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Jan 108

Thanks Jan for your quick answer... We can keep in touch thorugh ducklings@libero.it
Is it ok?!

Originally posted by jan108
Hello Duck,

ok with me. Simply write me an email (behind my nick)
No need to bother all who read this group.

BBWlover (jan108ATiname.com)

01-01-03, 21:07
Hi was123, paddy and all,

Radisson Hotel (Stepanska 40, www.radissonsas.com) is next to
Wenceslas Sq., the very downtown. It's one of the expensive hotels (circa Euro 300, depends on time period and number of guests). It is almost a price of other good hotels (1/8 - 1/6 of Radisson price) with a girl for the whole night included. Far from a good deal unless you require luxury. But then you can get a model girl from those expensive escort agencies and not bother going to Sexpark which can be compared to a sex supermarket...

Radisson is 7 tramstops from Sexpark, circa 10 mins, 4 kms, CZK 140+ by taxi cab.

In general, BBBJ/CIM you can get only from the worse quality girls. It's very risky for them and you alike. Ask before if they provide it. I know just one such girl (from an ad in annonce.cz - Czech lang. only) and wouldn't personally even touch her. Good luck.

BBWlover (jan108ATiname.com)

Little sex dictionary

(print this out or learn by heart :)

69 (mutual oral) - vzajemny (oboustranny) oral
anal - anal
BBJ (bare blow job) - oral bez ochrany (bez kondomu)
BBJTC (bare blow job to completion) - oral bez ochrany (bez kondomu)
do konce (s polykanim)
CIM (cumming in mouth) - same as BBJTC
classic - klasika
fist - ruka v pochve (lit. hand in ****)
GFE (great fucking experience) - vyborny sex
HJ (handjob) - rucni masaz (lit. hand massage)
[CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) - [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)

01-04-03, 11:54
Want to stay overnight ? http://www.maya-escort.cz

01-08-03, 18:31
I have been to prague 2 times and I must say that milas is the best bet I had a girl from there last year named Irina and she was amazing. I would love to see her again. a real GFE. Ofcourse it goes with out saying that you need to treat them well. I also visited a club I can not remember the name and had a good expearance with a slovokian girl of 22 she was very good although a little profesional for my tastes but for one hour this cost me 150 euros. And I got only one shot not because that was the rule but because she said there was not enough time after she sugested a massage. I also could not touch her pussy a big turn off for me. so as I said above try milas although mayas may be good as well I will try them next time if milas is booked of i see a real stunner.

Small Smiles
01-11-03, 08:59
Need Tour Guide in Prague

I need to hear from anyone that has experience with “Love Tour” type ventures. My group can pay a good guide $100-USD per day to guide our clients. You must be experienced, resourceful, cautious, and speak some English, speak good Czech and maybe speak some Romanian. You should be open-minded, and know where/how to find most anything that is available.

Write, and tell us about yourself.


01-11-03, 11:11
Are there any hotels in Prague where there are working girls ?

01-11-03, 19:19
I am thinking of planning a trip to Prauge in Feb. How much does full service sex, including BBBJ cost at clubs like K5 and Sexpark? Can anyone recommend a good hotel near these clubs?


01-16-03, 17:51
Thank you Jan and Paddy.
I appreciate all the info. Especially about Milas. I will certainly look into it.

Would like to know if anyone has any experience with services such as Prague Bunnies, or the Krystina agency????

Does anyone have any specific recs about girls in Prague. Sometimes I like to have a "name" who has been recommended. I'll be there June 8-13th. If anyone else is going and would like to hook up, let me know.....

01-17-03, 12:38
Hello to all,

I’ve just discovered this forum and this is my first post to it.
I’ve been to Prague before and I’m planning to share my impressions / experiences with you. Meanwhile I’m planning another trip there very shortly and I’d like to ask the more experienced members of the list a few questions.

I’ve been through the escort.cz private pages searching for what seems a good deal/value. I’ve come up with some that look promising and I’d like to ask if anybody has any experience / info on them:

a) Iveta ( I believe someone already suggested / recommended it? )

b) Sen

c) Pusinka ( the map system of escort cz retrieve Privat Sen position when asked for Pushinka’s! Both are on the same stree, Vinohradska, and I wonder if they are the same with different names or just in the same building. Different telephones though. )

d) Woow, Goldsiver ( I believe they are under the same management. I’ve heard in another forum that they friendly and good service. Any comfirmations? )

e) Don Giovanni ( very near K5 )

f) Any other privat that somebody have tried and found good, especially girl attitude wise?

Another poster suggested club Escade as the second best only to K5. Any prices for the place? The site doesn’t provide. Any hints on what the general atmosphere is on the club, i.e. can you relax with girls before and after a la K5, are things hurried etc.

Any opinions for Lotos club? I was under the impression it was considered the second best until that suggestion for Escade.

Thank you in advance and regards,


01-17-03, 12:46
Prices in K5 range from about 4000 to 5500 Kr. for an hour in a room, depending if it has a shower, a yakuzzi or a big yakuzzi. Price includes everything you'll do with a girl. What a girl does it's up to her, some do BBBJ, some don't. In my experience Czech girls generally don't. In any case, the price remained the same, no girl asked me for extra money to do it, she just did.


01-17-03, 23:42

I can clarify something here at the outset in reference to your questions about the order of best clubs in Prague:

K5 is, as you know, in a class by itself and occupies the lonely position way at the top. Long may it reign...

Lotus may be considered the second best in terms of beauty quotient of the girls. Some real stunners here. But it is as expensive as K5 at least, and is located far out from central Prague, but accessible by Metro.

Escade is way, way down the list. Some might call this place, and the girls there, a real dump! They are high on the list of many taxi drivers, so there is a message there, right? And there is a slight attitude problem here. The girls are not that great and you might not get a very enthusiastic session here. Leans slightly towards the rip-off.

Stick with K5, then Lotus. There are a few other decent clubs in central Prague too.


01-18-03, 02:37
Hey Ortos,

many thanks for the info on clubs, especially for the caution note on the Escade. I'm glad I had it right on the order. I agree K5's relation between price and service / attitude / attention to detail is excellent. I'll haunt it on my visit there, that's for sure.

Any other info on the Lotos please? Friendly / relaxed enviroment? Attitude of the girls? Can you do what you do in K5, relax with them before and after? Any particular etiquette in contact there? Forewarned is forearmed you know... : )

I have heard good words for Marthy's club too, and somehow mixed things for Atlas. Your opinion?

Thanks in advance and regards,

01-18-03, 06:39
As someone who has a lot of experience "Prowling in Prague" I'm compelled to agree with the assessment of K5 being the best club with Lotos second.

About Escade, it USED to be one of the very best. It has excellent facilities and had some dynamite girls. They also seemed to specialize in threesomes and still do. I "heard" that they have had some major management changes and that the place has really gone downhill as a result. I was there in October 2002 and was startled by the drop off in girls. The girls I did interact with seemed to have their hands in my pockets and they weren't looking for my johnson.

I'd also have to recommend Laura Club,Pink Dolly and Milas. Pick-up the Prague Sex Guide at a news stand when you get there. It lists many other clubs and I'd hit the smaller clubs on the weekend. A place like K5 can get rather crowded on a weekend.

I'll be there April 9-14 if you want to join forces. I can't f*ck all of these women by myself!!!

01-18-03, 06:49

I checked out Prague Bunnies once and they wanted over $700 for and all night gig with one of their girls. Geez, those are Chicago prices. She stated, however, that the $700 was "all I had to pay." Far out.

In reference to the other escort service you inquired about, I don't think that anyone can keep up with them. They're changing names and coming and going so fast that it's almost impossible to characterize any of the escort services one way or another. I would look upon all of them as a real hit or miss proposition. You can request a specific girl but odds are less than 50-50 that she'll actually show.

01-18-03, 10:11
Was 123,

in another forum ( escort's cz discussion board for Lotos if I remember correctly, you can check it yourself in the backlog ) somebody posted a real bad experience with Kristyna's escorts. In short the requested girl didn't show up `` because it was raining `` hah, a replacement was sent, she was waay below par, demanded the money ( hour ) up front, then in a very short while she was ready to go, saying that she'll be sending another girl since the customer wasn't satisfied. Outside the hotel room door a bouncer was waiting for her, making sure no complains were made. Needless to say the other girl never showed up.


01-18-03, 23:15

Thank you for the info on Escade and the recommendations on Lotos, Laura’s, Pink Dolly, and Mila’s.
I found Mila’s internet site / forum and I must admit that looks good overall. Reviews are good, prices seem very reasonable and I’m really tempted to go for one night there and, if the chemistry works out, continue with girl in the city all day long and follow it with another night. Changing and trying girls is great, sure, but I enjoy building a rapport with a girl I like and she likes me also. Different experiences, all with their own particular worth. The downside of it is that the place itself seems to be quite out of city’s center….
By the way, has anybody been with Mila’s girls, Rita nad Natasha? Rita especially looks fine to me.

Regarding Lotos, I’ll give it a try. I’d like to hear a first hand experience from that club though, it seems strange so few on this board seem to actually have been there and can give an account of what’s the deal there, a la K5, keeping in mind it is a contender for second best place after Korruni’s no 5.

As for meeting up, I’d love too, it’s always far better sharing adventures with like minded partners, but when I said I plan a trip to Prague shortly, I meant * real * shortly, like the first week of February? The original plan was to get there end of March, beginning of April but the friend from Germany with whom I was going to meet up can’t make it then as he first thought he would, and we had to move next possible date early in February. Brrr, too cold but hey, we plan to dive in warm places, no? : )

Best regards

01-19-03, 03:46

Just a comment on Milas. I went there two years ago between Christmas and New Year. Unless things have changed, it is located in a house in a small town on the outskirts of Prague. It's best to have a car, but a bus stops near the house (one that you pick up at the end of a metro line. It's a real relaxed atmosphere there. An overnighter can be nice with the right girl - but I like to know for sure what I've got before I put in the extra money and time. My girl looked really hot, and it probably blinded me to the red flags I should have noticed in the three hours before I agreed to spend the night with her. Long story short, she was a prude in bed and hated her job and couldn't wait to leave for her home in Belarus in about a week (and she snored). I hardly slept all night and left early in the morning.
I know your mileage may vary, and I could try it again and hit a winner, but just something to think about if you haven't done the overnighter thing before or very often. This was my first time doing it with an unknown, and I will only do it now with a chick I have had some experience with and know that I have a good rapport with. I would probably only try Milas again by spending the day with her before I decide to spend the night.
For whatever it's worth.

01-19-03, 06:24

Was that Norma you were with? She was also from Belarus and tried the same jive with me when we got in bed. She said that she just wanted to get home to Belarus to be with her son, that she hated Prague, hated men because her husband two-timed her, etc.

I stated that I was going to leave (which I was) and talk to Markus whom I believe is Milas' husband. She shaped up real fast and proceeded to give a great BBBJ with CIM twice. Just curious.



01-19-03, 07:12

I'm not sure of the name now. But it could be. When I first saw the name it sounded familiar. I know that there were several girls from Belarus around that time, and she was there from around the beginning of November ( I haven't looked at the site in several years) even though I remember most of the girls were usually from the Ukraine (Mila is from the Ukraine and Markus is a friend that lives in Germany - I remember her telling me this).
My girl had blond hair and a gorgeous body. She had slim, muscular legs (said she ice-skated a lot in Belarus) and an ass to die for. I offered and gave her a massage, and when I kissed her ass or playfully kissed her foot, she would act annoyed and say "not normal". The more I think about the name - I'll bet it was Norma!
I wish I had copped an attitude and threatened to complain like you did. It's a long time now, but it pisses me off to think about it again. I remember her pictures on the site were mostly all outdoors with trees. And, she did give me a good technique, but quick business-like BBBJ (but that was it - fell asleep quickly and snored all night) Does this sound like her?

01-19-03, 08:27

Yes, given your physical description of the girl it had to be Norma. She was very friendly and charming prior to going to bed. Her change in attitude was quite a shock. Oh well.

I've been to Milas' two other times and had great experiences. I think we found out why Norma was avaialble. Her name was actually Yolanta (SP?). The Norma was from Norma Jean Baker (i.e. Marilyn Monroe). That's what she told me at least.

Copping an attitude and threatening to complain to the manager worked one other time for me. This chick kept insisting on a threesome (I think she was trying to generate some income for her friend). I said that she was entitled to her wishes but I would leave and ask the manager for my entry fee back. I think that these girls are rather intimidated by management and don't want complaints lodged against them. I mean, these managers have a vested interest in making money and preserving the reputation of their establishment. If the girl reflects negatively on the place for any reason and word gets around, they could be out of business in 6 months. By the way, this happened at Escade last year.

01-20-03, 12:01

Thank you for your info and input about Mila’s. Your `` relaxing atmosphere `` comment makes the place seem even more tempting, that’s exactly what I like.
Since I haven’t ever threw an all nigher before, that was my plan originally: go there relatively early, meet the girls have some talk, drink something, soak up the atmosphere and, if the chemistry works, decide on a full night or not.

But then again, you never know, there are instances where the girl looks really friendly when keeps you company, but changes attitude when in the room. In that case there aren’t many things you can do but maybe act like Paddy and cop an attitude yourself and make it clear that you’ll complain. If even that would not work, well, that’s what experience is all about sometimes, pain, isn’t it… : )
I could probably go for an hour and if all go well extend for a night, if the manager agrees to regard it as a whole night from the start ( and not an hour * plus * a night I mean ).'

To change the subject slightly, another one establishment that looks promising is Maya’s escort. Good reviews in the relative for a, professional and courtaious answers from the manager. Anybody here tried that? It has Ukrainian girls and my experience with Ukrainians was very favorable ( Blond, blue-eyed Lena at K5, true GFE, God bless her! ) : )

Best regards,


01-24-03, 08:18

what is your take on velvet club? i agree with your take on escade, had a pretty generic time there......

would not mind meeting up, I was planning on visiting around that time as well.....


01-25-03, 06:36

I had "heard" that Velvet was one of the top places in the 90's but had fallen off in the last couple of years.

Despite hearing this, I was hanging with some outrageous soccer guys from Liverpool and decided to give it a whirl. The cabby I use there - who has become a sort of local tour guide and confidant - said it can be good at times. Walked in and they were very professional and friendly. The building and facilities were also first rate. The girls, however, were all very young and not that great looking. I have a 23 year old daughter and I'm a bit squeemish about screwing girls my daughter's age so I left. Overall, there are so many great places in Praha that I just never got around to trying Velvet again.

If you're up for some wild and drunken womanizing, I'll be in Praha April 10-15.

01-25-03, 06:59
Hi I'm new here so this may have been asked before. Do any of these club's (K5,mila's, Velvet,etc.) have web sites? Also when is CZ going to the Euro ? if not allready. Thank's any info would be appreciated.

01-28-03, 22:58
K5 site is http://www.k5relax.cz/

The Czech Republich will join the EU in 2004 but it will take some more time to get the Euro.


01-30-03, 23:48
Is there some new info about night clubs in Prague: ATLAS, K-9, ARIADNA (in in the very center of Prague-1) - girls, prices etc.?

Cambodia Pro
02-05-03, 09:54
Originally posted by CinG

Regarding Lotos, I’ll give it a try. I’d like to hear a first hand experience from that club though, it seems strange so few on this board seem to actually have been there and can give an account of what’s the deal there, a la K5, keeping in mind it is a contender for second best place after Korruni’s no 5.

Best regards

I visited Lotos, and it was great. I had a 19 yo blonde, very beautiful. DAY, bj, and fs. The tub, and bed were great. The minuses were, too far away from the city. Cost $14 to $16 to get there by taxi(round trip). In addition to this, there is no floor managers like at K5 to break the ice (get the girl for you, or recommend special services).
The girls just sit in the couch across from the bar (not even smiling at you, but just coldly staring or chatting with the other girls). Only went there once, and I spend all my time at K5 which is my top recommendation in Prague.

02-05-03, 15:46
To criminal_Bush,

Have been to Lotos and K5.

Yes, Lotos is a long way out and many of the girls sit there smoking and look half asleep. I walked in and sat at the bar and ordered a glass of wine. A beautiful girl from Slovokia (she had about the best body I've ever seen) came up to me and asked if I was looking for "companionship" in very good English. I said yes, introduced myself and ordered her a drink. We talked and she proceeded to show me the rooms. We sat on one of the couches in the lounge and almost went for it right there. I mean, this girl was sexy and built. We then went to a room and had a torrid one hour session. She was great and would do just about anything I asked. She was so good that I came back then next night for a repeat.

She had the next night off so I asked her if she wanted to do the town with me and make a lot of money. She agreed and I had my personal taxi driver pick her up and bring her to the bar I was waiting at. We had dinner, strolled through Old Town Square (Starometski Namensti), the Charles Bridge (Karluv Most) and then to my hotel. Her name was Amelia and she was from Bratislava.

This was my only experience with Lotos. I think I was lucky but I've heard that Lotos was the number one club in Praha before K5 and is still probably one of the best. Personally, I'd go to K5 on a weeknight due to the crowds and Lotos on the weekends. By the way, I have had nothing but positive experiences with K5 too. I don't think that you can wrong with either club. Hope this helps.


02-06-03, 08:46
Hey folks, I just returned from a weeks stay in Prague. I had a decent time. The ladies were not bad. However, the prices are steeeeeep compared to Asia and South America. I give Prague a 5 on the scale. It has all the action you seek. But, you really need to seek to get the full monty all nighter at a decent rate. I'll stick to Asia!

02-06-03, 19:11
To all is interested:

Look at he site:
an select "english language".
Than choose the city you are interested to, and klick on whichever girlo or flat or...
You can see: Some snap shot of the girls with price shared for each kind of "job" (anal, normal, oral, threesome, lesbo, whole night, ........)

It is really nice.

02-16-03, 19:42
I was in Prague last week and tried some of the private flats no-one seemed to be available mid-afternoon so I went to the Sex Park. The thugs on the door are slightly intimidating and it's best to ensure that you have 20 kc coin ready for the slot.

Inside are several corridors with the some of the doors open and the girls inside. All of them looked very attractive. I walked around twice before spotting an older woman with large tits. Fortunately she spoke English and said that it was 1000 kc per half hour. I suspect that I could have negotiated her down but I didn't bother and opted for a full hour.

She was called Yvette and spoke German as well. She was blond(ish) and probably late 30s. That didn't really matter because she had an incredible pair of tits which she used to full effect. After a brilliant oily massage she then gave me a covered blowjob before announcing that she wanted me to fuck her. She climbed on top for a spectacular performance.

After than she finished it off with a brilliant next massage on the side of her bed.

Yvette was polite, chatty and good fun and with those massive tits, an all-over tan and a fantastic massage, it's almost worth going to Prague just to see her. I think that she was Room No.8 - it was at the far end on the right.

02-18-03, 08:06

I am going to Prague, and I am contemplating booking someone for 12 or 24 hours to also have someone spend time sightseeing. I am hoping people can help me. However, here are some of my ideas, and I would like your input

1) girls from Andre Night Club (I've seen really good reviews, at least for overnight)...Please confirm if possible

2)Escort Sen (girls simply look sensational, and supposedly have decent reviews)

3)Maya's escorts- Ukrainian girls. I've heard mixed reviews of Mila's but someone said Maya has promise.

Also, what other places can I search for reviews.
Feel free to e-mail me at pupsnu@hotmail.com

Thank you again

02-27-03, 10:22

Looking to visit Prague soon, and am looking for hotel near where I am going to be working and also the action. So far I have found 3, Moevenpick Hotel, Elite Hotel and the K+K Fenix. Has anybody stayed at these and are they girl friendly? Any other recommendations welcome.


Member #2944
03-02-03, 10:23
If you can't get into K5 on the weekends, then head to "Escada". It's the 2nd best club in Prague. I went to them all over a period of 3 weeks.

