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01-01-04, 01:00
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Michael Tours
01-01-04, 09:46
Hello folks!

I am new at the site, but have enjoyed to read this forum. I have travelled in 57 countrys, (Europe, Asia, Central and South America, just home from 3 month there.) I will post photos later. I have some and I wondereing why it isnt more photos of Peru girls here.

Well the best places to go if you looking for cheap, good and nice sex are (my opinion): Thailand, Brasil, Peru and Cuba. I won't wast more of my time in others countrys. Lima or all Peru is a great place to get a girlfriend or more to fuck for free. Its easy to get a normal girl there as your girlfriend and you can have 3-4 of them at the same time and when you not get any luck, just go and look for a pro.

Does anyone know some of the girls that stay at Plaza de Armas en centro Lima? I have been in Peru 5 times the last 3 years and know a lot of them. I will like to hang out with some of you boys when I am back in Lima later this year, because I always travel alone. Please get in touch. I am an European in the end 30ths.

Last time I lived in La Victori in 28 de Juøio, Hostal Monarca, who is clean, safe, and cheap 30 soles (10usd) for a double room, cable tv with porn, private bathroom. Close to the cheap action.

Well when I have time I will write more in some of the forums and post photos.

See you out there!

Latinas are great.


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China Monger
01-02-04, 01:51
I've been to Cuba several times in the past few months for the "Sporting Life". For the sake of diversity I thought I might try somewhere different next time. Since I'm thinking about Peru, of course I scanned this forum first. It looks like the Miliflores area has a lot to offer.

I would really like to hear any comments/comparisons between Cuba and Peru by ppl who have visited both. I'd specifically like to know the general consciences of the Peru vs. Cuba "Sporting" experience. Let me know your opinion of the quality, quantity and congeniality of the indigenous female hospitality representatives.

I'll make the trip later this month, so any comments to help with the choice would be much appreciated.

Member #4351
01-02-04, 18:11

You went to what is called the "hotel San Jose"...even though it isn´t a hotel.. May have been at one time. As you mentioned it is located in what is one of the most dangerous spots in Lima. Since its next to the fruit market, the streets are pure dirt and don't smell that great.

You´re right about the girls working the San Jose in the mornings and then going to the Trocadero at night. I talked to one cute Ecuadorian at the Troc who had had more than 40 customers that day between San Jose and the Trocadero.

01-05-04, 23:37
Hello Michael Tour!

I would like to keep in touch with you because your experience can to be very helpful.

I've been in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil.

In my opinion, Brazil is the unique country who it's worth it. Do you agree with me?.

My experience in Puerto Rico was frustating, but it´s a very beautiful country with excelent clime and good beaches. I already was 2 times in Rio.

I want to travel to Brazil in April (moreover I'm planning to move to this country and to live there). This year I want to visit Salvador de Bahia; do you know this city?

Peru perhaps is a interesting place to find girls. I live in Spain and years ago I knew a peruvian girl in a nightclub who was really wild, hot and friendly. Since then, I keep a good remembrance from a peruvian girl (but generally here in my city only there are brasilian girls).

When I'm in Rio, I wish to fly to Lima.

Do you can to give me information about the best disco's, bars, nightclubs, to pick up girls?.

There are pretty and sensual streetwalkers in Lima?.

If you wish to write me to my e-mail, I'll be very glad.

See you soon.

[Email address deleted by Admin]

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01-18-04, 04:08
Hi Guys,

I wholeheartedly recommend the Trocadero as mentioned on this board.

I went there the other day and was intrigued again at the selection. You can find anything you want there- young, old, ugly, or beautiful. Many 6-8s. There are women from Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador that I have talked to there. I feel totally safe there and do not pay attention to the mongers who say the entrance is dangerous. The best thing to do is have your taxi driver wait for you while you do your business for an hour and a half or two hours. Imagine a fort with a narrow opening to enter and exit through. About 200-300 yards from the entrance to the front door and I have not seen any people waiting to rob you there. You could walk in and out if you wanted.

Anyway, kind of a circus atmosphere with lots of men walking back and forth down the three redly lit corridors looking at the ladies in the rooms who are beckoning you in. You get to try each one out for 20 soles, which is about 6 us dollars for about 15-20 minutes. Each room is generally somewhat sparse and not really clean. Many have pictures of full sex on the wall. For the money, she will suck your dick with a condom on and then you get about three positions. It is fun to try out as many women as you can often with the aid of Viagra.

Generally the best ones are closest to the front door of each corridor. There were two girls named Magaly and one called Medaly who caught my eye. One Magaly is 19, blonde, nice tits, and very slim. She is very personable and just flat out cute. She is from Guayaquil, Ecuador. We fucked for the full session and once again the highlight was doing her doggie and pulling her blonde pigtails!

If you are going to Lima you really should try out the Trocadero.

Sting em all

Rap with Tom
01-18-04, 23:06
Any other mongers going to be in Lima January 20 - 27 that are interested in meeting up?

Member #4351
01-19-04, 16:52

Exactly!! And if you don't speak Spanish and/or a little nervous I can probably go with you.

01-19-04, 19:24

I'll be in Lima in Feb. Unfortunately, staying with the suegros; however, I plan on sneaking out. Is the Trocadero well known enough that I can tell any taxista "Trocadero", and he'll know what I'm talking about? Or do I need to know intersection, etc? If so, what intersection? Thanks

Member #4351
01-20-04, 18:19
Tocadero also known a "el salvaje" . It's on Avenida Argenita a few blocks past the "Minka" stores. The entrance is hard to find if you don't know it. However I imagine that 90% of the cab drivers have probably been there sometime in their lives.

Don River
01-23-04, 04:01
The Tocadero reminds me somewhat of the Wallen in Amsterdam.

But I got to tell you I don't consider it safe. Neither do I consider the Calle Pizza safe. I know of two people who got seriously drugged and then mugged there last year. The streets of Lima and Mira Flores are not safe for Gringos. I have a woman friend in Mira Flores who was robbed at gun point.

If you want a substitute for Viagra go to Inka Farma and ask for Caverta -100 it is the same drug as V, but about 40% less.


Member #4351
01-23-04, 19:06
Well I've been living here a long time and have had a few problems, but if you take care you should be OK. However, that's why I offer to go with visitors (if I can) to the Trocadero. There are many generic viagras (sildenafilo) available in Peru. Probably the cheapest is that produced by farmindustria. I think its about 6 or 7 soles per 50 mg. tablet. If you want a longer acting product, you can get Cildanafil (the one that works for at least 24 hours) for about $7 per tablet.

01-27-04, 04:15
Was in Lima last March, what a smelly dirty place the city is, still Miraflories is nice. When to a massage place called Kings, terrible, the 5 girls working were just average or below. Got a poor hand job from a disinterested girl, then when my friend and I were leaving they over charged us, had to spend an hour arguing to get our money back. not recommended.

Next night we went to Tequila rocks, ok but not great, stupid floor show, not many good looking girls. My friend took a girl back to our hotel. I didn´t see anything interesting.

The following night I picked up a SW outside my hotel, she was a good looking girl young and slim, when I got her undressed found out she was breat feeding so I got a meal included! Not a great fuck.

Overall Lima is nothing to write home about.


Member #4351
01-28-04, 15:47
Especially when you don't read the threads containing the advice of those who live or hobby here.

01-28-04, 17:27
Hi all. I'm in the planning stages of a Peru trip in late April. I've always wanted to go to Machu Picchu and looks like I'll finally get to see it. It appears that if I wait until late April I'll avoid the rainy season and still avoid lots of tourists in high season. Plus, there will be tons of greenery then.

I'm still trying to decide if I should spend one or two nights in Lima. Many people say Lima is a "dump". Given the opportunity, would most of you Peru veterans rather spend time in Cusco or Lima?

To be honest, I haven't read any trip reports yet on Peru but I'll start. I plan on hitting Lima 1-2 nights, Cusco 3 nights and Aguas Calientes 2 nights. Is this a pretty good itinerary? Any advice suggestions appreciated.

I already booked my hotels, looked at the train and plane schedules. Doesn't look too tough to arrange on my own.



01-28-04, 20:04
(i apologize for any reposting of my past messages here. i did try to pm saint, but realized that the message lengths were limited in pm-ing.)

hi saint,

april is green season, but there is still plenty to do in lima and cusco during this time. fyi, lima may have some rain on occasion, and cusco will be about 10-15 degrees colder than lima. bring some shorts, but don't forget a sweater and, perhaps, a raincoat.

[1] in my opinion, lima is worth about 2 days. i would live near larco mar in miraflores. if price is not an issue, simply book a room at the marriot (as did i when i was in peru in 3-03 for about $100-120 per night); however, a less-expensive monger-hotel (at about $20/night) is hotel las palmas - http://hotellaspalmas.com/ - you can e-mail them and they do grant reservations. as for what to do in lima, see below (from my previous post to jwadd - which has the 'details'); keep in mind, the below 'lima' post had been accrued with the sage advice of the denizen that reside on the peru board (ie. david_33, elmerc, judd, dandaman, etc.).

[2] i would spend about 4 days in cusco and none in aguas calientes. just book 1-2 nights to start off in cusco. if you're going to machu picchu, i would do at least a 2-day hike (although a 4-day hike would be optimal). on a 2-day hike, you will not be mongering and will likely spend 1 night with other euro/latino/american tourists in a bunk-bed hostal, but it is a hike that i would not miss out on. the hike can be booked for about $100 us via the internet, but it can be booked for less when you are in cusco (note - due to a need for the hiking company to get you a proper 'license,' you usually need to arrange for your trip at least 1-2 days prior to going on the hike - although i have heard that some companies have extra licenses that they may be able to give you on the "day of"). if i were to have simply taken a bus-ride up to machu picchu (without hiking), i would not have appreciated it as much. it's the hike of a life-time. / in cusco, rather than p-4-p, you will find more satisfaction from hitting on the chicas (*cholitas* - indian-type -and- *charapitas* - asian-looking jungle-type girls). they can be found in the clubs in cusco at the plaza de armas. if your spanish-speaking skills are decent, go to mama africas and mama americas clubs, hit on the ladies, and make your harem. considering that you will only be there for 4 days, you should be sure to be aggressive on your first night in cusco (ie. build up your harem). you can also ask a taxi driver to take you to "la curva" (or "santutis," a brothel about 10 minutes from the plaza de armas), if you want to check some of the p-f-p scene; you can read of a few reviews of the place (among a couple others) in the cusco section. although aguas calientes is nice, it should be reserved for one who already has a women to bring to.

let me know how things turn out, and feel free to ask any questions. have fun, my friend.

[repost of my thoughts on lima - 'to do' chica list]:

club 69 is a pricey club, and tequila rock has been pretty well known for not being the place for 'those in the know' to go to.

so, without further ado, here's a quick list w/location and prices that i had made before my trip last spring. at the end of the list, i'll try to type out what i would do, if i were you (and i sure as hell wish i could be there ... rather than the chilled northeast). note: this list includes everything that i had put together prior to the trip (thus, having some overpriced places/services); as i've mentioned, read below for what i'd do with the list.
-miraflores: **sexylolita - ave. arequipa 4341, 936-4544 (call first) - 100ns/hr, call first
-miraflores: 131 bajada balta (call first); calle bellavista, r ave berlin, 1 block to oscar benavides, past r bookstore/small strip mall, cross street + immed. right, halfway down find 131 entrance, enter + turn r + upstairs, to l upstairs, to end of hall, last door room 21, 246-2163, 100ns/hr
-la victoria: la parada - entrance is on n side of ave. san pablo, practically inside la gammara mercado off of ave. aviacion in la victoria - right next to the vegetable market (3-story building directly opposite the market and the other is down a side street a few doors), 3-story san jose/san pablo (90) w/2-story las jardines (25) down the street, (taxi 5ns, no cover + 16ns/10min -or- 40?ns/45min)
- ?portugal 118 hotel stanford (crosses 13th street of av alfonso ugarte), wooden door with stairs - 1ns entry, 40-less/time, anything, vivi/camilla

-callao: **cucardas - 330-0370/423-7202/431-6891, 875 ricardo treneman, alt cdra 9 av colonial y argentina, taxi, 15ns entry, 30-40ns - 40 rooms
-callao: *trocadero / la salvaje, 18th street of avenida argentina in callao, (4)5pm to 9(10)pm w/peak at 7pm (taxi 4us, 10ns entry, 15ns)
-san borja: baños turcos - mariano #660, san borja, 733-7082 - 100ns/time, call first, password
-san borja: baños turcos atenas - ave aviacion #3040 1er piso, timbre 101, san borja, 9am-9pm - 35ns massage/hj
-san borja: king spa - ave aviacion #2938, san borja - 225-2715 & 225-2860, 30ns entry, 30ns massage, 90-100ns for 30-45 min (haggled service - would avoid this place)
-san isidro: baños turcos windsor - miguel dasso #156, san isidro, 440-1050, mon-sat 10am-10pm, nursing uniforms
-miraflores: **turcos en los andes , angamos este 833 (floor 8), taxi ne of markets, open 24 hrs in a hotel w/3 floors sauna showers, jacuzzi, choose from 6-7 $70, (av. angamos este 833-835 8vo. piso del hotel los andes, 447-8177) - call first, 20 working, 20ns entry
-miraflores: *miraflores massages, 912-6600, www.amigasvip.net/mm.htm, mon-sat 10am-9pm, (www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/amigasvip.php)
-miraflores: baños turcos - manuel bonilla? #162, button 201, 241-0263 & 241-4300 - call first
-miraflores: hotel bruce, jirón bolognesi 181-191, miraflores, 4453198/445-3200, 40ns entrance + 100-180ns, casino entrance + straight + down + right
-miraflores: la esperanza 237, 5th floor, miraflores - (was cantuarias 270, 11th floor, room 1101, miraflores) - 20ns/30min
-miraflores: britanica bano sauna, arica 221, a block from av j pardo / cmdte espinar - m-sat, noon-9pm, 30ns/30m, 60ns/45m+sauna, 100-150ns/time
[late pm]:
-san isidro: *eclipse - augusto tamayo #158, 440-4913, 1 block from ave rivera navarrete, 50ns admit/drink, $20 leave, $60-100/night
-san isidro: *emmanuel - ave. rivera navarrete #465, 442-5055, across hotel gardens, 50ns admit, $15-35 leave, $100/night
-san isidro: casanova - calle miguel seminario #365, 1 e of via expresa & 1 n of ave carnaval moreyra, 1/2 w of ave rep de panama, 50ns + $100?
-surco: **moonlight - los preciados #153, higuereta surco, 449-3300, 2nd floor, down ave. a benavides east, 50ns admit, $20 leave, $100/night
-surquillo: **club 69 - jean paul satre #190 (calle uno), 1 block from ave angamos & tomas marsano, 50ns admit, $70/room, $100/hr, 120ns/leave 2hrs
-miraflores: señor frogs - across the street from marriott, in marina park, gfe's
-miraflores: **tequila rock - av. ernesto diez canseco #146, a la espalda de la municipalidad de miraf., 444-3661+ 426-6697, 20ns admit, $50-100/night
-barranco: *suites of barranco - ave republica de panama #250 (l/east side of street), 247-2893, 100ns minimum, $70/hr or night? for room, $100/hr

[lima call]:
**272-0071 or 449-1073 (from el comercio) $50/hr + taxi for 1-2hrs, young, 'coki' told me to call, younger, appointment card
- *amilcar, call-in, amilcarsafe@hotmail.com, 973-1676 - $40/time, 60ns/amilcar // daniel 898-8914 - (cab driver)
- **www.placeresdelperu.com - *mp $35/hr (100ns/hr), out $45-60/hr ($65-100 or 150-200ns/2hrs) - the site changes often and they work out of different parts of miraflores and surrounding areas
-miraflores: *sexylolita - ave. arequipa 4341, 936-4544 (call first) - mp 100ns/hr, call first, may also outcall - (www.sexylolita.galeon.com/kinesiologas.html)
-miraflores: www.escortsperu.com/m_shantal.html
-san borja: chicasalacarta.galeon.com/index.html - chica 10 (blond/lean/long hair) - 742-0181 - block 111, san borja, $120/2hr ($60-160/1.5hr) - 739-6510
- www.hot-peru.com/angelsmodels $100/hr 840-5375
- dos estudiantes - 885-7860, $55-90/1.5-2hrs
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/amigasvip.php 734-4179, 723-1165 --contacto@amigasvip.net $100
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/femmesvip.php 636-2786 - 100/hr(120/1.5) for normal
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/affair.php 859-7309 comp/b = 40 (1/2), 60 (1), 80 (1.5), spec/c = 100/hr (for all)
- www.hot-peru.com/enlaces/stylepassion.php 924-3062 (24hrs)
- www.claudita8.wo.to 882-9893 - $100/2hrs
- www.equis.ya.com/karlitax 266-0667 karlitalovex@hotmail.com - everything, jesus maria, 120ns/hr(60/30min), pucallpa girl
[a 5 multi-point plan]:

(1) wake up in the morning and make it easy for yourself. go to *turcos en los andes* on angamos este 833 (floor 8). for about 3-4 ns, a taxi will take you ne of markets. it's open 24 hrs in a hotel w/3 floors sauna showers, jacuzzi, choose from 6-7 women for about 150ns for the session. also, there is a 20 ns entry fee.(av. angamos este 833-835 8vo. piso del hotel los andes, 447-8177). it's not the cheapest place, but it'll start you off on the right foot; i went there 3 times, and each time found a rather attractive chica to choose from. if you really enjoy your session, ask for the girls cell phone number for a possible nightcap at your hotel with her. these girls work 8 hour shifts, and, out of the 150 ns that you give them, they only get to keep 75 ns (half of it) ... so keep that in mind. 100-150ns should be able to give you a nightcap with her - heck, maybe even for free ... if she likes you.

(2) have lunch in pizza alley and talk with the waitresses. try to sit next to some girls that you may be interested in. make sure that you bring a pen and paper, because you will be asking for cell phone numbers. just be obvious about it, jwadd ... because - if you're not obvious - you will experience the same boredom that you had yesterday.

(3) continue on your (con)quest to get phone numbers from chicas. don't expect everyone to say 'yes' to you ... but you will get enough numbers if you keep moving and grooving. where else to go other than the tiendas of miraflores?
((3a)) if you go to centro, there are a lot of tiendas there on the streets ... some stores which are run-down department gallerias which you should walk into. if you see a girl you like, ask for her number. ask the ice-cream girl, ask the 3 chicas who are walking down the street ... be aggressive and have fun. jwadd, i will be disappointed if i hear that you don't get at least 2-3 numbers from a walk through the street tiendas. beware though: centro has a lot of pick-pockets, so be especially careful with respect to you cash. it should be easy for a taxi driver to take you to centro for 4-7 ns. i wouldn't stay there past sun-down ... however.
((3b)) go to larco mar and enjoy the site of the ocean ... maybe have a snack. once in a while, you'll find a girl standing/sitting alone. if you like her, act fast and get her number. quite frankly, she may or may not be amenable to you actions, but - heck - it's your adventure. if she says 'no,' it's her loss; you should save your gringo-laden company and (achem) talents for the next girl who says 'yes.'

(4) for the mid-late afternoon, before the sun sets, go to one of the following places:
((4a)) *cucardas* - 330-0370/423-7202/431-6891, 875 ricardo treneman, alt cdra 9 av colonial y argentina, taxi, 15ns entry, 30-40ns - 40 rooms
((4b)) *trocadero/la salvaje*, 18th street of avenida argentina in callao, (4)5pm to 9(10)pm w/peak at 7pm (taxi 4us, 10ns entry, 15ns) - note: not open until about 5pm.
both of these places will require for you to ask for a taxi to take you there, wait for you, and take you back. you should be able to do the trip for 10-15 ns, but beware of inflation if (1) you look very gringo and (2) if you don't speak fluent spanish.

(4) before dinner, go to an internet cafe in miraflores and go to *placeresdelperu.com*. if you really like what you see, you can set up either (1) having them come to your place for 150-200 ns for 1-2 hours, or (2) going to their place - my preference - for 100 ns for 1-2 hours. usually, they work from morning till about 8-10pm ... call them if you're interested.

