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05-20-02, 22:29
I dont know about a bust in Mong Kok or what 1-4-1 is. What I do know I will offer to other hunters.

A great place to get laid (for real$$) is the Wanchai bar street. It has all types of girls in the bars. Bars of Thai girls, bars of Filipino's, bars of Chinese, etc. They are expensive. You can go in for free and have a drink but girls will surround you and eventually you should buy them a drink. They often will ask you to pay for a private booth. This is also costly, but if you pick the right girl you can get laid right there in the booth.

Some places dont have private booths so scope them out first.

Also you can get action in some of the Sauna places, but I was never lucky there, though I know people who have.

Acer V
05-21-02, 04:43
Mongkok is alive and well. Lots of fresh young stuff around last night. Not much has changed.

05-24-02, 05:09
[i]to blnknamecruiser
For freelance chinese girls both local and mainlander I find Neptune II the best. Expect to pay 800-1200 ST after negotiation.
$1500 for all night but be aware many of the girls will not stay all night even after agreeing. Pay them in the morning in this case.
La Bamba also has some Chinese girls though it is more famous for Thai girls.
Action generally starts from 10:00pm onwards

Acer V
05-27-02, 04:23
Wanchai bars with pro's don't forget Dusk til Dawn, Chinatown and Joe Banana's. Most of them start appearing after 10-11 pm.

05-27-02, 14:40
Hi Friends,
I am just back from Hongkong and on advice of fellow hunters I tried Lotus sauna , silvercord center , Canton Road .Its a Clean and nice place . If you wanna have a genuin massage followed by HJ you must try it . I took hour and half massage package and it was just great, no rush and no hurry. I was given girl no 5 , she was bit old Mid 30s but was good and dedicated , she knew exactly how and where to touch and rub . Gave me a nice handjob when she was half way and then again continued the massage , when I was Up again she gave me a second Handjob just before ending the session. The Package costed 900 HK$ which Included Sauna / Steam ... Non Alcholic drink and fruits.
You can also take the 45 Minutes package which would cost around 700 HK$ including the Handjob. I highly recomend Lotus Sauna for those who are looking for a nice genuin massage with a HJ in clean and hygenic conditions. Have a good time .

05-28-02, 05:10

Lotus sauna, which area is that? im afraid im not that familiar with HK yet (dont know where silvercord center or canton rd is). is this HK side or Kowloon side?


Acer V
05-28-02, 08:03
To Agoodfella,
Lotus is in Tsim Sha Tsui which is Kowloon. In the Silvercord Bldg on the corner of Canton Rd and Haifong Rd. Very easy to find on any good tourist map.

For full service at about $1200 you can go to Temple Street Sauna or the City Sauna in Jordon. This is one stop north on the MTR subway from TST. Temple street sauna is on Jordon rd and Temple st. City Sauna is on Woosung street just off of Austin Rd. City is harder to find but its directly opposite the San Diego hotel.

There is also the Lucky Sauna in Jordon which is at Jordon Rd and Parkes St. This is a little more run down but Ive heard there are some diamonds in the rough in this place.

Like all saunas in Hong Kong there is an element of chance in any of these places. I have had some stunners, some excellent service providers, some dogs and some bitches. Its the luck of the draw. Generally, I dont let the lounge area attendant choose for me as they tend to give you the least popular girl and far more often than not there is a reason why they are less popular. There are exceptions however.

I like the saunas in Hong Kong. Generally good value for the money and a step up in class from the Mongkok brothels.

05-29-02, 10:26
I never once had a good FS in HK MP for the past 12 years I have been visiting. The best have been the club girls which shall put a huge dent in your pocket.

I got to hear what Acer has to say??????

Frequent visitor of HK and eager to hear how to get good poon based on sensible economic.

05-29-02, 13:26
Hi Guys , Further to my earlier post , I forgot to mention about freelancers in TST area. I was staying at Grand Stanford
Intercontinental , Mody Road and was informed by our good fella
Ruf of WSG that girls hang around in that area after 7 Pm . I checked up and found that indeed just opposite the hotel , across the street after around 8 pm you can see girls waiting
or just walking around as if they are waiting fir someone . These girls would approach you and ask if you need massage . Early evening I dint find so many of them and it was not that open proposal however later after midnight , loads of them were around and would walk to me and ask if I needed a massage or more . I checked up the prices with one of them who also gave me her Business Card , she was 7 but with great tits , she was quoting 500 HK$ for a massage and BJ and 1000 for Full service
for an hours time . If you give your room rumber of Hotel they shall be there in few minutes . Some of them looked old , but some were also stunners in the ones I saw. The scene continued till around 2 am or may be even more. Hope this helps . Enjoy hunting :)

05-29-02, 14:26
I would like to thank everyone for the good info I have found here today. I have been traveling to Hong Kong for a few years and have never really known where to go, eventually ending up in one of them WanChai stip clubs and paying more money then I wanted too. I was treated well. I will be in Hong Kong again soon and will try out some of them bars mentioned. I have been researching for a few days now and this site has given the most useful info. I am looking for young and beautiful women who will stay all night. I will try the three bars mentioned here plus a few Discos I have read about elsewhere. They are La Bamba, Chinatown, Dusk till Dawn, New Makati, Big Apple and Neptune II. I have always prefered Thai and filipina, but I am willing to seek out new campanionship. Is Dusk till dawn and La Bamba similar to the Thai pick-up joints in Singapore. Of course I will post again after my stay and pass on any usefull information I find.

05-29-02, 22:19
Anyone know where to get hardcore CDs in HK?

05-30-02, 05:11
CD's easy. Go to Mongkok for a good hard shag and when you have finished head towards the Temple Stree Night Market. There you will find groups of Tatooed young men selling Porno Cd's for about HK$30 each or four for HK$100.
What a complete night of entertainment and you will still have change from HK$500 note.

05-31-02, 00:35
Do these tattooed men sell from stalls or the street?

05-31-02, 03:46
They work from, let's say, portable stalls. I you enter Temple Street from the Yau Ma Tei end you can not miss them. They usually have a suitcase on top of a packing case with a few of their dodgy mates hanging around. They sell VCD's that work about 70% of the time and they are obviously illegal so no money back refunds. If you buy four, three will probably work. They have western and asian films. If they are not around just sit in a food stall for twenty minutes and they will return. The cops are probably trawling through.
Also time to pick up a nice silk scarf for your Mum.

Wayne K.

Acer V
05-31-02, 04:29
To Kringer,
Chinatown and DusktilDawn are more upscale than the others. There are many non-pro ladies in both. The pros filter in as the evening progresses. Most of the punters are not looking for the pros. These places are more known as party places for the regular crowd.

To BFD and agoodfella,
As I said b4 it is the luck of the draw. I have my favorites in about 3 or 4 of the saunas around town. sometimes a discover a diamond in the rough by just selecting a lucky number. Sometimes I ask the shower room attendant which is the most popular girl. Sometimes I get advice from a few of my friends around town. There are also some threads on icered.com that review the MPs. These can be helpful but sometimes they are BS.

BFD, quality in Macau is usually better and for the same price or better. I agree HK has its hangups but if you live here like I do, you try to shrug these off.

05-31-02, 05:22
Thanx for the info Acer_V. My stay will be short and unfortunatly not include a weekend. I believe with the info I have received here it will be my best stay yet. I have been to Hong Kong 5 or 6 times in the last 14 years. I look forward to this visit with much anticipation. More to follow.

Acer V
05-31-02, 07:48
try Mongkok or one of the Jordon sauna/massage places. I doubt you will get ripped off. Macau is an option, better value for money.

05-31-02, 19:02
I was in wanchai today checking out the bars that were recommended at about 1 am - chinatown, neptune II etc... but all I found was filipino ladies. where can I find chinese ladies? was i too late?

06-01-02, 07:55
Was in Mong Kok in early May and I must say that it is exactly like what has been posted. The sex shops are not as obvious but if you follow the tips on this forum, you will not have any problems finding them. I found one a couple blocks away from the MTR station. It was right under a large pharmacy sign, I think it said something like Woods Drug or something like that. I think it was on Nathan road. There is a sign that says "tourists welcome". So I figure they can at least speak some english. I was right. Once in the office up about 4 flights, you see a sign with the prices. You tell him whether you want Thai ($270HK) or Chinese ($380HK). And there were in between prices made up of Vietnamese, Korean, etc. Once you pick, you wait for about 5 minutes and he shows up with a girl. If you don't like here, you can ask to see another one. Anyways, you get about 30 minutes. You can easily bargain for more time like 45 minutes so you should ask. The guy turns on the TV that is playing porn. I wasn't in the mood for porn since I was gonna be getting some so I just turned it off. The girls aren't as good as in Macau but for HK, it was relatively a good deal. Decent service also. It is easy to get to Mong Kok on the MTR. The problem is that you need to get back around midnight because the MTR stops running around then.

Acer V
06-04-02, 04:55
Sorry mate, my fav's are too few and far between. I share my secrets only with a few close freinds. Try number 31 at City, I hear from another source that her service is pretty good. Also try number 8 at Lucky Sauna. I cannot speak personnally for either but give them a try.


Acer V
06-07-02, 09:26
To: agoodfella,
You've got mail.

Does any one have any info on some good venues in Mongkok? I do frequent No. 460 Shanghai Street. The guys there are pretty decent and they have a good range of girls. Anal is available if you're into that.

06-11-02, 21:49
Acer_V et al, this is going to be my first time in HK (and Asia) and am looking forward to indulging myself.

Having made do with Euro girls (English and Irish mainly) I want to try out some of the Eastern girls and see how the fare against home grown talent.

I was really interested in your Asian Lesbian Tag Team (wow!). Russian girls are supposed to be the filthiest (rimming etc) are there many in HK I wondered where I should go for such delights!.

And also does anyone have the latest on the situation in MongKok.


Acer V
06-12-02, 03:21
I can only tell you about the Russian girls from other punters experiences: In general the China Dolls provide better services. I have seen some very pretty Ruskies in Macau but generally have been unimpressed with the talent in HK. Never tried one... yet.

If you like the rimming, the gals in Mongkok are truly experts. Sorry, I am a bit greedy and generally don't share the numbers of my favorites.

Go to Yaumatei subway station. Exit toward Portland St. or Shanghai St. When you get to Shanghai St. turn right and walk up 3 or 4 blocks. You'll be right in the middle of the action. You'll see yellow signs or green and white signs beside doors. All in Chinese. Try 1/F #460 Shanghai Street for starters. If you're relaxed about it you'll catch on quite quickly.

Good luck and please give us an update post-trip.

06-13-02, 17:46
okay guys this will be the best tip ever and I am talking cheap and clean fun shower in the start the fun shower to end. Two blocks up from the E exit from Mongkok on the MTR at the start of the ladies market, got right and keep walking look up and you will see the obvious yellow sign. Goood Hunting and keep posting guys. This place has Russian chcicks that are decent. But go tfor the Malay girls. dscount for constant customers and 2 on 1 available. have fun with 2 for under 450 HK

Acer V
06-17-02, 02:17
For daytime action head to Mongkok or any of the saunas. Most are open from noon until the wee hours of the morning.

Acer V
06-18-02, 11:40
You can get what you need at the saunas in TST. There are a few on Nathan Road. One right next to the Sheraton, one below the Miramar Hotel. I don't think the Sheraton massage service will provide but you never know. For a sure thing and lower price go to Happy Sauna, City Sauna or Temple Street sanau in Jordon. These are less than a 20 minute walk from the Sheraton.

Good hunting!

06-19-02, 16:04

I went to 460 Shanghai street. There was nothing on thew 1/F, but the place on the 2nd floor smelled and the people spoke no english. I left and went up a number of different stair until I found one I liked. It did not have an address on the door but is apporximatelz two doors down from 163 Portland Street 1/F. this place is good, and seemed to have a number of regulars. One Chinese guy was there who turned away at least 10 different russians and the boss (Winston) didn't even get a little upset. This place was pretty clean with a really friendly boss. He speaks pretty good english, and will let you turn away as many girls as you want until you find one that you like. The bosses name is Winston (about 25) adn the place is called Fun Li Club. It has translations of the nationalities in english underneath. If you want a clean place give this a try.

Also to the payment of the girls. I watched him pay all the girls that came. It seems that he keeps a straight $100 HK room rate from each girl and gives her the rest as cash. So a chines girl that costs me $350 for 30 minutes got $250 in cash. How much she had to turn into her pimp I am not sure, but I tend to tip them another $50, which they can definitely keep for themself.

Have fun.

06-20-02, 03:31
i want to checkout wanchai. i heard that the train stopped running around midnight. most clubs really get going after midnight so i might miss out on alot. how much does it takes to get back to kowloon by cab?

Acer V
06-20-02, 04:55
A cab from Wanchai to TST in Kowloon is about Hk$80 with the tunnel fee.

Thanks for that. Its been a while since I was down that way. 460 Shanghai Street may have been busted in the last raid. It used to be OK. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I'll give the Portland St. place a try.

06-22-02, 19:44
Originally posted by dwittlin
Hi guys

I am looking for a not so expensive escort that can provide a girl for me for overnight in my hotel. Is there any possibility to get a girl from Portland ?? Or do you have any other suggestions. Those "official" escorts are just way too expensive (like 3 to 4 K)


if u can read chinese, then u could go to this website


they have a couple of free-lancers advertised and they might do an outcall service. unfortunately, the cheaper escorts service are usually not catered for foreigners......sigh......i have tried a massage service from the south china post newspaper. IT's 350HKD for a massage and the girls will do FS for an extra 300-400HKD. So all in it'll cost u abt 700-800HKD. Don't think they'll stay overnight though and they're mostly Thai girls.

06-26-02, 05:42
Exotic Massage for Couples?

My girlfriend and i live in HK and want to find a nice place that offers exotic massage for BOTH of us in the same room (preferably from 2 girls ) - any ideas? Any massage parlour/other that caters to this? It would be great if the place was semi-nice and the girls attractive. Already posted asking about Macau, want to ask about HK as well.

Eg, handjob, MAYBE BJ, NOTHING more, where girlfriend gets pleasured at the same time (side by side if possible!! :) ). Please write back with suggestions/directions, I don't speak Chinese!

Please help!! I hope this question isn't too weird, we just want to have fun :)

Thanks in advance.

06-29-02, 13:14
Hey Guys,

I am in HK right now about half way through quite a long posting (4 months)...and I am getting desperate!!

I started looking around to find a professional lady to help me out until I get back to blighty...but it seems to me like it is quite dodgy to get that kinda service around here so I am looking for some one that could either give me advice or is maybe willing to meet up with me and show me the ropes...so to speak...

