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Have the honor of starting the new FKK Neunkirchen thread, a club which is favored by some of our senior members (especially Toscana who has been a one man travel office for this club!) who frequent south west Germany, close to the border with France. Due to its location it attracts a fair number of French customers and some Luxembourgers too. Many of the girls and staff speak French, but English-speaking customers can manage too.

BetzenhŲlle 20
Tel.: (+49) 6821 86 55 03

Entry: EUR 50
Mon-Sat: 11.00 Ė 2.00
Sun: 18.00 Ė 0.00

Here is an index of previous reports about this club culled mainly from the "Other FKK Clubs" thread.


A great big thanks to Toscana who posted most of these initial reports and put this club on the Englsih speakers' map. Itís up to all of us to follow his lead and add more reports.

Njoy, and post!

06-27-09, 16:32
Nice to find this thread but the links are too old to be trusted anymore I think. Any recent intel about this FKK or others near Saarbruken? I promise to add to the discussion when I return.



06-28-09, 04:41
The correct url for the club is:


Only been there once almost three years ago. On that weekday there were only 6 girls working.

06-28-09, 22:21
Nice to find this thread but the links are too old to be trusted anymore I think. Any recent intel about this FKK or others near Saarbruken?I've checked back, and I would say that the links to reports this year are still more or less OK. A lot of the girls mentioned are still there, judging by what I have heard and read on other forums.

I myself have not been now for nearly three months, and the reason is indeed that I was seeing the same faces time and time again. So I am afraid I cannot offer anything new at the moment. But there are usually between 12 and 15 girls on any day, and there are good performers there every day.

I've been to FKK Tantra in nearby Kaiserslautern a couple of times recently, and will report some time soon.
The club is not yet a year old, but is improving rather fast. There are still not really enough girls (there were eight there on an afternoon visit last week), but there are very few clients as well, so you get your pick. Food there, not at Neunkirchen except on Thursdays. One to look out for is Amanda from Brazil. An insider tip at Kaiserslautern is to go for the Spaniards, who are usually very good as well. A good PSE session with Ines from Spain last week, and she told me she was transferring the very next day to Neunkirchen.

There is a very new club nearby at Lebach:
I have refused to go to this one yet, because they seem to be doing absolutely everything possible wrong. But, hey, it may all be BS. Why not take one for the team?

09-18-09, 15:06
I returned to Neunkirchen yesterday for the first time in a while. There have been some considerable changes, positive on the whole.

There has been a renovation of part of the premises, principally the wellness areas. They have sacrificed the steam sauna which no one ever seemed to use, and have extended the relaxation zone to include a new jacuzzi. More loungers, a large TV showing German channels and not porn, plus more light and a stylish mirror setup, now make this area much roomier and more pleasant. Very well done in my opinion. And from there you can also position yourself to observe girls and customers coming back from rooms.

As part of the extension there are now two more rooms, one of which incorporates a smaller jacuzzi. Rumour has it that this costs a bottle of champus, but thatís not confirmed.

The main room with the bar has been smartened up with new sofas and small bartables in the middle.

Thursday is the only day where buffet dinner is served. (The price is that this also Dessous day :-( ). However, the food on offer is quite simply the best Iíve ever seen in an FKK. I have heard that a smaller buffet is now supposed to be offered on other days too, but I forgot to check that, so for the moment assume that itís peanuts and breadsticks only on other days. No problem to take your own stuff in though.

The selection wasnít bad. I reckon there were about 15 girls. I knew about five of them. Of these I would class three as really good lookers. The rest are rather older than you would expect in the big-city FKKs.

I found time for three:

Zulu, Barbados (unusual country to notch up)
Frizzy light brown hair, Caribbean look indeed
B breasts

Zulu prefers English, although she lives in Germany. She still does some modelling, and has the figure for it. A good session, especially her kissing. She has a lovely lower lip which folds over sexily and which you can nibble on nicely. She does not do anal, otherwise nothing is off limits, and she is relaxed in the room. I would repeat with her.

Helen, Romania
About 32, I guess, but the body of a 20 year old
About 1.65m
Black hair in a ponytail just below the shoulders
Delightful A/B breasts, best arse Iíve seen in a while

Helen is a semi-professional stripper, and indeed did a turn at the pole yesterday evening. Has been around the clubs, Bruchsal most recently. Iíve been pretty lucky this year, had some heart-stoppingly good sessions, but Helen just about beat the lot yesterday. She is slender and fit, immaculate body, pleasant face, but eyes which could get steely hard if she didnít like you. That was definitely not the case with me. No end of kissing, mealy blow job with a mischievous grin, wonderful long session of 69 and stacks of positions. She really got into the session herself. I wonít forget the way she flung her hair clasp away and let her hair tumble down wildly as she rode a strenuous cowgirl. She charged for an hour only even though we went over. Earned a rare tip from me. Must get back to see her. If you find yourself down there and want to see her, remember she works Thursdays to Sundays. No anal, no CIM.