(5) hopefully, by the evening, you can hang out with with a girl or two who you had already contacted from lunch or the early afternoon. if not (which i sincerely hope would not be the case) ... do not go to places like club 69, suites de barranco, or tequila rock ... unless you want to spend freely on what can be had for much less, if not free; i had those same places on my pre-trip list as back-up, but never had to go to them. you're bad start to your lima trip is due to visiting some of the worst possible places (imo). what to do? give amilcar a call at 9-973-1676. he is very discreet about hooking gringos up, but be nice and say that a friend recommmend him to you. ask him if he knew of any good girls who can accompany you, and he should be able to help you - if he is not busy. if not ... call one of the call services. the newspapers have listings of escorts, as well - if you want more than what you see on my list. also, something that i didn't take advantage of when i was in peru - hang out with one of the guys from this board. have fun, and party! meet the locals, and branch out. rather than going to traffic, go to a pena in barranco - the locals in the penas love foreigners; i went to one named "de cajaro" and had a blast! mingle and start racking up your free/girlfriends for the evenings ... haha ... while reserving your mongering for the daytime. if you have a friend to go with ... try la parada in la victoria ... it's an experience (if you want to see wall to wall, inexpensive chicas ... albeit, in a grungy, edgy atmosphere - you have to see it to understand).

i also enjoy a decent "dining" itinerary, and here was mine (i obtained this via reviews from the internet):

restaurants (lima):

lunch: -mangos - svalo gutierrez 789, miraflores, 241-3239 - 7am-mid sun-th/24h f-sat - famous buffet/brunch, near ovalo gutierrez, contemporary
-el farolito - san martin 435, 445-3568 - best at lunch, full/delicious set menus, inexpensive/popular w/locals in quiet part of miraflores, budget
-la pergola - boulevard san ramon 225 - one of the best italian restaurants off diagonal, (w/chemnitz video pub + la glorietta pizzeria), moder.
-chifa kun fa - san martin 459, miraflores, 447-8634 - great peruvian-chinese food, near park & larco mar, moderate/budget
-chifa long - manco capac 483, miraflores - chinese restaurant, good set lunch, fried fish, inexpensive/moderate
-bircher benner - diez canseco 487, 444-5452 - vegetarian/health-food, miraflores, good lunch value, tropical fruit juices, moderate
-el ceviche de arturo - berlin 192 - centrally located lunchtime seafood restaurant, decent (but not the best) food in town, moderate

-cordano - jiron ancash 202 - traditional bar/restaurant, good value, 19/20 century decor, mon-sat 8am-11pm
-restaurant machu picchu - ancash 312 (near hostal españa), central lima - popular w/backpackers, good/cheap, set menus w/large portions
-cafe restaurant accllahuasy - ancash 400, central lima - 07:00-23:00 - another good budget choice with sandwiches/snacks/set meals.
-chifa capon - ucayali 774 - excellen/traditional limenan/chinese restaurant, good range, doesn't stay open late, moderate
-l'eau vive - ucayali 370, 427-5612 - opposite torre tagle palace, french food, nuns, mon-sat 12:30-245pm + 815-1030pm, $7+/lunch, $15-25

dinner: *astrid y gastón - cantuarias 175, miraflores - 444-1496- 12:30-3:30,7:30-midnight - $11-20/course - near parque central, chic modern colonial dining room and cozy bar w/high ceilings & art, criollo-mediterranean, fish, oysters, desserts
*la gloria - atahualpa 201 lima - 446-6504 - spanish - 6pm-1am - business/ chic crowd, fusion of int’l and catalan cuisine, great drinks, contemporary/mediterr. - 1 block from ave pardo, refined/chic, int'l/'suqet de peix'
*il postino - calle colina 401 - 446-8381 - $15-25 - open >8pm, early-1900s home on a side street in miraflores, delicious pasta dishes, friendly and personal, handmade pastas, excellent steaks
*la trattoria di mambrino - manuel bonilla 106 - 446-7002 - 1-315+8-11:15pm - families/young couples, homemade pastas (stuffed versions, such as the anglotti with three meats, rabbit, pork, and beef)
-valentino - manuel bañón 215 san isidro (441-6174) - 715-midnight - excellent, shrimp gratin, scallopina w/morilles, pasta, $25 special menu
-antico ristorante italiano di porto rotondo - recavarren 265, miraflores - 447-9575 - italian, $7-12/course - house w/bar and classic and well-prepared italian dishes: ravioli, risotto, gnocchi, and osso buco, as well as fresh fish
-antica trattoria - san martín 201, barranco - 247-5752 - 6pm-1am - warm/friendly italian, $7-12/course - several small dining rooms with rustic and simple wooden décor, gourmet pizza from wood-fired ovens, homemade pastas, osso buco.
-restaurante costa verde - playa barranquito, 477-2424/477-5228 - exclusive, seafood, 100/per buffet, expensive
-el señorio de sulco - malecon cisneros 1470, 445-6640 - noon-midnight, peruvian/diverse cuisine, piano, ocean view, expensive ($15-25/dish)
-gloria (la) - atahualpa 201, miraflores, 446-6504 - 6pm-1am - contemporary/mediterr. - 1 block from ave pardo, refined/chic, int'l/'suqet de peix'
-club suizo - genaro iglesias 550, miraflores - exquisite swiss cuisine, very pleasant environment, expensive
-curich - bolognesi 753, miraflores, 444-5005 - few blocks from parque del amor, restaurant piano-bar, snack bar, tamales, moderate
-la rosa nautica - espigon 4, costa verde, 447-0057 - seafood, pier/ocean view in miraflores, seafood, expensive (set $20-30, a la carte $50+)
-las brujas de cachiche - avenida bolognesi 460,447-1883/444-5310 - 12:30pm-12:30am, classy, peruv/col/ica meals, expensive ($25-30/meal)
-trattoria don vito - martín dulanto 111, miraflores - 445-8156 - $15-35 - italian - countless varieties of pasta, friendly, great pizzas and desserts
-las mesitas - grau 323, barranco, ½ block n of parque municipal - 477-4199 - $5-15 - old-fashioned café, sweets, mazamorra morada
-alfresco - carabaya 445 / 445-4311, 444-7962 miraflores; 422-8915; 440-5099 santa luisa; san isidro, $15-25, chains specializing in seafood

-el otro sitio - calle sucre 317, barranco, criolla dishes w/music, close to puente de suspiros, wed-sun 8pm-midnight, moderate
-chifa lung fung - avenida republica de panama 3165, san isidro, 441-8817 - best chinese restaurant, gardens, expensive, $15-35

cafe: -larco pan café - av. larco 1106, miraflores - 445-3801 - inexpensive - 830-2300 - pizza, pasta, sandwich café
-la tasca - avenida comandante espinar 300 - good, lunch set menu, 3-5us, miraflores, budget
-cafe cafe - matir olaya 250 - 'groovy' coffee shop, 'place to be seen', rock music, just off diagonal in miraflores, daily 10am-mid., snack-bar/cafe
-piccolo cafe - diez canseco 126, miraflores - pleasant cafe near parque 7 de junio, inexpensive sandwiches/snacks/ice creams
-club haiti - diagonal 160 - hang-out, popular meeting place for locals, good but expensive snacks/drinks, daily 8am-midnight, cafe/snack-bar
-la tiendecita blanca - avenida larco herrera 111 - popular meeting place, good range of cakes/pastries but pricey, 8am-8pm qd, cafe/snack-bar
-media naranja - schell 130 at psje. porta, miraflores, 10am-3am daily, 446-6946 - parque kennedy, brazilian bar/restaurant, inexpensive

*what not to do: do what langer did (ie. going to tequila rocks and king spa).

in my opinion, lima's miraflores/larco mar district and barranco were decent, and i enjoyed the trolling through el centro and la victoria (but it's not for everyone). as for cusco, it's a whole different experience unto itself. if you're interested in adventure, the peru has plenty of it.

01-28-04, 21:15
Thanks for the advice Play2. I understand there might not be much to do in Aguas Calientes but I want to hit Machu Picchu at sunrise so I'm going to overnight there at least one night. Thanks for the great post. I'll let you know how it goes.


01-29-04, 03:08

Look just because I don´t agree with your opinion does not mean I didn't read the posts. Both my friend and I read all the posts, thats why we went to Lima in the first place. I tried out the places but I'm use to Rio / Bangkok / Amsterdam standards, Lima just does not do it for me.

I really think you guys make a great contribution to this board with all your informative posts about where to go, how to get there, safety and stuff.

The thing is the guys that like Peru/Lima like yourself and the other main contributors love it so much that I think you over sell the place.

For example IMHO

1. Hotel Las Palmas - cheap but not great, dirty and poorly furnished, ok for a night or two.

2. Pizza alley - poor food some ok women. Many pickpockets

3. The Turcos - ok but just not up the standard of the Brazil Thermas, Furnishings are poor, run down etc. few women 10 max most places.

4. Tocadero - cheap, dirty rooms and only some good looking women. not bad for a qiuck cheap fuck but not no great thing. Also maybe a little doggy for a gingro.

5. Callao area - just not a nice area to be in, bad vibe, I bet there are cheap dirty place but who cares.

6. General stuff: The city is full of pimps and beggers and other people looking for your dollars. Many places will overcharge gringos who don't speak fluent Spanish. In many places outside Miraflories and Barranco the city is ugly and run down. There is a general area of criminality about the place as well.

7. Weather: large part of the year the place is covered in cloud and is very hot.

Overall very cheap but you get what you pay for.

I also went to Cusco and didn´t like the p4p action there either. Nice town good for fun and Machu Picchu, I but not sex. The Peru jungle girls do nothing for me.

"La Curva" or "Santutis" simply horrible.

Mama Africas and Mama Americas just a couple of cheap clubs with music drink and some girls not great.

Just trying to put a bit for balance about the p4p scene. In other non sex Peru is a wonderful country to visit with friendly people, and great sites.

01-29-04, 21:00

Thanks for your post. The thing about these boards is that you have to take all these posts with a grain of salt. Unless you personally know someone from these boards and can trust their opinions/taste in girls/lifestyle/etc. you just have to be objective when you read these.

I'm going to Peru mainly to sightsee but I'm sure I'll see a few girls if they are hot. I'm not going to hobby just to hobby though. This trip will be a real adventure.

01-30-04, 04:52

Thank you for giving you opinion. I think that with a variety of perspectives one can make a better decision.


Member #4351
01-30-04, 16:04

If you read my posts you´ll see that we agree on many subjects. For example, my experiences in baños turcos have generally been negative...I think that they are way overpriced for what you get. I also have never described Peru as a P4P paradise. If it was I wouldn't be making at least two trips a year to SEA. However, when compared to the U.S., and IMHO Amsterdam, the great GFE possibilities plus cuties for a good price (if you know where to go and don´t WASTE your time and $$ in Tequila) make Peru a worthwhile mongering destination. Everyone has their favorite spots. But the fact is I live here....and I try to be fair with my comments.

02-02-04, 23:05
Has anyone been to a club called the "Garage" in the San Isidro area. I couldn't find anything on it when I did a search. I asked a girl from Buenos Aires about clubs in Lima and she said she heard it was a pretty good club. Anyone been to it? Thanks in advance.


Member #4351
02-03-04, 18:01

Never heard of it.

02-04-04, 19:49
No problem. I'll do my best to find it or other good spots while I'm there. Also, I'm surprised to read of so many internet cafes in remote cities. Can anyone explain why there are so many? Also, will GSM phones work there? Can you buy a local SIM card there? If so, where and what are the rates?

I'm not sure just how much I'll hobby since I don't find myself attracted to most Peruvians but I'm sure I'll find a few on my journey in April.

Also, today is really the first day I went back and read trip reports from Peru. Interesting stuff. Honestly, I think that I don't have much in common with a lot of the dudes down in Peru. Sounds like many dudes are looking for the lowest cost score which I find absolutely nothing wrong with. I usually stay in nice hotels but I want to get more of a feel for Peru so I'm staying in highly rated B&B type places in each of the cities I'm going to.

Sounds like there is a little something for everyone in Lima which is cool. "SomeBoyInLima" posted about www.suitesdebarranco.com. While he said it's not as nice as Blacks in Buenos Aires he mentioned there are hot girls there. Anyone know the prices? What are some other 'higher-end' type places? I'd especially be interested in advice/opinions from SomeBoyinLima since you've been to BA and sound like you also don't really go after the SW's type scene.

Thanks in advance.


02-05-04, 14:28
I thought I this funny- I hope she's oK

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) -- Peru is investigating claims that a beauty pageant contestant was lured to the West African nation of Gabon to become 67-year-old President Omar Bongo's lover -- and held for nearly two weeks when she refused.

Member #4351
02-05-04, 15:17
It´s been on the news the last three nights. Supposidly someone told her that there was a Miss Peace (or something) contest en Gabon and she was invited. She was offered more than $100,000 plus plane tickets for her and her FIANCE. Arrived in Gabon, fiance dropped at hotel, Miss Peru World taken to palace. Anyway, to make a long story short, she managed to escape with her inocence untouched (so she says) but she and fiance were held for more than a week until they managed to escape.

02-05-04, 17:16

GSM phones do work here in Peru, TIM is the local provider, and they will sell you a "chip" for S/. 150.00 - which is about $45.00. You may want to see what specials they have for phone and chip, in some cases for only S/. 50.00 more ($15.00), you can get an "unlocked" GSM phone which will work with other chips as well.

You mentioned, Suites de Barranco, some people I've talked to here in Lima, and possibly information on this board, indicates that they have cameras videotaping everything that goes on at "Suites". Keep this in mind if you do wind up there.


02-13-04, 19:21

I am in the states right now and I'll be in Lima in a few days for only a few days, so I have been trying to call some chicks from placeresdelperu.com and other sites too, but I can get my call through. I know that I have tried to call in differen ways but I can't get anything going. The number is ( to Lima) 011 51 1 + cellphone number, somebody told me to add a 9 before the cell, but still can't get anything. I've tried 1000 different ways.......... can anybody help me? .. can people block international calls in their cells in Lima? do they have caller ID and don't like to pick up international calls?

Thanks for the help in advance.


02-13-04, 22:40
I've sent you a PM, but for general information on calls to Peru from the US:

011 - International call
51 - Country Code - Peru
1 - City Code - Lima
9 - Code to indicate cell phone

Number - in format 999 9999

e.g. 011 1 51 1 9 999 9999

If the number you have starts with 7 or 8 it is a cell phone, all other numbers are normal phone lines and DO NOT require the 9.


Member #4351
02-13-04, 23:11
In other words, all cell phone numbers have 8 digits instead of the 7 digits of normal phones in Lima. The first digit is always "9". However all the cell phone numbers in the ads on the placeresdelperu page have the 9 already. You don't have to add another one.

Boy in Lima
02-14-04, 00:05

I remember youn helped indirectly with posts in BsAs boad when i traveled to Argentina.Glad to help you.

I'm posting in reply to your questions about the scene in Lima.
Well, you are right, i respect all the preferences of the board members but I dont like SW scene AT ALL , and that includes baños turcos and alike.
My perspective is Lima can't beat BsAs in terms of quality&quantity.I normally go for agencies (there are cheap agencies but you certainly can find the ones that can contact you with local known models).PM me if you are interested in these contacts.Prices for these girls..ranging from USD 100 up to USD 300..who know maybe more...but that is so far i ve tried)
Also, don't expect exhuberant girls because nature hasn't blessed most local women with exhuberant attributes.However, there are a brunnete girls that are really really beautiful in their

There are several clubs in town.However, if i had to recommend only one, that would be "Las Suites de Barranco".This place is located in (Avenue Republica de Panama 250) ,and it is the equivalent to Black in BsAs.Certainly, you will find a selection of probably the best girls in the hobby in this country.It's not cheap at all, it's not as classy as Black but IT'S the classiest in Lima.
You will find different types of girls here , from brunnets to "unnatural" blondes (i.e it's quite hard to find true blondes in Lima...but you can find this type in some agencies).This place SED to have even hotter girls than the one at present but certainly you will find one of your type.
Also, i have a contact of one girl here.Maybe you two can meet each other.
Entry fee is 80 soles (about $USD 23).Chica price is $USD 100 aprox.Each chica drink cost about $USD 12.You can take the girl out or stay in a hotel room (price...i am not sure ..but it is $USD 50 aprox).As you can see, it 's not cheap at all.At least for the regular local but I do prefer to spend my money regularly here or in agencies that in other places.

PM me if you are interested in more information such as contacts and agencies.

Disclaimer: i am NOT in any way related to any agency AT ALL.This is just a returned favor to you as your postings in BsAs helped me in my visit to that fantastic city.


Don River
02-14-04, 03:01
If you are going to be in Lima for some time and speak passable Spanish go to Brisas Tetticaca (I know I spelled that wrong) for an evening.

It is not a sex club or a bar. The have authentic Incan dances and a band. I have seen some of the most beautiful women in Peru there.

I have also met woman there that I was able to take out later. Most Peruanas want to meet a Gringo. Also the have a saying: "Que lo boca come, el poto (?) paga!"

Translated that means: "what the mouth eats, the pussy pays for." There is a sense of obligation that arises from going out with someone and letting them spend money on you.

Sorry about my spelling of some of these words, I do not read or write very well in Spanish.

The point is that there are a lot of woman who want to meet a gringo, andif you want to take a loner term perspective you might be pleasantly suprised.


02-14-04, 03:28
Thank you everybody for the response, I just noticed that it may the system that failed.... when I called in the morning , the calls just sounded as a busy signal... but when I tried later in the afternoon most of the calls got through. There are some cute chicks for some good prices.... It is funny some girls quoted me a 150 soles per hour and when I asked for an all nighter they replied with a 100 dollars quote...don't know if they realize the exchange rate or what.... but I rather get an all nighter for those prices. On the other hand a lot of those girls seem to charge an all nighter per hour rather thatn a price for the night.
In my opinion Argentina is a better place for chicks because there are more chicks and most of them include "The SPECIAL" (anal) in their price compared with the peruvian chicks that their special isn't included in their price.

By the way ... do the cellphones that those chicks use have caller ID? ,,... because I ususally don't tell them that I am calling from the USA because their prices would increase faster than a bullet. Some chick told me that the number she got ( my number) was from the states (even though it was I wonder how?) .....so I wonder.
Thank you for the help though.


Member #4351
02-14-04, 16:06
1. They have caller ID
2. The prices they gave you are the normal "peruvian" prices.
3. Maybe you should consider going to Argentina instead of Peru.

And a general question to other posters: If you want to pay U.S. / European prices for girls....why come to Lima for mongering in the first place?

Don River
02-14-04, 22:15

That is an excellent question! I'm with you.

You other guys look at the economic situation in Peru:

A bilingual executive secretary works 60 hours a week, probably has to fuck her boss, and has no job security. She may make $300.00 per month. Those jobs are few and far between. The average cab ride from point A to point B in Miraflores/ Barranco is 5 soles. It takes an awful lot of trips to make 150 soles to spend on a woman. These people do not have money to throw around on women.

When Gringos and other extraneros drive up the prices it makes it hard on everybody. Mexico used to be real reasonable. Now many places are as pricey as the US. I've seen woman in Mexico that are 5's asking double or triple what the same woman would cost in Amsterdam.

Don't believe the stories these services tell you. There is not a huge number of people waiting in line to spend $200 -$300 for a woman. Peru is a poor country. Unless you weigh 400 pounds, are uglier than home made sin, and have some apparent disease you should not have to spend that much money.

ElKarl: They realize the exchange rate. There are not many chances for them to pickup $100 hard currency. Besides who knows maybe they will get lucky and some one will fall for them.

02-15-04, 03:50

I think that some posters might be businessmen that are in Lima or others that are going to Machu Picchu and only spending a few nights in Lima. I'm not going to Peru to hobby but as always if I'm in the mood then I'll see a girl. I have yet to find a place that can beat Buenos Aires in terms of quality of the city, quality of the people, quality of the girls and prices.

Also, I'm not sure what you consider to be US or European pricing but a high class quality girl in the USA goes for about $300 an hour. In Europe it can be as high as 300 Euros ($400) an hour. I don't hobby in the USA anymore but I have in Europe while I've been in vacations.

I'm sure I'll check out the spectrum of available services in Peru. I doubt I'll be running in the same circles of Nibu and his friends though. (Not that there is anything wrong with that....)

I PM'ed you SomeBoyInLima. Thanks in advance.


Member #4351
02-16-04, 22:16

I personally enjoy the different "levels" of girls available. As I have mentioned before, I found a real cutie at the Trocadero (20 soles or around $6 ST) who also worked at one of the, for me, sucker's clubs where the clients pay at least $80 for take out, plus bar fine. I don't generally bottom fish like Nibu (who to be fair, sometimes goes with the Emannuel girls). The truth is, that since I live here, and am single, I have almost no time, nor need to monger. As most visitors here can atest, finding a cute GF is incredably easy in Peru. That said, your comment regarding the situation of a business man here for a night is correct. However, there are many alternatives to overspending. Also, I think that visitors here are probably interested in more "latin" looking than European looking girls. These girls are generally cheaper due to the racist attitudes which exist in Peru. I know a bunch of these girls who generally charge between 100 and 150 soles ($30 - $40), and probably give better service than some of the more stuck up white skinned putitas.

Member #4351
02-17-04, 01:29
Saint, etc.,

A girl I know here who works with other "high priced" chicas called me today and gave me her e-mail. I think that she and her friends have a "delivery" service, but also escort, etc. Here it is:

girlperu2004@yahoo.com Her nom de guerre es "cute". I told her to send a pic. When I get it I´ll post it.

Q Bert
02-19-04, 01:06
Hello everyone,

I have been emailed by some chica's from Peru on a match website. So, I was thinking about flying from LAX to Lima for $600US for about 2 days to meet/fuck them (and check out some other action time permitting) then fly to BA from there after 2 days.

My questions:

1.) Is it worth my time? A direct flight from LAX to BA is about 850 and LAX to LIM is about 600 plus 450 to catch a flight from Lima to BA. In essence, about 250 more to spend a couple of days in Lima adding this segement as opposed to flying straight to BA.

2.) In your opinion, would the Peru girls from the match website give me any trouble getting them in the sack in short time? They are hot!

3.) Are there less expensive (then 450) alternative flights from Lima to BA?

4.) For those who have been to BA and Lima: Should I forget the whole Lima thing even with the two hot girls waiting for me? I only have 10 days total for the whole trip and was planning March 19, 20th in Lima then 20th through 28th in BA then back to Lima on the 29th for the last day and return flight.

Sorry for the long email and so many questions. Just trying to make some decisions here. It's been difficult!!

Thanks all!


Q Bert
02-19-04, 05:21
Hello Everyone,

I was looking into escort services in Lima and I ran across this one: http://www.bellasvip.net/index_en.phpinternet .

The girls on this are HOT but there is no pricing listed. My guess is that it is expensive. Does anyone have any experience with this site?



02-19-04, 17:02
Just back from Lima. Not much of a trip, all work and limited play. I did manage to squeeze off a round or two on a couple of afternoons when I escaped from the confines of wife, in-laws, and business meetings. Seeing as how time was limited, I had to go with what was close at hand and easy to find. I stopped in to a massage place on Avacion. I was just going to go for a manual release (not the best looking or slimmest girl), but every time I get in one of those situations, I can’t help myself and I end up grabbing my wallet to shell out a little extra for pussy. I have to laugh, sometimes I feel like a 12-step recovering alcoholic that keeps falling off the wagon.

Anyway, I’ll be back in a few months and will do my best to gather better info at more places and buy a round of beers for those who post.

02-20-04, 06:54
To Clempson Tigers:

I think it is worthy to stop over in Peru and sample the girls there. Just make sure to do a Peruvian and nothing else. The same thing goes for Buenos Aires, do a local girl, there you have to be more carefully because there are so many girls from different countries doing business there. Why go so far to do somebody from the Caribbean, Brazil, Paraguay and even Russia? Typical local girls are very nice and sweet whether is in Peru or Argentina.

Good luck

Big Johnson
02-20-04, 14:12
Clemson tigers,

I have been to both BA and Lima. You will get two completely different experiences in both places. The quality of the girls in BA will normally be much better. You probably will pay a 30-50% premium.

In Lima, the experience will tend to be less rushed. More GFE. You can go by the hour or finding an all nighter is more likely. Your Mileage May Very depending upon the situation. But, I find girls in BA more professional than Lima. But, BA is less professional than other destinations, like Mexico City, Caracas, and of course the US.

There is not much to see in Lima. But, the food and people are nice for a couple of days vacation.

You could look to LACSA (or one of the groupo TACA airlines) as an option. You might get Costa Rica, Lima and BA all in one trip. Also, booking from BA or any other destination country normally can lower your rate. If you have a local contact that helps.

As far as the marriage agencies and the web sites, take a look at this forum.


