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2003 Thai Women - Opinions & Advice

01-02-03, 15:17

Happy new year, I wish you all the best with whatever (or whomever !!) you choose to do.

Keep up the great flow of info and experiences.


I am sorry to hear of your retirement (semi) plans yet again !!!!

Keep it up guys .... ;-)


01-03-03, 03:46
Z I can't resist rememberig an old joke about "playing poker - you don't need a partner if you've got a good hand??"..<tongue in cheek>

Dashing Don
01-03-03, 07:40
While in the Philippines recently, I met and hung out with a guy from Arizona who had lived in SE Asia for over twenty years. He was burnt out with the girly scene and even though he would accompany us to the bars, he wouldn't pick up anyone. I think he just liked me and my friend's enthusiasm (we were there for a week). And, he constantly reminisced about the USA.

Anyway, I called him recently in Arizona where he had gone back to after quitting his job about a month ago. The first words out of his mouth were how he missed Asia and the girls and the laissez faire attitude. How the concept of femininity is almost unknown in the US, what with all the equality etc etc.

Z this is probably you after you get back to whatever Western country you are from. Yer burnt out dude.

After putting up with the awful attitudes of the career girls here in Manhattan, I cant wait to hit BKK and Pattaya in mid February. We have no natural defenses to those girls with the big smiles who call us "hansum man"--we're just not used to it. I could care less if they are only interested in the 1500 baht or whatever; it just feels good.


01-03-03, 08:48
quoted by Dashing Don,

"We have no natural defenses to those girls with the big smiles who call us "hansum man"--we're just not used to it. I could care less if they are only interested in the 1500 baht or whatever; it just feels good."

Well said about the allure of the Thai girl!!!!

But I will never understand the hard feelings so many men have against the women in the USA and other western countries.

C'mon! sorry if reality hurts but some guy is banging each and every one of those hot chicks walking around Manhattan or anywhere else in the USA.

Are these guys who complain out there trying to meet women on a weekly basis? Everyone seems to make these annoyingly vague statements as to how impossible it is to deal with American women but if they don't want to be more specific than why even bring it up in the first place? There are Thai girls in the US, and any other type, kind or race you might possibly want to meet. So stop making excuses and go on some dates! If you are a loser or have glaringly unattractive physical features than too bad. That's life, there is no constitutional right that says every man has the right to get lucky with quality women.

01-03-03, 13:06

Could not have said it better myself !

I have recently returned from a round the world trip that included the USA, Europe and S.E Asia .... there were beautiful women everywhere .... and I personally like a woman who has self worth, self respect and knows what they want in life, after all I am a guy who is secure in who I am, and I like that in women.

Too many guys equate their paid subservient experiences with bar girls to be the way all Thai women are, and they aren't.

But, How long could you put up with that anyway ??

I don't mind the occasional daliance with a bar girl but to think thats how a lot of guys would like women to be, scares me .... nope, give me a girl with a brain and a mind of her own any day.


01-03-03, 14:26
about thai girls vs. western women:

one must keep in mind that what we enjoy in thailand is very much an illusion; the illusion that we are powerful and attractive men who can have pretty much all the sex they want from young, docile and pretty girls.

admittedly, there is something specific in thai culture that makes it most pleasant (the easygoing mai pen rai attitude, the geography of the place, the buddhism, the great food, etc.), and all that much more so than neighbouring countries.

however, the big attraction is that we enjoy a social status that is far above the one we have at home, because of our spending power, and because of the attraction that western ways have to the thais (keeping in mind that we are tolerated only in thailand, which is a rather strongly xenophobic culture)

still, the naked truth is that we consort with the dredges of society, poor, ill-educated farmer daughters who sell sex for money with foreigners. or slightly better, low-class salary women who might enjoy excnging a one night stand for an evening at spasso's)

thai women of equivalent status to the one we believe we have in thailand are just as out of reach in bangkok than their peers in farangland. and rich educated thai girls can be positively obnoxious and behave in ways that would ashame manhattan-based "sex and the city" women...

we enjoy what is basically a colonial situation. it is what the "disneyland for adults" concept truly means.

Dashing Don
01-03-03, 14:37
I dont have hard feelings against western women, and I am happily married also. (Maybe thats because I get to monger quite a bit). But seriously, you can't tell me that US women are anywhere near as friendly, as sexy, or as winning as Asian girls.

US females are usually trying to prove their equality. Are difficult to approach. And here in NY, like most of us, are too busy. Sure, you'll get laid if you are willing to go through all the nonsense--I'd rather take a plane ride somewhere.

I even make a distinction between US girls and european girls, with the US girls coming at the bottom of the sexiness ratings. Hey, I dont see millions of tourists coming from around the world to meet our women, like the way we flock to Asia.

Its not just the sex in Asia thats so great--its the whole experience. Right from the opening smile and "hansum man" routine to the tolerant and friendly society and finally, the frequent trips to the bedroom.

Did it ever occur to you that we westerners, especially americans, pay a price for our efficiency, wealth etc. That price is in the value of the relationships between male and female.

I dont have any "glaringly unattractive features" and bathe frequently. D)

01-03-03, 23:14
It is hard to add anything to those last few post since they say it all...

Dashing Don,

European men are jaded with European women, Austalian men jaded with Australians; and I don't even want to know what Thai men think about their women. If the views of expats is any clues, it is not pretty. At least this is true for the "minority" who travel to other countries and taste the women there. I'm not sure what this means but it may be that common thread we all seem to feel.

The best sex I have had in my life by far has been with American women, but that comes down to one's personal taste. I like women who learn skills and like to apply them. I have yet to see that in the Thai girls although they have their own beautiful quality.

01-04-03, 00:25
Dashing Don,

What tony and Seydlitz are saying is spot on ........

The fact is, I am an Australian (go figure !) and I can't say that I am bored with Aussie girls but the lure of girls in far flung countries has incredible appeal.

The fact is that the Thailand you are seeing is not the real Thailand, it is the one that is promoted to the farang, it's a veneer you are seeing, as Seydlitz said, it is a xenophobic culture, like almost anywhere, and Thai women on similar footing to their western counterparts act the same, meaning that they actually have self worth and confidence and their own form of equality, by the way, what do you have against equality ??

The Thailand you are seeing is of girls who have to be endlessly friendly and subservient to westerners or they would starve to death .....


Dashing Don
01-04-03, 06:33
I vacationed in Sydney in 2001 in Sydney and Cairns. Met up with my long lost brother who lives in the western suburbs of Sydney and after seeing the Opera House and doing the Bridge Climb, I went ( with my wife ) to Sydney's "sex district"--Kings Road, I believe it was called.
There's nothing going on there, monger-wise. Kings Road is typically Australian: non-threatening, organized and above-all; polite and courteous--its even friendly. Lotsa video stores. Probably all the workers are covered by the labor laws. Australia has to be one of the most civilized countries in the world, and with the utmost respect, I can understand why you find yourself in Thailand.

You mention seeing the "real Thailand". Are you saying that Sukhumvit is not real? Please don"t negate the millions of pleasurable experiences myself and other farangs have there. And that we couldn't have had elsewhere.

The Thai sensibility is to have fun regardless of one's personal situation. On my first night to Thailand, a few years ago, my friend and I barfined three girls and let them show us BKK as it was our first night in BKK. After hitting a few karaoke bars, we found ourselves baby-sitting the girls pocket-books while they danced. Several times, they disappeared for a while and left us with their valuables. We, of course, felt duty-bound to wait and return their belongings, thereby repricoprocating the trust they showed in us.
Later that night, I had both girls in my bed. I had good missionary sex with the first, but, with the late hour, 45y/o, etc., I couldn't do the other one. Boy, was she mad. We hadn't discussed money, as I never do, but it seemed a personal thing for her that I didn't want to have her. In the morning, I tipped her anyway.
I think that many of the girls come to BKK for fun and excitement as much as to support theri families. They do it for a few years and then go back. But!!!, what an impact they make.

I can't wait to see them on Feb 15. Anyone going this time?? I'd like to meet fellow mongers who actually enjoy Thailand. snafle@hotmail.com.


01-04-03, 07:16

You better NOT be ugly, especially with the handle "Dashing Don!" The next time you're in Bangkok try making some moves on pretty Thai women riding around in their Mercedes, or ladies you can verify DO NOT work in the sex trade or have frequent contact with westerners.

All OzGuy and Seydlitz were saying is that the outcome may well be different and much closer to that Manhattan experience.

Be that as it may, I am glad your experiences have been mutually good for you and the ladies you have met. One can't really ask much more than that...

01-04-03, 15:22
Dashing Dan,

The area you are talking about in Sydney is Kings Cross, it used to be the redlight area, but now it is very hard to find street walkers there ... they all are employed in brothels and escort services, in an attempt to more easily control and monitor it.

Of course if you drive around Sydney and just out into the outer suburbs you will still find street walkers around ... though not my scene, in Australia anyway, but we are straying off the topic here.

In answer to your question, no I don't view Sukhumvit as the real Thailand at all .... this is the prime Farang zone, everything you see here is put on, or exaggerated in order to part you from your money ... to see the real Thailand you have to get out and away from the farang targeted areas like Sukhumvit, Patpong and so on .... take tonydasnakes advice and approach normal Thai girls, you never know what may come of it ....

My friend I am not trying to down play the experiences you, myself or anyone else has had in these areas, I am just stating that there is a difference between what you see in those areas to the rest of Thailand, or to be more exact, areas that are not targeted at the farang sex tourist.


01-05-03, 01:07
I watch some of my friends bring back thai women to australia and just sit back and wait until the emotional and finincial disaster unrolls in front of me.Id like to tell these guys that they are making a big mistake before they jump in but who am I to judge.

Ive lived in thailand for about 4 years and think thai women are nice and sweet but 99% of them wouldnt make a good wife.

It all comes down to compatability the same as in most western relationships. If your just not compatable I'ts not going to last.

For me most thai women are quite boring. Most of them good and naughty girls have very little inerest in anything such as hobbies sports or interest in any subjects relative to todays world. Most of them lack general knowledge about most matters, even the educated ones. Most are interested in eating, shopping and sleeping. After the initial excitement of meeting a new girl and doing the wild thing you quickly become bored with each other as demonstrated by many falangs sitting there having dinner together looking like theyve been together for about 10 years but probably been together for about 2 days and have ran out of things to talk about and are bored with each other.

I dont totally agree with the fff method as some guys like the gfe while they are on holidays which is fine but I would suggest never to take a thai women back with you to your home country and marry them. Why go through all the crap and hassle for something that is going to breakdown for sure and cost you lots of money and emotional distress in the long run. In the end the fff method is usually the best.

If you do go ahead and marry a thai women try and set yourself up in thailand as this has a much better chance of making a relationship last. The drawback to this is being in thailand the temptation of getting in the sack with other thai women which is bound to happen after getting bored with your official girl.

I think alot of falangs who live in thailand would agree with me as most expats you meet even though living in thailand for quite a while are still single and loving it.

Apac Boy
01-05-03, 12:26
i just want to clarify that these "thai women" we're talking about are the working girls in Thailand and not the middle-upper class girls. ludwick's 99% is referring to the bar girls and NOT the "nice" girls. at least that's what I hope he's referring to.

abalak tapioca

01-05-03, 13:55

The above give some interesting views from guys who married Thai women (and later paid 50 baht to fuck them). Love is so eternally refrshing. I like the one of the Italian guy's ex wife sending regards to their kiddie and saying her "new" job is so boring, having to fuck the same farang for an entire week.

01-05-03, 14:32

You say "who are you to judge" ?? ..... but claim to be a friend to these poor fools, some friend !!

Damn, do you like to see your friends go through that stuff ??

You are not judging them by opening their eyes to what the future holds .... like tapioca said, you must be reffering to problems associated with trying to have a normal relationship with a bar girl .... and that can't be achieved.

Life is full of experiences ... some good, some bad ..... live and learn.


01-05-03, 14:55
Originally posted by tapioca
i just want to clarify that these "thai women" we're talking about are the working girls in Thailand and not the middle-upper class girls. ludwick's 99% is referring to the bar girls and NOT the "nice" girls. at least that's what I hope he's referring to.

abalak tapioca Im actually refering to women on both sides ,working bar girls and upper middle class as I worked in thailand for some time speak fluent thai and have met a broad section of thai society.Across the board most thai women dont usually have any common interest with us so most of the time we are not compatable with each other,something that is very important in a long term relationship.

Most upper middle class girls tend not to go with a falang for fear of being labelled a bar girl so Its quite difficult though not impossible to meet a nice interesting chick that has alot in common with you and that you would consider being a long term companion.

Although there is some good relationships going on I think most are destined for failure , but more so if she is a bargirl or that type of women.There is actually quite alot of smart educated ladys doing freelance work on the side but I still find them boring after a while as they tend to be very materialistic and the suggestion of trekking through a rain forest or doing something adventurous is usually beyond them because it would involve exposure to sunlight and they would be afraid of turning a darker colour which most thai women try hard to avoid.

Im not againts someone trying to find love and a good relationship with someone but before people jump in ask yourself is this person really compatible with me,do we have the same outlook in life and share the same values,have some sort of vision or goal that we want to achieve together or am I just wanting a companion or sex partner because I dont like to be alone and it seems like the right thing to do.As you know many people have made big mistakes in the past and will do so in the future and all Im doing is putting some prospective on things.

01-05-03, 15:02
Originally posted by OzGuy

You say "who are you to judge" ?? ..... but claim to be a friend to these poor fools, some friend !!

Damn, do you like to see your friends go through that stuff ??

You are not judging them by opening their eyes to what the future holds .... like tapioca said, you must be reffering to problems associated with trying to have a normal relationship with a bar girl .... and that can't be achieved.

Life is full of experiences ... some good, some bad ..... live and learn.

OzGuy. Love is blind so how do you tell your friend hes making a mistake and make judgement on his own personal decisions that dont really affect my well being.I can only give advice to someone and they have to make their own decisions as its not my business to tell someone who they can and cant choose,also im not specificaly refering to bar girls just thai women in general from all walks of society

01-06-03, 03:00
"If you do go ahead and marry a thai women try and set yourself up in thailand as this has a much better chance of making a relationship last."


I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Bringing a Thai girl to your home country is BOUND to fail, with few exceptions.

Either learn to love Thailand, and settle in for the long haul, or stay single and fall in love a day or two at a time...


01-06-03, 05:54

In an earlier post you were clarifying your views in saying that your not against anyone coming to Thailand for consensual sex. You also said that you were against any behavior that would make visitors unwelcome to the Thai populace.

One could make a very strong argument that many acts of prostitution don't constitute consensual sex, because it is not possible to really know the state of mind or degree of enslavement behind a women who trades sex for money. Also, it would seem likely that large segments of Thai society would view the sex trade as unwelcome behavior.

Would you say you are against prostitution?

I am interested in hearing more about your views on Thai society and culture both to see how clearly you have thought through your ideas and what some of the subtleties are about Thailand that you feel go right over my, and other's heads. I'd like to keep it polite, or at least diplomatic!

01-06-03, 09:11
I'm sorry too wildman; but I expected your silence and it speaks volumes in any case.

01-06-03, 11:45
I often go to singapore and have a good network of friends both male and female.This gives me a good chance to meet singaporean women and let me tell you how refreshing it is after being in thailand for a while to meet and go out with singaporean girls.

Most of them are smart well educated and very open compared to the average thai women in general.You can openly discuss most things with them and generally they dont mind the idea of casual sexual encounters with western men as they would be never be labelled *****s or anything like that whilst they are in singapore.They also never ask for money.

I wish thai women were up to singaporean standards, I would never leave Thailand as the only draw back in Singapore is the cost of living compared to Thailand.

I think most thai women in general are very dissilusioned with their life as thai society has been pushing commercialism and materialistic attitudes on thai society which often has negative results as far as life style choices. This is demonstrated by the growing number of uni girls selling themselves in order to keep up with their friends having the latest consumer items and being able to go out and drink and spend money at the latest night clubs.

Im no moral crusader myself as I enjoy very much the fun associated with having the ability to help these women with their finances, I just wish they wouldnt be so materialistic as it would save me alot of money on shopping..he he he

01-06-03, 12:34

mate there is one slight problem with something you said in your last post about consent ...... I agree with you that you don't know the motivation behind it, but the fact that she has decided to go with you, IS consenting.

Yes the reason she is consenting might differ, but she is still consenting to you as a customer, but this is opening a whole thread on prostitution and it's ethics .... do you really want to open that door ??


01-07-03, 01:07

sadly, a thread has already been opened, and i'd like to close it.

the thai bg is consenting by accepting a customer's
money. and, no matter how handsome, smart, charming or ugly, stinky or rude the customer, the thai girl is still consenting to a sex act with him.

i was asking for clarification of a vague post that was supposed to be clarifying the poster's position. a position that, although vague, was all about ethics and morality. i agree with you that doesn't need to be discussed here- at least until someone is dumb enough to actually say "i punched, kicked, and generally acted with criminal intent with all the bg's i picked up; and they were all ****d too!"

i agree, it doesn't matter what the morality and ethics of the individual poster here is...the girl takes your money, it's business...

01-07-03, 01:30

I was following the thread about Thai-farang marraiges. It was largely a repeat of an earlier thread but that is understandable since the same issues always come up!

Anyways I agree with confronting the "friend" about making a mistake of this magnitude. But it is too easy to just say Big mistake Mate!!" or give a lecture on cultural issues. I'd nail my friend with many hard questions that really pissed him off and hopefully made him start thinking...

People aren't used to being asked questions, and generally don't like it. They'd rather hear a lecture which goes in one ear and out the other. No worries, hell, I'd make him worry.

01-07-03, 08:19
Originally posted by tonydasnake

I was following the thread about Thai-farang marraiges. It was largely a repeat of an earlier thread but that is understandable since the same issues always come up!

Anyways I agree with confronting the "friend" about making a mistake of this magnitude. But it is too easy to just say Big mistake Mate!!" or give a lecture on cultural issues. I'd nail my friend with many hard questions that really pissed him off and hopefully made him start thinking...

People aren't used to being asked questions, and generally don't like it. They'd rather hear a lecture which goes in one ear and out the other. No worries, hell, I'd make him worry. tonydasnake

I think a good point to make to anyone wishing to marry a thai girl is let someone look at all the issues involved. Most thai women have many issues far more complicated for the average joe to fathom and marrying a thai women you are taking on all her issues and trying to deal with your own ones.

Financial issues lead to emotional issues which is one of the many things that lead to a relationship breakdown.

Most men delude themselves by thinking they can resolve these issues, but after a while you have to have some sort of reality check and take stock of all the implications of having a girl around so you can get laid on a regular basis.

Most western marriages dont work very well as demonstrated by the very high divorce rate so I dont think a marriage to a thai women is going to have much success either. Actually of all the people I have seen bring a thai women back to australia (about 10 couples I know of both bgs and normal middle class women) The success rate so far is 0% I think about 5 years is a bout the longest so if you call that success I dont know.

The bottom line is we all are born to suffer so why make ourselves suffer more by taking on another peice of luggage that is far too heavy too lift.

01-07-03, 18:44

I hope this helps:

1. What will the weather be like in April?
A1. Most snow will have already melted.

2. Where can I score some Viagara?
A2. I usually score the 100mg ones in my room. They break easier that way.

3. Recommendation on top massage parlors
A3. Definitely recommended. 'Bottom' MPs are unhygienic.

4. Hotels in the top end range.
A4. Playboy Hotel has a nice gynecological chair in EVERY room. Recommended.

5. What is the difference between st and lt?
A5. st denotes street. lt is a lieutenant, and you had better salute!

6. If I want to buy a Thai sex worker a gift is this acceptable?
A6. Yes, just find out what color her boyfriend prefers.

7. Am I allowed to show affection towards these women in public? LIke holding hands or will I look funny and out of place... I am 27ears old.
A7. The preferred method of showing affection in public is to walk behind her, and squeeze her breasts, shouting "Yahoo! Check THESE babies!" 27 years old means you'll see daylight again when you are about 52.

8. Recommendations on good restaurants, please.
A8. KFC is passe. Try the hotdogs at 7-11.

9. What is the best way out of the airport?
A9. On a departing flight, of course!

10. Can i rent a "girl" to be my tour guide?
A10. Yes, with first and last months' rent, a security deposit, and that all important cleaning fee, should run you about 80 rubles.

11. Does Thailand accept travelers checks?
A11. All you can sign!

Enjoy your stay, Cheers!


01-07-03, 20:17
Samus - Afraid you'll have to do a little research on your own, or risk getting sarcastic responses.

Go to soicowboy.net and look at the links. Sooner or later you will find the info you need.

Dick Johnson
01-07-03, 22:44
And once again for those of you asking what is the cheapest way to go from the airport to Patpong, the cheapest way by far is to walk.

Things in Bangkok are really expensive. You're better off saving the cab fare.


01-08-03, 01:58
Sorry Wildman (S.W)

Your irony was just too subtle.

01-09-03, 06:37
Samus Aran,

Have a look at the Thailand FAQ, lot of info for your questions.


The experts here are a little fed-up with all those newbies Q.

Hope this help.

01-09-03, 09:20
People still don't get it. Samus is being sarcastic. He is fed up with newby questions, Mega.

Joe Zop
01-09-03, 09:34
ROTHLMAO! Z, your ability to stir up trouble is still unsurpassed.

seol tang
01-09-03, 18:50
Guys, hope the advise offered in this section is not limited to Thai women. I'm coming to LOS again in March from Korea. I want to enter on a oneway ticket as i don't have a set schedule and i intend to do further travel around S. E. Asia. Will I have any problems with immigration. If so suggestions would be apprieciated. I'm an older clean cut guy, if that helps. Couldn't find anything in the FAQ's.

In the meantime there's lots of action inS.K. but it's generally expensive with a surcharge to forginers.Average price about $80 for FS in the RDLs but attidude and performance is often less than enthusiastic. In lots of areas the girls won't even accept westerners. There are unlimited other venues for play; saunas, coffee shops, singing rooms mps, barber shops, cafes and more, but the above price is close to the lowest. The highest is off the scale. In short, for mongering stay in LOS.

Cebu Local
01-10-03, 01:43
seol tang
yes without a return ticket you will have immigation trouble,trust me have been in the travel business for 12 years and that is a red flag,you will have a very long interview regards

01-10-03, 02:10
To people wanting to get out of the airport.

I always find the best way out of the airport is the exit door. They are located usually where the entrance doors are.

There is also a website called ...airport/exitsandentrances.com/html.travellerthai.com/

Hope this helps

01-10-03, 08:13
Seol Tang,

Cebu Local is spot on ... you will get hassles on a one way ticket, a friend of mine did just that 3 weeks ago, he bought a one way ticket to London, and was going to just travel around Europe when and where ever he felt like .....

He was stuck in interviews and customs for around 4 hours until they made certain of his travel plans, his background and so on.

Just the times we live in I guess .....


01-10-03, 13:27
Hello, my name is John Skinless. I will be in LOS next month and I want to fuck my brains out when I am there. I have fucked dwarves, elephants, big hooters, small hooters, 2 somes, 3 somes and all other delights money can buy. I want to avoid Pattaya and Bangkok too if possible as thye are too predictable. I would like to fuck some good practicing Muslim women if possible (nothing sectarian, I just find them sexy and, in my experience at least, they give good head). I might snoop around some of the Burmese refugeee camps too but they tend to be off limits. The S&M seems more BS to me so I might skip those pricey services. Any tips for something to rock my world ??

