in a trendy place, I would have gone to NYC. NOTICE I said "trendy". There are awesome places to eat in NYC for decent money. Not the trendy ones, though. If you like hanging with poseurs, you love "trendy".

ANYWAY....I decide to wait an try to straighten this out at work since I couldn't reach the place now. After 12 on a Sunday.

The next day at work, I inform my Team Lead of my situation and the possibility that I may miss coming into the office on Monday. He is cool with it as long as I make up for it, which I usually do on site visits.

I call CA and basically, I had 2 reservations saved in the US and the people at STN made out the ticket for the first one. Not refundable and not changeable. Oh, well. Looks like I get 3 nights in Prague.

So...I work my ass off all week because I'm going to miss a day of work AND so I won't feel guilty. I get to STN without any problem. I'm only carrying a backpack with 2 changes of clothes and the neccessary toiletries. You know.....condoms and maps of the nearest place to enhance "diplomatic relations".

I chose to stay at the Hotel Adria because of it's central location in Wenceslas Square. PLUS, it was within walking distance of 3 privats and 5 night clubs.

The hotel was nice but I probably wouldn't stay there again. Mainly because they lock the door after a certain hour each night and you have to buzz to be let in. Not good if you want to bring back some late room service. Otherwise, nice hotel but I would suggest getting a double bed because the singles are WAYY to small for playing.

Back to my flight: I get on the LATE plane and find out that I sitting admist a pack of Rowdy Scotsman from Glasgow. Now let me say this: before this trip, I had never met an authentic Scotsman. MAN, did I get my overdose! I've meet like 12 at this point and all of them were great guys. VERY freakin' amusing.

Case in point: Two were sitting in the row ahead of me. 2 next to me. I talked with the 2 next to me while they began to destroy the seats a piece at a time. One guy in front of us was tormenting a little Mexican law student. It went something like this:
"Where are YOU from, laddie?"
"I'm from Mexico orignally."
"Mexico? Ach, I'm from Scotland. My country INVENTED whiskey! We had some before we got this flight!" This is promptly followed by a song.

This same guy hears me and his buddies laughing at him and he turns his attention to me:
"Ach, look at THIS one! How many boyos have YOU shagged, laddie? Look at him! 'E's a pretty one! Look, lad, I'm a heterosexual male but you're a nice looking fella!" I almost wet my pants laughing. I'm sorry, but this was like being hit on by Groundskeeper Willie from the Simpson's. I laughed the entire flight. I told them that I was going to Prague alone and they TOLD me that I was hanging with them. I figured tonight was fine and when I wasn't "indulging". Turned out that I didn't catch up with them after that night but we had a great time. I was hung over for the rest of the weekend.

So...SATURDAY comes around and I've got the urge and a hangover the size of Scotland. I decide to hit the famous Sex Park. I had to cab it and the cab ride was 100 CZK. I used the cab service recommended by Sex Park ProfiTAXI, I believe. A word of advice: take a cell phone. When you finish up, there are no nearby taxi's waiting. I walked to the Hilton and grabbed on there which was 300 to 400 CZK.

I got to the Sex Park about 1:30pm on Saturday. There is a flea market right next to it. It was closing. I go in to Sex Park, get frisked and enter the turnstyle. Most of the girls are not there, which I expected since it was so early. There were about 6 girls there. I decided on Herga. Older brunette Czech with decent body and killer rack. I was in the mood for boobs. Her service was typical of the ladies here. One hour was 2000 CZK. I can't do 1/2 hours. Shower first, get right down to business. Business includes, CBJ, NO kissing and multiple positions. She didn't appear to go for multiple shots because I was really enjoying her so I decided to finish up quickly. I just wanted to see what she would do. Basically gave me a towel to shower and go. Oh, well. I got what I wanted. I'd make up for it tonight.

I saw one other girl on early Sunday from Sex Park. Martina, I believe, was a younger girl. Very petite. Both of these girls didn't talk to me much. I had read a report on Martina that described her friendlier. I think I know why but I'll discuss this later.

Some observations about the night clubs I visitied.

1) All of them give you cards upon entry to keep track of your drinks. DON'T LOSE THESE FUCKERS!!! They will charge you 5000 CZK if you lose it! No exceptions.

2) Some clubs (Club Ariadne) advertise free entry and Non-stop. Bull shit! That's free entry after 8pm. Non-stop starting at 7pm and ending at 6am.

