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Ace Gallant
12-24-07, 02:37
This thread is somewhat similar to the “Reports of Distinction”, however the only problem with the ROD is that members will post links to the single reports that might be many pages back. The ideal here is to move those really good informative reports here and thus it will not get buried in tons of other links or post.


One Wing Low
12-24-07, 02:47
Szphoenix did us a great favor by spilling the truths, however humbling or ugly. This girl seemed to get pissed off at him. She wanted to extract the money and exact revenge...

Szphoenix: 7 A hairy incident in Sha Tsui that I almost did not lived to tell


Yes. It was that bad. The outcome could have been very different and you would be reading my story from a newspaper. I am a seasoned monger. I used to post under a different handle.

The past Wednesday I found myself back at my usual hunting ground Sha Tsui. Even though Sha Tsui is only a shadow of it's formal self, I still prefer it over Seibu due to it being 30 rmb taxi fare closer to where I live, the girls somewhat less rush and the mamasan definitly less pushy. For the last couple of weeks the LE has been rounding up the girls so there were no more than 20 girls around that night. After a couple of pass I was about to give up when I saw a very pretty girl sitting by the door of a message parlor. The message parlor is next to a dental office, which itself was used to be a message parlor. From past experience the pricing structure at those message parlors is usually $90 for the room (which can be negotiated down to $70), and $150 for the girl. Some girls will asked for $200 if the price was not negotiated before hand. Sometimes I prefer the message girl over the BBS girl because the room is much cleaner and in general I get 1 to 1. 5 hours instead of 20 to 45 mins.

It was the first time I was at that particular sauna. A lineup was formed and the girl at the door was picked. In retrospect I should not have chosen her because she was hiding at the back instead of the others who were actively presenting their wares. But I am a sucker for beauty. I was then taken to a nearby upperstair message parlor that was also used by several other MPs. That MP has a residential entrance and is more hidden away from the LE. I had been there many times so there was no alarm. The papasan asked for the $70+$200 upfront but I insisted to pay afterwards as usual. I was trying to be nice to the girl by mentioning that the $70 was for the house and the $200 for the girl. The papasan left somewhat annoyed.

Off went her clothes and I was pleasantly surprised by a pair of 32D on a petite body. But that was the end of good things to come for that evening. She would not shower, do a BJ or kiss me anywhere. She was intended to finish in 20 minutes. One thing I hate the most is being rushed. So I offered to pay her $400 total if she stayed for the full 1. 5 hours (and stop rushing me). She said she would stay only for an hour for the original $270. It went back and forth, and nothing was settled. 35 minutes into the session I had enough of her. Even though I had not finished, I told her I was leaving and would only pay her $270. She demanded $400 and threathened to call her papasan. I retreated quickly into the bathroom with my belongings. Damn the hot water wasn't working so I just put my clothes back on. When I got out of the bathroom she was talking to someone on the phone. I left $270 on the bed but she angrily held on to my clothes and wouldn't let me go. A few insulting words were exchanged. I never use force on a woman but nobody would have blamed me if I unpried her fingers from my clothes. I was glad I didn't because' the thugs that were about to show up would have greatly disagreed.

10 minutes passed and I was only able to make out of the room into the corridor. I was talking loudly so that other people in the passage parlor can hear me. In came the papasan (I believe, I am not good at faces) and 2 thugs. They asked me to go back to the room to discuss (NEVER EVER DO THAT! ) The difference between triads and thugs is the triads can hunt you down, torture you in ways unimaginable and make you disappear without a trace, but they do it for a good reason. The thugs are uncontrollable and unpredictable. If I were in Mongkok I am sure the girl would be admonished but these three guys came with only one mission. To extract the money from me. They would not listen to reason and the situation escalated into violence within one minute. The thug on my left hammer my head with his fist. He did so by jumping up so that he could apply the full weight of his body in his strike. The thug on the right slapped me hard. He then snapped a bamboo broom and pointed the rugged edge towards me. The papasan threatened to leave me with his two buddies. The situation was turning downhill really fast.

I was surprising unrattled and composed. I shouldn't but that probably saved me. Principle and dignity weren't important anymore. I calmly paid the $130. The girl told them I had more money on me (did I mention that she was evil? ! ) but the thugs did nothing more. If I had been any more defiance the outcome would have been very difference, and if I showed any weakness they would have emptied the 10k on me (and possibly did more to silence me). They quickly left. Nobody came to my resue except at the very end when an old cleaning lady showed up and scorned them.

Okay guys. I know I did a million things wrong but no lectures here. Play safe.


I thought message parlor should be saver than BBS. I was wrong. In the future I will avoid girls with papasan and will not let the girls use the cellphone to ask for help. Also a couple of benjamin is not worth dying for.
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Ace Gallant
12-27-07, 15:32
Great Information on Mongering in Shanghai. Although this report is old, a lot of it are still valid.


A Monger's Guide to Shanghai! Newbies, please read!

Hi all,

Rather than continuing the newbie bash, I decided to write the following. In the future, rather than say RTFF (Read The Forum First), you can say Read message number 4772!

Enjoy, and comments welcome.

A Shanghai Overview for the Visiting Monger

Welcome to Shanghai! While not the cheapest city on the planet to monger, Shanghai boasts a modern, upscale nightlife with women galore. The city is safe at all hours, and with a little luck you will find just what you are looking for in no time. You will find all kinds of women here, from every part of China, Vietnam, the Philipines, and Russia to name a few countries. Many, many women come here for sex, either for money or to become a businessman's mistress. In addition to the plethora of professional working girls, you will find many willing freebies looking for a relationship, and "semi-pros", or regular office working girls looking to supplement their incomes in the evening.

