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01-01-05, 01:00
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01-08-05, 13:10
Visited Naseem's Gauri parlour situated at 15th Road Bandra. This is located just behind India Gate Restaurant. The lady in charge of the place quoted Rs. 850/- for a half body massage and Rs 1600/- for a full body massage. I almost laghed hearing the rate cause the max one should pay at any of these parlours is Rs. 500-600/- for 1/2 hour & Rs. 800/- for 1 hr. I told her that was too much. She started negotiating but I stuck to it that I would not pay anything more than Rs. 500- for 1/2 hr.
I also confirmed that the girl would give me a hand job. She was reluctant to say yes but finally said yes cause i was not ready to hand over the cash till she confirmed it.
I took a girl named Seema who was average looking compared to the other girls but since the lady managing the place recomended her i agreed. What seema lacked in looks she made up in the massage and service. SHe gave me a soft massage and started playing with my dick. Since I had paid for 1/2 hour i choose to delay the handjob and asked her to gimme a nice back and leg massage which she willingly & efficiently gave me. The i told her to open her bra so i could play with her tits. She was reluctant but agreed later. She also let me finger her pussy a little but that took a lot of persuation. Then i let her wank me off and she did a real good job for which i tipped her Rs. 200/- (she deserved it)After i had got dressed she got a cologne soaked cold towel with which she lovingly wiped my face. All in all a very satisfying experience. I recomend this place and specially Seema (if you choose to go there & take seema for the massage tell her Sanju has sent you and she is sure to give you a great time).

01-10-05, 08:09
Folks went to Manorama after mongering in Panvel, Kapal till about 0230. When we reached there, got the news that they are now shutting shop by 0130. Same case with Nightingale. This will be on for sometime. So guys please get out of there by 0100.

01-11-05, 19:12

Anyone interested in going to a service bar? Never been to one before. Just looking for some company.

01-30-05, 15:06
Finally, WSG is back, what a relief, Its being weeks, since it went down, and no leads to go around, Being to same old bar manorama, sun city, nightangle, fed up of seeing the same quality or quantity, again and again.

Folks, I must say with all my few mongering experiences, whats with indian girls when it comes to sex, they are ice cold or just too mechaical, there attitude sucks man, just imagine the kinda "nakara" these bar girls have, you won't even feel like going next time, still, there is no choice, so gotta stick with the place for a while.

Typical line, They won't do CBJ, forget about BBBJ, they won't let you kiss on the face else there make-up seems to go bad. 80 percent of the time, you got to get yourself with missionary position, if you ever dare to ask her to change, "10000" nakaras and tons of bad mouth later she would change a bit mostly after pleading to be in doggie, forget any other position if you ever thought was possible with indian women, even if you willing to pay extra money for any other service, they just refuse. sometime, to have even decent sex is a big stress. if you have 10 encounters, 7 is doomed, 2 will be so so and one would be definetly great, after paying 10000 bucks, you get decent sex in india.

I went to sun city bar and even to night riders as i mentioned before, folks don't venture too far, its all the same cover up, all girls have same attitude problem. I was at sun city bar at panvel, nearly all girls have nakharas, a girl approached me, she was good looking and agreat body, I now a days hesitate to approach women as i know they will demand higher, the thing was it was very late i went around 10 Pm and it was 1.30 and all girls had mostly left upstairs, we had a one time eye contact, she came and sat next to me with an excuse that she want to make a call from my mobile, as her battery was down, I said ok, lets go up stairs and have fun and you can talk as you like, she gave me a nakhara look and said 4k, i was blown away, am'i in mars or what, i thought, the reason she came to me was to get it going, far from it, I don't know what was in her mind, i just thought i would cuddle her and slowly the rate would come down, she just ran, yeah just ran away from me, with a kind of look like i don't care, Now my ego really was on top, I wanted this girl at any cost, i was little high on drinks with close to three hour sitting, so i told the waiter that, if you bring that girl to me and offer a resonable price i would tip him 200 bucks, he went to her and they talked for some five minutes, it was like he was pleading with her, and he came back to me and said 4K last she won't come down thats it, I wondered what he talked with her, I just couldn't get myself any other girl for that night i wanted her badly, it was like a challenge, i was kinda pissed, a bar girl not caring any more, I thought these stories only happens in america, the waiter brought another girl after a while and said 2500 rs, i said 1000, and she too refused, none what so ever, the reason i thought was these girls were new and may be they are being offered some better price, it was like these bar girls have become goddess in there own way, they even don't listen to the waiters. finally, seeing no were to go and i already had popped one "V" and was getting restless, i went to the old girls in the stock and picked her up and settled for 700 rs, What the heck, the reason we go to these bar are to get new experiences else, i would have married long time back settling for same curry every day.

I just mentioned one story, if you monger long enough you will notice these things, as one tend to take things more casuallly and more like a routine, newbies would find it hard, but you guys are in your way to these things, yeah , i'm addicted, life's getting more exciting or better ruined, one hears such stories, as barbad ho jayega ladies bar jayaga to, and its very much true, once if you go in, you never come back, and mumbai don't have any threapist to deal with such cases. now i go twice every week and blow away my salary.

I would never regret it, It's my conscious decision, and it feels good to be alive, india is really a socialist evil, its another kind of talibanism here, what with deadlines and helmet rules and gutka bans and dry days, and to top it all indian women's attitude problem, no matter how much we ape the west or these girls wear jeans and tops, unless we clear our hearts of hypocrisy, ego and jealousy, when we be truly democratic society, its like minority report movie, they want to avoid crime even before they are commited, as a result we have a superficial freedom only in words.

And if you think, the attitude problem is only with bar girls, folks tighten your seat belts, the very reason we are here is 'cos of rude behavior or nakharas from normal women. if you thing its bad, if you be with an american women for dating it could be worse in here..

just watch travel and living channel from discovery channel and there's one serial dating patrol, they teach you how an average jane and john hit out at dating in new york city and these guys have no previous experience in dating, they groom and teach these folks to get sucess in dating.

How cool, How simple, just watch initially, how these guys go asking out for a date, and the reaction they get, i know the image of american women in this forum is bad, but for me it was paradise, the women just refuse it by saying no no, sorry and they smile and go away,

Thats cool compared to what you gonna get in "mera bharat mahan", I thought ok indian is fast emerging global power, attitude is changing, women are becoming more free, like a good dude, i went to barista at bandra on 18th jan, 2005, 5 PM, yeah yeah, i will very well remember my last encounters.

There came one girl alone, very free from her looks and dress sense and sat right across me, initially i did not care as i know its a waste of time, i just went out with out any plan. then slowly as usual her nakhara started, she started making eye contact, may be cos i did not care to look at her or cos most of the folks were couple or in groups, and it became quite intense after a while, she made all the moves positive that i read in askmen.com's doc love lines, still i was not sure and i know from my past experiences, its not good, yet it went around for 15 minutes, she looks at me then turns around, when i seem to look elsewhere, she keep lookin at me, now my viens started pumping more, i became restless, she seems to be a decent girl with good looks. well, i thought damm give it a try, my other experienced mind would say don't do it, its not west, but some one got to do it , finally with all my guts and courage i made out the worst case scenario, what would be the fall out, worse she would say no and turn away or extreme she not going to slap me thats too filmish...., Boy, can't imagine what it went through my mind when i took the first step to ask for a coffae.

I took off and went straight to her...Excuse me !! would you like to have a cup of coffae with me !!!!, haa there it goes, i was relieved, ,,,,,

suddenly, her face changed, she kept mum for a second and pushed herself back and her face was serious and angry !!!!! ARE YOU MADDDDDDDDD !!!!, :;:
i was stunned to the very core of my bone, i never ever thought this kind of reply, i was chilled, it was quite loud and the couples next to her gave me a glance, i knew they heard it, it was like i never existed, i was sweating, what would i say, !! sorry !!, i said and went back to my seat, it was like a 1 mile journey, cheated again !! i cursed myself hard, and never ever to venture anymore harakeris with indian women. All she did after wards was to take her mobile out and kept talking, the other couple now started staring at me, like waiting for my next move, i was soooo very pissed. i quietly moved away from barista, like nothing happened, and waited for her moves, after half an hour her friend came, she was really hot and they kept chating for one hr, i was determined to see her go off from barista so waited, don't know why, finally they both left and i did not had anymore mind to follow them like a movie, took my card, and went straight too my paradise manorama bar, ha what a feeling now, it feels good, took a girl right up and fucked my brain's out for one full hour, now i felt really great and man possesed.

folks, if you had any experience, its not one off, i had the misfortune of asking 4 girls out two at barista, one near bus stop and another at my office, these girls have some serious attitude problem.

And working girls, forget it, they think they have conquerd the whole world, i think these girls are getting over respected, talk of american women, these indian women are no better, folks, if you suspect any of my words, just venture out and find it for yourself.

I rest my case.

02-01-05, 09:06
what happened to mumbai and all te action! so many brothels, pick up jts, ladies bars, hi-class action, discos and ofcourse private girls/collage gilrs etc. any serious problem with police etc. gus come on. after all we have only one life and we live it only once. pls share the joy and enjoy.

sunny boy forget those service bars not good, u cant see the babe face, every thing happens in dead dark. no good/pretty/healthy girl would not like to for not showing her face/body to her patron, so imagine...

read my first lines for better action

yesterday i went to this mubai central and took taxi to alexzanda cenema, got down and was surrounded by lots of pimps and street hookers, avoided them like plague and head to a pure nepali joint, old one which i know for years. there are many in that area. but my old joint keeps new/young girls, always. took one cutie, hema, lovely girl may be 18 but looks 16 very sweet girl. good time of an hour, for rupees 500. but for that you get good clean young girl, clean place wit wash area and straight sex, mostly with rain coat, if u want with out 'c' tell beforehand the madam. no bj. anal. but enjoyable. no time to go to new bombay which i wanted for more fancy babes.. for more details pm me.

any updates from vashi, panvel etc, do these bar girls in give bbbj etc, inputs are highly appreciated/mp3

Love The Ladies
02-04-05, 11:21
as for the russian ladies, they didn't show up that night, and i didn't bother have time to meet them again as i went traveling, when i returned, they had returned back home.

went to a place where a girl would always lick another girl for me.
but she has left that place. so the manager got another girl instead.
20 minutes later she had her entire hand inside this girl.
i tried, but could only get 4 fingers. that was a mind blowing experience. did them both while wearing the same condom. they didn't have a problem with me taking off the condom and cumming in any hole, but i decided to cum in her mouth

all in all a great experience, gave them each 100 bucks as a tip
went the 2nd day for 2nd's, but one of the girls got her mensus. we got a different girl, but she would only use her hand. so i fingered the girl myself and put my fingers in her mouth. poor girl, i bet she's still puking.

did another girl who must have been newish. she actually had guys cum in her so i waited for a day. (these girls never where condoms if you insist, its really sad and dangerous) the next day i did her. she was wet but very tight. she was giving me massive attitude so i just rocked her hard. it must have been painful, at one point she bit me HARD on my chest, a week later i'm still bruised. i guess i truly broke her in. the girl was around 20-22. she obviously wasn't a virgin, but she was new.

haven't been mongering since, instead i am going for fresher meat that i don't directly pay for. i'm amazed at how free girls are her. i made out with this 18 year old (i check her ID) in public. then i met another super cutie the next day.

that's been my last month. its been slow :)


Member #4177
02-05-05, 12:24

considering time past midnight, it would be advisable to stay t some hotel in panvel for the night. what are some ok hotels available for under 1000 rupees.

you are bang on, as to attitude of indian women. i hear the barista in bandra, especially later in the evening might be the right time. no personal experience though.

Steve W
02-08-05, 23:53
I am about to make my second trip to Mumbai and hope things will be more fruitfull this time. The last time I stayed at the Taj Hotel and discovered it was not girl friendly at all. Also the places nearby did not look safe and I didn't venture in.

This time I'll be staying at the ITC Sheraton Central in Parel - hopefully girls will be able to get in. Anyone have any experience here ?

Panvel looks like the place to go, but it's too far given that I will have limited time. Any suggestions on best way to get girls in the hotel - should I just rely on the newspaper ads and call up?

Please PM me with details if you can help.



Love The Ladies
02-09-05, 15:57
awesome post. had an experience like that today, but i deserved it.
i've been paying the ladies less often nowadays. lately i've been in the mood for tight holes to plunge myself into. since i'm straight, that means young but legal-aged hookers or 18+ girls from bandra.

anyhow, one of the girls i've been hunting was a 20 year old girl that works in a beauty parlor for ladies only. i met her as she walked into her office, stopped her, introduced myself and kissed her hand. she blushed.
yesterday, i peeked my head in the door of her parlor, she came running over to me and i waved good bye. she stuck her hand out and instinctively i kissed it again. oooops, this time 5 ladies that she worked with saw it. today when i stopped in again, she firmly escorted me out. i was a bit upset and embarressed, yet it was i who goofed up.

also, i met some girls at bandra, i made out with the girl in public. she was 18 and going to college near by.
then i met this girl at the airport, i just started talking to her. loser, the key is to talk to many women, have a good quick conversation with them. grab their mobiles and call yourself. then call them the very next day and ask them for a date. very soon you will line yourself up hotties every night of the week. you will get rejected more often than not. sometimes it will be embarrassing. sometimes you will stick your hand up their shirts in a rickshaw. :) remember, its not how many times they say no. its how many times you cum in their mouth. (ouch, not nice)
granted, i've never slept with a non pro here. (i went out of the country and got laid with a non pro the first 3 hours) then i would have had unlimited booty if i didn't stick with her.) but i am working on it.
met a super hotty today, but she is leaving for austrailia in 2 days. almost cried when i found that out.

just keep trying buddy, and please apply for a senior membership.

Love The Ladies
02-09-05, 16:10
a few people want to know how to get girl on girl action.
for me its really simple and honed down to a science.
1. i talk to the girls and tell them what i want
2. if they agree, i tell them "outside, no problem,,, inside jada problem"
many will back out at this point.
3. i then tell them i will give them a 100 buck tip each if the performance is good.
4. i also tell the "manager" i will tip them if the girls perform, but i get a refund if they don't
5. immediately inside the room i have them strip and finger each other.
under all circumstances i leave my clothes on and don't have them touch me. if they don't it, i tell remind them of the tip. if still no action, i start to dramatically open the door and call for the manager. the girls freak, and about 75% of the time they will do it. as soon as fingers are inside, i make them lick each other. if they don't, i go through the same manager routine.
6. if they won't do it, then i do open the door, throw the non participating girls clothes at her and tell her to get out. i also ask for an immediate refund. i always get the refund and usually get a replacement girl right away.

i hope this helps guys. 2 girls is a load of fun. the sound of a girl/girl 69 is amazing. also, a tounge in the ass while the other girl goes down on you is good too. enjoy boys.

Love The Ladies
02-11-05, 11:59
Steve W,

The manager of the marriot and I were having dinner the other night and a guy at the table was telling us about a friend of his brought a hooker into the elevator and a 200 Kilo bouncer got into the evelvator with them and said "you are not bringing this girl in the hotel" he kicked the girl out and the guy went over to the marriot where he his now living and not having an issue. Yes, the Taj is very strict, other places are ok.

I finally feel your agony bro. Went to a new hunting territory, yes it was truly the pit of mumbai. (yes, kamatiapura) Hundreds of girls walking around, many many of them sexy looking. The girls I picked were better looking than the dance bar girls, but the service was HORRIBLE. Not a blow job all night and the only position was missionary. No fingers inside the first 2 girls at all.
I had a picture of Loser in my head (which didn't help matters) and thinking about how he is right. As some people said, I was worried about my shoes being stolen. There were a couple of girls that were nice. I ended up tipping them way too much because of the contrast in quality. She wanted 100 as a tip for french. I declined but gave her 100 afterwards anyhow.
Guys, that place is pretty bad, even according to my standards.

Loser, I believe the key is to go to places that have "managers" If you become a regular somewhere, the manager will give you the proper girls. Simply ask for the ones that do french and multiple positions.

The good thing about the girls there is that they were requesting condoms to be put on. Only the last one didn't make a good deal about it and I chewed her out for it. Yet she didn't care and would have still let me. Since I've came back from abroad I've been 100% safe. Went to the doctor and was shocked not to have anything. Guys please be safe.

02-14-05, 11:56
Are ther any luxory hotels in Juhu area Mumbai where high class call girls hang around in lobby or bar?

02-15-05, 20:20
Travelling to Mumbai soon. I am looking for recommendations for a good Hotel not too far from the Airport, and any contacts for some sexcitement.

Any info appreciated.



Love The Ladies
02-18-05, 12:05
This is only my humble opinon.

I don't see the differnece between a high class hooker
and a brothel girl.

As for looks these are slight as many many of the brothel girls are HOT
As far as service, the brothel girls in the range of 150-250 are far superior to any other girls here in bombay.

Sure, they are higher mileage vehicles, but the personalities are often times more pleasant.

The only real difference is the aids factor.
I"ve had 5 bar girls get tested while we were out on a date.
They all came back fine.
I'm guessing the brothel girls are 30-50% infected.
For girls who stay the night, I've never once had them request me to use a condom more than once. Yet bar girls sleep with 1-2 guys nightly, the brothel girls get 8-12 per day.

Now I've heard from others that the 150 girls are not good.
Yet, I'm not talking about the 100 buck girls from Kamatiapura.
You must get a girl with a strong manager. The managers train the girls or at least tell them to do what the customer wants or make them get out.

These are just my opinions guys,
What do you think?

02-18-05, 12:06
Stud farm,

There is some activity in the Marriott. Inside the disc.

Limer, depends what you call a good hotel ? What budgets are you looking at?


02-19-05, 07:30

You are as usual on top of the game dude. Correctly deduced, a good mama san / manager goes a loooong way in terms of client satisfaction. This was something that Rekha Naik used to provide. Infact we used to get a refund if the female was not upto the mark in terms of providing service. Pity that she's no longer in operation !

02-24-05, 06:26
Santa and others,

I'll be at the Marriott.

Where's all the action/contacts?

Love The Ladies
02-25-05, 10:26

You are so correct regarding Kamatiapura.
That place is one of the most disgusting places on earth.
Its not that the girls are ugly, some are beautiful, most are average.

Yet, the craziness of the people that live there is insane.
I went back for another session with a girl that was a jewel the first night.
She did Anal for 200 extra and would still be a jewel if she was under the right guidence. Yet I gave her mama san a 500 and to get change. I've never had a problem before. The mama san dissapeared in another room never to return. I went to the room she was in and she gave the money to her "husband" whom put it in his shorts. A little cheating, that's one problem, but then they wouldn't give it back. So I bust out yelling. Just to let you guys know, I can out yell an street walla vendor and I have a deep voice) It shocked them, and after a few times yelling for 6-7 seconds per burst they gave me back the money. Then the lady mama san threatened to hit me. So did the "room service" boy by cocking his fist.

I heated up by getting defensive instead of just laughing the whole thing off. My little cutie who was defending me the whole time quickly changed sides and hit me. Then all 3 started hitting me. I didn't know what to do so I through a couple of punches back. All of a sudden I was in a brawl with 2 guys and a girl. I simply can't hit a girl, so i just pushed them back. The poor room service guy got a couple of good licks on me so I finally hit back. After he went down, the rest backed off. The shitty thing was that my 500 bucks went flying out of my hands. I guess it wasn't meant to be.
I got out of there with minor bumps and a big lesson.

I've never had this problem in India. There are other areas in the grant road area, though while dirty, would never consider doing something like that. Yet that entire area of KamaT seems to be this way.
Plus the girls in this area are missionary only, hurry up and get it over with.

Price doesn't seem to be the issue here. For the girls in both areas get paid roughly the same. 100-150 plus 10-20 room service. Yet, out of all the girls in KamaT, I've yet to have a blow job. In the other area, I've only had 3 girls NOT give me a blow job. During the same night an hour before, I met 2 gems. One was a hottie and was GFE all the way letting me cum where ever I wanted. The other has my favorite type of body, but simply doesn't know how to use it. She let me do Anal and is willing to be with another girl.

So as far as Kama T goes. I've learned my lesson. Of all the girls I banged. There is only one that was a keeper.

Love The Ladies
02-25-05, 11:07
Guys what would pay for a super hot russian babe for 6 hours of wild, crazy fun?

02-26-05, 06:46

My circle of contacts would not pay more than 10,000/- INR. Cause we know that the Russians will agree for less. The same would not hold true for an Indian chick though! She might settle at 15 - 20 K.


Check out the disco in the Mariott. Might get lucky. Look out for 2 - 3 chicks hanging out alone. Get friendly, offer a couple of round of drinks.

02-26-05, 19:33

Some time back I had asked in this forum regarding the availability of viagra/cialis in Mumbai. I have got an easy answer myself during my recent trip to Mumbai. Simply go to the private airlines departure lobby. The 1st general shop on the right keeps all brands including the original Pfizer's one also. They do not needs any presciption.


Santa: I could not call you this time as I was just transiting. I did not stay there.

02-28-05, 16:26
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know about good 3-4 star guest friendly hotels in Juhu and South Bombay area ?

What about Sea Princess Hotel? I thought it was a guest friendly hotel. But once the hotel security stopped a girl whom I had called to room. From looking at the mp ads on the mid-day newspaper.

Best regards,


Zee Dude
03-01-05, 04:26

You don't need to make a special trip to the Airport for the blue pills. Just about any corner Pharmacy carries them and will gladly give them out. The Indian generic versions (Suhagra etc.) work just as well and are dirt cheap.

Never had any trouble getting them when needed.


Love The Ladies
03-01-05, 15:08

as much as i've praised indian women as hookers, its only because i've had some very very good times for 150 rupees. today was no exception.

so today i am getting served by this girl that gave 5 star service. it was my first time with her, yet it is in my favorite hunting grounds and i expect good service from these girls, but love when i get exceptional service.
1. this girl demanded i use a condom. sweetly, but she was firm that i was going to use one. (i use them, but i test the girls first, about 90% don't require one)
2. this chick came like a demon when i went down on her.

she put me on the bed, started to give me head and my phone rang. it was my new russian neighbor. so this girl, to my surprise, keeps on suckin'. i'm telling the russian chick how to get to some place from our flat. i'm delaying the conversation, cause i'm loving getting blown and talking to this super fine diva.

yet, russian women and indian women non pro's are very similar. (these girls are not pro's to my knowledge.) they are extremely cold to strangers. yet, the difference in the two cultures changes once the russians get to you a little bit. just like the first group of russians, the girls are opening up to me a little each day. so far i've had 3 contacts with them and they initiated today. we'll see how it goes. yet, i don't like the cold shoulder in the beginning. americans, and austrailians are much much friendlier. also asian and south american women are very friendly and accomidating. (except the chinese and japanese)
the first 2 contacts from each set of russians were so bad that i didn't even want to deal with them after it. yet i guess i'm passing their tests, because they are the ones coming to me now. it's just an annoying test.
i'll keep you posted on how it goes. i'm not going to pay for anything, but if you guys want a shot, i'll figure out if they are for sale. yet the other set of girls weren't. they were truly dancers (and ripped) this set is softer, and much easier on the eyes. yet russian personality is to be desired.

ps, to protect their identity, i won't post their faces on this board. yet i will get some good backside shots.

