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2003 Bangkok Massage Parlors

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02-17-03, 20:17
Help wanted......

Went to Barons several times. Was lucky: the next girl was better/different every time. Then: Was a sucker, took a girl out of the place; in the oily dusk she was the the princess of Sodoma, in daylight I still get 'love' poems on my mobile and email. You should never expose the Fairytale Magic of MP's to daylight......

Anyway, I feel I cannot go back. It would make her lose face to know that I only want to be serviced by her 'sisters'. I could also meet her in the stairways.....

Could anybody please inform me on decent priced, random girl (that's the karma of Buddhism: you get what you deserve; and you don't risk regretting the choice you never made), laidback, dusky farangfriendly oilys......

Thanks ph

Deep File
03-10-03, 12:29
Dang.... not much interest in massage parlors on the board lately.


03-12-03, 01:27
I'll add my two cents worth to this thread. as some readers may know I don't spend a lot of time in Bangkok. Most of my time in country is in Pattaya. But on a 30 day trip I try to be in Bangkok for four or five days. I have tried many of the places in Bangkok maybe 20 or so and the best place so far has been Darlings on Soi 12/13. Darlings is not cheap at 2500 baht for 90 minutes of complete service. They always have 25 plus girls with most being young and very good looking. I also have found that the management is very open with you. Tell them what you want and they will tell you which girls will work best for you. They do offer service with two girls but if it is sex that you want and not really a massage I would not take this option. Most girls here offer BBBJ and two rounds within the 90 minutes. The rooms are clean and I have never had any problems at Darlings. The 2500 baht is the total fee but I tip the girl a little more for great service.
If two girls is what you want you are better off going to Eden Club (Soi 7-1). The fee for two girls at Eden Club is 3200 baht before 8:00pm 3800 baht after. At Eden Club you get a full 90 minutes with the girls and as many rounds as you want. Also the level of services offered is more than Massage places. True the girls at Darlings look much better, but the Eden girls make up for this with service. Again at Eden it is a complete fee but I tip a little more for great service. I have never left Eden without being 100% happy.

03-12-03, 12:27
I think that most of the massage parlor posts are still on the main BKK board. Here's my favorites .. Poseidon, Emanuelle, Entertainment Plaza, and Barons. The first 3 for the huge number of girls (50-100+), high quality looks, nice facilities and service. Barons because of its decent quality for a 800 Baht 2 hour massage. Right next to the Sky Train station, so it's convenient. I have gotten full service at Baron's everytime as well, and they never mention money, although I do tip them 1,000-2,000 baht.


03-20-03, 22:07
Sorry, Jackson .....

I thought there was a marked for this.

My misjudgement.

Close the the thread.......

03-20-03, 23:53
Originally posted by philo
Sorry, Jackson .....

I thought there was a marked for this.

My misjudgement.

Close the the thread.......


I think you should leave this thread it may take a little time to work out. It is a good idea and makes it easy for new people to the site to find information. If you do think about changing or closing it maybe just make it a massage thread for all of Thailand.


Deep File
03-28-03, 11:32
So far only 4 of us still interested in solid info on massage? (Plus Jackson of course). Sure seems like there oughta be more...

Any of you guys tried Tina's on 22?


03-28-03, 16:42
No I have not, but if you say so, I will.

To those who are not yet completely familiar with the scene, good places to start are:



(choose town and look for MP's)

I myself was looking for a decent new oily. Soap can be had all over BKK: The one (IMHO) with the best benefit/cost ratio is CP2 (Chao Praya 2). Give Google a try; you will have enough hits to get there on your own.....


03-28-03, 17:35
I forgot:

(same same or very similiar)


03-28-03, 17:43
One of the best oily I had was in the MP located inside Ruamchitt Plaza Hote (Same as Thermae). I don't remember the girls name but she was number 30.

03-28-03, 17:50
Thanks duni.........

I will definitly go there.

03-29-03, 02:37
I'm a newbie planning a trip and will definitely visit a massage parlor (thinking about Poseidon). I was wondering how the sessions are - is there a lot of kissing and girldfriend like experience or is it more mechanical? Thanks for your help!

The Traveler
03-30-03, 17:14
badbadhombre :

it depends on your approach. If you are able to communicate and build up some sympathie it could be GF like, but do not expect to much, these girls do it a few times a day and therefore try to avoid extensive sessions or other exhausting gymnastic.

From my point of view it was equal or sometimes even better than shorttimes with freelancers or gogo girls. Sure, they are all real pros, but in a massage parlour you can complain and the girl will be in trouble if too many customers complain, therefore usually better service.

03-31-03, 14:47
Originally posted by BadbadHombre
I'm a newbie planning a trip and will definitely visit a massage parlor (thinking about Poseidon). I was wondering how the sessions are - is there a lot of kissing and girldfriend like experience or is it more mechanical? Thanks for your help!

It's great, but I'd say more mechanical than GFE. It's more like a servant \ king type relationship. She will wash you in a big tub, and give you a massage. Then move on to a bj and the main course. It's great if you want to be pampered, but not generally recommended if you want a GFE. A quick tip .. Poseidon and the other major soapies on ratchadapisek are hard to get to during the week days. Traffic can make it a 30-90 minute ride, depending on the time of day and the weather. Sunday seems to be the best day in terms of traffic, but the downside is the number of girls. Definitely fewer girls on Sunday. You do get there in 20 minutes though. I was a major fanatic of soapies, but now spend more time in Soi Cowboy and Nana.


04-09-03, 13:43

IMHO not the best GFE but a most do for first timers in BKK. Choosing a girl from a fishbowl and beeing pampered for a couple of hours is an experience every man should try at least once in their lifetime. Make sure you get the air matress soapie body rub. Enjoy.


Ralph Kramden
04-11-03, 16:00
In my numerous trips to Bangkok I have always favored going to a massage establishment instead of bars or strip joints. For me nothing beats the excitement of looking into the fishbowel and making my own choice of service girl. As stated previously don't expect a GFE, but do expect great service. I have had girls with bad attitudes before, but the are generally the exception. The service ranges from good to excellent. I have been to several different places and recently tried the Mirage for the first time. I went there two times and was pleased on both occasions. Some places start at 1600 for older girls, then you should expect to pay to pay between 2200 and 2500 for the better looking types. You will see so-called models or superstars for up to 3500. At the Mirage I paid 2200 both times, and was not impressed with the 3500 selections. I usually tip 500 for good service and 1000 for excellent. Your time will range from 90 minutes to 2 hours. You may get only one shot or more depending on the girl. See my report under Bangkok Hotels about the Emerald.

04-11-03, 20:20

That, 2200 + 1000 = 3200, seems like a lot of money to lay down for a single girl. At Eden Club you pay 3200 for 2 girls, another 500/girl for a tip and you get an experience that is sure to rock your world. Never a bad experience or you don't pay :)

Ralph Kramden
04-12-03, 05:36

Thanks for your post. That's what this forum is all about, an exchange of useful information and opinion. I will try Eden when I return to Bangkok in August. If you have a chance please post some directions. I do not always pay 2200 + 1000. The prices I mentioned are a range of those I have encountered. First timers to a massage house should sometimes beware of the hustlers you encounter in the main room because they will vary the price. I have been quoted outrageous prices before at Cupidy. You should say simply that I was here last week and the price was what you think you should pay. Some places have the girls sectioned off according to price. And never let a taxi driver do the negotiating for you.

By the way, does purplengold have anything to do with the Golden Tornado?

04-12-03, 06:14
For a bit of Bangkok history, try Chavala I on Sukhumvit Rd, opposite Soi 49. This was the first massage place in town; circa 1960 or something. It has been recently remodeled. I have been going there for nearly 20 years myself. You get a bath, real Thai massage, and a HJ or BBBJ (if you ask for it) finish, package deal, all for 1,200 Baht, no tips required (valid as of my last visit in Jan/2003). N.B. No FS is available.

04-12-03, 07:57

go to http://www.edenclub-bkk.com/ for directions, the menu, a discussion forum, and even online booking :) The proprietor pretty much promises he'll find you whatever you're looking for.


Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna put that on my list for my next visit.

04-12-03, 08:13
Oh, and purplengold are Lakers colors.

04-15-03, 15:14
Originally posted by kent

I will try Eden when I return to Bangkok in August. If you have a chance please post some directions. I



Hope this helps, the place is easy to find and is a blast, you can also book on line now which saves time when you get there.

Have a look through their web site forum, I had Kung and her friend Ang (?) on 14th March and was very well catered for!


05-19-03, 11:30
Tried Buathip massage on Soi 5. No sex traditional thai massage. It was AWESOME. Are there any places which offer a combination of traditional thai massage with BJ/FS? The girl who serviced me today did such a great job with all the muscles in my body except one.... and given her skill, I've a feeling she'd have been GREAT on that muscle too.

Thanks guys.
LOS rocks.

Dick Johnson
05-20-03, 16:08
chaopraya 2(cp2/j2 for short) and poseidon are two big massage parlours i know that don't give taxi drivers fees for taking you there. j2 is across the street a couple hundred yards down from chaopraya 1(cp1/j1) and they both have a big selection.

poseidon is on ratchadaphisek which has many massage parlour, big and small. big ones are like emmanualle(next to emerald hotel) and small one are rep001tered all over.

don't let any cabbie or tuk tuk(small motorised cabs) take you to the mp he insists is good. he'll collect a fat comission that comes out from your pocket. i usually tip the cabbie a little or just let him keep 20 baht change anyway. but make sure he turns on the meter.

500baht(us$12) is a very good tip for the masseuse. 1000 is too generous unless she's going to see you outside later. some people leave 0 tip. even tips like 200-300baht are appreciated.

try leaving a $7 tip in us. for those who are used to u.s. massage parlours which are one story and has 4 or 5 small rooms- get ready for a surprise.


05-20-03, 18:13
Originally posted by jayf1970
Tried Buathip massage on Soi 5. No sex traditional thai massage. It was AWESOME. Are there any places which offer a combination of traditional thai massage with BJ/FS? The girl who serviced me today did such a great job with all the muscles in my body except one.... and given her skill, I've a feeling she'd have been GREAT on that muscle too.

Thanks guys.
LOS rocks.

Try the MP inside Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel (Soi15) 3rd floor. Get the oil massage Ask for #30 if she is still there. BJ 1000B xtra. Well worth it. Great massage and plus.

You can also ask her to come to your room when she is off duty. Rates much less.


The Traveler
05-20-03, 18:48
jayf1970 :

try Diamond Massage and Salon, Suk soi 24, just opposite the back entrance from Barons. When I left Barons on my last trip I saw three cute ones and took them to my room. Got very special service. They also told me that BJ/HJ is avalable at their place. As far as I remember fee was 500 baht for 2hrs. massage (600 at the hotel room) per person. Any extras have to be tipped extra.
I gave each 1.000, far to much, but got great BJ and HJ lasting almost 90 mins. Did you ever got a HJ with 4 hands from 3 different girls at the same time ? Girls also got naked and fingered, would have fucked them too, but they finally were to shy to get it done in front of their friends.
But you have to take more than one if you want them at your room, cause they are careful. They told me that they never did like they did for me, cause I was the first one who ever took out more than one, so they felt safe. Anyway, they were really into me. It was their idea to move to my room, cause they do not get naked (or even fingered) at the massage parlour. Furthermore they told me to bargain on the hourly fee which worked out easily.

BTW. tell them to bring a lot of oil. After an hour they went out of oil (almost 2 and a half bottles) and they had to take my nivea cream :-)

The Traveler
05-20-03, 18:51
jayf1970 :

Check the Bangkok section for my description how to find CP2 and the others mentioned by DJ.

