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Fun And Sun
07-23-11, 22:56
Am going to edit the guide I have written and then re-post it on this thread so it is all in one place.

07-24-11, 03:31
Am going to edit the guide I have written and then re-post it on this thread so it is all in one place.Most welcome. I'm planning a trip to Negril. Honestly with so few posts I have doubts.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 00:42
Most welcome. I'm planning a trip to Negril. Honestly with so few posts I have doubts.Thanks Questner. To be honest, most of the material for the guide is posted in sprinklings already across the Negril, Mo'Bay, and General Information threads and what I'm doing now is converting it into an easier to read format and ordering it, and also making it read better as a guide rather than a series of posts. This seemed like easy when I started yesterday, but now it's been several hours and am nowhere near done. So this will take a while.

Negril is one of the easiest places to monger that you can find, every night all the action is at one place and that is where the to head. You can ask reception at your hotel where the action is for that particular night.

Have a look at my posts in the Negril thread from last year, and if you have questions post them in the Negril thread and I'll do my best to respond.

07-25-11, 05:11
Thanks Questner. To be honest, most of the material for the guide is posted in sprinklings already across the Negril, Mo'Bay, and General Information threads and what I'm doing now is converting it into an easier to read format and ordering it, and also making it read better as a guide rather than a series of posts. This seemed like easy when I started yesterday, but now it's been several hours and am nowhere near done. So this will take a while.

Negril is one of the easiest places to monger that you can find, every night all the action is at one place and that is where the to head. You can ask reception at your hotel where the action is for that particular night.

Have a look at my posts in the Negril thread from last year, and if you have questions post them in the Negril thread and I'll do my best to respond.Everyone would appreciate also a simple one-pager of ABC (Accommodation, Babes, Cost). Example: list of guest-friendly and non-guest-friendly hotels and condos in Negril rated by a bang for your buck. Is Rooms Negril GF? Are there any love motels? Is going to place of girl's choice an option? Any condos suggestions? Thanks in advance for your effort to keep us horny.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:41
I would have kept this a secret, but the owner actually asked me to put this on ISG, so am including it in the guide to.

Very close to Samsara Resort there is a place called Bentley's Crab House. If you come out of Samsara, looking away from the ocean, walk left all the way to the little store (not the hole in the wall store, the store that is a proper store on the side away from the beach). When you walk past the store there is a sign (oval, white with red text) that says "Bentley's Crab House". Bentley's Crab House is about a 100 yard walk up that road. This walk is safe at night even though it is a bit dark at night. If it's your first trip and you are nervous then call him and he can actually send someone to meet you, but this will dent your street credibility.

Now, Bentley's Crab House is owned by a guy called, surprise, Bentley. He makes some good crab, and this is a nice place to have a good dinner and a few beers while talking to him as he cooks dinner for you. It's also fun to sit there since there are lots of local girls there that will want to come up and talk to you while you are eating. Bentley doesn't let them come into the restaurant though, (because "he's not a pimp", LOL) so just sit back and laugh while he argues with them if they try to come in. Some of the girls that are nearby aren't that nice looking actually, across the street there is a house where several of them live, but if you fancy one then you can rent a room from him for USD 10 for use until you finish. He is also happy to call girls that he knows to come spend time with you while you have dinner, and if you like one then you can take her to the room (or back to your hotel).

Not the way to have dinner every night, but I think it's pretty nice to have an early dinner around seven, a nice fuck around eight with a semi-pro, then head back for a few hours of sleeping before going out to the night time scene at around midnight.

His cell phone number is on the sign pointing at his restaurant so if he is not there when you come by then just look at the sign and call his number.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:42
All the comments about characteristics of a good driver in the Mo'Bay section holds for Negril as well.

However, a good driver is less essential in Negril than in Mo'Bay, since there is always somewhere to head every night in Negril and you don't need to have the same driver every night. However, I tend to use the same driver for the entire trip to take me around at night, but that's personal preference mainly / only.

Also, it is a bit more difficult to find a good driver in Negril than in Mo'Bay. The drivers all stand around "downtown", but most of them seem either high, a bit drunk, and more interested in selling ganja than in driving tourists around.

I find that the best way is to ask the night security manager at Samsara for a recommendation of a good driver, this has worked well for me always.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:43
You can walk pretty much anywhere in Negril in the day time and be completely safe, but it is unlikely you will want to do this since everything is so far spread out.

At night, there is no reason to walk "down town" since everything is closed.

At night you can walk on the cliff side without problems, including detours into the village type neighbourhoods up the side streets from there, but stay far to the side since they drive like crazy and you might get hit by a car (this goes for the day time too).

When you are at the night scene, especially when coming out of a place like Jungle, Alfred's, etc, do not walk from there to, for example, XXX3 even though it is easily walkable. That is not safe since there are "wicked people" waiting for drunk tourists to wander of and rob them outside these places at night. However, they will not try anything until you walk away a bit from the crowd immediately outside, so the area right outside is safe. (So if you want to get some chicken from the "jerk man", no worries.) General rule is: Avoid walking the street behind the beach at night, and don't wander around too far away from the night time places at night. Except for that Negril is safe.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:43
Like mentioned earlier on, one of the things that is so great about Negril is that during low-season there is a rotation amongst the clubs which place "the action" is at during any given night of the week, so those that want to party during that night know where everyone else will be that night.

The pros all follow this rota as well, so just ask your hotel reception where the party is at that night, then head there around midnight and you are bound to find some girl that you think is cute.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:44
Or,"Thursday Nights at Jungle"

The Jungle is a large, two level night club that is one of the biggest clubs in Jamaica. Downstairs there is a club with loud music, and upstairs there is a large open air area where you can hang out.

Entrance is 500 Jamaican, but on Thursdays it is "Ladies Night at The Jungle" and the place is absolutely packed with honeys. Thursday nights at The Jungle is even better than Friday nights at Pier 1 in Mo'Bay, and it's an absolute must attend.

You used to be able to smoke ganja in the club, but this is not allowed any more but you can smoke it on the upstairs level if you stand a bit out of the way.

I find that one drawback of the Jungle is that my experiences from back in the day used to be that I absolutely loved it there, but lately it is increasingly filling up with lamester civilians that have been bussed there from their all inclusive resorts, and that the hardcore dancehall beats are increasingly replaced with lame "top 40" crap that one hears in any crap club in any crab tourist place. However, there are still plenty of hot local girls to talk to.

During your trip, it is a must attend on at least on Thursday night and there are plently of pros, semi-pros, quarter-pros and non-pros for you to practice your seduction skills on.

There is no point to show up before midnight since it's pretty much empty until then, some girls don't even show up until 2am.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:45
I don't know of any massage parlours in Negril, but I have never actually looked for one. However, no driver has ever suggested to take me to one either, which suggests that either there aren't any, since that is always the second thing they suggest after trying to sell you ganja when you charter a taxi, or that if there are massage parlours there then they don't pay the drivers a commission.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:45
Negril has a streetwalker scene.

A very small one in the day time, with girls that stand around at the round about down town. (There is only one round about down town, and down town is very very small, so when you are there you will find it easily.) Think 0-5 girls, lots of times there will be no girls there. In the day time there are also street walker type girls that some time hang out at the local bar that is next to the touristy mall across from Burger King.

The bar itself is not across from Burger King, it is on the side of the mall that is facing the ocean, the building it is in is red, the music they play is loud and you can't miss it. When I say "mall" it is more like a collection of stores than a US style mall. This bar offers a ST room for Jamaican 1, 000. You can ask the bartender for the key.

At night more girls come out. They will be on the road going along the beach as you go from the round about towards Alfred's etc, and also on the road from the roundabout going towards Scrub-a-dub, plus a few along the road down town. You will need a driver to drive you around if you want to pick up a street walker at night. Walking is not safe at night, and they are very spread out.

I have never taken a street walker in Negril actually so not sure about prices, but wouldn't pay more than 1, 000 jamaican for a BBBJ from one of them if I did.

Streetwalkers are not the type of girls that you want to bring back to your hotel room.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:46
By far the best go-go in Negril is Scrub-a-dub. It is a very large establishment, with a big stage in the middle, two bars inside, a seating area, a large outside pool area, a game room, an upstairs viewing area. This is a must go to on your visit to Negril.

At Scrub-a-dub there are some very nice looking dancers and not only thicker looking ones that are common in more local go-gos. Some of the acrobatics that these girls do are pretty amazing, and you should definitely make a point of checking out Scrub-a-dub on your trip (sorry for repeating this).

Pros and semi-pros hang out at Scrub-a-dub too. Would be surprised if there are any non-pros there, unless they are there with their boyfriends so be a bit careful, but pretty much any girl you see there can be had. On my last trip I got the feeling that a lot of the working girls are slowly being pushed away from the night scene (since many tourists don't share our hobby.) and they hang out at Scrub-a-dub instead.

If you fancy one of the dancers, make eye contact with her for a long time and when she finishes she will come over to you. If she doesn't just approach her yourself, or wave her over. The dancers will approach you and give you lap dances, and the pros will approach you to and dance with you, but I never felt pressured like at some go-gos where you have a girls tits in your face the minute you walk in, and you can easily take your time and make your choice.

If you are shy then just stand around the bar area and you will be approached pretty quickly.

Don't take the dancers out at night, get their numbers and call them in the day time since it's too expensive to pay for them to stop working and they have high expectations on how much they will be paid to come with you at night. There are expensive rooms for in house play too. Focus on the pros and semi-pros hanging around instead if you want to take someone home for the evening.

Now, if a dancer gives you a lapdance then you should tip her or buy her a drink, but have her work a bit for her. A Jamaican will not tip a girl unless she spends a bunch of time dancing in front of him, fondling him, and letting him finger her, and then the tip is 100 Jamaican so don't be suckered into giving too many tips and buying too many drinks.

Scrub-a-dub is located close to the town center, but a bit away from the town. Your taxi will turn down a small, dark, bumpy street before you get there. Don't freak out, that is the way to Scrub-a-dub and you are not being taken out in the country to get robbed. The turn down this dark street is right next to a Texaco.

Entrance is 300 Jamaican. You pay it before you drive through the gate into the parking lot. Same as other Jamaican go-gos, your driver will be let in for free. They might try to charge you for him though, but don't be suckered. If you have a girl with you then you need to pay her entrance fee. (If you pick up a girl from one of the clubs she will often suggest that you head to Scrub-a-dub before heading to your place, the reason for this is that she then collects a small commission from management.)

No point in going there before midnight, plus this place is pretty good pretty much all nights of the week.

In addition to Scrub-a-dub, the other main go-go is XXX. Pronounced "tripple x". Nothing spectacular about this place really, it is located along the beach on the same side as Jungle. If you take a girl out from one of the night places then she will often suggest you head to XXX (she collects a commission for this, that's why.). Entrance is 300.

There is also a go-go close to Samsara up on the road along the cliffs, but this was closed on my last trip.

There is also one in town, but didn't go on my last trip so not sure that it is still there.

Since there is something going on at the night places pretty much every night there is little point in going to the go-gos in Negril so I don't really go except for the occasional late night stop at XXX and Scrub-a-dub.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:46
It is actually harder to find a non-pro / quarter-pro in Negril than it is in Mo'Bay. Not because of the attitude of the girls is different, but because Negril is so spread out which results in the girls being in a lot of places too.

A lot of quarter-pros, and also non-pros, are at the night time places like Alfred's / Jungle etc. Picking up a quarter-pro is pretty easy, much harder to get a non-pro since she will be a bit apprehensive of your intentions at these places. There are also two big drawbacks to quarter-pro / non-pro hunting on the night time circuit:

1. You might end up with a pro / semi-pro.

2. She will be there as a local and have friends on the night time scene, or as a Jamaican tourist from elsewhere with her friends, so you can't "play the field" like you could otherwise.

If you go hunting for non-pros in the day time, then walk up the little side streets on the cliff side and see what you find. You will be surprised how quickly you bump into something interesting this way, believe me. (Ignore all the touts approaching you, tell them that you are on a stroll and don't need help with nothing.)

Another option is to check out the non-tourist strip mall in "down town" Negril, but this is very small.


A lot of Jamicans that work in Negril actually live in Savanna-La-Mar. (It is called "Sav-La-Mar" in Jamaica, only a green horn would say the whole name out.) Sav-La-Mar is, well, pretty much a one street, shit hole town, and there is no reason to take the 30 minute taxi ride there. Unless. You are looking for a real non-pro. Have your driver take you there, ask him to wait for you on the top of the main street, and then go cruising around and you will have no problem finding plenty of non-pro girls. Don't divert of the main street, not since it is not safe, but since there is no reason to.