With K5, you can call or have your hotel concierge make a reservation for you ahead of time. Then you will get in no problem.

The only negative I've ever heard about K5 is that it's run by the russian mafia. Regardless, it was transparent to me and it was the best brothel experience(s) of my life. K5 totally rocks.

Escada is nice too, but a totally different experience.

03-05-03, 13:08

> But, you really need to seek to get the full monty all nighter at a decent rate.

Depends what you consider a decent rate. Some do allnite even for $150 but
usually it is about $200.

In general, I would recommend first getting to know the girl by having her
for at least 1-2 hours and only then go for allniter. Otherwise you may be very

BBWlower, Prague (jan108@iname.com)

03-05-03, 13:14

> I was in Prague last week and tried some of the private flats no-one
seemed to be available mid-afternoon so I went to the Sex Park.

Next you can drop me a line at: jan108@iname.com
and I can help you as I already offered here before.

> Fortunately she spoke English and said that it was 1000 kc per half hour.
I suspect that I could have negotiated her down but I didn't bother and opted
for a full hour.

Sex Park girls have all this price so I doubt you could get a discount.

BBWlower, Prague

03-05-03, 21:39
I'm in Prague from 3. April to 8. April. For work, but most for pleasure. I''ll visit Sex Park and a lot of other scenes. Someone here who is in Prague at that time, and dont like to hunt alone? Just email me, i'm 30: hrchrister@hotmail.com

03-16-03, 22:34
Does anyone know if the (legitimate) fast test kits for prescreening providers (OraQuick, PocKit, etc.) are available over the counter in Prague (or elsewhere in Eastern Europe)? If so, please post your information in the safe sex section (under special interests). There is an on-going discussion about this. Thanks.

03-19-03, 16:41
Just got back from Prague and thought I would post a reccomendation for Adriadne. When you walk in you think that you might have walked into someones living room!! but the girls are good looking its 3000 krs for an unrushed hour in a nice room and the beers not a rip off either 50kr

Normally I start in the Atlas which is lively, fun not too expensive but the girls aren't as good as adriadne, so walk over there afterwards

03-23-03, 17:29
Can anyone recommend a good escort agency in Prague?
There are a lot of fake messers on the internet. Few have real photos and details.

03-25-03, 18:29

Accidentally a friend of mine stumbled over your January thread about Prague and a girl from Mila called Norma. He thought that I might be interested in this, so I quickly read and registered for this forum.
I am out of all these forums now for quite some time but between 1999 and maybe 2002 I was kinda busy, especially with anything that had to do with Prague (CZ-Ladies, CZ-Forum, etc.).

Well ... what I read from you both sounded strangely familiar to me since I've been there myself early November 2000 and yes ... I heard the very same stories from the very same girl. (Without wanting to correct anybody but her old pictures on Mila's page in these days were taken in front of a white wall with her wearing a black body - not outside with trees and stuff).

Just to keep you updated on this issue ... she and me never lost contact (even though the use of e-mail is somewhat not that easy in Belarus) so ... after one year the plan of a visit came up ... that finally (after many problems) happened last October when she came to visit me here in Germany for 3 weeks (and returned for another 3 weeks in December). Sunday my plane for Minsk will take me to visit her for 2 weeks where we will also try to get the visa for the visit of her and her son in June / July.

She still hates men but I am glad to know that she decided to make an exception concerning me ... which means that I can say that (let me quote) she not only has an "ass to die for" but that it is definitely one of the best feelings I know to have that kind of sex with her (yes - take my word for it, I'm not lying).

So after 6 weeks together and more (maybe much more) still to come - I can not say that I heard her snore only one single time. Contrary to those rather better-to-forget experiences from her short stay in the business (total of 4 weeks) she seems to have rediscovered the joy of sex (including lingerie, mirrors, having anal sex on the table, earthshaking orgasms from oral sex and cum on her face). I guess I can say that she is doing fine and so will I in early April.

Sorry about the bad experience you had - mine is slowly going into the direction of marriage ... ;o)
Take care and all my best wishes for your future experiences


03-25-03, 18:42

I can understand your concern in reference to finding a "good" escort service. It's a real hit or miss proposition. It also depends on whether or not you're the type of guy who can send the stand-in away if you're not satisfied when she shows up. I spend a lot of time in Prague and gave up on escort services. You seldom get the girl you ordered although, in all honesty, I've had some dynamite stand-ins.

As an alternative, I've had considerable success going to one of the many, many "gentleman's clubs" in Prague, picking a girl and if she's real good, I privately contract with her for the following night or something. These girls seldom work every night and the money you pay them is pure profit so they're very receptive. In fact, they will often offer to meet you outside the club before you do. So, in a way, you get to pick your escort and have taken her through a "test drive" already.

Hope this helps.

03-26-03, 03:53

Good hearing from you. Yes, it was Norma and your description of her with the black body suit picture is correct. Also, she said that her name is really Yolanta (SP?), that her son's name was Igor and was about three years old. Is this the same girl???

Irregardless, I'm glad that things have worked out between the two of you and that you have something going with her. She's a very nice girl who was rather bitter at the time.

If you could indulge a guy who is older and has been around a lot, as a general policy I would STRONGLY advise any guy to really think about the economic and legal implications of marriage. Here in the USA, it's very, very dangerous stuff and will ruin your life if you end up in divorce court.

03-26-03, 06:53
Waylander -

What a "small world" story! I hope we are all talking about the same girl. I don't remember her mentioning a child to me. The pictures I do remember were definitely outside pictures in a natural setting. I saw her right around the New Year (even though you saw her at the beginning of November and she only worked the business for 4 weeks, as you say). And yes, this girl snored!
But she had the perfect ass in my book - so at least that's something we agree on. :) I'd give it a 9.96 out of 10 to be more accurate.
I must say I do remember her as being a sweet girl at heart. Despite my early morning departure, she came out of the house in her bathrobe and slippers and walked about 25 yards to tell me I was supposed to take the bus on the other side of the street in order to go in the direction of Prague. It was too early for anyone to probably see her on the street like this, but she certainly didn't have to make the effort. Like I said, a sweet girl at heart.
Good luck with her! It hurts to hear you talk about marriage. I have to agree with Paddy on this one - think twice!

03-26-03, 09:58

Thank you for the quick reply. I am very happy to see that we speak about this without any kind of harm. Yes - I am very much aware of the concequences of marriage so we will definitely make some preparations for that case (contract and so on) and it will be soonest 2004. Still it is the only alternative to avoid all the visa and travelling hassle in the long run. Neither she nor me are very happy about this but ... if you take this seriously you come to a point where it's no longer possible to avoid that issue. The good thing about her is that we discuss this very open - so she knows already today that I will not adopt her son in the case of marriage (... exactly because of legal consequences here in Germany) ... this is something you can do after some years when you see that all is going well.

@PADDY - yes, you are correct with the names (only that her son was about to have his 5th birthday - that's why she went home)
She was at Mila from about the 10th of Oct 2000 to the 10th of Nov ... her one and only time in the business (which I believe although you know how this works ... new girls, old rumours, some envy, some misunderstanding ... and all together leads to the birth of some bad rumours which mostly turn out to be untrue). She used to be a pianoteacher and her marriage is described by herself as "the worst time of her life".

@YAK - thinking about the day you were there, the pictures you still have in mind and the story about snoring ... you will please forgive me when I begin to doubt if we mean the same girl. At the time you were at Mila, there were still two girls from the very same town of Belarus working for Mila. One smaller with dark hair by the "artists" name of Jennifer and a taller one, dark blonde with a breathtaking body who - when I met her in the kitchen - showed somewhat of a cool maybe even arrogant behaviour. She called herself Carolina.
I do not say that you maybe have mixed something up in the long time, still I'd like to remind that many of the stories you hear from these girls (bad marriage, child, problems) are more or less the same. I have also been with Oksana from Mila (the small red one from Lvov, Ukraine) ... her story is just alike.

You both will surely understand that I can not and will not post any newer pictures (and some I took in late 2000) in this forum (which is in no way any offense to this pleace here). But in case there is a chance to figure it out, then you two are welcomed to mail me privately at -> Waylander1@nexgo.de

Take good care, happy to hear from you - it's not that I don't trust her or that I want to bother you both ... well honestly, it's just because this is slowly getting very serious that makes me curious about all that stuff and I hope you'll understand.


03-26-03, 12:05

Thanks for the help. I have mixed ideas about clubs. When I was in China I was in 3 club \ brothel arrangements. Everytime they got stuck it to us because we were foreign. Sky high prices for everything. From my readings I kind of get the same wary feeling about clubs in Prague. Do you know any clubs that are good.?

I dont have a problem sending a girl away if she is not my taste. not bragging, but my manners, looks, and wallet tend to get the best out of a lady everytime. Ihave never had a bad callout from an escort. I'm the type that asks a lot of questions before saying yes.

I have emailed a few agencys and one thing is for certain there are about 10-15 agencies that are the same operation. One or two independent operations have replied and have been helpful. They have stressed the pictures of their girls are real and accurate. but a visit will only tell. When it boils down to it, given the attractiveness of Prague women, you really have a fair chance everytime of a good looking girl.

thoughts anyone??

03-27-03, 22:15

You're welcome.

Prices at gentlemen's clubs in Praha are pretty standard across the board. 4,000-5000 crowns plus a 500 crown entry fee. Most clubs will quote their prices when you walk in. I've never noticed any "discount" for local Czech guys versus foreigners so I don't think that it's a major problem there.

Yes, I agree, it's pretty hard to go wrong with a Czech escort even if it's not the one you specifically ordered. As I've said, I've had some dynamite stand-ins and I was actually glad that the girl I ordered didn't come!

You know, since price is an issue with you, I've found that getting a girl from a club whom I've had the night before can be a real bargain the next night. Whereas an escort agency likes to charge over 10,000 crowns for an all night escort, you can get the girl from the club to do it for around 5,000 crowns and they look upon that as a lot of money since there is no middle man. So, a girl from a club who is "free lancing" is about half the price of an escort in the final analysis.

As far as the clubs, K5 and Lotos are the best. Next tier or level are Laura Club, Butterfly and Pink Dolly, etc. These are based on my experiences and I'm wide open to additions or subtractions based on the experiences of you guys out there. I'm always looking for input in reference to club recommendations and experiences.

By the way, I'll be in Praha April 10-15 if any of you guys want to connect.

03-27-03, 22:31
Wakeywakey, JAK, et.al.,

I forgot to mention one thing.

It's also very easy to meet or pick-up women in Prague who are non-pros. When I'm there I always seem to meet quite a few women and particularly women from other countries. They seem to be all over the place. Besides Czech women I've met Hungarians, Austrians, Ukranians, Scots and, God forbid, American chicks. It seems like everyone is on the make there or something.

So, have a good time "Prowling in Prague" and watch your money.

Sour Honey
03-28-03, 09:43
Hey Paddy,
I will be in Prague the 11,12 and13rd of April.
Sat 12 day will be "devoted" to a City tour with Maria (a Mila's girl) If you want to join us, just call. But I don't share with you the nights... instead...:-)

I will stay at Mila's home.

If you want to contact me, call Mila's (723 979 219) and ask for Riccardo, the Italian guy.

Hey.... remember that my English could be like the CZ escorts.... but ....I do NOT offer the same services...:-)

Your Italian friend

04-02-03, 10:19
Wakeywakey and Paddy,

your're right about escorts. But you may try Escort Helena
(www.escort.cz/escorthelena). Not so many girls but always come those you chose. Private apartment also available (P7-Holesovice).

An idea how to save money: forget about hotels. They are often not girl-friendly, so to speak, and you have to pay extra for her, what to speak of being browbeaten.

Better to find a private accomodation - mostly cheaper, more comfortable and more intimate.

I have some contacts.

BBWlover, Prague (jan108@iname.com)

04-02-03, 18:08
Prague is a great city, its my first time here, and I did through research on WSG, before an adventure, being of asian origin, I felt I won't be counted unless I have deep dollars. I'ts totally different story here, people are wonderful and its a great place to have fun. I've being to China and Thailand, its good there, but the quality here is definately great, may be its the other country pussy better thing, Here, on one occasion I got lucky without paying for service, just dinner and drinks and the show was on. I picked up two students from local shop, with the usual new here tourist thing and have money join in stuff, is was shot in the afternoon, but o.k. I spent nearly $400 on both in four hrs time, but with non-pro experience it was better. I will add the deatils of privates in short period.

Thanks Jackson and the team and all like minds...great work!

04-04-03, 15:06
Ive been in Prague for one day now. And i have already fucked 4 girls! 2 at the Sex Park 2 in clubs. Im going back to the clubs the next days, but i also hope to score with a local nonpro lady i have met.

I will add my reports when i'm back home.

04-04-03, 19:18
Its just getting better, may be its my first time, but I did a lot of research, and I want to thank WSG for making it more bolder. Now I approach most of the women who make an eye contact for three times, and I got rejected 15 times, and made three success. It was fun, two ladies from Denmark and one local girl, the rejection was hard to swallow, what the heck, we live only once, though I got lighter on dollars, yet the thrill and adventure was great!

I spent around 450 $ and got three deals, well worth it. The places are everywhere, just go to afternoon and evening not at night, and the next day, call her for lunch not dinner. The trick is when a women feels the security, she will be all over you, just the first moments to control and then be free, its hard to swallow the rejection, and being an asian look, the racist thing creeps in. I found its nothing, just the security probs for girls, if they think you will not kill them :), they will be with you. The details are too common the same usual thing, the initial thrill to get the girl for free is worth a try, swallow the rejection, next one is in your way.


04-06-03, 03:48
I have visited Praha three time in six months and have learned alot.

I have to diagree with the idea escort services are a great deal, 4 out of 5 times, I recieved less time than I paid for. the girls tell me they only recieve one third of the money two of the three were mothers who worried about there kids.

I paid for all night 12000 krowns twice and only got an hour.(with Kristina Escort). I have used three services and won"t again.

The club are ok however the real pretty 18 year old girls dance only.
Sex park ( which is owned by and American ) is great I had sex FS with 4 girls in two hours and ONLY SPENT $120 US.

The plane trip from Seattle is brutal. I would be interested in talking with guys more about Praha and other countries that offer hot girls at great prices.


email me @ roadking3322@yahoo.com

04-08-03, 01:18
Thanks all 4 input. Its not that I dont mind paying for the service. Middlemen have a reason and purpose sometimes - to find the service you want. Its when they send you what you dont want is when i get pissed off.

Paddy - -where would you recommend you go out to meet local girls as opposed to the pro's we all love.

I have to be honest I do like the suddeness of ringing for an escort. 30 mins later you have what you wanted at your door. going out and spending a night trying to pull can be a bit tiring if the answer is no more often that not, but I remain the hopeful lad I am if anyone knows where local girls hang out and are gagging for some tourist guy to entertain them for the night\morning\afternoon\evening\night.... well thats me being hopefull again !!!!

04-08-03, 01:25
The last time i was in Prague I paraded 4 ladies to my room in 3 days. The receptionist didn't blink once. But it might have been the hotel - but I was expecting grief. It was only a 50 room hotel with a very open route to the rooms - just walked quick ever time !!

04-08-03, 05:34

I, too, have never had a problem bringing up a girl in Prague. I always stay at the U Krale Karla and one day asked one of the bartenders there if was permissible to bring a girl up. He smiled and sorta chuckled. He said it's no problem at all and he seemed to think that my query was a bit absurd or something.

As to where I meet non-pros, I guess that I meet them just about everywhere. I've met them in bars, on the Charles Bridge, at concerts, etc. Interestingly, I met a girl from Scotland at Bertramka which is the villa where Mozart lived when he lived in Praha. It's now a museum.

Am leaving for Praha this Wednesday. Can hardly wait.

Sour Honey
04-08-03, 18:22
Hey Paddy,
I will be at K5 at 5 P.M. circa of Friday 11.
(hmmmm ..yes... then, at 7 P.M..... at Mila's...:-) )

If you'll be there also, just ask about the Italian (Riccardo)


04-09-03, 03:38
Hey Riccardo,

Thanks for the offer but I already have an overnight scheduled on April 11. She's quite a fox and we've had this scheduled for over a month so I can't really back out. Damn.

By the way, which girl are you seeing at Milas? I've always liked that place. Also, you're doing K5 and Milas' all in one night. Good for you!

Sour Honey
04-09-03, 13:58
so... good luck! (oh my English .....I always forget how "LUCK" has to be written.... with "L" or" F"..... :-) )

This time at Mila's is the first experience to me. I will be with Maria (because two other girls I prefer more aren't there.... sorry Maria...:-) )

The double try (with K5 also) is just to prevent a disappointment and to fill 3 hours of waiting) .... hope Viagra will help me! (no paddies, Paddy! :-) )

I will post a report about the experience.

Ciao Paddy

04-09-03, 17:08

Thanks for the story. I am Asain myself and will be in Prague from April 17 through 23 for the first time. The very purpose going there is for fun after discovering Prague from WSG. I will be staying at one of the most upscale hotel. I know most guys here talk about finding great hunt and getting its money's worth.

Here is my philosophy. I never want to pay anything directly if I can. So where can I really find nonpro experience even if I have to pay very expensive dinner and drinks? It is the process for me rather than the money. So if I can meet students or office girls in public and have to spend $400 for the day, that is fine. But how should I approach girls without appearing to be a sucker or stupid Asian with lots of money? I will try to pick up girls during the day at various places during my tour. If I don't get lucky, then I think I will try some of these commerical establsihsments. So far I think Sex Park seems to be the best choices supposing I have done all the hunting and just want to get the last mile.

Anyone can suggest ways to get nonpro experiences? I don't mind to spend time and money (indirectly). It is the process for me. Thank you.

Also if anyone will be there April 17 through 23, please let me know here so that we could hook up.


04-09-03, 17:11
By the way, does anyone know how I can get or rent a local phone? I have a GSM phone with sim card that I use in China. Does it work the same in Prague? Can I buy a local sim card with local numbers? Any advice will be appreciated.


04-09-03, 22:19
Fineplay, only several days is not enough to get yourself a local nonpro, and don't acting like a Japanese(Pay too much).
Originally posted by fineplay

Thanks for the story. I am Asain myself and will be in Prague from April 17 through 23 for the first time. The very purpose going there is for fun after discovering Prague from WSG. I will be staying at one of the most upscale hotel. I know most guys here talk about finding great hunt and getting its money's worth.

Here is my philosophy. I never want to pay anything directly if I can. So where can I really find nonpro experience even if I have to pay very expensive dinner and drinks? It is the process for me rather than the money. So if I can meet students or office girls in public and have to spend $400 for the day, that is fine. But how should I approach girls without appearing to be a sucker or stupid Asian with lots of money? I will try to pick up girls during the day at various places during my tour. If I don't get lucky, then I think I will try some of these commerical establsihsments. So far I think Sex Park seems to be the best choices supposing I have done all the hunting and just want to get the last mile.

Anyone can suggest ways to get nonpro experiences? I don't mind to spend time and money (indirectly). It is the process for me. Thank you.

Also if anyone will be there April 17 through 23, please let me know here so that we could hook up.


04-10-03, 08:18
Well, I know time is short for 6 days. But I have nothing else to do except hunting. But I could go back there every two months. My initial goals do not have to include scoring. I just want to lay the groundworks for future rewards. Any suggestions as to what places I should go. Which cafes? Which bar or restaurants?

I am very experienced in doing China but my first time in Prague.