3) The girls that dance, in most cases, are NOT on the program. Bummer because they are usually the hottest things in the club.

Breakdown of the clubs:

1) Club Atlas - Definitely my choice. Outcall is cheaper than incall (2850 CZK vs. 2100 CZK / hour). If I had a decent bed I would've gone with the outcall. Some lovely ladies. My repeat worked there.

2) Club Ariadne - a pretentious dump. Cheaper prices (1500 CZK / hour) but there is a reason for that. Selection SUCKS and so does the attitude of the girls. Not that I care, but I seriously believe it was I'm black. No biggie. Not the first time I've seen this, sure as hell won't be the last. But, hey, I didn't have this problem in Atlas so I'll spend my money there.

3) Club Empire - I got the same vibe from this place that I got from Ariadne. I did get apporached by one girl(not attractive) there so I don't believe it was the policy for me to initiate. I told her I was leaving. She just wanted me to by her a drink. EVEN though I was leaving. What the hell was she smoking? I left there laughing.

4)Club Darling - Was packed with some lookers. I didn't partake because if I read the table card correctly, a "private session" was 4500 CZK. Shit. Apparently, they don't know who I am. An Old Mac from Way back. I'm not going to lose my mind because I'm in a room full of lovely ladies. And to quote myself from #2: "Not the first time I've seen this, sure as hell won't be the last." I left there without partaking AFTER witnessing an amazing show that involved a flabby Asian girl, some balloons, 10+ feet of distance, and a pussy-powered blow gun. Amazing.

5) Club Nancy - You know, if I wasn't such a cool Mofo and a regular partaker of South American hotties, I would be really take offense to some stuff. The Club Nancy Doorman is one. Dude acted like he didn't want my business. I try to make people happy, so I didn't give it to him. BACK TO ATLAS!!!!

Now...why I liked Atlas. The girls seemed friendlier and relaxed. When I walked in the first time. I scoped them room. Nice selection. Covered the spectrum but more cuties than not. I noticed one in particular with a nice 36b. Pretty face, slender waist, and a nice ass (for Eastern European women) At first, it seemed like I was getting the Ariadne vibe from her because she kept moving and wouldn't make eye contact with me. So I said "Next" and started deciding who would be the runner up. I found her but she was dancing. CRAP!! Next. I starting weighing my standards with my selection. I was just about to decide when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around. It was her.

Now I knew I was going to like this girl because of what she said. Not the usual "My name is.." or "Do you know what type of club this is?" that I got at the other clubs....

"You want to get a room and have sex?" she asked me with a cute accent that made me feel like Boris Baddenoff from "Rocky & Bullwinkle" getting ready to stick it to Natasha.


I invited her to sit and we discussed prices. Before we left, I asked her what did she like to do and if she liked to kiss. She does anything but anal. AND she LIKES to kiss. JACKPOT!

Her name was Lucina. She was from Bratislava. Needless to say, we get a room. We both shower. Almost immediately, we start kissing. This is more like it!!!! She then put on the wrapper and began a very good CBJ. Both hands and active tongue.

We began the horizontal Mambo with her on top. She had to warm up so that she could handle the full "Stand". But soon she got a little rhythm going where she would take about 3/4 and then sit completely down and hold it. Then repeat. I was really getting turned on because she would moan when she'd sit completely. Got so bad, we started slamming each other. She slamming down at the the same time I thrusted up. Oh, yeah. I'm liking this girl.

We switch to me on top. And we start the same procedure of "discovery". We came to the same "slamming" results. The entire time, we kissing each other where ever we can. We switch to a few more positions because we only have an hour. With 10 minutes left, I stop to let her rest and we talk. She's a little disappointed that I haven't come yet. I tell her that I usually take a while but we can try again tomorrow since she is working.

So we shower and get dressed. I saw her again the following day. Since we knew each other better now, we didn't waste anytime with "discovery". Straight to the "Slamming". The session obviously was more intense. I even broke out some other positions to see how she liked them. We finished with me pounding her from behind. She started on her stomach but as we got the rhythm going, she raised up her hips up to meet my thrusts. She raised up on her arms and turned her head so that we could kiss. Oh, yeah....she got me this time.

