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01-01-02, 01:00
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Grassy Knoll
12-31-03, 06:25
Dear fellow punters,

I spent some time decifering the 141.com web site. For those interested, my advice is to try the high volume buildings, ones with more than 5 ladies working. In that way, if you don't like the goods, you can try another without waisting too much time. Here are the buildings with specific flat numbers in too high busy areas Tsim Sha Tsui, and Causeway bay along with the rough going rate. Almost all ladies are from China. No guarentees expressed or implied.

Good luck.

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Carnavon Road No. 33-35 - many ladies here
3/F C8, 3/F B7, 7/F 7C, 7/F 7B, 6/F 4D 5/F 1A, 3/F 4A, 6/F 4A, 7/F 7D, 7/F 7A, 6/F 4 C
HK$ 480

Cameron Road 34-36
2/F D D3 2/F DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4(Coco) , 3/F A1 (Candy), 4/F A1, 5/F DD (Betty), 5/F DC, 4/F A1,
HK$ 400

6A Cameron Road 3C (MTR B2)
6 hits at this location right of the music store
3/F A, B, C, D, E
HK $400

Nathan Road 83-97 A.B 6/F 6B2 D (MTR C2)
9 Hits AB 6 Floor 6B2 A, B, C(killer body!!!!), & E, 15/F C1-2, AB 4/F floor A3, 13/F C4 - Most talent here appears exceptional on the web site but
HK$ 450

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Lockhart Road 442-452; this building appears to be separated by blocks associated with the number address ( I have havenft had a chance to visit ye).
45210/F Flat A, 4/F 446 A1, B, 4/F F1, 10/F 452 A,C & D
HK$ 380

Hennessy Road 451-457
4/F, ABC& D, and 15/F, B&C

HK$ 380

Lockhart Road 474-476 Many ladies here and many local customers in the hallways. There also appears to be a guy who can direct you around several floors.
11 Hits in this Building 11/F, ABCDEFG (C -Kitty looks good and A,F and G look good too) 5/F AD, 6/F, ABC 7/F A, D (wears school girl outfit if you in to that)
Sign above the entrance to the building says: Says Pak Lam Property
HK$ 380

Hennessy Road 475-481 from MTR take Exit C
5/F, A, B,Db, 9/F, Da-c,, 10/F, F
HK$ 380

Lockhart Road 381-383 (ntE code 2368 after 8)
5F/ A, 11/F B1,B2, 21/F A2, 22/F A,B, 14/F B1, B2,B3, 4/F A, B121/F A1
Quality on the site looks a bit lower although the asking price hovers around
HK$ 400

Grassy Knoll

01-01-04, 00:29
Something that has not been addressed in the recent discussions of the HK 141 scene:

Price has very little to do with quality and service. TST is expensive probably because of different factors like rent, being in the tourist areas and easier to find. I have had great service in the MongKok area at $320 and the Jordan area at $380. I very seldom go to TST at $400 and up. I did try a $600 Korean girl in TST, who turned out to have lived/worked in San Francisco and spoke very good English. The service was quite mediocre and she actually rushed me before the end of the 45 minutes promised.

Grassy Knoll in the last post has done a fair bit of homework. However, I tried that tactic before and found that there were multiple mongers running around the popular buildings as well. It would have made for a great comedy skit with single men riding elevators up and down and walking past each other and standing outside the popular/prettier sp's waiting for her to finish off the last client..

Happy Hunting.
Happy New Year.

Green Gopher
01-01-04, 00:52
I was in HongKong a few months ago. Stayed at the emporer hotel or was it the Empire hotel. It is about 5 minutes walk from the main shopping centers on the Kowloon side. It was more inland away from the Harbor. Inside the hotel had glass walls in a triangle facing eachother surrounding the pool all the way up top.

Across the street is a massage place. I came in there and paid for an hour. They ask upfront if you want full service w/ the girl or just bj or hj? I thought that was weird but I told them FS. After i come in, there is a man that asks you to take off all your clothes then puts them into a locker and helps you into a robe. You go and sit on some sofa's, smoke ciggerettes and drink beverages while watching movies on their BIG screen TV. About 10 minutes later the lady comes and asks me to go inside. In the room was dark... the girl was about a 6-7 a little on the thick side. she takes off my robe and I lie on the table. Best massage I've ever had. Followed by FS. Afterwards I get another massage. She was very friendly and comfortable w/ me so it was a great time. As I go outside, I sit back down on the couches have some smokes and relax. followed by shower. I go out upfront later and I forget what I paid but I remember it was approximately $80 US. Time spent was approximately 1.5 hrs. GFE\

Sorry for being vague, hope this helps!

01-01-04, 19:33
Had a similar experience to kick off the New Year. After way too many hours in the air, and wanting to have sex upon my return to Asia, I decided rather than start out with 141, I'd go to an old fave: Kings Sauna in Fortress Hill.

The place was empty, being New Year's night. I took a very hot jacuzzi for a few minutes (I'm really disappointed that Kings Sauna's cold pool is no longer cold, like actually chilled hypothermai cold, it's now just non-heated), then showered. I sat for a bit and watched the news, and told the guy I wanted a massage girl.

When I walked into the massage room, Lisa, #66, was already there. She's an older-looking (as in late twenties, maybe 30) woman with a face that's about a 4. But she's got softball-sized real tits, and isn't terribly chucky for the payoff on that.

She gave me a regular massage that may just have been the best I ever had. The other main factor in choosing Kings tonight was that after a long plane ride, I really wanted a good massage, not just quick pop and out. I definitely got that, and decided to go ahead and see what else Lisa could do.

I played with her tits. She put the condom on while my cock was still soft, but immediately blew it to attention. She then lay down on the massage table and guided me in. I finished much more quickly than I usually do, especially with a condom. Sometimes these sauna sessions go on for quite a while because I feel like my dick is wearing a wetsuit.

She's nothing to look at facially, but she's got great tits and really knows how to give a massage. Total damage was HK$1128, which tells me that the price has actually gone down at Kings.

I don't have the exact address for Kings, but here's how you get there: take the MTR to Fortress Hill, on the blue line, heading towards Chai Wan. Exit the station via exit B. Turn left out of the exit. Sooner rather than later, cross to the street to the other side--the crosswalk with a 7-Eleven on the MTR side is a good place. On the other side of the street, look for the Fortress Hill Post Office, that will be labeled in English. At the post office, turn left. You will now be on a small street. On the east side of the street, look for a sign that says Kings Sauna, and follow it. There will be a ground floor entrance that leads up a short flight of stairs. Once upstairs, they'll tell you what to do.

01-03-04, 04:56

Intransit has discovered his future. Many of you have been familiar with 141 for some time, but I started the new year right by getting in on this yesterday.

The experience was somewhat like I expected. The first door I went to, on 106 Lockhart Road, there was no answer. I tried another door in the same building, and although the girl I was looking for wasn't in, her neighbor was.

She claimed she was 28 but I'd give her early 30s. She was about a 5 across the board, but her tits were a 7. That said, she was very enthusiastic, giving a semi-GFE performance: deep kissing, enthusiastic fucking, lots of foreplay. She was definitely not in a hurry. I also had the honor (?) once again of being a Chinese woman's first Westerner.

What I liked best was the price: HK$400. I also like the arrangement better. Although in many ways 141 is essentially similar to a Mongkok experience, at least with the Web site, one gets a reasonable idea of what they're getting before embarking on the adventure, in terms of price, offerings, and location. Also, one need not go to MKK for the experience.

I definitely expect to start doing two girls per day now, esp. at that price. One piece of advice I've read here that I will repeat: try to pick a building or area that has several girls located nearby, and take more than one address with you. Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan, and Mongkok are all good for this kind of clustering, and in some cases every flat on the floor of certain locations will have a girl in it.

Thanks to Lilijo for his help and all the great information he has passed on to me.

01-03-04, 08:15
Your basically tireless researcher was at it again early this afternoon.

He returned to the scene of yesterday's crime in order to boink the girl on the 7/f that I had originally intended to see. There is no sign or really any other indication that this is a 141 location, except for the closed-circuit television camera above the door. Again I rang the bell and again there was no response.

I then turned to an address I had for Lily, on 9/F unit G on 38-46 Hennessey Road. Lily had kindly put a sign on her door (in Chinese) indicating she was taking the day off. I moved on.

381-383 Lockhart Road was my next destination, to a girl in 5/A. Ding-dong. No response.

I seemed to remember that there were some providers on the 11/F, so I hopped in the elevator (by the way, what is it with these elevators? They only go in one direction, even if you press an upper floor?) and went up to the eleventh. This presented me with two very clear, very well-marked choices. In apartment A (although the Web site lists this as B2, more on that later), is a girl from Taiwan, who had her welcome sign out and a nicely decorated door. In apartment B1 next door, a girl with the claim that she was 18 right on the door, had her "please wait" sign up. I chose door A.

Ding-dong. [sound of flip-flopped feet walking across an uncarpeted floor]. Door opens. She's attractive, and dressed like she's hanging out. I'm guessing I'm customer number one (it's about 1:15 in the afternoon). We converse in Mandarin and she's surprised that I speak Chinese.

We shower, we do the deed, I finish on her stomach and tits. No kissing, this one, not like yesterday's. Nice bod, ok tits, basically a 7 across the board. Service was good, she was patient when at first I had a bit of trouble. HK$400 and I'm outta there.

She tells me she works from noon until 9, because after 9 the iron security gate downstairs is shut. Regular hours, I think. She told me about the iron gate because I had asked, is that because most guys come during the day? Yes, she said, most come during business hours or early evening. She referred to the girls who work until midnight as being "open late." She also said she likes foreigners, that Chinese customers are "too rude." Sorry, brothers of the East.

Research now reveals that she is member number 54 on ******.com. She's not a devastating babe but I will say the photos on ******.com do not do her justice. Her neighbor goes by the name of "Betty" and is number 1279. There are a total of 12 girls working in that building, so if the one you're seeking is not available, pick another floor and keep looking. Be aware that there seem to be two blocks to the building, you'll see that as you walk in, it's marked in English.

01-03-04, 09:43

I see that you are having fun. Good for you.

2 suggestions and these are just my humble opinion:

I always try to see the girls with full facial pictures so that I have some idea as to the look. (look up ******.com number 636)

Secondly, if there is no age specified on the website, it usually means that the girl is near or over 30.

There are some locations in Jordan and Mongkok with several girls in the same flat being run as brothels. I have had some good experience with those, so do not count those out. These are the ones open 24 hours

I especially like Jordan because at the intersection, 3 of the 4 corners have buildings with 141's in them.

Looking forward to your reports and really enjoying being able to look up your visits on ******.com. There are a lot of other websites but I think you picked one that is fast and easy to navigate. Please keep posting the corresponding numbers from the website.

Happy Hunting.

William Tellhk
01-03-04, 11:50
Hi guys

after a taking a while off (and bonking my gf) I had to take a snack today in causeway bay. I usually go to the "Hop Yee Bldg" there are several gals on different floors. i usually just get into the elevator and pick a random floor. Today it was floor 5.

Out of lift, walk to flat B. Knock knock and a gal (face 6 , body 6 tits 8) opened the door. Got in and undress and shower. She kept on saying she loves my chest hair and started sucking me off in the shower, i wanted to stop her but she indicated it is ok and i shot my load into her mouth. Then...the big surpise. She swallowed. Glad to see that.

out of shower and then onto the bed...CBJ..then fuck. Was nice and comfy a bit tooo screamy. Abt 15mins later shot on her belly...and again./..she took her hand and took my cum into her mouth....what can i say ?? great stuff....for 380 HKD.

What is the morale of this story ?

Bonking my gf is nice...but bonking in 141 is FUCKING great !!

Have fun lads.

01-03-04, 20:39

Looked her up on the website. Good find. Very accurate rating re: body and tits.

Don't they say swallowing is real love?

Happy Hunting.

01-03-04, 21:47
Spent some time at Fenwick's tonight and noticed a large blonde contingent. Assumed they were Russian. Turns out they are Colombians--asking price for one girl with big blow job lips and large, presumably fake, tits was 3k, and she didn't seem to be budging.

Anyone with any experience with the Colombians?

William Tellhk
01-03-04, 21:59

just got back from there too...i think i know which gal you mean.

3k..,..geez....not worth it dude.

what did you do then ??

01-04-04, 02:48
Went home and went to sleep. I didn't chat her up, my friend did, so I didn't need to take a cold shower or anything like that.

Crazy Jim Wood
01-04-04, 03:49
Kudos for your recent nobel laureate research activities. I've been looking at 141 on the web for quite sometime and finally got a chance to enjoy it (vicariously). You've done quite a bit to flesh it out.

01-04-04, 15:24
hey guys,
whats the story of that 141 site? are the girls all working by themselves, legally? these are their own apartments?

seems shady to me, since the girls are so young, how do they have the technical ability to advertise their high quality pictures on a website?

01-04-04, 16:03

The website takes care of the pics and technical stuff. The girls take care of the sucking and fucking...

Try it out, it's the best combination of an escort service with restaurant menu I've ever experienced!


01-05-04, 02:33
I need help in translation for the below 141 girls:



I know somebody explained how to translate via Altavista, but as all in my screen appears like this:

I cannot have it translated....

Thanks in advance

HK Hunter
01-05-04, 10:43
Through a little research and exploration, I was able to go to a few places:

1) 141 - www.******.com (Look in the Tsim Sha Tsui area)

Ja Ju
Face 8.5
Body 9.5
Service 8.5

Jaju is Korean and speaks pretty good English. She has lived in the states for a few years. her body is incredible, she has the biggest natural tits I have seen on an asian girl. Her flat is clean and neat.

$400 Tit Fuck
$680 Full Package

She doesn't give a traditional massage like other 141's.

2) Mong Kok brothel (Shangai St.)

I spent about 20 minutes on a corner of Shanghai st looking at all the incredible meat that was passing before me before I decided to enter one of the brothels.

I went upstairs to one of the brothels. The guys called up many girls for me to choose from. I must have turned down 15 girls before I settled on one. Service was decent but mechanical. Since I dont speak mandarin, it is hard to communicate with the girl. Apparently they are all Northern mainlanders. Upon leaving, a police officer in plain clothes raided the place looking for girls without work visas. Although I do speak a little Cantonese, I pretended I didnt understand what the officer was saying so the officer was forced to interview me in English. After about 10 minutes of interrogation in one of the rooms in the brothel, the officer gave up and sent me on my way. Apparently the officer was not after me, but wanted my testimony to prosecute the girl I was with who didnt have a work visa.

01-05-04, 11:04
Hi Franco,

What information do you need off the page?


01-05-04, 15:15
So you can just go up to these addresses and knock on the door? no appointment needed? That korean girl jaju sounds interesting..might have to check her out tomorrow.

HK Hunter, did you manage to get a look at the other korean in the flat next door?

BTW does this girl seem a bit too good to be on this site? http://******.com/php/memberDetail.php?id=752

01-05-04, 18:25
HK Hunter was correct re: JaJu's description regarding her English and her stay in san Francisco. Really nice tits when I tried her over a year ago. However, she rushed me saying that even though she advertised for 45 minutes then she expected me to finish in 30 minutes and that I was overtime. I was not happy and for $600, I was reasonably annoyed.

01-05-04, 20:37
I went to Hong Kong in July of 2003. I wrote the basics of this up soon after my trip, but never finished it, and never posted it. Cleaning out my folders on my computer prompted me to finish it. I am sory if this reads like a porno novel, but it was such a unique experience for me, that I wrote as much down as I could when I got home so I could always remember it.

First a big thank you to those of you that responded via email to my first post asking for information about the scene in HK. Several of you sent emails. In fact, one of you sent me a primer on how to find someone in Mong Kok. It was a three page email that was a virtual how-to for going to a brothel in Mong Kok. It was a tremendous help. One of you even sent me his phone number and offered to be my guide.

I was cautious on my first night in HK. Its density reminds me of New York But the subway was clean, well lit and easy to figure out. The streets were alive with people at 10pm on a Sunday night and the market was still up and running. I walked around and around for several hours just people watching and going in and out of shops and was never bothered by anyone.

Now, for what you really want to know. My friend had given me directions to a brothel that he likes right outside the Mong Kok E subway station. Once I arrived in the area, I understood what he meant by the yellow sign places and to look for the signs with hearts on them. I located the place he talked about, but it was an elevator building and I was unsure about going up in abuilding that only had Chinese lettering on the doorbells. I walked around for awhile. I started noticing many young, lovely, smiling ladies walking around, waiting in noodle shops, and decided to follow one stunning Chinese girl into one of the brothels. She was young, petite, dressed in black miniskirt and heels.

I walked upstairs a few minutes after her, and told the guy in charge I wanted her. Unfortunetly she was already occupied, so he promised to get another one for me. The room was small with a bed and shower and was very hot. Outside it was 80 degrees F and very humid. It felt the same inside. It really wasn't too clean. I actually had been expecting better, but I figured it was too late to leave now.

I could hear him making several calls and after about 10 minutes a petite Chinese girl was brought in. When she saw that I was American, she groaned and said something to the man. He told me she said, "English Peckers are too big."

I was so surprised that I laughed. I tried to show her my dick, that I am only about 6 inches, but she wouldn't stay. First time I ever wanted a smaller dick. LOL.

I tried to leave, but he wanted me to stay, promising to get me another girl, who also had the same reaction when she arrived. WTF, I thought. Since when do hookers turn down money?

This time I showed my dick to this one after she came in the room, and she really seemed relieved that it was not going to split her open.

She was young and pretty small, maybe 5' 3" and 95 pounds. She spoke no English at all, so we did a lot of gesturing and pointing. We took a shower together where she soaped me up. I thought she really rubbed me up and down but later on I wasns't so sure.

We got on the bed and she immediatly went after my dick. The bed platform has mirrors on the walls so you can see all the action as she went down on me. She was pretty good at licking, but not deep throating. She did do this weird thing a couple minutes into the BJ. She spit on the floor a couple of times like something tasted bad. I don't know if she hadn't got all the soap off, or there was something else, but she said a couple of words in Chinese and then went back at it. I don't know, I had been walking around for awile and I was pretty sweaty, so maybe she didn't clean me as well as I thought.

Anyway I lost my mood, and told her to come up so I could lick her tits and play with her a little. I tried to kiss her, but she really didn't respond, so I backed off.

I worked my way down and ate her out. By the muscle tremors and the gasps, I think she enjoyed it. This got me hard again, and I slipped on a rubber and mounted her. After a few minutes, I wanted to slow down to make it last, so I got off and laid down so she could do cow girl. She was good at grinding, but not good at the up and down so we changed again. This time doggie style. I almost came just from her sticking her cute tush up in the air, with her lips pointed up at me. I couldn't resist licking one more time before I entered her.

To finish, I really wanted to see her face, so it was back to missionary with me on top. She surprised me, by bringing her legs way up, so they were almost over my shoulders. That did it for me, I was as deep as I could go.. It was a big finish and I was kind of loud so she put her hand over my mouth to keep me quiet, giggling while she did it.

All in all, it was a good sex experience, but not a good girlfriend experience. She wasn't as into as she could have been, and she seemd a little unsure and nervous. And it was kind of dissapointing because she was so good looking.

I paid $400 HKD, which I guess was around $50USD. Probably a little high, more than I thought I was going to pay, but what the heck, I was a tourist and it was my first time.

The next night, I came back and walked around somemore. This time I walked by a place that had a sign that said "Welcome Tourists" and Special $250. So I went in. The guy showed me the menu
Thai, Philipine or Maylay for $250.
HK girl for $400
Mainalnd girls for something else and Russian girls for $650.

I told him I would do the Thai girls, so he showed me to a room. This place was much cleaner and nicer than the other place, and I was a little more confident this time. I was the only one there, so I looked for one where the air conditioner was working well and was clean.

I could hear him making the usual bunch of phone calls only this time I was the one that got surprised,when the door opened and 5 girls walked in. All smiling and giggleing. I must have been sitting there with an open mouth cause the first girl said "Do you want all of us? Or can you pick?"

Well they were all cute, just different body types. But one of them had a pretty round face, and beautiful brown eyes. So I picked her. She was dressed in black stretch pants and a form fitting top. She wasn't as petite as the other ones, but she had nice hips that I thought would provide a good ride.

I have to admit I was a litle dissapointed when she took her clothes off becuase she had stretch marks on her legs and stomach from having a baby. It must have showed on my face, because she asked me what was wrong and what I was looking at. I guess after the thong wearing, perfect body, ***** the night before, I was surpised to see a girl in big panties. But I just smiled and hugged her. Her English was very good, and I had nio trouble understanding her.

We did the usual shower thing, but she took my hands and put them on her body with soap and encouraged me to clean her and touch her. She made sure my dick and butt were clean. I did likewise with her. I didn't want any spitting experiences tonight.

We got on the bed where we started with some deep french kissing and fondling. She worked her way down between my legs and took me into her mouth. I propped myself up so that I could watch her. She was very talented with her mouth and tongue and kept eye contact with me while she deep throated me. Very arousing. She also licked my balls and asshole

I then moved her around so I could go down on her. Much like the night before, she seemed to enjoy it and did not appear to fake it. Maybe they are good at faking it or maybe they don't get guys to eat them out well. She was willing to let me stay down there as long as I wanted.

We layed a few minutes touching and she then put a rubber on me. We again did a variety of positions till I came. Very agile and was willing to let me pound away on her small frame.
We ended up in the missionary position, so we could kiss. We really worked up a sweat the last few minutes, both of us slipping and sliding on each other. Lucky that we time to shower when it was over.

While we were getting cleaned up and dressed, I asked her about her homeland and family. She took out a little notebook and wrote the date and something else. Apparently I was her fourth date of the day. She was 22 and had a two year old boy that lived with her mother. She sent them money every month. I asked her how much she got out of the $250. She said $75 or $100. That surprised me. I thought she would at least get half. I then gave her another $50 as a tip. Her eyes got wide, she clasped her hands together and bowed her head, thanked me, and then gave me a kiss on the cheek. Contrast that with the American girls that I am with, who usually ask for a tip before we even undress.

Well, that was really a much better expereince then the night before. Just goes to show that girls that are the best looking are not always the best lovers.

But the first girl in tonights line up had planted a seed in my mind. I was hungry so I went to some of the vendors in the Mong Kok market and bought some food to eat. Bought some gifts for everyone at home. Had fun bargaining with the vendors and taking pictures. Had a couple of waters and a Coke and after awhile I was refreshed.

I went back to the same place. Told him I wanted two girls this time.

He sent me to a room, and I hear him making the phone calls. A couple of the girls were the same, but again I had a lineup of five to choose from. I picked the one who had given me the idea to begin with, and another young one.

The shower barely fit the three of us. Four hands soaping you up is a very unique experience Lots of laughing as hands overlapped hands, breasts, asses, and my dick and balls. I don't think any of us knew where to touch or how to begin once we got on the bed. I had them lay on either side of me while they played with me. I took turns kissing them. I had one of them move down and start going down on me, while the other straddled my face. Thank god for the mirrors that surround the room as I could somehow catch reflections of all that was going on. The girl on my face started grinding down as she got more into it. She turned around to watch the girl giving me head which seemed to excite her more.

She said something to the other girl, and as she climbed off of my face, I felt a condom being slid onto my dick. The girl who had just been on my face slid onto my dick with a hard and satisfied grind. She then started some nice cowgirl moves. The other girl turned around, put her knees on either side of my head, and moved to straddle my head so she could face the other one and watch her.

We were down far enough on the bed that I could see the mirrors behind me, and when she would raise off my face, I could see the two of them touching each other. The cowgirl was doing all the work on my dick, so I didn;t have to move. Great muscle control. She was tight and just could sithere and squeeze me. The other girl on my face was moaning and pushing down on me. I felt her come and kind of fall into the other girl, wiith her hands now touching the base of my cock. After she came, I stopped licking, which freed me up to concetrate on my dick, so I started to move. She started pushing back, and I couldn't last much longer. The great thing about these women is that they hold you in place and let you come as hard as you can against them.

We were all pretty sweaty, so we showered again. I tipped them both, walked outside and caught a cab for the ride back to my hotel, as it was to late for the subway, and I was too tired to walk far anyway.

.I had two nights in Hong Kong that I will never forget. I want anyone who goes to rest assured that they can have a safe and enjoyable time in a brothel there.

01-06-04, 10:01

The addresses would be fine.

Thanks !

01-06-04, 13:10
To HappyGardener,

Can I have a better description of how to get to the place you are talking about called "Welcome Tourists". How far is it from Mong Kok E subway station. I planning to go there in late Feb / March 2004. Do you remember the street or or any landmarks for this place. Better yet a phone number for the place.