Joe_Zop: are you still a virgin or have you finally managed to get laid? Have you even one adventure worth emulating. You never went to the Philok hotel, you #$%^&$# v&*%^n:):):)

seol tang
01-10-03, 18:27
cebu local ozguy

Thanks for the reply. I'm sure you're both right. Cebu Local, would possession of an onward train ticket from say Hat yai to Malaysia satisfy immigration. Last question; promise.

In appreciation I'll try to post some specific info and opinion on my sporting activities. Thanks

Joe Zop
01-11-03, 07:23
Nope, Skinless, I've got no adventures worth emulating. Remember that I'm the type who like longer-term hook-ups as opposed to the fifteen-minute encounters along the side of the railway stations. Mine at times also involve some semblance of care and at times even interest in my partner's life, and those discussions have been pretty well banned by consensus here, based on conversations of a few weeks ago.

And I went to the Philok hotel, but you clearly have a higher tolerance for both terrible rooms and lack of security than I do. I felt like continuing to have my camera and PDA once I left, and, as I mentioned in my reort, I did manage to find decent enough action for me half a block away. :)

01-11-03, 07:34
Joe: at least we are agreed on one thing. You are a selfish b-d. I think the good ladies at that hotel would have made good use of your camera and PDA and might well have turned a new leaf. You could have saved them. Mind you, it would be good fun banging a lady or two and annoying the LP crowd; that might be worth doing. But I might just fall in love with a provider instead. Even if it is only for 15 minutes and by the side of a railway station.

Speaking of which: i am going to go out elephant hunting tonight. And Joe_Zop: Freeler has been emailing you. I think he has fallen in love, in Isaan, for 15 minutes, by the side of a railway station. Sounds like the makings of a good C&W song there.

01-12-03, 13:59
Shit, Looks like I'm posting to myself. Hey Skinless, what's up? Gad to see you back. Are you still taking your medication. Viagra twice a day after meals? Good. I see you are going to change planes the minute you get to Bkk in mid Feb and fly right up to THAT hotel in Philok where Joe_Zop wimped out and Freeler tried to rob your sweetheart, the prize BBBJ and rim expert. So, I hope you fuck more than 8 day this time. And what about Freeler's 50 baht a time hooker? That is even low by your standards. Hey, love can happen anywhere, even by the side of railway stations in Isaan. Looks like you and Freeler are our resident low end trawlers.

Now that's an unfair comment. Why I passed by a 55 year old hooker I had been eyeing for some years now as she was talking to herself. Bag ladies have their use by date. There has to be a limit to who and what we will fuck.

Hey guys: anyone hear of those new Nokia phones that make great butt vibrators for your significant other?

Freeler: are vibrators or vibrating mobiles in order for that hotel do you think? Does yiur digital camera vibrate? I am thinking of bringing a dinky little one with me but I hope i can get a covering for it.

Anyone else out there: we can all spend money or set fire to $$ bills. But how kinky can we get? Suggestions desperately needed. All I have right now is the eternal triangle: the veteran *****s of Philok, the Lao border hookers and a few hundred Burmese refugees. There MUST be more to life than this. HELP

Apac Boy
01-12-03, 22:08
i use my electric toothbrush since i can take the brush off...

anything to help skinless...


01-12-03, 23:55
skinless, I do know a new place where you won't get bored. I know no one has ever heard of it, so I hope you'll keep the secret. Actually, it's my favourite destination in LOS.

It's by the sea and its name is Pattaya. You'll find it on the map.

All your fantasies will turn into reality over there, no need to look further.

01-13-03, 01:56
tapioca: thanks for your advice. it will come in very useful.
gladiator: pattaya. mmmm. soem people don't like the food, some don't like the beach, some don't like the speedo tourists. i find it all a bit frantic. i have a friend lives there but i am not sure if he would like me sarriving up to him with 3 or 4 isaan refugees and a suitcase full off viagra. maybe something further south with the muslim sisters. discreet but debauched. any help?

01-13-03, 04:54
you don't need any help... you are already a pro. You will only need a suitcase of Viagra if your next "heart of darkness" tour is like your last one..... best of luck and report from the battle field...

Maybe you could as you go from town to town pick up the hos in a van and tour with them as a travelling circus...


01-14-03, 13:03
Juice: that's a very good idea. My plan is to start cattle gathering in the north, then herd em on down to Bkk and Thermae (park the shaggin wagon outside and short time whoever is interested. But I owuld soon bore with that.

I really intend to go to the battle field, Myanmar border and bonk a whole pile of em. Problem is if I start with the Lao ladies, I will probably stop there. Here is another rainbow idea: bonk Laos, Thais, Chinese, Burmese, maybe south for some Malay ladies. But some hot chocolate or Indians would be nice. But no one is ocming up with anything really debauched. Pattaya sucks (!): they are just old dogs with a few tricks.

I will listen to waht you learned people say but here is the math: 1,000 bt will get a lot more bonk up country than it will in Bkk or Pattaya. Therefore, it should be possible to get more debauchery. What about paying off tuk tuk drivers? (hard to trust those guys) Help.

01-14-03, 15:35
Skinless, Joe_zop,

On a decent connection today, so I'll give it a try:
Joe, if you have been to the Pilok hotel, please tell me where the report is. I can't find it. You may ofcourse use the backchannel...
The hotel isn't unsafe at all. You just should have left your laptop at home. I always carry my camera with me, like my passport, ticket(s), cards, money. So security really never is an issue.

Skinless: Anything goes, you know it, so please no stupid questions, alright. I use a real camera, state of the art with lightning fast, tremble free shutter and motordrive, upto 5 frames/sec. You can see the cum travel through the air and the ho's eyes open wide and then close when it hits home. Happy now?
I will backchannel some scans in due time, I hope to make the deadline for your departure to the pleasure zone. St. Valentine's Day, isn't it. How appropriate!

Anyway, to all you moneywasting no good Thailand travelers: I am having a ball for less then B800 a day. Cheapest ho: B100, most expensive B400, all including roomrent and tips, thank you.

And yes, you could go even cheaper: Indo-fu*king-nesia, the biggest *****house in the world. If only the food was better there!

Signing off, ready to get sucked, fucked, rimmed and what not for just B200 for an hour,


Dick Johnson
01-14-03, 16:49
Alright, I know what you guys are talking about.
And yeah, the food in Indonesia isn't as good as Thailand.

01-15-03, 03:16
Same places I'll be getting my 100 bt compatability in a few weeks' time. Now you be nice to Shifen or else........She has created more responses than all the other ads put together.

Dick Johnson
01-15-03, 04:36
Or else what?

01-15-03, 06:07
Or else I won't tell you where Freeler gets his 100 bt pussy. I had to pay 150 bt: maybe they saw me cumming. But like you, I agree compatability is worth $250 a night (for openers)

01-15-03, 15:13
very funny about the shaggin wagon tour.... As far as the tuk tuk driver leave them out of it unless 2 of them can be your escorts like an official motorcade type thing... This would definately impress the girls....


Dick Johnson
01-15-03, 17:55
Pretty funny thread going on here. juicespike saying skinless traveling with his shagmobile w/viagra.

thanks skinless, but like i said earlier, i know where already.

01-16-03, 01:07
Ludwik knows a lot about this subject. My hat's off to him.

The great percentage of white men taking home a Thai wife are in fact marrying an Issan girl. Most do not have educations. Even those who do, do not adjust well to farang society.

Thailand is a wonderful, even great country, but does not have the artistic or intellectual sophistication of China or Japan. The people are a little backward. And they are racist like you wouldn't believe.

01-16-03, 01:50
Hey, I don't mean to be unkind to those of you who have married a Thai lady. Not at all. I'm just saying that it is VERY important not to get impetuous over there. There are winners out there. I married a Beijing lady and am quite happy with her.

Dick Johnson
01-16-03, 01:57
How long have you been married Monday? What does she do? Do you mess around =p? And hows the sex with your wife?

01-17-03, 03:48
Inexperience has its charm!

Reflecting back on my last trip to LOS, I have come to the conclusion that inexperience actually has quite a charm. I must say that when I was more "green" in the hobby I was able to enjoy the girls and their little well polished marketing routines more than I do today. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy mongering around but today much of the illusion is gone. Before, it was nice to sit down and be suckered into the charming games that the girls play with you. It was nice to think that the girl giving you good 'jai dee" actually maybe cared for you and not viewed you just as the next sucker or walking ATM machine.

Well, things have changed (or my at least my attitude). After numerous mongering trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil and Thailand the charm is gone. I have heard the same sob stories in each country (with of course a few minor variations - the Water Buffalo is the family cow in Nicaragua, in Honduras she needs to buy milk for her sister's baby, in Brazil the brother is severely injured after a motorcycle accident and so it goes on and on). Well, I still play along but now it is just irritating as you know it is just the usual hooker rap being feed to you (here I will put a caveat as you actually sometimes are able to find a real gem here and there). Perhaps one of the BKK resident farangs could open up a business helping the bargirls with some NEW convincing stories!

Another thing that is taking away from the charm is the fact that as I am learning more about the true culture about the country bargirls behavior is getting more and more annoying. For example, during my last trip I was hanging out with this one girl for a couple of nights. So one night I come into her bar and she is happy to see me and comes over and sit down. After a while she starts to pet my head like I am some freak'in dog. This really pissed me off as I had made it clear to her a couple of days earlier that I am pretty familiar with local customs (touching a mans head for a bargirls is huge insult in Thailand and show of disrespect). Moral of the story is that I had to tell her that she knew better than to do that and to get her hands off. I continued to tell her that if she did the same thing to a Thai man she would have got her ass kicked (after she deeply apologized and said she was sorry which I accepted). Well, if I had been a newbie I would have like it and thought it was cute but now instead it was mere annoying. I used to think it was fun to take a girl (bar) to Robinson or some other department store to do some shopping. Now when I see how the regular Thais look at me it is just embarrassing to walk a HHH around (hence the girl has to go in the morning unless she is a complete knock out and rocked Larry's world like it was no tomorrow).

However, any girl that incorporates "Hello, hansum man. U go boom bom me, I love you loong time" still earns bonus points with me.

01-18-03, 03:44
To fellow mongerers

Just interested to know if anyone has had any experience with sex toys with thai women.

Last time I was in bkk I brought a few over and tried them out on some girls.The initial response with some women was suprise,but after a chat convinced them it was all harmless fun and let them experiment on themselves.I actaully had two chicks at once using a double ender which was interesting to say the least.

These products aren't readily available in thailand so I guess from my conversations with some girls that It was an unusual request for them too to use these types of things.

Anyway would be interested to know from other members what types of experiences you've had with these things.


Apac Boy
01-18-03, 23:56
u know about IP addresses right and how they can be tracked? knowing u, ur prob still using the same comp, same connection..


Apac Boy
01-19-03, 23:10

but i'll spend a bulk of it in pattaya...don't want people to see me monger in bkk...


yeah, ur invited samus


01-20-03, 15:01
Originally posted by ludwick
To fellow mongerers

Just interested to know if anyone has had any experience with sex toys with thai women.

Ludwick, yes I have used them in Thailand. I have found that if you buy the really small ones 4" inches or so and just leave the toy on the night stand that you will get a response. You can have big stuff but don't leave it up in the open, these Thai girls see everything when they walk in the room. They are very playful and will try most things out. For hard core toys you have the Eden Club, those girls bring their own and use them.

One last poit when you fly take the batteries out because if they turn themselfs on you could have I problem, trust me I learned the hard way. With sex toys in a carry on bag and a cute little girl in Hong Kong holding them up and asking about them.

01-20-03, 22:22
Larry - Good post. My best provider experience in Thailand was the very FIRST one - An Issan lady in Patpong, in a small Swiss-owned club called the Sea Breeze or something like that.

Hot tropical night, pouring rain, ceiling fan and cold beer in the hourly hotel down the way...it all came together!

When the nickel dropped in my head and I look around after a few weeks, I realized that my entire agenda was completely obvious.

For instance, I realized to my embarrassment that whenever I spoke the language, it was with an Issan accent due to my practice with bar girls. I knew that if I wanted to get out of the tourist envelope, I needed to change tack.

01-21-03, 16:13
Dear BRo out there ,
I heard from my friend, that in hat yai we can quite easily find a virgin to fuck up is that true ? if yes may i knew how to approach it? i ask my frn but he said it's secret.... Can any one help me mail me at dicksen2002@yahoo.com.
your's help is aprreciated...
thank you all.....

01-21-03, 22:00
Originally posted by nonames
Dear BRo out there ,
I heard from my friend, that in hat yai we can quite easily find a virgin to fuck up is that true ? if yes may i knew how to approach it? i ask my frn but he said it's secret.... Can any one help me mail me at dicksen2002@yahoo.com.
your's help is aprreciated...
thank you all.....

Not easy to find a virgin anywhere in Thailand that is cheap to fuck. If you do find a girl in a bar who is cherry, she will be looking for between 30,000-50,000 thousand baht for the first time. If you are talking about non bar girls it means several months of dating and a meet with the family. Anyway you look at it a virgin is not easy or cheap in Thailand.

01-22-03, 02:06
Hello, my name is John Skinless. I hope to fly into LOS on Valentine's Day and then fly straight up to the front in Phitansaluk and spend Chinese New Year (the year of the lamb, or should that be mutton?) inside some Chinese providers in that lovely city. Like Joe_Zop, I like to shop funky. Last time there I bought 8 of them in the one day, awesome bbjs. Good food too. Anywhere, here are my big questions
1. Can I get Viagra in Philok? Remember I am bypassing Bkk altogether. Is should get there about 8 pm mid feb and I want to fuck 8 or so the first 24 hours (just to get back into it).
2. I then intend to move up to the Lao border and onto the Burmese. Any suggestions for cheap h houses to hit? I want it sordid.
3. South Thailand: I feel I should share some of my semen with our good Muslim sisters. Any suggestions for places?
4. All other suggestions for low end and/or kinky. I am going to give non performers a good spanking from now on. There is a cute little hotel near Philok Railway station I am going to bring em in 3 or 4 at a time and anyone who doesnot get 9 out of 10 in bbbj and/or fucking gets spanked - by one of the others, who will get paid for it. Brighten up their lives, that's my motto and misison statement

Sexreview: I fucked a nice lady in Pattaya last time round. She told me she sold her cherry in Soi 7 for 6 or 8,000 bt. So it looks lke you wuz robbed.

Joe Zop
01-22-03, 02:29
Skinless -- hmm, the Valentine spanking: a new tradition for the Philok lovelies; I'm sure it'll be a big, umm, hit. (Ah, love!) I would be willing to bet there's Viagra to be had in Philok, but I didn't see any Pharmacy signs in English as one finds in other places during my several hours of walking around there. As you know, English signage isn't exactly big there (with the exception of Walls, which seems to be everywhere.) My bet would be that a good place to find something would be in the area of the Topland Plaza, since that seems to be where most higher-end tourists end up; I saw several chain stores in the area. At worst, I'd bet you could get directed from the hotel staff.

01-22-03, 12:25
If I am not mistaken there is a small pharmacy in the airport between international and domestic. As I have found just about every pharmacy in Thailand sells Viagra it would mke sense to try there. It is on you right just when you leave the International section at the beginning of the raised path!
Happy Spanking, cos' all those girls are really naughty!

01-24-03, 02:07
Hello Thank you for your help. I don't however think I should ask the hotel staff for directions as I am going there to fuck every single one of them. I am thinking of having a Ms Philok contest: 10 baht fro bbbj ability, 10 bt for anal receptiveness, etc. The idea is to pay them a princely sum (say 500 bt each) but make them really work for it. Kinda like when Mussolini ran the Republic of Northern Italy, total debauchery: Skinless the lionness tamer, food sent in to them only if they perform (Oral etc)

What do people think of the Golden Triangle sex wise right now? Too many LP types? Basically I intend to fuck as many Isaan ladies as I can and then to either head further north or to go down to (on?) the Muslim ladies.

I want this to be bottom end fish tank unless there are some sparklers worth paying money for. Otherwise, I feel my money is best spent on myself. Although I feel it can be fun to parade them round (look who I can afford to fuck!), it is relatively expensive, a waste of time having to make conversation with (most of) them and there are other things to do. Plus, has anyone here ever been spotted with one of these temporary employees.? I have met friends in Bk's Suk and others have spotted me from a distance but never, as far as I know, with a lady: I was actually spoted once in a bar there with a temporary employee I had been fucking the previous night but that is all. And I have hired ladies who dress the part! They walk the walk and dress in tiny hot pants. Hard to mistake them for Buddhist monks!

Joe Zop
01-24-03, 04:05
Umm, unless you've rather substantially changed the agenda and targets of your tour, which I know isn't the case, I'd ask the Bell Captain at Topland -- he should be safe from your advances, and I'd bet you're not going after all the women in that hotel.

As far as the Triangle, yes, there are a bunch of LP types running around, but they're no greater annoyance than anywhere else. I had no difficulty finding action in Chiang Rai the two times I was there this trip, and I also had an extremely drunken motorcycle tour with a guy who lives in CM going after, as he said, 150baht ladies. We no doubt would have found them, as he was adamant that they were easy to track down, but I quickly figured out, drunk as I was, that he was worse -- too drunk to see let alone drive, so things got cut short. We wound up at a closed bar where I did manage to track down a companion nonetheless, in between breaking up a fight between my pal and an annoying German guy. The next day when sober he still insisted they were easy to track down, but we were both leaving town. Lots of Burmese women and those from some of the various hill tribes around and available, thoughout the region from what I saw, as many of them are illegals or just resident aliens and are looking for cash.

I was told by several people that the nightlife in Mae Sai is happening, but didn't stay overnight there, as my second trip there was near New Year's and the whole area was awash with Thais returning home (buses were packed -- oversold -- and a real adventure) for the holiday, and all the hotels and guest houses were either filled or prices were sky-high. Both times I crossed into Burma I was offered women by the tuk-tuk drivers, and the hotels in the border area certainly seemed like they would turn up a whole nother set of options, but again I didn't do that. I shared a bus ride with a guy who'd spent the last month wandering around Burma, and he said it was great -- friendly people, not as oppressive as the news would have it, and easy enough to find anything you want/need. We didn't talk women specifically, though.

01-24-03, 12:47
Joe: Thank you for your help. Basically, the hotel I will be staying at, the one Freeler stayed at, employs only middle aged hookers who are great fuckers and BBBJ experts. It is a place to fuck and occasionally sleep; it is not the Tourist Board! I regard this as war, survival of the fittest etc. I fly in to Bkk, change planes, land in Philok, go to the hotel, unpack, wash and start fucking. The hotel was too low brow for you - I respect that - but I want total degeneracy and that is the place for it, before I get to Korat etc. I intend to go even lower and more debauched than the last time. That is my mission statement.

Freeler thinks this board attracts lots of lurkers who screw it up for the rest of us. I don't think so. Plenty of pussy to go around and 150 bt hotels/brothels are not everyone's cup of tea. Witness, for example, the shock the LP brigade had when you started bonking in London Hotel. Of course, these women are very naughty and will be getting rewarded./punished with a good spanking to redden up their backsides before I apply the Vaseline and gloves. They are for it! They have been naughty and must be punished. That includes the old lady who acts as mamasan. It would be fun to have her bj me. She probavbly needs the money as well as the Skinless One.

As regards the lurkers: most people find their own way around LOS. Not everyone in Beergarden etc heard of it here.

I have my essential Thai guide (Na-kliat-ugly, khaeng:hard; nak/bao:heavy light; ouan-fatmoy:pubic hair; hoy/hee:pussy; taed: clitoris; nome suai:beautiful tits; Dai kee kung: how many shots; etc etc.

I will most probably check out the Golden Triangle to punish any Burmese ladies misbehaving. I would dearly like to fuck some more of those hill tribe ladies. I might even fall in love with them.

For those of you following my antics on the Chinese board, I am emailing Shizen, who is a real sweety. It looks like love.

01-24-03, 15:57
Sorry, can't offer much in advice for your upcoming debauchery, but I'm looking forward to the read! And yes, your "White Knight" routine with Shifen is noticed!......I hope you go over there and give her a good pounding for "Chikan". She sounds like such a dumm cun*. Take care!

Joe Zop
01-24-03, 17:07
Best of luck, Skinless, and I've little doubt you'll accomplish your mission, as pussy exists on all kinds of levels and places. (I suspect you'll win your share of battles but lose the war -- your opponent is simply too vast!) While I was there this time I was with women aged from 18 to 43, but for my tastes I'd generally rather pay an extra $7 to $25 and be with an enthusiastic pretty young thing as opposed to an older experienced inexpensive one -- if I want the latter I can get them in real life. And since it often takes me a very long time to cum with condoms I tend toward long time as opposed to the kind of volume quick encounters for which the 100-300baht providers are usually looking, and the "you finish yet?" jabber than can show up if you've not cum in fifteen minutes. And, yes, I'm generalizing -- I know that not all the less expensive ones are in a hurry, as many of them are very grateful for a boink and experienced enough to know it makes sense to seek repeat cunstomers.

I was willing to do the Philok hotel, as the London wasn't all that much better, but both the security and the cleanliness of the first bothered me too much. It wasn't like I exactly moved out of the area or went upscale, since the London was the next block down, and the price was the same. I originally planned on renting a second room at PSB, but to be honest I was lazy and the woman I hooked up with at the London was an excellent enough bedmate to render the issue moot. I wasn't on a volume pegging quest -- witness the fact that I was with mostly the same woman the majority of two better part of two months I was in Chiang Mai. I was probably with 25 to 30 women during this trip, which is only three or four days of yours :D

As far as Freeler's perspective on the board, there's no question there are lots of lurkers -- that's the nature of the beast, and I met several during my trip there, including one with whom I shared a cab when I first arrived -- but I don't see why they would screw things up more than any other set of tourists. There are what, fifteen thousand of so registered users on this board? Let's say that there are ten times that many who read but don't register. Even presuming half of them head to Thailand (highly, highly, unlikely) that's simply not enough bodies to cause a problem, especially since most will stick to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Bangkok can certainly absorb an extra hundred thousand people spread out over the year -- even if they all come during high season and stay for a month, that's only another few thousand guys.

But I think you're right -- most guys are simply not going to do 150baht guesthouses and search for the cheapest and most out of the ordinary and way experience. They're going to the go-go bars and the soapies everyone mentions here. Look at Angel Witch, which has been getting hyped here and everywhere nonstop for most of the last year, and is in Bangkok in Nana, the biggest and easiest stop of all. It's high season -- I still never had a problem getting a good seat down front, never had a problem seeing or grabbing onto gorgeous women, never had a problem with too many guys or too much cost during my visits there. Same thing in Pattaya, the other big stop. If that's the case in the busy places, I think the roads less travelled are pretty safe from major WSG lurker pollution, honestly. It's simply a buyer's market everywhere.

In some ways Freeler's concerns echo the very LP crowd he so despises, as many of them want to scour their guides for a place their brethren aren't currently flocking, and find the gems before others find them so they can mark up their own little books. Lots of the annoying conversations I had with that crowd revolved around the Thai unwillingness to Anglicize the more remote areas just to make things easier for them, and Thai's expecting a hundred baht or so for taking an hour or two helping guide them to some remote place -- made me want to slap them. Somehow I just don't see the lurkers here heading off en masse to Philok to scoop up all the rooms in the PSB, no matter how many reports there are on the Chinese lady with the teeth.