We finished with 15 minutes to spare so we talked to more. About music, movies, and television. We showered and stumbled out of the room. Oh, yeah. I like this girl.

Great way to spend my last night in Prague. My legs are so tired from walking (from Sex Park) and Lucina that I collapse when I get back.

Overview: For brothers of the darker hue, don't be surprised at the different looks you'll get. Some ladies will give you the look that tells you they want you and some will give you the opposite. I got several of both.

Personally, I think I'll skip Prague next time and go to Bratislava. From what Lucina tells me, I would be much welcomed by the ladies.

Hmm..Maybe I will.

Kick Stand

11-17-02, 03:37
Originally posted by kyck_stand


2) Club Ariadne - a pretentious dump. Cheaper prices (1500 CZK / hour) but there is a reason for that. Selection SUCKS and so does the attitude of the girls. Not that I care, but I seriously believe it was I'm black. No biggie. Not the first time I've seen this, sure as hell won't be the last. But, hey, I didn't have this problem in Atlas so I'll spend my money there.

3) Club Empire - I got the same vibe from this place that I got from Ariadne.

5) Club Nancy - You know, if I wasn't such a cool Mofo and a regular partaker of South American hotties, I would be really take offense to some stuff. The Club Nancy Doorman is one. Dude acted like he didn't want my business. I try to make people happy, so I didn't give it to him. BACK TO ATLAS!!!!


Overview: For brothers of the darker hue, don't be surprised at the different looks you'll get. Some ladies will give you the look that tells you they want you and some will give you the opposite. I got several of both.

Personally, I think I'll skip Prague next time and go to Bratislava. From what Lucina tells me, I would be much welcomed by the ladies.

Hmm..Maybe I will.

Kick Stand

Kick stand. Glad to here that you had some good experiences during your trip to Europe. I can't help feeling that you should have tried to find out more before you came though to avoid some of the bad experiences. (cut form the quotes) you were suprised to find that London was worse than NYC, well why? it just is. Things are more expensive in London, the attitude of people is worse, and people have less time to help you. Even compared to NYC. Of course NYC has poseur bars but central London (the only part visitors ever see) has nothing else.

Prague is a tourist-trap in lots of ways and I can see the advantages of choosing Bratislava instead. The reason I quoted your mail was I was really suprise by number 2, where it said "I seriously believe it was because I am black", as if people might not believe you - people in CZ are very often openly racist and that is something you have to accept if you are visiting the country for a short time. I think in sex terms you will probably have better experiences in Bratislava, the one warning I would give you as a person of color is that you will find Slovakia is even more racist than Czech Republic. For example, one time I was with a girl in Slovakia and we had a black condom. She told a story about how a man walked out on her saying that "you are using a black condom because you want a black man inside you". She told me that she was offended by this because she doesn't do black men, and she said this with a certain kind of pride that made me think that maybe she had made up the whole story as a way of letting herself draw attention to one of her (supposed) good points .... that I can be assured that a black man has not been in her before me.

It is a difficult question for a man of color. Girls from Eastern Europe are the most beautiful white women in the world, but also the most racist. I would advise you to concentrate on the FKK clubs in Germany. The girls there are often from CZ and SK anyway and are all stunning, but living in the west they are more liberal and more accustomed to black men. I think that is the route to the best experience.

It's true that sometimes girls in European countries will throw themselves at a black man for the experience, but this applies more in Germany which is liberal and where black men don't really need to pay, rather in E.Europe where they sometimes need to pay more.

11-17-02, 11:42

I agree with your opinions about research but I did as much as I could with the resources I had. Reality is, you don't find many men of colour posting about experiences in Eastern Europe(I guess I know why now). In the forums here, I saw a couple of postings stating very vague reports on racial differences but none by men of darker colour.

Don't get me wrong. Growing up in the Southern US, you don't accept it but you see it for what it really is...ignorance. I'm not there to teach them anything so I go on and make the best of my situation. So, I'm wary of things like this. I figured I was in the area and I'd heard so much about it, I thought I'd check it out. There were really no surprises for me which is also why I went for a short trip.

Oh, well. I just chalk it up to experience.

Thanks for your input.