I dont know the first thing about looking for this and am pretty aprehensive about going through with incase I get in trouble with the police etc...(many questions!!)

Anyway..if there is any body out there that can point me in the direction, or even better, would walk me through it...I would really appreciate it...

I am staying on HK island in Central area...reply to my post and there is a dinner in it for you - not much I know but undying gratitude goes along with it!!


(Excellent site BTW!)

06-29-02, 14:25

Sorry I am not in HK at the moment, otherwise I would show you the ropes.

Don't worry about it, just head to Mong Kok by MTR and go down Portland Street to about 163. Winson, the boss on the first floor willtake care of you. He speaks good english and will help you find the sort of girl you are looking for.

I have been invoplved in a raid, and they just look at your drivers licence and let you go. They are looking fo illegal girls, not horny guys.

Mong Kok is there for this, use it.

06-30-02, 18:45
@no longer needs

Glad to hear that it went well for you.

I don't live in Hong Kong, I actually only get there 3 times a year for a week at a time, but I have really gotten used to the scene in Mong Kok.

Best advice in a strange city is find out what the locals do, and if they let you do it too, go for it. These places need to keep long term customers happy, usually better service and better prices.

Last trip I had a great chinese girl. she was about 20 and about 48KG, nice B-Size chest and about a 25 Inch waist. She looked fabulous (I turned 4 girls away before her).

It started with a shower, where she washed me thoroughly, including a thorough ass cleaning.

After the shower we got on the bed where she started licking me allover. I wanted a condom for the BJ (I care about safety), she put it on and gave one hell of a BJ, includin quite a bit of attention paid to the testicles. I spread my legs quite wide, but couldn't get her to rim me. (I used to read alot about rim jobs in Hong Kong, but I haven't managed to pull it off yet, is there any sort of way of telling these girls that that is what you want)

After she blew me for 10 minutes and I was pretty hard I wanted to get into some real action. She switched for another condom and then I started Missionary. After some thorough pumping I wanted to switch to doggy, which she willingly did. I like to finish by pulling her legs out from under her during doggy and thrusting in an attempt to break the bed. Her tiny body was just fabulous.

Only problems were:

She didn't rim me
She seemed uncomfortable anytime my hands went into the lower regions
Otherwise she was great.

When in Mong Kok I prefer the chinese girls. I saw this guy who turned away 7 different russian girls, and I have to say the quality of those girls was not great. If you are an english ex-pat and into eastern european girls head over to the continent, preferably germany, and you will get much more high quality girls for much less cash.


To keep this board really interesting try and post a similar report on your experience. It is OK to hear that a place is good, but most of us want details.

06-30-02, 22:52

It's my understanding from the locals I've talked to that all Mong Kok girls at the upper floor brothels (not clubs, karaokes, etc) are required by their pimps to BBBJ and rim customers (anal and CIM are not required though and you need to ask for a girl that will do these).

I can see how many girls would prefer not to rim and upon seeing a non-chinese customer might not do it knowing that he is probably unable to request it specifically from her and/or complain to the pimp.

Out of the 30 or so times that I've been to Mong Kok I've had a handful of experiences like yours where I'd raise my ass and the girl would ignore it. A couple times I simply pointed down to my ass and she got the message and started rimming. One girl still didn't react to my pointing, so I said something in English that included the word "Papasan" and she apparently understood that universal term and started rimming. I know this may sound crude, rude, and/or exploitative, but BBBJ and rimming is what Mong Kok is all about.

Acer V
07-02-02, 03:20
I concur with the last post. The Mongkok experience is not complete without the rim. Out of the 50 so times in MK for me, only a handful tried to refuse. Nothign like a little tongue inside the arse for stimulation!

07-03-02, 05:34
Is Strawberries still open, near Lockhart Road? I was there around Christmas and was quite impressed by the talent. I've sort of grown out of the pay-for-play scene. Can any HK residents suggest a place for an American/European to meet some straight Chinese/Filipina/Thai/Indonesian girls (besides New Makati) ?

07-03-02, 08:21
I would try Dreams, above Mes Amis opposite Deleany's. many nice filipina's there, Languano (or something similar) which is in a street parallel but further towards central, has a good crowd on the weekend, mostly filipina but some thai.
I don't know where all the chinese girls are lately?
Any ideas?

William Tellhk
07-05-02, 11:04
Is it possible to get a girl from Portland street for overnight service in my hotel ?
pls provide me with all kinds of info to get a overnight girl on monday (i will stay in wharney hotel in wan chai) for a good price...those in the yellow pages ask for at least 2k

Acer V
07-13-02, 06:15
Look back in this thread and the 2001/2002 archives for most of your answers. Capitalism rules! The ladies will go with anyone with money. You may find communication a problem if you don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin. For some this is all part of the fun. There are places in Mongkok with English speaking pimps but most girls and pimps in the business only have a rudimentary level of English if any at all. I'll guarantee you one thing. Like most other industries in every part of China, every one knows how to communicate on one particular subject... MONEY.

So, follow the instructions in these threads and enjoy yourself. And be sure to report back with your experiences - both good and bad. Good luck

07-13-02, 07:45
Lobo -

See my posts on Mong Kok. The place I went to, the guy spoke english and it was no problem. Had a great time too. I agree with Acer_V. Money is a unversal language. The prices are usually posted. If you don't like the girl, just knod your head "no" and they'll understand (within reason of course).

Have a good time!

07-15-02, 04:49

Unfortunately Orchard Towers is somewhat unique, even in Asia. However you will have good results by going to La Bamba, Big Apple, Strawberry's, Neptune's I &II, Dawn Till Dusk, Joe Banana's, etc. All located in the Wan Chai area of HK. My favorite is La Bamba. Working girls, mostly Thai & Filipina, of which some approach 9 but most run in the 7-8 range (subjective opinion of author). They don't show up in any significant number before 11pm. Rates run around HK$1,500 for 2 hours in one of several love hotels, an additional HK$260 or so. During your approach to any of these places, you will be heavily hit on by the more traditional HK hostess bar mama-sans. Also you should find plenty of freelancers out on the street but I advise resisting the temtation and get to one of the above-mentioned clubs where you can take more time to be selective.

Check previous posts as well.

07-20-02, 11:30
Is there any action in Hung Hom near harbour plaza hotel? Massage or...

Thanks for the info,


Acer V
07-22-02, 22:08
I don't get out to Hong Hum much. Its not known as an active nightlife area. Can't advise you there. For a sure thing go over to Jordon or Mongkok as mentioned in previous posts.

07-23-02, 06:47
Hello Acer V !

Bored of conventional stuff, I d like to try it with 2 ladies ... in fact, I won't f*** them, i m more of a kind to "watch" and enjoy my self by the side... (I'm a no-sex-not-even-safe-sex paranoid... untill some drug company makes it a really better world!). You seem pretty informed, and your comments are always to the point. Do you have any tip for me?

Hey, if anybody can help me, I'll appreciate.

Thks in advance !


07-23-02, 15:30

have you tried going to one of the saunas as seeing if you can get a double whammy there. alternatively, if three in the bed is more your scene get on a flight to jakarta - i spend a long weekend there recently, two out of three nights had a couple of ladies with me and didn't pay a cent all weekend - except for a soapy at the interhouse.

have fun

Acer V
07-24-02, 03:11
In this part of the world that kind of service is not too common. In Bangkok there is a place called Eden club that specializes in 2 girl contact. You will be more than satisfied with the service. Its at Sukhumvit Soi 7/1.

07-24-02, 04:07
Fellow hobbyists,
If you're looking for something approaching a GFE, try Neptune 2 off of Lockhart, around the corner from Mes Amis in Wanchai. It's going to cost you (of course), but the girls (mainly Thai) are dressed like normal, everyday women, and they are very goodlooking, and friendly.

07-26-02, 02:10
Roasty, Acer_V,

thks for the tips. I appreciate.

New topic : where are the most beautiful massage babes in HK ?

I used to check www.man169.com and www.hkgal.com but the sites recently became dull and I wonder if you guys could advise me on the best massage parlors of HK (not sauna)... Price is not an issue, as long as the girls have great bodies and attitudes.

Thks again, I'll report results in the coming weeks...


07-26-02, 18:12

with your due respect, i'm not a really big fan of eden in bangkok. if you read threads in the bangkok section you'll know that girls there are...leftover is probably the best term i can use.

i went there and can confirm this fact.

if you want two on one type action but with a good looking girls, there are many places in bangkok to go for...i'm not an expert on hong kong but very much at home for the bkk scene...

07-28-02, 19:52
Last day in HK until the fall. I went back to my usual sauna in TST...Sun Sauna. I recommend #8 and #18. Considering I had only had each of them one time it was as close to a GFE that I have had for the first time. I could only assume it would get even better over time. I have been to this sauna about 6 times in the past year...my fav is no longer there ...#29.

Something strange happended today though. When they gave me the bill I told them to add 200HK to it (gratuity for the masseuse). They told me just pay the massage...next time I can tip her if I want. Whats that all about?

I know this is a HK thread only but I feel adding a comment about Shenzhen is appropraite. I lost count as to how many times I have been there but in all those times I have not found one sauna that gives a hr. Century, dragon, ones in the Lohuo Mall next to the train...none. Easy enough to find a girl to shag walking around but for the true HK experience I have not found one. Its a pity because these saunas and much cleaner and better maintained than hk. Its late for a referral but for future reference it would be appreciated. If you happen to go to Century....#'s 33 and 36 gave good massages with 33 being the less shy of the lot.

Acer V
07-29-02, 12:20
Thaidude: I agree, Eden is no beauty contest, but the service is pretty good. Guaranteed actually.

Felix: It can be hit and miss at the Mongkok places. I have found better quality at the massage places around the Prince Edward MTR station. Sorry I only know the places by sight, I don't take down addresses. There is one called "Sun Moon Star" (written in the 3 chinese characters) on Tai Nan Street. They have had some young beauties at times.

LoveAsia: Where is the Sun Massage in TST and what's the charge? Is it full service?

07-29-02, 13:10

I wish I had gotten a card....its not far from Chatham and also near Modie...I think close or on Hanoi if that helps. There is one full block (all sides) having construction on it. If that helps. Its the second floor. I am sure it is not full service but you can grope the gals breast but no panty play. I imagine if you go there often enough most things are possible. These 2 have great attitudes and being friendly with them sure went along way I suppose.

07-29-02, 19:00

You're right about the Eden having kinky service for the people who are into that (from what I've heard). My problem with Eden is that, I can't get it up for those girls pure and simple.

There are other places that provide almost as good of a service with less of a rehearsed feel than Eden. And the girls are definitely better looking. It's hard to find but not impossible (Eden-service + attractive girls). I got my info from local Thai massage lover board.

If you're ever in my part of town and what something beyond Eden, let me know and I'll get the latest info for you.

07-31-02, 12:55
Been following this forum for a while now, great posts. Need advice on www.man169.com Anyone tried the incalls from that site? Are they actual pics of the SPs? They seem to be located in doggy areas/neigbourhoods, is it safe for one to visit these incalls? Should I be worried about being robbed/black mailed/hassled? Thanks for any pointers!

Acer V
08-01-02, 12:15
Don't worry about these places. The locals call these 1-4-1 or 1 floor 1 pheonix. These are supposedly the only legal brothels in HK because they only have one girl in each establishment and no pimps.

I have tried these but don't like. The quality of the chicken is just not as good as other places. I find Mongkok and the Saunas much more to my liking.

08-01-02, 12:22
Thanks for the advice Acer V. I take it from your post that the pics on that site are just baits then? Some of them seem so real, not the J-porn category found on most Sauna posters.

08-01-02, 12:29
Acer: Sun Sauna is on Hanoi Rd. Last week I was there the girl told me they'll be switching to a straight MP/sauna soon, same as Tin Tin near by.

08-01-02, 13:18
Originally posted by peter

...Don't worry about it, just head to Mong Kok by MTR and go down Portland Street to about 163. Winson, the boss on the first floor willtake care of you. He speaks good english and will help you find the sort of girl you are looking for....


I am im HK right now and being quiet familiar with the mongkok scene (+ massage + karaoke clubs)
Regarding your post, I am just coming back from Portland street and found no brothel at no 163 (it seems to be an ordinary offices building).
Of course they are plenty around there but I wanted to meet Winson and try a new place as the one I was regular with has changed of pimp - the old guy has been replaced by to young guy looking like triade miafosi lol - and I feel not so comfortable in this place now - I had a trial there 2 days ago and the service was not as good as before)

Anyway are you sure about no 163 ?

It seems 'need help' has found it but I didn't lol.... am I a blind guy ?

Thanks for your answer





08-02-02, 18:10
mongkok scene - after living in hk for over five years, i went to mongkok for the first time this week. caught the mtr to mongkok station exit a2, and then turned right onto portland street. found myself at the wrong end of portland, so went to the nearest place - located on the first floor up a flight of steps between 330 and 328 portland street.

got inside about 6.15 p.m., the young pimp asked me what i wanted - told him thai and off he went. i went to the john, which was a lot cleaner than i was expecting, and went to a smallish room. twenty mins later the pimp came back with a perfectly acceptable girl about 28. she wasn't a stunner, but she was certainly not ugly - i'd say about a 5.

she proceeded to take her clothes off, i took mine off, we headed to the shower where she gave me a good cleaning. after drying off she got me to lie down on the towel on the plastic mattress - hum... she then gave me the most enthusiastic bbbj that i have ever had. after a fair amount of oral and rimming, she slipped on a condom and proceeded to jump on. at one stage i had to stop her so that i could turn the falang (gweilo) porn off - i find it too distracting.

after the deed, we both went for a shower, and she waited for me before heading back to the front desk to pay the agreed fee (hkd 390)

all in all it was a lot better than i had expected. i have paid more for less in saunas throughout hk, and in worse condition. if you can save yourself, then it's better waiting for a monthly trip to manila or bangkok, but for the mid week full service, i'll definitely be going back.

Acer V
08-03-02, 16:33
Not the best part of town for entertainment of this sort. Close by, you have Wanchai and all the bars like Neptune II, affectionately know as flipper bars for all the Filipinas who hang out there. You might try the massage parlors in Jordon which is a short MTR ride away. So are the brothels of Mongkok. Happy hunting!

08-05-02, 02:40
I stayed at The Excelsior last month. Try Neptune II in Wanchai, off of Lockhart Road ( 1 street north, near Mes Amis). I was very pleased with the selection there. If you have enough time though, you MUST go to Macau. I didn't pick the name for nothing (and no, I do not live there!).

08-06-02, 19:31
I am going to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks and will be staying at the Grand Stanford Harbor View. I would like any tips you may have on getting in room service. I am not comfortable going out to the clubs. Thanks.