Love The Ladies
03-02-05, 09:05
went to the airport last night.
met a girl stranded at the airport and took her home.
i was a good boy and just helping her out.
but laid on her bed with her this morning.

she's engaged, but open about stuff. (no sex)
she left the bathroom door open while taking a shower and had no problem with me shaving while she was showering.

she was hot in a bathing suit.
i should take her to meet the russian.
get them jealous (heeheeheeeheeee)

Jalor Chid
03-06-05, 18:38
Dance Bars - visited campus one month ago. Only decent girls there - and no pickups available, nor did I ask. Anyone have any favorites?

Newspaper Ads - 6K for 3 hours. I had one come over, and she looked pretty upset, so I sent her back and went to bed.

I have to find the college girls that everyone is talking about (likes to have fun, and try these tricks on the side.) If anyone knows how to get in that group, please PM me!

03-09-05, 16:27

Desparately seeking the contact num of a service provider named Vinodh from Bombay. If any WSG member has his contact, please PM me.


03-10-05, 17:50
Anybody know of providers near the Airport/Sheraton area?

Would appreciate any contact info.

Member #2634
03-11-05, 14:28
Dear LTL,

I remember reading this post from you of how you managed to hit the bullseye everytime you went for 2 girls action. I am interested to know, where does this happen? Which area? Is this in action in panvel only?
Also am goin to london for 5 days from 25th march onwards. Any leads there? There are a lot of good posts on the forum of course... but tips from another fellow monger from mumbai would be most welcome.

03-12-05, 18:46
I had been to Manorama bar. Took a cab from Juhu where I was staying, and it seemed quite far. Cost me Rs.400, and I was bit worried about where he was taking me. Anyways I got there and around 11.00 pm. The bar was crowded, and I was ushered in by the waiters. Ordered a beer and took in the scene. large number of girls dancing, some with customers. I was feeling horny, and I asked a waiter directly what i wanted. He reccomended a girl, and then I went out of the back entrance to another adjacent building, after paying Rs 1100. The girl was waiting for me.

After we echecked into the room, the girl was very mechanical. I asked for BBBJ which she refused then asked for Rs 200 extra. She took this in advance, sucked my cock for 10 seconds and then stopped. Since I was horny i completed the act and left. It was very disappointing to see the least.

Getting back was tough as very few cabs are available at that time.

03-13-05, 06:29

I would suggest in future to take a rickshaw upto Chembur RK studio. From there a taxi upto Vashi (past the check post into the town area). Down a couple of drinks in bar there. From Vashi negotiate with the cab driver for a return trip. (upto chembur if possible) This should be about 300/- . They should wait for a couple of hours.

At the bar just forget about BBBJ, just not happening man. Not the 1st time at least. That 200/- was just blown into thin air. Wham bam thank you maa'm should be what you do. The rates that you paid were just apt. That is the standard going rate.


On Road
03-14-05, 06:11
Thanks Jackson for upgrading my membership.

I’ve been lurking on WSG for last 6 months and then decided to take the plunge.
I’m relatively new to the mongering scene, having got busier and busier with work and left with no time to run after girls.

I’ve just moved to Delhi and have had few encounters. Mainly through few of my friends who are veterans in this.

My work makes me travel a lot in India and Mumbai remains my favorite mongering ground. Its hassle free, clean, honest transactions and good girls. I normally use a service provider and have not ventured out to pick up girls from dance bars or other places like Voodoo.

Worst place, IMHO is Chennai, very difficult to get a reliable service provider and prices are very high for a 4/5 quality with a cold service.

Banglore is finally getting some “Bang” but still lack the Mumbai thing. Last month I got a girl through a service provider, the girl was thin (I would say boney) and a dead fish in bed. She said she had a dental operation, so no BJ (it sucks).

I would love to share experiences and information with other mongers but since I’m new to all this, I may have limited things to share, but I hope this will not be a deterrent in establishing a good friendship with others.

Thank you for all your contributions and I hope I’ll be able to add to it.


PS: Sorry, for the first time I'm posting the same on all the relevent forums/threads in India. Next time it will be specific replies.

Love The Ladies
03-14-05, 08:54

Santa3 is absolutely bang on as always. You have to go to the same place a few times and use the same waiter. Tip him well if he gives you a good girl. Tip him nothing and ask for another girl for free if he chooses bad. (you won't get the free girl, but he'll get the point)

Find a waiter that will serve you well. Some are good at picking the girls, some are not good. It takes time if you want good service.

As for me, I'm getting "free" service from this Indian model. Holy crap, this is the most I've ever paid for free sex. After a week with the girl, (no intercourse yet) She tells me that she loves me and wants to get married.

Then starts freaking out because I don't say yes. I told her I need some time. The thing is, the parts we've fooled around with have been mind blowing. This girl gave to me completely. Came for the first time in her life (both vaginally and clitorally for 10 minutes straight.) But guys, I'm paying for it with an emotional toll. So far its worth it.
She's sitting her in front of me and looks like a goddess.
God, I want to rip into her panties.... But i have to be the good little boyfriend and console her.

03-15-05, 06:45

You are treading in dangerous territory man. The Indian females can cost you a lot emotionally if they set their mind to it. A week is nothing man on an average its about a month. LOL Why don't you take a break for some reason and check the reaction? I don't mean break up. Keep me updated on this one dude.

Knight 1001
03-15-05, 18:41
Hi fellows,

I'm a newcomer to this forum, thanks to jackson, and I plan a trip to Vadodara (Baroda), Mumbai and Delhi in 3 weeks for not more than 1 to 2 nights in each (therefore not much time for exploration). Sorry if I have no contacts to share as I've never tried anything in India in the past. However, seems that there can be quite a lot to enjoy there, and hell, why not, provided you know who and where to go or...to call thanks to friends like you gentlemen. Any contacts would be more than welcome and if any of you would be available for a drink in either place, be my guest.

Thanks to all and all the very best.


Kat Lover
03-16-05, 07:17
Well, like the poor fellow who just posted below me, I too will be in Mumbai next week having been sent there by my company as a trainer.

I am from South East Asia and have loads of contacts in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. If you ever need them, I'll be very happy to share them.

However I am totally dry of contacts in Mumbai. Someone help us?

03-16-05, 23:44
Thanks for the upgrade Jackson. I love this board! I will be in Mumbai next week for business and will stay at the Renaissance near Chinmayanand Ashram in POWAI. Don't believe there is any action in this area.

Let me just share a short story that happened a year ago. I was staying in the JW Marriott in Juhu and was sitting at the breakfast buffet together with a beautyful Indian co-worker (I'm European, just for the record). So one of the waitresses approaches me and say that there is a call for me and points to a telephone in the breakfast area. On the phone is a girl and says that she would like to meet me and get to know me. I say "OK, call me in 10 minutes on my room and give her my room number".

10 minutes later she calls and tells me her name and says that she saw me and that I seem to be a nice person, and she would like to visit me in my room that evening. She was very charming and I liked her voice so I said, why don't you come over. I had already a date that day so I asked her to come the day after... And that's what she did.

She was very charming. The problem was, she was FAT. And she was right: I am a nice guy. I just couldn't send her away like this. So we ordered dinner, she gave me a BJ and I waved her Good Bye.

I still have her number. If you like chubby women with a nice attitude shoot me a message and I give you her number.

03-17-05, 08:43
i just returned from india having stayed there for 3 months. during my stay, i had chance to sample nightinglale bar in bellapur and gopika bar in panvel. i also visited congress house. i also had chance to sample santa's services.

i contacted santa over emails and explained him what i was looking for. we met at mcdonalds in bandra. we booked a hotel nearby and he went to work on his contacts. it was day time and i wanted to see somebody before evening. he brought in 4 girls to my room - couple of them good looking but rest below average. i turned all of them down wishing that there has to be better quality in india than what i saw. i told santa that in america, i usually see gfe types who kiss - so he brings in 3 more girls but they looked lousy. so i turn them down too. we decided to drop the plan to see anybody at my hotel and planned a trip to bellapur. we rented a qualis and 2 of santa's friends joined in. in meantime, i had developed cough-headache-stuffy nose syndrome. so i gave up on serious mongering for the day but decided to enjoy bar life. after a bout of drinking in a neighboring joint, we headed to nightingale bar at 11pm. over 40 girls in a crowded joint. most of them very young looking. but very few of them strikingly attractive. the bar lights made most of them look more attractive than they actually were. i picked a bengali girl for 700. she let me dfk. we fucked for a while, had forgotten to put on condoms and she did not mind, tried few positions, got bored after a while, so i let her go early so that i can try someone else. next time, i picked a girl from delhi, again for 700, went upstairs. she was a cold fish. did not allow kissing. she had very hairly body and facial blemishes, a big turn off for me. after small-time forplay, i let her go as i did not want to fuck her. i was done for the night as it was already 3am and my health worsening by the hour. santa and her lady friend were drinking beer after beer(11 of them at $250 a piece!) and was raking up huge bills that came as a big shocker to him. we reached my hotel by 6am. we called it quits. santa's services are expensive and more suitable for westerners. i thought i could gain by his contacts but it did not work out that way. my poor health did not permit to monger for next few days anyway, so i parted company with santa.

after couple of weeks, i venture again to bombay. this time, my plan was to visit panvel bars and congress house. reached panvel by train. i had to take western railways to get to dadar. from dadar, i had to take central railways to get off at kurla. and from kurla, i had to catch a train to panvel. it was nightmarish journey but it costed me only 15 rupees. took the rikshaw to panchranta hotel. single room costed 450. the manager was extremely friendly. he tried to arrange a package riskshaw that could take me to various bar for 300. i decided against it and decided to take a street rikshaw to gopika bar for 15 rupees. the watchman assured me that i would have no problem catching rikshaw at any hour of the night. inside gopika bar, i am impressed by quality of girls. there must be over 40 of them. most of them looked good in bar lights. the bartender was not pushy at all. i took my time picking a hottie, a rajesthani girl for 800. bartender got 50 for tip. the waiter gets 20. the room charge is 350. the towel guys get 20. they come in pairs and each wants their tips. the girl disrobes. she promised that she will kiss but she did not kiss. she likes to fuck right away. we fucked for few minutes. she was begging me to finish early so she can make enough money for night. so i let her go. back to the bar. the bartender kept pushing different girls but i needed a rest and told him not to bother me for couple of hours. just enjoyed the dance and music for couple hours. next, i picked a hyderabadi girl, little older, in late 20s perhaps. she wanted whatever i had paid the earlier girl. so i lied that i had paid her only 600. off we go upstairs. this girl kissed and did bj also. while doing bbbj, she kept spitting on the bedside during performing bj. that was a big turn off for me. we fucked for a while and i let her go after a while. i called it a quits at gopika and took a rikshaw back to hotel for 25. next day, i returned back to mumbai and rented a hotel by the grant road station. i went to congress house around 6pm and paid a pimp 50 to have him show me around the action - i pre-warned the pimp that i do not want to pick any girl at this time but only want to see what kind of girls are available. so we went to few cabins just to see what is available, always making an excuse that we have a buddy waiting outside and we will come back after talking to him. most girls were way below panvel quality. i was told that there was a shift change at that time and better girls would arive later as evening progresses. i had liked couple of girls but i decided to comeback in the evening. i went back to congress house around 11pm. the quality of girls was even worse. i decided not to pick anybody. i asked the cabbies around congress house if there is any nepali joint. but none knew of any. one cabbie offered me to take to a special place where quality is better - we visited couple of joints but quality was not impressive - i said no and called it quits. the cabbie droped me back to congress house. i walked back to my hotel. next day, i returned to my home town.

after few weeks, i travelled again to bombay. i went straight to panvel. i now knew how to travel to panvel by train and did not have to ask around much. stayed at panchratan hotel - this time for 250 as it was a much smaller room. did little bit of walking aorund the town to kill time. took the rikhsaw to gopika bar. this time, i got a pushy bartender. he kept pushing different girls. i picked one teeny girl for 700, she looked cute. we went upstairs. she was eating gutka, i found out and her smelly teeth made be not seek any kissing from her. her pussy also had a bad stink. she told me she was paid 20k to lose her virginity. we did few things but i lost interest in her and let her go early. the bartender kept pushing another girl and another drink and his pushing reached a point that forced me to leave gopika in disgust. i took the rikshaw to take me around to various bars. i peeped in few of them and decided against going in after seeing poor quality of girls. at one bar, i did go in and ordered drinks but no girl caught my fancy - so left the place without seeing anybody. gopika bar still had the best girls of all bars. so i take the rikshaw back to gopika bar and picked a different bartender. this time, i picked one hot looking girl, she wanted 1100 but settled for 700. she was tired as it was almost 5am. all other girls were preparing to leave. we fucked for a while. she could be a great lay but she was too tired. i try to catch a rikshaw back to hotel but none was in sight. i walked up to highway and finally caught one. he charged me 25 to take me to hotel. next day, left bombay and decided never to come back to bombay for mongering. in america, the escorting scene offers so much variety and quality that anything less becomes boring and waste for me. so i decided to save all the action for america. i remained virgin for remainder of my stay in india.

i am now back in america and jackson has finally upgraded my membership so i can post, something that i have been wanting to do for several months. after returning to america, the first thing i did was to see a polish escort, a cute 20yo blonde, who let me do dfk and anal and more, a totally gfe sesson that more than made it up for all my 6 lousy trysts in bombay. next time i am in india, i think i will go dubai.

Love The Ladies
03-17-05, 13:01

I've been with her twice more since we've last spoke. Each time we have the hottest sex believable. (no intercourse yet, but she lets me keep my hand on it and go half way in,,,, in her book its not sex)
yet i fingered her to climax while cuming in her tight little ass.
(i still get hard just thinking of that)

The poor girl still bleeds everytime we touch. She was never broken open with the other guy she had sex with. Today, we were at my office and she was soaking wet. So I removed her pants (finally with no guilt on her part)
and make her cum again.

Loser, I don't know man. Are all Indian women non pro's this amazing? Her friend always flirts with me when she is in the room. Today, I put her hand on her friends ass and squeezed. Slowly, I'm going to work my way into a 3 some with these 2 hot babes. Its just that the "girlfriend" gets jealous with the flirting.

So far, the pressure of marriage has backed off. Santa3, I'll work this as long as I can. Plus who knows. I might get married. In Indian terms, "she's a decent girl."

Love The Ladies
03-17-05, 13:12
take a cab or catch a train to Panvel. (pronounced Pan Whale)
Go to the club called "sun city"
The punjabi girls still work there. Ask for Sonjana. (son-ja-na) if you really want a hot time with NO blow job.
Ask for Nanda the waiter, he will help you out if you tell him to get you good girls. Just tell him you will tip him well only for good girls.
Also, Prakash (short, skinny guy) is good too. Its been 4 months since i've been there. So things might have changed.

Get a room for the night. The rooms are about 700 per full night.
The girls charge 500-700.
The room service fee is 250-300 per girl. Negotiate for 250 by telling them you want 3+ girls.

I honestly wouldn't waste my time in Daishar or Colaba. The rates are very very high and its rare to hear of a good report from this area.

As for me, I haven't had any P4P because this girl is keeping me busy and very happy.

03-18-05, 04:03

Would you be kind enough to PM me your cell # I will be visiting Bombay either late May or early June. I would surely like to get together with you and would like to avail of some contacts.



HK Guy
03-19-05, 03:56
Colaba/South Mumbai is dead, every incall place is closed. So unless you have someone visiting you in your hotel, don't expect much. Avoid staying in south mumbai as you would be traveling long to other end of mumbai for girl.

HK Guy

Last Bencher
03-19-05, 11:30
Hi everybody,

Thanks a ton jackson for the regular membership. I have read all the post in the Mumbai section. I see most of the fellow mongers have been very adventurous about the scene in Panvel specially "The Great GOPIKA". This is to my mind that most of you have been facing a lot of hassels travelling to Gopika, Well heres a little contribution from my side. Am the owner of a car rental company and can provide you with air conditioned cars for almost the same amount which i see your paying for a worn out taxi or a rickshaw. Also the car will be available with a driver carrying a mobile phone for easy accessibility. No matter how late you wanna enjoy or monger in Mumbai the driver will be your guide throughout the scene. I hope thats a good deal to rent a AC Car with fuel and driver/guide (with cell phone ). Thats just a offer from my end if you are interested in my deal pls leave me a message.
Secondly, I also have some contacts in Mumbai & Delhi both private bhabhis and working girls ( Girls which will meet you at the hotel or come to your place ), and am ready to pass that to you for free as i dont believe in give and take policy. If my contact work for you just drop me a thanks giving mail.

Thats it for now, will post soon about my Juhu experiences.


Last Bencher

03-20-05, 07:43
Scorp my man,

I will be around on the forum. Ask me again in June when you are ready to come then i will give you my contact details. What is valid today might not be the same in June.

LTL, You actually thinking of marrying her ? ( almosy fell off my chair )!

This is what Indian women can do to you folks. Be careful of the friend though dude.

03-20-05, 18:58
Hi every one,

Warning! Panvel got New police commisioner goes by Javed. He is from Mumbai, and raids have become common now over there, so be carefull. Go to inner city bars like Sun City. They have what they call 'setting', but still its bit dangerous. Best wait for few weeks till the dust settles down due to Panvel becoming a hot spot for fun and mumbai losing its charm a bit due to "raid". In fact, loads of Mumbaikars have moved to Panvel, and police started losing money in terms of protection, so they have moved their top cop to that area.

Went to Sai-Palace near Sanpada Station, next stop to Yashi. Any rickshaw man will take you there. Nothing usual or unusual there. Same stuff, except that its quite at the interior and aloof spot, so no fear of cops, rest all as usual. All young girls, hotties could be spotted. try something different :)


You having a ride of your life, don't spoil it dude, its indian culture to get emotional now and then, don't take it at a face value, its the way things work here.

I will write in detail the next time.

Steve W
03-21-05, 01:14

I've just got back from an extended stay in Mumbai.

Firstly, a special thanks to MP3 who has been a real gentleman in sharing his contacts. This leads me to my first learning point - even when you are given names and numbers, the deal can be very difficult to strike when you are obviously a 'farang' calling. In fact, despite having been given 3 good contacts, I was completely unsucessful.

For a sure fire bet, you can just walk behind the Taj Hotel, in Colaba, and the hawkers will guide you into the shabby massage parlours. They start by asking for Rs2,500 but will accept Rs1,100. You get a basic one shot service - I found the girls to be average in looks but the two that I tried both were very tight and turned out to be good fucks. I've no idea how these joints compare to the ones in Panvel - if anyone can post a comparison I'd be very interested.

My best tip is for you to go to the Voodoo club (Rs200-250 entry) enjoy a few drinks and chat to the girls there - collect phone numbers and you will be sorted for your stay. They will readily accept Rs2,000 for 2-3hrs at your place / hotel.

For a guided tour, just ask a taxi driver late at night and he will take you around the 'hot-spots'. Late at night you will find cars parked up opposite McDonalds on Linking Rd full of girls. You can select one and take-way.
I'm not sure of the price, I didn't go that far.

And finally, if you are like me and need to be in a 5* hotel, then pick one in the Juhu area, I'm told that Juhu hotels are cool with bringing in 'guests'. Unfortunately, I only learnt that at the end of my stay.



Love The Ladies
03-21-05, 19:21
good post steve w.

Loser, good to have you back my friend. why the change in identity. well, once a loser always a loser. aka similarities in name.

as for this girl, she is a sweetie. after the first few dates she lighted up on the marriage issue. she let me plug away at the bottom holes man is she freaky.... then my conscious came into play.
she is getting closer to me. i am also getting closer to her. yeah santa, love is just around the corner with her. so i did the one sensible thing. i dumped her. i can't afford an attachment here in this country.

guys, though she was fairly conservitive. (with a huge sex drive) i would have loved to have hung around more to see if it would work out. yet i can't take a chance here and get attached.

so i'll update you guys on the whoring scene later. yet, it seems so old and a bit boring after this girl. steve w., santa, loser, you guys will have to treat me to sanjana to cheer me up.


03-22-05, 05:30

I will surely do that. I will touch base with you mid May probably.



03-22-05, 07:38

Man am i relieved. For the very simple reason, it is human nature to develop a soft corner for something that you are in touch with every day. And if she happens to be a woman (*****s included) you can really get soft. And before you know it! BANG! You are hooked. Get after the Russians, dude, you will be out of your misery! LOL

03-22-05, 10:23

You are spot on to the mongering scene in mumbai, who ever comes for pleasure from west for few days, they should expect more or less the same.

Its always the secondary treatment you get from bar girls, spoiled by social casting and moral restrictions imposed in society, guys have no choice but to spoil the bar girls, I have heard from a regualr guy, who visit three times a week to different bars in the area around mumbai and suburbs, he is typical bar fly, he remembers atleast 50 girls by there nick names, he says, an average bar girl makes around 40,000 RS a month and high flyers make twice that amount. thats much higher than a management graduate would earn in a month.

They care least, if u get the best service or not, any way,you not going to take her more than twice typically, hence, she does not feel the need to satisfy you to the best, there is another customer waiting outside, and its one billion and counting they will get there share, and most importantly, they are least materilistic, they come into this trade for there needs not for there dreams.

I have being mongering for close to two yrs now in mumbai and around 50-60 shots later, i realise, you get the service from average to low, never upto your fantasy or sometimes better but still that GFE lacks, a girl may do bbbj, but in looks she may be down, another may be good in looks but her servce is low, its like a combinations of minuess and plusss and it generally comes to an average of 50 percent.

In short, if you choose to remain in mumbai for too long and have no other alternative, you get only 50 percent of your return.

It does not matter if u spend one lakh or few hundreds, in the long run, it would come down to 50.

A new hunt, its in bhayander, called milli, a good place to be around without the fear of cops, but to reach there, you need to get your vehicle near check naka. all bars outiside the mumbai limits are booming, due to raids and all beauties moving outside mumbai.

Beware of panvel, for few weeks, its geting hot in there with cops as mentioned in previous post, I think sun city has made some setting with the new cop not heard anything bad from there and gopika too is safe, as both run by same shetties. typically avoid going to bars attached to the higways. go to interiors.


What's up with the russian's dude, were are all they, no news from them or you have done the deeds already :), good going.

Love The Ladies
03-23-05, 07:34
i realise, you get the service from average to low, never upto your fantasy or sometimes better but still that GFE lacks, a girl may do bbbj, but in looks she may be down, another may be good in looks but her servce is low, its like a combinations of minuess and plusss and it generally comes to an average of 50 percent.

Perhaps I'm just not as picky as you guys. Perhaps, I'd tried out the shitty places and just know where to go. But holy crap, my first time mongering in 3-4 weeks and I got treated like royalty.(i think the last was me getting blown while the russian chicks were talking to me on the phone)

I go to an old joint of mine where it is "realitively clean." One of my old regulars "baby" is there. I try DFK and she resists, I then tell her I will give her a tip if she lets me. OMG, I realized why she didn't want me to go down there. This girl came for 10 minutes straight. Cum pouring out of both holes.

She then begged for me to take the next girl. I would rate her an 8 in the face and a 7 for the body. I tried DFK with her and she resisted hardcore. I realized why later. As I was banging her, I rubbed her clit. She squirmed like a fish out of water. Very Very sexy. She was highly orgasmic, but she refused to enjoy it. Too bad, she didn't get tipped.