Kick Stand

11-21-02, 22:15

I agree with manofkosice regarding the German FKK clubs. I was in a couple of them in the Frankfurt area (FKK Oase and Atlantis) and seen a few black guys both of them. They were welcome there and definately had no problems hooking up. Besides, IMHO the girls in the FKKs give you a better GFE. They kiss, give BBBJ (sometimes), do anal (sometimes), and will even let you cum on them or in their mouths!
FKK clubs (at least the two I have visited) are my recommendation to anyone regarding hobbying in Europe.


11-22-02, 01:20
Hi List,

I've been reading this forum probably since 1998 before I took my first trip to Asia. Believe it or not I came to this site in hopes of using it as a guide to find cheap accomodations, but quickly found the posts to be very entertaining.

Well, here I'm finally posting. I will be going to Europe for the first time (this will be a lot of firsts for me as you'll see) with my fiance and I'm trying to stay on after our trip is over. I want to sew my wild oats there or in South America if I can't stay in Europe.

I went out with my fiance for 11 years before proposing, she was my high school sweety, and she's the only person I've ever been with. Lately(last 3 years), I've been feeling like I should go and discover what other women are like. I've often wondered but never acted on it even when women have approached me. Partly because of lack of experience but mostly because I wanted to stay faithful.

It's taken me a decade, but I've arrived at the decision to "put those thoughts to rest" once and for all by going to either Prague or Buenos Aires for a "fuck fest" till my legs can't support my weight no mo'.

Here's the thing, I'm Asian and have heard Eastern Europeans can be racist. I've read kyck_stand's perspectives, and his experience would definitely put a damper on my experience. What are some perspectives of others?

I'm not particularly picky as the next woman will be only my second, but I do tend to gravitate towards the light hair, light skinned look. I've been lucky enough to have been with an athletic, well tanned dark haired girl...well always.

This is a self-introduction, as my plans become more concrete, I'll start asking more relevant questions for the appropriate location.

11-23-02, 06:30
Hi Jadegatelover,

I go to Prague several times per year and am very familar with the scence there.

All I can say is I've seen many Czech girls with Asian guys and vice versa. In the clubs Asian guys and Czech girls also mingle very nicely.

A girl there once told me that Czech girls like Asian guys because they are characteristically clean, polite and act like gentlemen. She also stated something to the effect that Asian guys often have a lot of money and tend to be rather generous or something to that effect. Soo...

I'd stay away from Russia and Russian girls, however. They tend to be ethnocentric and reject men of color - so I've heard.

Have fun 'Prowling in Prague.' Also be ready to reconsider getting married after you've met some of the women there - both pro and non-pro. The short skirts, long flowing hair and general beauty of the Czech girls can be rather compelling.

Hope this helps.

Member #1005
11-23-02, 09:09
Hi Jadegatelover

Following your post I would say that Prague is a good destination to start, many American have these strange ideas about Europe in particular eastern Euope but to be honest Prague is a place that is no different to what you would find in NYC or London. I should know as I am both black and live in London and have been to Prague. I agree that there is a small minority of people in every country who do have a problem with people of colour, but this is more aimed at the local gypsy population rather than someone who is obviously not from the country. Having said that I did see some beautiful gypsy girls in Prague who could pass for Latinos. Putting my hand on my heart I have never experienced or seen any form of racism/discrimination in Prague, Bratislava, Latvia or Estonia and I was not insulated from the local life as I used to travel around at nights on the public transport, alone or on a couple of occasions with my friend from the country who was an attractive blond girl. The only thing that annoyed her is when girls would come up and make conversation – I wasn’t complaining, I guess its how you conduct yourself.

The only thing I would concern yourself with is the pick pocketing on the public transport its rife so be careful as the thieves will target you being a tourist. As two of my Asian friends who were in Prague in October ‘02, after I had told them its a great place to visit were pick pocketed twice on the public transport but only lost a digital camera. So no backpacks please and watch who’s behind you on the escalator and metro, keep looking around and enjoy yourself

11-24-02, 21:44
Juniour is right about the Gypsie thing. Czech women hate them, but only them, not asians.
Also, for the best time in europe, go to FkK Clubs in Germany!!!


11-27-02, 02:26
about 3 years ago i was in prague where one could book a room for the night so to speak for about $160 and a girl was provided with the room. i fully understand that prices have increased since that time but can anyone reccomend anything on similar lines!??

the girl was yours until you checked out, you could do whatever you liked, within reason of course.

have tried to get hold of copies of annonce but no joy and teir site is all in czech, no joy at all, any advice would be much appreciated.