Dick Johnson
05-24-03, 11:20
Hi Traveler, thanks. Just want to verify you are the person on messenger right?:)

05-24-03, 14:24
Hey Dick,
"For those who are used to U.S. massage parlours which are one story and has 4 or 5 small rooms- get ready for a surprise." Yea...When I was there in August last year, I went to CP2 for the 1st time, and I think my eyes popped right out of my head! (while my little head tried to pop out of his pants..LOL) I've been to Thailand b4, but admittingly never went to one of those big massage places. I went there a few times b4 heading up to CM, and everytime I had a GREAT time. What a place!

Chopper Spotter
05-25-03, 10:37
Hi all.

Can anyone tell me what massage parlours are open 24 hours. My favorite, Darling, opens at 5 which is a pain as I am usually attached at that hour.

Thanks all

The Traveler
05-26-03, 21:44
Hi DJ,

Did you get the pics ?

Dick Johnson
05-27-03, 14:14
Hi Traveler,

Thanks. It's a pretty big file. I haven't opened it yet. Give me a day or two:)

For those who are used to having no choice, or even having 40 yr old Korean hags in US MPs, get ready for a surprise too.

05-27-03, 17:18
Originally posted by OldAsiaHand For a bit of Bangkok history, try Chavala I on Sukhumvit Rd, opposite Soi 49. This was the first massage place in town; circa 1960 or something. It has been recently remodeled. I have been going there for nearly 20 years myself. You get a bath, real Thai massage, and a HJ or BBBJ (if you ask for it) finish, package deal, all for 1,200 Baht, no tips required (valid as of my last visit in Jan/2003). N.B. No FS is available.

I guess I just had bad luck ...

I went there. Easy to find a few meters up opposite soi 49 (located in soi 34 actually). No english in reception. Lady calls manager. He says 'No farang'. Told him I have farang friend going there for 20 years (bla bla....). Lot of bullshit talk. He gave in. Price up to 1300 from March 1.

Cold brown water. Only me in bathtub. The washing was more cleaning then exitement. Lousy massage. Covered BJ full of teeth. Left without finishing.

But maybe just bad luck ........

05-27-03, 17:30
Went to Annie's for the first time ...

The girls were not at all as bad as said in many web foras. A nice BBBJ and boom boom for 1500.

But I read everywhere that the price is 1000. Can anyone tell me if I was overpriced (or is it just that the price has changed)?

05-27-03, 22:56
Originally posted by Chopper Spotter
Hi all.

Can anyone tell me what massage parlours are open 24 hours. My favorite, Darling, opens at 5 which is a pain as I am usually attached at that hour.

Thanks all

There's one that I know of that is across the street from the Ambassador hotel. There's a 7-11, and it's on the street behind .. parallel to the 7-11. It's like a lane that runs from the main street, behind the 7-11 and comes back out to the main steet. Address is Sukhumvit Soi 11, but if you know where the Ambassador hotel is, then you should be able to find it. There's usually a few taxi's out on the street and the 7-11. I have not tried it, but it's called Sabai Sabai. The website is www.sabaisabaimassage.com

Hope this info helps. If you do try it, please post a review.


Jaimito Cartero
05-28-03, 23:02

I didn't make it to Annie's when I was in BKK last week, but there had been a number of posts about the 500 baht increase at Annie's.

I think people mentioned it going from a decent deal, to a fairly bad deal, given the "dragon ladys" in attendance.

05-29-03, 17:04

The increase is a pity: I liked the B 1000 BKK idea. In Chiang Mai you can have beautiful young girls for B 800 + a small tip (200 - 500 dependingon service (Thanks, joe_zop)).

But as I said: Some of the girls wasn't that bad. And some of the girls in CP2 (my favourite) and Darling (I like BBBJ's) are fucking ugly and kill you with their teeth.

I might go Annie's again ......

05-29-03, 21:22

Concerning Annie's, I've been going to Annie's on and off for sometime. The " Dragon Lady " Annie, is a pretty nice person, her daughter usually works the bar.
I was there last January, and they seem to always try to sell you on a larger room which is 1500 baht, but always take the smaller room for 1,000 Baht. To me, there's not much of a difference except the room is larger. Maybe because of the downturn of visitors to Bangkok, they are trying to push the 1500 baht rooms.

Next time in town, give #12 or #17 a try, #17 is not a great looker but for 1,000 baht, she gives you all you can handle and more!


05-31-03, 15:28
Thanks LittleBigMan

I'll ask for a small room next time ...

06-04-03, 12:09
I'll be having a couple of hours to spend while transfer through BKK airport. Do You guys know about any massage parlours in the immediate neighbourhood of the airport. Guess it would be a good opportunity to try out the real soapy thing...

J Lee
06-05-03, 00:08
Anyone been to J One massage and know the prices? Plan to go there in a few weeks but don't want to get ripped off being a foriegner. Any recommendations to other massage parlors?


Ralph Kramden
06-07-03, 15:53
J Lee

I have had good experiences at J One, but their selection was not very large the last time. Their prices are not posted, so you will be talking to an attendent. Don't pay more than 2500. If they ask for more, then just say " I was here last night and paid 2000", and they will come down. I have tipped 100 or 200 the attendent in the past,and at the same time requesting him to tell the girl that I will give a good tip for extra romance. It has always worked well. Ask the attendent if any new girls are available because they have had a nice fresh attitude for me.

I would first check out J One, and if you don't see anything you like, then go across the street to J Two, which has a large selection and posted prices (1600 to 3300) the last time I was there. You might want to pay a little bit extra for a VIP room.

See previous posts for good information on other MPs. And don't let a cab driver wait for you, because the meter will be left running while you are draining your lizard. Pay the driver and clear the meter when you get out. I learned that the hard way one night. Enjoy!

06-07-03, 16:22

You will find oil massage and sex in a MP in hotels very close to the airport. I've not done it myself, but I remember reading posts about this in the Bangkok thread. Look for yourself.

If you have 3-5 hours (depending on time of the day and which day) you can take a taxi (B300) to Rachadaphisek and leave the taxi behind you outside Emerald Hotel. You then have 6+ soapys within 500 meters (B2500-3500). Read posts below .....

06-15-03, 06:29
Originally posted by LittleBigMan

Concerning Annie's, I've been going to Annie's on and off for sometime. The " Dragon Lady " Annie, is a pretty nice person, her daughter usually works the bar.
I was there last January, and they seem to always try to sell you on a larger room which is 1500 baht, but always take the smaller room for 1,000 Baht. To me, there's not much of a difference except the room is larger. Maybe because of the downturn of visitors to Bangkok, they are trying to push the 1500 baht rooms.

Next time in town, give #12 or #17 a try, #17 is not a great looker but for 1,000 baht, she gives you all you can handle and more!


Annie's is flat B1500 2 hrs. from february this year (I called before I went there a few days ago). Tried no. 12, good fun, a real pro

06-16-03, 02:50

I will be in BKK end of July, I'll stop by and ask Mamasan what's going on. I"ll make a pitch about WSG posters. That posters have the informational knowledge from this board and might get more business with more positive postings. Although, paying another 500 baht really is not going to break us. Philo, try #17
if she is still around next time.

Thanks for the update!

06-19-03, 10:09
Agree, LBM

.. but the problem is that all 3 girls I took up to now managed to lure a B500 tip from me - saying they only get B300 of the B1500 - and as a coupon with payment later.

And I am a softhearted man: after I have filled her mouth and then boom'ed her, I cannot say that the B200 I offered is all she gets :(

06-19-03, 20:26

On my last visit, I got the usual room, small room for 1000 baht, this was for 90 minutes. The service that I get from the girls are very good even if looks are not 8,9,10. For me personally, It's more than I can handle. I usually give them 500 baht tip, because
LittleBigMan comes away happy with GFE.


06-19-03, 20:32

I have spoken and had drinks with the daughter while waiting for friends. She never told me exactly what the girl gets but I got the impression that they do get more than B200. Most if not all the girls live in the building. Down the hallway to the big rooms are the rooms the girl live in.

In my opinion, its just a line the girls are giving to get more of a tip. For myself, I have no problem giving them B500 tip. but no more!


06-22-03, 04:38
Is there an MP in BKK that has a high proportion of girls with big tits?

Dick Johnson
06-23-03, 03:49
Hi Samus and all,

I have been to Plaza and did not notice the different floors of girls when I was there(a yr ago). What I saw was one big fishbowl on the first floor and that was how it was like 3 yrs ago too. Perhaps they've changed (and remodeled and Samus' info is more current) and it would be a more interesting place to visit. Either way there are lots of girls to choose from. Have fun.


07-01-03, 09:42
Originally posted by LittleBigMan

I have spoken and had drinks with the daughter while waiting for friends. She never told me exactly what the girl gets but I got the impression that they do get more than B200. Most if not all the girls live in the building. Down the hallway to the big rooms are the rooms the girl live in.

In my opinion, its just a line the girls are giving to get more of a tip. For myself, I have no problem giving them B500 tip. but no more!


I have no problem with 500 either, but at 1500+500, Annie's is not cheap anymore. Hence I rather visit my 4-5 favourites at Darling and CP2. This is business .... not charity!

07-01-03, 19:28

Your right! Annie's prices going up to 1500+500 It all comes down to each his own. I've been to other places and have selected Superstar's, MovieStar's, etc.. and mostly came away disapointed as hell! I remember once in 1995, I went to Mona
Lisa, and got a Superstar and no more than 5 minutes in the room I knew I got a Superstar dud! No soapie! being wash in cold water, no talking! I was fucking mad! Got my clothes on and walkout! Sat in waiting area to wait for friends and Papasan a friend of my brother's ask me " Did you not like girl " I told him I ate something wrong and could'nt do it! That was because I knew if I said something, they would probably beat the girl.

When my friends and brother came out, I told him what happened and after we left. my brother gave me back the money and said that it was from papasan, and next time he hopes I come back when I'm feeling better.

Philo, to make a long story short, I don't spend alot of time in Bkk,
so it's important I not waste my time going for 10's, that provide
me no service. At Annie's, I usually pick the same one's I know and I might not get the best looks but I do get the service I want
and for that I think it's worth the 500 tip to me!
I makes " for me " a more enjoyable stay in BKK!

To each his own! Will stop by Annies end of July.


07-03-03, 17:18
went to cupidy massage parlour at plaza emtertainment. recommended by taxi driver who canvassed me while i went out to a 7-11 for toothpaste late one night.
the drill there, incase anyone doesnt know is that, u get a room with a big bath, a wet floor area with an inflatable plastic mattress as well as a bed. they bathe you, washing your cock very well, then they give you a body to body massage a soaped up mattress. this is a bit like a wet, hardcore lapdance where you get to touch the girls. the girl i had let me stick my soapy finger up her ass. then followed by a geylang type fuck with condom. paid 2500. plus 500 to the girl. also was asked to tip a couple fo other stafff members. so i guess about another 250.

next night, went back and had two girls. this time i said that i paid 2000 the night before and the guy believed me, letting me have a girl for that. thinking it was a bargain, i took two. in retrospect, one at a time was better as the two girls, nice as they were, kept talking ang laughing. only stayed for one shot as i was kinda tired.

about 10% of girls here were worth goin for, in my book.

i ddidnt know there were similar establishments within entertainment plaza.

Ralph Kramden
07-04-03, 14:50
Like you, I have been to Plaza Entertainment before but didn't know about any other place than Cupidy. I hope to check it(Plaza) out further in August for other more fertile soil to lay on. Like other places that don't post their price, if the attendent thinks you can be had, then they will try to stick it to you. I was quoted 12,000 baht one night. On the other hand, you can turn the table on them like you did. My overall experiences there were good except for the one time the girl had a bad attitude. You can also pay double the going rate and take the girl out with you for the night if you want. Overall though, I would say there are better places than Cupidity.

