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2004 Thai Women - Opinions & Advice

12-31-03, 17:28
I have a couple of questions for those who are experienced with both the LOS and PI scenes. I have been lurking on the Thai ladies and filipina discussion groups and have been struck with the difference in the way that Thai and PI BGs are viewed.

Generally I see a vision of Thais BGs as actresses who create a comperhensive illussion designed solely to seperate you form as much of your money as possible. Some on the board seem to belive that everything a Thai bg say is a lie. That they feign interest in relationships but have no plan or perhaps even ability to genuinly care for someone- certainly not a farang.

On other sites I have heard it said that they work one man after another for all their worth till they reach an age where they begin to get pushed out by younger prettier girls. At that point they try to find the right sucker to milk long term (ie marry). The advice here is that you take a risk whenever you deviate from the 3-Fs with a Thai woman.

ON the other hand the ballance leans a bit more sympathetically towards the filipinas. These BG's are portrayed as often coming to the bars in search of a husband. They manipulate yes, but that they are genuine people under extraordiany pressure. From what I can tell both groups experinece many of the same pressures, though their cultures are quite different. Yet the sense I get is that many of the emotions shown by AC girls are real.

It is hard for me to tell how much of the difference in the two groups is accurate and how much is a reflection of other factors. IMHO there are a few real misogynists on the Thai boards while some of the folks on the PI board seem a bit more relaxed in nature seeing non-pros and/or having been happily married to fillipinas.

So, for those who have been both places, do you see a difference in the manipulativeness of Thai women and Fillipinas both professional and non?

Also I had a TBG for the first time recently. It was a great experinece, but based on what I had feared I found a few things that I didn't expect- She ran errands for me in the morning. She never asked for things when we went shopping, she chose street vendors and fast food places when I told her to pick where we ate. Also, when I packed and discovered I had nothing clean for my flight the second day, she ran home and did my laundry and returned it to me before I left town.

Was this all a setup for some future request for money? Even so, if this is typical, I think I know why guys never want to leave!

ChiMan II
01-02-04, 06:04

There is no love in Thailand, only illusions of reality.

01-02-04, 22:49

I am not a TG expert but IMHO after going to the place thrice in the past year I feel it is possible you stumbled upon a keeper, but many of them have been trained to put men first in their lives. After more time in the business she will become hardened and will try to get to the next transction. On the other hand, she could like you and be sincere BUT the requests for money and family will come nonetheless. The older girls teach the younger ones how to set up shop to keep a long term man. I have talked to men and women who are in the long term ho situation. Its great to have regulars and maybe this girl is part time sincere girl and also preparing to work her game. Did you exchange email? How much did you give her? Anyway as the Japanese say "abunai"! (be careful)

Virgo out

01-08-04, 10:10

My thoughts:

In general, All Philipinas and Philipinos want to leave their country desperately. Many have overseas relatives and hear of the promised land in the U.S. and other countries, and they will do almost anything. This includes for example, an 18 yr old virgin marrying a 65 yr old viagra popping stud in hopes of leaving pollution and corruption, and even their family behind. On the other hand, the Thai girl feel's proud of her nationality and knows that her life in general is great in Thailand. There is no reason to leave. She also knows that farang always come to Thailand and farang always leave. Thai's are definitely better actresses.

Samus Aran
01-09-04, 02:02

It is all a game to set you up. Remember your first girlfriend. How she did everything for you ion the beginning of your relationship. Or how about the first few months of marriage when everything is bliss. That is basically how SA looks at Thailand and the girls. For 2 weeks they can put up a good front. They will run all of you errands, wash your clothes, cook, clean etc... They want to make an impression. No different than the beginning of a relationship with a USA girl. Both you and her will step out of routine to try and impress one another. The thai girls are doing the same. they are giving you the illusion that they care. But, in actuallity, they have been doing this over and over again with different men week after week. They know that the large majority of men will fall for it. This is where the danger of getting involved with a thai hooker comes into play. See a USA hooker is in it for the sex. Perform and then get paid. You are not going to find a USA hooker doing your clothes, washing your dishes etc...

A newbie is going to fall for their charade time after time. So the thai girl wants to eat the food on the street. So would SA. She is giving you the illusion that she is different than her money grabbing sister hos. But, her mind is working. And, somewhere down the line it will protray itself and the real ho will appear. That is why SA is amazed by the number of men who come to Thailand and want to have any sort of relationship with a bar girl/ho. Yes, SA is the true 3f man. Love em and leave em. You dont fly 30 hours on an air plane to get trapped by some little girl. Sojourner, who cares when comparing these girls from country to country. All you need to do is screw them and pay them. Stop trying to figure this whole prostitution scene out. Use their orifices and move on.

Now SA may sound cynical, but if anybody has any inclination of getting involved with these girls on a personal level they are in for a difficlut vaction and this is not why you spent $1000 for airfare and 30 hours on an airplane to come to Thailand. The GFE is an illusion. If you want it, then expect all of the difficulties that come with a relationship multiply it by 100 and this is what you will get with a thai hooker. Stick with the 3f's my friend and just get another hooker when you feel the desire.

Samus Aran

Joe Zop
01-09-04, 05:29
Sojourner, I think Bil's got it, by and large. The Filipinos have a history of colonization, and a huge amount of cultural influences. They consider hooking up with a foreigner a step up. Thais have been basically proud and independent as a culture, with far less external influence, and have a mild xenophobic streak, so hooking up with a foreigner is really not as socially desireable.

Whether everything a Thai BG says is or isn't a lie is irrelevant. The point is that the job of a Thai sex worker is to provide a particular kind of happy illusion, such as the one you experienced, so you can't know whether something is or isn't true, and certainly can't expect everything to be true. It's ok, great in fact, to wallow in that illusion, but you simply can't mistake it for real life.

All that said, the whole marriage things very much depends on the circumstances, and picking a girl off a pole in a bar, heading off to bed with her, paying, and expecting a real relationship is a dumb idea in absolutely any country.

Samus Aran
01-11-04, 05:50

SA liked th e"picking a girl off a pole" bit. That was truly good and got a chuckle out of SA. Both you and SA said the same thing but in different tone. SA had a great time with his white woman. Did a 4 hand oil massage. SA totally naked while 4 hands were rubbing and sliding their hands all over teh SA figure. Ending in a beautiful climax all over their fingers and hands. Another great time in Thailand.

Samus Aran

01-11-04, 06:21
Skinless in SA section: "Pity you are out of the Thai Women section as Skinless has been thinking of all the prostitutes he has had relationships with (live in, girl friend etc). Here is my latest twist: prostitutes don't enjoy sex as it is work and even if they cum, they must think of the next sale. Now, they are women (most of them, not the katoey or SA's Dutch wives). Now, if you get beyond the customer. BFEetc. they are great truly great fucks. Why? Because they have not been really having sex with their customers but faking it. Then when John Romeo Skinless cums around, it is love, roses and massive orgasms all round. What thinkest thee? Are I just an incurable romantic?"

SA on Skinless: "You are a incurable romantic with shit for brains."

SA: Welcome home. I hope you and your Dutch wife are going well and that the rubbers are working and stopping her/it deflating on you.

My point is a fundamental one: I believe these TGs are women, with warm, pulsating flesh (well most of them). I believe if the code is cracked, they wil be sexually Olympians as they have, by and large, been starved of real sex by super stud performers like John Skinless. You, on the other hand, believe they are inhumans, like logs or, mm, inflatable dollies.

Joe Zop
01-11-04, 16:53
I believe you're both right, and I don't see why it has to be and either/or situation. I recall RN posting about her work, saying that, yes, she had orgasms while working, yes, they felt good and she enjoyed having them, but no, it wasn't really the same as having one with whom you were in a real relationship, as you lacked the emotional connections. I remember being with a provider who got upset when she had an orgasm and started crying -- she said she felt she was betraying her boyfriend by enjoying it. (Since sex was work, apparently screwing other guys wasn't a betrayal.)

Skinless, who doesn't like and respond to attention and pampering? OF course it can have an effect. On the other hand, SA is right that it's still work, and that part of the best way to ensure future income is to respond positively to such ablutions, as having an incurable romantic on the hook is a great way to get paid regularly.

In the same way you, Skinless, can wallow in the doomed romantic tragedy of it all, knowing perfectly well that it's not truly real but still walking through the maze, so can any TG. We all know they get their hearts broken at various times (as well as use talking about getting their hearts broken to good effect) -- that doesn't happen unless they expose them a time or two.

SA, Skinless would have shit for brains only if he was a serious incurable romantic. He's not -- he's a creator and picker of romantic scabs.

01-17-04, 04:04
Language Translation of I Love You (amazing how many saps like to hear those words). Look at all the pop songs.
-------- -----------
Afrikaans Ek het jou liefe (
Afrikaans Ek is lief vir jou
Albanian te dua
Albanian te dashuroj
Alentejano(Portugal) Gosto De Ti, Porra!
Alsacien Ich hoan dich gear
Amharic Afekrishalehou
Arabic Ana Behibak (to a male)
Arabic Ana Behibek (to a female)
Arabic Ib'n hebbak.
Arabic Ana Ba-heb-bak
Arabic nhebuk
Arabic Ohiboke (male to female)
Arabic Ohiboka (female to male)
Arabic Ohibokoma (male or female to two males or two females)
Arabic Nohiboke (more than one male or female to female)
Arabic Nohiboka (male to male or female to male)
Arabic Nohibokoma (m. to m. or f. to two males or two females)
Arabic Nohibokom (m. to m. or f. to more than two males)
Arabic Nohibokon (m. to m. or f. to more than two females)
Arabic (not standard) Bahibak (female to male)
Arabic (not standard) Bahibik (male to female)
Arabic (not standard) Benhibak (more than one male or female to male)
Arabic (not standard) Benhibik (male to male or female to female)
Arabic (not standard) Benhibkom (m. to m. or female to more than one male)
Assamese Moi tomak bhal pau
Basc Maite zaitut
Batak Holong rohangku di ho
Bavarian I mog di narrisch gern
Bengali Ami tomAy bhAlobAshi
Bengali Ami tomake bhalobashi.
Berber Lakh tirikh
Bicol Namumutan ta ka
Bolivian Quechua qanta munani
Bulgarian Obicham te
Burmese chit pa de
Cambodian Bon sro lanh oon
Cambodian kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah
Canadian French Sh'teme (spoken, sounds like this)
Cantonese Moi oiy neya
Cantonese Ngo oi ney
Catalan T'estim (mallorcan)
Catalan T'estim molt (I love you a lot)
Catalan T'estime (valencian)
Catalan T'estimo (catalonian)
Cebuano Gihigugma ko ikaw.
Chickasaw chiholloli (first "i" nasalized)
Chinese (see the entries for mandarin or cantonese!)
Corsican Ti tengu cara (to female)
Corsican Ti tengu caru (to male)
Croatian LJUBim te
Czech miluji te
Czech MILUJU TE! (colloquial form)
Danish Jeg elsker dig
Dutch Ik hou van jou
Dutch Ik ben verliefd op je
Ecuador Quechua canda munani
English I love you
English I adore you
Esperanto Mi amas vin
Estonian Mina armastan sind
Estonian Ma armastan sind
Farsi Tora dust midaram
Farsi Asheghetam
Farsi (Persian) doostat dAram
Filipino Mahal ka ta
Filipino Iniibig Kita
Finnish Mina" rakastan sinua
Flemish Ik zie oe geerne
French Je t'aime
French Je t'adore
Friesian Ik hald fan dei
Gaelic Ta gra agam ort
German Ich liebe Dich
Greek s'ayapo (spoken s'agapo, 3rd letter is lower case
Greek (old) (Ego) philo su (ego is only needed for emphasis)
Greenlandic Asavakit
Gujrati Hoon tane pyar karoochhoon.
Hausa Ina sonki
Hawaiian Aloha I'a Au Oe
Hebrew Ani ohev otach (male to female)
Hebrew Ani ohev otcha (male to male)
Hebrew Ani ohevet otach (female to female)
Hebrew Ani ohevet otcha (female to male)
Hindi Mai tumase pyar karata hun (male to female)
Hindi Mai tumase pyar karati hun (female to male)
Hindi Main Tumse Prem Karta Hoon
Hindi Mai Tumhe Pyar Karta Hoon
Hindi Main Tumse Pyar Karta Hoon
Hindi Mai Tumse Peyar Karta Hnu
Hindi Mai tumse pyar karta hoo
Hokkien Wa ai lu
Hopi Nu' umi unangwa'ta
Hungarian Szeretlek
Hungarian Szeretlek te'ged
Icelandic Eg elska thig
Indi Mai Tujhe Pyaar Kartha Ho
Indonesian Saya cinta padamu (Saya, commonly used)
Indonesian Saya cinta kamu ( " )
Indonesian Saya kasih saudari ( " )
Indonesian Aku tjinta padamu (Aku, not often used)
Indonesian Aku cinta padamu ( " )
Indonesian Aku cinta kamu ( " )
Iranian Mahn doostaht doh-rahm
Irish taim i' ngra leat
Italian ti amo (if it's a relationship/lover/spouse)
Italian ti voglio bene (if it's a friend, or relative)
Japanese Kimi o ai shiteru
Japanese Aishiteru
Japanese Chuu shiteyo
Japanese Ora omee no koto ga suki da
Japanese Ore wa omae ga suki da
Japanese Suitonnen
Japanese Sukiyanen
Japanese Sukiyo
Japanese Watashi Wa Anata Ga Suki Desu
Japanese Watashi Wa Anata Wo Aishithe Imasu
Japanese Watakushi-wa anata-wo ai shimasu
Japanese Suki desu (used at 1st time, like for a start,
when you are not yet real lovers)
Javanese Kulo tresno
Kannada Naanu Ninnanu Preethisuthene
Kannada Naanu Ninnanu Mohisuthene
Kiswahili Nakupenda
Klingon qabang
Klingon qaparHa' (depends where in the galaxy you are)
Korean No-rul sarang hae (man to woman in casual relation)
Korean Tangsinul sarang ha yo
Korean Tangshin-ul sarang hae-yo
Korean Tangsinul Sarang Ha Yo
Korean Tangshin-i cho-a-yo (i like you, in a romantic way)
Korean Nanun tangshinul sarang hamnida
Korean Nanun Dangsineul Mucheog Joahapnida
Korean Nanun Dangsineul Saranghapnida
Korean Nanun Gdaega Joa
Korean Nanun Gdaereul Saranghapnida
Korean Nanun Neoreul Saranghanda
Korean Gdaereul Hjanghan Naemaeum Alji
Korean Joahaeyo
Korean Saranghae
Korean Saranghaeyo
Korean Saranghapanida
Kurdish Ez te hezdikhem (?)
Lao Koi muk jao
Lao Khoi huk chau
Latin Te amo
Latin Vos amo
Latin (old) (Ego) amo te (ego, for emphasis)
Latvian Es milu tevi (Pronounced "Ess tevy meeloo")
Lebanese Bahibak
Lingala Nalingi yo
Lisbon lingo gramo-te bue', chavalinha
Lithuanian TAVE MYLIU (ta-ve mee-lyu)
Lojban mi do prami
Luo Aheri
Macedonian SAKAM TE!
Madrid lingo Me molas, tronca
Malay Saya cintakan mu
Malay Saya sayangkan mu
Malay/Indonesian Saya sayangkan engkau
Malay/Indonesian Saya cintakan awak
Malayalam Njyaan Ninne' Preetikyunnu
Malayalam Njyaan Ninne' Mohikyunnu.
Malayalam Ngan Ninne Snaehikkunnu
Malaysian Saya Cintamu
Malaysian Saya Sayangmu
Malaysian Saya Cinta Kamu
Mandarin Wo ai ni (Wo3 ai4 ni3 in tonal notation)
Marathi me tujhashi prem karto (male to female)
Marathi me tujhashi prem karte (female to male)
Marathi Mi tuzya var prem karato
Mohawk Konoronhkwa
Navaho Ayor anosh'ni
Ndebele Niyakutanda
Norwegian Eg elskar deg (Nynorsk)
Norwegian Jeg elsker deg (Bokmaal) (pronounced yai elske dai)
Op Op Lopveop Yopuop
Osetian Aez dae warzyn
Pakistani Mujhe Tumse Muhabbat Hai
Persian Tora dost daram
Pig Latin Ie Ovele Ouye
Polish Kocham Cie
Polish Ja cie kocham
Polish Yacha kocham
Polish Kocham Ciebie
Portuguese Amo-te
Portuguese (Brazilian) Eu te amo
Punjabi Mai taunu pyar karda
Punjabi Main Tainu Pyar Karna
Quenya Tye-mela'ne
Romanian Te iu besc
Romanian Te Ador
Russian Ya vas liubliu
Russian Ya tebya liubliu
Russian Ya polubeel s'tebya
Russian (Malincaya) Ya Tibieh Lublue
Scot Gaelic Tha gra\dh agam ort
Serbian ljubim te (I kiss you/love you,
'lj' pronounced like 'll' in
Spanish, one sound, 'ly'ish)
Serbocroatian Volim te
Serbocroatian Ljubim te
Shona Ndinokuda
Sinhalese Mama oyata adarei
Sioux Techihhila
Slovak lubim ta
Slovene ljubim te
Spanish Te quiero
Spanish Te amo
Srilankan Mama Oyata Arderyi
Swahili Naku penda (followed by the person's name)
Swedish Jag a"lskar dig Swiss-German Ch'ha di ga"rn
Syrian/Lebanese BHEBBEK (to a female)
Syrian/Lebanese BHEBBAK (to a male)
Tagalog Mahal kita
Tahitian Ua Here Vau Ia Oe
Tamil Ni yaanai kaadli karen (You love me)
Tamil n^An unnaik kAthalikkinREn (I love you)
Tamil Naan Unnai Kadalikiren
Tcheque MILUJI TE^
Telugu Neenu ninnu pra'mistu'nnanu
Telugu/india Nenu Ninnu Premistunnanu
Thai Phom Rak Khun (formal, male to female)
Thai Ch'an Rak Khun (formal, female to male)
Thai Khao Raak Thoe (affectionate, sweet, loving)
Thai Phom Rak Khun
Tunisian Ha eh bak *
Turkish Seni seviyo*rum (o* means o)
Turkish Seni Seviyurum
Turkish Seni Seviyorum
Ukrainian ja tebe koKHAju (real true love)
Ukrainian ja vas koKHAju
Ukrainian ja pokoKHAv tebe
Ukrainian ja pokoKHAv vas
Urdu Mujhe tumse mohabbat hai
Urdu Main Tumse Muhabbat Karta Hoon
Vietnamese Em ye^u anh (woman to man)
Vietnamese Toi yeu em
Vietnamese Anh ye^u em (man to woman)
Vlaams Ik hue van ye
Vulcan Wani ra yana ro aisha
Welsh 'Rwy'n dy garu di.
Welsh Yr wyf i yn dy garu di (chwi)
Yiddish Ich libe dich
Yiddish Ich han dich lib
Yiddish Ikh Hob Dikh Lib
Yugoslavian Ya te volim
Zazi Ezhele hezdege (sp?)
Zulu Mena Tanda Wena
Zulu Ngiyakuthanda!
Zuni Tom ho' ichema

01-19-04, 06:30
Who loves who? Don't believe the hype. If you do then you are a complete fool. Let them go on about how they love you and there family problems. Listen screw your brains out then send them on their way.

01-19-04, 20:55
I agree, why would you say I love you to a hooker in her native language? Bunch of spam.

01-20-04, 05:50
Soi 11 Part 2

At seven in the morning she woke me up with her hand grabbing my cock. I was in deep sleep and it took me a while to realize who was grabbing me. She was looking at me and said that she wanted to kiss me. I did. She was on fire.

We fucked until ten in the morning. It was great. She was tight and very wet. She could not give a good blow job as she sucked too hard. Bit me twice. I got even by fucking her extra hard. We did it three times. I spanked her good and sent her home. She wanted to got out to breakfast with me but I came up with an excuse and went alone.

We agreed to meet again at five in the afternoon. At four, I got a call from her saying she was wondering if I really meant what I said to her and that she was feeling scared because I was leaving soon and I would not contact her again and that I was just interested in sex. After 1/2 hour of this, I told her that I would contact her again for sure. She agreed to see me only if we did not have sex again because she wanted to see if I really liked her and I was not just in it for sex. I told her OK. Then she called back at 5:00 to tell me that she did not believe me, that she thought I had a gf and that she would only be my toy. She was right, I was seeing someone (not a bar girl) and had no plans to dump her. So, I told her that we could meet another time when she felt comfortable with me and believed me. She said OK and would call me the next day. She never called back and I erased her phone number from my phone.