11-28-02, 00:22

Thanks, but unfortunately I can't change my flights so I won't be headed to Prague on this visit. Until I find affordable fares, you can be sure I'm lurking and learning.

11-29-02, 19:50
Regarding the recent discussion about skin color I can say that the Czech racism stems mainly from the isolation during the Communist era. The only people of color here were workers from Cuba and Vietnam. We had some negative experiences with them (I guess not much different from any 'gastarbeiters' anywhere) There were also students from developing African countries whose study was paid by our country. All became a target of many jokes. But the general rule is: the higher education and traveling experience of a person, the lower rate of


11-29-02, 19:52
Hi all,

it's interesting and sometimes funny to read all your experiences.
Yes, Prague can be a school of hard knocks... I wonder if there are any Czech men on this forum as no one local comments.

I posted here before about BBWs in privates (last time on Oct 16, did anyone visit them?) and got some positive responses. Seeing the demand, here is my offer: if you plan to come to Prague to see ladies (especially BBW; I can recommend several personally 'evaluated' 25-50 ys., 190-220 lb, tits 6-9, $/Euro 33-50/hour) and wish to have a friendly local to help you with language and general know-how you can write me. Write "Prague visit" into the subject for easy identification, tell me a bit about yourself and give me several days to reply, please.

I'm single university graduate in his 30', living in a small apartment and working at home. I can easily accommodate one man for 1-2 days.

"BBWlover" (jan108ATiname.com)

12-03-02, 02:50
Read the comments on the racism issue and being a Canadian with asian back ground can tell you that i have experienced racism even in an asian country myself and agree it has to do with people in any country! There is a minority who still live in the 10th century not even the 19th in my opinion.

I found that I was treated with respect and of course as a customer in most instances in the places like ...London, Frankfurt, Bonn, Paris etc., Also found that if you to respect them with respect and dont look down on them they treat you nicely.

I guess everyone has their choice to make in life and agree with another writer that the more they travel they become more acceptable to different cultures...and become more tolerant.

Hope I will be able to contribute to the forum and have travelled extensively but this is the first time ever written something on a forum so please excuse me if my Etiquette is not right and email me if any thing i can improve on...Thanks zr0072003@yahoo.ca

12-03-02, 19:57
I will be in Prague soon.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with directions to the sex park (from Hlavni Nadrazi and/or Vaclavske Namestie). Is the metro open yet?

Also, what is the sex park exactly? Is it a real park or is it lots of flats, or streets. The previous posts kinda assume that I would already know.

12-04-02, 13:16
To anyone looking for action in prague, I recommend checking out www.escort.cz

Its the last word on sex in Prague, site in Czech, English and German!! Comprehensive is an understatement.

Visit their webpage and you will never have to hunt for pussy again.


Member #2944
12-05-02, 07:46
If you are going to prague and want to visit the sex clubs, I highly recommend K5 and Escade.

K5 is run by the Russian Mafia, and they don't pay commission to the taxi drivers. Some czech's resent those two facts and want to take you to other places. This place is posh, high tech touch screen (computers by which you can look at the girls stats, order them, etc.), no high priced "lady" drinks, and no cash system. They use a key fob type system which totals your balance and you pay when you leave, and no hassle on credit cards!!!! This place has the most and hottest women, you can get a massage and relax. BEST OF ALL, the girls are not allowed to approach you, like they do in every other place in the world. I had a ton of fun there, punted two chicks and had a night of drinks all for less than $350 US. The girls are russian, czech, slovak and some italian. Definitely no gypsies. The girls I had a K5 even kissed, for no extra money. I mean, really kiss, like make out. How wonderful!

Escade is second best, gorgeous girls, but they make you decide what girl you want within a few minutes of entering the club. It's also more of a brothel type atmosphere, where as K5 is more of a club. All the girls are czech here. No gypsies. They want cash, but will take a credit card if they absolutely have to.

If you are going on a weekend, make sure you call and make a reservation for K5, otherwise you aren't getting in. You can't bribe your way in. The security are actually very nice there, and will call you a cab to go to another competitors place. (yes, they do that well.)

Velvet stinks, and that's supposed to be the third best...Nice building, beautiful rooms, but the girls are 2nd rate.