As a matter of fact, most likely you will end up with one of them coming to your taxi with you wanting to go to your hotel with you. Do not let your driver walk around with you and introduce you since then you will get quarter-pro / semi-pro girls. Do it all by yourself. Difficulty with a Sav-La-Mar girlfriend, well, she lives in a town that it 30 minutes away. Advantage of a Sav-La-Mar girlfriend, well, she lives in a town that is 30 minutes away. There are no tourists in Sav-La-Mar, so no hustlers and difficulties like that. It is totally safe in the day time.

Some musings:

Your driver can hook you up, but then you will get a girl that is on the border line between a semi-pro and quarter-pro unless you are good friends with your driver and come to Jamaica a lot.

Easiest option is to bring your girlfriend from Mo'Bay actually if that is the type of vacation you want to have.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:47
Since I always stay at Samsara I am only familiar with places to eat close to there and down town.

If you leave Samsara and go right, after a while you will get to a place that has some really good jerk chicken and jerk pork that is located on the ocean side of the street. Some evenings they also throw a pretty nice party there with quite a few cool tourists and some working girl's attending.

Bentley's Crab House, which is detailed towards the end of this section, also has some nice crab cakes and is worth a visit.

Right across from Samsara there is an Italian restaurant. They have nice food but it is pretty pricey. Next to this one there is another restaurant that is a bit cheaper and serve tourist type (and price) food (think about 400 Jamaican for a burger or a club sandwich).

If you walk along the street you will pass a number of small restaurants that cater to Jamaicans. How a Jamaican restaurant works is that they have prepared between five or eight different dishes (but sometimes only one) that you order at the counter. After about two minutes you get it in a take out container and you can either stay there and eat it or take the food with you. Many of these "restaurants" are not much more than a kitchen and a counter, and maybe a few places to sit and eat and drink. The places that have lots of tables and menus and so on caters to tourists. The restaurants that cater to tourists not only charge about two or three times more than the Jamaican places, but also have food that is much lower quality, so try to steer clear of these places.

Down town there is Burger King, and a few restaurants that cater to locals. You will need to walk around a bit to find the local restaurants, but there are loads of them.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:48
There are many girlfriendly hotels in Negril, but I only have personal experience of Samsara as I always stay there when I am in Negril. Samsara is located on the cliffs, about a mile and a half away from down town Negril.

Samsara is a bit of a run down all inclusive resort, but you can stay there on a non-all inclusive basis and eat outside. Going all-inclusive is expensive (unless you plan to spend all day drinking beer since it includes free alcohol) so go for the room only. There are many nice places to eat around Samsara, and also many tourist oriented ones that are expensive.

Lots of non-mongerers stay at Samsara, and Jamaicans don't really stay there. (At Wexford and Toby's in Mo'Bay there are loads of middle class Jamaicans on holiday.)

You can have guests in the day time up until 10pm for free, but they need to sign in. The two cute receptionists will flirt with you initially, but they stop when they see your deviant ways after a few days by the number of times you have signed girls into the sign-in book.

At night there is a USD 20 charge for a girl spending the night. You can get this charge reduced if you are clever.

Get a room that has air conditioner. Your sheets will get very sweaty the way that the Jamaican girls will fuck you if you don't have airconditioner.

There are two paths that lead to the rooms. One where you go left at reception past the bar area and all the non-mongerers in the day time (they are too busy drinking and don't notice you, but it bothers some people to be "spotted" with a girl I know). The other way you make a right at reception, and then go to your room without being spotted by anyone unless they happen to come out of their room.

This is pretty hard to explain, but it will make sense when you are there: The entrances to the room are either on the path where you go left, or on the path where you go right. Get a room where the door to your room is on the path when you go right if you don't want to be seen with girls in the day time. There is no way to really explain this when you reserve your room, but just ask to change rooms for whatever reason and then you will get a room on "the right path", pun intended.

Samsara charges about USD 75 per night. It is surrounded by a wall and has good security. When you come at night then the door to the entrance is locked, don't freak out, just knock and they will come and open it for you.

Samsara has had the same night security manager for 18 years. Try to make friends with him. (This is easy, give him 100 Jamaican and introduce yourself and talk to him for a few minutes before you head out on your first evening.)

In terms of other places to stay:

Others have posted about girl friendly hotels on the Negril thread, so you can also check these out. There are also many many hotels available that don't really advertise that are not next to the beach but on the other side of the road. Generally speaking, any hotel that is Jamaican owned (most all-inclusives seem to be owned by foreigners, from Spain in particular) will be more or less girl friendly.

If you book into Samsara you can walk around in the immediate area and find lots of cheap hotels and apartments that are for short term let that are cheap (bargain hard though since you will be given "tourist price").

I don't really like these places since many have unguarded entrances etc, which means that people, including girls can come knock on your door and bother you, which I think is not an unlikely eventuality, with girls in particular. (Not that I don't like it when girls show up on my door step, but not if there already is another girl in there, in which case it will either get very very interesting, but most likely will result in a bunch of screaming and shouting).

If you are staying long term then you can rent a villa or an apartment. My advice would be to check this out once you are on the ground and not to pre-book (unless you are there during high season).

If you find yourself at Alfred's one night, having met a hottie and you are staying there with friends who don't know about your "hobby", or you are there with the GF or W, or if you have for some reason ended up in an all-inclusive that doesn't allow guests.

The rasta man that has the little shed next to Alfred's (where he makes wood carvings etc) will rent you his bed room (basically it is a shack) for 500 jamaican if you want to do a quickie with a girl. This place you want to bend the girl over the bed basically and finish up quickly. It's a pretty fun experience actually, and you can then head in and find another girl to take home with you if you are so disposed.

This "short time hotel" is also open in the day time.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:48
There are two main airports in Jamaica, Kingston and Mo'Bay. If you are coming as a tourist, you are most likely to land in Mo'Bay. I have never gone to Negril from Kingston, and I would not recommend it, and I am not going to go into the dangers of the streets around Kingston airport and the streets around Kingston.

If you do come to Mo'Bay Airport in the day time (and have been to Jamaica before) then there are many options available to you (or you are staying in Mo'Bay for a day or two first) :

1. Take the bus for USD 20 (detailed how to in Lonely Planet Guide so am not going to describe it here since this is a mongering forum)

2. Take route taxis for around USD 8 (if you can do this then you are very experienced and don't need this guide, don't do this otherwise.)

3. Have your driver take you, but don't pay him more than USD 50 for this.

4. Take a JUTA driver, but this will be expensive.

However, let's say that you are landing in Mo'Bay at night and need to get to Negril, which is the most difficult situation, then the following options are possible:

1. Take a JUTA driver from the airport. This will be expensive, but is the safest option. Negotiate hard on price, try to get it down to USD 70. Don't negotiate in front of the other drivers, and don't let the driver take your bags to his taxi until you have agreed a price.

2. Go with an unlicensed driver for about USD 50. (Be careful!)

3. Take a route taxi from the airport into Mo'Bay, have it drop you outside Margaritaville, and negotiate with the drivers that hang out there.

At night, by far the easiest and safest option is 1.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:49
Negril is a beautiful little town located along a six mile white sand beach. There are hotels running all along the beach, and also along the cliffs where the beach ends.

What is really great about Negril is that there is something going on every night at a different place, even during the low season. I don't know how the different places manage it, but basically the set up is that everything is closed except for one place, and everyone that wants to party goes there that night. This way there is always something going on every night, and this is where the pros and semipros head to to meet customers.

I forget the rota, and am sure I have also forgotten one place, but basically the rotation is between:

1. Alfred's. A large open air bar on the beach.

2. Bourbon Beach. Another open air bar on the beach.

3. Jungle. A night club located along the beach, but not on the beach side of the main road. Downstairs is the dance area, and upstairs is an open air area but still has loud music. You can smoke ganja upstairs if you stand aside a bit.

4. On the Rocks. Open air bar located on the cliffs a few minutes drive from town. Here you can smoke as much ganja as you want to as long as you don't stand next to the bar.

Some of these places charge an entrance fee on certain nights, usually 500 jamaican.

Anyone you ask will be able to tell you which place the party is on any given night, so don't worry about knowing the rota before your trip.

On Thursday's it is ladies night at Jungle (any girl gets in free before midnight) and this used to be one of the best experiences of Jamaica, but I feel that a lot of these places, Jungle in particular, are getting more and more of the all inclusive crowd showing up, which means fewer providers, no ganja smoking, crappy top 40 music. That being said, these places are all fun to head to for a few drinks and meeting babes, and it's great that there is something going on every night.

There is no point to show up before midnight at any of these places, and many girls will not show up until 1-1:30.

The pros are easy to spot, they are the ones sitting around looking a bit bored and looking for prospects, rather than chatting away with their friends and non-mongerers. You can meet non-pro jamaican girls at these places too, there are lots of jamaican girls that come to Negril for holiday and local girls that are not pros come there as well. But. Trying to pick up a non pro can easily result in a wasted evening and sleeping alone, plus if you want to have a non-pro girl friend and also do other girls you don't want her or her friends knowing about your adventures on the night scene, so stick with non-pros for the day time and early evenings and go with the pros / semi-pros at night. (More on non-pros in an upcoming post.)

If you are not successful and it is not very very late (like 4am) then you can head to Scrub-a-dub to try your luck there.

Anything else you need to know about the town, check a more conventional guide book.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:50
If you are planning to stay in Mo'Bay for more than a few days, and if you are planning to have several girls rather than staying with the same girl for most / all of your trip then finding a good driver is absolutely key to make your trip as much fun as it can possibly be.

You need a reliable driver to:

1. Take you to places away from the Hip Strip since you will want to see more places than that if you are in town for more than a few days (for example, a tour of local go-gos at night, going around the countryside in the day time to check for girls)

2. Introduce you to girls. Once you have known him for two days, but don't ask him before then, you can also ask him to introduce you to girls from the countryside which is a good way to meet girls that are not on the pro / semi-pro scene that you can enjoy a few hours of fun with. (Remember that he will charge you for picking them up, and also charge them a commission for having set it up when he drives them home, but that is just the way it works.)

3. A good driver can also be a helpful ally in sourcing party supplies for you if you don't have your own ganja man yet.

4. If you want to go around and check out different places on the island it is much easier and convenient to go with a driver than try to join an organised tour.

You don't want a route taxi driver to be "your driver" since their cars are really uncomfortable.

Finding a good driver in Mo'Bay is not that hard. They all stand around the Hip Strip in the day time trying to find clients. Just walk around, talk to a few of them and see how you get along. Ask to see their cars, you don't want one with an old uncomfortable car that is likely to break down, and that stinks of ganja, so find a driver with a nice, almost new car, that seems sober and cool.

Try to find a driver in his mid-30s, since the younger ones have a short term view and try to squeeze money out of you as much as they can, and the older ones are a bit boring and are not likely to know as many places and as many girls.

In terms of costs, having a driver take you around all night will cost you between USD 30-50. The lower end of the range if he hasn't done much driving but mostly waited, if he has driven you back and forth all night then it is on the higher end of the range.

For a driver to deliver a girl to you and take her home afterwards should cost you USD 10-30, invariably he will claim that he had to go really far to find her, but take these claims with a pinch of salt.

If you want to check out some of the many sights around the island, then make a little plan of what you want to see. One thing or many things, and then negotiate a rate with the driver. It costs USD 150 to go from Mo'Bay to Kingston and back, which is pretty much going all the way across the island, so that is the maximum you should pay to be driven around all day, and that includes the price of gas. Going to Ocho Rios should cost around USD 50. Going to Nine Mile should cost around USD 100. Going to Negril should cost you around USD 50. Spending the whole day driving around to lots of sights should cost you around USD 150.

If you are going sightseeing, the driver will come get you on the agreed time, this is actually one of the few things that happens on time in Jamaica. If you are going for a longer tour then he will need to get some gas first, this is normal since they never have that much gas in their cars, but this is deducted from the price you have negotiated, it is not an extra. Pay the driver the remainder of the agreed fare when you get back. Invariably they will complain a bit when you are on your way back that it took a long time to drive around and you should pay a bit more, or give a tip, but don't cave in.

If a driver takes you to one or several go-gos, then he will come in with you, he wants to watch the girls too. However, remember that the driver gets to come in for free at a Jamaican go-go, don't be suckered into paying an extra entrance for him. Ask him if he wants a beer when you get one for yourself, and if you spend a long time there then get him a second beer, be cool but not a pushover when it comes to this. Don't pay for his lapdances or similar, if he wants that then he should pay for that himself.

Don't worry about making your driver wait for you while you are at a tourist site, massage parlour, or whatever. They expect to do this and there is no need to rush anything since the driver is waiting for you.

Generally be nice and cool to your driver, but don't be a pushover. You want to use the same driver for your whole trip since then you can trust him more, and he is more likely to introduce you to the best girls he knows and show you cool places around town.