04-10-03, 19:49
Carry on [fine play] , six days are more than enough to get laid with a non-pro, you can get through the "process" and get laid within couple of days :), I cannot suggest any perticular place to get the women, as its "IN" you, they are everywhere :) ,shopping centre, cafes, restuarents or bus, trams :), see that you can get the women to talk to for atleast five minutes, why two or six days, its the five minutes, that will get you laid, look in her eyes, and if she looks at you three times and smiles and caress her hair too often, you are "IN", talk to her directly about the place that you know or its close by, ask for lunch not dinner, look for the "process " at the morning time or the afternoons, never at night or evening, morning is better as women feel cheats are less at that period, take hold of the situation, just be calm, if you do the five minutes right, and make her feel secure, she will be with you. swallow the rejection, be patient, it will come in prague :).

Looks or race or even money does not matter here, if she feels secure with you, she won't leave you untill you kill her :), language has being a major probelm for me right from the airport, to the taxi to gettin into a good hotel to the deals, the comunication gap always got me the second deals with pro and non-pro, I always felt I'm paying more, however, lately, I have seen a good electronic device which translates the czech language to english and vice-versa , just type in or speak, to the device in english and the device automatically translates it back to the czech language, you can familiarize yourself with the device. the site address is

Now i do not have to learn from the language books and carry xtra burden, its really god send for guys like us, now the problems of communication are greatly reduced, I can easily find the directions, no help from anybody at any time, and the deals wow !! its gettin better and better, I feel I'm a local guy now :), the few tips I feel I could help the WSG forum and fineplay will be make her feel secure with you, even if you shower her 100's of dollars in a restaurent and still not make her secure, the chances are she won't be willing to get laid with you, its not the looks nor money, just the sense of security.

Be confident, be semi-casually dressed, and swallow the rejection, I got 15
times rejected in a row, and the 16th one was a beauty, wht a beauty, that will make you forget the rejections :). Keep on trying the moment you land on Prague, make everyone as your otential mate :), approach 20 women in first day itself, I bet you will land the 21st in your bed, first night itself.

04-11-03, 00:37

What's china all about? What is the cost of pros there? What cities are the best for girls? What's the thing with non pros and caucation men, do they like?


04-11-03, 00:38
All you guys in Prague, do any of you speak the language or do all the women speak english?

04-11-03, 05:58

Thanks so much for the tips. I will definitely follow your plan and advices.



Shanghai is the best. But I never pay directly. I don't go after pros. I only go after students and office girls. I did a lot of work before meeting them. Usually the success rate is about 80% on the first date. But you have to spend a lot of time and phone calls and money before. The kind of money I spend usually are 4 - 5 times more what one will pay. For example, I call almost every other day to 4 - 5 girls, then I bring gifts such as CD players, camera, cosmetics, etc. The effect is absolutely powerful to them. But to me, I am kind of tired of that already. Every trip that I take to Shanghai, I usually score 4 - 5 girls. Somer have been with me for over 2 years. One even travel with me to several different countries in Asia an Europe. So I don't think my experiences are common among other members of this forum. But typically $100 to $150 will get you top of the line for an hour. It really depends on what you want.

Fine play

04-11-03, 12:22

Historically, a place called "Music Park" has been a big time place to hustle women here. I've been there a few times and it looked very promising but couldn't really hang out.

Also, there's a great taxi driver here called Saha at 604 750 675 who speaks pretty good English who will take you to all of the best places (Discos, etc) to meet ladies. He knows the scene here real well and is very reasonable in regard to his fares. Tell him I sent you and he will personally take great care of you.

Happy hunting and I hope this helps.


Best of luck and I'm looking forward to your reports! Milas and K5 is about as good as it gets here.

04-11-03, 16:01
Sounds like Prague is the bomb. Looking forward to a week of beer gardens and poon tang in May. Anybody going to be there during that time? I'll be in Czech and Krakow. I'm a boyish looking 30yo that likes the girls and the girls(usually) like me. Hoping Praha is all that it's advertised.

04-11-03, 16:50

Language is no problem here and I "assume" you mean fluency in English. All of the young people speak it and if you want to work in the restaurants, bars, stores, etc., it's an absolute requirement.
I've always been somewhat amazed at how many Czechs speak fluent English.

In reference to the myriad of working girls, almost all speak basic English and most are fluent. Just speak slowly to them and use basic English. Furthermore, sex really transcends language barriers it seems. So, English is not a problem here. I've learned some basic Czech and always carry around a small English-Czech dictionary but have never really needed it.

Praha awats you!!!

04-11-03, 18:37
Music Park is currently closed. Don't know when they plan to re-open. But you can try Letna, Solidni Nejistota, Deminka, Karlovy Lazne, Kozi bar, Meloun...

04-12-03, 03:34
Does anyone any thoughts on internet escort agencies. I have found by extensive emailing and phoning that most of the czech sites are linked and run by very few people - obvious by the standard automailer replies I keep getting. The rare few I have got a real reply from are the ones I intend to give my money to.
But I can assure you out of maybe 40 only 3 have real people writing back to you. Pity, I would spent a lot more money and time in Prague if I could get around this very irritating issue.

A few people are willing to offer their services as guides, which could be helpful.

04-13-03, 13:44

Yes, Karlovy Lazny just re-opened. It's a rocking joint that goes on until about 4:00 AM I think. For you other guys out there it's next to the Charles Bridge as you head towards Starometski Namesti.


Your internet response rate from escort services sounds about right. I don't think that anyone is really monitoring the e-mail for those places. I can tell you that Maya at maya-escort.cz will get back to almost immediately.

Guys in general,

Had two great fu#ks the last two nights. Had an escort the first night and then went to the Butterfly Club which has always been great for me. Many beautiful women there and I was about the only guy. The place is nice and well run. Ask for Katerina. She's a beautiful blond who is only 18 years old. Had my doubts about the age thing but she knew her stuff and was very "energetic." Highly recommended.

Sour Honey
04-14-03, 09:25
Hey Paddy, happy you have had good times (I had the same!)


Two days at Mila's... this text will be quite long...

First of all, I'm a strange man :-) I love much more the feelings, the environment, the nice conversation, the 'preliminaries'. Sex is important, but comes after (OK may be some of you, mainly that man that says 'fuck the language, I want to have sex and not nice conversation..:' will not agree with me, but... this is my report:

Arrived at Mila's and I knew her first. She's a dynamite woman, nice, gentle and caring (with customers and girls!) Then I met Maria that's an enchanting girl. She is much better than the pictures (oh... ALL the girls are, really!) and she have the exceptional art to let you 'feeling at home with your GF'.
We have had nice chatting, then dinner and, after, a dice round with Svetlana and another customer. Then ....good night all...:-)

A good thing of Mila's is that she is able to feel you comfortable also with other customers (this is not easy, sometimes). At the end of the evening we were all friends..:-)

I will not go into details (I think that's not fair towards my Maria) but... all what was previously said about her is true, may be just more. She has a incredible 'force' and stands for hours with your ... hmmmm... things :-) with pleasure.

Her BBBJs (complete) was the best experience of my life. (REALLY!).

I spent the best days of my life at Mila's (Hey.... no one paid me to say this! :-) ) and I am an old owl near fifties. I imagine that if I were younger, I might fell in love with Maria. At my age, I only can say that's a girl not to miss!

I can add (caution! personal and not 'tested') impressions about other girls. Svetlana has a strong character, she's the girl that the pics lies more about her (her is quite better!).
Viola is more 'tender' and less 'volcano' than Svetlana. And has also a great body and face.
Jana... uh.... I think that's a little shy... I cannot see her for more than a second...just to can say that's also her better than the pictures.

More generally, I can absolutely state that the faces are all much better than the pictures, and to me is very important.

But... back to the track... after a day... I miss hardly Maria. She was the best (really!) experience I have had in my life. Tell me I'm a romantic old owl, a poor Italian guy 'spaghetti and mandolino' but.... she's THE GIRL!

Mainly for English and US men (we Italians can destroy the conversation bareer better...) the girls don't speak an exceptional English, but I believe that is absolutely NOT a problem. (and I just learn some russian words :-) ).

I think that this report will not be good for those that want 'hard details' (for those, go to Mila's :-) ) but take it as is!

K5 report (shorter)
Nice place, very good looking girls, but only 10% do BBBJ (this is the main no-no for me)
Quite expensive, but not so high (all included, a hour of sex, plus the entrance, all the facilities -there are a lot-) about 5000Czek (175$)
Tried Perla, a very slim girl (I love them) a very nice brunette. but you can choose between a lot of girls anyway, all quite nice.

04-14-03, 21:04
Hey Riccardo,

Good for you man. Yes, Milas' is a very good place and I'm glad that you had a great time. Some guys or potential compeititors have been writing some really awful stuff about Milas' on clubs.cz lately. I, too, have been to Milas' and had the same positive experience you did. I don't think that we can both be wrong.

I feel the same way that you do about BBBJ's. You're not going to get it at the clubs here and then only for an extra amount. If you want BBBJ's, I would highly suggest Edinburgh, Scotland. BBBJ's and CIM are standard stuff there. Go to *********.com for more information.

Have a safe trip back to Italia.

Sour Honey
04-15-03, 08:08
Hey Paddy,
thanks for the info.

And.... I am a registered user on ********* (RIC also as nick)! And now, that you tell me this, I think to remember your name on the posts there!

I will be in Birmingham from about 2 months, and I will try Mo (the eastern girl DOING BBBJ....) Last year I went to Funplace and I tried Ameera. No BBBJ.... but lot of fun. If you are in the neighborhood..... try her!

Do you live near Birmingham?


Cafe Dog
04-15-03, 18:11

Here is the info you requested on mobile phones.

Go to Oskar, one of the 3 carriers, and buy a pre-paid SIM card for 400 CK. It will include 400 CK of calls. Receiving calls is free. This is the best deal on SIM cards. You will then have a local number. There is an Oskar shop to the left of the Tesco, which is at the Narodni Trida metro stop. Tesco is on the corner, so you might have to walk around the corner to find it.

By the way, if you need to buy a phone, the cheapest is to buy a used one and then sell it back at the end of your trip. Across the tram tracks from Tesco there is a shop with used phones. At the end of your trip, go to the back of the store, and a chart on the wall shows how much they will buy your phone for.

I will be in Prague in a few days, so if you want company in trying to meet local non-pros next week, let me know.

04-16-03, 09:18
Cafe Dog,

Thanks for the info. Definitely very useful.

I am catching a plane in about 12 hours Prague bounded. How can I get in touch with you?

Please leave me your mobile or contact info at asianyes_usa@yahoo.com.


04-18-03, 03:08
Guys & Riccardo,

Arrived home from Prague and already miss the place. I want to recommended two places in particular.

First, K5 has to be the best place in Prague and I've been to about all of them. Had been there once before but had my best encounter ever on Monday night. Viktor who is the manager asked me what I was looking for in a girl in terms of language, age, etc. He immediately introduced me to a knock out who was a Kelly McGillis look alike. I mean, this girl was beautiful, had a great body, and was a real sweeheart. She was also very sensual and was a great, great punt. She was so good I went for two hours and afterward in the lower lounge we talked until about 4:00 AM. This is one girl I won't ever forget. Also met two wild guys from Wales and some really nice Korean blokes in the lounge beforehand.

Second, I would have to give the Butterfly Club very high marks. My taxi driver (whose opinon I trust) highly recommended it. It was Saturday night around 10:00 PM and I walked in and was surrounded by about a dozen really nice looking women. More were sitting on the couches and were very sensual. Many of the girls were quite beautiful, in fact. Settled on Monique who was an excellent punt. She also offered her services privately the next day but I had another committment. All she wanted was 5,000 Kc for the whole night. Too bad.

In summary, Prague seems to get better everytime I go. I think that Riccardo would agree.

04-18-03, 10:27
Hi Paddy,

Usually, girls working in clubs are not supposed to offer private services. I don't know if this is the case for Butterfly or not, but definitely a girl doing this at K5 will be sacked immediately if found out. This already happened more than once.

Maybe people should be more cautious posting about these things. I know that probability that the club managers in Prague read this forum is remote, but I saw you also posted on EOL forum. On that one, many club managers read postings every day.

Concerning Butterfly, I never went there because of lots of bad feedbacks on several forums, in particular a guy who said he had to pay 1000 cz for entry fees, plus 500 cz afterwards because he didn't pick a girl ! See http://www.sweb.cz/dslorder/BF/index.htm for scan of the tickets. Is it still the case ?

04-18-03, 18:15
Grand Jim,

Yes, you are right in that I should not have posted the name of the girl who offered the freelance services at Butterfly. I made no such mention of this event on EOL, however. Only my K5 experience.

I can well imagine that various clubs would take a reactionary view of girls freelancing on their own. However, a club manager once offered it to me as I was leaving one night. Also, many clubs offer escort services with their girls as part of their array of services. Soo...

I, too, had read that negative review on Butterfly. All I can say is I have been to Butterfly several times now and have always had a wonderful time. Many excellent girls there and a very nice place. So, maybe that negative review was an aberration or I've just been lucky every time I went there. Anything is possible.

04-18-03, 18:45
Hi Paddy,

When the manager or the club offer escort services, the girl has to give back part of the money to them. But if the girl does this in the back of the club and keeps all the money for herself, she can be in trouble with her club.

For Butterfly, I was wondering if entry fees is still 1000 cz (not to mention an additional 500 cz if you don't pick a girl). Not a problem of the girls being excellent or not. Entry fees are only 500 cz at K5 for 35-45 girls to choose from, which include use of sauna, steam bath, etc... and no penalty if you don't find any to your liking.

04-18-03, 18:52
I am planning a trip out to Prague within the next few weeks for just a long weekend.

I have read through most of the posts and it seems that K5 and Butterfly are the best venues to hit. For a short duration trip, I would rather not waste time calling escorts who may or may not fit the bill. Also hotels seem to rather expensive compared to South America and Asia.

Can anybody recommend a guest friendly hotel for about USD100 ?

As far as the talent goes, any one care to venture an opinion on a comparison with Rio and Buenos Aires ?


Sex Sultan
04-19-03, 14:36
Hi all,

Just a quick report.. I am visting Prague on vacation and have been here since the 16th of April. While here I have been to several "nightclubs". I have not been to the legendary K5.. keep meaning to but i always get distracted :-)

OK, the first night went to a place called Vivien Nightclub, it is a little bit out of the way and the only reason I went there, was because I took the advice of a taxi driver. The girls ranged from 6-8. They did not seem to know too much english, thats ok becoz I am well versed in the language of lurve ;-) The full hourly rate was about Kr2500 (I cant be sure though) . The girl was good, seemed to know what she was doing and got the job done. An ok experience.

The second night went to Darling Night club, just off of Wenceslaf square. There are quite a few guzs in bright orange jackets advertising the place. Entry was Kr200 and the girls were 8s and 9s. Picked a tall brunette and had the time of my life. The price was about Kr2400 for half an hour. And this girl was really into it or she is a kickass actress. Anyway, we start off in the shower (One good thing , all girls insist on the guys take a shower first and sometimes they join in as well), she cleaning me and getting me aroused. We then take it to the bed and she is in control, after about 15 minutes I take over and being the guy that I am, my instinct was to get the job done. Since this is a paid sex experience, I finish off and as soon as that happens, she turns to me and says "What about me?". She then takes off my condom puts another one on, blows me till it is hard and stradles me until we both come. This was by far the best experience I ever had.

Third night went to Atlas Nightclub, girls are 6s - 8s. This place is just opposite Darling Nightclub. This place seems a bit cheaper than Darling. No offence to the girls but afte the previous night I was not gonna settle, so I left after a drink, I recall the price to be the same as Darling. As a change, I went to a casino, spent the night there most of the time down, but eventually ended up with a net gain (not a substantial one) and got out of there at 6am. Had some breakfast at my hotel and decided to pay "Sex Park" a visit. Took the metro to Vlstava and tried to seek it out. Finally found it in what looks like an ex industrial compound, but at that time there was a local weekend market thing going on. Anyway, I figured that this place was open 24hrs, I figured wrong. When I got there the bouncer told me it was closed. Still, the place looked seedy and not a place that I would be in at night. So at about 10am, got a taxi and asked the guy to recommend a place. He took me to Velvet. This place was nice, although it had only two girls. I imagine that this was because it was 10am. The price was Kr4500 for 1hr and the place was plush. The girls were 7s. The girl I picked was curvy (not fat) and was a brunette. Spoke good english and was very eager. Had sex twice adn left the place.

Will keep all posted.

-Sex Sultan

04-19-03, 16:05
Grand Jim,

At Butterfly there is a 500 Kc entry fee. If you leave and don't choose a girl, you lose it. However, if you stay and pick a girl it's credited toward the cost of your room. A fair and acceptable arrangement I thought.

Again, I walked in on Saturday night and was virtually "surrounded" by many smiley and beautiful women. There were many more on the couches and it was almost impossible to pick one. I was also the only guy there when I arrived so it was kinda spooky but nice all at the same time with all of these girls smiliing at you and begging you to come sit with them. So, that's my objective report of Butterfly. I've been there three times before and it's always about the same. Moniqa is also highly recommended.

04-19-03, 16:58
I agree with GrandJim regardings K5. The 500 kc entrance fee is great as it includes also the use of sauna and steambath, the company of girls in the main room and the cocktail bar downstairs and the (amateurs) strip shows.

The problem with some other clubs is that they are giving commission to taxi drivers who bring them clients. This commission is of course paid by you - the client - not by the club. So entrance fee may vary dependings if you're coming by yourself or if you're coming by taxi...

Clubs who are normally charging 500 kc entrance fee will add - in exemple - 500 kc for the taxi driver = 1000 kc...

And it's true that some clubs are charging extras if you're not going to room with a girl. Or even charging you a minimum drinks charge if you're not drinking a lot ( or paying a lots of fake cocktails to the girls :-) ). This minimum drink charge is usually mentionned very discretely and can be 500 kc or 1000 kc.

To be correct, I have to mention also that some clubs are not charging any entrance fee at all. But they usually offer very small selection of girls (3-5) who are also less attractive...

04-19-03, 17:48

I visited already more than 20 clubs in Prague and I recommend you a visit to K5. Since 99 it's - imho - the best club in Prague. For the atmosphere as well as for the large number of girls available ( especially on wed. - sat. nights : 35-40 girls. Sun. - tue. are more quiet ).

K5 is not the cheapest club but let me say a good VFM if you consider the time you spend inside, the services offered by the club ( bars, girls dancing, relax room, special themed rooms ), the large number of girls available, no rip-off cocktails or overpriced champagne bottles automatically charged on your bill like in Paris.

If you're looking for cheaper action, there are many other clubs offering 1 hour at +/- 2500 czk. Or try the private flats.

I was always disapointed by "classic" escort services ( and not only in Prague ) because the girls who arrived were never the girls advertised on web sites or described on the phone. Prices were good ( +/- 2500 czk/hour ) but girls were not good looking and very bad attitude.

I have to say that there are also many new deluxe escort agencies offering "models and companions" ( usually for full night or full day ). Prices are higher but girls are usually the one on the picture ( accordings to my experiences ).

Hotel prices may vary a lot during the calendar year... Prague hotels are sometimes crazy ! If you need some help to find and book an accommodation in Prague, contact hobbytravel@hotmail.com it's a travel agency specialist to East Europe. Managers are hobbyists themselves, so feel free to ask them what hotel is "girls friendly" or any other "hobby" related questions. They are helpfull and share infos.

BTW I never had problems in Prague hotels except at the Quality hotel. I was stopped 1 time in the Crown Plaza hotel lobby at 3:00am by security staff but finally was allowed to go back to my room with my "temporary" companion.

Sour Honey
04-19-03, 18:58
May be I'm an old owl, may be I'm a romantic one, may be the Alzheimer......:_)

But I will never abandon MIla's house neither for K5, nor for any other club.

I agree with the younger ones here (49 here), but that experience was completely out of the beaten track for this old punter. I surprise myself thinking to tha girl after 1 week (hey, I didn't felt in love with that girl, nor I want to marry her ...:-) but was an exceptional experience. It was a REAL GFE.....the real first one in my life.