07-07-03, 19:56
Originally posted by LittleBigMan Philo, try #17 if she is still around next time.

She is still there as of July 3. But not my choice. Each man his taste.

Have fun .....

07-07-03, 20:03
I fancy BBBJ's. Where else than Darling and Annie's (BJ-bars is not my style) can I have one?

07-10-03, 03:17
I've posted this message on Bangkok board but no responses yet, wondered if any of you 'specialists' might know anything.
Has anyone tried any of the massage complexes along Srinakarin road the other side of the bangna trad as you head away from bangkok? There must be 10-20 places but not attracting the typical expat/tourist as you'd never come out here, apart from to visit the crocodile farm at Samutprakarn, just wondered if anyones tried anywhere around here. Also does anyone have any info on massage/barber shop arrangements around Central Bangna area? I tried a place called Relax Massage on the opposite side of the Bangna Trad to the Nation Tower, 600baht 1hr oil massage, (its expensive, especially all the way out here) in a pvt room with a shower, Satelite TV, etc, nicely done out. I've been for many massages over the last 4 years i've spent in LOS but i honestly could not tell if this place/she was up for it or not. Nothing happened, nothing tried, good massage, but no 'happy ending' has anyone else been here and had different?

J Lee
07-11-03, 02:42
Kent, thanks for the information.

Was in Bangkok for two days and was able to checkout J One. Went there on Saturday around 4ish. The selection was around 40 girls sitting in behind the glass. Only a few model selections and was told that they are newer girls. The papasam approached me and asked me which girl I liked. I said that I was still looking for the right one and wanted to take my time. When I finally found the girl I liked, I told him the number. During the entire time, I didn't ask for a price and he didn't mention it to me either.

Once I got to the counter, I was told to pay first. Still I didn't ask how much and waited for a queue. The cashier looked at me anticipating for money, but I had no clue how much I was being charged. Finally the cashier said 1800 baht. I think the pappasam finally realized that he could have charged me more as he failed to realize that I never came here before.

The service was started in the tub and then to the air matress. Then to the bed for more fun. All in all it was a good experience. The price was pretty good for an 2 hr session.

From other people's report, the pappasams seem to give higher rates if they sence that you are a new customer. So the trick here is to act as if you came here before and you will be charged the normal rate.

I had a great experience here and the price is right.

Good luck.

07-14-03, 03:52
SA - Thanks for the info, somehow missed it the first look, apologies. Jarin, i think i've seen that, thats as you head into Bangkok away from Seacon square, and Jarin is on the left of Srinakarin. Sounds good, i'll give it a bash.

07-20-03, 05:37
LittleBigMan, needs a quick reference! I have been looking through the Massages in ************** and Massages seem to reference soapies!

I'm leaving in two days and will be using Northwest Airlines
and the flight arrives at 11:35pm! Can anyone help me with
recommendation of a " Traditional Thai Massage " That opens
late! Most listing includes Traditional Thai Massages with the Soupies. I'm looking for a real Massage/2 hours/ no sex, no
HJ. I want to relax after my long Flight. Usually I get my Thai
Massages in Pattaya.


Mr Z Man
07-20-03, 17:39
Originally posted by LittleBigMan
LittleBigMan, needs a quick reference! I have been looking through the Massages in ************** and Massages seem to reference soapies!

I'm leaving in two days and will be using Northwest Airlines
and the flight arrives at 11:35pm! Can anyone help me with
recommendation of a " Traditional Thai Massage " That opens
late! Most listing includes Traditional Thai Massages with the Soupies. I'm looking for a real Massage/2 hours/ no sex, no
HJ. I want to relax after my long Flight. Usually I get my Thai
Massages in Pattaya.


I think your going to be out of luck the first night. By the time you get off your flight , go thru immigration, get to your hotel, the legit massages are closed. Go find a nice puying (Thai girl) and bed down for the night. She can give you a massage and more if needed.

Mr Z Man
07-20-03, 17:46
Originally posted by Philo
I fancy BBBJ's. Where else than Darling and Annie's (BJ-bars is not my style) can I have one?

Chopahya 2 massage, (not #1) tell the papasaon what you want and let him suggest. It's near the Victory monument. Usually around 100 to 150 girls after 4:00 pm.

07-20-03, 19:47
Mr Z Man,
Chikan likes CP2! I went there for the 1st last Sept 02, and I usually went during the "happy hour" time (11am 1pm??),..anyways, not too many chicks there..but WOW what a great place. Here are the directions for anyone..:
"skytrain to Phya Thai Station exit in direction of the Florida Hotel and veer to the right as you come down to street level. Continue walking straight up the street. Siam City Hotel is across the street. Continuing straight down the street you will pass a Honda Dealer and then come to CP1 (avoid this MP). Proceed straight ahead and CP2 is on the opposite side of the street you have 2 opportunities at cross-over walkways to get over to the other side before you see CP2 on your left. Total walking time from Skytrain to CP2 is maybe 5 minutes" Happy trails!

07-25-03, 20:39
I went to CP2 at 7:00 pm and there were 70-80 girls in the fish tank to choose from. After 10 minutes of ogling, I had my choice narrowed down to 2 girls in the "superstar section", #38 and #255. I asked the Papasan for help and he advised me that #255 had one baby but #38 never had any. I chose #38 and her name turned out to be 'Fon', 21 years old.

Total price was 1800 Baht for 2 hours. The first 30 minutes was spent bathing followed by 15 minutes of traditional Thai massage. This leaves 1 hour for sex. The phone rings at the 1:45 mark. That provides 15 minutes to clean up after sex.

Fon was very pretty, a solid 8. So many of the bar girls and freelancers are disappointing when their clothes come off. The TBG or freelancer who was an 8 inside the club turns into a 5 when you get her back to your hotel and get her clothes off. Not the case here--Fon was even better looking naked.

The sex was excellent too. She made me come twice during the 60 minutes. She gave me a BBBJ but would not let me come in her mouth. That was OK with me because her pussy was nice and tight.

Note: I brought my own condoms because I do not like the ones they have on hand in the MP's. Also, do not take a taxi to an MP or you will get charged an extra 500 Baht kickback for the driver. Either take the Skytrain as suggested below, or take a taxi to the Florida Hotel and walk the rest of the way.

08-02-03, 20:56
For all of you that go to Cupidy below the Plaza Entertainment Complex, there are in fact three parlors down there. However, you are *ALL* missing out on going to the actual Plaza Entertainment complex, indeed! Trust me on this, you want to go to Plaza!

Those massage parlors are on the back side of the building and there is always someone walking around there, looking for a Farang to point to just so they can get charged. Did you know that? You'll walk there and some bloke will walk beside you and say "Hey, You've been here before, you were at this hotel", etc. All BS. There is a cute mamasan working at Cupidy, usually wears black. If you talk to her, try and get her to give you the massage....you can work down the price with her by the more girls you get. However there is some sort of scheme going to just charge Farangs a premium, even if you walk in without a taxi.

Do yourself a favour and keep walking, even if they call you to come in and go right up to the Grand entrance of Plaza! If you are still thinking with your brain and not your weener, you will have the guts to pass the HUGE fishbowls and sideliners sitting on the outside. Now these girls are much better looking that Cupidy. But, go to the model floor, 8th Floor.

There are 9's and 10's!! I scored on two 10's and the total was 9400 baht (4700 baht each). The Papasan recommended me two certain girls, but I thought better of it and picked the 2 girls I knew were good. I had to turn away the Papasan's second girl recommendation and get the right girl.

Boy did I! Best sex yet in Thailand and worth it! Two hours and if the girls like you...you will get multiple shots! These girls left wet stains on the sheets, they were sooo horny! Best moment: Since I'm so huge, my weener couldn't fit into the second girl, but we tried. So the first girl *DOES NOT* remove the condom and sits on me! **WOW**!! Then girl number 2 rubs girl #1's pussy with the jel and she really orgazimed and so did I into my own condom!! Used 6 of my own condoms that day!

4700baht each is steep. But they were 10s and literally sexually satisfied me. Didn't tip because they were paid enough. Then I came a figuring. I've been paying low on the other MPs, but I end up going back 2 times a day or so at these places trying to figure out which is the next one I should try, so not to get the MPA jealous by picking a new girl. Instead I end up investing a good amount at the Poseidons and Plaza Entertainment area with top quality chicks and leave quite happy.

If I need a babe for the night, I can easily find one at a low cost too. A previous poster is right. Many of the girls that look like an 8 take their clothes off and are 5's. Those workers at clubs that want to hide under the covers are not shy, but hiding C-Section scars, or other items they don't want to be seen.

Don't be stupid. Go for the best!


Ralph Kramden
08-04-03, 08:01
I have always favored going to an MP in Bangkok because I don't like smoke filled bars, and as one reporter mentioned before, the bar girls often look less attractive with their clothes off. This is usually not the case in an MP because you get a good look at your choice. I suspect that many bar girls first work in MPs. The MP girls I have met generally don't drink and smoke, and are probably unlikely to use drugs. It is also a one way selection process at your own pace. Common sense says not to do this, but you can walk into the MP looking like a slob and end up with the best looking girl there. Plus you don't have to haggle about price with the girl, which can lead to hard feelings before the action starts. I like early evening service which is often the best time to go to an MP, and it gives me time for other things.

I have also had good luck with the girls on the side, outside of the fish bowel. They are usually younger and less experienced. Many still truly enjoy having sex for money, thinking it is fun like me, and don't have a hardened mechanical-strictly professional attitude. So I always look here first and don't mind paying a little more.

I was in Bangkok last week and stayed in the Emerald Hotel as my home base. There are 11 different MP's within 5 minutes on foot from there including the Mirage, Caesers and Emmanual, so you can do your shopping on foot and not take a lengthy taxi tour. Plus Plaza Entertainment, Cupidy, Halem, the Poisedon and New Cleopatra are just a few minutes by taxi. J One and Two are reachable by taxi or Sky Train.

Here is my overall opinion:

Places near the Emerald: You can window shop all these places in about 30-45 minutes.
Rainbow: Forget it-overpriced (2400) and ugly girls.
Claudia: Didn't visit.
Hi Class: Was not impressed, but worth a look if in the area shopping around.
Subway 1: Fishbowel girls are quoted as 2 hour massage for 300. Fairly good selection of average looking girls. Make your own deal in the room which I don't care for so much.
Subway 2: Same as Hi Class.
Nataree 1 and 2: Both in the same building but separate entrances. #1- Only a few average looking fishbowel girls quoted as a 2 hour massage for 300-Some young and cute side girls quoted for 2000. #2- A good selection of good looking fishbowel girls quoted for 1800-2200. Tried one for 1800 but was disappointed. A few average looking side girls.
Nadia: Was quoted 240 for 2 hour massage, apparently you make your own deal with the girl in the room. Not bad selection of average girls.
Caesars: Small selection of very attractive but older (late 20's-early 30's) fishbowel girls overpriced at 4500. A few average looking side girls at 4300. Would definitely not make a special trip for this place.
Emmanuelle: About the same as Caesars but a little less expensive.
Mirage: Not a large selection of good looking girls priced 2200-2500 in the fishbowel. Side girls called superstars at 3300 were not impressive. My vote for the best overall place in the area. Had two satisfying experiences at 2200.


Cupidy: Went one night with the intention of checking out the Plaza Entertainment Complex. Didn't make it there because Cupidy had a great selection of very pretty girls, both in the fishbowel and on the side. Two very busty beauties in the front row made it a tough selection. Good service for 2500, but I think you can negotiate this down to about 2000. Would definitely make a special trip here. The attendent may try to get extra money out of you.
J One: Outstanding selection selection of young and cute fishbowel (2000-2200) and side (2500-3000) girls. Had one fantastic and one so-so session with side girls. Would visit around 7 PM for the best selection, seemingly when the night shift begins. Would definetly make a special trip here. One attendent tried to get 4000 out of me for a side girl.
J Two: Found what I was looking for in J One.
Poseidon: Didn't visit because figured it was more of the same as Caesars.
Darlings: Wanted to try but didn't get a chance. Figure it is about the same as J One.