Great experience. I got what I wanted. Sure, I lied and made her believe I would want more than just sex with her. It worked for 1 day and then she was smart enough to know better. Pretty girl. A player. The one thing that really convince her about staying with me was that I told her that I would take care of her, I was not specific but did tell her that if she did not get a job not to worry.

Find, fuck and forget. I turned the tables around and got what I wanted. Short time. Free.


01-20-04, 05:52
Soi 11 Part 1

I met Noi outside my hotel. She went there for a job interview. I first saw her in the lobby when she was leaving the hotel’s manager’s office. She looked fresh, innocent and pretty. We made brief eye contact as I was leaving the lobby to go outside the hotel. Once outside the hotel, I headed for the other building to go to my room. It was 4:30 in the afternoon. When I was about to enter my building I notice she was standing on the sidewalk outside the hotel looking at me. She flashed a shy smile and then looked away. I went to her and said hello. She said hello back and was ready to walk away. I asked her what she was doing there and she told me she was there for a job interview. She did not get the job because her conversational English was not strong. I invited her for coffee and she accepted telling her she could practice her language skills with me. We went to have coffee. She was shy and very polite. I was direct and making my moves. I asked her if she wanted to meet later for dinner and she said yes.

We met at 8:00 pm for dinner. We had a long dinner and talked about many things. She had just graduated from the university and was 23 years old. She new one French guy with whom she had met twice and stayed in contact via emails and an occasional phone calls.

I told her she was very pretty and that I liked her a lot. She told me she liked me but that I should not expect anything sexual with her until she met me many times. She never played the “good girl” thing but was shy when talking about sex. This was now a challenge for me.

So, I lied and told her that I have never met such wonderful and sweet Thai woman and that I already liked her very much and that I would stay in touch with her and see her again soon on my next trip. That I would see her everyday until it was time for me to go which was in another 4 days. I told her that I was not seeing anyone else and was bored staying alone. I told her I would take her to Samui on my next trip and I would take good care of her. She liked this.

After dinner we went to a club. She does not drink or smoke. Good girl. In the club she let me touch her a little. I was persistent. At 2:00 Am we left the club and told me she was ready to go home. It took me 1/2 hour to convince her to stay with me that night and I promised her no sex and that we would just sleep together. We went to my hotel room. I told her to take a shower and get ready for bed. She was very shy and I had to turn all lights off (except for one little light) when she came out of the shower. I gave her one of my t-shirts. She looked fine. Nice body. Smooth. She got in bed and we kissed for a while. She was getting horny but I played it cool. Then I showered and got into bed. She was nervous. I gave her a good night kissed and turned around and went to sleep. I had a huge erection but self-control paid off the next morning. She was to be my s.l.u.t at 7:00 AM.

To be continued…..


01-20-04, 06:09
Very nice story JuiceSpike, great photos also.

01-20-04, 06:10
Very interesting and informative Juice. I hope you told her "I love you". Some questions: what was the hotel? Do you think there are many women like this floating around? What do you think her agenda was? Let's face it, there are many farangs around Soi 11 who like to poke. It seems to me she was on the edge and romantic Juicey comes to the rescue. A lovely romantic story but risky not humping her at night. Glad it paid off and she saw you were not like those filthy sex tourists who only want sex and do not understand l-o-v-e.:)

01-20-04, 12:00
I usually see eye to eye with you guys on most things. However, this is one time I don't. Juice, I think what you did was highly immoral. You kinda remind of the guy in the movie "Kids". Here I was thinking that the 3F's were only meant for "working girls". Sure I can understand if she was a pro, but lying to get laid, well I just can't reconcile myself to that. But hey, maybe I'm just a bleeding heart. Or maybe I just have a heart.

Joe Zop
01-20-04, 13:27
Personally, I don't much see the point in lying either to regular or working girls -- it's not as though there it's difficult to get laid in Pattaya. The whole "they lie to us so why shouldn't we lie to them" thing just seems like a pointless cynical exercise. I've never had any difficulty getting laid in LOS by telling the truth, or at least something very close to it -- that I'm only there for a while, that I'm not making any promises, and that who knows what the future will bring. That works every bit as well as spinning a bullshit story.

01-20-04, 13:43
wtf u think she was doing in Soi 11? And wtf you think she thought Juice was there for? Mind you, the scarf around the neck is a bit scary but hey.......

01-20-04, 14:02
Good story and so you "got what you wanted". Most of us would do the same. Seriously though, I hope you didn't get what you didn't want. I noticed in the pic, the whites of her eyes were yellow. Hepatitis?

Joe Zop
01-20-04, 14:45
My point stays the same, Skinless, and it's irrelevant whether she was a working girl (or a horny one) or not. I know you love running head games on these women and go for the grand romantic tragedy of it all (hence your list of "I love you's"), but it seems unnecessary to me, and demeaning not to them but to me. Certainly, as Juice's story attests, it works, but frankly I don't need to lie to get laid in LOS or anywhere else so why should I do it?

01-20-04, 14:58

The hotel was Grand President. She was there for a job interview. I'm not sure what her agenda was but my guess from talking to her is that she was looking for a sugar daddy and maybe for love.

Sainter (as in Saint?)

Define moral to me. Define inmoral in the context of Thailand, one of the most corrupted countries in the world. How many times have you been there? If I had given her money it would have made the whole thing moral under your eyes? For your info, the 3Fs applies to many none working girls too. Most Thai women (coming in contact with foreigners) look at Farangs as cash prospects first then as persons.

My brother in-law used work for the BCA (Berau of Criminal Apprehension) now he does private consulting and investigations. Second to white collar crimes his most busy work load are swindle cases from women from Thailand, Phillipines and Korea. Sure, most guys being taken are stupid. He is going to Thailand in 2 weeks to investigate one case involving over a million dollars swindle.


When you say "easy to get laid" are you refering to hookers? Of course is easy to get laid when you pay. When you say that you always tell the truth or come close to it, how do you know that you are not just really lying? Also, I was in a game playing mode with this girl: her target was to get me to financially support her in the future (I left many details out of the story about her to make it shorter) my approach was to score and have a good time. We BOTH had a good time and I'm sure she is not missing me too much. If you read carefully, she initiated things the next morning. She wanted some fun. The reason why she did not call again is because (my guess) she did not think I was an easy catch. I was not your tipycal "tourist" as she called me a couple of times. She thought I lived and worked there. And, I never have difficulty getting laid in Thailand without paying or lying with "regular" girls. I thougth this was an intersting story to relate.


Here eyes look rally bad for 2 reasons: one, it was 2:30 Am and two the club we went to was very smokey and my eyes got very irritated too. I used protection.


01-20-04, 15:10
Joe: You are being cruel to me. I am laughing at another post which is funny. Juice says "I love you" and he bangs a chick who wants to hear those three words. Most guys post here coz some LBFM (strange how that one is catching on) says those three words. Have you never said "I love you" or did you mean it every time. This is an interesting story. What did she think a male guy was doing there on his own? That is the fascinating part and the part that attracts me. I am looking forward to my turn of saying "I love you".

Joe Zop
01-20-04, 15:29
Ah, Juice -- adding the details to the story makes a difference, really, as it's a different thing if you're clearly playing with a player. Then you're talking about a different kind of both flirtation and transaction. (That said, I don't see how you can have it both ways -- she's either looking for money from a farang, and is willing to have sex with him to make it happen, and is thereby a working girl, or she's not.)

And no, I still don't feel the need to give misinformation when I can simply say that I don't know what will happen, that I don't know her well enough after XX hours to know if I want to support her, etc. All true -- I'm just leaving out the fact that unless hell freezes over I'm not going to support her in any event.

As far as how I know I'm not lying -- I see a distinct difference between simply not saying, look, I just want to fuck you now and that's that, and saying to someone that I've never met such an amazing girl and that I'm going to call the next time I come to LOS.

Yes, Skinless, I'm rattling your chain, but for the record, no, I've never said, "I love you" to a TG.

01-20-04, 16:39

She was not looking for "money" from a Farang but open to the idea and willing to play to get it. She was not obvious about it. I pick on things, I listen carefully. And don't try to read into it too much. No she is not a working girl as you want to classify her because she had sex with me. C'mon, get more experiences with regular girls to understand the "gray" areas of Thai women and how they deal and view Farangs.


01-20-04, 16:43
To all...

The next story I will write is about my current gf (not a bar girl) and the funeral of her father in Surin. It was an experience. There were no English speaking Thais except for her or so I thought. A surprising twist to this story that gave more insight into the Thai women and Farang relations.


Joe Zop
01-20-04, 17:19
With all due respect, Juice, I've spent a fair amount of time with regular Thai women, and consider a couple of them good friends, (even made a business website for one) and none of the even quasi-"good girls" I've met in Thailand would agree to spend the night with a farang after just meeting him, with the possible exception of a couple of basically frenetic party types who are into shocking people.

That said, unlike lots of guys here, yourself included, I don't pursue regular Thai women for sex or relationships because I figure it's not fair to them, as I'm not going to commit and I'm generally not going to be there. That's a personal choice, and not a judgement on anyone else.

I look forward to your next story.

01-20-04, 18:12

With all due respect to you I think you are passing judgement on what is a "good" girl in Thailand. The regulars I have met are not "frantic" party goers and are just "regular" girls with real and good jobs looking to have fun or more in some cases. In Bangkok the social scene is different and more contemporary. I don't know where you are meeting your regulars. Yes, the really "good" girl will not sleep with a Farang right away... But...

As far as me persuing "regulars" for sex relationships is not an accuarate statement to make. I have many Thai women friends that I do not fuck but see on a regular basis when I'm in Bangkok. And, my aim is not to persue a sexual relationship but if the attraction and chemistry is there I'm open to it if she is open to it (no pun intended). And when I find a woman (if I do) that I like and really care for I will stop playing around. My current gf knows I play a little. She does not want to know the details. I'm straight with her and we have a good relationship (not just sexual) going and more might develop in the future. Neither of us has made promises to each other yet.

Damn, is it worth it to post in here without having you scrutinize everything I write? It's OK, it makes for good disccusions.


Joe Zop
01-20-04, 18:56
Juice, first, I'm not trying in any way to criticize you, so I'm sorry if it has somehow come off that way. If you'd prefer me to ignore as opposed to "scrutinize" your reports (which I always appreciate seeing) I'll be happy to do so -- I thought this was an area for opinion and discussion, and we've had some excellent ones in the past and even when we're disagreeing I still learn something. You and I do have different approaches to things, and that is based as much on sensibility and personality as it is on knowledge of particular facts.

I bow to your sense of the regular Bangkok woman -- I don't much care for the city, don't spend much non-mongering time there, and my connections with regular women are not there. My comment about you pursuing regular TGs was based on your previous posts about internet girls, and those you hooked up with, who you classified as "regular" girls (as well as some scammers, of course.) You described that in a rather different way than you've just done, if I recall correctly (and it's possible I'm mistaken on that, as I've not reread things.) Most of the "regulars" I know well are in Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, and other outlying places, and Bangkok of course has its own cultural sense and rules, in the same way that NYC is different from other places in the U.S.

01-20-04, 21:23

You are the only guy in here that goes in depth on reports.... if I write one it means more work responding to your comments, opinions, etc. Keep at it, but keep in mind that when I write these reports they are my first draft and no revisions are made which means I'm not always as clear as I would like to be. I don't have the time to revise but I want to contribute to this forum besides giving directions to Nana Plaza, etc.

I'm moving away from the "paying" sex scene because it perpetrates the circle of dependency for the women. I'm not against it and I use the service on special occasions or when the girl is "special." (please don't ask what special means...).


01-20-04, 22:24
Juice, I've been to Thailand well over a dozen times. Admittedly, nearly all my prior trips were to Hatyai(only 1 trip to Bangkok). Even those trips were probably 2 or 3 day trips. I guess Hatyai is very different from Bangkok. The scene there is more MP orientated as there are no beer bars per say, and no go-go bars. Anyway, I didn't mean to pass judgment on you. In terms of experience with TG's, sure mine don't come close. I've always had pleasant dealings with all Thais, not just the girls. They are the most polite and humble people I have ever encountered. That's why I have trouble resigning myself to your theory that most Thai women look at money first and the person second. Call me sheltered if you will. That's just my view. In any case, as Joe says, if she's a player then it puts a whole different spin to things. But, as things stand, I might have been a little hasty in my criticism. For that I apologise. I have a long way to go before I reach guru status in LOS. Anyway, I enjoy the discussions very much.

By the way, Sainter is a term for fans of the Saints football club down here in Australia. It sounds a little tacky, I know. But, you'd need to live here to understand it.

01-21-04, 00:17
FUCK, what is it with a bunch of didactic, self rightous, lectures types in this forum?
Stop taking this site so fucking seriously and get a fucking life. If you want moraly clean, rightous content read the classifieds ads in your home town newspaper. Wankers.

Most posts in here are ass boring with the expection of Samus, Skinless, Traveler and a few other with some really useful info or stories that give insight or just entertaining stuff.


If you take a shot at me make sure you hit the target right. I see your point now, you have been in the provinces and have little experience in a city like Bangkok where things are very different from up or down country. Now you imply that I have a "guru" status of the LOS scene. Another little sarcastic comment. Yet you have still to define to me your idea of morality in the context of Thailand. You said I did something highly immoral but you cannot make a full case. Go to Bangkok, stay there and meet a lot of people before you make your self-rightious comments about morality.


01-21-04, 01:51
Hey Juice, back off.:)I think it is immoral NOT to pay for sex. Sometimes, when Skinless gets a freebie, he throws down some money and says :"is that enough?": the reaction is priceless if you are into violence; they don't like us thinking of them as hos. There are guys trying to do what you did every day and night all over the world. Key thing is: what was her agenda?

01-21-04, 03:43
Juice, WHAT THE FUCK! I have already apologised. I have said that my criticism of you was hasty. And I have also said that you are far more qualified to comment regarding Bangkok girls. I had no idea that a little constructive criticism would rub you up the wrong way. Sorry if not everyone shares the same view as you on all things. Gosh, I thought this was what this section was for, "Opinions". Or do you have trouble understanding this concept? Who's the fucking wanker now? Idiot!

Btw, apology withdrawn.

01-21-04, 04:28

LOL, always good to read your posts and sense of humor. You wonder what was her agenda? To get a good fuck by a guy who showed self-control and was clever about getting her wet.

Now I'm a wanker too. Should I always pay for sex even when I don't have to so I don't upset the other wankers in here?


Joe Zop
01-21-04, 07:58
You know, Juice, I was going to simply give up the last word here, as I'd just deferred to your knowledge of "regular" Bangkok women (which was not the original context of the discussion, but what the hey), and because I thought your point regarding how you post things here was a good one, but since you now seem to want to pop me into the category of being self-righteous and moralizing I'd simply like to point out (again) than I have never said a fucking thing about your actions -- I said very directly that I never did X or Y, always talking about my own behavior and not yours. I've also made very clear in every single one of my posts that I was speaking about my own experiences and not yours. You're the one who's taken shots at me personally, not the other way around. I've always had the greatest respect for you and your posts even when we disagree, but that type of petty namecalling is silly. Talk about taking things too seriously!

Skinless, you're an absolute hoot! When are you heading back into your "Madonna/mermaid" phase again? :D

01-21-04, 09:02
Happy Chinese New Year to all. (Monkeys Included)

01-21-04, 10:58
No. I don't love you. I fucking hate you. And fuck you too asshole!

Juice: Thast sounded like a reasonable young lady with a reasonanble agenda. I figure she was testing oout the scene though. Is there a Thai woman in Bkk that does not know naughtythings happen - for money - in Soi 11.

I will be there in April/May. My plan is total and utter debauchery but this site is no good. Juice gets flames for fucking. What will happen to me. Oh man that is going to be sooo sick.

01-21-04, 14:14

Lighten up dude. The poor bugger already apologised. No need to carry on.

Sainter, Happy Chinese New Year.

01-21-04, 14:35
Ok.... I had a bad day yesterday. Moving on...


You are due for a "heart of darkness" tour... I will be in BKK in March... sorry I will miss you otherwise we could together pick up some s.l.u.t.s on soi 11. Many of them under the disguise of "good girls" manners and looks. I will post a few stories on soi 11 experiences.


01-21-04, 23:29
Juice, let's call an end to our little stoush. We're all in here to share information and stories. I'm sorry if my post came across as some morally righteous do - gooder with nothing better to do. Sometimes I take things too seriously.

Happy New Year to all. Time for me to hit the casino. Win myself a fortune maybe?

01-22-04, 00:02

It sounds good to me.


01-23-04, 02:31
Soi 11 -- Bankok -- 2003 Christmas Party

I was invited to a Christmas party in my hotel by one of the hotel’s sales reps (she is 26, pretty and smart - I met her one day in the hotel lobby and asked her out for dinner). I got to the lobby of the hotel on December 25th at 7:30 PM. There was a Thai Santa Claus, a small skinny guy with a bag full of balloons and the sales staff wearing cute Santa hats. Everybody was lined up waiting for people to show up. Myself and another Farang couple were the only ones that showed up. Good for me because I met the whole sales department of which 4 sales women were very nice looking and one intern. The intern was a cute, petite 22 year old woman, friendly and as I found later a virgin.

It was fun being introduce to all the women. Then picture taking started. I was like a fucking prop, I have no idea why I had to be in almost all the pictures because they really did not know me. I refused to wear a Santa hat for the pictures.

The woman sales rep I had asked out introduced me to her colleagues then disappeared for a while. I noticed her looking at me from the distance seeing how I interacted with her friends. The first question I was asked by all the women was this one: “What are you doing in Bangkok.” Good question. My answer was: “I’m here for business and vacation.” They all laughed. Then I said, “I’m here for the food and the temples.” They all laughed.

Then they asked me: “Where is your girlfriend tonight?” I said, “I don’t have a gf.” They all laughed. Apparently someone had seen me with my regular girl around the hotel. So, I said that she was a good friend not my gf. They laughed again.

My turn. I started to ask them questions like “What do you think of Farang men?”, “Do you think foreign men can be trusted?”, and finally “Why Thai women lie too much.? They laughed even harder and started to speak in Thai amongst themselves. I don’t speak Thai beyond the essentials. I pressed for answers and here are some of them:

1. “We like Farang men if they have a big one and have money” followed by a big laugh.
2. “All men cannot be trusted but if they have a big one and are rich it’s OK” followed by a big laugh.
3. “Thai women don’t lie, we just shape the truth.” Good answer. They giggled.

Then we started flirting and I was stupid enough to ask which one wanted to go out with me. They all said “Yes, if you have a big one and you are rich” followed by a big laugh. I said “I have a big one but I’m not rich yet…” “It’s OK, it’s OK…”one said. Finally, the sales rep woman who invited me to this party shows up and we started talking. The rest of the women walked away speaking Thai and laughing. I asked her if she still wanted to go out with me and she said she would but did not know when. She also said, “I can’t go to your room because I work here, you understand?” I was surprised. I fumbled a little then I said, “It’s Ok, we can get room somewhere else. She smiled for a long time and walked away to join her friends. I never saw again. She did call me to ask me when I was going to be back in Bangkok and to tell me she would send me a text message about going out for dinner. I never got a text message.

The cute intern comes over and introduces herself. First question out of her mouth was “So, are you a playboy?” I asked for her mobile number and she gave it to me.

Nice Christmas party in Bangkok.


The Traveler
01-23-04, 03:49

So you spend a whole night only to get a mobile phone number ? That could be done much faster my friend :-)

Have fun

01-23-04, 04:16

I only spent 2 hours in which I got 2 phone numbers including one from a sweet virgin. Besides talking to Thai women, I also talked to the general manager (Thai guy) of the hotel and the manager who is a Farang woman from some country in Europe.

Too slow for you?


The Traveler
01-23-04, 09:39

If she is cute and still a virgin then send me her phone number via PM. That sounds like a challenge.

Have fun

01-23-04, 09:53
Hey Juice, you shudda worn the fucking Santa hat. Man, they are going to flame you. It will be interesting to see if the others step in to save the virgin or to let you have your way with her. Man, you are one sick dude! How I envy you!

01-23-04, 11:48
Juice, if you can score the virgin then good luck to you. Personally I can't stand the blood. Not to mention the inevitable cries of pain. Hehe.