The City, Districts, and Culture

Before heading out for your first conquest, there are some things you should know about the city. Shanghai sprawls across both sides of the Huangpu (literally Yellow beach or sulphur beach) River. There are two major parts of the city: Pudong, or literally "Beach East", and Puxi, or "Beach West", better thought of as "East of the river" or "West of the river". Where do you think you'll have the best luck finding puxi, um pussy? :-) That's right. If your business or vacation lands you in a hotel in Pudong, you'll probably want to hop a cab for the nightlife in Puxi. However, there are mongering opportunities in Pudong, and I'll include links later for that.

Shanghai is divided into districts. Those districts may be identified on your tourist map, or they may not. Popular districts in Puxi for nightlife include Jing An, which hosts a number of popular bars and nightclubs, Lu Wan, where you'll find XinTiandi and its clubs and restaurants, and Hong Qiao, home of a couple of popular saunas and the BBS Village. These districts are large, however. Don't expect to ask a cabbie to drop you at Hong Qiao and then walk to the sauna!

The international airport is in Pudong, and the taxi ride from there to hotels in Puxi can take up to an hour. Many western technology businesses are located in Pudong, so if you are travelling on business there is a good chance you'll end up there. Not to worry, taxis in Shanghai are cheap and pretty reliable. However, getting a taxi at your hotel during the afternoon rush hour, or if it is raining, can be challenging. One way to get where you are going quickly is the subway. It is clean, fast, cheap, and safe. [Note: there are sometimes gangs of pickpockets in the subway system. Watch your wallet and valuables.]

People in Shanghai are generally friendly. However, most folks you encounter on the street will not interact with you in English. If you know Mandarin, great. But for those without Mandarin skills, your best bet is to check into a hotel catering to westerners, and ask your concierge for help in arranging transportation, reservations, etc. For example, if you would like a taxi to take you to a particular sauna, get the address and phone number from this forum, present that information to the concierge, and ask them to write down the address in Chinese for the taxi driver. They will happily do so with no judgement of your desire to go to such a place, so no need to feel embarrassed. Be sure to grab a hotel card for the return trip. Your taxi driver will not understand the western name of your hotel.

In Shanghai, the rule for mongers and sex workers is negotiation. You might think, as a westerner, that the amount you are negotiating over is small. After all, if the difference between your price and hers is 100RMB, that's only $12USD. But keep this in mind: in China, if you give in at too high a price, you aren't considered "noble" or "a gentleman." The Chinese girl will think one thing, and one thing only: you are a sucker. And if you are in a BBS (a quicky sex "Barbershop"), she will loudly proclaim such to her coworkers across the partition. So it pays to negotiate, negotiate hard, and be willing to walk away, even if she's pretty.

Prostitution is illegal in China, but you wouldn't know by wandering the streets of Shanghai. China is not tainted by the Judeo-Christian/Catholic-guilt influence. Prostitution is an irritant akin to smoking cigarettes in China. Not everyone likes it, but it is everywhere, and it is generally expected that if you are a businessman in China, companionship just comes with the bargain. No one considers suppressing the prostitution in Shanghai, unless an event happens that brings international press coverage to the city. Then you might experience a police sweep, but a week or so later, things will be back to the way they were.

Generally speaking, the average Chinese citizen will look the other way when they see you with a working girl, and no judgements or reprisals will be forthcoming. The rules for bringing a working girl into your hotel will vary by the individual establishment, however. It is worth checking the forum, or asking a fellow monger, if you have questions about your particular hotel. Most are "girl friendly".

The sex

Ok, enough already of the civics lesson! What about the sex?

Price notwithstanding, Shanghai is the city of sex. Once immersed in this city, you'll discover sex everywhere.

The Shanghai forum on the ISG is full of stories of new sex outlets within this ever changing city. Yet it seems that every month, sometimes every week, something new and creative appears. Like many new participants in the forum, you might be tempted to just ask for recommendations, either for specific women or establishments. In many cases, don't bother. Things change so quickly in Shanghai that your best bet is to pick up some general suggestions based on recent posts, explore these recommendations, find some new ones of your own, and post your experiences. The individual women come and go, BBs shops come and go, saunas come and go, but the themes remain the same.

Sex is either provided as a part of a business service, or it is provided by an independent working girl. Businesses that may offer sex in some form include KTVs (Karaoke bars), saunas and hotel health spas, massage parlors, foot massage parlors, and "Barber Shops". Except for the Barber Shops, sex is just one part, and an optional part, of the offering. Not all establishments provide sex, and of those that do, not all provide full service sex.

When a business service includes sex, the price you are charged for the service is "all in". You should not expect to pay a hidden fee to the girl, or to tip, when the service is complete. All charges are communicated up front. (The BBS can be an exception if you fail to negotiate properly. See the BBS section below).

There are no strip clubs in Shanghai. Not to worry, if you want to see a girl take her clothes off, either find one one on the street and bring her to your room, or head for a KTV! Not all KTVs include stripping girls, but some do, and I'll recommend one.

Independent providers

Finding independent providers is as simple as leaving your hotel room and heading for a nightclub, bar, or coffeeshop. There is no need to arrive in Shanghai with a list of pre-selected recommendations from forum members. The girls are truly plentiful. Nor do you need to have a world-class ego, capable of attracting women from across the room. In China, before you finish your first beer, the girls will come to you. It is nearly as simple as this: if a girl makes eye contact with you for more than 2 seconds, she wants you to take her home with you. Just approach her and say hi, she'll be all over you. In fact, you will probably be approached by girls you don't want to take home. Your problem will be one of getting rid of the ones you don't want, rather than attracting the one you do want.

With independents, you typically will negotiate for "short time" or "long time" service. Short time means one or two hours, and one or possibly more shots. Your mileage may vary with individual girl performance. Long time means overnight, or until you kick her out. Many girls will negotiate a long time rate, but then find an excuse to leave early. This is a little scam. If you don't want them to leave early, don't give them the full rate you negotiated. In any case, don't ever give them the money before they have completed their service. This means, don't pay up front, and for a long term, pay them just before they leave in the morning. However, if you negotiated a long term rate, but then you decide you want them to leave early through no fault of theirs, generally you should pay what your originally agreed.