It is in Spanish but it posts specific reviews of girls, much like Forum Sexi Dicas for Brazil. They talk about the web site you mention and others. The also mention that some of the girls that work the program are also listed on a marriage web site called www.americansingles.com and www.peruvianladies.com.
This will take you strait to the topic.


It’s actually pretty funny because the note that at least two that they know.

My opinion, is I would pick either Lima or BA. If you really want to experience two countries use Groupo Taca and stop in Costa Rica then Lima. Or use Avianca go to Bogota and then Lima. Or Fly to BA and jump off from there to either Rio, Sao Paulo, or take the hovercraft to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Hope this helps.

Member #4351
02-20-04, 15:28

2.) In your opinion, would the Peru girls from the match website give me any trouble getting them in the sack in short time? They are hot!

The girls from the Match site want to get married, not laid. You might get lucky on a first date, but I doubt it.

Go to BA.

Big Johnson
02-20-04, 17:38
Anybody know if the Double Tree is guest friendly? I am choosing between the Marriott and the Double Tree. Another option is the Sheraton but I don't like that part of town.

I Jags
02-21-04, 05:41
Where is BA that people keep referring too?


I Jags
02-21-04, 06:12
Does anyone know when the rainy season starts and ends?


02-21-04, 12:31
I Jags -- The BA refers to Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place with alot of good looking blondes and brunettes and to me the best women in South America.

Personally I think BA is a great city, but I am going to Peru in April for the 1st time.
I'll be checking out the ladies there.

Take care

Member #4351
02-21-04, 23:27

It doesn´t rain in Lima. Now is the rainy season in the mountains, i.e. Puno, Cuzco, Huancayo. In the jungle areas, i.e. Iquitos, Pucallpa, Tarapoto it rains all year around...some times a little...sometimes a lot.

02-23-04, 14:59
I am headed to Peru in March. It's my first time to SA and also first time using pros. I've read through the postings and have a general idea. But I speak no Spanish and was wondering if I could even order escorts using only English let alone girls at clubs. I appreciate any help and I'll be sure to post reports/photos when I return. Thanks.

Member #4351
02-23-04, 15:17

You shouldn't have too much trouble, although obviously speaking some spanish is a help. Its an exremely simple language to learn. Anyway plenty of girls speak some English. I¨ll be out of the country between the 11 and 16, but if you're here before or after my trip I could probably get together with you and give you some tips. You can pm me if you want.

02-23-04, 16:40
Hey Clemson Tigers,

I'm also headed there in April. I've been corresponding with someone that works at that Agency you listed. They have girls 24 hours a day he mentioned. They have 12 girls. They look HOT from that website. I'm curious to see if it's a bait and switch though. The prices are $80 for one hour plus 20 soles for taxi or $140 for completo (anal) plus 20 soles for taxi.

Hopefully those girls are as hot as on the website. (http://www.bellasvip.net) If anyone has any experience with this agency, please post your experiences. Good luck.


P.S. Thanks David33. I emailed that girl and I'll see what she sends me back. I'm not sure how much time I'll have to hobby as I know some normal girls in Lima that I'll probably spend time with.

Member #4351
02-23-04, 18:05
I never mentioned bellasvip. They are charging too much and I have references that the photos are fake. I only mentioned placeresdelperu. There is a monger club here in Lima that rates the girls and checks if they are fakes or not. If you want, I can give you the names of the girls who have the best ratings.

Member #4351
02-23-04, 18:14
Here are some placeresdelperu girls that have good reviews:

Abigail, Alejandra, Cielo, Ellen (Blanca), Gabriela (Marocha), Harumi, Jennifer.

That should give you a starting point. Generally charge around $40 to $45 for an hour plus $6 to $8 for taxi...if you don't want to go where they are.

Q Bert
02-23-04, 23:06
Hi Saint,

I am planning on being there the first week in April. Maybe we could hook up.

David 33: Thank you for the information.

Bellsvip emailed back with very high prices. $90 per hour and $400 for all night. This is way too much in my opinion.


02-24-04, 03:23

Damn. Tell me it isn't so. :( I'm still going to try that other website. IMHO, I don't really find the girls on that Placeresdelperu site to be that hot. Call me jaded. I really hope there are some of those girls that aren't bait and switch. Personally, I'd rather pay a little more and have a super hottie. Thanks for the info.

Q Bert
02-24-04, 09:19
You are telling me, Saint. I almost cried (man tears) when I got skinney on bellavip!

02-24-04, 15:43

Thanks for the offer, I sent you a PM. I was also going to try the upscale looking escort websites if anything because I figured they spoke some English. That's a shame if the pictures are fake.

Member #4351
02-24-04, 16:30
If you guys INSIST on spending big bucks, then simply go to the Emannuel, Eclipse, or any of the other clubs. You can easily spend your $100 - $150, and won´t have to worry about fake photos.

02-24-04, 18:21

Do any of those clubs you mentioned have websites? Can you post addresses of them? Also, are the girls as hot as some of those on that website? I don't think it's a matter of guys "insisting" to spend "big bucks". $80 might seem like a lot compared to the relative cost of other cheaper options in Lima but I'm sure many are like me. They aren't going to Lima specifically to hobby. They are there on business or there to visit Machu Picchu and only hitting Lima for a few nights.

My theory is why go halfway across the world and only settle for a girl only because she is cheaper. I'm sure there are lots of cheaper options and there always will be. A guy should see whom he is attracted to. It's not about wasting money. The same thing can be said about nice cars or nice jewelry. One guy might think it's a waste to spend $3,000 on a Rolex or a Tag while another appreciates it. Why buy a Mercedez when you can buy a Ford? The answer is because you enjoy the extra little comforts and you can afford it. It's no different in this case.

Thanks for the info.


Member #4351
02-24-04, 21:19
No web sites. However some of the girls on the cueros website work in the clubs: www.cueros.com.pe . Any cab driver will be more than happy to take you there. The Emmanuel is a block away from a couple of other clubs. The "famous" "suites of Barranco" which has gone downhill from its heyday a few years ago (filmed politicians in the act), can cost you $300 including entrance, drinks, girl, etc. So you can go there if you REALLY want to waste your money. For the same $300 you can have entrance fee plus 40 different girls in the trocadero.

Don River
02-24-04, 23:39
Big Johnson:

The Mariott is no problem, but pricey.

Try the Maria Angola in Mira Flores, You can get a suite with sauna and Jacuzzi for about $80.00 per night incuding breakfast. They don't give you a hassel about women as long as you are discreet.

One of the big marriage/ introduction outfit uses that hotel because they hod there events right across the street.


Left Fielder
02-25-04, 02:31
Saint wrote, "Do any of those clubs you mentioned have websites? Can you post addresses of them? Also, are the girls as hot as some of those on that website?"


There's about 18 clubs (many of which are on the "higher end") listed here with their addresses and telephone numbers. Each of these site also have pictures of their clubs and some picture of chicas.

Below is a picture of a chica that I had been with from Emmanuel Club. It's a professional picture. I had been with her a few months ago for business and, of course, some nightly pleasure. I spent $120 for 2 hours at my place (La Hacienda) with her. Sparing details, she was NOT as irresistable as she looks in the picture, she was still very high quality (in my opinion) and well worth it. FYI, the Hacienda is about 5 blocks from Larco Mar/oceanside, is relatively nice, has a busy casino (as does the Marriott), and is chica friendly (as long as you are discreet about it).

02-25-04, 02:59

No. I won't be spending THAT kind of money there. There is one thing between $80 and another between $300. Thanks for all your info. I'll be there in a few months so I'll post upon arrival. Thanks again.

Member #4351
02-25-04, 16:17
Left Fielder´s port is excellent for those who are interested in the "higher end" girls. I think that as far as the service goes, its like anywhere else, sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes the most expensive give the lousiest attention...(like many of the go go girls in thailand).

02-25-04, 17:04
Thanks Left Fielder! This is what the site is all about. Sharing good quality information. Can anyone tell me the specific details of these clubs? What is the entrance fee? How much do the drinks generally cost? Exit fee for taking out a girl? That kind of stuff.

Also, when you go to the Suites de Barranco site http://www.suitesdebarranco.com/ it lists "shows". What kind of shows are they? The girls at the Emmanuelle Club look hot. $120 is doable but definitely not the $300 that David quoted.

Just an FYI. I emailed Bellavip asking if the photos are genuine. They emailed that the photos are 100% real so I'll see when I get there.

Member #4351
02-25-04, 21:30
Saint, I´m pming you with how a Peruvian came up with that figure. Since its in Spanish...I can´t post it here.

Super David
02-25-04, 23:11

I will be in Lima from the 2 to the 5th.

If you are there around the same time, let's have a Pisco Sour.

02-26-04, 06:01
Super David,

Would join you but only there from 9 to 11th before heading to Cusco. Have fun down there.

Boy in Lima
02-27-04, 00:04

Costs in Suites de Barranco (entry fee+your drink+her drink+fun with her ) start from $USD 200 aprox.
Shows in Suites de Barranco are not any other thing that girls dancing on stage.Not the kind of show that you are used to in Black.
I'd not spend my money in trocadero instead of Suites.But again, it is just me.

No, girls pics on Emmanuelle web site are NOT real...AT ALL.

The same thing goes for Bellas Vip.Pics on their website are fake.Or you can try and you will say i was right if you want :)


Left Fielder
02-27-04, 06:17
Boy in Lima,

I apologize, and I don't mean to 'call you out' - however, I can confirm that at least one pic on the Emmanuel page is real. I'm not an expert on Peru, but I do know what I've experience and seen with my own eyes. Perhaps, my experience with the chica was rare/lucky, and it is possible that many of the pics are fake. However, I do not believe that all of them are faux. Just my two cents.

Boy in Lima
02-27-04, 23:36
left Fielder, no, I haven't felt disproved at all.

Eventually, you can find real pics on night club websites , but this is extremely rare.Girls in Lima are not very pleased when her pic is posted in this kind of websites.
Pretty much different in BsAs, where several escort services post retouched but real pics of girls.

As a general rule, at least for Lima, you'd better go and check the girl first.

Lima Busy
03-01-04, 19:37
Hi all,

I am a newbie to the boards. I started reading back in August as I was considering a move from the U.S.A. to Costa Rica. I wanted to meet some chicas before I left on a trial trip, so I joined one of the free Latin sites on the web. I am 50 and all the chicas did not care about the age difference.

After joining the site I was inundated with chicas from Columbia and Peru, but not one from Costa Rica. After a quick check of airfares I realized I could only afford to visit one country in my 2 week time frame.

In short the hottest ones were spread all over Columbia, but the highest concentration was in Lima, Peru. I was not interested in chicas who wanted to come to the U.S.A and after many exchanges of emails and photos and IM’s, I narrowed it down to two GFE experiences and a swinger couple with a 50y/o who wanted to watch me do his 30 y/o wife.

My plan was a "simple one". I had met an 18 y/o and a 22 y/o convinced I was coming to Peru as I wanted to start my life over in a new country. In the beginning everybody was cool that I wanted to see the country and meet the other girls I was corresponding with. As time got closer they both wanted to meet me at the airport and became jealous that I was planning on seeing my other "internet amigas"

(I did not know it at the time but my favorite chica who said she was 18 was only 16 at the time.) A word of caution! These sites do not verify age.

Time for a new plan!

I decided to tell the chicas I was arriving on two different dates and staying for one week. I proceeded to book two different hotels and told the young one I was coming in at 5am and would call her after I showered and rested.

The first hotel was the Colonial Inn on Comandante Espinar. I had a suite with a Jacuzzi for $98.00 per day including breakfast.

I would not recommend this hotel as there was not enough hot water for the 2 person Jacuzzi and one time when I had 3 girls in the room they were only allowed to stay for 30 minutes.

The second hotel was the Hotel Ariosto, La Paz Y Bolivar. It is $54.00 a night for single or double and is chica friendly. Also a great buffet breakfast every morning. Book for two and her breakfast is included. Not to tout the hotel but it is in walking distance of Pizza Alley and Tequila rocks and Larco Mar.

I arrived at the airport at 11pm and both my hotel taxi and chica were waiting. WUW!

The 22 y/o was hot. She only had 2 lovers in her life. Never did a 69, or CIM.

She lived with her parents in San Miguel about 20 mins by taxi from Miraflores.

It is always amazing to me how on the internet you can skip the whole dating process and when you meet for the first time can get right down to business. We proceeded to DFK in the taxi, I told her to wait as I did not want to go into the hotel with my flag at full staff.

The first night in the hotel, she left at 4am. I showed her every position I could remember and finished CIM as I can count on 1 hand the number of times I have used a rubber.

A tip for you mongers. I actually prefer CIM and use the rubber thing as an excuse for chicas to reward me after a good f**k with great self control.

Needless to say but we were together day and night for a week and I barely left my hotel. When the first week ended, my Chica wanted me to stay. I granted her wish of another week, but told her I had to switch to a less expensive hotel.

The hotel switch went smooth and I contacted the 15 y/o as my new novia was back at work. For the next week I would spend the days with "young girl" and the nights with my novia. I had a great taxi driver for the day that used to shuttle the girls back and forth to my hotel at the appropriate times and totally understood my situation. I would have lunch with young chica and dinner with novia every day at the same restaurant. The waiters loved me and treated each girl with the utmost of respect.

Unfortunately I had to give up young one due to her age. But I will never forget her 5’9 frame, perfect body and piercing black eyes.

Maybe in a couple of years when she is legal and things have cooled off with my novia I will look her up again.

I can not post pictures as one girl is to young and the other is my current novia.

The swinger couple which I contacted but never did the deed, is listed on Chicas.com

Thanks to all of your inspirational postings, for better or worse this site has changed my life.


Lima Busy

I Jags
03-02-04, 06:04
I will be in Peru March 18th through the 29. Mostly available from 24th to the 28th. I speak little Spanish. I believe David lives there and I hope to get a drink with him and some advice. Anyone else there, feel free to let me know.

Member #4351
03-02-04, 15:12
Lima Busy,

It looks like things worked out fine for you. However you didn't make it clear if the girls knew that you were just interested in having a good time. From my experience with the latin girl web sites, the majority are looking for:

1. A way out of Peru, or
2. Marriage, or
3. Both

I personally think that it is bad karma to lead the girls on just to get laid. But that´s just my personal view, and I realize that it is probably a minority one (at least on this board). The Peruvian girls have the idea the "gringos" will treat them with more respect than the Peruvians who have a machista mentality and that includes being sincere. There is a big difference between hanging out with working girls or free lancers who obviously realize what the deal is, and normal girls "de su casa".

Lima Busy
03-02-04, 16:05
Response to pm’s

Leftfielder and I Jags,

The sites I have used are MejorAmor.com and Latinamericancupid.com.


I am not into the bar scene anymore, so you would be better served reading other reports.

In my experience most good girls do not go out at night during the week, unless it is for a date.

If you want to spend $100.00 for dinner for two, Rosa Nautica on circuto la playas.

It is the most romantic restaurant in Lima. It is a tourist trap like “Tavern on the Green” in N.Y.C., But the owner speaks English and it is sure to impress that special lady.

For $30 for two try Vilvadino’s (maybe misspelled) a Northern Italian restaurant in Larco Mar. It is on the second level on your right as you face the ocean. The food and service is very good and the view of the ocean will put any chica in the mood.

If you are staying in Miraflores try a hotel within a few blocks of Parque Kennedy. At night you have Calle Pizza. Tequila rocks, Traffic and a host of other bars cafes and restaurants.

During the day it is perfect for meeting chicas in the stores and on the street. Scope out the different hair salons. When you see a hot chica working, go in and get a cheap haircut or manicure. It is a great way to meet a chica and you have a captive audience for 30 minutes and no competition.


Lima Busy
03-02-04, 16:42

I just wanted to say I have followed your past reports and I respect your opinions. Your thoughts regarding normal girls are right on. I would also add that they are very sensitive and very possessive of their “Gringo” boyfriends.

Every peruana I have ever talked too has made a point of telling me, they do not like latino men because they are machista. Another term they use a lot is philanderers. I do not know where they get the idea that Norte Americanos are any different, as our divorce rates are 50% and that’s only for the ones who were caught in the act.

I do not wish to get into a pi**ing contest with you, as I said before I am in agreement. I also believe that there is room on this board for both the pro and amatuer hobbiest.

I made a mistake in my first posting. Initially I told all the girls from the various countries that I was planning on moving. This was true, I just had not decided on which country. In the end I am moving to Peru to be with my current chica.

I always treat normal girls with respect and have taken many a poor girl to Paris or Italy for a long weekend. In my 50 years and countless girlfriends, I doubt any have regretted the dating experience I have provided.

Final comment,

In the end all is fair in love and war. If you are not marrying them, you are just f**king them.

Don River
03-04-04, 13:35
Lima Busy:

Good luck in your new life!

One thing that you be missing is the distinction between a "prostituta" and a "puta fina" - at least in the mind of a Peruana.

The girls that work the clubs and calle pizza are prostitutas in the minds of most Peruanas.

I had a friend in Lima whose sister in law took up with a 56 year old man when she was 18. He purchased her an apartment, cars, and gives her about $2,000 per month. She has been with him for 23 years. She is classified as a "puta fina". That is socially acceptable. As David_33 pointed out, most of these girls want a better life.

Your 22 year old "novia" may be expecting more than you are prepared to deliver financially. Cuidate! Lima can be dangerous for gringos. Most Latinos resent gringos for their arrogance and percieved wealth. They may treat women like shit, but they can be overly protective of daughters, sisters, and cousins that are mistreated by gingos.

Perhaps I've misinterpreted your post - if I did I apologize in advance- but if you were fucking a 15 or 16 year old girl, somebody should bust a cap on you. I'm a couple years older than you. In my book, having sex with someone that age is child molestation.

Member #4351
03-04-04, 21:18
Don River,

I think I know who the younger girl is that Lima Busy was talking about. Her mom has put her photo on a couple of the pages saying she is 18...but is now I think, 16. At the age of 14 she was living for some months with a 60 yr. old Italian guy. The Mom uses her as a lure in order to get to know foreigners. Her business is fixing up other Peruvian ladies (most older than 30) with foreigners who want to get married. That said, the girl looks at least 18...has boobs that look to be at least 38s. Lima Busy wasn't being a child molester....don't worry. By the way, I didn't do anything with her either. You've got to remember that in many Latin countries, 16 year old girls are regularly getting laid by the kids in the neighborhood. Although the age of consent in Peru is 18 this kind of thing is overlooked AMONGST PERUVIANS. If you're a tourist I suggest sticking to the over 18s....STRONGLY SUGGEST it. A Peruvian jail is not a nice place to be....additionally any foreigner who uses drugs here is also asking for it.

Lima Busy
03-04-04, 23:37

I think you hit the nail on the head with your description of that young girl. If I remember her birthday was in august. She told me she was bait for her mothers business, but in my case wanted me for herself. I have to admit I was quite suprised you knew who she was as I only mentioned her height. I am quite impressed. Hopefully your warning and insight will be beneficial to others on the Lima board.

Don River,

You can put your gun away. I never did her.

She did not speak a word of english and I only speak turist spanglish. As soon as I figured out her age, I stopped seeing her.

For the record I have a daughter the same age.

I am not a rich gringo, with nothing better to do then [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) my money away. I am however in the process of moving to Lima in the hopes of making a go of it with my current Hottie. I do spoil my young girlfriends with attention, love and I enjoy cooking for them as well. I have had many 20 something year old girlfriends in the states and know when I am being sucked dry. (pun intended)

I thank you for your opinions and hope one day I can give back to the board.


I Jags
03-06-04, 00:26
Great info David, thanks. Look forward to meeting soon.

Member #4351
03-06-04, 18:26
I´ll be here. Get ready to change your life.

John W #2
03-08-04, 01:13
Lima Busy,

Thanks for your great reports. I am planning a similar e-mail campaign myself once my Spanish improves. Would you expand on how you had such great success with limited language skills. It seems like you really hit the ground running. Did you focus primarily on women who only spoke some English, and if so did that eliminate most of the prospects? Did you or the ladies initiate the contacts? Did you e-mail in English or Spanish? How were you able to develop things with the 18 year old if she spoke no English? Is your assessment that you only speak “tourist Spanglish” an understatement? I am amazed at what you achieved without much knowledge of Spanish. Your success is an inspiration.

Lima Busy
03-08-04, 21:18
John W #2,

I wish you good luck on your trip! I will preface my report by saying you should read David_33’s response on Latin dating sites, as he appears to have some good knowledge.

That being said this is how I proceeded.

1. Placed free add on two websites.

2. Posted two good quality photos.

3. Stated that I was planning to move from U.S.A to Latin America (in my case a true intention. As I posted before I wanted to move to Costa Rica) and looking for new friends in 18-55 age group. I do not know your age, but most young women are leery of older guys who are only looking for 18-25 y/olds.

4. Answered all other questions truthfully, to avoid getting tripped up later. My experience in the states is that most guys do not take the time to write anything meaningful and heartfelt in the “about you sections”. as here in N.Y. it is all about hooking up. IMHO Latinas are relatively new to the internet dating experience and are very aware of sexual tourism in their countries. I actually did not know about this site and the mongering opportunities in Latin America until recently. (My bad!)

I placed the ad approximately 2 months before my actual trip.

I never approached any women on the site preferring to be approached instead.

Although a lot of women say they speak English the reality is quite the opposite.

When I placed the ad the only Spanish I knew was “1-5, gracias, por favor, uno mas and maybe 20 other words.”

I quickly realized this was not going to cut it and bought a dictionary, phrase book and a cd-rom basic Spanish program.

The life saver for me was when a young Peruvian girl told me about the AltaVista Babel Fish translation program. To this day I keep the toolbar up on my computer to translate Spanish websites, letters, etc.

Within the first 2 weeks I had been contacted by at least 40-50 women. About half had no photos in there profiles. ½ where from various cities in Columbia and Mexico, ½ from Lima, Peru. ½ over 40, 30% in there 30’s and the balance 18-29.

I answered all letters and requested photos from those who had none. If no photo was received I cut off contact.

By far the prettiest IMHO were from Columbia (sorry Limenos).

I narrowed the prospective list to five 7 or 8’s in Lima and 2 tens in Columbia, based on looks and content of emails.

I could not email 7 chicas several times a week and was leery of going to Columbia (a decision I regret and will rectify in the near future) so I narrowed it down to the final four in Lima. After the first month as the relationships heated up the emails went from friends to all wanting to take it to the next level. It was at this point the photos some of the girls started sending became quite suggestive in an effort to put their best ASSets forward.

