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Ace Gallant
12-19-07, 14:48
The name credit goes to Johnnykon of Zhu Hai!

This thread as suggested is created to accommodate those members who loves to post reports against the rules of the forum. Flaming posts, post that are verified to have false information will be moved here.

It will be up to the reader to chose to believe or not believe the information in these posts.

In some sense, posts been moved here serves as a great entertainment.


Ace Gallant
12-22-07, 11:22
Great idea.
That way OneWingLow can have his own private playground as well ;-)

Hi Logo,

Just like to add:

This thread is not created to target on anyone in particular. However the ideal is that any guys found guilty of posting flaming reports or false information in my forum will be move here for entertainment purpose. In other words, these members try to make a clown out of another member/s, we will follow his example by making him the clown leader.

I must state it clear, it is not like the former "fight club" thread. Everyone and anyone have the rights to voice their opinion, but if the majority thinks that his opinions are BS, it will become a laughing stock and thus these opinions belong here.


Ace Gallant
04-05-08, 01:48
Congratulations! Sugarcandymtn, you are the first one to make it to Wankerville!

I just joined this site and am not exactly sure what I'm getting into here.



The AG's forum is created with intention to filter out all the non-informational posts. The purpose of ISG is for discussions and information for men looking for women for the purpose of sex. This post was edited to remove all text that contains information for the purpose of solicitation and to remove personal contact information of members Example: Emails addresses and Cell#. If any member wish to communicate with other members on personal details, please use the Private Mail of ISG. PM system is available to non-senior members if they subscribe to the ISG. For details on please click this link:


Ace Gallant
07-25-08, 09:19
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i live in shanghai, and am wondering if u could tell me
who is the hottest girl(s) who will swallow? thx!

Yes, I know of such girls, but sorry I cannot share with members who never post to share information with anyone. Also this is for security reasons because, how would I know you are not an LE?


Ace Gallant
07-26-08, 16:22

i understand. however this seems like somewhat of an arbitrary distinction. what i mean is, couldnt i easily post a fake sauna report (or two)? does that mean u would then be willing to recommended such girls to me?

u know what i mean?If you post fake sauna report; I will know. Because we would verify the information on my forum. If you post on the main board I don't care because the main board are full of fake information and bullshit anyways. Jackson cannot verify those information as he does not live in Shanghai or China, if I or the Shanghai gang challenge those members whom had posted fake information, a flaming war will break out.

I don't want to be mean to newbies here, in which I had been known to respond and helped out newbies often enough, (Unlike those guys in South China where you would get a RTFF respond or be called names likel BSDs, etc), but my forum is about information sharing, so it better if you have something real to share otherwise, it would be very difficult for others to share with you right?

Besides again; we need to protect the places and the ladies we had fun with in order not to have them rounded up by the authorities. So how would we know you are not the LE?

Get it?