Cleanliness is a big thing in China. When an independent comes to your room, she will expect to shower before and probably after. You should prepare for and expect her to shower. She will usually take her time. She may also use your toothbrush or toothpaste or both. If a hotel toothbrush is available, she'll use that. Keep your valuables locked up. These girls generally are not thieves, but why take the chance?

Independent providers will generally kiss (DFK), suck without condom if you choose (BBBJ), let you eat them (DATY), and fuck in your choice of positions. They may massage you. Any girl who does not fuck, or demands more money for anything beyond a handjob is a scam artist and must be kicked out of the room without payment. It happens, and this is why you do not pay up front. Rimming is not as common with independents (but is typical in saunas).

If you like the provider, and they like you, they will usually provide their phone number. You can then call them any time, no need to go out hunting. A semi-pro may decide she wants to be your girlfriend, and will call you (sometimes daily or more) if you show interest and provide a number. Or they will SMS you daily. You should decide whether you want this before giving out your number.

Some independents are cavalier about condom use. Be careful out there. Just because they are fastitidious about bathing doesn't mean they are immune from STDs. Always keep a supply of condoms handy. (Some will use the excuse of "no condom" to avoid fucking. That's a scam, kick that kind out.)

Many independents don't speak much English. Don't worry. Hand signs work great, and if all else fails, guide her body and hands to where you want her to be. She'll figure it out.

Some independents might want to take you to their home rather than your hotel. I have done this, and it is a serious adventure for a westerner who doesn't speak the language. I survived with no problem, but I don't recommend it at all until you have gotten very comfortable getting around Shanghai at all hours. You're better off finding a girl that will come with you.

Finally, as stated previously, 400RMB or less for short time, 800RMB or less for long time. Don't pay more, or you are a sucker.


A Shanghai Sauna is a pretty unique experience. It combines a legitimate spa facility with a highly sexual finish. You can spend several hours in a sauna, enjoying the jacuzzi, steam room, showers, a variety of legitimate massages, dry sauna, etc., before you even get to the sex part. A sauna can leave you relaxed and satisfied in many ways.

Not all saunas offer sex. The clue is the pricing. Typically a sauna will post prices at the entrance or in the lobby. A sauna that offers a complete package priced at around 600-750RMB is offering a complete, full service experience. Many of the western hotels (5 star type) do not offer extra services, but may charge high prices. This is where your monger instincts kick in. If you do not know Mandarin, you'll just have to give your selected sauna a try, or stick to those recommended in the forum. If you do speak Mandarin, just ask for the manager and discuss the available services. In Shanghai, these things can be discussed fairly openly, in spite of (lightly enforced) Chinese laws. Besides, if you are a Mandarin speaking westerner you are not likely to be a Chinese authority. If a sauna offers a "special" massage or a "special" foot massage, that sauna is offering a sexual release of some sort as part of the massage.

Note that some saunas limit the service to hand jobs, or possibly a BJ. If you read of a sauna offering "red rope service", however, that is a complete, full service establishment. More on the red rope later.

A sauna can be very intimidating for a non-Mandarin speaking westerner. First, no one in the sauna is likely to speak english. Or they will speak very very little. Second, the sauna is filled with male attendants to help you with everything, from changing clothes, to legitimate massage, to (in some cases) washing your back when you are in the shower, and toweling you off when you are done.

This is the Chinese way, and there is nothing sexual about it. Just relax and go with the flow.

Speaking of flow, there is no need to know any Mandarin, because all Saunas work the same way. The flow follows. If you memorize this, you will know what all the talking and gesturing is about. Just do the next thing as they guide you:

1. In the lobby, indicate the service you want. This is easy. You are a westerner. They know why you are there (or point to the menu).

2. You will be led to a locker room. An attendant will show you a locker. He may help you undress. Don't brush him off, that would be rude. He is there to help. Trust me, he won't touch your dick. strip, put your clothes in the locker. You may be provided a small pouch for your valuables (phone, wallet, whatever). Some saunas lock them separately, some in the same locker, some have you carry your valuables with you in the pouch. You'll figure it out by the gestures.

3. You will be handed a key on a wrist band, a towel and be directed to the shower area. Find a shower and take one, just like the Chinese folks do. This will be the first of many you will take if you use all the services. Enjoy it.

4. Dry off. You will be in or near a room with steam rooms, jacuzzi, dry sauna, massage tables for legitimate massage, etc. There will probably be a big screen TV showing sports. Take the time to enjoy whatever you like. Relax, get comfortable. You're gonna have a great time!

5. After each thing you use, you'll likely be offered another shower. Indulge.

6. When you are done, take a final shower, and approach the area where an attendant has a stack of pajamas towels, and possibly slippers. Approach him, drop your towel, and don the pajamas. He will point you to an exit or will lead you to one. You will be directed to a lounge area with recliners and a TV. Sit, wait.

7. An attendant (typically female at this point) will offer a drink, possibly fruit. Relax, drink, eat, enjoy.

8. An attendant will approach and ask if you would like a massage. Accept this. Dwey! Hun Hao! Whatever, I don't speak the language. Just grunt affirmatively and go!

9. You will either be led to a room with your provider, or you will be shown a lineup. If the lineup, pick your favorite. If you are shown straight to the room, you can either accept or indicate as best you can to the person taking you there that you want someone else. When I can't speak the language, I generally just take the girl offered in that case.