08-07-02, 06:50
Hey Bguy ,

If you are staying at Grand Stanford Intercontinental
which is at Mody Road , Tsim Sha Tsui , then you are
perfectly placed . After 8 pm ( the later the better )
right across the road opposite Grand Stanford ,
you will find many street walkers who would
approach you and ask if you need massage . You
can give your room number to them after you
made your choice and she wil come to your room.
There is no problem by the hotel managment for
bringing the girls up to the room as I have done it
few times myself. Negotiate the rate and be clear
about duration of service . Aprox cost 1000 HKD
for an hour or two for full service. Though Garnd
Stanford has a Spa where you can get massage by
girls , its purely a massage and no add ons . Last
time I had a good looking babe from across Grand
Stanford, around 23 Years old , slim and with a
pretty face. She spoke decent english also. She
charged me 1500 HKD ( I admit I overpaid as I was
there early and I couldnt find many street walkers
, later when I checkd around Midnight I found
loads of them and then I cam to know the rates also.)
She didn't look very experienced as she was not
opening fullly her legs and was bit tight. I found
he allright as at least we could communicate and she
was indeed pretty looking.
If you want you can email me I will give her
mobile number .

Further if you wanna try a Massage / Sauna , close by
is Silvercord center on Canton Road , Tsim Sha Tsui
there you will find LOTUS SAUNA . Its a neat / clean
and safe place , they offer massage with HJ , no full
service . If you want a great massage in hygenic
conditions followed by a HJ , LOTUS Sauna is the
right place. Approx Cost 900 HKD for 90 Mints Massage
with HJ.

Avoid Clubs as they are rip offs . Instead dont feel
scared to go to Mongkok , its not far from your hotel .
Take a cab and go to Portland street in Mongkok
there you can find loads of places for a quicke at a
reasonable cost . You can read more about Mongkok
in this forum as hunters have given lots of details
for this highly favourite joint .

Have fun and do post your experience after your trip.

08-07-02, 07:05
hi guys,

now i report :

went to emperor sauna, portland street, between yaumatei and mongkok. had great BM with 188. 66 is good too, but 188 has a bitchy attitude just great when she massages butts, she really knows her stuff.

if any of you has a favorite numebr in that joint, let me know it...

08-07-02, 11:35
Hey Bguy,

If you are going to stay in Kowloon I would recommend the Harbour Plaza in Hunghom over the grand Stanford. I have always stayed at the GS but the accomodations, service and amenities at HP are much greater. Of course the GS has the action across the street but you can always bring them back with you. Also GS only has shitty dial up service if you need a net connection and they charge 25USD a day for that. HP had broadband and I cant recall if it was 16USD per day or free. I traveled alot for the past 2 months but I know it is reasonable. If you book through a travel agent they will know the specials at either hotel. I paid about 90-100/night in either.


08-07-02, 18:09

Actually, you could get full service at Lotus Sauna. Though a bit pricy, around 1500.

08-08-02, 07:08
Thanks for the info . I actualy was not sure if
Lotus does give FS. Will try in
November when I visit HK again. What's
your rating of Lotus ,friend ? I think they
are pretty good at service though bit expensive.
I had tried also Empire Sauna once on
Portland Street but was dissappointed with
the services , it was cheaper then Lotus but
then it was not clean and also the girls were
in a great rush and they hardly offer a massage.
Happy Hunting Cyc .

08-08-02, 12:18

Overall, I'd rate the service at Lotus a 8-9. The girls there really know what they're doing. Try tipping the service guy in the change room for numbers for better looking girls. I have to say though, the girls at Lotus are a bit older. But then with age comes experience.

I'd very much appreciate it if anyone here could share their experience with incalls / one floor one in Hong Kong.

08-08-02, 19:50
Thanks for the info. If you could send me the girls phone number I would appreciate it. Sounds like 1000 to 1500 hk$ is the price range for decent service, that about right?

08-10-02, 07:27
There are many choices in Hong Kong. Emperor is considered pretty low quality in terms of facility and girls. Lotus is more of a HJ place then anything else. But it is conveniently located.

The new place in town is Temple Street Sauna. They offer F/S for $1070. BM is $850. This place is on Jordan Rd. The quality of the girls pretty good, way pass the price range they are charging. They have girls that use to work for places like Kobe Sauna and Golden Sauna. These places charge up to $2500 for F/S. TSS definately woth a try. In particular, try no.60. You will not be disappointed.

If you want to know more on HK action, try www.icered.com
forum. Go to the Hong Kong section, then the night life section. They usually have very up-dated threads on Saunas, TSS is a popular topic in the last few weeks.

08-14-02, 11:27
Originally posted by brenbastard
has anyone tried calling any of the ads in the "services" section of HK Magazine?? there's some very interesting advertisements in there, several of which say "non-agency"

i'm i right in thinking these are just freelance girls advertising in the mag? or are they ALL tied to agencies in one way or another?

pretty good selection, if true...japanese, koreans, south americans, eurasians and all sorts of stuff...

i'd really like to hear from anyone who may have tried one of them...was the experience good? and was it value for $$$??

I hope my information can be helpful.

When you call, they will quote you 700-800 hk dollars..sounds like a good deal..... they will send the girl and give you the service, but after that, expect her to ask another 1000-2000, if you do not pay, she will seach all over you, and her people will join the search.....please stay away from this .........

Have a nice stay in HK

08-14-02, 15:03
Finally felt rested enough after many days of stressful work and a draining Orchard Tower trip to venture out to see what kind of delights HK offers the horny westerner.

Some local coworkers took us to a karaoke bar in Jordan Rd. - *very* expensive but fantastic fun - we had our pick of girls all from mainland China. They were all unbelievable. They then served us and cuddled and rubbed their tits against us for 2.5 hours as we drank beer, ate food and my friends did the karaoke thing. It's hard for me speaking no Cantonese or Mandarin and I must admit that Chinese music videos usually wear on me quickly, but not when I have a model quality petite chinese girl taking my hands and putting them on her tits every two minutes.

Anyway, my host generously picked up the tab and mentioned that while the girls get a tip for their companionship ($500HK), you can go upstairs for the "full experience" for an additional $1500HK. We were all tempted, but since I'd never been to Mong Kok we passed and heading further north into Kowloon.

Very interesting! Lots of girls all over the street (around 2 AM now and about 88 degrees and humid!). I'm told you just walk around until you see some you like, then follow them. They will get the message and if interested, will go upstairs into their parlor. The parlors are all pretty much the same - small and relatively clean with a bunch of ugly men pushing you to take a girl for 40 minutes. The rates are all pretty much standard (around $340HK or so). We had been out for a long time, I didn't see any girls that could compare to the karaoke queens and besides, I was drenched with sweat and not feeling too horny anymore. Plus, I had a big day of work that was starting in about 4 hours later, so we packed it in.

We called back to karaoke and may meet up with the girls at our hotel after their shift (3AM tonight!) for the same 1500HK - a bit steep for me but these girls are serious model quality. I like being in my hotel room so that when we're done, it's shower and sleep without travel or cab.

Spent the day working in Macau and around 6 PM, we checked out the Lisbon on advice of our local friend. Some of the girls were pretty, but the casino was an absolute zoo and it wasn't really very tempting at all. I suspect that it was several hours too early for the really hot girls to be there, but we were heartily disappointed after so many glowing posts. I doubt I'll be back anytime soon - I don't like to gamble and it's a pain to take the ferry if you don't want the casino gambling.

We're off to Wan Chai in a few minutes - I've never been but the cabbies are telling us times are bad and the girls are out on the street being more aggressive. OK by me - I've been spoiled by Orchard Towers and found KL too much work (sorry Play3er!). My Chinese friends don't want to go because they say the girls are all Thai and Phillipino and they only wany quai lo (white devils), but I've convinced them to come along for drinks. I'm told by my local friends that it's very expensive there - we'll see!

09-11-02, 20:08
Hi All,
Newbie here from the States (CA). I've done a lot of research here but still have some questions. Sorry if they are basic to some of the experts here. :-) I will be in Hong Kong from the 25-29 of September. I'm looking for young Asian girls that are GFE quality. Price is really not an option although the cheaper the better of course. I'm not sure of the difference between Mainland girls vs. Thai vs. locals etc? I will be trying the Casinos, the Club scene at nights as well as the upper floor brothels. I am looking for action right in Hong Kong (I will be visiting Macau as well later). How good is the availability in the afternoons (1-6pm)? and where to go to find them. I plan on doing some quickies and would like to also do the overnight experience at my hotel. When I go to these brothels and/or clubs its probably common sense to bring only the money you want to spend and leave everything else in your hotel room? As an American born Asian do I need my passport with me for I.D. or anything? I have a list of places mentioned here on this board but would appreciate any input from any others here. I would be willing to meet any of you for a drink on me during my visit. You may email me at "SeeItaly@aol.com". Thanks in advance for your input.

Acer V
09-11-02, 23:03
I am not sure about all the venues in HK and Macau but I can tellyou that the Upstair places in Mongkok and the Jordan saunas open generally around 12 noon. Also easy to get your afternoon delight in Macau saunas.

Dont worry too much about security here. Just the common sense stuff. keep your passport in your hotel. If you're stopped by police, which I doubt you will be, they will accompany you back to check your ID. Alternatively you can carry a photocopy. Dont wear a lot of expensive jewelry but you can cary a few hundred US in your pocket without having to worry too much.

When you get here drop another note to the board and maybe I'll be able to hook up with you.


09-12-02, 14:20
Well this site is back, it's worth the wait.

I'm heading back to HK again for a 5 day trip. I've done the Mongkok thing, but now I wanna try to bring a girl back to my hotel, non-pro preferred.

Any suggestion for SW types in Mongkok area, besides the TST area that I've read about before. And how much?
Can I bring a girl that I met at a brothel back to my hotel, since she is doled out to several establishments, who would I have to talk too?

another question, besides the Temple street market, where else can I buy X-rated VCD's, a store or something?


09-14-02, 11:41
Fellow WSGers,

Does anyone know how to get in touch local tv actresses who escorts on the side? Or is there an agent that I should get a hold of? I've been told that many b-movie actresses are working girls, and that their rates are not as high as one would imagine.

Any leads?


09-14-02, 11:48

My advice to you is to check out sites like www.man169.com, and www.sextvb/com for 141 girls. 141 means incalls with one girl per flat. Stick to areas like TST for better looking girls. TST rates are about 4-6 hundred per hour. With everything else in life you get what you pay for. Services at 141 are better than brothels in MK, no rush, and more private.
happy hunting.

Joe Banana
09-14-02, 11:55
For DVDs and VCDs go to Sim City, just off Nathan Rd near the Mong kok MTR. I can't tell which road its in but literally just 50m off Nathan. Short escalator takes you up to two or 3 floors of small shops. Also good for regular movies.

09-15-02, 03:46
Thank you for post. What is the TST area? I also tried to research the 141 girls? Thanks again

09-15-02, 20:39
Joe Banana

I do not suppose this place you mentioned has hardcore DVDs?

09-17-02, 03:03
For Porn VCD/DVDs you have lots of shops in Sino Center (or Plaza??), Nathan Rd..

Take MTR to Mongkok, Bank Exit and go south a few 100m.

09-17-02, 08:26
For software etc. Try the night market in Kowloon.

Baby Huey
09-17-02, 21:14
I will be coming to Hong Kong in November. Is there any good web sites with maps of HongKong with location of the area of adult fun in HongKong? I have not been to HongKong since 89, and beleive that I would get lost without map by going on my memory. Is there any good english site about the adult fun in HongKong? What are the going rates and locations for the Massage Room, Short Time House, All Nighter, Etc.? I will be staying in Kowloon, I need some ideas for some fun!

09-19-02, 04:44

I had a great experience with a young lady called "Davi" in Hong Kong just last week. She was booked originally through one of the agencies, but was happy to deal direct after that. Always haggle with the agencies - if they know you have a list of number in front of you, it's surprising how much you can beat them down on price.

Anyway, she's in her mid 20's, Filipino, nice body, great touch, and doesn't appear to be in any kind of rush.

As I mentioned above, she'smore than happy to deal direct, and will take most currencies as well!

She's great fun. Her number is +852-9683-7945. Just mention that the guy from the Mandarin Hotel recommended her.

Anyone wanting more detail, just leave me a message here. I've uploaded a few pics, so you should be able to see them in a couple of days.


09-19-02, 11:31
Pls could you tell us how much you paid this young lady? Did she stay all night or was it a wham bang 1 time only deal?

09-19-02, 11:40
When I saw her direct, I gave her HKD$500, plus about STG£20. Not the cheapest of the cheap, but it wasn't quite a wham-bam deal either. Total about STG£70, USD$100.

No, she did not stay all night, but close to 2 hours. Happy to go for it more than once as well.

Won't let you cum in her mouth, but will do oral WITHOUT a condom. Will also do reverse oral and a 69.

She's pretty tight, and has strong legs. If you like your woman on top, she's bloody great!!!


09-19-02, 20:34
Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) is Kowloon side. Good place for SW is plaza north side of Regal Kowloon Hotel. HK 500-800 (never pay more for SW). For BEST escorts on planet, check out China City Night Club (HK4000after tip) or ?Club 69? (HK3500after tip) on Mody Road, king of near Holiday Inn Golden Mile. Three Sisters Night club is ok, too.

No problem getting them back to your room, no hidden costs.

09-20-02, 06:38
Step is right. There is a lot of action in TST - especially at night on the plaza square - across the road from the Grand Stanford Hotel. China City is also great and have the cream of the crop - but very expensive - Japanese type night club where bills can reach up to HKD10.000 before you even have the girl. Min. Charge alone is HKD1500 - plus the girl.

Becareful of the street walkers - good for an hour and cheap but don't fall alseep or half the hotel room will go missing.

HK is one of the easiest places in the world to find sex - an remember to haggle. U could save loads of money.

