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2004 Bangkok Massage Parlors

01-01-04, 02:36
You can take the girls with you from Poseidon, but be prepared for an expensive bar-fine (like 7000 - 8000baht per girl + arrange payment with the girl, probably 5000+ additional). High bar fine because these girls are working, so you pay for what they would earn in that time frame. What to do is get her phone number, or arrange to meet after her work. Then you pay zero for bar fine, but still, usually, will pay the girl. I am talking about the models. Lower class girls are on the lower floors and less in cost, less in looks.

Poseidon takes all bags and cameras and puts them in a locker, giving you the lock. I like that, so I can move around freely in the place. Excellent security.

Don't take pictures. Enjoy the experience.

01-01-04, 06:51
I went to Plaza and toook one of the superstars for a great 2 hour session for 4000 Bt. BTW, the 6th Floor is a members only club and there seems to be no 8th Floor as far as I could make out. Well hidden ?


01-01-04, 10:04
I was recently at Plaza and I don't think there is an 8th. floor massage parlor, just the one on the 6th floor that you found. It is the elevator to the 6th floor that is hard to find (you have to go past the fishbowl on the main level).

Personally I didn't find the superstars on the 6th floor to be nicer in appearance than the ones on the main floor. However, I can't speak to performance because I didn't try one of them.

Ralph Kramden
01-01-04, 14:55

I just returned home from my best experience yet in Bangkok. Of the 6 encounters I had, 5 were extremely satisfying. Here is a brief summary:

Had two girls from the fishbowel at J 1. The directions given earlier are right on the mark. You don't need to take a taxi to get there. The attendent will try to get a high price from you if he/she can. Try to get a business card from them and carry it with you. When they quote you the high price, flash the card, say you are a regular customer, name your price and you will more than likely get it. The going so-called "member card" price is 2000 for the fishbowel and 2500 for a sideliner. My second time there, the same guy gave me 1800 from the fishbowel. Always tip the attendent 200 if you plan to go back soon. I would recommend between 6:30 and 7 for the best selection, as that is when most of the girls come on duty. Didn't make it to J 2 across the street.

At Plaza Entertainment the 6th floor seems not to be a private club because I went up there twice with no trouble. The elevator is passed the fishbowel on the main floor. Ask someone if you can't find it. I thought the girls on the 6th floor were nothing special and certainly not worth 4500. I really didn't see anything I liked on the lower level either.

It seemed to me that the selection at Cupidy was somewhat better, especially from the sideline. The pricing strategy is the same as J 1. I got one sideline girl for 2500 and the other one for 2200. The going rate is 2000 from the fishbowel.

If you make to the Emerald Hotel area then I would certainly recommend Natarree. Their going rate is 1800 from the fishbowel and 2200 from the sideline, no games. A good, but not as large as Cupidy, selection of nice looking girls. I had two excellent sessions there.

I checked out Emmanual and the Mirage while in the neighborhood, but saw nothing special.

01-12-04, 03:45
Went to Sweet Heart Massage in Soi 5 last night, (from sukhumvit, head past foodland, take the first small soi on your right. It’s a dead end soi with mainly Chinese / Korean looking Karaoke bars, but on the right towards the end of the soi is a place called Sweet Heart Members Club, blacked out windows frontage, looks closed but just walk on in, Its not a members club at all, just a little brothel). As you walk in you see about 4 cosy couch areas with a makeshift bar towards the back right of the place. Girls were asleep under their coats when I went in, but soon jumped up, hid their coats and started smiling. They all sat together around one couch area wearing evening gown style dresses. There were 3 or 4 that I would rate as 8's in looks, around 18-22 yrs old, the rest were older and IMHO less attractive, although looked more 'up for it'. Papasan speaks every good English and came over, I ordered a Heineken (60baht) and started to make my choice. I ended up with a girl called Wan, 22yrs old from Udon Thani. Went to the desk, paid 800baht for the massage and 60 baht for the beer. Mamasan reminded me the price included 1.5hrs massage and sex. We went up 2 flights of stairs and into a bedroom. The room had a big double bed, wardrobe, and table. The air wasn't turned on but she put it on straight away. She then placed 1 condom and one tube of lube on the bed, not good. We then undressed and went for a shower together. (the shower is located about 6ft outside the room.) She soaped me down and showered me. And then toweled me off. She continued to shower whilst I returned to the room. When she came in I was lying on my back, naked. She asked me to turn for the massage, I smiled cheekily, pointed to my dick and said "how can you massage here if I turn over?" she giggled called me naughty and sat next to me on the bed and stared to massage my arm, with a little coaxing we were soon straight into it, no BJ, covered or not was offered, despite me asking. Sex was good, she allowed anal fingering whilst f_cking her and made all the usual faking noises but in a convincing way. Several positions later I came, and we lay on the bed, another shower and then she tried to get me to leave, duh, still 30 minutes left, howsabout a wank? Again she gave me the naughty man, giggle act, but came round and gave me a really strong HJ. I came, we showered and I left. I tipped her 100baht, not for service, but 800Baht is cheap, I dread to think what they get from that, she told me they all live in there as well. Anyway that’s life but 100baht covers her lube and condom cost and gets her some food. Overall I'd say its worth a shot, newbies be careful, I can see the girls might try to get away with a 80 minute massage followed by a rapid 5 minute shag and 5 minute shower and demand tips if you don't keep control. For 800 baht its hard to complain, but it is not Darlings or Petchburi road level.
Have fun

01-12-04, 06:50

Thank for the report. Man!! You did good. In Nov. I went to J-1 and they quote for me at 3500 for a girl at main display. I tried to negotiate lower but the attendant, is a she, will not agree. SHe talked to a guy and I guessed I look like Japanese so he said $3500. Since my selection is very hot, I agree with the price. The card you mentioned is their business card. How can I get one??? Did you talk to a male attendant or lady??? I have to admit, I like J-1 because of girl selection and the way they take care of you. I will be in Bangkok in March and hardly wait to visit BK again.

Take care,


Ralph Kramden
01-12-04, 14:13
A good time to ask for a business card is when you give the attendent a 200 tip. Ask them to write their name on the backside, and tell them you will ask for them the next time. Of course you don't have to do that. When you are in the next time you can say, "He/she gave me the price of 2000 last time." They won't refuse you.

Don't forget J2 right across the street that you can walk to. Their prices are posted in front of the girls. They start at 1800.

Major Shag
01-12-04, 16:24
I had a great time with one of the Baron girls. She gave me her number so that I can call her on her off day, so that she can be my girlfriend for the day.

The next question sounds stupid. Do the Baron girls have any expectations like tips for spending time with you the whole day or what other obligations are there? Or does it mean that it is just really a gf thingy with no strings attached.

Damn I did not had a chance to clarify?

Have anyone done this before?

Appreciate if someone can help out.

01-12-04, 19:30
Major Shag.

I think it is safe to say if a TG is going to spend time with you, she is going to want some kind of compensation. Whether you take her shopping, or just give her cash, it is not going to be free.

Even if it is her day off, she will be "working", showing you around, helping you bargain a better deal on a trinket, etc. She would probably much rather stay home, catching up on her soap operas, but she has to make money, to send to the vet, who is tending to her village's sick water buffalo.

So if you are going to take her out for the day, you might as well have some great wild nasty sex with her, since you are going to pay the LT rate anyway.

Maybe after you have done this with her a few times, you can get a few freebies.


01-14-04, 05:22
I have been to many MPs in Bangkok. However, J-1 is my favorite. That's because, I don't have to go through any hassel. Three years ago, during my first trip, I negotiated a deal with one of the Papasans. 1500 Baht for the fishbowl girls and 1800 Baht for the sideliners, plus 100 Baht tips for him. He still gives me the same price. The added bonus is that the girls are really afraid to provide sub-per service, since he introduced me to them as his personal friend. I always have a great time there.


01-16-04, 08:13
Hi, Guys,

As a newcomer to this forum( but not to Thailand) I'm quite puzzled by the expression "sideliner". Can some kind soul explain?



01-17-04, 01:59

"Sideliners" are the girls who don't sit inside the glass enclosed space, known as "fish-bowl". They sit on the side of the fish-bowl, in an open space. Sometimes they can sit inside the "Cafe", etc. Generally they are supposed to be prettier than their counterparts in the fish-bowl and thus cost little more. Their services are also tend to be more restrictive, although that varies. Negotiations are still done through papasans. In small MPs, number of sideline girls are limited. Sideliners generally work late shift, sometimes they start after 8 PM. If you don't see any sideliners and still interested, you should directly ask the papasan about them. Hope this helps.


Jaimito Cartero
01-17-04, 03:42
Major - Yeah, just try and not pay her, or don't buy her gifts and see how long she'll hang out with you. They may want a day off from normal work, but they're still going to Jerry Maguire you.

Bobs Uncle
01-17-04, 03:52
Hi All,

I'm going to Thailand after going to Taiwan for a while. This internet thing is great for trying to target the prime locations if you only have a couple of weeks vacation. I found one website that has links to many of the massage places.


If you go to the bottom of the site there are about 16 links to places that post pictures of the girls, the rooms and some even give prices.

From the guys who have been around Bangkok, I'd like to know is if the sites really show what one could expect.

Bobs Uncle

01-17-04, 05:07

Much obliged for thr quick response. It really clears up my confusion. Come to think of it, I have met some but did not seek them out. Remembered that the papasan mentioned that the girl/s is/are new to whatever etc etc and so demand more for the services. A lot of bullshit, right?

Once again, thanks


Ralph Kramden
01-18-04, 01:40
Bobs Uncle

I checked out the site you posted. Keeping in mind that it is advertising, I would say that it is pretty indicative of what you will find at Bangkok MPs in general, and at those on the site. Happing hunting and don't forget to post your findings.

01-18-04, 01:57

"they're still going to Jerry Maguire you."

Good one, LOL


Chris H
01-20-04, 02:50
Looking for the best place for a "Soapy". Any advice? Do all the MP's give soapy's? Let me know.


That Asshole
01-22-04, 04:33
Where is the PLAZA Massage Centre? Is it at Nana Plaza or another location? How do we get there?



01-24-04, 03:51
Heading to Bangkok in a few weeks. Looking back over the forum it seems the places to visit under 2500, are CP1/2, Baron, Darlings and Botan. Where are the last three places?

Is this about right?

Are there any others you would recommend?

What is considered the amount to tip?

Thanks all

01-24-04, 05:24
RE: S. Botan

After a time away, back in LOS and checking in on my favorite MP. After the first time back, I was about to recommend to give the place a miss but over the week I'm again happy with the place. Scoring a good SP is hit or miss with this place and I haven't figured out the timming yet. First night, there were only 10 or so women and most were old and haggared. Wound up with #108 who was cute but no DATY nor was any sort of BJ offered. No English whatsoever. Second and third times had #71 - who I've had before. Great reaction to DATY, some english, and seems to genuinely appreciate the size of even an average western member. Will provide a GFE by throwing the condom at you with a sense of urgency. Cute enough - looks 7, attitude 9. Last SP was #82 - a sultry looking thing that I wanted to sample ages ago, but had not seen in the fishbowl for some time. Very little english, but her attitude compensates with a fun attitude towards our communication problem. DATY and BBBJ and like #71, seems to really get into the change from the local customers.

Was getting kind of tired with the lack of any communication from the SPs at S. Botan and decided to sample some of the more farang oriented places - also thought I'd get some better lookers. Headed to Mona Lisa, but immediately found the selection to be about the same as S. Botan. Considering S. Botan is 800B and Monal Lisa is one of the more reasonable farang oriented MPs and charges 1500-1600B, I still give Botan a ringing endorsement. Should be aware that while clean and comfortable enough, they don't have those fancy bathtubs nor do they have air mattresses for the BKK slide. Botan is a locals place but they - management and 8/10 of the SPs - seem genuinely happy to see farangs.

The best times to go, I think, are near opening time - 4pm - or early evening around 7pm. There is the traditional massage fishbowl on the second floor that opens at 2pm - but the SPs expect a tip of 800-1000B for extra services - leaving the regular fishbowl girls a much better deal. If you want directions, check my posts in the archieves.

01-25-04, 09:45

Where is Botan located?

How do I get there?



01-28-04, 10:49
RE: S. Botan directions

Once posted the directions, but a few travelers reported a hard time finding the place. If you do take a cab the place is pronounced Ssaa Bo-taan and the attached cafe is the P.P. Cafe.

Easiest way I know how to get there is from the National Stadium Skytrain which is the terminal stop on the line. At this station you are east of the Discovery Center and Tokyu-MBK. Exit to the north side of the station - opposite Tokyu dept. store and walk east alone Rama I (Ploenchit Rd) which will take you past the alley that leads to the Jim Thompson house (Soi Kasem San 2). Keep east on Rama I all the way to Rama VI. Rama VI is the second traffic-lighted intersection - just past the elevated expressway. From Nat'l Stadium skytraing to the Rma VI intersection is around 10 minutes walking. On Rama VI head north (taking a right off of Rama I) for about 5 minutes to either Soi 9 or 11 and S. Botan is right on the corner (about half-way is one of those pedestrian bridges across Rama VI - a good landmark). As you're heading north on Rama VI, the elevated freeway will be on your right and all the shops will be on the left. No english sign for S. Botan, but you can't miss it. P.P. Cafe is fronting Rama VI and down the Soi you'll see two double glass doors. The first will take you directly onto some marble stairs that lead to the traditional massage on the second floor, the second set of doors will take you to the fishbowl. You can also just walk through the PP Cafe to get to the fishbowl.

Good luck and post a report. My two-week layover in LOS is at an end and I have to head off to take care of business in Nepal. Gonna miss LOS!

Captain Ahab
02-05-04, 21:23
Well, I’ve just come back from a little trip to Bangkok, where I availed myself of the chance to visit the various attractions that the city has to offer. At the outset, I must say that the “land of smiles” has changed greatly since last I was there in the early 1980’s, back when I was still working the cargo ships on the Mombassa-Singapore-Bangkok route. Back then the girls were a lot friendlier it seems, a lot less money-oriented, and – puzzlingly – prettier. Though I have heard that the reason for the pretty thing is that all the best girls are now working in the Japanese-oriented places over on Soi Asoke (though I never actually made it down there to check up on this one). In fact, I’d say that the scene in Bangkok has deteriorated so far from the old days that I would no longer classify Bangkok in my “Top 10” whoring destinations; and it used to be no. 1. Ah well, change comes to all things I suppose. And there are still some very good prostitution options to be found here. :D

First off then, Eden deserves a special mention. For those of you who haven’t heard of this club it’s located on Sukumvit Soi 7/1. It’s nominally run by a French man, but I never actually saw him there the three times I visited. Still, he’s put a very farang-friendly policy in place and the girls have obviously been told to try to please the customer and do what’s asked of them. Unlike in many other places (anywhere in the world) where a lot of things are “off the menu” (ie unorderable), so to speak. Anal, sex toys, etc. – take your pick! :) the big thing to note about Eden is that there’s a two-girl *minimum* policy in operation. As a laminated sheet tells you when you arrive, if you want to fuck just one girl stay at home or go elsewhere. Which personally I think is a beautiful policy. I didn’t pay much attention to the girls’ names this time round, as to be honest they were all so businesslike and mechanical about things that I couldn’t really be bothered to get too personal with any of them. Generally then, each girl will have another girl that she usually works with and when you pick one girl she’ll usually “recommend” her partner also. Me, I preferred to mix ‘n’ match my own pairings, for greater variety between the two. You then take the girls upstairs for 90 mins or so. One of the first questions I was asked on one of these times was whether I wanted to go at it “with condom” or without. Presumably without would have been more expensive, and I didn’t feel like chancing it anyway. One annoying point on an otherwise clear field here though was that, even though they were apparently willing to fuck without Mr Rubber Johnny, once I chose the “with condom” option they insisted I change condoms when changing between girls, and that spoiled the rhythm somewhat dontcha know? Still, a minor niggle as you could choose 2 or 3, or more even girls and alternate between vaginal and anal sex with all of them!! :D A fine place indeed. On the plus side then: price, variety of sexual options on offer, relaxed atmosphere, and, of course, it’s the group sex thing man! On the negative side: the condom-changing thing, and the girls aren’t the prettiest, being on average, in the 5-7 (out of 10) range.

I also checked out Emmanuelle’s – which is farang-unfriendly *and* a rip-off in my opinion, though there are some good-looking girls there. I ain’t willing to recommend the place though and indeed would warn against it.

Nana Entertainment Plaza has a good selection of girls, but I found that if we’re talking go-go bars (as opposed to massage parlours) then the best lookers are to be found over in Pat Pong (at slightly higher prices), particularly in the King’s Castle group, King’s Castle I being probably the best of the group.

Not a bad trip over all, but not somewhere I’d go out of my way to go to again the way it now is. Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam and even Germany are all far better options now IMO. Still, if I’m in the area anyway Bangkok’s always good for a little fun eh?

Ahab over and out.

Love Tractor
02-10-04, 12:18
Are there 2 Sweet Heart MP's or something? I saw posts for this place a couple of years ago when I was in town, so I checked out the place and it was a complete dive: only about 5 girls, mostly chubby and I'd rate them about 4-6. Service was not good, and I definately didn't plan on going back. But this time around, I saw more reports, so I checked it out, and came up with the same results! I definately wouldn't recommend it - you can get a better looking SW for the same money. (Esp. since this MP isn't like the better ones, which the girl gives the full bath treatment.) To each his own - I just wouldn't recommend it.

Anyhow, along that note, does anyone know of/ remember a MP off of Soi 3?? As I recall, it was a ways down (500 m) on a small road off to the right (east) of Soi 3. Can't remember the name, but I want to say it was Love Massage Parlor. I walked all around the area but couldn't find it. Anyone have an idea?

Muchas Gracias!

02-18-04, 04:19
An excellent MP right in Patpong is Plaza Massage on Patpong 2 about 20m up from Silom.

A large place with big, clean rooms with a mostly Thai clientele, which is suprising given its location. I have yet to see a farang on any of my visits, however farangs are most welcome and Lucky the manager is very accommodating.

2000b for 2hrs and it opens at 2pm weekends and 4pm weekdays. If you rock up 15 minutes before opening you will be led 'backstage' into the girls dressing room as they are getting ready to choose.