And Freeler, I'm decidedly not accusing you of anything, since you've been unbelievably and consistently generous with your knowledge and information, and I salute you for it! I simply find it ironic that you first complained that no one was following the same off the beaten track approach as you and Skinless, and now are worried too many lurkers will follow. I headed out further and to more places than the vast majority of folks here will do, and I was still mostly in the fairly beaten paths. Next time I'll head out still further, and I find the information you guys have given to be invaluable -- I seriously doubt I'd have gone to Philok if not you your reports -- but I don't know that I'll ever really get into the HOD tour perspective, as it's really just not my approach to things.

01-25-03, 00:05
Here's why we come to Thailand: http://www.reyndogg.com/video/Group_X_video.swf


01-25-03, 02:07
Hahahaha.....I like that! I'm sure adleZ approves of this little rap too.......what happened to him anyways? Where is he? Anyways, take care.

01-25-03, 07:00
With more and more GO GO Bars adding full shows with feature dancers and set numbers I have a question. It is my understanding that Bar Fines are in place to pay the bar for the lost of the girl that you take out of the club. The club doesn't have her services for the night so she can't bring in more customers and sell more drinks. And that is fine I don't have a problem with bar fines, most GO GO bars seem to open around 7:00pm so if you go in early and bar fine you have several hours with the girl if you like. The problem is when you bar fine a girl at a club that has a stage show at set times. I'm not talking about a Patpong type sex show but a review show like at Living Dolls Showcase in Pattaya. The girl can't leave until afterr the show is over which is around midnight. Added to this is that many bars charge a higher bar fine for lead or feature dancers. Not much higher 100 baht or so but why should the club charge more to give you less? If you want to long term bar fine a feature girl the clubs still require her to dance the show each night. What is that all about you paid for her to be off for the night? Just because a girl is really hot that is no reason for the bar to charge more that is a reason to tip her more. So that is my though for the day how and why can bars charge more for feature or speical girls and give you less?

01-25-03, 07:14
Sexreview: I see you are a big hit on the Boston snowboard. Your question related to supply and demand and why the mamasans etc are in the business. They will charge what the market will bare (!). I once tried to barfine a lady in a very quiet Pattaya bar area ( 30 bars, lotsa ladies, 5 customers), only 5 or so minutes to go. The mamasan wanted full bar fine and gave me a lecture about overheads etc. I was going to go with the lady anyway but when she heard the Skinless One had been in the Big Breasted One's pussy, ramming away for 3 or so hours non stop and that that was just for openers, the lady declined my kind invitation. The mamasan and others thought it was really funny and that the BB One had earned her chump change but she was not amused that the Lao lady would not agree to my tender carresses.

I must also say the BB One then graduated to go gos where, I think, she went totally nuts and had a baby by an Aussie asshole. I am of the faction that believes go go bars are pure shit and are overpriced and they drive the ladies nuts as they must fuck all cummers and be performing fuck machines. They are not my cup of tea (Joe_Zop, contrary to what he says, seems to enjoy many different flavors of tea). Many tea drinkers like these joints and they are priced accrodingly. I can live with that.


The above comes complementsof the poets and philosophers who post on the Boston board. Check out the mug shots. Hookers range up to 63 yo; some 50+ male hookers as well, and some of the male hookers look exactly like the male Johns!! Ain't no accounting for taste.

Joe: you are right on the money about LP etc. Also, many of the ex pats there are a sad bunch: maybe too much candy and they need a visit to the dentist. Speaking of which.... That Chinese lady with the teeth sure is something. But it is like losing your virginity: great but one must then move on. Still, just one more night, una noce....

I agree with you about HOD, and LOS for that matter. It is just a matter of going there, bonking them and getting the hell out. We are humans, not bunny rabbits, which is both a good and bad thing. The good thing about HOD is we miss all the Bkk and Pattaya bs. Maybe we are all LP types; we can't have our pussy and eat it

Seydlitz had a good take on all this. Chikan: AdleZ got banned. And yeh, Shizen is a real sweety. She finds it sexy I am twice her age. Hello hansum man where u go? She's ma woman and Ah am hur mannnnn. Ah, l'amour, virtual love. I am so looking forward to the romance awaiting me and the Skinless One. Wedding bells. They are for it, big time.

And yes, Joe_Zop, that goes for the lady with the teeth too. I was in love with her and what does she do? She lets Freeler fuck her. Freeler fucked my babe. AND SHE LET HIM DO IT! She has to pay. I intend to take it out of her hide. And yes, I may not be able to save all of these ladies from the path they have chosen but let me assure you those ladies will remember when Skinless and his bag of Viagra came a callin

01-25-03, 13:04

your rationalizing about what pricing structure is fair, or substantiated by actual economics is very far from the mark.

In thailand (very much like anywhere else, but probably much more obviously than in the West), people charge as much as they can get away with. And not just for sex-related services. Even State-sponsored museums and historic sites charge more if you are a foreigner.

The only thing us oldhands can do is to explain how it is done, and indicate the alternatives, and there are usually many. Fairness has nothing to do with it.

Do not forget either that Asians have a somewhat different attitude to spending money. Their concept of value for money includes a lot more of showing off and gaining face in regard to their fellow mongers. We Farangs do not get the worst deals in LOS when it comes to sexual services. Many Asian-only joints are horrendously expensive, for pretty much the same services, or the kind of service that Farangs would not like anyway.

Bottom line is: in LOS there is a price for everything, that is usually very affordable to us. If you want it, pay the price, and do not worry about the fairness of the pricing.

01-25-03, 13:06

thanks for your kind words. It is always nice to read that one's ramblings got appreciated by fellow mongers, especially the very knowledgeable ones.

Joe Zop
01-25-03, 16:17
Sexreview -- I think Seydlitz's take on face is a really excellent one, but I'd add to the equation the fact that feature dancers will also usually operate under a different price structure for the club itself, in that they'll often be paid more than regular go-go girls (and more face for them both for this and their position) and thus the bar will want different compensation for them in order to offset their investment. Shows are not about getting customers for hot women, and bars are doing more of them strictly because they get men through the doors; they're about putting butts in the seats and selling drinks, not bar fines. If the bar has to choose between your possible 500-600baht bar fine each night and regularly selling another dozen drinks because this hot chick is on stage, they'll choose the latter every time because they make more money. And if their perception is that not having your chosen one on stage is going to detract from the quality of the show and thereby erode the customer base, then you're the loser in the equation. They figure if you have a problem with it you'll either grab a different girl or go somewhere else, but better that than have empty seats at showtime and mess up their whole creative concept of making more money.

I'd also add to the equation the whole Thai approach to rules -- if it's a rule it's something to be obeyed unless it's not. Rules are not to be changed, regardless of logic, because there was logic in establishing them, and yours doesn't have the same weight as the logic that established the rules, because those rules were established by someone in charge and thereby with more weight than you. If you're an enforcer of the rules (a mamasan, say) then you're comfortably helpless in the face of them. Better you, the customer, walk unhappily out of the bar than wait fifteen minutes for a bar fine to go down or cease to exist, as that would involve questioning or changing the rules, and once you do that, where do you draw the line? If you're a dancer and you have to show up or pay a bar fine, then regardless of whether you don't feel like working, or your mother died, or you were in the hospital, you still owe a bar fine unless the bar has decreed otherwise for everyone. Now, of course, that all depends on the rule -- things like helmet laws and the need for driver's licenses are very clearly rules that don't matter because they have nothing to do with money, unless you're stopped by a cop, in which case they do and money will solve things.

And yes, Skinless, I do like lots of different flavors of tea. If there's something on the menu I've not tried I'm generally up for it, as long as I like where I'm ordering. If there's something in front of me that looks good, I'll taste it. This past trip I hooked up with freelancers, beer bar women, women from go-gos, women from karaokes, massage parlors and blowjob bars, women who knocked on my doors, a couple of streetwalkers, etc. Depends on who they are and what my mood is, and if my mood is interested and aroused and they've had something to do with that I'm generally up for it. Nothing inconsistent with what I've said before -- I like a full spectrum of experience, and though I prefer longer-term hook-ups that's not an exclusive preference and I've no real qualms about where things start. I don't generally go looking to barfine women from go-gos, but that doesn't mean I don't go in them, and it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Heaven knows I truly, truly wish my main tilac in Chiang Mai had been a freelancer or bar girl as opposed to from a go-go -- I'd have saved a fortune in bar fines. :D

01-25-03, 17:32
Best of Luck Skinless,
Your up and coming expedition to Thailand, remind me of the one that I done many year ago covering two country i.e. Thailand and Indonesia. During then I was at early thirty and my oversea attachment in Penang (Malaysia) was up, I took 2 months break to explore the mongering scene off the beat track of the two countries. I would say I have a hack of a time, many up and down. The feeling still linger within me. Monger still is a monger, having the nose to sense where to find pussy. You must be a hell of lucky guy, able do such expedition again in a span of half a year.

A general FR and clue for you. In Thailand I cover South (Phattalung, Trang, Ranong) Central (Kanchanaburi, Sangklaburi) North (Tak, Mae Sot, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, Fang, Mae Salong, Mae Sai, Chiang Khong). Of cause you will hate me saying “I did uses Thailand LP guild for transport and hotel and I would said that it was reasonably helpful”. Upon arrival and check-in to small hotel or guesthouse, I will start my tour going in and out of the small hotel in town, of cause to source for pussy. And during the evening I do my round B4 dinner going in and out of all available small and discreet restaurants and have a drink to see what going on. In most cases you will find some willing pussy in those discreet restaurants.

I still remember clearly of how this particular discreet restaurant at Sangklaburi (Central Thailand) operated. A monger will approach the manager and the Mon girl will go up stair and bring down a thin mattress, the monger will follow her to the back. After is done the Mon girl will come out with the mattress to be store up stair again. She will then cut a slice of lime and start rubbing her teeth and chew the slice of lime. I guess it to kill the smell of man sperm. This whole process will repeat over and over again. Why can’t she just leave the mattress at the back? Make no sense to take it up and down.

However I think, I flare better in Indonesia staying at brothel villages and ram those cewek (girl) when I feel like it, joke with them, buy them meal and drink, tag along with them to town and so on. Is like F**king the girl next door and the next and the next…Maybe during my years in Penang and pick up some manageable Bahasa along the way for the Indonesia and Malaysian factory girl’s helped a lot.

If you ask me about those places, now I will not be able to provide. I do not write a log during that expedition or any other expedition except for work related purposed and accountability. USE your nose to sense for pussy. That how I do it.

Now I’m here in South East Asia on business trip and about to leave for home soon. Think of your expedition make me feel like doing it again. So near yet so far.

And yes this sort of expedition is great. WAY TO GO, MAN.

01-26-03, 00:34
EnjoyTBs: Gilt edged report. We are on the same page; that's the kinda thing I like, watching her taking down the matress. I did some serios bonking in KL, a great Indian babe, would do everything except kiss on the mouth. Before doing the deed (at 9am), we would walk through the cafe where all the guys would make very rude remarks about what we were going to do. I enjoyed it and she was great. Some really cheap and good pussy there near Plaza hotel. I am thinking of a very major pussy hunting expedition to Indonesia n 2004; let's see. We are also on the same page about it all being a big joke. That is where these little places have it over the go go factories. Maybe we are all closet LP guys!

Joe: watch yourself with all that tea; high caffeine levels. I just feel there is more human life (and pussy) off the beaten track. You just gotta wartch it a little as if things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong. Still, EnjoyTBs has raised the bar so there are going to be a lot of spent condms and sore pussies in Philok before long....

Apac Boy
01-26-03, 06:50
enjoy tb,
were u in the Dell factory or another MNC in penang?
just curious...

Also, Sedlitz,
ur right about those stupid Asian joints and how us Asians get a different price quote than the falangs. but we also get discounts at soapies!!! remember??? :)
oh, btw....Traveler's been telling me he's been emailing u about our trip mid March...it looks like Traveler's going now...u???

let's do a test when we get there, we can go to any freelance hangout...u go up first and ask for the price...then 30 min. later, I can go and ask for it. let's see who gets da best st/lt price...


01-26-03, 06:56
Skinless, joe_zop,

Joe, what I hate about lurkers is that they don't post. Not even a: 'You've got it all wrong, asshole!'. Skinless, Scott and you have posted on your adventures in rural Thailand, I've enjoyed those posts a lot!
On the LPpeople, ElliotNess had a nice little line in BrianDePalma's 'Untouchables', on how he had become what he was supposed to fight... LPpeople are just like that: They are the ultimate package tourist, but they don't know it...
They all wear the same pirate-style cut-off pants, same shirts, same lame hats, same flipflops, What the hell is wrong with trousers, a shirt, shoes?

Sundaymorning: I just had a coffee at a local hotel, which has a very nice downstairs sitting area. Two LPpeople came in, LP in hand, wai'ed the ho (!!!!!) sitting next to me and asked for a room. Then they tried to get a discount on the B100 room...
How obnoxious/stupid can you get?


Way to go:D:D! And it's OK to use ANY book as long as you don't use it the way the stupid LP users use their LP


In quite a few IC's in Thailand I can not access the forum. I get a prompt to dl something and then nothing happens... At one IC I tried forcing access by removing all security (that was easy: M$IE) but still no access.
Have you heard of this problem before and if yes, is there a work-around...? Or did perhaps a Forumhater install software to block it out? All software can be removed!


Joe Zop
01-26-03, 07:18
Freeler -- I know, and I wish people would post more as opposed to lurking -- there are an awful lot of field reports gone begging here -- but the vast majority of people online everywhere are lurkers, and I just don't see adjusting my behavior in reaction to people whose approach I don't like. Better to just do what I'm interested in doing, as long as everyone else doesn't tell me to get lost when I do it. If they do, I will, as I'm not into pissing people off other than face-to-face :) If enough people put good information up, who cares about lurkers as long as we're all getting what we're after?

And, yes, the LP crowd ends up pretty lock-step, which is amusing, really, when it's got that "I'm a fearless adventurer" overlay, and they carry the guides like the bible. Fortunately, I don't look like them so they leave me alone for the most part. I've certainly met some of them who are nice folks, even if I don't particularly care for their overall approach, but the whole money thing gets annoying with them -- I sat in a van listening to a group of them discuss how they were going to try to get the driver to reduce the price they'd all agreed to, halfway through the trip, (a whopping 60baht per person, after they'd all just spent 1200baht for a place ride because they were tired of the train) and how if the four of them shared a room they could really reduce their price from the outrageous 200baht price for a private room. Jeez.

I've had the computer problem you mention at various times and in various places, both in LOS and here in the states. Usually either rebooting the machine or just changing to another has solved it for me. Going to Netscape or Opera will also usually do the trick. I think it has to do with the cookies the board uses.

01-26-03, 11:18

Yes, I do remember. But at that soapie (Poseidon for those not privy to the anecdote), Asian-looking people get the "normal" price, and Farangs get a surcharge. So you got no discount, I just paid more, if you see the nuance. And on a per-shot basis, I came ahead, so to speak. Remember ?

Re. the trip in March, it is very much my intention to make it, but I have several big issues to sort out first. At this point, I'd say it is a 80% chance I'll see you there.

Regarding your suggested pricing survey, it would be interesting to do it indeed, and get Traveler in the loop as well, so that we get a broader panel: the "standard", if relatively knowledgeable, Farang (me), the Thai-speaking one (Traveler), and the Asian-looking guy (you).

Do not forget that the Asian/Farang divide is not the only factor controlling prices. And the freelancers in those places where we monger tend to be Farang-orientated, which is not the case of Poseidon and most of the soapies.

01-26-03, 11:41
Re: Lead feature Dancers:

Well guys I can see your point but in the end the bars lose by trying to make a few extra baht. A friend of mine bar fined a lead dancer from Super Girls and when he wanted to bar fine her long term the club said no, but the dancer said yes so she walked out on the club, has not danced in 2 months just stays with him. And she has offers at 3 more clubs if she wants to go back to work.

In my case I went a little different way, as a feature my girl must work only from 9:30 to 12:00 pm. She has stopped taking bar fines her choice I didn't ask her to. She goes to work dances and then meets me after work, the end result the bar is getting zero income from bar fines.

Don't get me wrong I love Thailand but sometimes the Thai do things that cost them much more than they make.

01-26-03, 19:44
skinless, are you planning on introducing your "honey" Shifen, to your new found heavy metal friend Nibu? Imagine the fascinating genetic possibilities that their progeny would spawn!

Apac Boy
01-26-03, 20:41
dat ugly ass ho shifen is the EXACT reason this forum was created. so we don't get suckered in by ugly fat people that charge $250USD a pop...

anyways, this is about thai women and opinions so I'll leave the shifen bashing on the shanghai board.

ok...let's do it a couple of times sedlitz. we have to take her first price that she mentions to u. no haggling or else we will both lose to Traveler. c ya in mid march...


01-27-03, 02:36
Thor: Very good suggestion though maybe Shifen is too small for him on top. She has a lovely smile though, just like the moon here in Japan:) She likes her work which is important.
Other people here have no sense of humor or esthetics so don't let them distract you. I hope my new found hm friend does not crash this little party here. People will pay anything for pussy. The meanest guy I knew would fly women across the world if he thought he might get his rocks off from them. Oh to be back fucking my Eskimo ladies. Easily the best fucks I have ever had. Though I got some good ones where you and the other Viking gods hang out. Since then I have never worried too much about good lucks. Head games are much better. And I was very annoyed when no one took me up on Bangkok Lek, all 4'10 of her, a fantastic animalistic fucker. I had great fun with her and she played along with all my fantasies. I paid her 1000 bt a day, plus few meals (she ate like a horse). I don't think my darling Shifen would be in to htem. Different strokes.... and btw should I bring a bull whip with me this time:)

Dick Johnson
01-27-03, 02:58
skinless you need help... you've gone completely mental.

01-27-03, 18:36
Hi Skinless, there is a BG called Lek working in one of the bars in Soi Cowboy, is it her? She is dark-skined, yes petite, very cute, around late twenties at least. I want to try her out when I will be in BKK late March. If it is not the girl mentioned, will you give me your Lek's phone number or contact place? Appreciate it!

01-28-03, 02:10
Lek: 09-0276789. She tends to be lazy so might not always have a battery. Lek is university studnet, she tells me, doing Law. She hangs around Beergarden and Thermae. Very small, not particularly good looking but great in the sack and likes fun and games. Dresses like a total **** so cannot be paraded around. She seems to do well in her exams even though she spends an inordinate amount of time being fucked around Suk. We kinda fell out with each other at the end (getting rid of her)so I guess the marriage is off.Pity as she is a tiger in the sack and loves to get it good and hard.

DJ: What's up with you? eskimos ARE great fucks inho. And I am back channeling people her on what I should bring with me. I am going to LOS to practice debauchery, not to view the temples. I want to do this just right. When you get a room full of cheap ladies, all things are possible. I amnot going to have a poetry reading with them. I am going to push the sexual envelope out that little bit more. Ans,yes, I like Shifen and her moon smile:) It could be love.

02-04-03, 02:24
Originally posted by joe_zop

And, yes, the LP crowd ends up pretty lock-step

Please excuse my ignorance, but what's 'LP' stand for?

02-04-03, 03:27
P&G-LP would be Lonely Planet, as in the travel guide book, that is dedicated mostly to backpackers, and those looking for "cheap" thrills off the beaten track, where "few" tourists fear to tread.

skinless, I've heard that the Eskimos are dynamite in bed as well. They get all of that extra time to practice in the winter, and alcoholism runs rampant among the men, resulting in the "little man" not working very well.

02-04-03, 05:21

In my on going quest against the LP and their users may I add that perhaps:
off the beaten track
should be:
"off the beaten track"

I saw more LP's and their users in Krabi recently in 4 days than 'normal tourists' in the rest of Thailand in over 5 weeks. There is not much "off the beaten track" left after the LP sticks its snotty nose in...

02-04-03, 06:03
Freeler: The floppy with bookmarks is a god idea. I don't understand your antipathy to LP. It has a very large section of the tour guide book marked sewn up, it is no better or worse than many of the others. The el cheapos you refer to are just fucked up kids who think they have to slum it to be world travelers. I fucked a few of them my last time in LOS.

This time I am going to do some serious perverted fucking starting in that Philok hotel. If it turns out the lady with the teeth has been prostituting herself in my absence to you or anyone else, she is in for it big time. I have a big variety of toys packed that will make her blush. I am going to hole up there for a few days and make them pay for betraying my loveand prostituting themselves. THIS IS GONNA BE SICK XXX!!!

Yes Thor, Eskimno women are the world's best. Fuck like *****s. I always find the best women are ladies in public and total *****s sluts in bed. They must enjoy dirty talk, have minds like sewers (so I feel at home) and have a large streak of the untamed animal in them. That is where I come in (and bow out here)

John Skinless, animal trainer

Dick Johnson
02-04-03, 06:35
Gosh skinless, what got into you... even adle.z didn't mention about stuffing hos with sex toys and refering to them as animals. LOL. I know you feel betrayed by thai hos and need some sexual therapy. ;-). So... have a good time.. I guess.

02-04-03, 08:45

Exactly W-H-E-N does your Tour start. I will arrive home this wednesday and it may take a couple of days to scan the negs.
It would seem better to have a look at them at home (on a fast connection) than in a s-l-o-w IC in the HolyLand...

Anyways: Be bad and please don't punnish the LadyWithTheTeeth too hard... She's a good girl:D.

02-04-03, 08:53
SO YOU DID FUCK HER!!!!!! You bastard. You fucked my baby. I will be there next weekend with my handcuffs, my masks, my vaseline, my strap ons, my Viagra. I will interrogate her on Feb 15th. And if she cannot explain her actions, she is going to be drilled so hard she will feel like an oil well. I expect my first drilling to last for about 6 hours as I will be popping 200 mgs of Viagra. Her workmates will also be called in to help me with my inquiries. Tehy are going to be saying to each other "there is one sick mother fucker in that room". They have sinned against me. They betrayed me. They SOLD themselves when I was away. And now they must suffer the consequences.

Dick Johnson
02-04-03, 12:56
LOL, skinless, I hope you're kidding about using so much vitamin V.

I also gotta ask you why would a guy need a strap on when he's got his own tool.. unless he wants to be drilled by a woman. And why do you need vaseline...?

02-04-03, 13:43
Vaseline: goes with my gloves and is going up the same BIG butt holes.
Strap on: If she can sit down a month after I finish with her, I will have failed.
Also: please read my posts. We will be joined by other members of that establishment who have also betrayed me. They are going to fuck each other. For beginners.
My ass: is off limits to strap ons. But two of them are going to rim me as others give my finger nails a manicure.
MP3 player: I have some nice music packed.
books: I have some good books to show them when they are chained and gagged. They have a lot to learn. I gave them love and understaning. And they BETRAYED me. So they are gonna get it up the ass. BIG TIME.

Dick Johnson
02-04-03, 15:31
gosh, skinless.. you've changed! ;-) LOL.

02-05-03, 01:14
I just returned from a 2 week stay in Bangkok... Most of the girls are big time sluts... had much fun... some highlights, one not so good experience (I kicked her out of my room) but the rest was all good...

You are man with a mission. A sadistic mission. A funny mission. Good luck. Most girls (after you present it right) loved to be spanked, some hard. As far as dildos up their asses goes, I don't know... never tried.... but I think you got the right girls up country that might enjoy getting through your punishment sessions.... I can tell you are devasted by the girl's betrayal.... They deserve what they have coming...

Best wishes in your "hard of darkness tour" and don't forget to bring all your gear...


02-05-03, 02:13
Hi Spike, why did you kick her out of the room? I am going to BKK for the first time in March and I want to avoid the bad experience you had. Where did you have the best time, MPs, beer bars, Eden? Can you provide some specifics? Appreciate it!