Have fun

09-20-02, 11:55
just back from a business trip to hong kong. didn't have any difficulty in finding the establishments in mongkok thanks to the excellent descriptions given on this board. the friendly staff at these places speak at least a little english so communication is not too difficult. prices seem to be the same everywhere so there's no point in shopping around. for the price, you get half an hour and all ladies will shower beforehand and afterwards to ensure optimum cleanliness.

the first lady was from the chinese mainland whom i met within a couple of hours of my arrival in hong kong and that included checking into the hotel and surveying mongkok for action. she said she'd just started work which i had originally assumed that she meant that she had just come on shift but with hindsight i now believe that i was her first client. good girlfriend experience with plenty of passionate kissing, owo culminating in coming in her mouth. cost was if i remember correctly was hk$370 including a massage at the end which i decided to forego which seemed to upset her.

the second lady was a hong kong chinese recommended by the receptionist saying "good service." similar service to the previous experience but disappointingly lacked any passion. she was originally reluctant to allow cim but the offer of an extra hk$100 persuaded her to change her mind. total cost i think was hk$480 including the tip.

the third lady was thai who tutted and proceeded to wash herself between the legs everytime i attempted to touch her there. nice owo but the rest of the service was poor. cost hk$280.

i stayed at the grand standford intercontinental hotel and every night there're several sex workers hanging around the park directly opposite. they are in their 20s very attractive and fairly discreetly dressed but will accost you as you walk past. one looked like an office worker and quoted $500 for oral and $1000 for sex as well. i'd never used the services of a streetwalker before so i took her back to my room...no problems getting her in. she had a shower first then french kissed me at my instigation before rolling a condom on and giving me a pretty average bj. she then sat astride me in the cowgirl position and loudly encouraged me using words that could have come out of the script of a poor quality hard core porn video. i tried to hush her up but could not so i quickly shot my load and asked her to leave. the entire
encounter couldn't have lasted more than 20 minutes.

also visited the temple street sauna. classy decor with staff treating you like a king to extent of waiting on you hand and foot.they even had a couple of guys standing by to fold your clothes when you undressed and putting them in the locker. after undressing you sit on a lounger in a relaxation area with other clients where there are magazines, pcs and tv for the clients' usage. refreshments were continually provided and i was a bit nervous in case i was given a huge bill at the end but i was charged precisely what i was quoted which was slightly less than hk$1000 for three hours worth of massage - their way of charging for sex. in the massage room the lady started with an non erotic massage which lasted about an hour then upon ascertaining the requirement for sex, she draped a towel over the window to prevent anyone from looking in from the corridor, moved her pants to one side, put me in and moved frantically to finish me off quickly. no kissing and i could barely touch her breasts. a relatively expensive session for those seeking sex only but reasonable for those seeking an overall relaxation experience.

finally on the saturday night, i was taken to carnegie's, a bar in wanchai catering for the expatriate community, by a few business associates. i could have been in any pub in the uk as the clientele, well balanced between the sexes, were predominantly caucasian. there i met an australian lady who worked as an accountant in hong kong who was fed up with seeing the same old faces. we got on well and we ended up going back to my hotel for a few hours of passion - she was not a sexworker and carnegies is not an establishment catering for the paid sex trade. part way through the proceedings we heard coming loudly from the next bedroom an unmistakeable live monologue of a hard core porno movie script....f*ck me, f*ck me hard big boy. yes it was the streetwalker from the other night obviously with another client. my lady acquaintance told me that the hk$1000 i paid was well over the top compared to what her expat work colleagues paid for an all nighter but couldn't provide any further details.

interesting trip...sex with five ladies on five consecutive nights including a freebie. i was sorry to leave.

09-20-02, 18:37

You've got balls!

Telling your one night stand how much you pay for a streetwalker, that is balls!

Otherwise great report.

My experience in saunas is that sex is a waste of money, the Hand Job option for $700HK is the better option. You get the full massage, plus some work around your ass region and then a hand job to finich it off. I like to go to a sauna first, get the HJ as a first shot and then head down to Mong Kok for the real sex.

09-21-02, 07:21

Great post man. I am also on my way to HK tomorrow and will stay in the same hotel. (I always stay there - great place). I have never tried one of the street walkers - I think I will give it a go.

I will report on my 2 weeks as I go alone (if I get time) LOL.

I will have a weekend in Macau as well so that should be fun.

See ya

09-21-02, 13:00
Thanks guys for the feedback. I wrote it anecdotally in the hope that every reader could get something from it whether to a greater or lesser extent.

ruf: if you do try and sample the ladies standing opposite the Stanford then you'll be well advised to bargain hard as the rates I was quoted did not represent value. Yes it is a nice hotel but the only problem is that it's slightly off the main drag and getting a cab to Mongkok involves sitting for what seems like an eternity in heavy traffic along Mody and Nathan Roads. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to reading your reports.

peter: with the benefit of hindsight I should have gone for the hand job or what they euphemistically call the 2 hour massage but this was a new ballgame for me and I was taken in by the masseuse making out that she really fancied me and that she wanted to in her words "make love". From your description, the HJ sounds considerably more arousing as well as being quite a bit cheaper - I think I would have been more satisfied with the experience had I gone for it. Mongkok, I found, is great value in catering for the girlfriend experience - even the poor experience with the Thai lady had its merits. It's therefore ideal for guys wanting to get as many experiences in as possible for the minimum outlay. Other readers take note. By the way, Louise the Australian accountant, has a great outgoing personality and is totally unshockable. Shame she lives on the other side of the world.

09-22-02, 08:00
Yaa I agree folks Grand Stanford Intercontinental is a great place to stay and like Ruff I also have been staying there always . The SW scene across the street is real hot after 10pm and gets
busier later on. I have seen many of them after 12 Am and they
are the ones who will aproach you . IMHO anything under 1K
for 2 hours is ok (Massage with FS ) . For great massage in good /clean conditions with a HJ ( 90 Mints package) you can
try Lotus Sauna in Silvercord center , Canton Road , TST . Approx cost 800-900 HKD , but real good service .Will be going to HK in 4 weeks time , shall update.

Spotted Dick
09-22-02, 13:06
Originally posted by lobo
We're off to Wan Chai in a few minutes - I've never been but the cabbies are telling us times are bad and the girls are out on the street being more aggressive. OK by me - I've been spoiled by Orchard Towers and found KL too much work (sorry Play3er!). My Chinese friends don't want to go because they say the girls are all Thai and Phillipino and they only wany quai lo (white devils), but I've convinced them to come along for drinks. I'm told by my local friends that it's very expensive there - we'll see!

My last trip to Wan Chai, two Filipino hotties pulled my cock out of my trousers right there on the street. More aggressive than I imagined. They pulled me (by my cock) into the bar and the less-attractive of the two sucked me for about 10 seconds. All this was free. MUCH more aggressive than I imagined.

09-25-02, 15:45
Mongkok one floor one rocks.

09-26-02, 06:23
Hey just back from my 5 days of romping thru HK

here are my observations for XXX VCD/DVD's, the store "Sim City" is on Shantung Street, that's one block north of Soy Street. The store is between Nathan Rd. and Sai Yeung Choi Street (Electronic market street). It has many small stalls on the 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th floor too. For VCD's, some stores offer 10 to 12 for HK$100. As for quality, I've only been able to review some so far, it's good. These stalls only open at night time, during the day, the place is open with legitimate computer stores and bookstores.

for regular vcd's, there are two stores on Sai Yeung choi street, (near each other), that sell for good prices and they work (at least the ones I've checked so far)

For a cheap place to stay: I usually stay at the Stanford Hotel (not to be confused with the Grand Standford). The standfordHotel is on Soy Street and it's about a 5 min. walk to shopping areas and the brothels. I usually pay HK$410 (taxes and other fees already included). But you have to book online or else you pay the regular fee. Goto www.asiatravel(s).com, goto Hong kong section and look for said hotel.

It's a 3 star hotel, so I think you can bring someone in, but I'm not really sure cause I didn't try.

Brothel: There is a really good, friendly, and most importantly CLEAN place that I found. This place used to be near "Fung Sheng" (or something like that), it was discussed before in earlier posts. If you exit the C4 exit of the Mongkok MTR, walk towards the McD's, at the McD's make a right and walk for about a block and a half. This place is in the middle of the block, there is construction going on right next to it.

They told me this "Fung Sheng" place closed down (It was open in April when I went) . But this new place is much better. The front desk guy was nice, but he spoke very little english. The old place was really dingy and dark. The new place is new and spacious. The shower doors are made of glass, the massage bed is new, new tilings , a working AC, and so on.....

I can't recommend a name of a girl, cause they always change constantly.

But as for a type of girl, my choice is the mainland girls!! Another advice, choose a girl who smiles, don't choose one that looks bored or is talking on her phone.

from what I have tried and seen, these are the better ones. The main landers work really hard to please.

I tried for the Thais/Malays, but the selcetion they brought were either too old, too ugly, too nasty, so I upgraded to a Local chinese girl, nice body, slim and tight......but was really quiet and boring. She had this face like "let's just get it over with".

Price: this one pace really was rigid with time, if you paid for 30 min. then 30 min. I got, even if it was mid afternnon and no one else was there. The prices were posted near the front desk. HK350 for mainlander/Local HK for 30 min. HK390 for 45 min. HK280 for thai/flip/malay for 30 min. and HK630 for Rusky.

There are many other brothels around this area and some offer cheaper prices. I tried one that was one block away from this one. price was 340 for 30 min. but the place really stank, the shower stall was grimy and the towels were dirty.

I highly recommend the cleaner place, you pay alittle more, but the accommodations are much better.

Can't wait to go to HK again

09-27-02, 13:34
Originally posted by step
Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) is Kowloon side. Good place for SW is plaza north side of Regal Kowloon Hotel. HK 500-800 (never pay more for SW). For BEST escorts on planet, check out China City Night Club (HK4000after tip) or ?Club 69? (HK3500after tip) on Mody Road, king of near Holiday Inn Golden Mile. Three Sisters Night club is ok, too.

No problem getting them back to your room, no hidden costs.

Yeah I went to China City last week and got a tall good looking girl from HK, not mainland who used to work as a receptionist. But the price was only HK3,000 (this was before midnight) for a couple of hours back in the hotel room. Her name was Happy and the FR on her as follows:

Looks: 7/10
Body: 8/10 (tall and slim)
Boobs: 7/10 (B cup but perfectly rounded with nice looking nipples)
BBBJ: 6/10 (pretty standard)
AR: None
FJ: 8/10 (she was very enthusiastic, and we did quite a few positions, her on top, me on top, standing up and sitting position)
GFE: 8/10 (well, after paying this much money, the least she can do is kiss you on the mouth!)
Overall: 7.5/10

Not earth shattering but certainly memorable enough for someone of that quality....

Signing off..:-)

09-27-02, 15:49
Hello everybody,
I will visit Hongkong next week, need a little advise about the local sex scene. I've done some research of escort,
www.escort-massage.com, I've try to call them and they said it is $1000 per 2 hour service, from the web they said they have multiple nationalities girl please advise me wheter this agency is goodor not.
Can anyone tell me where to find beautiful with reasonable price european girl?
also, how about for a little quicky?
Thank you guys

09-28-02, 01:14

Stay away from all Escorts! They are rip offs unless you have a lot of money! I mean alot. The price that they quoted is JUST TO ME THE GIRL AND ONLY MEET THE GIRL. She then "the girl" will charge you any where from "$1500.00 Hk to $4000.00 HK" ranging from a HJ to FS. Not worth it at all.

09-28-02, 16:04
It is not uncomon to find girls in bars for upscale hotels. These girls can charge anything from 1500HKD for short time to 3000HKD 'till morning. One thing you do get is someone with conversational english skills. A true HKG girl will be stratospheric.

09-28-02, 22:34
Here my update on the Mongkok scene. I have been to Portland street area and joined the show. Show, because every night 10-20 guys are just standing at the street watching the babes coming around. It is amazing how good some of these girls look.

Important that you better don't talk to them because you might get trouble with their keeper who thinks you wanna do business without him.

I liked one and followed her until she entered her "villa" and walked up a few stairs.

It's better to speak Chinese, otherwise u might get ripped off. 300-400 is normal for one girl, don't pay more. 590 gets you ONE KING TWO QUEENS, which you surely will understand without my explanations. The prices include 2 cums. One for the blowjob and one for the fuck.

She undressed me and we took a shower. Feeling comfortable we lied down and it started. She licked and sucked my balls up the cock. I had to stop her to blow without condom. Thing over and she started blowing. and how good it was. It's true that they play your ass.. as u like with their tounge or their finger.

Then it was time to rumble. I asked her to sit on me since she was tiny and cute and she gave me a wonderful ride. Changed positions 1-2 times and I enjoyed myself.

The girl usually leaves the room first since she needs to earn money, but don't hurry. The keepers want you to feel comfortable. Since competition is tough they will try to give you best service.

So far for today. Will try Shamshui Po soon and share my experience with you guys.

09-29-02, 08:50
In Hong Kong, nobody should miss to try the CYBER-CAFES because they are so much part of HK's traditional red light scene.

Often found in Mong Kok, you should visit those places with a couple of friends to enjoy the evening. They offer either Karaoke or Internet and let you choose one or more girl to accompany you. Prices usually go from 200-300 HK$ per girl. Imagine like a private bar, you will get a room for you and your buddies to drink (beer is 30 HK$), snack and surf or sing.

Feel free to touch the girls wherever you like, whether you like licking or playing their pussy. Aim is to make you feel like a boss, the girls stimulate the good drinking armosphere.

It's possible to get another room if you want to lay the girl, but seriously that is not aim of that kind of places and the leather beds they offer are cold. Better enjoy the game and go to 1 floor 1 afterwards.

09-29-02, 19:16

Looks like Portland Street is alive and well after the crackdown. Do you have a favourite place to recommend, as I heard some are dirty and small. I speak Cantonese, so comunication is not a concern.

When you say 2 shots are included in the price of 300-400, is it normal? I have seen conflicting reports. Can other experts verify? Also what is the time limit, is it 30, 45 or 60 min?


10-03-02, 02:20
Topic: caucasian's chances of getting laid by local women NOT in the sex industry - Hong Kong versus Taiwan versus USA

Is there anyone out there who can comment on the dating situation for AVERAGE LOOKING caucasians in their 20's living in Hong Kong? Generally speaking, is it easier for caucasians to get dates/a girlfriend in HK than in the West or not? Also, is the dating scene for caucasians better in HK or Taiwan? I realise that this is off-topic, so sorry about that.

If you don't want to post your response on this board, please e-mail me.


Ben Dover
E-mail: Ben_Dover2069@yahoo.com

Acer V
10-03-02, 02:50
It is very easy all over Asia to get laid by the "good girls" Of course, most will be looking for a husband just like good girls every where else in the world. If thats your thing, Hong Kong is very easy. Learn to like Canto Pop, sing Karoke etc. In other words you must assimilate into the local culture to have any degree of success.

I dont know about all of Taiwan, only Taipei. It is a whole lot easier there than in Hong Kong. And as a bonus the girls are a whole lot better looking.

In both places, speaking the local language helps tremendously.

These are only my opinions. I hope they help!

Crazy Guide
10-04-02, 04:06
Hey Acer_V ,

You are giving me some hope here. I have been in Hong Kong for over a month but have yet to score anywhere besides the massage places. Oh, and I have had pretty good luck with the Filipinos in Wanchai but for local Chinese girls, nada.