Clara, Bulgaria
Toscana brought down to earth. Terrible mistake, terrible session. Donít even want to describe it, so bad, so bad. :-) :-) Almost ruined all the good feeling after the first two sessions. This is a rare happening for me, as the standards of service at this club are pretty good. But fear not, Iíll get over it ;-)

03-06-10, 00:34
Note to self: entry has now been raised as of 1.3.10 from EUR 50 to EUR 55.

Report for self: Iíve been twice to the club in the past week.

Report to the rest of ISG, in case interested: the business seems to be going well. FKK 214 in SaarbrŁcken (same owners) has enjoyed a renaissance the past few months, and Neunkirchen too seems to be on the up. Average number of providers has risen from about 10 to around 15 now. Quite daring to raise the price at the tail-end of a recession, but I can see the rationale. The premises have been extended (see last report), the showers have now been modernised, and compared with before there is now a small snack availability most days, which is OK. Only fully prepared food is on Thursdays though. I understand the owners have also managed to buy an adjacent property and that the club will be further expanded this year. Main reason for the raise in price, however, would appear to be demand. The numbers have held up very well. You see the same guys there time and time again, Germans, French, Luxembourgers, and the girls stick around because they can do business.

And the current line-up is pretty useful. The regular good providers (Ella, Russia; Lea, Czech Rep, both with splendid big naturals; Nicole, Poland; Tascha, local; Manu, Belgium; all blonde; several others) keep turning up. Iíve known them all for at least six years now, although I rarely go with them any more. A couple of Romanian blondes, Anna and Denisa, plus a black-haired Pole, Magda, who were all good value about twelve months ago, have also just reappeared.

And life has been spiced up the past week by some further interesting girls I met (some again) this week:

Agnes, Lithuania
Early 30s
False blonde, medium-length
About 1.60
Natural B breasts

Another returnee I hadnít seen for a couple of years. Great GFE for an hour, all the works. She admitted at the end that it had been quite a while since sheíd had such a good session. She has a magnificent arse, just great to stroke and play with, finished in doggie with my thumb buried deep :-) Action-packed fifty minutes. She only wanted EUR 50; I gave her EUR 70, she was so good.

Lisa, Romania
Early 20s
Long wavy blonde hair
About 1.62
Soft natural B/C breasts

Beautiful girl with curves in all the right places and lovely soft skin. Was happy I spoke English. Lisa is quite inexperienced, amazingly for one so good-looking, but totally willing. Very good, happy session. Loves sex, and hasnít got to the stage where itís just a business, just a routine. So I was lucky. Great kissing in mish, which is where I dwelled for a long, long time before letting go a splendid 5-roper on her chin and those lovely tits. She wasnít there a couple of days ago. Hope sheís not left.

Emma, Romania
Long straight brown hair
About 1.65, statuesque model type
Immaculate B breasts

One of the most stunning girls Iíve seen in a long while. Perfectly proportioned slim body, and beautiful smooth-skinned face. You are getting really picky if you say that perhaps her collar-bones are a tiny bit too prominent, but I only noticed this later when she walked past me. You have to preserve your ideal. :-) :-). Previously at Paradise in Stuttgart according to her. And intelligent. Good German. Had to cock-block an unhappy German to get to her, so popular was she. I knew what it was going to be like, but just couldnít pass. She is aware of how good she looks, sheís cool, almost distant, and this is going to be business. But an Optikfick is an Optikfick, and wow, the mirrored room was available too! To be fair, she didnít try to cut corners, and I got a full session, but there was no way that she was going to engage dynamically in the proceedings. Token kissing, functional BBBJ, but Little Tosc needed no real encouragement, he was up and raging. Emma didnít want to ride, which was a crying shame, but it meant I could swing her round into right-angled mish, which I can make last for quite a while, and means I can grasp all the goods, get a good view and work up a head of steam at my own pace. Finished off in doggie. How could it be otherwise? I would do her again just for that experience too. But if she were wise she would up the service; Iíd be in there for an hour with extras in a flash, but she seems to want to go for volume alone.

Anya, Belarus
Shoulder-length blonde hair
About 1.60
Soft natural B/C breasts

After recovering from my optical extravaganza I needed Anya. I had fond memories of her. Not a real beauty, I must agree; but then nor is she. Sheís got about 5 kgs too many, but she is a sweet girl who pampered me with fantastic kisses and beautiful BBBJ over a great 60 minute session. Canít remember how I finished, memoryís a bit fuzzy there, but it doesnít matter, she did a fine job.

Zina, Germany
Long ash-blonde hair
Looks younger, but I reckon over 35
Tall and slim. About 1.75 with long, long legs
A/B breasts

Zina is in good condition, surprising for one whoís been around the scene for a long while. This was the first time Iíd met her though. Sheís an Ossie from east Berlin. And, boy, does it show! One of those intensely irritating people who talk at you rather than with you, generalize grossly about people and nationalities and have a tedious opinion on just about everything. All comes from a strong inferiority complex of course. Fortunately I wasnít going to have to live with her, but to fuck her, and for that she was well equipped, I must say.