Not a huge fishbowl, maybe 10 - 15 girls, but all are 8+.

Jack Spratt
02-18-04, 12:44
Sainter, I support your comments re Plaza Massage. I reported on it some time ago under the name Lacosta but it is the same place, and is excellent.

02-28-04, 04:26
Went to Barons, two ladies I had in October Jo and Pam were gone, learned they married customers, UK and USA.

Tried a new girl, Mook, anything and evrrything was available, but I did not persue, I did not care for this lady, first one in Barons I did not care for.

Love Tractor
03-01-04, 09:20
Can anyone give good advice regarding tipping the girl at the MP's?

Recently went to Sabai Room in Pattaya and tried tipping the girl 300 bht (which I thought was plenty given the lackluster service), when she said normally customers tip 1000. I didn't want to haggle or be cheap, so we quickly settled on 500, but I still feel that was too much.

I plan on trying some of the places in BKK, but not if they're expecting that kind of money (or more) - I'll just stick to the other pleasures.


Ralph Kramden
03-02-04, 14:48
Love Tractor

IMHO 300 is generous for lackluster service. My standard tip is 500 for good service, and if I negotiate a good price with the house, the tip can reach up to 1000 for exceptional service. I would rather give extra to the girl instead of her employeers. Overall, give her what you think she is worth and don't bargain over a tip. If she doesn't want it, then give it to the next who really works for it. And yes, I have not tipped at all for poor service, and didn't feel a bit guilty.

03-02-04, 15:12
Hello !!

Here is a short report of my last trip to BKK : I have arrived
from Taipei and it was damn hot !!

Anyway, I wanted (I needed !) a massage, so I asked at least
10 taxi drivers, but no one took me neither to Darlings nor to
I got frustrated so, finally, I agreed to get to "Mona Lisa".

Obviously, it was a rip-off : at 6 p.m. there were only two girls
available for body massage and their quality...well, not the best
one !!!
Session was quite mechanical, service was poor, one of the
worst I ever had, especially if compared to the legendary Rio
de Janeiro Termas...
The girl was more interested to watch TV than anything else !
I paid 2000b and after one hour I have left the room...
of course, no tip for her !

So, take my advise : if you want to waste your money and your time.....
straight to "Mona Lisa" !!!!

....more reports in the next days.


Jaimito Cartero
03-02-04, 15:48
If you're having the problem of them not wanting to take you some place, I'd just give them a location very close, and then when you get very close, tell them to go a little further. Taxi drivers can sure be a pain in the butt sometimes. They of course want to take you to the place that gives them a nice commission. I know Darling is off Sukhumvit (Soi 4? Soi 6?), but you might want to research it a bit before you go, so you have a few options.

03-02-04, 17:38

Taxi drivers can be a problem because they want to drop you at a place that they get a kick back from. The easy way to beat them is don’t tell them you are going for a Massage. If you want to go to Darlings (Soi 12) tell the driver Cabbage and Condoms Restaurant, which is just across the Soi from Darlings. Or if you want to go to Poseidon. Or any other of the massage places on the strip tell the driver to take you to the Emerald Hotel which is at the start of all the massage places. That way you will have no round around from the drivers.


03-02-04, 22:55
Love Tractor,

IMHO, that girl worked you like a car salesman. You offered her 300b for a tip, then asked if it was enough. Just like making an offer on a car, the salesman knows he can take a skinny deal, but bumps you up. Exact same principle. I personally have gone to Darlings, the place in the Rajah hotel, and Sabai Land, Sabai Room, Sabai dee and Susies in Pattaya and have never, ever left a tip. I would say most guys do not tip. Only newbies. I have taken the same girls twice also, and never heard any complaints about tipping, but have been asked for a tip a couple of times. I will reply, "no more money" and get dressed and leave. These girls are just happy to get a customer and their cut, as many don't even get chosen during their shift. Just chalk it up for experience and remember that these girls are getting paid a normal weeks wages in about an hour.

Love Tractor
03-03-04, 09:41
Bil and Ralph,

Thanks for the tips - I will be more adamant next time. But just to clarify... I didn't *ask* her if that was enough, I simply gave it to her thinking that tips were normal, and it was plenty enough.

I went back and forth between the 3 MP's in that area several times before choosing (this was early afternoon, from about 2:00 - 4:00 pm), and any girl that was half-way attractive was coming and going so often that they hardly sat down before getting chosen again. (Lots of Japanese guys coming in large groups.) So I guess I can't totally fault her for the lackluster service - she was the prettiest there and probably pretty jaded by now.

I'll be posting pics with comments upon returning home.

But from now on, tips are optional!

LT out!

03-08-04, 14:53
Had the best massage of my life about an hour ago. Strange how no one's mentioned this place before. So let me be the first. The MP is called Angara. Fishbowl type place with around 50 girls to choose from. The best part about this place is the price. 1500 baht all included. 90 minutes of the most relaxing and rewarding experience you'll have in LOS. I picked number 89, Kratea, from Chiang Mai. Turkish bath, soapie and full service. Great all round service and attitude. This place will now become a must do for me in the future. :D

1ball if you're reading this, I'm taking you there tomorrow.

Full address,

Angara 1561/14-26
New Petchburi Road Soi 41

Tel - 02-2528066-8

03-09-04, 06:59
Cartero and SexReview, thanks for the advice about misdirection with the cabbies. It's now in my little pocket book.

Boy Toy
03-09-04, 07:30

I too am a big fan of this Soapie, it is also called HALEM. In 2001 I had a girl called NAN still remeber her number it was S 138. I keep going back to this place for her, but have never found her after that, and yes you are right this soapie is hardly mentioned here, quite surprising though, will make it a point to try 89, Kratea as you have mentioned hope i also have the time of my life.


Boy Toy

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Asian Monger #2
03-09-04, 07:33

I'm new in this forum BUT have mongered twice in BKK during my business trips several yrs ago.

My first experience was in Emmanuelle. BTW, don't know the name of the district. Could anyone tell me?

Oh before I forget, my company is organizing a trip for the staff. Initially we choose Bali but due to the coming election months in Indonesia, we switched to BKK/Pattaya. Even better. Oh the timing would be May 1st.

Anyway, my second experience was at one of the Japanese pubs near the Patpong area cuz I work for a Japanese trading firm. Learned the hard way about bar fine when taking the girl out and even had a harder lesson to take the girl overnite at my hotel, which was like Motien (my company booked it for me), the 5-star type. Had to pay like Baht1k as some kind of fine. Damn, that was an arm and a leg for me. Nonetheless, went up to the room, did the SOP of the bathroom showers, then down to business. Wasn't much to describe but screwed the girl 3 times; brought my own rubber. I guess I'd better get my monies worth after all so many extra costs were involved.

Damage : Bath 2500 for the girl only. No tip. Was cleaned dry by all these bar fines and etc.

P.S. Language was really a challenge though it BKK.

Boy Toy
03-09-04, 07:38
Sex review,

Small question, heard a lot about Poisedon. Any idea how much they charge? From the reports in this string it looks that they charge a bomb for thier services. Is it true?

Boy Toy

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Ralph Kramden
03-09-04, 13:33

I can confirm that Angara is a good place. I was directed there by a woman guide on my first trip to Thailand. You can negotiate all night take out service as well, but it is expensive. Figure at least double the price of in house.

03-10-04, 01:13
I arrived in Bangkok last night. Had just read Sainter's post so I headed over to Angara. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. Easily the best service I've had at the best price.

Mr Sainter, if you ever come down to Singapore, I'll be happy to return the favour.

Once again, thank you si-fu.

Chris H
03-12-04, 13:41
Went to Angara's today it is was wonderful. Just like what the past post stated. I had girl number 87 and she had very good skills.

03-13-04, 15:10
Sainter, your recommendation is without doubt the best I've read on this thread. Managed to sneak there for a couple of hours while the "queen" was out shopping. 1500 baht is excellent value for money. In a word, WOW! :D

How in the hell did you find this place?

03-13-04, 19:03

You have mentioned "Angara".
How do I get there without having a taxi driver who want maybe a commission or something else?

Is it maybe near to cupidy entertainment complex?



03-13-04, 20:30
Boy Toy, I visited Poseidon middle of last year and paid 2400BT , all inclusive, for 90 minutes of great service.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the girls number. She did everything (covered FS but BBBJ) and my second pop was on the dark side.

03-14-04, 07:53
Sting, unfortunately my knowledge of Bangkok is not great. In fact, I was introduced to Angara by a taxi driver whom I'd hired for the whole day(business stuff).

The easiest way to get there would be to get a taxi. Perhaps you should get the address I provided, translated into Thai. Tell the driver to take you directly there, using the meter. Shouldn't be too hard.

Glad to know that those who took my advice enjoyed themselves. :)

Jaimito Cartero
03-14-04, 08:23
I did a Google search for Angara +bangkok and came up with the link below:


This only shows a picture of the place, but I just clicked on the first link I found on Google. It's amazing how much info you can get with a good Google search!

03-14-04, 11:26
Hello brothers,

I just had another go at Angara last night. This time I tried no 89, like Sainter suggested. What a wonderful exprience! Tips aren't necessary but generally appreciated. I gave 500 baht.

Mr Sting, I had no trouble catching a cab there. You might want to be carefull because there's actually a few other MP's in the immediate vicinity.

03-14-04, 13:05
Oops, sorry brother plugger for stealing your lines.

03-14-04, 18:08
Guys, Angara is nice but I can think of half a dozen MP's in the same price range that are equally as good. My only complaint about Angara is that when I went there, everyone from the papasan to the drink server to the massage girl all rabidly demanded tips. I have never experienced that at any other MP. I suspect Angara is one of the MP's that is heavily touted by taxis and tuk-tuk drivers, so they are used to bullying tourists a bit.

J-One is still my favorite in this price range. At J-One, for the same price as Angara, I get a much larger pool of girls to choose from, equally good sexual performance, and NO requests for tips. I fully believe in tipping the girls for good performance, but what I don't like is them holding their hand out, expecting a tip.

IMHO, just my 2 cents, YMMV, yada, yada, yada.

03-15-04, 01:15
Headhunter we've all had experiences like your's. I didn't receive the same treatment at Angara a few days ago though. I think the difference was, I made it clear that I've been there previously(eventhough I hadn't), and I knew how everything worked. In any case, point taken.

Sting, take a cab there but don't immediately go in. Tell the can driver you are meeting friends there. That should send him away.

Asian Monger #2
03-15-04, 04:06

Can you share your experience with us in J-One i.e. what girl number, etc.

I'm assuming J-One is a MP w/ fish bowl type and the girls do BBBJ.

Can you also provide the address of J-One like Sainter did?


Boy Toy
03-15-04, 08:28

If you have seen Cupidy/Plaza Entertainment complex then you cannot miss Angara. Say Cupidy is at the begining of the lane, then Angara/Halem is the the last building of the same lane, you just have to walk down straight from there or ask any driver in the Sukhumvit area to take you to Halem, another name for Angara.

Boy Toy

Ralph Kramden
03-15-04, 14:43

If interested, follow this link to a map of soapies in the immediate vicinity of Angara (not shown) of Soi 41.


Please excuse me in advance Jackson if you deem Bangkok Tonight to be a competitor of your far more valuable information site.

03-16-04, 02:24
For Asian Monger #2,

J. One (Chao Phraya 1) (Bath/soap massage)
(Beside Decha Hospital)
Sri Ayuthaya Road, Phayathai
Tel: 0-2245-3787, 0-2245-4786
Hours: 1200-2430

1500-2500 B for 90 minutes

About a 5-minute walk from Phaya Thai BTS station. Take the north exit from the Phaya Thai station, turn right onto Ayuthaya Road, and it's a few minutes away on your right.

Sorry, I don't remember the #'s of the girls I have been with. The last time I went, I received both BBBJ and rim job. I think management encourages this, but it depends on the girl.

Tip: Take your own condoms. I find the condoms provided at most MP's to be lacking.

Deep File
03-17-04, 11:43
Tractor... your question about "two Sweethearts" last month: the place you describe sounds like Happy House, but it's on Soi 1. Walking in from Sukhumvit it's on a tiny right-hand side soi about 600-800 yards off Suk, just after passing the Golden Palace short time hotel. They recently posted a small green sign at the corner of the soi, so it's easier to spot. It's on the left about 150 yards in to the dead end soi... you can't miss it because it looks like the front of an old house with a porch (light tan colored). There is no sign on the building so you just have to plunge in. The provider quality there is about the same as Sweetheart, but there are 30+ to choose from instead of 6-8 at Sweetheart.

Ralph Kramden
03-17-04, 15:17
Deep File-Tractor

Along with Angara, a lady guide took me to the New Happy House on my first trip to Bangkok. Address & Phone
220/20-21 Sukhumvit Soi 1 Prakhanong
2512084, 2545194, 2543501

At that time I had never experienced a soapie massage, so I was taking girls back to my hotel room at inflated prices. I remember paying about 3500 for all night service. A comission undoubtably went to the guide and driver. So I think this type of service could be had for less when on your own. The house seemed interested in multiple day rental. I remember a good selection of girls of not bad quality. The one I happened to choose was on her first night at work. A real GFE. Overall not a bad place.

03-18-04, 02:00
Headhunter2000 wrote that J-One was "1500-2500 B for 90 minutes". It was always 2 hours for me. What's up with the 90 minutes report?

J-One gives taxi drivers commissions. You save about 1000 Baht taking the Sky-Train that Headhunter2000 correctly stated, however.

Get 2 girls, if you can handle it. And if at J-One, get one of the business cards with a Mamasan or Papasan name on it and you will likely not be charged any excessive rates.


03-18-04, 05:46
My mistake. Two hours it is.

03-21-04, 07:46
Tried out Angara today. At least I thought I did. Kind of strange but the place called 'Halem' that I had read was the same is across the street. However, since there was no English sign saying "Angara" on the place I went into, I only have the proprieter's word on it.

Anyway, there were ony a couple oldies in the fishbowl and the papasan tried to tell me they were 2500baht. I wouldn't have even paid the WSG advertised 1500baht, so I bailed.

I'll try back later in the evening when there should be more women.

03-21-04, 12:59
Hey fella, angara is the last place on the block, on the corner. So you can't go wrong. If you're unsure, walk in and ask for their business card. That should clear things up.

Oh, stay firm on 1500 baht. Don't let them rip you off.

03-23-04, 01:08
Any good out call service recomendations? I am going to be there for a business trip and will not be able to monger around because of collegues. I am looking for a sensual massage to relieve myself after a long day's work.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions

03-23-04, 07:56
21 Mar–Early Evening
Even though my initial impression wasn’t too good, the hubbub about Angara seemed significant enough to warrant a second trip back, so, I headed back at about 9PM. More selection, and there were some decent looking girls there this time so I took the time to negotiate the papasan down from 2500BT to 1500BT and chose #18 (forgot her name) despite his pushing #64 really hard (maybe he gets BJ kickbacks?). #64 was okay, but looked pretty old while #18 looks young and had a great smile.

Aside #1: Papasan somehow thinks he deserves a tip despite trying to hi-ball me and pushing a girl I didn’t choose? Could I get some feedback on whether you all would tip him? I didn’t.

Aside #2: I’ve been to this area 3 times now (once before when there were no selectable girls, this trip and one to Halem that I’ll report on in a bit). Each time, I’ve had guys (Taxi drivers and/or Tuk Tuks) try to follow me into the place as thought they were going to get a commission. I’m not even talking about the person who drove me there (they’re hard enough to ditch). I’m talking about lazy fucks just sitting at the start of the lane who see me start heading for my destiny and just follow me. I’ve yet to pay a commission because I tell the door man that they didn’t take me, but it’s annoying anyway. Any tips on how to avoid this situation?

Qutestion #1: This area is close enough to walk to from Soi 3, but is it a safe walk?

Back to the report…

#18 took me up to a pretty dinghy room. I was put off by this because I’ve been to Poseidon and it is quite plush inside, but I guess the 1000BT savings is worth it. The room was worse than I thought though because, apparently, it’s not often used and the cleaning ladies store the supplies in the bath tub. When I realized what was up (cleaning ladies rushing in and carrying out buckets, etc., #18 rinsing out the tub) I asked to change rooms. This caused some confusion, but everything was kosher.

After the room issue was settled, I started chatting with #18 and, while the tub filled up, she sat on my lap and we made out while I undressed her. At first, she was a bit shy because she is very flat chested, but loosened up and didn’t pull the Thai-girl-towel-wrap maneuver.

Hopped in the tub, got a nice wash down and then onto the rubber bed massage. WOW! Never got this in Poseidon, and will certainly ask for it from now on. #18 was a master at using me like a human slip-n-slide! The best part of this was when she slides one leg under me, herself—facing the opposite direction—between my legs, and starts grinding her pussy up against the soldier. No Vitaming V required, my dick got so hard it could’ve been used as a tire iron!

After rinsing off and adjourning to the bed, the rest was good but a bit anti-climactic because #18 only smokes covered johnsons and then couldn’t fit me all the way inside during intercourse. Still, she worked hard at the sex and gets marks for the great rubber bed massage.

Name: #18 (Angara Massage)
Age: 22
Height/Weight: 5’6/110lbs
Measurements: 30A-28-30 (guess, but the proportions are about right)
Looks: Very pretty. Medium skin. Flat chest but nice long nipples. Great Smile.
Cost: 1500BT + 200BT tip = 1700BT
10 scale Looks/Attitude/Service: 8/7/6
Pros: Human Slip-n-Slide massage!
Cons: No BBBJ, Not a very good kisser
Recommend: Yes, just because of her skill at the slip-n-slide

03-23-04, 10:51
22 mar--early evening
to clear up confusion, angara and halem are not the same place. angara is across the street and a bit further down the lane. i asked people at both places and they are not even owned by the same people.

wanted to check out halem and see if there was any difference in quality. it was about 9:30pm and there were quite a few ladies in the fishbowl. however, quite a few were a tad (ironic understatement) on the heavy side. one girl caught my sight immediately, a lucy liu look-a-like with a killer smile. i had already made up my mind to pay whatever, but managed to keep my cool enough so that, when papasan quoted 3000bt, i started to walk out. when they asked how much, i countered with 1000bt and they immediately said 1500bt, to which i replied #172 with a smile.

again, papasan tries to worm a tip for nothing. he went so far as to hand me back my change (i handed the cashier 2000bt) shy 100bt. i don’t think he was happy when i politely snatched the extra 100bt note out of his greedy little fingers. fuck him.