I am a fairly good looking 33yo American born Chinese with passable Cantonese and I am bored stiff. I leave in 3 weeks and would really like to have a taste of some local pussies before leaving.

Any pointers will be appreciated.


10-06-02, 06:55
I am new to hong kong and slowly getting the feel of the place. I made eyes with a good looking Phillipino girl in a clothes shop in Causeway Bay (Lee Garden Rd). She said hello,we went for coffee in Starbucks and she offered me sex.
There is a good love hotel opposite called "Nice View" 2hrs for $100. She was gorgeous, about 25, slim sexy. She charged HK$1200 for 90mins of delight. Her BJ was great (uncovered) but I had to ask her to stop as I was about to come.
Intercourse was slow and sexy we both came in a loud climax together (I am sure she faked hers, but it was polite of her to make the effort).
We chatted for a while then she began work on my cock, making me hard with herhand. As I was about to come she spat on my cock creating a glorious 3d fanny effect. Super.
She said she had friends if I cared for another girl and that these would offer sex for HK750. A bargain.
If any guys out there would like to visit some brothels with me that would be great. I love to share a girl, especially if they are into facials.

10-06-02, 16:42
alright i just lost all of my post due to some annoying clownfoolery....so rather than retype all that witty prose, i'll cut right to the chase:

1 - in mongkok, is Ful Sing club still about? i was over there today but i couldn't find it. if ful sing survived the sting, could somebody refresh my memory as to where exactly it is?

2 - last time i was at joe bananas in wanchai (about 6 months ago), $650 seemed to be about the going rate for a nice looking girl who'd stay the night. is this figure still on par? has the increased aggressiveness of the girls suggested by recent posts affected this at all?

many thanks!

HK People
10-08-02, 15:28
call girls prevailing rate at hk:

1) high class night club about $1500/fuck
2) middle grade is about $700
3) karaoke price vary different but girls are quite young
4) a floor/apartment type from $100 to about $700.
some provide overnight services price is about $1500

type 3) & 4) girls/women may not be able to speak eng.

Hope the above info will help all.

10-09-02, 09:18
Originally posted by hk people
call girls prevailing rate at hk:

1) high class night club about $1500/fuck
2) middle grade is about $700
3) karaoke price vary different but girls are quite young
4) a floor/apartment type from $100 to about $700.
some provide overnight services price is about $1500

type 3) & 4) girls/women may not be able to speak eng.

Hope the above info will help all.

Hi HK People,
I will be in hongkong next week, can you suggest me where to find the best high class ( The $1500)? also where to fing fine european girl ( Rusian, american, etc)
thank you

HK People
10-09-02, 15:52
HI zero,

1) u can locate your wanted target at tst east night club.
2) fine european? at night club or on the street U may need to pay a higher rate due to the rare.
3) try toi tei mui (cantonese -- mean local girl) or bug gue (cantonese mean mainland china girl). about $300 only.
u can try 5 different girls when u pay $1500.!

10-10-02, 19:41
Hi Hunters,
Any action at Sheraton , Nathon Road ? Would be staying there
shortly .Thanks .

HK People
10-11-02, 03:30

sheraton -- located at tst area
tst area is in a mess ( i mean traffic )due to underground railway construction.
if u prefer staying in hotel room, it doesn't matter.

10-11-02, 07:37

Many why are you wasting your time there? Get back to the Grand Stanford area. There is no action near the Sheraton – too much construction work.
Just came back from HK and Macau – man every one is right – jump on a boat and get to Macau – cheaper, better service than HK. See my report in Macau section.


10-11-02, 13:52
Thanks Ruf66 and HK people , I know Grand Stanford is a better
place as far as the location goes and I have been living there ,however my customers from Europe with whom I have series of meeting including Breakfast meeting are this time put up at Sheraton so they wanted me also to stay there as its easy . Anyway I am only there in HK for 24 Hrs so dosen't make much difference. Will probably check out some nice Sauna .

10-14-02, 18:18
No, it is not normal, but possible to get 2 shots for HK$ 300.

I am a dutch westerner living here for 3 years and can speak fairly good cantonese, but I went alone to the brothel once and service is crap. Bring local friends along and the service will be a lot better, and you can stay longer.

10-14-02, 18:27
Topic: Man169.com etc.

The so called 1-4-1 places where only one girl is in the flat and no pimp were my target in the recent days. I like the idea of checking the girl's photo online before going there. It safes a lot of time and prevents the strange situation of facing a couple of pimps outside as normal in MongKok.

I went to one of the girls shown in man169. Usually those girls are older than the ones from the street, we are talking about 25-45 years old ones. Moreover their rooms are far bigger becoz they are located in flats.

She opened the door with a smile and offered a cup of water. The rest is standard. We took a shower and the action started. She gave me a Blowjob uncovered and afterwards it was time for action. I took her doggy style first and she screamed at every push. Then she laid on her back and I had her legs on my shoulders. That was a great ride. Before I came she took off the cover and massaged me tightly. I came right into her face.

This is not normal and you should check with the girl in advance if it's ok or not. very seldom but available are girls that let you come in their mouth.

I would like to say that 1-4-1 has advantages as in bigger rooms and no pimps, but also disadvantages as you need to be able to speak cantonese and the girls might be older.

I would like to read more on other opinions on 1-4-1 and more important Karaoke- and Cyber-girls. Cheers !

Baby Huey
10-14-02, 23:11
Questions on the 169 girls, I can not read and speak Chinesse. The Information I think I can make out;

At the top is her address in Chinesse and phone number.?

The other is information about the girl, etc. The cost on the site, is that total cost for her service?

How long is the typical service 1 hour, 2 hour? Will they do out call also, to a hotel?

Are these girls on there own, or do they work for a service?

Do any of them speak endlish to setup a appointment?

Do they supply e-mail address, to setup appointments by e-mail?

Do you get any other information, if you join the site? Especially, if you do not read Chinesse.

This type of service sounds better compare to the MongKok, because you know what the girl look like before you get there. I would like to hear information about this too. Please e-mail me at jimhart69@hotmail.com

Baby Huey
10-14-02, 23:40
Is there any sites like man169.com on Hong Kong in endlish?

10-15-02, 00:31
Hi Everyone -

Ok - I'm about to head over to Asia for the first time... of course I've been reading this forum and planning! I'll be in Hong Hong for over a week in late October / early November. Anyone else going to be there during that time?

Also, I see lots of info go through here but still need to ask some newbie questions. I want to find at least decent looking Chinese/Thai women while I'm there at a reasonable cost. What are my best options? Everyone seems to have their favorites - Mong Kok, Saunas, Clubs, escort, etc.

One last question - recommended night clubs for a twenty-something white guy? Perferrably one where the Asian women are into gweilos! :-)

Thanks guys...

10-15-02, 11:29
At the top is her address in Chinesse and phone number.?
- I haven't been to man169 for a while, but I recall that depending on which section you're looking at, the address/phone is either the massage place itself or the girl's in-call (ie. 1-4-1) location.

The other is information about the girl, etc. The cost on the site, is that total cost for her service?
- Yes, that is total cost. Unless if you order a beer.

How long is the typical service 1 hour, 2 hour? Will they do out call also, to a hotel?
- Typical service is 45 minutes per session for massages including shower time and 1 soc for 1-4-1 whichever comes first.

Are these girls on there own, or do they work for a service?
- If you find more than 1 girl using the same address/number then it's a massage.

Do any of them speak endlish to setup a appointment?
- Depending on your luck, you might find a keeper that speaks some English.

Do they supply e-mail address, to setup appointments by e-mail?
- Not usually.

Do you get any other information, if you join the site? Especially, if you do not read Chinesse.
- No, joining the site used to give you access to soft porn video etc.

This type of service sounds better compare to the MongKok, because you know what the girl look like before you get there. I would like to hear information about this too. Please e-mail me at jimhart69@hotmail.com
- Majority of the advertisers are from the MongKok area!

Hope that helps!

HK People
10-15-02, 14:08
[QUOTE]Originally posted by jimhart69
[i]Is there any sites like man169.com on Hong Kong in endlish?

I think u can go to the following hk site , it may help u.
some people on the site can speak eng.


HK People
10-15-02, 14:31
update info at cyber cafe (oct-15 hk time 21:00pm)

hour charges (room booked) is about $240/ hour
girls charges is about $700.00 up (ages not over 22)

10-18-02, 10:44
Originally posted by hk people
update info at cyber cafe (oct-15 hk time 21:00pm)

hour charges (room booked) is about $240/ hour
girls charges is about $700.00 up (ages not over 22)

Hi HK people,
is the $700 include full service?
can you tell me more about the cyber cafe?

10-18-02, 10:56
Originally posted by franco
Any brother has the phone number of Temple Street Sauna ?


even there are lots of ad. over there
but still informative

10-19-02, 10:52
Happy to be back in Hong Kong - got in late last night and decided to walk around a bit after the long flight. Walked up Lockhart heading towards WanChai and I passed several Health Clubs/Saunas. Forgive my ignorance, but are these clubs for full service massage too? If so, do they cater to westerners?

Anyway, headed over to Neptune 2 to see some friends who work there. Place seems the same as ever - lots of Philipino girls - this place is like Orchard Towers in Singapore (except *lots* more expensive). Noticed something interesting...while I was talking with my bartender friend, I noticed that the person making change behind the bar folded up a HK$50 bill into very small pieces and put it into a napkin and then wadded up the napkin. The bartender then gave the guy who bought drinks his change and kind of tossed the napkin to the Philipino girl who was attacking him... Very similar to OT, but at OT they're more open about paying off the girls.

After Neptune, I decided to try and find Strawberry's (I prefer Thai girls to Philipino myself) and headed there, was accosted on either Fenwick or Luard (I don't quite remember) by a very pretty girl who offered massage and "great fuck" for HK$1000. While this is expensive in other parts of the world, I remember the prices at places like Neptune actually made my eyes pop out of my head, so since I was tired and she looked good, I accepted. Turns out she was from Shanghai and was incredibly sexy. She seemed to really get into it, although I'm sure some of it was acting.

Anyone had any luck at the strip clubs on Lockhart? I can't stand how aggresive the women out front are and inside, it seems like an incredibly blatant ripoff. Is the Crazy Horse anything like the one in Singapore?


HK People
10-19-02, 17:14
hi zero,

$700 is the service charges by the girls. Inside the room, there is a set of computer and a bed-type sofa. Then u can guess what the services will be provided!

Make sure to clarify & negotiate the price/cost.

Do not mark any girls under the age of 16, otherwise will get trouble.

10-21-02, 12:34
Lobo - Yeah, I'll agree the girls are very aggressive in front of the clubs. The usual drill is they get you inside and a girl or girls will come up and fondle you some. They of course want you to buy them a drink. Pay attention to the price of the drinks. You can get laid in Mong-kok for the price of a lady drink in these places.

I've had ladies at these places pull my cock out and suck it trying to get me to bar fine them and take them back to the hotel. Yes you can get take-out but its really expensive considering the girls are usually marginal in looks and body anyway IMHO. Depending on the club, how business has been etc it can cost 1500 - 2500HKD. I'd never pay that kind of money on a bar girl.

Neptune II is ok but the few times I've been there it seems like there are lots of girls dancing with other girls. I've noticed guys asking them to dance and they say no. I've sat around for an hour or so drinking beer and watching but this place didn't give me the impression of a target-rich-environment. Did I pick bad times to see the action? Is there some drill that the guys I watched didn't know?

10-21-02, 15:56
Hi everyone,

Rice will be staying over in HK for a weekend in Nov. (first time in HK) and looking for some extra activities. Since I am very new at this, please offer any suggestions/advices/tips:

1) Hotel: Where is a good place to stay with average rates? TST or other places? Somebody mentioned something about Grand Standford??

2) Massage Parlour / Saunas / Street Walkers / 1-4-1... so many options. Any recommendations? Also, are they considered legal in HK?

3) Since its my first time, how does one keep it low profile?

Thanks everyone.

10-21-02, 16:10
I have been to Neptune many times, you must be going at the wrong time or case of bad luck. There is always action there but not from all girls all the time.

I have been out of HK for two months but when I was there the following is a description of the action:

Girls from HK, Mainland, Thailand, Mongolia and Philphines

There were less Chinese towards the end of my stay but seem to come in waves
Chinese girls would agressivly make eye contact and come straight over if you showed any interest. Generally I found the ones that rushed you to buy a drink or wanted to know if you wanted to take them home straight away were not the best. The best were those that weren't rushed, had a dance or two
Best ones giving GFE did not ask about money at all, it was expected and required though, Risk is in the morning the girl will ask more than you want to pay. Had a few a little (feigned?) disapointed when I gave them $1500 for over night but most ok. This was the maximum amount I negoitiated with very few knockbacks. Generally I paid between 800 and 1200 ST and 1000 - 1500 for LT

Thai girls are all there for business
Girls on the far side of the bar were generally less aggressive types and it appeared did not seem too worried if they did not have business everynight. They would talk and dance a lot. Most of these girls I saw many times in the bar. They had temporary visa but seem to be able to get renewals at will. One favorite girl I laid a lot had a close relative living in HK Pay 800 - 1000 ST
Thai girls without a seat that you walk past going to the dance floor are very keen for business Pay 600 to 1000 ST

Mongolian Girls - Very business like but really nice girls with good attitude. Recomended. $800 $1200 ST

Filipino girls are very variable in this place as most are part timers.
At the end of the bar away from the band are likely to want drinks only. You can lay them for free if you get to know them and spend a lot on drinks over a period of weeks.
On all nights except Saturday and Sunday evening the other flippers are available. They are part timers though, so pays to chat them up a little first.
Cost varies so much but $500 - 800 for short time $800 - $1000 LT, But also can be free. Some girls I took home without knowing if they wanted to charge. I found that Filipinos will always give indication of their expectations before the deed, so did not strike problem.

Saturday night brings out many that are allowed out prior to their Sunday off. Many are not even part times although all know Neptunes reputation. You may get a free lay or you might not with these girls. They love to dance though so you might loose all you energy on the dance floor first. I me a cuty who was "guaranted" for a freebie, however I go sick of her "one more dance" at about 3am and went home to sleep
Saurday and Sunday are the days to go out if you want to put in some spade work for the following week. Buy her a couple of drinks and ask her for dinner the following week. Getting laid is a sure thing!

Best fucks were found to be girls who asked for few drinks or drank regular drinks rather than "ladies drinks" Ladies drinks are around $70 compared to about $45 for a regular drink. Tequilla is about $50
Add this into you cost.