Didn't hit any privats or the sex park, kept getting told that the girls were butt ugly and drug users. (by like 20 different people.) Heard that the privats do the bait and switch quite often, pointing to a girl on a web page and you show up and it's a chubby waiting for you.

Was also a short trip. Would have tried some more places if we could have.

There are lots of asian businessmen there, so don't worry about racism. You can negotiate with all the taxi's, but the taxi's outside your hotel (if you stay at a big one) are the best bet. They have fixed fares. There are a ton of scumbag taxi drivers too. I don't recommend the public transportation. The people are packed in like sardines and the chance of losing your wallet is high.

Didn't get hassled by any beggars or anything during the trip, which was nice. I don't speak a word of czech and had no problem getting around or getting what I wanted.

Happy Hunting,


12-07-02, 19:07
Is it possible to get BBBJ to completion in the sex park. How much should I pay?

12-11-02, 00:47

I really don't want to spend any penny to the Mafias (Russian or not) so, can somebody give me some "clean" adresses in Prague (if ever they exist !!!!!!!) ? Thanks

12-11-02, 11:49
Originally posted by praguevisitor

I was wondering if anyone could help me with directions to the sex park (from Hlavni Nadrazi and/or Vaclavske Namestie). Is the metro open yet?

Also, what is the sex park exactly? Is it a real park or is it lots of flats, or streets. The previous posts kinda assume that I would already know. [/i]

Get tram X-B going through downtown (Vaclavske nam.). It stops in front of the Sexpark ("Holesovicka trznice"). Sexpark is a big house with many small flats (cells) with a girl in each. It has a site www.redlight.cz with English version.

12-12-02, 00:58
I will be in Prague 13/01 and I am hoping someone may be able to give me advice about any pregnant escorts.
I realise this may not be to everyones tastes and hope not offend anyone.

Member #2944
12-14-02, 11:52

I recommend you check when you get there.

To the other poster:

As for not wanting to give $ to the Mafia, good luck.

If you are in France or in Europe, there are many pimps. Of course, the pimps are everywhere in the U.S.

As far as I'm concerned, you cannot give money to a girl that doesn't go to drugs, pimps or mafia, especially in Eastern Europe.

So your "clean brothel" only exists in your mind. There is no such thing.

12-16-02, 01:02
It is difficult to buy a beer in E. Europe without giving money to the mafia, as all bars must pay protection money to them.

Corruption and organised crime are big problems in all catholic countries, but in most catholic "central european" countries (ie E. Europe but not ex-soviet, ex-yugoslav etc.) the problem is comparable with places like Italy or Spain; except that it gets smaller very year here, unlike in those western countries. Visitors to Prague (and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary etc.) need to keep that in perspective. "Mafia" sounds like such a terrible word, but even though "people holding knives and guns who might kill you on the street for your wallet" can't be said in one word it is worse. That is the US version and things are much more dangerous in major cities in the US than in places where some strongman might take some of the money from the bar (or sexclub) at the end of the night.

There are even (a minority of) people in this part of the world who think that the mafia are a good thing - because the bar owners pay their "tax" and the mafia make sure there are no further problems with crime (besides the original tax!)

OK - maybe the mafia is taking some money from the girls here, but I prefer that to the situations of bonded labor that happen in Thailand or the situations in the USA and Western Europe where the government is taking some money from the girls by fining them at regular intervals. Goverments here are slowly getting their police and justice systems up to fighting organised crime and things are getting better. It is not a reason not to come.


Field Commander
12-17-02, 01:18
Big doubt for next New Year's holiday:

1) in Prague in a nice club (K5) ?

2) in Germany FKK ?

3) in Poland hunting for amateurs ?

Will be the number 1 and 2 open the 31st December ?

Help me I need suggestion :-)

Miami Vice (got lost and lust): too many places too many girls so few days

Member #1005
12-17-02, 22:26
bobo.fr 12/10/2002

really don't want to spend any penny to the Mafias (Russian or not) so, can somebody give me some "clean" adresses in Prague (if ever they exist !!!!!!!) ? Thanks

Regarding your concerns about lining the pockets of the Russian mafia with your hard earned dollars. The last post (manofkosice
12/16/02) made a few comments that on the whole I would agree with but got one or two things factually wrong concerning the Czech Republic.