I will be in Prague again at the end of June.....

Hey, no one paid me for this!!! :-)

04-19-03, 20:07

Thank you.

Can you recommend any of the deluxe escort agencies - web sites?

I am going for a long weekend, so I will take your advice and check out K5 but might want to try a "model" from an agency too.


04-20-03, 00:48
Hi JackDaniels,

Here are a few web sites for 'deluxe' escort :


These agencies are sending you the same girl you see on their web site (some agencies have fake girls on their web site).

I have used Prague Escorts last December (in fact, same agency as Prague Angels and Eli Agency) , and AAA Travel Consult about a year ago (funny name for an escort agency, guess it's for the debit on your credit card ;-)).

I have a preference for Prague Escorts as, on their 'Eli' member web site, they detail the services rendered by the girl, according to a standard table as follows (example for Morgane):

Blowjob: without condom
69: yes
Kissing: yes
Come in mouth: no
A level: no
Duo available: yes
Come in face: yes
Come on body: yes
Toys: yes

Don't know why they don't put this info on their public web site, but you can just ask for it by email for the girl(s) you are interested in.

Like for all escort services, it's a hit or miss with the girl. I've been with 2 girls from Prague Escorts, Dita and Adria. Dita was just OK and did not justify the price, Adria was a dream I still fantasize about. Both have left now.

I have friends who have used Prague Bunnies, and are happy with them.

Last but not least, you will note that the prices are on the VERY high side for Prague, and it seems that Prague Escorts now even charges a minimum of 6 hours (was 3 hours before, but I haven't checked for all the girls). I use them more when I'm travelling to foreign 'dead' places and need 1-2 days escort. When I'm in Prague, with a little bit of work, you can find similar quality for half the price, or less.

04-20-03, 01:14
Hi Ric,

I have been with Jana and Maria from Mila's end of March. Although I'm a long time regular of Maya's, I still decided to give Mila's a try to judge by myself, in spite of the 'controversy' going on between them (and their respective fans).

Maria is very spontaneous and fun indeed, very half-child/half-woman. Jana is more reserved, probably because she speaks no English, although their web site mentions she does. She doesn't French kiss and Maria kisses only very slightly on the lips. I appreciate this also depends on the client, and maybe I'm not their kind.

Two days after having been with Jana and Maria, I saw Laura and Anna from Maya's. I've enjoyed my time with Laura and Anna much much more. I've made several posts on Maya's forum because I was very impressed, both by the girls and the management style. I've posted nothin in Mila's forum because there was nothing special to be said.

I don't want to start a controversy in this forum betwen these two agencies. As I said, I'm a regular of Maya's and have been with other girls from that agency before, so maybe I'm biaised, but I would be curious to hear the opinion of people having been to both.

PS : For non-regulars of Prague, Mila's and Maya's are specialised in girls from Ukraine and Belarus, a niche market in Prague.

04-20-03, 19:10

Thank you for the information. Yes, it appears to be 6 hours minimum for prague-escorts for the princely sum of 790 euros. BTW aaatravelconsult have a Playboy centrefold for 800 euros for 4 hours - very tempting !

Looks like Adria is no longer at prague-escorts.


04-20-03, 20:17
JackDaniels - here are links to escort agencies located in Prague or sending girls to Prague.

In the first category I had no good experiences. This was confirmed to me by differents friends who used some of these agencies too. The girls were not the girls from the pictures or not the girls described on the phone by the agency. Girls were not very enthusiastic and sex was mechanical...

Some agencies are using differents names and phone numbers but the same girl picked-up the phone. Prices from 2000 czk to 3000 czk/hour.

Take in mind that the price usually do not include the transportation fee ( taxi or agency driver ) to and from your hotel ! Was charged between 500 and 1000 czk.

www.privat-escort.com ( Petra escort, Denisa escort, Belinda escort, Alexandra escort, Karin escort, Olina escort, Alena escort, Samantha escort, Veronika escort, Monika escort, Adriana escort, Andrea escort, Daria escort, Gabriela escort, Jennifer escort, Jessica escort, Laura escort, Leona escort, Sabina escort, Alice escort, Renata escort, Lenka escort ). Maybe the same agency under www.hotprague.com (?)

www.krystinaescort.cz also Michelle escort,




www.escortczech.com also Tereza & Klara escort and Angel escort.




www.e-eskort.com also Mabel escort






The following agencies are offering what they call high class "models" or "companions".

Prices are higher and the agencies are usually requesting longer term bookings.

Some agencies are located in Prague/Czech Republic and will accept shorter meetings ( ie 2 or 3 hours ).

Other agencies are located in Slovakia but their girls are easily travelling to Prague. I had differents bookings accepted for 12 hours meeting instead of 24 or 48 hours initially proposed.

Transportation is never included in the basic package price but airtickets are now available for little as 100 EUR ( return ticket Bratislava-Prague with Czech Airlines ).

Of course service and/or "connection" may vary from girl to girl but I was never disapointed.

It's maybe a good idea to check with the agency what services are providing by the choosen girl before you reconfirm the order...









www.prague-escorts.net also www.premium-escorts.com, www.eliagency.com, www.actualescort.com, www.e-princesses.com based in Slovakia.

www.hostess.sk based in Slovakia.

www.in-mm.com based in Slovakia


www.acedainty.com based in Slovakia


www.prestigemodels.net based in Slovakia

www.noxagency.com based in Slovakia

www.sk-models.com based in Slovakia

www.santarosa-hostessing.com based in Slovakia

04-20-03, 20:54
Thanks MarkABC and GandJim - that is a lot of good information and I hope to put it to good use.

Is the Butterfly club easy to find ?


04-20-03, 21:20
Hey MarkABC,

What an impressive list ! ;-)

I can confirm that Krystina Escort and Iris Agency are NOT sending you the girl you see on their web site. To avoid. :-(


Effectively, Adria has left. I've mentioned it in my post. However, like the seasons, these girls come and go. Some return from time to time. Just put her in a corner of your mind, just in case.

04-21-03, 00:02
Buterfly club is located in Prague 4 - South-East of Prague :

Butterfly Club
Na sadce 659,
Praha 4

Phone: +420 272 935 664

By car 15-20 minutes from downtown.

The nearest metro station is Opatov, then you have to walk or to take a bus to the bus stop on Turkova street ( 1 stop ? ).

Be carefull with taxis in Prague, especially at night to and from night clubs... nothing to do with security but with overpriced bills !

Sour Honey
04-22-03, 08:06
HEy GandJim,
thanks for the reply.
I cannot be completely objective because I have not tried Maya's

(and I do not want to start here the fight on Czeck WEB.... :-) )

In fact Jana seemed me a bit (a bit?!?) shy...... She avoided to know ANY of other customers at Mila's. This may be just a little unfair, but, if you think that she knows that a Svetlana or Maria customer can turn in a her own customer...... I will never choose her, for sure!

About Maria, may be we have had much more "common feelings" but I can assure you that was an exceptional weekend.

MAya's is not so cheap (and because of this I have choosen Mila's, but answered promptly to my E-mail and this is a good thing anyway.

So you are telling me that the girls of Maya's are "more" GFE than Mila's? Youth? Better?

If so, I will try the next time (also for the location, that's the worst thing with Mila's).

Thanks and ciao

04-22-03, 13:01
Hi Ric,

Maya's girls are 24-25 of age, so in average they are older than Mila's ones. I don't think I can make a general assessment about Maya's girls vs Mila's girls but, from the ones I've just been with, Laura and Anna provided a better GFE than Jana and Maria. I've been with other girls from Maya's, Natasha was the top of the top (but unfortunately she stopped, temporarily I hope), Angelica was OK, not as good as Laura and Anna, and Diana was not my style (although she received good reviews from many people - different people, different taste). All do French kissing and let you go down on them.

Difference for me is more in the management style. Maya's handles things quickly and efficiently by email. With Mila's, you can't do it by email with Markus and have to call Mila. More important for me, I always take the girls as overnight escort out to my place, and don't go to their place. With Mila's, you have to release the girl at 9.00am sharp, a taxi is already waiting for them downstair. She tells you that you just have to wake up in time and wake up the girls if you want to have a morning session. With Maya's, it's more flexible. You don't have to watch the clock. Last time, they even stayed a while after the morning session to chat, have breakfast, make sure I'm happy with everything and left after 10.30 am.

Maya's is more expensive than Mila's, but I just look at the services received for that price. With the girls I've been with, it's well worth the asking price, maybe with the exception of Diana.

Sour Honey
04-22-03, 19:48
thanks for the answer.
If Maya's will do some discount ( :-) ) I will book for 4 days in June. (30 of June until 4 of July)

The difference on a 4 days session is about 500 €, so.... I will be a little "Uncle Scrooge".... on the other hand.... I resemble to him a bit...:-) )

So I will compare the things......

I, on the contrary of you, will stay at Maya's (is easy to me, just to exit the Airport bus..... and no other "work" in Prague) and this is a good thing compared to Mila's..... a long trip!

Laura is on the top of my list.

Ciao GandJim, hope to meet you in Prague

Your WOPpunter

04-23-03, 00:40
GrandJim - I found one more agency in Prague to add to my list :-)


some stunnig girls !



04-23-03, 01:02
Hi Ric,

Good idea to stay at their place, as you can see how some of the other girls look like too. ;-) For 4 days, I also guess that you will not stay with the same girl all the way. Hope that Anna and Laura will still be there when you will visit, as their visa expires in May-June and their are not sure it can be renewed (that's why I'm rushing back to see them again in May :-))

Anyway, good luck and let us have your feedback.

Hi MarkABC,

Very nice girls indeed, but waaayyyy out of my budget, i'm afraid. :-(

04-23-03, 02:23
Hello everybody,

What does A level mean ?


04-24-03, 09:58
Never asked Eli and Prague Escorts for confirmation because I'm not into it, but I think A Level means Anal.

04-24-03, 20:17
I thought that someone would have answered this one by now, bobo.fr, but since no one has, A levels is (are?) one of life's great luxuries - anal penetration. Oh, the joy of feeling a cutie's tight sphincter sliding over the head of your cock.....!

And if you can make the triple play - vaginal, anal and BBBJ to completion - then you have truly reached nirvana my friend.

Y'all have fun now.......

Cambodia Pro
04-25-03, 03:28
Originally posted by GandJim
Hey MarkABC,

"I can confirm that Krystina Escort and Iris Agency are NOT sending you the girl you see on their web site. To avoid. :-(


Kristina is a rip off, sort of, I asked for a girl(Lucy) in escortc.cz listed with her name and they send some other girl. I wanted anal(I specified this when I called the agency) from the girl, and she gave me bull shit about not having lube, to which I responded I have plenty. Then She said If I want it to try pussy first to which I responded categorically, NO! (I had requested anal specifically) As I know once you come in the puss the hardness is not enough for anal in the second/third round. So I went for anal while she made pain faces as I plunged in and out of her really tight asshole while looking at her pussy cherry which was quite pretty (no external labia). I probably lasted 5 to 10 minutes as she was asselicious despite not being the girl I wanted I really enjoyed the ass fuk. I was a little disturbed by the fact that I enjoyed the pain faces she made while I fuked her in the anal hole(first time I experienced it), I am not into pain or any of that bondage stuff(which turns me off). I rather have the girl enjoy herself. Then she wanted to leave , but I made her stay for the hour I had paid for. The did not let me do a second round in the puss. Although this is like a standard in the clubs(2 comes)

I paid $150 which is too much , but enjoyed the little punish fuk I gave her for misleading me.

Agencies in Prague are mostly hit and miss, it's better to go to the clubs. try k5 the best one in Prague/ possibly the world. Great food, great fuks.

04-25-03, 14:35
Dear Friends

Escorts are bad news in Prague. I was there in Feb and rang a number in the announce. They sent me a hag and what is more, demanded 3000. Much better are the privats where you at least have a choice. Ditto the clubs including K5. You can walk out if you do not like what you see but escorts frequently come with eh.......male escorts.

Prague is OK but if you are not racially prejudiced, China offers far better value and quality.......but you do not get Prague, surely one of the great cities of the world.

Sour Honey
04-25-03, 16:34
OH, GandJim....would you MARRY ME???
:-) :-) :-)

Hmmm. just because it seems we have the same needs and make the same choices.
Also you do not like anal! Fantastic!

Hey! Nothing against those that do it! Just a choice of life!

///can't wait for Maya's at the end of June.....///

04-26-03, 13:02
Hi everybody,

i will be going to czech next month to work. i saw the forum a lot of guys recommended K5. i am very interested but it seems that no price being stated on K5 girls, just know it's expensive.

can anybody give me some info on k5?

Thanks a lot.

04-26-03, 15:27
Hi lkb528,

Entry fee at K5 is 500cz, which includes use of their facilities (sauna, steam bath, etc…). Half an hour in private with a girl is 2400cz and one hour is 3900cz in most of the rooms. There are 2 more expensive rooms with their own whirlpool/sauna, I can’t remember the prices.

Price is on the high side for Prague, but is fully justified in my opinion by their unique concept, in particular :

- After 8pm, there are daily about 35 (Monday/Tuesday) and 45 girls (rest of the week) to choose from
- Girls are not allowed to come to pressure you.
- You can take your time to choose a girl. A manager will help you choosing the right one, you just tell him your preferences. Many clients find it less embarrassing to discuss their preferences with a man, rather than asking the girl directly. If you don’t need his help, just tell him so and he’ll leave you on your own.
- Once you’re chosen a girl, she’ll come to your table for a drink. There is no expensive ladies’ drink. Price is the same as for yours, i.e. dead cheap. You have still not committed yourself to anything. If, as K5 put it, the chemistry doesn’t work, you just tell the girl so (or tell the manager). She’ll go away immediately without any problem and you can choose another one.
- You can spend as much time as needed with a girl before going to the room, but also after, so when you pay for one hour, in fact you can spend 2-3 hours (or more if the chemistry really works) with the girl.
- Rooms are very nice, especially the ‘theme’ ones on the 4th floor. They are also very clean. What impressed me too is that you received a new set of bed sheet and towels sealed in plastic bag each time you go to the room.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Just go to their forum for feedback from other regulars of K5.

Hi Ric,

Oooohhhh, why didn’t you propose this earlier, I’m now already married ! :-(

Just kidding.

04-26-03, 18:19
IKB528 - Prices at K5 are the following :

Entrance fee ( including use of sauna and steam bath ) : 500 czk

In room with a girl (1/2 hour) : 2400 czk ( standard rooms).

In room with a girl (1 hour) : 3900 czk ( standard or themed rooms ).

Themed rooms with sauna and jacuzzi are more expensive : +/- 4500 and +/- 5500 czk ( minimum 1 hour ).

Prices for drinks and food are - of course - more expensive than in a local Prague pub but still OK.

Girls are drinking drinks sold at the same price as for guests ( no pressure for rip-off cocktails ) : some girls are only drinking water, thea, juice.... some girls are drinking a glass of wine, vodka/red bull...

You don't pay the time you spend with the girl in the public area ( main lounge and cocktail bar )- you pay only the time you spend with the girl in the room.

Escort prices are expensive.

It's finally a good VFM. Very large choice of girls each night -especially on weekends ( +/- 35-40 girls ! ).

Don't use the "taxi" drivers waiting at the club : overpriced journey garanteed !

04-26-03, 20:31
Originally posted by MarkABC
IKB528 - Prices at K5 are the following :

Entrance fee ( including use of sauna and steam bath ) : 500 czk

In room with a girl (1/2 hour) : 2400 czk ( standard rooms).

In room with a girl (1 hour) : 3900 czk ( standard or themed rooms ).

Themed rooms with sauna and jacuzzi are more expensive : +/- 4500 and +/- 5500 czk ( minimum 1 hour ).

Prices for drinks and food are - of course - more expensive than in a local Prague pub but still OK.

Girls are drinking drinks sold at the same price as for guests ( no pressure for rip-off cocktails ) : some girls are only drinking water, thea, juice.... some girls are drinking a glass of wine, vodka/red bull...

You don't pay the time you spend with the girl in the public area ( main lounge and cocktail bar )- you pay only the time you spend with the girl in the room.

Escort prices are expensive.

It's finally a good VFM. Very large choice of girls each night -especially on weekends ( +/- 35-40 girls ! ).

Don't use the "taxi" drivers waiting at the club : overpriced journey garanteed !


is it safe to use credit cards in there ? and the girls - are they in the "best" category as far as clubs are concerned ? and is it better to go early or will 11.00 be still OK ?


04-27-03, 04:45

Used my credit card at K5 two weeks ago and the posted charges on my credit card bill were exactly what I had charged there. Also, you'll get the best exchange rate using a credit card vs getting money at a currency exchange. At a currency exchange you'll only get 23 crowns per dollar. Using a credit card, you get 29 crowns to a dollar.

Yes, many of the girls at K5 are very nice. I also found comparable quality at the Butterfly Club on Saturday night April 12. I walked in and was immediately surrounded by many beautiful women who all wanted to be the "chosen" one. It was a rather unique experience being the only guy with 10-15 girls surrounding me.

Hope some of this helps and happy hunting.

Cambodia Pro
04-27-03, 07:13
Originally posted by jackdaniels

is it safe to use credit cards in there ? and the girls - are they in the "best" category as far as clubs are concerned ? and is it better to go early or will 11.00 be still OK ?


Yes it is safe to use your credit card, the charges show as something that you can not tell what you bought, the K5 name is not shown either. It's a company name.

04-27-03, 10:25
Hi JackDaniel,

One of your question still unanswered, so here's my 2 cents ;-) :

Best time to arrive in the club is by 8pm. That's when the main 'shift' arrives, big choice and girls are fresh. 10pm is worse time, most of the nice girls are picked already and are in the rooms or with somebody else. At 11pm, most are back but, as I mentioned in my previous post, girls sometimes stay quite a while with their client after the 'event', and you can find yourself sitting there waiting for God only knows how long until the girl you like is released.

04-27-03, 15:00
Hi JackDaniels

I'm regular guests to K5 since the opening in 98 or 99. I always paid by CC and never had any problem. All amounts were alsways corrects. K5 appears on the CC statements as K5 Restaurant - Prague not as a night club. You can pay with all CC except Amex.

You will receive a "chip" when you arrive and all services ( drinks, food, massage, rooms ) will be charged to your temporary account at the K5 club. When leaving, you will receive a clear and detailed note of all your consumptions. Then you can choose to pay cash or by CC. You never give your CC before check and approval of your bill.

Regardings the girls, you can find everything possible :

- tall and petites,
- blondes, brunettes or red hair,
- short hair or long hair,
- younger and older girls ( 18 y.o. to - let me say - 35 y.o. ),
- Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian girls,
- small breast, big breast, even implants,
- skinny girl, slim girl, classic girl and big girls,
- Models, girl next door and average girls,
- Smart girls, funny girls, friendly girls and girls with bad/rude attitude,
- romantic and dominant girls,
- GFE and mechanical sex...

The offer may vary from a night to another night... One night you will find 3 or 4 girls your taste and next day only one...

Sunday and monday nights are usually more quiet ( less clients ) what means also less girls. The choice can be more limited ( +/- 25 girls ! ) but is not directly and automatically connected to the quality.

Thursday, friday and saturday are more crowded. It's better to arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 pm because all the girls already arrived and all of them are not yet busy. Later in the evening, more girls will be busy with clients ( at the bar or in the rooms ) or gone to hotels for escort. The choice is larger ( +/- 35/45 girls ) at weekends. If you plan to arrive after 11:00 pm, I recommend you to make a reservation in advance ( by e-mail or by phone ) because they close sometimes the club when too much clients are already inside.

04-27-03, 16:14
MarkABC/Cambodia Pro/Paddy

Thank you for the info which is very useful indeed.