Then Baby begs me to take another new girl. How can I resist. She is a shorty that would have a super hot bod if she lost 15KG. She had D cup breasts. She fucked me so hard I blew my load into my condom.

I got dressed went out and Baby held my hand for 15 minutes. As I was leaving she asked me if I wanted a 3 some with 2 other girls. Somehow she got me to do it. One of the girls was resisting inside. So I fingered the other girls pussy and stuck my fingers in her mouth. I was about to make her get out when I stuck my fingers in her ass. She didn't resist. So I did the same thing to the other girl. No resistance at all. So I tried to fuck the one girl in the ass. Slowly I went in, ALL THE WAY IN.... I then fingered both of their pussies. I then switched to the other girl and did her in the ass. Switching back and forth between ass and pussy, then to the other girls ass. Both girls weren't good looking, and their bodies were ok looking. One had the typical stretch marks.

I then went to see if a friend was working. She wasn't, but one of the girls caught my eye. One of the other girls there I had some very rough sex with 4 months ago. (pinching, biting, scratching...quite painful but definetely an experience. This girl starts in again with me yesterday. Playfully becuase its in public. One of the other girls saw me clawing with her and decides to get in on the fun. She pinches me so hard I'm about to bleed.

I go back to the room and the girl who caught my eye comes in. She strips and I drop my jaw. She has the most perfect body I've ever seen in my life. She is about 5'3". Hips that are huge with a smaller waist. (she could have lost 2 inches off the stomach, but her pooch almost made her look sexier)
Beautiful hips and skin that was perfect. She had not had any kids. Being from Chennai she spoke some english.

She told me to lay down and she blew me for 15 minutes. I did DFK that was ok since she resisted too much. I proceeded for a fuck that was ok. I then got her dogshire. OMG, between the memories of that room and looking at her body I was in pure heaven. I pounded that shit like an african drummer. I still couldn't cum. I asked to cum in her mouth and she says 100 bucks. Against prior experience I gave her the money because I trusted her instinctively. She let me pound her mouth as I blew my wad into her. Even though I blew, I still kept pumpin. (i was really excited by now) She must have swallowed. In no way was she a perfect experience as loser pointed out but she was a beauty and had a GREAT personality. She was one of the colaba girls that was here for the first night. Her place in colaba just got shut down.

I went outside and rested on the couch. Watched a few customers come and go. Then decided to try the girl who was pinching me, yet I had never done her. I was expecting an wild ride with alot of attitude. Instead I had the beginning of a dream experience. This girl gets on top of me, asks if she can kiss me. As she proceeds give me one 10 minute kiss, he hips starting to move out of pure passion I am thinking I found the ultimate kisser. I get excited to do the deed as someone knocks on the door and hands her the phone. She must have had one of her favorites customers call her. She gets dressed apologizes and runs out the door. I get my money back without an issue and go home for the night.

I give this experience a 9 out of 10. Perhaps I'm not as picky as you guys, or maybee I just look for different things. But that was my first time horing in a month. Not a bad beginning.

Well, then my ex calls me up and invites me to dinner.

03-23-05, 08:52

In that case my lack of experience dude, I never got to this far, May be indians have a fetish for white skin :). Even if I got half the services you mentioned, I would have called that "THE experience of my life". May be i need to go to the same place again and again and show some "caring" to the women kind or I need to change my attitude to get some kinda "attn" for some good service.

I got to try new places or the places you go in, may be i'm digging at the wroung place.

yeah for some reason or not, god's wants to me stick to mumbai, he does not seems to care for desire to try and experience some foriegn chicks and then rate it on or better compare :)

Whats up with the russian dude, are they in the game still? :)

03-23-05, 09:42
Wonder if you could pm me with the contact for this place. I plan to be in Bombay early next month on work and hope to monger there.

03-23-05, 13:00
Loser / LTL,

When i realised Kerty's requirement (of smooching and GFE) is just not possible here I immediately suggested that he go back and not waste time / money. This is because he is used to the US / European escort services i.e good lookers and GFE. That just does not happen here normally. I still didnt want him to feel letdown which is why we took him to Nightingale. Eventually it all boils down to each individuals taste. What is great for one may just be average for another. What mongers need to realise is that when in "Rome do as the Romans do" and things will be a lot easier. Do not have any expectations, go with an open mind, as if you are window shopping, if you find anything that you like then only do you buy. Do not go to buy anything specific. Just go with the flow and let your dick take over, let it be a joyride pun intended.

03-26-05, 11:13
Went to sheetal bar in chembur, its near basant cinema, any auto will take you there, from railway station its would be around 20 RS ride, I have being on a hunt to find the best posible babes in the bar, and its like a standard deviation :) never to far never to closer, all the same, if you looking for busty babes, and some cute ones sprinkelled in, sheetal bar is for you. yet, the quality is on the higher side, good lookin babes overall.

Mixed BAG :

Small sized bar, beer cost Rs 200, credit card accepted, very very pushy waiters, they "demand" tips, no rooms available, you got to take the babes to hotels around which would cost 600 rs, never tried. and now the "giver", if you sit with the girls, they demand money right away, like we gonna f**k them,even for small gestures, expect to throw 300 to 400 on them, as usual attitude problem.

Over all just try it out,

My next spot is Nightlovers at andheri east, anyone being there, I have heard a lot about it, its the elitest bar in mumbai, you got to tip the doorman 50 bucks to show your weight around. and some of the finest and hand picked babes from india and struggling models, comes and its never ever being raided.

Happy hunting

Uncle 35
03-27-05, 14:38
I know a few friends who have tried out the babes of sheetal. They are lousy f***. they will try all gimmicks once out. Till then it wud be too late. Better go there on recomendations.

Cute Mumbai Guy
03-27-05, 21:01

Can anyone help me in finding a cheap sex joint in suburbs.

Thanks in Advance,


03-28-05, 11:45
Thought what would happen to mortals if they get caught up in raid and end up in lock-up for the whole night.

Did some research and found the worst case scenario,

1. At the most you go to lock up for the whole night, they make you sit on the floor, call you one by one, abuse you and sometimes if you are overly built and question, you get beaten up three or four slappings extra.

2. They ask for money, generally, they take three to four hundred, if you show you got thousands to f**k, they may take all, so its wiser to put money in different places or best get a credit card and monger around.

3. They might threaten you with call's to your home, but they never do.

4. There is no case built up against you, there are no law's here which says if you f**k, you go to jail.

5. If you come in vehicle, don't let them know, if you do, they will ask more.

Generally, all you loose is your sleep, three four hundred bucks, few abuses, few slaps if your young and go over the top with the cops.

Thats the Worst Case Scenario built up, So if you prepared to take it all,
Then, Fear Is Not A Factor For You.

!Be free and monger!

03-28-05, 22:24
I assume when you state "suburbs" you are referring to Bandra, Andhri, Khar, Juhu, etc! I have extensive knowledge of this area. I can state with 100% accuracy that you WON'T find any cheap places!!! You would pay 2,500 INR and upwards for decent to excellent material!! Hope this helps!

Green Fun
03-29-05, 10:27
Does mongering through chatrooms help? I tried to do so but never got success. I always doubt if there is genuine person on the other end. Any experienced friend may suggest chatrooms where success rate is higher. Please PM links to me.

Thanks in advance.

03-30-05, 06:55

Chat rooms are passe dude. They take up too much of time. I used to be an avid chatter but most of the females are in it because of the anonimity factor. It is rare that you get out of cyberworld. Even if you do there is still no guarantee of you scoring with someone who matches upto your standards.

Loser, The cops cant do anything to you if caught in a raid. Because it is not a crime to fuck. The onus is on the cops to prove that the female is has solicited you for sex and that you have paid cash for pussy ! As you say they can intimidate you but cannot touch you. But for the foreigners its a different ball game altogether if caught with their pants down. Man you know their ways of intimidation. Any of our forum members will give 5000/- to get rid of the cops and their attitude.

03-30-05, 08:49
If you lookin for some contacts through chatroom, I'm afraid you would not get any sucess in indian rooms.

The only place were you gonna get sucess in less than five minutes is Philiphines chat room in yahoo, Its as smooth and as easy as it could ever get, all you need to have is ear phone and a web cam to get some attention.

From various other reference's in phil. forum, its mentioned again and again, how easy it is to get contact via chatroom in philiphines section in yahoo.

Good Luck !!


Whts up dude, Long time no see in here. I guess the indian lady has made you in "vash" with her "moh-maya jaal"- Beware Dude, you gotta long way to go in india :)

Member #2618
03-30-05, 09:09
Hi All,

Recently visited Red Horse Bar at dahisar Naka. A good place to visit. You can find around 15-20 girls out the price ranges from 1000 (normally they ask 1500 ) but come down to 1000. 500 for the room above the place and tip around 50 for the guys out there.

Try naina she is good and gives bj also.

I have a few numbers to share and exchange of cg's of mumbai if intested pm me back.

Love The Ladies
03-30-05, 11:39
You and me are goin for a little fun some time in the next month.
You are buyin' and i'm supplyin'

We'll get 3-4 girls for the night, I'll get us a room. I'll be sure to pick some of my favorites. 4 girls will set you back about 4K after tips. You up for it. They normally charge 2.5-4K each. But I'm good to them and as you said, "they must like that white skin"
We'll try'em on and off all night.

As for the russian babes. I simply can't stand their personalities long enough to fuck them. You think a good looking indian ***** has an attitude. Try a non pro russian. Yuck. (once you are friends, they are a bit better. yet this 2nd batch I didn't try to hard. The last time I spoke to them was while getting that blow job. I went to seem them after that, and one of them appeared at the door in a hot night ware.

Right on again man. I have no expectations (except when meeting an old friend) when meeting fresh meat. As of late whenever I go to a new place, more than half the times I get a starfish. Its only when I get to know the manager a bit do they give me the better girls. Believe it or not, often times its the girls who pick out the best girls for me. But they have to like you. Be nice to them. (you listening loser)
Also, I find that about 20% of the fuck joints have strong managers. I swear that the owners MUST fuck the girls before letting their brothel. I can't find any other explanation why one place will have 5 girls that fuck like a dream out of all 5 girls. Then you go to another place where all of them count sheep while you mercifully pound her hole.

I know if I were an owner of one of these joints I would screen my employees and make sure they did a good job. Even though the girls change often in my favorite places, the qualtiy stays the same. (though i'll never find another julie in my life, i always try)

Green Fun,

Just as an experiment. I hit the chat rooms. Spent 2 hours in india. Not one conversation with a babe. Then went to the phillipines. Within 20 minutes I had one babe offering to take me around the entire country. I had to stop in first 5% of the girls because I only did it for an experiment and didn't want to bombard me with too many IM's. So chatting for India is out.
Best Non P4P action is the disco's. So I hear. Who knows about this non pro play here?
(PS I banged my little cuttie girl friend. Now she wants marriage or no more sex. She's freakin' out. Yet she loves to be touched. She just denies herself this pleasure.)

I hate to disagree. Yet I've found many service bars (with cuties) that play for 800-1000 for a few hours to a full night of fun. With the night bars, the problem is that you have to wait for closing time.

Loser again,
I hate to say this publically. But the cops in this town are pretty cool. Perhaps its because I'm a white boy, but they are friendly and don't cause me any problems. They aren't so nice to the girls, but to the patrons, they leave them alone mostly. It helps that I shock them with a little hindi. Their stern faces bust out smiling.

Cute Mumbai Guy,
More than half the fun is in the hunt. Don't be affraid to negotiate. The girls sell a service. Just pretend you are buying coconuts at the market. Just be sure to treat your coconuts with respect. Otherwise they might hit you on the head.
(santa, is this a service or a commodity they sell. I would guess that it is a service. Yet sometimes you get a free commodity gift with the service. This gift only goes away via pills from a doctor.)


SF Sam
03-30-05, 12:53
Bad news. All dance bars outside Bombay to close.

03-30-05, 18:46
Read on the internet that all dance bars in Bombay are going to be closed. Can someone confirm this? I am planning to visit Bombay next week and am wondering if someone can pm me with good contacts to monger there.

03-30-05, 22:33
Dear SF,
Please elaborate on your statement that DANCE BARS outside Mumbai are to close. Are you privy to some "insider" knowledge or is this simply repeating the goals, most likely unattainable, stated by some local politician?

On Road
03-31-05, 05:10
Read the full article here:


03-31-05, 08:13
The government has declared this that Dance bars outside should be closed immideately.

Here is a piece of the news as it appears in the Times of India( the english daily) "Dance bars outside the city will be shut with immediate effect, deputy chief minister R R Patil announced in the state legislative assembly on Wednesday. In addition, a highpower committee of key IAS officials will decide the fate of Mumbai's pubs and bars, he added. "

And the most shocking this is this peice of news "There have been cases where teenagers have killed their parents to get money to pay for their visits to dance bars."

So mongering time outside Mumbai doesnt look so good now.


Dear SF,

Please elaborate on your statement that DANCE BARS outside Mumbai are to close. Are you privy to some "insider" knowledge or is this simply repeating the goals, most likely unattainable, stated by some local politician?

Member #2618
03-31-05, 10:52
Yes, therer is a news and infact this regulation has been passed by assembly (local government) that all dance bars outside Mumbai will be closed.

Dear SF,

Please elaborate on your statement that DANCE BARS outside Mumbai are to close. Are you privy to some "insider" knowledge or is this simply repeating the goals, most likely unattainable, stated by some local politician?

03-31-05, 12:41
The home minister of Maharastra has decided, enough is enough, the youth, the fountain head of indian spirit is going down the drain, so its time to close all the dance bars in maharastra except mumbai, funny .

Is there any logic in his statements, he says that guys steal money from parents and do all sorts of petty crimes just to make enough money to go to dance bars, so the solution close all dance bars. Grow up man!

On one side our government and constitution propagates socialism and on the other side there are no 24 hr public transport in mumbai. They cry secular secular, yet we got to close the party before 10 on navratri, just see the irony, they want to make india a super power by 20-20, yet by mere mention of entertainment pains there asses.

In short, there is no social no secular freedom, a bunch of idiots decide the fate of the whole country, The word democracy is in the word only, in india, its still slavish mentality and fear phycosis on top of cronic curroption.

Ok we all know the real reason behind all this game. The police and the politicians wanted to raise there share of revenue. As earlier mentioned, now a days,nearly 70 percent of the mumbaikar head outside mumbai for a good time. they go to either panvel, thane district and surronding areas.

Now the bars in mumbai started seeing there share drop "significantly", the police moved one of their top cops into panvel to get control of the flow of money there. otherwise, there is no point in moving a super cop into a pretty dead city with no crime to mention and after his arrival, daily there were raids in one or two bars just to create a panic situation.

After a while the police started getting there share, and in the long run the politicians too, so were is the catch, whats hapenning, when the police and politicians are both happy then why all this mind less game.

welcome to the world of "DANCE BAR OWNER'S RIVALRY", the cops and the politicians don't care , as long as they get there share.

The dance bars are divided into more or less two groups, "The shettys" and the "Non-shetty's" which includes the current president of dance bar association.

80 percent of all bars outside mumbai are owned by the shetty's, as they ventured into this business much later, they were mostly into hotels and lodging, a close connection when they saw the amount of money in there .

The non-shetty's are mostly in mumbai hardcore, they run in with the support and association of dance bar union , there are no one "community" its a mix bag of all non-shetty's. Offcourse, the shettys are members too, for name sake, yet the power struggle continues.

In the last six months, the number of mongers who started going out of mumbai was "SIGNIFICANT" to the manner that, the dance owners in mumbai, were not able to pay there dues to the police and politicians, so the pressure started mounting on them, on the other hand the shettys business outside mumbai was booming, but the trouble was he had different guys to pay for, he had different connections with police and politicians.

Its like these two groups have different cops and politicians to pay for, the whole structure is divided into TWO GROUPS of cops and politicians. just like the congress and the NCP.

if one side get's off balence we see all these raids and headlines.

The real problem is in money flow, and thanks to WSG, the information is lightening, people may not realise but WSG has indeed effected the politics thats hapenning right now.

Just the other day i was in panvel sun-city, i saw a group of five foreign tourist, it seemed they just had the time to kill for, they were blasting out and must have spend close to 5k's on the floor distributing 50 notes to girls dancing, they love indian women :) they took atleast two girls each with them to the rooms above, and came back and again had a round of drinks and again took girls above. now you can estimate the amount the money spend, by the way i was waiting for my girl, for her to come down, when i went up, i saw one of the tourist, trying to make something clear to the waiter, all he wanted was marlboro in panvel. and he was handing out 50 USD bill to the waiter, I cleared up his mind saying he is in panvel not in mumbai for marlboro and asked him how he got the contacts about this bar so far from mumbai, he said his friend had recommended this bar and the dude was from america, new jersey.

Now there is no historical significance of panvel anywere, except WSG, the dude must have got the information from the WSG, common panvel not even have any mention in any tourist booklet issued by indian embassy anywere.

Its a sleepy town 40 Km away from mumbai, with nothing more to add except fun.

Even as recent as one week kerty9 had mentioned his adventure's in panvel, he too came as far from america through WSG.

There are always some tourist sipping in bars in panvel in any given time, and those guys go and refer it to there friends, so the money instead of going to mumbai is all coming to panvel, and inturn more bars are mushrooming in panvel than anywere, inturn, the shetty's reinvest the money and spread there wings, One bar in panvel , Kapal, recently opened and renovated have four floors of dance mania, and lodging on top of that fourth floor, its like
panvel becoming a mini-vegas of sorts, its like a chain reaction, now the local mumbaikars on weekend's make a drive visit 3-4 bars and back home happy .

Nothing will happen, its just mere frustation, it would take some time to make a deal out of this situation, till the balence of power returns.

Panvel will be back shortly :)


Dude, I got it, Lets wait for this game to get over then we could decide on were to go :), the options are a plenty, and there is a sense of freedom now,
except some thrills now :)

Your Guest
03-31-05, 17:34

Bad news. It was all over news television yesterday. Yes these places are to close down. All outside Mumbai. I wonder how they define Mumbai, the Municipal limits, or the Commissioner area, or Mumbai Metropolitan Region, or some other arbitrary definition. Don't panic though. This closure won't my hunch is last forever.

In the mean time explore new avenues.


HK Guy
04-01-05, 07:13
Usually ruling party does this every 2-3-4 year, they make announcement that suddenly they have realized bars are hurting youth and they would crackdown on same. Last they had done this was 3 month before last assembly election to win votes. Everyone at that time knew its only for 3 month.

Unlike Home Minister R R Patil's claim that youth are corrupted at these bar, its actually otherway, most bars where patron spends Rs.1000 or more without getting laid, patron is usually government servant/mafia/politicians who make lot of cash money daily and unless they spend it they don't have much use of it, they can't deposit in bank.

At mid level and premium bars you see cross section of government from MLA to Custom/Excise officers. One of my friend was called to pay bribe to custom officer (RS.85,000) at one such bar, when he was there, officer instead of taking money, pointed at girl dancing and said give money to this girl.

Again usually this announcement against bar, tobacco products are meant as hint for industry representatives to come and "convince" minister to not ban product and then in interest of all ladies working in industry or employees they don't ban but put some more regulation to show they did something good.

To mongers, don't worry, all this 55,000 bar girls won't disapper. They will just make themselves available in more direct channels.

HK Guy
04-01-05, 08:14
Bar girls can serve refreshments

By: A Mid Day Correspondent

April 1, 2005

There is light at the end of the tunnel for dance bar owners. Deputy chief minister R R Patil said yesterday that while the dancing will have to stop, the women can continue to serve refreshments at the bars.

“The ban is applicable only on those bars where girls dance and not on those where the girls only serve refreshments to the customers,” said Patil yesterday. “If they want, even a live orchestra inside the bar can be allowed. But no lewd gestures; I cannot allow that,” Patil said.

Justifying his decision to ban dance bars, Patil said that dance bars were one of the main reasons behind some of the most heinous crimes in recent times.

“Youth get accustomed to coming to the bars and they are willing to go to any extreme to get the money required. I know a case where a boy killed his mother, sold her jewellery and spent the money in dance bars. Can it get any worse?” he asked.

Patil is confident that his order that separates Mumbai bars from others in the state will stand scrutiny in courts. “I don’t see any problem with that. Mumbai has a special status and needs to be considered accordingly.

There will be a committee to look into whether we need dance bars in Mumbai. If not, a decision has to be taken on what the unemployed bargirls would do and such other,” he said.

When pointed out that the bar owners were in a belligerent mood and the association president Manjit Singh Sethi had threatened to block the movement of ministers’ wives, Patil said he was aware of their threats and he had taken up the challenge.

“All I can say is that no one will be allowed to take law into their hands, Patil said.

Sethi had also said that hafta had to be paid to the police and politicians for allowing the dance bars to continue. Patil claimed that if there were no dance bars, there would be no room for such allegations.

04-01-05, 10:14
Having never been to dance bars outside the city (MUmbai) I wonder what the real impact is ? For that matter, I thought many of the Dance bars to be a rip off compared to similar places in PI,CostaRica or Rio

Love The Ladies
04-01-05, 18:58
Amazing post man. You are by far one of the most talented writers I have ever met. Is this your profession, or profession in calling. I recently discovered I can write songs like mad and am thinking about having someone translate my songs into Hindi.
If they get played, they would make some hindi girl a slutty little superstar. India for some reason doesn't have any naughty (not nasty) songs. Do you guys think a hot little light skinned honey, bearing more than most, singing songs about she "thinks about it all the time" would be popular with the youth?

HK You are correct. The politicians make it so we spend 1000 to fanticize about the girls, to paying 500 for porking them. Ooooops, their plan will back fire and make it easier for us.

Oh well,

04-02-05, 12:30

Thanks Buddy,

I guess its not the skill, but mere frustation of being in democracy and yet feeling a sense of :"Being RULED":, This country is dead and buried for long, and it has reached such a messy situation that, people don't even know what's being hapenning to them, whenever something happens, they just blame politicians and policemen, when infact they are the products of this god damm inferior, baseless, screwed up society.

If you dare tell them that its all messed up, You are in danger of getting bitten back.

These guys are like tom cruise tryin to catch us all before we commit any crime :).

Its horrible, horrible and horrible :), see the game, yesterday, the NCP activist, shouted slogans in front of the bar in dadar, which is owned by the president of the bar association and they damaged some property and abused him.

Whts the reaction, he decides, instead of closing down the bar as decided earlier, lets just open it to show our strength, hahahaha, too smart, Mr, manjit singh, you done it again, so all the crack talk, earlier of storming his home, with all mumbai bar girls, gone down the drain.

Plan executed to perfection.

Today his statments in newspapers speak's for itself, he has decided to call of strike earlier planned for 2nd april due to vandalising his bar and other bar in the area by the NCP activists, so instead of closing down, they have decided to open the bar.

As we were never aware of it, Mr. singh, you are too smart,

Have you not thought of the bar outside mumbai wht will happen to them. When will they open.

Wow !! A Rivalry between you and the home miniter in front of the society and friends made for each other in real life. RIGHT !!!!!

You done it again, dude, hats off, as you wished, the bar's in mumbai are open as usual and the bars outside closed, wow, you are the man !!.