01-06-04, 18:36
Hi Franco,

Causway Bay, Lockhart Rd No.442-448 10Floor No. 452-A suite (MRT C exit, enter from CD shop, after 22:00 ring door bell)

Causway Bay, Lockhart Rd No.442-448 10Floor No. 452-D suite

Northpoint, Shu kok Street no 23-Maylun Apt. no 2 Floor room H
(MRT B1 exit)


01-06-04, 19:28
I had to search thru my papers from that trip. I have a business card from that location. I will give you all the English that is on the card.

The place that I went to that said "Welcome Tourists" was called;

Dynasty Club
202 Portland Street,
Mong Kok,

2625 1307

The back of the card has a map that says it is between Shan Tung street and Soy Street. there is a Mc Donanlds and a KFC restaurant on Shan Tung & Portland

01-06-04, 19:33
I also got some PMs an emails asking for more info. I will post the email that I got from someone right before I went as it was very helpful to me.

I noticed your post in the Hong Kong forum. I used to live there full-time and am still there quite often. Unfortunately I won't be there while you're there but I'll give you a few tips. For more details as well as several addresses you might try, look through the back posts in the Hong Kong board.

If you are looking for straight-up sex, similar to an AMP, your best bet is in the Prince Edward/Mong Kong/Yau Ma Tei area._ This is close to any area where you'd probably be staying. I frequent a particular place in Mong Kok. I'll tell you how to get there but I haven't been there for several months and there was just a bust in HK so I can't guarantee it's open. Fortunately, there are three brothels in the same building, so if one is closed you can try the others.

Get on the MTR (subway) and take the train to Mong Kok. If you are staying in the most popular tourist areas, Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan, you'll just take the red line toward Tsuen Wan 2-3 stops (depending on where you get on). If you're staying on Hong Kong Island, you will take the red line across the harbor, but you may have to take the blue line to get to the red line.

Once you're at Mong Kok, take Exit E1. When you emerge from the stairway you'll be in a one-block pedestrian-only street (too wide to be called an alley) that connects to major roads. Right in front of you will be a set of stalls hawking trinkets, which divides the street into two narrower paths. Veer to the right. Within about 15-20 feet of the subway exit, you'll see to your right several narrow entryways to buildings. To the left of one is a snack food stand, or at least it was last time I was there. As you pass down this hallway you'll see mailboxes on your left and two elevators on your right. You will probably see handwritten yellow and/or red signs outside and inside this entry hallway. You won't be able to read the Chinese characters, but you will recognize numbers such as 30, 40, 45, or 60 (minutes) or prices in the range of HKD$280-$360, and a floor number, as they are written in familiar numbers. These are signs advertising "massage," but of course we know what that means. You can take the elevator to the 10th floor, which is a brothel I frequented. If you go into the wrong entryway, just pop back out and try again--this is a crowded area but everyone in Hong Kong is too focused on what they're doing to notice you. The elevator may have signs in it too. Off the elevator you'll see an open door to the left. If you're lucky, you'll be met by the guy there who speaks a bit of English. If not, no worries--he knows why you're there. If this place seems to be closed, try the 8th or 9th floors. At least one and probably all of them are still running. If they're all gone, be sure to have a backup plan. Look on the HK forum for alternatives--Mong Kok is densely packed with brothels and it shouldn't be more than a 5 minute walk to another building which may also contain more than one.

Anyway, once you get there, the operator (always a male) will take you to a room. It will be a small room with a double bed and shower, possibly mirrored wall or ceiling. He'll ask you, probably in Chinese, what kind of girl you want. Usually what's available are: local girls, mainland Chinese, Singaporean, Thai, Filipina, and white. The white girls are from former USSR countries, almost all married, and turning tricks secretly to support their families. I don't know why you'd go all the way to HK and pick a white girl though. The operator may be able to understand your English, but just in case, here are the best translations I can make for the types of girls:

local: "hurng gong" mainlander: "buh goo" (the "buh" should catch in your throat a bit, almost sounds like "buck") Singapore: "sen gah poe" Thai: either "tai gwa" or "mah lye" ("mah lye" is a generic way of saying malay, which could get you a girl from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, or possibly Indonesia--but saying "tai gwa" may produce the same results, depends on who's available) Filipina: "fih lih bun" White: "gwai paw"

Getting Singaporeans is kind of hit or miss, one will be available only about 10% of the time. Also, Thais, Filipinas, and whites are occasionally unavailable because brothel operators tend to provide their living quarters grouped by nationality so if there's a bust on a few that can create a shortage of one type. But locals and mainlanders are always available, which should be sufficient for your purposes.

What's the difference between HK, mainland, and Singaporean Chinese girls? Virtually nothing, IMHO. Many local hobbyists claim that mainland girls are prettier, but I can't really see the difference. They also claim that Singaporean girls have lighter skin, are thinner, and have tighter pussies but again I haven't noticed this. (And having lived there for some time I can tell the difference between the different Asian nationalities, but unless I hear them speak I cannot tell between locals, mainlanders, and Singaporeans.) However, the local and Singaporean girls will understand Cantonese, whereas the mainlanders will not. That doesn't help you though. Some claim that the mainlanders are never bitchy and are friendlier than HK and Singaporeans. There is probably a kernel of truth to that but they'll all be cooperative and will do the deed.

If you get a Malay girl there's a decent chance she'll speak at least rudimentary English. Filipinas are almost guaranteed to speak basic English. Also, the Filipinas will ask for your cell phone or hotel room number and ask you for a date later on, or you can offer it. I've never done this but if you take them up on it you can almost certainly have a nice evening and free sex all night long afterwards, and it will be cheaper than the other way to pick up Filipinas (see below). They'll probably be more into the sex than the others, too.

Okay, on to the actual sex. After you've requested a kind of girl, you'll sit in the room for up to 10 minutes while the operator brings in a girl. They'll play pirated western porn on a TV screen in your room. You can turn it off if you want though. The operator will knock with your girl. Look her over quickly. If she's satisfactory, nod and welcome her in. You can refuse a girl, and the operator will bring you another, but you'll have to wait until they call and bring her in from a nearby apartment. I don't know if there's a limit to how many girls you can reject, as I've only done so once. They're almost always at least satisfactory if not hot.

You'll both undress and get into the shower, she'll wash you off, usually including your asshole, and definitely including your cock and balls, with a nice soapy rubdown--very nice. You cannot refuse to shower, but you can avoid wet hair. You can grope in the shower. The house provides towels for drying off. They also provide shower shoes for you but I don't think I would ever stick my foot in one of those things, who knows how many people have worn it--at least the shower floor gets soaped off every time.

After drying off, she'll probably take the lead, but will acquiesce if you do so. The BJ will usually be covered but I have had a number of BB, especially from the Filipinas. BBBJ will never be to completion._ Most of the girls will prevent you from DATY, but some will allow it. For some reason I never felt comfortable DATY in Hong Kong but I always do it at PS--the girls seem cleaner. You can fuck in a number of positions, but not anal. You can come while fucking or CBJ. Sometimes the girl will rim you but this is rare and I can't tell you how to say it because there's really no way to show that sound with English letters.

You get one pop and usually 45 minutes. The operator will knock like the PS mamasan, but the girl will tell him you're not finished. Don't push it though--they may keep knocking and I don't know what else after that (as a repeat customer though they let me stretch it sometimes when it wasn't busy). After finishing, you'll shower again and the girl will wash you. After dressing, you'll give the operator the fee.

The fee varies slightly according to the market. I have seen Filipinas as low as HKD$280 (US$38). Usually, Filipnas, Malays, local girls, and mainlanders range from HKD$320-$380 (US$43-$49). Singaporeans, if available, cost HKD$450-500 (US$58-65). Whites cost HKD$600-$800 (US$78-$105). A quick rule of thumb for your trip is that US$1=HK$7.75, and HKD$100=US$13. The exchange rate is fixed. Don't exchange currency in the airport. Go to a local bank (NOT a "Currency Exchange"). They'll charge you a fee but it will still be better.

There are SWs who cost the same as the brothels. They hang out mostly in Kowloon anywhere from Tsim Sha Tsui to Sham Shui Po. This way you can pick the girl you want but there is increased risk, and also they usually come out after 9 PM. The brothels are open from either 11AM or noon until at least midnight, usually 2AM. Again my advice is you'll get the same thing and be much safer in a brothel.

You can have a half-date half-hobbyist experience in the bars in Wan Chai, on Hong Kong Island. TONS of Filipinas hang out here--they are maids employed by local families who are usually lonely and will fall all over a white man like he's the second coming--shouldn't be too hard to get one or several girls interested. The bartenders and other staff can also often suggest girls who date (some of whom kinda-sorta "work for the house"), and in this area the staff will speak English. The cover charges and drink prices for you and the girl will get you to a good US$70-100 before anything is discussed. Sometimes you can get lucky and pick up a girl without paying for her, especially if you are attractive and charming, other times you'll have to pay up to HK$2000 (US$260) to bring her home for the night. This area is basically a tourist trap but if you're into the whole dinner, drinking, and dancing thing be my guest.

There are also saunas and massage parlors where you can pay for a massage and negotiate "extras," possibly including FS, with some but not all of the girls. You'll end up approaching US$150. Becuase you aren't familiar with the area and don't speak the language this is probably not a good idea.

Finally, you can go to ******.com or lady168.com and preview girls, who always live and work in the same apartment, with directions, services provided, and various prices listed. The price is slightly higher than the brothels, but you can pick and choose beforehand. The problem is that it's all in Chinese and the web translators such as altavista.com don't do a good job with the slang, the place names, and the street names. But go there and look at the pictures and psych yourself up. :)

Some general info:

Prostitution is legal, brothels and pimping are not. The girls who are busted are all busted for immigration violations, not prostitution. I've never heard of a hobbyist being nabbed but if you are stay calm, the worst thing that will happen is they'll take you to the station, ask you a couple of questions, and call your wife--but you can give them a fake number especially as you don't live in HK.

No tipping is required or expected in brothels. In restaurants, a 10% "service charge" is automatically added, and the local custom is that after the server brings you the change, you leave a few of the smaller coins (up to a total of perhaps HK$8/US$1). Upscale restaurants may require tipping the server an additional 10% but not usually. Many places, especially in tourist-heavy areas, also happily take US dollars, but it's simpler to just use HK, especially since for convenience the shopkeepers will convert at 7:1 instead of 7.75:1, and will round up. A few places may give you a slight discount for using US dollars, but without experience in the area you're not likely to be able to scout out these places. Bargaining is also possible in the smaller trinket stalls and tourist markets (such as Stanley Market and "Woman Street" where clothes, souvenirs and music are sold). This will be more difficult for you not knowing the language, they will assume they can take advantage of you, but they probably will understand enough English to allow you to bargain, and if you start to walk away they'll cave and give you a better deal.

The MTR runs from about 5 AM to 1AM. After that take a cab. Cabs start at HK$15 ($US2). For a great view, take the Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui across the harbor to Central and the reverse trip. The ferry costs HK$2.20 (US$0.30).

Public restrooms in Hong Kong can be nasty--some are squatters and if you're not used to this it can be difficult. McDonald's is fairly reliable in this regard, always with western-style toilets, and there's one on practically every corner. Also, the decent hotels (that serve tourists), sandwich shops such as Oliver's or DeliFrance, and some shopping centers will have them. You should carry around a pocket pack of tissues (avilable dirt cheap in the drug stores there) with you because often toilet paper is not provided. To ask for a restroom, say "Chee saw hi bean doe?" (pronouncing saw, hi, bean and doe like the English words).

Thank you is difficult to pronounce. It's close to "daw tzeh" with the daw being pronounced somewhere between doe and da (a longer aw sound), and the tzeh having an initial sound not quite as hard as a "z" but much harder than a "ts". If that makes any sense. It's not easy to type it in English.

01-07-04, 04:22
Hi all,

Where to find those white meat, who provides at lease okay service, in HK? Well, I know that it is quite crazy to find those white meats in HK while there are plenty of nice asians. However, I do wanna know how the quality of the cacuasian wls in HK is. and dont mind to try some if they are young and nice.

Where can I find them and are they usually from russian and eastern european? Mostly young or old?

Plz help. Thanks


01-07-04, 17:45
Thank you everyone for your posts.

Can anyone please give me a direct link (URL) to the Causeway Bay section of ******? That is the only part I did not figure out.

Also does anyone know the address of Jordan Sauna?


01-08-04, 11:29
Greetings from Hong Kong. I just arrived today after a long absence. Feeling just lousy from the flight, I decided that a trip to Mong Kok was in order to perk me up. I'm staying at one of the Pacific Place hotels. All you have to do is hop on the MTR red line at Admiralty Centre (walking distance) and take it to the Mog Kok station. The cost is HKD11 each way. I took exit C to Portland Street and strolled along it. You'll see lots of pink and green signs, some with a little English and often with a price. It's disconcerting at first, but nobody will bother you. There's almost cartel pricing going on among the different establishments: HKD270 for a girl from Thailand, HKD340 for one from Mainland China, HKD690 from Russia, etc.

I tried a few different places. In the first I asked for a girl from the PRC. You sit in a room, they call one up, and she arrives in about 5 minutes while you watch a porno. The rooms are small, not the best but not the worst I've seen, with air conditioning, a bed, and a shower. I agree with an earlier post that the blow jobs are just amazing. This girl was only a 5 or 6 facially, but very talented otherwise. After a lengthy scrub in the shower she went right to work with her tounge. My dick was actually the last stop. You really have to experience a thorough licking of your asshole and the area between it and your balls. I then enjoyed a BBBJ to completion. The service seems to be strictly one shot only.

The second girl was Thai and better looking, but not as enthusiatic. She gave me a brief blow job then I got on top to finish up.

I'll let you know what else happens.

01-08-04, 17:53
Dear HappyGardener,

Thanks for the long post, but I'll add some of my own details to your detailed and useful post:

-I've gotten the option of bareback BJ about 99% of the time from the "yellow sign" brothel girls, from all nationalities, and bareback FS from about 50% of the girls. I usually take the BBBJ and skip the BBFS for CFS

-My experience is the Thai, Malay, and Filippinas don't mind and/or offer BBBJ with CIM. Especially the Thai, who give the best blowjobs out of all the "yellow sign" girls, in my opinion

-I've gotten two shots on several occasions in the yellow sign places, but I'm not sure if this was standard proceedure or was I lucky? Can anyone clarify if it's "all you can cum" for 30-45 minutes or is it strictly one shot? What if you finish in like 5 minutes?

-If you are going to exchange $100-200 USD I don't think taking the time to stand in line at a local bank is worth saving about $1.50 USD that it would cost you at a "currency exchange" place. BUT, DO MAKE SURE that the currency exchange place is offering something close to 7.72 HKD to 1 USD since a lot of the ones in Central/TST and other main shopping districts are rip-offs.
Most of the currency exchanges in the Mongkok area and around the brothels DO offer great rates. Convenient, eh? :)

Anyway, my thoughts.


01-09-04, 18:41
Back to Mong Kok for a few more samples. It's frustrating because I kept getting offered girls that were around a 5, and you'd see the occasional 7 after she finished with another customer. Both the Chinese I was with offered BBJ, but not CIM and not the full rim job, etc. We need to work on the quality control! Besides Portland Street, a block away is Shanghai Street with an equal number of establishments. Again, the price is the same everywhere.

All my experiences allowed one shot only.

A word on the many escort services in the Yellow Pages. They will charge you as much as they can get away with, but discount down to as low as HKD300. This is for a massage--which may be quite good--ONLY. All other services (HJ, BJ, FS) must be negotiated with the girl, and they can be quite expensive.

01-09-04, 19:07
Mongkok Update

Went tonight and it was dead quiet. According to the keeper about 60 girls were busted in the last two days. If you're expecting variety in MK nowadays, then you'll be dissappointed. Very few girls were either left or working tonight. It is no wonder the 141 girls are getting more and more popular.


As for the escort services, they flout the law by offering girls for "massage". Hence over the phone they will simply say, cost is $300 per X hour with the girl. And they will wipe their hands clean by saying all other services you need to negotiate with the girl privately - and is none of their business. So the Filipinas offering socalled $300 services end up costing well over $1000 in reality.


01-10-04, 17:19
Finally, I may have a chance to go back to HK for a quick trip during the Chinese New Year, although with the billions of mainlanders who seem to be preparing for their own short trip, I'm not sure that's such a good idea...

But, I've been dying to try some the girls on the hk161 site since I never knew about this particular site, only the ****** site. The hk161 site seems to have more interesting variety though I think the ****** site has better looking girls. For example, I really want to try the multiple women who list fire/ice, massage, and full service in one package for $350 for 60 minutes! It's probably too good to be true or I'm misunderstanding. From that description, it would definately seem like multiple shots would be possible, but I'm not sure at all. Here's an example:


Could somebody clarify my assumptions?

Also, can anybody make comparisons between hk161, ******, lady168 services? I'm just wondering if there is any difference, actually.

Thanks, especially CC1, for keeping the HK board active and informative.


01-10-04, 21:02
To try to answer Johnnykon666's question regarding websites, I had spoken to some of the girls regarding the differences.

The websites are independent websites and really have nothing to do with the quality of the girls. The girls are either indies or under contract with an organization who brings them over legally or illegally and then charge them a large portion of the income to repay the "loan".

The indies or the organization then buy website ads for the girls. So you may occasionally see the same girl on both websites especially if they decide to change ads. The websites will send a photographer to the apartment to take pictures. I actually tried to go into the same establishment as the photographer once and he had to come back to do the pictures. The website might do a new set of pictures every now and then.

Whenever massages are included with FS, the girls, in general, are older and independent rather than the fresh younger girls from the mainland.

These are just some observations from my mongering.

Happy Hunting

Fun Lovin Guy
01-11-04, 08:48
Hi Guys,

Found a great looking girl on 141 website. Can someone help me translate her address into English please. Thanks a lot.


Daring Mood
01-11-04, 11:31
Hi guys,

Quick question: I know that the Strawberry disco on Hennessy Road closes at 8.00am. Do any of you know of bars/discos that are still open after 4.00am? TIA

01-11-04, 21:46
Fun Loving Guy:


Tsim Sha Tsui
Block A
Room B

TST subway D2 exit
next to the tailor shop

Post a report afterwards
Happy Hunting

Member #1415
01-12-04, 02:44

Does anyone know where/how I can find Russian / Cacuian girls without visiting the brothel in MonKok. Do they advertise on any website similar to ******.com?

Also I read the reports in ******.com and I don't understand what 'ky' means. Can someone explain that to me.


01-12-04, 08:58

Thanks. I both love to read and contribute as much as possible to this forum. However, I'm sure there are lots of lurkers out there who have a bag load of info which we could all do with - so if you're one of them, tap out a few lines!

As for 141 girls, again, I'd like to publish a "definitive" list of the sites - others are welcome to update:


Other info sites you can get similar info are:

I surf most of the 141 sites, some are better than others dependent on various factors:
o accuracy
o up-to-date
o geographical focus
o price

You will note that for some, they have heaps of girls in TST and others less so and focus elsewhere.

For quality of girls, I find best161.com the best and often the pics are not blurred/censored. ****** is the most comprehensive but the pics are often blurred. For the most seductive pics, gal88.com seem to be well taken - Penthouse style. For price, like a previous poster has mentioned, the TST girls are generally more pricey, but I do find them prettier than in other districts generally.

As for the Mongkok scene, that's getting worse and worse and I am now more inclined to visit 141 girls. I'll be paying MK a visit tonight so I'll post an update on the girl situation.

What I do find though with 141 girls is that they are more "hardened" than the MK brothel girls. In the past, I've managed to get anal, CIM, CIF (face), dildo, BBFS (sort of - I chickened out each time after sticking my knob in - I know the spiel!) and pictures taken with brothel girls. Some are very very green, which to me is a bonus.

I might add though, there are 141 girls for $300 which is less than the normal MK fee. But the majority are around $400 or getting up to $500. Usually, the 141 girls are in a rush to get you to unload and find another John. This is particularly so when you go during peak hours. Just my POV. Others may feel differently.

As for the service provided by the websites for 141, I don't think there is a big difference. All provide essentially the same thing. What differs are the girls and whether or not they are to your liking. I have heard thought that the web master for ****** is planning on trialling an English version. That will be a big help to us English only readers out there.

I recently, tried this girl:

She was very nice, good GFE... BUT, her mamasan called to hurry her along and ask her how many she had done in X hours - forcing her to rush me along a little. Apart from that she was very nice. Cost was $480 place $20 tips. BBBJ ok. Still nice and tight. Very nice figure as the pics show. Face was pretty.

Here place is on the same floor as about 5 - 6 (at least) other working girls. So just ring the door bell and have a cursory look to see if she looks ok. Bear in mind, you will find heaps of other mongers either waiting in line for a fuck also - which is uncomfortable.


01-12-04, 12:13
Concerning my last post Re: Causeway Bay in Chinese on sex 141.

For HK newbies like me, I attach a graphic showing how Causeway Bay (CWB) and Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) are spelled in Chinese courtesy of the MTR map.

On ******, CWB is the 6th link in the last region line menu and TST is the 8th link in the 2nd region line menu. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Can I safely assume that if a lady's name on ****** is spelled in Latin characters then foreigners are welcome?

01-12-04, 19:05
Been reading these posts with interest. In 2 months I will be in Hong Kong for the first time. I will be staying at the Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers in Kowloon. How far do I have to go for services? Can't be too far and I can't bring them to me (wife along) but I am interested in supporting the local economy. I know there have been addresses given but I can't seem to find a map that gives me the kind of detail needed. What do you experienced guys suggest? TIA

Frank Africa
01-12-04, 19:10
Dear Leaker:

Good news as your hotel is in a good location, just a couple of subway stops from Mongkok and even walking distance from a few places and 141 girls. Check out Lilojo's post below for a girl that (I think) is walking distance from you. Good luck!

01-13-04, 04:55

I would say most of the Chinese ladies in 141/brothels in HK prefer not to service foreigners. Mostly because of the big-dick syndrome. That being said, some are curious, short on money - whatever and will service. Most of the local (Hong Kong) girls will not service foreigners.

Usually, the Malays/Thai/Filipinas are cool with this though.

Girls with English names definately do NOT equal foreigner friendly.

If you want the best hit ratio, I suggest going to Mongkok and asking for Thai/Malay girls.

Yes, discrimination - but a touchy and tricky area. I myself have had the same problem with white girls.


01-13-04, 05:04
Mongkok Update

Last night was there around 7pm-ish at my local haunt. Surprise, surprise, there was no vice enforcement activity going on and the quality of the girls was fairly good. There was a fresh new local HK girl doing the rounds. You could tell she was very fresh, maybe 23 yo - face was OK, but not to my liking. I reckon she would have been a nice fresh fuck. In fact, it was her first day on the job and if I had agreed would have been her second customer. But who knows what she did in her previous role. Many of these girls worked in Cyber Cafes so are probably just as hardened as all the other girls. But she did look very green. Probably should have dicked her.

Anyway, selection of the mainland beauties was good. Many to choose from and quality was good for the MK scene. Ended up picking a nice 19 yo girl from Shenzhen. Spoke the local lingo well. Looked just like a typical HK local girl you would see in CWB or TST. She works from 11am in the morning. When I enquired why she said its because she isn't good looking enough to work the night shift. I don't believe that, I think its because her papasan works daytimes. In fact, I was later to find out I was her 8th customer for the day - attesting to her not-so-bad appearance.

Skill wise, she gave one of the best BBBJ. She had a motorised tongue that flicked away forever. Very nice indeed. Pussy was nice, pink and still tight. Its her second time in HK doing the trade and I suspect she gets up to similar naughty business back home, so for all the fucking she has probably done, she's still nice and tight.

No anal rimming, nice attitude, highly recommended. Her name was "Man Man". Can't remember her papasan's name.

Mongkok is back!


01-14-04, 11:16
CC wrote: "Mostly because of the big-dick syndrome ... I myself have had the same problem with white girls."

Now correct me if I am wrong:

White women will not sleep with black men because of their big penises.
White women will not sleep with Chinese men because of their big penises.
Chinese women will not sleep with white men because of their big penises.
Chinese women will [definitely] not sleep with black men because of their big penises.

What are we to conclude? That we all have big penises!

01-15-04, 07:49
Can some one translate this for me please.


01-15-04, 08:11

Regardless of the big-dick issue, the communication, language and culture issues still have many problems between Asians, Europeans and Africans.

If you are white, you would better sleep with hot sexy white women. If you are black, you would better date the most beautiful black women.


01-15-04, 11:13

I would like to think I have a enormous penis. But alas, truth be told I am merely "normal". But what I was referring to specifically was the issue of discrimination and not the rationale behind the discrimination - perpetuated by the WLs. WL around the world WILL discriminate for whatever reason - be it racially motivated or by other myths and legends such as horse-sized dicks or otherwise. In anycase, you're bound to catch some muff.

Happy hunting!


01-15-04, 17:45
Dear members of the board,

Finally I have made all my way back to H.K. to celebrate CNY.

