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Johnny Maldiva
06-10-11, 02:46
I would like to suggest a forum that has been a long time coming and, if done right, will get alot of spam OUT of report threads.

Under the subforum of Special Interests, we create a Request forum. By mongers, for anyone that can fill their request. Have a hankering for a big busted Brazilian, in London? How about a Chinese MILF new to the industry, in New Zealand?

Providers or someone with an idea of where to find that particular lady / service can simply reply to the topic or send off a PM. In the future there can be a request forum for each country / area.

What does everyone think about this?

08-13-12, 00:56
Jackson would you consider having a Sosua Chat forum and a Medellin Chat forum separate from trip report section. Trip report section for trip reports only and photos if possible.

Sir Geralt
11-24-12, 01:09
Hi there,

My suggestion is to add another option on membership subscription option through paypal.

Param Ahmad
02-06-13, 12:39
On 10-14-12, #1257 in the Costa del Sol (Southern Coast) /Malaga, Spain thread GandJim wrote:

(the auto formatting of this website is really a pain in the a$$!)He's right. The first letter after an underlined Or italicized Word gets changed from lowercase to uppercase even though the writer did not write it that way and is not appropriate. The second letter of the alphabet, if written by itself, even if in parenthesis, namely " (be)", gets changed into the word "be" (see what I mean?). Spaces the writer did not insert with the space bar on his keyboard are inserted, such as the space after the first quotation mark in the previous sentence. The third letter of the alphabet, written by itself, even if in parenthesis, gets changed into the word "see". The letter that follows the "m" in the alphabet, written by itself, gets changed into the word "and". Hyphens are changed into periods and the first letter in the next word capitalized even though the writer did not write it that way. Spaces are automatically entered after periods even if in a number with a decimal place or in a GPS position where it is not appropriate. Spaces are inserted before and after a forward slash mark, e. G,"and / or". (In the previous sentence and this one I did not capitalize the letter "g" in "e. G." nor put a space before the letter "g", and the period I put after "g" was automatically deleted.) Sometimes commas are changed into periods, such as in a street address, for example, Sophie's Tavern. 100 Main Street, Anywhereville, CA: I put a comma, not a period, after the word Tavern. The purpose is probably to improve the poor writing skills of many contributors to this web site, but the effect is as often if not more often making contributors seem like sloppy or careless writers.

It would be better if the writer could turn OFF the automatic editing, or what GandJim called "auto formatting".

02-21-14, 03:15
What's the difference between a regular member and a senior member?

Member #4473
12-17-16, 22:05

Raise PM message storage quota from 200 to unlimited.

I understand that there may be storage space related issues.

So, you may charge an extra one dollar for this premium service add-on. Optional. Only for those interested. Should be possible to activate this add-on anytime after normal subscription purchase.

Jackson bro, please consider.

08-23-17, 14:58
[Message to Admin deleted]

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The open Forum is not the appropriate venue to contact the Forum Administration regarding individual questions, complaints or comments about the administration of the Forum. Instead, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to send me an email voicing your complaints about the administration of the Forum, and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks!

07-16-18, 12:52
In the Lesser Antilles section of ISG, please correct the spelling of Anguillia to Anguilla. Thanks.

01-18-19, 22:15
1. Ban photos from India, all seem to be worthless. At the very least, make India a separate forum.

2. Accept Bitcoin.

3. More for the mongers, but can people please post in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds. Anyone posting knows the conversion from the local currency.

02-12-19, 00:12
1. Ban photos from India, all seem to be worthless. At the very least, make India a separate forum.

2. Accept Bitcoin.

3. More for the mongers, but can people please post in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds. Anyone posting knows the conversion from the local currency.Agree, but no need to ban India photos, desperate Indian men don't seem to know what a women looks like, so those photos have some general social use.

The best option would be to allow some customisation so you can EXCLUDE certain countries from the photo search, ie exclude India from my home page, and maybe allow me to exclude some other useless photo countries, endless brothel Spanish or Romanian brothel promo shots etc.

02-12-19, 09:31

So this is something I tried searching for and couldn't find a solution to. Basically, I need to change my username as a lot of people can recognise me from the same as I use it for every social networking site. One of the reasons why I hesitate to write FR and share my experiences.


02-18-19, 20:13

I'm all for you guys adjusting reports and comments so that they comply with ISG's terms of service. And if you do take that action, please put a tag line at the bottom of the report / comment to reflect that it was edited by admin. There have been a few times where my published reports and comments were slightly edited for content and it resulted in me being concerned with how the change slightly affected the grammar of the contribution. Thanks for your consideration.

12-20-19, 23:13
In the Guatemala forum, please change the thread name of Antiqua to Antigua or (better yet) Antigua Guatemala.


John Clayton
12-21-19, 03:13
Move Philippines- Cebu back to Philippines on Front page.