I guess it's fair to say that all TG's are suspicious of farangs even if they had good intentions. Still, I haven't as yet met any girl as good(service and attitude wise) as a Thai one.

01-23-04, 14:43

I apologize for being unfair to you.


Nice try. I don't pimp out regular girls, sorry. I would give you the number of a working girl... did you like the girl I posted in the pics section recently? She is 22. She is sweet and gives a looong bj. I challenged her to have a 3 some and we did. She would not let go of my dick. Selfish but a lot of fun.


I will have a follow up on the Virgin Intern. You are right, regular Thai women are very suspecious of Farang men. So, they resolve to teasing a lot and some follow up with more. Just like any regular women in the world. Thai women, both regular and working girls are the most sweetest people to be with, they are fun, funny, some smart and most great in bed.


You will have your turn when you get to LOS.


01-23-04, 15:08
Hey you guys,

I reckon Japanese girls are better than Thai. At least you don't have to wonder if they're sincere or not.

Joe Zop
01-23-04, 15:32
Juice, no worries, and a very nice report -- I love the little flirting dance about what Thai women think about farangs, since pretty much any male farang in LOS alone is considered by default to be there for sex no matter what he says.

The most hilarious reaction I ever saw came when, in response to the Thai girlfriend question, a guy I met who lived and worked in LOS answered that he didn't have or want a Thai girlfriend because he had a live-in Thai boyfriend! This made for a whole lot of talking in Thai among these couple of women, until he informed them in Thai he understood every word they were saying, at which point they all went quiet with embarrassment. Turned out they'd been speculating that it must be a pretty ugly and desperate Thai guy who'd hook up with him...

01-23-04, 15:45
I love you.

Joe Zop
01-23-04, 16:29
Then please send money now -- cousin needs operation.

Jaimito Cartero
01-23-04, 18:34
Water buffalo sick, need medicine! Only 10,000 baht.

The Traveler
01-23-04, 19:05

I hope you aren't talking about your post from Jan 21st, img_0150.jpg. That "chick" is damn ugly, but taste differs :-)

Have fun

01-23-04, 23:11

I hope I did not offend your eyes... I guess I won't be sending you her number.


01-24-04, 00:05
Plugger, I'd sure like to try a Jap girl. But as of my current experiences, Thai is still No1.

Samus Aran
01-26-04, 05:01

Who cares about sincerity! Fuck these girls and dont worry about it! A hooker is a hooker form whatever country they are from. Dont analyze this shit. Its been happening since biblical times. Stick to the game and fuck these women and then say your good byes. Also, dont bother to ge their names. Too personal.

Samus Aran

01-26-04, 13:05
Hey Samus,

When did you get released from your cyber prison? Did you promise Jackson that you'd behave? Regarding sincerity, well sure I know it's all an act. But at the end of the day I think Japs are better actors. Don't worry, I'm not one of these numnuts (Gaban) who falls in love with any ho. In any case, we have the Rev here to sort things out.

02-01-04, 18:29
Just came back from the gym. There, for the first time, I saw a Thai woman working out. She was in her mid twenties and nice looking. I was just staring at her wondering: Is she one of them? Or, is she a good girl? She saw me looking at her and smiled back.

As I was leaving she walked by me and I whisper "hello" in Thai. She smiled and walked away without saying anything.

She walked towards to what I think it was her bf or husband...

It is a little sad to look at a Thai woman and the first thing that comes to my mind is whether she is a hooker or not.

Just an observation. I see many asian women around but only a few Thais... Anybody else out there had this experience before?


Joe Zop
02-01-04, 20:14
Juice, I've had many great conversations with TGs in local Thai restaurants, but there are a fair amount of Thais in my area (as well as a heavy pocket of Hmong not far away) so it's not all that unusual here. One of the nice side-effects of being around a university town, I guess. A small bit of Thai or praise for some sight near their hometown gets a lot of chatter going. With the family scurrying around in the kitchen, I never feel the need to ask the same mental question as you did...

02-01-04, 21:44

Yeah, I see what you are saying. I have recently met a Vietnamese woman (29 and very nice looking) who has been in this country (US) for 15 years. She tells me that she has heard many times men stereotype her as an easy woman... She is very sweet and open minded ;) but she tells me that Thai women get the worse stereotype of all Asian women. She told me a joke that goes like this: What's the number one export of Thailand? Women. You have probably heard this one before...


Three I
02-02-04, 03:44
I live in Los Angeles and I wonder if every Korean woman I see in a nice new Lexus, BMW or Mercedes is a hooker. It is funny how we program ourselves like this or maybe they program us!

Joe Zop
02-02-04, 08:02
Or perhaps it's mostly us being full of wishful thinking, in terms of thinking, "I wish I was in LOS (or her) right now!" I think it's one of those things that's all too easy to fall into when we spend a lot of time mongering, and it's a habit that needs checking at times, lest we make a fool of ourselves or needlessly offend someone.

02-02-04, 12:47
I think it's also the information that we've been fed over the years by the media and tv. Hey, before I had even stepped foot on Thailand I already had this preconcieved notion that, Thailand was synonimous with sex. Years and years of news reports, coupled with movies depicting Thailand as a sex haven, it all seeps into your subconsious mind. Ask any of your non-mongering friends about Thailand, what their first thought would be? Sex definitely.

02-02-04, 14:39

You are right. Mention Thailand in a conversation with friends and the first thought is sex.

I have talket about this to a few regular Thai women and most feel sad that their image is already tainted by the sex business.


02-02-04, 14:46
Q, What's the difference between a drug pusher and a TG?
A. The TG can wash her crack and resell it.

Sorry, in a bad moood tonight. I am in love:)

02-02-04, 15:34

It's OK... Love is bringing the best out of you.

Three I
02-02-04, 17:20
You must admit when you think of most East Asian or SE Asian women you think of sex. We have been programed by them and the media to think that way.

Joe Zop
02-02-04, 18:12
Because of that, it's hardly surprising that the Thais have been trying to crack down and clean things up -- since Thais are a very proud people, knowing their world-wide image is one of lasciviousness and being for sale can hardly make most happy. I doubt most of us would be very happy if that was the view of our country or women. (Little chance of that particular image ever getting attached to the uptight USA, of course!)

Three I
02-02-04, 19:21
It is too late the cat is out of the box. It is funny some Brazilian girl feel the same way as Thai girls I have met. Some feel like all guys think they are *****s.

02-03-04, 05:58
Hey guys: I am off to traditional Japanese sword practice now. Very interesting: we do it in a temple (sword play). You must keep your wits about you and learn to meditate to understand The Way of the Sword.

Not that you fuck heads will ever get that far:). Here is one to meditate on. A young bull and an old bull (JTS) are standing on top of the hill eating grass and smoking some weed. They are looking at about 50 cute cows frollicking around in the meadow below. The young bull, who is hung like a horse, says to the old bull: "Shit man, that speckled calf is one cute chick. I think I will run down and fuck her to death".

The old bull swings his tail to swat a few flies. He chews some more grass and says:" Hye boy, why run down the hill after one speckled cow? Let's stroll down at our leisure and fuck all 50 of them".

Moral of the story gentlemen: The good Lord gave us dicks and TGs for a reason. Go figure,.


(Rev) JTS

Pauline Hanson
02-03-04, 06:45
Report deleted by Admin.

Atlanta Monger
02-03-04, 08:33

You said: "Well done, Jackson...My philosophy will probably tick some of you off...I am a strong proponent of the 3fs. Find, fuck, forget."

Well, at least you got three things right. Welcome back.


02-03-04, 08:58
About your story.
Nice try, but most of us already saw the move "Colors" a long time ago.

02-03-04, 08:59
As an Aussie, I feel it's appropriate to give you guys a little background as to who "Pauline Hanson"(the real one) is. 5 - 6 years ago, she got elected to parliament on the back of racist policies and was responsible for attacks on Asians and local Aboriginals. For this person to use this nick, is akin to someone else using Adolph Hitler. I'm not Asian, but I for one am extremely offended by what this moron has posted. It is nothing more than racist rants. I sure hope the rest of you guys don't share the same views as this asshole.

Jackson, whilst I'm disgusted by his views, I think he should still be allowed to post, so that everyone here can see him as nothing more than the bigot he is.

02-03-04, 09:35
"I feel sorry for you Asian fellas." Why you condescinding racist bastard! I'm proud to be an Australian of Malaysian heritage. And I certainly don't agree with you that 99% of Asians are "cheap" and "do anything for money".

And to use the Pauline Hanson nick is an affront to racial tolerance here in Australia. Shame on you. :(

02-03-04, 12:32
Sainter, forgive my ignorance, I am not Australian. Why the affront to call oneself "Pauline Hanson"?

i thought at first glance it was a chick who had joined the board...


02-03-04, 12:41
iball: it is my mission in life to shed light where there is darkness. pauline hanson (do a web search) took queensland and australia by storm some years ago by banging the "keep australia white - asians out" drum. she did very well until recently. now she is doing a few years in the state pen for vote fraud. sainter is of asian stock and our pauline hanson (sainter #3 or whoevever reincarnated - geddit?) is simply trying to rise sainter in particular. unfortunately sainter rose to the bait but i am sure pauline will soon get his marching orders from jackson. i hope this clarifies.

it looks like jts is in for another japanese orgy soon. japan is a good place but los is important for r&r. sa, who is being very nice to me these days, has the right idea about pattaya, a place i hate. too many speedo tourists, some of whom probably come as flamers here.

be good.

(rev) jts

and, sainter, watch the karate kid! start cleaning that holden now. left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand.

and everyone else: why do guys like daty? is it the salty taste you yearn? if so, would a herring not be better.

now, kindly excuse me please. my bonsoi calls!

02-03-04, 12:45
1ball, she is Australia's version of your David Duke. Although not as outspoken on white supremacy stuff, she is still generally regarded as xenephobic and a racist. Visit www.paulinehanson.org.au if you're curious. Basically, her rise to prominence in the mid 90s led to a string of attacks against Asians, their business and property. At one point in time she managed to get nearly 1 million votes in the Federal election, showing Australia that we still had a large underbelly of racism.

Skinless, I think those hours upon hours of watching Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies have not gone to waste. I could beat this Pauline Hanson hands down(provided I had my extended family of 88 people in support). :) I'm a lover not a fighter. But these days if I don't watch my weight, the only martial art I'll be doing is Sumo.

Oh but I do however fit the typical Asian stereotype. I drive a Honda. :D

Joe Zop
02-03-04, 16:00
I for one thank the heavens that that racist crap isn't as prevalent where I'm living, even though there's still too much of it for my tastes. I heard enough about and took enough of all that garbage when I was younger and had a black girlfriend. The very idea that it's ok to treat people differently simply because of their race or nationality is repulsive, and anyone who says "no reasonable white man" is by very definition not one. Personally, I treat women the same no matter where I am, and if I found the right Asian woman (or African, Brazilian, whatever) I'd sure as hell take her home, or I'd move wherever. Language and basic economic situation is about where you were born, not who you are.

Sainter, fwiw, the interplay between the Asian subcultures and the "traditional" Aussie one was one of my favorite things about OZ when I was there, a key aspect of the flavor of the place. Heck, for example, what would Darling Harbour be without the Chinese Garden?

PH, you've a right to your own opinions, but they're definitely not shared by me, and I would simply like to point out to you, as a new member, that Jackson specifically has defined racist messages and race taunting as spam, which is grounds for being banned from the site.

The Traveler
02-03-04, 20:01
Pauline Hanson

As a matter of fact, 99% of Asians are like this

This statement just proves your lack of knowledge and ignorance.

She can't bloody speak the language

Can you speak her language ?

I have met some asian girls / women who probably could speak more languages than you (do you speak up to 6 different languages fluently ?). They also seem to be more open minded and tolerant which is a sign of intelligence. I definately miss that on you.

I feel sorry for you fellas. You're not treated with the same respect we are and, you'll never know that feeling.

Do you really believe that a any ho respects you ?

You are in most cases only a walking ATM machine, just a customer. Nothing or no one to pay respect to. She won't waste a second thought on you.

You have cut and dried opinions about those people only due to their origin or race. That's called racism !

Pauline Hanson
02-04-04, 05:43
Report deleted by Admin.

The Traveler
02-04-04, 20:43
Pauline Hanson

I do however believe that Australia should be for Australians not any other fool who's just come on a leaky boat.

Your ancestors or maybe even yourself came on a leaky boat.
Therefore Australia belongs to the Aborgines.

It's correct that those guys said those things, but you took the citations out of context. Furthermore they posted lots of comments and / or reports in the past and their mental attitude is well known and seems to differ from yours. Even SA had been heavily criticized for his comments. SA is an extreme and more a character than a real person.
The most important difference between you and them is that all those persons always referred to thai ho's rather than Asian's in general. They also never stated that white people (Westeners) are superior to Asians like you do.

Joe Zop
02-04-04, 21:52
Well said, Traveler.

PH, while many of us have said things like, "You'd have to be an absolute idiot to hook up with a bar girl or to take her home to meet your family" that's very, very different from saying, as you did, "No reasonable Westerner would want to take a Asian woman home." Bar girl and Asian are simply not equal terms.

Let's be clear -- Skinless plays a role that involves wallowing in how low he (and thereby his hired help) can go. He explores a specific kind of sexual limits, which is why he's referred to his trips as Heart of Darkness Tours -- that's not a comment on his partners as much as on himself. He alternates between that game and the "both me and my poor hired TG flower are losing our hearts/it's a great impossible romantic tragedy" game. It's all a game and most people here know that -- it's not a hardcore philosophical perspective that colors how other people are viewed in cosmic terms. SA has in fact been repeatedly banned from this board in various incarnations, has had his posts deleted from the archives en masse, has frustrated Jackson on numerous occasions, etc. I'd hardly make him your posting role model unless you're seeking the same treatment. But he's also playing a game. Take a look at his self-portraits in the photo section -- he's a cartoon and he's playing a role, which is something he's said to other mongers FTF. As far as Freeler, I disagree with you completely that he has a lack of respect for Thai women. He's a professionally cheap monger who bargains hard, but that's very different from being disrespectful. His posts which might vaguely indicate such a thing are invariably done in a humorous tone. In addition, Freeler makes clear that he's referring to sex workers, not all Asian women or even Thai women, and he's someone who loves Thai food, sites, culture, etc.

Maybe you don't go around bashing Asians physically, but your post here -- with it's generalization that 99% of Asians are cheap, will do anything to please for money and that money is their only concern -- is most certainly Asian-bashing. Even people here who have written about Thai police looking for bribes, tuk-tuk drivers who are out to inflate prices, TGs who will tell you they love you to get you baht, etc., note that it's the systems and not the people, and will certainly not make the leap to trashing an entire race. In fact, most people here would agree that Thais are some of the most scrupulously honest people around -- it was Freeler, for example, (if I remember correctly) who wrote about returning months later to a guesthouse to find the host had kept something he'd left behind and returned it to him. Many of us have stories of Thais putting themselves out to return something we've left or dropped, including cash, when no one would ever be the wiser. Sure, some of us (myself included) have also been ripped off, but that happens to tourists anywhere in the world and has nothing to do with race.

It's not about being PC -- as the examples cited of other mongers show -- it's about underlying attitude. Even the term LBFM (which Jackson disapproved of and asked people not to use a long while back) is at least used here specific to sex workers as opposed to labelling an entire continent. People are objecting to your post because you've put it totally in terms of race -- white versus non-white, and who cares if people are starving. That's a very specific kind of thinking that some of us find offensive.

And it's also greatly ironic, btw, to post a grammatically incorrect and misspelled comment about how you wouldn't want to be embarrassed by some ignorant foreigner in your homeland. Worse still, I suppose, would be to bring home a Thai hooker and have her correct your usage of your native tongue.

Jaimito Cartero
02-04-04, 23:34
Sainter - A Honda? I thought Toyota was supposed to be the norm? ;)

JZ - I pretty much treat the women I see the same way I want to be treated. I feel bad for the guys who have to berate and humiliate the girls they're with so that they can feel better. When you think about it, most people are economic slaves in one form or another.

I've had really good results treating them as people, and while I don't expect any of them to buy me gold, I've always had good experiences.

02-05-04, 01:27
Maybe we should ignore our latest troll where s/he is from Australia or not. S/he has five posts, all of which have a racist slant: note the Letters to the Editor one objecting to Sainter advocating a charity (it escapes him that Jackson does something similar in Argentina) and the one warning Sainter to use only AMPs in Perth. Perth had many racist attacks some years ago. It is ironic that white supremacists usually have connections by marriage or whatever to no nonwhites. To say Japanese are mistreated btw shows a huge ignornace of things. The Japanese like to pay top shelf prices for top shelf merchandise.

Let's move on. I am waiting to have my heart torn asunder in approximately two months' time seeing how the other half lives. It is so romantic: meeting up with old female friends, growing old together. I wonder does that Buriram belle weep in her (or someone else's) pillow for me every night, crying that her 200 bt fuck is gone.

02-05-04, 14:26
ph, :p enough said.

jc, actually i always wanted a volksvagen golf convertible. for some reason, i can't seem to get rid of my old car. it's been my loyal servant for over 10 years. kinda sad to have to let it go. anyway enjoy your trip. pm me if you need further advise on kl. i'm not up to speed on where all the best girls are at any given moment, but i can point you in the right direction.

plugger, i'll be in thailand in mid april. trade fair is on at impact, lots of work to do. but i'm sure we can meet up after i settle my business interests.

jz, skinless or anyone else for that matter, if you ever come down to melbourne, give me a buzz. i'll be more than happy to play tour guide. :)

is that samus photo taken from one of the transformers? optimus prime?

02-06-04, 00:45
Question on Thai women sizes. I'm thinking about taking some gifts and maybe an "outfit" as gifts/props for the Thai girls when I visit next time.

What sizes do you think are most appropriate? Size 2 or 4 or which? I tend to like slender but not skinny sweeties. Sizes are US based, not UK/Aussie. Basically 23" waist is size 2, 24" = size 3, 25" = size 4, and so on.

How about t-shirts or blouses? small or extra small? or both? Anyone that's done some shopping for Thai girls, please feel free to share some insight. I'd hate to arrive with stuff that doesn't fit anyone.


02-07-04, 00:18

Why buy in the US when "if" you really want to give the girl something you could take her shopping in Thailand. Then she will get what she wants on her size. (I'm assuming you are talking about working girls...) In my opinion, never take a working girl shopping unless you are planning a wedding with her...

I have only given body lotion to 2 regular girls that I bought in the US. Expensive lotion but they really liked it and they smelled so good. I hate perfume on women so body lotion works well for me. If you buy lotion for 2 girls buy the same one so if you have one girl ask what is the smell in your room you can say that is the lotion you gave her...


02-07-04, 01:00
Juice, you are so conniving. Great thinking there, same lotion for all the girls, i love it.

02-07-04, 02:09

LOL... I try.


02-07-04, 03:29

forethought is wonderful thing. you're one smart dude!

as to the clothing, it's more a fetish thing, i guess. not really a fetish, but just a couple of "looks" that i really like on women. turns up the heat for me.

i have zero intention of marrying anyone in thailand. (relax sa) but i do like a gfe/gfi sort of mongering thing. i've seen at least one guy mention bringing t-shirts when he visited and got a very enthusiastic response when he treated the tg's to one.

i'd buy over there, but i don't really want to do shopping sprees with them, not my intention. but i wouldn't mind dressing them up a bit. i'm not draping them in haute couture stuff (or even knock offs of the runway garb) but as example, a short pleated tennis skirt and matching backless sports blouse, or a goth mini-skirt with peekaboo blouse.

some of that we "might" find over there i'm sure. but how long to hunt down? and i'd rather just pull it out of the bag, dress her up and then play.

so i'm do a bit of size checking. the sizes i mentioned in my previous post are standard womens, there are "junior misses" sizes which run even smaller if that's what it takes for standard thai women who aren't pudgy or stocky build.

and a cheap t-shirts as extra tip (not replacing baht tip of course) might just help everyone's sanook. maybe?


The Traveler
02-07-04, 18:34

just to answer your original question :

A 34 or 36 european size = size S for a blouse.
Jeans size differs from 24-27, so a 25 or 26 will do in most cases.

The above measures are valid for the chicks I like to bonk. If you prefer a different kind of girls it might differ. Buy shirts which fit but are made of a material that streches.