Any chance to meet up with some fellow mongers for a drink or a little "adventure"?

CC1 re your earlier post - are you refering that you have had better experience with 141 gilrs than MK brothels or vice verse? Pls verify.

By the way, thank you all for the info you share. I will contribute with my posts later.



01-15-04, 20:14
"White women will not sleep with Chinese men because of their big penises." - this one gets me........everything else you said makes sense! I've never heard of a Chinese man having a big dick! lol...


01-16-04, 08:49

I know I can be topsy-turvy on my views on the MK scene. The reason is, for the last few months, vice enforcement has been very very active in MK and this has led to the problem of:
o no action when I'm there - leading to disssappointment,
o lower variety of girls,
o generally lower quality of girls.

But I always go back to MK, because I still feel it is the best bang for your buck and as close as you can get to a "guaranteed" level of service.

You will get your choice of girls, full time allocation, guaranteed to get bareback BJ, FS - and sometimes you will surprise yourself with: girl letting you take her pics, anal, BBFS, CIM, COF (cum-on-face) etc.

141 is less "guaranteed" in the sense that the pics on the Net are often covering their faces partially, sometimes they are working, the girls are generally more hardened and less flexible with their "options", generally cost a little more. This is just IMHO. Others I know feel otherwise.


HK Phooey
01-16-04, 10:21
Has anyone tried out either of these two girls?

Kelly in TST

Xiao En Zi in CWB

I'd like to know how they rate in terms of servce and personality (like if they rush it or give a GFE)

01-16-04, 10:55
Daring Mood,

The only other non-Strawberry option is Fenwicks, but that clears out at maybe 5am and the crew heads to SB.

I have heard of similra type of place on KWL side but never been.

Anyone has come across some non-SB options on HK side?

01-16-04, 15:05
To CC1,

I spent about over a week in HK recently; but I mostly get my action in Macao and then of course SZ. I just doesn't seem very inviting to go inside those buildings with the signs showing prices at 230 to 300 HKDs. I'm always thinking there's a chance of getting ripped off or robbed plus it doesn't look super clean.

01-17-04, 06:54

Macau is definately better in terms of variety and quality of girls. I too frequent Macau and I often have a great time. But the cost is somewhat more expensive than in HK. Although in HK if you want similar service to Macau you can get it too, but pound-for-pound it will cost upwards of $2000 in HK to get the same quality of girls and surroundings.

As for 141, I agree that it can be a little frightening. Invariably, you will be going to a new location each time. Unlike in MK, where you generally go to the same place each time - you tend to feel much more comfortable. I can vouch that for the brothels in MK you will feel safe. The first time you go you will feel uncomfortable, but the keepers are always friendly. For 141, you get stares from the guards at the entrance to the buildings and sometimes you need to walk up the stairways which are dark and grimy.

As for cleanliness, yes, both the MK and 141 aren't anywhere near as clean as Macau clubs. Despite this, MK is safe and fun. I'll be going again tonight, so I'll post an update shortly.


01-17-04, 08:15
HK Phooey,

At the behest of your suggestion below, I visited Kelly in TST this afternoon (about 20 minutes ago). If you are not a foreigner fluent in Mandarin, forget it. She answered the door and gave me the "can I help you" look, and I asked if I might enter for some service. She said, no, sorry, I'm afraid of foreigners. I said no need, I speak Chinese, we can communicate. Kelly said, "I'm afraid you'll be too big and carry on for too long." So I gave her the money-back guarantee: scope the goods for yourself, if you think it's too big, I'll leave. Curiosity kills the pussy, and I'm in.

GFE, no. She's got a nice bod but not an amazing bod. Then again, I've come to take the porcelain skin and lack of body fat on Chinese women for granted. Kelly is from Sichuan, Chongqing, and has bee here just over a week. I was her first foreigner ever--a distinction I've had too many times to count. As I said, it was not GFE, but she was ok. I took a while to reach my destination but she never hurried me. Her acting skills in the form of moaning could probably do with a brush-up, but again, she was definitely not hostile. Her place was bigger than I expected. The great thing about 141 is that I never feel I wasted my money. $450 for about 45 minutes. Funny part was, she forgot to switch her sign to "please wait" after I walked in, and some other guy showed up. She was already undressed. Nonchalantly, she wrapped herself in one of those small towels she used, opened her door she has a metal security door on the outside, turned the sign, and closed it. The guy outside (you can see this on the closed-circuit security cams they all use) simply moved to the girl next door, who is also on the game.

[Addition to original post]: for the second time in a row on a 141 experience, the girl said, almost using the exact same words as the first, "Foreigners are good. Chinese guys are so rude." Both used the same phrase for rude."]

CC1, I disagree on the feeling of fear in MKK vs. 141. I went to MKK once and I'll never do it again. I realize that as someone who speaks Mandarin and can read the addresses on the 141 site, I have an advantage and a different perspective, but I find the residential buildings that house the 141 girls to provide a much greater feeling of security than MKK, which in anybody's book is a bad neighborhood. It's hard to say that about Causeway Bay.

As for comparisons to Macau, you simply can't. The mainland girls there are essentially the runway models of the China working girl set, and as for the saunas, hell, it's three times the price, it better be significantly better.

Off to Australia for two weeks. If anyone has any P4P contacts in Cairns (escorts you've used, etc.), please hit me with them on private message. Kung Hay Fat Choy!

William Tellhk
01-19-04, 01:53
To all the guys who were asking for "gweimui"

Here you go :


1200 for full service.

If anyone of you tries them, please makes us happy with a full report.

01-19-04, 04:56
To Dwittlin or anyone else,

Anna is Pretty. The translation software I used, said she located at Jianshazui hotel. Does anyone know where she is located. The price of 1200 is a little high. Is this price is fixed or is it negotiable.

01-19-04, 11:55
There really isn't any disco open after 8-9 am in Wanchai. If you refuse to go to bed, there are only a few options open. You can go over to Lockhart road to "The Bridge". They try to keep the mood going with music and blackened windows. It is really hit or miss as far as excitement goes. Another place is "The Old China Hand" across the street from this bar.

Another option is to cruise the parks around the Strawberry area. Go to Southorn or the parkette on Lockhart. Many of the domestics that had partied at Strawberry have no place to go until the disco action at 2 pm. If you see any you recognize from Strawberry, chat them up and ask if they want to keep partying.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents.


01-20-04, 04:58
To Dwittlin or S Weelock:

The website says that she is Czech but also suggested that she is in HK due to the poor economy in Poland. A little confusing.
She is not located at any one particular hotel. She is working in the Tsim Sha Tsui area but will go to a specific hotel with an appointment via telephone contact.

No other details regarding services or time.
Definitely looking for a report on this one.

If one is specifically looking for Caucasians, mostly East Europeans, go to Macau and the saunas especially Darling 1.
The 2 Polish beauties I tried from Darling 1 were spectacular with regards to looks, service and attitude. Cost $1380 for 90 minutes.

Happy Hunting

01-20-04, 11:45
I think there was a post (way back when) about the internet cafes. Sorry, but I could not find it nor remember the details. Could one of you fine gents enlighten me?

I seem to remember someone saying that the value wasn't really there. But, I think I'd like to just expereince it once. So, here'e my skein of questions:

Does anyone have a physical address or directions to one?

Is it just "touchy-feely in the cafe?

What is the typical "extra service" cost?

Thanks in advance!


01-21-04, 03:12
Does anyone know if activity in Macau shuts down during Chinese New Year

01-21-04, 08:30
Anyone try Lady168<dot>com? Seems like an interesting selection!

William Tellhk
01-22-04, 17:51
Hi guys

Just did my traditional Chinese New years shag in MK. Went to the joint that CC1 always discribed. Was pretty good with a gal called "Hwa"
She is a bit tiny but nice and tight.

And now...the reason why i post here now:

I was able to convince her to do it 3 times !! I have NO idea why it worked...but I can tell you, this is the first time in my 4 years of MK mongering that i convinced a gal in a yellow sign joint for multiple shots without any surcharge !!

Great stuff

This year of the monkey obviously will be a good one....:)

01-22-04, 23:05
Can anyone help me?

I wanted to know if the prices on that lady168.com was in American dollars or Chinese dollars. Also if it is chinese dollars what would say $100 chinese dollars convert to in american dollars.


01-23-04, 07:03
I went to internet cafe last year, you could expect a basic karaoke treatment in there.
Expect to pay HK$150-200/ hour with just light touches ( It would depend on your luck)
As far as FS you could negotiate with the girls directly but I think it would be as high as
the karaoke girls.
I am not sure the direction to this internet cafe, but you could find it anywhere in kowloon.
Jordan, TST, mongkok, etc.
But be sure that you speak Cantonese or mandarin, otherwise you would have a hard time to get something.
Anyway, my experience was bad, so be careful out there and happy hunting
who know you have better luck than me.

01-23-04, 12:14
Thanks for the reply Zero.

The thing I don't understand is: if the experence is similar to KTV (but with less action), why are these internet cafes popluar? It can't be for the internet time. Perhaps it is because the girls are fresher? I don't know.

Anyone have some info?

BTW: I am a caucasian who has shamefully neglected to learn Cantonese. Is it hopeless for me to find one of these places and have some fun? Any Chinese mongers out there want to accompany me?


01-23-04, 19:58
there was a raid on one of the internet cafe last week and the police nabbed the keepers and girls ranging from 13 to 17 years of age. one customer was arrested for lewd acts on a minor (?jail time)since he was not caught in the act, otherwise it would be statutory [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and the penalty would be severe.

don't do it.

HK Humper
01-24-04, 05:20
Anyone knows places in Sheung Wan or Central area? Also, I'd like to try some nice white meat. Where can I find white girls in HK? Any recommendations are appreciated.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

01-24-04, 05:43

Those prices on the web site are HK dollars. For estimate, US$1.00 = HK$8.00

Have fun.


Viper V10
01-24-04, 13:01

I'll be going back to hk since ages ago and just discovered this wonderful service but I just need a little help.


From the link could someone explain what each of the prices are?

Also please tell me what "dup" means?


I'll sure post reviews of my happy hunting.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

HK Hunter
01-24-04, 16:36
For those of you interested in Cyber cafes:

Look at man169<dot>com to find them.

There you will find prices and selection of girls. Most seem to be located around the Mong Kok and Jordan area. Price for most places is listed around $268 but management will tack on bullshit fees such as service charge and drink charges so expect a total bill of around $320. This is just for an hour time with a girl.

The manager will bring a girl to your room, if you dont like her ask to change to a different girl. Most of these girls are Hong Kong locals, so some may speak a little English.

Once you have your girl picked, she will usually listen to some MP3s or watch a movie on the computer. The computers are not meant for surfing the web. The few times that I have been, there were so many popups on the computers, checking your email could take you forever.

The services offered are 1, 2, and 3.

1 Hand Job $100
2 Blow Job $200
3 Full Service (Must be negotiated, depending on the girl but could cost anywhere from $500 to $1000)

I was offered an uncovered blow job to completion from one of the girls for $400. But this price can be negotiated.

HK Hunter

01-24-04, 18:34
Blake's SARs adventures - Day 1

I visited Mimi at 11E 474-476 Lockhart Road.

Tired after 16 hours of flight I decided for a quickie at 10:00 PM so that I can relax and have a good night sleep. With an address list in my hand, I decided to visit 474-476 Lockhart Road as it has been said to have the highest concentration of ladies. 5 minutes from my hotel and I was there. I expected a big building but all I found was a tiny entrance stuck between two shops. I went in and started climbing the stairs. The first floor had some sort of caf or bar and the second floor had a door with beer signs posted on it. I continued up and suddenly it was darkness. In any other place I would have backed out but for some reason I continued up until I found a landing with a door. There were two very anonymous doors and an elevator which I took. I must have missed the elevator downstairs. I went in and up to the 11th floor (guided by Grassy Knoll's list). I arrived there and suddenly it was the 141 world everyone been describing. There were like maybe 7 doors with posters and stuff. Only 2 had pictures on them. The first one had a sign that said Sorry Busy and the second one (11/E) said Welcome. My intention was to inspect. The door was opened by Mimi. She started talking to me in Chinese. I did not understand a word by I asked How Much? Still couldnt understand. I showed her some cash and she started saying something before finally writing it on her hand. It was $400.00. A bit steep according to the forum but what the hell, I was very tired. I went in and there were two TV sets. One had a Chinese film and the other was actually a CCTV monitor showing the landing from four angles.

We both stripped and she showered me. After that off to the bed. It was a very uneventful 30 mn. It was quick and short but what the hell, I wanted to unload. All during the action she had her eye on the CCTV monitor checking what the competition was doing. While dressing, I also looked at the monitor. There were lot of comings and goings but also, every punter seemed to be under 30.

Well, anyway my plan for the next day was two visit a sauna fit for kings.

01-25-04, 14:36
Viper V10,
'Dup' plus the word next to it means massage. The prices are: hk$300 full service (45 min), hk$200 massage (90 min), hk$300 massage + hj (90 min), hk$450 massage + full service (90 min). If you're brave enough (my comment), hair cut for additional hk$50.

01-25-04, 20:43
HK WSGForum Brothers,

I will be travelling to Hong Kong this May. I had never travel back to mainland China alone before to visit relatives in Zhu Hai Region and I am not familar with the routes or the area because I live in the US for a long time or since I was very young.

Can Brothers here give me a detailed directions on how I can travel to Zhu Hai City from the HK Airport, including custom authority and ferrys to Zhu Hai and what to avoid. Because I read from other forums that China is very differert from the U.S and could be very dangerous, i.e getting robbed, scammed and kidnapped etc.

I can speak fluent Chinese but don't have any experience travelling alone in Hk or China before.


01-27-04, 11:16
Thanks to all who replied to my query concerning cyber cafes. However, I am still having difficulty figuring our a way to find these establishments.

I have followed the advice of going on to the man69 site, but that site will not load for me (and I have broadband service!). Could anyone offer me an alternative source of information or just give me an address of a cyber cafe?

16 days until I am back in HK!


01-27-04, 11:24
I am glad of all the news provided by this forum. I wish I knew about it when I lived in HK! (from 2000-2003) I spent most my time chasing freebies.

Speaking about freebies, why aren't there more mention about them in this forum? HK is a great place for this pastime. It can be a little expensive if you are not careful though (buying drinks, paying for a room at The Ming Hotel, etc.)

Any stories out there? I've had good luck going to Borocay on a Sunday. Many times I've pulled out a cute Indonesian girl for a freebie. The Philippinas are good too (Laguna or New Makati), but most times you need to woo them a few weeks.

What is the concensus out there? Indonesian or Philippina for freebies?


01-27-04, 14:07
Blake's SARs adventures - Day 2

Following a report by Intransit, I decided to visit Kings Sauna. I followed his directions on how to get there and easily arrived to the entrance he described. I went in and climbed to the first floor but there was nothing but a giant double door with tinted glass. On the 2nd floor there was a restaurant but no sauna to be seen. I went back down and had a look around. As the saunas big neon sign was lit, I decided that the place must be there somewhere. I went into a small alleyway with post boxes on the right and further down to the left, I found the door I was looking for. The sign was in both Chinese and English and it put me at ease knowing that they would accept foreigners. The sign also said Only male persons will be entertained on the premises.

I climbed up the stairs and arrived at a big reception hall with the other side of the big double door mentioned above being on my left. It seems that they have switched entrances since Intransit was last there.

Without any questions, I was ushered into a changing room with two smartly dressed attendants. They opened a locker for me and gave me a towel. Using metallic tongues, one of them brought some flip flops from a sterilizing oven.

After changing I proceeded down to the water tubs. There was hot water tub and an iced water tub. I did switchover twice and men it felt good.

After a shower, I was helped by another attendant into a silk robe and proceeded to the waiting room. I was offered non-alocoholic drinks and cigarettes, The Maitre D gave me a menu with dozens of numbers but no photos!!! I asked him to choose for me. He asked you want young, to which I replied No I want with good massage hands.
Five minutes later I was taken to a part of the sauna that had small rooms. I was guided to one that had two massage tables. There was a Chinese woman called May. Very sexy with her short skirt and tight top (8/10). After stripping naked I lay on the massage table face in th hole. She covers my body with a towel and starts massaging through the towel. After five minutes of this comedy, I manage to make her understand that I want to be massaged without a towel. She laughs, takes the towel off, puts cream on my back and starts massaging me direct. Anyway, at one point she brings in some hot towels and massages me with them. At one point she goes out and comes back with a piece paper having 1088 scribbled on it. I nod and then she starts undressing. The real stuff starts until completion. It was long, it was slow, it was wonderful.

On the way out, I get the bill at something around $1,340.

Classy guy this Intransit. Definitely my kind of place as I am also a luxury massage freak, that is the legit massage. So why not mix both?

Acer V
01-28-04, 10:23
Thanks for the report on Kings Sauna. It is a place I have not visited for some time. Previously, I found it to be somewhat of a dump. You can do better with a short ride to Jordon at the Temple Street Sauna or City Sauna. Also there is the Carnival Sauna and others in the same area as King's Sauna.

Keep up the reports and happy hunting!


01-28-04, 12:45
Kings Sauna is OK, a little run down but still alright.
I prefer Carnival or KLW as its abbreviated Chinese name is known. It is further up Kings road (400m) and on the opposite side. You can't miss the neon sign across Kings road. Other Sauna's in the area are:

Northpoint Sauna about 200m past Kings Sauna. Keep walking towards Northpoint and you will pretty much hit your head on the sign on a low awning. Never been there but heard a good report. Looks down market.

Ocean Sauna, it's a 150 meters from KLW. I heard same owner as KLW. OK sauna environment, had a Russian with a bad attitude and have not been back.

Windsor Sauna close to Fortress Hill MTR on the peak side of Kings Rd. Strictly vegetarian massage not even a HJ ...well if you know the girl very well it is possible but she will be fired if found.
High quality massage and surroundings, very recommended if you like massage. I go here a lot after getting relief somewhere else, great shower and sauna to get clean feeling and massage for total relaxation.


01-28-04, 18:19
Blake's SARs adventures - Day 3: Macau or Bust

Oops... wrong forum. Off to the Macau forum.

01-28-04, 20:34
planning a trip in feb. what is the best place to stay for action in hongkong? how do we get english translation about the adresses on ****** or other sites?

01-28-04, 23:38
Visiting Hong Kong again - a couple of questions for the locals:
So which sauna/massage club should I try if I'm interested in actually using the sauna, getting a massage and getting Full service? Upscale and clean if possible
Also, any news on the pickup scene at Harry's Bar?

John Lee
01-29-04, 02:05
Hi, Lilojo:

Thank you for your excellent reports.

Any suggestion about the SW action near Pacific Plazza?

Roversman 999
01-29-04, 05:21
RE Harrys Bar.. was there twice in past few weeks. Pickings were very very slim and nothing was more than a 5. All women were over 30 and theyd been round the block a few times. I speak tagalog and all told me they had been working for many years...

Re indonesian and filipina freebies you can get lucky iaguna and Makati but you gotta pick well .Try to hit on a gurl who has a few drinks, who is not a clear working gurl and who looks like fun. Sometimes theres gurls there alone who just wanna play but with no pay. I got lucky many times but also ive had some misses. After a few dtinks and chat I ask girl if she wants to go out to eat.. lots of cafes around there. If she says shes ok to go with you to eat, your already past the first base. Good fuck i mean good luck.

Cal Travel
01-29-04, 07:50

Firstly thanks for all the info on the forum. It was really useful to me when I visited Bangkok (but thats another story!)- You are doing a great job guys.

I am travelling to Hong Kong next week for 2 weeks and was hoping to have a good time. I will be staying at marriott, at 1 Pacific Place 88 Queensway, Central Hong Kong.

On the weekdays, I could go only after work, so somewhere close by would be good, so could anyone please suggest a few locations nearby (I know lots of places have mentioned here- Wanchai, Mongkok, but I dont think I could get there and back fast).

So far, happy161.com is the only English site that I have encountered, and they seem to be mainly in Price Edward and Mongkok. havent had much luck with babelfish.altavista and ******.com.

Also, will any of you be in Hong Kong that I could make contact with, and perhaps you could share a few pointers. Alternatively, if you have any contact numbers/addresses.

I know I am asking for a lot here, but I have seen many helpful posts here, and I am hoping for some help too.


01-29-04, 13:55
Hi everyone,

I'm new to HK so I'd appreciate if someone can help me out. Scrolling through the archives, I found many mongers talking about the ****** site. Is this site an escort service? Do the prices there include FS?

Thanks a lot guys.

01-30-04, 00:58
Plugger :
Read my post on 01-11-04.

Cal Travel:
Pacific Place is in an area where there is little mongering activity. Next to the business district and downhill from the high-end residential areas of mid-level and the peak.

Subway travels toward the east is Wanchai and Causeway Bay. These areas are full of one-flooor-one (141) apartments. Wanchai is only one subway stop from Admiralty which is the stop linked to Pacific Place. See Blake's post 01-25-04 re: Mimi at Lockhart Road, Wanchai.

Even Mongkok station is only 15 minutes away from Pacific Place. Admiralty station, go towards TsimShaTsui, Jordan, YauMaTei, Mongkok, PrinceEdward and so on.

Link to MTR (subway) map:

Post a report and bring up your post count from 1.
Happy Hunting

Purple Porkchop
01-30-04, 05:15
Was in HKG laast Jan and will be going again in Mar.

Best hotel for the money is the Eaton, Check HOTELS.COM, about $89/night. Cross the main strewet in front of this hotel and go one block into the are--planty of creap girls walking around.

Go 5-10 blocks north on this main street and again go left into aree--many massage places. A little more money and a little more fun.

For all nighters go over to Hong Kong island, the bar area, a bring one back to your room

Have fun

Cool Kid
01-30-04, 07:41
Will be visiting HK at end of Feb., after Beijing. Booked into Kowloon Hotel, any suggestion for places to visit close by?

Interested in high end (8 or 9s) all nite type activities, plus a good relaxing sauna/massage place to get my jet-lag away.


Cool Kid

01-30-04, 09:39
It does not take long to get to Mongkok or WanChai by MTR. A train will leave every two or three minutes from Admiralty just near where you are. Under 10 minutes to Mongkok and 3 to Wanchai. Action in Wanchai bars does not start till at least 10pm.
Suggest you try Mongkok, 141 in Causeway Bay, Wanchai Bars and then Sauna for starters, report back here and we will give you the next course.


01-30-04, 11:03
I like to stay in Wanchai, especially at The Wharney Hotel. It is close to the bars and the MTR is almost at your door.

Thegood place to check for the best rates in hotels is www.hongkongnet.net if you are prepared to prepay. Another great site is http://www.asiatravel.com/hongkong.html


01-30-04, 13:06
I'm confused....Kings, Carnival, Jordan, Temple Street...so many options and so little time...
So which sauna/massage club should I try if I'm interested in getting a good massage from a pretty thing and getting Full service? Upscale, clean, not scuzzy.
Willing to pay the difference between low level and best value for money. Thanks.

Cal Travel
01-30-04, 17:27

Could someone translate the address for these 2 providers please.



Long Duck Dong
01-30-04, 19:07
CT and brothers,

I just came back from Hong Kong. I tried Mongkok and 141. The best hotel to stay is Park Hotel on Chatham. About three 141's are located within walking distance (one across the street). Anyways, when you look at 141, many are located on Carnarvon or Cameron. On ******, the one with the picture of Raja is on Cameron and the one with the James Lee Manision is only another block away on Carnarvon.

Carnarvon Road No. 33-35 - many ladies here
3/F C8, 3/F B7, 7/F 7C, 7/F 7B, 6/F 4D 5/F 1A, 3/F 4A, 6/F 4A, 7/F 7D, 7/F
7A, 6/F 4 C
HK$ 480

Cameron Road 34-36
2/F D D3 2/F DD1, DD2, DD3, DD4(Coco) , 3/F A1 (Candy), 4/F A1, 5/F DD
(Betty), 5/F DC, 4/F A1,
HK$ 400

Nathan Road 83-97 A.B 6/F 6B2 D (MTR C2)
9 Hits AB 6 Floor 6B2 A, B, C(killer body!!!!), & E, 15/F C1-2, AB 4/F
floor A3, 13/F C4 - HK$ 450

If you need more info, please post questions.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

The Edge 79
01-30-04, 21:34
Hi all,

I will be in Hong Kong next month for a few weeks on work and have been reading all the posts. first of all.. great job! very informative indeed.

I'm a little concerned about not speaking chinese though.. Will that be a problem? whether its conversing with the girls or understanding websites or reading the "yellow signs?"

Also, what are the best places to travel to for the weekend? Somewhere cheap to get to and good for mongering? I have been reading about Macau for example. Any others?


