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01-01-00, 02:00
2004 Bangkok Hotels

Love Sex 22
12-31-03, 23:58

Thanks for your report. I stayed many times in Grand President Jade Suites and I always paid 34000 a month, but Mrs Kahn has been changed, and the new person giving the same price for an Executive Stodio that is much smaller. The corner Jade Studios are not good only the center ones are nice. I hope I could get the same room that I styed the last time I have to call from America to talk to them.

Have fun

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01-01-04, 14:46
You are about the difference in price, but Who´s got time to go there for a month..
You lucky bastards:)

Love Sex 22
01-01-04, 22:53

You have to make the time. Life is short, enjoy every second of it.

Ralph Kramden
01-02-04, 00:57
Dale Arnold

I don't know for a fact, but suspect the service at the Amari would be in the hotel or in your room massage service that could lead to full service. I would advise you to take a 20 minute cab ride to the Emerald Hotel and check out the neighborhood soapy massage parlors, or take a 35 minute cab ride to Asoke Station on the BTS and then ride to Nana Station. From there you can partake in that neighborhood's offerings. You have plenty of options not too far away if you have any extra time. Check previous posts or Bangkok Tonight for further details and maps. Happy hunting.

01-04-04, 12:58

The reason I was contemplating getting an apartment for the month was because my friend who is coming with me, is looking at importing goods(silk products) from LOS. It's more pratical if we had a larger area to store the goods rather than having our hotel rooms all clogged up. Also, if the rate of a quality apartment is 15000 baht a month or less, it's still heaps cheaper for us than getting two hotel rooms for a month. We could even leave the goods in the aprtment while we ventured off to Pattaya for a few days. Come to think of it, 30000 baht a month would still be reasonable for us. Any other recommendations on aprtments?

01-04-04, 13:23
The import tax on such items (silk) going back to the USA, kills any ideas you might have for going into the silk imprt biz. Unless of course, you plan on smugglin it in?

01-04-04, 13:30
GT, we were actually importing back to Australia. The customs duty there is 5% plus we have to pay 10% goods and services tax. It is very worthwhile to import, considering the profit margins are quite high.

01-14-04, 01:27
I'm off to Thailand for around 10 nights towards end of Feb. Going to do a little tour & sample as many of the delights of a few ports as I can. BKK 2 nights, Pattaya 2 nights, fly to Ko Somui 2 nights, boat & bus to Phuket 2 nights, then train up to BKK for another 2 nights.

I'm probably more likely to get out during the day for a little action, try my luck with a few shop assisstants, check out the odd barbers shop or cafe instead of doing the Go Go's. Having said that there will be a couple of nights out!

I going to stay in Dynasty in BKK & Pattaya, seems like the best all round option.

All information on places to stay in Ko Somui & Phuket with similar all round features will be greatly appreciated.

If you can make better use of the time let me know! If you want to meet up or join the trip even better!



Chris H
01-16-04, 08:54
Hey everyone,

I am new to the site and I am looking for a lot of info for my trip to BKK in early March. Most important is that I am looking for a hotel to stay at that is close to Nana or Soi cowboy, that allows joiners for no extra charge or a small charge. I hope someone can help me out by PMing me or just posting something on the site for all newcomers to BKK. thanks in advance for the info. I will be asking for more info in the correct subject category.

01-16-04, 21:44
Chris - you might try Royal Asia Lodge (they have a website) - pretty much right in the middle. They check girlz ids for you (safer, but not a problem - discrete) last year was about 900B

only issue with Royal is that they are some 500m down Soi 8 - but they have a tuk-tuk that runs up/down 8

quiet, comfortable, reasonably close to the action

Jaimito Cartero
01-16-04, 21:53
Sainter, you might try looking at one of the two bedroom that Bright City has. I think there are a lot of options in the Sukhumvit area. (Serviced apartments, etc).

Jimmy Red Cab
01-18-04, 20:37
Chris H,

I have just spent 6 nights at the Majestic Suites, so close to Nana Plaza that you can see the bars if you get a rear facing room. I went for a superior room at 1500 baht, nice sized bed, TV with CNN chanel, mini-bar at reasonable prices. Handy when getting a cab back because you just ask for Nana Plaza which every cab driver knows. They have a web site at www.majesticsuites.com.

There is no charge for taking back a guest although they may ask for ID. Soi cowboy is a 50 baht cab ride away or a 20 minute slow walk.

01-19-04, 10:58
Hello, there !!!

I am getting to BKK and would like
to know if the "Imperial Queens
Park Hotel" is guest-friendly.

Any other advice ??

Thanks and Regards


01-19-04, 16:07
i spent a couple of nights at the imperial queens 2 years ago. i brought a girl back with me, but she was not dressed like your typical BG. Nonetheless, i still had to sneak her in. Maybe things have changed now. Would not consider this place as girl friendly.
very nice hotel though.


01-19-04, 22:09
Imperial Queens Park is nearly next door to my regular hotel in BKK, the Regency Park, which is much better value IMHO.

I guess they would ask your "date" to register, that's all.

Any hotel in BKK is girl friendly, even the most fancy ones, provided that you have booked a double room and that you behave like you know who the customer is.

Also it helps to be discrete and to come home long after the kids went to bed. Late night staff are way more accomodating.

Do you think that prostitution is a rare occurence in hotels the world over, let alone in BKK ?

Saint #3
01-20-04, 12:06
I was told by a friend that it is possible to negotiate hotel room rates at the counter. Is this so? Is this the case in all hotels around the Nana area? I've always thought that the advertised rate was non - discountable.

Cloud Seeker
01-23-04, 00:31
Hello everyone,

I am looking into booking the Grand President Hotel on Soi 15. Is it girl-friendly, or does it charge a fee for an extra guest?

Thank you,

Cloud9 Seeker

01-23-04, 00:31
Hello guys

I need an advice about hotel or guest house in bkk.

I want to stay in bkk three weeks, isiti better to stay at the hotel, this one with weekly rate :

or can I rent a guest house?

my problem that I don't know where to do that (rent)

guys , help me with a link to guest house and the best area where I can stay

thank you

01-23-04, 04:45
my review of the Royal Asia Lodge. The entry level room is small, but is dark if you want to sleep during the day. Tv is old and has 14 channels. It suks if you have to wait for the tuk tuk or walk about 1/2 mile to get to the place. Quiet, pool is tiny on rooftop, jacuzzi is cold. They charge to hold bags, 20b/day. Water is not free. Most other hotels do not charge. For 950b, I would rather go to the Grace Hotel. 871b for entry level room. It is larger room, has a good pool, better location, but tons of arabs if it bothers you. The Dynasty, Majestic suites,Woraburi, and Nana hotels are totally sold out until February. Found dives with a/c and a refrig. for 400b-600b.

Bill Miami
01-25-04, 14:26
The Grand President is a great hotel. I stayed for 1 month and loved. The room was just as it appears on the Internet, marble floors, refrigerator, microwave, VCR, roman tub, the hotel is in good shape with an overly friendly staff. I give them my highest complements. As I soon learned location is paramount to the experience, as the traffic in Bangkok is horrendous. The Grand President, Ambassador, Landmark, Park Hotel, and any of the Nana hotels will put you where you want to be. The Grand President is a ten minute walk form Nana Plaza or a dollar taxi ride, a five-minute walk to the Beer Garden. Alley Cats, Eden or Food Land. The hotel is girl friendly and they do NOT charge additional fees for visitors.

Cloud Seeker
01-25-04, 21:04
Hi Bill Miami,

Thanks for the response. This site helps a lot! I am ready to book my room at GP!


Cloud9 Seeker

Jaimito Cartero
01-26-04, 01:26
BM - Actually if you take the shortcut through the parking lot (Soi 11-Soi7), Beer Garten is only a 2 1/2 minute walk.

I found the maid service to be excellent at the GP, but the desk service and condition of the room (Jade) left something to be desired. I had lots of problems with the keycard, carpet was coming up in the hall, and it seems when you ask for a quiet room, they give you the opposite. I was in 2 different rooms in my 3 1/2 weeks there and would not choose to be "upgraded" to a Jade room in the future.

01-26-04, 07:45

You want a guest house? Guest house to me means cheap. There is a place between the Nana intersection and the Grace hotel that is advertising 3000b for a month.

01-27-04, 14:43
I thoroughly followed all the threads on here and wanted to book my stay at Nana or GP or Majesticm but none were available. I ended up with the Park hotel on Sukhumvit Rd, Soi 7. I knew nothing about the hotel, but here is my update.

The hotel is literally across the street from the biergarten, so it is extremely conveniently located. It is also a 5 minute walk from NANA and right by the BTS should you want to go to Soi Cowboy or Patpong.

Rates are 1000 bht single, 1100 double. If you are alone, don't book a double as you get the same room and they really don't care if you bring 1, 2 or 3 girls to the room. Trust me, Iknow. If you get a room with two beds, they can easily be pushed together and give you more squarefootage of playing field than a queen bed.

The carpet is stained, the water pressure is low, but all in all it is a great hotel if you like a safe, convenient, good hotel at a low rate.

I can highly recommend it.

Timber Tree
01-29-04, 03:22
I'm going to LOS end of March.

Can anybody recommend a nice hotel?

Nana, Royal asia, or Hotels in north Pattaya?

Personal recommendations?

I'm looking for hotel preferably under $30/night.

Thanks again.

01-30-04, 15:51
Has anyone heard of a hotel called Woribura(sp)?? It is supposed to be near Soi Cowboy I believe. I'm thinking about visiting Bangkok in March or April and would like to start getting my accomadations etc. in order.

Awesome site Jackson!

01-30-04, 16:39

Try the Sunshine hotel on Soi 8. Good clean rooms and looks new. I just came back from Pattaya and it is close to all the actions. Rates were 1200 baht/night

01-30-04, 18:34

Go to woraburi.com. The hotel is on Sukhumvit 4. I dont know about girl friendly but my friend says the rooms and prices are good.


01-31-04, 02:03

It's Woraburi. It's the fancier cousin of the Sawasdee chain that has hotels in BKK and Pattaya.

Stayed there in Nov. It's a nice hotel and reasonably priced. No problems with bringing girls in. It's got a kind of open air lobby, and a tuk tuk that will drop you off in front of NEP.

BTW, it's not near Soi Cowboy, it's on the same soi as NEP, only further up. Can be quite a hike in the mid day sun.

Have fun.

01-31-04, 05:51
Sorry I wasnt quicker with the update Muskrat.

Happy hunting!

Chris H
01-31-04, 18:13
Does anyone have any advice about the Ambassador Hotel? Do you know if they are girl friendly? I wanted to stay at GP, but the rooms are booked for early March, so the hunt continues for a decent place to stay near NEP. If anyone has any advice, please post or PM me.


English Dan
02-03-04, 14:22
Does anyone have any experience with the Four Seasons Hotel?

Is it guest friendly? How far is it from Sukumvit road? Close enough to the action?



Will John
02-03-04, 22:01
Chris H - The Ambassadore Hotel is definitely guest friendly.

It is a tired looking hotel that needs a refurb. It is clean and the service is OK.
If you get to the hotels home page on the web you will notice that the offer two rates, one for the new wing and one for the old wing. I have stayed in both wings about two months apart and they are the same standard.

The breafast served downstairs is great. If you can get another hotel at the same rate I would take it as this place really does need a lick of paint.


Chris H
02-04-04, 17:01

Thanks for the report about the Ambassador. Is there any hotel that you would recommend. Let me know.


English Dan
02-04-04, 20:36
I mistated the Hotel I was requesting information for. I meant to ask about the Four Wings Hotel? Is it guest friendly and how far to Sukumvit rd.

Anyone have any experience with the Admiral Suites. I hear they are also fairly reasonable as far as a service apt on Sukimvit. Is it also guest friendly?

Thanks for the tip.


Red Cork
02-05-04, 01:46
Hello Timber Tree,

Try the Royal President near soi 13 off Sukumvit in BKK.

Also in Pattaya I stay at the Cosy Beach Hotel , it is between Pattaya and Jomtiem and only a 3 minute taxi ride out of the madness and polution. It is quiet and very clean and on the beach which is swimable. It is girl freindly and you can get a standard room for around 30 dollars or less. I usually get a corner suite which is huge and great view. Out of town with nice quiet surroundings good resturant and pool, but still very close to the action. I highly recommend it. I will be there again mid. Feb.

Also usually lots of euro chicks topless.

02-07-04, 23:17
Question: is the Conrad lady friendly? There are usually two guards at the elevators.
At night the night clubs are hopping with many ladies, but dont know if its OK to bring them with you

Member #3401
02-11-04, 12:45
I am going to Bangkok in April. Is the Pinnacle Hotel or Silom Serene hotel girl friendly? I am looking for a reasonable hotel around Lumpinee Park and / or the Pat Pong area?

Have stayed at Bayoke Suite only to be charged 500 bath extra for a visitor in the room. Like it simple without too much hassel. Ok to pay for double room, but leave me alone when I have made my pick!!