Time taken: less than a week, LTL, this guy has some brains, we all got to learn from him :)

He and the home minister has come clean, the culprits, we mortals, who spend 1000's in panvel will now have to spend in mumbai. :)

Good hunting guys!

On Road
04-02-05, 20:16

Today his statments in newspapers speak's for itself, he has decided to call of strike earlier planned for 2nd april due to vandalising his bar and other bar in the area by the NCP activists, so instead of closing down, they have decided to open the bar.

As we were never aware of it, Mr. singh, you are too smart,

Good hunting guys!This was well planned, they (Govt.) wanted to create a facton between the Beer Bar association of Mumbai and outside mumbai and they got it.

It was well executed plan.

But I guess things will be back to ormal in few months.

The brighter side (or pathetic side) is the earlier beer bar girls (who were in to prostitution) will come much cheaper/easy, but only if you know the right people..its going back to old black marketing days.

HK Guy
04-03-05, 04:46

What happened was very routine, minister/politician makes anouncement threatening to ban service/product, and hints or sends message to industry association to come and "settle" matter (usually tabacco, beer bar are usually victim). Here also same happened. When minister sent message to Mr Sethi who represented bar owners and asked for Rs.12 crore (approx 2.5 million US$), all they had to do was pay up or not pay up and negotiate.

Here this guy referred to this demand in media, and that is never tolerated by politicians, so Home minister sent his goons (read NCP activists) to do scene outside Karishma bar.

Also once u mention in media that u r asked for money to settle matter by politician, you force that minister to ban the product and not settle matter as not banning it would prove he asked for money. So it seems Sethi shot his own foot.

Every year new bribe/license fees are added on this industry which explains why things cost so much. If you spend Rs.1000 at bar and girl, chances are upto Rs.500 goes to cops and our beloved leaders who keep our youth from being corrupted.

In 3-4 days matter would be settled as Mr Sethi would be replaced by someone else as representative who would say no such demand was made and money would change hands (Rs.10 crore or so) and minister would say they would permit bar but would be strictly enforcing law etc...

If you want to read above in newspaper, read.. Minister found dance bar outside mumbai corrupt youth and some youth even steal/kill for this, but dance bar in mumbai don't seem to be corrupting youth so he didn't see reason to ban them (or atleast wanted some committe of bureaucrats to study if mumbai bars are corrupting youth).


Thanks Buddy,
Its horrible, horrible and horrible :), see the game, yesterday, the NCP activist, shouted slogans in front of the bar in dadar, which is owned by the president of the bar association and they damaged some property and abused him.

Whts the reaction, he decides, instead of closing down the bar as decided earlier, lets just open it to show our strength, hahahaha, too smart, Mr, manjit singh, you done it again, so all the crack talk, earlier of storming his home, with all mumbai bar girls, gone down the drain.

Plan executed to perfection.

Today his statments in newspapers speak's for itself, he has decided to call of strike earlier planned for 2nd april due to vandalising his bar and other bar in the area by the NCP activists, so instead of closing down, they have decided to open the bar.

As we were never aware of it, Mr. singh, you are too smart,

04-03-05, 13:09
The new tone coming from Home Ministry, the bars outside mumbai, can remain open, but the girls can only serve, they can't dance.

Ysterday most of the bars in the area were open, but with fear of raids, so business were low.

Ministry has to pass a law to take effect and that would go in the sate assembly, expect some six months to get anything closer to law.

So for the time being its business as usual, looks like the shettys too got some tricks in their hands.

Bombay Guy
04-04-05, 19:59
Has anyone tried women through the classified ads for massage services in the Times of India. In case anybody has, could they post their experience(s).

Your Guest
04-05-05, 16:35
Hey folks,

We have had a representative of the bar girls complaining that the closure of bars would force the bar girls into the flesh trade.!!!??? Friends what are they in now?

This ban on bars isn't a gimmick hopefully. The only thing that our law makers should understand is that banning is no solution, it only further criminalises the trade.

I suggest,

1. Legalise the trade.

2. Give licenses to the operaters and tax them.

3. Give licenses to the women with regular health checks and tax them.

4. Pump the money from the licenses into regulating the trade, only licensed operaters and licensed women should be allowed to function.

5. This I think would make the trade safer in terms of health for the women and their customers, security for the women preventing their exploitation from pimps, goons and cops and peace of mind for the customers too.

6. Legalising would have these bars competiting with each other to provide the best, the best service, the best music, the best decor, disease free women etc.

What say folks?


04-06-05, 08:37

Wish, it was true, If we had such an open mind toward sex and our society was so considerate and sensitive on "issues", Do you think we would still be a third world country, we could have beaten this world it self by now, if we had the kind of spirit you are talking about, so straight forward, simple and powerful.

It just shows the attitude of the whole society, not just in case of sexual legalisation, but in all areas of governance.

!! Remember The Golden Rule Folks, Indians Are Takers Not Givers !!

Green Fun
04-06-05, 11:27

Stakes of politicians and police is too high for this business to close or get legalised. Both ways they stand to loose. This is an arm twisting tool to get some money out from the industry. There are other factors like shifting of business to Panvel or Vashi suburbs has hit the business in main Mumbai. This might have prompted this move.

Love The Ladies
04-07-05, 09:22
I'm not sure if we haven't met the smartest guy in India or the world.
Dude, we have to meet. Either to monger or to make millions. Your choice.

Anyhow, I agree with Yogesh to a point. Yet the Mumbai Dance bars are fairly regulated and more about (indian style) eroticness compared to out right flesh trade.
I have yet to be laid at a dance bar. Either the prices are too high, or my lack of hindi (i get the numbers, but can't do anything with them) or the deceitfulness by the girls. Plus, the cops sit outside them at closing time and you have to meet the girl in a rickshaw somewhere down the street if you are to meet. Or get her cell and call her at some other time.
Now, the service bars are a bit easier to get a piece of tail at.

Yogesh, it would be nice for it to be legalized. Yet, it would never happen. The funny thing is. Prostitution is soooo widely accepted here!!! Now, I"m comparing this to america where paying for sex is HIGHLY taboo. Its just an accepted part of life in Mumbai. Yet since sex is such a "dirty" subject. It won't be legalized, yet will continue to happen. Now, as Yogesh pointed out. Disease and Aids will continue to run rampant because of this ignorance of the society and the greed of the politicians.

Guys, if sex were legal to trade here, I would be the first to throw up a sex bar and do all the things Yogesh pointed out. (great music, decor, disease free women, great service from the women, teaching women the value of condoms, educating the women so they be productive members of the society after their bodies wear out. (age 28 or so they are no longer useful) Yet if we get them reading english and speaking well, they can work in a call center and make 10K per month or some other productive work.)

Anyhow, if this country were as straight forward as western society, your businesses would boom. Yet deceitfulness and cunning is part of your way.
Its sad, but as Loser said, India is about taking (when it comes to business and politics) Trust is incredibly hard to build here. Thus, big business is very tricky here. And running a brothel would even be trickier. Though I would freely share my profits with the government. Questions though. Would the girls be subject to VAT tax.

Wish, it was true, If we had such an open mind toward sex and our society was so considerate and sensitive on "issues", Do you think we would still be a third world country, we could have beaten this world it self by now, if we had the kind of spirit you are talking about, so straight forward, simple and powerful.

It just shows the attitude of the whole society, not just in case of sexual legalisation, but in all areas of governance.

!! Remember The Golden Rule Folks, Indians Are Takers Not Givers !!

04-08-05, 10:22
I had this unfortunate experience and thought I must share it with you. Needed some company and called a MP from the TOI classifieds. The deal was struck at 5 K and a girl came came from the suburbs. her name is 'Simran' and she calls herself a model. Collected the money upfront. Extremely bad service. Wouldnt like to smooch as she has misgivings. Wouldnt let you touch her boobs. Got so irritated that I packed her off. The MP didnt take responsibility too. Hence be careful and strike a deal after clarifying all issues.

04-08-05, 14:27
Hi All, (Meaning SAnta, HK GUY, Love the Ladies, Born Loser, etc)
Could you guys update those of us who reside abroad, NRI, ex-pats,
westerners, etc as to the effect of the ban on places in Belapur, ex. Nigthingales and Manorama, in Daishar ex, Red Horse and of course Panvel, ex. Gopitka and Sun City etc as to the status of getting any. Is it business as usual (though a bit slow) or are they actually closed! Armed with this information, we can act accordingly or by-pass these establishments altogether!! Thanks! Forwarned is Forarmed!!

Uncle 35
04-09-05, 06:31
Please be noted that all bars outside th municipal limits of mumbai are closed officially. Meaning even if they are open and one takes a chance/risk of going there and in the event of a raid [which is more likely on saturday nights ...as the courts are closed on sundays and the police get more time to harrass you & extract more money] you can be in trouble.

Municipal limits are : till mulund .... till borivili .... till mankurd [just before vashi ] .....which means all bars in vashi / panvel / belapur / dahisar.

In fact all patrons going to bars outside borovili to dahisar like red horse / millenium / milli ect are coming to borivili dance bars .. Ref the article below published in mid-day [local newspaper] which will give a clear picture.

Bars still open due to official confusion

April 7, 2005

A week after home minister RR Patil announced that dance bars outside Mumbai will be shut down, Thane is still gyrating to the beats of Dhoom Machale.

The reason is that there is still confusion over which bars in the city should be included in the home ministry‘s ban. According to the original plan, bars in Thane district were to be shut and the ones in Thane city were to remain open.

However, authorities say they are confused about the plan of action and don’t know which bars to shut. The government still has to issue an official notification demarcating the areas that fall under Thane district and the ones that are part of the city. And since the police hasn’t received any notification, they aren’t taking action.

Ravindra Shetty, a bar owner in Thane and a member of the Thane Bar and Restaurant Association, says, “There has been some confusion over which areas in Thane are to be included in the ban. The home ministry has now sent the proposal to the law department at Mantralaya and thus the ban has not been implemented.”

He adds, “As of now bars in Thane are allowed to be open till 1.30 am. After the government issues a notification, cops can shut them down. But before that they cannot do anything.”

According to Shetty, there are around 57 dance bars in Thane and more than 60,000 people will lose their livelihood if the government enforces the ban. These include bar dancers and waiters who serve food apart from the people who own and manage bars.

An official at the home ministry says that the proposal has been sent for examination to the law department and that an official notification will be issued soon.

An official from the Thane police headquarters says, “We haven’t taken any action against the bars because we are waiting for the government’s notification. Once we get that we will implement the decision.”

The number of people in Thane who will be affected by the ban

The total number of registered dance bars in Thane

Borivli dance bars predict windfall

April 6, 2005


The government’s decision last week to shut down all dance bars outside Mumbai may be the best news in recent times for Borivli dance bars, reports Borivli Metro.

The ruling has not been put into force yet, owing strong to opposition. But if it is eventually enforced, Borivli’s dance bars will enjoy a huge increase in business (up to 20 per cent), as the ban will apply to nearby Mira Road, Dahisar and Bhayandar.

“We are expecting a significant increase in the number of customers. People who frequent bars in Thane district will come to us, as we are closest,” said an employee of Ladlee Dance Bar at M G Road, Borivli (E).

“Approximately 60 people visit each dance bar every day. This figure would go up by at least 15,” estimates Manjunath Shetty, manager of Club 9 on M G Road, Borivli (E).

However, other suburban dance bars do not share the enthusiasm of Borivli dance bar owners.

“The customers Mira Road bars attract are very different from ours. The bars on this side of town are not pick-up joints, so customers will not come so far only to watch girls dancing,” said Rakesh Sharma, manager, Jharna Bar and Restaurant.

04-09-05, 08:18
Ok folks for all those not in the loop. Bombay, Vashi and Thane is open as far as the Dance / Pick-up bars are concerned. Belapur, Panvel onwards is completely shut down. Now, an interesting development. Dahisar is open even after the checkpost folks. But after that upto Virar everything is shut. Sorry folks, for those who used to visit Mira Road, Bhayander areas.

But my 2 pence thoughts. This is just part of a larger picture. And eventually things will be back to normal. But it might take some time though! Till then its the private networks back on action. lol

LTL, That wildcat that you had inquired about is back in my loop !

Love The Ladies
04-09-05, 22:57
Where is there any places in Virar?
That place is very very different and very small.
Its poor, so it seems like the girls would be cheap.
But was there any place there before the raid?

04-10-05, 11:18

Wow, Cool Down Dude, It feels like we got to explore, lets meet up, after comng from Hyd, we could Rock mumbai together, as the fields are getting narrower each passing day, we could have done it much earlier, you were right :(.

Went to Sheetal Bar in chembur, No options left, It must be one of the Worst bar's in mumbai, filled with capacity crowd as no one has no were to go, babes are good lookin with "atiitudes", but the way the bar is managed, Its must have being dead by now, some how its one the oldest bar in mumbai, the seats are all rusted, no cushioning done for ages, only one air-conditiioning for 100 people, yet guys flock in 100's . some girls are taken the moment they step in, there are "regular", customers, as in they get bond with the bar.

Thought enough is enough, so i need to move on and explore, what's with the raid rumour on saturdays, so went to another one named hOTSpot its in chembur, you could see the bar near the shivaji statue in mumbai-pune road near deonar.

Beer was cheap 180, no pushy waiters, and the best thing it was all empty and the AC was turned on, very spacious, nice seating and lighting arrangements. Thought whats wroung in here, it has got everything yet no one's up here, got the answer right away, when i called up a girl, there was instant reaction, No touching or seating with a girl, just watch the dance, you can't gel in with the girl, like a prisnor, you can only give money or request from the your cage.

Thats it, well, Man has never got everything he ever desired. Just kept on staring and still staring untill, the bill arrrived, and waved good bye to the girls, hopefully to never return. :(

Deep Wet
04-10-05, 12:23
make her squirm,

then make her squirt:

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Love The Ladies
04-11-05, 21:47
Loser and Santa3,
Please apply for senior memberships.
It takes about 2 months to get it with Jackson's backlog.
Loser, I'll vouch for you and your old ID.
You won't have an issue. Just let me know when you do it so I can write Jackson.

Guys, did you see Jackson's post 6 months back in Argentina.
He actually rents out his Flat when he goes out of town to other mongers. This guy is the pimp daddy of all pimp daddy's. That's one cool brother I'd like to pound a beer with. (actually it would be a juice as I don't drink)

Love The Ladies
04-11-05, 21:58
I was at one of my places tonight and I hear the mammasan scream out her name and she bursts half naked out of the room. Luckily we were getting dressed. For me it was a little exciting, but it just kills the little man.

Anyhow, it was just a scare. The girls came back 20 minutes later.

Had fun tonight. I would think the girls would be at the ***** houses in full abundance since the bars are closed. Yet tonight 2 of 3 of my regular places were down to just a few girls each.

I did have fun with one of the girls. She wanted to cum but didn't want to soak the bed. So she hung herself of the bed above a trash can. She came about 200 ML into the can. It was hot. She had a nice g spot orgasim.

Another of the girls wanted to cum and didn't want to soak it either. (what was up with that tonight) So she put her shirt underneath her and came on that. It was only clitoral cuming, so hardly anything came out.

I was with the double anal queen. Yet some guy really must have plugged her earlier as she was completely swollen. She wouldn't really let me inside, so I worked it in real slowly. I got about 4 mintes of gentle anal in before I couldn't watch her face squirm in pain anymore. I told her 100 bucks as a tip for that and coming in her mouth. I gave her 50 and said "OK". She tried giving it back in anger. She didn't realize I was pulling out another 100 for her. The girl deserved it. She was extremely happy as that tip was the price of what she makes for 2 guys.

Loser, PM me your phone number.

04-12-05, 17:35
In light of the raids and new laws, etc., it might appear that mongering is slowing down a bit. This is a great opportunity to pursue other avenues sometimes overlooked. I mean girl friends. I recently spent a long vacation in Mumbai and stayed with a girl friend at Bandra. This girl is a good performer and into everything (of course Indian girls shy away from anal). She is the true call-girl type, big breasted and likes to have her nipples sucked and her pussy licked (clit especially), fingered, and of course the main course, f**king. Her screaming scared me at first, but then, I got used to it and enjoyed it very much. Each session ended with about 4 to 6 orgasms. She is super tight!

Later, I came to know that she is well known in Bandra as a flirt, cock-teaser and a good f**k. I could see all the tell-tale signs of promiscious activity, but as long as I had exclusive use of her talents during my stay, I wasn't complaining. When she asked me to marry her, I evaded the subject.

After a few f**k sessions, I tried doc Johnson's pocket rocket vibrator on her clit. She went ballistic and got completely hooked on it. Her screams and orgasms were great! The vibe became a daily routine and she wanted it directly on her clit after I separated her inner lips and pulled away the foreskin surrounding her clit.

This girl also gives good bareback head and on some occasions, I came in her mouth and she swallowed it every time and had an orgasm during swallowing.

She likes the good life - good liquor, dinner at 5-star hotels, expensive gifts (like gold jewelry). I had an incredibly good time with this girl and I know for a fact that she does go out for f**ks with other men.

If you seek the best performers in Bandra, you will surely come across this one. Play it cool. Treat her like a lady, wine and dine her, and then f**k her brains out. She loves it!

Uncle 35
04-12-05, 18:24
Mumbai dance bars too face closure

April 12, 2005 22:39 IST

The Maharashtra government on Tuesday decided to include the dance bars in Mumbai under the recently announced ban on dance bars in the state.

A decision to this effect was taken at a Cabinet meeting, state government sources said.

An announcement is likely to be made by Deputy Chief Minister and Home minister, R R Patil, in the state legislature soon.

Patil had on March 31 announced a ban on dance bars in the state excluding Mumbai, for propagating obscenity.

He had said a policy for dance bars in Mumbai would be announced soon.

However, the government reportedly decided to act tough against Mumbai dance bars too and make no discrimination on the ban issue.

04-13-05, 09:17
Are we missing something, whats hapenning, Everyday we get new headlines on dance bars, and yesterday in all TV channel and papers, they flashed :Dance Bars Closed In Mumbai Too:

Now around 0ne Lakh people will be job-less across maharastra adding to already 5 crore jobless youths in the country, for a constable interview around 5 lakh applicants turn out: thats the ratio we talking about.

I think at the end, they will seek out a balance, but for atleast a month don't expect any decision in our favour.


Great !! As said, its high time, we share contact number's as was the norm few years back here in wsg.

I think the only excitement left now a days is reading wsg and getting on high, great post, detailed to perfection :).

I think i need to dig my old contacts if they are working, folks any help on massage joints and fitness centre will be greatly helpful :)


Whts next on your agenda, It looks like as far as mongering is concerned in dance bars, we got to wait buddy !!, These guys seems to be the four horseman of the sexual apocalyspe. They are hell bent on destroying whatever little fun we had.

HK Guy
04-14-05, 03:31
Why dance bar closure is considered negative news here on board is beyond my understanding.

How many of you want to "see" dance?

Now with closure of "dance", out of 55,000 girls working in industry, atleast 45,000 will be added to pickup joints where you don't have to "woo" her or watch her "dance" for 3 hour before you can take her out.

Just imagine in Mumbai (and nearby cities) 55,000 addition would drop cost to less then half as all of them are going to compet for your money. Plus quality would go up as best of lot worked at dance bars (properly dressed/groomed) and rest worked at direct to bed joints.

04-14-05, 08:49
HK Guy
The idea of Dance Bars closing and the number of girls becoming available for being picked up at lower rates is not what bothers me (infact it would be nice to get more for less :-) ) what bothers me that the whole bombay culture of enjoyment is being curbed down. Next they say they are going to go after discotheques that means all the pick up point's masquarading as disco's will also be shut and so will all the service bars. It is sad to note that lakhs of people will loose their only source of income and 100 times that many number people will loose their source of entertainment and relaxation. The idea that all this can happen on account of one persons whim (RR PATIL) and due to one other persons foolishness (Manjitsingh) is a revolting idea. They (the so called moral police) will start going after everything we enjoy and this will kill the spirit of the city.

Born Loser
Have visited a few massage parlours/fitness centers during the past few days and here are my reviews
1. Sakhi Beauty Parlour : Visited this parlour on last saturday. it is located on the first floor of the building above prime hall, Irla (near Alfa stores) and has a big board facing the main road. The girls are quiet good and young (age ranging from 20-25) The charges for full body massage were quoted at Rs. 1200 for 1 hr and Rs.600/- for 1/2 hour I negotiated to Rs. 500/- for 1/2 hour and choose a girl named pinky. She was quiet co-operative and gave me a nice massage which she finished off with a nice hand job and while she was massaging me i played with her tits and fingered her pussy a lil (had to persuade her a lil to lemme finger her but she relented once i promised her a nice tip). Tipped her Rs. 100/- Total cost Rs. 600/- which was resonable for the nice experience. (I did ask her for a BJ but she said neither she nor any of the other girls did it).

2: Fitwell Fitness Center : This one is located in prabhadevi. As you come from new passport office towards SIddhivinayak Temple take the left at the first signal between passport office and sidhivinayak (after aakar Showroom) on the left hand side there are a few shops and this MP is located behind these shops. I visited this place around 2 weeks back. The man sitting at the counter quoted Rs. 400 for 1 hour. They provide minimum 1 hour but since it was the first time i visited them i asked him to lemme take a 1/2 hr for trial basis which he agreed to do at Rs. 250/-. the girls here are average looking but give good service. I took one called reshma who gave me a good massage and lemme playe with her tits under her top (did not open the top cause it was a salwar kurta and she woiuld have to take it off which was not allowed by the boss) she lemme fondle her ass and tits and gave me a very loving massage with a nice handjob in the end. She then gave me a nice hot water sponge to clean all the cream. I tipped her Rs. 100/- and she was more than happy with it. This is a nice MP to go to if you can locate it.

Can any of the other guys gimme info on any nice and resonabel MP's in area between khar and Vile parle

Love The Ladies
04-14-05, 17:52
HK Guy,

It won't be the pick up joints the girls will flock to. Those will be closed.
The screwed up thing is that the dance bars were well regulated. Sure prostitution went on, yet it was small compared to the total revenue that came into the joint.

The girls will logically go to 3 places.
1. Disco's
2. Moving ***** Houses
3. Santa3 type services
4. Standard Sleazy *****houses

You can bet that moving ***** houses will become much more the available.
Girls will be at Disco's will increase significantly.
Santa3 type services will also increase significantly

The problem with the government is that they won't be getting money from these services. From the dance bars they got mega money, mainly from the booze sales. Now this village idiot (whom loser called a genius, ooooops)
has to shut down everything.

Loser, Yes, he was looking like the genius, yet the problem came when the media got involved. The media exposed his hand. (its big when it gets on BBC) Now he looks like the village idiot. Could we say this is George Bush's new brother? We'll see if his plan works long term. Yet for now, the money is about to go away for the government officials. The government will feel the pinch of cash flow loss, and the bars will open again. Of course they will open with the rhetoric of greater control over prostituion. Yet they will open.
The dance bars were the wrong thing to go after. Yet those were the things that were out in the open.
I just want to give a personal thanks to the folks in charge for reducing the cost of these BEATIFUL dance bar babes from a total cost of 2000-4000 down to 500. I already got to cream in the mouth of one of these girls. Plus her beautiful hips were incredible to watch as I dogshired her to death. I can't wait to do more beautiful women who are forced to do it for an 80% discount and forced to suck dick now because of the competition is so fierce. Thank you sir.