01-31-04, 02:49
The Wharney, a k a The Whorney, rocks! It's my Hong Kong home-away-from-home. I'm staying there right now, as a matter of fact! Certainly no problem taking girls there, have never been charged for having an additional guest, the night staff couldn't care less what goes on (what the hell are they printing for hours at a time?). It's also right next door if you're mongering in Wan Chai. Current rate is 500 per night plus 13% tax. PM me if you'd like the contact information of my travel agent, who is just absolutely awesome.

01-31-04, 02:56
Fast 1-4-1 report: went to 442-452 Lockhart Road last night, near New York Cinema. I had hit a couple of other addresses, but I made the mistake of going during "rush hour" 5-7 pm, and everybody and their brother was trying to get a shag before heading home and I found nothing but "please wait" signs all over. I even ran into one guy in three different places, looking for same.

I ended up on the tenth floor of 448 Lockhart (it's all one building, only signs indicate the different addresses), went down a hallway that indicated it had local Hong Kong girls. Picked door B, girl named Kat opens it. Speaks English well. She's nothing to look at, her tits are fake. She takes $400 upfront. Shower shower, fuck fuck, come.

When we're in the shower at the end, she starts saying, blah blah blah, my mother's sick, can you lend me some money? Out of curiosity, I ask, how much? HK$6000, she says. Yeah, sure sweetheart. That sounds like a good investment opportunity, loaning 6k to you. I got dressed and got out of there as quickly as possible. AVOID.

I was trying to get to a girl at 452 apartment A, a girl from Beijing, but she was busy throughout. Any info.?

01-31-04, 03:44
I see many posts that 141 girls are busy very often. Any idea how many customers the average girl does per day?


William Tellhk
01-31-04, 05:07

I talked to my friend who is involved in the Triad business and he said a regular 141 does 12 to 15 guys a day.

No comment needs to be added I think....

Cant believe that some ppl even THINK of going bareback with such gals...amazing..

happy (safe) fucking

01-31-04, 06:00
Report for the Noble Sauna:

Saunas have been reported here extensively and all reports are on the mark.

Noble is like any of the others - clean, agreeable, and to the point. You can specifiy type of girl you want but limited to who is working, of course. English is pretty good from everyone I dealt with.

Prices are much higher than other saunas. Not sure why, Noble doesn't offer anything the others don't. Maybe its location? There are three packages. I'm over a week in reporting this so my memory on the exact costs is a bit fuzy. You chose between Package A, B, or C. All include massage, of course. A is with HJ. B is with HJ but the girl takes off her clothes or is topless, not sure which, and C is FS. Prices (approx) are HKD 580, 850, and 1295. Thought that was a bit much compared to other saunas I've tried.

Best one so far for my money, and I've only tried a few to be honest, is Lucky Sauna. You only get the HJ but the girls are really nice and seem to enjoy their work. I highly recommend #33 and #20 if they are still working. Lucky was closed for Chinese New Year, dang it!


01-31-04, 06:15

I agree with Dwit. A dozen or so Johns a day sounds about right for a decent looking girl in 141.

For Mongkok brothels, I guesstimate the numbers to be 6-10 per day for a decent looking girl.


01-31-04, 10:42
Those numbers sound about right if today's exploration was any indicator. I returned today to both 381-383 Lockhart and 442-452 Lockhart in search of the ol' tang, but each was quite busy.

On my way towards Causeway Bay, I passed a name I recognized (in Mandarin it's): He Yi Da Sha. I knew this name from earlier searches on ******.com. I thought I'd give it a try and walked in.

At the elevator, two other guys were waiting to get on, both with that "don't make eye contact with me I'm not here for sex or anything like that" look. I figured, I'll see which floors these guys stop on, then I'll pick one. That worked a charm. Floors 5, 6, 7, and 11 all had significant activity.

On the way back down, I saw that there was no one waiting on floor 7, so when the elevator headed back up, I stayed on and got off there. I checked the various girls' descriptions and finally chose the room closest to the elevator. I also picked it because it had the name Kitty on the outside, and Kitty is the name of my good friend and perhaps one of the world's greatest shags in Beijing. I rang the bell and an older woman, on the thirty side of 30ish, answered.

She attempted conversation in Cantonese, I indicated I spoke almost none, by speaking almost none. I then asked if she spoke Mandarin. I might as well have just sprayed the room with liquid pheromone. YES! I'M FROM TAIWAN! YOUR MANDARIN IS SO GOOD! SO MUCH BETTER THAN THESE CLODS FROM HONG KONG!

Service was very good. She's from Taiwan (Kaohsiung), but resident in HK. Fake boobs, which surprised me. Says she will occasionally rent a room from one of these girls if they're going to be away (it was clearly not her room). Very affectionate, very playful, let me DIY, something I normally missing from the 141 experience. Overall, very good. HK$400, I gave her $500 and let her keep the change.

She's there two more days before Kitty comes back.

As for how many guys these girls do in a day, yeah, 10-15 sounds about right. They're on duty about 12 hours, avg. experience lasts about half an hour, so it's certainly possible to fit that many in (sorry for the pun). If you figure the avg. price is $400, they probably get to keep 50% or less of that, so they're making about $1500-2000 per day, times 30 days, that's not so bad.

For you more experienced HKers, a question: what's an AV girl? Specifically, what is the origin of that term? I see it all the time and I know what it means, but I don't understand the reference.

BTW, for those of you mongering in the Wan Chai area (and also if you're staying at the Whorney), the Chinese restaurant on the southwest corner of Lockhart Road and Luard Road, opposite Mes Amis (there's a big newsstand next to it; the other corners are occupied by Club Venus and a money exchange booth) is good, cheap, and open 24 hours. They have an English menu and the staff generally speak enough English to take your order.

ISEEU--go for Kings. I'm not sure how you classify scuzzy, but except for the large green circle of algae that's omnipresent on the bottom of the jacuzzi, Kings is clean, and I've never had a fuck that wasn't at least "good" there, and frankly, I've had some really good ones, not to mention the actual massages really do the job. Jump in the cold pool--it's actually refrigerated. My personal record is four minutes. At that point my vision is so blurred I can't even see the second hand on the clock on the opposite wall.

01-31-04, 12:35
AV is a Japanese term, stands for Audio/Visual same as in English.
So girls who do videos particually of the soft porn type are usually very good looking.

About saunas, have you been to Carnival? I would be interested in your opinion as you seem to have good taste. Agree Kings is good though looking just a little tired, though I have not been there for over a year.


01-31-04, 15:31
Intransit, BJK

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, AV stands for "adult video" - especially when used by Japanese and in the context of video entertainment for adults.


01-31-04, 15:53
*** Happy Sauna Review ***

Was driven there, so not entirely sure of the location, but think it was Jordan. The street where it was located has two other saunas, one called Temple Street Sauna and the other one was called Cyber Sauna. Cyber Sauna sounded interesting so my mate and I asked the female attendant if they had a hot spa/pool. She replied no, but was kind enough to suggest that Happy Sauna did and that she thought Temple did too. That indicated to me that possibly all three are operated by the same group. Anyway, I recall that someone on this thread mentioned that Temple Street Sauna sucked, so we went with Happy. At street level, it advertised that the charge was $398 for two hours.

So in we go. Usual affair. Decent, reasonably clean locker room, shower then into the hot spa we go. They have a hot and a "cold" spa. Although the cold one was set at 33 degrees Celsius - still nice and warm. The other 43 degrees. The spas are small, enough to fit maybe 6 people at most. Luckily for us, no other mongers were using it. A sauna was also available but we gave it a miss.

Inside, the lounge is not what you'd call modern. But still seemed clean. Everyone seemed polite. The manager asked us a few questions and mentioned that usually they have a lineup of girls for you to pick from. But because it was early(?) - about 7pm and just after CNY, few girls were available hence, he would try his best to meet our girl specifications. As I was later to find out from my girl, there were about 8 girls working at the time, and usually up to 20.

The manager chose number 26 for me. I guess her age to be about 24. Short, cute, decent figure. Face was ok. The so-called two hours is infact just 75 minutes. So the standard massage with moisturiser is performed. That lasted 35 minutes. Then the girl starts working on little bro'. She pours heaps of oil and does a nice tease on my ass and nuts. Then she coax me to upgrade to the full package. I was very reluctant but she was very insistent. She sounded pissed off and went to work on my brother. Then started getting bitchy - saying I could touch this and that if I just wanted the standard package. I told her I didn't have enough money and that I would need to ask my friend for some. She actually went over to my mates room and asked if he as ok with paying for my additional services. She tells me upon returning my mate was busy humping away... so he just grumbled "ok". What could I do but to go along with it at the sake of spoiling the mood. She promised a second HJ for free. What the heck!

Covered BJ, KY on the cap and in I go. Very tight. Pound away and cum. After 5 minutes rest shes back in the room and rubbing my dick with oil. No good. I need much more than 5 minutes to recouperate. So she gives me a leg massage.

All up price after the upgrade $880.

On returning to lounge, I saw my mates girl. An absolute dog. And I spotted two others who looked ok.

Not really recommended.


01-31-04, 16:01
You might be right.
I heard the expression spoken by a Japanese who spoke excellent English so he may have used Audio/Visual as a gentle hint of what I was about to see without being as obvious as Adult Video. And Japanese porn is very aural (oral too!) as well as visual.
In any case we are both correct as I am sure it is a Japanese expression and the meaning is as stated.

For Mongers new to HK
Japanese AV is very popular in HK. Best places to find it is in Mongkok near the markets. Budget on only one out of two DVD/VCD's working in the pricing.


Long Duck Dong
01-31-04, 21:39
Cal Travel,

For sex 141#1977, take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui. However, you must change from the blue line to the red line at Admiralty. Take the red line to Tsuen Wan and not Central. Just follow the arrows and you'll be fine. Tsim Sha Tsui is the next stop. Take the c2 exit. When you reach street level, take a right. You are now on Nathan Road. Go about two blocks and look for 83-97 on the building or the big Rolex sign. Anyways, take the first elevator on your left. I scouted this locatuion before. I was a bit too early to try the menu. FYI, the foyer or hall is through, so you can see a 7-11 on the other side. good luck and if you need more info, please post.


02-01-04, 05:26
CC1 & BJK,

AV or AV Girl is used by HK, Taiwan & Singapore guys to mean Adult Video (not Audio Visual) and even the Japanese mean use the term AV to mean Adult Video.

02-01-04, 06:56
Dwittlin, CC1, Intransit,

Wow, that is high turnover for 141! It would not take long for them to retire at that rate.

I had a conversation with the Thai girl I did last time in Mongkok. She had been there for 3 weeks and done 140 customers. Her quota was 150, or 5 per day average, on her 30 day visa stay. She said some days it was as many as 10 per day. She only got a very small percentage of the money and did not intend to renew her contract.


02-01-04, 11:40
I read a really interesting article in HK Penthouse [author's note: Yes, I bought a copy of HK Penthouse and actually read one of the articles. I wish I had saved it] about how some girls are now choosing to make Category IV porno films rather than work in MKK. The story followed a girl who came in from Sichuan. She came in via Shenzhen, made a couple of movies in three or four days. She said, I like this much better than the idea of working in Mongkok, where I'd have to do tens or hundreds of guys. Here, I am with three or four guys, they are nice to me, I get to know them a little bit, and I make the same amount of money as I would working in Mongkok but with far less risk. Of course Cat 4 pics are illegal (depictions of actual sex acts, including full frontal male nudity), nobody's going to hunt down one of these girls and arrest her. She's much less likely to end up with a disease, and also far less likely to get nailed by the cops for illegally working in HK.

Member #1415
02-02-04, 08:04
Can anyone give me some information on strip joints in HK where the girls will take off everything?

How much does it cost?

Thanks for the help.

I also agree with one of the members on KAT- the 141 girl. She asked me for monies also. It was not pleasant.

Acer V
02-02-04, 11:10
Thanks for the Happy Sauna report. I have never been but maybe one day i'll try. I was once a regular at Temple Street and was mostly very happy. That was a few years ago and I was lucky to have a few regular massueses that treated me right. They were also young hard-bodies. Things may have changed since then.


02-03-04, 11:38
here's something a bit different - a true story of a recent night in laguna.

a night in laguna (1/f. 17-21 fenwick st, wanchai)

i strolled in around 7pm and the place was packed with dozens of young, cock-craving filipina and indonesian domestic helpers. these girls dance like such dirty little sluts - as if they're grinding their wet little pussies onto some giant, throbbing invisible cock. pert tits were peeping eagerly out of tight tops as if to say - "come on baby, spray your rich, juicy load all over me". paradise.

i ordered myself a beer and before i could raise it to my lips there was a flipper pushing herself into me. "i want you have me" she whispered, firmly caressing the fly of my levis. my cock immediately started to harden as she delineated its base, firm trunk and swollen head. her strong hand slid down further, cupping my ball-sack as she gently massaged my engorged testes.

i turned to face her.

conventionally, she was unattractive. about 18 with a big, cock-hungry mouth, pallid complexion and fatty, shapeless tits falling out of a cheap top. there were flecks of what i took to be cum in her hair and she smelt of rank, hotel sex, quickly taken.

but there was something knowing about her - an indeterminate and strangely primal quality akin to a less developed species. and, yes, a beauty too, although not of this world.

i imagined fucking her hard - ripping her raw, dripping, teen-**** in half with brutal strokes of unrelenting cock. screwing her wanting mouth and pumping her arse full of jizz.

she quickly leant forward and sank her hot, wet tongue into my mouth, greedily probing and exploring. "i want fuck with you" she slurred drunkenly as our mouths briefly parted.

the inevitable questions. "you live in hong kong? no? where you stay?

i wasted no time in guiding her from the bar and into a taxi. as we pulled away she unzipped my fly and expertly released my cock and balls. a large pearl of cum soon formed on the tip my cock as she played with me. salivating, she eyed it hungrily.

"soon" i said, "soon, baby".

we entered my room and the little cum-**** had her lips round my cock before i could even close the door. as she feasted, i took off my jacket and shirt. "love cock" she confided between slurps. she peeled off her sweaty top and knickers exposing a shaved pink ****. she noticed my interest and pulled it open for further inspection. its flaps were distended almost like a rupture, a piece of dripping, rotting meat.

i licked her fat clit and eased three fingers inside her. again, she took my cock deep into the back of her throat and i began to thrust my shaft harder and harder into her oral fuck-hole. she spanked my arse as i pounded her , driving my cock deeper down her throat as she moaned with pleasure. my balls were filled with cum and it was now time to grant her the pleasure she so keenly thirsted for. my cock exploded into her greedy, gulping mouth and what seemed like gallons of thick, creamy cum cascaded down her throat. as i withdrew i noticed her joyfully savoring the last few drops.

to be continued.

(i don't remember the girl's name and i don't know how to contact her so don't ask me for her details.)

02-03-04, 18:46

When I read about 10-15 guys A DAY for these 141 girls, I'm amazed that they don't look like prunes and feel like mincemeat!

I didn't know that there was such an insatiable hunger for mongering in HK on a daily basis! I can only imagine the numbers on a holiday weekend...20-25 guys?

It may be my personal opinion, but it seems like girls over in Shenzhen/Guangzhou aren't as "successful", what do you HK-regulars think?



John Lee
02-03-04, 20:57
Hi Darius,

Thank you for your excellent report on Laguna. What is the total damage ($) to bring a Filipina to your hotel?

Is Laguna a night club (or a place where Filipina domestic helpers and locals dance)? Did you see local mongers there?

02-04-04, 02:38

The number of Johns these girls do a day has been (anecdotally) increasing. 141 is a relatively recent phenomenon and it has been successful because of the legal loophole - which provides sanctuary to those providing these services. The fact that 141 girls (and their daddy's) running the trade can get away with it without fear of the law (more or less) means that they are bringing much higher quality meat into HK.

Secondly, the traditional brothel scene has been somewhat curbed by the continuing vice enforcement, thus reducing numbers - increasing the waryness of the daddy's taking the risk bringing the girls in. To distribute the risk, lower quality, cheaper girls - but in higher numbers are now sort (just IMHO). Thus, as a punter, this gives us more choice, but generally lesser quality girls - which results in a smaller hit ratio for each girl.

141 on the other hand is quite different. Remember, YOU hunt the girl as opposed to brothels, whereby, they bring the girls to you and YOU CHOOSE. Its almost as if the "power" is in the girls hands when going 141. So you are most inclined to do that one girl you have been searching so desparately for on the 141 sites and seem to have fancied. Now if a girl is a nice looking filly, because of the visibility on 141 websites, MANY MANY Johns (including myself I might add) are looking to hunt her down. This simply doesn't happen with brothel girls because of the lack of visibility.

Actually, 10-15 is really quite pushing it for 141 girls. Most girls work the 12pm - midnight shift. On a weekday, peak time is the two hours around lunch, and after work. Those figures mean on average 1 pop an hour - but don't forget the "non-peak" hours. When you think about it, these girls are really CONSTANTLY fucking almost, to hit 10-15, and this number IS believable. I have on good authority this is a common number.

I would pressume that the girls in China (at least southern China) aren't as lucky. Its common sense in that these girls really need some incentive to come here to work in HK rather than ply the trade back home for the same amount of money - all other factors aside. Most China girls I have spoken to working in HK however, prefer not to come back again. These generally are the not so good looking girls - because they find it difficult to meet the "quotos" and repay her debt easily. Whereas, the nicer looking ones, generally don't mind, but still think it is tough worth spreading wide for a pounding and sucking cock and cum 12 hours a day.

One or two more days - and I'm back on the prowl!


Roversman 999
02-04-04, 07:16
interesting report on laguna but lots of imagination. If only it was that good.. on some nights theres barely anyone there ..till the migration from New Makati starts. and befroe the migration to Fenwicks etc..some nights its thes same tired faces.. guys and girls. but its a good and ok place and have done well there over the past two years.... especially as new makait not so good anymore.. but it was never as good as the imagination shown in the earlier post.......

02-04-04, 08:01

Re: "but it (Laguna) was never as good as the imagination shown in the earlier post......."

It's certainly true that Laguna can be deathly quiet during the week. Obviously there are dramatic embellishments but the factual details are, however, true.

I must have been to Laguna dozens of times and I've never left without an extremely sexy chick on my arm. I think being young certainly helps, as well as actually living here as opposed to simply visiting.

Don't forget - it's not just the guys who give members of the opposite sex marks out of ten!

Cal Travel
02-04-04, 09:47
Firstly thanks Long Duck Dong for the directions. So, had my first experience in Hong Kong and here are the details-

Most important tips for newbies- if possible cut and paste the address from the ******dotcom sites, so that you can ask somebody for directions, and have it translated to you.

I landed on tuesday, and had targeted http://******.com/php/memberDetail.php?id=1977 from before. So around 8 I ventured off to Nathan Street. Finding the address was a ***** and had to ask several people till I finally got to the building.

So finally I get to the cherished door. She opens it. Quite good looking as in the post, but then she says no. At this point let me tell you that I am of Indian descent- and I guess she preferred only chinese men. She didnt speak any english either, so wasnt much use as she just kept shaking her head. After that i went around on that floor, looking for other doors.

Another door said Welcome- knocked- preety looking filly opened the door, and asked me to wait, and turned the sign to please wait. Other doors said please wait too. I was geting pissed off at thgis point- jetlagged and all. It was at this point that my fairy god mother appeared. This was a oldish woman around 35, she asked me to follow her- at this point I was ready to bang her too. But she took me to the first girl, and despite her still protesting... sort od forced me on her. Next follows in the second part.

Cal Travel
02-04-04, 09:53
*Please see the first part of my report first*

So she turns out to be really good looking, with pert pink tits, and a beautiful jet black strip down there. First she had me shower, but wouldnt let me help her shower or rub soap on her. She gave me a quick cbj, while I fondled her tits- nice young and firm. After that we got doen to fucking- but she wouldnt kiss or ket me suck on her nipples- so i could just nuzzle them.

I was really pissed by then, but her flat stomach, smell of her hair, nice young body and wet pussy made things still worthwhile.

All in all, a bit disappointing for a 450 dollar pop. I dont think I would be back to her.

I was wondering tho- is this the usual norm- no kissing or sucking tits... and are teh girls this uncooperative ?

Incidentally if you are looking for her address its 83-97 natahn strret, 6th floor, apartment 6B2. take exit c2 from tst station.

Will let you know how things transpire within next few days.

02-04-04, 12:21
That earlier post DOES sound a little like a Penhouse Letter. I can testify though that some wild activities can occur at The New Makati and Laguna. Many times I have pulled a girl out these places after just meeting them for a couple of hours. Feeling them up and getting a blowjob under the table is also a possibility. The latter at The New Makati before they renovated.

However, after 100's of visits, I can tell you that these expereinces are rare. Most times you are "working them" for a future sexcapade.

If you want to pull a girl out of the bar for some fun (and a freebie), try Borocay - used to be The Big Apple- on a weekend. The place is full of Indonesian girls who I find are much more open about casual sex.


02-05-04, 07:02
I love posts like the one from Darius below. They are always from non-senior members, and provide zero information. If the girl was so good, and provided an experience so worth sharing, why wouldn't you get her phone number? Intransit's guess is because there's no such girl. Darius is probably sitting in Des Moines wishing he was getting some of the hot Asian tang we have regularly, but the local 7-11 is sold out of "Oriental Babes" and he thought he'd try to one up us.

Although this is a free and open board, it serves all who use it far better if it is a report on what's going on, what's out there, and where it's happening. Experiences are great but if it says little more than "I fucked this girl and she was was great," there's no point.

Long Duck Dong
02-05-04, 07:08
Cal Travel,

Glad to hear that you're in Hong Kong and enjoying yourself. Let me recommend other 141's if you are interested. There's is one on Cameron and one on Caranavon. Same mtr stop, but exit D2(i think). Anyways look for the Cameron Exit. One you're out, go straight. the first block that crosses is Carnarvon.

For Carnarvon 141, take a right go about a block and go around the corner.(stay left) Look for 33-35 Canarvon( James Lee Mansion) or the Tattoo entrance.

For Cameron, keep going straight. you will see a shop called sasa. The 141 is on the other side of the street. 34-36 Cameron. Look for the foot massage sign outside. Anyways it's on the second floor. (About 400hk)

On the other hand, you should also try monk kok. Tell a taxi driver that you want to go to nathan and dundas street. It's near the ladies market (night market). Just look for the first pink and blue sign. It is a bit desolated, but don't worry, i went there three times last time i was in HK. Anyways, take a right at the sign and take the elevator to the 7th floor. There you will be guided to a room. They will bring in a girl, if you like, then just smile, otherwise ask for a change. The girl will undress, shower, bbbj, and fs. The cost is about 390hk. You do not have to tip, unless you receive excellent service.
Anyways enjoy.

P.S. 141 service was not as great as mong kok. (IMHO)


02-05-04, 11:53

Thanks for your warm and generous welcome to the forum,

I have to say that I detect more than a hint of jealousy in your tone. I suspect I know the reasons why none of your 257 posts refer to women that you haven't had to pay to fuck.

You made me laugh with your "senior member" jibe. Senior membership of The World Sex Guide Forum is something that I can only dream of one day aspiring to (along with staying at the Wharney Hotel).

Regarding your points:

"I love posts like the one from Darius below. They are always from non-senior members, and provide zero information."

I didn't get the girl's phone number because she's absolutely typical of most of the Filipina and Indonesian girls I've met here in the last few years. Why would I "get her phone number" when I could simply go out and find twenty more to replace her? The girl I wrote about wasn't a prostitute. It's one thing to post a prostitute's phone number on a website but a domestic helper's?

"Intransit's guess is because there's no such girl."

What amuses me most about this is that you genuinely seem to think that it would be impossible to find a girl like this in Hong Kong. Clearly it's impossible for you but let me tell you - there are thousands! You obviously didn't realise that your comment is tantamount to admitting that you can't get a free fuck from a girl who is actually attracted to you!

"Darius is probably sitting in Des Moines wishing he was getting some of the hot Asian tang we have regularly, but the local 7-11 is sold out of "Oriental Babes" and he thought he'd try to one up us."

Firstly, I'm not American and secondly, what's all this "we" and "us" ? Multiple personalities or simply a clear and obvious indication of the weakness of your argument? "We're getting sex and you're not!" I left that sort of pathetic rhetoric in the playground.

You say that I'm jealous of the " Hot Asian tang (you) have regularly." This is one of the saddest statements I think I've ever read! Unlike you, Intransit, I live here. I get amazing, free sex from beautiful girls whenever I want so don't presume to tell me ANYTHING about hot Asian tang. Nothing is better than sex with a woman who genuinely wants to fuck you.

Yes, I know that it's important to hear reports stating "what's going on, what's out there, and where it's happening" but give me a chance! It was only my first post! I did something a bit different - a piece of original writing based on a true experience in Laguna - big deal! It hardly warranted you nasty, bitter response!