Please keep in mind that the above opinion is like a snapshot taken at particular days and times. I am sure you will find variations of what I found. I hope your stay is as sexsessful as mine was. I wasn't ready to leave and can't wait to get back.

Finally, beware of some taxi drivers. When you first get in and tell them where to go, and they quote you a price instead of turning on the meter, then tell them in a firm voice to turn the meter on. After giving two drivers a specific place and showing them a map in Thai, they took me to an entirely different place. Many of them view themselves as tour guides for the obvious reason of running up the fare. Take the Sky Train whenever possible.

08-05-03, 22:07
I am a frequent visitor to Bangkok (5x per year) on business, and I have to agree that the MP is the way to go rather than trying the freelance market. In my experience over the past 5 years, Plaza Entertainment is far superior to any of the others for service and selection. Simply put, they have the best looking girls in Bangkok, and the girls always seem to enjoy what they are doing. I have tried the sideliners and fishbowl girls on the 2nd floor, but the superstars on the 6th floor are breathtaking - for their beauty, atttitude and skill. I was charged 3500 baht for 2 hrs on my last trip in June, and the experience was worth twice that - from the moment we stepped on the elevator together to the last little GFE kiss when we parted. A great bath, stupendous blow job, and a world-class fuck.

08-06-03, 20:22
Can anyone recommend any MP's on the west side of the river?
I will be staying at the Peninsula on my next trip.


Jing Jung
08-09-03, 12:46
Hi. First report here. Have lived in Chiang Mai and Bkk for 10+ years. Just some general comments on what i've read here on Mp's in Bkk.

Prices: Negotiable in almost every place with two provisos. First, you need to go with a regular customer who already gets the discounted price. Or you need to speak Thai well enough to convince the guy that you are local. In either case, I've found it a good idea to get the Papasan's card (most have one) and write down the price that you got and his name so you can get it again in the future without hassle.

I usually forget the price for a given place -- for example, i went to Mona Lisa where I believe that the lower price is 1250 for the lowest price girls (not always related to looks in my experience). He quoted me 1800 and I said no way I had paid that. he asked what price did you pay? I said 1200 and he said, we don't have that price. However, after some dickering with him i got the info that they did have a price of 1250 for Thai's, which he did once again give me.

I will post again in the future the prices that I get for comparison. Best bet would be to say "I got that price when I came with my friend"-- but as suggested above in many places you'd have to quote the "right price" to convince them -- IF you can't speak Thai.

Every single place I have EVER gone to in Bangkok or Chiang Mai(20+ establishments) has dual pricing policy. The ONLY exception to the above is Darling, which to my knowledge has only one price for all, because I believe they don't want Thai customers and therefore give no preferential treatment. That includes all places mentioned here ijhn other reports (J1, J2, Mirage, Caesars, Poseidon, Mona Lisa, Cupidy, Nataree, Meree, Riviera, and many others whose names I don't even remember).

One other point to add: A very good alternative to the MP's are Barber Shops of which ther are also many. The ones that advertise Thai and Oil Massage also are offering "special services" as a matter of course. in fact, many will not erven weant you to return if you don't avail yourself of the extra services since they are actually considered standard. You pay a basic amount to the counter (300 to 500) and a separate fee to the girl. Mnay of these, clean and IMHO very good girls and excellent service. Includes a shower and massage for the 1 1/2 or 2 hrs.

Jing Jung
08-10-03, 12:43
Someone mentioned Plaza Entertainment. Is that one of the ones on makkasan at the turn towards Petburi and Nana?

08-10-03, 20:23
This is my first post, though I've been reading posts for a while. I'll bo going to LOS this week and would like to visit Plaza Entertainment given all the positive reviews. I will be staying at the Nana. Can anyone tell me the best way to get to Plaza from Nana? I will certainly post the results of my visit.

Thank you.

08-11-03, 05:52
Re: S. Botan MP

Back in the LOS after my usual stint in Nepal. I've said in that forum that you should get your fill in BKK before/after going to Nepal and I still stand by that advice.

Just want to plug a MP that I feel is overlooked on this forum and elsewhere. S. Botan (said 'saa bo-than') over in Siam Square area. A nice short walk from the Siam sky-train exit. From Soi Kaseman 1/2 (Jim Thompson house) east on Rama 1 to Rama 6 (runs parallel with the overhead expressway and is the street that Sol Twin and Tong Poon hotels are located), turn right and head north to Soi 13. No english signs except for the "PP Cafe" that's attached - where some sideline girls are available - white building with yellow trim. Can't miss the place as there's a plethora of cars and motorcycles out front. PP cafe has really good food at reasonable prices and S. Botan runs 800 bhat FS with around 40 ladies available in the fishbowl during the busy hours. I've been there early and seen as many as 60 ladies.

Other posts have mentioned that the quality of ladies is high because a lion's share of the Bt. 800 goes into their pockets. I'm not sure about that, but can agree that the selection is as good as places costing over twice as much. Lot's of cuties there but they're mostly available late afternoon/early evening before it gets busy - open at 4pm. And recently they've gotten some newer workers that will give a GFE - i.e. not yet jaded/hardened sex workers. I've been with a few that have loved having me go down on them and one in particular will get so wet and excited that she literally throws the condom at me to get at it. Of course, these gems have been found because I chose my own girl and not listened to the papasan's recommendations - which usually look like the loosers who don't get many, if any, clients.

Little english is spoken at the place as they cater to local clients. So, if you're like me and enjoy this as adding to the 'exotic experience' this place comes highly recommended. Overall, great price, good selection, clean rooms, and good food.

08-11-03, 08:08
This might help all of you guys who are asking about Plaza Entertainment and other MP locations:


Thulolado, is that 800 B you quoted the price for locals or for farangs?

08-11-03, 15:50
Headhunter - Thank you for the info on Plaza. Excellent map and website.

Drummer Guy
08-13-03, 00:10
Hi Guys,

I'm staying at a Hotel in Soi 8. Where is the best place to go that's close to the Hotel where I get a big selection (50+) of girls. I'll go arounf 5.00pm.

Also, as a new boy, can someone please explain the fishbowl thing etc etc.



08-13-03, 06:15
Re: S. Botan at Bt 800

One price for all. Managers have never tried to screw me, never asked for a tip, and actually looked out for me. The only down side is that their recomendations tend towards girls who haven't worked for a time - for obvious reasons.

Everytime I've been there they act as if I'm the only farang that's visited. Hand them a thousand note and you get back 200, no questions, no hassles. That's why I like Botan so damned much.

Two things I failed to report is that I've goten 2 girls on occasion and that they don't have rubber mattresses. Now, it's no Eden Club where the girls know what to do, but both times one of the girls figured it out and took the lead. I suppose threesomes are a rare occurance here and get the impression that locals don't go for the lesbian show routine but the nice part is that it is a male-centered establishement and I've been pleased. The bonus is that 2 girls will set you back the same as the regular fishbowl girls at some of the other places.

08-13-03, 14:29
Got there around 5pm and there were about 30 girls swimming in the tank. You don't pay up front like at most MPs--instead you pay the girl after the session is over. I was a little wary that they might try to rip me off since no price was quoted up front, but that was not the case.

I chose #4 because she was petite and had a cute face. It turns out her name is 'Kae' and she is 23. That was the extent of our conversation because she speaks no English. She started out by bathing me. There was no disappointment when her clothes came off--no stretchmarks or scars.

After the bath, we proceed directly to the bed. Unfortunately, her sexual performance was poor. She would not blow me without a condom and DATY was not allowed. Since there was no foreplay, I could not get 'The Bishop' inside her without a dab of K-Y. After lubing her up, I fucked her to completion. When I pulled out, there was blood on the end of the condom. Suddenly, I was grateful that she had not allowed DATY! I really don't think the girls should be allowed to work when they are on their period. It is an added health risk and is just plain gross to boot. Of course, she was a real small girl, so it is also possible that I may have just bottomed out and inadvertently poked her cervix. Anyhow, we cleaned up and I paid her the 800 B plus a 200 B tip.

I have had better experiences, but at any MP there is an element of luck involved in choosing the "right girl." For the price, S. Botan can't be beat. I would go there again, but I would avoid #4.

Over and out.

08-14-03, 04:56
headhunter, i've never paid afterwards, always up-front. just followed the lead of the locals. they hand the cash at the counter, the mamasan gives cash, key, t.v. remote to the girl. afterwards i've seen the girls had over the house's cut - i think bt. 300. and never tipped, only once been asked by a girl who had some english.

if #71 is around next time, give her a go. thin and lithe, daty is appreciated.

review - upstairs 'traditional massage'

got my time wrong and arrived before opening time so i decided to kill a couple hours with a trad massage. overall, pretty slim pickings upstairs but chose #73, a dark skinned cutie. the trad massage girls use a different set of rooms - no shower, about half the size, but with t.v. pretty standard, she dropped the towels and baggy pants on the bed and left for me to change. for over an hour got one of the better kneadings of my life - even compared to wat pho. after she worked up a sweat, she decided she wanted to watch some soccer and started cuddling like a gf. luckily i was her first customer as there isn't the bath together before hand. very enjoyable gfe.

after, decided i wanted to shower but unaware about the sauna's layout. wound up with #71 in a soapy room but she didn't know the drill. decided on a second round. again very thorough gfe. wound up paying bt. 240 for the first, bt 300 for the second (shower room) and tried to tip her bt. 1000 for the two sessions. she wanted only bt. 500 for both!

i expect the upstairs girls will, in the end, run just as much as the soapy girls. one reason to head upstairs is that there are a few cuties who don't measure up to the local idea of fair skin being beautiful - i like the dusky beauties myself. plus, they're in street clothes which adds to the experience - peeling off her jeans is not something you get in the typical mp experience. i suspect they mostly do hj action so a considerate man will more likely get a gfe.