04-14-05, 18:38
Sounds just like India in all sectors, be it monger, ironmonger, or policy-monger. It just doesn't work. India is pathetic that it can't even run the world's oldest profession, let alone its newest.

Love The Ladies
04-14-05, 18:49
Bandra man,
How many PM's did you get from that post asking for her number.
Yeah, i bet it was fun sticking it to her while she screamed.

I too am doing a freebie right now. My GOD, this women can pummel my cock. She even does anal as she didn't want to do regular intercourse and wanted to save it for her husband. (she had much of her hymen intact when we first got together, though not quite a virgin)

Now, she is ready to give it to me nightly and even manages to stay the night at my flat once a week now.

BTW, did this girl live in america for a while and just went back for a short vacation? I would die laughing if it is a friend of mine. If you wouldn't mind, send me her contact details. Even if you don't do so, let me know if you want a few of mine. I share freely with people who post quality content on here. Dude, that was one erotic post and qualifies as definate quality.

04-15-05, 03:33
Hey, hey, hey - Bandra no tease, brother! Isreal, Isreal - Thats a little South side of Chicago lingo. Yes, some wanted her phone number. Here is her rating:

Face: 7/10
Breasts: 7/10
Nipples: 9/10
Body: 7.5/10
Pussy: 9.5/10
Bush: Luxuriant
BBBJ: 9/10
CIM: Yes; and swallows (orgasms during swallowing).
Massage skills: 4/10 (who cares?).
F**k skills: 9/10 (f**ks to music)
Different positions: Yes, yes, yes!
DATY: Loves it.
Vibrator: Loves it; begs for it.
Loud: Screamer; very, very loud - especially during orgams.

A typical love-making session starts out with a shower. Sometimes wants me to watch her showering. Just before the shower, I take my Viagra. The timing usually works out perfect. For all you guys out there, make sure that you do NOT have any fatty food, or else Viagra will not be very effective. (Also, if your girl gives you head, have some pineapple the previous day - makes your cum taste good). Then, she has a good shot of Scotch and wears sexy underwear and good perfume, dims the lights and turns on some soft music. The music really heightens every sensation.

What follows next is a strip tease type of dance that is very arousing. Just like Demi Moore in the movie Striptease. She has her own supply of ultra thin Trojans; I used rhese the first few times; later, bare back was O.K.

DFK is next followed by sucking toes, then her nipples and massaging her breasts. At first, she did not like the toes sucking very much but later, she was into it. About a few minutes (15) later, she is dripping wet and ready for DATY. After 10 minutes of loud moaning, she begs for the vibrator and the real screams srart. I usually tease her around her inner lips that are quite hidden and then later spread her lips, expose her clit and place the vibe right on her clit and use my fingers inside her. She goes ballistic and screams and has about 4 or 5 orgasms.

I give her a moment to relax and then enter her and start pumping sometimes in rhythm to the music. She talks dirty during the pumping. This is not acting; she really is into it and wants it faster, harder, etc. I never imagined that any girl could be so tight; with such good muscles that literally milks my cock. That's when I explode. Another 15 minutes of caressing, and we are ready for the next day.

This girl is very hygeine conscious and her pussy has practically no odor. I usually like a certain amount of feminine pussy odor. One late morning, I got to DATY before she washed up and got quite a bit of her pussy scent. It was a terrific turn on for me. Better than Viagra. Guys, remember the old saying "If it doesn't look like pussy, if it doesn't taste like pussy, if it doesn't smell like pussy; it just ain't pussy"!

Love the Ladies - No, this girl has never been to America. I'm a little afraid to bring her to the US, because I know, she will f**k the brains out of a few good looking guys. She is very horny. Got to keep her pregnant in the Summer and barefoot in the Winter. Can you share some of your good contacts?

Joy Man
04-15-05, 10:53
Mumbai was one of the most beautiful place with anice night life. Lot of people comming to mumbai from foreign contries for this experience. But now Dubai has overtaken Mubai, Because Mumbai's Taliban rule and Bin-laden type hopeless politisions.

Bat Wings
04-15-05, 11:45
Hi Guys !

I have been a member of this forum for some time now but haven't really posted anything. Partly because I didn't know how to post and partly because I am not a very active monger.

Recently have been travelling a little bit as my job demands this. In the last couple of months have been to Malaysia, Phuket, Dubai, Sydney, Brizbane GoldCoast etc. Had a great time.

In Mumbai have tried a couple of contacts and found them quite O.K. Next week I will be travelling to Ahmedabad, Baroda and Indore. Would be grateful if any of you guys could give me any kind of leads. You may please PM me.


Bat Wings

04-16-05, 09:12
Ok Folks, There might be some who know the facts, but for those not in the know, here's what really happening. The Deputy CM asked for X amount (can't mention the exact figures for obvious reasons) from the Bar association members. They said we can pay you X - minus a wee little on the condition that the cops be handled at your end, (as the home department is under Patil) and we will adhere to all your rules and regulations. Folks it costs about 800,000 to run a bar with just one dance floor annually. This is the official figure. Plus monthly bribes to the local cops + Zonal cops + crime + Flying squads + excise + social service branches. Quite a figure isn't it ?
But that was not agreeable to the minister and he got a bit agitated as he didnt expect the bar guys to close ranks, plus he wanted the cash a bit urgently. Since that didnt happen it has now become a stand off ! The congress is least bit interested in this. The dance bars cannot be shut unless a government regulation is passed to the same effect. Even for that to happen, there needs to be a good reason for the same. Also you cannot have dance bars in bombay open and the rest of maharashtra closed, as this violates a constitutional right of equal opportunity ( Hence the decision to shut mumbai dance bars too ). Now another very interesting point which Mr.Patil has overlooked in his haste to make money. Licences has been renewed for the current year. So how can you ask someone from whom you have collected annual fees, to stop doing what you have collected fees midway ? They have to wait till the year end and not renew fees or book each one of the bars on some violation or the other and then terminate the Licence. Classic case of putting your foot in your own mouth.

Plus there are a host of other industries dependent on these bars. Taxis, Autos, Snacks (peanuts, cashew, wafers, chaklis etc etc), late night eateries, Tailors - small time ( a bar girl on an average stitches 6 pairs a year), Beauty Parlours - small time ( a visit once a week is compulsory ), Local cosmetic manufacturers.

But the biggest LOSER among them all will be the Govt of Maharashtra, whose loss of revenue both direct and indirect just cannot be calculated nor recoverable from any other avenue. And ofcourse half the senior officers in the police dept who own a lot of bars under proxy.

You guys seriously think that considering all this, the bars will shut ? I don't think so. If by any shit luck that still happens, we are all in for a major upheaval in the flesh market. You could seriously be looking at 800/- for the night as average rates.

04-17-05, 06:59

Have the dance bars already closed. Or is there a stay order against the government's directive. It is a bit confusing for us outside of India.


04-17-05, 15:13
You are right, Its just because of american pressure (Read Whites) and european's, that we are still a country.

Just take the white's off from this planet earth, what do we have then, back too old times, were the fundamentalist will rule, we been ruled far too long, and the slavish mentality just refuses to go.

They are humbug's of the higest order, they will do exactly the opposite any freedom loving guy would think off. Now some Sh**T A88ss would scream, quoting famous kennedy words, if you brag soo much, what have you done for the country, never ask wht the freaking country would do for you.

They just don't get in there freaking mind's what really freedom means!

I think LTL, could give us a big picture of what he thinks about our country. He being here too long.


I braved the odds, took all worst case scenario into account, and then ventured to see if any dance bar in mumbai are open, Whts the worst they could do, at most they would get me for two days in locker, take what ever amount I have, beat me up the whole night, abuse me, anything else, well we can't expect anything worse from these low down guys, can we! , I think there mind won't have the amount of content needed to do worse than they think they can! . : )

My first stop Bul-Bul bar near swasthick chamber, at chembur, place was as usual, the door man, the waiters, the security guy and the girls were all in cheering mood, may not be aware of what has hit them or in denial mod or some kinda insider knowledge.

The sorry part, it was 10. 30, and I was the lone guy in the whole floor and it was Saturday, all the 40 or so women were staring at me, first time in my life, so many girls wanted me and only me, I was the king called for, yeah, the price of bravery: ), I know, no nutcase would dare in his normal state of mind, to visit the bar in these times and that too on Saturday, I realized that and did not wanted to streatch my luck too far, stayed for half an hour, tipped for greater than extra caring and service, it was a nice experience to be, next stop, samvati bar or something similier in sindhi colony, it is the mecca of bar girls home's, at night every were you look, the girls were catching auto's and sumos to go to there respective bars. I was kinda thrilled, well, this time, the bar was half full, the lighting was too dark to see anything hapenning, girls looked younger, had another round of beer and casually asked for pick up, the waiter gave me a long face and said, "yeh sirf dance bar hai, abhi sab pick up band ho gaya hai", I said "adjust karo na boss", he just left and discussed with the manager I think and said "eek baje ke baad". I said "room", "appko baher le jana pedeja" was the reply, I said name. "woh nahi malum sir". I thought it was too risky to take a girl at 1 and roam around chembur for a room, thanks bye bye! ,

made my share then and there itself with whtever litle space and darkness I had, the girl name was teena, quite satisfied and content.

The result, it is as usual for the bar owners and girls, I guess with lots of paper reading and media scare, we the patrons are more scared than the guys who run it, talk of education and newspaper, the guys who are well fed and educated are supposed to be more upfront, yet its the poor and the uneducated who has no fear, yeah, now I hear a scream, they have no choice. yeah yeah. as if we had the choice of selecting the country of our birth: ), its already deep sh**it we covered in and talk of choices: ). I'm outta here!

04-18-05, 20:59
thank-you santa3 for your excellent insight into this matter. you should have become a lawyer or as we brits say, a barrister, rather than the pimp/hook-up man/chaperon/facilator, or whatever you wish to call your services!
inregard to born loser, while you may not mind being locked up for a day or 2,the worst case scenario for being a local, for us nri's, ex-pats, and westerners it would be rather foolhardy to name the least! the police could easily blackmail us for lakhs, initially, then tens of thousands of rupees for a "fine"! if we don't pay up, we might get extensive jail time in a not particularly safe prison in maharastra! i could easily see this evolving into a regular racket run by the police, local politicians and bar owners! this will help recoup some of their financial loses suffered by all sides!! this is the primary reason, i have put off my vacation to mumbai until next year. i would advise all nri's, ex-pats and westerners to do the same! hopefully by that time the dust will have settled over the dance bar controvesy!
in conclusion, "fools rush in where wiser men fear to walk"!!

04-19-05, 06:54

I really am at a loss of words. How can you even think of entering a bar before 11.00 pm? Man you really take the cake dude. And why even think about being caught in a raid ? We have always walked out with our heads held high. The cops better behave themselves with locals, else they might not know where they might get transferred the next day.

Once more for all you folks. The dance bars are not closed as yet ! Only after the government resolution is passed can they be closed down for good. It might not get passed as of now. So there is no fear to visit a dance bar in the current scenario.

04-19-05, 10:06

I generally go earlier to get hold of freash and creamy layer, if you know what i mean, else, the best gets one or two customer old, and the excitment not much to talk about, i watch the girls come in or sometimes, i go in to the make up room in familier bars to check out the newbies.


Yeah! That could be, a real possibility.

Need not worry, For NRI's, expats, westerners, and even to mumbaikars, who are ready to roll, Mumbai caters to different personalities in different zones, the door's are always open 24/7 for you at star hotels.

I have one solid information, at hotel sea princess, Its near juhu beach, any taxi or auto driver will know this place for sure, so if you coming from airport, it would be around half an hour drive depending on the traffic and 100 RS worth the drive.

The rate and quality is always on the higher side, but you get what you want, high rollars, dubai based NRI's, builders, businesmans come in to have a good time , you could always see, Lexus, benz lined up at an average star hotel and you wonder why :)

As you check in, get hold of the guy, you come up with, or just sit on the lobby after 10 PM, and you could see the streams of beauty going up and down, but generally, all the babes are taken in from the back door. some guy for sure will approach you, just be friendly and open up, and the doors to haven will be onto you.

Some of the guys have album ranging from russians, lebanease, pinoy's, you name it you got it, yeah sure, you NRI's and whites have enough of white skin, its we the one who are mad at blondes :).

Indian cuties are available in truck loads, they claim, models, actress, TV stars, regional wise, language wise, busty, fair, dark, long hair, short hair, for any combinations and permutations you will get to choose and have it too.

As the choices of rich and the rich are unique, they maintain high database quality.

Now the down side, even for one hr, the cost is anywhere closer to 15k to 25 k , if you know the guy, he will come down to 8 to 10 k straight, cos he knows, the taste of P**sy never ceases to exist, you will come to him again and again. room rent and drinks extra and may be high if you are a first timer.

Here, there is no fear of cops or any sh*T, you get the service you pay for, you are as free as you at home :).

Good luck

04-20-05, 08:45
I am surprised what you said about Sea Princess, bcoz I always stay there, never ever, anything came my way,I tried room boys, lobby and the bar,but I agree, I see all sorts of Mercs, Lexus parked,may be the next I am there I should sit in the lobby.

Deep Wet
04-20-05, 08:57
Good News for Fellow Mongers in Mumbai

The Bars are open now as the Government of Maharashtra has announced to put the order of Closure of Dance Bars in Maharashtra, on HOLD, till the time they are able to get necessary supports from all Quarters which seems to be impossible in a country like India.

Happy Times Once Again

04-20-05, 09:20
Hey Guys!

Ive been a member for a few months now and Ive finally got upgraded so I can post messeges. Its great reading about al the action in our lovely city and thank you all for the tips, they have been useful. Love the Ladies your posts are amazing! I would love to come and hang out with you sometime and go mongering together, seems to me youve got some amazing women! Let me know?


Bombay Guy
04-20-05, 15:24
Deep Wet,

It's not a case of the bars having reopened rather they hadn't yet closed down since the Govt. has to come out with the official resolution. The newspapers say that this will take a couple of weeks since all angles have to be studied as to how the ban can be implemented. I reckon the bars should close by the end of the month.

Last Bencher
04-24-05, 07:13
Hey there,

My inbox was jam packed once i put out that message for renting out my cars both for official reason or mongering but none of you have rplied with the experience you had. I would appreciate if anybody of you could give me a feedback as i cannot check the same with my chaffeurs since am a white collar to them.

God Bless - LB

Deep Wet,

It's not a case of the bars having reopened rather they hadn't yet closed down since the Govt. has to come out with the official resolution. The newspapers say that this will take a couple of weeks since all angles have to be studied as to how the ban can be implemented. I reckon the bars should close by the end of the month.

Love The Ladies
04-25-05, 21:57
Just cause we have white skin, don't think that the cops are going to try to jack us harder. I've seen how the cops treat the locals. Then I look how they treat me.

They treat me like any cop in any western country. Friendly, respectful, and downright nice. I simply flash a genuine smile at them. Even the hardest nosed ones crack a smile after a few seconds.

When I was spending a few days in the PIT of mumbai (kamatiapura) The cops were very nice and helped me find what I was looking for. If a cop were to beat an American or a European, the poor fellow would probably get whacked by his fellow officers, then get fired, then get whacked some more.

Of course, these thoughts don't cross my mind when the mammasan opens up the door while I'm banging this beauty and yells "cops" as I"m trying to put my shirt and pants on in a frantic race.

Loser, As for what I think about India. I think its a great country. You guys are simply more backwards than America about sex. That's a VERY hard thing to do. I love this country except for the way you conduct business. Its very very very FUCKED up. This country could learn some western business ethics. When you are going to fuck some one:
A. Use a condom
B. Fuck them for BIG amounts, not for paise.

Love The Ladies
04-25-05, 22:04

I did some very fucked up things from the time of August to November. I fucked about 60 girls without a condom. I had a deathwish and wanted to die at that point. Some weird ass depression thing that I kicked 4 months back. Anyhow, I thought for sure I had Aids.

Remember the girls I fucked are getting banged up to 10 times a day. Rarely do guys where condoms in this country. When I talked to the lab at KamaTiaPura, the doctor said that only 5% of the girls have HIV. This absolutely floored me. I thought 60-80% would have it. I don't understand why its not spreading so fast here. My test was negative on both occasions. It will be 98% accurate because of the 4.5 months elapsed. At 6 months, it is 100% accurate.

Please be safe guys. I was a fool for risking my life and the life of the girl. Since then, I have used a condom all of the time and am only at risk for non fatal stuff.

Love The Ladies
04-25-05, 22:17
Ok, one last thing that needs to happen here.

I am dating an intelligent girl. Yet a very ignorant one. I think this is the case of most people in India when it comes to sex.

She wanted me to cum in her. She wants to get pregnant. After my aids test, i happily obliged her. (she was bascially a virgin when we met)
After I came in her, she thought she was pregnant. Then I asked her, "when do you think you can get pregnant?" She said "anytime of the month except my mensus."

I then asked her, "where does the baby sit when you get pregnant?"
She was clueless. She didn't know about any of her internal organs. (Fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus)

Then I asked her what her mensus was. I died laughing here. She said it was: "heat and dirt from the stomach. Boys get it too, but it comes out as white fluid. That's why they have to have sex so much."

Sad thing is, this girl is educated. What about the uneducated ones.

PS A girl can only get pregnant for 24 or 48 hours per month. I believe it happens 14 days after the start of her period. Yet sperm can live for 48 hours. So 3-4 days you can get your girl pregnant. Other than that you are home free.

04-26-05, 00:57
Sad thing is, this girl is educated. What about the uneducated ones.

This girl is educated yet she doesn't know the basics regarding pregnancy or just why she gets her period every month... doesn't sound like a very bright gal to me! Any educated Indian girl would know better.

04-26-05, 09:14

Its a joke right

Boy !! The word Luck must have originated with you, You mean to say, you had 60 Fucks, without a condom and you came out clean.

Thats later,

But, just take a hypothetical scenario, not meant to, but in this context necessary, just think its either me or you, you fucked the first girl and you had AIDS and you even had the guts to go and had a test, then had you fucked the other 59 girls with or without a condom.

Knowledge apart, its the way, AIDS is spread, you hadn't had the feel or the courage to take the test for four months or somewere your mind was screwed up, in between, you fucked 60 women without condom, thats a girl every two days wow !!.

Folks, we all talk about education and knowledge, yeah yeah !! we always has an excuse about our brains being screwed up, every now and then and thats the reason, we are free to do what ever comes to our mind, blame the truck drivers or the poor or the uneducated ones, for they don't know what AIDS is and in that catogory, they do not have the riches to fuck a women every day.

Just what was up with you pal !! that you put the other women's life in risk and in addition to 1000's other men's , thats chain reaction , talk about education.

on one side you talk of other men's not wearing condoms and spreading AIDS, and DUDE, you yourself, being so educated and noteworthy, does the same, now which side shall we all be man !!, we are worse than uneducated, for they do without knowledge, we do with knowledge :).

LTL, you are truly lucky, just go to russian, ukrianian or any european or american forum, the guys there would have hanged you for unfortunately being true :)

Atleast after the deeds you opened up !! thats great, we all could learn form you MAN!

You are truly american or british :),

And to tell the ground reality,

The AIDS issue is all made up to the extreme, Its the bill gates foundation to blame and the NGO's in india who makes millions by faking the data and taking money out of gates, its a decade old story, how they had made AIDS issue a millions dollar non-govenrmental business.


Just take a trip down to himalayas, and meet some yogis and sadhus, and you are as lucky as a man can be, they would convince you that this world is not for real, no need to end up your frustation by screwing up women without condom's and thinking about AIDS AIDS every day :).

Guys, the one we call dance girls and *****'s in kamathipura, and uneducated ones, they must be super spiritual, just see the kind of love they have for god and devi, and the kind of business they do, but they still love god, kamathipura with a lakh *****s and built around 18'oo's is still existing, talk about AIDS and plague.

These things will come and go, but the world's oldest profession remains as it is.


MAN, I wish I could write a millions words on you !!

You are one truly a great ameican white race !!

How we wish every one will come out of there fear phycosis of AIDS and take the test, and be free to tell,

Guys as LTL said, its not the scenario as projected on TV and paper, even if you had sex without a condom fear not, go and take the test and live peacefully or if you delaying mariage or fucking your gf, fear not: as the vedanta says, ***FeAr Is ThE GrEaTeSt SiN***.

Hats off to LTL, for being a baddy like we all are, yet so truthfull like none. You are truly special dude , hats off!

Good luck!


04-27-05, 14:26
Can anyone let me know the scene in panvel? Is it all shut or is it still business as usual? I will be in Mumbai next week. I don't want to make a trip all the way for nothing.



Wild Dolphin
04-27-05, 15:33
I have been a regular mongerer for the last many many year but a very poor poster. Laziness mainly but also some lack of time. Will try to change all that now.


I do appreciate all the info that is posted here and find it to be largely ok except for some wishful thinking on the part of some. What I would request all my fellow mongerers to do is please not to post any names/addresses/ tel nos ...etc..... as I know of a few direct cases where obliging hotels and other inceidental establishments got shut down by the cops.

Anyway, to the forum. Tried out an MP -my first- from onthese reports on saturday afternoon after quaffing a few beers and wishing to try something else. Managed to find the place.

Wild Dolphin
04-27-05, 15:41
I have been a regular mongerer for the last many many year but a very poor poster. Laziness mainly but also some lack of time. Will try to change all that now.


I do appreciate all the info that is posted here and find it to be largely ok except for some wishful thinking on the part of some. What i would request all my fellow mongerers to do is please not to post any names/addresses/ tel nos ...etc..... as i know of a few direct cases where obliging hotels and other inceidental establishments got shut down by the cops.

Anyway, to the forum. Tried out an MP at Prabhadevi-my first- from one of these reports on saturday afternoon after quaffing a few beers and wishing to try something else. Managed to find the place with some difficulty, but was greeted one 5.5 fat lady at the counter and a guy who explained the charges and since I refused the fat one was shown 2 better options who my friend and me gladly accepted but for a short 1/2 hour trial as we were newbies.

The girls started what was a decent massage for both but the other one was worried that my friend was a cop. Mine allowed me to feel her very comfortably but was absolute no/no for removing clothes or anything hotter than a "handshake". Not bad for the 250 i paid, but personally would have enjoyed having gone all the way. This place seems to perform this way only-NO SEX.

Btw, both our girls rated between 7.5-8 for looks and service. Will go again but for a longer massage, without expecting much else.


P.s: My girl did give the reference to a better place in Andheri which i will try once I return from a 3 week trip. Hope to post regularly and maybe you see some reports in the German section. Look out! Some serious mongering reports coming up here.

Just Me
04-28-05, 01:21

Are you sure about the Sea Princess? I've stayed there over 10 times and have not witnessed this nor seen girls roaming the lobby at any time. And trust me, I've looked.

There are lots of scuzzy girls hanging out on the beach, just behind the hotel and lots of dance bars (lousy ones) across the street. but, to say that you can walk into the Sea Princess and get a girl is just crazy.

Just me

04-28-05, 07:40
I once again endorse, I was at Sea Princess and was hanging around in the lobby quite late, but it was dry. Although I was given to understand around 3 AM the dancing bars do come in groups, after their day is off to have a cup of coffee,that is all,and theose girls are not on the prawl.