It took me a while to work Zina out. I had forgotten to check out her services before we got to the room, and as luck would have it she doesnít kiss, no CIM, no anal. I would have liked the DFK, but wasnít about to splurge out on extras anyway. That basically leaves oral sex and fucking, and to her credit she loves both, and does them supremely well. You can DATY her in 69 until the club closes and the same with fucking. She gets wet, stays wet and really enjoys herself in any number of positions. Which is what we did.

So, if they continue this way, I can see this club flourishing further, even if it will never be a glamorous big-city operation. If youíre down that way, you might care to drop in?

P.S. to self: there is now a number combination safe in each locker since a guest threatened to sue the management after apparently losing some stuff out of his locker a while back. (I understand they have now issued him with club Verbot). Funny thing is no one knows how to use the things, including staff and girls. I don't know how they work either. Big drama yesterday after a Luxembourger adamantly wanted to use his safe but couldn't get it open. At least ten people milling around with "helpful" suggestions. Caused a great multi-lingual fuss, got another locker, locked his things up and then couldn't get it open again. High comedy by now. I don't know what happened next. I chose this as a judicious moment to leave the club... LOL.

03-16-12, 11:26
Until last week it had been three months since I had been in this club. Quite a lot has changed.

Firstly, the club's name has changed to FKK Prestige. The old website link still works.

Secondly, the price of entry has been raised to EUR 60.

Thirdly, there has been a considerable extension to the premises. The property had always been rather hemmed in by other businesses in this industrial estate, but the owners managed to buy an adjacent plot two years ago. This meant they were able to increase the club area by about a third. The extension was carried out late last year, and subsequently the old part of the club was extensively modernised. It meant that there were works going on for over six months, which was a pain, but as I discovered last week it was worth it.

Fourthly, there is food available all day in a 'bistro' which was formerly the bar and contact area. It looks nothing like that now. A completely new kitchen has been built. Considering you could hardly get anything to eat at this club until recently, this is a major positive change and enables you to stay for much longer periods.

Fifthly, the girls are officially allowed to approach the guests now. Mind you, I didn't see it happen once.

The club now has a completely different feel to it. It is quite disorienting. The changing rooms have been redecorated and the locker numbers increased. They are obviously hoping to increase guest numbers. The quality of the renovated premises is astonishingly high. Serious money and internal design expertise has been invested here. It is now the size of a medium-range club like Finca. Unfortunately there is still only a small outside area, more a yard. Interestingly the bar, the contact area and the new (magnificent) sauna facilities are all together in one large open-plan spread, divided subtly by steps or furniture clusters. Clever. Adjoining this are some extra new rooms, also lavishly fitted, all now with mirror arrangements. So far as I can see the staff has been turned over too. The new barkeeper is Lea from Prague, long time star of the old sofas and better looking in civvies than most naked on the new sofas, who does her new job well too. Unfortunately in her new role she still doesn't kiss, allows no fingering and blowjobs are strictly 'with'. Does her usual good reverse cowgirl at the beer tap though.

So, all in all, the increase in entry is more than justified. Most moan at price increases. This is a good deal.

The catchment area of Saarland and adjacent German areas, parts of north east France and Luxembourg is quite large, so the investment may pay off. But it will require them to continue to attract sufficient software. I was quite frustrated with the turnout at first. With a limited time window, I faced a real shortage of talent between 11. 00 and 15. 00. About 8 girls, and none of them of more than passing interest. Suddenly, there were more, and by the time I left at about 17. 00 there must have been 20 girls, including some new good lookers, I must say. It was dessous day, so I didn't see them in all their god-given finery. But it looked promising.

I only went with one girl, a tall, friendly bronzed Bulgarian called Stella, who fitted the bill on this restricted day with a FKK-club standard session. I nearly aborted when she told me her previous experience was at Palace, but she knew what I was talking about with substandard service and tricks with tourists, and assured me she was not part of this scene. What clinched it for me was that she said she was a childhood friend of another girl in the club, Anna, who was one of my very good sessions last year. As it turned out instinct proved correct and she was true to her word. I shall not repeat with her; however, if Anna duly confirms that they are close friends, I might just take them both for a duo.

Maybe I shall not be reporting to myself on this thread for too much longer.

03-16-12, 16:00
Good report T.

Sorry to ask basic questions, what does a session cost for 30 min and is it towels or robes?

Until last week it had been three months since I had been in this club. Quite a lot has changed.

Maybe I shall not be reporting to myself on this thread for too much longer.

03-17-12, 22:31
Sorry to ask basic questions, what does a session cost for 30 min and is it towels or robes?Bearsk,

30 mins EUR 50. Prices at Neunkirchen are 100% in line with Hessen (and Artemis) prices. If that needs further elaboration, perhaps PM me.

The vast majority of punters (me included) are in Hessendress: blue towels. Except in the room. That said, I noticed a handful of guys in white robes this last time. Whether they asked for them from the club, and if so whether they had to pay for them, I do not know, I am afraid. There were a few corners where it was a little chillier, and I might have appreciated a robe, but I think I was feeling a bit under the weather that visit, and that may be the reason. If, as an Artemis connoisseur, you prefer robes, you might like to give Prestige a ring in advance.