08-25-03, 03:25
as of friday 22/8 osaka massage on soi pattanakarn off srinakarin is closed for 3 mths, don't know why but looks like they might be refurbing.

on the advice of sa went to jarin instead, also on srinakarin. arrived there at 19:00 massage bowl small, about 20 very attractive ladies inside. the place was no smoking and no beer?!?! either i said all the wrong things or i missed something here. sa you said 1700baht does the trick, i was expecting a chaophraya experience pay all up front and tub in room service etc. prices i was quoted there were 300b 2hr thai massage, and 600b 2hr oil massage, opted for oil and asked for a vip room if they have them, chose a lovely looker (194, yulee) from the bowl.
went up to 4th flr, room, not good, massage table, shower in the corner and portable tv hanging from the roof, no bed, no big tub!
i showered she did not, she removed her jeans and wrapped a towel around and started the massage on me, back first. i'm the kind of guy that likes the sex up front and the spoils of the massage after, especially when the massage can be finished off with a hj just before times up. makes sense to me anyway! so i let her massage, she's talking fair english, but way too heavy, wants me to guarantee her for a holiday to england, wants me to come over to her place and she'll cook me some dinner, tells me next time just call her and go directly to her place for sex, wants to go to pattaya with me, really pushy and kept asking, always with the i love england man bit. that started pissing me off cos i ended up concentrating (of all things) on answers that keep her happy so i get a good shag but dont make me out to be an arsehole when i go back and shag one of her mates in the bowl. had about 40 minutes of very good oil massage and turnover time arrived. the boy was up and proud, it'd been a while since my last excursion and this was something i'd been looking forward too. she tells me how much she wants to fuck it (her words) and asks if i have a condom?!?! why? its your job!! anyway settle for a hj first and then she promises to go buy some condoms for round 2. ok, excellent hj, shame about her fake tones, at first i was touching her, she was standing on one leg by the table with the other foot resting by my face on the table. my hand was working her and she was moaning and all sorts, using lost of english slutty words too. anyway i decided to pull away from that and have a go at her tits but ended up rubbing my nose or something, but noticed she was still mopaning and groaning as if i was still working her, this turned me right off, i'm all for them faking, but only when i'm doing something! i was then close and about to shoot, and she recognised this and started moaning louder, even though i wasnt touching her, she then said "come with me, come on fuck me hard and come with me" strange, but a very good hj. back to some massage then she went for condoms. came back 15 minutes later saying the place had run out (huge massage complex offering sex runs out of condoms, the who headline on the bbc was right then!!) so we ended up with another hj, not impressive the second time. this girl told me she had been working 10 days, and before that was a beauty therapist for a salon in chaing mai. never been with farrang before. but funny how at one poiont during our session she started talking german! and she knew all the sex words. whay dont they just tell us the truth! anyway i gave her 500b tip so 1100b all in and she started to fuss it should be 1000b but i explained surely that includes condoms etc, not just a hj?!? she was fine and i went down the lift. i then noticed the time to be only 20:30 so i'd lost 30 mins of my massage somewhere. anyway when the lift door opened i nearly died, standing around ther mist of been 100 stunning girls all dressed individually, wow, really nice stuff, i dont like being thrown in like that so i just left but wow, 20:30 is the time to go and sa help me out, i'm guessing i missed something like rooms with beds and tubs or something, let me know, this place is 15 minutes in a cab from me its ideal, as long as i go on fatal attractions day off!!

anyone been to the one? on srinakarin just before seacon square? not sure if its a club, disco or massage.

Jaimito Cartero
08-25-03, 07:21
Well, I decided to check out the S. Botan MP on Sunday. I wasn't sure if it would be a good day or not, since Sundays in much of the world is a dead day.

I had gone to the Chatuchak Weekend Market for much of the day, and was pretty tired. I took the BTS from Mo Chit to Siam, and got a quick bite at the KFC.

I was going to follow the walking instructions, but looking at the BTS map (all I had) made it look pretty far. I went through 3 taxi drivers to find "PP Cafe", since I didn't want to mention the S. Botan MP. No luck. Finally the driver who wanted to try, saw the S. Botan on my paper, and took me there. Even though he had the meter on, he tried for 100 baht instead of the 37 on the meter. No such luck for him.

Even thought I'm a big fat guy, I probably could have walked. I guess I should get a better map. The MP is in Soi 13, adjoining the PP Cafe.

I was still pretty hot, so I got a 1/2 liter of water and cooled down. About 35 girls in fishbowl when I got there. They were flying out, by the time I actually got up to really look at them. About 25 left. I just waited about 10 minutes, and asked for recommendations from the Papasan. None of his selections appealed to me, so I finally saw one that looked nice, #23, and chose her.

About 5-2", "Wao" is in good shape, nice small B breasts. Says she's 30, C section scar.

First you take a shower, Wao was pretty attentive, soaping up all the right places. The tile floor is very slippery, so I didn't stay as long as I would have liked to. (I have enough brain damage already.)

We moved to the bed and started some kissing and mutual fondling. She moved right away to business though. Ripping a condom wrapper open and putting it on. I like a bit of foreplay more, so this put me off a bit.

She started her CBJ and just seemed to want to finish quick. I had her stop and slow down a bit, and it worked out better.

She seemed quite appreciate of the DATY, but who can really tell? She was wetter than the Titanic when it went under, I know.

We were still going at it when they buzzed the room (About 75 min since we left downstairs, I think), and she seemed much looser and GFE towards the end.

Looks 6.5, service (after loosened up), 6.

Paid 800 baht at the end. No pressure for tip.

I think there are some very nice ladies here. Has a good mix of girls about 40-60 when they're all there.

09-15-03, 01:06
Hi fellows,
I am arriving in BKK Thursday for 9 days, I am planning to have a breast tour, it's mean to look for, find and run after the maximum of breasted ladies in BKK ( I like the challenge). I now about some MP witch have some of the nicest tities in BKK, but I will like to have a confirmation about the new opening hours in the MP's due to the pre-APEC's crackdown, instead of an opening at the start of the afternoon, they have now to open at 18h00????

I will be back in Taiwan the 25th of september and will give you a full, and certainly long, report with details on where to find these gems, I will hunt and rush as many as I can .


Atlanta Monger
09-15-03, 08:00
Actually, I've always heard that DATY stood for DINING at the Y, same meaning.

Jake II
09-25-03, 23:36
Tried to find S. Boton, but taxi drivers don't seem to know how to find. Can anyone give nearby landmark like a major hotel to go from? Maybe an address?


09-28-03, 06:47
Pajama'ed Thai massages...BORING! (What's all that pajama-ing about I wonder?)

Oily, oil massages....a bit better.

But, can anyone recommend a body-to-body soapy parlour that I can bargain down to around THB1000, (Sukhumvit/New Petchburi area)

Going minimum quote last night was THB 1500 for ageing ratbags behind the glass and more for Superstars sitting out front.


09-28-03, 22:17
Below are notes from mid-August

Chao Phyaa 2: Papasan said the early-bird special (to 12:00 noon) had gone up to 1500B. The rest of the day is 1850B. Plenty of attractive girls. Never pressure to tip papasan. A good deal.

S. Botan: From Sukhummvit take the skytrain to Siam and transfer to the line across the platform and take this one stop to National Stadium. Go downstairs and follow in the same direction (west) along Rama 1 to its intersection with Rama 6. Take a right on Rama 6. S. Botan is on the NE corner of Rama 6 and soi 13, about a 15 minute walk from the National Stadium stop. I went first at four. There were no girls. I was told to come back after 6. Got there around 8. There were 15-20 girls. 800B is paid to the girl at the end of the session. A bargain if you find the right girl.

Mona Lisa: From Soi Cowboy walk north on Soi Asoke to the intersection of Asoke and Petchaburi. Turn right on Petchaburi and cross to the north side of the street. Mona Lisa is only several minute's walk from the intersection. From Soi Cowboy a 15-20 minute walk in all. I was quoted 1800B for Body Massage girls - a 1 1/2 hr session and 2000B for the Superstars, a 2 hr. session. At about 9:30 there were 7-8 Superstars and 5-6 Body Massage girls, some quite attractive but many looking not too happy - staring down at the floor.

Plaza Entertainment Complex and Cupidy: From Nana Plaza walk north on Soi 3 to the intersection with Petchaburi. Keep going straight through the intersection till it dead ends and take a right. You'll arrive at the Cupidy/Plaza complex immediately. Cupidy is entered through the garage underneath the building. Plaza is entered up the driveway to your left. This is about a 15-20 minute walk from Nana. Plaza has girls on the first and 6th floors. On the first floor are your fishbowl girls (3000B) and your sideliners on the couches to the side (3400B). On the 6th floor are the supermodels (4700B). I did not notice an appreciable difference. Cupidy has the fishbowl girls at 2000B and sideliners at 2200B. 50-60 in all around 10:00 pm. Papasan is aggressive about getting a 100B tip. Drinks to the room are 100 + 20 tip. Room tip is about 50. Tip the girl 300-500. Total is about 2500-3000B. The girls here looked pleasant.

09-29-03, 20:56

Thanks for the information, as I am planning a return visit to BKK in December. Would anyone happen to know the website addresses for Chao Phya 2 and for Eden Club? I have an address for the Eden Club, but it isn't working.

Many thanks.


09-30-03, 01:08
QUOTE: >>Rollo,

Thanks for the information, as I am planning a return visit to BKK in December. Would anyone happen to know the website addresses for Chao Phya 2 and for Eden Club? I have an address for the Eden Club, but it isn't working.

Many thanks.


Marc decided to shut down his website! He did this out of fear and the current crack down. Felt it drew too much attention to the club. I t was among the best sex sites on the web and full of action packed posts and reporting! Sad to see it go! However, I personally will guarantee you a trip to the Eden club will not be dissapointing. It's an experience unlike any other! the girls are great, mostly 6-8 in looks, but most all, working as a team perform on a score of 9 or above! They truly know how to service you! And they will do anything you ask of them and then some!


Jaimito Cartero
09-30-03, 04:28
I'd second GTs comments on Eden. While I would not go more than once a trip, it's not to be missed. There are some real differences between the girls. I'd search the forum for reports on it.

My first time, I'd rate it overall at a 9, last time a 7.5 - I think Ton, even though older, is not to be missed.

After APEC is done, I'm fairly certain Marc's site will be back up. Some time when the big dogs are around, the little chickens have to hide.

Jaimito Cartero
09-30-03, 04:38
JakeII - Rollos directions are fairly good. Some drivers really don't know, or others will try to take you to another place.

I personally would get off at the Siam station, walking towards the Rama6 freeway overpass. The access road on the other side of the overpass is the road you take a right on. I'd guess it's 1/2 a kilometer up the road, on the left hand side. There are tons of motorcycle taxis parked in front of it. It's just inside the alley, as the PP Cafe is on the road. Soi 13.

I went there at 4:30pm on a Sunday and had 35 girls there when I walked in. I was hot, so got a drink, and the girls were going fast, about 25 left when I made my decision. I didn't see any other farangs there.

Baby Huey
10-02-03, 14:49
I'm coming back to the Kingdom for 10 days of fun, Oct 31st thru 10th! Who is going to be around to have some fun for a night? Let's get a group to together for some fun!

We did this last year, Mid-December; there end up being seven of us and it was a great time! We start at the Living Room (R.I.P.) and then to Nana. Starting at the Living Room last year was great because we could talk a little without the B.G. on you and the music was lower.

We need to set a date? I would think the best would be Nov 1st (Saturday Night), Nov 7th (Friday Night) or Nov 8th (Saturday Night). These would best for the people that work in the Kingdom.

So I vote to start at the new place call Privilege No Hands restaurant, located on Sukhumvit Road, between Soi 2 and Soi 4. Privilege is over the new Blue Wave bar. This place is great for groups! You do not have to eat at this place, but you can get food. This place is more like a KTV, without the sing a long. If you have not been there, basically they have rooms that sit small groups of 2 to 4; to rooms that sit 20 plus, each room has it own sound system and private. If you want you can have one to as many girls from there staff in the room to service you or to put on a show. You must have one, but she can service the drinks! This would be a great place to bull shit and drink a little before the night gets started!

Who is up for it? The first case of beer is on me!

Please post here or e-mail me at jimhart69@hotmail.com, if you want to join us and also I am looking for input for what night and the place to start!

I hope to get a great group together again this year for a night of partying!

10-02-03, 15:36
Eden has been mentioned a lot here lately. I haven't been there in a good six months. Is Kuk still working there?

Something I never tried there or anywhere, but have heard is available - pissing on the girls. Has anyone tried this? Apparently only a few are willing to do it. One time I asked the girls I was with after we got to the room if I could [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on them, or anyway one of them, but they thought I meant having them [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on me. Well, I quickly clarified, and they declined. Still, would love to try it sometime. Any stories out there?

Jaimito Cartero
10-02-03, 21:56
Hey, Jim, glad you're excited about coming. Posting the same message in each forum just wastes times reading it again, and again, and again.

Baby Huey
10-03-03, 23:25

Somepeople only read one section, so I posted it in three.

Jaimito Cartero
10-04-03, 00:00
Hey Jim, well not to be too much of an asshole, but you posted on at least 4 areas. It's just considered polite to not post the same thing in every forum.

