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Mik Hcmc
08-27-11, 05:46
We don't have a general chat thread so lets use this one.

Lets have this as an open discussion about anything and everything.

Topics that are not related to the other threads can be discussed in here without cluttering up the more specific threads.

Mik Hcmc
09-07-11, 10:31

Its got some streets mentioned in other reports on where to pick up during the day / night.

Jon Does
09-08-11, 01:57
Its got some streets mentioned in other reports on where to pick up during the day / night.Certainly pointed me in the direction of a couple of new streets and day time action is interesting. Anyone had any luck with day times?

The prices quoted were interesting too, are they accurate for foreigners, I'm always quoted higher than that. Probably doesn't help that my vietnamese is pretty poor :/

Also made me wonder if we're heading for another crack down. Oh well time shall tell I guess.

Play safe guys.

Jon Does
09-08-11, 07:30
Ok as I was riding home last night I was toying round with stopping off via cau Thi Nghe and seeing if anything caught my eye. Well it kinda started raining so I stopped for a drink in the hope it would pass, suffice to say it didn't in my time frame.

I rode home via the bridge anyways and was amazed to see a couple of SW on the bridge, one of them positively BEEMED at me when she thought I was going to stop. I think more in desperation to get out the rain rather than tends to my needs.

Sadly I was running late by then so couldn't partake in any fun, but was surprised to see anyone there at all considering the conditions. Ah well next time I'll leave a bit earlier.

Mik Hcmc
09-08-11, 08:34
The prices are for locals since the journalist was a local. Of course being a foreigner you will be charged more

The Tuoi tre newspaper has had a few interesting investigative articles ranging from massage parlors to corrupt policemen.

Jon Does
09-08-11, 09:54
Cheers Mik, I figured that was the case but always like to check.

I got stung on my first foray here, got quoted a price of 500k got to hotel and then had to pay 100k for room, then in room she wanted another 100k tip! And that was before we started LOL.

Since then I'm getting all included for 500k never sure if that's over the odds or not, but it's ok for me. Just nice to get some other opinions now and then. I know here in VN its a tougher market than elsewhere so getting reliable info is even harder for the newbie's but I'm learning and discovering as I go as always.

Yep I enjoyed the massage parlor articles too quite insightful, kid of wondered just how far the undercover reporter went to get the story though. Reminds me of the tabloids back home when male reporters visited brothels\WG's etc and they always end the story with "I made my excuses and left" I'm sure most of them they paid and got the services asked for LOL.

Mik Hcmc
09-08-11, 13:27
Thats usually the way isn't it. First time you get stung and the next few times it starts to get cheaper, though sometimes it never gets as cheap as the locals, Then again seeing some of the girls that the moto taxi drivers go for you wouldn't be wanting to be too cheap.

It seems that most motogirls want 500k starting, I had one who wanted 500k and I got her for 200k+100k for guesthouse, though this was a few yrs back. Havn't really bothered looking or been interested for a while now.

Mik Hcmc
09-19-11, 11:35

Part 2.


I've heard about this "swimming with faries" but never got any firm information.

Now there is.

Mik Hcmc
12-07-11, 12:37
While doing some research into Hotels in Jakarta, I come across this site.

Looks like its a mirror of ISG, though its a few months out of date.


Take a look.

I tried to log in with my ISG account but said there was no user by that name. Funny because I can see my posts.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

01-03-12, 06:49
So I've been in HCMC for few months now, been fairly busy with things and what not so didn't have much time to play. Things have slightly changed and I wouldn't mind meeting up with someone to head out and try to pickup some good looking girls, while PROs can be fun, I find it much more fun to find fresh ones who haven't had their brains fucked out. Also bit of chalenge can be fun.

I am in mid 30s, fairly good looking and I do try to take care of myself (6'4 about 190 lb look like I am 29, so I have been told :P) I'd like to find someone close to my age who won't scare girls away if you know what I mean :P.

If you think you're up for it send me PM and lets have some fun.

12-31-13, 02:26
Visitors are not allowed to invite Vietnamese nationals of the opposite sex into their hotel rooms to stay overnight.


This suggests it's ok to have daytime guests as well as evening guests who don't stay all night. Which explains why you see reports of hotels allowing guests up to a certain hour, at certain hotels, such as 7 or 10 pm. Even with some 4 and 5 star hotels.

I don't want to snooze with girls, anyway, even when in Thailand, so why should this be a problem. Moreover Vietnam cities generally shut down early, by about 10 pm or 12, anyway.

So what's the problem?

"Although prostitution is illegal in Vietnam, enforcement by the government is patchy.

"Many women travel from Lao Cai to Hekou County in China to work in brothels that cater mainly to Chinese men.

"During the war, hooch maids would often clean up after the soldiers in their dwellings. One soldier described the maids as being,". Good Catholics who might flirt with you but would never date an American soldier."[10] At the same time it was not unheard of for maids to "keep the plumbing clean" for soldiers in order to earn some extra income. [11].

"the Nang Hooker: Well, baby, me so horny. Me so horny. Me love you long time. Me sucky sucky. [later in the same dialog exchange]

Private Joker: What can I get for ten dollars?

The Nang Hooker: Every t'ing you want.

Private Joker: Everything?

The Nang Hooker: Every t'ing. [14]"


01-19-15, 11:11

I require best place to Vietnam as former Thailand Pattaya tourist.

I'd would be the first time for me to go Vietnam.

So I want to ask you guys were to go in Vietnam compared.