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09-11-11, 05:51
Caf Show Joinville: http://www.cafeshow.com.br/

Gus and I were in Joinville in the state of Santa Catarina Brasil. We asked the bartender in the hotel lounge if there was a puteria in town. 'Sim, ' he says. There were several. Gus asked him which puteria is best. The Bartender recommends Caf Show. But you got to get there early he says.

Note* Why is it every time you ask a bartender or cabbie which is the best place they send you to the most expensive place (Rio = Centaurus; So Paulo = Bomboa; Buenos Aires = Madahos; Joinville = Caf Show)

Gus and I show up at 8:00 PM and the place is vacant of Homens and GDPs. A manager brings over a GDP to our table. She is a 5'7' German morena that is a 5 or 6. She is not even wearing any slutware. I see a 5' 6" loira at the bar that is a knockout 9ish. Apparently it is her 1st day working at this club. I do the Cartman Polar Bear Pounce! I bring her over to our table. The place is nearly empty. The girls speak no English. They want a drink. I go into my defensive Termas mode and start to question this right off the bat. Gus argues, you called them over here. He buys them a drink for 70R$ each (140R$ total). I ask Gus if he likes his GDP. He tells me that he does. He says that she told him she doesn't need the fake tits and to dress in the slutware to make the program. She is very bright and a great conversationalist Gus explains. 'Conversationalist? Okay Gus. ' I will have to take Gus's word for it because I can't understand a word she is saying but she is about the weakest GDP that I will see all night. Gus and I have about 4. 5 cervejas over the course of the evening. Meanwhile GDPs are starting to show up. There are plenty of 8 and 9's. There are only light skinned GDP's here. Best puteria in terms of the quality of the garotas I have ever seen. I am torn because I nabbed a hot blond but there is a morena with a big butt I am considering trading up to. When my blond leaves for the banheiro I introduce myself to the Morena. She reminds me a little of Elvira. She has a name too but I can't pronounce her name either. She speaks not a word of English like just about every GDP in the place. The morena walks upstairs and I follow her up but I can't understand a damn word that she is saying either. I decide to stay with choice #1. Meanwhile Gus buys them another round of drinks (another 140R$). Each time we buy them a drink management gives the girls a receipt.

Gus wants to take the girls home. They want 300R$ on top of the girls fee of 300R$ to take them out of the joint. I protest. Too much dinero. I am feeling very much like a gringo cash machine once again (see Madehos thread in Argentina Private of my review entitled 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. ') The girls are willing to negotiate down to 200R$ each but management will not budge on the export fee. They are willing to throw in another free round of shitty drinks that cost them 6 USD but they want 300R$ to take them out of the club after we have paid 280R$ to buy them drinks. I am a little pissed and I am tired and drunk and lose the mood. I am about to back out of the deal but my little buddy Gus wants to session, he wants to have a party. I ask Gus 'Are you sure you want to do this? ' Gus says yes it will be fun. I have a 9. 5 loira German / Brasileira so I say WTF. I talk Gus into getting a room on site. I think it was 150R$ per room and this way the girls stay there after we are done.

Now Gus is a party animal very much like that Budweiser dog and he is wealthy. He insists that we share a suite. Okay Gus this one is for you I say. We are off to the room. We enter the room and it is like no other suite that I have ever seen. I put porn on the televiso and Gus announces he will buy champagne. We all strip down to shower. My girl strips down and I decide she is a 10. Gus's girl with the good personality strips down and I notice her real tits are not very nice and shapely. She is now a low 5 in my opinion. I let Gus kiss and fondle my package while I shower but then I take my loira to bed. First I eat her and lick her asshole and then I fuck her in every position under the sun. I am drunk, sick, tired, and fucked out from the rest of my 3 week trip. I have a 10 in bed and I cannot cum. Gus is finished in the first 5 minutes. They decide to watch our sex show and drink the rest of the champagne. The ugly GDP tells Gus that his amigo is going to kill her amiga."He is like bull," I imagine her saying without using the term gorto of course. Gus suggests she help but she does not. It looks dangerous she says. Instead the loira jacks me off and sticks her finger up my ass to massage my prostrate while she does this. This was not the first surprise of the night but not the biggest (this will come with the bill at the end of the night). I am game for this as I will try anything once.

We finish and we all shower. I let Gus shower with my GDP and fool around. He tells me later that he is really sorry he made a lousy choice. We leave and go to the management to pay. Our bill is over 1200 R$. The exchange rate is 1. 2 R$ for 1 USD$ (fucking rip off) and there is a fee for using a credit card. We pull currency in Euros, USD, Reals and Pesos together and pay off the fucking rip off joint. It looks like they don't want my repeat business.

Cafe Show has great facilities and the girls were the best I have ever seen but I doubt I would return. There has to be a better way to get at these Guchos. Steer clear. I will leave SA broke!

09-16-12, 21:17
Will be in Joinville for the week (pleasure mostly) and would like any info you have on putaria's in the area. I know enough Portuguese to get around but have a really limited vocabulary. I have a about 5 days here in Joinville and would appreciate any suggestions or comments that you can give me.