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World Travel 69's Medellin casa / chica list. http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?2418-Medellin-Lists&p=1107931&viewfull=1#post1107931

FAQ questions from newbies and answers from senior members. http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?2418-Medellin-Lists&p=1139568&viewfull=1#post1139568

Medellin Centro casas Google map. http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=en&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=206810231178282017429.000494779e6b2fb07f4d4&ll=6.252592-75. 567698&spn=0. 019325, 0.0421&z=15

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Well its about freaking time. Please bump this new thread to the top!

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1) learn as much of the language as possible. this isn't europe. people (locals) aren't as well rounded so that they would on average speak several languages. the average schmoe doesn't know much more than "hello,";"thank you";"i love you";"yankee". this can be a deal breaker in certain situations with non-pros. if you can't communicate with them, how will you get served? and when dealing with pros, how will you get the most bang for your buck if you can't negotiate your terms (bbbj, cim, msog, greek, menage)?

taxi drivers do not understand / speak english. pros for the most part, do not understand / speak english.

2) it is not good to stand out as a gringo in this culture. a beautiful woman stands out because of your beauty; a gringo stands out because he has dollar signs written on his forehead-big difference! dress appropriately. that means discard for your trip the xxl shirt with the american flag on it. unless you're in ctg or sm, shorts are not appropriate in any venue except sports-related activities. it's okay to wear bright colors in hotter cities, you'll see the yellows, the pinks, the oranges, etc. unless you're in the coastal cities at the beach, walking around with wifebeaters or shirtless is low class, unacceptable, unimpressive.

do not, do not wear anything army related, no fatigues, no green communist hats; you're not the rap group public enemy and you're not representing shaolin like wu tang clan or any crap like that. you could be mistaken for guerrilla and be arrested / questioned, etc.

3) always plan ahead when it comes to your money and your outings. i'll explain. there is an inherent danger with carrying money throughout the country. 90. 95% of establishments do not accept credit cards; only high end environments. pros, taxis, st love motels "residencias" don't take them either. so that means you must carry cash at all times, not travelers checks, they don't have the first clue of what that is. see where i'm going with this? everybody knows you'll have money on you and probably more than them, remember that. if you think you can runaround with your credit card / debit card? do some research or ask someone what is a paseo millionario? and it happens to locals, not gringos.

colombians are sometimes mentally retarded when it comes to doing business. they're not on our level in many ways. there is a 99% chance they'll be a problem with any particular consumer transaction in any particular place at any particular time. for example, if you were to purchase a notebook in a "papeleria" that costed 3000 cop, and you pulled out a 50, 000 cop bill, the biggest one made in colombia up to this point; most likely, there would be a problem with that particular business not having enough change to give back to you, the customer. this kind of nonsense happens everywhere especially in taxis. some businesses will actually take back the item owing to the fact that they don't have the right change to give you so they won't sell it. this happened to me one time after playing bball in bucaramanga. i was sweating like a horse, walked into a small store and was inevitably refused the purchase of a bag of water since the "nina" didn't have enough change to give back to me from the bill i was using.

conclusion: try to have a balance of big and small bills in different pockets. if you only have small bills for example, $us1000 would seem like a mafia roll in your pocket, not recommended at all.

4) forget about the bling. don't even think about it unless you're rollin' mobb deep and even then i don't recommend it. if you wear a ring, somebody will cut off your finger for it. somebody will stick a knife in your gut guaranteed if your flossin a stupid gold chain and you're walking around by yourself at night. it's not worth it. leave the rolex at home. that could feed a family of five for a few years. are you trying to rock labels like prada, burberry, d&g, brooks brothers, giorgio armani? guess what? half of the country doesn't even know what the fuck d&g stands for? very few people can appreciate these things down there because mofos are starvin'.

tommy hilfiger was considered a paraco label for a while, meaning it was so expensive only mafia could afford it. nautica for a minute was considered one of their top brands. i think that should put things in perspective i hope.

5) always have an i'd on you. if you don't want to carry your passport, make a couple of color copies beforehand and carry one instead of your passport. you will be questioned and possibly taken in if stopped and caught without proper i'd. criminals, and wanted guerrilla are the only ones without i'd on them because they don't want to get arrested. women don't get asked for their i'd for whatever reason in this country. so they can have the guns, knives, drugs on them and nobody would know. if travelling by bus throughout the country, there is 95% chance the bus will be stopped and searched and all the men / boys will be asked to present their ids. if they can't present one to the interrogating officer / policemen / army dude, you will be seriously questioned if not arrested.

