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05-16-10, 06:31
greetings everyone,

now that my server admin has successfully tweaked the new server and otherwise optimized to meet the demands of the forum environment, i'd like to re-set the survey so i cat some idea if the improvements are evident from the users pov, as follows:


thanks to the financial support of the forum's advertisers, i am pleased to announce that the forum has recently moved to a new fujitsu primergy rx200 server with intel d2786 chipsets, 2 quadcore xeon e5520 cpus, 16 gig ddr3 dimm-ram, and 4 hard discs in a raid configuration to eliminate any possible data loss. and of course the new server is entirely dedicated to hosting the usasg forum.

the old dual xeon dedicated server was no slouch, but the new server should provide a substantial boost in performance and stability. nevertheless, the true test is what the forum members experience using the forum on a daily basis. therefor, i have posted this survey to better ascertain how the new server is performing.

please remember that a lot of things can effect the speed at which the forum may appear to be functioning to you, including the speed of your computer, the speed of your internet connection, the level of internet traffic at that time, the distance between you and the forum's servers in frankfurt, germany, and of course, the server itself.

as always, i appreciate your observations.



05-17-10, 03:04

Loading of different pages seems fine. Through, photos seem to be slower.



Nice Guy 99
05-21-10, 19:38
Although I indicated "no change" I should add that performance is excellent and I haven't noticed any problems in the past year or so.

Gfe Finder
05-28-10, 14:45
I got the following error message this evening while browsing on ISG.
Error message dates from 16 March 2005 (see picture attached).
Might be an idea to update the error messages, if indeed that is possible.


That's funny, I too got the same error message this morning!

SE Asia Joe
05-28-10, 16:54
I voted 50% faster -which is what I usually experience. BUT.... I have also come across the error message/please be patient page a few times.


Pete Yim
06-07-10, 15:03
I vote 25%, as I experience it is a bit faster than before. When trying to compare with other web page in which I usually surf around, the performance is a bit above average as well.

Asia Smiles
07-11-10, 06:47
Yes, noticed the improvement before I even read the fact you changed servers.

Good job on being proactive instead of waiting for users to complain. You are ahead of the curve and your customers appreciate that!

Foreign Indian
07-14-10, 17:13

Sorry I did not understand all the numbers of the servers etc. Sorry not a techie. Anyway, seems to be faster but cannot say how fast. Since you asked this question just after I loogged in cannot comment more

take care

07-16-10, 01:43
I see a slight increase in performance; however, I have a pretty high DSL connection.

Smooth Slim
08-17-10, 23:16
I haven't not much difference in the performance of the site, but I have been getting the following message repeatedly over the last three days.

Smooth Slim

UPDATED March 16, 2005


Please don't get aggravated by this message, but at the current time the Forum's server is too busy to handle any additional visitors.

A couple of days ago, the server Guru at vBulletin inspected the ISG server's hardware and software configuration and made several suggestions for improving the server's performance. My server admin reviewed and subsequently implemented these recommendations.

Unfortunately, there has been only a slight improvement in the server's performance, and therefor I have decided that in the next several days I will be moving the ISG to a load-balanced server cluster. Essentially, this means that the Forum's traffic will be handled by two servers working in tandem, thus effectively doubling the Forum's capacity to handle visitors.

As always, I sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to resolve these performance issues and build the best sex travel website on the Internet.

Please check back in a few minutes!



09-08-10, 10:39
Hi all! I am new in the forum.

Just wanted to greet all of you.

Albert Punter
10-20-10, 18:10
it looks much faster than before

Rick Rock
10-23-10, 09:19
Picture attachments are only loading 10-15% for me most times for the last few days. Additionally, threads sometimes don't open until I refresh several times.

11-03-10, 02:35
Fast and Flawless...

Good job!