A good driver will look out for you, and will alert you if a dangerous situation is developing, and will also try to intervene if you get yourself into trouble, but you can't expect them to catch a bullet for you. However, see my post about crime and safety why Jamaica is actually a lot safer (for tourists) than its reputation and unless you do something stupid and go looking for trouble, it is rare that trouble comes looking for you.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:51
In terms of what is safe in Mo'Bay:

You can stroll up and down the Hip Strip to your hearts content at pretty much any time of day and night without worries. However, after around 2-3AM the risk of getting pick pocketed by a street walker goes up massively, so if you are staying far down the Hip Strip and are coming out of, say, Moods, it might be worthwhile to pay the 300 jamaican for a charter taxi back to your place. I am using the term Hip Strip a bit loosely here, denoting the entire area from Toby's all the way up to Pork Pit and the bars beyond Pork Pit.

Downtown Mo'Bay is safe in the day time, at least most of it is as long as you stay in areas where there are lots of people. Pay attention to your surroundings, walk confidently at the same pace that the Jamicans walk (that is, slowly) and you will be fine. Once you are a bit more experienced you can hang out in a lot of areas downtown at night too, but I don't want any of my posts resulting in a green horn getting himself into a dangerous situation so am not going to write anything more about that. If you do a go-go tour / bar tour of down town at night then have a taxi driver take you. You have to cross areas that are not safe walking otherwise, plus you can go to a lot more places that way.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:51

Margaritaville used to be a really cool place. It was always a tourist trap, but at night it would be a pretty good club frequented by quite a selection of pros. I have not followed every turn of the story, but I think that originally Margaritaville was not controlled by Jimmy Buffet but after lots of legal turns it ended up in his empire and there are now Margaritavilles on other Carribean islands as well as in the US. I think that this is what has led to the need for the Mo'Bay Margaritaville to get cleaned up quite a lot and I don't think that they allow the pros and semi-pros in any longer, or at least they make them be much much more discrete. I very rarely head to Margaritaville any more, maybe if I am with a girl and it is Saturday night I might go there with her to drink and dance, but I don't go there to look for babes.

Margaritaville is a mid-sized club. It seems to be pretty much open all the time. In the day time people go there and drink and ride the water slides. In the night time things sort of start to get going around 10, and get good at around midnight. The entrance per person is 500 Jamaican, and a beer is 350 Jamaican, which is a rip-off. Service is pretty fast.

The club has two floors, a large bar on the bottom floor and then a large dance area. Local middle class girls and loads of tourists make up the crowd. The top floor is open air and the music there is a bit less loud and it's a good place to go to cool down after having danced for a while.

I find it difficult to hit on the non-pros at Margaritaville. It is very loud so it is difficult to talk, and also I think the Jamaican girls that do go there are a bit less friendly than the ones that are in town.

It is always a few people there on every day of the week, so if you are part of a group or with a girl and feel like drinking and dancing then by all means head there, but it is not that much fun if you go by yourself.

Coral Cliff Casino.

Coral Cliff Casino is the big casino that is located opposite Margaritaville. There used to be a few pros hanging around there, but they seem to be stricter about who they let in nowadays.

Coral Cliff is an allright place to hang out. They usually have a live band, and sometimes they have karaoke. Music is not that loud so you can have a conversation without shouting. A few of the waitresses are pretty hot and like to flirt with you if you are there by yourself. Drinks are nice but a bit expensive. Food isn't all that good and is also expensive.

In terms of the casino itself, the one armed bandits are set to very low pay out rates and the other games also have very low payouts, so you burn through money quickly if you gamble.

For some odd reason Jamaican girls love going to Coral Cliff, and you will quickly burn through money to pay for her gambling, so avoid taking a girl there unless it is to watch the band playing and not to gamble.

Just outside Coral Cliff (in front of the stairs) there is a guy called Clinton that sells beer, drinks, and cigarettes. He sells these things out of a cooler in the back of his car, and sits on a little chair next to it. A beer costs 200 Jamaican from him, and if you want to you can sit there and drink a few beers and see what interesting things pass by. Having a seat and drinking a beer like that will add massively to your street credibility since that is what Jamaicans do but no tourist does it, but don't buy a beer for anyone that asks you for one. Clinton is usually on post from around eight in the evening. Lots of people come by his store (it's called a "store" even though he is just selling things out of the trunk of his car) to get a beer or a few cigarettes. When getting a beer here, or from other people with coolers on the street, specify that you want a cold one or you will get one that is not that cold. I don't know why that is so, but that is just how it is.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:52
Or,"Friday Nights at Pier 1"

The place to go on Friday nights is Pier 1, pretty much everyone goes there on that night. Lots of providers, and also lots of semi-pros, quarter-pros, non-pros, civilians, and touristas. Some of the touristas are pretty hot. Any time other than Friday night is pretty much dead, but sometimes they have events that are fun to check out in the evening (but not a hunting ground for mongering at these times).

To get in is 500 Jamaican, and there is no point to show up before midnight. In terms of location, it is located along the water front, and you get there through a bit of an industrial / warehouse area. It's not a good idea to try to walk there late at night since it is far and next to down town Mo'Bay, so take a taxi from the hip strip. This will be a bit costly at 300-400 jamaican since route taxis don't go there. To get back is more expensive. The drivers all collude and try for USD 20, USD 10, 1.000 jamaican type of prices. I think the best option is to call your regular driver, and pay him 1, 000 jamaican to both take you there and to take you back after (this is too expensive, but avoids a lot of hassle). If you don't have a driver then negotiate something like with the driver that takes you there. Do not try to walk home when you leave since this is not safe, if your driver strands you outside Pier 1 by not showing up then just bite the bullet and pay the expensive price.

Due to the entrance fee, loads of not very good looking street girls and hustlers stand around outside. Just ignore them when you walk in, and when you come out don't let one of the hustlers walk you to the car since he will demand a tip for showing you where it is.

Pier 1 is fun. The set up is that you walk in and there is an open air area under a roof, with a large bar in the middle. There is a lot of space around the bar area where people stand around and talk as well as dance, and the music is mostly jamaican dancehall and not top 40 crap. Sadly a few all inclusives has started providing mini-bus services for their guests to Pier 1, so there is a growing number of lamester civilians there, but let's hope this place does not go down hill too fast because of that. The bartender to customer ratio is not sufficient, so it will take you a little while to get a drink. If you tip jamaican 50 each time you get a drink then this will get you served much faster the next time you come for a drink. At the end of the open area there is a pier, thus Pier 1, where people go to smoke ganja, and get away from the loud music. If you want to smoke then bring your own smoking supplies since it is expensive to get it on the pier.

Friday night at Pier 1 is a great night to gather phone numbers, so move around a bit and talk to lots of girls. Remember that all of them are not professionals, but they can still be had if you talk smoothly and be nice. I have spotted a few real stunners there, but the super hot providers will get snapped up quite quickly and come at a hefty (by jamaican standards) price. Avoid standing around the bar area unless you are shy and want the pros to approach you. The pros will approach discretely since being to blatant about it will get them kicked out of there and banned, what they do is that they come stand next to you and dance, try to make eye contact, and then if you seem interested then they come up and ask you for a light, a cigarette, or similar. The later it gets the more aggressive they get in their approach. If you are new to mongering, and don't know how to recognise the pros and semi-pros, they are the girls that look a bit bored, stand in a little group or by themselves, and are not approached by the jamaican men (who know that they are pros and thus no point in flirting with them).

On other nights they sometimes have little shows, karaoke and similar, which is nice if you want somewhere to take your local non-pro girl friend for a nice and relaxed evening. She will like this since that takes you both away from the mongering scene around the Hip Strip.

The food at Pier 1 is crap and expensive, so don't go there for dinner even though it is a restaurant on other nights. (It is however a nice setting, but not as good as Marguerites.)

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:53
Massage Parlours aren't really my scene, even for day time play (much better and cheaper to have a girl come meet me at the beach, then take her to my hotel room).

What used to be called relaxation and rejuvenation center:

Mo'Bay has loads of massage parlours in addition to what used to be called Relaxation and Rejuvenation Center and is now called something else. (This is the massage parlour that is located on Top Road, right next to the big Red Strip sign.) All drivers that stand around on the Hip Strip are very keen to take you there, for the reason that it pays them the highest commission (USD 10). This massage parlour is the most expensive one, both in terms of cost of going to the room with the girl at minimum USD 40, and the girls start their bidding at USD 150 for full service, which is ridiculous for Jamaica.

If a driver suggests to take you to that one, say that you don't like it, and they will start listing out other possibilities. This place gets way to much bandwidth on ISG, and there is no reason to go there unless you are only in town for a few hours since it's close to the airport.

Massage place on Hip Strip:

Starting out at Dr Cave Beach, facing away from the ocean, turn left. Walk past the Havana Lounge, and be on the look out for a sign for Montego Bay Institute of Technology. At this yellow building, turn right into the side street. (Politely ignore all the touts trying to get you to go to the nearby craft market.) Keep going until you are past the yellow building (about 25 yards) and you see a fence. Where there is a turn left through the fence, walk in there. To your left is a "restaurant" that is more like a shack and you can order food through the window and there is nowhere to sit, and to your right as you look straight ahead is a second Jamaican restaurant with a pool table outside. (This restaurant has good food for about 350 Jamaican, so it is cheaper and better to eat there than at the hip strip. I think this place is only open during the day time though.) Walk past the restaurant, and look out for a white door. This has a door bell that says emergency on it. Wonder what sort of emergency they have in mind. Ring the bell, wait for a few minutes, and you will be let in. Have a seat, look at the menu, wait for the girls to be introduced, and enjoy. Prices here are Jamaican 1, 800 for the girl to go in the room with you (that is about USD 20) and you can have full service for about Jamaican 4, 000 to 6, 000. That is USD 50 to 75. Location is a bit worse than the place on Top Road, but service is better.

If you struggle to find it, ask someone. Give them Jamaican 100 to help you with this, but don't let them ring the door bell for you since then you will get stuck with the higher price menu to pay their commission.

Massage parlour close to airport:

There is one more massage parlour if you head towards the airport which I have not been to. (These aren't really my scene.)

Downtown massage parlour:

There is also a massage parlour on the third floor of an office building in town, but get a driver to take you since it's a bit difficult to find I think.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:54
There is still a streetwalker scene along the Hip Strip although this is much diminished over what it used to be like. Most of the girls will be hanging around close to Margaritaville, but if you walk along the Hip Strip late at night then there are a few standing around all along the street. There are also a few around Burger King, and lots of them when you get up towards Moods. Be careful with them since many of them are skilled pickpockets.

I have used Streetwalkers on a few occasions for a quick blowjob in the bushes to start out the evening, and have paid jamaican 1, 000 each time for a BBBJ but not with CIM. If you do this try to have your own spot in mind rather than going to the spot she suggests, and don't leave your wallet in your pants when you drop them.

The streetwalkers range from fat and ugly drug addicts to some girls that are actually quite young and cute with most falling in between. The younger and cuter ones will be up by Margaritaville and Moods, and the uglier ones standing further down the street. Some girls that are "on the street" you will find at Pier 1 on Fridays. I think that Margaritaville and Coral Cliff are a lot more strict about letting girls prowl for customers inside than they used to be, which has pushed some of the girls to hang out around Moods and the street party scene in front of there and Margaritaville.

Don't bring a girl you meet on the street to your hotel room is my advice, since while some of them are nice other ones are thiefs. If you do take her to your hotel, don't have her sleep over.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:54
Jamaican strip clubs are called go-gos, and it is an absolute must for you to check out at least Moods on your trip. Preferably on a Saturday night when they often have a freaky show.

Mo'Bay used to be home to an absolutely legendary club called Goldfingers, this is now closed since the owner got shot a while back. Some new management tried to keep it going, but didn't run it as well as the old owner used to. (He was a real cool guy that lived several years in London, and was sad to hear the news that he has passed away.)


Moods is the biggest go-go in Mo'bay and is a really nice club, but not a good as Scrub-a-dub in Negril. It is located pretty close to the end of the Hip Strip, right next to Wexford on the opposite side from Margaritaville. There is a sign painted on the green building that says Extatic, but everyone still calls it Moods, most locals won't even know what you mean if you mention Extatic. See the attached photo (sorry for the quality, but it was raining, which shows the green building) for location.

When approaching Moods you will be approached by a virtual army of hustlers offering you ganja, girls, and so on. Keep walking to the entrance, and don't let anyone walk up with you, just say that you are going to Moods and that you can find it yourself.

Entrance is 300 Jamaican. On the board it says that tourist entrance is 5 USD (I. E. 400 Jamaican) don't pay that price, just hand the guy at the door 300 Jamaican and leave it at that.