I checked out their web site and they show a premium for credit card payments.....


For example one hour escort is 4,000 cash and 4,500 for cards. Is this mark up for just this service or for all credit card charges ?

In trips to other parts of the world, I am used to clubs where the girls outnumber the guys - what is the ratio at K5 ? If there are 35/40 girls at weekends, how many customers do we need to compete with to get a prize catch ?


04-27-03, 19:08
if I may ask another question.....is BBBJ the norm in Prague and in K5 in particular ?


04-27-03, 22:03
JackDaniels - The +/- 10 % increase when CC payment apply only for escort service. For services provided in the club, there is no extra charge if you pay by CC.

I have to say that BBBJ is not the norm in Czech Republic. It happened to me a few times in K5 or other Prague night clubs, but not very often.

Russian, ukrainian and maybe slovak girls are more "flexible" than czech girls regardings what we could called "extra services" ( french kissing, 69, BBBJ, anal ).

BBBJ ( usually to completion ) is more often available in private flats than clubs - also by czech girls.

04-27-03, 22:25

Thank you - and I also had a question on the number of customers vs. girls in K5 - please see below.


04-28-03, 02:09

MARKABC is right on about everything. BBBJ's are rare in Prague clubs. If you go to K5, ask Victor or the manager to find you a girl who does it and have them convey directly to the girl what you want in Czech when he goes to get her. Otherwise, she might give you a BJ with condom when you get down to it in the room. I would also follow the same procedure at Lotos and the other clubs.

As far as the ratio of guys to girls, that varies but there always seem to be a plentiful supply of girls. Getting a room around midnight might entail a wait of 30 minutes sometimes.

By the way, if you want great BBBJ's and CIM, I would strongly recommend Edinburgh, Scotland. It's the norm there. Go to *********.com for the list of the clubs there. Awesome city like Prague and great for hobbyists. Just a thought.

04-28-03, 06:49

Just got back today after 6 nights in Prague and 4 nights in Frankfurt.

I had great expectations before I embarked on my trip but came back with great satisfactions and disappointments. Please let me explain.

Before the trip, I advertised on several Czech websites looking for languages partners and penpals. I even hired an American male tour guide to show me sightseeings for the first 2 days.

I scored on the first night right away with one of the girls that I corresponded with. My tour guide took me to a very popular pub called Solidni Nejistota in Praha 1. I visited that pub 6 nights in a row. I swear this is the place to be. First night, I saw many, many beautiful girls and I could not figure out if they were just having funs or working. But I bought a lot of drinks for girls and danced and kissed with them. On a second night, I already ran into some locals to frequent that place often. One of the local was arguing with a 19 year old Russian/Czech based girlfriend. I got in and bought them drinks and smoothed out things for them. Meanwhile I got her number. The next day I called and asked her if she wanted to come over for a swim (I stayed at one of the most expensive hotel in Praha 1) with great fitness center. She came over, I already had Godiva chocalate ready for her. We talked. I comforted her. I gave her a massage. Then of course before going for a swim, we already did our fun for 2.5 hour because it is a cat and mouse game. She wanted it but not 100% willing. After the swim, she wanted it a second time. Of course I would not object to it. We ended up spending about 6 - 7 hours in the hotel before I sent her home. I did not see her for a couple days because she is still in her last year of high school. I visited the pub again in the fourth and fifth night, met some of girls but could not score. I met 4 different girls so absolutely beautiful ages at 16, 17, 24 and 25. The 24 year old is just absoultely stunning and let me French kissed her and gave me the number. But I could not talk to her afterwards as her phone has been off the next day. But the fourth night, I must have bought about 50 drinks or close to $100 for all the girls. I did not mind. The fourth night, I went to Sex Park after 3 a.m. as I did not get any action. The cost was 1000c for half and hour or 2000c for an hour. I opted for the 2000c an hour. Nothing spectucular. Very mechanical. I think for me this whole forum talking about great places to pay for commercial services at the least price is completely out of place for me. I know some of you will get mad or disagree with me. Even if Sex Park charges me only

04-28-03, 07:01

Even if Sex Park charges me for 500c for an full hour, I would not enjoy it that much. Just because the taste is rather mechanical.

The best fun I had was when the 19 year Russian/Czech called me to meet again for the last night. She invited two more girls and a guy. This is a bit strange. 19 year and I went out to dinner. Then her friend Ms. R, also 19 Russian/Czech (single) is also very beautiful and used to be a daughter of a Russian dipolmat. So she speaks fluent English and has travelled quite a bit in this world. She is sophisticated and carries the latest cell phone with picture capabilities. Then the couple (Slovikia male law student and his Czech girlfriend, Ms. M.) So five of us met for drinks. I bought about $40 at one place. Then, we went to Solidini again together. There I have to behaved since I am with my own girl(s). At 2:30am we all left. My girl and I went back to the hotel. Then Ms. R told us that she was joining her couple friends to their house but will meet us one hour later. I could not figure out why.
Then when we get back to my hotel, I am ready to enjoy the wee hours as I was tired. But my girl told me that Ms. R should be coming and I asked why. She told me that she wanted to try a 3some together. And her friend Ms. R wanted to try too. I said great. But Ms. R did not show up. The reason was she went to with the couple and did it there and could not decided which couple to choose when we left the pub. Anyway, I told my girl that I wanted to try it next time when I visited Prague again. Now I pretty much lost all interests in going to any commercial establishments when I know that I could do it so easily just by better organizations and planning. Obviously there is one thing I miss out telling: I bought many many drinks for many girls. And they are not asking me for money. I never paid and they enjoyed being with me. The sixth nights, I got four girls numbers and they all want to see me when I go back. They all kissed (French) me. I will go back most likely in June.


04-28-03, 07:05

Thanks for your driver Saha's contact. I called him at least 3 times before I left for my trip. He said he will charge me 500c, which was fine with me. I arrived and he did not show. I ended up taking a taxi on my own and pay 350c. I also bought a SIM card from T-Mobile at the airport, very convenient. The T-Mobile even roam when I was in Frankfurt.


04-28-03, 10:52
Wakeywakey - I don't think that 3900 czk/hour in K5 is expensive. Look at Lotos ( 4000 czk/hour ), Escade ( 3500 czk/hour ), Velvet ( 4000 czk/hour ), Dransy ( 3500 czk/hour ), Apollon, ( 3500-4500 hour ), Empire (3500 czk/hour )...

And the rooms in K5 are much nicer than in other clubs ( I mean the new rooms with special decoration like 1001 nights, space room, castle room, french boudoir ).

Think also about the facilities, the service, the large choice of girls, the time you spend compares to the money you spend... All in all it's a very good VFM.

Of course sex is also available in Prague for cheaper price. I found small clubs offering 1 hour at 2500 czk/hour, many private flats at 1200-2000 czk/hour, some escort service at 2500 czk...

04-28-03, 11:14
JackDaniels - As Paddy said, the ratio of guys to girls may vary a lot from night to night as well as from hour to hour.

from 4:00 pm to 6:00 there are 6-8 girls and from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm there are 12-15 girls but sometimes 1, 2 or 3 guests only...

after 8:00 pm you will find between 30 and 45 girls. A larger choice but also more guests...

I usually arrive between 8:00 and 9:00 pm, take the time to look at all girls and make my choice by 10:00 pm.

Around midnight ( especially on thu-sat nights ) it could be crowded and it's better to have already your girl next to you ( or to have a reservation ) to avoid disapointment.

Acordings to my experience, it's possible to find K5 full at 00:30 am, half empty at 1:00 am and full again at 2:00 am... because people are coming in and leaving at any time. Some clients are coming alone, some clients are coming with friends/collegues... Some clients are staying 2 hours in the club, some clients are staying all night... Some clients are using the club's rooms, some clients are taking the girl back to their hotel room...

04-28-03, 14:31

Looks like you had a nice time, good for you. Just remember the old saying:
Never think that you dont pay for sex, cuz you always do ...

cheers mate!

04-28-03, 18:10
You're absolutely right, Maciorus. By the way, do you know the difference between free sex and paid sex?

Answer : Paid sex is cheaper. :-)

04-29-03, 05:07
Hi GandJim and MarkABC,

Thanks a lot for the info given, really appreciate it.

By the way, i am an Asian, is it safe or ok that i go to K5?

04-29-03, 07:57
Hi lkb528,

Absolutely no problem at all, I'm Asian too ;-)

There are Asian customers many times I was there, mainly Japanese, but I've also met Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, etc...

Sour Honey
04-29-03, 09:53
lkb528, I am sure you'll have absolutely no problems as asian in K5 and any other estabilishment in Praha.

I, for myself, have met an Asian at Mila's, and he was the best fellow punter I have ever met.

I'm only sorry you're not a ...GIRL.... I love asian GIRLS over any limit..... :-)

Sour Honey
04-29-03, 09:55

the only bad thing for an Asian in Praha is that he .....cannot be confused with a local resident... :-)

This means that you'll have more annoying people that ask you for change money, and so on.

04-29-03, 12:45

Absolutely no problem for Asian guys in Prague that I've ever seen (I'm not Asian). In fact, girls have commented to me that they like Asian guys in particular because they are charactersitically polite, generous, etc.

I was at K5 two weeks ago and there was a large group of Korean guys there who were having a great time and the girls were having a great time with them. I spoke with a few of them them and they were a lot of fun.

04-29-03, 13:49

I'm not asian but I can confirm that asian guys are welcome in K5 and other Prague clubs.

Like Paddy, I saw many times asians - from Japan, China, Korea as well as many asian-americans - in K5.

04-29-03, 13:52

I'm not Asian but I can confirm that Asian guys are welcome in K5 and other Prague clubs.

Like Paddy, I saw many times Asians - from Japan, China, Korea as well as many Asian-Americans - in K5.

Sour Honey
04-30-03, 06:51
Hey GandJim!

I hope to have not cracked your plans.....

Try Maya, try Maya, try Maya ..... you have said to me..... so I booked Laura for 2 nights in May (16 and 17)...... :-)

Have you any suggestions for a threesome? You know we are much similar, so I am sure you will be surely right (you know.... caresses, oral, then oral and, sometimes, oral.....)

Ciao for now

04-30-03, 09:38
Well done Ric ! You can't crack my plans, my dear friend. I've already booked Laura and Anna the very first day I knew when I'll be back to Prague. ;-)

I'll see them again individually, just a few days after you (May 21 and 23), so be nice and gentle with Laura , and take good care of her , will you ? Give her my best regards (from Jim, the Asian, wondering if she can remember me).

Two nights with Laura ? I envy you ! But why not Laura one night, and Anna the other night? Anna is very nice too, and you won't be betting all your money on the same horse.

I also had a threesome with Laura and Anna, but I won't recommend it. These girls are so nice they deserve to be taken care of individually, like real girlfriends. You will enjoy their company, going out for dinner, chatting, etc... even more than sex. Laura has a wonderful laugh. Her job with Maya's is her first job. She started in February this year and I saw her just a couple of weeks after her arrival. She was quite innocent at that time. I saw her again and Anna for a threesome late May, they still don't have much experience in threesome. I've heard that Diana and Mary would be better, but Diana is not my style.

For pure sex and threesome, try the Ukrainian girls at K5 (Alexandra, Lola, Ola, Terry, etc...). They are the only ones I know who allowed me to move from one girl to another without changing condom, as they are good friends living together and knowing each other very well. With Maya's (and Mila's) girls, I had to change condom each time.

Sour Honey
04-30-03, 15:33
Thanks GandJim,
...changing condom every time you change the..... oh my God..... I just have a ..... condom allergy..... this one could kill (read flop) all my wishes.....

To be honest, I am opting to a threesome to avoid to offend the "main" girl with a night with another. My thoughts are exactly like what you have told me, so.....I am changing my plans, and may be I will extend to Thursday my staying. So I could try a girl the first night, and Laura the other two.

Does Anna enjoy mutual oral? And Laura? (this is my main wish and .... hobby.... so any info may be welcome!).

And so.... you're Asian! Some of my better friends are. I think I have a special affection for Asian (but only women, in sex things!!! LOL )

I will give a kiss for you to Laura

04-30-03, 20:18
Hi Ric,

Anna at Laura offer full services: BBBJ, French kissing passionately, let you go down on them, fingering, 69.

In the forum, Corado said that they accept CIM. I asked Laura, she said "yes, a little bit" but, apparently, she didn't like it, so I didn't do.

Please keep in mind that these girls are not machines. Their performances and whether they enjoy it or not also depend on your attitude. If you treat them with respect, haven't eaten onion and garlic all day long, or spent the afternoon drinking beers and smoking cigars, it helps. ;-)

So take a shower, shave fresh, cut your nails clean, take a mint for a good breath, be nice and there you go. :-)))

04-30-03, 21:57
Thanks everyone for the info. Looks like K5 is the place to go and will certainly try this place out. It appears that BBBJ is rare and kissing especially DFK is also not common. This is disappointing of course - it been a long time since I had a BJ that was covered and I have had DFK every time. Lets see how I cope !

Cheers to all.

05-03-03, 00:00
Hi GandJim,

You did mention something about the current Ukrainian girls at K5 (Alexandra, Lola, Ola, Terry, etc.. and I believe there is also Lena). This caught my attention. If you remember there was once a great Ukrainian girl there, Ira, who both of us appreciated a lot.
I haven't been to K5 since last October and I would really like to know your oppinion about the current Ukrainian girls at K5. Any of them to Ira's level ? Any of them that you recommend in terms of being sweet and lovely, passionate GFE/kissing and being good in bed?

I value and appreciate your oppinion. I will be in Prague shortly.
Promise to provide report after coming back..


05-03-03, 00:20
Hi Ric,

Saw on Maya’s forum (the EOL EscortOnLine one) that you like the posting style of their regulars. There is another forum on EOL with same kind of regulars, at a larger scale : the one of K5Relax. Go and have a look.

In that forum, I’m part of a group of K5 regulars sharing the same approach to our ‘hobby’, initially known as the ‘4 of the Apocalypse’, then expanded to the ‘Magnificent Seven’ and now to the ‘Dirty Dozen’. We recently had a gathering together end of March, and K5 organised a ‘theme’ party (club is redecorated and girls are dressed according to a theme). The theme was ‘Western : Cowboys and Indians’ and my favourite girl was absolutely delicious as a ‘squaw’. They had other ‘themes’ in the past : Ancient Roma, 1001 nights (Arabian nights), On The Beach, Flintstones (Stone age), etc… and it always was great fun.

Reason I’m telling all this is that another gathering together is presently planned. Tentative date is September 5, and five of us are already ready to go. Theme is not defined yet, still under discussion.

This could also be a good opportunity for us to meet (provided Laura confirms to me that you treated her right ;-)). Interested in joining us ?

05-03-03, 07:54
Hi Andi,

Aaaahhh, Ira, the little blonde teenager girl and her friend Marina ...:-)

If you like small girl like her, Terry is worth seeing. Extremely fun girl. I knew a Ola who is small and has a teenager look too, who left K5 earlier this year. They say on their forum that Ola is back and, if it's the same girl (long dark hair college girl), she's also worth seeing. Unfortunately, Terry and Ola speak very little English.

Lena, she's taller and slim. Top girl, a real sweetheart. Top of the list, I haven't mentioned her in my previous post because I wasn't sure she'll do a threesome.

Alexandra and Lola are not catwalk top models, more 'countryside' and 'comfortable' girls, if you see what I mean. But very nice girls too. Alexandra is lovely. Lola's look is only a 4-5, but don't let her look take you away from her. For sex, she's extremely dedicated and hard working.

In short, you can't go wrong with any of these girls. If you visit sometimes K5 forum, you may know some of the regulars there. Well, Terry is Brian's favourite, Lena is Costas's, Alexandra is Dave's and Lola is TekHead's. This speaks for itself. ;-)

But for me the top of the top as far as Ukrainian girls in Prague are concerned are Laura and Anna of Maya's, for overnight escort(well, Anna is from Belarus to be precise, but it's just next door ;-)). Problem with K5 is that club is so crowded and noisy at times you can't have a decent conversation, and their escort prices are too expensive to take the girls out. With the summer coming, I just love taking the girl out for a romantic walk, having dinner, etc...

05-04-03, 02:10
Thanks GandJim,

K5 escort is indeed very expensive. Even if you use the club it's expensive. If you, for example, take a girl for half an hour in a room (2400kcz, which now adays is over 85 $) you have to go through the showering ritual first. You take a shower 5 minutes, she then takes shower 5 minutes. This leaves you with 20 minutes. On top of all this, 5 minutes before the time is up they disturb you with a bell ring and then the girl tells you that you have 5 minutes to finish, which could be quite annoying. Not a very good deal I would say.

But the good thing is that you can talk with the girl before and after for a long time without being charged. You can meet as many girls you want provided you pay for their drink (about 200kcz a drink).
So, if you want a relaxed and prolonged experience with a girl an escort, like Maya's or Mila's may be the answer..

Just some thoughts.

Sour Honey
05-05-03, 14:29
thanks for the offer.

I cannot be sure about September, but if I can, I will be there (and I will tell you as soon as possible)

///waiting the 15 of May now.......:-) ///

05-06-03, 02:32
Has anyone tried czechescort dot com,or have info on it. the site looks interesting??

05-06-03, 13:31

if you mean the site:
Yes, I've tried it and even at the first eye, it seems really professional.
It describe, city per city, girl per girl, who does what and how much.
2 years ago I was in Prague and I've take advantage of consulting this site and I can assure that the 3 girls I met were like the photo in internet.
Service:....one was really fantastic. She make me feel like my gf, but the other 2 are too mechanic. body between 7 and 9.

let me know your score......


05-07-03, 05:16
Hi Lazzaro,

I Know about escort.cz, this one is a Different website,I think it is a New Site, the Site is: czechescort.com
The site might be too good to be true, that is why I was asking for info?? If anyone knows about this Service it Would be Helpful.

Lazzaro do you have any current info on Prague you could share, Thanks..


05-07-03, 09:15
To T-Rex,

Just tried your link, and 'landed' on the 'AAA Travel Consult' web site.

AAA is a well-known and serious escort agency. I have used them about a year ago. Very good services but unfortunately too expensive for me to be used more frequently.

Girls are real and they send you the one you see on the web. On the Captain 69 web site, there are reviews for about 12 of their girls, most very positive (unfortunately, you have to be a member to view the detailed reviews).

05-07-03, 10:55
hi to you, t-rex!

As per my prev. msg, I was in Prague 2 years ago. I remeber only tons of bar/disco bar/disco pub/live show/..... around the main street, but the names (of the streets, of the bars...) ....sorry. I don't remember.
but it is difficult don't see them!
The live show bars (as the others....) are full of pro that are waiting only for you......

Unfortunately, my info on Prague are not "current"

For the site, I've looked your one, but it leave me a little bit perplexed.
I could only say that the site I indicate, it is real and great.
But if you aren't a "sleeping bear" (i.e.=idiot) you could go in one of that bar and hook some girls who is interested for the money....

In the night (from 1 am to 5 am) there are a lot of SW (mainly from ex russia nation) and they are cheaper than pro in the dancing, but in my mind more of them are drug addict or are sickly

Ciao, lazzaro

05-07-03, 14:04

here you are a report posted by Cachondito on the 7/4/02.
I think it's exhaustive

Hi you guys,

I just came back from Prague yesterday and it's absolutely fascinating. And offers the best paid sex in Europe, most probably all over the world. If you find a girl from www.escort.cz you won't regret it. You can also go to one of the "sex clubs" and pick some girl from there. The entry fee would be around 150-200 Korunas which comes to about $7 USD. And the girls are mostly between 2500-4000 Korunas for an hour of classic sex. There are some black guys and a few girls on street corners and main squares (especially Vaclavske Namesti) handing out ads of those clubs so you don't have to be a genius to find them.