02-12-04, 21:22
Does anybody know anything about Sunshine Vista Serviced Apatments on Soi 3 in Pattaya?

I have not seen any mentioning of this hotel here. It seems to be a newer place with good, clean superior rooms, studios and suites. It even has electronic safety boxes in all the rooms. About 1450 baht for a superior room with breakfast included.

Key question: is it girl friendly ?

Any answers appreciated. Getting ready to spend some time in Pattaya (first time there!).


02-13-04, 07:49

On my first trip to Bangkok I stayed at the Silom Serene. I didn't try to take any girls there but I noticed it is definately not girl friendly. Never saw a single working girl there. It's a very nice hotel though.

02-13-04, 14:31

To answer youir question yes they are girl friendly but more of a long term deal. The price is OK but not really great, you would be better off at the Sunshine Hotel on Soi 8 for about the same money.


The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:39

Sunshine Vista is definately girl friendly.
I stayed there during my last 3 trips. Sometimes I even took 2 girls with me, absolutely hassle free. Very nice stuff too.

Rooms are extremely clean, have seperate shower and tub and also a balcony. Try to get a room on the upper floors facing the sea. Only one thing should be mentioned, the beds are on wheels to make it easier for the maids. So if you are quite active the bed will move through the room :D

Here a few pics

The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:39
another one

The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:43
one more

The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:43
bathroom 1

The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:43
bathroom 2

The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:44
bathroom 3

02-14-04, 00:13
Thanks Sexreview and The_Traveler.

Still, I want to follow up on SexReview's comments:

I would like to understand why Sunshine Hotel on Soi 8 would be a better deal than Sunshine Vista. It seems to me that it looks the other way around (of course, I may not have all the facts).

Advantages for Sunshine Vista on Soi 3:
- in-room electronic safe boxes
- all bathrooms with tubs and showers
- balcony
- they seem to have fairly large and clean rooms

Advantage for Sunshine Hotel on Soi 8:
- possibly a better location

I got quoted 1348 b. for a standard seaview room, no breakfast, at Sunshine Hotel on Soi 8, (superior rooms were not available), and ..
I got quoted 1450 b. for a superior room with breakfast at Sunshine Vista.

Which one is a better deal?

The Traveler
02-14-04, 06:32

I have been in both and do prefer Sunshine Vista in Soi 3. They also have a small pool (another one for kids) on rooftop (10th floor). It's a quite place, because many people who stay there are working for a japanese company in Laem Chabang. BTW, breakfast will be served till 10am but I can't tell if it's good or not, never seen it :).

Sunshine Vista is also in walking distance to the Big C (just across the street) and the Soi 2 bar area. Soapies and Belgium Embassy (short time place) directly at your doorsteps.

Close to it some construction is going on but never disturbed me. In Soi 4 they are building a new hotel (already build and now doing the interior) and in Soi 3 they extend the A-One hotel.

Sunshine Hotel in Soi 8 is close to the action but that means close the loud music as well. Closing hour is 2am but I sometimes heard loud music till 5am and even later. Maybe that will change due to the new regulations enforced by Thaksin.

Anyway, how long do you intend to stay ?
Sunshine Vista has a monthly rate of 25.000 without breakfast. Sunshine Hotel can definately brought down below 1.000 baht/night.

Have fun

Bill Miami
02-14-04, 16:27
Does anyone know the web address for the Grand President?


The Traveler
02-14-04, 21:45
Bill Miami

why not use Google ?


The Traveler
02-15-04, 02:34
Maida Vale

the Nova Park isn't a hotel, it's an executive serviced apartment. Do not ask me where the difference is, rooms will be cleaned up every day, just like a hotel.

They have different rooms ranging from daily 2.100 - 3.200 baht or monthly from 35.000 - 60.000 baht. All rooms have electronic safe, big fridge, microwave, full kitchen hood, aircon, cable tv, phone, vcd + karaoke and a pc desk.

Most important, they are girl friendly. I never had a prob to bring any girls with me. One night I even had 3 and they did not mind at all.

The Nova Park is located at Soi Sukrudee leading to Central Pattaya Road. If you do not want to drive a car or motorbike you should better look for a different place. It is out of any taxi route and a bit too far to walk, besides being a very dark street at night. If you know Pattaya very well maybe the following description will help you.
Drive along the road behind the BigC leading to Central Pattaya till it ends, then turn right and follow the street which will end at Central Pattaya Road. After approx. 500m you will stay in front of the Nova Park. It is about another 500m to Central Pattaya.

Hope it helped

Jaimito Cartero
02-15-04, 13:04
TT - I think www.grandpresident.com is a lot easier to type.

Jaimito Cartero
02-15-04, 13:12
I had 4 days to spend in Bangkok since I had misbooked my side trip to Phuket (Forgot about the IDL). I had stayed at the Grand President for 3 1/2 weeks last August/September and had wanted to check out the Bright City Towers as a more economical place for a longer stay. And since they were only a few buildings away from GP, I'd know the area.

I called them up a few days before I left from the US. I got their basic room (800 baht on their website), but was informed they increased prices to 900 baht as of last month. They don't have a 24 hour lobby or anything (only 55 rooms), so they give you an extension to call from the car park to call someone to let you in.

Basic review: An okay room for the budget traveller. Pluses: Good size fridge, silverware, plates. Decent tv, maybe 20 channels.

Minuses: No room safe, super hard bed, linens worn with some holes.

If I was staying for a month and had a lot of laundry to do, it wouldn't be bad, since laundry is included with month or more stays. (18,000 baht for 25 square meters).

Bill Miami
02-15-04, 13:52
Thanks to The_Traveler, you are the best. Always answers questions from anyone seeking advice. I would like to buy you a beer when I arrive. Will be in on the 22.

Thanks again!

The Traveler
02-15-04, 14:11

if it works you might save a lot of time :D
I just took the first one from Google.

Have fun

The Traveler
02-15-04, 19:31
Bill Miami

that's what the forum is for.
Should be a juice in my case, because I drink alcohol only on very rare occasions. I plan to be back to LOS in mid april, maybe we can hook up then if Skinless won't be after me :D

English Dan
02-15-04, 23:46
Hi Guys,

Sorry to bug you with this one, but it kind of got overlooked. Its possible no one has stayed at this hotel or knows anything about it, but if any one you seasoned vets out there know anything about Admiral Suites off Sukumvit Soi 22 I really appreciate knowing about it.

Is it guest friendly? How are the rooms?


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Chris H
02-16-04, 06:45
Does anyone have word about the Ambassodor hotel? I read that they have roaches, is this trus?

Please let me know.


Chris H

Member #3401
02-16-04, 12:08
I am still trying to find a girl friendly hotel near Limphini Park. Nice easy and no hassel. Anyone who can tell me something about Centre Point Serviced Appartments Langusan Hotel, Hotel Plaza Athence, City Inn or Jim's Lodge?

Went to Bayoke Suite last time. Had to pay extra for guest plus general hassel. Would like to avoid it.

02-18-04, 09:16
Looks like I'll be in Bangkok in two weeks time. Is the Majestic Suites girl friendly? And, are the rooms big, because I need a lot of space for sample goods which I'll be buying.

Thanks for your help.

02-18-04, 10:15
Yes the Ambassador is roach infested. I had a roach the size of a small bald eagle fall on my chest at 3am in the morning on my last and final stay there. For this reason the rooms smell like a toxic waste dump! Because they have been spraying for years to try and control them. It has went way, way, way downhill in the past 5 years or so. It was once a great place to stay in the mid 80's and before!


Jack Spratt
02-18-04, 12:32


No - the rooms are new, clean, efficient, comfortable, etc, but they are not large - probably 32 -34 sqm.

Jimmy Red Cab
02-18-04, 13:19

I always stay at Majestic Suites, no problem taking girls back to your room. The rooms are different sizes, not sure how big a room you need.


Chris H
02-18-04, 17:45
Thinks for the advice guys about Ambassador. I am glad I was fore warned. I am going to book my room at the Majestic Suites today. Maybe I will see you the Sainter, because I arrive on the 7th of March, which is just a little over 2 weeks away.

02-18-04, 19:55

While LoveLOS and the Thailand forum was a great help to me before I went, I needed somebody on the ground in BBK to guide me.

For any of you that plan to go to the Land of Smiles, I highly recommend Globotto as your tour guide and resource. Just PM him here on WSG and PayPal him a small advance. He's an American expat living in Bangkok, and a personal friend of Jackson, our WSG patron, who urged him to take up this line of work.

Globotto will call you up to brief you before you leave; meet you at the airport; coordinate your mongering goals with your itinerary; help you with reservations; fill you in on the best/cheapest places to stay, eat and get laid, etc -- all tailored to your specific needs and wants. He even helped me negotiate my first lay after getting me settled in at my hotel. Work with Globotto and you won't get ripped off by the ladies, by street vendors or shop owners. His rates are exceptionally reasonable, and I consider his fee as money very well spent.

Globotto's on-the-ground tactical directions, coupled with his extensive experience and social network, made my trip a complete success. I have a shock-proof crap detector, and Globotto passed with flying colors. He is a pro at his tour guide business, and an honest and trustworthy man. For example, he doesn't take any kickbacks from any businesses or providers, so his recommendations are dependable.

Another example: my initial idea was to go to Pattaya, but after considering my goals, budget and personality, Globotto recommended Cambodia, and Phnom Phen specifically, which worked out better than I can easily express. He set me up in an excellent hotel, right on the river, made my reservations, and helped me coordinate my travel there.

To make a long story short, I'm very happy with his service and will definitely hire him again.

Please PM me if you have any questions about Globotto. No, I don't get a commission for recommending him.


02-19-04, 12:52
Thanks for the help guys. :)

02-19-04, 17:35

I've stayed at the Majestic Suites. When I first checked in all they had was a single studio and it was very small. The room was just a little bit bigger than the bed. The next day I moved to a deluxe room and it was much better. It wasn't a really big room but it was bigger than many average size hotel rooms.

02-19-04, 18:32
In Mejestic suits, they wouldn't give you rooma if they know that you are not going to bring girls. I mean it is hard to find any room at night without guest.

02-20-04, 01:27

Can anyone give any advice on a hotel for a 4 week stay. Is it worth getting an apartment or staying in a hotel.

I live in the UK and with the dollar rate at $1.90 to the pound I'm looking for something in the more upmarket scale.

Max of around $100 per day, girl friendly and near to all the action, but a quality place if possible.

Nova Park Hotel any good anyone? Suites for $68 a night looks ok.

Thanks in advance

Maida Vale.

02-20-04, 13:15
Just one more question guys, which one of these hotels would you stay at, Dynasty Inn. Nana hotel or Majestic Suites? Pricewise it's pretty similar. I just want a nice spacious room with cable tv. Thanks again.

02-20-04, 13:58

Out of the three choices you asked about the Majestic Suites is the newest, cleanest, and has the best overall rooms but they are also the smallest in size out of the three. The cost is also a little higher here. For around 1800 baht you can get their best rooms which are a nice size and well worth the price.

The Nana is the best for picking up girls as they are in the parking lot, lobby, and disco of the hotel in great numbers. The Buffet morning meal included in your room rate is best at the Nana. I like the Nana Rooms because they are big for doing photo shoots. The deluxe rooms in the old building are really two plus room suites for 1500 baht per night.

Dynasty Inn has good size rooms and is also a good choice. If you want to access the internet from your laptop the Dynasty is a better choice then the Nana because the phone lines are better.

So I would say it comes down to this what is most important to you, girls at your doorstep without leaving the hotel, the best, newest room, shooting pictures or internet access?


The Traveler
02-20-04, 19:15
Maida Vale

please see below, I already described the Nova Park. You should also mention that you intend to stay in Pattaya and not in Bangkok. Check the internet, there are a few upscale serviced appartments in Pattaya, but at a monthly rate of 35.000 up for a high scale serviced appartment you might already be able to rent a room in nice hotel.

I would prefer a hotel due to various reasons. Location, usually better service and security. The latter can be important for a "newbie" (if you are one).

Try the Penthouse. They have kinky suites and the girls like them.


Have fun

02-20-04, 23:14
Thanks SR, being a lazy bastard, if I were to stay at the Majestic and take a cab home, it would have to do a big long round. Too much trouble for me. I just thought that it looked more special than the Nana or Dynasty. Anyway, I'll have to choose between the 2 of them. I'll see what happens. Thanks.

02-21-04, 02:04

I don't think you really know how close all these hotels are to each other. From the entrance to Nana Entertainment Plaza the hotels are these number of meters away. The Nana Hotel is just across the street or about 25 meters. The Dynasty hotel is just up the Soi or about 50 meters away and the Majestic Suites is right around the corner no more than 100 meters away. So it really makes very little difference which one you stay at for the closest to the action they are all just about the same.