02-05-03, 04:49
Originally posted by skinless
Vaseline: goes with my gloves and is going up the same BIG butt holes.
Strap on: If she can sit down a month after I finish with her, I will have failed.
Also: please read my posts. We will be joined by other members of that establishment who have also betrayed me. They are going to fuck each other. For beginners.
My ass: is off limits to strap ons. But two of them are going to rim me as others give my finger nails a manicure.
MP3 player: I have some nice music packed.
books: I have some good books to show them when they are chained and gagged. They have a lot to learn. I gave them love and understaning. And they BETRAYED me. So they are gonna get it up the ass. BIG TIME.

Damn Skinless!!...So tell us how you REALLY FEEL :)oh and thanks for the heads up on Japan!

02-06-03, 05:42

You are going WAY downhill!
I'm not sure now if I ought to send you the PSB graduation pix or not...
And if you DARE to punish the B100 ladies outside: Don't forget the ***** with the HUGE tits, the one that wants to fuck even when she has sii-daeng. It was like somebody just clubbed a rat to death between her legs.

The girls outside now agreed that B100 for a cum'n'go bang is perhaps a little too little... So, bring extra cash, they may want B150 now...

02-06-03, 07:31
Freeler: The clubbed rat baby does not seem my sort: she is way beyond the bottom of the hill. I don't want to throw up over them (I do have some limits of decency, not many but some). My budget should run to 150 bt for each lady but I am thinking of being really generous and paying much more, as long as they work and perform for it. If you can imagine a ringmaster in the middle of a group of elephants, with say, the ringmaster humping the elephants fom behind, you can picture the scene that will be my bedroom in 9 days' time. My idea of taking 200 mg of V is very simple: it is to let know know what a poker feels like up their fat asses. Call it valuable on the job training if you will. I find ladies in this job often like "practical jokes" like that. This time of course the joke will be on them. My research to date indicates they tend to think one fuck is much the same as the next; after all they probably get fucked over 1000 times a year on a quiet year. For me, I am buying them for my amusement. Isn't it funny how much people will do for so little?

They will remember when my circus came to town.

John Skinless, ringmaster and professional elephant trainer, Phitsanaluk, Thailand.

02-06-03, 17:56

Are you trying to turn your Tour into a freakshow:D?
In that case you really should have a go at the monster tit one. She has a XXL-pussy too, but gives gooood feeling.
Pound her hard, real hard!
Her tits will jump from one side of the room to the other side.
And keep pounding!
All these big **** women want nothing but pounding, the one in SiSaket (ugly, but awesome in the sack, squirts!), or D in Korat (makes fantastic noises) and ofcourse the RatLady in Pilok or the one in Chumphon, Ot (grab her tits and fuq her hard!).
And all that from under B200 per lay...

That's what the rest of you pay for the right to take a lady out of the bar...

I guess I'll have the pix ready for mailing by Saturday, so keep your inbox empty!

02-07-03, 02:38

I just cleared out my in-box. I also started putting your trip reports into one document to study on my way to SEA next week. No, not Thailand. I'm heading back to the PI but a September trip is in the planning stages. I just can't be gone as long as your were! :)


02-07-03, 12:13
Freeler: Thank you for the photos of the ladies you fucked. It was nice to see the lady with the teeth again even if she covered her face from the camera (I like modest women). Freeler: you are a freak. The woman with the tits is scary, bigger than a sumo wrestler. Wan and Pon (or whatever their names are) look passable, one in Philok and one in Korat which seems to be your main hangout; they will most likely be put to the sword. Their pussies also seem huge. They are not movie stars. I will do the best I can with them. Some of those pussies you could march an entire division of soldiers up them. I might just lie back, admire the ceiling and let them lick me off. Also, is Pattaya worth a visit? I think I will skip it but we will see.

02-07-03, 17:23

"Some of those pussies you could march an entire division of soldiers up them."
N's hole only became that big after me, myself and I march through it:D. And no-one else.
The biggest were the best. What a feeling!
The monster hooter one had quite a gap too, a great fuck!
You can just pound them and pound them and pound them, they never dry up, they are always slippery. Great!
With the tight ones I have to keep up the KY supply too much. Distracting!
Apart from that, I may become 'skinless' myself, with all that friction going on. That's scary!
The big **** lady from SiSaket has a sister who is just as ugly. Imagine a three some with those two.... BRRR! You could fall in and disappear:(.

Anyway, I'm afraid it's your turn now... I feel sorry for the poor girls and women of the North and North-east...

02-08-03, 02:57
Back to the bare Big breasted one in Pattaya: I am still reading her email and I have a question. The only guy still writing her is the Czech guy. Now she is about 6 months pregnant by an Aussie student who has disappeared. The Czech, meanwhile, in the last 6 months, has been sending emails from Texas (Amerika is greet cuntry, I have big job etc etc), Taiwan (great country etc), Thailand (let's settle down together). Now he is back in the Czech Republic saying he will bring her there and his family are waiting to meet her. Here is my question: is he trying to get her to Europe to pimp her? He is a definite loser, obviosuly scratching together jobs in Texas and Taiwan (who knows what he was doing there, maybe a drug mule). And as for Thailand.....

Some guy on the Rio board made an excellent post on how desperate may of these women are. They will get pregnant or do whatever to hold on to their men. Even Freeler's freaky photos (he is worse than me, he is a real sicko) show that. He photod all these fucking freaks but some of them still had that dejected and shamed look in their eyes, the look that says, this was not my pre destination.

Fact is, these ladies attract a disporportionately high amount of losers to their ranks. This is back to the mermais and sailors. They are doomed, they have been compromised, now they compromise us. This Czech guy, what is his game or does he have one? Comments appreciated.

02-08-03, 06:15

Thanx for your kind comments on my mental state.

Texas, Taiwan? Is the Czeck perhaps a sailor? Living in Thailand would be a smart thing. His company will fly him to his ship anywhere in the world anyway...

But I did not photo all the women I fucked. Not by far. None of the ho's in Chumphon, Nakhon or Krabi wanted to hear the clicking of the camera...
So I went back up North...
I Pattaya usually one in ten or so doesn't want it.
In the North-East there was only one who refused.

The 'Tour of Duty 2002-2003' stats:

days: 42
bonks: 55
lame encounters: 4 or 5, either her time of the month or talk, talk, talk
freak encounters: 1, she was fucking crazy!
average price (incl tips, photofees and roomrent): B220
lowest: B100 (+2 freebies)
highest: B400

02-10-03, 06:22

Are these pics of yours posted somewhere? If not, any chance I could get a sample :-)

Purple & Gold

02-10-03, 06:47

Nope, not posted. Just emailed to 'old friends on the board' and ofcourse on my 'puter and cd's...

02-11-03, 03:13
Freeler: Thanks you for the latest recent freak show of photos. Your field work seems to imply that the better the lay, the uglier the lady.
purple: you seem like a nice guy whowas well brought up. You do NOT want to look at those photos. They will be your ruination.

I now have to prepare as in a few nights' time, I shall be entertaining myself with some of those ladies Freeler abused. I took a friend out last night: 2 coffees and two cakes, 2000 baht. What will I get in Isaan for that money?: 10 filthy sluts to play sick mind games with. Their first lesbian gang bang. If they knoew about it, they would be as exited as I am:)

Here is a simple question: what can I get them to do that would be worth doing? Is there any kinda normal thrill I have missed?

I see youclaim to have cum 3 times in 30 minutes. I hope others don't flame you like when I spoke of previous conquests.

Speaking of which: this Czech guy beats me. He is fixated on my BB darling but he is either a total loser (ok looking) or he is setting her up. He visited her ancestral home in Surat. She is desperate for a man and so is an easy mark. Really sad. I might drop into Pattaya again and met her but that would be such a waste.........................

02-11-03, 05:24

It's exactly the fact that the pictures actually sound pretty gross that has my interest. Call it perverse curiosity. I'm wondering why anyone would seek out the ugliest women in a country filled with such beauty :-)

02-11-03, 05:32
I have another issue to bring before the board.

I've read all the warnings about not falling for these girls. And, especially about not sending money. But, on my first trip there, I met this complete sweetheart (and tiger in the bedroom) a few days in. Wrecked my personal debauchery tour as I spent the rest of the time with what would pass for a girlfriend. There were even several moments of tenderness that, if faked, could have earned academy awards.

Anyway, since coming back (about two weeks), we've been in touch via yahoo! messenger and web-cam every day. She seems so sincere, and has even declined offeres of money. I keep waiting for the "My mother's in the hospital" line, but it hasn't come. She is constantly trying to provide me with ideas for starting a business over there (export merchandise, retail shops, etc...) so that I can go live with her. I find it hard to believe that she's just trying to sucker me. While I don't know her well enough to say I love her, I'm certainly infatuated.

Have any of you had any similar experiences? Is this typical the MO for getting multiple streams of income? Any of you with experience in this type of relationship have words of wisdom?

02-11-03, 06:34

I can't help it. The three ugly ones were (by far) the best. Gawwd knows why. Perhaps they didn't get it for a LT. Possible.

But really I think the prettier ones are at fault. They seem to think: If I just spread my legs this farang will be soooo exited he'll love me forever.
I say: No way!
That's not enough.

You have to try all of them. Every woman has a quality of her own. I had about 10% lame encounters. Who cares, it's all in the game.

Don't pay a SW more than B200 (Pattaya B300) unless you want extra's like pix or filming...

That gal in the BullRing was just amazing. Whatever she did, super right touch. And after I came for the first time she looked at me like:'Is that all?' and she showed one of those lips. This time the one that says: 'Come back here and give me some more!'
What can a man do but go back and give her some more?
Two more times.
My last pic of her shows her on bed, dress on, but no panties, giving me about that same look again... But I was spent, legless, empty. No more, please: No more!


'I find it hard to believe that she's just trying to sucker me.'
Do you?

'I've read all the warnings about not falling for these girls.'

Believe those warnings. I have seen more foreigners go down the drain than you would believe. Email, webcam and write all you want. But send NO money and D-O-N-'-T visit the village!

02-11-03, 06:42
"Forst of all, I got flamed on the Sexual Addiciton board for mentioning my youthful exploits. Anyone know much about the 1995, case where a Singaporean porn actress in the United States set a world record for consecutive sex by having sexual ntercourse with 251 people in just 10 hours?

Purple: Freeler is a freak. Those women are not recommended; evne if you look at them, you might go blind. His ability to get thre cheapest fucks is one of his secret talents. Most guys will probably pay more.

My take on the village (btw my own water buffalo is sick if you have any spare $$) is this: these women were good women when they were going quack quack in the paddy field. However, the dynamics have now changed. many of them are "honest" but honest is only a relative concept. Agood Thai lady I know here is madly in love with here Japanese husband. When he goes to work, so does she, out selling herself witnout telling him. She sends the money back to the family but tells me she will take care of him in Thailand when they retire. How long do you think an old Japanese man would last in Thailand with her? Freeler has some recent horrific field reports on this concerning two retired GIs.

Your lady would love to start a new job etc etc and it could work if you did not throw her former life in her face etc etc. But the smart money, unfortunately, would have to be on it flopping. She is not trying to scam you but that is just the way things are.

In a former life, I gave some good $$$ to heroin hookers, just starting out on the game. Heroin hookers are the nearest Western equvalent I know to the dynamics going on in the heads of the Thai ladies. And in the minds of their friends who are advising them.

02-11-03, 07:32
Originally posted by skinless
"Forst of all, I got flamed on the Sexual Addiciton board for mentioning my youthful exploits. Anyone know much about the 1995, case where a Singaporean porn actress in the United States set a world record for consecutive sex by having sexual ntercourse with 251 people in just 10 hours?

That chick is Annabel Chong. I don't know if she is still in business. I don't think there were 251 guys. May be 251 times. The movie was kind of boring to watch.

Joe Zop
02-11-03, 07:51
Purple -- you don't have to question her honesty, sincerity, or anything else. She can utterly mean everything she says to you, she can be a true and utter sweetheart, and it still doesn't really make a difference. The fact that she hasn't asked for money really doesn't mean anything either. The bottom line in LOS is that family and the support of family is everything, these ladies work to make money for themselves and for their families, and you're not family. Even if you marry her, you're still not really family, because you're not Thai, and you're not the same blood.

While I was in Chiang Mai, I wondered at the fact that drivers wouldn't get out of the way of screaming ambulances. My pal, who lives there and is married to a Thai woman, said that the Thais just say, "Hey, it's not my family." That's just the way it is. There are sweet women everywhere, there are potential girlfriends inside a fair percentage of these women, but you simply don't know what you're getting yourself in for if you go that way.

There are plenty of women hoping to snare a farang, including ones who will move there to be with them, to support them and let them get out of the life in addition to simply looking for additional meal tickets from abroad. I mean, what surprise is that? If I was in their position I'd be looking for the same thing -- it's not as though selling yourself is high on the list of things people want to do with their lives. And you, as a farang, are at least an option -- because she's in the trade, she's at the absolute bottom of the Thai social structure, so her Thai options are very limited. But farangs generally don't deal with or operate within the Thai social heirarchy, so where she falls in the pecking order is less of an issue if she's walking around with a farang. At least people will know she's attached to someone with money, and if she's with you then you're expected to take care of her needs, her wants, and of her family.

And since you ask, I've had similar experiences -- I spent the better part of two months mostly with one lovely lady on my last trip, and I'd obviously not have done it if it wasn't an excellent GFE. There was a great deal of affection, a constant stream of text messages on my phone, little presents, reminders, etc., all along the way, great sex, and vast appreciation for anything I did for her. She was very new to the trade, so she didn't have a lot of the tricks and processes that many do, but I still understood exactly where I fell in the pecking order, which is behind her daughter, brother, parents, every one of several dozen cousins, any of her friends, whatever she happened to be interested in on any given day, etc. Even though I was treated wonderfully, when she was on the phone talking to someone or to another Thai in the room, I was still referred to as the farang, never by name, even if she was sitting next to me. Didn't mean there wouldn't be distress and crying if I was gone or unavailable, doesn't mean there's not still contact, but it's still an indication of the difference in thinking and positioning.

Is she a sweetheart? Positively! Would I spend time with her the next time I go over? Absolutely! Do I believe there's really any possibility of any true relationship working out? No, no, and again no. The gulf is simply too great in every way, and I'm willing to bet I've probably got a far better handle on the cultural differences than you, as a first-timer, might have.

She doesn't have to be trying to sucker you -- she can be completely sincere and still take you to a very damaging place. If you read my other postings in this section you'll see that I'm the direct opposite of someone who has a low opinion of Thai women or Thai culture -- quite the contrary, in fact, and I'm probably in the minority here in that I don't happen to feel I need to treat every TG with suspicion or distrust. But I still think your odds of not getting burned are astonishingly low, and I'd tread very carefully if I were you. Emotions are nothing to be trifled with in this scenario unless you really know what you're doing, and you don't.

02-11-03, 08:29
Joe: that is an excellent post. Your mother has reason to be proud of you. This topic is going to run and run with no resolution. It would be very interesting if you met that lady again, in a few years. That is actually the most interesting thing about this whole hobby: observing people, ourselves included, at their most primitive.

Tao: thanks for reminding me of that lady's name. I am not into porno at all but I reckon any lady being bonked a few hundred times in a row would feel kinda bored with the experience. Also 257 bonks does not leave much room for a plot line, doesit? Interesting nonetheless. Some women.....

02-11-03, 08:29
Joe, Skinless and Freeler,

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to print out your posts and pin them on the wall near my computer. They make a lot of sense.

Freeler, yes I do find it hard to believe. Like I said, she'd have to be one of the best actresses ever to pull off some of those moments. Still, I intend to heed your advice concerning money and the village :-)

Skinless, I understand what you mean about the Japanese guy. Actually, that was one of my concerns, "how do I build of trust in this situation?"

Joe, I think your info is both compassionate and objective (and I was definitely losing objectivity). It sux that the cultural difference is sooo disparate.

Thanks again.

02-11-03, 11:13
To purple.

Yes those guys are right when you have a chick who doesnt ask for money up front .Those are the ones you have to be really careful with.It's reverse physcoligy(I think thats how It's spelt)they lure you in to a false sense of security with them until you have a firm attatchment to which you feel obliged to hand over all your precious money.Some of these chicks are smart and look at the big picture and don't go for the short term financial gains that most do.You can play along with the game for a while and have some fun with her but always have an escape plan.Anyway any time spent with her will usually reveal her motives after a few months or so.After a while they drop subtle suggestions that seem to get stronger and stronger as the days go by.Eventually reaching a stage where she will demand you do something financial for her otherwise she will threaten you with a breakup if she feels you have strong and committed feelings for her.Yes emotional black mail you could call it when she finds she is in a postion to use it she will.

Any how you are probably a young guy and wouldnt want to settle down yet ,especially when you know what else is on offer in thighland.A virtual smorgasboard of talent to choose from so before you go committing yourself to a bird to which you are probably heading for a doomed relationship anyway,go and enjoy what this wonderful country has to offer.

The other thing about thai women is how quickly they will jump ship when they find a better catch than you.Commitment is not in the vocabulary,a better word to use would be opportunity.Now I'm not saying all thai women are like that but alot of them are.Also there is alot of quite nice genuine thai girls out there who would like to meet a foriegner and have a better life and would make a good wife and lover so don;t discount all thai women as there is some lovely ones out there too.It's just knowing which are the genuine ones and who are not.That can only be found out in time of which if you don't have alot to offer better off sticking to the regulars.

Hope this helps


Joe Zop
02-11-03, 18:03
Well, before I post this I'll warn that it's one of my long-winded ones. Didn't start out that way, but it is now, so please feel free to scroll by if that's a problem for you, as you've been warned.

Skinless -- for what it's worth, I believe the current gang-bang record is now over 500 (by a woman known as Spantaneous Ecstacy or something like that.) Kind of makes the Heart of Darkness Tour like a light jog as opposed to a real workout, doesn't it? :) I'm surprised no one in LOS has gone for this one, given the Thai obsession with the Guiness Book of Records. Must not be an officially sanctioned one, I guess...

And I'd love to see my tilak again in a few years and see what she's become. In her particular case it would truly be interesting, since she's working hard to get through college, and has a brain, ambitions, etc. The money I gave her, outside of walking-around money, and my activities with her were directed at the specifics of her situation -- paying back and current rent, moving her to a better -- but not really more expensive (300baht more a month) -- place to live, paying her tuition, money for the family, hospital visit and bills, cell phone time, helping her find a job outside the life, etc. All legit bills, all checked out, and the fact that I was paying for them specifically and we had an arrangement about being transparent about what she wanted and needed made a different emotional impact. (And the process of intentionally going into all this was part of what I was after, grist for the mill, if you will, so this wasn't a distraction for me as it probably would be for other guys.) I went shopping with her once when I sent her back to her family for a couple of days because she was getting moony about her daughter, and she burst out crying when I insisted on buying two large containers of powdered milk after she hesitantly asked for one. Spent about 2500baht (lots of food for the family) and then gave her an extra thousand to have while she was gone. The reunion sex was some of the best I've ever had.

And before anyone here reacts with horror or thinks I got took, let me note that my time with her worked out to well less than 1000baht a day, about 800, and, yes, I tracked it, and no, I don't send money. I simply used a different approach to paying in this instance than usual -- because she didn't want to ask for money from me or tell me what she needed we arranged that I'd grab her wallet and make sure she always had 500baht in it, and then we'd deal with her bills separately. Some days this meant I gave her nothing, some days a couple of hundred baht, but this was her walking around money to do with as she pleased, and was separate from rent, bills, etc. The concept was that I'd take care of her while I was with her as long as she did the same for me, which is what really mattered, and which fit entirely into a comfortable context for her. It was understood and repeatedly stated that either of us could end the arrangement at any time, that I was not going to be a long-term boyfriend, and that I had a plane to catch and was positively going to leave. And the bottom line was that having her around was good for my work, she saved me money in simply living there and her knowing less expensive places for things I wanted/needed, and I'd have gladly paid three times as much to get those two things out of the equation. (And I refer people to my posting a couple of months ago where I caution that my approach is decidedly not for everyone, and that the 3Fs is infinitely safer!)

I believe it was Firedick (sorry, too lazy to search, so I might be wrong...) who described paying for the education of some of the women he met in PI and his successes with that. My friend in LOS and others demonstrate that it certainly is possible to meet and marry a Thai woman if that's what you're up for, though there's less chance of it working than there is in other circumstances, and less still if you're talking about a bar girl. He was a heavy long-time monger, and a long-term resident of LOS, speaks fluent Thai, the two of them very clearly adore each other, and yet his wife (who was not from the trade) still had her bags packed for three days, ready to walk if she could stop crying long enough, while I was there, over basically nothing. And she is probably the most western-thinking Thai woman I've met, in that she truly doesn't orient around her family, as they're a bunch of criminals in her estimation. (A complicated story involving sexual misconduct.) But scenarios such as these are the vast exceptions to the general rule, and the general rule is that you're going to get stomped.

Ludwick's comment about TGs eventually demanding you do something financial for them simply underscores again the cultural differences (well, maybe not, if you read the American Women thread) in that it's not really blackmail, it's all about proving how much you value her, and that's very important since status and face is everything in LOS. There is a palpable desperation to find a way to move up the social chain, and having lots of money and material things is one of the few ways you can do it. That's the purpose of the dowry in LOS -- making a grand ceremonial gesture to show you're aware of your darling's incomparable worth and the trauma her parents are undergoing in her loss. Everyone in the community knows how much the dowry is -- if it's high, everyone in the region will be told -- and the family thereby gains status from this. (And no, it's not "see how much we took the stupid farang for" as some might think.) The committment issue is the same thing -- if you don't demonstrate how much you value her, you obviously don't care about her, so she might as well find someone who does. Again, there's no need to impart any idea of personal subterfuge in what's a straightforward issue of different cultural values -- in fact, I think that one of the mistakes too many farangs make is in thinking this stuff has to do with the TG herself instead of understanding that the way she's been wired is different from farang wiring and the values she has are simply not the same as the one we have.

And you're absolutely right, Skinless, that this is about observing ourselves as well as others -- and the danger in a scenario where you're going with lovelies who work hard to melt both your body and heart is a loss of self-awareness. Particularly when you're a cultural fish out of water and you're not aware when that's occurring. You'd better be able to look in the mirror and recognize the fool within and deal with him accordingly, or everyone else is going to see him on the outside, one way or another.

02-11-03, 19:49

Shine a light, if you please. You know that English isn't my native tongue, and I'm confused by the words 'pecking order'.

Is it perhaps the order in which the peckers go in:)?

Seriously: I guess this is the third or fourth time this topic came up in the past year or so. And it's always entertaining.
But it wouldn't come up if people just came to Thailand and enjoyed.
But they don't.
And didn't get involved in anything.
But they do.

02-11-03, 22:43

Beeing an european (as you are, I guess) I take the liberty to inform you that 'pecking order' is a metaphor for social status hierarchy (originating from hens pecking each other with their beak (rigid double structure replacing their lips)) to determine their place in life.......

Purple: Don't be a sucker; I've tried.... The veterans in this forum knows what it's all about. If it's not enough for you: take a trip to Stickman's page and read the readers submissions section. You could start with the girl who had 4 farangs paying for their (common) baby (the dna-donater was her thai boyfriend). Needless to say more.....


02-12-03, 00:31

Nice report.


02-12-03, 00:49

THNX, but just kiddin'!