Have fun

02-07-04, 18:48
Lotion, smotion... I had pretty good luck bringing TEQUILA. For some reason, the rotgut white they sell in Thailand is considered "prime stuff" - I brought a bottle of Hornitos (from Mexico - I bought it THERE - available in the US, just higher priced) with me last trip and it went over BIG. next time I want to take a bleach bottle (what I call the 5 litre plastic bottle) of aguardiente (tastes like tequila but isn't made frojm the same plant).

Boo hoo, the Black Cat distilery burned down a couple of years ago. Almost as good a taste as Suntory

Got to try t-shirts next time

Joe Zop
02-08-04, 01:50
Ah, good old aguardiente -- burning water/water of destruction! Thanks for reminding me of that, Dinghy, I recall having a very good time with that in Columbia.

02-08-04, 05:22
Jackson and some others have been pissed off with lengthy discourses in the Photo section, so John SUPERMAN Skinless is reverting to this thread. He feels he must explain the facts of life to those who cannot rise aobve their genes, to those who are not Supermen, to those who do not meditate, to those who do not follow The Way of the Monger (Juice: you are excused and absolved: the rest please read on).

Skinless in the past has admired the photos Jackson took in his BA pad. Skinless has also lusted after one of two chicks in the Rio board. But Skinless is not a fool. Skinless knows much of this is illusion: the results of Jackson's lens and the fleting demons the untamed hormones of Rev JT Skinless let loose. Skinless knows these women he imagines he lusts over are prostitutes, that they are for sale, and that they have pussies, asses, tits and mouths like most other hookers. Skinless will not be fucking them in the near future.

Freeler and I have fucked the same old and haggard women but not at the same time - yet!
You guys have sex with women primarily because your genes tell you to. You are the slaves of your hormones: you are not Supermen. That is why we are programmed since the time of Adam and Eve to like tits/hips etc of certain proportions. That is why young male teenagers are always horny: they are programmed to fuck. They are nothing more than wannabe jack rabbits. Those of you who like only fucking young TGs of dubious legality are the same: young jack rabbits who are yet to fully mature. You like girls young enough to be your daughters, grand daughters or, in some cases, great grand daughters. Get a life. And get a grandmother!

Occasionally, once or twice in a generation, there comes a man able to rise above the mundane, the sordid and the petty. That man is a super man. He rises above the rest. Read Nietzsche. read Conrad, listen to Wagner. Go watch Apocalypse Now if you must. Rise above the petty and the mundane, the cheap Pattaya teenage hookers and their cheap and tacky clothes. Go to the edge of civilization, visit tribes who have not yet accepted the word of God. Fuck their women, fuck their mothers, fuck their grandmothers. Rise above your genes, gentlemen! And you too can be a

(Rev) JTS

02-08-04, 07:03
That's a funny post, Skinless. Still, I think I'll be content jackrabbitting young, but legal, TG's :)

02-08-04, 11:26
Maybe I should give you some grass PurpleNGold or put you in a fucking stew and serve you up to the teenybopper Pattaya hookers with their cheap clothes and cheaper mascara. Have you never dreamed? Never dreamed of fucking Medusa, on whose face no mere mortal can look. And yet, I John SUPERMAN Skinless have not only looked at the face of Medusa but I get a bloody good blow job off her as well. Who needs Britney Spears when I can get a babe who is so dog shit ugly not even a donkey would fuck her.

I John SUPERMAN Skinless have fucked them all, from Medusa to Athena (ass only). And let me tell you sonny (for I figure you are only a tender waw wabbit): Medusa is 200 times better. Medusa is the one you seek.

The Traveler
02-08-04, 12:21

LMAO, you are damn funny.

But not everybody is a superman like our beloved Reverend JTS. I am weak, I need a cute one. If she is ugly I just don't want to fuck her or get fucked by her. Even knowing that she might be more experienced and higher skilled than a hundred of young and cute ones. Please forgive me and give me absolution.

Sincerely your humbled


02-08-04, 16:14

you wrote: "Go to the edge of civilization, visit tribes who have not yet accepted the word of God. Fuck their women, fuck their mothers, fuck their grandmothers. Rise above your genes, gentlemen!"

You are a SUPERMAN! Amen to a true visionary and prophet. You will inspire many in here....

Very fucking funny.


Joe Zop
02-08-04, 16:18
skinless, all i can say is i sure as hell want to read your mongering book when it's finished. godspeed on your journey, sir!

Three I
02-08-04, 17:21
Fuck the girls I would go to Thailand just to meet Skinless! This guy is funny.

02-08-04, 18:28
Skinless - those "ugly" ones are "2 baggers" - the ones you put 2 paper bags over their heads in case the first one falls off... ROFLMAO

Rabo Verde
02-08-04, 19:14
Skinless you rock. You are the granny-fucker of all time! 8===>

02-10-04, 03:28
How are all the little cock roaches and jack wabbits today? Well I hope. Chomp on any nice cawwots? John T Skinless saw two cuties he previously fucked.
1. Beetle Bailey: early 60s, small and wizened, like an old, rotten carrot. She was standing by Shin Okubo station, looking even smaller and more wretched as the cutting Siberian breeze ripped into her. JTS was going to take "her" ("it" might be more appropriate as she is bald and wears a wig) around the corner to a Japanese style inn, drink some tea with her and snap her in provocative poses for you sad creatures. Price: 3000 yen for 2-3 pops, CIM, rim, BBBJ etc but SUPERMAN feels she is not worth it.

2. Suzuki san: late 50s, a peasant face, wears rags, small, brown, gray hair (what little she has), 6000 yen for all you can eat. Formerly did uncovered anal but the doc has probably warned her off it. Eager to please as you would be if you were the second ugliest woman in all Asia (after Beetle Bailey).

3. Saw the Chinese babe whose number I gave out before: late 20s, bad teeth, skanky, looks like a crack head, smokes cigarettes like a 2 bit burned up ho in a B grade movie, fond of reading newspapers in the john, very little except a cheap price to recmend her. I saw her slipping into a 2000 yen hotel two days ago.

Now you know why I like TGs:):(

02-10-04, 04:03

I Just about fell out of my chair! Skinless,your a sick,twisted,demented, psycho bastard!...............just like me! :D

02-11-04, 03:59

Man, you are a force to be reckon with. Or a force to run away from it... Not sure which yet.


02-11-04, 04:05
. .. Here is a response I recently got from a "regular" girl I contacted through a website... Her profile reads like a sweet woman and she looks nice in her pictures...

".... Thank you verry much for your.I feel very nice.
you want to meet me?
If you want to see me we can chat on yahoo.com coz i have webcam you can see me.
I speak and write a little bit of english. But if you want say with me
MY number 06323....
I'm missing you everyday.It may seem like I'm lying.But I am not lying.This is the complete
truth.That only person must definitely be you.

This response came after my first contact to her and she is missing me everyday already ? Followed by "it seems like I'm lying" bit... How bitter sweet can it get....


02-11-04, 04:20
Juice: That latest post of yours has me sobbing through my own good eye. LOVE. the eternal rose. I am sure you will find true love and romance. There are a lot of lonely women out there, looking for fine upright men like you, and one eyed cripples like me - and not just Beetle Bailey (she looks like a smaller and uglier version of the sergeant in Beetle Bailey btw, not BB himself, no offence to anyone who finds the sarge attractive but she is dog shit ugly ).

Yahoo is a great thing and I have had women jack off on their webcams for me. I don't mind if they are fat: they can jack off for JTS to their heart's content: it whiles away a few minutes. I love reading the profiles which always ask Pakistanis and Indians not to im them (they im me too and I have a lovely profile which says I am a sincere, shy middle aged businessman seeking love with a nice lady who likes poetry and the Beetle Bailey comic strip........)

I do, however, have to utter a word of caution to you. You are a young man and you are probably easily led astray. By all means, do meet her but be warned: she might just want you for her carnal pleasures, to use you as a human dildo. There are women like that, believe me. And if she has any horny friends, there is always

(Rev) JTS

02-11-04, 04:47

LOL. I will keep in mind your sound advise (I don't mind being a human dildo, not at all...) and in the event I meet her and she has a horny friend I will contact you for sure. We can all go on a double dinner date.... That would be one hell of a dinner conversation between you and me... the girls would think we are freaks.

Yes, webcams can be a lot of fun but time consuming.

Here is another girl I contacted recently. She describes herself as "lovely (she is), sweety brainy (I don't understand this one) and trendy, also funny. She is 23 and a student. She also describes herself as "shaved smooth." Nice.
I sent her one message asking to meet me when I got there next month and she responded with this:

" why not..
when will you be here and for how long??
call me!!"

It does not get any easier than this.


02-11-04, 04:53
student of farang dicks I think:)

02-11-04, 18:31

02-12-04, 09:12

You seem like a much different man since the big breasted one left.

Maybe a few hours/days of watching Oprah would help.


02-12-04, 12:02
Yes, I have calmed down and am nt as perverted as I once was. You don't want to hear:D. And yes, the BBO was a good one, as so many of them are. Like many other women, she has a permanent place in my heart. Joe Zop has my number:(:)

02-17-04, 13:57
Rev Skinless,

Bring back the LOVE to this section...

I need your inspiration. Thai women love too much. Enlight us with your thoughts.


02-20-04, 00:18
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl

I met “S”,(24 year old) in a chat room last year. She is a “regular” girl that works in a Bangkok company as an assistant. We chatted on Yahoo for 1 months before I met her in Bangkok.

The first time I met her last June she had recently broken up with guy from Australia. We spent a lot of time together. She knew I was seeing other girls which made her more attentive and competitive for my time. She agreed to have a 3some but bailed out when the other girl arrived to my room. So, “S” sat on the couch and read a magazine while I bonked the other girl. It was a funny sight, she pretended like nothing was going on. When the other girl left, “S” was dripping wet… She was great in bed, adventurous and willing to try anything at least once. We did everything including a little anal and I brought a few toys she learned to like quite a bit. She loved being spanked.

The second time I saw her it was in September last year. Then I saw her again in November. This time we “broke up” because she wanted a real “boy friend” not just a fuck-buddy. We are now friends. Since she has met a guy from Houston (Texas) that goes to see her every 2 months. On my last trip we had lunch 2 times and she came close to coming to my room but did not want to cheat on her new bf. Good girl.

Her agenda was simple. She wants to get married to a Farang. We once discussed marriage and she first told me that her family would ask for 1 million baht dowry. I told her good luck and then she told me that 1/2 million baht would OK too. :D.

The interesting thing about “S” is that she does not go out, drink or smoke. She is a “good” girl with a very determined agenda and maybe she is willing to do anything to get what she wants. She tells me that she has “normal” sex with her new bf. Boring. She told me about all the guys she has met in the internet (total of 4 but slept with only 3) including a doctor that sent her one month (the same month I met her) US $1,500. He then found out about me and stopped sending her money. Then he came back to offer her more money a month if she would sleep with his friends too. She said no. I never gave her money but treated her to dinners and one skirt.

Good girl or bad girl?


(images taken from desktop screen)

02-20-04, 00:20
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl

02-20-04, 00:22
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl


02-20-04, 00:23
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl


02-20-04, 00:23
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl


02-20-04, 00:24
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl

last one.

02-20-04, 00:25
Web Cam Regular BKK Girl

Ok... one more...

The Traveler
02-20-04, 00:37

Isn't that the same which was with you when we met ? Looks quite similar but hard to tell, cause just part of her face visible.

I also have a long list of "regulars" I met on Yahoo. So far I made the experience that the ones who give away their number very fast or will show nudity on cam and are talking about sex are only out for a sugar daddy (common sense as well).

I rather prefer the ones who won't give their number and only will do after they are certain about your intentions. As you guys know, I only want their best :D

I once met one who told me she would like to chat from home rather an internet cafe but can't cause she can't pay the phone bill. I played stupid and told her no prob for me. She then answered that we could talk about everything then, even sex. My answer was that I don't like to talk about sex. But I offered her to send some and she gave me her bank account instantly. Do you know any girl that remembers her account number ? Nevertheless I told her that I will send it by post, cheaper. She had to think for a very long time to give away her full address but finally she did. Couldn't resist the money :) (which I did NOT send).
Beware guys, there is a lot of big scams out there.

02-20-04, 00:50

Not the same woman.

You are right, many "regular" girls have schemes some very obvious other more subtle. "S" is actually a very sweet woman but a little desperate to catch a farang.


Samus Aran
02-20-04, 01:06

Those are some pretty nasty photos. Those pussy shots are kind of grainy and SA detected some genital warts in a few of the shots. What the heck are you getting shots like these anyways! What are you hanging on to? My friend, it is all about fucking and forgetting these nasty hos. A regular girl ... Thats funny! She still getting paid for sex and would take money from any guy who would pay her. She is a thai ho. Don't disappoint me. Reading your post made me sad that you even had dinner with her! And the fact that you asked about her past history was even more disheartening. Be the man! Hope you get your attitude adjusted before coming here again or SA will [Deleted by Admin]!

Samus Aran

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

02-20-04, 01:14

LOL. She is not a "ho". Ok, she is a "regular ho." Happy now?


Samus Aran
03-06-04, 05:42

SA has a legitimate question for you all. Why is it that you find it necessary to bar fine a girl for a LT experience? Isnt spending 2 hours with these little humping machines enough of your time? ST seems to be the more appropriate way to do the "nasty." SA has read some posts from long ago and several of the posters liked the idea of a woman putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, slippers at the end of his bed, pouring his Ensure into a drinking class, and picking out his clothes to wear. Sounds like you still need your mommy. So, if you can please help SA out, give me some of the reasons why any of us should have a LT experience with any of these humping hos. Isnt 2 busted nuts in 2 hours enough for you to send her little ass packing instead of sharing your hotel bed with her and having to see how nasty she really is when you wake up in the morning. Help SA out because SA cant find any reason why any of you guys would want to share your bed with anyone of these girls! Thailand is for sex, not for starting relationships and sharing things.

Samus Aran

03-06-04, 06:16

I agree with you, I don't like long time with these girls. When I do sleep I want to sleep alone, set the A/C the way I like it and relax. As you know these girls are not really comfortable in our hotel rooms, we keep them to cold for Thai girls taste. Also they really don't want to sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning and then they want to sleep all day.

It is much better to have your fun and send them on their way. Besides if I can get rid of the girl I can do a little work on the computer and stay in Thailand a little longer.

Sometimes I get trapped into LT because I have taken the girl before and she wants to stay but I don't really like it. The only time I do take girls LT as a general rule is when I get trapped into it or if I'm planning to do a morning photo shoot. When I go to the Islands to shoot a girl I can't afford to trust her to wake up and come to the room on time so I will keep her all night.

I have never understood these guys who wait all year to get to Thailand for that once a year two to three week trip and then stay with one girl? Hello, she is a hooker who will be banging other guys as soon as your a*s is in the taxi to the airport. So why waste your whole trip with one girl or go LT with girls when you can have so much more fun with ST?


03-06-04, 07:08
SA, is 2 nuts the standard for short time? I know I don't have a lot of experience and am thinking that I've been ripped off by TG's who want to leave after I pop the first time. I feel like a moron.

03-06-04, 07:50

No you have not been ripped off, the norm is one shot for ST. But you can make any deal you want with the girl before you take her.


03-06-04, 12:59

I haven't barfined a girl in years (the HY girl was from a non bar/gogo establishment, she doesn't count), but I did have some ST's turn into LT's because the girl liked to stay a little longer.
So, after two hours, instead of kicking her out, I close my eyes and sleep - I don't think about her, I don't dream about her, it's like she's not there.
But, hey hurray, when I wake up she's there all ready and willing (except for the HY girl, but she didn't count anyway:)).
So what's the rule?
There is no rule!
Tell them to leave when you want them to leave - after an hour or the next morning or whenever: YOU decide!
Newbies of course best 3F all the time until they are newbies no more.

03-06-04, 20:01

I don't LT very often and I don't barfine 95% of the time, but here are some of my personal reasons if I do LT, which I negotiate before hand.

A. Like to take my time with foreplay
B. Can't get my two shots off in 2 hours
C. Like to get my tickle massage for at less 45 minutes.
D. Have a shot of Colgnac and relax
C. Full body massage with oil
D. More BBBJ
E. Some Back door action.

Thereafter when I'm done, she can leave, 3F politely!


Jaimito Cartero
03-06-04, 20:17
I think some of us romantic guys want to have a real girlfriend type experience, and choose LT over ST. I'd only be comfortable with less than half the girls I take sleeping with me. If they're fun to be with, why rush to kick them out? I usually have a ST that turns into a LT at the same price.

If you're only interested in banging a hole, any hole for a while, great. While I don't recommend falling in love or anything, I think we can enjoy the whole experience.

You seemed to enjoy your white ho experience. and enjoyed the power of doing what her husband couldn't or wouldn't. While many of us are hardened to the p4p scene, and even guys like Saint who have been around a lot fall for girls from time to time.

If it was all about just sticking your dick in the cheapest hole, we'd all be at home with our port-a-pussy's and looking for the extra batteries.

Samus Aran
03-07-04, 02:30

SA is one shot guy also. Just respomding to the guys who feel it necessary to shoot twice. Honestly, SA is content with shoving them out the door after the first busted nut. SA loses interest quickly with these girls. So, forget haggling with these hos over another nut, shoo them away.


Turning into LT experiences? SA dont get it. Having these girls staying overnight is silly. As most of you said, waking them up before lunch can be a real pain in the ass! They whine and moan because they havent slept for 12 hours. SA thinks that letting any ST turn into LT is a weakness on your part. Arent these hos? See, US hos do you a favor and charge by the hour. Besides, they dont want to spend the night. They dont want attachements either.

Anyways, what are some of the nice things that a thai ho does for you guys when she stays overnight? ie slippers etc. SA has read where some ho eeven cleaned underwear in the shower! Wiping away the brown shit stain in his briefs. That has true love written all over it.

Samus Aran

03-07-04, 17:00

My Pattaya new found love C woke up well before I did and made sure she was ready to accomodate me every single morning.
The LT rate was the ST rate plus nothing.

Don't you consider your white ho to be a longtimer:)?


Joe Zop
03-07-04, 20:12
All right, I'll bite.

SA, unlike you, I don't suffer from some sort of post-coital need to be alone and I very much like actually sleeping with a woman in my bed. I like being able to have a naked body next to me, love half-waking up and running my hands over her to no great purpose, having the smell and feel of her there next to me. Sex to me is part of a larger sensual experience, not simply a portion of an hour or whatever to kill. Consider my approach in the same realm as your beloved video games, in that while winning is certainly important in the end the play's the thing. Knowing the cheats to win the game quickly isn't necessarily what it's all about.

If I'm in LOS on a mongering vacation, what's the big deal about sleeping until noon? Plus, I'm old enough to know that a woman doesn't wake up in the morning with makeup already applied. I can survive that with no great difficulty, and I've frankly never had any trouble ditching a woman who I decided I was finished with, whether after a ST or LT session, or several.

Also, as has been said here before, there's definitely something to be said for coupling with a partner who has managed to figure out where your particular hot buttons happen to be, and who's willing to practice making sure she knows how to fiddle with them. First-time sex isn't always the best kind available. I don't need my toothpaste squeezed out or laundry done, but I don't mind listening to the various stories of somebody's life and perspective, even if the majority of it's baloney. Viva la difference, in the same ways we all love the little variations in how women look.

My last trip in LOS I was with about thirty women in ten weeks or so, and that's including spending the better part of a month with one TG in Chiang Mai, spending a couple of days with others in various places, and doing several more LT sessions. (Time before that about the same number of women in three weeks or so, again with a number of LT encounters.) I hardly left feeling like I missed out on all the glory that the scene has to offer.

Nothing at all wrong with ST, nothing wrong with the 3Fs -- I do 'em when I'm in the mood. But LT fits at other times as well. I don't always gotta order vanilla when I hit Baskin-Robbins.

Apac Boy
03-09-04, 14:17
I get massive wood in the morning and it's just a relief to be able to turn around and just stick it in...


Jaimito Cartero
03-09-04, 21:18
Tap - Does she have to be awake? :)

I just love it when a chica wakes you up in the morning when she's horny!

03-09-04, 22:48

Why do you love it when a chica wakes Tap up:D?

Jaimito Cartero
03-10-04, 09:49
Perhaps because she uses her teeth, and he screams like it's the end of the world. Better than an alarm clock, and I'm next door and needed a wakeup call. ;)

The Traveler
03-12-04, 20:53
I absolutely agree with Joe Zop and Tap.
SA, why did you stick with your white trash for so long ?
Was sex with her so much better ? If yes, is the same impossible with a thai ?
Maybe you never had real hot sex with a chick before that encounter because they could feel that you just want to get rid of the bad seeds and give shit about them. Many girls just warm up during LT and let you do things they would never allow ST. Furthermore, why look for someone new when you already have a very nice, beautiful and zero prob girl in your bed ? You can move on when you feel that it is time for change.