We all then moved on to MSN & Yahoo instant messaging to take it to the next level. Two had DSL in their homes so I bought them each web cams (a small investment that reaps great rewards). Two blew me off after I repeatedly called them by other girl’s names. All the girls knew I was coming to Lima soon and planned to spend time with each of them.


Read my earlier post for the story ending.

Lima Busy
03-09-04, 02:20
John W #2

Some additional observations:

The young girl and I had the best email conversations. She came across as very intelligent and worldly for a woman who purportedly was only 18. After 1 month of emails she confided in me that she was in fact 17 in July when we first talked but as of August was now 18. She also told me the age of consent in Peru was 14 and many girls married at 15. Irregardless even in a foreign country American laws prevail for American citizens, so 18 is the magic number. At the time the mother was aware I was 50 and was very supportive of us meeting and dating. When we meet in person she was extremely shy and we could not communicate with words. This and the fact that she was not 18 is what quickly ended our relationship. In retrospect I am sure someone else was writing her emails.

The first time I met her I had a driver/bodyguard with me. I went to her house with 2 dozen roses for her and a large floral bouquet for her mother. Her mother met me at the door and was extremely

Hospitable. Because I thought she was 18, I insisted her mother had a copy of my passport. We proceeded to go out to several museums where I hired a bilingual tour guide. I was a little embarrassed in the museums as she was very carinoso.

Afterwards we went to Larco Mar for lunch. In N.Y.C when I show up in a restaurant with a 20 something I get the look of jealousy from the guys and what I call the “Death Ray” gaze from the women over 40.

In Europe “it’s all good” and is more a pissing contest over who has the best chica.

Peru, I guess is someplace in the middle. In Lima I always draw stares because of my looks or my blond hair/blue eyes or maybe the age difference of the chica. I will never know but it has always lead to a lot of laughs and made the chica feel special in a country that most definitely has a caste system.

Lest I digress. On our first date, I ordered a double Jack Daniels on the rocks at lunch. By the way it appears Latin America is Johnnie Black country. The waiter proceeded to ask the young lady what she wished to drink. A few minutes later the waiter appeared with two drinks. We toasted each other and only after the look on her face did I realize she asked for the same drink. She actually downed two like a champ before I realized this was probably her first Northern Italian restaurant experience and her first Whiskey.

DUHHHH! I have to apologize here as anyone who drinks Jack straight is a buddy of mine.

After a quiet lunch we do Larco Mar and then my driver heads over the bridge to Parque Amor.

Twilight comes and before my 22 year old gets to the hotel, I must end the day with young chica.

Day 2 which is actually day 9 for me in Peru.

Eduardo my driver and I pick up young chica in her casa. I spend some time with the mother taking pictures and outlining our day together. We hit the private Gold/Weapons/Mummy museum for a few hours and it is pretty cool. After it is back to Larco Mar for lunch and a Pina Colada for the young chica.

This time I bring Eduardo to the restaurant and leave to the cigar bar next door so they can speak. It is only after we take her home that Eduardo tells me she is only 16.

After lunch I have Eduardo take us to the bridge in Barannco. It is out of an Italian movie and needless to say it is very romantic. We make our way down to the bottom of the steps overlooking the ocean for some quiet time.

I am beginning to feel I am on the “Bachelor” television show. And she is as hot as they come. But alas it is 4pm and time to bring her home.

Day 3 with young chica!

Sorry got to go my current girlfriend is online. I will finish the story if anyone is interested.

Member #4351
03-09-04, 15:32
Lima Busy,

She came across as very intelligent, because her Mom writes the messages.

The "dating sites" can be extremely rewarding. Its good that you are honest with the girls.

The reality is that Peruvian females are so much more friendly than their U.S. or Canadian counterparts that one has to experience it to believe it. The "nomarriage.com" site is pretty much right on the money when it describes the Northamerican woman's attitudes. If you are one of the minority of U.S. citizens who don´t have a problem living outside the states or really want a wife to bring back, I think that Peru is a good option.

However the board is supposed to be about mongering. If you like more european looking girls, Argentina is the place. If you like more latin looking women then you´ll like Peru.

Lima Busy
03-10-04, 00:27
I Jags,

I understand you will be in Lima next week! Happy Hunting!

I am hoping to be back in June or July. I came across a Chica I would love to do next time I am there. She charges 80 soles por hour ($24) and has a tight little body. Check out the site below


You can ask David_33 if he knows where this location is. I believe it is in Independencia.

Please let me know if she is any good!

03-13-04, 04:01
I'm looking forward to my trip to Peru next month. I had low expectations for Cali and was pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to hitting Lima/Cusco/Aguas Caliente. I might fly in my Cali novia to come to Machu Picchu with me but if I don't I'll check out some of the action in Lima. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised. Thanks for all the good reports.

P.S. Those dating sites are the real deal. Most of the guys I know that have tried them didn't have too much luck but I can tell you there ARE gems out there. I'm not really into the girlfriend thingy right now. I like the simplicity of P2P. However, last year I tried amigos.com and I had so many fricking emails from girls from South America. Especially Columbia and Peru too. Many are just nice girls. Surprisingly many are educated. I ended up dating a hottie Mexican girl that spoke English and had a Master's degree. I ended up meeting her family but when it was clear she was looking for a husband I had to break up and move on. Check out some of those websites. There truly are some nice girls on them. I met some in Buenos Aires too.

03-14-04, 22:26
I´m in Cusco now but spent couple of days in Lima and had a chance to meet up with David. He took me to the Troc and it was a good time for sure. I found several girls of high quality and they only cost 20 Soles for about 25 minutes. I can see why now David insisted not going with clubs or escorts. By the way, David is a great guy and even put off a night out with a hottie to show me around.

I Jags
03-16-04, 04:10
Yes, I will be there late this week. Thanks, I have David's number. Hope he takes care of me to. I told him I'm buying the drinks. HaHa.

Big Johnson
03-16-04, 16:48
Has any one noticed a big push for BBFS in Peru lately. I picked up 3 different girls before ending up with a non-pro. All three went from BBJ to trying to put me in uncovered. One was from the paper, one from Tequila, and one from Calle del Pizzas.

I thought it was a strange trend.

Big Bubba
03-16-04, 22:50
Thats a sign that the girls are new, stupid, or HIV+ i would say the last one. I know when I have been in Lima the girls are pretty nice but always wear that face mask that snatch could be ugly.

Later mongers.


03-17-04, 04:19
Big Johnson,

I've only been with 3 girls from Peru. 2 hobby girls and 1 non-pro. 2 of them would have allowed BBFS. With the non-pro I admit I did it. The other was a popular provider so I didn't. No one wants to admit it but I think many guys go BBFS. Not smart but we don't think sometimes.

Personally I think if these girls are attracted to you, you are clicking, they feel some kind of interpersonal connection with you, and they trust you and you have good hygiene they will offer/allow it.

I've hobbied in Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland and USA where several providers have offered it to me. The way I figure if they are offering it to me they are offering it to others. I'm not so naive to believe I have some special gift. Be careful.

On a somewhat negative note I won't be hobbying at all in Lima or Peru for that matter. I'm flying in my novia from Cali. Best of luck to you all.


P.S. I meant what I said about the good hygiene. One dude I met two years ago in Buenos Aires had the worst hygiene of anyone I ever met in my life. He smelled like sh*t! His BO (body odor) was the worst I ever smelled. I almost vomited. He also had the same clothes on day after day I was told. Everyone I know that came in contact with him said the same thing. If you only do one thing while you're traveling... take a shower every day!!!! And use soap. I almost told this dude he smelled like crap...

Member #4351
03-17-04, 18:32
Not all that much HIV in Peru..compared to other locations. If the girl is a non-pro I think that you probably don't have to worry all that much. And given the extremely low probability of catching it from vaginal intercourse....I saw the ratios on a post in Nibu's area, (NOT FROM NIBU) and even the head of the VIH program here in Peru said it was around 3%.

Thanks Toronto, glad you had a good time. That last chiquita you were with was a real cutie.

03-17-04, 19:00
See new info in Peru classifieds.


Big Johnson
03-22-04, 21:23
Im depressed. I hooked up with a non-pro in Lima on my last visit. We have been conversing by phone and by mail after my visit. I met all of her family (Brothers, Sister, English Brother in Law) had a great time. Did some light shopping with her but nothing extravegent. We talked about getting together during my next visit.

What really got me depressed is her sister called me today. She hit me up for $600 because my Novia needs an operation. She was desperate. Now, I don't know if I am being scammed or if the situation is real. I've travelled too much to send that kind of money. But, I really thought I hooked into someone that was giving me the real GFE. Now, I feel cheated. Oh well live and learn.

Lima Busy
03-23-04, 00:00
Big Johnson,

I only wanted to let you know I empathize with you.

I too have a non-pro hottie in Lima. Two months after my first visit, she was depressed because she had run up $2,000 in debt on two credit cards to feed the family (all of whom I have met), after her father had lost his job for 4 months. I had her make arrangements to pay it over time and I sent her $500 a month for four months. I will never know if the story is true. She never asked me for the money! I offered it.

My only point:

Is the true GFE really free!

Best of luck!

Lima Busy

03-23-04, 01:14
I don't know the particulars of your relationship, but I am 99.999% sure you are being scammed. Same story I have heard from a lot of other mongers during my travels. I experienced the same situation in Mexico and I didn't give her any money and later she admitted that she had lied when I was back in Mexico.

03-23-04, 03:06

Big Johnson
03-23-04, 13:24
I never intended to send her any money. The bad part is I thought this might lead somewhere or at least be semi permanent or convient. I just thought an old guy like me might still have some game but instead she was just looking for money.

In some ways it makes the girls from Tequila and Calle del Pizzas more honest.

Just a drag. Thanks for the support.

Member #4351
03-23-04, 16:27
Big Johnson,

If you want, PM me with some details (like if shes in a hospital...and which one it is), and I'll have a secretary make some calls to find out if it is true. I suspect not.

Puntang Pilot
03-24-04, 08:19
My .02 cents worth,

Please, please do not send any money. I got caught up in a scam in Quito with a gorgeous big titted girl from Cali. They come up with THE most ludicrous and sad stories about their baby, their mother, their father, ad nausem. Someone needs an operation. This little scammer even wrote two letters to the States proclaiming that I fathered her baby (never ANY proof of pregnancy and if she was pregnant, it was by some other guy like a poor German tourist college kid and not a well to do pilot from the States). DO NOT send them money. Been there, done that, never again. You live and you learn. You might think you are being cruel but you must not allow them to scam you and future gringos who travel.

Peace out,


03-25-04, 18:50

You need to seriously evaluate what you are doing. I'm not saying she is lying but I can tell you that I've listened in on girls in Buenos Aires while they concocted schemes and ways to get money from Americans. They really don't feel bad about it either. The worst was when this guy I was corresponding with by email ended up being one of the victims. He claimed he was in love with one of the girls he met. I happened to know her after he described her to me. I also happened to be friends with one of her friends. They were bragging how they had some guy sending them all this money and the kicker was they told me how much they asked for and the excuse they were going to use. Well, I felt bad for this guy and I told him. He didn't believe me and got quite angry.

That is UNTIL I told him the amount she asked him for and the excuse. Moral of the story is that for most of their lives these girls have got by with very little money. Many have health problems but they deal with them. The excuse the other girl used was medical problems also.

I'm not saying not to help but I really think you need to pick and chose who you want to help and for what reason. Lima Busy posted about a girl that racked up $2,000 in credit card bills to feed her family. No offense to him but if a girl I met tried feeding me that line I'd never talk to her again. Food doesn't cost that much in these countries. Most of these people don't make $2,000 in a year let alone 4 months for food.

I've met hundreds of girls over the years and one thing I've learned is that the one's that truly care for you are the ones that won't ask you for money. They have pride and respect and they don't want you to think they are using you for money. It's those girls that are worth helping.

Either way good luck.

Lima Busy
03-25-04, 20:15
We are all grown men here and are capable of making decisions with a combination of our experiences, our hearts and our dicks.

I would never give money to a pro for any reason. In my case I was never asked for the money and my help was only accepted after I insisted. Due to my profession I have very analytical mind and make cost benefit decisions 10/20 times a day. For me this was a no brainer.

Cost Benefit analysis:


1 pair pants $30.00
Baby alpaca sweater $70.00
Eye exam-Glasses $125.00
Web cam $50.00
Stuffed animal $40.00
Visa application $100.00
Credit cards $2,000.00

Total $2415.00


Has been my exclusive novia for 9 months. Priceless
Telephones or IMs me daily for 1 hour Priceless
Pays for DSL for 9 months and all phone calls $40/month
For Christmas and birthday my presence was her present saving $1,000 in gifts
50 year old /22 year old
30 days together 24/7 my wish is her command. $35 per day.

The situation only came up after 5 months of having enjoyed the benefits. In addition it has helped me lay the ground work for our future relationship. This gesture is the equivalent of “Waving the sword of Damocles “at my future mother in law.

After doing the Math the decision should be much easier. If however you do not plan on a long term future now is a great time to cut and run. Even for us old guys young pretty girlfriends are pretty easy to come by.

Big Johnson
03-26-04, 14:13
The long and short was I did not end up giving her any money. I think she really was in the hospital and she had 3 gall stones removed. When she returned home, she called me again. The conversation lead to money that she need to pay back to a loan shark. I told her I couldn't. I said I wish I could but I didn't have the money. I also told her she deserved better than me. Someone who could help her and be with her in Peru when she needed help. She became worried when I said this. She thought I was trying to cut her loose. She told me not to worry and that everything was ok and she understood. We talked some more. We said nice things. We were considering going to BA together in a month and hooking up. She said she needed to work (she runs a childrens clothing store) to pay back the money and wouldn't be able to go. I told her I understood. That I would see her next time I returned to Peru. We continued a nice conversation. I repeated that I wish I could do more. I told her that she sees me differently than before because she I could help.

This set her off. She started saying that I think she is looking for a millionaire, a rich guy. She told me she was only looking for a good person. That I think she is a different kind of person than she is. She said thank for everything but she wasn't interested in talking to me any more. I need to go and asked to call her later. I did. The conversation started nice but reverted back to these same issues I thought she needed a rich man, a millionare. At that point she said she never wanted to speak to me again. Thanks for everything and take care.

I don't know if I played this right. She was a sweet girl. Like Busy Lima, my total investment not counting dinners and taxis (which I would have paid for anyway) was probably 50 bucks. I got 5 days of total GFE. She scolded me for going to Calle del Pizzas. We had lots of fun on the phone after. When this happened, everything blew up. I seemed more like she was mad that I thought I should give her the money rather than than I didn't.

Hope this ends this thread. Thanks to David_33 for your private assistance.

Member #4351
03-26-04, 15:51
I think she doth protest too much.

03-26-04, 22:59
I agree with David33.


Hey. The important thing is you are happy. As long as you're happy and feel good that's the ONLY thing that matters. Having fun is what it's all about. It's only money right?

Contrary to what people say, there is no such thing as a free lunch. A normal girlfriend ALWAYS costs more than the P2P girls. Case in point, I'll have to spend $2,000+ to get my girl to Peru for my vacation with me. I'd NEVER spend that much in Peru for a week with the P2P girls. Ain't love grand??

Good luck all.


I Jags
03-30-04, 08:08
Just got back form Peru..SORRY DAVID. I literally got too busy. Did'nt need pros. 8 dates in 4 days. And yes, I did start asking them back to the room per our conversation. I felt like the life had been sucked out of me from the sex. So much so that the front desk got bombarded with messages and calls. A slip under my door every morning. I met a girl with the best personality of anyone I have ever met. Just georgeous. Ill reply again later after I get some sleep.

Member #4239
03-31-04, 12:23
I had the privilege of visiting Lima twice earlier this month on business. For what it's worth, here are my general observations, which hopefully will be of some use to people who plan on visiting the Peru for the first time.
Airport: departure could be a hassle, you may want to be there 3 hours before your flight time. You have to go through a long check in line (unless you're flying first class), then another line to pay the 28 dollars airport tax, then the worst line of all, the immigration line which took me about one hour to get through. This is the only country I have seen so far where you have to go through immigration on your way OUT. Don't worry however, you won't miss your flight because the airlines know about the damn immigration line and will wait for you. After immigration is the security check which should not be a big hassle.
Taxis: some of the drivers will definitely be scam artists, but I was surprised to find that majority seemed to be honest. Especially from and to the airport, make sure you understand whether the price quoted is in dollars or sol. The trip should not cost you more than 35 sols or about 10 bucks. Here is the name and numbers for a reliable, honest and experienced taxi driver whom I used a lot: Victor Torres Molina, cellular 99626933 and home 4770760. He is available 24 hours a day and can pick you up from the airport as well. When you call him though, please use a little discretion at first until you meet him in person.
Per hour taxi rates should not be more than 12 to 15 sols an hour.
Miraflores: nice, safe, modern section of Lima. Marriott is THE hotel, with rooms facing the beautiful Pacific ocean. Larco mar is the shopping/restaurant area right across from Marriott. Have a good meal at Tony Roma's or the chicken place (Pardo) right below Tony Roma's both with a view of the ocean. Some of the girls that work in the movie theater there wear these tight uniforms that almost made me come in my pants the first time I saw them. There are casinos and cafes up and down the Larco street and near the Kennedy park. As modern and rich as everything may appear in Miraflores, there are still a bunch of homeless hungry kids running around/begging every where you go.
The girls: did not unfortunately sample any regulars (and I envy those of you who have because some of them sure have nice bodies). You can get sex in this city 24/7, including street action. I even saw an ad in the yellow pages for a bano turco which was open 24 hrs/day. The so called high price girls can be obtained through various means including (but not limited to) your hotel/taxis, casinos, and in the so called red zone. Prices will range from 60-70 bucks to around 500. Initially I tried 3 girls from the streets of the red zone for around 60 to 100 dollars, but the experience was nothing to brag about. As far as the bano turcos are concerned, here is the deal. The prices vary a lot depending on the place/neighborhood. Entrance could be 20 sols, the massage could cost you another 20 sols. Some places give you a small white bag for you to put your valuables in and hand it back to the attendant who will lock it up in a locker and give you the key. Then you get changed out of your clothes into a towel and another attendant will take away your clothes. The nicer places will have sauna, little pool, etc. The area where the "action" happens could be on an entirely different floor. Once I told them I just wanted a massage, next thing I knew this 60 year old woman was giving me a massage. I told her I want some of those other younger ladies to give me a massage, she said so you want massage and other things? I said, yes, I definitely want other things! That's when she left and a gorgeous huge titted babe came back, introduced herself with a kiss on the cheek, took off her clothes and gave me a "complete" massage. At the end she asked, how much "propina" was I going to write for on the little piece of paper which she was showing me. I said how much you want me to write, she said "150 soles", and in turn of course I wrote for 75 soles! So a total of about 120 sols for massage and full service from a 26 year old girl with looks 7, body 9, attitude 6. Then again in a more humble bano turco (name was Hawai, location?), I paid a total of 40 soles for a massage and a hand job. Again, when I said I wanted a massage, they first sent me with a little thin chinese girl whom I guess was some type of expert in Shiatsu or similar bull shit. I couldn't communicate very well with her, so I told the towel guy, dude I want to be massaged by one of those big titted girls sitting near the front. Again, problem solved. I went to a total of 4 bano turcos and to be honest I had a better experience at the cheaper places because the girls seemed more attentive, more friendly and more appreciative. I did not really bargain so you may be able to get cheaper prices than I did, but again the price depends a lot on the location and the facility. Apart from the street action on the zona roja, there is also street action available on the polvos azules centro comercial. There are absolutely dozens/hundreds of girls available here. Many are just hanging around on the street at all hours of the day. Many are inside houses in that same area where you can go in and do your business. The price for a quickie should not be more than 20 sols. Quick time motel room nearby will cost you about 7 sols. The girls have their own condoms if you don't have one (estan armados, lol). Most of them will give you fair service and won't try to rip you off (but follow all the usual mongering rules, especially try to make sure there is an understanding of what you want them to do ahead of time). I hate to admit it, but this place fast became my favorite hang out! I would do a girl and then ask her to introduce me to some friends and I would do both of them, and I started taking them two at a time. About 15 bucks for two girls to give you BJ, can't beat that. These girls just hang around there in the "plaza"/square, just talk to any of them, they are all available. Before you get too excited though, I should say that both the girls and the rooms were lacking in hygiene. In fact I never sat on the bed nor had sex on the bed. I just had the girls kneel in front of me and do their thing. Some of them were obvious drug addicts, but all in all, still a very good experience. Once I was just about to take 5 girls together for a session, but I chickened out in the last minute.
This city is enormous. I did not even begin to explore it. I really envy the guys that have already established some solid connections down there. If you are thinking about visiting this city, I would encourage you to do so. J.G.

Member #4351
03-31-04, 15:53
I love it! Staying at the Marriot and picking up the girls around the Plaza Grau. Talk about extremes! Its good to see someone who takes a chance and goes to one of the more dangerous parts of Lima for a cheap piece of ass.

True Hobbiest
03-31-04, 16:39
J. G.

If you hate leaving Lima. Don't even try Tel Aviv / Israel. Security on the way OUT. 3 plus hours. regardless of citizenship and nationality. I'm US, white, no religious affiliations. Three people interview you seperatley, ask all the same questions differently and look for the slightest deviation. OUCH

But the Russian escorts there are awesome and the US dollar goes a looooong way.

My two cents

04-02-04, 21:12
Hi Guys,

I went to Trocadero last week and had a great time again. Did 3 girls in an hour and a half with no medicinal help and came in the first and last. The first was Rebecca, an 18 year old Ecuadoran with beautiful caramel brown hair. She seemed new there (have never seen her there before) and very innocent. Was all the way down at the far end of the corridor on the right. She is the kind I go there for- someone who is unaffected yet and who seems to really give affection. The second girl- I can´t remember her name- was a hellion and insisted I fuck her while she was standing holding on to the inside of the door. I imagine the guys outside got a chuckle while she was shaking the door. Great! The third one was Medally, the beautiful blonde that everyone stands in line for. Beautiful, but a little wooden. Nice ass.