10. From there, the provider will take the lead. If this is a red rope establishment, she will do things to you that you would not ever imagine a girl doing: a thorough tongue bath - I mean *thorough*. Long, relaxed rimming, unless you push her away. A "fire and ice" blow job (mouth filled with hot water, then suck suck suck, spit. Mouth filled with ice water, then suck suck suck, spit, wait for you to settle back onto the bed, repeat). A "red rope" blowjob - She suspends from the ceiling by a red rope. She sucks you. You do what you please with whatever you can reach. DATY, anyone? She will eventually move into a nice full service, which you can tune to your liking.

11. After, you will be cleaned on the table by the provider, helped back into your pajamas, and out you go. At this point, you will probably be taken to the shower. Enjoy your final one, then head to the lockers. The attendant will take your key and help you dress. You will then be offered a mirror with combs, brushes, etc. to finish up.

12. A final stop at the front desk is all that is left. Here you pay. Note that if you took advantage of any extra services, like a legitimate massage, the attendant may have had you initial or sign a slip of paper with a number on it. This is a tip sheet for that service provider. Typically this may be 30RMB or so. Some do this, some don't. But these amounts will be added to your bill, so be prepared for this. Pay, and depart!

A final note. On occasion, especially with less than full service saunas (HJ/BJ only) the final lady session may be billed to be a 2 hour massage. In those establishments, they may substitute the HJ/BJ for the second hour. You may be asked to confirm this with the front desk. If you are handed a phone, just say something like Dwey, or Hao, or Shu into the phone. Again, I'm not a mandarin speaker, but they should figure out from these grunts that you mean something like "right", "OK", or "Yes". The Happy Garden Sauna across the street from Malones will do this (they are a HJ/BJ only place, as far as I can tell).

Here are some highly recommended Saunas (use search to find their addresses on the forum):

1. Da Tang Yu Jing (west side of Puxi)
2. Yu Ping (Southwest Puxi)
3. Shanghai Hotel, 2nd floor (Jing An district, behind the Hilton)

You can search the forum for others, but these are great ones to start with. If you are in Pudong, you might search the forum for ones closer to you, but again, taxis in Shanghai are cheap! (If you can't find one closer, and you are in Pudong, the one in the Shanghai Hotel is the closest to you of the ones on the list above).


Ah, now we tread where the timid westerner fears... the Barbershop, or as we call it here, the BBS.

Barbershops are the down and dirty of cheap sex in Shanghai. At a Barbershop, if you negotiate properly, full service is had for 130RMB, and a handjob is no more than 50RMB. Yes, that's less than $25 for a fuck, and about $6 for a handjob. It's hard to beat those prices! On the other hand, with rock bottom prices come rock bottom service. A BBS is the fast food of Shanghai sex. Get in, fuck, get out.

Barbershops come and go in Shanghai. They are spotted by looking for the traditional barberpole. But you won't see anyone inside getting a haircut. Instead, you'll see ladies sitting in wait. The lighting may be pink (but not always), the windows may be frosted (but not always). But there will always be ladies, and no one getting a haircut. Some will make eyecontact and motion you in. Most others will not, and won't respond until you open the door.

Here's the deal. These folks definitely do not speak english. If you don't speak Mandarin, you are at a severe disadvantage. But you can use this to your advantage too. What you don't understand can't sway you. So stick to your prices, don't get talked into multiple girls, or higher prices. The price is this: 130RMB FS, 50RMB for less.

Many BBS will not do FS. The only way to know which ones do is to read the forum before you go. But these things appear and disappear weekly. Good luck finding one that was described here. The best thing is to go into them and keep asking until one agrees.

How do you properly approach a BBS, especially if you don't speak the language? First, follow this golden rule: Do not go into the back rooms until you have negotiated a price with the mamasan/manager. Do not negotiate with the girl. Approach the mamasan (or manager, that person will be obvious) up front, offer 130RMB, make a sign for full service (you can figure this out), and hold your ground. If they don't meet your price, walk out the door. Probably they will call you back. If you absolutely must cave in, absolutely must be a sucker, go up to 150RMB.

If you make it to an agreement, go back with the girl, sit on the recliner, drop your drawers, and she'll get you off quicker than a bronco in a rodeo. Hey, you wanted a 130RMB fuck, didn't ya?

Go with a friend, it's more fun when you hunt BBSes in packs.

One of the most famous areas for BBSes is called "the Village" on this forum. It is in the western part of Shanghai, around the Huangiao area. Search the forum for "village" and you'll get information. If you are in Shanghai, and want to make a trek out to the village in a pack, post a note on the forum soliciting hunting partners. You can usually scare up one or two folks to go with you.

There are some BBSes in Pudong. Search the forum for "Pudong" and "BBS" to find out more.

When you find a BBS that does do FS, you have an obligation to the forum to report its location. Post a report please!


There are many good nightspots. There are several bars that are worth visiting in XinTianDi (XTD). This is a new, upscale, hip area with good nightlife.

For westerners, Bourbon Street and Zapatas are good picks when they are hopping (some nights can be dead at those bars). Get a local entertainment guide for the address, or search this forum.

If you are a westerner over 35, Malones American Bar is highly recommended. They have great live entertainment after 9pm, and the crowd is largely xpats and very comfortable. The music is great, and there are always a few girls there on the make, either semi-pros or full time pros, or sometimes just friendly freebies. Sunday may be slower there.

Near the intersection of Yan An Lu and Tong Ren Lu is a strip of bars, including Manhattan, Blue Angel, and many others. You can find street *****s strolling here, and you can also find girls willing to go home with you here. Manhattan will always have its share of easy pickings. Some nights it will be heavily weighted with filipinas that the bar owner pays to attract customers. Pretty much all of them will go home with you, but that will be a filipina experience, not a chinese one. Not that it is a bad experience - they speak english well, and personally I sort of like the little brown fucking machines produced in the Philipines. Wear a condom, they are all catholic and don't use birth control!