6) unlearn the concept of tipping while in colombia. it is not part of the culture like in the us / europe. they do not reward good / outstanding service like we do. if you want to tip a pro for bbbj, go for it. but the taxi driver is not expecting one, nor is the waiter that brought you lunch in an "almorzadero". people just have enough to pay the bill, and nothing more. by tipping in unconventional situations, one is just giving the game away. we're saying through our actions, that we've got money to blow like there's no tomorrow, like a drunken sailor, and guess what, people around you are taking notice. don't even think for one second about paying / tipping for anything ever except maybe the airport porter or a bellman at a 5 star (nothing less) hotel in us dollars or euros. venezuelan bolivars do not carry the same weight, not even close.

7) if staying in a hotel, make sure they have either in-room safes or security deposit boxes behind the front desk. you cannot think for one split second that any valuables will be safe in your suitcase in your room because you have it "secured" with a $2 dollar lock from ace hardware, this could your biggest blunder of the trip! the hotel may be 5 stars, for example, but the people working there are making minimum wage (<600k cop / month) which is not enough to live on and they have families. we would like to assume that there is honor in this world but temptation is a biaaatch!

don't say i didn't warn you about having pros spend the night and you either getting got while sleeping or pickpocketed while washing off the jizz from your nutsacs!

gentlemen, it's not paranoia, it's called malicia indigena.

8) waiters, for the most part in colombia, are a mixed bunch of quality "peeps" and scanless mofos. i've seen it too many times. this applies to all watering holes, regardless of estratos or neighborhoods. you'll order a bottle of let's say bacardi, and he brings it to you. the custom is to first show you the bottle, so you can inspect it beforehand as if it was a very expensive french cabernet from some obscure vineyard. anyways, you confirm its authenticity, and he obliges by opening it, serving it, etc. pay extra super duper close attention to the color of the cap because he may try to cleverly sneak in a knockoff if you order a second bottle if he recognizes that you're starting to buzz. the funny thing is that this strategy comes from the owner of the establishment directly, but they would never admit it. just another shark eat shark strategy.

9) never leave your glass unattended in a casa. there have been way too many situations where the pros or any other employee will try to "mix" some magic potion in one's drink rendering you high as a kite, or more ire than bob marley!

10) colombia doesn't have regulation e like in the united states, so miscellaneous charges that end up in your month end financial statement can get real complicated because the credit card companies will just say its on you, or your responsibility. it just doesn't get instantly reversed and investigated like in the states, so please be aware of how serious and complicated it can be to get any double charges on credit charges for locals there. so, i saw at several bars when someone is paying the bill by credit card, because so many places just don't take them unless its more high end, they actually bring the machine to the table and you watch them finalize the transaction and sign the final bill right there. u can't just leave your credit card on the bar and go take a * in the bathroom, u have to watch the transaction from start to end. someone may try to copy the numbers at the bar, and use it later, too many possibilities. it's funny because in colombia when you use your credit card, their system will ask you how many payments. we don't have that here so the answer should always be one.

just my dos centavos, they are still worth it. they are the hottest chicks on the planet imho and they gfe all day long. happy hunting, and don't fall for the i love you crap so early in the game or you may become a western union novio. peace

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World Travel 69's Medellin casa / chica list.


FAQ questions from newbies and answers from senior members.


Medellin Centro casas Google map.


-75. 567698&spn=0. 019325, 0.0421&z=15

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Only to re-emphasize what was said earlier, There is a popular phrase in Colombia."No dar Papaya". (Don't give Papaya).

It means basically to not leave yourself vulnerable, or else you are asking for it.

If you give 50, 000 pesos to a cashier, don't assume you will get correct change.

Beware of quick-change artists.

Don't expect the money to be legal tender (counterfeit).

Go walking down the street wearing your Rolex and gold chains.

Tipping all the time, most Colombians don't understand the concept of tipping anyway. They just think "free money for nothing".

The list goes on, but the other half of the saying is "A papaya dada, papaya partida" (The given Papaya, The split Papaya).