Street action is down, plus you don't want to try it. There's no Czech girl selling herself on the sidewalk. All you'll get is Ukranians and gypsies. I don't know so much about the Ukranians but the gypsies are terrible. They treat you like their sweethearts but once you agree on the price and go together you're in deep shit. Their pimps could even kill you. At least rob you.. So STAY AWAY from street hookers, especially the gypsies.

I had a girl privately in an agency called Escort Denisa. Her name was Petra and she was a cute little blonde. Very bizarre considering the average Czech woman is at least 1.75 (5' 9'') tall. She was about 1.60 (5' 3''). Very nice and tight pussy, piercing on the belly button. Her attitude was nice and she's GOOD at her job. I paid 1500 CZK (slightly more than $50) for an hour of classic sex. If you go there as a foreigner, the chick at the desk will say it's 2000 for an hour. You must say it says 1300 on their website so she'll say ok it's 1500. That's what I did. Their boss is truly stunning but I think she doesn't fuck for money :( Petra was cute though. They also offer anal sex, lesbi show, two on one, and other things. For the price of course. But it's cheap nevertheless.



good luck!


Cambodia Pro
05-08-03, 05:15
Originally posted by GandJim
To T-Rex,

AAA is a well-known and serious escort agency. I have used them about a year ago. Very good services but unfortunately too expensive for me to be used more frequently.

Girls are real and they send you the one you see on the web. On the Captain 69 web site, there are reviews for about 12 of their girls, most very positive (unfortunately, you have to be a member to view the detailed reviews).

TRY prague-bunnies. $150 pre hour with a real model (the one in the pictures). Most other escort agencies are hit and miss.

Some truly stunning.

Sayonara! On my way to Romania!

05-10-03, 00:45
Thanks GandJim for the Reply, their are some Attractive Girls on that AAA Travel consult Site, did the girl you had from AAA Travel give you BBBJ and CIM, and What Hotel is near the Action and cheap, Say 40 USD a Night, Info would be Helpful, Thanks..

Lazzaro Thanks for the Info..

Happy Hunting, T-rex..

05-10-03, 11:41
Hi T-Rex,

The ones I had did BBBJ, but no CIM. But each girl is different, you better ask them directly for the one(s) you're interested in. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I changed agency because Eli has a standard table detailing services of their girls (BBBJ, 69, CIM, on face, on body, anal, toys, etc...). Much more convenient.

I no longer stay at hotels in Prague, but only in appartments. No hassle, much more freedom and flexibility. Maybe other members can comment on your question about hotel, but I doubt you can find something for 40 USD a night (especially during high season).

05-10-03, 14:33
Went to Prague last weekend with a friend of mine (a newbie). We went straight to K5 and were shown around. The staff are really friendly and welcoming. The place is really well run and felt like a place you will not get ripped off in. The talent available is not really stunning with a few 7s and 8s but all were friendly and do not approach unless you approach them. You can select your companion from a touch screen that you can pull out from under the table. Staff can help with the choice and availability. I did ask about DFK and BBBJ and it was confirmed that these are not normally available but depends on the girl. Reading between the lines, the more professional the girl, the less likely that these will be provided. However, we did not pick any and went back to the hotel at about 4 in the morning.

We decided to go back there the next night but we thought we would check out the Butterfly club first. We took a cab to this place which was way out of town. We eventually found the place and there were just a few cars parked outside. We did not feel at all comfortable from the outside and wondered how we would get a taxi to get back from this place. We rang the bell and a guy came out to let us in. There were no customers inside with just 4 or 5 (average) girls in there. This was Saturday night ! Not recommended!

We decided to leave and went on to try the Velvet club. This place is well laid out and seemed to have a few good looking girls but again there was just a customer or two there. More pricey than K5 with the lady drinks at 500 crowns each ( $15 !). Though we were keen to try a new place, we decided to move on. They offered to send a free cab for us the following day and a free first drink. We agreed to consider this.

We went back to K5 and found the place to be much better than the previous 2 places. My friend picked a girl. I too picked a really nice girl we had talked to the previous day called Kelly. IMHO, the best looking girl in the club. After getting to know each other in the bar and also in the cocktail bar downstairs, I decided to take her back to the hotel though rooms were available on site. Kelly is from Slovakia with really nice dark hair and an excellent butt. As expected, no DFK and BBBJ were on offer (covered BJ only) but it was still a very good experience with massage. It was so good I extended for another hour to 3 hours in all. The club sent a cab to pick up the girl when it was all over.

On the final day after a long day of traipsing around Prague seeing the sights, we headed back to K5. I didn’t see anything worth going for, but my friend picked up another girl and headed off to the rooms and I just hung out at the bar. I saw a girl with a great body but not so attractive and I decided to pass. However the beer goggles started to work and by the time I enquired about her, she was already taken ! Moral of the story – get those beer goggles on early ! So I just had a few beers waiting for my friend to finish after which we headed back to the hotel.

In my view, K5 is the place to go. The talent is typically girl next door type and depending on the mood, this may take your fancy. Although I only went with one, Kelly, I was very pleased with the experience.

I think that on my next trip, I would try an escort from AAA (as well as going to K5) even though I am more of a bar fly. Butterfly is not recommended. These places are far from each other so you have to take a cab from one to the other, all of which eats up the time. There is no central area where you can walk from bar to bar to check out which is best.

Would I go back there again. Probably, but I would not place it in my top five from an entertainment point of view.


05-11-03, 01:41

I'm real sorry about Butterfly not working out for you. I was there on Saturday night, April 12 and the place had 10-15 girls there with the majority of them being real lookers. In fact, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of women there. I was sorta "surrounded" by them when I walked in. I'm afraid that you went there on my recommendation. My apologies.

I was at K5 once and coudn't find one woman I was interested in. I went there a few day later and the women were outstanding. So, it's a matter of outright luck sometimes.

05-11-03, 14:33

No worries - it looks like we got Butterfly on a bad day. Yes, K5 talent varied night on night. We shared a lift with 3 girls on the way up to the 5th floor but we did not see them the next day.


05-12-03, 03:07
is there some new info about Clubs - Ariadna and Atlas? Prices and girls.

05-16-03, 02:11
Hi everybody,

Is there any clubs or escorts in Mlada Boleslav that is good?


Chinese Power
05-17-03, 11:40

Does anybody have any experience of Private apartment's deal?


This report was edited by Jackson for capitalization and punctuation.

Texas Now
05-17-03, 23:17
I am in Prague on a business trip. I decided to try out the escort.cz web site. I dilegently went through the pages until I found a few girls who caught my eye.

I decided to try Simona from Iveta Escort. I called them up, and asked that they send Simona over to my flat (apartment). The girl on the phone said "that is possible." One thing I noticed about the escort.cz site is some girls have prices, while others don't. I was thinking that the girls without prices were more expensive. It appears I was right. They told me that Simona would come over for 3500 Krown, plus 500 for the taxi. She looked good on the web site, so I figured it might be worth 3500 Krown (about $150) for an hour. In fact, I thought if she was really good, I would enjoy her company for 2 hours. They said she would be at my place in 30-40 minutes.

Almost an hour later I get a call from a guy saying Simona is at the door. I went down to let her in. When I opened the door, a girl got out the a car along with a guy. He asked for the money, and I paid. I noticed the girl didn't look the same as the picture on the web, but she had the same approximate build and blonde hair, so I thought maybe it was still her. After she comes in (and the guy leaves), I ask her is she is Simona. She said no, Simona isn't working. We went up to my flat where she showed me who she was on the web page. It turns out she was a girl by the name of Maruska. We tried to communicate for a few minutes, but she spoke next to no English, nor did she speak Spanish (which I do).

I would rate Maruska as maybe a 4 or 5 in looks. The sex was totally mechanical, and I couldn't even get off with her.

The Iveta Escort web page claims. "Our girls speak fluently English, German, Spanish and Russian." Maruska told me she only speaks Czech and German, though when I tried the little German I know on her, she didn't even seem to understand that.

The bottom line is I would avoid Iveta Escort. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have sent her away at the door and refused to pay since they didn't send the girl (Simona) they said they were sending.

05-18-03, 17:46

You can get a whole array of apartments through Tom's Travel at reservations@travel.cz. Just go through their extensive website and e-mail them. They'll get right back to you. They're very professional, speak fluent English and will even pick you up at the airport for free. I use them exclusively and they're excellent. Also, private apartments are quite a bit cheaper than hotels.

They can also set you up with other types of accomodations if you want. I did the apartment thing once and it was huge and very nice. I like the higher service level of a hotel, however. Just a personal preference. Hope this helps.


05-18-03, 18:46
To Texas Now,

On Escort.cz web site, there are various forums, including one dedicated to Escorts and another one to Private Appartments:


Have a look there next time, lot of warnings against Iveta (fake girls, bad services) and Escort.cz even took them off their booking assistance services.

To Chinese Power,

I'm not sure you ask about private appartments as an alternative to hotel rooms (in which case Paddy gave go a very good link, which I also use myself), or about 'privat' in the czech meaning. In this case, you can refer to the link I gave to Texas Now above to check the ones to be avoided at all costs. In addition to Iveta, avoid Private Sara, Milas, etc... My preferred ones are Mayas and Diskret but, well, it also depends on the kind of girls you are looking for.


05-19-03, 13:47
Texas Now,

Thanks for the detailed report of your escort experience. Your experience was rather commonplace I'm afraid. I gave up on escort services. One seldom gets the girl you actually requested despite ironclad assurances from the the contact person over the phone. I have to admit, however, that I've had some fantastic stand-ins.

As an alternative, I would strongly suggest that you go to one of the clubs where you can pick your girl. Then, if she was up to your standards, ask to meet her on her on her off night. These girls usually work only 2-3 nights per week. It's pure profit for them and they're usually very willing to accomodate you. I've had many girls offer this type of arrangement prior to my leaving the club. Also, you can have her for the whole night for the cost of about one hour at the club. Girls usually ask about 5,000 Crowns for the whole night as a rule.

In this way, you know the girl beforehand, they're usually much more open sexually now that they know you and it's very cost effective. I usually take her to dinner, stroll around town, get her drunk and head back to my hotel. This has worked for me many, many times.

Chinese Power
05-19-03, 22:47
Thanks Paddy for your answer. but I perfer to know the girls in the so called "Private Apartment". If anyone know it, please tell me.

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

05-20-03, 17:40
To Chinese Power,

I gave info on where you can find reports on privates a couple of days ago, as well as name of a couple of good privates I go to regularly. As I'm only a regular member, my post did not appear right away and you may have missed it. Just scroll down.

05-20-03, 22:16
Chinese Power,

Sorry about the mix-up. I thought that you meant a Private Apartment to rent - not an apartment to have sex at.

There are loads of them on the clubs.cz website. Click on apartments and you'll get 20 pages of them it seems. Also, under Forum, they have hundreds of apartment reviews if you have the time to wade through all of them. Wouldn't know where to start but Maya's is excellent and I've had great results at Milas although there has been some weird trash talking going on about Milas. Ricardo and I have both been to Milas so we can vouch for the place.

When you do the private apartment thing for sex, many times the advertised girl is not on duty that night. You often get a stand in which can be vary dramatically in the level of service. I've had the best and worst doing the apartment thing. Also, when you call you'll find that many of the girls speak limited English and may hang up if they don't understand you. Overall, I view apartments and escort services as real hit-or-miss propositions. Hope this helps.

Chinese Power
05-21-03, 01:33
Thanks a lot, Paddy & Gandjim. But I didn't find the mila in the link you gave me. Is it a Private apartment name or a girl's name?

05-21-03, 23:48
Chinese Power,

Milas' website is internettrash.com/users/milas2 It's a good place and many guys can vouch for it. All girls provide BBBJ with CIM. Most girls are from the Ukraine and occasionally Belarus. I had one from Belarus who spoke perfect English and her oral skills were heavenly. She's no longer there but you can take your pick from the listed girls. BTW, Milas only takes reservations over the phone and does not do e-mail. Hope this helps.


05-23-03, 21:26
I'm a man from Norway that will wanna discover the sex - club life in Prague in the period 4 - 8 June. I'm looking for another man that can join me on my quest for nice girls and good sex in Prague. If anyone is at Prague in this periode and want to hook up with me, email me at Jaynock78@yahoo.no

I've been at a couple of sex clubs there before. Even though I'm not highly experiened at the scene I will give my recommendations (I have high standards).
I found a real stunner at Altlas club (she was an 9), who preformed good but highly protected service. In the Altas club the were between 20 - 30 girls, and only 4 or 5 were good looking. It can be recommended.
In the same street as the altas club (center of city) you will find the Moulin Rouge club. This was a disaster compared to the Atlas Club. The girls there were not good looking. I did eventually find an ok girl (a 5), but she had a really bad attitude, so I decided to leave.

My experience with Prague was so good though that I have decided to return.

Maximus #2
05-24-03, 06:55
Hey guys,

I'll be in Prague for a week and thought I might pick your brains. Are there any freelancers as such in Prague and what discos/pubs can they be found at?


Aussie Max

EDITOR's NOTE: I took a few minutes to revise the capitalization and punctuation mistakes in this report. However, with everything else I have to do to maintain the forum, I don't really want to spend my time doing this every day, so I would very much appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. I don't expect everyone to be a great writer, but it's not difficult to use the CAPS key for names or to put a period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

Fish Dude
05-25-03, 17:58
Greeting all!

I'm new to the board and hopeful you can help. I am traveling to Prague for 5 weeks and want to sample a LOT of girls there. I've done hours or research and want to corroborate some of it with people who have experience in Prague. I require from the girls I see that they can do bbbj, cim and cif. Many agencies have made promises to me that some of their girls can do this.
Darlings of Prague
blonde girls club

These seem to be the most forthcoming with information. Eli Agency is too expensive. I am going to try one girl from AAA who looks fantastic (Petty). But, I would like to find one or two agencies to work with. I don't like clubs, but I would consider private apartments. My intent is to have most of the women at my rented flat.

I have contacted the person who runs "Girls from Sara." There seems to be a lot of cross-over with women on several sites but Girls from Sara seems to be the hub. "Sara" has the best looking private girls I've found and I've had assurances that many of them can do bbbj, cim, and anal. All for 200 euro for 2 hours. Does any one have any experience with Sara or can give me recommendations?

Of course, a FULL Prague report will be made at the end of my adventure.


05-26-03, 13:13
Fish Dude,

I have used AAA the girls they send are the same on the photos, but charge a little more that the other agency's. Good quality girls that provide the services as described.

I also use Privat Sara a lot for escort services. Tend to be younger girls, 18 to 21. very good, very reliable you should tell Zuzana what you are looking for and she will always find what you want. The girls are the same ones as on their web site. Tend to change quite regular but you know what they ' A change is good as a rest'

Only down side on Sara is that Zuzana always wants you to meet them in the hotel reception will jot come up to the room on their own.

05-26-03, 21:52

I used services from Privat Sara once.

1) The fact that I had to pay in front of the hotel is a bit unconfortable (about discretion)

2) I didn't like the chaperonne's behavior: on phone, the price was 300 Euros for the whole night; in the car, I was informed that this price didn't include kissing; For kissing, I had to pay 100 more. I don't like this behavior, I would prefer that I was informed on phone about that . Personnaly, I believed that she tried (and succeed) to get more than normal price from a naive tourist when she saw me (I'm Asian born).

It's why I think that I won't use Privat Sara's services anymore even if they have many attractive ladies!

05-26-03, 22:08
Prague stopover next week. First time in over a year.
K5 was okay last time I visited, but it's old hat by now. I am intrigued though by reports here of Maya's and Mila's, with accomodations on site for all niters.

Firstly, can anyone give contact info for Maya's?

I would also love to pick your collective brains - which is your favorite of the 2? All opinions appreciated.

Grand prize promised for your efforts - play by play description of the entire night. LOL

05-27-03, 01:39

Maya's address is www.maya-escort.cz She's very good about responding to e-mail and her English/writing skills are quite good. Was ready to use them but events conspired against me (met other women while in Prague). Maya's has always received good reviews on clubs.cz forum.

Hope this helps.

05-27-03, 11:12
Does anyone have tips or ratings on the following clubs near downtown, also what kind of services do they provide and at what price:

Klub Relax K5
Cabaret Atlas
Captain Nemo
Lotos Club
Extasy Club
Ariadne Night Club

Thanks in advance,


05-28-03, 21:18
Reymoon - Here are the prices I was charged in the clubs you mentionned :

K5 : cover charge : 500 czk - 1 hour : 3900 czk

Nancy : cover charge : 200 czk - 1 hour 2800 czk

Cabaret Atlas : cover charge : 200 czk - 1 hour : 2800 czk

Captain Nemo : cover charge : 700 czk ( including 1 free drink ) - 1 hour : 4000 czk

Velvet : cover charge : 1500 czk ( if you don't go to room ) - 1 hour : 4500 czk

Lotos club : cover charge : 500 czk - 1 hour : 4000 czk

Extasy club : no cover charge - 1 hour : 2600 czk

Ariadne : no cover charge before 19h00, 100 czk after 19h00 - 1 hour : 1500-2000 czk before 19h00, 2500-3000 czk after 19h00.

Best regards.


Texas Now
05-28-03, 23:13
For what it's worth, to call the Ariadne a "night club" requires a stretch of the imagination. Me and a friend went there last night to check it out. It's a small place located in what looks like and old wine cellar, or something along that line.

They have a small stage where a girl was dancing in a bikini, but while we were there (1 beer) she didn't take anything off. They don't have regular chairs and tables like a club, but instead have 2 or 3 sofa's.

When my friend went to the bathroom, a girl approached me and ran down the services and prices. I don''t remember what they were, but what MarkABC listed sounds about right as best as I can recall. On their web page they claim to be cheaper then other places in town. They also claim to offer oral for 1000 czk, but the girl didn't mention that to me. The cover charge was 100 czk, and the beer was 60 czk.

The selection of girls was limited (maybe 5 or 6), but a couple looked good from a distance (maybe between a 6 - 8). It appears to be a place to go just to take a girl in the back for a quick (or not so quick) fuck without a lot of socializing beforehand. Not that that is bad, if it's what you are looking for. But we were looking for a place to sit and relax, talk with some girls and buy them drinks. For that reason we didn't stay long. We ended up at Darling's Cabaret instead.

Darling's was a very nice place. They had lot's of girls (maybe 20 - 30). There was always a dancer (full nude) on stage. Cover charge was 200 czk. Ladies drinks were 490 czk. A table dance was 1000 czk. Lesbian show was 2000 czk. A private dance (backroom) was 1200 czk (if I remember correctly). I believe 30 minutes in the back room for sex was 2400 czk.

Cambodia Pro
05-29-03, 04:29
Originally posted by MarkABC
Reymoon - Here are the prices I was charged in the clubs you mentionned :

K5 : cover charge : 500 czk - 1 hour : 3900 czk



Most places offer half hour rates , my favorite since I like to fuk as many beauties as possible. The charge is about 60-80% of the hourly rate. K5 also has a club card and you don't pay cover charge which can add up if you spend your life there. Check the lotos website for a coupon for no cover charge although the taxi ride almost $10 roundtrip always steers me towards k5 and the centrally located places.

The prices here seem a bit too high. You can email them and ask for rates. The place I recommend is k5. all the places are listed in escort.cz

05-29-03, 04:51

Would like to hear your views and experiences at the lesser know clubs that you mentioned such as Nancy, Ariadne, Nemo, etc. I've never been to those places. Thanks.

06-08-03, 18:06
to TexasNow
Ariadne. They says that they have 13 rooms, large common area, lesbian show etc. Please give more info about Ariadne.
Is they at the basement? Only small room as a common area?