10-21-02, 16:54

I stayed at the Seaview Dorsett in Yaumatei. I think Dorsett has a couple of hotels. I paid $430 HK per night for a small 1 bedroom. Yeah it was tiny, but serviceable.

As for the Scene, I can only comment on the Mong Kok thing. If you go to Portland/Shanghai streets around 2-3 am, you can see all the hot chicks. You basically walk into one of the upper floor places, check out the room and if it is good enough, hang around and girls will keep on popping in looking to see if they are needed. Never go with the 1st girl - a hotter chick will show up. I paid $320 HK for 45 minutes. 30 minutes is standard but it was a slow night so they gave me the extra time. Go on Mon-Weds and you may be able to squeeze some extra time in.

Neptune II had a cover so I never went in. Strawberry has no cover but the girls (not to mention the place) is pretty skanky. I'd much rather spend my money in Mong Kok with a Chinese girl than one of the Filipino in Wan Chai, but some of the Chinese streetwalkers are cute around Wan Chai. The best way to check out the scene is really to read all the past posts in this board. Very useful.

10-23-02, 02:54
Do anyone know a place call ding ling?
It is an island near hk.
do anyone know the chinese name

10-23-02, 13:22
sweden - they want the girls to sign in for security purposes. both for them and you. should you notice your rolex watch missing after the girl leaves, they have her info.

they also maybe recording her date of birth. most of the nicer hotels don't want to be caught having **** girls in guests room.

i don't know of any hotel, although i'm sure they are out there. i've always stayed at nicer hotels and either put up with the sign in crap or wait until i go into mainland china where many of the hotels don't care that much about guests.

10-23-02, 13:59
I have never had to have a women sign in the hotels I stay in? Strange...

10-23-02, 17:10
To Tarbuy

Thanks for the reply. Just wondering, for newbies like myself, would Sauna better a better choice or the 141? Do I need to call them ahead of time?


Baby Huey
10-23-02, 22:58
Does anybody know of a map that you can down load from the internet shown the area of town for the massage places, Mong Kok, and other areas of adult fun in Hong Kong. I will be staying at the Grand Standford and have not been to Hong Kong for ten years, so I have no idea what direction to head for. Does anybody have any ideas for a Map??

10-23-02, 23:23
Sweden - I've never had to sign in a girl in a hotel in HK. I've stayed at both the Island Shangri-La and the Excelsior. The hotel security at both places certainly watches me when I walk in at 3 AM with a girl on my arm, but just act like she's your girlfriend and go immediately to the elevator. The guard at the Excelsior actually followed me to the elevator because the girl was dressed so obviously as a hooker, but I just held her hand and chatted with her and ignored him and I was fine.

rptman - i guess you were there at a bad time. Everytime I walk in the place, there are hordes of Philipino girls trying to make eye contact. I don't think all of the girls there are working, at least not all of the time. Some are just interested in dancing. They're definitely very expensive for what you get. Mong Kok is definitely better in that regard, just be careful. Girls start in Portland street as early as 1 PM, but the quality doesn't come out until after dark. Personally, I prefer paying a little more to take a girl I like back to my hotel. I don't like having to travel after the deed, and I especially like my own bathroom.

Tarbuy - I've never paid a cover at any of the Wan Chai clubs. They have bouncers out front, but they always wave me in. I don't see Strawberry's as being any better or worse than any of the other places, but it's always been dead (as has Apple's). I hear that S'berry's is a good late place, but I was there at 3 and it was still dead.

10-24-02, 07:20
Has anyone tried those Cyber Cafes? The ones in Mong Kok and Jordan? I know it is roughly HK$204 to $240 an hour depending on the time and the girl spend the hour with you, but what are the rooms like? and do you get to have sex with them for an extra charge?

In addition to the man169.com site. Should I call the girl to make an appointment? Or just show up? Also, Is the first floor stuff better, or just head to Mong kok? Any Advice, planning to go back to Hong Kong and Macau for a PARTY. Thanks.

The dawg!

Red Bean
10-25-02, 09:22
Okay, I just joined this forum and the information that is provided is great. One question I have is with the abbreviations. I have checked the Chinese forums, and there are terms like BD, BG, BM, etc. I checked the Terms & Abbreviations link at the top but it has no mention of those terms. Can someone give me the lowdown on the common abbreviations that are used when talking about Hong Kong? I guess I really should ask in the other forums, but I figure I would try here first since it is more English friendly.

10-26-02, 15:27
Hello all,

I have been viewing this forum for a while and but this is the first time i am posting. I have used info about mainly the Mongkok brothels, and so far all good experiences. I usually frequent a place on Shanghai st. exit C2 at the MK station walk straight till shanghai st. take a left, pass the large construction site, pass one intersection on the right side of the street next to a metal store, there is a nice clean staricase leading to a typical brothel. 2 guys, the older one speaks a bit of english so you can talk to him if you dont speak cantonese. THe selection is normal, i dont settle for less, i refuse the girls that i dont like without any problems from the shopkeepers. I had a nice thai girl once, she was not that enthusiastic but she was hot, nice petite body with a great ass, i loved hitting that doggy style. The other 2 times i had a china girl, they were both eager to please as usual, and pretty tight, but the thai girl was tight as hell, she needed to be on top first to loosen up. I havent been to any saunas, i think if i wanted to spend sauna money id hit up Macau. Happy hunting everyone.

10-26-02, 17:46

Everything depends on your budegt. I think a Sauna would be more fun, but the prices are fairly steep compared to Mong Kok. I was a total newbie and Mong Kok was pretty easy. The place I recommend is 502 Shanghai St. The older Chinese guy speaks OK English and he will be more than happy to help you. If you want a super hot Chinese girl, ask him to get "SeeGee". She is a tall thin Chinese girl. Knockout. Can't comment on the quality of the experience though, just her looks

Bone is Hard
10-29-02, 00:40
I have a few questions about the SW action in the TST around Grand Stanford Hotel.

First, when you give your room number to the girl, is it likely that she may bring some big ugly friends or not.

Second, Are these girls clean? Do they get STD test regularly or more likely to have crotch critters than the sauna and club girls.

Third, do they offer overnighters? Will they rob you blind and steal off into the night when you fall asleep?

Granted there are exceptions to every rule but are these SW girls safe to be around.

Thanks for your comments

Bone is Hard

HK People
10-29-02, 08:20
To bobe is hard,

1. when call girls at the street, lead her on the way with u. for safety, not let the girls communicate with the other. u don't know the backgroud of the girls!

2. depends on your luck , some will get the test on their own cost.

3. want overnighters? better call girls at night club becos girls records marked. hk recent news, a girls stole a man's trousers and ran away when the man taking bath.

William Tellhk
10-30-02, 06:39
2002-10-30 07:27

The police have raided a number of vice dens in Mongkok, arresting 42-women and a man. Most of the women were from the mainland, although a Russian and a Thai were also detained. Charges against them ranged from overstaying to possession of forged documents.

10-31-02, 16:34
I have got 2 very close friends who work for the police controlling the red light district. They assured me that only the keepers and the girl will get arrested. The max that could happen to you is that you need to show your ID card.Paying a keeper is generally not an offense, but NEVER give money to a girl. This is illegal since you pay for the service, and this could get you into deeper problems.Hope this was of help.

11-01-02, 21:26
You mentioned you've set up a company in HK, can u give me a job there? I speak fluent english & mandarin and a bit of cantonese. Im an IT grad and im sure will fit in nicely with the "company culture".

11-02-02, 20:33
I plan to be in HK next week for a few days. Do girls allow to kiss and touch their tits during a massage and how much is a massage. Where is best place to get one.
Also worried about getting STD. Any advise.

Baby Huey
11-03-02, 15:27
What is the rountine in the Cyber Cafes? You pay $240 HK for a room for hour. What does this included? Does this pay for a girl also? Can you get FS? Much more more is it for FS? Does anybody have any information on this? Thanks!

11-03-02, 16:15
The rate is usually for the room only, and you have to pay the girl extra. Girls are around 200-300 HK$ , normally no sex is provided (there are some places however that give you the option to go to another room with the girl, but that's NOT standard of a cyber-cafe, seldom). The thing of cyber cafe is to hang out with friends and business friends. The girls are there to entertain you. Allowed is to grab their tits, kiss them anywhere, if you want, to play their pussy.You are getting drinks (paid extra) and sing Karaoke or surf the web.Girls there are very young (usualy 18-22).So to summarize, go there if you are at least 2 buddies, choose 1 girls each, and I promise you willl have the fun of your life.

11-03-02, 17:31

I will try to elucidate on the abbreviations used in the chinese forum.

BM = Body Massage (you know what it is)
BG = Bone Girl (Massage Girl) I dont know why/how HK'ers use it as such.
BD = I dont know about this. It might mean B & D (Bondage & Discipline)?

Someone else could help.

Baby Huey
11-04-02, 15:06
Cyber Cafes sound like a new style KTV, with computer and singing. Are the cost about the same for out-take service as in KTV? I am going to be alone on the next trip, maybe will have to try this on a future trip.

11-04-02, 18:02

This is my first post on this site. I will be in HKG the 1st to the 5th of January 2003.
1. Is there any action around the Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel?
2. Any recommandations on the Island?
3. Has anyone tried the 141 girls?
4. My girlfriend and I would like to dance. Are there any clubs that are NOT reapoffs? We may want to pickup another girl any recommandations?

Thanks for any help you can give to a newbie.


11-04-02, 22:56
I have seen some really ugly indian women outside of the Holiday Inn, but not my taste.

I would advise that you either walk up Nathan Road from their and go to either a sauna club around Jordan or go two more MTR stations to Mong Kok and go up one ofthe stairs on Portland Street. I posted 4 or 5 months ago about a very good club on Portland street called Ful Sing club. Winson or Jack work the desk and will set you up with what you are looking for.

Never tried 141.

11-06-02, 15:22
Hi, I am looking for some really good japanese girls and some dressing services (Office girl style,Nurse style etc.). Do you know any good place around ?

HK People
11-06-02, 15:37
Bad news!

HK police is focus on the cyber cafe, many young girls have been arrested during these few days in Jordan and TST area.

Becareful !!!

HK People
11-06-02, 15:48
To Tomwolf,

Construction work is around Holiday Inn GM Hotel. Will last for 3 yrs about.

Recently, some mainlander girls pretended to be japanese grils and request for a high pay $1,500. Don't get into the trap.

11-07-02, 02:04

I don't think the "Fulsing club" is there anymore, I went there 2 months ago. If it's the sam place where talking about.

The Fulsing I remember was more rundown near the a construction site/empty lot.

The new place is much more of an improvement, cleaner beds and bigger rooms. The dude was not as nice as the other guy, but still very accomodating......I've got a post in Septemberabout it

Baby Huey
11-07-02, 22:38
A question for everybody that lives or spends allot of time in Hong Kong. If you had to pick the best the places for good adult fun in Hong Kong where would it be? To throw a curve at this, area of fun for a endlish speak person and without allot of knowledge of Hong Kong. Easier to get too! Massage Place? Club? House?

11-08-02, 11:13

Ful Sling is still open. My best friend went there two nights ago and said Winsom wasn't working the night shift, but a guy who called himself Jack with tthe worst teeth in the history of humanity.

The address is pretty much 163 Portland Street. 2 Floors up.


11-09-02, 20:45
Anyone bought Viagra lately in Hong Kong? If so, where (please be specific, not just "Mongkok" or "North Point")? I could use a top up as I'm doing a fair amount of fucking lately. Thx.

11-09-02, 21:04
I get back from my night dive around 10 pm (that's not a euphemism; I was actually out scuba diving at night), and follow-up on an earlier idea: I'll go to sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night and feel like getting up, I'll head out from my temporary base at the Wharney (which should definitely be called the *****ny), take a look around, and see if any of the prime cuts can be had at a discount.

I had to see someone at Country Laser, aka Country One, so I figured I'd head over there, with my ultimate destination being Country 88. I head in, the one girl that I still know there is out, I think, good, didn't want to get bogged there anyway. I have a Coke, talk to the Mamasans, watch some guy being a dick because he has a black American Express card. Dude, if you're flashing your black Amex because you think it's going to get you a discount on some puss, forget it. Even if I were drunk I'd know that.

I drink my Coke, talk-talk, I'm outta there. Ok, on to 88. I've always liked 88, always felt it was the best of the Wanchai clubs. First of all, I like the downstairs. All the other clubs are ground level or first floor. The red velvet curtain adds little to the mystique or ambience since there isn't much of that anyway. But 88 is a flight of stairs below ground, which is way cool. You're a long way in before you even get to see what girls or how many are there. The music isn't great but it's not any worse than anyone else. It's probably the largest of the clubs although I haven't paced out the square footage. The stage is in the middle, the bar surrounds it in an oval shape, there's a big screen TV against one wall, and booth seating along the opposite wall. There's also a small, cordoned-off room in the corner that seems to be used for on-premises blowjobs, but I don't know how that works.

The last few visits I've had my eye on G***, an exceptionally cute, Chinese-looking Filipina who seems a bit shy, but she can raise one eyebrow independently of the other and that gets my every time. There's also J****, who's got a good bod, is somewhat coy, and is a font of information. When I need to know what's going on with the girls and the scene, I ask J****, and she's always forthcoming even though I've never taken her out. I've thought about taking them both, but I'm not sure how they get on together.

I had seen the lights on earlier as I was making my way down the street, so I figured, that's good. Heading over there, I see 88's manager, but that's nothing, he manages all the clubs in the Country family (88, Country One, Club Superstar, and Club Wild Cat) so he's around. Down Lockhart Road, turn left, ready to head downstairs...lights are off. Like a cartoon character, I rub my eyes and look up again. Lights off, metal gate shut, like it's 2:30 in the afternoon, not 2:30 in the morning. Fuck, I think. Or in this case, not fuck. I think back to what a friend of mine said the last time I tried to get booty for less: this ain't McDonald's we're ordering here, and he's absolutely right. If I just wanted to cum, I could do that for free.

As a last resort, I go to Wild Cat, to see M****, a girl who used to work at Country Laser, who has perhaps the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. She's my type if there ever was one: tallish, big earrings, dark, long hair. But I had sent her a text message earlier which received no response, so I know she was out. I poked my head in. A few girls there, they know me, tell me she's out. In less than an hour, I've covered the whole scene. I'm amazed by the efficiency but surprised at the result, or perhaps lack of one. Not wanting to troll the depths, and having been with M**** the night before and not getting much sleep, I decide to call it a draw and return to the *****ny.