#172, noi (her name means ‘little’), came out and led me to the room. she looked to have a nice body, but the clothes proved a bit deceptive. this place is as dinghy as angara, so there’s no difference in room quality. if you want a nice room, steer clear of these places, if you want good service at good prices, hurry on over.

while the bath ran, she started to disrobe, and when i caught sight of flabby b-cups i didn’t stop her from dimming the lights and wrapping herself in a towel. i was quite content to gaze at her face and ignore the rest.

turns out, she’s only 24 but has a kid (surprise, surprise). that explains the sag factor.

anyway, we chat and her english is really good as tg english goes. funny thing is that she tries to claim she’s only been working for 6 days! ha ha ha!!!

sad thing is that she tells me that she has to buy her own soapy materials and condoms, pays 20bt for the room each time and only gets 300bt per customer. gotta say that i am considering not patronizing the soapies any more because this seems damn near slave wages and i’m not into that. still, she could’ve been trying to garner a larger tip with a sob story. feedback from the more experienced mongers?

she did the rubber bed massage, and really got into it (#18 at angara was more skilled though). i’m not sure which was more enjoyable, the 1hour i spent at wat po earlier in the day, or the 15 minutes noi spent working me over.

sex was good. cbj again, but at least she managed to get me inside and got into a hard grind trying to get herself off :) also, the girl likes to kiss and knows how; good tongue action and lip sucking; a couple of times, i had to peel her off so i could gulp some air.

name: noi, #172 (halem massage)
age: 24
height/weight: 5’4/105lbs
measurements: 28b (flabby)-28-28 (guess, but the proportions are about right)
looks: very very pretty (think lucy liu). medium skin. flabby chest and kid scar). great smile.
10 scale looks/attitude/service: 9/7/6
cost: 1500bt + 200bt tip = 1700bt
pros: human slip-n-slide massage! beautiful face. very good kisser.
cons: no bbbj, flabby tits and kid scar
recommend: yes, because i could cum, even covered, while watching that face bob on my knob.

Boy Toy
03-23-04, 11:27
Purple N Gold,

Maybe it is me who has been causing all the confusion regarding Halem and Angara being the same place, but everybody else has been countering it with the fact that they are different, however I will be in Bangkok on the 21st April and will make it a point to visit both these places (if they are two indeed), however I would like to apologize to all fellow mongers if I may have caused any confusion to anyone, however I would still recommend the both of them as nice places to whosoever is interested in having a good time.


Boy Toy

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Jaimito Cartero
03-23-04, 13:07
Nice reports, PNG. I agree wholeheartedly with people with their hands out for nothing! They try to rip you off on the rate, and then go for another 100 baht. Where is Bil when you need someone to rant about tips. ;)

03-23-04, 17:56

I've finally decided to try MPs this time. Shall be in Bangkok this weekend. Do I have a chance to get any disease becuase of this?

Can I get AIDS if do the tub thing? I'll avoid penetrative sex anyway.

Please respond. No cynicism.


Deep File
03-24-04, 06:38
Excellent posts PnG... informative with some humor as icing on the cake. There is a scarcity of researchers who are prepared to visit these more obscure low-end MPs and then put the effort into a readable report that covers the essentials.

My takes on your questions/asides:
Qutestion #1: This area is close enough to walk to from Soi 3, but is it a safe walk?

Perfectly safe, as long as you are careful crossing the main arterials like Petchabur... the traffic is the main danger.
Aside #2: [.....] I’m talking about lazy fucks just sitting at the start of the lane who see me start heading for my destiny and just follow me. I’ve yet to pay a commission because I tell the door man that they didn’t take me, but it’s annoying anyway. Any tips on how to avoid this situation?

There are a million schemes in LOS, as you know... this is a new one on me, so I don't think it's common. Probably not avoidable, unless you are a regular (in which case the guys would all know what your position is on this). I would continue to complain loudly to the papasan about it when you walk in. Or, you could go by motorcycle taxi, because these guys are rarely tapped into the commission game.

Aside #1: Papasan somehow thinks he deserves a tip despite trying to hi-ball me and pushing a girl I didn’t choose? Could I get some feedback on whether you all would tip him? I didn’t.

First, I NEVER tip before the service. I do tip AFTER the service, but not because it's obligatory... only if the papasan was pleasant, helpful, professional, humorous, made a positive contribution to my experience or brightened my day in some way... then and only then would I tip. This rarely happens on a first visit, but if you repeat and they begin to recognize you then modest tipping helps to ensure more attentive service.

03-24-04, 08:07
Angara Report:

I took a trip to Angara recently on a trip to BKK. Took a taxi there, no problem finding the place. The Taxi drop me off at the location, New Petchaburi Rd, Soi 41.
Taxi drive know exactly this place because in this street, there are about 3 massage parlors / Turkish Baths there. Its seems like these establishments are the only thing going on at Soi 41.

I walked along the street, not seeing Angara, because there is no name posted outside the joint. I saw Halem, and another place, but kept walking till the end, and decide to ask a door man, and he said the last MP is Angara.
I walked in and things were very quiet. There was only about 1 to 2 other customers sitting in front of the fish bowl checking out the girls.

There was another fish bowl next door, and you can walk from inside to the other fish bowl, the selection at the other fishbowl is lower quality, and girls a bit younger. A mamasan said the other girls are cheaper. I asked mamasan how much and she said 2000bht. I said no way. I countered 1500 bht ( should said 1000 bht..now that I am thinking about this) Mamasan talked on the walkie talkie and come back with 1700bht. She said the other customer is paying 2000bht.
I am thinking Ok, it is 200bht more, that is about US5.00, why not. I scan the fishbowl and decided on #84. She kept waving and smiling at me.

We went up the lift to a std room. Undressed, she has a small body, ok tits, B cups, not fat. Face is about 7.
Smokes, about 30 yrs old. Did all the usual routine, soapie bath, slip n slide, cbj, and went on to do the full deed.
Missionary style at first, and we switch to riding cowboy. So, when they do cowboy it is actually squatting as she sits on my little brother. That has more of a tight sensation feel as she goes up and down. The tight grasping by her pussy on my bro is just too much, and she can hump up and down so quickly that I blew my load very fast.

Overall a very mechanical experience, not much GFE. I will need to find a more friendly girl next time.

Gave her a 100 bht tip, she asked for 200 bht, I said no way, too fast, and too short a massage.


03-24-04, 08:19
I found a Massage place that is worth mentioning. This is a traditional massage place in the Nana area. In case you just want to try out a regular massate.

Cheaper than hotel massage / spa service. Hotel massage would be 1000 - 1300 baht. This place would offer similar for about 200 - 500 baht.

Tarntip Beauty, Massage and Spa
Sukhumvit Soi 7/1
Phone: 02-255-1069, 02-251-0291
Open Everyday 9 to 11pm.

So it is good after a long trip or mongering activities :-) At least the fees are reasonable.

Prices are:
Thai massage 200 bht
Foot massage 250 bht
Oil massage 300 bht
Aroma Therapy 500 bht
Facial Treatments 300 bht
Body Treatments 700 bht
Hair cut ?? 150 bht
Sauna 200 bht

I tried the Thai massage, boy, it was good but a bit hard for my taste. Next time I'll try the oil massage, more softer.

Place is like a normal hair salon, except it has massage chairs, and the massage beds are upstairs. it is air-condition, so not bad for a hot day.


03-24-04, 13:14

Take a trip to Wat Po (the big temple next to the grand palace). If you head to the back of the temple, you will find a couple buildings with a banner on them, "Traditional Thai Massage School." 300Bt for an hour of massage, but they are the best.

IMHO, it is best to have a guy for traditional massage. They are typically stronger than the girls so the massage is deeper and more powerful.

03-24-04, 13:23
Yup I must admit, the slip/slide thing is a sure winner. Angara is definitely the best one for that(in that price range). Sure, the rooms aren't first class, but what do you expect for the price you pay? Also, I'm pretty sure the girls get around 800 baht which, isn't the best. At least they don't starve.

03-24-04, 14:13
I've now checked out Darlings (Sukhumvit Soi 12 ?) on three separate occasions. All three times there were about 20 girls in the fishbowl, all of whom were overly made up and obviously too old to stand beside the Nana Disco or any Gogo girls with any success. A few may have even been katoeys. Needless to say, at 2500BT, I haven't even bothered taking one to a room.

I remember the last time I was here the selection was pretty good. What happened?

Sux that there's not a decent soapy actually on Sukhumvit :(

03-25-04, 00:48

Where can I go for FS massage during day time i.e. ~11am? This is the only time available for me.

Thanks in advance.

03-25-04, 01:12

Another question from my side. Is there any HJ only massage parlour also in Bangkok?

Any reference?


03-25-04, 05:04
25 Mar – About 9PM
On the advice of a friend, I decided to try out Chao Phraya 2. Same directions as Headhunter gave for ChaoPhraya 1 (J-One), but a little further down on the other side of the street. For even more explicit directions, http://www.bangkokmovies.com/massage.html.

Anyway, got there and was a bit overwhelmed at the size of the fish bowl. There had to be enough room for a couple hundred ladies. I suppose it’s the same as Poseidon, but I’ve gotten used to the little ones at Angara and Halem.

Aside: At Angara or Halem, because of the size of the room and the fact that I’m always the only guy so all the attention is focused on me, I kind of get this odd feeling that it’s me in the fishbowl. Anyone else get this?

back to the report…

There were only about 15 green ribbon (regular girls) ladies all of whom were at least in there 30’s. There were only 4 yellow ribbon (superstar) ladies all of whom were late 20’s (or maybe 30’s since TG’s look so young). There were at least 50 incredibly nasty skanks/ladyboys/80 year olds on the right side of the fish bowl. What the hell is that about? I can’t imagine any of these ‘girls’ getting business, EVER.

Papasan approaches me and starts laying on some heavy pressure to choose even though I told him I wanted to wait for more selection. Then, he quotes me 4000BT for a regular girl, 5000BT for a superstar. I’m like: “HA HA HA HA!!!” I tell him I’ve been there before and paid 1500BT. H’s like: “HA HA HA HA!!!” He says he can go down to 2500BT, but, given the selection I’m like “BYE!”

Figure I’ll check out J-One. So I walk back down the street and cross over the pedestrian bridge only to get just about the same results. Only difference is that J-One’s fishbowl is smaller and they don’t have the skank section.

Oh well, over to Angara…

03-25-04, 05:14
Any mongers out there want to verify PurpleNGold's report that a papasan at CP2 quotes him 5000 baht, then 4000 baht, down to 2500 baht, and then the same issue came with J-One? If what PurpleNGold says is true, can someone else also provide a second report to see if there is some sort of rip-off scheme going on? CP2 would never quote those prices, in fact, they have a sign that says they don't rip-off foreigners. 1700 baht is the going rate at CP2. What up with that?

Usually CP2s middle MPAs are usually much younger than 30 years. More like 22 - 28. However, PurpleNGold's report of the huge number of Thai massage girls on the right was spot on. Are all the girls going somewhere else?

I want a second report about J-1 and CP2 from another monger to verify this. And big thanks to PurpleNGold's reports! Thanks!

03-25-04, 05:20
25 Mar – About 10:30PM
This time, I had in mind that I wanted to feel some big mammaries rubbing me during the slip-n-slide so, at papasan’s recommendation, I chose #89, Deh (closest I can come to phonetic spelling). She has a pretty face, blow job lips, a big smile and an obviously enhanced rack. She was quite active trying to get my attention, so I figure it’ll be a good session.

Get to the room, the usual ensues--she tries to act shy, I start making out and undress her, tub fills up, etc…

The encounter was good. She’s a hard worker (trying to support a kid of course) and quite chatty and playful. She claimed she’s only been working for a month, but she has obviously been doing this a while because her skills are just too good to be raw. I think she’s the best slip-n-slide of the three I’ve had; she even has some moves the others don’t, like sliding her whole body under mine! Oh, and the big boobs, though hard, were a nice sensation.

Good sex, but CBJ (This is standard at these places?). She let me finger her ass, but got all “Oh, I would die” when I asked about pumping my dick up it.

One odd thing, in the middle of the slip-n-slide, her friend knocks on the door asking to borrow small size condoms for her Japanese client. Deh asks me if it’s okay for her friend to come in and I was like “Sure, anything for the girl who’s rubbing her pussy up against the soldier.” So, her friend comes traipsing through the room in a towel saying “Hi. I not look!” She is pretty fine (#9 for any of you who care to try her out) and Deh says she is really good but gets an average of 5 customers a day so go early.

Anyway, I had a great time, got Deh’s number and will probably go back for a 2 girl slip-n-slide with Deh and her friend.

Name: Deh #89 (Angara Massage)
Age: 27
Height/Weight: 5’ 7”/120 lbs
Measurements: 32DD (enhanced)-30-30 (guess, but the proportions are about right)
Looks: Pretty, long dark hair. Big smile. Enhanced and a bit hardened titties.
10 scale Looks/Attitude/Service: 7/7/7
Pros: Human Slip-n-Slide massage! (as always). Playful, SKILLZ!
Cons: No BBBJ, hard fake tits, kid scar
Recommend: Yes, and I want to try her friend to.

03-25-04, 07:13
Last month, I got quoted something absurd at J-1, something like 2800-3500 Baht from the younger papasan for the top TGs, but just left when he wouldn't negotiate.

At CP-2, the old papasan that looks like a Thai Col. Saunders with the #2 badge quoted me 1850 Baht, which I happily paid, and went back the next day for another session. Still, a local Thai guy there eating dinner (claiming to be a customer) while we scoped the fishbowl was a bit coy about them charging farangs and Nipponese more. If I got nipped for an extra 150, well, we all have to pay our skin tax every once in a while.

Who is #1? I was looking for #6. Be seeing you.


Boy Toy
03-25-04, 09:44

Quite funny though, but if you go back to this thread, on the 8th of march, Sainter made a recomendation for angara and said he tried #89 , but said her name is kratea from chiangmai, two weeks hence you state having tried #89 at angara , but say her name is deh, is the girl lying or has a new one come in iher place?

Also in a reply to an earlier question you have said that you tried Poisedon last year, now having tried both Halem & Angara , which would you recomend Poisedon or these two? I plan to visit Poisedon in my next trip however wanted your views whether spending the extra 1000 baht is worth it or not?

Boy Toy

03-25-04, 13:26
Hey PnG, that Deh girl is the same one that I had. Funnily enough, she told me her name was something else(read my earlier report). Has an 8 year old kid in Chiang Mai I think.

Did you give her a tip? I did. :)

Ralph Kramden
03-25-04, 15:01
The last time I was in CP2 they had the prices posted on big signs inside the fishbowel in front of the different sections. They apparently have changed from that very honest system to more having to deal with a papa(mama)san, aka hustler in my lexicon. Keep the reports coming gents so we don't become the screwies.

03-25-04, 21:21
At CP2:

>>There were at least 50 incredibly nasty skanks/ladyboys/80 year olds on the right side of the fish bowl. What the hell is that about? I can’t imagine any of these ‘girls’ getting business, EVER.

Those women offer traditional Thai massage at very reasonable rates (500 baht I think). Definitely not of interest to readers of this forum but I assumed they were there for the locals that couldn't afford more.

03-26-04, 04:16
At CP-2, the old papasan that looks like a Thai Col. Saunders with the #2 badge quoted me 1850 BahtLOL! I know that guy, he's cool, and he knows me! That's why I wanted another report on CP2, earlier on. So it's now 1850 baht, huh? That's reasonable (used to be 1650, then 1700, then 1750).

Thanks, I will continue my rounds at CP2 in less than 2 months.

03-26-04, 09:14
Sainter, I thought you had said #89 but, when she told me her name, I figured I had just mixed up the info in your post. Maybe she just changed her nickname? I'll ask when I see her next.

I did give her a tip, 200BT because she worked hard and had skills. I forgot to put the 'cost' line into my review. Sorry about that. Oh, and I gave the papasan 100BT since he did recommend her but took Deep File's advice (thanks) and gave it to him on the way out.

As for the CP2 thing, I won't be back. I am sure the selection is better at other times, but, I'm pretty much only gonna go to soapies for the slip-n-slide now (see my BKK2004 report about Joy), and I can get a great one at Angara or Halem for at least 350BT less.

Boy Toy, I liked Poseidon. It was really nice inside the rooms and the girl was good. I'd recommend trying it out once just for the experience. I mean, it's only $50 and you only live once. However, for regular trips to expunge the bad seed (taken from SA's quote book), I would recommend either Angara or Halem.

* 1000BT savings is a big deal considering you're not there for the room anyway.

* The Poseidon room I visited was in no way capable of supporting the human slip-n-slide, so that's probably not even on offer there.

* Girl quality is probably the same. Figure at any given joint, you have the girls who will make you happy and you have the starfish. My guess is that they are in the same percentage no matter where you go.


03-27-04, 00:25
This happened in December. I went to 'River city' ? in bangkok and after checking out the mall there I got out and took the first left there and there were a row of foot massage places.
I got into the first one on the right in that lane.

The prices were 300baht for 1 hour foot + 1 hour body massage. So me and my wife went in and the girl I got was a real stunner. I always had a bad opinion about thai girls' quality based on the pics I've seen so far but this girl was a stunner. As she did the regular massage I couldnt control the urge to do her but my wife was just next to me.
So, I waited for it to complete and then I stayed back for another session while my wife went downstairs. I asked for the same girl and she invited me for an 'oil' massage. I accepted that immediately and went upstairs and got completely naked and she started off a good oil massage and after a while asked me to turn around when she saw that I was very hard and erect and immediately told me how much I would pay for FS / bbbj and I went 1000 baht and she asked for 1500 and finally it came down to 1100 baht. She also asked me how long I would like her to do the bbbj before she finishes me off, lol. She gave me a great bbbj (after a 2 min argument about bbbj Vs cbj) and I finished of CIM.