05-03-12, 12:45
The place is great! Rarely disaponted of viviting it!

My explanation for men in white is : with baddemantel you can hide your not athletic body. Some men are shy.

Usually I post on youppie. Net and I am looking for friends!

09-08-12, 03:47
During my trip to Germany early this summer I stopped overnight in Neunkirchen when I was driving from somewhere to somewhere else, because this small city happened to be on the way to where I was going. Otherwise there's not much reason to stop here. It's a former coal mining town that's not very interesting. I stayed at the Zoo Hotel which is right next to, well, the zoo. I didn't go to the zoo but from outside it appeared to be the most interesting attraction in the city.

But it does have a fairly well known FKK with a generally good reputation, FKK Prestige, as it is currently known. One of its advantages is that it is close to the French border and thus it gets a lot of business from our sex-starved brothers in Frogland, a country that is much less permissive than Germany (especially now that a prudish, pro-feminist government is in power).

I liked this club and I enjoyed my evening here. Its facilities are reasonably nice and well maintained, the front desk person was friendly and helpful, and the selection of girls was pretty good. However, this is not a destination club like World, Oase, Artemis and other big, famous clubs in other parts of Germany. Among other clubs that I've been to, it reminded me somewhat of Samya (Cologne) in terms of size, facilities and selection of girls.

When I go to a club like Oase or Artemis, I feel somewhat overwhelmed by the choices. I can easily find 20 different girls that I'm attracted to at those places. The night I visited Prestige there were probably 20 girls in total and, based on physical appearance, I found about 6 or 8 of them to my liking. As far as I'm concerned, that's enough, but it does mean that once you decide on a girl, you need commit to a session with her because she might suddenly disappear with another customer and then you are left with relatively few options.

Anyway I took my time and finally decided on Anna for my first session. Anna has long straight platinum blond hair, an attractive face and a nice, womanly body-not skinny but not overweight either. She spent a long time just sitting at the bar talking with other girls and not going for sessions with customers. This made me a little suspicious, but I think she was just the type of girl that let the customers come to her rather than seeking them out. She eventually left the bar and took a spot on one of the lounge chairs which is where I finally made contact with her. I chatted with her for a little while before deciding to go for a session. She told me she is Russian but I can't verify that. It's possible, but she also might be Romanian or something. Anyway it didn't matter to me.

Her service was good but not great. She agreed to go to the kino, my preferred FKK terrain, and consummate our relationship there. I was disappointed though that no one else was in the kino during our whole time there. It took some of the thrill away. She delivered a pretty standard BBBJ and some satisfying doggie-style sex. She fulfilled the requirements of the job but without any passion (real or fake). Her manner made me think she might really be Russian. I'm attracted to Russian women but I generally find them cool, detached and somewhat distant.

After Anna, I spent some time at the bar and on the couches in the main room while drinking water and fending off the advances of the the more aggressive girls. One girl who was tall and athletic constantly danced around the room like a whirling dervish trying to attract the attention of the customers. Though she was attractive and a very energetic dancer she didn't get much attention from the customers, of whom there were about as many as the girls (20 or so). There was one girl that I was VERY attracted to. She had a face and body (Playboy quality natural C-cups) that would qualify her to be a top earner at a place like World or Oase. However, she never approached me and the couple times that I caught her eye when we passed by each other she just gave me a blank look with no smile. I'm sure that she would have gone with me if I had asked her to, but her manner put me off. She seemed like a Prima Donna. I don't know if she was or not, because I never talked to her. In any case, I never approached her.

After I had been there awhile, I noticed a new girl at the bar. She was tall and a little older than some of the girls (I would guess 30ish). She wore fashionable glasses and her hair was frosty blond and well coiffed. I would describe her a youngish MILF. When I found myself close to her at the bar I noticed that she wore a star of David pendant on her neck. Hmm, I thought, this is a rare bird indeed- a Jewish prostitute in Germany. I'm not Jewish but I have always been attracted to Jewish girls. Though I grew up in a town near NYC that had a lot of Jews, I never managed to score with a Jewish girl. During my international escapades in the world of paid sexual companionship, I have sampled the delights of women from virtually all corners of the civilized world, but I have never met a Jewish prostitute. At least as far as I know.

I could not pass up the opportunity. But it was difficult to approach her. She seemed to know lots of the girls and customers and she was popular with them. She talked in a lively, animated fashion with both girls and customers and I didn't want to barge in on a conversation. And while I waited patiently for an opportunity to talk with her she went off with customers a couple times. Finally as the evening was drawing to a close, I maneuvered myself close to her and tried to strike up a conversation with her when she was alone. I got as far as introducing myself and learning her name, Leona. But she doesn't speak English or French, just German and, to my surprise, Italian. I asked her to go to a room rather than the kino because the kino was apt to be empty again.

When we got to the room, I tried out what little Italian I know and I found out that she is half German and half Italian. She wears the star of David as a sign of her respect and love for her Jewish mother (not sure whether the mother was German or Italian). So she has a very interesting and out-of-the-ordinary background among FKK girls.