02-21-04, 08:07
Review, I think he's reffering to the fact that the main road is one way. If he was to catch a cab from MBK, the cab would have to go further down Suk Rd before it could turn back to the Majestic Suites. Having met the guy before, he is without doubt the laziest SOB around. Most of us would get off on the opposite side of the road, but being the lazy bastard that he is, he'd rather waste another 10 mins waiting for the cab to do a u-turn. And he wonders why he's putting on weight. :)

BTW Review, how does the Grace Hotel compare with the Nana ones?

And does anyone know if the floating market is worth a visit? Is it cheaper/better than Chatuchak?

02-21-04, 08:27
SR, I've stayed at the Dynasty before. And plugger is right, I'm as lazy as they come. I will even catch a cab from NEP to Gulliver's in Soi 5.

And I'm not fat, Mr Plugger. Just carrying a spare tyre at the moment. After a week in the gym, I'd be all set to go to the Olympics. ;)

02-21-04, 08:49
Freeler, how much would it cost to get out there on my own? And how much to rent the boat?

Thanks for the info mate.

The Traveler
02-21-04, 10:09
Sainter / Plugger

As SexReview already had said, all three mentioned hotels are in the same soi, so there is absolutely no difference even if you take a cab. No need for a turn on sukhumvit. Soi Nana isn't a one-way, taxi can turn back if you checked them and want to return to the first one.

BTW, I would prefer the Majestic. Definitely clean but extremly small rooms. Second would be the Dynasty, but insist to get a newly renovated room. Nana is out of discussion for me, worn down.

Have fun

The Traveler
02-21-04, 10:12

I used to rent out a boat (NOT per person) right next to the Oriental for about 500 baht as far as I remember. They might show you the Klongs, snake farm (rip off), the boats of his Majesty and so on. They can also bring you to the floating market. But this was quite some time ago, info might be outdated. I guess Freelers hint is the better way to go. No need to rent a room at DS, you would waste an evening / night in your preferred hunting area. Jjust stand up early (around 4:30am :))

02-21-04, 11:34
Traveller, I think you've got your wires crossed. Dynasty and Nana Hotels are on Soi 4. But Majestic is actually on Suk Rd around the corner. It is near the Subway. It's only 15metres from the Soi 4 junction. All I was saying is that, to be dropped off right in front, the taxi driver definitely has to go all the way down to the Asoke Rd junction before he can turn back.

The Traveler
02-21-04, 11:56

you are right. Never stayed at the Majestic but have been there to pick up Tap on several occasions. Maybe too early in the morning or my memories were distracted by those sweet memories thinking about Nana :) My fault.

02-22-04, 03:31

Well, I guess it had to happen eventually, my bragging about how much I enjoy S.E. Asia has come back to bite me on the ass. My family, (mom included) have decided to visit the LOS. So I need to find a "respectable" hotel, away from the night centers but close to a skytrain stop (so I can sneak out!) in the $40 US to $70 US range. Any suggestions ?

Thank you in advance,


Member #3401
02-22-04, 03:51

Been at President Hotel and Bayoke Suite hotels. None of them are in the middle of the action. Bayoke Suite you can simply visit the Massage girls next to the pool you do not even have to leave (although the quality may not be overwhelming). Both reasonable in price although Bayoke is a bit worn. I have also been at the Nari which is in walking distance from Patpong but cab fare from Sukumvitt.

02-22-04, 04:16

FD: Go for the Ambasador which is handy to shopping, Skytrain etc. You can go down to Beergarden early and get a short time place behind Grace Hotel; the ladies will know where. Easy to con honest folk if you keep it simple. Be based in Suk but on a higher Soi. Pick the skanks up on the lower Sois during the early day and use a short time hotel. Play for time by saying you are going out to Pantip Plaza/for a haircut, then go to those places after. Be wary of massages, eg Annies, as you might meet your good relatives as you come out (they have to shop etc). Use the Skytrain, motor bike taxis for short trips. The Beergarden-Grace run is good for you as it keeps you out of "harm's way", from being spotted. Only do a few days there, then head either north to Chiang Mai by plane/bus etc (depends on your mom) or South.

Bottom line: picl your hotel and your play area and keep them close together but separate as per above.

The Traveler
02-22-04, 07:47

Imperial Impala and Imperial Tara might fit your needs. Located in Suk soi 23+, just a short walk to BTS and Emporium. Many tourists families and business travelers use to stay there. Ambassador might have too many "couples" and your mom might ask you about it.

02-22-04, 10:10
Thank you all for the input. It is appreciated. It's late here in L.A. right now so I'll follow up on the suggestions tomorrow.



02-22-04, 11:47
Which hotels in the 1000 - 1500 baht range in the Nana area have bathtubs? I know for sure that Dynasty doesn't. Would appreciate some feedback.

Joe Zop
02-22-04, 12:07
FD, you might also consider the Asia Hotel, which is over in the same general area as Baiyoke Sky or Suite, and completely away from the night action, which would probably make it easier for you in terms of the family, since they'd never even see that stuff. It's near a lot of shopping options, such as the World Trade Center, Siam Center, etc. and its location puts you much closer to the various wats you'd no doubt be seeing with the family than a place heading up or around Sukhumvit. (Or perhaps sending them off to while you're heading to the action.) The Ratchathewi BTS Station is a one-minute walk from the hotel, which puts you four stops from Nana, or if you prefer, one stop from the Siam transfer station so you can head to Patpong. Their website at http://www.asiahotel.co.th/bangkok.htm has some pretty decent internet prices, though it may be possible to do even better by searching a bit. Baiyoke is also around there, but it's just a little bit more of a walk to the BTS, which might make it more difficult to simply duck in and out.

02-22-04, 13:31

Do not stay on Soi 11 (Emabassador hotel) because that area could be your play ground and you don't want your family there too. Soi 11 has all types of people but also many street walkers and semi pros looking for pray. Besides, Nana station has many girls and your family wii be wondering why so many girls unless they already know the deal.


02-22-04, 14:26
Plugger, the Dynasty DOES have bathtbs. This pic was taken at the Dynasty.

02-22-04, 14:39
FD. If I were bringing the family, after talking so much about how I enjoy SE Asia, I would stay as far away from Suk as possible. I would stay down Silom road, and even then far from Patpong.

Or i would stay at the Amari near Panthip, which has the advantage of being away from the action, but also, close to big and "time consuming" shoppping, where the family could easily spend 3 to 4 hours in the malls, while you do your own "shopping".

As Juice said, the family will see lots of girls, and suddenly the resons why you love SE Asia so much might become apparent.
I would rather give up a few mongering opportunities, rather than be discovered, and be questionned.

It is better to go there for a few days with the family, and miss out on the action, rather than find yourself being questionned every time you go there, once the family has discovered the scoop. JMHO

02-22-04, 15:32

Every room I've been in at the Nana Hotel has had a bathtub, the same was true for the Marroitt, Landmark, and Majestic Suites.


Jimmy Red Cab
02-22-04, 16:06

I prefer the Majestic Suites because I find the Nana rooms too "worn" for my liking. It is in your price range and two minutes from the action of Nana Plaza. Needless to say it is "guest friendly".

The Traveler
02-22-04, 18:33

I rarely have seen any hotel without a bathtub in the mentioned price range. I guess finding a hotel with "just a shower" is much harder than one with a bathtub, especially in BKK.

02-22-04, 20:36

In my opinion if your family plans to go ( Kids included ) from my experience I would do some of these things. First, be honest with them as to what to expect in Thailand, talk about the good and bad and warned them about what they are about to see. Also slip in that the country is changing that the government is slowing trying to rid this problem.

Get some information on maybe a tour, and area's of shopping to get their attention away from the girls. When you get there be energetic and get them walking in that heat shopping to wear them down. Stay at a hotel that has a swimming pool, after all that walking the everyone will be thinking about the pool. And
that's when you get your freedom for a few hours.

While they are tired and relaxing in the room or pool, you go out and do your thing. Before returning, go buy a small gift, t-shirt, snacks, etc... to make it look like you were walking aroiund shopping.... Also, get your wife and mom maybe hook on the foot massages, that will get you some free time.

Good Luck,

02-22-04, 23:24
1ball, I stayed at the Dynasty 2 months ago and there was no bathtubs then. I stayed in all three blocks. The old main one and the two new ones in the back. Maybe the room you stayed in was a upgraded one?

02-23-04, 00:34
You guys are the best, almost too much info.

I'm not planning to totally "sequesture" my family, they know I monger, and we don't have anyone under 40 yo coming. I just don't want it in their face. Hell, we had the whole group in the Del Rey Hotel in S.J. Costa Rica. Mom stated that she thought she was the only "non-working" female in the hotel. I think my brother is actually more of a prude. I had him in the Philippines for a dive trip and he didn't sample one lady ! The idea did not appeal to him. I swear, we must come from different fathers. He's into big breasted blondes.

I am leaning away from the Sukumvit area. I love staying there, but.

Once again, thank you all very much. If I can help with trip plans to the Philippines, drop me a PM, I'll gladly reciprocate.


02-23-04, 00:48
sainter, it was anything but !!!!

room 706, walk through the lobby, exit, and go right. steep narrow stairs. second flooor. i peeked into 701, which was nearly double the size, and king size bed, perfect for 3 people....

am going back in a couple of weeks, and emailing erik directly, to ask for the larger room.

used to stay exclusively at gp on soi 11, but it is getting run down and dirty, they also want 1800 baht for a topaz, which they call a studio. i call it a hotel room, with a full size refrigerator, and a hotplate, (like i'm going to cook !!!)

dynasty is about the same quality, imho, and nearly half the price. also includes breakfast, but i have not tried it, as i prefer to eat a bowl of noodles in the morning, rather than eggs.

firedick, i guess most of us misunderstood !!. when you said "the family", i am thinking the wife and 3 kids. but if you don't need to completely hide your adventures, then you are set.

02-23-04, 23:28
Yeah, understandable. Not a typical nuclear family. Me, Mom, Bro & GF, and maybe (please no) my GF. Well, at least we'll have an interpreter if she comes. From Kalasin up in Issarn.


02-24-04, 02:52
FD, you have a thai GF, she knows you monger, and she doesn't mind you going without her ?

02-24-04, 09:29
I'm sure she minds. But I have never been indiscrete or caused her to lose face. I am also completely loyal here in the states (not hard). So she can turn a blind eye or leave me. "Up to her".


Sorry guys, this is chatting and shouldn't be on this board.

02-24-04, 13:17
Hey 1ball, I'll be checking into the Dyansty on 4th March. If you're around, hope we can meet up. Anyway, they have confirmed a room with a bathtub for me. Funny how, the 3 rooms I was in before didn't have one. Thanks for your help.

02-27-04, 05:02

Should I get a single studio or a double superior at Majestic Suites?

02-27-04, 08:00

If you don't mind a very small room you can get a single studio at Majestic Suites but I like the double superior much better. I've stayed in both and plan to never stay in a single studio again.


Jaimito Cartero
02-27-04, 08:35
The Majestic is a very nice place. I got their superior room and found it a decent size. The last couple of times I've been in town they've been totally full. Email the hotel directly, as other brokers say they're full when they're not. I usually deal with Bob. If you're staying for more than a few days you can negotiate your rate down too.

The marble in the bathroom is slippery, though. Their room key and in room safes are nice.

BC Podium
02-28-04, 09:24
I'm heading to BKK next weekend. So I need a little advice from some of you more experienced guys.

1) I've covered Patpong and Nana. I tend to like to hang in Nana now because of the nice pool bars to hang out at. Do you guys recommend trying any new areas that are nice with high quality girls? (I like 10s and am willing to pay for it)

2) Hotel. I like renting a 1bd suite with a CD stereo system so that I have room for a in-room party with as many friends and girls as I can find. But I hate paying $200/nt at JW Marriot. Any other suggestions for decent 1bdr suite under $100/nt in Nana area?

Thanks in advance for your help,


The Traveler
02-28-04, 21:58
BC Podium

regarding your second question. I recommend the Royal President, just behind the Manhattan. Nice big rooms, fully equipped, great bathroom (for a shower party :)), no probs with stuff. Price will be 2000 - 2500 baht, depending on room. Try to get a corner room, they are bigger.

Steve Thai I
02-29-04, 02:10
Hedonist :

Regardless of where you end up in a hotel, give the place a once over for the fire safety precauctions that have or have not been taken.

The worse time to find out that the fire doors for emergency escape are locked / chained shut or blocked from opening from the inside is when you need to leave ASAP because something has gone seriously wrong on your floor or the floors located below you.

This is not a falsehood , go read the BKK Post or Pattaya mail websites and read past issues about other times that these issues caused big , big headlines. If possible, always ask yourself questions regarding how safe or unsafe where your staying might be.

Not trying to scare you , but as always , be aware of where you are and what is going on around you. Just words of advice from a person whom lived in the LOS , 1994 - 2000 / 2001.

Steve Thai I

03-01-04, 02:29
Any info on Bangkok City Inn?

43/5 Rajdamri Road, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

I am deciding between that hotel and the Landmark?