Along Mao Ming Lu, also in the Jing An district, you'll find bars that amazingly have the same names as the ones above on Tong Ren Lu. They are owned by the same owners, but are older versions. Rumor has it that the Mao Ming Lu bars will be closed before long. Manhattan bar, on Mao Ming Lu, is basically Little Manila, filled with cute filipinas, dancing on the bar to house music. It is a must visit bar if you like filipinas.

A poster on the forum recently posted ladies nights. Search for it. These will probably vary from time to time, but needless to say, those bars will probably be hopping on those nights.

There are many small bars in Shanghai that are filled with women, whose job it is to get you in, get you drinking, and get you to buy them drinks. The good news is that unlike Hong Kong and Japan (and the US), these are not generally high priced hostess bars, where each drink is going to cost you $50USD. You can actually have a pretty good time, snuggling with a cutie, and periodically buying them a drink. You can also choose not to buy them a drink in most bars. Some of these bars have a side area, or upstairs area, where you can take a girl and she'll give you a hand job or blow job. In a few, you can get full service. The forum suggests some, they won't be mentioned here due to the risk of their exposure and shut down. Seek, and ye shall find.

Hotel bars

Unless you like paying US prices or more for your Chinese lady, these are to be avoided. Instead, if you will make frequent trips, get to know the Mamasan who approaches you in the bar. Turn down her offer for girls, buy her a drink, make a friend. Tell her you don't pay high prices, only local prices. Perhaps she'll find you a girl for less, perhaps not. Perhaps you'll make a friend and she'll go home with you herself for free. Who knows? Good luck!

KTVs (Karaoke Clubs)

If you like the high prices in hotel bars, you'll love going to a KTV! Actually, a KTV can be loads of fun, especially if you bring friends. A KTV is not a great experience for the single monger, unless you possess two things: plenty of money, and Mandarin skills. Otherwise, save the KTV club for group outings.

Don't expect to have sex in a KTV. Most KTVs are places to drink, sing to the Karaoke machine, and flirt with a group of very cute Chinese women (at least one per patron).

KTVs vary in their conservative or liberal slant towards sex. Within the KTV itself, some girls themselves are more or less open to touching, kissing, etc. As with anything in life, there are varieties and you should be aware that each individual, and each company, will run things in a particular way.

With that said, though, how do KTVs work, and what do you need to know to enjoy one (and not get ripped off)?

Let's start with the KTVs themselves. They vary in style from lavish, Las Vegas sized establishments with literally hundreds of girls (one I attended had 800 girls working that night), to smaller, more plain (but still nice) venues.

KTVs serve a largely Chinese and Japanese clientele. It is relevant to know if they are biased toward the Japanese customer, because the Japanese businessmen do not negotiate hard. They get charged much more for service than any other customer. If you go to those establishments, you'll probably pay more than the already high prices. As you might expect, then, KTVs tend to market to the Japanese businessmen.

Regardless, these folks are not going to be speaking to you in English. You really do need to have a Mandarin speaker with you when you go. But I'll give you an overview of what to expect, so if you do want to try it on your own, you'll have a clue about just what is going on, and perhaps you'll have a basis for gesturing your way to what you'd like.

When you enter the KTV, you will be met at the entrance by some type of manager. This man or woman will determine what sort of room you would like, depending upon the number of people accompanying you. You will be charged based on the size of the room, so don't let them offer you a room larger than you need. Considering that you will be sitting down most of the time, with your dates, you will need enough room to sit for twice the size of your group. Don't worry about more, unless for some reason you are feeling grand.

You will negotiate for the room charge, which will probably include a bottle of Chivas or similar. Recently a group of ISGers got a room for 5, with a bottle of Chivas, and we negotiated 1000RMB for the room and bottle. You can order more if you run out, and try to negotiate a good price when you do it.

At a KTV, you will pay for room, bottle, fruit plate, etc. Negotiate an all inclusive fee for that up front, don't wait until the end to get surprise charges.

You will also pay a tip for each girl. Figure somewhere between 200-500RMB, negotiate this up front. You will also tip the hostess who controls the Karaoke, and the waiter who brings in snacks. Figure 100RMB for the waiter, 200RMB for the hostess. Get this nailed down at the beginning too. Finally, you may be expected to tip the Mamasan who brings your selection of girls. We've argued over this. I think you should budget to pay upwards of 300RMB, but again, negotiate this up front before the girls arrive.

If you want girls that will be willing to go home with you after, you need to say so to the Mamasan (manager) up front. If they have those kinds of girls, they are the ones that will be brought for your selection. You can probably ask for the fee, there is usually a rate for short/long term. Again, ask, negotiate, up front.

Finally, after everything has been agreed to, you'll sit, and the Mamasan will bring in a selection of probably 10 or so girls. You can choose from this set, or wait for more. They have plenty, and will bring girls until you find one you like. Choose, she'll come to you and sit. If you don't speak Mandarin, ask the Mamasan to bring girls that speak at least a little english. Note that if you don't like the girl after your selection, you have about a 10 minute "trial period" during which you can call Mamasan back in and change girls.

Once you've all chosen, the party begins! You drink, sing, cuddle. Some KTVs have girls that will dance naked for you, most won't. But most will get at least a little frisky - kissing, cuddling, maybe fondling may be on the agenda. You'll also play drinking games with dice, and the girls will sing. Some sing well, but they aren't necessarily chosen for their voices.

Stay as long as you like. Eventually, the booze runs out, and you are ready to go. Tell the hostess you'd like your bill, and all the previous negotiation should eliminate any surprise. But check it anyway. If you want to take your girl home, now is the time to work out those details with her and Mamasan. If you don't, that's OK. You can also ask for her phone number. Many times they will give it to you, and you can call them another night. Give her yours and she may call you the very next day asking to go out. You lucky dog!