I sensed from observing her during the course of the evening that she is a very sensual woman. Also, I was predisposed to think this about her because of my attraction to Jewish girls. She did not disappoint me. My session with Leona was active, erotic and satisfying. In short, Leona ravished me. She was aggressive without trying to rush me. She responded well to my cues. While I took her from behind, I started some dirty talk with her in English and she responded with a steady patter of German. I didn't understand a word. For all I knew she was reciting the Old Testament, but I found her German dirty talk very arousing. All in all it was more PSE than GFE. But I loved Leona's PSE. I decided to call her Leona the Lioness. I don't know if she understood when I told her that.

I don't know if Leona is a regular at Prestige. I understood her to say she lives in Munich and might just visit Prestige on occasion. In any case, if she sounds like your type, then I highly recommend Leona the Lioness.

09-09-12, 22:37
Thanks for the detailed report.

Anna, if it is the one I think you met, is Bulgarian. Usually a very good session in my experience.

I haven't been in a while, a little put off by poor reports of late on the German forums. It may be the summer lull; it may be more serious problems with the line-up.

The one girl no one should miss at this club, if they can book her, is Rebecca, tall dark Romanian. In my top ten all-time at FKKs.

Top facilities.

But by all accounts the line-up at Tantra, Kaiserslautern, just a sprint along the road, is currently much better.

Thanks again.

09-16-12, 02:57
Hmm, I thought, this is a rare bird indeed- a Jewish prostitute in Germany.

I have never met a Jewish prostitute. At least as far as I know.Maybe not as rare as you think, Captain.

The difference being they may not divulge or make it as obvious as your friend.

Certainly some of the ladies I've been with in this part of the world have had some Jewish ancestry.

12-06-14, 16:29
Of course the food is a little bit less good but who comes here for food?

They AR between 20 and 35 girls for all tastes! Slim ones, fit ones, curved ones, at ones!

This is a quiet club (sex in public I'd not frequent and mybe disapprouved!

All the girls are nices and not sharks!

A very good choice!

12-06-14, 21:50
Of course the food is a little bit less good but who comes here for food?

They AR between 20 and 35 girls for all tastes! Slim ones, fit ones, curved ones, at ones!

This is a quiet club (sex in public I'd not frequent and mybe disapprouved!

All the girls are nices and not sharks!

A very good choice!Is Emma. Ro, the superstar for kissing and prettiest, back?

12-16-14, 19:47
Is Emma. Ro, the superstar for kissing and prettiest, back?Hello Sirioja ,

I think that the actual Emma who is sometimes present at the Prestige is not the one you did enjoy last year, but they are a lot of nice ans sexy girls, of course, between December 20.

And January 10 will be very quiet ans a lot og girls will be missing, as in all the clubs!

12-17-14, 01:09
Hello Sirioja ,

I think that the actual Emma who is sometimes present at the Prestige is not the one you did enjoy last year, but they are a lot of nice ans sexy girls, of course, between December 20.

And January 10 will be very quiet ans a lot og girls will be missing, as in all the clubs!Unfortunately, I miss my Emma. Ro, the only one, who make the Prestige full 1 year ago.

05-10-15, 20:21
My port-of-call in these parts has been FKK Paradise Saarbruecken, which I recommend in the relevant thread. It was time to check the competition so I stopped at FKK Club Prestige this Sunday in early afternoon. The place didn't look like much from the outside but it looked much better the minute I stepped in. I'd put in on a par with Paradise except Paradise has a nicer (sunnier) outdoor area and boasts some really quiet corners where you can have a nap. Useful when you're stopping over before driving on. While here you have to flee outdoors to escape the ubiquitous house music. There are two Finnish saunas, one very spacious. Everything is clean. A guy arrived with excruciatingly stinking feet, whom I helped identify (I'm not the ratting type but the stench of those feet was too much).

I liked the line-up. They were all girls I had seen nowhere before, among whom three rather fleshy girls with hourglass figures. About 20 in all and no more than 10 men, mostly French guys who didn't seem to be into spending money, so it was easy for me to become the darling of the show, with a contribution to the Rumanian economy of 7 x 50 euros. All 7 girls held their side of the bargain (although I only managed to come twice because of a condition called "age").

The more than decent line-up + the excellent male-money to pussy ratio makes this place into another FKK off the beaten track worth more than a passing visit. Theory: "Fkks remote from any major international airport offer good (better?) value for time and money".

05-11-15, 00:01
Real name is FKK Prestige located in Neunkirchen close to Sarrebrucken.

About 20/30 girls, with most high services level, Larissa. Ro is very GFE.

Theke Ingrit is very friendly, cooker kirghyze Olga is my friend, I miss her.

I met there at the end of 2013 a real FKK superstar, Emma. Ro top GFE.

Entry 50 Ä , rate 50/30 mn out of extra, CIM 50.

05-18-15, 11:51
Real FKK with full naked girls.

Most of girls provide high level services.