Just wanted to alert everyone to what happened when I tried to leave. I did not ask the taxi that took me there to stay like I did last time. Big mistake- I won´t make that one again. When I came out there were two taxis and a minibus loading guys to go to Lima. My hotel was in Miraflores, which is a long way away (more than 30 minutes). I in the past have just asked and someone took my there. This time, one of the cabbies asked me where I was going and got a puzzled look. He then motioned another cabbie over and had a spirited conversation. After a while he told me to get in one of the taxis. He told me it would be 20 soles, which is about what I usually pay to go back (15-20). He insisted on having the money, then walked around for another 15 minutes trying to recruit more people to cram in the taxi with me (I was in front and he ended up putting 4 people in the back seat and another guy in the hatchback.) He then told me he would only take me half way and I would have to get another cab to Miraflores. I then demanded my money back and we argued for a minute. He did not want to give me back my money, though we had not even moved yet! I guess he finally got tired of me saying - give me back my money or take me to Miraflores- because he finally angrily motioned for me to close the door. We dropped everyone else off along the way, including 2 which were working girls, and he took me to Miraflores.

This is the first time I have had trouble getting out of the Trocadero and I did not feel unsafe just pissed that someone would try to scam me the Gringo when I already knew the deal. So, either have a friend take you, or have the cabbie who takes you stay with you. Have fun!

Member #4351
04-05-04, 16:12
Yeah, that´s why I suggest that if anyone wants to hit the Troc. they get in touch with me and if I have the time I'll be happy to provide transport. It gives me an excuse to go there. The last time I went, I chatted with one of the Ecuadorians who are grouped together on the right when you enter the first building. I talked to a cute 20 year old who (like the rest) had worked in Guayaquil...in the Imperio and other places. I asked her for her record...she told me that her first day, at the age of 18 she did 109 guys....at 5$ apiece. She said she was sore afterwards.

04-08-04, 00:35

109 guys at $5 US a piece (15 soles?) equates to $545 US - which would go a very, very long way in Peru. Although that Guayaquileña was sore, I'm sure that it was more than worth it for her; I'm sure that she was the equivalent of "fresh meat" on her first day at the Trocadero.

As we both know, most of the civilians in Peru are living in an impossible situation, and I suppose that working in a chonga is the only way to make ends (living or perhaps drugs habits) meet for many of these women (well, either that or become a "puta fina" - marry a rich, older gentleman). Although my trip to Peru last year was an absolute blast, I will never forget how sobering it was to see so many Peruvians living in such utter squalor.


04-08-04, 13:54
Well, me and my buddies have been in Lima for 4 days and this afternoon we´re going to Iquitos. Lima has been a pleasant surprise, its alot safer than I thought and Miraflores is perfectly safe to walk around at night.

To cut to the chase, I did a gal named Karina from Calle Pizza my 1st nite. We walked to a youth hostal and rented a room for 45 sols. It was a big room with a large screen TV showing porno films, and a queen size bed. She didn´t rush me considering that I talked her down to 80 sols for the action.

Last nite we took a cab to chonga Cucardas. There were 2 big security guards standing at the front door, now that made me feel safe. It was a nice place, clean, with 2 long rows of girls standing in front of their rooms on each side. Most of them looked pretty good to me, they were in skimpy outfits that showed alot of clevage. There was a bar and a dance stage, with girls coming up from time to time doing some gyrating and pelvic snaps.

I finally hooked up with a Patty. She had a nice personality but I felt she was a little rushed, considering she gave me a tongue bath, blow job and finally we screwed with her on top. She wanted me to call at home in the morning, but I´ll be too busy today.

Anway, all for now, take care.

Member #4351
04-08-04, 15:50
play2...she did her 109 guys in Guayaquil beginning early in the morning. Impossible in the troc. she only would have had like 5 hours. However, as I mentioned some time back, I spoke to another Ecuadorian in the troc. who worked the Hotel San Jose in the mornings and the troc. at night...could do more than 40 guys a day.


Cucardas is OK except that they time you there and hit you up for more bucks every 15 or 20 minutes or so. Like Tijuana.

04-15-04, 21:16
Hey guys. Need some quick advice. A physician on the board mentioned to take Diamox for altitude sickness if going to Cuzco. I totally forgot about it and I'm at the airport now arriving Lima in a few hours. I'm headed to Machu Picchu. Can I get Diamox there in Lima before I go to Cuzco? If so, what's it called there and where can I get it? Is it in any pharmacy? I'd prefer taking it rather than that coca based plant. Thanks in advance.


04-15-04, 22:57

According to the information on DIOMAX, you should start taking it about 2 - 3 days before arriving at altitude. 1/2 tab morning, 1/2 tab evening. Then continue for 2-3 days when you arrive for a total of 5 days.

Generic name is - acetazolamide - which is what you'd probably need for a pharmacy here in Lima. If it is available, I don't think you'd need a prescription for it.

(Aside) - I've been to Cuzco / Machu Picchu and didn't use anything and felt fine. Just beware that a drink at altitude can be more forceful than at sea level.

I'll post a private message with the details from the Internet site.


04-16-04, 14:49
Thanks to all those that sent me a PM regarding this. I might just skip it and hope for the best. I dont like taking medicines. I arrived in Lima late last night with my novia. Its nice in the Miraflores area. Not sure if I can hobby but I might extend my trip after next week and stay a few more days. Thanks again.


Boy in Lima
04-17-04, 22:11
I think most tourists like Saint overreact when it comes to basic facilities a city of so-called third world like Lima can offer.
You can find lots of phramacies in Lima and no, you do not need prescription for such basic medicine like coramina and grabol which are what you need (they are locally best known with those names here).

Enjoy your trip

Jaimito Cartero
04-18-04, 01:16
Well I always say that the free pussy is the most expensive kind you can get. It's tough to discern whether the operation, water buffalo, or such stories are true and once you've heard them a few times you tend to doubt them all.

I had one girl in BA a couple of weeks ago who was demanding double the extra charge at the end because she needed money for her sister. I'd seen her the night before and had no problems. If I really connect with a girl, I may give her a tip, or a bit extra for the taxi or collectivo, but screaming about stuff never gets anywhere with me.

04-19-04, 23:36
Boy in Lima,

No disrespect to you but I don´t think I was overracting. I just asked if it was available in the pharmacy without prescription. Simple question, simple answer. Thanks.

I´m in Aguas Calientes today. I went to Machu Picchu today and it was awesome. I´m with my Colombian novia. Lima has to be one of the most underrated cities in South America. It is beautiful in the parts I visited! Miraflores is great and very clean. Also, the historic center has to be the most beautiful area in all of South America. I was supposed to come back to the USA on Wednesday but I just extended and will stay until the following Monday.

I discovered that a model hot 20 year old is fun to be with but as I thought before I went..what kind of serious relationship can you have with a 20 year old with no education that can´t speak English. It gets old after a while. I´m still having lots of fun but I managed to sneak out the other night in Lima.

Holy sh&t! I found a club called Emmanuelle. I´m sure someone posted on it before but I didn´t really print anything and I didn´t read too many posts as I like to do my own thing. I went to Pizza Alley and there were lots of girls but none that I found too attractive. I asked what the best place in town was to a few guys and they all said Emmanuelle so I took a taxi there. There were LOTS of hotties. It´s not cheap though. 50 NS entrance fee. $100 US for the girl for two hours. And it´s another 120 NS exit fee! The girls won´t budge on the price even if you only ask for one hour. I talked to many many many. There are lots of hotties.

There are even these two identical twins here and the shows alone are worth going for. I sessioned with this model hot girl. She was so wild and started making out in the club. I told her I wanted more time to decide so she stuck her hands in my pants and started rubbing me right there! It was hard to say no to her after that. Needless to say I left with her. In the taxi in the way home we were going at it hard and heavy and she wanted to start right there in the taxi!! I am NOT kidding. She was VERY good and a VERY good BBBJ and the works.

I heard there is another high end club there and I´ll try it when I go back to Lima on Wednesday. I´m in Aguas Calientes tonight then tomorrow back to Cuzco. Depending if I can sneak around in Cuzco I´ll get some action there too.

Life is good.


P.S. I didn´t take any medicine. I did get a huge headache the first morning in Cuzco. I took some tea that everyone talked about and it seemed to help a little. I got a worse headache the next morning and drank some more tea and took some aspirin and it seemed to alleviate it.

Boy in Lima
04-20-04, 15:10

I'm glad you had some fun in Emmanuelle.When you are back to Lima, you should try Suites de Barranco.By far, it's the best night club in Lima even better that Emmanuelle, altough it's twice expensive.

I recommend visiting it from Monday to Thursday.Best day is Thursday.

Who did you pick up from Emmanuelle?

04-20-04, 15:25
Boy in Lima,

Thanks. I remember you mentioned Suites of Barranco before. I might try it although the other club all the girls mentioned that was good wasn´t that one but I can´t remember the name. I think I´ll probably stick with Emmanuelle because there were plenty of hot girls. I left with a Peruana named ¨Monica¨. She was a brunette with C cup breasts and a perfect body. She had some blonde highlights.

I don´t want to pay prices at Suites of Barranco if I can pay $150 US for two hours for a hottie at Emmanuelle. Who knows I might even try to do the identical twins as that has been a fantasy of mine.

I find the food in nice restaurants is expensive though. I went to one right on the ocean and the views were GREAT but it wasn´t cheap. I also took them to Hotel Dolfines for drinks and breakfast one day so they could see the dolphins this hotel has near the restaurant. Easy to drop a lot of money here at nice places. The shopping mall they have built on the side of the cliffs called Larco Mar has beautiful views and there are tons of hotties at night. During the day I don´t see too many beautiful girls on the streets but they are all out on weekend nights.

Hopefully I have some good luck. I´m still in Aguas Calientes and I would recommend people skip it and just head back to Cuzco as others suggested after going to Machu Picchu. There is nothing in this town but restaurants, internet cafes and shops. Good luck.


Lima Busy
04-22-04, 02:11

The restuarant you went to on the water was probably "La Rosa Nautica" great views, N.Y.C prices. I spent New years Eve there and they charged me $100 for a bottle of jack daniels. I would suggest you take your lady to the itailian resturante in Larco Mar(Vivaldinos sp.) The prices are much better, the food and service are excellent and your chica will be impressed with the atmosphere. When in lima I go 3-4 times a week. Tell the waiter you are a amigo of "Uno Mas Jack Daniels" Good cheap food can be found at "pardo's chicken" also in Larco Mar.

Thanks for the info on "Emanuelle" I will give it a try next week when I am down there.

By the way I was surprised at your thoughts on Lima. I am moving down there for a year or two and would love to hear your thoughts on lima as opposed to BA (from a city dwellers view)

Thanks for all your great reports,

Lima Busy

04-22-04, 17:16
lima busy,

yes. that is the restaurant i went to and you are right. the prices are as expensive as in nyc. i took a friend from lima, my girl and her brother. i´m a little embarrassed to post what the total was. the funny thing about colombians is even the ones from poor families seem to know how to order the most expensive thing on the menu!!! let´s just say the dinner bill was a few hundred dollars with appetizers, entrees, drinks, dessert, and a good tip. keep in mind that any restaurant in lima that has $us prices on their menu you can expect to pay a lot. at least that is what i´ve seen.

larco mar is awesome! the views during the day and at night are awesome! i also went to that restaurant you posted on as well as one called mango in the mall on the cliff overlooking the ocean. get an outdoor patio seat as the views are breaktaking. the prices aren´t too bad there.

lima is a huge cosmopolitan city. it´s hard to compare buenos aires to lima. lima of course has a more latin american feeling to it. i spend most of my time in recoleta in buenos aires. if i lived here i would spend most of my time in miraflores or san isidro. i inquired on the cost of renting one of those oceanview apartments near marco lar. i was surprised it was only around $500 or $600 a month which would make it cheaper than buenos aires for a similar type apartment. of course, buenos aires is much cleaner and generally nicer than lima even in miraflores.

some annoying things here are the taxis have no meters so you have to always negotiate ahead of time or ask them. most are honest but late at night if you don´t ask some will try to con you. last night a taxi tried charging me 20 soles from san isidro to miraflores. i refused to pay it and he lowered it to 13 soles which is the same as i payed the other night, which was probably an inflated price.

tons of places to stay here at affordable prices. they have 5 star hotels to nice hostels. i´m trying to stay in more of the hostel type places this trip and i´m surprised to see that some are quite nice with comfortable beds and pillows and also are really charming.

it would take 100 pages to discuss my situation with my colombian novia that i flew in. long story short i broke up with her mid-way through the trip when i knew nothing serious was possible. i´m totally at fault in this situation. i flew her and her brother to another country which they have never done. i talked to her on the phone every night, sent her flowers, etc. this trip was more of wanting to find out if anything is possible. she didn´t understand when i told her that nothing was possible. also, it doesn´t help things that she was a virgin.

she tried several nights to come over to my room and i won´t go into the details. oh well. lesson learned. like i said before...hard to have any long lasting long term relationship with someone much younger from a different culture.

ok...for some good information for you perverts. after we had our farewell dinner we walked around and talked some and i think she better understood things. i took them back to the hotel and i changed and showered and hit pizza alley again. i´m telling you that most guys that are looking for quality will not find it here. i´m picky and wouldn´t touch any of those girls for free. i´m serious.

i was going to go back to emanuelle but decided to put my researcher hat on and try out a new club. i went to a place called eclipse club located at augusto tamayo n. 158 in san isidro. the phone number there is 440-4913. this place ain´t cheap either. 80 soles entrance fee which covers 3 drinks. i´m not a drinker so it was a huge price to pay. you can get 3 beers or 2 hard drinks for that.

i went fairly early at 11 pm. there were only a maximum of 20 girls. i hate using a # system since we are all different but most girls were 6 and 7´s with a few 8´s rep001tered in but not many. i was going to drink my 3 drinks then go to emanuelle but i watched a few shows since the girls strip completely naked. i was the only guy in there until midnight. there were only a max of about 4 other guys.

i talked to one of the girls and she had a pretty face and a decent body. by this point it i thought i might as well pull her out. there is a 3 drink chica exit fee. the girl doesn´t have to actually drink them but you´ll have to pay 105 soles to pull a girl out. the drinks are 35 soles for the girl. i was told that most of the hotties ask for $100 but since it was dead i told my girl paola that i would be willing to pay $60. she laughed. i told her it is dead and she said even when it´s dead her minimum is $70. i wasn´t in the mood to argue over $10 us so i accepted and we left.

immediately upon entering my room my phone rings. it´s my columbian girl. oh no. she was scheduled to fly out at 6 am so she had to get up at 4 am so i thought she would be fast asleep. anyway it was about 2 am. she was crying wanting to come over to my room. i asked her how she knew i was home and she said she asked the guy at the front desk to call her when i arrived. (you have to get buzzed in to get in the hotel). anyway, of course that guy saw me with my girl so i´m sure he was laughing his ass off at the situation.

we have this long talk while the girl from the club is laughing her ass off. i have to keep motioning for her to be quiet. it was a stressful situation as i didn´t want to hurt the columbian girl´s heart. i told her i couldn´t see her since the girl was half naked in my room.

anyway, i had a great session. the girls here are affectionate. the normal bbbj and great sex. i gave her $70 us that we agreed upon and she left. my girl ended up coming over shortly after that to talk so i´m damn glad the other girl was gone by then.

i´m going to go out exploring the city more and will go out tonight. i like this city. surprisingly i thought lima was this ugly city with ugly girls but that isn´t the case.

some other things that i noticed is that surprisingly the majority of the police officers i see on the street and highway are women! i´d say 85% of the police officers i have seen have been female. some of them are cute too! it gives new meaning to getting frisked.

i have found it safe walking around san isidro and miraflores even very late at night. i´d say the crime rate is low here and everyone has told me it´s perfectly safe to walk around at night here in those areas.

the city is congested and you hear car horns blarring all hours of the day even in miraflores. there are not too many lights at the intersections except the major ones and it´s a miracle there aren´t more accidents here. it´s funny they have this system of just honking their horns when they cross. some streets don´t even have a stopsign! when i ask who has the right of way...most taxi drivers just told me no one. you kind of have to be careful and just honk your horn. one day i thought i was going to die the driver was so crazy!

i did some more research and a decent apartment in miraflores can be rented for about $300-$350 a month. i´m seriously thinking about taking 1 year off in january and taking spanish classes full time to get fluent. this has been a dream for some time and i think i´ll bite the bullet and do it. lima is on my list of cities to consider.

i was introduced to a normal chica here that is a friend of one of the girls i know. i went to dinner with her the other night and she is a doctor here. i have no romantic interests with her but she invited me to her apartment tonight for dinner. she offered to help me with stuff if i decide to live here one year.

more later.

Don River
04-23-04, 15:33
Saint & Lima Busy,

This is for your consideration based upon the year and one half I lived in Lima. This period included two winters.

1. I've lived in the Upper Southeastern US- Northern Va ,etc. most of my life. I found the winter unbearable in Lima . It's overcast, damp, and will chill you to the bone.

2. Decent accomodations - by my standards- are closer to double the figure that you have. The biggest problem for me was the lack of heat. Central heating as we know it is very uncommon. Much of the construction is masonary, with no insulation or vapor barrier. Without a substantial source of heat, the rooms never get rid of that "chill feeling". Natural gas is non-existant, propane is used mainly for cooking, and electric for space heaters is very costly. The cost was no problem because someone was paying my expenses. In summary it reminded me of the rural areas - East Midlands- of England where I lived for three years.

3. As for safety, unless things have changed in the last 12 months, my experience is the exact opposite of yours. Crime is rampant. My girlfriend, who is now my wife, was robbed at gunpoint in central Miraflores two years ago. Three months later our body guard and I literally had to fight for our lives against three men when they attempted to rob us in the same area.

Personally, I would prefer to walk through the pre Guiliani Times Square.

Again this is purely my experience. Based upon my experience if I were to choose a place to live and monger in South America it would be BA. There is no comparison. Peru is a third world country.

To me, Argentina has culture, style, and Western European ambience. There is no comparison it wins hands down.


04-23-04, 16:04
me and my buddies went to a banos turkos on manuel bonilla 162 no. 201 in miraflores, this is from a report by play2 from a few months ago.

there is a momasan at the door who collects 30 sols for 1 half hour massage and 35 sols for a one hour massage. she has a few cute girls working there. the massage wasnt too bad and then you get a jack off at the end for the price, plus a tip to the girl. the official rule in the bano is no sexo, but my buddie did talk one girl into a blow job for 30 sols, but was supposed to keep it quiet.

anyway its a good place to get a cheap massage and release.

i tried calling sexylolita and kept getting a wrong number response fromn the operator. i also tried a massage place on bajada balta and couldnt get through on the phone. anybody know anything about these places¿

take care.

04-23-04, 18:03
ok. today's dose of information. i didn't get to sleep until about 5:30 am this morning. it's almost noon now and i'm ready to start my day. i went to a wonderful dinner at my friend's house with her friend. it's nice to see how the better half live here in peru. both girls were from prominent families and both were professionals. i didn't leave that dinner party until 1 am so i had a late start.

in my quest to discover the next best thing i went to yet another high end club called club 69. yet again, it wasn't cheap. i got there late so there weren't too many girls but then again i was told not too many girls work here compared to other clubs. there were only about 17 girls. i thought the club was the nicest so far out of the other clubs. it's kind of laid out like a high end strip club back in the states. the dance floor is above the bar which is cool. they had comfortable couches. one bad sign was there were more guys than girls at one point but it's clear to see that many of them are just to hang out and watch the shows.

the entrance fee here is a whopping 80 soles that only covers your first drink. you must buy two drinks to session with a girl. the drink costs were about 35-40 soles each. then on top of that you have to pay about 100 soles fine to leave or session there. the girls will ask for $100 us but it can be negotiated down. there were some hot hot hot girls. i saw about 4 girls that i would classify as a 9 with smoking hot faces and hot bodies. all this adds up to a little more than emanuelle. $160 us total.

i ended up calling this spinner with an awesome body and beautiful face. we ended up talking a while and were laughing and having a good time. she asked for $100 at first then i told her it was too much and she knew there were no clients that would leave. it was 2 am at this point. she gave me the option of sessioning in one of the 4 rooms there for $70 for two hours or bringing her back to my room for $80. the money wasn't the issue but i wanted to see the rooms. do not do it. there are no beds in them. just couches. i passed and brought her back home.

oh my god. let's just say once again a girl topped another girl. i had one of the best sessions of my life. we clicked really well. i invited her to lunch on saturday and i'm picking her up at her apartment in san isidro. i'll have lunch with her on saturday somewhere nice and then have another mind blowing session.

the address of club 69 is jean paul sartre 190 (ex calle uno) surquillo. tele: 225-8294 www.clubsesentaynueve.net
i was told it had the same owner of emanuelle. one word of caution is that the area it is in looks kind of seedy. they only had one taxi there and first he said 20 soles for which normally is a 5 soles taxi ride. keep in mind at night coming from the clubs in an area with not too many taxis they will charge a premium. there were no other taxis. i got him down to 15 soles but that is the most he would budge. i wasn't in the mood to look for one. the taxi ride to a club is always fair or at least for me.

nibu emailed me telling me i'm nuts to pay 15 soles. you know what. what the hell would you do with a hard on, walking hand in hand with a hottie and only one taxi in the area. anyway, if you can get a better deal do it. i told you what the going rate is.

i'm emailing with some dude on wsg that told me he owned a club so i'll try to hook up with him tonight or at least visit his club and tell you what i think.

again, these places are the upper end clubs that are not cheap. i know there is probably cheaper action but i'm sure the quality is questionable. the simple difference of me and a lot of other guys is that i love having sex with beautiful model quality girls and having great sessions with them. some on the board seem to think that a hot girl automatically equates to an inferior session. that simply isn't the truth. hot girls will always cost more and you can either anty up and pay it or walk away.

just as i don't look down on guys that choose to pay a cheaper fee to session with an "average" girl i don't look down on guys that anty up and decide to actually sleep with their dream girl. i always find it amusing that a guy will spend upwards of $3,000 -$5,000 for a dream trip. airfare, transportation, food, hotels, etc. yet when it comes to a model hot girl he will try to save $20 bucks or so. if you're going halfway across the world you shouldn't cheat yourself. oh well.

someone posted there is another side of lima that is ugly. of course. my posts aren't meant to portray lima into something that it is not. as i mentioned, many many many parts of it are dirty and grungy. it is loud and looks polluted. the only areas i would consider living in are miraflores, san isidro and barranco looks interesting. lima is not this gorgeous city like buenos aires. i was pleasantly surprised though when i went near larco mar.

the other thing to consider is i heard it's only sunny out from december to april. i hear the rest of the year in shrouded in clouds. the weather has been perfect so that helps my opinion i guess.

some other helpful hints. there are tons of high speed internet cafes here. don't be afraid to look around. the prices sometimes are double of others. i was going to this one near parque miraflores and it was 3 soles an hour which to me seemed cheap at less than an $1 us an hour. i found another one 2 blocks away only 1.50 s per hour which is half of what i was paying and the computers are even faster. the address is schell 378 at the intersection of schell and alcontes.

a very helpful and honest driver is fernando alfaro. he doesn't speak english but you can take comfort in the fact he has a decent car and he is a safe and friendly guy that won't cheat you. his phone number is 9667-0588. you can pay by the hour if you want. i think he charges something like 20 soles per hour or something like that.

there is a great shoeshine stand on diez canseco n. 294 in miraflores. ask for roger villalobos. he is simply the best shoeshine guy i've ever had in my life. i really love shoes and brought several pairs. he restored all of them to look like exactly when i bought them. it's only 3 soles for a normal shine, 5 soles for shine and polish and for suede shoes he charged 10 soles but did an amazing job. i highly recommend him. tell him santo sent you.


