View Full Version : Don't marry an African woman unless you consider yourself a Christian conservative

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05-05-11, 10:01
According to the World Values Survey out of the U of Michigan (and from living in West Africa for 5 years) , most Africans are extremely conservative. That is, anti-gay, anti- abortion, believe in everything the Bible says, and have been born and raised in a dictatorship so they have little understanding what equality and social justice mean. Instead, the 4 Rs are most important to them (remuneration, rank, religion, and race) Having been invaded and occupied by 'whites' race is important also in addition to having no experience with immigration in their country.

So, given this above information, I would not recommend marrying a woman from Africa and having children with her unless you are prepared to have these values above imparted on your children.

I almost married a woman from West Africa but luckily got out of it before she got that 'passport'.

If you want to have sex with an African woman half your age. Then have sex with an African woman half your age. You don't need to marry her for that.