If you have a specific MP questions, ask it here. It's always nice to have new messages to read on here, but when they're all duplicates it gets old fast. If you were a newbie, I'd understand a little, but you're not.

It reminds me of Nibu a bit. While there may be good stuff in some of his topics, it's almost always, "Hey has anyone heard of any cheap SW in Chingon"?

Enough of this topic however.

10-04-03, 04:26

Don’t think Eden Club will be able to just hang low until APEC is over and then go back to business as normal. Even after APEC I think Eden will have a hard road ahead. They just have been to open and to public, to many of the wrong people know about the place.


10-04-03, 08:02
Hey JC, how abt taking a chill pill here !?!?!?!
No need to attack JimHart69 like that, give him a break, he's excited. i've met the guy at TLR last year, and even though we got seperated after a couple of hours, he's a nice guy. Give him a break. You might remember your initial comments a few months back were not the most exciting, and nobody gave you a hard time.

JimHart69, am in LOS now, but will be leaving on the 26 or 27 for the States again. Sorry to miss you, have a "ball"


Jaimito Cartero
10-04-03, 10:08
sexreview - no idea on eden. i don't think that it's that unusual overall. it's not like they're offering **** girls or anything. if for some reason they were closed, i'm sure another place would open soon enough. marc seems like a pretty level headed guy.

1ball - if you think i came down on him hard, think again. there's honestly no reason to post the exact same thing in 4 forums. i'm sure jim is a nice guy, just trying to be civil about it and give him a heads up. this will be my last comment, as it's not really forwarding the cause of bkk mps.

10-04-03, 14:18
Anyone has tried the Daring MP recently? Can you give me some comments on this MP? Can I find models there?

I will be in Bangkok on 31st Oct, any information will be appreciated.

10-05-03, 14:58
Darlings has always been on my list of places to hit in Bangkok. At 2500 baht for 90 minutes, it is not a cheap deal but well worth the money. Here is one of the girls I found at Darlings about a mouth ago.

10-05-03, 15:03
Here is another one of the girls from Darlings. The service here for me has always included; two shots, BBBJ and a full service finish. If you like young girls 18, 19 years old Darlings seems to always have several available to choose from.

Jaimito Cartero
10-06-03, 08:11
Cougar - I went in May to Darlings. It was very nice, and I had really good service. A bit of pressure for tips. Money wise, I think I'd take a girl LT for Eden for that kind of money.

10-06-03, 21:36
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the information on the Eden Club. Despite all the previous recommendations, I've never been there, so I'm looking forward to it on this next visit.


10-07-03, 01:16

There seems to be an awful lot of punters on a budget, trying to save here and there. I have discovered something which might help. Even though I haven’t seen it addressed here, if it has, I think it bears repeating. I am also posting this on several of the LOS boards, as some people might only read 1 or 2, and it is of interest to all, so for those who have read this, or don’t like the same thing posted on several boards, TOO BAD !!!

There is a generic VIAGRA out there. It is called SILAGRA-100. It is made in India, a country which is fast becoming a very large manufacturer of drugs, at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Each tablet contains 100mg of Sildenafil. There are 4 tablets in a box, and the box sells for 600Baht. Each tablet is as potent as a 100mg Viagra, I cut them into 4 pieces, and the results were just as great as “the little blue pill”. Viagra in LOS, in the 100mg tablet is 2,000 for a box of 4. quite a savings.

I bought them on the corner of Suk soi 11, but went into a couple of other drugstores just to ask, and they all had them.

Drugstores are also pushing the new “weekender”, named for the reason it lasts all weekend, made by Eli Lilly, but it is 2900 Baht for 2 hits, so not worth it in my opinion.


Jaimito Cartero
10-07-03, 08:27
muff - there are a number of places that i'd say were "must see" places. everyone has their favorites, but some i'd say were top of my list:

in bkk - eden, beer garden (soi 7), darlings, [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)'s (soi cowboy bbbj bar) or star of light (patpong bbbj bar). while i've been in nep a few times, i've never barfined any girls there. i've got a costco sense of taste, no neiman marcus girls for me.

in pattaya - beach girls, beer bar girls. i won't name any particular places since there are so many good places. you can spend 200 or 300 baht on a nice looking beach girl (most of the girls sitting along the beach in pattaya are working.) you can also spend 3000-4000 baht (including bar fine) for some super cuties at super girl or similar places. they may be a starfish though. if they're not friendly in the bar, they probably won't be friendly in the room.

sexreview has some nice pictures up in pattaya, check them out and the places he recommends.

10-07-03, 09:54
Firstly, great to see some posts on this site again, it seems to have died recently, wrong place to say it but LoveLos and Yoyo, fantastic and interesting reports, keep em comin!

Petchburi Road, on the right hand-side, about 100metres away from Charn Issara II Building as you head away from Soi Asoke, In between Cozy Massage and the Charn Issara II Building you will see a large bright pink building. It is an MP.
Open from 12pm - 2am, that’s as of Saturday 4th Oct 03. Inside you have a small fish bowl, large snooker table and some seating. Fishbowl had about 20 when we arrive, 13:30 and about 40 when we left 16:00. Varying quality and ages.
Price is good, B440 for 2 hr massage or B500 for 2 hr oil massage, both include VIP room. Papasan speaks fair English and was not the hurry, hurry rip off type. 2 girl service is available at twice the rates, more than fair.
Room is a mattress on a raised area of the floor, pvt shower & toilet , TV and aircon. Clean and tidy but by no means Emmanuel.
Girl I had was nutty and fun, talked for England, but nice girl. Whilst extras are obviously available, it is for you to start the game if you want to dive straight in, otherwise you will enjoy a 1.5hr massage followed by a rushed session at the end.
Prices to expect, I was quoted B500 HJ, B1000 BBBJ, B1500 FS, I explained I had been here before many times (I hadn't) and said I normally pay B300 HJ, B500 BBBJ and B1000FS, she smiled and we agreed on B500 BBBJ, it wasn't the best but it was very good.
Nice place to go to kick back for 2 hrs and on the very low end of the cost scale, worth a visit.

10-12-03, 20:33
Where is the best place for a Balls Massage?

Fly for Thai
10-14-03, 02:46
Not as fancy as I thought. I left the Skytrain and started walking. I hurt my foot in Phuket and didn't really want to walk. A motorbike drove by and inquired if I wanted a ride. I was thinking taxi, but what the hell. It can't be too far. Good thing I took the ride. I was walking the wrong direction and it would have been a longer walk than I thought. Only 20 baht later I walk in to Chao Phyaa 2. I thought it would have been fancier. Then it really starts to sink in what I'm seeing. Maybe 100 girls are in the fish bowl. Some don't look like the are entirely ladies. Some are natural cuties. Some are enhanced women. There are too many too choose quickly or easily. I must choose carefully. This is my last night in Bangkok. I spend an hour looking and drinking two cokes. I'm very glad I bought the monocular at one of the sidewalk stalls near Majestic Suites. It really helps me get up and close to the girls without having to walk up to the glass and drool, I mean stare. I decide on #203. A beautiful face. Big titties. Just a the hint of a trace of fat on her. Just enough to make her squeezable soft. Yummy!

Up to the room after paying the 1870 baht. The room is plain but OK. It's clean. The hallways need a little help. She fills up the tub. Pours in a capful of something. I think it is some sore of disinfectant. Then we get in. She does a very nice job of soaping me up and washing me very tenderly. Those big titties are a real treat in the tub. Floating all over me. Mmmmm. My one complaint is that after the bath she doesn't offer to dry me off. Also I was expecting more slip and slide action. I thought all soapies include a rubber raft or something for this purpose.

On to the bed. It is circular and firm. I sense she wants to talk or something. This isn't a date. And the language barrier is formidable. We start fooling around. Meaning I start enjoying her body. The kisses are cold. She's a starfish. A lovely lovely starfish. I decide to let her get to work. The BJ begins. She finds the flavored condom I brought to be surprisingly good. I find her BJ skills to be surprisingly good. She continues for as long as I want. Now I'm enjoying myself. It's tough to not have fun when getting a first class blowjob. Time for sex. We start with mish. She's a starfish. Damn, with a face like that I would have loved to look into her pretty eyes. Fine then, doggie it is. Ah, we've found something we both can enjoy. She gets into it. I am so enjoying the view of this girls spectacular ass! And it's an easy reach around to enjoy those big ol' titties.

Would have been so easy to pop in that position but I want to see this girl get to work on my cock. Time to switch to asian cowgirl. And it was good. So tight. So much fun to see this sweet little thing riding me.

After the sex. When I would have enjoyed just a good cuddle/fondle. She wanted to teach me Thai. I'm not really interested. I show her my little digital camera and the photos I've taken while on vacation. Then I take a picture of her face.

When time comes to an end she rinses me off. Again she doesn't dry me off. We get dressed and head back to the lobby. No kiss goodbye. and no tip for her. In summary. Looks 9, skills 8, attitude 6.

10-15-03, 15:55
Fly for Thai...nice description. I went there more than a few times last year during "happy hour"..can't really remember how much, but definately less than 1800B. I was happy there.."memories......" lol :)

Jaimito Cartero
10-15-03, 19:22
FFT - Looks cute too. I found that the more you interact with the girls, the better the service is. I learned 80% of the Thai I know from girls. I would have let her teach me a few words. :)

It's weird about the drying off and such. I had it most of the time, and just loved it. It's like being the king and having all your wishes granted. Then when you don't get it, it's a bit of a letdown.

The Traveler
10-15-03, 21:26
Fly for Thai

Nice description, but as far as I remember it was 1500 baht all inclusive. So you should have taken her offer to teach you a few thai words. Speaking thai usually gets you better prices at the MPs. You can always say that you have been there before and that you had a lower price last time. Easier to believe that you are living in thailand and coming from time to time to a MP, when you can talk thai. Furthermore it's usually more fun with the girls, interaction is better. They are also humans and want to have fun too, not just serving you without any spoken word. I always had fun joking around with them and service was always good to superb.

Also no way to argue about taste. Please don't think I want to flame you or am nose up, but she is a 5 regarding looks on my scale. You should have looked better, they got really cute girls there.

Have fun and clean the lenses of your momocular.

Fly for Thai
10-15-03, 23:00
Hey, The Traveler,

You and everyone else is right concerning letting the Thai girls teach me a little Thai. I should have let her try for a short bit. But I'm not very good at picking up languages and I remember my mood that evening. My mood wasn't conducive to protracted Thai lessons. Next time I get back to Thailand I'll do more prep on the language front and be more open to opportunities as they present themselves.

To The Traveler, I would like to see some pics of the ladies you find to be 9 or 10 on the looks scale. I stand by my ranking of the girl in the photo below. Looks are subjective of course. But that girl really did it for me in the looks department. I think a 5 was kind of harsh.

10-17-03, 08:44
Thanks for the kudos man, wish I could post more BKK reports, but back in farangland for now... (DC if interested).

No fucking wonder you were defending Jimhart whe JC got on his ass about serial spamming! You have posted that Silagra thingy about 8 different times... We all know about it now, and I even put in a good word for the shit in my trip reports, but once is all we want to read about it... Flame on, but I'm right...

Great report. Cute girl.

The story I got is that Eden is still open for business as usual. Marc shut down the website to maintain a lower profile for APIASS, and he uses the hotel next door to keep his establishment in good order in the event of a raid... Go, enjoy, and report...


Mr Laowai
10-24-03, 04:58
in reply to opebo's question about pissing on girls at eden, yes i have tried it and it was great. i love all "rep002s" action and the girls i went with would allow pretty much anything. i tried cookie (spelling?) and a girl that i forgot the name of but i remember that she was the only one there who spoke mandarin chinese. they were both willing to even take [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) in their mouth when giving bbbj. one strange thing though. when i was waiting i was offered a girl who would allow me to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on her but i wanted to get pissed on by the girl too which she would not accept so you need to specify.