Member #4351
04-23-04, 19:06

The expensive places are dead because locals know that they are a rip-off. Once you live here you'll find that there is NO reason to pay these highly inflated prices.

Too bad you flew in both the Colombian AND her brother. I think that you are a philanthropist.

04-23-04, 20:05

I HAD to fly in both. Her mom wouldn't let her travel alone. Anyway, I think you are right. I AM a philanthropist. Oh well. Too bad I don't have a trust fund to back it up. :(

Hey David or any other Lima pros...give me the name/address of a good massage parlor or spa type place if there is one. Something similar to Colmegna Spa in Buenos Aires here in Lima??

I'm trying to find a place with good massages. Thanks in advance.


P.S. As far as your comment about other cheaper places I'm SURE there are. There always are but for someone only in town a few days it's no big deal to hit these clubs. I'm on vacation now and part of vacations is treating yourself. Thanks.

Member #4351
04-23-04, 21:35

After you live here for awhile you'll learn all about the latin family idiosyncracies (sp?). Anyway, I've done some pretty stupid things also in the name of being romantic and acting as they say here, a la loca, instead of thinking with the big head, thinking with the little one down below. Anyway, the general consensus here is that the following are your best bets for massage plus extras at your level of looking for the best and not trying to save a ton of money. Try Ely spa first, good luck.

Ely Spa Center www.elyspacenter.com Nicolas Arriola 251 of 304 La Victoria Tel 4716085

Gold Spa Av. Aviación 3360 San Borja Tel 2263388

King Spa Av. Aviación 2938, San Borja Telf. 225-2715 / 222-3440

04-23-04, 22:38

Thanks for the suggestion on the spa place. I could have used it today. I am super tired. I just got done walking around the past several hours. I called BellasVIP several times and no one answers the phone. It goes straight to voicemail. I didn't leave a message as I'm not in my hotel today.

I went to Barranco today and walked around a good bit and took pictures. I also had a great lunch there. I walked all the way back to Miraflores which is a small hike. It's nice along the oceanview path from Barranco to Miraflores (Larco Mar). There is a landscaped path with lots of flowers and trees and a good view. I saw lots of nice apartment complexes with good views of the ocean.

Anyway, I talked to FlyingAce from the board who owns a club here. I'm planning on having a few drinks with him tonight in his club and checking it out. He sounds like a cool guy.

More later.


Member #4351
04-23-04, 22:43
His club is on the same road as Ely's..might even be on the same block. If you want out call girls, I can give you numbers of the higher priced variety you like. I'm a member of a Peruvian internet club devoted to mongering. So all the peruvians with $$ rate the different out call girls as well as the MPs.

Member #4351
04-23-04, 23:02
Saint, give me an E-mail address to send you a Word document with some info.

04-24-04, 18:38
Ok fellas. Another great night behind me. After my last update one of the girls from the high end clubs that I sessioned with called me and we hooked up for a jugo (juice) near my hotel then we had a wild session. Wow. I ditched my amiga for dinner since I wanted to check out FlyingAce's club. I went to go eat in Pizza Alley. The pizza is quite good there. It's mildly annoying that many of the girls will try to get you to eat in their places but it's ok.

Unfortunately for Pizza Alley the only cute girls are some of the girls working at the restaurants. I still have yet to see a doable girl that is working there. YMMV.

I went to Madonna Club very early because FlyingAce said he would be there early. I got there and I was the first one. I simply told them I was FlyingAce's guest and they didn't charge me a cover. I was told the cover they usually charge goes to pay the commission to the taxi. It's a sliding scale that can range anywhere from 20 Soles on up to 80 soles. He mentioned to me that he would offer some discount or maybe even waive the entrance fee if you identified yourself as a "WSG member". I thought that was totally cool of him.

Madonna Club
(Santa Catalina)
Ave. Nicolas Arriola 157

Ok. Here is my objective impression on the club. It's in a part of town called Santa Catalina which is a short taxi ride from Miraflores. The club is upstairs and it's modeled after a US type strip club. There is a stage where the girls do their dances and there are even private rooms where you can talk, make out, or more with the girls in private. The drinks for guys run about 12 Soles for a cerveza on up for whiskey. The prices were definitely cheaper here for drinks. The chicas drinks are anywhere from 30-35 Soles each and apparently they make some kind of commission for each drink you buy them. Probably not much. Their bread and butter is going to be made leaving with you.

I met FlyingAce and he is a really laid back guy that seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I also met his wife and they seemed like a happy couple. I guess that's what life is all about. I watched as girls slowly filtered in. It was still early for a friday night. Some of the girls were hot. Overall I found the quality here better than Eclipse Club that I went to the other night. There were several doable girls here and I'm pretty picky. FlyingAce did tell me that it can be hit or miss on any given night depending how many girls are there but I think the club has a lot of potential, especially with the quality that I saw.

There were a few girls that I was scoping out. One that was pretty but not the hottest girl in the club seemed a little shy. She also looks like Jerry Seinfeldt's old girlfriend, Shoshanna, who for some reason I was attracted to. I went over to talk to her and bought her a chica drink. We quickly were joking around and laughing like old friends. This definitely puts the girls at ease right away. We made it back to a VIP room where we were kissing, sucking on eachothers chests and rubbing one another.

We start talking prices and I'm surprised to find out the girls in this club are able to charge the same as the other high end clubs. The other night I sessioned with a total hottie model type in 69 for $70 HOWEVER, the good thing here is the exit fee is only 50 Soles. You combine that with you entrance fee and you are saving alot. You do have to buy the chica 2 drinks like Club 69 to leave with her.

"Shoshanna" told me she often gets $100 and FlyingAce's wife confirmed that. I told her I couldn't justify paying more than $60 or $70 which is what I was paying. Then we started making out some more. I bought her another drink and then I asked her, "que vas a hacer esta noche?" (what are you going to do tonight). She told me, "hacer amor contigo". Anyway, I asked her how much she wanted to leave with me. She told me to tell her. Ha, ha. I told her $70 and she said that's fine. I paid my bar bill for my drinks, her two drinks and the exit fine and it was 159 Soles + I gave the guy a 20 Soles tip.

We went back to my hotel and yet another FABULOUS session. Holy sh*t! She stayed for a little over two hours when I told her I HAD to eat. It was about 1:45 AM but I was starving after that monster session. Our session was probably about 1 hour and 20 minutes straight sex! Anyway, she gave me all her phone numbers, email and the usual stuff chicas give us. We walked down to an intersection and it dawned on her that we both showered and I changed so she figured out I might see another girl. She stopped me on the street and told me NOT to see another girl tonight! I looked at her with a straight face and told her if she didn't return to her club I wouldn't either. We both started laughing so hard!

I give Madonna's club two thumbs up and can objectively recommend it as a good club to go to. It's still not cheap when you factor in the girl's prices are near the price of the other clubs but you'll pay substantially less with the entrance/exit fee.

I went to go grab a snack then I noticed all these clubs on the main street across from Parque Miraflores. Some had HOT girls going into them. I went upstrairs to one of them and it was full with a good live band playing music. There were several clubs. A few girls talked to me asking where I was from. To be honest I was drained of energy and couldn't go around round if I wanted to.

Two great sessions yesterday. Unfortunately today is my last day. Work is calling me back to the States so I must return. Not to mention in less than 2 weeks I'll be back on foreign soil in Amsterdam/Paris/Prague for a 11 day trip.

Life is good.

04-25-04, 01:06
This is my last "live" update in Lima. I just got done with a long day. I took the girl I met at Club 69 to lunch at a restaurant called Francesco in Miraflores overlooking the ocean. It's a nice place that isn't pretentious and the quality of seafood was among the best I have eaten anywhere. The prices weren't too bad. Ended up spending about $70 for drinks, appetizers, entrees, dessert, coffee and generous tip. The place was full even at 3 PM so maybe better to make reservations if you want a table near the window.

After that I came back to my hotel and sessioned. Another great session. I'm going to miss Lima. I just got out of the shower and I'm checking emails before my flight later tonight.

I'll probably be back here later this summer. It's been another great trip. Several have emailed me telling me they were surprised to read my report and how much I liked the city. It is like night/day from Buenos Aires and other places I've visited but I think one of the reasons I like it so much is because of the awesome oceanview in Miraflores/Barranco. I really love the ocean and could never get tired of waking up to those views.

04-25-04, 21:47
Hi guys,

Went to the Trocadero again and had something happen to me that I was not expecting. I walked around for a few minutes and spotted a very young cutie in the middle row that I wanted to do. She seemed new and somewhat shy, but she had a BODY and a fishnet outfit on where I could see her bush.

Anyway, I started talking to her and she said - No Gringos. I was smiling and being very nice to her but then she said it again and just looked away. Would not talk to me. I was a little stunned because I am above average looking and I was being nice. It took a few minutes for me to get over the hurt feelings but I am still puzzled. I chose three other chicas and two of them were great. The third was opposite the one who turned me down. She was 18 and seemd in a race to see how many guys per hour she could do. Not good.

So the question is- has anyone ever heard of them saying they will not do Gringos (I am white and so was she) ?

I have been looking for some of the younger ones there, but I am starting to not be turned on as much by them. The ones that are in their 20s are more laid back and nicer.

Sting em all!

Member #4351
04-26-04, 00:08

That has happened to me three or four times. Strange feeling to be turned down by a girl like that and then see her accepting an ugly, dirty bottom of the barrel peruvian customer..right? Anyway...who knows why? Might be because they think we have bigger dicks, or are diseased, who knows? Bottom line, don't worry about it. I'm not too bad looking, everytime I go out I get looks from normal Peruvian chiquitas...its just a wierd thing. Once, I started offering large amounts of money to one who had turned me down...no dice. Pretty strange.

Don River
04-26-04, 00:52

I've had similiar experiences in Lima. Don't let it bother you.

Think of it as "business rejection" not "personal rejection". Those gals in the Trocadero are strictly fucking machines. It's possible that their parents sold them on the street to some Gringo when they were 12 or 13 and it really messed them up.

It's possible she has a boyfriend or pimp that 's told her if she takes on a Gringo he'll mess her up.

There is no telling what goes through their screwed up minds.

But you can be certain that they can't be too sane to working in a place like that.


04-26-04, 02:18
Don River,

Thanks for your post. I just read it now. I guess it was delayed since you are a Regular member. I think what you posted is definitely true. Part of the reason I like Lima so much is because of the oceanviews and the weather is great now. My amiga told me that the winter sucks because you can't even see the ocean due to so many clouds.

Also, she has been robbed two times while she has been driving. I guess desperate times cause people to do bad things. She carries mace around in her car. Even though she is a VERY highly paid professional by Lima standards ($80,000 US per year) and wants to buy a BMW she can't because she said it's too dangerous so she drives around an older Toyota. I looked at a few new cars. A Volkswagon Polo automatic costs $17,000 US here. I still think I could handle living here for a year to study Spanish. Actually I love Buenos Aires more but probably could get too easily distracted in BA with all the delights of the city.

I definitely know that apartments are available. I walked the entire path from Barranco to the Miraflores area near Parque del Amor. I wrote the phone numbers down and called a few. Even a huge 4 bedroom apartment went for $1100 US. My friend's amiga is leasing out her apartment near Marco Lar for $500 us a month.

I also liked my amiga's apartment building near Parque Miraflores. Brand new building.

Don, did you experience any crime yourself in the 1 1/2 years you lived there? What part of the city did you live in. Miraflores seems quite safe. I walked around several nights alone up till 4 AM with no problems. Every single person I asked told me that Miraflores is perfectly safe now.

Also to the guys that live in Lima or have lived there before. What are some good schools to study Spanish, how much are your monthly expenses (food, utilities, medical insurance, car insurance, apartment insurance if there is any, any other expenses)? You can PM me if you don't want to post on the board.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I started looking around at apartments in Lima. There are indeed many nice apartments in a good price range. I did a search on Miraflores and then filtered ocean view apartments. Several decent sized apartments available in the $400- $650 range. Check out the website below:


Member #4203
04-29-04, 19:27
I 'm planning my first trip to Lima the middle of May. There are many hotels to choose from and seems to be a more than ample supply of chicas!
Here is my question, I speak only a little spanish and it would be nice to have a taxi driver or guide to take me out on the nights I feel the monger! English speaking of course.
I have one of the guys on this board willing to take me to the trocadero. The perfect situation would be a english speaking taxi or car service.
Any telephone #'s or contacts or suggestions?

Member #4351
04-29-04, 23:48

You can always use Nibu. He is a somewhat contravercial character, but knows all the holes in Lima and Peru. If you are looking for another level of guide, I don't think you will have any problem. Depending on where you are staying, you might bump into some other mongers too. Plenty of english speaking girls would also love to show you around. If no one else has any contacts, I can look around for you..there are so many college educated cab drivers who can't find any other work, that it should be a cinch. I use an ex-policeman when I need a chofer, but I don´t think that he speaks English however he also knows all the spots.

Member #4203
04-30-04, 03:08
Thanks, One of the fellow mongers pmd me and will be there at the exact time I am. Always nice to monger with a partner!
I still look forward to your trip with me to the Troc, my treat of course.
I pmd Nibu a couple of days ago as I too felt he would be a interesting guide. Nothing from him at this time.
I would like a driver that will go into the forbidden zones.

Member #4351
04-30-04, 15:22
The taxis will go anywhere YOU will want to go, don't worry. See you when you get here.

Lima Busy
04-30-04, 19:34

Good luck on your trip, I may be down for a week next thursday. I once had a english taxi driver who worked for Tetas Taxi (sp) It is a private car service alot of hotels use. Have the hotel manager call them and request the english speaking driver. He will then give you his cell # for the duration of your trip. Also I believe about 6 mos ago someone posted that there was a good driver that hung outside a well known monger hotel. I think the hotel was los palmas or something. Ask david33 he will know which hotel.

Lima Busy

Member #4351
05-03-04, 15:54
I think its probably tata taxi, "tetas" means boobs (looks like you're missing Peru).

Latina Passion
05-09-04, 23:45
This is a tad bit dated, but I feel that I owe it to by brother Mongers to share what I know, or at least what I think I know!

When I travel I travel with a of of guys from around the U.S.

Originally had planned a four day trip to lima, but after reading all the post, my Nephew and his buddy left four days prior to my arrival, lucky bastards. Per the fourm I told them do stay at Las Palmas Hotel across the way from Piza Alley. Big mistake this place is a dive compared to what I found later.

The price for two guys was $35 USD per night, way to much money compared to what I found, actually a Chica that I met from Amigos.com found it for me, but more on that later.

Nephew Day 1. Hits the streets running, hit Pizza Alley, finds a Chica for 30 soles ST.

He next hits the Club that David 33 tells people to avoid, because the price is to high, it is across the street from Pizza Alley, for the life of me I can't remember the name.

Anyhow he gets up to go to the head, and upon his return he noticed that the Chica he was with put something in his drink! So stay alert gents.

Dayn 1 for me. I hit Lima at 13:45 red eye out of LAX on Copa Airline. Price from LAX $580 usd. I have a chica I met from amigos.com pick me up from the airport.

20 minutes and $5 usd later I'm at my apartment www.perustar.com. I'm not feeling my chica so I told her what she probally has told many a man before me, I have a headache.

I head up stairs to my apartment, and to my surprise no welcome committe, at least they left me some beer in the frig.

I look around the apartment, nice very nice, flat screen T.V. Stero, full kitchen, two balconies two bedrooms computer with internet access, I mean the works.

And how much for all of this? $60 USD a night. Apartments are the way to go. This place was only 15 minutes from Pizza Alley.

So after a half hour or so I start to get tired, but not all of me. So I pull out what I printed from the forum and order in a little room service.

She was 25 yo 5' 5" nice tight little body, 150 soles. I'm doing this chica nice and hard and guess who decides to show up?

That's right friends and neighbors, my sobrino and amigo. I'm doing this chica and they kick open the door and start taking pictures of me doing this babe.

After we get done my budy the one taking the pictures, said damn she looks pretty good, how much? I told him 150 soles, he offered her 50 soles and they are off and running.

Now it is my turn to take some phots, so my Nephew and I are watching our budy have at it, and his dick getrs hard, he talks the chica down to 35 soles.

Now he is at it with her and my batteries are recharged. NEXT!

It was a sight to see! Where all butt naked, taking pictures, this chica is working hard for her money and loving every minute of it!

This is a woman that understands HO economics, make the money while you can.

I have 3 more days to report on will post soon. I have to say thanks to David 33 and Michael1967.

David 33 We hit the 33 soles per half an hour ho house LOL!

One last thing before my next report, I spent 5 days and Lima and I have no idea what the city looks like!

05-10-04, 09:15
Latin Passion,

Damn! Dude I wish I had an uncle like you.

Member #4351
05-10-04, 20:11
1. Its called Tequila.
2. Post the pics!!

05-11-04, 01:03
Latina Passion.

Are you really an [Deleted by Admin], or do you just play one on WSG?

this chica is working hard for her money and loving every minute of it!

This is a woman that understands HO economics, I have an economics degree but don't remember any sub categories that referred to "ho economics".

I am also quite sure (insert appropriate amount of sarcasm) that "she was loving every minute of it".

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

05-11-04, 20:30
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

05-12-04, 03:22
Latina Passion,

Thank you for your report. The tip on the apartments seems useful. I'll check if it fits my taste when I go to Lima.

I didn't know that some of the girls do it for less per bang when you go the gang bang route. Good to know.

Hoping for more reports
[With aditional useful tidbits.]

05-12-04, 03:55
Latina Passion,

Thanks for the report. I will have to check Peru out.

05-12-04, 03:58
Hey Jackson,

Sorry about that, it just really gets to me when someone tries to make a report and someone else bashes him.

Latina Passion
05-12-04, 12:28
Steve 28 Thanks for your support.

Did not get a chance to read Catire's report, I'm thinking of a few things to say but this is not the place to get into a pissing match!

My reports are based on fact, observation and my own opinion.

In my opinion the young lady, seemed very pleased when my friends offered a few more soles for her remaining time.

All I know is that her arm did not have to be twisted, tender the offer, offer accepted.

Sorry I'm starting that pissing match! LOL

I think I'm on day 3: Hit Pizza Alley again, you have to check out this Pub at the end of Pizza alley, it is a Brit type club ran by an American by the Name of Michael, pretty cool guy.

His palce in a nice place to relax shoot some darts and try to pick of one of his waitress! We went there a few times and he told me that he knew the only reason why we kept coming back is for his girls. His place is at the far end of Pizza Alley, the end closest to Las Palmas Hotel.

1am time to head back to the apartment, run in to Danielle and friends. Danielle is 5'7" red/brown hair nice solid body, she is for my buddy. I pick up no name chick, and she has a smoking little body jet black hair nice little rack. I'm thinking to myself yes!

On the way back to the apartment, she is all over me, come to papa baby girl. Get in the apartment and it is a different story.

The chick will not let me touch her nany nany, no kissing nada, this last for all of about 10 minutes, and I kick her ass out!

My buddy comes out of his room, dude what is wrong? I tell him the story, and check out his girl, I'm like damn man she looks pretty good. Cuanto? He tells me 50 soles!

You know the rest of the story, I was with Danielle that night and the following day. Called her up the next night as well, mmm good!

Day 4 to much beer and no sleep! My Nephew and I are coach potatoes, our friend comes out and wants to hit the streets, we are like have at it, soft drinks and T.V. for us today so he leaves for some sight seeing and solo adventure.

He grabs my WSG reports and hits the streets, comes back and tell us how he found this place reprted by David 33. Casa de sexo, and he is going on and on then he tells us the price 33 soles for half an hour. Battries are recharged now, by this time it is late and I want to hit it while it is fresh!!!!!!!!!

10am the next day and we are off and running to the Casa de sexo! Where is this place, the absolute worse part of town it was above an auto repair place, Ok this might not have been the place that David 33 talks about in his report, but the price was the same.

Talk about a shit hole! Want to talk about wall to wall dirt! 3 Chicas there on a scale of one to ten, they had a 3 a 4 and a 5!

My buddy takes 2 girls back to the room to have a threesome, my Nephew takes the one that is left, and my ass is sittin there alone playing watch dog. The place was so bad as I'm walking up the steps I'm looking for a way to escape!

20 minutes later my Nephew emerges and pissed off, I'm like dude whats wrong, she would not give me anal, I'm like way?

So I talk to her and inform my Nephew, dude 33 soles for straight sex, your dumb ass might want to offer the young lady just a few more soles, you cheap bastard! We laugh and I ask about her BJ skills, he informs me not bad, so f--- it she is only a 4 but what the hell it is only 33 soles.

Well end of report. Steve the best source of info on Lima has to be David 33. Just read his reports he has Lima locked in. I do not agree with all of his reports just 99% of them. An aprtment is the way to go IMHO away from the action but a true bang for your buck!

Member #4351
05-12-04, 19:22
Latina Passion,

Thanks for the compliment. Since I am a single guy, the truth is that living here in Lima, I don´t have much time nor need, for mongering.... as anyone who comes here has noticed, unlike in the states the girls here are FRIENDLY and it doesn´t matter how old YOU are or THEY are. I just flew back here, (Lima) about 10 hours ago after a week in California. Am I glad to be back!! Anyway that said, I still check out some of the places and try to keep on top of things. I don´t think I recommended the place you went...sounds like one of Nibu´s haunts. Anyway, the next time you come down get in touch.

05-13-04, 15:32
Latina Passion wrote: "Well end of report. Steve the best source of info on Lima has to be David 33. Just read his reports he has Lima locked in. I do not agree with all of his reports just 99% of them. An aprtment is the way to go IMHO away from the action but a true bang for your buck!"