11-11-02, 09:17
HK People,
Thanks for the help before, finally after waiting for my oportunity to go to HK, I will be at HK next week. Unfortunatelly due to a very tight schedule I only have 2 days ( arriving late afternoon at 17 and will be leaving at 18 evening) so as you can see not too much time. i will be staying at Regal Kowloon. Any good call in place near this hotel? MP? I can't get the girl to the hotel room since i am with my work friend. and i am sure i dont have time for KTV or the cyber cafe. i'll appreciate any info from you, Thanks

Acer V
11-11-02, 14:13
I advise your best bet for incall is to go to Jordon 1 stop on the MTR and visit the Temple Street Sauna. Its the corner of Temple Street and Jordon road. Big sign, cant miss it. Otherwise take the advise of some other posts here and discover the places on Portland St, Mongkok.
The standard tourist maps given out by the HKTA will help you find these streets I mention.

Good hunting!

11-11-02, 17:14
Hi everyone,
it's good to see Acer_V and JimHart69 back on here. However still no answer on where to get japanese girls. Does anyone know a place? Please help.

Regarding the best place for english speaking folks, I can say that the MongKok brothels are not a hurdle any more. The young keepers hanging around there will defenitely be able to communicate the necessary info with you. It's quick , easy, good and cheap as locals say here.

However here a point: I never tried Sauna. Is there really a place that provides full service , if so which one to recommend and how much is it?

Acer V
11-12-02, 02:45
Follow my advice below. The saunas in Jordon are all F/S. Also Carnival or KaLaiWa in Northpoint, but not all girls will.

At Temple Street or City Sauna in Jordon the going rate is ~$1200. Expensive when compared to Mongkok but quality mostly better.

11-12-02, 03:57
Thanks acer v
I'll post when i got back from my trip.
BTW, in temple street sauna, is the $1200 include FS?
can you give me a little description on it?
if i go to mongkok, is it easy to find the brothel? is there any sign? I can't speak cantonese or mandarin so i need an english friendly place. I need as much as info you can give me since my schedule is really tight so i don't have too much time to choose, thanks

11-12-02, 18:02
HI all,

Thanks for the info on Holiday Inn. My gf and I want to find some good clubs to go to. What part of town is best and what clubs would you suggest. We also like to pick a lady for 3somes any suggest on that one also. Of course, I will do some solos in the Mongkok area. We will be in town for four days. So we need some help to make the most of it.


Bone is Hard
11-12-02, 18:25
Just spent a couple of days in Hong Kong at the Grand Stanford (Intercontinental Hotel) in the TST area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Walked the streets as I was not interested in the sauna and club action, not enough time permitted to satisfy the lower head, you know. The first night it was Sandy, I have her number somewhere but I cant find it. I’ll send it along later.

Sandy is a thin well proportioned Asian girl probably mid 20’s, just what you think when someone says Chinese. Small ass, small tits and pleasant enough looks. Walked by and she asked if I was looking for a girl. I told her I had things to do but if she had a number maybe I would call her later on that night. I wanted to check the menu before I ordered the first chef’s special. That night things were slim so I got back to the room and called her. She arrived in about ten minutes. After her shower, she began a slow blow job (covered) and I proceeded to mount her. Spending enough time in mish, I wanted to change positions. I realized then that Aunt Rosie had just paid poor Sandy a visit, as did she, and my blood tended to drain as well. Ended up getting a pretty good hand job at a discount.

The next night, I got several girls cards as it was a bit more active. Final answer was Lisa. She was a more mature girl, late 20’s, lower 30’s and taller with more meat on the bones, more on the rib cage as well. Lisa’s mobile is 9353 0991. She was not as obnoxious as Sandy, speaking when spoken to, not endless chatter like, “ I give you good blow job, etc, etc. Lisa was, like I said, more mature and her actions on the bed proved likewise. Blow job was covered, but plenty of tongue action around the balls and up the shaft. Several positions later we both fell together in a pool of sweat.

I’ll answer my own question from a few days ago about the SW action in TST. It is active on some nights and that’s when you get a good choice. On slow nights, just cut you’re loses and call one before she goes home. On nights when you get approached after taking 10 steps, collect phone numbers and make the call to the one you liked best. They all come up to the rooms in the areas hotels. They pass out their numbers on note pad paper from the area hotels that they have been in. Going rates are 400HKD for BJ and massage and 1000HKD for full monty. These can be negotiated according to the night and the girl. However, they will try to increase it when in the room but stand firm on the price you settled on while on the street or phone.

Tonight by Bone was Hard, tomorrow it will be hard again.

Bone is Hard

Baby Huey
11-12-02, 21:04
Bone is Hard,

The girls around the Grand Stanford, for the Full Monty is about 1000 HKD. Is this a one pop, or 2 hour or all nighter? Do they or can they make there own way up to the room at the Grand Stanford, or do you need to escort them to the room? T-minus 2 1/2 weeks.

11-14-02, 03:57
T-Minus 2 days,
Any last minute tips on mongkok would be greatly appreciated.
Especially on finding good rusky in mongkok. any specific place?
Also i would like to know wheter the mongkok's brothel has sign at front? I dont want to embarassed myself since i don't know any word of cantonese or mandarin, Thank you

11-16-02, 03:50
Here's my last minute tip for Mongkok--don't bother. It's a waste of time unless all you're looking for is an orgasm, but at that rate, stay home and handle it yourself.

11-16-02, 08:16
I thought Mong Kok was fine. I agree it's a different experience than bringing a girl back to your room. Doesn't stop me from going there when I'm in Hong Kong though.

Can anyone tell me how much it costs for a cab between Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui? By the time I get there, the MTR will be closed.

11-16-02, 15:03
A cab will be 100-something Hong Kong dollars. You'll spend about a third as much for a cab as you will for your fuck.

11-16-02, 19:29
INTRANSIT: I wonder whether you really know HK or have been here at all !??. A cab from TST to Mongkok won't be more than 60 HK$ (If at all). Additionally, there are still the 24 hour Minibusses on Nathan Road that go the same way for 4 HK$, good evening =).

11-16-02, 21:04
peterhk and intransit - Both your insights are appreciated. Either way it's fairly cheap.

I went to the place right under the Woods Pharmacy on Nathan road. It's upstair a couple floors. They guys who runs the place speaks some english. Would anyone suggest another place Mongkok that is better and foreigner friendly?

11-17-02, 02:51
Mong Kok and TST is so close, you can even walk it in about 20-30 minutes. Taxi ride takes no more than $30HK (or $4.50 US)

When I was in Hong Kong two weeks ago, I noticed several brothals have English signs "Tourist Welcome" or have prices and ethnicity in English. Just walk down Portland Street.

However, don't pull out your hair trying to find these places. Just go to the corner of Soy Street and Shanghai Street in Mong Kok to see a parade of girls walking in circles with tons of guys standing around staring. If you spot one you like (it won't be a problem), just follow her up the stairs into a nearby brothal. It's OK if you're a tourist and don't speak Cantonese. Everybody there speaks the language of money

Street activity there occurs almost around the clock with activity peaking around midnight. At midnight, there were about 50-75 girls for your choice. It's great to actually see the girls before you enter a brothal. The only negative aspect of the environment is that there are are lots of scummy pimps who are also watching you and making sure you're not doing anything funny. It's kinda intimidating being watched.

Still, it's a crazy and fun environment. I'm not sure how much longer it'll last.

11-17-02, 18:31
FurryFriend - thanks for your advise.

I'm staying at the Marco Polo Prince Hotel in Kowloon. Would these girls go back to my place for an overnighter? Would I have trouble getting her into the hotel after 11PM?

11-17-02, 19:59

I've never taken anyone back to a hotel room before. Before going, I was advised there were serious street walker activity in TST on Nathan Rd but I found those reports to be highly exaggerated. Only a handful existed and the quality isn't too pleasing. I don't understand why anyone would use streetwalkers in TST when Mong Kok provides everything you'd want at a fraction of the cost (and several times the quality). Yes, Mong Kok is a "wham bam thank you ma'am" kinda place but I never saw the appeal of brining someone to your hotel room and possibly be a victim of theft.

Another reason Mong Kok brothals are preferable is their internal quality control. Most girls there work for pimps. If they don't perform, you don't return and the girls gets their illegal butts sent back to China. Street walkers in TST and other parts of Kowloon are freelancers, answers to nobody, and have little incentive to do anything other than take your cash.

11-17-02, 21:13

No, I don't know HK at all, I only lived there 2.5 years. Good luck figuring out how to use the minibus. I will admit I've taken a limited amount of cabs from Kowloon to the HK side after hours, my fare guess was based on similar rides at different times.

Bone is Hard
11-18-02, 22:01

The SWs in the TST area around the Grand Stanford will find their own way into the hotels. You do not have to escort them thru the lobby or find a discrete entrance. Just give them your room # and they'll come knocking.

The time I spent with each one was about 1 1/2 to 2 hours and probably could be for more than one pop, but for me, I dragged it out as my recovery time has suffered as each additional year goes by. You should get that info before they arrive. Once they are in the room it's hard to run them out once the little head is doing all your thinking.

Depending on the night (I saw from 15-20 on a Weds. night) dont commit to the first one. Get a sampling and call the best one, most give out their numbers on request. I've never seen a girl in the induustry that doesnt have a mobile.

Good Hunting.

Bone is Hard

Baby Huey
11-19-02, 14:16
Bone is Hard,

Thanks for the info! I have one more question, what was the prices you were paying?

Bone is Hard
11-20-02, 23:37

I was offered by one on the street a BJ and FS for 400 RMB but I didnt like the looks of her. It was late and time had not made her anymore beautiful. I ended up paying 1000RMB for the ones I had which could have been less had I had the fight in me but I just wanted to be laid.


11-22-02, 10:30
Hello fellow hk hunter,
Just got back from HK, I must say that HK is a beautiful city and have a lot to offer. There are some hi and low during the 4 days I stayed there, but since this is the first time I hunt, I am bound to make some mistakes. As Overall exprience, I could consider it very good. So here are the reports:
First day, I had cold and arrive quite late (10.00pm) So I just went staright to the Majestic hotel in Kowloon. ( The hotel is quite nice($700/day), have a good discotheque in the first floor but if you could not stand of disco music bangging in your ear until early dawn you want to stay away from the hotel, I could hear it all night and I was at the top floor (15th)
Second day, I have appointment in evening, so I have some time to kill. Against the advise of fellow WSG'er (Sorry), I called escort service. I think the name was International Playmate. They want $1000 per hour but I bargain it to $400 (happy hour). So she sent me a spanish girl. I should have back out of the deal since she was 1 hour late, but since my brain already gone to my crotch I go ahead anyway. She arrive, typical spanish, i gave her 5 for face and 6.5 for body. So i began negotiate for "extra" she want $2000, I laugh, so she come down to $500. The experience was not nice, she had cold, and have unpleasant body odour, so note to self : Never call escort again, it is expensive and not worth the money.
Third day, In the evening after walking around from TST to temple street, mongkok, Since I need to send email, I decided to give Cyber cafe a try. I went to a cafe near temple street ( the receptionist was beautiful so I said, heck what the hell) The name is cyber love cafe ( I think !? my memory is good but very short) Place was nice, Dark and have sexy ambiance ( sexy naked lady cover the wall) . The room is 204 per hour plus 100 for first hour and some tax total was $355. But trouble is ahead. I cant speak cantonese and speak very little of mandarin. I had to switch 4 girls and all of them can't speak english. so if you cant speak mandarin or cantonese it's very hard to have a good time here. BTW they dont have connection to internet so there goes $355 for nothing.
So i am tired and disapointed, but still have some gas to experiment HK night life. so i said to myself to give either mongkok or sauna a try. as I walk at temple street looking to find temple street sauna, I notice that the the temple street market there are many SW inside the market. But the quality was not good. so I walk along until I found Portland. Just when I was about to enter emperor sauna, I notice there are many beautiful lady walking around the area. so I start hunting in between portland and shanghai st. I notice this one girl i like ( actually i am tired, horny and a little bit delirious the girl was ok around 6) So i follow her to one brothel. The place kind of small and the wall was thin so during my escapade i could really hear the papasan talking (not nice but clean). The girl can't speak any english but who need to talk anyway. I rate her face = 6, body = 7, service = 5. during the intercourse she had a lot of call at her cell and eventhough my mandarin is bad i am sure she insulted me to test my mandarin a few times. it cost $340.
Last day, despite my Bad experience, i am still want to give mongkok last try. and thank god i did. this time i went there around midnight. In between portland and shanghai st many fellow hunter standing there to hunt. and this time the girls are plenty and most of them are beautiful (8-9). Learning from a day before i just hang out there and try to be very selective ( quite hard because they all beautiful) so around 1 o'clock i saw one very beautiful girl , petite an well figured. so i follow her around until she come inside on brothel that doest have sign in front ( it was at reclamation st, one block away from shanghai) The place is very nice, the guy are young and speak english very well, they treat you like god and joke around to make the situation relax ( nice place, highly recomended). I had to wait a bit since the rooms were full. Unfortunatelly, the girl cant speak english but the service is heavenly. the girl name was either sue or Xu. we shower together, she wash me gently and thouroughly, then bbbj, she has this special technique using her tounge, very heavenly. I must say that i was amazed by this girl beauty, she single handidly wash away my bad experiences in HK. it cost only $340 I gave the girl$200 tips and walk away a happy man.

11-22-02, 18:49
HI Zero,

Thanks for information. I will be in HK the 1st to the 5th of January. Anyone that would like to pass on info please do. Everyone's experience helps the next person. Anyone tried the one floor one girls? Staying at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile in TST. What is the disco and girl action in the area or is the Mongkok the place. What is the best action from 1100 to 1800?

Thank to all


HK People
11-23-02, 12:35
Hi Zero,

After reading your long message, such a bad luck u got!

Most of the cyber cafes are transformed from karaok. They provide no internet access. But at last u paid a reasonable prices and got a good experience!

11-23-02, 16:12
Hi all,

Where is the best place to exchange money? What gets the best exchange rate dollars or traveler's checks.

To hk people thanks for the website info.

11-23-02, 19:21
Hello all:
I hate to change the subject off the topic of girls/pussy, but, I am travelling through both Singapore and HK next week, and am curious if anyone has any thoughts/ideas on which place is better to buy a camera/phones/electronics, etc.
thanks so much,

11-24-02, 03:34
I was in Mong Kok last night and got a real cute and petite girl with big boobs, I followed her from the street into the rooms upstairs. She was from Zuhai and was very sweet and loving. But I was surprised when she asked me if I really wanted to use a rubber. I said of course. She then used one for BJ and one for FS. I guess her wetness when I fingered her wasn't natural. Amazing that some of them will not use a rubber. Anyways she was so good I tried to call her cell phone in morning. I noticed a carload of HK gang types watching everyone go in and out of the "house".