06-08-03, 18:08
to markABC
please provide more info about Ariadne. You placed price but what about services and place itself.Thankyou

Texas Now
06-12-03, 05:26

Can't really answer your questions about rooms. Like I said, we went there expecting a regular "club" and wanting to relax and talk to some girls first. It seems to be the type of place where you walk in, pick a girl, and go to a room to fuck without much socializing.

I don't remember if the girl mentioned lesbian show as one of the services, but it would surprise me very much if they didn't offer that. Most establishments here offer a lesbian show as a standard service.

As far as the common area being large, I guess it depends on the definition of "large". I would consider it small when compared to other clubs I have been to here. But it wasn't extremely small either. I would estimate it is about a 75 foot by 75 foot square area, but I am bad at estimating distance. The stage was very small with only room for 1 girl to dance. It was the smallest stage I have seen in clubs here.

06-12-03, 07:46
I went to Prague in April and now I am going again next week. I want to visit some clubs this time and perhaps some privates. Any one will be in Prague from June 21 through 26?

06-14-03, 23:10
thank you TexasNow

06-17-03, 01:03
On the subject of 'privates', can anyone recommend any ?
I usually stay with the escort agencies, but they can be a bit messy sometimes.

06-19-03, 21:41

I use Privat Sara regularly. They tend to have good young girls 18 to 21 on their site. They are also Privat Beauty and Privat iluze. Some girls only privat some escort as well.

Adelka V Good new girl on their site Mikelka looks stunning.
web site http://www.escort.cz/e_escort.html, call sara on 602 846 226. If you want them at your hotel only downside is that you have to meet them in reception, if it is busy I meet them outside and give them my room key. CK10000 all night everything, they quote 8000 but this is classic only.

You always get the girl you see on their website no switching girls.

Hope this helps

06-20-03, 04:03
I will be in Prague the first week of August. Any specific info on privates, clubs, or escorts would be appreciated.

06-22-03, 01:35
Thanks Rean,

The last time I was in Prague I used Alice escort agency - excellent results, punctual, stunning ladies, average price - 2000-3000 per hour, depending on the mood of the lady running the phone. Also used Escort Sen, good also.

As for getting the lady you see on the website - that would be one of the few times I actually do get who I asked for. Alice also have real pictures on their site.

06-22-03, 15:07
Hi! My sexy Italian wife and I will be in Prague 11-13 July 2003. I would like to surprise her with a well hung guy, perhaps meeting at an adult or erotic club (if they exist) or a striptease joint (if they exist, too) where he could dance and play with her. This might lead to something more. But, first, I need to know if such places exist in Prague. All help would be appreciated. Write to markstef hotmail com. Thx

06-26-03, 00:50
Rean - Why do they want your hotel key ?

06-27-03, 14:08

Apart from bars/clubs of a more 'professional' nature, what/where are the bars where a single guy on hols could find some beers, girls, fun, and hopefully, sex!

Have got three days sightseeing in August.

Given recent posts, I know what to fall back on if the local scene is not too happening!


06-30-03, 04:48

What you mean by "classic." I noticed same term used in escort prices. Does classic mean you just hold hands? Please clarify.

06-30-03, 15:13

Classic means straight sex only no oral etc.


They do not want the key, I give it to them if I do not want to be seen in the hotel reception with them for some reason.

07-02-03, 06:08

Thanks for the input. But can you not negotiate oral or extra with a "classic" escort. There seems to much price difference between Classic and "escort" at the escort.cz site.

Diet Coke
07-03-03, 17:24
Anyone been to Sex Park lately? Are most of the rooms occupied?
When I was there last fall it seemed only at about half occupancy. Still a good place to "shop" for the 20K entrance.

07-07-03, 20:02
Hi all,

I am in Prague for business meeting all day Monday 14th July. I have decided to stay on in Prague until Thursday 17th to sample the night-life. I am staying in Malo Strana area (Petrinska). Can anyone recomend any privats in this area as its my first time in Prague and I dont want to go too far from the hotel on 1st night until I have got my bearings. Is the sex-park worth a visit? What are the opening hours? What are the "must-do" things in Prague?

Any info to make my trip enjoyable greatly appreciated.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-08-03, 12:06
Gentlemen - I have just returned from a vacation to Prague and I can report that all is well. I was advised by a friend to try the "clubs" - they are a rip off. The cab drivers will take you there and wait and they are paid by the clubs but will deny this. Although the girls at the clubs are very pretty, it is usually a 3,000 entry fee and 30 minutes, 4000 for 1 hour and another 1000 for the room. What a rip! (conversion rate was about 24.6 to the $-so they want around $200 U.S.).

I will admit that the girl was a 9, Czech and around 24. Long legs, thin and very pretty. The room was gorgeous and had a functioning hot tub. She got in the tub and scrubbed me all over. Nice effect! But, the sex was "functional" and very rub a dub dub. Of course condom was used for all. She got tired of "pleasing" and wanted to hurry up after about 20 minutes. I would not go back and would advise to stay out of these places unless you are a Saudi prince.

Having been "ripped" and wanting a more relaxed and less expensive experience, my cabby (same one) offered me the local Prague newpaper. It is loaded with photos of girls and ads in the back! Of course it is all in Czech, but if you look a little at it the words will make sense and things like "anal" will of course mean the same in all languages. The phrase "oral bez" means oral without a condom. I tried a double with an ad that read Oral Bez and Anal and it was 1000 for each girl and 500 additional for the anal. So $100.00 U.S. for two with all the trimmings. A great time! Both girls were 8's and nice - spoke english (marginally) but I was not there to converse.

The next day I bought the paper, got in a cab and had the driver call for me. The cab was $10 US and the girl for Oral Bez was 1500 ($75 US). She was a doll and gave great head "bez".

Have a great time.

07-09-03, 04:06

Thanks for the excellent report. I go to Prague a lot and concur with your findings. The cabbies often try and rip you off. I've had good success with AAA Taxi although developing a relationship with a cabbie is your best bet in the long run.

Could you supply the name of the club(s) that you went to?



J Lewis
07-09-03, 18:42
I was in Prague over the weekend and was approached by several Bulgarian girls. The girls here are very aggresive and only want the equilvent of $20 u.s. I was not overally impressed with the the two females that approached me so I did not take them up on there over. This was right in the City Center by the big chapel, a huge tourist area. Be careful, watch out for the girls, they do like to pick pocket.

07-11-03, 23:24
In Prague 2 weeks ago and it was a great place not just for the hobby but the non pro pulling scene is also great.

First night (Friday) went to a local club recommended by the cab driver, a place called 'Escade', 1000CK entry, about 30 girls inside, I would say about 10 of them were 8+. Its 3500 for half an hour in one of there rooms, not cheap as I was expecting, but took a 28'sh brunette named Yvetta. She was mechanical but allowed me to unload. No DATY and CBJ as pro.
Had a little break and the time was was creeping to 5am (Been out with some business friends earlier, so had had quite a few, but sobering up), I spotted this great blonde, named Nana. She was 26, nice firm ass, breasts and shaven below, a 9 on my scale.
I took her back to the hotel at the escort rate, which is 5000CK for one hour, took her for 2 hours at 8000CK. The hotel I was staying at, is about 500 meters away from this place. Did not have any problems walking through reception at 6am'ish. No security/receptionist confrontation. She was a really good pro, very attentive, not GFE but great at her job in my view.

Saturday night, again out with the boys, there are some great strip joints and also some damn clip joints. Most strip joints also have rooms upstairs where you can take a girl, price ranges from 1000CK for a table dance and from 2500CK+ for a half hour.

IMHO the best strip joint there is Darling No.1 Cabaret, followed by some place called Empire, both open till 6am. DO NOT go to a place called Nancy Cabaret, it is a clip joint, no quality girls or action.

Also do not try the aggressive SW, they are not good and I am sure, you will get mugged by their pimps.

Got into a taxi about 3am, feeling horny as hell after going into Darling No.1 Cabaret. Could not go upstairs as some of the work boys have big mouths. So asked the dude for a club, he suggested butterfly, but this board says its a hit and miss. So I opted for a place in Prague 2 called 'St Pauli'. Jesus from the outside it looked dodgy, steel iron bars - more like a prison. The madam, greeted me (topless) outside. There were about 6 girls, mainly 3 and 4s. But one stood out and just made a 6. The rates are 2000CK an hour at the place, but did not fancy (In the prison) that much so took another escort option at 6000CK for two hours at my hotel.

Now I get back to the hotel with this Half Czech/American Indian chick, called Nikola. And god damn it I get confronted at reception by this ass hole who speaks to her in czech and gives her 3rd degree. Pissed off I shout back and he backs down, explaining that u gotta sign guests in after 10pm. Jesus why didn't he just say so. I was a bit pissed at that, but I suppose its to protect my own ass if she steals from me (They took a copy of her ID).

Anyway this girl was an exceptional lay, tight pussy and firm body from top to bottom. Made up for her initial 6 out of 10. This girl can squeeze your cock with her pussy real tight when you unload. Now that was an impressive one for me. No DATY or BBBJ. But character and attitude made up for it. Negotiated with her on her day off for an all night session, agreed on 10,000CK for all night and DATY.

*** Rean
Privat Sara

My last night was a tuesday, I looked on the other forum, and
looked at Privat Sara site. Well I hate bait and switch (Been had once and was not good experience), I know you have said they don't but I wanted to make sure and so I rang her and wanted to check the girls out in the flesh... for my last night. The escort service has an apartment in 'Flora', it had only one girl there, Alenka (1500CK per hour and if you want BBBJ its an extra 500CK). If you go to the block, it is actually a set of offices, you should press the door bell that is named 'PC NET'. The building has its own security guards, but they know why you have come there so its cool.

Rean you are right that they are young, she was 18. So I negotiated 10,000CK for one night. But she spoke little English and I had to speak on mobile to her boss.

And I can confirm that U DO have to meet them in your hotel Lobby. God it was a bit embarassing so I chose not to hand the cash over in reception, but took her to my room and she then went back down and gave the cash to her boss. Alenka, was very good looking an easy 8, but mechanical and pretty boring. She did BBBJ, but it was a very poor attempt. She is only working there 2 months then moving back to where she studies.

Missed trying K5 though, but it will be on list for the next visit.

For non pro action there are two places one is the Lavka bar and next to that is a massive 5 storey club called something like Lovny Lazny. Now that is heaving with women.

I am back there later this year and will probably use Privat Sara again for a different girl though. Its a good price for an all night session, compared to a club girl. Also the other photos of the girls she has are stunning and very tempting.

07-12-03, 10:30

I will be in Prague this Saturday. Does anyone want to team up to check out the scene. I've never done anything like this before. Be cool to have someone to discover this side of things with.

Also someone said you could buy a newspaper and call some girls up. Is this a good idea? Or is it better to see a girl in the flesh.
And what should be a normal price for a BBBJ? Maybe an all nighter.

Thanks guys. I love your work:-)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

07-12-03, 23:25

I found this site by accident and it has made quite an interesting reading.

I am going to Prague in october this year on a business trip.
I have read some converns about people who are Asian.

Well, I am from India and am curious what kind of reception I will get if I go to clubs like K5 as well as regular night clubs (I do like to "prowel").

Living in US for past 20 years, I have accepted racisem as a fact of life.

Based on the input here, I might try the clubs or will keep my trip short.

I have read some responses about asians being welcome in various clubs, does the same hold true for Indians as well?

I will be travelling alone. I will appriciate any suggestions.



07-13-03, 15:14
To Gunslinger,

I'm Asian and a regular of K5 (been there over 30 times now). No problems, lots of Asian almost every night there (mainly Japanese). They are more than welcome. I have also occasionally seen "darker skins" fro India, Pakistan and the like, although there are not many of them. Didn't notice any problem with them. I must admit I have very rarely seen black people from America or Africa, and have seen problems a couple of time. Not sure if it's because of racism or because of their attitude.

Good thing at K5 is that there are managers who will advise you on which girl could suit you the best. They are honest and will not recommend girls who are less enthusiastic with non-white (on more than one occasion, I asked about some very nice looking girls, and they did not recommend them). You can then talk to the girl and, if the chemistry does not work, you can change and not having anything to pay (apart from a drink at "normal" price, not "ladies' drink" price like in many other clubs).

Do your homework in selecting clubs, e.g. in this forum or in the EOL forum (http://www.escort.cz/). Beware of taxis, similar warnings like the following are regularly posted on Czech sex sites :

"Watch out for Taxis
Beware of Prague's taxi drivers! They can often exert a lot of pressure upon foreign citizens to go to a specific nightclub of their recommendation. Make sure you NEVER comply with their urges for they are about to take you to such a club that pays them most for "people brought in". Always strictly insist on being carried to the very club of your choosing and never agree to be taken elsewhere. This problem of dishonest taxidrivers is particular to this country where up till the fall of communist regime the taxidrivers and waiters were the "workers aristocracy", then financially better off then doctors and teachers, and who with the new changes are unwilling and unable to accept the gradual change prevalent abroad. Do not take this warning lightly, Escort online wishes only the best for you!"

Most typical of this practice is Escade. They will overcharge you to pay the taxi's commission. Same for the trip back to your hotel. They just refused to call cheaper taxis who do not work for them, so I had to walk away and call a taxi on my mobile phone.

Also, don't pick taxis on the streets. You, like me, can't hide we're not natives. They will overcharge you. Call AAA Taxis, they are honest and quite cheap. Can't remember the phone number, something like 14014, but there are plenty of them in the streets with the phone number painted on. To give an example, taxis working with Escade will charge you 1000 cz a trip, while AAA will charge you 150-200 cz.

Avoid clubs like Escade, Empire, Velvet. Pure tourist traps. K5 is my favourite. Lotos is OK, but they are not close to the center and I haven't been back there for about a year now. Pink Dolly is a nice second tier small club, where students occasionally come to work for a short period (and therefore are fresh) in the summer holidays. Less interesting in the winter. Ariadne is cheap, but often don't have nice girls. Just come in and have a look. Once out of 5 times in average, I find a nice girl, otherwise I just move to the next club.

Last, but not least, if you come all the way from the US, make a stop in Germany to visit FKK clubs. You don't have such a thing anywhere else (to my knowledge). See forums on this site. My favourite is Atlantis, near Frankfurt.


07-14-03, 04:39

Do you have that cabbie's name and phone number. If yes, please e-mail it to me at wow@socal.rr.com

Thanks in advance

07-14-03, 11:47
Dear Tasty:

You can get into ANY cab. They will call for you- Gratis! The cab drivers try to take you to the clubs as they are very well paid to do so. This is A RIP OFF! Those guys going to the clubs have dough to BURN! Do like I said and you will have a much better time and at 25% of the cost.

Good luck

07-14-03, 11:55

I think the club was Fantasy. I am strictly a "day tripper" as I travel with my family - so there is no bringing someone back to the hotel. We stayed at the Intercontinental and the cab drivers out front were great. But, like anywhere - you have to strike up a conversation and take it from there.

Good luck.

07-14-03, 19:07

Will be in Prague August 9th throught the 16th 2003. Will be staying at the Julis Apartment Hotel in Old Town during my visit. Can anyone give me a quick low down on the "close" hot spots in that area? I am looking for some all night action and some walk in and spew and be on my way action. Would like a deal if I can get it, however, I'll be on holiday so money is not a huge issue. Are there brothels I can walk into and choose from a fish bowl or a line up(similar to Thailand)? Also, can anyone reccomend a place that serves 2 at once that is in close proximity to a gf experience? Would like to find girls that are more on the slutty end than on the prostitute end. I find that they are usually alot less mechanical. Any info would be helpful.

btw - I am doing searches on this site, I would just appreciate a little first hand knowledge that may not be exactly spelled out anywhere on this site.

Thanks in advance gents.

07-14-03, 21:19

That's a tough order if you want to remain close to Old Town Square (Starometski Namesti). The Tango club and Atlas Club are the closest but I've never been to them. I've heard and read that they're pretty standard or mechancial types of places.

Honestly, I think that you're far better off not worrying about proximity to Old Town Square and getting a relatively cheap taxi to one of the better places in town (e.g. K5, Lotos, Butterfly, Pink Dolly, etc.) It might be best to go to Caffreys on Old Town Square near the Jan Hus statue, have a beer and ask one of the bartenders to order you a cab from AAA Taxi who tend not to rip you off. If taxis are called by a bar or establishment, the taxi drivers like that type of business and give you the normal rate so they don't lose the business. You should also ask for a quote before you get in. In terms of time, a taxi ride from Old Town Square to K5 for instance is only about 10 minutes so proximity is not really an issue.

As far as your reference to two women, being "slutty, etc., I would try Mayas or Milas which usually have Ukranian and Bellarussian women. I can tell you first hand that you can get threesomes there, BBBJ's, etc. I think that establishments like these would meet your needs and be consistent with what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.


07-15-03, 08:56

I fully agree with Paddy concerning girls from Ukraine and Belarus. In general, they are more open than Czech girls and allow French kissing, DATY, BBBJ, better GFE.

However, with the Czech Republic joining the EU, visas become a problem and there are now only 2 girls left at Maya's (Diana and Sasha) and one at Milas (Natascha). The 'stars' (in particular Natasha, Anna and Laura of Maya's) have left and are not back yet (if they ever will). Replacements (or come back) are overdue for months now. Even in bigger places and clubs like K5, the number of girls from Ukraine and Belarus has decreased significantly.

So check their web sites if new girls have arrived before going there. Milas is very cheap, but is in the middle of nowhere. Personally, I much prefer Maya's. In fact, I no longer go to Milas for over 6 months now.


07-15-03, 09:29

The fact that you have been ripped off by one (or even a few) taxi and club does not mean that all of them are like that.

There are honest taxis and very good clubs in Prague, many of them mentioned in this forum. And they don't usually charge 4000 cz for and hour and another 1000cz for the room as you say ("usually" ? To how many clubs have you been to ?). The ones I've been to "usually" charge half that price and definitely not anything for the room (included in the hourly rate). Even places like Lotos has reduced their hourly rate to 2500cz now, for the summer. K5 charges 3900cz (room included) but, with their particular system, when you pay for one hour, you spend in fact 2-3 hours with the girl.

Ironically, in this forum and other ones, many people find that newspaper ads (which you recommend) are a rip off, and sometimes photos shown therein are fake. Bait and switch.

I am surprised that you didn't say that hotels in Prague are also rip off places, as the one you've been to (Intercontinental) is an ugly building far away from downtown, and you can find other places around Wenceslas Square with twice the quality for half the price.


07-15-03, 13:32
Gunslinger - I think that everything was said by GrandJim !

K5 is also my favourite place in Prague. Everybody is welcome and will feel comfortable there : "White", "Asian-American", "Afro-American", "Latino"...

Never use a taxi waiting customers in the streets, especially around touristic spoots like Wenceslas Square, Chqrles Bridge, Old Town Square, The Prague Castle... They will automatically overcharge you day and night.

All of these taxis drivers recieve commissions from the clubs : 1500 CZK per guest from Velvet club ie. Than the club will re-charge you the driver's commission as a cover charge. Taxi drivers usually recieve between 500 and 1000 czk per guest.

It's hardly recommended to use a cab called trough a dispatching service : Taxi Praha, Taxi Profi, AAA taxi...

As GrandJim said, avoid Velvet, Escade, Venuse... In downtown, many "Cabaret Clubs" appeared last 3 years mixing strip shows and sexual services but these clubs are usually overcrowded by cheap tourists and the services provided by the working girls are usually very mechanical...

If you're looking for strip shows only, avoid Atlas, Nancy, Darlings, Empire, Desire.... and go to Goldfingers club.

If you're looking for fun, good atmosphere and a large choice of girls, avoid Escade, Velvet, venuse, dransy.... and go to K5.

07-16-03, 05:06

I certainly agree with your views. I've had almost identical experiences.