I second that notion, my friends. With all of the messages in each of these forums (over a 3 year span), a quick and easy way to glean information would be via "Forum Search" and then type in search by "author." As far as Lima goes, following David_33's insight is the way to go; he knows the high and medium-end places, but also dips into the lower-end places.


Member #4351
05-13-04, 16:19
I can´t take all the credit for the information I put forward. There is a somewhat exclusive web club of Peruvian high-end mongerers to which I belong. They have rated a lot of the individual out call girls and MPs. But I´m happy to help out as much as I can. There are some other posters who have put contributed a lot of information too.

There is a swingers club here that every now and then has a party where they accept single guys. There is a party this saturday where they are letting singles in and charging about $15. Pretty good deal for the possibility of grabbing someone´s wife or girlfriend, bring one of your own to better the odds. However I think it would be difficult to attend if you don´t speak at least some Spanish. Plus the girls are the ones who choose who do get it on with.

Latina Passion
05-13-04, 22:00

Not sure if I mentioned this, and I'm to damn lazy to go back and read my report.

The two bedroom rate was $69 USD we offered cash and the owner lower it to $60 USD.

It was located is a residential area, very safe about 15 minutes from Pizza Alley.

The staff was great, we wanted to BBQ one day, they hooked us up with a pit and even started the fire for us, so we decided to BBQ for the entire complex as well as the staff!

It earned us a few brownie points! I've visted five countires in Latin America, and I'm always amazed at the number of people that have never had American BBQ!

Anyhow ferolga777, the Peru Star rates start at $25 to $70 a night Studios, 1,2, and 3 bedrooms! They have a great web site www.perustar.com

Good luck and do not forget to ask for a cash discount!

05-14-04, 07:35
One could suggest that lack of passion for American barbecue laden with sauce might have something to do with why the women you see walking on Latin American streets don't look like whales and the males don't look like they're pregnant.

Latina Passion
05-15-04, 22:04
Oh my god, you've solved the weight problem for the States, hell for that matter the world!

I'm sure you will be nominated for a Pulitzer for that keen observation my friend.

I can see the headlines now.

Monger solves weight problem for the WORLD: No more American BBQ.

In a related story, Bull's eye BBQ sauce files for chapter 11, news at eleven!

In Texas we like our BBQ dry son.

Guys, please forgive me. I've intrduced BBQ to three countries to Latin America, well you know what is next, whales and men that look pregnant.

I feel as if I've just introduced Alcohol to the American Indians!

Dude, what is your deal with me? I swear you remind me of my soon to be ex-wife!

It's funny i try to share my experience with the board, like other members before me, I mention that I had a sime gang bang, where I might add the woman of legal age was tendered an offer, and she accepted the offer.

No arms where twisted, plain and simple is was bussiness tranactions.

I mention that the woman appeared to enjoy herself, might om been my massive manhood, or it could of been the fact that she felt she made a suave bussiness call!

I thought this board was for guys to get more bang for their buck, is this not the case?

I summit my report, not just about banging! One guy reads my report summit for men and gets all bent out of shape about it, why?

For doing the same thing that he himself has written about doing, unless he is not getting as much bang for his buck.

This is the same guy that would have voted Clinton out of office!

Here's a thought, did you ever think if we did not participate in this hobby or sport, non of the girl would be doing this?

MMM That is food for thought, but ok for you but not for me, Julie is that you?

Do as I say not as I do!

Guys, I apologize to you all, because I said earlier that I would not turn this into a pissing match, but give me a f--- break, the guy is going to rip me becaused I shared with the board and BBQ sauce!

That is absolutely insane.

Damn I think I just lost me membership!

Jackson sorry,

Did I tell you what a kick ass apartment you have?

05-17-04, 04:45
Perhaps you should try treating this narcissistic disorder of yours.
Things that I might post don't always have to be about YOU.

I merely made a comment about food choices made by Americans and people elsewhere, choices that mixed together with amount of moving one's ass pretty much determines how fat one is going to be.

I have little fear that you will destroy current Latin choices in terms of food and activities by introducing them to barbecue and sauce. I also suspect it's already been tried if possible by an American fast food chain or restaurant chain.

as to your problems with previous post, you should look it over and then re-ascertain what "my problem" was. It certainly had nothing to do with a legal aged woman being tendered and accepting an offer.

if you're still confused, find the keyword in the first sentence.

05-17-04, 07:58
Hey Catire,

You should find the key word in the first sentence of your report because it fits you quite well.

He was being sarcastic, but hey you’re the educated man.

And if you want a real lesson in economics, PM me so I can correct your argument on GDP you made on the Venezuela thread.

05-17-04, 16:54
Hey, I highly recommend looking up the meaning of words (narcissistic) before using them to describe people.

Did you choose that word because it has four syllables and sounds good, or is it because your professor used it in your economics class?

05-17-04, 17:16
Oh look what you've done; I'm using wrong words now. You didn't argue(sounds good duh) your point; you were simply explaining it.

05-17-04, 21:39
Steve 28, it's been said misery loves company.

I checked back my last few Ven posts and don't remember or see talking about the Gross National Product, though I did talk about the value of the currency on the black market. I e-mailed you for the eagerly awaited economics lesson.

Whatever my faults may be, I'm always willing to learn.

p.s. what kind of odds would you give me that "she was loving every minute of it". what kind of odds would you give me that it takes a certain mindset to write something like that? I'll leave the adjectives needed for such a mindset to you.

btw, still haven't received my PM lesson in Venezuelan GDP. I'm waiting.

05-18-04, 22:47
I thought I'd post something funny in the Lima section. I just got back from a Europe trip. I had several currencies in my passport case. (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru). I was in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague. NO BANKS in these countries or money exchange places would change Peruvian Soles. I could change my pesos from Argentina. No problem. My Reals from Brazil. No problem. Even my pesos from Colombia. No problem.

Not one of them dealt with money from Peru. Does anyone know why? I just thought it was a bit odd that they would exchange money from almost every other country in South America but not Peru. Strange considering Peru's currency is more stable than their neighbors.

When I left Peru last time I forgot to change about $300 US worth of Soles. Oh well. Does anyone know if I can change it over in Buenos Aires?


Member #4351
05-19-04, 00:15
When you fly through Miami I think that the currency exchange booths in the airport will change the soles for you. Probably at a lousy rate, but better than walking around with money you can´t spend.

Don River
05-19-04, 00:22
There is not much of a market for Soles internationally.

I never bother with them except for coins when I'm there. I've never had any one turn down dollars. Perhaps you lose a little on the exchange, but what the hell. The money I send down there is always $USD. All of the good Docs, etc. want $ USD cash.

Dallas Guy
05-21-04, 23:58
Hey all,

Will be visiting Lima in late June early July for a week. Plan to stay at www.PeruStar.com.

Thanks for putting this site in the forum, otherwise I prob never would have found it.

I'm pretty much a laid back person ""classic american boy"" hoping to meet a few fun people down there.

This will be my first overseas trip, and I'm most anticipating it.

Thanks for all the good posts and feel free to private message me for more info.



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

05-23-04, 20:51
Is it best to exchange dollars to Soles, or can I pay in dollars everywhere?

Latina Passion
05-24-04, 02:45
Steve 28,

Dude, do not waste your time with him, I swear he is just like my ex wife, do as I say not as I do!

Steve you will never win an argument with HER, I mean him, because they are NEVER wrong.

You could could tell this guy that the grass was green, and he would argue that, no in fact it is not, because it in TECHNICALLY Kentucky blue grass, therefore technically it is blue.

Steve trust me on this one, you will never win with this guy because he is never wrong, in the world according to dick head!

Check out his Venezuela post, I paid half of what he paid for some tail, and he claims to have an ECON degree!

Professor, you are a participant in this game just like the me, so please do not hate me because I'm getting more bang for my buck then you are!

Professor feel free to PM me, hell this form is all about helping each other out, so hell I would be more then happy to give you a few pointers to sharpen up your game.

Steve, again do not take my word for it, read dudes post in the Venezuela board.

One minute he is telling everyone do not pay $100 for a piece of ass, and the next minute he is pisses off at me.

Because I applied Econ 101, economics of scale, Julie are you sure that is not you?

Latina Passion
05-24-04, 03:41
Superior Dude:

Your arrongances is really quite annoying but at the same time very amusing to me, just like you are amusing to me.

MR. Econ Dude, I have one simple question for you, where you there?

Where you there:So how in the f would you even have a f---ing clue if she enjoyed herself or not?

SIR; why in the hell are you getting your PANTIES in a WAD over, whether or not she enjoyed herself or not?

This might come to a surprise to you but some women still enjoy a good ole fashion fuck or gang bang, unless of course they have been with?

Again, why in the hell would you care if she enjoyed herselt you are above the rest of us, and we should not get more bang for our buck?

Or is it that you care so much about these women, that is why you are an active participant in the game?

My head hurts, I swear just like talking to my ex. I might as well talk to the wall, because I will get the same self-rightous response!

Latina Passion
05-25-04, 01:35
Dallas Guy,

Make sure you ask for a cash discount, it worked for me, also the staff is great there, they will bend over backward to make your stay a good one!

Just in case I forgot to mention this in my first report, they will let you pick out your room, all you have to do is ask, and they are Chica friendly.

05-26-04, 02:32
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's SPAM policy prohibiting reports not written in English. Please read the Forum's Posting Guidelines for further information. Thank You!

Lima Busy
06-01-04, 02:58
Hello Lima amigos,

I just got back from a short trip to Lima to visit my girlfriend. I flew on Lan Chile from JFK $583 RT and the service was great.

Thanks Latina Passion for the Perustar tip. I paid $212 for the week and stayed in the penthouse 1 bedroom studio #18. I highy recomend it if you do not mind the stairs. The owners were very accomodating. I had a free cable internet connection in room.
My only complaint is when I asked for a monthly rate for the same room for my july trip the rate was $850. The hotel is in San Isidro about 20 mins by taxi from central miraflores. however it is only about 5 mins from Emmanualle and Kings Spa.

I do not usually monger but I did have one experience.

I was coming home from my Novias house one night at about 2 in the morning and was feeling in need of some action. I wanted to visit emanualle but could not remember the name or address. I did however remember seeing kings spa, but could not remember if the reports were good or bad. I went in and took a 1 1/2 hour massage for 60 soles. I tried as best I could with the women at the front desk to see if they had full service or if I could view the girls first to no avail.

I went in expecting to only get a hand job from some old broad.

Too my surprise I walked into a waiting area with two young chics both about 21 with nice little bodies but far from models. I chose a 23 y/o amazona girl named gisella(sp) with a hot slightly chubby body.

She proceeded to give me a decent massage. After a few minutes I asked her for sin ropas where she happly obliged. I asked her if full service was possible and she said yes and asked if I wanted to go into a room with bathroom and bed or just do it on the massage table. You guys are gonna kill me but I forgot to ask the price and opted for the bedroom.

We went in and she proceeded to start french kissing and getting me worked up. She was extremly wet from kissing so I asked for daty and she was surprised but said she wanted it mucho. She went into the bathroom to wash up and came back a few minutes later. She was clean wet and tasty. I believe she came twice the first being extremely violent and messy. She broceeded to give me bbbj followed by cowgirl,doggie. I finished her reverse cowgirl. When she was done she was exhausted and covered in sweat. We proceeded to kiss and chat for about 20 minutes and I left with her cell # as she wanted to come to my apartment. The total tab was 300 soles. I know I overpaid but she was definetly a great lay with a good personality.

Lima Busy


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



06-02-04, 20:46
I swung by Cucardas a couple of days ago for a quickie on my way to the airport. I was only in Lima for a couple of days, was due back in the US, and didn’t have much time. I asked the doorman if I could run inside and take a look around before paying the fee. If I liked what I saw, I’d come out and pay, if not, I’d leave. Unfortunately, he insisted I pay first and said if I came out in one to two minutes, he’d refund the 15 soles entrance fee. I paid, was handed a coupon, and I entered. First aisle was little disappointing, second aisle a little better. I picked Milagros, a short, big-titted, 22-year old brunette.

The strange part was that I had to give her my coupon from the doorman. WTF? I’m assuming that if I wanted multiples, I would have to pay another 15 soles for another coupon. I was in a rush to make my flight, so I didn’t inquire. It has been awhile since I had been there, but I don’t remember it like that before. Is all of Lima adopting this strategy? Maybe with the advent of Viagra, they’re cracking down on multiple pops.

Anyway, Milagros was pretty standard. The downside was her tits were so big they sagged like a couple of hefty bags full of cement. She cost me 30 soles. I finished in record time, ran out the door, jumped in my waiting taxi, and sped to the airport.

06-03-04, 22:32
Hey Ill be stricking San Pablo this saturday, so Id like to have some of you to recommend me girls there -provide me some names and descriptions, p.l.e.a.s.e.

Member #4351
06-04-04, 00:39
Lima Busy´s report shows why one should always read the threads here first.

Latina Passion
06-04-04, 02:31
Lima Busy,

I've gotten so much information for this board I'm just gald that I could help.

Next time tell Linda that Steve sent you so I can get a better discount.

Check out my post and pics on Cartagena Colombia! If I get around to it my post on Margarita Island.

06-04-04, 19:14
From my 1-28-04 report in Lima/Peru section:

"SAN BORJA: King Spa - Ave Aviacion #2938, San Borja - 225-2715 & 225-2860, 30NS entry, 30NS massage, 90-100NS for 30-45 min (haggled service - would avoid this place)"

Lima Busy: *For 300NS, you could have had 2-3 girls there on different days. From what I've read and seen, there are better Baños Turcos. Anyways, I'm glad that you had fun, Lima Busy. "Girl getting exhausted in heaps of sweat" sessions are truly special.

Maltrufio: *They had the same set-up went I went to Cucardas in spring of '03. For each 20 minute session with a girl, you need to pay another 15 NS "entrance fee." They even had a ringer that went off at the end of my session. Be quick and have soles in hand, my friend.


Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:25
06-04-2004 - Arrived in Lima and checked in into the Marriott in Miraflores. Didn’t hit Tequila Rocks until about 2 AM. After a couple of cervezas, I decided on 23 y.o. Ruby. Thanks to the Lima board, I fully knew about TR’s inflated prices but I was tired and horny and didn’t haggle too much with her regarding her prices. She gave me a sale pitch saying that normally, she charges $100 (USD) for 1 hour…I countered with $50….she then countered with $80. We finally settled for $70. It was still too high in my opinion, but like I said, I was both tired and horny from the flight from the U.S.

By the time we arrived at the Marriott, it was about 3:20 AM. As expected, the session was average at best and nothing to write home about (LOL). Ruby, though, was somewhat a GFE experience. She didn’t allow any photos of her face, but allowed some photos of her body – neck down. Ruby has a nice looking face. I rate her looks a 7-8.

An interesting note though: after years of mongering, I know better than to have nothing but big bills on me (USD and soles both), and sure enough, when she asked for a ‘propina’, I had nothing to give her but 50 soles! I know…I could have said I have none to give, but WTF, right? (laugh). It’s only money (sigh).

I’ll be ready with smaller denominations tomorrow night.

Lastly, I didn’t bother checking the weather before arriving in Lima, taking it for granted that I am flying southward, plus it’s already June. Well, to my big surprise, I got off the aircraft freezing my ass off! It’ll be cloudy, foggy, windy and cool the whole time I am here, and I didn’t bring a single jacket or any warm clothing. Do yourself a big favor, and pack some warm clothes!

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:27
Another shot of Ruby.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:30
Ruby again.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:30
More Ruby.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:31
Ruby again...

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:32
Last shot of Ruby.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:34
05 Jun 2004: I decided to try out www.placeresdelperu.com and went through a slew of girls’ cellular phones with no-joy. It seems that at around 3 PM in the afternoon, a lot of these girls have their phones off. Of course, at any given day, YMMV.

Initially talked to Harumi, who is highly recommended, and (since my Spanish is not that good) my buddy did all the negotiating for me. He told her to be at the Marriott at 2 PM for 200 soles (for an hour). Well, 3 PM came and went and there was no Harumi in the premises. So, I went through my list and that’s when I experienced all these out-of -service cell phone numbers from at least seven girls from my preference list. Finally, got hold of Vania and she agreed on $50 USD for one hour outcall in my room. My buddy left me alone at this point, but I was able to convey what I wanted with my rudimentary ‘Spanglish’ over the phone. So, there’s hope for me, yet. When Vania showed up, although there were similarities, she didn’t look like the girl in the photo on-line, at least not body wise. This Vania looked skinnier and somewhat darker than the ones on-line. In addition, Vania’s nipples were way darker than the ones in the website. I was thinking maybe that I was a victim of bait-and-switch scheme, but I couldn’t be 100% positive. Also, she has some dermatology (skin) discoloration on her right leg…that’s the reason why she wears stockings. She also has a flat butt (I like girls with a little butt as well). I rate her face a 6-7; she has a small mole on her nose. Furthermore, although she has a slender and shapely body, I rate her body a 5 just because I prefer my women with a little booty, and not too slender like Crystal (my next project, LOL). Her real name is Paola, BTW.

Vania did the job, but as usual of the pros outside the U.S., they seldom do BBBJ’s. However, she has a friendly and accommodating personality and she rode me for a long time before we switched positions for a doggie-style finish. Lastly, although she didn’t even ask for a ‘propina’, I gave her 10 soles for taxi, and this time around, I made sure I had enough smaller denominations for a tip.


06-07-2004 – I checked out the www.placeresdelper.com and saw that Crystal has taken her name off the site. No wonder her phone has been out of service since the weekend. Too bad, I would have loved sucking on those big tits.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:34

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:35
More Vania shots.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:36
Another Vania pic.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:38
Early Morning 06 June 2004 Report:

Well, I just met my first Peruvian freaky-girl. Giselle, a 25 y.o. blonde bombshell is the bomb! After the letdown with Vania, I was able to recharge after a few hours of rest and head down to Tequila Rocks. Saturday night was kinda like a slow night at TR. There must have been no more than 35-40 girls there by midnight, and yet, it was still a “buyers’ market”. Giselle was my first choice for the night anyways, and she didn’t disappoint me. Initially, she asked for $60 for an hour, but I talked her down to $50…no problems.

Giselle has pretty decent size titties and booty. What separated her from the first two girls was her excellent BBBJ. She was also constantly tonguing her big breasts and I found myself sucking and tonguing those nice melons as she licked them with her tongue at the same time…real freaky girl…I loved it! Also, she allowed deep French kissing as well…excellent GFE experience and easy personality. I should mention, that I was so turned on by her freakiness, that I performed some DATY on her. Giselle is also a bit of a screamer and she didn’t hesitate to let out some loud moans as I was eating her trimmed pussy out. So far, I have yet to meet a Peruvian chica who has a totally shaved pussy.

I was so happy with her service that I got her cellular phone number will plan a second session in the week ahead. Giselle is highly recommended

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:39
Giselle (real name is Erica).

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:41
Last shot of Giselle. I´ll try to get her again before the week is over. She´s the bomb!

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:42

06 Jun 2004 - Buyer Beware! Well, for this evening’s entertainment menu, I opted to contact Arawella (as my last choice) since the majority of the girls off www.placeresdelperu.com again had their cellular phones turned off. The bottom line is that Arawella (9-858-6329) is a friggin’ hustler, and I pity the next gringo who tries contacting her for some P4P. As my usual practice, plus with her insistence, I paid her 200 NS upfront. Funny, how over the phone, she initially asked for $100 USD, and I said, “No”. So, she immediately lowered it to 200 NS. She also asked for taxi money…and I gave her 20 NS…I was nice with this girl throughout the session.

This girl was acting kinda strange right off the bat. First off, when she entered my room, she inspected every nook and cranny expecting to find some person hiding behind there. She explained to me that there were two girls who got beat up recently by some gringos. Now, mind you, I brought her to my room at the Marriott and not some one-star motel somewhere in the ghetto. Anyways, as I was trying to fuck her, she started to say that it’s hurting her and she kept on holding onto my dick – I know what she’s doing. She’s positioning her hand wherein I could barely penetrate her pussy, an old hustler trick that’s been in use for years now. Combined with her acting job about how it’s hurting, I got frustrated and just end up just fucking her between her decent sized mammaries and allowing me to cum between her tits. In the end, I even doubt that I fucked this biatch, seeing how she kept positioning her hand between my dick and her pussy…and all this time, she was acting like it’s fucking hurting her…fake moans and grimaces.

So, after the bullshit session, I asked her if I can take some photos of her, and true to her hustler tendencies, she stated that she wanted 50 NS for three photos. Indeed, I should have told her to pound sand, but I wanted to take a picture of every girl that I got for the purpose of posting them for my WSG report. So, I forked up the money…WTF, it’s only money, right? (laugh). However, she’s not finished just yet. As she was walking out of my door, she was asking for ‘regalo’. At this point, I pretended that I didn’t know what she was saying. Lastly, she tells me that her real name is Katherina…dunno if she’s being real or not, but I wanted ensure that her hustling must be exposed to everyone here and hopefully, prevent any poor monger from wasting any more money on her. In the future, she may change her name from Arawella to something else. So, definitely, caveat emptor: buyer beware!

Needless to say, after an outstanding session with Giselle last night, the Arawella session was a total let down. In hindsight, it makes me wonder why she was so cautious when she entered my room. Like I said earlier, she’s at the Marriott and not some low-class motel. I know she told me the story about the two girls getting beaten up by some gringos, but it also makes you wonder whether she’d been pulling her hustle for awhile now that maybe she’s concern that some past disgruntled client may want some pay back. In the end, stay the fuck away from this working girl.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:43
Arawella. Stay the fuck away from this rip-off!

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:45
Last shot of this rip-off artist, Arawella.


Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:47
06-07-2004 report:

i didn’t practice any much mongering creativity due to my long and hectic work schedule the following day, hence, back to tequila rock for some more fun. my favorita, giselle, is off tonight and i wanted to try somebody new. so, i decided on another 25 y.o. big-tittie named fabiana. there were about 30 girls working at the tr on a monday night.

so far, none of these girls can top off giselle’s performance. fabiana’s session was average at best and she charges $50 usd for an hour’s session. also, she has a cleft pallet and her speech is somewhat impaired by it, but i still can make out the words that she’s saying. to her credit, she has big tits, but her face is rated at about a 4-5 at best. like i said, nothing to call home about and brag to my buddies…just another wsg entry…nothing more, nothing less. next…

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:48
Last shot of Fabiana.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:49
08 Jun 2004 – I decided to try my luck with www.placeresdelperu.com again. This time though, I hit a jackpot. I took my chances with 24 y.o. (although her website says 21) Aline and never regretted it. Let me tell y’all something, this girl is a top-notch provider. First, she gives a very erotic BBBJ, plus some intense French kissing in a very sleazy way…very sexy and hot girl. Definitely, Aline knew how to get things going. She allowed me to finger fuck her pussy and would even allow some DATY if I wanted it. However, I didn’t inquire about Greek though, but I guess for the right price, she may consider it. She charges 150 NS for one hour of unrushed service, plus 20 NS for taxi.