07-18-15, 13:30
Not many customers this Friday afternoon in what has become my favourite Saarland FKK. A pleasant surprise was the efficient aircon in the rooms girls took me to, though I'm not sure all rooms are thus equipped (getting hold of such a room may be harder when the place is busy). The saunas had a warning that said: "saunas closed in June, July and August". I'd have preferred a warning saying "saunas closed on hot days".

Visiting an off-the-beaten tracks FKK is a bit like eating at a small-town restaurant. A nice change from the more popular places.

One thing FKK Prestige has that its direct competitor FKK Paradise Saarbruecken lacks is a dual locker room system (one for you clothes and one with a combination lock for you valuables).

07-19-15, 01:03

25 August I Will be in Nonnweiler. Can you suggest me any FKK sauna club near this area and how to com in the club by public transport.


07-19-15, 09:03

25 August I Will be in Nonnweiler. Can you suggest me any FKK sauna club near this area and how to com in the club by public transport.

ThanksLook on internet for FKK close to your area and then read threads. FKK websites write how to go.

11-10-15, 20:14
Is BBBJ still a standard service at FKKs in Saarland? Such as this place and Paradise?

11-11-15, 03:16
Is BBBJ still a standard service at FKKs in Saarland? Such as this place and Paradise?Yes, with CIM for 50 . Anal for 100.50/30 mn. Entry 50 in Prestige. Small brunette, angel Larissa. Ro is high level GFE services like Patricia Sharks. Many girls provide GFE services at Prestige. I miss my friend, kirghize cooker, Olga, I loved when she took care of me, big thanks to her and to smiling pretty theke A.

11-11-15, 12:28
Lovely theke Ingrit working in the evening, I also miss her. Unfortunately Prestige can t compete with Aca or Sharks for girls look, but can compete with Sharks top girls for services. I remember my Emma and Alessia amazing ass, not there anymore. About 25 girls, with angel small brunette Larissa, a real FKK with full naked girls. Very good club with 2 jacuzzi, sauna, free foods, I think 3 beers for free, soft drinks, good candies, for free.

02-07-16, 10:36
Again a very good girls to men ratio. One wonders how this place can break even if custom is even weaker on week-days. There were 4 latinas on duty, 3 Dominicans and 1 Cubans, running the whole range of skin coulours. One Dominican told me she only came on Saturdays. When I handed the Cuban girl 50 euros + a 10-euro tip she made a beeline for reception to pay her 60-euro entry fee which she hadn't been able to pay when she got in. Extraordinary how working girls are always broke never mind how much money they make.

All girls eager to catch your eye and eager to please once inside, that's working girls in off-the-beaten-track FKKs, they're like small-town girls: nicer and less money-grubbing.

Of course the word had got around quickly that I never leave without having taken at least 4 or 5 girls to the room, so girls gave me the glad eye like I was Leonardo di Caprio.

I'm trying to post a report about FKK Sakura but I keep getting "No Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator".

02-07-16, 14:41
All girls eager to catch your eye and eager to please once inside, that's working girls in off-the-beaten-track FKKs, they're like small-town girls: nicer and less money-grubbing.

Of course the word had got around quickly that I never leave without having taken at least 4 or 5 girls to the room, so girls gave me the glad eye like I was Leonardo di Caprio.
That's the thing about these small clubs (that are off the beaten path) that mostly regulars attend, they likely notice somebody that not a regular there, and focus on that person(As the small club, regulars know them, they know the regulars). The big tourist clubs, there are enough of them tourist, so enough of them to concentrate on.

Definitely what I felt when I was at PHG long ago. Lots of attention, and likely because of this. I've seen some regular guys that attend all the time, not doing room, and typically the locals, don't do that many rooms on a visit anyway. If I'm doing a lot of rooms, the girls likely notice, and think I'm fucking multiple times there. Smaller clubs I'm a more visible tourist.

Girls got to make their quotas, and I dunno how some of the girls meet that on the slower days given the LU is rather large with a significant entrance fee. I think it's mostly hopeful that they run into a tourist that would drop enough that they'd net to make a profit in addition to pay off their entrance. Either regular girls(for a regular customer) or ones that stand out will get the bulk of the business. There's got to be enough punters to meet their quotas. Atleast on busier nights, some girls are in demand will be most in demand, and enough punters to take who is left on the floor, so it's likely most of the girls would meet their quotas on a busy night. Depends on the ratio, as a busy girls have their limits to how much they can eat up on a ratio favorable to them.

02-07-16, 15:59
FKK Prestige at Neunkirchen close to Sarrebrucken and French border, is not a small club, can have more than 30 girls there, as many as at World at the moment. Many girls provide high level services including real social time, FRA rates for girls. Entry 50 , free foods until 9 pm, 2 jacuzzi, sauna.

Met there 1 of my top 5 FKK girls, Chinese eyes, Romanian EMA. Will not forget our 3 hours rooms in large mirror room in front of the bar, a dreamed girl, wish her the best.