02-12-03, 01:52
Joe: I was bracing myself but your report was not one of your marathons. Cebu Local is the guy you meant: that was a no brainer as he mentions it quite a lot.
The Big Breasted one (yes!) emails her friend in Germany who seems happily married and with child by Manfred (Freeler's real name?) a lot. She asks her how come she is so lucky and everything went well for her. There are lots of jewels out there. An English guy I met last time said they were all jewels when they were in the paddy fields helping to bring in the rice. He said when he first lived there, he was told they were all mercenary bitches and he hascome to believe that. If they are in the game more than 6 months, they are finished: their brains are stewed.

The only good thing about Pattaya is to talk to the ex pats and get their stories. You can survive there and have a relationship but ....Same as Bangkok, most ex pats are a pitiful lot. LOS does attract its fair share of losers and no hopers.

On another matter: Freeler: do you work in a fish market? Isthat why you insist on making your ogres open their pussies like snapper or some other form of fish. It is rather vulgar, you know.

Well, in 3 days' time, I will have the lady with the teeth handcuffed to my bed and I will be partying in her ass. Yawn.

02-12-03, 06:17

You are sick but very funny.


02-12-03, 07:02

Because you use the phrase 'lady with the teeth' and the word 'yawn' on the same page, I have notified Thai Immigration of your arrival and they won't let you in.

And 'handcuffed'? Do women run away when they see you?
When they see me, they want to cum with me for B150 and then they show me all they have.
I spared* the lady with the teeth' ass, this means more friction for you.
But I've been in her pussy; better not fall in!

*No typo, 'spared' not 'spread'.

02-12-03, 10:04

I expected so....but I could not resist putting up a few academic (sic) lines between all the vulgarities posted here. (I must get more and more corrupted as I start to find them more and more amusing....)


02-12-03, 17:16

Please forgive my 'peckers' post.... I couldn't resist.

The part about 'not family' is very interresting and one of those 1000 reasons why you shouldn't go to the village.
The number of traps to fall in is mindboggling, yet people still try to beat the odds.
Mai kao-chai... no understand...

Joe Zop
02-12-03, 20:49
Freeler -- I thought it was funny, don't worry. And you and Skinless seem to have already established your own peckering order :D.

For what it's worth, I've gone to visit someone's village and family and had a great time, BUT, and this is critical, it wasn't with someone I was sleeping with or interested in, and that was clear to everyone (and made clear repeatedly.) When -- anywhere -- is going to the ancestral home to meet a girl's parents, making what is essentially in this case a public demonstration of the fact that you're the one sleeping with someone's daughter, not a sign of both major committment and potential major trouble?

Let's keep in mind, in addition to everything else, how many TGs tell their parents they're making money doing something other than going with farangs for money. (For all the numbers of families who positively know or suspect, there are certainly lots who do not, in addition to those who simply choose not to know.) I've met lots of women who are telling their family they're secretaries, clerks, receptionists, etc. Do you really want to be the person who, in the middle of nowhere, with no support structure, somehow disabuses them of that notion? And if they're not under that impression, then you're pretty clearly just a meal ticket or fish on the hook.

I do think the whole thing about people trying to make it work is completely understandable -- being with someone who screws you silly, is beautiful and attentive, takes care of your every need, costs you for a week what a night on the town elsewhere might, and overlooks your flaws is absolutely an attractive proposition. Especially in a place as beautiful and exotic as LOS. If you can do it for a week, a month, whatever, then why can't you do it forever? Hell, I'd happily spend a year or two indulging in the fantasy if I could -- but there's no way I'd lose track of the fact that it's not sustainable or real.

The reality is more seen in the grizzled ex-pats who wander around the country, a lot of whom are truly woeful and sad, very few of whom I met who didn't have a tale of woe, most with a TG but plenty with other situations, and few of whom seemed very happy to me. The exceptions were mostly either working there for a while or were relative newcomers, lots of whom were retirees who were getting to bang gorgeous women a third of their age, so what would they have to complain about? (I should say that I met several ex-pats who were long-term residents who didn't fall into these categories, but they were all people with professions that drove them first and foremost, and all of them spent time out of LOS as well.) Interestingly, I met a number of ex-pats who were being played for fools, absolutely and truly knew it, and simply didn't care in the least. Them at least I can understand -- they just figured they were getting enough out of the equation for their own needs and purposes, and it wasn't costing them more than they were willing to pay. I won't pity or criticize anyone who makes their choices with their eyes clear and open -- may not be what I'd do, but if you know what's going on and decide it's what you want, then I'm no one to judge.

But guys being led by the pecker don't fall into that latter category.

02-12-03, 21:41

Good point about those allowing themselves to be used. Under current circumstances, I don't think I can get over to LOS enough to make the equation balance. But, if I was over there a week or so out of the month, I don't think it'd be a bad deal.

$500 a month to some girl who, as you said, screws me silly, is beautiful and attentive and takes care of my every need. That sure as hell sounds like a good deal to me! I certainly spent far more than that on my ex-girlfriend (a doctor in the US) with far less in return. And, if the TG can work over several farangs like that, more power to her. She's got a tough road, and, as hard as she works, she deserves whatever she can get.

I suppose, though, that's what bothered me about my relationship with my TG. That relationship wasn't clear. She wouldn't take money offered. I offered to pay expenses for her family and to start a beauty salon (she already had graduated from school for this), but she said that she wanted to do it on her own. But, like you said in an earlier post, that's not really the main point. I can never be family. So, the pay for play relationship would always be the reality.

Just for the record, I have told her that I'd like some space (as if the Pacific Ocean isn't enough) and time. So, after much crying, she agreed not to call me for a few weeks. That should be sufficient to get the big head back in charge :-)

02-13-03, 02:56
Thank you all for your advice. The lady with the teeth is Chinese so maybe no village to go to in which case I will have to content myself with being rimmed in the hotel. The GFE deal most of the ladies offer is infinitely better than hos in the US or wherever. No wonder it is so intoxicating. Even if you bring them shopping etc, it is still a great deal if that is what you want. Freeler just does not believe in paying 1000 bt bf to take a lady to a gold store. Societies are complex and women are complex too (if we want to get into relationships with them as opposed to simply using them as targets for our fucked up fantasties as I intend to do.)

I think good Filipina ladiesmake better long term companions. And though I think these women are Thailand's finest, I don't really think a brothel is the place to go looking for a fairy tale romance.

02-13-03, 06:27

Have a good one!

02-13-03, 22:27
The day of reckoning is at hand.Tonight I sleep with Thailand's equivalent of four Husky dogs. I don't know what the Eskimos do with their dogs in the middle of winter but I will be drilling these love toys all night long when I am not thinking of ways to get more mileage out of their bodies. Little do they realise what is going to happen to them tonight. It will be the highlight of their career. This is going to be sick. I have checked my baggage and packed a few more batteries for my vibrators. Other than that, it's all systems go. I intend to do 4 women a day to begin with. Wish them luck.

Cebu Local
02-14-03, 00:47
joe and skinless
yup,I was the guy who paid for the education of a part time escort and put her through school until she finished her MBA here in Cebu,she currently works for me as my right hand in my business and she will probably become my partner simply because after 5 years you would not believe the transformation,excellent english and totally at ease in business enviroments,sometimes when i watch her conduct a presentation at the shangrila to a bunch of business associates,I wonder if the guys would believe that she was turning tricks at a bar 5 years ago.
But filipinas are different from thais,most filipinas prefer foriegners then filipinos.I have friends who swear by thais and i agree that they are generally prettier and wilder in bed,but filipinas have a better attitude if you like a GFE,remember they can genuinely fall in love with us and are closer to us in culture,they like western music,can live on western food,speak read english better being a former american colony etc.well anyway enough said IMHO Thais ST Filipinas LT regards

02-16-03, 06:42
Originally posted by skinless
The day of reckoning is at hand.Tonight I sleep with Thailand's equivalent of four Husky dogs. I don't know what the Eskimos do with their dogs in the middle of winter but I will be drilling these love toys all night long when I am not thinking of ways to get more mileage out of their bodies. Little do they realise what is going to happen to them tonight. It will be the highlight of their career. This is going to be sick. I have checked my baggage and packed a few more batteries for my vibrators. Other than that, it's all systems go. I intend to do 4 women a day to begin with. Wish them luck.

skinless, we all have great expectations of you, you're about to go behond the limits of depravity, I hope you won't dissapoint us, and don't forget to keep us posted: the world is waiting for your depraved posts.

I really wish your victims luck, I hope they survive the experience.

02-20-03, 22:58
originally posted by freeler (over in the bangkok thread)

i feel that this whole discussion shouldn't be here but in 'thai women - opinions & advice', but now my handle got mentioned, so here 'goes it':

'is the implication that they don't deserve what they're earning? if you feel that, then follow skinless' and freeler's advice and journeys.'

some people might think from that post that i think that they don't deserve what they are earning.
well, in fact i do.
i respect all women and what they do and earn unless they (attempt to) steal from me.
it's just that they won't get their inflated income from me, but if others are stupid enough not to understand the first thing about the actual cost of living in thailand and pay b1,000 for a shorttime, it's fine with me.

thai working girls in pattaya, patong and bangkok are not who they were back home.
that's not the girls' fault, but the fault of the men who pay far too much because they are ignorant and stupid!
don't blame the girls for taking advantage of that ignorance and

i agree. this discussion is at home here :-)

while reading your posts, i never mistook your actions for anything disrepectful (and certainly none of the [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)/degredation that bamse1969 boasted of). i just figure that your a shrewd bargainer. if you can negotiate your amazing rates for outrageous adventures, more power to you. nothing came off as though you were forcing them to do anything via physical abuse or intimidation.

as for the ignorance costing part. i understand the cost of living/avg. salary bit, but, even so, i don't know how to talk the girls down to 'freeler' rates. care to share tips? i'd be more than happy to stretch my baht as far as it can go :-)

02-21-03, 01:56
Well folks, as i posted before i like that GFE. And of course it's not a matter of money if you give your TG 1000 THB a day. I'm not in any relation by now but remember that my former european girlfriend wants me to spent money on her bills too.
And the girl i was used to meet in LOS she always want me to save money (sometimes very kidding - she wanted to go by bus while i'm travelling by air...).
When we meet somewhere abroad it's up to her how to get there; i know she travels by bus and save the difference for worse days...
All-in-all it's worth it!

02-21-03, 01:57
Originally posted by juicespike (over in the bangkok thread)

You are indeed eloquent and know how to write well. Good writing is persuasive and powerful. It can move the masses. I pretty much agree with almost everything you write about the Thai girls but I think sometimes you forget to use the "society at large" context when discussing Thai prostitutes. For example, you wrote:

"The whole issue with bamse1969 wasn't really about the girl at all -- it was about his behavior. Hooker or not, that's no way to treat a woman. That's true whether a she has been in the sack with ten thousand guys or one."

If you were to use this argument in court in front of a jury everybody would agree with you excpet for this part:
"... That's true whether she has been in the sack with ten thousand guys or one...."

Why? Because if she was in that room with that man while prostituting herself the jury would pass judgement or be much less sympathetic with her and more likely believe the guy or at least give him the benefit of the doubt. Context.


Still trying to move this discussion over here :-)

Juice, we're not in front of a jury, nor in front of society at large. We're discussing our own community's opinions.

But, if we were, there is a subtle issue here. If the evidence against Bamse were circumstantial, then, yes, he might be able to squirm his way out due to reasonable doubt. But, his confession decides the issue. That same jury, that might otherwise feel sympathetic, would also have to see him as a vicious mysogynist who not only brutalized a very innocent looking young woman, but then went and bragged about it.

Of course he later tried to cover his tracks with the BS about his imaginary friend, but I'm pretty sure that even the thickest idiot, with a little nudge from a prosecution, could put the pieces together on that. So, now he also is proven to be a liar in front of the jury.

I don't think that her past is irrelevant. I just don't think it's enough to raise a reasonable doubt.

Also, I don't think that anyone is arguing that these girls are pure, innocent angels. Just that some people want to look down on them, and use societies sad stigma on their profession as an excuse. Others figure that these girls are doing what they can to earn an honest living. And, that they do it while appearing to keep an innocence about them is worth some plaudits.

02-21-03, 06:16

we are not the jury? so far i have read a lot of judgements against this guy. all based on what he wrote, more importantly, how he wrote it. your judgements against him are based on your experience in the society at large, what you determine to be "good" and what is "bad." this forum may be a "special community" but we do not live in a bubble. what would you say if i told you that in the subculture of thai prostitutes they expect sometimes to get raped by foreigners as part of their job? do they care? are they worried about it? do they get hurt emotionally and physically? do they stop working? did you know that for working thai girls there are after hours bars with thai male prostitutes were some girls go there to unleash their aggression and (i have been told by bar girls) they "play [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)" with these guys where the girls force themselves on them?

you wrote about this guy "a vicious mysogynist who not only brutalized a very innocent looking young woman, but then went and bragged about it..." brutalized? i think they guy is an asshole if she told him to stop but in the heat of fucking a giggling hooker a guy may not know what crossing the line is. was he wrong if she said "no, stop!" ? sure. but you were not there, i was not there... i know how perky thai girls can get in bed and with some convincing they will try just about anything if they like the guy.

if you are so forthright about the thai girls, why are you trying to figure out a cheaper way to fuck them? do you want to later brag about how cheap you got it for?

i just thought about this: bamse1969 should have gone to the eden club...


Joe Zop
02-21-03, 06:18
purplengold -- i agree with you that this is about considering our own behavior, but i do think juice's point is a valid one. (and to answer your question here: i'm a consultant, which involves communication and writing, and i also do a fair amount of other types of writing both for my own purposes and for hire. i've also worked internationally a fair amount, where i need to research, listen, and learn so i can properly understand, accomodate, and negotiate cultural differences, as i often have a large variety at the table. so considering various perspectives, gentle persuasion, and writing are sort of my stocks in trade.)

juice, you're absolutely correct about being in a courtroom, and context. there's no question that these women operate in a decidedly different social context even than we're used to in the west, and people do look at prostitutes differently, and also in different ways, everywhere. but even though virtually all social status is lost in los as a pro, you're generally not looked at as complete scum or as devoid of rights, which can happen easily in the west.

regardless, that still doesn't make forcing yourself on someone, pro or not, the right way to act. (and here i'm not referring to your tg/male prostitute [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) play-acting, which is consensual.) i absolutely do plead guilty to not putting heavy weight on the society at large perspective at times -- and this is one of them -- as it's never really acted as trump in my deck. it's easy enough to write off crimes involving people who "get what they deserve" because they don't fit the societal definition of useful member needing protection or justice, but that also serves to reinforce that negative perception, and the circle continues. blaming the victim is something that went out a while ago (and it should stay out) though of course it still plays a big practical role in society defining justice, particularly if you're looking at the american "reasonable doubt" standard. (in my experience victims generally do a good enough job blaming themselves, by and large.) but as far as it goes, i sure as hell wouldn't want to put this particular issue to test in a thai courtroom, considering where you could end up if you were on the losing side, which a farang can easily be!

hence the issue might also be: which "society at large" are we referring to...

and, again, i'm not convinced that bamse is anything more than a poor communicator, but the issue brought up is interesting and worth discussing, as it is about appropriate ways for this sub-group to behave.

02-21-03, 06:49

Now you write: 'Let me clearly state, as you no doubt knew, that in no way was I implying you or Skinless didn't think these women earned their money, or that you guys were essentially cheap charlies.'

You're only getting in deeper:D!

02-21-03, 09:58

originally posted by juicespike

we are not the jury? so far i have read a lot of judgements against this guy. all based on what he wrote, more importantly, how he wrote it.
you wrote about this guy "a vicious mysogynist who not only brutalized a very innocent looking young woman, but then went and bragged about it..." brutalized? i think they guy is an asshole if she told him to stop but in the heat of fucking a giggling hooker a guy may not know what crossing the line is. was he wrong if she said "no, stop!" ? sure. but you were not there, i was not there... i know how perky thai girls can get in bed and with some convincing they will try just about anything if they like the guy.

i would accept this as a valid argument, except...

bamse1969's original post:
and i took the opportunity to place it in the other hole.
that made her awake – she was not ready for this (i am sure) – and suddenly there was some involvement from her side – she tried to move away, but i just laid down on her back – pressing her to the bed, and asked her to lay low – then there would be no problems. i adjusted myself, and slowly started to move in and out – she was soooo tight, i dont think this one was a regular issue for her – but she adjusted (a little cry out here and there)
i could see she was not ready for this wake up call – so i decided: what the hell – took out my cock from her pussy, placed it between her lips – and started to fuck her face (i think i was a little to rough, but hey – i was going places with her)
the experience was so so, she was not really into servicing and had no interest in participating, so i decided to proceed and enjoy (live out my fantasies).
was i to rough – well maybe!!
should i have asked for permission before rear entry – absolutely. !!

and, when he later was trying to recant,

bamse1969 tertiary post:
or kicked her out when she did not “participate in the game”

these are his words. where's the ambiguity? they clearly establish that, not only was she unwilling, he was fully concsious of her rejection.

he describes a very brutal act. what else would you call forced sodomy and rough oral sex? they don't describe a giggling hooker. he depicts her as a small woman who is scared and in pain, and himself as the big, vicious ogre having his way regardless of what it might do to his victim.

as for mysogynistic... well, his entire post has the tone of "hah. look what i did to this fucking ***** who failed to give me my props." but, for specific examples:

bamse1969 first post:
she just got herself a new nokia – so she was busy showing me what it could do – so i played along

yeah, yeah... shine the stupid girl on.

bamse1969 first post:
no need for her to be in pain, if i am in pleasure

oh. so, if he's not feeling pleasure, the woman should feel pain?

bamse1969 first post:
i shot of my load in the container for same purpose.

that might be the most degrading statement against women on the whole forum.

your judgements against him are based on your experience in the society at large, what you determine to be "good" and what is "bad."

true. i'm making my judgement of him because i think [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) is wrong. but, i'm pretty sure that hippias would agree.

this forum may be a "special community" but we do not live in a bubble. what would you say if i told you that in the subculture of thai prostitutes they expect sometimes to get raped by foreigners as part of their job? do they care? are they worried about it? do they get hurt emotionally and physically? do they stop working?

did you know that the life expectancy of the typical a-10 (tank killer) pilot in a battle is less than 10 minutes? they expect to die. they don't expect to return home from a mission. why don't we rig their planes to explode 10 minutes after engaging? i mean, they expect to get killed, so they've given up their right to survival, right?

did you know that for working thai girls there are after hours bars with thai male prostitutes were some girls go there to unleash their aggression and (i have been told by bar girls) they "play [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)" with these guys where the girls force themselves on them?

this is a red-herring. we're not talking about a willing participant. and we're not talking about 'play [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123)'. there's no comparison. and, please don't try to bring up that pathetic attempt he made to convince us that his friend assured him, before hand, that this girl liked to play these games. none of us are dumb enough to believe that yarn.

if you are so forthright about the thai girls, why are you trying to figure out a cheaper way to fuck them? do you want to later brag about how cheap you got it for?

forthright means 'without hesitation' or 'frank'. 'without hesitation' doesn't apply. and, there's no conflict between being honest and being proud that one can drive a hard bargain. after my next trip to los, i'll post a report detailing who, where, and how much. partly for pride. partly because that's what this forum's here for. and, i'm counting on you to do the same for me :-)

as i said initially, i am all for two (or more) consenting adults living out their fantasies together (so long as they don't adversely affect a non-willing bystander). if this girl had bargained for and freely consented to these services, then, whether she enjoyed them or not is irrelevant. but, bamse1969 makes several statements that he knew she wasn't expecting this treatment (hence not bargained nor implied consent). and, he further goes on to state that she was very mad, so we can deduce that she didn't want to partake in them.

i just thought about this: bamse1969 should have gone to the eden club...

hear! hear!

02-21-03, 10:42

i understand juice's argument to be: "what bamse1969 did was wasn't immoral because a jury would acquit based on the girl's profession." for the reasons stated in previous posts, i think even a southern jury would have a hard time acquitting, but that isn't really a part of the validity argument.

validating juice's argument is akin to accepting the argument that, "since a jury found o.j. innocent, then obviously he's a fine, upstanding citizen." all juice is saying is: 'since the girl's history is checkered in the eyes of western society, a jury would find bamse1969 innocent. this implies that it's okay to commit [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) as long as you are pretty sure you can get away with it in a court of law.'

that a strategy like putting the victim on trial can be successful only shows one of many flaws in our legal system. does anyone believe that the person who got off using the 'twinkie defense' was really innocent?

i'm not posting for a legal jury. i'm posting this because i believe that it's important for mongers (and anyone else) reading this board to know that "paid for sexual services" does not equate to "has no rights and can be treated in whatever manner the client desires."

here's my take on bamse1969's actions. he's been lurking here for some time. he read about freeler and skinless having there way with consenting partners and the admiring responses they get. he's none too bright (if not a little cocked in the head), and doesn't understand the implied consent and respect aspect of there adventures. he gets it into his head that, hey, these guys will think i'm the man when they see that i'm much more callous and brutal. so, he victimizes this girl (yes, she is a victim regardless of her past!) and goes on to write his post, expecting kudos and our admiration.

my hope, idealistic or not, is that the next potential bamse1969 lurking out there reads the condemning and derisive responses. that loser thinks twice and maybe one less girl doesn't get raped (even if she is expecting it).

Joe Zop
02-21-03, 11:06
>BAMSE1969 First Post:
>i shot of my load in the container for same purpose.

>That might be the most degrading statement against women on the whole forum.

Whoa -- slow down! I read this as him referring to the condom he earlier described putting on, which I'm pretty certain is what he meant. Not the woman.

I do think you're reading a little too much into places here, P&G. The thing with the Nokia's harmless -- I mean, c'mon, you've got a guy pretending to be interested in the features of the new cell phone of a girl he's just met and wants to bed. Not the first or last time that will happen, and no cause for censure or alarm. His comment about her not needing to be in pain was stated as an explanation for him using lube, and was an attempt at gallantry that fell flat in the context of the rest of his post -- and, for what it's worth, several times I've had to stop proceedings to explain what lube is and why it's good for the girl, as not all are familiar with it. I once had to spend close to ten minutes working through this, because the kind I had (astroglide) was different from the kind she was familiar with, and we ended up having a discussion on the relative merits of this versus her lube, which was decidedly was not what I was in the mood for at that moment. So it can be a decided pause in the proceedings, and viable cause for a remark. (And another reason I like long time, as you can take your time getting your partner worked up and generally not worry about lube.)

I'd also not read too much into his repeated statements about "the game" as I think they are so vague as to be meaningless. Is the game with the cell phone the same game she doesn't play or are the games she plays related to the games he wants to play or is this whole thing the game that's being referred to, and so on. No wonder he doesn't know the rules, since he's playing too many games at once.

Let's face it, there's no need to twist anything into something else, or add implication to things, as there's enough that's unmistakeable in the rest of his posts to be concerned about.

I agree with Juice that it can be hard to tell exactly what boundaries are and what Thai girls are and are not agreeing to in the heat of the moment, and that they are often easily convinced (and often impossible to convince of the simplest and most harmless things.) Language difficulties don't help matters either. That said, it doesn't appear there was much convincing or requesting involved here, which is the main area of contention. The only thing we have to go in are the missives from bamse1969, which the poster feels have not properly conveyed the situation. Maybe that's true, maybe not.

At the very least, I suspect there are another couple dozen lurkers on the board now saying to themselves, "Ye godz, I will absolutely never post anything -- I'll get torn to bits."