She told me to come alone next time and not with my wife. She really was nice to me. My opinion about thai girls changed forever after that one experience. She was 29 yrs old and had a perfect body.

Hope this helps.

03-27-04, 04:11
HK Man,

You're right about the real thing being able to change your opinion after only seeing photos. I've been allowed to snap a few pics of the girls and always find them lacking, especially when I can compare the pic and girl side by side and see that the two don't even look like sisters.

Where is 'River City?'

Deep File
03-29-04, 06:50
River City adjoins the Sheraton (Royal Orchid) Hotel... there is a map online at www.rivercity.co.th/page13.html

03-29-04, 13:35
28 Mar – Around 2:30PM
Well, you know what they say about one bad apple… :(

Sent my little bundle of Joy off to get a hair cut and a change of clothes so that I could get back to Angara for a round of two-girl human slip-n-slide. Turned out to be a very bad experience.

Got to Angara by moto-bike. 50BT from Soi 11, but it was burning hot and the guy wouldn’t budge. Being ripped off, even for 10BT pisses me off, so I was already starting off on a bad note.

Inside, #64 was very aggressive about getting my attention. She’s pretty and had an apparently enthusiastic attitude: I should have taken her. Unfortunately, I still had the thought of #89 and #9 sliding all over my body running Hi-Def in my head, so I told Papasan that I wanted #89 and #9.

He quoted me 2500BT per girl. I’m used to this scenario, and, with a smile, countered that I’ve been there a couple times already and paid only 1500BT each time. He seemed to get offended and said, “I have MANY customers pay 2500BT.” When he wouldn’t budge, I walked over to the other papasan, a kind of scrawny guy with a roundish face, whom I had tipped the last time. He remembered me, but wouldn’t budge off the 2500BT price either. WTF? Anyway, I got pissed and walked out.

Guys, don’t let these fuckers rip you off. There are just too many available places to go, and you don’t have to put up with that shit. Learn to walk away.

I was in time to catch my moto-bike guy, and, as I put on my helmet, one of the door guys, who had been inside when I had my disagreement with Papasan #1, rushed over to meet me and asked why I was leaving so soon. I told him that I always pay 1500BT per girl and that I would be writing a report on the internet to tell farangs to stay away and avoid being ripped off. I don’t like doing this, but in this case, I don’t feel like I was using it as blackmail because I wasn’t even expecting anything. I just wanted to let them know that they were not going to do this with absolute impunity. I didn’t even realize these guys (who look much younger than the papasans) have the authority to make deals, but this guy says “okay, 3000Bt, two girls, 90 minute.” That’s what the papasan should have said!

I wish I hadn’t gotten the correct price, then I wouldn’t have wasted $75 :(

I went back in and sat down while they called #89 into work; I guess she lives across the street because, from the time they phoned her until she showed up was only about 5 minutes. She remembered me and acted all happy to see me. While we waited for #9, I asked her about her name she told me that it’s Kratea, not Deh (just like SR said). I must have misheard her before.

#9 comes out of the fishbowl and we head upstairs. In the elevator, I found out #9 is named Eve. Unfortunately, that’s all the conversation I got because Kratea and Eve were chatting away in Thai and I might as well have been absent. It’s kind of like parakeets. If you have one, it will get quite attached to you; if you have two, they will make a clique of which you will NOT be a member.

In the room the serving lady gave me a bit of a hassle about not getting drinks. She asked me several times whether I wanted anything, and alternated asking about drinks for the ladies. The other times I’ve been here one “No thanks, I’m fine.” has been all that was required to get rid of her.

Well, Kratea and Eve were still chatting away with one another. Both undressed and pulled the towel-wrap maneauver. I tried to play around and get the towels off, but no luck. Kratea was a completely different girl all of a sudden. Since Eve joined us in the lobby she didn’t say a word to me other than a polite ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions (whether or not they were ‘yes/no’ questions!). When I tried to get her towel off, she said, “I’m shy.” She wasn’t so shy before.

Along with this, I got the sense that Eve is a total *****. Uh oh. She told me to get into the tub, and I did. When I turned around to watch her de-towel and she snapped at me “why you look?” I would have been worried that she’s a lady boy, but I caught a glimpse of flap jack titties were too nasty to be fake. She has a pretty face, but her body’s not in line with it. I wish I hadn’t looked.

Okay, so Eve was soaping me, very mechanically, while Kratea soaped up the rubber mattress and they birth chattered at each other like canaries. I expected Kratea to join us in the tub, but that’s wasn’t to be. After about 5 minutes, Eve told me to get out and get on the mattress. I was confused because she didn’t do much more than rub some soap over my belly, and the girls in soapies have always been pretty thorough about the bath.

Anyway, I got on the mattress and Kratea started sliding over her body over mine, but it’s different than before. She was just sliding up and down, no eroticism whatsoever. Eve was just sitting in the tub. They are still just chattering at one another :(. I asked her when she was going to join us and she asked me “where you want me to sit?” HUH??? I stopped Kratea and asked her why she told me that both would do this when I asked her during my last session.

Now, this is where I got really pissed off. Kratea just stared at me for a moment and said ‘Yes’. ?!?!?!?!?!? Then the total bullshit: Eve says, “She no speak much English.” ?!?!?!?!?!? I told her that is obviously not true because I had been with her before and she spoke perfectly well for the situation. Eve got even more bitchy and started talking about how I was a bad heart for calling her a liar.

Allright, I was done with that shit. I got up, rinsed myself, toweled myself off and told them that they were both liars and that I was going to talk to the management. Things accelerated quickly to a shouting match. Eve had her voice at a screech: “I no lie. You not good man!!” I was yelling back at her at this point and using name far less polite than ‘bad girl.’ Before security or drink ladies could come to find out what the fuss was about, I dressed and was out the door.

Downstairs, I sought out Papasan #2, but he was even less helpful than before. I couldn’t even get someone to talk to in order to complain. No partial refund. Not even an apology.

Well, I had two decent sessions at this place, but, after this experience, will not be back because management obviously doesn’t give a shit about customer happiness. Fuck them. Like I said before, there are plenty of places in this city to get this.

3000BT and a tab of V down the drain and I didn’t even get to pop. I recommend avoiding this place. Go to Halem which is across the street, or one of the other places in this area. I think they all offer the human slip-n-slide.

Name: Eve #9 (Angara Massage)
Age: ?
Height/Weight: 5’ 6”/110 lbs
Measurements: 30A(total flap jack nasties)-28-30 (guess, but the proportions are about right)
Looks: Pretty face, nasty body with ugly breasts.
10 scale Looks/Attitude/Service: 7/1/1
Pros: Pretty face
Cons: She’s a fucking c-u-n-t. Ugly body.
Recommend: Only if you’re into a crazy, lying, b-i-t-c-h.

Name: Kratea #89 (Angara Massage) [mistakenly reported as Deh before]
Cons: Very strange when she’s with another girl.
Recommend: No. She’s a lying b-i-t-c-h as well

03-29-04, 14:04
PnG, sorry you had that bad experience. That's the one aspect of Thai behaviour which I totally abhore, trying to rip people off. You don't need to put up with crap like that. There are plenty of other places to spend your money.

It's strange how many of us, *******, Plugger and myself didn't encounter this bs. If I did, there's no way they'd get my money ever again.

Oh and sorry for recommending 89 to you. :)

Head over to Eden. I'm sure there'll be plenty of tales for you there.

Boy Toy
03-29-04, 14:15

A word of advice a twosome at any of these soapies can be a very different experience, especially if both the women don't get along so well, and otherwise in life which two women do really get along, none I guess ?

Last year in angara I had a similar kind of experience, both women kept talking to each other in thai , and ultimately I realised I too had made a mistake, the 1 st girl whom i chose was good, however the other being the papasan's recommendation was quite a *****, ultimately I too was left quite unsatisfied, however I took a fancy for one whom I had chosen , and went back again for a retry called back the girl whom I had liked the previous night, and told her that i wanted a twosome but didn't enjoy it very much last time, she recommended that we try it again with one of her friends, to which i agreed and she called out for one of her friends who was however medium looking but once I got into the room with both of these, it was a totally different experience, did every thing possible and had a great time, so ultimately the moral of the story is leaving the choice to the women, thier well being among each other will be the decider of your experience .

Don't get disheartened and try what I did, if you feel like, regarding the papasan's or thai people in general once your money is in thier pocket they don't give a shit, so fuck them.

Take care

Boy Toy

03-29-04, 14:44
I paid the 1850 Bht at Chao Phya II, got the Super Star/VIP room treatment. It was good, well worth the money.

03-29-04, 18:54

No problem with your recommendation. My 1st experience with #89 was pretty good. She just became a different person when she was with #9. I am completely baffled by her 'no english' game because she and I chatted quite a bit on my first visit.

Boy Toy,

#9 was #89's choice. On my first visit, she told me that #9 was really good. I think it wasn't that they didn't get along, but, rather that they got along too well :(

Three I
03-29-04, 20:04
Hey brother be careful over there. I don't want you to get arrested on some trumped up charges over some bitches! Take care and hope you will have lots of fun over there.

Three X out!

03-30-04, 13:48
Thanks Three X. Don't worry, I know I have to stay out of trouble so I can show you around when I finally get you to make the trip :)

Hey, the PI is probably out this trip, so maybe I'll head over there with you at the end of the year.

Party Guy
03-31-04, 06:05
Hello everyone,

Can someone please let me know how I could find some big boobed Thai ladies? If anyone ever met any SWs who had, please let me know where you met them or a contact number?


Party Guy

03-31-04, 16:12

You seem to be getting ripped off from all angles here. 50 Baht for a motorbike ride (when it is 5 baht for the locals, usually an accepted 10 baht for farang), not a tuk-tuk otherwise just tell them no and move on. Then you are quoted 5000 baht at CP 2, which I find hard to believe, as other mongers have posted the correct rate 1850 and the papasan's looks to verify. Then you claim the same quotes at J-1, which is also hard to believe (unless you are taking a taxi and they really don't like you). And then there are more complaining reports on other SPs and girls.

I know you are not a first timer, so what gives here? Is there a comspiracy in Bangkok to overcharge just you and give you ugly girls? Or are you just picking ugly girls to review them? I think you may have to go through some of the posts in the forum back a year or two and use that gameplan for success.

You seem to be wasting money on girls that don't meet your specifications and being taken for a ride. These reports you are writing seem more like what I would write on my first visit to Bangkok, then I would fit in, find the right places and keep going anf going and going!

How about going to Plaza Entertainment, get a model and give us a 5 star report, thanks.


03-31-04, 17:25

Is it anybody that have experience of Sabai Land in Pattaya?


04-01-04, 05:32
Party Guy > Big boobed SW's can be found along with small boobed SW's and saggy boobed SW's and no boobed SW's in all of the freelance and SW zones mentioned in many previous posts, it is not necesary to ask another member to provide you with contact details as there are many out there if you go out. The best way to find one, is to go looking in the SW and FL areas.
On another note, what have SW's of any size boobs got to do with Massage Parlours in Bangkok ??

Sabai > "Is it anybody that have experience of Sabai Land in Pattaya?"
Perhaps if you looked in the Pattaya section as opposed to BANGKOK massage parlours, not only might you find a wealth of previous posts and information, but also direct the question to the right people.

Gyaos > Your trying to tell us that soi 11 to Angara by motorbike would be 5 baht or 10 baht ??? have you ever used one ? 5 baht is the standard fare to go into or out of a soi, eg from the petrol station on soi 4 to the Waraburi would cost 5 baht, soi service, anything else is negotiable, ok 50 baht is high, but still, its not a direct route due to the one way system, so i dont think it was too bad. Telling everyone a bike should cost 5 or 10 baht will cause them no end of problems when they start ranting at the motor drivers.

PNG > Still great FR's fantastic reading, and great learning curves, keep em cumin !!

Found a hi-class place out on Srinakarin the other night, Fishbowl was 100B an hour for massge in a pvt room with TV, 2 girls, 2 hours, 400B , +tips, selection was small as a lot of the girls were already working so i opted out, building is brand new, and well decked out. Large lounge area, with hostesses and band, second floor with another set of hostesses plus all the sexy dancers dancing on the bar, 3rd floor karaoke.
Drive down srinakarin towards samutprakarn, go over the bangna bridge, past Makro and carrefour, then past Foodland, over the huge traffic light crossroads, about 200m more opposite lotus, you cant miss the signs.

04-01-04, 18:05
Gyaos, I've had good experiences and bad experiences. I've repoted them all. Try reading all of my reports, you'll find that I've reported that I've had great experiences. My first two experiences at Angara were great. My third, was horrible. I posted all three. You want a superstar? Read my posts about Joy in the BKK and Phuket sections.

You say it's hard to believe I was quoted 5000BT at CP2 and J1? Your prerogative. Whether you believe me or not, I don't much care; I'm not writing these to win a popularity contest. The goal is to post my experiences so others might benefit (or at least have some wanking material), and that means posting about getting ripped off as well as posting about finding gems.

Is there a conspiracy against me? I highly doubt it. I don't even think it's odd that I've been quoted outrageous prices. I think Thailand is just a country with it's hand out, and my easy going attitude is taken as gullibility. Maybe I look like I have money to spare. I don't know how that could be though since I walk around in t-shirt and jeans. The only indication that I have money is a pair of expensive sunglasses, and I doubt that would mark me as a whale even if the papasans knew anything about brand names. Most likely, I am just not afraid to post when I have bad experiences, and others, who claim to be such experts about the scene but only have about 30 posts to their name are just too afraid that if they post when something like this happens, people won't think they are players.

What I do find odd is that members who don't post much at all get off criticizing others who take the time to share experiences, good and bad.

04-01-04, 18:11
Meaty, Thanks for the encouragement. I'll keep posting :)

When I get back to BKK, I'm gonna definitely try out your place. 100BT for an hour? How much tip? What's it called? Your directions are probably good, but I can only go by taxi so I need a name to give the driver.

If you're around when I get back, maybe you could take me. I'll buy the first hour :)

04-05-04, 00:24
Someone says it is hard to believe one was quoted 5000BT in MP. I paid 5000BT plus trip in my first visit in 1999 and paid same next 4 days. The local lady guide took me there and I dont remeber the name of MP, but all the girl who was chosen by them was pretty and service was good. I am not sure whether it was a ripe off but I never paid that much in any of other visit.

04-05-04, 04:50
Fman- you must have looked like a big lollipop to them (as in "all day sucker") Of course, without a forum to figure out what a "fair" price is, you can be excused. At the roughly 45/$ it was then you paid some $110 per (more or less) - big money for 4 years ago. That wasn't much differrence from some US price levels - service was excellent, I hope. ;-)

not to mention about 3X what most seem to pay today

(not flaming, just illustrating the value of the forum as an info exchange)

04-07-04, 03:08
Don't be too hard on Fman

The first time I went to BKK was from Boston to London to BKK ( a 24 hour flight). After suffering dirty looks from the Thai cusoms girls, I asked the Taxi driver to take me to Pat Pong.

It was 7 am and I just wanted to look around. But between the the taxi driver and the street tout I was ushered into
"the only place open so early"

The papasan, tout and I sat on the couch. Of course I was offered beers and drinks. There were about 10 girls in uniform that morning. Two beauties came over to coax me.

The girls sat on my lap and I was I fool from that point on. The Papasan
whipped out his big button calculator
and we argrued down to 4000 Baht
for two girls. ( I thougth It was a good deal).

Ok- I paid and took the elevator upstairs.

The Ladies were were nice. Soapy Massage all over the place. Multiple explosions. The ladies were very beautiful. The prettiest one spoke no English- but her friend knew everything.

Here is the Kicker- when I asked how much tip they wanted, they were honest enough to tell me I paid double the regular price.

Of couse I felt like a fool but they were talking about the water bill, rent (etc)so I gave them each $40.

I was ushered out to the street dazed and confused.

So maybe $180 for 3 hours with 2 very pretty girls. I know Im a fool!!


04-07-04, 05:11
PNG > When are you back? a beer sounds good, i have an upcoming out of country trip, but am normally here :-)

To be honest, with those directions going in a taxi would be easy, once out on the srinakarin road, (well known by the taxis) the area is less built up and crazy and you have time to look out the window and take stuff in.

I don't have a car either....yet, let me know your schedule.

Fman > 5,000baht is crazy and without doubt you were ripped off, unless you were in Champs Elysee, or another very high end place where prices can exceed 10,000baht for a ST !! but as Dinghy points out, thank god for the forum, because this way we can learn from each others mistakes.

By the way, Thai TV was reporting that all bars were shut at 1am from 1st April including Nana, i haven't ventured out recently, is this true ?

04-07-04, 08:09
I heard from my girlfriend last night that all the bars in Soi33 now close at 1am.
I don't know about the rest of the bars.Maybe others will tell us soon. But, I heard its a done deal.
too bad. 2am was always an early closing, but this is ridiculous.

But, remember, the reason they do it is some idiots can't just drink a beer, get a girl and go home.


Cream on Top
04-07-04, 10:10
If your intention is to take 2 girls, there is a place close to Nana Plaza which worths a try out.

The Eden club is specialized into this matter. Get in you will see a yellow line on the floor up to the bar. One side are sitting girls doing anal. The other side are non anal girls.

Pick out one girl. The girl you picked will take along with her a girl she knows is ok for the job. Mostly a not better looking as herself. But this is a question of taste so I wont get into details on this matter. All 3 of you will go to a nearby hotel, where the usual cleaning up will first take place before the action starts. During the action you will be left alone for a while with the one you first choosed out. Both will perform outstanding and give show meanwhile.

But finally such a three some is value for money.

The owner of the club is a French speaking bloke. Fine guy, and he knows all the details on the girls. So if you have specific needs or desires he is the one who can tell which girl can do.

Basic price : 3800 Thai Bath for 2 girls all in.

But of course if you want extreme situations, price will go up.

04-07-04, 13:03

I'll be back in BKK tomorrow or the next day. I'm cutting out my trip to Samui in order to save the money for use on a trip to Cambodia or the PI on the tail end of my stay. I'm out of cell range now, but PM me and I'll send you my digits.