02-07-16, 19:40
Met there 1 of my top 5 FKK girls, Chinese eyes, Romanian EMA. Will not forget our 3 hours rooms in large mirror room in front of the bar, a dreamed girl, wish her the best.I call some girls oriental eyes(or Asiatic), but not quite Chinese in a way, but close. Lexi (Oase) and Julia (blond, Oase) were both oriental eyes. A bit exotic in a way, but Lexi had the most exotic lookin eyes. Some Ro do have some exoticness to their looks. Aida (Aca) had a bit of that too, had an elfish look to her eyes, was pretty too. I think Hungarians do too in a way, like Boni at Aca for instance. She has Asiatic features that the eyes comes close. Almond eyes I would describe as.

Some Ro are different too, like Angie(Oase) had an interesting look, blue eyes looked like Cameron Diaz(better and younger version), very nice smile. Samya 2013, blue eyed, black haired Romies sticks out in memory. That one visit was memorable LU wise.

Hessen Bub
02-07-16, 19:49
Well, Asia at Sharks and Mainhattan had that nickname for a reason. With her makeup she looked Asian.


02-07-16, 19:52
I didn't know that was her nick. I thought it was her club name from what she told me. She jokingly told me she looked Asian, so her name. She does have Asiatic features too.

Hessen Bub
02-07-16, 20:18
Nick = club name in that case. She also said that her friends were calling her differently, also referring to her Asian look. No need to post it here since she quit the job.


02-07-16, 20:23
I also thought Fidan (Oase) had Asiatic eyes, and was convinced she has Turkic roots because of that. She looked Asian. Although people say Ro with Turkic roots. Turkic people have Mongloid in them so it's plausible. Europeans are so mixed anyways.

02-07-16, 21:46
I call some girls oriental eyes(or Asiatic), but not quite Chinese in a way, but close. Lexi (Oase) .In France, we call Asiatic eyes, Chinese eyes. I don't find Lexi Oase had asian eyes, but more mongol eyes. It was a joke with EMA, I said her, like we say in France, postman should be Asian when she was born, she said me I was a bad man, but always agreed for our appointments. She was a wonderful Moldavian Romanian girl, friendly, always smiling, sweet, pretty, the Queen for kissing, sometimes for nearly 1 hour, I remember our first mirror room, staying standing up, kissing for long time. My biggest mistake in FKK, was not to return to her, after more than 20 hours in room.

Angie Oase, ex World, has only made up eyes for me, but she is smiling, friendly, sweet and pretty with beautiful tits, unfortunately not sensual and woman enough, maybe she was impressed as she said, after knowing me for so long time at World where she was Isabella friend, but really a nice girl.

02-08-16, 11:51
If you like sex, tall, dark blond, Bulgarian Anna will kill you. For anal sex, for 100 , pretty face, small tits, Melani. Ro. For GFE, small brunette, Larissa. Ro.

Blond Barbie Ingrid, friend of Cosmina, worked at Prestige after Sharks and before a short time at World. Pretty face, white skin, Michele. Ro, now working sometimes at Sharks, also worked at Prestige, after Samya and Kaiserlautern.

I miss my friend, Kirghiz cooker Olga and pretty theke Ingrit.

02-08-16, 12:10
Alicia is Dominican though she looks like your typical sun-tanned thai girl.

This time I was inside with a Cuban whose name I forgot and who also looked Asian. She said she had one black ancestor and another one who was "achinado" (= with Chinese blood). This girl has gorgeous small tits (slightly pear-shaped but with upturned and very dark nipples) which were not immediately visible given she was not fully naked at the bar.

05-27-16, 15:58
Like many FKKs, Prestige (for such is the name of this FKK in Neunkirchen) has rooms with no windows. With only 24C outside temperature this Thursday afternoon the rooms were just bearable. Many rooms still have the remnants of former airconditioning devices. If I remember right Paradise Stuttgart also once had functioning aircon. It looks like FKKs are no longer investing. This is not a good sign.

Apparently Prestige only have outdoor barbecues as from July, which I found a pity for outdoor eating carries makes for a special atmosphere and seeing girls in full daylight enables a better assessment of their figures.

Compared to its direct competitor Paradise Saarbruecken, Prestige has better-working safes to keep valuables but it has no quiet rest area to have a nap. For this reason, and also on account of Prestige's quantitatively smaller LU, Paradise is at present the better option especially if you are planning to stay for a few hours.

Prestige and Paradise Saarbruecken are only 30 km apart. For accommodation I recommend Mercure Hotel Saarbruecken Sued (8 km from Paradise).

05-27-16, 19:02
I visited Prestige about two years ago. I don't get to that part of Germany often, but if I'm close to there again I'll be making a return visit. I had one of my best ever sessions there. There's a report of my visit buried somewhere in the general info thread as at the time I didn't realise it was previously called FKK Neunkirchen.

05-28-16, 02:25
No FKK Neunkirchen, but FKK Prestige in Neunkirchen.

