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Alien Dude
06-09-10, 14:33
In Turku, at the streets near train station you can fins several thaimassage places and also som private show places.

At almost every thai place they offer massage but also "extra". Last time I was there in march 2010 I got a massage with blowjob and "boom boom" for 100 euro in total.

In the private show places you buy a streap tease for about 20 min and after a while you can also get a handjob. Som eplaces offer more but not many

Mike Raleigh
04-20-11, 20:49
Here's a list of strip bars and 'private show' places in Turku. Made this for a trip that has not yet happened. Thus I have not visited any of these yet, so can not give any recommendations. Hope this helps someone when visiting the European Capital of Culture 2011. Thai massage parlours have been excluded.

Strip Clubs / Erotic Bars:

Club Malibu, Brahenkatu 16, Sun-Thu 21. 00-02. 00, Fri-Sat 20. 00-02. 00, Entrance 10 euros.


Blue Room, Uudenmaankatu 10, 20500 Turku, Finland, Mon-Sun 21. 00-02. 00.


Show Time, Käsityöläiskatu 10, 20100 Turku, Finland. Tue-Fri 21. 00-02. 00, Sat 20. 00-02. 00, Entrance 10 euros.


Private Shows:

Cicciolinos. Aninkaistenkatu 14. 20100 Turku, Finland.


Reperbahn. Läntinen Pitkäkatu 22. 20100 Turku, Finland. Tel. 0404785679.


Punainen Lyhty. Stålarminkatu 2. 20810 Turku, Finland. Tel. 022504806. Mon-Sat 10. 00-20. 00, Sun 12. 00-20. 00.


Sweet Ladies. Verkatehtaankatu 6. Turku, Finland. Mon-Sun 10. 00-23. 00.


Private Geisha. Verkatehtaankatu 10. Turku, Finland. Mon-Sun 10. 00-21. 00.


Salambo Private. Rauhankatu 1B. Turku, Finland

02-03-12, 02:42
I explored Turku a couple of months back. I was able to try out some massage parlors and made a list of others as I explored the town. This post covers the Train Station area. I'll post other parts of town separately.


Turvetuloa Thai Hieronta Massage.

Lantinen Pitkakatu 20D (east of Humalistonkatu)

040. 874. 5473.


€30/30min; €50/60min.

€150 total for 30min FS.

Turun Perfect Massage.

Lantinen Pitkakatu 27C (east of Humalistonkatu)

358. 223. 08122.


€25/30min; €40/60min.

Lamphai Thai Hieronta.

Lantinen Pitkakatu 24B (west of Humalistonkatu)

044. 257. 9765.


Maikham Relax Spa Massage.

Humalistonkatu 18A (south of Lantinen Pitkakatu)

045. 325. 9188.


€30/30min; €55/60min Thai or €35/30min; €59/60min Oil.

Ana wanted +€300 for extra services. Basically her way of saying no.

PJ2 Massage & Spa.

Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 5B (west of Humalistonkatu)

045. 348. 4458.


€20/30min; €45/60min Thai or €30/30min; €65/60min Oil.

PJ Thaihieronta.

Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 11B (west of Jarrumiehenkatu / Bromsaregatan)



Ton Khun Thaihieronta.

Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 12A (west of Kasityolaiskatu / Hantverkaregatan)

0400. 299. 167.


€25/30min; €50/60min.

Star Thai Massage.

Humalistonkatu 12 (south of Puutarhakatu)

Did not see it – could be behind a night gate?


02-03-12, 02:44
Most parlors are near the station (previous post) but here is what I found in other parts of town. Hope this helps someone. Knowing the cross street can save you a lot of time.

East of Square:


Yliopistonkatu / Universitetsgatan 10A (west of Aninkaistenkatu)

040. 8138. 939.


€25/30min; €50/60min.

Nittaya Pranitphonkang.

Aninkaistenkatu 3 (south of Yliopistonkatu / Universitetsgatan)


09? H.

Malai Thai Hieronta.

Tuureporinkatu 17A (west of Brahegatan)

040. 855. 6470.


West Side of Town:

Sunflower Healthy Thai Massage.

Rauhankatu / Fredsgatan 17B (east of Puistokatu / Allegatan)

050. 929. 3347.

09? H.

€25/30min; €50/60min Thai or Oily.

Laknara Thai Massage.

Puistokatu / Allegatan 14B, LH4 (south of Puutarhakatu / Tradgardsgatan)

Did not see it – could be upstairs apartment?

040. 7366. 054.

South Side of Town:

Luck's Thai Massage.

Stalarminkatu 5 (across river / west bridge)

041. 432. 5670

Kali Mimi
03-21-12, 21:38
Hi All,

Is or will be someone from our gentelmans in Turku during this weekend.

12-14-13, 16:54
Girl scene in Turku is getting busy these days. There was article online about how bad the problem is now. Lots of private shows and Thai parlors are selling full service and local folks do not like it.

01-09-15, 11:36
I'm visiting Turku for a few months and would like to get to know the scene here. I've tried a HJ at a Private Show place near the McDonalds, and would like to expand my horizons. I'm looking especially for girls willing to provide BBBJ or BBFS. I'd love to find one cute girl I can visit regularly while I'm here, a non-pro preferably. In the US, there's Craigslist for such things, but no such luck here. Any suggestions about Private Shows, Thai Massage places, or anything else? If you're down to meet up to have an outing, PM me.

02-18-15, 10:00
I just visited Turku by boat from Stockholm. I only did stay one day and I visited couple asian massage parlors and one peep show. Peep show was good and girl was beautiful. It was at the same area mentioned earlier next to the McDonalds. Price for 10 minute private striptease at the peep show was 25€. I tipped her 50€ and got a nice massage to my little friend. Thai massage service was not as good and I felt like ripped off because I did not get any massage really and just offers for happy ending.

09-23-15, 13:37
There are around 30 escorts working each day in Turku. Street girls can not be found. Plenty of AMP's and Private show clubs.

11-26-15, 09:50
Anyone know any apartment for rent?

09-05-16, 10:08
Right now there seems to be sweet girl in Turku.


Not sure should I travel all the way to Turku just to meet her.

09-17-16, 12:08
Another sweet czech girl in Turku.


11-09-17, 10:15
In Turku these days there are no girls working on the street. Your only options are the Thai massage shops and escorts working from the private flats.

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