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One Wing Low
09-04-09, 20:34
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One Wing Low
09-04-09, 20:39
a non spanish–speaking bro was hanging out in chicago, met a small, young, dark-skinned girl, about 20, with round face, small boobs and bigger than average ass. she does not look at all sexy, probably below average-looking among the chicas walking the streets of tj, and definitely second or third-tiered in chicago.

he bought her a drink and wanted to go upstairs with her, but she declined. she’s only there to do fischa drinks. i figured with her looks, she may make 3 or 4 fischa drinks a night at most with any luck. her older sister also works in hk and she does fuck.

the second time he met her again, they sat in the dark in chicago club where she downed 2 drinks in 2 hours, while he groped, squeezed, poked her everywhere, kissing her lips… he took her to hk to party, buying her a few $3.5 beers. she was happy. it looked very strange that they were making out like crazy without being to say a word to each other. they were texting the critical infos via the phone. i had to do some of the interpetation with my baby spanish gibberish to confirm things . based on how things were working, i should soon have many mexican gf's hanging out of my ass hehehe.

past midnight, we gave her a long cab ride back to her home somewhere on the east side, beyond the tj airport, going through many dark, narrow streets full pot holes and speed bumps. the streets were mostly empty, no cars, no people, occasionally a few taco stands opened late with their dim lights.

we dropped her off. she lives in a small block house in a poor neighborhood. they were hugging, squeezing, kissing, poking each other on the curb. they made a date to see each other again sunday afternoon. she kissed my cheek and said adios...

i told the guy he has poor chance screwing her on sunday with all her family packed into that small house. he said he will take her to a notel nearby for gfe. will see what happens.

this guy is not good-looking, speaks no spanish, has little money, yet he got a few gf’s from chicago and adelita before. he used to go to their apartments nearby to hang out overnight and enjoyed multiple gfe pops each time. the chicas never demanded money from him, just basic dates with dinner, movies and occasional concerts.

there is hope for the bros who wants a little more feelings and sense of belonging with the chicas beyond sport fucking. apparently there are many lonely souls among the chicas working in the clubs and the streets, who would go for a gf relationship besides the work they do in the clubs. the second tiered chicas in second-tiered bars like valentina, tropical, la tropa, chavelas are good candidates.

these chicas may not be the best looking, but nice, young, clean, sexy and above all, they seem to be honest and caring. they dont look like angry american women who would fuck their husbands up their sorry asses with restraining orders, law suits, legal bills for their attorney pimps...

any of you pervs think you are don juan reincarnated, let us know how things work out.

One Wing Low
09-23-09, 22:38
She stood him up at their last ‘date.’ She called the CC manager and asked for a day off. She never returned calls or text at her sister’s mobile. The bro mentioned that she looked disappointed last time they parted, since he did not give her any money.

The chica looks very young and cute, but she has a baby to feed. She’s not fucking anyone at Chicago, so chances are she’s still in love with, and is also feeding the useless BF who knocked her up.

The bro had good success having a few casual GF’s with CC and Adelita chicas in the past, even though they were not the top stunners. He felt much better having chicas giving him sex in their apartments all night to make sure he doesn’t have to look for more in the club or the alley. He feels proud that some girls are possessive of him.

He continues to sit with this little chica in CC. Last time she only went through 3 fischa drinks in 3 hours. He was trying to squeeze her boobs and her crotch, but she resisted. She’s playing the good chica game. At the end of the shift he invited her to dinner, when she asked for her sister to come along. They ate the $3 comidas at the small restaurant across the street from the new hotel Hacienda on Coiahuiila.

He does not speak 1 word of Spanish and could not kiss or grope her crotch, yet he thinks it’s a good deal to sit with a chica paying 1 drink and hour. Iam only guessing that he enjoys the BF/GF courting games. It’s hard to feed a baby with 3 fischa drinks a night.

Will go to Las Pulgas to practice my pigeon Spanish on the nice, clean, good chicas this week, regardless whether they are obese or rail thin.

Country John
07-12-11, 00:41
So what's the latest OWL? Don't tell me they are happily married with three kids. Pleeeeeze.

One Wing Low
07-12-11, 01:35
So what's the latest OWL? Don't tell me they are happily married with three kids. Pleeeeeze.She was just a poor, little girl, trying to make a little money at Chicago. She lives with her parents and siblings in a tiny house in a dumpy area in La Mesa side.

He was hoping to hook her for a casual and free sex relationship like he had done with an Adelita's girl a few years ago. When she felt he was trying to get some free actions outside of Chicago out of her, she just stood him up. They never saw each other again. If she had decided to drag it on, you never know who would win the game. She might suck all the money out of him and he may have an unsatisfied erection.

I feel very sad for this little girl who was sitting around Chicago all night, trying hard to earn a few ficha bucks, and I felt disdains for the guy trying to get free sex out of her. Anyway, HK has at least 1 dozen much more beautiful young girls. 9 in looks and personality, who are trying to earn a little money every night. They are much better companies regardless whether the sex must be paid for or free. .

A few of my wing men have recently blown all their worth, trying to get personal with bar girls. These little girls are experts in the art of sucking everything out of your pockets. I am a soft touch. I have to be very careful to keep relationship strictly professional, and not fall for any girl. Knowing your example, it's very hard with the sweet, pretty sexy Mexican girls.