What is better? Is it guest friendly?

All info appreciated.

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03-10-04, 12:58
Hi all,

On the way home and stoppping in BKK for a few days for some action. Problem is, I'm running low on funds after my holiday. Do any of you guys know of a cheap, girl friendly place on or around Nana/Sukhumvit for around B750? Wanna use all of my cash on girls. Ta.

03-13-04, 01:28

I would take the Landmark out of the two, it is a great hotel and no problem with bringing girls back.


03-13-04, 07:46
BC Podium, try Grand President on Soi 11. I always stay there; quiet location and still close to every think. Not 5 star quality, but 4- and has all the facilities like gym & pool. Also, very guest friendly, they usually take TG's ID for record for your safety.

I usually book a studio, but often have got upgrade to their one bedroom suites (that have CD and I think DVD too). If you book from asiatravel . com, I think suite is some $60-70/night.

03-13-04, 08:29
I've stayed in the Grand President and it was really nice.

Also, there is a monthly rate of 26000 Bt. If you're going to be in BKK for longer than 9 days, it is cheaper to book the whole month. I booked straight from the website (grandpresident.com)

Jaimito Cartero
03-13-04, 08:43
The 26k rate sounds good for a month, but it's surely cheaper to stay 10 nights than 30. I found that they'd negotiate a better rate via email. I did this last August and had pretty good results. I stayed for 24 nights and paid about 1100 baht a night, I think. I'm sure I have the details posted last August or September.

03-13-04, 20:24

At the rate you negotiated, 10 days would be cheaper than the monthly rate. But, Knobrm said he booked for $60-70/night (~2600Bt/night). At that rate, you break even at 10 days, so you could use the other 20 for 'free' if you want.

Also, at 1100bt/night, after 24 nights you already paid 26400bt. So, booking the monthly rate still makes sense.

Of course, this is all moot because the experts will probably lambast me for not renting a regular apartment for 3 months at a rate of 6000bt/month or something like that. Oh well, I like GP; good service, comfortable room and free breakfast (if I wake up in time).

Big El
03-15-04, 23:48
Here's my two cents on the Ambassador Hotel, soi 11.

I've stayed there on four different occassions. It is a bit of an old hotel, but is efficently run with quality service.

They have great kingsize beds (worth reserving) and a nice pool.

You may be better off getting a double room to avoid the 500 baht overnight guest fee that they are sometimes on top of, sometimes not, depends on the security at the front. That means sometimes they ask for the TG's ID and sometimes you go straight to your room without being stopped.

You may get a better rate booking a room from a travel agent that may include a breakfest voucher. Their breakfasts are good but cost 315 baht. On the topic of food, the local resturant on the corner of soi 15 has really good food. Also, try a resturant called Cabbage & Condoms I think on soi 10.

Lovely Indian
03-18-04, 07:22
Will anyone let me know about the new hotel "The Oriental" in BKK? Which one is better for stay? The Oriental or Peninsula? I am planning to visit on 2nd April to BKK and will stay till 6th. I want the BEST use of spa service. Please PM me at the earliest.

03-24-04, 06:15

I've always stayed at the Majestic when visiting Bangkok as a Tourist. But last time I stayed at the Nana City Hotel on Soi 4 (Soi Nana), when I had a fight with my girlfriend.

I spent a week there for 800 Baht per night. It was a satisfactory hotel for the money. It was clean enough and the air-con worked fine. There shower room (no bathtub) was good enough. The water was hot although it didn't have very much pressure, but I managed to stay clean and get the soap rinsed off.

They have no lockbox in the room but they have some behind the front desk. I've never bothered with them anyway. for some unknown reason (maybe luck), the bar girls have never tried to steal my things.

They don't collect Ids when you bring a girl in either, so if these security measures are important to you then you might want to look elsewhere.

But for 800 baht you get a decent room with a fridge and there is a 7-11 across the street to purchase supplies. If you are a smoker, they have marlboro lights from singapore which are better quality than the ones you buy at 7-11.

They keep hot water in a kettle by their internet computer (internet is 2 baht per minute). I borrowed a coffee cup and bought Nescafe from the 7-11 and managed to drink coffee all morning thanks to the hot water they keep downstairs. I could have ordered room service I suppose, but I had no problems talking an elevator ride for some free hot water. ;)

Overall: not a bad place for the money and none of the go-go dancers seemed to care that it was a low budget hotel. they are always happy to get your 1000 to 1500 baht for their favors.


03-24-04, 08:29
hank stram,

Regency Park on Soi 22 is definitely girl friendly, ID check at reception but no joiner fee. I often stay there and there was never any problem. Good BF buffet!
if i remember correctly i always pay around 1300 BHT through asiatravel.com

03-24-04, 23:18
I am going to Bangkok for five days in May. My company has booked me into the Dusit Thani Hotel. Anyone have information on this hotel? Girl-friendly or highly restrictive? On the map that I have, the location appears to be just about right, but is it friendly?
Any information will be greatly appreciated.


03-25-04, 04:45
i’m staying at the grand president on sukhumvit soi 11. i’ve stayed here before and it was such a good experience that, earlier in this thread, i recommended renting rooms by the month (well for the cheap-charlie factor as well :)). however, after the troubles of the past couple days, i want to downgrade my recommendation from a strong buy to a hold (and damn near all the way down to sell).

first, the day i arrived, they didn’t have my room available. i had booked two weeks in advance and had a confirmation in hand. this kind of works out well because the put me up, for the night, in a two bedroom suite that’s nicer than my apartment back home. unfortunately, i have to change rooms the next day, and, in addition to the hassle, it makes me realize how lacking the topaz suite is.

second, the internet connection is not what they advertise. they advertise a 128kb dsl connection. you’d think that means you get isdn speeds in your room, right? not! the whole fucking place runs off that 128k wire wtf?!? they have a business center with a couple computers, 40 modems average in use at a given time and the administrative computers all working off a pipe that’s not even big enough for a single user back in the states? for those of you who don’t understand the numbers, just realize that, if you stay here and pay 2600bt/month for an in room connection, you will average, at best, a little faster than dial up :( :( :(

thirdly, if you get a topaz suite (26000bt/month), you will end up in tower 3, which is across the street in an older building (oh, my 2 room suite was also over there). this building’s facilities are not quite up to snuff. the elevators seem very slow, the light switch control boxes don’t work very well and the damned air conditioning either freezes the room (even on it’s lowest setting) or you turn it off and suffer from bkk heat.

finally, i had some horrible problems with my internet connection. i got into my room on saturday so they said they wouldn’t have anyone to hook it up until monday. on monday mornign, they tell me the guy will hook it up that day. i return to my room at about 6pm, after the days activities, and no connection: they tell me he couldn’t hook it up because i wasn’t in my room. wtf? don’t they have a key? “he’ll be there in 20 minutes.” “he’ll be there in 20 minutes.” kept getting that response every time i asked where he was for what seemed like forever. he hooks the thing up, i check it out, it works. he leaves, it stops working. i call the desk, “no technician available now. he will be there at 8:30 in morning.” well, at about 11:00am two girls finally show up and are pretty much useless, but, while showing them the fucking thing doesn’t work, i find out that it’s really just a problem that the fucking plug is too loose in the power socket. fine, have to make sure not to jiggle the thing. uh oh… the connection is sooooooooo slow that i’m getting timeouts just pinging the gateway. an hour later, the tech arrives and the switch my room. but, by this time, one of the girls has already told me enough info that i know the problem is with the whole tower (not to mention the entire system is running on that tiny bit of bandwidth). well, by 2:00 in the afternoon, they can’t get it working in the other room (i’ve already moved by now) but the tech tells me a specialist has to come to check the router and that he will be there later that day. next day, connection’s still horrible. they are gonna change my room again. first attempt, the room smells so bad i almost puke as the guy opens the door. second attempt, they would end up downgrading me from a king bed to a set of twins. finally, fed up, i tell the manager to either fix the problem or i am checking out. she ‘upgrades’ me to a room over in tower one--not really an upgrade as it’s still just a studio and it only has a full size bed. problem solved, but, as you can tell from this rant, i’m still very pissed because the staff kept saying “so sorry,” and it became obvious that the sarcasm was pretty fucking thick.

anyway, the only thing that keeps me from saying “absolutely do not stay here!” is the location (centered between cowboy and nana) and the fact that, now that they fixed the problem, i can live with a slow internet connection given the decent price and the complete girl friendliness (no joiner fee, will take the tg id if you want but won’t insist, no problems with multiple tg’s in room).

apologies for the length, but i hope the detail is more useful to anyone trying to decide where to stay than if i just said “maybe stay here.”

Jaimito Cartero
03-25-04, 06:58
PNG, I had experiences similar to yours when I stayed for 24 days at the GP last year. They upgraded me to the Jade suite, but it wasn't anything special in my eyes. Didn't look like the room had been updated in 10-15 years. Worn carpets, room key worked when it felt like it, and some other things. Asked for quiet room, got one nearest Soi 11.

I didn't use the internet service, but it doesn't surprise me that it's lacking. If you *ever* have a problem with any girls, don't bother even calling the front desk. I was told that a security guard was coming, 15 min later, no one showed, called again, said they couldn't do anything.

If the Majestic Suites would give a good deal on a longer stay, I'd say try one of their bigger rooms. I've never had better service than I did there.

03-25-04, 11:40
I am probbaly staying in Nana Hotel for 10 days. Any experiences? This hotel was mentioned in the FAQ's and its claimed to be Girl Friendly.


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Bill Miami
03-27-04, 21:43

Are you kidding, is the Nana girl friendly? Not if you count the 100 in the parking lot, the 200 in the disco, and the other 100 in the lobby waiting for you. All of new to Bangkok and reading the complaints about the Grand President disregard their crying. The Grand President is great, the rooms are just as they appear on the Internet. The staff goes out of their way to be friendly. And you can stay there for a month for what a room cost us for a couple of nights in the States. I prefer the Nana, though. The cost is about the same. The Nanas rooms are not as nice as the Grand Presidents. But the Nana gives you a free breakfast buffet that’s pretty good and a free paper each morning. So I save about 150 BHT on both. And the location of the Nana might be the best in the world, right across the street from Nana Plaza. Another benefit, the girls are there 24/7 waiting for you. In March I get there at 2 AM, pick up a threesome from the parking lot at 2:15, and at 4 PM I am eating in the restaurant (Which is open 24 Hrs and has pretty good food at a fair price) when a #9 sits down next to me lonely. What’s a guy to do, turn down a nine just because he had a threesome for the last hour and half, so I had to have her too. Never left the parking lot, had three babes, dinner and beer and did not spend a $100 bucks. Life is so hard there. By the way the Ambassador is a dump, the rooms look like a holiday inn built in the 70’s and never refurbished. And they try to hit you for the 500 Bht for the girls if you don’t register right

Devil Doc
03-28-04, 16:26
I am planning a trip to BKK. It is my first time there. Does anyone have a recommended hotel.

All About Bob
03-28-04, 22:31
My two pence worth

The hotels in Bangkok, are some of the best in the world, value for money is great, so its worth spending a bit more to treat yourself. Having stayed in most of them, my favorite would have to be The Sukothai, on Sathorn road, the Penninsula , is also good, both these can be booked for around $130 per night including breakfast, contact the hotels direct, tell them you want a corporate rate.

There is also a cheap, clean, and very nice small hotel, very close to Patpong, La Residence, great funky rooms, only 1400 baht per night for a double, its on Surawong road.

I had a bad experience at the Conrad on wireless, as they are not over girl friendly.

If you need any more info pm me

03-29-04, 09:58
i have been to bangkok many times, and usually stay with family in the royal hotel near democracy monument--it is clean, and has reliable air-con. but this time, i am travelling alone and am interested primarily in mongering and want to stay where the action is. my requirements are simple. aside from being as close to the action as possible (nana area) and girl-friendly, i want a hotel that has a safe in the room, does not smell, does not have roaches, and, most importantly, i want good air-conditioning. by that, i mean i want the room down to 70 fahrenheit (21 c). the latter is extremely important to me for health reasons. i am willing to pay marriott prices if necessary, but, of course, would rather go cheaper if possible. (and just because you pay marriot prices, i have found, that alone does not ensure good air-con!) is the marriott near nana up to speed in that regard? or, any other suggestions? thanks for your help!

03-29-04, 18:39
JW Marriott on Sukhumvit is a great hotel and very Girl friendly, try booking on Priceline for the best deals, you may get Westin grande sukhumvit but that also is a good hotel I believe.

You should get JWM on Priceline for 55-60 USD plus about 20% charges.

03-29-04, 19:39
Japan and Devil Doc,

Try Majestic Suites, its right next to NEP, lots of action, extremely girl friendly and nice rooms. One minute walk and you are in NEP, Nana disco/parking lot. Book early since they fill up fast.