Stepping onto my soap box
To me, the 1AM closing is actually a blessing as that means the great Nana parking lot sale will be starting 1 hour earlier each night. I figure, if I want alchohol, I'll stash some in my room and then do shots off my discounted sweety's belly, tits and pussy. If you think about it, the only people that it really hurts are the places that will lose bar fines.

Just thinking of the silver lining :)

Leaving my pulpit

04-07-04, 23:58

Excellent point on the closing time. I've had some of my best times in BKK working the street after hours. Hell guys, if the bars close an hour earlier, why don't we just start an hour earlier ?


04-08-04, 00:15

Good point and it makes a lot of sense to head out to the Nana parking lot an hour earlier to find "whole sale" goodies. By the way, you can find some good talent/looks most of the time there but you need some luck and good communication skills.


Boy Toy
04-08-04, 06:54

By Nana Parking lot do you mean NEP Parking Lot, or Nana Hotel parking Lot?

Boy Toy

04-08-04, 11:16
What the....? Last month Angara was the hot spot, now it's a no-go area.

I guess Cupidity it is. :(

04-09-04, 05:29
Boy Toy,

I mean the parking lot outside Nana Disco. Which is that, and where's the other?


I'm a firm believer that, when management, doesn't stand behind the product, one bad experience is worthy of a boycott. It sux because there were several cuties on my to do list that I'll never get out of the fish bowl.

Asian Monger #2
04-09-04, 09:32
Sorry for asking.

I'm looking for updates on Poseidon as I've heard from my BKK colleagues who promotes it.

Are there any updates on Poseidon in terms of performance of girls, girl number w/ good performance+attitude, etc ; the whole 9-yards.

Since PnG has banned Angara due to his bad experience with #89 Kratea on a 3-some and the price wise, I'm now wondering whether to go for Angara.

BTW, my company is organizing a 'company trip' for staff and I've a few fellow monger colleagues. Based on much earlier good reviews on Angara, I've mentioned it to my colleague who's all for Poseidon.

Which one to choose? Poseidon, Angara, Halem, etc?



04-12-04, 00:51
Asian Monger,

Of the three, I'd choose Halem. You know my reason's for dissing Angara already. Poseidon is too expensive and lacks the human slip-n-slide experience which is amazing. Halem has some good lookers as well (I think they all have the same ratios) and the same price as Angara, not to mention that it's easier to find because they actually bother to put their name on the store.

Check out my pic of #72 in the photo gallery section. She offered a good session and could be Lucy Liu's sister. Watch Kill Bill, then go fuck the shit out of O'ren Ishii :)


Boy Toy
04-12-04, 09:31
Asian monger,

I would very much agree with PnG and recommend Halem out of all , I've tried a no. of these however Halem is the best, worth a try if you have not visited either one of them Angara or Halem.

Boy Toy

04-12-04, 20:23
Hey Fellow Mongers,

I said it was strange to be quoted 5000 baht at CP2, not in Bangkok. Embassy charged me 6000 baht for one girl on my first time in BKK, so I know the score of ripoffs. But the CP2 issue was strange and I wanted to know who did that, so I can see him with Col Sanders.

I totally support PnG's posts. No issue there. I want him to try some places I've been to and get his reports from there as well, if he has the time and the $. Like Plaza 6th Floor, Poseidon 3rd Floor, Meree, Snow White, Darlings, Dai-Ichi (OM), and that place on Soi 4 (OM) that is really cool, and others too.

Have fun!

04-13-04, 23:18

I just got back from SE Asia and as usual ended my trip in Bangkok at the Plaza. I have been a steady customer (4-5 time a year) since 1999 and most of the time have been with girls from the 6th floor. These are the superstars according to the Plaza rankings, and their numbers are preceded by an S. My friends and I always work with Fai, our mama-san, who knows our tastes and preferences and 9 times out of 10 presents an out of this world selection. I usually like to hook up with someone I've been with before, so I make a pre-booking. Most of my buddies go for someone new, and Fai will run four to six girls at a time into the room for review. It's a rare occurence when one of us is unhappy. It runs me b3500-b4000 for my girl for two hours. I'm not sure of the cost of the room; we usually book a 4-bedroom suite on one of the top floors, with a big common dining area, central jacuzzi and big-screen karaoke. The food is passable, but that's not the focus, right. You cannot go wrong on the 6th floor.

Asian Monger #2
04-14-04, 05:53
Boy Toy & PnG,

Thanks for y'all recommendation. I've only been to NKK twice as I've posted before. First time was Emmannuel and second was one of the Japanese karaoke bars in Thaniya.

Just to clarify some things in Halem. Price is 1500B for 90 minute right? 2 pops?


El Greco
04-17-04, 06:01

I have been to BKK many times. So many that I lost count. Since 1974 actually.

The prices mentioned lately are way up.

If you are looking for a good early evening service try Chaopaya 2 at Sri Ayutaya opposite Europa Inn hotel.

It is a 40 Baht taxi drive from WTC. A few blocks from Bayoke buildings. First road to the left after you pass the railway tracks.

It is avery large establishment with about 130-150 girls.

It is one of the oldest massage parlors in town. Well maintained with large and spacious rooms. I am always getting a VIP room with an extra 60 Baht.

All together for an hour and half the cost is about 1750 Baht.

The place is full of locals who they stop by after work. You can see this by the parking lot being full.

Do not let the taxi driver take you further down the street to another place that used to be Chaopaya 1.

The one I am talking about is exactly opposite Europa Inn.

Once again it is called Chaopaya 2 Turkish Bath with a large parking lot in the front. Open 14: 00 till midnight I beleive.

Anyway that is my favorite place when in BKK. I get myself a good service and then I meet with my buddies for dinner.

El Greco

Tom Jefferson
04-17-04, 10:36
Prince: most if not all MP will provide HJ.

Try Sazanka (Washington Sq.). Massage and "salt treatment" (to clean) and HJ (but no other services).

04-21-04, 21:13
JimHard69 wrote in another section that:

"Even places like Barons Oil Massage are scared of the anti-fun program. The girls do not shower with you any more, the girls during the massage are fully clothed and if you do not ask about special service, they don’t!"

A fully clothed masseuse ? No shower with the performer ?

Is that a fact ? Can someone confirm that sorry state of affairs ?

For me Barons is one of the very best things that Bangkok has to offer, and I would be very sorry to see that sort of thing happening to that great place.

04-22-04, 20:01
CP2 is 2 hours, not 90 minutes.

Baby Huey
05-05-04, 02:36

It is true on the Baron. I am with you the Baron was one of the best places in Bangkok for a Oil massage with extra's. And all the girls are good looking and the service was always GOOD! But now it is different, with the anti-fun program!

The best thing to do at the Baron, if you know a girl or seen a girl there before; ask for her and the service will be the same as the past. But the first time you see a new girl, do not look for the shower together or the birth suit during the massage.

With a new girl, tell the girl you are looking for every thing at the beginning! That has work for me most of the time, since the anti-fun program started, but not every time.


Asian Monger #2
05-05-04, 04:26
Field Report

Ankara = Kratea #89. She was the bomb! In sum, had the greatest GFE I've ever had. Thanks to all the previous posts recommending her service. #46 (name dunno) is her frien and is also recommended. WARNING : THIS WILL BE LONG!

Here are the details:

Had my company trip to BKK/Pattaya from 30th April to May 3rd. May 2nd was in BKK for 1 nite only so I had to savor the opportunity to visit Ankara. Asked one of our Thai guide to take me to Ankara as he was a monger too. Great start!

Arrived Ankara at around 10pm plus. Didn't see #89 and was sad. My guide goes for side lines so we sat and looked at the pretty sidelines. They were pretty. He goes for the pretty ones. Was quoted B2000 for non-sidelines and B2500 for sidelines. Looked around and still no sign of #89. OKT (can speak Mandarin) said she's working. So I suggested to check out Halem. Went there and only less than 5 girls to be seen. Jetted out in less than a minute. Then went straight to Mona Lisa as my guide loves that place. Arrived there and a handful of girls available. Not my taste as I still wanna try #89 Kratea.

Mona Lisa no luck so went back to Ankara. This time round, I asked my guide to negotiate with OKT saying that last time we were here price was like B1800. Before we could start to negotiate, OKT recognizes our return and straight away offerred B1800 & B2200 for sidelines. At this time around, the hour is 11pm plus. All the sidelines were taken so had to wait as my guide is definitely going for the sidelines. I am still waiting for #89 but OKT recommended #46 cuz 89 & 46 are both good frens and from the same town up north. #46 is very fair but I still longed for #89. Waited for a while and almost going to choose #46 when OKT brings #89 straight to where I sat as she had just finished a customer. She was just 1m away from me and I could see the real person and not behind the fish bowl. OKT mentioned to her that 1 customer specifically asked for her cuz she's famous from internet. Anyway, I asked if her name is Kratea and she confirmed!! WOW! That was great! I was pumped up excited. Walked with her to counter to pay B1800 and OKT suggested to give him B100 for that special service he did for me. So I gave him as I remembered earlier posts that someone tipped OKT for some extra mile.

Totally GFE at the start and held hands while going up to room. While going to the elevator and inside, I kept commenting that she is good service and that she's famous from internet. So that was a good boost for her confidence. The plus point about her was she could speak English. Communication was a blast. We had some good talk during the bathtub wash. She asked if I wanted the body massage soapy and I declined. I asked to spend more time in the bathtub. So she asked me to sit relax while she fills up the tub. When she removes the red gown, those jugs are HUGE!! Looks like 36D. All this time we were chatting a bit and I repeated she was good based on internet but never mention this forum. Hey she wouldn't know; not like she could check this forum. She took of my clothes and that was a plus point. Went into the tub and she gave good bath. Was nice and sensual. Had a mini FK ( french kiss). She did a tit-fuck for a couple of minutes. Still chatting once in a while. Confirmed with her the session was 1.5hrs but she said never mind, can go over as I'm her last customer. Took a long shower about 40min. After that, I offerred to shower her and rubbed her body and boobs. Man they are HUGE and FIRM! I think the boobs are siliconed. At this point, she asked to do the soapy on the float but I declined again. So we dried ourselves and to the bed session.

Bed session was as good. Asked me to lie down while she does the cat lick. Licked my ear lobes, neck, chest, nipples, down to stomach, down to thigh, and to knee. Runs her fingers all over. At this point, I didn't know if she would BBBJ cuz I was told that all soapies in BKK does CBJ and unless the girl knows you would she only do BBBJ. To my surprise, she did BBBJ on me. It was so so and she told me NO CIM. I said ok. She also licked my balls a few times and back to BBBJ. After this, I offerred to DATY. I checked her pussy. Shaved, clean, and no smell. She was prepared for my DATY so I went ahead. Sucked and licked her clit and finger-fucked her hole. Her hole feels tight!! DATY her for quite some time till some hard moans and she could stand it and asked me to mount her. By this time, my brother was soft so she BBBJ me again to get it hard. This time, the head bobbing was faster. Put the cap and she's ontop for a few throb into her hole. Feels good and I wanted to changed position. Missionary, then side, then doggy, then finish with missionary pounding till cum. After I came, I rested on her and she didn't even rush me out or push me off. This is good service man! When exiting her hole, she helped to hold my brother. I was handsfree. Cool! After that, she asked me not to rush and take it slow. First time ever hearing that. I wanted to jump into the tub but again she asked to take it slow and no hurry. Comforting to hear it!

Wash, gargle with Listerine due to DATY, dry off, clothes on and saw the 1.5hrs not up yet so chit-chat a bit more. Paid her B300 tips and she never complained or whined but the prayer hands clasped together with a humble bow signifying gratitude. That is the kinda attitude. Mostly I think we had a good start with my omnipresent comment on her good service, had some good laughs, etc.

Next time in BKK, I'll visit Ankara for her ONLY!

Signinig off,


Deep File
05-05-04, 07:23
Perhaps because I am a longtime regular, I have not seen any change in the behavior of the girls... none whatsoever. But the owner did tell me that he had lectured the girls about being more discreet... that is, "cool it" a bit on the extras particulary with customers they don't know. Personally, that does not seem like something that will have much impact on the girls... given where the revenue lies.

There are still 150+ johns per day visiting Baron, and I doubt that all those guys continue to patronize the place for a standard off-the-rack oil massage....

05-12-04, 07:34
saiba siaba in an alley near 2 indian restaurants off Soi 11 is only HJ or BJ.

I declined.

at the corner of that alley and Soi11 is a hair shop. they massage upstairs with Full Service.

I paid 1000 for the FS and the 250 for the massage.


05-12-04, 11:14
saiba siaba in an alley near 2 indian restaurants off Soi 11 is only HJ or BJ.
I declined.
at the corner of that alley and Soi11 is a hair shop. they massage upstairs with Full Service.
I paid 1000 for the FS and the 250 for the massage.
The one in the alley is called Sabai Sabai
The hair shop, do they have pvt rooms or curtains between mattresses ? Was it obvious this was on offer or do you feel you had a lucky girl ?

05-12-04, 21:36
What's the deal with the hair shops ?

In the lower number Sois - Soi 5 I think - there were these hair/facial/shave shops where the girls are dressed in bright uniforms. Some very pretty girls. It looked like a legit beauty parlour for men and nothing more on offer. Very nice girls indeed and I did wonder if any of these were available to take out.


Asian Monger #2
05-13-04, 02:53

Are you in BKK now?

05-13-04, 02:54
JD: I have wondered the same thing. Also have often wondered about the Massage Parlors where all the girls are all dressed up in the same uniforms and very cute along sukhumvit. Has anybody any information on this?

05-13-04, 08:09
I am not sure if I was lucky or that is normal. This is my first time to BKK.

upstairs they have little half rooms, with a curtain as the side wall, but real walls between the other beds. You can always take a look before doing anything. In China, I almost ALWAYS look in the rooms before taking girls when I am in the BB shops.

Give it a try, but in this place the girls are not as hot as other massage shops that offer less.

She asked for 2,000 but I gave her 1,000.


05-13-04, 08:10
Asian Monger #2,

I am here until the 19th. Where are you?


05-13-04, 11:42
To BKK pros,
could someone post a rank order list of MPs. (BKK and/or Pattaya)
There hasnt been one in a long time.

05-13-04, 23:02

Well, next time I am in Bangkok, I will proposition one of these cute sexy girls. They look absolutely amazing in their uniforms and they seem quite charming too - not in a bar girl kind of way but in a regular girl kind of way. Perhaps they may not perform as well as a bar girl but hey, who knows ?

BTW, the facials can make you look really good (I mean the legit facials not the COF decoration).


05-14-04, 11:00
That sounds like a good idea. I just was smiled at by one who was walking down the street in normal clothes. Then a few minutes later I passed her shop and there she was.... so cute in her little uniform.

I should go there just to see what happens.


05-14-04, 20:02

I think that there is a good probability that these hair salon girls can be had. Probably with the right guy for the right money at the right time. You may have to go and get a legit service like a haircut first and get to know the girl. Ah, those uniforms ! Beats bar girl clobber any time.

Good luck ! Would like to know how you got along.

Asian Monger #2
05-17-04, 03:07

I'm back in Malaysia since after the Labor day weekend.


05-17-04, 09:51
There is something about those formal clean uniforms that makes me want to take them off. I agree. They are tempting in that innocent school girl outfit way.



Deep File
05-17-04, 11:08
Most of the small barber shops in lower Suk (or elsewhere in Bangkok) offer haircuts, shaves, foot massage and standard oil massage in upstairs rooms. By "standard" I mean a massage (may or may not involve much skill) and hand relief. Don't look for FS... very few are set up with private rooms and shower/bath so the girls can't go beyond the basics... in most the employees are prohibited from providing FS on the premises. There are exceptions, but this is the norm.

The good news is that most of these ladies can and do go with customers for outside service... either "formally" through the house booking service or "informally" if you get her cell number and set something up that fits her schedule.

05-17-04, 17:48

Anyone can recommend a (Legit) Spa! Men club!
That can provide a massage, haircut, body scrub, Hot tub, cold ice pond. Not looking for HJ, FS,.

Need a place to clean up and rest for a few hours!


05-17-04, 21:16

I think the challenge is in the asking. How would you go and ask for a take out service in what may be a totally legit place ? I guess one could ask for a "massage back at the hotel".


Ah yes, those uniforms. My favourites were the pink and the green. True, the taking off of those uniforms would be half the fun. If only the go-go's could get in on the act and dress their girls in the same way. Makes the girls look so clean cut.


Deep File
05-18-04, 08:04
Worst case she says "no" JD. While these places may be "legit" that doesn't mean the employees are not interested in outside revenue opportunities... if you get receptive signals from the lady then ask her if she "goes outside"... then take it from there.

05-18-04, 21:58
Hi to all,

Can anyone recommend an MP, oil or soapy, that's within walking distance of the Erawan/WTC area?

Thanks in advance

John Peter
05-19-04, 08:14
Dear Friends in BKK,

Any Idea , where is this Massage Parlour?

Thanks in Advance,

John Peter

Asian Monger #2

Ankara = Kratea #89. She was the bomb! In sum, had the greatest GFE I've ever had.
Thanks to all the previous posts recommending her service. #46 (name dunno) is her friend and is also recommended. WARNING : THIS WILL BE LONG! Here are the details:
Had my company trip to BKK/Pattaya from 30th April to May 3rd. May 2nd was in BKK for 1 nite only so I had to savor the opportunity to visit Ankara. Asked one of our Thai guide to take me to Ankara as he was a monger too. Great start!

Deep File
05-21-04, 09:19
JP: Angara MP is on Soi 41 Phetburi... most taxi drivers operating in that area know it. Or ask your hotel concierge to write in down in Thai for the taxi driver.

Magnet: The best OM in the WTC area is probably Rajadamri Spa... it is directly across Rajadamri Road from WTC on an inside soi... offers either oil or ttm from 11am. The only MP offering full service in that area is Venus, very near the Spa.

05-21-04, 14:39

Is there any soapy MP near Sukhumvit area, near Soi 18?

Thanks for your help.