Joe Zop
02-21-03, 11:45
P&G -- I, on the other hand, read Juice's court statement as a comment that there's a world out there that tends to look at these ladies with less sympathetic eyes, and that the situation can be viewed through different-colored glasses, depending on the framework one imparts. That's not a bad reminder at all, and hence my response regarding Thai courts, who would come at it with yet another perspective. But I'm not particulary interested in the issue of what is and isn't a convictable crime, or the vagaries of what proof is available or needed, or how a jury might need to be convinced. It's not the issue, as far as I'm concerned. Juice's comment was not, I don't believe, a statement on morality, nor was it a statement about right or wrong -- it was a reminder of reality.

And I don't put any of the characteristics of intelligence or lack thereof on bamse1969 as you do -- I don't know the gentleman beyond his couple of posts, and I've got too little to go on. I read his posts as coming from someone for whom English is not the first language, who tried to come in with a breezy monger style and failed, who was then alarmed at how what he had written was being perceived, and scrambled to make it better. I therefore take the specific language used with a grain of salt.

Obviously, I am not sympathetic to a guy forcing a woman to do anything she's not interested in doing, and I think it's clear that bamse1969 was at the very least, an inconsiderate jerk, and possibly much worse, and knows it.

But that doesn't mean a hammer is the proper or only tool for all construction work.

02-21-03, 12:47
Okay. I'll give thought to your points.

The horse is dead :-)

02-21-03, 16:10

you definately put a lot of work on your last post. i don't have the time to answer point by point as i see no need to further continue this (getting old) issue about 69. but, what i find interesting is how sure you are that he raped her only based on how and what he wrote in his report. for your info, some thai hookers pay no attention, seem bored, are not interested, show no emotions, scream at nothing, giggle at nothing, sniffle at nothing, talk too much, eat cum, spit cum, slap you, liked getting slapped, bite you, like getting a bite, sing, look at you, close their eyes, call you names (in thai), liked being called derrogatory names (in english, german, japanese, and french), watch tv, go wild, ask for kinky sex, ask you to finish fast, ask you not to cum fast, ask you to go harder, slower, faster, stop, continue, etc, when you are either pounding them or having a mellow fuck.

anyway, how many times have you been to thailand?


you always make not only good points but also intelligent ones. you experience with thailand shows. hopefully the neebies are paying attention.


Dick Johnson
02-21-03, 21:15
My view is somewhere between realist juicespike's and JZ's. Purple is getting a bit dramatic for my tastes.

02-22-03, 02:11
i had some very different experiences in LOS during the last five years, starting from a "friend" who wanted to borrow some money up to a girl who changed her attitudes generally within 1 1/2 year. When I met her first time she was doing some handicrafts on a market and it took me a second holiday to get more than a smile and a kind of a kiss - then we spend together another holiday (3) and this was really good for me. Gave her some money then because she told me she has no work. The story ended with a strange phonecall I've got from another men whom she met and told him she loves him. He quoted my phone number... But I wasn't really surprised because i was told before she started working in a bar.
At the other hand there was an ex-hooker who turned out to be a friend and she never asked for money again.
The only thing I can tell you is to be careful and try to get some more information about your girlfriend in spe. But be aware that your resiodence is far away and once you open a shop you're responsible for all the bills without any warranty. You can leave your girl and the shop on monday and on tuesday everything is gone...

02-22-03, 02:12
originally posted by dick johnson
my view is somewhere between realist juicespike's and jz's. purple is getting a bit dramatic for my tastes.

sorry for the drama. touchy subject for me as i have first hand experience with [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) victims and the trauma imposed on their life in the aftermath.

02-24-03, 04:09

First, I think you are a jerk/asshole for going after Bamse so hard - they posting was obviously misunderstod and he was trying to write it a little bit with an edge to spark interest - which backfired. Give the topic a break...

Second, you are not a little bit cocky to write that other people's post have little value or that they are worthless. I did a search of your postings on Thailand. It is not like you have contributed a lot with exceptions of mostly questions - I get the sense that you barely have even been to LOS....

Third, it is great that now you have scared the shit out of other potential posters to contribute anything for the fear of calling down the wrath of P&G - very few other people will feel inclined to contribute bc. of fear of retribution. Dick Johnson already did a great job of making sure that LA Larry probably will never ever contribute anything to this board anymore. Great going guys - pretty soon you will be the only ones posting....

Forth, I am against all violence against women but be a little bit realistic - a chick working the trade know the risks and that some less than savy characters will procure her services - of course she in no way deserves any mistreatment but as they say "if you play with fire....."

Finanally, guys for your own safety - people working or hanging around the sex trade are no saints and if you fuck around - don't be surprised if you get some violent payback. It is no joke that all it cost to have someone whacked in LOS in 2-4000 bath. If you stiffed or roughed up a hooker in the Bronx, St Pauli, Amsterdam or any other place - you would expect her pimp coming looking for you wouldn't you - why does some people thing LOS is different?

My few cents....

02-24-03, 04:26
originally posted by larryone

first, i think you are a jerk/asshole for going after bamse so hard - they posting was obviously misunderstod and he was trying to write it a little bit with an edge to spark interest - which backfired. give the topic a break...

'first' i really don't care what you think about me. you don't like what i post, don't read it. i'll still sleep great at night.

'second', i don't believe he was misunderstood, and it certainly isn't 'obvious'.

'third', in case you hadn't read, i've already posted that i'm squashing it for my part.

second, you are not a little bit cocky to write that other people's post have little value or that they are worthless. i did a search of your postings on thailand. it is not like you have contributed a lot with exceptions of mostly questions - i get the sense that you barely have even been to los....

i love limited, random observation skills. you erroneously state that i believe others posts are worthless. i don't, whether i disagree or not. then, you fail to notice that i am not claming to be an expert on thailand. i've stated on numerous occasions that my experience there is extremely limited and that's why i'm asking questions.

however, in areas where i do have knowledge, southern ca and tijuana, i've tried to post useful info alongside questions. it all balances out.

third, it is great that now you have scared the shit out of other potential posters to contribute anything for the fear of calling down the wrath of p&g - very few other people will feel inclined to contribute bc. of fear of retribution. dick johnson already did a great job of making sure that la larry probably will never ever contribute anything to this board anymore. great going guys - pretty soon you will be the only ones posting....

this is just speculation. i haven't attacked anyone concerning their posts with the exception of bamse. i would expect an intelligent reader to understand the difference between taking harsh exception to something like [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) and flaming people for no apparent reason other than to get their jollies off (a bit like what you've posted here).

forth, i am against all violence against women but be a little bit realistic - a chick working the trade know the risks and that some less than savy characters will procure her services - of course she in no way deserves any mistreatment but as they say "if you play with fire....."

in other words, you are saying that they get what you feel they deserve. "well, they put themselves in a bad situation. so the perpetrator is excused." sorry, it shouldn't work that way. you are simply condoning bamse's actions regardless of whether he was misunderstood or not.

but, like i said, i'm laying off the topic.


Dick Johnson
02-24-03, 07:55
Get a grip, Larry one. LA Larry was a misogynistic braggadacio who didn't know he was banging ladyboys for weeks. Nobody even pointed that out til I did. If you want to bang hot chicks not knowing they were dudes before then I'm sorry I ruined it for you.

Besides he was mainly talking about Patpong. Who is there that goes to BKK that doesn't know about Patpong? That tourist trap. I'm one of the first/few to talk about soi 33, Pegasus etc, and giving a list of massage parlours like Emmanuelle, Poseidon etc w/address, phone#.

Joe Zop
02-24-03, 15:23
Let me suggest that we take it down a notch, ok? Killing ants with howitzers works, but it tears up the neighborhood more than necessary. All anyone has to go on, except for those few guys who have met each other in person, is what someone posts on this forum, so we really shouldn't be putting forward the idea that anyone can "prove" or know anyone is or is not doing anything. It's fine to question other people, it's fine to disagree, and that's a critical part of discussing experience and gathering information, but to think there's a way to conclusively know anything about someone else's experience via this forum is mere hubris. A board like this does depend on there being some degree of good will in order for people to participate, and there's little question it has gone through some periods where things have gotten fairly hostile, and that has had an effect not only with posters whose contributions might be questioned, but others whose value is unquestioned. And the whole "whose information is more valuable" discussion is another one impossible to win. All this positioning about who said what to whom and what its effect and appropriateness was or was not is, simply, off-topic noise.

DJ, while I certainly applaud the information you've contributed about roads less travelled, I don't think that makes talking about places like Patpong any less valuable -- heck, who doesn't know about things in the Sukhumvit area such as Nana or Soi Cowboy either, and that's the major discussion arena in the Bangkok section. There's a reason why those, as well as Patpong, are popular, there's more to them than anyone can explore on a single trip to LOS, things change constantly, and it's certainly appropriate and valuable to talk about them.

The bottom line in this forum is that there are far too few field reports, not enough concrete information about current activities, and given how many people who post here have recently been in LOS, that's disappointing.

I'm not talking about giving people a free pass, and I'm not advocating that we all have to play nice -- I disagree with people all the time here, and say so -- but if you see something that alarms or pisses you off, how about just asking a question or two for clarity's sake before opening fire?

02-24-03, 18:44
Enough already guys. Lets get back to some positives here. We have debated this to death. Joe makes some good points. Its time to move on to some accurate current useful info.

02-24-03, 20:41
...This is getting funny again....

Remember, this is the: Thai Women - Opinions & Advice section...


02-27-03, 05:17

Point taken. I always watch the adams apple, height and hands size when in doubt - certainly perfer a hot chick to a dressed up/pre-op dude.

Deep File
03-02-03, 10:38
... "Ye godz, I will absolutely never post anything -- I'll get torn to bits."

File (Lurking)

Joe Zop
03-02-03, 19:18
I think things have calmed down a bit, DF, and from what I recall of your postings I don't think you've got anything to worry about. Please, post away!

03-02-03, 21:35
Joe Zop (aka Mills Lane !) :)

Dick Johnson
03-03-03, 02:10
Larryone, you're welcome. Dick has been busy the last week planning his trip and organising his house.

Firedick, we don't need judges here. We need resuscitators. Judges(in their own minds) like Joe Z brings a discusion to a dead halt, I've never seen this thread so dead and lifeless. Thanks Joe z.

Joe z knows well he is one of the offenders when I said that this board suffers when some folks posts numerous long winded posts not saying much. So he refrained from posting a few days and then have several half way decent posts about other areas in LOS. Also he has shortened some of his posts. Instead of his usual lengthy self-gratifying "look, I'm so righteous" posts.

No wonder Wildman said he was getting more and more dissapointed with Joe z. At first Joe z seems like a nice guy. But as time goes by I realize the guy doesn't post much useful info but just lurks around posting long winded posts basking in his own eloquence. When conflicts comes like now, he attempts to post something decent.

I might sound hard assed. But it stimulates the board and time and time again you see active discussions and infos follow. Dick Johnson is a resuscitator, often breathing life into a brain dead thread, stimulating discussions and giving info. Perhaps some of you forgot the flurry of discussion that came right after Dick pointed out La Larry been banging ladyboys. (Which by the way, Dick got crucified for that, despite a whole group of guys jumped on Dick's bandwagon. La Larry was probably worried about AIDS. No fault of mine.) Or in Shanghai, when Dick came up with new sources for sex after some very interesting debate. This board is certainly more active with Dick around. Without Dick, you see months and months of chit chat.

Joe z's head has been getting a little big. He might sound like nice guy but he can bring a certain lethargy to the board while he himself look good.

Joe z, while sometimes I appreciate you on the board, you are no one to judge what is right or what is wrong for us to post. You implied that I discouraged others to post about Patpong, when it was taken out of context as part of something I said regarding another poster's ladyboy encounters. There hasn't been much discussion of Patpong for months on end for the last fews years, before I ever mentioned Patpong. So please don't try to pin that on me.

Furthermore, the first half of your recent lengthy posts is very vague. Are you refering to the forced sex incident or the ladyboy incident. You seem to be talking about something else and then bringing up my name. I don't appreciate this sneaky kind of association you are using.

03-03-03, 05:04
I find Joe_Zop to be a very useful contributor. One problem we have here is we come from different starting points to the same cess pool. Joe_Zop is obviously looking for one sort of experience to assuage his own personal demons; I am looking something else for broadly similar reasons and others just want certain varieties of sex with as many cuties as they can and mark them out of 10 on a variety of issues. Joe's posts are long for a reason and, depending on what you are looking for, they have value.

DJ: I cidd notice the lady boy issue you brought up and it was a valuable contribution. Some of thse ladies are hard to spot. Swimming in the sewage of Pattaya bay yesterday, a bar breasted lady boy sat down nhear me, great tits (obviously false). I can see how guys could fall for them. I think issues like that should be mention on a regular basis. As regards lurkers, the sex spots are full of sex tourists and not all of them are psoting here.

This thread is Thai women (and related issues). Like the American Women board with which i am in disagreement with Jackson and the regular posters there, it should explore a variety of issues. Here is a thought for the day. i was going to fuck my little f machine out last nite (and pay her the 1120 bt i paid her). But she kinda insisted on staying. Guess why? Coz she loved me (yep!), Coz she wanrted to have my baby(yep), coz she liked the shit music blaring out froorm the nearby bars (yep). But mostly coz she thought if she left, I would butterfly and she would lose a steady earner. One of my little thrills this trip is telling the Pattaya ladies how much they charge in Buriram etc. The limited topics of conversation are interesting in their own right. AdleZ had valid insights into this, Joe Zop comes from a different perspective and Freeler just knows exactly what he wants and goes for it.

So piece yunity and heavy letal bands bros!

Dick Johnson
03-03-03, 07:07
skinless you sound like you have regained your peace of mind. I gave you a hard time and I do believe you put it in perspective. You are usually quite easy going until you, against my advice, talked/emailed with that Shifen ho(I dream of you etc) and suddenly it's :^&*no teeth woman*&dildos%$sextoys%analsex*^%circus!@rats*^200mgviagra$#. lol. I'm just glad you're back and having a good time. I think you are actually a foolish romantic at heart.

As to ladyboys, fake tits suggest a 90% or more possibilty. Adams apple, Larry One take note, can be shaved off. However to say Dick's contribution is pointing those things out(when few realized what La Larry was doing)would be a great insult. lol.

As to Joe z, he is not useless, but he is damn long winded and self righteous. He's not a bad guy, but his head is getting big. And pretty petty for getting back at me that way.

* *

Now, Dick Johnson answers the main question : How to treat Thai women. The answer is very simple and of major importance. In fact it can be summed up in one word.


-remember Dick Johnson said that.

You want GFE? Be nice. Caution, you might end up with a broken heart though. So take the now departed z man's advice of 3fs if that's what you prefer.

03-03-03, 15:02
Newsflash: Just as I was signing off, the hos from next door (massage ladies) get the intenret guy here to print off Darrlell's love leter and to write a reply. They are laughing heartily out there. Darrell, maybe I will fuck her for you. OK?
Darrell, sorry, Some German has beaten me to it. But sdon't worry, she still loves you.

Dick J: I never fancied Shifen. I was having a veyr mean spirited laugh. A moon smile is a big butt. That thread just got funny. I am here on a fuck and forget mission. I wnet into Jools (the bar in Private Dancer0 and htere was a German there pissed drunk ant 1 am and the bar ladies short changing him etc. I find the whole thing here intriguing and I have never been anything less than totally sane and totally in control. i wnet into the shopping mall by Nana and therer was a young dumb Yank buying his Thai sweetheart a sparkler. He was in love (with her). What was she in love with?

As Nibu said we need unity here. Jackson has very kindly and very selflessly supplied us with a forum. We come form different backgrounds and we all have different weaknesses. Joe Zop said I was thinking with the small head. Of course i was/am. Why else would I be here? But there are so many easy targets here it is mind boggling. Guys early retired, no hobbies, no life, no love, easy meat for the smarter ladies. These ladies would be toally wasting their time with DJ, DH, JZ, Freeler erc but there are so many potential victims it is mind boggling. That's why I like hititng up Jools etc and putting up with some of the expat shitheads there who think they own the place.

On the very important subject of lady boys: there is one at the Miami reception. Some of them are hard to spot; some of the onesd on pattaya's Beach Road are veyr easy: make up like a clown's, huge Adam's Aples etc. A strange place. And people lie Joe Zop help us keep our sanity here where so many others lose it.

Actually wiht last nite's f machine, i am more concerned with catching something. It is now 8 pm and she is waiting for me in Soi 7, pattaya. i am in Soi 13, Bangkok.

Incidentally, great job the army demolition guys did on that block. They obviously knew what they were doing.

Well Joe, i nthe good old days, we spoke abouyt mermaids. Now it ischaining htem to beds and going for it. Progess!!

Joe Zop
03-03-03, 15:58
Ok, DJ, I'll bite and whack back. First, if I'm being Mills Lane (not my label) it's the boxing referee as opposed to the judge -- I just want a fair fight, some balance, and one that moves information forward as opposed to simply involves whacking other posters in the nuts. That's what I want, but if others feel differently I'll happily keep it to myself.

I freely and often admit to and apologize for being long-winded, but I just did a quick search in the LOS section, and it's not as though your posts are always chock full of brilliant new information. They're usually short, though, I'll give you that.

As far as my writing style, eloquence or lack thereof has nothing to do with it -- it is what it is, and I write how I write. I'm sorry, but I'm not capable of turning into someone with a monosyllabic 4th grade style. I'll plead guilty on the ego side of things, as I've definitely got a strong one, but at least I'm not referring to myself in the third person, arguing about having been the person to convince Jackson to open up this or that section, who stole my nickname, or requesting that we all "remember Dick Johnson said that." In other words, I don't think your ego is exactly nonexistent either, and I think the self-righteous tag you're laying on me could also apply. My ego is big and strong enough that I don't need a damn thing from this forum to feed it.

With the post on Patpong, here's specifically what you said -- "Besides he was mainly talking about Patpong. Who is there that goes to BKK that doesn't know about Patpong? That tourist trap."

The implication here, LA Larry aside, is that everyone knows about Patpong, so who cares about talking about it, and that was what I was responding to -- and my response was hardly judging "what is right or what is wrong for us to post." There was recently a request in the Bangkok section about where to go in Patpong for live shows, with underwhelming response, so I don't know that everyone knows about Patpong to the same degree as Sukhumvit. I generally agree with you that Patpong's a tourist trap, but that's exactly why I think it should be talked about more. And in fact, my response was calling for more postings, and was certainly not blaming you for a lack of conversation on Patpong -- I don't know where you got that. How exactly is that negative or dampening, or out of context? For someone who has no problem taking very hard whacks at people it's pretty ironic that such a mild comment would get you whining. I don't happen to view disagreeing with someone as "getting back at them." I've nothing to get back at you for, and, if you'll recall, have defended you at times.

As far as DJ "getting crucified" for jumping on LA Larry, part of what I also recall is DJ getting posts deleted by Jackson because they were over the top. Setting fire in a theatre is stimulating, but it's not necessarily resuscitative. And being labelled as "disappointing" by wildman was perhaps one of my proudest moments on this board -- being embraced by someone with a massive sense of his own rightness who does little except attack other posters isn't high on my list, and I was probably far more disappointed in him, since I'd gone out of my way to be nice and spent time vigorously defending him privately before he simply started whacking at everyone. Bottom line -- anyone and everyone can simply say screw him and his standards, you and yours, and me and mine! Anyone here can play any role they want, and that obviously also means ignore me completely, which they're more than welcome to do.

Let's face it -- this thread has been lost energy for quite some time for a number of reasons, not the least of which are that some regular posters have not been talking, and Z's irritation act is gone, which is what a number of folks here (including me) argued would happen. I've largely stayed away from here because a group of guys here a couple of months ago did exactly what you complain about, which is define what was and wasn't appropriate to talk about, and part of what I am interested in talking about is exactly what they didn't want to see, so I backed off. So it's true that I've been reactive rather than proactive in this thread lately, but I don't see a bunch of field reports with your name beside them either.

And Skinless -- perhaps we've learned if you don't chain mermaids to beds they'll head back to the water! (And I believe I said or meant you were thinking "only" with the small head -- I agree that it's the obvious reason we're all here.) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you on the Pattaya one's typhoid Mary possibility -- maybe a checkup is in order just in case, as both of us know what a true pain it is to have to deal with the reality there.

Dick Johnson
03-03-03, 18:03
I'll respond in a kinder way.

If Joe z wanted to see info on Patpong, he's had months? A year? 2 years? to bring it up. So why did he pin it on something I said a week ago.

Where did Joe z get the idea that I asked Jackson to open up a section?

And I've never set fire to a theater. It was a theater with dudes banging ladyboys anyways. Joe z is the one pumping sleeping gas into the theater, while wearing a home-made theater manager uniform.

Joe Zop
03-03-03, 18:27
Where did Joe z get the idea that I asked Jackson to open up a section?

From one of your earlier posts in this section where you said "Dick J was the one who got Jackson's attention to create a new section."

Let me repeat it again -- I've blamed absolutely nothing on you, DJ, and I'm sorry that you've taken it that way. I merely made a comment that rather than dismissing Patpong as a tourist trap, as you did, I thought it was a good thing to talk about, in the same way it's good to talk about Sukhumvit even though people know about it. There are plenty of newbies coming through here who, as Skinless noted in his previous post, are ripe for the taking.

And speaking of sleeping gas, this is as boring a thread as is possible, so this is my last on it.

Dick Johnson
03-03-03, 19:14
Your last what?

Oh great, instead of recognizing the active discussions going on right before and the halt JZ put on the thread 8 days ago, he just put the whole thread down, dismiss it and leave.

It's like being at a party and bringing the place to a silence. And then say "this is the most boring party possible" and leave, making everyone else feel like crap.

Joe Zop
03-03-03, 19:49
DJ, do you have a fucking comprehension problem? Clearly, you're the one with "context" problems.

This is not a boring party, and it's one that I've participated in with great enjoyment, and will continue to do so. I meant it's impossible for me to respond adequately to your blaming my posts for killing off a thread other than to explain what I do or don't mean and intend, that I don't particularly feel that engaging in finger-pointing is constructive, so I'm not going to keep talking about it. Jesus, you're not happy if I'm posting, and now you're not happy if I'm not. This thread about me is boring, there's nothing more for me to say about it, so I won't say anymore on that subject. Feel free to keep harping on the subject, as I'm sure you will.

Is that clear enough for you, or are there still too many big words?

And stuff it up your ass, ok?

Dick Johnson
03-03-03, 20:02
Chill out! joe_zop.

End of discussion.

03-03-03, 22:13

I can't help but laugh. I don't understand the motivation of Dick getting on Joe's bad side and putting him in a bad mood. Anyway, it is sounding like those cat fights you would see on the street of Bangkok between hookers... I'm not sayong you guys are hookers or anything similar...

Is the Thai scene getting the best of you? I realize that there is so much you can write about "Advice and Opinions on Thai Women." Everyone has different opinions on this subject and they are probably based on their own experience with these women. Dick wrote below to treat women "nice " This makes sense as lomg as they treat you "nice" too. I think the reality of this is that a good number of guys will treat hookers like shit because they are hookers and because they can get away with it. It would not work doing it with a "normal" woman and then ask her to fuck...

There are so many guys that upon their first trip to Thailand they find these hookers the most amazing thing they have ever seen. Sure, they are delicious but in Thailand as probably in the rest of the world the deal is: nothing is what it seems to be.

It would be great to write in here about the experiences and opinions dealing with Thai women from guys whether it is from their first trip or their 10th trip...