04-28-05, 08:31
Just me!

The guy who passed the information is a high rollar, he goes in around 25k every week to SP, mainly for firang types. I would get in some more info, yet it is for sure that things happen over there regularly.


Funny Kunna
04-28-05, 10:54
Any news about the dance bar ban? Where those gals now?

04-29-05, 07:52
Colaba area is completely dead for the last 1 month or so. LE activity has clamped down The pimps now offer to take you elsewhere which I declined.
In Jan, I had a good session in Colaba for about Rs. 1000. The girl had lovely soft tits, but overall performance was below average. Next time I will try the offer.


04-30-05, 06:37
For those who don't bother to read the previous posts.
Bombay, Vashi and Thane is open as far as the Dance / Pick-up bars are concerned. Belapur, Panvel, Lonavala, Pune is completely shut down. Dahisar is open even after the checkpost and Kashmira police station. But after that upto Virar everything is shut Bhayander / Mira road etc.

Bombay Guy
05-01-05, 07:52
Here is an article from the Economic Times on the 29th

MUMBAI: After illegal slum dwellers, it is now the turn of Mumbai’s bar girls to get a lifeline from the Congress president Sonia Gandhi. The party has reversed its earlier stand of closing down the bars and is now singing a different tune thanks to a direct intervention from 10 Janpath.

A couple of months ago, Ms Gandhi’s intervention had forced the chief minister to halt its drive to raze illegal slums.

The change in the government’s stance was evident when Vilasrao Deshmukh ‘clarified’ on Thursday that the ban is yet to be enforced.

“The Maharashtra government has not banned dance bars in the state as the government is still seeking legal advice in the matter,” Mr Deshmukh said in New Delhi. He added that the decision had received mixed reactions and said “it is likely to be challenged in the court of law”.

“The government had given permission to run dance bars under the present set of rules. If the decision to ban it is to be implemented a whole set of rules need to be changed,” he said.

Mr Deshmukh’s clarification came soon after meeting Ms Gandhi. A group of bar girls from Mumbai had met Ms Gandhi on Friday and urged her to get the ban in Maharashtra lifted.

Maharashtra home minister RR Patil had ordered a ban on dance bars in the state saying they encouraged crimes and created social problems, as well as leading to insecurity for women residing in the vicinity of the bars.

The ban figured in the meeting Mr Deshmukh had with Ms Gandhi, which was attended by political secretary to the Congress president Ahmed Patel, AICC general secretary in charge of Maharashtra, Margaret Alva and MPCC president Prabha Rau.

Some Congressmen feel that the NCP — Mr Patil’s party — is likely to hog the limelight if the ban is allowed to go ahead, and that the Congress will be left in the lurch. It would also have to live with the hostility of the bar girls, owners and their families. The party wants the administration to go slow on the issue.

“It will be difficult to go back on the issue overnight. But we will try to delay the decision as far as possible,” a Congress minister said.

Mr Deshmukh said he did not have a problem with Bangladeshi girls working in the state, provided they are legal migrants. The number of bars with legal licences, he added, did not exceed 20,000, contrary to the claims of the Bar Owners’ Association, which has pegged the number at nearly one lakh.

He said that the percentage of bar girls from outside the state was also being ascertained.

05-03-05, 09:27

The bars will be open by 7th of this month, Thats the info going around all the dance bars. Santa, check it out on this.

05-04-05, 07:53
Loser, Definitely possible. As i said Mr. Patil along with tobacco has also put his own foot in his mouth. So it is just a matter of time before he removes it.
I haven't been to a bar over a month so i don't know what the bars guys are saying. But get this. I was down in Kolhapur last week and the dance bars over there are open. in fact they are flourishing. Now can you dig that Mr. Patil ? (sucker). ;)

Love The Ladies
05-04-05, 11:46
Hey, I admit it when i screw up. I was telling everyone to use a condom because I was concerned about AIDS, both to the customer and the girl. Then I got a taste of going bare. My babe from Panvel was riding me. When she got off, the condom was up inside her. So I started banging her without one. (We got an Aids test the next day.)

Then one of the hoes had me squirt inside her. She then pulled me inside as I was cumming. I got a taste that I didn't get over for 3 months. Over that time period I was banging 5 days a week. I had a set of regulars plus I would do a new girl most of the time. Once I did 15 girls in a day without Viagra and 14 girls another time with Viagra. All without a condom.

I was shocked that I didn't get Aids or get a girl pregnant.

Over the past 5 months, I'm only active a couple times per month. I have an Indian girlfriend and lately I've been banging her friend. (no 3 some yet)

On a different note. I have been dancing at the clubs lately. I notice many single girls with RED purses. I'm pretty sure these are the hoes. Also, I met this girl who was completely wasted and was grabbing every guys cock passionately. I'm pretty sure she's a hoe, but I would love to bang her. Loser, you wanna double this one. She is hot and passionate.

05-04-05, 14:58
Hi Guys,

If anyone has the contact number of a service provider named Vinod from Bomaby, do PM me, PLEASE. I have shared this number with many guys in this forum, but have misplaced it myself recently.



05-04-05, 16:56
Wow! Hold on dude, did you say 15 girls in one day, you definetely an alien :), with one or max. two rounds we are dead, and you managed to bang 15, what's the secret.

Yeah, I being lookin to bang an english speaking indian cutie for a long time, count me in.

Man, still don't be an indian. Give the clubs details, let all have there share on high class hoes.

What's with the russians pal, i'm still in line remember!

05-05-05, 10:02
Found a new one yesterday near Turbhe Naka, "MELA Bar and Restaurant" as most of the bars outside Mumbai are closed, I suppose all the girls moved in here, mostly all bars in sanpada and vashi are open.

If you coming towards Vashi, its near Turbhe Naka Bridge, near bus stop, right in front of highway, On looks and style this bar is down right b-grade, yet the quality of babes was higher and i spotted couple of oldies from sun-city.

The beer costs 180, entry fees 150 :), there is a lodge near the bar named Gulam, which is well inside turbhe naka and specifically for pick ups i guess, The rent for full night is 800 A/C non-A/c 600.

The bar itself has cabins on top floor, but only for an hour, did not bother to check it out, The girls are surprisingly cheaper or its due to heavy compitition, you can get a cutie for short time for 500 bucks and for arranged one night stand 1000 bucks.

Check it out or be left out by this weekend :)

On Road
05-06-05, 08:17
Can anyone suggest a good 5*/4* hotel near airport, which is girl/guest friendly. An early reply would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Love The Ladies
05-06-05, 12:04
I can't believe I admitted doing 15 girls in a night.
I was just determined to do that one night.
Without V, its quite difficult. As my sex drive slows way down after 5-6 girls.
On V, its acutualy quite easy. It's not that I have trouble keeping up the wood after 5-6 girls, (though it does need extra stimulation) But V makes me very aggressive sexually. I simply ran out of money that night or I could have done more.
It also helps when you have a personal assistant pulling more girls into the room for you. That night I had done 10 girls in just 2 joints. 2 of my regular girls loves to bring me girls after I finish with them.

Now I'm banging 2 non pro's. They won't do it together yet, but they will do it once the other leaves the room. I'm still trying though.

Guys, please don't be as stupid as I once was. Use a fricken condom. I really don't have a clue how I don't have AIDS. I'm either lucky or have someone looking over my shoulder. Perhaps a bit of both.

Bombay Guy
05-06-05, 14:36
From the Economic Times 4th May

MUMBAI: A major embarrassment may be in store for the Maharashtra government. The state’s legal department is understood to have cautioned the government against its highly-publicised and controversial decision to ban dance bars.

“It will be difficult to justify the home ministry’s decision to shut down dance bars,” the legal department is learnt to have conveyed to the chief minister, highly placed sources told ET.

The law department holds the view that there is nothing specific for dance bars in the law. Bars who want to have female dancers have to seek a public performance licence that is available to anyone who intends to organise ‘entertainment shows’.

“In this situation, the government will need to classify the dance bar industry in a different way,” an official pointed out.

The law department is also apprehensive about slapping “obscenity” charges on these dance bars for two reasons. “First, obscenity is a relative term, and it is very sloppy from the legal viewpoint. And second, you can’t slap the same charge on over a thousand bars across the state,” an official said. The view expressed by the legal experts indicates that the government will have to bring in changes in the existing Act under which licences were issued for dance bars.

According to sources, this is the reason the government finds it difficult to issue a formal notification to ban dance bars even after a month. The state deputy chief minister, RR Patil, who also holds the home ministry, on April 11 announced a clamp-down on the city’s dance bars.

Earlier, the government had planned to shut down dance bars only outside Mumbai. But the law department pointed out that Article 14 of the Indian Constitution prevents discrimination in the implementation of law. This forced the state government to amend its previous decision and make the ban applicable across the state, as well as in Mumbai.

Though the government was prompt in announcing the ban, it is finding it difficult to extend the legal sanctity to its decision.

This has put the Vilasrao Deshmukh government in a dilemma. It can neither go back on the issue nor enforce a ban, since the decision was announced on the floor of the house. Any change to it can be made only before the Assembly. And to go ahead, it doesn’t have the requisite legal powers.

Meanwhile, CM Vilasrao Deshmukh has deferred his weekly cabinet meet scheduled for Wednesday.

The issue was expected to come up before the cabinet. According to sources, last week Mr Deshmukh had refused to discuss the dance bar issue before the cabinet.

05-08-05, 14:06
THE Babes are back in town, Except panvel, the bars opened with a bang right up in the arse of the goverment. Panvel bars will open a week late, but it will, with messed up laws and corruption to the hard core, how far they were suppose to go.

To celebrate a victory of sorts, Went to Manorama bar in belapur, Guess what, there were not a single seat available, it was packed to the core at 9.30, talk about information superhighway :).

The quality of babes seems to be getting higher up everytime i go to manorama. Barely legal cuties and busty babes were on high.

The low point was the bar closed at 1 sharp, as the cops van turned up for routine time check, thought, would take a babe upstairs for full night, as i was dead drunk, shocker, all rooms were taken, no babes available , asked the waiter whats hapenning, guess what, we being waiting for too long.

Had no choice, with a heaviest heart, as i had couple of hotties in mind went all the way up to nightangle, closed to, but a room and just two babes available for me, no were to go, but to dive in. Went on like a bull on rampage, had a blast really, yet saved the elixer for today for the two hotties that i have in mind at manorama. No options as the two hotties are just killing my mind, have to go manorama again, but this time i would utilise the skills of time management :) and get that hotties ASAP.

Good Luck

05-10-05, 07:03
Hey Guys,

LTL, UR definitely the champ when it comes to girls 14 times a day, excellent, sorry to hear about the death wish. I must admit twice I have fucked without condom. First time after I came, and came to my senses and realized my folly, I started trembling, while the girl was not satisfied, I refused a second time which would have been longer and riskier, I walked off. The second time was more scary and after that i have stopped going to P4P and am clean for 2 years or more. It is scary to think what could have happened to me if I kept up the womanizing. I have tested once thankfully negative.

As for doing it without rubbers, I admit is way foolish but then there nothing like sliding into bare pussy esp diff ones everytime. Diseases, yeah Aids is the biggest one but dont forget gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, HPV, syphillis, hepatitis, and the list goes on, some of which have no cure and remain dormant for years together. Remember people live longer with HIV-I than HIV-II, the latter of which is the common one india and the deadlier of the two.

As for the AIDS timebomb, nobody knows when it will explode or if it will explode. In a secretive society like india, which was exposed to the virus relatively later (economy opening up etc) 5 million is possible. Wait for another 5-10 years to see if the UN was right on this one. Time and again we have been proved wrong on epidemics and goverment stats. But the risk of death will deter the strongest people on wild sexual behavior. Are we seeing a rise of this epidemic at the moment, given the recent spate of suicides in Mumbai. dunno time will tell. We wish the UN was very wrong on this one and hope there are only a few people who are fucking like rabbits.

05-10-05, 10:45

I've been hanging around this forum for quite some time now and have just minutes ago earned the right to post! Thanks to Jackson! I found this forum quite useful and would like to share contacts I have in Mumbai will anyone interested. Pl. PM me.

BTW, does anyone have contacts in Trivandrum? I'm off to the place tomorrow.



Bat Wings
05-10-05, 11:35
Hi guys,

Quite odd to see that no one could give me any leads to Ahmedabad a couple of weeks back. However, Ahmedabad while its not as active as Mumbai, is not such a dry place.

Picked up a cute little thing near Gujarat College at around 6.00pm. She was 5' 3" slim and may be arround 33B. Apparently she is from Rajkot and she is a student in A'bad. Age she said 22 yrs. She had a place of her own; about 15 mins by rickshaw. Damages Rs 2000/- for ST. Overall good experience.


Bat Wings

05-12-05, 08:33
I am with you on this one. I will be in Mumbai on the week of the 17th and will be staying in a Hotel near the airport. Please PM any contacts. Thanks in advance.

Be Good,


Can anyone suggest a good 5*/4* hotel near airport, which is girl/guest friendly. An early reply would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Cute Mumbai Guy
05-12-05, 13:07

Plz give me contacts in Borivali. I am lookin for some sex here in the suburbs. Preferably in Borivali. I heard there are many places in Gorai.



05-15-05, 12:09
Whats up on the dance bar floor, when bars opened, the forum seems to be dead now, no new review on any dance bars, i think we are content with what we have, else we have got something else to do, whatever whatever !!


Any good hotels least bothered on what you do, all are guest friendly as far as i know, I don't have any contacts as of now as i prefer daily new bread :)
If its your first time in mumbai, contact santa, he will show you around the best places to hang out, or else if you adventure enough, get hold of any taxi walla, hop into a bar, pay the entry fee, bring them back to your hotel , thats it....thats the high point of adventure you get here in mumbai :)

Cute Mumbai Guy

There is a bar in gorai beach, its rather a shack with just beer served, i forgot the name, but lots of east indians serving, get hold of them for leads, its true there are lots of rooms in gorai, that college crowd use for fun !!

Good Luck !!

Love The Ladies
05-15-05, 22:21
i went to a bar called krisima in goregoan e, its a service that has about 10 decent looking girls i fingered 2 of them for 100 each and 100 for the drink
girls get out at 12:30 for some late night fun 1000 bucks gets them all night

was so horny that i went to a massage parlor. the mammasan was so happy to see me she took me personally for the first time. she let me lick her and finger her. she then let me fuck her for a few minutes. she then had another girl come in and suck me to completion. she gagged as she drank it.
i asked the girl if she would fuck, and she said yeah, but she was on her period. she wouldn't do it for the 500 i offered, so probably 800-1000 would get a 20 minute bang.

many of the massage parlours give full service. For me, over half of the parlours give me full service.
My girlfriend then brought me dinner that she went home and made while i was doing this. i was still horny so i banged her for an hour. what can i say. i'm a pig

05-16-05, 01:04
Hi Santa3: I had contacted you sometime in mid-March about getting together in Bombay. I will be there in the 1st week of June. Would you pm me your contact,so that I can get intouch with you.



Indian Monger
05-16-05, 19:57
Hi Guys,

I have recently relocated back to Bombay and would like to get into mongering here - I am an Indian who has experience mongering now and then in various parts of world.

I would like to find out some good places and some freelance providers who I can directly and regularly use.

Guys, how about making a descrete group and dance-bar hop or contact providers.


05-18-05, 18:54
Deleted by the individual posting as was factually incorrect.

05-22-05, 07:34
Anybody has any experience in using this magazine given that it is running since 1979. Is it a matrimonial mag or something else.

05-23-05, 11:21

The referred magazine did have some reputation for contact details for women , but personally I have not heard too many results from friends etc who did refer to it. Though I would love to be corrected and get some ref out of that ;) Also their phone contacts etc mentioned in one of the posts seem to have changed. I don't live in Bombay anymore so does anyone know if the mag still exists on the stands?

If anyone can, pls send details on this to us all.


Uncle 35
05-24-05, 15:23
Dear All

From what I understand its a round about method of getting contacts. First, contact the magazine. Pay the subscription fees. They will give you a list of female profiles [less] contact numbers. Select one. Inform the magazine. They will inform the lady. She will call you / interview you.Tthen talk & talk & meet out somewhere. Negotiate place / price, and then meet for a fuck. Is there anyone whose little brother has so muck patience. If yes, best of Luck to them. But seriously. Magazine route is not worth the time spent on hunting. Do let me know if it is otherwise.

Bye foe now. Take Care!

Cute Mumbai Guy
05-24-05, 16:24

Went to the very famous Grant Road area today. I have never tried anything like this so was very nervous. I was walking in that lane and after two rounds found a nice busty babe wearing a purple party gown. She was the only one around wearing a western outfit and was looking hot!!!.

I knew you cant trust anyone there so only took Rs.100 with me. I went to that girl and she asked me whether i want to come. She told me its Rs. 100. Then when we went inside she said pay Rs. 500 for the entire thing. I said I only had Rs. 100. She checked my wallet and pockets and was not able to find anything. Then she told for Rs.100 you will only get to do it upar upar se for 15 min. That is all I did :(

Would she do the same thing if i paid Rs. 500 or she would have allowed me to do the entire thing for Rs.500. Guys I am new to all this so need help from you experts.


05-27-05, 15:01
Cute mumbai,

Welcome to the world of mongering were i guess, THE most important thing is being brave, like in any other field, when i first ventured, i was all alone too, only thing that was with me was i guess "got to do it", if you read the initial post in mumbai section you would find that, guys used to get scared even to take a room above the dance bars, lot of members were against the idea, and they all wrote against it, once the trend got broke, now hardly it is a topic to write about were to take a girl, its now a taken fact that , the trend by shettys to make available room above is well thought off plan :).

well, i guess you should first make yourself comfortable with dance bars, well, they are still open in some palces, make the best of time :), till they shut shop, then go to masage parlour's, get experienced, its basically, you get comfortable with the sourronding's, then foray into bad lands of kamathipura and grant road, you will be i guess experienced enough to deal then.

Pal, no one gonna steal your money, in those palces, trust me 110 percent in this one, like they say being there done that, they won't cheat you, like some of our cellular providers doo :)

just deal it well, if you don't like it move on, there are only 1 lakh pros. at last count in kamathupura, and near areas, you must be able to make a deal for 500 to 1000 bucks for all your needs.

Remember, Just Go Like a Normal Human, Return Like A KING !!! :)

05-31-05, 07:18
Seems like the ban indeed had some effect in here, is there any new places to hop in or we shall just go in and lay our arms down in front of goven.

The bars are opened everywhere, yet with some restrictions, they are now following the strict 1.30 AM dead line and all the bars accross panvel, at last count, 28, have being following traditional outfits, more on saree and cholis, I was surpised to see my favorites dancing on the tunes of sexy lady in saree :)
no dancing with the girls, you can, yet with some words of caution from the managment, seems like the bars are gonna stay here, yet with the usual toning down, still all services will remain as usual !!

Member #2618
06-01-05, 12:03
I visited J49 yesterday, assuming to find some action out there . It was a dead place. Till 12.00 there were only three people and a couple of girls accompaning the other two male. Mumbai is really a dead place (it seems)

Later visited Redhorse at Dahisar. That too in fact all other bars are closes at 1.30 and they are strict on it.

Any one has some leads for the girls. I have few numbers (i tried recentley). I will be happy to exchange the same.

06-05-05, 12:59
It looks like Mumbai is becoming dead for mongaring.
fellows - suggest active places in Mumbai.


06-05-05, 13:00
Just learned - Congress house at Mumbai Central is active.

Love The Ladies
06-06-05, 20:15
I'm getting freaky girls for free here, so I no need to post. Looks like Mumbai has died down a little. Its too bad more people don't know about this place. with 1+ lac hookers in the city, this place should be the buzz of the town.

Loser, That is wierd that you can't dance with the girls. Those were the only dance bars I liked to go to. Have fun boys.


06-07-05, 07:38
Hey what about meeting up over beer and discussing our kills.

Anybody interested in group mongering?

Serious, no timepassers please.

06-07-05, 08:32

Yeah, well, when you sleep with freebies and get to a point that it becomes a spill over thing, please don't delete them, we can always use it from your re-cycle bin :), its being 10 years in mumbai and yet not a freebie to sleep with, well lots and lots available yet only for talk and talk and talk,,,,, none dared to push it bit far and come till my bed or better my lack of seduction techniques !!whatever....got to do something fast, as this indian socialism will eat me alive and force me to tie up the knot :(

Uncle 35
06-08-05, 08:38
Dear Stalwarts

I will be visiting Navi Mumbai very frequently ... Can u help me in identifying hot places in Vashi / Sanpada/belapur etc. Now that Dbs & pick-ups are about to be closed. Where is the hapenning place.


Regards 2 All

Bat Wings
06-11-05, 10:49
Hey guys,

What's happening? Has Mumbai forum has really lost its charm?

Was in Malaysia and Singapore in the last couple of weeks. There the scene is very active. Really had a great time.

C'mon guys lets see what Mumbai has to offer apart from the DBs. Anyone with any private contacts? Would be great if we could share each other's contacts.

Anyone interested is most welcome to PM me.



06-17-05, 09:59
Give me models, give me babes, give me blondes, i'm used up with
regular dance bar nakhras !!, will some one guide me into something more thrilling, exciting, adventures, i'm sure going to chowpatty beach is more thrilling than listening to same old carp songs, same old designer outfits, same old moves, its being close to one year and these guys have not even changed the songs they play around, the theme, same old crapp again an again an again an again !!! please some one guide me out from chronic entertainment called dance bars...i think i need a big big breakk.....I'M OUTTAAA HERE !!!!!

Ho Way
06-21-05, 05:30
Dear Fellow Mongers,

I am Singaporen staying at the Hilton Tower Mumbai.

Desperate for a massage and sex please advice the best place to go.

Thank you in advance.

Poor Soul.

06-22-05, 17:26
But only if you know the right contacts and are ready to spend. Rs. 30,000 or so gets you great material for all night. PM me for info, looking for reciprocal info for Delhi, Bangalore.

06-23-05, 10:55
For that much in can go to Bangkok, stay at a decent hotel, drink, eat & fuck several pussies and come back to mumbai, satisfied, releived, yet I can get the quality of babes same as u dump me here in Mumbai.

06-24-05, 09:12
Hi Fellow Mongerers,

The Honble Governor has refused to sign the ordinance on Dancing Girls,meaning,for the time being,not only the bars open,business as usual,till the State Cabinet meets and passes the new law?

The Show must go on! Cheers!

06-24-05, 16:31
In fact guys with serious mongering habbits can go to BKK at a very resonable rate and enjoy to fullest compared to Mumbai. These days Mumbai seems to dead or no news, may be pussy is happening under cover. Even in Mumbai if you find babes service is not compareble to BKK/Pattaya, girls do lot of nakaras etc. Kamatipura, grant roads business is usual but that is not for all. And some private places in Juhu, Andheri, santakruz etc. but you need contacts or take taxi / auto driver help but not very very difficult. In any case 30k sounds bit too crazy.

Look at Santa who offers his services at very reasonable price and you get real inside look of Mumbai pussy scene. CHACHA, you may have to find some body else. After all this forum is abt finding pussy at reasonale rates. We are not looking for Diana, Britney etc.