One problem I had with them is that the taxi will not stop in front of the hotel (its a busy street, no parking lot) so you have to walk about 20 mtrs or so with your luggage to get into the hotel. Have others found a way around this?

Have fun in LOS!


03-30-04, 01:56

I have seen most of your post in India section so I guess you are Indian. if so, Nana hotel is not suitable for you. I never stayed there but once they deny me entry to Disco. I would like to warn you on few things here. most of members posting in Thaland section are westerners and your experience going to be different. You might face problem entering most of the GO GO Bars in Bangkok. I had already visited 3 times to Bangkok and will go there again so dont take this as negetive. You will still enjoy it, if you have money to spend. You wont find any hassle in any massage paralor as far I know and there are many other place you can visit. try the EDEN club, the french guy dont stop any one, if you know the rule. your other option is CM2 where girls looks much better than gogo girls. if you want to stay in shuwkhmit area, stay in garce hotel just oposite the street of nana hotel where you find many girls all the day.

03-30-04, 13:46
Bill Miami,

Obviously an illiterate leech as well. With only 12 posts (I'm not gonna bother looking up your 12 RTFF posts) to your name, you come off with some shit about other members 'crying' about the Grand President? Why don't you read the fucking posts so that you'll see that they are objective postings about an event that occured and a response confirming that kind of treatment.

Who the hell are you? What have you contributed? Next time you want to sling an insult, why don't you try reading first, else you come off like a troll. You want to tell me that something I posted is inaccurate, fine. If your ducks are in a row and I misreported something, fine, I'll recant., but you should mind your manners and do it politely.

03-30-04, 23:21
Fellow mongers,

I and a buddy of mine are making our first visit to the LOS in mid-April, arriving BKK at around 2PM. I took the liberty of making an internet reservation at Nana hotel. My request was for a deluxe room for two but when the confirmation email came it said sorry, only a standard room was available for that time period.

My question is this: would we 2 punters be better off with 2 separate rooms, or will one room suffice for the both of us? Neither of us are shy about having others watch our activities, and we thought this arrangement might provide excellent opportunities to mix and match 2 different TGs during the same session.

Also, I am wondering if Nana's standard rooms are too small and/or dingy for full mongering enjoyment. If so, which hotel would folks recommend as being the next closest to all the action?

BTW I plan to file comprehensive field reports during the trip, including as many pictures as I can take.



Bill Miami
03-31-04, 11:13

It is my impression that the purpose of the board is to provide useful insight on your personal experiences at the various locations. And not for personal attacks when someone disagrees with your assessment of the situation. In the future please PM if you want to attack me and not make it a public issue, but since you did, I have chosen to respond to your comments. Anybody that would ruthlessly attack another individual personally over a difference of opinion on something as meaningless as the quality of a hotel, surely has an acute inferiority complex or deep-rooted mental problems. Neither of which am I qualified to help you with, but another positive aspect of being in Bangkok is that health care is relatively inexpensive and I am sure there are many exceptional psychologist that could provide relief.

As for your downgrade of the hotel for up-grading your room while the one reserved was prepared for you, is that a bad thing? Is that not what a quality establishment located a Western country would do? Surely not someone who has 580 posts and is as experienced with a computer as you would be under the impression that the Grand President or any hotel would install separate DSL connections in each individual room. They all work off a server, as you are aware there can be many reason for your slow connection, such as: poor wiring to your room or a high quantity of users at any given time. I used the Internet service in the business center many times and found it to be exceptionally fast.

For those of you that have not been to Bangkok and are looking for a nice place to stay that is reasonably priced these are my previous comments on the Grand President and the surrounding hotels. I ended up at the Grand President, at a cost of 35,000 BHT ($875 US) for the month. The room was just as it appears on the Internet, marble floors, refrigerator, microwave, VCR, roman tub, the hotel is in good shape with an overly friendly staff. I give them my highest complements. As I soon learned location is paramount to the experience, as the traffic in Bangkok is horrendous. The Grand President, Ambassador, Landmark, Park Hotel, and any of the Nana hotels will put you where you want to be. The Grand President is a ten minute walk form Nana Plaza (Maybe the greatest place on earth, more latter) or a dollar taxi ride, a five-minute walk to the Beer Garden. Alley Cats, Eden or Food Land

As for my comment on you “crying” about an upgraded room and a slow Internet connection for a room that cost you $900 a month where the equivalent the states would be $150 to $300 a night depending on the location, I stand by it. And I reiterate, you were being exceedingly critical about minor issues.

Bill Miami
04-01-04, 02:15

No way, you have to have two rooms at the Nana. Try the Grand President and one of there suites with two bedrooms. The Grand President rooms are much nicer than the Nana. But, the Nana has the best location in the world. Take your choice, location or great rooms. At the Nana, you open your door and they fall in.

04-01-04, 06:51
Bill Miami & Fman,

Thanks for the information ! I appreciate it ! I Can't RTFF thousands of posting and all the information helps. Just wanted to make sure with the choices as this is my first trip to LOS.

I thank everybody who PMed me with information.

Best Regards

Aryan Shah

04-01-04, 13:31
Bill, you replied to me in PM. I replied back in the same media. Then you take that all public and complain about me attacking you here? Dude, you are whacked. Well, though I wasn't going to bother with you anymore, but, since you made it public, I'll reiterate in public: You just don't read, or at least you don't comprehend the posts.

First, I couldn't give a shit if you disagree with me. World's full of different opinions. I took issue with your trite, lady like cattiness, using the term 'crying' to refer to mine and another, much more senior to you, member's posts about bad experiences at the GP. If you want to disagree, feel free. However, like I said, mind your fucking manners.

I did not blast the hotel for upgrading my room. First, it wasn't an upgrade at all. It's still a studio, and it has a smaller bed, so it's actually a downgrade. The only thing they did was move me into a different tower. From the first time I spoke with one of the people in the business center it was clear that the original tower I was in constantly has problems and they know this. I complained because it took them forever to get around to fixing the problem when the solution was apparent from the beginning. You're saying you'd be quite happy spending three days in your hotel room for someone to stop by whenever the fuck they get around to it?

As for the slow connection. Yes, I know a lot about computers, programming and networking them. In fact, there may be 10000 people in the world who know as much. And, yes, if a hotel advertises a 128Kb connection to each room, I expect a full 128Kb, switched connection.

Oh, and as for the comparison of how much it would cost stateside for a comparable room? This ain't stateside. The going rate of that type of room in Thailand is 26000BT/month, period. And, at any cost, If they don't do what they advertise, then they deserve criticism.

Finally, I was not even completely blasting the place. I was recanting a previous strong recommendation of the place and downgrading my recommendation to a maybe.

Dude, get off your ass, go monger and report something useful. You've probably never stayed in another hotel in BKK and so don't really have any objective comparison.

The last I'll say on the subject.

Tough Love
04-01-04, 21:51
Ok, guys, you put me on the spot. I have booked a room ( Royal suite ) at the GP for my upcoming trip. Now I don't know I should keep that reservation or change it to Preisdent Solitaire where I stayed the last time there and it was a gem. I decided to try GP because of some good reviews on this forum and also it's a little more convinient than PS and a little cheaper. Anyone who had stayed at both places before willing to give me some good comparisons between the two ? Also need some comments on the Rydge Tapae hotel in Chiang Mai. Stayed at the Royal Princess before and I thought it's a little overpriced so decided to give RT a try this time. Is it GFly and how are the rooms ? All I know is it's very close to the Spotlight A go go where I have had a couple of TG there. I just also want to thank all you good guys on this board with some real awesome info. It surely made my thai experience that much better. ( I know this because a friend of mine who is just as big a monger did not find BKK that much fun because he did not know this board and so he wasted his first trip in BKK going madly around town looking for actions in all the wrong places.)

Keep it up ( hehe :)

Capt JB
04-01-04, 23:13
I plan on visiting Bangkok this summer and was planning to stay at the J. W. Marriott Hotel. Is the Marriott in the best location?

How about the Penthouse? Is the Penthouse in a good location? The rooms look as if they are set up for fun & games with the hot tubs, swings, ect. Which do you think would be best? Thanks for any advice. This will be my 1st trip to Bangkok.

Harry Cari
04-02-04, 21:24
I am looking for a clean place somewhere between Soi 19/20 and 33/24.

Pricing in the $20-35 usd.

Anyone have information on Euro Inn as to the cleanliness, or anyone have a recommendation for a clean place in that price range, of course gf is very important


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

04-02-04, 22:21

Amari BKK Airport is walking distance of the airport. Quality Suites is about 5-10 minutes from the Airport and there is a shuttle bus service.

Depends what you want to do, hunt or sleep.

04-03-04, 00:23
Quality inn is about $40++ (++ means plus tax plus service charge) - nothing much in the area - unless you can speak GOOD Thai (my 200 or so words weren't much good at anythng but food) The bus ride is OK for an early departure but the roads get pretty crowded during the day. so much for 2 miles from the terminal. At least they have good soundproofing you are pretty much under the flight path

04-05-04, 15:29
This is probably not the usual request. I spend about half my time living in Thailand and usually avoid Bangkok except for passing through on flights. Then I'll usually stay at Majestic Suites or the Dynasty. However my daughter is coming to visit me and I want to find a reasonably priced hotel NOT in a mongering area.

Anyone have any suggestions for a decent family type hotel in Bangkok?

04-06-04, 16:36


But will help you out. One source is asiatravel.com and book from there. Now please don't ask us which are the mongering areas.


04-06-04, 17:31
Hey guys,
Has anyone stayed at the Shangrila (Riverside) recently?
What's their guest policy?

04-07-04, 15:21
Hi Guys,

Anyone know a reasonably cheap place around Nana Plaza. All the stuff I have found is around 900 baht. I am told that I should be able to find something that is girl friendly and around 400 baht.



04-10-04, 08:11
Rugby Man,

Bangkok is not Chiang Mai or Pattaya so you always pay a little more inside the capital city. Just pay the 900 baht and be happy it is still a very cheap rate. At 900 baht you are only talking about $23 dollars per night US, if you can't afford that, or are unwilling to pay that amount you really don't belong in Thailand. Besides how long do you plan to stay? So we are really talking about no money here. It is easy to save 400 or 500 baht a day in many other ways to make up the difference if you want.


04-10-04, 12:43
When I was looking for a place to stay, most hotels that had rates less than about 1000BT charged joiner fees of 500BT/lady, so they would have ended up costing more anyway.

Muffinman II
04-10-04, 21:55
Rugby Man,

Nana Hotel is 1000 Baht plus 70 Baht tax per night for a standard room. That includes breakfast. No joiner fee. It is old, run down, and sleazy, but I wouldn't stay anywhere else.

You can stumble across the parking lot to Nana Plaza and back with relative ease.

The skytrain station is close by.

Keep on posting and keep the Faith!

Tom the Bomb
04-12-04, 07:36
Did a tour through gotoday.com, went with the econo choice which was the Manhattan in BKK. Had the usual cold sweats when I had to put the mastercard number in and press the “accept” button to a $3500 hit for a 3 person tour package deal (3 nites HK and 6 nites BKK), but it worked out great. Had a couple of kids with me so booked so booked a second single room when I got there. Sure enough, when I took a “guest” up to the room, they busted me for the 500 bhat xtra. Paid cash on the spot for the privilege, had a really stunning 20 yo Laotian named Em from the Clinton Plaza just down the street hanging on my arm (posted a pic in the photo gallery last week).

Booked a separate room at the Miami on Soi 13. Its not listed on this map, but you’ll get the location:


The rooms are econo all the way (think bit-o-dump) but they are “girlfriend” friendly, and at 700 baht/night, a good price.

The best part is that you are in the middle of what might be the best red light district in the world today. The quantity and best of all quality of available providers is unbelievable and unmatched anywhere in my experience.

I've chased streetmeat on three contenents, this little cutie made up for the tacky room and takes the cake!

04-12-04, 23:29
PnG - Royal Asia Lodge (Soi 8 off Suk) doesn't have "extra" fee and is about 900B/nite

and they have a website, too so you can verify the price

04-13-04, 01:23

The Century Park Hotel is very nice. It's near Victory Monument. No mongering nearby. It runs about $46 per night.

04-13-04, 01:38
Rugby Man,

I haven't seen any hotels for 400 baht but for around 500 baht you can probably get the Golden Palace Hotel on Soi 1. You can also try the Sukhumvit Crown on Soi 6 but I think it's about 600 baht. Neither are very nice but they are cheap if that's really what you want.


04-13-04, 01:59
Rugby Man,

Here's the contact info for the Golden Palace and Sukhumvit Crown.

15 Soi 1, Sukhumvit Road
Tel: (02) 2525115-6 2525169
Fax: (66 2) 2541538

7 Soi 6 Sukhumvit Road
Tel: (02) 2538401 2535872-14
Fax: (66 2) 2535675

You can also try these. They are mostly dumps (what you expect for less than 800 baht) but they are cheap. I've checked some of them out in the past but I wouldn't like to stay in any of them. But hey, the NANA hotel is a dump too and it's 1000 baht per night. I don't stay at the NANA either but lots of guys like it for it's location.