There is pretty much something happening at Moods every night of the week. The girls are supposed to clock in for work at around 7:30 and the club is supposed to open at 9:30, but opening time is flexible and there generally is no point to show up before 11:30 to midnight.

I would say that Moods has about twenty girls. Most of them are pretty tall with nice and thick bodies, not fat, but with nice big asses and thick built. There are also a couple of girls that are really tall, and a few short and skinny ones to make up the balance. At any time there are about four or five girls on stage doing some really sexy dancing, showing of their pussies, fondling each other. The other girls will roam around the club or hang out in the changing room.

What I like about Moods is that you don't really get hassled in there. Sure, girls will approach you and strike up a conversation, but they aren't pushy about it. Any dancer is available for take out, but much easier to get their numbers. Management has no problem with this, you can even ask the (female) bartender for a pen!

Semi-pro girls come to Moods, particularly on Saturday nights when there is a freaky show (a freaky show is when a girl goes on stage and fucks and sucks). Supposed to start at around 2-3AM, usually doesn't happen until 4AM. A few street walkers also invest the 300 Jamaican on Saturday nights to come in there to try to drum up business.

The crowd is mostly Jamaican males, with a few tourists in the mix. Music is all Jamaican, porno movies play on little TVs hanging from the ceiling.

There are several rooms available at Moods if you want to do one of the strippers. Management will start their bidding at USD 50 for a room, but fight them down to around USD 20. Don't accept them giving you the little room with only a chair and a curtain that is next to the girl's dressing room, demand a room with a bed in it.

In terms of lay out, it is a pretty large club with a big stage in the middle of the room along one of the walls. Along the opposite wall there is a bar, and another bar alongside one of the side walls, and there are a few places to sit and loads of places to stand. Don't sit at the bar unless you are shy and want to be approached by the dancers. Another reason not to sit at the bar is that as the club fills up your view will be blocked. Grab a table or one of the wooden sofas close to the stage instead.

If you sit right next to the stage the girls will come close and perform a little show just for you, they might also give you a nice sexy lap dance, let you fondle them, let you finger them, etc. You should tip them for this, but make them work a little until you give them 100 Jamaican.

There are a couple of pretty nice bars next to Moods where you can hang out and have a drink.

There are also loads of street walkers that gather in front of Moods from the stairs and up by the bars.

Go-go next to Moods:

There is also another go-go if you go down the street a bit further from Moods, it's worth checking out but does not compare to Moods in terms of atmosphere and number of girls.


There is a go-go in Aquasol (yes, that is Aquasol beach) called Dreamz. They do a freaky show on Mondays, and it is an all you can drink deal for USD 30, or if you pay in Jamaican Dollars. 2,000. Their website, which is pretty useless, is www.mobayfreakyparties.com This was pretty worthwhile for a Monday night, they had four "freaks" (the girls that fuck each other and the customers) on stage, and the show started early with banana sucking, lesbian show, pussy eating contest, dick sucking contest, and finished around four with a free for all with all the girls and the guys that had come on stage. This was pretty worthwhile for a Monday evening when nothing much is happening elsewhere in Mo'Bay.

Down town go-gos:

In town there are a number of small gogos that cater to locals, worth checking out even though most of the girls are a bit too thick for my taste. This experience is likely to scare the first time visitor to Jamaica, so it might be worthwhile to leave it for your second trip.

Other go-gos:

There are also two gogos if you head towards the airport, one before you get to the airport, and one about a five minute drive past the airport. The girls at the second one are not shy. There are also several gogos if you take the road towards Negril within a few minutes drive from Mo'Bay.

In my view it is not worthwhile to take out a girl from a go go. You need to pay her barfine, and she has very high expectations for how much she will be paid to come with you at night. Similarly, the rooms at the gogos are pretty dirty, costly to rent, and the girls have high expectations for how much you will pay them to come in the room with you. Much better to get their cell phone numbers and call them the next day. They are all happy to come to your hotel for a few hours of fun for a pretty good price.

Also, at Moods in particular, and at lots of other gogos as well, there are actually quite a few girls hanging out. A lot of these girls are available to go with you if you want to, but they don't work for the gogo so there is no barfine, and they vary from pretty hardened pros, to semi-pros, to quarter pros. Be a bit careful though, some of them are non-pros (which shouldn't stop you from hitting on them) and some of them are there with their boyfriends, so approach with a bit of care. Make eye contact, smile, if she smiles back then walk over and talk to her.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:55
Finding non-pros and quarter-pros in Mo'Bay is easy. In terms of quarter-pros, a lot of the waitresses on the Hip Strip side line, or rather supplement their income, by fucking tourists, so this is worth a try. However, IMHO it is not a good idea to have a girl friend that works on the Hip Strip for two reasons:

1. If you want to do other girls, she will find out. Her work finishes at around 11:30 at night which will interfere with you playing around at night, and also she will find out what you have been up in the day timeto while she was working. Mo'Bay is not that big of a town.

2. If you don't want to do other girls, do you really want to have a "girlfriend" that fucks other tourists.

So, if you want a non-pro Jamaican girlfriend, then head to down town Mo'Bay, whether you are planning to do other girls or not.

When you first get down town, you will feel that it is very crowded and that it is difficult to get a girl's attention. Don't despair, walk around for a while and then you will find some good prospects.

You will not believe this, but most girls are happy to talk to you if you approach them smoothly on the street. It is not like back home, they are more than happy to talk to you, and most of them will give you their cell phone numbers no problem. Just don't ask sleazy, start a conversation, get the girl's number, and then move on.

Go into stores, look around a bit, go to the shopping mall, and so on. Smile at lots of girls, even if she is in a group of girls, and if she smiles back then try to strike up a conversation. Act cool, ask for directions, ask for the time, or whatever, then tell her that you think that she is pretty and ask for her number. Or even, give her your number, unlike girls in the US / Europe they will actually call you if you give them your number. (As a matter of fact, you will probably find five missed calls from her when you look at your phone after an hour.)

I cannot emphasize enough how easy it is to find a non-pro girl in down town Mo'Bay, no matter what your looks are. Also, this applies even if you are black or if you are white. If you are, say, a black American male then it is still obvious to a Jamaican that you are not from Jamaica from how you walk, talk, dress, etc.

Be a bit careful though. The pros and semipros are also in downtown Mo'Bay when they are not working, and you don't want your hunt for a non-pro to result in you getting together with a pro. How to guard against this, find girls where they are working (stores, restaurants, and so on).

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:56
In the section on massage parlours I mention one nice Jamaican place to eat at and give directions to it. Jamaican 350 for a good sized meal.

Pork Pit is good. If you walk past Wexford Hotel and keep going for a while it is on your left. Jamaican 500-1, 000 for a good size meal including a beer.

Marguerites has a very nice setting to eat a meal at if you take a non-pro out, but it's expensive. Think USD 100 for food and some nice wine. You don't need to take your non-pro girlfriend here to impress her, she will be happy if you take her to Pizza Hut (I am not joking) so if you go here do it for the nice setting next to the water.

Burger King (yes) is actually one of the cheaper options on the Hip Strip.

Loads of restaurants downtown where you can eat for Jamaican 300-400, just walk around and look for signs.

You can also get some really nice jerk chicken from the guys that stand around outside Margaritaville with grills on Saturday nights if you get hungry late night. Don't get it other nights since then they are not that busy and it is not that fresh.

Places with overpriced and crap food:

- Bobsleigh Cafe (but great for flirting with the waitresses, although they are not that hot, but just go for a few beers instead of eating there)

- Margaritaville.

- The restaurant inside Coral Cliff Casino (but this place too is great for flirting with the waitresses, some are pretty decent looking)

- The Irish Pub (forget the name). (This place has some waitresses that are very hot.)

- The restaurant inside Dr Cave beach. (Although there are a few mongerers that go there with their pro girlfriends from time to time, so if it bothers you to be seen with a pro and you are with one and you are hungry, guess you can go there to blend in a bit.)

Note: Hotness status of waitresses was accurate as at 2010.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:57
Wexford Hotel, this place is not nearly as girl friendly as it used to be. A lot of frowning when you bring in girls, sometimes a bit of arguing whether "visiting hours" are still going in the day time, a night receptionist that is a total dork (as proof of this, he wears sunglasses at night when he is at work). Extra person charge of USD 20 at night, sometimes outright refusal to bring in guests in the day time. Night receptionist will ignore that you have an extra guest and the extra guest charge for a bribe of JMD 1, 000. This used to be a cool hotel, but after a renovation, which to me looks like all they did was to move the reception and paint a little bit they have gotten a lot less friendly to our hobby. Would not stay there again.

Gloucestershire (which was closed on my last two visits in 2010). Supposedly for refurbishment, but didn't look like any work was going on. A shame since this hotel is in an excellent location in the middle of the hip strip.

Toby's Resort is great though. Unlimited visitors in the day time at no charge, a courtesy tip to the security guards of 100 Jamaican for them to ignore that I walk around the building with the reception area when I am with a girl, that's all. If spotted by the receptionist, then all she makes you do is sign the girl in, but there is no charge in the day time for this. In the evenings there is an extra person charge of USD 20, but reception closes at 11pm (and nothing in Mo'Bay starts before midnight) so you can just work things out with security who are supposed to collect the extra person charge.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:57
This would seem like something that should be pretty easy, but like many things in Jamaica it is yet another thing which is designed to take money away from the uninitiated.

I personally also dislike arriving at an airport for the first time in a third world country without knowing what to expect, since you are very vulnerable at this point since you have all your luggage, credit cards, passport, cash, cameras, etc on your person.

Once you are through customs, you will be approached by porters offering to take your luggage, and by ladies asking if you need a taxi. Porters will demand a ridiculous trip for hauling your luggage 80 yards to a taxi, have never tried the transport offered by the ladies but am sure it is expensive, so just keep walking.

There is a stand with a sign that says "official taxi". All these guys do is take you to the driver that gives them the best commission, and not necessarily with the cleanest car, so go past this too.

At this point you will be approached by the JUTA drivers. They have uniforms (reddish pants, white shirts) which they manage to look sloppy in. If it's your first trip, then you might want to consider going with them since they are the absolutely safest and easiest option. They will massively over charge you at USD 10 to USD 15 for the five minute drive to Mo'Bay. They collude not to offer lower prices.

If you walk past the JUTA drivers then you are outside the building but under the roof. Here you will be approached by unlicensed drivers. You can get them to take you into town for 300-400 (about USD 5) Jamaican if you stand around for a while, especially until the crowd of people that are coming of the plane you arrived with thins out. That isn't something you want to do on your first trip.

If it is day time then you can get a route taxi. Either you walk up to the street (it is past the Texaco) and flag one down. The driver will come out of the taxi and put your luggage in the trunk. There is no charge for having luggage in the trunk, but you can't keep it with you since there needs to be room for other passengers. You might want to think of chartering the taxi for 300 jamaican instead of taking it as a route taxi. If you take it as a route taxi then make sure to confirm with the driver that he is a route taxi.

Alternatively you go over to the taxi stop (go right towards the departures area). There is no sign for the taxi stop, but it is the line of white cars. Ask the driver where he is going. (He might not be going to Mo'Bay that's why! Some of the taxis will be going towards Rose Hall and further which is the opposite way!) Try to get into one that is almost full, since otherwise you will have to sit and wait until the taxi fills up since the driver won't leave until it is almost, or very nearly, full.

The cost of the route taxi is the usual Jamaican 80-85, and you naturally can't take a route taxi if your hotel is not on the Hip Strip. Tell the driver in advance where you want him to stop if you don't know where the hotel is, since otherwise you might end up standing at taxi central in down town Mo'Bay with all your luggage which would, well, really suck in the day time, and at night time would be outright dangerous.

The route taxi option is doable at night to, and you can do this without worry, but not for the first time visitor.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:58
Montego Bay, which everyone refers to as "Mo'Bay" is the town that is located next to Jamaica's second main airport. There is a touristy area (known as "the Hip Strip") which is essentially a little over a mile of road where most hotels are located. There's no common definition for where the Hip Strip starts or ends, but it pretty much starts at Toby's Resort when coming from the airport and ends at Margaritaville.

In addition to the Hip Strip, there is also "down town". Not that many tourists actually head down town, but this is where most locals that don't either work in the tourist industry or making a living out of hazzling tourists are.

Mo'Bay is also surrounded by lots of nice and expensive villas, as well as slum areas (these are not as bad as the garrisons of Kingston, but there is no reason for you to venture into any of these slums, they are pretty much shanty towns to be frank).

Mo'Bay has a lot of nice places to party at, and it is much easier to meet non-pros than in Negril. What it really lacks is a nice beach, and it can also get a bit boring if you want to go out on, say, a Tuesday night.