Which means, If a Colombian sees you "Dar Papaya", they are OBLIGATED to take it! (You were ASKING for it!).

Remember, most Colombians have to struggle to scratch out a living, and many believe that it is their responsibility to recognize

An "opportunity" when it occurs, and they will thank The Lord for answering their prayers for sending a stupid gringo their way!

But this doesn't always happen where it comes to personal safety either. In fact, if you admit to making a mistake, you "dar papaya",

And your amigos will relentlessly tease you about your mistake, because they are obligated to do so.

But they will remain your amigos, if they are amigos verdad (true friends).


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1) Learn as much of the language as possible. This isn't Europe. People (locals) aren't as well rounded so that they would on average speak several languages. The average Schmoe doesn't know much more than "Hello,";"Thank You";"I Love You";"Yankee". This can be a DEAL BREAKER in certain situations with non-pros. If you can't communicate with them, how will you get served? And when dealing with pros, how will you get the most BANG for your buck if you can't NEGOTIATE your terms (BBBJ, CIM, MSOG, GREEK, MENAGE)?

Taxi drivers do not understand / speak English...Great job making me aware of differences between here and other places I visited-Definately some different rules to be learned-can't thank you enough-ZED

04-14-12, 20:50
Hey everyone,

New to the forum here and am planning my first time trip away from the USA to Colombia, possibly Medillin, and would really like to pick up on speaking Spanish quickly. Was wondering if anyone could recommend any good places offering Spanish lessons for a reasonable rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions from Newbies, and Answers from Senior Members.


1. Where can a guy go and get non-pros in Medellin?

Right now one of the best places is called La Strada which is 2 floors of mini bars and two discos and a a large Martini bar on the second floor. It is right around the corner from Casa Blanca 1 (which I will detail later).

2. Is it difficult to get todo noche with a prepago in Medellin?

No, not at all. Just work out the right price and she's yours for the night.

3. How much should you pay for todo noche? Short time?

YMMV but in general $100, 000 cop to $150, 000 cop for ST (at your place). TLN average is $200, 000 cop to $350, 000 cop.

4. Do they like gringos in Medellin?

Yes they do. I have never really seen any evidence that Colombians in Medellin dislike Gringos. Of course the do dislike it when Gringos go to their fancy restaurants with loud and raunchy prepagos.

5. Is there a place similar to what the disco Help was in Medellin?

No, not in Medellin. In fact in Colombia I believe the only place that compares to a HELP disco would be in Cartagena called LDV = La Dolce Vita in the Laguita area. And to a lesser degree Tu Candeleria in Cartagena's Old City.

6. Where is a good place for a newbee to stay in Medellin?

I always respond to this question with the same answer and that is Casa Blanca 1 or 2. It simply is a great way for a newbie to get his feet wet. Casa Blanca 1 is more lively and more action takes place there. Casa Blanca 2 is uphill 3 blocks away and is more laid back. Many guys sing the praises of both places. Room rates are from $70 USD to about $110usd depending on amenities (note these prices are in USD).


7. Do the girls prefer a young guy who speaks limited spanish over a older guy with money who speaks spanish?

It really depends on the guy and of course the girl (I assume you mean non-pro). At times I have seen both kind of guys do quite well.

8. Are the taxi's safe?

In general yes. I only recommend an airport pick up from the international airport if coming in at night. Otherwise, during the day or coming on a national flight, hailing a taxi outside the airport is fine. In the city there really is no major occurrences of being robbed by the taxi driver. Of course at night there can be a case of the driver going "the long way" to squeeze a few extra pesos out of you.

9. If I do the girls really good, is it difficult to get rid of them?

No not really. I assume you mean non-pros. Keep in mind though that the girl is someone's daughter, sister, cousin, niece etc. This is Colombia and fucking a girl is one thing. Fucking a girl over is not a good idea.

10. Is it ok to wear shorts, t-shirts, and sandels in Medellin?

All are acceptable in the privacy of your residence. However, shorts are not acceptable fashion on the streets or generally any location in Medellin. Covered toe sandals are fine as well as T-shirts as long as it is not Tank Top style. Going out at night however you should drees better. A designer T-shirt or nice jeans and nice shoes is fine.

11. Is it a good idea to wear a condom with the girls in Medellin?

This is a question that every man needs to answer himself and not strangers on a Monger board.