02-07-04, 02:40

Rather than ruin this board with a flame war, I will simply admit fault that I did not see at the top your post mentioned this took place at Laguna. Had I seen that, it would have put this in a different context for me, and as such I apologize. That said, I have seen numerous reports from non-senior members that are heavy on sexual details and light on information, and for the most part, that is the nature of your post. In any case, I will read posts more carefully in the future, and again, I do apologize for the tone of my message.

However, don't imply that I don't live here. You have fewer than 10 posts so far. I have about 260 from China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore. Without getting into a dick-measuring contest, there are not many people on the northern Asia boards that have contributed as much or as often as I have.

In any case, I DO warmly welcome you to the board, and I look forward to your future reports. Frankly, I was surprised such quality was available at Laguna, I've walked out of there a few times because it seemed dead.

02-07-04, 03:03
A recent report from Mong Kok. I heard the bad news from 141 and besides I like street hunting, so I went to Mong Kok in the afternoon; the girls who are hookers are readily distinguishable in the crowd and it's fun to make up one's mind to follow them or not. At one corner there is a bunch of old geezers just standing there and scooping out the action! I'd say you see two or three hookers per minute. I followed a short cutie and as soon as she noticed that I was following her, she stepped into one place and then she was mine. But she kept checking her phone and never looked at me in the room, and this was a big turn-off for me. So I just got mad at her and kicked her out of the room. The "hotel" super gave her a scolding, and he made me stay, he brought me some other girls. The first two were pretty bad, and he was getting frustrated. He said he had to pay this girl HK$100 because she already took some clothes off. But I guess he saw from her looks that I had a high standard because he finally brought me a really cute little Thai girl, and I did her. At the exit he made me pay $50 of the $100 he said he paid to the first girl, which sounded fair to me.

Acer V
02-09-04, 11:21
Intransit, Darius

I'm glad we got that "misunderstanding" quickly set aside. I can vouch for a few experiences much like Darius" in the Flipper bars of Hongkers. Can anyone say "LBFM powered by rice!"

Darius, your prose tends to be a smidgeon more colorful and entertaining that the average poster in this forum - myself included. It makes for a enjoyable diversion... at least I enjoyed it.

02-09-04, 11:46
Would agree that such experiences are few and far between - I have been luck a few times in Strawberries and the girl could hardly wait until we got back to the hotel. Quite fun really in the long drive back from Wanchau to TST East. But alas not every taxi ride is the same.

Did have one beauty that eneded up staying all week and was glad to get home for the rest!! But made the mistake of giving her my cell number and she was phoning at all times of the day and night!! Never again!!

Penang Boy #2
02-09-04, 18:13
Hi to all,

I am new at here, actually I have a company trip to Mainland China, but anyway I will stay at Hong Kong for a few day. Can those of you have any comment for WL can call to our Hotel room, contact no? How much is the package? And Overnite?

Thanks for for your info. I remember the last trip I was at HK last year Sep'.

I read from the Magazine got a lot of phone no. after that I try to call and ask for detail, they told me HK500 for massage,and the FJ package or HK1000 for overnite is it true? Please give me same comment.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

02-09-04, 22:38

I shall be in Hong Kong in April, I can either stay at the Wharney, or the Stanford Hotel on Soy st. Which hotel is closest to the action, and can I bring 'guests' back to either hotel?

Acer V
02-10-04, 14:45
Wharney is in Wanchai right in the action. Read about the various bars etc. Lots of pros and some non pros. Stanford is on Kowloon side. Lots of street walkers and closer to the action of Mongkok. Both would have no problems with overnight visitors I suspect although I have no personal experience.

Penang Boy,

Calling for service is one option. I can't say whether your last experience is a good deal or not. It doesn't sound too bad but would depend on the quality of the ho, I guess. Read this Hong Kong section of the forum going back 4-5 months. There is plenty of good advice from may contributors. Much of it is still valid.

Please, make sure you boys post about your experiences after you've had your fun and happy whoring!

William Tellhk
02-10-04, 17:30
hi guys

Had the urge again and nothing else to do so I went to MK again. Went to my regular joint, Portland Street next to the sitting out area opposite of the 7-11.

Usual deal, sitting in the room waiting for me china gal. 5 mins....10 mins....15 mins...then i decide to go out adn ask the guy where my girl is. He said "sorry sorry 10 mins"

Ok. 10 more mins....15 mins...finally she comes. Looks were abt a 7. Tits 8.

She was Ah-guan from Guangxi province. Very nice and tight plus she swallowed my load....again i got lucky plus I bargained a second shot because I had to wait so long. All over a good afternoon relaxing session.
When I left I asked the keeper why it took so long..,..and he confirmed what I was already suspecting. Police Raids....oh man..

Well, might go to a 141 tomorrow.

Happy (safe) hunting !

02-10-04, 21:20
Quick question:

For most of the girls on the 141 & 168 websites, do you pay the girls before or after the session?

Cool Kid
02-11-04, 00:44
Got to HK yesterday. Wow, things changed a lot since I last visited two years ago.

Tour the MK district, things are picking up a bit, too early though and nothing interesting.

We then went to eat and drink at one of the hotel happy hour, HK$88 for two hours of all you can drink draft beer (Heiniken or Carlsberg). Good deal.

Then we went to one of the 1-4-1 building, man, big mistake, between 5:00 to 7:00 pm, it's like the "prime time", every brothers in HK want to get a load off after work before heading home. It's wall to wall with brothers looking for entrance, in some more popular spots, they are lining up 3 to 4 deep. it's a sight you got to see to believe.

We were not in the mood of lining up to wait and taste all the brothers sweats and stuff, so we left and went to Jordan, to a Cyber Bar.

This one has about 100 girls working, 1 hour time with the girl is $204 (after 11:00 pm is $240). We each picked a cute looking one.

The basic service is like Lilojo and Tooch described, you can make out a little, my is a hot little one with 35c/24/35 figure, local girl, speak perfect english, still in school. We made out, and the menu is like some brother described, I was able to negoitate her to give me a BBBJTC, and she went completed nude and let me DFK and DATY to my heart contents.. She is very young, and although she claimed to be 18, I was worry about what Lilojo reported earlier that some of this place uses 13-17 yo girl. So I asked to check her ID, and she just turned 18 one week ago. Needless to say, she is quite inexperience, but tried hard. I was enjoying myself, young, plump and fresh.

One hour later, we left, and paid the establishment.

To be continued.

Cool Kid

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02-11-04, 01:03
Great trip to Hk this time after last one was so disappointing I didn't (GASP) report it here. Last time strolled MK, tried a 141, and it just wasn't my scene. This time stayed at the Holiday Inn, did the sauna club thing and Harri's bar.Great time in HK.
Here's the details:
1st night: Following earlier report here, chose the Jordan sauna above the rest. Walked the 20 or so blocks from the hotel, easy to find, and in the 3 block radius around it there must be 10 others. Guy at entry told me the rates, in a short of pidgin english together with hand signs. I ask for not too old girl with decent size boobs ( it was the easiest thing to explain)
Stripped, showered, steam room ( for you purists not really a sauna) , there 's no jacuzzi/whirlpool. After another shower they hand me thse silly shorts and a a coolie shirt. Ask to drink, sit , smoke and relax in the small lounge. Go into room and wait; pretty Chinese girl comes in, number 16, nice bod, about 25, with beautiful olive skin and face. Great smile and laugh although we did not understand a word that the other spoke. But she came in and lit up the room with happy chatter, hugging and groping. Keeps her clothes on. puts down towels on one of the two tables I lie down with silly shorts and shirt still on me. She begins a very professional massage with no lotion including the Thai standing on back gig. She liked to be playful, which is an iseeu turn-on. After awhile i turn to her and motion to her that I want her to strip and use lotion . Well after lots of very humorous hand motions, and lots of cute giggles accompanied by more unintelligible chatter, she got the point. Leaves the room to get condom. But for some reason the girls aren't supposed to get naked. So she hangs a towel over the window, strips off her panties opens her top and begins an excellent massage replete with lotion, breasts, licking, etc. with me gropingto my hearts content, and she using my balls and the area between scrotunma nd ass "like an amusement park". Amazing sensations. I roll over, she begins front and asks again with hand sign if I want HJ or BJ. I say yes but want FS too. She strips. I go to town on her breasts. She asks me to sit on edge of matress with legs hanging over and she begins very professional CBJ. after about 10 minutes, she can tell I'm close to bursting. straddles me with one leg on floor, one on matress. After 2 strokes she comes and nearly collapses, but I'm still going. with both hands I lift her up and down repeatedly until I spurt a huge load. She could not get over the amount of come. Cleans me up, pts clothes back on and tells me to lie down and continues the massage. We were only about an hour into the 2 hour session.This is great. Continue the great massage including scalp massage, etc. Leaves the room and comes back with burning hot towels which she throws over me to clean me. Thank you number 16.
Now here's the killer which will make all of you cheap mongerers go running to Jordan sauna. I spent 2 1/2 hours there including sauna, fantastic massage, and great enthsiastic sex for $600HK as reported previously here on this forum. Unbelievable VFM ( Value for Money). That's about US $80. Wow.

1st night- Part 2: Stumbled back to the hotel and Harri's Bar. Met an unbelievably beautiful and well built HK girl, who was being verbally abused by some E. European guys. they were pulling all the tricks on here, telling her to call 2 more friends, sitting and making lewd conversation about her in a language that she couldn't understand. Then they started to negotiate and further humiliated her telling her that she wasn't worth the drinks that they had already bought for her. I was watching the whole time and finally said to them that it wan't right the way they were treating her. Give it to her straight.
They got up pissed and told her that she and her boyfriend (me!) can fuck off. When they left we began to talk, and when the bar closed she came up to my room, where we talked until 4 A.M. She said that she felt that she owed me, and I told her that it's late, i don't want to take advantage in her fragile emotional state and I'll take payment in her company the next time I'm in town. She's a gem and I'll be the envy of every man in town the next time I'm in HK. She asked that I not give out her details, as she makes a living as a high priced escort, and doesn't want the fact that I'm getting a freebie to get out.

02-11-04, 01:09
2nd night in Hong Kong:
2nd night, 1st part: Couldn't wait for my business to be over. Back to Jordan Sauna, ask for number 16, and repeated the whole scene only this time, she got naked pretty early, and I convinced her to lay down on the table and gave her a massage. I was rewarded with a bonus CBJ in addition to more high spirited FS.
A great way to unwind after a hard day at the office and all for US $80. Unbelievable.
2nd night 2nd part - Again Harris Bar, More details l8r.

02-11-04, 01:34
You are a true Int'l Monger!!! I would love to see some pics of your exploits. I am sure you have had some solid 10's in your travels. My hat's off to you!

Long Duck Dong
02-11-04, 09:13
Cool Kid,

How much was the BBBJ from the KTV club girl?

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02-11-04, 17:13

Can you give the location/addy of the Jordan Sauna?


Cool Kid
02-12-04, 01:10
Brother Long Duck Dong,

The activities inside the Cyber Cafe is negoitate between you and the girl. In my case, I think we click and I was able to get what I wanted for HK$400.

Considering they are young, beautiful and local Hong Kong girl, it's well worth the price.

Have fun.


Brother IseeU,

Great report there, I'll be heading over to Jordan Sauna tonite and check out #16 also.. thanks for the tips. Any chance to share the private escort you meet at Harri on the first night? PM me please

Cool Kid

02-12-04, 02:18
HK 2nd night, 2nd part:
Back to Harri's Bar, it was a miserably cold night, and pretty slow action.. here's the lowdown. The regular girls there work for a mamasan who scouts the men and assigns girls. She sits at one of the high tables. If she thinks you're on the make she''l come over and offer her matchmaking services.She got smashed 2nd nite I was there. New girls who come in, and obviously solicit guys have a problem with her.Talk is that her business is owned by the local gangs, so it's not smart to cross her. When Harri's closes, she takes the still available girls to Wine Chasers in WanChai to try and hook them up. Sat for awhile, saw the obvious suspects, and the girls on vacation, had a couple of drinks and smokes, and didn't really see too much that caught the eye.
Just before last drinks' call, 2 women walk in; a buxom, very obviously Russian peroxide blonde and a tall, pretty dark haired mixture of Asian and European that intrigued me. Played it cool, she caught my eye and asked to sit. Dahlia is in HK for a week, staying in a crappy guest house, 2 kids back home in Mongolia(which explains the intriguing look), hoping to make money before their New Years celebration in a couple of weeks. She tells me that the night before she was at Wine Chasers, where her bag was stolen by a Filipina woman, passport, credit cards, cash, makeup, everything, and she really needs help. Turns out she works as a Mongolian folk dancer (I'm not making this up), but hurt her legs and this is now what she does, and she hates the fact that this is her job.
I pull my innocent abroad act - what do you mean? So I tell her that I hadn't planned on taking a woman that night and I'm flying the next morning so I have no more HK$ left, but if she's willing accept from me US$50, which is all the cash that I have left, she's invited to my room and can crash until the morning. She accepted!!
In the room she turned into a tiger. After stripping and showering I went down on her bod (flawless except for a nasty Ceaserean scar) and after bringing her to the peak, insisted that she do herself again while I hold her and watch. At first, she refused, but then did she love it, and couldn't stop thanking me for making her do it. We had a great time planning her revenge on the Filipina thief, taking a long hot bath, giving each other massages with the hotel supplied body lotion, and doing the deed a bunch of times. In the morning I found an extra US $20 to give her to help her out.
HK trip summary:
1)In some places including very respectable areas, you can't walk a block with out being propositioned. My kind of town.
2) Need to be careful - some of it looks and feels very seedy. Example following an earlier post here went to check out the Indian women in saris around Mirador mansion. Yuk. Old, overweight, unattractive, dirty - why would anyone go that way. I like spicy and ethnic too, but checkout the kitchen before placing your order.
3) Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. Never accept the first offer.
4) Pretty place to visit, good shopping, transportation system, signs in English, not expensive...
5) And the bottom line: 2 nights, 4 women (but only 3 bedded) for approx. US $230. Not bad! And it fits into the expense account!

Viper V10
02-12-04, 18:11

I've just arrived in HK and I've had a walk around the buildings. The problem is I can't read Chinese and wondering how those in the same situation as me know whether the girl is busy or not?

I see the signs hanging out but dunno what they mean

I'm sorry if its been asked, but I'm desperate.

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02-12-04, 19:17
Cool Kid,

So am I right to assume you paid $604 HKD for a BBJ? That's kind of expensive, I think, but the Cyber Cafe experience sounds like I should try it at least once...so I guess I could be writing a WSJ report as I was getting a BBJ, eh? ;)


02-13-04, 02:18
I leave in Hong Kong for 3 years, but have never heard about cyber cafes & sex activities.

How does it work ?

Where can we find them ?

Thanks in advance for the quick briefing.


02-13-04, 02:24
From intersection of Nathan Road and Jordan St., a major downtown Kowloon intersection it's 3 block to the west On left hand side of street. Can't miss it - there's a big signover the sidewalk/street.

Cool Kid - I gave her my word that I would not give her details. Sorry, man.

Cool Kid
02-13-04, 09:41
Hi Franco,

You can find Cyber Cafe everywhere now in HK, but mainly in Prince / Yau Ma Tai / Jordan / Monk Kok area. The way it works is you pay the Cafe owner for the girl's time, and whatever you negoitate with the girl is between you and the girl.

The time charge is one "ticket" for every five minutes. So, you can switch girls as often as you like. The "ticket" price before 11:00 pm is HK$17 ($204 per hour), and HK$20 after 11:00 ($240 per hour). They have a room, with sofa, a desk, a computer that is connected to internet. But don't tried to use it, they have so many pop-ups that logging onto WSG will take forever...:-)

Services are typical HJ HK$100; CBJ HK$200; BBJ HK$300; and very seldom they will do FS there.

Like the other brother suggested, it's more expensive than the 1-4-1 girls, than saunas, than MK.. so why?

Well, sometime it is not the "act" people are going after, it's the "pursuit", and here is the Cyber Cafe, they only employ young, young, local fresh girls, meaning they have been in business only for a short time. So, you can get the feeling of chasing your young high school girl friend.

Just a word of caution, these girls will act like they love you and want you. DON'T give your contact info to them. Otherwise you could be called constantly by them, what a pain.

Brother IseeU, not a problem, I understand. Have fun.


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02-13-04, 12:39
i lived in hong kong for eight years, 1995-2003. i get asked about things to do there enough that i've written down my notes and finally found the time to share my experiences with you fellow mongers. bear in mind that i've written down things from the perspective of a resident, not a tourist. also note that in hk, everything changes rapidly. things come and go. so these notes may be off; they are a 2003 snapshot.

1. overview:
hong kong is divided into three sections: hong kong island, kowloon (mainland) and new territories (combination of another chunk of mainland approx. 230 islands plus). the official languages are english and cantonese, but the level of english here has been getting progressively worse.

there are three main "party areas" for westerners here: wanchai, lan kwai fong, both of which are on hong kong island; and tsim sha tsui (commonly referred to as tst) on the kowloon side.

many share the opinion that hk chinese women are among the snobbiest in the world. whether or not you believe that most of them are only looking for money, it seems a (sad) fact that only a few will consider dating a westerner, a gweilo (literally, ghost man). most of the beautiful chinese ladies you'll see walking around during the day tend to meet guys through work, school or through friends, not via pick-ups. for those who have traveled through asia and discovered how easy it is to meet friendly, local women in so many countries and cities, you're going to be initially disappointed.

so, here are some tips for finding sex in hong kong, mostly paid. but don't forget, macau is just a one hour boat ride away, that's the place to go for real bargains.

2. tsim sha tsui:
tst is at the southern tip of kowloon. there are expat and tourist pubs and bars one can hit such as rick's cafe or chasers or delaneys. there are a rep001tering of hostess bars. these are to be avoided at all costs. if you venture into one of these pits, you will encounter the ugliest women to be found in all of hong kong. if you must, try a topless bar like bottom's up, which was featured in a james bond movie ages ago, for whatever that may be worth to you. four or five topless, mostly western, not terribly attractive women with sagging tits sitting behind the bars and push you to by some drinks (expensive!).

when i do go over to kowloon side, one place i like is the chasers pub/bar, which can be found at knutsford terrace (opposite miramar hotel ask for directions). lots of asian tourists and office girls come here; a few hookers work the bar, and they got pretty good live music. the most famous nightclub is probably bboss (not a typo). but nightclubs tend to be horrendously expensive, and are mostly for those who can have an evening's entertainment at their company's expense. even setting foot in the door here can cost hundreds of dollars if you choose the wrong place - bboss will cost you thousands. go someplace else.

3. lan kwai fong:
an area in central, on hong kong island, that is packed with more upscale bars, restaurants and discos. especially on friday and saturday evening, this area is packed. it gets so packed on major holiday nights that the police cordon it off and limit the number of people allowed in. you can buy beer and drink on the street, checking out all of the people and listening to the music pouring out of the clubs. i've never noticed any overt prostitution here, but if you're looking for a pick-up (probably western but you never know), this is the place to come.

4. wanchai:
wanchai is famous as being "the world of suzy wong'' (a famous fictional hooker with a heart of gold). it was the raunchy epicenter in the bad old days during vietnam war when there were hordes of us gi's descending on the place for r&r. some of these strip-joints still exist. despite all of the attempts to shed the "world of suzie wong" image, this is still the place to come for a gweilo on the make. there are several types of places here; i'll try to discuss them all.

4.1 getting here:
getting here: just tell the taxi drivers to take you to "wanchai, joe bananas. its one spot all the taxi drivers know. if you get one who doesn't know that, then tell him "lockhart do, luard do." that'll put you in the center of the action.

4.2 upscale bars:
joe bananas has been here the longest, and on friday's and saturday's, after midnight, it's a definite meat market. filipinos, thais with some westerners, mostly from eastern europe working the floor. note that for men, you must wear a shirt with a collar, even if it's a polo shirt, to get in here. other popular places are carnegie's and klong grill & bar on lockhart road; chinatown, and from dusk till dawn (live music) on jaffe road.

4.2 amah discos:
there are over 150,000 filipino/thai and indonesian maids in hong kong. at night, some of them come here to meet their friends and dance the night away. but these clubs have been filling up with pros, both fulltime and part-time, and the nicer girls (maids) are getting to be a bit greedy and asking for money too.

sunday afternoon is highly recommended. all amah discos open around 2 pm and here is where the real good fun begins. a huge number of filipino/indonesian maids descending on those places. just pick, buy a drink, dance a little and bring them to your apartment/hotel. for most of the maids, the possibility of getting a western boyfriend to take them back home is actually a status symbol.

the most popular of these discos is currently fenwicks (at the corner fenwick street and lockard road). the place gets busy around midnight! most of the available women here are pros, at this point primarily from thailand. they get a 14 or 30 day visa, work every night, go back home for a month or two, then they're back again. it should cost you around hk$1,000 for either long time or short time. if you don't want to take them back to your hotel/apartment, go to villa victoria, a popular "love hotel" a few blocks down on lockhart road. a room for short stay (2 hours) will run you around 50 bucks on weekend. the rooms are decent, with tv, clean sheets and towels, private bathroom and shower.

other popular bars with available women, of course pros with a sprinkle of freebies are: -
- new makati for filipinos (lockard road)
- laguna for indonesian (fenwick street).

another popular bar of this nature is the now legendary neptunes 2 on jaffe road. lately i've been seeing some mainland chinese women working the club. they're attractive but most don't seem to have only little english, so i can't tell you too much about this.

4.3 hostess bars:
there are a dozen or more hostess bars, mostly along lockhart road. the women here are filipino and thai. they're pretty much the same, though some seem to do a consistently better job of getting attractive ones inside. for most of the places, you won't see any nudity. you will see girls in lingerie or bikinis.

here's how it works: go in and sit by the bar. there will be three or four girls dancing, the rest are sitting around waiting for suckers. your drink is regular price, maybe around 5 bucks for a beer. their drinks are either 16 or 30 bucks. for 16 bucks they bend over the bar and talk to you for few minutes. for 30 bucks they come around from the bar and sit on your lap again for few minutes only. spending a lot of drinks for them will get you to a booth at the back (called 'jurassic park' cause they usually have a ton of plastic shrubbery to hide what's happening) and get a hand job or a blow job. but be warned. the drinks, at these prices, only get you 5 minutes. if you want to stay, and you want the girl to stay with you, you gotta keep buying drinks.

now here's how they get you. they put slips in a glass on the bar for each drink you buy. when you're ready to leave, they assume you are too drunk or horny to care, and they will double or triple the bill on you. you must take the slips out, add them up out loud in front of the mama-san, add on the 10 percent service charge, and then tell them how much the bill is. otherwise i guarantee you will be over-charged. oh yes, the mama-sans will pester you to buy them drinks as well. just say no. they cost the same as hostess drinks, and you don't want to fondle these women, even if they'd let you (and some would).

the main business of these places is outcall. as soon as you've bought a drink or two, the mama-san will start pressuring you to take the girl out. depending on how fast or slow things are, the bars charge can be as low (low!) as us$400 or as high as us$800. so it's pretty expensive if you want to do take-out from there. there have been cases where the girl will give you her mobile number, so you can call her up and 'date' her on sunday without having to pay the bar fine.

popular spots include firehouse, san francisco and cockeye. i've found that some of the more downbeat places, the women may not be as attractive but what they lack in looks, they more than make up for in enthusiasm. it sometimes better to take an average looking woman who can't keep her hands off the dick to an absolute stunner who's sitting there looking like she's about to fall asleep.

4.4 street walkers:
yes, there are streetwalkers to be found in hong kong. you get the thai transvestites and transsexuals on the corner of jaffe road and luard road. walk down to luard road and lockhart road and the ones there are mostly mainland chinese. a friend of mine (chinese but from new york) one night scored two shanghai girls who went back to his hotel and rocked him all night for about us$75 each. these women tend to be a bit older and not really in shape.

4.5 wanchai north:
one hotel discos here worth noting is club manhattan at the new world harbor view hotel. mostly chinese come to this disco, a lot of mainland tourists, and my chinese friends tell me there are lots of prostitutes working this place. i've been there a few times and never been approached, but maybe they don't like gweilo.

5. mongkok:
on kowloon side, this is where the chinese working man goes to get laid. there are saunas and karaoke bars and brothels galore. the brothels' signs are in chinese, not english -- look for neon signs in pink/green/blue/yellow. the price here runs us$40 to $65 to get laid by a mainland chinese or thai girl. usually these girls come to the territory for few months and have to service at least 8 to 10 guys per night too depressing for my taste. if it sounds good to you, take the mtr to mongkok and walk along portland street and shanghai street.

in terms of the karaoke bars and saunas here, one friend has highly recommended a spot on nathan road called lotus blossom. the scene may or may not be wilder than on the hong kong side.