The Traveler
10-27-03, 00:41
Fly for Thai

Take a look at the Photo Gallery section.

10-27-03, 02:12
While the services are good at Eden, the quality of the girls leaves much, most are older and looks are average at best. The cost is not cheap at almost 4000 baht and the rooms within the club are closed so you will be sent to the hotel next door. While I'm no real fan of Eden Club I could see how it would appeal to Newbies, who don't know how to talk to the bar girls and tell them what you want.

10-30-03, 19:39
Darlings Massage has several new girls now that APEC is history and things are looking like the old days again. Always many lookers to choose from and the service is great.

10-30-03, 21:12
Mr Laowai

You are one sick f*ck! I can't think of anything more degrading than doing that to a girl...each to their own I guess, but really! "Dirty"

10-31-03, 22:54
I just returned from a BKK trip and on my last day I finally decided to visit a "Soapie". I have been several times before but it has been a couple of years. My conclusion is that it is just not that good. Once you've been to the termaes in Rio, the Soapie experience seems like a let down. In the termaes you can talk with the prospective lady, fondle her, kiss her, have a drink with her and THEN decide if she's right. In the BKK soapies, you have to look at them some distance away through a window and make your choice strickly on looks--a complete crap shoot. My soapie was at CP2, cost 1,850 baht plus tip, and was very mechanical. A nice washing and then straight to condom application. Earlier in the trip I visited Barons on Sukhumvit Soi (apx) 34 for an oil massage and that was a much nicer experience. For me, I'm passing on the soapies--you can get a lot more GFE from the freelancers at the Soi 7 Beergarden and have it done in your own room at a much cheaper price.

11-01-03, 02:19

Ease up! It's sick to you maybe. But where I grew up, anything besides missionary style was considered "sick". And even then you weren't supposed to "like" it, it was just for procreation.

So doing it doggy style was perverted. Try going for a little oral satisfaction and you could head to prison. Regardless if it was consensual.

As long as it is consensual and involves adults, get over it. Might not be your cup of tea (no pun intended) or mine, but to get a holier than thou attitude just reeks.

Other than that, I think you are a fine fellow and I much admire your reports.

The Traveler
11-01-03, 10:03

I am also no big fan of saopies, but your assumption is wrong in my opinion.
You can call a girl out of the fishbowl, sit next to her, have a drink and talk to her for a while. You can also fondle a bit and THEN decide if you want to go upstairs with her or not. If not, just send her back to the fishbowl. If mamasan or papasan might ask you why (they are just curious, no prob for the girl), just tell them that she is not not your style. You can blame your bad sight (forgot your glasses) or whatever if you like to explain, but no need to do so.
I did it a few times and asian customers do it too. Don't blame the system if you are just to shy to do so.
You are the customer, you rule.

Have fun

Ralph Kramden
11-02-03, 14:57

Don't give up on soapies. I have found over the long haul that one in three times will be memorable, one good and the third not that great. You just hit the wrong one. Had the best ball and cock massage ever at Diamond near Skvt 24 last time in Bangkok. Am looking forward to December for another round.

11-05-03, 07:23
Kent > Been looking for a balls massage for a long time here in LOS, can you give more info about this diamond place and maybe info on the gal, as it may only be her that can do it.

Ralph Kramden
11-05-03, 15:33

Diamond Massage & Salon
24 hours service in your home, hotel room or at the store. All kinds of massage. Look for their big color ad in the English Yellow Pages.
ph 022571862. Just around the corner from the Emporium Shopping Center
I had a girl named Fon. The going rate was 900 for 1 or 2 hours, I can't remember which. But the first part was a heavenly milk-oil back massage. Then she turned me over and started on the front side. After a while she accidentally put her hands on my genitals. She started talking tip and gradually got more aggressive, but I played coy, enjoying the treatment all the while. Would change between the shaft and eggs. I tipped her 500, which she complained about, after I blew my load. A thoroughly satisfying experience. I wish I could guarantee the same for you. Will return.

Will John
11-07-03, 10:03
i will cross post this to thailand-massage parlours so i don't miss anyone.

beware the rip-off!

annies 1600hr friday 7 nov 2003

went to annie's. mumasan wanted me to pick a girl she recommended. the girl she recommended just happened to be asleep in the fish bowl at the time and very ugly. i said thanks, but no thanks, i will pick my own.

i picked a 20 yeal old (8 or 9 rating) with a great body. the only draw back was crooked teeth. couldn't see them from outside the fish bowl though.

asked for 1 hour full service. price quoted 1500 baht. i bought a beer (100 baht) to take into the room and bought the girl a "wine" (150 baht). i tasted the "wine" when in the room and it was quite obviously cordial!

anyway, the massage was hopeless, the bath pathetic, the headjob in the bath very average, the massage not worth the effort. there was not even any fucking. even though i was ready to go a second time the girl said time was up. it was only 35 minutes since i walked into the joint!

as i was leaving i was about to complain to mamasan about the shit service and she ushered me out of the place quick time, telling me the cops were in the joint checking it out for ****d girls. i saw nothing when i was leaving.

be careful everyone. i have heard great things about this joint on this mb, but for my money, give it a big miss.


11-09-03, 17:53

Does anyone know if there is a "Annie's", or "Darling's" type MP in the Silom area?


11-19-03, 08:16
There is at least one "soapie" right in Patpong. And if you are comparing by Darling or Annie standards I don't think you have a problem with the service or price.

Jack Spratt
11-20-03, 06:32
I had a very enjoyable soapy and extras at Lacosta Massage, 9 Patpong II.

It is next door to the KFC (how appropriate), and opposite the Foodland store.

It was about 12 months ago, so the memory is a bit rusty, but there was a good selection in the tank, the rooms were very good, with a large figure 8 shaped bath and large clean bed.

My massuese gave excellent service, with great BBBJ, and then covered up for a very enjoyable shag. In between, she was really into about 10 minutes of DATY.

Cost (I think) was Bht2500, payable to the house at the end.


11-21-03, 00:36
Spent a Saturday night in Bangkok earlier this month and visited Plaza Entertainment and Champs Elysee.

Plaza: four of us arrived about 6pm and had pre-booked a penthouse suite on the 17th floor. After settling in and ordering drinks and food, our mama-san brought in 8 girls from the 6th floor Superstar group for our review. Very, very difficult to make a choice as all had their attributes. It's interesting how individual choice pans out with four sets of eyes working the group. My girl was 24, a two-year veteran of the Plaza, slim and pretty w/ natural tits and a great ass. After a light meal and couple of glasses of wine, we got started in the jacuzzi and then showered and went to bed. Slow and sloppy BBBJ for a while, then a lot of frenching and ball-kissing w/wonderful hand action before the big finish in her mouth. Then it was time for me to lia hoi (eat pussy) for about a year before saddling up in all the standard positions. What a doll, what wonderful attitude, and real gratitude when it came to the tip. I booked her again for the next night.

After a two hour traditional massage at Nataree, we went over to Champs. I had been there last year but was not impressed as there seemed to be little choice. Again, not many girls around (Sat. night/10:30pm) but the mama-san found a beautiful young half Thai/half Chinese for me who was fluent in English and had a great smile. It turned out that she was a bit loaded from her last date and this proved interesting as there seemed to be no inhibitions on her part once we got into the room. This girl took the lead and put it to me good. She got us naked, got us washed, and got us onto the bed for a rip-roaring fuck session. Still tired from the afternoon sessions, I worked like an SOB to keep up w/ her, but the exertion was worth it as she seemed to get more and more turned on over the course of the 11/2 hours. Lots of kissing, tongue gymnastics, rimming, etc. About as good as it gets, quite frankly.I was able to turn in one shot but that was it and she was disappointed. I finally had to go down on her to finish her for a second time. All in all, a great, great day.

Plaza: 3500 + tip + room charge (not sure of room rate)
Champs: 3400 + tip + room charge (" " ")

11-21-03, 23:28

I visited normally Annie (Raja Hotel Oppos. Nana Plaza) when I stay in Bangkok. I try it at 1./2. Nov.2003 twice time and I must say forget it ! The new Price v. 1500 Baht is in my oppinion to high. Small Room for 1000 Baht (former price) is not possible lt. Mama San. There are about 13 Ladys but not one of them was nearly pretty. All of them ,sorry I must say it, was ugly.

I visited "Sweetheart" in Soi 5 Sukkum. the Price is 800 Baht, about 8 Ladys at about 8. p.m., one/two was o.k, the Room are very small and the shower is on the floor,the Price is only for 1 Session (2Session for Tip) I think its not a Place to come again.

Beergarden Soi 7 is for about 1.000 Baht f. ST, I think usually to expensive. I prever to take the ladys at 1.00 or 2.00 p.m. from the Sukkumv.(about 30 Ladies ), the Price was about 700 Baht for LT (400-500 Baht ST) Have Sanuk.


Baby Huey
12-02-03, 22:08
I see people posting, looking for a great reg. massage with no sex. I found a great place in Bangkok. This is a true Day Spa as in western countries. It would be a great place to send a wife too for a day, for some freedom. I got a free Massage with my room. It is at the President Solitaire Hotel. They have a complete day spa. I had a great 1 1/2 massage! There is no extra's here, just a great massge! The web site with map and infor is www.presidentsolitaire.com

12-03-03, 17:50
Another place that I have heard gives great massages (not sure about any extras, though. Don't think they are available) is King and I Massage. It's on the soi where Darling's is, just off Sukhumvit on the right hand side. You have to make an appointment for the oil massage, sometimes a day in advance, so they must be very good. Thai massage is usually available for walk ins. Enjoy.

12-03-03, 19:25
I was in BKK for four days and sampled true Thai Massage, Soapy, Oil massage, Korean-style scrub massage with and without extras. I went to Sazanka, Darling, Baron, traditional thai MPs, and Chao Phaya II. In terms of quality of massage and price, my ranking is as follows. YMMV.

1. Sazanka, 29/14-15 Sukhumvit 22, tel:0-2663-4245--THB 1380+400 (tip). Tip is optional, Japanese/Korean/Germans pay 0-100, Americans upto 500. This is what my massage girl, Sari, told me. Excellent service, only HJ with oil, great attitude, full body scrub, hot towel, and massage with soothing music and dim light, right out of movies. BJ or FS may be possible, I was not in mood, since this was my fourth round for the day. If I have only few hours to spend in BKK, this is what I'd prefer. I met a Brit while going in, who told me if he had to choose between dying in heaven or here, he would choose this place. I'd agree. It seems this place is popular with Koreans/Japanese. Very few western clientale.

2, Chao Phaya II, Took skytrain, then walked 1 mile. No happy hour anymore before 12 noon. THB1650 for FS + 200 (tip). Good service, soapy, professional attitude, BBBJ, CIM, lot of acting, moaning etc., Overall good. Thai people mob this place after 5 pm, go before that. It is huge place, I'd guess over 100 rooms in three floors.

3. Baron oil massage, soi 18. Walked to this place, could not find it for 20 minutes, it is in the alley east of soi 18. Professional attitude, good looking girl, good wash, good oil massage, finger all over, she really came with my hand magic (can tell by contractions). She took a condom, fingered my asshole really good. Good BJ, CIM, FS. Highly recommeded. THB 850 + 1500 (FS fee+tip)

4. Darling, soi 10 (I think). Expensive THB 2500 +200 (tip). Fish bowl scene. Great looking gal. Too much acting, moaning, professional and jaded. Tried everyhting. Came only once. Not my thing. I'd not go again. Place was empty at 9:30 pm. I guess they want to make money by overcharging.