Anything else you need to know about conventional Mo'Bay things, check a conventional guide book.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:59
"No, this is not your first trip to Jamaica. You have been to Jamaica many times, and you are here for several weeks."

Most people you talk to will quite quickly ask you if this is your first time to Jamaica. Remember, this is not a social question, you are being asked this to see if you have an idea of what prices are (for whatever you are looking to get, a taxi ride, a girl, some of the local herbiage, etc).

Answering that this is your first trip shows the person that not only don't you really know the lay of the land yet, you are also naive enough to tell someone that this is your first trip. (This holds for almost all countries you monger in, but it bears repeating for Jamaica since this is probably one of the more advanced and difficult, and one of the more fun, mongering destinations that there are.)

In terms of length of stay, if you are leaving the next day then there are few chances for the girl that you will take her as a girlfriend or repeat with her, so she's likely not to give you a quality experience and also to try to get the most money she can out of you while giving you the least amount of service possible.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 20:59
there is not really a public transport system in jamaica with buses (and there are no trains on the island) , instead there is a system of route taxis. these are cars, most of them are white, older model toyotas and hondas and they have maroon license plates (or maybe brownish red is a better way to describe the colour). however, some of them are now newer cars, so if in doubt then ask the driver that he is a route taxi before you get in since some licensed private charter cars also have the maroon plates, this is differentiated by the code on the license plates, but i have not paid much attention to it. (if there are a couple of jamaicans in the car, then it is definitely a route taxi.)

these route taxis drive standard routes at standard prices, and you can flag them down and get in anywhere along the route and get of anywhere you want to along the route. the main route that goes through mo'bay starts at taxi central in downtown mo'bay, and finishes up by the airport after having gone along the length of the hip strip. the price of going this route is 80 jamaican (some drivers will charge 85 jamaican). the price is the same no matter where you get on or get of, so if you get on at for example margaritaville, and get of at dr. cave beach, it is still 80-85 jamaican. drivers carry change, but don't expect them to be able to brake a 1, 000 or 500 note. ideally carry coins, or 50 or 100 jamaican notes.

other people will be in the taxi, and the taxi will stop to pick people up and drop people of along the way.

there are also unlicensed route taxis, these are called "robots" and they charge the same prices as the route taxis. don't use these until you are pretty experienced. if one stops when you are waiting for your taxi then just wave him on. once you are more experienced then you can use the robots as well (in the day).

if your destination is a few houndred meters away from the "route" then you can ask the driver to still drive you all the way. this should cost you an additional 20 jamaican. don't try to negotiate this until you know how the route taxis work by having done it a couple of times, since if the driver sees that you are new to jamaica then he will try to squeeze more money out of you.

if you want to have the taxi to yourself and go to a specific destination, then this is called a "charter taxi" but it is the same cars. you agree the price with the driver, if you want to go from, for example, dr. cave beach to a specific location downtown then the price will be around 300 jamaican. the driver will try for 5 usd (400 jamaican) but stick to your guns at 300. also, negotiate through the window before entering the taxi, and don't wait until you reach your destination to agree the fare since then the driver might ask for a ridiculous price and you will face a protracted argument.

now, if you are not jamaican, then the driver will try to charge you like you have chartered the taxi and not the regular price. therefore, when you enter a route taxi, do the following: flag the taxi down, get in, say nothing. the driver will start driving again along his route once you are seated. if he asks you where you are going, then say either: "this is a route taxi, right" or "this is a regular taxi, right?" once he confirms that this is the case, then say where you want him to drop you of along the route. if he says no then point out that he has route taxi license plates and he will relent. they will try especially to get you to charter the taxi if no one else is in it, but they will also try this when there are others in the taxi.

when you want the taxi to stop, then you say (loudly)"driver, stop here". if you say "excuse me sir, please stop here" or something like that you will show that you are a green horn. jamaicans address the taxi driver as "driver", the same way that the person making jerk chicken is "jerk man" or "bone man", the person selling smokes is "ganja man" etc.

watch who is in the route taxi before getting in, especially at night. if it is a mix of ages and genders, no problem (mon. , if it is five twenty year old males that look like they are up to no good, then don't get in.

when you are waiting for your taxi then you might be approached by drivers standing nearby offering you a ride, cars might stop and suggest that they give you a ride (even for free, but trust me, it won't be free since you will be expected to give them money for a beer or similar) so just politely decline and say that today you are taking a route taxi. (remember, jamaicans will take it as a grave insult if you ignore them or "play deaf", so when i write "ignore" in other parts of this guide that i am putting together it means declining politely but firmly, but also being a bit cold and not engaging in conversation about what / why you aren't doing / buying what they suggest.)

you can take route taxis all around the island once you are very experienced, and this is a very cheap way of being transported around, but by very experienced i mean not only knowing what "bombo'clad" means but being able to act like you live in jamaica.

if you want someone to drive you around all night, or take you to negril, nine mile, etc then you should get your own driver and not a chartered route taxi driver.

the route taxis work the same in negril as they do in mo'bay.

key differences are:

- the standard price for the route in negril is 100 jamaican.

- knowing how to take route taxis is even more important in negril, since walking from most hotels (which are along the beach) to down town and to restaurants will get very expensive very quickly.

- the standard route goes through downtown and doesn't stop there. i actually don't know where it starts and finishes, but whether you stay on the cliffs or along the beach the way to get to downtown is to take a route taxi.

(there really isn't such a thing as "down town" negril, it's just two shopping malls and a bunch of restaurants rep001tered about.)

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:02
Any experienced monger knows that a local cell phone is a must have accessory on a mongering trip longer than a few days, and particularly so in Jamaica since there is no day time scene and it is hard to meet hot girls on week day evenings sometimes as well too.

A cell phone is also a must have accessory if you want to try to get with a non-pro girl, or two non-pro girls.

There are two options to acquiring a local cell phone, bring an unlocked phone from home and buy a chip for 500 jamaican, or buy the cheapest local phone available which will cost you about 2, 000 jamaican. You will need to show your passport to get the chip since that is jamaican law, so take your passport with you to the store or you will have to go back to your hotel and get it and stand in line again. Making cell phone calls and sending texts is very cheap in jamaica, so don't load your phone with more than 500 jamaican of credit for two weeks. Topping up is expensive, so do a big top up in the store when you get your phone / chip.

There are two digicell stores that I know of in Mo'Bay, one on the hip strip towards the end (close to Buccaneers / Jolly Rogers so on the opposite end from Margaritaville) and one in town. The one in town has a much better selection of phones, and going into town to get your phone / chip is a good way to go on your first venture into down town so my recommendation is to head there in the morning of your second day in Jamaica. To get to downtown digicell, either ask a taxi to take you there (for 300 jamaican) or take a route taxi, get of at taxi central, and walk straight down the street past the gas station and a bit further. The digicell store is on the left side of the street.

Having acquired your new cell phone, go have some lunch and as a challenge try to get the waitress' phone number. Then walk over to the local shopping mall, and flirt with girls that are hanging around, that work in stores etc. This is so much easier than you think if you do it with a smile, act nicely, etc. Say things like "I just got a new phone, do you mind if I try it out by ringing you?" Believe me, this will get you her number in eight out of ten cases. Then ask her what she is doing for dinner, ask her to have coffee with you, or something. Make it your mission not to return from downtown with your new phone until you have the number of five hotties!

All the tips on why a cell phone is important that I have posted in the Mo'Bay thread holds as well for Negril.

There is a Digicell store in "down town" Negril, right next to Burger King, you can't miss it since "down town" is so small.

In terms of getting girls numbers to program into your cell phone, after leaving Digicell, walk towards the roundabout (it is in the direction away from the beach, you can see it from the store) , go to the other side of the roundabout and go check out the girls that hang out at, or work in, the strip mall there. Ignore the little "mall" that is right across from Digicell, pretty much only tourists come there. Meeting non-pros is just as easy as in Mo'Bay, but the selection is much smaller, or rather it is in lots of different places, since Negril is so spread out compared to Mo'Bay.

Some more musings / tips on cell phones:

Don't lend your phone to girls or anyone else without watching carefully, since they will text themselves credit from your phone otherwise.

You can use your home cell phone on roaming too (US phones work in Jamaica) but this will be expensive, and girls and other mongerers will not want to call you since it's expensive.

Put your phone on silent. When jamaican girls call you and you don't pick up then they will phone five times at least which is annoying even if your phone is only on vibrate.

If you don't use your phone for three weeks, then all your credit is gone, so you can't use your Jamaican phone / chip when you come back to the island until you top up. (And you might as well text the credit to your driver or a girl you like when you leave since otherwise it will be gone.)

If you don't top up for three months, then you loose your phone number and have to buy a new chip. (But you can still recover all the old phone numbers you have on your phone easily.)

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:03
All destinations in poorer countries suffer from a bit of an annoyance with touts etc, but this situation is particularly bad in Jamaica.

I know that typing in all capital letters means that you are shouting, and I am shouting this:

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, EVER, FROM A HUSTLER! Also, do not buy anything from people that approach you on the street either.

The reason that it is so important not to get anything from a hustler is that he will go of bragging and tell everyone on the street what he sold you and how much he charged you for it. Therefore, this will multiply the amount of hassle you have to deal with from other hustlers since they know you are a good target over the rest of your trip. In addition, if a hustler "befriends" you, which they try to do, then they will stand around waiting for you outside your hotel, come into restaurants when you are eating, even call your hotel room and be a major pain.

Especially when you have just gotten of the plane, and are walking around town on your first day you will be approached by lots of people offering to hook you up with whatever you need: Ganja, other drugs, girls, driving you around, shopping at craft markets, and so on. They know who is new and who has been around for a while, try to build up some street credibility by dealing with them respectfully, but firmly being clear that you are not buying anything.

Basically, the people on the street that offer you things fall into two categories:

1. Opportunistic touts. Jamaicans that work in stores, drive taxis, etc and are trying to make an extra buck by helping you out. You can't blame them for that, but sadly they will overcharge you massively so don't use their services. Don't be too hard on them, just clarify that you got everything you need. This is the vast majority of the people that will approach you on the street.

2. Hustlers. These are Jamaicans that make a living by harassing tourists and trying to sell them things at massively inflated prices. You will recognize them by their approach being a lot smoother than the opportunistic touts. Steer clear of the hustlers. They are very very good at goading money out of you, they do this all day every day. Keep conversation with them to a minimum, then move on. The hustlers are a minority of the people on the street, and are kept largely in line these days by the security / police that patrol the Hip Strip.

Hustlers are, essentially, scum. They will never take no for an answer, even putting joints (in Jamaica they use the word splif) in your pocket and refusing to take them back and instead demanding money for it. Shaking them takes a while since they are persistent, but keep walking and eventually they drop away. The last thing they will ask you for before they give up, for that time, is money for a beer. Don't give it to them. It might seem a small price to pay to get rid of someone that is a pain, but don't, it will double the amount of hassle you have to deal with next time.

Also, keep in mind that by talking to you each time you pass by they try to develop a "friendship" with you, and after a few days they will try with some sob story that their car is broken, that their kids don't have anything to eat and they need money for that since it's the low season, or whatever story. Don't give them any money, and don't buy anything from them, no matter what. The answer to give is: "I don't have any money".

Also, and very importantly: In many other countries it is ok to ignore people that approach you on the street, or "pretend you are deaf". To a Jamaican being ignored like this is a grave insult, so when approached you need to respond. However, there is no need to stop, and there is no need to go out of your way to talk to someone that shouts "come here" from across the street. Just acknowledge them and keep moving.

Remember, when they ask if this is your first time in Jamaica then you answer: "no". They are not that easy to fool so will follow up and ask when you were last here. If it is your first time, then just reply: "not too long ago", then stop talking about it. Then close the conversation with "respect mon, but am in a rush".

Most Jamaicans are very nice and decent people, and it is a pity that the only interaction with Jamaicans most tourists will have is being bothered by hustlers and touts. If you are being followed by a hustler, some Jamaicans will whisper to you: "Stand up for yourself mon, no one can make you do something you don't want to do". That is a good philosophy for dealing with the hustlers, and generally pushy people all over the world. Believe me, after having dealt with hustlers in Jamaica you will think used car salesmen and estate agents are push overs.

After a few days you won't be bothered as much, assuming that you never buy anything from anyone, but it is generally easier to walk on the ocean side of the hip strip since most touts / hustlers are on the other side.

There are no hustlers in downtown Mo'Bay, because few tourists go there (since there really isn't anything there for the average tourist, for a mongerer it is a great place to find semi-pros, quarter-pros and non-pros).