Bowled Over
06-25-05, 12:21
Hi folks,

I was planning to visit Mumbai and sent a few pm's for help.

Good folks did reply including one Chacha (with 2 posts to his name).

Here is the exchange of pm's with him (in reverse order) :


Hi Chacha,

Not the question of willing!

Only a question of the rains stopping!

In any case this board is for sharing experiences and information. Please let me know where you need the info for - happy to provide, without asking for your willingness or anything in return!

In 35000, I can get a ticket to LOS, 3 nights in a BKK hotel, as much pussy as I can handle and still have small change left to pay the cab on my return!

You have only 2 posts to your name, so still a Bhatija. Need a long time to become a Chacha.


Bowled Over!

You have to be willing to spend upward of Rs. 35,000.

Where are you from? are you going to be willing to exchange numbers from other places?


Originally Posted by Chacha
Originally Posted by Bowled Over
Hi Chacha,

Visiting Mumbai on 25th for one night.
Any recommendations for all nighters ?
Will appreciate info on contacts, quality, rates and experiences , if any.

Enjoy !
Bowled Over

Chacha's fantasy rates go up from 30K on the general board to 35K in the pm ! Chacha, don't waste time of the members by making such ridiculous suggestions.

This board is for sharing information and experiences. If you want to exchange information or are offering commercial information please use the commercial section of the board OR be straight forward like Santa.

I have received good help from the board without anyone asking for anything in return and have also helped others. Annoying to receive such suggestions from someone who has only 2 posts to his name.

In 35K, besides BKK, may I suggest DXB, CMB, KL, SIN and if you are on a budget, even HKG (when no fairs are on)!

PS: For those of you who do not understand hindi, Chacha means Uncle and Bhatija means Nephew !


Bowled Over

06-25-05, 16:00
Can't stay away too long from mongering can we !!.

Well, did some round up on the web after a long time, just to get away from the dance bar stuff and whats with a mission in my hand :)
(Aganguly80 , yeah !! pal, i'm on this:)



Folks !! these two sites looks promising and the design stuff looks professional, guess they mean business afterall !!

The chamadi guy we know sameer, guess he has moved abroad and
opened some company in channel islands but very well operating in india for VIP's thats what he claims :)

And the rates starts 6k for a two or three hr sessions and others stuff asusual.

For models types and actress, it starts from 30k

One thing that got me into write this was the quality of the web-site, it looks some one really worked this time !!

Anyway, I would be reporting on the services next week.

just to get an insight, have anyone used them !!!!!

fUn !!

Bowled Over
06-26-05, 14:20

Keep away from both the sites.

Speaking from personal experience!

Tried and tested ! (or should I say Wasted !)


Bowled Over

Mumbai Guy
06-28-05, 17:21
Hi Folks,

I was out of action for some time. How is the scene in Mumbai?

Chacha must be out of his mind. 30K for a puss is just too much. Atleast for me. Someone has rightly said. BKK is anyday better and cheaper too.

06-29-05, 08:56
Hi Everybody!

Last year, me and my friends had come to Mumbai for a lil punting holiday, and had a great time at Gopika. When the first night we went there, we were so impressed that we opted to stay in Panvel itself, and come to Mumbai in the day time for whatever silly works we had and meeting relatives. As night comes, we would drive back to Panvel and down to Gopika till it closed!

I am planning another trip in October sometime, so would like to know how the scene is at Panvel now? Is Gopika and the other Disco Bars going good? Can someone tell me the prevailing rates there and whats a nice hotel to stay put in Panvel where we can take babes to our rooms (sure, we would book a double room for each) ?

As we are only there for the fun, Panvel, i find much cheaper to stay and have fun. In Mumbai, i cant find a decent hotel for around Rs.1500per night which also allows gals to be brought in.

06-29-05, 12:26

Fed up this rainy season & going to panvel etc.. ventured Andheri near Leella Hotel. One Night lovers (attached to hotel sun N Sheel) i visited for killing time, as i know it's waste of time & money (One beer 600 bucks, one small local drink 400 bucks, and foreign one 800+) People must be mad. When I see all this I very much appreciate the Maha home minister's decision to close down all the dancing/ladies bars etc. One thing these girls who are into this flesh trade cant do with out it and the ultimate benefactor is the the monger I just wish this to happen soon and see this dancing girls quit al the nakars and come on streets.

One interesting note few blocks away from Night lovers there is a pick up bar RUBY, good one with 70 girls to chhose from. All are ok, some are good. Rates from 1000 to 3000, not bad. I did not test any pussy and came out as it was already 0100 Am, will try in a day or two.

Any new spots!

Wild Dolphin
07-02-05, 09:04
Well. As stated earlier in some segment by me, we as a group of like minded mongerers prefer a group scene and the available variety that becomes available during a single session. Off course, the new girls object and create some scenes but we use the same “didisan”, and ensure that at least one or two girls are from an earlier encounter and therefore acceptable to “roman style orgies”

So, we placed our call and asked for 5 girls to arrive at the south Bombay hotel which allows us the group luxury for a slight premium. We kept one 5-6 looks rated old hand who would set the mood and keep all as we wanted. She was accompanied by another 8-9 looks young girl who had returned to Bombay after a couple of years, bigger in departments where it mattered and. The trio was completed by a new experience who the old hand recommended. We later learnt that the didisan wanted the last one to stay as business had been slack. So the 3 against 4 wrestling match started.

As soon as the remaining 2 left we got down to mass stripping and started a memorable set of bbj’s and I got the new one to try out, who obligingly licked my entire body while we were on the carpet-the beds being occupied by two other couples. Wasn’t long before I was feeling ready to get release and so got a condom put on before being ridden St.George and shortly dumping my load. All of us fondle and feel while others are in the act and our babes don’t object

Well, soon the round was over for all and we all got back to drinks and some recuperation time. Sure enough I got allotted the carpet again and the old hand who immediately took some ice into her mouth and proceeded to again lick me clean and rimmed me to a big erection. Got tired of pressure building up so decided to fuck doggy style. One of the guys cam over and filled her mouth, while I pounded her rear. Unfortunately despite her effort and great feeling pussy, couldn’t get into orgasm stage and had to withdraw after being too tired to continue after 15 minutes.

Then came the best –always the last- and after a couple of drinks I got the cute niner to start sucking me off. By this time one of us had, so we were down to one each. The suck was brilliant and despite leaving the last round unfinished I felt myself getting closer to the brink so I got on top and came all over her great young body.

We finished by paying them handsome extras and being charged for 3 rooms. An experience that must be had to be believed.

The next session is planned later this month with 2 on 2. Will report soon!

07-02-05, 13:11
Hi all,

Does anyone have any info on Panvel bars? Are they open? How is Gopika going on now? Any idea of the current rates going on there?

Please do let me know at the earliest.

Why is the Mumbai Forum so dead these days? :(

Cute Mumbai Guy
07-02-05, 20:15

I am thinking of going to a bar for sex and i will be going all alone. Can anyone be kind enough to post the steps on what to do, how to approach the bar etc in detail. I have never been to a bar before.

Love The Ladies
07-05-05, 05:16
Many guys in India are Virgins until they are married. I'm sure many guys on here are still virgins, even though they post. I'm curious, is there anyone brave enough to admit that they are still a virgin.

I'm not attempting to be mean, but by the way of the innocent cute posts I think cutemumbai guy is one. CM Guy, is this true or am I way off. Anyhow, how have you been lately. My goodness, I've been getting so much free pussy here lately I have to take a break. Lately, its been a Korean delight.

Anyhow, my two girlfriends in India have disappeared since I'm not there at the moment. I guess I'll have to hit up the bars with loser. See you guys soon.

07-05-05, 05:26
Hi guys,

Please do let me know about the scene in Panvel.

I also wanted to know wether there are any Dance Bars(Pickup Joints) in Lonavla? and any source of action in Mahabs?

Thanx a lot!

07-05-05, 08:01
Thats what you have LTL. Some capacity i must say. Coming to most Indian guys part, I would agree for my Generation. For e.g I had my 1st lay only by 23. And some only after marriage. But not the current lot of teen boppers. they are way ahead of us man.
Cute Mumbai Guy,
Go to a pick-up bar find a table and sit. Scan the floor for any female that you may fancy. Call her over to you. If need be go and ask her to come sit with you. Make small talk. If you do not find her repulsive negotitate price. Should not be more that 700 - 800. Unless she is an absolute stunner. Then maybe 1000/- Call your steward and tell him that you decided on her. He will tell you the room rate. Pay upfront for room and girl. This is for 1 hour only. Go equipped with condom. Tip a room boy 10 bucks. Fuck female. If you feel like then tip her. Else come back pay for your drink and tip steward 50/-.
I have not been to Panvel for quite sometime. I am getting conflicting reports from there. Gopika sometimes is open sometimes shut. I believe that there was some renovation work in Kapal. But Manorama and Nightingale at CBD Belapur is open. Only hitch they close on the dot of 0130 hours. There are some bars near Lonvala too. This is confirmed. You need to find out.
Stay off chamadi and other such sites. Man they start from 10k onwards. Whay you trying to do ? Screw a pussy made of gold ?
And folks just my piece of advise. Stay away from Ruby at Andheri. Its a downright filthy place. And the babes way too pricey. The booze is also not original.
chill out guys this is the lean season anyways.

Cute Mumbai Guy
07-05-05, 11:20
You have guessed it right LTL, I am a 21 year of virgin.

Thanks for the post santa3.

Cute Mumbai Guy
07-05-05, 11:28
You have guessed it right LTL, I am a 21 year of virgin trying to get a nice pussy. No luck yet :(

Thanks for the post santa3.

07-05-05, 12:55
Cute Guy !!

Its brings my memories alive !! a apathy you may call !! boy when i first came to mumbai, it was the usual stuff !! To hard to find a gf to fuck !! to hard to have the courage to go to ***** house !!

whats with all the AIDS stuff going around, it was THE TOPIC around in college days, if you fuck you get sick kinda mentality, its too hard to break from that and go to a ***** !!

Whats with shagging all along to adulthood, seeing all the babes every were but just for being a friend sake !! its all what we call a "LOW LIFE"

Yeah !! i was more than a virgin till 22, its the fucked up society, with no sex till marriage policy !! and on top of that the freaking NGO's with there fucked up agenda on AIDS !!

Believe me its real hard for an "educated guy" sort of !! to break these mental barrier on sex attached with aids and still have the balls to screw women in bars !!

There is always some s*IT lurking in the mind after sex, do i have it or not !! its hard !!

Untill, you horny enough, that you can't control yourself, you seem to think that sex is moree freaking important than life itself, you reach a point of sexual frustation that you see none than pussy everwere that you plunge into the wonderfull world of mongering !!

and thats were your "REAL LIFE" begins !! i don't care no more the one cent for all the moral crap they throw on daily basis, you become a MAN a real one indeed !!

You take the life as it is not what others want it to be !! and its good !!


If its your first time, you would be overwhelmed by any dance bar you go in !! and with all the waiters pushing you here and there to get down to there seats you would say what the heck !!

I suggest you make it into some bars which have rooms attached else you got to roam around with a girl !!

best not be on sundays or saturdays, you would get less attention with hiked prices , go on off days monday would be best :), you would get all the attention you being wanting for long !!

Just take a simple step 123 and you in, get some condoms, select the girl, take her room, and thats it, its really simple !! no ones upto you, all after your money !!

trust me you will find some babes, that you wished was your gf, some girls are real knock outs !! well, its now yours for a fee :)

have a good time !!!


Just thought would try something different, than the usual bar stuff, well, now i was thinking about the Times of india and mid day ads, its being too long since i made my entries there !! any idea how they doing now !!

I thought i would try space garden in andheri, heard its a safe and reasonable place to be !!


I think you got my PM.


Whats up !!, yeah i wish i could get a slice of your GF things, how about swapping with mine (yeah !! i would get a bunch of bar babes, give them a lesson or two on english, and kaboom here they are sofisticated high class *****ss !! well anyone up for it ) :) and how about ur russian babies !! are they still around, man !! don't know were to go anymore, its being enough of me already, wish i could screww a model :( for free :)

Uncle 35
07-06-05, 08:38
Thats Santa3 & LTL for the posts. Anyone aware of the pickup joints in Thane
region [after mulund]. How are they in comparision to Belapur/Panvel counterparts. Will post news when I try.


Rogerc 70
07-06-05, 21:23
Hi all,

I'm Roger a UK born Indain guy, coming to Mumbai this weekend for some work, and staying back a few days. Can anyone help me on trying to getting some really hot chicks for overnights at my Hotel (JW Marriot).



07-07-05, 14:32
Cute Mumbai Guy Virgin,

I recommend the best would be to go to a "Service Bar" which are presently found nearly everywhere in Mumbai. After Rs 100 for baksheesh "service i.e. handjob", Rs 100-150 (for chicken lollipop or juice) and 30-40 tip to waiters, and 100-140 for a beer, I think U have a good night out for less than 400 bucks. Howz that for a first sexual experience. Avoid the ladies in the sari and ask for a "jeans" girl whose hand is soft, made out by shaking the hand of the girl in a dark room. No need to go anywhere far like panvel, good safe way to break into mongering what say folks.

You have guessed it right LTL, I am a 21 year of virgin.

Thanks for the post santa3.

07-07-05, 16:30
Hi Folks,

my next business trip brings me to Mumbai and I will stay at The Leela Hotel near the airport. In one of the archives some action there had been reported, but I did not find it again.

Has anyone of you an idea about The Leela, official name The Leela Kempinski Hotel, or alternatively any outcall service available there. I do not like to waste to much time hanging around and search, thus your help is highly appreciated.

Take care folks,


Member #2618
07-08-05, 13:07

I am leaving for poona. Can any body provide me the details about female in Poona.

Tercar 66
07-09-05, 11:25
I have seen some hooker hanging around near West End Cinema. I one stayed in Lokesh guest house and the receptioned arranged some so called house wives for me. I don't know if it still exists now , but you can give it a shot.

07-13-05, 07:16

Bong BONG bong , bang BANG bang, Pal you right, bong's drived me crazy or rather took me off this bloody earth.

Went to SUN CITY yesterday, all new stuff's and stock's rather but hell now al panvel bars closes at sharp 1.30, some kinda new directive's from state.

yeah right ! i took new bengali cutie from heaven, sooo charming and mayavi or rather goddess, had a wonderfull time, still drunk :)..!!

pal just drop into mumbai, we need to talk ......


I guess you not finding soo easy to escape out of india, or rather you would be stuck by some witches doing the trick on you !! be careful pal, its not as simple as it looks !!!!!!!


Love The Ladies
07-16-05, 23:29
I"m here in India for a while. Well, Miss Korea may become Mrs. LTL
(oohh, you could take that in 2 ways as she is bi curious)

Miss Korea is coming to visit me in the next week. She was fun to be around. Who knows.

While getting back in India, I didn't tell the Indian girlfriend I was here. Instead I went and got some girls the first night. Had 1 of my old favorites inhouse, then I told the other to get ready and come to my place. She got so excited as we have some genuine chemistry together (call her DT for deep throat). She told her manager (800 full night). As she was getting ready I went to find one of my other loves. When I saw the manager he said she left 4 months ago. He gave me a false address so I wouldn't find her. Then I pull out 100 Rs. He gives me the number, when he can't get ahold of her, he calls his friend to come pick me up. His friend gets me and we visit her. (lets just call her F, for freaky) She is completely SHOCKED to see me. After a moment she warms up. I ask her how much and she says 2000. I would have paid it, but I got her down to 800.

I bring her back to her old place where she greets everyone, then goes back to the cab to wait for me. (this girl is very honest for the trade she is in, i didn't worry about her ditching me at all. the cab circled the block a few times as the cop was making sure no taxi's were standing around.

When DT saw F, she freaked. I guess the 2 didn't like each other, or that DT just wanted me for herself. For the next 20 minutes I had a power struggle between the two. Each vying for my attention. Once we get to my house, (which F gave complete directions to the taxi driver. (it freaked me out as she hasn't been there in 8 months and it has about 20 turns, this girl is really intelligent in some ways, cute and a great personality, plus she is completely bi-sexual)

We get inside my place and they strip me down immediately. Each of them kept fighting who got to suck me off. The loser got to kiss me. Each 3 minutes they would switch off. I finish with one of them doggie, as I"m pounding her hard, and the other is nicely grabbing my balls and massaging my back.

DT kept waking me up in the middle of the night to fuck me. I was tired, but how could i resist. She slid it in her without a condom. She knew better and I was a bit pissed. (it had been 8 months since i fucked a ***** without a condom) But it felt so nice i let it slide. Then i did the same to F, and I came inside her. F was a bit pissed because she always uses them since she doesn't want to have another baby. She went the cum out of her the best she could.

During our session, they were fingering each other. It was very steamy passionate and intiamate. The 2 became friends the next day.

2 days later I went and saw they guy who gave me F's contact info. I gave him the 100 bucks and tried to get a girl in his place. He wouldn't let me get a girl because he know's i like kinky girl girl stuff. Instead I went to see if my regualars were still around. Nope, they vanished. Yet my friend (who won't fuck me even for 1000) recommened some girls. I took the 2 in for a 3 some. It was pleasant. One of the girls was pretty good at what she did. They did a little girl girl fingering action. No mouth action.

I saw a hottie in there. For 150 bucks, I thought I would give her a try. The manager said not to. Yet I stripped her down only to find out how frigid she was. She wouldn't let me warm up her, so I put a condom on and stuck it in. OUCH, that hurts. She was so dry that it hurt her, and I couldn't go in all the way. I did her as hard as I could and quit halfway, put my clothes on and started to leave. In the meantime a cutie had finished and the manager said she was the delight of the house. How could i resist.

OMG she was soooo sweet. GREAT blow job, she sucked my balls perfectly and licked my ass with sticking her tounge inside. About 10 minutes into this, I call for the better girl in the previous 3 some. I get them together for a STEAMY time. I fufilled one of my remaining fantasies of one girl licking my ass and the other blowing me. It would was quite nice. Then I had the girl sucking me go ahead and do me doggy while my balls continued to get sucked on. (she put a condom on, though she didn't want it)

I was too worn out to come, so after doing them each a few minutes at a time, I decided to have them deeply finger each other so I could cum easy. I tipped the manager about 100 bucks for all the hot action and I tipped the girls 100 each per session. (except the prude girl, she got 20 bucks)

Then I called my Indian girlfriend and got some the next day. What a pig I am. As I read this, it seems like I'm all making it up. I'm going to have to bring loser there so he can have some of this hot hot stuff.

Guys, this is why I love India for mongering. I tried doing the same thing in America. It cost me 12000 Rs for 2 hours and the girls end up walking out halfway plus they don't do so much and take an attitude.

Loser, the Russians are long gone I guess. I simply don't like there attitude. But this Korean chick is amazingly sweet. She has the best personality of anyone I have ever met. Sorry no swapping here, she may be my future wife.

I still want to try out Santa's Wildcat. Maybee in a few months.
Talk to you guys later,

Love The Ladies
07-17-05, 19:38
Steve W.
After reading your posts, it sounds like you did quite well for yourself.
You payed more than I do, but its because I go there sooo much. I just found that knowledge then command for the prices I want gets the lower prices. For the same place behind the TAJ that you went to I would have told them 150, and I would have started to walk out of there. Don't even acknowledge them until you they say OK. Just keep walking.
This is assuming the place you went to was 150 Rs. It may have been closer to 250-300, but no more than that.

When you say shabby places, how shabby are you talking. No place in Mumbai is great. Yet there is the places where the sheets are cleaned between every session, then there is cockroaches on the floor and the sheets are washed daily, or there is rats on the floor and the sheets are washed weekly +.

I have my best experiences in the rat holes, but I demand a "cleaner" room with A/C. In my favorite places I get what I ask for.

You can always try Panvel. 8 months ago the price of the girls were 500. (i bet you can get it lower except I never asked) Plus 250 for room service, plus the cost of the room for the night.

You could also check out grant road. But DON"T pick up the street girls. A strong handed manager is BETTER than a 1000 Rs tip.


Steve W
07-17-05, 23:14
Thanks LTL.

The places behind the TAJ are Rs1100 for ST - and they definitely don't clean the sheets in beween. I have since found that opposite Mc Donalds on the Linking road (down the alley, up the stairs) is a similar establishment (Rs1500 for ST), same kind of standards.

I tend to find that the line ups aren't great at these places and guys like you are probably getting better quality for much less.

In an attempt to find a better source, I recently entertained a hawker on the main road in Juhu - only to find that the girl he fixed me up with (we went in an Auto) couldn't find any hotels that we could get into. Consequently, we parted along with my cash which was with the hawker - long gone! I'll put that one down to experience.

Panvel sounds the right kind of place, but the time and distance is off-putting. If any one can recommend a place in Mumbai (or suburbs) where you can get a decent massage and a HJ, I would settle for that.

Anyway LTL, let me know if you have any choice tips.



Love The Ladies
07-19-05, 04:47
Steve w,
I find juhu the only place in all of mumbai where i feel imtimidated. i simply blooy hate that place. In the pit of kamatiapura, I find it heavenly compared to the energy at Juhu. Last time I was there I was on the beach with friends and pulled a herion needle from the sand. Being white we get all the attention from the hawkers.

You could always go to a pick up bar and wait for the girl to come out. Its a bit of a mess and most bars discourage you from grabbing the girl. I here that you may be able to pay 1000 inside to get her for the night, but its harder for you and me because we don't speak the language. That might be a tough one for you. I wish I had time to take you around places, but I'm working alot plus I have my Korean girlfriend coming into town.

What I truly recommend is that you go to a ***** house, bang a few of the girls, then take home the one you like. You should pay about 1000, but start at 600. This will be until the next morning. Be a gentlement and MAKE SURE YOU TAKE HER BACK the next day where you got her.

What I like about this approach is that you get to see if you gel with the girl before commiting to her, plus you get to be in a clean environment of your hotel room. After you know she is the one you want to take back, be really sweet to her. Kiss her, hold her etc... Then tell her "full night" and "me you shopping." Also tell her, "ahh cha hey service,,,bada boxes"
Be sure to give her the boxes before you leave her the next morning if she performs well. About 400-500 is nice. A little less if you take her shopping. I ruined a couple of GREAT relationships in the beginning of my stay in India by not spending an extra few hundred. But that's only if you really like banging the girl.

For my favorite girls, I take them shopping about once over 3-4 outings. A few of them beg for a "long time" when i see them. Its great for the ego. I also find it fun to have a date, shopping, food and great sex.

As you guys can see I am real good to these girls. Only after a repoire do most girls get freaky. (except Julie,,,,my god I miss that girl still,,,she was the freak of my life)

Again, pay 150-300 short time, 600-1000 for the full night. Happy fucking!!!
PS DON"T use any pimps to get into these places. That's where all your money is going.

Love The Ladies
07-19-05, 04:48
Help this SteveW guy out and show him a real time in Mumbai.

07-19-05, 19:39

If interested can show you some places in south Mumbai itself. I can write the places here but dought if your skin can get you decent deal there. But it is clean place in south mumbai in grant road. Let me know yr saty details and see if we can meet up for some fun. But right now I am ot of Mumbai.

07-20-05, 07:07

What's with you and cover man, why just can't we live up with the reality that if you don't wear cover, you get nasty !! ...just wear a condom to fuck and do the talking, its simply not good for the whole deal, unless ofcourse you have some guru behind you, who could spell a mantra and take ur worries out !! :) till then stick like a normal human being man!!