03-15-04, 03:19
I'm interested in meeting real (none bar) TGs in BKK. Not just for fucking, but real relationship with no BS. Any ideas where to look?


03-26-04, 01:43
Smoke & Mirrors,

No to rag on you,but you must have not read the WSG mission:

Finding women and getting laid!

Joe Zop
03-26-04, 05:36
With all due respect, S&M, expecting to "lose" a member of a Thai family because they're a pain is a pretty unrealistic idea, especially if that aunt is going to be pretty much the only family member in the country and you're envisioning bringing your TG home. I suggest you learn a bit more about how Thais view family as the bottom line is always going to be that the aunt is blood and Thai; you're not.

And Meatman is exactly right -- you might want to look at some other sources of information than WSG on this one, as for most guys here long term means overnight.

03-26-04, 20:33
Joe - or maybe 2 days ;-)

Major Marvy
03-27-04, 00:08
Does anybody know how hard it would be to take a TG to Angkor Wat in Cambodia? Or, even better, how to do it? My little friend really wants to go, but doesn't know how to go about it either. Any advice would be appreciated.

03-27-04, 16:53
How much for her to love me long long time?

I'm thinking of taking the girl from the bar for a few days, maybe a week to somewhere nice like Ko Samui. What would one expect to pay a girl for a week?

I'm OK looking and speak some thai.

Any advice people?

03-27-04, 19:39
Smoke and Mirror,

Whether the women is legit or not does not have much play in your question. The Thai view on family is hard to get use to because like some of the others has already expressed blood is thicker than water!

Whether the family member is too nosey or has the hand out for money, or the family member outcast you and your women, no matter how many times they back stab your women or make things hard on her. She will always think about the family and send them money to help! Behind your back. If you can't except this I suggest you forget it because you will drive yourself crazy!

If you expect to bring her home to your country and have her sit around in your culture and your langage with no family to talk to you're asking for problems. Be prepare and open to their culture by doing some research as to what is in your area in regards to a Thai community or Temple so that she feels somewhat at home!

Good Luck,

03-28-04, 03:50
Major Marvy,

Not hard at all. All your little friend (I assume you are not using the term in the Scarface sense) needs is a passport and round trip plane ticket; she'll be issued a visa upon arrival. If your TG doesn't already have one, it might take some time to get a passport, but it's not difficult.

There are tours available at the travel agencies for about 18000BT/person. However, you can do the planning yourself and save a few thousand baht. You can google travel websites, but here's one to get you started: http://www.cambodia-travel.com/cambodia-airfare.htm

You can fly directly to Siem Riep, but it's much cheaper to fly into Phnom Penh and then charter a bus to Siem Riep. A basic trip could be--fly into Phnom Penh and stay the night, bus into Siem Riep and stay the night, visit Angkor Wat and stay the night in Siem Riep, bus back to Phnom and stay the night, fly back to BKK.

Don't forget to find time to sample the Cambodian talent while you're there :)

DJ Dvine
04-13-04, 23:01
Hey guys!

I'm looking to head to Thailand for some much needed action. However, I am a big fan of Big Titty girls. In your opinion, can I find this in Thailand, or am I wasting my time? A "D" cup is desired, but I will settle for a "C" cup. Any ideas on where the best places to go to find this are?

Thanks Guys.

Joe Zop
04-14-04, 04:38
DJ D, if that's a make-or-break thing for you, then expect to spend a lot of time looking, frankly. I wouldn't say absolutely that you're wasting you're time, but you're pretty close. You won't find very many D-cup women in LOS, and C-cups are far from usual, but if you spend some time looking you can find them.

On the other hand, one advantage of TGs is that because they tend to have very petite frames, if they have any kind of bust size at all it tends to seem accentuated. And I've definitely spent time with larger-breasted women in LOS.

04-14-04, 04:47

Check my reports on the BKK thread for info on Beau. She's a big breasted Thai chick. Not the prettiest, but her attitude is good. Met her in the Nana parking lot, but I've since seen her in 'New Wave' during the day time. She'll stand out because of her chest size, so you shouldn't have trouble finding her.

JZ is right about accentuated bust lines. It's like an optical illusion, but a B-cup on a babe that's 5' 90lbs looks much bigger than that same B-cup on the typical 5'6" 150lb western skag.

04-23-04, 15:06
Just wanted to test an observation against other's experience:

The book store across the street from the Inet Cafe I'm sitting in pretty much only sells glam mags and Asian style comic books. It got me to thinking about the many book stores similar to this, definitely much more popular than comic book stores elsewhere in the world.

Then I started thinking about SR's comment elsewhere in the Thailand section about Thai's acting like children. They very much do: they tend to be lazy and undisciplined and think only for the present.

End result of my thinking was the observation that they're choices of entertainment reflect their immature world view. Or, maybe their world view affects their entertainment choices.

Why is their maturity stunted? Is it something the government promotes? Or just a natural effect of the culture? Am I just wanking?

Joe Zop
04-23-04, 17:39
Hmm, PNG, interesting question. On the other hand, I've gotta ask, what the heck's so great about being responsible and acting like an adult as opposed to being more of a kid and having fun? There's certainly a valid argument that living for the present, particularly if you're in a place where there's sufficient food and shelter and the cost of living is quite cheap, has its attractions and advantages. It's not like most punters who are looking at LOS as a place to stay are doing so because it has marvelous business opportunities...

But I know this is rather begging your question, and I'll post a more proper response later.

04-23-04, 18:03

Ever gone through some of these comics?
Are 55yo Americans who spend thousands on Batmancomics NOT immature?
Most of the glossies are just glossy on the outside. The innerpages are printed on the lowest quality paper available.

The childlike behaviour SR was talking about has more to do with the strict social behaviour patterns in Thai society (phew, that phrase almost makes me puke!). Thais learn from a very early age exactly how to deal with situations. When a new situation arises: PROBLEM! They don't know how to act, so they do things we find strange or would call overreacting.
Example: Thais are not used to argue, so what would be a mere argument in our world can easily blow up to a fight in which people die. This is the main reason why you, the foreigner, should always mind your own business in the Kingdom.

This not knowing how to deal with new situations is visible throughout Thai society, just check out the online versions of the BangkokPost or TheNation newspapers to see how seasoned politicians say things that would mean instant retirement in Europe or the USA.

There is however a very nice side to this imprinted behaviour: All Thais have learned to deal with mia-noi as an everyday fact of life.

Now, you married guys go tell your wives you got a mia-noi and you get to witness Thai style overreacting for free - No planeticket required!

Come to Thailand and enjoy:)!

04-23-04, 19:39

Nice post.... And you are right about how Thais are not very good dealing with everyday little problems or new situations becuase I beleive in their culture they don't encourage analitical and practical thinking the way we think of it.

For sure Thais are not damn or weak people. And the women are as smart and schrewd as any other in the world. Many guys get confused and bewildered by the cute smiles and gentle demeanor... They are thinking and smiling at the same time.


04-23-04, 21:07

Not trying to pass judgement on the childishness. Lately, I've been wondering about the merits of trying to be mature all the time.

In fact, I'm kind of tying it all in to the same concept as what's been discussed in the American Women thread concerning Pussy as currency. We're imprinted since birth with this idea that we are supposed to grow up, go to college, get a respectable job, marry the respectable girl, etc. Just as disaproving of prostitution is a tactic of the ECC, the 'maturity is the ideal' philosopht is all a control thing that keeps the very wealthy (who can afford to act extremely childishly) in control of the masses, right? Now I sound like Dickhead :)

04-23-04, 21:12

I stopped reading Comics sometime in the 8th grade for exactly that reason (well, that and that they breached the $1 an issue barrier and I could no longer afford to buy them and my Dungeons and Dragons paraphernalia).

I get the point about Mia-noi. In fact, just had the conversation with a friend in which she volunteered to be the mia noi, just in case I was lying and actually had mia luuoung back in the states. Thinking while smiling: Gotta love the Thai woman.

Samus Aran
04-24-04, 02:12

SA is definately immature and acts like a little boy. A lover of Nintendo video games, Mad Magazine, and movies, SA wonders why taking on so much responsibility and crap in life is the way to go. SA been here for 6 years and probably will never want to go back home to USA to live. So a perfect match for the SA personna. Yes, SA loves America and will always be American, but who wants to look forward to school loans, credit card payments, house payments, insurance payments, taxes, car loans, etc... So, the people in this forum who knock the english teachers (SA is not) who live in BAngkok making 40000 baht per month are living a great life in Thaialnd with lots of fun. They make less than $12000 per year and probably have a better quality fo life than most people in the USA who have bought into that system. SA broke away from it and sees the other side of living without responsibilities. It isnt so bad.

Now, it does take time to get used to the Thai demeanor. That is for sure. They are chilldish and immature. So, why not act they do. Its a perfect match for SA. Keep it light and simple. Dont present them with too amny choices or problems. Remember the Thais often refuse to see the other side of things. They are generlally one sided thinkers. Their side and rarely take into account who it might affect. SA just smiles and goes on his way. You will never be able to convince a Thai that they are incorrect.

SA once wrote, " The Thais are the nicest people that $ can buy." SA still stands behind this.

Samus Aran

04-24-04, 04:43
Okay, I give up. What is mia-noi mean?

Joe Zop
04-24-04, 05:04
Well, PNG, I always tend to chuckle at the American Women thread, as it goes as far with its hyperbole as happens here when people start referring to "all Thai women" as opposed to those Thai women mongers interact with. (And if we're going to go with the "pussy as currency" concept, shouldn't we also go with the "pocketful of currency as big dick" theory? Whatever.)

I think Freeler's got it very right in terms of established societal norms, and there are additional pressures and signals that tell Thais that some degree of responsibility is not theirs. The King, for example, acts as a patriarchial figure of great power, and of course refers to the Thai people as "my children" as well. The elaborate social genuflections present patterns that mean no real thought is really needed, as it's clear how you're supposed to act, and within what parameters.

Certainly, the government does promote adherence to such roles and reactions, both directly and tacitly. Any aspect of culture which does not fit the traditional norm is deemed suspect or unsupportable, whether it's artists wanting to define a "new Thai contemporary arts scene" as opposed to traditional forms (Thailand is one of the few countries of its level not to have a museum of contemporary art) or the influence of external media or whatever, and censorship and suppression is a fairly regular process. And let's not forget about the simultaneously flexible and severe nature of Thai justice -- either you play the game according to established norms or you can simply rot or be killed.

This leads to a collective shrugging of shoulders at times -- everyone knows, for example, that if something breaks down over the holidays, no matter how critical it happens to be, not only is there no way it's going to be fixed until well after the celebrations have ended, but only a farang would be gauche enough to complain about it. And on and on.

04-24-04, 05:24
Robux, mia noi translates to 'little wife' and means 'second wife.' Mia Luuong is 'first wife'.

04-24-04, 06:30
SA quoted: "SA is definately immature and acts like a little boy. A lover of Nintendo video games, Mad Magazine, and movies"

Well Samus,

I am not here to berate you at all. What you do is exactly what my girlfriend does, except she plays her games on the computer, "The Simms" being her favorite. :)

I believe your theories to be correct. Let us all buy into what we will, because it is the will that makes it happen.

Good Luck!


P.S. as for me... I am looking forward to my new life. :)

04-24-04, 13:26
PnG, thank you for the clarification.

04-24-04, 14:17
png writes
" why is their maturity stunted? is it something the government promotes? or just a natural effect of the culture? am i just wanking?"

no their maturity is not stunted. to understand the eastern culture you have to understand that they were

1) not brought into the modern world (by western standards) many years after the tv was invented and captalistic form of economy introduced.

2) the simple pleasures of life is more important than trying to make a buck.

to the developing countries all the material stuff you are used to, has only recently come in to their world. so a glam mag and comic book are their way of peering into the other world which many thais have only hope of dreaming. this is true of all developing nations whether they are in asia or africa. to be sure the government does not help either, because if they promote the western society concept of the materialistic world, they would lose power. educated public is the worst enemy of politicians worldwide.

having said that, it is always a pleasure when one can slip out of the rat race and enter this other world.

Three I
05-03-04, 19:17
I have met many Thai women in the State and I find them nice, playful and wierd just like me!

Three X out!

Asian Monger #2
05-10-04, 03:36
What does it mean when one of the 'pro' which I did, as reported in the Bangkok Massage Parlors thread, called and said that she 'missed me'?

She called me internationally! I must have meant a lot or I must have been a 'wonderful' customer that night.

What's the opinion on this?



Samus Aran
05-10-04, 06:59

Ignore it. She is playing with your mind. She will be asking for money soon. You actually believe thayou are the only guy she is doing this with. SA suggestion is to shit can her and move on!

3f these thai hookers before they do a number on you. She shouldnt even be a distant memory. Not to sound mean, but this is how these hookers work.

Dont play the game. She doesnt miss you at all. She misses the cash you were putting in her hand. Plain and simple. Think about it.

Hope you heed this advice.

Samus Aran

05-10-04, 14:33

It most likely means you were a 'wonderful' customer that night. What was her motivation to call you long distance? Your future business. She may like you and although this could be genuine be careful with her motivations.

Most women in the biz are looking for a way out which makes sense and you could be one person with a "big heart" to look beyond what she does for a living and be willing to take her out of her situation. Nothing wrong with this if you so desire.

A good website for more info on Farang and Thai working girls relationships is stickmanbangkok.com where you can find reader's submissions on this subject.


KJ Vegas
05-10-04, 14:55
On the surface they seem very nice, "Damm why can't our woman be like them" that is what alot of western men sat about them, once you get to know them most of them will break your heart. The BS they tell you they are telling 10 different guys, they must copy and paste their e-mails. These girls cause alot of heartache.

I was married to a non bargirl TG once and she was crazy, very crazy, fortunately I saw that early, got an annulment and I love the single life. That was 2 years ago. Thank God I don't have kids with that *****.

I met what I thought a cool Thai girl a little over a year ago, that is what I thought, but she say's the same BS to 10 different guys,I recently found out the truth. I'm not heart broken, I've been to Thailand 10 times and the BS they tell us is just part of their culture.

Thailand is a great place but you need to leave your heart at home and have a ball, it is a cool place.


05-10-04, 21:29

No, you did not mean a lot to her, and you have not been a 'wonderful' customer that night either.

So why did she call you internationally ? Because Thai girls are like that. She had your number, and she felt like calling you at that time, so she did.

Did she have ulterior motives, like trying to hook you up for future income ? Possibly, but I do not think so.

If you fancied her, when you return to Thailand, you might want to let her know, and arrange to spend some time with her. Probably, she will take good care of you and give you a good time.

But obviously, do not get carried away. Technically, she is a prostitute, and a Thai girl. You will never even start to understand her and why she behaves that way. For that matter, she might not even know that herself.

Asian Monger #2
05-11-04, 04:34
Thanks guys for all your advice and support. I definitely know that they are messing with my mind. I left my heart at home when I played in BKK.

Thus some of you saying that she's just luring me for future prospects. I understand that and it's part of their trade. Like Samus Aran said that she could be asking me to help her out of the 'pro' biz, I am in NO financial status and situation to do that for her.

I'm just afraid that she'll go thru the trouble of casting 'black magic' or 'Thai vudoo' on me or something. I hope she doesn't do that. I generally enjoy her services that nite and would look her up when I am on business in BKK but I'm a player. As they say, a player is always a player.

Anyway, she called me the 2nd time yesterday evening cuz I sent her some sms. When she called, I asked to keep in touch via sms for cost savings on her part.

I better contain this situation before me wife finds out.


Joe Zop
05-11-04, 15:42
I think working TGs understand the western concept of "networking" innately, and that's what she was most likely doing -- just keeping in touch to see what might develop, figuring she's better off in your thoughts than not.

And obviously, it worked.

Asian Monger #2
05-17-04, 09:46
Kratea called again on Sunday evening around 8:30pm. Said she "missed me". Asked her if she finished work and she said finished her last customer.

She must have been out of her prime. Not much business.

Monday morning received her short messaging saying "I miss you so much!"

05-18-04, 00:21
AM#2 -

Allow me to bring a different opinion to your situation:

You obviously like this girl and you want to believe she likes you, too. Nothing wrong with being a romantic at heart. I'm the same way. That's why we have an abbreviation for the "girl friend experience (GFE.)" It is common with the Thai girls and they are good at it. That adds to the enjoyment; at least for guys like you and me. I do not subscribe to the "FFF" theory, though I understand why others do and I respect their decision. I just find my pleasure in a slightly different way. I like the GFE and I enjoy it as much as possible. But I do not kid myself and make it out to be something it is not. We just need to keep our heads (and our hands on our wallets.)

You mentioned your wife finding out. Is the Thai girl calling you on your home phone? If so, you have lost your mind. Unless your ready to shitcan your marriage, do not ever let these girls call you at home. I give the girls my email address and my office phone number (I'm a one man office.) I get their cell phone numbers when I want to.

Go ahead and play the girlfriend game, as I am currently doing with my Pattaya girl; but don't get carried away. ENJOY! But don't risk what is most important...and don't kid yourself.

Asian Monger #2
05-18-04, 01:45
Thanks Ljohnson,

I understand the scenario. And thanks for your advice. I hope I'm not in denial here but it does feel good to receive calls from girls abroad.

I don't have a home phone so all the calls comes to my mobile. Off course when me wife asks who called, I just non-chalantly says my supplier from Thailand called to ask for more orders.

It worked. I just have to act cool when I receive her calls.

I really did enjoyed the session with her and she was real GFE no doubt about that. However, I'm not attached emotionally.

But thanks for your nice words on advice. I'll play the GF game.

Take care,


05-18-04, 08:02

For the opposite view, read the Samus Aran report of April 17 in the Samus Aran thread. His FFF approach is popular with many Forum members and they find his posts entertaining. Like I said, to each his own and there is room for all of us. I do not appreciate the way he attacks and/or ridicules those of us who like to play the girlfriend game. I guess he thinks we're wimps or suckers. If I find a girl I like being with, in addition to the fucking and sucking, I will take her out to lunch (or dinner or breakfast) and enjoy the time together. It gives me even more for my money and time. If others prefer the FFF approach, they should follow that by all means.

I just don't see the need to criticize those of us who have a different approach. I guess that is just part of his charm. (-:

Asian Monger #2
05-18-04, 09:52

I'm glad to know that we think alike. I totally agree with you on the dinner/breakfast thingy if the session turned out great.

All are humans be it male or female. If you treat the girl nice, sincere, and affectionate, it will be returned to you.

Anyway, enough said.


The Traveler
05-18-04, 15:38
Asian Monger #2

I absolutely agree with Ljohnson.
Some prefer the 3F approach, others like to treat the girls like their GF. I myself use to change between both modes.

If a girl is extremely cute, has a nice attitude and provides great services I will ask her for her number, so I can call her if I do not find a chick that meets my criterias. I might also have dinner with them or go to the cinema. Still more fun than going alone.
Girls who lack of attitude or do not provide the services in an adequate quality will be treated the 3F way. Plain and simple. You mean only business for them, so pay her and get rid of her.

I would also NEVER give my private number to any of those girls, especially if I would be married like you. What will you do if your wife picks up the phone ?
Use a thai SIM when being in thailand, she might have that number. If you want to talk to your chick, call or SMS her, but hide your number. By the way, why do you want to talk to her anyway ?

Holiday is holiday, do not mix it up with your everyday life.
Just my 2 cents

Take care

Asian Monger #2
05-19-04, 02:11

That's the approach. If the service is good, then it's the GFE game. IF the service is bad, it's the 3F approach logically and definitely. Why would any monger want a TG's number after a bad service. Common sense.

My mobile is the only contact number I have. Since I'm here and she's there, the number doesn't show between these 2 countries. It's just says "Call" on my mobile. It's only when I answer the call would I realize it's Kratea.

Anyway, I've never called her. She makes all the calls to me and get all "mushy" talk. So every time she calls, if me wife is not by my side, I ask her to sms me. In that way, it's more discreet. Same goes for the logic, if I wanna talk to the chick, I'll SMS but it usually never happens cuz my life is switched back home if you know what I mean. I totally agree with you on "holiday is holiday. No mixing up with my everyday life." That's the common thinking.

