View Full Version : Draining the chamber

01-18-12, 01:38
Went to OFOP last night for the first time in a long time. They have changed locations but they have upgraded their rooms. Funnily enough I got a girl I had met before. We both recognized each other and had a pretty good time. Tall and thin with long legs, pretty GFE and we had a nice chat. Seems she is thinking of leaving the biz so I might not see her after CNY.

P. S. They are running a "special" of 2700 instead of the 3300 that lasts until CNY (and no I will pass out her number to any brother who is not at least a senior member, no one post wonders need apply)

Well, leaving I felt great but not quite. Fullfilled.

This morning I ran to Ceasers during my workout session since I needed to empty my tank. Totally blanked and forgot the number of my favorite girl so had the mamasan to recommend me one. This girl was like my one last night, tall thin with long legs. She gave me a pretty good massage and cleaned my ass out with her tongue before slipping on the condom with her mouth full of warm tea. She got pretty horny and some of the moaning was real. Well she drained me really well so now I am totally satisfied. I think I got the number of my favorite girl but hell I have a wonderful alternative now.