In reference to your listing of strip joints, I'd also recommend the Jaguar Club to the guys out there. The girls are all knockouts, come down off the stage to lap dance on you, etc. They're also very friendly and a guy there told me that it's not uncommon to take one of the dancers back to your hotel. Many of the girls are apparently from Siberia for some reason. I generally don't care much for strip joints but I always seem to have a good time there.

07-16-03, 13:25

I have never heard of Jaguar Club. Can you provide more information? Where is it? How much does it cost? Etc.?

Thank you

07-17-03, 18:19

Next week I'll travel for the first time after 20 years in Czech Republic so I'd be wery grateful for some informations.

1. Checking WWW.ESCORT.CZ I found "privat" are the cheapest way to have fun.Am I correct?

2. If classic costs 1000 and oral 500 ,does this means that you have to pay 1500 for both in 1 hour?

3. Are in other towns-not mentioned in ESCORT.CZ, privat workers ,too and how can I get their phone numbers?

Thanks in advance. If anybody wants recent informations about Bosnia It would be a pleasure for me to help .

07-18-03, 03:25
I always have a good time in teplice but I am usually comeing from germany. I would like to see some reports in the bonsia section. I like to be well informed never know when or where I will be.

07-18-03, 04:50

The Jaguar Club is a few blocks off of that walk that you take from Old Town Square to the Charles Bridge where you take about 6 turns. It's in those labyrinth of streets and I don't know the address. I just stumbled across it one day. I'm sure that a taxi driver could take you there. You could also look it up in the phone book and locate it on a map. I think it's about 4-5 blocks from Old Town Square.

Prices are reasonable and the girls are really into connecting with their audience. It's vastly superior to rip-off tourist places like Rio.

As I had mentioned, a Czech guy there told me that you should strike up a conversation with one of the girls when she's not dancing and offer to take her for something to eat when her shift is done. Many of them are pros or sem-pros. He also told me that many of them are from Siberia. Hence, many of them are blond, tall, slender and have big tits. First time I was there I thought that I was seeing the same girl over and over.

Hope this helps.

07-19-03, 04:23
Has anyone recently been to a privat in Prague. Would loke to get some datails and recoomendation in Praha 2 area. Thanks. Do they accept US $.

07-19-03, 21:58
Quickly, can anyone recommend where to meet amatuers on the internet, or where to advertise to meet them ?

Paying escort rates is becoming an annoyance when I know the girl only gets half!

07-26-03, 15:40
Planning a trip to Prauge. Does Mylas or Milas have a web site? How much can I expect to pay $US for full service including a BBBJ?


07-27-03, 20:42

For 1) Yes, Private are the cheapest way for pro-girls. However, be prepared to walk / drive a lot to find the right adress and then the right bell-name among 20-30 Czech names ! The cheapest I got was 800 Ck for 30min (25 Euros). I had to speak Czech though, as the girls did not speak any english (just the few words I knew...)

For 2) Normally there should be no bargaining wether oral is included or not. It should be Standard ! If she begins to do the "price list" thing, then leave. This portends Sex would have been too professional anyway.

For 3) I think there are some girls from Brno and Pilsen on escort.cz.


07-29-03, 13:22
Thanks for informations guys!
I was in CZ last week,but I didn't have time to visit privates in Prague.

I spent too much time drinking beer and I only had time to share some time with good looking and very friendly SW on Vaclavske Namesti. We were in a park on the top of Vaclavske namesti.It cost 500 CZK (18 Euro) for BJ with. She asked 1000 CZK for classic but I was too bier tired for such experience.

Girls name is Melissa, 18 y, gippsy from Bulgaria, silky dark skin,big firm tits and nice ass. She spoke good English.I felt very safe.

P.S. How can I start a new forum (Bosnia)?

Make a post in the "Suggets New Topics" area of the Site Administration section.


07-30-03, 00:32
Hi Consulich

Please tell me how could you manage BJ on on the top of Vaclavske namesti. As far as I know In Vaclavske namesti there are no place to hide. So if you do BJ the people will see you.

I am interesting with your SW exeprience. Please telll me where on which street did you fid this gal.

thanks in advance


07-30-03, 10:05
Hi dfwdude,

they do:



07-31-03, 14:03
Hi Adindas!

On the top of Vaclavske Namesti, just under that big building (I think it is a National museum) it is on the right hand a little park
between Mezibranska, Legrova, Celakovskeho sady and Museum.
There are trees and bushes just enough for do the job in peace.
It is easy to find a girl there,just opposite, they'll find you.
Just walk on the right side of the street (in direction to Museum) and you'll see a lot of darker skined girls and they will come close to you and ask "blow job?", "fuck?". If there is a police just wait few minutes. There are a lot of girls so don't hurry and choose the one you like. Mine choice was Melissa and she was great.

Good luck and let us know how it was!



Johny Doh
08-01-03, 17:35
Hello Guys:

I was in Prague last week. The best place to have quality time is in K-5. Place is very clean and friendly. Girls are mostly beautiful (6-8) The Manager was very friendly and I paid all my charges with a credit card without the extra 10% Surcharge. I ended up booking couple of escort for later time from the club also. They showed up promptly and nicely dressed like business women. I had no problem hanging around with them at my Hotel "Four Seasons".

I tried couple of escorts but ended up sending them back with the taxi fare. Best days to vist K-5 is Tue-Thu. It is not so crowded.

Good Luck!

08-02-03, 10:37
Re: Posts from Johny Doh, Jan108 and dfwdude : K5 and Maya's (and Mila)

K5 is my favourite club and Maya's is my favourite escort & Private in Prague too. Maya's and Mila are competitors (big fight between them), not the same company.

K5 has a unique system and is run differently from other clubs. For more details, see :


For discussion about Maya's vs Mila, see :



Both at Maya's and Mila, standard price include BBBJ. No extras to be paid like in many other places in Prague. Mila is in the middle of nowhere.

It should be noted however that, since the Czech Republic joined the EU, visa for girls from Belarus and Ukraine is more difficult to get. At present, there is only one girl left and Mila, and 2 at Maya's. :(


08-02-03, 18:40
@Johny Doh:
You're forgetting to mention that the K5 is more appropriate for the high-budget travellers.

The Entry alone is 500 Ck
Half an hour with a girl costs 2400 Ck.

Those prices are well above what you will get in private appartements and the sex is not going to be better :-(
Drinks are overpriced as well ( 1 Corona Beeer 240 CK ) but that's always the case in that kind of businesses.

However, I must say K5 is perfect for wealthy and "lazy" travellers who don't want to call phone numbers and drive trough the city looking for a specific address...


Capt Fred
08-04-03, 16:37

I will be traveling to Prague for the first time in December of 2003. I have tried my best to read all the postings dating back to April 2003. I have gained lot of insights on traveling to Prague!
Please, can anyone give me any type of information on the following:

1. Amanda Escorts: Has anyone used their services?

2. Araidne Club in Praha 1: Has anyone been to this Club?

3. Has anyone visited any of these:

Privat Sen
Privat Pusinka
Privat Alinka
Mon Cheri of Prague

4. Mary’s Travel & Tourist Services: Has anyone used their services?

5. I read somewhere about used cell phones that you can buy and sell back at the end of your trip. Can you give me information on this?

I really do appreciate any kind of tips or information you can provide me.

Thank you all,


08-04-03, 17:27
Hi everybody,

Soon I will go to Prague. Does anyone know a good hotel in the city not much expensive?

And, I read about meet nice girls in discos. What best disco for meet girls and mature women?

Thank you.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-05-03, 16:26
Hey just cheking out the web on different activities in Prauge. Sexpark looks interesting, the Red Light Bar and the window babes similar to Amsterdam. Can anyone give some insight on this place? Prices, quality?


Member #1005
08-05-03, 19:39
Originally posted by dfwdude
Hey just cheking out the web on different activities in Prauge. Sexpark looks interesting, the Red Light Bar and the window babes similar to Amsterdam. Can anyone give some insight on this place? Prices, quality?



For information about this, just scroll through the previous posts, there are several good, accurate reports about the Sex Park.

Try using the search facility.


08-05-03, 22:05

Where is Sex Park (which subway station)?


Rick Red Fern
08-05-03, 23:51
I just returned from a trip to Prague, mainly for business, but I couldn't resist taking a couple of hedonistic detours, given the reputation of that city.

The "bargains" in Prague are in the numerous "Privats", some of which are truly independent providers, some of which are "chains" with the usual bait and switch, and some of which are complete BS, like anywhere. There is a huge website listing over a hundred of these, and the major sex clubs there, which should be familiar to those who follow this forum.

I had one rather disappointing encounter with a girl from Privat Sara, with the basic attitude: "my legs are up, you can f--- me now"). This wasn't a ripoff, but it wasn't a GFE by any stretch of the imagination. My hour was up in 30 minutes, and she hit the shower before I had the condom off. I think if you really know the territory, there are probably some great Privat girls, possibly even at Sara, but for a visitor, its a swamp.

On my return trip to Prague after being elsewhere in Europe, I connected with this service, "Prague Bunnies" (http://www.prague-bunnies.com/fr_e.htm). I chose two hours with "Monica", a to-die-for gorgeous 19 year old ("I have 19 years", as she put it). Sweet, sexy, full of life, totally without pretensions, a part-timer just starting college. Tried to kiss me to death. I don't do alot of "hobbying", I am just looking for the occasional exceptional experience, and believe me this was it.

The booker for this service, Linda, responds to emails immediately, has good English, and is very helpful and polite. Some of the girls' photos, including Monica, are not posted on the site, but Linda will email you their portfolios. The cost is moderate-to-high for Prague, but cheap by US standards. If it is in your price range, I highly recommend this service. In the Privats you can get a bargain, but you will have to waste alot of time and do alot of toad-kissing looking for your princess.

If you go there, BE NICE, or I will cast a spell on you that will wither your willie. Granted, these girls are in it for naughty excitement and some easy (?) money, but they are not hardened pros, so act accordingly, like a gentleman.

08-06-03, 07:35
Originally posted by Nello
Hi everybody,

Soon I will go to Prague. Does anyone know a good hotel in the city not much expensive?

And, I read about meet nice girls in discos. What best disco for meet girls and mature women?

Thank you.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

When I was in Prague I spent one night in hotel Europa on Vaclavske Namesti. It was cheap for Prague - 65 euros for 1/1 room with breakfast, considering that it is located in real hart of Prague, with many sex clubs and street walkers .It is an old but not bad hotel.

Enjoy your stay!


08-07-03, 10:12
I finally found what I think is the correct place. From Old Town Square, it is actually in the direction of Tesco on Skorepka Street, but not too far from Old Town or the Charles Bridge. I didn't see any name for the club, but it was immediately next to a Bar Jaguar.

I was unable to go in as I saw it during the day with my SO, but I will be back to check it out soon and report back my findings.

Thanks for the help!


Originally posted by Paddy
The Jaguar Club is a few blocks off of that walk that you take from Old Town Square to the Charles Bridge where you take about 6 turns. It's in those labyrinth of streets and I don't know the address. I just stumbled across it one day. I'm sure that a taxi driver could take you there. You could also look it up in the phone book and locate it on a map. I think it's about 4-5 blocks from Old Town Square. Prices are reasonable and the girls are really into connecting with their audience. It's vastly superior to rip-off tourist places like Rio.

As I had mentioned, a Czech guy there told me that you should strike up a conversation with one of the girls when she's not dancing and offer to take her for something to eat when her shift is done. Many of them are pros or sem-pros. He also told me that many of them are from Siberia. Hence, many of them are blond, tall, slender and have big tits. First time I was there I thought that I was seeing the same girl over and over. [/i]

08-08-03, 17:00
Originally posted by bobo.fr

Where is Sex Park (which subway station)?

Thanks Sex park is walking distance from metro stop "Vltavska".

Alternatively, you can take a tram to stop "Prazska Trznice" which will drop you off right in front of the Sex Park.

Capt Fred
08-13-03, 18:32

Can anyone give me price information about "Asmara"in Amsterdam?

Also, do you know if anal sex is possible at Asmara?


08-14-03, 06:02
Originally posted by Member #1106

Can anyone give me price information about "Asmara"in Amsterdam?

Also, do you know if anal sex is possible at Asmara?


Try to ask in the proper section. (Amsterdam is neither a part of Prague nor vice versa).

08-14-03, 10:25
Looking for local help

I will be making a big tour around Eastern Europe

planning to stay in any other town that might be worth a visit. I am looking to get in touch with some locals who can also speak English or German, who have good communicative skills trying to make some money or find a new well paid job. Please get in touch with me or perhaps you can give me a referal of someone trustworthy who might be able to help me out in some of those towns finding some young girls, uni students, semi pros etc,

08-15-03, 14:28
Bros, I am seriously thinking about making my first visit to Prague, are the Hotels in Prague guest friendly? Do you need to book a Double room to avoid paying a joiner fee? Finally, are the 4 and 5 star hotels more difficult to take a guest into rather than a B&B.


08-17-03, 03:29

Hey bro, just got back from Prague today. Stayed at the Julis Apartment Hotel. It was a very nice room, and I got an internet rate of 70 euro a night. Totally worth it. Right on The main Tourist square (wenclelas sp?). Called Vaclavske Namesti.

phone: 420 234 699 000
Web: www.cityapartment.com
e-mail: julis@cityapartment.com

Anyway, as far as the guest friendly policy.... Oh yeah!. I had a different lady up in there every night. You actually get a card that operates the lift. Just go straight to your room from the street. It's a great set up.

PS - Don't take travelers checks. They are a huge rip off there. They charge anywhere from 9 to 20% on them. Better to stick with the ATM's (you'll get a lot more out of your dollar that way).

To everyone else, will post an update in a day or so.

08-18-03, 00:21
**prague update** 8/17/03

hey all, just got back yesterday and as promised here is a summary on my adventures.........

sex park;
visited this place about a half dozen times at different time of day. seems the going rate is 1000 kc (about $35 us) for a half and half. the girls were all friendly and personable. had 6 different woman here and good service with each one. not perfect gf experience but good service over all none the less.

the peep show (right next to the jaguar club);
kind of a seedy place, but has an upstairs with 5 sex service cabins. go upstairs, deposit 100 kc (coins) into the slot press the number of the girl that you want. wait a minute or two and she will show up and speak with you through the door. this is where you negotiate price and sex acts. went here a few times as well since it was in close proximity to my hotel (julis apartments). paid 2000 kc (about $70 u.s.) for half and half. extremely good gf experience with each girl. also each girl allowed me extra time at no charge. this place was very accommodating. the two guys at the front entrance were even nice.

street walkers;
was offered services many many times by random girls on the street (ps - prostitution is very legal - so don't worry about law enforcement). if you walk down wenceslas square (also known as vaclavske namesti) - in the opposite direction of the museum - then take a left at the bottom of the square, then a right on the next street. about half way down on the left there is a bar there where some bulgarian girls stand out in front of. they will offer you "blowjob/sex" and if you accept and workout a price (i think i paid about 1000 kc both times for half and half) then they will take you into the bar and into the bathroom. there are 2 stalls in there that they use as a bordello. if you're in need of a quick release this is a great place. all the girls are between 19 and 27 (i think - roughly), and all are very cute. they all have a little bit of an edge to them, kind of in a trailer trash sort of way, but will do you right.

street walkers cont';
also in the old town square (i think - near the astronomical clock) after midnight or so the street walkers are out big time. picked up a couple of girls here that will go back to your room or will do you in a public pay toilet 4 minutes away. they generally charge 500 kc to 1000 kc for full service. picked up a couple of girls here on different occasions. one was bulgarian and the other a native of praha. both were excellent gf experiences. absolutely nothing they wouldn't do.

didn't try the strip clubs or the pro brothels, since most of my adventures were spur of the moment ones. too many woman running around to sample, it's very easy to get caught up in all the fun. i will check out the club scene on my next visit to praha and report back then.
if you're into the streetwalker scene as i am then just be careful of the gypsies that pose as street walkers. they will pick your pocket in a second. i suggest wearing pants with velcro pockets or a money belt for this reason. however i didn't have any problems what so ever.

good luck gentleman - happy mongering

Diet Coke
08-19-03, 03:36

Good report. What times did you visit Sex Park? Do you remember any names of girls visited? Did they speak English? Deutsch?

I have seen posts about Jaguar Club here before , but could you give address or directions.

I will be in Praha in about a month and appreciate current info.



08-22-03, 02:30
Recent trip to Prague, 3 days.

I will keep it concise and slim - I dont like writing novels and have 4 encounters to discuss!

Skipping the travel stuff - we all know what a train and plane does. This was my 3rd stay in Prague, so I know the story with 'ladies' well at this stage. I wasn't afraid to ring around to find an agency that acts professional instead of trying to ripoff the 'foreigner'.
The agency I used last time tried to charge me more the next day because I asked for the same girl again !!. Someone got greedy and stupid. Needless to say, I didn't use them again or recommend them to anyone.

Remember folks - its your money your spending so don't be afraid to say no. Plenty of agencies use fake pictures and details - a keen eye and good senses will spot the real ones. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Good service pays dividends to the agency - you will call them again if they are good.

I stayed in an apartment in Praha 1- 6 minutes walk to the metro and Charles Square. Cost €70 a night. Quite plush I thought.

Agencys - M+M Escort & Ester Escort, details on www.escort.cz

I checked out these agencys and set up meetings via email before I went - unlike many email addresses on the net, they answered theirs personally not with an automailer. They were proffesional and punctual. When a girl was running slightly late I was sent an sms to keep me informed, much to my amazement !

I will leave out physical descriptions and services because the pictures and services offered on the websites are all genuine and accurate, for a change. This was assured to me by the person running the operations end of the agency (no names). I did meet her in person at the apartment.

Sandra - all night - 10000kc
Dinner then home, Quiet girl, a little english, timid but very warm in her approach to entertaining.
Has lovely brown eyes and a glowing smile. Well dressed for dinner.

Jessica - 2hours - 7000kc
Apartment, little english, but I dont think she wanted to talk ! . Excellent at massage.
A 'nymfa' is the czech word to describe her.

Ester+Adriana - 1 hour - 7000kc
My first 3some so my nerves were shot. These ladies work as a pair and are very playful together and put me at ease quickly. Adriana has some english but we got by. The most memorable moment was while making love to Adriana and Ester taps me on the shoulder and asks 'What about me ?', requesting doggie style hard and fast. Talk about erotic!

A very very nice experience! For anyone considering having a threesome - dont consider it, just do it.

Ester - allnight - 12000kc
My apartment for an hour then dinner. Afterwards she insisted I try Turkish coffee. Its like engine oil. She and the barman had a great laugh at my face when I tasted it first. How the hell do people drink that stuff?

Had a very nice evening, she is fluent in English and is a lady with a good sense of humour.

She is rather frisky and if you are tired - dont bring her to bed because she will hurt you.
Massage includes jumping up and down on you !

The picture with her giving the finger on the website says a lot about her - she's a little mad.

Altogether another extremely fun time in Prague.

Remember to be nice and you will be treated nice.

As Ester said 'Life is great'.

Questions welcomed by anyone to my username.

08-24-03, 23:35

I need a reasonably priced hotel (100-200 Euros) and one that has Internet connections in the room (free if possible).

Close to Wencelas Square please.

Anyone know of such a place?



P.S. Trip report when I return.

08-25-03, 00:47
Hey guys!

I will be in Prague from September 12 to September 18 (5 nights).

Was wondering if any of the more experienced mongers would mind taking a guy like me with them for a few hours one night to be educated about the scene?

Contact me at traveler0099 at yahoo dot com.


08-25-03, 15:21
I'll be in Prague the last week of September, staying in an apartment near the old town. Is anyone else going to be around? What's Prague like in September? I was there in May 1995, but I wasn't into the scene back then. I actually met a girl in a bar and had a very romantic relationship for four days ;)

I'll be there Sept 23- oct 1st.