See you next time,


The Traveler
05-19-04, 20:39
Asian Monger #2

Cool, I think you do not need any advice, sounds like you understand the game.
Just be careful and destroy any evidence (e.g. SMS) immediately.

Take care

05-20-04, 04:20
I was just perusing the "Photos" sections of various threads on this Forum; checking out the women that other Forum members are paying for sex all over the world.

I know that taste is subjective, to each his own, and all that good shit, but MY GOD there are some UGLY women that our fellow Forum members are paying for sex in various parts of the world. I feel so lucky to be able to go to Thailand and Cambodia once in a while where you can find one beauty after another and another and another. And at such great prices.

I have a definite preference for Asian girls and the Thai girls, in looks and attitude (and price) are fantastic. Life is good, and the Thai beauties make it even better.

05-20-04, 05:32
AM2 - agree with both points of view - some FFF, some GFE worth longer time, but problem how to cut them loose once they have established you as a meal chit without absolutely irritating the OTHERS in the same bar (I tend to be a creature of habit and frequent only a limited number of venues) BUT - you DO need to remember - you NEVER put yourself into a position of having the other half discover what you REALLY like to do in Thailand. NO PHONE NUMBERS UNLESS THE PHONE STAYS IN THAILAND. (discard the "evidence")

Need to go pollinate different flowers. As to UGLY, though, turn out the lights, do your thing and forgetaboudit. Turn them on their head and they look alike... just my 2bhat

05-31-04, 21:47
As an African-American man, I've noticed lately that darker-skinned Thai women are trying to erase their dark skin. WHY?? Do Thai women think that they are inferior to farangs and want to make their skin lighter such as buying skin whitener products.

Maybe I wrong about this(and I doubt I'm not), but I see Thai media as the cause that is screwing up these girls heads. It also seems that there are a lot of commercials featuring Thai farang people.

Why do most of the Thai women want to try so hard to be something there not. Do they think there dirty? Is it they want to get rid of the dark skin? Does every Thai woman dream of marrying a whiteman so they can have lighter-skinned babies, as if to say dark-skinned Thai babies are less desired?

Think I opened up a can of worms here, but hell, It's a forum and I speak my mind when something smells bad.

JoeZop and others, need your opinion on this!

Travis Bickle 2
05-31-04, 22:06
Meatman, I dated an Asian woman for a long time and she was very hesitant to doing anything in the sun. She told me that in a lot of Asian countries dark skin (among women) is a sign of poverty because they are the ones working the fields and doing the hard outdoor labor. It was more of a class thing with the dark skin being an outward sign of inferiority. All her relatives said basically the same thing.

Also, lighter skin is often considered more beautiful. Light-skinned black women with more western features are more often used in modeling contracts.,e.g. Halle Berry. Same goes for Asian women. The lighter skinned ones with western features are more often sought after and photographed for magazines.

I just can't believe the Thai media is screwing up the heads of these young women however. I mean here in America magazines such as Cosmopolitian, Vogue, and the Hollywood stereotypes of what makes women beautiful are totally ignored by young women. They realize that inner beauty is far more important. LOL!

I don't think that is why they dream of marrying a white man, though. I think they dream of marrying a white man so that their income goes up 2000% and they can live in America like 90% of the 3rd world would like to. IMHO, of course. Civ

Joe Zop
05-31-04, 23:25
Meatman, I think Civ2000's got it right -- it's not so much a racial as a social status thing, since darker skin equates to farming which equates to being poor. You'll have a lot of trouble convincing Thai women to hang out on the beach as they're afraid of getting darker. This is one of the reasons why women from the Chiang Mai area are considered great beauties, with the Chinese pale-skin influence, and those from Issan are not -- Issan is the heavy farming and poverty region. Similarly, many of the hill tribe people have darker skin, and they are both very low on the social pecking order and barely considered Thai at all, only grudgingly given citizenship if they're lucky and can prove they have the right DNA mix.

By and large most Thais that would dream of marrying a white farang are those who are already at the bottom of the social ladder, i.e. working girls, as that is a) a way of partially opting out of the Thai social structure (a good idea as they're no longer a good catch for a Thai man, obviously) and b) a way of marrying into "wealth" from a Thai perspective, which is important because money is really the only way they can possibly raise their social status after being a sex worker. And showing you have a farang on your string, supporting your family, shows you have some power.

It's important to understand that Thai social status is very different than what you have in the west. In the US social status is much more fluid, and a family can gain it in only a generation or so, and "knowing your place" is a sign of weakness as much as it is one of good sense, whereas in a society such as LOS knowing your place and defering to those above you is very important for survival.

Clearly, there is more influence from western media on Thailand than there has been in the past, and those influences are felt in fashion and a sense of "what is beautiful" but in this particular case the prejudice is something far more long-standing, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Africans or African-Americans, though obviously you may end up bearing some of its effects.

Underneath all the smiles and niceness it's worth remembering that Thais have a solid degree of xenophobia. The dominant (Thaskin's) political party is called Thai Rak Thai, which literally means "Thais love Thais" and by implication says "Thais do not love those who are not Thai."

Cloud Seeker
06-01-04, 01:54
Joe Zop and Civ2000,

Now, I have a question for you (and anybody else who might care to answer). I was intrigued by your comment regarding Thai women wanting to move to America (or "the West"). I only spent a week in LOS recently, so obviously in no position to comment on the society, but from what I read, it seems that Thai people are far less cosmopolitan than their neighbors (e.g. Filipinos, Chinese, etc.). After all, LOS was the only country in the region never to be colonized by a foreign power (i.e. Europeans) and Thais are fiercely proud of it.

An author of one website went as far as to say that Thais in general are not really interested in traveling on the whole, while a permanent move to a foreign country is "abhorrent" and it is extremely difficult for a Thai person to adjust to a new culture.

That is in stark contrast to your claims of the women wanting to move to America.

Yours thoughts?

06-01-04, 15:25
Meatman, my two cents would just parrot what JZ and Civ have said.

But here's a paradox for you. My Thai girlfriend avoids the sun, but prefers me tanned ! Go figure.


Travis Bickle 2
06-02-04, 05:24
Firedick, That's not really a paradox at all. Amongst causcasian men tanning is a sign of success. There are not many of us that farm anymore so a tan signals that we can afford to take time off and hit the beaches in Hawaii, travel, sail, etc. And besides we just look better with a little color to our skin. Civ

06-04-04, 06:10
Smoke & mirrors,

I have worked with many asain women in alaska fishing, They get there eye brows tatooed so they can either darken there eyebrows or so they can just shave them off instead of plucking them out 1 by 1.

06-07-04, 12:05
A lot of women in Thailand and Korea get their eyebrows tatooed so that they always look perfect. With the tatoo they know exactly where to pluck and where to apply make up. One of my GFs had this and it took a while to get used to it because it always gave her a sort of angry look about her. Of course, she wasn't. IMO, girls who do their eyebrows are very different from girls who put one on their shoulder, back, stomache, or worse, their tits. I think it's been getting more and more popular for the BGs to put them on their backs, just above their asses. Sexy on some.


06-07-04, 12:16
Some of you guys are making some good points about skin color. I live in Taiwan half of the year, and in Thailand the other half. In Taiwan, if you're skin is darker the locals do not view the girls as beautiful. However, they do have a saying called "black beauty" refering to the ones that are still beautiful. Most locals prefer "white beauties". I take them all, and say thank you to the local loosers who don't want them.

If you want to see a picture of a Taiwanese "white beauty" that I took with me to Phuket, you can check out the photo gallery in the Taiwan section.

As for the Thai girls, it's mostly the same. The locals can't imagine why so many of us like the darker girls, or Isan girls. In fact, many of these girls will even tell you that they are ugly. If you go to the massage parlors, you will mostly see whiter girls from the north because they are more popular among the Asian client. Also, there is a correlation between AIDS and the northern girls, as many Asian men don't want to use condoms. Of course, it's everywhere in the biz because of lack of education.

Among most Thais, there is also a belief that the more gold you wear the lighter your skin becomes, or something like this. This is the main reason why you see so many really black people in Thailand wearing so much gold. For the girls, they need the gold to save face for the work they do, and to show off how successful they are at it. Any BG wearing a lot of gold has got a long work history and probably knows 1000 ways to remove you from your money.


Joe Zop
06-08-04, 15:56
Sorry, Cloud9 Seeker, just saw your post.

I for one did not say that Thai women want to move to America or the West, and I don't believe that's really the case, though certainly a fair number of bar girls do, for a number of reasons. Many would want to live there for a while, as they see it as a great opportunity (since everyone, by Thai standards, is "rich" and has the "leisurely" life they prefer) but they don't usually really have a concept of what it would actually be like, and particularly what it would be like to be that separated from their extended family and culture. Lots of BGs will move to Europe, say, for a while, as they can be taken care of by some guy there and get money to send to their family or go to make a bunch of money and then come back to LOS and open a business, but few really are looking to leave permanently.

That said, however, there's probably a greater likelihood that a working girl would be willing to leave -- she's got no social status in LOS, no real future prospects for any, and she may well be a bit more cosmopolitan that the average Thai -- not that, as you note, that may mean much, and she's also more likely already separated from her family geographically, so she may figure that more distance for more money is a good trade-off. The way out of the bar game can be to find someone in particular who'll look after her, and if moving is balanced against leaving the bar with a different guy every night then the former may well be chosen.

But I'd agree that Thais in general are less likely to want to leave than those in some other Asian areas. There's no genuflection to a "master" that's seen in many post-colonial countries, and no history of diaspora.

Cloud Seeker
06-10-04, 13:11
Joe Zop,

You've reinforced my opinion. Out here, for every 10 Filipinos immigrating here, I doubt there'd be one Thai person - in fact, I have only met two Thai people in this otherwise highly multi-ethnic city.


Old Thai Hand
06-12-04, 08:10
Regarding the comments about dark skin vs. light skin, I agree with most of what has been said. But, there’s more to it than just skin color. It also has to do with the face, clothing, the way Isaan girls talk, walk and behave. To the uninitiated, all Thais probably look similar, except for the obvious Chinese-Thais. But, Isaan Thais have a very distinctive facial structure that is not considered Thai by the elite central plains Thais (Bangkok and surrounding area). They call it “Na Lao” or Lao face because these people are ethnically more Lao than Thai. It includes a big forehead, short, wide nose with little or no bridge and high, protruding cheek-bones. Some Thais actually refer to it as “Na Ling” or monkey face. It’s a dead give-away if you’ve been here awhile. Also, not all Isaan people are the same. The dark-skinned ones tend to come from the south: Buriram, Surin and Ubon-Ratchatani etc.. Lighter skinned Isaan people come from the north and east of Isaan: Roi-et, Kalasin, Muktahan and Nakhon Phanom etc. It is generally accepted, even by Thais that the most beautiful Isaan girls come from Roi-et and Kalasin (strong Chinese bloodline), and Nakhon Phanom and Muktahan (strong Vietnamese bloodline). Isaan girls from the south have more Khmer blood in them and therefore are dark and coarser looking, like Cambodians.

The other dead give-away is how these girls behave and dress. They tend to be far less graceful and lady-like than normal Thai women. They wear clothes that are far too sexy and cheap for average Thai women, especially during the day. Although, the lines of distinction are blurring here as more and more normal Thai women wear revealing clothing. However, it’s how they pull it off, which marks the difference between Isaan women and normal Thai women. Also, when they speak Thai, the Isaan girls have a decidedly low-class accent, often use improper grammar and speak much louder than a normal Thai woman would. The main thing, though is that most of the time they don’t speak Thai at all, but Isaan-Lao which marks them immediately as “non-Thai” and low-class (in the minds of the Thais).
Thais look down their noses at Farangs who take these girls out in public, which is why I personally wouldn’t be caught dead with an Isaan girl out on the street. It’s not snobbery, so much as simple survival in this culture. Unfortunately, you are judged here solely by appearance. Also, one becomes co-opted by cultural preference, especially if you live and work with Thais, as I do. My taste now decidedly leans towards white-skinned Chinese-Thai women. They have a grace and charm that Isaan women totally lack. And, of course, they’re not “well-used” like Isaan BGs.

I’m going to post some photos, soon of Thai university students. It will show you the difference and show you what is really considered beautiful here.

06-12-04, 17:53
While I would agree with most of what has been said on Thai people moving out of Thailand, you have to remember that most of the membership here is in contact with mainly poor people in the bars. That group, predominantly from the north-east, has little schooling and no skills in several key areas - job skills, unless you consider the sex trade, language skills beyond what they have learned from some long term boyfiends in their work, and survival skills.

In addition, most of the bar girls are adverse to hard work and many are downright lazy. They may go abroad to practice their trade for some period of time to build a nest egg and come back and open a business.

Even with the so-called "educated people," a degree from all but a handful of universities here would be the equivalent of a high school diploma in the west. The education system here in colleges and universities my indeed be less useful than a decent high school in England or the States.

Even people with money, who get to go to university abroad, end up coming here. Their family conncections can get them an easy job with big money and and a link to the payoffs and under the table cash that is the real money here. Why work like a demon in the west when you can have a cushy live here - educated or not?

The language skill that most university students graduate with in Thailand would not qualify them for a job outside of the country, beyond the limited value of the degree they would carry.

On top of all of this, Thai people do not travel well. Some may find true love with a foreigner, but, most of the bar girls do not. At least not in the western sense. They may realize their true love of money in such an arrangement, but those are normally the older women in their 30's who are will opt out of Thailand for a secure future with a new husband. They can be found on all of the relationship web sites.

The thing is, the bar girls are not set up for marriage, unless it is to a Thai man they are already married to (and you might be surprised at that proportion).

The combination of farang men who can't get laid in their home country with the young things who are desparate to get money and find bar life easy and rewarding creates a dangerous combination for the poor unsuspecting visitor. I feel sorry for guys who are not getting laid, and when they get played for their money I feel even more sorry.

Although I live in Bangkok, I was down to Pattaya for a couple fo days of golf this week and took a bar girl who is getting 30,000 baht a month from her "boyfriend" in the UK. I took her out of a bar (she only takes lady drinks, dear) and maybe because she could speak Thai with me, told me all about how she plays him. I felt so sorry for the guy, I had to do another round with her in his honor. She has to be back in her apartment for his phone call when the bar closes, and he does so every night that she does not made an excuse in advance. Then she can do long time.

There was not a lot of soul searching when she asked me to pay her bar, and she is one of about a dozen girls who have told me the same story about some lovestruck foreigner sending money and promising eternal love. If you speak the language passably, you hear these stories all of the time from girls you have taken from the bar, and the others talking to their friends in the bar.

If you think you know the game, you can have a good time. But most guys who think that they know the game don't know, and they send a ton of money.

They are making a good life for some great girls and I hope that they come to their senses, but there will undoubtly be a whole new group to take their places if that ever happens.

Some men find a diamond and have a good long term relationship with bar girls, putting up with all of the money requests or managing to get around some or all of that headache. But to me, the lottery has better odds than finding a diamond in a Thai bar.

Old Thai Hand
06-18-04, 06:51
biz999 is dead on.

One only need see the Thai movie Province 77, about Thais living in LA to see how they remain clanish and don't really fit in. And, this film is about relatively affluent middle-class Thais.

Take an ignorant Isaan girl and put her anywhere else and she's like a fish out of water, even in many places in Bangkok. I often see Western guys wanting that GFE with their bar-GFs trying to be a couple at places like Emporium or Central Chidlom. He's usually oblivious because he's clueless about the culture. But, she knows, all too well that she looks out of place. Therefore, she acts out of place. She looks nervous and uncomfortable because she knows she's surrounded by her betters (this is a heirarchical society, afterall). This scene, repeated daily makes me wince and feel uncomfortable because Thais see this, and as is their habit generalize about all Farang (So, I in essence become this clueless tourist with his dark-skinned, low-class GF). My friends and I are often asked by Thais, why Farang like dark-skinned girls. My usual response is, "Because that's all most of them can get." Nobody I know, dates these girls. Yes, we go to the bars. But, we take them to the nearest short-time hotel and FF. I don't go out in public with them and I certainly don't bring them to my apartment.

But, above all, regardless whether simpletons from Isaan or educated hi-so girls, they're all in many ways the same and function best in their own milieu.

Don't marry them because you don't just marry them, you marry their families, their friends and sometimes even their whole village. I firmly believe that the 3 Fs doctrine for most men coming here and even those of us that are living here generally applies across the board.

Above all know one thing about Thais and therefore Thai women. They are superficial and don't like to think about anything too deep or profound. They actually believe that if you think too much, it can have an adverse effect on your health. They like to have fun and they often even smile (not as much as you think, though). I put the famous Thai smile down to not wanting to confront anything significant in their lives. It's also often not very genuine. Therefore, I've dubbed this country the "Land of Smirks".

To get a general idea of what Thai women rate as important, the following list should give you incite into what you're truly dealing with.

1/ shopping

2/ sleeping

3/ talking on her mobile phone

4/ watching TV (they're mesmerized by it like moths to a flame)

5/ eating (Thai food, preferably)

6/ spending time with her girlfriends (shopping, sleeping-they like to sleep together, eating talking on their mobile phones, watching TV together)

7/ their BF or getting a BF (activities in #6 apply here, as well)

8/ sex

9/ reading cartoon books (This may move up the list. It depends on the girl)

10/ collecting cute cartoon characters and wearing them as clothing, jewelry or other accessories (well into her 30s and even 40s!)

There are exceptions, of course. I dated a girl for 4 years and even took her to Canada to visit my family and she was perfectly at ease there. But, this is a girl who reads books (real books) on Egyptian archaeology and astronomy and who taught herself to speak English in a year. She's an anomaly, to say the least.

In general, Thai women get really boring, really fast.
So, my advice is FFF, absolutely and watch your wallet, whether she's rich (especially if she's rich) or poor.

06-19-04, 06:04
Just like Stickman wrote: Would you marry a girl in your country for the country side? I doubt it, then why in Thailand, or anywhere in Asia, or elsewhere? I don't think many travelers understand this, and about the cultures, races. and religions.

Old Thai Hand, hit it on the spot! He wouldn't do it. Why, b/c he know better, and understand the culture, and what he is dealing with. Some Farangs really have no ideal, what is going on? They think they are soooooo nice, kind, and smile (that can make you melt into softiness).

I look at their upbring, education, job, their views of life, families, I really don't like them too simple. (You can't really talk with them about anything. They just might agree with you, b/c they really don't know, or understand) How many children does she have? You don't want to be supporting everyone, and everything that has something to do with her. Her habits, values, and how big of a heart, she has!

Sorry about the details, but I think many of you need to view this!

Old Thai Hand
06-19-04, 09:54
The Thai Dowry System

I've seen occasional posts talking about this issue and whether you have to pay if she's a BG or if she's been married before etc.

I wrote a very detailed breakdown of this a few years ago and Bernard Trink published it in his coloumn in The Bangkok Post. The main thing to note is whether, she is a BG, a maid, a farmer, an office girl or drives a Mercedes S, you have to pay some kind of dowry. How much is the question and it really does depend on her status and the status of her family.

There is no absolute rule here. But, I've personally loaned friends money in the last year to help out with the dowry in two different class levels and have done a lot of study on this. Most of the readers of this board are dealing with the low end of the spectrum. So, you're not looking at a lot of money if you choose to marry a BG or other Thai girl in the same social strata; probably about 30,000 (maybe a bit more, say 40 or 50,000, if she isn't a hooker). Any more than this and you're being taken. The dowry is usually arranged with the grand parents. But, if they aren't alive, then the oldest living relative, as well as the parents.

If you're lucky enough (or unlucky, depending on your POV) to marry up, as they say beyond this level the rates are roughly the following:

middle class 100,000-150,000 +

upper middle 200,000-500,000 +

upper class 1,000,000 + to whatever the market can bear

One friend married a Thai-Chinese daughter of a surgeon at Chulalonkorn Hospital and had to pay 200,000. It was a little low because her parents were divorced, which tarnished their status somewhat.

My other friend married into an old Thai family with land grants going back to King Rama II. The dowry there was 999,999. Why not 1,000,000? Well "9" is aspicious and therefore grants luck to the new married couple. On top of this, he had to give her a gold and diamond engagement ring, a 15 baht bracelet (that's weight = 105,000 baht in money) and a 10 baht necklace (75,000 baht). The only thing she kept out of this was the ring. The gold was borrowed from her grandmother and the money (99,000 of which was mine) was returned. It was all for show and symbolic of his ability to take care of her.

