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11-11-09, 10:56
I'm posting 1st picture in photo gallery whom I meet in Bhutan in 2008 for everything.

Prefer Fur
01-18-10, 17:26
Was trolling thru old backup hard disks looking for old work-related stuff. Lo and behold. Came across some pix of Bhutan, incl of this (100% NON-pro) sweetie named W*ngm*. She must be 24 in this photo, and this was in either '04 or '05. We had some fun together incl a couple of shag-trips away from the city. This photo doesn't show that she has a curvy figure, but it does show that she has the odd few ounces of puppy fat. So what, I ask? A close look will also reveal that she NEVER wears (boring) white lingerie.

I'll write about her if a future report. Hopefully I can pass on some tips to fellow mongers as to how to interact w/ B-girls like her.

Prefer Fur
01-19-10, 15:32
A head-shot of W*ngm*. (Sorry. Non-nude).

TIP: High-end cosmetics (think L'*real or Sh*seido) are hard to come by in Thimphu, not that there aren't enuff stores in Thimphu with mass-market cosmetic junk (think P*nds or N*vea). These girls appreciate the better brands. And they know what they want. But if someday the top brands become readily available, the cachet will drop. They also like late-model cellphones. Who doesn't?

Neel Chitri
01-28-10, 17:37
Here she is again. This time wearing jeans and a baggy T-shirt, which does a disservice to her voluptuous, curvy, sensuous body. Esp her tits. Sorry I have no nudes of her.

TIP: Don't bother with bringing a B-girl gifts of fancy brand-name fashion tops from Ch*nel, D*or, or whatever. They dress quite casually most of the time, when not wearing their national dress.

Prefer Fur
01-28-10, 19:24
Might I mention that the "ultimate" gift for a B-girl is an iPhone, as I've empirically determined. Bhutanese men do the same for their (gik-equivalent) GFs, mistresses etc. But oddly enuff, the data/web functions of an iPhone don't work in Bhutan! Only voice calls work.

The fone has to be "cracked". Easily done in BKK etc. And adapted to the GSM network run by B-Mobile the country's only fone co. The best time to gift an iPhone is when you're tired of yr iPhone and want2 upgrade to a newer iPhone w/ more memory. Give the old one to a B-girl and reap the rewards.