We had a great time at a KTV called Die Lian Hua. Their number is 13236669199. You can have your hotel staff call them for the address. I highly recommend a Mandarin speaker go with you.

This particular KTV will provide girls which get quite, um, progressive. They will dance naked, and allow you to dance with them while they are naked. They did not allow sex in the room, but things got pretty heated otherwise. Lots of touching, fondling, deep kissing, etc.

Since KTVs are so expensive relative to other Shanghai experiences, we don't see too many reports on the forum with recommendations. If you go to a KTV, please write a report and share your experiences. But remember, negotiation up front is the key to a successful KTV experience. Don't walk into a KTV unless you are prepared to pay a significant amount for your partying fun. Good luck!

Comments from Senior Member; Road Lover::

Subject: Exceptional report

This is fantastic report on Shanghai. Wish we got similar reports Beijing as well.

12-27-07, 18:18
Off went her clothes and I was pleasantly surprised by a pair of 32D on a petite body. But that was the end of good things to come for that evening. She would not shower, do a BJ or kiss me anywhere. She was intended to finish in 20 minutes. One thing I hate the most is being rushed. So I offered to pay her $400 total if she stayed for the full 1. 5 hours (and stop rushing me). She said she would stay only for an hour for the original $270. It went back and forth, and nothing was settled. 685104I've been there more times than I should, negotiating while your happy mood starts to evaporate. The only thing I've learned from those experiences is to bail early, regardless of the cost. You're not going to enjoy the sex if you feel like you were suckered into paying too much. At least, I don't. As for paying to get out of the situation with the thugs, you certainly did the right thing. I've not experienced the violent scam that you did, but really it's a mugging. Just pay and live to play another day.

Albert Punter
02-04-08, 04:13
Courtesy of Blacklisted, info about a sort of love hotel equipped with "gyno" chair in Shanghai


02-10-08, 10:28
Road Lover,

Check out SammyT's Guide to mongering in Beijing.


Great Information on Mongering in Shanghai. Although this report is old, a lot of it are still valid.


Comments from Senior Member; Road Lover::

Subject: Exceptional report

This is fantastic report on Shanghai. Wish we got similar reports Beijing as well.

02-10-08, 15:19
“Global Doctor” in China

In a recent incident when a friend of mine was in dire need of medical help, while we were in Chang Ping, we learnt the hard way that:

1) the hotel you stay at may not have a listed doctor on call – in our case, it was the best hotel in town – Hui Hua and yet, they suggested the local hospital which may not be good for everyone. Further, the duty manager of the hotel was initially less than helpful and needed to be prompted to come out with better support to get us to hospital in the Hui Hua Hotel MPV.

2) When you do get to the hospital, if your Chinese (mandarin or local dialect ) is bad, the doctor may have difficulty diagnosing your ailment and you may not understand what he is trying to tell you too! A translator going along will be helpful only if he or she is able to explain clearly both ways.

Because we were careful not to be treated for the wrong ailment, we made a conscious decision to thank the doctor and leave for another option that we were lucky to know about through a smart local contact in the hotel industry.

Global Doctor appears to be an Australian linked practice in China which has clinics in the following locations:

a) Beijing +86 10 65281104
b) Shenyang +86 24 24330678
c) Chengdu +86 28 85259928
d) Dongguan +86 769 22030011
e) Chongging +86 23 89038837
f) Changsha +86 731 5230250
g) Tianhe, Guangzhou +86 20 38841452
h) All China response center +86 10 84569191

Why Global Doctor?

Basically, a private practice with English Speaking Doctors for outcalls and in-clinic consultation when you need it most. The telephone operator / receptionist speak English at all these numbers too!

There is nothing worst than being treated for the wrong ailment especially if you end up in a Chinese public hospital and are seriously ill.

The Out Call we were quoted for the Doctor to visit from Dongguan to Chang Ping was all of 1500 CNY excluding consultation and medicine. It’s by no means cheap but, worth every yuan when you are down and out and need a competent doctor with the ability to speak to you and understand your situation.

We had a private car drive us to and from from Chang Ping to Dongguan for 250 yuans return. Each way, the journey took us about 40 minutes. The consultation and medicine came to 700 yuans, a trite expensive yet worth it, the patient concluded!

It is best if you travel at all to China to have travel insurance cover inclusive of medical cover and evacuation. For sure, the expenses would be nicely covered.

Earlier, we had paid 2 yuans in the Chang Ping hospital, jumped the queue and came away without knowing what the doctor was trying to tell us accurately.

Further, we had held up the doctor’s consultation of others in semi-public and ended up less than willing to go ahead with his suggestion to have a blood test and further scans (that’s what we thought he said).

Now, we know.

If we have a more acute situation in future (where life is at stake), we would call the appropriate Global Doctor number and get the doctor to meet us at the nearest emergency hospital at whatever cost to ensure that we have the best chance of survival!

For less urgent situations, a drive to the nearest clinic would do the trick if you want an English speaking doctor.

Mock A Bee
03-02-08, 12:11
The attached two pictures are from a person (man or woman, who knows) who is obviously trying to do an email scam. She sent two emails.

Basically, the email says they will come to Shanghai if you pay for transportation they will arrive to suck your dick.

The pictures were most likely lifted from any of an infinite number of sites with pictures of Asian women. In this case, the woman looks Japanese. As well, the photos are too well done, staged and of much higher quality than a typical point and shoot camera can possibly do.

This is an easy scam to figure out, but you never know, some desperate people may actually believe she will show up.


Mock A Bee
03-18-08, 04:15
As a reminder - NEVER EVER GO WITH A TOUT!!!!

NEVER be lead to a place you did not decide upon yourself unless you know it is legit like a tested sauna, be aware of your surroundings and always be cautious of being set up!

Also, the Teahouse scam where the management overcharges you and threatens to beat your ass to a pulp unless you pay up is still alive and well.