Now, if you have gotten of the plane and you absolutely must have a spliff and a nice fuck (or two) and aren't too concerned about paying a bit too much this once. Then, still don't use the hustlers and touts, just ask the taxi driver that takes you to your hotel to help you out to find a girl to come to your hotel, and have him pick up some ganja for you too. Don't be embarrased to ask the taxi driver about finding a girl, he will be delighted at the chance to make a bit extra money and won't even flinch at the question. He will be happy to wait outside the hotel while you check in and put your bags in your room, then take you out on a mission to find a girl and ganja.

If the girl is coming for a few hours, then don't pay more than USD 70. This is too much, but the driver will hit the girl up for some of that money in addition to charging you for setting it up. For a nice sized bag of ganja, don't pay him more than USD 5 (this is 10 x the Jamaican price.). Make sure he gets the ganja away from the Hip Strip or the stuff you get will be garbage.

The information on how to deal with hustlers and opportunistic touts in holds for Negril as well.

However, note that hustlers and opportunistic touts are much less of an annoyance in Negril than there are in Negril. The reason for this is that Negril is much more spread out than Mo'Bay is, so most tourists are either in taxis or on their own scooters rather than walking, so less opportunities for them.

There used to be a few hustlers hanging out around the night scene, but this seems to have changed since on my last trip I was not approached by them at all inside the night time circuit. (Might be that they have gotten pushed out together with many of the working girls to make it less scary for the all-inclusive crowd.)

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:03
Don't know if this is OK to post, but the guide wouldn't be complete without it and it is important information. I have tried to keep it pretty clean by just discussing facts and not encouraging anyone to use these things, or giving specific directions on how to obtain any of these things.

The Stuff Bob Marley Likes (TSBML)

TSBML is not legal in Jamaica, believe it or not. However, I would describe it as pseudo legal. It is not smoked openly on the streets, but you can smoke it on your hotel balcony, in a lot of go gos, on the pier at Pier 1, or if you walk away a bit from the street when outside, etc. Or naturally in your hotel room.

The TSBML that the hustlers and touts sell is crap. The stuff that jamaicans smoke is good.

The Jamaican price for TSBML is also very very cheap. A bag that would cost you USD 10 at home (and you would be very happy to get that much for USD 10) costs 50 Jamaican, which is about 60 cents. Now, in Jamaica there is such a thing as "Jamaican Price" and then there is "Tourist Price". If on your first trip you can't get "Jamaican Price" then don't throw a fit over it, but try to get as close to it as possible. Best ways to get it is when your driver gets some for himself then ask him to get some for you too and hand him a 100 Jamaican note. Or ask a girl that you are taking back to your hotel to go get some for you before you go up to the room and hand her a 100 Jamaican note. This may or may not work, they will likely come back with "this buys nothing" and give you back the money. Say that you know how much it costs and give them the money again. If you end up paying USD 5 then it's not a big deal I think if it's your first trip. However, be persistent that you know how much it costs and they are overcharging you so you don't look like a push over.

Don't be stupid and bring any home with you on the plane. And also be careful, Jamaicans don't all know that TSBML can get you into a lot of trouble back home. On one trip the girl that had been staying with me for several days was very nice and packed my bags for me, folding my clothes nicely, and. Neatly wrapping up the TSBML that was left and putting it in a side pocked of my bag. Pure luck that I looked for it and couldn't find it, and asked her where it was.

Also, remember that the police do arrest token tourists for smoking TSBML on the street, on the beach, or in the open. You will have to have an enormous spat of bad luck to be arrested for this, but it does happen so be a bit careful.

Blue Mountain coffee, some viagra, and a splif is a very nice way to get ready for some great sex. One gives you energy, one gets you rock hard, the third heightens the sensation.

The Stuff Tony Montana Likes (TSTML)

Now, you will be offered TSTML on the street with almost the same frequency that you will be offered ganja. Capital letters for emphasis here: THAT IT IS READILY AVAILABLE DOES NOT MEAN THAT TSTML IS PSEUDO LEGAL THE SAME WAY THAT TSBML IS. The police do take TSTML seriously. If you are caught doing TSTML in the bath room of a club, go-go, restaurant, etc it is not unlikely that the police will be called and that you will get arrested. The police are also likely to be called if it's found on you when you get padded down when you enter some clubs.

A stint in a Jamaican jail will ruin your vacation even more than if your mother in law is parked in your room, so steer clear of TSTML.

(If you don't know who Tony Montana is, then google it, and if you can't read between the lines still then you must be very very stupid.)

Designer substances.

These are available, but actually very very expensive compared to home. The police take a hard line on this as well, so steer clear.

One more important point: In Africa, and also in South America, scams are common where the police and sellers, girls, etc collude to entrap you with drugs and then arrest you to extract a bribe from you. I have never heard this happen in Jamaica.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:04
one thing that is pretty cool if you are staying in either mo'bay or negril is to take a girl, or two, and go on little day trips. there are loads of average quality sights that are pretty fun and interesting to check out within one to three hours drive of either town. (by average quality i don't mean that the sights are bad, but they are not sugarloaf, eiffel tower, angkor what, macchu picchu type of sights). generally they are things like waterfalls, rum factories, etc.

am not going to detail each place since that you can just find in any guide book on non-mongering stuff, but want to add the following thoughts for those planning their trips:

1. going to nine mile, bob marley's birth place, i feel is a must. the drive up through the mountains from ocho rios takes a long time, but you will see some beautiful scenery and also how lots of jamaicans actually live on little farms up in the mountains. nine mile is also pretty nice and you learn quite a bit about music and jamaica's recent history from there. you get swamped by touts when you arrive, so keep your windows closed until the driver has gone through the gate and it has closed behind you. not that the touts are dangerous, but they are annoying. you must use one of the guides to go around the site. on my first trip to nine mile the girl that came with me asked our guide and a few other guides to sing a bob marley song to us after the tour was finished which was pretty cool (they have a little stage).

2. if a girl suggests that you go to dolphin cove since she wants to see it, then don't let her talk you into it. it is not worth the money and is freaking expensive, total cost will come out at a few hundred dollars since she will also want some of the pictures that they charge for. all you get is to touch a dolphin and ride on one for a few seconds. stay away!

3. touring a ganja farm. this is not covered in the guide books, obviously, but it is a pretty cool experience so it is worth going. all drivers will suggest to take you to a ganja farm (they are more farms than plantations, even though the drivers call them planations). only go with a driver that you have used beforehand and that you are learning to trust a bit. now, a ganja farm tour will mean that you will likely need to get out of the car and walk down a hidden path into the jungle a bit since these things need to have the pretense of being hidden. this is normal, so no need to freak out. also, the driver will need to get the "farmer's" permission to take you to the farm, and the farmer will expect a tip of between 500 and 1, 000 jamaican to guide you around his farm. i actually liked it that the farmer showed me around since he was pretty knowledgeable about different types of ganja, how to grow it, how to care for it, etc. he also seemed to have a pretty comfortable life style, working about two hours a day except when it was harvest time and he had to work for ten hours a day for a hard three days in a row.

4. for those that are so inclined there is loads of scuba diving, fishing, [CodeWord118] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord118), golf, tennis, horse riding, etc but that is something to read about in a guide book and not on isg. i really like the lonely planet guide to jamaica, but don't like it for a lot of other destinations.

one last musing about lonely planet guide:

it really makes me laugh how they deal with our hobby in their guide books. quotes like: "don't go to this bar, it is full of local prostitutes" or "this is a shady area with lots of ladies of the night walking around after dark, so avoid after 6pm". helpful in a funny sort of way. most other guide books seem to be silent on the topic.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:05
There is no system to prices for P4P in Jamaica, and pretty much the price tends to be whatever a girl can get you to pay her. You will find weird anamolies like ST sometimes being more costly than LT, etc.

First some definitions:

"ST" or "Short Time": This is not a defined concept like it is in most other mongering places, but when I write ST then that means a girl spending a few hours with you *in the day time. You can pretty much have as much sex as you like for a few hours until you are satisfied and / or tired.

"LT" or "Long Time": Again, this is not a defined concept like it is in most other mongering places, but when I write LT then that means a girl coming to your place *at night* for a few hours of play before going to sleep, or maybe only one round, and (ideally) a bit of play in the morning too.

Firstly: In case you did not know this, all P4P girls across the world don't like to be treated like hookers. In the same way that us mongerers don't like to be treated as, well, tricks. Same as we hate it when an escort arrives and says something unattractive like "where do you want to do it", treating us like "johns", girls all across the world don't like it when we treat them like hookers. A lot of girls in a lot of countries will have a bit of professionalism when it comes to this and will "keep smiling", but Jamaican girls don't.

Therefore, the first anamoly of Jamaican prices, you often find that it is more expensive to invite a girl for one quick fuck at your place then it will cost you to have her all night or for several hours in the day time, even if she is a pro. So. Be prepared that you will be fucking the same pussy many many times that day (not a bad thing necessarily.)

In Jamaica, ST prices make no sense and there does not seem to be a standard price, and it also doesn't seem to work to negotiate a ST price on the phone when calling a girl up since she will say something ridiculous then (there are exceptions). What I usually do is that I call them up, say that it is the guy from last night / two nights ago, and let's meet up for a drink, go to the beach, etc. They know what is up. Then spend a bit of time with them hanging out (if I change my mind then I will ditch them politely) then suggest that we head back to my hotel room to play. (On one occasion I met a quarter-pro girl on the beach after I phoned her, we went into the water after 10 minutes, swam out a bit, fondled each other, and then I pulled her bikini aside a bit and fucked her under the water, but that is more of a crazy Jamaica story than what to expect.) We do our thing in my hotel room for a few hours, watch some TV, smoke some ganja, relax, and then when she leaves I will ask her if she needs taxi money, and then she will say yes. Then I ask how much, and it is usually between 2, 000 Jamaican and 5, 000 Jamaican. I will not pay more than 4, 000 Jamaican (that is 50 USD) for a few hours of fun in the day time and then it would have to have been some very good sex, several times, and with a girl I want to repeat with. Some of them will leave and ask you for nothing, some of them will leave and ask you for their real taxi money, but if this happens then see it as a nice treat rather than what to expect.

In terms of "LT", again there is no standard pricing.

- If you want to do a stripper in a go go, then expect management to start their bidding at USD 50 just to rent a room. Fight them down to USD 20, even though that will take a while. The girl will do it for USD 50 for one fuck, but will start her bidding much higher. Taking her out for the night might incur a stop work price of USD 50, and then she will ask you for USD 100 to stay until dawn (she will start her bidding much higher than that). These prices vary from go-go to go-go. Really no point to take them at night since you can call them in the day time instead. If you find a really hot stripper that you want to spend time with both at night and in the day time, then the price of them not working one night at Moods is 2, 000 Jamaican if you want to take them out, but they will pretend that it costs them 50 USD (4, 000 Jamaican) not to go to work for one night.

- If you want to do a hot pro from one of the night places: They will try for ridiculous prices like 200-300 USD. Do not pay more than USD 100 for the night, and then make sure that she agrees to stay for a few hours after you wake up for that price also. It is much easier to get her to agree to more time then to drop her price, but USD 100 is way too much and you should pay her less unless she is very hot and is a "must do" that could easily find another tourist to take her. A less hot pro will cost around 50-75 USD for all night. The pros are expensive since they have done a lot of tourists during their careers and they know what some tourists are prepared to pay.

- If you want to do a semi-pro, then expect in the region of 50 USD for all night and a bit of time in the morning.

- Quarter-pros are "free" since they don't charge money for sex. They might hit you up for a bit of taxi fare in the morning though. (Remember, you can get from Mo'Bay to Kingston for USD 12 using route taxis, so any taxi fare above 1, 000 Jamaican is ridiculous but show some leniency.) A lot of quarter-pros will actually move into your hotel room after the first night.

- A non-pro is very unlikely to go home with you on the first night, especially if you meet her at a bar / club. If you take her for dinner she might actually go with you, but only for sleeping which is very frustrating.

Some musings on prices and Jamaican girls:

Always negotiate P4P in Jamaican money, even though I have written above in USD to make it easier to see what it costs, it will come out much cheaper that way, believe me. (However, always carry both USD and Jamaican money since a lot of stuff is actually cheaper to pay for in USD and sometimes it is cheaper to pay in Jamaican money.)

When you call a Jamaican girl to come meet you, she will be late, and not 10 minutes late, often hours late. Sometimes this is the fault of taxis not being on time, sometimes this is a result of their different concept of time. Therefore, make sure you agree to meet in a location where you don't mind sitting around for a while, be it the beach, at your hotel, at a bar, etc. You will quickly learn that "come soon" don't mean, well, come soon.

If you want to have a non-pro or quarter-pro girlfriend, then don't get one that works close to your hotel. So, for example, in Mo'Bay, don't have one of the waitresses at a nearby restaurant as your girlfriend and expect her not to find out about what you have been up to when she was at work in the day time, because she will. (Note, cheating on your girlfriend is not "no respect" but she will not be happy about it.)