155/4-5 Soi 11 Sukhumvit Road
Tel: (02) 2547981-4 2557155-8
Fax: (662) 2557159

27 Soi 11 Sukhumvit Road,
Tel: (02) 2530175-6, 2534788-9
Fax: (66 2) 2535332

22/3 Soi 2, Sukhumvit Road,
Tel: (02) 2528126, 2515354
Fax: (66 2) 2539494

40/6-7 Soi 3, Sukhumvit Road,
Tel: (02) 2535458-61
Fax: (66 2) 2533612

2 Soi 13, Sukhumvit Road
Tel (02) 2535611 -3 2530369
Fax: (66 2) 2531268

63/1-4 Soi 3, Sukhumvit Road,
Tel: (02) 2535458-61
Fax: (66 2) 2533612

04-13-04, 02:39
Rugby Man,

One more.

1/28-29 Soi 11, (Soi Chaiyot)
Sukhumvit Road
Tel: (02) 2554523, 2536261
Fax: (66 2) 2536261

By the way, don't book the Atlanta Hotel on Soi 2. It's cheap but not girl friendly I hear.


04-13-04, 12:31
I have stayed at the Crown and for the lower cost hotels in Bangkok it is among the best. I don't really like the place but the rooms and location are OK and the rate is low about, 600 baht per night with no joiner fees.


DVS Mind
04-13-04, 16:59
"Now I don't know I should keep that reservation or change it to Preisdent Solitaire where I stayed the last time there and it was a gem. I decided to try GP because of some good reviews on this forum and also it's a little more convinient than PS and a little cheaper. Anyone who had stayed at both places before willing to give me some good comparisons between the two ? "-Tough Love

IMHO, the PS wins hands down, the general staff attitude and discreet location, not to mention the elegant interior look of the rooms. Don't get me wrong the GP is great on service as well and friendliness bt for the few extra dollars I would rather have the "luxry" of PS.

I just look for a few add'l comforts, jacuzzi, wireless web, stocked kitchennette, sound system, plasma TV. For me it's a true vacation, so I don't mind spending the extra cash on living quarters but I sure as hell haggle with the girls, though.

When I stayed there, we were treated like royalty by the general staff and security, we were offered flowers & drinks [water / juice] and free massages [Thai / no happy ending] at the Ananda Spa located downstairs.

If you have the extra bucks, I would splurge a bit. I love girls in a jacuzzi.


04-14-04, 03:27
Does the Nana Hotel charge for girls to stay the night?

04-14-04, 07:53
I stay at Golden Palace for almost a month, and I know some people that have stay there for over 4 years. At the time last year, we were paying 540 bahts, but they have raised the price to 700+ Bahts.

There are better place for that price, except GP has a swimming pool. I hate the Miami. I don't need the Miami anymore, b/c Thermae is now "Just a regular Bar" b/c of the crack down on the bars for staying open over 2am. The place ain't happening anymore!

04-14-04, 13:12
I am visiting Bangkok April 17 to April 25, and the sole purpose is mongering. I am thinking of staying at Nana hotel, because of the availability of the girls there.

I really don't want to stay at a filthy place like Nana hotel sounds to me, and am willing to pay a bit higher price, but i don't know which other hotel is close to Nana hotel. Please PM me and let me know if there is any other better quality choice of hotel which is not only girl friendly but also the area has lots of girls outside. I don't mind paying 2000 bhat per night or even more if I have to.

04-14-04, 13:36

No joiner fees for the Nana Hotel reguardless of the number of girls you bring back to the hotel.


Its Time
04-14-04, 20:17

TheJW Marriott is right around the corner and you can get rooms that look over Nana.

A little pricey at 150 USD.

Tough Love
04-15-04, 00:42

Thanks for the info. Decided to give Royal President a try. Booked a Cattleya Suite (anyone ever stayed in one before? how is it?). Will report back after my trip. Too many negative reports on Grand President although I like the location a lot. Stayed at Conrad and President Solitaire on my last two trips. Other than the buffett (expensive but one of the best) and the lobby, the PS is by far a much better value as far as room size and price. (and yes, the Jaccuzi at the Platinum Suite at PS is as good as everyone says).

04-15-04, 01:35
For 2K bahts, there is many choices that you can find, or pick.

No problems, Dude!

Joe Zop
04-15-04, 03:19
Calling Nana filthy is really going a bit too far, imho. Run-down, overused, etc., would be more like it.

There's a ton of information in this thread on the pros and cons of other hotels in the general vicinity, but you might want to simply search for info on the Majestic Suites, which is something right nearby.

04-15-04, 04:45

I booked the Nana hotel once and as soon as I checked in I went looking for another hotel. Many guys on this board like it because it's action central. It is very interesting for that fact but it kinda depressed me.

I didn't move to the Majestic Suites on that occassion because they were full but I did stay there during my next trip and it was very nice once I got moved from the Single Studio room which is very small and which was all they had when I first check in. Book one of their superior or deluxe rooms if you like a little extra space in your room.

The Majestic Suites is a very short walk from Nana Plaza and the Nana hotel. You won't miss out on much in the way of action by staying at the Majestic since it is so close anytime you want to look for some fun it is never very far away.

04-16-04, 08:40
IF you want to get a room at a 5 star hotel in the Sukhumvitt area then use www.priceline.com/hk (priceline hong kong) bid about US$55 to $60 per night. There is also a HK$50 fee.

Usually you will end up at the JWMarriott, but sometimes you end up at the Westin Grand Sukhumvitt.

There is a free forum where people exchange information on successful bid, but I can't find the URL right now. I will try to find it and will post it when I do.

Jaimito Cartero
04-16-04, 13:15
You might looking for bidontravel.com

If you just Google things correctly, you can find almost anything. I did a "priceline +bidding +hint" search, and found a few good sites in the first 10 listings.

I do wonder why you would try the HK site. Is there an advantage to it over the US site?

There is also a good report here:


Tom Jefferson
04-17-04, 10:24
Can recommend Landmark Hotel on Sukhumvit.

4-5 stars.

Very close to the action, no problem with guests.

Google search will give you all the details.

Price range $60 - $100.

04-17-04, 17:45
Does the Bangkok Dynasty have a joiner fee? If so, tao-rai?

04-17-04, 23:13
Anyone stay in the Park hotel Suk. recently ? I have had good luck walking in without a reservation. Was thinking about it as a backup, but the last time I was there (4 years ago), it was pretty run down. I'm hoping it's been renovated.



Jimmy Red Cab
04-18-04, 13:40
Joe Zop,

I agree the Nana is not "filthy", the staff do the best they can however it is well overdue for refurbishment. Majestic Suites at 1500 baht for a deluxe room is much better value in my humble opinion.

04-19-04, 01:05
JC and Ardvark,
The site which gives you recent successful bids on priceline is 'bidding for travel.com'.

No JW Marriott on priceline in the last several weeks/monhts.

I am staying at the Westin and the Shearaton on Sukumvit on two trips in May.

Has anyone stayed there recently? any problems?

04-23-04, 05:21

Is JW Marriott a guest friendly hotel.

Will there be any problem.



Terry Terrier
04-23-04, 08:06
Question for Phallus Maximus.

A friend of mine is taking his wife and kids to the Shangrila later in the year. Do you know if the masseuses in this hotel are up for any extras? With the wife he's got, its my friend's only hope of P4P on that trip.



Fat Shaft
04-24-04, 07:08

As far as I remember the sHagrila did not offer any extras. However there is a massage centre in the shopping /office complex on the top /fourth floor which offered massages and the girls there were willing to Hj and maybe more. Its just a long walk from the hotel arond the side.

I hope he has fun.

04-25-04, 04:00
[Sheraton Grande]

Althought I've never brought a TG back to my room, I can say I've noticed unescorted TGs in the elevators. The ground floor (below lobby floor) seems to be the ingress/egress point for TGs. The ground floor basically has overpriced shops, tour desks, a restaurant/club/bar, and doorway access directly to the street. There is always a security officer at the elevators, and I've seen TGs hailed by them, assumingly to drop off or pick up their ID cards. Although SGS is an upper-class hotel, it none-the-less does seem to discreetly accomodate each guests needs. SGS is my pick of hotels in the vacinity, because of proximity to BTS station, McDonalds, 7-11 and Soi Cowboy. If your a US government ID card holder (not contractor), ask for the government rate when you make a reservation, even if only staying for vacation. They will absolutely check your ID at check-in, but you'll get a better deal than the rack rate.

[Westin Grande]

Have not stayed there yet, would appreciate any intel from other mongers who have.

[JW Marriott]

Another excellent hotel, I've stayed there a couple times. Close to Nana Plaza area. Not sure how guest friendly the JW is, but I'll go out on limb here to say that probably any hotel in LOS is "guest friendly". Key point is knowing proper procedures. I'll also assume that most working-girls probably know the protocol of the hotels in the area... if in doubt, just follow their lead. They may need to enter from a side entrance or separately from you, depending on lobby layout or current activity going on within the lobby area.



04-25-04, 10:14
The JW MArriott is very guest friendly. I stayed there for six nights in November 2003 and there was nothing said and no joiner fee.

04-25-04, 11:45
do not worry! If a hotal can be guest friendly, JW is definitely the benchmark!!!
completely friendly, the y are simply great,
CU, happy mongering, Mike

Terry Terrier
04-25-04, 18:37
Anyone able to help me with info about the Shangrila? I already did a search, but no useful info available.

Member #1894
04-25-04, 18:48
The company I work for has booked me into the Westin Hotel how far from action and will I have any problems female guest

04-26-04, 05:27
Thanks all for help & support.

Will keep you informed when I am ther & big report when I come back.

Thanks Again,


04-26-04, 15:53

Westin Grand is on Sukhumvit Soi17+. Walk down up to Soi 1 for all the action. Cross Sukhumvit to Soi 4 (?) for Nana Plaza action. Walk up to Soi 22 for Cowboy.

You couldn't be better off. However, I don't know if it is girl friendly.

04-27-04, 04:23
Anyone have a recomendation for a guest friendly budget hotel in Pattaya?



04-27-04, 07:27

Let's see, this is the 'Bangkok Hotels' thread, and the pattaya thread has this information on every other page at least. How many times do you have to be told to RTFF?

04-27-04, 08:31

No shit. Never fails to amaze me.


04-27-04, 09:02
When I am in Bangkok, I always stay at the Gran Sheraton on Sukhumvit.
It is a bit pricy (around 150US$) but is totally girls friendly,
rooms are great (usefull in room safe ), discret entrance on the ground floor, and most of it , location for action is perfect!

Jimmy Red Cab
04-27-04, 13:55

Good luck to you if you can afford to pay 150 dollars a night for a hotel but for the less well off tourists the Majestic Suites would be a far better deal. Clean comfortable rooms with TV, mini-bar and in room safe. Deluxe room 1500 baht, one minute walk to Nana Plaza and girl friendly.

Jaimito Cartero
04-27-04, 16:47

If you'd like to save about $90 a day, you can get the Sheraton on Priceline for about $59 a night, plus fees. Probably $70 a night all in.

04-27-04, 17:50

The Sheraton was for $85(including taxes) and the Westin for $89.
Depending on your schedule, these can be found for cheaper. Still a lot better than 140-180 for the same dates.

The Shangri-La was going for $55-60 a few weeks ago.

04-27-04, 19:17
Good info guys ! That's the sort of stuff we need here.


04-27-04, 20:26
Thanks for the info , I will try right away

04-27-04, 20:30
Just a tip for those using priceline.com

There are priceline web sites based in Singapore and Hong Kong. I have found that there is an opportunity to get better prices in Asia from these sites, perhaps due to a lower transfer from the chain (Westin, Sheraton, Marriott) due to some sense of price points in the Asian market or some belief that there is a develepment potential.

Try this especially in low season and see if you can get in more cheaply.

I use the one in Singapore as it seems to be lowest cost.

Jaimito Cartero
04-27-04, 20:40
As Badass posted a week or two ago, biddingfortravel.com is a good site to see what successful bids have been accepted. There's a bit of controversy about the lady running the site, but you can just read the posts and see what pricing people are getting.

Cleverbidding.com is another similar site, but probably not as complete or updated. Probably better for US and European stays.

You can find a couple of Sukhumvit places at times (Sheraton and JW Marriott), though these vary depending on dates. I do recommend that everyone be very familar with Priceline before they bid on these. If you change your trip, miss you flight etc, you're screwed and out the money.

You have to make sure you pick only the area you want, and that you might get either of a couple hotels. Priceline will also prompt you to enter a lot more money on rooms sometimes, saying "A bid of $60 will probably not be successful",even though it very might well be.

I stayed on the US East coast last weekend, and got a room for $30 a night ($36 with fees/taxes) for a 2 1/2 star place. Normal rates were $100 a night.

