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07-14-09, 05:58
Greetings Everyone,

I have created this new forum to provide a place for the experienced members of the forum to participate in a more "laissez faire" environment.

I anticipate that this Thailand Expats Forum will provide a platform for expressing ideas that may appear strongly opinionated and possibly offend some casual readers. Forum Members who are offended by the exchanges here will be invited to direct their attention to the more traditional Thailand forum.

At my request, Piper1 has agreed to act as the moderator of this new forum with the proviso that OTH be reinstated to Senior member status. I agreed.

As the Forum Moderator, Piper1 has editorial control of this forum, and can add, edit or delete threads and reports.

I don't know what threads members may which to have in this forum, so I've added a few of the standard threads to get started. Please PM Piper1 with your suggestions for new threads.





07-14-09, 14:10
I've agreed with Jackson to moderate this new section, at least for a couple of months (then hand it over to someone more involved in the Thai discussions). I also mentioned to Jackson that I'm very liberal, so I may not edit/delete posts or debates that would normally be edited/deleted, and he is fine with that, as long as reports do not blatantly violate ISG rules.

Personally I think Jackson has done the right thing by setting up this section and re-instating OTH to full Senior Membership, and personally, I hope OTH comes back. I've been in touch with OTH, but understandably he's not too excited about the idea of returning to ISG, at least for the time-being. While I don't always agree with OTH's opinions, he has some good insights, and he's always good for raising a bit of debate, which is a good thing in my opinion.

This section is open for anyone, and if anyone gets offended by any of the discussions, go join the pussies in the fight club. ;)