6. saunas:
the saunas in macau may routinely offer full service, but this can be found in hong kong too. once inside, after the shower and change of cloth, they will ask if you want 45 or 90 minutes session. if you request a 45 minutes session, the woman won't wank you. if you opt for 90 minutes, you will be charged for the hand job with the option for an upgrade to full service. midway through the session the girl will approach you with a piece of paper in hand and offer you body massage, blow job or full service.

6.1 hong kong island:
ka lai wah sauna, 318 king's road in north point. i never had a complaint with the service, which will run you about us$110 for full service. there are two or three other saunas right there, but this is the one i prefer.

6.2 tst:
hawaii sauna on kimberly road. again, i never had a complaint with the service, which will run you about us$110 for full service.

7. nightclubs:
hey, you want to play hide the salami with a beautiful chinese woman in hong kong, you got to pay for it. but you don't have to pay through the nose. not all of the nightclubs are equally expensive.

for example, new tonnochy on tonnochy road in wan chai. here it can actually cost you less than in the filipino hostess bars! you come in and ask for a karaoke room, you don't want to sit in the open, got that? first of all, there's no groping in the open areas, and they won't take you seriously if you're content to sit out there. well, sometimes, you might want to sit down first and find out what the deal is before opting for the private room. find out how much you're going to spend and what you'll get. it's easier to leave alone before they've brought girls over to you. the first person who comes by takes your drink orders; the second is the 'manager' who checks you out, the third is the mama-san who explains the real deal to you. they'll bring in as many women as you want, then every 15 minutes come in and ask you if you want to keep what you have or get something else. so in the course of an hour you can be hugging and squeezing 4 lovely ladies. but be prepared to do take-out, that's the main business and they're not too happy if you drink and run. it's seen as polite if you tip the girls you've fondled but aren't taking out.

figure you'll spend 2 or 300 us on drinks and food and bar fine, plus another couple of hundred to the girl. a lot of the chinese ones may not have much english but they're lovely. there are also a few western women to be seen here.

8. 1-4-1
the 1-4-1 received a lot of attention in the hong kong forum and is widely discussed. for example, go to this web-site http://******.com/, pick a girl and copy the web-address to http://www.systranbox.com/systran/box for translation from chinese to english.

you can contact me for any question via a private message using the wsg forum's private message service.

happy hunting!

wanzhai warrior

Albert Punter
02-13-04, 19:19

Thanks for the very informative reports.

Where is the Harri's Bar located, at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile?

I will stay there from Saturday night.

Thanks in advance.

02-14-04, 14:17

very good overview of the industry in HK..

One question, have you visited Windsor Sauna before? Im not sure about now but i heard it was a nice place with some cute girls, but from what i read recently its been cleaning up their act and not offering any extras with the massage. How about the one you mentioned? Ka Lai wa Sauna? how are the girls there?

Albert Punter
02-14-04, 20:09
After the excitement in BKK and disappointment in Hanoi (reported in those sections) I got to HK tonight and decided to explore Hari's bar (which is at Holiday Inn). Nice live music but average old and ugly ladies, filipinas, chinese looking, one probably from Brazil. I only noticed 3 or 4 good, for my taste obviously. Decided to pick a sexy 24/25 years old, tonic body, looking asian but impossible for me to say from where. It came out she is Filipina and it is a week she is here, staying on a tourist visa of 30 days. It was US$ 100 for 2 hours. Not bad, considering the service. She was sensual, providing BBBJ and a lot of licking on my whole body. Also, she is very good in FK. Tonight 2 shots: one in her mouth, other fucking (covered). When I fucked she was moaning like she was getting to orgasm and apparently got it. It seemed real, as she is not a pro maybe it was. All in all, a very enjoyable GFE.

Tomorrow (actually it is already tomorrow) I would like to try saunas and I will keep you posted.

02-15-04, 05:05
I did a report on Windsor and KLW a little while back.
KLW has some excellent girl though it before Christmas since I have been there so no current numbers. Its more expensive than Kowloon side sauna's though.

Windsor is a nice sauna but don't expect even a HJ. Some of the girls are happy to go out and meet later. You need to spend the time to set it up and see them a few times first. For freebie or otherwise the costs will be a lot more that a trip to Mongkok but is sometime nice for change.

Not all the girls speak good English and not many gwaillo go there.
Had a waitress who wanted to go out with me and gave me her cell no. Called her up but found it impossible to arrange without enough common language between us to do such a simple thing.


02-15-04, 16:53
Has anybody tried Victoria Sauna in Causeway Bay, across from Victoria Park and next to the library?
Last year in 2003, there was police raid, so there must have been good mongering activities going on.
Looking for a report of its facilities and girl quality.

Happy Hunting.

02-15-04, 18:08
There has been quite a lot of raids at Victoria Sauna over the last fvie since it change hands to the new owner. The staff do not trust new clients and provide "Set Menus" to regulars only. So unless you go there with a regular you will be disappointed. There are easier locations over the habour get what your after.

Phoenix Decending
02-15-04, 23:29
I was in HK the first part of December on my way to Shanghai. It was my first trip to HK/China. First night in town one of my partners and I went to Felix atop the Peninsula Hotel to have a drink and enjoy the view of Hong Kong. (If you have never been there check out the mens room where you can [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on Hong Kong as I heard one Aussie declare) I noticed several very nice looking women sitting at the bar and chatting with different men, but didnt think anything of it at the time.

As we went to leave a nice looking, 6-7, Northern Chinese girl (she later told me she was from Beijing) smiled and said hi. She was dressed almost in a school girl fashion with a skirt and sweater that was low cut but not too revealing. I stopped to chat while my partner kept going. He came back in a few minutes saw me talking to her and said he would see me the next day and left.

After a few minutes of talk she said she was bored and asked if we could go back to my Hotel room to watch TV. I of course agreed. We continued to chat as we walked across the road to the Intercontinental where I was staying. As we walked in the door I noticed the smiles of the doormen and security as we made our way to the elevator and then to my room.

Once in the room I agreed to $200 US for an all night encounter. We then got undressed and headed to the bathroom for a shower where she made sure I was well washed and scrubbed. Once dry we headed for the bed. She proceeded to give me a nice massage and then CBJ. After a while she jumped on top for CG, which I enjoy because I can usually go for a long time in this position. After a while we switched to missionary and then to doggie for the finish.

We lay in the bed for a while and dozed off. I awoke later and woke her up for another round of fun after which we again fell asleep. I woke up at 6:00 AM woke her and had another go and then told her I had a meeting (which I did) so she would have to leave soon. As she left she gave me a card with her name and cell numbers for both HK and BJ.

All in all a nice experience and from an unexpected place.


02-16-04, 03:42

I am laying over 1 night at Narita and need the best hotel by the airport. I have stayed at the Holiday Inn there but found it to be a real dump.

Hilton or Radisson seem to be mentioned as the best .

Or do I go into town and sleep at the Royal Park for that 1 night, which is right by the bus terminal?

Thanks in advance,


Member #2984
02-16-04, 07:12
Easiest and somewhat discounted hotel I have found in the Narita airport area is the Washington Hotel. They have a great rooms and full service breakfast offered also. Rate runs about 9000yen plus 1300 for bf. Holiday Inn has better rates but I enjoy the staff and buffet at WH. Either one you will be okay with in choice.

02-16-04, 08:56
Uh, Starfe, this is a Hong Kong board. If you're laying over at Narita, you want the Tokyo board.

02-16-04, 10:00
Word of Warning:

Been to Fenwicks twice in past 6 weeks, took home a Thai bird each time, no sex, only had BBBJ but still got burnt with a low level infection.

Seems the ladies are not taking such good care of themselves. Curious if anyone else had similar problems in teh Wanchai area?

Albert Punter
02-16-04, 10:53

Yesterday afternoon I tried Jordan Sauna, about which other monger fellows made good reports some days ago.

As a matter of fact I had asked for girl met by Iseeu but she was not available. I then asked to see the girls to make my choice but apparently it is not possible, so I decided to challenge the fate. I was only asked what I preferred: young girl or good massage. Just for sake, I replied young girl.

I made shower and I was provided with shorts and shirt. Then I was guided to a small room with two small massage beds.

Girl that came in was really nice, tall with nice athletic body, reddish hair (coloured). I thought that at least I got a good looking one, hoping the rest was also OK.

For the second time, I was asked by the "manager" what I wanted 1 hr or 2 hr and I replied 2 hr. Then he asked HKD 400 or HKD 600. With no esitation I replied HKD 600, making clear to him that I wanted full service, sex included. He perfectly understood and made it clear to the girl. I was looking forward to touch her legs and breast, but I played quietly. In addition she was no English so it was difficult to communicate.

However, she was nice and smiling and we made our best to understand each other, She take my shirt out. I laid down on small bed and accepted the massage. This was nothing special. I never get massage so I can only tell you that I was not impressed.
She started a dry massage through towels and then she put lotion, and it was better. Also, because during this massage she fondled my cock and balls (she took off my shorts before). Massage phase went on maybe 30 minutes. She then left me there to relax and disappeared for a couple of minutes to wash her hands. Then she came back and it was sex time. She started to get undressed (had a nice lingerie on) and I had the confirmation that body was nice. She had some curves not like most chinese girls that are without, too slim. Breast was slightly bigger than normal chinese ones and soft, with very nice nippples to lick. She accepted this practice with pleasure.

Otherwise, she did not accepted too much my fingers in her pussy. Then I laid down and she started to touch my cock and to massage my balls. I was almost ready and I was able to communicate with her that I wanted her to blow me. She took a condom and put it on with her mouth and started the job. It was a good job. As I imagined that this was a "one shot" place, before it was too late I stopped her and started to screw her. Again, it was nice. I was at same time licking her nipples and she was moaning (fake). I was pumping hard as she was trying to slow me down. Unfortunately I finished earlier than I wanted as I was really enjoying.

She cleaned me and then we cuddled a little bit. She get dressed and I realised it was finished (not the time, just the action).

However, I managed her to make a complete HJ while I was caressing her. Again she was very gentle in cleaning me.

Girl was nice, sex was nice. Therefore, not a bad experience.

However, I am more a sex guy and I prefer action and GFE situations when you can also have some conversation.

By the way, I forgot to report that I tried to invite this girl to my room for day after. In order to understand she called by mobile a friend who spoke English. So I explained to this other girl what I wanted but at the end no result.

Yesterday evening I walked a little bit in TST and I was approached by a lot of girls (maybe from Mongolia) offering sex starting at HKD 800/1000. Without even starting a negotiation they went down to HKD 500/600. However, as I was not interessed I did not negotiate till the end. Maybe it is a good bargain. However, I do not how/what the service can be.

Also I went to Hari's bar at Holiday Inn, where I spotted usual bunch of ugly ladies (less than night before anyhow) with exception of a beautiful young vietnamese to which I asked mobile number to make arrangements for tonight.

I will keep you posted about outcome.

02-16-04, 17:07
I am Hong Kong guy. I can help you if you want to get laid in Hong Kong. I can be your guide.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Albert Punter
02-16-04, 17:37

It was sad for me not to hit in Hanoi but fortunately I had hit a Vietnamese here.
I had the chance to call the beautiful and very sexy, 27 yrs old, I had picked at Hari's bar last night, and we met for about 2 hours.

It was a GFE in all senses: GirlFriend Experience and Great Fucking Experience. She is 1.62 mt., nice and tonic body. Nice legs.

Wonderful pussy. Only negative points: fake breats (small but fake - it did not seem so by looking into her dress last night) and a scar in her belly (cesareus).

FK was excellent. BBBJ was gentle and tasty. She accepted my fingers everywhere. Also, conversation was interesting. But fucking, guys, fucking was something. She was moaning and crying and it did not seem fake. It cannot be fake something like this !
I screwed her in all positions but doggy style was the best.

I had to gorgeous orgasms, the second one pulling out condom and cumming on her body (I tried to reach face/mouth but she pulled back).

Damage was HKD 1500, but it was worthwhile !

I am headed to Seoul in the next days and hopefully I will report from there.

02-16-04, 22:10
AM inbound to HKG next week. Anyone know if Cialis is available?


What price?

Beijing Lover
02-17-04, 03:44
Hi Albert Punter

Where in TST did you find those mongolian girls, at what time in the evening?

Beijing Lover

Penang Boy #2
02-17-04, 05:13
Hi to all,

I am Malaysian n new to be here, I have been HK many times, but never try any action at HK. Hope coming this March will try to take action. I read from the magazine, know as the info the "Call girl" to hotel. The service massage and action is HK500 and overnite is HK1000. Is it the rate is the market price? Any comment for "CALL GIRL" to our hotel? Any info or Contact(Phone)? Thank you very much for all the HONG KONG MEMBER.
I will stay nearby Mongkok area.

02-17-04, 08:33
Mongolians at Fenwicks

Thanks to the report from Intransit (I think) of Mongolians in Fenwicks, I decided to have a look myself, for I've never seen let alone screwed a Mongolian. The other night on a Thursday, about 11 or 1130pm, I arrived. No Mongolians at first, but a hell of a lot of Thai pros. I was not, however, impressed with any of the Thai chicks; so unimpressed was I that I didn't even survey prices.

My Mongolian mission tooka turn for the better shortly after midnight. 3 tall girls unique-looking, english-speaking girls from the north arrived -- Yuki, Mona, and Anna (not sure if 3rd one was Anna or not). Anyway, a Swedish punter had Mona, but I liked the looks of Anna and Yuki better. Yuki was more agressive and had a tongue that didn't want to stay in her mouth, so we got down to the money matter quickly. She asked for 1000 ST in my hotel in TST or 2 hours in Wanchai hotel. I didn't want to have to go home to TST after banging her, so I held firm at 800 ST in my place. After 5 minutes of conversing and fondling, she agreed.

The taxi ride was fun as we had some DFK, and hands down pants and skirts. In the room, she was what I'd call a professional GFE. Unfortunately, she wouldn't shower with me, but she was clean, including her lovely and tasty shaved pussy. BBBJ and FS in all the positions (in the air, in the bathroom, on the chair, doggie, etc etc) were all to her liking. After working up a good sweat and finishing, she stayed around and cuddled, chatted and continued to have a hard time keeping her tongue in her mouth. This continued even after I gave her the money and then realized I hadn't taken pictures of her! So I got some clothed pictures which I'll post in the gallery.

Yuki overall:
ST HKD800 take out from Fenwicks in WanChai, no taxi money
looks: 7 but I'm a rookie judge of mongolians
enthusiasm: 9.5
body: 7 (tall, good but real soft breasts, not fat, not thin)
satisfaction: 9

Happy hunting.

02-17-04, 09:20

FYI, this is the Mongolians 4th trip to HK. I know Mona quite well and she will go as low as 700 FS for 24hrs. Nice girl, clean. She also says she is from Singapore sometimes.


02-17-04, 11:05
Al Punter,
Happy to see that you followed the roadmap and it sounds like you had a "bang" of a time.
Re Harri's Bar selection - It's hit and miss - depends on day of the week, if there are any conventions/shows in town, weather, etc. The thing is that there are always sp there - they may not be your taste/body type/ nationality - but there's always a selection. If you come early, have patience, eventually someone walks in and pings you.

Albert Punter
02-17-04, 15:29
In reply to Beijing Lover:

I have been propositioned by Mongolian type girls in Nathan Rd. between Holiday Inn and Salisbury Rd. . Time was between 10 and 11 pm.

I always saw them in couples.

Just go there and I believe you will make contact.

Albert Punter
02-17-04, 15:33
in reply to Iseeu

First of all thanks to you for the good suggestions.

Even I had complained about average quality of girls at Hari's bar I picked twice. So, as you say, it is always a question of patience and personal taste and we are lucky that tastes are different. Otherwise we will be queuing in front of same girl.

Have fun!

02-17-04, 16:38

Very interesting report. Good to have other anthropologists crouched in the bush...no pun intended. Would be interested to see Yuki's picture, wondering if she's a regular from Maggie's in Beijing or if there is a new trade route opening up direct from Mongolia.

02-17-04, 16:45

Had a very pleasant 141 experience today in Tsim Sha Tsui. Found a listing for this girl while poking around last night:


The address is 33-35 Carnarvon Road, TST, 7th floor, unit B. A, B, C, and D are all 141 units, the girls may congregate in one room during off hours. I got there about 15:30 and there was no other punters there. Neither she nor the other two girls hanging out in her room when I arrived seemed to have any aversion to foreign cock.

I am not 100% sure the girl in the photo is the girl I fucked. Regardless, this girl had big tits, tits so big they looked fake. However, to the touch, they appeared real, although it looked like she had had some type of surgery. They lacked the hardness or core that fake ones usually have.

In any case, as usual I was her first foreigner. She offered CBJ but I declined, I'm not much of a BJ guy in 141. I finished off from behind. She had a good pussy and nice, soft skin, and she has a nice face. $480. Overall, very satisfactory.

One other note: ******.com lists the following girl in Unit 7B. I can confirm that the girl depicted on that site is not the girl I had:


Beijing Lover
02-18-04, 03:54
Thanks Albert Punter

I'm a regular with Mongolian girls in Macau.
I usualy hook up with them in DD disco late at night, or rather, early in the morning (6 to 8 am).
I found them to be the best sex north of Thailand.

Beijing Lover

02-18-04, 04:39
This is a bit of a strange request, but here goes. I am flying into HK this weekend fora very short stay. Arrive late Friday night, and then leave early Sunday morning. I have a girl traveling with me, but depending on time and other plans I might like to try and to get something else going.

So first what would any one recomend. For example I might slip away late Saturday night for something nice and fairly certain. Might also try getting a three some going, though this might prove difficult due to the very short nature of my stay.

Lastly, with really only one day in HK, what are the must do sites or events.


02-18-04, 07:58

Can you drop me a mail? [Email address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

Albert Punter
02-18-04, 08:36
Beijing Lover,

Thanks to you for the tip about Macau, a place I would like to stay next time I am in the area.

Surely I will taste some Mongolian food.

02-18-04, 09:40
Intransit and others,
Yuki did light up with laughter when I mentioned Maggie's in Beijing. You can see her picture in the HK photo gallery. Curious to hear your opinion on her looks.

Note that Yuki said she and her friends also hang out at Strawberrys in Wanchai sometimes.


Albert Punter
02-19-04, 02:11

Yuki was fine. She looks attractive.

Unfortunately, we cannot see what was underneath clothes.

Anyway, irrespective of the good looking at the end what we want to have is great service.

Penang Boy #2
02-20-04, 04:39
To Lucky888, Intransit, Albert Punter,

Both Big brother, I need your assist. Can you give me some info for "Call Girl"? I read from the magazine, know as the info the "Call girl" to hotel. The service massage and action is HK500 and overnite is HK1000. Is it the rate is the market price? Any comment for "CALL GIRL" to our hotel? Any info or Contact(Phone)?

Thank you!

Happy Hunting!

Asia Visa
02-21-04, 07:41
A few days ago I was in Laguna in Wanchai with a friend. He spotted a Thai girl that he recognized, but could not remember if he ever went with her. (I guess he has had too many!) She was about 30, but with a great body.

He invited her over for a drink, but he then went chasing another girl. I talked to her a while, and eventually decided to go with her to a ST hotel.

We ended up at Ming Court Hotel on Lockhart Road, just across from the MTR station. The hotel is on the 2nd floor, and rooms are HK$130 for 2 hours. Actually, the rooms are quite nice and clean, with strategically placed mirrors to add to the fun.

We did not waste anytime starting, and I was not disappointed. Her body was even better than I expected, and did not match her age. She was very energetic and reasonably talented. After two rounds I was ready to call it a night, but she managed to coax one more out of me.

I did not even ask how much she wanted, but gave her HK$1,000; it was worth it.

William Tellhk
02-21-04, 15:03
Penang Boy #2

Regarding your call girl request. Let me tell you the 500 or 1000 that are stated are just the agencies fee. If you want more than a massage form the girl that comes to your home or hotel you need to pay her seperatly. This can be very hefty. I heard of even up to 2500 HKD (on top of the agency fee)
So my (personal) advise. DO NOT use the call girl services in HK.

What do other brothers think ?

Happy (safe) hunting !!

Phoenix Decending
02-21-04, 23:47
I am finally getting around to a follow up to my 2/15 post about my visit to HK and tell about some action that you dont hear much about on the board. On our second night in Hong Kong my partner and I returned to Felix but there was not much action (although the girl from the night before was there and wanted to know if I wanted another go, but I wanted something different), so we decided to explore and see what we could find.

We headed down Nathan road from the Peninsula Hotel and somewhere along the way saw a sign for a bikini bar, I believe it was called Lipsticks or something like that. We decided to check it out. It was full of very good looking Filipino girls who were more than glad to come sit with you for a drink (very expensive drinks). Immediately they were rubbing our crotches etc. The mama came over and said we could take them upstairs for an hour if we liked, then she told us the charge $4000 HK each! We said no thanks and were ready to leave when she said we could take them with us for $2000HK each. My partner not having participated the night before let the wrong head do the thinking and agreed and paid for both of us. So off we went back to the Intercontinental with two very nice looking Filipino girls in tow.

Once there we each headed to our rooms where my girl and I proceeded to the shower and then into the sack. She gave a nice CBJ and then hopped on cowgirl, and then mish. Just as I was done she jumps up and starts crying and pointing at the condom, which was broken. She was worried about getting pregnant (I was worried about disease). I explained that I was V-safe and there was no worry about her getting pregnant which then calmed her down. We lay back down when there was a knock on the door. I answered the door and it was the girl that had been with my friend, she said he gave her some money to come down and do me. So she takes off her clothes, jumps in the shower and joins us in bed.

She starts with a CBJ, then we move to missionary. After a while the original girl I was with said she wanted in on the action, so the second girl takes off the condom and the first girl puts a new one on and hops on. Again cowgirl, mish, and then doggie all the while I am playing with the second girls tits, and fingering her. When I finally did cum I was exhausted and the girls got dressed and headed back to the bar.

The experience was fun, the girls gave excellent service, and they were very good looking (8-9) but the cost was obviously too high. I guess I cant complain too much though as my partner paid for it all and I certainly had a good time.

Cant wait to get back there the first part of March!


02-22-04, 14:15
First, thank you all for posting so many excellent messages which really help all of us to have may good experiences in Hong Kong.

I happend to be there this February on a business trip. Three days, lots of meetings and dinners, jetlag, and one of the coldest weeks in years not the best conditions for our activities but I still managed to get laid three times.

The first evening, I went to the place described in the posting on 22 October 03, easy to find, clean, first floor location. While I waited for the girl, I could check the room which was small but clean, with shower, bed, hangers for the cloth and, given the cold weather, a very useful heater. After a few minutes, the guy brought a girl and I nodded my ok. She was very young, good body, firm, ok sided breasts with this great firmness you only find with younger women.

We undressed and went for the shower where she started to clean my rock hard tool. Although of normal size (but shaved and therefore looking bigger) she was clearly amazed by it and touched / worked it with some amazement. Back to the bed and off to an uncovered, somewhat mechanical BJ. She then climbed on me and inserted my tool with some moaning. I proceeded very carefully, she was really tight, but dripping wet and easy going. We did some positions, no hurry, watching ourselves perform in the mirros on the wall. We both came, showered and I loved to watch her getting dressed again. All in all an ok experience, very close to a classic girlie experinece with a perfect young lady. Paid, including tip, HK 400.

The place can be recommended and is like the MTR or the airport: Efficient, clean but, in the end, not too exciting.

The next day, I went for the Lotus Sauna in Silvercord Center, close to the Star Ferry and the TST MTR. The place seems to be open 24hrs, I went there at 11pm. After showering and a foot massage (took 40 minutes, I almost fell asleep), I went to the massage room and was met by the same girl I had some months ago. Tall, slim Chinese with firm breasts and, for Chinese standards, impressive lips around her tight pussy. But, like all the other girls, not shaved. Why do these girls all carry such a bush? (The men, too, just look around in the saunas).

Got a great massage for about 30 minutes before she started to work my ass and balls. Unbelieveable what these girls can do with their fingers and unheard of in the West. I got rock hard in a matter of seconds and she immediately included my tool in her massage. She then started to darken the room and cover the windows in the door, undressed, climbed on top of me and off we went. No hurry at all, they really make sure that you are satisfied! After I came, she cuddled for some minutes before finishing the massage. Overall, an excellent 90 minutes for HKD 1500 which included the foot massage. Before leaving around 1am, I spent some time in the steam room and jacuzzi. Even late at night, there is a taxi stand in front of the place and 20 minutes later, I was back on Hong Kong island in my deluxe hotel. I will be back to this place, it is really worth the investment.