03-04-03, 08:53
Greetings from Soi Sukumvit, the land of a million false and not so false smiles. It was nice taking in the night air last night and seeing the women sharing food and stories with each other and with Uncle Skinless, the kindly old guy with the kinky toys. These women are really nice and will remain an enigma to us as long as we live: heaven and hell, mermaids and all the rest of it. They are so cool and graceful, lady like and charming, when they are not being little manipulative f machines. I will probably go down to Beergarden again and do some perving. See if there is something worth taking a chance on.

There is a lot can be written about the Thai lady and all the shops here are full of what already has been written. Little is new and little is original. Hopefully we will get some new insights here and many of the old ones are worth repeating. Adlez used to say never f the same one twice. The doc says never f any of them more than once. They are dangerous in many ways. And that is part of the fun.

Dick Johnson
03-04-03, 11:20
Well well... A well written post from Juice and a beautiful one from skinless. Surprise.

A long term GFE with a LOS's girl you dig is dangerous business. It's like a drug. First they get you high, then they get you low, then you want more, and when you don't have it, you're down. Later on even when you have it you don't feel as high or clean as before. But if you quit cold Turkey you risk commiting suicide. And when you get one permanently you lose'll a lot of money and even your house. So be warned.

BTW, I don't do drugs, but I know about it.

There are many way to treat a Thai woman. I'm a natural nice guy(some of you say^*#yeah right) so I generally treat girls nice. It works for me but maybe not everyone. One can certainly get suckered by being too nice. But I've personally had good experiences. Thai girls generally don't like macho guys, they like nice guys. They might say things to you like "You so handsome"... "I love you too mut"... "You make love too goot". and whether it is true or not, you may not care. After all do we come to LOS for a quick shag? Certainly but not just that.

But I've also used TGs as fuck machines on occasions, since they use us as ATM machines. As to some other guys who like to treat TGs in a crappy manner, I can't say it is right or wrong because there are so many variables. But I can understand how a guy can think "I'm paying, she's a hooker, I don't have to be nice and she'll still spread it."

First times stories, ahh, that's for next time.

Didn't I say good discussions will follow my resuscitation?

(joe_zop, let's take it down a notch alright? Killing ants with horwitzers tears up the neighbourhood too much.)

03-04-03, 15:16

Nice post but why do you write in the third person? "Dick does this, Dick treats TGs"... etc. Does Dick have a third personality at work or is it for cachet? (... a mark or a quality, as of distinction, individuality, or authenticity...)

Anyway, congrats on your observation: "Didn't Dick say good discussions will follow Dick's resuscitation?"


Nice post. Keep it up.


Dick Johnson
03-04-03, 20:48
Does it irritate you, Juice? I just find it more liberating. Check my last post. How's that, darn it? BTW your hypothesis is very good.

Now is there some way to tell the real smile in Thailand from the not so real ones?

03-05-03, 03:11

No, it does not irritate me. It just makes you sound like a retard and I wasn't sure if you wanted to sound like one.

You wonder how to tell a real smile from a fake one in Thailand... Don't smile back, and if they continue to smile at you:

a. They might be honest about it.
b. They want something really bad from you.
c. They can't help to smile because you are a foreign.
d. They are plotting to get rid of you with a long smile.


03-05-03, 03:30
Originally posted by Dick Johnson
Now is there some way to tell the real smile in Thailand from the not so real ones?

The first night I took out my TG, I noticed that whenever she smiled, it seemed a bit rigid and her eye contact too direct. Almost like she had practiced setting her muscles into a certain pattern. The next few days, I noticed that that face appeared less and less often. And, the last few days we spent together, I never saw it. Instead, I was constantly getting this relaxed smile and giggle. I think that was genuine.

During a trip back to her apartment, she showed me pictures. I pointed out 'the face' in one of the pictures, and she said, "A customer took that." That confirmed my suspicion that the original smile she showed customers was fake.

03-06-03, 11:16
Hey guys;
It's important to remember that these girls get paid to be nice and smile and they have smile at both nice guys and assholes. If you want a real smile you probably have to deserve it and earn it. Some of these girls are cynical. jaded, self serving ind perpetually insincere, but not all of, or hopefully, not most of them are. If you are nice to people many of them will respond to that. I may seem overly optimistic but I do make my living by trying to bring out the best of some seriously flawed people and I get some very reassuring results from a lot of tramps and thieves.

03-06-03, 22:58
I've been reading about the advantages of having a text capable cell phone in the PI, and was wondering if anyone has had experience with getting a local cell phone in LOS. Do the girls usually have these types of phones? Do they respond well to text messages as far as being able to arrange dates?

Joe Zop
03-06-03, 23:27
PNG -- I found a mobile an absolutely wonderful addition, though it's also one with potential downside. It's the primary form of communication for most TGs, and most of my experience with text messages was very positive. Downside is that if you can contact them, they can also contact you, so you need to be judicious about who you give your number to, and that given that many of these ladies are, as one I was with referred to herself, vampires (and she was thinking here about the fact that they mostly come alive at night, but the rest is rather a vividly appropriate image as well) you never know when a message or call might come in.

They're easy and relatively cheap to pick up, ranging in price from about 2000-6000baht, depending on what you're getting. You can also buy them used on lots of streets -- that's how I picked mine up, for 1400baht, if I remember right. You need to add a SIM card, which you can buy basically everywhere, which contains your number and personal data, and also airtime. You just buy time and refill it, with refills available at almost every convenience store. One caution, if you're going to travel around a bit, is to make sure that the SIM card you get has roaming capability, as there are some where it's difficult to make calls if you move away from the area where you bought it.

If I'm not mistaken, you can use the same phone in LOS and PI, but need a different SIM. I caution that I do not have direct experience with doing so, however -- that's just what people have told me.

03-07-03, 10:14
Hey Joe Zop,

Sorry about calling you Mills Lane. I didn't know it would add such fuel to the fire !

Maybe DJ speaks in the third person due to "Zenis envy" ! Didn't Z speak about himself in the third person ?

Easy there DJ ! Just poking at ya a little...We've had beers together (or were you drinking Coke?) and I can say that you're a nice guy. But it doesn't come across that way here. I guess some guys, perhaps you include yourself in the group, enjoy the "fencing". We all feel a little self righteous from time to time. We have this board where our opinions are heard and it's nice to be agreed with. But if you're not, it's not a personal attack.

Flame me by email, let's not bore the fellas.

I can only speak for myself, but the "flame wars" are the reason I don't post often anymore (in addition to the fact that I'm still stuck here in L.A. with nothing new to add).

On the cell phones: a Godsend. I do know that the Nokia's work well in the P.I.


Joe Zop
03-07-03, 15:08
FD, you've certainly nothing to apologize for!

03-07-03, 19:42
JZ. You did it! A one liner! Now I know that anything is possible! :D

Joe Zop
03-07-03, 20:06
If you're looking for a habit, I'm afraid two in a row is my limit. :D

Dick Johnson
03-08-03, 12:38
Firedick, I can see you are here to put out the fire a little bit, esp. since you're a fireman in real life. Thanks for vouching for me. You didn't ignite the war, you just came in at the wrong time.

But what's with that penis envy thing? I was drinking a bottled water when the bunch of us were having dinner and you said that penis envy thing too? Is it because of my screenname? Or is it because your latent homosexuality got turned on by a handsome young buck like me? Come to think of it you did show up during winter in TJ(it wasnt freezing but still pretty cold) in shorts and no socks ROFL!

Kidding aside, I know you were eyeing my chica all the time, not me. I told you it's alright to take her. She had a nice bode:D.

03-09-03, 00:34
Originally posted by Samus Aran
A true player never, ever gives out his phone number.

Based on the ideas of other, very experienced, mongers, I think your absolutism is unwaranted.

The girls can be relentless with these phones calling you at all hours of the night.

Hmmm... Ever hear of an on/off switch? ;)

If you believe that having a mobile phone in Thailand is going to make you feel cool and important, then so be it

I think you missed the point. It has nothing to do with feeling cool. It's mostly a method of establishing a connection to the girl so that you can contact her and arrange dates outside of the bar (i.e. No bar fine!)

get the most expensive ones so the bargirls can fondle it. (They love to fondle phones for some reason).

Hey, if this gets them all happy, then maybe they'll give you a better session. Read your own bit about being nice to them.

If you think answering the phone in a bar surrounded by all of your other pals is going to make them envious, then go buy one. The expats who live here in Thailand can spot these rookie tourist/punters a mile away.

Again, you missed the point. And, in case you missed it. The people advocating use of the cell phones are not rookies.

You come on vacation to get the phone off of your ear. Why would you want to glue one to your ear while in Thailand?

I go on vacation to get away from job stress. I don't think I'd give this number to my clients.

And, with messaging, you don't need to glue it to your ear ;)

Remmebr guys, we are in Thailand to be nice to these girls, pay them a sum of money for sex, and then say thank you and send them away.

Some are into the FFF method. Others want to have longer experiences and try to get the benifits that can come in the course of a longer association.

03-09-03, 00:58

Thanks for saving me the trouble of posting the counter point.


Oh yeah...I always fall for whimps that put a jacket on when it dips into the 60's !

No sloppy seconds. Thanks anyway.


03-09-03, 01:28
Originally posted by Samus Aran on 3-07-03
Heed my advice from somebody who has lived here for 5 years. Still single and Loving it in Thailand.

Samus Aran
Metroid Prime

Originally posted by Samus Aran on 1-06-03 In the Thai Women Opinions forum

Earthlings in Thailand:

Samus Aran here from Metroid Prime

A few questions for my upcoming landing in Thailand:


If I have other questions I hope I can get a reasonable answer.

Signing Off,
Samus Aran

And, still...

Originally posted by Samus Aran on 12-23-02

I just landed my spaceship in Pattaya. Looking for interstellar sexfreaks...

Cross posted this from the Pattaya section because I think it's important to recognize a possible source of bogus info. Some kid on his mommy's AOL connection.

03-09-03, 02:20
Originally posted by joe_zop
If I'm not mistaken, you can use the same phone in LOS and PI, but need a different SIM. I caution that I do not have direct experience with doing so, however -- that's just what people have told me.

Of course, this only depends on the network. But you have to check if the phone you buy doesn't have any Simlock; last year I've bought a GSM Siemens A45 & 12call which has been Sim-locked; another one (GSM Siemens S35) hasn't.

Joe Zop
03-09-03, 02:29
PNG, see my response in the Pattaya section regarding this -- I'm afraid you're simply off base here.

And SA's approach is strictly FFF, so it makes absolute sense that he would feel a phone was a bother when dealing with TGs. He is primarily, also, dealing with ladies in massage parlors, so there's little purpose in getting or giving numbers there, since you know exactly where and when to find them, and can always use the MP number as well.

For what it's worth, mine was in use far more in contacting my friends and acquaintences than it was with TGs, and I was definitely not in the habit of handing out the number -- two ladies, during my ten weeks there, got it, one of whom is a long-time acquaintence whom I've never slept with (she's bright, entertaining and fairly good-looking, but also basically a viperous loon with whom I'd never want to get involved) and the other of whom was my long-term squeeze in Chiang Mai. Certainly, I collected other ladies' numbers, but I didn't give out mine. The off switch is critical if you're dealing with phones in LOS -- both yours and whomever you're with at any moment. There's nothing more annoying that having those damn phones going off all the time.

And anyway, I'd not classify myself as a true player in the SA or Skinless league or mode :) since I like playing a somewhat different game, so I make my statements based on my own experiences and interests as opposed to for "true players" at large.

Frog -- thanks for the clarification and caution. For those of us in the states the whole SIM business is completely new and strange, since of course we're pretty much completely out of step with the rest of the world on mobile phones.

03-09-03, 02:53
Joe, I'm not saying that he's wrong with the FFF approach. I'm saying he's wrong for coming off all heavy handed with the "true player's only use FFF" shit.

The base I'm on is, the posts I read in the PI led me to believe that Cell Phones can lead to interesting adventures. They are used by a lot of the more experienced mongers. Other people here posted that they are very valuable as well. Then, Samus comes in with his "True Player" crap.

He doesn't use one. You use yours for acquaintances. Others use them to text with bar girls. Point is everyone has their own take on it; hence there's no 'cardinal rule'. I'm afraid that I'm right on the base that I want to be.

03-09-03, 03:42
Staying with a TG & her mobile can be very annoying if she dont switch it off or even switch the ringer tone off. But the girls I met always did. Since i can use my GSMmobile with a Thai sim-card i prefer to give out my number which is only temporarily in use during my holidays ;-) to keep in touch with the people i like to. And i know when the phone has to shut up...

Apac Boy
03-09-03, 03:57
wow...so many posts here now...dun have time to read them but i'm sure it's got something to do with flaming...

anyways, about cell phones...i love bringing mine, it is a triband and i just pay 500bht for a sim card and it has enough min. to last me at least a month. it's so convienient to have a cell phone in bkk.

glad everybody's having a good time, i'm in china right now and having a blast...reports will follow in about a week when i get into bkk.

3/15...TLR, 7pm


03-09-03, 06:40
So I miss this section for a day and there are a score or more of posts. I also see Joe_Zop has linked me up with an former banned member, wrongly as it happens. He was a compass warning us of the perils of putting the penes among the pearls. I found his mantra very useful. Without a compass, one can really get lost and end up sending one's true love lots of $$.
I also wonder how many guys have been robbed by long termers: not the horror stories, just the a few 1000 baht. Some of my many conquests took a very unhealthy interest in my belongings when they were in my room.

On a slightly darker note: How pathological is our behavior? It reminds me of those priests who bonk lots of altar boys and can't remember how many they have done. I also found Luke SWs post interesting: all those broken hearted hos and their clients at the airport. True Love Stories.

I have been checking the BB One's email account. Looks like she tried to kill herself.

03-09-03, 07:46

FYI, think of the 3F's as for your own good (money and mind) and will keep you out of trouble in the long run.

I as well have been part of the comedy troupe at the airport with the HHH escort in tow - these ladies are lovely and know how to pull the strings to make you feel that it is almost real - hell one lady even paid my airport tax after I in a hung over state of mind had exchanged all of my baths to greenback before realizing I still owed that last contribution to the LOS gov......

When in doubt of your own mental strength 3F and a supersized pack of jollies is good risk management!

03-09-03, 10:12
On mobiles,

Thais see mobile phones as an 'investment'. They bring them to the pawnshop, along with their other 'investments' like watches and gold, when they need a quick Baht.
Chances are that 'your' girl pawned her phone just before you dial her number.

OTOH If you have a mobile that needs fixing, come to Thailand. Every market has a phone repairman, every mall has twenty...
For B200 they turn your phone into a blue-light-emitting-spaceship.
Just ask for a Samus Aran Special:).

03-09-03, 10:47
Freeler: funny but maybe a bit wrong. I found mobile usage way up this time. Almost as bad as Japan (and that is BAD). Joe_Zop seems to be right: cheap prices, cheap refills. All the sws seem to have them. They're also a f-g nuisance on buses as they all use them there. MBK is full of mobile phone outlets too. Paradise Lost?

03-09-03, 11:20

No 'funny' intended! Just meaning to say that the phone may be dead when you try to contact it. Or in the hands of someone else...
Chances that this happens are of course smaller if you get the number today and call tomorrow. But next month?

How's the weather in Tokyo:(?

03-09-03, 12:02
Weather in Tokyo is shit but I have a little sweetie lined up. Most likely a virgin which will be good as I intend to have her as a second wife. Lives out of town too, so no problems on that score.

On another matter, did you do much banging in Lumpini Park and other cheap Bkk places. I have to laugh at some of the comments here (yours was genuinely witty) but some guys are being ripped off big time. Bkk, I figure, is a place to shop and bop.

Joe Zop
03-09-03, 12:09
I think Freeler's point about TGs hocking phones is spot on, and I knew several who would swap them around frequently, partly for quick cash and partly in the quest for ever-cooler features. 'Course because of the SIM approach, they can still keep their number, their directory, your number, etc.

And Skinless, of course my linkage was more a commentary on me than you...

03-09-03, 12:17

BKK to me is just an airport, a busterminal and a station to change trains.
I'm done with other BKK shit.
Since it took me just two (three?) visits to reach that state, I did not do much banging there.

03-09-03, 12:28
Freeler: that is very sad. Lek, the world's greatest f machine, is certainly worth a "visit". Her friends are young, beauties, and it was nice to watch them spin James (some thick madly in love Britisher) along. To them, we are all one big joke. Most of them are half nuts but they do give good head. Certainly, Little Lek, the world's greatest f machine does.

And they use their mobiles to keep morons like James in tow. Another interesting bit was I met this fat ho in the cafe beside Beergarden who had a roll so big I felt like mugging her. She was staying in Swan Hotel, soi 4, 500 bt a nite and good for bonking in. Some of those ladies are making serious $$$.

Mobile phones are a turn off but a necessary evil today not just for yuppies like Joe but for the bottom end hos as well. The glue sniffer in Korat had one. Man, that was sick, her sniffing when I was poking her.

On a further note, Joe never came through with the C Mai lady's name (no problem, I forgive him) but IS THERE ONE DECENT FUCK LEFT in that whole kingdom?

btw Freeer, you listed about 6 women in your top 3 lays. For me, the top 3 are: BB One (a poor fucked up angel), Little pervered Lek (man how I like fucked up women) and the Phitsanaluk Hotel first time round. Maybe lots more when I get round to remembering them.

And Joe: there is a type of boot that really attracts me. Ankle high with lots of leg showing. Then the little potato rules.

On the matter of little potatoes, I found my budget exploded as I reached Bkk. Accommodation, pussy, other basic necessities very highly priced. A good turn off for the Beergarden etc machines is to quote them the rural prices where they come from. I also fucked a 7-11 part timer. It is 40 bt an hour in 7-11. I got 3 hours' worth.

Any lon timer there ever hire a few hos full time, just to poke and do some other odd jobs. I would love to have a big house in Thailand with its own jacussi and harem section. Juat a thought.

Dick Johnson
03-09-03, 12:57
Looks like a party in here. The Bangkok section has been good the past few days too. Cell phones are a plus in LOS. You can get refills sometimes at buy one get one free prices at 7-11 or anywhere else. I like the way the system works in Asia from China to LOS to Taiwan to Malaysia etc where you pay for the refills. I don't like the system in US where you pay monthly. At least with Cingular now you roll over minutes from the previous months.

Firedick is actually a pretty cool guy to hang out with. Didn't mean to get on your case, FD. Bunch of us had a good time in TJ drinking and mongering.

Tap glad to hear you are having a good time.

Samus, I haven't been able to put in much time on the GC, unfortunately. But if you are up for Counterstrike, we can all duke it out at a game center in BKK. You and Tap have been talking tough on duking it out on GC so I'd like to see you guys put your money where your mouth is. Like I said before, who would have thought the z man and Tap would become friends? They use to duke it out in this forum lol.

skinless, my daily budget was outrageous too in BKK. Even though things there are relatively cheap compared to the west. Mongering on the hi end and esp. at those 'talking' clubs can get expensive. Sometimes it costs more to talk to a girl then to fuck her. I hear Samus going "wtf?"

03-09-03, 19:02

Sad? Not going to BKK? Sad?

'Lek, the world's greatest f machine, is certainly worth a "visit".'

I just hope 'f' stand for 'fucking' and isn't some secret gay-community code...:(

OK. Location and description, better photo:), is welcome in my mailbox. I'll put her on the agenda for the second week of July. The first ten days of the tour are booked solid with definite and probable bonks.

03-10-03, 00:38

No offense taken.

A trip to the P.I. for early June is shaping up, if anyone's interested.


03-12-03, 16:08
Samas: Nice of you to meet these earthlings. Do you intend to park your spaceship between some ho's legs?
Some of these ladies are worth bonking more than once. Little Lek certainly is. In fact, on my recent trip, I found the ladies of Korat much better (and cheaper) performers than the Bkk/Pattaya set. I must admit I shafted only one Pattaya machine this time round. She was my only overnight lay, she and osme machine I picked up late on Soi Suk in Bkk. Interesting how she had matured since last time out. Less staring away into space, more English too. Obviously paying more attention at ther English language classes.

Anyone ever do anything really freaky with htese ladies. Just waht will they do for $$$??

Freeler: I gave Lek's no out before and I think I no longer have it. Do you fuck your fish in Dutch, English or Thai? What is the average amount of time you spend with each lady?

OK, I should not do this: Freeler, Lek's no is 09.0276789

her email is supranneem@yahoo.com

tell her Daddy likes (fucking) his little girl

She is a supreme actress and she has a great "Please fuck me daddy line. Harder. Oh Daddy. Ohhh Daddy..."

Try it!

03-12-03, 21:41

I prefer to speak Thai, as most of my ladies speak only Thai.
What is the problem with you and fish?

Dzjesus, I gave average bonk price, average lay per day (no not labourday!) and now you want average time spent...

I know the shortest encounter, with Oi in Korat. 6 (SIX) minutes between entering the room and leaving.
That was a monster B150 cum'n'go!

No all nighters if I can help it.

03-13-03, 01:50
Six minutes. That's impressive. AdleZ would approve.My best was in First Hotel, 2 pops a piece. Anyone any advice for getting that second pop in? I also feel short timer makes better sense because sleeping alone (or with the right hand if you will) makes more sense.
So Freeler, if you decide to pop little Lek, where will you do it?In the YMCA?
Also, I think making these lovely women pose like fish at a fish market shows a lack of respect for their bodies and for their intellect. Maybe they should get you to pose with your ass cheeks spread wide open, or with your dick measured against a cigarette pack or, in your case, a Lonely Planet guide book.

On another note: anyone ever try to pimp these ladies in their own country? Anyone here at the wholesale or import end of the distribution line?

03-13-03, 07:22

I'm beginning to understand more and more why you didn't like your HODT!
You make all these wrong assumptions; the Y! Get outta there!
Some women are actually proud of their pussies and love to show them.
On your fish fetish: By now you are showing some 'Z mantra-behaviour', you can do better than that.

03-13-03, 11:47
Freeler: You made those women pose like fish at a fish market. I got what I wanted out of HODT. Kinda been there, done that. You, me, Joe Zop, others, very different, looking for different things. I don't think Lek will be your type. She is a f machine; no disrespect to her but she fucks for money and, like the rest of them is a little nuts, thanks probably in part to Daddy who at least did not treat her like a dead fish.

On another note: I have a mother/daughter tag team lined up for Sunday. And the cherry blossoms have arrived (in part). Thought I owuld finish on a bright note.

Dick Johnson
03-13-03, 13:51
FD, I'm sure you'll have a good time.

BTW, I want to clarify when FD said sloppy seconds he meant the Adelitas girl, not me!

Hi Samus, good to see you back. BTW, since when did you advocate treating a thai ho 'nice'? I guess you mean don't treat them bad. Where's that good ol z tough talk about sperm receptors, kleenex etc lol? I guess there's that Thai resident's attitude and some of us tourist's attitude.

The locals see these girls as shameless and will rent their pussy out to anyone who gives them some cash. We tourists on the other hand visit Thailand, have a great time and don't see really the darker side of things. The paid sex we get in say US lasts 45 mins or whatever. After that, adios. But in the land of smiles the girl will hang around, even stay overnight? She likes me! She really really likes me! She even spend the next coupla days with me! Wow.

But to the locals and guys like Samus, they ask why would a guy want to spend time with a prostitute? Someone who has been drilled by a hundred guys or more... who has been sucking over a hundred dicks.

Well, some of us tourists don't want to know, or don't want to think. Because it ruins the experience! So when it comes time to say good bye, the John is ruined. The John is thinking of the TG as a girlfriend. And when he is overseas, he wants to go back and see her. The locals say:she's a prostitute and fucks different guys for money! The John:she's still a human being with emotions!

