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One Wing Low
07-05-09, 22:52
Adelita bar chicas

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One Wing Low
10-10-09, 17:45
You know how aggressive TJ taxi drivers are. Some of them are even rude and insulting. There were time when they staged street blockage and large confrontations with the policia in front of Adelita on Coiahuila.

Crossed the San Ysidro border with a bro at night on the weekend. The older yellow cabbie drove us to town, trying to sell us on the Purple Rain. No deal. Got dropped off in front of Adelita. Went inside to hangout. The place had about 10 chicas and 15 guys, very sparse. The stripper was older and quite a bit overweight. Did not find any chica worth boinking. Damn. Adelita is now like a 18-wheel rig going down hill without brakes. It may soon look like Chicago club as all the guys just want to hang out in HK.

This was when the bro discovered his $300 phone had slipped out in the taxi's back seat. He was hopeless, was going to give it up. We walked outside talking to the yellow cab guy out front. He made a few calls on his walkie talkie. The cabbie had found the phone and returned it to the yellow cab parking lot at the border crossing.

We took a ride back to the border parking and got the phone back. Gave the captain $5 propina to be forwarded to the honest driver. He was kidding, saying the phone is expensive and they should deserve a bigger propina. Gave him another $5. They were all laughing and horsing around.

Not bad at all for a rough border town.

One Wing Low
03-03-12, 19:54
Went in Adelita about 10PM. There was 1 pretty, petite flaca but she was doing fichas with a bunch of guys by the stage. Decided to hit on a skinny blonde with a square face I have seen in Adelita for many years.

She said her name was Aileena or Ileena from Guadalajara, looking pretty cute. She has her blond hair pulled tight into a little pig tail. She could speak broken English. AVOID AVOID AVOID.

She said downstairs she would do everything for me, including BBBJ, mouth kissing, massage.

She walked upstairs very fast. She took her top off, showing a pair of seriously droopy boobs, a big turn off for me. She then demanded money first. I should have bolted, but stupid me, I gave her 700P as agreed.

She refused to take the sash covering her tummy. It's pretty saggy with lots of disgusting wrinkles. She then put on the condom and gave me a CBJ. She warn me never to touch her droopy boobs, and no kissing anywhere. I was royally fucked with the money carefully hidden in her hand bag.

This ***** looked bad in the room light. I was so turned off I could get only semi hard, never happened to me in La Zona ever. She did a very rough cow girl job, crashing on me with her big ass, humming and talking wild, damn near broke my pelvis. She got off me. I was trying to do missionary but my dick just did not cooperate. She gave me a hand job to jump start it. It did not work. My dick kept pointing down to where gravity goes. She then got pretty rough with my dick and balls. It was hurting. I had to tell her to stop.

She was trying to jack me off, telling me to concentrate. But her saliva and pussy juice on her hands were smelling really bad. I gave up. She put her clothes back on and quickly went back down to the bar, WITHOUT WASHING HER HANDS or HER PUSSY. Some poor guys down in Adelita will pass out when they take a whiff of her rancid hands.

This ***** is an ugly, saggy, smelly ROB. Should be avoided! I took a long shower to wash off her stench. Was so mad I told the janitor to fuck off.

She's definitely One of the worst fucks I've had in my life. Should have gotten 3 sweet street girls with that money instead.


One Wing Low
08-18-15, 17:35
Adelita has a new group of skinny, good-looking girls recently.

They are programmed to stand still without talking until you buy them a ficha, which would last sometimes only 3 to 5 minutes. Strippers in Adelita are mostly older and heavier girls who cannot dance worth a damn. I never felt like watching them.

I usually do like local Mexicans, open negotiations with the girls I like without buying their stupid fichas. Almost all Adelita girls would do their standard suckie, fuckie with mouth kissing for $60 or about 600-700 pesos or less, depending on your negotiation skills. You may be able to ask for extras or longer time with these chicas.

In the past I have bedded a few Adelita girls who were pretty, sensuous, horny, warm, fun, friendly. Adelita is now worth checking out the new talents.