05-21-04, 18:04
Deep File,

Much appreciated for the info. I usually stay in the Ratchada area but will be at the Four Seasons (lucky me!) next trip in June.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the forced hard returns in the text.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this concept, a "hard return" is created when you press the "enter" key while typing, thus artificially shortening the length of the text by forcing it to begin on the next line. Hard returns are also caused by some word processing and email programs.

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To avoid delays in future reports, please consider composing your report in the Forum or in a word processing program that does not insert hard returns in the text. Thanks!

Jaimito Cartero
05-23-04, 14:46
Bay, you'll be crispy pretty soon, I think.

You REALLY need to read some back messages. Otherwise no one will ever help you a bit.

Darlings is in the general area. Last time I went they were 2500 baht. Kind of pricey, but good service.

05-23-04, 14:49

Thanks for your info.

It will be my first trip to Thailand. I searched through the old post, I did not see anything nearby (within walking distance).

Cloud Seeker
05-25-04, 20:01
Just came back from my first trip to LOS, still learning the ropes.

I didn't get off the "beaten track" really. I tried Annie's - not a bad place, but the girls are definitely much prettier at Darling's. I picked a girl by the name of "Mam/Mem" (?) - they were all sitting and I didn't realize that she was much shorter until she got up. Paid 1,500 for 1.5 hours - she was extremely friendly and generally, I had a good time.

Still, Annie has a bit of of a run-down feeling to it.

Should have tried Darling, but was quoted 2,500 Baht for two hours / 4,500 (or was it 4,000 Baht) for two girls, same timeframe. I skipped Darling's - not only due to the price, but also because the girls were all staring at the TV screen and I got an unpleasant feeling that they were all staring at me. I quizzed the "manager" and he said that they can "barely" see us whatever that means (just the silhouettes?). Anyway, I decided against doing it as I ventured into Darling's on the very last night in BKK and instead, decided to go to NEP.

Just my five Baht - during my next visit, I will most certainly, try more parlous - I regret not doing the two-girl option at Darling's - they had some nice girls there.

Deep File
05-26-04, 11:46
Magnet... the Four Seasons is a great property, and not much further away; about a mile and walkable. PM me if you need a map... Rajadamri is not obvious from the main drag but easy enough if you have some guidance. And there are 3-4 other venues in that same area if you are feeling adventurous.

Chris H
05-26-04, 17:18
Hey Cloud Seeker,

If you are going to try to girls at an MP, you might as well go to Eden Club. The girls there will probably give you a message and a whole lot more for the time you are there, and you can bust a nut as many times as you like.

Chris H

Bun Biter
05-27-04, 08:38
Anyone know wether any of the girls at Darling's do anal? I've only been to Darling's once (Oct. 2000), I remember them being significantly more expensive than most other places, but the place was nicer, bigger and seemed better run than the others (especially compared to Annie's), and its conveniently located on a side street to Sukhumvit (12-14?) close to where I usually stay when in BKK.

Planning another trip to Thailand and keep reading that Annie's isn't what it once was in the way of service. Been to Eden a few times, but maybe I'm a bit too conservative, can't quite relax and get into it with 2 girls. The policy at Eden's seems to be that if you don't take 2 girls then you're not overly welcome.


Cloud Seeker
05-27-04, 13:42
Hey Chris,

Thanks for the info - I wish I would have done more sleuthing on the forums before I've went, but I will return.

Annie's was okay - I liked my experience there, but I wouldn't be back, that's for sure.

Eden's was a few steps away from my hotel, too bad I missed that out.

Poseidon is another place that's on my wish list next time I'm there. It looks like I can just take the skytrain to Huay Khwang station and I am there.



05-31-04, 22:39
Apparently, I managed to visit the massage parlor, Baron’s, at Sukhumvit Rd. between Soi 24 and 26 (located right next 7-11 store, Baron’s got a thin typo with blue door).

I walked in, apparently, traditional massage girls were located on the right, a lot of girls on the left also, and I assume they do the “special massage” or just there for shits and giggle, no idea.

The counter is located at the end as I walk pass them, the lady behind the counter gave me the menu and I opt for 2 hours oil massage. Then a pretty cute lady (Uum, I guess the scale would be an 8)walked up to me and actually volunteer to take me. She has fair smooth skin and pretty good size rack for the job, and later on I figured that she was a Chinese Thai and spoke mandarin along the session (she can speak fair English too).

Her name was “Beer” (sigh, I love the name… ^^)

She helped me with unbuttoning my shirt and pants down to my bare skin, then proceed with very, very caring shower and almost like a “mini-soapie”.

This is one session I had never experienced in Thailand till now.

Usually the oil massage I had was pretty much SOP, but with her, she lays right next to me, rubbing her arms and elbow along my back and get this… breathing sexily next to my ear most of the time. Jesus H. Christ, no man can tolerate this without going nuts on his libido. Her fingers keeps on running back and forth on my back and sometimes touching my dick, balls and ass at a torturing hour (T-T). Whoa, the shivers were countless and I dare say, this was one heckuva treat. As the fist hour pass, she asked me to turn around and lo and behold, pole is definitely up and hard as it was bent and suffocated for a good hour (>.<). On occasion, she asked me if she made me hot, of course I was god damn hot and horny, you could call me a damn Krakatoa if you asked me that again.

BBBJ (she took her time on this, slow and steady), AR and all ended with CIM. But it doesn’t end there yet, led me to have another shower to clear the oil (pretty much useless as we get messy again).

We had another go and she puts oil on her self and on me and began the torturing foreplay of her rubbing all over me. I could swear if you put sand paper on top of us, it would slide off, it was that oily.

Along the way, she did this move that I had never recall in any Kama sutra book (as if I could recall in that state of mind) which was she spread eagle herself on top of you, using the crack of her butt to slide back and forth on your dick, with her beautiful shaven pussy and asshole aims towards you. I thank god I didn’t blow my load because my dick was aiming directly to my face, LoL.

Mmm, I might as well call this move “Lotus Wasabi” since I had no idea what the heck that move is called.

Now I am going to stare at the wall now and drool. BRB.

Ok, anyway, she teased me to a point I had almost lost it and both of my heads were about to go BB on her, then she said, “Noooo…use condom”. Snapped back to reality, phew, good girl, I definitely come back for her again. Raincoat was on, from missionary to doggie, made a total mess on the bed with oil as the bottle was on the bed itself.

I dare say, it was one messy and oily sex.

After we were done, she started to flirt again by doing a dance something like those Arabian dancers as I sat down on the side of the bed smoking my cigarette and it almost turn me on again (I don’t think she minds going for third round). I asked her to stop cause she might kill me with a heart attack (what a way to die, ^^).

Oh yeah, I ordered a beer and totally forgot to drink it when I left…ouch!

Baron’s Girl: “Beer”

Oil Massage: 800 Bth.
Tipped her: 1.5K (worth every single bath), two shots
GFE: never actually had any GF that does what she did to me, frikkin’ awesome.
BBBJ: AR with the works plus she took her time and CIM.
F/J: Active on the top (many points there, as I tend to get lazy and tired if too long on the top). Shoot, many position and very open hearted (and legs) to most positions I wanted.

Post F/J: We talked and she gave me a light massage after that. Made that “dance” which almost turn me on again, this event only took place along conversation as she was a sport. Maybe different gesture for others depending on how nice you are to her. Plus, she never mentioned on tip at any point in time, which works well.

I apologize I don’t put number system for this as I realized now it doesn’t work like an ISO standard for films in this mongering world, as it is too subjective anyways to rate in numbers.

Right after the session, I decided to go and ogle at the girls that works at the cosmetic counters at the Emporium next door.

My next 2 sessions with her had put me in a greater GFE treatment from her and I managed at an average 3 shots every time and I think that was the right amount to tip.

Plus, I think there was more other girls to try out but I couldn't figure out who was good and I have my shopping habit to keep up with.

Personal Note:
On my second session, as I was leaving, I noticed the cleaning ladies squatting with a few hundred US dollar notes in thier hands with an opened pouch on the floor by the locker (I assume the poor bastard had left it there accidently, or an idiot the left it in there while he was being serviced). Anyway, I suggest for all the mongers out there should properly keep their personal items with them at all times and a watchful eye even in the room while taking a shower. Don't bother with the lockers at all.


06-01-04, 04:07
I'm a regular to CP2 and Plaza/Lacoste in Patpong. (not much talk of this place, I've never been dissapponted.)

Anyway, this time around I'm going to check out Angara and Mona Lisa. Any comments on ML?


06-02-04, 15:31
Well I went to Darling's last week, the papasan was pleasant and let me look for a while, seeing my problems in choosing he recommended #12.

Turned out her name is Lak Mei (I hope I got the spelling correct), she turned out to be a star. Her english was moderated but good enough to carry conversation. She was amusing, good humored. Gave me an excellent bath including a BBBJ.

After the batch followed an excellent massage which was a combination of Traditional Thai and Oil Massage. Al unhurried with lots of little jokes laughter and smiles. Al that done we had a great round of sex, unhurried, she made sure me saw all corners or the bed and I got what i needed a great fuck.

She was not the prettiest of the bunch, but good enough, in the massage arena she was just plain good as well as in bed. The GFE factor is high 9 out of 10, all in all very pleasant and if I go back to Darling if she is there I doubt I choose another girl

06-02-04, 16:39
Cloud9 Seeker:

I don't think there is a Sky train line close to Poseidon. If you really want to take public transportation, from Sukhumvit area, take Bus 136 from Soi Asok. Fare is 12 Baht one way. It has a stop near Poseidon. Ask the conductor to let you know beforehand. If you miss it, the next stop is quite further away and a hassel to come back. While coming back, get down to Soi Cowboy stop, otherwise again you got to walk a long way to come back to Soi Asok.

Generally, I take cab to the Poseidon. I did above just for fun one day. It was not that bad.

By the way, never heard of Huay Khwang station on Sky train route.


Asian Monger #2
06-03-04, 08:37
Dairy King,

Good field report on Baron's MP. It's quite hard to find Chinese Thai speaking Mandarin. It's a bonus. It's a bonus.

I will try her next time I'm in BKK.



Cloud Seeker
06-03-04, 15:57

You're absolutely tight - there is no such Skytrain station, my bad. I never took that skytrain line - mainly jetted between Nana to Silom to Saphan Thaksin to catch the river boat and go up to see the attractions.

It seems like Poseidon is in the vicinity of the Victory Monument, so perhaps, that station? Anyway, I will just take a taxi.

Would anybody here recommend Poseidon?

06-06-04, 05:42

Your report has me drooling to go to Baron's. I've never been but last night I went to find the place. :)

Here's a (how to get there) report for all you guys (me included) that are salivating over DK's recollections.

Take the Sky Train to Phrom Phong. Once you disembark, look for the escalator that takes you up the Mo Chit platform. If you can find it you are 90% there.

Directly below and to the left of 7-11 is Baron's.

06-06-04, 05:46

06-06-04, 05:47

06-06-04, 06:01

Sorry for the blur. I guess I snapped too quickly. It sometimes happens when you're all drove up. :)

06-06-04, 06:04
Need I say more? What are the operating hours of this joint? Anyone know? Are they open at 2pm? That is the time I can try this place out most easily. ssshh, hehe



06-06-04, 08:26

You asked for comments on Mona Lisa. You didn't specify recent comments. I was last there in November 2001, but somehow I doubt that it's changed that much. At one time, in the mid to late 90s, ML was reviewed quite favorably on this website. This is when Atta was administering it and reports were condiderably longer. My problem with ML was the limited choice of women, although I'll acknowledge that I went at a less than optimal time, around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. Anyway, I picked one and paid the fee, which I think was 2500 baht.

The procedure in these places is pretty much standard. The session taked about an hour and a half, which is ideal if you use Viagra. You can take the pill when you first go in (you usually start by ordering a drink), and by the time the fucking part comes around you're rock hard. Anyway, you usually start with a nude soak in the tub with the girl. Then there's usually a rubber raft in the room. She'll put the rubber raft on the floor and tell you to lie face down on it. She'll then soap up her body completely, then lie face down on top of you, writhing like a snake, massaging your body with hers. At some point she'll tell you to turn over, and she'll massage you with her body face to face. If she's good, she'll rotate her wet soapy pussy hair over your groin area. This will invariably get you hard, but she won't let you put it in at this point. When she finishes massaging, she'll have you get back in the tub to wash off the soap. Then you step out of the tub and she'll dry you off. You then proceed to the bed. Most of the girls will let you French kiss them and will allow DATY. She'll the give you a BBBJ, followed by a fuck with condom. You aren't expected to tip; the admission price is all inclusive.

The only real difference between these places is the variety of the girls you can choose from and the quality of the girls. As I said, I was disappointed by ML, but maybe I just went at the wrong time. I had much better experiences at Darling and Ankara. To my mind, Darling is far and away the best of the Bangkok parlors, providing a wide selection of girls, nearly all of whom are attractive. Ankara also has a wide selection, but the quality is slightly below Darling. The best time to go to any of these places is around 7pm, because by the time most of the girls will have arrived at work, but most of the mongers won't have shown up to take them out.

An experience of a different sort can be had at Galaxy, the hands free restaurant. Here you can order a meal and a lovely girl will be assigned to feed you. I met a lovely and luscious girl there named Wan, who ended up providing me with the best sexual service I had in Thailand. After she finished feeding me, they asked if I wanted to take her out, meaning to the massage parlor next door (I forgot the name). I of course said that I did, so we went there and we had a great time. I liked her so much that we arranged for her to come to my hotel the next day. I was staying at the Amari Atrium, which doesn't allow guests, so I had to sneak her in. This was relatively easy, since I had her arrive in a taxi at about 530pm. This was a time when the tourists are just getting back to the hotel from afternoon sightseeing, and others are just going out to dinner, so the lobby is pretty crowded. We just mingled with the crowd around the elevator and were able to get on unmolested. I took her back to my room so we could both freshen up. We had dinner in the Italian restaurant and blended in perfectly; no one was any the wiser. We went back to my room and had some great sex: DATY, BBBJ, fuck with raincoat. She spent the night with me, both of us sleeping together naked through the night. In the morning we fucked again, then went downstairs and had breakfast. Since I was there on a package, my breakfast was included, and I just told the waitress that she was a guest for a business breakfast and to bill her breakfast to my room. No problem. Later that morning we took a taxi to somewhere way the hell out in the suburbs to a house that she has bought from her earnings. She supports her mother and younger brother and sister, all of whom were there at the time. She introduced me to all of them. Her mother was cold as ice; she was on to what the nature of our relationship was. The kids, on the other hand, were quite friendly. Wan has even been able to buy them a computer. Later, we went to Bangkok and Wan took me to the Bangkok Palace Hotel for a Thai massage, which we had side by side. She then said something to my masseuse in Thai, and I saw the masseuse nodding. Wan then told me that she had asked her to give me a hand job, so the masseuse led me into another room. The masseuse ended up letting me fuck her, something I didn't tell Wan. The fuck was included in the bill. Wan and I then went to lunch, after which she got a taxi and we said goodbye. I talked to Wan on the phone several times after that from the states, because I thought I would be going back to Bangkok and would have her be my companion throughout the trip. For various reasons, however, I never went back, and Wan and I have lost touch. I still have her phone number, though, so I can always call her if I go back. The last time I talked to her, she was still working at the Galaxy. The only reason I would go back to Bangkok would be to experience the Club Eden and to see Wan again, but I'm not sure the Eden is worth the trip.

I used to debate with myself and others as to which was the pussy capital of the world, Bangkok or Rio. Valid cases can be made for both, but I've settled on Rio, which is the main reason I haven't been back to Bangkok in a while. Good fucking, everybody!


06-06-04, 09:59
Sorry for the long reply PL,

Usually I have a long hibernation period till my next visit to LOS, so I tend to be more on a quiet side till my next return. Call it a Post-Bangkok-Syndrome...LoL. Anyway, I don't have much to say on this side of the board as I am a short time sex tourist in Bangkok and Hadyai.

Baron opens up somewhat around 10am in their business card I got from them, but I assume the girls would usually starts to pour in somewhat around 11am to noon. They close at 11pm but my guess their last call for client should be around 10pm.

That place starts to get a little busy. So the recommended girls such as Saeng, oil, Nui, Beer (from my own experience) would be taken up for quite sometime if they were "on duty".

Here's the phone number to the place, the lady behind the counter speaks a little english, but suffice to pass the message on which girl you want for the session:

Baron: 0-2261-3860-2

Booking them would be a preferred situation, or you could just gamble by picking up random girls, as I gather their services are quite something out of ordinary.

Good call for the pix of the place PL, that gave me some good memory of the place. (^^) Plus, the description on which station to drop off is dead on exact.


06-06-04, 10:16
Almost forgot, Baron tends to get busy after 5pm. My guess its the after-office hour. Not much idea if Thai visit this place, but I had seen a few upscale (well dressed) Thai business men in that joint in my last visit.

Plus, I had sent you a pm PosterLion.


06-17-04, 08:32
Here’s one for anyone who frequents the Bangna area. I’ve found a nice bar and oil massage place out on Srinakarin. Its called Seralph. Follow Srinakarin heading towards Samutprakarn, go over the Bangna Trad, past Makro, Carrefour, Foodland, straight over a major crossroads. You will then see Lotus on the right hand side of the road, you need to take the first u-turn after Lotus, and this new place is about 100m before the Lotus entrance. The sign is huge and theres a little glass room next to the door.
Once inside you see a small bar, with cubicle couch seating, bar at the back, either take a seat and mix with the hostesses over a beer or wander to the back of the bar and head up the stairs on the right. Top of the stairs you will be staring into a fishbowl. I went about 5pm Sunday and there were 6 girls, all between 18-24yrs old, and IMHO all rating 7+.
Prices were 300baht 1hr, 500 baht 2hr, for aromatherapy massage (read oil massage), picked a large breasted lady and headed for the room. Room consisted of TV, 2 massage tables, curtains and shower in the corner, but they only take one customer per room. Massage was first rate, very good, covered in oil and then smothered in talc, nice cooling sensation. On turnover I was asked if I wanted to ‘make love’ I said ‘no, but a fuck would be nice!!’ I’m not into GFE. She was very skilled and gave me 2 shots, only downer was no BJ, money for her was 1,000baht. She said it was 500Baht for HJ, but BJ she was no good.
If your in the area, its worth a visit.