About spring 2001 the Czech government in collaboration with other agencies including the US, had a clamp down on Russian mafia activity operating on Czech soil. The anti terrorist police closed down most of the clubs and throw out many of the known Russian mafia gangs of the Czech Republic who were involved in many illegal activities. Literally running them out of town as some were forcibly taken to the border and let go after being told in no uncertain terms not to come back. Some say this was done to help its accession into the EU in 2004, (it worked) plus the fact that too many deals were being stuck with certain middle eastern terrorist as well, which is not good for your imagine. Most of these gangs ended up re-settling up in Bratislava and further afield, as there is no love lost between the Czechs and Russians anyway (ie Velvet revolution). There are still some Russians in operating in Prague, but they tend to keep their heads down and run as legitimate as possible business activities (they won’t draw attention to themselves).

I won’t bore you with too many details but please note that in the Baltics, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Russians are not too welcomed and many have no status (no local passport as they are considered Russian even though they may have been born there) …you’ll have to read up on this for those who are interested.

I have been to Russian clubs in Eastern Europe and been treated with utmost respect and courtesy even though it was obvious I was a foreigner. But try the privates apartments if your conscience gets to you as some of the girls are independents but I don’t know which ones www.escort.cz so go on enjoy yourself.

12-18-02, 12:57
There are independent privates and escorts (I know some), so not everything is controlled by mafias which focus more on clubs and other entertainment places.
As for police crackdowns on mafias and kicking them abroad, obviously it's just a matter of time before they are back.


12-19-02, 09:17
Hello Gentlemen: I am from Czech Republic and I will be leaving for Prague on Saturday. Anyway, in private apartments you can pay 1500 kc and less for an hour. Since I speak the language I can give you a hand. Please contact me no later than Friday night at: vopat@sympatico.ca. In return I would appreciate some help with my English essay, or other help if you so choose to. I'd like to stress that it is not necessary and it's totally up to you, since we all persue our hobby. Even if you just want to go for a drink drop me a line, once I have myi cellphone number I will put it on line. Happy hunting.

12-19-02, 23:58
Zde: I couldn't get your email to work. Contact me at gmort20@hotmail.com. Gene

12-20-02, 00:07

I couldn't get your email address to work. I will work in CZ for the next 6 months and would like to link up with a local fellow to learn the ropes.


12-23-02, 17:21
Hello, This is my first post here. I just discovered this site. I will be going to Prague in early June and would appreciate some info from some seasoned travelers. I have reservations at the Radisson. I am not sure of the location, (it is in Prague, that's all I know). Is it within walking distance to the Sexpark?
Also, I have been cruising the ads on escort.cz and have found dozens of girls I would like to see. There are several agencies such as Krystina and Prague Bunnies where the girls seem to be gorgeous. Does anyone have any specific recs regarding agencies? The privat girls also look inviting. Very cheap , but very few show their faces. I would enjoy finding one or two girls to spend 6-12 hours with instead of just a quickie. Can anyone recommend someone who speaks passable english (that's all I speak) and can pull off a GFE for several hours.
I know this is a lonshot but there is one girl whose pic really caught my attention. She is on Prague Bunnies as Kristyna and also she is listed as Vanessa on the Pretty Women of Prague site.
Does anyone know if she is real or is this just a "stock" photo?
I thank you all in advance for all your info.

12-24-02, 06:35
Was 123,

I go to Prague a lot and have had some wild experiences there.

First of all, virtually everyone speaks good English there. It's the international language and is mandatory if you're going to work there.

Be careful of privates. They are hard to locate and the girls you see on escort.cz are seldom there. Your best bet is to find a cabby who speaks good English and have him call the private flat for you. He can get you there, ring the buzzer and advocate for you. I have a cabby I use exclusively when I'm there. He takes good care of me and has helped me repeatedly.

Also be aware of the street girls. You're pretty much on your own and there are reports of guys being ripped off when you take them back to your place.

In reference to the escort services, that can be real hit or miss. Many services send a nice but different girl. Also, if you don't like the girl you're stuck unless you're the type who can send her packing.

I like the clubs. You can select your girl and the owners have a vested interest in keeping you happy and preserving their reputation. Many girls have also offered their services privately and this is where you could have her for 6-12 hours at a very reasonable rate. It's pure profit for them and they don't have to share it with the clubs. So, you can see if you like the girl and then contract privately with her.