However, if you marry lower than the middle class, especially BGs they'll keep the money. Their families will also try to get gold and even a new house, appliances, a motorcycle and a maybe a new truck. I've seen it happen many times.

Finally, if you marry somone that has been married before, a dowry is still generally expected as a good-will gesture and for show and is usually returned if she's in any way a decent person. However, if she's "low-rent" consider the money gone.

A lot of farang try to fight this and end up looking like barbarians in the eyes of the Thais. It is one of those immutable things etched in stone here. If you plan on marrying, there's no way around it, if you want to save face.

The Traveler
06-20-04, 11:17
Old Thai Hand

Just wonder why they choosed an uneven digit. Maybe "9" has some symbolic character as you pointed out (only for chinese as far as I know). I was told the last digit has to be an even number cause it symbols a "couple".

Old Thai Hand
06-20-04, 12:23
5 and 9 are both good luck to the Chinese and Thais. The multiple digits symbolize continuity.

This is an old Thai-Chinese family. Tons of Thai tradition at this wedding and a guest-list to match such a family.

The groom, a close friend of mine is an actor on Thai TV and in films. So, there were also lots of famous Thai actors and actresses there. Lots of eye-candy, to say the least.

My date was one of my students, the daughter of a well-placed Thai army colonel. As an aside, she remains one of the all-time best shags I've ever had anywhere in Thailand. Unfortunately, no pics. Just as well. I'd probably be hunted down by the Thai police for posting them.

Joe Zop
06-20-04, 17:26
Nine is lucky in a lot of cultures (the ancient Greeks believed it symbolized tenacity and courage, and in Christian numerology 999 is supposed to be lucky because it's 666 turned on its head. or the devil upside-down) but I also remember reading somewhere that the Thai words for "nine" and for "progress" sound very similar.

And great posts, Old Thai Hand -- very informative, thanks!

06-20-04, 18:54
Old Thai Hand,

excellent posts indeed !

On the wedding thing, I am surprised that the daugther of a VIP would be openly the date of a Farang in a public ceremony.

There is nothing surpising that such a young lady would want a shag with her (somewhat older) professor, but I would have tought that it would have been confined to the private sphere.

Or is it that the Thai society is slowly opening up to Farangs after all ?

Bez Bezarra
06-20-04, 19:39
Hey Sojo!

About your TBG, I've never had a TG, or a TBG..... 'TBG', that is just one really great acronym... TBG, just rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it though??? :-)

Well anyway, it sounds like you sure got VIP treatment from her, unless like you say, that its just part of their evil plan to make sure we don't deprive them of our precious bodily fluids, right Mandrake ol' boy? (sorry, old joke!)

I've never lucked out with any TG's myself, but I've had a few PG's, (guess that's better than callin' 'em PIG's, right?), and once I had a nice VCG, (that's Viet Cong
pussy, a/k/a Ho Chi Minge, in case you were, never mind!). Anyone ever use a VCR on a VCG? Oops sorry, off track there!

Now I don't know about PBG's, my PG's were all foriegn exchange nurses from the hospital. Man I remember this one quiet one, she was amazing, perfectly exotic, maybe she was half PI and half caucasian, some fucking medical intern probably married her, I would've but I could never get with her.

So I always got the ones with that slightly weird off-center gaze, kinda like a sort of 'basebll bat syndrome' thing going on there, you know? That facial expression, almost like someone had skull-clocked 'em once. Of course, most might look like they only got a light tap in the head, and then others its more pronounced with a Sammy Sosa home run thing.

But I still think about all the great massages that I never even asked for, and the thoughtful little gifts they'd give me, I mean it sure felt like they were giving more than I ever asked for. Maybe it was just out of pure gratitude for doing all the extra nasty things I did for them in bed that other guys didn't give the level of dedication that I did. Lots of pretzel twisting Kama sutra acrobatics, and even lots more sore jaw nights I recall from working on the hot button, and a happy smiling face full of juices. Hell, I didn't even mind, both of my PG's were always musty but not funky.

And come to think of it, my VG was actually a VBG when I first found her at the Spicy Thai Restaurant, she was chewing down the hottest fire-hot chili peppers I'd ever seen like jelly beans, I knew she was a hard core serious nympho after that. I just didn't know she was also a crack head!

She'd used her pleasure skills to get her self a sportscar and an apartment, and I guess she liked my style, so soon she was knocking on my door for twice weekly poundings, and actually started schooling me with intense hour-long clit-sucking/flicking/tweaking/gumming/back-of-the-tonguing lessons. Then she took her VBG cash earnings and took me with her on vacation to be her little fuck boy. What can I say, she could only be happy with my dick in her hole and the crack pipe in her hand. Either one without the other just wasn't enough, she had to have both. What was I gonna do, not plow the hell out of her? Hey look, sometimes a monger's just gotta do what a monger's gotta do, come on forget about it! Sure I know better now, but that was a long time ago.

On the other hand, I only met my PYERVY RAS first ever TWBG, (that's Taiwan pussy), a week ago. Her performance was non-existent, but god fucking damn it, what a pussy!!! I could not stop going down on her, she was incredible-edible. Who fucking knew this about Taiwan twat? But of course, she quit her agency, and can you believe, she actually raised her price to go independent. Well it was fine while it lasted, but damn if I'll ever pay what she wants. (Unless I cave in ! God give me willpower!)

By the way Soj, of course I know what 'pyervy ras' means, its 'first time'. :-)

06-21-04, 02:49
Old Thai hands,

Great reports with fresh material and good info.


Old Thai Hand
06-21-04, 03:24

The daughter of the VIP was an old student of mine. I'd known her and been hanging around with her as a friend for about 4 years (I had another GF during that time). Then about a month before the wedding, she jumped me (literally) and the rest is history. Her parents live in another province and to this day don't know about me. At the moment, she's off working on a cruise ship going between Florida and The Bahamas. So, I hope to hook up with her when I move to The Bahamas for a 2-year contract starting in August.
As for Thai society opening up to Farang: I think that has been happening for the last few years. The wedding afterall was between a Farang and a relatively HiSo Thai. It's true he's fluent in Thai and acts on TV playing all the Farang parts in Thai soap operas. But, still it is significant that he was totally accepted into her family. As I was doing video and photography at the engagement, I was able to witness the interaction between her family and his family. It was totally genuine affection on both sides.

I will say, however that there are still many Thais who hate Farang and many others who are suspicious of us. But, I put it down to ignorance and in many cases a false arrogance based on a perception that they are very important (big fish in a very small pond, I think). They forget how small and insignificant this country really is.

06-22-04, 01:32
But don't forget you are going into their country, and imposing your way. They have a right, and more of a right to feel this way. Just like the Americans going into Iraq. They are stepping into foreign soil. One has to respect another country, whether they are visiting, or living there.

Some Americans think the iraqs are evil. I wonder what they think of us. We told everyone that there is massive weapons, and we have not found them yet. And yet, we bombed their country, and murdered thousands. What is this???? A disrespect!

Treat others, as they treat you. If you want Respect, you have to know how to give Respect!

06-29-04, 21:06
The Traveler,

The Number 9 in Chinese is supposed to correspond to longetivity as it sounds like the word for long life. Chinese avoid the numeral 4 because it sounds like the word death. The number 8 is greatly favoured because it sounds like the word prosperous. The number 3 sounds like the word life or living.

Dutch Boy
06-30-04, 23:22
Hello guys,

I just found a link to a book that is written about an Englishman who falls in love with a Thai bargirl and all the effects that it has.

It is an awesome book and a defenaite read. You can find the book on www.stephenleather.com under unpublished work.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Viktor North
07-03-04, 15:33
Old Thai Hand,

I think your description of Thai women could very easily be used for women of just about every other country in the world, with the exception of courtries so poor that they don't even have TVs, cell phones or shopping malls. A lot of women in Canada are like that too. The point is that if you go for dumb hoes, that's what you're gonna end up with. And they get boring pretty quickly. But I'm sure that Thailand, just like Canada, has exceptions, and not 1-2%, but quite a few if you know where to find them.

Old Thai Hand
07-04-04, 05:11
Viktor North

I'm Canadian and generally have never liked Canadian women (or any western women, for that matter). So, I might tend to agree with you. My description, admittedly a bit cliche and an over-simplified characterization was written during a particular week of having a bit of a hate-on for Thai women. Generally, my friends and I go through these attitudes periodically. You have to experience the moodiness and unpredictable behaviour of Thai women to appreciate this. BGs have their own unique brand of this born out of a single-minded need to acquire a lot of money with the least amount of effort. They're an especially lazy and stupid bunch of lying cunts. The better educated Thai women are generally wonderful. But, they can fall within my general description quite easily. Thai women model their lives on the drama queens of Thai soap operas. So, life with them can be a bit of a roller-coaster ride. The truth though is that Thais genrally are not a particularly intellectual people and prefer fun to anything serious or meaningful; not necessarily a bad thing. But, don't expect to discuss anything important with them. They don't know, aren't interested and don't care.

A perfect example of this is that, on the day of Saddam's appearance in court, the coverage of this event on Thai news was exactly 20 seconds. In contrast, Euro 2004 football got close to 20 minutes coverage. A movie like Shrek 2 will play for weeks here. But, something like Gosford Park will last 4 days.

Live here and you'll understand immediately.

07-06-04, 18:17
Oi fellow mongers!

I have a question, or better said a request.

Could one of you show pics of Isaan, northern and southern Thai-girls. You know, one picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Thanxx in advance,

Sumimazen, excuse my english.

Socal Glock
07-10-04, 05:09

You are "The Man"! I have a new hero. You have replaced Superman.


07-10-04, 08:16
PL, nice story, nearly as goood as your poem of a few weeks ago.

Keep 'em coming, I say, and ignore the negatives.

The Traveler
07-10-04, 08:41

you got obviously very good writing skills.
Nice to see that we are all human and seem to have similar experiences.

Keep going on.

07-10-04, 09:59



07-10-04, 16:10

You've got a good woman, good writingskills, good location and a good view on life!

Keep up the writing! Who knows it might lead to a good day job! LOL!

07-12-04, 21:10
hey guys and gals and those that are halfway in between

night before last i had to delete the report about taking my girl to soi nana. the reason... well, she asked me, "hey mike, what is the url for that sex forum you are always posting on?" as you can imagine i gulped a little awkwardly and said, "www.wsgforum.com."

as she was navigating to the forum on her compter, i was underhandedly deleting the nana story from my computer. yes, we are a two computer family. :)

now i am reposting the story because (1: i am an idiot, 2: it ain't half bad, and 3: cause i'll have to tell her someday anyway). we have what can somehow be called, an open relationship.


a night out on the town - a true story

it happened shortly after taking my girlfriend on a three week zig zag tour of malaysia. by the way, she is an excellent traveling companion, but that's not my current point, nor the topic of this conversation. (i'll do a write-up of the malaysia trip in the near future. i'd have done it already, but i can't decide what forum section to post it in. such is life, a constant reminder that it is impossible to know exactly what we should do.)

it was one day after our return from the land of roti that i decided to take my girlfriend on a tour of nep. i can't quite say for certain what natural law imposed itself on me to force me into this venture. but if memory serves, i was thinking something along the lines of: hey *****, i've followed you everywhere you've asked me to go, now it's your turn.

it all started when i met up with her at central world plaza (formerly wtc). she was sitting out by the taxi stand when i arrived, all alone and waiting just for me. we went to the outdoor lan ahan where we ordered some food and a beer. to be honest, i wasn't really in the mood to meet up with her, but i did anyway. old habits and girlfriends are hard to break. what i really wanted to do was get laid by a foreign object in a distinctly 3f way, but the girlfriend called and wanted me to meet her so i obliged.

we ate the food and i drank the beer and we asked the waiter to check our bin. after the change was returned she asked me what i wanted to do next, so i said, “how about a game of pool.”

to which she replied, “okay, where?”

“how about the pool bar on soi 7?”

as all of you regulars know it is the pool bar next to the thai lan ahan that all the bar girls take their conquests to. the menu is all pictures and the waiters and waitresses all jump up as if they were having a heart attack and they try to get you seated in 30 seconds or less. also, for geographies’ sake, it is the lan ahan just across from the soi 7 beer garden.

my girlfriend smiled, “okay, let’s go.” but on the way she decided she needed a sexier shirt to wear once we arrived at soi 7. this seemed a nuisance but i played along, helping her to pick out two 100 baht tank tops on the way. it’s a funny thing, women are so capricious, but i reckon everyone here already knows that, so you can guess what happened once we arrived at soi 7, chai mai?

“hmm”, she said. “i don’t want to be too sexy.” so after all that shopping (about 15 minutes worth), she decided not to change after all, and i decided i didn’t want to play pool at the same time, so i grabbed her hand and whisked her off to nana plaza with the “hey *****” attitude playing in my head.

i dragged her into the place more or less unwillingly and we got a chair at pharoe’s and ordered a beer and a wine cooler. it took about 10 minutes to down our drinks and then it was time to take her to a gogo bar. i believe the name was lollipops but i’m not certain. if you are facing the pharoe’s sign it is the gogo bar to the immediate left. we got there and it was quite boring for me and for her. it was boring for me because there wasn’t a decent looking skank in the whole place and for her... well she didn’t want to be there anyway.

after that we went to angel witch at about midnight. we walked in the door and there were two chairs in front of the stage so i motioned for her to sit. she shook her head back and forth and it was not in the affirmative but i took her wrist and wrestled her onto the stool and ordered two more drinks as the thong clad ass-cheeks of the isaan girls paraded around like banal advertisements on the side of the skytrain.

the ridiculous thing about this is that i never sit next to the stage at any gogo bar. it is too close for what i consider a good view. i sat there looking at the g-stringed-ass-cheeks wishing i was a bit further away so that i could see them all at once but i could not retreat because i had a victim in my bloody hands and i couldn’t let her think she was getting a reprieve. i sat there thinking about prisoners of war and advertising and concentration camps until i was blue in the face and it wasn’t because of a moral question. i was blue in the face because my balls must have been blue and a couple of seats opened up behind us that would provide me with a better view.

by now, my dear readers might have guessed that it was not a very long time until we moved to the seats with a better view. hurray! am i not predictable?

i must say that i was quite glad to have changed seats and oddly enough my girlfriend was also appreciative. it wasn’t but a moment after changing seats that midnight struck and the women of angel witch put on a grand show. my favorite (and i might add my girlfriend’s favorite) was the show by the girl that came on stage dressed in nothing but black tape. she was lean and strong and she stripped off each piece of tape like a lion stripping a carcass in africa. and one more thing! she ripped it to the tit, so i can report that the girls of nana are once again showing the goods.


we were standing outside the entrance to nep. i was surveying the gathering crowd of professional young women and the looming school of sharks coming in for the 2am kill. it had been about 20 or 30 minutes since we’d left angel witch and my girlfriend was seriously not wanting to be there anymore, but i felt as if i had to prolong her agony and i decided we ought to grab a chair and watch the closing time festivities in the nana parking lot.

i began to scour the nearby bars for some vacant stools from which we could perch and watch the madness like a couple of wily vultures. all the while my girlfriend was asking me, “can we go now?” i shook my head in the negative and was about to grab her hand and head for a couple of good seats when i turned around and she was halfway down the soi going towards sukhumvit. i puffed on my cigarette until she rounded the corner in the direction of the landmark hotel when i finally decided to make chase.

i strolled along at a leisurely pace thinking i wasn’t too upset that she had departed as i’d been thinking of tagging something strange for most of the day anyway. when i rounded the corner onto sukhumvit she was nowhere to be found. she had simply vanished. now i had nothing to do but try to figure out what to do and that is not such an easy thing in situations like this. it’s strange and almost laughable the way relationships twist and turn. one moment everything is hunky-dory, the next minute there is conflict and fighting. why? for what purpose? i suppose any answer might be the correct answer. as far as i know i haven’t got a clue. and on top of that, sometimes i’m a perfect asshole.

now i was ambling at a very slow pace toward the landmark and i was tossing the nights events over in my mind. what the hell was i trying to prove? it is true i had made a point, that was certain, but at what cost? sure, i sometimes don’t like the places she chooses to go to but why did i have to force her to go to nep? she’s never been to a place like that before yet she is a wily creature and has definite ideas of how to play that game. this is not a hunch as i have heard some of her stories, but then she has heard plenty of mine.

all i could think of was that everything happens because of the instinct of man. when i say man i mean men. is it not true that our singular purpose on this earth is to inject sperm between the legs of as many women as possible? i began to ponder this seriously, not as an excuse for my inexcusable behavior, but as an explanation for it. it’s difficult to maintain the threads of such thoughts while walking down sukhumvit at 1:30 in the morning and soon i was contemplating the merits of pursuing the avenue of least resistance, namely, getting some strange as had been my desire all along.

should i turn around and go back to nana? it didn’t seem the best of ideas because time was running short and pulling down a freelancer is never a sure thing and i wanted a sure thing. after all, i’d just got in a fight with my girlfriend because of the instinct of man and i was not in the mood to go home with my tail tucked in between my legs, but what to do? i decided i could catch a quick nut at [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)’s as it was about the same distance walk as going back to nana so i hastened my step. i wasn’t all that happy with the prospects of a mere blow-job after all the trouble i went through but i knew that a nut was a nut and going to [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)’s is a sure thing. so i rested my thoughts and succumbed to the idea.


sometimes the stars are in perfect alignment. it must be true because not 20 paces after making the decision to go to [CodeWord901] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord901)’s i was walking past a group of three women when one of them jumped in front of me and gave me the look. it was the perfect look that goes directly from eye to brain to groin that communicates the reality of imminent sex. she asked me where i was going and before i could answer she asked me why not go to a hotel with her. being that at that moment having indiscriminate sex was the only thing on my mind it struck me as quite odd that a mere 40 paces ago i was going through the mental calisthenics of trying to understand the madness behind the man, the madness behind my own doings. i didn’t hesitate in the slightest and asked her if she knew a place we could go and she did. i told her i’d be happy to go and i didn’t say another word about our impromptu arrangement. i decided i’d leave the details with the gods. sometimes life is lived much better when we place our needs in their hands. she started walking back towards soi nana and i whipped out my mobile and turned it off. i saw no reason to let my girlfriend interrupt the coming proceedings with an unexpected call. and besides, i still held a certain arrogant demeanor towards her for having the cheek to abandon me like she did.

my new friend led me to a short time hotel on soi 3 just past the grace hotel. i’d never been there before but i’d seen it listed once on a monger map that i found on the internet, 300 baht for two hours.

once inside we showered together and then retired to the bed. i asked her if she could give some massage and she obligingly agreed to my request. i’m not sure why but i always make this request when i take a lady of the night. i guess i’m just lazy and like to give the reigns to the girl. after thinking about this for a moment i am quite sure that was the reason. if the girl is good at what she does in the sack, there is no better bonk in the world than to let the girl decide when and where to make the turns. that is of course my opinion, but it’s an honest one.

after the massage the sex was simple and outstanding. she cleaned my entire scrotum with her lips and tongue, taking care to sample both of my jewels in her mouth as if they were the fruit of life. she was a complete pro at this and my cock was as hard as a 3 billion year old piece of granite. she kept this up until she sensed the flinching and throbbing of my impending orgasm. then she slipped on the condom and laid herself out doggie style in front of the mirror so that i could watched the action and i slipped my willy in the hole for the final sacrifice. i was an almost heart stopping orgasm.

we laid on the bed talking the usual stuff afterwards. she asked the standard questions such as how long had i been in thailand and i told her one week. i told her i had two weeks left to go and then she wanted to know why i wouldn’t go long time with her. i replied that i was staying with two friends and that they were having an orgy in the room and didn’t want me to attend. she asked about the friends and i told her one was american and the other was german and she look puzzled and asked how it was that i was staying with such a diverse crowd. i informed her that we were colleagues and worked for a multinational computer company called compucorp.

at this she laughed out loud and told me she didn’t believe a word i said and i laughed too and said, “what does it matter, we’re here and they’re there.” then i got a wild idea and i asked her if we could go one more time and to my amazement she agreed! it was the exact same as before yet better because it took longer for the second round.

i took another shower and then put on my clothes and sat down and lit a cigarette, acting as if i had all the time in the world. before long she asked me if i was ready to go and i said, “sure”, and stood up when she said.

“you forget my money?”

“oops! no. no. i’m sorry. how much you need?”