06-21-04, 17:49
Hello everybody,

From July 16 I'm two nights in BKK.

It's my first time in BKK so I need some suggestions for hotels, dinner and massage parlors etc.

Can anybody help me or are some mongers at the same time in BKK?


06-22-04, 16:39
Eberhard, welcome to the board, and I can help. For info about hotels in Bangkok, check out the Bangkok Hotels section (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?threadid=1029). For places to eat, check out the Bangkok 2004 Reports section (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?threadid=1734). And for Massage Parlors, check out the Bangkok Massage Parlors section (http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/showthread.php?threadid=1421). Another good section on this board that might answer your questions would be the Thailand FAQ. Please read through the forum first before making a very general request, as you have made. You are new to the board, and it might seem as though you have to sift through a lot of garbage to get the info you seek, but the info is there, and these questions have been answered many times before. If after reading the board you need specific information, or have any comments, we will all be glad to try to provide the specifics for you. I don't recommend even trying to go to Pattaya, as you will only be there for 2 days. It won't be enough time. Have fun, welcome to the board, and feel free to ask me or any of the other members answers to the specifics, after you have read the forum. Believe me, it is a great way to invest your time. You have a few weeks before your trip. Plenty of time to do your research. I wish I were going to LOS soon.

06-22-04, 17:15


06-22-04, 17:42
Hi Guys,

Been a while since I was here.

Anyone know where I can find some GOOD massage place where I can get a "sandwich" (two girls at the same time).

Tryed some places,but not happy with them.

06-24-04, 12:32
EDEN at Sukhumvit. Basically here you must take 2 gals for a sandwich. Very highly recommended.

Chick Feeder
06-25-04, 12:19

I'm a first timer to LOS, please I'd like some advice, I'll be in Bangkok for one night most likely staying at the Asia Hotel (not my choice but stuck with it) before heading up country, I'd like to try this soapy massage thing, as I don't have much time, I'd like to be able to know exactly where I am going when I arrive in BKK so where should I go where a farang is accepted, girls are hot and I should avoid a bad experience?

06-25-04, 19:33
Thanks Juggernutt,

I will surely check it out ASAP.

06-27-04, 05:19
RE: S. Botan

Well, back in LOS after another long stint in Nepal so it's back to my favorite MP. Arrived about two hours after my flight landed and the papasan was happy to see me - which was bad because he asked me to sit and relax.

Those precious moments saw one of my favorites #71 pulled out of the fishbowl. I was eye-balling for a second choice and it was between #102 or #106. Papasan recommended #102 and I agreed - though I don't often take his recommendations as Botan is a very local place and I don't quite understand what the Thais like - very different than what I usually like to say the least.

#102 is a cutie with breasts that appear very prominent on her slim frame - probably real C cups. Session started strangely for Botan as the girl immediately sat on my lap and stayed there the whole time the tub was filling. No english and everytime I leered at her she said something that told me she didn't like me looking at her. Other than that, she gave a GFE, responsive to DATY and even did some frenching.

On the way to Botan, came across two homeless guys under the overpass who were sleeping on the sidewalk. Was thinking about giving them a few bhatt when one rolls on his side with his pants below his ass and just started crapping himself. Figured that with such a big load this guy isn't going hungery.

#75 - another papasan recommendation as I didn't see any of my usuals in the fishbowl. Cute and young but with a heavy-set frame. Good english for a Botan girl, enthusiastic and responsive, but overall nothing special.

Still prefer Botan over the usual Th Suk places but need some variety - even if it means paying more than the Botan 800 bhat. Any recommendations for mid to large fishbowls with economic farang prices?

Deep File
06-30-04, 10:25
If you like S. Botan you would probably also like Thewi - size, pricing and format are similar with mostly Thai clientele. It's about 100M from the bottom of the stairs (southwest stairs) of the PhyaThai BTS station.

Wacko 04
07-02-04, 11:54
Hi to all,

I have been here for quite awhile on work assignment in Bangkok and will be completing my work assignment end July or early August.

Would like to know all those highly recomended good places for a good massage and full package service.

My main interest is in University girls, girls in uniforms and of course young pretty girls.

Do let me know those highly recomended places based on all your expert previous experiences.

BTW, I stay at the hotel near to the Don Muang Bangkok Airport.

Thanks and have a nice coming weekend to all.

Warmest Regards,


Benny P
07-03-04, 16:04
Can anyone advise where can I still find Russian gals in massage palors. Used to have many of them in Mona Lisa.

All About Bob
07-06-04, 01:38
Benny P,

The only place I have seen any Russains was at the Silom Sofitel hotel, in the night club there, and they were not nice, they looked like they would have have your gold fillings out given half a chance.

Also if anyone has any up to date information on 5 star massage parlours, please let me know, any information on Champs or Plaza entertainment would be great. I have read things about Thai penthouse models, has anyone actually found any of these working.

Thank you very much in advance

07-06-04, 05:18

Well boys, it’s here. And whether you knew it or not, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. All aboard the new Bangkok Metro for a trip to Pussy Paradise! Leave all your cares behind and take a ride on the subway to Petchaburi Road, or Rama 9 Road, and many more perfect punter destinations after that. You know were I’m talking about: Massage Parlor Heaven! Chai Mai?

Yesterday was the grand opening of the new Bangkok Metro and today (July 4th) I celebrated by savoring the air conditioned luxury of the new ride. If you’ve been to Singapore and ridden their subway (the MRT I think), then you can visualize Bangkok’s newest wonder. It’s clean. It’s fast. And until August 12th it is also mighty cheap! A ride on the Metro cost a mere 10 Baht, no matter the distance. And didn’t I already mention that it is a ride to PUSSY PARADISE! Just a reminder for those that still haven’t figured out the significance of this event. It’s like the SOUL TRAIN baby.

Take the SkyTrain to Asok station, exit on the Onnut side and then take the escalator down into the deep dark depths of the biggest thing to happen in Bangkok since the new millennia began. The Bangkok Metro! Get in line at the ticket booth and buy a token (shades of New York) or buy a stored value card for 300 Baht. Then tap the token or the card on the magnetic reader at the turnstile and you’re ready to go. Last call, all aboard to PUSSY PARADISE!

Damn guys, we really are getting spoiled. :)


Ralph Kramden
07-06-04, 15:12
Poster Loin,

Thanks for the great news. I have been looking hungrily at the metro being built for some time now. You left out one important point that will especially help new readers:

One and all can pretty much leave taxi cabs stuck in traffic from now on, while you are swiftly cruising to your destination of choice, all the while knowing that the object of your desire is only a short walk away from about any station in Bangkok.

Gone are the days when you tell a cabbie exactly where you want to go, even show him a map, and then he proceeds to take you on a self appointed guided tour wild goose chase to undernourished MPs and slipshod tailors that tip him.

07-07-04, 02:37

er ahem...

kow chai khrup :)

07-07-04, 03:15
Was in Bangkok about a week ago for a quick (2 day) visit.

Wandered around some during the day time just to see what came up. On Sukimvit, a number of cabbies offered to take me to a massage parlor. After turning down 15-20, I decided, what the heck! Forget the name of the places - about 5 minutes away from Suk off another larger street (probably to the north). First place - roughly 50-75 girls in two groups. First group (most of them) in a fish bowl. Generally attractive and quite responsive. The second group, sat in an open area - the premium girls.

Host came over and said the price was 6000 BHT for 2-3 hours! Decided it wasn't even worth negotiating. Second place was 3000, but still no go. Thought a good full service massage was less. Must be my pimping taxi driver adding to the bill. (wonder how much he added). Went to hotel and readied for the evening where I found two great ladies for the night - best experience ever. Go Soi Cowboy.

So, here are 2 questions for my next visit:

1. What is the reasonable price for a good massage? Full service, of course. Attractive girl, not a high mileage one!

2. Please suggest 1-2 places to go - name and street. I'll not rely upon the taxi driver.

Tonsil Basher
07-07-04, 08:01
Late January 04 was in BKK. Stayed at Emporium Suites. At night decided to go for a foot refloxology to soothe away one day's strain on my feet. Girl with dark brown skin, from the Isaan region serviced my feet and after which asked if I wanted a body massage. I agreed. Went upstairs, curtain drawn, and to cut a long story short, she asked if I wanted my willy to be massaged. I agreed. Off with the shorts, my willy fully erect, I let my hand work my way to her well-endowed boobs, squeezing them.

Let's just say 5 minutes later I was screwing her doggy-style with two fingers up her cooter, her face buried in the pillow to stifle her moans.

Turn into Sukhumvit soi 24, first reflexology joint on the left. Has a weird name probably Japanese name.

07-07-04, 08:25
I thought I would share my favorite massage experience in Bangkok. A simple formula, tried and tested!

Location: Darling Spa and Turkish Bath, Sukhumvit Soi 12
There is a large neon sign you can see from the entrance to Soi 12, it is about 100m down the soi from sukhumvit on the right.

Here are the best practices:
a) Tell the papasan(s) just what you want; the service will almost always include a great bath and bbbj, followed by a massage and your choice of most activity.

b) cost is $2500 for 1, $4000 for 2. Go for 2 - you will love it and so will they

c) Ask the papasan for recommendations girls that give good service. They will tend to be the older ones, so if you dont like the first choice ask him to recommend again.

d) Once the first girl has been chosen, have her or the papasan recommend one of her friends (from the front where the younger, hotter ones are, many of them still learning) as the second part of the sandwich. This way they can enjoy chatting with each other while they are servicing you.

e) When you pay, make sure you ask for a good room. Some are only average, while others have mirrors all around and nice big tubs.

f) Sit back, relax, and enjoy getting your body and pipes cleaned and massaged for 2 hours. Tip anywhere from 200 upwards depending on how good you feel. I always end up dropping at least 500 per, because they are consistently worth it.

I recommend you do this within the first day of arriving in BKK for a stay (assuming you dont already have a few girlfriends waiting), it will clear your mind and body and alleviate that ridiculous horny haze from your sight, at least for a few hours.

Enjoy, and Im interested to know your feedback!


07-08-04, 07:44
Eagle 70 > nice FR, its actually one of only a handful i have seen in 4+yrs that is in favour of this place. Most people complain that the girls are older and less attractive, the selection is from 12 girls max, the rooms are drab and the prices are between 500-1,300 baht more expensive.

If you like the 2 girl thing Eden will blow your mind, theres plenty of previous posts with all the info, but this place is a full on 2 girl thing, 3,200 - 3,600 for both girls and the room, as many shots as you can do !

If its soapies you like, Chaphraya 2 is good, prices from 1,300 up, same stuff as Darling.

Just keeping the balance !

07-09-04, 08:51

Thanks for your suggestions. I have been happy with Darling but have not yet sampled Eden or Chapraya. I think I will also diversify my experience so as to have a well rounded perspective!

Where is Chaphraya 2 located, Sukhumvit area or beyond?

Darling will still always have a fond place in my heart!


07-12-04, 06:08
Eagle 70> Not in Sukhumvit i'm afraid, in fact of all the soapy alternatives, it is one of the furthest !

Chaophraya 2 (CP2)
Address, 537 Sri Ayudhya Road, Bangkok
Tel: 02 245 5740

About 30 minutes in a cab from Sukhumvit during the daytime. 10 minutes by BTS.
Take the BTS to Phaya Thai station, exit towards the Florida hotel, with your back to the BTS walk off at a 90 degrees angle along Sri Ayudhya, you will pass CP1 on your right, ignore it, more pricey and more prone to ripoffs, CP2 is on your left towards the end of the road, a good 200 metres from the BTS. If you get a taxi, get out before the MP as he will get his cut, which adds to your bill.

There are also a couple of much smaller fishbowls along this road, set back from the road, very dingy looking, no frills type places, actually as i recall, they are pretty well hidden, has anybody tried them ?

Of course if you fancy trying your luck in general, you could hitch a cab to Asoke, turn left off of sukhumvit into asoke, drive to the end of the road where there is a crossroads, take a right, and choose from the 15+ big MP's dotted on either side of the road for the next 3 or 4 miles.

Happy hunting, i look forward to an FR.

Guys, on another note, over the last year or so i've seen more and more farrangs going out in the Bangna area, to Thai clubs and restaraunts, the farrang population in this area is growing, so by default there must be some other bros, who like me live in this area, if so are there any good MP's or bars locally that you have found, what about hooking up for a beer and massage locally ?
Any takers ?

07-14-04, 05:41
BARON Report

I have visited the "famous" Baron three times during my last 2 week Thailand visit (end of June-beginning of July). Many have reported good things about it; so I decided to give it a good try.
All my visits were 2 hour visits: 800 baht plus tip of 1500 baht.
Before my first visit I called them and asked about the well known girls. Beer was available so I booked her.

She turned up to be a very good experience. She has great communication skills and makes you feel very comfortable. She talks a lot but manages to be always pleasant. She has a good, sexy body: about an 8 or 8+, nice natural tits, pleasant face. Once the oily massage part was over she became very sensual. Very good technique to make you hard. Good BBBJ and good sex after that. You can have two pops if you want to. Before leaving she gave me a card on which she wrote three names for my second visit: Noy, Seang, Oil.
Performance: 9+

So for my second visit I booked Noy. Her communication skills were good but not as good as Beer's. She talks less but is very active and works on you well. For her body I would give her a 7+ or 8, she has silicon breasts (not my favorite), but other than that a nice, sexy body. One big plus about her: she is into strong sex and anal. After a good BBBJ we started a few positions and all of a sudden she put my cock into her anal hole. I never mentioned anal sex but she seems to like it a lot. So we alternated anal with regular sex. After my first pop, she started a good massage and after that I started fingering her holes. Once again she seemed to like this and let me do it as long and as strong as I wanted to. I worked myself toward my second pop..
I talked to her about silicon breasts and found out that Seang and Oil have also silicon tits. So I asked her to recommend other girls with natural tits. She gave me a name: Oh.
Performance: 9+

She was the youngest of the three with natural breasts, long hair and nice pussy. For her body I would give her an 8. But her communication skills were not as good. She kept on "selling" me future visits and kept on suggesting booking two girls for a threesome. She skipped the massage part and started a BBBJ followed by sex. I felt a bit rushed, not enough foreplay. Her techniques were good but not the best. I even cut short my stay; somehow I got bored with her. The only plus was her nice pussy with big lips, which she let me finger it.. I only gave her 1200 baht tip.
Performance: 8

07-14-04, 17:59
Hey Meaty,

Read the report of yours with the directions to CP2. I'm curious if you have a current rating for the place. I've never been but I've walked by it before. As a matter of fact, I've never been to a soapie. Don't have a reason why really, just never had the urge enough. Maybe one day. :)

I'd possibly entertain a beer or two with you. I've never met anyone from this board.


07-14-04, 22:35
New BKK Metro - easy access to "Subway" MP

The new metro brought an easy access to Subway for all of us living in the Sukhumvit area: just go until station "Huai Khwang" and then take exit 3, pass several MP on your right (Emmanuelle..) and you get to Subway MP. Dead Easy!

I was there last week: took the 2-hour oil massage for 800 THB. The place is quite prefessionnal. The maid that brings the drinks to the room knows just one word in English: "Tip!", "Tip!"... Massage from the lady from the bowl was OK and she only started to push for extras at around 1h30 after completion of the massage, which I find right as I like ladies who do not rush for extras. She then said "make love?" but did not mention a figure. I obliged, even if I did not really want to. I gave 500 THB afterwards. She then wanted 1000 THB but I said sorry, you should have told me before.


Member #3346
07-17-04, 20:37

I'm traveling with family next week and we're staying at the Peninsula. The ladies will inevitably spend a few hours at the spa and more than a few hours shopping. I'm looking for the most convenient MP with decent looking ladies. I think the hotel has a boat that will take me across the river. I just don't want to get stuck in traffic or wait hours to get serviced so I come back 6 hours later smelling like soap or with oil all over me. I've read the forums and can't find the info I need. Any help is appreciated

Deep File
07-20-04, 08:29
Take the Penninsula shuttle boat to Taksin Pier on the east side of the river, and climb the stairs to the BTS (Skytrain) station. Go to Siam station and change there to the On Nut line. Get off at Phrom Pong station and descend via the southeast stairs which puts you in front of a 7/11 store on Sukumvit... Baron is about 2 doors east of this quickstop, and they offer one of best erotic OMs in Bangkok. Opens at 10am. Elapsed time door-to-door about 40 minutes one way.

There are several MPs in Pinklao that you could reach by boat, but you would need to be fairly adventurous...

Friar Tuck
07-20-04, 11:09
Deepfile's instructions are good but leave the train at Asoke stop,
walk across the station and down onto Suk road. Soi 12 and Darlings MP are only a few minutes away. Enjoy!

Tell your wife when she leaves for a credit card bashing that you are off for a massage. (TTM of course :-)

You could take the tourist boat to pier 13 and walk to Khao San area, plenty of massage shops there with some little gems
available. Shewa Spa is very good for a proper massage as well.
Ask for Toy, great aromatherapy massage.


Member #3346
07-22-04, 09:18
Thanks Deepfile, Friar.

The directions to Baron's are perfect. So with 40 minutes each way, about 2 hrs for the OM, I need around 4 hours to be safe? Maybe I'll get the wifey a day spa package and get the 'golf' package for myself.

Deep File
07-23-04, 08:49
Four hours should be plenty... Darling on Suk 12 might be an option as the good Friar points out, but would involve a bit more walking and does not open until 4pm. I'm assuming this is a daytime offensive that you are planning and the golf cover tends to confirm that.

07-24-04, 08:46

I was bored the other day so I took a ride on the metro to Huai Khwang. This is the same stop Latrell2 reported on. This first picture is of Soi Cowboy from the Asok Skytrain station. Use it to get your bearings, as you want to exit the Skytrain on the same side of Sukhumvit that Soi Cowboy is on, namely the Onnut Side.

On a side bar, if you are intested in going to Soi Cowboy then you can use the new underground to cross under Asok Road.

07-24-04, 08:56

Here is a shot of the entrances to the Metro from the Skytrain stairs. It is easy to see the entrance across Asok. It is just to the right of Soi Cowboy. The other entrance is in the lower left hand corner of the picture. You can make out some people emerging from the metro near the green construction fence.