Aline’s face is a 7, and a definite keeper. She also has a friendly personality. I am highly recommending her. Her cellular is 9-736-1890.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:50
Oh, I forgot to mention that she even gave me a rim job. Excellent service provider, this Aline girl.

Member #3447
06-09-04, 23:55
Last shot of Aline.

I still have a few more days in Lima and will post some additional reports (and photos) as I get them done. My goal is to fuck at least one different girl everyday until my departure. Having said that, I do plan a repeat session with Giselle (Erica) though, so I may not meet my goal, LOL! Unless, of course, I take some Viagra...I am not a 20 year old anymore (sigh).

Member #4351
06-10-04, 15:23
Please stop wasting your time and money at Tequila Rocks. You are ending up with not very good looking girls and spending way too much money. PDP seems to be doing a lot of bait and switch lately. I´m PMing you a suggestion.

Member #4351
06-10-04, 15:30
By the way, cheap generic viagra available. Ask for Sildanafil at any drug store. No prescription necessary. If you want to splurge you can buy Cialis for about $7.00. The Sildanafil will cost you about $2. There are lots of kinds...ask for the cheapest...its all the same.

06-10-04, 16:22

Great reports and super photo's! I guess I will have to find a reason to make a trip to Lima.


06-11-04, 00:26

Those are some great photo's! I guess I will have to now find a reason (which you just gave me) to trave to Lima.

Keep up the good work!


Member #3447
06-11-04, 01:00
Thanks David for your recommendations, both here and via PM...I appreciate the tips. Your reports have been a tremendous asset to me in particular and, I am sure, to the other mongers new to the Lima board as well.

As previously planned, I again got Erica (aka Giselle) from Tequila Rock last night for another go-around. True to form, I wasn't disappointed, albeit she will not allow any photos taken of her. That folks, ruined her chances for a 'tri-fecta' session and I will have to hunt for a new girl tonite and get some more photos to post, LOL!

Anyways, Erica is highly recommended if anybody wants to spend the money ($50/hr). Her contact number is 9-667-3094. Enjoy.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:15
12 Jun 04 (early morning) – well, I did the Tequila Rock hunt again and after missing out on a couple of chicas, I went with my third choice, 24 year old Sandra (9-674-9041). Sandra has an average looking face, but her body was smokin’, with a pretty decent sized tits. She was wearing a brown leather mini- skirt and was really looking sluty…just the way I like it.

Initially, I was eye-balling a couple of light skinned ladies…one was a blonde. In fact, I was a little slow in moving in for the kill, and I lost both of these ladies to a couple of mongers. One of these two ladies I tried talking to, but she gave me an evil look when I tried getting her attention. She must’ve been feeling pretty ‘special’ since a young gringo was hoarding her all night long, albeit I think I could’ve out-spend his ass for her in the first place (IMHO). I was willing to spend top dollar for her blonde, big tittie ass…too bad…her lost, LOL!

Anyway, Sandra also provides BBBJ with no CIM. She’s pretty friendly, takes her time and very accommodating. More importantly, she allowed me to shoot some good pictures (no face shots though). Surprisingly, as an added bonus, Sandra was the first provider in Lima who shaves her pussy…I love shaved pussies! She highly recommended. I am providing her cellular phone in case y’all are interested: 9-674-9041. BTW, she only works on Fridays over at Tequila Rock.

My flight back to the U.S. is at midnight tonight, so I’ll have time to call www.placeresdelperu.com for a ‘one for the road’ session this afternoon. A little ‘afternoon delight’, per se.

Executive summary report to follow.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:16
Sandra's sexy brown leather mini-skirt again.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:17
More Sandra.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:18
Sandra, one more.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:19
And more...

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:20
Sandra again.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:21
Sandra from Tequila Rock.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:21
Last shot of Sandra.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:23
This next few photos is from my last session in Lima. The girl is Ivonne from www.placeresdelperu.com.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:24
Ivonne's kitty kat.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:25
More Ivonne shots.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:26
Second to the last Ivonne photo before my executive summary report.

Member #3447
06-13-04, 22:27

I stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Larco Mar and verified the property as girl-friendly. If you have the girl meet you at the hotel lobby alone, she will be required to present an ID with the concierge staff prior to going up, but if you meet her outside, you just walk through with no registration requirements.

Due to a somewhat busy work schedule, I limited my mongering activities to either going to Tequila Rock or contacting the providers at www.placeresdelperu.com. So, in nine nights at Lima, here is the list of girls that I had sessions with:

1. Ruby
2. Vania
3. Giselle (Erica) – 2 sessions
4. Arawella
5. Fabiana
6. Aline
7. Sandra
8. Ivonne

My last one, Ivonne was also a pleasant one. A surprise though is when I called her number, the girl who answered the phone spoke pretty decent English, but when Ivonne arrived at the hotel, she tells me that she speaks very little English. Apparently, her girlfriend, Daniella (another provider) speaks and negotiates on her behalf and even tried to substitute another girl (herself) for Ivonne…saying that Ivonne had provided enough services already…trying to steal some business from her friend without having to pay the fee for posting her services at www.placeresdelperu.com – pretty slick.

Anyway, Ivonne charges $50 USD, plus taxi for an outcall service. Pretty average session, but she got the job done. I rate her face as a 7. Additionally, Ivonne also has some pretty decent sized mammaries.

Lastly, although I slightly paid somewhat above-average prices for this week’s mongering activities, I was willing to pay that kind of money…sorry if I drove the price structure up this week (sigh). Hopefully, the regular mongers in Lima can again bring it down again to respectable levels, LOL! Thanks to the excellent information in the Lima board, my brief stay in Lima was a monger’s success. Keep up the excellent participation and the active information-sharing network.

Ho_Chaser out.

Member #4351
06-14-04, 15:21

Glad you had enjoyed yourself here. Too bad you had time restraints because you really limited yourself. Since you weren´t too worried about spending money, you could have gotten yourself much better looking girls. If you PM me an E-mail address I will send you a photo of one of the top models available to those who want to pay. Since she is known here in Peru, I don't think that it would be fair to her to post the photo on the board.

Adelante Siempre
06-14-04, 19:58
Hi David_33,

Is there a large selection of attractive streetwalkers in the not so dangerous parts of Lima?


Thanks in Advance.

Member #3447
06-15-04, 00:00

My buddy boned this beautiful half Peruvian, half Japanese chica who works at Tequila Rock, named Kaori...20 years old. We met her last monday, and I've spotted her over there the majority of the time that I've gone there.

More of her shots will posted in the Peruvian photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.

H_C out.

06-21-04, 06:04
Going to Peru - Bolvia for 34 days on Wed. Have been in Mexico, Central America, and Brazil. South American woman had the best attitude followed by Central America being a close second. In Mexico, usually end up feeling like you were robbed after going to the clubs, because you end up spending so much. Looking forward to sending in reports. Trying to figure out if it would be better to do more of my mongering in Bolivia. Researching Peru for tonight because I am flying into Lima. In Rio, I found a club near Club Monte Carlo in Copa Cobana, where the women only charged $30 dollars for half an hour. Club Monte Carlo's in Brazil, was really awesome, charged around $70 for 45 minutes.

Member #4351
06-21-04, 15:28
Member #2055,

There are some cutie SWs in Lima. However it is a fairly dangerous part of town. You can go with a cab driver who knows the scene. I can recommend one, an ex cop if you want. One scam to watch out for, is when you´re in the cheap room, sometimes they have someone enter and steal your wallet while you are in the act. If you are looking for low priced action, I would recommend the Trocadero instead...however if you are a risk taker....go for the SWs.

06-24-04, 07:28
Thanks for the reports Ho Chaser. I kind of miss Lima. I was thinking of either moving there or Buenos Aires but I chose Buenos Aires. Now all the girls that I still chat with are a little bummed. Oh well. I walked around quite alot while in Lima. I didn't see anything worth taking at Tequila Rock or Pizza Alley or any of those places. The only super hot girls were at the expensive clubs.

Although I wish I had more time to research info David_33 emailed me. Thanks David. I was on webcam with one girl he referred me to the other day and she was gorgeous. Follow his advice as he knows the Lima scene better than most.

I may visit Lima in August after I move to Buenos Aires. I have an amigovia that I met in one of the clubs that wants to meet up. I still have some Soles. My girlfriend tried changing it in Brazil and they won't even exchange it there and it's a neighboring country!

I hope I can exchange them in Chile...

06-26-04, 09:49
I am currently in Lima looking for some girl action, wondering if anyone is here and to meet for some mongering.

PS-I speak spanish

07-02-04, 07:38
Just got back from banos turco the one I went too was called Cavin spa I think, located in a nice section of la Victoria which was very close to San Broja. It is 20 soles to get in and once you are in you have access to a shower (w/hot water), a sauna, hot tub, pool, big screen TV to watch sports and bar area where you can drink beer, soda and have something to eat. They also have a limited number of leather lazy boys. The entrance fee just gives you access to the place anything else is extra like food or drinks. Massages are an additional 20 soles for 45 mins. You have your own choice of which girl you want but each girl makes up her own price which can range from 100-200 soles. Remember you don’t have to do anything with these girls you could just use the services and get good massage for 40 soles total. The girl’s that I saw where all about 6-7 in my opinion. At these places you have to bargain the girls are going to charge you the highest they can but trust me you can them lower! They accept credit cards but charge you like 10 extra soles. The girls are actually very nice even if you don’t do anything and if you do they very affectionate for what I saw. Aware ask them to write out the ticket first for how much it is and show it too you… because I heard sometimes these girls tell you a price and when you are done they add 20-40 soles extra saying you did not understand her or saying it is for tip … happen to my cousin once and he is Peruvian!! But most places are pretty straight up.

One more thing. Most girls are peruvian but they have asian girls if that is what you like. They tend to be more expensive like 20 soles more somthing like that

Dick Rambone
07-05-04, 22:01

Try this bano turco. Its called Finish Sauna on Jose De La Torre Ugarte No. 270-274 (Lince) telf 593-7233. I mmet a nice girl there that I have seen twice now. For 125NS you can get a massage, cbj and cfs. Let me know if you are still around.

Dick Rambone

Rabo Verde
07-06-04, 01:01
Aside from the hobby, I would like to know if there are a lot of things to see and do in Lima. Also I am used to hanging out in Recoleta in BA or Copacabana in Rio, and wonder if there is a comparable area in Lima with lots of cafes, bookstores, Internet places, interesting people, etc.

07-06-04, 01:22

These days I'm in Lima with my novia bit I have few times for action. I tried Lalita from www.placeresdelperu.com. It looked like a teen mestiza girl (what I like). She send me to her apartment at Pardo (Miraflores) number 610 floor 1702. The apartment included (apart of Lalita), about 4 girls more. The high point is that all were very young (between 18 and 22). Thats a good recommendation for young flesh lovers. The rest of the girls were cool (I saw also one chinita and another hot one, 21 yo very petite with some painted blonde hair...these one good for thick pussie lovers with big dicks :) ).
And Lalita?? Well. Actually he has short hair (not long like the photo), and its a charapita mestiza of long lengs, petite tits and a perfect little round ass. If you like teenage girls try this. Medium performing....she licked the balls, but a bad sucks with condom. Best part was pussy playing, french kissing. Not allow anal and it wasnt impossible to convince that I cummed in mouth.
80 soles 30 minutes. 150 1 hour. 250 s. if you try two chicas.

NJ Dude II
07-06-04, 07:19
Last April I went to a Bano Turco in avenida la Marina and found some nice pieces of ass. FS for only 125 NS. Girls were young (none over 30) and GFE, treated me like an old boyfriend. I'm planning to go back in october and check the other Bano Turcos.

NJ Dude

Member #4351
07-06-04, 15:16

Nothing to do in Lima...stick to B.A. and Rio.

07-06-04, 18:15

In Lima, Miraflores has many outdoor cafes with views of parque Kennedy. All very close to Pizza alley and Tequila Rocks. There are many internet cafes in the area. Visit Barranca, there their are many cafes, clubs, and restaurants. A little foot bridge leads to a point with a veiw of the ocean and a lighted cross. The foot bridge and cross are well known, but I don't remember the names. Also visit Larco Mar en Miraflores a mall, entertainment complex with veiw of the ocean. Also Visit Centro de Lima. But be careful here. There see plaza mayor, plaza san martin, el calle rincon (??? name), and San francisco de asis with its catacombes. If you throw in a couple of museums. Nightly restaurante visits, and there are many good ones in Miraflores and San Isidro, you'll have plenty to keep you busy for 4-6 days. I highly recomend you start your stay in Miraflores. It's safe and everything in walking distance.

Belmont aka elloco, mujeriego

Pootang Hunter
07-08-04, 19:15
Hey guys,

I haven't written in a while, but here's my report from a business trip to Lima 2 weeks ago.

I was pretty damn busy most of the time, so I didn't get to do as much hunting as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I made use of some of the escort services and they were very good. I first called some of the girls from Placeres del Peru, but I had a hard time getting a hold of them. It must be the fact that I was calling around 11pm-12am.

Luckily the hotel I stayed at (which BTW, at 70 soles a night in San Borja was a pretty good deal) knew exactly which madamme to call. The hotel is Hostal Paseo Norte on av. San Borja Norte #609 - very well located in a nice neighborhood.

Anyway, they called a madamme who got several girls for me (one per night) at 120 soles each for 1 hr. + taxi (~20 soles). The best one was a girl from the Amazon region named Luz. I really liked her because she was very fun to talk to, well-travelled, looked very much like a blonde brazilian, had a very nice body, a 7 face, and fucked really well (knew how to caress and moan). She even met up with my friend and I the following day for drinks. I unfortunately forgot to get the madamme's phone number (yes, I fucked up), but you can call the hotel and ask them to put you in touch with her.

One night I did go to Tequila Rocks. I had a great time, but didn't end up taking a girl home. Most of the chicks there were sort of bitchy and asking for 250 soles. Given my good experiences with escorts, I balked. There was one girl though, that I brought down to 200 soles and I almost brought her back to my hotel, but she told me she was on the rag and we decided to leave it for another time. This girl was also from the amazon region. These amazon girls look very much like blond/dirty blond brazilians - at least that's the pattern I'm seeing.

All in all, a great trip for shade. I'm going back during the last week of July, so if any of you out there are looking to hang out and go hunting together, please drop me a note.

Take care everybody,

Pootang Hunter

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Lima Busy
07-09-04, 17:46
I just moved to lima from NYC a week ago, after visiting four times over the past year. I am staying in a hotel in San Isidro with my Novia until my house is ready in Miraflores.

My Novia wishes to live with me and we had a hell of a time convincing her parents to allow it. By the way I am 50 and she is 22.

Last trip here I reported on a Bano Turcos (King Spa) which many of you thought was on ave aviacion. The one I went to was on ave Arequippa in Lince. It is only two blocks off Ave Prado Oeste and about five minutes ride from San Isdro. At that time I had a hot little number from Iquitos which I overpaid for.

I went back yesterday on the way to pick up my novia from work.
It was about 4pm and there were 5 or 6 chicas, none of them were very nice.

I took a 24 y/o named Dorvina who said she was from a city in southern Peru up in the andes, but I could not remember the name.

We started with a 1/2 hour massage it is 30 soles for a hour.
The massage basicly sucked as she kept interuptting by asking alot of questions about my life.

I have a hard time understanding spanish but a cbj was about 75 soles and FS was 180.

I told her that I wanted a bbj and after much ado we agreed on 150 soles.

Well the bbj sucked, her mouth was dry and she would not deep throat. Every 2 minutes she would stop and try to jerk me off. At one point about 15 min into it, and I was about to come she stopped because her mother called on her cellphone.

We both laughed and had to start all over again. It took another 15 min of teaching her to lick my balls before I CIM. She was a bit surprised as it was her first time swallowing and getting a facial.

When we finished she wanted my telephone number for a repeat in my hotel. I told her no and took her number instead. All in All I would never use her again but the location is very convienent as I pass it every day when I pick up my Novia from work.

Lima Busy

P.S. David_33 I am still waiting on the photos and info on that model.

Fellow Friend
07-18-04, 22:30

I just need a bit of info or help (for work) and so thought of turning to fellow memers here.

I am in the US and need to send some flowers to a long time associate of our business in acknowledgement of some new referrals, the family is in Lime temporarily. We are a small business and want to avoid the expensive flower services in US like FTD and 1-800-FLOWERS. Is there a way I can contact a local florist in Lima over phone, place my order and pay by credit card and be assured of good flowers and reliable delivery of flowers.

Any suggestions of florists? Phone numbers would be absolutely appreciated as I have no way of getting the numbers. If they speak English oh its even more perfect cause no one here speaks any spanish except Gracious (if thats spelled right!!)

Really would appreicate help, any info about US I'd be happy to help with.


Lima Busy
07-20-04, 21:40
Fellow Friend,

I did it once from NY and it was cheap and reliable. It was one of the Lima marraige agency's you can find on the web. You have to pay by western union, but you can use your credit card easly.

Good Luck,

Lima busy

Member #4351
07-21-04, 16:05
The highest class as far as roses are concerned is called "Rosatel" if one wants to impress a girl...one uses this company. A dozen roses in box cost about $30 delivered. Phone: 511 446-4666. They also have a web-site.

Also you can check out "flores y mi@l" miel is honey. Stupid name but it seems that they are focusing on internet sales. www.floresymiel.com 511 422-0617 511 221-3716

Any other questions..let me know.

07-29-04, 02:38
Hey Guys,

I need some information about Lima. I'll be traveling in 3 weeks. I need to hookup with some action especially all nighters. I speak perfect spanish.

Any ideas were and how much is the cost?

Member #4351
07-29-04, 16:42
Depends on how much you want to spend...and what type of girls you're looking for. Since you speak Spanish, unless you look like quasimoto you can probably get what you want free...if you look like a gringo. But if you prefer to monger, be more explicit about what you are looking for. Also suggest you read the thread, there is a lot of information...much of it valid....

07-30-04, 04:06

I agree with David_33. Parts of Lima are nice but there isn't a whole lot to do there. If you've been to Buenos Aires or Rio it can't compare as far as daytime activities. Buenos Aires is a cool city to just relax in. Tons of outdoor cafes, apartment action, shopping, parks, museums, casinos, etc.

Rio is Rio. The beach and something to always do there. Still, I think Lima gets a worse reputation than it deserves. However, there are much better places in South America to go to have an overall vacation package of fun.

Good luck.


07-30-04, 04:27
I do speak perfect Spanish, half Italian, half spanish, but I will be going to Lima for only 3 days. Do you really think I can hookup with some one there it has been along time since I played the player or pick up artist, and no I don't look like Kasimoto. I've been all over the world except South America, first time in South America for work.

Need some more help.

Lima Busy
08-04-04, 21:20

If you will be here for only three days, you probably will not score with a non-pro. It is my experience that while these girls are interested in the "Gringo experience" they are not going to give it up the first night. I have met alot of girls working in the bars and restuarants here and they are not looking for a one nighter. Alot of guys have used the dating sites (myself included) to pave the way.

Your best bet is to call a chick from "el comercio" or a website like placeresperu. If you read the thread there are reports on alot of these girls.

On the other hand, one of the members here is a partner in the "madonna club" and I imagine he can arrange a all nighter for you.
Good Luck and come again!

Lima Busy

Member #4351
08-05-04, 19:59

Well three days isn't much time. But if you strike out, there is plenty of P4P available. Lots of MPs and if you get really desperate, just sit at a table on Pizza Street (in my opinion that´s real desperation),,,the girls there aren't too attractive...and seem to exclude the more attractive newcomers who want to work the area.

You didn't mention if you look south american...or more european. That makes a big difference. But you will find that unlike the unfriendly american women, the girls here love to talk to you and go out with you. If they know that you are only here for a couple of days, it will be more difficult to obtain what you're looking for, but if you have read the thread you have seen that many have had no problem at all getting a GFE. However remember that taking a girl out will cost you about the same as paying for sex......

Don River
08-06-04, 16:40
Forsainter 13:

What Lima Busy and David_33 say is correct, especially for the younger girls.

For older ones - 35+, things are a little different. They have a saying " Que lo boca come, el poto paga" If a more mature woman accepts an invitation for dinner etc., there is an implicit obligation. You might keep this in mind.

Bottom line is that you pay for it either way. Up front or on the installment plan.


08-08-04, 04:18
Hey Guys,

Thank you for the info. I have brown skin ,look more italian than south american, they say that the place that I am staying is near the airport so can any one tell me about some action there again I'll be arriving wed leaving on a Monday

Rob Hay
08-08-04, 18:24

I am doing my due dilligence on Lima before I go and I really need your help and advise on this topic. I alway carefully research a place before I decided if i would like to visit

I have had the privilege to read some fairly enlightning points on Lima mongering from various highly imformed sources on this forum.

However one topic that hasn't been covered is the local modelling agencies. My travelling experiences to Italy, Paraguay, Chile, Cuba as well as here in NYC tell me that some of the best untapped talent lies within these "modelling or talent" agencies. I have contacted some local photographers/pimp(as they are in NY) as well as some of these agencies to set up some possible dates today and we'll see what develops.

agencies include
and the best one in LIma www.modelosnboga.com

I understand that these are legitimate modelling agencies... blah blah blah as some people keep telling me but my experience in other countries tell me that at least an 1/8 to possibly 1/4 of these model/promotional models(depending on which site you look at) are or will get down with the program if your game and/or pockets are deep enough...the hardest part is just getting in the door and setting up initial dates

Has any of you EXPERIENCED fellow mongers: david33, Saint, ect... explored this route???Please share your experiences...My intention is to go no later than OCT. once I have made the proper contacts. I hope to see some of you down there and hopefully explore this together

Member #4351
08-11-04, 00:01

That area is not a tourist area. It however, IS the hunting ground of Nibu. Write to him in his section. There are some MPs around and the Scarlett Club is about 15 minutes away. In the future you should try to stay in the Miraflores - San Isidro area.