One last question for you veterans, can I get by on $50 to $75. 00 dollars a day for food, lodging, and entertainment, and still have a good time.

At that price range you are looking at staying at a location like Frank's place. At $25 a day and visiting Mayorista and doing casa runs and eating on the cheap. But no way are you going to score with non pros with that small of a daily cash flow my friend. Will you have a good time? Well, again YMMV and depends on what a good time is to you.

I hope this helps. And like I said, I wish I had answered 1st before John Gault did because I was going to do the same thing. For example: 4). Do they like gringos in Medellin? I was going to answer: Sure they like Gringos, in fact they "like" beating the fuck out of Gringos. Haha! But he did give some great answers.

Contributor: Cubanut.

<Currency Exchange

The best exchange rate is with ATM. There is one at the airport. Second floor.

Contributor: Hioctane.


1. Where is Mayorista?

It is in the nearby Medellin suburb of Itagui. If it's your 1st time going then make it real easy on yourself and just get a taxi and tell the driver you "La Mayorista donde esta las chicas". He'll smile and off you go.

2. Is it a massage / brothel place with many chicas to choose from?

La Mayorista properly is a open market area during the day. However when referring to La Mayorista in the monger sense it is 1 (one) long block strip utilizing only one side for a series of hotels restaurants, bars and even a casino on one end corner.

3. How much does it cost all in?

All the girls are working independently. They stand out in front of the venues or sit drink and dance inside the bars. The current rate is $25, 000 cop to $30, 000 cop for 1/2 hour. You can negotiate more time and money from there. (as a side note it was $12, 000 when I 1st started going there in 2005). Apart from this you will have to pay for the hotel room. The hotels on the strip are $11, 000 cop but you will be charged $12, 000 cop cause they will give you a condom for $1, 000 cop. If you bring your own tell or give back the condom and it is 11, 000 cop.

Now I want to point out that the $11, 000 cop actually gets you 25 minutes because you will get a knock on the door to advise "Tiempo" ("Times up"). You can avoid this if you negotiate more time with the girl by paying $18, 000 cop for an all night room. The all night rooms are on the upper floors as well and tend to be cleaner since they are not in and out quickie rooms like on the first floor. I say cleaner because after a session they swab the floor and bathroom but only straighten out the bed sheet and pillow case. They will change only if noticeably soiled. Whereas the all night rooms will be completely cleaned.

If you do use an all night room, you can bring additional girls up to the room but will have to pay an addition $6, 000 cop. You can ask for a fresh towel for the girl as well. An all night room is til 7am BTW.

Around the corner (where the casino is) there are 3 very large hotels The Plaza Mayorista, La Macedonia and I forget the last one. The rooms there are $22, 000 for 3 hours and $28, 000 to $32, 000 for all night depending on which hotel you are at. These are much nicer hotels and they have TV's and radio / cd players.

Before, just the big hotels had hot water but now even all the hotels on the strip have hot water in the showers.

BTW if you like watching porn then you should ask 1st at the strip hotels because some do not have porn and also ask for a room with a working tv set.

All the rooms have phones that you can use to call for drinks but you can buy drinks if you want before going into the room. One of the "tricks" the girls will do is ask if you will buy them a fruit desert, if you say yes they will tack on $2, 000 cop to the hotel fee. However the girl will tell you she will get it later when she leave's. She wil not do this, instead the hotel will just give her back the $2, 000 cop. A similar thing happens at the bars on the strip, if you buy a shot of rum for example, it will cost you $2, 000 cop but if you buy one for a girl it will cost you $3, 000 cop and then the bar will later give the girl $1, 000 cop back.

4. What time does it open?

Mayorista in effect never closes but the bars and restaurants close down at about 2am although there are times they close at midnight if there is a police operation going on. The hotels are open 24 x 7. The only thing is the best girls are usually around from about 8 or 9pm to 3 or 4am.

If you are just referring to La Mayorista strip I would say it is not dangerous at all to walk back and forth. The area is heavily protected by police and there is often visible police presence. (note Prostitution is not illegal, neither is pandering. Pimping is illegal). The police just keep things in order. There are times when a drunken bit of raucous occurs but the police soon route out the troublemakers. Very rarely does any real violence break out.