The following is reported in the Shanghai Daily:

Sibling act go to jail of sex, extortion scam
By Chen Qian 2008-3-17

A BROTHER and sister were jailed after extorting 57,500 yuan (US$8,099) from a foreigner after offering sex services to him.

The Zhabei District People's Court has sentenced Xiao Fangming and his sister Xiao Fangfang to 18 months in prison. They had returned the money to the victim after getting caught by police.

The court said the Xiao siblings organized a prostitute to offer sex services to the victim, whose identity was not revealed. They extorted money from the victim with another accomplice after the prostitute left, the court said.

According to the court, Xiao Fangfang chatted up the victim along Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall and took him to a hotel on December 14, 2006.

A prostitute was waiting in the room and they had sexual intercourse. After she left, the brother and other men rushed into the room, the court said. They threatened him and extorted money from him.

The victim surrendered his credit card and password. Xiao withdrew 57,500 yuan from the card immediately after leaving the hotel and divided the money with his sister and another accomplice.

Police caught the gang in January when Xiao's accomplices were caught for another crime. Xiao surrendered to police after learning that and advised his sister to do likewise.

Mock A Bee
04-07-08, 02:31
I use SmartShanghai Online all the time to find places in Shanghai

I am not affiliated with SmartShanghai at all, but I have found they offer some really good features on their website. http://www.smartshanghai.com/

If you go to Venues, you can find most popular Restaurants, Nightclubs, Bars, etc. You can pull it up and they have directions in English and Chinese that you can print out and give to a taxi driver. Very useful if you have never been to a particular place before.

They also have one of the best Online Maps you can use for Shanghai.

It is interactive, includes all the Subway stations, is very clear and easy to use.


ps, they also have a personals feature which I have used to meet girls

Ace Gallant
04-11-08, 09:30
Great information by Dan Hawaii!



Mock A Bee
04-14-08, 02:41
According to Shanghaiist, beware of scam taxi cabs in Shanghai, according to this report: http://shanghaiist.com/2008/04/13/scam_alert_bewa.php

They suggest using the following precautions:
1. Make sure that the cab has a plastic guard around the driver's seat with the company information visible.
2. Make sure the driver's information is visible in front of the passenger seat.
3. Make sure that the driver in the picture is the same person as the one driving your cab.
4. NEVER take rides with cab drivers that are trying to solicit you outside of their cab (street side, airport, etc.)

Never go with touts for anything! This includes snatch, taxis, hotels, tea houses, bars, restaurants, etc.

Use caution!

Albert Punter
04-14-08, 21:06
Let me just add this:
- ensure that driver activates meter when starting.

SE Asia Joe
04-15-08, 04:19
According to Shanghaiist, beware of scam taxi cabs in Shanghai, according to this report: http://shanghaiist.com/2008/04/13/scam_alert_bewa.php

They suggest using the following precautions:
1. Make sure that the cab has a plastic guard around the driver's seat with the company information visible.
2. Make sure the driver's information is visible in front of the passenger seat.
3. Make sure that the driver in the picture is the same person as the one driving your cab.
4. NEVER take rides with cab drivers that are trying to solicit you outside of their cab (street side, airport, etc.)

Never go with touts for anything! This includes snatch, taxis, hotels, tea houses, bars, restaurants, etc.

Use caution!
AND..... may I add to the list - a practice of a lot of airports and major hotels in dodgier cities -
5. Acutally write the licence plate (as well as other details if you want to be 'more' sure) down on a piece of paper!


Ace Gallant
04-15-08, 15:39
AND..... may I add to the list - a practice of a lot of airports and major hotels in dodgier cities -
5. Acutally write the licence plate (as well as other details if you want to be 'more' sure) down on a piece of paper!


You guys might not know that little things like remembering which Taxi company the taxi is from, the Color of the taxi, the make or model of the taxi, the taxi driver license all helps the police to locate the taxi faster.


04-16-08, 09:42
Another good tip if you are a bit worried about the driver for long trips into the city from airports far away eg: Baiyun or Pudong etc is for you to call a friend (or pretend to call) and tell your friend you are in the taxi, give name of driver and number of taxi to your friend and say that if you are not there in XX mins to call you, or if they can't get hold of you to call the police.

I know some people who ALWAYS do this when in taxis from Baiyun.

Ace Gallant
06-04-08, 08:01
Before you pack and head for Bangkok to get a visa, please note that effective from April 15th to September 15th ALL Chinese consulate worldwide, with NO exception, will only issue tourist (L) visa for one or 2 entries. I have called various Consulate offices, including the Chinese Consulate in Bangkok and I've got the same answer from all.

Multiple entry business visa will be issued but you need the approval of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and to get that, it probably take until September anyway, so you might as well wait. The documents needed to get this approval has been designed to make it almost impossible to obtain. The list is one page long and they want things like your resume and your company financial reports.

Also, and it is very important, most consulates only service people who are the resident of that country. For example, the consulate in Singapore will only issue Visas to Singapore residents. So do not leave home thinking on the way to China you will get the visa from another place.

Be safe,

Latest and verified update on Visa issue. Courtesy of APAC Man.


Ace Gallant
06-16-08, 05:37
Starting from 12th June 00:00 hrs.

ISG was blocked in most part of China. The only way to access ISG from within China is through a VPN. Using Proxies is not the way around because the ISP were told to filter out anything that has the combination of "International&Sex&Guide".

That is also why those email alerts that you had been getting on thread subscription are not working anymore.


10-31-08, 14:13
Starting from 12th June 00:00 hrs.

ISG was blocked in most part of China. The only way to access ISG from within China is through a VPN. Using Proxies is not the way around because the ISP were told to filter out anything that has the combination of "International&Sex&Guide".

That is also why those email alerts that you had been getting on thread subscription are not working anymore.