The quarter-pros are very quick to move into your hotel room and claim girlfriend status.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:06
If you don't believe that there is such a thing as a "semi-pro", then Jamaica will convince you.

Also, the quarter-pros and non-pros are one of the top attractions of this lovely island. Especially combined with the way that the Jamaican girls fuck.

Ok, here goes:

Category 0. Hardened Pros. These are girls that have been fucking people for money for years, either as strippers, on the night-scene, or by being on the street. Steer as far away from them as possible, or if you indulge, go for BJs only.

Category 1. Pros. These are girls that are either strippers at a go-go, that work in massage parlours, or are on the night time circuit every night that is possible. They are in the business of, to use the local term,"selling pussy". Nothing wrong with that. Some of them are actually very very pretty and fun to be with, but you will need to pay them in cash for them to spend time with you, and in the end they are only after one thing, money. On the night time scene you recognise them by them wearing nicer clothes, make up, shoes, etc than the semi-pros. Their job is to fuck tourists, and they will be the most expensive to take home for the night. Many of them live in nice houses and make a good living from what they do. However, get the number of hot ones and they are happy to do ST in the day with little fuzz. Girl friend experience is possible, but not really likely, but you can get a couple of pretty good fucks from one of the Pros if she likes you.

Category 2. Semi-pros. These are girls that go to Pier 1, Jungle, etc once in a while when they need a bit of money or for a bit of adventure as well. Some of them are very very very pretty, many of them are so-so. They are more fun to be with than a pro (unless a pro likes you, in which case you could be in for some very advanced sex treats, but you still need to give her her daily cost no matter what.). They are more shy than the pros, and also more selective with who they go with, if they go with anyone at all that night. Not selective in terms of looks, but in terms of how you act. With a pro this drives up costs mainly / only, unless you are drunk or start acting weird. Semi-pros blend in closely with quarter-pros, but the distinction is that a semi-pro will expect to be paid in cash while a quarter-pro will expect gifts and might take offense if you start to negotiate a nightly rate with her. The semi-pros may or may not give the girl friend experience, some of them can actually be a bit shy since they are embarrased about being involved in P4P, and it is rare that a Jamaican girl is shy.

Category 3. Quarter-pros. These girls can be found on the night time circuit in Negril, Jungle, etc but they are not hookers and do not think of themselves as hookers. These girls you can also (actually, mainly) be found down town Mo'Bay, Negril, etc. Some of them hang out on the night time circuit, but to have fun and maybe meet a tourist rather than with the sole purpose of making money. They are normal girls, they expect you to charm them, buy them dinner, be nice to them, and so on, and they will sleep with you on the first or second night, but. They expect something in return. Inflated cab fare, money for their baby, money for imaginary hospital bills, their kids school uniform, and so on. However, these girls will definitely give you the girl friend experience, and will think of themselves as your girlfriend while you are in Jamaica (and when you come back) but they will not be with you for free. If you stay with a quarter-pro for several days, be prepared for a lot of stories about them needing to buy books for school, their kids needing vaccinations, not having enough money for that months rent, and so on. You need to give her a bit of money, but don't open your wallet whenever she opens her mouth to ask you for money, you will find that the cost of the books comes down quickly if you say that it sounds expensive. The quarter-pros are probably a uniquely Jamaican thing. Quarter-pros are very nice to be with and are a lot of fun to take on little day time trips, but the constant stories get exhausting after a while and it can also gradually get too expensive. A lot of the waitresses on Mo'Bay's Hip Strip fall into this category. These girls are the girl friend experience guaranteed.

Category 4. Non-pros. I am using non-pro in the strictest sense here. These girls will spend time with you since they like you and only for that purpose, and will not accept money from you, or demand gifts from you. Sure, as all girlfriends anywhere across the world they love to be treated nice, but they will pay their own cab fare when they go home from your place, they will treat you to a meal once in a while, and they will give you some of the best sex that you will ever experience. These girls have normal jobs (not bull shit jobs like "doing hair" that is the cover story of a lot of pros and semi-pros) but jobs that they need to go to in the morning and that demand some sort of skill. Finding a real non-pro is a real treasure, but believe it or not, it is not difficult. However, the main draw back of a non-pro, she needs to go to work in the day time and can't move into your hotel room. (But. On your second trip, she will ditch work to be with you, but then you are actually in a serious relationship with her if you have flown back to see her again.) A non-pro is a girl friend, so naturally she will give you the girl friend experience.

Some musings on the above categories:

If you really like a pro girl, then keep her for a few days, just don't get emotionally attached. Many of them are very very pretty, that is why they have left the countryside for Mo'Bay and Negril to do what they do to make money from their looks. If they like you then they can fuck you like crazy, plus they might be up for including their "sister" (not their real sister, the girl that they live with) in threesomes.

Semi-pros are probably the cheapest option since they are amazed at making about USD 50 from just spending the night with you. Pros know what tourists are prepared to pay, and you need to stand your ground on what you will pay her. Am shouting this: DO NOT PAY A PRO MORE THAN USD 100 FOR ALL NIGHT! That is already a "tourist price", but guess what, the pros only fuck tourists, so tourist price applies!

Quarter-pros can quickly get expensive and over time can actually be the most expensive option. If you get a quarter-pro, get one that is almost a non-pro. Shouting this: DITCH HER IF SHE ASKS YOU TO LEND HER MONEY! If she does this, she is trying to scam you.

It is not uncommon for a girl in any category above to take you home to meet her mom and her kids if you spend a few days with her. (They all seem to have their first kid by age 16, so invariably most of them have kids that their mothers raise.) This is a sign of affection from her, but not as big a sign of affection as it would be in the US / Europe. For some of them, the reason that they take you with them is that so you will pay the cab fare and so that no other girl takes you over while she heads home.

Most importantly, remember that it is your trip. If you are bored with your girl, then move on. Let her down gently, do a normal "break up" like you would do with a girlfriend back home, but don't let a clingy girl that has started to bore you ruin your trip.

Treat all the girls with respect, but especially non-pro girls.

Always pay after, never in advance.

Even if a girl has kids that she needs to go home to, she will tell you that she is happy to stay at yours until you wake up and fuck twice or whatever so that you will go with her then leave at 5AM. Therefore above.

Do not "rip-off" a girl when it becomes time to pay. If she has done what you agreed, in terms of time and activities, then you need to pay her the full amount and if you are feeling nice maybe a small tip for "taxi". If she leaves early then you can deduct a little bit, but more like 20% than 50. Do not throw her out of your room without paying in the morning. Yes, security will take her of the premises, but you can be in a very very dangerous situation this way. (And, Jamaica is not Thailand were all that will happen is that some motorcycle drivers will punch you a bit. This can seriously get you shot since treating a girl that way is "no respect".)

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:07
First the bad news:

Jamaica is a very dangerous place, it has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and it is also a very violent society. Jamaicans are very big on "respect", and being "disprespected" by someone means you need to fight them, often with a weapon. There are also loads of violent gangs that engage in drug dealing and defending their territory against each other. In addition, there are many people that are desperately poor and / or have drug or alcohol problems that engage in stealing and robbery.

Now the good news:

Most of the crime and violence is confided to the the Southern / Eastern part of the island, primarily Kingston and the surrounding areas. If you come there for mongering you will be on the opposite part of the island, the Northern / Western side, pretty much as far away as you can get from Kingston and armed gangs.

Also, the Jamaican government values tourists a lot. Not because the Jamaican government cares about tourists, but because tourism is very very important to the Jamaican economy, and without the taxes that are generated from tourism the corrupt politicians would not be able to steal as much as they are able to with tourism. Robberies, assaults, and murders of tourists are very very bad publicity.

Because of this, tourists are extremely well protected by the police. The police presence might not be very visible, but if a Jamaican attacks a tourist then, to quote what a local girl told me many years ago when I was nervous about a particular character "the police will take him and they will lock him away for very very long". The police will also severely beat locals that misbehave in the tourist areas (like being very drunk, grabbing people, etc). I might be a bit harsh, but their approach to the locals would probably result in UN sanctions if the locals and police were not of the same race.

The police do not care about tourists being harassed, but you will note that the hustlers will not physically touch you except for shaking your hand, and they will not hold on to you to keep you from walking away, and they will not stand in your way if you try to walk around them. (If you tell the police that you are being harassed by a hustler on the street then this is likely to result in him being "banned" from the Hip Strip, and not being allowed to go past Margaritaville. This is the reason that so many of them stand around over by Moods these days.)

The further away you go from the touristy areas, the less this protection applies. However, if you go on a go-go tour in the country surrounding either Mo'Bay or Negril then you are safe inside the venue, as well as immediately outside it, since if something happens to you then the police will make trouble for the owner, and no one wants to make trouble for the owner since he is either a "real bad man" or benefits from the protection of a "real bad man". ("Real bad man" is patois, am not going to explain what it is since it's pretty self explanatory, but "a real bad man no need tinted windows in his car cause he no need to hide from no one".)


If you disrespect a Jamaican then all bets are of, since he might have to do something violent towards you so he doesn't lose all his respect on the street. Am not talking something minor here, you need to have done something pretty bad for this to happen, like throw a beer in someone's face type of incident.

There are a lot of people that are very disturbed from too much ganja and alcohol that you need to watch out for. The police keep these people away from the tourist areas, but the further away you go then the more dangerous it is. However, you need to stray from the tourist areas a bit to have the most fun, so you need to take some risks from time to time.

Jamaican society is very violent, so keep an eye open for incidents looking like they are about to flare up and move away from there slowly. If you see a fight then don't stop and watch it, even though it is tempting, keep moving and if you have to watch then stand quite a distance away. (If you do see a fight you will notice that the local people will stop and watch it, but not standing nearly as close as people would when watching a fight in the US or Europe.)

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:11
Everything in Jamaica that is imported is freaking expensive, and everything in Jamaica is imported pretty much, so bring everything with you from home.

When I say expensive I mean expensive by non-Jamaican standards, not Jamaican standards. Think 8 USD for a pack of cigarettes. 10 USD for toothpaste. 9 USD for deodorant, and so on. Clothes are expensive too. Condoms are expensive as well.

Viagra is also expensive, and you are supposed to have a prescription for it also, so bring this as well. (You can get it without a prescription if you walk around and try a few pharmacies downtown if you run out.)

Most other places you go to to monger it don't matter if you forget to pack something, and lots of things are actually cheaper to get when you are on the ground. Not so in Jamaica, make a packing list and double check that you have everything with you.

I recommend the Lonely Planet Guide for Jamaica also. Lonely Planet Guide is crap for quite a few destinations, but the one for Jamaica is actually pretty good for a lot of non-mongering stuff to make your trip better.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:12
perhaps a bit of a coarse way to start, but this is after all what isg is all about, travelling to countries for the purpose to have sex with women.

pussy fucking:

in terms of sex, jamaica is a top-notch destination for pussy fucking. many of the girls will fuck you the way you see black girls acting in porno movies, talking nasty, moving a lot, moaning. they can get into some positions that are almost straight out of the kama sutra, so get on and enjoy the ride! if a girl really likes you then you are in for an absolutely amazing treat, morning, day, and night.

this goes for all the categories of girls, pros, semi-pros, quarter-pros, non-pros. even if you are paying for it, most of the girls will have an expectation to enjoy the encounter, and don't be surprised to get scolded if you didn't make her cum and to be expected to perform again quickly or to rub or lick her pussy until she cums.

this is the experience that makes jamaica special as a mongering destination. sure, some asian girls can do some crazy stuff when they squeeze their pussies on your dick, but for a true, wild, and nasty pussy fuck then jamaica can't be beat.

however, if you make her feel cheap during the encounter then there's a high risk of a lazy fuck. she won't star fish, but won't do things like shake her ass when you bang her doggy style, wiggle her hips around in missionary, or do a near perfect split with her legs with one foot on each side of the bed with your dick in her pussy when she is riding you.


you might get your hopes up when you notice that almost all the girls have their tongues pierced. pretty much all of them will suck, pros tend to do cbj, while semi-pros, quarter-pros, non-pros are more likely to do bbbj. they all do this pretty well, but tend to see it as a prelude to fucking rather than being happy to blow away until you cum. (at a massage parlour or a strip club you can ask for bbbj / cim as a service and get this naturally.) they don't really like cim and cof, but will do it if they like you. naturally if you lick her pussy first then she is more likely to blow you until you cum, but most of them tend to want to be fucked after you eat them out.


despite the very sweat bubble butts that almost all girls walk around with, they are not to keen on getting ass fucked. pros that have been around for a while might let you for a bit extra money, and if a semi-pro / quarter-pro / non-pro really likes you then she might as well, even up to giving you her anal cherry.

but, don't go to jamaica with the expectation of lots of anal providers like in south america. it can be found, but maybe 1 girl out of 5 will do it. usual system applies, the older she is, the more likely she is to do it. the uglier she is, the more likely she is to do it.

be a bit careful about asking girls for anal when you first meet them at a club if you are targetting one of the pro categories that evening. it is thought of as a "batty boy" activity rather than something that heterosexuals should get up to.


threesomes are definitely possible, but not standard. some girls will "freak" for you if you take two of them. (when they say "freak" that means eat each others pussies.) it's not a common treasure to be found though, and your hotel will not like it at all if you come with two girls, plus you really need to keep an eye on your things and them if you get lucky and find two hotties for this. don't let two girls sleep over unless you know and trust one of them at least.

also, be warned. i have suggested threesomes to girls that have been with me for a few days, and have been delighted when they have said yes to having their friend join, to end up with the girl getting majorily upset if i seem to enjoy having her friend riding me more than when she rides me, or if i cum while fucking her friend instead of her. the usual threesome politics pretty much.

advanced stuff:

i don't really do the things that are on the "bizarre" shelf in the porn shop, so i have never tried suggesting to a jamaican girl that i wear a [CodeWord132] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord132) during fucking, that i hog tie her and spank her, or similar. but, knowing how they are i don't think this is something that you should go there looking for.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:13
I really enjoy going to Jamaica, and I have been able to have lots and lots of fun there over the years. However, Jamaica can be a pretty complex destination to travel too if you are new, and it is easy to get lost and over pay way too much and not manage to get away from the tourist circuit.