“1000 baht.”

i was delighted and whipped out a 1000 baht note faster than a synaptic nerve can process enzymes. at this, i asked her for her number. you never know when you might want a double orgasm for 1000 baht. in my case that would be everyday, but luckily for me i’ve got a girlfriend. life is much cheaper that way!


i walked the girl back to sukhumvit and we parted ways. i switched on my mobile and dialed my girlfriend’s number.


“yes baby.”

“i’m coming home now.”

“okay, i’ll unlock the door.”

i hopped a cab, “pom bye onnut soi ye sip see.”


“khop khun khrup.”

i thought about the night on the way home and especially about the ridiculousness of man, of the instincts and the desires and still i could not help but be happy. everything is in the hands of the gods and if they really are controlling everything then there is no reason not to be happy. it may seem like nothing is perfect and relationships don’t matter and especially so if we fall victim to the temptation that any of us are better than another. but the fact of the matter is that nothing is perfect and we all fall victim to temptations of all shapes and sizes. i can imagine no other reason why the greeks were smart enough to invent the gods. it makes life so much easier.


i arrived home and walked to the elevator and punched the button for the lift. a statue of rama 5 stared at me and i wondered what his life was like. he was considered a god for the thai people and i am quite sure he made theirs lives seem easier somehow. i climbed inside the elevator and pushed 4 and made the ride up and walked to our room and opened the door. my girlfriend was sitting at the computer playing “the sims” when i walked in.

“what are you doing?” i asked.

“trying to make two girls become lesbians. did you miss me?”

i laughed. “like the rabbit longs for the moon.”

she led me over to the bed and looked at me for some time. “did you go with another girl?”

“no.” i lied.

“ching low?”

“ching ching.”

“i thought you might have gone with one. you know you don’t have to lie about it.”

“i know, but i didn’t.”

“then what did you do?”

“drank sang som and watched the tourists.”

“why did you turn off your phone?”

“because i was mad at you for leaving me.”

“are you still mad?”

“no. are you mad?”


she kept looking at me and i looked at her and the traffic could still be heard moving down onnut road at 3 in the morning. “are you sure you didn’t go with another girl?”

“no.” i lied again.

“i was thinking it might be good for you if you did. maybe you’d be in a better mood.”

i shook my head and lit a cigarette. “baby want a coffee?”

“yes baby.”

i got up and put on the water and got two cups and stood their looking at her on the bed. the morning bird started to sing like it does every morning, calling for its mate through some sort of magical instinct that is the gift of the gods. i crawled in bed with her and we listened to the bird singing it’s song as we waited for the water to boil.

Sho Nuff
07-30-04, 17:54
Are the Thais racist against people of African decent?

07-31-04, 16:49
Not that I have noticed. I know one TG married to a black dude from England. If you have a good attitude, clean and decent clothes you should have no problem.

07-31-04, 17:52
Wil Kil,

I've not noticed it either. I've seen plenty of African guys with a Thai girl on their arm looking quite sated and happy. I understand that there is a general prejudice (racism) between Asians and non-Asians but I can't say that I have experienced it often. My single recollection was in Singapore when I was not allowed into a bar. I am still not sure if it was because I am white or if it was because I am not a girl. It was a lesbian nightclub. :)

I don't think you should be concerned about racism in Thailand. Just my 2 Satang.


Joe Zop
07-31-04, 23:11
Wil Kil, Thais (in general) have a thing about dark skin, but it's not about racism, it's about classism. The darker skinned Thais tend to come from Issan, which is poorer farming country, and Thais feel that dark skin is an indicator of working in the fields. Some are very direct about their distaste for dark skin, but, again, it's not a racial thing per se. This dislike and fear of being labeled is one reason you'll often have a tough time getting TGs to go out in the sun.

08-01-04, 00:12
Joe Zop,
They may not call it racism and I disagree and fell it is a form of racism. But seriously, could you imagine if this were the case in the USA. With all the political correctness, this would be classified as racism, no doubt.

Truthfully, having distaste for anyone based solely on the color of their skin is ridiculous! Even if it is a long standing Thai culture thing.


08-01-04, 02:37
Can anyone here tell me where I can find Dennis O' Rourke's "The Good Woman Of Bangkok?" I know it's an old film dating back from 1991, but I'd like to se it. Is it possible it's on DVD? I'm having a difficult time finding it.

Three I
08-01-04, 02:57
That is a great movie I saw it at a media center at Universerity of California Riverside!

Three I
08-01-04, 03:13
Another provocative film from Dennis O'Rourke
The Good Woman of Bangkok
By Dennis O'Rourke
Reviewed by Helen Jarvis

Having spent the last few months in South-east Asia, I was unaware of the debate that preceded the opening of the commercial season for this film.

Looking through the paper for a film I might go to, I was struck by the advertisement for The Good Woman of Bangkok: the compelling gaze of the woman and the lurid quotation caught my eye. The clincher was Dennis O'Rourke's name; I have always liked his work. Dennis is well known as a progressive film maker with a particular interest and long involvement in countries in our region.

The Good Woman of Bangkok is an understated film about prostitution in Thailand. The focus is on Yaowalak Chonchanakun, known as Aoi, who comes from a village in Isan, the poor north-eastern region from which many of Bangkok's workers and squatters come in a relentless search for a living.

O'Rourke has chosen the Brecht play The Good Woman of Setzuan as the framework for Aoi's story, an allegory that moves the focus away from the voyeurism which one might expect to dominate such a film (certainly from the quotation in the advertisement).

The film opens with street scenes of Bangkok -- the machine-like relentless movement of traffic, the clouds of pollution over all -- then a peaceful shot of the entrance to Aoi's village, and her aunt sitting on the ground and speaking laconically in Thai about Aoi's childhood and her ¡°handicap¡± (she is blind in one eye).

Then we see Aoi on a bus heading for Bangkok. She looks like any number of students I know -- simple western-style dress, little or no make-up, hair hanging naturally to her shoulders with a slight fringe frequently falling across her forehead and strong brown eyes behind large owl-like glasses, which for me are the strongest image of Aoi. Strangely enough, the glasses are absent in the film's promotional material.

We see the bar and the hotel in which she works. For anyone who has visited Patpong, Bangkok's most famous sex and bar district for foreigners, the scenes would be depressingly familiar, while for some viewers they might be shockingly new.

Women with bored and listless faces, naked except for high-heeled shoes and bow ties, gyrate to loud music around brass poles. They show the strength and control they have over their vaginas -- holding textacolours to write ¡°no hands¡± messages to the audience, directing ping-pong balls into glasses and inserting chains of razor blades.

We see the women crowded into a space to change and put on make-up. They jostle and snap at each other, giving us some idea of the anxieties and problems they face and the small amounts of money for which they work -- the $20 for a night's sex goes first to the bar owner, the hotel and the pimp, while all sorts of charges cut into the woman's portion. One woman remarks that she would need four dollars al times we hear that in many cases the woman ends up with just the tip, and not every man gives one.

I have some contacts with the Thai women's movement -- including Empower, a group of sex industry workers fighting to improve their working conditions and to build solidarity and self-confidence among the workers. The images of their situation shown in the film are certainly accurate from what I know.

The most powerful part of the film for me is a series of monologues from Aoi, quietly spoken into a mirror, sometimes lightly and sometimes with anger or great distress -- crying, cutting off the interview as her story unfolds. The aunt keeps reappearing, like a chorus filling us in on the background and giving a perspective to the immediacy and poignancy of Aoi's own words.

The shifts from country to city, from street to bar to hotel room are somewhat jumpy, but help to remind the viewer of the context from which the women come -- the grinding poverty and demands made by their families, particularly the fathers. We even see one girl (perhaps 13 years old) being brought up in a lift to be sold.

The film has been criticised as voyeuristic and exploitative, but I strongly disagree, except insofar as any film has to look at and exploit its subject and actors.

O'Rourke has been criticised for going to Bangkok and participating in the sex trade, and then getting off scot free by hardly appearing in the film at all. To my mind, he appears too much. The print introduction and epilogue, and his very few questions to Aoi really don't tell us anything more about her; they only confuse the issue by bringing in his emotional state, his reaction to her situation and his relationship with her (which is not satisfactorily explained). I found this irrelevant and distracting from Aoi's own story -- a small flaw in a beautiful and powerful film.

Joe Zop
08-01-04, 03:55
GT, I'd agree with you except for the fact that many Thais say the same things about themselves. I don't know how many TGs I've heard complain that they are "too dark" or "too black." I've even heard this from northern women who are positively spectral compared to most Thais. It's simply not about race, it's about the social structure of Thai society. Though I agree with you that in some ways race may be at the core of it, it's more xenophobia, as there are Thais of varying social stripes, and then there's everyone else, and everyone else is in another category entirely -- farang. If you're not Thai you don't really matter all that much in any event, so this is more an internal argument than discrimination against this or that race.

I B Gaijin
08-03-04, 09:26
The dark skin issue is not only a Thai issue – and it is really more a class issue than anything else. The make-up companies make millions of dollars each year selling “whitening” creams, lotions, and cover-ups to Asian women. Even in Asian countries where most people think of the women as fair skinned these “whitening” products are very popular. Just look at some prime examples like geisha girls in Japan. The traditional geisha basically wears white paint on their face to look more beautiful.

In Asia the darker skin is an indication that you have to work outside in the fields (or even that your ancestors have had to work out in the fields), and places you in a lower working class. As apposed to those people with a good job, and good back-ground that are able to work inside all the time.

There is also the obvious issue that most Thai-Chinese have lighter skin tones (generally thought of as higher-class Thai), and that most Thai-Laos, Thai-Khmer, Thai-Cambodian have darker skin tones and are the poor Issan farmers (generally treated like s*** by the Thai-Chinese).

Kind of funny that in the US things are completely 180 on this topic (and for some similar reasons). In the US women spend tones of cash on tanning, and tanning related products to get darker skin tones. This can show that you have either the time and money to vacation in exotic locations, or that you simply have the extra cash to spend on the tanning bed/tanning products. Because all those poor pale skin girls are stuck working inside the office all day.

It appears we all want what we do not have. If you have pale skin – you want a tan. If you have a dark skin – you want pale skin.

I dated a TG once that told me she used to get in trouble with her father because she took very long showers. She did this because she thought if she washed enough her skin would become a lighter shade.

Migrant One
08-05-04, 20:39
Dark vs Light skin

I was married to a Korean woman and she was very very careful not to get too much sun. To the extent that, while vain usually, she would wear those ridiculess huge floppy hats outside.

She was also very concerned about our kids getting too much sun and never wanted them to swim too long.

Like I B Gaijin says it was an indication that you worked outside, and therefore lower class. It is not a race issue as much as a class issue.

My ex came here after high school, got a degree plus MBA here and still was overly concerned about too dark skin.

It's too bad because I like the dark skin exotic look.

A well, oh by the way anyone want to invest with me on a tanning salon in BKK??


08-06-04, 05:30
Migrant One,


There is no easier way to loose money than to invest it into a tanning studio in Bangkok. All beauty salons provide creams and treatments to make the skin more light, and I don't know any Thai woman who like to have dark skin.

Same problem with the finger nails - they like it long. The longer the better. And the skin on the hands must be soft. It shows that the woman does not have to work with her hands (like farmers have to do), and is interpreted as a sign of prosperity.

Not so good for massage and other services...


Dick Nasty
08-06-04, 06:53
Yes, in SE. Asia women want to be fair, it is a symbol of elegance and high class. That is why rarely you will find a girl who like to sunbath, unlike westerners.

That is why Asian Celebs go to beauty salons to lighten their skin

I B Gaijin
08-09-04, 06:29
Dark skin / Light skin

A friend of mine, who lives in Thailand with the wife and kids, took the family for a beach vacation (in Thailand). Well the first time for the kids at the beach so of course they wanted to spend all day everyday on the beach. End of the week the family returns to the village and everyone is mad at my friend because the kiddies are all now about six shades darker. I don’t mean like joking around type ribbing. But seriously pi****-off about how dark he had allowed the kids to get.

08-14-04, 17:05
One experience in Samui the other year summed up the skin colour issue perfectly for me (and i should have taken a photo of this). On the shelves in supermarkets amongst the Suntan lotions, were whitening creams by the same company right next to each other. My Thai Girl was always going on about avoiding the strong sun and wanting me to do the same all the time as she preferred me white. I was of course frying myself browner everyday on the beach.

She went out for 30 minutes one day, and when she came back into the Bungalow there were two stripes where her top had been covering certain areas. I was shocked at how quickly they go darker. And, once they go dark it takes much longer for it to fade on their skin. So understandably they avoid it like the plague. I myself dont feel pressured to tan anymore either. I think our societys have become too bloody obsessed with this, and people are taking us for a ride with all these expensive sun creams and lotions, etc. Now i'm quite happy the way i am (certainly when it's always seen as more beautiful by those in Asia)

Dutch Boy
08-19-04, 20:13
Is white skin also considered to be more beautifull then dark skin on falang men, and also on thai men?

08-20-04, 17:42
Wil Kil,

I've just got back from a month in LOS, I'm of African-Caribbean descent. I found absolutely no problems with skin colour. Primarily I was viewed as 'farang', this label was stronger than ethnicity.

Secondly, the girls are much more interested in the baht in your pocket than the mellanin in your skin. Many of them told me that they wanted to go with me because they liked the colour of my skin (if I was green with orange spots they'd have said the same thing !)

Thirdly, they did all say that I must be 'big' (yep, that old stereotype lives in LOS as well) - after a few days as I walked past a bar and the girls shouted 'you big, you too big', I would shout back 'you small, you too small!' and make a little ring shape with my fingers !!

They'll like you as you're from the west. If you dress well, smile at them & laugh with them they'll love you. I treated them with the same charm that I would use with the finest US/European honey's. The TG loved !


Pedro Chilli
08-21-04, 20:23
My little 'girlfriend' from my last trip - march- has finally stopped phoning and emailing me. Despite myself I cant help feeling a bit gutted. After all, she was different and I was special. Nevermind, will be back in Jan with a little trip to Nairobi in between.

Hi Rub
08-25-04, 19:12
Okay, I'm planning to fly this Thai girl to Korea for 3 months to be my concubine. She won't tell me how much money she wants per week/month, she says she just wants enough to provide for her 2yr old boy. I'm wondering how much I should pay for an average looking Thai girl (small tits, not bi-sexual, no anal). I'm thinking close to $300 (U.S. dollars) a month. Does that sound good to you guys who know Thailand's economy, she's bummin of her friends right now.

Also, she said she could bring a friend. Would a Thai girl realize that if I can pay $600 for 2 girls that I'd be able to pay $600 for only her.

Let me know what you guys think. Also, if you guys know of any girls in there 20's willing to do something like this let me know.

I B Gaijin
09-01-04, 03:16
Smoke & Mirrors,

Sorry for the delay - I have been traveling.

Friend is Western - wife is Thai.

Thai family was not happy he turned the kids six shades darker by letting them play on the beach.

09-05-04, 02:51
Hi Rub,

I just read your post, and I am a bit surprised that nobody answered up to now.

Generally you can find girls in Thailand which will stay with you for free in Korea (or wherever you work in Asia), if you pay for the flight and take care of them for the time you stay together. But - it can be that they consider themselves to be your GF then, and that is possibly not what you want.

If that girl has to take care of a baby she should not need more than baht 8,000 (200 US $) a month for that, depending on where the baby (and with whom) lives. If BKK it can be a bit more, if Isaan (North East) 5,000 baht is really enough. But the girl will have an apartment, too, which must be paid for, because normally those girls do not work in the cities where their families live.

Furthermore she will know how much money she can make if she works somewhere in Thailand. She will not accept an income much lower than that.

Generally I would not offer the amount by myself, she must tell you what she wants. It that is out of line - forget it, don't even start to discuss. If it is reasonable you can negotiate it down a little bit.

Two girls: You can always argue that you cannot pay double, if she wants to bring a friend. But the solution with two girls would be good for you, because I doubt that a Thai girl stays 3 month in Korea if she has to be alone all day, when you go to work. Those girls don't like to stay alone, they live together with families or friends all their lifes.

Bottom line: US $ 300 - 500 for one girl, US $ 600 - 800 for two. That's what I would try.

Good luck.


09-05-04, 04:13
Dutch Boy,

Yes, they always prefer that you are as white as possible.

When I arrive in Thailand, usually Pattaya, I am always white as a stiff and then I start sunbathing and get a healthier look with a good tanned skin.

TG's have told me on several occasions they didn't like the tan. TG's that saw me when I first arrived always told me they liked my original white colour more than my tanned skin. They do find white skin more attractive in farangs too.

Anyway, what they like is usually of no importance to us: we just fuck them and pay them. We don't travel to Thailand to satisfy TG's, we go there to enjoy ourselves, so whenever I go there I try to sunbathe as much as possible, I love feeling the warm strokes of sunlight all over my body.

And I do look better and healthier when I am tanned, regardless of what TG's think.

The Traveler
09-05-04, 08:15

hey man, is it so hard to understand that he wants to fuck that so called piece of Thai ass more than once when being back to his homecountry ?

If you have a prob with staying in control if you spend more time with a girl than your often mentioned 15 min to get your nuts busted, doesn't mean others aren't capable of that. Maybe you should question your abilities rather than calling others being stupid, you might still be able to learn from those you call being nuts.

I brought many TG's back home, not to show them around, but to have nice company, being served 24/7 (less important to me) and have a great fuck whenever I feel the need (very important to me). Those girls never controlled me even for a second. If there would be too much probs, just confirm her return flight and she is on her way back. So what's the prob ?

I guess you have severe problems with girls of any kind. Maybe you had bad experiences in the past and now believe that all girls are the same. Who knows, who cares ?

If you are to weak to set up limits for the girls or aren't able to handle minor probs that might occur when being with somebody for an extended period of time, than you should question yourself instead of the mental state of those who are able of doing so.

09-05-04, 09:35
In regards to the skin color issue,

I was in Pattaya almost 10 years ago and am going again this Jan. From what I remember, the girls were just as receptive to me (african-american) as they were to caucausains. Other than some good natured joking around, no mention was ever made or did I ever experience any problems regarding my race or skin color. I think one of the earlier posters was right when he mentioned that it was mainly a problem within their culture and they don't apply it to westerners. On another note, I've also been to Japan and the girls there seemed to be really attracted to Afro-American men but not to the African men that were there.

09-06-04, 03:15
Samus Aran,

Just let me know whether you are going to post your 3F comments in all sections of this forum now. I did not stop to write in the "SA in Thailand" thread to get involved into the same kind of discussions in other threads now.

It is your right to express your opinion. But I prefer to discuss issues using a reasonable language, and avoid phrases like "piece of Thai ass", "brown humpers" and "piece of pussy". May be it is possible for you to follow this basic rules outside your own thread.

Hi Rub,

Thai women are neither dangerous monsters nor cold-hearted sex machines. But you should control the moneyflow, and not starting to buy houses or cars for them, as you would not do that for a Euopean or American girlfriend / sex partner either. But - as I understood your post you are well aware of that anyway.


09-06-04, 06:33
I thought SA was restricted to his own section. Wasn't the "Samus Aran in Thailand" section created specifically to keep his rants confined to that thread?

Who let him out?

09-07-04, 05:56
Hey guys, just a thought.

SA's response to Rub has a sub head: "(from the Thai opinion section)"

I'll bet he posted here accidently.


09-07-04, 06:06

I think you are right. Let's forget about it, and hope, that it does not happen again.


Terry Terrier
09-07-04, 13:17
Yes Domino.

I do have opinions. You like to ram yours down others' throats. I do not.

However, I will state that has become very clear to me that your enormous arrogance leads you to believe that you can use your reasonbly high intelligence and good knowledge of Thailand to bully and belittle people at will.

You really do not belong on this forum, Domino. I am sure that you believe that you have outgrown it. Your lack of respect for the majority of posters seems to indicate this.

You are discredited for your abuse of other posters, and for your deceit in using different logins.

You should move on, for the good of the forum and yourself.

Rolly Polly
09-07-04, 15:02
I know this isn't my territory, but ignorance of Jackson's policies, especially from those who claim to be his best friend and close confidant always surprise me.


I think SA was confined to his own thread for a purpose. Jackson does not like women to be degraded as he states so clearly in the posting guidlines.

The words "Wh*re", "B*tch" and "C*nt" are not allowed because these words are commonly used to denigrate women, and that's not what this website is all about.
SA may not be breaking the rules exactly since he does not use the above mentioned words, but he is not in line with Jackson's wishes as to 'what this whole website is about" either.

Defend him if you may, but recognize that his rants cannot possibly be looked favorably upon.