I am not sure what is mentioned in the forum about this, but I used this way to access ISG, so I am just writting it!
There are different sites offering FREE computer remote access services.
It is ideal for travellers that have a computer connected to the internet in an office, where other people don't use this computer (Or else they can see what you are doing!!!!!)
One of them is www.logmein.com

Mock A Bee
11-26-08, 01:39
As written by AFP and posted here:

Uhhh... you might want to cover up pretty much anywhere in China. I would suspect the rate of condom use outside of 1st tier cities is even lower.

Nov 26, 2008
Prostitutes shun condoms

BEIJING - MORE than half of Beijing's prostitutes do not use condoms despite sexual transmission having replaced drug use as the most common infection route for HIV, state media said on Tuesday.

Just 47 per cent of the 90,000 sex workers in China's capital used condoms, the official Xinhua news agency quoted Mr Fang Laiying, director of the municipal public health bureau, as saying.

Sexual transmission has also replaced intravenous drug use as the most common transmission route for the HIV virus for the first time in Beijing, accounting for 55 per cent of infections, the report said.

But the infection rate among the city's prostitutes was unknown as Beijing does not provide a testing programme.

Free condoms are already provided in 22,000 venues in China's capital, including hotels and holiday resorts, and nearly 3,000 vending machines have been installed in entertainment sites, Xinhua said.

Condom machines are also to be installed at construction sites which employ more than 500 workers by the end of the year, the director was quoted as saying.

Beijing had reported 5,635 instances of people living with Aids or HIV by Nov 1 since the first case was reported in 1985, of which 75 per cent were from other regions in China, Xinhua said.

At the end of 2007, China had around 700,000 people living with HIV, including an estimated 85,000 who had developed Aids, according to Xinhua.

Campaigners have previously warned that the true figure could be up to 10 times higher.

Thousands were infected during the 1990s through tainted transfusions at illegal blood collection stations, but the focus of attention is now shifting to high risk groups such as gay men and sex workers. -- AFP


Ace Gallant
07-23-09, 04:55
Apologies in my minimum posts in the recent months because due to the fact that I am no longer and permanent resident of China and had been travelling throughout Asia, I only visit China for a few days once every month. Therefore I will not have much update information to contribute on the China threads.

In-line with the recent crackdowns throughout China; in relation to our favourite hobby, a few of the oldtimer members had a discussion and came to this conclusion:

The biggest problem with the forum is that there are too much details posted on the board. There are too many members trying providing too much information in a public open board. The authorities know about this board, they know what is going on in China and they know what we were / are doing as well. However just as long as we keep it discreet we will be likely be “forgotten” and “forgiven”.

Of course there are some members who love the “High Profile” kind of portfolio; whether for personal gains or for the purpose of further “business”. However just a word of caution; these may lead to the authorities nailing down on the person. Too much information may also lead to people viewing those members as “bragging”. On the personal gains side, it is apparent that there are some members who are in this trade of been a tour guide, or selling services in related to the industry, therefore it is justifiable that they want the high profile stuff on the board but there is also no reason for them to expose themselves or spoiling the industry leaving nothing for us.

Just remember: Our main objectives are to have fun and be safe doing it. Why do we even want the authority on our tail?

As a basic rule for living in harmony with the Chinese in China: The Chinese treasures their pride, do not undermine the Chinese, and do not do anything that, (in Chinese words) causes them to lose face. Because if you do, you be sure that they will be hot on your tail and starts shutting them down!

So, solution out of this: Continue to post good information on the board but cut out the details. Use the PM system to communicate on the details. We are not the only ones here who can communicate using English, a lot of Chinese does as well!

Enjoy and be safe!

07-23-09, 05:30
...As a basic rule for living in harmony with the Chinese in China: The Chinese treasures their pride, do not undermine the Chinese, and do not do anything that, (in Chinese words) causes them to lose face. Because if you do, you be sure that they will be hot on your tail! Ace, I like your posts, but I have to be honest and disagree - this face-saving stuff goes across all cultures, not only Chinese. I train people in this every day in my work. More importantly, I experience this often when I take home a Chinese girl for a good fucking. No difference to other girls of any nationality. ie Have a fun time with them, and they will enjoy also. Women of any race like a good long fuck.

Ace Gallant
07-23-09, 06:36
Ace, I like your posts, but I have to be honest and disagree - this face-saving stuff goes across all cultures, not only Chinese. I train people in this every day in my work. More importantly, I experience this often when I take home a Chinese girl for a good fucking. No difference to other girls of any nationality. ie Have a fun time with them, and they will enjoy also. Women of any race like a good long fuck.

Well I agree that this face giving comes with all races. BUT, what I meant here is not with the girls, it is with the authorities. As I had said, they knows the XXX industry is everywhere in China. This trade is a shameful trade especially with the Chinese. So it is something that the Authorities do not want any of us to publicized about it in China or internationally because that will cause them to "Lose face".

Well, I had got these inputs from some Police friends over casual chats, incidentally these are also the same group of friends that introduced me to the Chinese ISG like website. What I am saying is, it is not my personal opinion, but rather it is opinions of a couple members and the local guys.

But than again, readers can chose not to believe and keep on abusing the Chinese by insulting them. I have no objections to that as my post only serves as a warning.


Ace Gallant
07-23-09, 14:38
No difference to other girls of any nationality. ie Have a fun time with them, and they will enjoy also. Women of any race like a good long fuck.

Actually, I don't kind of agree with you on this.

Not at least for Chinese girls, whilst there are some Chinese girls who started off as a dead fish and turned into a fucking machine after some training, I have had girls that are dead fish for life!


Ace Gallant
09-10-09, 01:53
With courtesy from Shibaxian:



Ace Gallant
09-10-09, 01:55
With Courtesy from Shibaxian



Ace Gallant
12-02-09, 07:56