03-14-03, 04:55
hey fellas (all Gomer Pile like)

well, shucks...

i'm in a good mood tonight. I am in America and actually scored a worhwhile ST for 40 bucks. It never works out that easily, day by day, (of course). If it did, just think how easily we could avoid Thailand!

All that a side, I was reading DJs post about how locals are this and tourists are that. "Hey DJ!" lol... Don't worry man, your ears ain't burning.

Well, I am calling you out of couse. The last thing you said was, "The John:she's still a human being with emotions!" It's been my experience that the last thing a person says is their world view. Am I right? For the record, I think they are human. :)

Now it is my turn to say the last thing. Of course, it won't be...

insanity walks out of the shower
bath towel

he smells the cheese in the trap,
knowing full well he

he watches the cheese
watching him, and,
ponders the moment

how would i prefer
my life


before me?


18 days till i leave for Bangkok!

03-14-03, 06:13
Originally posted by Dick Johnson

But to the locals and guys like Samus, they ask why would a guy want to spend time with a prostitute? Someone who has been drilled by a hundred guys or more... who has been sucking over a hundred dicks.

I"ve known some non-pros that can count their lovers in the hundreds. And they keep this illusion that they weren't paid for it.

03-15-03, 13:09
Good poem, Posterboy.
Here is your math homework for tonight: A guy goes to Pattaya with 500,000 baht let's say. Now, assume he stays in a shit heap for 600 baht. Also assume he is at most a moderate drinker so drink prices are not an issue. Therefore, on clothes, food, drink etc, maybe allow him 1000 baht or so a day. He has one failing. He is a little head man. He loves sex. How long will his wad last? Obviously, you have to make some assumptions such as he is/is not a Freeler/AdleZ/Joe_Zop/Najene etc character. You also have to make some realistic assumptions about the type of lady he will meet: beach bum/go go/divorcee/bar girl etc. Please give your answer briefly, eg 42. But do give an explanation as to how you got your answer. The winner will be given a pack of Skinless condoms.

Also, would a video game to go with this problem make sense?

03-19-03, 03:51
Just of to some R&R in Bangkok next week. (War or not, here I come).

Have made arrangement with a regular girl to stay with me in Bangkok, she's a pro from soi22, quite ok – 25y old - nice body and nice in the sack. I would say she can be rated a 8 on the scale.

Since I am planning to have her with me 4 days – how much would you normally pay her for her services (all inclusive) – off course a little shopping, restaurants and disco together, but def. no diamonds or other expensive gifts.

S.A., Leave this one alone.

03-20-03, 21:35
I have been urged to moderate my language. This post is therefore edited:


You should pay everything you have, then convert to Buddhism, and hope that your karma will not make you reborn a worm for a thousand lifes ....

Then you should seek up a french cinemateque (in Scandinavia?) and carefully watch the german Fassbinder film 'Querelle'. You will thereafter never forget your rectal adventures...

Joe Zop
03-20-03, 22:52
To try a serious answer -- generally LT rates in the Sukhumvit area run 1500-2000, with people moving up and down the scale 500baht depending on the girl and the person. Since you're looking at four days you should be going lower rather than higher, most especially if you're planning on shopping. Four days? From Soi 22? Say 5000-6000baht if you're buying a pair of shoes or top or something. Shouldn't be any big issues going slightly higher or lower than that.

Restating Philo's comment slightly :), remember to be a gentleman and treat the woman with respect regardless of whether you've bought and paid for her or not.

03-21-03, 04:41
Thanks Joe,

I was more or less what I thought so. And thanks for taking the time!!

Despite what other persons belive (according to previous flaiming) I am am a peacefull guy, and I will treat the girls with respect. I am actually considering to invite her for a short holiday where I live, since we had good fun together last time. We'll see how it turns out this time around.

I am not falling for the love-thing with this one, she is fun - but she is a working girl - so i gues well keep it this way.

And to the others - Well - i am sort of a bastard. Half French, Half Dutch - Raised in Denmark, and living abroad. So I have the advantage of more than one language - allthough I do not master these as a naitive.

03-22-03, 01:31
Dear Mr. Skinless,

I am not very good at mathematics. That is why I became a computer geek. Slinging around software and writing the occasional program or two is like having a drink and trying to write bad poetry. Thanks for the comment BTW.

Now, I will give a few scenarios. I know for a fact I could not live on 1000 Baht a day unless I got a month rental for say 4000 Baht a month. I know this because I can easily spend 800 Baht a day on drinks only. I like drinking; it goes hand and hand with bad poetry. :)

But let’s assume the 1000 Baht for ease of calculation. Let me get my calculator. Okay, got it!

1) Well, with no sex except for free sex with a girl that does not make me go over my 1000 Baht limit in living expenses I can stay for 500 nights right? That is assuming I already have a return ticket. That is certainly possible I think but I am also a programmer because I like instant gratification, hence the poetry and also the drinking. There are other things too but I can resist them. I doubt I could pull off 500 nights.

2) Now, it would be reasonable to assume 250 nights but I doubt I could do that as well. Hmmm, it is almost the same as having a free girl except that you give her 1000 Baht a day. Either way, they are still around at all times and that is enough to drive a man to other women, especially those that think with the little head.

3) I know I could blow 3200 Baht a day just by going to the Eden club (even though I’ve never been yet.) That will be corrected on April 1st. :) Well, that is 78 days (hoping to stay 250 days still) of money just for that. I still have 250,000 left. Let’s subtract 78,000 from that for 78 nights of living expenses. That leaves me with 172,000 Baht. Divide that by 2000 Baht (the price of a good long time or four blow jobs at Star of light, (up to you, this is Bangkok!), and you are left with 86. Well, you are only going to be there for 78 days because of your Eden Club habit, so you still have 8000 Baht to spend. We’ll just chalk that up as safety money, in case you run out of Viagra. :)

I think I lean toward option number 3!


03-22-03, 01:41
Bamse: There are several variables to tis:
1. how and where you pay her: money in her panties in the morning is the best way. If you are used to paying tradespeople, you should manage. They seem to want 1,500 + now for lt. That is the retainer rate. Best to give her 1000 plus chump change for taxi.
2, what you do with her during the day. As Seydliz and otehrs have pointed out, there is little to do with them during the day. Except shop. Those tops and jeans can add up.
3. As it is only 4 days, you should manage. Make like the big pay check will be on day 4. Then decide if she deserves one or not.

03-22-03, 02:15


Assume I have a visa for one years time! :)

Joe Zop
03-22-03, 02:24
See, posterlion, I do it a little differently, as there's no way I concur with your idea of simply burning money by presuming a visit to Eden each day -- do it once or twice maybe, but every day? That's a major waste of baht and rather a waste of your own options, as if you're going to be there a while you can create your own private little Eden stable without much difficulty or nearly so much expense. (And hunting for the right ladies to staff it would be half the fun.) Why should Eden get all your money?

If I take Skinless' 600baht per day place, presuming I wasn't able to get a better deal, that means 18,000baht a month. Then I add in his 1000baht a day for living expenses, which is pretty easy to do, even if you like to drink (don't always have to blow it at expensive places and half a dozen drinks a night, presuming you want to do that to yourself, is still possible.) So we're talking another 30k there. Now, if I take your 2000baht per day lady figure -- a trio of blowjobs, a couple of ST experiences or a long-time and money left over -- I'm at a total of 108,000 baht per month, which means I'm spending 3600baht a day, giving me 138 days.

Of course, the reality would be that I'd find an apartment for less than 600baht per day, and I'd not be in Bangkok in the first place, which would mean I could do things cheaper and stay longer. My very large large apartment in Chiang Mai was about 8000baht per month, once water and electricity was factored in. That would add another 300+ baht per day to the equation, plus I doubt I'd really be spending 2000baht a day on ladies, so I could stretch things to six months without really trying all that hard. In fact, that rate per day is pretty close to what my budget was for my ten-week stay this fall, and included in that as well was a fairly large amount of travelling around (and two visa runs.)

If I have to choose between only doing Eden once in a while and/or keeping it to two ladies a day versus doubling my time in LOS, I'm taking the latter in a heartbeat, as after three months two ladies a day starts to sound like too much effort as opposed to tracking down a regular or joining in with Samus and just retreating sometimes to video games. The reality is that you'll take days off, but unless you're really overly generous there's no way you should be exceeding 2000baht a day on women. (Using the Skinless/Freeler approach, that would mean, what, ten ladies a day? You'd be a dead man! :D)

But viva la difference! Everone has their own ways of doing things.

03-22-03, 02:41

I was all with you till the very last (as I love Chiangmai). I was making the assumption of staying in Bangkok and indulging my fantasy of no effort sex. I do agree with you that it is fun to look for harems and such, but I was pretending I was the Sultan. You know the Sultan has a private door from his bedroom that leads to a long hallway that leads to the door where the concubines live. Well, I was looking at it like that sans the castle and the long hallway, just get the easy lay on the bed and see how many ways they can make you, ahem... lol

This whole damn subject is like a WAR (we are right). It’s a roll of the dice and you never know where you’ll end up. :)

Hmmm... Conversely, you could alternate between BJ’s and sex. One day have two BJ’s, on the next day, get a gal from Nana or Grace for 1000. This is still the Bangkok example. I’ve been to Chiangmai once, it was during Loi Krathong, it was really awesome, and (I may have already mentioned this).

Like WAR, mongering changes with every moment. Just try to avoid catching a bullet!


03-22-03, 03:04

I always forget that last sentence. Well, not really, I just like to talk.

Just try to avoid catching a bullet!

"catch a bullet_ that means something to you..."

Joe Zop
03-22-03, 07:08
Ah, well, given that Skinless actually talked about it being in Pattaya as opposed to Bangkok, we're both off base :) and we could forget about Eden and scale the pricing range down and stay happy regardless. Your harem awaits there, O Caliph!

03-22-03, 08:20

What usualy happens to longtime stayers/'worldtravelers' is this (this is NOT the 'story of my life', thanks!):

First month: spending money like idiots
Second month: realizing that the money goes too fast, they start to stay in, not knowing how to control spending...
Third month: They hear about ChiangMai and think life is less expensive there. So they get themselves a FirstClass sleeper and go. In CM they still spend like idiots.
Fourth month: I'm in town! I hear about their problem, but they are not the only ones with that problem. You see, there are thousands of LP people ('worldtravelers') with the same problem. I try (try!) not to laugh in their faces.
Sixth month: They go back to BKK. But they're tired and stop for the night in... Smalltown, Thailand and, somehow, end up in a B150 hotel with B150 pussy. Paying B100 for food a day. Large beers (way LARGER than the 'large' beers in BKK!!), are B45.

Make your sixth month your first month and you're in LOS for less than B1000 a day.
BTW Do you like cockroaches and rats, BIG rats?


Joe Zop
03-22-03, 09:08
Ah, but I'll gladly pay that extra 100 baht a day for the apartment over the 150 baht hotel any day. But it's certainly easy enough to eat on 100 baht a day pretty much no matter where you are.

And amen to your comments both about spending money like mad and people thinking CM is lots cheaper -- I'm still amazed at the people I met who thought nothing of spending 6500 baht a night for a hotel in Phuket that wasn't even directly on the beach, and I watched people spend incredible amounts of money on tourist junk in CM, more, in many instances, than they would have paid in Bangkok!

The issue generally for most of us, of course, is getting the time you want, regardless of what the cost happens to be, but if you're looking to stay a long time it's certainly possible to do it amazingly cheaply. One of my checks was late in arriving, and I found no difficulty making it a week on 1200 baht, since my place was paid for. And that included at least one beer every night. (I ran a tab on the girl :D and made it up to her later.)

03-22-03, 09:16
Difficult one this. While there is n0 doubt that places like Eden might be worth a visit, they are not worth repeat visits. Here is my take:
Get a good but cheap hotel in a rural town near the action. Put some of them on a retainer. If the hotel is small and personal, tip the staff. Fuck them too if they are up for it.
Repeat the above in Pattaya off season but work hard at trying to snare a bargain bonk.
Stay out of go gos and other bs places.
I reckon it would be possible to put a woman on a retainer for 200-300 bt in rural Thailand.Little English but little experience at bringing you and your Visa card shopping.
The only way to do this is on a retainer. In BKK, I reckon impossible unless she loves you.
I also see Najene etc have stopped posting.
Women of Pattay, I salute you. If you are reincarnated as spiders and I as a fly, I know I have no chance.

03-22-03, 13:35
A good discussion on money...

Having done the 'throw your cash away' thing I will explain how it happened:

Hotel: 1295-2200 (Majestic, Grand P, Tai Pan in high season, walk in)

Drank too much the day before (too late for hotel): breakfast 100-300

Oil or soapy daytime: 1800-3400 (Baron 800+1000, CP2 1800+500, Emanuelle 2900+500)

Afternoon: farang steak and beer: 400

Night: High end Nana/Cowboy girl: 2-3000B. Drinking +BF: 1000-2000

Noodle soup or BBQ: 10-80 (hehe)

Late night: WTC Beergarden, Good thai restaurant, Disco Hoolywood or Heavy drinking + thai snacks poolhall: 1000-5000

Do this for 30 days, including some of the girls' friends who didn't get BF'ed and called and joined for free, as well as some cheapo japanese and farangs popping up (some you 'knew', some just intruded into the party, and embarrased you when the bill came around: so you pay for all), some Beergarden FL's, a few books, some gifts, a few girls you sent away in the morning without doing them because you had hangover (but of course you pay): two hours later you are in a beer bar for an early morning extra, etc. etc........... and we are talking 300.000+ Bath for one month (excluding the ticket(s)).

I will not do it again... but what goes around comes around (and it was just money).....


03-22-03, 18:47
joe_zop and Freeler...

CM may not be cheaper than cheap BKK. But it is a good place to learn.....

In CM yoy can have a good rom for 500B and stay the month for 12000B. Now I will look for that in BKK...

A good looking beer bar girl I found in CM was BF 300B + 700 for her. I will remember that next time a Nana chick asks for 3000.....

In CM you can have MP-cuties for 800 + tip. No more Emanuelle and Poseidon for me....

Please remember that experience comes with time. And even if these pages are full of good advice, it takes time to convert them in to practice....


03-23-03, 08:12
Regular reader(s) of my spam will know I have been tracking the emails of the Big Breasted One (BB One) for some time now. I also phoned and emailed her recently but, getting no reply, I deleted my email from her account. She now has only one regular email correspondent who is trying to lure her to Czech Rep, most likely to rent her out but out of love (for those lovely hubcaps) he says. She is asking him for money (what a surprise) and he is promising to send it when his ship comes in, when he lands this imminent big contract. He had previously claimed to have big jobs in Houston and Taiwan and to be able to land a big job teaching English in Bkk (his claim not mine and his spelling and grammar is much much worse than anyone using WSG, the Latin boards included). He also claims mummy and daddy are well set even though he has no $$. Oh well!

Do these women attract mostly losers (him and many more and freaks (me)?
It would be interesting to read of Tapioca and Jen, and Najene and the divorcess. Maybe Pattaya is really only a cute Lovers' Lane where little innocents meet on its shore fronts and boulevards. Sob. Sob. A misty eyed John Skinless here wiping tears of love, joy and innocence from my one good eye.

03-23-03, 08:37

I agree with you. I know myself pretty well and I can see your synopsis as a possibility that could happen to me. I've only been to BKK two times. The first time, I went on this noble and poetic journey to meet a bunch of girls that I met on ICQ. I tell you, ICQ had a big effect on my life. It led me to travel to 13 different countries in 2.5 years. I met different girls from many places and then would travel to visit them. I think the traveler types do so because they are looking for what they can’t find. I’m still looking too.

Back to the noble journey. I met all these girls of BKK, they were very nice, bought my meals (made me embarrassed) even. This was on my first trip. There were nine girls I met in all. One picked me up at the airport in her Toyota and took me to my hotel. The next day her and her friend took me to Pattaya. They toured me around, took me to see this large Buddha that was drawn on the side of a mountain with a laser, we hung on the beach eating food, etc. The other ones were equally as nice and they were all either working in computers or were still in University. The one that took me to Wat Arun and explained to me about kneeling three times in front of Buddha was the one I fell for, but it never worked out.

The second to the last night I was in BKK (on this first time) I was out on Suk somewhere near Soi 19 smoking a cigarette. It was after being out drinking and dancing with the girls. A freelancer approached me and that became my first time to monger in Thailand. The next day, after three ridiculously outrageous orgasms, I took her home via taxi. She took me up to her place and her mom and her little girl where there. The apartment was a little cinder block thing with no A/C and no toilet except for a sewer hole on the balcony with a little hand shower. The walls were adorned with pictures of American actors; the bed had no mattress but was a board instead. She had a guitar and we both played a little tune for each other on it. I paid her some money and walked home.

It's Funny how we'll all end up in a little room just like that some day, maybe a little smaller with only the worms for company. Hmmm. I never ate a rat yet, but I did kill a squirrel once when I was fifteen and I ate it in the woods that night. It made me puke like Montezuma man! :) I don’t like eating the cockroaches yet, but I do enjoy the grasshoppers with a glass of Thai whiskey.

I think Freeler knows the score, everyone read his synopsis and take heed.

On a side note, two of the nine girls got married since my first trip, one to a farang in NZ and the other to a farang in Switzerland. (I may have already mentioned this, memory is failing me and I am almost out of vino.)

I have a friend that I work with from Bangladesh, we go watch the WAR at lunch at a Pakistani Restaurant. He says this, "Do not go anywhere until you are happy where you are, otherwise, you're just running." He is very smart for a lazy Bangladeshi!

What have I learned in my travels: Thailand is the best place to monger, Romania is where you'll leave you heart, broken and cracked and dead, but you'll never forget her. :)


03-23-03, 09:08

"Do not go anywhere until you are happy where you are, otherwise, you're just running."
This is why trying to find enlightment in Thailand or, God forbid, India usually fails.

You should check http://www.pattayamail.com/current/news.shtml. So many guys jump from their windows. They all should have stayed at home...

Have fun at lunchtime,


03-23-03, 09:25

Man that was harsh! Even more so because I have that guys last name. Not that a last name has anything to do with it, Hemmingway shot himself in front of his orange juice and look at how many places he made it to.

Trying to find enlightenment is not harsh, until you see it starring you in the face in a bath towel all clean and fresh.

Lunch? I just ran out of vino. I'll sit here and try to construct some words that have been said before, then I'll wake up and make some coffee.


Joe Zop
03-23-03, 16:40
Skinless, let's face it, the basic nature of who these women attract is men who will get on airplanes and leave. That's reality, the core and cold side of it that affects things far more than the personal nature of these guys or ladies, and the rest is mostly, to put it in an overly cynical and harsh way, just accompanying sound effects. It's a rare bird on either side of the equation who is going to uproot themselves from their country in the name of love, especially from such tenuous beginnings, and a rarer one still who's going to do it and make it work. Does the BB one have any concept at all of what would wait for her in the Czech Republic? Highly doubtful. Does her would-be beau have any idea of what would await him once she arrives? Equally doubtful. Hell, it's hard enough for a man and woman who speak the same language and come from the same culture and social stratum to communicate and get along, let alone this situation.

And to keep my cynical vein about the "losers" these women attract -- well, we are talking about guys who are spending thousands of dollars to fly halfway around the world to sleep with (maybe) twenty-dollar prostitutes. In the abstract, that's not exactly a litany of the creme de la creme of society (and before people jump on me, this is hyperbole and obviously, folks, I'm among them) in terms of people who are looking for/capable of successful long-term relationships.

That doesn't, of course, mean that anything in the equation, including the guys and women, is anything less than heartfelt and honest (or the complete opposite) just that as the cards are dealt, it's not a very good hand to bet on winning.

03-23-03, 19:44

Yes, we are the creme de la creme. Well said. I am out $638 for airfare and I depart on the 31st. This trip will give me about 40 days on Freeler's "Farang in Thailand" caledar.

That puts me here: "realizing that the money goes too fast, they start to stay in, not knowing how to control spending..." I dicovered Chainmai on my last trip. Funny thing is, I did think it was cheaper. :)

The URL Freeler posted is a news report about one of us (potentially and hypothetically). 52 year old male travels to Thailand, gets addicted to it, gets fired from work for excessive absenteeism, blows the rest of his wad, and calls it quits. So much for the creme de la creme. Maybe this is a good example of Darwin's theory.

Freeler's question about how long 500,000 Baht might last is a good one. I know I'll need 1,000,000 Baht, hence, I'll be at work on Monday. lol.


Joe Zop
03-23-03, 21:13
Well, CM's generally a bit cheaper than Bangkok or the beach areas, but as with everywhere there's a range of options available to you, both in surroundings and ladies. (And it's more expensive there than many other places, as well, if you want to consider, say, tuk-tuk prices or tours.) If you want, as Philo describes, to eat steak and do a massage parlor every day, drink and party like mad, and pick up a high-end go-go girl each night, then obviously your money goes away quicker no matter where you are. Don't get me wrong -- I like wretched excess as much as anyone, and am perfectly happy to hemorrhage money like nobody's business if I've got a sufficient amount and/or only a short time to have my fun. It's just tougher to do if you're going to be there longer, and it's not the only approach, any more than Freeler's rock-bottom budget way is the only way to go. It's like ladies -- everyone has their own tastes and interests. I find the discussions here highly useful in helping to know the options and the pros and cons of them so we can all make our own choices.

As far as the tourist suicide goes -- let's face it, being in a strange place, with a different language and culture, can also really heighten a sense of isolation, regardless of whether or not you're being accompanied by paid companionship (which can actually help the feeling along.) There are plenty of pretty sad looking and acting people wandering around Pattaya. Combine this with the broken hearts from farangs who discover they're just being used for their money, and I'm surprised there's not a lot more of this, honestly.

03-23-03, 21:30
Some last words for the jumper:

Today I watched another one fall

a noble soldier,
the war took him though he
was well armed.
He drank 12 beers before
he fell
and drunk.
The explosion of desire
overcame him:
car payments,
a girl friend leaving.
He lay on the ground
like broken shrapnel
not believing he’d been
The bouncer threw him out
as the wind blew
on us all.

03-23-03, 21:32

On suicides:'I'm surprised there's not a lot more of this, honestly.'

At least 1 a week in Pattaya alone...
Plus a number of deaths that raise a few questions...


The 'B500,000 question' wasn't mine. But it would last me at least 16 months in Thailand... At least!

Joe Zop
03-25-03, 00:40
Ok, Freeler, there are some pics in your mailbox, so no more complaining, ok?

Let's see -- one farang suicide a week in Pattaya, and heaven knows how many killed or injured on the roads. (I seem to recall there being one traffic fatality a day both on Samui and Phuket, with one fatal accident an hour overall in Thailand. Obviously, most of those don't involve foreigners, though the rate's probably higher at the resorts.) Anybody know what the overall annual death count is for farangs in Thailand? Maybe we should start calling it land of funerals :)

03-25-03, 03:34

Good perspective. I was thinking that about the 9-11 thing. I wonder how many people died that day elsewhere in the world.


I'm gonna be watching your posts. I like the idea that I can live that long on so little, very appealing.

Okay, I'll think of something for all those that find the end in a traffic accident. I have one of course but it is personalized about a friend of mine that I used to race dirtbikes with. He bought it in a traffic accident. But it was more like everything getting surreal while looking for an eight ball. He was all of 19.

Okay, I need to get on a more upbeat frame of reference. Anyone want to recommend something I should try in BKK next week. I get there on Monday.

I'm not planning a dive from a building but I might dive somewhere else!