As others have mentioned this is a trucking area so your main competition are working men that don't want any trouble as well. There are plenty of taxis waiting take you home as well once done. I make it a point to pick out the older drivers cause they know the city well and can get to any address without confusion.

The busiest time of the week for Mayorista is generally Thursday through Sunday. The busiest days are the days or weekends that coincide with payday which is the 1st and the 15th of the month. The girls know when payday is and come out in bigger numbers.

I have been to La Mayorista dozens and dozens of times over 5 1/2 years. I have never had any problems. I have found many a diamond in the rough. The key though was not just getting to Mayorista and taking a stroll and deciding there is nothing worth doing and leaving. I have spent countless hours eating drinking, pacing talking to the locals and hotel girls, cigarette / coffee / candy / empanada sellers etc. And of course hundreds of girls.

Contrubutor: Cubanut.

<My Place

My Place is an apartment type setting right on the strip for guys who want to stay close by and have unlimited access to La Mayorista girls without having to pay the $12-14, 000cop every time they take a girl. You can go to www.. Com Or www.. Com To check out My Place.

Contributor: Frank Casio.

$25 a night and if you pay for 6 nights you get the 7th night free. He has 3 Apartments with a common area of a kitchen and a large living room with a balcony. Two bathrooms and a shower that has hot water, and Wi Fi. It is on the strip, but a block from the main action. The metro is a 10 minute walk. If you want to rent from Frank you have to send him a deposit. You can PM him to get more details on the deposit and any other questions.

Contributor: John Gault.

<Casa Blanca

Having a buddy show you the ropes is one of the best things a bud can do for his fellow monger brother.

This is one of the best reasons to stay at the Mansion and or Castillo (now called Casa Blanca 1 & 2). I can't tell you how many times I personally took newbies under my wing to show them the delights of Medellin and I have seen as well as heard of countless times my fellow mongers staying at the Casa Blanca 1 & 2 take newbies and show them the ropes as well. One of the Casa Blanca partners (Boyd) does an almost daily FREE casa run for newbies and experienced mongers alike.

You said it yourself that had it not been for your buddy who is fluent in Spanish that it would have been next to impossible to traverse the city. So imagine what your experience would have been if you had been on your own.

In fact you really missed out of one of the venues for mongering and that is the Casa Blanca 1& 2 itself. They do not capitalize on tourists who are monolingual, they CATER to them. They also host mongers who are fluent in Spanish (such as myself and many mongers on this board).

The Casa Blanca women are independent and in general ask $150, 000 cop for a short time session. Now I have seen these short times sessions turn into many hours. So it's not fair to compare to the casa prices since you are on the clock there. Disclaimer: I have said this MANY times in several posts and yet I will say again, I do not pay $150, 000 cop. I usually present a $100, 000 situation to the girls when they A) Just arrive or B) are thinking of leaving. I can't remember the last time a girl turned it down. Some guys don't feel like negotiating for fear of lesser provided service. To that I say "Bah, Humbug"! (in keeping with the spirit).

Now this is something I cannot do at the higher end Casas / Strip joints since the price is fixed. Loutron ($180, 000 cop 1hour) , Fase Dos ($150, 00 50 minutes) etc. In fact can't negotiate at any of the casas.

So until you have had a chance to visit the Casa Blanca 1 or 2, it is MY suspicion, that you really have not seen ALL that Medellin has to offer.

Contributor: Cubanut

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03-07-16, 20:57
I bought a next-day Avianca flight ticket from Medellin to Bogota on-line from the Avianca website. They needed to call to verify before they let the transaction to go through. Since I keep my credit cards locked up and I only know a few words of Spanish, I had to arrange to be in my room and find an English speaking representative to complete the transaction. It would have taken just as much to time to go to one of the many Avianca offices to buy the ticket and I think easier. There was one within 10 minutes walk of my hotel. Credit card and security measures seem to be fairly stringent in Colombia making buying on-line more difficult.

11-04-19, 22:56
Hows it going guys? I am making my first trip to Medellin next month, first time in South America, although I am active in NYC, Caribbean and some spots in Europe (Amsterdam & London).

Spanish is rusty but from what I read here that shouldn't be too much of a problem? What are the best mongering options for Medellin? El Centro or Parque Lleras? Whats the difference as far as quality of chicas and cost?

Much appreciated! I will be sure to report on my return.

Happy Hunting.