I exchanged my dollars at $7/$1 yesterday but when I went across the alley from Hyatt this morning it was $7.7. Wow !!!

HK People
11-24-02, 07:47
To tomwolf,

unable to suggest u. what currency u want exchange?
ask & quote price from hk local shop/dealer, their offer are more attractive than the bank proveded. beware of any fake notes!


To lalake,
100% push u to local chain store. eg. broadway, fortress, tai lin.
u get promise & confidence, prices are quite reasonable. If it is a second hand or decoration items, will specific to u.
To a local citizen like me, I hate to buy things like clothes, electronic ... at TST area!

My experience, I bought a mobile from fortress & after 10 days the phone malfunction. the staff are very willingness to exchange a new one to me. :) :)

11-24-02, 07:48

In Hong Kong, make sure you don't buy in the tourist area, like TST or near Nathan Road. They can be rip-offs for tourist, if you don't bargain hard. You can go to regular local electronics store like Fortress or Broadway Electronics Store.
Their prices are more standard. Your hotel concierge should be able to direct you to these stores.

For Singapore, you may also get decent prices, their exchange rate may be better. Another good place to go, if you are in Singapore, and if you have a day or two, is to cross over to Malaysia to JB area, where the prices are even better and lower. Quite easy to go over there, since Singapore is a small place, and there is bus service between Singapore and JB. Once again, your hotel should have the information to assist you.

Yes, we are diverting on topics here. So, I will say no more :-)

11-24-02, 12:04
To Tomwolf:
there are two suggestions for currency exchange. 1. Go to Chinese banks, I mean non international (including Hong Kong Bank). 2. even better, go to streeetside money changer, but be careful some would ripe you off and some would get you counterfeits. I used to and trust one in Causewaybay, on the other side of the road (Sunning Road) to Lee Garden, next to Pepperoni, it's very small underneath a stairwell. I've used their service for years, bona fide.

To Lalake"
DON't ever shop in TST, Causeway Bay is also dangerous! Try Mongkok for electronics along Sai Yeung Choi St. some are upstairs (such as the building where "Body Shop" is. ) You can shop cell phone in Mongkok too, but the shops are concentrated in a building, or you can go to Sham Shui Po. Beware All phones are GSM, that means they might not be used in the States/Canada unless it's tri-band like Sonyericcson's then you can use PCS1900 service.
My advise: as a Guilo, or Laowei(msinland pronounciation, avoid the hassle of be ripped off, go to Fortress or Broadway for electronics, the are honest chain stores and everywhere in HK. They mgith not be the cheapest but reasonably good, and they would never play tricks. You can even negotiate for some freebees like batteries, or whatever......
Best of all, get a smart HK guys to shop with you.

11-25-02, 02:42
Going to HK in few days. I'm looking for a clean place to get a nice full body massage in a private room, perhaps with hj or bj. (I'm not looking for full service) Can anyone offer me a good recommendation with prices?


11-25-02, 05:24
Originally posted by hk people
Hi Zero,

After reading your long message, such a bad luck u got!

Most of the cyber cafes are transformed from karaok. They provide no internet access. But at last u paid a reasonable prices and got a good experience!

Btw thanks for your tips,
it was really helpful when i get around in hk.
the cyber cafe thing, well you know, it might be not my day.
but it doesn't really deter me. I had a really a good time in mongkok. surely i rate HK one of the best city for hunting.

For tomwolf,
unfortunatelly I cant help you with 141 girl, maybe next time i'll try.
For disco, I think the disco in Majestic hotel ( I think it was called 345) is the best in Kowloon area. I can't comment though on the
Hongkong area, maybe HK people can help you, he's been very helpful to me.
For mongkok, well it depend on your luck, it is true that mongkok style is "wam bam thank you maam" But if you lucky there are some girls that is very nice attitude and beautiful. you'll need to be patient, hang around first and you'll be ok. As you can read from my last post, I had really a great time in mongkok.
Happy hunting, don't forget to post your finding there.

11-25-02, 08:59
Originally posted by tomwolf
Hi all,

Where is the best place to exchange money? What gets the best exchange rate dollars or traveler's checks.

To hk people thanks for the website info.

Most people don't know this, but you get really good rates at ATMs. If I need cash I just go to the ATM....rates are comparable if not better.

11-25-02, 09:09
Originally posted by lalake
Hello all:
I hate to change the subject off the topic of girls/pussy, but, I am travelling through both Singapore and HK next week, and am curious if anyone has any thoughts/ideas on which place is better to buy a camera/phones/electronics, etc.
thanks so much,

Fortress is the only place you won't get ripped off and yes the prices may be a bit higher. There is one on the 3rd floor of Harbor City Mall. Also, if you buy electronics from one of those smaller stores that negotiate, a WARNING: before you leave the store, open the box and check everything and make sure it is the correct item and the all accessories are there. HKG is known for swaping your item after you agreed to buy it and they stick something else in the box when packing it. I have known a few people who this happened to. Once you walk out of the store that's it...forget about coming back to complain. Reason why some of the stores seems to be cheaper than others is the items don't come with any warranty.

It is a little known fact that certain electronics in HKG, such as cameras are more expensive than the US. Do your homework before going to HKG for electronics, know what you want and check prices in the US before going. Though asia has certain new models that are not yet available in the US for a few months.

11-25-02, 09:14
Originally posted by zhuhai_guy
Going to HK in few days. I'm looking for a clean place to get a nice full body massage in a private room, perhaps with hj or bj. (I'm not looking for full service) Can anyone offer me a good recommendation with prices?


Depends on where you will be staying, how much you are willing to spend, what kind of girls and are you willing to expore a little.

If you have about 4 hours and willing to spend a little more, catch the turbo jet to Macau and you'll have a better time than you would in HKG.

HK People
11-26-02, 13:34
Originally posted by lqd
Depends on where you will be staying, how much you are willing to spend, what kind of girls and are you willing to expore a little.

If you have about 4 hours and willing to spend a little more, catch the turbo jet to Macau and you'll have a better time than you would in HKG.

100% agreed If u a foreigener & speak little cantonese, macau is a very good choice. However, beware of the taxi drivers & the three-wheeled bicycle drivers, they are not trustable!

HK People
11-26-02, 16:29
To lalake,

Nearly forgotten to tell u, there will be a computer /electrical show to be held in mid Dec-02 in HK.

Location : shamshuipo -- near golden shopping ctr
Pricing : will be very, very attractive.

I will never miss this chance!

(p.s. my english is not so good. beg all of everybody pardon. hope all the brothers understand)

HK People
11-27-02, 15:24
To lalake,

I know little about topless bar in HK. But once saw advertisement at Hankow Rd and Ashley Rd in TST area.
Pay attn to the drinks & min charges or u will be robbed, I mean the high price charges.

11-28-02, 18:31
Just a short note to say Mongkok is still alive and kickin' even after the recent spate of police/customs cleanup in the area.

Baby Huey
12-07-02, 03:22
Could anybody tell me where neptune is in HongKong?

12-07-02, 04:29
To Jimhart,

If memory serves me correctly, Neptune is on Java rd in Wanchai, near Delanney's

12-07-02, 09:43
where abouts do indonesian girls hang out?

12-07-02, 15:29

Java road? Not Jaffe road?


Originally posted by hkbaby
To Jimhart,

If memory serves me correctly, Neptune is on Java rd in Wanchai, near Delanney's

12-08-02, 10:47
HI Daniel,

You're absolutely right its Jaffe Rd.

12-11-02, 18:04
i was browsing the icq whitepages (a database of users of instant messaging software) searching for girls to chat with and found her. she claims to be 18yo and a hk local...i asked if she was filipino. dunno bout looks n stuff....if you use icq you can chat to her yourself....i was also checking out the www.man169.com and came across an advert that had the same address as the one oscar gave me...except the price advertised on the website was $280....
any1 know anything about the latest round of raids?

12-12-02, 10:42
Originally posted by powertoolz
i was browsing the icq whitepages (a database of users of instant messaging software) searching for girls to chat with and found her. she claims to be 18yo and a hk local...i asked if she was filipino. dunno bout looks n stuff....if you use icq you can chat to her yourself....i was also checking out the www.man169.com and came across an advert that had the same address as the one oscar gave me...except the price advertised on the website was $280....
any1 know anything about the latest round of raids?

the server for man169.com is slow. is every guy living in HK on it or what?

12-15-02, 08:32
Lotus and City Sauna Report

Following the great advise on this board, I first went to to LOTUS SAUNA in the Silvercord Center, easy to reach from the TST MRT station, just walk west on Haiphong Road which forms the south border of the park. The sauna is on 2/F, well visible.
While undressing, the guy asked me what type of girl I wanted and if FS or just HJ but indicated that FS was too expensive at this place! So I settled for HJ and gave him a tip. After shower, whirlpool and drink, went for a great 45 minute massage with a tall, slim girl with perfect skin but somewhat heavy makeup. She sure did a nice job on my balls and when she asked me to turn round, I was already rock hard. Again, she went after my balls with one hand while doning my cock with the other and it took not to loong until I came big time.
Funny enough, when I left the place, I only paid the HKD 496 indicated for a 45 minute session and not the 888 the girl indicated to me for a HJ. FS would have been 1800.
This place is spottlessly clean, all people are extremely friendly, even as a first-timer you can go there. Tipping the guy in the dressing room is not necessary, the girl overseeing the room where customers relax does also ask you for your wishes but at no cost!

Next up on the following day was CITY SAUNA in Woosung Rd, opposite San Diego hotel, just steps off Austin. Leave Jordan MRT station on the southwest side and you are there in no time.
The place is a bit less luxurious than Lotus, rest the same. Here, the girl in the sitting room asks you what you want, FS here is only 1100. You can indicate type of girl you want or number, if you know a girl you like and she is there. Went for FS and got again a slim Chinese with great skin and perfect body including good sized tits with huge, dark nipples and a tight pussy. She gave the usual massage and towards the end, went after my balls that I almost exploded face down on the table! What a massage! Upon turning, she massaged my cock for a while, undressed, slipt a condom over and started to ride me with her tight pussy. But not before having turned the light out!
We had an excellent 15 minute fuck, she was really into it. After I came, she again massaged me and we had a nice exchange of smiles. Good girl, good service but unfortunately, I do not have her number.
Upon leaving, I paid the amount indicated, was escorted to the exit and left with a big smile on my face. Can only recommend to go to such places although they are more expensive than MongKog. But also more civilized, if you know what I mean....

12-18-02, 04:01
Hey guys! I have some really good stuff to tell you about!

I see that several people had written about HK a while back and then what??? No more? Well, it's not much of a bother though... I was still content with what there was. I followed the advise of this guy on WSG that said there's a really good place in Mong Kok, 415A - Reclamation st. So, I went...

There was nothing much to it, just a desk at the corner and very small rooms with a bed and a glass shower. I don't really need to go into anymore details since it's been said before! Anyways, The person responsible told me to come in and sit down. So I did. I didn't feel too insecure about the place... It seemed small but coasy and generally safe. So, He asked me what I wanted and I let him know my intentions. What was good and relatively cheap? He told me there were some malaysian or thai women for 280HK$(56$cdn). I decided to go for any of the two types. He called over some malaysian chick that showed up about 15 minutes later. It gave me time to get to know the guy that spoke relatively okay english. It was just part of my little plan. 15 minutes past and this cutie shows up at the door. With her very limited english, she told me her name was Sally. Nothing too fancy - short, not much breast but had a tight body type and this cute smile. So, the guy told me that I had 45! minutes. Good. See that's where most of you were wrong, you bargain for the girls but bagain for time too! Well, all I can say is she was good. I showered with her, got her to bed, gave me a pretty decent bj, got her to ride, I took her in many different positions... Then blew my load. Then, since there was time left, she gave me a massage. Generally satisfying enough.

I went back 3 days later for another ride, since I was leaving to China the day after. Decided to get some r&r going before I leave. Well, this time around, I was in for a big surprise! Remember the chit-chat I had with the guy? Well, it paid off... He cut the prices for me the next times I come over. Instead of 280$HK thai-malaysian, it would be 240$HK. And for chinese it would be 300$HK instead of 340$HK... I opted to go for chinese - 300$HK (60$CDN) since I told him about the breast problem I had last time (she had small ones!). He let me know Chinese have good breasts. Another thing that I didn't know about the last time I was there is that you can refuse the girl and wait for others as many times as you want! So, I waited this time and made it count! For about 30minutes, I kept on refusing girls that showed up and just sort of "modeled" for me. Then, this really cute red hair chick showed up... She was 19, short, almond eyes and had a knock out body and really firm brea! sts(probably a firm and big B)! Pointy too, not sagging. She was a gift from wherever! I learned later she had arrived a few weeks before from China and was working in the sex trade. She was really kind a gently with me. From the moment I met her to the end it was pretty cool. And remember about the time bargain? Well, I had bargained to get 1 hour with her instead of 45minutes. Not much more, but hey, it's a start! So, I got in the room with her and wow, I really enjoyed her! As soon as she took off her clothes I was screaming! Anyways, we got in the shower and had a little foreplay going. Except she didn't really know how to kiss very well. Oh well, not everything is perfect! When that was done, we got to bed and started the good stuff! She started with a bj and then I got her in a littlte 69er. I just had to please this girl as much as she was pleasing me! So after that, we got doing the sex thing; Incredible! She was really tight and small, I was ramming her very well, a! nd more than once I had to slow down not to cum too fast! After that, after about 30minutes, we showered again to clean off the sweat and got to bed. She gave me a good massage for a few and then I felt so bad because her neck and back were aching a bit that I in turn gave her a massage. I'm pretty good at those. Then, we just cuddled up in bed for a bit. It was fun, more fun than I've had with some of my real girlfriends, that's for sure!

Well, the best thing about it is that there was no tipping needed. No one asked and they didn't bother me with money details at any time! Oh, and I also paid the guy at the END of the session, not before.

The guy even gave me his number so I could contact him the next time I'm in town, which I will since my job requires me to go there ever so often (maybe 3-4 times a year). He said he'd hook me up with all nighters for very cheap. like for the price of 2 sessions. 480$HK to 600$HK for the whole night!

I can't wait!

12-29-02, 19:45
Hi All,

Let me ask a stupid question from a newbie in Hong Kong.

I like that site www.******.com but how is it possible to meet those girls as it is all written in chinese, so it is not easy not to say impossible to find the adress.

How can one know when the girl is available or not? will there be a red light in front of her room?

The clientele is mainly Chinese or are they used to see western people?

Thanks in advance for your info.