On my last day, I went to the sauna in Temple street, just opposite the San Diego hotel, a few minutes walk west of Jordan MTR. Somewhat cheaper than Lotus (full service for approx HKD 800), but as clean and well managed. I asked for a slim, tall Chinese girls who would give full service. The attendant went to the phone and after 20 minutes, they brought in a girl from the outside. Again perfect body of a young woman, perfect massage with special emphasis on my balls and ass. I rode here in a few positions, she really took of and after I came, did not continue her massage but stayed on top of me, licking my ears and playing with the hair on my chest and nipples. Nice gesture. Again, a place to visit on my next trip and worth the money. You just need time when going to a Sauna, two hours at least. Look forward to being back to Hong Kong in June.

02-23-04, 19:23
I have just returned from Hong Kong and wanted to add a report, in doing so try and provide answers to some questions previously posted, as well as adding some new insights.

I have seen some Mongolians in Dusk to Dawn, very cute looking ladies. Lots of Thais around these days. Fenwicks continues to be the most popular Phillipine hang out and is busy any night of the week. All shapes, sizes and ages to be found.

Dusk to Dawn really jumps with the live bands on show. Locate yourself either at the main bar or on the upper level at the back for the best view of the scenery.

A good launch pad for any evening is at the Chinatown bar on Jaffe road right next door to Dusk to Dawn. Get a table outside and watch the passing show filing in and out of the Dusk to Dawn location. Very often you can entice a conversation with any of the ladies entering or leaving. Make friends with Axel the Manager, he knows the news of the town. Makes a mean Long Island Ice tea and ask him for one with crushed ice, but easy ice. No working ladies in this bar, but a perfect location to assess the evening, then either move to Dusk to Dawn (next door) or Joe Bananas down the street.

Joe Bananas attracts the more expensive working ladies. I discovered this by getting to know a little about the life of working ladies. Most of them work at the higher priced nightclubs on TST, the places that will run up charges of thousands without you even knowing. If they do not get barfined out of those places (Bboss or ChinaCity) then they make their way over to Wan Chai and Joe Bananas. I had offers of HKD 2000 (short-time) from several of these ladies. Most are 9 out of 10 so it might be worth it.

The other bars around, those that have catchers outside to get you to have "one drink" are a waste of money. The ladies vary from average to very nice -- bar fines plus tip can cost HKD 2500 (US$ 322.00).

My assessment is that the current rate in Hong Kong stretches between HKD 1500 to HKD 2500 (US$ 257.00) for some activity and individual negotiation will extend the time to all night. Hong Kong is expensive, that's why the expats play in China or Thailand.

Wan Chai is still a very exciting and safe place to be. Good food on the street, lots of action, lots of bars and places to enjoy a beer and watch the passing show.
Be careful and travel safe

02-24-04, 10:10

Curious if you saw any mainlanders working the Wanchai area? I know there were some gals from Shanghai working in Neptunes last year, but have not seen any recently.


02-24-04, 15:35
Nice report though I think the prices you quote are a little high.
Might be because the girls knew you were travelling and not an expat.
I think the prices for all exceptional local talent should be about 1/2 what you quote. Part timer maids being half again (or free).
In Mongkok and 141 the price is 300-400 which tends to lower the price elsewhere. I have never paid more than $1500 for all night. Short time less than $1000 except when drunk and the girl fooled me into to thinking she was offering LT but found an excuse to go after one shot.
If you are on a short timeframe it can be sometimes tempting to pay more to be on a sure thing. I counter that by knowing other places to go if the talent was in short supply (the girls can count too and will hold out for more).
Good to see Joe Bannana's getting a mention. The girls do price themselves a little more there but it is the place where HK locals will go to pick a gwaillo for a ONS if the mood suits them. Very hit and miss though.

Price does not seem to follow performance. My experience priced from lowest to highest is:
Indo - Haven't ever payed (except restaurant etc) - great service
Filipino - lower price or free was better performer
Thai - High price = poor service, middle price was best for decent looker with good attitude.
Mongolian - All similar price all great
Chinese - best is regular girls at modest price. Helps to be expat here as if the girls thinks you might be regular cash to them, service is high, price is low, time is long. Highest price girls have bad attitude.

As you say there is much better value for mongering in China and other places but HK mongering in Wanchai is fun and good sport.


William Tellhk
02-24-04, 16:18
GUYS !!!

www.******.com has just LAUNCHED the ENGLISH version.

I thought some of you might be happy to hear this news...

Happy (safe) hunting !

02-25-04, 04:59

I agree with you that the identified traveller gets hit with the higher prices. I have found that the cheapest mongering is in the Phillipine maid segment, who don't expect payment, just like the idea of having a boyfriend (some sort of social status for them), and been treated like a human being for the short time together. I have compensated such ladies with cell phone recharge cards or small gifts from the US. They certainly enjoy their sex and probably due to their limited time allowed out. Most are full-time live-in maids and only have one night and day off per week. The other Philippine ladies with more time are part-time workers and will ask for payment to supplement their income.


I did see some mainlanders in Dusk to Dawn, but did not do the regular circuit of Strawberrys, Neptunes, and all the others. I must say that the good looking mainlanders are hard to beat in looks, I cannot comment on bed action.

I parked at Chinatown bar, got some juice in me, observed the passing show and then stumbled into D to D where the selection was very adequate.

Dusk to Dawn jumps between 10 and midnight, then empties out quite quickly as the inventory gets depleted. Fenwicks has a longer sustaining scene only because the number of ladies there is in the hundreds, all shapes, sizes and ages, mainly ranging in the 6 to 7's. Fenwicks is know for overcharging on drinks only to kick back commission to selected (on file) ladies. You will find this out quickly because they encourage you to go there and all action with them seems to begin and end there every night.

I heard that the good old JJ scene (Grand Hyatt) has moved to the Mandarin Hotel. JJ's is closed indefinitely after SARS and they have no immediate intention to reopen it. That was the place for the better looking ladies mainly from Vietnam. I did not get a chance to check out the Mandarin.

Overall Hong Kong is expensive but Wan Chai still the most exciting place to play the game.

Be safe and be careful

02-25-04, 22:20
I picked up a SW fox from Shanghai for 500 HKD about 3 months ago, the last time I was in HKG. What was offered was 1 hour, a massage and I insisted she be naked. She was impressed with the fact I could speak a fluent Asian language (Japanese) which she also could speak rather well, probably finding many Japanese clients elsewhere, maybe? This led to an excellent communication between the 2 of us and an easy way to come to an agreement. And we talked all through the night because we had a language to communicate with. I found her in the park across the street from the Grand Stanford IC. Look around 11pm and you will find a few rather good looking SWs there. They will ask you if you want a massage and I recommend you negotiate the price and services before anything. She was so cute and smart.

Before I found her, I also went to check out that bar at TST across the street from the Holiday Inn Golden Mile (HIGM). There they were charging about 60 HKG for beer, but about 200 HKD (from memory) for a girlie drink. Both, IMO are quite expensive. The girls were very foxy, especially the one who put her hand on my crotch, but I didn't fall for it. The cost was 2000 HKD for 2 hours and they took CC. I remember the moment very well:

Me: I'll pay 300 HKD for the night.
Papasan (laughing): HAHA, How did you know?
Me: Is that right?
Papasan (still laughing): It's 2000 HKD.

2000 HKD Some bloke sitting opposite took her girl and paid via CC to take her to the Sheraton. My bill was 354 HKD for 2 beers and one girlie drink. I walked out and found the dream girl from Shanghai for 500 HKD and got my nudie feelings and massage! Mind you, I never have ever paid lines like 2000 HKD for a girl in the evening. Never. The most I ever paid in HK is 980 for 2 girls at Hou Va in Macau, with tip, for 2 hours.

So yes, I say Hong Kong used to be expensive, but now I'm finding some of the greatest bargains on the planet over there. MK is cheap, but a little dry. Jordan area is a great price. Macau is awesome. And now what is tickling my fancy are the Cyber Cafes! Those prices look rather reasonable to me for some of the prime veal. I'm looking to read more reviews with the Cybers, so keep 'em coming! I like the Chinese girls.

Also, I am looking for a place that has regular girls and booze at a reasonable price. I think $8 USD for a beer is a joke. Where are they $2 USD and $3 USD?


02-26-04, 05:46
Has anyone else noticed increased and regular police raids at Fenwick's? I've been there twice now when the lights came on, the music stopped, and anyone who looked Asian, especially Filipina, was subject to an ID check, with about 10 uniformed officers participating. Any special reason for this all of a sudden?

02-26-04, 06:26
Fenwicks has a reputation as a place where drugs are dealt, particulalrly within the Thai group, less so I suspect with the Flipa. Also, seems that Fenwicks may have become a bit too popular, more high profile due to its location next/near to "normal" bars like Mes Ami, Groovy Mule ect.

Neptunes, Big Apple ect were always a bit more low profile.


02-26-04, 09:56

I do not know why to pay for fun in HKG! I arrived late yesterday evening at Conrad Hotel and went to Lochardt (?) Street. At around 01.00 am I incidentally got to Dusk and Dawn and could remember only it was subject to reports here. It was easier to get a girl than a beer.

Anyhow I looked and smiled around. Quickly I had to choose between an Asian style girl and a more Indian looking beauty. Both very slim and pretty. The Asian girl made her way to me quicker and that was good. To make a long story short: After some TTK talking/touching/kissing and a whiskey soda drink for her we went back to the hotel.

No question about money, nothing at all. We had more than three hours best sex, DFK, Bare Back Blow Job to Completion with Swallowing, DATY, and intercourse. It was nice girl friend experience. Actually she was crying a little bit loud and I got concerned to raise to much attention.

At short to 05.00 am she decided she would leave, still no question for money. I asked if she needed money for taxi she smiled and that she is in HKG to work. Totally nave I asked what her job is and she continued to smile until I got it. Anyhow got her a gift, EUR 50,00 discreetly packed inside and HK$ 100,00 for taxi. She seemed to be happy with that HK$ 100,00, because she did not knew the EUR 50,00 were inside the gift.

Total damage:
Whiskey soda: HK$ 55,00
Taxi (DD to Hotel): HK$ 20,00
Taxi for her: HK$ 100,00
Donation: EUR 50,00

Total: EUR 69,13

And worth any cent.

Conclusion to my fellow hobbyists:

HKG proceed to D & D and save your money.

Here the data:

Age 21
Nationality Thai
Size 32/34
Looks: 8
Enthusiasm: 9.5
Body: 8,5 (slim body, nice 75B, tall, good but real soft breasts, brown eyes long hair)
Satisfaction: 10
Duration> three hours

To me HKG is better than DXB.


02-26-04, 11:07
Thank You MegaBalls,

For the Lotus Sauna report. I went there this afternoon. Perfect time 1330. Almost no one in the shop and the staff was fresh. Although not as fancy as some of the Macau shops it is a very nice way to kill a few hours.

$1538HK, all in. Includes sauna, food, non-alcoholic drinks and 90 minutes of sheer pleasure. Their hours seem to be noon to 3 or 4 AM. The massage was as described by Mega on 2/22. When they get to your ass and start the balls massage, it will put you over the top unless you have good control. I highly recommend Wing her number is 50. She is 24, from Fujian, speaks fair English and will not leave you wanting for anything. She works the 12Noon to 8PM shift only. She likes Western men because she claims we are full face more polite and considerate than certain Asians. I won't go into details for fear of insulting some board members but Wing can give you some very funny descriptions of various nationalities and their performance problems.

She is very responsive to DATY and digits. With some skill, you can get her to cum. After that, she is a pure delight because she wants to return the favor with vigor.

After my shower but before going into the sitting room for food, smokes and drinks, I had the house barber give me a haircut. For $100HK, it is the best deal I have ever had. Haircut, blade razor shave, hot towels.

After I was finished with Wing and my exit shower , he had me back in the chair for a blow dry and comb out. This could be habit forming.

Last night after 20+hours of punching holes in the sky on Northwest, I wanted to hit Hari's, pick a winner for a massage and nut.

That place looked like it had been painted with ugly paint. There were about 15 available but almost all were 3,s or 4's. Some were flat out ucking fugly. The median age seemed to be mid to late 30's and plenty of miles on them. They had been ridden hard and put away wet.

Many of the punters were wearing their beer goggles and I am sure a few woke up this morning in sheer terror.

Of the few nice ones I picked Michelle. 23 years young and says she just returned to HKG from Vancouver. A rather nice item in looks and personality. She was drinking Ballentines and H2o which is unusual for these girls. She does not do all nighters but will give you a very good couple of hours. Since we are paying them to leave anyway, she is a nice passtime. Has a bit of a problem with values as she thinks $2,000 is a good deal. For her it might be and compared to what else was available, it seemed a bargain. I got her down to $800 with the promise of a special tip if she was worth it.

Light brown hair, a nice 34C chest, super smile, decent English and a lot of laughter. After our joint shower where she made sure all parts, back and front were spotless, we got to the main event.

I am far closer to 60 than I like to admit and I was beat from the plane ride. She gave me about an hour of very good massage to get the kinks out of my back and put some life in my front. She has a very soft mouth and uses it well. She likes covered, but did not argue when told that was not an oral option. DATY with digits brought serious response with genuine moans and shudders. All positions but Greek. It may be an option but I was not really interested. My 50gr of blue thunder worked its magic and we spent another 30 minutes GFEing.

I think she earned a $200 tip, but I was really tired so my judgement could be soft.

As she was dressing I watched her put on a silver wedding band and a diamond engagement ring. I asked if she was married and she said no, but I have my doubts. This would explain why overnights were not an option.

I have her cell number and will pass it via PM. She says afternoons are available. If you spend time with her, treat her well as she is a rather nice find.

I'll give her 8 for looks and personality, 7 for body. This goes to an 8.5 if she puts a bushwacker to her fur. Performance could be another 8.5. I'll hit her later next week when I get back from the mainland and see if the ratings deserve reclassification.

For anyone looking for Cialis, it is availabel. The Regency Drug Store in the Intercontintal/ New World center sells 4 20mg tabs for US$65. I am experienced in drug packaging and security so I know what I bought is genuine. The suggested dosage starts at 5mg. If this works for you, and you are a good pill cutter, you can get 16 plus days out of the pack. At my age, I use 10mg and it works for 24 to 36 hrs.

02-26-04, 11:52
Just a short addendum to my Lotus Sauna report. They take credit cards and their name is NOT on the receipt. Tis is nice for expense account entertainment.

02-26-04, 19:20
any one tried utopia sauna before? looks like a very nice place..expensive im guessing but very clean and professional looking, reminds me of the saunas in macau http://www.best161.com/saunadetails.php?shopid=37

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:19
7 October 2003 Hong Kong

After the commute from Chiang Mai, I went to New Makati disco on Lockhart. Heard that there were Filipina amateurs and semi-pros there. Met an Indonesian woman, tried to invite her to dinner, she seemed interested but decided to stay with friends. I got her phone number instead. Never did manage to get her to go out with me.

I had dinner and the night alone.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:20
8 October 2003 Hong Kong

Had a really nice time in Mong Kok. Went up to the second walk-up place on Portland north of Argyle Street, asked for a Thai lady. I chose a 24-yo (Mahmio) from the two offered (I prefer them to Chinese; yet they are cheaper because Chinese think non-Chinese are ugly). We developed good chemistry. She was real good, and she gave me 45+ minutes for ST price (HKD300=$36, cheap for HK), maybe she liked me. I told her I might be back to see her the next night, and she was really pleased. Tipped her HKD60 because I was happy.

Steve Naive
02-27-04, 03:21
9 october 2003 hong kong

second night, mahmio was happy to see me. i wanted longtime (my last night) but her boss would not let her; she gave me 60+ minutes for st price (but she started to get into trouble with her boss and the room renter). i got a bit more adventurous with her on your advice of "going for" special things i like (no, i didn't ask her to make [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)-[CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)), because i was comfortable with her. i think she came (i was really surprised) because she apologized for the interruption, but who knows.

she explained that she only came to work in hk for one month and would not be back. on going back to lamphang (i think? near chiang mai) she would work but not do services any more. but she agreed to give me her home phone number and told me she would see me in thailand.... wrote "love yoo" on the paper. what a sweetie. one never knows what's real vs a very good act, but she made me feel good. i had prepared something like "thanks for the sweet memories" in thai, and she seemed delighted with what i said. again 300hkd but i tipped her 100hkd because i was happy.

02-27-04, 05:34
Anyone try or have info on ****** lady #47? Her page says she's got 36F tits! Planning for my next trip to HK.

Re saunas - I've only tried a few but my fav is Lucky Sauna. Clean, neat, great ladies, and no hassle. HJ only unless you can arrange something after the session. One of the ladies I had gave me her card with her phone # and I assume she's open for other things.


02-27-04, 06:11
When using the translation services of Alta Vista or Systran, I see the term "big wave" a lot. Any idea what that means?


02-27-04, 09:53
Big Wave is probably the mechancial translation for orgasm.

Penang Boy #2
02-27-04, 13:30
Hi to every brother,

Can anyone provide a call girl to hotel? Any contact phone no. or info? Please all of big brother help me please.

Thank you very much.

Happy Hunting

Usual Joe
02-27-04, 18:27
From reading many people's experience with 1-4-1, it sounds like they are really the same as brothels with a manager and a few girls in rotation etc. which gives a kind of cheap and dirty feeling doesnt' it?

Another thing, although it is usual practice to take a quick shower beforehand, how about those bed sheets? Are they clean? Do they even bother to change them after each customer or every day at least? Maybe people are too busy to check them when you are horny, if you think about it? whoknow how many times that sheets have been used? Do all you guys feel completely okay with getting lay naked on a bed sheet stained with whoknow what?

Great to hear all of your comments. That's all.

Usual Joe
02-27-04, 18:29
Anyone know if they clean or replace the bed sheets for those 1-4-1 places? I know think they do though?

Daring Mood
02-28-04, 04:58
On this board have read various references to Cybercafes, but I am, and I suspect other readers are, none the wiser as to what the Cybercafe scene is all about.

Are they your typical internet cafe with a back room for extra curricula activities? Are they only located in MongKok? Street level, or up the usual flight of stairs? Any examples? What should we look out for?

What about Hong Kong Island? Would a non-chinese punter look out of place / be unwelcome? Could I innocently breeze in off the street in order to download check my hotmail account?

A clear description from an experienced mongerer of cybercafe protocol would doubtless go down well on this board.

Hong Kong really is a fun place to monger!


Daring Mood

02-28-04, 05:26

I used Chinese to translate via AltaVista and "Big Balls" in Chinese characters returned the result as big wave.
As I suspected, it is actually "big tits" as Cantonese slang refers to breasts as "balls" or "balloons".

Happy Hunting

Average Joe
02-28-04, 12:46
I've been reading a while here now and it's been very insightful. Thanks, everyone. I thought I'd contribute a little now.

I wanted to get a glimpse of how the life is for some random 141 girl. So several weeks ago, I picked a cutie, whom I'll call Michelle, and became close with her. She told me about her life and provided some insight into how the girls, and the businesses, work. I hope it'll be interesting for you. I should tell you that this information comes from what Michelle knows and what I have found out. She's been in the trade for about half a year. Whether this information is accurate really depends on what you think.

First, ****** is an agency that is contracted by the girls' bosses. Many of the bosses from the different regions have their girls posted on the site. And the information on there is not necessarily correct, as Michelle knows that she and other girls have only their pictures taken and their nicknames, which they choose themselves, written down. The rest (such as age, measurements, etc.) are only guessed by whoever operates the website.


Michelle, like many of the other girls, come from poorer rural areas of China. She lives in a rural farmhouse next to a highway, outside of Dongguan, which she brought me to after about a week of knowing her. Maintaining traditional ways, she and her family have to chop wood from a small bamboo forest in the mountains behind the house and burn the wood to boil water for bathing, cooking, etc. Dogs, cats, and chickens run around the yard and into the house.

Unlike many other girls, Michelle says, she wasn't recruited. Her job was voluntary, due mainly to depression. Most girls do it just for the money... and it's definitely good money. Most girls, including herself, gets about 15 customers a day. On busy days, it could be up to 20. Her fee is $320 -- this fee varies by location ($320 is normal for Mongkok). The girls make $100 HKD per customer and the bosses keep the rest. That's up to $2000 HKD a day for the girls, which is absolutely better than making $400 HKD a month working in a factory in rural China, which she used to do.

She doesn't have a quota on a number of customers a day, but many days, she and other girls must work overtime when the bosses are pissed off that they aren't making enough money. They scold the girls in such cases, and can order them to "walk the street" -- a translation from Cantonese (jau gai (I suppose this is terminology of the trade)), meaning to work in a brothel with one of those ubiquitous yellow signs seen all over town. The bosses would also use websites such as 141 to market the girls if they are not making enough money, ie: after a week of being taken off the site, Michelle would dwindle to about 4-5 customers a day. She would be put back online, and within a day she'd be back up to 15.

Michelle has a basic understanding of STDs. She knows of AIDS. She uses a condom for all clients, and takes a cocktail of various antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pills several times daily. She has never been for a blood test. She replaces bed sheets several times daily, but that depends on the girl. Some are clean and some are pigs. She is replenished with clean towels and sheets regularly. Girls that she knows follow the same procedure.


Usually, the bosses have sentries around the brothels (or the 141 apartments) to watch for police and immigration officials, who regularly and randomly check for illegal activities. The girls who are arrested are jailed and deported. When they see or suspect any authorities coming for the girls, the girls are immediately moved, without even time to collect their belongings, to a safehouse, which usually includes few amenities -- a shared bathroom and several beds for about 5-10 girls in some decrepit building. Michelle's safehouse is also in Mongkok.

At least some of Hong Kong's CID (undercover police) members are in with the businesses. In exchange for free sex, the CID members (usually easily picked out in public -- carrying their typical black law-enforcement notebook bag on their belt and wearing an earpiece), I conjecture, provide advance information on police raids on brothels. Several nights ago when walking down Nathan Road (in Mongkok) with her, we watched as about 5 CID men hustle some working girls into a waiting police van. The night after (two days before this posting), between 2300-0400, over 70 working girls were arrested in Mongkok. That same night, at 2000, before the raids began, Michelle was told by her big boss to fuck one CID man for free -- the boss insisted that he had paid for the CID man, and not to charge him. She and other girls under the same boss were told to take the rest of the night off right afterwards -- none of them were arrested. The CID man had brought with him his gun, cuffs, notebook bag, and badge with him. She was scared to death as these people are the same ones that arrest the girls for doing what they do, and she had expected him to arrest her.


Michelle knows of two main levels of management -- there is her immediate superior (lo sai, ie: "boss"), who is generally a nice man that is understanding and doesn't scold her. He rents and maintains the rooms in which the girls work, and receives a payment from upper management depending on how many customers the girls get. Upper management (lo dau, ie: "old man" or "dad") are the ones that can get pissed off and scold the girls and can order them around. She has never seen any physical violence against any of the girls.

Many of the bosses have asked to do her, but she refused and that was okay. If she is sick or on her period, she can go home. Every two weeks, she has a break of 2-3 days, when she can go home. One boss would escort her to the Lo Wu train station in Shenzhen, where her passport and national ID card are taken from her so she could not leave the country (or even her region).


I was watching when Michelle met her handler in Shenzhen after coming back from her village to go back to work. She met up with another girl plus two men, both of whom were "lo sai." The main boss would greet her, see how she's doing, and provide her with her passport to travel back to Hong Kong. From what she says, this is done usually in the vicinity of Lo Wu station. Most girls are from Guangdong province, or have moved to Guangdong province from another province to look for work. When it's time to work, most go to Shenzhen to meet their bosses to go back to Hong Kong.

The typical procedure for Michelle is for the bosses and girls to cross the border separately. I watched the bosses go to one side of the immigration hall while the girls went to the other. The bosses are dressed neatly and stylishly in suits or casual-wear. The girls handle themselves at the border, and are briefed on what to say if the officer asks a certain type of question. Michelle and the other girl were both briefly stopped at HK immigration with one comment from the officer: "your hair looks different than in your photo." Both went to different officers. The girls travel as visitors and have 30 days maximum stay in HK with their visas.

The next step is to get on the KCR train to Mongkok. The procedure here is to get off the train at the next stop south, Sheung Shui, and the boss would purchase first-class tickets (which cost twice as much) for the rest of their ride. As the first class coaches have high-backed seats and no standees, this would keep various people on the train from staring or glaring at the girls, which usually happens if the girls have to make their way back to China by themselves and ride standard class.


This is about what I learned in about 2-3 weeks, so there will probably be more. I hope you found it an interesting read. Have fun.


Kev 3X
02-28-04, 14:14
I'm going to be in Hong Kong for one night in March at the Kowloon Hyat Regency. What is my best be for some fun in walking distance?

Jack The Lad
02-28-04, 15:04
Hi guys,

This is my first post on this board. I was recommended this site from a fellow punter(monger) in the UK and it is very very good, well done everyone. Just spent the entire morning reading back post since September!