In the major hotels, you'll find "lobby" girls at night. They seem to charge insane prices, however. Far more than the clubs and it's a pricing structure I've never understood.

Best clubs are K5, Lotos and Velvet. Have had success at Laura Club, Ariadne and Butterfly.

Prague is a great city, too. You can catch a concert at 7:00, have great dinner at 9:00 and get laid at 11:00. The clubs also stay open all night long. Have also had many threesomes which is a cool lifetime experience. So, have a great time in Praha.

12-26-02, 12:19
Originally posted by BayView
I'll be arriving in Prague Nov 26th and staying for a week or so. Anyone else here going to be there during that time? This will be my first trip there. Anything I shouldn't miss?

12-26-02, 12:22
Jan 108

Hello Jan,
I will be in Prague during the following days... Can I have you help to visit some private places. Everytime I was there during the last years the girls tried to rip me off. Because I am stranger?
Do you have a contact?
I am 32, from Italy.
Thanks, Duck

Originally posted by jan108
Hi all,

it's interesting and sometimes funny to read all your experiences.
Yes, Prague can be a school of hard knocks... I wonder if there are any Czech men on this forum as no one local comments.

I posted here before about BBWs in privates (last time on Oct 16, did anyone visit them?) and got some positive responses. Seeing the demand, here is my offer: if you plan to come to Prague to see ladies (especially BBW; I can recommend several personally 'evaluated' 25-50 ys., 190-220 lb, tits 6-9, $/Euro 33-50/hour) and wish to have a friendly local to help you with language and general know-how you can write me. Write "Prague visit" into the subject for easy identification, tell me a bit about yourself and give me several days to reply, please.

I'm single university graduate in his 30', living in a small apartment and working at home. I can easily accommodate one man for 1-2 days.

"BBWlover" (jan108ATiname.com)

12-26-02, 16:04
Has anyone good information about Prague hotel?

12-29-02, 20:33
To Paddy-----
Thank you for all of the info. I will try and put it to good use.

I would also like to know if the Radisson in Prague is convenient to the clubs, ( like K5),, Is it within walking distance? Or a short cab ride?

From what I have learned here the Privat girls are very hard to find, ( if you're a tourist, like me). Plus they are very hit or miss regarding their service and looks, (most of them do not show their faces).

But they look SOOOOO inviting from their ads on escort.cz.
And, they seem to offer a wider range of services than do the club girls. I am partial to BBBJTC. DFK and CIM are services that I think are important if I am to enjoy a girl completely. From the reviews of the club girls in Cap 69 it seems as if most , if not all, of the BJs are covered. Is this to be expected when I visit in June?
Also, when I am in the various clubs is it considered appropriate to ask the girl if I can expect uncovered french lessons, and is she willing to CIM? Or do I just find a pretty girl and take my chances in a back room?

Aside from the SEX aspect, is it likely that I might find a girl to spend 2-3 days with? Sightseeing, dining out, conversation as well as sex? Or do most of the girls just want you to get in and out and then split? If anyone has any recommendations regarding girls who have a personality to go with the physical part I'd sure appreciate it.

Thank you all

Take care Paddy

12-30-02, 06:41

You're quite welcome. I hope that my information helps.

If you're looking for BBBJ, CIM, etc., I would highly recommend Milas Holiday escort. Should have mentioned it in my earlier post (I'm often blind to obvious). It's a combined B&B/brothel. It's on the outskirts of Prague and is very reasonable. Most of the the girls are Ukranian and are very liberated sexually. Their website is internettrash.com/users/milas2. You can also call and reserve a girl from the gallery of pictures.

Milas' is an almost legendary place in Prague and I've been there myself. Spent an evening with a girl from Belarus who had heavenly oral skills. CIM three times that night. I'll never forget her. A 2-3 day gig is also possible if you like the girl.

Will be going back April 7-13. Remember, anything is possible in Prague. Happy hunting and have a great time.

12-30-02, 19:13
Hello Duck,

ok with me. Simply write me an email (behind my nick)
No need to bother all who read this group.

BBWlover (jan108ATiname.com)

12-31-02, 04:22

To my experince escort.cz mostly have fake pictures. It looks like the escort agency/privat clubs dosent care if they give you another girl, even if you ask specially for a special girl....some privates also hang up if you only talk english with them..

You can find some treasures in Prague, but dont expect it to be so easy as escort.cz tells you...