09-30-16, 10:29
I hadn't visited Prestige for many months and I was looking forward to meeting some of the girls I'd had a good time with. The LU I found was scarce and 2nd rate (poor figures, lantern jaws, thin lips, uninspiring faces.) and didn't improve as time went by. This had definitely become a club with a hard time recruiting talent (a fate I've found to have befallen eg FKK Flamingo Island).

Two OK girls known from previous visits turned me down as they were already booked. This, it seemed, was no longer a buyer's market!

The few top-girls (top relatively speaking) kept very busy while the bottom 85% stayed glued to the seats with a sullen look on their already sullen faces.

I decided to cut my losses and drive the 30 kilometers to Paradise Saarbruecken before traffic got too dense.

09-30-16, 16:06
Is theke Ingrit still there? And cooker, my friend, short black hair Kirghiz Olga?

Hessen Bub
09-30-16, 19:04
No FKK Neunkirchen, but FKK Prestige in Neunkirchen.FKK Prestige was called FKK Neunkirchen before.


05-14-17, 19:11
No stunners in what must have been a full LU given the time and day. One half-stunner was busy drinking with someone I thought at first to be one of those men who waste girls' time talking. I later noticed the champagne bucket with the bottle. Being plied with ethanol (an industrial solvent), albeit dissolved in pissy fizz, must be hard for a girl if she's not at least a social drinker.

I managed to shoot my load with a light-skinned Dominican who used to work at a laufhaus in Wiesbaden.

This dissapointing visit will be probably be my last as far as FKK Prestige is concerned but my coming to Neunkirchen would not have been in vain: later that day I had a memorable experience at the Neunkirchen Eros Center (more about this under "Germany, Other areas").

05-14-17, 19:38
Casting was really good on end of 2013 , with EMA. Ro, Alessa. Ro, Melanie. Ro, Isa. Ro. Also Mikhaela ex Ingrid Sharks on September 2014. I had many great times at Prestige, booking EMA for hours in large mirror room in front of the bar, also with playful Barbie Mikhaela, then recovering in jacuzzi watching Bundesliga.

Times changed but I miss theke Ingrit and lovely cooker Olga.

03-01-18, 19:35
Visited last Monday, very clean and modern club, LU 95% from Roumania, probably 30 to 35 girls including some stunners. More or less no mongers, the girls were bored but I had 2 very nice sessions with sweet girls no upselling, 50 euros including kissing, BBBJ, pussy licking even 1 of the girl ask me to fingered her holes without charging any extra and without a condom, the first time something like that happen to me. Definitively a great club where I will return soon, for me 10 times better than Shark or Oase.

06-01-19, 17:06
Two years since I'd last visited FKK Prestige.

LU was not as poor as I had feared. I had a good session with a tall and incredibly friendly gazelle named Ina. Spherical face, very small tits, super-thin body with a well-defined apple-shaped tail-end. This girl could compete with the top girls in Oase for men who love skinniness. I thought she was not even going to give me a BJ but she ended giving me one as we like them. I thought she was going to put restrictions on DATY but she only wanted me to avoid making contact with my teeth (which I avoid anyway).

If you stay two days in Saarland I'd recommend visiting Paradise one day and Prestige the other day. If you are on a one-day visit Paradise is still the better choice.

There were few customers in spite of this being a Saturday and girls complained about slow business. If things don't improve Prestige could be the next FKK to go out of business.

I tipped Ina 20 euros but I had the feeling getting 50-euro half hour sessions was no problem here. Mongers who complain about upselling in the big FKKs should consider visiting second-tier places like this one.

06-02-19, 15:45
What is spherical face?

Is pretty Ingrit still on desk?

06-21-19, 17:50
Superthin apple-butted Ina was taken so I fell back on Lara, a girl with wide hips and fleshy asscheeks who declared herself Turkish and might be so judging by the lettering on her tattoos. She gave me a top-notch BJ no questions asked. 50 + 20 .

The 2nd girl fussed with the BJ so I said HJ only. Fucking ok. 50 no tip.

I had no reserves left for a 3rd session but Ina complained she had only made 50 today and needed another 50. "Look there are no people here" she said. Was she really in fear she would have no more customer today? I took pity on her and provided her with the further session she sounded desperate for.

After 3 rooms in quick succession the unoccupied girls eyed me like I were the most handsome man in town.

The plan was Prestige on Friday and Paradise on Saturday. However I have a good mind to skip Paradise tomorrow and stick to Prestige.

On the way back from the FKK I stopped at the small Laufhaus at Ritzwiesstrasse. A couple of years ago some interesting African girls were working here. At 5:30 pm today it was dead. Only one very ugly East European and a buxom MILF. MILF said "no more black girls here".

Stayed at Holiday Inn Express (zum Eisenwerk). Easy and free parking, good rate on Agoda.

09-21-21, 19:29
Back to Prestige I visited weekly on December 2013 and beginning of 2014 for exceptional GFE wow EMA. Ro. Disappointed by busy Charlotte face and very average care for hair, I think I also saw teeth brace when she is smiling girl. Found pretty Klara with beautiful natural heavy tits, nice sweet girl for 1 hour for 100. Quite good foods. About 15 girls on a Friday. Entry 60.