I will be planning a trip back in the summer to see family, I'm a BBC(British Born Chinese). I'll be staying near Tai Po so I'll have to travel out to Kowloon for some action.

I would like to list all the option I have:

Walk-ups; with the coloured signs
141/161; 'independants'
Saunas; with a proper massage
Bars/Clubs; picking up girls
Cyber Cafe; just a front
Street Girls; just follow them
Macau; overnight FS for about HK$2000

Is there anything I have missed out?

I'd like to know more about Macau. I'll first have a look over in that area of the board but if anyone has any info please let me know. Thanks.

Is it normal to get BBBJ and swallow in the 141/161 and walk-ups or should I expect to pay more? Thanks. Also do any of the girls do anal? It's not really mentioned. Thanks.

Lastly, Can someone help me deciefer the picture symbols on this webpage, they are for what services she offers but not sure what all of them mean. Thanks.


Thanks again,

Good luck

02-28-04, 17:32
Jack The Lad:

That is a website that few had heard about.

The symbols are: from left to right:

full service (regular sex), oral, hand job, Body Massage, regular massage.

You may have also seen a symbol with a drill. It means that the girl will provide "poison dragon drill." It is Cantonese slang for rimming or ANNILINGUS. Pay attention when the girl showers with you, she would wash your anus over and over again, it may mean that she is willing to provide that service. Most will not unless you ask, washing ahead of time is just to get ready.

BBBJ and swallow is not usually part of the menu but you can ask the keeper or manager so that he can arrange for a girl with those "talents'. Same with anal, generally you may have to tip more than usual. But ask ahead of time otherwise most will say no. And a word from one of the keepers,for services like those mentioned, you may have to accept a slightly older girl. Really young and pretty ones are less likely to agree. YMMV as always.

Happy Hunting

Jack The Lad
02-28-04, 18:21
Thanks very much Lilojo. Quick reply much apprecited.

It's nice to see this board is so friendly, others I have seen there has been a lot of bad Karma.

I have a few more questions, sorry.

Is it advisable to call ahead if there is a telephone number for 141/161s?

What does YMMV mean? Is there a site with meanings for abbriations I can look at?

Is this board used mostly by Americans? Is anyone British here?

Are there any other sites about the paid sex scene in HK that is in English?

I can't read or write Chinese to save my life! Although I can speak Cantonese(and Hakka) very fluently and pretty good with Mandarin, having a Chinese GF for 2 years hepls! Do you guys think not being able to read Chinese will affect my chances of success. Worried about getting the wrong address etc.

Thanks again.

02-29-04, 07:28
Average Joe,

Superb post, welcome to the board. When you're ready for Senior Membership I will certainly second it, especially if you continue quality reporting of this type.

One question: if the girls make HKD100 per customer, how do their bosses know how many guys they're doing? Although I've been in one or two of the work flats where they make a phone call before the action starts, most don't. How do they keep track? I thought it would have made more sense to charge them rent for the room at a rate based on them getting 10-15 guys per day.

02-29-04, 11:49
Greeting members,
I am new to HK forum and have been reading past posts all night and still puzzle on how 141 works. I will be visiting HK on 3-13 for about a week and then on to Japan. My question is, do I just go to the address listed on the 141? And do I still negotiate pricing when I ring the door bell since the price is already listed on the website? Are those places open 24hr? I like to try the club Dusk til Dawn too and I like to ask if the girls charge more there for coming back to your hotel room compare to the 141 girls? What is the address and is that a regular dance club, bars, or hosttess bar....? Sorry for all the questions as I have never been to HK before but I do speak a little Cantonese.

I am been an often visitor of MP here in Los Angeles and pay $100-$150 USD but have never try using the service in HK and am afraid as well since I am by myself. Any help would greatly appreciate.


02-29-04, 13:43
Average Joe
Interesting and good info for a first up report.
I heard the girls have to service a number of clients before they can get the $100 per session. The figure I heard was 150 clients. Did your girl mention this? Perhaps this applies to overseas girls with the higher cost.
15 clients a day is a figure that has been reported before, amazing so many of the reports have been positive on 141 girls, many seem to be able to maintain a good attitude with the high workload.
Do you know what determains if a girl is put in 141 flat against a Mongkok walkup brothel? From your report it seems 141 has better status and perhaps more customers.
Also Intransit's question on how they keep tabs is a good one.

I personally prefer the girls in Wanchai bars, much more expensive though. I wonder how many have a hidden boss? The most of the girls I have met don't seem to, but there are those that are very business focused that might be under pressure to pay someone a cut.


02-29-04, 17:52
Jack The Lad:

Look up to the top of this webpage, just under "WSG Forum", you would see a line of links. The last one is "Terms and Abbreviations".

For 141, calling ahead is OK but the girl often would not give to an appointment but just to say that she is available. They can't risk a no-show.

Dwittlin reported that there is now an English version of ******.com. It is pretty rudimentary and still mixing Chinese and English, but some of the addresses are fully in English and some are not. I guess you just have to have patience to surf through it.


The price for 141 and Mongkok is set as advertised although extra service may cost more. No need to negotiate down. The rule in HK is that even if the keeper drops the price, it comes out of the girl's share and not the boss' cut or the establishments' rent. So give the girls a break.

Read the posts from here to 8 or 10 pages back and you would have all the answers for the bars. English will get you everything without trouble in Wanchai. However, the girls are more likely to come on to and hook up with a caucasian than an oriental. I believe it is just business sense since tourists/foreign businessmen may not be as familiar with the going rate. I may be too naive here.

Happy Hunting

Bob Builder
02-29-04, 17:52
How do the Keepers know how many a day? CCTV surveillance, video recorder of no. of Johns.

Number that any girl before they get any money varies but is usually 200. Then girls get $100 - $190 depending on where tehy work. Some unscrupulous brothel keepers have the girls arrested before they reach the target and then get another sucker in her place. There are many available girls in China.

Penang Boy #2
03-01-04, 11:17
Dear all Hong Kong brother,

I been in HK mid March, prepare for "Hunt" some pretty girl. Ha ha ha just joke. Can I call the "www.best161.com" girl to our hotel room? Because some of them provide overnite, I saw the photo from the website. It is overnite just at their place or outdoor service? Please give me the infomation detail about the service.

Thank you.

Happy safe hunting!

Jack The Lad
03-01-04, 12:43
Just one more question before I set off for my trip to HK.

In the ads for 141/161 some girls say they offer BM(body massage?), what is this exactly? Is it anyway of saying FS?


Harry Cari
03-01-04, 16:32
As I am looking at 141 some gals advertise 800 for overnite. Anybody know if this is true.

Also, anyone know of an e mail address for 141.

Average Joe
03-01-04, 17:14
Thanks Intransit and bjk for your warm welcome and positive comments! I really enjoy the great attitude and posts of the people here. I have answers to both your questions that I did get from her but didn't remember to post up in the initial report.

The answer to the first question from Intransit, on how the bosses keep track of how many customers they get, is through CCTV. Michelle, at least, has a small TV in her room where she can see three views: 1) the elevator door, 2) the corridor, 3) in front of her door. There is a fourth screen but it is blank.

They use pinhole cameras that are difficult to spot. I've only seen the one outside her door, and that's because I've seen the angles on the TV and went and actually tried to find it. It's a nickel-sized-and-shaped black disc mounted on a white backing attached to the wall. She uses the cameras to see who or what's outside her door, so she could choose her customers. Diseased or drunk-looking ones are refused -- she would just ignore the doorbell and pretend nobody's home. She turns off the TV when the customer is inside so if you see a TV inside the girl's room, you know that's what it's for. During a break or non-working times, though, it could also be used to watch TV.

I think every girl has such a CCTV system outside their doors, as she tells me that the bosses use the same camera system to see how many people (and perhaps who) goes in and out. They use the door camera, or another camera by the door, that monitors how many, and how long, each person stays. (It is a 4-camera CCTV system after all, and one channel might be hooked up to the boss' monitor as I don't see a VCR or any other recording device in her room). Sometimes somebody is refused service, in which case the duration is only a few minutes or less. They won't count. The bosses do get curious if someone stays too long and would phone the girl wondering what's going on. This happens sometimes when someone would pay a girl for double the time, or 60 minutes. The usual is 30 minutes or less.

The answer to the second question, from bjk, on payment for the boss, varies somewhat but for Michelle is $20,000 HKD. The payment is for getting them work and for things such as Immigration document processing, where the bosses would help them get proper travel documents to cross the border. Some girls, such as the one that works in the room next to hers, do their own papers, in which case they can receive more than $100 per customer, which Michelle receives. That girl receives $200 per customer and doesn't have to pay as much as $20,000. The girls' and boss' payments are negotiated before they start working. The other girl tells Michelle that she's getting ripped off.

Michelle must do 200 free customers to make up the $20,000 payment. Her boss allows her to spread the customers out, so she doesn't need to do all 200 at once. I can't say that that's how it is for all the bosses, however. Her contract is up at the end of April and she has done about 100 freebies so far, since around the beginning of February.

One thing of interesting note too. She tells me most guys (which are local, with few foreigners) don't last very long in the sack. The majority(!) of her customers last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, with very, very few using up their maximum 30 minutes. None have ever given her pleasure -- I'm glad to say I was the first! Many are prone to premature ejaculation, and would cum in the pre-fuck shower or as soon as they lie down with her, in which case the session's over. One or two regulars pay just to sit down and chat with her. It's not such a bad deal for her sometimes!

Acer V
03-02-04, 11:50
Average Joe,

Your info on the girls on Kowloon side is consistent with what I know. I do know two babes on Hong Kong side who have more of an independent 1-4-1 arrangement. One pays HK$3000 per week for her flat and is under no pressure to hit a quota. What she makes above that is hers. She also pays for internet/newspaper adverts and on a good week will do 30-40 clients at $400 a pop. Because she is not as high-volume as some of the others she tends to be a much better shag than the average 1-4-1 and has a stable of regulars that she takes pride in looking after. She can also afford the luxury of choosing her clients , or that's what she tells me anyway. This girl has HK permanent residency which does not put her in potential trouble with immigration and is probably the reason she gets a more liberal treatment from the gangsters that control the flats.

Incidently, some time back someone posted here that 1-4-1 is a recent phenomenom in Honkers and the brothels of Mongkok have a more prominent past. This cannot be further from the truth to my knowledge. Prior to the Brits leaving in 97, 1-4-1 was very popular. The difference between then and now is the recent exposure of it on the internet. In the 90's there were many, many adverts in the local chinese press for 1-4-1 but little was known about it outside the local community. Back then, many 1-4-1 girls would be genuinely surpised when a white face came knocking on their door and more than once I was refused service. Now, likely due to the internet and this site in particular, the 1-4-1 outlets cater much more to the non-Chinese speakers.

The walk-up brothels have always been around but much of the heavy action in Mongkok did not spring up until mid to late 90's from my memory. These establishments have always been hounded more by the police because technically, under Hongky law, any place housing more than one prostitute or with a keeper living off a prostitute is illegal. As I have watched the scene over the past 20 years it appears to me that the new, post-97 administration have been a lot more lenient at enforcing these rules in both the brothel scene in Mongkok and the many full-service saunas that have sprang up in the past 5-6 years.

One other trend I have noticed is that the quality in the 1-4-1 scene has picked up somewhat in the past few years. There are some true gems out there!

There have been some great posts in this thread recently. Keep it up Gents!

Acer V
03-02-04, 11:52
Re: Cyber Cafes

To Daring Mood:

The Cyber Cafes are set up so that you know what you are there for. Most have a scantily clad woman in their adverts/signs at the front door and are explicit about offering you female company. Most are located in the Jordon/ Yaumatei/ Mongkok area and I don't know of any on the Island.

I don't know that much else about them and would second your request that one of the good lads on this thread provide a more detailed description of protocol and prices.

Albert Punter
03-02-04, 22:46
In reply to Penang Boy #2:

These are a couple of numbers for outcalls:
- Sisi (mongolian) HKD 600/800 (decent but did not tried her)
- Jannie (vietnamese) HKD 1500 for 2 hrs (see my report of Feb.16)


Albert Punter
03-02-04, 22:47
Sorry but I had forgot to post the numbers

- Sisi 97710358
- Jannie 93686937

Again sorry fellows

Kev 3X
03-03-04, 05:39
Can I get directions from the Hyatt regency Kowloon to the closest 141 - walking distance is a plus.

Any other options? I will only be there one night so I can't waste too much time.

03-03-04, 06:46
I actually went to a cyber cafe thinking it was just an internet cafe. I wanted to send some e-mails. I wondered why they assigned a girl to help me. I didn't do anything with her and I was clueless that there was more to be had other than using the computers.

03-03-04, 06:49
As one who soon will be making a first time visit to Hong Kong, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful information.

I have run across one abbreviation in the 141 ads that I have not seen discussed:

Fee : HK$ 300 Whole package
(SM extra $100)

I am not certain what the SM means in the HK culture.

Thank you again.


03-03-04, 11:01
Hi HK Lovers,

"first contact"

The cyber cafe thing sounds more and more interessting to me, as only few of you ever tried this way of getting contact to the girls. Beeing in such a place, not realising what could have been possible (some GFE, soft touching HJ and little more?), is funny to read. Of course there will be mongers now(me!!), who are going for cyber cafes now, drilling and exploring whats going on there. I hope to find more info about this topic, before I have my chance to explore the "cyber world! I am going to HK in May for 3 days. Will certainly contribute some of my impressions etc.

The board seems a very informative platform. Enjoying very much your reports. All information you need for a good time in HK, you can find it , even in the older reports of 2003!


03-03-04, 11:01

I was just at the Hyatt last night. I checked and there are a few 141's about 5 minutes waling from the Hyatt. Any of the ones on Nathan road are close as well as I saw a couple of others. TST is not a very big area so everything is within a 15-20 minute walk.

Have fun,


Jack The Lad
03-03-04, 13:46
Sorry to be a bother again. I seem to only have questions!

I found more symbols on a website which I don't understand. Can someone help?


I think that is all of them. If you find any more please do let me know. This website is very good actually although the address is in Chinese, some very good looking girls. Give it a go and let us know how the fair.

Will be off to HK soon.


03-03-04, 14:15

Look at ******.com's English site. There are some girls on Hanoi Road, that's pretty close. Just about any girl in Tsim Sha Tsui is in walking distance of the Hyatt Regency.

03-03-04, 14:26
I had a very pleasent surprise in Mon Kok.
I visited a building on 607 Nathan Road, it looks like an office building but from the 11th to 17th floors there are working girlsthat provide services from their small appartments. I rang the bell on seven appartments, all the girls looked very good, made my choice on appt# 1115D, the lady was about 30 yrs old, very pretty and a great body, she spoke absolutely no English, I speak no Chineese, we got along fine. She has a professional massage table, she did a 1/2 hour massage, she signaled for me to roll over, then follow her to the bath room, gave me a body wash, led me to the bed, she began with a BBJ, lots of licking, she positioned herself several times, even the 69 position. 10 min of that and put a condom on me, did it cowgirl style, then multiple positions, finished and she gave me anouter shower. This is a great place. I would recommedd her from experience or any of the other ladies from what I saw. The price was $350.

03-03-04, 20:24
I will be in Hong Kong for one night in two weeks time. There are plenty 1 to 1 houses, but will any of these girls visit my hotel. I am staying in TST. What are the options for getting girl to stay the night in my hotel.

Acer V
03-04-04, 14:47
Thai Girls in Neptunes.
I pulled a stunner out of Neptunes last night. Spotted her across the room, we hit it off over a drink and quickly exited to a love hotel for some serious shagging. On her 4th day of a 30 day stay this Thai babe was just what I fancy. She was an expert at BBBJ and a perfect body that just wouldn't let me rest all night. No money was discussed until morning. I first handed her $500 knowing it was too little for an all night. She frowned and then grinned when I gave her another $500. Well worth the 2 pops and 2-3 hours of heavy shagging.

There were some real mutts in Neptunes but my experience last night reminded me that you can still find the diamonds if you look hard enough.

03-04-04, 17:05
I was checking out the 141 site today when I stumbled across
an INDIAN provider! I couldn't believe my eyes! So, anyway, for
those of you looking for a fast, easy, and decent-looking Indian
gal, here ya go:


First it's conveintly indexed gals, then the English version, now
foreign flavors...next will be door-to-door delivery in 30 min or
less? ;)


03-05-04, 03:43
I will in Hong Kong Mar. 17 to March 21. I would like to check out the cyber cafe action in the TST/Jordan area. Does anyone have any addresses (previous postings here gave no address information)?

03-05-04, 03:51
Michelle from Hari's:

I saw her again last night. While the sex was as good as before, she seems to have a very weird personality.

The first time I took her, she was funny, bubbly and very enjoyable company. Usually things improve on the second "date" but last night she was almost sullen and lacked sparkle.

I am wondering is she has a problem with "better living through chemistry".

I told her a couple of my friends had tried to call her and they were suprised by her demeanor on the phone. She said the calls came in at a "bad" time, but would not explain what the "bad" time was all about.

She still ranks pretty high to my "to do" list but she is an unusual girl.


Dark Mist
03-05-04, 03:56

I'm sorry to say I tried that provider, actually, I went to the wrong room, and went with her neighbour AA - also listed on ******, but convinced them to do a two girl show instead. That I have regrets, the indian girl you pointed out is not what most would generally consider attractive, unless one were into BBWs. Her attitude/service level was not great either.

Sorry, try again.

03-05-04, 15:39
Silly question I know, but I'm really curious about something. I just re-watched "The World of Suzie Wong" (nice old flick) and was wondering whatever happened to the "NAM KOK HOTEL"? Obviously it's been torn down and replaced by something but what? What street is it on? What about those long stairs that go up from next to that hotel...any info here. Thanks ~ From a true Nancy Kwan fan.

Night Dragon
03-05-04, 18:54

It's become the Luk Kwok hotel on Gloucester Road, in Wanchai.

03-05-04, 23:30
Average Joe,

I know I'm a week behind with this comment, but I must say GREAT POST! That was a phenomenally interesting read. It actually makes the trade sound much better for the girls than I feared. Please continue your investigation and reporting. I believe it's really important for all of us to understand the hobby from all sides.

Phoenix Decending
03-06-04, 06:15
Arrived in HK Thursday night and after checking into my hotel I headed to the Peninsula Hotel to have dinner with a couple of friends. I was propositioned twice on the walk from the InterContinental, but didnt have the time to take them up on their offer. After dinner we headed upstairs to Felix to have a drink (after my last trip here I wanted to see if there was any talent hanging around, there wasnt). We closed the bar there and headed back to the hotel where at around 3:00 AM I realized I was not used to the time change and was wide awake. I decided to take a walk down Nathan Rd. As I walked I realized there were quite a few people out on the street, including working girls as I was approached several times. Having walked for awhile I came upon the Lucky Sauna and decided a massage would be a great way to loosen up after the long flight.

The sauna was as most are described on this board, go in get a locker, take a shower, put on gym shorts and shirt and go to waiting room. A man came out showed me a piece of paper with some numbers on it (I didnt have my glasses on so they were a blur). He pointed to one set and said hand job and the other and said body massage, I pointed at the second set and said full service to which he replied ok. I was then led to a room where a nice looking (7-8) girl named Amy was to give me a massage. She was small and thin but still had a very nice shape to her. She gave me a nice massage, and I kept running my hand up her thigh to which she finally asked if I wanted more services. She said HJ, Body Massage, or make love. I took the make love option for $788 HK. She went and got a condom, came back stripped, rubbed oil on herself and then rubbed her body on me. After getting me more than ready she applied the condom and started with a CBJ. She then jumped on and rode me CG until she came. After resting her head on my chest we started again CG until I came. She then cleaned me up, finished the massage and I went out, took another shower, paid the $788HK at the door and headed back down Nathan Rd. to the Hotel. I was approached a couple of more times on the way but was now ready to get some sleep.

03-06-04, 13:33
Good morning all,

I am new to this board, well done! I have been mainly a continental US hobbyist for some time and wish I had found this forum much sooner. Anyway, I am taking my first trip to Asia on the 20th of this month. I will be at Hyatt-Kowloon. Unfortunately, my agent will be sticking to me like glue but I should be able to lose him by 9 PM or so each night. I will be starting my adventures as soon as I get in on Saturday night and was wondering what regular bars would be best and closest (walking distance) for said adventures. I like my ladies thin/athletic, 18-24 years old and very attractive. I read/speak absolutely no Chinese. Also, if any of you will be in HK at that time I would welcome a partner in crime. Thanks.

03-06-04, 21:20

Here's a fast forward for a first timer in Hong Kong. Get in a cab and tell him to take you to Dusk to Dawn in Wan Chai. If you are there too early (and there are no ladies in the bar yet), go next door to Chinatown Bar, see Axel, order a long island ice tea with easy ice, and ask him all the questions about the place. Then go back to DtoD and take your pick according to your individual taste and desire.

Taking any of them back to the Hyatt is no problem, but you should try and get a price and negotiate before you leave the bar. Take a taxi back, but as soon as you get to know your bearings, switch your mode of transportation to the MTR, which is much cheaper, that is assuming you need to do this otherwise stick to the taxis.

Your negotiation will include the basic "short time" or "long time" details. Long time is usually overnight, giving you the opportunity for an early morning session if this your beat. Prices for LT are anywhere from HKD 1500 to 2000. Some guys have managed to get this for 1000 but that I consider to be lucky !!

The Hyatt Kowloon is lady friendly, and once or twice I have seen some working girls in the bar just off the lobby. As you will see on this board there is a lot of action walking up and down Nathan Road. Then a little north on Nathan Road is the Mong Kok area too.

But for a first-timer, head for Wan Chai -- please AVOID any of those bars with catchers standing outside offering "one drink come and look". You will be spending a lot more money in there for drinking with a lady (US$ 25.00 per drink) which mounts up quickly and you leave alone or pay an additional US$450 to take someone out.

How long are you in HKG ? you can send me a personal message for additional questions or other asian city mongering.

Have fun and be careful

03-07-04, 11:58

I had been in HKG two weeks ago just for an overnight (try to stay longer it is worth). Came in late in the night and walked from my hotel to D&D were I arrived around 01.00am.

Honestly I had a girl in my arms quicker than I got my beer! Actually it is much more difficult to get barkeepers attention than from the girl.

When I was standing at the bar trying to get my beer I felt a hand on my littly john - and this hand wasn't mine. The small chick beside me was getting in contact, but was obviously to drunk to talk anymore. Just managed to get her name but was not really impressed and the kick off was when her girl friend, while seating at the bar, spied under it. Thanks got they left quickly and I favoured an Indian girl dancing when I saw this attractive girl called herself Weeky. In my opinon at least 8.5 to 9 of 10. Very slim body with nice tits and a great smile. She managed to come over to me and had a quite good command of the English language. We had a drink together some touching and kissing and headed to my hotel finally. No problem at the Conrad hotel at all.

We had a nice couple of hours before she left and real good GFE with BBBJ and CIM. While I had business to attend this day I was really happy when she intended to leave at around 04.30 am. She did not really asked for money but were telling me she is from BKK and came for work to HKG. I gave here one of my nice company gifts, EUR 50,00 inside and taxi money.

Why I am so impressed from HKG: It was great, cheap and quick. No hassle with rip offs, pimps or waiters wanted to be tipped.

I really hope to have business again in this area soon.

have fun folks,

03-08-04, 17:38
You guys have probably seen this already, but in addition
to Indian women, 141 now has white women, too! But
1200 HDK short time? Ouch...

Now, I'm just waiting for a couple of lovely Sudanese,
luscious Latinas, etc...



Vice Squad
03-08-04, 23:18
I checked out that joint on Nathan Road... 607 (11-17th floors)... pretty scary looking so I went back downstairs. I ended up going into the Empire Sauna on Portland Street. The dela for 90 minutes of massage with full service on the initial visit is HK$778. Actually, not a bad deal since you get a shower, get to watch some television, relax, sauna, massage, FS, massage and then another popoff with a HJ. They give you a coupon so that the next visit is HK$530. I used that yesterday. Same service. The coupon said that I could stay all day and eat snacks and relaz as well but they didn't seem to be ytrying to do any of that. Also, I found out that they only give you a coupon if you pay the inital price.
They girls I had were very cute. Not the best massages but not the worst. The same goes for the FS. It's don on those small massage table so not much room to get really wild but they girls let me do just about anything I wanted without any protesting.
I didn't really pronounce the girls names right but girl #2 worker ID is 116.

AN Henry
03-09-04, 00:41
I'm planning on taking a trip to HK soon, but I wanted to know if these ladies in hk on the 141 websites would do it bareback? I know the health concerns and what not. I'm planning on going with a friend, so I will find out how we are going to find some ladies when we are there.

Kev 3X
03-09-04, 01:48
What is the location Hotel on ******? Do you call them and they come to your hotel room? Staying at the Hyatt in Tsim Sha Tsui.