The Shangri La, on the river will also give you free breakfast if you sign up for their frequent stay program, even on Priceline fares.

This hotel is usually rated one of the top 10 hotels in the world. Normal rates are about $180-$200 w/tax per night for a double. I just booked 8 nights in May for $66 per night, all included. ($55 per night, plus $11 or so in Priceline fees and taxes. The more nights you get, the less it comes to. If you book 1-2 nights, the fees/taxes can be $20 per night)

[edited to add pricing details on the Shangri La}

Just Me
04-27-04, 23:13

Just for clarification sakes, Cowboy is not at Soi 22, it's at Sukhumvit and Soi Asoke.

Soi 22 is further away and is where they have 7 or 8 little beer bars near Bourbon St. Hotel/Rest.

Just didn't want to confuse anyone.

Just me

04-28-04, 03:13
Hi all,

Looking for info on Miami Hotel. Girl friendly? Recommended?
Any other suggestions for hotels in this price range (ie - b800)


04-28-04, 06:46
Last July, I was going to get a room at the Miami hotel, but the desk clerk told me that there would be a 300BT/girl joiner fee: Fuck that.

Jimmy Red Cab
04-28-04, 11:53

If you think 300 baht joiner fee is bad, I once stayed at the Holiday Inn on Silom Road, they charge an outrageous 1500 baht joiner fee.

04-29-04, 05:31
Sainter21/ MIAMI HOTEL: Stay away from this place. Not only do they charge for extra "company" but I've had things stolen from their "safe". Also have met two other mongers over the years with the same experience there. Besides there are other places in the same price range that provide excellent trustworthy service and are girl friendly. You might try Golden Palace on Soi 1. A/C, Nice pool, good food, great staff. The room itself is large but what you would expect for 800 baht. Worth checking out. A truely great deal for an 800 Baht hotel.

05-02-04, 17:50
Can anyone tell me if the Landmark is a good place to stay. I got a booking for 52 dollars net per night. How is it location wise?

Thanks in advance.

05-03-04, 17:12

I just tried to book majestic and got an email from this address: msuites@loxinfo.co.th asking for my credit card info to confirm the reservation. I went ahead and sent it to him (the email was signed bob) via email, but now I'm a little worried.

Is it safe to send the credit card info via email?

Is this really bob's (manager at Majestic) email address?

Should I be worried?


Baby Huey
05-03-04, 20:17
I have stay at the Majestic for years, with no problems. He always wants a credit number to secure the room, but ever charges it until you are there. Bob and his staff are great! Great location and a every clean Hotel. It is a 3 1/5 star hotel with 5 star service.

Baby Huey
05-03-04, 20:18
Landmark is not Girl friendly! Unless things have change in the last few years.

Baby Huey
05-03-04, 20:28
If you want to stay in the Sukmitvit area, the best hotel in my book is President Solitaire on Soi 11. It is a 8 minute walk from Sukmitvit or they do have a stuttle, this is the only negtive. If I am staying in Bangkok any more then a few days this is where I stay. Girl friendly, Large rooms, great pool area, quiet, 42 inch T.V.s in all the room. This place is great, check out there site. Internet address: http://www.presidentsolitaire.com/hotels/presidentsolitaire/default.asp

05-03-04, 20:33
Thanks JimHart69,

I feel better now!

Jimmy Red Cab
05-04-04, 05:18

You have made a good choice of hotels, I always stay at the Majestic Suites. It is in the heart of the action and girl friendly, the reception staff are very friendly and the owner, an Indian guy speaks perfect English. Your credit card will not be charged until you check out.

Rhino Tusk
05-05-04, 00:34

Landmark is great location-wise, halfway between Soi Cowboy and Nana. I've never stayed there, but have heard that it was girl friendly. Sounds like you got a good price, I heard they recently redecorated their rooms.

I'll be near by at Sheraton Grande later this month, down the road closer to Soi Cowboy. Booked on Priceline for $70/night, including tax. Also, Shangri-La, on the river, booked for $65/night inc. tax. Both great hotels, I usually upgrade to a suite at Shangri-La.

I've stayed at Majestic Suites 3 times. Location is excellent, staff are great, price is reasonable, but rooms are smallish, as is breakfast.

05-06-04, 16:39
A little review on Suhumvit Crown hotel, as I stayed here over the labour day holidays in Thailand.
It is located about five minutes walk from Nana BTS station, accessible from either soi 6 or 8.
Walk in price was quoted as 700baht for one person staying in the room, this includes breakfast for one person. And 750baht for two person staying in the room, this includes breakfast for two. I took the 750baht deal.
Room was a little run down. Single air-conditioning per room but it did not get to the level of coolness that I wanted. Refrigerator with stocks of drinks. Long bath with hot/cold water.
Safety deposit box was available at the lobby area. 200baht deposit for the box key; return the key and will receive back the 200baht.
Guest as in lady, have to leave her ID with the receptionist. I brought in one lady early in the night for ST and then another one later in the night for LT. Did not encounter any hassle or extra fee in doing this.

05-06-04, 17:48

'Should I be worried?'

Reading the other replies, probably not. In THIS case:(!

In the future NEVER send cc info by email again!
Only send delicate info to HTTPS sites, never to HTTP(!), and do check carefully that the padlock at the bottom of your sreen is locked ('closed' as opposed to 'open').

If you keep a copy of that email in your inbox or God forbid, Outlook: Print it on paper and REMOVE it!
Some, too many:(, worms and other virusses know how to track down a cc number...

Do not reply to any PM you received from any member here by email until AFTER you deleted your email.

I'm just hoping you are not too worried now, just too scared to make this mistake in the future:(!

Mr Z
05-06-04, 19:05

Landmark is girlfriendly, no problems. I had girls coming up to me there last Oct so unless things have changed it's no problem. Usually though, they call you from the lobby to make sure that you want them to come up.

Mr Z

Focus Four
05-07-04, 10:10
Dear Buddy,

I am planing a holiday trip to Bangkok on 27/05, think of wanted to stay at Nana Hotel but too bad it was fully booked during that period, so will stay at Swiss Park Hotel located at Sukhumvit Soi 11, can anyone give some advice on this hotel? Is it near to Nana Square, as I heard it is a place where we cheongster must visit.

Wish all Master out there can share some information.


The Traveler
05-08-04, 13:24
Deluxe room at the Tai Pan, close to soi cowboy. It's NOT girlfriendly. They will charge you 600 per extra guest, free for me :-)

The Traveler
05-08-04, 13:24
Again deluxe room at Tai Pan

The Traveler
05-08-04, 13:25
and again deluxe room at Tai Pan

The Traveler
05-08-04, 13:26
and another one at Tai Pan

The Traveler
05-08-04, 13:27
and bathroom of deluxe room at Tai Pan

The Traveler
05-09-04, 09:17
window view (10th floor)

The Traveler
05-09-04, 09:18
another window view

05-09-04, 18:11

Now, are you trying to impress us with your snap shots of your room and your comment:

"Deluxe room at the Tai Pan, close to soi cowboy. It's NOT girlfriendly. They will charge you 600 per extra guest, free for me :-).."

At least post the rates for the room and tell us why are you so special they won't charge you guest fee. BTW, the room looks average, I hope you did not pay too much...

You are trippin'. Stop reporting your self- serving bullshit.


The Traveler
05-10-04, 21:08

a while ago someone posted pics of his hotel room. I liked that idea, it's easier to get an impression how big the rooms really are, if they are run down, what kind of amenities are available and so on.

Anyway, why do you believe I try to impress anyone ?
Have you been impressed ?

Just a reminder, this is the hotel section.
Not everyone cares about joiner fees. Some prefer a convinient location over girl-friendly. At least it's a valuable info, so what's your point ? I also posted the pics of my room at my last trip. Why no critics back then ? Your aim is just too obvious.

Again, your attitude makes you blind for the true facts.

BTW, walk in rate was 2.400 and I payed 1.200 incl. breakfast. No joiner fee for me cause I am quite good at bargain and they seem to like my attitude. Low profile, calm and always polite and friendly. Therefore I guess you can't get the same deal.

05-10-04, 21:37

Thanks for sharing useful information. Now, if you could only drop your crying baby attitude and go on with info that matters and leave the rest of us to comment, critize, etc., it would be great.

No, I'm not impressed with the room but you got a great deal. Congrats. I guess since I'm not as polite, low profile and friendly as you are I won't be able to stay there... My loss.

BTW, nice view of BKK.


The Traveler
05-10-04, 21:46

nice that you mention "info that matters". Haven't seen any in your comments lately posted. Remember your own advice.

BTW, the view is incredible during thunder storms.

05-11-04, 09:25
I was wondering if anyone had any info on the DMA Pavilion Hotel. I checked through the back posts but the only one that mentioned it said it was nice but out of the way.

Does anyone know if they are girl friendly, or if you can find women around there?

05-12-04, 15:54

I'm with you. These 'Traveler' posts within WSG (are others like his) are loaded with superfluous travelogue crap. I feel like I'm reading Penthouse Forum reject submissions. 3 paragraphs of setup, 1 sentence with "then we did the deed", and another closer paragraph of heart-warming, feel-good drivel.

Let's keep the posts limited to actionable intelligence reports only, gang.



05-13-04, 00:07
My Two Cents:

The Forum at its best provides an opportunity for members to provide useful information and, at the same time, flex their creative writing muscles, so as to present the information in a way that is not clinical and dry (boring) but light-hearted, fun and entertaining. This is not required, but neither is it prohibited and, when properly done (a subjective judgement, I know) should be encouraged.

Not everyone enjoys the same type of entertainment. Likewise, not everyone possesses the same writing skills. So, we get some really lame, stupid sounding reports along with the excellent ones and everything in between; and we get members who complain when the information is not presented in the form they prefer.

And then, let's be honest, guys; we have some members who want to assume the role of "playground bullies" and are just looking for something or someone to attack and will jump at the chance to try and provoke a fellow member into a fight. (And they like to "gang up" too. Interesting how this parallels real life.)

In my opinion, we should grant some leeway (as Jackson clearly does) to those who choose to make an effort at interesting reporting, rather than just the scientific, objective facts that seem to be generated from a computer. There is room for all of us here. Having said that, if anyone needs to shut the hell up, it is the wannabe bullies who just want to complain and bring down the positive energy of this very good Forum.

Like I said, just "my two cents." Go ahead and attack if you must. I have thick skin.

P.S. Traveler, stay out of this. (-:

05-13-04, 00:52
A picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks TT, it's nice to see current photos of a room.


Terry Terrier
05-13-04, 07:23
Right. OK. I propose that we convert the Thailand section to a permanent FAC question and answer session, with immediate effect. No more superfluous entertaining reports, no more amusing anecdotes, no more 'photos of gorgeous TG's, no more useless 'photo's of hotel rooms (we all camp in tents in Bangkok, anyway, don't we?).

Or, then again, we could just keep this section as a medium to carry on a silly, childish and bandwidth-consuming vendetta against The Traveller, which is boring the f*****g t**s off most of us.

Need Some
05-15-04, 09:01
Anyone have any information on the Ambassador hotel (location and girl friendly)? Checked the forum and found nothing which made me question my decision.

I'm taking a spur of the moment trip to LOS and booked a tour through Siam Vacations and that is the hotel I'll be staying at. This will be my first time in Southern Asia.

I have only one day that isn't covered by the package, so it seems from reading the forum like Majestic Suites is the best bet.

Off this topic, but which is better, Pattaya or Phucket?

Hamilton W
05-15-04, 17:13
I would not recommend staying at the Ambassodor. When I was in BKK last, I was staying at Soi 4, but a friend of mine, who's a doctor, I recommended the Ambassador to him because there was an online special and it seemed more upscale to his liking.

He was not impressed with his room for the price. He was on the top floor, the carpet was filthy, and it seems their service quality was going downhill.

We then went to Chiang Mai together, but when he returned to BKK, he stayed at the Presidential Inn (or something like that) in for around $45 - $50 per night and said it was wonderful.

Hamilton W
05-15-04, 17:18
Pattaya vs. Phuket

The two are quite different. Pattaya is like the Las Vegas of Thailand. Walking Street (a place that's closed off to vehicle traffic from 8 p.m. through 2 a.m.) has the most lively night scene. In addition to the mainstream go-go bars, there's some nice correagraphed performances.

I highly recommend "Polo Entertainment". Get a seat at the bar near the stage and stay there for about an hour. Most of the performers don't go home with falang because they pay them well (14,000 baht per month) and they get tips. Hard to describe the entertainment in detail, but check it out. Very cute girls.

Phuket, on the other hand, is an island. A mixture of bars and disco night clubs for freelancers. Patong Beach is the main hot spot, but there are some nice quiet getaways.

If you're a swimmer, Pattaya isn't a nice place to swim, but you can go South towards Jonsten beach.

Koh Phi Phi is a nice day trip if you're staying in Phuket for a few days.

05-16-04, 01:01

Use the forum search using filter setting of Thailand. You will get info on Ambassador Hotel.