Having been inspired in part by the much greater guides written by the likes of Bubba Boy and Bwana Dik for Rio de Janeiro (which were essential for my enjoyment of that destination on my trips to Rio) I wanted to try to do something similar for the two key mongering hot spots of Jamaica, namely Montego Bay (or Mo'Bay) and Negril. I don't mean for this guide to be comprehensive at all since the scene changes a bit over time, it's mainly meant to arm the newbie or the return visitor with some useful information about the scene, what to expect, and how to have as much fun as possible.

The mongering scene in Jamaica is much smaller than in Rio, or for that matter Thailand, Philippines, Dominican Republic, etc. And it's not very organised so for that reason also this guide is much shorter than other guides. However, it's my hope that the reader will find it a great help on how to navigate this fun little island and have lots of fun without overpaying (too often). I have included as much information that I think is necessary for the reader to have a great trip, yet leave enough for people to discover some things by themselves. I have chosen to give approximate rather than exact directions to lots of places as its not helpful to give too much details about semi-legal venues on the internet, but there should be enough for you to be able to find everywhere mentioned in this guide without too much difficulty.

A lot of the information in the guide is about how to best "navigate" Jamaica, so I have put this in an initial section. This initial section does also cover a bit of information that is specific to Mo'Bay and Negril but this is to an extent unavoidable since the guide has grown out of a series of existing posts by myself.

The guide is also sprinkled with a bit of commentary here and there that is helpful information about other topics than the specific section. Again, I know that this can be a nuissance for the reader but it's just too much work to shift text around, so apologies.

In addition, there is a very little bit of "patois" (which is the Jamaican dialect) sprinkled throughout the guide. Have not used any words or expressions that shouldn't be obvious except for a very naive reader.

I think that ISG is a great resource for us all, and hopefully this is a great way for me to give something back. I am assigning copyright of this guide to ISG, so please do not re-post it on any other internet forums. ISG is our home, and this is where we post.

Fun And Sun
07-25-11, 21:14
Table of Contents

1. Introduction.

2. What a mongerer needs to know about Jamaica and Jamaican girls that is not covered in the guide books.

2. 1 Sexpectations.
2. 2 What to bring with you for your trip.
2. 3 Crime and safety.
2. 4 Categories of girls in Jamaica.
2. 5 Prices for girls in Jamaica.
2. 6 Non-mongering stuff to do.
2. 7 Bob Marley and Tony Montana.
2. 8 Dealing with hustlers and opportunistic touts.
2. 9 Acquiring a cell phone.
2. 10 How the taxis work.
2. 11 Repeat after me.

3. Montego Bay (or Mo'Bay)

3. 1 Description of Mo'Bay.
3. 2 Getting to Mo'Bay from the airport.
3. 3 Some girl friendly hotels.
3. 4 Places to (and not to) eat.
3. 5 Finding girls: regular girls and quarter-pros.
3. 6 Finding girls: strip clubs.
3. 7 Finding girls: street walkers.
3. 8 Finding girls: massage parlours.
3. 9 Places to hunt: Friday nights at Pier 1.
3. 10 Places to hunt: Margaritaville and Coral Cliff Casino.
3. 11 Staying safe in Mo'Bay.
3. 12 Finding a good driver.

4. Negril.

4. 1 Description of Negril.
4. 2 Getting to Negril from the airport.
4. 3 Some girl friendly hotels.
4. 4 Places to (and not to) eat.
4. 5 Finding girls: regular girls and quarter-pros.
4. 6 Finding girls: strip clubs.
4. 7 Finding girls: street walkers.
4. 8 Finding girls: massage parlours.
4. 9 Places to hunt: Thursday nights at Jungle.
4. 10 Places to hunt: The Beach parties.
4. 11 Staying safe in Negril.
4. 12 Finding a good driver.
4. 13 Bentley's Crab House

Kute Guy
06-11-12, 03:34
Thanks for writing the guide! This is so amazing, I don't have to look anywhere else for anything else on Jamaica.

12-26-12, 12:57
Perfect guide for newbies. Thanks a lot

Billy Bobs
12-26-12, 16:19
Having been to Jamaica many times let me say that you don't need to read anything except this report from Sun and Fun in order to fully enjoy our hobby and Jamaica itself. I'm not sure how to get it done, but this is a "Report of Distinction" if there ever was one. I'm headed off to Santiago in a few days. While there is some great stuff in the Forum it requires hunting around to find the gems.

Fun and Sun puts it all together. I cannot emphasize how right he is about "regular girls" and "quarter pros". While I never came up with the latter description I wrote a series some years ago (under the pen name Billy Bob) suggesting how easy it was to find a real "girl friend" thus limiting expenses to meals and drinks for the lady. And yes, she did move into the hotel with me.

This report is so good it makes me want to hop on a plane tomorrow. Congratulations Sun and Fun!

01-02-13, 13:57
This is a very accurate report on the Jamaican P4P scene. Is there a special award we can give this guy?

Chris Bigdog
07-13-13, 21:34
A buddy and I are going next month for the first time based on the report.

Thanks very much Fun and Sun!

This is a very accurate report on the Jamaican P4P scene. Is there a special award we can give this guy?

12-01-13, 02:01
Negril is a beautiful little town located along a six mile white sand beach. There are hotels running all along the beach, and also along the cliffs where the beach ends.

What is really great about Negril is that there is something going on every night at a different place, even during the low season. I don't know how the different places manage it, but basically the set up is that everything is closed except for one place, and everyone that wants to party goes there that night. This way there is always something going on every night, and this is where the pros and semipros head to to meet customers.

I forget the rota, and am sure I have also forgotten one place, but basically the rotation is between:

1. Alfred's. A large open air bar on the beach.

2. Bourbon Beach. Another open air bar on the beach.

3. Jungle. A night club located along the beach, but not on the beach side of the main road. Downstairs is the dance area, and upstairs is an open air area but still has loud music. You can smoke ganja upstairs if you stand aside a bit.

4. On the Rocks. Open air bar located on the cliffs a few minutes drive from town. Here you can smoke as much ganja as you want to as long as you don't stand next to the bar.

Some of these places charge an entrance fee on certain nights, usually 500 jamaican.

Anyone you ask will be able to tell you which place the party is on any given night, so don't worry about knowing the rota before your trip..I don't do ganga, that is not my scene. I have lived in the Cayman Islands and have a lot of experience dealing with Jamaicans both male and female. They are difficult to deal with; the goal post is always moving and the deals keep changing, never to your advantage. I negotiated a scooter rental in Negril for the day complete with the guide. We are clear on the deal but when you return and sign off the deal changes. You fix a taxi rate but when you arrive at your destination you end up arguing over the price that you already negotiated. It is hassle, hassle, hassle. As for girls rent short term. Anything more than a night can and will get complicated for all the reasons already explained. In Negril you can go to a club or just walk along the beach and find action. In my experience an all nighter means they check out at 5:30 am. Jamaica is beautiful but in my opion the DR or Cuba are better options.

Don Antonio
12-12-13, 21:29
Roger that.

Friend and I were in Negril for four days in late summer to check out the scene. We both are pretty seasoned mongers and our combined experiences covers the DR, Haiti, Costa Rica, US, Germany, Colombia, etc.

At the end of the stay, we both concluded that we will never return to Jamaica. You pretty much summed up the reasons below.

It is a constant hassle with Jamaicans of both sexes over everything. Not worth it.

I don't do ganga, that is not my scene. I have lived in the Cayman Islands and have a lot of experience dealing with Jamaicans both male and female. They are difficult to deal with; the goal post is always moving and the deals keep changing, never to your advantage. I negotiated a scooter rental in Negril for the day complete with the guide. We are clear on the deal but when you return and sign off the deal changes. You fix a taxi rate but when you arrive at your destination you end up arguing over the price that you already negotiated. It is hassle, hassle, hassle. As for girls rent short term. Anything more than a night can and will get complicated for all the reasons already explained. In Negril you can go to a club or just walk along the beach and find action. In my experience an all nighter means they check out at 5:30 am. Jamaica is beautiful but in my opion the DR or Cuba are better options.

08-12-14, 03:43
If you don't believe that there is such a thing as a "semi-pro", then Jamaica will convince you.

Also, the quarter-pros and non-pros are one of the top attractions of this lovely island. Especially combined with the way that the Jamaican girls fuck.

Ok, here goes:

Category 0. Hardened Pros. These are girls that have been fucking people for money for years, either as strippers, on the night-scene, or by being on the street. Steer as far away from them as possible, or if you indulge, go for BJs only.

Category 1. Pros. These are girls that are either strippers at a go-go, that work in massage parlours, or are on the night time circuit every night that is possible. They are in the business of, to use the local term,"selling pussy". Nothing wrong with that. Some of them are actually very very pretty and fun to be with, but you will need to pay them in cash for them to spend time with you, and in the end they are only after one thing, money. On the night time scene you recognise them by them wearing nicer clothes, make up, shoes, etc than the semi-pros. Their job is to fuck tourists, and they will be the most expensive to take home for the night. Many of them live in nice houses and make a good living from what they do. However, get the number of hot ones and they are happy to do ST in the day with little fuzz. Girl friend experience is possible, but not really likely, but you can get a couple of pretty good fucks from one of the Pros if she likes you...How about the white female tourists? What are the chances of hooking up with them? I'm south east Asian guy of mid 30's living in Toronto. I love to have a sugar mom there. Also, what's the scene in Hedo?

11-18-16, 23:39
Hello all,

I thought the guide was of great help.

I just wanted to update it as some of the information is now a bit old.

First of all Montego Bay is currently the home of all the scamming business in Jamaica which makes it very unsafe. Be extremely careful, 15 people got killed in September 2016 within a couple of days.

Also now that the USD is worth 128 JMD it's always worth to pay in JMD and never pay in USD as they will use a flat rate of 100.

Coral Cliff is now closed in Montego Bay.

The new gogo in Mobay is called Taboo.

If you decide to go to Margaritaville, Thursday night is ladies night. Be careful as girls will ask you to buy drinks for them and some of the drinks end up costing up to USD 20 which is a fortune here.

Always check the price with the bartender before you order.

I'm afraid that Samsara is no longer girl friendly. They made me pay the USD 25 overnight and there is no way around it.

I prefer Coral Seas or White Sands, never had any issues there. Also Beach Road is currently safer than the west end.

Thursday night is ladies night at Jungle in Negril and women can enter free. Saturday night it's 1500 JMD for men and 500 for women before 11 pm and it's all you can drink until 2 am.

Scrubadub got a few lookers but I find it hard to get a lap-dance for less than 500. Take their numbers call them the day after and you should be able to pay around 6 k.

One thing that's a lot of fun and not mentioned on the guide and I wanted to share with you guys.

Find a quarter pro in Negril one that really enjoys sex and even maybe a bit bisexual. Then bring her to Hedonism, a night pass costs 100 USD or an all day and night pass costs 150 USD for a couple.

There you may get lucky and get a threesome / foursome. Hedo is a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it. Maybe you could even spend a few nights there and enjoy your holidays.

Joe's stone crab is closed so no need to go and check it out also that lane is very dangerous so avoid walking there at night.

Make sure your read the guide several times it's a gold mine. Some stuff I didn't pay attention at first like don't discuss the price over the phone or short time is more expensive than long time.