07-24-04, 08:59

A birds-eye view of the entrance you are looking for. Either hop on the train and head to Huai Khwang or just cross under the street if you are heading to Cowboy.

07-24-04, 09:00

Head to Bang Sue. Sorry the picture is a little blurred

07-24-04, 09:03

The first thing you are gonna see is Ceasar's Entertainment Complex. I've never been here or to any MP's in BKK so I'd appreciate some posts with good info on service and prices. Khorb Khun Khrup!

07-24-04, 09:06

Just to the right of Caesar's, across and down the street is Emmanuelle's and the Emerald Hotel.

07-24-04, 09:07

If you walk in the other direction you will see the Spago Club.

07-24-04, 09:09

And the Grand Hotel

07-24-04, 09:10

After you've relieved youself you'll head back to Huai Khwang Station.

07-24-04, 09:14

Don't forget to use the location maps when in the underground. They are excellent for helping you decide which exit you should use when exiting the station. :)

P.S. This trip cost me twenty Baht, so no one can say I never gave them nothing. :)


Big Ears
07-27-04, 05:08
There are some Massage places in Bnagkok where "extras" are not provided. And some where you have to do a take-out to get extras.

Simple rule of thumb, ask for an Oil Massage - if one girl is pointed out and the others giggle then you will be offered extras. If it's cold and business like then probably it's a real massage only. May still"flick the dick" but no real action.

Expect to tip higher than ST/LT girls as well. Massage girls know they are sitting on a honeypot that can be utilised regularly!

08-02-04, 00:09
Thanks for the pics, directions of things etc....... I'll be leaving for Asia in a few days and I'm interested which subway stop is close to Poseidon and to some of the other Massage places......I'll have to spend some time RTFF I know....anyways, if you or anyone else can let me know which stop that is for that massage parlor (I love those places), please let me know!
Looking forward to my holiday!

08-02-04, 22:57
I was lucky enough to have to make another trip to Bangkok last week (#4 this year!) and spent two delightful evenings at the Plaza. I made my usual pre-booking for one of my favorite regulars on Wednesday for an early, 5 pm session, and afterwards we went out for some dinner (Samboon on Ratchada) and a good Thai massage a few doors down. We returned to the Plaza for a 10 pm booking and after checking the fishbowl and the sideliners on the second floor, we headed up to Club DeLila on 6. Absolutely beyond belief, the most concentrated selection of beautiful girls I have ever seen. There were 20 - 25 stunners sitting there, without a customer in sight. These girls were a minimum of 7.5 and most were 8's and 9's. This was true heart attack material. I had to sit and take my time as a quick scan almost blew my circuits. The girls smiled, laughed, flashed, and did everything but jump on us. A sucker for a pretty face? Got it. Partial to a sensational body? Got it. Like 'em young? Got it. There was something for everyone. Expensive? 4k for a farang - so for $100, I got to spend two incredible hours with a girl who looked like she could have been Miss Universe, with service and selection at an outstanding level. Our mama-san said that business is down, especially from the Japanese market, and that the girls knew they had to work harder and be nicer. I can vouch for that. I have been traveling to BKK for five years and spent nearly all my time in the MP's, but this was by far the best I have seen and experienced.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the forced hard returns in the text.

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To avoid delays in future reports, please consider composing your report in the Forum or in a word processing program that does not insert hard returns in the text. Thanks!

08-06-04, 18:24
Dear brothers,

I'm asking for your help! I have been on a trip with my wife in Thailand for past 2 weeks and am getting just too hot in looking at all those hot girls... (think, two weeks of looking at them but only a [lovely] wife to fuck)

Could anyone suggest a massage place on sukhumwit (near soi 19) where I could go for a massage and also get a deeper service? The place should be kind where it doesn't state that better service is also available...

Any help guys?


08-06-04, 20:48

On soi 12, about 30 feet from Sukhumvit called "Darlings." Tell the wife you are going for a long walk then you tell her you got lost and that by accident you came across a place you could take a shower and freshen up in case you smell to clean after a long walk...

Good luck....:D


08-06-04, 21:18
Crazy, better yet, run back to your hotel after your session, you will be all hot and your shirt will be sticking to your back. She won't suspect a thing.

Just don't use a scented soap to clean up after your fun.

08-06-04, 23:12

Running back to the hotel is not bad idea... or maybe just bring the wife with you to Darlings and enjoy yourself with her and a cute Thai girl... maybe, just maybe your wife will say "baby, why didn't you think of this before?" :D



08-07-04, 00:32


Member #3346
08-07-04, 06:57

How about Baron's? Just tell her you went to 'xyz' and had to catch a taxi back and got stuck in traffic.

All About Bob
08-07-04, 22:41
Good day to all,

I will be in Bangkok next week, and after reading all your reports am not going to do my usual of looking round soi cowboy and NEP all night to pick the best one to take home, I am going to try the massage parlours, I have in the past had no joy, but have been looking in the wrong places.

I am going to try the 6th floor at the Plaza, has anyone any other tips of where the best model type girls are, also whats the script as far as 2 girl, and a levels in these places, your help and advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

BKK Dreaming
08-10-04, 05:18

Are there any cheaper soapies around?

Seems that Annies at 1500 baht plus expected tip is the cheapest.
This seems pretty expensive for BKK but the other soapies seem to be even more ! Am I missing something here ? Why are soapies so much more expensive them ST with most BGs?

Thanks for your advise

Wacko 04
08-11-04, 02:47
BKK Dreaming,

For soapies, if you are referring to full service package from Cupidy, Chao Praya 2, J One, they are about 2-3 hours long, you select the girl from the fish bowl or side liners which cost abit more, then up in the room she baths you, and then followed by a bubble soap body massage on a air bed, then bath you and then followed by more body massage on the actual bed, then gives you a BJ before you finish off making love to her.

Of course most expensive ones are located in Ratchada area like the famous Porsedeon which will cost you a big hole in the pocket, but of course there you pay for high class girls.


08-11-04, 07:43
Do any of the Bangkok massage parlours open early, say 10.00 a.m.. I have a short stop over in BKK and hoping to enjoy a BJ or FS. Unfortunately, I have to do the deed between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon.

Any advise is appreciated.

Wacko 04
08-11-04, 15:14
BKK Dreaming,

Thnose soapies, it is normally a 2-3 hrs session, start of where yo9u choose the girl you want form teh glass bowl or the slightly good but expensive ones from the sidelines. Then after you have paid the negotiated fees, off you go with the girl to the room.

Room is rather huge. There you both take a bat where she scrub and bath you and tease you. There after she lays lots of soap on the air cushion bed and you lay there and she goes on top of you and does a body massage on you.

Next she baths you again and then on the actual bed she will do another body massage, and then BJ, and then the final act have sex until you come.

That is why these soapy full package is more expensive, but believe me, it is a once a lifetime great experience if you have not tried it before. I had my first try this year in BKK at Cupidy and sure liked it and went for a few more times but different girls and different places.
Of course the 5 star ones are all located around Ratchada area where top of the list is Porsedion where the girls are premium 1st class quality but you pay very high. I did not go there as out of my budget, so went to places like Cupidy, J One or Chao Praya 1, Carnation, Mona Lisa. I still prefer CUpidy or the few others upstairs in the same building as lots of pretty nice girls. I always choose the sideliners and not from the fish bowl.

You have to strike a bargain with the mamasan or papasan.

Good Luck

08-11-04, 23:06
Wacko, are you saying that the Rachada massage places have better quality girls than Plaza ?

08-12-04, 12:38
Thanks guys for your help on trying to suggest for places. Unfortunately I'm back home and had no time to try any services...

Till next time!

08-12-04, 13:27

The stop I reported on looks to be the correct one. I honestly don't know the area that well as I have already admitted to never going to an MP in Bangkok.

Here is a map I scrounged off the internet. I believe I found it from browsing this very site (WSG) but I'm not sure. Whoever prepared this map went way the F@#$ beyond the call of duty. I have one of these maps for every area of Bangkok.

Enjoy your trip.


P.S. I had to crop the pic and did not have the proper software. It is actually a much better map.

Joe Zop
08-12-04, 14:14
PL, that map is from the Sanukmaps Yahoo group, which contains nice maps for other areas of Bangkok (including a great one that details which hotels are and are not girl-friendly in the Sukhumvit area) and elsewhere in LOS. Very useful.

08-17-04, 04:12
I'm going to Thialand with the wife for about a week(tagging along on her bussiness trip). I'll be stuck with her at night, but have the days free to hunt. Would be greatful for any advice to maximize my free time.

Max Sida
08-18-04, 06:45
My favourite place to go for a shower is COLONZE on Rama IX Rd.
Girls are from 5-10 and prices for normal 1700, VIP 1900 and models starting at 2500. At the moment they have a happy hour promotion of 1500/1700 in the afternoon until 7 p.m.

Good rooms, nice atmosphere and decent food before/after the washing ceremony.

Some of the girls are real stunners, some great performers or like my 3 favourites (254, 456, 499) both. All three of them are from the fishbowl (normal 254, vip 456,499). The models just look better (who decides that?) but the good perfomance you get from fishbowl girls.
Compared to Colonze, Annies is a waste of time and money. Horrible rooms, the girls on my scale just from 2-5 and the same price level.
Colonze is opening early afternoon, but if you book some girl in advance it is also possible to go there instead of a lunch break for two hours and then back to work.

Member #2460
08-21-04, 03:37
I was in BKK two weeks ago, on my way back to Europe. Had a 5 hour stop.

I never tried MP before so I decided to go to Annies near Rajah hotel Soi Nana.

As I wanted to eat some pussy , I asked to Mamasan and only to girls would accept. Only one was smiling at me, not exactly the one on my top list but still OK.
Name Wan #34
Age: around 25
Breast: 32B
Height: 4.9ft, wght: 55kgs
Face: OK
Body: OK but had a baby and horrible belly lines
Butt: OK
Pussy: she was OK for me to lick her pussy but I am not sure she likes it.
BBBJ: OK, long, no rush .
Massage: i did not ask
CIM: no
FJ: good, all positions
GFE: good
WIR: yes except belly line
Damage: 1500bt
remark: the room was noisy, other fan or AC had to be fixed.

I wanted to buy some gifts, copies of watches, shirts in Sukhumvit and did not see many. What's happening there? Is there any other place now to go?

08-22-04, 12:36

Just 2 seggestions for daytime fun:

1.Go to a massage parlours: if you check this thread you will find many suggestions, reports ecc. ecc.

2.If you like to experience something different try a freelance. A good place is the Beergarden (Sukhumvit soi 7). From 2 PM you will find some beatiful girls that for 1000 baht will be happy to go with you to a nearby short time hotel (they know everything about it) where you will be given what you need. There is no barfine in Beergarden
Unfortunately non go-go bars a re open before 7 PM in Bangkok so this is not an option.

There are many others bars with freelancers in Bangkok (New Wave in Soi 7 thet is a pool bar, Bus Stop in soi 4, Gulliver in soi 5 ecc. ecc.). But in my opinion the Beergarden is the best bet. Moreover the other bars I mentioned are all close to Beergarden (I mean walking distance) so if you don't like the Beergarden you can check them all without any problem.



08-22-04, 12:51
Max Sida,

I tried Colonze once recently and I agree with you.

Very nice girls, above average rooms and good food.
By the way after the massage (i finished around 11 PM) i check the nearby RCA area.

Some good places (discotheques and bars) to go but only if you speak thai, you are not over 30's and you are NOT looking for a bargirl. I enjoyed the night (I can speak thai) and I will go back soon, hopefully with a thai friend.

About Annie's I also agree about the rooms (not dirty but old-fashioned) and the quality of the girls (poor to be kind).
But I last July I had the best porn-star experience at Annie's.
I choose the #26 (fake tits and lips) and I have 2 hours of pure hardcore.

Soapy massage, BBBJ, she licked my asshole deeply, fucked her in several positions and took off condom to come into her mouth.
Shower and start again with the same program but at the end i ficked her in the ass and come over her tits.

At the end she gave me her mobile number fro some day off fun in my apartment.

Everything for 1550 baht for the house and 500 baht tip for her (agreed in advance).

I think she wwll worth a try.



Acer V
08-23-04, 09:29
Recently in Bkk for a short stay. Stayed right next to Baron's Barber and Oil Massage near Emporium. It was convenient so I could not resist returning several times.

I recommend Fon, Wee, Beer, Oh and Nin. All serviced me well on various occasions. Damage 600B room, 1500B girl for 1.5 hrs.


Ralph Kramden
08-23-04, 15:12

I was a little skeptical of Max Sida's report about Colonze, being it was his first report and sounding a little like sales talk. So I investigated further because I am always on the lookout for a good new MP. They have a web site:
And if the girls actually look like the models on the web site, then I would say it is worth a visit. The prices Max quoted seem reasonable to me. It looks nice, new and clean in the pictures. I hope someone else can file a report because it won't be until late December that I can make it.

Happy humping to all!

08-23-04, 16:08
As a Senior Member (whatever the credibility it gives me...), I can say that Colonze IS better than Annie's for the money. It's certainly not a sales pitch and the girls you see on the web site are real. The best ones are usually not posted as their schedule tend to be very tight.

I've used the service there once. It's not one of my favorite MPs but a definite upgrade from Annie's et all.

Happy hunting.

Migrant One
08-23-04, 20:05

Am headed to BKK in a few months, but I'm a planner.

Like most flights from the states I arrive around 1:30 am.

After the long flight this tired body will probably want a massage and BJ, nothing too athletic. I know I can find some freelancers that evening, but the massage may be questionable. In fact probably at that point the massage is more important than the BJ (well, sort of)

I'll be at the Majestic Suites, any recommendations on a 2:30 am or so massage (OK with BJ).



08-24-04, 09:51
Migrant One,

No chance to find a massage place open at 2,30 AM.

You have only one chance: go out fo Majestic Suites, just cross Sukhumvit road at the traffic light and turn right: you will find many, many girls hangign around or sit for a drink at one of the strret bar opening on Sukhumvit after hour.

Ask to the girl you like if she can give you a massage (no need to ask fo BJ...) and if she can't ask to the next one.

I am sure you will find the righ cutie.

Another option is to go straight to the Nana hotel parking lot where you can find beetween 2 Am and 3 Am the best selection of pussy in bangkok; but at 3 o'clock AM Sukhumvit it's the best bet.

Anyway from Nana hotel parking lot to SuKhumvit soi 5-13 (where the street bars are located) there are 5 minutes walking so you can check both "venues".



Max Sida
08-24-04, 11:59
Dear Alejandro,

Thanks for the feedback, I go to Colonze since they opened 2 years ago as my office was nearby at that time, never got any falang surcharge.

Dear Ralph,

Was not a sales talk, just like to go to that place, they even can make special arrangements when you go there with friends or customers.
When you come over late December, just PM me before and I can show you some nice places or my favourites also in other parlours.



Poseidon Guy
08-24-04, 12:17

Check this place out http://www.sabaisabaimassage.com/p4.html

It's on soi 11 sukhumvit, not to far from your hotel. They are 24 hours open, I tried them last time when I arrived at 2:30am, I think 2 hour body massage was 600 baht, and bj was extra 1000 baht. I only did handjob at 500 baht. this is the only place I know of that's open at that time. Hope this helps.


Ralph Kramden
08-24-04, 14:34
I have been in the same position as you will be, a late arrival with MP lust on my mind. I got a taxi tour of the Petchuburi area, and it was not worth it. All the good looking girls were long gone and only the absolute dregs were left. I also got the impression these places were operating illegally at that time. I think you will be much better off with a freelancer. I hope someone else has some more positive information for you.

Chris H
08-24-04, 15:13

I also stayed at Majestic and arrived late. You will most likely be able to find a freelancer in that area that will hook you up with the massage and BJ, for a good price. The freelancers are all over that area.

Chris H

08-24-04, 19:38
Question all:

Nana Hotel or Majestic Suites?

In favor of Nana: lower price and pool (love the pool).
In favor of MS: clean, nicer rooms, better all around facilities.

I've never stayed in either one, and I'm headed to BKK this weekend.

Can anyone give me some help on this one?



Member #1701
08-25-04, 03:24
Will be at the Surawong Rd / Silom area for a coupla short meetings and was wondering if any one of you could recommend a good Massage joint in the immediate area to 'relieve' some stress.

Something that opens in the late morning / early afternoon would definitely be great.

Appreciate any feedback. Tks

08-25-04, 04:04
"My favourite place to go for a shower is COLONZE on Rama IX Rd.
Girls are from 5-10 and prices for normal 1700, VIP 1900 and models starting at 2500. At the moment they have a happy hour promotion of 1500/1700 in the afternoon until 7 p.m."

Max or anyone who can help.

From the new Rama IX underground station at the Asoke/Rachada intersection, where is Colonze? Is it towards the Victory Monument or in the opposite direction on Rama IX? How far of a walk is it from the intersection?

What time does it open?

The web page provided below has a site only in Thai script. Even the map they provide is not of use to me.


Max Sida
08-25-04, 06:44
Hi Nuevo,

From the intersection head away oposite of Victory Monument.
Direction is to Ramkhamheng.

Colonze is directly after the crossing with Ekamai.

On the left side, big blue house.

They open after 1:00 pm, but only a few girls available at that time, better after 2:00 pm.

Have fun

08-25-04, 07:20
You basically need to take a cab from Rama IX Subway Station in the direction opposite that of Victory Monument. It's quite far from the station, figure in about 15-25 minutes depending on traffic condition. Colonze is near the Rama IX/Ekamai intersection on your left hand side if you're coming from the Subway Station.

The operating hours are usually from 3pm to midnight.

Tip: If you can find a girl who fits your specification that can do the Nuru Nuru service, give it a shot.

08-25-04, 17:02
OK... I'll bite... WHAT is the Nuru Nuru service?


08-25-04, 17:07
Member #2460

[ I wanted to buy some gifts, copies of watches, shirts in Sukhumvit and did not see many. What's happening there? Is there any other place now to go?]

The stalls on the Sukhumvit are closed one day a week, different days of the week for the ven and odd sois side. I think the odds are closed Thursdays and the other on Wednesday, but I am not 100% on the day of the week.