You can find it on Asia Travel


05-16-04, 03:37

Ambassador charges extra for the girl bought into the hotel. Last time it was some 500b. The hotel charges are 1200-1400b per night depending on the season.

If going for mongering only then Pattaya is the best bet.


Tough Love
05-17-04, 19:06
Just got back from 3 weeks of business/fun in LOS. Decided to try all the rest of the President Group's service apartments ( stayed at President Solitaire before and loved it except for the slightly gaudy lobby. Still the best value in my book ) Here is a quick rundown of the hotels I stayed in :

1. Royal President (on Soi 15) : Good room, decent lobby but soi 15 is a drag. bad road condition full of pot holes and hard to walk out to Sukhumvit if you want to catch the BTS. Unlike President Solitaire, they don't have a shuttle that takes you out. So you either have to get a taxi right at the hotel or take that unpleasant walk out yourself. Caution : they will charge you 3-5% for credit card payment. This goes with all the President Group of hotels. Just get the cash from the ATM especially if you are doing a long stay and the % could add up.
My rating : Room : 8. Facilities : 6. Location : 6. GF : Yes. Value :7. Return : probably not.

2. President Park ( on soi 24 ): nice room and lobby, good complex with awesome gym facility. Really really far into soi 24. Not walkable to Sukhumvit and taxi out can be a damn nightmare during traffic jam. You are on the same soi with the great Emporium and only next soi to Orbits, but the time to get there can be from 5 min-20 min depending on your luck.
My rating : Room : 8. Facilities : 10 Location : 7 GF: Yes. Value :8
Return : Maybe ( they have " promotional " package )

3. Grand President ( on soi 11 ) : decent room, terrible shower ( shower head designed for 4' midgets, must use the hand-held shower head which is a pain in the butt). Smelly corridor. decent lobby ( lots of Arabs and Indian people, do they get special rate here or something ? ). Location is great. easy walk out to Sukhumvit and Nana BTS. All kinds of fun restaurants, bars, clubs and MP on soi 11.
My rating : Room : 6. Facilities : 7. Location : 10. GF : yes. Value : 7. Return visit : Yes if they fix the smell and the shower head. otherwise, hell no!

4. Roayl Princess ( in Chiang Mai ): I reviewed this hotel before.
My rating : Room : 7. Facilities : 7. Location : 10. GF : yes. Value : 8. Return : Yes only because the hotels in CM are all second rate and choices are very limited.

5 : Thara-Patong ( in Phuket ) : I got a 3nights w/4night free deal from the internet but to be sure to get this deal, you need to confirm with the hotel manager ( he is a real nice and "effeminine" guy). Got the pool side access room on the ground floor. Loved it ( impressed the hell out of all the TGs, too). Great breakfast buffet is included. Location is great, walk to beach, walk to soi Bangla but yet on the side street so it's quiet at night.

My rating : Room : 9. Facilities : 9. Location : 10. GF : yes. Value : 9. Return visit : YES !

05-18-04, 04:21
I stayed at Nana Hotel, 1075 baht master room, 5th floor. I have no complaints about this hotel at all, though I did find the comment in the hotel card about no guests in rooms after midnight odd. The hotel gives all the amenities, a free drink, it has plenty of staff, a good breakfast buffet, it is in the heart of the action, it is reasonably discreet. There is a beauty who serves brsakfast but she is as cold as ice (so not every lady will spread the legs at the click of a finger). All in all, the best choice if you book ahead. It has a lot of semij permmanet guests who go there for 6 or so months at a time and can be found in the hotel lobby. If you want to venture outside Bangkok, I would not use their travel services if price is your main concern.

Cloud Seeker
05-20-04, 13:24
Tough Love, I absolutely agree about Grand President.

The shower is terrible - I had a tough time as the shower was certainly built for shorter people. I stayed at GP for three days - tower three, which is across the street from the main complex. The rooms were rather shoddy and my pillow had a stain here and there (they changed it the next morning though).

Of course, the upside is that the hotel is VERY girl-friendly (I haven't asked for a double room, but wasn't charged any joiner fees), GREAT VALUE - I paid US$39 / night - you won't get that kind of room in the west for that kind of money, great laundry service. Also, proximity....the Skytrain, NEP, BeerGarden, great eateries are all very close by.

Quite a few Indians, I noticed that too, but they didn't stay at my tower.

Focus Four
05-21-04, 03:07
Dear all,

Can anyone please give me some comment on Swiss Park Hotel which located at Soi 11? Are there girl friendly? I am heading to Bangkok with a friend for the first time on this 27/05 til 29/05 for a short vacation. I did some homework through the FAQ page and would be very much like to know more other than Nana Square, what other places is worth "visiting".


05-21-04, 05:58
The Swiss Park is girl friendly stayed there for a few nights in April also Europa Park on Soi 1 Sukhamvit which is presently 900 baht a night, I know it is a good walk (15) minutes from Nana but the staff are very friendly. The places I visit and always get a result are the "Beer Garden" Soi 7 and the Thermae.

Good luck

Jaimito Cartero
05-23-04, 14:42
Here's a quick report on Shangri-La. I usually stay in the Sukhumvit area, but decided that I'd like to stay some place nicer, since the trip was partially business.

The room was the best I've had anywhere. Great king bed, down pillows, great view. Fresh fruit bowl every day, hot water all the time, good pressure. Free buffet breakfast of a very good quality. Eat next to the Chao Phrya river, or inside. Definitely girl friendly.

They have a tuk-tuk which will take you the 1/2 kilometer to the BTS station, or it's an easy walk. Service was so-so in the restauraunt, but otherwise it was quite good. After a week, the breakfast was getting dull since they rarely change anything.

You can book via Priceline for $55 per night, plus fees/taxes. Comes to $65 a night if you book 8 or more night stay, or $71 if you book a single night. If you join their Golden Circle club, you get an upgraded room and the fruitbowl. I'm not sure if breakfast comes normally, but it does with Golden Circle. I checked with a normal travel agent in Bangkok, and their best price was 5500 baht a night. I think you can book direct with the Golden Circle price for $99 a night (plus taxes, I think).

eBay travel has a link, and if book through them, you get a $15 credit in eBay Points (you have to sign up).

I found it quite nice to stay away from Sukhumvit, and it's nice not to have to come back to a hot room (stick in the card to turn the lights on!), or hear the guy nextdoor banging at 4am in the morning.

Only real downside is that taxi drivers will try and rip you off (more than normal). I just only get in the ones that use their meters. No problems otherwise.

05-23-04, 15:23
I did not like the President Solitaire. It looks great on their web site but not as impressive in reality. The rooms are just OK, and the 42" plasma TV is not a great plus.

Also the location is too far off the main Sukhumvit Road. The pavements (sidewalks for you Americans) are not good to walk on.

I checked out and moved to the Amari Boulevard on Soi 5. Great location to walk around and right opposite Foodlands. The front desk staff are friendly if you make the effort to be friendly. The rooms are really good and there is a gym and a pool. I have also stayed at the Landmark previously and this is also a good hotel.

A good well located hotel makes all the difference to your stay and I am prepared to pay more to get this. I will be quite happy to stay at the Amari Boulevard again. The refurbished wing is better. I don't recall how much I paid - probably in the region of $90 per night.

Jaimito - did you find the riverside hotels to be convenient enough for the hobby ?

Cloud Seeker
05-23-04, 23:07
Shangi-La was girl-friendly?? I thought the lux-lux hotels don't let the girls in? Did they charge you joiner fees?

Totally agree about the Sukhumwit hotels.

I came to GP around 10PM with a girl I picked at Beergarden and some schmuck was listening to music in the neighboring room - you could hear it pretty well.

Cloud Seeker
05-23-04, 23:58

Thanks for that report. I was quite surprised to learn that a hotel such as Shangri-La is girl-friendly. They didn't give you a hard time or anything? Let us know.

Convenience-wise, no problems getting to the Chao Phraya hotels all the way from Sukhumwit? I was on their site - couldn't find a room cheaper than US$170!!

Quick report on Grand President - like I said, being the cheap charlie that I am, I picked this hotel for its price (US$39 a night) and its girl-friendly attitude. I booked a room for one person (yours truly, that is) and have not been slapped with any joiner fees.

Having said that, the room (I got tower three - the first night I stayed at a better room at Tower I, but they moved me the next day to the $39 room) was sort of shoddy - I found spots on pillows looking like blood stains, the shower left room for improvement, the walls above the bed looked kind of dirty, not too sound-proof - I could hear the guy at the next room listening to his Goddamn rap (fortunately he went to bed early) and I bet he could hear me shagging at 1 a.m. :-)

The breakfast (it's a buffet) is good and filling, but expensive (at least for BKK, IMHO) - 200 Baht.

I was happy with their laundry service though. Generally, very friendly staff. Not sure I will stay at GP next time I am around though.

I agree that the place where you stay makes (or breaks) your visit, so next time, I will pick a more hign-end hotel. I was very surprised to hear about Shangi-la.

Maybe, next time, I will consider that option.

05-24-04, 01:03

What, specifically, did you not like about the President Solitaire? I'm thinking of staying there for 3 days in Jul and had wanted something 'nicer' than the Nana where I have stayed before. Reports here, and other forums, have been positive about the PS.


05-24-04, 22:07

It is just too far to go for a walk, get a meal, get a massage etc. and come back. I like to go in and out of my hotel several times a day.

I thought that the web site pictures make it look really good - the reality is that is just half as good.

I have no complaints about the staff or indeed the room itself.

I am just saying that for another 10 or 20 dollars a day, you can get something really good and in the right spot....and the Amari Boulevard suited me just fine. If you are there for a few days, the extra is worth paying for this hotel or the Landmark - it can make your holiday.


Cloud Seeker
05-25-04, 00:37

Landmark and Amari - are they more upscale than Grand President (in other words, you don't have to come in and listen to some guy banging next door!)?

I assume they are all girl-friendly.

Let me know as I am pondering where to stay the next time in BKK.

Focus Four
05-25-04, 01:59

Thanks for your infor, but is Swiss Park far away from places like massage parlour, foodland and shopping places? Did read from forum member's report on Soi 7, Beer Garden story, the charges there is aroung 1,000baht for short time, is it true? and last, where is the location of Thermae.

Thanks again.

Jaimito Cartero
05-25-04, 13:58
Shangri-La is girl friendly. They don't ask them to sign in or anything. The Priceline rate is for a double, so no problems there. I *think* that all the rooms come with breakfast, but I'm not 100% sure of this. You can sign up for their frequent visitor program online and get an upgraded room (fruit, maybe a bigger room), newspaper and stuff for free, and you definitely get the free breakfast buffet.

When I was checking out, they had charged me for one breakfast, at a rate of 800 something baht. Once I mentioned it, they quickly took it off with no fuss. I'm going back for one night tomorrow.

Using the Ebay link to Priceline, I'm only paying about $55 with tax/fees for the last night since I get a $15 rebate in Ebay points.

I had no problem with the distance from Sukhumvit. It's pretty close to to Patpong, so it opens some possibilities there.

I'm probably a bit different from a lot of mongers. I pull a girl when I feel like it. Sometimes 1 a day, sometimes 2 a week. I hate to say it, but places like Pattaya, and to a lesser degree Sukhumvit are just too much for me. It was fun the first few times going through and being pawed by everything, but I come to relax and see new places and things too.

I got a 15 ride pass on the BTS (20 baht per ride), which worked out pretty good. I ended up buying another 10 ride (25 baht per ride) one for taking girls, but this really only works if you're going on longer rides.

For those interested in travel bargains, I'd check out flyertalk.com, that's where I get most of my travel deals from. Check out the website mentioned a few weeks ago here for bidding info on Priceline. PM me if you can't find the previous message.

(This isn't hotel info, so skip it if not interested)

I recently found a trip listed on flyertalk to Bali for September or October. When I went to Malaysia earlier this year I had a nice Indonesian Karoke girl there. I thought I'd like to find some more!

I ended up getting a ticket to Bali, going through Hawaii and Guam, with a stopover in Hong Kong for 4 days, and 2 days in Tokyo, all for $700.

05-25-04, 20:25
Tawana Ramada is this hotel girl friendly? apparently it is not far from PatPong anyone stayed here?

The Traveler
05-25-04, 20:41

I stayed there once several years ago. They were not girl-friendly, charged 600 baht joiner fee per person.

05-25-04, 21:12
Definitely Landmark and Amari Boulevard (refurbished wing) are more upscale. I guess you could call them Thai 4 star which is more like European 5 star.

The walls are pretty good, so you won't hear your neighbours. Both hotels are girl friendly but the girls will have to register.

I am intrigued by JC's recommendation of Shangri La - might stay there for a change next time. Patpong has gone downhill so the proximity is not appealing. Next time, it will be CM2, Plaza Entertainment complex, Soi 7 beer bar and maybe any other club that gets recommended. BKK ain't what it used to be - all the more reason to get into a good hotel !