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11-30-11, 17:23
Has anyone visited or mongered there? Or any info?

06-15-12, 20:40
Has anyone visited or mongered there? Or any info?Hi Sidney,

I was in Guadeloupe in December 2010. I stayed in Le Gosier. I went there with some friends.

I went to a dance club called Le Chayenne in Gosier. There were plenty of beautiful girls, but I did not get lucky with any, mostly due to the language barrier.

There are also the beaches in Gosier. I saw some cute girls hanging out there, but they only spoke French.

It definitely helps if you speak some French.


10-23-17, 02:29
I noticed this Guadeloupe thread is a extra. There is already a Guadeloupe thread elsewhere (Lesser Antilles) that has more reports. I just made a report in the other Guadeloupe forum.