View Full Version : Tijuanna vs. other mongering destinations

One Wing Low
07-06-09, 02:33
Comparing TJ to other mongering destinations.

One Wing Low
07-06-09, 02:48
Street walkers in California are usually skanky and pretty bad-looking. Most of the pics from the bros show girls who are old, overweight, ugly. Would be very hard to get little Johnny to stand at attention to salute. Street girls in US are just so ugly and skanky, they are just not worth pursuing.

The Craigslist or Backpage girls are easy to find on line, some are very good-looking, but they many times use someone else' pics, or can be flaky to get hold of...

It takes a lot time cruising to find any available girls, who may or may not suit one's taste. Then there are always LE traps that may cost the bros $5K to $10K plus a lot of time and headache to fight the charges.

One Wing Low
07-16-09, 20:52
Friday through Sunday Noon to Midnight, ticket $13.00.


Was told a lot of porn stars will be there plus lots of free toys will be handed out...

One Wing Low
07-19-09, 21:24
She goes by the name Kylee in Backpage. She's a nice, sweet, pretty but rail-thin girl who works in San Diego and Orange counties.

In real life she looks thinner than the pic with nice round boobies and pink titties. Her skin is dry and smooth, unblemished except a large tatoo on her lower back.

Kylee is a very nice girl for sex, but La Zona Roja is still a lot more fun, like a big harem with lots of selection of chicas, where you can hang out and flirt with dozens pretty girls and pick out quickly those you want to fuck.

In fact La Zona mongers should feel better than sultans in their harems, as the selection of chicas is very large and the quality is high. I have seen in past years sultans and sheiks arriving in La Zona in limousines, wearing their big head gears, probably trying to get away from their harems full of ugly, bitchy and frigid wives...hehehe.

Facing these hard choices, the strategy is to do girls like Kylee on week days and high tail to TJ for long sexy parties on weekends...

07-20-09, 01:49
OWL. damn she's cute! San Diego You say?
Enquiring minds need to know!

One Wing Low
07-20-09, 08:09
She's rail-thin and bony but very cute, nice, clean and sweet. She works out of hotels in SD, OC, LA counties.

I was looking for needle marks and nose bleeds on her, evidence of drugs addiction, but did not find any. There was no crack smell in the room. She's nice and clean. Too bad she disfigured herself with that stupid tatoo. She could look much better. But I have met very nice, proper girls from well-off families in Socal who sport these tatoos on their backs. WTF? Must have given in to be screwed and tatooed by the studs in the hoods.

This girl can do a serious BJ. She shoud be the head sales exec for Hoover...

OWL. damn she's cute! San Diego You say?
Enquiring minds need to know!