5. Traditional Thai Massage--I tried a place on soi 4 about 500 meter south of Nana Hotel. A guy about 20 years gave me one of the best massages I have ever received. Strong hands, each muscle in my body was pressed except the dick. Highly recommended.

I also tried about 10 other places, all small establishments, some good, some ok. This is the best thing Thailand has to offer. You should go for 2-hr massage, generally 400 THB. Some offered upgraded services, I declined except one. She was really hungry to please. She wanted 1400, I offered 1000. BJ and great oil massage + thai massage. Total 3 hours.

I had two suits made up from Fashion Ave as recommended by Jackson. All suit shops are run by Sikhs from India, no exceptions. The tailors are Thais. Guarenteed delivery in 24 hours. I found that you can get cheap suits for $40, but the fabric is not good. What you pay for is fabric, therefore increasing the margin for the shop. I selected most expensive fabric in the shop--italian wool and cashmere blend. Not sure if it is genuine italian wool, or fake. But suit looks like $800 suit in US. Great fitting. Must praise the tailor. Absolutely world class workmanship. Cost 2 suits for $250.

Overall great trip. Used NWA miles 20,000 + $393 for RT ticket form SFO. Stayed at a cheap place for THB 650 a night very close to action at Sukhumvit soi 3. Total exp. $1200 for 4 nights. I prefer to stay at cheap place close to action and spend money on my hobby. This is my philosphy and I do not want any discussion on it. I am not cheap, but I look for value, and I tip according to the services offered with great attitude.

Overall, BKK offeres good value for the $, if you are selective.

12-04-03, 10:04

I was there 2 weeks ago for a Thai massage. I went in for a 2 hour massage. The girl gave me an excellent massage. Half way through her work, she started to concentrate around my groin area. Needlessly to say I started to get a boner. She looked at me and gave me a big smile. I took that as a green light and let my fingers do the walking. She did not resist. At the end, she gave a nice HJ. But, all this was going on she kept telling me not to make any noise. The bottom line is it's up to you to negotiate with your girl. At the end, I gave her a nice tip.

12-11-03, 10:57
Hi all,

Heading to Bangkok and Phuket very soon with some friends. Hoping to get an idea as to THE BEST places to visit. I've been to Bangkok before and mostly stuck around Patpong, visiting the cheap upstairs parlours. I'm new to the scene and didn't know better! So what are the places to hit in Patpong/Nana? Do places with 100's of girls in the fishbowl actually exist? CHII seems pretty popular. Any thoughts. What about Phuket?

Thanks everyone. I'll let you know how we get on.



Party Guy
12-11-03, 13:07
Went to Annie's which was my favourite place for a long time. The place now sucks. Everybody avoid Annie's like the plegue. The women are so ugly and the service is very rushed. All they want to know is how much you will tip them. And also they have increased the charges to BHT 1,500 and there is a time limit of 2 hours.

Thought I should share my experience for the benifit of the fellow mongers.

12-11-03, 20:03
Party Guy,

I have been visiting Annie's for sometime myself, in general the girls are not the best in quality. For myself the place is convienent and is now completely being run by the young daughter who is the bartender. I think that's why things have change for the worse.

There are a few gems and I mean few! Stick with the one's you know. I usually arrive on NWA, late, prior to my trip I usually email my favorite and ask her to stay after closing or meet me at my hotel. My last visit with two friends just before Thanksgiving, I was not feeling up to the task that day and just tag along with them, they selected their favorites and I decided to leave and walk around to look for something special. Went through NEP, Beergarden, etc. decided to go back and wait for my friends since I didn't have any luck. Decided to have a beer while I waited and girl walk by ( not from the fishbowl ). She was a stunner, a real 10. I said hi and she gave me a smile. She look like she was working behind the bar or helping out. She came over and we had a small conversation and then got up and left. I ask the barterder if she works and a small conversation between her and the girl. I found out that she was already brought out for a number of days and was just waiting around for the guy to come back to pick her up.

Well, next thing I know I was making a deal with the bartender
She said it's got to be short and short was all I needed. 500/Bht for girl and 300 house. She said can't use the bed! We went into the room and she took off her clothes and great body (no kids) and great big tits ( 100% real ). Quick bath, great BBBJ, she had a small ring on her tongue!! She loosen up alittle after I told her I would call her next time and take her for a few days to Koh Chang. Finished her front and back and less than a hour I was out the door! I believe her tag #1, name is TAT!

Not always as bad as things seem!


12-23-03, 15:25
Darling Massage is right in the heart of Sukhumvit on Soi 12. The price is 2500baht and i viewed 9 girls sitting behind the glass and felt they looked average.

12-25-03, 11:52
Can anybody give me an overview about the good MPs in Bangkok incl. prices?

Anybody know some cheap MPs?


12-25-03, 17:11
Im flying to BKK in mid january..staying at the pathumwan princess hotel right next to MBK shopping center..does anyone know how far away Posiedon is from my hotel? if its too far are there any closer MP's of similar caliber? THanks very much fellas!

Jimmy Red Cab
12-25-03, 17:23
HK Ferry,

Poseidon is a fair distance from your hotel but remember cabs are VERY cheap in Bangkok. If I were you get the Skytrain to Asoke station (about 30 baht) and then get a cab to Poseidon which is on Ratchadapisek Road just before Soi 17. Have a beer nearby first or you will be charged the cab drivers commission.

Joe Zop
12-25-03, 17:55
You're joking, right, Kuranyi? How about reading some of the old reports?

12-25-03, 21:29
Kuranyi, sorry, but I believe you're on your own on this one.

Go back 4 to 5 pages, grab a pen and a piece of paper, and start reading. nobody wants to help those who don't help themselves.

Jimmy Red Cab
12-25-03, 23:06

This map may be of help to you.

12-26-03, 06:12
Went to Chao Phaya 2 yesterday and had a great experience but the number of women were far less than had been reported. When we entered (around 4:30pm) there were 3 women in the "body" massage section and about 15 superstars. There were plenty of traditional (non-sex) Thai massage women but that's not what I was there for. By the time I left (around 7pm ) there were about 10 women in the "body" massage section.

I had read that you should go "after 4pm" for the best selection and before 5pm when all the Thai men came and it got crowded. This was Xmas day we're talking about so maybe that changes the timing but 4-5pm seems to be too early.

Badass and I went to CP 1 and the selection was a lot better: over 30 women in the body massage section. However, it cost 3000 baht for most of the women at CP1 and only 1850 baht at CP2. I had seen one nice one at CP2 and decided to go back and see if she was still available (she was). So Badass stayed at CP1 and I went to CP2 and we both had a good time.

I combined a couple of posts giving directions and with my additions here are directions to both CP1 and CP2:

Chao Phaya 2 (537 Sri Ayuthaya Rd.)

- take the Skytrain to the Phya Thai station
- take exit 4 (in the direction of the Florida Hotel)
- turn right at the intersection and you are now on Sri Ayuthaya
- as you proceed the Siam City Hotel will be on the other side of the road, you pass a Honda Dealer and then you come to CP1 (J One on the big sign)
- cross to the other side of the street using the overstreet walkway
- continue walking in the same direction (i.e. away from the Skytrain station) and in a couple of minutes you will be at CP2

12-26-03, 08:42
O.K. guys.

I was too lazy to read all the post sitting in an internet cafe in Ko Tao, Thailand. I read good things about S. Botan MP. Can you recommend this one? Does anybody know about Cleopatra MP? You should try a sauna with thai massage including HJ. I went to Silom Sauna in Pattaya and it was very relaxing and not expensive.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

12-26-03, 18:40

Thanks for the link but what i could find from another site, my hotel is about 25Km from the airport while a hotel right next to posiedon is about 15km..So i might be taking a guess at saying the pathumwan princess hotel is around 10Km from posiedon? what do you guys think?

12-27-03, 21:26

3000 Baht at CP1 is an overcharge. Last two times for me it was 2000 baht and 1800baht. Someone is getting a "slice" of the money paid. 1850baht at CP2 is 150 baht more than the past. Higher rates or Xmas surcharging, I don't know. But if I was told 3000 Baht for CP1, I'd be walking to Plaza Entertainment or taxi to Poseidon.


Poseidon Guy
12-29-03, 02:22

You're right about the 10km to Poseidon from where you'll be at. In miles, it's about 8 miles from MBK to Poseidon. But that's not the issue. It all depends on what time of day you try to get there. It will take you about 2 1/2 hours if you try to go there between peak traffic hours 6pm - 10pm or so by taxi. I would suggest that if you really want to go there, get there early around 3pm and get yourself a regular thai massage at any of the nearby massage places, Poseidon has regular thai massage as well. And then around 6pm - 10pm, that's when most of the girls start showing up, the modeling lobby girls I mean, you can enjoy. The fishbowl girls are there from around 2pm.

Or you can hire a moto bike for around 80 baht depending on your bargaining skills, but who cares paying 60, 80, or 100 baht for moto, it's like U.S. $2 bucks! And you can get there in about 35 mins. even with traffic.

As far as places closer to you with something similar to Poseidon there really isn't much. But remember! The fishbowl girls at Poseidon are pretty much the same as any other upper massge place. But you're not going there for them, your supposed to go there for the modeling lobby girls, and yes! they are very pretty, but really expensive, only 1.5 hours, cost is between $70 - $140 U.S. even the models have 4 or 5 different prices. and the service is usually hit or miss. I would recommend only going there if you really want to be able to say, "yeah, I fucked a model before." but if you're looking for great sex, then this is not the place for you. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure if the girl likes you and you two hit is off, you can have a great time, but for that kind of money, you should be able to get a lot more in BKK. But if money is no object and you're looking for "Hot Looking" girls, former models and so on, then you might like Poseidon. By the way, the models never look as good in person than in the photo album they show you...yes, they have photo albums you can browse through and pick, I know they have at least 2 albums, mostly with the same girls but different poses.

I like poseidon because it's very close to the hotels I usually stay at like Merchant Court, or The Grand, which is directly across the street from Poseidon.


12-30-03, 02:16
Poseidon Models 3rd Floor: Anywhere from 3500 - 5000 plus 400 for the room. Rather than "hit or miss", book 2. Talk to them and see their interest, otherwise turn them away and get another girl before going to the room. Cost you around 8000 - 9500, usually. Worth it, IMHO and I did it twice. 90 minutes, but real nice atmosphere.

Plaza Entertainment Models 8th Floor: If Poseidon is too far, there's the 8th Floor of Plaza Entertainment which also carries some of the best looking models ever! Walking distance from Nana, but not a short walk. Crossing the street near the complex is a little difficult, then using the back-lane, passing 3 MPs and touts trying to get you inside BEFORE walking a full 100 degrees around to the front door! 4700 each model. Book 2 (that's 9400). Unlike Poseidon's 90 minutes, it is 2 hours at Plaza. Finding elevator to 8th floor is the real challenge inside the joint!

Don't take mamasan's or papasan's advice or choices on girls at any place (although I like the bloke at CP2, he's okay). Take you own choices! I've turned away a model when I wanted to create my own pair, I could tell by the "DNA" (lol). I can read the vibes on the girls and so can you!

Warning, you may get a **real stiff one** at Plaza when getting a bath by 2 models at once and may get REALLY relieved in bed! I did!


12-30-03, 11:08
Do you know if you can take the girls home from Poseidon. I am interested in taking pictures while I am with them and I doubt you can do that while you are there. Unless you can take more than 1 guy in.

12-30-03, 19:25
posiedon guy, Gyaos

im supposed to arrive in BKK at around 8pm so im sure after customs, baggage and my taxi to the hotel it might be the next day already...probably gonna wait until the next day to head out to poseidon.

THanks very much for the info though..