Lot of stuff going on with you aaan !! cool !!, yeah i know we are ex-sun city folks, well, i would suggest giving a try to KAPAL at panvel, its like sin-city like no other two floors of hardcore drums and bangs !!

I'm sure you will love it with lots of english speaking girls around, you won't have a problem !! It seems you being full with stuff already !! just thought if you would change some time with the korean baby :)


panvel may be far, yet if you have two three days of tour, you could spend one full night in panvel to have a stress free time !!, no hooping and finding, things keep coming to you here !! no worries !!, the rate may be higher than the city but it would be with a girl that you would like to be with !!

Chico Charlie 1
07-20-05, 08:55

If interested can show you some places in south Mumbai itself. I can write the places here but dought if your skin can get you decent deal there. But it is clean place in south mumbai in grant road. Let me know yr saty details and see if we can meet up for some fun. But right now I am ot of Mumbai.Hi,

I shall be visiting Mumbai in the next 10 days. Can you provide me the details of South Mumbai.

Thanks in advance


07-21-05, 09:40
Lot of stuff going on with you aaan !! cool !!, yeah i know we are ex-sun city folks, well, i would suggest giving a try to KAPAL at panvel, its like sin-city like no other two floors of hardcore drums and bangs!Hey BL,

This KAPAL, its a DanceBar, the girls dont come out, and the only thing you can do is keep slipping Rs.10 notes to them, and drink beer while watching them dance for you. This was the scenario there last year. Now has this changed into a Disco place, like the Gopika, where you can pick and take the girls outside?

07-22-05, 14:36
Could anyone provide the names and location of some "service bars" mentioned below, particularly in South Bombay. I make brief business trips, and always have to stay in the Colaba area. This sounds a great outlet for a timid mongerer, at least whilst I am in India.

Cute Mumbai Guy Virgin,

I recommend the best would be to go to a "Service Bar" which are presently found nearly everywhere in Mumbai. After Rs 100 for baksheesh "service i.e. handjob", Rs 100-150 (for chicken lollipop or juice) and 30-40 tip to waiters, and 100-140 for a beer, I think U have a good night out for less than 400 bucks. Howz that for a first sexual experience. Avoid the ladies in the sari and ask for a "jeans" girl whose hand is soft, made out by shaking the hand of the girl in a dark room. No need to go anywhere far like panvel, good safe way to break into mongering what say folks.

You have guessed it right LTL, I am a 21 year of virgin.

Thanks for the post santa3.

07-23-05, 01:36
Princi, Kapal is a proper pickup bar. It has been for at least a year now. Anyway the bill has been passed. Enjoy the last few sparks ASAP folks. regards

07-23-05, 07:07

yes !! The bill was passed yesterday and i guess we have few more days of fun with yet another round of legal battle, it would be i guess months before the dance bar open again.

any idea were these girls gonna go for , i know they become hookers, but some specific places, as some hotties i have in mind, which have refused there rates to come down will have to now :)


pal, anyway checked out yesterday, kapal was closed, some kinda renovation for a month, as santa said its a normal pick up bar !! its hardly matters now :(

San Jay 23
07-23-05, 12:26
Can somebody give me a list of service bars and massage parlor in and around andheri(E), powai, ghatkopar,bhandup, kanjurmarg. I will be visiting Mumbai next week and will stay in Andheri(E).

Zee Dude
07-23-05, 15:29
Picked up several times from Kapal w/no issues.


07-24-05, 13:26
Looking for recommendations of some classy babes. High end, cost no bar.

Please provide!

HK Guy
07-26-05, 06:50
most bar girls who charge Rs.700-1200 per hour of sex, would now charge half of that. Out of estimated 50,000 atleast 30,000 would flood direct to customer market via incall places and thru brokers.

Pickup any issue of MID-DAY and check ENTERTAINMENT column in CLASSFIED page. You will find many ads for company/dance/picnic/party with broadminded people. Call up one of them. And you will in months get list of all this ex bar girls.

They may get less but their cost also goes down now as they don't have to pay money to bar owner, don't have to buy Rs.10,000 to Rs.50,000 costumes to wear in bar etc.

To rehabilate them, government should have tought them how to use computer, internet and post their business on ************* and approach customers directly.

07-31-05, 20:27

Please post if someone had any experiences with this one.



07-31-05, 20:58
Mumbai sinking, may we hope it comes back as good as before !! I really thought of a good time on tuesday with a hot babe, was stuck like hell, for 16 hours and had to take a marathon of 22 Km all the from VT !!

Well, I'm alive just yet, could not imagine the hell still some areas are going through, and i checked folks, some dance bars in panvel vashi chembur belapur are open if you brave enough to venture out :) before these anti-monger's put a permanent break on these bars !!

08-01-05, 09:00
Thanx to BL5, Santa3, and Zee Dude to have answered my doubt.

Really saddening to hear the bars are now closing down. Any idea if they will be open till around October? My friends and I were planning to come down to mumbai and stay put at panvel for 4 days, to enjoy the bars. Now it seems we might have to take a different destination.

08-04-05, 09:51
Was in Mumbai in transit during the heavy rainfall almost end July and visited a dance bar very close to Hotel Tunga International in Andheria/Chakala area. It was around 1.00 A.M and the dance floor was shared by around 25 girls and 05 Men. All were dancing to Hindi Film songs and the girls were trying to grab the Men. Some were stunning cuties in Jeans & T-shirts within 20 yrs of age and the rest sligtly on the senior side in Ghagra Cholis & Sarees. There were a couple of girls from eastern India displaying their clevage as well. Although I had no intention of picking one (as I had to leave to the Airport very soon) just asked a young one in Jeans about her rate and She quoted Rs 1,500/ short time.

Forgot the name of the joint but It was a memorable place.

08-05-05, 07:55
If I have guessed correctly, you are talking about White House, the pick up bar. It is good, and those hwo quote 1500 can be had for 1000. The only issue being, the local DCP is angry with them and raids them every now and then especially after 1.30 deadline. The cutomers are harrassed, while the girls escape by a secret door.

Go there but follow time limits!


Shaukeen Bhai

08-05-05, 08:12
That place is Whitehouse. Ok Place. But no rooms. You have to take the female outside the premises.

Chico Charlie 1
08-05-05, 11:50
Hey can you give me the complete website clue? Instead of the ****.

Thanks a lot.



Please post if someone had any experiences with this one.



Chico Charlie 1
08-05-05, 11:54
Hi fellows,

I am supposed to go to a place called JAMNAGAR in Gujarat. There is a flight from Mumbai. Have anyone heard of this place.

Is anyone aware of any nightlife there. I have to stay for 3 nights. Can anybody help to find some girls in this town.

Kindly provide some information

Thanks in advance


08-06-05, 06:46

Jamnager aeeeynn, well i guess simpsons springfield would have more adventures than jamnager, pal that place is no were on the map of monger's, its just an industrial unit for relience industries.

I'm afraid, out of bombay, you would not have any sex at all, the whole place out of bombay sucks, atleast here with few calls you can get a deal, but outta here, you are lucky if you could even make an eye contact.

ofcourse, if you have pre-arranged contacts that would, but if you planning a road trip with sex, forget it !!

Wild Dolphin
08-06-05, 07:53
Tried another one yesterday near vt from the mid-day ads. Decent looking girl "apparently married" clean place but no ac. Stripped and got a powder massage done. So-so massage, and she did some natak before allowing me to feel around and ended with a pretty decent "hand"shake. Really felt that this was not my scene and would appreciate if someone could recommend some "full service" places in South Mumbai.

08-07-05, 21:13
Yeahh !!! All bars in mumbai are open, and with recent flooding, the priority of the state goverment has changed completly, they are now foccused more on drainage than on bars :)

Thats gods send in one way, I guess with soo much pressure, the dance bar ban issue will be at the bottom for another six months !!

folks.. and till last week, i have seen lot of new cute faces mostly from north india in many dance bars, guess freash stocks have arrived.

Wild Dolphin,

Sad that with soo much information you got second hand deal, pal if you cannot venture out of south mumbai, than the best kept secret from the so called english speaking masses is THE KAMATHIPURA, so much is wriiten and seen in the media that no educated guy dare go to that palce.

Sadly, we all have being misled by the media, if you go and venture once to kamathipura, you know what i'm talking about, pussy 24/7 365 days, you get from 18 to 50 years old of all shapes and sizes, the lanes may be dirty, but once you go in to the house, its as clean as any other hotel in the city.

Folks !! I'm in mumbai from past 15 years and not once ventured, but when i did, its not that you thnk it is, its a mecca for quality pussies !! ok I assure you that cheap, secure, clean quality pussy !!.

I feel we being brain washed in this one, kamathipura grant road they all fine just like any massage parlour or dance bar !!

Just go and big -bang :)

Friend for You
08-08-05, 14:44
Hi to all forum members,

I am a old member but never posted before so I must say sorry to jack, JSF and all the forum members, but now I have got some extra time to post here so next time I will do my best to provide real and helpfull information to all members, so please give me littil more time and I will get back very soon to forum.

Thanks to every member for providing such a valuable info to the forum.

Chico Charlie 1
08-10-05, 11:04
Hi fellows,

One of my friends is coming from Delhi to stay with us for a week in the month of september.

Can someone guide me if there are any places where incall is available for ST. Clean hygenic and safe place is a priority. Area can be from South Mumbai till Juhu.

Thanks and regards


Love The Ladies
08-10-05, 16:51
This is one of the few times I disagree with you.
Kamatiapura is the WORST place in the world to get good booty with any consistency. At least from the girls on the streets.

As Santa and I agree upon, at places such you need a strong manager.
with out one, the girls will try to work you.
Also, strong managers are like talent scouts...
At my favorite place, they pull the best service girls from the local area. They can pull the girls because the girls make more money from higher volume. Also, they have more pimps on the street which fetch higher fees for the girls as a regular will be 150, yet an outsider will pay 400, or which the pimp will get 300 and the house and the girl spilts the 300

Kamatiapura is mostly independents without a manger,
Yet Kamatiapura's "suburbs" has the high quality you are talking about.

Also, why doesn't anyone post any pics.
I brought my camera and the girls went wild with excitement.
I had a few 3 somes the other day, and 2 of the girls were the photographer.
They absolutely LOVED it.
I won't post them being a foreigner I'm easy to spot out at these places.
But you guys could easily get away with it.
Does anyone want to start the show?

HK Guy
08-11-05, 06:42

Pictures is good suggestion I have posted 2 and now will make it a point to do it regularly. You can also (try) post pictures without you in it.

By the time this message is posted, you may see pictures in picture section

HK Guy

08-11-05, 08:00
Chico Charlie, Most incalls that i knew of are no longer operative. Too much of exposure and therefore raids. Better to take the female to your hotel room. You could however try out the massage parlours. They might let you be for an hour in which you should be able to score. But I doubt whether you will be able to get clean, hygenic and safe.
LTL, Kamatipura is the pits. But then you do get the odd jewel there. Very strong attitude is the only way that someone gets value for money. Better option is Congress House.

Chico Charlie 1
08-11-05, 14:24

Thanks for the info. Still I need an incall place as the friend is going to stay at our house.

Can anyone give some leads

Thanks and regards


08-12-05, 02:17

This was about Reema Sen. I don't know who she is. All I know is she is some kind of a actress in Bollywood (Not sure if she is an actress or not either). I was browsing through the escorts scene in London and I came across the post for a escort. She is availabe in London for 500 pounds for two hours. I was not sure if this was true. So, I sent an email to the escort agency in London and they offered her to me for 500 pounds for two hours. That's when I raised the question in the Mumbai forum to find out if this is possible. For the **** you guys can type in **********



Chico Charlie 1
08-12-05, 06:35

Can you fill in the asterix with the name and send it to me as a private message.

Thanks a lot.


Ragha Vocp
08-12-05, 09:42
Hi dude,

Yes Reema Sen is an actress where she has done a few movies in Bollywood and she has done more movies in South Indian Languages. She looks good and you can go ahead and try her.


Desi Bloke
08-12-05, 14:42
Hey Guys,

First time post here. I am headed to Mumbai and Goa on 23rd August. Can any one recommend a girl friendly Hotel in Mumbai suburbs? Anyone know of any action in Goa?

Thanks a bunch!

08-12-05, 22:33
I am not paying 500 pounds for any ho. I don't think she is worth it. I just wanted to find out if this was possible. I think the escort agency in London pretty much answered my question. That raises a very good discussion. Are all the Bollywood actresses availabe for a price? Does any one has any info and solid proof like the one I provided for Reema Sen.


08-13-05, 11:24

Kamathipura has diverse action like no other place in mumbai, from 50 bucks to 5000 its all here, you need to get a good tipster in the street to get your action going.

Just chat with him for a while as if you know the place well, and suggest for any new place that has opened up and tell him if he takes you to quality place you will tip him. just see how the action goes, after all at the end, it will depend upon your selection.

And for the attitude problem, HAHAHA, if the regular working girls in mumbai has soo a big F***k**G ego cum, i don't know were i'm or what i do problem or for better you compare indian women if you can call them women to ameican women, then it would be fair enough.....they ain't women at all here, so if a ***** shows some attitude , at least i can call in her face YOU ***** !!

Pal, i lost my mobile couple of weeks back, i was at nightangle belapur and dead drunk, i don't know, its just disappeared, i know those bit**ches around there stole it, now when i try to call , it says mobile is switched off or it keeps ringing.

Remember guys. INDIAN ARE "TAKERS" NOT "GIVERS" :(


The reema sen look alike are plenty in mumbai, and they make regular trip to dubai and london, a news channel had run a story on how these girls go up making there faces with plastic surgery to look like bollywood stars !!

If you wanna test it, just run a search on google about reema sen biography, like date of birth, education, first flim etc, and ask these look alike you will know who these girls are !!

The news channel in there report, had caught these look alike's red handed in front of camera.

500 Pounds *80 = 40000 RS. return trip from london around 30k :) she is star and acted in may be atleast 20 films(both south and bollywood)..and not less than any were around 10 lakh she gets, now its simple 20 *10= 2 crore/80 = 250000 pounds, even if she gets 5 lakh per film...whats makes her go for 40000 rs..she could wait for one year to get one movie signed but the thing is she has already got 5 films signed :) just go to google and find out :)

08-13-05, 12:33
Guys, I was drinking yesterday with my cop friends and it seems that tommorrow is really the end of Dance bars. So sure were they, that they actually dragged me along with them to have drinks on the house. Only criteria was that not sit for more 20 mins in one bar. We actually went bar hopping from Bandra to Andheri. Later when i asked why not more than 20 mins ? Pat came the reply " that's the time it takes for the senior officer to reach, just in case someone complaints" LOL

08-13-05, 17:47
Born Loser 5,

You are dead right. I agree with you. I don't know who that ho is. That's why I asked. Even if that girl is Reema sen, I am not paying 500 for her. I can go to Brazil or Argentina and get some really nice girls. Any way, I guess I just wanted to find out. What you said makes perfect sense. Why would a girl who is making shit load of money would do something like this?

Well any way, I just wanted to ask.


08-14-05, 20:40
Yeah !! boys, its the last day of our great adventure called dance bar mongering...ha its being greatt trully .....

Wait a minute, wow !! I forgot its INDIA dude, just thought of it, If the countries machinary was so perfect that they dead sure they would do it, we wouldn't be here first of all discussing this !!

Guys just relax, in hindi they say "chal hata sawan ki gata", its just a break, probably the DCM, got pissed don't know what the matter is, but do you think it will stand on the court and that too we talking about the great india legal system, which has a average of a decade to solve a case !!.

The dance bar guys will get a stay order from court in a week or so, and as usual the saga goes on, the bars will open again, and the cops and the politician will as usual go around blah blah blah !! and harass these people and mongers alike....

We have seen these two often, that i just don't feel like typing anymore.....

Its a cronically corrupt nation, just think were the f**ck, the 1000 crore around 250 million dollars thats PM gave for flood relief , has anyone seen even one percent change in the city it is as usual BIG BULL SHITTTT..and we talk about these same guys going to make mumbai heaven on earth...with there moral sociailistic crap regualtions and decency, hahahaah ...

Folks, just chill out, nothing will ever never change in here :)....just wait and watch...utmost a month the bars will be as usual shining again...:)

08-16-05, 07:58
BL5, I too agree with ya. But am a bit skeptical this time. Because once you truly shut it is always difficult to re-open. If they had brought a stay and continued till the decision by the court then there would have been chances of this dying a natural death. Keeping fingers crossed. lets hope that by September end they open. Else GOD knows what.

HK Guy
08-17-05, 07:15
Ban is going to stay for 1 year atleast like Gutka ban was (tobacco product) 2 year back.

Here reason is Bar association guy mr Sethi on camera told that R R Patil minister had asked for 12 crore bribe, and no politician worth his name is going to then touch money.

We knew that bar owners are done for good when we saw Mr Sethis comment on tv.

Most of this girls will work at inCall places.

Chico Charlie 1
08-17-05, 15:27
Hi HK,

Can you give some references for inCall places? I have a friend coming from Delhi at the end of the month and need some ideas.



08-17-05, 19:49

Wow, We did not expect it to be soo quick, most of the bars in chembur(sheetal), belapur and panvel are still open :) can you believe it !!

I got the info from sheetal bar in chembur !!

From the security guy to the waiter from girls, they all seem to be normal, they know some ban is in place, but the music is as loud as before, except that few guys and many girls, most of the girls from south bombay bars are now here !!

Boy !! i tell yaa !! if you got balls to face the crack down and fire in your belly opps nay dick, and some adventures spirit to explore , this is THE TIME folks, just go out, the ratio is 10 to 1 and all knock out for a bargain.

As i write this i had a whirlwind tour of most the bars in chembur, CAMP, that are opened , i was too scared to stay for close to 15 minutes in one bar, just to check it out whats going on, the guys over there says they have licence to operate and they haven't got any notice yet !! sound strange !!

As i check in bars, my confidence is growing, it all seems as usual, probably my dick shit english-indian confucious mind set is the true cause for all panic !!

Trust me guys, the girls, the management are as normal as they can be, its the patron's who are scared, may be we read too much crap, well after all its nothing i guess for them, hell, there livelihood is at stake ...

Well, to my share, i took two play boy indian bunnies :) from sheetal bar in chembur, took them to bahri lodge near by, both for 1300 plus tips 50, i mean they were really up there.

Its everything YES now, you be the king, they serve you to the neck ;)

Folks just check it out the bar scene near your place and keep every one updated.


Could you give an update on panvel, hows the scene there, the news is that all shetty bars are open, is it true !!

HK Guy
08-18-05, 07:12

Mathradas Estate 1st floor, 2nd street from Regal towards Colaba.

Cost Rs.2000 or less. You may see some nice girls there.

Hi HK,

Can you give some references for inCall places? I have a friend coming from Delhi at the end of the month and need some ideas.



08-19-05, 10:24

Anyone got info where to pick up some chick in Juhu area. Also hows the Russian escort scene in Mumbai?

Would be nice to read a detailed report if you guys got one. How much do they cost, how to get one and the service quality.

Cool Sinbad
08-19-05, 14:20
Hi Everyone,

It's been a long long time I posted anything so I thought I would write something of interest - NEWS.

It seems the stretch around and just before Juhu Chowpatty is off and running again with girls available in auto rickshaws. Saw them myself passing by yesterday at around 11pm. The authroities had stopped this for about 2 years now, but with the ban I guess the right amount of greasing and convincing has convinced them to allow it again.


Cool Sinbad

Bombay Guy
08-30-05, 17:25
Midday reported today that Sheesh Mahal at Khar was raided and customers and girls arrested.

08-31-05, 06:37
Can anyone help me how to arrange these beautiful dance girls in Bombay. I am in Bombay in September and have always wondered how these girls can be arranged. While watching them, I am clueless how to go about it. Please someone help me.

08-31-05, 06:46
Midday reported today that Sheesh Mahal at Khar was raided and customers and girls arrested.Can anybody advice me how to pick up these beautiful bar girls. I know they are all available, but whom to contact to pick them up.

09-01-05, 07:00
There is nothing known as a place or a telephone number to pick these girls. You need to be a regular on the bar scene to know somethings. Like a manager through whom you can get intouch with some girls. Or you personally have telephone numbers of these girls. (I used to do that some time back. At any given time i would have at least about 20 odd numbers.) And are in regular contact with them, then and then only can you bed them. As a non regular you cannot just throw money and bed them (there are always exceptions to the rule). Alternativley me thinks that there should be some spill over into Congress House.

09-03-05, 18:34
Could someone please let me know if the ban on the dance bars applies only to dance bars or, are these being applied to the service bars also. Also, please let me know of some good service bars in Andheri / Juhu area please.

HK Guy
09-04-05, 06:55

Just made a visit to Charni Road/Congress House, Kennedy bridge area.

First from Opera house to kennedy bridge, take left turn before bridge in to alley, enter 3rd bldg, (enter in lobby, with rooms on righ side, after 2 room stair case and then one more room and then wall touching raiway track).

Moment you try to enter, all pimps try to touch you (most disgusting thing unless you are gay).

I visited 2nd floor first as LTL report suggested some nice girls there, didn't see any, none on first or ground floor. Prices ranged around Rs.150 but not good enough girls.

Then i cam back on road and crossed the road to bldg (4 story) which is also before kennedy bridge start, LTL earlier reports had mentioned ladies on 3rd/4th floor, but here on entrance goons type guys standing, moment I try to enter bldg, all three of them rush in before me, (may be to stack claim on brokerage) but I just didn't enter bldg, (3 guys can just cause hassels not worth). I guess they must be scaring away more people and helping girls loose clients.

Then visited famous congress house mujra girls. inside compound, 3 bldgs, chawls. It was 6pm. Most girls in their night dress and 80% of them talking on their mobiles. Many were good looking. They didn't look like ***** we generally expect. And it turns out, most of them aren't, when asked, most of them say figures like Rs.3000 or Rs.5000 for hour. I think thats just to turn you away.

One girl, model type, was in tight sleeveless sports bra type t'shirt and skin hugging pant of same material, looked like 9 or 10 model type with looks which will go well more at breach candy stores or oberoi then congress house. She said they dance and only that.

Also if you take girls from this place (if you manage to get them at reasonable price), i didn't see any good place to do action with them in their rooms.

HK Guy

09-04-05, 13:34
George if you come across any service bar in than area, so share.

I'll be in Mumbai next week as well and countin on my luck to find some hot babes. Colaba i knew used to have this nice pick up place valled Voodoo but last time i was there it looked more of a gay joint kinda place.

Andheri, I was stayin at Tulip Star. Juhu last time and got finished with my work late. Didn't have time to travel to colaba so a auto guy took me to some supposedly "service/disco bar". Nice booty to choose from but surprisingly they would'nt go out before 12.00 at night. I mean it was not really a gagra-choli kinda dance bar but I wonder what the girls really had in mind. Probebly bcoz some people there were just buying them drinks or something. Anyways was a waste of time and I don't exactly remember that route or the name of that place anyways.

If anyone knows a place/service bar where u can find some good stuff to bring back to your hotel do share. What's the scene like for pickin up babes from the top notch disc's in Mumbai.